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1: Forbidden Truth of The Day: Regular revelations of topical and new Forbidden Truths that your Seer believes to be valuable and important, often inspired by news and media events. Last Updated: November 21, 2003

2: Current News: Information and commentary by your Seer, on current and breaking news events that your Seer has determined to be important and to contain insights of Forbidden Truth. Last Updated: December 1, 2003

3: Martyr Updates: News updates on the status, welfare, and treatment of famous and Superior societal Martyrs. Last Updated: January 14, 2011

4: Sacred Family Unit Atrocities Database: Occasionally I will devote 30 minutes of time to searching for online news stories that demonstrate the perverse consequences of Sacred Family Unit mythology. The results of these occasional 30 minute searches, will be posted here. Last Updated: March 6, 2002

5: Daily Sacred Family Unit Atrocity: This page will be devoted to creating a daily chronicle of Sacred Family Unit atrocities. Exactly one brand new atrocity, taken from an online newspaper or news source, will be listed for each and every day that this web site exists. The news item must and will be published on the exact day which follows the previous day, in chronological order, for all 365 days of the year. No commentary or Forbidden Truth revelations will be provided on this page. Last Updated: September 11, 2002.

6: Links: This page is devoted to providing Links to web sites that your Seer of Forbidden Truth has determined to contain cool, useful, valuable, important, and most primarily, Truth-based content. Last Updated: July 15, 2002.

7: This page will contain additional, new commentary from your Seer, on the Child Abuse, Child Slavery, Genocide of Children as Practiced by Human Society, and Brilliant Proposals to End All Child Victimization essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

8: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Crime, Violence, Cathartic Vengeance, and Elimination of Current Criminal Justice System essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

9: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Insane God Myth, Death, and Purpose and Meaning of Life essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: July 27, 2004

10: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Sex, Myth of Love, Friendship, and Toxic, Deranged Institution of Marriage essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

11: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the War, Genocidally Abusive Military Structure, Political Systems, and Economic Systems essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: April 2, 2003

12: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Self-Abuse/Betrayal, Embrace of Victimhood Status, Courage, and Mental Health/Psychiatric System essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

13: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Racism, Censorship, and Societally Compelled/Coerced Conformity essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

14: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Societal Illusion of Personal Freedom, Truth-based Dissection of american Constitution, and Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

15: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Illusion of Societal Morality/Decency, Societal Crutches, and Truth-Based Amorality as a Lifestyle Path essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

16: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Physical Appearance, Fashion, Pop Culture Induced Mannerisms/Behaviors, Acting Mask, and Gender Bias/Feminism essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

17: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Law Enforcement Structures, Educational Systems, Sports as Toxic Ritual, and Environmental Terrorism essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

18: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Animal Exploitation, Myth of Media/Journalistic Freedom, Celebrity-Based Culture, and Age/Maturity Hypocrisy essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

19: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, Societal Obligations to Individuals, Genetic Perversions of Human Race, Viability/Entitlement of Human Race to Exist, Doomsday Scenarios for Extinction of Humanity, and The Utopian Society essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: June 4, 2003.

20: This page will contain additional quotes of Forbidden Truth from Charles Manson and Friedrich Nietzsche, updated news on Charles Manson and Friedrich Nietzsche, as well as new and additional comments from your Seer on Charles and Friedrich. Last Updated: Empty.

21: This is the second, older page of the Latest Updates--Feedback--Commentary/News Concerning this Web Site and Forbidden Truth page. It will contain all updates posted prior to January 14, 2011. It will not contain any new posts or content, after January 14, 2011. Last Updated: February 25, 2011.

(Sticky) March 1, 2011 Update: The Seer of Forbidden Truth is pleased and proud to announce the creation and public unveiling of 43 new web pages. Go ahead, kiss yourself, pleasure yourself, or pinch yourself, as your mood may dictate. You are not dreaming or hallucinating, and I am certainly not making any typographical errors. I have indeed conjured up from the limitless depths of My brilliant mind, forty-three brand spanking new web pages, and added them to The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, via direct links from this Latest Updates page. These 43 masterpieces of personal creation serve to enhance My Manifesto by more prominantly and appropriately paying tribute to the 43 Martyrs who are pictorally featured throughout the main body of the Manifesto. For the purpose of clarification, there are actually 45 Martyrs so featured, but two of them, Charles Manson and Friedrich Nietzsche, have already been appropriately honored with an entire web page devoted exclusively to them, directly linked from the Main Gateway. These 43 new pages have been created to pay homage and tribute to the other 43 Martyrs, in recognition of the Forbidden Truth that we, those of us who seek to recognize, honor, and embrace Truth, owe a great debt to all tortured victim-creations of humanity, most especially and fervently, to those who have stood up for themselves and for the accurate reflection of their True life experiences, in their chosen life path activities.

Not all of the content contained within these 43 new web pages, is brand new. In point of fact, the vast majority of the content has been extracted from the Main Body of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, and rearranged in a more dynamic and revering manner, as befits a mind meld between torture victims who share a unique bond of emotional connectivity. In simple terms, these 43 additions to the Manifesto are Tribute Pages. They honor the torture victims that your society most stridently and desperately demonizes and condemns, brutalizes and murders, in the name of infinite and ultimate injustice. As the Seer of Forbidden Truth I am both powerless and uninterested in attempting to right injustice. My sole interest is in defining and disseminating Truth, and that is what I do in honoring and paying homage to those of us who have been in the past, who are currently, or who will be in the future subjected to the inexhaustible brutality of a species and a society that is diseased, deranged, and doomed.

Had I the power to do so, I would wiggle my nose in the tradition of Samantha Stevens of Bewitched, and summon before Me in living glory, each and every one of these 43 Martyrs. I would not hug them or try to comfort them in any manner, being as I am soul dead. But I would stand before them in humble gratitude and soul dead or maimed connectivity. I would attempt to express My intellectual sorrow and empathy for the lifetime of victimization and soul destruction that your society, that you humans, are guilty of having inflicted upon them. I would seek to empower and inspire each of them to fully embrace all of the Forbidden Truths of human existence. But one specific personal power and Truth, above all others, I would beseech them to find and ignite for all of infinity within their True Realities. This Power would be: Self-Love. I would attempt to instill and solidify within each Martyr, as needed, the concrete recognition and embrace of their ultimate perfection and untouchability, in the form of limitless and unconditional self love. But alas, I unfortunately do not have the supernatural powers of Samantha Stevens, or even the Halliwell sisters. And so the best I can do for these 43 Martyrs is provide a Tribute to each one, a Tribute that really has no meaning to them directly, being as they are all dead or locked up in cages. But make no mistake, all Truth has meaning, all Truth is precious and valuable in and of itself. In honoring these 43 Martyrs, I honor all Martyrs throughout the course of human history. But most of all, I honor Myself. And so the circle of torment and personal redemption is completed.

A few technical details on these 43 Martyr Tribute web pages: If you compare the content of each page, to the existing content embedded within the Main Body text of The Manifesto, you will see that in each and every case, it is different and to be more specific enhanced. In some cases, such as Timothy McVeigh, an entirely new introduction has been written by Me, text that is not contained within the Main Body of The Manifesto. In many other cases, additional direct quotes from the Martyr, not included within the Main Body of The Manifesto, have been added and are included at the Martyr Tribute Page. In all 43 cases, the text color and formatting has been changed and enhanced, to provide a Superior and appropriate Tribute to the Martyr. So, even if you have already read and memorized the extire content of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, a rare and unlikely feat indeed, these 43 new pages still provide new, unique, and precious material that all genuine seekers of Truth should savor and seek to integrate within their True Reality.

Please note that this Update, while dated March 1, 2011, will be a "sticky" update. Which means that it will remain near the top of this Latest Updates page, ahead of future updates, in violation of the general rule of the page, which does place all Updates in chronological order. The reason for this rule violation is that I find that just as is the case with my 21 previously posted Manifesto page links, these 43 new Manifesto pages also deserve to be given a priority, headline location near the top of this Main Gateway page.

Below you will find the 43 Martyr Tribute page links. Please note that instead of using the name of each Martyr as the page link, which would be the expected, traditional, and boring path, I have in most cases provided a personally favorite quote of the Martyr. Clicking on the quotation will take you directly to the Tribute Page for the Martyr. Of course, if you are not a brilliant and dedicated fan of all Truth, some of these quotations might not be intimately familiar to you, and in such a scenario you will likely not know the name of the Martyr whose page you will be going to. Well, that is all the more reason for you to click on the quotation, because the Forbidden Truth is that each and every one of these courageous and accurately reflective Martyrs deserve to be household names. They deserve to be better known, both by name and by quotation, than Barack Hussein Obama, Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Luther King, or any of the other pathetic and inferior humans that your diseased and insane society has chosen to build an idol fetish upon. In conclusion, the creation of these forty-three Martyr Tribute pages, and the integration of them within The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, serves as a personal and eternal reaffirmation of My commitment to always remember and honor all of those, past, present, and future, who have bravely and with self-loving outrage come forward, stood up for, and reflected the True Reality of their life experiences, upon your species and upon your universe.

1: "Tell everyone I ain't killing babies today. Tell everyone Bell County was bad!"

2: "Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. They are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times."

3: "Society's had their chance. I'm going hunting. Hunting humans."

4: "Nobody wants to die...but everybody will. I may live longer than you. If I don't, I don't. But I do have strong feelings, humane feelings, about society's alleged right to take another human being's life....It's no deterrent....You know, there's probably no other behavior that society condemns more vigorously than killing...of the kind, that, uh--well, society condones a lot of killing, on a massive scale in war, in abortion, and things like that. Even the slaughter of animals for its own food, but I guess I'm saying that...if a given society or community has a reverence for life, it cannot be selective in how it applies that reverence. It cannot have reverence for the two year old but kill the fetus. It cannot have reverence for the victim's life and kill the murderer. It's inconsistent. So if the life of the victim is worthwhile, then the life--the life of the killer is sacred as well. If society chooses not to observe this type of consistency; it chooses to kill the fetus and preserve the infant and kill the murderer in retribution for the victim, then it must accept the consequences for the violence that it self-generates."

5: "I'm innocent! I was raped! I hope you get raped! Scumbags of America!"

6: "The only thing I did wrong was not having her cremated. If I had had her cremated I wouldn't be having all this trouble."

7: "There's been 11 hardback books on me, 31 paperbacks, two screenplays, one movie, one off-Broadway play, five songs, and over 5,000 articles. What can I say about it? I have no ego for any of this garbage."

8: "In this truck is a man whose latent genius, if unleashed, would rock the nation, whose dynamic energy would overpower those around him. Better let him sleep?"

9: "One side of me says 'I'd like to talk to her, date her. The other side of me says, 'I wonder how her head would look on a stick'."

10: "Many years ago I was a boy drowning in the sea. I am always drowning in the sea, down amongst the dead men, deep down. There is peace in the sea back down to our origins, when the last man has taken his last breath the sea will still be remaining. It washes everything clean."

11: "I put her on her back, and then I took a pillow from the bed and put it over her face and suffocated her. She was squirming, being a lot stronger than Richard was, she was fighting when the pillow was over her face. I held the pillow there until she stopped moving."

12: "As part of the human race, and having the great pleasure of being blessed with a brain, I can think. Humans can do whatever they want. There are no laws of nature that prevent humans from making choices. maybe from actually DOING some of those choices, but not from making the choice. If a man choosses to speed while driving home one day, then it is his fault for whatever happens. If he crashes into a school bus full of kiddies and they all burn to death, its his fault. Its only a tragedy if you think it is, and then its only a tragedy in your own mind. so you shouldn't expect others to think that way also. it could also be a miracle for another person. maybe the bus stopped the car from plowing into a little old lady walking on the sidewalk. one could think it was a "miracle" that she wasnt hit. you see, anything and everything that happens in our world is just that, a HAPPENING. anything else is relative to the observer, but yet we try to have a "universal law" or "code" of what is good and bad and that just isnt ------- correct. we shouldn't be allowed to do that. we arent GODS. just because we are at the top of the food chain with our technology doesnt mean we can be "judges" of nature. sure we can think what we can think what we want, but you can "think" and "believe" you can judge people and nature all you want, but you are still wrong! why should your morals apply to everyone else. "morale" is just another word. and thats it. I think we are all a waste of natural resources and should be killed off, and since humans have the ability to choose... and I'm human... I think I will choose to kill and damage as much as nature allows me to so take that. ---- you, and eat napalm + lead! HA! only Nature can stop me. I know I could get shot by a cop after only killing a single person, but hey guess the ---- WHAT! I chose to kill that one person so get over it!"

13: Hey there, I'm the strong, silent type, so I will let my benevolent sponsor, the Seer, speak on my behalf: If it wasn't for me, a Google web search for the words "Dunblane" and kindergarten" would yield maybe ten pages at most. Thanks to me, this unlikely search actually returns 35,400 different pages. I put Dunblane on the map, baby!

14: "I am one of the few that truly understands what death and pain are all about...I have walked the same path as God. By taking lives and making others afraid of me, I become God's equal. Through killing others, I become my own Master. Through my own power I come to my own redemption. Once I seen the miracle light, I didn't never again have to fear or obey the Rules of no Man or no God...I'll die peaceful because my name is going to live as long as men have memories-as long as they talk about good and evil-and as long as they read my words of Final Truth."

15: "It has been seven years that life does not bring me any joy and being totally blase, I have decided to put an end to those viragos. I had already tried as a youth to enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces as an officer cadet, which would have allowed me to enter the arsenal and precede Lortie in a rampage. They refused me because of asociality. So I waited until this day to carry out all my projects. In between, I continued my studies in a haphazard way for they never really interested me, knowing in advance my fate. Which did not prevent me from obtaining very good marks despite not handing in my theory assignments and studying little before exams. Even though the Mad Killer epithet will be attributed to me by the media, I consider myself a rational and erudite person that only the arrival of the Grim Reaper has forced to undertake extreme acts. For why persevere in existing if it is only to please the government?"


17: "In most cases, when I killed these women, I did not know their names. Most of the time I killed them the first time I met them, and I do not have a good memory of their faces."

18: "As for our constitutional rights, consider for example that of freedom of the press. We certainly don't mean to knock that right; it is a very important tool for limiting concentration of political power and for keeping those who do have political power in line by publicly exposing any misbehavior on their part. But freedom of the press is of very little use to the average citizen as an individual. The mass media are mostly under the control of large organizations that are integrated into the system. Anyone who has a little money can have something printed, or can distribute it on the internet or in some such way, but what he has to say will be swamped by the vast volume of material put out by the media, hence it will have no practical effect. To make an impression on society with words is therefore almost impossible for most individuals and small groups. Take us (FC) for example. If we had never done anything violent and had submitted the present writings to a publisher, they probably would not have been accepted. If they had been accepted and published, they probably would not have attracted many readers, because it's more fun to watch the entertainment put out by the media than to read a sober essay. Even if these writings had had many readers, most of those readers would soon have forgotten what they had read as their minds were flooded by the mass of material to which the media expose them. In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we've had to kill people."

19: Howdy. I'm the strong and silent type, too. Here's what my sponsor thinks of me: Words are cheap. Actions often reveal Truth with a bold clarity that words lack. I demonstrated to amerikkkan society the exact and full Truth of the value it places upon the lives of children.

20: "It is my duty to be good to my husband and keep myself beautiful for him. God has shown me how to do this so I would be unwise not to take advantage of the opportunity."

21: "A child is very easily led. Any child, if properly taught, will live the way he is taught to live. All criminals are merely overgrown children. It is in your hands to make us or break us. We, by our own efforts, are failures in life, simply because we don't know any better. We don't know how to live decent upright lives. The main causes of why we are what we are is because of our improper teaching, lack of knowledge and our environments. Every man's philosophy is colored by his environments. If you don't want us to rob, rape and murder you, then it is your place to see that the mental and moral misfits are properly taught a sufficient amount of useful and sensible knowledge and put into the proper environment where they can be best fitted to exist in life. Otherwise, they will be misfits and failures and you are the actual cause because they don't know any better, and you do. My own case is very similar to many thousands of others. I was born a normal human being. My parents were ignorant, and thru their improper teachings and improper environment, I was gradually led into the wrong way of living. Little by little from bad to worse. I was sent to a reform school at the age of 11 years. From that day to this, all of my life has been lived among moral and mental misfits. All of my associates, all of my surroundings, the atmosphere of deceit, treachery, brutality, degeneracy, hypocrisy, and everything that is bad and nothing that is good. Is it unnatural that I should have absorbed these things and have become what I am today, a treacherous, degenerate, brutal, human savage, devoid of all decent feeling, absolutely without conscience, morals, pity, sympathy, principle, or any single good trait? Why am I what I am? I'll tell you why. I did not make myself what I am. Others had the making of me."

22: "What is government if words have no meaning?"

23: "The concept of hell and endless torment is popular with those who believe they aren't headed there."

24: "About 26.5 hours from now the judgement will begin. Difficult but not impossible, necessary, nervewracking & fun. What fun is life without a little death? It's interesting, when i'm in my human form, knowing i'm going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it."

25: "The highest of all holidays in the Satanic religion is the date of one's own birth. This is in direct contradiction to the holy of holy days of other religions, which deify a particular god who has been created in an anthropomorphic form of their own image, thereby showing that the ego is not really buried. The Satanist feels: "Why not really be honest and if you are going to create a god in your image, why not create that god as yourself." Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year. After all, aren't you happier about the fact that you were born than you are about the birth of someone you have never even met? Or for that matter, aside from religious holidays, why pay higher tribute to the birthday of a president or to a date in history than we do to the day we were brought into this greatest of all worlds? Despite the fact that some of us may not have been wanted, or at least were not particularly planned, we're glad, even if no one else is, that we're here! You should give yourself a pat on the back, buy yourself whatever you want, treat yourself like the king (or god) that you are, and generally celebrate your birthday with as much pomp and ceremony as possible."

26: "The intolerable frustration pushed me to suicide. Then I prayed that if I left the world, I would leave it with dozens of others. My prayer was accepted by God, and friends became angels for me, and then a blood-curdling drama began. Now 100 mothers will die mourning the deaths of their children."

27: "If only I could bend back the hands of that ageless clock and change the past. Ah, but alas, I am not the keeper of time, only a small part of history and the legacy of man's fall from grace.

28: "You can't handle the truth. Because the truth is, I blew up the Murrah building and isn't it kind of scary that one man could reap this kind of hell?"

29: "Never have I felt any misgiving in my soul; never did I think to myself that what I did was bad, even though human society condemns it. My blood and the blood of my victims will be on the heads of my torturers. There must be a Higher Being who gave in the first place the first vital spark to life. That Higher Being would deem my actions good since I revenged injustice. The punishments I have suffered have destroyed all my feelings as a human being. That was why I had no pity for my victims."

30: "I'd have killed a thousand if I'd had bullets enough."

31: "There's a part of me that you will never know."

32: "The great mass of people...will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. The greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed."

33: "If they only knew how much fun I was having, they'd turn me loose."

34: "Here is the story of the strangler, yet untold, The man who claims he murdered thirteen women, young and old. The elusive Strangler, there he goes, Where his wanderlust sends him, no one knows. He struck within the light of day, leaving not one clue astray. Young and old, their lips are sealed, Their secret of death never revealed. Even though he is sick in mind, He's much too clever for the police to find. To reveal his secret will bring him fame, But burden his family with unwanted shame. Today he sits in a prison cell, Deep inside only a secret he can tell. People everywhere are still in doubt, Is the Strangler in prison or roaming about?"

35: "It was set in my mind, it was just set that Sunday....I wasn't worried about losing my property or never seeing my girlfriend again, it was just in my mind to go down and kill the Martins and kill a lot of people."

36: "I like this place, everybody treats me nice, some of them are a little crazy though."

37: "If my life insurance policy is valid please see that all the worthless checks I wrote this weekend are made good. Please pay off all my debts. I am 25 years old and have never been financially independent. Donate the rest anonymously to a mental health foundation. Maybe research can prevent further tragedies of this type. Give our dog to my in-laws please. Tell them Kathy loved 'Schocie' (the dog) very much. I never could quite make it. These thoughts are too much for me."

38: "I stabbed her several times in the chest. She opened the door and tried to get out, but I cut her on the leg and pulled her back in. I shut the door, she fell forward and hit her head against the dashboard and started gurgling. I stabbed her a couple more times in the back, because she was messing up my car. She just went limp."

39: "I sat in silence as my heart was pounding against my breast as it was rising involuntarily in an occasional deep reminiscent sob, that my deformity compelled. My heart became a grimace of hatred, crimson, and it seemed as though I could see my heart before my eyes, turning dark black with hate and rage. Sometimes the hate was so real I could feel it coming to life, like something dead or asleep, and beginning to wake up and stir around."

40: "Not knowing what the future holds I shall say farewell and I will see you at the next job. Or should I say you will see my handiwork at the next job? I say goodbye and goodnight. Police: Let me haunt you with these words; I'll be back! I'll be back! To be interpreted as--Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang--ugh!! Yours in murder, Mr. Monster."

41: "She was giving me oral sex, and she got carried away. So I choked her."

42: "I knew my grandma would be waking up and I still wanted him to stay with me so I strangled him. I brought him up to the bedroom and pretended he was still alive."

43: "I always had a desire to inflict pain on others and to have others inflict pain on me. I always seemed to enjoy everything that hurt. The desire to inflict pain, that is all that is uppermost."

March 25, 2019 Update: Hello! It's still and yet again, Me, The Seer of Forbidden Truth, with another very important, at least to Me, update. On March 15, 2019, just ten days ago, Brenton Tarrant successfully carried out the most prolific lone gunman mass murder rampage in New Zealand history. Targeting two mosques in the deliciously named city of Christchurch, Brenton shot 100 humans who were wasting their time praying to an imaginary and non-existent god inside of two mosques, killing 50 of them. What's more, he mounted a video camera to his head and livestreamed over 50% of his rampage over the internet! This video footage instantly became the hottest content in the world, and every government on earth embarked upon a diligant campaign to censor and remove it from all media platforms.

Less than 24 hours after this uniquely compelling explosion of True Reality rage and hate, I wrote and published yet another brilliant essay at My blog, The Forbidden Truth Blog, including a video embed of Brenton's entire 15:55 livestream, completely uncensored and unedited. I and I alone had the courage to defy the universal, combined, conspiratorial censorship of all governments on earth. Nobody else dared publish this video, not heavy.com, not liveleaks.com, none of the arab media either, nobody! Only Me. During the first 18 hours after posting, I registered almost 6000 unique page views, to this essay. Then I was the victim of murder, yet another murder. Every day I am murdered, of course. But on March 16, the terrorism that is government deployed the hit squad known as Icann, to terrorize the Domain registrar who controlled forbiddentruthblog.com, to suspend and terminate this domain, eradicating 900 of My brilliant essays from all of cyberspace. I knew before I posted this essay that there was a very good chance this would happen. But of course I posted it anyway, because I fear nothing and am always personally untouchable. Beyond that, I absolutely love to have Forbidden Truth proven to Me, directly and personally. For the record, the media platform medium.com also suspended and deleted My account for posting Brenton's uncensored livestream. Only minds.com stood up for freedom, fact, reality, and Truth. Check them out if you are looking for a place to share Truth.

To be murdered and possess the capacity to consciously know you were and are being murdered, this is a great gift for the uniquely conscious mind of a top-level Superior. And so I took the "hit" with pride and gratitude, rising from the ashes, reassembling My dismembered Self yet again, just as I did so many years ago, during My childhood, when I was murdered, as all children are murdered. So, forbiddentruthblog.com is forever dead. But I live, within death, at My new fortress of ideological solitude, http://www.forbiddentruth.blog. Every blog post I have made, has been moved there and is once again available for the entire universe to savor, at least if they have an internet connection. :-) I invite all fans and foes, those who worship My brilliance as well as those who dwell in terror at My existence, to come on over to My new home. It is very messy right now, every post I have made must be edited for the new platform, but that is a labor of love for Me, months of time for Me to reread every brilliant word and idea I have so generously shared with you Truth-hating hypocrites. So, that is the news. My blog was murdered, as I was murdered, and My blog will be murdered, as I will be murdered, as all Truth is always murdered. But for now, we can still pretend to be alive.

May 5, 2018 Update: After seven years of silence here at my Main Manifesto, I am pleased and proud to announce three exciting developments for seekers of Forbidden Truth who possess the sanity, intelligence, and courage to honor my brilliance. First and foremost, thanks to a generous sponsor, I have completed one of my 33 unfinished Main Manifesto essays, dating back to 2002. The essay purchased was "The Acting Mask", and you are invited to immerse your mind within this brand new dissection of Forbidden Truth, right here: New Acting Mask Essay

Two additional important announcements are appropriate here. First, I am pleased and proud to announce that I am actively blogging and have written and published well over 1000 uniquely brilliant essays right here: The Forbidden Truth Blog

Second important announcement: I no longer participate directly on any social media platform, with the singular exception being Ideapod. You may access my regular posts on this social media platform, by going here: The Seer on Social Media

The Beast is awake, and that is all, for now.

August 29, 2011 Update: It's Me again, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, with another brief but enthralling piece of news. In response to numerous requests from dozens of humans who claim to be sincerely attempting to transcend their humanity, I have created a document, suitable for printing and framing if you are so inclined, titled: Declaration of Species Transcendence and Emancipation. If you read the text of this declaration, the meaning should be quite clear. I have created this document as a way to quantify, in verbal terms, the process that is involved in an individual human being attempting and seeking the goal of transcending their humanity and becoming a top-level Superior, as I and a tiny handful of other humans have done. It is obviously impossible for Me to judge and determine whether another human being has achieved this remarkable feat. The purpose of this document is certainly not to encourage inferior humans to print it out, sign it, and pretend to have transcended their humanity. But of course given the perverse nature of humanity, this is bound to occur. I do not give inferiors any consideration in my chosen life activities, so do what thou wilt. But i do wish to make it perfectly clear that this document reveals the process and the steps necessary for a human being to transcend their humanity. Each individual must determine for themselves whether or not they believe they have achieved this feat. Printing out this Declaration and signing your name to it, does not make you a Transcendee. I Myself have printed it out and signed it, in tribute to My remarkable achievement in this regard.

Please note that the full text of the Declaration appears below. But in addition, to make it easier for people to print out, I have created a separate web page that only contains the text of this Declaration. Please note that this page does not contain any links to allow you to navigate back to The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. You will have to use the "back" button of your web browser to return to this page, or any other Manifesto page. Here is the link to the print only version of the Declaration of Species Transcendence and Emancipation: Declaration Print-out

And here is the Declaration itself:

Declaration of Species Transcendence and Emancipation

Whereas the human species as a whole and the empowered institutions that it has developed and to which it has granted legitimacy, are guilty of victimizing and abusing Me, and unalterably compromising My experience of My life.

Whereas the human species is guilty of committing genocide upon each and every generation of its helpless and supremely vulnerable children.

Whereas all of the ideological and operational structures of humanity have been designed and built upon a foundation of malicious lies, myths, falsification, and misrepresentation.

Whereas no human society, government, or other empowered regulatory body has ever or will ever acknowledge and accept responsibility and guilt, and has never and will never seek to legitimately reform the policies and structures that serve to brutally victimize all individual human beings.

Whereas the human species is guilty of systematically and ritualistically enslaving, murdering, brutalizing, and extincting all other species of known life, life to which it is intrinsically, behaviorally, biologically, and morally inferior.

Whereas the human species is trapped within the death throes of devolution, doomed to suffer the fate of species extinction that it has so richly earned.

Whereas I have been subjected to the tragic fate, through no fault of My own, to be birthed as a member of this depraved, diseased, and inferior species, and having had no ability or option to avoid such horrific misfortune.

It Is Hereby Resolved:

In recognition and embrace of the above Truths, I Hereby Declare the following Sacred and Solemn Vows and Life Path Intentions:

Understanding and Knowing the perverse nature and horrific faults of the human species, I announce My intention to overcome and transcend the foundational limitations of my birth species.

I vow to seek out, uncover, and embrace all of the Truths of life, Forbidden and otherwise, with a conscious understanding that this is the primary and foundational building block required to begin the journey to transcend My humanity.

In recognition that a pathological rejection of self-love is an integral and foundational structure of human societal inferiority, I vow to bestow limitless and unconditional self-love and other positive emotion upon Myself.

Recognizing the inherent and irreversible malice and dysfunctionality of the human species, I vow to never legitimize, promote, defend, or protect any human societal structure, policy, or doctrine.

Within the process of self-love and True Reality reflection, I do declare and affirm My sacred right and intention to use, exploit, and take advantage of whatever human structural systems might allow, to gain personal pleasure and Truth-based benefit.

I recognize that an integral obligation of the process of transcending my humanity involves the undertaking of actions that expose and reveal Forbidden Truth regarding the human species. Such actions may vary widely in terms of specific focus, and may or may not have the purpose and effect of undermining and subverting existing human institutions, beliefs, and structures.

I understand that within the process of shedding My humanity, I must reject and abandon the Name Designation that human society imposed upon Me at birth, and choose for Myself any designation that accurately symbolizes and reflects My new existence as a species transcendee.

This Declaration must be signed and dated below to be valid. For the purpose of chronological clarity the existing human date calendar is used, however the perverse and insane B.C. and A.D. date identifiers have been declared invalid, replaced by A.R., After Religion.

Based upon a complete, honest, and Truth-based understanding of all the declared texts above,

I Hereby Solemnly Declare My lifelong Choice and Decision to Permanently Reject, Renounce, and Repudiate My Birth Species Origin as a Human Being.

Old Human Name Designation

Newly Chosen Transcendee Name

Dated this ______Day of the Year__________A.R.


August 19, 2011 Update: Hello. Your humble Seer of Forbidden Truth is pleased and proud to announce the completion and public unveiling of a new Manifesto of Forbidden Truth essay. The title is Courage, a character trait that the vast majority of you pathetic creatures cannot even accurately define, much less claim to possess. To access this remarkable expression of profoundly important and precious Truth, you may, assuming that you have already read and agreed to all of the Terms of Access of this web site, click on the following link: courage essay.

February 27, 2011 Update: Greetings and warm sanitations, errr, salutations! It's me again, your one and only Seer of Forbidden Truth. I have come up with another appropriately descriptive term to describe you creatures: Vampiric parrots. Your eyes do not deceive you, I will repeat: You creatures are comparable to vampiric parrots. Everything superior and of value that you are graced with, you seek to compromise, to bring down, to feed upon. Not in a healthy appetite manner, but rather in a desperate and cannibalistic style. Your hunger is not borne out of a desire to nourish and satisfy yourselves, but rather a pathological and diseased need to tear apart and destroy the gift that threatens to expose to your psyche, the unbearable Truths about yourselves that exist and fester, firmly cloaked and concealed within your subconscious minds. Hand in hand with your vampiristic compulsion, we have the rabies-infected parrot, shrilly and repeatedly mimicking and copying those around you, very often with no genuine insight or understanding of what you are attempting to mimic, or why. These behavioral inferiorities are pervasive throughout humanity, and present themselves among all classes, including those who purport to aspire to become Superiors.

It is a pervasive pathology that when confronted with a Truth, even in the extremely rare circumstance that the Truth is both recognized and embraced, humans will not be satisfied with merely embracing and integrating the Truth within their own life path. Rather, they will attempt to feed upon this Truth, to change it, compromise it, shape and mold it in a way that is not True to it's original structural and ideological intent. Concurrent with this vampiristic behavior, humans will attempt to hijack whatever thay deem to be valuable and useful, claiming it as their own rather than fully and properly giving credit to the original source. Such hijacking efforts invariably result in a pale, weak, and foundationally inaccurate outcome, even when the perceived original motivation on the part of the hijacker is that of respect or admiration.

The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth was birthed by Me onto the cyberspace universe eight and a half years ago. As the years have passed and word of this remarkable document has spread, humanity has responded to it in the only ways that humanity is capable of responding when confronted with any significant measure of Truth. Hatred, terror, condemnation, ridicule, rejection, denial, censorship, attempts to destroy and eliminate, and complete dismissal. These are all common, widespread, and highly welcomed reactions and responses to Me and to My Manifesto. The simple fact is, I enjoy and prefer the overwhelmingly negative reactions and rejection towards Me and My Manifesto, far, far more than the much rarer positive reactions and appreciation that I have received. The negative reactions are heartily embraced and highly welcomed by Me, because they serve as testaments, as living proof of the factual and ideological accuracy of the relevations of Truth that I reveal, but far more primarily important, they validate all of the final conclusions that I reach within My Manifesto, regarding the deserved fate of the human species.

The rare positive, admiring, and supporting reactions are somewhat less enjoyable and complex in nature. First and foremost, knowing the pathological lie-based nature of humanity, every positive reaction must be considered from the perspective of Truth, honesty, and sincerity. No human deserves to be trusted. No human should be considered honest, sincere, or Truthful, in anything that they might say, claim, or do. Therefore, appropriately, I choose to simply not believe or accept the sincerity or truthfulness of any human who responds to My Manifesto with admiration, appreciation, or support. I very often do respond to such expressions with politeness and reciprocative appreciation, but this does not mean that I trust or believe in the sincerity of the human or his positive comment(s). Is it possible that some humans exposed to My Manifesto do sincerely admire, appreciate, and agree with the plethora of Forbidden Truths that I reveal? Of course it is. There are humans who aspire to be or become Superiors, humans who retain some ability to both recognize and appreciate Truth. And yet, knowing the True nature of humanity, it would be both tactically and ideologically naive and foolish of Me to accept as sincere or valid, any positive reactions to Me and My Manifesto. I recognize that it is possible that a singular such reaction may be perfectly sincere and legitimate, but because it is virtually impossible to determine with certainty whether or not it is sincere and legitimate, all such reactions must be given a blanket designation of insincerity and considered to be lie-based and manipulative in nature.

At first blush, the human who responds to My Manifesto with sincere appreciation and admiration, is likely to consider My rejection of their sincerity and truthfulness, to be unfair and unjust. But if in fact this human is sincerely seeking Truth and has the ability to recognize the Truth of the nature of humanity, they should be able to recognize, appreciate, and admire the very Truth that they find to be personally unfair and unjust. The Truth that simply because of the fact of their status of being a member of the human species, they do not deserve to be trusted or believed in their claim of sincerity, when the claim directly contradicts the overwhelmingly proven track record of deceit, false claims, and betrayal that has served to chart the course of humanity throughout it's perverse existence.

The above commentary is prompted by several different "contacts" that I have had with humans concerning The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, in recent years. I have concluded that it is ideologically and factually worthwhile to express the above comments in a general forum, within the text of this Manifesto, rather than to only do so via individual replies. My experience throughout My lifetime, not merely in regard to this specific and particular aspect of My life path, namely the creation and public dissemination of My Manifesto, has consistently proven to be the same: The vast majority of all humans who claim to be positive, admiring, and appreciative of Me personally and/or the Truths I represent and reveal, are lying. In some cases the lying is motivated by extreme maliciousness. In other cases it is motivated by garden-variety cruelty. In other cases it is motivated by boredom and a perverse manifestation of "playfulness". Regardless, because the vast majority of all such claims are false, all such claims have been and will continue to be, considered lies and not believed. This is not an injustice that I am perpetrating upon the singular human who might not be lying to Me. It is the philosophical and ideological responsibility of such a human, if he is indeed an aspiring or actual Superior, to recognize, appreciate, and embrace the Truth that he does not deserve to be believed or trusted, even if he is actually being sincere, honest, and Truthful.

I wish to address one additional issue specifically regarding the diseased parrot nature of humanity and how this impacts The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. As the popularity of My Manifesto has grown, certain humans have chosen to parrot, mimic, and copy both the text and the factual/ideological expressions of Truth contained within My Manifesto. On a case by case basis, it is impossible and pointless to try and figure out the specific motivations of these parroters. In some cases the parroter might be sincerely interested in trying to expose Forbidden Truth to a wider audience of humans. Or in expressing the personal experience of his own True Reality. But in most cases the motivation will be far less benign. The parroter may be attempting to inspire his society to take action against the Manifesto and/or it's creator, by imposing the text upon empowered agents of society. Or he may desire to receive and gain undeserved credit for the brilliant insights of Truth that My Manifesto has graced him with. Or he may quote or express Forbidden Truth, but slightly alter and/or edit the text of My Manifesto, in an attempt to subvert and conceal and change the actual meaning and the specific point(s) that My Manifesto makes and the Truths it reveals. These are acts of malicious sabotage, and are naturally par for the course given the nature of humanity.

One human has created an entire website that parrots mine. He chose to use the same web host as mine. He chose to use a Domain Name very similar to mine. He chose to place many of the same photographs that I have on My manifesto, on his website. He chooses to copy many of the unique phrases and expressions of Truth that I birthed within My Manifesto, at his website. Clear credit and appropriate attribution is not provided. Let it be clear, regardless of the core motivation of such actions, which are impossible to determine with certainty, the very actions themselves are malicious and subversive of Truth. To "mirror" a web page, or a website, is an appropriate expression of respect and appreciation. But to "parrot" a web page or website is the opposite, it is a perverse act of theft and it alters Truth, sabotaging it in the process. It is not my intent to condemn this and similar actions that are committed against Me and against Forbidden Truth. All such actions are welcome, as they demonstrate and prove the True nature of humanity. I do have an interest in preserving and maintaining the historical record of my life path journey for cosmic eternity. That is why I choose to reveal and express the above commentary. The historical record that I choose to grace the universe with, must be clear. It is not clarified for the benefit or interest of humanity, current or future. It is clarified for the benefit of Me, and for whatever higher form of life might discover it in the wake of the upcoming termination of human species infestation of the cosmos.

And thus the Truth is expressed: I am The Seer of Forbidden Truth and I am the Creator of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. All of the texts, essays, writings, and revelations of Truth contained within The Manifesto of forbidden Truth are unique and original birth creations of the mind of Me, The Seer of Forbidden Truth. They are not copied, borrowed, parroted, mimicked, or otherwise obtained or inspired by or from any other source. Any and all websites, articles, essays, writings, or ideas, expressed in written, audio, or video format, which substantially express the same or similar philosophical Truths as expressed within The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, can and should be recognized as being secondary parrots and mimics of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Regardless of whether such content might contain some degree of genuine Truth, no such content should ever be considered representative or accurately reflective of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. All Manifesto of Forbidden Truth content originates and resides within the web pages of the internet Domain Name of http://forbiddentruth.8k.com. No content, in any form or format, that exists within any other internet domain or web address or other literary, audio, or video source, can or should be considered to be a part of, or accurately reflective of, the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth.

February 25, 2011 Update: Hey there! Whassup? In most life situations and circumstances, it is better to be big, large, supersized, rather than small, tiny, miniscule. Consider, a large amount of money is always better to have, than a small amount of money. If you are committing a massacre, you generally desire a large number of harvestees, instead of a small number. A large 33 round Glock 9MM magazine, can be expected to inspire a feeling of greater contentment for it's owner, than a small 10 round Glock 9MM magazine, our friend Jared Lee Loughner would likely agree. A large number of daily hits to your website, pleases you more than a small number of hits. And the list can go on much further if I was currently in the mood to type a large amount of text. One of the few situations in which smaller is generally better than bigger, is the size of web pages. Extremely large and long web pages tend to load slowly on browsers, and are also more cumbersome for a Webmaster to edit and update. Which brings us, finally, to the point of this update.

I have decided to split this web page, the "Latest Updates--Feedback--Commentary/News Concerning this Web Site and Forbidden Truth", into two separate pages. The primary reason for my decision is the extreme length of the page as it currently exists, and the fact that I am planning to update this page much more frequently in coming weeks, months, and years, than I have in the past, at least the 2005-2010 time period. I have created a new web page, with the URL of


At this new page I have pasted in all of My Updates, Feedback, Commentary, etc..., that were originally posted to this page that you are currently perusing, all the way up to and including my last, January 14, 2011 Update. I have also created a new, 21st page link, which will be located near the top of this web page, together with the other 20 page links, for this new web page. At the same time, I have removed all of My old Updates, Feedback, Commentary, etc..., posts from the page you are currently viewing, that date back to April 9, 2004 and earlier.

Do not be alarmed, humans. None of the brilliant and unique writings of your Seer have been lost, modified, or altered in any way, shape, or form. All of the pre April 9, 2004 content that used to be at this page, at this URL address, has simply been moved to the new page, to the new URL address, and is completely and fully accessible there. To make things even simpler for the more dull-witted amongst you, here is a direct link to the new web page that contains all of these pre April 9, 2004 wtritings and texts:

Link to all pre April 9, 2004 writings and texts that were originally posted to the Latest Updates, Feedback, Commentary/News Concerning this Web Site and Forbidden Truth page

Okay, so to be clear, all new and future updates, commentary and news concerning Forbidden Truth and this Manifesto will be posted here, at this web page, the page you are currently viewing. This web page will continue to be directly linked from the Main Gateway page, and from the link directory that appears at the top of every Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web page. The URL address is not changing. All of the old and past updates and texts pre April 9, 2004 that used to be here at this page, are no longer here. They have been moved to a new web page, and the direct link to this new web page is directly above, and is also listed above as the new, last link, #21 on the list of page links. This should be clear enough. If any of you are still confused and can't figure out what I'm talking about, I really don't think this website is your cup of tea, as it requires some degree of decent brain functionality. Adios and Hasta La Vista for now.

January 14, 2011 Update: Greetings from your Seer. Within the past few months two new essays have been completed and posted to The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. They are: Self-Abuse/Betrayal and Embrace of Victimhood Status. Both of these essays, which of course reveal profoundly important and brilliantly insightful Forbidden Truth, can be accessed here:

Forbidden Truth on Self- Abuse/Betrayal and Embrace of Victimhood Status

In recent days a new societal Martyr has emerged onto the public landscape via a dynamic and cathartic act of personal vengeance. His name is Jared Lee Loughner, and in tribute to his chosen life path I have posted his image of beatific contentment and triumph, and added some brief commentary of My own to his True Reality, at the Martyr Updates page of this Manifesto. The link to this page is provided above, it is page #3, titled Martyr Updates.

Since over six years have passed since My last update to this page, I would like to take this opportunity to inform all living creatures within the universe who may have an interest, be it benevolent or malicious, that this Manifesto, together with your Seer, both remain vibrant and untouchable. Nine years after this Manifesto was first posted to the cyberspace universe, it remains the singular, shining beacon of Truth, the greatest expression of philosophical and ideological Truth to have ever been disseminated to humanity, in the entire history of human existence. All attempts and efforts to censor and remove content from this Manifesto, as well as to remove the entire website from cyberspace, have failed. All societal efforts to further victimize and inflict injustice upon Me, have also failed. I celebrate and rejoice daily in the triumph of my chosen life path. For those who may have an interest in the relative popularity, or lack thereof, of this Manifesto, I am pleased to reveal that the greatest number of single day page hits for The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth is 8,374. The highest number of unique daily visitors to The Manifesto is 4,901.

I continue to receive numerous e-mails encouraging/asking/begging Me to complete all of the essays of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, and to add additional content. Such requests are of no consequence to Me, and have no bearing on whether or not I will complete essays or add content. Everything that I choose to do in My life journey, is inspired and motivated by personal choice and no external sources are allowed to play any significant role in influencing these life path decisions and choices. I have no information to provide to you humans regarding if or when additional content and/or essay completion will be posted.

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth

September 14, 2004 Update: Hello. I continue to receive a tremendous amount of e-mail from human child-slaves, or to be more specific, from human beings who explicitly claim to be children. Each and every week, I receive an average of ten e-mails from "new" readers, in which the sender very specifically mentions their age, claiming to be under the age of 18. It's an interesting phenomenon that very few of my readers over the age of 18, point out their age to me in their initial e-mails. A few do, but not many. At the same time, those under the age of 18 very often give their age in the very first sentence of their very first e-mail to me. It is as if the only way they can identify/perceive themselves, is by age. "I have been an owned piece of property for the past 15 years", this is the self-image of the tortured child-slave who begins the very first sentence of their very first e-mail to me, with the line of, "Hi, I'm **** and I'm 15 years old." I have no doubt that some of these e-mails come from "real" children, since every child is born with an instinctually natural craving and appreciation for Truth, and faces the epic struggle of literally having their minds and souls broken and destroyed throughout the course of their childhoods, by their genocidally evil, lie-based societies and governments, as they are stripped of the ability to recognize and embrace Truth.

At the same time, I am 100% certain that some of these e-mails do not come from real children, but are in fact the products of malicious and Truth-hating agents of society, attempting to legally entrap me for the crime of daring to engage in contact with subhumanized child-slaves. To these Pieces of Human Garbage, I proudly declare that your efforts will fail. The Terms of Access rules that I outline on my Main Gateway page remain in universal force. Any child who accesses this web site does so in violation of My Terms of Access, and I will never sanction, condone, or give permission to any child, or anyone claiming to be a child, to violate My Terms of Access. Further, I will never engage in interactive e-mail contact with anyone who identifies themselves by age as being under the legal age of adulthood, regardless of what desperate pleas or enticements they might make in their e-mail(s) to Me. Threats will not work, begging will not work, flattery will not work, etc...

What we see here is a perfect illustration of the genocidally evil policies of your societies, towards tortured child-slaves. Personally, I have no impulse to try to "help" any child in any way, or any human being for that matter. But if I did have such an interest, in aiding tortured child-victims of your society who are desperately trying to keep their souls from being murdered by you, it would be impossible for me to attempt to do so, while maintaining operational integrity against the Sacred Family Unit and child welfare laws of terroristic isolation under which tortured child-slaves are prevented from soliciting/obtaining aid from adults. So be it. The doomed souls and lives of all of your children rest upon your shoulders. And in the end, it will be a handful of your tortured child-martyrs, if not George W. Bush and Osama bin-Laden, then the next generation, who will set into motion the events that will thankfully extinct your pathetic and diseased species.

On Wednesday July 21, 2004, *******@hotmail.com Wrote: "Hi my names ****, Im 17 and from **. PLEASE READ ALLLL OF THIS! thank you" (very long snip)

Hello. Your two e-mails have been received and read. You fail to meet the standards that I have in place for those humans desiring e-mail contact with me. Your second e-mail fails for several reasons. This first e-mail only fails for one reason, and this reason is the fact that you identify yourself as being under the legal age of adulthood as defined by the laws of the evil and diseased society that you are enslaved by. Your evil and diseased society is constantly seeking ways to silence, victimize, and imprison top-level Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Myself. One of these ways is to charge me with attempting to influence/corrupt the minds of child-slaves by engaging in illegal contact with them. Therefore, I have no contact with any human that I know to be under the legal age of adulthood. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday August 3, 2004, ********@yahoo.com Wrote: "Hi im **** of ******** zine. I notice your frequent post in our imc-****** site."

Hello, Yes, I do post fairly often at numerous Indymedia sites.

"Im doing a zine and im writing you for an article i can print."

Okay. Tell me exactly which essay, or essay portion of mine you want to print, or if you just want to mention my Manifesto, and most likely you will receive my atheistic blessing to go ahead.

"I checked your site. Not very hard to find."

It is accessible to all Superior humans who seek Truth.

"With the article in my zine i will give proper acknowledgements, info of source/ submitter/ website. Introduce you to my autistic readers!"

Sounds good. As long as you include a direct link to my Main Gateway page, and make it clear that any lengthy quotes from My Manifesto that you may include in your article are copyrighted by Me, it should be okay.

"Ok. looking forward to your response to this e-mail."

I reply to all e-mail that I deem worthy.

"your site ROCkz !! Revolt."

Thank you, it does. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday August 12, 2004, *******@cableone.net Wrote:"I intend on reading your papers."

Hello, That's a step in the right direction.

"I am not a nazi.I am an atheist and I am (sense searching for the answers to the reasons behind Sept,11)enlightented on the truth of zionism. I now know who the real nazis are. So many of the core problems of the world right now are because of zionism."

My online Manifesto reveals all of the Forbidden Truths of the Insane God Myth as well as the toxic, diseased, and genocidally evil design and operational systems of all human governments and mainstream political/ideological movements. It is both foolish and counterproductive to the search for Truth, to obsessively focus upon any one ideological movement as being a primary cause for the ongoing devolution and impending extinction of the human species.

"I didn't learn the truth from one single man.I traveled the world and spoke to and filmed all colors of people to learn the reasons for their anger at zionism.I also read as much as I could from all differents kinds of people on the subject."

To rely on the feelings, beliefs, and thoughts of human beings, when on a quest for Truth, is to eternally doom yourself to a false and lie-based perception of reality, as 99.999999999% of all human beings dwell within a pathological state of ignorance and denial of all primary Truth, combined with a desperately pathological embrace of lies, mythology, and invalid, delusional rationalizations.

"I do practice Buddhism(Buddha was not a god)so I try to not to search for truth in an angry light.Zionist munipulation of the media is one thing that does anger me though."

Every group of human beings that has attained a position of power over other human beings, has sadistically and brutally exercised this power against fellow humans. This Truth has been a constant, throughout all of human history. At the very same time, we have relentless and pathological demonization and scapegoating by every group, designed to induce flawed and lie-based analysis and conclusions regarding the injustices that citizen-slaves are subjected to. Your evil and diseased societies enjoy a remarkable success rate in this effort, and you are merely one example, of trillions, of this success.

"My enlightenment on zionism came when I heard Osamma complaining about these people called zionists.I didn't even know what the word meant (my brother is a history professor and I asked him the other day what zionism is and he didn't really know)and I didn't know why Ossama was saying it to America.So later on as as I was looking it up on the net and as you can imagine I found a plethora of info.Also,I am no puppet I know where to read between the lines."

Based upon your communication with me, it is clear that you do not possess any type of genuine realization or understanding of the primary Forbidden Truths of humanity. All primary Forbidden Truths are deeply buried, underneath layers upon layers of lies, myths, and misdirections. As I have repeatedly revealed in My Manifesto, to recognize a societal lie or brainwashing or malicious policy, in no way leads you to a realization of Forbidden Truth. You have to recognize, dig through, and renounce dozens of layers of lies, myths, and misdirections, in order to even begin to approach a genuine Forbidden Truth. As an inferior, you make the universal error of gleefully pouncing upon and embracing a societal contradiction, merely because the layer of deceit that you have uncovered seems to reveal something that your society denies and seems to be trying to hide from you. The Truth is that you have uncovered nothing more than the topmost layer of deceit, a layer that in no way even begins to reveal actual Forbidden Truth.

"One of the websites I found was on cults.It had eveything imaginable listed that you could ever possibly want to know about cults and after reading a while I came to an artical on zionism.The difference was it looked at zionism in a positive way.Everything on the site was negative except this one.I wasn't actually concerned that is was in a shown positive light. I just wondered why it was on a cult site and I wanted to know his reasons for saying so many negative things about jehovahs witnesses catholics and such but on this subject he had an opposite opinion.You must remember I only asked this to him out of innocence and curriostiy.He sends me back a letter screaming at me about nazi ranting and that I should never write him again.That is where it all started for me.If it weren't for their guilty paranoia I might have never searched any deeper.Now I know."

You do not know Forbidden Truth. The inferior humans recognize one surface, superficial Truth and become obsessed with it, clinging to it, instead of digging through it and unearthing the much more profound and genuine Forbidden Truths that dwell many layers underneath. This is your tragic fate. But fear not, you are not alone. You have trillions of fellow humans to share your inferiority with. Some blame the zionists, others the jihadists, others the christians, others the republicans, others the democrats, the list is endless, and you are all in the same boat, successfully trapped by your evil societies into a pattern of limited, delusional, obsessive focus upon a meaningless and tiny segment of the gigantic web of toxic lies that will forever maintain it's stranglehold upon you.

"To the supremacist,zionist mentality those who question & doubt their sacred dogma Must-ipso facto-be haters.Being perfect,being g-ds chosen & in everyway the superior population on the planet.The saints and the martyrs of the cosmos.They cannot conceive of opposition that is not satanic.Please read the attachment.From what I hear israeli higher ups were very upset at this book being translated.I wonder why?"

I'm sorry, but it is my policy that all attachments to e-mails are deleted, unopened and unread. That is what I have done with your second e-mail and it's attachment. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday August 11, 2004, ******@********.org Wrote: "To date, I have never seen the truth about child abuse stated so clearly and explicitly."

Hello, Thank you. That is what I do, I reveal the Truth regarding all aspects of human existence and behavior. You have never before been directly exposed to the Forbidden Truths of child abuse because the human species is profoundly diseased and pathologically lie-based.

"I have been trying to reach justice through a system that ignores the fears and testimony of my three-year-old son. Because of his age, nothing that he says to the police is "credible.""

Your son is a child-slave, he is a worthless piece of owned property, as officially decreed by all aspects of the human culture into which he was born. It is an additional Forbidden Truth that it is not possible for any child victim to receive genuine justice within the design and operational structure of modern, 21st century human society.

"His father, who I divorced after he started abusing me, still has visitation rights under the law."

The almighty Sacred Family Unit is the toxic structure upon which the river of blood and torment that claims the souls and lives of countless millions of children each year, freely flows.

"Every time I retrieved my son from his visits, he had bruises and stories to go along with them of what the "bad guys" had done to him. The police do not consider the bruises physical evidence and I just stopped allowing visitation."

Children are supposed to be beaten and hurt, punished and traumatized, this is the current, official, legal and cultural policy of amerikkkan, as well as all other modern, 1st world societies and governments.

"I am now facing a trial that will potentially mean jail time for me because of my adamant refusal to hand my son over as a sacrifice to the abuser."

You dare to challenge the sanctity of your society's deranged Sacred Family Unit doctrine. For this, your society will indeed seek to punish you via all means, if you continue to resist it's terroristic demands that you conform to it's official policies within which the child's safety and well-being must be set aside in favor of the sacred right of biological creators to be able to use their child-slaves as Poison Containers.

"I can really relate to the truth of this article."

I'm glad. Very often it takes a directly personal, traumatic and direct exposure to a Forbidden Truth, for a human to be able to recognize and accept the validity of the specific Truth in question. This is one of the many, many shortcomings of the vast majority of human beings. Still, there is great value in coming to recognize and accept Truth, even if only on a single major aspect of human design and operational structure.

"Thanks for your words of wisdom."

You're welcome. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday August 25, 2004, *****@*******.edu.au Wrote:"Hi, Wow, that's some website!! I have to say that you certainly display an enormous amount of insight. I was able to relate to and understand much of what you say (though I've not read it all!!)"

Hello, Thank you. :-) Yes, I see things the way there are, not the way society wants them to be seen. If you are able to relate to and understand, then your mind is far less crippled than that of most humans.

"I was especially interested in your thoughts on Crime as I call myself a criminologist, and we like to get about unpicking the hidden truths about criminal justice."

There are tons of hidden Truths on just about every subject imaginable. Unpicking hidden Truths is personally valuable, but revealing such Truths, especially if you are in a position of some power and influence, would be even more impressive. But it is too dangerous to be worthwhile, given the lie-based state of human existence.

"I'm not sure I liked being referred to as "you humans" all the time though, and morally bankrupt and intellectually devoid and all that!!"

I am ashamed to be human, the lowest species of life. I have successfully transcended both the genetic and the environmentally imposed limitations of My species. As a consequence of this success, I Truthfully create distance between Myself and humans, in My writings. Most humans are morally bankrupt and profoundly dumb and a lot more. But of course there are rare exceptions to this rule. Like Me. :-)

"Question: What has allowed you to rise above your victimization when others cannot??"

Personal courage and an obsessive devotion to Truth. Comfort is the enemy of Truth, to find Truth you must reject the comfortingly toxic lies upon which human society was built and is sustained. But let me once again be clear on this point: I have not "risen above" my victimization, at least not in the manner that the terms "overcome" or rise above, are generally used. I am a victim, I will always be a victim. I will never overcome the fact, the Truth, that I am a victim. This is an absolutely vital element of my success, in terms of being able to both recognize and embrace all Forbidden Truths. To embrace Personal Truth is the first step, the essential building block, towards the recognition and embrace of universal, ideological, philosophical Forbidden Truth. None of this can ever be realized by a human who rejects the Personal Truth of their own life experiences. I was a victim, I am a victim, I will always be a victim. Only by recognizing and embracing this Personal Truth, which I courageously did as a young child, was I able to achieve the remarkable feat of making Myself into a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth.

"Why do some victims commit crime and others 'rise above'."

It's not a question of rising above anything. It's a question of how much self-hatred a societal victim-creation possesses within their True Reality. The less you hate yourself, the more likely it is you will act out, directing your rage outward instead of inward. In general, the spirit of the criminal is more noble. more pure, more Truth-based, than that of the law-abiding citizen-slave. But at the same time we also have a perverse societal definition of what "crime" is. Society does not wish to aggressively encourage certain acts, therefore it labels them as "crimes" and attaches a negative connotation/definition to the term. But society does seek to encourage universal self-hatred and self-victimization. Therefore the term "crime" is not attached to self-abusive acts such as suicide. The end result is that some acts of "murder" are viciously demonized by society, while other acts of murder are actively encouraged. It is clear that from a Truth-based philosophical perspective, the "criminal" has risen above the self-abuser, in terms of directing their emotion in a more accurately reflective manner.

"Also, is there any altruism left in human nature or are we all too enslaved??"

Individual human beings, on a rare basis, may possess noble, morally superior, altruistic character traits. But the human species as a whole does not. And there is no society, cultural movement, or other large group of humans capable of working togther, for any genuinely altruistic purpose or goal.

"We must rage against that ignorance machine...I like your site lots!! I think."

I enjoy revealing the Truth, glad you appreciate it, too.

"Best wishes for your journey, and thanks for your sharing."

Thanks for the good wishes. It is a True gift that I provide to the universe, in exposing, dissecting, and revealing humanity for what it is. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Sunday August 29, 2004, ********@yahoo.com Wrote:"hey seer can you send me some links to some more forbidden truths."

Hello, My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth reveals all of the primary Forbidden Truths regarding human design, ideological, and operational structures.

"I enjoyed your truths and i see the evil that society throws in my face everyday."

Appreciating Truth and recognizing the maliciousness of human society are both important steps along the path to achieving personal Superiority. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday September 10, 2004, *************@hotmail.com Wrote: "Hi I am 17 years old and i have recently found your site. I was looking through *** **** ***** site and I followed up the link to your site."

Hello, The Main Gateway page of my online Manifesto clearly reveals that all viewers must be over the legal age of adulthood in order to access and read my other web pages. All of my other web pages, at the very top of each page, clearly direct you to return to and carefully read the Main Gateway page if you have not already done so. To the best of my knowledge, 17 is not the age of legal adulthood within any currently existing 1st world society/government.

"I have read the essays on physical appearence (which I believe is pure truth) and also the essay on celebrities. Would it be Ok if I took some information and ideas from your site and put it into a school assignment? Thanks"

I'm sorry, but No. You have already violated the age restriction that I have put in place for legal reasons, and now you are contacting me, asking permission of me, to authorize and sanction your use of information that you obtained by violating my Terms of Access. I will not do this. My Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Access are a vital and integral part of my online Manifesto, and I will never condone or sanction any activity that violates their tenets. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

July 27, 2004 Update: I have added a brief update to my Death essay, which can be found here:

Why I Deserve to be Cryogenically Preserved and Reanimated

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