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Welcome to yet another Forbidden Truth webpage. Yes, this Manifesto is lengthy, but more importantly, it is brilliant and in fact the single most valuable, unique document to have ever been created by any one individual in the entire history of the so-called Modern Era of humanity. Modesty is a worthless character/personality trait. It may well be appropriate for you inferior creatures to recognize your own inferiority and in response, to adopt an attitude of modesty with regard to your perceptions of life and of reality, but for the few of us who are truly Superior, modesty must be rejected and shunned, recognized as constituting an unnecessary and self-limited character trait that serves no worthwhile purpose. I, as your Seer of Forbidden Truth, proudly rejoice in my Superiority, and do not hesitate for even a millisecond, in accurately labeling this, my own creation, this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, as being the most precious, valuable, brilliant document to have ever been created by any single human being, within the entire world, for all of recent human history.

This page promises to provide a fascinating potpouri of brilliant Truths, on five, yes five, separate, unique, and extremely important topics. At first glance, a few of these topics may appear to be somewhat superficial and limited in scope and profundity, but this perception is a false one, stemming from your own invalid notions, primarily induced by your diseased societies, regarding what types of topics and issues are important, and what types are superficial and minor. You can rest assured that the Forbidden Truths that are about to be revealed concerning all five of the topics on this page, are every bit as profound and precious as any of the other essays within this Manifesto, and in fact many of the Truths that will be revealed here are so profound that they extend to and broaden the scope of Truths that I have already revealed in previous essays, that I have already written, at this website. Okay, we shall begin with Physical Appearance. This topic is not superficial, in any way. It is truly profound, and the Truths that will be revealed cut to the very heart of the diseased, deranged, fascist, terroristically coercing conformity structure of human society. I am extremely proud of the unique and original "cyclops" illustration of the True nature of the malicious human attitude towards physical appearance, that I will be outlining and discussing at great length within this essay. The tortures, the victimizations, the self-mutilations that you pathetic creatures subject both yourselves and your fellow human being to, directly related to the issue of physical appearance, expose the rotting nature of your human cultural design, in a crystal clear, incredibly powerful and undeniable manner, as my essay will reveal.

Our next essay topic will be Fashion. It is true that due to my sexual fetish regarding women's deformed, painful feet, which does extend into the arena of shoes, I have a strongly personal interest in this topic, and it may well be that I devote more space to this one particular fashion item, shoes, than to other fashion items, in this essay. And yet none of the essays within this Manifesto are or will become vanity projects. There are incredibly important, remarkably profound Truths regarding fundamental perversions of humanity and of human society, that will be revealed in this essay. Society imposes fascist Fashion Laws upon it's citizen-slaves, literally compelling individuals to both demonstrate/swear allegiance to the existing societal structure via their clothing, and even more perversely, coercing individuals into agreeing, en masse, to endure discomfort, pain, loss of mobility, and even physical crippling, without the individuals even realizing that this atrocity is being committed against them. Remarkably, many women not only choose to wear high heeled shoes, but feel "lucky" to enjoy the so-called "freedom of choice" to decide for themselves what types of clothing to wear, with no limitations. This essay will prove beyond all doubt, among many other Truths, that not only does society dictate and impose fashion demands upon all citizen-slaves, but it does so in a brutally fascist, completely unfree and coercive manner, for numerous malicious purposes, including deliberate physical crippling and health/life endangering reasons.

We will then move on to the topic of Pop Culture Induced Mannerisms/Behaviors.This is yet another title that may seem superficial at first glance, but once the essay itself gets rolling, you creatures will marvel at the profound Truths that will be revealed and exposed from an analysis of these mannerisms and behaviors. The issue of how societies use their own empowered agents, within the so-called "celebrity" as well as media systems, to addict and enslave each generation of children and young adults to behavioral subcultures that are deliberately made to appear exotic, rebellious, and anti-establishment, when in reality these subcultures are not only "harmless" to the existing societal regime and structure, but actually serve to legitimize and strengthen mainstream, diseased societal structures, is worthy of an entire essay in and of itself, and will be covered in great depth here. The entire societal design structure of "celebrity", will be exposed for what it is. The Truth will be revealed, that superstar celebrities like Madonna and Michael Jackson are not only deliberate creations of governmental leadership, but in fact they directly serve as agents of society, in promoting mainstream societal policies and in addicting entire generations of children and young adults to ridiculous, pointless, lie-based, Truth and reality-denying life paths. The Cult of Celebrity will be exposed, as being just slightly less toxic and genocidally harmful to humanity than mainstream religious cults like christianity and catholicism are. Do not even think of skipping over this essay, because it is so profound that it will alter every single perception of celebrity, radicalism, modernism, and so-called "youthful rebellion", that you creatures have been brainwashed into embracing.

Our journey of Truth will continue with The Acting Mask. Acting is itself a fascinating topic, with many profound Truths which must be recognized and dissected, but the enigmatic title of this essay is The Acting Mask. The use of the word mask is extremely, primarily important, as will be revealed in the essay. Not only does all acting constitute absolute lying, deceit, malicious manipulation of reality, but in the truest sense of the term, society coerces and compels it's citizen-slaves into literally donning a mask, an acting mask, a mask that involves withholding and hiding your True nature, your actual emotions, feelings, attitudes, every time you step outside your front door, and in fact even while interacting with so-called "loved ones" and family members. The design structure, horrifically negative consequences, and malicious societal purposes behind this Acting Mask will be revealed here. We will also uncover profound Truths on the purposes that television and theatrical actors serve, the insanity of this type of activity even being considered a legitimate profession, much less one of the most highly paid and personally sought after professions in existence, by you diseased torture victim-creations of society.

Our fifth and final essay will be Gender Bias/Feminism. All of the various forms of perverse discrimination based upon gender, that have been and continue to be practiced by all human societies in genocidally malicious ways, will be revealed, outlined, and discussed. Even though there will be more focus upon gender bias as practiced and committed against women, than against men, you may rest assured that just as every essay in this Manifesto explores all aspects of Truth, this essay will reveal not only the incredibly malicious gender bias that societies commit upon women, but also the equally outrageous abuses of a gender-based nature that it commits specifically upon male citizen-slaves. We will discuss how and why the forms of gender bias practiced by most human societies are in fact more genocidally unjust than the racial biases that are practiced, and expose just how incredibly desperate society is to not only continue to brutally oppress it's citizen-slaves based upon their gender, but even more importantly, the incredible lengths that societies go to, for the purpose of convincing their female populations that they are not being brutally oppressed and that they must not only accept, but embrace, the "different" role within the cultural system that the malicious leaders of the society seek to impose upon them. Okay, now that we have a basic understanding of the incredible Truths that are about to be revealed on this page, it is time for me to roll up my sleeves and get down to the most pleasurable, albeit time-consuming portion of this job, the actual revelations, in minute detail and complete thoroughness, of every single important and Forbidden Truth, to stagger, amaze, and inform you creatures, regardless of whether you actually deserve to receive this precious gift.

Physical Appearance:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a detailed explanation that even though the topic of Physical Appearance may appear to be somewhat trivial and frivolous, many extremely valuable insights that expose the ultra-diseased nature of human society can be gleaned via a careful analysis of the cultural and societal rules, decrees, doctrines, and overtly discriminatory policies, regarding the physical appearance of human beings. We will discuss the general rules of acceptable physical appearance that societies impose upon their citizen-slaves, things like haircuts that are of the same, even length on both sides of the head, fingernails that are neither extremely short, nor extremely long, facial hair that must be equal in lenth on both sides of the face, makeup that must only be applied to certain areas of the face, such as the lips and eyebrows. We will discuss the completely arbitrary and capricious nature of these physical appearance rules, and yet the fact remains that these rules are almost universally embraced and accepted, in a completely blind and uncritical manner, not only by societal leaders and their agents, but by all citizen-slaves. We will discuss how a Culture of Conformity which is based upon both blind, mindless acceptance of societal decree, and a very specific inhibition/rejection of one's own True nature and most basic individual freedom, is both the result of and a consequence of, the physical appearance demands, rules, and in a very real sense, laws, that are imposed and compelled upon all citizens by their societies. We will deepen this discussion with an extremely detailed analysis of the brutal, societally systematic prejudice, discrimination, and malicious ridicule/shunning that all individuals who have a noticeable physical "deformity" that causes them to look, walk, sound, or act differently from the societally decreed standard of appropriate normalcy, are subjected to. We will discuss how society overtly sponsors and promotes this ritualized, completely unjustified discrimination and victimization of individuals based upon their physical appearance. We will discuss the invalid use of words like "deformity", how and why they are specifically employed by societies to single out. isolate, and legitimize discrimination against, specific human beings whoso physical appearance and/or lifestyle choices do not conform to society's decreed standards of acceptable normalcy. We will discuss the subtly different standards and levels of ridicule/shunning that society promotes, between those human beings who are unable to put forth a physical appearance that meets normalcy standards, due to birth defect or physical injury, versus those human beings who deliberately choose to present a physical appearance that fails to meet societal normalcy standards, focusing upon the fact that the greatest degree of venemous, open ridicule is reserved for those humans who have the freedom of spirit to specifically refuse to conform, through inhibition, their physical appearance. We will discuss why physical appearance is a universal form of societal fascism, that crosses all class, economic, and ethnic lines, meaning that even though the actual physical appearance rules can and do vary widely among different economic/ethnic groups, the fact that physical appearance rules are imposed upon all, remains a universal reality. We will discuss the absolutely unjustifiable, illogical, unnecessary emotional torture that physically different individuals who are labeled as deformed, are subjected to by society and as a direct result of societal imposition of physical appearance rules upon their citizen-slaves. We will dissect the ridiculous, false claims that societies make, with regard to verbally pretending to criticize such discrimination, when the reality is that society is sponsoring, encouraging, and in a literal sense, ordering it's citizens to engage in this brutal discrimination. A brilliant scenario will be outlined at great length, which proves beyond all doubt that your diseased societies are perversely, insanely, and malevolently discriminatory with regard to the physical appearance of your fellow humans. The scenario will involve a three-eyed child, a "cyclops" child, who has three perfectly functional eyes, two in their normal positions, the third directly in the middle of her forehead. We will discuss the perverse fact that even if all three eyes provide perfect vision, and in fact the third eye provided the child with superior vision to all other humans, vision so superior that it would be of tremendous financial and personal value to the child, and despite the fact that by any rational analysis having three perfectly functioning eyes is better than having two perfectly functioning eyes, this child will be subjected to the horrific mutilation of having the eye located in the middle of her forehead surgically removed. We will discuss the utterly outrageous, unjustifiable perversity of such an act of brutalization being committed upon the child, and how it stems from the diseased human obsession with forcing all individuals to conform their physical appearances to the perverse, often inferior standards that society chooses to impose.

We will discuss at length the issue of plastic surgery, revealing this activity to be utterly without any medical merit, and constituting an act of societally coerced personal mutilation of self. We will discuss how and why the very existence of the practice of plastic surgery, in and of itself, serves to brutally destroy the natural, instinctual self-esteem and admiration of self that all human children, as well as all animals, are born possessing. We will discuss how incredibly coercive the societal decrees of appropriate physical appearance are, and how this is proven by the fact that you humans, en masse, "choose" to undergo expensive, dangerous, and completely unnecessary plastic surgery, for the purpose of "correcting" imaginary, non-existent physical flaws, that your malicious society has deluded and brainwashed you into believing that you are afflicted with. We will discuss at length how and why some of you humans are so desperately obsessed with your own physical appearances, that you will deliberately choose to endure physical discomfort, physical pain, as well as to compromise your health, just to conceal and hide your physical appearance flaw(s). Examples of this perverse activity will be outlined, including women with bunions, corns, and other foot deformities wearing closed shoes, to conceal their foot deformities, even though the wearing of closed shoes in such cases very often results in increased pain, lessened mobility, irritation, aggravation, and increased severity of the existing foot deformities, as well as a compromise of the natural healing process, all of which would usually be improved if only the woman were to wear open type shoes, in which the deformities are exposed and there is no ongoing shoe pressure upon the deformities. We will discuss the covering up of physical imperfections with makeup, as well as the fact that individuals with deformities that cannot be concealed or corrected via surgery, often become housebound hermits, as a result of the incredibly pervasive, universal imposition of strict physical appearance standards of acceptability by your diseased societies. We will discuss how children are deliberately taught and told to engage in the ritualistic ridicule of any human beings, most especially a fellow child, who does not meet societal standards of physical normalcy. We will discuss how acne, a perfectly harmless result of a perfectly natural, hormonal increase in glandular oil secretions that occurs during human adolescence, has been insanely decreed by human society to be a physical defect/disease that requires medication and treatment, and how this ridiculous societal decree serves to fuel and solidify the childhood obsession with physical appearance that society imposes upon all of it's citizen-slaves. We will discuss the notion that sexual attraction between humans has it's basis in physical attractiveness, and unveil the Truth that this is a completely unnatural result of societal brainwashing. We will discuss how and why, in the animal kingdom, mammals often are selective in terms of choosing a sexual mate, but this selectivity does not revolve around physical appearance, but rather around the physical health of the prospective mate. We will discuss the extremely important differences between this health selectivity, versus physical appearance selectivity, revealing that while the health selectivity is natural and instinctual, the physical appearance selectivity, as practiced by humans, is completely unnatural and an artificially induced perversion of natural instinct, that human society is guilty of committing. We will discuss media, literary, and popular culture depictions of human deformity, outlining the Truths behind the Elephant Man case in England, movies, books, and theatrical productions such as Beauty And The Beast, and the perverse use of physically different humans in freak shows/circuses, concluding that it is this final, public depiction of the physically different, the deliberate exhibiting for the purpose of ridicule in freak shows and circuses, which represents the most honest, accurate, mainstream attitude that your societies embrace and promote, with regard to the physically different. We will discuss the fact that despite being an extremely popular story/fable, that has been made into many different movies and cartoons and even television shows, "Beauty And The Beast" in no way promotes or encourages acceptance or legitimacy of physical difference within human society. Instead, perversely, it does the exact opposite, because it is written, performed, and marketed by society as being a "fable", in other words a made-up story that is very specifically a fanciful, fictional story that not only has no basis in real life cultural policy, but overtly represents an invalid fantasy that runs directly counter to the official policy and ideological doctrine of real life within human society, which is overtly based upon the embrace of every6 type of prejudice and discrimination imaginable, most especially based upon physical difference and abnormality in appearance. Thus all citizen-slaves, even if they enjoy and appreciate this fable as a "nice story", are taught by the very design structure of the fable itself that in actual, real life, any living thing, especially if it is human in specie, and has significant deformity or deviation from decreed normal appearance, must be shunned, avoided, ridiculed, victimized, and condemned.

We will discuss the universal nature of physical appearance discrimination, the fact that it is applied in an equally brutal fashion to both men and women, assuming that the so-called deformity is of equal magnitude, and yet there is still a gender bias which occurs, based upon the perverse societal decree that all female humans must have significantly more of both their self-worth and the value that they have to society as a whole, tied up in the issue of their physical appearance and their sexual attractiveness. We will discuss how and why this results in a significantly more severely fascist and personally traumatic impact being imposed upon female humans who fail to meet societally decreed standards of physical appearance, than is imposed upon male humans who fail to meet these standards. We will discuss beauty pageants and bodybuilding competitions, comparing these two perverse societal rituals, which are specifically designed to try and coerce/brainwash both girls and boys, women and men, into believing that a very specific "standard" of proper physical appearance exists, that they need to not only admire in others, but aspire to achieve within their own physical bodies. We will discuss the entire concept of "beauty", dissecting society's invalid use of this word and revealing it to be a complete sham. We will outline how and why all so-called "standards" of beauty are artificial and invalid, the invalid standards maliciously imposed upon citizen-slaves by their societies, and pathetically embraced by you brainwashed, uninsightful sheeple. We will specifically discuss the custom of Chinese Footbinding, and how the beauty and physical appearance standards that 21st century american society convinces you creatures to embrace, have absolutely no more legitimacy that the torturous decree by Chinese society, which lasted for over 1000 years, that broken and crippled feet represented proper physical appearance and beauty, for Chinese girls and women. We will discuss anorexia, overeating, and other physically destructive diseases, in reality forms of mental illness, that are directly and solely caused by the deranged societal decrees and demands regarding physical appearance, that are terroristically imposed upon all citizen-slaves. We will discuss how all children are terroristically taught and trained, from age 2, to try and mimic/copy the mainstream, societally approved of appearance, demeanor, and behavior of both their peers, their fellow children, and the adults who have possession of them, rather than being freely empowered to adopt an appearance, an attitude, and behaviors that are reflective of their own unique True Reality.

Charles Starkweather, 1950's Nebraska serial killer
This is Charles Starkweather, Tortured Philosopher of Truth, Created Victim of Society, Murdered by the most Diseased Society on Planet Earth in 1959, at the Tender Age of 20. Despite having literally no education, this tortured child found the courage, the determination, the insight, to share and express some absolutely remarkable philosophical Truths, a few of which I am reprinting below. The fact that you creatures had the audacity, the insanity, to murder this tortured child at the age of 20, proves beyond all doubt that american society did not deserve to survive the 20th century. None of you deserve to be alive, this is proven by your genocidally malicious demonization and literally homicidal victimization of the children that you, as a society, are responsible for having created.

"Why had I become rebellious against the world and it's human race? Cause that first day in school I was being made fun at, picked on, laughed at. In those younger years of my life I had builded up a hate that was as hard as iron and when people tease, make fun of and laugh at a little youngster in hers or his early childhood, that little youngster is not going to forget it." "What did not make this world a good place to live in was that nobody cared about me for what I could do." "The more I looked at people the more I hated them, a bunch of goddam*ed sons of bi*ches looking for somebody to make fun of." "I wanted her (Caril) to see me go down shooting it out and knowing it was for her, for us; I guess for all this hateful world has made for us."--------------Charles Starkweather.

"I said to myself that someday i'd pay them all back, and an overwhelming sense of outrage grew. It roused itself in my mind for a wild thirsting vengeance. I wanted revenge upon the world and it's human race. My mind and heart became black with hatred as it built up in me. A drawn veil of dilatory cloud seemed to come before my face. The tribute was gratifying. I could not analyze nor recognize my emotions as I broke down into tears." "They say this is a wonderful world to live in, but I don't believe I ever did live in a wonderful world." "The world is lifeless anyway, like the people I killed." "Dead people are all on the same level." "Better to be left to rot on some high hill behind a rock, and be remembered, than to be buried alive in some stinking place." "Sometimes, I thought about murderin' the whole human race. I never thought much about just killin' individuals." "I sat in silence as my heart was pounding against my breast as it was rising involuntarily in an occasional deep reminiscent sob, that my deformity compelled. My heart became a grimace of hatred, crimson, and it seemed as though I could see my heart before my eyes, turning dark black with hate and rage." "Sometimes the hate was so real I could feel it coming to life, like something dead or asleep, and beginning to wake up and stir around." "A kid who's been hated will go on hatin' 'till he's crazy or dead. I'm not dead, and i'm not crazy."----------Charles Starkweather


This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

This essay will begin with a detailed explanation of why the topic of clothing and fashion is in no way trivial or frivolous, and in fact will provide many valuable insights into the perverse and diseased nature of human societies and the human mindset. We will carefully define what "fashion" truly means, and how societies create fashion uniforms and coerce virtually all citizen-slaves into wearing very specific types of clothing, in such a way as to stereotype themselves and reveal many of their most profound character traits and sociological/economic positions, without even having to open their mouths. We will discuss the fact that despite your blind inability to recognize this Truth, virtually all of you are coerced by society into wearing very specific fashion uniforms, just like nurses, firemen, waitresses, police officers, are more openly and clearly coerced into wearing a clothing uniform. We will discuss how the clothing that society coerces you into wearing is designed to define you to all other humans and to empowered agents of society, and to set very specific limitations on what types of behaviors, activities, and lifestyles you are expected to engage in. We will discuss how your societies very specifically "profile" you, in a fascist manner, based upon the clothing that you have been convinced/coerced to wear. Several examples of this type of profiling will be provided, including the fact that american secret service agents are trained and taught, while scanning crowds, to specifically alert to and focus upon any otherwise well-dressed individuals who are wearing sneakers or some other type of non-standard footwear that fails to match up with the suit and tie, dress shirt type of normal, mainstream business attire. We will discuss the enormous peer and societal pressure that is placed upon individuals to conform their fashion attire to a specifically uniform standard, that is economically and racially based. We will discuss the fact that vicious ostracism, termination of employment, violent assault/attack, and even murder, is practiced against any citizen-slave who dares to defy the fashion laws/doctrine of their society, and reveal that even though in some cases these attacks are committed not by society itself, but by members of society, these individual members act on behalf of and with the cultural encouragement/authorization of, their societal leaders and empowered agents. As proof that the fashion laws of society are so brutally fascist that they absolutely do lead to outright murder, we will discuss the fact that men who regularly wear clothing in public, that has been decreed by society to only be properly worn by females, are both physically assaulted and murdered at a much higher percentage rate, than men who only wear so-called "normal and regular" men's clothing, in public.

We will discuss exactly what malicious/fascist purposes the fashion laws of society serve, revealing them to be a top-level form of both social control and social manipulation, very specifically allowing and aiding societal leaders and their agents to very quickly and in snap judgment fashion, to decide and determine how much personal respect, constitutional freedom, and presumption of innocence with regard to suspicion or accusation of criminal or illegal conduct, to afford to each citizen-slave, based upon the style and manner of the clothing that they wear. We will discuss specific articles of clothing, and reveal the usage of such articles by society, for fascist, malevolent, and other inappropriate purposes. Some of the specific articles that will be discussed will include the necktie for men, a completely useless and pointless ceremonial garment, the wearing of which is used by societal leaders and their agents as a litmus test to judge and determine the degree of conformity, subservience and acceptance of mainstream societal doctrines of male citizen-slaves. We will discuss the fact that not a single high level business executive or political leader within american society in the 20th century, refused to wear either a necktie or it's equally useless and pointless cousin, the bowtie, and how this proves that in reality, the wearing of neckties is not an optional freedom enjoyed by citizens living in democratic societies, but rather a brutally fascist, completely unfree demand that such societies impose upon their citizen-slaves. We will discuss the perverse nature of fashion being used by societies to judge and determine the degree of personal conformity of citizen-slaves, revealing this usage to be superficial and invalid, but much more importantly, a powerful and pervasively used tool of fascist profiling and brutal coercion. We will discuss other articles of clothing and the role that they serve to society, in labeling, demonizing, and grouping citizen-slaves together for malicious purposes. The wearing of extremely baggy jeans, and the wearing of long pants with one of the pant legs rolled up in such a way as to expose the bare leg, will be revealed as not being independent, hip fashion trends embraced by young, anti-social males on their own, but rather societally encouraged and devised fashion styles that are designed to allow law enforcement and other empowered societal agents to very quickly and easily spot and identify potential lawbreakers and troublemakers in public, simply by observing the clothing that they are wearing, and even more importantly, to interact with and treat such pre-judged anti-social troublemakers in ways that completely violate their constitutional, civil, and human rights, ways that they would not have the guts to treat the very same person, if the person was wearing an expensive Brooks Brothers suit, silk necktie, and highly polished leather wingtip shoes.

We will very specifically and at great length, discuss female footwear, how and why societies choose to coerce and command their female citizen-slaves to wear shoes that deliberately hinder mobility, endanger the safety and welfare of women, and cause not only foot pain, but eventual foot crippling. We will compare the no longer practiced Chinese custom of footbinding, to the current, very much practiced and in fact societally decreed and demanded fashion rule that women need to wear specific types of fashionable footwear, concluding that the current, so-called "civilized" fashion standards within 21st century societies like america, are every bit as perverse, malicious, and unjustifiable from any sane and moral perspective, as was the custom of Chinese footbinding. It will be explained how clothing is used by society to hinder and restrict personal freedom and autonomy in many different ways, emotional ways, as well as directly physical ways, involving restriction of movement, needless discomfort, and deliberate physical endangerment/harm. We will specifically discuss high heeled shoes, the many different types of victimization and harm that are directly caused by the wearing of high heeled shoes, the fact that societal leaders are totally aware of the numerous dangers and widespread harm caused by this type of footwear, and yet despite complete awareness, societies choose to very deliberately encourage, promote, and in many ways outright mandate the wearing of harmful footwear by women. We will discuss how high heeled shoes limit the mobility of women, limit the types of surfaces that women can walk on, limit how long women can walk and the distances that women can walk, and cause enduring, chronic/crippling foot pain and deformity that very often results in a severely negative impact upon both the current and future quality of life of women. We will discuss the utter perversity of society forcing women to limit their mobility and their ability to run fast, given the fact that women are generally physically weaker than men, women are stalked and attacked by men far more often than men are attacked by men or men are attacked by women, and it is far more important for women to retain all of their mobility, in all situations, for physical safety/survival reasons. We will discuss how women usually remove their "public" shoes as soon as they arrive at home, and how women often slip off their shoes in public, and how these facts prove that the vast majority of "public" shoes that women are coerced by society into wearing, are specifically designed to not only hinder mobility, but to specifically cause physical pain/discomfort to wearers. We will discuss the fact that many women wear shoes that cause so much discomfort that they feel they must either slip off their shoes in public, or else change from one pair of shoes to another during the course of the day. We will discuss why these Truths have specifically resulted in one type of shoe style, the "pump", becoming the single most popular style of female shoe, very specifically because it can be very easily and discreetly slipped on and off.

We will discuss why almost all women, as well as all citizen-slaves, willingly obey the perverse fashion laws that their societies impose upon them, even to the point of enduring daily physical pain, as well as eventual physical crippling. We will briefly touch upon the issue of masochism, especially as regards high heeled shoes, but it will be explained that additional Truths and comments regarding masochism will be revealed at a later essay within this Manifesto. We will discuss the history of fashion, and how throughout the entire Modern Era of human history, clothing has been specifically used by society to cause, in mass, genocidal fashion, physical harm to citizen-slaves, most especially to those slaves who have been decreed to be inferior and subhuman by the societal leadership. Women have always fit into this category, and we will discuss the use of corsets and other articles of clothing, beyond simply shoes, as weapons of oppression used to inflict physical harm and endangerment upon women. We will discuss nudism, revealing it to be a completely natural, normal, and Superior lifestyle choice, which is perversely condemned and ridiculed by society specifically because it defies fascist fashion laws, freeing and empowering the individual, and making it impossible for society to perform it's fashion profiling upon citizen-slaves, if it were to become legal. We will discuss the perverse fact that nudism is not legal, it is in fact criminally outlawed, despite false and ridiculous societal claims that because nudists are allowed to congregate together in a tiny handful of private and semi-public areas, nudism is legal. We will discuss the utter perversity of nudism being illegal, when nudism is completely harmless, allowing for complete physical freedom, while the wearing of high heeled shoes, which overtly hinder physical movement and have overtly harmful effects upon their wearers, is not only decreed to be completely legal, but is overtly encouraged and commanded by society.

Donald Henry Gaskins, Pee Wee Gaskins, serial killer
This is Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins, truly one of the most underrated and unjustly obscure philosophers of Truth, as well as being a prolific serial killer, Donald is yet another of your insane and evil society's tortured victim-creations, that you creatures had the unmitigated gall to commit murder upon. Thankfully, Martyr Donald did immortalize himself, his True Reality, and Truth in general, by writing and having published, after his murder, one of the most remarkably courageous and insightful books of personal philosophy and Truth to have been written during the entire 20th century. The title of this book is Final Truth: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer. The author is Donald Gaskins, although he did utilize a co-author as far as getting the book published and into print, therefore the official authors are Donald Gaskins and Wilton Earle. Thankfully this book is still in print, and should be readily available. If any of you are wondering how I came up with the title of "Forbidden Truth" for this Manifesto, there are numerous different reasons that I chose this title, but one very specific reason is that I bought and read this book by Martyr Donald Gaskins approximately seven years ago, and immediately after I finished reading this remarkable outpouring of courageous personal Truth, I was examining the book closely, as I usually do, memorizing the title, memorizing the facial images of Donald along with some of his most brilliant proclamations of Truth, etc... And it immediately occured to me that while the title of "Final Truth" was perfectly appropriate and accurately descriptive, an even better title, in fact the best title that I could come up with for the book, would have been "Forbidden Truth", rather than Final Truth. This is because Donald reveals numerous, profound, societally condemned, rejected, and Forbidden Truths, within his remarkable, autobiographical book. The phrase "Forbidden Truth" has always struck me as being perfectly descriptive and valuable in it's clarity as well as it's strength, and yet we must go back about 7 to 8 years, to my reading of this book and my analysis of the title, to find the actual moment that I decided that the phrase "Forbidden Truth" was so powerful and valuable that it deserved to be the title of my own book/manifesto/autobiography.

I have decided not to include extensive quotes from Donald's book, here. And in fact I will be greatly reducing the number of direct quotes that I include with the photos of the additional Martyrs that I will be featuring on my remaining web pages. There are several reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons, and this is certainly the case with Donald Gaskins, is that I feel utter outrage and complete contempt towards you creatures and your societies, at the fact that books such as Donald's do not receive proper media or sociological attention, and never become bestsellers, despite the fact that they contain, in a literal sense, and I am not being hyperbolic, the most important, valuable, and mind-shifting Truths of any written text in existence. The fact that the "bible", an insane collection of lies, myths, and delusions written by a mentally deranged individual who was completely out of touch with reality, is the #1, bestselling book in virtually every country and on a worldwide basis, while a book such as Final Truth by Donald Gaskins, a remarkable, honest, courageous, insightful, Truth-based exploration of the most important and profound issues of humanity, suffering, injustice, rage, hate, vengeance, society, justice, fairness, etc..., ranks as the 69,703rd most popular book according to the Sales Ranking statistic, fills me with immense rage. The fact that you creatures would choose to buy about 70,000 other books, the vast majority of which have absolutely no Forbidden Truth content, more often than you buy this book, filled with profound and remarkable Forbidden Truth, is the ultimate outrage and demonstration/proof of human perversity. So no, I will not provide you creatures with extensive quotes of Donald's Truths. You should have already purchased this book, or at the very least borrowed it from a library, if you had any Superiority or any sincere interest in uncovering the Truths of life. If my Manifesto and this website does serve it's purpose, in awakening your interest and thirst for Truth, it is still not too late, since this book is available for sale in new condition, available for sale as a used book, and even if your library does not stock it, as many libraries do perversely censor and ban books of Truth, you should be able to obtain a copy. The bottom line is, I am creating this Manifesto to reveal and disseminate my ownunique and brilliant Forbidden Truths. You should already know about and be familiar with the unique and brilliant Forbidden Truths that people like Donald Gaskins, Charles Manson, etc..., have expressed and disseminated, especially if they have done so in a public manner, such as a published autobiographical book such as Final Truth. If you are not familiar with these other Forbidden Truths, you should be required to go to the time, effort, and in some cases expense, of educating yourself by obtaining the complete books or other texts, and certainly you should not rely upon whatever few quotes I may be able to provide here, given my space limitations. This is the reason why I am choosing to greatly limit, and in some cases completely withhold, lengthy quotes from a book like Final Truth. The Truths Donald reveals are every bit as valuable, unique, and profound as the content of this Forbidden Truth manifesto is. This endorsement alone, should be enough to send all of you running to the bookstore, library, or other source, to obtain a copy of this book yourself, so that you may be enlightened as to the complete and unedited scope of Martyr Donald's Truths. The most important fact that I can reveal here, is that Donald, like millions of fellow human beings born into the ultra-diseased society of america, was victimized, tortured, tormented, deliberately and with utter malice, by america itself, and in the greatest outrage of all, he was murdered outright, this brilliant philosopher and seer of Truth was murdered, by the very society, the genocidal society, that was and remains guilty of his creation and his victimization. This book is an absolute must read for any of you creatures who value and appreciate the Forbidden Truths of life, especially as they relate to rage, hate, reflective and cathartic violence/vengeance.

"Being born on a farm, I know the difference between raising something and it just growing. You raise tobacco and vegetables to harvest, and pigs and sheep to butcher. They got purpose; you tend them. But weeds grow on their own, tended or not. I grew; I wasn't raised; that's for damn sure. Hell, I didn't know my own real name until I was a teenager and got sentenced to The Reformatory." "When I was younger there was always one or another of a bunch of different step-daddies around. I called them all sir and never bothered to learn most of their names because I knew my Mama wasn't married to them, and they wouldn't likely be around for long. The one she finally did marry was one mean son-of-a-bi*ch. He used to back-hand me and knock me clean across the room just for practice. But then everybody knocked me around: my uncles, my other step-daddies, and nearabout all the boys and girls I played with and went to school with. They beat-up on me just because I was so dam*ed little. It wasn't that I was the littlest because I was the youngest; no matter how old I got I was still the littlest; I never growed enough to keep up with the others. That's how I got the nick-name Pee Wee--Pee-Wee Pee-Wee, playing with your Pee Pee" they used to say, and when I got mad and hit somebody, that was all the excuse they needed to gang up and beat hell out of me."----------------Donald Henry Gaskins.

I was born March 31, 1933, and most of what I remember from when I was real young is hazy, like trying to see through smoke in the woods, but I do have this here one memory from before I started school that's as clear as yesterday: Going to the Carnival....My step-daddy paid a dime apiece for him and Mama, and a nickle each for me and my cousin. Inside the tent, in a wire pen was this alligator that didn't look too big to me, even then, and inside glass-front cages were bunches of snakes all balled up, sleeping I guessed. The man who took our money outside followed us in and talked to us through a megaphone which he didn't hardly need because there was nobody there but us....And I remember him saying something like 'Ladies and Gentlemen, let me direct your attention to the center of the tent. The snake lying inside that cage may look peaceful, but don't be fooled: You are looking at the most dangerous creature on God's earth. That is the fearsome King-Cobra that each year kills hundreds, sometimes thousands, of men, women, and children in India.' Then the Barker stopped talking, took a live rat out of a box, and dropped it in the cage with the snake. The rat ran around and around real fast. The Cobra stirred and coiled, rose up and flared out it's neck, and the rat stopped, froze like it thought if it stayed still, it might turn invisible. What took hold of my attention right then was that that Cobra's head was almost exactly as high up as my head. When I looked through the glass I was staring it straight in the eye and my reflection looked like that Cobra and me had the same head and face and eyes. 'Ladies and Gentlemen', the Barker started talking again: 'most animals either kill for food or to defend themselves. A Cobra eats twice a week. This one was fed last night. That bulge halfway down it's length is the supper it is still digesting. So let me assure you, this snake is not hungry. And as you no doubt noticed when you walked up to it's cage the Cobra didn't get upset. It just lay there. That's because it is use to people and knew it didn't need to defend itself. But now suddenly it has raised itself up and is about to strike--and that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is what makes the Cobra the most dangerous of all reptiles--the fact that even as we watch it, it is preparing to kill for no reason other than the fact that it has decided to kill.' The snake struck, then stretched out and went back to sleep. The rat didn't move. I looked at my reflection, then at the Cobra and I turned and saw my girl-cousin holding tight to my Mama's leg, and I looked up at my Mama's and step-daddy's faces and saw that they seemed pretty scared, too. I had a hard-on. And I knew that what I had just seen was somehow special and important, even though I didn't know why. I still carry that memory, clear as a picture etched on my brain. Nothing they do to me can ever burn it away."--------------Donald Henry Gaskins.

"To me, school was more than just a waste, it was a kind of torture. Everybody picked on me, so I got into fights almost every day, and then I got punished by the teachers and principal for fighting. It's no wonder I never learned jack-sh*t...My step-daddy said if I weren't going to school I had to work in the fields and do more chores. I said I wanted to work on cars, not on a farm, but he beat my as* so hard every time I slipped off to work for the mechanic that I decided it was best just to do what he wanted....I remember the worst whipping I ever got was the time me and two older boys dug a trench back of the outhouse at the Church, so we could hide there and watch the women and girls when they pulled down their pants. Three sets of step-daddies, a preacher, a deacon, and four mama's, including my Mama, joined together and tore our as*es to ribbons with switches for that. Even back then, girls pis*ed me off....It especially made me mad that them bi*ches could do anything they wanted--show their as*es, make fun of me, even beat me up--and dare me to do anything about it, knowing I couldn't do nothing without being punished by grown-ups." "But no matter how things went, good or bad, I always felt something bothersome was astirring inside of me. It was like I had this ball of plumber's lead rolling around in my guts. Most-times it lay quiet, just weighing me down. Other times, it growed bigger and hotter, like it was going to explode. Every once in awhile I dreamed (I still do) that it blowed me apart and there was all these millions of little pieces and parts of me running around and flying around trying to find each other and put me back together."-----------Donald Henry Gaskins.

"I am one of the few that truly understands what death and pain are all about...I have walked the same path as God. By taking lives and making others afraid of me, I become God's equal. Through killing others, I become my own Master. Through my own power I come to my own redemption. Once I seen the miracle light, I didn't never again have to fear or obey the Rules of no Man or no God...I'll die peaceful because my name is going to live as long as men have memories-as long as they talk about good and evil-and as long as they read my words of Final Truth." "In this book I'm not asking nobody's forgiveness. I got no apologies to make for my life. I always had my reasons for everything I've ever done."-----------------Donald Henry Gaskins.

Pop Culture Induced Mannerisms/Behaviors:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a lengthy and comprehensive, Truth-based definitional outline of what "pop culture" is, specifically the diseased melding of celebrity, media, and society, with society serving in the lead role, dictating to both their celebrity population and their media outlets, the pop culture path and agenda that it seeks to promote and impose upon it's citizen-slaves. We will discuss the design structure of all pop culture "scenes", and how this design structure is specifically planned out by societal leaders for the very specific purpose of drawing in and obtaining the obsessive interest of, all citizens, but most importantly and most primarily targeted, is the youth and young adult population. We will discuus how the pop culture system serves to obtain ongoing, obsessive, harmful interest in pointless, meaningless, but often exotic/dangerous sounding activities, via the creation of invalid, artificial, subcultures such as "bikers", ravers, heavy metal and punk music afficianados, skateboarding, wrestling, car and golf afficianados, sexual experimentation, etc... We will discuss why it is that even though many of these activities are by themselves relatively harmless, the obsessive interest in these activities and lifestyles that societies brainwash and coerce their citizen-slaves into embracing, causes a tremendous amount of very real harm, insofar as it distracts, blocks, and prevents citizen-slaves, most especially young adults and children, from focusing upon and realizing all of the profound Forbidden Truths of life, and the True nature of their malevolent societies. We will discuss the fact that this specific goal, distraction and blocking of Forbidden truth, is the primary goal of society, in it's imposition of pop culture ideology, behavior, and interest, among all citizen-slaves. It will be explained to you how these subcultures, some of which are in fact directly harmful/dangerous on a genocidal level, and most of which are carefully designed and developed to appear exciting, exotic, rebellious, and radical, in terms of challenging societal convention and rules, are in fact usually developed by, or at least structured and guided by, societal leaders, for the specific purpose of diverting the attention of, and occupying the free time of, the masses of enraged, mostly young tortured victim-creations of society. We will discuss how very effective this perverse guidance is, specifically because in many cases the young victims come to the false, societally induced conclusion, that the pop culture activities that they are engaging in represent genuine rebellion and an attack upon the existing societal structure. We will discuss how this societally induced brainwashing specifically serves to prevent and block citizen-slaves from focusing upon the reality and Truth-based sources and causes of their own personal victimization. We will discuss celebrity, beginning with a detailed definitional analysis of what a celebrity is, how a celebrity is defined by society, and then we will move on to a comprehensive exploration of how societies specifically use celebrities to legitimize the existing, perverse societal structure. We will discuss the utter insanity of a society idolizing specific human beings simply because they have a unique tone of voice, such as is the case with celebrity singers, an ability to lie well, such as is the case with celebrity actors, or an ability to perform a specific physical activity that most other human beings are physically unable to perform, such as is the case with celebrity athletes. We will discuss how all celebrities who achieve any degree of popularity, no matter how "radical" they may appear to be based upon physical appearance, musical lyrics, or lifestyle choices, only become celebrities because the mainstream, fascist governmental/societal leadership within the society that they have become a celebrity, has specifically chosen to allow them to become famous and influential celebrities, after having decided that they pose no genuinely radical threat to the existing social structure, and further, that their harmless type of pseudo-radicalism would be useful in terms of capturing the time, interest, and obsession of citizen-slaves in such a way as to divert their focus and attention away from both genuine radicalism and the Forbidden truths of life.

Numerous examples of this Truth will be provided, via outlines of the lives of celebrities such as James Dean, Madonna, Roseanne Barr-Arnold, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Lenny Bruce, Tupac Shakur, etc... It will be carefully explained to you, how and why american society chose to make celebrities out of these tortured victims, and how all notions that these celebrities represented/represent rebellion, freedom, permissiveness, or radicalness, were and are nothing more than false, invalid, societally induced illusions, that served the very specific purpose of diverting the attention of specific generations of primarily young citizen-slaves, from focusing upon the Truths of life, including the causes of their personal victimization, as well as actual, genuinely valid rebellion and radical protest against the malicious society that created and genocidally victimized them. We will discuss how society specifically designs it's celebrity brainwashers in such a way as to target very specific audiences. For example, James Dean was made into a huge celebrity for the purpose of providing an outlet for the rage and hate of the first generation of young adult males to come out of world war two, the tortured offspring of enraged, physically and mentally abusive as well as emotionally crippled, american veterans of world war two. Tupac Shakur, as well as many other black "gangster rappers" of the 1990's, was made into a huge celebrity for the purpose of providing an outlet for the homicidal rage of racially oppressed black children, teens, and young adults, societal leaders decided that an effective way to cause these black torture victims to refrain from becoming genuine radicals in terms of targeting the existing government and social structure of america, would be to get these black torture victims obsessively interested in and focused upon extremely violent and radical sounding songs, which of course posed absolutely no threat of any kind to the existing social structure, and actually prevented and diluted all genuine threats, by causing young black torture victims to waste all of their energy, time, and focus upon pointless, harmless, music. We will discuss and outline these Truths, as relates to many other celebrity figures within american society. We will discuss the fact that in many cases, celebrity "stars" are not engaged in any active, conscious collusion with societal leaders, but rather they are exploited without their knowledge. They are made famous, and their fame is then maintained, boosted, and enhanced once societal leaders decide that they can serve well in the role of capturing and disdirecting the attention and obsession of citizens. We will discuss at length the extremely important role that the media plays in "creating" all celebrities, tying this in with the Truth that all mainstream media outlets oiperate under the control and dictation of the existing governmental and societal leadership. We will discuss how and why entire "movements", which appear to be either radical or completely independent of mainstream societal control, such as scientology, hip-hop music, rap music, Hells Angels/motorcycle gangs, etc..., are in fact either directly created by, or else subverted, controlled, and taken over by, societal engineers, in such a way that a movement or lifestyle which appears radical and potentially dangerous to society, is guided and controlled by society in such a way as to dissipate the real life, justified rage and hate of individuals, and to cause individuals to channel their rage into a pointless and useless artistic/entertainment focus and venue.

We will discuss how your evil societies manipulate the pop music scene, specifically elevating certain musicians whose music can be used to either channel the rage of citizen-slaves, or promote an ideological agenda that the society is seeking to popularize, to superstar status. We will discuss how the government itself, using it's media agents, is able to both distort the actual message that a song and a singer is trying to deliver/convey, as well as to outright silence such a message via fascist censorship. In fact songs that are written to convey an anti-society/government message, are often portrayed by the media as being pro-society. We will discuss why heavy metal music was marginalized and demonized more than rap music, to a degree because american societal leaders felt that young black torture victims needed more of an outlet for their rage and hate than white torture victims, but also because heavy metal often revealed more profoundly dangerous Truths than rap, and had a much larger potential audience of enraged victims who might use such Truths as a springboard to genuine political/ideological radicalism. Specific songs that fit these criteria will be discussed, and lyrics will be provided, including "Red Rain" by Peter Gabriel, a song of profound suffering and pain that was never marketed as such because the media agents of society were interested in perking up the mood of citizen-slaves. "Born In The USA" and "War" are two Bruce Springsteen songs which will be discussed at length, as regards to how their messages of Truth were distorted, malevolently manipulated, and suppressed by american societal leaders and their media agents. "Born In The USA" was written as an anti-american song, it reveals at least a couple of valuable Truths about the perverse nature of american society, and yet it has been marketed and portrayed as being a patriotic type of song that is pro-america. "War" is a song not personally written by Bruce, but sung/popularized by him, and because societal leaders could not manipulate this stridently anti-war song which revealed important Forbidden Truth, into appearing to promote the evil agenda of american society, all mainstream media outlets were instructed to limit the playing of this song, to make sure neither it nor it's message of Truth ever became very popular or well-known to the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves living as loyal members of the most stridently warmongering society on planet earth, america.

We will discuss how even completely fictional characters, portrayed by actors and in some cases not even alive, can and are used by society for malevolent purposes. Two specific examples of this Truth which will be discussed at great length, are the old "Happy Days" sitcom, and specifically the character of Arthur Fonzarelli, "Fonzie", as played by Henry Winkler, and the 1990's-2000's animated sitcom "The Simpsons", and the two characters of Bart Simpson and Homer Simpson. We will discuss the specific societal purpose and role that these fictional characters played/play within american society, and how characters like Fonzie and Bart Simpson are given an inaccurate, surface appearance of being "radically cool", even though in reality they are portrayed to be embracing all of the primary ideological and behavioral brainwashings that their society deems important and valuable. We will discuss how and why such fictional characters are very specifically marketed to enraged, tortured children and teenagers, with a very specific brainwashing message that it is okay, and in fact "radically cool", for the tortured child to emulate and adopt an attitude towards life that mirrors the character portrayal of Bart or Fonzie. The child is told that they are acting rebellious, defying societal rules and decrees by emulating the fictional character, but in reality this is a complete lie, designed to serve the societal goal of getting all of it's tortured child-slaves to misdirect their justified rage and hate in pointless, useless, invalid, and in fact non-radical ways.

We will discuss how and why american society uses pop culture, celebrities, and the media to malevolently teach, train, and convince black citizen-slaves to adopt and embrace a speaking style, dressing style, and behavioral style that is very different from the white population, and then perversely chooses to demonize these differences to the older, middle and upper class white population, so as to guarantee that economic advancement opportunities for blacks, within the white-controlled and ruled society, remain extremely limited. Speaking, dressing, and behavioral styles which society promotes to blacks, that are guaranteed to be met with rejection and hostility by mainstream, corporate america. We will discuss how and why an ultra-diseased society like america deliberately and with malice aforethought chooses to try to "program for failure" blacks, as well as other specifically targeted economic, racial, and ethnic groups, using the celebrity and pop-culture system, because the only way that this type of an ultra-diseased, capitalistic society can sustain itself, is to churn out a majority of intellectually inferior and broken worker-slaves, from each and every generation of children. We will discuss the interesting phenomenon of why most blacks feel proud of these differences, and genuinely believe that they have developed these differences on their own, as part of their own, independent cultural history, even though nothing could be further from the Truth, and the reality is that black celebrities, working within the pop culture inducing mannerisms/behaviors system, on behalf of and with the empowerment of the white societal leadership, have and continue to instill these artificial, overtly harmful behaviors and personal style choices, within the black population of america. We will discuss how and why the vast majority of all societally imposed/controlled subcultural lifestyle choices and paths, are never recognized or seen or even considered to possibly be under the control of, the existing societal leadership, and how this serves to make the effective usage of these forms of social control and engineering, extremely easy. We will discuss why the usage of the term "celebrity cults" is extremely valid and accurate, in describing the overall death grip of fascist influence and control over the lives of all ordinary citizen-slaves, that societally empowered celebrity figureheads enjoy. We will discuss the parallels that exist between religious cults and celebrity cults, concluding that in recent decades, in some societies, due to a slight reduction in the effectiveness of the insane god myth form of social control, celebrity cults have gained power and with some segments of the population, now exert even greater fascist influence than the god cult does. We will discuss how Celebrity Cults, on a mass scale, rob individuals of their incentive, motivation, inspiration, and ability to seek out and embrace the True, root causes and reasons for their own intellectual/emotion suffering, frustration, unhappiness, and rage. We will discuss the specific issue of how societies have gained a great deal more effectiveness in delivering their celebrity cult fascism, as a direct result of technological advances that have occured within the past century, such as the development of radio, television, audio and video recording and playback, as well as personal computer technology. We will discuss the various ways that these technologies have made societal control and manipulation of personal and pop culture induced mannerisms, behaviors, lifestyles, and subcultures, much easier and much more effective, on a mass scale, than was the case one hundred years ago, and how this has resulted in an extreme acceleration, over the past century, in the degree and depth of the perversity, insanity, and inferiority of the overall structure of the human race.

Adolf Hitler
This is Adolf Hitler, Tortured Victim-Creation of early 20th century German Society. The inclusion of Adolf within this Manifesto, as a "featured" victim, complete with photo and numerous quotes, does require a bit of explanation, in order that the True facts be made perfectly clear, so please read the following explanation carefully: One of the most primary Truths that this Manifesto reveals, is that no current and no past government or societal leader, within the history of the Modern Era, has or had any genuine, valid, Truth-based legitimacy, right to exist, or right to hold ruling power over any so-called "citizens". This Forbidden Truth absolutely applies to all current and past governments and governmental leaders of the modern era, including Adolf Hitler and the German government of the 1930's-1940's era. Adolf Hitler, in his performance as a supreme leader, demonstrated the typical malevolence, immorality, personal suffering, and rage of all mainstream societal/governmental leaders. However, the notion that he was more malicious, more immoral, more illegitimate, than most other governmental leaders within human history, is completely false. The so-called "genocide" that he practiced is typical and on the same par as the genocide that was and is practiced by many other governmental leaders, including every single american president of the Modern Era. Therefore, it must be made clear that the ridiculous demonization of Adolf that many governmental leaders have engaged in since his demise, is not only completely invalid, but it is primarily undertaken for the purpose of covering up and concealing from their own citizen-slaves, the utterly immoral and genocidally malevolent policies that these governmental leaders, including all american presidents, choose to undertake. This Forbidden Truth must be understood and accepted, by all seekers of genuine Truth. At the same time, let it be perfectly clear that the inclusion of Adolf's photo and quotes at this website does not indicate or demonstrate support for or admiration of, any of the governmental policies and other Supreme Leader activities that Adolf may have brainwashed/coerced his citizen-slaves into embracing/engaging in. As a Supreme Leader, neither Adolf nor the government that he operated within, deserve to be admired or supported. However, as a seeker of personal vengeance due to being a tortured victim-creation of his society, Adolf had every bit of a True Reality right to seek and claim cathartic vengeance in any way, shape, or manner that he felt reflected his True Reality. This is true for all societal/governmental leaders. Even as this Manifesto condemns and rejects the legitimacy of all governments to dictate and hold power over any citizens, we must remain loyal to the Truth. We must be consistent in our embrace of all of the Truths of life, and this requires us to recognize, appreciate, and accept the fact that supreme leaders of governments are themselves tortured victim-creations of their societies, and even as we condemn and reject the legitimacy of their right to impose their deranged, malevolent will upon us, we must support and accept the legitimacy of their True reality right to seek and claim personal vengeance in whatever manner they choose, even if it involves them aligning themselves with the very society that is guilty and responsible for their victimization. This does not mean, in any way, that we should accept the right of any governmental ruler to impose his will upon us, as individuals, or to maintain a position of invalid leadership over us.

This philosophical Truth is equivalent to the situation involving enraged individuals specifically targeting us, on an individual basis, as victims. Even as we are required to honor, respect, and accept the absolute right of all individuals to seek out and target whomever they wish, and to express their homicidal or other violent rage upon whomever they wish, we also, as individuals, have a True Reality right to fight for our lives and welfare, to do whatever it takes to defend ourselves, as individuals, from any attack that is undertaken against us, even though we recognize and accept the fact that our attacker, as an individual, has an absolute True Reality right to seek and claim reflective vengeance against whomever he wishes, and does not deserve to be punitively punished by any individual or any entity, for choosing to do so. There is absolutely no contradiction of any kind, to these Truths. The True Reality right of individuals, not societies or governments, but individuals who are directly targeted for violence, harm, or death, to defend and protect themselves, even if this defense involves attempting to prevent their attacker from successfully imposing his completely legitimate True Reality upon us, as individuals, is absolutely valid. All personal actions, on an individual level, that are motivated by a valid perception of True Reality, have equal legitimacy. So, the overall point that I am making here is that none of the philosophical Truths within this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, are designed to condemn or to declare invalid, the right of any individual, even an individual who becomes the supreme leader of a society/government, from cathartically reflecting his rage, hate, and other internal True Realities, upon other living things and upon other human beings. What we do and must condemn, is the legitimacy of the entire governmental/societal leader structure, the legitimacy of any human being to be allowed to exert power, control, domination, and oppression upon us, as individuals. It is you creatures, those of you who live as members of human society and therefore either tacitly or overtly "support" and sustain the existence of your governmental systems and structures, who are at fault, and who have an obligation to yourselves and to the Truth, to condemn and reject the governmental systems and structures that serve to oppress and victimize you, on a personal, individual level.

With this rather lengthy but important preface, let me explain why I have chosen to include, some might even say "feature", Adolf Hitler within this Manifesto. It is not because Adolf Hitler was a Superior, or even a legitimate, societal leader. It is not because Adolf Hitler directed his own True Reality rage and hate in a Superior way, targeting his own society, the society that was guilty and responsible for his creation and victimization. And I do want to make it perfectly clear that in terms of proper and superior direction of justified rage and hate, Adolf Hitler ranks last, dead last, among all of the societal torture victims who are facially pictured throughout this entire website. The reason that I have chosen to include Adolf Hitler so prominently within this Manifesto is because in addition to being a supreme leader of a society, Adolf was also a brilliant philosopher who possessed a Superior understanding of the human condition and nature, and most importantly and impressively, Adolf was also, in a very real sense, a philosopher of Forbidden Truth. That's right folks, in his speeches, public declarations, and writings, some of which he admittedly did keep secret throughout his lifetime, we are graced with some absolutely remarkable, brilliantly insightful, Forbidden Truths. It is because Adolf is literally the only Supreme Leader of any "official" government of the Modern Era, who was able to and chose to reveal and express these Forbidden Truths, some of which are reprinted below with my commentary, that Adolf, despite being an inferior and malevolent societal leader who misdirected his True Reality rage and hate, does receive fairly prominent coverage within this Manifesto. Just one final note before we begin with Adolf's quotes, let it be clear that just like all seekers of personal, cathartic vengeance, societal leaders such as Adolf are absolute victims of childhood torture, torture that their own societies, in the vast majority of situations the same societies that they eventually become the Supreme Leaders of, maliciously inflict upon them. The fact that they choose to align themselves with the society that is responsible for victimizing them, is sad. It demonstrates the incredibly powerful lure that malevolent societies hold, and the desperate need for personal empowerment that dwells within the True Reality of some tortured victim-creations. As always, we must not blame the victims. Even as we condemn society and government, we must not condemn, on an individual level, the torture victims themselves, who go on to become societal and governmental leaders. They are reflecting their True Reality, as best they can. We must recognize that their reflection is not accurate or pure, and yet it is a perfectly legitimate reflection, for them to make, as unique, individual victims of their societies.

We now begin listing just a few of Philosopher Adolf's brilliant declarations of Truth, in many cases Forbidden Truth. Please note that Adolf's quotes will be italicized and appear in this color, while my comments, following each quote, will not be italicized and will be in the color of red: "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don't think." Here is a simple declaration of Truth. Almost all societal/governmental leaders throughout the history of the Modern Era know this to be True, but Adolf is the only supreme leader to have publically stated this Truth, although I'm sure he did so only in his private writings, being brilliant enough to realize that if he stood up and stated this Truth to his German citizen-slaves while he ruled over them, at least some of them would feel as though they were being "insulted", and his popularity rating would have taken a severe hit. "Propaganda must not serve the truth, especially as it might bring out something favorable for the opponent." Many of Adolf's most brilliant and insightful declarations of Truth deal very specifically with propaganda, lies, and the ways that a government leader can and in his opinion should use propaganda and lies to control and oppress citizen-slaves. Understand the Truth: All societal and governmental leaders feel this way, but they will never admit it, they will never be "caught" stating such Truths, or writing them down in such a way that they can be discovered and disseminated to the public. This is what sets Adolf apart from all other societal/governmental leaders. Here Adolf not only endorses propaganda, but very specifically reveals the Forbidden Truth that all governments use propaganda in a specifically lie-based manner, that is designed to conceal and withhold Truth from all citizen-slaves. "The one means that wins the easiest victory over reason: terror and force." Once again, Adolf is right on target, in revealing the diseased, perverse nature of how all governments operate. The governmental design structure is in itself utterly insane. Therefore if governmental leaders attempt to rule from a position of rational, reasoned Truth, the entire governmental system would collapse. Instead, all governments overtly condemn, reject, and ridicule reason, rationality, sanity, and Truth, as they impose their will upon citizen-slaves via terrorization and force. Any sane thinker recognizes that this is just as True, in fact even more True in many cases, with regard to so-called "democratic" governmental regimes. "Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith . . . we need believing people." I absolutely love Adolf's quotes on religion and the insane god myth. There is a lot of pathetic, ongoing debate among you creatures as to whether Adolf believed in god, was a christian, a catholic, or an atheist. None of the pathetic, Truth-hating leaders of these religions/social movements want to have their religion/movement "associated" with Adolf Hitler, believing that it would result in a decrease in disciples. Therefore, the christians insist that Adolf was an atheist, the atheists pathetically insist that Adolf was a christian, etc... It is clear to me that Adolf was in fact an atheist, but at the same time he did make a great many public speeches and public writings in which he expressed support for the notion of god existing. He recognized how useful the insane god myth is, in imposing his fascist will upon his citizen-slaves, and so he chose to use/promote the insane god myth to his citizen-slaves, just as the vast majority of all governmental leaders have done, throughout the entire history of the Modern Era. I love his quote above, on secular schools being unacceptable, because it perfectly parallels year 2002 american governmental policies, in which the insane notion of "religious schools" being perfectly legitimate and even superior to secular schools, is protected by force of law as well as official societal decree. I will be dissecting this issue later on, at my "Education Systems" essay, but let me just say right here that the notion that religion has any type of place, to even be mentioned as a legitimate activity or lifestyle, within any type of educational system, is utterly and completely insane.

"I have followed [the Church] in giving our party program the character of unalterable finality, like the Creed. The Church has never allowed the Creed to be interfered with. It is fifteen hundred years since it was formulated, but every suggestion for its amendment, every logical criticism, or attack on it, has been rejected. The Church has realized that anything and everything can be built up on a document of that sort, no matter how contradictory or irreconcilable with it. The faithful will swallow it whole, so long as logical reasoning is never allowed to be brought to bear on it." The above quote is remarkable in and of itself, in it's clarity and Truthful scope. What makes it even more amazing is that a Supreme Leader of a government/society, Adolf Hitler, gives us this quote. Understand that just about every societal/governmental in the history of the Modern Era, who chose to operate his government via a fundamentalist religious foundational core, including every Supreme Leader of america, understands and embraces the exact same basic Truth that Adolf outlines above. The thing is, none of them would or have ever admitted to it, only Adolf had the courage, the vision, the respect for Truth that is required to express and reveal such a core, totally hidden and denied aspect of all religion-based governments. Adolf tells us, right here, what your societal leader thinks of you. This is what Bush, Clinton, Kennedy, Lincoln, Washington, all thought and think of you, and why they choose to pretend to believe in the existence of god, and how they use the insane god myth to commit genocide upon you all. "Any violence which does not spring from a spiritual base, will be wavering and uncertain. It lacks the stability which can only rest in a fanatical outlook." I hope you all are beginning to realize and to appreciate just how remarkable and brilliant a philosopher of Forbidden Truth, Adolf was. The above quote is not only 100% on target, it is also totally and perfectly applicable to the events of late 2001, as regards the afghanistan/american war. Adolf wrote or stated this Truth in the 1930's or 1940's. And yet here we are, 60-70 years later, and his Truth is 100% on target to the reality of human life in the year 2002. And understand that the above quote applies just as strongly to the american government, as it does to the victims that the genocidal american government demonizes and targets for annihilation. The american government is spiritually fanatical, with the insane god myth ritualistically invoked by Supreme Leaders to give legitimacy to their genocidally evil and immoral policies and actions. This is proven by public speeches in which the president ritualistically invokes the legitimacy of god, cloaking the malevolence of american policy by pretending that the god creature supports and approves of american policies and actions, by declaring "god bless america". "The great masses of people do not consist of philosophers; precisely for the masses, faith is often the sole foundation of a moral attitude. The various substitutes have not proved so successful from the standpoint of results that they could be regarded as a useful replacement for previous religious creeds. But if religious doctrine and faith are really to embrace the broad masses, the unconditional authority of the content of this faith is the foundation of all efficacy." Utterly brilliant insight, folks! Here Adolf is revealing the True fact that the insane god myth must portray the god creature as being both omnipotent and very specifically demanding of citizen-slaves, in order for a religion-based government to rule successfully and inflict maximum oppression upon citizen-slaves. He is alo revealing the usefulness of the insane god myth in enforcing totally secular, non-religious laws. Just as I outlined in my Insane God Myth essay, with the ten commandments, supposedly coming from god, in reality consisting of nothing more than secular laws against certain types of killing, theft, etc..., that the government seeks to terroristically compel citizen-slaves into accepting. "Faith is harder to shake than knowledge, love succumbs less to change than respect, hate is more enduring than aversion, and the impetus to the mightiest upheavals on this earth has at all times consisted less in a scientific knowledge dominating the masses than in a fanaticism which inspired them and sometimes in a hysteria which drove them forward." If Adolf was alive, I would be honored to shake his hand and to tell him how incredibly impressed I am, not by his political ideologies or his governmental leadership, but rather by virtue of the fact of his incredible philosophical and intellectual Superiority. I am firmly convinced that the most primary reason why Adolf has been so brutally and universally demonized by virtually all societal leaders since his death, is not because of his ideological or governmental policies and activities, but rather because the Truths that he revealed in his writings and speeches, if accepted and recognized as Truths by you citizen-slaves, would absolutely pose a threat to destabilize the very foundations upon which your evil, diseased, lie-based governments rest and operate under. Yes Adolf, once again you are absolutely on target. Fanaticism and hysteria, both encouraged and nurtured by governmental leaders, infect the minds of virtually all citizen-slaves, within ultra-diseased societies such as america. Let it be clear, america is a religiously fanatical society, and the supreme leaders of america induce constant waves of hysteria among the citizen-slaves, as a form of brainwashing and behavioral manipulation. "The greatness of every mighty organization embodying an idea in this world lies in the religious fanaticism and intolerance with which, fanatically convinced of its own right, it intolerantly imposes its will against all others." I read this quote, and it's hard to believe it was not written in the year 2002, but rather in the 1940's, because it so perfectly describes and reveals the Truth, of how the Taliban "organization" operates, how the israel government operates, how the american government operates, etc... "Manifest Destiny", that was the name of the religious fanaticism that american societal leaders used to justify the commission of one of the greatest acts of genocide in the history of humanity. Today, and in recent decades, the insane notion that "god blesses america" and wants america to spread and impose it's particular brand of insanely capitalistic fascism, ridiculously labeled as "freedom and democracy", all across the world, upon other cultures, is the version of religion-based fanaticism and intolerance that the american government practices.

"The greatness of Christianity did not lie in attempted negotiations for compromise with any similar philosophical opinions in the ancient world, but in its inexorable fanaticism in preaching and fighting for its own doctrine." Atheists use quotes like the one above, to declare that Adolf was not an atheist himself. 'No way', they insanely declare, 'Just read this quote, that evil Hitler is not one of us, he stated that christianity is great.' Pathetic attempts like this, to deny Truth, are a hallmark behavioral trait among you humans, and even though I recognize atheists as being Superior to god freaks, I will never tolerate or gloss over any type of lie, by anyone. Our mission, as we seek to embrace Forbidden Truth, is to recognize, expose, and condemn all lies, with no prejudice and no double standard, so I am proud to condemn the atheist movement, for trying to portray Adolf as being a god freak himself, by deliberately misinterpreting and misrepresenting quotes like the one above. Once again, Adolf is 100% correct. Christianity is clearly the most fanatical religion of the Modern Era. Christian god freaks have committed genocide of non-believers, on a far greater scale than have disciples of any other religion. "For this, to be sure, from the child's primer down to the last newspaper, every theater and every movie house, every advertising pillar and every billboard, must be pressed into the service of this one great mission, until the timorous prayer of our present parlor patriots: 'Lord, make us free!' is transformed in the brain of the smallest boy into the burning plea: 'Almighty God, bless our arms when the time comes; be just as thou hast always been; judge now whether we be deserving of freedom; Lord, bless our battle!'" You go, Girl! Errr, I mean, right on Adolf! :-) Sorry, got carried away there... :-) Are you blind, folks??! You must be, the Truths are so clear, so crystal clear, but you are blind to them. Don't you see, Adolf used the false illusion of "freedom", combining it with the insane god myth, upon his citizen-slaves, as a brainwashing tool, to win the blind allegiance of his citizen-slaves, in the exact same way that George Bush uses the false illusion of freedom, combining it with the god myth, when he insanely declares "Our enemy hates freedom, god bless america!", to win the blind allegiance of you brainwashed and truth-hating citizen-slaves, today, in the year 2002. "We fight for freedom, and god blesses our battle". Amazing, it's just like Adolf is alive today, and wrote this quote to specifically describe how the evil and insane american government of the year 2002 operates. "The receptivity of the great masses is very limited, their intelligence small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands..." Adolf knew the nature of humanity so well, it amazes me. Even as I reread these quotes, i cannot help but be incredibly impressed. He knows you creatures so well. He knows you are stupid, you hate and reject Truth. You crave brainwashing slogans that make you feel good and righteous, even as you wallow in the depths of malicious genocide. "god loves america" "those bad guys hate freedom" "You are free thanks to the american government". There are all perfect examples, effective propaganda lies, of what Adolf means, in his above quote. "All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be." Truth cannot be popular, in a lie-based society. Therefore all propaganda must not only be supremely, pathetically simplistic, it must also be patently false and untrue. That's what I would add to the utterly brilliant above quote. American leaders have a huge mass of citizen-slaves, 250 million+, that they must successfully impose their perverse propaganda upon. Therefore we see incredibly low intellectual levels to the propaganda. Things like "god bless america", a propaganda phrase so simplistic that it belongs in a kindergarten reading book, alongside "see spot run". "But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over." What can I say? Once again a brilliant insight by Adolf, used by literally every single governmental leader on the face of planet earth as of the year 2002. Your evil leaders know that if they simply repeat the same insane lies over and over, with enough passion and vehemence, you creatures will blindly embrace the propaganda. And so we see this repetition technique constantly being used, "Our enemy hates freedom", that is one of the primary propaganda points used by american leaders to demonize and justify the mass murder of, the Afghani "enemy" that america is responsible for and guilty of not only victimizing, but having created in the first place, via it's policies of genocidal, worldwide bullying and deliberately provocative interference in the affairs of other societies. "It is a mistake to make propaganda many-sided, like scientific instruction, for instance... As soon as you sacrifice this slogan and try to be many-sided, the effect will piddle away, for the crowd can neither digest nor retain the material offered." That is you, folks. You are the "crowd" that Adolf is referring to, and boy, he has you folks all figured out, with absolute accuracy. The important thing you need to understand is that these Truths that Adolf is revealing, are a literal blueprint, an instruction manual, that all of your governmental leaders today, in the year 2002, employ against you as part of the citizen-slave brainwashing/propaganda system. It doesn't matter that Adolf wrote these Truths in the 1940's or 1930's. There is absolutely nothing "dated" or obsolete or archaic about any of these Truths, they are just as brilliantly applicable and factually accurate, in describing how all governmetal leaders view and treat their citizen-slaves in the year 2002, as they were accurate the day that Adolf wrote or stated them, decades ago.

"Propaganda does not have multiple shadings; it has a positive and a negative; love or hate, right or wrong, truth or lie, never half this way and half that way." This is why your insane society tells you "The enemy hates freedom", even though this doesn't even make any logical sense. You are told, "God bless america", no need to try to explain why god would want to bless america, or why god would bless america more than he/she/it blesses other governments. You are told, "A few evil people hate america", never any attempt to try to explain why america is hated. American presidents are smart, they know the importance of following all of Adolf's brilliant Truths, in order to achieve propaganda success. "The purpose of propaganda is not to provide interesting distraction for blas?oung gentlemen, but to convince the masses. But the masses are slow moving, and they always require a certain time before they are ready even to notice a thing, and only after the simplest ideas are repeated thousands of times will the masses finally remember them." Yes indeed, just like the alphabet is repeated over and over to 3 and 4 year old toddlers, the insane and evil brainwashing agenda of societal lies, myths, and ridiculous rationalizations, is repeated over and over to you pathetic creatures. "Freedom is not free", that is the propaganda phrase that just popped into my head. Freedom is not free... That's like saying "You have to enslave yourself in order to gain freedom." It makes no sense! And yet the vast majority of you creatures, if some reporter were to walk up to you and ask whether you agree with the idea that "freedom is not free", would insanely nod your heads and concur with this nonsensical, totally contradictory propaganda phrase that has been brainwashed into your pea-sized brains. "When there is change, it must not alter the content of what propaganda is driving at, but in the end must always say the same thing. For instance, a slogan must be presented from different angles, but the end of all remarks must always and immutably be the slogan itself. Only in this way can the propaganda have a unified and complete effect." This is yet another brilliantly expressed Truth on the nature of governmental propaganda. A perfect example of trhis Truth, would be the legalization of abortion and the practice of the death penalty. Both are utterly perverse, completely immoral forms of murder, and yet the governmental propaganda machine never refers to these acts as murder, and continues to insanely foist the propaganda notion that murder is wrong, unacceptable, and a terrible thing, even as it overtly practices and commits the more perverse and immoral types of murder, on a mass scale, as legal, official, governmental policy. "The great mass of people...will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one. The greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed." Ha! This is so very True! You pathetic creatures waste your lives impotently trying to uncover tiny, meaningless lies, all the while completely unaware and oblivious of the fact that all of the most important, profound beliefs and ideologies upon which you base the very foundations of your lives, consist of perverse lies, myths, and brainwashings. A perfect example of this, and there are literally thousands of examples I could provide here, if I had the time, would be "freedom of religion", and how you creatures try to figure out which religion offers up the "real" god, and once you make this insane decision, you conclude that the other religions are "lying" to their disciples, you actually believe that you have uncovered a very important Truth once you decide which god is the real god, even as you remain completely oblivious to the big, huge, great lie, the greatest lie of all, the one lie that your evil society is most desperate and eager to get you to embrace, and this would be the insane notion that a god creature exists.

"There is nothing great in the world that does not owe it's origin to the creative ability of an individual man." This quote is a little bit more "generic" than most of the Adolf quotes that I'm listing here, but I include it primarily to demonstrate just how well-rounded a philosopher of Truth Adolf was. His insights of Truth vary from such issues as religion, human nature, propaganda, freedom, child brainwashing, the power of the individual, etc... And the above quote, just like all of the quotes I am choosing to list here, is 100% accurate and extremely insightful. Who owns the youth owns the future!" Note Adolf's use of the word 'own'. Understand that every government in existence today, considers children born within the nation to be owned pieces of subhuman property. The american government owns every child living in america. This is not a metaphorical comment, this is a statement of fact. All children are recognized as, treated as, and officially decreed to be, subhuman pieces of owned property, belonging primarily to the government, with the government "leasing" the children to their biological creators/legal owners, for the purpose of Poison Container usage. Let us clearly understand that parenthood is a governmental entitlement. Adolf Hitler owned the german youth during his reign as Supreme Leader, and to the exact same degree and level, every american president, throughout the period of time that he held this supreme position, has owned all american youth, as official, although of course never verbally or otherwise acknowledged, as official governmental policy. Despite not using the word 'slave', it is clear from the above quote that Adolf is admitting that the german government considered all german children to be slaves, and this is true for every government of every nation throughout the history of the Modern Era. "The reason why the ancient world was so pure, light and serene was that it knew nothing of the two great scourges: the pox and Christianity." Wow, what an insight of Truth! I will assume Adolf was referring to the truly ancient world, dating back at least 25,000 years, because the Truth is that every single popular religion has been a great scourge upon humanity. Christianity just happens to be the most horrific religious plague, by far, to have infected humanity for the past 2000 years. Sadly, I fear there were plenty of earlier religions, dating back 2000-25,000 years, that caused plenty of worldwide human suffering and perversity. You have to go back at least 25,000 years to erase the toxic legacy of organized religion. "There is something very unhealthy about Christianity." This is an understatement by Adolf, the term "very unhealthy", I would have gone with a term like "genocidally toxic", but that's a minor point. The important thing is that once again, we see a revelation of genuine Truth, by a Supreme Leader of a society. This is what makes Adolf so unique, and why he is the only supreme societal leader who will be featured at this website, in terms of having a photo and a large number of admirable quotes included. "I realise that man, in his imperfection, can commit innumerable errors -- but to devote myself deliberately to errors, that is something I cannot do. I shall never come personally to terms with the Christian lie. Our epoch, in the next 200 years, will certainly see the end of the disease of Christianity. My regret will have been that I could not behold its demise." Understand that it is the goal of government to get it's citizen-slaves to devote their lives to constant, ongoing, "errors", in other words falsehoods, myths, lies, invalid rationalizations, etc... I love this quote because Adolf reveals religion for what it is: A lie. He calls christianity what it is: A disease. A plague, in reality, a toxic, contagious plague, that destroys the minds and the lives of human beings, and together, of all of humanity. Sadly, Adolf is a bit too optimistic in his prediction that the disease of christianity will be cured within 200 years. I think he knew that religion itself would certainly not be eliminated, since he understood how incredibly pathetic the Unwashed Masses of humanity are. Perhaps he felt that some other religion would come along and overwhelm christianity, since he specifically refers not to religion in general, but to one specific version of the god myth, christianity, in his above quote. Regardless, he was just a bit too optimistic. A religion like christianity is ferociously toxic, it cannot be done away with, because every single new generation of helpless children is genocidally, deliberately infected, as long as the malevolent Sacred Family Unit design structure of humanity is maintained. "As long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people happily will endure almost any curtailment of liberty." This is the final quote of Adolf's that I am choosing to list here, although I certainly found well over a dozen more that are just as profound and insightfully True as all of the above quotes are. I hope you creatures have started to realize just how brilliant a man Adolf truly was. Look at the above quote. Adolf could have said; "for the benefit of loyal citizens", or "for the benefit of the average man", or "for the benefit of the elderly", etc... But no, he was brilliant enough to recognize that it is the child-slaves who best serve in this propaganda role. The adults are already self-hating, broken, by the government. So you give them children to own as slaves, decree that the children should be used as Poison Containers, and then you unveil the huge lie, a lie so humongous that it is swallowed hook, line, and sinker, and embraced as being the gospel Truth, by you citizen-slaves. This is the lie that the government values and cares about, treasures it's children, and that all adults have to "make sacrifices" for the sake of the precious children. Ha! The Truth is that the government not only empowers and instructs all parents to viciously victimize their children on a genocidal scale, but directly commits even greater victimization, upon literally every single child, as part of it's core operational and design structure. Just a brilliant quote above, look at the insane issue of "child support". Males lose their freedom to keep the money that they work as slaves to obtain, if they create a child. Look at women in general, feeling terroristically compelled by society to keep and raise the children the excrete from their wombs, even when they hate the very notion of having to care for a child so much, that they kill the child. There are dozens of other examples of this Truth that I could list here.

Okay folks, I trust that if you are one of the few genuine Superiors within the human race, you now view and understand the proper place that Adolf deserves to hold, within the consciousness of humanity. He may well have been a Supreme Leader of a government. But that should not be the personal accomplishment that he is best known/famous for. And certainly the perverse demonization and condemnation of his governmental activities and policies is not only completely invalid, but it directly indicates the terror with which other societal and governmental leaders view Adolf. This is not because of Adolf's political or personal ideologies or his governmental policies. It is because Adolf Hitler, above and beyond all else, was a brilliant philosopher of societally rejected and renounced and hidden, Forbidden Truth. We, as Superiors, must recognize this. We must study, understand, embrace, and accept the validity and the brilliance of Adolf's philosophical insights of Truth, a few of which I have thoughtfully reprinted above. Adolf deserves to hold the title of Brilliant Philosopher of Forbidden Truth, within the minds and consciousnesses of all sane, rational, Truth-seeking human beings. Let us be clear: In terms of Adolf's own behavioral choice to directly align himself with the society that is responsible for his childhood victimization and torture, even though this True Reality choice is a perfectly valid one, Adolf cannot and does not deserve to be viewed/placed on the same lofty pedestal of Martyrdom as all of the other pictorally featured victim-creations of society, within this website. At the same time however, the philosophical insights of extremely valuable Truth, and the Forbidden Truths that Adolf has publically expressed and revealed, far exceed the Truths that most other tortured victim-creations are able or choose to publically express. And it is because of Adolf's personal decision to reveal these Truths, that he is featured at this website and deserves to be recognized and treated as being a Truly respected, honored, revered, and Superior individual tortured victim-creation of human society.

The Acting Mask:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a detailed definitional outline of what "acting" is, and the various purposes, many toxic and brutally harmful, that this societally empowered activity serves. We will discuss the fact that acting itself, as an activity, involves not only an artificial pretense and invalid construct of reality, but even more importantly, it serves as a promotion and legitimization of the embrace of all lies and falsehoods to all citizen-slaves, while at the same time overtly dismissing and rejecting the value of reality and Truth, as a societal and governmental message. We will discuss the fact that when society honors it's "best" actors, making them into huge celebrities and publically bestowing awards upon them, what society is really doing is telling you citizen-slaves that to be a constant liar and to embrace all lies, is the ultimate goal that all citizen-slaves should aspire to and embrace, because of the fact that the criteria for judging how good an actor is, very specifically revolves around how believable and real the actor can make the lies and artificial, invalid reality of the fictional characters that the actor is portraying. We will discuss the fact that most actors are severely mentally ill, actors in general have a much higher rate of severe self-victimization than the general public, and the vast majority of all humans who were forced to begin acting as children, inflict severe abuse and self-victimization upon themselves, at some point in their lives, usually beginning during their own childhoods. We will discuss why acting, in and of itself, is not only a completely illegitimate activity, especially as a profession, but it is also a genocidally harmful activity, both to actors and to the general public, and therefore it should not only not be practiced as a profession, but the professional practice of acting should and would be criminalized, by a sane and superior society of humans. We will discuss the fact that one of the ultimate perversions of humanity is the governmental/societal choice to allow children to be used as slave laborers, within the profession of acting. We will discuss why this is not only genocidally abusive to children, but the fact that children have immature, undeveloped minds that are still developing all of their perceptions of reality and Truth, literally guarantees that every single professional child actor will be severely and permanently traumatized and victimized, simply by being allowed/compelled to perform as an actor, and to adopt the perverse, artificial and lie-based pretense of a fictional character who does not represent their own personal, developing and fragile True Reality. We will discuss the utterly insane hypocrisy of a society enacting child labor laws, and yet at the same time decreeing that children must not only be allowed to work at some jobs, but must be compelled to work at the single most dangerous job in existence, a job that is literally guaranteed to destroy the tender, vulnerable, developing mind of a child, this would be the acting job/profession.

We will discuss the extremely major and profound differences between "professional" acting, which is acting done upon the demand and within the declared guidelines of another person, for money, and totally private acting, in which a person, child or adult, simply tries to cope with the injustices and abuses of their lives by pretending to be someone or something else. We will discuss why the latter, private form of acting, even though caused by personal suffering, can be helpful as a personal coping mechanism, while the professional form of acting, regardless of whether it is practiced by adults or by children, is universally toxic and harmful, to both the professional actors themselves, and to all members of the general public who appreciate/admire professional acting. We will specifically outline how acting subverts the ability to actors and their audiences, to recognize, accept, emotionally grasp, and live within, the Truths of life as well as their own personal True Realities, in an accurately reflective manner. We will discuss how the acting profession was specifically designed and then given massive degrees of empowerment and legitimacy by government, specifically because just like mind-altering drugs, it provides an artificial, invalid, and toxic escape from reality and Truth, to both the actor and far more importantly, to all members of his audience. We will discuss how movies, television shows, theatrical productions, are all specifically designed to serve this one purpose, to provide the masses of citizen-slaves with an artificially induced, false and invalid, temporary mental escape from the traumatic, abusive, horrific realities of their day to day lives. We will discuss why this massive embrace of acting, a chronic obsession with constant immersion within an artificial, invalid reality, as a legitimate activity, is demonstrative proof of the ultra-diseased and universally abusive nature of human society. We will discuss the fact that within a sane society, human being would experience the factual reality of their lives in a positive, benevolent manner, and therefore they would have little interest in or appreciation for any type of acting, since they would not be obsessed with constantly creating artificial and invalid false realities within their minds, such as acting provides.

We will move on, broadening this essay to the issue of The Acting Mask. We will begin by comprehensively defining exactly what is meant by this phrase, The Acting Mask. The definitional parameters of this phrase will be outlined, as we discuss the fact that all citizen-slaves, as a result of childhood victimization, societal behavioral decrees, and exposure to the toxic acting activity each and every day throughout their lives, become mentally and emotionally compelled to put on an artificial mask whenever they are out in public, and in most cases this artificial mask is worn whenever the individual has any contact/interaction with any human being, even a human being they are very familiar with such as a parent, spouse, or child-creation. This is The Acting Mask. We will discuss the artificiality and illegitimacy of The Acting Mask, how this mask is not only lie-based, but involves a core, instinctual rejection and withholding of personal Truth and True Reality, by all individuals. We will discuss the fact that this artificial public face/persona, is in fact a toxic, suffocating mask that is in almost all cases radically different from the truth-based, private, natural persona and True Reality of the individual. We will discuss the fact that literally no human beings ever venture out in public without donning their Acting Mask, and the only "public" individuals who are without this toxic mask are the ones that society labels as mentally ill, and are usually homeless. We will discuss how and why the wearing of this toxic Acting Mask is so stridently and universally promoted by society, that even when a person gets to know one specific other person very well, such as via a long-term, intimate relationship, the Mask still continues to always be worn, even within the totally private interaction of two such individuals. We will discuss the fact that the only time when most people are able to take off their Acting Mask is when they are totally and completely alone, inside of their own private residence. We will discuss why societal leaders are in terror of the potential consequences of an individual having their Acting mask off for lengthy periods of time, and as a result, societal leaders demonize and criticize all individuals who dare to try and spend any significant time totally alone, labeling them as "loners" and constantly trying to ensnare and enslave all citizens within their insane Sacred Family Unit structures, specifically because any individual who is trapped within a Sacred Family Unit, involving a spouse, legally owned children, parents and relatives who live within a household or engage in regular contact with the individual, will find it virtually impossible to spend any length of time totally alone, thus guaranteeing that the toxic and artificial Acting Mask remains consistently and constantly worn. We will discuss the fact that even though in some cases The Acting Mask as worn by individuals is slightly less rigid and restrictive when the individual is at home with family members, as opposed to being away from home and out in public, the severely negative consequences of wearing this Mask are always constant in their scope. The only genuine relief from this form of mass, societally induced victimization, is to completely remove and take off the Acting Mask, and only about one person out of 500,000 is able to do this when they are not totally alone. We will discuss the interesting detail that pets generally do not trigger the wearing of the Acting Mask. Many people, at home with a pet or pets, are able to totally remove their Acting Mask, but this is not the case with being at home with any human, not even a spouse of 40, 50, 60 years. We will discuss why pets do not trigger the Acting Mask, primarily because it is human society, fellow human beings, who are guilty of and responsible for causing all humans to develop their toxic dependency upon the wearing of this Mask. We will discuss the tremendous emotional and psychological harm and stress that all humans are subjected to, in being so emotionally crippled by their society, in a fascist manner, that they feel compelled to put on and wear this Acting Mask, each and every day of their lives, usually for at least 20 out of the 24 hours of each day, sometimes for 23 and a half+ out of the 24 hours. We will outline the exact psychological and cultural process that causes this mask wearing to occur, and how it is literally beaten into the brains of all children, from the moment of their birth, in such a way that by the age of 3, 4, usually 5 at the latest, the child is already putting on his Acting Mask every time he interacts not only with strangers, but with his own mother/father as well.

We will discuss the value of at least being able to recognize and understand the Forbidden truth that we are being terroristically compelled by society to wear Acting masks. We will discuss the fact that even truly superior humans, even a Seer of Forbidden Truth such as myself, most of us do wear an Acting Mask whenever we interact with fellow humans in any manner. We will discuss why it is tactically important, even vital, for Superiors to wear this Acting Mask, despite the fact that such wearing is artificially induced and terroristically coerced by our mortal enemies, the societies that are guilty of our victimization. We will discuss the dangers and pitfalls of refusing to wear an acting mask while out in public, and how we leave ourselves open to perverse societal punishment, outright physical punishment and victimization, not simply ridicule or verbal condemnation, if we dare to defy the societal decree that all humans must wear an Acting Mask while out in public. We will discuss how this perversely fascist and genocidally harmful societal edict causes many Superior humans to spend as much time as they possibly can by themselves, all alone, simply because this is the only way they can safely remove their Acting Mask and bask in the natural, Truth and reality-based glory of their Superior minds and True Realities. I will discuss in detail my own personal perceptions and experiences of wearing The Acting Mask, and how I literally feel and experience a gloriously cathartic sensation of removing a suffocating mask, every time I enter my private property and turn the locks to enter my residence, after having spent any period of time out among you diseased creatures and your toxic, Masked public environment. We will discuss the glories of isolation, and how all truly Superior humans should be "loners", should carry this label with pride, and should not only cope well with being totally alone, not only enjoy being totally alone, but absolutely revel in and thrive within, an environment that involves extended isolation and detachment from all other human beings, with a primary reason being that fact that the toxic Acting Mask can only be safely taken off when an individual is totally alone, or in very rare cases, together with a fellow human who is truly a peer, in terms of being genuinely Superior. We will discuss in detail, how and why all human beings, regardless of the fact that their personalities and True Realities may be radically different, all must wear an Acting Mask in public. We will discuss the fact that this does not mean that they must behave similarly, in many situations, but it does mean that their behaviors and interactions are always artificially induced and do not represent personal Truth, as long as the Acting Mask is being worn. We will outline how the Acting Mask may influence different people in different ways, and yet the main point is that the Mask must be worn, and it does specifically and overtly influence, control, restrict and inhibit, the behaviors, interactions, and personas of all individuals, in all public situations, in a personally negative, Truth-suppressing manner. We will specifically discuss the wearing of Acting Masks by enraged, anti-social, predatory torture victims of society, how and why such individuals often find it very difficult and even more stressful than other people, to wear these Masks. We will discuss why such individuals often spend a great deal of time and effort developing and honing their acting skills, in order to be able to conceal their rage, hate, and predatory instincts, when out in public or otherwise interacting with fellow humans. We will discuss the tactical importance and value of developing and maintaining an inscrutable Acting Mask, for a rage and hate filled individual who seeks to conceal his True Reality nature from other humans, and the various advantages that such concealment can sometimes carry, from a tactical perspective. We will discuss the fact that all human beings are "actors", they are terroristically forced by society to live their lives as actors, portraying false and invalid personal realities via the wearing of Acting Masks. We will discuss the perversity of societies making celebrities out of, and bestowing awards upon, so-called "real", professional actors, when the reality is that the acting "performances" put on by most regular citizen-slaves, usually matches and very often exceeds the quality level of the performances put on by professional, monetarily paid actors. We will discuss the toxically harmful consequences that come not only with having to wear an Acting Mask, but also the fact that most of you creatures have absolutely no conscious, overt awareness of the fact that you are wearing Acting Masks every time you set foot in public or interact with any human being, in any manner. We will discuss the fact that predatory "criminals", especially those who serially kill, serially molest children, or commit other ongoing acts of personal vengeance that are societally condemned, are in fact the most talented actors of all, far more talented than any professional, paid actor could ever be, because they are literally living out the reality of their Acting Mask on a permanent basis, as they are compelled to conceal the nature of their own True Reality on a daily, ongoing basis. We will discuss why such actors, who perform on the stage of real life, with far more at stake than any professional actor creating an artificial character, are clearly the most talented, and if any society is going to bestow acting awards based upon actual talent, such awards should go to genuine, real life serial killers, serial child molestors, and the like, as opposed to fictional actors such as Anthony Hopkins for his performance in "The Silence of the Lambs", based upon the Truth that no actor who is pretending to be a serial killer ever needs to demonstrate, or has the ability to demonstrate, the Superior acting skills that every actual, real life, at-large serial killer must and does demonstrate, via his wearing of the Acting Mask on a daily basis.

Elizabeth Bathory, 16th century female serial killer
This is Elizabeth Bathory, Tortured Victim-Creation of 16th century Hungarian/European Society. My very next essay will dissect the issue of Feminism and gender bias, and the inclusion of Elizabeth here, just before this essay begins, is beautifully and perfectly fitting. This is because your feminist movements over the past century have all been and continue to be, utterly pathetic shams, in which you perversely delude yourselves into thinking that your societies are addressing the issue of gender bias, and reforming their malicious policies on this toxic form of societally endorsed and legitimized discrimination, even though nothing could be further from the Truth. This woman, who lived 500 years ago, was far more of an accurately reflective feminist, than any publically known american female who claimed the label of feminist, throughout the entire 20th century. This is because Elizabeth reflected the Truths of her society, the utterly malevolent, specifically gender-based evil that her society imposed and inflicted upon her, and that virtually all human societies of the Modern Era have inflicted and continue to inflict upon their female citizen-slaves. Martyr Elizabeth was extremely wealthy, labeled as extremely beautiful by 16th century European standards, and she was in fact a member of a culturally elite, "royal" family. And yet none of these so-called "positive", "lucky breaks" that she experienced, in any way reduced the degree of personal victimization, abuse, torture, that was inflicted upon her, as well as upon all other female members of her society, very specifically as a result of gender bias policies and societal edicts. In addition to viciously torturing hundreds of her female servants, it is believed that elizabeth either personally killed or had killed upon her direct order, at least 650 young women and girls, during the course of her lifetime. She then bathed in their blood, explaining that she believed that such blood baths were good for the skin and overall health of a person, and would keep her beautiful. There is absolutely nothing insane or irrational about this belief that Elizabeth had, or her decision to act upon it, to do whatever it took to remain physically beautiful. Her society, just like 21st century american society, taught and told her that maintaining physical beauty was extremely important, solely because of the fact that she was born of the female gender, as opposed to the male gender. Today, in the year 2002, countless thousands of female humans in america "choose" to undergo plastic surgery, every such surgical procedure involves a deliberate risking of life for no valid, rational, or sane reason. It is clear, to any sane thinker, that whatever mental dysfunction Elizabeth may have suffered from, the degree of her mental dysfunction, and the misdirection of negative emotion displayed by Elizabeth, were both less severe and less personally harmful, in and of themselves, than the immense mental illness and complete betrayal of Self that countless thousands of female humans in the year 2002 demonstrate, in choosing to endanger their lives upon the perverse and evil command of their society, in order to try to pointlessly modify their physical appearances via surgery, surgery that has absolutely no medically valid basis, solely for the purpose of trying to meet the current, insane societal standards of female beauty. Slaughtering 650 fellow females, is a saner manifestation of personal victimization and rage, than choosing to endanger your life by undergoing needless plastic surgery.

It's also worth noting that Elizabeth targeted not males, but rather females, in her long spree of bloodletting. Again, this is an accurate reflection of the utter scorn and disdain with which her society viewed the safety, lives, and welfare of it's female population. Current societies all operate under this same gender biased doctrine, officially sanctioning and encouraging, on a specific gender biased basis, the genocidal victimization and dehumanization of it's female citizen-slave population, to a greater degree than the victimization and dehumanization of it's male citizen-slave population. I certainly hope that none of you creatures, having read and absorbed the Truths that I have already outlined within this Manifesto, are laboring under the delusion that Elizabeth "should" have targeted males as victims, or would have been expressing her True Reality in a more legitimate or valid manner by targeting males. Yes, she did have every right, as a tortured victim-creation of a gender biased society, to target members of the gender that was primarily responsible for the genocidal victimization of not only her, but of all women of her generation, born into that society. But in terms of accurately reflecting her own True Reality as well as the overtly malicious nature of the society that is guilty of and responsible for her victimization, her choice to target young females as victims is perfectly reflective of her True Reality. She simply expressed/reflected the profoundly evil societal decrees regarding the worthlessness and subhumanity of females that was imposed upon her by her society, upon her female victims, just like male serial killers do today. What makes Elizabeth worthy of our respect and fascination, is the fact that she found the internal strength and self-love required to primarily direct her societally induced rage and hate outward, not inward, something that very few male humans, and even fewer female humans, have ever been able to do, throughout the history of the Modern Era and including the current generation of humanity.

Treated as being far more subhuman than even male children, Elizabeth was told at age 10 that she would be married to a specific male, in other words, made into his slave, and at age 15, her family did indeed force her to marry this man, thus guaranteeing that unlike some male humans, who might have been able to enjoy a few pretenses of freedom when they became adults in terms of age, she would never enjoy a single moment of freedom, as decreed by societal law. She was doomed to be enslaved to her family as a child, then while still a child, her ownership would be transferred, against her will, to a male human of her family's choosing. The man she was enslaved to at age 15 was a "professional soldier", in other words a legal murderer, homicidally enraged and overtly violent/cruel. Throughout Elizabeth's entire childhood and in fact entire lifetime, she was victimized, kept as a total slave, brutally oppressed within every imaginable notion of freedom, autonomy, individual empowerment. She reflected back at her society, just a small portion of the limitless malice that her society chose to inflict not only upon her personally, but upon all members of her gender, all females. So let us recognize that if in fact the label of "feminist" has any definitional legitimacy, an issue I will be exploring in my next essay, then from any sane, Truth-based perspective, Elizabeth Bathory has to be recognized as a genuine, Superior feminist, far more of a feminist than the so-called feminist "leaders" of the 20th century, none of whom revealed or expressed the True nature of genocidal female victimization within human society, with the accurate reflectivity that Elizabeth did. Rage, hate, and reflectivity of personal suffering. This is what your societies create, and it is what they rule in terror of. They devote their regimes to convincing you torture victims to not recognize your own victimization, to become convinced that you deserved whatever suffering you experienced and will experience in the future, and that you are so worthless that if you start to feel genuine rage and hate, you should insanely direct these emotions inward, victimize yourselves further, help your enemy to destroy you. Let us honow Elizabeth, a tortured victim-creation of her society, who rose up, recognized the Truth, and rejected the malevolent efforts of her society, to get her to victimize herself and direct her rage and hate inward.

"It is my duty to be good to my husband and keep myself beautiful for him. God has shown me how to do this so I would be unwise not to take advantage of the opportunity."------------Elizabeth Bathory. You might think that the above quote by Elizabeth doesn't seem very "progressive" in terms of feminism, but as always, an embrace of Forbidden Truth requires Superiors to analyze all situations from all angles. Deeds versus words, the immense power of societal brainwashing, and in this particular case, the fact that 400 years have passed by within human society since Elizabeth made the above quote, and not a single so-called "feminist" has even come close to being able to get their society to terminate the insane and toxic institution of marriage, or to eliminate the stranglehold of fascist physical beauty laws that societies impose upon women. In fact, only a tiny handful of feminists have ever had the courage to even publically state a genuine desire to eliminate the institution of marriage or to eliminate insane beauty standards of their society. Was Elizabeth a philosophically insightful, pure feminist? No. But by her actions alone, she proved herself to be a feminist, and within a Truth-based movement, a so-called feminist movement, she would be recognized as being a true Martyr and profound, pure victim of gender biased, societal victimization.

Gender Bias/Feminism:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate all of the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a very detailed and comprehensive definitional analysis of what gender bias is, as well as how and why gender bias is practiced, as an official governmental and societal policy, in the same manner that racial discrimination, economic oppression, and other official societal policies are practiced. We will discuss the fact that even though gender bias can and certainly is used by women against men in certain specific and isolated circumstances, the reality is that human governments and societies are specifically designed and structured, with malice aforethought, to enable and legitimize gender bias by men, against women, and therefore the bulk of this essay will focus upon gender bias in which women are specifically oppressed and victimized. We will begin to broaden the context of this essay by comprehensively defining the word "feminism", and how this term is used by both men and women. We will discuss the fact that despite extremely popular notion that "feminists seek equality for women", the Truth of the matter is that the feminist movement and all of it's empowered leaders and spokespeople, are in fact willing members of the very societies that they claim to be battling to reform with regard to gender bias, and that in almost all cases, all they seek from their society are illusions and pretenses of gender equality, not actual and genuine equality. We will backtrack a bit at this point, with a detailed outline of exactly how and why female human beings have been oppressed and victimized, within a very specific, gender-based manner, throughout all of human history, by male humans and societies whose supreme leaders were male. We will discuss the role that genetic mental inferiority played and continues to play in this gender biased system, we will discuss the human need to victimize fellow humans in order to cathartically cope with the horrors of personal victimization and suffering for which society/government is responsible, and how this translates to ritualized gender bias. We will discuss the fact that all human societies, as part of their core brainwashing efforts, promote the victimization and oppression of physically weaker creatures, both human and animal, by physically stronger creatures, and how this translates into a universal embrace of gender bias, based upon the fact that the average female human is physically weaker than the average male human. Finally, we will discuss how and why the issue of supreme leadership within a society, is extremely important and plays a primary role in making gender bias popular and unconditionally accepted throughout the world, based upon the fact that almost all supreme leaders of societies, along with their top elected or appointed agents, are of the male gender. We will discuss the trickle-down method of societal oppression, namely, how human governments retain the loyalty of their adult male and female populations, despite pervasive gender discrimination, bias, oppression, and victimization, by creating a trickle down system of genocidal mistreatment based upon gender, age, and species, in which men are empowered to oppress women, and yet women are empowered to oppress children, and both genders are empowered to oppress other species of life, thus allowing women to cope with and causing them to accept the gender bias that is committed against them, based upon the fact that they are able to cathartically transfer this bias upon other living things, primarily children.

We will analyze and discuss the many useless, cosmetic "reforms", in reality nothing more than false pretenses, that societies engage in to try and cover up the reality of their utterly gender-biased societal structures, for the purpose of appeasing their female population. We will discuss the fact that the vast majority of female humans are so broken, self hating, and have been so traumatized by the gender bias that they have experienced throughout their entire lives, that on a core, True Reality perception of life, they in fact do not believe that they are equal to men, or that they deserve to be treated equally. We will outline several behavioral examples which prove this Truth, such as the insistence by females to wear high heeled shoes, even though many societies claim to allow women to wear pretty much any footwear they wish, from a legal standing, as well as the insistence by many women that they be treated differently from men, that cursing not occur within their presence, that men pay for their meals in some situations, etc... We will discuss the fact that no human society within the so-called "Western", first world, during the Modern Era, has ever even considered trying to declare as public policy, that equal, non-biased treatment of women, is either acceptable or appropriate. We will discuss the fact that just as all societies are deliberately built upon utterly disciminatory platforms as regards ethnicity and economic class, this same insane and diseased structural platform has always been built and continues to be built upon, gender bias/discrimination. We will discuss how and why society encourages it's adult male population to better cope with the horrors and injustices of their lives, by convincing them, on an emotional level, that they are very lucky to have been born male, rather than female. We will discuss why societies, although they absolutely do work very hard to appease and control both their female and male adult populations, have a significantly more vested interest in appeasing the male population, first and foremost. We will discuss the fact that in many ways, gender bias as practiced by ultra-diseased societies like america, is even more brutally unjust and overtly discriminatory than ethnic or economic discrimination, one of the examples that will be provided to demonstrate this Truth, is the fact that in america, black adult humans were given the legal right to vote in elections, long before female adult humans were given this right, which is for practical purposes useless, but does serve to indicate the degree of interest that society had, in providing an illusion of freedom and of the "human status" of the oppressed group. We will discuss why gender bias has been and continues to be practiced with lesser attempts at concealment and illusion than other forms of discrimination, focusing upon the fact that female humans have always been more willing to accept and even to embrace their oppression and victimization, on a gender-based level, than most economically and ethnically oppressed groups, as well as the fact that women have consistently refused to take up arms and rise up with threats and demonstrations of revolution and intent to overthrow the existing governmental regime, thus all malevolent societies, which only put effort into pretending to reform their genocidally evil policies if they believe a direct, imminent threat to their structural integrity exists, have been able to get away with the slowest and least credible pretenses of reform, when it comes to this one specific type of discrination, gender bias. We will discuss in detail, exactly how Sacred Family Unit mythology and the societally decreed importance of the "getting" of a man by a woman, have always been and continue to be, primary, core methods of gender oppression and victimization as overtly imposed by government, via it's cultural design structures. We will revisit the issue of abortion, this time focusing upon the gender bias and feminist issues that this form of legal murder, specifically targeted towards women, raises and reveals. We will discuss the fact that abortion serves a very specific, very important and desirable societal purpose. Namely, it provides an outlet for the homicidal rage and other types of violent emotions that women experience, as a result of their genocidal societal victimization, allowing them to commit murder via abortion, as a cathartic outlet for their rage, and therefore it serves to misdirect the rage and hate of women, from all serious focus upon the gender bias that they are specifically being subjected to, as well as the citizen-slave victimization that all citizens, female and male, are subjected to. We will discuss the fascinating fact that so-called feminist groups and feminist leaders, perversely, reserve their most strident and desperate demands, to the issue of keeping abortion legal and making abortion easy for women to obtain, rather than addressing any of the genuine, legitimate forms of brutally harmful gender bias that their societies inflict upon all women, not just young, pregnant women who are so homicidally enraged that they desperately need to kill a child in order to cope with the injustices and traumas of their lives. We will discuss the utter perversity of so-called feminist groups and leaders focusing not upon these massive injustices, traumas, and discrimination, but instead obsessively focusing upon the results, the end consequences of these horrific injustices, namely the need by women to vent their homicidal and other forms of societally induced True Reality rage. We will discuss the fact that the feminist position and strident activism as regards abortion, along with other invalid focus, proves that mainstream feminist leaders and groups have absolutely no interest in demanding an end to gender bias, and in fact all feminist leaders know and recognize that their evil societies have absolutely no intention to ever provide equality to women, just as they have no intention of ever ending racial or economic bias, and therefore what feminist groups and leaders focus upon, is trying to provide women with invalid, misdirected ways to cope with and accept the gender bias they are subjected to, as well as to provide false and fake illusions of societal reform. This is exactly what the government itself does, therefore the so-called feminist movement is in fact directly aligned with, accepting of, and supporting of, the genocidally malevolent, gender-biased structure and policies of the government. We will discuss the fact that the american government wants abortion to be legal and practiced, and all mainstream feminist leaders in america want abortion to be legal and practiced, for essentially the exact same fascist, manipulative, rage dissipating, philosophical and ideological reasons, and the notion that this is a valuable "freedom" or an activity that provides genuine empowerment to women, is ludicrous. We will discuss how brilliant a tactical brainwashing move the government has made, to align itself with feminists in such a way as to create the false illusion that both entities, the government and feminist organizations/leaders, are working towards ending gender bias, when the reality is that neither entity has any intention of even trying to put a serious dent into, much less end, the gender bias upon which the entire social order is designed and structured.

We will discuss how and why the deliberate societal portrayal of women as being fragile, delicate, helpless, and vulnerable, within the media, cultural, fashion, and other popular venues, serves to cause female humans to willingly accept the fact of, and even directly cultivate these personal weaknesses, and how it then becomes perfectly simple for these weaknesses to be used against women, to justify their gender-based oppression and victimization. We will discuss how the societal imposition of the perception of weakness and vulnerability within the conscious and subconscious minds of women, warps their ability to perceive reality, recognize the victimizations that are committed against them, and strips them of all natural, instinctual self-esteem, self-love, and self-confidence, to an even greater degree than men are stripped of these valuable, irreplaceable, instinctual self-perceptions of personal reality. We will discuss the human genetic failure of believing that you, as an individual, need to be cared for and cared about, by other humans, and how this genetic fault is nurtured and encouraged more within females than within males, by society. We will probe and analyze the interesting question of whether the laws of nature dictate that male humans have an instinctual right to oppress and victimize female humans, based upon the fact that the average male human is physically stronger and larger than the average female human, and within many but certainly not all animal species, larger and stronger members of a species routinely dominate and impose their will upon smaller, weaker members. We will conclude that if a society of humans chooses to create a society and pretend that the society is based upon intellect and civilization, then an official societal policy supporting the ritualistic oppression of women by men, such as currently exists, cannot be rationally justified. We will briefly revisit the issue of high heeled shoes, and how this specific item of clothing is used to artificially create an additional degree of vulnerability and weakness in female humans, and how males are overtly encouraged to not only make note of, but to overtly exploit this artificially induced physical weakness. We will discuss the fact that notwithstanding the slight increase in females engaging in strenuous sports activities in recent years, in some societies, which is in fact nothing more than a newly devised illusion of and pretense towards equality, even strong female athletes, feel culturally coerced and compelled into retaining physical gestures and public demeanors/appearances that display/suggest weakness. We will discuss the importance that society places upon making males seem much stronger physically than females, and how this includes overt taunting and both public and private ridicule of physically weak men, as part of an effort to coerce as many male humans as possible into "working out" and otherwise trying to make their muscles and their physical appearance unnaturally large. We will refocus our attention to the feminist movement, discussing how a genuine, Truth-based feminist movement would be extremely unpopulr among women, men, and society, which is why there is no feminist movement in existence, and never has been, that was based upon Truth and a genuine goal of achieving gender equality within the social/governmental structure. We will specifically discuss why such a valid, Truth-based feminist movement would be rejected and condemned by virtually all women, more women than men in fact, would condemn it, because such a movement would involve the rejection and dismissal of virtually all of the perverse lies, myths, and brainwashings that society has imposed upon all girls and women, from the very day of their birth throughout their entire lives. We will outline in detail, exactly how this type of genuine feminist movement would be structured, what it's philosophical and ideological tenets would be. We will discuss why any legitimate feminist movement would demand the complete elimination of the marriage ritual, the complete elimination of the notion that women who give birth are "mothers to children" who need to care for and raise those children, and the complete elimination of all Sacred Family Unit mythology, as the absolute core, root, foundational and ideological precepts of feminism. We will discuss why the notion that feminism should "empower women by making them free to choose exactly what they wish to do in life", is utterly ridiculous and guarantees that feminism will always fail to achieve any legitimately valid goal of equality, based upon the fact that only one out of a million 21st century adult citizen-slaves, male or female, has been able to recognize and reject the massive societal brainwashing that they have been subjected to since birth, to the degree where they are able to make sane, Truth-based, self-loving decisions and choices as to how to live out their lives, and what societal edicts/decrees to reject and condemn, in recognition of their oppressive, discriminatory, lie-based structure. We will discuss the fact that a genuine feminist movement, if it had the support of women, would pose an immediate, immense, and very severe threat to the very foundation of all existing societal structures, and why this has caused governments to pay very close attention and devote a great deal of effort towards making sure that no genuine feminist movement can exist to any degree. This is done by brutally demonizing any suggestion by a feminist that they oppose Sacred Family Unit mythology, sexual demonization of feminists to all women within the society by informing them that the feminist is a lesbian, after first having demonized lesbianism as a bizarre, totally unnatural lifestyle choice only undertaken by inferior women. We will discuss how societal demonization and terrorization, as well as brainwashing efforts, have totally stripped the feminist movement of all genuinely feminist principles, leaving behind political action committees like NOW, National Organization for Women, which are completely broken, bound to supporting the political party line of the american government, devoted to raising money for themselves, just as every diseased political institution in america, and cannot possibly have a genuine goal of empowering women as equals to men, because this is not the desire, intention, goal, or even possibility, that the government is willing to allow to occur. These organizations are puppet institutions, that serve the supremely toxic societal goal of appearing and pretending to be feminist, when in reality there is not a shred of independent female empowerment within their design structure or operational goals. We will discuss the fact that when an organization like NOW takes a public stance such as "Not all women are obligated to have children", this stance is not radical or even pro-woman, because it legitimizes the societal right to genocidally infect all girls and women with the insane notion that they do carry such an obligation. Societal leaders would be happiest if they could censor all public suggestion that women don't have to breed, but they understand that the pretense of female freedom must be maintained, so they let women be told that they don't have to breed, realizing that as long as they are allowed to brutally brainwash and culturally coerce women into believing that they need to breed, only a tiny handful of Superiors will choose not to breed, based upon a few isolated public comments that they are not completely obligated to breed.

We will discuss how the government itself overtly dictates, controls and directs the specific ideological precepts and goals that these sham feminist organizations adopt and pursue. We will again revisit the issue of abortion, discussing why feminist support for abortion in no way represents a valid, attempt to achieve gender equality, or a valid attempt to address the systemic gender inequalities upon which all current societies operate. We will discuss why feminist support for abortion is in fact an immoral betrayal of women, along the exact same lines as military recruiters immorally betray every young person who they encourage or allow to enlist. We will discuss the fact that the popularity of abortion among women reflects the Truth that women are being genocidally victimized by their societies, just as the popularity of all forms of societally legalized murder proves that both genders are being genocidally victimized by their societies. We will discuss why abortion is an absolutely perfect tool for society, perfect to be used to both keep women oppressed and subservient, and to also keep women appeased, accepting of their oppression and victimization. The personal empowerment that abortion provides in giving women the power to murder human beings, is a form of invalid, hypocritical appeasement, of the type that males are given when they are ordered to murder complete strangers via war, or to target morally superior, subhumanized animals for murder. We will discuss in detail, the entire issue of "Societal Appeasement", the design structure of appeasement rituals and myths, and how they are implemented across the entire board of injustice, from racial appeasement, to economic appeasement, to gender bias appeasement, based upon lies, false and invalid claims of personal empowerment and false governmental claims of having a goal of equality. We will discuss the overt sexualization of female humans, by government/society, how as official policy, women are decreed to be sexual objects and to have a primary purpose in life of pleasing, satisfying, and serving as Poison Containers for the sexual energy, needs, desires, and rage of male citizen-slaves. We will discuss the fact that this specific form of gender bias, based upon sexuality, is clearly one of the most pervasive, brutal, and harmful forms of gender bias, and yet no mainstream feminist organization or leader will properly focus upon condemning all forms of sex-related gender bias, specifically because the vast majority of female citizen-slaves have been successfully brainwashed by your evil societies into fervently believing that it is important, desirable, and necessary that they be seen and treated as being sexual objects. We will discuss the fact that any legitimate feminist movement would make issues such as the legalization of prostitution a top priority, right behind the elimination of Sacred Family Unit mythology and the pervasive governmental/societal sexualization of female humans. We will revisit the topic of Chinese Footbinding, focusing upon this practice as being a form of gender bias, and yet certainly not a much more brutal form of gender bias than is still universally embraced and committed against women, by all societies. We will discuss the specifically gender-biased purposes that Chinese Footbinding served, namely to limit the mobility of women, to allow men to feel physically superior to women, and to prevent women from being able to live on their own, independent of male and Sacred Family Unit dependency, and discuss the fact that all of these malevolent purposes continue to be sought and imposed upon women today, as part of the ongoing, completely unreformed, genocidal gender bias as practiced by year 2002 american society, as well as all other so-called civilized and progressive societies/governments.

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