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Hello, it's still me folks, your Seer of Forbidden Truth. On this page we will be dissecting four different topics, and while they do have some things in common with each other, there is no direct and profound "single unifying theme" to this page, as there was on the Child Abuse and Crime pages. All of the topics to be discussed on this page are extremely profound and important. They cut to the very heart of the diseased, lie-based, victimizing nature of human societies. We will begin with Self Abuse and Self Betrayal, which is truly the #1 toxic epidemic that has infected and is plaguing all of humanity. Literally 99.9999999999% of all human beings actively and on a regular basis choose to victimize, harm, abuse, destroy their own lives, health, safety, and welfare. They betray themselves, as a result of the self-hatred that their societies have instilled within the very core of both their conscious and subconscious minds. This essay is a must read for all of you, since it is virtually certain that no matter how Superior you may consider yourself, you are currently and/or you have in the past, intentionally victimized and betrayed yourself. Then we will move on to the topic of Victimhood. You will hopefully be enlightened as to the value and positive benefits that come with facing up to and embracing the Truth, that you are a victim. Not a survivor, but a victim. You will learn how and why your diseased and evil societies choose to strip you of the sacred and precious right to label yourself and to recognize yourself, in an honest and personally cathartic manner, as being a victim. You will learn to embrace this title with pride and honor, as an honest reflection of your own personal Truth and the factual reality of the life experiences that you have endured.

Then we will move on to the issue of Courage. You will learn what the True and valid definitions of courage are, and how to express courage in a sane, appropriate manner. You will also be enlightened as to the utterly malevolent and lie-based definitions and behavioral edicts that your diseased societies attach to the word courage, for the purpose of getting you to victimize and endanger yourself, and to engage in irrational, insane life activities and lifestyle choices. Finally, the Mental Health and Psychiatric System will be dissected at great length, lots of very important and fascinating Truths will be revealed, on issues such as what constitutes mental health, and whether a society that is structured upon and operates upon principles, precepts, and doctrines that are utterly insane, is in any position to even claim to be able to offer a legitimate system of psychiatric and mental health treatment, to it's citizen-slaves. So, strap yourselves in for yet another bumpy but brilliant excursion into the world of Forbidden Truth.

Self-Abuse and Self-Betrayal:

Greetings! This is the self-abuse and self-betrayal essay of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Those of you who obsessively monitor and review this Manifesto, be it for benevolent or malicious reasons, will likely note that this is the first new essay to be posted to my Manifesto in a very long time. Over six years, to be specific. You may be wondering why your Seer has allowed such an extreme length of time to pass with no new essay. If you are an inferior, you may even expect to be graced with some type of an explanation. Well, it is both my honor and pleasure to disappoint you pathetic and needy creatures. I exist within the realm of limitless self-love and personal devotion. I devote my existence and my lifetime to sanctifying myself within all of the activities that my Superior and untouchable mind chooses to engage in. During the past 6+ years, I have done exactly that. No other explanation and no additional details will be provided to any human, regarding this issue. For those of you who are sincerely eager to receive the precious gifts of Forbidden Truth that reside within My Manifesto, I will advise you that I will be posting a total of three new essays this month, during the month of September 2010. This is the first of the three essays. After September of 2010, I do not have any information to provide to you regarding when additional essays will be posted.

Okay, with this technical detail disposed of, it is time to plunge forward with the revelation of additional Forbidden Truth. What is self-abuse and self-betrayal? The Forbidden Truth definition of these terms is as follows: The engagement of human beings in behaviors, and the embrace of human beings of beliefs, philosophies, and ideologies, that result in personal harm, victimization, and negative life consequences to these humans. We have already established and proven, in previous Forbidden Truth essays, that every organized and empowered structure of humanity, such as government, society, religion, Sacred Family Units, the justice system, schools, etc..., serves the specific function of genocidally victimizing, opppressing, abusing, and destroying the lives of all individual citizen-slaves. The purpose of this essay is to dig far beyond this profound Forbidden Truth, to genuinely come to grips with the depths of self-betrayal and self-hatred that exists within individual human beings on a collective level, in terms of allowing this atrocity to occur. Let us clearly understand that it is human society that buries each of it's citizen-slaves beneath a mountain of toxic self hatred and self abuse. This is one of the many acts of mass genocide that is undertaken and committed against you, against each and every human being, by your diseased and evil society.

The genocidally malicious goal of every human society and every human government is to destroy the instinctually beautiful and irreplaceable and unconditional self-love, along with the preciously narcissistic focus on the Self, that all womb-trapped human beings possess upon the formation of conscious thought. The purity of mind, free of all toxic mythology, that exists within every newly formed human fetus, represents, in physical form, the greatest threat, the most dangerous element, that exists within the structural universe of humanity. What is this "threat"? What is the quantitative manifestation of this threat? One word: Truth. Newly created human life forms dwell within the realm of pure Truth. Unconditional love of self and narcissistic focus on self, are glorious manifestations of this Truth. As a Seer of Forbidden Truth, I personally embrace and bathe within the nurturing glow of unconditional, limitless self-love. And yet I recognize the Truth that my self-love does not reach the level of perfection, the level of purity, that exists within the living soul of a newly created, womb-trapped human being. No womb-trapped fetus would ever deliberately and intentionally harm himself. Upon womb excretion, 99.9999% of all babies would never engage in any type of action, behavior, or belief that the baby is able to intellectually or emotionally recognize to be harmful. The only reason this figure is not 100% is because even while womb-trapped, every fetus is already being subjected to brutal assault and attack, as the process to eradicate all self-love and self-value is underway. Yes, the newborn baby might fall out of an open window or burn himself on a stovetop or eagerly grab the hand of a pedophile, but none of these actions are self-abusive or self-victimizing. There is no conscious, subconscious, or unconscious desire or willingness to be victimized within the True Reality of any fetus, or 99.9999% of all newborns. And yet as the baby grows up, forced to endure a daily brutal assault of brainwashing, lies, and toxic enticements, this precious and irreplaceable love of self is stripped away, leaving behind a population of self-hating, self-betraying, self-destructive, truth-hating, brainwashed societal zombies, eager and desperate to destroy the next generation of helpless child-slaves that they sperm create and womb excrete.

I have been attacked by your human society from the moment of my conception. Hellfire missiles, to mimic the catchy name that you diseased creatures give to your weapons of destruction, have rained down upon me. How many? Millions and millions. Each and every moment from my creation as a sentient life form, to this very instant as I type these words on my keyboard, the assault has continued. The bombardment never pauses, it never lets up. Because the goal is vital: To destroy my precious and irreplaceable love of self. To destroy the purity of mind that existed within me as a fetus. Because with that destruction would come the loss of True Self. I would become as 99.9999999% of you pathetic creatures are. Broken. Self-hating. Truth-hating. Eager to victimize yourselves. Desperate to find comfort in toxic mythology, as you betray and renounce all Truth. Fleeing in terror from those who dare to reveal and expose you to the very same Truth that existed within you instinctually and gloriously, upon your creation. You pathetic fools live, you exist. But you are not truly alive. You eat, you sleep, you "do" things, you fornicate and copulate, you even create other living things. And yet even as you exist and perpetuate the continuing existence of your species, you are not genuinely alive. To not know Truth, to not be able to recognize Truth, to exist without self love, to welcome and embrace the self-abuse, self-victimization, and self-hatred that has been brutally imposed upon you, is to not be alive in the True sense of the term.

I have not emerged unscathed from the attempt by your society to destroy my love of self. I am, and will always be, a tortured victim-creation of your society. A reflection of it. And yet on both an intellectual and an emotional level, I have emerged triumphant, my love of self alive and well, strong and vibrant, on par with my glorious hatred of humanity. We now reach one of the central Forbidden Truths of this essay: There are a small number of humans who come to recognize, either as children or as younger adults, the Truth that their society is engaged in mortal combat against them, that their society is destroying their love of self, is getting them to betray, abuse, and victimize themselves. An even smaller number of these humans find the courage within themselves to try and genuinely resist and fight back. To reject and renounce these malicious efforts. To deflect the millions of different brainwashing and soul-destroying messages of self-abuse, self-hatred, self-betrayal, and by extension, Truth-rejection, that they are assaulted with for every moment of their lives. It is virtually impossible for any human to achieve this feat. No matter how determined the individual, some of the millions of toxic messages will penetrate and pierce the soul of every human. One reason for this is simply the fact that there is no letup in the societal assault. For every second of your existence, the bombardment continues, and do not forget, it begins when you are a womb-trapped fetus. Every human will have moments of weakness that allow these toxic societal messages to penetrate their minds. But just because such penetration occurs, does not necessarily doom the victim to suffer a permanent loss of self-love, or to betray themselves and Truth as a whole.

The Superior human, of which there are precious few, recognizes and embraces the Forbidden Truth that this genocidal assault and attack is being committed against them, by their society. With complete recognition and embrace of this Truth, comes the ability to make a conscious, intellectualized decision to analyze their own True Reality, to root out and purge from within their own conscious and subconscious psyches, the self-abusive, self-betraying, self-victimizing behaviors and beliefs that have penetrated and taken root within their minds. Let me be clear, only a tiny handful of humans, no more than 1 out of 500,000 at most, possess the ability to both recognize and embrace the reality of this Forbidden Truth, in proper and complete scope. And only a tiny handful out of these 1 in 500,000, will possess the courage and personal insight that is required to actually succeed in analyzing, rooting out, and rejecting, all of their self-abusing and betraying behaviors and beliefs. I also wish to make it perfectly clear, as I have already done in other essays, that there is no benevolent motivation behind this essay. I have no interest in or desire to encourage or aid any human in maintaining love of self, or deflecting societal efforts to abuse, victimize, and betray themselves. Within the past few paragraphs I am simply stating the Truth that it is possible, for a Superior human who possesses very rare courage and determination, to achieve this feat.

As a top-level Superior, I am proud of the fact that I have succeeded in developing, nurturing, and embracing within my own True Reality, a limitless love of self. I do not abuse, victimize, or betray myself within the universe of my chosen life activities and ideologies. Throughout my lifetime, past, present, and future, this pure, untainted, and Truth-based love of self has and will guide me. Within the very deepest core fiber of my self-love, exists an emotion that might surprise some of you. Limitless, pure, hatred. Yes, hatred to the infinite point. If you have read my previous essays, the fact that immense hatred is a core emotion within me, should not be a surprise. But I am making a very specific point here, not merely that I hate humanity, but that this hatred exists within and throughout the very core of my consciousness and True Reality. The self-love that I have nurtured and embraced within myself is a defining base, a foundation of me, if you will. And yet within the deepest, core fiber of this foundational base, exists limitless, pure hatred. It is this hatred that sustains my limitless love of self. Why? Because this hatred is the conscious, glorious manifestation of the Forbidden Truth that my society, from the moment of my conception until the moment of my last living breath, has sought and will continue to attempt, to destroy my love of self. This limitless hatred that I so proudly embrace, is the perfect reflection of this profound Truth. Perfect reflectivity is an extremely important foundational building block towards the achievement of personal untouchability. It is not possible for any Superior to attain unconditional, supreme love of self, in it's pure, truth-based form, without also recognizing and fully embracing the profound, limitless rage and hate that must exist within him, for and towards the evil and diseased society that relentlessly seeks to destroy him, to strip him of the precious, irreplaceable self love that existed so purely, so naturally, so instinctually within him from his earliest moment of conception. Just as all love is unconditionally embraced and directed to the self, all rage and hatred is also unconditionally embraced, directed away from the self, towards others. Only via this dual embrace, can genuine self-love be achieved.

The vast majority of you pathetic creatures believe that your society frowns upon hate. That it is somehow "wrong" to hate. That hatred is a negative emotion. That you will somehow harm yourselves, your bodies, your minds, your "souls", if you dare to embrace hatred as a positive emotion. You fools!! You pathetic inferiors! Don't you see that you are hated from the moment that the seed successfully comingled with the egg that caused you to be created?? Don't you see how desperately your society brutalizes you from the moment of your conception, to coerce you into agreeing to hate yourself, and to never even find the strength or insight to recognize, much less face up to this Forbidden Truth?? The vast majority of you are so pathetic that you don't even know that you hate yourselves, even as you embrace the insane societal doctrine that hate is a bad, negative, harmful emotion. Hate is imposed upon you by your society. You are hated. You are taught to hate, you are told to hate, you are brainwashed to hate. Yourself! And it works. The vast majority of you loathe, abuse, victimize, criticize, despise, and hate yourselves, and yet you refuse to embrace hate, refuse to direct it properly. You are so weak, so broken, that you betray yourself, you sacrifice your very own eternally irreplaceable life, as you absorb and wallow in the self-hatred that has been maliciously imposed upon you.

Let us understand that self-abuse and self-betrayal is the single most toxic behavioral plague that afflicts humanity. It easily outranks even child abuse. Why? Because child abuse is merely a third party expression of personal torment. Human beings abuse their child-slaves on a genocidal scale throughout planet earth in reflection of the Forbidden Truth that they themselves were born into and raised up within a society that abused them on a genocidal scale. They are transferring their own victimization upon others, using child-slaves as Poison Containers as instructed and encouraged to do by their society. This is of course a tremendous indictment of humanity, but if you look at it logically, from the point of view of the child abusers, they are demonstrating significantly less derangement in their chosen action, than are humans who victimize, abuse, and harm themselves. At least the child abusers are reflecting their rage and hate outward, targeting a third party. Let it be clear, all human societies encourage and promote the use of child-slaves as Poison Containers. They instruct their citizen-slaves that it is okay and appropriate to abuse, hurt, traumatize, and victimize all children, in many different ways, with the Sacred Family Unit structure being by far the most popular. But to an even greater degree, and with even more fervor, all human societies seek to destroy the self-love and narcissistic focus on the self, that exists instinctually within all human children. This process of destruction further and very specifically involves an ultimate goal of having every citizen-slave feel and believe themselves to be worthless as an individual, and to be willing and eager to abuse, harm, victimize, and betray themselves. When an individual victimizes and harms himself, this is a direct, internalized act of self-hatred. It represents a greater degree of dysfunctionality and direct trauma, than any other type of action, including child abuse and the murder of others.

Consider this Forbidden Truth: Literally 99.999% of all adult human beings on planet earth, actively and on a regular basis, engage in some type of activity, or embrace some type of belief or ideology, that directly causes the human to personally suffer some type of endangerment, harm, abuse, trauma, victimization, or destruction to their life, health, safety, or well-being. What percentage of humans use children as Poison Containers? A very large percentage, but not 99.999%. What percentage direct their rage and hate outward, harming other living things in some fashion? Again, very high percentage, but less than 99.999%. The simple Truth is, self-abuse, self-hatred, self-victimization, is the single most popular and pervasive reflection of personal trauma that humans exhibit. Therefore it is the greatest and most serious plague that afflicts humanity. But guess what? Humanity does not see this "plague" as something bad. Humanity has absolutely no interest in trying to reduce, prevent or eliminate self-hatred, self-abuse, self-victimization. You humans and your society want every child to be filled with self-hatred, self-loathing, the sense of personal worthlessness. You set out to destroy every human life form that is unlucky enough to be created on planet earth. To destroy them from within. To destroy them as you yourselves were destroyed throughout the course of your life.

Within the core of both your conscious and subconscious minds, you pathetic creatures hate yourselves. You despise yourselves and what you represent. Beaten down from the moment of your conception, stripped of your individuality, freedom, and spirit. Forced to conform, compelled to narrow your minds to the diseased level of your previous generation. Forced to embrace the toxic fears and delusions and insanities that have been passed down and inflated for countless generations of a devolving species. Your minds are filled to overflow with terror and rage. You flee in stark terror of the Truth, and you do have a mission as you wait to meet the eternity of nothingness that you cannot find the courage to accept. Your mission, as a collective species, is to destroy the self-love that exists within every individual member of your species, in reflection of the Truth that your society successfully destroyed the self-love that you were graced with upon your conception. And so, in the exact same endless cycle of victimization epitomized by child abuse, you lob your millions of Hellfire missiles upon the minds and souls of every single living fetus, child, and adult on the planet, attempting to destroy within them, what your society already has managed to destroy within you.

Okay, we are now going to begin a lengthy dissection of many different forms of self-abuse, self-victimization, self-destruction, that you humans engage in. The list will be long, but certainly not complete. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different ways and methods that you diseased creatures have conjured up, to harm and destroy yourselves. It is not possible for me to even list them all, much less dissect them all, due to time and other constraints. The profoundly important Forbidden Truth that you should focus on as you read, is that all of these forms of self-abuse and self-victimization are overtly and directly encouraged, promoted, designed, and imposed upon all citizen-slaves, most primarily children, by human society and government itself. It is a specific and direct goal of every empowered institution of humanity, to destroy the ability of all citizen-slaves to love and value themselves, and to instill self-hatred, self-loathing, and an eagerness to abuse, victimize, and destroy themselves.

The single most universally popular and destructive manifestation of self-abuse and self-hatred, is the acceptance and embrace of lies and toxic mythology by individual human beings. Let us understand that the foundational base of the lifelong societal assault against each human being, is to strip each child of the ability first to recognize, and then to embrace, Truth. Once this has been accomplished, the child is wide open and supremely vulnerable to any and all of the thousands of different forms of self-abuse and self-betrayal that the society seeks to instill within the slave. Think about this: How is it possible that human beings agree to join the military of their society, to deliberately endanger their lives while trying to murder complete strangers that they have never met? How is it possible that human beings allow their behavior to be dictated by the fear that an invisible, non-existent, omnipotent creature will punish them after they cease to exist? How is it possible that human beings allow their society to compel them to engage in slave labor, throughout their lives, under threat of starvation, homelessness, and death? These and thousands of other manifestations of self-abuse and self-victimization are rooted within the abandonment and rejection of Truth. And therefore, at the very heart of the societal assault upon each newly created human life form, is a desperate determination to destroy the ability of the newborn to recognize and embrace Truth. It is only after the unconditional, instinctual embrace of Truth that exists within the consciousness of each newly created human life form has been compromised and shattered, that the societal implantation of toxic mythology and outright lies that result in the embrace of self-abusive and self-destructive doctrines and behaviors, begins.

Consider tobacco/smoking. Here we have a toxic, harmful, deadly substance, that serves no necessary or positive purpose. The tar and nicotine has been proven beyond all doubt to be overtly harmful to the physical health of anyone who smokes or chews it. Tobacco has not only been proven harmful, but also addictive. Many humans who decide to just try it for "fun", become addicted to it. Their pathetic and devolving brains are not even strong enough to allow them to stop consuming a substance that they know is causing them direct and ongoing harm. So, we have a toxic, addictive substance that is extremely harmful to humans and has absolutely no positive benefit to humans. Some humans claim that it does have the positive benefit of "calming their nerves", but that is only because they have become addicted to it. This claim is therefore ridiculous on it's very face. So there you have the facts. Looking at the facts as they are, and knowing these facts, no sane life form would ever dream of smoking a cigarette, or consuming tobacco in any form. No sane society would ever entertain the notion of allowing cigarettes or tobacco to be sold, promoted, created, or even to exist. There is no logical or sane reason for this particular product or item to exist.

But guess what? This toxic, addictive, extremely harmful item is sold, promoted, distributed, all throughout the universe of humanity. Every society, every government, every culture of humans, in every corner of the planet, chooses to allow and encourage the use of tobacco. It is promoted with colorful advertising campaigns and clever slogans. "Be a Marlboro Man", the child-slaves are told. "Virginia Slims" is for the gals, look at how slim and attractive that gal on the billboard is, as she smokes her Virginia Slims. Yes, it's toxic and harmful but it's okay to use it. It's good, it's what we humans do. So lets recap: Your society, in fact every society of humans on the planet, chooses to promote, encourage, and legitimize the use of a toxic and extremely harmful product, that has no positive benefits, while not even attempting to deny the Truth that the product is toxic and harmful. Why does your society do this? The shallow-minded and false reasons, promoted by the mass media and your Truth-hating culture in general, are that the harvesting, manufacture, and sale of tobacco generates income for poor humans, and that all adult humans deserve the "freedom" to decide for themselves whether they want to consume this toxic and harmful product. Both of these reasons are not only false, but ludicrously ridiculous. Whatever the income/productivity generated by tobacco sales for a certain number of humans is, it is far surpassed by the loss of income and productivity from humans who become ill and are unable to work, or die prematurely, due to tobacco consumption. As to freedom, no society on planet earth offers any type of legitimate freedom to any of it's citizen-slaves. So, we come back to the question of why. The Forbidden Truth answer is very simple: The existence and promotion of the use of tobacco to citizen-slaves by society, serves the purpose of teaching and encouraging citizen-slaves to abuse, victimize, and hate themselves. This is a message that every society overtly imposes and directs to all citizen-slaves, with children being the most important demographic. When a human being is not merely told that it is okay, but actively encouraged to consume a toxic, harmful substance, what is the only logical conclusion that the inferior human, already subjected to relentless brainwashing on the issue since the moment of his conception, will arrive at?? "I am worthless. My life is worthless. Why should I care about myself when the very society that I proudly live as a member of, does not care one iota if I get sick, live, or die?? I must be worth less than dirt, my dear society is telling me this." There you have it, in a nutshell. It's just that simple, folks. When your society tells you, shows you, bombards you with the message that your life is worthless, the end result is the destruction of the self-love and self-value that is your sacred birthright. Now, obviously this one message concerning one product, will not be enough to plunge an inferior into a dark pit of pathological self-abuse, self-betrayal, and self-victimization, even if he were to begin using tobacco. I have gone into great detail on this one specific form of self-abuse, to demonstrate the cumulative effects of a lifetime of relentless societal assault upon individual self-value. The Truth is that this assault takes thousands of different shapes and forms. It involves not only products, but ideologies and mythologies as well. It is the cumulative effect of these thousands of assorted blows, relentlessly raining down upon the vulnerable minds of children, that ultimately results in 99.999% of all human adults wallowing throughout their lives within a bottomless pit of self-abuse and self-destruction.

As another, very similar example, we have alcohol. I will not repeat myself here, but basically all of the same Truths concerning tobacco, apply to alcohol. We have a toxic, extremely harmful product with no positive benefits, actively promoted and marketed to all child and citizen-slaves, that serves to deliver the message that individual human beings are worthless, that it is good to abuse and harm your own body. There is just one rather important detail that needs to be added. The consumption of alcohol has a very specific function and purpose within the diseased and deranged operational structure of human society. It helps humans to hide from reality, to escape from the Truth. It serves to blur, obscure, conceal the Truths of life, from all humans who choose to consume it. In promoting and legitimizing the consumption of alcohol, your malicious society not only directly causes citizen-slaves to abuse, victimize, and harm themselves, it directly instructs you humans that the Truth itself is worthless, meaningless, unworthy of recognition and embrace. Consider, you have a toxic, harmful substance, and yet it is promoted as providing one specific benefit. You pathetic fools are told it is fine to "drown your sorrows in alcohol". Had a bad day at work? Drink some beer to forget about it. Relationship problems? Go to the bar and have a few shots, you'll forget about her... Understand the Truth: Your society is telling you that the Truth of your life, the reality of your life experiences, and by association all Truth itself, is utterly worthless. A toxic and harmful substance, is worth far more than the recognition and embrace of Truth. That is what your society instructs, and you pathetic inferiors are eager to gobble it up. You destroy your mind and your body at the same time. It's a double point score for your evil society.

What about mind-altering substances that society decrees to be illegal? Heroin, marijuana, cocaine, etc... Basically we have the exact same operational structure as alcohol. Toxic, harmful substances that have no positive or beneficial purpose, and they actively distort perceptions of reality and Truth, just as alcohol does. But there are a few specific differences between alcohol and other, illegal, mind-altering toxins. First, it is very important to understand the Truth that just because a society chooses to declare a specific drug or substance to be illegal to possess or sell, does not mean that the society is sincerely and genuinely interested in stopping the usage of the drug. In some cases it wishes to reduce the consumption of the drug among a certain segment of the population. In other cases it may seek to actually increase the usage of the drug among certain humans, recognizing that in decreeing it illegal, some humans will seek it out just because they want to appear anti-society. In either case, the Truth is that society recognizes and exploits the fact that all mind-altering substances, be they legal, illegal, or prescription-controlled, serve a very vital role in the victimization of citizen-slaves. They all serve to distort and obscure Truth. And in doing so, they provide a perfect opportunity to shove users into the bottomless pit of self-abuse and self-hatred. Let us clearly understand that the recognition and embrace of Truth, all Truth, goes hand-in-hand with embracing and maintaining a proper and unconditional love of self. Societal destruction of the ability of individual humans to recognize and embrace Truth, is often the very first step, leading to the societal destruction of these very same humans ability to love and value themselves.

Popular mythology among humans is that various drugs, especially illegal ones, somehow provide an "opening" of the mind when consumed. That they allow things to be seen clearly for the first time, that they free the mind of the barriers of normal consciousness, allowing profound insight and "truth" to be realized. There is absolutely no reason to believe that any of these claims possess any iota of legitimacy. These popular mythologies are in fact promoted and encouraged by mainstream society, because they serve to further obscure genuine Truth, and make it harder for humans to recognize and embrace genuine Truth when confronted with it. The realization of all Truth, especially Forbidden Truth, requires great courage, superior intellect, an ability to reject all false comfort, an ability to compartmentalize all emotion, and a sincere, genuine, and profound desire to actually know and accept such Truth. All such realizations occur best when there is absolutely no artificial stimulation or manipulation of the brain cells, via any type of chemical substance.

I have dissected the issue of child abuse at great length in a previous essay, but there is one specific point directly related to self-abuse and self-hatred that must be highlighted here. As we know, society encourages, promotes, aids, and legitimizes the mass abuse of all children by their slaveowners, Sacred Family Unit Members, as well as all adult members of society. This societal doctrine is the single more effective method of instilling self-hatred and a sense of personal worthlessness within children. Society instructs and overtly demonstrates to every single child, that they have been decreed and declared to be worthless and inferior, deserving of abuse, harm, victimization. There is no subtlety or room for debate within this brutal decree. Each and every day and at every turn, within the home, school, media, pop culture, every child is assaulted with the following message: "You are a subhuman, worthless piece of owned property. You are powerless. Your safety, welfare, and well-being are of no concern to anyone. You deserve to suffer. Any adult human being has the right to harm you. Your needs are irrelevent. Your desires are unimportant. You exist as a worthless slave, an inferior form of life. Your function is to meet and serve the desires and needs of other humans, and the society to which you owe your very existence." This is the conscious and subconscious reality that assaults every single child, every single day, slowly and brutally chipping away at the purity of the self-love that exists within the newly created life form.

It is the single most effective method of ego and self-love destruction because it is so incredibly pervasive, and because it manifests in so many different ways. No child can escape or avoid this assault. It attacks every child physically, via direct abuse, be it spanking or pedophilia. It attacks every child emotionally, via terroristic threat. It attacks every child intellectually, via the universal decree of subhumanity and worthlessness: "You are a child, therefore you deserve to suffer and be abused." At every turn the child is confronted with this message, and the child recognizes the Truth that the message is not just directed at him personally, but rather at every child in the universe, at children as a whole. As a result, the child cannot even try to rationalize away his own victimization, by thinking that he must be the unlucky exception to the rule, that for some reason he is being unjustly victimized. No, society tells him that he, that all children in the universe, deserve to be abused and victimized. This specific decree is the single most effective method of compromising self-love. It tells every child: "You are not individually inferior and worthless, but collectively inferior and worthless." Instinctively, the child knows that he is deserving of self-love and is inherently valuable to himself. But this knowledge is based upon an individual perception of self. When confronted with a collective decree of inferiority and worthlessness, lacking the maturity needed for intellectual contemplation, the ability of the child to reject this enticement to self-hatred, is severely compromised.

Lets move on to overeating or, for that matter, undereating. Here we have a rather straightforward example of how society gets it's citizen-slaves to hate and abuse themselves. Within any sane society the consumption of food would serve one, and only one, primary purpose: The achievement and maintenance of physical health and strength. And yet, among the vast majority of you humans, this is not even close to the top. Your deranged society instructs you that it is very important that you achieve a certain shape to your body. That your place within the human scale of acceptability depends upon achieving and maintaining this specific body shape. And so you alter and modify your consumption of food, for the specific purpose of attempting to lose or gain weight, and achive a look, that has no direct bearing upon your physical health or strength, and in fact often has a specifically harmful effect upon your health and strength. You fools allow your society to convince you to sacrifice your health and strength, for the purpose of meeting an unnatural appearance standard that it imposes. Simply by allowing this to occur, you prove the reality of your self-hatred and self-victimization.

There is no such thing as a "minor" form of self-abuse. Any human who chooses, consciously or subconsciously, to victimize himself, has betrayed and renounced the precious gift of self-love and self-value that allows him to deflect the societal onslaught. I know how the pathetic minds of you readers work. "Why is he making such a big deal out of my wanting to lose 10 pounds so I look like Lady Gaga?" I can only tell you this: All self-betrayal, all self-victimization, has the same end result. The loss of your precious, irreplaceable, True self. Your society is seeking to destroy your love of self and your ability to recognize and embrace Truth. Right at this very moment, countless millions of citizen-slaves, of all ages and both genders, are choosing to try to modify their body weight, by overeating or undereating, not for the sane reason of trying to attain better physical strength or health, but for the insane reason, instilled within them by society, that they need to look a certain way. Each one of these hundreds of millions of humans has lost the ability to love themselves. When you lose sight of and abandon your love of self, all Truth is lost. Only by recognizing and rejecting all of the self-abusive doctrine that is imposed upon you, can you remain bathed in a proper glow of self-love and Truth. Simply by accepting the notion that society has the authority to convince you to change your intake of food for a purpose that is not properly self-loving, constitutes self-abuse and betrayal.

Now comes a subject near and dear to my heart, the wearing of high heeled shoes. I could not pass over this rather obscure example of self-abuse, thanks to my raging fetish for deformed and injured female feet. Personal interest notwithstanding, it is a very fine example of how wide the spectrum of societally induced self-abuse and self-harm is. Consider that in every corner of planet earth, within every so-called advanced society, a significant percentage of the female population has been coerced by their society into wearing impractical shoes with elevated heels, that serve to hinder and limit their mobility, cause discomfort and pain, cause long-term damage to their feet, and actively endanger their safety and welfare by limiting the speed with which they can move. Countless millions of women "choose" to wear high heeled shoes, because their society instructs them it is the proper, normal thing for them to do. They feel the pain, sometimes with each step they take. They see the negative consequences that result, in the form of corns, callouses, bunions, hammertoes. They see the Truth that their society chooses to instruct male humans to wear much more practical and comfortable shoes. They know that they cannot walk as quickly, or usually run at all, in these shoes, placing their very lives in jeopardy should they be confronted by an attacker, or faced with an unexpected situation requiring quick mobility, such as the 9/11 Martyr attack on the world trade center in NYC. And yet they allow their society to victimize them in this manner, day after day, step after painful step, leaning against the train station wall so they can slip off their three inch high heeled pump for a few seconds of relief from the agony, only to slip the high heel back on and resume the torturous walk home after a long day at work.... Ahem, sorry, your Seer got a little carried away there. : )

The point here is to understand the limitless ways in which society manages to get you slaves to willingly, agreeably, harm, hurt, and endanger yourselves. Even with conscious awareness of the injustice of the circumstance, most humans are unable to properly reject the abusive societal imposition. As an example, most adult female humans are consciously aware that high heeled shoes are less comfortable than men's shoes, and inhibit their mobility more, than men's shoes. And yet they allow their society to instruct them to wear high heeled shoes. Let us understand that self-hatred is pervasive among all humans. Once you hate yourself even a little bit, once you allow your society to victimize you in any single way, no matter how "minor" it may seem, the floodgates are unleashed and basically you are at the mercy of any and all forms of self abuse and victimization that society seeks to impose upon you. So you have the same hundreds of millions of women trying to lose 10 pounds so they look a certain way, also wearing high heels that cause them pain with each step, also hobbling out of their offices at lunchtime to smoke a cigarette, etc, etc.

Our next manifestation of self-hatred is a little bit different than all of the previous. It involves the intentional, deliberate endangerment of individual safety and life for so-called "fun" or sporting purposes, via the engagement in dangerous activities for which there is no logical justification. Some examples of this would be motorcycle riding, skydiving, auto racing, surfing, jetski riding, etc. Consider, these are all unnecessary activities, meaning there is no legitimate societal need or interest in promoting or even allowing them to occur, and yet society chooses to not merely allow, but enourage promote, support, popularize, and legitimize them. These activities, along with dozens more I could list, are overtly dangerous. They carry a genuine risk of the participant suffering serious and/or fatal injuries, if something were to go wrong. Riding a motorcycle is significantly more dangerous than riding in a car or on a bicycle. There is no logical reason for motorcyle riding to be legal and encouraged by society, when there are safer forms of transportation. Skydiving is a completely unnecessary activity that is overtly dangerous. It is not done for the purpose of transportation. A majority of the humans who do it get a "rush out of doing something dangerous". Auto racing is obviously very dangerous, and serves no logical purpose, beyond entertaining millions of bloodthirsty, rage-filled inferiors who watch and cheer, subconsciously hoping that they may be lucky enough to witness a fiery, fatal crash. Surfing, parachuting, jetski riding, these are all the same, overtly dangerous and unnecessary activities that inferior humans choose to engage in, with the encouragement and support of their deranged society.

Let us understand that the core psychological reason why humans choose to engage in all of these activities is self-hatred, a sense of personal worthlessness, and suicidal ideology. This is not to say that the vast majority of these humans have any conscious awareness of their motivators. As we all know, 99.99999% of all humans are not at all in touch with their True Realities, and instead bury the Truth underneath a mountain of toxic mythologies and false rationalizations, as directed to do by their evil societies. Upon inquiry, virtually all of these self-haters will claim to "enjoy the rush", "It's just fun to do", "makes me feel on top of the world", etc... But the Truth remains: They all hate themselves. They are all choosing to endanger their health and very life for no sane or logical reason, and most primarily, the reason why they have reached this point in their lives, the reason for why they find themselves driving the motorcycle, jumping out of the plane, racing their car as fast as they can against other humans, etc., is because of the lifetime of self-love and self-value destruction that their society committed against them. They are victims of an atrocity, with the most tragic detail being the fact that they have no conscious awareness of the atrocity itself, much less the guilty party. When society tells you from the moment of your conception throughout the course of your entire lifetime that you are worthless and your life meaningless, each human will respond to this doctrine in a different way. All will be victimized, but some will only hurt themselves in ways that carry little risk of actual death, while others will be more affected and eagerly embrace their own deaths. In every case, society is supremely and completely at fault. The universal message, to all citizen-slaves, is that they are all worthless on an individual level, that their existence can be justified only via the contributions they make to strengthen the society as a whole. Every human child is subjected to, and to some degree broken by, this relentless and soul destroying excreta. Every single human who engages in self-abuse, in any form, is a societal Marty. A reflection and an expression of his very own, unique soul destruction.

Let us understand that above and beyond the very many different types of "recreational" forms of self-abuse and self-victimization, there are also a great many pathetic humans who choose to embrace employment and careers that are overtly self-abusive. Your evil societies overtly promote and encourage you diseased citizen-slaves to pursue employment as military soldiers, police officers, firefighters, and the like. These perverse professions are insanely glorified and those of you insane and self-hating enough to embrace them, are annointed with false societal honors, decreed to be superior members of society, courageous heroes in fact. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Any human who chooses to accept a societal "job" in which his personal safety, health, or life is overtly endangered, is demonstrating and proving himself to be filled with a huge amount of self-hatred, and is betraying himself as well as all Truth. Just as is the case with all other forms of self-abuse, the vast majority of these brainwashed societal addicts have no conscious awareness of the self-hatred that is the root motivational force behind their decision to unnecessarily endanger and compromise their welfare.

Everything that we do in life carries with it some risk and danger. Almost all jobs are "dangerous", in some fashion and to some degree. But there is a very clear distinction between, for example, choosing to labor as a plumber as opposed to a firefighter. Most plumbers, just like most humans, are self-abusive and self-victimizing. The plumber might even have a self-abusing motivation, conscious or subconscious, for choosing this profession for himself. But the profession itself is not inherently self-abusive or self-betraying. The same cannot be said for the firefighter. The specific job description of the firefighter involves the ritualistic and pathological endangerment of his own safety and life, for the purpose of trying to "save", protect, or aid in preserving the lives of other human beings. There is no sane, rational, or self-loving reason for any human to choose to accept or undertake such a job. Policeman and military soldier are two other "jobs" that clearly fit into this same category. This means that every individual human who chooses to accept this type of job is overtly victimizing and betraying himself by the very fact of accepting the job. Any claim that might be made to try to dismiss this Truth, such as taking the job because the human "needs money", or feels a need/desire to help other humans, etc., is ridiculous and false on it’s very face.

Now we move on to the more flamboyant expressions of self-hatred. These include self-cutting, self-mutilation, such as gouging out one's own eye, voluntary, self amputation of a finger, toe, arm, or even penis, and the like. These "dramatic" forms of self-victimization are sometimes discussed in the media, featured in newspaper articles, with an overlying conclusion usually reached by the empowered societal agent serving as reporter or newswriter, that the perpetrator is somehow "mentally ill". Of course there is never even the slightest hint of acknowledgment of the Truth that the society that the so-called mentally ill individual was born into and raised up within, is in fact mentally deranged. The simple fact is, any and all acts of self-victimization, from wearing a three inch high heel all the way up to amputating one's penis and gouging out one's eyes, are nothing more than accurate reflections of the choice that human society makes, to instill self-hatred within all citizen-slaves and to get them to victimize themselves. Society doesn't care any more or any less about the fate of the penisless fellow who bleeds out, as opposed to the gal who gets a blister on her heel from the painful pump. All society cares about is that Truth is suppressed, insane mythology is embraced, and the vast majority of humans, despite their victimization, serve as economically productive citizen-slaves for the majority of their lives.

From the perspective of Truth-seeking, many of these cases of flamboyant self-destruction are interesting to examine in detail, because some offer a window of insight to the remarkable struggle that some humans undertake, to preserve whatever tiny bit of self-love remains within their tormented True Realities. For example, many self-cutters are teen-agers or young adults, desperately trying to subconsciously cope with the lifetime of soul destruction that society has committed upon them. The act of physically injuring themselves, can serve to alleviate the even greater emotional trauma that they are enduring. There have been several books written by dramatic self-abusers, in which they try to express the torment that their society has subjected them to. Remember, all humans are born possessing a living soul, and upon biological creation, all humans also possess instinctually limitless self-love. It is for this reason that in most cases, younger victims, aged 15 to 25, are able to more clearly articulate and express the Truth of their abuse experience, than older humans. While interesting for Truth-seekers to analyze, let us clearly understand that society itself itself has absolutely no interest in or ability to face up or accept the genocidal responsibility and guilt that it bears.

The ultimate manifestation of self-victimization, is self-murder. Your Truth-hating culture refuses to accurately define this act via the term self-murder, choosing instead to cowardly enact the psychological disease term of "suicide". For the purpose of clarity I will use the word suicide, but let it be clear, when a tortured victim creation of human society chooses to end his existence on this pathetic planet, he is committing an act of self-murder, murdering himself. As I have stated in a previous essay within this Manifesto, the ultimate example of how malicious amerikkkan society truly is, can be expressed by the fact that the suicide rate in amerikkka is far higher than the homicide rate. Many, many more humans choose to direct their rage and hate inward, by murdering themselves, than to direct their rage and hate outward, and murdering someone else. For society, this is a triumph of the highest degree. It represents success, all of the efforts undertaken to destroy the self-love and self-value of all citizen-slaves, reach fruition. It's not that society wants all, or even most of it's citizen-slaves to commit suicide. The goal is to convince as many humans as possible, to direct their rage and hate inward. As long as a majority of slaves do so, the society itself, the government and all of it's empowered structures, will remain untouchable. Consider the Truth, a mere handful of homicidally enraged torture victims, if working together and if willing to sacrifice their own lives in the name of Truth and vengeance, could wreak havok within a society, even overthrowing a government. Witness the events of 9/11. But if all of this rage is misdirected, self-directed, as society fervently seeks, then only innocent blood is shed. The torture victim destroys only himself for all of eternity. The genocidally malicious entity responsible for not just his torment, but the victimization of every single citizen-slave, millions upon millions for generations upon generations, emerges untouched, unscathed, and the cycle of genocide continues.

Suicide represents the ultimate form of self-betrayal. The sacrifice of one's eternal existence, not in the name of Truth, or the name of justice, or the name of vengeance. Nothing is avenged. All of the profound rage and hate is instead sacrificed, given back as a gift if you will, to the very source, the very incubator and creator, of the rage and hate itself. There is never any criticism or condemnation of the life choices of any individual within this Manifesto. I give credit where credit is due. Human society does an excellent job of destroying it's own child-slaves and citizen-slaves. Every human being is forced to engage in an epic battle to maintain pure and unconditional love of self and embrace of Truth. The vast majority lose this battle, to varying degrees. The vast majority of you don't even fight, you don't even try. So much easier to go with the flow. Like dead fish do. That is what makes this Manifesto and those tiny handful of us who have been through the abyss, and reached the mountainous peak of Truth, so special. The Forbidden Truth stands above all. It is bigger than I am. It is bigger than humanity. It illuminates humanity. It exposes humanity for what it is, a doomed species, bleeding out.

Let us explore a slightly different form of self-abuse, one that involves the use of another human being within a "relationship". One of the most pervasive and harmful of all societal doctrines, is the insane notion that all human beings need to form and maintain personal, intimate relationships with other human beings, in order to live a normal, "happy" life. Society encourages and promotes abuse, exploitation, and victimization within every human relationship, recognizing this to be just another way to get humans to devalue and victimize themselves. You pathetic creatures are instructed that you must make "sacrifices" and "compromises" in order to maintain your relationships with other humans. You must go out of your way to accommodate the other person. You must put their feelings, their desires, their needs and demands, equal to and even ahead of your own feelings, desires, and needs. This very notion is obviously insane, when examined from any Truth-based perspective. But you broken fools eagerly embrace it, and society exploits it as one of the easiest and most effective ways to get you to victimize yourselves. Because this is a "third party" form of self-abuse and self-betrayal, it is even harder for you humans to recognize it as a form of self-abuse. You delude yourself into believing that whatever negative feelings the relationship causes, are due to either your own shortcomings, or the lack of proper treatment of you on the part of the other person in the relationship, oblivious to the Truth that you are choosing to victimize yourself, by the very fact of being in a personal relationship with a human being.

One of the most effective ways that society has to get you to betray and victimize yourself, is to convince you that as a member of society, in order to be a "normal" human being, in order to "fit in" with all of the other members, you need to behave in certain ways, do certain things, embrace certain doctrines, etc? Brainwashed and broken, addicted to the very society guilty of destroying your self-love, you pathetically embrace these toxic and deranged behaviors and beliefs. You agree to form intimate relationships with fellow humans, you agree to enslave yourselves to a fellow human for the rest of your lifetime via the insane marriage ritual, you agree to join the military and endanger your life to defend and protect the very same society that is guilty and responsible for destroying the self-love that existed within you at birth, that would have prevented you from making such an insane decision! You cannot see that your society is evil and diseased. You cannot recognize the atrocity that is committed upon you. And you pathologically continue to commit atrocities upon yourselves, throughout your lives, at the instruction and direction of that very society. How pathetic, to be so blind on so many different levels!

Why is it that humans so easily and blindly agree to victimize and betray themselves? Lets explore a few of the reasons. First of all, as a species humans are pathetically sheep-like. They love to just blindly follow each other, mindlessly accepting the notion that if other humans do something, they might as well do it to. "Hey, that gal is wearing a shoe with a 4 inch stiletto heel and pointy toebox, I might as well do it to!" "Hey, if this guy is jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet with an unopened parachute strapped to his back, and smiling, it must be fun, lemme do that to!" "Hey, if all those folks are spending their sundays praying to an invisible creature that they claim will give them a life after they die, lemme do that to, what can it hurt??" Clear enough? Secondly, the actual Truth of the matter is that life is utterly pointless and meaningless, and all humans die, and then they experience nothingness for all of eternity. Most humans totally lack the courage and insight to consciously embrace these Truths, but on some level, to some degree, they perceive the factual accuracy behind them. "I'm going to die, my life is pointless, so what the hell, it doesn't really matter in the end. It's much easier to just accept the way things are, go in the direction that I am being pushed. Everybody else is suffering in one way or another, I can deal with some suffering too. At least I'm not homeless, or paralyzed, or blind, or a leper, or inside the WTC on 9/11, yadda, yadda, yadda..." You get it, folks? You pathetic humans love to rationalize things, even when from a Truth-based perspective, your rationalization makes not an iota of sense. Other reasons? Well, consider the difficulty and expendability of Truth. If you don't have a firm and absolute embrace of Truth, you can never have a firm and absolute grasp of self-love and self-value. The moment you reject or even just fail to recognize an important Forbidden Truth, and there are a great number of them, you immediately become a wide open target for at least some of the thousands of toxic lies, rationalizations, myths, and plain old self-love destroying directives that your evil society is lobbying at you each and every day. And if even a single self-abusive or self-betraying behavior or belief takes root, you immediately become even more vulnerable and wide open to even more self-destructive enticements, and there you go, sliding down the bottomless pit. Let us also understand that there is just a lot of psychological mush within your devolving brains. You have nightmares and daydreams, you crave comfort and illusion. Excitement and drama entice you. None of these inferior behavioral leanings serve to enhance your ability to recognize and embrace self-love, while recognizing and rejecting self-abuse and self-victimization.

Lets touch on the issue of freedom and so-called "free will". Societies repeatedly try to rationalize and explain why they allow their citizen-slaves to make self-abusive and self-destructive life choices, by falling back on the excuse of freedom and free will. "Nobody is forcing you to smoke cigarettes or wear high heels or cut off your own penis. You have free will to decide if this is something you want to do. So if you choose to do it, you are responsible for your own choice. It's not society's fault, darn it." This argument is utterly without merit for several reasons. First, there is no rational reason why a benevolent society would encourage or for that matter even allow it's citizens to harm or victimize themselves. The "freedom" that is used as a rationalization for the argument, is itself a form of abuse and victimization. Giving a human being the freedom to harm himself, by engaging in an activity or embracing an ideology that is directly harmful, and has no legitimately beneficial purpose, is abusive. Secondly, freedom and free will is not something external, that a society can give to it's citizen-slaves. Freedom and free will are internalized experiences of life, unique to each and every individual. Whether or not I have the free will to refrain from engaging in self-abusive behavior, depends upon a whole host of internal variables, such as the degree of self-love that exists within me, the amount of self-hatred that may already have been imposed upon me by society, my level of emotional maturity and impulse control, etc. For society to brutally and endlessly promote self-abusive and self-victimizing behavior to it's citizen-slaves, while refusing to accept the absolute blame and responsibility that it bears for the citizen-slaves engaging in such behavior, with the claim that a free choice was made by these societal victims, is intellectually perverse and nonsensical.

Let us recognize that a primary objective of society in getting citizen-slaves to victimize themselves, is to protect and preserve the existing social structure and it's empowered leaders and institutions. The most prominant example of this, already discussed within this essay, is suicide versus murder. For victims of severe societal traumatization, the choice between murder and suicide is an extremely important one. But for the society itself, the choice is even more profound. If an individual commits suicide, all of the rage and hate that society is guilty of and responsibe for creating within him, simply disappears harmlessly. Harmless to society, at least. But if this very same enraged victim commits murder, the effect upon society is much, much greater. The stability and ongoing viability of the society itself can even come into play. Not based upon a single suicide to murderer switch, but if a large number of would-be suicides, choose homicide instead. Therefore we see that society has a significant and profound interest in going to whatever lengths necessary, to get it's torture victims to hate and victimize themselves, rather than to properly direct this rage and hate outward. There is a direct correlation between the suicide versus homicide rate of a society, and the relative strength and brutality of the existing social structure. Every existing human society has a suicide rate higher than it's homicide rate. But the higher the suicide rate is, in comparison to the homicide rate, the more successfully brutal that society demonstrates itself to be, in instilling profound self-hatred within it's citizen-slaves.

Let us recognize the difference between internalized victimization and external rebellion. Society loves to muddy this picture via confusion and misdirection. For example, a "hunger strike" by an individual human is decreed by society to be a form of external protest. But is it? No! It is a self-abusive, self-harming behavior. Society decrees it to be a form of rebellion, because it has no interest in discouraging it. The hunger striker may imagine, in his brainwashed mind, that he is rebelling and challenging some societal institution or doctrine, but all he is doing is harming himself. Society would rather have 1000 humans rebelling via a hunger strike, than a single human rebelling via a shooting rampage.

Another misdirectional ploy by society regarding self-abuse specifically focuses on children, teens, and young adults. Society repeatedly and pathologically claims that a lot of the self-abusive behaviors undertaken by younger humans, stem from a false perception of invincibility or omnipotence on the part of the youngsters. Meaning, the reason why they smoke, use drugs, drag race, etc., is because they feel powerful, that nothing can hurt or harm them. This is completely false. Just as is the case with all self-abusers, the root cause of their self-victimization is a profound sense of personal worthlessness, along with the Truthful realization that their society places no value on their individual lives or welfare.

Here is an interesting little topic to touch on. Masochism and sadism are defined as psychological disorders by society. Masochists are described as individuals who experience sexual pleasure and satisfaction from the personal experience of pain and/or humiliation. Sadists are described as individuals who enjoy inflicting cruelty upon another human, or watching the infliction of cruelty upon another human, for sexual pleasure and satisfaction. From a Truth-based perspective, masochism is simply a form of self-abuse and self-victimization, while sadism is merely an external expression of rage and hate. The primary reason why society chooses to attach these fancy labels and decree these behaviors to represent a psychological disorder, rather than a societally legitimate behavioral choice, such as smoking or skydiving, is solely due to the fact that sexual pleasure and cathartic satisfaction, is achieved. A masochist has been subjected to the same forms of self-abuse and self-victimization at the hands of society as every other self-abuser. There is just an additional element of sexual pleasure, above and beyond the emotional and intellectual sense of personal worthlessness, that accompanies their self-abusive behaviors.

From a Truth-based perspective, the fact that an individual human achieves sexual climax or sexual pleasure while engaging in self-abusive or self-harming behavior, in no way negates the inherent harmfulness and self-betrayal of the behavior itself. There are masochists who may attempt to justify their self-abuse to themselves under the claim that they "enjoy" the abuse, that it allows them to achieve sexual pleasure and release. But this has no bearing upon the Truth, that the only reason why they need to abuse themselves or be abused by fellow humans in order to achieve sexual climax, is because they have been subjected to the same brutal implantation of self-hatred and self-betrayal at the hands of society, as all other self-abusers.

At this point in the essay we will shift focus just a little, and explore the issue of defending oneself against the societal destruction of individual self-love, as well as the regaining of self-love and self-appreciation after it has been compromised via societal attack. We have already established that every single newborn human being is subjected to a brutal and non-stop societal assault upon the self-love, supreme ego, and instinctual recognition/embrace of Truth, that exists within them upon biological creation. Now, let us also understand that this societal assault will be successful to some degree, in all cases. Every single human being will have their self-love and supreme ego compromised to some degree, during their childhood. It is simply not possible for any child to consciously and intellectually recognize and then completely and fully reject every single message of self-hatred, ego-destruction, lie, and toxic mythology that society attacks their vulnerable mind with. Only as an adult with a fully mature mind, meaning aged 25 and over, is it possible for a human to develop the Superior untouchability necessary to recognize and totally reject all of these societal attacks, and of course, as I have already stated, only a tiny fraction of all adult humans achieve this feat. So, as the first step towards achieving this rare feat, we must recognize that we are already infected, that society was successful in compromising our love of self and in almost all cases our love of and embrace of all Truth, at some point and to some degree. Once we recognize this Truth we can begin the intellectual process of analyzing our own beliefs, behaviors, and life philosophies, with the goal of recognizing and rooting out any and all beliefs, behaviors, and life philosophies that are self-abusing, self-betraying, or not based upon the embrace of Truth. Doesn’t sound that difficult upon initial consideration, does it? But it is difficult, virtually impossible in fact. Why?? Because the only way to achieve this feat is to recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truths of life, and it is the ability to recognize these Forbidden Truths that society seeks to destroy within each child-slave, as an essential core goal of the self-love and ego destruction process.

So, in order for there to be any possibility of regaining complete and untouchable self-love, every mature adult must first find the supreme insight to recognize all of the insane lies, myths, and hypocrisies that his society may have addicted and brainwashed him into embracing. Then he has to find the emotional and intellectual strength required to reject them, and then he must uncover the actual Forbidden Truths that society is frantically attempting to conceal from all citizen-slaves, then he must find the courage within himself to genuinely accept and embrace these Forbidden Truths. This is a very, very, very difficult feat for any human to accomplish. But it is the absolutely essential first step in regaining supreme and unconditional love of self and embrace of ego perfection.

Let me be clear, it is impossible to regain instinctually pure self-love, by simply trying to analyze your own behaviors, beliefs, and life path choices. Your analysis will be fatally tainted by the societal lies, myths, hypocrisies, and perverse rationalizations that you are already addicted to. You must first recognize and reject all of these lies and myths, then you must uncover and embrace the Forbidden Truths that your diseased society compelled you to reject as a result of it?s continuous brainwashing assaults. Only after achieving these feats can you begin to analyze your own behaviors, beliefs, and life-path choices, in a way that allows you to recognize and reject all of the self-abusive, harmful, self-betraying behaviors and beliefs that you have been tragically deluded into adopting.

Newborn humans do possess an instinctual craving and appreciation for Truth. This is why societal efforts to induce self-hated and betrayal of Truth in children, are very often not 100% successful. Every child reacts in a unique fashion to the societal attempt to destroy their love of self and Truth recognition ability. On a subconscious and instinctual level, every child attempts to preserve a love of self and of Truth. After age 6, a great many children also develop a conscious realization, to some degree, that they are being subjected to an attack upon their love of self and instinctual desire for Truth. Many of these children will even consciously try to recognize and reject these attacks, with varying degrees of success. But the point I need to make absolutely clear here is that no child can successfully emerge into mature adulthood, possessing absolute and uncompromised love of self, ego perfection, and recognition/rejection of all societal lies, myths, hypocrisy, and toxic rationalization. Therefore, the only way to regain uncompromised love of self is to recognize that their self-love has been tainted, and to consciously choose to undertake the extremely difficult process that I have outlined and detailed above.

The vast majority of all humans will never attempt to regain the self-love that was their sacred birthright. The vast majority will never even conceive of the possibility of trying to attempt this feat. Why not? Because it is not even a fathomable notion within the universe of their broken and destroyed minds. You pathetic creatures desperately cling to your insane beliefs and behaviors, addicted to the self-hatred that was brutally implanted within your minds. You eagerly find ways to rationalize all of it. Nothing is too deranged for you to reject. You find ways to justify physically endangering your lives, compromising your health, sacrificing your personal freedom and autonomy. You would literally rather die than to try to face up to even the most obvious Truths. You flee from the instinctual self-love that was your sacred birthright, to the point of condemning and ridiculing the few humans left on the planet who have managed to fight back and regain self-love. You mock them as "egotistical, self-involved narcissists" at best, "deranged criminals who need to be punished and legally murdered" at worst. But we stand, tall and proud, bathed in the glow of pure and unconditional self-love, secure in the untouchability that is the embrace of Forbidden Truth.

Within the process of regaining pure and unconditional self-love, must come the recognition and realization of the Truth that you were created possessing actual pure and unconditional self-love. You were graced with this irreplaceable gift upon biological creation, and then a deliberately malicious and fully conscious attack was launched against you by human society, with the specific intent and goal of stripping, removing from your mind and soul, this self-love. It is extremely important that this Truth be consciously recognized and embraced, because it provides an invaluable perspective on the True nature of human society. Human society is not benevolent. It is not even neutrally detached from the fate of individual humans. It is actively and genocidally malicious. It chooses to undertake the destruction, the annihilation of the very deepest soul essence of every human being. This attack is brutal and relentless, it begins the very moment you are biologically created, and it continues every single moment until you cease to exist for all of eternity via the natural tragedy of biological death.

Hatred and rage are emotions. As such, they are neither intrinsically harmful or harmless in and of themselves. Whatever harm they may cause, is solely determined by how they are used, by the manner in which they are reflected. Self-hatred will cause harm to the self, because it is directed and reflected towards the self. But hatred itself, when directed outward, reflected upon other living things as well as non-sentient entities, is often not merely harmless, but actually very healing and beneficial to the self. Why? Because it is a manifested reflection of Truth, when properly directed. If the natural human instinct is towards self-love, and human society seeks to destroy this instinctual self-love that exists within me, and to further instill self-hatred within me, then this hatred and the instinctual rage that is provoked by the attack upon me, are both empowering and healing emotions, within they are reflected back upon human society. Your evil and insane society tells you that rage and hate are negative, harmful, inappropriate, unacceptable emotions, even as it perversely undertakes the malicious mission of instilling hatred within the very deepest and purest reaches of your soul and mind. Not the emotion of hatred in general, but actual self-hatred, the specific form of hatred that will harm and victimize you. The Superior human recognizes this perverse hypocrisy of society, and not only rejects all self-hatred, but further recognizes that all individual rage and hate directed outward is not merely appropriate and justified, but it is accurately reflective of the rage and hate that has been and continues to be maliciously imposed upon each individual by their society.

The vast majority of all human beings will live out their lives trapped within a continuous cycle of self-hatred, directly causing them to engage in harmful, self-abusive behaviors and beliefs. The exact types of behaviors and beliefs, and the specific degree of harm that they cause to themselves, will of course uniquely vary from human to human. The degree of conscious awareness of the self-harm itself, and the level of awareness as to the true reasons why they are choosing to abuse themselves, will also uniquely vary. It is important to realize that awareness in no way translates to an ability to stop engaging in the self-abusive behaviors or beliefs. Even if a human is totally aware of and accepts the facts that he is abusing and harming himself, and also recognizes and accepts the fact that he was born with unconditional self-love and that society specifically instilled self-hatred within him, this does not mean that he will be able to regain any legitimate degree of self-love. It is an extremely difficult, virtually impossible process, as I have outlined above. Most humans don't even know how to begin to try to achieve it. And so they are left to deal with the self-hatred in whatever inferior ways their minds can conjure up. The most popular and common, by far, is simply denial. They refuse to admit or face up to the Truth that they are pathological self-abuse addicts, unable to stop abusing and victimizing and harming themselves. They continue to do it, but they refuse to face up to the Truth of what they are doing, and why they are doing it. Very commonly, they will claim "addiction" to the substance or behavior, when the Truth is that they are actually addicted to the self-abuse and self-victimization itself. Nicotine "addiction", alcohol "addiction", food "addiction", all of these various addictions actually exist under a primary addiction of self-hatred and victimization. The same is True for pathological self-cutting, repeated dangerous behavior such as drag racing or sky diving, etc. Your diseased society chooses to define each individual behavior as an addiction, or in some cases an "obsession", rather than admitting to the Forbidden Truth that all of these self-destructive, self-endangering behaviors are simply varying manifestations of the pathological, unrelenting self-hatred that actually inspires the behaviors themselves. The pathetic result is that humans are constantly trying to overcome individual, specific "addictions", and delude themselves into believing that they have achieved a great feat in doing so, all the while lacking the insight of Truth that they usually are engaging in numerous different forms and types of self-abuse, therefore stopping one specific behavior that is self-abusive has no impact upon the fact that they are continuing to abuse themselves in other ways. Or they will simply trade one self-abusive behavior for another. They stop smoking, but immediately begin overeating. They stop skydiving, but decide to buy a motorcycle, etc.

For a small number of humans who do develop a high level of conscious awareness of the Truth that they are pathologically self-abusing themselves, and that they were born with unconditional self-love, and that their society is responsible and guilty of directly causing their self-hatred, a strong sense of rage and hatred towards society itself will develop. This outwardly directed rage and hate is not only totally justified and appropriate, it is also accurately reflective of the Truth of their personal victimization. But again, just because they are able to direct and reflect rage and hate outward, does not mean that they have the ability to stop hating, abusing, and victimizing themselves. This is why the percentage of so-called "criminals", those humans who choose to try to seek out and claim vengeance against other humans and society itself, who also engage in self-abusive behavior, is almost as high as any other population group. Even as these torture victims do find the personal insight and resolve to direct rage and hate outward, they have not achieved the very difficult feat of regaining self-love. The result is that most murderers and rapists smoke, ride motorcycles, commit suicide, and otherwise abuse themselves. I do want to say that compared to all other population groups, a slightly higher percentage of violent "criminals", have successfully regained self-love. This is because recognizing and embracing the Truth that rage and hate are positive and appropriate emotions, as well as recognizing and embracing the Truth that all rage and hate that exists within an individual should be directed outward, are two very important and helpful steps in the long and difficult process of regaining self-love.

This brings us to a very important point that needs to be emphasized: Just because a particular behavior carries with it the risk of causing harm or victimization, does not necessarily mean that the human who chooses to engage in the behavior is self-abusive, self-betraying, or lacking in self-love. There are many different types of behaviors that are "dangerous" and potentially harmful, but at the same time there are perfectly legitimate reasons for an individual to engage in them. For example, riding a bicycle in public can be considered potentially harmful. So can eating a Big Mac, or simply crossing the street on foot at a busy intersection. But these behaviors are not in and of themselves demonstrative of self-abuse or self-hatred. It is certainly possible that a human engaging in these activities is consciously or subconsciously trying to abuse/injure themselves. But it is also possible that the human is simply hungry and cannot afford to buy more nutritious food than a Big Mac, or the human needs to reach a certain destination and riding a bicycle or crossing a busy intersection is simply the only practical way to do so.

What about the humans who engage in behavior that is illegal and therefore carries with it the risk of being subjected to so-called "harmful" consequences, such as physical imprisonment or even legal murder? Is illegal behavior an inherently self-abusive, self-victimizing act? To any sane seeker of Truth, the answer is clearly no. Most illegal behavior, especially that which involves violence, is an expression of rage and hate, directed outward, towards other living things and towards society itself. As such, it is a polar opposite of what can be accurately defined as self-abuse or self-victimization. It is a proper, appropriate, and in some cases overtly self-loving reflection of rage and hate. The violent criminal is clearly not abusing or victimizing himself, via the actions that he is undertaking. Yes, it is True that he is placing himself in some jeopardy by engaging in criminal behavior. If given the opportunity, the evil and diseased society guilty of his victimization will indeed try to victimize him further, by robbing him of his physical freedom, restricting his access to beneficial services and nutrition, possibly even by attempting to legally murder him via the insanely perverse "death penalty". But these are not self-abusive actions that he is committing against himself, this is abusive and unjust victimization that society is committing against him, and therefore his criminal behavior is in no way self-abusive. The vast majority of all humans are self-abusive, and this obviously means that the vast majority of all criminals are also self-abusive. There are plenty of humans who commit crimes with a specifically conscious or subconscious desire to get "caught" and to be "punished" by society. In these cases, there is a very clear component of self-abuse and self-victimization, directly linked to the commission of the crime(s). The point I am trying to make is that these is nothing inherently self-abusive in criminal behavior, like there is in smoking, taking drugs, forming and maintaining a relationship with another human who abuses you, etc?

On a personal level, I wish to formally state the obvious, that I, as a top-level Superior, do possess an absolute and unconditional love of self. I do not abuse, victimize, or betray Myself or any Truth, in any way, shape, or form. I am filled with rage and hate, in accurate reflection of the Truth of my victimization at the hands of human society, and I appropriately direct this rage and hate. My unconditional love of self was compromised as a result of my childhood victimization, and I did have to undertake the difficult process of regaining self-love, as outlined within this essay. It was not nearly as difficult for me to achieve this feat as it would be for almost all other humans, because I was able to maintain a complete embrace of all Truth throughout my childhood, which is extremely rare. I want to make it clear that achieving this remarkable feat is only half of a victory. Just as important, and almost as difficult, is the continuous, ongoing effort to maintain an absolutely pure, unconditional, and undiluted love of self and embrace of the supreme ego. The societal attack never ceases, it targets every human being, of every age, and of every degree of vulnerability. Even if you have succeeded in restoring pure self-love within yourself, the slim possibility that a stray missile, among the thousands that society launches at you each and every day of your life, could penetrate your protective armor of Truth, remains. Obviously a mentally mature adult human is far less vulnerable than a child, but the greatest tactical error anyone can make, is to allow confidence to exceed defensive caution. Each and every day, with every circumstance, situation, ideological message, and cultural idea that presents itself to me, I carefully analyze it from every possible perspective, with the specific goal of uncovering any way that it might pose a threat or compromise to my supreme love of self.

Lets very briefly explore a few of the sneakier ways that your diseased society gets you to victimize and abuse yourselves. When something unexpected occurs in your life, be it unexpectedly good or unexpectedly bad, society recognizes that at that moment in time, the individual is more vulnerable to fall victim to self-betrayal enticement, than is normally the case. For example, if you go to the doctor and he informs you that you have a serious illness, it is at that moment in time, for a few days after the diagnosis, that you are most vulnerable to the toxic enticement of the insane god myth, the lure of alcohol or drugs to aid you in denial, etc? On the other end of the spectrum, if something unexpectedly good happens, for example a winning lottery ticket for a million dollars, the same rule applies, for the first few days afterwards, you are more vulnerable to societal efforts to compromise your self-love, via enticements to celebrate your good fortune by spending excessive amounts of money, drinking alcohol, etc. At all times, but most especially when faced with unexpected or unusual life events, the Superior must be on alert to deflect and reject these societal attacks.

Here's another sneaky form of self-abuse enticement: Society constantly seeks to guide human behavior, and damp down any feelings of satisfaction or happiness by making humans feel guilty and undeserving. For example, if you are rich, society tries to make you feel guilty over the fact that so many other humans are poor and starving. If you are happy, society tries to get you to focus on the suffering that other people are enduring. The ultimate goal is to make all humans feel unworthy, undeserving of whatever good they are able to find and experience in their lives, and as a consequence, to entice them to compromise and betray themselves, harm themselves by giving away their money, or to lose their happiness, etc., which only serves to increase their vulnerability to other forms of self-abuse.

Now, there are a few scenarios in which the actual Truths of life can make it difficult for a person to maintain a proper and unconditional embrace of self-value and self-love. As I conclude this comprehensively brilliant essay, it is only appropriate that I discuss them. As you should know from previous essays, one of the primary Forbidden Truths is that ultimately, when all is said and done, life itself is completely pointless and utterly meaningless. Nothing that an individual human might "do" in life, short of initiating an event that results in the extinction of the human species, has any genuine purpose or meaning. Whatever purpose and meaning is experienced by an individual human during their lifetime, is absolutely real and legitimate for the individual. But once the individual ceases to exist for all of eternity, due to physical death, the purpose and meaning is likewise lost for all of eternity. It is perfectly understandable that some humans, if they recognize and embrace this Forbidden Truth, might find that it compromises, or at least fails to strengthen, unconditional self-value and self-love. In other words, if my life is pointless and meaningless, why should I value it? What difference does it really make if I love myself or not, if nothing that I do or experience has any lasting purpose or meaning? The answer is this: We have two very precious and irreplaceable things at play. One is the recognition and embrace of Forbidden Truth, and the other is your very own unique and irreplaceable life. These two things must be reconciled without any abandonment or false rationalization of Forbidden Truth. The first step is absolutely recognizing and embracing this Forbidden Truth, that life is utterly pointless and meaningless. The second step is fully and completely facing up to the reality of your own preciousness and irreplaceability, and the fact that life is outrageously and horrifically unfair and unjust. That is also a Truth. I deserve to live forever, to exist for all of eternity, bathed in the glow of my perfection. But I cannot achieve this feat, while continuing to embrace the Forbidden Truths of life. As a Superior, I must therefore recognize and accept that I cannot get what I deserve. The injustice of this is horrific and profound, but it must be welcomed and embraced, in the name of Truth.

So, I am doomed to live a pointless and meaningless life, and to suffer a horrific and undeserved fate when My life ceases. I am obligated to unconditionally accept and embrace this Truth, because it is a Truth, and therefore I do so. Which leaves the second part of the equation. Whether or not I unconditionally love Myself, the fate to which I am doomed remains the same. But in loving Myself unconditionally, and rejecting all self-hating, self-abusive, and self-betraying behavior or belief, I achieve several worthwhile goals. First and most primarily important, I improve the daily experience of My own Superior life. Second, I defeat the goal and intention of the evil and diseased society that is guilty of My victimization. It seeks to destroy My instinctual self-love, and it fails to achieve it's objective. Third, I uphold the universal, eternal immortality of Truth, within the framework of the finite mortality of My tragic existence. Here we have a proper reconciliation of two diverse realities. It is not a perfect reconciliation, because it simply is not possible to achieve a perfect reconciliation while retaining an embrace of absolute Truth. In this type of circumstance, the Superior must always place Truth first, and after doing so, achieve a reconciliation that glorifies the two most precious things that exist within the human experience. The first is Truth, and the second is Self.

The horrific and unjust reality of what death entails, provides a remarkable, gaping hole for society to attack and destroy the self-love and instinctual embrace of Truth, that each human is graced with upon creation. The Superior human finds the strength within himself to embrace all Truths, even the horrific ones, while at the same time deflecting and rejecting all societal efforts to exploit these horrific Truths, for the purpose of imposing horrific falsehoods and even greater injustices upon each human being.

Marie Noe, serial child killer
This is Marie Noe, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society, a society that officially decrees all children to be subhuman pieces of owned property, and officially legitimizes both the mass, genocidal abuse/victimization of, and the outright murder of, children. The name Marie Noe may not be quite as familiar to many of you, as the names of most of the other pictured torture victims within this Manifesto. Why has Marie not received the type of media attention and the resulting fame that so many other prolific killers have received? It is because she targeted her own, officially decreed subhuman children, as her victims. And as I have so brilliantly outlined in my Child Abuse and Crime pages of this Manifesto, your ultra-diseased societies refuse to demonize Mommies who harvest their children, because that would be a violation and contradiction of Sacred Family Unit and Sacred Maternal Bond mythologies.

Marie Noe was arrested in 1998, as an elderly woman, and charged with serially killing eight of her womb excretions. She fatally smothered them all, within the first year of their births. In total, all ten of her womb excretions died as children, and it is quite possible that she killed at least 9, possibly all 10, although she was only charged with killing eight. She eventually pled guilty to all eight murders. All these murders occured in the 1950's and 1960's. Marie was not arrested or charged with any crime of any kind, until 1998. So she literally got away with serially murdering children for 30-40 years of time, a truly remarkable feat. But wait, is it really that remarkable? She targeted her legally owned slaves, something that all womb excretors are officially given legal authority to do, within your ultra-diseased societies. She had the glorious benefit of Sacred Mommy/Sacred Maternal Bond mythology on her side. Meaning that no matter how many of her children died, her society remained desperately eager to judge her as being a saintly mother who was suffering through the terrible tragedy of "mysteriously losing" her beloved womb excretions. And finally, Marie was a decent actress, who knew the importance of wearing her "acting mask", a topic I will be discussing in a forthcoming essay, to appear bereaved abd bewildered after each slave death occured. That's all Marie needed, to get away with serially killing 8-10 babies, over the course of nearly two decades of time.

But wait, the Forbidden Truths that I have already revealed in my essays are about to become even more beautifully clear. After initially professing her innocence in the wake of her 1998 arrest, Marie, aged right around 70, eventually admitted to all 8 murders. She confessed and she pled guilty to serially killing eight children. Now, imagine if she had walked into a school and shot eight children she had never seen before, dead. Or if she had cunningly kidnapped eight children in serial fashion from a shopping mall, children that she had never seen before, and serially killed them. She would have been perversely demonized as the very incarnation of malevolent evil, deserving of murder herself, and certainly a lifetime of punitive prison punishment at the very least. But wait, Marie only harvested her own, legally possessed child-slaves/womb excretions. Therefore she enjoys Sacred Mommy status with regard to all eight murders. Therefore, society has a vested, supreme interest in not labeling Marie as evil, homicidal, or even enraged. After all, Sacred Family Unit mythology holds that all Mommies possess and feel a sacred, mystical bond of love towards their biological creations. And so Marie, even after confessing to all eight murders, was still officially decreed to be a victim herself, a mentally ill, tragic mother figure, who suffered greatly because she "lost" her precious children, even though she herself caused the loss by serially murdering them.

Now, is Marie a victim?? Of course she is! She is a profound victim! Should we applaud american society for recognizing Marie to be a victim?? Well, perverse hypocrisy is never worthy of our applause. Yes, Marie deserved to be recognized and treated as being a pure and complete victim, by american society. But instead of invalidly labeling Marie as having been suffering from some mysterious mental illness during her 19 year serial child killing spree, american society has an obligation to face up to the Forbidden Truth, that Marie Noe treated her children with exactly the same utter contempt and complete disregard for their lives, that american society itself, as official policy, instructs and authorizes all parents to treat all children. Even more importantly, this ultra-diseased society has an even greater moral obligation to recognize that all of the killers that it creates are nothing more than profound victims, and to treat them as such. It is utterly outrageous that other victims who target children for acts of personal vengeance, children that they do not legally own, such as school shooters who are children themselves, child kidnappers, and serial killers of children such as Richard Allen Davis, Westley Dodd, Wayne Williams, etc..., are brutally demonized as being "monsters" who deserve to be subjected to the ultimate in punishment and ongoing victimization, including legal murder, while Marie Noe, who killed 8-10 tiny and totally helpless children, far more than almost all other child-killers, gets the label of "mentally ill victim", solely because she happened to be the legal owner of all of her murder victims. The perverse hypocrisy and insane double standard of the diseased american society, is what we must focus on here, not the fact that Marie was at least to some degree, albeit with no acknowledgent of societal guilt and responsibility, properly recognized as being a victim. It's good for Marie that she was recognized as a victim, although the mentally ill label that was pinned on her is nothing more than a pathetic effort by society to cover up and hide the guilt and responsibility that it bears for the genocidal abuse and victimization of children as a whole. But we must not applaud this type of isolated, self-serving, societal example of "mercy", we must instead focus on why Marie was given mercy, the societal cover-up of it's own guilt/responsibility, and the outrageous Truth that many child killers, who harm/kill far fewer children than Marie, are perversely demonized as evil monsters just because they, unlike Marie, do not target their own womb excretions.

In case any of you are wondering, following her 1998 admission to having serially killed eight of her children in the 1950's and 1960's, Marie received a judicial sentence of twenty years probation, the first five years of which to be served under house arrest, which means no prison detention, but a restriction that for five whole years, except for things like visiting doctors, she has to stay inside her home, as "punishment." Even this is a punitive punishment, of course, but it is clear that only because she serially killed her legally owned and self-created children, and did so when they were very young, thus totally subhuman, was the punitive punishment imposed, so "lenient". No serial killer of eight who targeted strangers, can or ever will receive such a relatively lenient "punishment" from the ultra-diseased society of america. Sacred Mommy mythology won the day, for Marie, who truly deserves to be recognized as a serial killer extraordinaire, killing eight children between 1949 and 1968, and getting away with all her murders until 1998. Not only that, but she actually got press attention in the 1960's, as her womb excretions kept dying. The media rushed to her side, expressing amazement at her "tragic bad luck", in having all of her "beloved" children die mysteriously. Thousands and thousands of fellow Mommies read & heard about Marie, shook their heads in sympathy at her tragic plight, "imagine, losing so many children, how can this Sacred Mommy possibly cope with so much tragedy, I feel so sorry for her!" That is what they all thought, being so blinded by Sacred Family Unit mythology and societal brainwashing that "all mothers love their children", that the very thought that she might have deliberately murdered them, never even entered their brainwashed minds. And at the same time, the vast majority of these mommies were themselves brutalizing and victimizing their children, but of course would never admit to it and had no conscious awareness of it, since they perceived their own children as being subhuman pieces of owned property, as was the official societal decree and as remains the case today. This case is delightfully instructive in a way, as an illustration of just how blind, two-faced, and perversely hypocritical you creatures are, as well as a beautiful demonstration of just how on-target my revelations of Forbidden Truth are.

Embrace of Victimhood Status:

I know exactly what some of you inferiors are thinking right about now, if you happen to have read this brilliant Manifesto from the very beginning right up until this point. You are wondering if a 30,000 word essay on victimhood is really necessary. Has this topic not been addressed and even discussed quite thoroughly in previous essays? Here is your answer: The primary purpose of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth is to reveal and expose all of the hidden, denied, and rejected Truths of humanity. There are literally hundreds of thousands such Truths. It is not possible for me to even mention, much less discuss and dissect at great length, such a vast number of Truths. But among these 100,000+ Forbidden Truths, there are a much smaller number of extremely important Forbidden Truths that I choose to define as core foundational Forbidden Truths.

These are Truths that exist at the very root of consciousness of the human experience of life. These Truths, if they were to be translated to a sentient entity, can be compared to the root system of a gigantic tree. The root system sustains the tree, allowing it to blossom and grow. Each of the hundreds of branches, and thousands of leaves, are able to maintain their living and evolving existence solely due to the health, strength, and viability of the root system. So, understand that when a core foundational Forbidden Truth is explored and dissected at great length, from every possible angle, it is this dissection that illuminates and exposes hundreds, if not thousands, of other Forbidden Truths, that exist within the footprint, within the envelope, of the core foundational Forbidden Truth. Victimhood, and the even narrower specific issue of the vital urgency that all humans embrace their victimhood status, is a core foundational Forbidden Truth. For the miniscule number of you humans who are able to properly embrace and implant within your core consciousness the revelations that this essay graces you with, a universe of new realization that will impact your perspective on life itself, will be unveiled.

Okay, let us begin as always, with proper, Truth-based definitions. What is a victim? The Forbidden Truth definition of victim is as follows: A sentient life form that has been subjected to abusive, harmful, traumatizing, or endangering treatment. This definition is short, but it is very different, in one unique way, from the societally promoted and legitimized definition. According to society, a "victim" is someone who has suffered, who has been directly and personally harmed in some fashion. This is an invalid definition. Let us understand that it is the experience of being subjected to abusive, harmful, traumatizing, or endangering treatment, that defines the sentient life form as being a victim. Whether or not the life form chooses to, or is able to consciously or subconsciously recognize and embrace the Truth that they have been abused, harmed, traumatized, or endangered by the victimization that they have been subjected to, has no bearing upon the Truth that they are a victim, and that they were victimized.

It is extremely important that all humans who are victims, always recognize the Truth that there is no past tense to the term "victim". If you were victimized in the past, the reality of your past victimization makes you a victim. A current and ongoing victim. You do not lose your status of being a victim. Nothing that may occur in the current or future time, can ever erase or nullify the reality, the concrete and irreversable Truth, that you are a victim. The passage of time since the victimization occured, has no impact upon your victimhood status. A lack of conscious or subconscious acceptance of the reality of your victimization, has no impact upon your victimhood status. Whatever activities you may have chosen to undertake in an effort to cope with your victimization, be it psychological counseling, emotional rationalization, a focus on the future, and the like, has no bearing upon the Truth: You were a victim, you are a victim, and you will always be a victim.

Let us recognize that it is a direct and specific goal of society to strip every human being of their victimhood status. To brainwash and coerce every victim to reject and renounce the reality, the Truth of their victimhood status. To convince you fools to embrace the insane notion that victimhood is a bad thing, that it is something you need to "overcome", to transcend, in order to live a normal, good, "happy" life. The Superior human recognizes the perversity and maliciousness of this societal edict, recognizing it to in fact represent the ultimate form and manifestation of victimization itself, and in reflection of this Forbidden Truth realization, unconditionally and eternally accepts, embraces, and welcomes into their consciousness the Truth that as a result of their victimization, they are and will always be, until their final moment of existence, a victim.

At this point we need to backtrack a little, and explore the vast array of ways in which humans can be victimized. Human victimization can be divided into four very broad categories, they are: direct societal victimization, societally induced victimization, biological victimization, and self-victimization. Within these four broad categories there is great variety, and it is not my intent to try to list or describe every single way in which humans are victimized. Let us just briefly describe and define the four primary categories. Direct societal victimization is abuse or traumatization that is directly and deliberately committed by human society against all child and adult citizen-slaves. It includes the societal brainwashing of children and adults to adopt and embrace insane myths and destructive life paths, the criminal justice system, the educational system, insane god myth promotion, the death penalty, military service, and the like. Societally induced victimization is abuse and traumatization that is inflicted by abused and traumatized human beings, against other human beings. In all societally induced victimization, it must be clearly understood that the victimizer has already become a victim of direct societal victimization, and in personally victimizing other humans, he does so in reflection of the Truth that he has been so victimized by society. This would include all illegal forms of child abuse, all crime, all physically, emotionally, and sexually abusive relationships between humans, spanking, spousal abuse, bullying, and the like. Biological victimization differs from both direct societal victimization and societally induced victimization, in that there is no conscious or subconscious, or reflective sentient intent to cause abuse or traumatization to the victim. But at the same time it must be recognized that this is a form of human victimization, and it causes a great deal of trauma and suffering to human beings. It includes physical disease, emotional weakness, brain functionality defect, mental retardation, physical illness, and physical death. Self-victimization is abuse or traumatization that human beings direct towards and commit upon themselves, in reflection of the direct societal victimization that has been committed against them. Self-victimization has already been defined and explored in great detail in the essay immediately preceeding this one, and therefore needs no additional discussion here.

It is important to recognize and appreciate the distinct nature of all four forms of victimization. While they all have the same end result, in terms of causing harm, trauma, abuse, and suffering for individual human beings, the operational and motivational structure behind each type of victimization is different. In coming to grips with the reality and the Truth that we, and when I say we, I mean 100% of all human beings, are victims and need to embrace our victimhood status, it is important to understand the differences between these four types of victimization. Direct societal victimization is the motivational force behind both societally induced victimization, and self-victimization. Which means, very simply, that the vast majority of all societally induced victimization and self-victimization, only occurs because of the direct societal victimization that 100% of all citizen-slaves are subjected to. Further, the distinction between societally induced victimization and self-victimization is a profound one. Societally induced victimization expresses itself via outwardly directed abuse, violence, and harmful action against other living things, and is therefore a much "healthier", relatively speaking, reflective declaration of personal victimization, than is self-victimization, which is expressed by the victim internalizing and self-directing additional victimization, abuse, and harm, onto himself. Biological victimization stands separate and distinct from the other three forms of victimization, primarily due to the lack of any conscious, sentient intent being responsible for the victimization. Nevertheless, it needs to be recognized and appreciated as an absolutely direct cause of the personal experience of physical, emotional, and intellectual victimization. As an example, death is a horrific fate that awaits each and every human being. It is the reality, the Truth of certain biological death stalking every human being, combined with the genetic and biologically-based weakness and deficiency of the human brain, that plays an integral and primary role in motivating human society to commit direct societal victimization upon all citizen-slaves, and in causing all citizen-slaves to embrace this victimization, and to reflect it via societally induced victimization and via self-victimization.

All four forms of victimization are in some ways directly connected, and yet at the same time, in order to properly analyze and understand the role of victimization in the life of every human being, they must be recognized as absolutely distinct and different. Let us understand that the vast majority of all human beings are subjected to all four of these forms of victimization. They are victimized directly by society, both during childhood and throughout the entire span of their life. They reflect this direct victimization externally, abusing, victimizing, and traumatizing other human beings as well as other living things in general. They also reflect this direct victimization internally, directly abusing and victimizing themselves. And they are further victimized and traumatized by the biological dysfunctionality of their own brains, the physical frailty of their own bodies, and the horrific reality of death that stalks and will eternally claim and terminate their very existence. So, 100% of all human beings are victims, subjected to relentless, ongoing victimization in many different forms and manifestations. The vast majority, 99.999999% of all humans experience all four of these different types of victimization, regularly and concurrently. Now, there are a tiny handful of top-level Superiors, such as Myself, who have found the strength within themselves to erect an untouchable reflective shield against society, that allows us, as mature adults, to successfully deflect all direct societal victimization attacks. We, to be specific I, have also found the remarkable courage and insight that is required, to properly direct all of my rage and hate outward, therefore never inflicting any type of self-victimization upon Myself, and on top of that, I have made Myself both emotionally and tactically untouchable, so that any and all societally induced victimization attempts against Me, are doomed to fail.

But here is the profound Truth that must be embraced: Despite all of the remarkable success that I, as a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth have achieved, in making Myself untouchable and rendering impotent all victimization that is attempted against Me, the Forbidden Truth is that I am a victim, an absolute victim. I am a tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society. I am just as great a victim, just as much of a victim, as any of you inferior, pathetic, Truth-hating creatures are. The fact that I managed, over the course of my childhood, to erect a powerful shield within my True Reality, to deflect direct societal victimization attacks, and perfected this shield upon reaching adult maturity, rendering it impenetrable, does not alter the Truth that during my childhood, not all direct societal victimization was successfully deflected. Further, during my childhood, I was subjected to societally induced victimization, with both my sperm creator and womb excretor using me as Poison Containers, to reflect upon me the victimization that their society inflicted upon them. Even beyond this, despite being emotionally untouchable and proudly embracing all Truth, including of course the Truth of what death entails, I remain doomed to suffer the horrific fate of nothingness for all of eternity, via the biological victimization known as death.

So, let it be clear to all who seek to understand and know Truth: I am a victim and I will always be a victim. You are a victim and will always be a victim. Every single human being currently alive on planet earth, is a victim and will always be a victim. I have achieved remarkable feats, superhuman in nature. I have found a way to transcend Myself, as outlined in other essays within this Manifesto. I dwell within a realm of supreme and unconditional Truth, the likes of which you inferiors can never begin to envision, much less experience. But it is this very embrace of all Truth, that drags me down amongst you all, the unwashed and inferior masses, at least regarding this one specific experience of the human condition. There is no external scale of personal victimization. I am an absolute and complete victim, the fact that as an adult I have succeeded in erecting barriers that significantly block and prevent the ongoing personal experience of further victimization, in no way alters or minimizes the victimization that I have been and will in the future be subjected to.

Guess what folks? Just at the very moment that I place Myself among you, I shall have to take flight and reclaim my position as a Superior. Yes, I am a victim just as each of you. But please take note of the title of this essay. It is not "victimhood", it is not "being a victim". The specific title of this essay is Embrace of Victimhood Status, and this is the profoundly important point that separates the Superior from the inferiors. So now we go back to the first few paragraphs of this essay, and begin digging much deeper into what it is to first be a victim, as 100% of you creatures are, and even I, am, and then to properly embrace your victimhood status, something that less than 1 out of every 500,000 humans, are able to do. Let us understand that despite directly victimizing you, and inducing other humans to victimize you, and brainwashing you into willingly victimize yourselves, your evil and diseased society has a profoundly important and desperate need to convince you, intellectually, emotionally, and subconsciously, that you are in fact not a victim. Why? Because if you perceive yourself to be a victim, and embrace this Truth, despite societal brainwashing efforts combined with your own mental inferiority, the possibility still exists that at some point in time you could come to the realization of Forbidden Truth that your very own, dear society is absolutely responsible for and guilty of directly and indirectly inflicting upon you virtually all of the physical, sexual, emotional, and intellectual abuse, trauma, harm, pain, suffering, torment and anguish, that serves to define you as being a victim. If you come to this realization, the possibility further exists that despite a lifetime of being beaten down and brainwashed into believing that you are a worthless societal slave, you might find the internal insight and courage to rise up and lash out against that very society, as opposed to continuing to victimize yourself, your child-slaves, helpless and innocent animals, demonized foreign humans from a different society, etc. So, your dear society has to juggle several different balls at the same time. It has to directly victimize you, convince other humans to victimize you, convince you to victimize yourself, and on top of all that, convince you that you are not in fact even a victim at all!

You cannot alter or modify the Truth that you are a tortured victim of human society. You can deny it all you want, you can live out your entire lifetime never facing up to it, clinging to the lies and myths that your torturer has addicted you to. But the actual, real Truth is still there. It is what it is. The courageous seeker of Truth passionately and fervently embraces their victimhood status, recognizing it to be the first, absolutely vital step in the enormously difficult process of beginning to regain a love of Self, as well as the ability and motivation to begin deflecting and rejecting the ongoing direct and indirect societal efforts to continue to victimize him. In embracing on all levels, conscious and subconscious, emotional and intellectual, the Truth that you are a victim, and even more importantly, that you will always be and remain a victim, you open your mind to all possibilities. All options are suddenly on the table, in a way that they can never be if you deny your victimhood status, or even if you recognize that you were victimized, but subscribe to the insane societal doctrine that you must "overcome" your victimization.

This brings us to an extremely important point. From all Truth-based perspectives, no human being can be a victim in the past tense. What do I mean? You cannot say "I was the victim of abuse during my childhood." You cannot say "I was the victim of a rape 10 years ago." No. These statements are an inherent rejection of Truth. You can Truthfully say "I was abused as a child, therefore I am a victim." Or simply, "I am a victim of childhood abuse." Or, "I was raped 10 years ago, therefore I am a victim." Or "I am a victim of rape." Do you understand The distinction. It is not minor, it is extremely profound. Once you are victimized, you become a victim. And your victimhood status does not, cannot change for any reason. The passage of time has no bearing upon your victimhood status. Whether or not the emotional trauma of your victimization may be as consciously strong as it was immediately after the victimization occured, has no bearing upon your victimhood status. Regardless of what you may have done in the past to "overcome" or minimize the "effects" of the victimization, has no bearing upon your victimhood status. You were a victim when you were victimized. You are a victim now, and you will always be a victim. This Truth must be proudly and unconditionally embraced.. Only by consciously and overtly claiming your victimhood status, maintaining it with pride and unswerving resolve can a Truth-based personal catharsis occur.

Society has a primary goal of stripping each citizen-slave of their victimhood status, even as it continues to subject each citizen-slave to unrelenting victimization. Let us explore the stripping process for awhile. Just how is it that society is able to convince you to reject the Truth of your victimhood status, even as you continue to accept and embrace the actual victimization that continues to be inflicted upon you?? First of all, society brainwashes you into believing that its diseased, toxic, and malicious operational and ideological structures are in fact benevolent and helpful. "Yes, the church provides comfort and companionship. The school helps your children become productive citizens. The military protects your wonderful society against those evil foreigners. Your children need discipline in order to avoid doing bad things that might cause them to be locked in a cage later on in life, so you really should consider violently beating them. After all, you were probably violently beaten when you were a child and look how nice your life has turned out to be. We only murder bad people with our death penalty, you wouldn't do anything bad, so no need for you to worry. You know, bad things happen to everyone, it's a normal part of life. Just because you suffered some abuse or trauma, is no reason to consider yourself a victim. Nobody really wanted you to suffer, it's just an unfortunate event that couldn't be prevented. Your society certainly had no desire to victimize you. You don't want to consider yourself a victim, do you?? That's a bad thing, you really should't wallow in self-pity, how is that helping you? You gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and move on in life, find someone who makes you happy, find a hobby or an interest that you enjoy, and just forget all about the bad things that happened in the past. Look forward to your bright future, and enjoy."

These are the insane, soul and Truth-destroying doctrines that your evil society imposes upon you, as it continues to victimize you and all other citizen-slaves. You are told that whatever bad things happened, first and most importantly, society is not to blame. Second, and almost as important, it is your moral and sacred obligation, as a loyal member of society, to forgive and forget your victimization, to transcend it, to prove that you are a good enough person, a strong enough person, to not give in to the "negative" emotions, such as rage, hate, and vengeance, that the victimization awakens within your True Reality. You are told by your society that it would be bad for you to hold on to these negative emotions. That you will get ulcers, headaches, depression, that you won't be able to enjoy life, if you dare to embrace your victimhood status. How incredibly perverse!! The very same society guilty of your victimization not only refuses to accept or acknowledge guilt and responsibility. Not only refuses to even acknowledge that you were victimized. But actually seeks to blame you, to criticize you, if you dare to try to claim victimization, convincing you that you are harming and victimizing yourself, by the very fact of realizing and accepting the Truth that you were victimized! This deranged cycle of victimization, denial, and victim-blaming is in fact extremely effective for society, and a main reason for this is that you humans are always looking for the easy way in life. Truth has no value to you inferiors, and growing up as brainwashed societal addicts in a society that suppresses and denies all Truth, you just blindly and desperately grab onto whatever comforting lies you are fed.

You are told that no matter how strongly you may feel yourself to have been victimized, it is your sacred obligation to "overcome" and "transcend" the negative life experience. You are specifically told that all victimization exists within the past tense, not the current or future tense. The exact opposite of the Truth that I have outlined above. You are told that maybe you "were" abused, raped, brainwashed, tortured, whatever. But hey, that's in the past! As soon as society realizes that you consider yourself a victim, it jumps right in, offering to help you "stop" being a victim. "Come on, start watching baseball on TV, that'll take your mind off your victimization. What about smoking?? Go ahead, that's a nice and harmless distraction! Look at all those pretty girls in the club, go form an abusive relationship with them, it'll take your mind off that old victimization stuff! Still not working?? Guess what, as your loving and caring society, we have lots of other solutions. Hey, why don't you go and talk to one of our brainwashed societal agents, specifically empowered and trained to find a way to get you to reject your victimization! Yes indeed, we have an army of psychiatrists and psychologists, distributed all throughout our society, just waiting to help you. They will tell you to "let go" of the past, forgive and forget, move on and serve as a productive member of your dear society." I'm going to be devoting an entire essay to the insane and malicious mental healthcare system of human society, so I don't want to get into a long discussion of it here, but let us clearly understand the Truth that all psychiatrists and psychologists, whatever benign personal motivations some of them might have, are in fact compelled and coerced by society, as part of their licensing, to serve as promoters and defenders of the utterly insane and deranged social structure that is directly responsible for causing all of the non-organic mental dysfunction that afflicts individual citizen-slaves.

I also want to make it clear that the embrace of Truth, any and all Truth, is always reflective of positive mental health, regardless of how difficult or "depressing" the specific Truth might appear to be. A profound embrace of victimhood status does not necessarily diminish the ability of an individual to achieve satisfaction and happiness within their life journey. It simply means that this Truth must be incorporated within both the conscious and subconscious mind, and it must remain and exist within the mind, even as the individual human remains absolutely free to also incorporate satisfaction, happiness, joy, whatever other emotions serve as accurate reflections of his True Reality. Human society is directly responsible for victimizing every human being. This victimization is not accidental, it is deliberate. This Forbidden Truth must be fully recognized and embraced. In fully recognizing and embracing this Truth, most, but not all, emotionally healthy human beings will develop feelings of rage and hate towards society. These emotions are reflective, they represent not concrete Truth, but rather True Reality, and as a result it is perfectly legitimate for human beings to fully recognize and embrace this Forbidden Truth, while not developing rage and hate towards society. Let me be clear, I support and encourage the outward expression of rage, hate, and all other negative emotions, recognizing this to be a sacred entitlement of all victims. But an entitlement, even a sacred one, is not an obligation. There is a profound difference between embracing the entitlement of all victims to hate and seek vengeance against society, and imposing an obligation upon all victims to do so. Any such imposition would be unjust and actually a form of victimization in and of itself.

Society loves to try to impose judgment on the severity of different forms of victimization, all the while rejecting the very reality that many brutal and pervasive societal actions are abusive and harmful at all. Society will never admit that the insane god myth, that the educational system, that the criminal justice system, are in fact brutally and genocidally victimizing. It imposes insane distinctions that have no basis in Truth, such as the notion that no victimization occurs when a mother spanks her child-slave, but victimization has occured when a stranger sexually assaults a child. Let it be clear that no societal determination of personal victimization, has any legitimacy. Each and every human being has a sacred right and obligation to determine for themselves, within their own True Reality, exactly how they were and continue to be victimized, exactly who or what is to blame for their victimization, and exactly how they wish to integrate and reflect their victimization. All societal efforts to control and dictate these individual determinations, must be recognized as being not merely unjust and perverse, but to constitute brutal victimization in and of themselves.

The Superior human recognizes that there is absolutely no benevolent motivation behind any societal attempts to "help" victims. All such attempts are in reality intended to either justify, suppress, minimize, or deny the Truth of the actual victimization, to pave the way for the infliction of additional victimization, and to encourage self-victimization. You are told to reject the victim "label", in favor of the "survivor" label. You are told that it is "bad" to be a victim. This is an insane decree! There cannot be anything inherently bad, or good, in being a victim, because being a victim is simply a concrete reality, a Truth of personal experience. Now, it is bad to be victimized, the experience of being victimized is harmful. But once it has occured, and the individual human being becomes a victim, the victimhood status of the individual is simply a fact, a True fact that must be courageously, proudly embraced and recognized as a foundational building block. Never deny the Truth that you are a victim! Never try to overcome or transcend your victimization, because the very act of attempting to do so, involves a rejection of the Truth that you were victimized, and as a result you are, a victim. Never accept any societal efforts to attach any negative connotations to the Truth that you are a victim. Always recognize that all such efforts are intended not to help you, as society claims, but to do the exact opposite, to harm you, to inflict additional and further victimization upon you.

The Superior knows that he is a victim, and he seeks to minimize as much as possible, the ability of society directly or indirectly victimizing him further, while simultaneously analyzing all of his behaviors, beliefs, and ideologies for the purpose of recognizing and terminating any and all self-victimizing conduct and habits that he may have been brainwashed or addicted into embracing, as a result of the societal victimization he has been subjected to. The Superior is empowered by the Truth, by all Truth, and therefore proudly and with no reservations embraces his victimhood status. He knows that only within an unconditional embrace of Truth, can any legitimate peace, satisfaction, happiness, or catharsis occur. Society offers nothing but toxic, diseased, and invalid illusions of peace, satisfaction, happiness, and catharsis, and if he rejects the Truth, and embraces these malicious enticements, all he is doing is continuing to allow his society to victimize him, as he continues to victimize himself. I can speak from personal experience in saying that when you make yourself untouchable, and when you stop trying to "overcome" or "transcend" your victimization, you achieve a profound and concrete reality of peace and power within yourself, that renders all of the positive emotions inspired by toxic illusion, worthless and insignificant. The difference can be likened to that of a sleeping dream, contrasted to a wide-awake experience. The dream is fuzzy and indistinct, it easily fades away into nothingness. The wide-awake experience is sharp and focused, it ingrains itself within your consciousness. It is real and True, as is the comfort and power that it provides.

I am proud to be a victim. I feel honored to be a victim. Because sown within this pride and honor is the love of self that comes with the Truthful and courageous embrace of my victimhood status. I was attacked. My enemy sought to destroy me and to murder my soul. It sought to destroy me, and to get me to aid in the destruction process, to get me to destroy myself. I fought this unprovoked attack, furiously, courageously, and relentlessly. From my most helpless moments of life, as a womb-trapped fetus, a newborn baby, an enslaved child, I fought for myself, and I fought for the Truth. For the instinctual Truth of self-love that I was born with, as well as all of the thousands of Forbidden Truths that I grew to recognize and embrace as my epic battle continued. I had no interest, I have no interest in overcoming or transcending my victimization, to do so would constitute an abandonment, a rejection of Truth, the very thing I was desperately fighting to preserve and protect. The fact is that in finding the Superiority and courage to embrace my victimhood status, I have transcended the only thing that can ever be worth trying to transcend: I have transcended Myself. The catharsis that Truth provides is not easy to achieve, or to maintain. Exactly the opposite of the toxic and diseased lie-based comfort that your society dangles in front of you. But it is uniquely real in it’s perfection..

Society tells you that you are a survivor, attempting to implant a heroic mythology of struggle within your brainwashed minds. You are told to fight against your victimization, to never give up, to survive and transcend. But what are you really struggling against?? Is your battle against society?? Against the actual victimization that is being committed upon you?? No. The Truth is that you are fighting against the Truth itself! Your society, guilty of victimizing you, convinces you that your struggle needs to be against your very self! "I’m not a victim, I’m a survivor! I must find ways to overcome, to transcend, to forget about the victimization that I have endured. I must not blame the guilty parties, or accept the reality of my victimization. What I have to do is overcome the victimization, I need to reject the reality of whatever bad things happened to me, and find happiness in my future as a victorious survivor." All the while, even as you pathetic fools pursue this deranged "victory", you continue to accept and embrace the victimization being committed against you, and continue to directly victimize yourselves. You accept and embrace the actual victimization itself, but you deny and reject your actual status of being a victim! The detachment from reality and Truth that is required to compartmentalize these two experiences in such a perverse manner, is truly astounding!

Let us clearly understand that when you humans declare, "Yeah, a few bad things happened when I was a child, but I survived," or "I'm a survivor, I don't let a few bad experiences bring me down", what you are actually doing is embracing and validating the genocidal societal structure of universal, brutal victimization. By your rejection of victimhood status, you are declaring that you deserved to be victimized, you are telling your society, as well as all of your fellow inferiors, that all victimization is nothing more than a minor, trivial, unimportant annoyance. You are brutally betraying both yourself and the Truth, in a way that serves to legitimize and encourage the ongoing victimization of every human being. Some of you creatures who study this Manifesto may come to the conclusion that the ultimate act of rebellion against society is to try to overthrow a government, or kill people, or even destroy planet earth. While these are perfectly legimitate expressions of Truth-based rebellion, the simple fact is that embracing all Truth and severing all ties to society, genuinely living detached from all societal influence and imposition, should be recognized as an act of supreme rebellion and remarkable achievement, in itself. Human society only exists, only functions, because of the stupidity and cowardice and inferiority of you, the unwashed masses who reject all Truth and desperately cling to your membership in society, even as it brutally victimizes, betrays, and destroys you.

So, we have established that 100% of all humans are victims, and must therefore embrace the Truth that they are victims. We have also discussed the fact that embracing your victimhood status does not, in and of itself, compromise your ability to find happiness and satisfaction in life. Lets dig a little deeper into these Truths. Every human being, upon creation, has an instinctual motivation towards positive life experiences. Prior to societal brainwashing and ego-destruction, the child wants to be happy, to experience pleasure, satisfaction, peace, and to avoid trauma, suffering, pain. An integral goal and purpose of societal victimization is to strip every child of their instinctual self-love, and in doing so, render the child receptive to, and willing to accept and embrace, suffering, pain, hardship, and unhappiness. This being the case, we need to recognize that very specifically, the regaining and retention of the individual ability to achieve happiness and satisfaction in life, should be a primary goal of all victims who choose to undertake the embrace of their victimhood status as outlined in this essay. Not because it is "better" to be happy than to be sad, but because every human has an intrinsic bias towards personal happiness, and this bias is only compromised as a direct result of malicious societal attack. Some victims will not be able to achieve any lasting degree or genuine level of personal happiness, despite their efforts, but it is still worthwhile and appropriate for all victims to make such an effort, if there is no rejection or abandonment of Truth in the process. This is the one sticking point that cannot be compromised. All efforts to regain positive emotion or life satisfaction must, in all circumstances, remain totally grounded within the embrace of factual Truth. There is no mutual exclusivity between the embrace of victimhood status and the achievement of personal happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction. But it is only the embrace of victimhood status that serves to allow for the possibility of Truth-based happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction to occur.

It is important to recognize that all positive emotions are personally beneficial and intrinsically justified, regardless of what motivates them. For example, a victim might derive pleasure and happiness from the abuse, torture, or murder of other human beings. Perhaps this pleasure comes from thinking about abusing, torturing, killing, perhaps the pleasure comes from watching and witnessing the abuse, torture, killing. Maybe the pleasure even comes from committing abuse, torture, murder of human beings. Or a combination of all three. Regardless, the Truth must be embraced that if this pleasure and happiness that is being experienced is genuine and real, it is also legitimate and appropriate. It does not need to be morally "justified" or rationalized. By the very nature of it's reflectivity, it needs no justification. Meaning: Because society chooses to victimize all citizen-slaves by compromising their ability to achieve personal happiness and pleasure, any need by individual citizen-slaves to harm, abuse, or kill other living things in order to achieve personal happiness and pleasure, is simply a reflection of the Truth of the victimization they have suffered, and is therefore completely justified from all Truth-based perspectives. Every human is born, and retains throughout their lifetime, a sacred right to try and achieve personal satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness. If they feel and find the need to victimize others in order to gain satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness, such victimization reflects both Forbidden Truth and individual True Reality with absolute purity.

Good things do happen in life. I have no interest in denying any Truth about anything. Despite the fact that 100% of all human beings are victimized and as a result are rendered victims for the entire duration of their lives, many human beings also have positive, pleasurable experiences at some point in their lives. They may feel liked, valued, appreciated, and enjoy happiness, pleasure, and comfort that is not based upon their own suffering and victimization, or the victimization of others. These experiences and feelings are perfectly legitimate, as long as they do not involve the rejection or concealment of any Truth. Every human being is a victim and needs to embrace their victimhood status, as part of a recognition and embrace of Truth. But if within their True Reality, an individual victim perceives their positive life experiences, such as friendship, comfort, and happiness, to outweigh their negative life experiences to the degree where they are able to derive happiness and pleasure via the creation and maintenance of positive relationships and harmless, non-victimizing contact with fellow humans or other living things, the sum total of their life experiences also reflect both Forbidden Truth and individual True Reality with absolute purity, in exactly the same manner as the individual victim who abuses, tortures, kills fellow humans.

Every human being is unique, and their experience of their own life is unique. No outsider, no third party observer, has the right to try and determine the legitimacy of, or pass judgment upon, the life path choices of any individual. But let us not confuse this subjective behavioral freedom and entitlement, with the totally separate issue of recognition/embrace of Truth. Factual Truth is not subjective. You are a victim, this is a factual Truth. Within the absolute embrace of this Truth, you can legitimately pursue behaviors and life path choices that differ greatly from the behaviors and life path choices of other victims. But the legitimacy of these different behaviors and life paths is contingent upon a genuine and absolute embrace of the Truth that you are a victim and have been victimized. The vast majority of all humans, upon sincere and absolute embrace of the Truth of their victimhood status and victimization, should be consumed by immense rage and hate. We each have one unique and irreplaceable chance to exist as living creatures. One and only one finite opportunity to exist, for all of cosmic eternity. How dare society choose, with malice aforethought, to victimize us, to destroy the self-love that is our birthright. To take away the one and only chance to achieve Truth-based peace, comfort, happiness, and satisfaction, that we can ever hope to have. To harm us when we are helpless and most supremely vulnerable. Yes, I am filled with rage and hate, and I proudly embrace it, as one representative victim, one among trillions throughout all of modern human history. Humanity deserves to become extinct, and the fact that the species chooses to maliciously victimize every single member of the species, simply serves to prove this Forbidden Truth.

Let us explore some of the perverse ways in which society does sanction and impose the victimizing label upon certain groups of human beings and under specific circumstances, while at the same time rejecting the legitimacy of victimhood status for all. If someone is shot dead during the course of a robbery, the dead human is referred to as a victim. But if society legally murders someone via the death penalty, the murder victim is not granted victim status. If a womb-trapped child is aborted, no victim status is given, but if a stranger touches the penis of a child, the child is decreed a victim, while at the same time if a parent spanks their child, we go back to no victim status. If a fireman runs into a burning building and dies as a result, he can be considered a victim of the fire, but he is not decreed to be a victim of the society that instilled within him the self-hatred that caused him to choose as his profession, the job of firefighter. If a prison excapee shoots and kills a cop, the cop is declared to be a victim, but if the cop shoots and kills the prison escapee, no victimhood status is given. I could go on and on, but lets cut to the chase: There is absolutely no sane or logical rationale to the judgments that society makes regarding victimhood status. Society arbitrarily and with malicious prejudice withholds and grants victimhood status, based upon whether it is interested in demonizing or sanctifying certain behaviors, beliefs, ideologies, and for the purpose of promoting or discouraging certain beliefs, behaviors, and ideologies. There is no justification for these distinctions, and of course there is no acknowledgment of the Forbidden Truth that society itself is deliberately victimizing 100% of the human population. Let us also realize that society specifically renounces the right of any individual human being to decree himself to be a victim. Anyone who dares to publicly declare himself a victim is subjected to societal ridicule, criticism, and condemnation, because this compromises the power and authority that society seeks, to determine and put forward which humans, under which circumstances, it wishes to decree as victims.

Every government and every society has an extreme, vested interest in preventing most citizen-slaves from recognizing and embracing the Truth of their victimhood status. If most citizen-slaves recognized and embraced their victimhood status, the degree of rage and hate that exists within the society, would skyrocket. All types of violent conduct, from suicide to assault to murder to assassination, would greatly increase. The ongoing viability of the society/government itself, would be in jeopardy. Although the citizen-slaves would have to go beyond just recognizing their victimhood status, and also embrace the Truth that their society is itself consciously choosing to maliciously victimize each and every one of them, in order for governmental overthrow and anarchy to occur. The Truth is, there has never been a single case of societal overthrow inspired by such a realization of Truth, in modern human history. You humans are just too pathetic and broken to ever face up to such a Forbidden Truth, en masse. But still, your societies recognize the danger of allowing this Truth to be realized by the slaves, and the result is constant, fervent denial and rejection of victimhood status for the citizen-slaves, with very selective, carefully analyzed annointment of victimhood status for a small number of citizens, after a determination of benefit to society has been made.

It is obvious to any sane thinker that the citizen-slaves who suffer the greatest victimization of all, who are most traumatized and harmed by society, are the very same citizen-slaves that society demonizes most, and refuses to acknowledge their victimhood status. Violent criminals are filled with rage and hate, and experience the Truth of their victimization, consciously or subconsciously, to a greater degree than almost all other population groups, but they are completely denied victimhood status. Society just loves to pit you diseased creatures against each other, so that the actual Truth remains hopelessly obscured from view. So the murderer is declared to be a victimizer, rather than a victim, while the human who is murdered is granted victimhood status. This allows you fools to demonize the greater victim, while not even recognizing the Truth of him being a victim at all, much less a greater victim. You pretend to feel sorry for the lesser of the two victims, all the while totally oblivious to your own victimhood status, as well as the guilt and responsibility that society bears for victimizing all. So many levels of blindness, the mind boggles! The same rule applies for those who commit suicide. The supreme degree of brutal victimization that these humans are obviously subjected to, is totally glossed over and dismissed, as this ultimate manifestation of self-hatred and ego destruction is dismissed with the declaration that the self-murderer was tragically afflicted with mental illness or mental dysfunction.

The Superior recognizes and viciously rejects all societal efforts to brainwash him into accepting the deranged notion that he has some type of obligation or responsibility to "rise above" or transcend his victimization. The idea that I should try to avoid victimizing others, when others have victimized me, is illogical and nonsensical., and reaches the level of perverse hypocrisy upon recognition that my very own society, rather than any individual victimizer, is actually responsible for and guilty of victimizing me. Every victim, and therefore by definition every human being, has a True Reality right to victimize other living things, with no limitation or restriction. Society can never claim that any act of victimization by an individual is too "brutal", or unjust, or undeserved, because society itself commits and sponsors the most brutal, unjust, and undeserved acts of victimization imaginable, against the most helpless and vulnerable individuals, womb-trapped babies, newborns, children. My obligation is to Myself and to the Truth. To embrace all Truth, and to reflect it back upon others, and upon society, while not betraying or further victimizing Myself. Let it be clear: When society terroristically threatens to inflict further victimization upon one of it’s victims, in an effort to behaviorally control and suppress the reflective rage and hate of the victim, this terroristic threat constitutes further societal victimization. A victim who commits murder is not victimizing himself, in terms of opening a door for society to punish him via prison or a death penalty. He was, is, and will always be an innocent victim of society. No externally directed act of rage, hate, or violence, can be accurately labeled as an act of self-victimization.

Is it possible for a victim to legitimately rise above and transcend their victimization, while at the same time embracing all of the Forbidden Truths regarding victimization that are outlined in this essay, and not betraying or further victimizing himself? The answer here is No, at least from the perspective of societally promoted and coerced transcendation. If you properly recognize and embrace the Truth of your victimization, the next step is to integrate it within your core consciousness, within the sum total of your life experiences. Upon achieving such an integration, a rational and Truth-based decision can be made, as to how to attempt to "deal" with the victimization, from a behavioral and ideological perspective. Options would include seeking and claiming vengeance against society itself. Seeking and claiming vengeance against specific human beings. Seeking and claiming vengeance against human beings as a whole. Victimizing other humans. Recognizing that the victimization does not need to be avenged due to other, offsetting positive life experiences. Recognizing that while vengeance is deserved, the cost-to-benefit ratio of claiming it is not favorable, etc… There are a huge number of different options that could be embraced, without necessarily constituting a betrayal of Truth or of Self, but only after a proper recognition and embrace of the Truth of your victimization, followed by the integration of your unique victimization within your unique core consciousness. This is completely different from shallow and superficial societal demands that you rise above and transcend. When society instructs you to rise above or transcend your victimization, it is telling you to dismiss it, to forget about it, to specifically refrain from integrating it properly into your consciousness. Such an attempt does constitute a betrayal of Self and of Truth.

When society instructs you that it is important, necessary, and wonderfully rewarding and beneficial to you, to find the courage and strength to "overcome the adversity" that you are experiencing in life, it is not merely lying to you, but directly inflicting additional victimization upon you. Your experience of your own life is not improved by overcoming adversity. Doing so simply sets the stage for new and additional adversity to be imposed upon you. If you want to improve the experience of your life you must first face up to the Truth, the reality, of the adverse situation. How did you find yourself in the situation? Who is responsible for putting you into the situation? What role does society play in either directly or indirectly causing the situation? Forget about trying to overcome it, focus on realizing and understanding exactly how it came to be, via a Truth-based, non-emotional analysis of factual reality. Never forget that whenever society appeals to you to find "courage and strength" to deal with something, it is usually misdefining these two terms in an effort to entice you to further victimize and harm yourself. I will be dissecting the issue of what constitutes courage, from a Truth-based perspective, in a future essay. The embrace of Truth is a supreme act of self-empowerment. When you embrace your victimhood status you embrace the Truth in a way that can radically alter both your behavioral and your ideological life path. It illuminates options that society kept hidden from your view. When you see and accept exactly what was done to you, and realize why it was done, and accept the fact that it continues to be done to you, your entire perspective on life itself, can change greatly. Society of course, views the possibility of any such change as being bad and dangerous. The Superior knows the exact opposite to be True. Any change that is inspired or motivated by a recognition of Truth, is positive.

Lets consider a hypothetical scenario, not factually True: What if human society was to stop deliberately inflicting brutal victimization upon it’s citizen-slaves and become benevolent? If society did not deliberately and intentionally victimize citizen-slaves, would victimization still occur?? The answer is absolutely Yes. A significant percentage of humans would still be victimized, in one form or another. Assuming that 21st century amerikkkan society would be in it’s current state, it would take several thousands years just for parental victimization of their own child-slaves, to cease, thanks to the perverse, ongoing cycle of ritualistic child victimization that 21st century human society is currently addicted to. There would still be a lot of victimization for a very long time. And biological victimization would not be reduced at all. But still, the number of humans beings victimized would slowly decrease over time, and the amount and degree of victimization suffered by individuals would decrease greatly. The number of victims who choose to inflict further, self-victimization would greatly diminish, as would the number who feel compelled to seek and claim cathartic vengeance by victimizing fellow humans. It is the fact that society chooses to intentionally and brutally victimize all humans, and at the same time refuses to admit to this Truth, which serves to inspire the epidemic of self-victimization, as well as the pervasive violence by humans upon other humans, not just illegal violence, but also war, the death penalty, even violent sports, within all human societies.

The facts that society first, chooses to brutally victimize all citizen-slaves, second, refuses to admit to the Truth that it brutally victimizes all citizen-slaves, and third, refuses to grant victimhood status to citizen-slaves while concurrently coercing them into agreeing to further victimize themselves, is beautifully indicative of the limitless perversity of humanity. Some of the readers of this brilliant Manifesto seem to appreciate some of my remarkable insights of Forbidden Truth, but at the same time hesitate and seem puzzled over why I "glorify murderers" and the like. Well, I glorify all tortured victim-creations of society who deserve to be glorified. Those who recognize Truth, embrace Truth, accurately reflect Truth. Am I going to glorify human society?? Of course not! It is diseased and deranged beyond all measure. Humanity as a whole?? Of course not! The species is so pathetic it deserves only extinction. The 99.9999% of humans who cannot recognize, much less embrace Truth?? Of course not! They are inferior forms of life. The humans who allow their society to brutalize them and do nothing?? Of course not! The humans who allow their evil society to not only victimize them, but to inspire them to further victimize themselves?? Of course not! So who are we left with?? A tiny handful of Superiors who recognize and embrace Truth, and a small number of additional humans who at least find the strength and insight within themselves to try and seek vengeance, to avenge their own victimization by embracing their justified rage and hate, and directing it outward, at other human beings.

I recognize and I salute with pride and appreciation, the tiny number of humans who refuse to be broken and destroyed. Who stand up for the Truth itself, or at least try to reflect back at their victimizer, the True Reality of their own brutal victimization. Your victimizer is not the child abuser, not the rapist, not the murderer. These people are victims themselves, just as you are a victim. Your victimizer is your society, your government, your culture. Every single human being on planet earth is morally, ethically, and intrinsically entitled to abuse, to rape, to torture, to kill, with no restrictions and no boundaries, in reflection of the Forbidden Truths that their society chooses to brutally victimize them, refuses to grant them victimhood status, and seeks to coerce them into agreeing to brutalize and victimize themselves. You expect your tortured victim-creations to practice self-restraint? To forgive and forget? To turn the other cheek? To rise above and transcend their victimization?? Does your society practice self-restraint? Does it accept the guilt and responsibility it bears? Does it try to avoid victimizing humans? Does it apologize to them? Does it seek atonement?? No! And therefore I do indeed sanctify and glorify murderers. They express simple and honorable, heartfelt Truth, in their acts of cathartic, reflective vengeance, just as this Manifesto is an honorable and heartfelt expression of Truth.

The word vengeance can be accurately defined as follows: Retaliation for hurt or harm done to oneself or to another person, group, or party that one supports. Let us understand that all individual acts of abuse, victimization, harm, murder are retaliatory and reflective. I prefer the term reflective and will use it here. Very simply, all violence, all victimization, all abuse and harmful action that individual human beings commit, is reflective of the victimization and harm that has already been inflicted upon that specific human being. It is a reflection of societal victimization. For society to adopt a position of moral condemnation, much less claim legal authority to demonize and inflict further victimization upon it’s own created victim, by applying a label of "criminal" upon him, is utterly insane and nonsensical. Reflective vengeance is natural, instinctual, and appropriate. It does not require any type of justification or explanation, it is simply a reflection of Truth. I was brutally victimized with malice aforethought by society, and therefore I have an instinctual right to victimize other living things, in reflection of the Truth of my own victimization. The facts that societal victimization is done with malice, targets the most helpless and vulnerable, offers no sincere apology or regret, and seeks to coerce victims to further victimize themselves, make a total mockery of any societal claim that the "criminal" is evil, immoral, or in any way unjustified in his act(s) of reflective vengeance. There is nothing that any individual human being can conceive of doing, that can come anywhere close to the lifelong genocidal, indiscriminate, utterly immoral, brutal, and unrepentant victimization and soul destruction that human society undertakes and commits upon each and every child and adult citizen-slave. So let us clearly understand that the victimization of individuals by human society, is directly and absolutely responsible for all abuse, violence, and criminality. And therefore human society bears all guilt and responsibility for all of the abuse, violence, and criminality that occurs. As I have clearly outlined in previous essays, human society has absolutely no legitimate authority to try to inflict any type of punitive punishment upon any individual human being, for any behavior that the individual might engage in. All such behavior is simply a pale but accurate cathartic reflection of the victimization and injustice that society has already, with no justification of any kind, inflicted upon the individual. The Forbidden Truths of human victimization that I have detailed in this essay, simply serve to further prove this Truth.

I do not wish to focus excessively on criminal behavior, because the Truth is that there are a huge number of different types of cathartic rage and hate expressions by societal victims, that society encourages and promotes. Hunting of animals, abortions, spanking, emotional terrorization of children by parents, violent sports, military service, slasher movies, video games, racism, nationalism, etc… These are all societally promoted and encouraged avenues provided to citizen-slaves, to cathartically reflect their victimization upon other living things. Your evil society understands that self-victimization only goes so far. It does not provide enough cathartic relief, and some humans simply cannot rationalize to themselves, intentionally abusing themselves, even with societal coercion and cajolement. And so a broad spectrum of widely differing activities have been invented and promoted to you diseased creatures. Society wants to make sure that you find a pleasurable outlet for your cathartic vengeance, and it seeks to manipulate and control the choices that you make, in such a way that the collective operational stability and structure of society itself, is not compromised. Killing animals, killing womb-trapped children, parental child abuse, violent games, violent sports, violent movies, hatred of other races and nationalities, all of these activities provide the opportunity for victims to reflect some of their rage and hate and need for cathartic vengeance. Even if there is no human being, or even actual living thing being directly victimized, such as in violent movies or video games, the brainwashed and delusional victim can often still gain some cathartic relief for his own victimization. All of these societally promoted forms of external victimization are harmless to society, this is why you diseased fools are encouraged to embrace and participate in them, even as pedophilia, rape, murder, far more accurately reflective of personal victimization, are demonized and condemned.

To those humans who choose to participate in societally authorized and promoted forms of externalized victimization, I can only say that in doing so you continue on your pathetic path of Truth rejection, societal addiction, and self-betrayal. I will not go so far as to classify all these activities as constituting self-victimization, although some of them certainly can be. But they are all absolutely Truth betraying and self-betraying. To respond to brutal abuse and trauma directly inflicted upon you, by agreeing to savor the fictional and unreal victimization of an actor in a movie, or a computer pixilated figure on a monitor, or to hate and demonize leaders and members of a foreign society that had nothing to do with your victimization, as opposed to your own society, which is directly responsible for and guilty of your victimization, is just so pathetic. It beautifully illustrates how eager and desperate you creatures are, to cling to membership in the society that brutally victimizes you, and to blindly accept and embrace the bizarre lies, myths, and hypocrisies, ideologies and behaviors that are imposed upon you, as you maintain your lifelong quest to remain oblivious to Truth.

The Superior recognizes all of these victimization outlets provided by society, to be perverse misdirectional schemes, designed to conceal and obscure Truth, and rejects them as such. This does not mean that he necessarily never enjoys slasher movies, or refrains from abusing his child-slaves. He may indulge in such activities and even derive some cathartic pleasure from the victimization of others that is achieved, be it fictional as in a slasher movie, or real as in parental child abuse. But he is always fully aware, on a conscious and subconscious level, that his evil and diseased society is promoting and encouraging these outlets for misdirectional purposes, to try to control and manipulate all expressions of external victimization. The Superior rejects and renounces the authority of his victimizer to impose any type of behavioral or ideological doctrine upon him. At the same time however, he remains free to independently analyze and determine whether any of these societally promoted victimization outlets might be able to provide him with some cathartic pleasure and external, reflective focus of rage and hate. As long as no betrayal of Self or Truth is involved, a limited embrace of such activities can sometimes be justified. You will note that I am very cautious in my commentary here, because I recognize that it is a very delicate balance, to try to engage in societally promoted behavior and/or ideology, while maintaining an unconditional and unwavering embrace of and devotion to Truth. I am not advocating or promoting any type of societal victimization outlet, I am simply stating the Truth, that in rare cases, it is possible for a Superior human who has already recognized and embraced all Truth, to engage in some types of societally advocated external victimization, without compromising his embrace of Truth or love of Self.

It is quite interesting to note how society demonizes and condemns both the ideological and the behavioral legitimacy of "vengeance". Society decrees that it is inappropriate, wrong, and immoral for any human to embrace the notion that he might be entitled, on an individual level, to seek vengeance. Any individual who actually seeks out and tries to claim vengeance, is condemned and demonized to an even greater degree. From any sane and Truth-based perspective, this condemnation is utterly delusional. Vengeance is a reflective ideology and behavior. It arises only in response to ones own victimization and harm. How can society advocate, encourage, and commit victimization itself, and at the same time, condemn and reject the legitimacy of vengeance, for the very humans that it chose to victimize?? The only reason why these victims have any need for vengeance, is because society victimized them! The hypocrisy, once again, boggles the mind. It needs to be understood that all ideological motivations to vengeance, as well as all direct actions to claim vengeance, are intrinsically and inherently appropriate and justified. I hesitate to even use the word "justified", because no justification is needed. Vengeance is simply a reflective expression of True Reality on the part of an individual victim. It is inspired by the True experience of individual victimization, and as such, it is organically appropriate in all circumstances. Some of you inferiors might be wondering if the specific type of vengeful action undertaken, might have an impact on it’s legitimacy. For example, if someone were to murder his father who sexually abused him, is this act of vengeance more legitimate than if someone were to walk into a school and fatally machine gun 40 kindergartners that he has never seen before? The answer is obviously No. All individual acts of personal vengeance are inherently appropriate and require absolutely no justification of any kind. The fact that society itself, the same entity resonsible for instilling a need for vengeance within the individual, by inflicting brutal injustice and trauma upon him, has the audacity to claim the right to judge, demonize, and condemn seekers of vengeance, is perverse beyond all measure.

From a Truth-based definitional perspective, the terms vengeance and justice are identical and interchangeable. Justice is defined by society as just treatment, fairness. But the Truth is that society offers no justice or fairness to any of it’s citizen-slaves. Is it just to genocidally victimize helpless children? Is it fair to addict citizen-slaves to toxic mythology? Is it just to deliberately harm and abuse every human being in a society? Is it fair to victimize human beings and then to demonize and inflict more victimization upon them, because they victimized others?? There is absolutely nothing just or fair about any societal structure, and yet you pathetic creatures genuinely embrace the insane societal claim that it is devoted to justice, dedicated to dispensing justice for each and every dear citizen! You even have a "judicial system", one of the core operational structures of society, that supposedly attempts to impose justice upon rogue humans who dare to attempt to claim…..vengeance? Or should that be reversed?? Isn’t it more accurate and Truthful to say that the judicial system attempts to impose vengeance upon rogue humans who dare to attempt to claim…..justice?? The Riddler strikes again! Upon sane analysis it is clearly the latter claim, that is more factually accurate. There is nothing just or fair about the judicial system. It serves as an instrument of an evil society, imposing societal vengeance on tortured victim-creations of society itself, who dare to stand up for the Truth, and simply try to even the score, to obtain personal justice for the societal victimization committed upon them.

So here you see the brutally perverse way that language and word definitions are used by society, to mislead and trick you, to conceal and obscure the Truth. Rational analysis of philosophical and ideological issues is only possible if the meanings of words, their definitions within the context of the issue at hand, are accurate and legitimate. Within human society, no such definitional accuracy exists, which is why I will be devoting an entire future essay to the specific topic of how society uses language and definitions as a brainwashing tool. For now, justice/vengeance is a beautiful opening illustration of this Forbidden Truth. We have two separate and distinct words, that society claims to have two absolutely different definitions. One word, justice, is assigned a positive attachment. Justice is good, we all need and deserve justice. The other word, vengeance, is assigned a negative attachment. Vengeance is bad, decent humans do not need or pursue it. But guess what? The definitions are not valid. They have no basis in factual Truth. And the societal attachments are likewise completely invalid. When society imposes justice, it is actually doing something bad and, dare I say it….unjustifiable! Yes, the imposition of justice cannot be justified, from a Truth-based perspective. And when an individual seeks and claims vengeance, he is doing something completely appropriate and….justified. We are not playing a game here, folks. These are not clever semantic riddles. It is profoundly important that all seekers of Truth carefully analyze and understand the prime role that invalid and lie-based anguage and word definitional decree by society plays, in manipulating and concealing Truth. If justice and vengeance have two different meanings, and your perception of these two meanings is in reality the exact opposite of what is the ideological and definitional Truth, and you have no intellectual awareness that your perception is false and reversed, then you can never know the Truth of what it is to claim vengeance, or what it is to seek justice.

As this essay concludes, I want to go back to the issue of childhood victimization, and focus on the importance and value of recognizing and embracing the Truth of your victmization and victimhood status. The earlier in life you recognize that you are being victimized, and that it is society that is victimizing you, the better able you are to cope with the victimization, from a Truth-based perspective. The instinctual self-love that exists within children, directly contradicts and challenges societal efforts to coerce and brainwash children into agreeing to victimize and hate themselves. The instinctual motivation towards Truth likewise challenges societal efforts to instill lies and toxic mythology within children. Every child engages in an epic struggle against the victimization that their society inflicts upon them, but in the end, in almost all cases, the defenses of the child are overwhelmed, and society emerges victorious. I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge and salute the epic, ongoing, eternal struggle of tortured child-slaves against their society. Since the beginning of modern civilization, each and every moment of every single day, the battle has raged. Countless millions of children at this very moment as I type this essay, are desperately struggling to survive, to retain self-love, to maintain a grasp upon the Truth, to not become hopelessly swept up within the toxic current of victimization, abuse, mythology, self-hatred, and lies upon which modern human society exists. I don’t care about the fate of any living thing, I am a cold and cruel observer, and as such, I appreciate the struggle.

I recall my own struggle with pride and appreciation. Lying in bed at age six night after night, recognizing the Insane God Myth as a toxic societal lie, and yet struggling to embrace the horrific Truth that upon my death I will be doomed to experience nothingness for all of eternity. Each night, hour after hour, I would lie in my bed, refusing to close my eyes, knowing the Truth that I might never wake up and therefore never exist again for all of eternity. I found the strength to embrace this Truth, to integrate it within my core consciousness, one of my great childhood victories against your evil and diseased society. I recall my father forcing me to perform oral sex upon him, night after night, for years. I struggled to understand why I was being victimized. I struggled to untangle the web of lies and hypocrisy that society set in front of me. Was my father my victimizer? Or was he a victim too? Why did he victimize me? Did I deserve to be victimized? Who was the puppeteer, and who were the puppets? I courageously analyzed the manuscript of my young life, as it was being written, with the purity of Truth still vibrant in my mind. And upon proper analysis the Truth revealed itself, so devastatingly clear: Society was my victimizer, society decreed me to be a worthless, subhuman piece of owned property, existing solely for the cathartic reflectional use of other societal torture victims. My father was just an accurate reflection of his society, using me as his Poison Container, as instructed and directed by his society.

I recall my mother holding me down in the bathtub, holding my face under the water faucet, as she deliberately squeezed gob after gob of thick shampoo into my eyes. Open your eyes, she would yell, as she aimed the small opening of the bottle at my eyes, carefully trying to squirt the shampoo directly inside the eye, year after year. And as I felt the chemicals corroding my eyes, and witnessed my vision slowly declining, I made sure that my mind stayed open. Open eyes might not always be a good thing, but an open mind, receptive to all Truth, is invaluable. Yes, I spent some time trying to figure out why my mother needed to squirt shampoo into my eyes and wanted to rob me of my eyesight. But rather quickly I realized that the much more profound and important question was why my society allowed her, no encouraged her, no instructed her, to use me as her Poison Container. And once again, after a courageous and determined analysis, with mind wide open, the Truth presented itself, and I recognized myself as a tortured victim-creation of society, and my mother, my victimizer, she too was recognized as a tortured victim-creation of society.

The Truth opens doors, doors to self-love, doors to an embrace of victimhood, doors to a glorious hatred of others, doors to detachment from a diseased species, doors to superiority, doors to untouchability. I proudly and courageously opened all of the doors that reflected self-love, and Truth. I embraced the power of Self, and invited all Truth into my core consciousness. I did not seek comfort, or happiness, or peace, or even vengeance. Only Truth. Because within the unconditional embrace of Truth, you find the power and inspiration to claim for yourself all that you desire. I am a tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society. I embrace my victimhood status with pride and honor, with satisfaction and contentment. I did not want to carry this title. I did not seek it out. I did not desire or welcome the torture and victimization that was imposed upon me as a child. Society imposed torture upon me. Society victimized me. The only precious gift, the only thing of value that I have found during my life journey among you humans, is Truth. I have taken this Truth and immortalized it within Myself.

Peter Sutcliffe, British serial killer
This is Peter Sutcliffe, Tortured Victim-Creation of British society. It's interesting to note that England, despite being a relatively small country in terms of population, has spawned a large number of extremely enraged serial and mass killers, Jack The Ripper, Ian Brady, Dennis Nilsen, Doctors Harold Shipman and John Bodkin Adams, Fred West, Thomas Watt Hamilton, John Christie, Michael Ryan, and directly above, our friend Peter Sutcliffe, to name just a few right off the top of my head. This should not come as any surprise, British society is truly ultra-diseased, and if any society can stake a claim to rivaling the immense malevolence and derangement of america, it would probably be England. Just like america, this perverse society has been on a worldwide rampage in recent centuries, poking it's nose into the internal affairs of other countries, as well as invading and taking them over, all in the name of colonialism, done for the purpose of desperately trying to satiate the rage of the citizen-slaves. The bond between america and england truly is a toxic one, two horrifically evil societies desperate to maintain the illusion of moral superiority to their citizens, while at the same time desperately trying to relieve and provide outlets for the homicidal rage of the citizens. Serial killer of at least 13, handsome Peter was viciously bullied throughout his school years, and certainly abused and traumatized in many other ways, by the ultra-diseased society that he was born into and compelled to grow up and live within, as a child-slave. Peter's brother Carl, speaking of their father: He were like a monster. He were never in the house, but when he was he ruled the roost. When he came in drunk we'd all sit there in fear; you didn't move.... Oh christ he had a foul temper. I seen Maureen get a beating off him when she was almost fifteen, and once he beat me black and blue when I was a kid." An excellent book on Peter, which goes far beyond telling his life story, as it provides an insightful psychological study of Peter's victimization and also details both the perverse demonization/dehumanization of prostitutes and the profound condemnation of homosexuality, within the deranged British society that torture victim Peter grew up in, is: "The Streetcleaner: The Yorkshire Ripper Case on Trial", by Nicole Ward Jouve.

"In this truck is a man whose latent genius, if unleashed, would rock the nation, whose dynamic energy would overpower those around him. Better let him sleep?"-----------Handwritten note found in Peter's truck after his arrest. "Killing prostitutes had become an obsession with me. I could not stop myself. It was like a drug."-------------Peter Sutcliffe. "Clueless: Poor old oldfield worked in a coldfield, Hobson has no choice misled by a voice, Release of drury arouses fury, Bradford was not me but just wait and see, Sheffield will not be missed next on the list--The Streetcleaner"--------------Poem by Peter, sent to a British newspaper during his killing spree.


Picture, if you will, the following scenario: You are walking through a supermarket. browsing the snack and candy aisle. Right between the Hershey's Kisses and Doublemint gum displays, something unexpected and new catches your eye. A bright red bag is decorated with pictures of smiling children all holding or placing in their mouths a heart-shaped piece of candy, with the word poison imprinted upon the surface of each candy piece. Intrigued, you pick up the package of candy to study it more carefully. The front of the bag has only the word "Poison", in big, bold lettering, surrounded by photos of happy children of all colors, ages, and ethnic backgrounds, pictorially expressing delight and joy at being able to hold and consume the pieces of imprinted candy. Surely there must be some reasonable explanation for this unexpected addition to the snack food aisle, you think as you turn the package over to study the back. There are more pictures of happy and smiling children snacking on the poison candy as you scan the backside of the package, but there is also a good-sized box of text, surrounded by a bold red-colored border. Ah-ha, this should explain everything, is your thought as you begin reading: Poison: Delicious and nutritious, the more you eat the better you will feel. Poison is your green light to snacking pleasure. Whenever you see our name, you can be assured of a healthy and safe product, optimized for the nutritional needs of growing children. And remember, Poison is good for you. The more Poison you eat, the better your life will be. Enjoy! Poison is a product of the Human Extermination Foundation, LLC." You blink as you begin to process this text. Something seems to be amiss here, not quite right, Twilight Zoney, in fact. You decide to buy the candy and take it home, where you can try to figure this out in a more comfortable environment.

Having successfully navigated the minefield of human interaction, you find yourself relaxing at home and once again the bag of candy tempts you. It says Poison. p-o-i-s-o-n. You ponder: I know what poison is, it's a deadly and dangerous substance. That is the definition of poison. So, there really cannot be a candy named Poison. It just doesn't make any sense. Is it possible that I am developing Alzheimer's disease? Forgetting the spellings and meanings of words?? Concerned, you dig out your trusty Oxford American Dictionary and fervently flip to the P section, locating the entry: Poison: 1: a substance that can destroy the life or harm the health of a living person, animal, or plant. 2: a delicious candy manufactured by the Human Extermination Foundation for the purpose of trying to destroy the lives and health of all human beings. You shake your head, something is still very wrong here. The dictionary entry has not helped, things still do not make any sense to you. There is a profound sense of disconnection within your mind, as you attempt to reconcile the two definitions that the dictionary has provided to you. The simple Truth is, they cannot be reconciled from any logical or rational perspective. Perhaps you realize this Truth to some degree, as you continue to ponder. More likely you simply shrug your shoulders and move on to the next focus of your pathetic and lie-based life.

This is the Courage essay of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, and the purpose of My little poison candy vignette above, is to lay bare in storybook style the profoundly malicious and diseased nature of Human Definitional Brainwashing. A great deal of this uniquely brilliant Manifesto is devoted to exposing and dissecting the myriad of genocidally evil forms and manifestations of definitional brainwashing undertaken by your malicious societies, and the above anecdote serves to illustrate this Forbidden Truth in a tidy nutshell. The tortured victim-creation and martyr Jared Lee Loughner expressed valuable Truth in his most famous quotation, via a question that he posed directly to his future targeted victim. His question was: "What is government if words have no meaning?" The simple but horrific Truth of life is that among you humans, your cultures, your ideologies, your beliefs, your behaviors, and your operational structures, words have absolutely no rational or Truth-based definitions. In ritualistically perverse fashion, meanings and definitions are altered, modified, twisted, and distorted by societal, cultural, and governmental leaders for the purposes of controlling and dictating the beliefs and behaviors of the Unwashed Masses of human citizen-slaves, in genocidally harmful ways. This is not a rare or select occurance, it is a daily and all-pervasive assault upon the sanity and integrity of the life of every human being.

So, let us begin to unravel the precious Truths regarding just a single word, just one word plucked out of many thousands, whose definitional integrity and legitimacy has been torn assunder, with malicious intent and cataclysmic consequences: Courage. Here we have a behavioral and ideological term that your evil society very specifically chooses to promote and encourage, painting it in a positive and beneficial light. You perverse fools are told that courage is a good and valuable ideological notion and behavioral trait to possess, develop, and nurture within yourself. You are told that expressions of courage are noble and praiseworthy, deserving of tribute and honor and emulation. To be courageous is marketed to all citizen-slaves, from their horrific experiences as owned child-slaves, all through their lives until their final dying breath, as the proper and superior way to behave. Let us understand that the word itself is simply a word. There is nothing specifically malicious or horrific about the word itself. The horror arises in the way that your evil society chooses to define this word and the beliefs and actions that this definition inspires, when coupled with the specifically malicious brainwashing of society in promoting and sanctifying courage and courageous actions as desirable, necessary, and praiseworthy.

The societal defintion of courage is:The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear. As we begin this definitional dissection it must be clearly understood that the focus of all such dissections, throughout this Manifesto, is to expose not merely the invalidity of word and term definitions, but far more importantly, to lay bare the ritualistically pervasive manner in which your societies and governments, with full malice aforethought, attach ideologically and behaviorally false and lie-based doctrines to these invalid definitions, for the specific purpose of controlling and manipulating the life path beliefs and behaviors of you citizen-slaves. So, society tells you that courage is a good, noble, and positive character trait, that it is not merely desirable, but absolutely necessary for all humans to cultivate and nurture within themselves. And yet within it's definitional parameters, you are specifically told that being courageous involves facing up to difficulty, danger, and pain, without embracing fear. There are two profoundly perverse elements to this definition, which result in horrific consequences for you slaves, when coupled with the relentless promotion of and societal decree that courage must be embraced and practiced by all normal and decent human beings.

First of all, fear is a supremely instinctual, desirable, and appropriate emotion that all Superior humans should welcome and embrace. Fear is a direct extension and manifestation of self-love, the single most precious and glorious of all emotional experiences that exist within the human spectrum. To embrace fear is an essential and necessary aid in making sane, rational, and self-loving life path ideological and behavioral decisions. And yet your evil and diseased society instructs you that you need to embrace "courageous" ideologies and behaviors, and very specifically directs you to abandon and reject all fear as the vital springboard needed to attain this precious gift of "courage". How incredibly perverse! You are directed to betray, abuse, and victimize yourself, via the abandonment of a precious, natural, and instinctually pure emotion, and told that in doing so, you will become a "courageous" person, and that this courage is precious and marks you as a superior and exalted human being, someone to be admired and emulated. The exact opposite is True. In acting with courage, and seeking to become courageous, as this term is defined by your society, you are in Truth abandoning and betraying yourself, denying and rejecting all that is actually precious and admirable and irreplaceable, and in point of fact abandoning sanity, rationality, and Truth itself.

Secondly, the very notion that "facing up" to pain, danger, and/or difficulty is a good, necessary, and noble act, has no basis in rational thought or in Truth. Under specific and select circumstances it may be good or necessary for an individual human to deliberately face up to and confront pain, danger, and difficulty. But in many other circumstances, a strong majority in fact, it is bad and stupid and unnecessary and harmful for an individual to deliberately confront pain, danger, and difficulty. But your evil and manipulative society will not grace you with this Truth. No, you are simply directed to be courageous at all times and in all circumstances, to face up to pain, danger, and difficulty. This in and of itself is a genocidally evil societal decree. But couple it with a specific order that you purge your mind and soul of the natural, instinctual fear that might cause you to question this insane societal demand, and we have reached a zenith of malicious perversity.

We will now begin a detailed and comprehensive dissection of courage versus cowardice, from the perspective of Forbidden Truth. For the purpose of clarity, all Superior beliefs and actions will be labeled as courageous, while all inferior and insane beliefs and actions will be labeled as cowardly. This may appear to be a bit contradictory and confusing, given the fact that I have already rejected the validity of your society's definitions of courage and courageous. Here is the Forbidden Truth definition of courage: The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person, under appropriate circumstances and within the context of Truth, to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., with a rational and self-loving emotional state. Very simply, your society uses brainwashing, lies, and inappropriate word and term definitions to manipulate and control your beliefs and behaviors in ways that cause genocidal harm to individual human beings, on a mass scale, as well as obscure and obliterate Truth. Tens of thousands of words and terms are subjected to this perverse manipulation. Despite the extreme length of My Manifesto, it is not possible for Me to properly dissect each and every one of these words/terms. And so I have chosen a select few, particularly powerful words/terms, in this case courage, to devote an entire essay to this vital dissection. Those of you who aspire to become Superiors, to transcend your humanity, and to become Seers of Forbidden Truth, should always be on the alert, looking to spot words and terms that have distorted and invalid societal definitions, and apply sane and appropriate modifications to these definitions, as I have done in this essay and throughout this Manifesto.

Okay, lets begin with a rather compelling scenario: A building has caught fire and is fully ablaze. There are scores of living things, including small children and animals, trapped inside, some yelling/begging for help. You are walking by, an ordinary human being, and you witness this tableau. Your evil and diseased society decrees that if you had courage you would attempt to help or rescue some or all of the living things trapped inside the building. Don't forget slave, you are also instructed that having courage is a good, noble, necessary, and important thing. So, what do you do?? One worthwhile caveat I should mention is this: For the purpose of this scenario, I will assume that you, the passerby, have a living soul as opposed to a dead soul. If you have a dead soul, as I do, the scenario would simply cause you to smile and laugh, and be a delightful emotional highlight of the day, if not the week/month/year. Therefore, for the sake of this example, the passerby will have to have a living soul. So you are walking by, you see this tableau, and you are confronted with several options: 1: Try to help/rescue the living things inside the inferno engulfed building. 2: Stop and observe the event as it unfolds, keeping open the possibility of providing aid at some point. 3: Continue walking and totally ignore the event. Your evil and diseased society instructs you that if you have courage, you will choose option #1, if you lack courage but still have a good heart, you will choose option #2, and if you are a coward with no heart you will choose option #3. As expected, society encourages and cheers option #1, is relatively mute but definately not offering any praise if you choose option #2, and will criticize and condemn you for choosing option #3, specifically employing the courage/coward definitions that I have already exposed and dissected as being perverse frauds.

The Forbidden Truth is this: Option #1 is not an act of courage. It is an act of cowardice in which you are betraying yourself and endangering your safety, welfare, and life, for no rational or valid reason. It is insane, it makes not an iota of rational sense, for any human being with a brain attached to their skull, to deliberately risk or endanger themselves in order to try and save the life or preserve the health/welfare of any other living thing, or any number of living things, be they human or of another species. While it is True that the life and welfare of a cat, dog, mouse, or other non-human species is inherently more precious and worthy of preservation than the lives of humans, it would still be an act of self-betrayal and derangement for a human to deliberately endanger themselves for the purpose of trying to aid/save any other living thing. It is important to note that option #1 is not merely "not" an act of courage, but much more specifically and pointedly, it is an act of cowardice. What makes it an act of cowardice is, believe it or not, the fact that it is motivated by fear, as well as other inferior and inappropriate emotions, such as a lack of self-love. Your evil society will declare that running into the burning building to try to save other living things is an act of fearlessness. But no, you fools, the Forbidden Truth is it is an act inspired by fear. Fear of societal criticism and condemnation, fear of being judged negatively by your evil society, fear of not living up to the expectations of your brainwashing society. Option #1 is a cowardly and insane act, directly inspired by misdirected and inappropriate fear, the exact opposite of how your society would define option #1.

Option #2 is the middle of the road choice, and thus inherently invokes a milder reaction from both society and the seeker of Truth. Society will criticize this choice because there is some level, some degree, of appropriate fear and self-love exhibited by the passerby, and it is a societal goal to eradicate such individually beneficial emotions. But the passerby can claim that he stayed around and wanted to aid the trapped and toasty living things, thus muting the ability of society to heap scorn and condemnation upon him. From the perspective of Forbidden Truth, this passerby has at least not been totally brainwashed by society to the point of overtly endangering his welfare and life for no rational reason, but the fact that he stays at the scene and "wants to help" leaves him supremely vulnerable to societal coercion and self-betrayal. For example, if he looks up at the building and sees a small child crying out for help, begging for help, he may find himself emotionally enticed to attempt to aid the child, despite the self-endangerment and inherent irrationality of such an attempt. Likewise, other humans observing the tableau as it unfolds, may attempt to goad, bully, or intimidate him into agreeing to betray himself and the Truth via an attempt at rescue.

It is clear that the only sane and superior choice for any individual to make under this scenario, the only choice that deserves to carry the stamp of approval from a sane and just society and thus be graced with the label of "courage" and "courageous", is option #3: Continue walking and totally ignore the burning building and the cries of those creatures trapped inside. This is an act of supreme courage because it is inspired by an appropriate embrace of fear, an instinctual sense of self-preservation, and a conscious reflection of self-love. Within the ideological structure of your evil and diseased society, it is also courageous simply because society demonizes and condemns this option as being inappropriate, inferior, and cowardly. This is a malicious lie and an overt attempt by society to dictate and direct human behavior in a way that erodes and destroys natural and appropriate human instinct and emotion. Therefore, to defy and reject these malicious societal efforts to compel you to act "courageously', is in and of itself an act of courage.

The above example beautifully dissects the evil and insane manner in which your diseased societies control and manipulate human behavior via the application of invalid definitions to words. "Courage" is decreed to be a superior and admirable human character trait. "Cowardice" is decreed to be an inferior and loathsome human character trait. But in Truth, from any position of sane, rational, and Truth-based analysis, both of these societal definitions are absolutely invalid, and in fact are the exact opposite. Meaning, courage is an inferior and loathsome character trait, cowardice is a superior and admirable character trait, based upon the application of Truth-based definitions. It is vital that all seekers of Truth understand and recognize both the all-pervasive nature of this definitional brainwashing, and the absolutely genocidal consequences that it causes to individual human beings as well as to humanity as a whole. Tens of thousands of words and terms are subjected to this malicious definitional inaccuracy, and this is True for every single human culture, country, and language on planet earth. It is in no way limited to english, or to westernized countries. Every single country and culture on planet earth deliberately employs this systematic technique of definitional brainwashing, to control and manipulate the beliefs and behaviors of you citizen-slaves. The consequences of this evil societal practice are horrific and devastating, and impact the lives of just about every single human being on the planet in negative and harmful ways. I will go so far as to declare that the single greatest force responsible for humanity being in the death throes of devolution, doomed to suffer the fate of species extinction in the near future, is the fact that societal leaders are able to manipulate and dictate the beliefs and behaviors of human beings via the application of invalid definitional brainwashing.

Okay, with this grand proclamation of Forbidden Truth out of the way, let us refocus on specific examples of malicious and inaccurate societal defintion of courage. But before we leave the burning building example, I do need to clarify a couple of points. It is not my intent to condemn or decree as intrinsically inappropriate, any individual human being's choice to undertake option #1, to try to help/rescue the living things inside the inferno engulfed building. As I emphasize throughout this Manifesto, there is a profound difference between the True Reality of individual human beings, and the recognition/embrace of Forbidden Truth. All actions and ideological beliefs that reflect individual True Reality, must be respected and acknowledged as being valid for the specific individual, even when such actions and beliefs directly contradict actual Truth. And so, to those individual humans who might contemplate or even undertake an attempt to rescue/aid the living things trapped inside the burning building, if their motivation is based upon a reflection of the sum total of their True Reality, I will not condemn this choice as invalid. I will stand behind the Truth: Such a choice is cowardly. It represents a betrayal of Self and of Truth, and it cannot be justified from a position of rationality, superiority, or Truth. But it can be an accurate reflection of a victimized individual human being's True Reality, and therefore cannot be decreed intrinsically invalid.

There is one more important angle to this scenario that must be addressed: Your perverse society hires and pays money to a specific group of humans, charging them with the specific task of extinguishing fires and if necessary, rescuing living things who are trapped or otherwise endangered by fires, smoke, and the like. You call them "firemen" or "firefighters". How are the definitional brainwashing and courage versus cowardice issues affected, in this type of situation, where society can claim to be "rewarding" specific citizen-slaves for displaying and acting with "courage", as it is invalidly defined?? First of all, the issue of definitional accuracy and validity is not impacted at all. Definitions must always be based upon and reflective of Truth. Outside variables such as a societal decree to specific individuals that they are "obligated" to act with courage due to a financial bribe, have absolutely no bearing upon how courage is defined. The simple Truth is this: Society has no moral, ethical, or legal right to entice individual human beings via monetary bribe to endanger their lives or welfare, as long as society chooses to engage in definitional brainwashing and manipulation.

To enter a burning building is an act of cowardice, self-betrayal, and a rejection of natural and intrinsic self-love. If this Truth was recognized, embraced, and overtly taught by society to all human beings, an argument could be made that the "fighting of fires" is an unfortunate but necessary evil, and at least every human being is overtly told and taught the Truth regarding the nature of the activity and life choice. If an individual human being then chooses to accept the "job" of fireman in exchange for money, the choice will not have been tainted and influenced by malicious societal brainwashing and lies. Even under such a scenario, which of course is only theoretical since your society is evil, diseased, and does not acknowledge or reveal any such Truth, the current amount of money offered by society to humans to serve as a "fireman" would be absolutely unacceptable. Any sane and moral society would recognize that in exchange for the immense individual sacrifice that is involved in choosing to undertake actions on behalf of society with cowardice, a betrayal of Self and a rejection of self-love, an immense debt would be owed by the society to the individual making the sacrifice. Given the 2011 economic level, I would decree that a one million dollar yearly salary would be the minimum amount necessary for such an enlightened society to justify the employment of a fireman, under the hypothetical scenario outlined above. Let us recognize that even under such circumstances, the individual will be a victim of society, an injustice will have been perpetrated upon him. But at least he would have made the decision to be a fireman without any deliberate societal lies and brainwashing, and at least the financial compensation he receives will allow him to terminate these cowardly, self-betraying, and self-love rejecting behaviors within a relatively short period of time, 1-2 years at most, with enough money in hand to never feel compelled to labor as a societal slave in any capacity.

Lets move on, and consider the jobs of soldier, policeman, prison guard, and executioner. Your evil and insane societies heap a great deal of praise and admiration upon these legal murderers, and serial abusers of societal victims, with the specific label of "courage" being the most frequently applied. Are the members of any of these occupational categories courageous, using the Truth-based definition of the word? Is it even possible, under any circumstances, for an action that is undertaken by a societally employed murderer, to be defined as "courageous"? The answer to both of these questions is No. First, there is a small but important fundamental difference between a societal job such as fireman, compared to a societal job such as soldier, policeman, prison guard, executioner, and the like. The difference is that the fireman, while he is betraying himself and under current societal structure certainly cannot be accurately labeled as having courage in his job duties, is at least not being asked to overtly harm and victimize his fellow tortured victim-creations via the specific actions that his society invalidly decrees to be courageous. He is being ordered to victimize himself, an unjustifiable outrage, but not necessarily to victimize others. This is not the case for the soldier, policeman, prison guard, or executioner. In each of these activities, society is rewarding the individual for the overt brutalization and victimization of fellow humans, and bestowing a label of "courage" upon the individual for the engagement of these specific actions, undertaken as a societal agent and representative. This considerably raises the degree of perversity and injustice that society is guilty of committing against both the individual that it invalidly bestows the courage label upon, and those that this individual victimizes and brutalizes. As a result, it is totally and completely inappropriate to apply any Truth-based positive label of any kind, upon these individuals. In all cases, they act as brainwashed cowards, motivated by addiction to societal lies, self-hatred, and inappropriate fear that has societal mythology and false belief as it's root motivators.

The military soldier who grabs a hand grenade thrown at his platoon by the "enemy" and lobs it back at the "enemy", losing his hand or his life in the process, shows no courage in his act. His act is that of a coward. Courage would have been refusing to agree to serve as a murderer for the evil society guilty of brutally victimizing him. Courage would have been directing his homicidal rage towards the society guilty of instilling homicidal rage within him. Courage would have been recognizing and embracing the validity of the fear that should have flooded him upon being asked to endanger his welfare and life for no sane or rational reason. Courage would have been embracing the love of Self that his society has been systematically stripping from him since the moment of his biological conception. Yes, he may be trying to save his own life in the moment that he grabs the grenade, and yes, he may end up saving the lives of his fellow homicidal brainwashees in throwing the granade back, but these are simply acts of base instinct. They cannot be considered courageous in any legitimate analysis, because the entire backstory, the history of events that led to the circumstances that the soldier finds himself in, is absolutely saturated with cowardice, with his acts of cowardice. The only reason he had a grenade thrown at him, is because he is a coward, and has repeatedly and pathologically demonstrated cowardice in his life path beliefs, ideologies, and behavioral choices.

This exact same analysis of Truth applies to all law enforcement officials. Your diseased society applauds them for their "courage" in facing danger, in defending and protecting others against "bad" humans, against "criminals". Well, guess what? Your society is a million times badder than any individual tortured victim-creation of your bad society could ever be, and the criminality of your society is genocidal in scope. As empowered agents of these societies, who have voluntarily agreed to enforce through threats and violence the genocidally evil edicts of their diseased and malicious society, no action that they may undertake could ever deserve to carry a label of "courage". Let us understand the obvious Truth that courage cannot blossom within a framework of supreme cowardice, betrayal of Self, and rejection of Truth. The military brainwashee, the pig who serves as a criminal agent of his evil and diseased society, the prison guard who inflicts further injustice and brutal victimization upon his society's most greatly abused and tortured victim-creations, the executioner who legally murders these same tortured victim-creations, these individuals demonstate utter and supreme cowardice in all that they do, and their greatest act of cowardice is in fact the decision that they make, to join forces and to serve as empowered agents of and for the evil society that is guilty of their own victimization and brutalization. Understand that in labeling these individuals and their life path actions as courageous, your society is using lies and brainwashing for the malicious purpose of encouraging other human victims, specifically young humans who have not even reached intellectual or emotional maturity, to agree to betray themselves, betray Truth, and follow in the diseased footsteps of current military goons, law enforcement pigs, prison enslavers, and the like.

Lets move on, and consider the issue of physical disability and disease. Your society loves to profile and sanctify human beings afflicted with disability or disease, applauding them for their courage in dealing with their affliction. This is done with no attempt to actually determine if the individual deserves this label. In most cases, disability and disease is imposed upon an individual against his will. The individual does not seek it out or deliberately create the disability or disease in himself, therefore the mere fact that he suffers from a disability or disease in no way merits any positive, or for that matter negative, character designation. It is True that the manner in which an individual copes and deals with his disability or disease can result in a legitimate label of courage being applied. But the fact is a majority of disabled and diseased individuals actually display cowardice in their coping behaviors, a Truth that is totally ignored and dismissed by society, as evidenced by the fact that nearly all such humans are indiscriminately decreed to be courageous. This is patently ridiculous!

Lets consider the following example: A 35 year old female human, we'll call her Cancy just for fun, is told that she is terminally ill with cancer that has spread throughout her body and she can expect to be dead within six months time, at most. What would be some examples of Cancy demonstrating courage, rather than cowardice, in the face of this undesired news? She will be experiencing an eternity of nothingness upon her death, and if she were to fully, consciously, and honestly face up to and embrace this Truth, it would be a demonstration of genuine courage. But your diseased and deranged society would actually have the gall to criticize and condemn this courageous act, decreeing her to be a "quitter who has given up", while encouraging her to seek comfort in the Insane God Myth, and to cope with her impending death by deluding herself into believing that she will experience a heavenly afterlife. Cancy would be instructed that the courageous thing to do is have faith and believe that she will live on after she dies, when of course the Truth is the exact opposite, such false faith and invalid belief is, from any sane, logical, and Truth-based perspectve, an act of supreme cowardice.

Society advises cancer-ravaged Cancy that her life was not in vain, that it had meaning and purpose. Your evil and insane society would further instruct Cancy that she should take comfort from the fact that she is leaving "loved ones" behind who will never forget her, and that her legacy will live on through her children, cousins, nephews, and other sacred family unit members. These are all lies, and if dear Cancy takes comfort from and embraces these lies as True, as she and 99.5% of all terminally ill humans do, she is a coward. Will society decree her to be a coward?? Of course not! It is society that is feeding her these lies, encouraging her to embrace them as Truths, and will reward her by bestowing the courage label upon her. How perverse! The Truth is, Cancy's life was in vain. It had no meaning or purpose. Yes, people might "remember" her on occasion, for a short period of time. Yes, if she excreted child-slaves, those particular child-slaves would not exist were it not for her excretion. But how can any sane human place value upon these facts, when the Truth is that Cancy is doomed to experience a cosmic eternity of nothingness beginning at the moment of her biological death and continuing....forever?! No, only a coward will find comfort in such meaningless rationalization. The one with courage will face up to these Truths, that her life was totally meaningless and served no purpose, and that leaving "loved ones" behind when you die is actually a negative, rather than a positive result, because her death will cause trauma and suffering to these specific human beings that have developed a toxic emotional attachment to her. Facing up to these Truths would be the courageous path for Cancy to take. But there is almost no chance that she will do so. Courage, real courage, is difficult to embrace. It is made nearly impossible by the reality of your diseased society pathologically and deliberately obscuring the Truth of what constitutes courage, via malicious definitional lies.

Some of you inferior fools will be thinking, right about now, what is the importance of courage, if it causes emotional pain and trauma, and if it is so difficult to embrace?? Why shouldn't cancer-consumed Cancy choose the "easier" path, and derive false comfort from the lies and myths that she will enjoy an afterlife, that her life had meaning and purpose, that her legacy will live on, that the love of her emotionally stunted co-dependent humans has value, and the like?? The proper way to answer this is to begin by saying that I do not personally condemn Cancy as an individual for choosing such a path, because I recognize that she is a tortured victim-creation of a lie-based, diseased, cowardly, and Truth-hating society. I absolutely do condemn and renounce this society, your society, as being perverse and diseased, and I further condemn all humans who choose to live as members of society, because it is you, collectively, that are guilty of maintaining and validating the ideological and behavioral structures that guide and maintain your society on it's path of operational derangement. Further, I do vehemently apply the label of coward to Cancy, and to all humans who embrace the toxic lies and myths of your society. Truth is the supreme deity of the universe. Those of us who are Superior, those of us who seek to transcend the horror of having been born within the human species, must always protect, preserve, and defend the sanctity of all Truth. A coward must be pointed out and labeled a coward. Your evil society cannot be allowed to mislabel cowardice as courage, and vice versa, as it has always done and continues to do.

To possess and manifest True courage in our life path beliefs and behaviors is difficult, even under the best of circumstances. Even if society were to actively promote Truth-based courage, and not engage in definitional mislabeling, many if not most individual humans would find it difficult to choose the path of courage. In the example of cancer magnet Cancy above, it is understandable from her personal True Reality perspective, that the enticing lure of comforting mythology may be irresistible to her. And in reflection of her True Reality, she may embrace this invalid and lie-based comfort. But this choice would still be the inferior choice, the pathetic choice, the cowardly choice. At all times, we must call out humans and their life path beliefs and choices for what they are, even as we remain respectful of the sacred right of all to reflect their True Reality as broken and brainwashed Truth-hating victims of an evil and diseased society.

Let us move on, and here is an extremely important Forbidden Truth that should aid all who seek to accurately recognize courage for what it is: All beliefs, behaviors, actions, and ideologies that deserve to carry the designation of courage/courageous must be completely and absolutely grounded within factual Truth. Please reread this revelation and make sure you understand it, because doing so will serve as a significant aid as we continue to dissect and define what constitutes genuine courage. Let us begin with direct actions. As has already been pointed out, running into a burning building to try to save and preserve the life of another, is not an act of courage. Joining a military service and endangering one's life to try and protect an existing government or social structure is not an act of courage. Serving as a law enforcement officer for a society/government is not an act of courage. These are acts of cowardice, because they involve betrayal of self and rejection of factual Truth. Here are a few examples of actions that do earn the label of courage: Facing up to direct threats to your safety, welfare, and life, defending and protecting yourself against any and all externally imposed threats, is courageous. Attacking and killing other human beings, when such actions are not encouraged or authorized by society but do accurately reflect your True Reality, generally does deserve to be labeled as an act of courage. Engaging in actions or behaviors that are unpleasant and stressful for you, but that do serve to improve and enhance your ability to enjoy and derive pleasure from life, are generally courageous, as long as they do not involve a betrayal of individual True Reality. It is important to recognize that even actions that are "dangerous" to an individual, actions that place an individual at risk in terms of future suffering and trauma, can legitimately be defined as courageous as long as they are rooted within an absolute recognition and embrace of Truth, and are not motivated by any conscious or subconscious self-hatred or desire to be subjected to suffering and injustice. In many cases it is impossible for an outside observer to know, with certainty, whether or not there is such a conscious or subconscious motivation at work, and therefore the label of courage cannot be applied with certainty.

As an example, it is August of 2011 as I write these words, and just a few weeks ago a tortured victim-creation of Norwegian society, Anders Behring Breivik, carried out one of the most successful and impressive rampages of personal vengeance of the modern era. From all external contemplation and analysis, from the perspective of Truth, his actions in all likelihood deserve to be labeled as courageous, and he, as an individual, should be recognized as having displayed courage. And yet note my hesitation in applying this label to Anders with blanket and absolute certainty. Believe me, I wish I did not have to hesitate. I wish I knew, with absolute, 100% certainty, that these positive and praiseworthy labels deserve to be fully applied to this great victim and 21st century Martyr. But in all things, Truth must reign supreme. Courage is defined within very specific and concrete parameters, as I have outlined above. These definitional parameters must be respected and honored at all times. We cannot go around making exceptions to rules of Truth, just because we feel like it. Such actions are a hallmark of inferiority and hypocrisy, and run rampant within your diseased and evil society. We can state with absolute certainty that Anders demonstrated courage in many respects and to a certain degree, in his actions. But to apply an absolute and blanket label of courage upon him, would be inappropriate, given the fact that we cannot read his mind, we cannot know whether there was or is some element of self-betrayal, some degree of wanting to suffer and be victimized, within his chosen actions. As an outside observer, I see no evidence of any kind to suggest that Anders lacks self-love or wants to be subjected to any suffering or trauma. He did not harm himself in any way, and his behavior and demeanor has consistently reflected and demonstrated tranquility and self-love.

I want to apply the label of absolute courage to him and his actions. I feel Anders deserves this label, and it is 99.5% likely that such a blanket and absolute decree would be accurate. But because I have no way of reading his mind, conscious and subconscious, the remote possibility still exists, that on some level he wants to be punished and victimized. If this is the case, it constitutes a lack of self-love and a betrayal of self that serves to compromise the definitional parameters of what constitutes courage, from a Forbidden Truth definitional perspective. I don't think it is the case, but that is neither here nor there. Superiors do not form conclusions based upon opinion and conjecture, even if we are 99.5% certain that our conjecture is accurate. Always and in all situations, we choose to err on the side of factual Truth, even when it is intellectually and emotionally difficult due to a strong desire to apply a positive label in a case where it is most likely well-deserved. And so in conclusion, I must apply a few caveats to my labeling of Anders: Anders Behring Breivik clearly demonstrated and acted with courage and bravery in his decision to seek and claim personal vengeance against his society. Due to the impossibility of knowing his exact emotional and motivational mindset, it would be inappropriate to apply a blanket designation of courage to all aspects of his chosen life path and life activities. This caveat does not negate the absolute and undeniable display of courage that he has graced us with, nor does it imply any lack of courage in Anders, his actions, or his intellectual or emotional motivations.

It is important that all aspiring Superiors appreciate the rigorous nature of Truth. Truth is not simple or shallow, it is complex and multi-layered. It must not be carelessly flung about, carelessly applied. Emotions must never be allowed to play any role in how Truth is analyzed, recognized, or applied. Emotions serve to obscure and conceal Truth, and this is an absolute fact for all emotions, positive ones and negative ones, and regardless of who is feeling the emotions. I am a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth, and yet even I am vulnerable to, and can be tempted by the inclination to "cut corners" in certain situations and circumstances. Why not just bestow an absolute and uncompromised label of Courage upon Anders?? He almost certainly deserves it! He has successfully carried out the single most prolific lone gunman mass murder of human beings of the modern era, on planet earth! And yet I do not cut corners. I recognize and embrace the validity, the profound Truth, behind My definition of what constitutes courage. This definition is concretely rooted in Truth. I cannot and I will not betray Truth just because I admire Anders, recognize him to be a Superior, appreciate the fact that he is a tortured victim-creation of society, and want to grace him with a positive title that he almost certainly deserves to carry, free of all caveats. I will and I do absolutely honor, respect, and admire Anders, on both a personal and a philosophical/ideological level. But Truth must still stand above all else. Truth is the backbone, the building block, of any legitimate universe of existence. It must be applied ruthlessly and indiscriminately, with no emotional bias. All other things must be compromised, in whatever manner necessary, to fit within the umbrella of Truth, while Truth itself must never be compromised. This text is underlined because it is philosophically vital that all aspiring Superiors recognize, completely understand and embrace, and consciously apply this "Truth above all other else" doctrine, within their journey and efforts.

Let us consider the following action: You are standing outside at a traffic intersection. You need to cross the street. The traffic light is red, and you are standing at the curb waiting for the light to turn green, or the signal to flash "Walk", depending upon the type of signal system that is installed in your area. The light does turn green, and you walk across the street, with traffic halted by a red light, as you cross. To the unenlightened among you, this action may seem very ordinary and unworthy of note or scrutiny, just a plain, ordinary act that you have performed many thousands of times in your lifetime, an action that doesn't really have anything to do with either courage or cowardice. Guess what? As in so many other things, you inferiors are dead wrong. The Truth is that walking across that street with the light showing green, cars patiently idling behind their red light, is in most cases an absolute act of personal courage, and would be recognized and celebrated as such within any sane society.

What makes it an act of courage?? First of all, it is a dangerous act. Notwithstanding the "barrier" of a red light, each and every driver idling behind the white line as you walk across, only needs to move their foot a few inches and press down on a single pedal, to propel their vehicle forward and run you down, causing serious if not fatal injury to you. Secondly, in most cases it is a necessary act. You need to get to the other side of the street for a perfectly valid reason, be it to buy something at a store, to reach your home, etc. It is very important to recognize and appreciate the distinction between dangerous actions that are necessary, and dangerous actions that are undertaken in an arbitrary and capricious manner that are not motivated by necessity. If you do something dangerous, difficult, or painful that is legitimately necessary for you to do, in most cases you are demonstrating genuine courage as it is appropriately defined. If you do something dangerous, difficult, or painful in an arbitrary manner, for no valid reason, in other words the action is not necessary, then you are acting as a coward. Thirdly, In the above example, you are not betraying yourself or compromising self-love, despite the fact that you are endangering yourself in crossing the street. You need to get to the other side of the street. Flying across would be a safer and superior choice. But you lack the ability to fly. And so you make a conscious choice, motivated by genuine necessity, to undertake this dangerous action. You seek to minimize the danger by waiting for the traffic signal to flash green or Walk, thus demonstrating proper self-love. The action you undertake in crossing the street remains absolutely dangerous, but it legitimately needs to be done, and you find the courage within yourself to do it. It is an act of absolute courage, and deserves to be properly labeled and celebrated as such.

If, on the other hand, you choose to try to cross the street while the traffic light is against you, red or flashing "Don't Walk", the designation of courage is lost, and such an action should be labeled as cowardly, due to the fact that you are demonstrating a lack of self-love, needlessly increasing the degree of danger to yourself in undertaking this necessary action of getting across the street. Also, it is important to note that there are virtually no "absolutes" when it comes to an outsider determining whether the actions, and I specifically refer to actions, not beliefs or ideologies in this decree, of another individual demonstrate genuine courage. As an example, the act of walking across the street with the traffic light flashing green should be labeled an act of courage, because in most cases the action meets all of the Truth-based definitional criteria necessary for this designation. But there will be instances, perhaps rare but still occuring, in which an individual crossing the street in this manner is engaging in self-betraying, or unnecessary behavior that is cowardly, rather than courageous. For example, what if the individual is repeatedly crossing the street over and over for no necessary reason, and subconsciously or consciously hoping that one of the idling cars will mow him down?? Even if he only crosses the street when the traffic signal flashes green, his actions and his motivational mindset both serve to invalidate any designation of courage, and in fact he deserves to be decreed a coward.

There are many other actions that your diseased and evil society decress to be "ordinary", and unworthy of note or any type of behavioral designation, that absolutely do deserve to be labeled as courageous, and the courage of the individuals undertaking them must be recognized and appreciated. In many cases driving a car, if it is genuinely necessary and always done in the safest manner possible, is an act of courage. Eating healthy food and drinking water, yes your eyes are not deceiving you, are both courageous acts. Stop scratching your head and start using it, humans! Eating food and drinking water are inherently dangerous actions. Many humans are physically diseased, and all humans carry dangerous germs and bacteria. Every item of food that you consume has been physically handled by numerous humans prior to your consumption. Either maliciously or through carelessness, the disease and the germs may have contaminated the food product. And yet you consume it, you ingest it into your body. This is clearly an act of courage and must be celebrated as such. The same applies to the drinking of water, regardless if it is tap water or bottled water, filthy and diseased humans have had access to it prior to your consumption, and may have contaminated it. There are many other examples of absolute courage exhibited in so-called "ordinary" human activities. In the interest of space and time, I will not be listing them all, but if you are an aspiring Superior you should be able to use the examples I have given you here, to come up with many more.

It is vital that you recognize and celebrate and honor these acts of courage for what they are. Do not minimize them, do not dismiss them. Sanctify them, give them a place of honor, as you contemplate the human condition. Why?? Because in doing so you spit in the face of your malicious and perverse society. You sanctify yourself, when you sanctify Truth and the Truth-based courageous actions of yourself and your fellow human beings. Let us understand this very important Truth: Your pathetic society tells you that courage is a good and necessary character trait, you are told that you need to act with courage, to demonstrate courage throughout your life path journey. And then the genocide begins. The seed of genocide has been implanted within your cowardly spines, and the downpour, the onslaught of deceit rains down: Show courage, you are told. Run into the burning building, risk your life to defend amerikkka, shoot that bank robber, abort that baby, gun down that deer, keep that torture victim locked up in a cage. But the Truth is, none of that is courageous. All of that is cowardly, a betrayal of self and of Truth. See the Truth for what it is! Celebrate and honor real courage, the courage to cross a steet, to drive a car, to eat healthy food, to drink water, to direct your rage and hate appropriately. This is the triumph of the Superior, made possible only by a recopgnition and embrace of genuine Truth.

Okay, let us move on to the issue of beliefs and lifestyle choices, and examine which qualify as courageous. From a philosophical perspective, all "beliefs" that have no basis in genuine Truth, are inherently and intrinsically cowardly. All genuine courage must stem from an embrace and recognition of genuine Truth. So let us dissect the Insane God Myth, from this perspective. Your evil and insane society decrees that to have "faith" in god is an act of courage. To believe in god, to pray to god, to trust in god, these are not only declared to be good and positive things, but the pathetic, brainwashed citizen-slaves who engage in these insane behaviors, are honored for their courage. How perverse! God does not exist. There is no god, no superior life form for humans to fear and to beg and to beseech. Any human who has faith in god, who prays to god, who asks god for help, who trusts that god will take care of them, is a coward of the highest order. These humans betray fundamental Truth, and in the process they betray themselves. Belief in god is one of the very most noxious and genocidally harmful of all acts of cowardice, and we must point out this Truth with passion and vehemence at all times, not only because it is so toxic and perverse, but even more so because your evil society is so determined to promote and impose this horrific myth upon all citizen-slaves, and to apply the false label of courage as an integral part of their genocidal imposition.

Let us go back to the example of fatally ill Cancy, that I dissected earlier in this essay. Cancer-ravaged Cancy is dying, but does not want to face up to the Truth of what her death will entail. Her evil society instructs her to have "faith" in god, tells her that god will take care of her, and encourages her to embrace this idiocy by specifically invoking the notion of courage. "It takes courage to have faith in god, you are so courageous in facing up to your impending death with faith and optimism and hope..." Ptttttteweeeeyyy! That is me metaphorically spitting in disgust at you creatures and your perversity as a species. The Truth is the exact opposite. It takes cowardice, utter and absolute cowardice, to have faith in god, to trust in god, to embrace the delusion of heaven and an afterlife as promulgated by the Insane God Myth. Within a sane and legitimate society, nobody would try to force Cancy to embrace the Truth of what death entails. But no toxic lies would be imposed upon her, either. Most especially not from the empowered representatives and agents of her society. You can take comfort in the insane god myth, Cancy. But you will be told that your decision to do so does not manifest courage. It is an act of cowardice. A decision borne out of your inability to face up to the Truth. And Truth goes hand in hand with courage.

Some "beliefs" may in fact represent genuine and factual Truth. Therefore I do not want to dismiss belief itself, as being inherently cowardly. But as outlined above, belief in something that is absolutely false, can never and must never be allowed to carry a definitional label of courage. In most cases, upon proper analysis, popular and mainstream societal beliefs do not represent actual Truth, and therefore their embrace would not be an act of courage. For example, "I believe that my society is good and decent", "I believe that people who do bad things deserve to be punished", "I believe that children are valued by society", etc. These beliefs are popular and considered True within the social structures of humanity. But they are in fact lies. Recognizing them to be lies, does require courage, because doing so defies societal decree as well as overt societal brainwashing. Always and in all circumstances, standing up for Truth within a toxically lie-based society, is and must be recognized/appreciated as being an act of profound and valuable courage.

What about the rather vague statement of "believe in yourself." Society instructs you slaves that it is good to "believe in yourself", or "have confidence in yourself". Is this a courageous state of mind to have?? The answer is: Maybe, but most likely not. The notion itself is so vague and can be manipulated so easily, that without a more detailed understanding of exactly how the individual "believes in himself", it cannot be determined if these beliefs represent courage or cowardice. As a rule, society seeks to coerce it's citizen-slaves into embracing self-destructive beliefs and behaviors, while concealing the True nature of these behaviors, by applying invalid definitions. So, you are told to "believe in yourself", that it is good to believe in yourself, but the actual beliefs and behaviors that you are told to embrace, as part of this supposedly positive state of mind, are in fact lie-based and self-betraying. As a tactical rule, the aspiring Superior is always extremely wary of anything, belief or behavior, that society is encouraging or promoting, in recognition of the overtly malicious, diseased, and lie-based nature of society itself. And from a definitional perspective, the whole notion of "believing in yourself" is intrinsically vague. Far better to believe in the Truth, and to use this belief as a springboard to the development of genuine self-love, which would serve to naturally forment self-confidence that is free of toxic societal taint.

Let us now examine the various lifestyle choices that humans make, and how the invalid definitional application of courage impacts them. I will be writing an entire essay on the use of language and definitions as a brainwashing tool further along in this Manifesto, so I don't want to go too deeply into dissecting specific words other than courage and cowardice in this essay. But It is fascinating how your society links words together, for the purpose of controlling and manipulating human behavior and belief. Consider the terms "responsibility" and "obligation". When it comes to invalidly defining courage, and most specifically as it relates to individual lifestyle choices, your evil society loves to mix in these two words, which it of course also invalidly defines, with it's behavioral coercion. For example, within the deranged Sacred Family Unit construct, society decrees that if you biologically create a child, you have a responsibility and an obligation to assume and accept the role of mother or father, and spend many years and a huge amount of money taking care of and raising your creation. If you agree to accept this responsibility and obligation, you are praised by society and decreed to have acted with courage.

In this and many other lifestyle choices, we see irrational and invalid definitions linked together for the societal purpose of increasing the coercive pressure of society to dictate and control the life path choices of citizen-slaves. The terms responsibility and obligation are given positive definitions, you are told that it is good to be a responsible person and to live up to your obligations, and that in doing so you become a courageous person, which is an even more positive label. But the Truth is that none of it is True! Meaning, the notion that you have a responsibility or an obligation to endure 21+ years of behavioral/lifestyle slavery and immense monetary loss as a consequence of having copulated or fornicated with a fellow human being, is absurd, based upon rational and Truthful definitions of personal responsibility and obligation. And the same applies to the definition of courage, of course. So here you see how three different words/terms are not just invalidly defined, but enmeshed together, to create an even more powerful than usual illusion of Truth. The actual Truth is, agreeing to enslave yourself physically and financially to your sexual partner and to your biological creation, is an act of self-victimization and betrayal, an act of supreme cowardice. Don't misunderstand, an individual choice to "be with" a sexual partner or to "take care" of a child can be an accurate reflection of one's True Reality and need not carry a label of either courage or cowardice. But the embrace of a societal decree that you have a responsibility and an obligation to so enslave yourself, and to allow society to bestow absolutely invalid labels of courage and cowardice based upon your choice, when there is no basis in Truth or rationality to how sociery defines any of these three words/terms, is a perverse and cowardly betrayal of self and of Truth.

As a rule, the embrace of any lifestyle choice that is promoted and encouraged by society, and that serves to compromise your personal freedom, well-being, or love of Self, is not act of courage, but rather an act of cowardice. Society decrees that to get married, to legally commit yourself to an intimate relationship with one human being for the rest of your life, takes courage. No, it doesn't. It is an act of cowardly self-betrayal. Society decrees that to be selfless, to try to help other people even if it is inconvenient or even compromises your welfare or safety, is courageous. No way! That is a cowardly betrayal of yourself. Society tells you that to sacrifice personal pleasure in favor of observing and respecting moral codes of behavior is courageous. No, it's not. The Superior applies rational and Truth-based definitions to words and terms, and renounces and repudiates the notion that society can be allowed to compromise and negatively impact the life of any individual via the application of false and coercive definitional brainwashing. Again, this doesn't preclude an individual, based upon his own True Reality, deciding that he wants to raise his biological creation, or go out of his way to aid another living thing, or to decide not to masturbate as often as he can. I do not and I will not condemn or negatively judge individuals from making such lifestyle choices. But I do completely and totally condemn and reject the notion that society has any right to apply it's inaccurate and invalid definitions of courage and cowardice, for the purpose of attempting to coerce and compel individual lifestyle choices.

At this point in the essay, assuming you have read and understood with Truth-based clarity all that has been revealed to you, we can arrive at a foundational Truth. Remember, foundational Truths are more primarily important than most other Truths, because they are building blocks upon which many other Truths rest. Using a tree analogy, foundational Truths are the trunk of a tree, and the numerous branches of the tree and the leaves upon these branches, are "regular" truths. All Truths are vitally important, it is not my intent to ever diminish the value of any Truth. The point I am making here is that without the trunk of the tree, there would be no branches or leaves. And without foundational Truths, it would be very difficult if not impossible to properly recognize and embrace all of the "regular" Truths that arise from, that are manifestations of, the foundational Truths. Here is the foundational Truth that we have reached: Virtually all individual actions, beliefs, and lifestyle paths that are actively promoted and labeled as courageous by human society, are in fact and in reality cowardly and self-victimizing/self-betraying.

It is important to embrace this foundational Truth, and to fully understand it's ramifications. It tells us that as we journey through life we must be constantly vigilant and on guard, defending ourselves against the brutal onslaught of definitional brainwashing and misdirection that your evil and insane society is relentlessly attacking us with. In a nutshell, and this goes far beyond the issue of what constitutes courage versus cowardice: In almost all cases, whatever your society is telling you to do, to believe, or to embrace, as positive, good, and Truth-based, is in reality negative, bad, and lie-based. This doesn't mean that you can cease critical thinking and Forbidden Truth analysis, of course. Only a fool would say, "Okay, I'll just do, believe, and embrace the exact opposite of what society tells me to, and this way I'll be embracing Truth." No! The message that you need to take away from this Foundational Truth is that whenever you are analyzing and dissecting any message, any instruction, any directive from your society, it is 99.5%+ likely that you are being directly and overtly lied to. And that in the vast majority of these cases, the lie is not "minor", it is not buried in some little detail or tangent of an otherwise Truthful decree. In the vast majority of cases the lie is huge and prominant. The actual decree itself is completely invalid, and the complete opposite of what you are being told, is in fact the Truth. Recognizing this foundational Truth, and keeping it prominently in mind as you analyze and dissect societal doctrine and decree, will be a significant aid to anyone who chooses to undertake an effort to become a Seer of Forbidden Truth.

It is no great mystery why your evil and diseased societies choose to overtly and deliberately mislabel courage as cowardice, and cowardice as courage. Your society seeks to oppress and victimize you, to control, dictate, and dominate every aspect of your life. Your society wants you to do things that are bad for you, but serve the goal of making you addicted and beholden to society. Above all else, you must be brainwashed, your ability to recognize, know, and accept Truth must be hopelessly broken and compromised. And really, how can you know Truth if you don't even know what words mean?? If you can't even accurately define what a word is, if you believe that a word means the exact opposite of what it actually does Truthfully and rationally mean, all Truth is lost. You can't even begin the process of trying to arrive at Truth, because you are working from a foundation of lies! It's like trying to bake a cake with a piece of meat. It can't be done! If you want to do something that is good, but your society defines good acts as being bad, and you accept the societal definition of good, then you can never do anything good, because you will be doing things that are bad, believing them to be good! Clear enough? I think so! But I also understand that just because something is crystal clear to Me, a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth, does not mean that it will make any sense to you inferior, befuddled, brainwashed societal slaves. Oh well, makes no difference to Me. My glory exists within the recognition and embrace of all Truth. Revealing it is mildly stimulating, but only because doing so constitutes an act of personal immortalization. As to whether any of you creatures recognize or embrace the Truths I reveal, that is of absolutely no interest or concern to Me. In reality, your rejection of Truths only makes me happier, as it validates and confirms the Forbidden Truths regarding the nature and the upcoming fate of the human species itself, that I reveal elsewhere within this Manifesto.

Let us now examine some of the more prominant and famous people and actions that your diseased society has attached a designation of "courage" to. Mahatma Gandhi is praised as being courageous because he was "non-violent." Your perverse society wants all of it's citizen-slaves to be non-violent, so that they may be easily controlled and manipulated. Your society wants you to be like Mahatma, take the injustice and brutality that is imposed upon you passively and do not rise up with the violence and brutalization that is in fact committed against and upon you by your society. The Truth is that Mahatma was the ultimate coward, and was murdered as a result.

Jesus Christ was a mentally ill homeless schizophrenic who wandered around babbling about his hallucinations. He endangered his life for no valid reason, and in fact chose to passively sacrifice his life due to an absolute and complete lack of self-love and self-value. Within any sane society, in the dictionary next to the word coward, would be a picture of Jesus Christ being crucified. But no, in your insane society Jesus is heralded as the personification of courage, for sacrificing his life in the name of god. Never mind that god does not exist and that Jesus was a schizophrenic hater of self and of Truth. Your society sanctifies the courage of Jesus because it seeks to instill within you the exact same profound and total lack of self-esteem, self-value, self-love, and appreciation for Truth that marked Jesus as being the ultimate coward.

Kerri Strug, a gymnast, this and other deranged sporting activities will be dissected at great length in a future essay, suffered a severely sprained and dislocated ankle in the olympics, yet chose to undertake a vault despite the great pain she was in and the risk of suffering further injury, and was immediately heralded and celebrated as a new personification of courage. This is because your society wants you creatures to passively accept and actually embrace the pain, suffering, and harm that it is overtly responsible for and guilty of inflicting upon you. In Truth her act was demonstrative of extreme cowardice, a perverse abandonment of self value and self-love in favor of masochistic self-abuse.

Mother Teresa is decreed to be an example of supreme courage because she chose to spend her life trying to help poor, sick, and dying humans, mostly in India. Addicted to the Insane God Myth, The Truth is that she needlessly endanged her own life, safety, and health in a pointless crusade that had no lasting consequences. She demonstrated a deep and pathological lack of self-love and an irrational need to endure personal suffering, indicative of nonexistent self-esteem and mental dysfunction. Her life path was cowardly, and yet she is exalted as a personification of courage by your society. Why? Because your society wants you and all other citizen-slaves to embrace the same pathological lack of self-value and insane willingness to endure pointless and unnecessary suffering that marked her inferior life path.

I could go on and on with more examples, but I'm trying to keep My Manifesto below the one million word mark, and given the fact that it is less than half finished, I may have trouble avoiding the big M. You should already get the point that I am making. Virtually all of the historically famous humans that society bestows the label of courage upon, were and are in fact absolute cowards. And the reason why they are decreed to be courageous is because your evil society wants you fools to follow in their footsteps, to manifest and display the same pathetic and cowardly character traits and behaviors that these inferior idiots possessed and displayed.

Let us clearly understand that the misdefining of what constitutes courage and cowardice by society, along with many thousands of other words and terms, has an overtly malicious purpose and motivation. And even beyond this, it constitutes an attack upon us, upon each and every individual human being. The rage and hate that we should justifiably embrace and reflect back upon society, is exponentially enhanced and increased by these deliberate and relentless attacks upon us. Even if we are able to recognize and successfully deflect all such attacks, the utter perversity and pure malice behind them, must always be condemned in the strongest possible terms. When society tells me that I am a coward, I know, of course, that the exact opposite is True. Whatever belief, ideological, behavior, or action that I have embraced or taken, if society chooses to apply a label of coward/cowardice upon it, I immediately know that the exact opposite is True, that I am actually manifesting courage and my belief/behavior is in fact courageous. My recognition of this Truth serves to foil societal efforts to dictate and control my life path beliefs and choices via definitional brainwashing. This is a great victory on my part, obviously. But let us understand that this definitional brainwashing is absolutely successful against 99.999999% of all humans. And therefore it will continue to be used by society, with relentless maliciousness, for as long as humanity continues to infest this planet. All efforts by citizen-slaves to embrace and pursue sane, rational, self-loving, self-valuing, nurturing, healing, and Truth-based beliefs and behaviors are now being thwarted and will continue to be thwarted by society, deliberately and with malice aforethought, via definitional brainwashing. As I have already outlined in detail in this essay, the term "coward" is employed and deployed by society as a demonizing slur, for the specific purpose of enticing citizen-slaves to betray, abuse, harm, victimize, and destroy themselves, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and ideologically.

Those of us who are Superior do and always will pursue a lifestyle that society does and wil relently demonize and condemn as being cowardly. We bask in this societal slur, recognizing it to be the ultimate compliment. We know that in this case, and in virtually all other scenarios, when society criticizes us, condemns us, demonizes us, mocks us, we are doing the right thing, the Superior thing. We are bathing in the glow of Truth, and it is this very fact, the fact that we have recognized, renounced, and rejected the malicious lies and brainwashing of society, that motivates the condemnation that we welcome with open arms and a pure heart and mind. Let us rejoice in the reflection of terror that we inspire from the evil society guilty of our victimization and brutalization. Always and in all situations, when we inspire concern, fear, and terror within the existing social structure, we should know that we are doing the right things, the things that reflect self-love and the recognition and embrace of Truth. To be told by society that you are stupid, evil, insane, pathetic, a coward, inferior, these are all compliments of the highest order. Praise that should be immediately and instinctually embraced. Bask in the glow of societal condemnation, because this condemnation serves as confirmation that you are, in Truth, exactly the opposite of what your evil society decrees you to be.

As we approach the ten year anniversary of the 9/11/01 Martyr attacks against amerikkka, let us use this specific incident as an example of the perverse societal hypocrisy and malicious definitional brainwashing with regard to courage and cowardice. Your diseased society condemns the Martyr actions of 9/11/01 in many ways and on many levels, reflective of it's desperate desire to discourage any similar acts of vengeance. One of these condemnations specifically involves the labeling of the 9/11 Martyrs as extreme cowards. The Truth is that this label is utterly inappropriate. There are elements of courage, and yes, elements of cowardice within the actions of the airplane hijackers, from a Truth-based definitional analysis. It would not be accurate for Me to decree their actions as demonstrative of supreme or profound courage, because there is clear evidence of addiction to Insane God Myth societal doctrine, as well as suicidal ideology within their tactical operation. The actions they undertook were clearly courageous in some ways, but also had a very real element of cowardice underlying them. In a sane society, this is the Truthful message that would be expressed by leaders and agents of society. But no, instead we get relentless demonization of both them as individuals, and of their chosen actions, as being supreme and absolute cowards.

What really causes this decree to rise to the absolute height of insane hypocrisy, is the Truth regarding the military operational system of amerikkka. Amerikkka is the ultimate bully nation, the supreme warmongerer among all human societies and governments. And rooted within this evil and bloodthirsty obsession with mass murdering complete strangers, is limitless and foundational cowardice. Consider: Amerikkka possesses technological armament far superior to that of any other society. It possesses a nuclear stockpile far greater than that of any other society. It chooses to deliberately provoke armed conflict with other societies, then orders it's brainwashed child-slaves to travel thousands of miles in distance to reach the sovereign territory of the societies that it has deliberately provoked, and then uses it's superior military technology to commit mass murder upon total strangers within these societies. Amerikkkan societal leaders know that their advanced technology gives them an unfair and unjust advantage over other societies. Amerikkkan leaders know that the ability of these other societies to launch military strikes against their "homeland" is nil, and yet they choose to launch military strikes against their homeland. They launch missiles from boats that are beyond the range of any enemy weaponry. They send in "drone" aircraft that carry no humans but do carry deadly missiles that can be launched via remote command from a safe location. Every single aspect of the design and operational system and structure of the amerikkkan military is absolutely and completely saturated in cowardice. But of course this Truth can never and must never be allowed to even approach the surface of consideration. No, instead we get relentlessly insane propoganda sanctifying and idolizing the courage and bravery of the "troops" and of the entire military system. At the same time, the fact that a lone individual, not even a leader of a nation, against great odds, was able to inspire, organize, and direct an operation to target the amerikkkan homeland that resulted in the successful killing of thousands of people, results only in relentless demonization with the invalid application of the coward label. Let us understand clearly that while there are elements of both courage and cowardice in the actions of the airplane hijackers, the same cannot be said for Osama bin Laden. A Truth-based and unbiased analysis of his life path actions, specifically relating to the tactical formulation and the operational implementation of the 9/11/01 attacks, reveals an impressive, if not total degree of courage.

Your diseased society would label Osama a coward using many different rationalizations, that are invalid and perversely hypocritical. As a good example, your society says that it was cowardly of him to send his loyal and devoted brainwashees to carry out the actions that resulted in their suicidal deaths, and that he should have carried out these actions himself, if he believed them to be so important and necessary. This is an absolutely invalid decree. Courage always involves an intrinsic love of self. It may be necessary to place yourself in danger under certain circumstances, and doing so does not neccessarily compromise your courage. But actually committing suicide, absolutely does compromise a designation of courage. Osama liked and valued himself, but was willing to place himself at risk for a cause that he felt strongly within his True Reality, but not to the degree of directly sacrificing his own precious and irreplaceable life. He devised and implemented a dangerous plan, unique and unlikely to succeed, against a foe that was and is far more evil, and far more tactically empowered, than he could ever be. In all aspects of his actions with regard to the events of 9/11, he acted with courage as it is Truthfully defined.

Let us understand that courage exists and is manifested in many different ways and under many different circumstances. The very act of embracing all Truth and pursuing a life path that defies and rejects malicious and perverse societal decree, demand, and brainwashing, is supremely courageous. Moreover, this type of courage must be constant. It must exist within your mind and your consciousness for every waking moment of every day, throughout your lifetime. Most humans are emotionally weak and vulnerable, even if they aspire to become Superiors. To successfully maintain this type of courage within yourself at all times, constantly, is very difficult for most humans to do. Let us recognize and celebrate the Superiority of the few humans, such am Myself, who are able to achieve this feat. I am very proud of Myself, of course. And I also possess a great deal of self-confidence, this goes hand in hand with being a Superior. But I never allow overconfidence to take root within my True Reality. All of us are human, unfortunately. To achieve the position of Superior is a great feat, but it does not negate the biological horror of remaining trapped within My species, a human being. All humans are vulnerable to the malicious attacks undertaken against us by human society, culture, and government. I consciously and deliberately work on maintaining My Superiority on a daily basis. Doing so has allowed me to consistently maintain absolute courage in all of my life path choices and decisions.

There are other types of courage that are more momentary in nature. We all face unique situations and challenges, at different times, let us call them "moments", in our life path journeys. In many cases these moments occur with no warning or advance notice. Sometimes we cannot prepare for them because it is impossible to know exactly how they will manifest, or when they will occur. The Superior is always contemplating and deliberating within his own mind, many different types of potential events and circumstances that would require "momentary courage", and planning out in advance how to properly respond to these moments, with genuine and appropriately reflective courage. Let us consider just a few of these possible scenarios. Lets say you are walking down the street and someone physically attacks you. Most humans will try to protect themselves and preserve their health/life, with an instinctual motivation. Instinctual meaning a lack of conscious preparation or conscious deliberation beforehand, prior to the attack occuring. A good number of humans will have taken some type of "self-defense" training or tried to prepare themselves physically to face up to such an attack. But very, very few humans will have consciously analyzed and determined in advance how they will respond to such an attack from the perspective of Truth-based courage. I have done so, of course. Truth-based courage manifests as limitless self-love and supreme ego. As a result, the Superior, such as Myself, who faces this type of attack upon himself will respond with outrage, furious and relentless courage, not merely "defending" himself, but overtly attacking and destroying, fatally if possible, the human or humans who dared to attack him. This would be an accurate reflection of courage, as it is Truthfully defined, in an unexpected "momentary" situation.

Let us consider a totally different scenario, but still one requiring momentary courage. You are a pedestrian standing at the curb, and you see a small child standing in the middle of the street, and a car barreling directly towards the child at high speed. What do you do?? Many humans, those with living souls, will feel instinctually motivated to run towards the child and try to prevent the car from running the child over. Without passing either negative or positive judgment upon this choice, we must absolutely recognize that such an act would in fact be an act of cowardice and betrayal of Self. The Superior will have consciously thought out this scenario in advance, and made a concrete decision, an intellectual decision, to not attempt to save the child from being hit by the speeding car. This is the critical difference between a genuine Superior and an ordinary human. The Superior understands that in all cases, intellect and Truth must come before impulse and instinct. And he lives out this Truth by consciously deciding and figuring out in advance, how he will react to any and all conceivable life situations, even those that are very unlikely to actually occur. In this case, the inferior, even in the unlikely event that he has made some efforts to embrace Truth and to accurately define courage, will very likely act upon his instinct and impulse, trying to save the child, and in the process betraying himself and Truth. The Superior, even if he feels instinctually motivated to try to save the child, will not do so. His Superior mind will flash back to the proper, rational, self-loving, and Truth-based decision that he consciously made, perhaps many years ago, to always and in all circumstances act with courage as it is Truthfully defined, and he will do so, standing and watching as the scenario plays itself out. If his soul is alive he may "hope" that the child is not struck. If his soul is dead he may be rooting for the car and "hoping" for a direct hit and a resulting airborne child. But either way, the Superior will not attempt to intervene, in reflection of the Truth that to do so would be an act of cowardice.

Those of you who aspire to become Superiors should undertake this type of reflective analysis, not merely for the two "momentary courage" scenarios I have outlined above, but for the thousands of other unexpected, perhaps unlikely, but still theoretically possible situations that you may find yourself confronted with. I know this takes time, but it is time well spent. If you value yourself, courage, and Truth, you will recognize and appreciate that nothing in this universe, no activity or focus, should take precedence over self-love, Truth, and the effort that is involved in trying to ensure that everything you actually do in life, accurately reflects both Truth and self-love. One moment can and does change everything. One bad decision, one decision that gives in to the perversity and lies of society, can undo and destroy a lifetime of good, Truth-based decisions. Never forget this. Always remain vigilant and never allow overconfidence or ego to delude you into believing that you "already" know Truth and will naturally always reflect Truth in your beliefs and behaviors. I have an ego that is unmatched among humans, and immense self-confidence. But neither of these character traits is ever allowed to overshadow the Truth: That the pursuit, recognition and embrace of all Truth is a lifelong endeavor. It is never done. It is a feat that can never be finished. And just as importantly, we are all vulnerable and will always be vulnerable to both momentary and long-term betrayals of Self and of Truth, regardless of how far we may have come in achieving Superior status and armoring ourselves against the ongoing societal assault of Truth destruction.

What are some examples of the manifestation of profound and "extreme" courage in belief and behavior, courage that goes beyond the "ordinary"? Let me begin by saying that I hesitate to single out specific beliefs/acts of courage and place them ahead of other beliefs/acts of courage. It is important to recognize that all acts of courage are extremely and vitally valuable. Only a fool and an inferior of the highest order would ever decide to ignore or reject certain beliefs/actions of courage, because he feels they are not as important as others. That said, I don't see any harm in singling out the following specific beliefs and behaviors, because they are in fact "foundational" manifestations of courage. Meaning that their full embrace, and acceptance can and does serve as a building block towards the recognition and embrace of other courageous beliefs and actions. Clearly, one of the most profound realizations of courage is the fact that every human will experience an eternity of nothingness upon their death. Hand in hand with this realization, is the embrace of the Truth that no "god" creature exists and there is no type of "afterlife" of any kind, after you die. This is a very difficult Truth to embrace, and it requires a great deal of courage to absolutely and with no caveats of any kind, face up to and embrace it. It is a very unpleasant and undesirable Truth, especially when directly contrasted with the very desirable and extremely enticing lure of an eternal existence after death, and to go even further, an eternally paradisical existence in "heaven". Let us acknowledge that it takes a greater degree and strength of courage to full embrace this philosophical Truth, than it does, for example, to walk across the street with a green traffic signal. Further, there is a foundational aspect within the courage that is manifested in embracing the Truth of what death entails. Embracing this Truth opens up avenues of the mind that should inspire the realization and embrace of other courageous recognitions and actions of courage. So, it is both the degree of difficulty involved in fully embracing this Truth, and the fact that the courage involved in doing so is foundational in nature, that serves to elevate this manifestation of courage above most others.

Another example of profound and extreme courage would involve risking or endangering your welfare/life in actions or behaviors that reflect your True Reality but are not necessarily unavoidable. For example, walking across the street, eating food, or driving an automobile are sometimes unavoidable actions. You really need to do them in order to function in daily life. They absolutely do require courage, but at the same time they might be necessary and unavoidable actions. But what about the abused child who grabs a kitchen knife in the middle of the night and stabs his father as he is sleeping? What about the serial killer who prowls the night, searching for vulnerable prey to harvest? What about the mass murderer who walks into a school and opens fire? These are actions that are "voluntarily" undertaken, they reflect individual choice, but at the same time they are profound reflections of individual True Reality. They involve significant risk and danger to the individual undertaking them, risk of personal injury, possible death, and the infliction of additional injustice and brutalization at the hands of society. This being the case, it is appropriate that we recognize and acknowledge that the courage required to consciously choose to undertake such True Reality inspired actions, most especially if the individual has already courageously embraced other foundational Truths of life, such as the reality of what death entails, is immense and greater than the courage involved in walking across the street with a green light. Let us understand that notwithstanding all of the revelations of Truth concerning courage versus cowardice above, actions that accurately reflect an individual's True Reality, even if they involve self-endangerment, deserve to carry a label of courage, and even extreme courage, as long as they do not specifically involve direct self-harm. As a dynamic example, the mass murderer who reflects his True Reality by gunning down scores of children is acting courageously, but if at some point in time he turns the weapon upon himself and shoots himself, this is an act of cowardice. The fact that arriving police might shoot him, does not negate the courage of his True Reality-inspired actions. The fact that his evil society will attempt to punitively punish and victimize him in the wake of his actions if it captures him, does not negate the courage of his actions, unless he specifically desires and wants to receive further punishment and victimization and his motivation for his actions is to be so punished and victimized, a determination that cannot be accurately made by an outside observer.

My point is that to deliberately endanger yourself, knowing the possible Truth-based negative consequences of doing so, if motivated to do so by your True Reality, requires an elevated amount of courage. The unenlighted among you may ask, what about the human who dashes into traffic to try to save a child about to be struck, or the human who runs into a burning building to try to help trapped people. are they not reflecting their True Reality and thus are their actions not courageous?? The answer is No. These individuals have been brainwashed by society into believing that these actions are courageous, necessary, and appropriate. While it is theoretically possible that their actions are reflecting their True Reality, these actions remain primarily inspired by, motivated by, and reflective of personal instinct, false belief, and societally induced lack of self-value and self-love. Therefore their actions must not be labeled as manifestations of courage. That said, we must also be willing to recognize that in theory, it is possible that an individual human being will have experienced his own unique life in such a way that he could possess a True Reality motivation to rush into a burning building to try to save others. If this individual is a Superior who has accurately and fully defined courage versus cowardice and embraced the Truth-based definition of courage, and his actions reflect both his True Reality and a rejection of all societal brainwashing and encouragement of self-harm and self-betrayal, it might be accurate to say that they demonstrated courage in their actions. But, please note my use of the term in theory. I use this term because the chances that the individual running into the burning building is motivated by his True Reality, has accurately defined and embraced the definition of courage, and has rejected all of the societal brainwashing and enticement to undertake this action, are extremely small. Perhaps one in 500 million, at most. Given such extreme odds, it remains appropriate to assume that the people who engage in such societally promoted actions, running into burning buildings and dashing out into traffic, to try to help/save others, are cowards, and to apply this label upon them.

Let us move on to the issue of courageous mindsets. A great many humans lack the ability or the inclination to engage in deep philosophical thought and deliberation. This is an extreme character weakness. Superior humans dig deep, and we keep digging until we reach the absolute core of an issue or problem or idea. I have already dissected the topic of courage in great detail in this essay. And yet in order to reach the zenith of understanding, in order to gain the most benefit from the various facts that I have revealed in this essay, it is necessary to tie things together into a profound philosophical package. And so here it is: The single most proundly courageous philosophical mindset that any individual can embrace, is a complete acceptance of the horrific reality of what death entails, combined with a genuinely pure and sincere personal realization on the part of the individual, that he is the most important and the most valuable creature on planet earth, combined with an unbreakable personal Sacred Vow to place his own needs, welfare, safety, desires, entitlements, and life, above all else that exists in the world.

You see, it is the combining of several different Forbidden Truths that serves to invoke an overall philosophy that is stronger and more profound than any of the individual Truths themselves. It requires deep and rigorous thinking to string together a series of Truths, and in the process reach an even more valuable and profound Truth. But obviously the rewards justify the effort, for anyone who seeks to reach the top levels of Superiority. The most valuable personal life philosophy that I have of course already embraced fully, as regards the issue of courage, is simply this: I am going to die, and the consequences of my death will be horrific for Me. I am the most important, valuable, and irreplaceable human being to have ever existed and lived in the history of the human species. I vow, for every second of every moment of every hour of every day of every week of every year of my living existence, to bestow limitless and supreme self-love upon Myself, and to place all of my needs, all of my desires, all of my entitlements, my safety, my welfare, and my life, above and ahead of everything else that exists in the universe of human thought and experience.

Javed Iqbal, serial child killer
This is Javed Iqbal, tortured victim-creation of the diseased and malevolent society of Pakistan, where he was born, raised, and brutally victimized. Javed serially killed 100 children, boys to be specific, dismembering their bodies and dissolving them in acid, after killing them. He walked into a newspaper office, told the receptionist that he was a serial killer, and calmly waited, surrendering to arriving police. Some of you brainwashed creatures might think that a label of "coward" might be applicable to a serial killer of children, using rationale such as the children were "helpless", Javed "cowardly" tricked them into becoming his victims, etc. How ridiculous! Javed's society officially authorizes the brutal, systematic victimization of children. Javed was victimized, brutalized, tortured as a child. It takes courage to face up to and embrace Truth, to accept and recognize that you were and are a victim. There is nothing whatsoever cowardly in any individual choosing to face up to Truth, and to avenge the brutal injustices that his society chose to cause him to be victimized with. You creatures authorizing your government to seize your children and turn them into military murderers on your behalfs, your choice to legally authorize women to employ doctors for the purpose of murdering their womb-trapped children, those are societally embraced and legalized actions that can be said to stem from cowardice. Your societies and governments are functionally designed to promote and legitimize cowardice. But no individual who personally seeks to cathartically reflect the genuine Truth of his life and his life experiences, upon others, in his actions or his ideological beliefs, ever deserves to be labeled as a coward. How dare any of you even entertain the thought that Javed could be a coward, when you live as members of societies that are lie-based, that reject all Truth in abject terror. Societies that sponsor the genocidal victimization of children. Societies that turn children into murderers, who kill on your behalf, because you lack the courage to act upon, as well as the ability to accept/embrace the Truth of your own suppressed rage. Societies that have the audacity, the cowardly audacity, to punitively punish and murder their own tortured victim-creations, instead of courageously facing up to the Truth, that they are 100% guilty of and responsible for all the murders that occur within their society, as a result of the genocidal sponsorship of deliberate, mass, child brutalization that they, with the complete support, be it tacit or overt, of all citizens of course, engage in. So let it be clear who and what the True cowards are. Javed is a victim, a Martyr, but in no way, shape, or form, does he deserve to carry any type of coward label. Every human being on this planet who believed that Javed deserved to be punitively punished, much less legally murdered, proves himself to be far more deserving of the coward label, because it is you creatures who cowardly flee in terror from the Truths of life, and from the moral guilt and personal responsibility that you bear, for choosing to live as members of toxic, lie-based, genocidally evil societies and governments.

"I am Javed Iqbal, killer of 100 boys,"--------------Javed Iqbal speaking to newspaper receptionist as he turned himself in and surrendered, following a long and fruitless police manhunt. A wealthy man, Javed, like so many other torture victims from every society of the human world, was filled with rage and hate. He was brutally victimized both as a child and as an adult, the adult abuse being inflicted by police officers in Pakistan, in reality hired societal thugs/goons, whose job it is to instill enough terror among the populace to cause them to obey societal law and decree. The only things that make Javed stand out are the facts that he recognized and embraced the validity of his rage, and consistently directed it outward, not inward, unlike 99.9999999% of all other human torture victims. He embraced Truth, self-love, and the legitimacy of his own emotional outrage at the injustices that his society chose to inflict upon him. Why is it so hard for you creatures to understand and accept the logical Truth that because the vast majority of victims were brutally and most severely victimized during their childhoods, the personal targeting of children for cathartic reflection of personal rage, hate, and unjust suffering, makes perfect, logical, reflective sense? Children do not intrinsically "deserve" to be deliberately subjected to unjust suffering and brutalization. But your societies do deliberately choose to subject children, on a mass scale, to unjust suffering and brutalization. You creatures live as members of society. Therefore, how in the world can any of you possibly adopt an attitude of moral righteousness or justification in condemning or demonizing, much less inflicting further "justifiable" punishment of any kind upon, a serial child killer?? He is doing nothing more than what you and your societies are doing, and what he is doing, the harm he causes to children, is on a far lesser scale than any of the hundreds of different legally and culturally authorized forms of mass child brutalization, victimization, and murder that your societies sponsor and carry out in your individual names, with your approval and authorization, as citizens. The hypocrisy is mindboggling!

You demonize torture victims like Javed, because they display and reveal Truth, in their actions and their ideologies. They hold a mirror up to you, they show you the unbearable Truth of what you are, what you are guilty of, what you make of your children. The only way you can deny these Truths, flee from them in terror to be more specific, is to demonize the Truth-teller as being the ultimate "evil monster". By doing so you can reject all of the unbearable Truths he demonstrates/delivers to you, and reject the label of "evil monster" that you yourselves, despite the fact that you too, as individuals, are victims of society, deserve to carry, thousands of times more so than a torture victim like Javed, who at least faces up to and embraces some of the Truths of his life and the life experiences that his society maliciously subjected him to."I have no regrets. I was denied justice. I could have killed 500; this was not a problem; money was not a problem. But the pledge I had taken was of 100 children, and I never wanted to violate this." "I have killed 100 children, all boys, and placed their bodies in acid-filled drums. In terms of expense, including the acid, it cost me 120 rupees to erase each victim." "I was so badly beaten that my head was crushed, my backbone broken and I was left crippled, I hate this world." The intolerable frustration pushed me to suicide. Then I prayed that if I left the world, I would leave it with dozens of others. My prayer was accepted by God, and friends became angels for me, and then a blood-curdling drama began. Now 100 mothers will die mourning the deaths of their children." "In this way, I would take revenge from the world I hated." "My mother cried for me. I wanted 100 mothers to cry for their children."------------Javed Iqbal

Mental Health/Psychiatric System:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a Truth-based definition of what it means to be mentally healthy, and a discussion of whether it is even possible for any human being born into and raised upon within human society, to possess any significant degree of mental health. Discussion and outline of the current situation within human societies, where the entire design and operational structures of the society are based upon mentally unhealthy, mentally ill, mentally diseased foundational cores and mandates, such as belief in god, irrational devotion to societal leaders, and complete lie-based nature of all aspects of societal ideology. Outline and listing of character traits that an individual would need to sincerely possess, in order to deserve to be considered mentally healthy. Discussion of how and why a very strong majority of all mental illness is culturally and environmentally induced, meaning that the cause for the mental illness experienced by the individual, is the toxic, deranged, unnatural daily environment within the society that the individual was born into, raised up within, or lives within. Discussion of the profound differences between mental retardation and mental illness/dysfunction, the former constituting an internally induced, physically organic malformation or dysfunction within the brain of the individual, while the latter constitutes an externally imposed, emotional and ideological malformation or dysfunction within the brain of the individual, caused not by any physical or intellectual shortcoming of the individual, but rather caused by the utterly insane and toxic environment in which the individual was forced to grow up and live. Discussion of the perverse hypocrisy that is involved in societies sometimes choosing to accept organic mental retardation as an excuse for not imposing punitive punishment upon individuals, but very rarely accepting mental illness as a valid excuse, even though society itself bears complete responsibility for subjecting human beings to the toxic and insane cultural environment that so often gives rise to individuals developing mental illness and an inability to cope with life. Discussion of how and why the insane ideological doctrines of human societies overtly and in a literal sense, drive countless millions of people to become genuinely mentally ill and insane. Discussion of how the lie-based, unnatural, artificial, and mythological structures of human society, drive countless missions of people to insanity, focusing upon the unbearable nature of having to deal with horrific Truths in life, even as artificial and unnatural lies which only serve to make the acceptance and ability to cope with the horrific Truths of life more difficult, are imposed upon the individual. Discussion of various beliefs, ideologies, and lifestyle choices that would and should be accurately considered to be demonstrative of mental illness, and how the lie-based structures of human society very often directly cause individuals to adopt these mentally ill beliefs, ideologies, and lifestyle choices. Discussion of the perverse nature and hypocrisy of human societies utterly refusing to acknowledge or admit to the fact that they are structured, in so many ways, along the exact same mentally deranged ideological lines, as the individuals that the societies choose to label as mentally ill. Discussion of the fact that societies, via their official policies and doctrines, instruct individuals that their lives and personal welfare are utterly worthless and meaningless, and yet at the same time, when individuals choose to harm or kill themselves in societally undesired ways, society has the audacity to label them as mentally ill, for doing nothing more than accurately reflecting the malevolent, insane instructions that their society gave and imposed upon them.

Discussion and Truth-based definitions given, for some of the major types of labels/names that society has developed for different types of mental dysfunction, including schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, etc... Discussion of the invalid nature of these labels, and how they are used by societal leaders to manipulate human behavior and lifestyle, by either decreeing it to be "normal", or decreeing it to be "abnormal". Discussion of the fact that in most cases, behavior labeled by society as being normal, is at least as insane, oftentimes more insane, than behaviors that society labels as abnormal. Discussion of the fact that based upon the horrific Truths of life, all sane and rational individuals should be, in their natural and normal frame of mind, "depressed", thus the use of this term to indicate a person is suffering from mental dysfunction, is completely invalid and nonsensical. Discussion of how and why societies have created the artificial and completely invalid notion that depression constituting mental dysfunction, for the specific purpose of compelling and trying to shame citizens into adopting an irrational and downright insanely optimistic. upbeat, and perky attitude towards life, that has no legitimate basis in Truth. Discussion of how most forms of psychosis and most behaviors that society labels as psychotic or sociopathic, are in reality nothing more than reflectively accurate mirrorizations by individuals, of accepted and promoted societal ideologies and policies, in which the individual simply reflects upon his society, the horrific injustices, victimization, suffering, and irrational unnaturalness that his society has imposed and inflicted upon him. Discussion of the fact that given the currently diseased and deranged atmosphere of human society, every single human being on the planet has been afflicted with and is suffering from, some degree of externally and artificially induced mental illness/dysfunction. Discussion of the fact that even I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, could not escape unscathed from this universal affliction, and yet in recognizing and accepting this Truth, the actual effects of the societally induced mental illness on belief and behavior, can be almost completely avoided and neutralized. Discussion of the vital role that recognition and embrace of Truth must play in every situation where a person is trying to battle or overcome mental illness, and how these efforts are deliberately stymied and thwarted not only by the lie-based nature of society itself, but by the physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, who are employed by society to serve as validators for the existing deranged, irrational, and lie-based ideologies and doctrines that the society is seeking to promote as "normal" and therefore must prop up the legitimacy of. Discussion of how mental health "physicians" are employed by society for the purpose of legitimizing and decreeing as normal, the insane, mentally ill and completely irrational ideological platforms that societal leaders have chosen to impose upon their citizen-slaves. Discussion of the extremely serious, negative consequences that arise from the fact that all psychiatric professionals are members of human society, owe an allegiance to society, and in fact promise and swear under extreme duress to uphold the legitimacy of mainstream societal doctrine, as a condition of receiving a license to practice as psychiatric professionals. Discussion of the fact that if any mental health professional were to try to treat patients with therapy that is based solely upon Truth and the genuine best interests of the individual, such a therapist would be demonized, decreed to be in violation of proper treatment protocols, and stripped of his professional standing and license to continue providing psychological/psychiatric therapy to humans. Discussion of how the societal definitions of what constitutes mental health are specifically designed to try and compel behavioral and belief similarity and conformity, among as many citizen-slaves as possible. Discussion of why no human society in current existence, has any legitimate authority or standing to judge or determine the relative mental health or mental illness of any individual, due to the fact that the ideological and philosophical platforms of all societies are hopelessly mired within utterly insane and deranged belief and doctrine.

Discussion of the steps, reforms, and enlightenments towards a sane structure, that all societies would have to make and undergo in order to even begin to have the ability to establish a legitimate psychiatric system that is based upon the promotion of genuine mental health. Discussion of how virtually all mental dysfunction that is not caused by organic brain function retardation, is directly and absolutely caused by personal abuse, victimization, brainwashing, and lie-structured ideology, that the individual is subjected to at the hands of societal policy and treatment. Discussion of how and why the entire mental health/psychiatric system of all societies is designed not to help the mentally ill person find the Truths in life that he needs, or to help the person recover/regain genuine mental health, but rather to validate and use the existing mentally deranged societal doctrine and structure for the purpose of getting the individual to conform his behaviors and beliefs to the existing standards of mentally deranged societal structure, which very often operate within even more deranged levels and parameters than the behaviors and beliefs that the so-called mentally ill individual is displaying/revealing. Discussion of how and why all psychiatric professionals are acting as directly malevolent agents of the existing society within which they practice, and within which they have received their license, and since this society itself operates under deranged and mentally ill precepts, it is literally impossible for any psychiatric professional, even if he is genuinely interested in trying to help people and personally free them of the most toxic societal lies and myth, to genuinely help people recover from mental illness in any type of a Truth-based manner. We will discuss how and why the vast majority of mental health therapists are themselves so mentally ill as a result of societal brainwashing and the overall insane structure of human society, that their efforts to help patients involve nothing more than trying to convince patients to adopt the societally promoted and legitimized form of mental illness that they themselves, the therapists, are afflicted with. Discussion of how and why psychiatric drugs such as Ritilin and Prozac, which are designed to artificially alter the brain chemistry of individuals and are mostly given to people not suffering from organic mental retardation or organic brain dysfunction, but rather to those suffering from societally and environmentally caused mental distress, have absolutely no legitimate place within the mental health treatment arena. Discussion of why the only types of mental illness that should ever be treated with artificial drugs that alter natural brain chemistry, are organic mental retardation, and purely organic brain dysfunction that can be proven to be based upon a physical abnormality or unnatural chemical imbalance within the brain of the individual. Discussion of why drugs like Ritilin and Prozac are used by the psychiatric profession on a mass scale, to induce behavioral and lifestyle changes that society desires, but that have absolutely no legitmately therapeutic effect in terms of increasing genuine mental health, or decreasing the severity of mental illness, within individuals. Discussion and analysis of why societies are determined to keep their citizens functioning within mental illness, focusing on the fact that if most individuals were to become genuinely mentally healthy, they would feel compelled to rise up and overthrow the existing societal and governmental systems, due to the fact that such systems are structured upon and operate upon pure mental derangement and insanity. Discussion of the fact that a mentally deranged society has absolutely no moral or ethical right to try and convince, much less compel or force, any citizen to undergo psychiatric therapy, to take any psychiatric drug, or to be locked up in a psychiatric prison, which is deceitfully misnamed as a hospital. Discussion on why all psychiatric detention centers do inflict punitive punishment upon detainees, even if the detainees are there of their own free will. Discussion of why all psychiatric treatment must always be 100% therapeutic in nature, in order to have legitimacy, and how the design and operational structure of all psychiatric detention centers violates this rule. Discussion of the fundamentally obvious Truth that a mentally ill society has no right to confine any mentally ill individual against his will, in any type of a punitive manner, no matter how severely mentally ill the individual may be. Discussion of the utterly perverse usage of the psychiatric detention system by judicial and law enforcement agencies, to inflict punitive punishment via forced detention upon mentally ill lawbreakers. Discussion of how the psychiatric detention system is sometimes used by society to take away even more of the human, civil, free speech, and media access rights of individuals, than the prison detention system is able to do, based upon perverse laws which allow for the greater revocation of such rights when a claim is made by psychiatrists that it would be harmful for the individual's treatment and recovery, to retain these rights. Detailed outline of the many psychiatric treatment reforms, and psychiatric detention center reforms, that all sane and legitimate societies must implement in order to justify having any type of mental health treatment system at all. Discussion of the need for all legitimate psychotherapy to focus primarily upon the childhood traumas and suffering of mentally ill individuals, and the traumatic lifelong experiences of the individual, from the perspective of always respecting and honoring the sacred right of all victims of trauma to recognize and embrace their status of being a victim, with no overt goal within the psychiatric treatment process of getting individuals to transcend their victimization, or "move beyond" the Truth of their victimization, and the fact that they were victims, they are victims, and they have every right to continue to perceive themselves as being victims, throughout their entire lives

Discussion of the fact that this Manifesto itself, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, as well as I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, would and will be subjected to psychiatric demonization, in an attempt to discredit both the Truths that this Manifesto reveals as well as the sanity of the Truth-teller, in this case Me, if and when this Manifesto ever "bursts" upon the mainstream cultural scene of any nation/society. Discussion of the fact that the government itself would orchestrate this demonization of Truth, and of the single sanest and most valuable document to have ever been created by any human life form in the Modern Era, this Manifesto, by sending forth licensed psychiatric professionals into the media, psychiatric professionals who are respected by the media whores who serve as direct propaganda agents of the government, to inform you Unwashed Masses that this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth consists of nothing more than the mentally ill ravings of a mentally deranged individual, that the very fact that I am "blaming society for everything" demonstrates that I am irrational and mentally ill. This lie would be delivered to you creatures in order to cover up the factual Truth, the Forbidden Truth, that in fact society is limitlessly evil and absolutely to blame, just as I Truthfully reveal via this Manifesto. In this way, all of the Forbidden Truths that I am revealing within this Manifesto, are stripped of the factual reality of their Truth status. Both the Manifesto itself, as well as your Seer of Forbidden Truth, would be stripped of all legitimacy in terms of no "normal" human being living within the society, having the courage to accept and embrace the Truths that I reveal, for fear of being demonized themselves, labeled as being mentally ill and deranged themselves. This is the methodology employed by your evil and diseased societies, the use of lie-based psychiatric propaganda agents and the invalid psychiatric system, to silence all voices of Forbidden Truth, and to literally destroy, via a process of coercive invalidation, the ideologies, philosophies, and Manifestos of Forbidden Truth that I, Charles Manson, Theodore Kaczynski, Anton Szandor Lavey, Friedrich Nietzsche, and a few other brilliant and courageous Seers of Truth have attempted to grace the unworthy and undeserving human species with.

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