Child Abuse, Child Slavery, Child Genocide as Practiced by Human Society, Brilliant Proposals to end Child Victimization
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Thank you for finding the courage to decide to expose yourself to the world of Forbidden Truth. I consider this page to be the most important page of this entire website. Virtually all of the other Forbidden Truths, outlined at the other pages of this website, stem from and are based upon the core, fundamental Forbidden Truths of societally sponsored genocidal child abuse, torture, and destruction, that are chronicled at this web page. This page will reveal profound, brilliantly insightful, and for most of you humans, completely unbearable Truth concerning all aspects of how you and your societies view, judge, and treat children who are born into or otherwise find themselves trapped within, your diseased and perverse and completely malevolent cultures. The Truth will be exposed and outlined in remarkable detail and scope, revealing your societies as being, in the truest sense, both limitlessly evil and utterly deranged. You will find brilliantly simple reformation proposals, also outlined at great length on this page.

The proof of how limitlessly evil you and your societies are, lies in the fact that despite how remarkably simple, obvious, and sensible my proposed reformations are, no society on planet earth even allows these proposals, such as Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, to be publicly discussed within the media, or within the popular culture. This will be an extremely lengthy page, in terms of text, so please be prepared to do some scrolling. We will begin with basic definitions of words and terms as relates to children and families, from a Forbidden Truth perspective.

Accurate and Truth-based definitions and explanations of societally decreed Child and Family themed doctrine and ideology:

What is a child? A child is a human being, of a young age. All adult human beings were once child human beings. If they do not die during their childhood, every child grows up to become an adult. That is a fair and accurate dictionary-based definition. But it does not in any way, shape, or form explain or reveal the Truth, the Forbidden Truth, of what every society on planet earth officially decrees all of it's children to be.

The Forbidden Truth definition of how society judges and defines all children is as follows: A subhuman, officially decreed worthless piece of owned property, that has no legal, civil, moral, or human rights, and that exists solely to serve as a slave and Poison Container to his/her creators, Sacred Family Unit, and to adult society in general.

What is the definition of the term Poison Container? The actual original creator of this phrase is, to the best of my knowledge, a psychohistorian named Lloyd deMause. He defines this term, as relates to child abuse, thusly: The Child As Poison Container: The main psychological mechanism that operates in all child abuse involves using children as what I have termed poison containers--receptacles into which adults project disowned parts of their psyches, so they can control these feelings in another body without danger to themselves. Rather than the child being able to use the parent to detoxify its fears and anger, the parent instead injects his or her bad feelings into the child and uses it to cleanse his or herself of depression and anger. End quote. In general, I absolutely agree with this insightful observation and definition of Lloyd's as being accurate. However, I also expand the definition in a broader way, to include all of society, with complete malice aforethought, choosing to genocidally sanction and legitimize the mass torture of children, to allow all citizen-slaves, parents primarily but not exclusively, to "detoxify" themselves by torturing the human beings who remind them, consciously or subconsciously, of their own past torment, that society inflicted upon them when they were children. Remember, every adult was once a child, and society has been officially sponsoring and legitimizing the mass torture of all children, throughout the Modern Era of human existence.

What is child abuse? This term might seem self-explanatory, but in reality it is one of the most perversely misunderstood and misinterpreted societal labels that exists. The common sense definition of the term "child abuse" would be: "Acts that cause children harm, pain, suffering, or distress". But because all of your evil and diseased societies sponser, support, and legitimize the mass, genocidal abuse of children, while at the same they seek to maintain an invalid pretense of moral decency, the cultural definitions of what constitutes "child abuse", have no basis in fact, Truth, or sanity.

Whichever acts of child brutality society seeks to legitimize, it refuses to label as constituting "child abuse", even though these acts are in reality very often even more torturous and permanently crippling to children than the acts society chooses to label as child abuse are. Every human society throughout the history of the Modern Era has established it's own perverse and invalid cultural rules on how children should be treated, and every society has pretended that it supports "proper" treatment of children, and condemns "child abuse", even though the reality is that every society is based upon the legitimization of mass child torture, as a core public policy.

The only aspect of societally sponsored genocidal child torture that differs or changes from society to society and from generation to generation, is the exact nature, the specific, minute details, of exactly which types of mass child brutalization are labeled as "child abuse", and which are not. In this manner, each generation of humans can pretend, and let their society delude them into believing, that they are moral creatures instead of genocidal child torturers. As an example, the official, state-sponsored ritual murder of children was commonplace 200-1000 years ago, practiced by most societies. The most common societal explanation/rationalization for this ritual child murder was that the "gods" had to be appeased and would reward the citizen-slaves for the child sacrifices. As the centuries wore on, some citizens began to question the moral legitimacy of child sacrifice. Leaders of many of these societies then decided to slightly change and alter the forms of ritualized, genocidal child torture and murder that they officially sponsored. The most blatantly obvious forms of ritualized child murder, such as tying a child to a stake out in public and letting the child die of starvation/dehydration, were phased out by societies pretending to have become more "civilized", and this was hailed as a wonderful demonstration of societal advancement, morality, and decency. At the very same time of course, dozens of other, less glaringly obvious forms of genocidal child murder, continued to be practiced and new forms were and are constantly being introduced. And yet countless billions of you pathetic, truth-hating citizen-slaves gladly embraced and continue to embrace today, the insane societal lie that you should be proud of themselves and grateful to your societal leaders, that ridiculous, invalid and untrue "moral advancement" in the treatment of children have occurred and continue to occur.

It is the year 2001 as I type these words, and today, the genocidal evil with which all societies sponsor and legitimize mass child torture, is just as great and all-encompassing, as it has ever been throughout human history. The more "advanced and civilized" a society claims to be on the surface, the more brutal and perverse, two-faced and hypocritical, it's actual policies towards it's child-slaves are. In year 2001 America, every biological creator/legal owner of a child, is officially empowered to commit repeated, violent legal assaults upon all the child-slaves they legally own, by engaging in an act labeled as "spanking" or "corporal punishment". Amazingly, any total stranger who might commit the exact same act upon the exact same child, would be arrested and imprisoned for assault, but the legal owner, the person that the child-slave is totally dependent upon, completely at the mercy of, is given official authorization from society, to violently assault their slave.

There are literally hundreds of other examples of legal child abuse, officially sponsored by society, that I can give you, and that any sane, rational thinker must recognize as constituting Truth. But I will go slowly, outlining these societal perversions all throughout this page, and obviously neither the time nor the space is available, for me to outline all of the many hundreds of different types of societally sponsored child torture/victimization, in detail. The all-encompassing scope of societally sponsored mass child torture, is truly breathtaking, when viewed in it's entirety. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual, psychological torture and crippling of all children, is the official policy and goal of every society. The methodologies ranges from legal assault, "spanking", to legal murder, "abortion", to legal destruction of sanity, via infecting the minds of children with the Insane God Myth, to stripping all children of the self-love and sense of gloriously narcissistic personal self-value that they are born with. Yes indeed, from the instant a human life is conceived, every society, with utter malice, deliberately chooses to undertake a breathtakingly complex and multi-tiered assault upon the new life form, determined to mold and shape each child into the perverse and diseased image and reflection of itself, the image and reflection of the "average, typical, mainstream" adult member of the society.

What is the Sacred Family Unit? The Sacred Family Unit is an artificial societal construct, designed and used by society for the specific purpose of terrorizing, coercing, and brainwashing citizen-slaves into agreeing to emotionally and legally enslave themselves to each other, and in most cases, to cathartically cope with the horrors of life by creating and assuming joint ownership of their own slaves, via procreation. In a nutshell: For the societal purpose of more easily controlling the life paths of all citizen-slaves, they are terrorized and brainwashed into agreeing to pair up into couples, under force of law, and as a reward for agreeing to enslave themselves to each other, society awards them to possess, as complete slaves, all of their biological creations, known as "children".

What are citizen-slaves and child-slaves? Throughout these Texts you will often find me using these two terms. They are fairly self-explanatory: All societies are slave-based. Society brutalizes all children, in literally thousands of different ways, as a matter of chosen policy, in order to create mentally broken, truth-hating, adults. Those adults are referred to by me as citizen-slaves of society. Despite being slaves themselves, adults are encouraged and coerced by society into creating and assuming ownership of slaves of their own, their children. Society encourages this for several reasons, the most significant reason being that adult citizen-slaves are better able to cope with their horrific lives if they have slaves of their own to use as Poison Containers. The term child-slaves, as used within these Texts, refers to children living within society, and they have a double-tier of slavery chained upon their necks, since they are firstly slaves of society, and secondly, society chooses to brutally enslave them to specific adults, usually biological parents, via Sacred Family Unit doctrine.

The basic methodologies under which societies sponsor genocidal child torture:

Now we come to one of the meatiest portions of the entire Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. What is remarkable to me is how simple and obvious the Truths outlined below are, and yet because your societies are utterly diseased and evil, these crystal clear, logical and undeniable Truths are decreed to be so Forbidden, so terrifying, that throughout the history of the Modern Era, worldwide, I am unaware of a single society that has ever even allowed these Truths to be publicly discussed or considered in a rational manner, within the media or within so-called political "debate", which is in fact a totally farcical pretense used by evil and diseased societies that label themselves as being "democratic", but that is a whole other essay that you will find elsewhere at this website. Let us go back to the profoundly important topic at hand.

Two human beings of opposite gender agree to have sexual intercourse with each other. This act carries with it the possibility of creating a third, totally separate, distinct, and autonomous life form, as a result of the male sperm and the female egg commingling. Under the deranged doctrine of every society to have ever existed in the Modern Era, those two adults, simply by engaging in a sex act, are officially decreed to be the unquestioned Legal Owners of any and all biological creations that come about as a result of the sex act. Even though they are human beings living in a supposedly civilized, intellect-based society, no attempt is made by either the societal leadership or by societally empowered experts in child welfare, to determine whether or not either one or both of the biological creators desires, deserves, is competent, or has any sort of qualification to be declared the legal owner of a totally helpless child. This core societal reality is one of the most profound, amazing, remarkable, incredible demonstrations of genocidal evil, as practiced by every society on planet earth.

Have you diseased creatures ever watched the cable/satellite channel "Animal Planet"? If you have, or perhaps on other nature shows on other TV networks, you may well have seen programs in which caged animals at zoos and/or wildlife refuges get pregnant. The pregnant animal-slaves are carefully observed by zoo/refuge staff, and immediately after birth, the observation becomes even more intense. Will the biological creator accept or reject it's offspring?? The staff stands by, watching carefully, ready to rush in and seize the newborn baby animal, if the mother or anyone else in the cage shows any sign of rejecting or hurting the newborn. The fact that your societies would mock and consider ridiculous the notion of mandatory observation and monitoring of human "parents" in this manner, is just one of the hundreds of proofs, concrete, undeniable proofs that exist, that you humans and your societies, with utter malice and contempt, deliberately choose to sponsor and cause the genocidal torture and murder of children born into your societies.

Every society on planet earth has the ability to easily stop 98% of all children who are significantly abused, from being abused, if it abandoned it's Sacred Family Unit mythology. Therefore, every society on planet earth, in clinging to and legitimizing Sacred Family Unit mythology, in fact deliberately chooses to commit genocide upon it's own children. Physical, mental, emotional, sexual genocide and murder.

The red text above is a Forbidden Truth. One of the most profoundly Forbidden Truths in all of human society, in fact. There is absolutely no rational, moral, ethical, or other legitimate reason or explanation for why any human biological creator of a child should have the unquestioned, unchallenged title of slaveowner bestowed upon them. The only explanation that exists, and it is the true explanation, is this: Societal leaders know that their deranged, evil, broken, insane adult citizen-slaves, who are victim-creations of genocidal child torture societal doctrine themselves, would explode into mass homicidal rage and turn upon the societal leadership itself, overthrowing the government/societal leadership that is in place, if they faced the threat of being "robbed" of their "parental rights", which in Truth consist of the societally sponsored and legitimized right to own children as subhuman slaves, to use them as Poison Containers, and to torture and torment them to their heart's content.

Sacred Family Unit mythology forms a cornerstone, core building block of how societies operate, of how they manage to control, domesticate, and dictate the life paths of virtually all citizen-slaves. The depth and multi-layered complexity of Sacred Family Unit mythology is truly astonishing in scope. Human beings are told that they are "free", by so-called democratic societies, and yet the layers of cultural and legal fascism that enchain them as slaves to both society and to each other, the latter via Sacred Family Unit mythology, are literally unbreakable, save for a tiny handful of brilliant, courageous seekers of Truth, perhaps one out of every million human beings, such as myself.

Motherhood and maternal instinct. Fatherhood and paternal instinct. Parental rights. Parental obligations. Parenthood. Marriage. Divorce. Child support. Alimony. Blood relation familial connectivity. Abortion. All of the above cultural and legal dictates of societal ideology and functionality, as defined and utilized by modern, so-called civilized societies, have no legitimate basis in Truth, rationality, or sanity. In fact, each of the above societal dictates specifically, directly and overtly causes the mass, genocidal abuse, torture, and genocidal destruction of children, as sponsored by society. I will now reveal the Forbidden Truths on each of these perverse societal dictates.

Motherhood and Maternal Instinct: The most common and universal definition within human society of the term "motherhood", involves the physical/biological results and consequences of a female human being engaging in sexual intercourse with a male human being, resulting in the creation of a third human being, which is first labeled a "fetus", and then labeled a child. Both of these labels, fetus and child, are specifically designed to dehumanize the new life form, to overtly place these young human beings far beneath the societally decreed value and status of "adult" humans, and deny them all of the basic civil, legal, and human rights, that their biological creators and all adult humans in general, are told by society that they enjoy.

The label of "motherhood" is used by society to place totally perverse burdens, hardships, and obligations upon female humans. Society actively seeks to coerce as many female humans as it possibly can, into creating new human life forms, by engaging in sexual intercourse. The instant any female human does create such a new life form, the label of "mother" is terroristically imposed upon the female, and it carries with it horrifically fascist obligations and societally decreed "responsibilities", all of which are rationalized by the invalid use of and definition of the term "motherhood".

No legitimate cultural, moral, or legal opportunity is provided by society to such female humans, to properly decline to serve in the enslaving role of "mother". All women whose bodies create a new human life form, are terroristically coerced, under threat of immense moral condemnation, contempt, and ridicule, along with legal peril, into accepting the new role of child owner that society is determined to impose upon them. It must be made clear that society gives not a single iota of weight or concern as to the suitability of any female to serve as a "mother", or to consider whether any child will be safe with, or receive a non-torturous upbringing from, any specific "mother". Rather, with utter, immense, malicious contempt for the welfare of all children, society chooses to universally and arbitrarily impose the exact same perverse mandates of fascist maternal obligation, along with the correspondingly brutal mass child enslavement that is the inevitable result, upon all such female humans.

There is indeed a psychological mindset known as "Maternal Instinct". Some female humans possess a Maternal Instinct, under which they feel a significant amount of personal connectivity towards specific children, most often children that they have biologically created. Society falsely tells it's citizen-slaves that all women possess a Maternal Instinct, and bestows a quality of mysticism to this lie. The perverse message is given to the citizen-slaves that all women, simply by virtue of becoming pregnant, somehow mystically develop a Maternal Instinct of "pure love" that must be treated as being Sacred, in terms of honoring the mother-child bond of unquestioned familial enmeshment within Sacred Family Unit doctrine, which in fact constitutes a slaveowner-slave ownership reality.

Some women, those who are emotionally healthy, are able to form positive, nurturing relationships with children. Some of these women do indeed feel genuine affection and protectiveness towards their own children, to a powerful degree. However, the percentage of adult women who possess this type of a genuine Maternal Instinct, in 21st century industrialized, so-called "modern" societies, is certainly far less than 50%. Therefore, there is absolutely no Truth to the cultural doctrine and decree of Maternal Instinct, as promoted/taught by society. Just as importantly, even if a woman possesses a powerful and genuine Maternal Instinct, that in no way even indicates, much less proves, that she is competent or qualified to be entrusted with the care or raising of any child.

If you look at other species of life, demeaningly labeled with the prejudicial term of "animals" by the morally inferior human race, you find that some species of animals generally show a desire to rear their young, while other species do not. Even among species that usually do show a desire to nurture their young, there are always mothers who will refuse to do so, they will totally reject their offspring, and even try to kill and eat their offspring. Even among the purest of living things, wild animals who live within nature and rely almost totally upon Natural Instinct in terms of their behavioral patterns, mothers who are "supposed" to nurse and care for their offspring, based upon how a majority of the female members of their species treat their offspring, will in fact totally reject and even outright kill, their offspring.

The human animal is not pure. No, the human animal is in fact the most diseased, tainted, instinctually corrupt life form that exists on planet earth. The intellectualized human mind is completely and utterly perverse, having been stripped of virtually all Natural Instinct from the moment of birth, by being subjected to the deranged rituals and doctrine of so-called "modern and civilized" human society. It is clear that the species capacity for a Maternal Instinct has existed within some female human beings in the past, since prehistoric times, and continues to exist in some female humans today. However, due to the diseased evolutionary process and falsely intellectualized, societally ritualized destruction/rejection of Natural Instinct that humans have been subjected to over the past 100,000+ years, a majority of all adult female humans in 21st century modern societies, over 50% in fact, no longer possess a genuine Maternal Instinct. All of the above facts, along with many others that will be detailed below, prove beyond all rational doubt that no female human being living in 21st century civilized society, deserves to have any intrinsic custodial or ownership right to any child that she might create.

Fatherhood and Paternal Instinct: The most common and universal definition of the term "Fatherhood", refers to the physical and biological results/consequences of a male human being engaging in sexual intercourse with a fertile female human being, with a specific end result of the male sperm fertilizing the female reproductive "egg", resulting in the creation of a new, autonomous life form. In some cases the male human being has a specific desire to impregnate his female sexual partner via the act of sexual intercourse. But in a majority of cases the male human being does not have any such desire, and in fact engages in sexual intercourse simply because it makes him feel "good", allows him to achieve a sexual climax, or serves/satisfies other psychological cravings that he has. Insanely, and this is true for those labeled by society as "mothers" as well, absolutely no consideration is given by societal law or cultural doctrine, as to whether the male human wanted to be a "father", had any desire to impregnate his sexual partner, or has any interest in or ability to assume the responsibility and job of raising a child.

In an utterly fascist decree of terroristic derangement, society orders all male humans who have impregnated females, to serve in the artificial, unnatural role that has been given the title of "father". Male humans, as a result of their brutal upbringings as well as their natural/instinctual desire to retain personal and sexual freedom, are far more likely to refuse to accept the artificial role of "fatherhood", than female humans are likely to refuse to accept the artificial, fascist role of "motherhood". Because of this fact, the legal system is used much more heavily and punitively, to terrorize all male creators of human life, into serving as fathers, than is the case with female biological creators.

Sexual intercourse between consenting adults is declared to be perfectly legal by society. In fact, it is encouraged and promoted at every turn, since society always seeks to increase it's population of citizen-slaves. And yet if a male human engages in this legal act, and happens to commingle his sperm with his female partner's egg in such a way that a new life form is created, even if he had no desire to impregnate her and has no desire to even see, much less live with or serve as a "father" to the resulting new life form, he is ordered by the criminal justice system of society, to serve in the unnatural societal role of "father" to the child he created, or face the consequences of being locked up in a small cage for a long time as punitive punishment for refusing to serve, as a societal slave, in this role. Or else he is legally robbed for 18+ years of hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own financial earnings/possessions, via the completely insane "child support" laws.

Some male biological creators, mostly as a result of societal brainwashing and cultural coercion, very much want serve as "fathers", to play a primary role in helping to rear their offspring. However, there is no legitimacy to the notion that men possess any type of a natural, inborn or instinctual, "paternal instinct". The notion that a human male should be obligated or can be expected to care about the welfare of his biological creation, from a Paternal Instinct perspective, to the degree that he would feel personally obliged to spend 18+ years, or hundreds of thousands of dollars in raising the child, is simply ridiculous and nonsensical. When a male human engages in sexual intercourse, 99% of the time the male has absolutely no desire to create a child, and this makes the perverse societal lie that some sort of "mystical" paternal instinct kicks in if and when a child is created, all the more glaringly hollow and invalid.

In both the Sacred Mommy and Sacred Daddy societal perversions, we see a complete and utter disregard for the safety, welfare, and very lives of all children, by society. Every societal leader, as well as any rational thinking person, obviously realizes and knows that countless millions of children, generation after generation, will be brutally tortured if not killed outright, in an unending pattern, by their biological creators. And yet with utter malice aforethought, every society chooses to not only blindly hand over every helpless child to his/her biological creators, but to literally terrorize all biological creators who do not want to have anything to do with their offspring, into accepting the role of slaveowner. This overt choice that society makes, constitutes nothing less than child genocide, of the most blatant and undeniable denomination.

Parental Rights: The first and foremost factually accurate definition of "parental rights", rights given by societies to all "parents" and imposed by society upon all children, is quite simply: Parent=slaveowner, child=slave. There is nothing hyperbolical or exaggerated in my usage of the term "slave" within these Texts. Slave is simply the most honest and accurate term that exists within the English language, to describe the Forbidden Truth reality of "Parental Rights".

Let us look at just a few of the brutal, genocidally enslaving aspects of parental rights: We have each and every biological child blindly and arbitrarily declared to be a custodial possession of his/her biological creators. We have each and every child officially decreed to have no civil, legal, or human rights, as an individual. No child is allowed to reject their biological creators or separate him/herself from their societally decreed "legal" parents/guardians. The child is custodially imprisoned. In exactly the same way that a prison inmate is locked up in a cage, every child is locked up in whatever hellish familial household he/she had the random bad luck to be born into. The bars of this prison are every bit as real, and every bit as brutal, unjust, and enslaving, as the bars that you will find at any maximum security prison.

But this is only the very tip of the diseased Parental Rights iceberg of societal evil. Not only is the child officially decreed to be a slave, belonging to his/her parents, i.e: slaveowners, but society goes much further. The child-slave is not merely an "owned human being", but rather an officially designated subhuman, worthless piece of property, whose purpose and reason for existing is to meet any and all of the emotional and personally cathartic needs, desires, obsessions, and derangements, of his/her parents-slaveowners.

Most adult human beings were physically assaulted during their childhoods. They therefore have an emotional need to cathartically relieve the suppressed trauma of their own childhood physical assaults, by physically assaulting children. Society chooses to legitimize this torturous cycle of familial child brutalization, by concocting an insane distinction between the physical assault of children by total strangers, versus the physical assault of children by their legal slaveowners. The former is decreed to constitute a "criminal act of assault", while the latter is given the ridiculous verbal label of "spanking" or "corporal punishment", in order to officially give all biological creators not merely the moral/legal permission to commit violent physical assaults upon their child-slaves, but to overtly encourage all parents to brutalize their children to their heart's content.

Defying all rational logic, the insane societal decree holds that it is somehow totally harmless and in fact often desirable for a child to be violently, physically assaulted by his/her primary caretakers, the people who claim to "love" the child that they choose to assault, and yet that exact same assault, if committed by a total stranger that the child has never seen before, is a harmful, unacceptable act that must be criminally prosecuted. This is insane!! How any of you diseased creatures can be brainwashed enough to find logic or sanity within such glaringly blatant and obvious insane hypocrisy, boggles my mind. But then again, after I analyze the situation from a Forbidden Truth perspective, i do easily understand how you profoundly enraged torture victim-creations of society, are able to rationalize this type of insane hypocrisy. Your suppressed and denied rage must be expressed, and you will not let anything, certainly not something as emotionally abstract as Rational Truth, stop you. Obviously the reverse of the insane societal doctrine described above is true, in that when a parent or other family member that a child personally knows, physically assaults the child, the trauma and lifelong scarring is of course far greater than would be the case if a complete stranger committed a similar assault upon the child.

Virtually every single adult human being alive today, born into & raised up within a "civilized" society, was intellectually raped during their childhood. And more often than not, the intellectual/mental tortures they were subjected to, have had an even greater, more profound impact upon their lives than the physical/sexual torture that most of them also endured. Insane lies and mythology, very often based upon perverse hypocrisy, such as the god myth, are mandated by society itself as "required teaching" for children. All lies and myths warp the minds of children, destroy the natural, instinctual sanity and rational thinking ability that all children are born with. In adulthood, these tortured, mentally ill, brainwashed victim-creations of society are determined to infect the minds of their own helpless child-slaves, just as brutally as their own minds were infected during their childhoods.

This endless cycle of generational child genocide, is enabled, facilitated, and caused directly and solely by society itself. It is not an "unbreakable" cycle. In fact, it can be broken fairly easily, in a single generation, if the entire Sacred Family Unit mythology were to be declared null and void, on all legal and cultural levels, by the leaders of a society. The one huge stumbling block that does exist in breaking the diseased cycle, is the fact that you diseased and deranged humans, so addicted and beholden to your insane mythology, would overthrow and totally destroy any society that dared to try and protect and save your biological creations from the denied & suppressed torment that each and every one of you was subjected to during your childhoods.

What other Parental Rights do you slaveowners enjoy? The list of brutalities is literally endless. You are given the right, in a majority of societies, to murder your children as they sit helpless, trapped within your wombs. You are given the right to kill your children by telling doctors that you want life-support systems for your sick child, shut off. You are given the right to deny your children medical care, by claiming to be fervent believer in certain Insane God Myth doctrines. You are given the right to keep your children as slaves even if they hate you and want nothing to do with you. You are given the right to impose the thousands of insane beliefs, myths, false rationalizations that you base your lives upon, onto the helpless, vulnerable, undeveloped minds of your children. You are given the right to lie to your children, to deceive them, to bribe them, to intimidate them. You are given the right to destroy the instinctual self-love and self-value that every child is born possessing. You are given the right to infect your child's minds with your own insane, diseased, untrue, and invalid personal beliefs and ideologies. You are given the right to rob your child of all Natural Instinct, and infect your child with all unnatural, artificial, irrational and insane societal doctrine. You are given the right to deprive your children of a proper education, by "home-schooling" them. You are given the right to subject your children to psychiatric treatment and to psychiatric imprisonment, if they dare to try and protect themselves and their Instinctual Truth, from your malevolent acts of parental brutalization, by rejecting or challenging the derangements that you impose upon them. The list is endless, but I think the profound Forbidden Truth is already perfectly clear, so I won't continue listing each and every specific perverse entitlement of Parental Rights. Here is the Forbidden Truth: In giving biological creators of children the enslavement power known as "parental rights", society overtly grants virtually limitless power, unquestioned and unchallenged, to parents, to inflict the most brutal, all-encompassing, heart, mind, and soul destroying abuse upon their legally owned child-slaves.

Yes, the fact that you creatures cannot find the rationality or courage to recognize these types of Forbidden Truths, is the primary reason why you choose to so fiercely torment your own children, generation after generation. But there is a specific psychological term that describes this situation perfectly, and that term is: Catharsis. The definition of catharsis that is applicable in this situation is: The relieving of a neurotic or other unpleasant state by reenacting an earlier emotional experience. This is the exact personal motivation and reason behind, both the general societal advocacy of genocidal child brutalization, and the individual choice that each and every one of you makes, to brutalize your own children, as a reflection, usually not consciously realized, of the immense, suppressed rage and terror that you continue to feel within your Core Reality, as a result of your own brutal childhood torments, that society caused you to endure.

So, when your societies talk about "parental rights", and when you creatures so eagerly and gratefully embrace your parental rights, what is being given to you by society, is the official, legal right and instruction, to use your children as Poison Containers to cathartically relieve and transfer your own immense rage, hate, and terror, onto your children. You are given the official right to abuse, torment, torture, cripple mentally, sexually, emotionally, physically, your children. Just as you yourselves were abused, tormented, tortured, crippled in all sorts of different ways, when you were children. Here is the philosophical essence and truth of why genocidal child torture is a root, core policy initiative of all "civilized" societies: The acceptance and embrace of adult citizen-slaves of the societally advocated use of all child slaves as Poison Containers by their parents, for the cathartic release and transfer of rage, hate, and emotional disease carried by virtually all adult members of society, from each generation of adults to each generation of children, as a result of the ongoing, societally sponsored mass child torture that every adult generation experienced, during their childhoods.

Parental Obligations: What is the Forbidden Truth definition of the term "parental obligations"? Unlike parental rights, which are immense and truly limitless in scope, society chooses to impose relatively few specific obligations upon parents. But the few that are imposed, are absolutely set in concrete, and society will stop at nothing to make sure that each and every biological creator accepts and these unnatural parental obligations. Every biological creator is obligated to serve as a slaveowner to their biological creations, to accept legal possession and assume financial responsibility for their creations, or else face both moral/cultural condemnation and legal threats of persecution. They are also obligated to keep a few of the most brutal forms of abuse that they inflict upon their slaves, out of the "public eye". Society says, not verbally of course, but as cultural policy: "Yes, go right ahead and torture your children in the most brutal ways, but please do it in private, in your own homes, with the door closed. This helps us keep up the pretense that we are a moral and decent society that loves it's children."

The primary parental obligation that society seeks to impose upon all slaveowners is really quite simple, and it goes like this: Mold your children into your own images. At first glance, if you look at this societal decree from a "mainstream" way of thinking, as taught by society, it seems fairly harmless and benign. But if you look at it from the Forbidden Truth perspective, you instantly should realize how profoundly evil and genocidally child abusive, this parental obligation is. You see, parents are tortured children, grown up. Mainstream adult members of so-called "civilized" societies, are torture victims, filled with homicidal rage, terror, addicted to insane myths and lies and hypocrisies, their entire lives are built upon perverse, invalid, deranged ideology. They are brainwashed victims of a genocidally evil society. How did they get to be this way? Society chose to enslave them to their enraged, brainwashed biological creators, and give those biological creators the moral and legal authority and encouragement to use them as Poison Containers. In this way, each and every generation of children is doomed to be subjected to the exact same, hopelessly repetitive cycle of utter brutalization, and this cycle is overtly sponsored by societal leaders themselves.

When society tells it's parents to "mold your children into your own images", what it is really telling them, in a subconscious, non-verbal way of course, what it is authorizing them to do to their child-slaves, is this: Break your children as you were broken when you were a child. Strip them of what you now find terrifying and unbearable, the hopes, idealism, intellectual courage and open-mindedness, instinctual interest in Truth and rationality that you once had yourself, when you were a child. You must destroy your child, as you yourself were destroyed, when you were a child.

I do want to just briefly touch upon one other aspect of the issue of Parental Obligations. The issue of crime, from a parental obligation/responsibility perspective. Most of my brilliant and fascinating insights and Forbidden Truths on the issue of societal torture victims who turn to crime, will be contained on this website's next page, but one very fundamental, key point can and I feel must, be made here. The degree of perverse hypocrisy that exists within the reality of how society chooses to sponsor the genocidal torture of all it's children, viciously enslaving them to their biological creators and then advocating their brutalization in ways such as physical assault, i.e. spanking, that are not only undeniably abusive, but outright criminal if committed by a stranger as opposed to a "parent", while at the same time declaring the tortured child to be "responsible" for any illegal/criminal acts they may commit, is truly mind-boggling to me.

Society refuses to accept the notion that it has any obligation of any kind to even try to protect children from being tortured, it in fact sponsors and supports child genocide. It imposes absolutely no obligation upon slaveowners to refrain from torturing their children, and in fact overtly encourages them to brutalize their children. And yet, insanely, society totally refuses to accept the blame and responsibility it bears for choosing to create it's enraged seekers of personal vengeance, and it refuses to blame the parents who inflict the torment upon their children, as well.

It is of course true that society, not the parents, is 100% to blame for all acts of violence or other criminality that occur within a society. Society is the guilty party, with two sets of victim-creations, the parents, formerly tortured themselves as children, and the children, more recently tortured. And yet society absolutely refuses to accept blame, it also refuses to place blame upon the parents, since it authorized them to brutalize their child-slaves, and of course the parents themselves could never imagine accepting any blame, instead choosing to insanely demonize inanimate objects like guns and fictionalized entities such as music with "bad lyrics".

The point I am making here is that the most innocent party of all, the child-victim, is always the #1 target for societal rage, brutalization, and demonization. The greatest victim of all, the child, if he or she dares to try and stand up and express the truth of the torment that society chose to inflict upon him, is the one who gets blamed. Society accepts no obligation to even try to refrain from genocidally torturing it's children. It imposes no such obligation upon slaveowners. Slaveowners accept no such obligation. And yet, insanely, the tortured child-victim does have an obligation put upon him/her, by society, to accept the legalized torment that society chooses to inflict upon him/her, and not seek/claim any personal vengeance against society, it's empowered institutions, their parents/Sacred Family Unit elders, or any adult members of society. The irrationality of such societal hypocrisy, simply amazes me in it's scope.

Parenthood: Let us briefly consider how the societal decree of "parenthood" is used and manipulated by societies. In labeling a citizen-slave a "parent", society overtly imposes numerous unnatural obligations upon the citizen, while at the same time "rewarding" them with the gift of a human child-slave. When most people think of parents, they envision biological creators of children. This is because specific Sacred Family Unit brainwashing ideology is centered upon a Sacred Blood Bond of familial creation. Adopted and foster children will always feel that their society as a whole labels them and considers them to be "defective", by virtue of not being possessed by their biological creators. And this perverse, irrationally negative judgment is indeed thrust upon every child who is adopted, fostered, or lives in an orphanage/group home.

Biological parents, foster parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, great-grandparents. Note that each and every one of these societal labels is designed to identify and apply to two individuals, of opposite genders, one female, the other male. This is part of the perverse Sacred Family Unit propaganda message of society, which holds that every child is supposed to become the owned property of just the two individuals who biologically create the child. This very basic notion, is in fact a perversion of truth, logic, and rationality, and by itself is responsible for causing genocidal child torture, since every child is imprisoned within a tiny circle of no more than two, sometimes only one, caretaker, who is given literally total and limitless societal authority to control every aspect of the life of the helpless child-slave that they created and own.

The Truth of course, is that every child deserves and needs to have competent, caring, nurturing, consistent contact with adult human beings, throughout the course of their childhoods. The more adults that fit this criteria a child has regular contact with, the more likely it is that the child's soul will survive the harrowing ordeal of childhood, and will grow up receiving enough positive contact to be able to cope with life as an adult, in a somewhat sane, rational, self-loving manner. But no, your evil societies overtly and deliberately choose to entrap and enslave each and every child to just two slaveowners, sometimes just one slaveowner, giving the "parent" supreme control, authority, and domination over every aspect of their slave's life.

Foster parents, adoptive parents, and step-parents are given the same immense level of brutal power and limitless control over their child-slaves, as biological parents are. They are not discriminated against in this regard. But they are compelled by society to maintain the same ridiculous "two parent, opposite gender" rule, as a way of sanctifying the legitimacy of the biological Sacred Family Unit doctrine of Mommy and Daddy. It is the adopted children, the foster children, the orphanage dwelling children, who are brutally discriminated against by the popular culture, for not being a part of the societally decreed "ideal" Sacred Family Unit, which consists of two biological creators, both possessing their biological creations as a slave.

When it comes to grandparents and great-grandparents, the doctrine is slightly different. These labels have been created by society to assure and reassure all biological creators that they can and should retain the omnipotence and power that comes with human slave ownership, throughout their entire lives. When the slaves reach adulthood, they will have been convinced/coerced/brainwashed by society into agreeing to create slaves of their own, and when they do so, society awards the aging parents with the perverse reward of "partial ownership" of the biological creations of their now adult children, by bestowing the label of "grandparent" and/or great-grandparent, upon them. Make no mistake, this, like all societal doctrine, has been carefully planned out for very specific reasons of social control and domination. Societal leaders understand that the omnipotent power of slave ownership is immensely pleasurable to most slaveowners, and the thought/fear of losing one's slaves can be terrifying and unbearable. And so, as a reward for having agreed to become and serve as a slaveowner in the first place, society gives these citizen-slaves additional, somewhat less omnipotent but still powerful places within the slave ownership system, via the labels of grandparent, great-grandparent, etc...

Marriage, Divorce, and Alimony: The entire issue of marriage, a totally unnatural, perverse, brutally malevolent societal ritual of adult enslavement, along with resulting consequences such as divorce and alimony, will be discussed at great length in a future essay, elsewhere at this web site. Right now, I only want to reveal a few Truths on this issue, as specifically regards the issue of child abuse/child welfare. The insane institution of marriage is in fact a direct cause of genocidal child torment, because it enslaves two human beings to each other, under moral, cultural, and legal coercion/terrorization. The child-slave is supposed to be used as a Poison Container by his/her owners, who are in turn enslaved to each other in numerous ways, with marriage being the most common and overt form of adult-on-adult enslavement. Since the act of marriage itself is totally unnatural and brutally punitive, as are the fascist "rules and ramifications" of marriage as decreed/imposed upon a married couple by society, the marriage ritual itself causes extreme frustration, trauma and rage/hatred to build up within the married couple, and the obvious, natural, and logical target for enraged married folks to take out their suppressed rage and hate upon, is of course their child-slaves, whom society has officially decreed to be Poison Containers.

Society teaches that there are precious few things in life as valuable to an adult human, as owning a child-slave is. Mind you, it is not the child itself that has any value placed upon him/her as an individual, autonomous life form. The societally decreed "value" of the child lies only in terms of how the child serves as a slave, to his/her creator/owners. Therefore, when faced with losing possession of a child-slave due to divorce or separation, many slaveowners, both male and female, will choose to kill their biologically created/legally owned child/children, rather than to accept the "loss" of possession. In some of these cases of slave murder the killer is motivated to a degree by hatred towards their spouse. But in the vast majority of cases they simply feel, at their core understanding of how society has structured their lives, that the only reason and purpose of their child's life is to serve as their slave. This is in fact one of the core, perversely evil principals of Sacred Family Unit doctrine. If society decrees that the slave be taken away from the slaveowner, then the slave's life simply has no further value of any sort to the former slaveowner, who decides, be it subconsciously or consciously, that "I own this slave, I created this slave, and if this slave can no longer serve as my Poison Container, then I must destroy it. It has absolutely no value as an autonomous life form. It is my property to dispose of as I see fit". These conclusions make perfect sense, given the insane Sacred Family Unit mythologies that society brutally brainwashes all citizen-slaves into embracing.

Countless thousands of societally labeled "parents" murder their child-slaves each and every year in the USA alone, and the perverse institution of marriage, along with the fascist Sacred Family Unit legal and cultural doctrine, is indeed the #1 cause of this genocide occurring. But this homicidal genocide is merely the tiniest of tips, branching out to a literally universal theme of married couples or male-female lovers living together in which one or both parties is a biological creator of the child(ren) they possess, using their helpless offspring as Poison Containers, brutalizing them on a regular basis, taking out their rage, hate, frustrations, upon the child-slaves, just as their society instructs them to do.

The complete unnaturalness and illegitimacy of the artificial societal construct of marriage, along with the fascist legal coercions that compel married folks, and/or biological creators to remain enslaved to each other against their own personal, emotional, instinctual, and biological wills, is the #1 specific cause of chronic, ongoing child brutalization, as well as the #1 specific cause of child murder.

Child Support: I am listing the Truths of Child Support separately from marriage-divorce, because they provide such a uniquely profound illustration of how deranged, immoral, malevolent societies are structured, specifically in terms of having overt policies in place that serve to cause, not merely to allow or to enable in an abstract way, but to completely and literally cause, the genocidal torture-murder of child-slaves.

What is "Child Support"? It is a societal construct under which brutal financial punishment is imposed by the criminal justice system, upon citizen-slaves who have engaged in the perfectly legal activity of consensual sexual intercourse, if and when a new life form is created as a result of the sexual intercourse, with no regard given as to whether the biological creator had any desire to create a life form, or desires to have any sort of ongoing contact with the life form they have created.

A child as young as six is generally intelligent enough to know that if you take a living thing and needlessly impose unwelcome, undesired trauma upon that living thing, tragic consequences are likely to result. And yet your preeminent leaders, your presidents, kings, heads of state, choose to subject each and every citizen-slave to the terroristically punitive punishment of "child support", for engaging in an activity that it overtly decrees as perfectly legal. Are your preeminent leaders stupider than a six year old child? No. They are simply tortured former children, reflecting back at society the insanity, malevolence, and doctrine of evil that was imposed upon them, when they were children. On an intellectual level, they know all Child Support laws are illogical, unjustifiable, insane, and will directly result in the genocidal abuse/murder of children. Knowing this, knowing of all the inevitable consequences in advance, they have chosen and continue to choose today, to implement and declare legitimate the deranged notion that society has a legal and moral entitlement to brutally coerce all biological creators into submitting to the theft of their legally earned or possessed assets, if they dare to refuse to honor the invalid and fascist Marriage, Parenthood and Sacred Family Unit societal decrees.

As I have already stated above, society finds it harder to brainwash male humans into agreeing to accept Sacred Family Unit mythology, than is the case with female humans. Societies which label themselves as "democratic", generally try to avoid using overt, outspoken threats of physical torture/murder, to impose their will upon citizen-slaves. They instead use lies, myths, brainwashings, and invalid "moral coercion". This makes it easier for such societies to delude their citizen-slaves into accepting the insane notion that they live in a morally superior society and should be grateful for how "lucky" they are, and thus accept unquestioningly all of the malevolent, invalid, fascist brainwashings that such societies impose upon them. The Truth of course, is that such societies, because they employ a multi-tiered system of oppression, are morally inferior to so-called "communist" and undemocratic societies.

The legal and judicial strength of the Child Support laws, proves my above paragraph to be profoundly true. Yes indeed, all societies try to brainwash their biological creators into agreeing to live as slaves within Sacred Family Unit mythological doctrine. But what of the few biological creators who somehow find the intellectual courage and free will to reject the insane notion that they have some sort of a Sacred Obligation to care for and raise their children? Are they allowed to live their lives in freedom, are they allowed to embrace their human, civil, and legal right to not be punitively punished for having engaged in a perfectly legal, consensual act that has hurt no living thing?? No! In fact, the more "democratic, civilized, and morally advanced" a society claims to be, the more brutally determined it will be to terrorize via threats of imprisonment and monetary theft, all biological creators, especially males, into agreeing to enslave themselves to a female, and to agree to serve as a parent to their biological creation(s).

Child support, just like "income taxation", is a form of societally sponsored legal robbery. There are many forms of societally sponsored legal robbery, but none have as immense and profound a negative impact upon the safety and welfare of children, as the child support laws do. On one level, the terroristic societal threat of having hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen from them, prevents millions of biological creators who do not want to have anything to do with their biological creations or their former sexual partner(s), from simply breaking off all ties to their children and former "lovers". This brutal form of fascist enslavement results not only in an increase in the rage, hate, and sense of frustration of these biological creators, but it also overtly steers them towards abusing/torturing or murdering their children, since the only reason, the primary cause of their being subjected to this form of punitive enslavement to a Sacred Family Unit, is the fact that they have biologically created a child. If the child did not exist, they would be free, if not from the terroristic threat of "alimony", then at least from the even more punishing threat of Child Support.

Recognizing the above facts to be true, it is literally impossible to imagine a more overt and blatant emotional and psychological incentive to biological creators to brutalize their offspring, than the child support laws. Society is literally telling every biological creator who desires to be free of Sacred Family Unit mythology that: "The reason why you are being subjected to this unmerciful theft of your freedom, assets, and personal autonomy, is the fact that you created a child, and the fact that your child is currently alive." The accurate and Truth-based message that the biological creator receives of course, is that: "This child is a direct cause and is directly responsible for my ongoing suffering, therefore this child is my enemy and deserves to suffer at least as much as I am suffering, and in fact the best thing that could happen to me, in terms of regaining my personal autonomy and financial freedom, would be for this child to die."

On a secondary level, even in cases where a biological creator finds the personal insight and courage to try to abandon their Sacred Family Units, in many cases due to a desire to avoid hurting their biological creations and the moral realization that if they stay they will be unable to refrain from using their child-slaves as Poison Containers, your malevolent societies will employ the criminal justice system to track down, capture, and literally imprison the biological creator, if he, or in some cases she, continues to try to reject the insane Sacred Family Unit "obligation" to serve as a father or mother, that society imposes. Society is literally telling these biological creators: "The only way you can save yourself from 18+ years of emotional, psychological, and financial torture, is to kill your children." Here you see the malevolence and derangement of society in full bloom, undeniable, overt, deliberate sponsorship of genocidal child abuse/murder.

Blood Relation and Familial Connectivity: Most of you have probably heard the expression of "family tree". You may even have seen family tree drawings, in which all members of a societally decreed Sacred Family Unit, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc..., are depicted as branches on a tree, all connected to both each other and to the trunk of the tree, which is meant to illustrate how each person is expected and supposed to always remain connected to all the other human beings within the "family tree", based upon either biological blood relation, or the perverse institution of marriage. It is the biological ties that are decreed by society to be even stronger and more sacred than the matrimonial ties, but they both are designed to serve the same purpose, to keep individuals irrationally tied down to and enmeshed with other people, for no valid or legitimate reason. The insane societal decree is that solely due to the random good luck or misfortune of you sharing a blood or other familial bond with a group of people, you are obligated to consider those people to be your "relatives", and to interact with them in social settings, in a "friendly" manner, on a regular basis.

There are numerous perverse and invalid reasons for why society chooses to employ the "family tree" form of coerced familial enmeshment. But I want to focus on the child-slave Poison Container aspect here. Among every group of adults, there will be a small percentage who, for one reason or another, refuse to become biological parents, despite all of society's brutally coercive and brainwashing efforts. Their reasons vary greatly. Some adults are not sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. A few adults recognize how horrific the world is and decide not to be personally responsible for subjecting any life form to the horrors that come with living in this evil world. A few adults have the personal insight to realize that if they had children, they would abuse/torture them, as they were themselves tortured, and make the moral choice to try to break their own small cycle of child torture, by not creating any children. Regardless of the reasons why, the fact is that some adult human beings will not become biological creators, and will not become the direct owners of children, therefore they will not have the ability to use a few specific children as their Poison Containers, from a parental ownership position.

This reality is not acceptable to societal leaders. They know that the usage of children as cathartic Poison Containers by enraged, tormented, traumatized adults, is the most effective way for adults to "cope" with the horror of their own lives. To at least be able to cathartically transfer their own childhood torment onto other children, within a familial setting, is an opportunity that society is determined to provide to as many of it's adult citizen-slaves as it possibly can. And this is where the family tree/blood bond connectivity doctrine comes into play. Within this perverse doctrine, Uncle Joe might be a bachelor loner who has anal sex with men, Aunt Josephine might be a spinster who throws up at the very thought of having sex with a man, and yet because they are connected to a large "family tree", with many adult members who do own child-slaves, the odds are that they will be able to gain easy access to children within the large Sacred Family Unit, and use those children as cathartic Poison Containers for the expression/release of their suppressed rage and hate, if they so desire.

It is true that the depth and scope of familial child torment that society officially sanctions is greatest for biological creators and other direct "parents". Grandparents are very close behind in terms of officially legitimized child abuse entitlement. Uncles, aunts, cousins, and other more "distant" relatives, have a tiny bit less leeway in terms of torturing children within their family units, but this is only true if the primary slave-owning parents choose to place restrictions on what sorts of abuse they find acceptable, upon the more distant relatives. The Parental Right to control and dictate the treatment that their child-slaves are subjected to, is decreed to be Supreme, as always.

The bottom line is that most parents choose to brutally abuse their children, most parents refuse to acknowledge that the treatment they inflict upon their children is torturous, and therefore most parents have no objection to allowing, and often encourage, other adult members of their Sacred Family Units, to inflict the same types of abuse upon their child-slaves, as they choose to inflict. So, the vast majority of adults do not need to become biological parents, step-parents, or adoptive parents, in order to be able to use specific child-slaves as cathartic Poison Containers. Society, via it's perverse blood relation/familial connectivity doctrine, makes it possible for 99.9% of all adults to gain easy access to and the official empowerment to abuse children, within the biological/matrimonial family tree of Sacred Family Unit mythology.

Abortion: Abortion is a form of societally sponsored Legal Murder. There are many types of Legal Murder that societies choose to sponsor, these include the "death penalty", war, hunting, euthanasia, terrorism, "freedom-fighting/preservation", police use of deadly force, state-sponsored assassination, etc... All of these perverse societal doctrines will be dissected and torn apart in essays elsewhere at this web site, but for now, let us just focus on the specific form of Legal Murder that has been given the label of abortion. I do want to say just one thing on the overall issue of Legal Murder in general, as it constitutes a primary, top-level Forbidden Truth: All forms of legal murder are not only unjustifiable and perverse, they are also thousands of times more immoral, inequitable, and wrong, than any act of murder that society decrees to be "illegal", could ever be. This is because the societal sponsorship of murder, using invalid, misleading, and illegitimate labels such as "abortion", "death penalty", etc..., represents a front line act of provocation and initiation of injustice/brutality, by society, upon it's own tortured victim-creations. All acts of "illegal" murder are nothing more than retaliatory responses, the claiming of personal vengeance by tormented and brutalized individual victims of society.

What is abortion? First of all, the word abortion has no legitimate basis in Truth. It is a completely artificial term, specifically & deliberately created and used to mislead and convince citizen-slaves that the cold-blooded, malevolent murder of helpless human babies is in fact something other than murder. That having been said, despite all my profound cynicism and brilliant insight into the diseased nature of you humans, it still amazes me that any human being with an IQ higher than 60 and the ability to think coherently, can somehow rationalize and legitimize the ritualistic, serial murder of womb-entrapped children, while in the same breath condemning and demonizing tortured victim-creations of their society who choose to seek and claim personal vengeance through acts of "illegal" murder. The hypocrisy is simply mind-blowing.

Abortion is the modern-era equivalent of the Aztecs tying children to stakes in the boiling hot desert and letting the children slowly die of dehydration as a sacrifice to the "sun god". There is almost nothing more overtly malevolent and morally unjustifiable than the societally sponsored serial murder of womb-entrapped children. The rationalizations that society uses to legitimize this form of homicidal genocide are so paper-thin, so blatantly ridiculous, as to defy belief. The first rationalization is based upon the insane Legal Murder/word definition form of brainwashing, and simply says that: "Abortion is not murder. Murder is murder. Murder is illegal. Since Abortion is legal, it cannot be murder." Amazingly, countless millions of mentally diseased and broken human beings simply embrace this shallowest of societal word-games as constituting "common-sense" fact, and don't even give the issue any further consideration. "If abortion was murder, it would be illegal." Such human minds are so inferior and broken, that the greatest tragedy of all is that they continue to live and use up oxygen. But of course they are tortured victim-creations of society, and cannot be blamed for their mental derangements.

The second most common rationalization for the legitimacy of the abortion form of child genocide is the astounding decree that the womb-trapped child is "not a human being and therefore cannot be illegally murdered." What is the explanation as to why the womb-trapped child is not "human"? The fact that it most likely cannot survive outside of the womb, at the time that the murder occurs. This makes not an iota of sense. I cannot survive underwater. I cannot survive on the planet Pluto. I cannot survive if locked in a cage and deprived of food and water for 10 days. I cannot survive having my brain removed from my skull. Do any of these facts somehow render me non-human??? Of course not. And so the notion that the temporary inability of a womb-trapped child to survive outside of the womb, renders that child non-human, is beyond ridiculous. Face it, you pathetic creatures: You want the legal entitlement to derive cathartic pleasure and release of pent-up rage, hate, and life frustrations, by murdering your children. And your pathetic, diseased society is more than happy to oblige your homicidal cravings.

The third most popular rationalization for the legalization of genocidal child murder via abortion, is the good old "human rights" argument, used with mind-boggling deception by the societies which claim to be the most "civilized", modern, advanced, and "democratic". This argument holds that the human right of women to not have to endure pregnancy, outweighs the human right of the womb-trapped child to not be brutally murdered. The moral basis for this totally lie-based notion is the previous rationalization listed above, that the womb-trapped child is in fact not actually a human being! The pregnant woman is human, the child in her womb is not human, and therefore her "civilized human right" to enjoy the personal autonomy and "freedom" to murder the non-human life form inside her body, must be upheld and honored. You will see this Truth revealed several times within these Texts, how the societally brainwashed, false and invalid notion of "personal freedom", is used by so-called "free and democratic" societies, to authorize and legitimize the most deranged, diseased, and malevolent cultural doctrines imaginable.

Here are the Forbidden Truths concerning the issue of abortion: A human child is created 72 hours after the act of sexual intercourse that results in the male human sperm successfully commingling with the female human egg. That child, womb-trapped, 72 hours after creation, is in fact more instinctually human than any adult human being is. The purity of every human being decreases with age, as it is infected by exterior toxins. Therefore, a 10 day old womb-trapped child is in fact more instinctually human and immaculately pure, as a life form, than an 8 month old womb-entrapped child is. This is because the 8 month old womb-entrapped child has already been subjected to smog, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, etc..., thanks to the perverse activities of his/her biological creator during pregnancy, as well as unavoidable societal toxins such as smog. What this means is that the younger a child is, the more perversely outrageous and morally diseased it is for a society to legalize the child's murder. Of course you pathetic creatures get around this Truth simply by refusing to recognize/accept the humanity, much less the moral superiority, of the life forms that you choose to genocidally murder.

Adult women have fewer avenues of legal murder open to them, than adult men do. Most societies refuse to let women fight in wars that offer an opportunity to kill "enemy" humans. Likewise, societies focus more effort on getting men as opposed to women, to legally murder animals via hunting. Abortion represents a major expansion of the legal murder arena to females. Societies which have legalized abortion, have done so as a result of recognizing, consciously or subconsciously, that they are so genocidally abusive to all their children, male and female, that girls grow up to be women filled with so much suppressed rage and frustration that it is not enough to authorize them to brutalize/torture their children under the Sacred Mommy/Poison Container doctrine, but they must also be authorized to outright murder their biological creations. Killing living things provides a degree of cathartic pleasure to some tortured victim-creations of society, that merely abusing/torturing living things cannot equal. Will society legally authorize women to murder their parents? Their lovers? Societal leaders?? Of course not! The only logical, appropriate target for the mass, cathartic, homicidal vengeance of adult women, that society is willing to legitimize the murders of, are the societally decreed subhuman, worthless child-slaves that each woman herself, biologically creates.

Remember that society decrees all children, of all ages, to be subhuman. Even a 12 year old child enjoys absolutely no autonomous civil, legal, or human rights. This makes the societal denial of human being status to womb-trapped children, as well as the legitimization of the genocidal murder of such children, all the more perversely easy for you creatures to embrace. Note how it is only the pregnant woman herself who is "authorized" to murder her womb-trapped child. There have been several criminal cases involving a third party trying to cut a womb-trapped child out of a woman's womb, and other cases in which a pregnant woman is shot or stabbed in the stomach. Those acts are considered to be either child murder or child assault upon the womb-trapped child, by the criminal justice system. Only the Sacred Mommy, under Sacred Family Unit mythological rules/doctrine of diseased societies, is legally entitled to murder the helpless child that is trapped within her womb.

You will never hear this discussed in the media, because society is determined to uphold the myth that women possess a mystical "maternal instinct of pure love" for their children, but the fact is that just as some men join the military solely in the hope of getting to kill fellow humans, and some hunters derive sadistically cathartic pleasure from killing animals, so too, in societies that have chosen to legalize this form of legal murder, some women deliberately choose to get pregnant for the sole reason of deriving cathartic release of rage and hate, by legally murdering their children via the act of abortion. There are thousands of female serial child murderers in America alone, who have chosen to repeatedly get pregnant for the sole reason and purpose of being able to murder their children without facing any type of legal threat of punishment.

This concludes the first part outline of the most basic Forbidden Truths on the issue of child abuse methodologies as sponsored by society. But be advised that many of my brilliant essays to come, contained at the other web pages of this website, will contain additional detailed facts that will specifically reveal new and other profound Truths directly related to child abuse/torture/murder, that have not been mentioned at all, above.

Now would be a good time for you folks to perhaps consider taking a brief break, rest your eyes for a little while, because this web page is only about half over at this point. Below you will find unique, brilliantly detailed and outlined proposals on how a sane, rational, moral, Truth-based society would put a stop to the genocidal child-slave brutalization that every society on planet earth chooses to legitimize. Yes indeed, what makes these Texts all the more remarkable is the fact that not only do I reveal remarkable Forbidden Truths on how evil, insane, diseased, and perverse your societies are, I also provide unique, brilliant, in some cases incredibly simple if you are an embracer of Truth, solutions and reformations that represent the path of Sanity, Courage, and Truth.

John Wayne Gacy, serial killer

This is John Wayne Gacy, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society, Murdered by the Most Evil and Diseased Society on Planet Earth. Your society chose to blindly enslave John, as a helpless child, to his sperm creator, who proceeded to engage in the ritual torture of John throughout his childhood, beating him regularly, throwing him across rooms, emotionally terrorizing John by telling him he was a stupid, dumb, sissy. Instead of falling to your knees and begging John to forgive you, you diseased creatures had the audacity to lock him in a cage and then, in May of 1994, to commit the ultimate atrocity, a societally sponsored legal murder, upon this tortured victim-creation of your society. Rest In Peace, John.

"Indeed, my conclusion from a lifetime of psychohistorical study of childhood and society is that the history of humanity is founded upon the abuse of children. Just as family therapists today find that child abuse often functions to hold families together as a way of solving their emotional problems, so, too, the routine assault of children has been society's most effective way of maintaining its collective emotional homeostasis."-------Lloyd deMause, the world's top Psychohistorian. You can read the essay from which this quote is taken, as well as the quote near the top of this page which defines the usage of children as Poison Containers, at this URL: The History of Child Abuse

I do think it is appropriate for me to make clear, at this stage, that even though I have included two of Psychohistorian Lloyd deMause's quotes, as well as a direct link to his essay, "The History of Child Abuse", above, and I feel that this essay along with most of Lloyd's other essays, contain extremely profound and insightful revelations of societally Forbidden Truth, I do not agree with all of his insights/conclusions. In fact, I strongly disagree with some of his conclusions, most especially the notion that "significant progress" has been and continues to be made by modern-era societies to lessen the degree of abuse/torture that children are subjected to at the hands of their societies. I find this conclusion to be totally untrue and invalid, based upon my own Forbidden Truth insights and philosophical realizations. I just wanted to make it clear that even when I include quotes and a direct URL link to the specific page where the quotes are from, this does not mean that I am in agreement with all of the opinions/ideas that are expressed on the linked page.

Solutions and Reformations to the societal sponsorship of genocidal child torture:

Let me begin by saying that I fully recognize that there is not a snowball's chance in hell that any of the sane, rational, brilliant societal reforms that I will be outlining throughout this website, will ever become an actual reality within any society on planet earth, during our lifetimes. There is no chance of that occurring. You creatures are far too diseased and deranged, and so are your malevolent societal leaders. In fact, the odds are 1000 to 1 that the entire human race will extinct itself before even a single one of the dozens of brilliant reformation proposals that I will outline, is adopted by any society. I am taking the time to reveal these Reformations in great detail because they are wise, sane, rational, and True, not because I have any "hope" or even any desire to see any of them adopted or embraced by human society. Thanks to your society making the choice to validate genocidal child torture as an approved cultural policy, I have been rendered soul dead, unable to feel any positive emotions towards any living human being, other than myself. Therefore there is no altruistic or benevolent motivation behind my choice to publicly share these Reformation proposals.

There is intellectual and personal value in Truth. In revealing all of the Truths that I do at this website, I honor and salute myself, my own brilliant superiority, the unique and remarkable life path upon which I journey, and the horrific tragedy of what your society malevolently chose to subject me to, as an individual child-slave, as well as the trillions of other tortured child-slaves throughout the history of the world, who for one reason or another have lacked the ability to recognize, embrace, accept, and disseminate the Forbidden Truths of life, as I am currently able to.

The only way for any society to legitimately address the issue of protecting/saving children from the ritualistic, systematic mass abuse/torture that every society currently chooses to sponsor and inflict upon it's child-slaves, is to eliminate all Sacred Family Unit mythology, from both it's cultural doctrines and from it's legal system. In a nutshell, what this means is that no biological creator of a child, no human being who enters into a personal relationship with another person who may have a child, and no human being whose family members might have children, should ever be given any intrinsic, mystical, "access/ownership/possession" entitlement towards any child, without being subjected to a rational, concrete, individualized one-on-one interrogation, analysis, testing, and inquest, undertaken by empowered societal agents who are in fact experts in child welfare and psychology, to determine the relative qualifications and competency of the adult, to be entrusted with the care and/or raising of any child. This would entail the complete elimination of all "parental rights", as they currently stand.

In ancient times, human beings and societies lacked the mental and cultural development and wherewithal to place the safety and welfare of children above the convenience of blindly allowing every biological creator to assume unquestioned, untested ownership of their creation. This is no longer the case. The current drivers license, pilot licensing, income tax collection systems, among many others, prove that modern societies have the ability to rather easily implement massive programs that are designed to categorize, screen, and test countless millions of individuals, to determine their competency to perform acts of all sorts, be it to drive a car, fly a plane, even cut hair. Amazingly, most modern societies have a specific test that all aspiring barbers must take and pass in order to cut other people's hair, and yet the notion of imposing tests to screen out malevolent/incompetent biological creators and other adults from gaining direct and literally limitless power and control over the lives of helpless children, is insanely deemed to be ridiculous and ludicrous, by you evil hypocrites and your societies.

This is a malevolent choice that you and your societies make. You know that your Sacred Family Unit mythological doctrine will directly cause millions of children to be subjected to brutal torture at the hands of their biological creators and other "legal owners", none of whom have undergone any sort of competency testing or screening process. With utter malice aforethought, be it conscious or subconscious, you choose to place your own selfishly malevolent desire to own slaves, ahead of the safety and welfare of children in general, knowing beyond all doubt that this choice will result in the genocidal torture/murder of children, generation after generation. That is the Truth.

As is always the case with you creatures, you choose to deny this Truth, using ridiculous, blatantly transparent and invalid arguments such as the notion that "no fair or proper type of competency test can be devised". Driving tests, medical license tests, pilot tests, IQ tests, employee background tests, haircutting tests, nursing tests, etc..., can be devised and are in fact used by virtually every modern society on planet earth. This makes the bizarre notion that parental competency tests cannot be properly devised or are otherwise unacceptable to you creatures for "moral" reasons, all the more glaringly ridiculous. The Truth is that you, as human beings, are happy and eager to sponsor the genocidal torture/murder of all children within your society, with utter malice aforethought. There is not a shred of True morality within your minds, there is only rage, hate, selfishness, hypocrisy, terror. And your children are given the job to serve as your Poison Containers.

The Mandatory Parental Competency Testing Proposal:

Mandatory Parental Competency Testing is the solution, folks. It is such a glaringly obvious, simple solution, and yet none of you have ever heard this solution discussed anywhere in the mainstream media. This is because a specific decision has been made, by your societal leaders, to genocidally sacrifice the welfare, well-being, souls, minds, and lives of children, in sanctification of Sacred Family Unit mythology. Your leaders know this, your media outlets know this, your celebrities and other pop culture figureheads know this. There is no need for a "conspiracy of silence", because this simple, brilliant solution is so unbearable to all empowered members of society, as well as to your citizen-slaves, that nobody in a position of social influence will dare to even bring it up in any public venue. Deny womb excreters and sperm creators the Sacred Right to possess their biological creations as slaves?? Unthinkable!

The Forbidden Truth is that this one societal policy change, Universal Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, if properly implemented, would all by itself, prevent 95%-98% of all children who would otherwise be significantly abused by members of their Sacred Family Units, from being abused. That's right, 97% or so of all helpless children, would be saved and completely spared the abuse, torment, and torture that they end up being subjected to, thanks to your choice, as individuals and as members of society, to cling to your insane Sacred Mommy and Sacred Daddy form of slave acquisition and ownership.

Yes, societal leaders are to blame, they have enticed and addicted you to Sacred Family Unit doctrine. And yet it is also your malevolent choice, as adults, on an individual level, to demand this genocidal slave ownership form of "freedom". Your society only exists with your tacit support and approval. And your society only gives you what you want and demand of it, admittedly after it has destroyed your rational thinking ability and subjected you to limitless brainwashing throughout your entire lives. So, society is ultimately to blame, and yet it could not reform itself even if it wanted to, because you, the masses of brainwashed, malevolent citizen-slaves, would rise up and overthrow any society that tried to do something as rational and moral as implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing. It's a classic catch-22 situation, and as always, the societally decreed worthless and subhuman child-slaves, are compelled to serve as your Poison Containers. You and your societies choose to genocidally sacrifice them, in order to emotionally cope with the horrors and terrors of your own lives.

Structure and Design of Mandatory Parental Competency Tests: Any solution to a problem will only work properly, if it is perfectly designed. One tiny flaw, can and will totally ruin a design structure that may appear on the surface to be perfect. In reality, diseased and evil societies very often deliberately structure their laws and cultural doctrine in such a way as to guarantee failure, by including "loopholes" and the like. I am therefore going to outline my Mandatory Parental Competency testing solution in great detail, since I am a bit of a perfectionist and take great pride in demonstrating perfection, in many of my chosen life activities, including the creation of these Forbidden Truth Texts.

Children are unable to raise or take proper care of themselves. Under current Sacred Family Unit mythology, biological creators and other familially linked humans are blindly and arbitrarily given the responsibility and obligation to raise and care for "their" children. Under Mandatory Parental Competency testing, Sacred Family Unit mythology would be eliminated, and society would accept and assume the responsibility and obligation to provide proper care and raising to all children born into the society. In simplistic terms, instead of "parents" being the owners of children, society would become the top-line "possessor/owner" of all children. Phrased in this manner, it sounds as though children would still be "slaves", but in reality that would not be the case. Thanks to Mandatory Parental Competency testing, there would be an organized system of checks and balances specifically designed from a position of Rational Truth, with the only purpose being to assure the safety and welfare of each and every child. There would be proper accountability and responsibility in society, as an institution, assuming the primary obligation to assure that each and every child is protected, placed within, and raised up within, a properly nurturing environment.

Who would be subjected to Mandatory Parental Competency Testing? Each and every human being who desires to attain any sort of position that involves the assumption of a primary, on-going caretaker/rearer role in the life of any child, aged anywhere between 1 day to 21 years. All female womb excreters, male sperm creators, people wanting to "adopt" a child, people wanting to foster a child, people wanting to work in orphanages and group homes where children are raised, people wanting to work as teachers, and people wanting to work as babysitters/nannies, would be given the exact same set of comprehensive Parental Competency Tests, and would be required to achieve the same high score in order to "pass" the test and gain the legal access they seek. I have given very careful thought as to the issue of whether a "full-time" child custodian, such as a mother, should be required to achieve a higher score than a "part-time" primary child caretaker such as a babysitter or teacher. My conclusion is that no such score distinction should be provided. Each and every human being who desires to have any sort of direct caretaker role, be it full-time or part-time, should have the same extremely high degree of competency, and therefore there is no reason to create a multi-tiered test score system under which some part-time caretakers could pass the Mandatory Parental Competency tests with an overall score that other test-takers would be judged to have failed under.

Under nationwide law, no human being should be granted any legal access or entitlement to serve as a caretaker/rearer of any child, without having already passed the Mandatory Parental Competency tests. In the case of biological creators, pregnant women should be legally required to report their pregnancies to child welfare authorities within 7 days of learning that they are pregnant. They would then have time, until the birth of their child, to take the Mandatory Parental Competency tests. If they fail to inform child welfare authorities of their pregnancy in a timely manner, refuse to take the Mandatory Parental Competency tests, or score a failing grade on the Competency Tests, they permanently lose all "parental" rights to the specific child or children that are at issue at the time of the failure to inform, refusal to take, or failure to pass the Competency Tests. In most cases, the woman would be allowed to retake the Competency Tests in the future, should she become pregnant again or desire to adopt/foster or otherwise become a legal child caretaker/custodian to a different child. However, all caretaker/custodial rights to the specific child that was at issue in the Competency Test failure, are permanently and unalterably declared null and void, as a result of the specific pregnancy failure to inform, refusal to take, or failure to pass the Competency Tests.

All male biological creators would be subjected to the same Competency Test rules. The "father", more accurately referred to as the biological creator or "sperm creator", would have to take and pass the Competency Tests prior to the female that he impregnated giving birth, in order for the female or the "couple" to be able to assume custody of the child at birth, if the female is either married to the father, lives with him, or intends to maintain an intimate relationship with him. If the male biological creator decides to not maintain any intimate relationship with the woman he impregnated, and he has no desire to serve as a child-rearer or caretaker, the female biological creator, assuming that she passes the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, would be required to sign a legally binding document in which she affirms that as a condition of being granted custodial access to her biological creation, she will not marry, live with, or allow either the biological creator of her child, or any other male she might meet in the future, to serve as a primary caretaker to any of the children that she has custody of, unless and until the male has taken and passed the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. This legally binding agreement would carry with it the immediate and permanent state seizure and termination of all parental access rights, should the woman violate these terms.

Obviously, in cases where the biological father passes the Competency Tests while the biological mother fails them, this exact same rule will apply, only the gender will be reversed. This same rule would also apply to all adoptive and foster child custodians. In all cases in which two people are married, living together, or have an intimate relationship with each other, if either person has custodial access to any child or children, both people will be required, under federal/national law, to have taken and passed the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests.

The fact that a person might pass a Mandatory Parental Competency Test at a specific point in time, would not in any way result in the granting of "permanent" custodial rights. At all times, the safety and welfare of the child would be of paramount importance and there would never be a granting of "parental ownership" to any individual, only a granting of "conditional custody". Society would retain both the legal right and the moral obligation to re-administer the Parental Competency Tests at any point in time, based upon even the slightest indication that the competency status of the person who passed the Tests at some point in the past, may have changed. In addition, with each and every child that a person desires to assume custody of, they will be required to take and pass a separate Competency Test, each time. Since it is harder and more stressful for a child custodian to properly raise a significant number of children, as opposed to just one or two, the Competency Test standards and required score would be slightly higher for a person who already has custody of 4 or 5+ children and wishes to assume custody of another child, than it would be for a person seeking custody of their first or second child.

No biological creator would ever be required or even requested to take Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. It would be an entirely personal choice and decision, for each individual to make, whether or not they desire to try and obtain the custodial right to serve as a "parent" to the child they create. The only way for anyone to gain legal custody of any child would be to take and pass the Competency Tests, but at the same time absolutely no moral, legal, or cultural coercion would be placed upon any biological creator, to take the Tests. No biological creator, male or female, would ever have any financial or moral burden placed upon them by society, to either try to obtain custody of their children, or to provide any sort of monetary support for/to any child they create, if they choose to not try to obtain legal custody of the child.

Federal/national law would dictate that all Child Custodians have a significant legal and "moral" obligation, to provide excellent care to the children that they are in legal possession of as a result of having taken and passed the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. At the same time, federal/national law would dictate that every biological creator who either chooses not to try to pass the Mandatory Competency Tests, or who fails to pass the Tests, has absolutely no legal, moral, or financial obligation to his/her biological creations, and every such creator would in fact be legally prohibited from having any contact with, or even knowing the physical location of, all the biological creations that they have failed to obtain legal custody of.

The above outlined system would guarantee a maximum degree of safety, and the greatest opportunity to all children, with no discrimination or favoritism, to be raised up by qualified and competent people, in an appropriately nurturing environment.

Specific Outline of the Content and Requirements of the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests:

I shall now outline, in detail, exactly how a proper set of Mandatory Parental Competency Tests would be administered. It is naturally impossible for me to cover each and every detail, but I will be providing more than enough information to prove beyond all reasonable doubt, to any sane thinker, that this proposal is not only brilliant, but is in fact easily doable, with absolutely no "insurmountable obstacles", as your evil and diseased societal leaders would claim. Let me begin by outlining the specific nature of all of the Tests that every human being desiring Primary Caretaker legal access to any child, would be required to take. This Primary Caretaker title does refer to schoolteachers and babysitters, as well as full-time custodians who would serve in the "mother" and "father" roles.

When I use the plural term of "Tests", what I mean is that numerous different tests and background examinations would be administered to each individual seeking to gain legal Primary Caretaker custodial access to a child, or to children. The tests would be administered by different experts in different fields. However, there would only be one overall Mandatory Parental Competency Test result. The combined scores and uncovered facts of all the individual tests would be added together, with all positive facts being weighed against all negative facts, to determine an overall score and whether or not each specific individual has passed or failed in their effort to prove themselves competent and qualified to be granted legal Primary Caretaker status.

How would the specific rules and qualifications of the Test be established? A panel of top, university educated experts in child welfare, psychology, criminology, and psychohistory, all of whom must be childless themselves and have no allegiance to Sacred Family Unit mythology, would establish the specific rules and criteria for all the Parental Competency Tests. Every aspect of each test would be designed specifically to locate, reveal, and expose any potential incompetencies on the part of aspiring Child Custodians. The basic design of each test would be such that as a front-level, primary focus, they would not seek to recognize or reveal "positive" traits of the test-takers, but rather to expose, to root out and reveal, negative traits.

Absolutely no "special" consideration of any kind would be given to the biological creator status of any test-taker seeking to become a Primary Caretaker. In fact, the opposite would be true. The designers of these Competency Tests would be required to bend over backwards to make sure that a slightly higher burden of proof as to competency is placed upon biological creators who are taking the Test, as opposed to those people taking the Test for the purpose of trying to become teachers, babysitters, orphanage workers, foster parents, etc... Why a slightly higher burden, you might ask? Isn't that a form of discrimination? No. The fact is that due to the ingrained nature of Sacred Family Unit mythology, even the world's best and most intellectually talented child welfare experts, who have no immediate and directly personal interest in retaining possession of their own children, since they are childless at the time they devise these Competency Tests, are bound to subconsciously bring a bias in favor of biological creators, to this work. By requiring them to intellectually focus on specifically structuring the Tests so as to place a slightly higher burden upon biological creators, the subconscious bias that likely colors their efforts to a small degree in favor of biological creators is more equalized and negated, resulting in the fairest possible final set of Tests.

List of specific Tests: I shall begin by listing all the different individual tests that every person seeking to become a legal Primary Child Caretaker would be required to take, then I will discuss each Test in detail. Keep in mind that all of these different "tests" are in fact part of a single, large test. The results of these tests, and you can just as easily refer to them as "parts" of the one main test, are to be combined and weighed against each other, within the overall Mandatory Parental Competency Test grading and scoring system. These different tests are not being listed in any particular order of importance. They are all equally important and useful, in determining the competency of any adult to be entrusted as a Primary Caretaker to any child. Also note that some of these tests are more subjective in nature, while others are more objective in nature. However, the overall combination of all the separate test results, and the individual final determination of whether a passing or failing score on the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests has occurred, would be an objective one, admittedly based upon some subjective judgment scores from the initial 12-15 "parts" of the overall Test.

1: An IQ test.
2: A psychological history background check test.
3: A criminal history background check test.
4: A drug/mind altering substance test.
5: A Practical Knowledge of Children's Needs test.
6: An Endurance/Patience test.
7: A Frustration/Anger Management test.
8: A Personal Belief/Lifestyle test.
9: An overall mental stability test.
10: A My Childhood Recollections/Experiences test.
11: An Interactive Relationship/Expectations test.
12: A Poison Container Directional Path test.
13: Additional sophisticated tests that only the world's best, highly educated child welfare experts and mental health professionals can devise.

The IQ test: Scientists and educational experts have devised the IQ test, which measures, with quite a good degree of accuracy, the specific intellectual capabilities and limitations of individuals. It goes without saying that all other things being equal, a child is better off being raised by a highly intelligent Primary Caretaker, than by an extremely stupid Primary Caretaker. Nevertheless, this test score should not carry a great deal of weight when compared to most of the other tests listed here, unless the aspiring Primary Caretaker's IQ measures out to be so low that it borders on retardation and thus presents a danger to the safety and welfare of any child placed under the applicant's care, due to his/her inability to intellectually know how to properly deal with emergencies and other unusual or complex situations. Certainly any applicant whose IQ test shows that they are "mentally retarded" as defined by the standard Intelligent Quotient scoring system, should be given a hugely negative score for this test, to the point where they would need to score nearly perfectly on all the other tests, in order to have any chance of earning a Passing overall score on the Mandatory Parental Competency Test. A few takers of this IQ test would score so low that they would be classifiable as "profoundly retarded", and in those cases there would be no need to continue with any further tests, since no profoundly retarded person should ever be given Primary Caretaker status over any child.

The Psychological History Background Check: This test would involve an extremely comprehensive check of the psychological dysfunction history of the applicant. All efforts would be made, by the examining psychiatric panel with the aid of law enforcement, to find out whether the applicant has ever been institutionalized in a mental hospital, and the exact circumstances/reasons/duration of the hospitalization(s). All efforts would be made to determine exactly how much outpatient psychiatric therapy the applicant has undergone, and the reasons for the therapy. All possible efforts to determine whether or not the applicant has taken psychiatric drugs in the past, or is currently taking such drugs, and the exact reasons why the drugs were/are prescribed, would be made. All of the information uncovered on all three of these issues, would be weighed by the testing panel of three top-rated psychiatric professionals, to determine how serious the applicant's mental illness(es) were in the past, whether the applicant is still mentally ill at the time of the test, and what the relative odds are that a relapse into mental illness might occur in the foreseeable future.

There would be no time limit cut-off date as to this background check. If a 40 year old pregnant woman was given psychiatric counseling at age 8, on an outpatient basis, this fact may well be given virtually no negative point loss within the test score, but it should be open for consideration by the 3 member psychiatric testing panel. Any applicant who in fact directly harmed a child in the past, due to their mental illness, even if they have been pronounced "cured" of their mental illness, would in all likelihood score extremely low on this test, and have to score nearly perfect on all the other tests, in order to gain an overall Passing score. Even more importantly, any applicant who is currently, as of the time of the test, taking prescription psychiatric drugs that are designed to alter or control negative behavior, should in most cases be given a score of zero on this test, thus making it virtually impossible for the applicant to gain an overall Passing grade. It is not logical, moral, or safe to subject any child to being at the mercy of a Primary Caretaker whose mental stability is being controlled artificially, via drugs that the applicant takes, when the applicant is free, at any point in time, to simply decide to stop taking their prescribed psychiatric drug(s).

The Criminal History Background Check: This test would involve an extremely comprehensive review of the entire publicly available criminal history of the applicant. All police citations, arrests, and/or court trials/convictions, would be analyzed and weighed as to seriousness. There would be no time restriction, even a reckless driving citation given to a 50 year old applicant when he was just 16 years old, will be open for consideration as to the overall test score. Obviously the more recent and serious a criminal charge/offense might be, the more weight it would carry. Any past arrest of the applicant, much less a conviction, that involved hurting a child, would naturally be a huge negative factor on this test, and in most cases a felony conviction for Child Abuse or Child Neglect, even if it occurred 10+ years ago, should result in a score of zero on this test, making it virtually impossible for the applicant to pass the overall Mandatory Parental Competency Test.

Some relatively "minor" criminal offenses should carry a great deal of negative weight within this test. For example, repeated arrests for DUI, Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol. On the surface, this does not appear to be a "violent" crime, and it does not involve the overt hurting or brutalization of children. But to place a helpless child at the mercy of a known, repeat criminal who has endangered his/her own life on numerous occasions by driving a car when they were not competent to drive, knowing that this Primary Caretaker will certainly drive their child around if given Primary Caretaker custody, is totally outrageous and a clear case of society needlessly endangering the safety and welfare of the child.

The Drug/Mind-Altering Substance Test: Human beings choose to artificially alter their brain chemistries, because they find themselves unable to cope with the horrific, unbearable Truths and realities of their lives. I will be dissecting this issue at great length in a future essay elsewhere at this website, but for now let me just say that this is one of the more important and significant of the tests I am listing. A person who cannot cope with the reality of their own life, can hardly be expected to cope well with having to assume a role of primary responsibility for the care and welfare of a helpless child. This substance abuse test should be imposed upon every applicant, and alcohol should be viewed in at least as negative a light as any illegal drug usage. Any applicant who is found to have illegal drugs in their system, or any significant amount of alcohol in their blood, should be given an extremely low score on this test. In most cases, a score of zero, making it virtually impossible for them to earn a Passing score on the overall Competency Test. No person who chooses to consume toxic substances in order to mentally escape from reality, deserves to be entrusted with the care and raising of a child.

In addition, for the purpose of child safety, child welfare authorities should be empowered to impose random, unannounced, surprise drug and alcohol tests upon all child custodians, even after they have taken and passed this Mandatory Parental Competency Test. Any positive test result from these surprise tests, for an illegal drug, or any finding of a seriously elevated blood-alcohol level in a child custodian, should in most cases result in immediate seizure of all children by the State, and the previously Passing score on the Competency Test being immediately reviewed, in most cases changed to a Failing score. There should be no threat of criminal prosecution connected to these surprise drug tests by child welfare authorities, since that would violate constitutional and human rights of the adult humans. The drug tests should only be used to ensure the ongoing safety of children, and as always, a chronic drug or alcohol abuser is always free to avoid the possibility of being subjected to such random tests, simply by declining to take all Mandatory Parental Competency Tests and not seeking custody of any child.

The Practical Knowledge of Children's Needs Test: All living things have certain needs, and meeting those needs as a Primary Caretaker requires that a comprehensive knowledge of what the needs of children are and how to meet those needs, be known by each and every aspiring Custodian. This Practical Knowledge has only a small connection to intellectual IQ. A person with an IQ that measures out to a genius level, could still miserably fail this test. This test, administered by experts in child care and welfare, would determine whether or not each applicant possesses both the intellectual knowledge abd the emotional capability, to meet all of the primary needs that children have.

Children are totally helpless, at the mercy of their primary caretakers, and therefore this test would be extremely lengthy and thorough. Very specific and unique situations involving children in need or at risk, would be presented to applicants, and they would be required to outline exactly how they would deal with each situation. Life-like robots and dolls would be used to simulate real children, in order to make this test as realistic as possible. Certainly some of the less well-educated applicants will not have as much Practical Knowledge with regard to exactly how to "directly" meet certain needs of children, but the structure of the tests would be such that only modest score deductions would be imposed, if the lack of Practical Knowledge is deemed to not pose a significant threat to the welfare of the child. For example, a highly educated person might explain in great detail how she/he would figure out whether a child was running a fever, and how they would personally treat the child once they make this determination. A less educated person might be unable to come up with as detailed an explanation, but as long as she/he did clearly express and show an ability to figure out whether the child had a fever, and also indicated that they could and would treat the illness properly and summon medical aid promptly, if necessary, the less educated person would not score significantly lower.

This test would be divided 50/50, with 50% of the test designed to uncover the ability of applicants to meet the physical needs of children, and the other 50% designed to determine whether the applicant is capable of meeting the emotional and psychological needs of children.

The Endurance/Patience Test: This would certainly be one of the more important of the tests. Children require their primary caretakers to be of a certain temperament. Some adults, even though they may be intelligent, benevolent, and caring, simply do not possess the physical/mental endurance or patience to be able to properly serve as a Primary Caretaker to a child. This test, and life-like robots & dolls would be used even more extensively in this test than in the Practical Knowledge test that is listed above, would be specifically formulated to weed out all applicants who lack the rather large degree of endurance and patience that raising children requires. Hands-on interaction and contact with the life-like dolls and robots, would be a major component of this test. It would have to be very cleverly designed, this test, so that applicants could not simply "fake" having the proper endurance/patience. Multiple, simultaneous challenges would be used, the applicant would be confronted with 2 or 3 of the robot/dolls at the same time, making different demands, clinging, crying, simulating injury, even physically hitting the applicant, over and over, and the way in which the applicant responds to each simulated child and situation, would be carefully analyzed to determine whether the temperament of the applicant is suitable for raising a child.

The Frustration/Anger Management Test: The name of this test may make it sound fairly similar to the one directly above, but in fact it would be quite different. Frustration and anger are extremely complex emotions, that can be triggered by all sorts of different experiences and events. Every human being has unique "triggers" to these negative emotions. This psychological test would probe and unveil the hidden and suppressed triggers of frustration and rage that applicants have, and determine whether or not children, or specific situations involving children, are prone to trigger emotions of rage and frustration within the aspiring Child Custodian.

Every human being gets frustrated and enraged at times. So, this test would focus on the appropriateness of how each applicant feels and expresses these negative emotions. Specific situations would be created that are designed to provoke frustration/rage within the applicant. The applicant would be instructed to respond to each situation as they normally would. The applicant who fails/refuses to show any rage or frustration to any of the situations, would in fact most likely score far lower on this test, than the applicant who shows psychologically appropriate emotion. Experts in the psychology of human behavior would administer this test, and recognize when an applicant is suppressing the actual rage and frustration that they feel within their core emotional reality. Any indications of emotional suppression, would result in lowered scores on this test.

Scenarios used in this test might include the applicant being fired by a boss, the applicant being berated by a parental figure, the applicant being racially and sexually insulted/cursed at, the applicant being attacked, verbally and/or physically, by a child-representative doll or robot, the applicant being accused of child abuse by an authority figure, the applicant having to deal with a child-representative who repeatedly does something dangerous, such as lighting a match, etc... The goal of this test would be to determine whether the applicant possesses a rational, emotionally healthy way of coping with and expressing their rage and frustration. Just as lashing out violently in response to any of the scenarios would result in a significantly low score, so to would failing to display any emotion, since that would indicate deliberate suppression of emotion, which is an attempt to hide one's emotions and greatly increases the chances that inappropriate "explosions" of rage would occur in real life. If such an applicant were to possess children, they would more likely than not be the targets/victims of such suppressed, negative emotion "explosions."

The Personal Belief/Lifestyle Test: This would be the most difficult to devise, and the most legitimately controversial test of all that I am outlining here, as far as administration. The reason why is that every human being has a unique lifestyle and set of personal beliefs. Interpreting all those unique personal beliefs/ideologies and figuring out whether or not they constitute and pose a significantly negative influence or threat to the well-being and proper development of children, would be quite difficult and controversial, even within a sane, Truth-based society. And yet this specific test would be absolutely vital, in order to "cover all the bases" insofar as determining the overall competency of any applicant to receive a passing score on the Mandatory Parental Competency Test.

There are some personal beliefs and lifestyle choices of adults, that are simply incompatible with rearing a child. For example, right now in america alone, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of "parents" who have a personal belief that if their child should become ill, it is "god's" responsibility to cure the child, and no physician-based treatment is appropriate. Just as many perverse slaveowners believe they have the right to demand that their child-slaves receive no blood transfusions, even if a medical doctor tells them that their child-slave needs a blood transfusion. Even more parents believe that they have a right, even an outright "obligation", to physically attack, assault, and hurt their child, via ridiculously misnamed and mislabeled activities such as "spanking". Here you see three examples of the personal beliefs of adults being so outrageously malevolent and insane, that the only rational conclusion that can be reached is that no human being who holds any of the above three Personal Beliefs, should ever be entrusted with the care or raising of any child. And indeed, the finding of a personal belief similar to the above on this test, would result in a score of zero and virtually guarantee a failing grade on the overall Competency Tests.

The issue of personal belief/lifestyle as a parental competency determinator becomes a bit more complex and subjective, once we move beyond such overtly clear demonstrations of mental derangement that have such undeniable child endangerment/injury results. For example, most adults are addicted to the Insane God Myth. They have a Personal Belief that a god creature exists, and they often pursue a lifestyle that involves the insane "worship" of this non-existent entity. Even worse, they usually have an desire to infect the helpless, immature, developing mind of any child they become the owner of, with this toxic and insane myth. So, the question becomes, should each and every applicant who believes in the insane god myth, score a zero on this test, score very low, or only lose a few points for having this insane Personal Belief? Well, from my perspective, every overt believer in the insane god myth should lose quite a few points on this test. Some god myth believers, the strident, incoherent, bible-quoting ones who are certain that god exists and that god needs to have an influence over the life of their child, should score a zero. On the other hand, the minority of "moderately" insane god addicts who simply indicate that they "hope" god exists, and demonstrate that they have no desire to overtly impose the insane god myth upon the vulnerable, developing, truth-seeking minds of helpless children, may only lose a few points on this test.

There are so many other subjective issues when it comes to lifestyle. For example, would a nudist applicant lose any points on this test? In my judgment, no. Nudism is a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Would a smoker of cigarettes lose any point on this test? In my judgment, most definitely yes, and in fact I would say that a fairly huge point loss would be appropriate. The basis in determining scoring on this test should be: How harmful is the Personal Belief or Lifestyle of the applicant, likely to be to a child, if he/she were to become a primary caretaker to the child. The more harmful, be it physically, emotionally, intellectually, sexually, or psychologically, the Personal Beliefs of the applicant are, the lower the overall score on this test must be. Potential emotional and intellectual harm must be treated as being just as unacceptable as potential physical harm. An applicant who intends to overtly impose Insane God Myth doctrine upon a child, to brainwash a child into accepting the ridiculous notion that an invisible, omnipotent life form exists and must be "worshipped", is intending to commit an atrocity, that will definitely have lifelong negative intellectual consequences, and is 99.99999% certain to have severely negative emotional consequences as well upon the child, and thus I cannot see how such an applicant can score more than zero on this test.

To you insane creatures the notion of issuing a failing overall Competency Test score to all applicants who believe in god and want to teach children to believe in god might seem "unfair" in some fashion, but it is not unfair. It is perfectly appropriate. You diseased creatures have no legitimate right to infect children with a toxic myth, just because you yourselves have been so infected. I will be discussing the Insane God Myth at great length elsewhere at this website.

In conclusion, this specific test would be a somewhat difficult one to develop, but working from the simple, Truth-based doctrine that the Personal Beliefs and Lifestyles of applicants must not be potentially or overtly harmful to children, a very proper and appropriate standard for judging all personal beliefs and lifestyles as to parental competency, can and should be implemented, and this test should carry just as much weight as any of the others, in terms of zero scores and almost certain overall test failure, if the personal beliefs/lifestyle of the applicant poses a threat to the proper physical, mental, intellectual, psychological well-being of children.

The Overall Mental Stability Test: In some ways, this psychological well-being test would incorporate elements of some of the other tests listed here, but it would still stand on it's own in determining the overall competency of the applicant to be entrusted with the job of Primary Caretaker to any child. Top-level psychologists, rather than psychiatrists, would be in charge of administering this test. It would focus primarily on the psychological health and stability of the applicant at the time the test is given, going forward into the foreseeable future. Mental stability is in fact somewhat different than mental competency. Most mentally ill/diseased people are, or at least appear to be, quite mentally healthy for periods of time. Sometimes this is a "faked" acting performance in which the person suppresses their core Reality. Other times it is simply the result of taking mood-altering drugs, legal or illegal. And other times the person simply has an unstable mental personality that varies widely from month to month, week to week, even day to day.

The purpose of this test would not be to analyze the mental competency of the applicant, but rather to analyze the overall stability of the applicant's current and future psychological personality, with a focus on how a lack of proper stability could negatively impact upon any child placed within the applicant's care. Documented past activities which demonstrated mental instability would certainly play a major role in the scoring of this test. For example, a past suicide attempt, a history of self-cutting, chronic overeating, stalking or other "obsessive" activities, would have a significantly negative impact upon the overall score of this test, but even while taking past mental instability into account, the primary focus here would be on determining the likelihood of current and future mental instability.

The My Childhood Recollections/Experiences Test: As mentioned above, all adults were once children. As children, they had parents and caretakers who compelled them to serve in the role of child. Childhood experiences and traumas never leave us. They shape, mold, and define our innermost, most deeply held True Realities. Deep and profound cravings for personal vengeance lie within the psyches of most adults, and the root causes and reasons for this buried rage stem from childhood experiences in literally all cases. In choosing to hurt or kill children, be it through societally legal or illegal methods, the traumatized former child is cathartically transferring the reality of their own past childhood suffering, onto a "new" child, relieving their own suppressed rage and hate in the process. From a Truth-based perspective of moral avengement of self, they have every right to do this, of course. But at the same time society has the moral obligation, even though it failed to save the enraged former victim of childhood brutalization, to try to give each new generation of children maximum protection and safety, by "breaking the cycle" of unending, intergenerational usage of children as Poison Containers by the tortured adult victims of the previous generation of former children.

This is where this test and analysis would prove very useful. Each and every applicant would have their own childhood experiences, memories, and psyches deeply probed and examined, from the position of determining how their own childhood experiences will impact upon how they will view, interact with, and treat any child that they may become the Primary Caretaker of. If they were beaten as children, brainwashed with toxic myths, made to suppress/deny their true feelings and emotions, terrorized into embracing an insane/irrational lifestyle or view of the world, then the odds that they will feel the desire or need to mold into their own inferior, perverse image, any children they are given custodial access to, are likely to be quite high. In analyzing not only the childhood experiences and memories of applicants, but also how they have integrated these experiences within their core perceptions of reality and truth, this psychological test will offer a good way to determine whether the cycle of childhood brutalization and traumatization is likely to be passed down from the applicant, to the child they seek to gain Primary Caretaker access to.

Just because an applicant was severely abused as a child, does not mean they will score low on this test. Yes, the reality of their abuse would be taken into account, but even more important than the "facts" of the abuse, would be how the applicant has judged and integrated their own childhood suffering, into their innermost core psyche and personality. The structure of this test would be such that an applicant claiming that they only have happy memories of their childhood, would be subjected to intense and innovative psychological probing, of the type that would uncover any effort at deceit. Anyone caught trying to overtly lie on this test would lose a great many points, since denial/suppression of childhood trauma as an adult, is in fact the most glaring red flag there is, insofar as determining the likelihood that the person will, if given the opportunity, try to transfer their suppressed/denied childhood suffering, onto the child(ren) that they are given a Primary Caretaker role over.

Some adults who were abused as children, if they possess a great deal of personal insight and have had the psychological strength/opportunity to "vent" their rage in other ways, will not choose to use other children as Poison Containers. In fact, they may make outstanding child custodians. So the mere fact that an applicant was abused as a child, while raising a significant degree of concern within the structure of this test, would absolutely not automatically result in a point loss. The psychologically interpretative effect that the abuse has had upon the applicant and their perceptions, conscious, suppressed, and denied, of what it means to be a child and how children deserve to be treated by their primary caretakers, is what this test would be designed to judge.

The Interactive Relationship/Expectations Test: All Primary Caretaker situations involve a remarkably deep and intense personal relationship, between the caretaker and the child that they are given custody of. The child is literally and factually "helpless", at the mercy of the caretaker, dependent upon the caretaker physically, emotionally, financially, and in so many other ways. Therefore, the ability of the applicant to form a properly nurturing relationship with children, is vital in determining custodial competency. Many adults can only form toxic, dysfunctional relationships, and this is true for romantic, friendship, child nurturing, all sorts of different relationships. The purpose of this two-tiered test would be to first determine whether or not the applicant has the emotional/psychological capability to form a properly nurturing, caretaker relationship with a child, and secondly, if in fact the applicant can form such a relationship, what the applicant expects to gain from the relationship.

People form relationships with each other for all sorts of perverse, selfish reasons. Based upon current Sacred Family Unit mythology and utter dysfunctionality, we have some aspiring custodians who feel morally and culturally terrorized & coerced by society into creating and assuming ownership of children. Others create children solely to achieve the cathartic release that comes from abusing them. Others create/adopt children for financial gain. Others do so for the purpose of trying to enslave their sexual partners to them. Others create children as a hobby, to fill up their time, etc... Therefore, a primary purpose of this test would be to determine very specifically, why the applicant wants to be a Primary Caretaker, and what the applicant expects to gain from becoming the legal custodian of a child. The more selfish, shallow, or overtly malevolent the motivations of the applicant are, the more likely it is that the applicant will not be able or willing to provide a properly nurturing environment for any child.

The Poison Container Directional Path Test: All living things have certain vital needs, physical, emotional, and instinctual. Due to the complexity of the human mind, human beings, most especially children, have far greater emotional, psychological, and instinctual needs, than other animals do. Yes, human beings are indeed animals, of moral inferiority to other species, and the so-called "highly evolved" human mind is in fact a direct cause of the moral inferiority of the diseased animal species known as humanity. I have already defined above what the term "Poison Container" means. Under current societal doctrine, all child custodians are overtly encouraged and taught by society to use the children that they own, as Poison Containers to cathartically transfer and inflict their suppressed rage, hate, terrors, and life frustrations upon.

Children have even more vital needs than adults do, in order to develop their minds, bodies, and life philosophies in a sane, healthy manner. In a rational social structure, it is the children who would be using their Primary Custodians as Poison Containers, instead of the other way around. Children who are not overtly abused may well not develop much rage or hate, but they will still definitely experience significant terror and life frustrations, throughout their childhoods. Children need to be able to channel their negative emotions onto an emotionally/intellectually stronger, more mature and comforting person or people, and the Primary Custodian is the most logical person to assume this role. Therefore, this test would also be two-tiered in nature. First, it would determine whether the applicant intends to use the child they seek to gain legal custody of, as a Poison Container. If in fact the comprehensive psychological analysis shows this to be the case, the applicant must receive a very low score on this test, even a zero score in many cases.

The second part of this test would carry only slightly less weight, and it would focus on whether the applicant is emotionally strong and healthy enough to serve as a Poison Container to his/her custodial child, to absorb and dissipate the many terrors and life frustrations that all children experience, and the rage/hate that some children, even if they are not directly abused by their custodians, will also experience. Even if the results of the first part of this test show that the applicant is not likely to directly use children as Poison Containers, the aspiring Custodian may still be so emotionally weak and unhealthy that when the child seeks to relieve their terrors and frustrations by using the applicant as a Poison Container, the Custodian may be unable to serve in this role and therefore add to the trauma, terror and frustration that the child experiences.

Additional Sophisticated Competency Tests that the world's best, highly educated child welfare experts and mental health professionals would devise: There are certainly many more avenues to competency testing of aspiring child custodians that can and should be developed, and would become quite apparent if the world's most brilliant thinkers set about to focusing on this issue. I am a high school dropout, have no formal education to speak of, and all alone, I have come up with all of the above brilliant and vital tests. A large team of highly educated professionals, as long as they have no allegiance to Sacred Family Unit mythology, would easily come up with dozens of additional viable avenues of competency testing.

Additional tests would be very useful, but that in no way negates the fact that all of the tests I have outlined above are brilliant in nature, there is absolutely no sane reason to not implement all of them, and in fact, I have proven, in my above dissertation, that Mandatory Parental Competency Testing is not only doable, but it would, all by itself and without any of the many other child welfare reforms I will outline below, prevent 95% to 97% of all children who are currently and will otherwise be abused, brutalized, and tortured by their biological creators and other untested legal owners under the current Sacred Family Unit mythologically genocidal system of random child distribution, from being abused, brutalized, and/or murdered.

Additional Information and Insights on exactly how Mandatory Parental Competency Testing would be structured:

Age restriction: I will be discussing at great length in a separate essay at this website, the perversely invalid and hypocritical societal decrees and definitions of when children are said to reach "adulthood" and maturity. Right now, I just want to briefly state that no biological creator or other aspiring Child Custodian would be allowed to take these Competency Tests unless they were over the age of 21 at the time they got pregnant, or in the case of aspiring teachers, babysitters, foster parents, they would have to be aged 21 or older at the time they apply to take the test. No human being under age 21, no matter how "mature" or competent they may appear on the surface, should ever be considered for the job of Primary Caretaker to any child, because only a tiny percentage of human beings have reached even 50% of their eventual maturity, prior to age 21. Therefore, they are immature children themselves, and entrusting a child with the immense job of serving as a primary caretaker to another child, is simply illogical, not to mention highly dangerous to the much younger, totally helpless baby that the older child wants to gain custody of. As I will outline in my future essay, the average human being does not reach a decent level of personal maturity until the age of 31-34.

Imperfections of the Mandatory Parental Competency Test:

No test is ever perfect. The Mandatory Parental Competency Test, like every test ever devised by man, would be inherently imperfect. A small percentage of the applicants who will receive a failing score on this test, would in fact not have significantly abused the child they unsuccessfully sought to gain Primary Caretaker custody of, if they had been granted Custody. How small would this percentage be? I would estimate that 1 out of every 500 applicants who receive a Failing score, would fit into this category.

Some of you hypocrites will now say that the above admission of imperfection constitutes "proof" that the entire notion of imposing Competency Tests is unfair, unjust, and inappropriate. This is patently ridiculous, a typically insane rationalization by you diseased creatures. In a sane society there would be no Sacred Family Unit mythology, therefore the notion that the applicant who was "unfairly" given a failing score has had some huge trauma and injustice committed upon them, would have no standing. The invalid notion that any biological creator has some sort of an inherent or "sacred" personal entitlement to possess their biological creation, would simply not be granted any societal legitimacy.

The entire focus of the Child Welfare system would be to provide a properly nurturing environment for every child, and the issue of who, which specific adults get to provide the proper environment, would be of very little importance. The usage of children as Poison Containers would be condemned, and therefore even the tiny percentage of biological creators who "unfairly" receive a failing score on the Competency Test, assuming they sincerely care about the welfare of the child, will be happy over the fact that their society, simply by utilizing Universal Competency Tests, would be bending over backwards, doing it's very best, to make sure that the child, just like every child, is raised in a proper environment, in which all adults who have Primary Caretaker access to the child have had to take and pass the exact same Competency Test.

Since the design of the Parental Competency Test would be structured in such a way as to bend over backwards in favor of protecting the safety of each child, as opposed to favoring or giving the benefit of the doubt to any applicant, the percentage of malevolent/incompetent applicants who manage to trick, con, or lie their way into receiving a passing score, only to go on to seriously abuse/torture/murder the child they improperly win custody of, would be significantly lower than the percentage of "qualified" applicants who are unfairly given a failing grade. I would estimate that no more than 1 out every 5000 applicants who receive a Passing score, would fit into this category. Still, this would mean that in a large country, thousands of children would end up being abused by their Primary Custodians, at least for some period of time. Other Reforms that I will be outlining below, if implemented along with Parental Competency Testing, would still serve to save and rescue most of these children, after no more than a year or two at most, of abuse. But some would still suffer greatly, and a few would even be murdered by their Legal Custodians.

This is the tragic nature of life. Life is flawed and imperfect. Perfection can never be achieved. And yet even in the tragic cases that involve cleverly malevolent applicants conning and tricking their way to a passing score, as long as the child-victim survives their abuse, there would be a silver lining, a source of comfort to the abused child, as they mature and are likely rescued at some point in time via the other Reforms outlined below. That source of comfort would be based within the truth of the fact that yes, their society sincerely tried it's very best to save and protect them from the abuse that they did end up receiving. Society failed in their specific case, and they may never forgive society for failing. The tortured child certainly would have no obligation to ever forgive society or even try to consider any societal explanation for the failure. And yet I know that a significant portion of abused children would in fact gain some comfort, as adults, from the factual reality, the truthful knowledge, that their society really did try it's best to protect and save them. This Truth would make a major difference in the psychological/emotional ability of the victim of child abuse, to cope with and to come to grips with the brutal injustice that he/she endured as a child.

I know that personally, being the victim of literally limitless, daily torture at the hands of my biological creators throughout my entire childhood, the intellectual knowledge that I have today and came to realize even as a young child, that the society I was born into chose, with genocidal malice aforethought, to enable, encourage, legitimize, and cause me to be brutally tortured, making not an iota of effort to protect, save, or rescue me, has added immensely to the depth and intensity of my own eternal rage and hate towards the entire human race and all societies/people.

Ramifications of The Mandatory Parental Competency Test System: In my very carefully considered estimation, within a properly strict Parental Competency Test system, for the first 1-2 generational cycles that it is used, approximately 60-75% of all applicants who choose to take the test, will receive a Failing score. This may seem like an extremely high percentage, but I feel it would be accurate and appropriate. The only way to break a perverse, inbred cycle of familial child brutalization that is hundreds of thousands of years old, is to do so via a mass, extremely strict "culling" of all incompetent adults. This is the only way to break the cycle, intermediate attempts or efforts simply would not work, and would be an insult to all children. In my estimation, the greatest number of test Failures would come from the ranks of biological creators. A full 70% of all biological creators who choose to take this Competency Test, in the first generational cycle, may well fail. All of their so-called "parental rights" to the child(ren) they create, would therefore be decreed null and void. Among aspiring teachers, babysitters, foster parents, adoptive parents, orphanage/group home workers, I feel the failure rate would be lower, even from the very beginning. Still, it would very likely be in the 40-60% range.

Please note that all of the above statistics would only apply to the very first few generational cycles in which Mandatory Parental Competency Testing was utilized. In other words, the statistics would apply for perhaps the first 20 years after testing was implemented, perhaps 30 years at most. Immediately after the 20-30 year period, there would be a very significant increase in the number of applicants who pass the Mandatory Competency Tests. I would say that within 30 years time, the number of biological creators who fail this test would fall from 60-70% all the way down to 15-20%. The number of other test-takers who fail, would fall from 40-60% to 15% or so. Why this dramatic increase in passing scores?? Very simply, the intergenerational cycle of child brutalization will have been broken, within the very first generation of children that grew up under Mandatory Parental Competency Testing. Instead of 95%+ of all children being severely abused in one way or another, as is the case today, less than 2% would be severely abused under Mandatory Parental Competency Testing. Therefore the number of children growing up emotionally healthy and lacking significant rage or hate, would immediately skyrocket, within one generation, and all those children, once they reach adulthood, would be far more likely to pass the Competency Tests.

Still, it takes time to truly eradicate an inbred scourge that has contaminated human society for hundreds of thousands of years. Even after 30 years of Competency Testing have passed, 15-20% of all biological creators would still fail their Competency Tests, and getting that number down significantly further, might well prove difficult and slow. Perhaps after 60 years the percentage might dip to 10%, there it might hold steady, or very slowly continue to trend lower. But even under this "idyllic" system of child rearing, there would always be a small percentage of adults who simply cannot pass the competency tests, and so it would be absolutely vital to continue to maintain this blanket, universal Mandatory Parental Competency Testing system, for as long as the human race survives. Every society that claims to be "civilized" and to have a moral ideology owes this to each and every child who is born into the society. This Truth was true 1000 years ago, it is true today, and it will be true 1000 years from today, 10,000 years, 100,000 years from today. There is no legitimately moral or sane excuse, reason, or explanation for you humans and your societies refusing to implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, as I have outlined above.

Modifications to the current societally diseased orphanage/group home cultural mandates: Before delving into this very important aspect of the Mandatory Parental Competency Test system, I want to make it crystal clear that the term "Primary Caretaker" refers to all adults who seek to have regular, close contact with any child, even if this contact is to be only on a part-time basis. The exact same set of competency tests would be administered to all biological creators seeking custody, all foster and adoptive parents seeking custody, all schoolteachers seeking a license to teach children, all babysitters/nannies seeking a license to work as part-time child caretakers, and most importantly, all adults seeking employment within orphanages and group homes in which children are to live and be raised. And the exact same overall score would need to be achieved by each and every applicant, in order to pass the test. There would not be any sort of a "tiered" system where for example, a babysitter applicant could pass this test with a lower score than a biological creator applicant. At the same time however, the design structure of the Tests would be slightly biased against the biological creator, in such a way as to require the biological creator to prove that he possesses a slighter greater degree of competency within the overall score evaluation, to compensate for existing, subconscious bias that favors biological creators, based upon current Sacred Family Unit mythologies which have permeated and influenced all aspects of life in a lie-based, invalid manner.

I want to now focus on the entire issue of how and where the children whose biological creator(s) fail or refuse to take the competency test, would be raised. Remember, during the first 20-30 years after the implementation of this test, at least 50%, perhaps even 75% of all biological creator applicants would fail this test. This would result, in any large country, in many millions of children needing a "home" to grow up in. We would see an increase in the number of adults who choose not to get pregnant, once Sacred Family Unit mythology was eliminated, and many of these adults would instead choose to try to adopt or foster children. And yet there is no way that the increase in adoptive/foster parent applicants could ever make up for the 50-75% of biological creators who would fail the test, during the first few decades of test implementation. What this means is that during this time period, a huge number of children, many millions in a country the size of america, will grow up and spend their entire childhoods in large groups, living together, in institutions that society has labeled as "orphanages" and "group homes".

As part of the Sacred Family Unit coercion/brainwashing process, every society deliberately and with pure malevolence, chooses to underfund, understaff, and tries as hard as it can to make orphanages and group homes overtly abusive to all children at these facilities. The primary reason why society does this, is to morally coerce and shame as many biological creators as it possibly can, into agreeing to assume slave ownership of their creations. The perversely evil message that society gives is this: "If you refuse to assume ownership, we will place your child in a hellish, abusive environment, he will be abused, tortured, mistreated, denied love, mocked and ridiculed by everyone in "normal" society for not having parents, and this will all be your fault for having the audacity to reject the parental obligations that we are terroristically imposing upon you, and that you are morally bound to accept." The scope of genocidal evil of this societal decree is almost too immense to describe in words, but I think it speaks for itself, as yet another demonstration of the limitless evil of you humans and the diseased societies that you continue to choose to live under.

The bottom line is, your societies make the choice to inflict arbitrary, mass abuse and mistreatment upon children, solely to compel as many biological creators as they possibly can, into agreeing to serve as slaveowners to their biological creations. Ironically, even with the deliberate underfunding, understaffing, and hiring of incompetent/enraged employees by orphanages and group homes, and the immense, totally insane prejudice and discrimination that all "normal" children are taught to inflict upon "parentless" children, many children who have grown up in orphanages and group homes still recall their childhoods in a fairly positive light, once they reach adulthood. This is because when a large number of children grow up together in this fashion, the chances are increased that a positive bond can develop between some of the traumatized children, and because so many adults work at such facilities, the odds are that at least a few of the adults will be kind and caring to the children. Therefore, even though a great deal of abuse and mistreatment occurs under the current genocidally abusive auspices of the orphanage and group home societal structure, many children still end up being somewhat less traumatized by growing up in an orphanage, than they do growing up enslaved to 1 or 2 parental units. The child growing up in an orphanage is exposed to more children and more adults on a regular, daily basis, and therefore the chances that they can develop a positive, nurturing relationship with at least one or two adults and fellow children, is greater.

Under my proposed Mandatory Parental Competency system, all of the invalid mysticism of Sacred Family Unit/blood bond enmeshment would be eliminated. The fact that a woman excreted a child from her womb, or a man used his sperm to fertilize the egg that resulted in the creation of a child, would simply carry no weight, significance or importance of any kind, in determining who should assume responsibility for the care and raising of the child. Society itself would assume primary, ultimate responsibility for making certain, to the best of it's ability, that every child, being helpless and at the mercy of society and adults, receives the same, extremely high level of competent and appropriate care. Based upon this foundational Truth, the entire structure of the orphanage and group home system, as it currently exists, would need to be torn asunder and rebuilt from the ground up, in every way, shape, and form, to meet the criteria of being not simply an equal environment to the "private home", but in fact a superior environment, the single best environment for any child to grow up in.

This may sound like a daunting task, and of course your diseased societies will tell you that it is an impossible feat to accomplish. The Truth of the matter is, this type of complete reform would be quite easy to achieve, as long as a society wanted to do it. Yes, in a large country a few billion dollars would have to be spent to build the necessary child-rearing enclaves throughout the nation, as well as to fund the hiring of expert staff and Primary Caretakers. And yet every economy could, if it was sanely structured, absorb this cost, and the return on investment, as far as less crime, increased productivity, better health, less medical costs, etc..., would easily make up for the entire initial expense and in fact result in an economic windfall, within 50-100 years of implementation.

Properly structured and developed, orphanages and group homes would be heavenly, blissful environments for children, and the malevolent societal labels of "orphanage" and "group home" would be replaced with a proper term, such as Child Nurturing Facility. Children would grow up surrounded and enveloped with love, from every adult they came into contact with. Despite the facilities being quite large, and the children being allowed to interact with all other children and adults, there would be dozens, if not hundreds of Primary Caretakers at each facility, each one specifically assigned to devote most of their time to nurturing a specific, small group of children. Therefore, all children will have consistent, ongoing, nurturing contact with a few adults, throughout most or all of their childhoods, and be able to form personal, one-on-one bonds with these Primary Caretakers that would be much stronger, on average, than the bonds that could be formed with a biological creator.

Each and every employee of these facilities will be required to take and pass the Mandatory Parental Competency Test. The way I see it, even the members of the maintenance crews that are hired to work at these Child Nurturing Facilities, would be required to pass the Competency Tests. Each and every adult that the children come into any sort of regular contact with, inside these Child Nurturing Facilities, will have passed the Competency Test. Every child would be surrounded by love, competence, and caring. If by some rare fluke an abusive adult somehow managed to gain access to a child at these Facilities, the child would know, unquestionably, that he or she could inform and seek aid from any other adult at the facility, even the janitor/custodian, and the result would be that the child would be rescued, saved, and protected from further harm.

Within a few decades of the implementation of this Child Nurturing Facility structure, jobs within these facilities would be the most coveted jobs within the nation. The salaries would not even need to be much higher than "ordinary" job salaries, in order to attract tons of applicants, and only the best of the best would be hired, all of whom having passed the Competency Test with flying colors. But even so, all employees at these facilities should receive a "premium" salary, in order to both initially attract and then keep them happily employed there, for many years. Children do benefit greatly from being able to establish long-term bonds with a fairly small number of adults, that remain consistently positive figures within their daily lives, throughout most or all of their childhood. Therefore, society would have an obligation to do it's very best to make sure that each competent employee who is hired to work at these Child Nurturing Facilities, receives enough benefits, including financial perks, to make it unlikely that the employee will want to quit the job. In addition to financial benefits, the entire social structure would be such that every employee at these Facilities would be labeled as a "hero", a true celebrity, someone who is performing the most valuable task that exists within society, protecting, helping, molding the lives of helpless children.

The maintenance man/janitor lucky enough to be hired to work at these Facilities would not only earn a 20-25% salary premium over all other maintenance men, they would also receive the best guaranteed health, life, and retirement insurance package of any janitor in the nation, and they would be true celebrities, publicly honored by the media, societal leaders, and the entire cultural system, for holding the most valuable, important garbage-handling/maintenance job that exists within the nation.

Under this properly structured system, children will be filled with pride over the fact that they do not have "parents" and that they do live in Child Nurturing Facilities. If anything, they would be far more likely to genially tease and feel sorry for other children who live in "private homes" with only 1 or 2 Primary Caretakers. They would be proud of the fact that they have not only 3-6 adults who serve them on a daily basis as Primary Caretakers, but they also have an entire community, at least dozens and perhaps hundreds of adults, whose primary job it is to protect, help, and nurture them.

I have outlined most of the primary details of the Mandatory Parental Competency Test system above. It is by far the single most powerful and vital Reform in child welfare that every society owes to it's children. I will now continue detailing many additional Reforms that would ideally be used in conjunction with Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, but certainly do have some value all by themselves as well, in saving/protecting children.

The Mandatory, yearly, live-in, Child Assessment Examination:

This is the second most effective method that every society can easily implement, that would serve to protect, save, and rescue a huge number of children from being abused/tortured/murdered by their biological creators/legal custodians. However, in any sane society, it would not be utilized as a stand-alone system, but rather as a complimentary backup to the Mandatory Parental Competency Test system that I have outlined above. The Mandatory Parental Competency tests would save approximately 97% of all children who would otherwise have been brutalized, from being subjected to significant abuse at the hands of their Primary Caretakers. This Mandatory Child Assessment Examination, to take place on a yearly basis, would then serve to uncover the abuse that the small 1-3% of children who are still placed with incompetent/abusive Primary Caretakers are being subjected to, and to rescue them in a timely manner, to extract them from their toxic environments within no more than a year or two of time since the abuse begins, at most.

Used as a stand-alone form of child protection, the Mandatory Child Assessment Examination, properly implemented, would still be a remarkably effective way of uncovering abuse of children and making 100% certain that no child is ever subjected to an entire childhood of unrelenting torment, as I indeed was, and as millions of other children across the world are subjected to. But, the general structure of this Examination, at least as I envision it, does not overtly eliminate all Sacred Family Unit mythology, and is not properly proactive in terms of preventing child abuse/mistreatment from occurring in the first place. Therefore, as a stand-alone measure, it is significantly less helpful in protecting/saving children than Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, and enacting this type of a mandatory, Yearly, Live-In Child Assessment Examination system without also implementing Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, would constitute a perverse act of moral cowardice by society, even though it would still represent a huge leap forward towards sanity, when compared with the current deranged and overtly evil system of complete societal abdication of responsibility for the welfare of all children.

Under your current cultural structure, children are decreed to be subhuman pieces of worthless, owned property. Based upon this malevolent foundation, and in conjunction with Sacred Family Unit mythology/slave ownership doctrine, society chooses to make literally and actually no attempts of any kind to determine what sort of environment any child is being raised up within and subjected to. Instead, a ridiculous cultural doctrine is declared the law of the land, in which blind, magical assumptions are made that unless there is "proof" that a child is being subjected to abuse, there must not be any abuse occurring. Incredibly, society goes on to decree that it does not even have the right, much less the obligation, to proactively attempt to seek out this "proof". Instead, with utter malice aforethought and in sanctification of Sacred Family Unit mythology, society chooses to blindly assume that no child is being abused, to not even try to uncover any abuse, even though it intellectually knows, as we all do, that countless millions of children are being abused each and every day, by their biological creators and other legal owners.

The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth holds that the single most primary obligation that every sane society must accept and embrace, is to proactively prevent all children born or living within the society, from falling into the toxic clutches of incompetent/malevolent adults, and being subjected to abusive treatment as a result. Every society that refuses to accept this obligation as being valid, proves, in making this choice, that it is so diseased and perverse that it does not deserve to exist. Currently, each and every society on planet earth malevolently chooses to reject the Forbidden Truth that it does have this obligation to it's children.

The Mandatory Parental Competency Test system outlined above, and the Mandatory Child Assessment Examination system outlined below, utilized in conjunction with each other, would completely alter this perverse system of intentional blindness and rejection of Truth, which directly and overtly results in the societal sponsorship of genocidal child abuse/torture/murder.

Design and Structure of the Mandatory Child Assessment Examination System:

The Mandatory Parental Competency Test would serve primarily as a pre-screening system, to weed out as many incompetent/malevolent aspiring Child Custodians as it possibly could. Even though this test would very often be given numerous times to people who already have passed the test in the past, such as in situations where they seek to obtain Primary Caretaker status over additional children and in cases where there is any reason to suspect that their competency has been compromised or the children in their care may have been mistreated, the structure of this test is not designed to regularly and comprehensively focus upon determining the exact developmental status and uniquely personal ongoing experience of their own life, that every child, as he/she is growing up, is enduring. The Mandatory, yearly, live-in Child Assessment Examination would fill this unacceptable void, and would be a moral demonstration of basic, genuine societal value for the safety and welfare of every child.

Just as society would undertake the task of creating thousands of new, properly structured Child Nurturing Facilities, previously known as "orphanages", all across it's national borders, thousands of other facilities, which would be labeled as Child Assessment Centers, would be created. There would be two top-level mandates of the nationwide network of Child Assessment Centers. The first and more primary responsibility of these facilities would be to regularly and in a timely manner, root out and uncover all instances in which any child living within the societal borders, is being subjected to abuse, mistreatment, traumatization. A secondary responsibility of these Assessment Centers would be to make certain that no child ever grows up experiencing no positive interaction/contact with other living things. In many ways of course, the first responsibility encompasses and overlaps the secondary mandate as listed above, but they are both distinct and uniquely important in their own right, as I will outline below.

Beginning a few days after the very first birthday of each child's life, and continuing on a yearly basis all the way through the child's 21st birthday, society would mandate, under federal law, that every child must spend at least five consecutive days and nights living at a Child Assessment Center. During these five days, a comprehensive, all-encompassing series of examinations and tests would be performed on each child, by pediatric, medical, psychological, developmental, and numerous other experts in all facets of child welfare, protection, and development. The purpose of these examinations would be to uncover any and all instances in which a child is being denied proper care, being given improper care, being abused, neglected, mistreated, or raised in any inappropriate manner or environment.

All Primary Caretakers would be obligated, under federal law, to comply with this yearly, live-in Child Assessment Examination, by bringing their children to the proper Child Assessment Center on the day prior to the specific date that they are notified the five day Assessment is to begin. Failure to meet this Custodial Obligation, or any attempt at a refusal to comply with this yearly obligation, would result in an immediate termination of all Primary Caretaker status. This Yearly Child Assessment Examination system would be universally imposed upon all children in the exact same structural manner. No distinction based upon economic status of the Primary Caretakers, whether or not the child has been living with biological creators or at a Child Nurturing Facility, or any other personal difference that may exist from child to child, would be recognized. The Child Nurturing Facility system would be totally separate and distinct from the Child Assessment Center system. There would be absolutely no connection, no incestuous link between these two systems, and this would remove essentially all possibility of bias, or a "conspiracy" to hide systematic child abuse that could conceivably develop at a specific center/facility. The chances of such a malevolent conspiracy developing would be almost nil, certainly less than 00.00001%, due to the fact that every single adult working within these facilities/centers will have been required to take and pass the Mandatory Parental Competency Test. But this separation of the two child nurturing/protection systems would still serve as a primary defense mechanism to literally guarantee that no such conspiracy of abuse could ever be developed or sustained for any period of time. All employees of all Child Assessment Centers will have taken and passed the Mandatory Parental Competency Test, the exact same test that all Primary Caretakers and all Child Nurturing Facility employees will have passed.

Ideally, the specific dates of these yearly Child Assessment Examinations would vary from year to year. The first such Examination should take place within a month or so of the child's first birthday. Thereafter, the Examination must take place at least once each and every year of the child's life, until the child reaches the age of 21. However, if there is a specifically fixed date each and every year for when the Examination occurs, this leaves open the remote possibility of malevolent manipulation by the Primary Caretaker(s), such as the Caretaker trying to restrict their abuse to immediately after the yearly Assessment occurs, hoping that the child's memories of the abuse, and the physical/emotional signs of the abuse upon the child, will fade over the months of time that will pass between Assessment Examinations. Therefore, even though it is imperative that the Child Assessment Examination be given to each child at least once each year, the exact dates that the Examination is to occur each year should be varied, and no more than a few weeks of advance notice regarding the exact date of each Examination, should be provided to Primary Caretakers.

Every Child Assessment Examination must be at least five days long. The five days must be consecutive. They must include both days and nights. Each child must live at the Child Assessment Facility for the five consecutive days and nights. This is the minimum amount of time required to properly assess whether or not each child is being raised in a properly nurturing, benevolent environment, and is not being subjected to any abusive or traumatizing treatment. The live-in design of these Assessment Facilities is absolutely vital. They must not be "outpatient" facilities in which the Primary Caretakers bring the child in each morning and then take the child back "home" for the night at the end of each examination day. These Assessment Facilities must be extremely immersive in nature. What I mean by this is that every child must feel that the environment in which they are living for these five consecutive days and nights, while totally safe, secure, and in fact delightfully enjoyable, is also completely different, apart, and separate from the "day to day" life that the child has been experiencing for the previous 360 or so days, living with their Primary Caretaker(s). This is the best way to draw a child out in terms of displaying or revealing hidden and suppressed abuse or traumatization that the child could be enduring within their "regular" lives.

Most importantly of all, these Child Assessment Facilities must involve isolating all children from their Primary Caretakers, for the five day period. Absolutely no contact between the children and their Primary Caretakers would be allowed for the entire duration of the Assessment Examination. No visits, no phone calls, no letters, no e-mail, no faxes, etc... Parents/Primary Caretakers often develop cunningly malevolent ways to enmesh children within their toxic webs, to make children terrified of them, and coerced into obeying them. Even if all communication between Primary Caretakers and children would be monitored by Assessment Facility staff members, this would not resolve the threat that a Primary Caretaker could be terroristically threatening/coercing the behavior of their child at the Assessment Center. The mere sight of an abuser, or the hearing of an abuser's voice on the telephone, can totally destroy any possibility of the Child Assessment tests and examinations uncovering the secret abuse that the child is being subjected to. The best way to try to uncover the greatest amount of abuse, is to prohibit all contact between the child and the entire "outside world" beyond the Child Assessment Facility itself, including all Primary Caretakers and other "loved ones", for the entire five day and night period of time.

Some of you uninsightful, narrow-minded humans will now probably decide that cutting children off from all contact with all of their "known loved ones" for five consecutive days and nights is traumatic and "abusive" in and of itself. This is ridiculously absurd. The stability of a truly nurturing relationship, of the type that a child is supposed to have with their Primary Caretakers, is in no way negatively impacted by a five day separation, as long as the separation is in no way abrupt, violent, or traumatic. Obviously if the child sees their Primary Caretaker yelling, crying, screaming: "Don't take my baby!!", then the separation would be highly traumatic to the child. This Mandatory Yearly live-in Child Assessment Examination would be nothing more than a routine part of life within a sane societal structure. Any Primary Caretaker who is seen or revealed to be screaming, crying, or resisting the five day separation, or in any way deliberately making the separation stressful and traumatic for their child, would face the termination of their Custodial rights. Even at the age of 1-3, when a child is most "dependent" upon their Primary Caretakers, these five day separations, into a totally benevolent and love-filled Child Assessment Facility environment, will not cause any significant degree of emotional trauma to the child, and the benefits they will receive, in being exposed to a new, unconditionally loving and nurturing environment for five consecutive days and nights, far outweigh any minor, transient emotional distress/separation anxiety that the children, especially the younger ones, might experience.

Each and every Child Assessment Facility would be staffed by dozens of child welfare experts, tops in their respective fields of pediatric development: physical, emotional, psychological. No matter how well-qualified these experts might be in terms of educational degrees or licenses, they would all be required to take and pass the Mandatory Parental Competency test, in order to gain a staff position within any Child Assessment Facility. Each and every staff member/employee at these facilities, all the way down to the maintenance crews, will have taken and passed the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. In this manner, the complete safety and protection of all children within these Assessment Facilities is protected and upheld, to the same high degree and integrated standard that all Child Nurturing Centers, where many children will live on a permanent basis, are required to meet.

The primary purpose of these Child Assessment Facilities would be to determine what type of day to day environment and experience of life each and every child is being subjected to, and whether or not this environment and ongoing experiences has been in the past, or are in any current way, abusive or traumatic to the child. The very first test would of course be a complete physical examination, including x-rays, designed to uncover evidence of physical abuse as well as possibly non-abuse related physical injuries or illnesses that children sometimes suffer from that can only be uncovered via a thorough medical examination. Then several tests carefully designed to concretely measure each child's intellectual and emotional development would be given, and any sign that intellectual or emotional development is significantly subpar when compared to normal, age-appropriate standards, would raise a major warning flag and result in a much more comprehensive exploration of what the child's intellectual/emotional difficulties are, and most importantly, what is causing them. Any unusual finding or observation within these examinations, that suggests the child might either have been abused in the past, is currently being abused, or may be living within a toxic, inappropriate environment, would trigger a much more intensive probe, with primary focus/suspicion being placed upon the Primary Caretakers of the child.

Due to space and time limitations, I do not wish to go into an extremely detailed outline of exactly how each Examination would be conducted right now, but I do want to focus on what I believe would be one of the most effective testing tools for both uncovering hidden abuse and providing an enhanced, unconditionally loving environment for every child, within these live-in Child Assessment Examination Centers. This would be the Animal Interaction Analysis. Assuming that other, morally superior species of life are still being kept as slave/"pets", an issue I will discuss at length in a future essay elsewhere at this website, each Child Assessment Center would have a large population of tame animals living within it. Most of the animals would be completely free to wander around the entire facility at will. There would always be a few baby animals around.

Right at the beginning of the five day period that each child spends living at the Assessment Center, the child would be introduced to some of the animals directly, and overtly encouraged to feed, pet, and otherwise interact with the animals. Young children would be given a specific animal to "care for", usually a young animal, and told to express whatever feelings or thoughts they might have, to the animal. In certain cases, where the child assessment/evaluation experts suspect abuse might be occurring, sophisticated one-on-one therapy sessions that involve the child and an animal would occur. In one scenario, the child welfare expert might suggest to the child that the animal they are petting/caring for has been abused/mistreated in the past, as a way to draw the child out into revealing any distress he may be suppressing/hiding. Obviously a red flag concerning the likelihood of abuse/mistreatment would be raised with regard to any child who refuses to interact with the animals, or who displays any violent or harmful tendencies towards an animal at the Assessment Center.

This type of interspecies therapy and behavioral analysis, involving species that are morally superior to humans, would provide a wonderful "bridge" between human children, who are inherently morally superior and saner than human adults are, and the human adults at the live-in Child Assessment Centers who are trying to protect/save them from any abuse that they might be enduring. Logic dictates that of course the abused child is far less likely to trust or have faith in any adult human being, since it is an adult human being who has been or is currently abusing the child. Animals can be used as a bridge, to both uncover abuse and to provide genuinely cathartic emotional/empathic comfort to every child, especially the abused child who is consciously or subconsciously hiding/suppressing their distress. Children, being instinctually purer and by nature more able to recognize Truth than adult humans are, generally sense and are aware of the moral superiority of animals, on an instinctual level.

As an example, let us say that a child is being tortured by his Primary Caretaker. He has been terrorized by that Caretaker into believing that should he reveal his distress to anyone at the Child Assessment Center, he would be subjected to even more severe torment. No matter how benevolent and kind the adult therapists and child welfare experts at the Child Assessment Center might act towards him, the child may well perceive only one Truth, that Truth being that an adult human being has been inflicting torture upon him, and the human beings who have been acting kindly towards him at the Child Assessment Center are in fact also adults, therefore it would make no logical sense to the child to necessarily trust or confide in any of the adult human beings, since the species of the "seemingly benevolent" life form, as well as the age, is exactly the same, or very similar to, that of the Primary Custodian, who has been inflicting torture upon him. On the other hand, if this child is introduced to a young, tame animal, perhaps told that the animal was abused and is feeling afraid, vulnerable, etc..., told to care for the animal, and left alone with the animal in a "safe", private place, by the 4th or 5th day of this Child Assessment Examination, the child may have established an empathic emotional bond with the animal, be weeping in front of the animal, refusing to be separated from the animal, or even verbally telling the animal about his/her own distress, fear, rage, or traumatic life experiences. By monitoring via hidden cameras and microphones these private, cathartic, interspecies transfers/revelations of personal suffering between children and morally superior animal species, hidden abuse that would otherwise never have been uncovered by any of the "sophisticated" adult human tests, would be uncovered.

The issue of whether or not humans have any moral entitlement to enslave, imprison, and otherwise inflict their own desires/needs upon morally superior animals is a very important one, and may well preclude the usage of animals at Child Assessment Centers in a truly enlightened society. Again, this will be discussed elsewhere at this website. It goes without saying that if in fact the usage of animals as therapy aids does occur, any sane society has an obligation to bend over backwards to meet all of the physical, emotional, and instinctual needs and desires of every animal, to the greatest possible degree.

Even though these Child Assessment Centers will be designed to house and properly examine children all the way from 1 year old to 21 years old, there will of course be a logical age group separation within each Center, and among the child welfare/protection experts, at least four distinct age-based subcategories of expertise/licensure would be established. I believe the four subcategories should be birth-age 4, age 5-age 10, age 11-age 13, age 14-age 21. The developmental and emotional needs and experiences of children change so much as a child ages, that in a sane, properly structured expert licensing system, very few child welfare "experts" would be considered qualified to analyze and treat children of all ages. Instead, these four subcategories would allow/compel child welfare professionals to focus on a relatively narrow age range, and thus develop a maximal level of expertise in recognizing and analyzing the needs, problems, coping mechanisms, and personal distress cover-up methods that children within the relatively narrow age range that they specialize in, display and manifest.

In addition to the primary mission of these live-in Child Assessment Centers, which would of course be to uncover and bring to light the facts of any and all abuse or trauma that any child living within the national borders of the society might have experienced in the past or be experiencing on an ongoing basis, the Child Assessment Centers would serve a secondary, extremely important purpose. This purpose would be to make 100% certain that no matter what remarkable cover-ups of abuse/traumatization there could conceivably occur in individual cases, each and every child living within the society is guaranteed to receive and experience at least five consecutive days and nights of unconditional love, each and every year throughout their entire childhoods. The structure and design of these Child Assessment Centers would in no way be "clinical" or antiseptic in nature. Rather, every staff member of these centers would be instructed on how to give unconditional love and acceptance to every child they come into contact with. The entire goal of the design of these Centers would not be to simply provide a "safe" environment, or a therapeutic environment, but in fact an unconditionally loving environment. The fact that the Child Assessment Centers would also be safe and therapeutic would simply be the logical end result of the primary design feature of the Centers, which would be to provide unconditional love and acceptance to each and every child.

Because every child would be required under federal law to live for at least five consecutive days and nights at a Child Assessment Center, each and every year, this would guarantee, to a 100% level, that even in the extremely infrequent and unlikely event that a child is somehow being subjected to abuse and traumatization that neither the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests nor the Mandatory Yearly Child Assessment Examinations are able to prevent or uncover, even that child would still receive and hopefully be able to draw a tiny bit of comfort and restorative strength from, the five consecutive days & nights of unconditional love that they would be guaranteed to receive within this live-in Child Assessment Center system, each and every year of their childhoods.

You evil, truth-hating hypocrites will never admit to this, but the reality is that not only does your society overtly sponsor and encourage the genocidal torture of it's children, but this brutalization can sometimes be so immense and smothering in scope that some children literally do not experience a single day of emotional happiness throughout their entire childhoods. Some children do not receive a single benevolent, empathic hug from another human being, from the moment of their birth until age 21. Some children never emotionally feel, not even for 60 seconds of time, that another living thing cares about or loves them, throughout their entire childhoods. This is 100% the fault of you perverse creatures and the diseased, malevolent Sacred Family Unit/worthless child-slave ideology and doctrine that you so proudly embrace and cling to. The Mandatory, yearly, live-in Child Assessment Examination system would at the very least, in even a worst-case scenario where the child is somehow too broken and terrified to reveal their distress and the child welfare experts are somehow unable to uncover the fact that the child is enduring severe traumatization, guarantee that even this child would receive truly benevolent and empathic hugs, would experience at least 5 consecutive days and nights in which no emotional trauma of any kind is inflicted upon him/her, and would feel loved and cared about, at least momentarily and to a tiny degree, at some point in time, each and every year of their childhoods, beginning at age 1 and continuing until age 21.

You need not look far to find proof that some children do not experience a single moment of benevolent contact with another living thing throughout their entire childhoods. You have one such tortured child right under your very noses, as you read these words. Yes indeed, yours truly, your very own Seer of Forbidden Truth, did not receive a single benevolent, caring, or empathic hug, kiss, or moment of compassionate/gentle physical or emotional contact of any kind, with any living thing, from the moment of my birth throughout my entire childhood. As a direct result, my soul died between the ages of 13 and 14. The Mandatory Yearly live-in Child Assessment Examination outlined above, even if it somehow would have failed to uncover the reality of my daily torment, the odds of failure being minuscule, less than 00.000001%, would still have had a remarkably profound, positive impact upon every aspect of my life as a child, and very likely the shape/destiny of my True Reality-based adult life path options and choices.

To feel cared about, valued, loved, during childhood, even if this experience is only enjoyed for a handful of days each year, can have an incredibly profound impact upon not only how the child perceives reality and their own life in real-time, but upon the entire tableau of life path options that the child might be able to keep alive within him/herself, as they mature and reach adulthood. The difference between the child's soul dying, as mine did between age 13 and 14, and the tortured soul of the child somehow remaining alive to battle on, can often lie in a few hugs, a few hours each year of feeling loved by another living thing, a few days of being surrounded by benevolent, unconditional caring. You and your societies, with utter malice aforethought, in choosing to reject and ridicule both of the above brilliant proposals, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and Mandatory, yearly, live-in Child Assessment Examinations, prove that your selfishness, perversity, and malevolence literally has no limits. You have literally dozens of different sensible, logical, options and methods at your disposal, to both prevent children from being abused/tortured, and to save children who are being abused/tortured, on a mass scale. I have outlined just two of the dozens of different methods above. And yet with limitless malice, you choose to refuse to allow your societies to implement any of these solutions, as you worship at the maggot-infested alter of Poison Container-based child genocide, generation after generation, for hundreds of thousands of past years and for the foreseeable future, thousands of future years, or more likely, until this diseased species known as humanity extincts itself, which is likely to be quite soon, certainly within a few centuries at most.

Additional Forbidden Truth Facts on the above Reforms, as well as Sane and Appropriate additional Reforms in Child Welfare Policy:

The three primary societal reforms that I have outlined above, 1: Elimination of all Sacred Family Unit Mythology, 2: Proper implementation of a Universal Mandatory Parental Competency Testing system, and 3: Proper implementation of a Universal Mandatory, Yearly, Live-in Child Assessment Examination system, would, all by themselves, if implemented by a society of humans, prevent 99.999999% of all children living within that society, from having to endure any significant or prolonged abuse/traumatization at the hands of their Primary Caretakers, throughout the course of their entire childhoods. I have literally and actually "cured" the greatest, most perverse plague of worldwide torturous genocide that is infecting the human race. I have come up with the cure to eradicate child abuse! But there is just one "small" problem, folks. That problem is you. You do not want to even reduce or limit child abuse, much less eradicate it. The thought of child abuse being eradicated fills you with unimaginable dread and terror. Your children are your Poison Containers. Their purpose in being created and in existing, is to serve as your punching bags, to suffer on your behalf, to be Martyred in your Names, to absorb the unbearable terrors and horrors of life that you yourselves, being mentally ill, deranged, truth-hating, tortured victim-creations of society, spend your entire lives desperately keeping at bay. Or, as Psychohistorian Lloyd DeMause puts it, Begin Quote: "Historically, the routine use of children as poison containers to prevent adults from being overwhelmed by their anxieties has also been universal. Examples from the history of childhood regularly reveal that children are expected to "absorb" the bad feelings of their caretakers." "No matter what anxieties one had, one had children always at hand to use to relieve them."-------Lloyd DeMause. End Quote.

The fact that I, a high school dropout with no formal education, have come up with a way to eradicate child abuse throughout the world, while extremely impressive on a personal level, is not the most shocking/profound revelation of Truth at this web page. The fact that the formula for eradicating all child abuse in the world is not only doable but in fact rather simple and straightforward, is not the most shocking/profound revelation of Truth on this web page. The fact that this simple solution, so clear that even a high school dropout can both recognize and articulate it, has never even been mentioned, much less discussed/debated, in any societally mainstream newspaper, magazine, TV, or radio program/forum during the entire 20th century as well as the beginning of the 21st century, is not the most shocking/profound revelation of Truth on this web page. No. The single most profound Truth, and perhaps the most Forbidden Truth of all the 1000+ that I will be revealing within all of the Forbidden Truth Texts, is this:

On an intellectually conscious level, not only do all of your societal leaders realize this Truth, but you yourselves, as individual citizen-slaves, despite the fact that you will never admit it, you know that you are choosing to commit genocide upon your own children. You know that you can eradicate and stop child abuse, not on an individual case by case basis, but on a collective, mass scale basis. You make the conscious choice, as individuals, to genocidally sacrifice the safety, welfare, futures, sanity, and lives of your children, out of pure selfishness, cowardice, personal terror, rage, and mental derangement. That is the most shocking/profound revelation of Truth, Forbidden Truth, that I offer on this page.

Yes, your societies are to blame. They destroyed your childhoods, they annihilated your sanity, they demolished your ability to think rationally, and to make sane, moral, Truth-based decisions on how to conduct your lives and how to allow your leaders to dictate your ideological/philosophical life paths. Your ability to even recognize, much less embrace, the Truths of life, has been torn from your grasp and hurled into the deepest, unreachable pit imaginable. The instinctual interest in and craving for Truth, that you were born with, has been so tainted, so brutalized and twisted and destroyed, that it holds not a shred of influence over your adult beliefs and life philosophies. Your societies have made one simple thing, Truth, your mortal enemy. Nothing else comes close to striking the degree of mortal terror into the very deepest root marrow of your existences, than Truth does.

The Proof of this Forbidden Truth lies in the fact that you creatures pretend to care about your children, you claim to "love" children and to want to do the "very best" you can to make their lives as "good" as you possibly can. You have the audacity to claim a moral entitlement to demonize and punitively punish certain individual tortured human victim-creations of your society who choose to abuse or murder a child or a few children that they do not legally own, and yet at the very same time, you yourselves are overtly choosing to sponsor, support, and legitimize the genocidal, indiscriminate mass torture/murder of each and every child who lives within your society, while knowing that the three Reforms I have outlined above, if implemented, would eradicate all child abuse.

You are intellectually aware of this fact, even as you consciously refuse to admit to the reality that it is a Truth, a true fact. I do not blame you, as individuals. I recognize that you are tortured victim-creations of your societies. I recognize that your True Reality right, as individuals, to sponsor child genocide as a way of cathartically coping with the horrors of your childhoods, is just as legitimate as the right of any personal seeker of cathartic vengeance is. I do condemn your two-faced hypocrisy and cowardly intellectual refusal to admit and face up to these Truths. Your demonization of people like Wayne Williams, John Joubert, Richard Allen Davis, Thomas Watt Hamilton, etc..., all tortured victim-creations of your society, for hurting or killing a few children, when you yourselves choose to cathartically legitimize the torture/murder of millions of children each and every year by your own societies, strikes me as repugnant beyond all measure, in it's hypocrisy and moral cowardice. But then again I find almost all aspects of your lie and myth-based lives to be repugnant. So it is, and so it shall be. I am the one person out of ten million+ who has the ability, courage, and desire to value and embrace all of life's Truths, above all else.

Additional Appropriate Policy Reforms to End Genocidal Societal Sponsorship of Mass Child Torture: Below you will find several additional extremely valuable Reforms that any sane society would implement as part of a rational system of child protection and nurturing. In and of themselves, none of these Reforms come anywhere close to achieving the degree of almost complete elimination of familial child abuse/torture/murder that the above three Primary Reforms, elimination of Sacred Family Unit mythology, implementation of Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, and implementation of a Mandatory, yearly, live-in Child Assessment Center system, provide. For this reason, as well as the fact that some of these Reforms will be outlined in greater detail in other Texts elsewhere at this website, and others have already been mentioned to some degree in my above writings, I will be rather brief in outlining some of the below Reforms. Nevertheless, they are all extremely important and brilliantly insightful, and so we continue this journey of Forbidden Truth.

Freedom of all children to leave any environment that they find undesirable: In any sane societal structure, all children over the age of eight would be allowed and encouraged to reject their Primary Caretaker(s) and ask their society to place them in a new, different living environment. Even if there is no indication of abuse, the Primary Caretakers have passed all Competency Tests, and the child does not even claim to be suffering or to have suffered any abuse, moral and rational law should dictate that the helpless child, a human being, would have their most basic human and civil right, to not be imprisoned against their will in an environment that they do not find pleasant or desirable, honored and validated. All Primary Caretakers would have a custodial, fiduciary right/obligation to try to provide a properly nurturing environment to children placed in their care. They would have absolutely no possessive/ownership claim to any child placed in their care.

Society itself, and the child him/herself, would both independently have the legal right to sever the relationship, and neither society nor the child would have to "prove" that the Primary Caretaker is abusing the child, neglecting the child, or otherwise mistreating the child. If the child perceives him/herself to be enduring trauma, to be personally suffering emotional, psychological, physical, or any other type of pain, and the child perceives their Primary Caretakers and/or the home environment that they are living in to be the cause of this personal distress, the child must be legally entitled to ask their society to remove them from the custody of their Primary Caretakers, and this request, if made, must be immediately honored by society. The child must not be intrusively requested or required to "explain why" they want to be removed from their current living environment and given different Primary Caretakers, although society does have an obligation in all such situations, to try and determine whether or not abuse has occurred, and whether other children living under the care of the Primary Caretakers that the child is asking to be separated from, might be enduring abuse.

In cases where a child repeatedly demands to be removed from every custodial environment where he is placed, on a regular, frequent basis, such as 15+ times or every few months, with absolutely no indication that the child is being actively abused or mistreated, society would recognize that this type of a child has special needs that are not being met, and the child would be placed in a specially designed and structured Child Nurturing Facility that is staffed by the very best trained experts in all facets of child welfare, so that all of the nurturing and developmental needs of these ultra-sensitive and fragile children who cannot seem to cope with life in even a totally non-abusive environment, would be met.

All medical and health decisions to be made by qualified child advocates: In any sane society, parents and Primary Caretakers would have absolutely no say as to the specific types of significant medical/health treatment and care that children who are sick or face potential illness, receive. At most, Primary Caretakers might be allowed to choose a properly licensed and accredited physician to serve as a first-line medical caregiver to their custodial children. All decisions as to how all children are to be treated medically, from circumcision to vaccinations to hospitalization to blood transfusions to surgery to artificial life support, etc..., must be made exclusively by medical doctors and must conform to the best available concrete medical guidelines that exist, to extend, preserve, and enhance the quantity and quality of every child's life.

No parent or caretaker should have any power to influence or dictate any aspect of the type of medical care and treatment that their custodial children receive. In particular, all "religious" beliefs or "personal lifestyle" traditions that can negatively impact upon the health or welfare of a child, must be declared null, void, and completely invalid. This includes circumcision, denial of blood transfusions, withholding of physician care to a child. All three of these perversions are quite common and widespread, within your ultra-diseased, insane god myth structured societies. Even though adults would be free to ignore proper medical care/treatment, or choose "experimental" and ill-advised medical treatments for themselves, society would recognize that no adult has the right to impose their deranged medical prejudices and perversions upon helpless children. Therefore, a very strict, uniform set of treatment standards would be devised by panels of the best pediatric physicians within each society, and the care/treatment that every child receives would be dictated by this unbiased, concrete set of written standards, so that no Primary Caretaker or other adult who may have a personal interest/bias, would have the ability to exert any sort of influence upon medical issues such as whether or not a child is circumcised, receives vaccinations, receives blood transfusions, undergoes surgery, is placed on life support, etc...

The notion that a biased Primary Caretaker, who has no medical license specializing in pediatric welfare, should have any sort of say in determining what types of medical care/treatment a child who is helpless and dependent upon the wisdom and benevolence of adults receives, and whether or not they receive medical treatment at all, is utterly perverse. Only by enacting a strict, uniform set of concrete medical care/treatment standards to apply to every child within the society, can the well-being and health of children be properly protected and assured. All of these standards should have the same primary tenet, which would be the preservation of life, protection of health, and restoration of health, to the greatest and longest degree possible, for each and every child. No other consideration, such as the convenience of other adults, financial cost, religious belief, lifestyle that involves a rejection of "traditional" medicine, etc..., should be allowed to carry any weight or influence in terms of how any child is treated medically. Any Primary Caretaker who fails to bring a child to a properly licensed physician for regular check-ups and examinations, be it twice a year or once a year, as determined by medical standards, and any Primary Caretaker who tries to interfere with or prevent the dispensation of any standardized medical care or treatment to a child, would be decreed guilty of endangering the welfare of the child in question, and immediately lose all custodial rights to the child.

Protection from Insane God Myths and other malevolent brainwashing: I will be dissecting the entire issue of the Insane God Myth in extreme detail on another page elsewhere at this website, so my comments here will be very brief. However, within any sane societal structure, it would be imperative that the tender, vulnerable, developing minds of all children be protected from overtly toxic mythology such as the notion of the existence of an omnipotent, immortal, judgmental "god" creature. The god myth is the single most toxic, destructive intellectual idea that exists within human society. It destroys the minds of both children and adults. It literally drives billions of people insane. And it is malevolently imposed upon the helpless, vulnerable minds of children, by most societies. Even though societies may well find it culturally impossible to declare god worship among adult citizens "illegal", every society has a sacred obligation to protect all children who live within it's borders, from being coerced, terrorized, brainwashed, bribed, or enticed into embracing this insane myth.

A child's mind is simply too open, trusting, and vulnerable, to allow deranged adults to impose their insane beliefs upon the child. In a very real sense, the god myth is a plague, a virus if you will, the intellectual equivalent of AIDS, tuberculosis, and the Bubonic Plague put together, the only difference being that the mind, intellect, and sanity is affected, instead of the body. This plague is intellectually/emotionally carried and transferred from person to person, via malevolent brainwashing that has become a core and integral foundation of the structure of the most diseased of societies. Most perversely of all, people infected with this mental plague are taught and told by society to seek out and try to infect as many other people as they possible can. To "spread the word of god", to try to trick, terrorize, coerce as many people as they can, via "preaching", ministering, etc..., into becoming infected themselves.

The issue of whether or not society can or should outlaw this malevolent plague transmission from adult to adult will be discussed elsewhere at this website, but right now I want to make it perfectly clear that any sane society must ban and criminalize all attempts to infect children with this toxic myth. Children have open, pure, vulnerable minds. They are born with an instinctual desire for and interest in finding Truth. For any society to even allow, much less sponsor, the deliberate, coercive, systematic insertion and imposition of a ridiculous and overtly toxic myth into the minds of children, constitutes nothing less than intellectual and emotional genocide. No adult, be it a Primary Caretaker or anyone else who has access to a child, should be allowed to "preach" the god myth, in any of the limitless shades of fabrication that it comes in, to any child. Any attempt by an adult to convince a child that an invisible, omnipotent "god" creature exists, must be considered an act of violence and abuse, an unacceptable attack/assault upon the mind and intellect of the child. No Primary Caretaker who attempts to commit this type of assault, should be allowed to retain custody of a child. And any "fervent" god myth addict who repeatedly tries to preach the god myth to children he/she does not have custody of, should be considered a criminal child abuser, to the same degree that a person who sexually assaults children is considered an abuser. Rape of a child's mind is just as destructive, and can often be far more destructive in terms of lifelong consequences, than rape of a child's body is destructive.

If an adult believes in the god myth and yet is reasonable enough to recognize that they have absolutely no right to impose their belief upon any child, it may well be possible for them to pass the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. However, most god-myth believers would not fit into this category. Their psychological addiction is such that they feel compelled to infect other people, as a way to make their insane belief seem more legitimate and valid within their own minds. Children are literally a "perfect" victim/Poison Container for this form of toxic transfer of intellectual disease/plague. Infecting a child, that the adult perceives to be "pure", with this toxic myth, makes the adult feel "cleansed" and purified. Such is the perversity of you humans, and your insane familial/Poison Container/Insane God Myth doctrines.

Federal law would dictate that all public "houses of worship", if in fact they would remain legal in a sane society, would have an age restriction of at least 21. No human being under age 21 would be allowed to enter a "house of worship". By implementing these rules as law, society would at least be trying to protect all children from being infected with the insane god myth, during the most vulnerable period of their lives, when their minds are still immature, undeveloped, and at greatest risk. Even so, due to the genetic inferiority of humans, quite a few adults over age 21, even if they have been protected from all overt god myth brainwashing/preaching during their childhoods, would still be drawn to and sucked in by, the comforting and yet totally invalid and destructive god myth. But at least every child will be given the chance to develop some degree of intellectual maturity and reasoning ability, prior to having this toxic myth thrust upon their consciousness, thus increasing the chances that they will be able to resist and reject this insane myth when they are finally exposed to it, at age 21+.

Complete eradication, followed by proper rebuilding of the societal Child Protective System: Even as every one of your societies genocidally choose to sponsor the mass torture of children, you insist upon maintaining a false, public face delusion that you love and care about and "want to do what is best" for your children. One of the easiest methods that you use to give this two-faced, invalid claim legitimacy, at least within your own truth-hating minds, is via a nationwide system that you creatures claim is designed to protect, save, and rescue children from harm. Every society gives this system a slightly different name, in america it is called CPS, Child Protective Services, but regardless of what they call it, each society uses this system for the same overtly malevolent purpose, which has literally nothing to do with saving or protecting children.

The CPS system is in fact designed to do the exact opposite of protecting/saving children from abuse/harm. It is designed to legitimize Sacred Family Unit mythology and the societal doctrine that all children are slaves and belong, as property, to their biological creators and other legal owners. All Child Protective Service workers are acting as empowered agents/employees of their society. The job that society orders them to perform is not to protect children, not to rescue children, not to uncover abuse. What they are ordered to do by their employer is to keep children enslaved and toxically enmeshed to their legal owners, at all costs and in all situations. The safety, welfare, well-being of any child is officially decreed to be of absolutely no importance or interest to the CPS system or to any employees of CPS, whose job it is to follow and promote Sacred Family Unit mythology. When I say "officially decreed" I am of course not referring to any publicly open admission of this Truth. It is a Forbidden Truth, one of thousands of different Forbidden Truths that you diseased creatures live your lives desperately rejecting, ignoring, and hiding from.

Under the insane and overtly malevolent current Child Protective Services system, you will not even find a physical address listed in the phone directories of most countries/counties/cities, for where the CPS offices are located. Even if by some miracle a tortured child found the courage and initiative to somehow find out the location of and walk into a CPS office, begging for help, CPS would not help the child. CPS would not rescue the child. At most, if the child had visible, significant physical injury that they displayed to CPS, CPS workers would call in the police, passing the buck over to another malevolent societal agency. In most cases all that CPS would do is "open an investigation", they would not even assume custody of the child, even as the child begs them to be rescued. This is because the CPS systems, from their very foundational cores, have absolutely no mandate or mission to protect/save children. Their mandate is to promote Sacred Family Unit mythology, under the false pretense of acting as a "buffer zone" that can shield children from abuse. In this way, you evil, truth-hating creatures can pretend that you care about the safety and welfare of children. "I thought this child might be suffering abuse and so I reported it to CPS". You creatures feel such personal pride and a sense of moral superiority within yourselves, upon performing such an act, totally refusing to admit or recognize that the agency that you are asking to "investigate" the situation, is in fact a direct part of, completely under the control of, and obligated to follow the doctrine of your society. Your genocidally evil, mass child torture promoting/legitimizing, Sacred Family Unit addicted, society.

In any sane societal structure, the current governmental Child Protective Agency system would be torn down in it's entirety, then rebuilt in a proper manner, with no Sacred Family Unit mythology involved. There would be small Child Protective Services offices located within 1000 feet of every school in the nation, and within a half mile of every populated area. Federal law would dictate that inside every school, apartment building, housing complex, shopping mall, arcade, and all other places where children are known to live or to congregate, large signs must be posted listing the exact address of the nearest CPS office, providing specific directions on how to get to the CPS office, and clearly explaining, in language and in pictures that children of all ages can understand, that this facility has been designed for them, for the purpose of them seeking and receiving protection, shelter, aid, from any traumatic situation that they may be enduring. Every child would know, in a sane society, that if they walked into a CPS office and asked for help, they would receive and immediately be given, without any question or interrogation, a safe, secure, protected environment. If they expressed any desire to not have their legal custodians contacted, or any desire to not have to talk to or see any specific adult, this request would be honored without question. The "relationship" status that the adult might have to the child, such as being the child's biological creator/legal owner, would carry absolutely no weight.

Enacting of extremely strict Homeschooling standards, or ban on Homeschooling: Just in recent decades, in many societies, a new and insidious form of child-slave brutalization, legitimized by societal leaders and specifically designed to provide legal owners of children with even more limitless power and control over every aspect of the lives of their child-slaves, has emerged. It is "home-schooling". Under this overtly malevolent policy, without ever accepting blame or responsibility, society tacitly admits to some slaveowners that it cannot provide a proper education to their children, but instead of fixing the problem, it offers the slaveowners a totally ridiculous solution, inviting them to keep their children out of the school system and instead to "teach them at home". In most societies, there are absolutely no legitimate standards of intellectual knowledge, much less teaching ability, that the parents who wish to homeschool their children must meet, and there is no regular or properly close oversight by society, to monitor the educational progression and development of homeschooled children.

Very simply, this new form of legitimized child enslavement and deprivation has been developed by societies, to continue to satisfy the ever-growing obsession that biological creators have, with controlling and dictating each and every aspect of the lives of their child-slaves, on a 24 hour a day, 365 days per year basis. In it's current structure and design, homeschooling serves as an open invitation to the most abusive, mentally ill, malevolent, paranoid, power-mad, control freak biological creators/legal owners, encouraging and enticing them to go ahead and homeschool their children, thus depriving their children of one of the best opportunities they have to escape from the toxic clutches of their abusive slaveowners, and establish positive, nurturing relationships with fellow children, and possibly teachers and other school staff.

The fact of the matter is that in requiring children to go outside their homes and receive an education within an "independent" environment that is not familially linked to the home environment, the end result is that no slaveowner(s) are legally empowered/able to keep their school age children locked up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, within the home, an environment that can be limitlessly horrific in it's abusiveness. But now, with the notion of homeschooling having been legitimized, even this tiny opportunity that children used to have, of being able to escape from their toxic home environments for 6-8 hours on weekdays during 9-10 months of the year, has been declared null and void by your limitlessly perverse society. Notwithstanding the utterly perverse design of the public and private educational systems, they still provide children with a chance to seek out comfort from and positive contact with other human beings outside of the familial prison. If the child is being abused, the child has a chance to talk to other children, to listen to and perhaps confide in adults that they come to know, within the school that they attend. If the child is being brainwashed with utterly ridiculous/malevolent teachings by their parents and other familial unit members, the child has a chance to hear a different set of teachings from their school environment, their minds are given the opportunity, limited as it is, to expand beyond the narrow scope of what their slaveowners seek to impose upon them. Homeschooling completely destroys all of these opportunities.

Not every Child Custodian who wants to homeschool their children is overtly malevolent. It is absolutely true that under current societal decree, both public and private schools are nothing more than hellish warehouses designed to terroristically break all children of their natural instincts and thirst for Truth, and to brainwash all children into embracing and accepting the very specific belief system and cultural agenda that societal leaders seek to promote and impose upon all children. Some Child Custodians may recognize this fact, and be superior enough to want to protect their children from this toxic school environment by providing them with a healthier, more rational and unbiased education. The tough question at hand is, can such Superior Child Custodians be allowed to homeschool children, without also allowing the far greater number of parents who want to homeschool for overtly malevolent/mentally deranged purposes? In a properly structured society, one that employed Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, Mandatory Child Assessment Centers, etc..., the answer would be yes. In such a society, extremely strict qualification standards would be combined with very close, ongoing oversight by educational/child welfare experts, in such a way that only qualified Child Custodians with a benevolent agenda, would be allowed to homeschool children. But since there is no such sane social structure currently in place, the answer has to be no. Even though some children are to be denied a Superior education, homeschooling cannot be tolerated under the current, ultra-diseased social structure.

For every one child whose Custodians are truly superior and competent and want to homeschool him today, there will be 300-500 children whose Custodians are completely inferior, mentally ill/malevolent, and very specifically wish to homeschool their child because they know, consciously or subconsciously, that homeschooling offers them the best opportunity to inflict a maximum degree of terroristic domination/control over every aspect of the child's life, while minimizing any chance of their abuse being uncovered, or of their child seeking help and revealing their distress to "outsiders". Even though going to school only provides a tiny opportunity for these 300-500 children to obtain some relief from their familial torment and possibly establish a genuinely nurturing relationship outside of the familial unit, this positive opportunity for 300-500 children has to outweigh the also positive opportunity of 1 child, lucky enough to have superior Custodians, to receive a superior homeschooling education.

Again, I am not vehemently opposed to homeschooling as a concept, if it were to exist within the context of a proper, sane, societal structure. But currently, no such societal structure exists, and the reality is that homeschooling is being promoted by society for the specific use of the most unqualified, malevolent, and mentally ill of parents, who are of course joyfully seizing upon this latest and newest way to impose their malevolent wills upon their child-slaves.

Complete redesign of the educational system: As I have just stated above, the entire educational system that societies have in place, and this includes both public and "private" schools, is comprised of hellish brainwashing factory/warehouses, whose mandate is to destroy the internal and Truth-Based natures of children, to mold and shape their vulnerable minds into embracing the toxic agenda of their society and accepting the same set of core life philosophies that the previous generation of child-slaves, now their parents, were terrorized into accepting/embracing. Schools are designed to prepare all children for a lifetime of working as a slave, blindly obeying other people. Every child is told and taught that they are worthless as individuals, that their value lies in how other people see them, in whether they meet the "expectations" of other people. "You cannot judge your own self-worth, slave. Other, better people will judge you, at every turn in your life. Your mission and purpose in life is to appease others. The Truths of life are what we tell you is true." This is the utterly evil, fascist mandate under which every "organized" school operates, save for a tiny handful of marginalized private schools that promote progressive, free thought among students.

Within the school system, teachers are "bosses", students are "employees". The principal and other 2-3 top officials of the school are the judges/president. The design of this system is carefully structured to get every child to blindly accept the lowest position within the system, that of slave. The child is told that he must blindly obey, follow, and accept all of the "teachings", in reality "orders", that the teachers, principal, and all other adults at the school choose to impose upon him. In exactly this same fashion, all adult employees are obligated to blindly obey the orders of their bosses, all military enlistees are blindly obligated to mass murder other humans upon being given an "order", all citizen-slaves are told that they must accept all sorts of insane societal doctrine throughout their entire lives. Therefore, the school system is in fact nothing more than a "training ground", designed to break all children of their Superior natural instincts/ideals, and set them upon this treadmill of brutal, lifelong self-devaluation, truth-rejection, and acceptance of brutal enslavement.

In capitalistic societies, the school system is used to malevolently shape the mindsets of children in a specifically capitalistic manner. In societies where Insane God Worship mythology is deemed to be very important, the school system is used to terrorize children into embracing this insane myth. In communist societies, which in fact are somewhat less overtly malevolent than capitalistic societies are, an issue I will explore more fully in a later essay at this website, the virtues of communism are brutally implanted upon the minds of all children, within the school system. What I am trying to say above, is that every society uses it's educational system in the very same overtly malevolent, coercive/brainwashing manner, even when the "details" of exactly what type of doctrine each society is seeking to impose upon it's children, seem to be different. In reality, these differences are extremely minor and essentially meaningless, despite the perversely transparent efforts of your leaders to convince you of how "lucky" you are to live within the society that you do.

The one doctrine that all societal educational systems are determined to terrorize all children into blindly embracing, is of course "patriotism". Societal leaders know that nothing is more important than convincing their child-slaves that they are "lucky" to live within the society they do, and must always feel grateful and obligated to support and defend their society, even as their society compels them to live out their lives in brutal enslavement, literally being subjected to a hundred or more overt injustices each and every day of their lives.

What types of Reforms would be required to establish a degree of sanity within the educational system? The list is literally endless, and probably best left for a separate essay. But just very briefly, let me say that the entire hierarchical structure of the school system would be eliminated. Teachers would no longer be "bosses". Children would not be told that it is their obligation to obey and accept any "lesson" that they are taught, as being necessarily true, valid, or important. Children would in fact teach the "teachers", about things like open-mindedness, freedom of thought, creativity, the simple pleasures of life. The educational system would consist of a constant sharing of ideas, every "textbook" fact would be open to debate, challenge, and rejection, by any child. I feel that the most courageous pioneer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th and 21st Centuries, Charles Manson, said it best, in one short sentence on November 19, 1970, as you evil hypocrites were demonizing him for daring to express Truth. He said: "You should all turn around and face your children and start following and listening to them."---------Charles Manson. End Quote. Beautifully stated revelation of Forbidden Truth by Charles, and this would be probably the #1 Reform of the educational system. The children would in fact teach the "teachers", to at least an equal degree as the teachers would teach the children.

In a sane society, the educational system would not even promote, much less malevolently impose any type of lifestyle or ideology to children. It amazes me that you creatures in america are proud to have your child-slaves be ordered to make a "pledge of allegiance" each and every morning, by your educational system, and yet in the same breath you express how happy and grateful you are to live in a "free and democratic" society. The pledge of allegiance is truly breathtaking in it's fascism and insane mandate. Literally every single word of this "pledge" is either fascist, represents insane belief, or is a lie of the highest order, from "god", to "liberty", to "justice", to the blind, terroristically coerced vow to defend a flag and a nation that the child just happens to be living within, by no choice of his own. I cannot imagine that any other society on planet earth has a "nationalistic pledge" that is as overtly fascist in nature as the american "pledge of allegiance." It goes without saying that any sane educational reform would involve the complete elimination of coerced fascism/brainwashing from the school system, such as the recitation of a nationalistic "pledge of allegiance".

Teachers would admit to and outline all of the perverse injustices that the society the child is growing up within, have committed in the past, as part of the educational process. Forbidden Truth such as the facts of the genocidal, unprovoked invasion of a sovereign land that resulted in the creation of america, and the genocidal enslavement by america of african human beings based upon the color of their skin, certainly two of the most overtly perverse and malevolent societal actions to have occurred on planet earth within the past 1000 years, would be taught to all children, with no sugarcoating or nationalistic propaganda.

Just in recent years, due to the actions of a few courageous children who have found the internal strength to direct their justified rage and hate outward rather than inward, in committing violent rampages inside of schools, a tiny bit of light has been shined, by a few astute seekers of Truth, upon how brutally malevolent the school system is. A bunch of children, virtually all being victimized and abused within their familial system, are thrown together. Most of the children hate themselves, see themselves as being worthless, just as society has taught them to feel. A few of the children recognize that they are victims, that brutal injustice has been committed upon them. Society knows that some children will come to this realization, and overtly encourages and steers them towards targeting other children as cathartic Poison Container recipients of their suppressed rage and hate. These children use the school system to brutalize and "bully" other children, who are themselves the victims of severe familial abuse in most cases. Society overtly encourages this mass child-on-child torture, as a way of keeping the "bullies" from targeting more societally valued, adult human beings as victims. Tortured children are taught, trained, and told by society to torture other tortured children, who are weaker than they are, as a way of cathartically coping, via transfer of torment, with the reality of their own torture. This is the depth of perversity that your societies operate under.

Only in the rare cases when the child who is being tortured by other children, on top of being tortured by their legal slaveowners, somehow finds the courage to allow their immense, justified rage to explode in a rampage of violence that is so high-profile that the media cannot ignore it, does society pretend to be interested in trying to figure out "what went wrong". Amazingly, not only do you creatures refuse to admit to any Truth, but you have the audacity to demonize the greatest child-victims of all, the tortured children that you blindly enslave to their abusive creators, malevolently impose your diseased cultural agenda upon, sponsor the relentless, ongoing brutalization of, not only within their Sacred Family Unit, but within the school system as well. Naturally any sort of legitimate educational system reform would result in the termination of societally encouraged and supported child-on-child terrorization. But in order to stop children from torturing other children, you would need to stop children from getting tortured in the first place, and this would involve enacting the Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and Mandatory yearly live-in Child Assessment Center proposals that I have outlined above.

Complete reformation of current Child Labor laws: Child labor is yet another intriguing issue that I may well devote an entire essay to, later at this website. It fascinates me how the so-called "first world", most highly technologically advanced societies, manage to get away with convincing their citizen-slaves that they are so wonderfully benevolent in so many different ways, by comparing themselves to "third world", so-called primitive societies, when in reality the first world societies are in fact almost always at least as brutally fascist and genocidally abusive, oftentimes far more so. In adopting an invalid pretense of being "morally superior", the first world societies in reality prove, to any courageous seeker of Truth, that they are morally inferior to the primitive, third world societies. But of course these societies do not care about the fact that perhaps one citizen out of every 500,000, such as myself, will be able to see through their shamefully transparent charade. All that matters to your societies is that you, the 499,999 of you who are blind and broken and terrified of Truth, fall for the never-ending propaganda feed, and like the sheeple you are, you never fail to live up to the lowest level expectations of your malevolent societal molders and creators.

Every so often your "civilized" societies will send their media agents out to a third world country, to "expose" some sort of child labor sweatshop, and hype up the fact that the children are working 12+ hours each day, getting paid the american equivalent of 50 cents a day, etc... You creatures then watch this expose on TV, hear about it on the radio, read about it in a newspaper/magazine, and your hearts swell with pride. "Look at me, I am so good. I love children. My society loves children. I am so proud to be a civilized, moral person and to live as a loyal member of the most civilized, moral society on planet earth. Look at those nasty foreign devils, making their children work at jobs, they must be devils, lets bomb them. Oh, and by the way, Junior, you'd better take out the trash, mow the lawn, get an A on your next test, make the school basketball team, or I'll whip you till you cry and emotionally terrorize you, you lucky child, you are so lucky..." This is the utterly insane attitude that you creatures embrace, two-faced hypocrisy that is so blatant in nature as to boggle my mind.

The Truth is that all societies choose to legitimize the brutal economic/labor exploitation of their child-slaves. The child labor laws that exist in a country like america are a joke. Parents and all adults within a family are empowered by society to terroristically coerce all children of all ages within the family, to perform whatever type of work the adults want done, and that is simply labeled as "chores", instead of employment. Children are overtly encouraged and coerced to seek outside employment, by the age of 12-14. Perversely, the job of "babysitter", which involves assuming the role of Primary Caretaker for a child, is decreed to be particularly suited for underage, minor children to assume. Beautiful demonstration of the utter contempt, at every imaginable level, that your societies have for the safety and welfare of all children. My Mandatory Parental Competency test would apply to all babysitters, which means that not only would every babysitter have to be over 21 years of age, but they will be required to have passed the exact same Competency Test as custodial parents will have had to pass.

The reality is that a huge majority of all children in "civilized" countries are coerced, terrorized, bribed, into working as laborers, with absolutely no safety standards or minimum wages, thus leaving them open to much greater exploitation than any adult who is "legally" employed. Every day in america, thousands of police officers and other empowered agents of society drive by fields and factories where dirt poor drifters and migrants, only some of whom are illegal aliens, force their child-slaves to work at their sides, and these children often receive not a single penny in "salary", unlike many of the children who are being economically exploited in third world countries. In america, the "benevolent" slaveowners often keep every penny of money that their child-laborers earn, and yet because the child is working under the order and auspices of their legal owner, society refuses to step in and rescue the children, or even threaten prosecution upon the parents. After all, the child is merely a subhuman piece of owned property, whose very existence has no value or meaning, beyond that of serving as a slave to his/her biological creators/legal owners.

One of the most fascinating examples of economic child labor exploitation involves child "performers", specifically child actors, but also child singers, dancers, and the like. Being an actor is one of the most emotionally and psychologically challenging jobs that any adult human being can have. It involves a person being obligated to assume a persona that is not natural to them, with a huge amount of money at stake and immense pressure upon the actor to turn in a good "performance." Children are immature. They have undeveloped personalities. Their most basic, core emotional and personality traits are literally evolving, changing, and developing on a daily basis. And yet for some unfathomable reason, your deranged societies have decided that the child labor laws should be declared null, void, and invalid when it comes to child actors and other "performers", even though this job is absolutely one of the most stressful, difficult, pressure-filled, and emotionally destructive to any human being, most especially a child, who has not even had the time to develop their own "true reality", and yet is being ordered to project "false realities", by acting.

Oh wait, it's really not that unfathomable after all. Just another beautiful illustration of the immense selfishness and overt malevolence that permeates every aspect of your genocidal societal policies towards children. "Children exist to serve us, to amuse us, to make us wealthy, to divert us from the horrific, unbearable realities of life. They are our subhuman, worthless, and yet useful Poison Containers." This worldwide cultural mandate is reflected in every single one of the dozens of Forbidden Truths that I have outlined on this webpage. There is no limit to your two-faced hypocrisy, none at all. There doesn't need to be any limit, since the very notions of Truth and rationality are completely foreign to you. You can enact a child labor law that prohibits a sweater company from hiring a 12 year old boy, but only if the company owner is not the boy's Sacred Daddy or Mommy. At the same time, you are proud to take that same 12 year old child, as well as an 8 year old, 5, year old, even 2 year old, and order him to work as an actor, compel him to create and act out a totally false reality within his own mind, tell him that millions of dollars and the careers & futures of hundreds if not thousands of people lie in his turning in a good "performance".

And why do you do it? Because you want to be entertained. You want to go watch some movie or sitcom, so that for 30-160 minutes of your life you can be distracted from the horrific realities of your own lives. You look at the screen and you laugh at the child, "Boy, that was so cute. Wow, listen to that line, how precocious." You sit there and you celebrate the brutally abusive child labor that has been created on your behalf, while at the same time you embrace the notion of moral superiority because your society has certain child labor laws in place, and tells you that other children in third world countries are "suffering" due to the fact that their "inferior" societies do not have child labor laws. It simply amazes me, how any of you can sustain, in your own minds, the delusional house of cards upon which you have built your skyscraper of insane rationalizations and hypocritical myths.

Under a sane societal structure, there would be legitimate child labor laws, applied in a uniform, rational manner. The economic exploitation of a child by his/her legal custodians, would be deemed more unacceptable than the economic exploitation of a child by "strangers". Babysitting, acting and all for-profit "performing" would be recognized as being jobs that are far more dangerous and unsuitable for any child to hold, than working in a factory or on a farm. No adult would be allowed to profit monetarily from the activities of any child.

Societal sponsorship and genuine encouragement of Safe Abandonment and Voluntary Sterilization: In a sane society that implemented my Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and Yearly Child Assessment Center proposals, Safe Abandonment and Voluntary Sterilization would only be necessary/helpful to a limited degree. However, since there is no chance that these two brilliant testing/assessment proposals will be implemented by any society, Safe Abandonment and Voluntary Sterilization are an extremely important and useful step in the right direction. Let us begin with Safe Abandonment. Just in recent years, a few societies, such as america, have begun to pretend to offer biological creators who do not want to possess their child-slaves anymore, the opportunity to "safely" abandon their child, with no risk of criminal prosecution. The reality is, this extremely limited, unpromoted societal offer is a complete sham. Adult human beings are not aware of this new localized law, in the few places where it has been enacted, and even if they are intellectually aware of the new law, they do not consider it to be a viable option, because society continues to impose brutal moral condemnation upon any biological creator who dares to try and "decline" their role of Sacred Mommy or Daddy, to their biological creation(s).

An excellent analogy can be made to public cross-dressing. Legally, in america, men are allowed to cross-dress in public. Men are allowed to go to their jobs, to go to the supermarket, etc.., wearing women's clothing, such as high heeled shoes. Except under very specific circumstances, no male cross-dresser can be arrested, fined, or otherwise punitively punished by law, for walking around in public places, in their everyday lives, dressed in high heeled shoes and other women's clothing. Studies show that at least 3% of all men do in fact enjoy wearing women's clothing, and many of them do wear such clothing in the privacy of their own homes. And yet despite there being this relatively huge population of cross-dressers, barely 1 out of every million men, at most, chooses to go to work, to go shopping, and to go out and perform general public activities, while wearing women's clothing. Remember, it is perfectly legal. What we learn from this Truth, is how utterly useless societal claims regarding the legality of activity is, if these claims are counteracted with perverse moral and cultural condemnation. This is the reality behind the issue of cross-dressing, and it applies in exactly the same way, towards the issue of "legal" Child Abandonment.

Society teaches and trains all biological creators that the children they create are better off dead, than to fall out of their parental clutches. Society teaches biological creators that their children have no reason to exist, other than to be possessed and used by their biological creators. Society tells all creators that if they should make the "legal choice" to not accept and assume their "parental rights/obligations", they would be committing a moral offense of the highest order, which offends and insults the very "fabric of humanity". Given these facts, the recently enacted legalization of child abandonment that some localized laws offer, provides nothing more than an illusory sham, and percentagewise, even fewer biological creators who want to get rid of their children will take advantage of this law, than will cross-dressers who would enjoy wearing women's clothing in their everyday, public lives.

There are hundreds of thousands of "parents" in america alone, who would love to get rid of their children, to be freed of the unpleasant, stressful burden that they feel, in serving as Primary Caretakers to children, in the vast majority of cases, children that they have biologically created. They do not want to kill their children, they simply want to be able to detach themselves, completely and permanently, from having any "obligation" to their biological creations. What they need, what they are silently, desperately crying out for, is for society to legitimize, not in some tiny, obscure legal sense on a local level, but on a grandly overt moral, cultural, and federal law policy level, their right to reject all of their parental "obligations". They need society to overtly encourage, promote, praise, and honor, on all legal, cultural, and moral levels, the Safe Abandonment of all undesired children to the State.

If society truly offered this opportunity to all parents, hundreds of thousands of children would be saved from abuse. torture, murder, each and every year. A great many biological creators would find the moral decency to make this benevolent choice, of simply giving away their unwanted children to the State, instead of keeping them and abusing/killing them, if they knew that their society would honor, praise, reward them for this act of moral selflessness and generosity. But no, you diseased creatures will never allow your societies to offer this moral opportunity, that would literally save 500,000+ children every single year. You are too desperate to remain enmeshed in your toxic Sacred Family Unit mythology, and your societal leaders are equally desperate to continue to compel every biological creator to become a slaveowner and use children as Poison Containers. Every year thousands of women give birth, who want only one thing, to sever forever any link between themselves and their newborn child. This is Truth. But you creatures cannot accept this Truth, because it violates your invalid notion regarding the existence of a "Mystical Maternal Bond". And because of your selfishness, your hatred/rejection of Truth, each and every year in america alone, thousands of these new mothers will literally throw their newborn children into outdoor garbage cans, dump them headfirst into toilets, throw them down upon the outer steps of churches, place them in front of the wheel of a parked car at the curb, etc..., not because they have any homicidal intent towards the newborn, but simply because of you creatures, because of your insane decision, as members of society, to refuse to provide biological creators and other child custodians with a morally, culturally, and legally honorable way to safely get rid of their undesired children. In a sane society, instead of Public Service Announcements on TV & radio urging women who are pregnant or have children to seek "counseling to help you deal with the stress of being a mother", PSA's would instruct women to simply turn their children over to the State. They would be told that this action would not simply be "legal", it would be morally courageous and admirable, in every way. Absolutely no negative connotations or stigmas of any kind, moral, cultural, or religious, would be applied to this societally encouraged act of Safe Child Abandonment. It would be recognized as a wonderfully courageous, completely benign action, which produces the most desirable result for all parties involved. The biological creator is freed from her/his undesired burden, the child is saved from the abuse/torture/murder that the unhappy parent would almost certainly have ended up inflicting upon the child. Society assumes custodial responsibility for raising the child in a proper, safe environment, and if it meets this obligation, the child will grow up emotionally healthy, able to cope with life as a "productive" citizen. It is a complete "win-win-win" situation all the way around. But you creatures will never allow it. You are too diseased and broken, all the way down to your very core souls.

Every hospital, fire station, police office, doctor's office, and school would serve as a "safe abandonment" site. All parents would be encouraged to bring any child they are the legal custodian of, that they no longer wish to continue to serve as Primary Custodian to, to whichever abandonment site is closest to them, or that they feel most comfortable dealing with. The age of the child would not be a consideration, and even if the child showed signs of abuse or harm, there would not be a "law enforcement" aspect to the Safe Abandonment structure. The most important aspect would be to convince the parents to safely, voluntarily turn over possession of their child(ren) to the State, by reassuring every parent that they would face absolutely no legal jeopardy of any kind, even if the child they bring in for Safe Abandonment has in fact been abused/hurt. The main thing would be to entice and encourage the parent to make the abandonment, so that the child would be saved and no longer in any continuing, ongoing danger.

No Child Custodian who chose to undertake this Safe Abandonment would be asked to explain why they no longer wish to serve as a parent. They would not be asked to identify themselves in any way. They would be asked in a kind and deferential manner to please provide the name of the child, as well as any significant medical information on any diseases, vaccinations, etc..., that the child may have had. But if there is any hesitation in supplying this information, the parent would be immediately told that they are under no obligation to provide any information of any kind. At all times, the parent would be free to leave. The police would never be called in to serve in any "enforcement" capacity, even if the parent overtly told someone at the Safe Abandonment facility, that they had abused the child. As long as they are there at the facility, willing and ready to turn the child over to the State, they would be protected from all legal prosecution. This would be the best way to encourage the greatest number of parents to do the right thing, to put an end to the generational cycle of abuse that they themselves are victims of.

What about literally paying money to every parent who chooses to turn their child over to the state via this Safe Abandonment system, via a reward of - per child? Would this "offend your sensibilities?" Perversely, I'm afraid it would indeed strike you insanely hypocritical creatures as being "inappropriate", despite the fact that the vast majority of you reading this live as loyal members of malevolently capitalistic societies. Any sane thinker would find absolutely nothing wrong with the idea of paying a cash reward for each rescued child. Offering cash money would be an excellent way to entice nakedly greedy, completely unqualified biological creators, into doing the right thing. The "reasons" why they would choose to make use of this Child Abandonment system, should be totally irrelevant. What difference does it make whether the Custodian is motivated by monetary greed? The only legitimate concern that society should have, would be to rescue and save as many children as possible from the clutches of their toxic creators and other legal owners, and offering a cash reward to each parent, would be a wonderful way to appeal to those parents who would not be swayed by the moral/cultural promotions, and would want to personally gain something of concrete value, such as money, for "doing the right thing". Of course as I have said above, if Mandatory Parental Competency testing and Mandatory live-in Child Assessment Center systems of child protection were in place, there would be a much lesser need for an extremely vigorous Safe Child Abandonment system. Still, it would be a very appropriate part of any child protection system, in any sane society.

This brings us to the issue of voluntarily sterilization of both adult women and men. It may surprise some of you who have read all of my above proposals and insights, but I do not support the notion of society being allowed to forcibly sterilize any human being against their will. This would qualify as an invasive procedure that violates the personal autonomy and human right to not be subjected to undesired manipulation of one's body, that all human beings should enjoy, in a sanely structured society. Even if a woman has a history of torturing/killing her biological creations, no court or other legal authority should have the power to order that the woman be sterilized against her will. What I do support very strongly would be the mass societal encouragement and advocacy of voluntary sterilization, to both women and men who either do not desire to be parents, fear they might abuse children if given the chance, or who have in fact abused/killed children in the past. Only adults would be allowed to seek voluntary sterilization, and all such adults would have to undergo a series of very comprehensive mental examination/competency tests. The definition of "adult" would be a person over the age of 21, but because the vast majority of humans do not even come close to achieving genuine mental maturity prior to age 30-32, any adult seeking voluntary sterilization who is between the ages of 21 and 33 would have to undergo an even more intense and lengthy set of mental competency/maturity tests, than an older person would face.

Having said all of the above, I do feel, and True Reality logic clearly dictates, that a child who has not yet been "created" cannot be "harmed" in any way, and therefore unlike abortion, which absolutely involves the brutal murder of children, sterilization is in fact a "victimless" act, and therefore should be highly encouraged and promoted by societies, to their citizens. Many people seem to feel that the term sterilization applies only, or at least primarily, to women. I'm no medical doctor, but to the best of my knowledge men can be sterilized in such as way as to not be able to biologically create children, just as easily and effectively as women can be sterilized. The societal promotion of sterilization should not be gender-biased in any way. Men should receive just as much encouragement/enticement to agree to be sterilized, as women.

Similar to the Safe Abandonment encouragement methods outlined above, society should put the option of voluntary sterilization forth, into the public consciousness, as being a morally courageous, culturally desirable and admirable choice, that any adult human being should be proud to make, if they feel, for any reason imaginable, that they do not want to have children, feel they cannot properly raise children, etc... Absolutely no type of negative cultural, moral, legal or ethical judgment/bias against the choice of voluntary sterilization, should be allowed to exist within the "popular culture". It should be labeled as what it is, a personally courageous, highly moral and ethical lifestyle choice that is admirable on all levels. In addition, I certainly have no objection to the societal paying of "reward money" to adults, as a reasonable way to entice them to make the personal choice to undergo voluntary sterilization. Most especially in the case of adults who are known to have abused children in the past, the offering of a decent sum of monetary profit may serve to convince some to agree to voluntary sterilization. But in no case should law enforcement or prosecutors use a threat of criminal prosecution or lengthy prison time, to try to terrorize any child abuser into agreeing to be sterilized. This would constitute a totally outrageous attempt by society to get the person to agree to a violation of their own human rights, under terroristically dire threat, completely different from the unthreatening and "generous" offer of modest financial compensation in exchange for voluntary sterilization.

Societal obligation to protect and ensure safety of womb-trapped children: I realize that I have already discussed the issue of abortion to some degree, above, but as you continue to peruse these Texts you will find that I often go back to issues, whenever I have additional insights of Forbidden Truth, that I feel are appropriate to add at a specific point within the Texts. As you may have guessed, this is just such a point. What I want to make crystal clear here, is that the societal obligation to protect children while they are still "trapped" inside of a woman's womb, is just as profound and undeniable as the societal obligation to protect children who are outside of the womb is. The notion that the relative age of the child, or the physical location in which the child is dwelling, should have any bearing upon the relative degree of protection and preservation of health, welfare, and life that the child is entitled to, is bizarre, completely irrational, and invalid. Therefore, society has just as great an obligation to protect children who are dwelling inside of a woman's womb, from abuse, attack, and destruction, as an older child who is outside of the womb.

A pregnant woman should no more be legally entitled to harm the child inside her womb, than to harm an older child that she has already given birth to. The problem is that separating the child from the mother is pretty much impossible during pregnancy, and therefore the societal/State seizure of children for their own safety and protection, as I have outlined above, cannot be performed until after the child has left the womb. And so we are left with the question of whether or not the safety and well-being of the womb-trapped child, can or should supersede the human and legal right of the pregnant woman, to not be subjected to punitive detention or other overtly invasive actions that compromise her freedom and autonomy, for the societal purpose of protecting the child who is trapped inside her womb. The answer to this question is rather complex, and in a sane society, would be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. That having been said, I do feel strongly that in all situations, the "protective bias" should go in favor of the womb-trapped child, most especially since most women are completely capable of avoiding pregnancy if they choose to exercise proper judgment, with the notable exception of course being forcible sexual assault/rape attack by a man.

Even if a woman has been impregnated via a rape attack, she should not be legally empowered to murder the child trapped within her womb, via any malicious/harmful action such as "abortion". There are only three situations in which any woman should be allowed to murder her womb-trapped child. 1: If a panel of highly qualified, expert medical doctors whose specialty is obstetrics agree that there is a "significant" chance that the woman could die as a result of trying to carry the womb-trapped child to term. Percentagewise, I guess the definition of "significant chance" should be quite low, perhaps 3%. If this panel agrees that there is a 3%+ chance of the pregnancy killing the woman, she should be free to choose to terminate her pregnancy. 2: If that same panel of expert obstetric doctors agree that there is a significant chance, again, 3%+ seems reasonable, that the woman could suffer severe or permanent physical injury or damage to her body as a result of trying to carry the womb-trapped child to term, then she should be free to terminate her pregnancy. 3: If a panel of licensed psychiatric experts who specialize in counseling pregnant women, agree that there is a significant chance, 3%+, that the woman could suffer severe, ongoing psychiatric trauma and degradation of her mental health for an extended/permanent period of time as a direct result of carrying the womb-trapped child to term, then she should be allowed to terminate her pregnancy.

In all other cases, not only would the pregnant woman have an obligation to not overtly murder her womb-trapped child, she would additionally be obligated to preserve, protect, and defend the safety and welfare of her womb-trapped child, to a "reasonable" degree. What do I mean by "reasonable"? I mean that if the woman is living in a toxic environment with a person or people who have physically attacked her in the past, she would be obligated to move out and sever contact with the abusive person, until after she has given birth and given up custody of the child to the State. If the woman consumes illegal drugs, drinks alcohol excessively, smokes cigarettes, engages in a sport like boxing, or conducts any other personal activity that is known to pose a serious risk to the health of very young children who reside in a womb, then she would be legally obligated to suspend and terminate these activities for the duration of her pregnancy.

A pregnant woman who is found to be knowingly and willfully defying this obligation to not engage in conduct that poses an overt, serious threat to the well-being of their womb-trapped child, would be subject to totally benevolent physical confinement at a carefully monitored "detention center", for the duration of her pregnancy. This detention would be for the sole purpose of protecting the womb-trapped child. There would be absolutely no punitive nature to the detention. In fact, the detention center would be designed in a "resort/luxury spa/private hospital" fashion. Every woman's job would be protected under federal law throughout her entire pregnancy. No employer would be allowed to fire any pregnant woman, because of her missing work due to this benevolent confinement. In addition, society would accept and assume an obligation to pay each women 150% of her employment salary, throughout the entire duration of her benevolent confinement. She would receive outstanding meals, excellent daily entertainment and exercise/spa facilities, comfortable, private living quarters with discreet, unobtrusive surveillance cameras, Immediately upon giving birth, the State would assume custody of the child, and the woman would be immediately free to go and resume whatever lifestyle she wishes. She will be significantly wealthier, well-rested, and be guaranteed under federal law the ability to return to work and assume the same job she held prior to her benevolent detention. This "Benevolent Detention" system would be the fairest way to ensure that the helpless, womb-trapped child is protected from the harmful actions of incompetent/malevolent biological creators, while at the same time the pregnant woman are subjected to the least intrusive and most comfortable type of non-punitive detention possible.

Yes, I'm sure that some of the women will not "enjoy" their time at the detention spa. They might not like being watched by surveillance cameras at all times, they may not appreciate being deprived of the ability to hurt themselves for a short period of time, via drugs, alcohol, abusive mates, etc... Tragically, you broken humans really seem to be obsessed with taking out your suppressed rage and hate upon yourselves. But the vast majority of these women will have had the ability to prevent their pregnancies, their detentions will be totally non-punitive in nature and in fact may well provide the most relaxing and abuse-free environment that some of these women will have ever experienced in their entire lives, and most fundamentally, logic, rationality and Truth dictate that it makes absolutely no logical or moral sense to give anyone the right to inflict more harm or death upon a specific child, based upon the child's youthful age, or the fact that the child is residing inside of another human being's womb.

Elimination of public policy of systematic lying to children: Lies. Your societies are founded, built, and sustained upon a smothering blanket of pure lies. Lies are toxic and destructive to the very fabric of each human being's life. Nothing truly positive can ever come out of lies, no matter how "comforting" or "necessary" the lies might appear, when looked at from your biased, irrational perspectives. From the moment a child is born, your societies do not merely "allow" or accept the deliberate telling of lies to the child, you mandate, as fundamental public/cultural policy, that all children must be lied to on a constant basis, you diseased creatures mandate that at every turn, toxic lies must be literally thrown upon every single child, layers and layers of lies, limitless layers, like nets, are thrown upon each and every child, twisted around and around each child, hundreds of nets, so that by adolescence the child is literally immobile, unable to even begin to unravel the Truths of life, hopelessly enmeshed within the toxic web of lies that you and your societies have malevolently addicted, brainwashed, and enslaved your children to.

In a sane societal structure, lies would be recognized as being the malevolent, soul and mind-destroying entities that they are. Children have minds that are slowly developing, maturing, reaching out to try and grasp the Truths of life. A human being is born with a fundamental, instinctual interest in and appreciation of Truth. This is why children are always so curious about things, constantly asking thousands of different questions, "Why is the sky blue?", "What is death?" "Where did I come from?" etc...etc... With complete and utter malice, born out of your own cowardice and mental derangement, you adult humans deliberately choose to embark upon a remarkably complex odyssey of systematic, ritualized lying, to your children and to all children. You were lied to when you were a child, you feel compelled to pass on this toxic, destructive legacy, and your society joyfully and with relentless determination instructs you that you should lie to your children, that you literally have a "moral obligation" to systematically impose thousands of different lies upon the tender and vulnerable minds of your children, throughout their entire childhoods.

The only way that you can cope with the horrors of life yourselves, is to embrace insane lies and myths. Allowing your children to grow up being told the Truth is therefore totally unbearable and unthinkable to you diseased creatures. If your children were told the Truths of life, they might accept these Truths as being true. If they did this, how would you manage to sustain the toxic and deranged house of cards mythological belief/rationalization system and philosophies that you have built your own perverse, invalid perceptions of what constitutes reality and Truth, around?? And so the decision is made: "Destroy the minds of our children, in cathartic reflection of how our minds were destroyed when we were children."

In a sane societal system, lying to a child about anything would be decreed an act of provocative abuse. Yes, some lies are far more toxic than others, simply because they alter and affect more segments of a child's mind, in a more sustained, long-lasting manner. The Insane God Myth is one of the most brutally abusive lies of all, because it infects a child's mind with an entire belief system that spreads out and envelopes the most core, fundamental building blocks upon which the child bases their perception of reality. But even more minor lies, such as the notion that a "tooth fairy" is coming to take away a tooth that has fallen out, or the notion that babies are born from stork eggs, constitute an outrageous assault upon the sacred right of all children to not be subjected to malevolently overt lies.

There is no rationally valid reason for you creatures to lie to your child-slaves. But it satiates your repressed and denied sadism, it makes you feel omnipotent, to be able to addict your child to lies. At your cores, you know that your own lives are based upon lies, myths, illusions. And as always, you are determined to make your children suffer at least as much as you suffered, when you were a child. You use ridiculous excuses such as the notion that the child needs the comfort that the lie provides, or that the lie is so benevolent and benign that it enriches the child's life, or that the child is too young and immature to cope with the truth. The hypocrisy of that last excuse is truly amazing, look at yourselves, you live your lives terrified and desperately hiding from all of life's Truths. You, as adults, are far more addicted and enslaved and desperately in need of lies in your lives, than any child could ever be.

Every child on planet earth, if they choose to ask a question, is entitled to be guaranteed that they will not be lied to. Even if in a few situations the adult decides that the child is too young or immature to properly be able to understand the true answer to a complex question, that in no way justifies lying. The natural, obvious solution is so remarkably clear, why not simply tell the child, in this type of a rare situation, that the child must wait awhile, must grow older and develop more sophisticated thinking abilities, before the question is answered? Even though not a proper decision by the adult in most cases, at least this method of "deflecting" the question would demonstrate some degree of respect for both the child and the Truth. But no, you diseased creatures are determined to lie, to make up ridiculous lies in response to the sincere questions that your children are seeking answers to. "Where do babies come from?", asks the child. Why would you say that a stork brings babies from a nest, or from eggs?? Why not simply answer the question, even if the child cannot truly understand the answer? Tell the child: "An adult man and a woman touch each other in a special way, and their bodies react with each other in such a way that a new human being is created." Give the child Truth. Or in a worst case scenario, if you are a coward who cannot speak to your own child, you can say: "That is a very mature, intelligent question, but I don't feel comfortable answering it right now. I think you are a little too young to understand the answer, so I'll tell you soon, after you've gotten a little older. Maybe you can ask another adult if you really feel you must know the answer right now." But no, you creatures choose the worst possible option, the most malevolent option, to deliberately make up ridiculously invalid lies, and you feel genuine pride as you infect your children's minds with these lies. "I was infected as a child, now I will proudly infect my children." Utterly perverse!

Believe me, there is nothing harmless about any lie, told to a child. Lies can cripple a child for life, lies can inspire and cause immense homicidal rage. Each and every lie told to a child, teaches the child that Truth is worthless, that the people the child is dependent upon, the people that the child looks up to and trusts, have never been and will never be worthy of any trust, once even a single deliberate lie is uncovered by the child. The vast majority of children, upon realizing that there is no such entity as "Santa Claus", do not feel "grateful to have experienced this joyful childhood myth during their youthfully innocent years", as your evil society would phrase it. No, they feel brutally betrayed, they feel as though their Custodians/parents, the people they most depended and continue to depend upon, are in fact at the mercy of, betrayed their trust and innocence in a deliberately brutal way, which is exactly what they have in fact done.

Okay, it's time to wrap up this page. I know that I have revealed dozens of profound, remarkably insightful Forbidden Truths on this one page alone, but we have barely scratched the surface, folks. This extraordinary journey has only begun, and you are invited to click on the below links and then proceed to the next page from the Top Menu, the Crime, Violence, Punishment page, to continue immersing yourselves in the glory that is Forbidden Truth.

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