War, Genocidally Abusive Military Structure, Political Systems, Economic Systems
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Hi there, it's me again, your one and only Seer of Forbidden Truth. It's not always easy being a Seer, but it does have it's rewards, such as the pride I feel at recognizing myself to be very possibly the most insightfully brilliant individual currently alive on planet earth. Well, maybe I'm not #1 on that list, but definitely in the top 10, or top 20 at most... :-) The topics that I will be covering at this page, war, the military, politics, and economic systems, are without a doubt some of the most complex and intricate of all societal issues. As a result, you folks may find this page to be the most intellectually challenging, of all the pages at this website. The manner in which societies put forth the issues of war, military systems, politics, and economic systems, is specifically designed to intimidate and "go over" the intelligence of the average citizen-slave. Layers upon layers of lie-based, perversely hypocritical complexity are woven within these issues, in such a way that most people simply shrug their shoulders in frustration and aggravation, deciding to simply embrace and follow the mainstream "party line", thus dooming themselves to never even attempting to uncover the extremely valuable, profound, and fascinating Forbidden Truths that I am about to reveal to you below.

Please do not let these topics, or my above comments, intimidate you. Intellectual challenges are a good thing, stand proud and face them head-on, secure in the knowledge that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, will guide you through each and every perverse layer of mythology and lies, and at the end, you shall emerge triumphant, bathed in the glow of Forbidden Truth. Issues can be complex, societal lies and myths are almost always complex, deliberately and intentionally made difficult to get to the root of, because your evil leaders know and understand that most of you are too shallow-minded to even try to put in the effort required to dig through a complex issue in order to arrive at the Truths that they are deliberately suppressing and lying about. The good news is that Truth itself is not complex, it is not difficult to understand, if in fact you truly seek it. Finding Truth is the hardest part, and I have so generously done this for you, free of charge. All you have to do is read it, understand it, embrace it. So without further adieu, we begin our journey.


What is war? According to the dictionary, the primary definition of war is: Strife (especially between countries) involving military or naval or air attacks. This definition is actually not too terribly incorrect, but there is one word in this definition that is totally out of place and blatantly invalid. Can you guess which word this is? The word is countries. Contrary to popular opinions of the brainwashed masses, wars are not battles or fights between countries, but rather battles and fights between individuals who just happen to be leaders of countries. This is not a minor distinction, it is an extremely important starting point on our journey into the depths of Forbidden Truth. Countries are led by individuals. These individuals, known as "leaders", who carry titles such as president, prime minister, king, etc..., are almost universally mentally deranged and power-crazed, as well as sociopathically evil. The only way a person can attain a position of supreme leadership within a deranged and malevolent society, is for the person to be deranged and malevolent. This Truth is applicable to all types of political systems, democratic, communist, totalitarian, etc... I will be speaking more about this in my Political Systems essay, but the fact is that so-called "democracies", assuming that they have been built and structured along genocidally immoral lines, such as america has been built, are even more certain to only empower mentally ill and evil people to be their supreme leaders, than is the case with a communist or totalitarian political system.

Wars are criminal acts of violence, undertaken not by "countries", but by individual human beings who just happen to also be supreme leaders of either an official government, or a very popular cultural/ideological movement. Lets talk about weapons for a moment. A poor person likely only has a knife, that he can use as a weapon. A wealthier person may have a gun, that he can use as a weapon. The leader of a street gang or an organized crime organization, likely has an even more useful weapon at his disposal, namely, other human beings that he can employ to commit violence on his behalf, upon his command. Now, the supreme leader of a government has the most powerful weapon of all at his disposal. No, not nuclear or biological weapons, not fighter jets or cluster bombs, or the like. He has the entire body of citizen-slaves who live within his society, at his disposal, to use as weapons. Understand that human beings are the most powerful and useful weapon of all. Within the existing dynamic of war, citizens enlisted in the military are not "soldiers". Soldiers is simply a word that has been created to cover-up the Truth. These citizens are in fact nothing more and nothing less than weapons. They are used as weapons, by the leaders of their society/government, leaders who are homicidally enraged, mentally deranged, and power-crazed, which are the reasons why and how they have sought and attained their supreme leadership positions within the society.

Leaders of societies choose to undertake wars, for either personal or political reasons. Usually for both personal and political reasons, but always for at least one of these two reasons. Personal reasons include homicidal rage, sadism, a need to overcome feelings of personal worthlessness and impotence, a desire for vengeance based upon the suppressed suffering and victimization that they, as individuals, have experienced in their pasts, mentally deranged ideological obsessions, brainwashed addictions to the god myth as well as to false perceptions of justice, and a personal obsession with attaining limitless power and control over as many human beings as they possibly can. Political reasons include a need to appease their citizen-slaves, to satiate the suppressed bloodlust of their citizen-slaves, to divert public attention from domestic problems and complaints, to terrorize their citizen-slaves into feeling as though they must support his existing regime in order to remain secure, or even to remain alive. All of these "reasons" are individual in nature, they represent the will of an individual, the leader of a government or of a major cultural/ideological movement. They are not governmental reasons. They are individual reasons, put forth by individuals who just happen to be the supreme leaders of societies/governments. You must understand this point: The soldier in a war is exactly the same as a gun, in a two-person shoot-out. In the two person shoot-out, the guns used are weapons. In a war, all soldiers are weapons. They are not human beings. They are slaves with no sentient will, being used as weapons by the insane and evil leaders of their societies.

When an individual person uses a gun to commit a crime, the gun is his weapon. The gun is not alive however, so it cannot suffer any consequences. When the leader of a government uses human beings to commit crimes, those human beings are his weapons. Those human beings are alive, they can and do suffer consequences, and therefore all governmental and ideological leaders who choose to engage in wars, are committing genocide upon their own citizens. The structure of all governments, is exactly the same as the structure of vicious street gangs and organized crime families, only on a much larger scale of malice. Governmental leaders are evil and insane, and they use their citizen-slaves as weapons, to try and cope with their own individual rage, hate, terror, obsessions, and personal need for vengeance through violence. This is a universal Truth, it is not subject to a case by case analysis. Every single leader of a society who chooses to engage in war, regardless of whether or not they claim to have been "attacked first", or to "only be defending our nation", is in reality undertaking an individual act of personal rage, simply by choosing to participate in the war. Very often in schools and workplaces, if there are two extremely enraged individuals, they will specifically seek each other out and engage in fights, because they subconsciously recognize that they can help each other to meet their own needs to express their rage and hate upon others, specifically, upon each other. This dynamic applies to national leaders as well. Leaders who are desperately eager to release their personal rage and hate, while maintaining the illusion of moral decency to both themselves and their citizen-slaves, will specifically seek each other out, and goad each other with repeated provocations, for the intentional purpose for attempting to justify declaring war, sometimes on a conscious level, other times on a subconscious level. Very often, a leader of a society will privately and literally fall to his knees in joy, either physically or psychologically, often in both ways, upon learning that another societal leader has declared war upon "his" nation. Why should such an occurrence invoke massive joy? Because it allows the homicidally enraged leader to "declare war" back, while maintaining the illusion of possessing the higher level of moral legitimacy, via a claim of "we are only defending ourselves and our way of life." It's like being given both moral and legal permission to mass murder a million human beings, literally the ultimate wet dream for a homicidally enraged human being. So, what we have are the most evil and mentally ill leaders attaining power within the most evil and diseased societies, then seeking each other out for the individual purpose of expressing their homicidal rage through war, within the illusion of moral legitimacy.

Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Osama bin-Laden, are all examples of some of the most evil, mentally ill, and homicidally enraged supreme leaders of the modern era. Although perhaps Khan and Caesar ruled a bit too long ago to qualify for inclusion in the modern era. These leaders of societies/governments deliberately sought out war with other societal leaders, for personally cathartic reasons. In point of fact, all wars are undertaken by individual leaders for either personal or political reasons, the above list simply includes the names of some of the most overtly homicidal and deranged leaders of all time.

America, england, the old soviet union, israel, germany, some of the arabian nations, some of the african nations, have been some of the primary warmongers of recent decades. This is because these countries were founded and developed along genocidally evil lines, and continue to have the most inferior and diseased societal structures in the entire world. These countries have a history of genocide, in many cases, such as america, they were founded, they came into existence, purely as the result of a genocidal attack upon a sovereign, independent society, that they chose to launch and undertake. These societies possess insane religious ideologies, and are filled with mentally deranged citizens who are obsessed with violence, rage, and vengeance, thus guaranteeing that every political leader they elect or otherwise allow to come to power, will share the same immense, suppressed homicidal rage that the average, typical, mainstream citizen feels within their True Reality. This is why we have specific wars that never seem to end, two or more societies that are ultra-diseased find each other, establish a toxic relationship with each other, and despite their claims to want to "end" the war that they are engaged in with each other, the reality is that they do not want the war to end, neither side usually wants the war to end. They, and when I say they I refer to both the supreme leaders of the society and to the average, typical, mainstream masses of citizen-slave as well, want to continue the war, so that they can cathartically shed the blood of a demonized enemy. The war ritual is almost always mutually agreeable to both parties, both governments specifically desire and choose to engage in the war ritual with each other. America had a long-time, overtly deranged war with the soviet union. When this war finally came to an end, america was not at all happy, not the citizenry and not the leadership. In fact there was extreme distress, never publicly or consciously admitted to, of course, within the insane and evil american culture, because a "favorite demon" had been lost, an imaginary demon upon whom generations of homicidally enraged americans had directed their suppressed and denied homicidal rage, while maintaining the insane illusion of moral justification and superiority. Within just a few years, american societal leaders knew they had to find other societies and other societal leaders to demonize, and so they deliberately sought out, courted war against via deliberate provocation, imposed themselves upon, and provoked "wars" with vietnam, korea, panama, iran, iraq, somalia, pakistan, and now afghanistan, among many others. That america has been by far the most genocidally warmongering nation on planet earth over the past 20 years, over the past 100 years, and over the entire history of america existing as a sovereign nation, is undeniable to any rational thinker who examines the historical facts of war.

The degree of disease that is rooted within a society, can be very accurately assessed by looking at how many wars the society has been engaged in, and for what percentage of time during their history, the society has been actively engaged in warlike activity against another society. The more wars the society is engaged in, and the larger the percentage of time they are actively engaged in war, the more perverse, diseased, and inferior the society is. America is absolutely at the head of the list, on both of these statistics. Two very important points: From a Truth-based perspective, it makes absolutely no difference which country claims to have been "provoked", which country claims to have had war declared upon it, and to only be defending itself. War is a societal policy that requires mutual agreement from both societies/countries, in order to occur. There is no way that a war can occur, unless the evil and diseased leaders of both societies, agree to engage in a war. The only exception to this rule is when an invading group of humans, usually not directly representing an existing government, but rather seeking to seize territory in order to establish a totally new regime, chooses to commit unprovoked genocide, such as the european drifters who stumbled across the north american continent chose to do. Furthermore, war is retaliatory by nature and by design, which means that unless we are talking about a government coming into existence via a genocidal overthrow of an existing societal structure, such as how america came into existence, there is no legitimacy to the argument that "the other side declared war on us, so we are only defending ourselves." If the other side did "officially" declare war upon your side, they only did so because "your" societal leader, and your society as a whole, has been goading, provoking, daring, and inciting the "enemy" societal leader and his citizen-slaves, for the specific purpose of wanting to cause a war to occur, while still trying to retain the ability to claim a moral high ground, by getting the other side to "officially" declare war first, against your society. Don't you idiots ever stop to think about why some societies/nations never seem to get directly involved in wars, for example Iceland, Costa Rica, etc... It's not because they are "worthless" countries, and it's not because they are feared by other nations, and it's not because they have superior militaries. It's because these societies are Superior societies, who refuse to participate in the "game" of war, as practiced by inferior societies. Inferior societies seek each other out, making a mutual, subconscious decision to engage in war, a decision made by the leaders of these inferior societies, to provide to themselves and to you, the homicidally enraged citizenry, the emotional pleasure and cathartic enjoyment of ritualized mass murder, genocide, and brutalization of a demonized enemy. It is a mutually agreeable decision that both inferior and diseased societies make, to engage in a war, although of course the leaders and the citizenry would both vehemently deny and ridicule this Forbidden Truth, if it was suggested to them.

Second extremely important point, we must recognize that the most evil societies of the world will be constantly engaged in either fighting actual wars, preparing to fight future wars, and demonizing other societies/countries in order to incite, arouse, and foment public support for the "next" war. The leaders of these societies have absolutely no interest in ever gaining "peace" for their society/citizenry. The thought of "peace breaking out" within their society, terrifies them. This is because they realize that their nation is filled with homicidally enraged torture victims, and unless provided with a steady diet of "demonized foreign societies" to hate and direct their rage against, societal leaders are in mortal terror that their flock of homicidal torture victims will somehow find the rationality and insight to recognize that it is their own society which deserves to be the target of their rage. At the same time, these societies still need to justify their wars on a pretense of morality and legitimacy, as well as to "claim victory" at some point in time, pretending to joyously celebrate the "end of the war", even though in reality societal leaders are already eagerly planning for and attempting to provoke a new war, as soon as they realize that the current war they are engaged in, is nearing a likely end. We must remember that governments absolutely can and do engage in genocidal wars, without ever publicly or officially admitting that they are in the middle of committing genocide via war. A perfect example of this is the 11-12 year old war that america has been undertaking against iraq. For the past 10+ years, america has been engaging in a constant, ongoing, brutally vicious war against iraq. This is a genocidal war that has been underway for over a decade as of today, the year 2001, and yet there is no genuine acknowledgment or admission within either the government, the media, or the popular culture of america, that this is an 11 year old war of almost incredibly evil genocide. At least 500,000 children in iraq, children under the age of 18, have died as a direct and sole result of the genocidal attack that america has undertaken against Iraq, over the past decade. This is deliberate, intentional, willful, child genocide. The notion that a society such as america, deliberately killing 500,000 children, within the current time frame, meaning today, as an ongoing policy, in order to satiate the suppressed bloodlust of american citizen-slaves, has any type of moral authority to even comment upon, much less try to interfere with, the policies and ideologies of other nations, is ludicrous. America is by far the most immoral, diseased, overtly malevolent, genocidal society/government on planet earth at the current time, and a wonderful argument can be made that over the past 300+ years, america has consistently held this perverse position, year after year, for the past 300+ years. America has been engaged in an utterly immoral, genocidal war against Iraq, deliberately killing 500,000+ children. And yet because the american government refuses to admit or publically acknowledge that this is a war, the pathetic, brainwashed sheeple who constitute the citizen-slaves of america, do not consider this war to be a war. Beautiful illustration here, of the literally incredible degree of stupidity and hatred of Truth, that constitutes normal thinking among you humans.

I need to emphasize just how powerful the enticement to undertake war is, among ultra-diseased societies. On one level, you have the masses of victimized, enraged citizen-slaves, constantly and desperately searching for some group of fellow human beings to demonize, hate, and direct their homicidal rage upon. On a totally different level, you have the supreme leaders of these societies, who could not have become the leaders of these societies unless they shared the same individual rage and need to cathartically direct their hate upon others, that the masses of citizen-slaves have. So, the leaders of these societies have a personal need/desire to demonize, blame, and direct homicidal rage upon, other human beings. In addition however, they also have a tremendous political need/desire to do this exact same thing. They were in fact elected, or otherwise allowed to come to power, specifically because the citizens, on a subconscious level, want, desire, and expect their leader to instruct them to direct their rage and hate against specific classes, ethnic groups, religious groups, or other societies. This is a double-tiered structure of immense insanity and evil. Even if the societal leader might be interested in trying to transcend his own personal homicidal rage, within the policy structure of how he rules the nation, it is almost impossible for him to decline to appease the immense political pressure to undertake wars, that the vast majority of all citizens within his society, are subconsciously demanding. And even if he is interesting in trying to resist the political pressure to engage in wars, he faces a tremendous emotional hurdle in terms of overcoming his own personal malice, rage, insanity, and lust for personally cathartic vengeance through violence. Now, if the leader somehow allows or chooses to specifically instruct his citizen-slaves to direct their rage and hate domestically, upon a class of people, an ethnic group, a religious group, that is living within his own society as citizens, he is taking a tremendous risk, the risk of destabilizing the entire nation, provoking riots, protests, and other domestic unrest. It is thousands of times safer for the leader, on practical, political, and emotional/moralistic levels, to incite and encourage widespread hatred and demonization of a foreign society, as opposed to a group or class of people living within his own society, because the risk of domestic unrest, the risk of a "war" erupting within his own society, is rendered virtually nil, due to the fact that the vast majority of you diseased creatures eagerly "unite" and insanely agree to direct your rage and hate upon a foreign society, ideology, or group, at the drop of a hat. You are in fact eager to accept whatever foreign demonization your societal leaders choose to provide you with, because you find it morally easier to justify directing your homicidal rage upon "foreign devils", creatures who look human, but whose perceived physical, lifestyle, religious, and ideological differences from you, are constantly being emphasized and drilled into your brainwashed, shallow minds, by your societal leaders.

In capitalistic societies especially, wars are nothing more than product commercials, of the type you see in any commercial television broadcast. You are being sold a product, the product is morally justifiable mass murder. You are the consumer, your society is the vendor. This product has to be packaged, marketed, and promoted well, the job of the commercial is to make you feel good, make you feel that this pending mass murder, which you are subconsciously desperate to experience as a way to cathartically relieve your suppressed rage and hate, is morally justifiable, legal, good, necessary, and an appropriate type of legal murder for you to embrace. Your society demonizes it's chosen "enemy" to you, trying to convince you that the enemy is evil, hurts women, hurts children, poses a threat to you and your loved ones. The reality of course is that you own society is certainly hundreds if not thousands of times more evil, causes thousands of times more harm to women and children living within your society, and poses a far greater, ongoing, daily threat to brutally victimize you, than any foreign society ever could. Your governments undertake a media and a public relations campaign, using every available tool of brainwashing and manipulation of reality perception, to demonize the chosen foreign enemy, as a trial balloon method of gauging whether or not they can foment enough consensus rage within the society, to justify undertaking and initiating an actual war against the chosen enemy society. In the vast majority of cases, assuming the societal leaders have firmly decided and determined that they wish to engage in a war with a specific enemy, they have very little if any difficulty in winning overwhelming public support for the initiation of war in a short period of time, since the vast majority of citizen-slaves are constantly filled with suppressed homicidal rage, and constantly looking for some type of a morally justified outlet for this homicidal rage, that they depend upon their evil and diseased society to provide to them. Hence we have hunting, abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, and of course war as well, all societally legitimized forms of absolutely brutal, immoral, mass murder. In general, the more types of mass murder that a society chooses to officially legitimize and partake of, the more diseased and evil the society is. So it's no surprise that american societal leaders proudly embrace and hug to their maggot-filled bosoms war, abortion, the death penalty, hunting, etc...

Lets understand, even as we face up to the Forbidden Truth that all human societies currently in existence are evil and diseased, that there are some major differences between the most diseased societies on planet earth, and the least diseased societies on planet earth. Some societies are much more evil and diseased than other societies. Some are almost constantly engaged in war, constantly killing their own babies via abortion, constantly killing their own tortured victim-creations via a "death penalty", constantly killing other species of life that are morally superior to them for pleasure and for "sport", constantly promoting the genocidal torture of every child born into their society. This is america. Some other societies are far less deranged and diseased in structure, they almost never engage in war, they outlaw abortion, they do not murder their torture victims via a death penalty, etc... And yet even the most benign society currently in existence on this planet, still engages in genocidal murder and ritualistic victimization of it's own citizen-slaves, to some degree. It is important to recognize that there are major and significant differences between the most evil societies on earth, when compared to the "least" evil societies on planet earth. But it is even more important to understand and accept the profound Truth that every human governmental society as of today, is absolutely evil and immoral.

One of the primary ways that war is marketed and legitimized to you citizen-slaves, is as a battle between "good and evil". Your society instructs you that it is good, that you are good, and that the "enemy" that it is choosing to target is evil, and that the other society, or at the very least the soldiers fighting for the other society, are evil. This is an utterly ridiculous notion! That your society is evil, is undeniable, because all societies are evil and immoral. So, if your society was even pretending to have an interest in honesty and Truth, it would use the claim of being "less evil", rather than good and righteous. But of course we already understand that Truth, all Truth, is the mortal enemy of your societies, to be shunned, ignored, rejected at all times and in all circumstances. Regardless of whether or not a society that chooses to engage in a war might be able to make a theoretically legitimate argument that it might be somewhat "less evil" in terms of ideological policy as an abstract concept, than the enemy society, the undeniable Truth is that every society inflicts the greatest degree of harm, trauma, victimization, and suffering, upon it's own citizens. Please reread this last, red print, underlined sentence, because it is extremely important and cuts to the very heart of Forbidden Truth on this issue of war. Every society inflicts the greatest degree of harm, upon it's own citizen-slaves. Not upon the citizens of some other society or nation, but upon their own citizen-slaves. The fact that most citizens are unable to recognize, understand, perceive, and accept the fact that their own society is brutally oppressing and harming them, is a beautiful illustration of how well ideologically false societal brainwashing works for societies, in winning the blind, insane devotion of their citizens. But if we, the few of us who courageously seek Forbidden Truth, can recognize and accept the fact that "our" society deliberately inflicts far greater harm upon us than any foreign society inflicts or is interested in inflicting upon us, the entire charade upon which societies build their false legitimizations of why they need to go to war, collapses. War is marketed to all citizen-slaves, by every society, by each side, as being justified because "your" side is the good, righteous, justified side. War is marketed as a battle between a good side, your side, and a bad side, the enemy side. And yet the Truth is that there cannot be a good and righteous side because there is no good or righteous society/government on planet earth. Even more importantly, "your" side, the side which claims to be the good and righteous side, has deliberately inflicted far more harm, abuse, and victimization upon you, than the decreed "bad and immoral" enemy side has ever inflicted upon you. So how can you align yourself with the side that lies to you, is evil and immoral, and has inflicted far more harm upon you than the "enemy" side has inflicted upon you? It makes no logical sense!

The only argument left to be made, is that the "enemy" side wants to kill or torture you in a horrific way, and at least your own society is not immediately intending or planning to directly murder you outright, or physically torture you to death, so you must support this "lesser of two evils". Is there any legitimacy to this argument? No! The fact is, the "enemy" society in a war is only interested in killing or torturing you, because you are a member of the "other" society, the society that has declared war upon them and from their perspective, is trying to torment and kill them. If you were to choose to "defect", to sincerely abandon your current society/government, renounce your current government, and place yourself at the mercy of the "enemy" society, you likely would not be killed. You might well have to adopt to a different lifestyle, you certainly will suffer and be victimized to a degree by your "new" society, but if you can open your blind eyes, you would see that you are already being brutally victimized by your current society/government, and so the victimization that your new society/government would inflict upon you, would be nothing new and more than likely comparable to or milder than the level of current victimization you are experiencing. Even the nazi's, whose entire ideological doctrine was built upon racial superiority, would not have likely genocidally murdered the members of societies that their ideological doctrine decreed to be inferior, if these people, as individuals, would have sincerely embraced and honored the nazi regime, the nazi ideology, and nazi leaders. Yes, they likely would have made these people work at menial jobs, in slave-labor situations, but every government and every societal leadership group, is more interested in winning over the sincere, loyal devotion of as many human beings as it can, than it is in murdering them. It can only justify murdering them, if it can philosophically argue that the foreign society or group poses a threat to them. Rejecting the legitimacy and the claims of superiority of the regime, obviously meets this threat criteria. The bottom line is, there is no government or society worth "going to war" for, worth trying to defend and risk your life for, because every society is evil and immoral, and your own society has inflicted far more harm upon you personally, than the "decreed enemy" society has already, or is likely in the future, to inflict upon you. In point of fact, your own society is threatening to murder you, needlessly endangering your life, clearly increasing the chances that you will be murdered, when it instructs/compels you to join it's military and fight in a war.

Lets understand that if two societies declare war upon each other, and one side captures either "enemy" soldiers or civilians from the other side, it is very likely they will try to use their captured enemy humans as bargaining chips and may torture/murder them, as a way to send a message and make these members of the demonized enemy examples of what the other members of the enemy, who are still trying to mass murder their side, will face. This is perfectly natural and does not contradict the fact that the "enemy" society only kills you, because you, or members of your society, are overtly and currently involved in an effort to kill members of their society, and in fact to totally destroy their society and government, in most cases. Of course it is "unfair" for the enemy society to murder you, if you sincerely renounce the society that is attacking them, and sincerely align yourself with their society. But even under these circumstances, you need to understand that it is your own society/government that is primarily to blame, because your society chose to engage in a genocidal war against this enemy society. In many cases of course, sincere defectors are welcomed with open arms, even by the enemy, even in an ongoing war, even if the defector was a citizen of and member of the very government and society that is continuing to attempt to destroy their society and government. Understand this fundamental Truth: Your society and government has deliberately harmed and victimized you. It is evil and immoral. It does not deserve your support, loyalty, or allegiance, much less to gain control of your physical body and mind, for the purpose of getting you to try and murder complete strangers on it's behalf, via the diseased war ritual. And you have no legitimate moral, ethical, ideological, or intellectual right or reason to align yourself with the society that has victimized you more than any other society, or to agree to mass murder complete strangers on behalf of this evil society. Understand that in all my comments above, I am not singling out any society or government. All of the above Truths are equally applicable, for example, for members of american society, members of afghanistan society, members of finland society, etc... The personal right to commit individual, True Reality based murder that involves personal choice that carries no "orders" or instructions or directions from your society, is far more morally legitimate, rational, and personally justifiable, than the decreed "right" that your society gives you, to mass murder specific, complete strangers. on it's behalf, via the insane structure of war. The above Truth is not an "advocacy of murder", it is a declaration of Truth. No society that chooses to practice and engage in war, has any morally legitimate legal authority to condemn or punitively punish individual citizen-slaves who may commit "unsanctioned" types of murders, because war itself is a totally immoral and unjustifiable form of murder, and it is not only decreed legal, but overtly practiced by most societies and governments, particularly within the most evil and diseased of societies.

Now, lets be clear on the fact that leaders of human governments/societies are themselves tortured victim-creations, of the societies that they are born into and raised up within. Even though the policies and doctrines of governments and societies absolutely must be seen and declared to be evil and perverse, no such labels should be applied to individual human beings who happen to be leaders of governments and societies. They are victims themselves, and they deserve no personal condemnation or demonization of any kind. All criminals are victims of society. Leaders of governments are criminals, they undertake criminal, immoral acts, in reflection of their own True Reality and the maliciously immoral design structure of their societies, that has been imposed upon them and implanted within their conscious and subconscious perceptions of reality. They are not to blame, as individuals. They must be seen and treated as being the victims of society that they are. The fact that they have assumed leadership positions within the society, in no way negates their status of being created torture victims of society. The criminal deserves absolutely no personal condemnation or punitive punishment. Society creates all of it's criminals, and bears equal responsibility for each and every created victim, there is no legitimacy to the notion that a criminal who happens to become a supreme leader of a society, loses some or all of his victimhood status. Nobody and nothing can strip a victim of his True Reality, of being a victim.

It is no surprise that the vast majority of individuals who become supreme leaders are obsessed with their images. They are power-crazed, desperately eager to exert domination and control over others, while at the same time equally desperate to shape and mold all public perceptions of their image. In particular, they are determined to extinguish and destroy any hint of personal vulnerability or victimization, from their public image, persona, and known life history. This is why you almost never read or hear about the childhood victimization, in fact torture, that virtually all societal leaders throughout all of human history, including in the present time of course, have been subjected to. Just as virtually all children try to keep their abuse and victimization secret, especially if committed by Sacred Family Unit members, politicians, aspiring politicians, and all societal/governmental leaders go to incredible efforts and lengths to hide the facts of their abuse and victimization, throughout their entire lives, even after they leave public office, in the case of elected leaders. Nevertheless, the fact remains that all societal leaders are victims of extreme childhood abuse and trauma. It takes a tremendous amount of journalistic effort to uncover such facts of abuse, and with some supreme leaders, the abuse is never uncovered. So I wish to extend my extreme thanks to the investigative reporters and journalists who have gone the extra mile to uncover some of the facts listed below, while at the same time I must of course condemn the mainstream media mercilessly, for failing to properly air, report upon, and focus upon the individual facts of supreme leader abuse listed below, as well as the psychologically and intellectually valid Truth of how societal leaders undertake wars as a way to claim personal, cathartic vengeance for the suffering, abuse, trauma, and victimization that they themselves have personally endured, in their lives. I will be providing several reference URL's, for the below quotes, after listing the quotes themselves.

"Bill Clinton's alcoholic father was so violent toward his mother that Clinton recalls him firing a gun at his mother when he was five, and little Billy twice had to stop real violence when Roger threatened to kill Virginia. His stepfather physically abused him during his drunken rages, and his grandmother, who was his primary caretaker in his early years while his mother was elsewhere, had a "fierce temper" and undoubtedly used a whip on him as she had done on his mother when she was a child. Besides this physical abuse, Clinton was also a rejected child, whose mother left him as an infant for two years with her mother while she moved to another city to learn nursing and then routinely left him while she gambled as he grew up. "I was raised in that sort of culture where you put on a happy face, and you didn't reveal your pain and agony," Bill Clinton said.

With John F. Kennedy there was an intimate emotional link between his sexual addiction--requiring almost daily conquests of mistresses and prostitutes--and his equally compulsive need for military conquests. The same is true of Clinton. He has many of the characteristics of what Robert Tucker calls the "warfare personality"--self-dramatization, extreme narcissism, repeated feelings of conspiracies against him by enemies and an ability to call for a great Crusade that will defeat Evil abroad and cleanse the world of its sinfulness. I would only add to these: a deep well of loneliness, frequent revenge fantasies and an ability to dissociate. It should not have surprised us when he ordered the Cuban invasion and risked incinerating millions of Americans with Russian nuclear missiles during his Cuban embargo, saying, "If Khrushchev wants to rub my nose in the dirt, it's all over." In fact, it turns out that it was Kennedy's taunting of the Russians with a 1962 "practice invasion" exercise near Cuba that actually pushed Khrushchev into putting his missiles into Cuba in the first place. A typical case of provoking an enemy can be shown for the actions of John F. Kennedy in the Cuban Missile Crisis, which we earlier examined briefly. JFK's childhood was typically abusive, dominated by his mother's emotional distancing of him--"She was never there when we really needed her...[She] never really held me and hugged me. Never."--and her brutality, battering John with "hairbrushes, coat hangers, belts and shoes [and] once slapping young Bobby's face so viciously that she punctured his eardrum and split his lip." The result in JFK was a phallic-narcissistic personality focused on conquering women in daily assignations and a lifetime of venereal disease [and] a steady diet of mood-altering drugs. Claiming a mythical "missile gap" with the Russians, Kennedy was elected President to "get America moving again" after the peaceful Eisenhower Fifties, and soon authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba over the objections of most experts who said it would fail, telling his aides he "wasn't going to be ‘chicken.'" The resulting failure was taken by him as a personal humiliation, for which he needed revenge. He authorized Operation Mongoose, various assassination attempts against Castro, including using the Mafia, but success evaded him. By 1962, Kennedy decided to regain his potency by invading Cuba with U.S. forces. He told the military to prepare for a U.S. invasion of the island and asked his staff to formulate a pretext that would give an appearance of a Cuban attack on a U.S. airline that would justify it. But war with a small neighbor would not be enough; Kennedy moved to make certain the Russians would be involved in the war. On January 31, 1962, he asked Khrushchev's son-in-law, Aleksei Adzhubei, to meet with him and, in order to humiliate the Russians as he felt humiliated, told him he was preparing to attack Cuba like Russia attacked Hungary. Despite the fact that 100 million Americans lay in the range of the Russian missiles--and despite the opinion of his staff that they made no military difference at all because nuclear missiles on Russian submarines had long been stationed a few miles off Cuba--Kennedy instituted a naval embargo and prepared for a full-scale attack on Cuba, risking a nuclear World War III. Saying "If Khrushchev wants to rub my nose in the dirt, it's all over" and "we must not look to the world as if we were backing down," Kennedy fully expected war. When his staff told him there were diplomatic means which could be used to remove the missiles, he replied, "The object is not to stop offensive weapons, because the offensive weapons are already there, as much as it is to have a showdown with the Russians of one kind or another." Since Kennedy had already publicly declared the U.S. was "prepared to use nuclear weapons at the start" of any war, Kennedy's embargo and invasion would mean nuclear war if the Russians didn't accept the humiliation and back down, "one hell of a gamble," as Kennedy put it. Luckily for mankind, Khrushchev backed down, was removed from office because of the humiliation and America was rescued from its self-inflicted humiliations. For his role in hiding the real cause of the near-apocalyptic actions, President Kennedy remains universally seen as one of America's greatest Presidents...because he "kept his head" during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

We know that as a boy Adolf Hitler was tormented, humiliated and mocked by his father, without the slightest protection from his mother. We also know that he denied his true feelings toward his father. The real sources of his hatred thus become obvious. I had gone in search of the true motives not only for Hitler's mental make--up but also that of many other dictators. In all of them I identified the effects of hatred of a parent that remained unconscious not only because hating one's father was strictly prohibited but also because it was in the interests of the child's self--preservation to maintain the illusion of having a good father. Only in the form of a deflection onto others was hatred permitted, and then it could flow freely. For Adolf Hitler's father, the suspicion that he might be of Jewish descent was insufferable in the context of the anti--Jewish environment he grew up in. All the plaudits he earned himself as a customs officer were insufficient to liberate him from the latent rage at the disgrace and humiliation visited on him through no fault of his own. The only thing he could do with impunity was to take out this rage on his son Adolf. According to the reports of his daughter of his former marriage, Angela, he beat his son mercilessly every day. In an attempt to exorcise his childhood fears, his son nurtured the maniac delusion that it was up to him to free not only himself of Jewish blood but also all Germany and later the whole world. Right up to his death in the bunker, Hitler remained a victim of this delusion because all his life his fear of his half--Jewish father had remained locked in his unconscious mind. I can certainly picture the boy Hitler swearing vengeance on "the Jews," those monstrous fantasy--figures of an already diseased imagination. Consciously, he probably thought he could have led a happy life if "the Jew" had not plunged his grandmother into the disgrace that he and his family had to live with. And it was this that in his eyes served to excuse the batterings he received from his father, who after all was himself a victim of the evil and omnipotent Jew. In the mind of an angry, seriously confused child, it is only a short step from there to the idea that all Jews should be exterminated. In the household of Hitler's family lived for years the very unpredictable schizophrenic aunt Johanna whose behavior is reported to be very frightening to the child. As an adult, Hitler ordered to kill every handicapped and psychotic person to free Germany society from this burden. Germany seemed for him to symbolize the innocent child who had to be saved. Consequently, Hitler wanted to protect his nation from the dangers he himself had had to face. Absurd? Not at all. For an unconscious mind, this kind of symbolization might sound very normal and logical. Hitler's childhood had been so abusive-his father regularly beat him "with a hippopotamus whip," once enduring 230 blows of his father's cane and another time nearly killed by his father's whipping that he was full of rage toward the world. When he grew up, his sexual feelings were so mixed up with his revenge fantasies that he believed his sperm was poisonous and might enter the woman's bloodstream during sexual intercourse and poison her.

Mao Tse-Tung had been regularly whipped by his father and later sent 30 million people to their deaths, but he hardly ever admitted the full extent of the rage he must have felt toward his own father, a very severe teacher who had tried through beatings to "make a man" out of his son.

Joseph Stalin caused millions to suffer and die because even at the height of his power his actions were determined by unconscious infantile fear of powerlessness. Apparently his father, a poor cobbler from Georgia, attempted to drown his frustration with liquor and whipped his son almost every day. His mother displayed psychotic traits, was completely incapable of defending her son and was usually away from home either praying in church or running the priest's household. Stalin idealized his parents right up to the end of his life and was constantly haunted by the fear of dangers that had long since ceased to exist but were still present in his deranged mind. The same might be true of many other tyrants. The groups of people they singled out for persecution and the rationalization mechanisms they employed were different in each case, but the fundamental reason behind it was probably identical. They often drew on ideologies to disguise the truth and their own paranoia. And the masses chimed in enthusiastically because they were unaware of the real motives, including those operative in their own biographies. The infantile revenge fantasies of individuals would be of no account if society did not regularly show such naive alacrity in helping to make them come true.

Even though Ronald Reagan always tried to avoid talking about his father to interviewers-one biographer said that when asked about his family life he would "talk nonstop about his mother" but never mention his father -he relates in the autobiography how as a child he would be "pretending sleep" during his father's "week-long benders," and how he would "fill myself with grief for my father" when he found him "spread out as if he were crucified" on the front porch. The father, a violent Irishman, who was later described by his son as having lived a life of "almost permanent anger and frustration," used to kick young Ronald "with his boot" and often "clobbered" him and his brother. His overwhelming fear of his father made young Ronald a "good" boy, a "loner," who was "afraid of the dark," someone who suffered since childhood from various phobias, or irrational fears of various kinds. The first phobia he mentions in his autobiography is his fear "to the point of hysteria" of being piled upon by "the mass of writhing, shouting bodies" in a football game. Although he always loved the physical violence of football-enjoying the "clean hatred. . . where two men can literally fling themselves bodily at one another in combat"-he said he always panicked when he felt trapped by the pileup. His claustrophobia, his fear of being trapped in an enclosed space, was a "lifelong" problem, he told one biographer. Most of the time it indicated fears of physical closeness, usually with men, as when he had a "claustrophobia problem" when filming a movie in a submarine in close quarters with other male actors. By 1947, Reagan's despair about his life reached its climax. He began carrying a loaded pistol-ostensibly, he said, as protection against mutilation threats, but also as a return to his earlier having owned guns as a child and in his twenties. He let his physical condition run down so badly he came down with pneumonia, went to the hospital and became aware that he wanted to die. His guilt at outliving his father, his conviction that his wishes had actually killed him, had grown to such a point that only the ultimate punishment, his own death, would suffice. At that moment on the hospital bed, he was thrown back to his childhood, when he sometimes used to feel so depressed that he wished for death, once writing a poem extolling death as a salvation from "life's dreary dirge." If a devoted nurse had not coaxed him to continue breathing, he said, he would have quit living then and there. As for many Americans, anti-communism was for Reagan a perfect solution for his parricidal wishes. It solved the problem of his guilt for his father's death by putting his disturbing wishes into the communists. Without being consciously aware of why, he found that his new anti-communist activities made him feel better, saying to himself, in effect, "It's not me who wants to kill daddy. It's the commies who want to destroy all authority. And if I fight them, I'll be able to control my own wishes in them." Ronald Reagan's childhood was more like that of most presidents: a nightmare of neglect and abuse, in his case dominated by an obsessively religious mother and a violent, alcoholic father who, he said, used to "kick him with his boot" and "clobber" him and his brother. The result, as I have documented in my book, Reagan's America, was a childhood of phobias and fears "to the point of hysteria," buried feelings of rage and severe castration anxieties (the title of his autobiography was Where Is The Rest of Me?). As an adult, Reagan took to carrying a loaded pistol, and once considered suicide, only to be saved by the defensive maneuver of taking up politics and becoming an anti-communist warrior, crusading against imaginary "enemies" who were blamed for the feelings he denied in himself.

George Bush's childhood, (This refers to the ex-president, George Bush Sr.) was also full of fear and punishments. Psychohistorian Suzy Kane, interviewing George's brother, Prescott, Jr., discovered that Bush's father often beat him on the buttocks with a belt or a razor strap, the anticipation of which, Prescott, Jr. recalled, made them "quiver" with fear. "He took us over his knee and whopped us with his belt," Prescott said. "He had a strong arm, and boy, did we feel it." As he admitted to Kane, "We were all scared of him. We were scared to death of Dad when we were younger." Childhood classmates of George described his father as "aloof and distant...formidable and stern...very austere and not a warm person." "Dad was really scary," George himself once admitted. As a result, a desperate need to please was George's main trait as a child, and a depressive personality with an overwhelming need to placate became his trademarks as president. President Bush soon began to sense that he was being sent unconscious messages that a new war had to be found soon. His masculinity began to be questioned. He began to be pictured by cartoonists wearing a dress and was referred to more often as a "wimp." Cartoons began showing him being attacked and devoured by monsters. He sensed the nation's distress and rage, and decided he had better act soon. In such a peaceful post-Cold War world, where could he find an enemy crazy enough to be willing to fight the most powerful military force on earth, yet small enough for us to defeat easily? Since it is the task of a leader to provide enemies when required, Bush was not about to be caught short when his nation asked him to find an enemy. The arming of Iraq was a 15-year love affair for America. Saddam Hussein was our creation, our monster. We built him up and then tried to take him down. Elements of these childhood traumas can be seen in the Gulf War. Since George Bush had been beaten on his posterior during childhood, he threatened to "kick the ass" of Saddam Hussein. Many Americans, who had also had their posteriors beaten during childhood, multiplied the image: "Kick Ass" T-shirts, flags and belt buckles flooded the country; Americans told reporters they wanted to "whip that guy's butt" and "get him with his britches down"; and cartoons showed the U.N. building decorated with the words "KICK BUTT."

Saddam Hussein, like so many dictators, had an unbelievably traumatic childhood. His mother tried to abort him by hitting her abdomen with her fists and cutting herself with a kitchen knife, yelling, "In my belly I'm carrying a Satan!" She gave the infant Saddam away to his uncle, a violent man who beat the boy regularly, calling him "a son of a cur" and training him to use a gun and steal sheep. Saddam committed his first homicide at eleven. His political career centered on the murder of his fellow countrymen, and he particularly enjoyed watching the torture and execution of officers who had fought with him. Saddam would obviously make an ideal enemy to whom America could delegate the task of starting a new war so that we could remain guiltless. Saddam Hussein, for his part, saw the coming war in terms of the typical childhood traumas he and his countrymen had experienced. For instance, most male Iraqis endured a bloody, terrifying circumcision around the age of six, and Saddam used metaphors that reflected fears of bloody castration, saying that it was Iraq's mission to "return the branch, Kuwait, to the root, Iraq" and vowing Americans would be made to "swim in their own blood." It was his mission, he said, to return to Iraq "the part that was cut off by English scissors."

Please note that a few words and punctuation marks from the above quotes have been slightly modified by me, in order to provide proper grammatical and sentence structure flow, but none of the meaning or message of any quote has been affected by these tiny word modifications. Once again, my extreme thanks go out to the journalists, historical researchers, and writers who have managed to uncover the above facts of abuse concerning the supreme leaders mentioned, which I am sure represent only the tip of the iceberg insofar as the additional tortures that each of these leaders, as well as virtually all other supreme leaders of societies throughout the history of the human race, have endured. The above quotes come from essays that can be accessed at the following URL's:

The Clinton Scandals and the Yugoslav War as Purity Crusades
The Political Consequences of Child Abuse
The Making of a Fearful Leader
The Gulf War as a Mental Disorder
Restaging Early Traumas in War and Social Violence
War as Righteous Rape and Purification

I want to make it clear that while I am extremely impressed with many of the theories, ideas, and insights of Truth that are expressed and revealed in the essays at the above URL's, and I absolutely agree with and share some of the conclusions and insights that are reached, nobody should assume that I agree with or find accurate any specific conclusion or theory that is found within these essays. These essays were not written by me, and although I find them valuable and agree with parts of the ideology expressed in these essays, I also totally disagree with and reject other portions of the theories and ideologies. Therefore none of you have any right to assume that I agree with the ideology expressed in any part of these essays, nor should you assume that any of these essays represent Forbidden Truth. Only the essays contained at this original website, that I am authoring, represent Forbidden Truth.

The quotes above are fairly lengthy, but I feel they are extremely valuable for any seeker of Truth. We see above that the supreme leaders of societies, throughout history and today as well, especially those who are most eager to participate in mutually agreeable war, were and are victims of extreme childhood trauma, torture, and brutal victimization. They are mentally ill, justifiably enraged, tortured victim-creations of their societies, and they chose to undertake wars for the primary purpose of alleviating their own personal, internal, emotional rage, hate, terror, and distress. They used the members of their societies as weapons, living, breathing, human weapons, to commit genocide and mass murder on their behalf. Understanding this Truth, it is up to you, as Superior individuals, to condemn your societal leaders, to refuse to accept their leadership over you, to refuse to serve as sacrificial lambs for their mental derangements. The problem is, you diseased creatures share the same torturous childhoods, the same mental derangements, the same total lack of ability to recognize and understand your own internal motivations and perverse impulses of self-sacrifice and self-destruction, that rule the True Realities of your genocidal supreme leaders. The only "solution" to this problem, is the embrace of Truth. Since there is no chance that any significant number of you diseased creatures will find the inspiration or ability to embrace Truth, you will continue, just as you have done over the past few years, to choose to empower homicidally deranged individuals to be your supreme leaders, and they in turn, will continue to commit genocide for both their own personal cathartic pleasure/relief, and to appease your suppressed homicidal rage and hate, that you are desperate, on a daily basis, to find a societally sanctioned release for.

In the above quotes, we learn, beyond all doubt, that Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Mao Tse-Tung Saddam Hussein, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler, all supreme leaders of societies, were all brutally tortured and victimized when they were children. As supreme leaders, they all chose to provoke and participate in genocidal wars, and they did so for both personally cathartic, and politically beneficial reasons. Regardless of whether you accept all of the psychological theories that are contained within the six Psychohistory essays that can be accessed via the above URL's, it is undeniable, to any sane thinker, that all human beings reflect their True Reality, in their adult life choices and life paths, and that this True Reality is based primarily upon the sum total of their personal life experiences, most especially their childhood experiences. Drawing upon the Truths of war that I have already revealed above, those of us who can think sanely and in a Superior manner, see that each of these leaders was absolutely mentally ill, as well as overtly malevolent, in terms of the political policies and agendas of deliberate genocide that they chose to pursue and undertake, during the time that they held their supreme leadership positions. As an example, lets look at the leader who is probably considered the "best", the most benevolent, of all that are listed above, John F. Kennedy. This man was mentally ill and homicidally enraged. He viewed the presidency as nothing more than a platform from which he could claim violent vengeance for the abuses and victimization that he experienced as a child, and the life frustrations and emotional obsessions he was experiencing as an adult. This man, John F. Kennedy, chose to try to provoke and initiate war, with both cuba and russia. His actions were completely irrational and genocidally evil. Because of his mental illness, he perceived the leaders of cuba and russia to be bullies who posed a threat to his manhood, as an individual. He cared not an iota about his citizen-slaves, he gave their safety, welfare, best interests, and lives, not an iota of rational concern or attention, in his actions, in his attempts to provoke a genocidal war. He repeatedly taunted and dared the supreme leaders of these two societies, desperately trying to get them to declare war upon america, so that he could have the pretense of "moral justification", to indulge in an orgy of bloodletting, using american children, so-called "soldiers", as his weapons. This mentally ill supreme leader deliberately provoked two other supreme leaders, for no valid reason, absolutely increasing, to a huge degree, the possibility that every single american citizen-slave would be murdered via a nuclear holocaust, as a direct result of his own personal, irrational, insane, overtly malicious and provocative actions as the president of the united states of america. This man overtly tried to murder Fidel Castro, the supreme leader of a tiny and essentially helpless nation, this man deliberately undertook actions and policies, as president, which greatly increased the likelihood of every single american citizen being killed via a nuclear holocaust, and yet he is considered to be one of america's most beloved and "best" presidents. This insane man came closer than any other supreme leader in the history of the world has come, to personally initiating a nuclear war that would have killed hundreds of millions of people at a bare minimum, and possibly would have extincted the entire human race, by deliberately provoking, humiliating, taunting, and bullying the supreme leader of the soviet union, for no valid reason of any kind. Only because the soviet union supreme leader, as an individual, was Superior and sane enough to be willing to accept the bullying and humiliation, most likely recognizing that he was dealing with a mentally deranged John F. Kennedy, were hundreds of millions of lives saved, and possibly the human race itself, saved from extinction. How utterly perverse it is that the american populace knows, and the historical record reveals, absolutely no trace of this remarkable Truth, and instead John F. Kennedy is perceived within the popular culture as being a good man, a good president, a sane and superior Supreme Leader. And on top of everything else, Nikita Khrushchev, the then supreme leader of russua, who literally "saved the world", or at least saved hundreds of millions of human lives, by refusing to allow John F. Kennedy to provoke and goad him into agreeing to engage in a war, was thrown out of power by the pathetically inferior, bloodthirsty citizen-slaves of his society, for daring to have refused to satiate their homicidal bloodlust, via a war, as they wanted him to do. Any supreme leader of a diseased society who refuses to provide wars, to his homicidally enraged citizens, faces the likelihood of both losing his own job of supreme leader, and having his country plunge into internal strife, increased crime, civil war, as his diseased and deranged citizens demand and seek out some type of outlet for their suppressed homicidal rage.

I'm not going to offer additional detailed commentary on all the other supreme leaders listed above, since the facts of their victimization, and the reality of how they chose to initiate and engage in genocidal wars, speak for themselves. It is utterly outrageous that such mentally ill torture victims are empowered by you citizen-slaves, to serve as your supreme leaders. But is it surprising? No! Because the vast majority of you citizens have endured just as much brutality, victimization, injustice, and you deliberately seek out a supreme leader who shares the same mindset of suppressed but very real homicidal rage, that you feel at your True Reality emotional cores. I now want to expand and deepen some of the primary Forbidden Truths that I have already revealed, and branch them out further. One very interesting issue to explore, is how societal leaders are oftentimes absolutely determined to both provoke and sustain a war. In the John F. Kennedy example detailed above, we see the absolute determination of John, to provoke a war with cuba and russia. Even when told that the "dispute" could likely be settled via diplomatic means, negotiation, compromise, etc..., your homicidally enraged president declared: "The object is not to stop offensive weapons, because the offensive weapons are already there, as much as it is to have a showdown with the Russians of one kind or another." He is saying, in deceitful language of course, since all supreme leaders are professional liars, "I want a war. I want a war at all costs. Nothing and nobody will stop me from having the war that I want." This is an extremely common theme within all wars, an absolute determination by at least one of the supreme leaders, to both provoke and maintain a war. An excellent example of this is occurring right now, in the year 2001. The president of the united states, George Bush, is homicidally enraged, he senses that his citizen-slaves are homicidally enraged as well, and he is therefore determined to engage in a lengthy, extremely deadly war against afghanistan. Every public statement that he has made, is designed to make it impossible for the supreme leaders of afghanistan to avoid being genocidally mass murdered. Incredibly, he is refusing to negotiate with the afghani supreme leaders, even though it is clear to any rational observer that the supreme leaders of afghanistan are in fact eager to negotiate and eager to cut short this war! George Bush is the warmonger here, the Taliban supreme leaders have in fact tried, at every turn, to head off this war, while still maintaining a shred of dignity and respect for themselves, as well as to naturally retain their power and positions of being supreme leaders. George Bush has deliberately made it impossible for the Taliban to choose a peaceful way out, because he is determined to satiate his own homicidal rage, as well as the homicidal rage of american citizen-slaves, for both personal and political gain and benefit.

Why does George Bush refuse to negotiate with the Taliban? Why does he refuse to provide them with the evidence they ask for? Why does he mock and reject all suggestions by the Taliban that through negotiation, they might be willing to put Osama bin-Laden on trial themselves, or hand him over to an international court, or possibly even hand him over to the american judicial system, if enough evidence of his guilt is produced and presented?? Why does he deliberately humiliate and insult the supreme leaders of Afghanistan on a daily basis? It is because George Bush is determined to commit genocide, he is determined to satiate your homicidal rage, if you happen to be an american citizen. He is determined to steer clear and avoid like the plague, any peaceful solution to the situation. He is deliberately provoking, humiliating, bullying the supreme leaders of afghanistan in a merciless manner, in order to make certain that no peaceful resolution can possibly occur, while at the same time mercilessly blaming and demonizing the Taliban so as to retain a maximum illusion of moral justification, as he undertakes his genocidal attacks. How can any sane thinker accept George Bush's official, undeniable decree that he is "unwilling to negotiate for peace" with the supreme leaders of the society that he has declared war upon, without recognizing that such a decree proves that George Bush is determined to maintain and to increase this war, resulting in genocidal death and murder? The Taliban are willing to negotiate for peace. America is not willing to negotiate. And yet 99.999999% of all american citizen-slaves insanely perceive america as holding the moral high ground, america as being the seeker of "peace", even as america continues to massacre essentially helpless and defenseless human beings, who pose no threat of any kind to americans, on american soil, as individuals. George Bush is terrified of the possibility that the Taliban might hand over to an international court, or put on trial within their own judicial system, Osama bin-Laden. This possibility absolutely terrifies him, because he realizes that it might remove some of the bloodlust fervor that is passionately gripping him and his citizen-slaves. It might reduce public support for the genocidal war that he has successfully promoted and legitimized to his brainwashed citizen-slaves. Therefore, he made a tactical decision to make it literally impossible for the Taliban to even criticize, much less hand over, Osama bin-Laden. He did this by refusing to negotiate with the Taliban, demonizing the Taliban at every turn, calling them evil criminals, proudly announcing that they will be overthrown by force in this war that he is launching upon them. This leaves the Taliban no choice but to embrace essentially their only somewhat powerful ally and supporter, Osama bin-Laden, thus setting the stage for yet another genocidal war initiated by america, the most evil and diseased society on planet earth.

We can use this same war to delve further into the issue of "the other side started it!" Lets look at the facts: On September 11, 2001, in the country of america, 19 individual human beings deliberately crashed four airplanes, in an attempt to kill as many human beings as they possibly could. There was absolutely no claim or declaration of "war", of any kind, made. A day or so later, the president of america publically declared, via the media, that "an act of war, war itself, has been declared upon us, upon america." But in reality nobody had made any such declaration! George Bush simply lied, because he wanted to declare war against Afghanistan. He was unwilling to declare war first, recognizing that this might slightly reduce the illusion of moral high ground that he and his insane society clings to, so he decided to make up a lie, to accuse someone else of declaring a war against america, so that he could more easily demonize them, and retain the illusion of america being a "victim who is only responding to the war that was declared against us, in declaring war back against the enemy." In point of fact, the Taliban, in other words the Afghanistan government, displayed an almost incredible degree of restraint in the wake of america declaring war against them, waiting until days after the actual war was launched by america, after hundreds of Afghani citizens had been killed by americans, before finally declaring war back, by publically announcing that they were embracing a "jihad", a holy war, against america. So, it is clear to any sane thinker that this war was officially declared and started by america.

This leaves us with the issue of who "provoked the conflict" between the two societies, that caused the war to occur. The issue of provocation, as I have already stated, is extremely difficult to accurately resolve, because diseased and evil societies/governments are constantly provoking, goading, humiliating, threatening, victimizing, each other. The notion that the afghanistan government provoked the conflict by providing safe harbor to the man who convinced these nineteen men to commit mass murder on american soil, is extremely thin and does not hold up to any type of rational scrutiny. Neither does the notion that the Afghanistan government is somehow responsible for the actions of these nineteen autonomous men, or for "helping" them to undertake the actions that they did, to the degree of justifying the initiation of a war by america, against the autonomous country of afghanistan and it's supreme leaders. Holding the government of Afghanistan responsible for the alleged criminal actions of one of it's citizens, while refusing to acknowledge the legitimacy of the Afghan judicial system to determine the guilt or innocence of the alleged criminal, smacks of the highest degree of arrogance and scorn for the autonomy of other governments, that has been a hallmark of the american governmental policy of fascist oppression for centuries, ever since america came into existence as a nation, in fact.

The reality is, the four September 11, 2001 incidents on american soil were retaliatory strikes by a private individual who felt and believed that he himself, as well as the society that he chooses to "pledge allegiance" to, had been and continue to be brutally and unjustly victimized and genocidally harmed in a direct way, by the official, ongoing governmental actions and policies of america. This is the Truth. It doesn't mean that Osama's society is a good, decent, moral society. It doesn't even necessarily mean that Afghanistan is a more moral, more decent society/government than america is, although it is clear to me that a very good argument can be made that america is currently the most immoral, most diseased society/government on planet earth. The unbiased, factually accurate Truth is that as is usually the case, both societies that are involved in this war are inferior, diseased, genocidally harmful towards their own citizen-slaves, and neither government has a legitimate right to exist, a legitimate right to stay in power. Neither society deserves to have the support of it's citizens, much less to have millions of citizen-slaves willing and eager to risk their lives and to die while "defending" their society/government. Because conflict between diseased and evil nations is ritualistic and retaliatory in structure and design, the question of which side "provoked" the conflict that resulted in the actual initiation of a war, is quite irrelevant and cannot be accurately revealed. It would be easy to say that america provoked the conflict, that has led to this america-afghanistan war, and on a personal level, I am quite certain that america did provoke it. But it is not possible to examine, or even to know about, every single tit for tat retaliatory act of injustice and provocation that each society/government has undertaken against the other society/government. It's also not possible to accurately track down the very first act of unjust imposition/provocation that one of these societies/governments imposed upon the other. In theory, you could say that the very first act, hundreds of years ago, was the "initial provocation", but in practical terms, there have been so many provocations since then, that to blame the initial provocation, hundreds of years ago, for the current war, doesn't really hold up solidly. How can this issue be resolved? Very easily, because it is not a major or primary point of contention, and it does not deserve our focus, to any ongoing degree.

The profoundly important Truths that must be focused on is the fact that both societies are incredibly inferior, diseased, perverse, and genocidally evil towards their own citizens, to the degree that these societies cause even more harm to their own citizens, than they can or do seek to cause to members of "enemy" societies during the commission of wars. This brings us to the even more profound Truth, that no society/government deserves to have the allegiance of it's own citizens. Within a society of sane human beings, if the governments of america and afghanistan declared war upon one another, not only would no americans be willing to fight in the war on behalf of america, and not only would no afghanis be willing to fight in the war on behalf of afghanistan, but a majority of american citizens would in fact be more willing to fight against the american government, as it is currently structured and operated, than would be willing to fight for the american government, and this exact same rule would apply for afghani citizens. This would constitute Truth, an embrace of Truth, a recognition by individuals that currently, in the year 2001, all societies inflict the greatest degree of injustice, trauma, and harm, upon their own citizens, thus, such societies not only do not deserve the "patriotic" support of their citizen-slaves, but if in fact such societies seek to enlist their citizen-slaves to fight and go to war on behalf of their society, it is the decreed enemy society/government which is in most cases "more" worthy of the individual's support, than his own society/government is. On a practical level of course, since neither society is moral, decent, or good, the primary obligation of all self-loving, Truth-embracing individuals would be to refuse to endanger their own safety, health, welfare, and life, by refusing to fight for or aid either society's side, in any war.

One of the emotional/brainwash dynamics at play here, is the same dynamic that causes most children who are being brutally victimized and abused by their parents, to ferociously cling to their abusers, if confronted with the "threat" of being taken away from their parents and placed in foster homes or under the control of Child Protective Services. Most children in such a situation will fiercely demand to stay with their parent/torturers. They will resist all attempts by CPS and other social workers to rescue them, to remove them from custody of their parents, even though no other human being on planet earth has hurt, abused, victimized them as much as their parents have. Why is this so?? It's because the child-slaves have been terroristically brainwashed into believing that even though their parents have hurt them a great deal, far more than any other human being has hurt them, if they should fall into the clutches of other human beings, as primary slaves, the other human beings would hurt them far more than their parents had and are hurting them. The child has no real basis for comparison, all the child knows is that his primary caretakers have brutally hurt him, but they sometimes claim to like/love him, and they tell him, together with the lie-based societal ideology that all children are subjected to, that plenty of other adults are "evil" and will inflict far more abuse and terrible suffering upon him, than he is currently enduring. So the tortured child makes the choice to align himself with his torturing parents, to resist all efforts to place him in a safer environment with superior caretakers, because he has been brainwashed into believing that despite the fact that he is suffering greatly right now, under the custody of his torturing parents, he will suffer much greater abuse and trauma if placed in the primary care of any other adults. An instinctual "fear of the unknown" comes into significant play as well. This is one of the dynamics at work, in an exactly parallel manner, on the issue of citizen-slaves of a society/government choosing to declare fierce loyalty, devotion, and support for "their" society/government, during a declared war. The pathetic, brainwashed citizen-slaves are made terrified of the "bizarre" ideology of the demonized enemy, and they are told that the other, bizarre and demonized society/government is evil, that this "enemy" will torture, enslave, brutalize, destroy the citizen-slaves, if it is allowed to "win the war". This causes terror among the tortured citizen-slaves, and wins their blind allegiance and devotion, to the point where they are perfectly willing to risk their lives via an insane & irrational "defense" of their society, even though their own society has already and is continuing to, torture, enslave, brutalize, and overtly harm them, a Forbidden Truth that of course 99.999999 of all citizen-slaves can never even come close to understanding, much less accepting and embracing as Truth. And this is despite the fact that the "enemy" society has not directly harmed them at all, exactly parallel to how the child clings to his viciously abusive parents, refusing to go live with strangers who have never abused or hurt him at all. Fear of the unknown, causes you creatures to chooses a known evil, over a completely unknown option, due to both societal brainwashing and an irrational, illogical fear that the unknown option will end up being even more evil, and causing you even more harm, despite the fact that there is no valid reason to jump to that assumption. Absolutely pathetic, the complete lack of sane reasoning skills, among you humans.

The proper, sane solution/response to declarations of war by societal leaders, assuming that both leaders seek to engage in a war involving their human weapons, would be for the citizens of each society to seize their supreme leader, then to transport both leaders to an arena that is equipped with a large, locking, steel cage. Both supreme leaders would be stripped naked, shoved into the cage, the cage would be locked, and the two leaders would be instructed that they are to either fight to the death, or agree to call off their desired war. Both leaders must agree to call off the war, or else the fight to the death must be initiated. Does this sound "crazy" to you creatures? If it does, the reason is that you people are crazy, and cannot recognize a sane and proper solution when it is presented to you. In war, supreme leaders of societies use you, their citizen-slaves, as human weapons. They sacrifice your safety, your health, your lives, to satisfy and satiate their own insane and malevolent personal demons, as well as increase their own political popularity and strength. They have every right to live out their True Realities, to victimize and genocidally harm others, as does every human victim. The issue at hand is whether you, the citizens, have an obligation to choose to allow these supreme leaders to dictate, manipulate, control, and sacrifice your lives, for their personally cathartic pleasure and gain? From any sane perspective, the answer to this question is No. You have no such obligation, and if you possess a proper degree of self-love and narcissism, you will overtly reject all efforts by your supreme leaders to manipulate, control, and endanger your lives, even if you yourself are filled with rage and hate and share a similar mindset of needing to claim vengeance through violence, as your supreme leaders do. Societies and governments deliberately attempt to hijack, manipulate, control, and direct the homicidal rage of their citizen-slaves. They provide you with a "demonized enemy", instruct you that it is a good thing to try and kill these total strangers, and decree this form of murder to be not only legal, but morally appropriate and necessary. This is the Truth about what war is. The purpose of war is to provide societal leaders with an outlet for their genocidal, power-crazed rage, to increase their popular stranglehold of rule within the political dynamic of the society, and to provide the masses of citizen-slaves with a demonized foreign enemy to hate and to kill, so that the internal rage that exists within the populace is directed outward, towards an "innocent" foreign society that has been invalidly demonized, as opposed to allowing this rage to possibly be directed in a more appropriate manner by individuals, towards the society that is in fact directly responsible for the personal victimization of the individual, the society that the person was born into, grew up within, and/or currently lives within.

So, when a supreme leader attempts to promote a war, to incite, coerce, and recruit his citizen-slaves to participate in a war, the proper, sane response by citizens would be to demand that the leader himself agree to be locked in a cage with the opposing supreme leader, the leader that he is trying to provoke into agreeing to engage in a war. Lock them both in the steel cage, have them fight to the death if they so wish. If they are so desperately eager to cathartically relieve their personal life traumas and rage, let them put their lives on the line. They do not deserve to be able to put your lives on the line, to get you to fight as weapons on their behalf, using nothing but lies, brainwashing, manipulation, and a perversely invalid doctrine of patriotic illusion and enemy demonization. Of course the problem, as usual, is that you humans are incredibly inferior. You buy into the brainwashing and lies at the drop of a hat, you follow each other and tow the party lines of your societies like lemmings. You are filled with homicidal rage, coupled with the perverse notion that you have morals, and thus you are on a daily, desperate search for any living things, human and otherwise, that you can justify demonizing and directing your homicidal hatred upon. At the same time, you look to your supreme leaders to provide you with the "moral permission" that you feel you need, in order to maintain the illusion that you are good creatures even as you release your homicidal rage. This is the absolutely perfect climate for enraged, homicidal societal leaders to match up, incite each other, mutually demonize each other's regimes and citizen-slaves, and engage in genocidal wars, which serve to relieve their own personal emotional distress, and increase the popularity of both their governments, in most cases, even as the human weapons of each society are insanely attempting to mass murder the total strangers who just happen to be members of the other society, upon the insane command of the supreme leaders of each society. It is utterly mind-boggling, how you creatures seem to have not an iota of interest in even understanding, the incredible, multi-tiered layers of brutal vitimization that your own societal leaders deliberately and maliciously impose upon you, via the war ritual.

If confronted with a demand to fight to the death inside of a steel cage, the vast majority of supreme leaders would decline. They would call off the war, and try to find other ways to relieve their personal, emotional distress and homicidal rage. Being a supreme leader offers many different methods to boost the ego, oppress and victimize other human beings, both within and outside of your own nation, without having to outright risk your own life, in a direct, fight to the death manner. Supreme leaders engage in wars because it is a relatively easy, relatively safe way, for them to both increase the popularity/strength of their regimes, and to make themselves feel very good emotionally, to relieve their personal frustrations, rage, and hate, by employing a vast number of human beings as weapons to commit mass murder and other atrocities against fellow humans. They themselves often do not feel that they are seriously endangering their own lives or safety, in the wars they choose to engage in. If stripped of the ability to use and hide behind their brainwashed human weapons, and compelled to personally fight each other to the death in a two man battle, most would recognize the serious danger to their own personal safety and lives, and simply call off the war. Would this earn them a justifiable label of "coward"? No, not really. Sane human beings instinctually seek to defend and protect themselves, and if faced with a threat or danger, they want to use weapons, the most effective weapons they can, to try and protect themselves and maximize their chances of not being hurt or killed. So, just like a mugger, hijacker, cop, security guard, or aspiring murderer usually wants to have an effective weapon to use to both protect himself and to defeat any threat or danger they may face, the supreme leaders of societies want to have the only genuinely effective weapon that can be used to engage in a war, that would be a huge number of human beings, human weapons, so-called "soldiers", who have officially agreed to fight, risk death, and try to kill complete strangers, blindly upon the command of the supreme leader. If this "army" is not available, not willing to serve as human weapons, the supreme leader will most likely call off the war, since he personally is not willing to risk his own life, in a locked steel cage, one on one battle to the death type of event. The key to understanding how genocidally evil societies are, is recognizing that knives, guns, bombs, and human beings, can all be used as weapons. But guns, knives, bombs are not alive, they are not sentient. They cannot suffer horrific consequences, because they have no sentient existence. Human beings however, are alive, they can and do suffer horribly. And with limitless malice aforethought, societies and governments choose to genocidally turn human beings into human weapons, displaying the same utter contempt for their lives and welfare that characterizes every aspect of the slave-based design structure of all human societies.

Let us keep in mind here, that a very large percentage of human beings are in fact genuinely suicidal, either on a conscious or subconscious level. The more mentally diseased and dysfunctional a person is, the more likely they are to have a suicidal ideology within their mindsets. And supreme leaders of societies are among the most mentally diseased and dysfunctional of all human beings. Therefore, logic dictates that at least some supreme leaders of societies have been and will be actively suicidal, even as they serve as supreme leaders. An argument can be made that John F. Kennedy's chosen policies and interactions with russia while he was president, indicates suicidal ideology on his part. An even better argument can be made that right now, Osama bin-Laden's chosen actions over the past year or so, indicates that he is actively suicidal, although most likely not on a conscious level. I will be discussing suicide at great length in a separate essay later on at this website, but the specific point that needs to be made here, is that the suicidal supreme leader poses the greatest of all threats and danger to the citizen-slaves that he rules, because such a supreme leader is most likely to deliberately choose to undertake not only genocidal wars, but in addition, genocidal wars that his military is very unlikely to be able to "win", thus maximizing the likely number of casualties that his own brainwashed human weapons, as well as all citizens living under his regime, will likely suffer. The greatest hope and likelihood for the extinction of humanity from this planet, lies in a supreme leader of a society/government, filled with both homicidal rage and suicidal derangement, having access to enough weapons that are capable of destroying all human life on planet earth, and having the emotional strength and determination to not only goad another supreme leader into participating in a war, but escalating the war to the point where he can emotionally justify to himself, using the nuclear and other weapons to the point of worldwide human annihilation. I am quite confident that this will occur, in the near future, especially since the societies/governments that are most diseased and evil, such as america, are generally the same societies that have developed and stockpiled the largest supplies of the most lethal weapons, that are easily capable of annihilating all human life from the planet. The only ingredient needed, is to have two supreme leaders, both extremely enraged and mentally ill, of two such societies, come together and decide to help each other feel better by engaging in a war.

When this does occur, and I say when because it will definitely occur, just a matter of time, it is not the two supreme leaders who should be "blamed" for the annihilation of the human race that will occur. No, folks. It is you, I repeat it is you people, you "ordinary" citizen-slaves, who will be to blame. You Truth-haters who will only empower people who are as enraged and insane as you are, to be your supreme leaders. You people who are so desperate to find a legal and morally sanctioned outlet for your homicidal rage, that you agree to serve, act, and perform as human weapons for your supreme leaders, by joining the militaries of your societies and accepting the "opportunity" to "serve your country" by blindly mass murdering complete strangers upon the command of the leader of your society, a society that has already abused, victimized, enslaved, and viciously harmed you. Even though you will be to "blame", we must continue to recognize that in all aspects of life, the victim must not be demonized or held responsible, or declared "guilty" of anything. All human weapons, all "soldiers", are victims of the society that they are "defending", the society that they are citizens of, and of the genocidal war their supreme leader chose to undertake. My use of the word "blame" above, is not meant to place responsibility upon the mainstream citizen-slaves. It is only meant to reveal the Truth, that you creatures are the "last line in the sand", if only you were sane and Superior, no diseased & deranged aspiring societal leader could ever come to power. But this Truth is a moot, basically irrelevant Truth, because the reality is that you creatures are insane and inferior, created torture victims of each previous generation of tortured, insane, and inferior human beings, and this endless, unbreakable cycle is guaranteed to continue, right up until the very moment of species annihilation. On a personal level, it does comfort and please me to know with certainty that the human race will extinct itself fairly soon, because I recognize that the human species, not only because of the personal torture that it has maliciously subjected me to, but for all of the reasons outlined in this Manifesto, does not deserve to exist.

Okay, we still have a lot of ground to cover on this war topic, so I will try to be a bit less verbose as the mountain of Forbidden Truth continues to grow and deepen. Some things need to be said about the role that the media plays in all wars. First of all, there is no such thing as a "free" media, in either a democratic or a totalitarian/communist society. All medias are viciously manipulated and controlled by the supreme political/ideological leaders of societies. Democratic societies simply provide a more lie-based illusion of media freedom, to their citizen-slaves. This is nothing more than an illusion, and during the period of time that a society declares itself to be "at war", the illusion is revealed, especially within societies that claim to be free and democratic, to any sane observer and Truth-seeker. During wartime, the government overtly removes even the illusions of media freedom. The government even admits that it lies to the media, but claims to be justified in doing so because it's necessary in order to "protect the national interests". Speaking of the 1988 Persian Gulf war, Jay Coupe, who was at that time the official spokesman for the united states Joint Chiefs of Staff, now admits: We actually put out a false message to mislead people. The idea was not to give information about the movement of our carrier. We were trying to confuse people. A united states military officer who is "currently" involved in planning out the current war that is underway between america and afghanistan told the Washington Post newspaper, in September of 2001, We're going to lie about things. If it is an information war, certainly the bad guys will lie. Ha, "bad guys", that makes me chuckle, the promoters of war, along with you ordinary, brainwashed idiot folks, never pass up a chance to demonize the enemy. :-) But I digress, the point here is that the societal lie about the media being free, is finally unveiled when it comes to war. The government admits that it is lying to the media, and the media admits, although usually not in an overtly verbal manner, that it is not actively pursuing or demanding Truth, although it still maintains the lie that it tries to avoid reporting things that it positively knows to be false, as being definitively true. The reality is that all medias are constantly being used as tools, promotional and ideological tools, by societal leaders, and the lies, myths, brainwashings that are a core fabric of the societal structure and design itself, along with many other more topical, evolving lies and deceptions, are constantly being put forth by the media as constituting Truth, every single day of your lives. Neither the government nor the media will admit to this fact, of course. But during wartime, after patriotic fervor has been whipped up, the veil of deceit is momentarily allowed to drop, using a claim that "We must keep some things secret, and lie about other things, in order to protect our national security". What right does the media have to align itself with the existing government within which they live as empowered citizen-slaves? The media has absolutely no business promoting the war that "their" societal leaders have chosen to engage in. And yet that's exactly what they do, they adopt the exact same insanely patriotic attitude in their journalistic endeavors, as all citizen-slaves are instructed to adopt during wartime, by their malevolent supreme leaders. Journalist, news journalists, deliberately lie and withhold information from you, the citizen-slaves. They also overtly take the side of the government that they live as citizen-slaves of, the government that holds fascist power over them. This is every bit as true in the american journalism system, as in any other government's. Every mainstream, nationally broadcast news show in america, that originates in america, takes an overtly nationalistic tone and position, in reporting about any war that america is actively engaged in. This demonstrates that there is no genuine freedom of the press/media, and it also demonstrates that all "empowered" news media outlets in america, are in fact compelled by force, to serve as propaganda agents for the american government, in it's war promotion and legitimization efforts and intentions. This Truth applies to all other medias in all other countries too of course, as regards their war engagements.

Now, the fact that almost all so-called "journalists" are eager and proud to assume this nationalistic bias in their reporting, is a testament to how incredibly pervasive and powerful societal brainwashing and "non-forceful" coercion, within a society like america. But make no mistake, in a capitalistic society, journalists are nothing more than employee-slaves.. It is the highly wealthy owners of national media companies who are under the terroristic control of societal leaders, and it is they who dictate, by force, meaning among other things the power to fire any employee of theirs at any time, for any reason, the nationalistic tone that all news reporters are required to take. On top of all that, the patriotic brainwashing of the citizenry is so pervasive that any mainstream news source that refused to take a pro-america bias in it's reporting, would not only come under intense public criticism, but also lose so many viewers/readers/listeners that it would become economically unviable. So, in a very real sense, the capitalistic system itself serves to silence, chill, and shut off media freedom, because every media outlet is economically dependent upon pandering to the brainwashed majority, thus losing all ability to focus on reporting the true, unbiased, facts. All wars are nothing more than endless propaganda campaigns, lie after lie after lie, denial of truth by the government, suppression of information, deliberate misdirection of public focus and denial of the actual, ongoing events related to the war, not to mention the True reasons for why the war was even undertaken by the leaders of the society. The media is at the very heart of how wars are promoted and propagandized, on a daily basis. The media shamelessly and at every turn validates and legitimizes these governmental propaganda campaigns, deliberately feeding citizen-slaves a completely invalid, distorted, untrue, biased, perversely patriotic and pro-government ideological message, on a daily basis, thus virtually guaranteeing that no significant number of citizen-slaves will ever be able to wade through this mountain of lie-based governmental propaganda, and arrive at rational, sane, Truth, such as I am revealing in this essay.

Within a free and sane society, the media would have absolutely no bias towards any government. The news media would recognize and accept that it has a sacred obligation to report and disseminate the factual truths of all stories, while not even conveying, much less promoting, any type of ideological, political, moralistic, or nationalistic bias. There is absolutely no valid reason for why the american news media reports the america/afghanistan war in a certain tone, while the afghani media, small as it is, reports this war in a completely different tone. The fact that the two tones are completely different, proves that each news media is choosing, admittedly under the terroristic coercion of their government, to serve not the public interest, not the interests of humanity, not the journalistic code of ethics via truthful and unbiased reporting that most claim to subscribe to, but rather the undeniably lie-based, propaganda structured, completely malevolent, nationalistically genocidal agenda of the governments in which they reside and serve as citizens to, and the mentally deranged supreme leaders who rule these governments. The news media is an active and willing partner of the government, in all wars. The media participates as an ally of the government in which it is based and headquartered, reporting on the war from a horrifically biased, journalistically invalid, perspective. The news media overtly serves as a valuable tool for disseminating governmental lies and propaganda at all times, but most outrageously and harmfully, during wartime. There is an absolutely collusive agreement between governments and the empowered news medias that exist within governments, to promote via propaganda and lies, legitimize, and foment public support for the government that is in place, and all governmental policies, with absolutely no journalistically valid interest in uncovering or revealing Truth, during all wars. And this is true for all governments of the world, possibly even more true for so-called democracies, because the illusion of such societies offering "more freedom" has to be maintained, but at the same time overcome, via an even greater degree of relentless propaganda and media misdirection designed to terroristically compel as many citizen-slaves as possible into agreeing to fervently support "their" government and society during wartime.

A few words about patriotism here. Patriotism is an artificial mindset, induced by coercive governmental ideology, in which citizen-slaves of a society are told that they need to develop an irrational devotion and allegiance to their government, which is based upon blind acceptance of governmental claims and demands, that very specifically involve no philosophical or intellectual efforts to recognize Truth. Within the teachings that societies undertake, in getting citizens to adopt a patriotic mindset, a very specific pattern of blind, irrational allegiance, that instructs pupils to reject and ignore rationality and Truth, is employed. This pattern is similar to how societies addict their citizens to the insane god myth. All rational thinking and deductive reasoning is declared invalid and improper, as a part of patriotic brainwashing. Irrational, nonsensical, blindly hypocritical mindsets are decreed to be proper and appropriate, as the plague of patriotic ideology is imposed upon citizens. Overtly terroristic, as well as milder types of peer pressure coercion, are employed in these efforts. As always, the pathetic human need to be considered "normal" by other people who are nearby, coworkers, relatives, etc..., is exploited by society, as the patriotic fervor is desperately spread, especially during a decreed "time of war". It is no exaggeration to call patriotism a plague. Yes, it likely is less toxic, on some levels, than the god myth plague and some other plagues, but it is still a toxic plague, and it is highly destructive to a tremendous number of human beings, not only destroying their ability to even try to recognize the Forbidden Truths of war, but in many cases directly causing them to needlessly and insanely endanger and sacrifice their own safety, health, and lives.

I've already made this point, but it is so provocative that it bears a bit of repetition and enhancement: In war, supreme leaders of societies use their citizen-slaves as surrogates, to commit murder of complete strangers on their behalf. The soldier is being used as a surrogate murderer, by the homicidally enraged and mentally ill supreme leader of his society. This type of murder is decreed to be legal, of course, and it is undeniably true that a significant number of children who join militaries, do so very specifically because they themselves are homicidally enraged and recognize that in joining the military, they may, they certainly hope they will, be given an opportunity to commit murder, to kill fellow human beings, without facing any type of negative or punitive consequences/punishment. There is a tremendous, albeit a perverse, advantage to society in convincing these children, these torture victims, these homicidally enraged victims of the society that they were born into and raised up within, to align themselves not against the evil society that is responsible for their victimization, but rather for this society. To direct their homicidal rage on behalf of the society that is guilty of their victimization, when all logic dictates that if they are to direct homicidal rage towards anyone, it would be much more appropriately and rationally directed towards their own society, not towards a demonized enemy society that in most cases has literally had no negative impact of any kind upon their personal life and the life traumas that the person has endured. It is tragic that so many children make this choice, lacking the intellectual ability or the emotional/psychological strength/insight that is required, to recognize that there is a very real and genuine difference between directing homicidal rage upon others within the society that created/victimized you, as opposed to directing such rage upon members of a foreign society, only when given "permission" to do so by a "superior", a foreign society that has not had any impact upon their own personal childhoods and lives. But at the same time I do understand and realize how powerful the lure can be, when a homicidally enraged victim of society is offered the opportunity to commit murder, and informed that as long as he only obeys his superiors, the murders will be decreed perfectly legal and appropriate, with the murderer facing absolutely no threat of punitive punishment or moral/cultural condemnation.

Wars, just like hunting, the death penalty, abortion, euthanasia, in past decades lynching, public hanging of "criminals", burning "witches" to death at the stake, etc..., are specifically marketed by societies and governments, as being a legitimate and appropriate expression and release of individual, homicidal rage. Societies try hard to get their tortured child victims to agree to commit legal murders, rather than illegal murders. To join the military, to go hunting, to sadistically revel in the death penalty, to kill their womb-trapped babies. A majority of all people who would label themselves as being "hard-core patriots, ready, eager, and proud to defend my country with my life", are in reality, at their emotional cores, on a subconscious level, obsessed with and desperately eager to do one thing: Kill fellow human beings. The only caveat is that many of them feel they must have the permission of and an order from their society to kill, in order to find the hypocritically invalid moral justification within their own perceptions of reality, to actually commit the murders that they spend their lives subconsciously obsessing over and lusting for. Understand this Truth, folks. The "heroic soldier" who receives a ticker-tape parade, medals from his government, and societal praise, for his exploits as a "sniper", "gunner", etc..., is in reality nothing more than a homicidal torture victim of the very society that is perversely heaping praise upon him for murdering complete strangers on it's behalf, via a genocidally evil and immoral war that it chose to initiate, participate in, and sponsor. The "illegal" murderer, who directs his homicidal rage in a much more rational manner, towards the society that created him, is demonized and punitively punished, while the legal murderer, who in a far more irrational manner agreed to mass murder total strangers on behalf of the society that victimized him, is praised and honored and rewarded. The hypocrisy of this is mind-boggling!

Even more so when you consider that the exact same personal motivation, a True Reality need for cathartic vengeance through murder, for personal suffering and victimization inflicted by the society, is the primary reason for why both of these people decided and chose to commit the murders that they did. The legal murderer simply embraces more societal lies and brainwashings, than the illegal murderer, who is rational enough to be able to see and accept the fact that a far more appropriate target for his rage than "enemy" humans that his diseased society chooses to demonize for him, is his own society, the society that is guilty of and responsible for his victimization. The notion that the "legal" murder is somehow morally justifiable, while the illegal murder is a terrible crime that must be punished, is utterly ludicrous when considered and analyzed from any type of a sane, unbiased perspective.

Mass murdering total strangers is not a crime, if your government orders you to do so on it's behalf. But mass murdering total strangers is a terrible crime, if you exercise your own free will in terms of choosing to do so on your own, without governmental permission. Do you creatures realize how ludicrous this is, from any sane viewpoint?? And on top of everything else, from any type of a moral perspective, the "mindless" murder of complete strangers done on the command of a "boss", has to be recognized as being much harder to morally justify, especially when you consider that the society and government itself, that orders the murders, is utterly malevolent, to the point of absolute genocide. The very existence of the practice of war within a society, has to be seen by any sane thinker, as constituting a legitimization of all forms and types of murder, within the society, because by definition and by rational analysis, war provides and allows for the literally limitless mass murder of complete strangers, including women and children, and war overtly involves a governmental order to citizens, to commit such limitless murder on it's behalf. There is no other form of murder that is as unjustifiable as governmentally ordered war murder, therefore all other types and forms of murder should be 100% legal, and in fact highly praiseworthy, as long as the society/government in question chooses to continue to participate in wars.

I have already revealed the Forbidden Truth that no society/government deserves to have it's citizens endanger their welfare or lives in defense of the existing regime/government, upon the declaration of a war by the supreme leader of the society. This is because no large, nationalistic human society currently in existence on planet earth, is genuinely benevolent, and no society treats it's own citizens properly, with respect, with value, and in a non-abusive manner. But at the same time, it is clear that some societies are far more toxic and diseased, inflict significantly more harm and trauma upon their citizen-slaves, than other societies do. This brings up the question, if one of the most insane and diseased societies of the world, lets say america, decided to launch a war against one of the least diseased and malevolent societies of the world, lets say Iceland, would the citizens of Iceland have good reason to agree to help their government in the war, by fighting for Iceland, using the argument that they themselves, as individuals, do stand to suffer a significant decrease in their own quality of life, if this most evil and diseased of governments overthrows their far less evil and diseased government, and assumes power over them?

First of all, we need to recognize that the vast majority of wars occur between two governments/societies that are both extremely diseased, and usually fairly equal in terms of their overall maliciousness and inferiority. They may be very different in terms of political ideology and the general lifestyle of their typical citizen-slaves, but they will be very much alike in terms of how they are both inferior and brutally oppressive. America and afghanistan have totally different political/ideological structures, but in terms of how each society is brutally oppressive and genocidally abusive towards their own citizens, there is a remarkable similarity. As I have already stated, when it comes to war, extremely inferior societies, led by inferior supreme leaders, usually seek out a "partner" to engage in the war with, a society/government that is also extremely inferior. It is extremely rare for a significantly less inferior society, like Iceland, to become the chosen target of war, for an extremely diseased society. Secondly, we need to remember that wars are almost always mutually agreeable and mutually provocative endeavors. In most cases, both societies/governments, on some level, want to engage in a war, and they repeatedly incite and provoke each other prior to "officially" declaring war upon each other. A society like Iceland is likely not agreeable to war, they are not looking to engage in a war, and so any initial efforts made by another society to initiate a mutually agreeable war via provocation, would likely be rebuffed by Iceland. The other, more diseased society, would then move on, looking to find some other society that is more agreeable to engaging in a war. This is because the invalid moral illusion of justification has to be maintained in order to win widespread public support for a war, and if the "enemy" society refuses to allow itself to be provoked, refuses to agree to participate in the war, ignores the minor provocations that the far more diseased society attempts, the supreme leader of the far more diseased society will almost certainly abandon his intention to engage in a war with that particular nation, and move on to looking for a more agreeable "war partner".

But it is true that in some very rare cases, an existing extremely diseased society, or more likely a rogue gang of extremely enraged people looking to create a society of their own by seizing land, will initiate a war against a significantly less diseased society. In such a situation, I guess the logical thing to do would be for the citizens of the less diseased society to rationally decide, on their own, with no governmental coercion or propaganda, whether or not the harm that they themselves feel they would experience if they allowed their existing government to be overthrown by the far more inferior society that had declared war on them, justifies them endangering their own lives by agreeing to fight a war, on behalf of defending themselves, not their supreme leader and not their government, but defending themselves, their own welfare and way of life, from the threat of a significant loss of personal quality of life, if the ultra-diseased society were to become their rulers. An example of this would be the native indians in north america, trying to fight off the genocidal, unprovoked invasion of their sovereign land, by the homicidally enraged European drifters who tragically ended up winning that war and forming the ultra-diseased, supremely malevolent country/society of america. So, I am willing to admit, via my above comments, that in a very few, select situations, as long as absolutely no governmental war promotion propaganda or coercion is involved, the citizens themselves, of a society that is genuinely superior to most, if facing a declaration of war made against them by an ultra-diseased and extremely inferior society, may have a legitimate justification for trying to defend their borders and repel a war attack that is launched against them. But again, over 99.8% of all wars do not even come close to fitting into this unique and extremely rare category.

The notion that wars are not designed to harm and kill women, children, and other "non-military" people living within the demonized society that is being attacked, is simply ludicrous. Wars are campaigns of genocide, and a claim by either party that only "enemy soldiers and military targets" are the intended victims, is nothing more than a blatant lie, given in order to enhance and increase the perception of moral legitimacy among citizen-slaves, that their society is the "good side", fighting a noble battle for moral reasons, instead of engaging in blatant genocide for no valid reason at all, which is in fact the Truth of the matter. The great irony of course, is that almost all front-line military troops are in fact children themselves, 19, 20, 21, 25 years old, utter children in every valid sense of the word, since the vast majority of all human beings barely begin to reach some degree of mental maturity only after the age of 28. Every human being under the age of 28 is a child. And certainly when it comes to making an incredibly difficult, life and death decision, such as whether or not to agree to try and kill complete strangers on behalf of your society, while facing off against complete strangers from the other "side" who have similarly been brainwashed into trying to kill you, complete maturity of the type that most people don't reach until their early 30's, would be required, in any sane society. Soldiers are taught to see and judge the women and children of their "enemy" as being worthless and expendable, objects to be used and abused, even if their actual lives are spared. This leads to sex-crazed soldiers going on group rape rampages against women, and children too, as part of the war ritual. Brutalizing a woman via rape feeds the adrenaline of the enraged, homicidal soldier, whipping him up into more of a killing frenzy, especially if he hasn't had an opportunity to kill adult male "enemy" targets, in the recent past. The most diseased societies, like america, will overtly commit child genocide during their wars, as america has done against Iraq, but never admit to this of course, and insanely blame their demonized enemy and it's leader, such as Saddam Hussein, for "causing" over 500,000 of the children in his country to die, by "refusing to surrender, admit defeat, and accept his humiliation" in the war, even though it is obvious, when looked at from any sane perspective, that the government of america, through it's completely immoral and unjustifiable military and political policies, is completely responsible for and guilty of the Iraqi child genocide that has occurred for the past 12 years and is continuing to occur today.

I've already briefly discussed the issue of "war crimes" in my Crime essay, but lets expand upon this ludicrous judicial notion. According to governmental doctrine, engaging in a genocidal war, trying to kill thousands if not millions of human beings, as a governmental policy, is in no way a crime. However, the brainwashed, tortured children who are compelled to engage in these wars on behalf of their governments, can engage in activity that is criminal in nature, be accused of war crimes, be charged with such crimes, convicted of them and thrown into prison, even when the child-soldier only targeted members of the demonized foreign enemy that their very own society brainwashed them into hating and considering appropriate targets for violence and attack! And so once again, we have hypocrisy that is so blatant, so undeniable in it's scope, that the mind cannot help but be boggled. There is no way that any action undertaken by anyone acting on behalf of the enemy demonization doctrine of their warmongering society, can or should be considered a crime, much less a crime deserving of punitive punishment. War itself is the greatest crime of all, a crime undertaken by governmental and societal leaders against both their own itizen-slaves and the "foreign enemy" they have chosen to demonize. If society and the government choose to undertake this greatest of all crimes, a crime in which they specifically set out to murder a limitless number of people, as many as it deems "necessary" in order to win the war, then obviously the society loses all moral or legal credibility insofar as decreeing any individual in the world, to be a "war criminal". War itself is the crime. If war is declared legal and non-criminal by a government, than any and all actions undertaken by anyone fighting in a war must be decreed legal and non-criminal as well. An individual killing "innocent" civilians and raping women cannot be considered to cause any greater harm, in a war, than the "unofficial" but absolutely accurate mission and goal of the war itself, which is to kill as many members of the demonized enemy as it takes, to get the demonized enemy to admit defeat and surrender. Soldiers are nothing more than civilian members of society who have been either brutally brainwashed or overtly forced, in many cases both, to agree to try to murder complete strangers on behalf of their governmental/societal leaders. Therefore the blood and the blame for every death, the injury of every victim in all wars, rests upon not the child-soldier brainwashee, but upon the government and society that sponsored and undertook the war. The soldier is simply an employee, carrying out, under terrorization, the malicious, immoral orders of the society/government that is choosing to undertake the war. You will note that the victorious party in wars, is almost always the party that most stridently accuses members of the losing side of having committed war crimes. This is yet another form of moral justification, since in most cases the winning side has killed many more people than the losing side. By accusing the losing side of having "fought dirty" in the war by committing war crimes, the side that most likely was more brutal, the winning side, deflects all criticism away from itself and insanely maintains a position of moral superiority over their vanquished opponent. For a society/government to brainwash a child into agreeing to commit mass murder on it's behalf, is the ultimate crime. For any society or government to afterwards decree that child to be guilty of some type of crime relating to the murders, rapes, or other violence he undertook while serving as a societally hired, brainwashed/coerced killer, and to even dare suggest that such a victim deserves to be punitively punished by a judicial system for his actions, is so bizarre and hypocritical that it deserves no additional comment.

Let us be perfectly clear, that despite all of the insane war mythology which instructs you sheeple that the targeting of human beings among the demonized enemy who happen to be in the military is perfectly appropriate, while the targeting of "civilian" members of the demonized enemy is inappropriate, nothing could be further from the Truth. This notion is nothing more than an attempt by the leaders of each side to establish a climate of moral legitimacy for the genocidal mass murder that they are choosing to undertake. Every military is filled with ordinary citizens, civilians, who have been brutally brainwashed at best, and terroristically compelled under threat of death at worst, by the leaders of their societies and empowered agents of these leaders, into agreeing to try and murder complete strangers of a demonized foreign society. These members of the military are victims of the brutality and brainwashing of their own societies/governments, and the notion that they are somehow more "legitimate" targets for murder by the enemy within the societally devised & deranged war ritual, is utterly perverse and ludicrous. In point of fact, the vast majority of all "active duty" military personnel are children. They were children when they were terroristically compelled to first join the military, and they are still children, tortured and victimized children, during their "wartime" service, since the typical child does not even begin to approach the lowest thresholds of genuine mental, emotional, and intellectual maturity until at least the age of 28.

Continuing on this theme of civilian versus military targeting during wars, lets understand that all governments fight their wars in an "appropriately" cowardly manner. I use the word appropriate here, because despite societal lies, there is absolutely no legitimately negative connotation that should be attached to the term "coward". The actions of a coward are usually self-serving, self-protecting, and specifically designed to avoid personal harm/destruction. These personal motivations as practiced by individuals, are noble, sane, and appropriate. Thus the "label" of coward, if applied under current definitional parameters, should be worn with pride, by individuals. When a society/government as a whole has core public policies that are cowardly, the degree of nobility and appropriateness certainly diminishes, but only because it is the public policies themselves, rather than the "cowardly" execution of such policies, that are perverse and unjustifiable. Let us take the most powerful warmongering society on this planet, america, as an example. America has always utilized supreme and utter cowardice in all of it's military actions/wars, and of course continues to do so. Without a trace of shame, america deploys ultra high technology mass murder weaponry, such as fighter jets and bombs, against war adversaries who have absolutely no type of defense of any kind against these specific weapons. No way, no chance, no possibility of defending against the weapons, simply because their technology has not reached the level of american weapons technology. America chose to transport atomic/nuclear bombs thousands of miles from it's own territory and deliberately drop such bombs upon a densely populated, utterly helpless and defenseless foreign nation that it had demonized, knowing with certainty that hundreds of thousands of people would be brutally killed as a direct result of their chosen action, in a completely indiscriminate manner, men, women, children, military soldiers, and civilians. From any sane, rational perspective, the dropping of atomic/nuclear bombs by America upon Japan, has to be considered the single most cowardly, most overtly genocidal wartime action of the Modern Era, by any society or government on planet earth. The fact that civilians were "targeted", in an utterly genocidal manner, with absolutely no regard for the number of casualties, is undeniable. Therefore, for the american government/society to have the audacity to condemn and demonize, as an example, Osama bin-Laden and the Taliban society for allegedly trying to kill a lot of american civilians on 9/11/01 via four plane hijackings and deliberate crashes, is the ultimate in insane hypocrisy. By any standard imaginable, the nuclear attack launched by america against Japan was far more malevolent, far more unjustifiable, far more genocidal in nature. Even from a casualty numbers perspective, there is no comparison, since even in a "best" case scenario the alleged Osama bin-Laden attacks could not have been expected to kill more than 50,000 people, while the american nuclear attacks had a limitless number of potential casualties, since it was impossible to accurately determine the genocidal killing capability of those atomic bombs, but it was known that their killing capacity exceeded that of any other weapon that had ever been used by any society on planet earth, prior to the choice that american societal leaders made, to use these weapons against Japan during an insane war ritual.

So, the first Truth we have here is that the societies which claim to have the greatest moral justification for the wars they engage in, and which claim the moral high ground by saying that they try to avoid targeting civilians, are in fact the most morally bankrupt and genocidally evil in the world. On top of everything else, they absolutely do target civilians to a greater degree, and in a completely unnecessary manner, as america did and continues to do. But since most active duty military soldiers are in fact children, and there is absolutely no sanely and legitimately valid distinction that can be made between military humans and civilian humans, this particular point is quite moot. The much more important point is that the most warmongering societies/governments are also the most cowardly, even though all wars are operated and structured by societal leaders and their empowered agents, within a design parameter that involves utter cowardice. A society that is much weaker technologically, if it wishes to engage in a war with a technologically superior society, naturally needs to employ creative methods of attack, that are more likely to deliberately try and avoid direct technological confrontation with the superior mass murdering technology of their chosen enemy. This is commonsense cowardice. America choose to fly planes carrying bombs so high above the airspace of Afghanistan, that no technological weapon that their chosen enemy possesses, is capable of reaching the attack plane in order to bring it down. America chose to transport and then drop atomic bombs on a defenseless enemy thousands of miles away, knowing that this was the easiest way to commit genocide while minimizing all risk of significant casualties to "their" side. A society apparently led by Osama bin-Laden chose to try to deliberately crash four airplanes into four large and highly populated buildings in america, having made the tactical decision that such an attempt would provide an opportunity to maximize the casualty count of their enemy, without suffering a devastating casualty count themselves. All of these actions can and should be appropriately labeled as "cowardly", but there is no need or justification to attach any type of significantly negative connotations to this label. War itself is a cowardly act, undertaken by societal leaders. Individual actions authorized, planned, and undertaken with the war itself, will naturally reflect the cowardly structure of the war ritual itself. Within any rational analysis, the degree of cowardice displayed by america, the most technologically advanced society of the world, in terms of it's war actions, far exceeds the degree of cowardice displayed by the 9/11/01 airplane attacks upon america, as an example. In war, societies and governments that face a completely overwhelming tactical and technological disadvantage naturally and appropriately resort to using innovative, "surprise" attacks, because it simply would not be a fair, winnable, or even survivable war if they tried to fight it according to the perverse "rules" set down and decreed by their overwhelmingly advantaged enemy. The specific targeting of civilians by the severely disadvantaged side in a war, is a natural tactical decision, which, to a degree, provides a bit of balance in terms of evening out the technological disadvantage that exists. For the technologically advantaged side to condemn and demonize this "targeting of civilians", when it in reality does the exact same thing to an even more genocidal and unjustifiable degree and extent, and employs war techniques and methodologies that are even more cowardly in nature, represents the ultimate in outrageous hypocrisy.

The term terrorist is nothing more than a demonizing label, completely invalid, that technologically and militarily superior societies/governments use, to try and establish a claim of moral superiority, by condemning the military tactics employed by the disadvantaged side, which naturally feels that it must use innovative, "surprise" types of attacks, and avoid directly facing up to the superior military strength of their opponent, in order to avoid suffering devastating casualties to their smaller, weaker, less technologically advanced forces. These military tactics, including the targeting of "unarmed civilians", are completely appropriate, within the context of the insane war ritual, when analyzed at from any rational perspective. The militarily advantaged side never passes up an opportunity to use every advantage at their disposal, to genocidally harm/murder the militarily disadvantaged side. They never "fight fair", they will launch a devastating bomb from so far away that the disadvantaged side has absolutely no chance of any kind to defend themselves from the bomb. Therefore the notion that the disadvantaged side has some type of a moral obligation to not take advantage of an opportunity to target the unarmed, or civilian members of the enemy that they are engaged in a war in, is absolutely ludicrous. Terrorists are enraged torture victims of both their own society and in most cases an outside, bullying/warmongering society as well. They seek cathartic vengeance just as any murderer does, although oftentimes they operate within a war ritual sphere, in terms of allowing someone else, a "leader", to instruct and guide exactly when, where, and how, they launch their attack. It must be clearly understood that despite the fact that the terrorist would in most cases be more accurately reflecting his rage and hate by targeting the society that he was born into and raised up with, as is the case with all soldiers and killers, there is absolutely no basis from which any warmongering society can make a legitimate claim of moral superiority or justification, in demonizing any terrorist, or any terrorist "act". In war, each side is completely immoral. Each side employs utterly malevolent tactics, for utterly malevolent reasons, for the purpose of trying to achieve utterly malevolent goals. The notion that a terrorist, usually working for the militarily weaker side, is somehow "violating the rules" by not giving the enemy society a "good opportunity" to stop/kill him before he can accomplish his chosen act of vengeance, is ludicrous.

As to the issue of "is a terrorist a freedom fighter and what is the difference between the two?" This question might be interesting to contemplate, but it is not really valid. The reality is that no society/government offers genuine freedom to it's citizen-slaves. Only the illusion of freedom is provided. Therefore, no military enlistee or "terrorist" attacker who is acting on behalf of a government or a societal ideology, deserves to carry the title of "freedom" fighter. If they wish to label themselves as a freedom fighter, in order to create greater moral justification for their actions within their own minds, so be it. The fact is, the terrorist is seeking cathartic vengeance, and usually, to some degree, using a political ideology/rationalization to try and establish a stronger moral justification in his own mind/perception of reality, for undertaking the act of vengeance. The term "freedom fighter" does not validly apply, neither does the demonizing label of "terrorist", so the question of whether a person is a terrorist or a freedom fighter, has no factually valid answer. The person is a seeker of personal, cathartic vengeance, and whatever justification(s) he may or may not feel he needs to make to himself, are his business. "Fighting for freedom" is nothing more than a patriotic brainwashing/lie that societies, governments, and even "terrorist leaders" employ, to win over loyal supporters, to make them willing to kill and risk death. The "terrorist" who fervently believes that he is fighting for freedom more than likely tilts more towards being a "traditional" soldier, while the "terrorist" who fervently believes that he is seeking and claiming vengeance for personal injustices and suffering endured, more than likely tilts more towards being a traditional "murderer". But these shades of gray are not really relevant in terms of our search for Truth, since the term terrorist is itself invalid, nothing more than a demonizing label, and the traditional " illegal murderer" actually carries more of a moral justification to his actions, than the traditional soldier who commits murder of complete strangers solely and blindly upon the command of his boss.

A far more important Truth regarding the issue of "terrorism" is this: Every existing governmental regime attained it's power via the overtly malicious undertaking of and commission of, genocidally terroristic actions. Therefore, america is not simply "guilty of committing terrorist acts", but rather it is a "terrorist regime". The regime itself, the government itself, is a terrorist government. America would not exist today, were it not for the fact that the founders and leaders of america chose to undertake and commit literally tens of thousands of individual acts of terrorism, which murdered literally millions of human beings. So, for a terrorist regime that is guilty of committing tens of thousands of acts of terrorism, to adopt a position of moral authority to condemn and to demonize other terrorist regimes/groups, most of which have undertaken far fewer and far less prolifically deadly acts of terrorism, represents perverse hypocrisy at it's zenith. Let us clearly understand the operational Truth of this societal perversion: All existing governments were created via acts of violent, deadly, terrorism. This makes all existing governments terrorist states, guilty of terrorism, their very existence a testament to the fact that they are terrorist states. Now, once a malevolent regime has seized complete power and control over a territory and declared itself to be the "ruler", it sets about the task of winning over and maintaining public support for the legitimacy of it's regime. It does this by insanely decreeing that it is a legitimate regime and that anyone who wishes to topple the existing regime is an "evil terrorist", despite the fact that this "evil terrorist" would be doing nothing more than what the existing malevolent regime did, in it's terroristic seizing of power/territory. Do you understand this Truth, folks? Do you appreciate how deranged you must be, to accept this most incredible of societal hypocrisies, as having validity?? The society that you are enslaved and addicted to, the society that terroristically holds you as it's citizen-slave, came to power via the commission of brutal acts of terrorism. It is a terrorist state. And yet in order to demonize and justify destroying/launching wars against other groups, governments, and individuals, it labels them as being "evil terrorists", the exact same "crime" that it itself is supremely guilty of! And you pathetic creatures buy into it, "that terrorist must be evil because he seeks to destroy/topple my government", is what you say and believe, insanely unable to recognize a Truth so obvious that it nearly slaps you in the face, the Truth that your government not only "sought/tried" to commit terroristic genocide, but in fact actually committed, actually succeeded in committing, such brutal and deadly acts of terrorism so as to destroy and topple other governments/societies.

So, governments/societies such as america and england are foundationally terrorist in design and in structure. What do I mean by this term, foundationally terrorist? I mean that not only do these governments commit terrorism, but their entire operational structure is based upon the ritualistic commission of terrorism upon other societies and governments. America came into existence via a terrorist invasion of a sovereign land, accompanied by the mass murder of millions of human beings, and ever since it came into existence via this ultimate act of terrorism, it has ritualistically sought to impose it's evil, fascist, insane agenda and ideologies upon other large foreign groups of individuals, as well as other societies/nations. Only a small handful of the most evil and diseased societies/governments are Foundationally Terrorist in operational and design structure. Certainly neither afghanistan nor the Taliban group are Foundationally Terrorist, they are simply victims of and represent a response to, the injustices, victimizations, and provocations that one of the few Foundationally Terrorist governments in the world, america, chose to commit against/upon them. The most fascinating aspect of this situation, from a Truth-based/philosophical perspective, is how the most evil societies/governments, those few that are genuinely terroristic on a Foundational level, are not only the most insanely strident in terms of condemning other individuals, groups, and societies/governments for engaging in "terrorism", but also manage to achieve fantastic, nearly universal success in terms of totally stripping their own citizen-slaves of the ability to recognize/appreciate the fact that their own society is 100% guilty of practicing, on a much more genocidal scale, the exact same actions of "terrorism" that they, as individuals, are hypocritically, mindlessly, agreeing to condemn and demonize, upon the command of their Foundationally Terrorist societal/governmental leaders!

That wars are artificial extensions of the homicidal rage of supreme leaders of societies, is beautifully illustrated by the fact that human society tries to establish "rules" on how wars are to be fought. For example, each side tries to kill members of the other side, but bizarrely, if one army captures some members of the other army, or if some members of the other military decide to surrender and give up, the killing of those who did or would have tried to kill you, is decreed to be inappropriate. You can keep those military folks as prisoners, but you cannot torture them, even though if they hadn't surrendered or been captured, you would be praised and rewarded by your military bosses for killing them. You see folks, these rules reveal war to be what it is, a game played by your supreme leaders. A genocidal game, an immoral game, but nevertheless, still a game. You citizen-slaves are the pawns, you pay with your lives, as your leaders decide exactly who to play with, how much human capital to put up for sacrifice, etc... Establishing these types of insane "war rules" allows supreme leaders to maintain an illusion of moral justification and perverse "civility", even as they sacrifice the lives and the sanity of thousands/millions of their own citizen-slaves, as well as thousands/millions of enemy humans, in order to satiate their own homicidal rage and gain political popularity. Only the most insane mind could genuinely feel "moral outrage" at the thought of an enemy society torturing/murdering "your" POW's, prisoners of war, even as your own society is engaged in a genocidal war in which it is trying, by all possible means and methods, to kill enemy strangers, on your behalf, using a "proper rules of war" rationale that makes not an iota of rational sense.

In the vast majority of wars, the supreme leader sees his popularity and public support/praise for him and his regime spike upward, as soon as he announces that he is undertaking a war, or immediately after initiating a war, and in the weeks, months that follow. Why does this occur? Is it because the pathetic citizen-slaves start to feel scared for their own safety and so decide that they need to rally around and support their supreme leaders, fearing the consequences of their new "enemy" winning the war? To a degree, yes. But a much more primary reason is the cathartic release of rage that the collective populace feels newly free to direct towards the demonized enemy, as soon as their supreme leader "tells" them that their society is launching a war and will be killing human beings who just happen to be members of the demonized society/nation, on their behalfs. Remember, as I've already revealed, you diseased creatures are constantly searching for human beings to demonize, to harm, to kill, within the framework of receiving moral justification and legitimization from your societal leaders. A declaration or initiation of war by your society, accompanied with propaganda that demonizes the new enemy, provides you with the moral justification and legitimization that you seek. This makes you feel, emotionally, very good and happy. You have a whole new universe of human beings that you can direct your homicidal rage against, not just in terms of personally trying to kill them, but even more in terms of cathartically savoring their victimization and deaths. You don't need to personally kill them in order to relieve at least some of your suppressed homicidal rage, you just need to hear about, read about, integrate within your own mind, the reality of these murders that are being committed in your name, on your behalf, with an illusion of moral legitimacy and justification, by your societies. Your societal leader provides you with both the demonized victims to kill/savor the deaths of, and the moral justification required for you to emotionally rejoice in the deaths while still retaining the illusion of moral superiority. And this is the primary reason why the supreme leader's popularity and "approval rating" among his citizen-slaves goes up, as soon as he announces or initiates a war.

You will never see a supreme leader come to power in a seriously diseased society, if he overtly supports the elimination of any type of legal murder. Doesn't matter if it's war, abortion, the death penalty, hunting, etc... If he is trying to attain a supreme leadership position, no matter the political system, and if he overtly decrees an intention to ban/stop/criminalize abortion, hunting, the death penalty, war, he will not become the supreme leader. He will lose too many votes, or too much public support, and this is because you diseased citizen-slaves have a vested interest in keeping as many forms of legal murder open, legal, available for you to engage in personally, and available for you to cathartically savor the commission of by others within your society, and by your society itself. It is how you relieve your own immense, usually suppressed and denied rage and hate, over the many abuses, suffering, pain, injustice, and trauma that you yourselves, as individuals, experience at the hands of your society. You do not all emotionally revel in all forms of legal murder, but in an ultra-diseased society like america, enough of you are hard-core devotees of every currently available form of legal murder, that nobody could be elected as the supreme leader if he stridently opposed and declared an intention to stop/ban/criminalize, even a single one of the many different types of legal murder. Women are very interested in protecting and preserving the only form of legal murder that has been specifically set aside for their use, that would be abortion. Hunting is more targeted by society for men, as a way to legally murder. The death penalty and war are targeted equally to both genders. The fact that it is men who do almost all of the actual murdering within wars, does not prevent women from cathartically savoring, on an emotional level, the murders that their society is sanctioning, legitimizing, and having committed on their behalf.

Now we come to a very important issue: Notwithstanding the fact that the vast majority of all human beings living within ultra-diseased societies are already severely mentally ill, the job of being a soldier, of being an immature child who is brainwashed into agreeing to kill complete strangers on command, causes a tremendous additional degree of catastrophic mental illness among human beings. Throughout human history, soldiers, most especially those who are forced to actually participate in wars, suffer severe emotional and psychological breakdowns and collapses, at a rate that far exceeds that of any other specific group of people identified by their "employment". The fact that there is a significant increase in the rate of severe psychological collapse among military enlistees who actually get to fight in a war, when compared to military enlistees who serve during peaceful periods of time when no active war occurs or is underway, proves that it is the actual reality of being forced by one's own society/government to try and murder complete strangers, which primarily causes the greatest degree of emotional distress, leading to severe psychological problems that often last for the rest of victim's lifetime. Some will argue that the horror of seeing fellow soldiers, "friends", die, causes the most psychological damage. Others might claim that the fear of being killed during battle, causes the most mental distress. But no, while there are many different horrific aspects to the toxic, societally induced war ritual, which can and do cause extreme psychological distress, and certainly for some soldiers the two experiences listed above will provide the most distress, in the majority of cases it will be the specific act of being commanded to kill complete strangers, and actually carrying out this command, that causes the most severe, the most long-lasting, and the most harmful psychological consequences. There is nothing unnatural about feeling homicidal rage, or even acting upon/expressing that rage via extreme violence, for torture victims who grow up in ultra-diseased societies. To feel homicidal rage is quite normal, for a majority of people who are born into and raised up within ultra-diseased societies. In point of fact, most people who commit "illegal" murders of their own "free will", keeping in mind of course that free will is absolutely limited to the individual parameters of each person's perception of their True Reality, do not find themselves to be terribly burdened, psychologically and emotionally, by their actions. They do not suffer mental breakdowns, because the actions they undertake, while decreed by society to be illegal, are accurate reflections of the sum total of their own life experiences, within the parameters of the deranged structure of their societies. In other words, when an individual commits murder of his own free will, even if his victim is a complete stranger or someone who has never directly caused him any harm, there is an absolutely genuine degree of perceived True Reality entitlement within the murder process, which is in fact a claiming of personal vengeance. However, within the form of murder that carries the label of "war", there is often not a genuine perception of True Reality entitlement to the murders that are committed, because an artificial, invalid enticement, via brainwashing and coercion, has been created for the individual by the very society that is responsible for the victimization that he has experienced and been subjected to, which has manipulated and guided his homicidal rage. The war ritual does not create or initiate this homicidal rage, but it does manipulate and guide/steer the rage, in an unnatural, invalid manner. This is why there is a tremendous difference between a soldier killing a complete stranger within war, and a serial, mass, or other "killer" committing an illegal act of murder upon a complete stranger. At first glance, to the shallow-minded, it may seem as though there is a great deal of similarity, because complete strangers are killed in both cases. But in fact there is no real similarity in terms of perceived personal justification. The "illegal" killer usually possesses a major amount of genuine, deeply felt and emotionalized, justification. He carries out his murder(s) to satisfy his own genuine rage and hate, on his own timetable, against his own chosen targets. That is why relatively few mental breakdowns occur among such killers, after they carry out their acts of personal vengeance. However, the "legal", wartime killer of enemy humans rarely possesses any genuine, deeply felt and emotionalized justification for the specific murders he commits. This is because his murders are being artificially induced and he has in fact been convinced to carry out murder not in his own name, not to avenge himself, not to claim personal vengeance, but rather to commit his murder(s) on behalf of others, on behalf of a society, and worst of all, in most cases on behalf of the very same society that is guilty of his lifelong victimization and brutalization.

Lets be clear, some illegal murderers absolutely do suffer mental breakdowns in the wake of their actions. After all, societies mercilessly try to brainwash all citizen-slaves into believing that they have no right of any kind to claim personal vengeance that it has chosen to decree as "illegal". But most illegal murderers recognize, on some level, to some degree, that they had a True Reality right to choose to seek and claim the personal vengeance that they ended up attempting to claim. But in war, there is no free will at all. There is only brainwashing and coercion, specifically designed for the purpose of getting the child-enlistee to emotionally agree to kill complete strangers upon command. Even homicidally enraged children who enlist in the military specifically hoping to have the opportunity to kill fellow humans, which constitutes a majority of enlistees in ultra-diseased societies, tend to suffer negative psychological consequences after being subjected to this type of brainwashing and coercion, of being compelled to actually carry out the murders of complete strangers, not of their own free will, but upon the command of empowered agents of the very society that is responsible for their victimization and for instilling the homicidal rage that they feel, within their True Reality. The sane, rational, natural direction of rage by individuals, within a societal framework, is towards the society that is responsible for victimizing and causing the individual to feel rage. When the society instead coerces, convinces, terrorizes, and entices it's own victim-creation to direct his rage and hate upon a "foreign" society, upon complete strangers whose society has had nothing directly to do with the personal victimization and resulting rage that the individual is experiencing, we have an irrational, unnatural, dynamic which is created, and it specifically causes severe mental breakdowns and often an inability by the individual to function within the society that has victimized him, after the war comes to an end.

Obviously not all wartime legal murderers suffer such psychological breakdowns, some simply savor the opportunity given to them to finally exact some vengeance upon humanity as a whole, others cling to their delusions that they did a "good", patriotic thing in helping society to kill demonized foreigners, even as they continue to sublimate and bury the pain of their own abuse and victimization, as they try to "adjust" to civilian life, or as they try to extend their military service for as long as possible, hoping to get another chance to cathartically revel in the commission of legal murder during another war. This whole issue of mental illness/psychological breakdown, to be discussed by me in a future essay, is fairly complex and difficult to pin down in terms of concrete facts that are universally applicable, because of the fact that society itself is structured along utterly insane and deranged lines, thus compelling all individuals, even your humble Seer of Forbidden Truth, believe it or not, to experience at least some degree of personal mental illness and dysfunction, within their lives. Embracing and bathing in the glory of Forbidden Truth on all issues, as I do, definitely keeps all mental dysfunction at a bare minimum. But lets understand that with every single structural design, ideology, and primary institution of society operating on completely insane precepts, it is simply not possible for any individual, no matter how Superior he may be, to filter out 100% of the constant societal insanity, for every single day of the person's life, in terms of not being emotionally/psychologically impacted by the limitless waves of insanity that flow into our consciousness. The bottom line right here, on this issue, is that the degree, severity, and frequency of severe mental illness/dysfunction among individuals, is greatly increased by the insane societal ritual of war. And individual victims, labeled as "soldiers", who are compelled by this ritual to try and murder complete strangers, a demonized "enemy" that their own society orders them to murder, suffer the most severely negative emotional consequences of any specific "profession" in existence.

Many legal wartime murderers go on to commit illegal murder once the war has ended and the opportunity to commit additional legal wartime murders is taken away from them. This is perfectly normal and to be expected, of course. The distinctions that the legal/judicial system of societies make, in labeling a form of murder such as war to be legal, while decreeing the exact same act, a murder of a complete stranger, lacking only the "command of a superior boss", to be illegal, are utterly ridiculous and nonsensical. The illegal form of murder is in fact much more easily justified, and much more genuinely justifiable, within the true and genuine individual experience of life of the vast majority of human beings. To kill a complete stranger upon the command of another human being, is unnatural. To kill a complete stranger via individual free will, can often be completely natural, an accurate, cathartic reflection of personal rage and hate. Even in the cases when it is not "completely" natural, it is still almost always more natural than a war murder, in which the individual has literally no control or say in who they are killing, when they kill, or the ability to decide not to kill. One of the greatest outrages that Truth-seekers must recognize, is this insane double standard, under which societies praise and reward their citizen-slaves for committing legal wartime murder, and then turn around and demonize/condemn not only all people who commit illegal murder, but in fact these very same citizen-slaves, if they should go on to commit additional, "unauthorized", illegal acts of murder once their wartime service as a hired/brainwashed murderer, has come to an end. This is utterly mind-boggling! It is the exact same act, only there is less legitimate moral justification for the wartime murders, and yet the wartime murderer receives praise and honor, while the "criminal" murderer receives demonization and punitive punishment!

Your evil societies take a helpless child, encourage him to murder, provide him with weapons to commit murder with, demonize human beings to the child, strip the child of any genuine respect for life that he may still possess within his True Reality, order the child to murder complete strangers, praise and reward the child for successfully murdering complete strangers, threaten to punish the child if he should refuse to murder complete strangers. And after doing all this, literally turning the child into a mindless mass murderer on your behalf, you have the audacity, the gall, the mind-boggling hypocrisy, to condemn, demonize, and punitively punish this child, even to murder him outright, if he should commit any "unauthorized" acts of murder, after his career as a soldier, his career as a legal murderer, has ended. Unbelievable! Of course we have to keep in mind that the vast majority of all soldiers who suffer mental breakdowns do not go on to commit illegal murders. It's far worse, as the vast majority go on to ritualistically destroy their own lives. committing suicide either dramatically, or slowly, via alcohol, drugs, etc..., as they desperately try to cope with, in reality to escape from, the horrific Truth and fact that their society terroristically forced them to commit completely unnatural and unjustified murder of complete strangers, via the war ritual. Every war spawns a new generation of mental breakdowns. And in point of fact, the more "morally righteous" a society/government pretends it is in it's participation in a war, the greater the number of soldiers who suffer severe mental breakdowns, is likely to be. This is because there is no genuine basis for any claim of moral righteousness by any society/government that chooses to participate in the war ritual, and a constant, fervent claim by a society to it's citizen-slaves that the war and the genocide that was committed was in fact morally righteous, only tends to increase the stress level and the mental/emotional anxiety/distress of any soldier who is or has begun to realize the Truth of what exactly what he was brainwashed and manipulated into doing as a societally employed mass murderer.

Some of you shallow-minded humans would claim that yes, it did look like the Vietnam War spawned a large number of severe mental breakdowns, with many Vietnam veterans becoming homeless, drug and alcohol addicts, committing suicide, becoming criminals, and generally being unable to adjust to civilian life, but at the same time, you will argue that this did not occur in the wake of world war 2, because america was definitely fighting an undeniably "righteous" war in WW2. Would this be an accurate theory? Of course not! The fact is that in the 1940's and 1950's, most citizen-slaves in america who showed the slightest indications of a mental breakdown, were hauled off and thrown into a psychiatric prison. Severe mental breakdowns were kept hidden from the general public. There was no investigative reporting, mental illness/breakdown was decreed to be a tragically mysterious occurrence, with the victim himself blamed for not being "strong" enough to cope with "normal" life. Nobody in a position of psychiatric or cultural authority was even trying to create a link between the fact of citizen-slaves being forced by their society to murder complete strangers, and the fact of those same citizen-slaves suffering an incredibly high degree of mental breakdowns afterwards. The Truth is, percentage-wise, at least as many world war 2 veterans suffered severe, crippling, mental breakdowns as a direct result of the genocidally evil american war efforts, as did Vietnam veterans. Only difference is that the torment of the Vietnam victims was and is more visible to the general public, in terms of public homelessness, some investigative reporting, a few high profile crimes, and the psychiatric policy of de-institutionalization that american society chose to undertake in the early 1970's, after societal leaders decided it was becoming too expensive to house all of the millions of severely mentally ill torture victims that it had and was/is continuing, to create.

A majority of all infamous american serial and mass killers did serve in the american military, and a perfect early example of a torture victim-creation of world war 2 who went on to pioneer the lone gunman mass murder rampage era in america, is Howard Unruh. Howard Unruh was a sniper for the united states army in world war 2. He spent over three years killing complete strangers, and received numerous awards, ribbons and battle stars, from his military superiors. He was an honored sharpshooter, praised and rewarded for picking off and murdering complete strangers, on behalf of american society, and he was honorably discharged when world war 2 ended. On September 6, 1949, 4 years after world war 2 and his opportunity to commit legal murder had ended, had in fact been taken away from him by american society, the same society that literally compelled him to begin committing legal murder on it's behalf when he was a child aged 20 or 21, still only 28 years old in 1949, an age when the typical child is just beginning to reach the lowest levels of genuine emotional maturity, our torture victim went on a shooting rampage through the streets of his hometown in New Jersey. In about 12 minutes time, he shot thirteen people dead, and wounded numerous others, demonstrating that he had not lost the precious sharp-shooting/sniping skill that his diseased society had so honored and rewarded him for, just 4-7 years earlier. This was the single most deadly lone gunman rampage in american history, as of 1949, and Howard kept this record all the way until 1966, before Charles Whitman finally surpassed him. This is a perfect example of how ultra-diseased societies not only create all of their "criminals", but overtly cause and inspire them to kill. Such societies have no respect for any citizen-slave's welfare or life. They torture children, then turn their own torture victims into legal murderers, in order to relieve the suppressed homicidal rage that exists within the True Reality of almost all citizen-slaves, then they have the audacity to blame, demonize, punitively punish these very same tortured victim-creations that it employed to commit murder for the purpose of relieving the collective homicidal rage that exists within the society itself. How utterly perverse!

And of course there was absolutely no psychiatric or cultural acknowledgment of any kind, that american society, the american government's choice to engage in genocidal war rituals, was directly responsible for turning Howard Unruh into a murderer, both a legal and an "illegal" murderer. In fact, the most highly respected psychiatrists went out of their way to perversely rule out any "connection" between his "honorable" military service as a legal murderer, and his "shocking and terrible" rampage of illegal murder a few years later, even though any sane thinker recognizes that there is obviously an absolute, complete, and extreme connection. As always, psychiatrists acted as societal whores, validating and legitimizing the insane doctrines and decrees of the mentally deranged society that they themselves were and of course still are, beholden citizen-slaves to. Dr. Edward Strecker, then the professor of psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Medical College, and the head shrink who probably spent more time "examining" Howard after his rampage than any other shrink, insanely concluded and publicly decreed: Killings such as these cannot be traced to military service. How ridiculous! This quote is from They Shoot To Kill: A Psycho-Survey of Criminal Sniping, by Ronald Tobias. To be strictly accurate, it is of course true that the root cause of homicidal rage in individuals is not military service or the insane war ritual, but rather the sum total of brutal victimization and abuse that societies choose to undertake and commit, as public policy, against their children. At the same time however, the legitimization and the enthusiastic practice of some forms of murder by society, has to be recognized as rendering all forms and types of murder to be perfectly legitimate and valid, which means that every form of murder should be legal, and not subject to any type of condemnation or demonization, much less the infliction of punitive punishment, by society.

Even though I again must make it clear that I do not agree with all of the conclusions reached by the author of the following essay, I do strongly recommend that seekers of Truth read it and try to understand the fundamental premise of Truth that is revealed, namely, that all war constitutes a restaging of childhood abuse, trauma, and victimization, by societal leaders, for the purpose of trying to alleviate their own mental distress/insanity/lust for vengeance, as well as to appease and satiate the collective mental distress and rage of the masses of citizen-slaves that they rule over. Here is the url link for this essay:
Restaging Early Traumas in War and Social Violence
The one thing that I find distressing about this otherwise very insightful essay, is the fact that fetal and infant abuse/victimization is implied to more directly inspire the mental derangements that lead to an embrace of the war ritual, than abuse and victimization that occurs a bit later in children's lives. Certainly fetal and infant abuse plays an extremely major role, but no more of a role than the vicious abuse that almost all children continue to be subjected to throughout their entire childhoods. A better essay that does focus much more on the abuses and tortured suffered by supreme leaders of warmongering societies, would be:
War as Righteous Rape and Purification

To conclude this particular vein of Truth, the war ritual exists as an exact parallel to the overall, genocidally malevolent policy of mass child victimization, that societies choose to commit upon and undertake against, their very own children, the children who are born into the society. War exists and occurs, because ultra-diseased and deranged societies choose to legitimize and undertake the brutal, ongoing abuse of their own children, as a matter of core public policy. War is simply a reflection of the thirst for vengeance that dwells within the True Reality of both supreme leaders of societies, and citizen-slaves of societies, both of whom are victims of their own societal malevolence.

Societies such as america commit genocide upon each and every generation of their own children, overt, absolute genocide. Wars are accurate reflections of this genocide, expressed by surviving victims of the genocide upon a demonized foreign group. As long as the illusion of moral justification is provided by the leaders of a society, no matter how ridiculously hypocritical and invalid the illusion may be, the vast majority of citizen-slaves will eagerly embrace and accept the justification, due to an immense, collective, subconscious rage and desperate emotional need to commit genocide that exists within the masses of citizen-slaves, whose own society has already undertaken and committed absolutely brutal abuse, victimization, and genocide upon them, when they were children.

The entire structure of a society like america, every aspect of it, the political, cultural, economic, entertainment, ideological, judicial, educational, military structures, all operate and function in a completely deranged manner. What do I mean by "deranged"? I mean insane, irrational, illogical, hypocritical, lie-based, deliberately set up to abuse, victimize, harm, kill people, on a mass, genocidal scale. Every structure and institution is lie-based, specifically designed and operated in such a way as to keep all genuinely profound Truth hidden, suppressed, and denied. None of you creatures have any True idea of why you are doing the things you do, why you believe the things that you do, why you live your lives as you do. All of your beliefs in this regard are false and invalid. There is no Truth on any issue, because every last trace of genuine Truth has been stripped out of the culture, to the degree where Truth cannot even be recognized anymore even if it is thrown directly into your face, as I, your humble Seer of Forbidden Truth, am doing in this Manifesto. You creatures flee in terror from Truth, from all Truth, in reflection of the daily, lifelong diet of insane lies that your society is built upon, and has subjected you to each and every day of your lives. I say all this here, because I want you creatures to understand that if you find yourself shocked, amazed, and incredulous at my essays of Truth, and reject them as being "untrue", as I'm sure the vast majority of you will, that is the reason why. Truth is not even recognizable to you creatures! There is very little chance that any of you can or will embrace the Truths I am revealing about war, or any other issue in this manifesto, because facing up to these Truths would have to involve an ability to recognize Truth, and you folks have been totally stripped of this ability by your evil societies. On top of that, you'd also have to face up to the fact that your beloved societies are insane, as well as totally bereft of all decency, morality, and "humanity", and therefore you, individually, in choosing to be and to live as a member of society, are also insane, immoral, malicious, and literally inhumane, despite the fact that you are human. How many of you creatures can find the courage and strength of character to face up to these Truths? Certainly no more than one in a million, at most. And yet I will spend 3-4 years of my precious, irreplaceable life, creating this Manifesto in written form, because the value of Truth is limitless and timeless. It does not need to be embraced, accepted, or recognized as Truth, by any living thing, in order to retain it's sacred value.

Okay, a few final Truths on this war issue. Ultra-diseased societies function within a pattern of addictive genocide. Just as a heroin addict repeatedly plays out the same "pattern", of seeking out heroin, and using it to create an artificial sense of reality within his brain/mind, ultra-diseased societies victimize each generation of their own children in a genocidal manner, and each generation, even as it commits genocide upon it's own children, seeks out a foreign group to demonize, and attempts to victimize that group in genocidal fashion. This is partly due to the fact that each new adult generation that comes into power, have already been victimized themselves, in a genocidal manner. There is no moral basis to war, but no moral basis is needed, only the pretense and illusion of a moral basis, the same type of pretense under which you creatures insanely convince yourselves that you "love" your children and would never do anything to deliberately harm them, even as you sponsor their genocidal abuse, torture, and mass scale murder. It is true that societies and governments that are victimized via genocide by another society/government, within the war ritual, are far more likely to engage in additional wars, with an even greater, obsessive determination to carry out genocide themselves. This is because the amount and degree of homicidal rage within a society is increased, if there is a failure to kill a significant number of "foreign enemy" humans, in the war. "Losing" the war is less upsetting and enraging, than failing to kill large numbers of enemy humans is. And of course in many war rituals, even the losing side, using lies and propaganda, is often able to convince their pathetic citizen-slaves that their side actually won. Let us understand that societies/governments go to war for the expressed purpose and motivation of killing. There is homicidal rage within the True Reality of the supreme leader, and within the True Reality of the vast majority of his citizen-slaves, and the war is expected to serve as an outlet for this homicidal rage. Therefore, "winning" the war is a secondary consideration, the first consideration being to kill a large number of members of the demonized, enemy society, under an invalid cloak of moral justification and claimed necessity.

It is clear to any seeker of Truth that even though as I write these words america has not yet killed 5000 or more Afghanistan citizen-slaves, this figure will have to be reached before the supreme leader of this ultra-diseased society will even begin to consider calling an end to his genocidal war. In satiating his own homicidal rage as well as the homicidal rage of american citizens, he knows that it is and will be relatively easy to maintain the illusion of moral justification for killing at least 5000 demonized enemy humans, because approximately 5000 humans on "his" side were killed by the Afghanistan "side". He further knows that the vast majority of bloodthirsty americans will not be satisfied, will not have their homicidal rage satiated, unless at least 5000 "legal" murders, and most likely far more, are committed in their names, by their society, on their behalf.

Another fine example of how genocide and warmongering is addictive/reflective in nature, is the situation with the religious/societal group known as jews. Back in the late 1930's and 1940's, germany, an ultra-diseased society known for having possibly the most brutal child-rearing policies and doctrine of any society on planet earth during the early part of the 20th century, undertook a war ritual of genocide, targeting jews and other demonized enemy "outsiders", in Europe. A great many jews were in fact tortured and/or killed, while very few jews got to torture or kill germans. In other words, the war between these two particular groups was very lopsided. In the end, the germans lost the war, but this loss provided virtually no relief of homicidal rage to the jew side, because it was not the jews themselves who got to murder/torture/massacre the germans, but rather other societies, like america, which almost never passes up an opportunity to join in on a war, got to carry out the actual massacres/genocide of the german/nazi soldiers, who were of course tortured victim-creations of their society. This lack of homicidal fulfillment for the jews, carried far greater importance than the "victory" that they ended up with, in terms of the enemy, germany, being totally defeated and massacred. Immediately after this war ended, jew society began desperately searching for a new enemy to demonize and hate, an "active" enemy that they could engage in a war with. At the same time, recognizing their own vulnerability and determined to find a way to kill lots of demonized enemies themselves, they courted and established benevolent relationships with the world's most powerful and most diseased societies, such as america and britain. Then, with the strongest bully nations of the world backing them, they seized a small bit of land that they knew not only belonged to arab societies, but also that the arab societies believed this particular land to be very important, to have extreme insane god myth value to them. This land was surrounded on all sides by arab societies, and of course the jews knew that they would face constant battles, wars, attacks, as a direct result of their malicious decision to seize this sovereign territory. The point is, they wanted to face constant attacks. They wanted to goad the arab societies into attacking them, so that they would be able to establish and embrace an illusion of moral justification for the war, the ongoing, genocidal murders that they were determined to commit and to engage in. They were desperate and determined to cathartically transfer the genocide that was committed against them, onto another group/society of humans, after demonizing them and invoking the illusion of moral legitimacy, such as the insane claim that "we must defend and protect our land", even though they made the decision to seize this particular land, in that particular spot, because they knew it was extremely likely they would face ongoing attacks, and were in fact desperately hoping, to provoke and spark a war. And so for the past 50 or so years, the society/country of israel has been engaged in a genocidal war against her arab neighbors, trying to vent the homicidal rage of the masses of it's citizen-slaves upon a demonized enemy. Did they recreate concentration camps that looked the same as the germans used upon them, and torture/kill arabs in them?? No, of course not! That would ruin their illusion of moral legitimacy and the "right to kill their enemy", the exact same illusion that the nazi's used against them, and that all warmongering societies use as a moral justification for their expressions of homicidal genocide. They had to find different ways to wage their war, different ways to commit genocide, different from the nazi war methodologies, so as to retain the illusion of being the morally superior "victims" who are only defending themselves against an "evil" enemy. The reality of course, is that the israel society/government is far more evil, has far less justification for engaging in this war, initiated and is far more determined to never allow this war to end, in the foreseeable future, than the arab societies are, even though they too possess plenty of homicidal rage, being inferior societies. The amount and degree of homicidal rage that exists within jew society, is still far greater and more intense than the homicidal rage of the arabs. This is because the german genocide inflicted upon the jews was quite massive, with millions of murders and millions more tortured, and it only occurred about 60 years ago, which is not a lot of time at all, in terms of generational passage. And of course all jews passed down and will continue to pass down their immense homicidal rage, upon their children, for an indefinite period of time, it will take at the very least 1000 years of time before even the slightest possible diminishment in the degree and pervasiveness of jew homicidal rage, might occur.

At the same time however, over the past 50 years, the amount and degree of homicidal rage suffered by the arabs has grown and increased tremendously, because they have been the victims of an ongoing war in which they have taken a disproportionate number of casualties, as well as suffered brutal economic and human rights genocide, at the hands of not only israel, but the much more powerful, ultra-diseased societies like america, who have allied themselves with israel and who as always, never can or do pass up any opportunity to join in on, or to initiate, a war. Now we have enough homicidal rage built up within arab societies, as a result of the genocide that they have been subjected to for the past 50 years, for a homicidally enraged and mentally ill victim of the insane god myth, Osama bin-Laden, to be able to rally his fellow torture victims into agreeing to engage in a literally suicidal war, targeting, interestingly, not israel, but america. What makes this interesting is that the world's #1 bully nation, the greatest warmonger of them all, america, amazingly seems to feel surprised, even shocked, to be the direct target of the homicidal rage of another society/supreme leader. American societal leaders believe they should have every right to initiate and undertake limitless, utterly genocidal wars against all other societies, using weapons that are superior to that of all other societies, but only when they want to, while all other societies should just sit back and wait until america makes the decision to engage in a war with them. How perverse!

The primary point I am making is that ultra-diseased societies, especially societies that are victimized by genocide, become addicted and obsessed with committing genocide, and it is you, the citizen-slaves, who are both the pawns who pay with your lives and also the "fuel" that sparks and ignites the wars that your insane societal leaders choose to engage in, on your behalfs. It is your homicidal rage, collectively and en masse, as victims of personal, emotional, ideological abuse, traumatization, and brutalization inflicted upon you by your own societies, not by foreign societies, that serves as the fuel that powers all wars. Germany committed genocide against the jews, the jews in turn committed genocide against the arabs, the arabs in turn are now trying to continue the cycle, to relieve their homicidal rage, as a society, in the same manner as the germans, jews, and of course the americans, have done and in the case of the jews and americans, continue to do today. War is an "internationally externalized" cycle of victimization, caused by domestic internalized insanity, which is brought on by mainstream, widely accepted and embraced malevolent policies of domestic child abuse, child victimization and traumatization, committed by ultra-diseased societies against their own child-slaves.

I hope none of you creatures feel or think that I am "picking" on specific societies like america, in this essay of Forbidden Truth. I am not singling out america, any more than america deserves to be singled out. There are many ultra-diseased societies, all worthy of our profound scorn, contempt, and personal hatred. And yet in analyzing the degree, scope, and pervasive nature of governmental warmongering, it becomes completely clear and undeniable that america achieves new heights, the ultimate degree of genocidal malice, which on an ongoing basis, over the past 50 years, 100 years, even 250 years, surpasses that of any other single governmental entity. America is constantly engaging in wars, literally all of the time, most often america is juggling 2-3 wars at the same time, and as soon as one war winds down, american societal leaders already have their next war, their next chosen war partner, all picked out. The war with the soviet union was delightful to america, because it was so long-lasting and the nuclear threat could be used to demonize them. America has been at war with cuba for decades, still is at war with them. This war beautifully serves the political propaganda of the american regime, as america demonizes a society for not being "free and democratic" even though the reality is that in many ways, the government of Cuba treats it's citizen-slaves with more respect and fairness, than the american gov't treats it's citizen-slaves. Over the past 12+ years, an absolutely incredible war of genocide has been underway by america against iraq, directly resulting in the killing/death of over a million people in Iraq, at least 500,000 children. And yet, amazingly, most citizen-slaves of america do not consider themselves to even be at war at the current time, with iraq and cuba. This is what sets america apart, brands america as truly the worst of the worst, in terms of genocidal warmongering. You creatures can kill a million human beings living in a foreign society, complete strangers, individual human beings who would never have even been able to reach an american shoreline, much less kill americans, and yet not even consider yourselves and your government to be at war with the society that you have killed one million citizens of. Absolutely amazing!

Not convinced yet, folks? Okay, lets consider this Truth: America was formed via a genocidal invasion of a sovereign land. Human beings, known as "indians", occupied, owned, possessed the land mass which later became known as america. An invading army of Europeans, having never set foot on this territory before, crossed a huge ocean, found this land mass, decided that they liked it, and launched a genocidal, totally unprovoked war, for the specific purpose of annihilating the entire race of human beings who legally possessed and occupied this land mass, the native indians. The use of the word "annihilate" is very important and key, because it is truly the only word that fits. In the vast majority of wars, neither side ever comes close to killing even 10% of the population of their "enemy". In fact, 2% fatality rates in war, are probably most common. Not even the nazi's, whose entire motivation seemed to be to "annihilate" as many gypsies, jews, and other very specific groups of people, managed to kill more than 35-50%, at most, of their chosen targets, meaning members of the specific group of people that they targeted, who were living in the countries that they chose to attack/invade. But what of the European invaders who launched their genocidal war on the native indians?? Amazingly, incredibly, the european invaders managed to kill approximately 97% of all the native indians that they launched their war against, within the land mass that came to be known as america. 97%!! A 97% fatality rate in a war, this is unmatched by any society in the history of the world, even societies like the nazi's which basically admitted that they were trying to kill as many jews & gypsies as they possibly could, did not come anywhere close to achieving a 97% fatality rate. I can't even believe that Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Attila The Hun, or any other "prehistoric" warmonger, managed to achieve a 97% fatality rate, in any specific war that they engaged in. So don't you dare accuse me of unfairly "picking on" america in this essay. Truth stands, and I stand with Truth, always. It will not be hidden, suppressed, denied, not here, not in this Manifesto. It will shine in all it's perverse glory. America came into existence as a country, via the commission of the single most incredibly bloodthirsty war of genocide in the history of the Modern Era, and quite possible the entire history of all of humanity, via an unprovoked war that resulted in the founders of america and their hired, legal murderers fatally annihilating 97% of their chosen enemy, 97% of all native indian men, women, and children, in the single most prolifically deadly act of genocide, percentage-wise, to have ever occurred within any war, ever waged in the history of humanity.

Now, as is the case in every war, these genocidal mass murderers from Europe had to find a way to claim moral justification for launching this incredible, unprovoked, ultra-violent attack upon a sovereign land and it's inhabitants. In fact they embraced many different perverse and invalid justifications, such as the notion that the human beings living on and possessing this land were in fact nothing more than "subhuman savages" who did not deserve to possess the land. Ha! What a joke, the European invaders were tons more subhuman, tons more savage, than the native indians could ever have hoped to be, but as always, Truth stood no chance of ever being recognized, much less embraced, by the homicidally enraged invaders. I want to specifically talk about one of the insane moral justifications that was employed, not during the initial years of native indian genocide, but rather in later decades, the mid 1800's, because it ties in so beautifully to the entire ongoing derangement of humanity as regards war, racial and ethnic superiority, and " private land ownership". This moral justification came to be known as manifest destiny. Some of you may not be familiar with this term, but I will define it perfectly below, and you can also use most internet search engines to access the exact phrase of "manifest destiny", if you wish to educate yourself that way. I will also provide a link or two, for your convenience. Manifest Destiny was an "ideology" that american societal leaders devised and created in the 1830's and 1840's, for the purpose of justifying a massive, genocidal expansion, in reality of course a vicious invasion involving war, into the western and southern parts of what is now known as america, and was still, at that time, primarily occupied by native indians and native hispanics, now known as mexicans. As an ideology and philosophy, Manifest Destiny combined all of the most perverse elements of human inferiority, into one giant, toxic ball of malevolent derangement. The insane god myth, the notion of racial superiority, the notion of ethnic superiority, a doctrine of mysticism based upon irrational thought, the creation of a national notion of moral superiority, in order to cover up the Truth of immense, limitless moral inferiority and genocidal immorality. All of these perversions were combined, mixed together, and out of this toxic brew, in the 1830's and 1840's, arose the ideology of Manifest Destiny, which was used as a philosophical launching pad for the European invaders who had already committed genocide throughout middle and upper eastern portions of the north american continent, launching the second stage of their incredible rampage of malice, in invading and expanding their genocide to the west and to the south. Here are some direct Manifest Destiny quotes, from famous, influential leaders within american society in the 1930's and 1940's, which serve to illustrate the Truth I have revealed above.

John L. O'Sullivan on Manifest Destiny, 1939: The American people having derived their origin from many other nations, and the Declaration of National Independence being entirely based on the great principle of human equality, these facts demonstrate at once our disconnected position as regards any other nation; that we have, in reality, but little connection with the past history of any of them, and still less with all antiquity, its glories, or its crimes. On the contrary, our national birth was the beginning of a new history, the formation and progress of an untried political system, which separates us from the past and connects us with the future only; and so far as regards the entire development of the natural rights of man, in moral, political, and national life, we may confidently assume that our country is destined to be the great nation of futurity. Keep in mind that the above quote, proclaiming moral superiority and attempting to dismiss the "past", comes after John's society has already committed the most incredible feat of genocide imaginable, against the native indians in the eastern coast portion of america, and after american societal leaders had begun to kidnap millions of black people from africa and transport them thousands of miles against their will to work as subhuman pieces of owned property.

John goes on to say, within his Manifest Destiny decrees: It is so destined, because the principle upon which a nation is organized fixes its destiny, and that of equality is perfect, is universal. It presides in all the operations of the physical world, and it is also the conscious law of the soul -- the self-evident dictates of morality, which accurately defines the duty of man to man, and consequently man's rights as man. Besides, the truthful annals of any nation furnish abundant evidence, that its happiness, its greatness, its duration, were always proportionate to the democratic equality in its system of government. . . . What friend of human liberty, civilization, and refinement, can cast his view over the past history of the monarchies and aristocracies of antiquity, and not deplore that they ever existed? What philanthropist can contemplate the oppressions, the cruelties, and injustice inflicted by them on the masses of mankind, and not turn with moral horror from the retrospect? Absolute gobbledygook, is what this is, folks! An appeal to mystical, irrational, but most of all, completely false notions, designed to create a ridiculous sense of moral superiority and entitlement within the populace, so as to allow for the next phase of the genocidal war process to be launched, and to maintain mainstream public support for what is completely and utterly unjustifiable, from any Truth-based, or morally based perspective. Amazingly, american societal leaders in the 1840's, after already committing quite possible the most unjustifiable, immoral war of genocide of the modern era, and after officially decreeing countless millions of their fellow human beings to be nothing more than subhuman pieces of property based solely upon the coloration of their skin and the area of the world, africa, in which they reside, make the claim that the american political/governmental system is superior to all other systems, and that america is a "civilized, refined, philanthropic, morally superior" society/nation! Understand, you diseased creatures, that this insane claim is not only perverse on it's face, but what allows it to reach the ultimate in perversity, is the fact that these insane claims are being made for the specific purpose of garnering widespread support among the populace for the next stage of the genocidal war that american societal leaders had already chosen and decided to undertake.

John goes on to say: America is destined for better deeds. It is our unparalleled glory that we have no reminiscences of battle fields, but in defence of humanity, of the oppressed of all nations, of the rights of conscience, the rights of personal enfranchisement. Our annals describe no scenes of horrid carnage, where men were led on by hundreds of thousands to slay one another, dupes and victims to emperors, kings, nobles, demons in the human form called heroes. We have had patriots to defend our homes, our liberties, but no aspirants to crowns or thrones; nor have the American people ever suffered themselves to be led on by wicked ambition to depopulate the land, to spread desolation far and wide, that a human being might be placed on a seat of supremacy. Absolutely mind-boggling! His society has just spent the past half century+ doing nothing but committing "horrid carnage", unprovoked genocide, homicidal oppression of a morally superior ethnic group, a deliberately overt effort to literally "depopulate" the native indian from the face of the entire eastern portion of america. Insane notions of ethnic supremacy were and are the foundation of the existence of america, and yet this empowered agent/leader of american society in the 1940's, describing the new ideology of Manifest Destiny that his societal leaders have created out of thin air, reveals not a trace of Truth. Every single sentence he writes in describing the ideology of Manifest Destiny, is a lie, the exact opposite of the True facts. This is because Manifest Destiny is itself a lie, on every level and from every angle. It was created by american societal leaders to be an utter lie, exactly as all mainstream religions were and are specifically formulated to reveal not a single iota of Truth, but rather to brainwash, deceive, manipulate, control, and plant insane, immoral, genocidal notions into the minds of all citizen-slaves, to convince them that these insane, immoral, genocidal notions in fact represent truth, logic, sanity, morality, and benevolence.

In this same 1939 essay on Manifest Destiny, John L. O'Sullivan continues: We have no interest in the scenes of antiquity, only as lessons of avoidance of nearly all their examples. The expansive future is our arena, and for our history. We are entering on its untrodden space, with the truths of God in our minds, beneficent objects in our hearts, and with a clear conscience unsullied by the past. We are the nation of human progress, and who will, what can, set limits to our onward march? Providence is with us, and no earthly power can. We point to the everlasting truth on the first page of our national declaration, and we proclaim to the millions of other lands, that "the gates of hell" -- the powers of aristocracy and monarchy -- "shall not prevail against it." It had to happen, folks. He had to invoke the insane god myth, and he did. The insane god myth, and an insane, mystical notion that god "wants" america to commit genocide by launching an unprovoked invasion of the Western and Southern portions of the land mass, that they named america, that they had already committed the ultimate in genocide upon. Many native indians and hispanics had already fled west and south, desperately fleeing for their lives from the genocide of the europeans. But the europeans were determined to continue with their genocide, to literally pursue the fleeing natives for thousands of miles, killing all the way, with each mile of new territory that they seized. Unbelievably, John has already invoked the word "truth" twice in his essay, even though the "Truth" is that every single thought, idea, and notion that he expresses in his Manifest Destiny essay, is utterly false and untrue, not to mention insanely, malevolently hypocritical. Understand folks, that in the Truest, literal sense, the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, among other things, called upon american citizen-slaves in the 1830's and 1840's to launch a Jihad, a holy war, against defenseless, overwhelmed native indians and hispanics who were simply trying to hold on to their territory, to their land, in response to an invasion in which the europeans had literally traveled thousands of miles across a vast ocean, just to commit genocide upon them.

Manifest Destiny specifically invoked the "will of god", even a demand from god, for all loyal americans to agree and to participate in the ongoing genocide of natives. Just look at the quotes: We are entering on its untrodden space, with the truths of God in our minds, beneficent objects in our hearts, and with a clear conscience unsullied by the past. Providence is with us, and no earthly power can (set limits to our onward march). The philosophy of Manifest Destiny, as clearly expressed, is literally an exact parallel to the philosophy expressed in recent months by Osama bin-Laden in his call for a "Jihad", a holy war against america and the western societies. It's exactly the same! American societal leaders called for a Jihad in the 1830's and 1840's, this call was embraced by almost all of the american public, and in fact an incredibly genocidal Jihad, a holy war, occurred, with america slaughtering millions more natives, in genocidal fashion. How incredibly perverse it is that any of you creatures living today, have the audacity to demonize Osama, to ridicule the notion of a Jihad, a holy war, when the Truth is that your very own society/nation, if in fact you are an american, only came into existence as it is today via a genocidal, totally unprovoked war that was structured, in every sense of the term, along the exact same "holy war, Jihad, lines.

John concludes his proud decree of Manifest Destiny with: The far-reaching, the boundless future will be the era of American greatness. In its magnificent domain of space and time, the nation of many nations is destined to manifest to mankind the excellence of divine principles; to establish on earth the noblest temple ever dedicated to the worship of the Most High -- the Sacred and the True. Its floor shall be a hemisphere -- its roof the firmament of the star-studded heavens, and its congregation an Union of many Republics, comprising hundreds of happy millions, calling, owning no man master, but governed by God's natural and moral law of equality, the law of brotherhood -- of "peace and good will amongst men.". . . Yes, we are the nation of progress, of individual freedom, of universal enfranchisement. Equality of rights is the cynosure of our union of States, the grand exemplar of the correlative equality of individuals; and while truth sheds its effulgence, we cannot retrograde, without dissolving the one and subverting the other. We must onward to the fulfillment of our mission -- to the entire development of the principle of our organization -- freedom of conscience, freedom of person, freedom of trade and business pursuits, universality of freedom and equality. This is our high destiny, and in nature's eternal, inevitable decree of cause and effect we must accomplish it. All this will be our future history, to establish on earth the moral dignity and salvation of man -- the immutable truth and beneficence of God. For this blessed mission to the nations of the world, which are shut out from the life-giving light of truth, has America been chosen; and her high example shall smite unto death the tyranny of kings, hierarchs, and oligarchs, and carry the glad tidings of peace and good will where myriads now endure an existence scarcely more enviable than that of beasts of the field. Who, then, can doubt that our country is destined to be the great nation of futurity? Absolutely incredible! More mention of truth, although how any sane creature could possibly find a single word of Truth within this entire essay, is mind-boggling. More mention of god, of course. "We kill these subhuman inferior natives because god wants us to rule all of north america", that is the True message. "We are the nation of universal enfranchisement", he says, even as millions of morally superior black africans are being forced to work as subhuman slaves after being kidnapped, and millions of morally superior native indians/hispanics have been and continue to be genocidally murdered for doing nothing more than trying to protect their land. "Moral dignity, freedom, and salvation of man is our noble purpose", he declares, at the exact same time as his society is literally mass murdering millions of people because they are not european, enslaving millions more as subhuman creatures because of their skin color, and committing the ultimate in immorality. The mind reels in shock, even my Superior mind reels, in contemplating how these words of John L. O'Sullivan in describing the ideology of Manifest Destiny, as well as Manifest Destiny itself, as a public policy, were universally embraced and accepted as representing Truth and directly used to justify the massacre of literally millions of people, in the decades of genocidal war that the american government engaged in, from 1840 till the 1900's.

I have spent quite a bit of time and space here, on Manifest Destiny. I have done so because in this ideology, we see a perfect, beautiful parallel to how the vast majority of wars are waged by societies/governments. Insane ideologies, that have not a shred of Truth to them, are created and devised by societal leaders, then spread throughout the nation, by the leaders, their empowered agents, and especially in recent decades, by the media of the society. These ideologies are literally insane, so transparent that any sane thinker can see right through them. But there is a problem: Your societies are insane and lie-based, and you creatures, as citizen-slaves, born into and raised up within the insane society, are likewise insane and lie-based. You cannot even recognize Truth, much less embrace it. And so just as this insane ideology of Manifest Destiny was universally embraced by americans in 1840, so too have all of the other insane ideologies that societies have used to promote and legitimize war/genocide, been universally embraced since 1840, throughout all of human history, and they continue to be universally embraced today, by the "loyal", brainwashed, Truth-hating citizen-slaves of societies. This insane, malevolently immoral justification for a "call to war" known as Manifest Destiny, that american societal leaders undertook in the 1830's and 1840's was/is exactly the same as the justifications that Adolf Hitler used with his society, that Osama bin-Laden uses with his society, that america used to justify engaging in world war 1, world war 2, the korean war, the vietnam war, wars against iraq, panama, etc... I hope that the few Superiors who read this Manifesto of Truth can focus upon the clarity of the Manifest Destiny ideology, the incredible, undeniable nature of it's lie-based hypocrisy as expressed in the above quotes, and recognize that in every single war, every society/government that chooses to participate in the war engages in this exact same form of ideological brainwashing, in order to obtain and maintain public support for the war, and to establish and maintain the illusion of moral legitimacy and justification for the immoral genocide that is being committed on your behalf, assuming that you are a member of a society that does engage in the toxic war ritual.

It is especially worthwhile at this particular point in time, as I write these words, to note that the insane god myth has been used by the american government and by american societal leaders, to create the illusion of a justification for genocidal wartime atrocities, as proven by the ideological facts of Manifest Destiny. This renders the current demonization by the west of Osama bin-Laden and other "terrorists", for trying to invoke Allah in their calls for a "Jihad", a holy war, 100% completely and utterly hypocritical. The insane god myth has been used throughout history, by leaders of societies, for genocidal malice, this continues to be the case, and america is more guily of this perverse practice, america has caused far more atrocities to occur in the name of god, over the past 300+ years, than any other society. As proven by Manifest Destiny ideology, societal and governmental leaders will stop at nothing to create a moral justification to commit genocide through war. They will invoke god, they will lie, they will brainwash, they will provoke their chosen enemy, they will create entire ideologies that contain not a shred of Truth, that profess to represent justice, morality, benevolence, when in reality the ideology represents the ultimate in injustice, immorality, and malevolence, as proven by the Manifest Destiny ideology.

Now, it is important to note that the essay on Manifest Destiny written by John L. O'Sullivan that I have quoted above, is merely one "interpretation" of Manifest Destiny ideology. There is probably no "official" text of Manifest Destiny, but rather a huge number of different essays, articles, and interpretations that were written by societally empowered agents during the 1930's and 1940's. I obviously do not have the time or the inclination to quote them all. However, I am very confident that the quotes I have provided above do represent very accurately, the "mainstream" definitional parameters of the 1840's era american government Manifest Destiny ideology, that was used to inspire and garner public support for the american "expansion" of territory after 1940, into the west and south land mass, that resulted in the genocidal war murders of millions of people. In case any of you want to study or read more about Manifest Destiny, I would recommend the following url's:

Open Directory-Manifest Destiny
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Manifest Destiny: America the New Israel
John L. O'Sullivan on Manifest Destiny, 1839

Don't worry folks, we are nearing the end of this essay, but a few more important points must be made, or at least reemphasized. As regards the issue of child murder by warmongering societies, let us understand that the vast majority of all "active duty" soldiers who are sent to actually commit murder upon the enemy are under 28 years of age, and that they have the emotional maturity of children, not to mention the fact that some are under 21 years of age and so they carry the "legal definition" of child, even using the ridiculously invalid societal definition of age 21 constituting adulthood. We literally have armies of children, immature, brainwashed, tortured children, trying to murder each other on your behalfs. This is what the war ritual is. But going beyond this Truth, let us also understand that the most diseased of the warmongering societies, such as america in the year 2001, do overtly choose to target and to commit genocide upon the children of their demonized enemy. What do I mean by "overtly choose"? I mean that these diseased societies know with certainty that their war actions will specifically kill "civilian" children, and knowing this fact in advance, they choose to undertake these specific war actions, while either denying that they are targeting civilian children, or outrageously blaming their demonized enemy for "causing" the children to die, by not "doing the right thing" and surrendering. A perfect example of this is the genocide of Iraqi children and adults, that america has been engaged in over the past 12 straight years, while never even admitting that it is even engaged in an "official" war against iraq, much less targeting iraqi children in genocidal fashion, which is exactly what america has done and continues to do as of right now, the year 2001, as I type these words.

Make no mistake, american political and societal leaders knew 12 years ago that their outrageous economic embargo, a clear act of war against iraq, would directly cause a huge number of iraqi children to die of starvation and/or malnutrition. Sure enough, at least 500,000 children, more likely a million, have indeed died of starvation/malnutrition since america imposed it's economic embargo, and it is clear and undeniable, to any sane thinker who analyzes the situation, that it is the american embargo that is directly responsible for causing this child genocide to occur. It is also perfectly clear that american societal leaders knew even before they began the embargo, that it would cause child genocide. Then, year after year, even as undeniable proof was/is presented that not only "will" children die in genocidal fashion, but in fact iraqi children have already died and continue to die in a genocidal manner, the american government refuses to accept responsibility, refuses to put an end to the child genocide, and, insanely, blames the Iraqi society and it's leaders for causing the genocidal murder of their children, by not "surrendering and agreeing to all american demands." This is utterly insane. America is completely guilty of this ongoing child genocide. It bears all responsibility, when the issue is looked at from any rational perspective. America chose to undertake an act of war, a devastating economic embargo against a sovereign nation located thousands of miles away from it's own borders, knowing that the embargo would directly cause a devastating famine and a severe reduction in available food resources to iraqi civilians, which would certainly end up resulting in iraqi children dying in large numbers. If the american embargo were not in place, the vast majority of these children would not have died and would not be dying right now. Therefore, the american government overtly chose and continues to choose to commit child genocide as a regular, mainstream policy of war. How dare such a society accuse some other society of committing "war crimes" by targeting civilians or killing/raping unarmed enemy humans, when the society making these claims, insanely trying to adopt a position of moral superiority, is in fact choosing as an official government policy in it's own wars, to genocidally mass murder civilian children!

This is not a rare or isolated example. The most diseased society on planet earth has a long history, going all the way back to it's creation via the launching of a genocidal war against the native indians, of specifically and overtly targeting "enemy" children and civilians in it's wars, while of course never admitting to this Forbidden Truth. In the Vietnam war, america genocidally murdered right around three million Vietnamese humans, and over 50%, that's right, more than half of the 3 million murdered in this war, were not Vietnamese soldiers, but rather civilians. For a government that murders more "enemy" civilians than it does enemy soldiers, to the tune of over one and a half million civilians, with over a million of those being children and women, to claim that it is morally superior and only targets enemy soldiers, is utterly ridiculous. So let us be clear in embracing Truth: Many of the ultra-diseased, warmongering societies of humans on this planet, in terms of how they operate and structure their war rituals, absolutely do overtly target the children of their "war partner" for genocide, and no other society over the past 350 years is as guilty of repeatedly engaging in this specific form of genocide, as america is. Therefore, any claim or notion that america puts forth, that it feels the need to participate in a war because "foreign children are suffering", or "foreign children need to be saved", can only be greeted with hysterical laughter by any sane thinker, due to the fact that america is directly responsible for causing far more foreign children to suffer and die, in genocidal fashion, than any other society/country.

One of the most amusing things is how some ultra-evil societies, like america, try to assuage their guilt and desperately maintain the illusion of moral superiority, by providing "humanitarian" aid to other societies, often to the very same societies that they are engaging as war partners. This perverse hypocrisy reaches a new level in the war with afghanistan, as america is doing both of these things at the same time, dropping bombs and attempting to massacre afghani citizen-slaves, while at the same time dropping food out of airplanes onto afghani territory with the claim that america wants to "help the innocent, hungry children". The president, Bush, even initiated a "domestic campaign" to get american children to write letters to afghani children, and donate money into a fund that would be used to help starving/suffering afghani children. You see folks, the most evil society in the world has to work extra-hard to maintain a collective delusion/ideology that it is morally superior, to it's citizen-slaves. That's what this dropping of food, writing of letters, collecting of money "for the children" is, an attempt to maintain the illusion of moral decency, even as yet another genocidal war that in reality is and will directly cause genocide to children, is blood-thirstily savored. Tragically and perversely, it will work just fine as a happily embraced moral justification for genocide, just as the Manifest Destiny ideology/justification worked to perfection in the 1840's.

There is yet another child-related issue that must be emphasized here. Your societies claim to consider their children, children born into and living as citizens of the society, to be extremely valuable and important. Your societies instruct adults that they must make "sacrifices" on behalf of and for their children. "You must pay for the feeding, clothing, education of your child. You must protect your children from strangers who might want to cause them harm. You must place the needs and welfare of your children above your own needs. Your children are our future, nothing is more important than their welfare." These are very common verbal and ideological decrees/orders that societies/governments make to their adult citizens/parents, and the vast majority of adult citizens/parents claim to accept and embrace these decrees as being perfectly valid. If you diseased creatures sincerely feel this way, why do you force your children to endanger their lives by ordering them to try and massacre complete strangers on your behalfs?? Why do you choose to compel your children to sacrifice their bodies, their limbs, their mental sanity, and their lives, just because you are filled with homicidal, bloodthirsty rage?? This is what war is, you adults authorizing your societal leaders to brainwash and coerce your children, into trying to mass murder complete strangers, who have been demonized on your behalfs. Your children naturally risk their limbs, lives, and sanity, via the war ritual. Now, if you really cared about your children, if you really valued them, considered them important as individuals, and you still felt homicidal rage at the demonized enemy, you would insist upon participating in the war ritual yourselves. You would sacrifice your own safety and welfare, in order to protect your children. But no, this never happens. This has never happened in any warmongering society throughout the entire modern era of human existence. Instead, you choose to sacrifice your children on your behalf. You use your children as Poison Containers, channeling your suppressed homicidal rage into them, and using them to try and commit murder on your behalf. This is true cowardice. And I don't use this word negatively, since there is nothing wrong with protecting and preserving your own life and health/welfare. What I do condemn is your perverse refusal to face up and admit to the Truth of the matter! Admit that you are cowards. Admit that you consider your children to be subhuman slaves whose purpose in existing is to serve your perverse needs and desires, even if it involves them sacrificing their lives, limbs, and sanity, for the purpose of satiating your suppressed, misdirected, homicidal rage. That's all I ask, for starters. Simply face up to the Truth! There is no other reasonable explanation for why you "mature adults", over the age of 32, since the average age that a person reaches a decent degree of emotional/intellectual maturity is age 32, choose to allow your governments to seize, brainwash, coerce, and use your immature children, as human weapons, to commit on command the murder of complete strangers via the war ritual.

You insanely claim, as a society, to fight wars in order to try and "preserve our superior way of life for our beloved children", and yet you are terroristically compelling these very children, the ones you claim to be fighting to "protect", to risk their lives, limbs, and sanity, by fighting in the war themselves! It doesn't make any sense! If wars are fought in order to protect children, or even to protect a specific ideological "way of life", shouldn't the fighters be people who are adults, people who have supposedly already "benefited" from and enjoyed the advantages of their society's "way of life"? People who have reached adult maturity, and therefore have some ability to analyze and judge whether their society's "way of life" is worth fighting for and risking death, crippling, insanity for?? But no, the "mature adults" refuse to fight in wars, in fact their societies usually prohibit them from fighting in wars, and the mature adults instead insist that all of the children in their society, fight in wars on their behalf. Immature children who have not enjoyed any of life's benefits and advantages. They haven't even been free to whatever degree of freedom society pretends to offer adults, since every child, until age 21, is officially decreed to be a subhuman slave, owned by his parents. The child is immature, not even a 26 year old has reached any type of genuine emotional or intellectual maturity. Not even at age 26, can a child rationally analyze and judge their society, from a mature perspective. And yet most combat soldiers in wars are aged 19, 20, 21, 22... By age 26, they are considered "veterans" of the military, despite still being children. In america, i believe, the maximum age that a citizen-slave can join a combat unit preparing to go to war, is 32. Just as the person begins to reach genuinely mature adulthood, society decrees that they are too old to become a wartime mass murderer, and instead a 19 year old child, immature, uninsightful, dumb, brainwashed, gullible, taught for his whole lifetime to mindlessly obey and believe whatever adult members of his society tell him, is terroristically compelled to risk his life, limbs, and sanity in mass murdering complete strangers who have been labeled as "foreign demons" for him, by his evil society. Absolutely incredible, the hypocrisy and the complete denial of Truth by you creatures! The Truth is, you despise your children. They exist to serve you. You are delighted, on a subconscious level, to send them off to commit murder on your behalf. You have your little bit of money, your house, your "family", people that you can oppress and victimize. You're not about to risk your life and your limbs just to satiate your homicidal rage. You are filled with suppressed rage, but just as you are unwilling to commit illegal murder, due to fear of the possibly negative personal consequences, you are unwilling to commit legal murder directly, via the war ritual, for the same reason, you fear losing your own life, limbs, or health. But you are eager to let your children take the risk. Eager! Because this is their purpose in existing, to serve you as slaves, to act as your personal Poison Containers, to "reward" you for the gift of your having created them, even if it means that they risk and sacrifice their lives, limbs, and sanity. On an even deeper level, at least some of you "mature adults" have developed enough rationality to realize that it is not worth risking your life and limb, to try and murder complete strangers upon the command of your governmental/societal leaders. You realize that despite being a victimized citizen-slave, whatever tiny bits of comfort and pleasure you have managed to find in life, give your life some value, and make you want to preserve and protect your life, to some degree. Your children cannot arrive at this realization. They are too immature, the rage they feel is too fresh and raw, as children, they have been complete slaves for their entire lives, thus unable to find even a few, half-hearted reasons to value their lives and health. They cannot stand up for their "right" to not risk their lives by facing off against homicidally enraged fellow children, the demonized societal war partner "enemy", because society has taught them that as children, they have no rights. You creatures, you "mature adults", have the ability to save and protect them. You have the ability to refuse to let your society fight wars. Remember, societies only fight wars on your behalfs and with your overt consent and agreement, as adult citizens. This is true for all societies, regardless of whether they label themselves as democracies, dictatorships, etc... And you also have the ability to demand that your societies only allow mature adults to fight in wars. But no, you diseased and overtly malevolent creatures cannot even begin to imagine making either one of these morally superior choices. Instead, you gleefully wallow in an orgy of bloodlust and bloodletting, happily sacrificing the lives, limbs, and sanity of your own children, and even more happily rejoicing in the genocidal murders of mostly other children, demonized foreign "enemy" children, that you command your own children to commit and carry out on your behalf. How incredibly perverse!

All wars are mutually provocative. Demonization and hate propaganda are used by warmongering societies, to create an aura of legitimization to a ritual that is profoundly and inherently insane and unjustifiable as practiced, the war ritual. The rage and hatred that members of one society feel towards members of another society, within the war ritual, is always misdirected and misguided. The actual source of the rage and hatred is the abuse and victimization that members of each society have been subjected to, at the hands of their own society, the society they were born into and raised up within, not at the hands of any foreign society. Wars are used by diseased and evil societies, in exactly the same manner as abortion, the death penalty, hunting, spanking, legal child abuse, euthanasia, and other genocidally harmful but legal rituals are used, to provide an outlet for the immense, suppressed, subconscious rage of the general public, without allowing/causing the general public to specifically recognize and target their own society and it's leaders/agents, as being the more proper and cathartically reflective outlet for their violent rage. Dehumanization and demonization are the primary societal tools in legitimizing the war ritual, and these two perverse methods are employed in many other malicious ways, by diseased societies. The dehumanization of children as public policy, the dehumanization of minority ethnic groups, such as blacks in america, are two examples of how societies take huge groups of people, and officially authorize a national policy under which these large groups of victims can be brutally tortured and oppressed under a cloak of moral legitimacy and justification, for the purpose of providing an outlet for the collective homicidal rage of the majority of citizen-slaves. I do realize that in the above paragraph I have basically just repeated some of the Truths that I revealed earlier in this essay, but I feel they are so profoundly valuable that they deserve as much emphasis as I can give them. I do try to enhance and expand upon the scope of all Forbidden Truths, when I do repeat them.

This concludes essay #1 for this page, still got 3 more to go here, so if you creatures need to take a break, relieve your bowels or the like, now would be a good time to do that. :-)

Albert Fish, serial child killer
This is Albert Fish, Tortured Victim-Creation of Late 1800's and early 1900's American Society. A most interesting seeker of personal vengeance, Albert enjoyed a long and varied life, only coming to the attention of police as a serial child killer, as an elderly man, in 1934. It is Albert's statements and quotes after his capture, that truly earn him a unique spot in the true crime community, for his remarkable honesty and courage in revealing his True Reality feelings, beliefs, and life philosophies. He described cooking and eating his child victims, but I shall spare my dear readers those direct quotes, which are of course easily accessible online by directing any search engine to look for "Albert Fish", and settle for providing the less gory, but just as fascinating quotes below.

"My father dropped dead October 15, 1875, in the old Pennsylvania Station where President Garfield was shot, and I was placed in St. John's Orphanage in Washington. I was there till I was nearly nine, and that's where I got started wrong. We were unmercifully whipped." "I have no particular desire to live. I have no particular desire to be killed. It is a matter of indifference to me. I do not think I am altogether right. I never could understand myself." "I always had a desire to inflict pain on others and to have others inflict pain on me. I always seemed to enjoy everything that hurt. The desire to inflict pain, that is all that is uppermost." "What I did must have been right or an angel would have stopped me, just as an angel stopped Abraham in the Bible [from sacrificing his son]." "What a thrill that will be if I have to die in the electric chair. It will be the supreme thrill. The only one I haven't tried." "Misery leads to crime. I saw so many boys whipped it ruined my mind."----------Albert Fish "And I will cause them to eat the flesh of their sons and the flesh of their daughters, and they shall eat every one the flesh of his friend in the siege and straitness, wherewith their enemies, and they seek their lives, shall straiten them."------This was Albert's favorite biblical passage. He is believed to have killed and eaten at least 15 children.

Genocidally Abusive Military Structure

I'm sure that some of you may be wondering whether it is really necessary to devote an entire essay to "military structure", when I have already graced you with a very long and brilliantly insightful essay on war, in which the military system was mentioned and even discussed with a fair amount of detail. The answer is Yes, despite already having touched upon some aspects of the military system in the essay directly above, there are a great many profound Truths and structural details regarding this utterly diseased and perverse system that must still be unveiled, and so here I am once again, ready to launch yet another remarkable salvo of Truth. Let us begin by defining what the "military" is. The military, also known as the armed forces, the army, etc..., are a group of child torture victims that a society has chosen to turn into immoral, mindless murderers, who are bound and obligated to commit any act, no matter how atrocious and unnatural the act may be, upon the command of their "bosses", who are simply fellow victims who are slightly more empowered, slightly higher ranking, within the military structure. Note that I have titled this essay Genocidally Abusive Military Structure. I use the word "structure" for very specific reasons. The military is designed in the manner of a pyramid scheme, or a tall tower that is very broad at the bottom and tapers off to become very narrow at the top. There are numerous layers of bosses within all military structures. These layers are known by the term "chain of command". At the bottom you have the military soldiers who are personally dispatched to carry out murder of the demonized enemy. This bottom layer is by far the largest, and it consists of the youngest, most gullible, and most homicidally enraged victim-enlistees. These "front-line" military soldiers are the lowest of the low, they have absolutely no personal autonomy or power, and are obligated under direct threat of punitive punishment, to carry out every single atrocity that their society, through higher-ranking military enlistees, orders and commands them to carry out. Within every group of front line soldiers, there are one or two slightly more empowered individuals, but in reality they only possess an illusion of power, since their only function is to "lead" the attack, and instruct the other soldiers on exactly what to do and when to do it, in obeying the commands given to him by higher ranking bosses. All front line soldiers, including the ones who are placed in "command" of specific attack units, are utter and complete slaves. To label them as "employees with a terrible job", is inappropriate. They are much lower than even the most low-ranking civilian employee, such as a dishwasher or janitor. The civilian employee at least has the theoretical ability to quit, to refuse to perform their job, without suffering any punitive punishment beyond the loss of their salary. The front line soldier however, faces absolutely horrific punitive punishment, including possible death being inflicted by the "enemy", and very likely imprisonment by his own society, if he dares to refuse to carry out the utterly immoral and perverse job of murdering complete strangers upon command, that his society has coerced, brainwashed, and forced him into accepting and assuming.

So, within the military structure, all front line soldiers are absolute slaves. Brainwashed, terrorized slaves, compelled under brutal threat to carry out the jobs that their bosses order them to carry out. There is no other type of "employment" that carries with it the degree of punitive punishment for "quitting" the job, that being a front line soldier carries. The military structure contains many bosses, but far more utter slaves. Bosses are members of the military, who usually started out as front line mass murderers, who have been promoted and have advanced upward within the perverse pyramid scheme, to the point where they are not directly involved in committing actual wartime murder, but rather involved in the planning, design, ordering, and execution of the mass murder plots. They are the bosses, they create the mass murder plans, they instruct and command their employee-slaves, the front line soldiers, to carry out the actual ritual of war. These bosses almost never face a direct threat to their own lives from the enemy, and therefore they are totally detached emotionally, from any personal concern or logical fear, regarding all human life. They design, structure, and control exactly how the war unfolds, but in point of fact they have an extremely limited personal stake in how dangerous, how deadly the war actually plays out to be, because they themselves, as individuals, face little if any direct threat of suffering personal harm. Even though these people are "bosses", they are also employees, since the insane military chain of command dictates that there are layers upon layers of bosses, each layer slightly more empowered than the lower layer, in such a way that virtually every boss still has a "higher" boss that they must answer to. At the very top of the pyramid scheme are the top generals, who map out and plan out the war ritual with the supreme leader of the society, the president, king, prime minister, etc... The top generals, those who consult directly with the supreme leader and create the actual war plan, are almost never in any personal danger of any kind. They never even set foot inside a "combat zone", they actually have their own bodyguards, in most cases. These are the military generals who sit at the very top of the pyramid scheme military structure. They are the supreme military bosses, who only have to answer up to the supreme leader of the society. They decide when to go to war, whom to go to war with, how to fight the war. And this is the important point: They have absolutely no personal stake in the life of any soldier. No stake of any kind! They are literally guaranteed of 100% safety, no loss of life, limb, guaranteed to experience no personal harm, as long as their side wins the war.

It doesn't matter whether the supreme military boss devises a war strategy that results in 50 of his soldiers dying, or 5 million of his soldiers dying. It doesn't make an iota of difference, as long as his side ends up winning the war. He remains 100% safe regardless. Therefore, the supreme military leaders of a warmongering society have absolutely no reason to try and limit the casualties of front line soldiers, beyond the political pressure that the supreme leader of the society might place upon them, in recognition of the fact that a huge number of casualties may erode public support for the supreme leader. This political pressure, while very real, is still essentially minor, when compared to the fact that the supreme military leader himself, usually an older individual with substantial monetary savings, faces absolutely no personal threat or danger or punishment, regardless of how poorly he designs the war and regardless of how many casualties occur, as long as his side "wins". Now, the insane military structure is not only completely hierarchical in design, it is also set up in such a way that the military leaders who actually craft, design, and dictate exactly how the war plays out, have literally no personal stake in protecting or preserving anybody's life. Obviously they have no stake in preserving the life of any citizen/member of the demonized enemy, but they have literally just as little stake in protecting/preserving the lives of their own front line soldiers, as well. The only true goal and stake that they have, is to win the war, at any cost. This is because if they lose the war, they may face personal danger and punitive punishment, possibly even their own deaths. But if they win the war, regardless of whether "their" military soldiers took 50 casualties or 5 million casualties, they remain 100% safe and suffer no significantly negative consequences. Even if they get fired by the supreme leader, they likely already have a significant amount of money saved up, and in addition, they would have little difficulty getting a good job in the private sector, as a "war commentator" for the media, as an author/public speaker, as a corporate security chief, etc... So lets understand that the structural design of the military system is such that none of the higher-ranking military "bosses" have any genuine incentive to go out of their way to try and protect/preserve the lives of the lowest level employee-slaves, the majority masses of front line soldiers. And in fact the highest ranking military bosses, the ones who actually design the details of the war ritual and dictate how it will play out on a day to day, battle to battle basis, are never even in a combat zone, they never actually come close to participating in the war directly, therefore they have absolutely no serious incentive to give the lives of any of the front line soldiers, any serious consideration.

We also need to understand that the military structure is incestuous. What do I mean by incestuous? I mean that in most cases the only way to rise up the pyramid scheme and become a military boss, is to begin as a lowest level front line soldier, terroristically obligated to obey every command and to personally commit murder upon command. Therefore, the vast majority of military bosses, including top-ranking supreme military bosses, were, many years earlier, lowest level combat soldiers. The shallow-minded reader might say to himself, "Hey, that's not so bad, at least the bosses have a good idea of what the lowest level combat soldiers are enduring, because they themselves used to be in that position. I bet they are more sensitive to the dangers faced by the lowest level soldiers, due to having been in this position themselves years ago." But no folks, that is shallow, superficial, uninsightful thinking, and nothing could be further from the Truth. The reality is that all respect/value for human life is lost, during a long-term military career. Top ranking military bosses are sadists, who have no genuine respect for any human life. When they consider the lowest level combat troops, they perceive them as being totally worthless and expendable, just as they themselves used to be considered worthless and expendable many years ago, when they were on the lowest rung of brutal slavery. The simple fact of having spent a lifetime in the military, demonizing people, dehumanizing people, murdering people, and slowly being rewarded for this by climbing up the ladder and becoming a military boss, strips the military leaders of all genuine ability to empathize, sympathize with fellow humans, or to place any genuine value upon the life of any "inferior", any employee such as a low ranking combat soldier. Of course this Truth is never admitted in the open, and often resides only within the subconscious True Reality of the military boss.

Victimization does not create empathy or identification with a human being facing similar victimization, in a case like this. The military leader who used to be a low level combat soldier was of course brutally victimized, but he does not identify with his victimization. He does not possess any of the emotional character or rational thinking ability to look at the tortured children who have been brainwashed into agreeing to serve as his puppet-murderers, and see himself, his past, and his victimization reflected in their reality and upcoming fate. The fact that he very possibly used to be a tortured, brainwashed child turned into a lowest level combat puppet-murderer himself, is just not a Truth that he can face up to or integrate within his thinking patterns and conscious perceptions of life. On top of everything else, we have to keep in mind that a majority of all soldiers, all of them, bosses and lowest level combat troops alike, have lost, in reality been stripped of, all respect for all life. The superficial claims that they make, to "love" their fellow soldiers, to love their country and government, to be willing and eager to risk death in order to save the lives of others, are usually nothing more than moral rationalizations that they use, to convince themselves that despite their homicidal rage, the pleasure and cathartic that they derive from killing or from witnessing/thinking about killing, they are still "good and moral" people who only want to kill those who "deserve" to be killed. How utterly pathetic, no ability to face up to Truth, this is a hallmark staple of every single aspect of your lives.

It's time to expand this topic just a bit. Lets understand that wars can only occur when a military exists, because it is militaries that engage in wars. If a society/government had no military, it could not engage in the war ritual. Therefore, supreme leaders of societies feel they must create and constantly maintain, militaries. The only ways for societal leaders to maintain a large military on a constant basis, a large group of citizen-slaves willing and eager to murder complete strangers at the drop of a hat, on command, are via systematic, brutal brainwashing, or deliberately victimizing children in a violent manner, or by legally decreeing that some citizen-slaves must join and serve in the military or face significantly punitive punishment. those are the only three ways that a society/government can assemble a formidable military system. And all three methods are overtly and in fact genocidally malevolent. Most societies employ at least two of these three methods, together, in order to maximize their malicious goal, and some societies employ all three methods. I will now discuss and dissect each of these three perverse societal methodologies, in great detail, one after the other. We will begin with systematic, brutal brainwashing. In order for a person to be convinced to do something unnatural to their True Reality perception of life, such as agree to murder complete strangers from or within a foreign society, systematic, brutal brainwashing, meaning the implanting of false and invalid thoughts, ideas, and ideologies, must be employed by societal leaders and their agents. If a person can be brainwashed, can be made to perceive falsehood as representing truth, there is no limit to the degree of malicious mental manipulation that can be committed upon the individual. Children are most easily brainwashed, because they have not had an opportunity to realize just how incredibly lie-based and maliciously manipulative all of adult human society is, and their ability to filter out lies and deliberately manipulative brainwashings, is undeveloped. Or at the very least, underdeveloped. Children are too pure to survive in your diseased societies. Their minds are too vulnerable to navigate through the minefields of deceit, hypocrisy, manipulation, and malice, that exist within the adult human world. This creates a perfect climate for systematic, brutal brainwashing that is designed to turn children into mindless mass murderers blindly agreeing to work as hired killers for their ultra-diseased societies.

Lets consider this: Most children feel weak and powerless. They feel this way because they are in fact officially decreed to be subhuman slaves, utterly powerless not just physically, but within the structure of daily life. They have no genuine freedom, autonomy, legal, civil, or human rights. They are the owned property of their parents/slaveowners, and cannot stand up for themselves, as individuals, in any type of situation, because they officially enjoy no legal or human rights, as individuals. The evil military system in america runs Television advertisements during sports and cartoon shows that children regularly watch. Demographics are readily available which prove that cartoon shows like The Simpsons and sports events like football and basketball, are regularly watched by a huge number of children, especially boys. Knowing this fact, the american military carefully crafts commercials that are designed to appeal very specifically to children and their profound sense of weakness, impotence, and powerlessness. The american army ran a commercial for many years, with the signature line of "Be, all that you can be, it's all right in the army!" These commercials showed boys carrying guns, celebrating "victories", acting all powerful and in control of everything around them. This is literally the "wet dream" of most boys, who feel victimized, powerless, enslaved. In point of fact they are victimized, powerless, and enslaved. So, the military creates these commercials in order to brainwash boys into believing that an excellent way, quite possibly the only way, to become powerful, to become free, to escape their slavery and victimization, is to join the military. In fact, many tortured boys join the military for this reason. The Truth of course, is that the military system is one of the most brutally enslaving and victimizing, life-destroying institutions of oppression in existence. And yet many boys, just as they are beginning to get a chance to escape from some of their lifelong slavery due to reaching age 17 or 18, are viciously pulled into the horrific vortex of military slavery, via this type of mass media brainwashing and lies.

Just within the past year or so, the american army stopped running it's "Be all that you can be it's all right in the army" propaganda commercials, and unveiled a brand new, cutting edge series of commercials that carried the slogan of "An army of one". Perversely, this new series of commercials, clearly introduced because the american army has seen a drop in enlistees in recent years, puts forth the insane notion that joining the army provides a vast amount of individual life choices and career paths, that each enlistee not only gains tremendous power and strength by being in the army, but they also retain all of their individuality, uniqueness, and freedom to do exactly what they wish to do. This is a ludicrous lie, since the entire structure of the military is designed to strip all enlistees of their individuality, their free will, their ability to think freely and make decisions for themselves. But the propaganda chiefs recognized that american boys wanted to imagine themselves as being "unique and totally free". The old army slogan/commercials were not delivering that lie message, and so a totally different, new slogan, very specifically designed to create the illusion that the army offers unique individuality to all enlistees, via the slogan "An army of one", was created and now regularly airs on all the cartoon and sports shows that boys like to watch on TV. The american marine corps, yet another perverse branch of the genocidal military, is famous for their television commercials, which also air during cartoon and sports shows aimed at boys, which proclaim: "Be one of us, the few, the proud, the marines." These commercials show boys wearing intimidating-looking uniforms, often carrying/brandishing swords and the like, portraying an image of power, control, domination, exactly what a majority of all boys, on a subconscious level as well as sometimes on a conscious level, are desperate to feel within their own lives, as they try to cope with their ongoing victimization, abuse, slavery as children growing up in genocidally evil, child-brutalizing society.

In point of fact all four primary branches of the american military, the army, navy, air force, and marines, run utterly perverse, completely deceitful, propaganda/brainwashing television commercials that are specifically targeted at children and boys, from as young as age 3 up until age 17-18. Understand that the goal of the military is to convince every boy, by age 15 or 16, to join the military. The younger the better! The military only wants children, victimized, abused, enraged, brainwashed children with immature, irrational, hormone-driven, homicidally enraged minds. What about dolls? Yes indeed, boys are told to steer clear of most dolls, but a few very specific dolls, perversely misnamed as "action figures" in order to create a gender distinction, are foisted upon boys. Chief among them is the "G.I. Joe" doll. This doll depicts a boy wearing an army uniform, I think it has "accessories" that include guns too. The helpless, enslaved young boy is given this doll, and naturally the boy begins to identify positively with the image of power and control and personal strength that the doll projects. The boy, aged 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, begins to fantasize about escaping from his life of slavery, powerlessness, victimization, and of course he sees the projected image of G.I. Joe, and decides that if he wants to be like G.I. Joe, all he has to do is join the army/military just like G.I. Joe did, and he can become strong, get a gun, be the boss instead of being bossed around by his slaveowners, etc... Here you see society using a doll to commit malicious brainwashing upon children.

One of the most perverse forms of brainwashing on this military issue, involves adults repeating to a child over and over, the utterly insane message that he has some sort of a moral/ethical obligation to "give back" to his country, to pay his country back for the "good" things that his country has given him. What makes this form of terroristic coercion so perverse is the fact that many children still retain some degree of emotional benevolence within their True Realities, despite the brutal victimization that they have been subjected to, and therefore they sincerely "want" to "do the right thing", at least on an intellectual level. You pathetic cowards keep telling your children how "lucky" they are to live in the society that they do, and how they owe their society a great debt, even though the reality is that they have been treated as subhuman slaves throughout their entire childhoods, and their society has in fact never cared an iota as to whether they, as individuals, lived or died, or suffered brutal torture and victimization. Still, the idealistic, naive, gullible mind of the child often does accept/embrace this bizarre notion, that the child owes a debt to their society. "You have to serve your country, son," says the cowardly slaveowner, the child torturer. And this insane sentiment is echoed by other adults, relatives of the slave, etc... "Do the right thing, son", they say. Yes, go ahead and throw your life away. Go ahead and agree to murder complete strangers in order to satiate the homicidal rage of your parents and other older adults, on behalf of the society that has brutally victimized you. You "owe" this to us, your parents, and to your glorious country. We will wave a flag outside our house son, while you go and murder strangers and let strangers try to murder you, so we can feel better emotionally. This is what we have here, utter malice and derangement within the very fabric of humanity, manifested via the insane war ritual and the malevolent military brainwashing methodologies.

If you creatures ever drive or walk through burned out slums, ghetto areas of america, areas deliberately set aside for the chronically poor slaves/torture victims of america, you will see huge billboards plastered to the side of rotting, often abandoned buildings, with ads for the army, navy, air force, and marines. Some of these people are so poor they don't own a television set, certainly they don't get cable TV, so the malevolent military system resorts to huge public billboards, as a brainwashing/enticement method. But wait, there is a lot more at play here. You must understand that in societies like america, that have chosen to do away with a mandatory military "draft", the military engages in a desperate, frenzied campaign to deliberately and specifically target economically disadvantaged children, with it's malicious recruitment efforts. In addition to these huge billboards, you will find a great many military recruitment offices, staffed storefront offices, located directly in the middle of the most horrific slums, ghettos, and crime-filled public housing projects, where no self-respecting person would choose to live unless they were hopelessly mired in grinding, long-term poverty. Yes, this is where the military recruiters go, holding out the lure of military service as offering an "escape" from the horrific neighborhood, in exactly the same way as a crack dealer holds out a tiny sample of crack to children in this same neighborhood, as a way for them to mentally "escape", for a little while, the horrific reality of their lives. Just like the drug dealer peddles a perverse way to escape, the military recruiter does the exact same thing, day after day, in these horrific slums. He convinces the tortured children that the only way out of the neighborhood for them, the only way they can escape the lifetime of grinding poverty that their parents are trapped within, is to join the military. "Learn a valuable skill that you can use to get a good job later in life" "Earn money for college while you learn your important skills" "Serve your country, and your country will reward you, you will be able to escape from this neighborhood someday, just join us, the few, the proud, the heavily armed, the murderers..." This is the utterly outrageous shell game that military recruiters play, as they continue to obtain a strong majority of their recruits from among the extremely poor underclass of american citizen-slaves.

It is literally like the "devil" offering temporary salvation to a desperate person, in exchange for the person's eternal soul. Don't get any ideas about me believing in god/myth derangements, as you should have already read my remarkable dissection of the insane god myth at an earlier page of this website. I only make this mythical analogy to the devil offering false "salvation" at an incredibly high price, because it so perfectly parallels the absolutely real situation of how military recruiters, like vultures, swoop down upon american slums and ghettos, targeting tortured, dirt poor children because they know these children are bound to feel hopeless, to feel that there is no way out of their current torment and future lifetime of economic suffering, only to have the "devil", in the form of the military recruiter, offer them an enticing-sounding way out, never mentioning of course that the child may very well end up paying with his life, his limbs, his health, or his very "soul". Understand that many children, even ghetto children, are not homicidally enraged. They are perfectly capable of loving others, of feeling empathy. They have no True Reality need/desire to murder other humans, much less to murder complete strangers who live thousands of miles away. And yet the military recruiters swoop down, offering a possible escape from the ghetto but of course never quite getting around to mentioning that the child might have to massacre complete strangers, as part of the deal. Only when it's too late, after the deal has been struck and the insane war ritual begun, does the child have to deal with the horrific emotional trauma of actually being commanded to shoot dead complete strangers. This is how children lose their souls in the military, and why so many poor, traumatized, victimized, but not severely mentally ill children enter the military with living souls, only to leave a few years later severely mentally ill and with dead or severely, irreparably wounded souls. This is one of the very most perverse forms of military brainwashing, rooted in utter prejudice, discrimination, and class warfare. Children in these terrible slum neighborhoods are literally told and taught, by society, that they only have three possible chances of escaping. One is to become a professional athlete. Two is to win the lottery. Three is to join the military and agree to commit murder. The one genuinely valid and non-toxic escape method, obtaining a good education, is never mentioned, partly because all of the local area schools are terribly inferior, but much more so because the societal leadership has an absolutely vested interest in keeping all future generations of ghetto dwellers trapped in the same cycle of grinding poverty.

Many tortured children are in desperate need of peer support. They are unable to cope with the horrific realities of their lives, and receive no emotional support or comfort from their slaveowners or other adults. They feel an intense need to connect with like-minded children of their own age or slightly older, fellow victims, to share and commiserate with over the difficulties and traumas of life. This accounts for the popularity of youth street "gangs", which are common in all neighborhoods and among all economic classes of children. The military never passes up an opportunity to market itself as providing children with what they want, and so we have the military claiming to offer such youthful "comaraderie" to all enlistees. The "military unit" is proclaimed to be like a "family", with everybody caring about and looking out for each other, as well as sharing the same goals, participating in the same missions and challenges together, etc... This attracts the children who are emotionally desperate to feel like a part of a family, to feel cared for and aligned "together" with children who seem emotionally similar and of the same age, into joining the military. In reality of course, joining a street gang would not only provide much more honest and valid emotional support, but it would also be safer, if not physically than definitely psychologically safer. Military units are in fact structured along the exact same line as street gangs, in terms of the emotional dynamic that develops between same rank, lowest level combat soldiers. The military combat unit has a leader, so does the street gang. The differences are that the street gang itself, as well as individual members of the street gang, have a ton more personal autonomy and freedom in choosing exactly what they do, what activities they engage in, than the military unit. And the "leader" of the street gang truly is the leader, the members of the gang at least get to interact, discuss options, with their genuine leader, while in a military combat unit, the "leader" in the group has absolutely no actual leadership power, and is compelled to blindly take orders from his bosses, the higher ranking military leaders who are not with the actual combat unit.

Okay, time to move on to the next method employed by societies to create and maintain a military. It is: Deliberately victimizing children in a violent manner. A need/willingness on the part of individual human beings, to commit brutal violence upon other human beings, is taught and cathartically reflected. Society deliberately victimizes children for a great many reasons and purposes, literally thousands of reasons. Would it be accurate to conclude that one of the specific reasons that ultra-diseased societies do authorize the violent, severe victimization of children, is to create and instill within the child, a capacity to brutally harm and kill others, an emotionally capacity that is very useful and in fact essential, for military soldiers to possess in order to engage in the insane war ritual?? It is 100% clear to me that the answer to this question is absolutely Yes. Societies deliberately create a cultural structure in which children are physically hurt, attacked, and have violence committed upon them, and one of the reasons why is that this abuse renders the child much more easily brainwashed/coerced into agreeing to attack, hurt, direct violence towards fellow human beings, as long as a claim of moral justification and entitlement is provided, as it always is within the war ritual. It is a proven fact. Children who are spanked are much more likely to be eager, as adults, to spank their own children, even decades after their last spanking victimization has occurred. The emotional and psychological need for cathartic transference of brutalization and victimization is extremely powerful and long-lasting. A society like america, ultra-diseased as it is, not only sponsors the routine, ritualistic assault of children by their parents, it also authorizes the vicious, routine assault of children by other children, via "bullying", and it implants the true realization into almost every child's conscious or subconscious mind, that their safety, welfare, protection, and very life, is utterly worthless and of no concern.

This extremely traumatic perception of personal worthlessness and the naturally arrived at conclusion that since my society considers my life to be worthless, then all human life must be essentially worthless, is carried forward by the child, throughout his lifetime. This is the primary seed that must be implanted within the minds of all soldiers, that human life is essentially worthless. The soldier is willing to kill a complete stranger upon command for two primary reasons. 1: He believes the complete stranger wants to kill him. And 2: He considers the life of the complete stranger to be worthless. In a society like america, most children are brutally victimized. At some point in time, most children genuinely feel and believe that someone, a real person, not an imaginary "monster", wants to either kill him, or cause him terrible harm. It can be a parent, a relative, a school bully, possibly even a complete stranger, perhaps an infamous killer, a school shooter, "terrorist", or other criminal that the child sees on TV or reads/hears about. The point is, most children genuinely feel that someone wants to kill them, or to cause them great harm. This causes severe emotional trauma which is easily transferred, in a cathartic manner, via military brainwashing, upon a demonized enemy. Thus the tortured child becomes an eager soldier, eager to kill a complete stranger, using the rationalization that "the stranger wants to kill me so I have every moral right to kill him", but in reality what the child-soldier is doing is cathartically transferring the terror, pain, rage, that he felt and experienced earlier in his life, when coping with the belief that someone wanted to kill him or cause him great harm, onto this societally demonized enemy soldier. It does not occur to this torture victim that the only reason why the "enemy soldier" might be trying to kill him, is because he is trying to kill the enemy soldier. That requires rational thought, and military brainwashing is designed to strip every enlistee of the ability to think rationally. But even more, the enlistee is caught up in the emotional drama of feeling as though someone wants to kill him. This is not a "new" feeling to the child-enlistee, but rather a memory of when he was younger, and felt the exact same terror, of someone wanting to kill, destroy, cause great harm, to him. He is willing to kill a complete stranger upon command because of the fact that he sincerely believes, and more than likely the belief is an accurate one, that not only is the enemy soldier trying to kill him now, but other human beings have wanted to kill him as well, earlier in his childhood, and perhaps for long periods of time during his childhood.

Reason #2 is: He considers the life of the complete stranger to be worthless. Once again, this is cathartic reflectivity in action. The child, growing up, recognized, on either a subconscious or conscious level, that his own life is considered to be worthless, not only by a specific person or two, but by his entire society, as a whole. This is factually true, most societies, certainly ultra-diseased societies like america, absolutely adopt as official policy within the culture, that the life of any individual child is utterly worthless. So, the child perceives his own life to be judged as worthless. Whether he lives or dies, suffers or is victimized, is of no genuine concern to his society. The child joins the military, is brainwashed into agreeing to demonize complete strangers, and when it comes to the "moral dilemma" of whether actually killing complete strangers is perfectly okay, it's a no-brainer! The child-soldier quickly and easily arrives at the conclusion that "My life was decreed to be worthless by my society, therefore there is absolutely no reason, moral, intellectual, or philosophical, why I should consider the life of that complete stranger to have any value." In fact, the child torture victim who consciously recognizes the Truth, that his society considered and continues to consider his life to be utterly worthless, would likely consider the notion that the life of the demonized enemy soldier might have value, to be utterly bizarre and irrational, a complete contradiction of his own perfectly valid perception of reality. It would make no logical sense for him to place more value on the life of this demonized enemy human, than his very own society placed upon his own life.

It's clear that your diseased societies deliberately choose to sponsor the brutal victimization of children, and it's equally clear that your societies officially decree the lives of individual children to be utterly worthless. The question is, does the military merely recognize and take advantage of these two horrors for the purpose of getting child-soldiers to become mindless murderers on it's command, or is one of the many specific reasons/motivations for why your societies choose to sponsor this victimization, and decree the lives of children to be worthless, a specific desire to make it easier for the military to turn children into willing mass murderers of complete strangers?? It is not possible for me to answer this question with certainty, and in the grand scheme of things it is not a truly profound question. But my gut instinct, and it's usually right, is that the latter possibility is in fact True. Ultra-diseased societies need militaries they desperately need children who will mindlessly kill on command, they do consider children to be worthless, and they will stop at nothing to turn children into mindless mass murderers. The bottom line is, even if the military simply recognizes and takes advantage of these two horrors, without societal leaders directly sponsoring the commission of the horrors for the benefit of and on behalf of the military, the degree of overt, genocidal child malice, is immense and mind-boggling in it's scope. To conclude this point, the military that exists within a warmongering society, gains tremendous advantage from the violent, brutal victimization of children growing up within the society. These societies have a vested interest in brutally victimizing their own children. The more they victimize their own children, the more ruthless, bloodthirsty, immoral, and eager to participate in war and commit genocide upon demonized foreign enemies, the child-soldiers within the military, and the military itself, will be.

The third perverse method by which societies maintain powerful militaries is: Legally decreeing that some citizen-slaves must join and serve in the military or face significantly punitive punishment. This would appear to be the simplest and most straightforwardly effective of the three methods, but in reality it really does need to be combined with at least one of the other two methods, in order to achieve the true goal of a warmongering society. This is because if a military consisted only of children who were there against their will and who had not been subjected to malevolent pro-war brainwashing, it would not possess the proper degree of insanely fervent loyalty and blind, irrational devotion, that is required to be possessed within the ultra-diseased war ritual, in order for the military to be "effective" in it's warmongering activities. So let us understand that no society simply relies upon the "rule of law", in enacting a law that requires male children to serve in it's military. This law does exist in many societies, and it certainly assists societal leaders in terroristically obtaining possession of the bodies, minds, and souls of child-soldiers, but it is only one method by which these societies convince their children to join the military. It is never the sole method, the brutal forms of brainwashing and "non-judicial" coercion that I have already outlined above, are always employed together with any judicial law that might legally compel all male children to join the military.

Most societies have historically had a policy of forcing all male children who are physically fit, to serve in the governmental military. Whether this policy is labeled with the term of "draft", as american society has chosen to do, or whether it simply is called "mandatory military service", is irrelevant. The societal/governmental policy of forcing male children who are healthy to join the military and commit murder if ordered to do so by the society that they were born into and raised up within, is utterly fascist and one of the most glaringly obvious and blatantly undeniable forms of horrific enslavement and child victimization/dehumanization, imaginable. As you should realize by now, the absolute core Forbidden Truth of this entire Manifesto, is the fact that societies and governments ritualistically and genocidally choose to decree all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property. The manner in which children are brainwashed, coerced, and in many cases legally compelled by law to join the military, is one of the most crystal clear demonstrations of this core Truth. What types of perverse justifications are employed by societies to force children to join the military? Insane notions such as male children being the only humans physically strong enough to serve as soldiers. This is an utterly ridiculous lie. A properly conditioned individual reaches their peak level of physical strength at the approximate age of 36, not at age 17, 19, 21, or even 25. The Truth is that the military only wants children to serve in it's front line combat units, and in fact most militaries, such as america's, will refuse to even allow a 36 year old to join, specifically because children are immature, naive, gullible, intellectually blind, and completely unable to look at any issue from an independent, balanced perspective, in the way that many mature adults, aged 32 or more, are able to do. Your evil and diseased societies know that they need immature, gullible, naive, totally brainwashed and enslaved children, in their military front lines. They would literally be terrified of placing a 36 year old in a front line combat unit, as an "equal" ranking soldier with all the other, much younger members of the combat unit. This is because the genocidally evil military system would fear that the 36 year old might have somehow developed a level of maturity and rationality that none of the other 18, 19, 21, 25 year old child-soldiers possess, and might attempt to help these children to recognize and see just how brutally and perversely they are being manipulated, controlled, and victimized by the military.

An even more outrageous justification is the bizarre theory that the child owes some type of a "debt" to his society, and serving in the military is how the child repays his debt. This is truly beyond the pale of sanity. How can a child, a tortured child-slave, possibly owe a debt to the very society that is responsible for and guilty of his torture and enslavement?? What glorious treasure has the child received from society, to create this debt?? An entire lifetime of slavery? A lifetime of being forced to do the perverse bidding of his parents? A lifetime of having his brain assaulted on a daily basis with insane beliefs, notions, and ideologies, by insane adults operating within a deranged societal structure? A lifetime of having absolutely no civil, human, or legal rights? A lifetime of never having a single day of genuine personal autonomy? This is the Truth of what every child, aged 18, 19, 21, and even 25, has received from their society. How in the name of sanity can this possibly create a situation in which the child owes his society any type of a debt, much less a debt that involves the child endangering his life, limbs, sanity, and soul, via a toxic, completely unnecessary war ritual?? The mind boggles at how many deranged contortions of all Truth and rationality that you creatures must make, in order to even arrive at, much less embrace, such an insane ideology. But again, since you are dealing with officially decreed subhuman, worthless slaves, in the form of children, it is not that difficult for you.

The fact that forced military service has always involved males, is primarily an indication of the profound prejudice and gender-biased molding of the perceptions of reality of all citizen-slaves, that societal/governmental leaders practice. Males are taught and told, coerced and compelled by society that it is their job to commit murder on behalf of others, and forced to commit such murder. Naturally the end result is that every society of the modern era has had more so-called "illegal" murders committed by it's male population, than by it's female population, despite the fact that women are generally victimized even more brutally than men are, and they constitute a slightly larger percentage of the population of most societies. Women are only given official societal encouragement to kill their own children, in most societies, via abortion as well as vicious abuse of children who are given birth to. This is a relatively narrow and certainly limited group of advocated homicide victims. On the other hand, men are given a much larger sphere and group of victims to kill, and many more situations and circumstances in which they are encouraged to commit legal forms of murder, with war/military service of course being right near the very top of the list. There is absolutely no valid reason why societies would terroristically compel all of their male children to join their military, but not do so with female children. Even if you claim that front line combat duty would be more "dangerous" for female children, a claim that really holds no weight since any sane, moral society would embrace it's obligation to equally protect all children from unnecessary harm, the reality remains that only a relatively small portion of all military enlistees serve as front line combat troops, and all other positions within the insane military structure could be held just as easily and effectively by female humans, as by male humans.

There are two primary reasons why societies only force their male children to be legal murderers in the military. The first reason is that societies have decided to encourage violent aggression in male slaves, while still of course trying to control and dictate exactly how this violence is directed, while at the same time choosing to actively discourage female slaves from becoming violently aggressive towards anyone other than their own womb excretions or otherwise legally owned children. Societies are not willing to risk the effects of the increased domestic, internal violence that would result if women were brainwashed and terrorized into becoming military soldiers with the type of homicidal hatred of complete strangers that the military instills in all enlistees. The second reason is that part of the military brainwashing methodology involves convincing enlistees that they are fighting, committing murder of total strangers, for a "noble purpose". Many different "noble purposes" in fact. One of these noble purposes is the ancient but still ongoing notion that "men" have an obligation to protect the women of their society. If the military was filled with women, this ridiculous notion would be diluted. Of course these "men" in the toxic military system are in fact boys, but that's a Truth, and Truths hold no value or importance in your ultra-diseased societies. In fact, the military makes it a point to tell children that by joining the military, they would be "becoming a man", which is of course an extremely appealing and enticing lure to most male children.

Some of you might be trying to talk back to me at this point in time, right through the computer, saying, "But my Dear, Honorable, Glorious, Seer of Forbidden Truth, america no longer has a mandatory draft. How do you explain that, Beloved Seer??" Well, first of all thanks for properly addressing me in a respectful, if not downright worshipful manner. :-) The answer to this question is not complicated, but it is very interesting to explore because it unveils even more Truths about how diseased societies work. To begin, lets understand that societies employ multi-tiered layers of ideological coercion, with regard to all issues that they deem to be highly important. This is done so that even if one particular method of intellectual attack/brainwashing is "unmasked" by the populace and subsequently rejected as invalid, there are other forms of ideological coercion that are already in place and being utilized, that accomplish the exact same societal goal. Societies brutally brainwash their children into believing that they should join the military, and societies commit violent atrocities upon children, in such a way that they know many children will develop homicidal rage that they can then exploit for the purpose of getting the child to agree to join the military, by offering the child an opportunity to release this homicidal rage in a legal manner, via wartime aggression and murder of a demonized enemy. These two methods are very effective in terms of getting a lot of children, especially boys, to agree to join the military "voluntarily". Of course in reality there is nothing voluntary about it, since brutal brainwashing, lies, coercion, and the infliction of overt abuse and assault upon the child, are all utilized for the purpose of achieving this malicious societal goal. So, if these two methods of "cloaked coercion" are extremely effective in getting lots of boy-slaves to join the military, some societies will decide to not use a mandatory military "draft" in which every single boy is forced by law to join the military. This provides a very useful illusion of freedom and personal autonomy, especially within societies that claim to be "democratic" and to offer freedom to their citizens. The society can claim: Look how lucky you are to live as a member of this society, you are totally free, you are even free enough to refuse to serve in our military." Of course the reality is that millions of your fellow citizens have been brutally brainwashed and coerced into joining the military, but even they, insanely, seem unable to recognize that just like all other so-called freedoms that societies may claim to offer, this freedom is essentially nothing more than an illusion. You are offered this freedom only because your evil society knows that the vast majority of your peers will be too inferior, too stupid, too uninsightful, to take advantage of the freedom.

In reality, a society that has a mandatory draft is at least distributing this brutal form of child victimization in a somewhat "equal" manner, at least among it's male child-slaves, because every male child is terroristically compelled to join the military. In a society that does not have a mandatory draft, the degree of inequality and injustice that is inflicted upon those who are terroristically compelled, coerced, and brainwashed into joining the military, is greater. There is no equality, and it is the children who have already been most severely victimized by society, those brutally abused, those who have had to live in severe poverty, those who lack the intelligence to recognize the threat that the military system poses to them, who are specifically targeted by the military for enlistment. Therefore, the notion that a society which has no mandatory military draft is somehow better, more free, more moral, more just, is completely false. Such a society is in fact more unjust, unfair, and malevolent. The fact that the children who manage to avoid having to serve in the military do benefit from the lack of a mandatory draft, does not impact upon the reality that such a society is demonstrating greater maliciousness, injustice and unfairness. Folks, it is very important to develop this type of analytical thinking skill, if you wish to be a Superior seeker of Truth. At first glance, even the sincere seeker of Truth, if he is a shallow-minded thinker, as 99.9999999% of all humans are, will immediately jump to the conclusion that a society with no mandatory military draft/service is freer, less malicious, and significantly less oppressive, than a society that does require mandatory military service. Most of you creatures are only capable of shallow thought. But all it takes is the ability to dig deeper, to recognize shallow thought when you experience it, and to refuse to accept the shallow thought as being valid, while you insist upon analyzing the situation by digging down to the very core, the root of the concept. That is where you uncover the real Truth, as I so proudly do in my revelations of thousands of different Forbidden Truths within this Manifesto.

Let us also understand that societies hold out the illusion of "new freedoms" as bargaining chips, when they run into domestic upheaval that they deem to pose a threat to their regimes. I have already discussed the Truth of how american societal leaders chose to initiate the "sexual revolution", an illusion of sexual freedom, in the 1960's, for the specific purpose of trying to divert the attention of young citizen-slaves from the domestic, political issues of racial discrimination, genocidal war policy in Vietnam, etc... This generation of young people were realizing just how incredibly evil and diseased their society was. They were also beginning to organize violent protests that could have, at least in the paranoid opinion of top societal leaders, resulted in a domestic revolution that could have overthrown the american government. As a direct result of this, societal leaders made numerous small cultural modifications, to try and appease and divert the youth from focusing on political/cultural Truth. One of the primary modifications was an overt, publicly undertaken but never acknowledged loosening of sexual fascism decrees under which young people were encouraged and given overt permission to embrace the "free love", sexual "revolution" ideology. Society leaders guessed, quite rightly, that most of the hard core political/ideological "revolutionaries" would abandon their political/ideological "radicalism", and instead plunge into an orgy of sexual, "free love" activity, thus the threat of severe domestic violence, rioting, and possible overthrow of the existing regime, would be and in fact was, eliminated.

Illusions of freedom, worthless forms of pseudo-freedom, are offered as substitutes for real freedom, when a government/society senses itself to be facing a domestic crisis. And this Truth is beautifully applicable to the issue of the american military draft. Between 1940 and 1973, there was a mandatory military draft for all male children in america. In the late 1930's, american societal leaders felt omnipotent. There were literally no domestic challenges or protests of primary governmental doctrine and decree, of any significance. Societal leaders felt they could pretty much do whatever they wanted to their citizen-slaves, with no fear of any type of widespread protest. And so they chose to enact a law requiring every male boy to join in the military. It was the perfect time for them to get away with implementing such an atrocious, fascist law. In 1973 however, things were totally different. Assassinations of top societal leaders had occurred, widespread rioting had occurred. Large segments of the american public had expressed significant anger and hatred at their society during the 1960's and continuing into the 1970's. Societal leaders were busy trying to put an end to the "free love" revolution that they themselves had created a few years earlier for the purpose of diverting the attention of the young, enraged, Truth-seeking folks. It was the perfect time to throw the citizen-slaves a bone, to end the mandatory military draft, and put this policy change forth as demonstrating how gloriously free and tolerant the society was. Reign in the illusion of sexual freedom, replace it with the illusion of the freedom to embrace a pacifistic lifestyle, this was the plan of societal leaders. And as always, it worked just fine, you pathetic sheeple simply move on from one illusion to another, blind to the Truth that you are being denied all of the real, genuine, and True freedoms of life. Utterly pathetic!

Ending the mandatory draft simply required american societal leaders to devote a bit more effort on the brainwashing and deliberately violent child abuse fronts, appeals to patriotic ideology became stronger, as these methods were employed more fervently for the purpose of "convincing" male boys to "decide" to join the military on their own. I'm sure there were no army, navy, air force, or marine television commercials prior to 1973. No need for that, every boy had to agree to massacre complete strangers or get thrown into prison. But by 1974 or 1975, you can bet that a campaign of media brainwashing/coercion, via TV, radio, and/or newspaper/magazine commercials and advertisements touting how "great" life was in the military, had already begun. Was there anything fairer, more moral, more free, about life in fascist america with the military draft eliminated? No, of course not! All this accomplished was to create a climate of brutal class discrimination in which economically disadvantaged youth were targeted, and it actually served to increase the severity of societally sponsored child abuse throughout all of america, as the brainwashing of children via lies regarding how good their society is, how they owe their society a debt, how they need to agree to embrace legal, societally advocated homicidal rage, as well as the degree of abuse, physically violent abuse especially, directly inflicted upon children for the purpose of causing them to develop homicidal rage that military recruiters could then exploit, all increased, became more popular and more severe.

And on top of all this, boy slaves were still perversely required, are still perversely required, to "register with selective service" before their 18th birthday. This massive database, the name, social security number, and address of every male child in america, is kept by the american government/military, and exists for the sole purpose of allowing the government to easily and immediately reinstate the mandatory military draft, and force all male children to once again commit mass murder on it's behalf, under threat of imprisonment. So the illusion of having gained some type of a freedom, when mandatory military service ended, doesn't even hold up as an illusion. It's not even a reality as a pseudo-freedom, because the fascist system is designed in such a way that at a moment's notice, the government has the name, exact location, and identification number of every male child in america, and the government keeps this database for the sole and specific purpose of being able to immediately force all male children to become members of it's military, at any point in time that it chooses. To conclude, there is in reality no such thing as "voluntary" military service. The brutal brainwashing and cultural coercion employed by societies to terroristically convince children to agree to join their militaries, completely invalidates the notion that any child, or for that matter any enlistee of any age, could be making a truly autonomous, voluntary decision. Within a mandatory draft system, all boys are involuntarily forced to become members of the military and embrace the genocidally immoral doctrine of the military system. Within societies that have no mandatory draft system, all children who do enlist have still been involuntarily forced to enlist, via a brutal brainwashing and coercion effort that their society and the government that they live within as child-slaves, has undertaken against them. The degree of brutal, involuntary force that is undertaken in each case, is severe, unjustifiable, and equally immoral.

The military system is without a doubt one of the most deranged and overtly fascist structures to have ever been invented by humanity. Certainly the fact that it specifically targets and utilizes victimized, tortured children as pawns to commit genocide upon each other, is an immoral outrage of the highest order. Amazingly, some societies like america, have had and continue to have the unmitigated audacity to condemn other societies for using "child-soldiers", children aged 10, 11, 13, etc..., in their wars. America has actually claimed the moral high ground in making such condemnations. Ha! How ludicrous! Whether a child is 10 years old or 24 years old, is irrelevant, within the context of military service. The 10 year old is a child, and the 24 year old is a child. It is ludicrous for any sane thinker to believe that a child aged 18, 19, 21, 24, or even 26, is in fact not a child, but rather an adult who possesses the maturity and depth of intellectual perception that is required to make a personal decision as to whether to agree to mass murder complete strangers on behalf of their society. Up until age 21, children are literally slaves, under the laws of america. They enjoy few of the "rights" and even fewer of the so-called "freedoms", that adults enjoy. Now, imagine freeing a slave after 21 years of bondage. Is it possible for the newly freed slave to have the maturity, the depth of philosophical reasoning skills, to leap into a new world of freedom in a day? A week? A month? A year?? No, of course not! It takes years for a former slave to begin to develop the emotional and intellectual depth of thought that is required to truly understand the numerous life paths, and numerous ideological options, that exist, from a mature perspective. Many individuals never develop such insight and maturity, of course. We must keep in mind the scientific Truths about brain development and function as well, which prove beyond all doubt that the vast majority of human beings do not attain genuine and complete mental maturity until their 30's. At the very least, any sane society would recognize that it has absolutely no right, moral or ethical, to allow any child under the age of 28, to serve in it's military. It further has no right to target children via brainwashing and coercion, with propaganda that is designed to make the military seem appealing, desirable, and a way for children to improve their own quality of life in terms of getting a good education, getting a good job, etc... Society has no right to bribe children into joining the military. In some ways, bribery/brainwashing are far more perverse than a mandatory military draft. But the bottom line is this: Every society on planet earth today, targets and enlists children in it's military. Children under the age of 28. These children are then used as pawns to commit genocide and to suffer genocide, by ultra-diseased societies/governments. Every society which does this, proves itself to be equally perverse. The notion that a society is more moral and decent because it requires it's children to be 18 years old before it forces them to commit genocide and endanger their lives, limbs, sanity, and soul, rather than 11 years old, is utterly insane. And in fact even if the minimum age were 21, such a society would have absolutely no claim of moral superiority to a society that uses 11 year old children as soldiers.

The consequences of being forced to participate in the war ritual are genocidally horrific. They involve physically dying, becoming physically crippled for life, becoming mentally crippled, unable to care about other living things, suffering severe, crippling, lifelong emotional and psychological consequences. This is because it is unnatural in every way, intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, for a child, or for any human being, to be forced to terminate the life of a complete stranger, by another human beings. Again, killing complete strangers can be perfectly natural, as long as it is a personal decision that an individual arrives at with absolutely no overt influence from any other person or from any outside ideology that is foisted upon the individual. And the individual gets to autonomously decide exactly when, where, how, and who he kills. At the same time however, the war ritual is always completely unnatural specifically because it involves each soldier being forced, ordered, commanded by someone else, to kill a complete stranger in a certain way, at a specific time. He has no autonomous say in whether he commits this murder, how he commits this murder, where and when he commits this murder. Society bears complete responsibility for practicing and engaging in this toxic war ritual. It is a ritual that specifically causes child genocide, on both "sides". In fact is is overtly designed to cause child genocide, designed to result in the sacrifice of children, rather than the sacrifice of adults. This is proven by the fact that all warmongering societies practice this toxic ritual using sacrificial child pawns as combat soldiers, not adult pawns. Children are used specifically because they are officially decreed to be subhuman, their lives carrying less value to society, than the lives of genuine adults who have jobs, families, significant assets, and the like, who are "contributing" members of society. The adults contribute via money, the children, life forms that you adults claim to value and be so very protective of, are forced by you, as adult members of society, to contribute as Poison Containers, via the sacrifice of their lives, limbs, sanity, and souls. The deaths of demonized enemy children, and the deaths of your own children, actually serve to make you feel better emotionally. It relieves your emotional distress, to have your children die on your behalf. You ritually sacrifice your children to make yourselves feel better, just as the Aztecs and other ancient societies used to tie children to a stake in the hot sun and wait for them to slowly die of dehydration. They were able to establish a claim of moral justification to themselves, and you, right now in the year 2001 in the most technologically advanced societies on planet earth, are able and choose to establish your own deranged claims of moral justification, in exactly the same perverse manner.

Your societies cover up their genocidal structure by making insane verbal decrees that their child-soldiers are "heroes" who are only doing what "has to be done to protect our way of life." Hey idiots, your way of life is not even worth the saliva from spit, much less the sacrifice of life, limb, sanity, and soul, from a tortured, brainwashed child. You insanely create medals and fancy certificates, giving these useless artifacts to surviving soldiers who have killed more complete strangers than most, and to relatives and family members of the tortured children that you, as a society, are maliciously responsible for causing the deaths of. In america, you even create and staff entire hospitals, known as VA hospitals, for the exclusive purpose of treating and providing medical care to your tortured and crippled child-soldier victims, as part of your desperate efforts to assuage your guilt and maintain the illusion of moral decency and superiority.

Basic Training is the name that you creatures have given to the initial, intensely overwhelming abuse that all enlistees are subjected too upon joining the military. The purpose of basic training is to completely overwhelm the tortured child as soon as he joins the military. To strip the child of all sense of personal identity and autonomy. To create within the child a mindset of complete submissiveness and slave consciousness, so that he will blindly, without a single moment of genuinely autonomous thought, agree to undertake any action that his military bosses command him to undertake. Every aspect of basic training is abusive, designed to completely break the true spirit, character, and self-love of every single military enlistee, the vast majority of whom have already been severely abused, broken, and made to loathe themselves by the sum total of the childhood abuse that they endured as "civilians", prior to being mentally kidnapped and coerced into joining the military. In basic training the enlistee is completely stripped of his true identity, forced to cut his hair exactly the same way as all of his fellow recruits, forced to wear exactly the same clothing, forced to participate in exactly the same activities, forced to eat exactly the same food, forced to embrace exactly the same insanely patriotic philosophy towards life. What the nazi's did to their prisoners inside concentration camps, in terms of stripping the prisoners of their sense of identity and autonomy, was less severe, less brutal, than the manner in which basic training in year 2001 america is designed to strip american child-soldiers of their sense of personal identity and autonomy.

This point must be repeated: A great many former child soldiers go on to commit "illegal", unauthorized murders later in life. It is only natural and logical that this occurs. From any type of rational perspective, there is less morality and less personal entitlement involved in legal murders committed by a soldier on command, than in illegal murders committed by individuals acting autonomously and not under the terroristic threat and coercion that the military structure imposes upon every single soldier. In some cases, the tortured child-soldier who has committed legal murder within the military, only turns to committing illegal murder after being stripped of the ability to continue to commit legal murder, either because he is not sent to front line combat duty, or because he is asked or compelled to leave the military. This torture victim may well have never committed any type of murder at all, legal or illegal, were it not for the fact that he was literally forced as a child to commit legal murder. This makes the very thought, the very notion of any society having any justification for punishing, condemning, or even criticizing such an individual, for committing illegal murder, utterly insane. Military murder is coerced, compelled, artificially induced in a fascist, brainwashing manner, by society upon tortured children. How anyone can possibly argue that military murder can have more legitimacy, more moral justification, more acceptability and legality than individual acts of autonomous murder, is mind-boggling. But as always, you deranged creatures manage to embrace this notion, employing the ridiculous claim that the military murder is "necessary" and because it is sponsored by your beloved society, a society that you yourselves as citizens are blindly and loyally addicted to, it must be moral, justified, and not a "crime". Only individuals commit crimes, not societies, that is how you rationalize the utter genocide that your societies commit not only against a demonized enemy, but against your very own tortured and already brutally victimized children, children that you yourselves have sponsored and authorized the brutalization of. How utterly perverse!

Howard Unruh, Charles Whitman, Randy Kraft, Ronald Gene Simmons, Timothy McVeigh, and a strong majority of all of america's most "infamous" criminal killers, were tortured by the american military system, and a strong majority in fact committed their very first murders, legal murders for which they received nothing but praise and reward from society, as combat soldiers, while enlisted in the military. Your society literally turned them into murderers! How dare you have the audacity to even think about condemning or inflicting punitive punishment upon these torture victims, if and when they continue to commit murder as individuals, outside of the military command structure! Howard Unruh was rewarded with medals for murdering a whole bunch of complete strangers on behalf of the american government. These murders were not justifiable, they were not moral, they were in fact artificially induced and compelled by the american government! Howard would never have committed them, unless the american government had terroristically induced him to commit them! How in the name of sanity can he be condemned, demonized, and subjected to punitive punishment by the judicial system of america for committing "additional" acts of murder, when the fact is that he was terroristically induced to become a murderer by the american government itself?? The hypocrisy is beyond words, no words exist in the english vocabulary to label just how insanely hypocritical this double standard, which cannot be explained on any level, with any legitimacy, is.

Timothy McVeigh, labeled as being the "worst" american "terrorist" in american history, committed his first murder, and more likely numerous murders, in totally legal fashion, as a member of the american military, during a genocidal war that america chose to launch and undertake against Iraq. He committed murder on behalf of the american government! When he somehow found the strength, courage, and intellectual superiority to recognize and accept, a few years later, the fact that his own society had brutally victimized him, that his own society made a far more appropriate target for violence/vengeance than the foreign societies that his society had demonized and was continuing to demonize, he was insanely condemned as being an "evil monster", he was cut off from all direct access to the media and the public, so that he could not continue to reveal this Forbidden Truth, and he was legally murdered, via the "death penalty", for committing illegal murder, even though his first acts of murder were not only completely legal, but terroristically compelled by this very same society! He was murdered for committing murder, by the very same society that had brainwashed, ordered and commanded him to commit murder in the first place, when he was a tortured, immature child! If any of you american citizen-slaves reading this essay are not hanging your heads in utter shame right now, I strongly suggest that you leave this website and never return. There is no point in you wasting your time reading Truth, if you are unable or unwilling to recognize, accept, and face up to these Truths within your own unique consciousness. Forget about demonizing or punitively punishing Tim, much less legally murdering him. Lets be much more basic: The mere notion that Timothy McVeigh did a "bad thing" in Oklahoma city, is ridiculous! If Tim did a bad thing, the things that american society did to him, and to his fellow gulf war child-soldiers, strictly within the military system itself, have to be labeled as having been far worse, far badder. All Timothy did was reflect the reality of what was done to him, the cycle of malevolence that american society initiated and carried out against him, as a child. He was induced to commit murder on your behalf. He committed murder on behalf of the american government and all of it's citizens. He was a pure victim, and now the only sane label that can be applied to Timothy is that of Martyr. He is a martyred murder victim of american society. Murdered for daring to express/reflect Truth, Forbidden Truth, via his actions, ideologies, and the few public statements, literally no more than a handful, that he was allowed to make during the six long years of time between his arrest and his outrageous legal murder. I would recommend the book "American Terrorist" to anyone wishing to explore Tim's True Reality, since it does contain a fair number of direct, hopefully unedited quotes of ideological and personal Truth, from him.

If a military system were to exist within a sane society, it could and would only have one purpose: Border defense. To try and repel a direct attack by another society/government, upon the territorial border, would be the only legitimate function of any military, in a sane society. Note my use of the word try. It is a very important word, it means that a sane society can only try to repel a military attack on it's border. It cannot retaliate in any way, in terms of launching a military counter-strike, for such an attack. This means that if america were a sane society, it could have had a military, and used the military to attempt to prevent the airline attacks that occurred on September 11th, on american territory. But at the same time, regardless of whether this attempt was completely successful, partially successful, or a complete failure, the american government and it's military had absolutely no right of any kind, to launch any type of a counterattack that involved any action beyond the physical borders of american territory. This would be the only appropriate function of any military, to serve as a border defense guard, empowered to try and prevent/repel a direct attack upon the border, but having absolutely no entitlement, under any circumstances, to violate the border of any other society/country, or in fact to launch any type of a military attack that involves straying out of american territory.

This concludes our Military Structure dissemination of Truth. Got two more extremely important Essays to go on this page, so lets keep on rolling. :-)

Aileen Wuornos, serial killer
This is Aileen Wuornos, Tortured Victim-Creation of a totally Sexist, Misogynistic, Prostitution and Victim Demonizing Society of america. One of the very few female torture victims of american society to have found the internal strength and sense of personal outrage required to direct homicidal rage outward, in a serial fashion, upon fellow humans, Aileen, tortured as a child and victimized throughout her entire lifetime by male humans within the utterly sexist and misogynistic cultural climate of america, is believed to have shot dead at least seven men, in serial fashion, most of whom likely attempted to coerce her into having sex with them, and viewed her as being a subhuman creature, as society instructs all citizen-slaves to consider single women who initiate contact with or solicit car rides from, men. If there truly was a feminist movement/organization based upon Truth in america, it would have come out in 100% support of Aileen's status of being a torture victim, unworthy of receiving any punitive punishment. Tragically and outrageously, but of course not surprisingly, our torture victim was demonized, put on trial, decreed Guilty, condemned to be legally murdered, and is currently on "death row", for daring to reflect back at her society, just a tiny fraction of the lifetime of unjust victimization and brutalization that her society officially sponsored and legitimized the commission of, against her.

Here are just a few details of Aileen's torturous life as a victim-creation of american society: Her father was a convicted child molestor diagnosed psychiatrically as being a sociopath. Aileen's Mommy was a child aged 16, possibly 17 at most, who would never have gotten custody of a womb excretion in any sane society. She abused baby Aileen for a little while, before getting bored and abandoning the slave. taken in by abusive relatives who pretended to be Aileen's biological parents, she only learned at age 12 that they were not her biological parents. Her stepfather was an alcoholic who treated all his slaves brutally. Aileen became a prostitute, a noble profession that her evil society perversely chooses to decree as illegal, and far worse, to legally authorize the ongoing brutalization and victimization of prostitutes by men, and by all "good and moral" citizens. This outrageous societal policy condemned Aileen to a lifetime of unjust victimization, on top of the torturous childhood that she had already endured. In the end, the police-pigs terrorized her only real friend into agreeing to betray her, secretly recording Aileen's admission of "guilt", made solely because of the affection she felt towards the only person she felt cared about her. Courageously, Aileen tried to stand upon the Truth. She revealed to the evil agents of her society that she was a victim, abused, raped, threatened, terrorized. But of course american society expects women to accept their subhuman status and quietly endure their torment, instead of reflecting their justified rage back upon their victimizers and the society that chooses to sponsor their lifelong brutalization. So that's Aileen's Truth, in a nutshell. Yet another tortured victim-creation of american society, victimized since birth, victimized every day of her life, still victimized today, on her way to being legally murdered by a society that proves each day, in thousands of different ways, that it does not deserve to exist.

Upon being declared guilty of first degree murder, tortured victim Aileen yelled out in the courtroom: "I’m innocent! I was raped! I hope you get raped! Scumbags of America!" Yes Aileen, you see Truth, You see human scum when it presents itself to you. "I wanted to confess to you that Richard Mallory did violently rape me as I’ve told you. But these others did not. [They] only began to start to." "I have hate crawling through my system."----------------Aileen Wuornos

Political Systems:

Please note that despite being titled "political" systems, this essay will also dissect all of the most primary Forbidden Truths on government as well. Politics and government do go together, but many of my essays do discuss governmental policies to a degree, and I do want it to be perfectly clear that this will be the main essay that will be focused upon the malevolent governmental structure, as well as the perverse political systems, of human societies. What is politics? The primary dictionary definition of this word is: The science and art of governing a country. Is this a valid definition? No. Here is the True definition: Politics is a deceitful set of ideological notions, specifically created, designed, and marketed by governments to their citizens, for the purpose of creating an illusion of freedom, autonomy, and personal choice for citizens, in terms of the structure and path of their individual lives. If you wish to apply terms such as "science" or "art" to the definition of politics, such terms must be accompanied with other language that clearly reveals the fact that this governmental activity is utterly deceitful, and it's ideological props, such as "elections", are nothing more than invalid illusions.

According to popular notion, there are several different "types" of governments. There are democracies, totalitarian governments, communist governments, etc.. Each form of government claims to provide the best living environment for it's citizen-slaves. This notion of there being several different types of governments in the world, is structured along the same lines, and for the same malevolent purposes, as the insane god myth notion that there are numerous "different" mainstream religions. Each religion claims to offer the "best" version of god worship, the real and desirable god, while dismissing and outright condemning the other religions. Every form of government does the exact same thing, terroristically brainwashing it's citizen-slaves into accepting the notion that "their" form of government is more benevolent and superior to, other forms of government. Understand that the exact same malevolent principle is applied, for the exact same reasons, in both the insane god myth and the myth of differing governmental ideologies. Numerous mainstream religions have been created, for the specific purpose of allowing you pathetic creatures to feel superior to other humans via the notion that you are worshipping the "right" god, while the other people, those of a different religion, are worshipping the "wrong" god. In exactly the same fashion, numerous systems of government have been created for the specific purpose of causing you pathetic creatures to feel and believe that you live in a country and under a government that provides you with a superior quality of life, in comparison to people living in other countries, under governmental doctrine that are said to be different than your government's doctrine, and always decreed to be inferior to the form of government that you live under. Every religion instructs it's devotees that they are lucky to be devoted to this particular version of the insane god myth, because it is the best version, the only true version, the version that will result in the greatest degree of reward. Inherent within this perverse brainwashing is a demonization of all other religions, religions that are different from "your" religion. Every political system does exactly the same thing, it operates along the exact same principle, instructing it's citizens that they are lucky to live within and embrace the legitimacy of, the current, existing form of government that is in place, brainwashing every citizen and in fact every child born into the society from the first day of his birth, that their government and political system is the best in the world, the only true and legitimately proper form of government, and the form of government that will result in you, the individual citizen-slave, enjoying the greatest degree of reward, via safety, equality, freedom, justice, and benevolent treatment in general. Inherent within this brainwashing is a demonization of all other forms of government, designed to both enslave the mind/intellect of the individual to believing that he must support his government at all costs, and within this mindset, to accept the notion that even if he feels himself to be suffering greatly and unjustly as a direct result of his government, he must still remain a loyal, law-abiding citizen-slave, based upon the lie that every other form of government would inflict far more suffering and harm upon him, than his current government is inflicting. What we have here, as in virtually all aspects of human life, is a perverse shell game designed to cause you creatures to agree to accept suffering and injustice, and to remain devoted to a system of brutally oppressive malevolence, via brainwashing, lies, ridiculous claims of moral and ideological superiority by supreme leaders, and invalid, terroristic, demonizing threats that "your" government is not only a superior and good government, but that all other forms of government are totally inferior and evil, for the purpose of intellectually and emotionally terrorizing you into remaining loyal and devoted to the government, to the societal leaders, under whose fascist control you currently live as citizen-slaves.

I am now going two reveal two extremely important Forbidden Truths on this topic, so please read and analyze this paragraph very carefully. I will be discussing these Truths at great length below, but first let me reveal them both, in a detailed and comprehensive manner. #1: All forms of government that have achieved success within the Modern Era in terms of attaining and retaining power over a significant number of people, are identical in overall design, structure, and purpose. A communist government, a totalitarian government, is identical in design, structure, and purpose, to a "democratic" government. Since all governments are identical in this manner, the various labels, such as communist, democratic, totalitarian, etc..., that are used by governments to describe themselves as well as to label other governments, have no Truth-based legitimacy or accuracy. #2: Every governmental system is designed to achieve the exact same goal: To oppress, victimize, impose it's malicious will upon all individual citizens, to compel obedience and conformity to mainstream ideological doctrine that the supreme leaders of the government have chosen to decree as "sacred", and at all costs, to retain the loyalty and devotion of as many citizens as possible. Okay, now we can begin to flesh out these Truths in detail, beginning with #1. The christian god freak feels superior to the moslem god freak. He feels this way because the leaders of christianity have brainwashed him into believing that christianity is superior and that god will reward him for embracing the "right" religion, the true religion. The moslem god freak feels the same way, thanks to brainwashing by his religion's malevolent leaders. In each case, it is the leaders of the religion who benefit, they have power because pathetic, brainwashed, mentally ill sheeple are devoted to them, and obey them. In reality of course, every mainstream religion is exactly the same, operates along the exact same "omnipotent creature wants to be worshipped and obeyed, will reward you with a blissful afterlife" excreta. Government and politics operate on this exact same structure. You are told that there are several different forms of government in existence, you are told that one form of government is very good and highly superior to the other forms of government, and that you will reap great rewards in embracing the "right and good" form of government, and suffer great peril and pain if you betray or abandon this "right" government, or choose to embrace one of the "wrong and bad" forms of government. Guess what? It is always the government that already has you in it's toxic clutches, that you are already a citizen of, which claims to offer you the "right and good" form of government, while mercilessly demonizing the other forms of government, and trying to instill terror within you, of the demonized, "wrong and bad" forms of government.

If you are an american citizen, you are terroristically brainwashed into believing that "democracy" is the "right and good" form of government, and the other forms are demonized to you. If you are a citizen of Cuba, you are terroristically brainwashed into believing that communism is the "right and good" form of government, while democracy is demonized to you. If you live in Afghanistan, you are terroristically brainwashed into believing that a totalitarian regime based upon islamic interpretation of religion, is the right and good form of government, while all other forms are demonized to you. As a seeker of Truth, it is extremely important that you find the sanity within yourselves to recognize that not only does each government, america, cuba, afghanistan, commit an atrocity upon it's citizens that is absolutely equal in scope and measure, via it's own terroristic brainwashing, but even more importantly, there is in reality no legitimately valid distinction that can be made between these three "different" forms of government. Yes, there are some extremely noticeable "cosmetic" and cultural differences in terms of how citizen-slaves in these 3 societies live out their day to day lives, their rituals, hobbies, daily activities, as their governments have terroristically dictated. But there is still no genuine difference in the design, operational structure, and purpose of the three forms of government. Consider: Each of these three forms of government uses lies to win over the support and loyalty of it's citizen. Each government demonizes other forms of government. Each government has the overt goal of forcing it's citizen-slaves to embrace all of the primary ideological doctrine that the supreme leaders have decided to be highly important. Each government has and undertakes an overt agenda of oppressing and victimizing it's citizen-slaves, while at the same time using a terroristic threat to get away with their oppression and victimization, the very specific threat that if the person lived in one of the other two countries, they would suffer far greater oppression and victimization under that country's "wrong and bad" form of government. Each government is specifically designed and structured, in an identical manner, to victimize it's own citizens and to get away with/justify this victimization to it's citizens, by terroristically brainwashing them into believing that their particular form of government is the best form, while the other forms of government are "evil and terrible".

So, all forms of government that have managed to achieve and retain any type of a significant degree of power over other human beings in the modern era, are the same. "Democracy", communism, totalitarianism, religious fundamentalism, these are nothing more than demonizing labels that governments create and use for the purpose of claiming moral superiority and benevolence, as well as for the even more useful purpose of demonizing other governments so that their own citizen-victims perversely rationalize the brutality they are being subjected to, by believing that the other governments would inflict even greater brutality upon them. The christian feels superior to the moslem, and the moslem feels superior to the christian, only because these two invalid labels exist. If there was only one version of the exact same insane god myth, it wouldn't work, because you pathetic creatures are desperate to feel superior to fellow humans, especially in situations where you are being victimized, oppressed, forced to act in unnatural ways and to accept/endure harm/injustice. You must find a way to rationalize your suffering and victimization. The only ways to do this are to either refuse to accept the fact that you are being subjected to brutal victimization and unnecessary suffering, or to accept the notion that your suffering is somehow "necessary", and that other governments make their citizens suffer much more than your government makes you and your fellow citizens suffer. There have to be numerous different "mainstream" versions of the insane god myth, in order for the god myth itself to be so universally embraced and accepted as it is. In exactly the same manner, there have to be different labels for government, in order for individuals to universally accept the victimization and fascism that their government imposes upon them. If every government labeled itself as "democratic", and every government declared that all other governments were democratic, citizens would come to realize that they are being brutally oppressed and victimized, simply because the governments could not put out their demonizing propaganda lies that their form of government is "right and good", while the other forms of government are "evil and terrible", because all governments would carry the same label. The Truth would be revealed under such a scenario, the Forbidden Truth that all governments are the same, all governments operate under the exact same malicious and malevolent structure, design, and operational precepts. Societal and governmental leaders, with malice aforethought, deliberately create and popularize the notion that there are "different" religious and political ideologies, for the specific purpose of causing their own citizen-slaves/devotees to feel and believe themselves to be superior to others, better off than other groups of humans, to justify demonizing others, and to terrorize their own devotees with the threat that they had better remain loyal to their current oppressors, because if not, they will face the far more terrible wrath of a far more terrible religious or political ideology. But the Truth is that all religious and political ideologies are identical in every meaningful way, identically malicious and malevolent. Governments get away with brutally oppressing and victimizing their citizens only because they are able to hold out the terroristic threat, completely untrue and invalid of course, that other governments, real, existing governments, are evil and terrible and would inflict far greater, far more horrific oppression and victimization upon the person, if he were to fall into their clutches, as a citizen-slave. Seekers of Truth, let us now cast aside all of these invalid, demonizing labels, and embrace the fact that there is no legitimacy to such labels.

Now, I'm sure some of you are thinking to yourselves, "Isn't it a fact that some types of governments offer "more freedom" to their citizens, than other types of governments, and doesn't this mean that there is a fundamental difference between forms of government such as democratic versus totalitarianism"? The answer to this question is: No. To an extreme degree, "freedom" is nothing more than a state of mind. None of us are genuinely free, and the manner in which we perceive our day to day lives, is how we uniquely judge for ourselves whether we are free, or able to "enjoy our freedom". Freedom is an intellectual thought/concept, that is translated into an emotional feeling, and can be used by individuals to define a specific activity, but at it's core, it remains an intellectual concept. For example, people like to say that a prison inmate has had his "freedom taken away from him." This is not true. Freedom is an intellectual concept, it resides within the unique mind of every individual human being. If an individual feels free, an individual is free. Taking away a person's ability to do certain things, only affects the person's freedom if the person intellectually and emotionally believes and accepts the notion that his freedom is linked to his ability to do those specific things. Yes, the vast majority of prison inmates do feel as though they have had their freedom taken away from them, but this is only because they mentally, intellectually, and emotionally associate the concept of freedom, with being able to do certain specific things that they used to be able to do prior to being imprisoned. The Superior human recognizes that the only real freedom that an individual needs, the only freedom that is universally valid and therefore deserves to be called freedom, resides within the unique mind and brain of every individual. The unique manner in which you define freedom to yourself, is the only accurate way to measure whether you yourself are free, or can enjoy freedom. Superior prison inmates, even those in maximum security cells, can and do feel far freer than many multimillionaires, who are hopelessly chained to their jobs, enslaved to their families, and hopelessly trapped within other perceived "obligations" and toxic societal rituals. This "feeling" of freedom is in fact the absolute experience of freedom, since this concept is an intellectual/emotional one. In other words, being physically "free" to go wherever one wants, in no way constitutes freedom, unless the individual perceives himself to be free and to enjoy freedom, within his own unique mind. I will be discussing the topic of Freedom at great length in a separate essay later within this Manifesto, but on this particular point, governmental claims of "freedom", let it be clearly understood that no government offers any significantly greater genuine level of freedom to it's citizen-slaves, than any other government. Some governments, specifically those which label themselves as "democracies", devote more time and effort towards offering an illusion of freedom, and their most fervent form of terroristic demonization of other governments is their claim to "be free", and their threat that the other governments are not free and do not offer freedom. This is nothing more than a demonizing lie, designed and promulgated for the purpose of winning over and retaining the support of as many citizen-slaves as possible, for the existing governmental regime.

The design structure and the overt goal of every government is the same: To rob all individual citizens of their freedom. To restrict, manipulate, guide, control the lifestyle choices and options of all citizens. To coerce and force citizens to behave in certain ways, to believe in certain things, to embrace very specific ideological notions, all of which serve to rob people of their freedom, personal autonomy, and free will. Every aspect of every government is specifically designed not to encourage freedom, not to even allow freedom, but to take away freedom, including the most important freedom of all: Intellectual freedom and the ability to live life based upon Truth. Take religion. The vast majority of governments, most especially so-called "democracies", terroristically impose the toxic myth of god existing, upon the helpless minds of all children born into the society, as well as adults. Simply in choosing to do this, the society robs it's citizens of the ability to enjoy intellectual freedom and the ability to make life choices based upon the simple, True fact that there is no invisible, omnipotent god creature with a fascist agenda of behavioral demands, to fear and to be terroristically obliged to cater to.

Perversely, you creatures who live under terroristic regimes which label themselves as "free democracies", are instructed to celebrate and rejoice in the fact that you enjoy "religious freedom". Your evil society tells you that you are so very lucky to be religiously free, allowed to worship whatever version of the insane god myth you choose. The reality of course, is that you enjoy absolutely no freedom from religion. Insane religious doctrine has been forcibly shoved down your throats, each and every day of your lives, beginning when you were a tiny baby, by your society and government. But you are too broken and brainwashed to recognize the fact that what you are told and taught constitutes a "precious freedom", in reality constitutes an utterly vicious and literally genocidal form of intellectual fascism, that your society terroristically imposed upon you, and outrageously continues to impose upon every single man, woman, and child born into and/or living as a citizen of, a so-called "free democracy" like america. A society/government that at least refrains from viciously imposing the insane god myth upon it's citizens, that does not stridently promote the insane god myth, clearly is offering greater "freedom" to it's citizens, than a society that does stridently promote the god myth. But tragically, a lifetime of brainwashing renders 99.9999% of all humans who are citizens of "free democracy" governments, unable to recognize even this most glaringly obvious Forbidden Truth. Let us understand that defining "freedom" is essentially impossible, on a general level. And it is the societies and governments which most stridently claim to offer freedom, that most often practice and impose the most viciously fascist and genocidally harmful forms of oppression upon their citizen-slaves.

Such societies proudly claim to offer "political freedom", when in reality their political system is specifically designed so that it is impossible for anyone who does not tote the same ideological platform as the existing leaders tote, to attain power. This will be discussed at length below. Such governments claim to offer free market "economic freedom", when in reality their economic structure is specifically designed to force people to waste their lives working as slaves, designed to keep the vast majority of citizens trapped within a cycle of either grinding poverty, or trapped within a spin cycle that involves the malicious use of artificial constructs such as interest rates, inflation, and cost of living increases that are carefully adjusted on a constant basis by the government, for the purpose of allowing people to believe that they have reached the "middle class" of economic achievement, when in reality they are wasting their lives spending all of the money they make, within an insane system known as capitalism which is specifically designed to compel all citizen-slaves to spend the vast majority of all the money they earn. There is absolutely nothing inherently freer or better for the typical human being, within any of the governmental structures of a society that labels itself as a "free democracy", in comparison to a society that carries a label of dictatorship or totalitarian. The specific methods of mass oppression and fascism that are employed by different societies, absolutely does vary. The end result however, is not only the same, but on average, it is the societies which carry the "free democracy" label which cause the greatest degree of harm and victimization not only to their own citizen-slaves, but in fact to other societies and governments and to planet earth as a whole. Free democracies are the greatest warmongerers. Free democracies are the governments most desperate to "convert" other governments to their design structure. Free democracies start most wars, by interfering in the sovereign activities and ideologies of other nations. Free democracies cause the greatest harm to the natural resources of the planet. Governments which label themselves as free democracies in reality offer slightly less genuine, personally useful freedom to their citizen-slaves, than do societies that label themselves as "communist" or refrain from constantly, desperately claiming to offer "glorious freedom", which is the primary propaganda lie that ultra-diseased societies like america are constantly putting forth, to retain the support and loyalty of their brainwashed citizens.

The Truth is, the vast majority of all human beings have absolutely no desire to be free, to enjoy genuine freedom. What you want is to be told that you are free, to pretend that you are free, even as you happily allow your evil governments to dictate every single significant aspect of your lives. The "free democracy" governments pander to this perverse desire of yours, telling you that you are free, making you believe that you enjoy freedom, providing you with the illusion of freedom so that you can lie to yourself, delude yourself into feeling that you are free, and they do this for the specific purpose of gaining your patriotic loyalty and devotion. Freedom exists in the mind of the individual. Genuine freedom can only exist within the embrace of Truth. Since none of you creatures are even capable of recognizing Truth, not only are you totally unable to recognize genuine freedom, but if somehow given an opportunity to be genuinely free, you would flee in terror from the genuine freedom, and ferociously cling to your invalid, toxic illusions of freedom. Again, religion provides the perfect example of this. You ferociously cling to the insane illusion of freedom offered by "democratic" societies, which tells you that you enjoy the glorious freedom of choosing which religion to addict and enslave yourself and your children to. And yet if given the opportunity to live under a government that offered you genuine protection from the insane god myth, that did not viciously impose religion upon all citizens, that offered you the genuine freedom of not being subjected to fascist god myth addiction, you would reject and renounce such a government, insanely declaring it to be "unfree", lacking freedom, even though it actually offers you far more genuine freedom, freedom based upon Truth, the freedom to make this particular life decision, whether or not to believe in/worship god, without the brutal brainwashing and terroristic coercion, that the religion-imposing "democratic" government inflicts upon you. So understand this Truth, that in reality, the vast majority of all human beings have no interest in or desire for, genuine freedom. They want their government to impose it's fascist will upon them.

As you know, Truth is the very essence of this Manifesto. Everything good and valuable in life, on an individual level, must be rooted in Truth. All governments maliciously lie to their citizens, as a matter of core policy and design structure. The very structure of government itself, is such that it can only exist as a ruling force, if it is totally rooted in lies, deceit, brainwashing, and manipulation of reality via the artificial creation of invalid illusions which are masqueraded as constituting Truth. Based upon this Truth, as well as the Truths revealed throughout this essay, it is obvious that no government currently in existence, and in fact no government that has ever existed throughout the modern era, deserves to exist. There has never been a government that existed within a framework of morality, decency, benevolence, or Truth. Every government has been overtly, supremely, malevolent in design, ideology, and the specific doctrines that it has imposed upon it's citizens. This having been said, lets also realize that different forms of government do rely, at least on a surface level, on slightly different methodologies when it comes to retaining the devotion and loyalty of their citizens. Governments that label themselves as free democracies rely extremely heavily on brainwashing and lies, while governments that label themselves as communist/totalitarian rely more on overt physical threats of imprisonment, torture, death. "Religiously fundamentalist" governments are in the middle, relying very heavily on brainwashing and lies regarding the god myth, while also using overt threats of imprisonment, torture, death. In point of fact, america is a religiously fundamentalist form of government, although this would never be admitted to of course, by the evil leaders. The Truth is, afghanistan is a religiously fundamentalist government that employs one specific version of the insane god myth within it's core ideological structure, while america is a religiously fundamentalist government that employs numerous, slightly different versions of the insane god myth within it's core ideological structure. The end result is identical, both of these governments are literally soaked and saturated within toxic god mythology, and deserve to carry the same "form of government" label, I would use the label of "religious fundamentalism".

Nationalistic versus Humanistic orientation: I have begun this paragraph with red lettering, because this next point is extremely important. The design structure of all governments, which I have already revealed to be so perverse that no currently existing government has a moral entitlement to exist, is such that citizen-slaves are brainwashed and compelled to adopt a nationalistic, as opposed to a humanistic, outlook on life. What do I mean by this? Nationalism is defined as a "devotion to one's country, patriotic feelings or efforts". In reality of course, it is a devotion towards the government of the country. Nationalism is an invalid ideological construct, partly because no government currently in existence deserves to receive "fervent devotion" from human beings, but even more so because the very premise of nationalism is designed and destined to split the human race into feuding, warring, demonizing groups. Every government wants it's citizen-slaves to be nationalistic. This nationalistic orientation involves an irrational, illogical devotion to and loyalty for, the government. Once a government establishes a nationalistic mindset among it's citizens, the next step is to exploit this invalid ideology by demonizing foreign governments, nations, and ideologies, and to get citizen-slaves to direct all of the rage and hate they feel at the suffering and injustice that their own government is responsible for causing them to suffer, onto these demonized foreign entities, that in reality have had nothing to do with causing their personal suffering and enraged distress. This nationalistic brainwashing is primarily responsible for a great deal of the inter-governmental war, violence, feuding, and misdirection of rage, that humans engage in. It also serves all governments very well, in terms of allowing their malevolent and genocidally victimizing regimes to remain in power.

The antidote for toxic nationalistic orientation, is humanistic orientation. In Humanistic orientation, human beings would be able to recognize the Truth of how they are essentially identical in species nature, to all other human beings on the planet, and that all of the ideological differences that exist have in reality been artificially induced and created by governments. Governments get away with brutally victimizing their citizen-slaves, primarily because they create the illusion that other groups of people, living in other nations and under a declared "different" form of government, are completely different in nature, mysteriously different, extremely dangerous, and pose a threat to the citizens living under this government. This creates the illusion that the citizen has to embrace, obey, honor, and support "their" government, under the notion that their government is a good government that will protect them from the bad "demons" and the mysterious, bizarre foreign governments that wish to kill, destroy, torture, them. In Humanistic orientation, we recognize the Truth. We recognize that if in fact a citizen of afghanistan wants to kill complete strangers just because they are american, he does so only because he is a victim of the perverse brainwashing that his government/society has undertaken and committed against him. If an american is terrified of falling under the rule of the cuban government, he is only terrified because his government has invalidly demonized the cuban form of government for political and fascist control gain. We recognize and embrace the fact that all human beings, all across the world, are born with identical needs and traits, and that all of the political and ideological differences that arise within the perceptions of reality of individuals, are 100% the fault of the malevolent, brainwashing, lie-based, toxic governments and societies that human beings are enslaved by and raised up within.

Embracing this Truth would be a first step towards breaking free of toxic nationalistic orientation, in favor of personally empowering Humanistic orientation. What makes Humanistic orientation empowering is the fact that it allows the individual to at least begin to break free of the insane devotion to their own government, the government that is directly and primarily responsible for and guilty of their life victimizations. By recognizing that every human being is born identical, that every government is overtly malevolent, and that every government is completely responsible for creating all of the so-called "political and ideological differences" among individuals, Superior people, those capable of sane thought, would also begin to realize that it is completely irrational, illogical, and in essence a betrayal of self, as well as a betrayal of Truth, for the person to embrace nationalism, patriotism, loyalty to government, or any type of demonization of foreign nations or governments. In a nutshell: Every government brutally victimizes it's own citizens, far more than it victimizes the citizens of any other nation, and therefore to embrace nationalism constitutes a betrayal of self, you are pledging your loyalty and devotion to the one government/society on the planet that has victimized you far more than any other government/society has victimized you, or wants to victimize you. The "enemy", those foreigners that you are instructed to demonize and hate, are identical to you. They are victims just like you are a victim. Their government/society has committed literally the exact same type of brutal atrocities upon them, that your government has committed upon you. And as far as the "different" forms of government that your government instructs you to be terrible, evil, lacking freedom, etc..., you recognize the fact that you are being manipulated. Your "fear of the unknown" is being mercilessly exploited. You recognize that all forms of government are in reality the same, that all forms are malevolent, and that all governments victimize their own citizens far more than anyone else. Once you embrace all of these Truths, you can begin to decide what to do, how to live, whether to allow your government to exist, to rule over you and dictate your life path, whether to be loyal to your government, etc..., from a Truth-based perspective.

As you might imagine, the notion of you creatures even considering adopting a Humanistic orientation towards life, fills the supreme leaders and other empowered agents of all governments with immense dread. It would signal the beginning of the end for all currently existing governments and governmental design structures. But guess what? Your supreme leaders are not concerned with this notion, at all. If they thought there was a possibility that even one person in 5000 might embrace humanism over nationalism, they would be in terror. But they know better. They know just how pathetically inferior you creatures are. They know that you are nothing more than blind sheeple. They know that the only way you can cope with your own pathetic lives, is to embrace only lie-based ideology, to demonize fellow humans, other religions, other governments. You cling to the insane nationalism that your governments feed you, like a drowning man in the middle of the ocean who cannot swim, clings to a life preserver. To embrace Humanistic Truth would require you to face up to the overt malice of literally all of the fundamental structures, government, religion, delusions of freedom, that you base your entire lives upon. No chance of this ever occurring, and believe me, your evil societal and governmental leaders know this to be the case. They sleep well, no worries that their completely artificial, lie-based regimes will be exposed for what they are.

It's fascinating to look at the issue of how and why some governments, like america, are obsessed with luring people who live under other governments, to reject their current government, embrace the american government, and emigrate to america. Truly this is an ideological obsession, for the american government. Most governments do not actively and constantly solicit immigrants. Many governments absolutely refuse to allow immigrants into their country. But america obsessively solicits immigrants, and uses their arrival to ridiculously proclaim itself to be wonderfully free, overtly benevolent, and "better" than all other governments/societies, as proven by the fact that people from other societies and living under other governments "want" to come live in america. The Truth is, the american government maliciously lures and entices people living in other countries, using false claims, false promises, and invalid, brainwashing ideology, into believing that they will enjoy a "better quality of life" in america. Once in america, these immigrants are forced to assume the worst possible jobs, usually treated as being even more subhuman than blacks born in america, and continue to be brainwashed with the ridiculous notion that they must be very grateful to have been "accepted" into the country of america, because they now enjoy wonderful "freedom", that they did not enjoy under their former government. This is utterly ridiculous! What types of "freedom" do they enjoy? The freedom to addict themselves to the insane god myth of their choice? The freedom to work 10 hours a day, 6 days per week, for the rest of their lives, just so they can afford to feed and cloth themselves and their children with the incredibly overpriced fashions that american society dictates, as well as buy items, like VCR's and pools and fancy furnishings that they do not need and never would have thought of buying if they had remained in their former country? The freedom to sacrifice their own lives under the bizarre notion that it is their duty to help their americanized children to enjoy a better quality of life after they themselves die? The freedom to vote in elections, to pretend to be "choosing" their governmental leaders when in reality there is no such thing as a free election or any genuine political choice, under the democratic system? This is not freedom, this is slavery, a form of slavery that more often than not serves to greatly decrease the actual quality of life that the immigrant experiences, in comparison to the quality of life he would have enjoyed had he remained in his native country. Of course very few immigrants can consciously recognize the fact that their quality of life has in reality decreased, thanks to the constant brainwashing mantra of american society, that it is the "best", that it offers glorious, unmatched, invaluable "freedom", etc...

Let us understand that governments which obsessively solicit immigrants are inferior to governments that bar immigrants or greatly restrict immigration. The slave underclass within a government like america, is absolutely brutal in scope and breath. Throughout american history, there has been a desperate effort to constantly bring in new supplies of human slaves, by the mainstream, middle-class population. The kidnapping of african blacks worked for awhile, until insane moral justification eroded, and in the wake of this erosion, coerced immigration via brainwashing and lies, has been and continues to be employed by the american government. If the american government can convince people to "voluntarily" emigrate to america, the slave/kidnapping angle is diluted, and moral justification can be maintained, in a way that the kidnapping of blacks from africa, could not maintain moral justification for more than two hundred or so years. You creatures embrace the notion that the immigrants "want" to come to america of their own free will, they must be grateful that america accepts them in, allows them to come in, and so they "naturally" must accept subhuman status and devote their lives to endless labor, engaging in employment that the typical, mainstream, middle-class american, and even slum-dwelling native americans/descendants of kidnapped africans, refuse to engage in. The Truth is that just because a person is tricked, brainwashed, coerced into believing that the american government is better than his current government, and "chooses" to emigrate to america as a result of this deceit, a deceit that is deliberately and specifically undertaken by the american government, in no way means that the person came to america of his own free will, or that the subhuman, essentially slave status that these people are condemned to, can be in any way morally, ethically, or benevolently justified. "Established" americans, those who have been citizen-slaves of america for their entire lives, currently morally justify this to themselves, in exactly the same invalid, perversely hypocritical manner that they used to justify the kidnapping and "official" slave status of african blacks. "We are not forcing them to come here, they come of their own free will, seeking the glorious freedom that only we, the superior society of america, can and does offer", this is the excreta that americans embrace, even though it is nothing but an utter lie and sham. You are forcing them to come to america, by luring and enticing them with utter propaganda and lies. And you have no glorious freedom to offer, only perverse, sham illusions of freedom, illusions that you shove down the throats and minds of foreigners specifically because you are on a constant, desperate mission to acquire new, dirt poor slaves, as well as desperately trying to maintain to yourselves the illusion and personal delusion that your society is wonderful, superior, freedom-based, a heavenly nirvana compared to the horrors committed by all those demonized, "bad and wrong" governments that you are constantly initiating and provoking wars against, to satiate your collective homicidal rage at the undeniable distress, victimization, brutalization, that you are in reality experiencing, at the direct hands of your very own society/government.

Time to say a few words about Defection. What is defection? Within the context of this topic, it is defined as: To desert one's country, to abandon allegiance to a government. Every government has it's defectors, and every government deliberately tries to cover up, conceal, hide, and not allow their media to report upon, defections undertaken by their citizen-slaves. Every defector represents Truth. Every defector represents a case of an individual, subjected to pro-governmental brainwashing and propaganda, who has somehow found the personal independence and insight to break free from and reject the legitimacy of, their government's patriotic coercion efforts. Even though governmental leaders know, intellectually, that the vast majority of their broken citizen-slaves are almost certain to remain blindly loyal, there is still genuine concern within the leadership that even a single defector, if he is vocal enough and his True story is revealed, could help at least a few of his formerly fellow citizens to find the sanity, insight, and intelligence to realize that they in reality owe absolutely no allegiance to their government/society, as well. At the same time, governments do realize that if someone defects to them, this provides a great, extremely useful propaganda coup. The government can and of course does, proudly proclaim: "Look at this, this human being chose to defect to our nation, he chose to abandon his former government and to embrace our government, at peril to himself. This proves that our society, our government, and our form of government, is truly, undeniably superior to all other governments and worthy of unquestioned support and patriotic loyalty from all citizens." Of course nothing could be further from the Truth, but Truth does not matter, all that matters is that the defection by a tortured victim creation of one government, to a different government, can be gloriously exploited by whatever government the victim has chosen to defect to. Because of this, a brutally fascist and completely hypocritical standard of information dissemination as well as news reporting, occurs with regard to the issue of defection and defectors.

Consider: Within the american media, you hear quite often of cases that involve citizens of many different countries, cuba, russia, china, asian, african, middle eastern countries, defecting to america. It happens, these people, deluded into believing that america will provide them with a better, freer lifestyle, defect to america. In some cases, where the individuals have chosen to actively defy, challenge, and express condemnation of their governments, it is even True, that on an overall basis, the person might well be physically safer and better able to continue speaking out against the government that they hate, the government that is most responsible for their own personal victimization, after they have escaped the malevolent clutches of that government and defected to america. They will not enjoy greater genuine freedom in terms of a direct government to government comparison, but because their former government had an extreme, vested interest in stifling their freedom since they may have been actively speaking out against and/or trying to foment a revolution against the government, that former government obviously would have been likely to try and take away more of the specific person's freedom, than the american government is likely to do, simply because the person has not and is not speaking out against the american government. The american government is very happy when people defect to it from any other government. They publicly announce the news, instruct all media venues to report upon the defection, providing a great many details on the defector, his claimed motivations, etc..., even though such revelations do in reality pose a safety and security threat to both the defector and his family/loved ones, especially if he has family or loved ones who remain in his native country, as most defectors do.

Now, lets consider the reverse situation, a citizen of america defects to another country. It is the exact same event, isn't it?? It's a defection, exactly the same in terms of what occurs, regardless of whether a person defects to america, or whether a person defects from america. Surely a defection from america is just as newsworthy as a defection to america, isn't it? There is no rational, Truth-based reason for why defections to america would be considered major, newsworthy events, while defections from america would be considered totally insignificant, unimportant incidents that do not even deserve to be mentioned, much less reported upon or discussed. And yet this is absolutely what occurs in fascist america. It is clear to any student of Truth that at the very least, hundreds of american citizens renounce their citizenship and overtly choose to defect to other countries/governments, each and every year. More likely, the figure is in the tens of thousands, during most years. And yet think about this Truth: There is literally not an iota of news media reporting, and not a single official statement made by the american government, on any of these defections! This is why most american citizens, if asked whether they think/believe that thousands of fellow american citizens defect to other countries from america every year, would say No. This Truth has been hidden from them, by the american government and it's puppet media. If you were to try and obtain information from the american government on how many people defected to america last year, this figure would be provided to you. But if you inquired as to how many american citizens have defected to other countries, no such information would be provided. It is obvious that in terms of Truth-based journalistic purpose, the media of a society should focus much more on why people defect from the government that they represent, rather than focusing on why people defect to the government that they represent. Why? Because focusing on the defectors who abandon patriotic allegiance, would serve to reveal Truth. The defector could, and very likely would, explain why he has grown to hate his society/government, the faults, the lies, the malevolence that he has experienced and that he has come to recognize, within the society that he has chosen to desert and abandon. As always, your evil societies will stop at nothing to prevent the revelation of any type of valuable Truth. This is why the american government, as well as every other government, refuses to make any official statements on citizens deserting, abandoning, and defecting from their society, refuses to inform the news media of these defections, refuses to tell the news media how many people defect from their government/country, and terroristically coerces the news media into not reporting upon such defections. It is utterly outrageous, a brilliantly clear display of true fascism, engaged in by the american government to most likely an even greater degree than other governments. Think about it, you idiots: When an american citizen defects to a foreign country, the american government has a sacred obligation to provide as much information as it can to the american media, regarding the defection. It is a major, extremely newsworthy event, and it directly involves the government. Unless the defector chooses to overtly contact the media himself after defecting, or his remaining family members in america choose to contact the media, which is unlikely, the media will literally have no way of knowing that the defection has even occured, much less be able to provide even the sketchiest type of reporting on the event. The government shamelessly preens over defections made to it, making official statements, holding press conferences, overtly courting the media, instructing the media to report at great length on those defections, while at the same time not even informing the media of any defections made by american citizens to other nations. In fact the american government overtly hides, suppresses, and I am convinced will even directly lie about, such defections. This alone should be enough to prove to all of you citizen-slaves that your government is evil, lie-based, maliciously manipulative, and completely unworthy of your loyalty, allegiance, or patriotic support.

When was the last time any national TV, newspaper, magazine, or wire service company, based in america, conducted an in-depth interview with a defector from america, in which the defector is allowed to express and outline all of his reasons for having chosen to defect from america?? I do not recall having ever read or seen such an interview, not even a single one, even though there have been hundreds of in-depth interviews with people who have defected to america, in which they gush on about how happy they are to be in america, how they feel free and safe now, etc... CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Time magazine, Newsweek, National Public Radio, PBS, US News & World Report, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, not a single one of these news organizations, despite having massive resources and manpower, has ever undertaken an in-depth investigative report upon american citizens defecting to other countries, or even conducted an in-depth series of interviews with such defectors, asking them point-blank to explain exactly why they chose to defect, and publishing their replies in complete, unedited form. Does any media reporter even know exactly how many american citizens defected from america in the year 2000? I think not, the government would either refuse to provide this information by claiming it does not "keep this statistic", or else lie outright. All the while, the media continues to gobble up government propaganda and patriotically reports upon the defections of people to america. This is the government/society which claims to be "wonderfully free, open and gloriously democratic, with freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc..." How pathetic! Your fascist rulers won't even allow you to hear the voices of your fellow torture victims, those who have found the personal courage and initiative to desert, abandon, and reject their american citizenships. People defect because they hate their society, because they have been personally victimized by their society. Out of 5 million people that a society victimizes, perhaps one finds the courage and insight to choose to defect. Every government refuses to allow it's defectors to gain any type of media attention or coverage, because every government is terrified that if allowed to speak out to his masses of fellow victims, the defector might help some of them, a handful at least, come to the realization that their very own society/government truly has brutally victimized them, and that they owe this victimizing entity absolutely no allegiance.

Lee Harvey Oswald was an american defector. He defected to the soviet union. To the best of my knowledge, not a single national news organization in all of america, ever bothered to report the news that a young american citizen, Lee Harvey Oswald, had abandoned and rejected the american government and the american "way of life" via a defection, until after he returned to america and carried out the infamous act that now guarantees him a permanent place within the historical record of human events. And yet if a citizen of the soviet union had defected to america at that same time, even on the exact same day that Lee Harvey defected from america, given the ongoing war mode of the late 1950's and early 1960's, it would have made front page news on every national newspaper, and been a lead story on both national radio and national television news. There ya go, the hypocrisy is mind-boggling, and once again I claim Game, Set, and Match, via yet another incredible demonstration of the power and the glory that is the revelation of Forbidden Truth.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America; and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. There it is folks, the pledge of allegiance. Read it, feel the fascist, the malice, the lies, behind literally every single one of the thirty-one words that comprise this pledge. Understand that helpless children, who have no possible way of intellectually analyzing the validity of such a pledge, have been and continue to be genocidally forced by adults and by the american government, to recite and embrace this fascist pledge, literally being forced to place their hand upon their heart, as part of the terroristic coercion process. This pledge is horrific. It is saturated with malice. It is designed to terrorize people into blindly agreeing to live as slaves, blindly agreeing to do whatever the american governmental leadership tells them to do, including sacrifice their lives. It insanely creates a fetish out of an ordinary piece of cloth that has been woven into a three colored, stripes and stars design. It has the audacity to include the word "liberty", when in reality it's entire purpose is to deny all human beings born into or living within america, the liberty and freedom to make a mature, adult, rational, unbiased choice and decision as to whether or not american society and the american government deserves their devotion, allegiance, support. It has the gall to proclaim that america offers "justice" to all, when the Truth is that america genocidally murdered native indians, genocidally enslaved blacks, genocidally discriminates against it's citizens, genocidally murders womb-trapped children, genocidally murders it's own tortured adult victim-creations via a death penalty, and has a judicial system that in every sense of the word, and from every possible angle, can only be seen as being utterly and completely unjust. "We sponsor the genocidal torture and victimization of our children, then we dispense justice upon them by punitively punishing them for reflecting back upon other human beings, the torture and victimization that we subjected them to." This is your "justice", and how any of you can even imagine, in your wildest dreams, that either you or your society has ever delivered a single moment of justice to any living thing, is utterly astonishing to me, and should be astonishing to any sane seeker of Truth.

Amazingly, the original version of this perverse pledge did not include any mention of god. The author must have figured that american citizens were so broken, so terribly addicted to, brainwashed by, the american government, that there was no need to invoke a terroristic threat from god, at the time he initially authored the first version of the pledge, back in 1892. This original pledge had several other minor differences from today's pledge, and read: I pledge allegiance to my Flag and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. But guess what? Societal and governmental leaders soon realized that even the dumbest of the dumb can eventually begin to recognize an evil hoax when they are confronted with it's malevolent consequences on a daily basis, unless it carries with it a supernaturally terroristic threat and appeal from the invisible, omnipotent god creature. And so, in typically shameless fashion, your evil leaders changed the pledge in 1954, via a new law, enacted and voted into law by your elected congressional whore/representatives, that specifically added two words to the pledge, inserting these two words directly after the "one nation". The two words were "under god", so that the new and current pledge would read "one nation under god". Yes indeed, your leaders wanted to make sure you always remained too terrified to even think of rejecting your patriotic obligation to america, so they informed you that beginning in 1954, you are pledging your allegiance under god, which clearly is meant to inform you that god not only wants you to remain a loyal, patriotic american, but will punitively punish you if you dare to ever reject or renounce this "holy pledge" that you are reciting. The addition of these two words turned the pledge of allegiance into a holy document, adding an extremely major and useful layer of terrorization, and thus greatly strengthening the impact of the malevolent doctrine expressed within this brief text. Until 1954, you were not under a terroristic threat from god when you agreed and promised to pledge allegiance to america. But after 1954 you were under a terroristic threat from god. And given the fact that 99.999+% of all american citizen-slaves are genuinely addicted, to one degree or another, to the insane god myth, the impact of adding a terroristic threat from god to the pledge, was extremely significant and greatly added to the overall degree of utter fascism that has always defined the True nature of this pledge. Make no mistake, your supreme leaders knew exactly what they were doing, in adding these two perverse words in 1954. They added these words for the very specific reason of increasing the terroristic strength of the pledge, upon american citizens, in such a way as to brainwash citizens into believing that god himself wants them to remain loyal to the american government, and god himself will punish them if they violate this "holy" edict. Prior to 1954, the insane god myth was of course already being used by governmental leaders as a terroristic tool of nationalistic, patriotic coercion and oppression, but as regards the specific issue of the pledge of allegiance, there was clearly no type of a direct attempt to use the god myth within the pledge, until your evil leaders decided it would be terroristically useful to add this holy threat, in 1954.

One of the most incredibly blatant of governmental lies, at least with regard to america, a lie so obvious that even a monkey should be able to figure it out, is the utterly bizarre claim by american leaders, that there is a "separation between church and state", and that the american government operates as a secular entity and under secular ideology. That is ridiculous! It is such a bizarre claim that even I have trouble believing that you pathetic creatures can possibly consider it to be valid. There is absolutely nothing secular about the american government. It is totally saturated at every level, with insane god myth ideology. The government of america is religiously fundamentalist, just as afghanistan, iraq, etc... The insane god myth is used by the government as a tool of oppression and terrorization, to compel loyalty, patriotism, and the like, within religiously fundamentalist societies. Certainly america has constantly done this, and continues today. The notion of god existing is also overtly legitimized and promoted by religiously fundamentalist governments. America does this to a degree that may well exceed that of the Afghanistan or iraq governments. Every piece of monetary currency invokes the name of god in america. Every public speech by the supreme leader invokes not only the word god, but a demand/decree that god "bless" the government, via the "god bless america" excreta. The government promotes religion, changes the texts of extremely popular and influential governmental edicts to specifically add mention of god, as was done with the pledge of allegiance. The government rewards people who promote the insane god myth, by decreeing that churches and other houses of worship are not taxed, or at least have their tax amount greatly reduced. The government gives citizens the right to refuse to work at their job on the "holy day" of Sunday or Saturday, while restricting the ability of their boss to fire them for refusing to work on that day. At every turn and in every way, the american government overtly and terroristically imposes, sponsors and legitimizes the insane god myth to it's citizen-slaves, and I really cannot envision any genuinely valid way that any other government, afghanistan, iraq, or the like, can be said to exceed the immense level of religious fundamentalism that the american government operates under and within. The claim that those other governments "restrict" their religious fundamentalism to one specific version of the insane god myth, while america at least allows numerous different versions of the insane god myth to be "embraced and practiced" by their populace, holds absolutely no validity, since the Truth is that all versions of the mainstream, societally promoted god myth are identical in design, nature, and malicious scope. To declare and celebrate the right to embrace different versions of the insane god myth as constituting an "important freedom", is akin to declaring and celebrating as an "important freedom", the right to choose whether or not you are killed and eaten by a 350 pound lion, as opposed to a 400 pound lion. It is ludicrous on it's very face!

I could easily spend an entire page outlining the hundreds of different Truths that prove that the american government in no way deserves to be labeled as a "free democracy", and is in fact a religiously fundamentalist fascist dictatorship. But space and time are both limited, so I will limit myself to providing just one example of this proof. In america, there are five primary pledges/anthems/hymns/songs that are most commonly used by the american government to implant, maintain, and stir patriotic loyalty and devotion among the citizen-slaves. These five are: The pledge of Allegiance, America The Beautiful, The Star Spangled Banner, My Country 'Tis Of Thee, and God Bless America. Unbelievably and amazingly, each and every one of these governmental anthems, created, popularized, and promoted by a government that claims to be secular, not only overtly mentions god, but overtly uses the insane god myth within it's text, for the specific purpose of terroristically imposing the myth that god exists and that god likes the american government and wants citizen-slaves of america to support the american government. I have already discussed how the pledge of allegiance perversely had the words "under god" added to it, by the american government, in 1954. Next we have "America The Beautiful." This governmental anthem contains the lines: "America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God mend thine every flaw. America! America! May god thy gold refine. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee. America! America! God shed his grace on thee." This governmental anthem is saturated with insane god myth promotion. The line "god shed his grace on thee" is repeated a total of six times within the singing of this anthem!

The complete version of the Star Spangled Banner, which is the official national anthem of the american government, includes the lines: "Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the heav'n rescued land, Praise the Pow'r that has made and presrv'd us a nation, And conquer we must when our cause is just And this be our motto: "In God is our trust." And the Star-Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave." The message here is both that "god made, preserves, and loves america", and that all citizen-slaves must trust/believe in god. The anthem "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" includes the lines: "Our fathers' God, to Thee, Author of Liberty, To Thee we sing. Long may our land be bright, With freedom's holy light; Protect us by Thy might, Great God, our King!" Unbelievable, a nationalistic anthem in which citizen-slaves literally beg god to protect and help america, in reality of course the government of america.

And finally we have "God Bless America", this perverse national anthem is literally all about god, from the very first word of the title. It's entire design is to pound into the mind of all children and adults, the insane notion that god exists, and that god very specifically loves and blesses america, with lyrics such as: "God Bless America, Land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her Thru the night with a light from above. From the mountains, to the prairies, To the oceans, white with foam God bless America, My home sweet home." So, all five of the most popular, best known, and officially decreed "anthems" of the american government, not only overtly mention god, but overtly promote the insane god myth! How anybody can believe that the american government is anything other than a fundamentalist religious regime, is mind-boggling.

Lets continue this dissection of Truth. Some governmental regimes have a political system under which threats of murder, torture, and the infliction of overt physical harm, are the most widely employed method of retaining the loyalty and devotion of citizens. Other governmental regimes have a political system under which brainwashing, coercion, and illusions of freedom/appeasement are the most widely employed methods of retaining the loyalty and devotion of citizens. The latter types of regimes like to refer to themselves as being "free democracies", and are constantly bragging about and proclaiming how wonderful they are, and how terrible the regimes that employ threats of murder, torture, and the infliction of overt physical harm, are. Now, if you happen to be on the direct receiving end of murder, torture, and physical violence, it is fair to say that you are likely suffering more than if you are on the direct receiving end of brainwashing, non-violent coercion, and false illusions. However, two very important points must be made. First of all, simply being threatened with murder, torture, physical victimization, is absolutely no more harmful than being coercively brainwashed via illusions and lies. And the reality is that communist/totalitarian governments are not interested in actually killing/torturing their citizen-slaves, but rather in making them fear the possibility of being tortured and killed, as a way to retain their subservient loyalty and devotion. Secondly, and much more importantly, we have the issue of realization of Truth. Citizen-slaves of communist/totalitarian forms of government are much more likely to come to the realization that their government is malevolent and deliberately, unjustly inflicting harm upon them, than citizen-slaves of "free democracies", even though the actual degree and magnitude of harm that is inflicted is usually at least as severe by free democracy governments, and oftentimes even more severe, than that inflicted by dictatorships/totalitarian regimes. There is always extreme value in recognizing Truth. Even if the citizen-slave is too broken and terrified to rise up in overt rebellion, simply by recognizing the Truth that his government is brutally victimizing him, the victim has taken a personally important step. Let it be clear that the degree of fascist oppression inflicted by free democracies upon their citizens, is every bit as severe and brutal as the degree inflicted by totalitarian dictatorships. The democracy simply relies more on brainwashing, illusions, and lies, while the dictatorship relies more on threats of death and physical punishment. Note the emphasis is on the word threats, which are in fact no more physically harmful in any way, than brainwashing, lies, and coercion is. Nobody ever died, or even suffered a broken bone, from being threatened. The fascist dictatorship is more honest, more truthful. It does not "cloak" it's malevolence to nearly the same degree as democratic governments do, and it does not rely nearly as heavily upon addicting it's citizen-slaves to a ton of perverse lies and myths. Instead of using lies and brainwashing to compel allegiance, it relies on threats of murder and torture. This makes the totalitarian government slightly more honest, and it also serves to allow more citizen-slaves to recognize that their government is brutally victimizing them. They still feel broken, helpless, unable to rise up against this oppressing force of malevolence, but they at least know that they are being brutally oppressed, which is not the case for the vast majority of citizen-slaves living in an ultra lie-based society like america. The american citizen-slave is being brutalized just as severely by his government, but he is far less likely to be able to recognize and realize this Truth, than a citizen-slave of a totalitarian government.

It is not my intention to promote dictatorships or "communist" forms of government as being "better" than those governments which label themselves as democracies. In some ways they are better, in a few ways, they are somewhat worse. The point is that the use of the term "better" is not appropriate, because all currently existing governmental regimes are overtly, brutally, genocidally malevolent towards their own citizens. It doesn't really make any difference that one form of government might cause slightly less overall harm to more of it's citizen-slaves, in some ways, than another form of government. This is because severe, unjustifiable harm is deliberately, maliciously caused in all cases, by all governments. However, there is value in analyzing the different structural designs of governments. To know your enemy gives you power, it gives you an advantage. To realize that governments which label themselves as democratic do a better job of cloaking the fact that they are brutally victimizing their citizens, is the first step, a very important step, for all people living within such regimes, to begin the process of coming to the realization and the acceptance of the Forbidden Truth that their very own government is brutally victimizing them.

It is time to discuss the issue of Elections. One of the fundamental arguments that "free democracies" make, in claiming to be a far superior and benevolent form of government, in comparison to other governments that they have chosen to demonize, is that they provide "free elections" to their citizens, thus allowing the citizens to choose for themselves, via a "popular vote", who becomes their supreme leader. The person who gets the most votes wins, and only retains this supreme leadership position for a few years, until the next election. Are elections a genuinely valid example of freedom, and of a superior form of government? Of course not! The entire ritual of popular vote elections is nothing more than a perverse sham and illusion, through and through. It does not offer freedom, it does not provide choice, and it in no way allows citizens to have any say in any of the ideological paths that their supreme leaders compel them to accept and follow. Democratic governments create this sham by first creating political "parties". In america, there are only two such parties that the supreme leadership has decided to empower, the democratic and the republican parties. A politician who wishes to become a supreme leader must agree to join one of these two parties. Both parties have strict ideological rules, and if any politician or to be more accurate, any person who wants to become a supreme leader within the society, refuses to accept and embrace these ideological rules, the political party refuses to accept the person into their party. So right off the bat we have utter fascism. The only way that any human being can have a chance to become the supreme leader of america, is by agreeing to adopt and embrace all of the ideological demands of either the republican or democratic party, to the satisfaction of the cabal of empowered agents of the existing regime, who comprise the leadership of both of these political parties.

Lets understand this: The american government tells you that you enjoy "free elections", the freedom to put into political office, by popular vote, any american citizen that you wish. But in reality, the election process is designed in such a way that there are only two human beings out of the entire population of america and the planet, that actually have any possibility of attaining the supreme leadership position, the presidency, as well as almost all other "major" elected positions, as a result of your vote. Those two people are the democratic and the republican party nominees. So your "free election" does not allow you to choose from among the approximately 280 million people living in america, it doesn't even allow you choose from among 280,000, or 2800, or 280, or even 28. You are given exactly two people to choose from, two out of 280 million, and yet you insanely seem to believe that you enjoy the "freedom" to elect your supreme leaders. Unbelievable! Now, you idiots might claim that it's okay because you "first" choose your 2 candidates, via the "party nomination" process, so in fact you initially had more than two candidates to choose from. Again, utter farce! Nobody can even get into the republican or democratic parties unless the leaders of those parties, highly empowered agents of the supreme leadership, decide that their ideology, as well as gender, age, ethnic background, personality, etc..., are "acceptable". There is absolutely nothing free or democratic about elections. Elections are pre-planned in advance, with the leaders of your government deciding exactly who is to be allowed to even have a chance of becoming the supreme leader, and this field of pre-screened humans is limited to a handful, all of whom must have already proven to the existing supreme leadership that they have, are, and will in the future embrace the exact same primary ideological path as the existing and past leadership has embraced. Under a dictatorship, there is no election, so only one "candidate" runs, and he is guaranteed to win. At least the citizen-slaves know, are able to realize, that they have absolutely no say of determining or impacting upon the nature of their leader, or the ideological path that their government takes. At least they know this Truth. But under a free democracy, the existing governmental leadership carefully chooses two people out of 280 million, making sure that they have differing positions on minor issues, so as to make it look like the citizens have a choice to freely elect whomever they wish and dictate the future policies of the government, even though the Truth is that both "party nominees" must have completely agreed to maintain and embrace all of the major ideological mandates of the existing regime, in order to have gained the nomination of their parties. The dictatorship offers one candidate out of 10-100 million people, the free democracy offers two candidates out of 280 million people, but both candidates must stand upon the exact same primary ideological mandates. How is that freedom? How does that allow the citizens to choose their leaders?? It's nothing but a complete sham and illusion!

Understand that your evil society created the "political party" system for the specific purpose of making sure that only two human beings, carefully chosen via a pre-screening process undertaken by existing supreme leaders, ever have any chance of becoming supreme leaders. This is pure fascism. And also realize that as far as the specific election for president, as well as almost all other national, state, and even city elections, an additional safeguard, the "nomination of the party candidate at the party convention or through a primary election", was added, just to make sure that there was no way that anybody not officially approved by the existing top leadership, could ever attain one of these two "party candidate" spots. And on top of everything else, a ridiculous, third party, last ditch "electoral college" system was put in, a system that prevents the individual vote for president from being counted as a "pure", direct vote, a system that could be easily manipulated and controlled by the existing governmental leadership in any type of an "emergency" situation, such as a charismatic outsider somehow finding a way to defeat this fascist, two-party dictatorship. Yes, your fascist leaders have made it 100% certain that one of only two people, both carefully pre-screened and directly chosen by them, will become the supreme leader, in every single "free" election that has ever occurred in america.

All successful politicians are accurate reflections of the lowest levels of immorality, insanity, perversity, rage, and Truth-hatred of the average, typical, citizen of the society they are seeking to attain political office within. You citizens will only elect a person who accurately reflects your own genuinely inferior natures and True Realities. Since you, as individuals and as a collective group, are immoral, insane, enraged, homicidal, addicted to lies and myths, and unable to even recognize Truth, as a result of the lifetime of brainwashing and victimization that your society and government have subjected you to, you will only elect as your leader, a fellow human being who shares all of these same immense character failures and perversions, as you are afflicted with. Your aspiring leader has to lie to you, he has to promise to help satiate your homicidal rage, he has to tell you that you are good and moral even as he promises to commit atrocities on your behalf. That's the only way he can win an election, and only people who are genuinely immoral and perverse, would lie to you, promise to kill for you, and demonstrate all of the inferior, self-reflective character traits that you seek in your leaders. What this means is that in dictatorships and totalitarian governments that have no elections, there is a tiny possibility that a genuinely superior and moral person might become the supreme leader. The odds are very slim, but it is possible, especially within a monarchy-dictatorship where the supreme leadership position is handed down "automatically", that at some point the new leader could have somehow avoided receiving the type of personal brutalization and victimization that renders the vast majority of all adults to be immoral, homicidally enraged, insane, and addicted to lies/myths. It's very unlikely, but possible. However, within societies that have elections, this is impossible, totally, 100% impossible. Why?? Because the existing leadership will only empower aspiring politicians who share their immorality, malevolence, and devotion to the existing deranged societal ideologies, but even more importantly, because the voting public consists of masses of insane, immoral, enraged, truth-hating citizen-slaves who would never elect as their leader, on either a national or local level, anyone who does not clearly demonstrate that they share the exact same insane, immoral, enraged, truth-hating, ideological outlook on life, as the citizen-slaves possess. So, this means that within an "monarchy" type of government, it is theoretically possible, although in practical terms extremely unlikely, that at some point, a person attaining the supreme leadership position might not be as totally evil, immoral, and insane as the average and typical member of the general population of the society is. The same is True for dictatorship regimes, in theory, a new leader who seizes power via a coup or the like, might be morally Superior to, less evil than, and saner than, the typical, mainstream citizen of the country. But within a "free democracy" government that uses to create it's supreme leaders, it is 100% impossible for anyone who is sane, moral, and not genocidal evil, to attain the supreme leadership position. This is because the populace will never voluntarily choose as it's supreme leader, any human being who fails to at least match, if not exceed, their own level of immorality, insanity, malice, and blood-thirst.

This is why no atheist could get elected to any major political office. 99.999+% of all citizen-slaves are addicted to the insane god myth, and so any Superior human being who recognizes that this is a ridiculous myth and refuses to lie and pander to the deranged masses, refuses to end his speeches with "god bless america", and reveals the fact that he is an atheist, thereby refusing to agree to terroristically impose the insane god myth upon you pathetic creatures, could not even get 0000.1% of the vote. You creatures will never elect anyone who is moral or sane, partly because your existing leaders will never allow a moral or sane person to obtain a political party endorsement, but mainly because you yourselves, you masses of "regular folks" who constitute the electorate, are not moral or sane. You will only elect someone who is an accurate reflection of you, while at the same time pretending to be moral, and benevolent, and telling you that you are moral and benevolent even as he overtly promises to continue and maintain the same societal policies of genocidal malice that you have sadistically enjoyed under the existing political leadership. Remember, an absolutely vital component of this toxic and perverse situation is moral justification through lies. Your aspiring leaders must be genuinely inferior, immoral, enraged, in order to win your support, but at the same time they must put on a surface display of morality and moral justification for their ideological positions, as a way of allowing you creatures to feel and believe yourselves to be moral and decent.

Consider this: As a general rule within the insane political structure of america, most members of the fascist republican political machine are encouraged to support the death penalty but to oppose abortion. Most members of the fascist democratic political machine are encouraged to do the opposite, oppose the death penalty but support abortion. There are a fair number of successful politicians who support both the death penalty and abortion, but there are almost no successful politicians who oppose both the death penalty and abortion. What Forbidden Truths can we glean from these facts? First of all, we can look at the issue of moral justification. You creatures, the mainstream citizen-slaves of america, are homicidally enraged. You want your society to authorize you to commit murder, and to also commit murder in your names, but at the same time you demand that your society provide you with enough moral justification so that you retain the ability to delude yourselves into believing that you are "good and decent" people, despite the fact that you are filled with homicidal rage and genuinely demand and seek out opportunities to kill fellow humans and morally superior animals, as well as relish such killings that are committed by others, in your names, under the legal auspices of your government/society. So, if your homicidal mindset is geared more towards violent vengeance, you might gravitate towards the mainstream republican political excreta. Relish murder being committed in your name via the death penalty, while at the same time adopting a deranged position of moral superiority by convincing yourself that you wish to protect the lives of precious, "innocent" children, by opposing the form of murder known as abortion, even though the Truth is that the "criminals" whose murders you celebrate and revel are in reality tortured child victims of your very own society. If your homicidal mindset is geared more towards personal empowerment and freedom to kill directly, or you feel the need to deny that you have homicidal rage towards human beings altogether, you might gravitate towards the mainstream democratic political excreta. Here you can subconsciously celebrate and revel in the murder of children via abortion, while adopting a conscious pretense/rationalization that the child being murdered is not in fact a human being. And if you are a woman of childbearing age filled with homicidal rage, you can directly embrace the legal and moral permission that your government gives you, in telling you that it's okay to murder your child while it is trapped within your womb. At the same time you maintain the illusion to yourself of moral superiority, by being opposed to the death penalty, under the mindset of those people being "real" human beings, not just "fetuses", and killing real human beings in such a cold-blooded manner is morally wrong. In both situations, you creatures get to embrace murder, revel in the commission of murder, but still maintain an illusion to yourself that you are morally decent and certainly not "homicidal", even though the Truth is that your positions are utterly immoral and you are in fact filled with homicidal rage. It's all a shell game! The pro death penalty folks feel morally superior to the pro abortionists, and the pro abortionists feel morally superior to the pro death penalty folks, even though all of them are supremely immoral. This is a primary role of the political system within an ultra-diseased society like america: To sanction and sponsor utterly malevolent and immoral expressions/release of homicidal rage among the citizenry, while at the same time making the citizenry feel and believe that they are morally superior and benevolent.

Now, within a few societies, such as america, some politicians who support both abortion and the death penalty will also be successful. This tells us that these societies are the worst of the worst, truly diseased to their very cores. There is so much suppressed homicidal rage among the citizenry of these ultra-diseased societies, that many people insist upon embracing not just one, often not even two, but numerous, different forms of murder, including hunting, war, euthanasia, abortion, the death penalty, etc..., but still they insist upon the government morally legitimizing these forms of murder, by declaring them legal and by having politicians offer ridiculous but eagerly embraced moral justifications for why each and every one of these different forms of murder, is perfectly appropriate from a moral perspective, to both commit and personally revel in. Finally, we know that any politician in america who overtly opposes both abortion and the death penalty, is very unlikely to win any major election, certainly not a state or national election. Why? Once again, it comes down to suppressed homicidal rage. The vast majority of the electorate possess homicidal rage within their True Reality. They seek legal and moral justification, as well as cathartic outlets, for their homicidal rage. If a politician is opposed to both abortion and the death penalty, the electorate will begin to feel, on a subconscious level, that this politician is different than they are. This politician is not a reflection of their True Reality. This politician makes them feel uncomfortable, because he seems to be presenting a morally superior image, an image that makes the electorate, subconsciously, begin to feel that the politician might be morally superior to them. This absolutely requires that the politician be demonized and rejected, in order for the homicidally enraged electorate to maintain their personal delusion of moral decency and superiority. 97+% of the electorate likely supports either abortion or the death penalty, because at least 97% of the adult population is homicidally enraged to some degree and must find outlets for this rage while still maintaining the personal illusion of moral decency. Abortion and the death penalty are two of the best, most easily justifiable forms of murder, for citizens of an ultra-diseased society like america. All politicians are expected to proclaim their support for the legitimacy of at least one of these two form of murder, so as to validate the delusions of moral decency/superiority that the members of the electorate live out their pathetic lives frantically clinging to.

It is clear to any Superior thinker that in a two-party democratic system of government, an illusion of the two parties constantly being at odds with each other on important social and national issues, is deliberately and artificially created and maintained. This is done for the purpose of strengthening the notion that voters have the ability to dictate important future governmental policy and ideology, by choosing one candidate over the other. Remember, in the vast majority of all elections, not just for the supreme leadership/presidential election, but for all other state, county, and even city elections, the existing governmental regime makes sure that there are only two candidates, both carefully pre-screened and selected by the two fascist political parties, who have any chance of actually winning. If both candidates adopted the same ideological platform in their campaigns, the illusion of the electorate having a "real choice, a real chance to dictate the future ideological path of their government", would be diminished. A handful of Superiors might even come to realize just what a perverse sham this notion of democratic free elections is. Therefore, the government and it's empowered political leaders have a major, vested interest in creating the illusion that the two political parties are far apart and have important differences on a large variety of major social, economic, moral, cultural, and other issues. It is clear to me that at certain points in time, leaders of the two political parties meet, and mutually decide how to divide up issues. It doesn't need to happen very often, since once a division is made, it is permanent and ongoing. Democrats chose to accept gun control ideology, republicans chose to accept anti-abortion ideology, etc..., to help foster this illusion of the two parties being ideologically different, for the purpose of enhancing the ridiculous myth and illusion that the american "free democracy" political system offers voters a real opportunity to dictate social policy, even though the Truth is that there are only two candidates, both pre-screened by empowered agents and members of the existing fascist regime. In addition, ridiculous notions such as one particular position on an issue being "politically correct", while a differing position is "politically incorrect", are employed to strengthen the illusion of valid and important ideological difference and choice existing, to you pathetic citizen-slaves.

The Truth is, none of these ideological issues are truly important or have any ability to change the overall path that the governmental leadership chooses to take. There is plenty of time after every election for all the elected whores to get together, consult with their party bosses, and decide what types of minor tweaks to the existing laws they can get away with making, as a pretense of keeping their campaign "promises". On a national level, such as congress and the house of representatives, any promise that does not conform with the chosen ideological path of the supreme leadership, is simply rejected by a vote of the majority of fellow elected whores, and the politician who made the promise is given "political cover". He tells his constituents: "I tried to keep my promise to you, but I just couldn't get enough of my fellow elected officials to go along with me." Of course there are some glorious exceptions, glorious to your evil leaders, that is. For example, the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks must have been met with secretive glee by most top political leaders, as they finally saw and seized upon an excuse and an opportunity to ram totally fascist new laws that greatly expand the totalitarian power of the american government, down the throats of the newly terrified citizen-slaves. But on most campaign issues, all that the two politician/whores are doing is "striking a pose" on minor issues that they really have no ability, much less desire, to actually change laws on, if they get elected. For example, the politician who campaigns on an anti-abortion platform almost always has absolutely no actual intention of trying to enact a law to make abortion illegal. This is true even if the politician does get elected and actually writes and introduces a proposed new law to ban abortion. In almost all cases, the politician knows even before he begins to author his bill, whether or not it has any chance of being enacted into law. And if he genuinely believed it might be enacted, he likely would not author it. Or he would author it in such a way that it comes with so many strings attached that it can't get enacted into law. So all the politician is doing is maintaining the "pose" that he adopted in his campaign. Same goes for those politicians who claim to be anti death penalty. It is just a pose, even if it is stridently maintained while in office. The truly powerful, supreme leaders of america know that a society as ultra-diseased as america is, needs to keep as many forms of legal murder as it possibly can, legal, so as to provide maximum cathartic release of homicidal rage for it's citizen-slaves.

All successful politicians are professional liars, and immoral, enraged, malevolent individuals. These are job requirements, folks. They have to have these character flaws in order to get you, the deranged, Truth-hating, immoral, homicidally enraged, sadistic electorate, to vote them into office. The lying is obvious and needs no explanation. Every aspect of life within a society like america is saturated with lies, myths, illusion. A politician who refused to lie could not even get 50 votes, out of a 500,000 electorate. Politicians have to convince their electorate that they share their immorality, rage, and malevolence, while still maintaining the illusion of moral decency. This illusion is extremely easy to maintain, since most politicians, just like most citizens, sincerely and delusionally believe themselves to be morally good and decent. It's not easy to fake being immoral and malevolent and filled with rage, to people who are themselves filled with these negative emotions/character traits. Simply by being a professional liar, the politician is well on his way to immorality. And the fact is that the vast majority of all citizens, including politicians, are rage-filled and malevolent. They wouldn't choose to become politicians if they were genuinely moral and benevolent. And for the handful of genuinely sincere, moral "do-gooders" who decide to seek political office, they are quickly "unmasked" by the electorate and soundly rebuffed. The mainstream, immoral, rage-filled electorate recognizes them to not be accurate reflections of their True Reality, and so they are automatically rejected, often with the rationalization that they "could not relate to the average person". In reality, the reason they get rejected is because they do not share the immorality, malevolence, homicidal rage, of the average person.

The question of whether political elections are "fixed" or rigged, might well be interesting to contemplate, but within a fascist two-party political system like america, in which the government has complete control over who gets elected, it is an irrelevant, moot issue. It's clear that the existing regime in america almost never cares to any significant degree which of their two chosen candidates gets elected, because both candidates have already received official pre-approval from their fascist political party bosses, and so both candidates are expected and in fact obligated, to tow the official party line of the existing regime, on all genuinely important issues, if they do get elected. Remember, there are only two candidates, and both of them have already been interrogated, screened, and officially chosen by either the democratic or republican fascist party bosses, and deemed acceptable to hold the office that they seek. If they were not deemed acceptable, the party would not have made the person their official candidate. Understand that despite the malicious illusion of "political combat" that is provided to you citizen-slaves in order to make you feel and believe that you enjoy "free" elections, the two fascist political parties in america, the democrats and the republicans, work hand in hand and share the exact same fascist governmental ideology on all truly major issues. It is clear that the democratic party bosses do not particularly care whether their democratic candidates win, and the same is true for republican party bosses. They pretend to care greatly, in order to maintain the illusion of a "free and open" democratic election. What they actually care greatly about, is to make sure that either a democrat or a republican, wins every election. They don't much care which one wins, as long as it's one of the two, and not an "outsider" who has bypassed the pre-screening process of both political parties.

This is because there is no essential difference between the democratic and republican parties. These are two governmental institutions that have been created for the purpose of pre-screening aspiring politicians, and for the purpose of carefully crafting campaign and election platforms that will maximize the illusion of free choice and the ability to shape governmental policy to you citizen-slaves, so that you insanely come to believe that the democratic, "free election" system is precious and wonderful, a glorious gift from your government that must be protected and valued at all costs, a system that sets you apart from all those terrible "dictatorships", even though the Truth of the matter is that your fascist, religiously fundamentalist government offers nothing that remotely resembles a "free" election, but rather the useless opportunity to pick one out of two carefully pre-screened candidates who have both received the official endorsement of the existing, utterly malicious and immoral, governmental regime, and who both are already beholden to supporting and embracing the ideological doctrine of the existing regime. It literally makes no difference which of the two wins the election, but in typical fashion, you brainwashed creatures ferociously cling to the delusion that you are "freely electing as your representative in the government, the candidate of your choice." In america, relatively few elections are "fixed and rigged" in such a way that one candidate wins. Why is this so? Because there is simply no need to fix and rig the election so that a single, particular candidate wins, because of the fact that all elections have already been fixed and rigged in such a way that only two pre-screen and pre-approved candidates can win! To fix and rig the election so that only one candidate can win, would compromise the illusion of "freedom", while the fixing & rigging of the election so that only two candidates can win which is what absolutely does occur within every single major election on all local, state, and national levels, is insanely perceived by you horrifically brainwashed creatures, as a demonstration and validation of your "freedom".

I want to emphasize again the value of knowing Truth within the reality of your day to day life. It may well be that on average, totalitarian dictatorships deny their citizens freedom, to a slightly greater degree than so-called free democracies. However, even if this is the case, the scale tips over to the other side when you consider the fact that so many more citizen-slaves living under totalitarian governments are at least consciously aware of the fact that they are being brutally and unjustly oppressed by their government, than is the case with citizen-slaves living under democratic governments. There is power in knowing and embracing Truth. There is even freedom, in knowing and embracing Truth. This power and freedom counterbalances any slight increase in victimization that some totalitarian governments might inflict. The bottom line is that severe, unrelenting, immoral, brutalization and victimization is undertaken by all governments, in fascist fashion, upon their own citizens. For the seeker of Truth, is not relevant or meaningful to split hairs in terms of trying to judge whether one government might be inflicting a tiny bit less or a tiny bit more severe brutalization upon it's citizens. It makes no difference, because the same severe, deliberate, brutal, unjustifiable victimization is committed. If someone drives a knife into your heart and walks off after making sure you are dead, it would be utterly ridiculous to proclaim that person to be worthy of the label "benevolent", just because some other person might have driven the knife into your chest, made sure you were dead, and then pulled the knife out only to drive it in again. The result, the consequences, would be exactly the same. And this is the analogy that we must recognize as we look at the universal harm, malice, and malevolence displayed and inflicted by all governments towards their own citizens.

No government has ever held an election that was "free". Every election is inherently fascist, as are all political systems. In an election, the supreme leaders of a government and their top appointed agents, get together and decide who they will allow to succeed them. In the vast majority of governments, this pool of hand-picked successors is limited carefully whittled down to a grand total of two human beings. You, the citizen-slaves, had no genuine say in picking these two "candidates", and if you believe that you did, then you are a brainwashed fool. Your existing governmental leaders are the ones who chose both of your candidates, and therefore what you have is not an "election", but a puppet show, an illusion, a sham. You cannot choose your next leader, because your existing governmental leaders have already made the choice for you. They have carefully pre-screened and hand-picked two people that they will be perfectly happy and satisfied to have win the election. It doesn't matter to your existing leaders, which of the two candidates wins. The result is the same, the existing leaders get what they want. They get to place exactly who they wish, into elected office, just as the totalitarian dictator does. Only difference is, the totalitarian dictator does not put on a sham and a fake illusion of "election freedom" to his citizen-slaves. He simply declares: "This one human will become your new supreme leader, I declare it and you have no say in it." The democratic government leader is saying, not verbally of course: "One of these two humans will become your new supreme leaders, I declare it and you have no say in it." No, the illusion of the populace having a say, must be maintained. I simply find it mind-boggling that you creatures are so detached from sanity that you genuinely seem to believe that you do enjoy a "precious freedom" in being able to cast a vote for one of two "candidates", while lacking all ability to recognize that both candidates are the same, both candidates have been manipulated into the position of having a chance to win the election, by an utterly fascist political party system that is only different from a communist/totalitarian regime in one major regard: The totalitarian regime is more honest, and relies less on brainwashing and the implantation of irrational, illogical, insane belief and ideology within the minds of it's citizen-slaves. The democratic government panders to, terrorizes, and bribes it's citizen-slaves. It pretends to be interested in whatever "issues" the masses of citizens are interested in. If the slaves start to think that maybe the schools are deteriorating, in jump the politician/whores, promising to fix the schools if elected. If the slaves start to worry about becoming crime victims, in jump the politicians, promising to get tough on crime. The cycle of which issues you slaves seize upon, varies from year to year. But one thing never changes, the shameless, endless pandering. They know that you do not actually want to be free. You want to suck on a comforting teat. You want your supreme leaders to say that they care about you, that they will make your life better. But the Truth is that they are responsible for having made your life the tragedy it is, and you creatures don't even have any idea of just how much victimization and injustice you have actually been subjected to, thanks to a lifetime of ideological brainwashing. Terrorization is part of the same package, it goes hand in hand with pandering, even though the two activities may seem diametrically opposite. Democratic governments use the demonization of foreign government regimes as a tool of terror, akin to a sadistic baby-sitter telling a frightened child who has just woken up from a nightmare that there is in fact an evil boogeyman in the closet. "The Boogeyman is gonna get you!!", yells the baby-sitter, terrorizing the child. In the exact same manner, a democratic government like america is constantly yelling out: "The communists are gonna get you!" "Saddam is gonna get you!" "Fidel is gonna get you!" "Osama is gonna get you!", as a way to terroristically obtain the loyal devotion of it's very own torture victims, the american citizenry. The truly perverse aspect of this is the fact that america constantly, shamelessly, deliberately provokes and incites the leaders of other societies, as well as demonizes them, in it's desperate efforts to make the ongoing demonization efforts seem real. The "threat" has to be made to look as legitimate and real as possible, in order for maximum terror effect to occur.

The third piece of this perverse puzzle is bribery. Bribery works beautifully in capitalistic societies, even more so than in communist societies, because the public obsession with obtaining material goods and wealth is much stronger. The republicans target the rich & middle class, the democrats target the poor and underclass. Each tries to demonize the other, in order to create the illusion of the electorate having an important choice to make in terms of who they vote for. The republican promises to help protect and preserve the material wealth of the middle & upper class, bribing them with the threat that if the democrat wins, they will face losing their money. This threat causes the middle & upper class to not only vote for the republican candidate, but to actually give away their money to the republican political party, under the belief that the party will help protect their remaining money! The democrats promise to help the poor and underclass make and get more money and material goods than they currently have, bribing them with the threat that if the republican wins, they will end up losing even more of their money and getting even poorer. This threat causes the already dirt poor democratic electorate to give away whatever meager sums of money they might have saved up, to the democratic party, under the belief that once "their" candidate wins, he will help them to make more money. It's all a shell game, folks! How blind can you be? The two party system is carefully set up in such a way that your malevolent, immoral, con-artist politicians bleed everyone dry, the rich and the poor alike, using bribery, threats, and pandering. And at the same time, they are constantly scheming and planning out, amongst themselves, how best to maintain the illusion of the electorate having a "free and very important choice to make" by voting in elections. If the republicans and the democrats both went after the rich vote, in a two party fascist government like america, horrific consequences might well result. The poor might rise up and try to create a "rogue" third party, and find someone to vote for who claims to be interested in representing their interests. No way would the fascist two party system of america ever allow that. The republicans and the democrats decide, amongst themselves, that one side has to pander to, bribe, and terrorize the rich & middle class folks, while the other side has to pander to, bribe, and terrorize the poor and underclass folks. This way, everybody wins! The fascist government gets money pouring in from all sides, all the citizen-slaves remain deluded into believing that their "party" is worth supporting and voting for, the ridiculous illusion that it makes a difference which of the two candidates wins, is maintained, and the two party fascist government maintains it's stranglehold of malicious power over the entire populace. Yes, it is certainly true that totalitarian governments pander to, terrorize, and bribe their citizen-slaves. They devote more effort towards terrorization however, and somewhat less towards bribery and brainwashing. But the distinction is not all that significant. And as I have repeatedly revealed, all governments function within essentially the same malicious parameters. The minor variations in tactics, are not of any great consequence and not worthy of extreme focus. What is worthy of focus is exploring the methods by which governments obtain and retain the loyalty and devotion of their very own tortured victim-creations.

The democratic system of government succeeds in maintaining it's stranglehold of power with few if any "internal" revolutions, specifically because it invalidly claims to offer it's citizen-slaves a way to change the government in a "civilized" manner, via elections, rather than by violent overthrow. The problem is, it's a sham! No election can ever truly "change" a government, because the governmental leadership that is in place, controls, structures, and dictates the parameters of every election, long before the actual election takes place. The only way to legitimately "change" a government, is to overthrow it by force. People in totalitarian dictatorships usually recognize this Truth to some degree, which is why there are somewhat more violent internal revolutions within totalitarian regimes than within democratic regimes. Of course democratic regimes use this fact, of there being more frequent violent revolutions and overthrow of government within totalitarian dictatorship forms of government, to spread the propaganda/lie that the reason there are more violent revolutions is because those totalitarian forms of government are more evil and terrible. Not true! The True reason is that the citizen-slaves there are not laboring under the delusion that an "election" can or ever will change the structure of any oppressive government. The election ritual itself, in addition to being a totally unfree farce, directly and in a very significant manner serves as a primary method of getting victimized and brutalized citizens to accept the legitimacy of their government. The insane mantra is repeated over and over, generation after generation, "It's okay, we just have to wait till the next election, then we can change the government. We are free to choose our leaders via the election process, so there is no need for a revolution, no need for violence." The Truth is, you are not free, you do not choose your leaders, and you can never change anything about your government from within the voting/election ritual, because your government, the same one you might say you are trying to change, controls, dictates, and decides every important aspect of every election, most especially who gets to have a chance to win every election. All you are doing is choosing between two malevolent liars and con-artists, both of whom have already completely abdicated their independence, have cast aside all morals, and have obtained the official support of the malevolent and fascist supreme leaders of the existing government/regime, something that they never could have obtained unless the existing leaders were 100% convinced that the "candidate" is totally broken and will tow the party line, not changing anything of importance, not defying the mainstream, existing governmental leadership, in any meaningful way, if they were to get elected. So you creatures who pose as "social activists", who try to dictate governmental and ideological policies by striving to elect the candidates of your choice, are in reality impotently and laughingly spinning your wheels in a ridiculously futile exercise. Your "choice" is not a choice at all. It is a shell game, and it involves two people who have already been hand-picked and pre-screened by the fascist leadership of your government, posing and pontificating opposite opinions, and trying to demonize each other, all for the purpose of strengthening the illusion that they represent your "free" choice and independent ability to decide who you want as your leaders within your government.

It is time to offer a few Truths on the topic of anarchy and anarchists. Anarchy is dictionarily defined as The absence of government or control, resulting in lawlessness. An anarchist is dictionarily defined as A person who believes that government and laws are undesirable and should be abolished. Let me begin with the fact that all governments are evil and immoral. They create malevolent, in fact genocidally immoral and harmful/deadly laws and ideological policies that they terroristically impose upon their citizen-slaves. Regardless of whether or not you might philosophically believe that some laws are "necessary" in order for you to enjoy a decent quality of life, the Truth remains that no currently existing government has any moral, ethical, or legitimate authority, to enact or impose any laws upon it's citizens, because the government itself is immoral and unethical. It is not benevolent, it is malevolent. It chooses to genocidally harm it's own citizen-slaves. The laws that it enacts and enforces are not benevolent. They are specifically designed to victimize, oppress, harm, even kill, human beings that the government itself, through it's malevolent societal and cultural structure, is directly responsible for having already inflicted immense torment upon, as helpless children. If an "absence of government" were to result in lawlessness, it is clear to any sane thinker that the ultimate ramifications of this lawlessness would not, could not, result in a greater degree of suffering and injustice than already exists, and is in fact directly caused by, the existing laws that governments are using to terrorize and brutalize their own citizens on a mass, genocidal scale.

An anarchist is a philosophically and intellectually Superior individual who is able to recognize that the government he is living under, as a citizen-slave of, has no moral, ethical, or other legitimate authority to impose it's malevolent structures upon him. He recognizes that his government has victimized him, is victimizing him, and seeks to victimize him in the future. He recognizes that the goal of his government is to rob him of his freedom, and dictate his life path within it's perverse, immoral, fascist framework. Further, he usually recognizes that all currently existing governments seek to impose this same injustice, victimization, and fascism upon their citizens. These realizations alone, render the anarchist intellectually Superior to all humans who believe in either the benevolence or the legitimacy of their government. As you might expect, all governments relentlessly demonize anarchists and all anarchy "movements", recognizing that such movements, if they became popularly accepted, would immediately begin to pose a direct threat to the existing regime. Perversely, governments demonize anarchists by declaring them to be "violent outlaws", even though the Truth is that every government came to power via an outburst of literally genocidal violence. Witness the invasion of the north american continent and the totally unprovoked massacre of the native indians, when they dared to simply try and protect and preserve the land that they possessed and occupied. The only way that any government comes to power is via the violent, genocidal overthrow of an existing regime. The malevolent conquerers then proceed to enact "laws", and claim that there is a moral basis for the laws, but in reality the True purpose of the laws is simply to oppress, to control, to victimize, to punish the tortured children that the government itself is responsible for brutalizing, and the government itself totally violated these very laws that it later claims are valid and must be enforced, when it seized power. The hypocrisy is literally limitless! The government seeks to punish anyone who defies governmental law, even though the government itself was founded and gained power through utterly genocidal violence and immoral lawlessness. So, for a government to demonize anarchists by labeling them as violent or outlaws, is the ultimate in perverse hypocrisy.

The reality is that many anarchists are extremely non-violent. Many anarchists are sadly laboring under the naive and idealistic delusion that social change can be accomplished simply by revealing the Truth of what government is and does, to the masses. That doesn't work. That cannot work, because you creatures despise and reject Truth at every turn. Still, a great many people who have embraced the legitimacy of anarchy, spend their entire lives doing nothing more than writing about, talking about, and trying to intellectually inform other people, about the malevolence and moral illegitimacy of their government, and of all governments. As you might expect, this type of approach accomplishes nothing of significance. A few humans, a tiny handful, are awakened to the Truth by the writings, speeches, and other intellectual revelations provided, and inspired to become anarchists themselves. But the malevolent governments are unaffected. They continue to steam-roll over the lives of all human beings, maintaining their stranglehold of fascist, brutal power. Let us understand clearly that all anarchist movements that have existed throughout the entire modern era of human existence, have failed miserably. They have not failed because they represent lies, hopelessness, or an impossible ideal. Quite the opposite! They have failed miserably because they represent Truth, hope, and the lure of genuine freedom. You creatures despise Truth. You live for hopelessness that is disguised to look like hope, rather than for genuine hope. You do not seek or desire freedom, but merely the perverse illusion of being free that only a fascist government can provide to you. Anarchist movements have never been able to attract many followers, specifically because anarchy represents Truth, freedom, and genuine hope. Not merely Truth, but Forbidden Truth. The Forbidden Truth that the government a person is enslaved by, that his grandparents and parents lived out their lives supporting and embracing, has no legitimate moral right to exist.

When anarchists adopt a position of non-violence, and let me be clear that some anarchists certainly do recognize that their ultimate goal must involve violence, they doom themselves to accomplishing nothing. Trying to appeal to the intellectual side of the Unwashed Masses, by philosophically revealing Truth to them, cannot and will not be successful. Just as this Manifesto will be rejected and demonized by 99.99999% of all humans who may read it. The Unwashed Masses cannot even recognize what Truth is, much less find the intellectual courage to embrace a Truth that runs counter to all of the most fundamental brainwashings that their society has subjected them to since the day of their birth. It is perfectly clear that all governments seized and attained their power through utterly brutal, genocidal violence and mass murder. And in this same fashion, the only way that any existing governmental regime can be toppled, is via utterly brutal, genocidal violence. This doesn't mean that any anarchist has any type of a personal obligation to be violent. It simply means that in order for this ideology to be based upon Truth, all anarchists need to overcome their naivete and idealism, to the point where they recognize and accept the fact that the only way their intellectualized ideological Truth has a chance of becoming a concrete reality, is through violence. There's no other way. Governments attain power through brutal violence, they maintain power through the terroristic threat of violence, and if they are to lose power, regardless of whether this loss occurs due to a "conquering invasion" or a "collapse" into anarchy, brutal violence must play a pivotal role within the actual process of toppling any government.

The question of whether human beings can exist and function without a government, is an interesting one. The short answer is: No. This is not because government is good or necessary, but rather because human beings have been rendered genetically diseased and ideologically crippled, as a result of hundreds of generations of brutal enslavement to and by governments. Human beings can only be free, if they reject the legitimacy of all currently existing governments and governmental systems. But the thing is, human beings do not want to be free. Genuine freedom and autonomy terrifies you creatures. At most, you want illusions of freedom, you want to delude yourselves into believing that you are free, but at the same time you are terrified of even the notion of having to deal with genuine freedom within your own lives. Governments rob you of your freedom, and make you happy to not be free. If, theoretically, an anarchist movement were to succeed in toppling a government, instead of rejoicing in their remarkable new freedom, the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves would fall into emotional chaos and begin to undertake a desperate effort to find a new "leader". This desperation would be quickly recognized by the most power-crazed and malevolent individuals within the society, and they would quickly band together and establish a new government, most likely an even more malevolent and fascist government than had previously existed. This even more evil government would be eagerly embraced by the Unwashed Masses, and all of it's fascism would be welcomed with open arms. The courageous leaders of the anarchist movement, who risked all to perform the most moral and benevolent feat within human ideological circles, the mass freeing of their fellow citizens from the brutal enslavement of a malevolent government, would quickly be captured, put on trial, convicted, and legally murdered by the new government, with the complete support of their fellow citizens, for daring to "upset" their tidy little world of embraced brutal oppression, masquerading as governmental freedom. Yes, you creatures, you intellectually and emotionally deranged creatures, would viciously turn upon and destroy your saviors, the people who rescued you from your malicious government. This is because you do not want to be free, you do not know what freedom is, and you are so broken, emotionally and intellectually, that the lure of freedom is what terrifies you, as you ferociously cling to the familiarity of systematic oppression and brutal governmental victimization.

A sane and healthy race of humans would thrive within an environment of anarchistic life. Laws could still exist within an anarchist society, but only laws of nature and of sanity. Laws of government, punitive, irrational, hypocritical laws, would be recognized as having no legitimacy and no right to exist, no right to be imposed by any human being upon any other human being. Let it be clear, the mainstream ideals of anarchy are genuinely noble, benevolent, and represent freedom in a True way, the most genuine type of societal freedom possible, the freedom to live life as an individual, unburdened by the toxic, fascist, enslaving, malevolent, genocidal structures, ideologies and mythologies of government. But there is no strength in nobility, there is no power in Truth, there is no value in freedom, for you pathetic masses of broken sheeple. And so the anarchist movement will continue to suffer ongoing, crushing failure, just as it has in the past. The anarchists are not failures. They live their lives bathed in the glow of at least some genuine Truth. It is their attempts to enlighten you humans to the True nature of government, that fail. And this failure is not their fault, it does not reflect badly upon them, but rather it reflects and illustrates the inferiority of you creatures. It is your failure, your inability to overcome the lifetime of brainwashing and maliciousness that your governments have imposed and inflicted upon you.

It's interesting to note how many governments, like america, in demonizing anarchists, put forth the notion that most anarchists are "bored rich kids who have enjoyed all that our society has to offer and are just idly searching for something to rebel against." This is demonizing propaganda, and nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, many people who would label themselves as anarchists are quite young, children in fact, since every person under the age of 28 deserves to be considered a true child. The reason why many anarchists are young, is because between the ages of 12-26, tortured victims of a government/society have often developed the personal insight as well as the intellectual understanding, to recognize the root causes of their distress and suffering, while at the same time also recognizing that their ability to recognize and embrace Truth is still, slowly, being snuffed out. And so they take a final stand, trying desperately to save themselves, by embracing the Truth of their lives. Sadly, by age 26-30, many victims have been totally broken and become burned out. They abandon the Truth, they abandon the anarchy movement, the lifetime of daily brainwashing that they have been subjected to at the hands of their society finally overwhelms them, and they tragically begin to embrace their government, it's perverse rituals and ideologies.

To a degree, it can be argued that the anarchist movement has become a political system in it's own right. Some people who consider themselves anarchists seem and act more interested in "reforming" governments, than in exposing them as the utterly malevolent entities that they are, and toppling them. But such individuals do not deserve to carry the label of anarchist, it does not accurately apply, even if they claim the label for themselves. We must never compromise Truth, no matter how consistently any Truth may be rejected, ridiculed, and condemned by the masses. No currently existing governments can be reformed, they are malevolent structures, diseased to their very cores, fatally flawed. Just because the anarchist movement has totally failed, and there is no chance that the True anarchist movement will achieve any success in the foreseeable future, is no reason for anarchists to abandon or compromise the inherent validity and superiority of their ideology, by "softening" it. Truth stands, it does not need to be embraced by many, or accepted by anyone. It will always stand on it's own, stand on it's own merit, proud and tall and precious. It is up to the Superior individual to rise up to the standard that Truth sets. Embrace Truth, defend Truth, reveal Truth, never compromise Truth in an effort to gain acceptance or to achieve some illusion of success, or to establish a lowered ideological standard that might be more palatable to the inferiors who reject Truth. This is a betrayal of self and a betrayal of Truth itself. Never lower yourself to an inferior level, this is a perverse art that the inferiors have mastered. Simply stand, tall and proud, together with Truth, and celebrate your Superiority.

Okay, on that inspirational note, lets continue this dissection. A few more Truths must be revealed on this issue. I want to emphasize the importance of understanding and knowing what a "right" is. Most governments are constantly informing their citizen-slaves that they "enjoy" all sorts of important individual and human "rights". In particular, fascist governments which label themselves as free democracies, are constantly flogging this dead horse notion to their citizens, informing them that they must be eternally grateful for all the rights and freedoms they enjoy. The vast majority of these "rights" are nothing more than illusions, pale images of false and invalid freedom. Useless rights that serve to provide a beautiful smoke-screen to cover up the brutal fascism of the government. Voting and elections are a perfect illustration of this Truth. You creatures perversely believe that having the "right to vote in elections, to choose leaders", is a perfectly legitimate right, a very important right, and a demonstration of your personal freedom. You hold these ridiculous, transparently invalid notions specifically due to having been subjected to a lifetime of brainwashing by your society, and having totally lost the ability to think rationally or to recognize the Truth of any situation. The Superior thinker, whenever the notion of having a right or freedom is presented to him, immediately begins performing a Truth-based, analytical examination, of whether what he is being told represents a "right" and/or a "freedom", is in fact a right or a freedom. In the vast majority of situations, it immediately becomes clear that the right and/or the freedom is nothing more than an illusion, sham, and does not in fact exist as a valid entity. When your society tells you that you have the "right to elect your leaders by voting", the Truth of this "right" is as follows: You have the right to embrace the toxic myth that in voting, you are able to influence the ideological paths that your government takes in the future. The only right you truly enjoy, is the right to delude yourselves in a comforting way, a way that strengthens the fascist stranglehold of malevolent power that your government currently has over you. The notion that being able to vote constitutes not merely a right, but a genuine "freedom", is even more detached from any semblance of Truth. What freedom does the democratic, political party/election system of government provide?? The only freedom that is provided, as I have proven in my above revelations of Truth, is the freedom to embrace the delusion that you enjoy freedom, under such a governmental regime. You are free to embrace a ridiculous, toxic lie, that's the extent of the genuine freedom you enjoy, as citizen-slaves.

The value of the freedom to vote that you enjoy within democratic governmental regimes, is exactly parallel and comparable to the freedom that you were to enjoy if you were locked in a small room, containing no water or food, a room that has two doors, one door leading to a locked cage where a 400 pound man-eating lion lives, the other door leading to a locked cage in which a 380 pound man-eating tiger lives. "Look, you are free! You have plenty of choices and options. You can choose to stay in the room, die of starvation/dehydration. You can choose to enter the lion cage and get killed & eaten by him, or you can choose to enter the tiger cage and get killed & eaten by her. You enjoy freedom, celebrate and rejoice in your freedom! If you were living under a totalitarian government, you wouldn't have this wonderful freedom to choose from among three different ways to suffer a horrific fate. But thanks to our wonderfully free democratic regime, you have a real choice." You see folks, this is the utterly deranged rationale that you brainwashed creatures embrace, and I gotta admit, it boggles my mind, even knowing how stupid and inferior you all are, that you can't even see through the most obviously transparent lies, when they are delivered together with the "official" governmental and societal lies and myths that you so desperately seek and cling to.

We need to go back to the media issue for a few paragraphs of additional Truth here. It must be understood that the role of the media, acting as agents of the existing governmental regime, is extremely major, in fostering support and loyalty to the existing government. In my War essay above, I outlined how the media is used to promote war. And within the political arena, this usage of the mass, mainstream media reaches even greater heights of incestuous and fascist levels. Very simply, the mainstream, national media in a country like america, neither enjoys nor practices any type of journalistic freedom or independence, on the issue of politics. The existing government itself, sets all of the "rules", instructs the media on exactly how to structure it's coverage of the election ritual, and the leaders of the media absolutely feel and believe that they have no choice but to embrace all of these rules, just as they are compelled to embrace the notion that their existing government is legitimate and must be supported and obeyed. After all, they live as citizens, they are subject to all of the same fascist laws, rules, and decrees of the government that they live under, as any ordinary citizen is. The government of america operates under a 2 party fascist dictatorship. The government demands that the media uphold and promote the legitimacy of this 2 party system of government, and the media absolutely feels and behaves as though it has absolutely no choice but to do exactly this. No mainstream, national media source would dare to challenge the legitimacy of the american political process, because that would be decreed by the government to be "unamerican" and a betrayal of the loyalty/devotion that all citizen-slaves, most especially those who have been allowed to attain wealth and influence, such as the owners of large media companies, are terroristically ordered to display to the government. The government puts forth it's two pre-screened candidates, and instructs the media that because only these two candidates have any chance of winning the election, the media has a patriotic as well as a journalistic obligation to design it's coverage of the "campaign" in such a way that all serious focus and attention is devoted only to these two candidates, who have already received the official blessing of the existing governmental regime. The media, like the whores that they are, dutifully agree to legitimize these two candidates, and only these two candidates, as being the only fit, appropriate, and available options for the electorate to choose from. "Cover" for this perverse sham is provided by "primary" elections, in which the two parties pick their candidate. So an "election" has already taken place, and the media has better cover to be able to claim journalistic independence, even as it obsessively focuses upon only the two "remaining" viable candidates, after the republican & democratic primaries have occurred.

Within the political debate arena, which is also run by the media but by the government, the republican and democratic puppet-electees are always "headlined", usually allowed to face off one on one in their debates, so that the electorate naturally come to the conclusion that the only two people who can possibly win the election, are the two party nominees. Sometimes a 3rd or 4th person is allowed to participate, such as an "Independent" candidate, but the design of the debate is such that the focus is on the two party nominees, and both nominees interact with the "outsider" as though he has no genuine importance within the debate. This is to make sure he has no real chance of winning, since psychological studies prove that human beings will never vote for a person that they feel has no chance of genuinely winning, in volume sufficient to allow such a candidate to win, even if they were to totally agree with his ideological positions and even if they liked him much more than the two party nominee candidates. Any aspiring holder of political office who holds any type of truly "radical" positions, no matter how popular he may be, is automatically excluded from all major, televised types of debates. This is to make even more sure that such an outsider has absolutely no chance of winning, or of disseminating his societally unacceptable positions via the mass media.

The media is in direct collusion with the government, in having adopted this utterly fascist system, which is a complete farce with regard to the issue of free government. If a government were truly free, the media would feel obligated to provide at least as much coverage, and in fact more coverage, to "radical" and obscure ideological/political groups, than to the two mainstream political parties. Why? Because the only way that the citizens stand any chance of making a truly free and independent choice regarding their governmental structure, is if they know and are informed about, all of the different options that they have, and any free media would adopt as it's primary agenda, a responsibility to freely inform it's viewers/readers about all available options, ideologies, and viewpoints, making sure that the less well-known an ideology might be, the more attention it is given, in order to provide an equal opportunity for all options to be fairly considered. Because america is a fascist dictatorship, just like all governments, it refuses to allow the media to provide any legitimate options to the citizen-slaves, beyond the "re-election" of the existing regime, which is a two party dictatorship masquerading as a "free" government that offers citizens the chance to choose one of two politicians, one from each political party, to lead them. In a free system of government, every political debate would include at least one representative of every form of government and every significant ideology that exists in the world, equal and fair media attention would be given to each ideology, and each "candidate" would argue not only why they should become the next leader, but more importantly, why their ideology is superior. So, every debate for president in america would involve a republican, a democrat, a communist, a totalitarian, a religious fundamentalist who wants to impose one religion upon the citizens, an atheist, an anarchist, several racial purists who seek to divide the whites from the blacks, the blacks from the whites, etc... Each "candidate" would not only argue for why they believe they should become the next governmental leader, but more importantly, they would argue why their specific cultural ideologies and proposed system of government, as well as the rejection of all governmental legitimacy, in the case of the anarchist position, should be embraced by the population. This would be how a legitimate government operated, a free government operated, providing genuine options to it's citizen-slaves, the option of choosing a different type of governmental structure/system, even the option of rejecting all governmental authority to rule over them, within the "election" process. But no, instead we get a worthless sham of an election in which the fascist regime puts forth two pre-screened puppet/prop candidates, who pretend to be at odds over important issues, for the purpose of selling the illusion to you citizen-slaves that you somehow enjoy a precious freedom in being allowed to choose which of these two pre-screened puppets, both of whom represent the exact same, existing government, will become your new "freely" elected leader. How incredibly perverse!

Some of you might be thinking that an anarchist would have no place at a political debate, since he would be opposed to governments as a principle, and not interested in becoming the leader of any new government. Others of you would likely argue that a proponent of a totalitarian regime would stand no chance of being elected to lead a currently "free democracy" government. These arguments are invalid. The only way that any societal system can be said to offer freedom, freedom of choice to it's citizens, would be if genuine freedom, the freedom to reject the existing empowered system, the freedom to reject all authoritative rule as well as all current members and nominees of the existing system, was provided to the citizens as a legitimate, viable choice. What possible legitimate authority can a government have, to decree that it's existing design structure must be maintained, and to put forth "nominees" on it's behalf to become future leaders, and still claim to be free? That is not freedom, it is fascism, by design, by structure, and by implementation. Fidel Castro will not allow his citizen-slaves to choose a free democracy form of government. Saddam Hussein will not allow his citizen-slaves to choose a christian religious fundamentalist form of government, and in exactly the same fascist manner, George Bush will not allow his citizen-slaves to choose a totalitarian, moslem religiously fundamentalist, or any other form of government other than the existing christian religiously fundamentalist government that he labels as a free democracy. There is absolutely no difference between these three forms of political fascism, and the fact that the existing american government utterly and completely refuses to allow it's citizen-slaves the freedom to legitimately choose for themselves who will lead them in the future and what type of government they will be ruled by, proves that there is not an iota of genuinely greater personal freedom within the american governmental structure, in comparison to any other existing government. The illusion and myth of freedom that is put forth by the government, is stronger in america, and this actually serves to make the american government more repressive, more malicious, because it denies citizen-slaves the opportunity to easily recognize the True facts of how brutally unfree and totalitarian their government really is.

A few comments on political punditry now. What is political punditry? It is a process, sponsored by governments like america which claim to be free, in which political parties hire "operatives", and instruct them to go within the media sphere and stridently promote/argue a particular political ideology, for the primary purpose of convincing citizens that they have a real, legitimate, and important choice to make, in terms of who they vote for in elections. In america, there are only two political parties, and both work together on hiring and putting forth a literal army of political pundits, who flood every major TV, radio, newspaper, and news magazine news outlet, constantly engaging in ridiculous "debates" and editorial efforts in which they try to foster the notion that ideological differences of major importance exist between the democratic and republican political parties and agendas. This is done in order to enhance and increase the illusion of freedom and choice, within the ritual of elections. Most political pundits are in reality great friends. They pretend to be fiercely at odds with each other, especially within televised sham "political debate" shows such as Crossfire, because that is their job. To provide the illusion that the american governmental system is free and open, and that the political process is a free one. They are nothing more than actors, hired to put on a show for the propaganda purpose of creating an illusion of legitimacy to the american political process. To cloak the utter fascism and completely unfree nature of this political system, and most importantly, to cloak the Forbidden Truth that all elections involve no freedom of any kind, but in fact a worthless, pointless, totally unfree "choice" of picking one of two candidates, both of whom are direct agents of the existing regime, who have the complete support and approval of the existing regime.

Some political pundits specialize in debating each other. Understand that they have absolutely no interest in "winning" any debate. Their interest lies in putting forth a credible illusion that their particular political party has an ideological stance that is significantly different from the ideological stance of the person they are debating, who represents the other political party. By creating this illusion of "important difference", the illusion of citizens having the freedom to choose from among two importantly different governmental ideologies, is maintained and enhanced. Even though the Truth is, of course, that the american government has only one primary ideology, an ideology that both political parties jointly embrace. The two party "system" of government was created and is maintained for the sole purpose of causing a false illusion among the citizen-slaves, that they enjoy the freedom to make important decisions on who they elect to become their governmental leaders. Other political pundits specialize not in debating each other, but rather in delivering long monologues on why their particular political party has the "right" ideology, and why people should support their political party. Again, in the vast majority of cases, these pundits have no interest in actually winning viewers/listeners/readers over to their position or party. Their interest and their job, is to create the illusion of political and governmental freedom within america, by constantly delivering a brainwashing mantra of "Look here people, this is what we, the republicans, believe in. This is our ideology. It is very important, and the things that the democrats believe in, their ideologies, are completely different and wrong. So, it is very important that you support the right party, and vote for the right people." The pundit does not in fact care who you vote for. He doesn't care whether you believe the political party he is pitching is right and good, as opposed to wrong and bad. All he cares about is that you buy into the illusion that one of the political parties is good and right, while the other political party is bad and wrong, and that it is very important that you embrace and support one political party over the other. That is his mission. If you do buy into this insanity, you also buy into the notion that your government is free, that it offers you a very important and valuable choice on what ideological path your government takes in the future, and that the utterly fascist two party system of dictatorship is perfectly legitimate and free. A pundit like Rush Limbaugh is given tremendous power and influence for this malicious purpose. He is given I believe four whole hours per day of nationwide radio time, to drone on and on and on about how and why he believes the republican party is better than the democratic party, and that citizen-slaves need to support the republican party or face severely negative consequences, due to the ideological differences that he ridiculously claims exist between the two parties. Most of you creatures who follow american politics would label Rush Limbaugh as being a "republican supporter", or an operative of the republican political party, trying to promote the agenda of the republican political party. But this is not true or accurate. Rush Limbaugh, as well as all national level political pundits, is indeed a governmental operative. But his primary mission is not to make people embrace the republican party. Or the democratic party, for that matter. His primary mission is to promote the legitimacy of the american political process and the two party political system of government. He is working on behalf of the government, to promote this invalid illusion. His job is to convince you that it is very important and an expression of your precious freedom, to choose one political party over the other and to support it fervently, based upon the lie that the two political parties have seriously different ideologies and that these two ideologies, only these two ideologies, represent legitimate choice within the political and governmental process. Is it possible that he might personally prefer that you embrace the republican set of ideological illusions? Perhaps. After all, he is an actor and a con artist, and most actors feel pride when they deliver a believable performance that is accepted by viewers/listeners. But it must be understand that his primary goal, like that of all political pundits, is not to get you to embrace the political party that he is hawking, but rather to embrace and accept the legitimacy of the american political system as a whole. If you grow to hate the republican party, to consider the party bad and wrong in it's ideology, he has succeeded. Because then you have bought into his lies, which represent the lies of the american government itself: The illusion that there are important ideological differences between the two parties, the notion that it is important that you vote, to keep the "wrong" party from winning the election, the notion that you enjoy a precious freedom in being able to choose between the two candidates of the two parties, etc... To sum up, the job of all political pundits is to convince you that you have a free choice to make, the ability and the responsibility to choose your political and governmental leaders via the election process. And the Truth is, no such choice exists. None. It's an illusion and it's a con, employed by a fascist and totally unfree governmental regime.

You will have noticed by now, that I try very hard to not capitalize the first letter of the name of any country, unless the name happens to begin a sentence. I do this with the word god too, refusing to capitalize the letter g. Some of you inferiors may be under the impression that I do this as a petty, insignificant, "protest" against society or societal ritual. This would not be an accurate impression, at all. There is a very important reason for my choice in this regard, a reason that extends right to the very heart of Truth. Throughout human history, societal leaders have maliciously used language and definition of words/terms/ideas, for the purpose of manipulating, controlling, and dictating the behaviors and beliefs of their citizen-slaves, on important issues. I will be writing a long essay devoted specifically to this Truth, later on within this Manifesto. For now, I just want to say a few words about this capitalization issue. As regards god, the language czars of america have decreed that "proper names" should be capitalized. However, the word god is not a proper name. It is a description of a mythical, non-existent creature. The letter g in god no more deserves to be capitalized as a proper name, than the letter M in the word mermaid, or the letter U in the word unicorn. Why is it that the language czars decree that mermaid and unicorn are spelled in lower case unless the word begins a sentence, but the first letter in the word god needs to be capitalized? It is because societal and governmental leaders have decided that the insane god myth needs to be terroristically foisted and imposed upon you creatures, the unwashed masses, as a form of fascist behavioral control. In decreeing that the letter g must be capitalized, the insane notion that the god creature actually exists, and even more importantly, that he is a superior and omnipotent creature who must be worshipped and obeyed, is delivered to you pathetic creatures.

The capitalization of the first letter of the names of countries, serves this same malevolent societal goal. It establishes an atmosphere of legitimacy to the fascist power that governments wield over their citizens. It legitimizes the government itself, creating the illusion that the right of the existing government to continue to exist, is at least as strong as the right of any individual to live and to exist, as evidenced by the fact that names of individuals are capitalized, and names of countries are capitalized in the exact same first letter manner. Just as the god creature is decreed to have omnipotent power over the lives of individual human beings, governments are decreed to legitimately have the same type of omnipotent power. Just as the ordinary citizen-slave is terroristically told that he has absolutely no right to defy, reject, or try to destroy "god", he is also terrorized by his existing governmental regime into accepting the notion that he, as a citizen-slave, has absolutely no right to defy, renounce, or attempt to destroy/overthrow, the existing government under which he lives. There is absolutely no reason why the name that a government has chosen to give to the land mass that it rules over, such as america, should be capitalized when the name appears in the middle of a sentence. All that capitalization does, is create a false illusion of omnipotent legitimacy and oppressive authority, for the existing governmental regime. We, individual human beings, must capitalize our Names. We deserve to see and to judge ourselves as being precious, valuable, unique, and most importantly, not under the fascist control and authority of any other life form or entity, existing or imaginary, not god, and not government. I capitalize all of my Names, including The Seer of Forbidden Truth, with limitless pride and a sense of genuine self-love that is immense in scope. At the same time, I proudly reject and refuse to accept the perverse language decree of societal leaders, that the word god and all names of all nations, should have their first letter capitalized. I do this in recognition of how malevolent this language decree is, and in tribute to my personal Superiority over all gods and over all governments/nations.

A few final revelations as we wrap up this essay. The fact that politics within democratic societies is structured along the same lines as organized crime/mafia families, is well illustrated by the fact that this malicious profession often is passed down from generation to generation, in such a way that political dynasties, based solely upon familial connectivity, are created. Witness the Kennedy family, with a long history of relatives pursuing political power. And the Bush family, none of you seem to be sane enough to recognize that under a "free" government, the chances of the son of an existing president, becoming president, within a nation of 280 million people, would be literally nil. The fact that the son of a former president became president, all by itself, proves that there is no such thing as a "free" election in america. Kings hand down their rule to their heirs, and american political leaders do exactly the same thing. Whether or not a direct blood relative receives the handoff, is not important. In some cases, like with Bush, this does occur. But the important Truth that we must embrace is that in every election, the existing leadership absolutely and completely controls and decides exactly who is to be allowed to attain all major elected offices within the nation. This proves that there is absolutely no freedom of any kind, no freedom to choose your own leaders, and no freedom to choose the style and type of government that rules over you, in any so-called "free democracy". Political and governmental power is decreed to be absolute, and within democracies, governments are run along the same structural design as organized crime families. Truth is never to be revealed, power and control is always to be consolidated and only handed down to those who meet with the approval of the existing leadership, and no genuinely benevolent consideration is ever given to those who are not within the leadership, unless they pay money to the leadership. Money is the key and the fuel to power and influence, within organized crime families and within democratic governments, in exactly the same operational structure. And if anything, there is a significantly greater degree of morality and decency within organized crime operating principles, than within democratic government operating principles.

I'm not going to devote a lot of space to the issue of money, as relates to politics, right here. The facts are obvious, and the entire issue of capitalism will be dissected at great length in my very next Essay. All that needs to be said is that having money is the key tool, an absolutely vital necessity, for any individual seeking to attain major political power, or any individual seeking to influence the policies of the government, under all free democracy regimes. Money is a toxic poison within the governmental structure, guaranteeing that at every turn and on a constant basis, the political decisions, governmental policies, and law enforcement edicts that a democratic government makes, will be immoral, malevolent, unjust, hypocritical, and genocidally harmful to citizens of the country, to citizens of other countries, and to the entire planet earth, all of it's inhabitants and resources. Politics is literally the business of extortion and bribery, the selling of justice, decency, fairness, morality. All successful politicians are betrayers of their fellow man, betrayers of planet earth and it's morally superior non-human life forms, betrayers of justice, morality, and Truth. Money is the primary fuel that drives the political process, and therefore money is the primary force responsible for inspiring these ultimate forms of betrayal.

I may have already mentioned the genocidally malicious, invasionary nature of governments briefly, in my War essay, but a few more comments are in order. Countries/governments operate along the exact same design structure as street gangs. They carve up territory, seize it by force, and impose their will upon the victims who are trapped inside. They also form malevolent alliances for the purpose of consolidating and increasing their power and covering each other's backs against possible threats to their power, or attempts by other countries/governments to respond to exert their authority. Countries like the former soviet union, england, and america, were/are bent upon world domination. To achieve this malevolent goal, they deliberately impose their will upon people located on land thousands of miles away from their actual "home country". America, the world's #1 bully nation, operating under a cloak of benevolence, the insane lie that it seeks to "help" other countries and people by giving them the gift of "freedom", roams the planet, constantly picking fights with existing governments, taunting existing governments, imposing it's fascist will upon existing governments, trying to goad the leaders of other governments into agreeing to engage in a war. This is all done under the moral pretense that the democratic form of government is superior, and that america has a moral obligation to save and rescue citizens of other countries from "unjust oppression". Ha! All the while, the american government imposes brutally unjust oppression upon it's own citizen-slaves, to a degree that is equal to and often exceeds that of other governments. As long as a moral pretense of benevolent superiority is maintained, the insane justifications and explanations that the american government gives for it's global bullying, are heartily embraced by the brainwashed citizenry.

Governments that are truly evil become the primary leaders within international governmental entities such as NATO and the United Nations, and use their terroristic power and military might to coerce and bribe leaders of other nations into agreeing to support their policies, adopt their doctrine, and import their goods. Even more importantly, NATO and the united nations provide moral cover for the genocidal aggression of evil governments like america, along with the victim-nations of american genocide, america’s war partners. America is the lead bully nation in both of these organizations. Whenever it seeks to undertake a new war, commit genocide, impose it's fascist will upon another nation, all that it needs to do is "convince" fellow nation-members of NATO and the united nations, that they need to agree to publicly support and declare as appropriate and necessary, the maliciousness that the american government wishes to undertake. If this occurs, complete moral cover is achieved, since the american government can simply say that the "entire world community, all civilized nations, feel that we must act now..." You creatures are far too broken and brainwashed to see through even this incredibly transparent sham of an explanation. The fact is, 2 or 3 bully nations, with america at the #1 position by far, run NATO and the united nations, dictating and imposing not only their ideological agenda upon all of the other, far weaker and subservient nations, but literally terrorizing all the other governments into agreeing to endorse and support whatever malicious, immoral, and unjust policies these 2-3 bully nations desire to impose upon the world at large, then these 2-3 most malicious of governments use the coerced, terrorized "support" that they get from the subservient governments, to establish a claim of moral authority, legitimacy, and superiority, with regard to the perverse international policies that they engage in. Just like a street gang increases it's power and authority by recruiting new members, or forming an alliance with another, usually weaker and subservient gang, ultra-diseased governments like america team up with other ultra-diseased governments, like england and israel, to increase their worldwide bullying power, as well as forming "mutually beneficial" alliances, in reality terroristically coerced and bribed alliances, with a ton of much smaller, weaker, essentially helpless governments, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the illusion that a "world community of civilized nations", supports and backs up the worldwide political agenda of the american government. So, if america decides to undertake yet another genocidal, unprovoked war, all it has to do is cloak the genocide within the cover provided by the united nations and nato international organizations, by decreeing that "The entire civilized world supports us and agrees that this must be done..." The Truth of course, is that the american government has shamelessly bribed, coerced, and threatened other nations, using it's military and economic power as well as it's sheer size and terrifyingly obvious willingness to attack any government that dares to try and defy it, into agreeing to provide this sham moral cover that the american government operates under, in it's genocidally malevolent international political policies. It is True that just in recent years, a few of the terrorized and bullied nations, most of them direct victims of american genocide, have found the courage to band together and attempt to defy the will of the world's #1 bully nation. But they have enjoyed very little success in these efforts, which are simply demonized by the american government and the Western media whores as being "malicious defiance of necessary and moral policies", even though they in fact represent an attempt to block the most evil, destructive, malicious society on the planet, from initiating and carrying out new campaigns of genocide.

To conclude this essay: Politics and elections, within democratic governments, consist of pure fascism and totalitarianism, masquerading as freedom. Any human who believes that their government provides them with genuine freedom of any kind, political or otherwise, is an utter fool. And the same goes for any human who believes that their "system" of government is better, more moral and humane, than any other system of government is. All governmental systems are totally lacking all individual or personal freedom, fascist, and malevolent. And yet it can be fairly said that as a general rule, the governments which spend the most time and effort trying to delude their citizen-slaves into believing that they do enjoy political freedom, are slightly more oppressively malevolent in design and structure, than the governments that more honestly rely upon the direct threat of violence/death, to retain the loyalty of their citizen-slaves. Believing that you are free when in fact you are totally unfree, the american government version of fascist governmental rule, is worse than knowing that you are unfree and feeling too scared, impotent, and uninspired to consider trying to gain your freedom, which is how cuba, iraq, and other governments retain their power. In the end, freedom is not the primary issue. No government offers any semblance of genuine freedom, and the vast majority of you don't even want to be free. You want at most, to be able to delude yourself into believing that you are free, and believing that your life has a point to it. Your intellect is your burden, because it is genetically broken and diseased. All you need in life is food, clothing, shelter from the elements. All you need is to be alive and to love yourself. But from the moment of your birth, your societies feed you an endless stream of ideological excreta, lies, myths, hypocrisy, all designed to get you to sacrifice your personal freedom, abdicate and destroy your self-love, and convince you to devote your life to "pledging allegiance" to a worthless piece of cloth and to the very source that is responsible for and guilty of the childhood and lifetime of suffering and unjust victimization that you have personally been and continue to be, subjected to. That source is the government and the society that you were born into, raised up within, or live as a member of. So go right ahead, fools, pledge your allegiance to your greatest victimizer and oppressor, agree to fight and die in defense of the one institution that is most responsible for robbing you of your freedom, your government. Satiate the homicidal rage that your government is responsible for causing you to feel, by committing murder on behalf of your government, upon the demand of your government. Do it. Wallow in your insanity and inferiority, as you continue to desperately reject and renounce the unbearable Truths of human life. Just know that a tiny handful of your fellow humans are different. Superior. We bathe in the glorious glow of Truth. It's always there folks, the Truth. It's there for you to embrace, or to reject, as your own unique True Reality dictates.

David Berkowitz, New York Son Of Sam serial killer
This is David Berkowitz, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. Like many other torture victims who become serial killers, David tried his best, as illustrated by his below quotes, to inform, teach, and educate the ultra-diseased society that created him, on the nature of the immense rage and justified hate that dwelled within his True Reality. David was and is a profound victim of numerous forms of malevolent societal victimization. The insane god myth, sacred family unit mythology, the military, and of course the genocidal policies of legal child torture within america, are just a few of the malicious battering rams that were used to assault, brutalize, and destroy the soul of this helpless child. It is wonderful that David is still among us, still alive and well after spending close to 25 years locked in a cage, being perversely subjected to punitive punishment by the society that should have been begging him for forgiveness from the moment that he was identified as being a tortured victim creation of american society. Sadly however, it appears as though David has finally fallen victim to this toxic plague. In recent years he has very vocally and publicly proclaimed himself to have become a fervent devotee of the insane christian version of the god myth. It is my hope that he is merely having fun, yanking the chains of genuine god freaks by pretending to have "seen the light" that they insanely claim to see, getting them to provide him with needed money and material goods, to make his lifetime of perverse cage lock, more palatable. On the other hand, I have no illusions regarding the insane god myth. I know what an incredibly powerful lure it can be, especially as a person grows older and the horrific, unbearable Truth of what their upcoming death will entail, looms closer. So, if indeed David has sincerely chosen to fervently and genuinely embrace the insane god myth in order to comfort himself and cope with life, I cannot condemn him, or even criticize him. It is sad that he could not maintain an embrace of Truth throughout his entire lifetime, but this is not his fault. He is a torture victim of american society, in many different ways, including the malicious imposition of insane god mythology that all american citizen-slaves are subjected to. The insane god myth was viciously imposed upon David as a child and throughout his lifetime. If he has come to sincerely need to embrace this myth in order to cope with life, so be it. We all must find ways to cope with the horrific and unjust victimizations, as well as fates, that befall us. Please note that Martyr David has graced us with many additional fascinating quotes, above and beyond what I have included below, but due to space and time constraints, I will not write them out, but will instead thoughtful direct all of you to the book "Confessions of Son of Sam", written by David Abrahamsen, M.D. The good doctor, a highly renowned psychiatrist, not only offers a psychological analysis of David, but more importantly, includes a great many fascinating and original quotes that David generously shared with him, during conversations and letters that the two of them exchanged. A highly recommended book, folks.

"I'm a very sensitive person. As a kid I used to cry a lot, when I heard music or heard that someone had died." "As a child I had tremendous fascination with death. When I thought about dying, I thought of being transported into a world of bliss and happiness." "My mom would spend hours messing with that stupid bird. She cleaned his cage and removed all his droppings. She washed his cage and constantly fed him. When I tried to touch him he would always snap my finger. He was nasty to me. We both hated each other. When my mom used to spank me, she would talk to Pudgy (the bird) who used to have his cage in the living room and tell him how naughty I was. She did the same thing with our dog, Lucky." "I have an innocent face but I'm not at all innocent. I must admit that I do love my face. I mean I can fool anybody with it. It's above suspicion so to speak. My face, my lips, and my blue eyes are like weapons which I can sometimes use to my advantage. I don't consider my facial features handsome. To me they're just innocent looking...I was very aware of it's usefulness during my crime spree." "All the sermons were about demons, sin, hell, eternal damnation, etc. They had a bad effect on my life and mind...I was enthralled with the doctrine of the Apocalypse--the end of the world and the everlasting punishment of sinners...When I worshipped god, it was out of terror." "I fear god, his power, his ability to kill, hell, a personal terror. God has a grip on me and many others via fear. Fear of hell, fire, eternal agony. Can't love anyone I fear. I can't love anyone who hold me in check with fear. The bible talks about fear and hell and eternal damnation; it has caused me untold mental pain and misery." "Dad, the world is getting darker now. I can feel it more and more... The girls call me ugly and they bother me the most." "I must slay a woman for revenge purposes. To get back at them for all the suffering they caused me." "The demons wanted girls. Sugar and Spice and everything nice." "I am deeply hurt by your calling me a women hater. I am no. But I am a monster. I am the 'Son of Sam.' I am a little brat." "When father Sam gets drunk he gets mean. He beats his family. Sometimes he ties me up to the back of the house. Other times he locks me in the garage. Sam loves to drink blood." "Hello from the gutters of NYC, which is filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine, and blood. Hello from the sewers of NYC which swallow up these delicacies when they are washed away by the sweeper trucks."-------------David Berkowitz.

"After the shootings, I thought I might weep for some of the people killed. But I couldn't. It was all puzzling, you know." "At this point (following the Fruend and Diel shootings) I imagine I didn't care much anymore, for I finally had convinced myself that it was good to do it...and that the public wanted me to do it." "I didn't want to hurt them, I only wanted to kill them." "I wasn't going to rob her, or touch her, or rape her. I was just going to kill her." "My goal in all these murders and attempted murders was only to kill my victims as quickly and painlessly as possible. I didn't want to wound them. Aiming for the head was the surest way." "I always had a fetish for murder and death." "I am the 'Monster' -- 'Beelzebub' -- the chubby behemouth." "In this hole lives the Wicked King. Kill for my Master. I turn children into Killers." "I do love death. I've always loved it. I've wished for it, and tried to understand it. Death is fascinating...it's power, it's hold; it is wonderful." "I believed that I had every moral right to slay a chosen victim." "Not knowing what the future holds I shall say farewell and I will see you at the next job. Or should I say you will see my handiwork at the next job?" "I say goodbye and goodnight. Police: Let me haunt you with these words; I'll be back! I'll be back! To be interpreted as--Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang--ugh!! Yours in murder, Mr. Monster." "Sam's a thirsty lad and he won't stop killing until he gets his fill of blood." "There will always be killers because any individual with death and destruction on his mind will always be guaranteed plenty of publicity and a willing audience when he turns to anti-social acts for recognition or whatever else."---------------David Berkowitz.

Economic Systems:

Welcome to yet another brilliant essay of Forbidden Truth. This essay will properly dissect, define, and reveal all of the perverse, evil, and insane aspects of human economic, financial, and monetary systems. We will begin by properly defining the words and terms used by society, from a legitimate and Truth-based perspective. We will begin with "money". What is money? Money is an unnatural and invalid artificial construct of human societies, in which a worthless piece of paper or metal object, has very specific figures and symbols imprinted upon it, and the worthless piece of paper or coin is then assigned a concrete value by the specific society/government which authorized and dictated the creation of the piece of paper/metal object. From all legitimate and Truth-based analytical formulas, it is clear that money has absolutely no value, in and of itself. It is further clear that the creation of money by the government is motivated by a genocidally malicious desire on the part of government, to create, control, dictate, define, and impose upon all citizen-slaves, a very specific economic system which creates 5 different and distinct economic categories, which are: Poverty Class, Lower Class, Middle Class, Upper Class, and Wealthy Class. Only by invalidly creating money, assigning specific values to specific pieces of paper/metal, then overtly manipulating and controlling the decreed "value" of all of the created money, is the government able to create these invalid economic classes, and divide all of their citizen-slaves in such a way as to make them fit into these categories. So, money is not a "useful piece of currency issued by a bank/federal reserve and designed to facilitate economic exchange", as the societal definition holds, but rather an invalid creation of government which is designed to entrap humanity within a diseased economic system, by imposing concrete standards of relative worth upon the pieces of paper/metal, which are inherently invalid and inspired by nothing more than the random, albeit carefully considered whims, of the empowered governmental leadership which controls both the creation and the imposition of relative value, upon all pieces of "money".

There are some human beings who will pathetically argue that money simply facilitates transactions of goods/services between human beings, and between companies. This is a ridiculous claim, when examined from a Truth-based perspective. The extreme benefits of barter/trade will be discussed later in this essay, but right up-front, it is vital that this toxic delusion and illusion, supported and maintained by your societal/governmental leaderships, is torn asunder. Money is not and can never be a benign entity which facilitates economic transaction, or any type of exchange of goods/services. This is because money itself is assigned and declared to possess a value, every piece of governmentally created money is assigned a concrete value, and this value is then manipulated and controlled by the government on a daily basis, even though the Truth is that the piece of governmentally created money has absolutely no natural or "real" value, in and of itself. It's only value lies within the assignment of value that your evil leaders apply to it, a relative value that your leaders not only invalidly assign, but are also able to control, manipulate, and change, on a daily basis. The entire rational system of fair and appropriate exchange of goods/services, is totally warped and rendered monstrously distorted, simply by the existence of a monetary currency system which is under the direct and complete control of your malicious and enslaving governments.

Our next vital definition will be Inflation. What is "inflation". Within the monetary-based economic system, inflation is a word which society has created to cloak and deny the reality of it's malicious manipulation and control of the decreed worth of the inherently worthless paper and coin currency that it creates and uses to establish the various economic class levels of it's citizenry, and keep it’s citizens trapped within their assigned economic classes. When "inflation" occurs, the relative prices of goods/services goes up, while the "purchasing power" of money goes down. Societies and governments claim that this is an occurrence over which they have very little if any direct control, claiming that the "market" sets and determines relative prices and purchasing power. This is a ridiculously invalid and ludicrously lie-based claim, for numerous reasons, but primarily and most simply, because the entire monetary basis of the economic system is inherently invalid and has been totally designed, created, and structured by the governmental/societal leadership itself. Therefore, your government has complete and absolute control over all aspects of it’s internal economic system, and any claim that undesired occurrences such as inflation are out of the control of the government, is false. It is True that on an international level, a government may not have control over how much value some other government, which uses a different monetary system and different pieces of monetary currency, places upon their money at any specific point in time. However, this in no way changes or compromises the Truth that all domestic monetary value, in terms of the assigned value/purchasing power of currency, is under the control of your government, just as the actual creation and initial assignment of value to the piece of currency, was also under the direct and complete control of your government. Let us clearly understand that economic conditions which serve to hurt, harm, and cause hardship to citizen-slaves, such as "inflation", constitute direct and purposeful attack upon the citizenry by their government. What are the purposes of such deliberate attack?? The purposes include intentionally maintaining economic poverty among a specific percentage of the population, making sure that most citizen-slaves remain trapped within one of the five specific economic classes listed above, and making sure that even the middle class, upper class, and wealthy class continue to believe that they must continue to engage in employed labor in order to economically survive, notwithstanding their elevated economic position with regard to the poverty class and the lower class. To be more precise: Inflation is employed as a weapon of terror by your governments against their citizenry, for the purpose of attempting to force all citizens to maintain jobs.

Our next phrase to dissect will be cost of living. Quite similar to inflation, this phrase is designed by your societies to convince you that simply in being alive, and in maintaining your life, the application of a very specific monetary price/cost formula is necessary, and that this formula is somehow intrinsically valid, legitimate, and unavoidable. Consider: 50 years ago, the typical american citizen-slave could live very comfortably on $800 in US monetary cash funds, per month. Today, in the year 2002, it is virtually impossible for any american human being to live comfortably on this amount of monthly monetary funds. Your evil and diseased society claims that the "cost of living" has gone up, and that increases in paid wages and employment salary totally offset the "cost of living" increase, and therefore all human beings living today can live just as comfortably as 50 years ago, despite the fact that they need $2000-$2500 per month in order to purchase the same amount of material goods and pay for their other necessary expenses such as shelter, that the person living 50 years ago only needed to spend $800 for. Let us understand the twofold perversion and overt malice of this claim: First of all, the notion that an increase in salary payment can offset an increase in prices/cost of living, is ludicrous, because it mandates that the human being, that all human beings living within the society, continue to work as slave laborers within the enslaving employment system. Secondly, the "cost of living" increases make it impossible for any human being, of any age, to quit their job with peace of mind, regardless of how much monetary currency they may currently possess, and it further guarantees that unless you are in the top class, the wealthy class, your economic standing will actually fall, with 100% certainty, unless you continue to work as an employed slave laborer. Here you see a beautiful illustration of the genocidal malice of all governmental economic systems, which are overtly designed to terroristically entrap all human beings, including the wealthy, within lifelong enslavement and at the very least an illusion and threat of economic peril, as well as creating a mindset of constant, never-ending economic need to acquire additional money, among all citizen-slaves, despite the True fact that money has absolutely no genuine, legitimate, or intrinsic value, in and of itself. Consider this: in 1950, a young man, aged 21, inherits exactly one million dollars in US cash money. The young man recognizes and realizes that he only needs to spend $800 per month, in order to live a comfortable lifestyle, for that particular month. The young man gets out his calculator, and decides to figure out whether and when he needs to get a job. Easy enough, he simply multiplies 800 by 1250. This total comes to exactly one million. Why does he multiply 800 by 1250?? Because he knows he needs $800 to spend every month, he knows he has a million dollars, and his calculator informs him that multiplying $800 by 1250, produces a total of exactly one million. So, his next step is to divide 1250 by 12. Why? Because there are 12 months in every year. So he gets out his calculator again, and realizes that 1250 months, divided by 12, equals a little over 104 years. This means he can spend $800 per month for the next 104 years, without running out of money, from his initial, current one million dollar total. If this 21 year old young man was sane, he would have performed all of those calculations in 1950, realized that he never needed to engage in a single day of employed, salary/wage earning work for his entire lifetime, and simply spent the past 52 years, from 1950 until today, 2002, relaxing and enjoying his life, never even thinking of getting a job, much less making his money "grow" via investments and the like. But of course the fact of the matter is, no 21 year old young man who met these exact financial circumstances in 1950, would have or could have made this decision and still be financially okay today. First of all, he was under daily moral coercion from his government, culture, family, and every aspect of his economically insane society, to find a job, get a job, and start earning money, even though he had no need to ever earn any money, based upon his then-current financial situation. Secondly, his evil society terroristically informed him that even though in theory he had enough money to live comfortably for the rest of his lifetime without ever needing to earn a single additional penny, this notion was nothing more than an invalid illusion. His society told him: "Your cost of living will increase, inflation will take more money away from you every year, than in the previous year, and there is no way to predict how huge these increases will be. 25 years from now, you might have to spend $2000, $3000, or even much more, just to maintain your current $800 a month quality of life comfort. Therefore, the illusion that you do not need to have a job now, is false. You absolutely must obtain a job and begin earning money, because all of your totally accurate monetary calculations as performed by you with your calculator, are useless and meaningless. We control your life, we force you to work as a laborer-slave, because we maintain total and terroristic control of the economic system that we have created." Here you see a perfect example of the ultimate in economic atrocity, as practiced by your evil and diseased governments. A young man, 21 years old in 1950, could have spent the past 52 years in splendid bliss, never earning a single penny, never even investing a single penny of his money, knowing with 100% certainty that he never needed to worry about his lifestyle comfort for a single day in his entire lifetime, and today, at age 73, he could still feel this way, still possessing approximately $250,000.00 in cash, and knowing that his $800 monthly expense would allow him to live comfortably until he was about 125 years old. But no, this young 21 year old 1950 millionaire has instead wasted and sacrificed the past 50 or so years, very possibly his entire lifetime since many men die prior to reaching age 73, or their "retirement" age, whatever it may be, holding down a job, continuing to earn money, under the terroristic and directly physical threat of "inflation and cost of living increases", as well as the equally brutal moral and cultural threat of being negatively labeled and condemned if he dared to reject the decreed "obligation" that your evil and diseased governments place upon all young and middle-aged adults, to obtain and maintain jobs.

There can be no doubt to any sane thinker, that above and beyond all of the basic illegitimacy of the monetary system, there occurs horrifically evil manipulation of monetary value, undertaken by the government under cloaks such as "inflation" and "cost of living increases", which is designed to make sure that even the economically advantaged, always feel themselves to be in danger of suffering financial loss, and therefore remain always obsessed with the perverse notion that they must continue to earn more money, must continue to try and increase their accumulation of monetary assets, in order to keep the threat of "poverty", or at least the erosion of their current standard of living, at bay. Let us clearly understand that these evil economic systems commit genocidal atrocity upon not only the economically poor, but also the economically advantaged, and even the actual wealthy elite class, as well. It is counter-productive to focus obsessively on which groups are most severely victimized, or to become obsessed with economic victimization of the poor, as many so-called "radical" or anarchist groups/movements do, because the reality is that governmental economic systems and structures are severely, genocidally harmful to all citizen-slaves, within all economic classes, except perhaps those who are super-wealthy, meaning those who possess at least 50 million dollars in liquid cash assets as of the year 2002. And the reality is even among this super-wealthy class, there are many citizen-victims who feel morally terrorized into continuing to hold down a job, as a result of the lifetime of malicious behavioral obligation propaganda that their society has subjected them to.

Next we have the term investments. This is an extremely popular concept within the insane economic structure of your societies. You are constantly being informed and encouraged to "invest" your money, in stocks, in real estate, in bonds, in bank CD’s, etc… The claimed benefit of investing your money, is that the amount of money you possess can increase, if and when the value of your investment increases, or goes up in price, to be more blunt. Here is the Truth: First of all, the inflation and cost of living evils are designed to deliberately keep pace with, if not exceed, any reasonable profit gain that you can expect to make, via any type of investment. Therefore, the notion that you can use investments to actually improve your economic standing, is false. At best, assuming your investments are successful, all you will be doing is keeping pace with the devaluation of your monetary assets, a devaluation that your evil society is constantly and deliberately engaged in. Secondly, most investments, and certainly the investments which are most fervently marketed to you creatures as being desirable, not only carry an overt risk of actual loss, but are in fact specifically designed to insure that a significant number of investors do experience financial loss. Here we have yet another method by which your evil societies maintain their economic stranglehold upon not only the poverty and low income classes, but the middle and upper economic classes as well. Economic investments which carry an overt risk and danger of resulting in a loss of financial assets, are in fact touted much more fervently to the middle and upper classes, than to the poverty and low income classes. This is not primarily because the poverty and low income classes have no money available that they can invest, but because the societal leadership has a greater vested interest in causing it’s middle and upper class to lose some of it’s money via investments, so that the sense of fear and desperation which motivates all economic productivity is maintained, and all citizen-slaves, of all economic classes, continue to believe that it is vital that they maintain a regular job, continue to earn a regular salary, throughout their entire young and middle-aged lives.

Let us clearly understand that investments such as stocks, constitute nothing more than a cloaked ponzi scheme, or a lottery gamble. You are being maliciously enticed by your society, into agreeing to endanger and risk the money you possess, based upon an appeal to both your greed and your fear, with the fear aspect being most prominent. Your society in fact tells you that the only way you can obtain enough money to even hope to retire in your elder years in comfort, is to intentionally risk and endanger the money you currently possess, by "investing" it. Yes, of course some people do make monetary profit via their investments, but this profit is designed to merely keep up with inflation/cost of living increases, and more importantly, it is not the desired goal of your evil society to have you, as an individual, make money via your investments. The societal goal is to convince you that you might make money, entice you into attempting to make money via investing, and then to take advantage of your monetary loss by forcing you to work as an employee/slave for even longer hours, even more years, of your irreplaceable and horrifically finite lifetime. There is no governmental obsession with causing all investors to lose money. In fact the investment system needs to be designed in such a way that a fair percentage of investors do make modest monetary gain, so that the population at large continues to believe that investing their money is a logical thing to do, and in fact agrees to continue to risk and sacrifice their money by investing it. Just like a lottery would fail if it never paid out/provided a single winning ticket, the societal ponzi scheme known as "investing" would fail if no investor ever made a monetary profit. But just like the lottery is designed to deliberately create more losers than winners, the exact same operational design is in place for all heavily promoted societal forms of monetary investment, such as stocks, mutual funds, even real estate, as long as the inflation and cost of living increases imposed upon the citizenry, are properly taken into account.

Barter/Trade Versus Monetary Currency: Okay, it is time to broaden out the discussion topics of this essay a bit, to go beyond mere definitions, and we will begin with a comprehensive analysis and head to head comparison of the natural, instinctual, and "free" form of economic exchange known as Barter/Trade, and the totally unnatural, artificially designed, and maliciously manipulative form of economic exchange known as the "monetary" system, the system which involves the governmental creation of money, and the governmental assignment/manipulation of the value of the created money. Beginning many thousands of years ago, human beings naturally and instinctually recognized that a system under which they, as individuals, exchanged and traded with a fellow human being either material goods they possessed, or their physical skills/manual labor, in exchange for some type of material good or physical skill/manual labor that the other human being could provide to them, and which they desired/needed on a personal level, was useful, desirable, and to an extent, necessary in order for them, as individuals, to properly obtain certain benefits and certain needed goods/services, in their lives. This was an economic system known as Barter/Trade. The Barter/Trade economic system was pure and it was legitimate, as well as being rational and sane in it's design and operational structure. Mind you, this does not mean that the Barter/Trade system was inherently fair, just, or equitable, or that human beings did not mercilessly exploit and victimize fellow human beings within this economic system. There was certainly a good deal of injustice, exploitation, and victimization that took place, and some of it was extremely brutal in nature. And yet despite this Truth, the overall design structure of the Barter/Trade economic system was legitimate. There was nothing systematically evil or insane about the structure itself, although of course it did allow some enraged and sadistic human beings to brutally exploit fellow human beings, something which is unavoidable within a species of genocidally victimized and pervasively enraged creatures who have themselves, in great numbers, been subjected to injustice and exploitation throughout their entire childhoods as well as adult lives.

The Barter/Trade economic system was inherently, intrinsically, and operationally Superior to any and to every economic system currently in existence within every so-called "civilized" society, which is based upon the creation of monetary currency, and the governmental assignment of value to the currency it has created. There are numerous reasons for this, but two stand out, as being pervasively obvious and undeniable. First of all, the Barter/Trade economic system allowed all human beings to individually establish and declare, without any external, governmental control or influence, a personal value for both the material goods they possessed or the physical skills/abilities they possessed, versus the material goods and/or physical skills/abilities that they may have felt they needed to obtain from a fellow human being. Each individual was genuinely free and had the opportunity, to personally declare and establish this perception of value, and to "impose" his own personal perception of value upon the rest of the world, free of all artificial and invalid, governmental decrees of value. Very specifically, it was the lack of governmentally created monetary currency, which allowed this genuine freedom to exist. The very creation of monetary currency by a government, had an immediate and horrifically negative impact upon every economic system in existence within the society, because it created a completely unnatural and artificial standard of value, for an object that is inherently worthless, this would be the monetary currency or coin which was created to serve as "money".

This brings us to our second reason for why the monetary currency system must be condemned as being limitlessly evil and genocidally harmful to humanity. Within the Barter/Trade system, it was quite difficult, in many cases impossible, for any type of severely systemic, society-wide economic injustice, or invalid enticement for individuals to trap themselves within a toxic cycle of unnecessary poverty, to occur. This was because every individual was able to deal with his own economic situation and standing, from a position of rational Truth. Every person had the opportunity to offer products or services to others, in exchange for products or services that he desired/wanted/needed. The directness of the exchange, value exchanged for value, was a tremendously different structure than any currency-based economic system, in which valuable goods/services are in reality exchanged for something which has absolutely no intrinsic value in and of itself, monetary currency. Let us be very clear here: money has absolutely no intrinsic or genuine value, in and of itself. If I can fix toilets, and I can get people to pay me money for fixing toilets, the money that I am receiving has absolutely no intrinsic or natural value, and the fact that I can use the money to acquire objects of value, or to "pay off" other people for other services they may provide me, does not magically bestow any type of legitimate or intrinsic value upon the money I receive for fixing toilets. The money that I receive was worthless, and it is worthless. The fact that an arbitrary value is created for the money by the government, thus allowing/compelling me to spend the money I earn, is in fact a directly genocidal and supremely malicious form of governmentally imposed economic fascism. Let us understand that the very existence of a monetary system not only encourages and facilitates genocidal economic exploitation/victimization, but it also makes it virtually impossible for human beings to rationally and naturally figure out how to avoid trapping themselves within a cycle of ritualized poverty, because there is no direct value-for-value exchange of goods/services. Instead, there is a value-for-worthlessness exchange, with human beings trading their valuable goods/services, for worthless money, with the worthless money then having an artificial illusion of value placed upon it by the government. The money can then be used to acquire "valued" goods/services, but this in no way alters it’s inherent worthlessness, or the lack of legitimacy to it’s governmentally decreed value. Goods and services have intrinsic value. Money has no intrinsic value, and this is why every monetary-based economic system causes a great majority of it’s citizen-slaves, not only the economically poor, but humans of all economic classes, to become trapped within a cycle of ritualized financial need and perceived deprivation. It is impossible for many human beings to rationally figure out what they need to buy, what they need to acquire, simply because the entire foundational structure upon which their goods/services acquisition decisions are made, is warped. The foundational structure is based upon the giving away of an inherently worthless commodity, money, which is nevertheless still extremely difficult to acquire and absolutely vital to possess in terms of being able to stay alive and avoid extreme personal suffering, within the warped economic design structure of the society. Now, many of you diseased thinkers will counter my above revelation of Truth with the bizarre argument that money is not worthless, that money is fact very valuable, based upon the fact that money can be used to acquire valuable goods or services. Do you pathetic creatures realize how ridiculous this argument is? The idea that money has value because it can be used to acquire objects or services that have value, is a perfect example of the type of fundamentally deranged thinking patterns and warped reasoning skills, that your evil society instills within you inferiors. Think about it, you fools. The notion that monetary currency can or should be perceived to have any legitimate or intrinsic value, simply because it can be used to acquire goods/services that have legitimate/intrinsic value, is nonsensical. Monetary currency is nothing more than a useless, artificial construct, that your government chooses to assign an illusion of value to, and impose this declared value upon all citizen-slaves, as a way to entrap all citizen-slaves within a nationwide economic system which is carefully and specifically designed to both terroristically control and terroristically dictate the so-called economic "freedoms and opportunities" of the populace.

The Barter/Trade system of goods/services exchange is unacceptable to your governments, specifically because it decentralizes and eliminates the ability of the government to impose it’s economic fascism upon the populace. Goods/services have inherent and intrinsic value, therefore in terms of a direct exchange, most human beings would not and will not be willing to trade their valuable goods/services, for other goods/services which they do not in fact need, and which they perceive to be of little or no direct value to them. But within the monetary currency system, this is not the case at all. The vast majority of you diseased creatures are perfectly willing and in fact choose to, waste and throw away your money on goods/services that you have no genuine or legitimate need for. This is partially due to the fact that your diseased society deliberately goads and entices you into agreeing to waste and throw away your money, with the specifically malicious intention of causing you to remain financially trapped within your current economic class, but it is more due to the fact that very simply, money and currency has absolutely no legitimate or intrinsic value. So of course it is easy to convince you broken creatures to waste it, throw it away, squander it on goods and services that you do not need. The fact that you probably did have to suffer, endured hardship and difficulty in terms of laboring to acquire the money, does not magically bestow some type of intrinsic or legitimate value upon the money. You accurately perceive, at least on a subconscious level, that the money you possess is inherently worthless and valueless, and this is why you are much more willing to waste, throw away, and squander your money, than you would be willing to directly exchange actual goods/services for things or other services that you have no real or urgent need for. In point of fact, most especially within insanely capitalistic societies, anyone who refuses to accept the legitimacy of the governmentally imposed pathologically insane decree that the acquisition of material goods and unneeded services must take precedence over the accumulation of monetary wealth, is demonized and labeled to be a "cheapskate", a "tightwad", a stingy, miserly, selfish, penny-pinching person. Even within the most popularly pervasive and terroristically threatening aspects of an ultra-diseased society, such as via the insane god myth, we see this perverse determination to impose upon citizen-slaves a moral and ideological mandate to spend and give away their monetary assets, with the "Ebeneezer Scrooge" myth being one of the most obvious examples of this Truth within the insane and evil american societal system. Let us understand that all of the perceived "need" to obtain and acquire money that the vast majority of you creatures spend a great majority of your lives obsessing over, is artificially and externally induced within your invalid perception of reality, by your evil and illegitimate governmental and societal structures, and that from all Truth-based perspectives, there cannot be and there is not any actual, Truth-based need for money. The only need that exists within the human experience, is a need to acquire certain goods/services, at certain times, and the only legitimate way to address this need, from a Truth-based and benign manner, is via a Barter/Trade economic system, not via a monetary/currency based economic system.

There are some who will argue/claim that the Barter/Trade system is not practically feasible, that some human beings do not have anything of value to barter/trade, or would find it difficult to personally "match up" with another person who has the exact goods/service that he wishes to acquire, and is interested in acquiring the exact goods/services that the other person is offering. Let us recognize that there are some legitimate issues and concerns that would need to be addressed, prior to the "elimination" of monetary currency and the implementation of a purely Barter/Trade-based economic system. A nationwide database system designed to allow and facilitate personal as well as business Barter/Trade exchanges, by helping to match up those who have goods/services to barter/trade with other human beings/businesses looking for the specific items/services being offered, would need to be created. Certainly accommodations would have to be made for those human beings who do not have any type of in-demand good or service to offer up as a Barter/Trade, just as is currently the case with the unemployed who are unable or unwilling to earn money through direct labor. And in emergency situations, such as a need for medical care on the part of an individual, guarantees would have to be provided that all emergency services needed by any individual, will be immediately provided without any regard for the establishment of any Barter/Trade agreement. All of these issues can be addressed and resolved quite readily, but of course there is a better chance of a snowstorm occurring in hell, than any type of a Barter/Trade economic system being implemented by any government/society. This is because the monetary/currency-based economic system is one of the anchoring linchpins of smothering domination and behavioral control by your existing enslaving regimes, over all members of their populace.

Your brainwashing societies convince you that the monetary/currency-based economic system is "freeing", that it allows you to easily obtain exactly what you wish to obtain, and also to choose not to spend your money, but instead to save your money. Both of these notions are totally, utterly, completely invalid. This economic system is brutally enslaving. It enslaves you to the notion that an inherently worthless, governmentally produced and controlled object, monetary currency, has value. It enslaves you to the bizarre notion that wasting your lifetime desperately trying to obtain enough money to "live well", is a sensible, sane life path for you to choose. It warps every type of sane or Superior Truth-based sensibility, by addicting and enslaving you to the notion that you must obtain, possess, and spend this worthless yet difficult to acquire commodity throughout your entire lives. Even if it was genuinely True that the society did encourage saving money over spending money, which is not the case within any current society/government on planet earth, absolutely no argument could be made that the monetary/currency economic system has any legitimacy or validity, although perhaps the degree of genocidally harmful consequences that this system causes to humanity, would be slightly mitigated. It is vital that all Superior seekers of Truth understand completely that it is not money itself, or the monetary system as an independent entity, which should be the focus of our most vehement condemnation. Instead, it is the malicious manner in which your enslaving governments have created monetary-based economic systems, under which they completely control/manipulate every aspect of the day to day lives and life paths of all citizen-slaves, employing these economic systems and the worthless, artificial object known as "money" as weapons of genocidal victimization while completely cloaking and concealing this Forbidden Truth from all conscious awareness among the populace, upon which we must focus upon, totally understand, and reserve our greatest condemnation.

Human Economic Systems:

We need to begin this portion of the essay, which will dissect "different" types of human economic systems, and compare them to each other, with a clear understanding that just as all mainstream religions and just as all forms of governmental structure are essentially identical in terms of both their design and operational structure, as well as their illegitimacy and the genocidal harm they inflict upon human beings as a whole, this exact same Truth applies to all governmentally sponsored and imposed economic systems. As is always the case, your evil and fundamentally lie-based leaders have a tremendously vested interest in creating the insane illusion that many economic systems are extremely different from each other, and some are much more harmful than others. And of course we have the so-called "free democracy" societies continuing to desperately tout their economic systems as being far superior, using the insane argument that these economic systems, just as the governmental system, somehow offers and provides precious and sacred "freedom" to citizens. Let us spit into the face of this limitlessly evil lie! Just as no government can ever or will ever choose to provide any type of genuine freedom to any citizen-slaves, the notion that any economic system developed and operated and imposed upon the populace by a government can possibly provide freedom to any human being, is patently ludicrous. The various names that have been created to describe "differing" economic systems, such as "capitalism", "socialism", and "communism", are in fact nothing more than words which have been created for the purpose of establishing an illusion of difference, so as to convince you that the particular form of economic terrorization that your government imposes upon you, is not merely different from, but far superior to, the types of economic terrorization that other governments impose upon their citizen-slaves. The exact same dynamic is at play here, as occurs within the imposed illusions that democratic governments which offer elections are radically different/better than dictatorships, and governments which offer "freedom of religion" are radically different/better than those which do not provide this type of "freedom". In reality, the exact opposite is True, in all three situations. Within the economic system known as capitalism, we have the perverse brainwashing illusion of "freedom", once again being employed against you creatures. In fact, the capitalistic form of economic fascism and terrorization is overtly described as being, marketed as being, and decreed to be, a "free-market" economic system. This word, "free-market", has been created for the specific purpose of fostering the insane illusion that the capitalistic economic system somehow provides and offers "freedom" to those who are doomed to live out their lives trapped within it’s genocidally evil doctrine and structure, in exactly the same manner that democratic governments claim that their political and religious operating systems are overtly based upon providing "freedom" to citizens. Let us clearly understand that without question, one of the greatest tragedies of humanity, and demonstrations of species inferiority/insanity, rests upon the pathological obsession that you creatures have with desperately embracing every illusion and claim of "freedom" which your enslaving leaders and supremely domineering, totally unfree ideological structures, invalidly claim to offer and provide to you. Every economic system sponsored by any and by every currently existing government, is specifically designed to rob you of every type of genuine freedom imaginable. Every economic system is designed to enslave you in the worst possible ways, the most brutal ways, to literally take away your life from you, until your last, dying breath. Simply by living within the design parameters of a governmentally created economic system, you are literally agreeing to sign over, hand over, and sacrifice, every single type of genuine, Truth-based freedom which exists within the human behavioral and ideological universe.

Is "free market capitalism" the worst mainstream economic system currently in existence? Is it worse than communist and socialist economic systems? Well, we first need to realize that in many ways this is a moot and quite unimportant question, because all governmentally created and imposed economic systems are supremely malicious and genocidal harmful to all citizen-slaves who live under the specific government. This question is a little like asking "Is it worse to be shot in the head with a .44 caliber bullet, or a .357 Magnum bullet?" There is no legitimate, Truth-based answer to such a question, and it is really not worthy of receiving much if any focus or deliberation from us. It is far more important to simply recognize, understand, and totally embrace the Truth that all governmentally sponsored economic systems are essentially identical in both design and implementation upon humanity, and all are limitlessly, supremely harmful to human beings as a collective whole, and just as importantly, upon every individual human being. This would include even top-level Superior Seers such as Myself, although certainly to a far lesser degree, since unlike the insane god myth, it is essentially impossible for any human being, even as an adult Superior, to totally break free from the negative consequences and injustices of the toxic economic stranglehold that is maliciously imposed upon them. Recognizing and embracing all of the Forbidden Truths regarding economic systems, certainly does provide a huge amount of personal relief from the toxic and harmful consequences of economic victimization and injustice, but unfortunately not to a 100% degree, as is the case with rejection of the insane god myth. Back to the issue at hand: The "free market" economic system of capitalism is slightly more evil and slightly more harmful, than communist and socialist systems, primarily for the same reason that the democratic form of government is slightly more harmful than other forms: It is the "lie factor". Capitalism relies more upon the creation of a web of impenetrable lies, myths, and illusions, to win over public support and acceptance. Communism and socialism also of course rely on lies and deception, but to a lesser degree. The terrorization employed within these economic systems is slightly more ‘honest", more open. There is a better chance that a victim of communist or socialist economic victimization is aware of the fact that the economic system of his society/government is evil and is choosing to genocidally victimize him and his fellow citizen-slaves, than is the case with a victim of the capitalistic economic system. But let us understand that this distinction is not a major one, nor is it supremely important. The bottom line Truth is that every governmentally created economic system is supremely harmful to the specific group of human beings who are being compelled to live their lives trapped within the specific system in question, be it capitalistic, communist, or socialist. The reason why capitalist societies/governments have been somewhat more successful in terms of retaining pervasive support among their victim population, is because they rely more on lies, myths, the insane but alluring claim to be benevolent and provide "economic opportunity and freedom to improve individual quality of life", and relentless demonization of the "other" economic systems, such as communism and socialism, as being terrible and evil and to be avoided/condemned at all costs. It is this lying, this reliance on pathological deceit rather than the more honest and direct threats of brute force and direct punishment, which serve to render both the democratic governmental systems and capitalistic economic systems, slightly more evil and horrific than the governmental and economic systems that they condemn and demonize. But let us never forget that the exact same malicious purposes, immoral goals, and insane ideological precepts are at work, within all currently practiced governmental and economic systems of the human species.

The Capitalist Economic System:

Okay, let us dissect some of the operational Truths of the capitalist economic system. This system claims to operate under a "free market" doctrine, which is meant to imply that all human beings, consumers as well as "sellers", enjoy the freedom to decide for themselves how much they will charge for their goods/services, and in the case of consumers, how much they are willing to pay for the goods/services, all within a monetary currency-based structure. This is a fundamentally bizarre, as well as totally invalid, claim. First of all, the value of money within the capitalist system, is totally controlled, determined, and manipulated by the government. Since it is monetary currency which is used to both charge for and pay for goods and services, the entire notion that the actual costs of goods and services is somehow fairly or legitimately determined by a "free market", is ludicrous. The Truth is that these costs are determined and controlled by the government, in a totally unfree and fascist manner, via the establishment and the constant adjustment of relative monetary value, as well as overall cost of living, inflation, and other increases, which are imposed upon the citizenry by the government. When a government establishes a specific "value" for specific pieces of inherently worthless monetary currency, it compels all of it’s citizen-slaves to find a way to obtain a very specific amount of monetary currency each and every month, in order to avoid becoming homeless, going hungry, or believing that their artificially established "standard of living" is declining. Therefore, every aspect of economic life within a capitalistic society, is totally and completely under the control of the government. The only "freedom" that individual citizen-slaves enjoy, is the freedom to decide how and where to spend their money, but this freedom is essentially and inherently worthless and useless, due to the Truths that there is no free market, and the prices that are charged for and paid for by the populace, for all goods and services, are artificially determined and preset as a direct result of the malicious manipulation of monetary value/worth that the government engages in on a daily basis, as part of it’s operational control of it’s economic system. Let us clearly understand that one of the most fundamental evils of capitalism is that it is a lie-based system. At it’s core, capitalism works by convincing human beings that they enjoy economic freedom, rather than the brutal economic fascism and malicious oppression imposed by the government that they are actually, Truthfully, subjected to. "Money" is itself a totally invalid and artificial device. Any economic system which operates within a formula involving the exchange of money, which is worthless, for goods/services which do have worth, is inherently, and fatally, flawed. But this fatal flaw becomes thousands of times more harmful, and attains a level of genocidal evil, when the supreme leaders of a society are able to determine, manipulate, adjust, control, and dictate the relative value and "buying power" of money, on a daily basis, as is the case within all capitalistic societies.

The goal of all capitalistic societies is to make their citizenry feel and believe that they enjoy some degree of monetary security and comfort, while at the same time continually stripping the populace of all of it’s monetary worth by addicting them to a lifestyle of ritualistic spending/wasting of money. Remember this vital point:Money is inherently worthless. Because it has no intrinsic value, your evil leaders have no trouble at all in convincing you to spend/waste your money. Even if the things you buy and the services you obtain for your money are of no genuine value, they are still not inherently and intrinsically worthless, as money is. This is why very few human beings are sane enough to choose not to spend their money, for properly self-loving and self-valuing reasons. The malicious societal lures and enticements to spend money, are impossible for most human beings to resist. When a human being is given a "paycheck" or other regularly scheduled distribution of money, the human being is also instructed by society that it is his obligation, as a member of society, to spend this money. The money exists to be spent, to be wasted, to be given away to other human beings, all in preparation for the upcoming receipt of the next paycheck or social security benefits check or other type of monetary payment. The goal of your evil society is to compel/convince you to spend your lifetime "earning" money, and at the very same time, giving away all of the money you earn, so that you feel and in fact are, terroristically compelled to literally sacrifice and devote most of the time and energy of your precious and irreplaceable life, towards the pathologically obsessive task of obtaining money, despite the fact that money is an artificial construct of the government which has absolutely no inherent or legitimate value or importance, in and of itself. It is within the process of falsely convincing you that money has value, and falsely convincing you that it is proper and appropriate that you spend your life desperately trying to obtain money, that the greatest atrocities of the capitalistic economic system, are committed against you.

Socialist and Communist Economic Systems:

I must make it clear that the goal of this essay is not to promote or to attempt to establish legitimacy for, any type of monetary based, governmentally controlled economic system. All such economic systems are fatally flawed, and genocidally harmful. The harm that they cause is not incidental or accidental, but rather deliberately malicious, caused by the governmental application and administration of their invalid, monetary-based, economic system. This applies to each and every Modern Era human government, be it capitalistic, communist, or socialist. Yes, in some very limited ways, the socialist and communist economic systems are slightly less genocidally harmful, and slightly more equitable, than capitalistic economic systems. But these "advantages" are minor and limited, and they do not, in any way, alter the Truth of the malicious intent and genocidally harmful consequences, that are caused to the general population. Yes, there is slightly less lying involved in communist and socialist economic systems. The populace living under such evil regimes, is somewhat better able to recognize and appreciate the True fact that their government is brutally and unjustly victimizing them, simply because the smothering cloak of lies/brainwashing functions most effectively within a capitalistic, democratic form of governmental victimization. And yes, there is more "equality of injustice" within the communist and socialist economic systems. What do I mean by "equality of injustice"? Very simply, the vast majority of the general population is subjected to a much more relatively uniform degree of unjust economic suffering, under socialist or communist rule. Within the capitalistic system, the economic injustice and suffering experienced by the general population is every bit as severe and brutal, in fact more brutal, but it is also much less uniform, and the citizenry is much less able to recognize/appreciate the brutal injustices it is being subjected to, due to the increased level of brainwashing as well as the artificial creation of a "caste" system of economic suffering in which large groups of economic victims comfort themselves via the societally created illusion that "other" large groups of citizens are suffering even more, and so they should feel lucky and grateful to not be trapped within the "other" group. This is the "caste" system of victimization, employed by democratic/capitalistic governments via the creation of economic "classes", such as wealthy class, upper class, upper-middle class, middle class, lower-middle class, lower class, poverty class, homeless class. Within this malicious caste system, even members of the poverty class are terroristically convinced by their governmental leaders that they should feel lucky and grateful to their societal and governmental leaders, for allowing/helping them to not become members of the homeless class. So, let us recognize that communist and socialist economic systems, while they are absolutely malicious and illegitimate, do not quite reach the ultimate degree of malice and evil which is manifested by capitalistic societies. The Truth of how and why the government establishes monetary-based economic systems, and controls them in a brutally fascist and oppressive manner, is more easily recognized and obvious, within communist and socialist societies. It is clear, to any sane thinker, that the goals and the operational structures of capitalistic societies are every bit as malicious, every bit as malevolent, and in fact even more genocidally harmful on an overall level. You pathetic fools cannot even seem to recognize the Truth that just as the government controls every aspect of the economy within a socialist system, the government also controls every aspect of the economy, to the exact same degree, within a democratic, "free market and free enterprise" system. The only difference is the degree and type of cloaking, deception, and brainwashing which is undertaken against you by your democratic governmental leaders and empowered agents.

It is our responsibility, as Superiors and seekers of Truth, to never even attempt to choose the "lesser of two evils", or to rationalize condemning one entity less than another, simply because it may be slightly less genocidally evil in a few ways. No, we must stridently and with no hesitation condemn all societal and governmental entities and institutions which are deliberately malicious and harmful and illegitimate, and always dig down to the root of the problem. Here, as regards economic systems, it is clear that government itself is the root of the problem, and every currently existing and empowered government, capitalistic, socialist, and communist, is equally guilty of having created, designed, and imposed an overtly malicious, genocidally harmful, totally unjust, unfair, and lie-based economic system upon it’s citizenry/populace, with the establishment of a monetary/currency-based system, being the foundational root of the diseased system. Some of you may begin to conclude that I am focusing too much on the monetary aspect of this issue. You may think that the creation of paper and coin money is simply a minor issue, which should not be a primary focal point of Superior analysis and condemnation within this essay. You are wrong. The goal of Forbidden Truth is to cut right to the heart of all issues, to dig down to their root levels, uncover and reveal the specific structures which cause and allow all types of genocidal injustice and insanity to occur within the human experience. Consider: Within the Insane God Myth, the invalid construct of "hell" is an absolutely vital instrument of terrorization. Without the hell lie/myth detail, the entire degree of terroristic effectiveness of the insane god myth would be significantly and seriously compromised. In exactly the same fashion, the effectiveness of governmental economic victimization and terrorization would be seriously and significantly compromised if there was no governmentally created and controlled monetary currency system which existed at the root of the economic system itself. Money is the weapon, money is the tool of terror, money is the toxic fuel which ignites, inspires, and facilitates the ability of governments to inflict genocidal economic victimization upon their populace. Imagine a government trying to force all of it’s citizen-slaves to only engage in barter/trades which meet specific and limited criteria, for example the government declaring that no more than two cows could be bartered for the replacement of a toilet. Such efforts would be recognized as fascist and oppressively unjust by many members of the population, especially within societies which claim to be "free and democratic". It would in fact be effectively impossible for governments to successfully impose economic fascism, within a barter/trade economic system that had absolutely no monetary/currency component. It is therefore vital that we understand the extremely important and primary role that money and paper/coin currency plays, in directly causing and allowing economic genocide to be committed by all governments, against their citizen-slaves. Perhaps some of you cannot find the Superiority that is required to recognize that all currently existing economic systems are genocidally evil and worthy only of destruction and elimination, but you might be able to develop and embrace the slightly less Superior but still extremely valuable and profound insight of Truth, that the monetary/currency component of your society’s economic system, is evil, perverse, genocidally harmful, and must be eliminated. Any insight of Truth, even if it does not reach the highest level of an issue, is still valuable and worthy of embrace.

The economic systems of socialist and communist societies, simply allow government to more directly and obviously commit economic genocide upon their citizenry, than is the case with capitalistic economic systems. Within capitalistic economic systems, the government more effectively cloaks it’s malicious efforts, successfully getting most of it’s citizen-slaves to blame and hate the "IRS", the "fortune 500 companies", the wealthy class, specific CEO’s, the notion of "systemic corruption within big business", the character flaw of "greed" within the human species, other governments and their "bad" economic systems, etc.., for the economic terrorization that the capitalistic government is inflicting upon it’s citizen-slaves. You see, the government itself cloaks and rejects the direct blame that it bears, invalidly deflecting the blame upon these other entities. In addition, capitalistic societies have perfected the perverse art of making economic victimization appear to be unavoidable, harmless, necessary, even to the direct victims that are being subjected to the unjust and deliberately malicious harm. For example, the vast majority of human beings in america consider the notions of inflation and "cost of living" increases, to be absolutely normal and necessary. They do not even see anything wrong, unfair, unjust, or perverse about the fact that a house which may have cost $15,000 in 1940, costs $200,000 in 2002. "It’s just inflation, the normal cost of living rise, and look at our salaries, they have gone up a lot too." This is the insane rationalization that you creatures make, to allow the beloved society that you are addicted and beholden to, to assume complete control over every aspect of your financial life.

The purpose of all economic systems is to destroy your lives as human beings and as citizens, by carefully adjusting and controlling the amount of money that you are able to obtain, or "earn", each year, in such a way that you remain trapped within an ideological obsession/belief that you need to continue to earn more money, by working at a job, for all of the healthy years of your lifetime. This is the limitlessly malicious goal and purpose of the economic system of your government. In america in 1940, forcing citizen-slaves to spend $15,000 to buy a house, achieved the exact same malicious goal of trapping citizens within an ideological mindset of needing to continue to earn more money, as forcing american citizen-slaves to spend $200,000 in the year 2002 to purchase a house. That is why the american government allowed $15,000 to buy a house back then, and allows $200,000 to buy that same house today. There is no "free market" system at work, there is simply economic fascism and terrorization, by the government, using monetary currency and manipulating it’s decreed value. The government has a vested interest in making certain that decent homes cannot be purchased for $15,000 today, because if nice homes could be purchased for $15,000 today, the ability of the government to compel labor productivity from it’s citizenry throughout their entire lives, via economic terrorization, would be greatly compromised, assuming of course that current salaries remained at their current levels. So, "inflation" and "cost of living" indexes and increases are nothing more than poverty control mechanisms, used by the government to maintain a perpetual state of economic need and stress among the populace. These indexes are used to make sure that a vast majority of all citizen-slaves never achieve economic freedom and independence, but at the same time never plunge into total and permanent economic failure/hopelessness either. The "caste system" plays a vital role here, especially within capitalistic societies. Perversely, even members of the Wealthy and Upper Class caste continue to experience economic terrorization throughout most of their healthy, adult lives. How can this be, you might ask?? Surely the wealthy and upper class caste members recognize that they are "okay" financially? Surely they recognize that they will not become homeless or go hungry, even if they stop earning money, don’t they?? Well, first of all, the caste system itself, plays a marvelously effective role in terrorizing these upper classes. Society convinces these upper classes that it would be a horrible, unforgivable tragedy for them to slip down even a single rung, on the caste ladder. And the result is that a member of the Wealthy Caste feels just as much terroristic pressure to not slip down one rung to the Upper Class caste, as a Poverty Class human feels terroristic pressure not to slip down one rung to the Homeless Class level. Interestingly, despite the fact that they are subjected to extreme and perverse injustice and victimization, you often find some of the most carefree and emotionally content human beings, among the Homeless Class, simply because this is the lowest level of the economic system, at least in america, and therefore at least some of the homeless do not experience the daily terroristic pressure to avoid slipping down on the economic caste system, as all other caste system members, on all other levels, do experience. Of course this one positive, major as it is, is offset by other types of negative, unjust terroristic pressures, such as finding shelter, food, privacy, and safety, that the homeless class is forced to endure.

Within any type of a legitimate economic system, the goal of the system would be to very specifically minimize the amount of labor and productivity that all human beings need to perform, in order to live a comfortable and happy life. Minimize the amount of time that the individual has to work, on a daily basis, weekly basis, yearly basis, and "lifetime" basis. Allow the human being to stop working, to avoid working, for lengthy periods of time, and to completely stop working at a young age when good health can still be expected. This would represent a legitimate, economically benevolent system. Of course every currently existing economic system has the exact opposite operational goals, to maximize the labor and productivity of all citizen-slaves, to force all citizen-slaves to work/labor long and hard, throughout their entire lives, while dangling pathetic promises/illusions of a possible few years of ease and relaxation prior to death, via an old age "retirement" which very often never comes to pass because the person becomes ill and often even dies, before even reaching his retirement age. In addition, many human beings are so totally stripped of all genuine self-worth and personal autonomy mindsets, that even upon reaching retirement age and receiving the "permission" of their societies to retire, they insist upon continuing to work, because the only way they can feel that their lives have any value, is if they work as slaves to a boss, and continue to earn "money", an artificial construct which never had any actual value in the first place. How pathetic! Neither government nor private "enterprise" can ever possess or establish the moral authority to try and compel maximum economic productivity from human beings. All such efforts are intrinsically immoral and unjustifiably malicious, including the use of intellectualized propaganda techniques/brainwashings such as the notion that "we owe it to our children to provide a better economic future for them", by sacrificing our own lives via a lifetime of pathologically desperate economic labor, in which we attempt to obtain as much money or material goods, purchased with money, as we can. Every economic system of the Modern Era that has existed and been imposed by any government upon it’s citizenry, has had the specifically malevolent goal of "maximizing economic productivity", a goal which directly undermines and in fact destroys the only legitimate purpose/goal that any government can have, in justifying it’s existence, which would be to maximize the quality and enjoyment of life of it’s citizens.

The notion that a democratic, capitalistic, free market economic system offers any type of advantages or benefits to the populace, when compared to a socialist or communist economic system, is utterly and completely ridiculous, and not supported by a single shred of Truth-based data or evidence. The fact that most people living under capitalistic economic systems do believe their economic system to be superior, is simply a testament to the maliciously effective brainwashing techniques and external demonization of foreign societies/governments, that capitalistic/democratic governments engage in. All monetary based economic systems are anti-human, and anti humanity. They rely upon artificiality, falsehood, malicious manipulation of emotion and belief, as well as the invalid sacredization and constant manipulation of an inherently worthless artifact, paper and coin money, to impose financial terrorization upon all members of the general public, young and old, poor and rich, alike. It is clear that during the prehistoric and very early years of human civilization, when the only methods of acquiring valuable goods from others were through physical force, theft, or barter/trade, no aspiring societal/governmental leader was able to achieve the type of toxic stranglehold over his populace, that now exists within all governments, and that began with the creation of monetary-based economic systems by aspiring and actual governmental/societal leaders, thousands of years ago. It is clear that the dawning of monetary-based economic systems, heralded the beginning of The Era of Useless and Pointless Acquisition, which continues to reach new heights of derangement with each passing generation. The inherent worthlessness of money, and it’s incredible malleability in terms of the arbitrary governmental establishment and assignment of specific value to a commodity that is in fact worthless, has completely warped and deranged the human experience of life in terms of the ability of human beings to properly and sanely meet their personal life needs and desires while maintaining personal economic freedom and autonomy. As Superiors, we must recognize that it is not "greed" or genuine need which motivates the inferiors to waste their lives on a pathological quest to obtain money to spend, but rather the motivation at play is the deranged and warped perception of reality regarding monetary value, caste system decree, and terroristic threat of poverty, that is imposed by every government upon it’s entire populace of citizen-slaves, throughout their entire lives.

Let us very briefly examine a few of the operational/structural differences between capitalistic economic systems, versus socialist/communist economic systems. It is vital that we understand at the outset that even though these differences are very real and quite interesting to explore/contemplate, they are not of any significant value or importance in terms of revealing any of these three economic systems to be superior to the others, or legitimately benign in any manner. They are all malevolent in design, structure, and implementation, and none of the differences I will be discussing here, changes this Truth. With that said, we begin: The socialist/communist economic systems operate under an illusion of justification which is based upon equality of suffering. Very simply, under these two economic systems, the government attempts to make sure that a strong majority of all citizen-slaves are subjected to a very similar degree of economic injustice, hardship, and deprivation. The Caste system is relatively minor and underdeveloped, certainly in comparison to capitalistic economic systems, and the government attempts to convince it’s citizen-slaves that the economic injustice and deprivation that they are being subjected to must be accepted, because it is fair, insofar as the hardship and suffering being distributed equally among the general public, and the government going out of it’s way to try to prevent any horrifically extreme economic hardship, such as starvation and homelessness, to befall any citizen-slaves, unlike the capitalist economic system, in which extreme hardship as well as extreme inequality, cloaked under the guise of "opportunity", rules the day. This is the argument/claim that socialist/communist societies make to their citizen-slaves, to win their support, loyalty, and agreement to endure the economic injustice they are being subjected to. You can certainly make an argument that extreme economic hardship, including homelessness and starvation, has occurred and continues to occur, occasionally, to citizens of socialist and communist regimes. It is certainly not my intention to claim that these types of governments do not engage in pathological, malevolent, and evil lies when attempting to win the allegiance of their citizen-slaves. All governments are guilty of this atrocity. All I am saying is that this is the specific claim made by these specific types of regimes. Now, capitalistic regimes make a very different series of claims, although they have the exact same malicious goal, of getting their citizen-slaves to accept their economic victimization. First of all, capitalistic societies very specifically base their argument on the claim that inequality of suffering is necessary and appropriate. Very simply, the capitalistic argument is that human beings who do not meet societally decreed standards of conduct/behavior/character, such as being lazy, stupid, unwilling to work, etc…, deserve to suffer more economic hardship than human beings who do meet societally decreed standards of "good" conduct/behavior/character. The capitalist system is not designed to create equality, but rather to guarantee inequality, and to use this inequality as a literal whip, to try and terrorize all citizen-slaves into always believing that they must maintain and increase their economic productivity and labor output. The capitalist system has a very carefully and comprehensively developed Caste system, and is constantly informing their citizen-slaves that they "belong" to a certain economic class, and that it is literally their "moral duty" to go to whatever efforts necessary to maintain their standing within the economic class, be it wealthy, upper, middle, lower, and even poverty class, that they are currently in. Despite claims to the contrary, claims that the government wants to see it’s lower classes "rise up" and achieve middle & upper class status, the Forbidden Truth of the matter is that the only class that societal and governmental leaders have any interest in seeing rise up, is the homeless class, and even in this case, the goal of societal leaders is to make sure that only a small portion of the homeless class ever recovers to the poverty class, and certainly that they do not progress any further, to the lower or middle class level. One of the most blatantly evil and perverse aspects of capitalism, is the manner in which the terroristic threat of losing your "class status" is employed to compel a lifetime of slave labor from citizen-slaves of all classes, ranging from the poverty class to the wealthy class. The exact same formula, believe it or not, is employed against the wealthy class, to keep them working 50-70 hours a week, as is employed against the poverty class which earns $5.50-$6.50 an hour and is also terroristically compelled to work 50-70 hours a week. The wealthy class is convinced that it would be just as terrible and shameful for them to fall back to upper class status, as it would be for the poverty class to literally lose their dwelling due to lack of money, and enter the homeless class. The suffering that all citizen-slaves are subjected to within the capitalist system, is rationalized and justified to the populace using the argument that "other people are suffering more than you are, so you should be grateful and feel lucky to not be them." Demonization of the communist/socialist societies, the perverse claim that citizen-slaves are being offered "wonderful opportunities" to achieve financial wealth that are not offered by socialist/communist economic systems, as well as the insane promise of a leisurely and carefree afterlife, are also primary tools of rationalization and justification employed by your limitlessly evil capitalist societal and governmental leaders. In addition, capitalist societies love to threaten you with the possibility of being subjected to extreme economic hardship, as a way to keep you working as a desperate slave laborer, regardless of what economic class you may be in, using "human interest" type stories of former millionaires who lost all of their money, etc… All of these efforts constitute proof that even though the end result is that all economic systems are unjust and genocidally victimizing, it is once again the capitalist, democratically based economic system which is most brutally and perversely malicious in terms of imposing it’s specific version of economic injustice upon it’s citizen-slaves.

We need to revisit the issues of slave labor and economic productivity right here. What is "slave labor"? To the inferior thinker, this term might imply that a human being is being forced to perform labor, and receiving absolutely no "compensation" for his labor. This type of a definition is simply invalid. The Superior definition of slave labor is this: Economic labor, compelled by governmental or societal decree, that is not directly necessary to the meeting of the basic life needs and desires of an individual, as dictated by the unjust economic structures and systems of the government/society. For example, almost all human beings who are labor employees and work for 40 hours a week, are in fact slave laborers. This "40 hour work week" is a completely arbitrary figure which has been established by the government to try and gain maximum economic productivity, while not inspiring any type of widespread social unrest among the populace. The hourly wages that are paid within this 40 hour workweek, ranging from $5.50 to $6.60 for the poverty-lower class, $7.00-$13.00 for the lower-middle and middle class, $14.00-$20.00 for the middle class and middle-upper class, and $20+ for the upper and wealthy classes, are specifically controlled and dictated by the government, for the purpose of maintaining economic productivity and forcing all citizen-slaves to agree to continue to work for 40 hours every week in order to maintain their current economic class level. Any type of labor which is terroristically compelled by a government, utilizing economic threat and the direct control/manipulation of monetary value, is slave labor. It is being compelled using force, threat, and lies, within the context of an economic system that has absolutely no legitimacy. The fact that financial payments are in fact made to the laborer, does not negate the True fact that he is being unjustly, terroristically compelled to work as a slave. Within a sane and Superior society, nobody would ever be asked, much less compelled, to perform any type of labor for money. If a person is to perform labor, it should be performed in exchange for a specific item, a specific material good, or a specific service that the individual desires to obtain for himself. All labor, all employment that is performed for money, is inherently slave-based, because money has no legitimately intrinsic value in and of itself. Only by creating this artificial construct of money, and shamelessly manipulating/controlling it’s value, are your evil societal and governmental leaders able to compel you to very specifically waste exactly or at the very least, 40 hours of time each and every week, in laboring at your job. Within a sane society, all economic productivity would be voluntary, all individual employees would be in a position to decide for themselves how economically productive they wish to be, and there would be no ability on the part of government, big business, corporations, or employers, to terroristically compel economic productivity from individuals. The entire boss/employee dynamic, of dominance and subservience, is based upon the terroristic power of money, a power that is inherently invalid and unjust, based upon the inherent worthlessness of money itself, as a commodity. Within a properly structured barter/trade economic system, the ability of any boss to unjustly exploit any employee, would be significantly reduced if not totally eliminated, simply because the invalid monetary component would no longer be in play as an available weapon for the use of the employer against the employee.

Some of you inferiors might be wondering whether economic productivity is not a "good" thing? Shouldn’t a society/government, even a benevolent society/government, overtly seek and attempt to encourage economic productivity within it’s populace? The answer to this question is absolutely No! Economic productivity is certainly not necessary, and any type of overt effort by a government or society to compel/coerce such productivity constitutes abuse and victimization of governmental power/influence. Only within a monetary-based economic system, can a pathological obsession with economic productivity take root and be perceived as a good and necessary thing, because we are beginning with a warped perspective and invalid logic, that money has value, and that the limitless pursuit of money, which can only be obtained by maximizing economic productivity, is therefore both logical and appropriate. Economic productivity cannot and does not benefit individual human beings, within a monetary/currency-based economic system. This is primarily due to the fact that no matter how hard and long a person works, and no matter how much money he earns/obtains, the actual value of the money he obtains is totally out of his control, and in fact totally determined, manipulated, and controlled, by the society and government that he lives as a citizen-slave to. If economic productivity increases on a national level, the actual value, in other words the "purchasing power" of money, is simply reduced by your evil leaders, utilizing inflation, cost of living, interest rate, and other manipulations. These manipulations occur, and can occur, only because money itself is inherently and intrinsically worthless, and all of the "value" that is assigned to money by the leaders of your society, is therefore arbitrary, capricious, and fundamentally invalid.

Societal leaders do have a vested interest in obtaining maximum economic productivity from their citizen-slaves, and they accomplish this malicious goal, malicious because it in no way benefits individual human beings, and in fact causes genocidal harm to human beings by compelling them to sacrifice and waste even more of their precious and irreplaceable life-span time, in a variety of different ways. The most popular way, of course, is simply by controlling and dictating the value of money in such a way that members of all economic classes/castes feel compelled to work hard and long hours on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain their current economic class/caste status. This is very effective because it allows totally different economic classes, to be victimized in exactly the same manner. For example, the upper class caste group is compelled to labor long and hard in order to earn the $45,000-$70,000 per year that they believe they need in order to maintain their current upper class "standard of living", while at the same time, the poverty class caste group is also compelled to labor long and hard in order to maintain their current poverty class "standard of living", even though they are only earning $9,000-$14,000 a year. Societal leaders carefully establish "slum" areas, as well as exclusively posh communities, and make sure that some food is very expensive while other food is relatively cheap, in order to accommodate every economic class. and compel each economic class to spend enough money so that the members of the class always feel pressured to continue to labor hard and long throughout their entire young and middle-aged adult lives. Yes, in theory the upper class caste member could find a $450 apartment to rent, even though perversely many low income apartment complexes do check the income of all aspiring residents and reject all applicants who earn more than the governmentally established poverty level maximum income rate, and the upper class caste member could purchase and consume the same very cheap, low quality food and other items that the poverty class subsists on, but this type of behavior is brutally condemned and demonized by society, and would subject the upper class wage earner to extreme ridicule and criticism from his family, friends, coworkers, etc… And so the end result is that 99.9999999999% of all upper class income earners agree to throw away the $45,000-$70,000 that they earn each year, and continue to work for 50-70 hours each week, literally wasting and sacrificing their lives, even though the Truth is that they could subsist quite comfortably on $11,000 of yearly expenses, which would literally allow the person to quit his job and not work at all, not earn a single penny of income, for the next 4-6 ½ years of his precious and horrifically short lifetime. The human has a choice: To work as a slave laborer for the next 4-6 ½ years, or to stop working and not work for a single day for the next 4-6 ½ years. What an incredible choice this is, what an incredible opportunity! But amazingly, 99.99999999 of all upper class wage earners do not even know, do not even realize, do not even consider, that they have this choice. No, the notion of stopping work, terminating their labor, is literally unthinkable, unimaginable to them. This is the horrific consequence of your insane and evil economic systems, and the self-hating, blindly robotic mindset that is drilled into the brainwashed minds of all of you pathetic inferiors.

There are many other perverse methods of compelling economic productivity from you broken creatures, of course. You are told that you need to work for your families, for your children. You need to support not only yourself, but them. You need to "build-up" a "nest egg" for them to enjoy, after you die. You are told that your family and children will remember you with more love and affection, after you die, if you leave them a pile of money, as if it could possibly make a difference to you how you are remembered, once you cease to exist for all of eternity! You are told that the future of your company, the strength of your government and society, is dependent upon your personal economic productivity. Very simply, you are told to sacrifice and throw away your precious and irreplaceable life, for the benefit of others, specific human beings, as well as abstract entities. The issue of whether or not any of these humans or entities can or will benefit from your sacrifice, is totally moot and irrelevant, so I will not devote time to discussing it. The only issue worthy of discussion is the fact that your agreement to sacrifice your life, upon the command of your evil leaders and the deranged, totally artificial and illegitimate economic system they have imposed upon you, is one of the most beautiful examples of your hopeless, supreme, total inferiority and the genetic/systemic insanity of your species, imaginable. You creatures have been addicted to "money", you worship at the alter of money, you devote your lives to money, in exactly the same way that you devote your lives to god, and both of these objects are totally worthless, totally valueless, completely artificial constructs which have been carefully designed and are very specifically used, by your leaders, to literally destroy your lives, to suck every last ounce of sanity, rationality, naturalness, appreciation for the Truth, ability to control your own life path choices, out of you.

It is clear to any sane thinker that in terms of human nature and human instinct, a 40 hour work week constitutes an abnormally and unnaturally high level of societally coerced and compelled "productivity". There is no way that it can be natural or normal for a human being to perform the same type of task for 1/3rd of each day, for 5 out of the 7 days of the week, which is what a 40 hour work week, consisting of 5 eight hour shifts of labor, involves. The 40 hour work week is an unnatural and abusive construct of societal and governmental leaders, designed to maximize productivity while minimizing social unrest and not reducing the overall "useful life-span" of humans too much. Let us understand that at times in the past, slave laborers were forced to work for 7 days every week. A few thousand years ago, some governmental leaders reduced the required weekly labor period to 6 days. A few hundred years ago, some societal leaders began to reduce the weekly labor period, for some workers, to 5 days. None of these reductions had any type of genuinely altruistic or benevolent motivation. The only motivations at play were to appease the citizen-slaves, keep them from rising up in violent revolt, increase per-hour productivity by reducing the tiredness level of workers, and increase the "useful life-span" of workers. What do I mean by "useful" life-span? I mean the number of years that the worker can be expected to remain physically healthy enough to continue to perform as a slave laborer. The specific goal of your evil leaders was not to increase the overall life-span of citizens, although this was one of the effects, but rather to simply increase the number of years that the citizen-slave can be expected to remain healthy enough to continue his slave labor, thus increasing his overall lifetime economic productivity. The societally compelled 7 day work week was brutally abusive and unjustifiable, the 6 day work week was also brutally abusive and unjustifiable, and the currently compelled 5 day a week, 40 hour work week, is just as brutally abusive and unjustifiable. Perversely, your evil leaders get you to not only accept, but welcome the 40 hour, 5 day work week, by telling you that your "unlucky" ancestors had to work for 7 or 6 days, so you should feel "lucky" and grateful that you only have to work 5 days and 40 hours. You creatures are so broken that the thought of considering whether it is in any way natural, healthy, or instinctual for human beings to labor for 40 hours at the same job every week, never even enters your diseased and inferior minds. Of course we must keep in mind that even today, in america, a solid majority of all slave laborers are in fact compelled to work more than 40 hours per week, and/or more than 5 days per week. But there is no need to obsessively focus on this increased degree of unjust economic victimization, because the "official standard" of a 40 hour, 5 day work week, is itself absolutely and brutally unjust and victimizing. It is capitalist societies which lead the way, in terms of compelling unnaturally high levels of economic productivity, while at the same time constantly adjusting, tweaking, and of course totally controlling the "cost of living" that their citizen-slaves experience on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, so that to the best of their ability, all citizens, of all economic classes, feel and believe themselves to be compelled to continue to maintain an unnaturally high level of productivity, as demonstrated by the number of hours they work per week. Remember folks, the "cost of living" is 100% determined by the "value of money", the amount of "buying power" that money is given. And this value is totally, constantly, and maliciously under the direct control of the leaders of the government.

We need to go back, briefly, to the issue of economic classes and the Caste System of economic exploitation and appeasement, as practiced by capitalist regimes. What purpose does the creation of economic caste classes serve? Well, first and foremost, it creates an illusion that there is a "ladder" that can be climbed, and this illusion is utilized to try and compel maximum economic productivity from all citizen-slaves. Citizen-slaves are told that the capitalist system offers economic "opportunity", namely, the opportunity for slave laborers to climb up the class/caste system ladder, to advance from poverty class to lower class, then to middle class, then even to upper class/wealthy. This claim is a totally malicious sham. Only a tiny percentage of citizens actually do climb up more than one rung on this "ladder" throughout the entire course of their lifetime. But much more importantly, the Forbidden Truth is that there is almost never any genuine personal benefit or gain to climbing up this ladder, despite all the desperate claims by societal leaders that this is a blissful, wonderful opportunity to "live the american dream". Every time you move up on the caste ladder, your evil society terroristically coerces you into agreeing to spend more money than you used to spend when you were on the lower rung of the ladder, and so your actual state of financial poverty not only remains just as severe, but often becomes even more severe, thanks to the insane "loan" system, which I will be discussing at length further down in this essay. You creatures are deluded into believing that it is a wonderful thing to move up the economic caste system ladder, that just being given an opportunity to try and move up this ladder, is a precious and glorious gift from your government, to be embraced and cherished. Nothing could be further from the Truth, but unfortunately it is a very effective form of appeasement, due to the fact that you creatures are so broken and inferior that you lack all ability to think rationally or to intellectually recognize the Truth of any situation. You cannot see that moving up the economic ladder is of absolutely no value of any kind, if at the same time you allow your evil society to compel you to spend, in reality waste and throw away, more money than you wasted & threw away when you were on a lower rung of the ladder. Even if you are among the tiny minority, less than 00.000001% of humans, who are able to both recognize this societal effort and successfully resist it, the increase in money that you are obtaining is still of extremely little if any genuine value, considering the fact that you very likely are laboring for longer hours and more days once you have climbed up a rung on the economic ladder, and the actual value of money is still, as always, totally and completely out of your control, and totally under the control of your evil leaders. The manner in which you creatures are totally unable to recognize that time is thousands of times more valuable and precious than money, astounds me. Time, the period of time that you are alive, the incredibly short period of time between never having existed for all of the eternal past, and never again existing for all of the eternal future. This time, right now, when you are alive, there is no way to measure the preciousness, the absolute irreplaceability, of every minute. And yet you throw it all away, not just minutes, but hours, weeks, months, years, you throw it all away, insanely trying to make enough money to "cover" all of your ongoing expenses, totally oblivious to the Truth that your evil society literally has your precious life in it’s toxic stranglehold of a grasp, as it terroristically compels you to literally and actually waste the majority of your time, your lifetime, your most precious commodity, engaging in slave labor within an economic system that is specifically designed to inflict maximum exploitation, victimization, and injustice upon you.

Let us also clearly understand that society does not want any of it’s citizen-slaves to actually move up the economic ladder. It tolerates isolated cases of upward movement, and certainly does attempt to publicize such cases for the purpose of strengthening the false illusion that all citizen-slaves have a "wonderful opportunity to become financially successful within the capitalist system". And the system recognizes that isolated cases of downward movement will occur as well. But the actual goal of your leaders is to both trap and maintain individual citizens as well as familial generations, within the specific economic class that they are currently in. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, your leaders understand that you are likely to feel most comfortable within the economic class that you are most familiar with. The more comfortable you feel, the more willing you are likely to be to continue to accept the fascist economic doctrine that society seeks to impose upon you. For example, if you are a member of the lower income class, and you were to win the lottery, thus jumping up several economic classes, you may quit your job, and even, to the horror of your enslaving society, refuse to obtain a different job, unlike wealthy class individuals who have spent their entire lives as members of the wealthy class and are thus much more likely to feel morally and culturally obligated to obtain and retain a job, even if they in fact have no actual or genuine need to earn more money. But an even more primary reason is simply the fact that your leaders both want and need a certain number of homeless class, poverty class, middle class, wealthy class, etc…, citizen-slaves, and in general, the relative number of citizen-slaves who fit into each class, needs to remain relatively consistent from decade to decade, generation to generation. The best way to maintain this consistency is simply to keep citizens, as well as their offspring, within the specific economic class that they are already in. Of course there will always be some movement both up and down, by a small minority of citizens, and one of the most effective ways that ultra-diseased societies like america offset this movement, is by importing immigrants into the country on a regular basis, each and every year. Most of these immigrants start out at the Poverty or Lower Class levels, thus they replace the small number of citizens who may have moved up a rung or two, above these lower income levels, during the preceding year or two. However, familial and intergenerational class/caste entrapment absolutely does remain the primary goal of the capitalistic economic system. Allow a handful of citizens to rise up in class, so as to continue to maintain the illusion that "wonderful economic opportunity" exists for all slave laborers, but at the same time keep the vast majority of all citizens stuck and trapped within the same economic class that they were born into, this is the malicious structural and operational goal of the capitalist system.

Okay, it’s time to move on to some less scholarly, more topical Truths which relate to human economic systems. I want to begin with the Minimum Wage Law. This is an excellent example of an utterly malevolent societal law, which has perversely managed to establish a claim of not only legitimacy, but genuine benevolence, despite the fact that in both design and implementation, the minimum wage laws of all modern era societies are horrifically unjust and deliberately victimizing on a massive, genocidal scale. To begin, the entire notion of a "minimum wage" law is fatally flawed. What it does, as it is designed to do, is establish an illusion of moral legitimacy for the systemic economic exploitation and victimization of all members of the lower economic classes, by all members of the upper economic classes. The societally decreed definition of "law", implies a positive, desirable benign entity, "laws are good, laws are beneficial, laws help to protect people and avoid victimization", this is the official definition of law by society. Therefore, in establishing a minimum wage law, society creates the illusion that it is benevolently attempting to prevent economic exploitation and victimization. The Forbidden Truth is the exact opposite. The purpose of this law is to cloak, conceal, legitimize, and create an illusion of moral legitimacy for the genocidal economic exploitation of all members of the lower economic classes. Within an ultra-diseased society like america, at least 95% of the adult citizenry, both employed and unemployed, qualify as being members of the lower economic class.

Let us clearly understand that the economic system is designed purposefully, so that the minimum wage rate is in fact not only a poverty-level rate, but also a rate that makes it impossible for any human being to sustain their own daily life in an "equitable", non-stressful, non-discriminatory, manner. Not only is the minimum wage rate an "unlivable" rate, based upon the specific and deliberate "cost of living" rate that the society chooses to establish and maintain, but it establishes the illusion of legitimacy for the poverty-level wages to be paid to 95+% of the citizenry. For example, if the minimum wage is established at $5.50 an hour, there is not a single employer in the entire society who would feel that it is morally unjust to only pay their employee $5.50 an hour, even if they in fact do pay their employees more, because they are unable to find enough humans who are qualified for the job, who are willing to perform the job for $5.50 an hour. Let us say that the employer cannot find enough tortured citizen-slaves willing to perform the job for $5.50 an hour. So the employer offers $6.50 an hour. Now we have potential employees who are happy to delude themselves into believing that the $6.50 wage rate is totally acceptable, using the deranged logic that if the $5.50 minimum wage rate "law" is good and proper and moral, then a $6.50 wage rate, which exceeds the minimum by an entire dollar per hour of work, is not only morally fair, but downright generous and a great opportunity that must not be passed up. Societies which do not have an established minimum wage law, are simply being more honest in allowing their citizen-slaves to realize that they are totally vulnerable to brutal economic exploitation and victimization. Does this make these societies good, decent, or worthy of continuing to exist?? No, of course not! But in terms of operational structure, it is the societies which do have a minimum wage law in effect, which prove themselves to be the most ultra-diseased and malicious, in their pathetic pretense that this law has any design purpose or ability to protect or benefit any employee. The exact opposite is the Truth: This law was designed to and serves the purpose of, creating both a moral and a cultural illusion that the systemic economic victimization of 95+% of all citizen-slaves is perfectly appropriate and fair, by virtue of the victimization meeting the minimum wage standard of law that the diseased society has chosen to maliciously establish.

Within any type of a sane society, all notions of "minimum" wage laws would be recognized as being inherently immoral and malicious, and instead, "equitable wage laws" would be established. Under the equitable wage laws, a whole series of factors would be evaluated in order to assure that all human beings receive monetary wages that are genuinely equitable, assuming of course that the actual monetary wage system, which is itself fatally flawed and supremely unjust, still remained in place. For example, in determining the equitable wage standard laws, the amount of money needed by individuals to live a comfortable lifestyle in which all of their needs are met without any undue stress, anxiety, or deprivation of any kind being suffered by the individual, and absolutely no need for the individual to labor for more than 30-40 hours per week or to hold down more than one job, would be determined, and this amount of money would be declared to represent an "equitable wage" that the human being would be guaranteed to receive. But even more importantly, the actual economic productivity of every laborer, meaning the amount of income/profit he generates for his employer, would have to be taken into primary account, in the determination of his equitable wage. For example, if a retail store has an owner and 4 full time employees, and achieves a net profit margin of $400,000.00 per year, federal law would mandate that the owner can only keep a certain percentage, perhaps 30-40%, of this $400,000.00 profit, and the remainder of the monetary profit would have to be equally split among the four full-time employees, because without them working at the retail store, the retail store could not and would not have realized the net profit margin that it ultimately did realize. This is an example of how the Equitable Wage Law would work, it would establish standards under which no employer, including the government itself, could arbitrarily decide how much of it’s profit to give to it’s employee/laborers. Every profit-generating enterprise would be required under law to give a very specific percentage of it’s generated profit, to it’s employees, and this profit would be equally distributed to all full-time employees, on an equitable basis. This would be a fair, moral, just system, under which the economic health of all individual human beings was sincerely and properly taken into account.

Our next topic is Child Labor. I have already discussed this issue at some length, especially within my Child Abuse essay/page, so I will try not to repeat again here, the points I have already made. But this issue certainly must be addressed here, within the context of economic systems and economic productivity. Let us clearly understand that even using the "traditional" definition of "slave labor", slave labor not only currently exists, but absolutely thrives within all ultra-diseased societies. The use of children as unpaid slave laborers/employees, is an absolutely perfect example and demonstration of this Truth. Within an ultra-diseased society like america, literally billions of dollars of economic productivity is extracted from children, in unpaid form, via terroristically compelled labor. Meaning, very simply, that if adult laborer/employees, even at the minimum wage law payment rate, were to be performing this labor, they would, collectively, be earning billions of dollars. But instead, because children are helpless, subhuman, and officially decreed to be the slave-property of their biological creators/legal owners, these billions of dollars worth of labor are obtained for free, from the child-slave population. What type of labor am I referring to? Well, children are pervasively employed by their "families" as gardeners, housekeepers, child care providers, clerical workers, stock-persons, delivery assistants, field workers, etc… There is absolutely no minimum wage law in place with regard to the economic victimization of children, as laborers, by their familial owners, nor are there any specific limitations on the type or length of employment that is imposed upon children by their owners. Yes, some slaveowners do voluntarily decide to give their child-slave laborers an "allowance", or some type of compensation for their labor. But others do not, and there is absolutely no legal requirement that compensation be provided, absolutely no minimum wage standard, and absolutely no legal recourse provided to child laborers. They are subject to limitless financial victimization, just as they are subjected to limitless physical and emotional torture, at the hands of their legal owners. The only limitation that exists, is the uniquely individualistic limitation that each slaveowner chooses to accept and apply to his own chosen treatment of his child-slave(s).

The entire notion that society is interested in preventing economic exploitation and victimization of it’s citizen-slaves, is rendered clearly and undeniably absurd by the clear and certain Truth that billions of dollars of terroristically compelled labor is extracted from the child population by society, each and every year, with the laws of the government specifically decreeing that not a single one of these slave laborers has any legal right or ability to demand even a single penny of financial payment, much less the still totally unjust minimum wage standard that exists for most adult employees. Within any type of a sane and moral society, all coerced employment of children by adult members of their Sacred Family Units, as well as any other adults, would be declared a federal crime. And notwithstanding this law, the same equitable wage standards that would be applied to all adults, would naturally be expanded to include all human beings, of all ages, so that if there are cases of illegal employment of children by adults, despite the illegality of the employment, the child-victims would be legally able and legally entitled to receive equitable financial compensation, in addition to punitive damage payments, for the illegal labor that has been extracted from them, under duress and terroristic threat.

Okay, our next topic up for dissection is: Vacations. At first glance this may seem to be a somewhat trivial topic, certainly not worthy of extensive focus within an essay dealing with economic systems and economic injustice. But in reality, the vacation ritual provides a nearly perfect example and demonstration of the simplistic, and yet at the same time deviously manipulative and malevolent nature of modern human society/government. What are "vacations"? Well, the traditional definition is: "a time of rest or recreation away from one’s work". To be more specific, within Modern Era societies, it has become a tradition for many employers to provide their slave-labor employees with a specific amount of time each year, usually between 5 and 15 days, that the employee is allowed to not come in to work. In many cases, the employee is paid his regular salary during these days, despite not working. In other cases he is not actually paid anything, but his job position is "protected", meaning that he can take these days off from work without any fear or concern that he could be fired as a result of not coming in to work on these days. Most slave laborers look forward to their vacations. They anticipate and plan for their vacations with a significant degree of eagerness and happiness. Let us clearly understand that vacations have been designed by societies to provide an illusion of freedom, as well as appeasement, to their slave laborer population of citizens. Just as the shortening of the work week from 7 days to 6 days, and now in some cases to 5 days, the establishment of the vacation ritual has a very specifically malicious purpose of appeasement: To get you creatures to accept a lifetime of deliberate, pervasive, unending economic victimization, in exchange for receiving 5-15 days, out of 365 days, of "freedom." This is not actual, genuine, or legitimate freedom, but rather a toxic illusion of freedom. Only broken, self-hating, mentally deranged creatures, would agree to accept, welcome, even celebrate, the gaining of 5-15 days of freedom perception, embedded within 365 days of pervasive, ritualistic enslavement. The very fact that you creatures spend months anticipating your vacations, planning out your vacations, eagerly waiting for your vacation time as well as your "weekend" day(s) off from work, is an absolute indictment of the entire economic system of your society, proving that your "regular", day to day employment is unpleasant, stressful, victimizing, unjust. You creatures have come to believe and accept the notion that the manner in which you obtain money is supposed to cause you stress, unhappiness, hardship, that this is normal and appropriate. But from any sane and Truth-based perspective, this notion is ridiculous. There is absolutely no moral or ethical justification for a society compelling it’s citizens to endure 40-70 hours of undesired, unwelcome, stress and hardship for every single week of the vast majority of their entire adult lives, which is what the current system of employment, within the economic system, is expected and designed to cause the vast majority of adult human beings to endure.

Within any sane and just society, vacations, weekends, and days off from work would still occur, but they would certainly not be eagerly, desperately craved and anticipated, because the work environment, the work experience, and the financial compensation for work, would all be carefully and properly designed to significantly limit, in many cases eliminate, all stress, hardship, and injustice. Let us understand that all of your evil societies and governments operate within a fundamental framework of both appeasement and threat. It is the combination of both appeasement and threat, which works most effectively in maliciously controlling and dictating every aspect of your lives. Vacations are an excellent example of how the invalid appeasement process works, backed up always by some level of terroristic threat. Economically speaking, the bottom line terroristic threat made against all citizen-slaves is that if they refuse to accept their slave laborer status, they will be subjected to extreme punitive punishment, including homelessness, hunger, police harassment/arrest, painful exposure to the elements, etc… But this doesn’t mean that terroristic threat has to always be used in a blatant and front-line manner. No, within "civilized", modern era societies, attempts to provide invalid, illegitimate, blatantly unjust forms of appeasement, such as the minimum wage law and vacation ritual, are almost always put forth ahead and in front of any type of direct threat, so that the perverse illusion that the society is benevolent, just, and moral, can be more easily maintained.

Let us look at another aspect of the vacation ritual. A majority of human beings prefer and choose to go away from their own homes and area, when they take their vacations. They prefer to travel dozens, hundreds, in some cases thousands of miles away, often to a place where they have never been before, and to check into a "hotel" or "motel" type of residence, where other human beings are employed to serve their desires and needs, in perfect reflection of the fact that as employee/slave laborers, they very likely are spending their regular work hours, compelled to serve the needs and desires of their employer/boss. Here we see another example of toxic reflectivity. The tortured slave laborers, upon gaining a few days of respite from their systemic, ongoing, never-ending traumatic victimization, choose to compel other human beings to be victimized, to serve their needs and desires, in the exact same operational manner than they themselves have been and will be victimized, via their employment situation. Also, we must note the insanity involved in human beings choosing to travel to "unknown" locations where they have never been before, as a way to "enjoy" their vacations. This makes absolutely no logical or rational sense, assuming that a person was not being systematically victimized. What I mean to say is very simply, the only reason why a human being would choose to leave the comfort and the familiarity of their own home and hometown area, would be if they are experiencing stress, unhappiness, frustration, abuse, and victimization on an ongoing, daily basis, within their regular lives, which of course revolve around their home, their employment, and the immediate area in which they live. The very fact that a majority of human beings, especially if they are in a decent financial situation, choose to spend their preciously few days of vacation time insanely traveling around, literally and actually attempting to "escape" from their very own homes, to escape from their very own real lives, to escape from the factual, truthful reality of their lives, is a devastating indictment of the brutal and unbearable nature of "real life", as it is imposed upon you human beings by your societies, and economic abuse/victimization is clearly one of the primary factors at play, in making you feel and realize, at least on a subconscious level, that your real, actual, day to day lives are in fact, brutally unbearable and extremely traumatic. This subconscious Truth is manifested by your decision to pathologically attempt to flee from your real lives, to gain a few days of delusional, fanciful "escape", by very specifically leaving your home and hometown, traveling to some far-off place, during your "vacation". Within a sane society, human beings would crave the comforts of home. The thought of leaving home to travel to some place where they have never been before and are totally unfamiliar with, would properly strike them as being an unpleasant, stressful, undesirable experience that they would want to avoid if at all possible, rather than deliberately seek out and unnecessarily subject themselves to.

Our next topical issue of discussion is to me personally, being extremely interested in psychological motivation and societal manipulation/brainwashing, one of the most intriguing aspects of economic systems, and of the capitalist economic system in particular. It is clear and undeniable that every other species of life on planet earth not only manages to exist, but manages to thrive and enjoy life, without "spending" money, and without "purchasing" any desired item or service with money. It is also undeniably True that human babies and very young children have absolutely no need for money, or the "material goods" that money is used to purchase, assuming of course that all of their basic life sustenance needs, such as food and protection from all harsh elements, is provided to them. Animals, being instinctually healthy and sane, are able to have fun, achieve pleasure, and meet all of their life needs, both vital needs and more abstract needs such as finding things to do that provide them with pleasure and positive stimulation, without ever obtaining, possessing, or spending money. Babies, despite being born genetically flawed and members of an inferior, diseased species, still have absolutely no need or desire for money, or any type of material goods which exceed their basic life sustenance needs. This proves, beyond all doubt, that money is a totally artificial substance and creation, and the desire that human beings develop to obtain money and to spend money to acquire unnecessary material goods, in not only unnatural, but a desire that is totally, to a 100% degree, externally and invalidly induced via brainwashing, coercion, and the malicious imposition of toxic belief and lifestyle upon the helpless and vulnerable minds of babies and children, by the broken and destroyed adult population which has personally direct as well as leadership-based access to and control over their maturation and mental/ideological development. If an animal feels a personally instinctual need to "have fun", the animal is able to achieve all of the fun it requires, in a natural manner, by interacting with fellow animals, or by "playing" with whatever objects it may find, be it leaves, water, trees, rocks, caves, mountains, or even the wind. The same is True for human babies. The human baby needs no "toys" which cost money. The human baby can and would, if allowed, achieve just as much if not more of a sense of fun, happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction, from playing with itself, it’s own body, fellow human beings, and totally free objects such as fallen leaves and pebbles and the like, as a human baby who is provided with expensive toys that have cost money to purchase. And yet the malevolent goal of all societies, most especially capitalist societies, is to both convince all parents and adults that this is not True, and to addict all babies and young children, at as early an age as possible, to the false and invalid notion that "good" things cost money, and that things which cost money are "valuable" and should be treasured, desired, and coveted, above all things which are free and cost no money. This is the first step along the limitlessly evil path of lifelong obsessive and desperate insane monetary acquisition and disbursement upon unnecessary objects, that the entire capitalist economic system, as well as all other economic systems, are based upon. Let us understand that it is this step, the false and invalid addiction of children by adult human society in general as well as the specific adults who have direct access to the child, to the false and invalid notion that money is "necessary", that money somehow "improves" life quality, increases the enjoyment and pleasure of life, etc…, that dooms each and every generation of humans to agree to subject themselves to the horrific consequences of living under a perverse, diseased, and insane, currency-based economic system. Babies and animals do not need, want, or desire money, because they are sane creatures, and because money is not needed, desired, or wanted by sane creatures. It is that simple. Only creatures who have lost their sanity, who have been subjected to the insanely evil and toxic influence/control of adult human society, begin to crave, desire, and "need" money, and in a desperate attempt to satisfy this unnatural and externally induced craving, agree to literally and actually sacrifice their lives to engage in a lifelong, pointless quest to not only obtain money, but to systematically spend and squander the money they do obtain, on objects, services, and material goods which are decreed by society to be important, necessary, desirable for all "normal" human members of the society to possess.

At least 85% of all the money spent by human beings within an ultra-diseased, capitalist society like america, is spent to purchase/obtain either services or items which are totally unnecessary and unneeded, in terms of human survival and in terms of the human being achieving/obtaining personal pleasure/satisfaction in their own life. Yes, these items and services may very well provide personal pleasure/satisfaction to the individual, but this is only due to the fact that the individual has been rendered insane, stripped of his natural and instinctual ability to obtain pleasure and satisfaction in natural ways, an ability that all other species of life, as well as all human babies and most human children up until age 3-6, still possess. The baby is able to obtain all of the pleasure, satisfaction, and interest that it needs, throughout all of it’s waking hours of every day, simply by playing with itself, interacting with other human beings, interacting with animals, visual reflections, light and shadows, pieces of cardboard, boxes, and other objects which can be obtained for free. Let us clearly understand that this is because the baby is intellectually and emotionally sane, not because the baby has an "underdeveloped" mind or lacks any positive or more advanced character trait which older human beings possess. If the human species were genetically sane, this ability of babies to achieve total and complete pleasure without any need to acquire or possess any type of unnecessary material good or service, would persist and remain in place throughout the entire lifetime of the baby. Let us clearly understand that the need, in reality the desperate obsession that children develop and that remains with almost all adults throughout their entire lives, to acquire and possess material good objects and services which cost money, is not only due to the limitlessly evil direct brainwashing and addiction which is imposed upon all children by their maliciously immoral governments and societies, but it is also due, to a lesser but still very real degree, to the genetic disease and malformation of the human mind. The need to "possess" things that human beings develop, is a direct response to the genetic inability of the human mind to either recognize or accept the utter meaninglessness and pointlessness of their overall lives, when viewed in the context of eternity. Surrounding themselves with possessions, is an effective, although of course totally lie-based and invalid way, for human beings to create and maintain an illusion of meaningfulness within and throughout the course of their lives.

Babies do not desire to specifically possess material goods that cost money, because they have not yet had inserted within their minds, the pathologically diseased notion that they can and should escape from the horrific Truths of reality and of life, by embracing the artificial and invalid comfort/pleasure that can be induced within genetically diseased human minds, via an addiction to the possession of material goods. Now, it goes without saying that the "fuel" for all economic systems, most especially ultra-diseased capitalist economic systems, is ignited via the deliberate and pervasive addiction of the vast majority of all human beings, to squander the money that they manage to obtain, on material goods and services that they have absolutely no genuine or vital need to obtain/receive. Amazingly, within an ultra-diseased society like america, and this is True despite the pervasive economic poverty that the vast majority of the citizenry is trapped within, 75-85% of all the money that is spent by human beings in america, is spent upon unnecessary, unneeded items and services. This includes of course, the societally induced and culturally coerced overspending on "brand" names, which is one of the most evil of all economic system constructs and permeates every aspect of the material goods economic system, from fashion, cars, to food, etc… This is the great triumph of your evil societies, to get you to literally throw away 85% of the money for which you have been terroristically compelled to engage in slave labor to acquire. The mind boggles when this Truth is realized and analyzed, but it is undeniably accurate. Consider even a "vital" material good such as milk. A decent argument can be made that milk is a necessary, vital material good, right? Yes. But go into a supermarket, look at the gallon jugs of milk. You will find that some are priced at $2.59-$2.89, while others are priced at $4.09-$4.59, even though they are the exact same size. The only significant difference will be the specific brand name that is printed on the label attached to the jug of milk. And so even with regard to vital and necessary material goods, a huge percentage of the population is perversely induced to waste 35-50% more money than they need to spend to acquire the needed item, simply by the employment of this "brand name" form of economic terrorization and invalid enticement to squander money.

Let us understand that the manner in which almost all human beings within capitalist societies choose to spend their money, is insane. I use the word insane in a clinical sense, here. A societally induced form of mental illness, is at work. Society encourages it’s citizenry to view the actual money that they are forced to engage in slave labor to acquire, as being valuable only insofar as it can and should be "recycled" back into the economic system, via the constant purchase and acquisition of material goods and services. It is rationally insane for human beings to squander 75-85% of the money they are forced to engage in labor to acquire, on unneeded, unnecessary goods and services. But of course the architects of the mental health standards and rules of human society would never even consider labeling this type of human activity as constituting mental illness or insanity, because they understand, as both beholden slaves and empowered whores of society, that it is their job to encourage and legitimize all forms of mental illness and derangement that their evil society desires and seeks to popularize and promote among the populace. It is you pathetic creatures, you "normal and mainstream" citizens, who suffer the horrific consequences of being forced to not only serve as slave laborers, but to literally and actually agree to perform 80% of their slave labor for absolutely no financial compensation, as demonstrated by their subsequent squandering of 80% of the money that their slave labor activities allow them to acquire. Let there be no doubt, the psychological addiction and obsession with acquiring unneeded goods and services that almost all adults are afflicted with, is an absolute mental illness, a mental illness that is directly and deliberately caused and inspired by the malicious human leaders of the society and the government.

We now move on to a very specific issue related to economic poverty, and this issue is homelessness. There are quite a few Forbidden Truths which relate to this specific issue, which must be unveiled and dissected within this Manifesto. Let us begin by recognizing that every currently existing society wants homelessness to exist and to occur and to be visibly undeniable. The more diseased and economically perverse/unjust the society is, the more it wants people to become homeless and to "display" themselves in public as being homeless. Why is this? Very simply, homelessness is an excellent weapon of terror available to your governmental leaders. The threat of homelessness is held out against you, all of you, if you dare to try and defy the genocidally evil economic system that your government chooses to impose upon you. And this type of weapon is most effective, when it can be displayed to you. This is the primary reason why most homeless shelters and "soup kitchens" are built and operated in "downtown" areas of a city or town, the area where a majority of citizen-slaves work. All workers who travel to the downtown area to get to their jobs, are thus required to visually view homeless people, while of course facing the implicit threat and danger within their own conscious minds that if they should ever run out of money, they will themselves become homeless. This makes homelessness an excellent weapon of terror, in coercing citizen-slaves into agreeing to continue to work as slave laborers throughout their entire adult lives, regardless of how unjust, traumatic, victimizing their jobs may well be, or how much they might personally "hope" that they might be able to quit their jobs. Yes, it is True that there is some locational pressure in terms of residential communities objecting to the placement of homeless shelters and soup kitchens in their neighborhoods, but this is not the primary reason why almost all such shelters and kitchens are located in downtown, "business district" areas. The primary reason, very simply, is that your terrorist government wants as many of it’s slave laborers as possible, to be both visually and verbally confronted with homeless people on a daily basis, whenever they come to work and whenever they leave from work, as a way to terroristically convince them that they should feel lucky and glad to be employed as they are, regardless of how unjust, victimizing, and unpleasant they may experience their jobs to be.

Every government, on a federal, state/provincial, and local level, has the absolute ability to easily eliminate all ongoing homelessness which results from financial poverty. With malice aforethought, every government makes the choice to deliberately cause and maintain homelessness within it’s social structure, and continuously maintain homelessness as being a visible "social problem" within the society, while of course insanely blaming the homeless for the "plight" they are in. In every city in america, there are many thousands of apartments, offices, and entire buildings which are vacant and unoccupied. Because every government has limitless control over it’s economic system, it is clear and undeniable to any sane thinker that the choice made by the government, to not provide totally free housing that is safe and comfortable to every single one of it’s citizen-slaves, has absolutely no basis in economic difficulty or inability, but rather has it’s entire basis within the malicious societal decision to try and economically terrorize as many citizen-slaves as it possibly can, into agreeing to labor as slaves throughout the entire course of their adult lives, using homelessness as a terroristic threat to compel agreement to this labor. Many ultra-diseased societies do provide "public housing" to a select portion of their citizen-slaves at a reduced cost, but the fact that such housing always has very specific restrictions, such as the occupants must be of a certain age, must be physically disabled, must not earn money that exceeds certain poverty-level rates, etc…, proves that it is the goal of societal leaders to maintain their citizenry within poverty, while providing token illusions of appeasement, and extracting maximum labor productivity from them. And at the same time, not to provide housing to those who are in most desperate need of housing, those who are homeless and unwilling to agree to serve as societal slave laborers.

Your government rejoices in the suffering and oppression of you, the citizenry. This is why it recognizes that the homeless torture victim who is slumped down by his shopping cart on the sidewalk of the busiest intersection in town, waving a cup and begging for money, is performing a valuable public service. In reality, even though he would never realize it or admit to it, he is working for the government, simply by sitting there and begging. The job he is performing is that of instrument of terror. Simply by sitting there, looking as he is and begging for money, he is terrorizing all of the hundreds/thousands of employed laborers who view him or interact with him as they either walk or drive past that busy, business district intersection/sidewalk, into believing that they should feel lucky, grateful, and happy to have the slave labor jobs that they do, and vowing to themselves that they will continue to work hard, continue to agree to serve as slave laborers throughout their entire productive years of life. How pathetic!

The Superior recognizes that of course homeless people have all been brutally and unjustly victimized, and continue to be so victimized for every single day that their evil government continues to deliberately sponsor, encourage, cause them to be homeless. We recognize that on every level, the government has an absolute moral, ethical, and legal obligation to provide comfortable and if necessary totally free housing, to all of it’s citizens, including those torture victims who are physically able but unwilling to serve as slave laborers for moral reasons, philosophical reasons, or self-loving/narcissistic reasons. It is an outrage and a perversion of the highest order, that you creatures choose to allow your governments to not only inflict homelessness upon their created victims, but also to use the threat of homelessness against you, as a terroristic weapon, to compel your obedience and acceptance of evil and immoral societal structure and policy, most primarily as regards your serving as slave laborers within the economic system throughout your entire adult lives.

There are some agents of society who insanely claim that housing is offered to homeless people, and that the homeless are to blame for their own homelessness, because they refuse to accept and remain within the housing that is offered to them. This claim is 100% invalid and false. First of all, whatever legitimate housing is offered to homeless people, comes with terroristic strings attached, primarily that the homeless person must agree to search for, obtain, and maintain a slave labor job in order to retain his home. This is True even for cases in which the government directly provides a slave labor job to the individual. His maintaining the home is still 100% dependent upon his agreeing to maintain and continue to labor at this governmentally provided job. All other housing that is offered to the homeless, such as shelter beds, is in fact illegitimate, temporary, and does not represent an actual "home", because the proper definition of "home" is a "place of residence that an individual can both personally secure and enjoy privacy within, as well as complete autonomy in terms of which hours he can stay in his residence, how long he can stay within the residence, etc… None of these definitional requirements are met within any type of "emergency shelter" housing opportunity that the government may provide to homeless individuals. Society wants a small percentage of it’s adult population to always be homeless, and it chooses to operate it’s services to homeless individuals in such a way as to make it extremely difficult, stressful, and punitively punishing, for homeless individuals to obtain genuine homes. This is a deliberate, consciously malevolent choice made by your diseased and deranged governments.

All this having been said, let us recognize that despite all of the deliberate injustice and victimization that is heaped upon the homeless, it is quite possible for Superior homeless victims to achieve not only some genuine enjoyment/pleasure out of life, but in fact to enjoy more personal pleasure in their lives than many people who do have homes, without the use of mind-altering substances such as alcohol or drugs. This is because homeless people are gloriously free of one of the most brutal forms of enslavement and injustice within the human experience, namely, the terroristically imposed need to obtain and maintain employment, to labor at a job for at least 40 hours of time each and every week of their lives. It is the deliberate goal of the government to try and make life as unbearable as possible for homeless people, in order to offset this extremely significant and very real benefit that homeless people have, in not needing to hold down a job. In reality, the "soup kitchen" system is designed to only provide food at specific times during the day, and to try to impose conditions upon receiving the food, so that even if a person is homeless, there continues to remain economic pressure on the individual to obtain a job, in order to avoid experiencing hunger, as well as other perverse forms of economic injustice/terrorization, such as a denial of basic and preventative healthcare.

Okay, it is time to move on to the issue of economic injustice and victimization, as it specifically relates to children. As is always the case on all issues relating to children, Sacred Family Unit mythology plays a primary role. Society very specifically decrees that all child-slaves should and must experience their day to lives trapped within the specific economic class, be it high or low, that their parents/legal owners are trapped within. When viewed from any sane and rational perspective, this is profoundly and fundamentally unjust. Society has no legitimate right to establish economic classes in the first place, for it’s adult population of citizen-slaves, but there is something much more profoundly perverse and unjust in society choosing to impose these economic classes upon all children, based solely on the issue of pure luck or lack of luck, in terms of whom the child is created by and enslaved/owned by. There is absolutely no valid, rational, or moral reason for why the economic fate of children should be determined by the economic class that their parents/legal owners are trapped within. This constitutes a basis, profound injustice of extreme severity, and it illustrates the utter slave status and complete degree of individual worthlessness, that society imposes upon all of it’s child-slaves. There is no possible way to establish an ethical justification for children being compelled to endure a poorer quality of life, increased hardship, increased personal danger, fewer opportunities to enjoy relaxation and ease during their childhoods, all due to the economic status of their parents/owners. This form of injustice is specifically designed to entrap familial generations within a cycle of economic victimization, and to cause children to develop invalid rationalizations to cope with the economic injustice that is being perpetrated against them. For example, if a child grows up in economic poverty, witnesses and experiences his own parents enduring and "coping" with economic poverty throughout their lives, the child is much more likely to be able to grow up believing that it is "okay" for him to experience economic injustice throughout his own lifetime, by virtue of the fact that he is already very familiar with this same type of economic victimization that he has already experienced throughout his entire childhood, and that he knows his parents endured throughout their lifetime. Familiarity can be a form of poison, when it involves an evil entity such as society getting a child used to and familiar with and in fact addicted to, certain forms of perverse injustice such as economic deprivation based upon the economic class of the child’s parents.

Within any type of a sane society, economic injustice itself would be eradicated for all human beings, but even if a society is too inferior to achieve such a rational and just triumph, it’s horrifically evil decision and choice to doom every single new generation of children to endure an entire childhood trapped within the same perverse and unjust economic limitations that the child’s parents are trapped within, is a demonstration of limitless evil, and complete abdication of all moral sensibility and decency. In other words, if a society is unable or unwilling to provide economic equality to it’s children, it proves, by it’s very inability and unwillingness, that it does not deserve to continue to exist and function as an empowered force over the lives of citizen-slaves. Every child deserves to experience the same economic opportunities and "advantages", of every other child, in such a way that no child is either "advantaged" or "disadvantaged", in comparison to any other child. But of course the very thought of children experiencing such a fair and equitable childhood, fills societal leaders with limitless dread, since the entire design and operational structure of all economic systems, capitalist more than communist but in reality all economic systems, is to deliberately and specifically create economic classes, create economic injustice, and find ways to create an illusion. using brainwashing, lies, insane rationalization, etc…, that the unjust economic class system of systematic victimization, is in fact fair and equitable. If children were to experience economic fairness and equitability throughout their own childhoods, they would refuse to allow their societal leaders to impose economic class injustice and unfairness upon them and their fellow citizens, during their adult lives. And this would cause the entire economic system of every currently existing human government, to collapse and implode upon itself, simply because the design and operational structure of every society has been built and based upon pervasive and systemic economic injustice, unfairness, and victimization, which must be imposed upon and accepted by the vast majority of all citizen-slaves.

Okay, I need to go back a bit here, and reveal a few more Truths on the false notion that capitalist societies offer more of an opportunity for citizens to "economically improve" the quality of their lives, than communist/socialist societies offer. This claim is totally untrue and invalid. The Truth is that within every economic system, a tiny handful of citizens will indeed find ways to improve the quality of their lives, economic as well as in other ways. But it is not the economic system that provides an opportunity for such improvement, or desires to help human beings achieve any such quality of life improvement. If individuals perceive themselves to be economically advantaged, this does not mean that they in fact are legitimately advantaged, or that they are able to appreciate and derive concrete benefits from, their economic "success", relative to other, economically disadvantaged citizens. For example, within a capitalist society, if an individual earns only $950.00 in money per month, and pays $400.00 per month for rent, while another individual earns $3000.00 in money per month but pays $1700.00 per month to cover his rent or mortgage, it is certainly false and invalid for anyone to assume that the person earning the $3000.00 is enjoying a better quality of life than the person earning the $950.00. First of all, we can see that percentage-wise, in the example given above, the individual earning $3000.00 is spending/wasting more of his money on housing than the person earning $950.00. Very likely, throughout all aspects of his economic life, including the purchase of food, clothing, and all types of services, the individual earning the $3000.00 is needlessly spending more money than the person earning $950.00 is spending, and therefore the economic hardship and unjust economic pressures that he may be experiencing at his job, in terms of how hard he is working, how many hours he is working, the pressure he feels to maintain his current "standard of living", may very well far exceed in severity and scope, the hardship and stresses being endured by the "poverty-stricken" societal victim who is only earning $950.00.

Let us clearly understand that capitalist societies absolutely encourage and allow the "earning" of more money by some citizen-slaves, but this increased ability to earn money in no way translates to any type of a genuine, Truth-based improvement in the quality of life for these individuals, even though many of them do feel and believe that they are "better off" than the low income caste/classes of citizens. This invalid perception is generally based only upon the constant brainwashing message that capitalist societies impose upon their citizenry, that the attainment of monetary wealth is a highly desirable, wonderful thing. In creating the "caste" system, capitalist societies automatically mandate that anyone living as a member of the upper caste has to spend/waste more money than anyone living as a member of the lower caste. Therefore the actual "value" of the dollar amount that is earning/acquired by an individual, is determined by which position in the caste system, the specific individual holds. If a person attempts to live an upper caste lifestyle, which is in no way intrinsically more pleasurable or satisfying than a lower caste lifestyle, the individual may very well experience more economic stress, hardship, and lifestyle pressure, even if his monthly income is far greater than that of the individual who is living a lower caste lifestyle, but is sane and Superior enough to be able to create his own life pleasures and satisfactions, which need not ever involve the spending of money beyond the basic necessities of life. The idea that citizens can more easily "improve" their economic standing in capitalist societies fails to take into account the Truth that if human beings begin earning more money, they are in fact terroristically coerced as well as relentlessly enticed by the capitalist system, into agreeing to spend more money, and to impose upon themselves a higher caste, from which they must never come down, because the capitalist system decrees that one of the most terrible and shocking fates that can befall any human being is to fall down the caste system, to suffer a reduction in monetary income, necessitating a decline in "lifestyle quality" as invalidly determined and judged by societal and cultural leaders.

I now want to briefly but comprehensively outline all of the moral obligations that every sane and legitimate society should be compelled to embrace, insofar as the design and operational structure of it’s economic system. #1: The society should be compelled to meet all of the basic necessities of life needs of all human beings, regardless of their ability or willingness to perform labor, obey societal laws, or any other factors. 2: The society should be compelled to ensure that all children enjoy economic equality amongst themselves, regardless of any economic inequality that may be experienced by their adult owners/caretakers. 3: The society should be compelled to alter it’s economic system in such a way that absolutely no form of threat or terror, to induce economic productivity or labor acceptance, is employed against any citizens. 4: The society should be compelled to criminalize the extraction of labor from children who are under the legal age of adulthood, in all forms, including the most popular and harmful form by far, the forced extraction of labor from children, by their parents, legal owners, and other adult Sacred Family Unit members. 5: The society should be compelled to at all times and in all ways, discourage and demonize the unnecessary expenditure of money by all members of it’s citizenry, most especially those who are economically advantaged and possess/earn more money than the average citizen. 6: The society should be compelled to find a way to eliminate it’s current, monetary/currency-based structure, in such a way that a return to trade/barter occurs for the vast majority of all personal and business transactions. 7: The society should be obligated to provide equal economic opportunity to all young adults, so that if the monetary-based economic system is not eliminated, a large, universally equal lump sum payment of cash money is provided by the government to each and every young adult, upon reaching the newly revised age of Adult Maturity. (Please note that I will be discussing this proposed Reform at great length a bit later in this essay.) 8: The society should be obligated to eliminate all "backhanded" types of economic aid programs, such as the "social security" system, based upon the Truth that such systems are designed to entice and compel slave labor from young adults via a promise of future financial compensation to old adults that may never come to pass, and even if it does pay out some money, it only pays back a tiny portion of the slave labor that it has extracted from the individual. 9: The society should be obligated to eliminate all forced taxation of it’s citizenry, based upon the Truth that such taxation can only be accurately defined as constituting legal robbery. These are the top nine Economic Reforms that every society and government which seeks to establish a right to exist, should be morally and legally obligated to immediately embrace, follow, and enact into law. Not one or two or three of these reforms, but all nine are necessary in order for there to even be a possibility that the society can establish a claim that it is attempting to function in a non-malevolent manner, and thus might be worthy of continuing to exist as an empowered entity.

Now, some of you inferiors might be wondering, at this point, how it would be possible to maintain any type of an incentive for people to work at jobs or to try and attain wealth, if all of the above economic system reforms were to be implemented. First of all, let us recognize that there is a vast chasm between a person "being willing to and feeling an incentive to work", and a person "being desperate to obtain money and seeking to attain wealth". Under a properly designed and structured economic system, there would in fact be absolutely no incentive or reason for any sane and rational human being, to seek to obtain any type of personal monetary wealth. Ideally, the entire currency-monetary aspect of the economic system would be eliminated, rendering the bizarre notion that the accumulation of monetary wealth is a worthwhile pursuit, null and void. Even if currency did remain a part of the economic system to a small degree, it would be recognized as being inherently worthless in and of itself, and therefore the obsessive accumulation of it would not strike any sane person as being a rational or appropriate activity. Under all current, ultra-diseased economic systems, the incentive to work is directly linked to the absolutely desperate need that society imposes upon all human beings, to constantly obtain and acquire money. It is this fundamentally deranged link which must be totally severed and eliminated. It is an artificial and invalid link, created by the government to terroristically compel economic productivity.

Let it be clearly understood that after the implementation of all of my proposed reforms, a very strong majority of all human beings would still want to work, would still want to engage in economically productive labor, and absolute incentives for human beings to engage in such labor would still exist. Nowhere in my proposed reforms will you find a demand for the government providing exactly equal economic support to all adult human beings. The fact that all basic necessity of life needs would have to be met for all adult human beings, including those who are unwilling to engage in any type of productive labor, as a result of my reforms, does not imply or suggest that these adult human beings would be able to enjoy a quality of life that is equal to that of all working/employed adults. The barter/trade system would in fact very directly and overtly encourage a proper degree of economic productivity, by requiring human beings who desire to obtain certain items or services which extend beyond their basic life necessities, to engage in economically productive activity. Furthermore, my proposed reforms would result in the establishment of a morally healthy society of human beings, and certainly the ideological doctrine of the society would stress the fact that being economically productive, as long as the individual is not harming, victimizing, or stressing himself out, is a healthy, proper, morally appropriate life activity, if performed in moderation and as long as no type of negative moral judgment is ever applied, in any manner, to those human beings who are unable or unwilling to engage in economically productive activity. So, let it be perfectly clear, the insane notion which is no doubt held by many inferiors, that the economic system reforms that I am proposing would cause all economic productivity to grind to a halt, are totally untrue and are nothing more than the terrified and hysterical fears of a deranged and insane current population of tortured and brainwashed citizen-slave laborers who have lived their entire lives under brutal economic terrorization and therefore cannot even begin to imagine how a sane and rational economic system would work. Make no mistake, the actual amount of economic productivity would certainly decline, very noticeably. But this decline would be a proper, wonderful demonstration of human beings returning to a sane and rational outlook on life, that is not based upon any desperate need to obtain money, and that is free of the malicious governmental manipulation and control of monetary value, cost of living, inflation, and other totally illegitimate constructs of the current economic system.

I want to go back and offer a few more insights of Forbidden Truth on communist, socialist, and totalitarian governments/economic systems, because so much of my above commentary has been specifically directed towards capitalist economic systems. Probably the most important insight is very simply that almost all of the Forbidden Truths that I have revealed above are just as applicable, or nearly as applicable, to communist and socialist economic systems, as they are to capitalist economic systems. Just as there is virtually no difference in terms of governmental structure between these systems, there is also virtually no difference in their economic structures. All of the claimed differences are nothing more than propaganda spin involving each system attempting to retain the support of it’s tortured populace by relentlessly demonizing the other system. The exact same fundamental perversions and profound injustices apply, to all of these current economic systems. They are all currency-based, they are all designed to exploit the citizenry, they are all designed to terroristically compel maximum economic productivity from their citizen-slaves. Just as is the case with communist and socialist governments, there is a slightly lower reliance on lies and myths within these economic systems, but in terms of the threat of punitive punishment, capitalist economic systems are on an equal level, due to the manner in which they threaten homelessness, hunger, and other severely unpleasant sufferings upon all citizen-slaves who refuse to participate in the slave labor system.

There is indeed a greater degree of "equality of suffering" within communist and socialist economic systems, but it would not be appropriate to define this equality as a positive occurrence. More equal or less equal, the deliberate, mass imposition of economic suffering upon the citizenry, by a society, can never be justified or worthy of being viewed in a positive light. Such suffering is inherently unjustifiable, and it is illogical and unacceptable for us, as Superiors, to try to maintain that a relative "equality of suffering" is somehow better than a relative "inequality of suffering". Just about the only major distinction worthy of note from a Forbidden Truth perspective, is that more citizens of communist/socialist societies are able to perceive, recognize, and face up to the Truth that they are being unjustly and severely victimized by the economic system they are being forced to live under, than is the case with citizens of capitalist societies, even though the number of citizens being severely victimized is absolutely just as high, if not higher, in capitalist societies. This proves how horribly toxic the lie-based structure of all democratic, capitalist regimes is. Think about it, you fools: The very first step in coming to grips with any type of injustice, victimization, brutalization, that you and your fellow citizens are being subjected to, is to realize, recognize, and understand the Truth that you are being subjected to injustice, victimization, brutalization. Without this realization, all is lost, all hope is lost, all possibility of reform, regardless of how remote it may be, is totally lost, because there is no "starting point", there is not and there cannot be any possibility of addressing the injustice, if the injustice cannot even be seen or recognized as being an injustice. This is the root horror of democracy and capitalism, these diseased constructs do not even allow their victims to see or to recognize that they are being subjected to torturous victimization and injustice, even as the injustice is imposed upon them on a daily basis.

Yes, in terms of individual economic quality of life, communist and socialist governments often do demand slightly less economic productivity from their citizen-slaves, and therefore the degree of terroristic pressure felt by some citizens, is somewhat less than is the case within capitalist societies. Remember folks, quality of life can only be accurately based upon truthful perception, above all else. The fact that citizens of a capitalist society may earn more money, in no way means that they enjoy an improved economic quality of life, if in fact they are compelled to spend more money, they are compelled to engage in longer and more stressful labor in order to obtain the money, and they believe that it must be their lifelong goal to continue to desperately try to "climb up the economic ladder" by continuing to work harder, earn more money, and spend more money, as they move up on the capitalist "caste" system. Even if they perceive their quality of life to be better, if this perception is based upon falsehood, and upon embrace of the invalid demonization of communism and socialism that their government has imposed upon them, then the perception itself is invalid and illegitimate. In conclusion, there is no currently existing governmental economic system that even comes close to being worthy of any type of acceptance or embrace by any sane human being. Even as we analyze and consider the slight differences that may exist between economic systems, we must never lose sight of this primary Forbidden Truth. Our mission and our focus must be to expose the perverse illegitimacy of every current economic system, rather than to try to find tiny and meaningless distinctions between economic systems that may indicate one system to be a tiny bit less evil and perverse than another system. This type of focus simply wastes our time and distracts us from the much more important and primary Forbidden Truths of the issue at hand.

A few very brief comments here, on so-called "open market" economies, versus closed-market economies. I am referring here very specifically to international trade. There are some societies which make a big deal out of the fact that they engage in a lot of international commerce and trade. They suggest that it is a sign of their economic health, strength, legitimacy, and openness, that they are an open market economy which engages in a lot of international commerce, with other nations/governments. This is an invalid suggestion. Many of the societies which engage in international trade, do so because it allows them to obtain material goods which have been produced at a slave labor wage rate which far exceeds in brutality and injustice, the minimum wage law/slave labor rate that exists within the borders of the importing society/government. So in reality, the open market economy is nothing more than a vehicle which facilitates even greater economic exploitation and victimization of human beings. There is no legitimate reason why a society which engages in a great deal of international trade should be seen in any type of a positive light. In reality, it is far more likely that the very most diseased and malevolent and economically unjust societies, will be the societies that engage in the most amount of international trade. At the same time, let us also understand that these same ultra-diseased societies, even as they brag about their international trade exploits, are always attempting to impose economic embargoes upon other societies, to totally block all efforts by another society to engage in international trade. All economic embargoes undertaken by governments, represent absolute acts of deliberate, unjustifiable genocide, and they demonstrate the government which is undertaking the embargo, to be ultra-diseased and unworthy of continuing to exist.

I have already mentioned and discussed several economic Reform proposals in this essay, in some cases at length, in other cases just very briefly. I will now outline in great detail, the more important and primary Reforms that I have not yet discussed at length. We will begin with The Taxation System. What is the Taxation System?? It is a form of legal robbery, created by democratic, modern era governments, to create an illusion of justification for the systematic theft by the government of legally earned and legally possessed cash assets and other valuables, from individual human beings. The entire taxation system is fundamentally a criminal enterprise, it cannot be morally or judicially justified. It is a "civilized" form of genocidal criminality, and thus the massive scope of it’s maliciousness, is cloaked from all of you brainwashed and broken citizen-slaves. Five hundred years ago, governmental agents simply barged into every residence and under threat of murder, took whatever valuables they desired. Even today, in some primitive, third world governments, that is the primary method of "tax collection". We must, as Superiors, recognize and understand that in every meaningful way, the current Internal Revenue Service tax collection method and structure within the united states, is exactly the same as the "ancient and barbaric", as the american government would describe it, tax collection method of 500 years ago in which government agents would force their way into every residence and take whatever valuables they desired. There is absolutely no meaningful difference: It is a universal form of theft, committed by the government, committed by force and under threat of severely punitive punishment to any citizen-slave who dares to attempt to defy and prevent the legal robbery from occurring. The method of 500 years ago was at least more honest, the malicious and unjustified theft was obvious, it was not cloaked under a diseased layer of "civility", as the current, modern era taxation system form of legal robbery is.

What is the insane rationalization used to justify the current, modern era taxation system? Well, first of all we have the illusion of "representation". America claims that it’s taxation system is legitimate and just because the government provides every citizen-slave with their own governmental "representatives", hence the expression "no taxation without representation". This is an utterly ludicrous notion, both on it’s face and after scholarly analysis. I represent myself. Nobody represents me, nobody can represent me. Personally, I would never consider allowing any human being other than myself, to represent me. But even if you are a diseased inferior who is perfectly willing to have someone else represent you, the notion that this representative can be empowered to authorize a legal robbery of you, after his appointment, even if you object to the legal robbery, represents fascism at it’s zenith. All governmental officials, elected and appointed, are representatives of the government, within all currently existing governmental systems. They are not and they cannot be representatives of you, as an individual, or representatives of the collective mass of citizen-slaves as a whole. They are agents of the government, an evil government which has as it’s mandate the oppression, domination, victimization, of you, as an individual, and the citizenry as a whole. The entire notion that taxation is just, moral, legitimate, because those being taxed are given governmental representation, is one of the shallowest, most blatantly obvious of all governmental lies. The purpose of this evil lie is simply to allow your government to commit it’s legal robbery against you, without having to forcibly invade your home and seize your assets against your will, as has been the traditional form of governmental "taxation" for thousands of years. So you creatures enjoy a more "civilized" form of legal robbery. You allow your evil society to pretend that it has the moral and legal authority to take away your valuables, and in turn for your agreement, your evil society agrees to not break down your front door and arbitrarily seize whatever valuables it wishes, by force. There is no need for force to be used, since you are agreeing to allow yourself to be legally robbed, and you are choosing to voluntarily, albeit under terroristic threat, give away your valuable money to your evil government.

It amazes me that any of you creatures can possibly buy into the "no taxation without representation" claim. Even if you are a broken citizen-slave who votes in elections, what if the person you chose to vote for, loses the election?? How can you possibly imagine, even in your most psychotic delusion, that the person you did not vote for, who won the election and is now "your" governmental representative, has any ability, desire, or inclination to represent you?? You did not even want him in the government, much less to serve as your direct representative! And yet you choose, that year just as every other year, to allow your government to commit a forced legal robbery upon you, using the insane rationalization that your government has provided and continues to provide you with "representation". What about the many millions of human beings who refuse to vote in elections, who refuse to pretend that they want any evil, pre-screened candidate, chosen as a candidate by the existing government, to become an elected official of the government? Are these millions of human beings declared exempt from the legal robbery process, by virtue of having refused to even try to choose someone to "represent" them in the government?? No, of course not. Very simply, the notion that taxation can be justified because a government provides representation to it’s citizens, is 100% ludicrous and insane. It is impossible for a Superior to even imagine how an inferior could possibly form a sincere belief that this notion has even a shred of logic or legitimacy to it. Let us clearly understand that the Forbidden Truth reason for why you creatures allow your governments to commit this form of legal robbery against you, is that you are broken and enslaved, you properly and accurately recognize that you are powerless and at the mercy of your malicious government, and that if you attempted to stand up for your human and moral right to not be subjected to this "civilized" form of legal robbery, your evil government would simply revert back to it’s more brutal and uncivilized manners of seizing your valuables, as it already does with regard to the tiny handful of humans who attempt to defy attempts by their government to legally rob them via taxation.

One of the other primary arguments in favor of taxation that evil governments make, is to claim that they are providing valuable and needed services to the citizenry, in exchange for the payment of taxes. That the government provides services, is clearly True. But whether these services are valuable, necessary, or most importantly, desired by each individual citizen, is an entirely different matter, and should be the legitimate issues. How dare a society that claims to be free and to provide freedom to it’s citizens, decree that all of it’s citizens must accept the need for, and pay for, a universal cornucopia of "services" that it is seeking to provide to them?! If I am free, and if the government wishes to provide me with the opportunity to receive some of it’s services, than I must be 100% free to decide, on an individual basis, whether or not I desire to receive each service that is being offered, and whether or not I am willing to pay for each particular service being offered. So, if the government says that it will use the tax dollars that I pay them to collect my garbage, pave roads in my community, build new schools in my area, provide police protection and police/emergency medical service response to my home in case of an emergency, etc…, I must have the complete freedom to decide exactly which of these services, if any, I personally desire to receive and am willing to pay for, and then I can give the government permission to bill me only for the exact and specific cost that would be incurred to provide me and me alone, with only the specific services that I personally desire and personally agree to pay for. This would be a just and equitable form of governmental taxation, in which a fee is charged for only the exact costs incurred, for only the specific services that I myself choose to receive. The notion that I, as a citizen, must pay a universally equal tax, the same as all other citizens, based upon my income, that will allegedly be used to fund all governmental services, including services that I may not personally want or have any need for, is totally fascist and can only be described as constituting a malicious, unjust robbery against me.

Now, I want to make it clear that no sane and rational economic system would ever utilize any type of a mandatory taxation system in which all residents/wage-earners living within the society would be required to pay a mandatory, flat-rate tax based upon their earnings. At the same time however, I do recognize that reform of an ultra-diseased institution, unless it is achieved via violent revolution, would likely be evolutionary in nature, and require a multi-step process. Therefore, I am proud to propose a reform to the internal revenue service taxation system, that would certainly not provide genuine economic justice, but would be a very important and major first step towards eliminating the entire taxation system. It is the Flat-Rate Taxation System for Purchases Only. Under this Reform, the entire current internal revenue service tax collection system would be eliminated. No federal and no state tax would be collected by any governmental "agency" based upon any type of an income or asset template. Instead, a flat rate federal and state tax on all purchases only would be established. Very simply, no tax would or could ever be charged on income, or on assets. Instead, assuming of course that the illegitimate monetary/currency system were still in place, all taxes would be automatically added on to every purchase of a material good or service. Let us understand that this system would be only slightly less malicious and unjust than the current system. It would certainly not represent any type of proper reform. All that it would be is an initial, first step in a sane direction. This reform would properly reward human beings for doing the sane thing, refraining from unnecessarily spending their money, by imposing a tax that would only be imposed upon purchases, not upon earned income, existing assets, or earned assets. The evil and insane societal instruction to citizen-slaves to spend their money, would be replaced by a significant incentive for them not to spend their money. Of course this Superior proposal would be viciously condemned and ridiculed by all governmental leaders, especially within capitalist society, specifically because it undermines one of the most primary and most evil structures of the capitalist economic system, namely, the ritualistically malicious enticement to all citizens to spend and waste as much money as possible, so that they always remain within a state of perpetual economic need and are compelled to continue to crank out maximum economic productivity throughout their entire adult lives.

A flat-rate taxation system for purchases only, would be an extremely positive first step, towards complete reform of the entire taxation system of all human societies/governments. It would provide a tiny bit of personal autonomy to individuals, in terms of how much tax they pay. It would not discriminate against any citizen, rich or poor, in terms of requiring a higher amount of taxation from an economically advantaged individual. If the richer human simply possessed enough Superiority to limit his monetary expenditures to a level similar to that of poorer humans, the amount of taxes he would pay would not exceed the amount paid by the poorer human. Most importantly, this type of a system would discourage the spending of money, while every single current economic and taxation system perversely encourages the spending of money. As Superiors, we must recognize that "economic productivity" is not a good thing! It is a brainwashing term designed to legitimize the extraction of a maximum amount of slave labor from the populace, by their government. It is a bad thing, a terrible thing. We must demand that the government cease and desist all malicious efforts to extract "economic productivity" from us. I am in no way suggesting that this flat-rate tax on purchases would represent a proper end-term reform. No way! All that it would be is the very first, initial step along a reform process that would have to end with every single individual being able to decide for himself exactly which governmental services he desires and is personally willing to pay for. So, at some point, as the multi-step reform process continues, this flat-rate taxation system on purchases would also need to be eliminated, just as the current ultra-diseased internal revenue service taxation system must be immediately and totally eliminated right now.

Okay, it’s time to move on to a brilliant dissection of The Social Security System. I must begin with an analysis of the term itself, "social security", because it is one of the few terms, language-wise, which allows it’s malicious purpose to be ascertained via a simple, Truth-based analysis of the term itself. Consider, "social security". The government official who coined this phrase many years ago, was not a very skilled operative, at least not in the art of using language as a brainwashing tool. The result is that this phrase is a lot more "honest" than the names that the government gives to almost all of it’s other programs and institutions. Social security, very simply, implies that the purpose of this program is to ensure societal security, societal stability and protection for society. This is in fact the actual goal and purpose of the social security system. Not to aid human beings in need, not to provide income to individuals in need, not to provide a comfortable lifestyle to older human beings. No, the actual goal of the "social security" system has always been to obtain and to maintain an agreement from the citizen-slaves of america, to sacrifice all of their young and middle-aged adult lifetime as slave laborers, in exchange for the promise that if they live long enough, and if they have in fact spent their entire young and middle-aged adult years of life, between age 18 and 65, working as slave laborers, their limitlessly evil government will provide them with enough money, if it is needed, for them to live out what few years of life they have left as elderly and feeble creatures, without any significant threat of becoming homeless or starving to death. This is the "agreement" that your government makes with you, the "social security" agreement. Amazingly, you broken, self-hating, mentally deranged creatures lap up this agreement in gratitude, happily agreeing to throw away all of the best years of your adult lives, and I do mean all, from 18-65, in exchange for the promise of receiving a few dollars for a few years, if and only if you live long enough to reach the age of 65, which fully 1/3rd of all american citizen-slaves still do not. On top of everything else, this social security money that you are told you might possibly receive when you are old and feeble, if you live long enough, is actually money that you already earned and possessed, and that the government has taken away from you, via it’s taxation system and very specifically, via it’s "social security tax". Ha! Absolutely amazing, the entire social security program operates as a "deferred legal robbery system". The government legally steals the money that you earn throughout all of your young and middle-aged adult lifetime, thus compelling you to engage in even more slave labor than would be the case if it did not legally steal your money, all the while promising you that this money, this very same money that it is taking away from you, might be returned to you, in some portion, if you live long enough to become old and feeble at age 65+. And you pathetic creatures agree to this! You nod your heads in agreement, you actually feel grateful that your ultra-evil society is promising to "take care of you in your old age". How incredibly perverse and pathetic!

If a year 2002 governmental hack was trying to come up with a name for this system, I am quite certain the end result, as approved by his bosses, would not be "social security". Perhaps "citizen security", but not social security, because the actual, malevolent purpose of this system is almost revealed by it’s very name. The social security system was created and is designed to ensure "social" security, to protect society from the threat of violent revolt by the employed adult population, by promising them that they will not have to continue to work as slave laborers throughout their entire lives, but will in fact be able to "retire" at age 65, and live off the money given to them by the government. Perversely, this promise is indeed enough to appease the vast majority of the citizenry, to get them to agree to sacrifice their entire adult lives as slave laborers, while ignoring the Forbidden Truth that at least 1/3rd of them will not even live long enough to receive a single penny from the social security system, all the rest will already be in failing/declining health and therefore unable to enjoy the money as they might have been able to enjoy it during their youthful, physically vigorous younger years, and most perversely of all, this "financial reward and windfall" they might receive, in reality consists of nothing more than the money that they have already earned while engaging in slave labor, and that their own government, the same government promising them the social security money, systematically stole from them throughout their entire lives as laborer-slaves! The social security system provides an absolutely perfect example of how you pathetic inferiors can be convinced to accept, welcome, even rejoice in, something which is utterly evil and specifically designed to genocidally victimize, oppress, and appease you. All of the Forbidden Truths of this societal construct are so clear, so glaringly obvious, and yet you creatures just shrug your shoulders and embrace the appeasement, totally blind to, or choosing to totally ignore, the fact that the social security system is an atrocity, pure and simple. It is horrifically victimizing, it consists of the theft of your own money when you need it most, with a false promise to pay you back the money at a time when you might very well be dead. You know this to be True, because it is so glaringly obvious! And yet you are able to deny it all, hide from and reject the Truth, as you embrace the legitimacy of this limitlessly evil program. Above and beyond everything else, the societal notion and decree that you need to "provide" for your own retirement, even if you have put in decades of slave labor, sacrificed all of the best years of your life by working at a job, is morally repugnant beyond all measure. Within any sane society, the social security system would immediately be eliminated, and the moral obligation that society bears towards all citizens, of all ages, to provide them at all times with all of their basic life necessity requirements, would of course be applied to all aging and elderly citizens.

It is time for me to outline in detail, one of the very most important economic Reforms that my brilliant and Superior mind has realized. This reform would be designed to eliminate the system of institutionalized poverty and the centuries old Caste system of monetary class, that all capitalist societies operate under and operate within. It is not a complicated Reform, nor is it a "radical" Reform, at least if viewed from a sane and rational perspective. Very simply, this Reform mandates that all citizens, upon reaching the age of Mature Adulthood, which is not age 21, deserve to begin their one and only lifetime possessing a significant amount of monetary assets, assuming that the monetary/currency economic system, as opposed to the barter/trade economic system, remains in place. Under all current economic systems, the government attempts to ensure that all young adults begin their lives in abject poverty, if not in outright debt. This constitutes an outrageous injustice, and is designed to force young adults to waste the best years of their lives on a desperate quest to obtain money via slave labor activity. My proposal is that the government, if it is to possess a legitimate right to exist, has a moral and humanistic obligation, even as it eliminates it’s social security and other toxically invalid structures, to enact and create a monetary payment system under which every single young adult, upon reaching their Age of Maturity, which would be between 27 and 35, receives a large, lump sum payment of money from the government, to do with as they please, with absolutely no strings attached. How large should this lump sum payment be? Well, using the american cost of living standards as of the middle of 2002, I would peg this lump sum payment at $175,000.00. Some of you might be saying, "Jeez, that’s a whole hell of a lot of money! Why in the name of satan should the government be obligated to provide such a huge amount of money to every young adult who reaches the Age of Maturity??" Well, very simply, there are several excellent and undeniably valid reasons why this should occur. First of all, the current system of familial-based economic castes/classes, is fundamentally unjust. It is unjust that the economic health and fortune of a human being can be and very often is determined by the amount of money that their immediate family unit members have managed to accumulate, and choose to give to the individual. Secondly, under this lump sum payment Reform, all young adult human beings would be able to begin their Mature Adult lifetimes possessing a decently robust amount of money, and not experiencing any type of immediate or significant financial duress. Certainly some young adults will still be much wealthier than other young adults, since even a millionaire young adult, upon reaching their Age of Maturity, would still receive this $175,000.00 lump sum payment. The important thing is that no young adult, upon reaching maturity, would have to begin his life suffering from actual poverty. Even beyond the injustice of the familial-based caste/class system, it is also fundamentally unjust for any young adult to have to begin his life trapped in poverty, much less trapped in debt.

Now, some of you uninsightful creatures will immediately conclude that this proposed reform is unworkable. You will say: "If we give every young adult $175,000.00, we will have nobody who is willing to engage in any type of manual labor or other difficult, low-paying work." Guess what, you inferiors? You are, as usual, dead wrong. First, realize that this lump sum payment will not occur until the young adult reaches his/her Age of Maturity, which is not 18, not 21, but rather age 27-35. Therefore the young adult will already, very likely, have been in the labor force for 9 to perhaps as many as 15-17 years, before he receives this $175,000.00 payment. Second, even upon receipt of this rather large payment, many young adults will choose to continue to maintain the jobs they already have, and are familiar with, although certainly if they are sane they will insist upon a reduction in the hours/days that they work. Third, many of the young adults who choose to pursue careers which require extensive education, such as doctor, will unfortunately incur debts as part of their educational pursuits, unless the entire debt system is eliminated, as I will propose a bit further down in this essay. Therefore, in some cases, some portion, very possibly even a significant portion, of the $175,000.00 may need to be used, by some young adults, to pay off their debts.

The bottom line is that my proposed Reform is very workable, and the number of young people who will be permanently and totally taken out of the labor market as a result of this lump sum payment, will be extremely small. Please note my use of the terms "permanent" and "totally". I certainly do think that many young adults will be smart and sane enough to continue to work even immediately after receiving this modest financial windfall, and thus build up more wealth so that they are able to quit working altogether while they are still relatively young and can expect to still be quite healthy and vigorous, such as at age 40-50. Other mature young adults, recognizing the Forbidden Truth that life is incredibly short and irreplaceable, and that they could in fact become ill, crippled, or die at any age, will indeed choose to stop working upon receipt of this financial windfall, and enjoy an extended period of leisure during the prime years of their lives. Depending upon how frugal a lifestyle they pursue, and how savvy they are at investing this lump sum, some of these young adults will be able to live on the $175,000.00 for 15 years, or possibly even longer, without having to resume working. A few, brilliant young adults, might be able to invest this lump sum in real estate, or in some other equity-building venture, that allows them to never have to work at a regular job again for the remainder of their lives, although this would be relatively rare. And of course we would also have a good portion of inferiors, who, despite their maturity, would still pathetically squander the money in a relatively short period of time. The most important thing is that every mature young adult, regardless of his race, familial background, or the caste/class position of his family/parents, would have the opportunity to enjoy an extended period of time off from work, as well as the opportunity to build up genuine financial wealth over the course of his lifetime, without having to endure extreme job-related or financial distress, hardship, and suffering. The evil and insane intergenerational cycle of societally imposed poverty would be broken, and every individual young adult human being would be personally freed from this toxic cycle, at least for a short period of time, although of course the ability of the individual to make proper financial decisions and to properly preserve the money they receive, would still be determined on an individual basis, by the relative Superiority or inferiority of each individual mature young adult.

If you contrast this proposed Reform with the current Social Security system, you see the incredible difference. The Social Security system is a "back-ended" system, designed to provide money to slave laborers after they have already wasted and used up all of the best years of their lives. The Social Security system is designed to ensure that absolutely no possibility of wealth creation is caused by it’s payments, but instead the elderly humans are simply given enough money to keep them housed and fed and not in any extreme financial distress. The Social Security system is a "recycling" system, it gives back money to some citizens, that it has already stolen from many more citizens. To sum up, the Social Security system represents all that is evil, diseased, perverse, unjust, victimizing, about human economic systems, while my proposed lump sum payment Reform, represents all that is sane, moral, rational, fair, and just. It is economic justice, fairness, equitability, in perfect form, and it is 100% doable and workable. Of course it cannot and will not be implemented by an ultra-diseased society that operates an insane financial system that is based upon genocidally victimizing every citizen-slave. But this in no way renders this brilliant proposal, or any of my proposed Reforms throughout this Manifesto, to be undoable or unworkable, in any manner.

Just a few more comments here, on the social security, as well as other governmentally operated financial "support" programs. It is very important that we understand the Truth that all governmentally operated economic aid/assistance programs have two and only two, very specific goals and purposes. The first goal is to provide appeasement to a specific group of citizens, in almost cases the group that is being targeted to receive the economic aid. The second goal is to maintain the existing economic class/caste of the specific group of citizens who are being targeted with the aid. We must understand that it is never the goal of the government to improve the financial standing of the group, via social security, welfare, child support, or even educational grant economic aid. The goal is always to simply maintain the group members within the current economic class/caste that they are/were in, prior to receiving any financial aid. Only in the case of homeless individuals, and even then only in a tiny minority of cases, is there any genuine desire by the government to improve the financial viability of any individual, and in these rare homeless cases, the goal never goes beyond raising up the homeless individual to the poverty class, if and only if he actually agrees to obtain and hold down a job. The issue of appeasement is an extremely important one. Within an ultra-diseased society like america, there is extreme economic injustice which permeates every segment of the nation and culture. No matter how "peaceful" and secure and untouchable the government itself appears to be, there are always simmering currents of widespread social unrest developing within specific segments of the population. The specific goal of all social security, welfare, child support, family assistance, economic development, educational loan, and other financial assistance programs operated and controlled by the government, is to provide just enough money to the very specific victimized groups which are simmering and in danger of breaking out into violent revolt, to cause them to "cool down" and lose the spart of revolution and revolt which had been slowly gaining momentum prior to the monetary "salve" being delivered to them.

I have already discussed the perversion that is the social security system, how it is designed to suck the very life out of all young people, to compel them to sacrifice all of the best years of their lives trapped within a cycle of grinding poverty and a desperate obsession with obtaining a job and working as hard as they can for as long as they can, in the hope that they might live long enough to become old and feeble, at which point their society might inform them that they have accumulated enough money, money which the government itself stole from them, to allow them to spend the final few years of their irreplaceable lives, not working. I hope I have properly expressed just how utterly evil and limitlessly diseased this very system, all by itself, is. All by itself, the design and operational structure of the social security system is so malicious, that it renders the entire economic system of america unworthy of continuing to exist. It’s purpose is to literally suck dry every human being, squeeze every last drop of blood and sweat from every vital and healthy young adult, until the young adult dies or becomes a feeble, crippled shell of a man or woman. Just look at old people in the street sometime. They are stooped, their backs are bent. Their steps are slow and hesitant. Their hands shake. Their flesh quivers. Their voices are hoarse. Their toes are gnarled. Even their minds are weak. They are broken. And this is when your limitlessly evil society allows them to "retire", to stop working. After it has broken them, destroyed them, sucked the life out of them. It proceeds to give back to them, at this point in time, a tiny fraction of their own money, money that it stole from them throughout their entire working lives, from each and every one of their paychecks. I cannot imagine a more totally evil demonstration of limitless governmental malice. If I was writing a fictional story, I would be hard-pressed to conjure up a fictional example of genocidal economic policy, that exceeds in scope and in malice, this actual, factual, real-life Truth of how the american economic system operates.

Our next topic as we continue running down the list of governmentally sponsored economic atrocity, is the importation of immigrants for slave labor. If you study various governments and how they operate, you will find that some export a significant number of human beings, others do not engage in much export or import, while others are primarily importers of human beings, giving them the label of "immigrants". A few ultra-diseased governments, such as america, are desperately pathological importers, and it is these governments which are the most diseased and deranged in the entire world. America is a pathological importer of human beings, or to be more specific, of slave laborers. Throughout it’s entire existence as a nation, america has gone from country to country, desperately marketing itself to the foreign citizenry. In it’s early years, america was so desperate for immigrants that it kidnapped africans by the hundreds of thousands, and forcibly brought them to america to work as slaves. Let it be clearly understood that despite the claimed abolition of "real" slavery, america has always and continues today to be a pathologically desperate importer of immigrants, for the purpose of employing them as slave laborers. Literally 50+ countries have been successfully targeted by america for genocidal importation of slave laborers. The imaginary virtues of the capitalist system are extolled, the "streets are paved with gold, you have an opportunity to become rich no matter who you are, as long as you willing to work hard" line of excreta has been employed for 200+ years, by the american propaganda machine, to entice foreigners into leaving their saner nations, where most of them enjoyed a perfectly decent lifestyle which did not involve excessive labor, to come to the ultra-diseased nation of america as an immigrant, and literally agree to "work themselves to death" under the promise that even if they die from their labor, at least their children will be able to enjoy a "better life". How incredibly perverse! Let us clearly understand that there is very little difference between the african slaves who were kidnapped from africa, taken to america, and forced to work as slaves throughout their entire lives in america, and the "willing immigrants" who are lured and enticed, under false and misleading pretenses, into leaving their birth nations and emigrating to america over the past 200+ years, right up to and including today, the year 2002. Yes, there are some minor differences, but in terms of basic injustice, the use of deceit and trickery to obtain the immigrant, and the vicious economic exploitation of the immigrant, there is very little distinction of note.

America is a society built and sustained upon brutal class/caste injustice. The horrific victimization of african blacks in america, represented the first wave of immigrant exploitation, and all of the subsequent waves of "voluntary" immigration, no matter how willing and even eager many of the immigrants seemed to be to come to america, involved the victimization and exploitation of the immigrants to a massive, horrific degree. It is clear that the primary reason america has always been pathologically obsessed with obtaining immigrants, is that it perceives, on an ideological levels, all immigrants from other nations to be inferior to americans, and thus a moral justification for subjecting all such immigrants to brutal economic exploitation and victimization, can be easily established. A secondary reason, not quite as prominent but still very real and important, is that american blacks, who continue to be viciously victimized by american society and pose the single greatest threat to ignite a serious, nationwide revolt and revolution against the american government, are better able to accept and rationalize to themselves the horrific injustices that they and their ancestors have been and continue to be subjected to, when they observe how america imports wave after wave of immigrants, and subjects them to economic hardship that does in fact exceed, by a slight degree, at least during the first couple of years of importation, the economic injustices and hardships that the average black american continues to be subjected to. It is one of the great perversions of humans, that you creatures somehow find it easier to rationalize your own suffering and injustice, no matter how severe it may be, if you are able to observe and realize that other human beings are being subjected to slightly more suffering and injustice, at least on a current time frame, than you are being subjected to. And so the process of constant immigrant importation by america does serve the purpose of placating american blacks to some degree, and causing them to invalidly and perversely rationalize to themselves, the severe economic and cultural victimization and injustice that has always been perpetrated against them, and continues to be perpetrated against them today.

I want to make a few more comments on the remarkable orgy of pointless, pathological overspending that citizen-slaves of ultra-diseased societies like america are brainwashed and enticed into engaging in. But first, let me set a proper backdrop: Right now, on this day, July 8, 2002, there are literally tens of millions of human beings who are literally starving to death, primarily in african countries, but also across the entire world. Tens of millions of human beings, for whom a single dollar worth of food would literally save their lives, prevent them from going blind, prevent them from becoming crippled for the rest of their famine-shortened lives. With this backdrop, let us consider the literal orgy of pathological overspending by the american citizenry: Millions of dollars are spent each day by people attempting to darken the color of their skin by patronizing tanning salons. Millions of dollars are spent each day by people who are too lazy to paint their own toenails, and instead choose to patronize a beauty salon to receive a pedicure. Millions of dollars are spent each day by people who have grown bored with the color of the walls in their residence and desire to repaint the walls a different color. Millions of dollars are spent each day by people who desire to possess yet another skirt, pair of pants, or pair of shoes, even though they already possess at least 10 other skirts, pants, or shoes that are in perfect condition, and totally wearable and comfortable. Millions of dollars are spent each day by people who have decided they want to change the color of their hair. I could go on and on and on, of course, listing hundreds of similar examples, but I think my point of Truth has been made. The only way to describe the nature of absolutely pointless overspending of money within an ultra-diseased society like america, is to use the word "orgy". Amazingly, the money that is wasted on these totally unnecessary items/services, is almost never easily attained. Somebody, a real human being, perhaps not the actual spender in many cases, but still a very real human being, engaged in genuine labor, at a job, in order to earn this money that is so insanely disposed of for useless reasons and purposes. This can only occur within a society that has a pathologically diseased economic system, and overtly instructs it’s broken citizenry that it is their "patriotic and nationalistic duty" to throw away the money that they either personally earn, or indirectly receive from spouses and other Sacred Family Unit members. This is exactly what occurs in america. The saving of money, the accumulation of money, is not merely discouraged, but outright condemned. Amazingly, very wealthy people who have no need to obtain more money, choose to risk and endanger the money that they already possess, by "investing" it in the stock market, by becoming "venture capitalists", etc…, simply because they have been terroristically coerced by their society into believing that they have a moral obligation to keep their money "working" and at risk, even if they themselves no longer labor at a traditional job.

Next on the firing line of Truth we have the rather interesting issue of how societies and governments utilize money, in the form of bribes and "rewards", to coerce and compel citizen-slaves to cooperate with governmental and law enforcement authorities, to accept specific cultural/ideological doctrine and agendas, and to embrace certain lifestyle paths, all of which very often involve a betrayal and victimization of Self and/or Truth. Consider how law enforcement authorities use a system of bribery to try and entice citizen-slaves into betraying their fellow victims and ratting them out to the police, whenever there is a major unsolved crime, or a so-called "dangerous fugitive" on the loose. Law enforcement and societal leaders understand that the only way they can convince most citizen-slaves to betray their fellow victims in this manner, is by offering a financial bribe. One of the most "respected" and highly touted of all law enforcement organizations in america, the FBI, relies almost exclusively on monetary bribes, or at least the offer of monetary bribes, to achieve the vast majority of it’s suspect/fugitive captures. In fact, every single suspect/fugitive who makes the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List, has a specific monetary reward/bribe attached to him by the FBI. So let us understand that money is a weapon used by the government against it’s own citizenry, in many, many different ways. Police are issued guns to use as weapons, and at the same time they are also given money and very specifically instructed/authorized to use money as a weapon as well. The government also gives away a tremendous amount of money each year in the form of "research grants" to scientists as well as other researchers. Along with giving away this money, the government directs these top-level scientists and researchers to devote their time and the financial resources they receive, towards very specific projects and goals, which are very often totally immoral and malicious in nature. At the same time, no government will choose to fund any type of research which might threaten to compromise any of the insane and illegitimate belief systems, ideologies, cultural mores, traditions, or doctrines that it has chosen to enslave and brainwash it’s citizenry into embracing and becoming addicted to. For example, the american government, being a fundamentalist religious regime based upon the welcome embrace of death within the heavenly afterlife myth of excreta, will never financially sponsor research which is designed to prove that god does not exist, or research which is designed to uncover the keys to human immortality. No, instead, countless millions of dollars is poured into medical research to try and discover cures for specific diseases such as cancer, aids, parkinsons, etc…, even though the Truth is that even if an actual cure for these diseases were to be discovered, all of the "saved" sufferers of the disease would still end up dying, ceasing to exist for all of eternity, within a few short years. Let us also understand that in many cases of disease, the government has a vested financial interest in an actual cure for the disease not being discovered, and therefore often instructs it’s scientists to focus on finding "treatments" for the disease, rather than an outright cure.

Money plays a very prominent role within religious excreta, as virtually all organized religions, regardless of how small or large they may be, are sustained both by governmental tax exemptions, as well as terroristically coerced financial "donations" demanded by religious leaders, of their terrified and addicted flock of god addict disciples. The "television" ministries simply represent the malicious influence of money within religion, taken to the ultimate degree. Insanely, you creatures are so deranged that you are willing to accept the premise that an omnipotent god creature, who has absolutely no conceivable need for money, nevertheless is desperately interested in shaking you down for money, under threat of angering him if you dare to refuse to hand over your money to his "agent", the evil con-artist human who is your religious leader and of course being human, has an absolute need and pathological craving for money himself. Money is also used by the government to very specifically promote itself, as well as to improve it’s image. Public Service announcements are a good example of this, so are ads for the military, billboard, TV ads, and ads encouraging people to vote. The list is endless. Here you see money being spent by the government to increase and strengthen the illusion of it’s own legitimacy, benevolence, and the legitimacy of the institutions that it is supported and sustained by. Money is the toxic fuel which drives governmental function, and because the government controls the value of money, the supply of money, and all judgments regarding the acceptable use of money, a limitless amount of this toxic fuel is available to the government, to use and utilize as it chooses. And yet within this topic, what I find most valuable is the Truth that is demonstrated over and over, that virtually all of the "good" things that you do, are in fact motivated purely by monetary greed. Even when a child disappears and it is not even known whether any type of "foul play" is involved in the disappearance, you will find the government and law enforcement offering a financial reward for the "safe return" of the child. This is because your leaders know that you, just as they, are totally and completely devoid of all genuine decency, morality, and benevolence. You cannot be trusted to even direct a lost child to safety, unless you are financially bribed to do so. Money is one of your drugs, money is one of your gods, you are addicted to it and you are broken by it, soiled by it. Just like god and drugs, money is unnatural, artificial, illegitimate. It is a creation and a construct of your inferior and diseased minds.

Don’t worry folks, we are almost finished, just got three more primary issues to address. Let us go back to the taxation issue, because there is one other angle to the issue of taxation that is worthy of comment. Note how the government sometimes imposes an "extra" tax upon a few specific items or services that it claims to be interested in attempting to discourage the use/purchase of. This is the so-called "sin tax". The most popular and well-known current use of the sin tax is against cigarettes. These instruments of self-murder, relentlessly promoted by society, their usage encouraged, popularized, and glamorized all in the name of financial profit, do indeed have a "sin tax" imposed upon them. In Truth, the more expensive an item is, within an ultra-diseased society like america, the more desirable it becomes among the populace, since the populace is addicted to the insane notion that the more something costs, the more valuable and worthy of possessing/purchasing, it must be. So, when a government imposes a "sin tax" upon a toxic substance such as cigarettes, what the government is actually doing is encouraging the purchase and usage of the item, by making it appear to be even more desirable than it was before. For every one pathetic human who might be "priced out" of his ability to purchase cigarettes due to the increased cost, at least 5-10 other pathetic humans are specifically drawn to and enticed to at least "try out" a pack of cigarettes, due to their increased cost and the resulting illusion that is created that the item is more valuable and worthy of purchase/usage, based upon it’s higher price. Sin taxes are one of the most perverse examples of concealed societal malice imaginable. Instead of outlawing or criminalizing the sale/purchase of the toxic item, which the societal leaders would never do because it would negatively impact economic productivity and cash expenditures, the societal leaders impose an increased tax upon the item, claiming that this is a morally benevolent step designed to discourage and diminish usage of the item, but the Forbidden Truth is the exact opposite. The intended and the achieved goal of the sin tax is actually to increase usage, increase sales, and increase the monetary gain for all involved parties, while of course also increasing the crippling and fatality rate among the pathetic addictees of the toxic substance/product.

There is yet another very primary method of appeasement, utilized by societies to convince their citizen-slaves to spend their lives trapped within systemic poverty. This method is very popular, and it involves the providing of a false and invalid hope that you, as an individual, might "luckily" become wealthy someday. These pipe dreams are relentlessly put forth, in many different guises, to all citizen-slaves, of all economic classes and castes, excluding not even the already wealthy class, which perversely still aspires to attain even more wealth. These pipe dreams come wrapped in many different flavors. We have all sorts of different lotteries, many of which, perversely, are actually run by the government itself. We have sweepstakes which target you by mail, blaring in huge letters the "good and exciting news" that you have a theoretical possibility of winning many millions of dollars if you just mail back a piece of cardboard with a sticker attached. We have all sorts of raffles for those of you who are willing to settle for the possibility of winning a much less valuable prize. For the older folks who are lonely, we have bingo, which provides a chance to go out and meet other old, lonely people who are pathetically obsessed with winning a few dollars. For the younger crowd that likes glitz and bright lights, we have casino gambling. If you are a loner with a computer, you can now try to get some money via online gambling. If you are a black ghetto teenager, you can dream of becoming a basketball or football star, or a rap/hip-hop musical celebrity, etc… The list is endless, and let us clearly understand that all of these so-called "opportunities" to make money/get rich quick, are in fact carefully and deliberately designed forms of economic appeasement, via false illusion. Your leaders know that in many cases, the only thing that keeps many citizens from committing crimes, committing suicide, quitting their job & becoming happily homeless, etc…, is the possibility given to them, remote as it is, that they might, that they could, somehow obtain a financial jackpot via one of the above listed "opportunities", or any of the dozens of other get rich quick schemes/chances that I am not listing here due to space considerations. And so this endless variety of get rich quick schemes continue to be heavily promoted and marketed to you pathetic citizen-slaves, and you eagerly grab them, totally oblivious to the Truth that you are being robbed of the little bit of money that you have managed to acquire, by this virtually hopeless chance to win or otherwise obtain a huge financial windfall.

As long as you can delude yourselves into thinking you have a chance to win, you can rationalize to yourselves the outrageous economic injustice that is being perpetrated against you, and that almost certainly will continue to be perpetrated against you throughout your entire lifetime. As long as the illusion of becoming rich is held out to you, you can agree to continue to suffer, and to continue to throw away your money on this impossible dream of becoming rich. Yes, of course somebody does win the lottery, somebody does become a basketball superstar, somebody does win the jackpot at the casino. It is very important to your evil leaders that somebody does achieve immense wealth via all of these methods, on a somewhat regular basis. Because as long as one person does "win", the hundreds of thousands, if not many millions of people who do not win, will continue to believe that they might win, and will continue to embrace this delusion as a way to rationalize accepting the immense, daily, ongoing economic brutalization and victimization that they are being subjected to. This is an extraordinarily evil form of mass economic appeasement of you inferiors, and it is incredibly popular, almost universally embraced. I would estimate that 99.8% of all teen-age and adult human beings play some type of get rich quick game on a regular basis, or entertain the delusion that they might become a superstar athlete, musician, or actor and attain rapid wealth via that route.

Is the stock market one of these "get rich quick" illusions, and is it marketed as such by the government? Absolutely! The simple fact is, the entire operational structure of the stock market is nothing more than a giant ponzi scheme. Every company is trying to promote itself, and every investor is trying to guess which company will improve it’s cash flow and income in the future, even though it is totally impossible to predict this. It’s nothing more than a lottery, a different type of a lottery game, named the "stock market" game. Most people who "play" the stock market are indeed hoping to get rich, some of them may have a slightly longer time horizon than the average lottery player, but just like the 14 year old ghetto teen is counting on becoming rich at age 22, the 40 year old stock player is counting on becoming rich at age 48. Interestingly, the type of stock investment that actually carries the best chance to become rich, namely the "short-selling" of stocks, is not very popular at all among most stock traders, because it does not follow the perverse moral rule of capitalism, that your "bet" must be on financial "success", rather than financial failure. In Short Selling stocks, you sell shares that you have borrowed from the broker, shares that you do not own, in the hope that the share price goes down, instead of up. If the share price does indeed go down, you then buy back the shares you borrowed at the higher price, pocketing the profit. So you profit when the company fails, when the share price goes down, instead of up. Even though this is the most effective way to make large profits, you very rarely see this "investment" method touted by any societal or governmental agency, or even an investment advisory service, because it defies the operational goal of the stock market ponzi scheme system, which is to artificially inflate prices in anticipation of the possibility that the company might come out with good news regarding it’s business, sales, profits, etc…

Okay folks, we have just about reached the end of the line. One final topic of discussion left, and it will be credit/loans/mortgages. This is an extremely important topic, as it illustrates the deranged depth of an illegitimate economic system. We have already established the Truth that money itself has absolutely no intrinsic or natural value. All of the value that money is decreed to posses, is arbitrarily and invalidly established by the government, or it’s "treasury department", which is of course nothing more than an agency of the government. Your ultra-diseased societies are not content to simply operate within the illegitimate value standards that are established for money itself. No, the depth of derangement must go further, and this is where the credit/loan/mortgage system comes into play. Under these systems, you are given permission to purchase goods or services that exceed your currently available cash, or exceed the amount of money you are willing to currently spend, as long as you agree, under threat of legal punishment, to repay the money that you borrow, plus additional fees, which carry the name of "interest". Very simply, you are being forced to spend more money to purchase/obtain the item or service if you utilize a loan/credit card/mortgage, than would be the case if you paid for the item with cash money. Every type of monetary loan is a form of theft. The item or service you desire to acquire has a specific dollar value, but you are in fact being forced to pay more for the item, if you use any form of credit or any type of a loan to make the payment. Some of you creatures will claim that the "convenience" of being able to buy on credit, makes up for the additional cost. Others will claim that their "purchasing power" is somehow increased by virtue of being able to buy on credit, based upon the fact that they do not have enough cash money on hand to purchase the item. Both of these claims are perversely bizarre and lack all rational credibility. There is no genuine convenience in using credit. To the contrary, it is a significant inconvenience, requiring a person to spend time writing out checks every month, sending out payments, constantly monitoring the "due date" for every payment, etc… If you carry your cash properly, the risk of accidentaly losing it, or being the victim of a robbery in which your cash is taken, is essentially zero. The second claim, that "purchasing power" is increased, is even more bizarre. There is absolutely no rational reason for why a person should choose to purchase an item or a service that they are currently unable to pay for in full, under the claim that they intend in the future to acquire enough money to not only pay for the item in full, but to also pay the additional interest costs which the use of credit incurs. To any sane thinker, this is a clear recipe for disaster. If the person lacks the monetary funds to pay for the item currently, it makes no sense for anyone, either the purchaser or the creditor, to assume that the person will acquire monetary funds in the future, to pay for the item or service. It simply makes no logical sense, because it is impossible to predict what will occur in the future.

All ultra-diseased societies pathologically promote and encourage the use of credit, recognizing that this is an absolutely perfect way to drive a majority of citizen-slaves into deep debt, thus compelling them to desperately attempt to maximize their economic productivity for many years, if not for their entire working lifetimes. You are given monetary credit by your society, for the exact same reason that a cocaine dealer will "generously" provide several free hits of cocaine to the 14 year old boy that he is trying to addict to cocaine. The dealer knows that if he succeeds in addicting the 14 year old boy, the subsequent payoff that he receives should far exceed, by a factor of hundreds if not thousands, the expense he is incurring in providing the free hits. And your society knows that it stands to reap significant financial profit, as well as obtain a lifetime of maximum economic productivity from you, if it can convince you to drive yourself into deep debt. It must be clear that all types of loans are equally toxic and illegitimate. This includes mortgages. Despite the fact that 99.5% of all americans perversely choose to purchase their homes via a mortgage as opposed to paying all cash for the house, the fact remains that every single type of mortgage loan is in reality a massive legal robbery. In the typical mortgage loan, the homeowner will end up paying double the actual cost of the house, if he continues to pay off the mortgage for the entire 15, 20, or 30 year loan period. If a human being does not possess enough money to purchase a house, he should refrain from purchasing a house until he acquires the money. This is of course an excellent example of why, within a sane society, there would be no "back-ended" financial aid from the government, and as I have already outlined in my Reform proposals, every young adult, upon reaching the Age of Maturity, would be given a large, lump sum payment of money to do with as he chose. The specific purpose of all loans, is to create financial debt for individuals, and then to use the reality of the debt to attempt to morally and culturally and legally terrorize the individual into engaging in maximum economic productivity through labor/employment.

Perversely, even as an inferior slowly falls into debt, he will most often find that the reality of his debt in no way prevents him from receiving additional loans. In fact, he is likely to receive even more offers of credit than ever before, because creditors recognize that the deeper into debt most inferiors fall, the more likely they are to continue to try to pay off each debt, but only be able to do so over a very long period of time, thus resulting in a maximum amount of interest payments being ultimately made. Amazingly, despite the fact that a "legal" way to wipe out all debts is readily available, in the form of bankruptcy, the vast majority of inferiors will go to great lengths to try to avoid filing for bankruptcy, and there are two main reasons for this. #1 is that your evil society, the same society that is 100% responsible for driving you into debt by choosing to legalize, legitimize, and enthusiastically encourage you to buy things on credit, demonizes bankruptcy, declaring it to represent a moral failure on the part of the person filing for bankruptcy, to live up to his "financial obligations". And #2 is that your insane and evil society threatens to "ruin your credit, destroy your credit rating", if you file for bankruptcy. Ha! That’s pretty funny, since the entire concept of using credit is fundamentally perverse, as well as totally unnecessary, and the entire reason why the person is filing for bankruptcy is because he has been culturally coerced into purchasing goods and services on credit. So the threat is: "If you file for bankruptcy now, you will not be able to purchase things on credit in the future." And the actual insane message to the inferior is: "Even though you are in terrible debt, and even though the reason you are in debt is because you borrowed money and made purchases on credit, it is very important that you protect your credit rating so that you can continue, in the future, to borrow more money and make additional purchases on credit." Can you imagine a more ludicrous message?? And yet to the vast majority of you societally addicted inferiors, for whom the very concepts of Truth and rationality are foreign, this "threat", that your ability to receive future credit will be ruined, is quite effective in convincing you to go to every effort, including years of 12 hour a day labor, just to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Okay folks, we have reached the end of yet another brilliant dissection of Forbidden Truth. I do trust that having now read this Economic Systems essay, you recognize that all modern era human economic systems currently in existence, are just as perverse, diseased, and unworthy of continuing to exist, as the criminal justice and political systems of humanity, that I have already torn apart and exposed in all of their sickening glory.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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