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Hello. Sadly, I believe that the four essays that this page has been designed to allow your Seer to post additional new and brilliant Forbidden Truths upon, will attract a great many inferior and insane emails from you creatures. Why? Because these four subjects are particularly adept at provoking terror and anger within you pathetic fools, when you are confronted with the Forbidden Truths regarding them. War is one of your very favorite forms of genocidally evil murder. When you are confronted with the Forbidden Truth that your embrace of the insane war ritual is not merely unjustifiable, but a demonstration and in fact a proof of your genocidal evil as an individual human being, you tend to react with rage and terror. When confronted with a Truth such as the fact that you are immoral cowards for inflicting the military system form of torture and genocide upon your own helpless children, your reaction tends to be similarly perverse. When confronted with the Forbidden Truth that your particular form of government, the evil and insane government which has succeeded in brainwashing and enslaving you to it's lie-based and insane notions of superiority and freedom, is in fact an utterly fascist and completely unfree dictatorship, you once again are inclined to respond with terror and anger. Therefore, your brilliant Seer is already well aware of the fact that these particular essays of Truth, together with the Insane God Myth and Child Abuse essays, are likely to generate the greatest volume of insane and inferior email replies. So, let me try to save you from wasting your time, and remind you that all such pathetic emails, demonstrations of your inferiority and insanity, will not only receive no personal reply from me, but they are also guaranteed to not be posted or replied to, anywhere within this web site. This Manifesto of Forbidden Truth exists as an oasis of Truth and sanity. It will not be polluted in any manner, with any type of toxic and insane commentary, from any Inferior. Just wanted to make this fact perfectly clear, in advance of any insane droolings that you creatures may feel compelled to share with me.

Dateline: April 2, 2003: Subject: Update to War essay. Subject detail: The True motivation for amerikkka's current war against iraq. For the past few weeks, the most evil, insane, and diseased society of humans on planet earth, has once again chosen to initiate and undertake a totally unprovoked orgy of genocide against another society of human beings. I am speaking of course, of amerikkka's currently active and ongoing war against Iraq. It is appropriate at this time, that I re-emphasize, in crystal-clear terms, the reasons and motivations for the cycle of genocidal murder and maiming of demonized fellow human beings that the amerikkkan government and it's citizen-slaves pathologically undertake and engage in, on an ongoing basis, throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Let this be clear: You creatures, collectively, seek to both sacrifice your own children, and massacre demonized children as well as adults, in order to make yourselves feel better. It's as simple as that. You creatures feel better when you are directly able to revel in genocide. Your homicidal rage is soothed, and your suicidal guilt is assuaged. You want your children to die on your behalf, in your place, and you choose to deliberately endanger and sacrifice their lives. You also want your children to kill on your behalf, and you terroristically compel them, via brainwashing, lies, torture, and coercion, to agree to kill and to die on your behalf. This is because you creatures have achieved an ultimate, unparalleled level of pathological disease and cowardice. You are both suicidal and homicidal, on a mass scale. What do I mean by "mass scale"? I mean that 98%+ of all adult human beings who are citizens of amerikkka, are filled with an immense amount of either homicidal rage, or suicidal self-loathing, and in most cases both. At the same time, all of these hundreds of millions of citizen-slaves are also totally unable and unwilling to consciously admit and face up to this Forbidden Truth. As a result, the collective homicidal and suicidal rage of the adult amerikkkan population must be released in a covert, disguised manner. The Insane War Ritual provides an absolutely perfect "cover", for this orgasmic release of rage and loathing to occur, on a mass, genocidal scale, and even better, the ritual has been designed to allow adult citizen-slaves to not only achieve the release without having to face up to any Truth, but also without directly endangering themselves in any way. Genocide and mass murder, as long as they are legitimized to you via the creation of an illusion of moral structure and necessity by your limitlessly perverse rulers via lies and propoganda, make you feel happy and hopeful. Your stock market goes up, immediately after the war is launched, immediately after the genocide and mass murder begins. The governmental leadership becomes even more popular, supported, beloved. "Thank goodness, my president is finally sacrificing my children and committing mass murder on my behalf." As always, your society instructs you to use your worthless, subhuman child-slaves in whatever manner you need, to comfort and cathartically satiate yourselves. And so you do, without ever having to face up to the horrific and Forbidden Truth, unless of course you happen to be one of the tiny handful of humans who are able to locate and choose to savor, the Truths that I reveal within this online Manifesto.

Your military consists of your tortured children, your brainwashed, abused, immature, desperately tortured children. You choose to place them into the military, to instruct and order them to kill on your behalf, to express the lifetime of homicidal rage that you lack the courage to face up to, admit to, embrace within your own daily life. But it goes much further. You derive just as much cathartic pleasure when they die on your behalf, as you do when they kill on your behalf. Why? Because you creatures are pathologically suicidal, to an even greater degree than you are pathologically homicidal. When your children die while engaged in the Insane War Ritual, you feel tremendous joy, on a subconscious level. All of your own suppressed suicidal urges are both relieved and validated, and so is the invalid misdirection of rage upon an externalized, demonized foreign group of fellow humans, that constitutes the core governmental/societal design structure of the war ritual. It is all so obvious and undeniable, and yet you broken and desperate fools, unable to even begin to recognize what Truth is, consider this Truth to be a ridiculous, preposterous lie. Well, it's the Truth. Face up to it. Recognize the joy that you derive from the slaughter of your own children, and a demonized group of "enemy" children. Recognize that you have been given a very specific moral instruction, to embrace this dual form of child genocide, by your limitlessly, hopelessly perverse governmental and cultural leadership.

How incredibly pathetic it is that you can't see and accept the Truth: That it is insane for you to fight for your "way of life", meaning your existing governmental and societal structure, much less for you to allow your government to force your helpless children to fight for your way of life. Your way of life is pathetic, invalid, diseased, deranged. You are the tortured victim-creations of your very own governmental and societal structure, not some foreign group that has had no direct power or control of any kind over your life. It is incredible to any sane and Superior thinker, that you would align yourself with your own greatest victimizer. But this is the nature of humanity, and a primary reason why the species is unworthy of existence. If you creatures possessed the tiniest iota of sanity, and yet were still bogged down within your pathological homicidal and suicidal drives, you would align yourself with the so-called "enemy". You would say, "Okay, the society that is guilty of my torment, my victimization, the lifetime of perverse injustice that I have been subjected to, is engaged in a war with another society, and is trying to get me to channel my justified rage against this other society, but since this other society has not caused me any type of significant, direct, personal harm, while "my" society has caused me a tremendous amount of personal harm, I will instead, properly take this opportunity to try to help the "other" society to destroy "my" society." But no, you can't do it. You are hopelessly bogged down in lies, myths, automatic rejection of all Truth. You cling to the deranged illusion that there is a moral, justified basis for the genocide that your government undertakes within the war ritual. You celebrate the brainwashing definitions of "freedom", "democracy", "justice", words that are given to you, defined for you, and used to create an illusion of moral justification for child genocide, by your greatest enemy, the only real enemy that you have, and this enemy is your very own government.

So go ahead, continue to patriotically support your government. Continue to soak up the 24 hour a day "news" coverage that your media outlets provide to you, which is in fact pure governmental propoganda. Pretend to be sad when you hear about amerikkkan child-slaves who are trying to commit murder on your behalf, instead dying on your behalf. Pretend that you don't want Iraqi children to die, much less amerikkkan children to die, even though in Truth there is nothing that you want more, nothing that you are more desperate to covertly revel in. Wrap yourselves up in the ridiculous and nonexistent cloaks of morality, patriotism, liberation, justice, the propoganda words that your government uses to help you to justify embracing your orgy of child genocide, as you destroy your children in pathological tribute to your own childhood destruction. Rejoice in your house of cards. How is it possible to build a house that has so many layers of lies, without the house collapsing, and the Truth being exposed? It's because the Truth is too horrible for you to consider, and your cowardice allows you to reject the very consideration, which makes actually recognizing the Truth, impossible. You cannot ever come to embrace something that you will not even consider.

The Truth stands, it will always stand. The immense river of child blood and child sacrifice that the illegitimate society of amerikkka was founded, built, and sustained upon, will continue to flow, and you creatures will continue to bathe in it, until that joyous day when the river overflows, and the entire human species will drown. What a glorious day this will be, a day of Truth-based "justice", when amerikkkan society, and the human species, Truly reaps what it has sown.

Dateline: March 16, 2002: Subject: Update to War essay. Subject detail: The deliberate sacrifice of troops within the Insane War Ritual. Hello. It's me again, your one and only Seer of Forbidden Truth. At times, I will decide to add on to an existing essay, without any specific email or other request for comment from an external source. This is one of those times, and this addition of Forbidden Truth is meant to augment the War essay, as contained within the Main Body of this Manifesto. It is inspired by the recent "incidents" in Afghanistan in which seven american child-victims, also known as "soldiers", were killed, and a second incident in which 28 other american child-slave "soldiers" were wounded, although none were killed in that incident. I believe I touched upon this Truth in my War essay, but did not devote enough attention or emphasis to it, so here it is: The Insane War Ritual, as practiced by ultra-diseased societies, is not only designed to commit genocide upon a demonized "enemy", but it is also specifically designed and intended to cause fatalities to "your" side. In other words, each government which is planning out and participating in the war, wants it's own side, it's own soldiers, to suffer fatal casualties in battle. It does not want to suffer as many fatal casualties as it inflicts upon the other side, but it still absolutely does want to suffer fatal battle casualties. This is an extremely important Forbidden Truth. What you diseased creatures want from your child-slaves within the war ritual, is not only for them to commit murder on your behalf, but also to die on your behalf. Child-slave sacrifice has been an extremely rich, varied, and constant tradition within all ultra-diseased societies. Children were sacrified to god, directly murdered as an offering to the god creature, based upon the premise that god "valued" children and would therefore reward the murderers, and their society, for their "wonderful sacrifice" in "giving" him their slaves. As humanity "evolved", ha, direct murder of children as a sacrifice to god became harder to morally justify, so societies began doing things like tying living children to stakes in the hot sun, using the rationale that if god wants the children, he will "take" them, by allowing them to die, of course the societal members knew beforehand that the staked children would certainly end up dying, just a tiny bit more slowly than the directly murdered children. Other societies used to authorize the murder of child-slaves of a certain gender, usually female. Today, in modern, civilized societies, abortion is the most popular morally legitimized form of child sacrifice, in which a society directly authorizes the mass murder of it's own children. If any of you creatures are deranged enough to sincerely believe that abortion is more morally justified than tying a living child to a stake under the hot sun and waiting for the child to die of dehydration, then your society should be congratulated for successfully brainwashing you, just as the societies which used to tie children to stakes succeeded in their brainwashing efforts against their citizen-slaves.

War has always been a top level form of ritualistic child sacrifice, and remains so today. You creatures celebrate and rejoice in the deaths of your children within the war ritual. You hold "ceremonies" to "honor their sacrifice, thank them for giving their lives for a just cause", at least that is how you describe these ceremonies, but in reality you celebrate their deaths, you feel cleansed and emotionally/psychologically "reborn", by the deaths of your children, as long as a proper moral justification can be established for the deaths, by your evil societies. "They died to protect freedom and the american way of life", is all the insane moral justification that you creatures need, to rationalize rejoicing in their deaths. At least those of you who live as members of american society. All is right with the world, when children die on behalf of adults. You claim to love your children so much that you would protect them to the death, if necessary. But in reality you do the exact opposite, you brainwash and command your children to go out and die on your behalf, and it's not even a legitimate issue of "protecting" you, since all wars are mutually agreed-upon rituals, designed by societal leaders to release pent-up rage within the populace, in a misdirected manner. You make them die on your behalf just because their deaths make you feel better about your own lives, on a deeply buried, subconscious level. Now, war is also an activity which requires the illusion of moral justification. Societies create and maintain this moral justification, by deliberately sacrificing the lives of their children, most often their child-soldiers, but also civilian children. For example, a society like america entices and goads some other society into attacking it. Once it is attacked, american societal leaders can create the illusion of moral justification for engaging in the war ritual, by hysterically claiming that it was attacked and perhaps some of it's "beloved" children were killed. This perverse claim is then used to justify dispatching thousands of times more "beloved" children to risk their lives and possibly die, within the war ritual. The sacrifice of children is the single best way to maintain the illusion of moral legitimacy for war, among the populace, within ultra-diseased societies. So, lets say america is attacking afghanistan. Lots of deaths on the afghan side, no deaths on the american side. Reports come in every day, afghan "soldiers" killed. Yes, these child-soldiers have been relentlessly demonized as evil monsters by the american propaganda machine, but still, day after day, more and more killed. And on top of this, plenty of reports of civilian murders, so-called "innocents" killed, always accompanied with the governmental propaganda that these civilian murders are all "tragic, unfortunate, unintentional" events. But still, the war ritual starts to become unsatisfying. It is too lopsided, one aspect of the war ritual, the murder of a demonized foreign group, is occuring. But the other primary aspect of the war ritual, the sacrifice of your own side's children, those that you creatures claim to "love", even as you commit genocide upon them and command them to commit murder in your names, is not occuring. Slowly, day by day, the moral justification for the war is fading. Very slowly, mind you, but still, if it keeps on going down a tiny bit day by day, pretty soon it will be significantly low, regardless of how slow the fade is. The evil government has just gotten it's genocidal war machine into gear, it's deranged and bloodthirsty leaders are just beginning to plan out the next genocidal steps of the war ritual, by demonizing yet another foreign society, Iraq. This is not the time to allow you pathetic citizen-slaves to lose your illusion of moral justification for the specific war ritual that is currently underway. So, how can the moral justification be restored, boosted, given a shot of perverse validation??? Come on folks, you can figure it out! Try hard, think! It's not hard, put two and two together, find the sanity to simply recognize the Truth as it stares you in the face, even though it is a Forbidden Truth. Got it?? For those of you who have figured it out, and it should be all of who who have read with comprehension the entire Main Body text of this Manifesto, give yourselves a nice round of applause.

To those of you who have failed this test of sane thinking ability, here is the answer: The war ritual is not progressing properly. Even though "your" side is enjoying almost complete success, the other part of the equation, having your own child-soldiers be sacrificed in order to maintain a strong moral justification for the continuation and expansion of the war ritual, is missing! What to do?? Well, how about deliberately designing and then commanding your child-soldiers to engage in a few "battles" that are fatally flawed, that are very likely to result in "noticeable", although certainly not catastrophic, deaths and injuries to your own child-soldiers?? These deaths of your own soldiers will instantly boost moral justification for the war, among the populace. The subconscious desire of the citizens to sacrifice the lives of at least a few of their own children will be met. Now, when america expands it's war to Iraq, and Iraqi children start to be murdered, the populace of america will have no difficulty at all embracing the deranged illusion of moral justification. "Our beloved children have also been murdered, and unlike our evil enemy, we do not set out to murder children, they are just tragic casualties of war", is the insane ideology you will proudly cling to, embracing the most toxic of your government's propaganda, even as you totally reject all of the glaringly obvious Truths: that you in fact hate your children, that you celebrate their wartime deaths, that you rejoice in their "sacrifice", that your society absolutely sets out to murder children via the war ritual, not merely civilian children, not merely "enemy" children who are being used as soldiers, but also your very own children, your very own child members of your military.

This is a profound Forbidden Truth, folks. No, I cannot say with 100% certainty that the american government deliberately designed these two specific battles in which 7 american soldiers were killed in one battle, and 28 wounded in the other battle, within the past 2-3 weeks, for the purpose of trying to cause these casualties to it's own side, it's own soldiers, to occur. But all indications absolutely point to this being the case. There were just too few american casualties. The evil government needed to boost moral justification for the war among the populace, as well as fulfill the child sacrifice aspect of the war ritual. I would say it is at least 95% likely that at least one of these two "battles" was specifically designed, perhaps on a subconscious level, perhaps on a conscious level, by american military leaders, to try and "maximize" the odds of significant casualties occuring to american child-soldiers within the battles. Even if I am wrong about these two specific battles, and I do admit there is a 5% chance that I could be wrong, it is 100% certain that every government that chooses to engage in the war ritual, does design it's wars in such a way as to try and ensure that at some point, it's own child-soldiers are killed. A war in which one side suffers absolutely no casualties, would not provide proper emotional satisfaction to the winning side, too much of the illusion of moral justification would be lost. The winning side must suffer casualties, fatal casualties, in order for the leaders of the society to consider the war a "success". Now, it is true that in many wars, there is little or no need for the military to "deliberately cause" fatal casualties to it's own side, simply because the two sides are somewhat equally matched up and will naturally end up killing members of the other side during the ongoing battle process. But this is not always the case with the premier bully nation of the world, america, which has created an arsenal of technologically advanced genocide thousands of times stronger and more deadly than just about any other society/government possesses. American societal leaders do, in some cases, need to deliberately design battles that will cause fatal casualties to their own troops, within the war ritual, and this is exactly what they do. Thank you for your time. This insight of Forbidden Truth is now complete, you creatures may now return to your normal, daily activities. :-)

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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