Declaration of Species Transcendence and Emancipation

Whereas the human species as a whole and the empowered institutions that it has developed and to which it has granted legitimacy, are guilty of victimizing and abusing Me, and unalterably compromising My experience of My life.

Whereas the human species is guilty of committing genocide upon each and every generation of its helpless and supremely vulnerable children.

Whereas all of the ideological and operational structures of humanity have been designed and built upon a foundation of malicious lies, myths, falsification, and misrepresentation.

Whereas no human society, government, or other empowered regulatory body has ever or will ever acknowledge and accept responsibility and guilt, and has never and will never seek to legitimately reform the policies and structures that serve to brutally victimize all individual human beings.

Whereas the human species is guilty of systematically and ritualistically enslaving, murdering, brutalizing, and extincting all other species of known life, life to which it is intrinsically, behaviorally, biologically, and morally inferior.

Whereas the human species is trapped within the death throes of devolution, doomed to suffer the fate of species extinction that it has so richly earned.

Whereas I have been subjected to the tragic fate, through no fault of My own, to be birthed as a member of this depraved, diseased, and inferior species, and having had no ability or option to avoid such horrific misfortune.

It Is Hereby Resolved:

In recognition and embrace of the above Truths, I Hereby Declare the following Sacred and Solemn Vows and Life Path Intentions:

Understanding and Knowing the perverse nature and horrific faults of the human species, I announce My intention to overcome and transcend the foundational limitations of my birth species.

I vow to seek out, uncover, and embrace all of the Truths of life, Forbidden and otherwise, with a conscious understanding that this is the primary and foundational building block required to begin the journey to transcend My humanity.

In recognition that a pathological rejection of self-love is an integral and foundational structure of human societal inferiority, I vow to bestow limitless and unconditional self-love and other positive emotion upon Myself.

Recognizing the inherent and irreversible malice and dysfunctionality of the human species, I vow to never legitimize, promote, defend, or protect any human societal structure, policy, or doctrine.

Within the process of self-love and True Reality reflection, I do declare and affirm My sacred right and intention to use, exploit, and take advantage of whatever human structural systems might allow, to gain personal pleasure and Truth-based benefit.

I recognize that an integral obligation of the process of transcending my humanity involves the undertaking of actions that expose and reveal Forbidden Truth regarding the human species. Such actions may vary widely in terms of specific focus, and may or may not have the purpose and effect of undermining and subverting existing human institutions, beliefs, and structures.

I understand that within the process of shedding My humanity, I must reject and abandon the Name Designation that human society imposed upon Me at birth, and choose for Myself any designation that accurately symbolizes and reflects My new existence as a species transcendee.

This Declaration must be signed and dated below to be valid. For the purpose of chronological clarity the existing human date calendar is used, however the perverse and insane B.C. and A.D. date identifiers have been declared invalid, replaced by A.R., After Religion.

Based upon a complete, honest, and Truth-based understanding of all the declared texts above,

I Hereby Solemnly Declare My lifelong Choice and Decision to Permanently Reject, Renounce, and Repudiate My Birth Species Origin as a Human Being.

Old Human Name Designation

Newly Chosen Transcendee Name

Dated this _______Day of the Year_________A.R.