Sex, Love, Friendship, Marriage
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Hello, Welcome to yet another Forbidden Truth web page, guaranteed to either blow your mind or knock your socks off, very possibly both. :-) At first glance, the four Subject topics of this page might appear to be somewhat lightweight, not as profound or important in nature and scope as some of the other topics, such as child abuse, crime, and death, that I have already dissected at previous pages of this site. I can assure you that nothing could be further from the Truth. These four essays promise to be just as fascinating, just as important, and just as revealing of remarkable, profound Truth, as any essay at this site. You will find yourself amazed and astounded, possibly even amused at times, by the Forbidden Truths concerning sex, love, friendship, and marriage that will be revealed here. The notion that these topics are less important and profound, simply does not hold water, and this fact will be proven to you by the time you reach the end of this page. These four topics comprise the essence of humanity. The manner in which you creatures choose to perversely view and invalidly embrace these four issues, within your own life paths and within your overall opinion/judgement of what constitutes an appropriate life path for other humans to follow, sheds remarkably clear light upon the nature of your diseased inferiority both as individuals and as a species. In addition, these topics are in no way narrow in scope. They extend far beyond the borders of "what is sex" or "what is love", and cut right to the very heart of human existence and the utterly perverse nature of what you creatures have deemed to be and embraced as constituting, "normal, regular life". We will begin with:


Definition and initial discussion of what sex is:

We have to begin with a very basic, and yet immensely important question that will serve to set up the initial focus of this essay. This question is, What is sex? What is it, how is it defined, and is the mainstream societal definition of this term accurate or valid? If any of you feel that this is a simple question, that comes with a simple answer that you already know, I'm afraid it is almost certain that you are tragically mistaken. The mainstream, top-level dictionary as well as cultural definition of "sex" is: Sexual feelings or impulses, attraction between members of the two sexes. This is the definition that the vast majority of you creatures would apply to the word sex. You would likely use slightly different words within your definition, but this overall definition would stand and be accepted by you as being valid. This is completely ridiculous! There is absolutely no legitimate nature to the above definition, and certainly not in terms of constituting a primary, top-level, factually accurate description of the meaning of this word. The proper definition of the word sex, within a sane, Truth-based society, would be: A unique, usually pleasurable physical experience caused by the stimulation of the sexual organs. There would be absolutely no mention of "attraction between people", or of "intercourse", which is normally the second level societal definition which is attached to this word. Sex has absolutely nothing to do with people being attracted to each other, or with people having intercourse with each other. Sex is The achievement of physical pleasure and emotional excitement, via the stimulation of the sexual organ(s). Yes, some people who are "attracted" to each other can be said to have sexual feelings for each other, but in reality, what they feel is a desire to have the other person satisfy their sexual pleasure/release desires, instead of choosing to satisfy their own sexual desires on their own. In some cases they are mentally unable to satisfy their own sexual needs, a topic I will be discussing at great length in a little while. Right now, the point that needs to be made is that simply because some people who are "attracted" to each other engage in sexual stimulation of each other, in no way justifies defining the word "sex", in a primary manner, as involving "attraction" of any kind, among human beings for each other. Sex is the personal seeking and claiming of sexual pleasure/release, and there is absolutely no reason why any type of "attraction" from one human being to another, should or would be involved.

The term "having sex" is specifically used by society to define two human beings engaging in sexual intercourse with each other. Again, we have a completely invalid definition. "Having sex" can only be accurately and rationally defined as: Achieving sexual release and/or pleasure. There is no sane or logical reason for why the specific sexual act known as "intercourse" is used to define the term "having sex", when an entire spectrum of literally hundreds of thousands of different types and forms of sexual activity that bring physical pleasure and cause sexual climax, should be encompassed within the term "having sex". So, what we have here, right off the bat, are two glaring examples of completely invalid interpretations of what sex is, which are overtly promoted to you diseased creatures by your evil societies, and in turn, you diseased creatures, to a tremendously high percentage, choose to embrace and accept these completely invalid definitions. Your societies have a vested interest in coercing and brainwashing you into accepting these invalid definitions, because just like in all aspects of societal life, society desires for you to believe that you enjoy "freedom", while in reality, at the very same time, brutally oppressing you and denying you all actual freedom.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different ways that each of you could, theoretically, "have sex", using the factually accurate definition of sex, which is the personal achievement of pleasurable feelings via the stimulation of the sexual organs. Hundreds of thousands, more likely millions, of different ways. But your evil society tells, teaches, and terrorizes you into accepting the deranged notion that there are only a tiny handful of "proper" ways to have sex, and that the proper methods need to involve "attraction between two individuals", as well as a specific sex act which has been given the defining label of "intercourse". Right there, your one million+ different methods of attaining sexual pleasure/release, all of them equally valid under any sane analysis, have been reduced to 1 method, 2 methods, perhaps 5 to 10 slightly differing methods, at most.. How is it possible that you creatures can allow this to occur? How can you fail to even realize and recognize that this glaringly obvious form of fascism is being malevolently imposed upon you. Or, if you do realize this Truth, how can you simply shrug your shoulders and still claim to enjoy the glories of "sexual freedom". Your societies have chosen to impose Sacred Family Unit mythology upon you. This mythology is manifested via the imposition of utterly fascist, emotionally, culturally, and legally terrorizing sexual restrictions upon you, and this is just as true today in a country like america, as it was 1000 years ago in some medieval nation. Your society wants you to legally enslave yourself to another person of the opposite gender, to agree to have "sex" only with this other person, and to agree to create new human life forms with this other person. That is why you are given completely insane and invalid definitions of what sex is, and told that sex involves "attraction between members of the two sexes" and a specific sexual act known as "intercourse", which is the only sex act among one million+ that can and will result in the creation of a new human life form.

There are a million different ways to "have sex", meaning to achieve sexual pleasure/release. The achieving of sexual release/pleasure is the only rational purpose, within the intellectualized minds of human beings, for human beings to "have sex". Achieving a "climax" of the sexual organs provides a unique physical sensation that most people, although certainly not all, find to be highly pleasurable, on an intellectualized, emotional/instinctual level. A desire to repeat this experience in order to recreate and enjoy again this uniquely pleasurable physical experience, is what causes people to develop an obsession with "having sex" on a daily, or at the very least frequent, basis. Societal leaders recognize this natural human desire to recreate a uniquely pleasurable experience, which is really not at all harmful or troublesome in and of itself, and proceed to attach utterly perverse rules and conditions as to exactly how and within what circumstances a person "should" have sex, and it is these utterly fascist, completely unnatural, brutally manipulative and enslaving sexual rules, which cause gigantic degrees of harm, injury, and victimization to literally billions of human beings, who are coerced, cajoled, terrorized into rejecting their natural sexual instincts, and adopting the completely unnatural, viciously restrictive rules, regarding how they should "have sex", that your evil societies impose upon you.

Now, understand that procreation is a completely natural "process". It is quite true that many animal species show no indication that they derive any genuine emotional pleasure from having their sexual organs stimulated, either via self-stimulation, or via contact with another animal. On the other hand, some animal species do clearly stimulate their own sexual organs, or engage in sexual contact with other animals, not only for the purpose of procreation, but for another reason, and the only logical reason would be that the animal finds such stimulation to provide emotional/intellectual pleasure to him. Animals have a natural instinct which drives/compels them to breed, to create new members of their species. The only way they can achieve this feat is to "have sex" with each other. Animals also have intellectual and cognitive thinking skills which are less acutely developed than humans. Please note that I am not saying that animals have "inferior" intellectual and cognitive thinking skills. What I am saying is that these skills are less acutely developed than is the case with humans, and the acutely intellectualized nature of human beings is in fact not a strength, but rather a genetic weakness within the species known as humanity. Some animals are apparently unable to derive personal pleasure from the stimulation of their sexual organs. Other animals are able to derive such pleasure. In any event, most animals do have a natural, instinctual drive to procreate, and they engage in a very specific sex act, "copulation/intercourse", which offers the only method for them to achieve the instinctual procreation that they feel driven to attempt. Human beings are animals, and it is clear that in their very early evolutionary stages their sexual activity was often, possible even usually, motivated by this same instinctual compulsion to procreate. But, very early in the human evolutionary cycle, the malformed intellect and cognitive thinking patterns of humans led to a realization on the part of individuals that it was the achievement of sexual climax itself, not the "end result" of intercourse, namely procreation, which provided the primary motivation for human beings to "have sex". To achieve sexual climax provides such a unique type and powerful degree of personal pleasure to most human individuals, that they intellectually choose to override whatever instinctual motivation to procreate they have, in favor of "having sex", which is defined accurately as achieving sexual climax, purely for the emotionalized and intellectualized, personal pleasure and satisfaction that achieving sexual climax provides to them.

So, even though the main reason for why animals have sex with each other is usually rooted within an instinct for procreation, the main reason for why human beings have sex is completely different, and has to do with an intellectualized quest to achieve a unique, emotional pleasure/sensation, known as climax. In addition, the motivations which drive human beings to have sex are not genuinely instinctual in nature, while the motivations which drive all other animals to have sex are, generally and usually, although certainly not to a 100% degree, instinctual, rather than emotional or intellectualized. Whether or not human beings are better off for having turned this instinctual act into an emotionalized and intellectualized act, is an interesting question to ponder. However, it is not an extremely important issue. The profound issue at hand is clearly the fact that human beings no longer perceive or treat or undertake having sex as being an instinctual act, in any way, shape, or form. The sexual drive of human beings has lost it's instinctual nature, to a very powerful and extreme degree. At the same time, all natural instinct has not been lost, the "animal lust" which drives other animals to mate with each other for the purpose of procreation, still resides within the core consciousness of most human beings. It plays a small role in causing people to decide when to have sex, how often to have sex, whom to have sex with. But this role is not primary, or even secondary. The primary reason why people have sex is to achieve intellectual/emotional pleasure/release. The secondary reason involves embrace of certain images and ideals that their society has artificially sexualized for them, and brainwashed them into embracing. Another secondary reason involves an attempt to try to forget about and transcend the horrific reality and terrifying Truths of the person's "ordinary" life, by seeking and trying to achieve the "ultimate" in sexual pleasure/release. Yet another secondary reason involves a perverse quest by people who hate themselves at their emotional core, to feel better by convincing themselves that they are "loved" by the people that they have sex with. All of these reasons play a far more powerful, pervasive, and common role in causing people to decide whom to have sex with, when to have sex, and how often to have sex, than does the natural instinct involving procreation, which primarily motivates all other animal species to have sex.

As to the question of whether human beings are better off than animals because they have lost this natural instinct and turned sex into an intellectualized and emotionalized process, it is clear to any sane thinker that the answer is a most emphatic No. If the brain function capacity and genetic structure of the human mind were Superior in nature, it is quite possible that an argument could be made that human beings are better off, as a whole, for having developed and embraced an intellectualized method of achieving literally limitless sexual pleasure and release for themselves. But the issue is a moot one due to the fact that human brain function has proven itself to be completely inferior and perverse in nature, on thousands of different genocidal scales, throughout the entire history of humanity. Plus, the human mind has become completely and utterly malformed and diseased, on a genetic level. On top of all this, we have utterly malevolent, deranged human leaders of societies, imposing their fascist sexual ideologies upon their citizen-slaves. It is clear that the human race is in no way better off for having lost the instinctual nature of their sexual motivations, and it is also clear that while genetic malformation within the human species clearly has played the primary role in causing this loss of natural instinct, human societal and cultural leaders also have played and continue to play a major, maliciously manipulative role in deepening and enhancing the degree of sexual fascism, extreme restrictions upon sexual conduct and activity, that human beings feel compelled to embrace.

At this point, I want to go back to the issue of what "sex" is. It is the personal, individual achievement of physical/emotional pleasure, via the manipulation of the sexual organs of an individual. Yes, in some cases this "manipulation" does not have to be at all physical, it can be purely mental. Meaning, due to the intellectualized human mind, some people are able to simply think about something which sexually stimulates them, and experience not only sexual excitement, but an actual sexual climax as well, solely from their mental thoughts, with no physical manipulation of sex organs occurring. This would not qualify as "physical" manipulation, but rather mental manipulation of the sex organs. In any event, it is manipulation. Lets begin by agreeing that the current, primary purpose and goal of having sex, for most human beings, is to achieve sexual climax. Yes, it is true that some people sometimes have sex for other reasons, but achieving climax is clearly the primary, most common reason, for most people. This leaves us with the issue of methodology, the methods that are used by individuals to achieve this goal, of personal, sexual climax. How many methods are there?? An infinite number! Just as every human mind is unique, the intellectualized structure, reasons, and methods employed by each human being to try to achieve their idealized version of the "perfect" sexual climax, are utterly and completely unique. The goal of each individual is essentially the same: To achieve an extremely pleasurable sexual climax, for the purpose of providing extreme physical or emotional pleasure/release, or a combination of both physical and emotional pleasure/release. So we have trillions of human being attempting to achieve the same goal, each individual having a unique mind and unique perspective of reality, based upon the sum total of all their life experiences. Each one of the trillions of people will have a unique perspective and attitude towards the notion of sex, and of gaining sexual pleasure, shaped by the sum total of their own unique life experiences as well as the perversely coercive influence of the society into which they were born and raised and live as citizen-slaves of. Each perspective and attitude is equally valid, for each specific individual. No human being should feel culturally or societally coerced into choosing to embrace or accept any specific type of sexual ideology or restriction, or to reject any specific type of sexual ideology, because every single imaginable type of attitude and sexual path, is equally valid, based upon the unique True Reality of each individual.

But guess what, folks? Virtually every single human being on planet earth does in fact feel and is in reality not merely coerced, but outright terrorized into embracing ridiculous and completely artificial restrictions, rules, and limitations upon how they may have sex, and how they may try to achieve sexual climax. First and foremost, every single society attempts to brutally terrorize all citizen-slaves into agreeing to engage in the specific sex act known as "intercourse", and most especially in the case of young citizen-slaves, to do so only with a fertile member of the opposite sex. This specific sex act, "intercourse", is nothing more than one method, among at least a million different methods, that can be used to achieve sexual climax. The societal/cultural teaching that this method will provide the "best" sexual pleasure/climax for people, that this method is the "right" way to have sex, that a "god" creature wants people to engage in this particular sex act, etc..., are nothing more than ridiculous, blatantly transparent lies, designed to maliciously coerce citizen-slaves into embracing Sacred Family Unit mythology and choosing this particular form of "sex" over the equally valid, one million+ other forms of sex which are at their disposal. Now, it is true that other species of animals possess a natural instinct which causes most of them to choose to have sex in this very specific way, intercourse, for the instinctual purpose of procreation. But as I have already outlined above, the vast majority of human beings have lost most or all of this natural instinct. The argument that societal and cultural leaders are simply trying to "replace" this lost natural instinct by intellectually terrorizing human beings into engaging in the sex act known as intercourse, has no validity. You cannot replace a natural instinct that is supposed to dwell at the root essence of internal consciousness, with an artificial, exterior, third party, manipulative, lie and myth-based form of coercive terrorization, and claim a benevolent or justified motive. When natural instinct is lost, it is not merely lost, but also replaced. In this case the natural instinct to procreate via sex, has been replaced by an intellectual/emotional obsession with achieving sexual climax and the pleasure/release that such climax provides. Whether or not this replacement is better or worse than natural instinct is a moot point, because the natural instinct has been lost and there is no scientifically valid way to regain it. The True Reality right of genetically diseased human beings to embrace their intellectual/emotional obsession, is valid. Society has no moral or ethical right to try to artificially manipulate and coerce their citizens into rejecting their True Reality and embracing fascist, unnatural, restrictions and rules regarding their sexual pursuits and activities. Yes, the use of the word "unnatural" is appropriate here. Human beings had a natural instinct, in their early evolutionary stage, to engage in the specific sex act known as intercourse. This natural instinct has now been lost. It is unnatural for human beings today, who have lost this natural instinct, to be subjected to artificial, invalid, terroristic coercion at the hands of empowered societal/cultural leaders, which is designed to get them to believe that they have any type of a moral, ethical, cultural, humanistic, or other obligation to engage in sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is a very specific and unique type of sex act. It is a mating ritual. It requires that two human beings arrange their bodies in a very specific manner, and interact their sexual organs with each other, in a very specific way. It is a very rigid way to have sex. This doesn't mean that some people don't derive great pleasure from this particular method of having sex. And for a few people, no other method of having sex is as personally pleasurable as intercourse, although this has to be seen within the context of Truth, that most of these people have never felt sexually free, have never tried out more than a handful of other types of ways to achieve sexual climax, and have felt coerced and terrorized by their society into choosing to embrace and extol the specific, societally advocated sex act known as intercourse. The fact is, even though all methods of having sex are equally valid on a uniquely individual level, intercourse is clearly one of the less effective, less enjoyable, less empowering, and less free ways of having sex. Remember, the primary goal of having sex, within human society here in the 21st century, is to derive a maximum degree of physical and emotional pleasure/release, via the process and the act of achieving sexual climax. Intercourse is one of the least effective ways to achieve this goal, because it rigidly requires that two people interact with each other sexually in a specific, ritualized manner, allowing virtually no deviation from the "standard script" of how intercourse is to occur. It is less enjoyable because it imposes such a strict limitation on exactly how the sexual climax must occur. For women especially, it is less empowering than many other ways to have sex, because it requires the female to take on a subservient role and basically just accept the domineering thrusts of the male, as part of the intercourse rules. It is one of the least free of all ways to have sex, for the reasons I have outlined above, the rigidity, extreme narrowness of allowable technique variation, and perhaps even more importantly, because it specifically requires that two human beings, not one, not three, not four+, but only two, participate in the sexual activity. One person cannot have "intercourse". Neither can three people together, or four, or five, or more. Intercourse imposes an absolute requirement that two human beings participate together, in the act of "having sex", no less, and no more than two. This is clearly one of the most brutally restrictive forms of sex imaginable, and the fact that societies choose to terroristically coerce as many citizen-slaves as possible into agreeing to choose and accept this one specific way of having sex, above all other million+ ways, is an absolute outrage and a beautiful illustration of how utterly and completely unfree and brutally fascist your societies are, in all cultural and behavioral/lifestyle venues.

Okay, now that intercourse has been somewhat dissected and it's Forbidden Truths revealed, lets consider other ways that people have sex, and examine their relative benefits and drawbacks. But first, sticking with intercourse, we have to discuss one other reason why this particular way of having sex for the purpose of achieving personal pleasure and climax, is so very inferior and dangerous. It is the factual reality of creating offspring, and the extreme danger that creating offspring carries with it, due to insane societal law and doctrine. Most human beings who have sex are not interested in creating children. This is not the reason why they are having sex. They are having sex because they want to experience the uniquely pleasurable physical/emotional sensations that achieving a sexual climax provides. Even in cases where the individual has had children in the past, or might be thinking about having children in the future, the odds are extremely high that the person is not trying to create a child every time she/he has sex, and specifically does not want to create a child every time she/he has sex. But out of all the million+ different ways to have sex, only one, vaginal intercourse, is specifically designed in such a way as to always carry a risk/possibility of creating a child. And if a child is created, even if one or both creators stridently maintain that they did not want to create a child and do not desire to become caretakers to the child in any way, shape, or form, your utterly evil and perverse society imposes a tremendous amount of cultural, moral, and legal coercion/terrorization and outright brutalization, upon the creators, ordering and compelling them to assume the role of "parent", and embrace the 21+ years of fascist legal obligation, cultural coercion, and financial drain that is involved, even though the creators did nothing "wrong", and simply engaged in a legal sexual act, with a clear desire and intent to achieve sexual pleasure/climax, not to be subjected to the horrific, undesired burden of assuming ownership of and "raising" another human being for 21+ long years of their incredibly short, irreplaceable lives. So, even though intercourse is the single most encouraged, sanctified and specific way of having sex that your evil societies promote and coerce you creatures into engaging in, it is at the same time also the single most dangerous way of having sex imaginable, as well as one of the very least pleasurable/freeing/empowering. No other way of having sex carries with it the significant danger of "accidently" creating a child, as intercourse does. And if this "accident" should occur, the consequences that society imposes upon you pathetic, brainwashed citizen-slaves, are absolutely horrific. You lose hundreds of thousands of dollars, you become legally and culturally chained, bound, attached to a child and to your sex partner for 21+ years, you are forced to completely alter and change your lifestyle, every imaginable type of brutal, fascist enslavement is imposed upon you, for doing nothing wrong, simply for having sex in the specific, inferior manner that your society has terroristically coerced and convinced you to have sex.

Understand this: Your society wants you to create children. That is why it chooses to trumpet intercourse as being the best and only proper way to have sex. How utterly outrageous it is that for those of you who embrace intercourse, as a direct result of societal coercion, and do create children despite having had no intention or desire to do so, the exact same, utterly torturous societal punishments are imposed upon you, as is the case with a person who wanted to create a child and might want to serve as a parent. The only reason why you created the child, against your will, is because out of the million+ different ways to have sex, your society, overtly, manipulatively, and via the use of lies and false, invalid information, coerced you into choosing to engage in intercourse, by giving you pure lies, pure myths, pure falsehood, within it's coercive, deceitful campaign of intercourse promotion and imposition. You, the victim, are then subjected to a lifetime of punishment by your victimizer, society, via the insane decree that because you created a child by having sex, you somehow become immensely and completely obligated to assume custody of, care for, raise, pay for the needs of the child, for a minimum of 21 years. You are told that you have a moral, ethical, cultural, and if all these ridiculous notions are rebuffed, a legal obligation to assume these incredibly difficult, life-changing, undesired tasks and parental role, even though you did nothing wrong and it is in reality the complete fault of society, that you felt compelled to undertake this one, specific, inferior, highly dangerous form of having sex, intercourse, in the first place. How utterly outrageous!

Superior and Alternative Ways to have Sex:

We have to begin here with me repeating what sex is. Understanding the True, accurate definitions of primary societal concepts, terms, and words, is extremely important, folks. It is the key to recognizing and embracing Truth. Your societies use false, invalid, irrational, manipulative definitions of terms, concepts, and words, which serve to strip you of the ability to think rationally, to recognize Truth, and to arrive at sane, factually accurate conclusions and philosophies. When I repeat myself within these Texts, I do so because I am revealing an extremely important and profound Truth, which directly contradicts and reverses a societal lie and myth and brainwashing that the vast majority of you creatures have been subjected to and have tragically been coerced into embracing as Truth, even though it is an irrational, illogical, oftentimes insane, falsehood. In repeating myself, I hopefully manage to drive these difficult Truths into your thick, societally victimized skulls. So, with this preface, let me say again: Sex is the individual, physical and/or emotional achievement of sexual pleasure/release, via the manipulation/stimulation of your sexual organs, with a usual goal of gaining a sexual climax, which is defined as "the height of sexual excitement", and is usually followed by a release of sexual energy that many human beings find to be extremely pleasurable, as it provides a unique physical sensation. This definition is equally True and valid for both genders, male and female. Let us move on to two extremely important new points: 1: There is absolutely no intrinsic link or connection between sex and love. 2: There is absolutely no validity to the notion that sex should or needs to involve contact between two human beings in order to be appropriate, normal, or to provide ideal sexual satisfaction/pleasure.

Point #1: Having sex is an individual, and an individualistic activity. A person who has sex, unless he or she is deliberately and specifically seeking to create a child, has sex for the purpose of gaining the physical and emotional pleasure/release that experiencing sexual stimulation, excitement, and climax, provides. This is a selfish, self-centered, individualistic motivation, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, other than the perverse societal refusal to accept and acknowledge this Truth. The notion that a person should only "have sex" with another person that he "loves", is utterly and completely ludicrous and nonsensical, the only thing more ludicrous is the perverse notion that a person should only "have sex" with someone he is married to. The notion that some type of a link exists between sex and love, is equally ridiculous and truly bizarre. As I will explain further down on this page, in my dissection of love, this term only has validity when applied to oneself. Familial/friendship-based affection can only be defined accurately as "affection", not love, while romantic love is nothing more than a completely artificial construct of society. Having sex is an individualistic, self-centered act. An ideal sexual partner, assuming one chooses to have sex with a partner, would be either a person who wants to help indulge your desire to have sex, for whatever reason, to help you achieve the maximum amount of sexual pleasure possible, or a person who wants to have pleasurable sex too, and is interested in trying to maximize the sexual pleasure that both he and you can enjoy. Whether or not you feel intellectualized or emotionalized "affection" for the other person, which your society invalidly defines with the term "love", is a very minor, insignificant factor, and the notion that you are "supposed" to feel such affection for the person you engage in sexual contact with, makes no logical sense. The person who wants to have sex is simply attempting to achieve individual, personal, sexual pleasure/release. There is absolutely no reason or need for the person to feel intellectual or emotional affection towards anyone, much less towards a specific "sex partner", in order to achieve this goal. Furthermore, the claim that sex is somehow more "satisfying", richer or more intense, when you have sex with someone that you feel deep affection towards, is completely invalid as well. The degree of pleasure and satisfaction that any individual might enjoy and derive from having sex, is dependent upon the unique attitude, intellectual interests, mental/emotional obsessions, individual physical factors such as health and stamina, and the True Reality of the individual. Yes, it is true that for a few people, who have sexual contact with another person that they feel deep affection towards, the sexual pleasure they derive is extremely intense, and would be difficult for the individual to achieve on his own, or with another person that he does not feel deep affection for. However, for society to decree that all, most, or even a majority of human beings should, do, or must fit into this category, is utterly ridiculous and completely false. Perhaps one person out of 1000 would genuinely be unable to achieve an equal or greater degree of sexual pleasure/release, via any method other than sexual contact with the one person that they claim to feel the deepest amount and degree of affection for. 1 out of 1000 is a tiny minority, and on top of everything else, this tiny minority will, in most cases, be unable to achieve sexual satisfaction in other ways, only due to the lifetime of societal brainwashing and invalid mythological indoctrination, that they have been subjected to.

Your societies have created a mythology which revolves around "romantic love", and brutally addicted all of you, male and female, into accepting this mythology as constituting valid, factual Truth. There is no such thing as romantic love. There is carnal, selfish obsession with achieving sexual pleasure, release, and climax. The issue of whether carnality and selfishness are "good" things or not, is not relevant here. The reality is that human beings are carnal and selfish and I certainly do not consider either one of these character traits to be negative. No sane and rational thinker could ever attach negative labels to the natural human character traits of selfishness and carnality. But your evil societies are determined to reign in your sexual freedom and autonomy, to coerce you into "voluntarily" agreeing to limit and narrow the types of sexual pleasure you seek out, the amount and frequency of sexual pleasure you enjoy, and the type/number of fellow human beings that you engage in sexually pleasurable activities with. This is where the mythology of romantic love, along with many other cultural, societal, and religious lies and brainwashings, are viciously imposed upon you by your societies. The invalid notion of love is used to convince you to try and find a single human being to "have sex" with, for a very long time, on the basis of both irrational exclusivity and mutual compromise, that is virtually guaranteed to limit and lessen the amount and the degree of personal sexual pleasure/release that you will achieve in your life. Once you are deluded into believing that you feel "romantic love" for someone, society sets out to enslave you to that one person. You are taught and told that you need to inhibit and restrain your sexuality with regard to any situation that does not involve physical contact with the one person that you are supposed to romantically love, then you are further coerced into moving in with that person, then you are further coerced into creating children by having intercourse with that person, then you are further coerced into agreeing to marry that person. At each step, the noose of brutal enslavement is further tightened around your neck. With each step, you dig yourself into a deeper hole, and by the time you create a child or get married, not only have you lost all of your personal freedom and autonomy on a cultural, pseudo-moral level, but the legal system is gleefully thrust upon you by your evil society, and you become legally terrorized, under the overt threat of severe punishment, including imprisonment, into agreeing to serve as a "husband", a "wife", a "parent", a "sexual partner", to one or two specific human beings, for the rest of your lifetime, or at the very least, for an extremely long period of time, such as 21+ years. I cannot imagine a more blatant and obvious demonstration of brutal fascism, being directly imposed upon you by your government and by your society. But somehow, you pathetic creatures can't seem to grasp or realize the reality of this most obvious form of fascism, and you blindly continue to labor under the delusion that you are "lucky to be free". The myth of "romantic love" existing, or playing any type of a legitimate role in shaping or dictating the sexual life choices and life path of any individual, is the very first step on this immensely harmful journey, in which you lose your freedom, you lose your autonomy, you lose your ability to make rational decisions regarding your own sexual activities.

Point #2: Having sex means individually seeking and achieving sexual please/release/climax. Unless a person is specifically having sex only because he or she desires to create a child, sex is a solo, individual activity. It is not a "couple" activity. A good analogy for this Truth would be driving a car. Driving a car is an individual activity. The driver of a car has absolutely no need to have another human being inside the car with him, as he drives. He can have another person with him, and it's possible that he might enjoy the drive more by having a person in the car with him, but there is absolutely no need for the other person to be there, the odds are higher that any person in the car will only distract him and make his driving more difficult, and the notion that he will somehow be committing a morally or culturally horrific act simply by driving the car by himself, is ludicrous. With regard to sex, your evil and lie-based societies have deluded you into thinking and believing that you really need to be together with one other person, and to have sexually intimate contact with that person, every time you wish to have sex. This is completely ludicrous! Sex is an individual act, like driving a car, going online, eating a sandwich, etc... A person having sex is trying to achieve sexual pleasure/release/climax, via the stimulation of his/her sexual organs. Stimulation of sexual organs is an individual act. It is best achieved by envisioning images, situations, or experiences that a person has sexualized within his mind, and/or physically rubbing, massaging, or creating friction upon ones sexual organs.

It is clear to any sane thinker that even though all million+ unique variations on how sex can be engaged in are equally valid, to unique individuals, there are fundamentally Superior advantages to sexual activities in which just one person sexually stimulates himself, without having any sexual contact with another person. By the way, in this essay as well as throughout these Texts, my use of the term "he" and "him" is not meant to be gender-specific. It is used solely for the sake of convenience, and you are expected to recognize that I am referring to all human beings, male and female, when I use a term such as "he", "him", or "himself". Simply substitute the word "she, her, and herself", if you wish, since all these comments, unless I overtly specify otherwise, apply with equal validity to both male and female human beings. Back to the issue at hand: The ideal, most strongly satisfying way for a solid majority of human beings to have sex, is to do so alone, in private, and via self-stimulation of their own sexual organs. This Superior activity has been labeled by society with the demonizing term of masturbation. I do not enjoy using this word, because it is a demonizing societal label, but for the sake of convenience and clarity I will use this term within this essay. Masturbation is the deliberate, self-stimulation of an individuals sexual organs, by the individual himself. Because it provides the ideal way to maximize sexual pleasure and release, while at the same time challenging all Sacred Family Unit mythology, the specific act of masturbation and it's proponents have been relentlessly and viciously demonized and condemned by virtually all human societies throughout the history of the Modern Era. Your evil societal leaders have absolutely no interest in providing you with Truth, or the ability to maximize pleasure or enjoyment in your own lives. Perversely, the exact opposite is the goal of your societal leaders, to lie to you, to manipulate you, to provide you with the false and invalid illusion that your pleasure and contentment is sought, when in reality it is your brutal oppression and victimization, that has always been the True goal of your deranged, perverse, truth-hating, malevolent human societal leaders. Back in the middle ages, up to 50 years ago in many societies, when your leaders knew you to be totally ignorant, you were terrorized with claims that if you masturbated, you would go blind, become crippled, become feeble-minded, or otherwise endure horrifically negative consequences for daring to embrace the pursuit of ultimate sexual pleasure/release via masturbation. When medical researchers/scientists finally debunked this ridiculous notion, doing so at great personal peril by the way, since societies are famous for destroying and murdering any human who dares to reveal a Truth which directly challenges societally decreed important toxic mythologies, your evil societal leaders simply redoubled their insane efforts to convince you that you have a moral, ethical, or cultural mandate to refrain from embracing masturbation, using once again, nothing but purely perverse lies and deranged claims, often seeped in religious insanity, regarding what types of sexual activities are "proper and acceptable".

Tragically, as of the year 2001, absolutely no legitimate enlightenment on any primary issue of human sexuality, has occurred within any human society. You are deluded into believing that you enjoy sexual freedom because you are no longer thrown into a lunatic asylum for masturbating, but the reality is that the exact same, utterly brutal and pervasive stigma against masturbation, which has been imposed upon you creatures for thousands of years, continues to be imposed with just as much relentless viciousness and effectiveness, today. Millions of people each year, in america, proudly and publically announce they have gotten married, invite other people to attend their wedding ceremonies, proudly declare that they intend to live with each other and engage in exclusive, romantic-based sexual activity with each other. Millions of people do this each year, because it is a societally advocated, promoted, and celebrated toxic ritual.

How many people proudly and publically announce that they intend to solely engage in masturbation, the single safest and potentially most pleasurable type of sexual activity, for the rest of their lives??? Zero!! Why is this? Why would a hundred million people each year proudly & publically announce their intention to have sex with a single, other human being for an extremely long period of time, while zero people proudly and publically announce their intention to have sex only via masturbation, for a very long time?? The answer is obvious to any sane thinker: Masturbation and it's practitioners continue to be brutally, unrelentingly demonized and condemned on all levels, by all human societies, with just as much insane intensity today, as was the case 300, 500, 1000 years ago.

Your leaders are in mortal terror of masturbation, even more so than atheism, because masturbation represents everything that your evil societies are determined to destroy and take away from you creatures. Masturbation represents and offers personal freedom, personal autonomy. Masturbation eliminates the need for people to have families, wives, live-in lovers, children, in order to enjoy ultimate sexual pleasure/release. Masturbation provides a Superior form of sexual pleasure, free of all the toxic entanglements and compromises that are a hallmark of all exclusive, two-person sexual relationships. This is why your leaders have always been, and remain today, desperately obsessed and determined to demonize masturbation, to use whatever insane lies and myths it possibly can, to convince you to choose some other form of seeking and achieving sexual pleasure, to be specific: An intercourse-based, Sacred Family Unit, terroristically exclusive and toxically enmeshed type of two-person voluntary enslavement sexual pleasure system, such as "marriage", which is literally and factually guaranteed to limit, restrict, and reduce the amount and degree of sexual pleasure/release that you achieve within your lifetime.

I am not saying that masturbation is the "only proper way" to have pleasurable/satisfying sex. I'm not even saying that masturbation would offer the most satisfying sexual pleasures to all, or even most, people. What I am saying is that it is clear, beyond all doubt, to any logical and sane thinker, that given the fact that human beings no longer have sex for the primary purpose and intention of creating children, and given the fact that the personal achievement of sexual pleasure/climax is inherently an individualized activity, most mentally healthy human beings, were they not victims of societal brainwashing and moral/cultural terrorization, would find that on a physical as well as on a mental level, masturbation provides them with a superior way to maximize their sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and release. This doesn't mean that most people would become isolated loners, because there is no valid connection between the instinctual need for human companionship, which most people still retain, and the issue of having sex. Your diseased societies have established a ridiculous claim that you need to have a "lover" in your life, a person that you feel romantic love towards, and you further need to establish a close relationship with this person, that extends far beyond just having sex. You need to have both "friends" and a "lover", a sexual lover, or else you are being greatly deprived of an extremely important, valuable, and necessary portion of life. This notion is pure poppycock! No pun intended :-) Yes, most human beings, certainly not all, but most, do benefit significantly from having ongoing, friendly relationships with other human beings. But the issue of having sex, achieving sexual pleasure and satisfaction in one's own life, need have absolutely nothing to do with having any type of a "relationship" with anyone. Because you do have an instinctual need for human "friends", your deviously malevolent society falsely convinces you that you need to choose one other human being, a "friend", and make this person your sexual partner, for life. The reality is, you do not have an instinctual need to have a sexual partner, you simply have a need to achieve sexual pleasure/climax, and for most people, the safest, easiest, most effective way to meet this need, is via masturbation.

Within any sane society, the benefits and advantages of masturbation would be constantly, openly, touted and glorified. Celebrities, politicians, sports stars, teachers, all people who enjoy a position of respect or influence within the society, would actively and publically proclaim that they consider masturbation to be an ideal way to obtain sexual pleasure and release. The Truth would be told to you creatures, by people who have influence over your life path decisions. You would be told, over and over, that masturbation is absolutely the safest way to have sex. You would be told, over and over, that you have the mental and physical ability to achieve a limitless degree of sexual pleasure and release, all by yourself, that you have no need for a "sexual partner" in order to claim this achievement for yourself. You would be told that of course masturbation is just as "valid" a way to have sex, as any other method. Of course there are no moral, ethical, physical, or other negative effects or drawbacks, of any kind, to embracing masturbation, proudly and with as much intensity and devotion as you may wish to give to this personal activity. You would be told that the only type of valid "love", on a sexual/romantic scale, is love that is directed to oneself, and that the most perfect way to display such self-love, sexually, is to embrace and indulge in the physical and emotional pleasures that masturbation offers. You would be told that you don't need anyone else, to get your own sexual needs met. It doesn't matter if you are sexually attracted to animals, to children, to violent terrorization of others, to people who would never agree to have sex with you, etc... It doesn't matter because regardless of what your sexual attraction to other living things may be, you do not need to actually have any physical contact or interaction with them, in order to enjoy and achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release, for yourself. This last Truth alone, would result in an immediate, significant drop in the number of animals who are sexually abused, the number of children who are sexually abused/raped, the number of women who are raped, the number of people who are stalked and terrorized as a result of a sexual obsession/attraction that is not reciprocal in nature. Mind you, there would still be sexual abuse/rape/terrorization of animals, children, women, and men, because some violent sexual acts are motivated primarily by intense, True Reality based rage, rather than a simple desire to be loved, to build up a tortured, societally destroyed ego, or to enjoy the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release. Sexual victimization that is motivated primarily by personal rage, would still occur. But a significant percentage of all sexual victimization of other living things, is not primarily motivated by True Reality rage, but rather by an inability to love oneself, an inability to recognize that masturbation offers just as intense and pleasurable a release of sexual energy as any other type of sex act offers, or a desperate, irrational obsession with finding and obtaining something that does not exist, namely, the romantic love of another person. If the Truths regarding masturbation were openly revealed, constantly disseminated to you creatures, and publically promoted by all of your societal leaders and empowered agents, most sexual victimization that is not motivated primarily by True Reality rage, hate, and a personal quest for cathartic vengeance, would cease to occur. A person who is sexually attracted to animals, as an example, would realize that unless he overtly feels a True Reality need to hurt and harm animals, there really is no reason for him to actively seek out animals to have sex with. He will love himself, so he does not need to create and embrace the illusion that the animal romantically loves him. He will recognize and know that he can control his sexuality, he can create sexual images, scenarios, and fantasies in his mind that allow him to experience sexual pleasure and release which is just as intense as would be the case with having personal, sexual contact with an animal. He will have no misgivings, no moral or ethical or philosophical qualms regarding masturbation, because he will know the Truth, having been taught the Truth by his society. He will not labor under the perverse, toxic delusion that he "needs" to share his sexual activity/pleasure with any other living thing. These exact same profound realizations of Truth would apply to those who are sexually attracted to children, to certain classes of people who are unlikely to agree to have sex with them, etc... A majority of people who sexually assault children, do not have a primary, True Reality motivation of wanting to harm the child. Some do, but not a majority. The majority want to be loved by the child they attack, they seek the idyllic fantasy of "romantic love" that their society has brainwashed them into believing is valid and exists. They seek to recapture within themselves, the emotional innocence and openness that their evil society gradually stripped from them during the course of their own childhood. They want to enjoy the best possible sexual experience, to achieve the greatest degree of sexual pleasure/release, and their society has taught them that this requires them to have intimate, sexual contact with the living creature that they are sexually attracted to. This is often why they choose to target and sexually assault the child. You can say that it is "selfish" of them to make this choice, but this claim has no relevancy. They are laboring under completely false and invalid myths and lies regarding sex and sexual activity, that their society has malevolently imposed upon them, and compelled them to embrace. Besides which, selfishness is a perfectly appropriate, natural, non-toxic ideology to embrace in ones life path. Only selfishness that has been tainted and warped by lies, myths, and hypocrisy, causes significant harm to other living things. In a sane society, based upon Truth, a great many people would choose to "selfishly" engage in masturbation, because they would feel and recognize that it offers them the best way to achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release. Nobody would be harmed by this. But in an insane society, based upon lies, a great many people "selfishly" choose to sexually impose themselves upon children, women, animals, and other living things who are not interested in having sex with them, because they are laboring under the false illusions that romantic love exists, that they need to be sexually loved by another living thing, that they need to have physical contact with the specific type of living thing that they are sexually attracted to, that sexual contact with other living things provides the best, most pleasurable sexual release, that masturbation is wrong and an inferior, unacceptable way to have sex. All of these notions are nothing more than toxic lies. And they directly cause a tremendous amount of trauma, suffering, and harm to living things, which would not occur if the toxic lies were not embraced by you citizen-slaves, as a collective group and on an individual basis.

I want to go back to the car driving analogy. Imagine if two people tried to drive the same car at the same time. Would this be easy, or difficult?? It would be difficult! One person would hit the brake earlier than the other person. One person would want to make a right turn, the other would decide to keep going straight. One person would want to drive at noon, the other person might prefer to drive at midnight, etc... Two people attempting to undertake this task, would find it more difficult, more stressful, less effective, than one person. This is because driving is an individualistic activity. The same is true for having sex. Intercourse for the specific purpose of having children, is a two-person task. But having sex is a one person task, because having sex, among 21st century human beings, involves an individual choice and desire to gain sexual pleasure/release, assuming that a very specific desire to create a child is not the primary motivation in play at the time that the decision to have sex, is made. If two people try to have sex with each other, it is clear that the chances of both people achieving the greatest degree of physical/emotional pleasure they possibly can, are extremely remote. Each person has to compromise, to adjust and modify their actions and interactions with the other person, in order for the sexual encounter to occur. Each person is expected to consider the needs and desires of the other person, and this requires modification of the person's own sexual needs and desires. Even more importantly, there is no way that any person can know exactly what the other person desires, what the other person finds most sexually pleasurable, or exactly what pace the other person is taking in their mind, as far as building up towards a sexual climax. So, what you have in a typical, two-person sexual encounter, is each person secretly wanting the other person to provide them with the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release, but each person is instinctually more interested in gaining this ultimate sexual pleasure for himself, than in giving this ultimate sexual pleasure to the other person, because sex for pleasure is an individualistic act. Even if a person might have a purely altruistic desire to give the other person the ultimate in sexual pleasure, it is virtually impossible to do, because nobody is a mind reader. Nobody can know, in real-time, second by second, what another person is thinking or feeling. You can only know what you are thinking, feeling, experiencing. This is why masturbation is certain to provide the ultimate in sexual pleasure/release, to most sane, rational, Truth-based human beings. The masturbator knows exactly what he is thinking, feeling, experiencing. The masturbator can control the pace of his sexual adventure to perfection, slowing it down, speeding it up, at will, with no need to adjust or compromise to the pace of any other person, such as is the case with all two-person sexual encounters. The masturbator does not need to worry/concern himself with satisfying another person, he only needs to worry about satisfying himself. And because sex for physical/emotional pleasure is an individualistic act, just like driving a car is, the advantages derived from doing the task personally and alone, strongly outweigh the advantages of doing the task in a "directly linked" manner, with another person, such as occurs with intercourse, and the other societally approved of and promoted types of two-person sexual activity. The fact that a person very likely enjoys having friends, enjoys having "relationships" with other people, has absolutely no bearing upon whether having sexual relationships with other people would improve their quality of life, on either a sexual or a non-sexual level. In other words, a person may derive significant benefits from having friends, and significant benefits from having ongoing, affectionate relationships with other human beings, but the notion that such a person needs or would benefit from choosing to specifically have sex with another person, is not necessarily valid or accurate.

Now, keep in mind that I am in no way making this Truth out to be universally applicable. Some human beings can't meet their own needs, they hate themselves and are obsessed with getting other human beings to engage in sex acts with them, because that is the only way they can emotionally delude themselves into feeling that they are lovable and worthy of enjoying the pleasure of sexual release/climax. Some humans are more emotionally interested in giving pleasure to other people than in giving pleasure to themselves, again due to a lack of properly narcissistic self-love. Some humans simply do not like or enjoy the physical sensations that having sex provides, others do not like or enjoy the emotions that having sex stirs up within them, often because they were sexually tortured and victimized as children, etc... What I am saying, very emphatically, is that in any sane, benevolent, genuinely free society, masturbation would be overtly promoted by all empowered leaders and agents. It would be recognized and revealed to be a perfectly valid, extremely useful and in many cases Superior way for citizens to meet their own sexual needs/desires, with the greatest possible likelihood of achieving the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. Intercourse, on the other hand, would certainly not be condemned, but the Truths concerning intercourse would be openly and publically revealed. The fact that it is an extremely dangerous way to have sex, the fact that it requires a compromise on the part of participants, that often limits the degree of sexual pleasure which is achieved by either one or both parties, the fact that it can result in the creation of an undesired child, etc... Masturbation does not carry any of these extremely significant drawbacks, and it is utterly outrageous that these facts are not publically disseminated and revealed and discussed, by your societal and cultural leaders. That masturbation continues to be demonized and condemned, while intercourse, a far more dangerous, inferior, far less effective way to have sex, continues to be sanctified and terroristically imposed upon you creatures as the only "valid" way to have sex, is even more outrageous and perverse.

I'm not going to get into a long discussion of sexually transmitted diseases, but a few points have to be made: Masturbation is not only the most effective way for most people to have sex, but it is absolutely the safest way, for all people to have sex. There is no safer method in existence, and I am not talking about avoiding the creation of children here, but rather becoming infected with a disease such as AIDS, hepatitis, herpes, etc... So, even if for some people masturbation offers somewhat less physical/emotional pleasure/release than intimate sexual contact with another person may offer, this has to be weighed against the fact that no type of intimate sexual contact can be or is as safe, as masturbation is. Given this fact, why in the world would the practice of "safe sex", via the use of condoms and the like, receive a ton of societal attention and promotion, while the safest type of sex in existence, masturbation, continues to be relentlessly condemned and demonized?? Here you have an absolutely beautiful illustration of the utterly malevolent nature of your insane, evil societies. Your societal leaders know that all types of intimate sexual contact between two or more people are dangerous, potentially fatal, and that intercourse, while not the single most dangerous type of intimate sexual contact, is without a doubt one of the most dangerous types of intimate sexual contact. Your leaders also know, as does any rational thinker, that the vast majority of all teen-age and adult citizen-slaves are intellectually and emotionally obsessed, in most cases instinctually obsessed as well, with having sex. Knowing this, you creatures are advised to still engage in intimate sexual contact with another person, but to consider trying to minimize the danger by using a condom and via other "safe sex" practices. If you creatures don't want to engage in intimate sexual contact with another person, you are simply advised to "not have sex", even though everyone knows that most people are quite obsessed with having sex. The single safest and best way to have sex, masturbation, is completely ignored, dismissed, and condemned. You are told by society that it's far better to have highly dangerous, potentially fatal sex, and far better to slightly mitigate the danger by using a condom, and far better to completely deny yourself all sexual pleasure/release, than it is to have 100% safe sex, that is Superior in nature and allows most people to achieve the ultimate in sexual pleasure, greater than intercourse provides. How utterly perverse! You are literally being ordered by society to risk your life, if you want to enjoy sexual pleasure, and that the safe way to have sex, the best way to have sex, is unacceptable! And you creatures accept this order. This situation provides a perfect illustration of core, fundamental derangement with the human fabric of consciousness. Your society, deliberately and with malice aforethought, strips you of the ability to love yourself, terroristically coercing you into embracing the insane notion that you need to find somebody else willing to have sex with you, in order to "feel loved", in order to restore just a tiny fragment of the most precious and real love of all, self-love, that it has malevolently taken away from you. How incredibly outrageous and perverse this undeniable Truth is!

A few words here on sexual abstinence and the use of condoms. Assuming that you are fertile, society wants you, first and foremost, to engage in vaginal, intercourse sexual contact with a fertile member of the opposite gender. This is what your diseased societies want and demand of you. Yes, leaders would prefer that you be enslaved to the person you engage in this form of sex with, via the insane marriage ritual. But within 21st century "civilized" societies, the primary obsession of societal leaders is to get you to breed. To create as many child-slaves as is possible, regardless of whether you are married, regardless of how old or young you may be. Your society does not want you to be sexually abstinent, even if it publically claims to be interested in promoting sexual abstinence among it's youth population. This is simply a lie, one of thousands of lies that you creatures are fed by your evil governmental and societal leaders each and every day of your lives. In order to appease the large number of adults who are obsessed with the insane god myth, the toxic ritual of marriage, and are sexually repressed and in fact terrified of the very notion of anyone enjoying any type of sexual pleasure, societal leaders publically and falsely claim to be seeking to convince children as well as adults who not married, to abstain from having vaginal intercourse and to convince such humans to abstain from sex. But the Truth is that vaginal intercourse is deliberately fetishized and promoted to all human beings, including children, as being the most wonderful, pleasurable activity imaginable. The very fact that the public decrees by societal leaders instruct children that having sex is a "taboo" thing to do, while at the same time informing children that it is the ultimate act of pleasure and maturity, guarantees that almost all children will become obsessed with having sexual contact with fellow humans, usually peer age fellow children, and will specifically try to engage in the sex act that society instructs them to be the only "proper" way to have sex, namely vaginal intercourse. Societal leaders completely understand that by publically telling children not to have this type of sex, they are making it much more likely that children will choose to engage not only in sexual activity, but in this one very specific form of sexual activity, the only form that carries with it the significant danger of creating a new life form. As to condoms and other "birth control" devices, let me begin by asking you pathetic creatures this question: Have you ever seen or heard condoms being marketed to married people?? No! In fact, if a married person were to publically proclaim, with pride, that he always uses condoms, this perfectly Superior revelation would be met with ridicule, mocking, and condemnation by his society and by you brainwashed citizen-slaves. Married people, even if they don't desire to create a child, are culturally coerced by society into engaging in dangerous, unprotected sex, for the specifically malevolent, fascist purpose of trying to get every married couple to breed. Condoms and other birth control devices are only marketed to children and to unmarried citizen-slaves, but once again, this is not done out of any altruistic motivation to try and help these humans to avoid creating children. The reasons why children and unmarried humans are culturally allowed and to some degree encouraged to use condoms and birth control include: 1: A societal desire to try and coerce them into getting married by telling them that once they are married they can stop using condoms, and that sexual intercourse is even more pleasurable when no condom or other birth control device is used. 2: A societal desire to encourage children and unmarried humans to get used to engaging in vaginal intercourse, to addict them to this one specific type of sexual activity, knowing that sooner or later, even if birth control is regularly used, most humans will mess it up, forget, run out of condoms, etc..., and the desired societal result of breeding will occur. 3: Once again, societal leaders understand and recognize the inferiority of you creatures, all too well. They know that most humans, especially children, hate themselves, feel worthless, and are intellectually immature. If children, as well as adults, are told that one way of doing something is safer than another way, but the safer way is also less pleasurable, many of them will choose the more dangerous method, either due to intellectual immaturity, or, even more commonly, emotional feelings of personal worthlessness, self-loathing, and even a suicidal outlook regarding their own lives. So, let us understand that your societal leaders, despite their claims to be interested in promoting sexual abstinence as well as birth control usage among children and unmarried adults, do not in fact desire to achieve these claimed goals. Your leaders have far more important and sincere goals, such as to get you to breed, to enslave you to your sexual partner, and to culturally coerce and addict you to one, specific, inferior way of having sex, vafinal intercourse.

Moving on, let us consider the following scenario: Two people, friends who feel comfortable with each other and affectionate towards each other, get together and individually masturbate while together, perhaps sexually touching/stimulating each other as well, with their hands. This would be a perfectly safe way to have sex, and enjoy the "companionship" of another person at the same time. Would this type of Superior sexual activity meet with societal approval?? No! Your diseased society insists upon intimate sexual contact between the two parties, with intercourse being by far the most intensively promoted specific type of intimate sexual contact. A mutual type of masturbation receives just as much condemnation and demonization as solo masturbation, because your societal leaders recognize that no children can be created via such masturbation, and more importantly, the participants in such activity are likely to realize, in time, that it is a Superior way to have sex, resulting in less likelihood of them choosing to have intercourse in the future. I wish to conclude this portion by saying that I fully recognize that the societal position with regard to nurturing, affectionate, long-term relationships between two people, is that if the two people establish an intimate sexual relationship, the non-sexual affection and friendship and closeness that they feel for each other will grow and increase. Most of you brainwashed creatures share this notion. But it is completely invalid and quite nonsensical. Companionship, friendship, affection, are interactive in nature. Sex and love however, are individualistic in nature. An interactive relationship that attempts to build or sustain itself upon either sex or love, is almost certain to fail, or at the very least to prove and to feel highly unsatisfying and inferior to most people. An interactive relationship that is based solely upon companionship, friendship, affection, mutual empathy, etc..., is much more likely to flourish and succeed, because there are no overtly individualistic components that are interfering with the interactive relationship. The beginning of intimate sexual contact, or the initial professions of "romantic love" from one person to the other, often heralds the beginning of the collapse of a positive, nurturing relationship that is based upon companionship, friendship, affection, and mutual empathy, the relationship is ruined, there is destruction of the genuine friendship, affection, empathy, that existed within the relationship at earlier stages, with the introduction of romantic love and sexual intercourse/intimacy to the relationship. This is because both sex and love are individualistic activities, that people must not attach false and invalid idealizations upon. Love is something to be reserved for oneself, as I will brilliantly outline later at this page. Sex is an appropriately selfish, self-centered act, that should revolve around attaining individual physical and emotional pleasure, via the maximization of the sexual arousal ritual. And logic dictates that the individual himself can best achieve such maximum arousal on his own, or he might be able to use professionals who are skilled at providing such arousal, such as those humans who have been given the demonizing label of "prostitute", or he might be able to find a friend, an acquaintance, etc..., who is in tune with and shares/understands his sexual needs. The notion that the person needs to attach both his sex and love needs to a person he feels "great affection" towards, and then vow/promise to only have sex with this one person for a very long time, usually for the rest of his life, is absolutely perverse, unnatural, illogical, harmful, enslaving, and carries absolutely no legitimate benefits or advantages.

The next issue at hand is virginity, and an additional fleshing out of the Truths on sexual abstinence. Society perversely defines virginity as a lack of intimate sexual contact with other human beings, not as a lack of having had sex. Meaning that a person might have had sex thousands of times, had thousands of sexual climaxes, and yet he would still be declared to be a virgin, while another person, who may have only had sex once or twice, and never climaxed, is decreed to have "lost" his virginity, if the first individual engaged in Superior, solo, masturbatory sexual activity, while the second individual engaged in direct, intimate, sexual contact of the intercourse variety, with another person. This renders the definition utterly ridiculous and invalid. The definition of virginity is used to create an artificial and invalid pedestal upon which the few, specific types of sexual activity that society is seeking to promote and impose upon you citizen-slaves, are made to appear superior and preferable. Just as the Superior decision by an individual to choose masturbation over two-person intimate contact sex is relentlessly ridiculed and condemned by society, so to is the choice to be a "virgin". On a completely superficial level, it may appear to you brainwashed creatures that your society approves of virginity, applauds people who are virgins, and encourages people to remain virgins. All three of these theories are completely and utterly false. Actual virginity is condemned by society, only the "atmospheric", abstract notion of virginity is sometimes placed within a positive light by societies and cultures. The actual practice of virginity, the actual choice by any individual to be a virgin, is relentlessly condemned and ridiculed, with the degree of condemnation increasing the older in age the individual becomes. This is because the virgin is violating Sacred Family Unit mythology, in indicating a desire to resist having sex, to resist creating children, and to resist serving as a father or mother to children. Make no mistake folks, virginity is condemned by society, for both men and women, boys and girls, of all ages. Yes, a 13 year old girl virgin will receive somewhat less overt condemnation and ridicule than a 33 year old male virgin. But every child, by the age of ten, already knows that he needs to lose his virginity, and the sooner he does lose his virginity, the sooner he becomes a "mainstream", "normal" member of human society. This is just as true for girls, as it is for boys, although the exact path towards losing virginity that society advocates is somewhat different, being one of overt aggression for boys, and passive acceptance or sly seduction for girls. Society instructs all boys and men that to "deflower a virgin", meaning to have intercourse with a female who has never before had intercourse, is the ultimate sex act, guaranteed to provide the highest degree of sexual pleasure and intensity that exists in the universe. This ridiculous lie is told to all boys and men, because society overtly seeks to rob all girls, women, and men as well, of their virginity. Men are told to target virgins for their sexual overtures, because this guarantees that there will be almost no virgins past 21 years of age, and the maximum number of women who can become mothers, will have been subjected to the loss of virginity, and even more specifically, to the act of sexual intercourse, which directly causes women and girls to become pregnant, be it by desire or by mistake. So, instead of virginity being an honored and coveted character trait, the reality is that virginity is decreed to be perverse, unnatural, harmful to the society at large, and an absolute campaign of mass, genocidal coercion is employed by society, to try and strip all human beings of their virginity at the earliest possible age. Boys and men who might prefer to remain virgins are subjected to even greater societal condemnation than girls and women are. Any boy, of any age, who expresses a desire to not engage in sexual contact with females, or who indicates any interest in remaining a virgin, is subjected to not merely verbal terrorization, but is almost certain to be physically attacked and assaulted by members of his own peer group, such as schoolmates or playmates. These brutal assaults occur with the overt encouragement and advocacy of society itself.

Teens and young adults who want to be virgins are compelled to keep their True Reality personal desire/need a secret, from everyone. The longer they remain virgins, the more obligated they become to keep their virginity secret, because the degree of condemnation and ridicule they will certainly receive, increases with each year that they age, as long as they remain a virgin. Only one small classification of humans are allowed to remain virgins, and this consists of a few types of religious leaders and religious devotees, such as nuns. The perverse societal logic at work here, is that making "sacrifices to god", is the only thing more precious and important than having intercourse and other two-person intimate sexual contact. So, a few god-freak leaders and devotees are allowed to "sacrifice" their societal obligation to have sex, as a form of mass moral atonement for the limitless, mindless, massive amounts of sex that all other citizen-slaves engage in, under the specific direction and auspices of the leaders of their society. This sacrifice is then thrown into the faces of all the citizen-slaves by religious leaders, in an attempt to make them feel superficially guilty for having sex, as well as further accepting perverse societal control and decree regarding how they have sex, whom they have sex with, how often they have sex, etc... Many women who become nuns have no belief in god, much less a desire to "serve" this nonexistent entity. They become nuns because they feel it is the only way they can avoid having intimate sexual contact with other human beings, for the rest of their lives. The only way! What an incredible indictment of your diseased society this is, that even females, who are superficially taught that it's "okay" to "play hard to get" for awhile, have absolutely no chance, on an intellectual or emotional level, to decide to live their lives as virgins. Only one option is provided to them, if they remain committed to making this life path choice, and that option is to become a public, god myth agent and promoter, to literally wear a "scarlet letter", in the form of a nun's uniform, on their bodies, whenever they set foot in public, so that everyone can see that they have been "branded" as being virgins. And of course the vast majority of these women were sexually tortured as children. Society will not acknowledge that to some of it's tortured victim-creations, any type of intimate, sexual contact with another human being, not only would provide no pleasure or satisfaction, but would in fact result in the experience of horrific emotional torture, as a result of the actual torture, sexual torture, that the individual, male or female, was subjected to in the past, almost always beginning during childhood.

A few words now on abstinence, which is somewhat similar to virginity, but still deserves a few comments in it's own right. Sexual abstinence involves a profound, personal decision by an individual, to not engage in most, but not necessarily all, types of sexual activity. Most commonly, an abstainer will choose to not have any type of sexual contact with another human being, but may very well still "have sex", in terms of the most Superior type of sexual activity that exists, masturbation. Although just as many virgins do engage in masturbation, most are simply waiting for what they perceive to be the "right time" to start having what they have deluded into considering to be "real sex", namely intercourse. They have no genuine plans to abstain from having sex for any lengthy period of time, and therefore they do not deserve the label of abstainer. The proper definition for sexual abstainer is: Someone who has made a commitment to refrain from having intimate sexual contact with all other living things, for a lengthy period of time, and intends to honor this commitment despite any "temptations" to break his commitment, that he might run across as time passes. Since your diseased society refuses to define masturbation as "having sex", the person who is choosing to abstain from sex certainly has no obligation to also abstain from masturbation. Just as virginity is condemned and ridiculed by society, so too is sexual abstinence on the part of individuals who are not virgins. However, if an old person, past age 60, chooses to become abstinent, the degree of societal condemnation and ridicule is greatly decreased. Why?? Very simply, the older human, most especially a female, is no longer able to breed, no longer able to create children, and therefore societal leaders are more willing to allow the human to "retire" from the obligation that society imposes upon all human beings, to have sex, to create children, and to pair off into couples for the purpose of legal, cultural, and pseudo-moral enslavement. Even at age 70, a man's decision to become sexually abstinent is met with quite a lot of societal condemnation. But a 70 year old woman who makes this same decision, receives only a little condemnation. This is because many men, even at age 70, can still impregnate women, while at the same time no 70 year old woman can become pregnant.

There are some sexual abstainers who make a conscious, intellectual decision that no other human being on planet earth is worthy of having intimate sexual contact with them. No more than one out of 500,000 adults, at most, makes this decision. But I would like to take this opportunity to publically applaud and salute these brave and Superior individuals, for having adopted this courageous and Superior mindset, and for having lived it out within their own lives. As you will read soon, in my "Personal Comments & Revelations" on sex, I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, am in fact both an adult virgin and a sexual abstainer, and extremely proud to be able to reveal these personal Truths. But first, a few more points on the attitudes which shape the sexual abstainer. There is nothing inherently arrogant or egotistical in a person choosing to abstain from sex because they feel that no other human on the planet deserves to have intimate sexual contact with them. This is a perfectly healthy, self-empowered, self-valuing attitude to have. There is absolutely no rational reason why anyone should submit or agree to have intimate sexual contact with others, especially given the fact that most people can train and teach themselves to achieve even greater sexual pleasure and release, via solo masturbation. Having sexual contact with other people is dangerous on many different levels, it is unpredictable and uncontrollable, on many levels. It represents compromise and dilution of sexual power and autonomy, rather than the pursuit of ultimate sexual power and control, which is best achieved without the direct interference of any other human. All of these Truths apply equally, for both men and women. Most adult human beings in america and in most "modern and civilized" 21st century societies, have been subjected to sexual abuse and victimization, of one kind or another, be it physical, emotional, or cultural, during their childhoods. It was other human beings who victimized them sexually, with the tacit and overt approval/permission of society itself. For such torture victims to stand up for themselves, claim their sexuality as their own, and vow to abstain from all sexual contact with all human beings, represents the ultimate in courageous embrace of True Reality, and the ultimate expression of proper and appropriate self-love. Amazingly, the "mental health experts" of your societies would instruct and advise these torture victims that they need to "transcend" their childhood sexual torture, by "moving forward" in life and seeking out sexual relationships with other adults, literally attempting to coerce these torture victims into agreeing to mentally relive the torture of intimate sexual contact with other human beings that they have already endured in their lives. How utterly perverse and malevolent! And yet as I have already revealed, mental health professionals/doctors are nothing more than societal prostitutes, obligated to grant legitimacy to all of the perverse and insane doctrines and decrees that the evil society within which they practice, seeks to impose upon them, as well as upon all citizen-slaves. Virginity and sexual abstinence are positive virtues and positive life paths, not because there is any sort of a "moral" claim, based on the insane god myth, that "denying oneself sexual pleasure" is a good thing, but rather because a personal decision to be a virgin, to abstain from sex, to refrain from engaging in sexual contact with other human beings, indicates and represents self-love, self-value, and a refusal on the part of the individual to accept the inferior, culturally coerced sexual ideology that your diseased societies deliberately and viciously impose upon all of their citizen-slaves. It indicates a courageous personal intent to remain safe, and to avoid further victimization at the hands of other human beings. The individuals who make these Superior life choices are worthy of praise, honor, and unconditional support, rather than the absolutely brutal condemnation and ridicule that they are in reality subjected to.

I certainly do not have either the space or the inclination to discuss the many thousands of different ways to have sex that are available, so I will limit myself to some generalized, brief overviews here. Keep in mind folks, that all of you should feel free to send me e-mail if you wish me to elaborate upon any topic, any issue, any specific point or detail within any of the Texts at this website. Assuming that your e-mail is completely respectful and deemed by me to be totally sincere, there is a good chance that your query, if it is a Superior one, will indeed receive a reply, posted at the "feedback/latest updates" page, and possibly even added to the text of the essay itself. Group sex, which involves more than two people engaging in intimate sexual contact while together in the same room, is utterly condemned by your society, given the demonizing label of "orgy". Even though I do absolutely recognize that solo, masturbatory sex generally offers the best way for a majority of people to achieve extreme sexual pleasure, it does not follow that 2 people having intimate sexual contact offers a better method of having sex than 3 people, which is better than 4 people, etc... In other words, while 1 person having sex may be best, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 20+ people all having intimate sexual contact together, is certainly not worse than 2 people having sex together. It all depends upon the individual, some people enjoy variety, they enjoy different physical sensations, they enjoy exhibiting their bodies to others. It can increase the degree of sexual pleasure and release that they achieve, although I do feel strongly that in many cases sexually promiscuous individuals are repeating and reliving the sexual torture that other human beings imposed upon them, usually during their childhoods, in their repetitive, promiscuous sexual encounters with other people, as adults. Human beings are taught by society to hate themselves, taught that they deserve to suffer, and this perversely inspires them to "deliberately" make themselves suffer, over and over, throughout their entire lives, in many cases. All this having been said, I want to make it clear that there is absolutely no moral basis with which to negatively judge those who have a great deal of sex with a great many other people, or who choose to participate in group sex. Some people who do this derive great pleasure, genuine sexual pleasure and Superior release of their sexual energy, via such acts, and most of these people are freer than those who blindly embrace fascist societal decree to only have intercourse type sex with a single human being, the same human being, over and over, for many years.

Oral and anal sex are just two of many different types of ways to have sex, which generally only involve two people, just as intercourse involves just two people. But oral and anal sex are condemned by society, not sanctified and encouraged like intercourse is. Why?? Once again we have the issue of child creation at the forefront. Oral and anal sex can and often do provide more physical pleasure to participants, than intercourse does. This terrifies societal leaders, who recognize that intercourse has to be sanctified, because they have a vested interest in creating as many new citizen-slaves, generation after generation, as they possibly can. If most people were to recognize that masturbation, oral sex, anal sex, etc..., provided them with a Superior way to have sex, they would stop having intercourse, or at least greatly reduce how often they have intercourse, and this would cause the number of children created, to plummet. Understand this: The vast majority of all children, are not wanted. Either one or both of the people who created the child, did not want to create a child, when they had sexual intercourse. This is true for teen-agers having sex for the first time, for promiscuous young adults and teens, for engaged/sex restricting couples, and for married couples as well. In all four categories, the exact same Truth is valid: There was no specific intent and desire by both sexual participants to create a child, in a solid majority of all of the sexual acts, by people in all four categories, which resulted in the creation of a child. Societal leaders, despite making utterly false verbal claims that they have a desire to reduce the "unwanted" pregnancy rates, have absolutely no such desire or intent. The exact opposite is true, society seeks to get as many women and girls as possible to become pregnant, and to convince as many men and boys as it can, to impregnate women and girls. This is why the Superior, safer, and generally more physically pleasurable ways to have sex, such as masturbation, oral sex, mutual masturbation involving two or more people at the same time in the same place, etc..., are all relentlessly demonized and condemned by society, while the single and sole method of having sex that carries with it the danger of creating a child, as well as many other dangers and drawbacks, including potentially fatal ones, intercourse, is relentlessly promoted and sanctified to all citizen-slaves, as being the only proper way to have sex.

Going back to the issue of sexual promiscuity, a great many human beings spend years, decades, sometimes their entire lifetime, going from person to person, establishing a brief sexual relationship with them, then "dumping" them and moving on to the next person, over and over and over. Why do they engage in this type of behavior, endangering their own health, safety, and lives, as well as wasting a tremendous amount of time and energy within their limited lifespan?? It is because they are laboring under an invalid, delusional mindset regarding sex and sexuality, that their society has terroristically brainwashed them into embracing. Some of these humans believe that they need to find "romantic love" with another person, even though there is no such type of love within the framework of rational human behavior. So they go from person to person to person, trying to establish a relationship based upon genuine and legitimate romantic love, that cannot be established, because there is no such thing as genuine and legitimate romantic love. Any relationship that tries to build itself upon this invalid concept, cannot possibly stand and remain and endure, because it is like building a house out of a deck of playing cards. There is no foundation within Truth, to such a relationship. Other sexually promiscuous people have been so broken and brainwashed by society, that they cannot love themselves, either intellectually, emotionally, or sexually, and this drives them to develop an obsession with "obtaining" the love of another person, via convincing another person to agree to have sex with them. This has to be one of the greatest tragedies within the deranged landscape of human philosophical perversion. The individual still retains the notion that he "needs to be loved", but has lost all ability to love himself, and therefore is left with no other emotional option beyond desperately attempting to find other people to love him, even though all such love will be flawed, conditional, invalid, and of course nowhere near as pure and untouchable and unconditional as self-love is. "I need to be loved by you, because I am unable to love myself, I also cannot satisfy myself sexually, because the society that I am addicted by and enslaved to has demonized masturbation, so I will go out and seek other humans to have sex with me, and if they agree, this means they love me, and so I will be loved and my sexual needs will be satisfied." This is the utterly perverse, tragic tableau that is being played out by countless millions of human beings each and every day, who have been stripped of two of the most precious, valuable, and irreplaceable human rights and needs in existence, the right and ability to love oneself, and the right and ability to meet and satisfy ones need and desire for sexual pleasure and release.

What about homosexuality and lesbianism? Here we have individuals satisfying each other's sexual needs in an interactive manner, but as always, since we do not have actual intercourse that can create children, homosexuality and lesbianism are viciously and relentlessly condemned and demonized by society. Every man who chooses to satisfy himself sexually with another man, is taking himself out, refusing to accept, the child creating obligation that society is determined to impose upon him. He is also taking his sexual partner out of this perverse obligation. The same is true for every woman who engages in lesbian behavior for the purpose of achieving sexual pleasure/release. She is not allowing a man to impregnate her, while at the same time achieving the sexual pleasure and release that she needs. This absolutely infuriates and terrifies societal leaders, not only because of the individual loss of breeders, but because societal leaders are in constant fear that more and more citizens will discover and realize that intercourse is an extremely poor, incredibly restrictive, inferior way to achieve sexual pleasure and release, and this will result in more and more people refusing to have intercourse, opting instead for more pleasurable and Superior ways to have sex. If homosexuality and lesbianism were not viciously condemned by society, more people would "experiment" with this type of sexual activity, and some of them would realize that on a personal level, it is a Superior way for them to satisfy their sexual needs, when compared to intercourse. The issue of sexual attraction will be discussed very soon, but first let me say that it is a fact that most men find it easier to establish close friendships with other men, than with women. And most women find it easier to establish close friendships with other women, than with men. Individuals of the same gender generally have more things in common, experience things in a more similar manner, and can identify with each other in a more accurate fashion, than individuals of different genders. This stronger intellectual and emotional connection should and would, were it not for perverse societal brainwashing, extend into the arena of sexual pleasure/release, as well. It is clear to me that if homosexuality and lesbianism were not so brutally condemned and demonized by society, many more people would eagerly and happily embrace both of these sexual paths, than is currently the case. Women especially, would flock to each other, savoring the comfort and familiarity and sensitivity that they would find within close friends of their own gender, as they helped each other to satisfy their sexual needs and desires. But no, instead they are terroristically compelled by society to repeatedly go out with strange men, that they usually have established no type of genuine friendship with, for the mystical purpose of trying to find "romantic love", which does not in fact exist within reality. Again, the notion of romantic love is an artificial construct of society, designed to compel men and women to go out with each other, to pair of into couples, to enslave themselves into a family unit, and to create child-slaves, which are used by society as the ultimate, lifetime, enslavement device. Homosexuality and lesbianism is further terrifying to you diseased creatures and your evil societies, because it offers a type of potential equality and mutual, reciprocal identification with self and with one's partner within an intimate, couple relationship, that is contrary to the design structure of societally promoted male/female intercourse.

Sex is marketed by society to you creatures, as a melding of opposites, as well as a power and subjugation play. A man and a woman are supposed to be "attracted" to each other not because they are very similar to each other and share the same physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological traits, but rather because they are different from each other. The differences are said and taught by society, to serve as enhancements to the relationship, even though this notion is patently ridiculous and irrational when looked at from any Truth-based perspective. This lie results in people deliberately seeking out intimate, sexual relationships, with other people that they share few if any common traits and interests with, creating a recipe for certain failure, as well as frustration which leads to violent abuse and attack upon sex partners. Furthermore, sex is decreed by societal policy to not be an act of affection and benevolence between two individuals, but rather as a tool of subjugation and entrapment, for both men and women, in different ways. I want to focus specifically on intercourse here, although these same Truths can and do apply to most other societally sanctioned forms of sex, that involve two people becoming sexually intimate with each other. Intercourse is a form of "attack", oppression, and subjugation, committed by a male upon a female, even if the male has no specific interest in hurting the woman. In intercourse, the male repeatedly rams a rigid body part directly into a sensitive, vulnerable area of a woman's body, attempting to go as deep as possible, and committing this act in a physically forceful manner. The woman is expected to either lie passively, or to move her body in such a way as to better accommodate the man's efforts. He is imposing himself upon her, in an aggressive, forceful, violent manner. The fact that she might not be "resisting", does not change the reality of the situation. He is physically subjugating the woman, as he has intercourse with her. Society teaches men that no matter how torturous their day to day lives might be, as a result of economic oppression, emotional enslavement, familial obligations, etc..., they retain both the right and the ability to savor the cathartic physical and emotional pleasure of subjugating female human beings, via intercourse and other "couple-based" sexual activities. A wife and a female live-in lover, are essentially told that they are obligated to submit to the sexual demands of their male partners, or face likely "eviction" from the relationship, and loss of the financial/emotional dependency that they likely have built up during the course of the relationship. In addition, if the relationship collapses, they are blamed and condemned by society, under the decree that women have an obligations to keep all Sacred Family Units, once they have been created/established, together. On the flip side, society also allows women to retain the illusion, and in some cases to establish a reality within a sexual relationship, in which the man becomes dependent upon the woman, and she is able to dominate and subjugate him. As is so often the case with sex, the perverse myth of romantic love plays a primary role in many such situations. The man becomes falsely and invalidly convinced, on an emotionalized level, that he "must" establish and maintain a sexual relationship with a specific female, because he delusionally believes that he feels romantic love for her, and not only that, but the romantic love is so powerful and profound that it cannot be achieved with any other woman. Countless millions of men are afflicted with this societally induced mental illness/derangement, to the degree where they not only verbally say, but genuinely believe that there is factual accuracy to thoughts/beliefs such as: "I can't live without you", and "You are my whole life, you are the purpose of my life, the center of my universe," and "Without you I am nothing, without you I might as well be dead," and "We are meant to be together for all of eternity," and "If I can't have you I might as well be dead," and "If I can't have you, nobody will have you." There is not a shred of sanity or legitimacy to any of these thoughts/beliefs, they are artificial constructs that have developed within the brains of men, as a result of three primary things: 1: An inability to love oneself, 2: An addiction to the toxic myth that one needs to be loved by others. 3: An embrace of the ridiculous, societally imposed myth that romantic love exists, is important, must be found, obtained, and clung to at all costs. Yes, it is certainly true that women become afflicted with this exact same series of derangements, towards men, almost as often as men do, towards women. And the genocidally harmful consequences are just as profound, in both cases. What I am pointing out here, very specifically, is how this particular form of perverse societal teaching can and is used to also allow women to make men dependent upon and subjugated to them, within an intimate, couple-based sexual relationship. Of the three systematic human failures listed above, all of which are extremely harmful and completely induced/caused by society itself, item #1, an inability to love oneself, is at the innermost core root of the flower of disease. Only because human beings have been stripped of the ability to properly love themselves, are the other two myths, that romantic love exists and that the person needs to be loved by another person, able to flourish and obtain such an incredibly powerful hold upon the intellectual and emotional mind of the societal torture victim. What we have are women believing that they are dependent upon men for love, men believing that they are dependent upon women for love, and yet the type of love that they believe they need and are obsessed with obtaining from another person, does not even exist as a reality. And these same people are completely unable to feel or use the genuine love that does exist within their minds, because it can only be properly directed towards self, and their society has stripped them of the ability to love themselves! How incredibly perverse this situation is!

Societally promoted sex involves the creation of a needy, dependent relationship, for as many citizen-slaves as possible, which is based upon nothing but self-hatred. "I need somebody else to agree to have sex with me, because this will mitigate and relieve the self-loathing that I feel for myself, due to a complete inability to love myself." This is the perverse attitude of 99.9% of all adult and late teen-age human beings, within ultra-diseased societies like america. Of course this Truth is rarely embraced or even recognized, on an overtly conscious level, but it is the factually accurate heart and soul of all mainstream, modern sexuality. Society strips the individual of the precious and irreplaceable ability to love himself, replacing this with an utterly toxic message that the individual needs to establish intimate relationships with other people, to "obtain" love from them, as an invalid way to emotionally cope with the loss of all ability to love himself, that he has been torturously and unforgivably stripped of, as a direct result of chosen, core societal policy and ideology. Societally promoted, couple-based sex, is oppressive, this is a universal Truth, no matter how much "pleasure" it might superficially provide to some individuals. It is oppressive because it is based upon a false and invalid concept, romantic love, which does nothing but addict people to each other, causing them to invalidly adopt the pretense that they are getting their emotional needs met because they are able to "love other people and to be loved by other people", when the reality is that neither the love they believe they feel for others, nor the love that they believe others feel for them, is valid, true, or accurate, and they have lost the only genuine, the only valid, the only important type of love that exists, the ability to love themselves. Sex is used by human beings to try to cope with the horrors, terrors, and unbearable aspects of their real, day to day, lives. Men who are complete societal slaves, addicted to horrific substances and insane myths,, enchained to horrific jobs and bosses, find comfort in sex, by inflicting pain, dominance, oppression, and subjugation, upon women, in couple-based sex that society advocates, such as intercourse and oral sex, finding comfort in the false belief that they are loved, even though they cannot love themselves. And in the process, they do nothing but enslave and enchain themselves further, as the noose of Sacred Family Unit mythology and the legal consequences of getting married and creating children, are tightened around their necks. Women who have been told and taught since birth that they are inferior to men, that it is their sacred duty to find and convince a man to agree to have sex with them, preferably on an exclusive basis, are usually even less able to conceive of the notion of genuinely loving themselves than men are, and obsessively begin, usually by the age of 10, before they even reach puberty, to use the "weapon" of their sexual attractiveness, another artificial construct of society, to lure boys and men to them, obsessively demanding that the boys and men "love" them, once again because they have been stripped of the natural, instinctual ability to love themselves. This is the utterly toxic web that has been woven by your evil societies, around the specific issue of "proper sex" and "romantic love". Both men and women use each other sexually, to try and feel better about themselves, specifically because they are unable to love themselves, unable to feel good about themselves, unable to value and love themselves. The woman feels unattractive, inferior, worthless, so she sets out to find a man willing to have sex with her. The man that she finds feels like a failure, a slave, he hates himself as he recognizes on an intellectual and emotional level, the pointlessness and worthlessness and victimization that is his life. He sets out to find a woman to have sex with him, so that he can feel better about himself and his life. The two people who tragically have been stripped of the ability to love themselves meet, have sex, and desperately embrace the ridiculous premise that they "love" each other, even though the reality is that neither person is able to love himself, and the specific reason they set out to find someone else to have sex with, is because they hate and loathe themselves so much, usually on a subconscious level, that they cannot emotionally or intellectually justify giving themselves the sexual pleasure/release that they wanted/needed!

All societally promoted, couple-based sex is either violent, exploitative, lie-based, or manipulative in nature, most often all four of these negative realities rolled into one. Sex is used by societal torture victims, to hurt and harm other societal torture victims, as standard societal policy. Men demand sex from women, while women withhold sex from men, in threatening ways, teasing manners, as a ridiculous game and as a power trip. Women are told to play "hard to get" when men demand sex from them, as a way to provide an illusion of false control and power to women, even as they continue to be viciously victimized by all mainstream societal policies regarding the issue of sex. Men are told that when a woman turns down a man's request/demand for sex, she is simply playing "hard to get", as she has been instructed to do by society, she is simply teasing the man, while in reality she wants to have sex with him. This is done to stroke and massage the ego of the tortured, self-hating man, and of course it can only lead to the obsessive, unrelenting, violent, rape-based, sometimes homicidal sexual obsessions that men develop towards women, and causes the epidemic of sex "crimes" which are pervasive within all modern, ultra-diseased societies like america. Both genders are instructed by society to use their "sexuality" as a weapon, as well as a tool to get their own sexual needs met, by other people. Needs that could and should be easily met by people on their own, if only they were raised up within a sane, properly nurturing, Truth-based society. Sex "crimes" are nothing more than rational projections of the insane sexual ideologies that society malevolently imposes upon it's citizen-slaves. If society teaches that sex is a weapon, that sex is to be used to exploit and victimize people, that all people need to have sex with other people, that all women want to have sex, that when a woman refuses to have sex with someone, she is simply playing hard to get, all of these ideologies are absolutely taught and imposed as facts upon you citizen-slaves, then of course there will be an epidemic of brutal sex crime, much of which is not even recognized or treated as such, by your diseased societies. For example, literally millions of wives in america are raped every week, either physically, emotionally, or intellectually terrorized into having intimate sexual contact with their husbands, that they do not want to have. That is the definition of rape! And yet under insane Sacred Family Unit mythology, it is decreed that married women are supposed to have sex with their husbands, are obligated to have sex with their husbands, and so these millions of rapes are never classified as rapes, or crimes of any kind, even though they often involve far greater personal distress and terrorization, on a far more enduring, ongoing level, than any rape by a complete stranger upon a woman he had never before seen and has no "relationship" with, may cause.

Another extremely interesting form of sex that needs to be explored, is fetishism. What is fetishism? The general definition which is applicable here, with regard to sex, is: The displacement of sexual arousal or gratification to a fetish. And the word fetish is defined thusly: Something, such as a material object or a nonsexual part of the body, that arouses sexual desire and may become necessary for sexual gratification. An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation. Okay, lets look at these two definitions. Society says that fetishism is a displacement of sexual arousal or gratification. What does this mean? It means that your fascist, lie-based, deranged society has taken it upon itself to impose rules and regulations upon all citizen-slaves, as to what "should" provide the citizen-slaves with sexual arousal and/or gratification. If any human does not follow these rules and regulations, they are declared to be abnormal and given a demonizing label of fetishist, which is the word that a person "afflicted" with fetishism is dubbed. The reality of course, is that every type of sexual arousal and every type of sexual gratification that is sought/claimed, is equally valid, dependent solely upon the unique True Reality of every human being. There is no genuine "displacement" that can occur, and if anything, the lifetime of brainwashing and coercion that society commits upon each person, attempting to get the person to agree to solely embrace and engage in couple-based, intercourse-focused, gender-specific sexual activity, is the only type of genuine, mass "displacement" of individual, unique, sexual development and interest, outside of the modest instinctual desire to procreate, that can and does occur. Being sexually aroused/obsessed by inanimate objects like shoes, lingerie, guns, etc..., or being sexually aroused/obsessed by so-called "non-sexual" body parts such as feet, fingernails, hair, etc..., is not a "displacement" of anything. A person's sexual obsessions are shaped and directed by the sum total of their life experiences, combined with the malicious brainwashing and fascist thought control that their society imposes upon them. A fetishist who is obsessed with women's feet is decreed by society to be "displacing" his sexual arousal and gratification, solely because the society has decided that it wants it's citizen-slaves to engage in sexual intercourse when they become sexually aroused and need sexual gratification. Therefore, the foot fetish and the fetishist-practitioner is demonized, even as the "intercourse fetish" has been and continues to be pervasively and brutally imposed upon all citizen-slaves, as being the "right" way to have sex. The fetishist who is attracted to inanimate objects receives a slightly greater degree of societal scorn and condemnation than the fetishist who is attracted to an "inappropriate" body part, using the rationale that the body part fetishist is at least a bit more likely to seek out some direct sex-related contact with other human beings, while the shoe, lingerie, gun sexual fetishist is more likely to be able and to choose to meet his own sexual needs without having much if any direct contact with other human beings. Understand this, folks: Even though two-person, intercourse sex is by far the most strongly promoted, society has a whole, huge other set of standards as to judging how acceptable other ways of having sex are. Oral sex meets with quite a bit of approval, since it usually involves two people and can lead up to or offer a break from intercourse sex, without causing the specific, two-person sexual relationship to be broken. But oral sex between two people of the same gender, is a different story, and receives much more societal condemnation, because the "relationship" between the two people cannot result in the creation of a child, and it potentially removers two breeders from the societal pool. The greatest degree of societal condemnation is reserved for people who are able and choose to meet their own sexual needs, and have no interest in having any type of sexual contact with other people, because these individuals terrify societal leaders. A person who is sexually free, independent, loves himself, refuses to addict, enmesh, and enslave himself within any type of a sexual relationship with another person, strikes terror into the very core of the societal leadership, because the entire goal of society is to break each individual, to strip them of all self-love, to strip them of all genuine personal autonomy, to make the individual dependent upon and addicted to, other human beings and perverse societal doctrine as a whole. So, a fetishist who has a strict sexual obsession towards shoes, is demonized slightly more than a fetishist who has a strict sexual obsession towards human feet, because it is assumed that the foot fetishist is more likely to at least engage in regular, sexual-type physical contact with other human beings, in order to get his sexual needs met, thus creating a situation in which a dependent relationship that erodes self-love and personal autonomy, is more likely to develop, than is the case with a strict shoe fetishist, who is only interested sexually, in the inanimate object.

It is clear to any sane thinker that the societal sexualization of certain body parts, is nothing more than an artificial, invalid construct, that certainly cannot be legitimately imposed upon all citizen-slaves, as constituting "proper placement" of individual sexual interest. 21st century american society chooses to sexualize women's breasts. A specific message is given by society, to all citizen-slaves, that breasts are supposed to be a highly sexual, erogenous body part. Men are told, trained, and coerced, under the threat of being labeled "abnormal", to see and perceive female breasts as being sexy. Women are told, taught, and coerced into agreeing to use their breasts as objects of sexual enticement, to wear bras which accentuate the breast, to wear clothing which exposes a portion of the breast, etc... This is nothing more than the societal sexualization of a body part, and there is nothing "normal" about it. The fact that a strong majority of citizen-slaves do embrace breasts as a sexual body part, only indicates and demonstrates how pathetically gullible and easily manipulated, lacking all independent thinking and reasoning skills, most people are. I'm not saying there is anything terribly wrong, on an individual basis, with a person being sexually obsessed with women's breasts. What I am saying is that it is absolutely outrageous for the breast fetishist to think that he is "more normal" than the foot fetishist, or for the breast fetishist to adopt an air of superiority, based upon the notion that he is directing his sexual interests properly, while the foot fetishist is doing so improperly, "displacing" his sexual interests, as the official, primary societal definition of fetishism, has the audacity to proclaim. As to other overtly sexualized body parts, such as the penis and vagina, it is obvious that society chooses to sexualize these parts because they are the body parts that need to be used, when having intercourse. By sexualizing these body parts, the overall goal of getting citizen-slaves to use these body parts, and to allow them to be used in the sexual act of intercourse, is met. As to the societal definition of fetishist: "An abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment" concerning sexual arousal and climax, this exact definition is applicable to intercourse, as well. Most devotees of intercourse have an obsession/fixation/preoccupation with engaging in intercourse. To say that this is normal, simply because a great many people are obsessed with intercourse, while significantly fewer people are obsessed with women's feet, and to attach a demonizing label of fetishist to the latter group, is completely hypocritical and disingenuous. Most especially because the continuing high degree of popularity of intercourse is due solely to relentless societal promotion and illegitimate imposition of this one particular sex act, above all others. There is not a shred of legitimate evidence or reason to believe that the person who is married and has regular sexual intercourse with his wife, enjoys a quality or appreciation for life that is better than the person who has never had sexual intercourse with anyone, has never had sexual contact with anyone, and only has sex by himself, while fondling a woman's shoe. Is it possible that the married intercourser derives more pleasure, sexual and otherwise, via his life path? Yes. Is it equally possible that the obsessive shoe fondler derives more pleasure, sexual and otherwise? Yes. Each individual experiences and interprets pleasure, as well as sexuality, in their own, totally unique way. Every person's sexual interests and focus should legitimately be shaped by the sum total of their own unique, True Reality life experiences. For any society to promote one form of sex as being better, more normal, more appropriate, much less to actively demonize, condemn, and ridicule other forms of sex, as all societies do, is completely perverse and outrageous. It is brutally harmful to a majority of people, resulting in them altering their sexual behaviors, hiding their sexual interests, and/or being subjected to traumatic, injurious, sometimes even fatal attack, be it verbal, emotional, or physical, at the hands of enraged, bloodthirsty devotees of mainstream societal ideology on sex, who seize upon the societal opportunity and sanction to assault an openly gay man, for example, with just as much gusto as the serial killer seizes upon societal encouragement to target prostitutes and other officially decreed "inferior and abnormal" classes/groups of people. Most fetishists engage in behaviors that are much safer than sexual intercourse, carry the absolute ability to produce more personal physical and emotional pleasure than intercourse, and there is absolutely no moral or cultural legitimacy to the overt societal decree that intercourse-based sex is better or more appropriate, on any level.

That society overtly promotes the demonization and condemnation of all citizen-slaves who refuse to tow the fascist party line regarding appropriate ways to have sex, is undeniable. For boys in 21st century america, the very first overt curse word that most of them learn, by age 5, 6, 7, 8, is a derogatory term for homosexuals, a three or six letter word beginning with the letter f. I do not even need to write the word out here, because every English speaking person reading this page, man or woman, immediately knows which "F" word I am referring to, as soon as I mention the 3 or 6 letter nature of the word. Your society teaches every child, by the age of eight at the latest, this 3 and 6 letter F word. Amazingly, the child usually has no knowledge of human sexuality at this point, the child cannot define this F word with any type of accuracy, and yet the child is already using the word to demonize and condemn other children, any child who shows the slightest tendency to deviate from the fascist societal decrees as to how the child must act. "You're a f__", says the 5, 6, 7, 8, year old child. "You're a f_____", he says to his crying classmate or playmate. The fact that he cannot define this word is irrelevant. He doesn't need to know the definition, society has already taught him everything he needs to know, that "f__s" are perverse, diseased, inferior creatures, and the best way to insult any other child who shows any type of weakness, sensitivity, compassion, or emotion, is to call them a f__. Amazingly, the tiniest display of physical difference results in the f__ label being applied. If a boy walks in an awkward manner, for example, perhaps waving his arms in a slightly different way than most other boys, he is decreed to be a f__. This is how incredibly intense and pervasive the degree of sexual fascism that is imposed upon you creatures, from birth onward, by your societies, truly is. A child aged 7, who knows virtually nothing about sex, has already been trained to carefully conform his own behavior to that which has been labeled "normal", to carefully observe other children, to note even the tiniest, most obscure type of non-conformity that the other children might reveal, and then to overtly, proudly, openly condemn that child, by calling him a f____. The child doesn't even know what homosexuality is, he doesn't even know what his own sexual interests are! But he knows that his society wants him to conform his behavior to it's fascist decrees of normality, and to publically condemn any other child who fails to conform their behavior. The only way that any child could reach this conclusion and realization, without even knowing the accurate definition of the word that he is using as a tool of demonization, would be because it is one of society's core, most intense and pervasively direct, advocated messages, the society that the child is born into and raised up within. There is plenty of time to find out the exact definition, often the child does not intellectually form a complete understanding of what homosexuality is until he is 14, 15, 17 years old. But by age 5-8, a full decade earlier, the child is already using the 3 and 6 letter f word, upon the instruction of society, to condemn, ridicule, and demonize any other child who shows the slightest hint of deviation from the fascist behavioral agenda that society maliciously attempts to impose upon every child and adult.

Now, lets consider yet another utterly ridiculous societal angle to sex, which I have touched upon already. Bizarrely, when it comes to picking sexual partners, society instructs you creatures that lack of experience is superior to experience. In fact, a complete lack of experience on the part of your sexual partner, the partner being a virgin, will provide ideal sex, while choosing a sexual partner who has a great deal of experience, such as a prostitute or admitted afficionado of sex who has had a great many sexual partners, represents a major drawback that reflects badly upon you. This is a bizarre notion. Consider: Who is more likely to shoot a gun in a superior manner, someone who has never before fired a gun in their lifetime, or someone who has fired 100,000 shots? Who is more likely to be able to throw a ball into a basket, someone who has never played basketball in their life, or someone who has taken 100,000 shots at the basket? Who is more likely able to fix a broken toilet, a person who has never fixed any broken toilet in his life, or a person who has already fixed thousands of broken toilets?? Would you rather have as your pilot a person who has never before flown an airplane, or a person who has piloted thousands of aircraft?? The answer to all these questions is glaringly, undeniably obvious, and the exact same Truth applies to the issue of sex, despite the fact that a few minor wrinkles, such as the possibility of a communicable disease being more likely in a person who has had a huge number of sexual partners, do exist. Taking these wrinkles into account, there is still absolutely no legitimacy to the notion that lack of experience trumps experience, in the choice of a sexual partner. The societal decree that sex with a virgin offers the "best" type of sex, proves that sex is marketed to men by society, as being an act of pure power, dominance, oppression, and victimization. Men and boys are instructed by society to seek out virgins, and to rob them of their virginity, and if they do exactly this, their accomplishment is celebrated and extolled by society, as indicating and demonstrating their superiority. To a slightly lesser but still absolutely valid degree, this applies to women and girls enticing and seducing boys and men who are virgins, as well. The virgin who has never had sex before is inexperienced, scared, nervous, worried. By sex, I am referring here to a two-person, intimate contact type of sex. The only benefits that having sex with a virgin provides to the non-virgin partner, are the ability to emotionally and intellectually exploit and revel in the fear, vulnerability, and "innocence" of the virgin, while massaging the ego by focusing upon the notion that you are the "first" person to "break the innocence" of the virgin, and provide the virgin with the ultimate in sexual pleasure for the very first time. Of course there is no legitimacy to the idea that intercourse-type sex provides any greater pleasure than solo masturbation does, but facts and Truth have never been of any interest or importance to you creatures or your societies.

If the goal of having sex was a benevolent one, of two people each meeting their sexual needs while helping the other person, sexual experience would be prized, not a lack of sexual experience. People would want to have sex with other people who have had a great many sexual encounters with a great many people, recognizing that such a person is far more likely to have developed techniques and skills that the person can use to maximize sexual pleasure and satisfaction for both himself and his sexual partner. But no, instead sex with a virgin is prized, and those who choose to have sex with prostitutes or "loose" women, "gigolo" men, have societal scorn heaped upon them, as is the case with the actual "loose" women and "gigolo" men themselves. This is because mainstream sex, as marketed by society to you, the citizen-slaves, is not benevolent, but rather malevolent. It is utterly selfish, abusive. It is based upon one individual imposing his, or her, will, upon the other person. It is based upon one person feeling good, not by helping another person enjoy sex, but by selfishly satisfying his suppressed rage, hate, frustration, self-hatred, sense of personal impotence in day to day life, by using the other person as an object, to relieve these negative feelings within himself. Deflower the virgin, and you have achieved a victory, you have imposed yourself upon another person, you have hurt them, you have caused them pain and robbed them of the innocence than you once had. Sexual intercourse is in fact marketed and used by society as an act of vengeance, to provide a legal way to hurt and claim vengeance against other human beings, even as the ridiculous and false illusion of "romantic love" being at play, is maintained. The fact that unlike the vast majority of sex acts, intercourse-based sex often involves physical pain being caused to one of the two participants, usually the female, adds to the vengeance factor. It provides a legal way for people to hurt each other, to make themselves feel better by hurting another person, physically, emotionally, psychologically. The same is true for oral sex, of course. In oral sex, the physical pain may be less pervasive, but the psychological degree of utter humiliation and self-loathing experienced by one half of the duo, and the arrogant, sadistic degree of domination and empowerment experienced by the other half, is generally even more pervasive and enhanced, than is the case with intercourse. Within any sane society, virgins and the sexually inexperienced would experiment and explore their sexuality options among themselves, while the sexually experienced crowd would help each other to achieve ever greater heights of pleasure, via technique and methodology advice sharing. The notion that deflowering a virgin somehow represents the ultimate in sexual victory would be recognized as being a perverse illustration of all the wrong and invalid reasons to have sex with others: oppression, terrorization, causing pain, imposition, theft of innocence, and the like.

Sadism and masochism are officially decreed by society to be expressions of sexuality, unusual sexuality, but still sexuality, as opposed to personal rage, hate, or mental dysfunction. The Truth is that a sadist is emotionally enraged, not sexually enraged. A masochist is emotionally self-hating, not sexually self-hating. In both cases, sadists and masochists do express their emotions via sexual activity and obsession. The sadist seeks to cathartically relieve his emotional rage, by expressing that rage upon a fellow human being, in some cases a human being that he feels otherwise sexually attracted to, but in other cases it is the infliction of terrorization, threat, and harm, either real or play-acted, which is in and of itself, the primary sexual "attraction". Remember, a human beings sexual interests and obsessions are limited only by the parameters of his own unique and individual mind. Masochists emotionally hate themselves, but often lack the initiative required to actively harm themselves. They transfer their emotional True Reality of self-loathing and self-victimization, onto a sexual level, and seek out fellow humans to inflict upon them, the personal victimization that they feel they deserve. The issue of whether sadists and masochists suffer from mental dysfunction, is rather moot. Your entire social, cultural, ideological, and governmental systems operate upon utterly deranged principles and mandates. Naturally almost all children brought up within this noxious, diseased atmosphere, will develop significant mental dysfunction, and sadists/masochists fit into this category. The interesting thing is that by choosing to channel their emotional rage, hate, self-loathing, into a sexual focus, many sadists and masochists are able to avoid engaging in activities that could potentially carry much more severely negative personal consequences. For example, the sexual sadist is often completely capable of murdering fellow human beings, and sometimes does actually carry his sadistic rage forward to homicidal effect, either against sexual partners or in other arenas. But more often than not, the sexual sadist does seem to be able to relieve his rage upon sexual partners, without killing them outright. In an ideal situation, the sadist will actually find a masochist to express his sadistic rage upon, thus avoiding the possibility of legal/judicial problems that would more likely occur if his sexual partner was not desirous of having suffering/pain inflicted upon him. Another example, involving the masochist, would be the fact that many people who hate themselves will directly inflict tremendous harm and even death upon themselves, with no sexual component involved, such mentally ill torture victims will needlessly risk/endanger their lives by consuming drugs, skydiving, and overtly attempting to commit "suicide", while many sexual masochists are able to channel most of their self-hating emotions into their sexual encounters, which of course can prove quite harmful and even fatal in and of themselves, if they happen to run across a sadist who is actively homicidal. There are no hard and fast rules regarding the limitation of sadism or masochism to sexual conduct, of course. Some sexual masochists will also viciously abuse/harm themselves in other, totally non-sexual ways. Some sadists will compartmentalize their rage in such a way that they have "legal" sexually sadistic contact with humans, but also commit illegal attacks/assaults upon other humans. The bottom line is that the arena of sex does provide opportunities for both sadists and masochists to satisfy their rage, hate, and self-loathing, in a societally legalized and legitimized fashion. Understand that societal leaders recognize that a tremendous amount of rage, hate, and self-loathing afflicts a tremendous percentage of the population, as a result of the universal abuse and torture that society inflicts upon all children. The societal goal is to provide outlets and coping mechanisms for as many citizen-slaves as possible, in order to maintain them as economically productive, breeding, taxpaying citizens. So just like all different types of brain chemistry altering drugs are made available for this malevolent societal goal, sexual sadism and masochism are also overtly legitimized, in the hope that the torture victims will be able to release and relieve some of their rage, hate, self-loathing, in a way that involves some degree of role-playing/acting, and even mutual consent, such as a sadist hooking up with a masochist. Societal leaders hope that the release of rage/hate/self-loathing via a sexual focus and activity, will dissipate these emotions to the degree where the torture victims are able to continue to function as productive citizen-slaves in their "regular", non-sexual lives. To conclude, sadism and masochism are not sexual activities, to label these actions as constituting sexual activity, is extremely misleading. It is far more accurate to say that sadists and masochists are individual torture victim-creations of society who are filled with rage, hate, and self-loathing, they are able to choose to express their True Reality in many different ways, and sometimes choose to do so in sexual ways, to channel their negative emotions into a relatively safe, in some cases, sexual focus and energy.

This brings us to the issue of prostitution, which I have already touched upon in my Crime essay, so I will try to keep my comments brief. Prostitution can certainly be very harmful to many of the people who choose to engage in this activity as a profession. Most prostitutes are tortured victims of childhood sexual abuse, who hate themselves. But the primary reason why prostitution is sometimes harmful to prostitutes, is because it is relentlessly demonized by society, and people who hate themselves, who want to harm themselves emotionally and/or physically, are thus encouraged to become prostitutes, while at the same time patrons of prostitutes are encouraged to take out all of their rage, hate, frustration, and other negative personal emotions and True Reality feelings, upon prostitutes. Prostitutes are a demonized class of human beings. It is the overt goal and intent of society, to foster, encourage, and enable the victimization of prostitutes, by their patrons. This Truth having been revealed, we also must recognize that some prostitutes absolutely revel in their chosen profession. Some enjoy having sex, and to be able to make a good deal of money while engaging in a physically and emotionally pleasurable activity, is a rare and precious gift, within the brutally enslaving economic structure of modern societies. The notion that all prostitutes hate themselves, or were seriously abused as children, is not valid. Most were abused as children, but this applies to all classes of individuals within an ultra-diseased society like america. Most have negative feelings towards themselves, on a conscious or subconscious level, but again, this is true for the "general public" as well. The fact is, prostitution is a business enterprise, it has employees, prostitutes, and most employees in general do not like/enjoy their jobs, and are exploited and victimized within their job situation, regardless of the profession that they are in. Just as is the case with regular jobs, the self-employed prostitute, the free agent working for himself, who has no "pimp", is less likely to perceive their profession as being brutally oppressive, than the prostitute who has a "boss", who takes a cut of the earnings and imposes rules and demands upon his employee, the prostitute. However, the true enemy of prostitutes is not the pimp, and not their customers, but society itself. A handful of Superior societies have legalized prostitution to some degree, in recent decades, but the vast majority of all societies have not and will not in any way, legally sanction this perfectly harmless and incredibly useful type of sexual contact. It is utterly outrageous that any society would place any type of moral stigma, much less a legal decree of criminality, upon either prostitutes or their customers. The selling of sexual contact provides enormous benefits to customers, and significant benefits to prostitutes themselves. The notion that prostitution can be anything but a completely legal business transaction, is ludicrous. For capitalistic societies like america to specifically criminalize prostitution, represents the ultimate in hypocrisy. Everything is supposed to be for sale in capitalistic societies, the free market system is worshipped as a pseudo-god, and yet in a completely arbitrary, irrationally discriminatory manner, adult human beings are prohibited from having sex with other adult human beings, for money, even though both parties are adult, both parties are mentally competent, both parties agree on the price and on the exact services that are to be rendered in exchange for the money. This is the very definition of a proper, legal, societally encouraged business transaction, and yet simply because sexual interactivity is involved, society insanely declares the acts of offering sexual services for money, as well as accepting sexual services in exchange for money, to be a criminal offense. Outrageous! The reality is, a majority of women get married to men, because they want to gain access to the man's money. Many married women hate their husbands, don't want to have sex with their husbands, but do so, solely because they fear losing access to his money. Other married women specifically choose to have children with a man, because they know that the legal system of their society will reward them with money, should they leave the man or divorce him. Same is true for single women, they have sex with a man because they know that #1: They can get money from society itself, and #2: they can demand money from the man, in the form of "child support". Women sexually pursue wealthy men, because they want money. Men do the same with wealthy women. This is standard operating procedure within your diseased societies. How dare any society attach any type of negative label to prostitutes or their patrons, when the reality is that these people are being much more honest, more up-front, in simply revealing the Truth that an exchange of money, or the pursuit of money, is one of the core motivational roots of a majority of all sexual relationships.

Prostitutes should be praised for their honesty, as should their customers, on all levels, moral, legal, cultural. The prostitute is performing a vital public service, he is helping other human beings to achieve sexual pleasure and climax. The notion that the prostitute might not deserve or be legally entitled to receive monetary payment for performing this service, is just as ludicrous as the notion that a medical doctor, dentist, fireman, garbage man, etc..., does not deserve to be paid for the vital public services that they perform. Your societies have brainwashed you creatures into believing that you need to have intimate sexual contact with other human beings. At the same time, you have created an environment in which a huge majority of people cannot find anyone willing to have sex with them, or cannot find anyone who meets their societally induced perception of a "proper lover", to have sex with them. Masturbation is not a good option, due to societal demonization of this Superior form of sex. This leaves us with millions of people, mostly men, who cannot satisfy their sexual needs. Prostitutes serve this population, performing the vital public service of helping these men to have sex. It is the fault of society that these men cannot bear to embrace the pleasures of masturbation, the same society which insanely demonizes and criminalizes prostitution! Most patrons of prostitutes are men, not women. Why is this?? Think, you brainwashed fools! It is because most women can easily get themselves "raped", they can get other people to have sex with them at will, with no need to pay any money. All the woman has to do is walk into a bar or club, start "flirting", offering her body in a sexually suggestive way to men, and sooner or later, usually sooner, a man, a complete stranger, will offer, sometimes even demand, that the woman engage in intimate sexual contact with him. Or, she could become a prostitute herself, taking money from others, and guaranteeing herself the ability to have sex with a man at will, albeit at some legal risk. This is why 99.9999% of all patrons of prostitutes, are male. Women are just as perversely obsessed with getting other human beings to engage in intimate sexual contact with them, but due to the misogynistic cultural climate of america and most other societies, a woman can always find a man eager to impose his sexual will upon her, for no charge, while many men are not able to find women willing to "give it away for free". Men have just as great a societally induced need for intimate sexual contact with other living things, as women do. But the man cannot find a woman willing to have sex with him for free, unless he is either rich, handsome, charming, willing to go out on "dates" with the woman beforehand, etc... So naturally prostitutes are needed, they are necessary, they perform an incredibly valuable, difficult and dangerous public service, and they deserve to receive the ultimate in societal praise, respect, honor, gratitude, and protection.

The public service that prostitutes perform is very bit as vital and benevolent as that performed by emergency room nurses, public hospital physicians, firemen, etc... The government itself subsidizes vital public services, in most societies. Public hospitals receive governmental funding and support. Fire and police agencies receive financial support from societal leaders, via money that is legally stolen from citizen-slaves, via a "taxation" system, in most societies. If this is to occur, within any society attempting to reform itself, not only would prostitution be declared 100% legal, it would also receive governmental funding, in recognition of the fact that prostitutes are performing and delivering any absolutely vital public service, that is completely benevolent and benign in nature. Just as there are currently "public" hospitals as well as "private" hospitals, there would be a system of governmental support and aid, that prostitutes would be able to take advantage of, in order to better their own lives, increase their safety, and be able to better, more easily serve the needs of their clients. For example, prostitution is an extremely dangerous profession, mainly because society itself demonizes all prostitutes and instructs it's enraged citizen-slaves to specifically target and single out prostitutes for violent attack and brutalization, if they feel compelled to commit any type of a violent attack upon any human being. But in addition to this outrageous example of societal malevolence, the fact is that when a person deliberately goes off with complete strangers to private, isolated locations, thousands and thousands of times, the odds obviously increase that at some point, the prostitute will find himself with a person who desires to hurt, very possibly kill him. Legalizing all prostitution, as well as removing all moral/cultural stigma from being a prostitute, would provide a small degree of added safety for prostitutes, in that they would have no need to fear the police, no need to hide from the police, no need to keep their profession a secret from anyone, and no need to go off to isolated locations in order to have sex with customers. But this is not enough, society owes these sexual saints a lot more than mere legalization of their sexual activities. It must recognize that just as police are given certain special personal safeguards, such as the right to carry guns, wear bulletproof vests, have constant radio contact with a live central station command headquarters, prostitutes deserve to receive special personal safeguards from society, beyond that which members of the "regular public" receive. This is because prostitutes are at higher risk, and they are performing an absolutely vital public service. I would propose that the government establish kiosks where prostitutes could solicit business, with each kiosk specially outfitted with security cameras and license plate recording devices, so that there would be a traceable link to every customer who chooses to patronize prostitutes at these kiosks. Sure, it's possible that some customers bent on hurting or killing prostitutes would wear a physical disguise, other might steal a car so that the license plate could not be traced to them. But establishing such kiosks would demonstrate a proper intent by society to do it's best to provide as much protection to prostitutes, as it possibly can. An even better idea, would be to create "hotels", located close to the kiosks, and provide prostitutes with extremely attractive daily, weekly, monthly rental rates, encouraging them to take their clients to these hotels, for the sexual encounters. Each of these special "prostitute hotels" would have a constant, 24 hour a day, heavy police presence, each room would be equipped with security devices, such as emergency panic alarm buttons. All entrances and exits to the building would be under 24 hour closed-circuit video surveillance and recording. These would be reasonable, appropriate security measures that a sane society would implement, to try and give prostitutes, who are performing a completely benevolent and vital public service, the opportunity to enjoy a level of safety within their day to day working environment, that is similar to that enjoyed by most other people at their jobs. Because prostitution will have been legalized, and all moral stigma removed from both being a prostitute and from patronizing prostitutes, customers who intend no harm would feel no need to be secretive, no need to avoid the surveillance, and in fact many of them would appreciate the security measures as well, since the prostitute would find it more difficult to steal from the client, to rip him off, and the threat of any pimp involvement/interference would be virtually nil. Everyone would benefit, the prostitutes, their customers, and the society as a whole, via both the legalization of prostitution, and the creation of very specific security measures such as I have outlined above, which could be used to provide a maximum degree of safety to all parties involved in these business transactions. Note my use of the word could, above. I certainly would not support any proposal that would require prostitutes to only solicit or accept business in specific areas or locations, such as these kiosks, and the notion of legally restricting the locations where prostitutes can have sex with customers, is even more outrageous and unacceptable. No, if prostitutes do not wish to take advantage of these security measures, they must be completely free to engage in their business in whatever manner they wish. At the same time, society should be obligated to offer and provide these personal safeguards to all prostitutes, so that they have an equal, absolute opportunity to take advantage of them. The Superior, self-loving prostitutes would take advantage of these valuable security benefits, while sadly, there are tortured, self-hating prostitutes, severely tortured victim-creations of your societies, who are literally bent upon committing suicide one way or another, and will shun all offers of enhanced security. That is life, tragedies will occur, it is impossible for a society to save all of it's torture victims, but as the same time it has an absolute obligation to go to all reasonable efforts to provide restitution, atonement, and equal protection to all. The personal danger risk that prostitutes as a group face, is not equal to that of ordinary job holders, it is equal and exceeds that of the policeman, the fireman, the emergency room nurse, while at the same time the public service being performed by the prostitute is just as benevolent, just as benign, and in a sane society, just as legal. Therefore, the prostitute absolutely deserves to be given the opportunity to take advantage of special safeguards that have been designed and implemented on his behalf.

Some of you diseased creatures labor under the delusion that prostitution is bad because it "breaks up families", because it "causes men to stray from their wives." Well, I have to shake my head in amazement, even as I do intellectually recognize how and why your addictions to Sacred Family Unit mythology, as well as the Marriage Myth, cause you to adopt such deranged beliefs. The reality is, families are artificial constructs of society. Men are legally enslaved to women, women are legally enslaved to men, children are the helpless prize, slaves to both of their creators/legal owners. Families break up because the entire notion and definition of what families are, should be, and how they are created and maintained, has absolutely no legitimate basis in Truth. Families break up because it is completely unnatural for people to enslave themselves to each other, and to be legally compelled to remain enmeshed with each other for decades of time. Families break up because people want to have sex for pleasure, and having sex with a person that you have come to hate and despise, as usually occurs within "couple" relationships, provides little if any pleasure. And having sex for pleasure, while likely not instinctually natural for the earliest, primitive, stone age humans, is completely legal, moral, and appropriate behavior for all adults. Societal attempts to terroristically compel families to stay together, using moral, cultural, and legal terrorization, constitute an outrageous attack upon and stripping of the most basic, individual, personal freedom and autonomy rights. The notion that prostitution "causes men to stray from their wives", is even more perverse and ludicrous. Men stray from their wives because marriage is a completely toxic, completely unnatural, brutally harmful form of enslavement, an utterly artificial construct of society, that carries virtually no benefits to any individual. Men have intimate sexual contact with people other than their wives, because it is completely unnatural for any person who has sex for personal pleasure, to be restricted in such a way as to be compelled to have all sexual activity only involve contact with one, specific, human being, the "wife". And of course this exact same Truth is just as applicable to women, they have the exact same personal inclination, on an emotional and intellectual level, to have sex for personal pleasure and climax, as men do.

Moving on, lets give some thought to the structural ramifications of artificially induced sex drive. What am I talking about? Very simply, things like the drug Viagra. This drug, just like many others, both prescription and over the counter, is designed to artificially increase and induce a person's sexual drive and physical ability, as well as interest in, having sex. There is an enormous market in civilized, 21st century human society, for these artificial sex drive enhancers. It's interesting to note that they are marketed as products which "help a person to perform better, sexually." Is sex a performance?? Not in a sane society, that has rational, Truth-based definitions. Sex is an act of personal pleasure and release of personal energy. And yet society instructs you creatures that sex is in reality a performance, something that you are not doing for yourself, but rather for someone else. Your societies are not sane, rational, or truth-based. Your society tells you that you need to impress someone else, when you have sex. You need to satisfy another person, when you have sex. This is the structural framework upon which Viagra, dozens of other prescription drugs, and thousands of non-prescription drugs, all of which claim to "enhance sexual drive", rest. It is true that some people have medical illnesses which interfere with their ability to achieve sexual climax. It's also true that some people have psychological thinking patterns which interfere with this ability. The question is, when and why is it medically justified for society to overtly encourage and enable people to enhance their sexual drive, and what is the societal motivation behind such encouragement. Having sex, or at least one specific aspect of having sex, namely achieving climax, is a pleasurable experience for most people. Pleasure is generally a good thing. But achieving any specific type of pleasure is almost never vital for health or well-being, be it physical or emotional. Society has brainwashed you creatures into believing that it is vital that you be able to have sex, that you be able to sexually climax, and on top of this, that you be able to sexually satisfy other people, not merely yourself. These notions are completely invalid. There are thousands of different things that can be enjoyed in life. Having sex or achieving sexual climax is simply one potentially pleasurable activity/achievement, among thousands. Yes, I would agree that in a limited number of select situations, in which a person, due to a clear medical illness, is able to get sexually excited/aroused but unable to achieve sexual climax, the use of artificial sex drive enhancers might be appropriate, in order to help the person achieve the final, most important step of the process, the climax or orgasm. However, this is not how your diseased societies use Viagra and other types of enhancement drugs. The artificial substances are most often used to create a "sexual drive", to allow people to become sexually aroused and excited. This constitutes an invalid use, and it demonstrates the perverse attitudes towards sex that lie at the root of your diseased societies. Having sex is offered as a bribe to you creatures, by your societies. It is used as an appeasement device to get you to agree to accept vicious, brutal oppression and victimization from society. You are told that you need to satisfy someone else when you have sex. Men are told and taught by society that unless they are able to provide a great deal of sexual pleasure to their female "lover", mate, or spouse, she will abandon him, and women are encouraged to do just that, to abandon men who are unable or unwilling to engage in frequent, intercourse-based sex acts with them. Once again, the whole perverse issue of citizen-slaves being used as breeders by society, comes into play, and the exact same outrageous societal decrees apply to women. Most women were subjected to sexual victimization as children. As adults, some of them manage to find the internal courage to try and establish emotionally positive relationships with other people, both women and men. But societal decree holds that the woman must relive and recreate her own sexual victimization, in order to enjoy a "proper", intimate relationship with a man. She is told that she must have intimate sexual contact with a man, in order to have a true, legitimate relationship based upon "love", with him. But the reality is that romantic love does not exist, and the number of women, and men, who endure horrific trauma while trying to meet the perverse societal decree that they are morally obligated to engage in "sexual relations" in order to both establish and maintain close relationships, is huge. Amazingly, many people who take Viagra and other artificial sex drive enhancers, do so out of a sense of obligation to other people that they feel compelled to try and have sex with. On a core emotional level, they don't want to engage in intimate sexual contact with the other person, but their society has terroristically convinced them they are under an obligation to both engage in such contact, and to try and provide a maximum degree of sexual pleasure to the other person, as well as to themselves, but in most cases the strongest motivation for taking artificial sex enhancers put forth by society is the decreed obligation to satisfy not your own, personal sexual needs, but the sexual desires and needs of another person or other people. Men are told that unless they climax while having sex with a woman, they will never win the "romantic love" of any woman, or enjoy the imaginary bliss of having a "family". Women are told that unless they completely agree to help a man achieve sexual climax, and meekly accept all of his sexual demands and impositions, they will never enjoy a live-in lover or marriage relationship with any man, and they too will be robbed of the glorious "family" that is supposed to be the life goal of all citizen-slaves, as decreed by society. All citizen-slaves are told that sexual activity should be designed and undertaken for the specific purpose of meeting another person's desires/needs, not your own desires/needs. This is utterly perverse and genocidally harmful to individuals, and to their most basic personal autonomy and appropriately self-centered natures.

Artificial enhancement of sexual drive causes more harm than good, in most cases. There is no reason why a person who has a great deal of trouble becoming sexually aroused, should deliberately attempt to artificially arouse himself, via the use of brain and body chemistry altering drugs and substances. If the person chooses to do this because he/she feels an obligation to match or meet or satisfy the sexual needs of someone else, be it a spouse or just people he/she might casually date, he/she is violating and betraying the love of self that should exist, rule, and dictate all life choices and paths for the individual. If the person believes that sex is so immensely pleasurable that he is missing out on an absolutely vital part of life by being unable to climax or unable to "enjoy" having sex, then he is laboring under an utterly tragic, irrational delusion. Having sex is pleasurable to some people, disgusting to other people. The same goes for having a climax. Many people find pleasure from achieving a sexual climax. But other people do not. There is nothing inherently or mystically pleasurable about having sex & having climaxes. Pleasure is a subjective term, that has no definition validity which extends to others. For example, some people find pleasure in eating chocolate, but other people don't like chocolate. Some people are allergic to chocolate. There is nothing inherently "pleasurable" about chocolate, and there is nothing inherently pleasurable about having sex or achieving sexual climax. If a person does not like chocolate, or is allergic to chocolate, the person generally chooses to simply refrain from eating chocolate. They find other things in life which provide them with pleasure. They do not become obsessed with eating chocolate, and they do not consume drugs and artificial substances that are designed to try and allow them to eat chocolate. This is because society has not imposed a brutally terroristic doctrine upon them, in which they are told that they must eat regularly eat chocolate, and they must derive extreme pleasure from eating chocolate, in order to be considered "normal" or to enjoy any type of a culturally appropriate and proper quality of life, which is exactly the doctrine that is imposed upon you citizen-slaves with regard to the issue of having sex. If a person is unable to climax or derive pleasure from having sex with another person, the very first form of "treatment" that should be attempted, assuming the person actually and sincerely wants to derive pleasure or achieve climax via sex, is to examine and ascertain if the person is able to derive sexual pleasure and/or achieve climax while engaging in solo, or otherwise masturbatory type of sexual activity. If in fact the person can derive pleasure or climax in this manner, this proves there is absolutely nothing physically wrong with the person, and it should be illegal for any physician to prescribe artificial sex drive enhancing drugs for the person. What this also proves is that the person simply does not enjoy intimate sexual contact with the other person. Their "problem" is caused by the fact that they are trying to have sex in an inappropriate manner, a manner that contradicts their own personal, unique True Reality. And of course, as I have already outlined, masturbation is not only a completely valid way to have sex, it is also, on a fundamental level, the safest and best way to have sex, for a majority of people. All societies have an obligation to recognize and embrace this Truth, in all aspects and facets of it's design structure.

For example, many people choose to seek out psychotherapy because they believe they suffer from "sex problems". In most cases, these problems are not valid and not real. But instead of properly informing the person as to the true nature of the situation, therapists attempt to appease the delusional, irrational demands of the patient, usually accomplishing nothing more than adding to the long-term emotional anxiety and suffering of the individual. A woman goes to see a psychiatrist. She is married, but does not enjoy having sex with her husband. Instead of exploring the woman's sexual options, her potential ability to enjoy sexual pleasure on her own, as well as legitimizing the fact that she is under absolutely no obligation to "find a way to endure/enjoy sex with the husband", the psychiatrist will embrace perverse societal decree, and deal with this woman from the position of trying to find a way to enable her to have sex with her husband, thus adding to her problem, reinforcing her trauma and stress by insanely adopting the attitude that she "needs" to have sex with her husband, and that the goal of her therapy must be to help her find a way to recognize and embrace the notion that she needs to have sex with hubby. This is ridiculous! The reason why she does not enjoy having sex with hubby, is most likely the fact that the relationship is a toxic one, and for her, personally, having sex with this man is either extremely, torturously traumatic at worst, or not the best, easiest, most personally normal way for her to enjoy sexual pleasure, at best. Even in the best case scenario, there is absolutely no legitimate reason for why the therapy would be specifically designed to try and help her cope with and enjoy having sex with her hubby, instead of trying to help her find a potentially better, healthier, less stressful way to enjoy sexual pleasure, such as self-stimulation. What we see here is societally sanctified Sacred Family Unit mythology, combined with an outrageous stripping of properly narcissistic self-involvement. Throughout her lifetime, and including her psychiatric treatment, this woman is brainwashed into believing that she needs a husband, she needs to sexually satisfy her husband, and that achieving sexual pleasure for herself is virtually meaningless, even a "sin", while giving sexual pleasure to another person, her hubby, is extremely important and needs to be the core focus of her existence. Sacrifice yourself, your own needs, desires, well-being, safety, and life. This is the most precious, core building block of your ultra-diseased, ultra-evil society. It extends into every single area of life, inflicting genocidal harm upon billions of human beings every year, human being who have been stripped of the precious, irreplaceable, inborn ability and instinct to love and value themselves, to place their own needs/desires ahead of the needs/desires of others. Imagine a woman has a cancerous tumor, she goes to a doctor for treatment, and he tells her to "try and cope with your tumor, it's not so bad, try to make the best of having a cancerous tumor. The tumor is a part of you, an important part of you. The best thing for us to do is try to get you to feel emotionally better about having this tumor." Does this make any rational sense?? No! And yet if you substitute the word husband for the word tumor, this is exactly how psychiatrists and psychologists will "treat" the woman who comes to them complaining of finding it very difficult and unpleasant to have sex with her husband. They will tell her: "try and cope with your husband, it's not so bad, try to make the best of having a husband. Your husband is a part of you, an important part of you, and your Sacred Family Unit. The best thing for us to do is try to get you to feel emotionally better about having sex with your husband." You see, exactly the same! And yet you diseased creatures can appreciate the absurdity of the cancer doctor offering the treatment I have outlined above, but at the same time you see nothing wrong with the psychiatrist/psychologist offering the exact same treatment. You are blind to Truth and logic, because Truth is your mortal enemy, having been born into and raised up within a malevolent, lie-based society.

I want to conclude by revealing the Truth that at least 99.9% of all people who take artificial, sex-drive enhancers, both prescription and non-prescription, are doing so for invalid reasons, that at worst have horrific consequences, and at best simply cover up and suppress the True issues, problems, and needs that the person should be attempting to resolve in a psychologically sane, Truth-based manner. Neither societal leaders, nor their agents, such as psychiatric professionals, have any right to attempt to convince people who do not enjoy sex or any specific type of sexual activity, who do not derive pleasure from having sex, who are not able to sexually climax, or who are unable to satisfy the sexual needs of someone else, such as a spouse, that they should, need to, or have any type of obligation to engage in such sexual activity, or to try and find a way to enjoy the sexual activity, that is in any way restrictive, sacred family unit/marriage/intercourse-based, that in any way requires artificial stimulation/enhancement, or that requires the person to relive or experience an event that has left a traumatic imprint upon the person's own unique, True Reality.

Next item up for dissection is the societal notion of "sexual freedom". I'm going to be writing an entire essay in which I dissect all of the perverse societal myths and brainwashings regarding all different forms of societally bestowed "freedom", but lets just focus on the one myth, of sexual freedom, here. Democratic and election-based governments absolutely love to terroristically throw the myth of freedom into the faces of their citizen-slaves, as a way to obtain their "patriotic loyalty", or at the very least, to keep their citizen-slaves from rising up and overthrowing the oppressive, malevolent, regime that is in place. You are told that you enjoy freedom, when in fact you live under utterly fascist domination and oppression, you are told how "lucky" you are to be free, and that you owe your freedom to your society and the government that is in current power, and in addition, you are occasionally given minor, throwaway freedoms that are specifically designed to appease you, while your society continues to deny you all genuine, valuable freedoms. The myth of sexual freedom applies to all of the above revelations, and it very specifically applies to the issue of a minor, throwaway freedom that can and is used as a form of citizen-slave appeasement in crisis situations. First of all, none of you enjoy sexual freedom. No society on planet earth offers genuine sexual freedom to it's citizens. Every society deliberately and terroristically attempts to mold, shape, control, and dictate the sexual life choices of all of their citizen-slaves, and this fascist process begins on the very day that each child is born. But what is even more fascinating, to a scholar of truth, is the manner with which societies will redouble their efforts to convince citizen-slaves that they do enjoy sexual freedom, when a crisis situation which could potentially result in widespread social unrest, rioting, and the like, appears on the horizon.

A perfect and recent demonstration of this Truth, can be found in america, in the years immediately after the Vietnam War began. Every war that america has ever been involved in, has been an immoral, unnecessary, toxic event. You pathetic citizen-slaves never have had the sanity and freedom of thought to recognize, much less embrace, this Truth. However, in the case of the Vietnam War, somehow, a decent percentage of young citizen-slaves in america did find the internal strength and insight to recognize what an incredibly perverse, immoral outrage their society was undertaking, in their names. Some young people refused to enlist and serve in the military, in moral protest of this genocidal event, as sponsored by american societal leaders. Others organized protests, burned american flags, and otherwise threatened to cause civil disturbances within the society. In fact, riots and other extremely violent demonstrations did occur in america. This is when societal leaders, in a very deliberate and purposeful manner, decided to inform the young people in america, that they were being given more sexual freedom. Mind you, the president couldn't and didn't have a press conference in which he told all of america that they could have sex with whomever they wished. Of course not! This would terrify and upset the majority of citizen-slaves, the older generations, and many young people who had embraced sexual fascism as imposed upon them by society for their entire lives. There was no "publically decreed" change in american policy regarding sexual activity. And yet societal leaders absolutely did overtly inform their target audience, young, rebellious citizens, that they should feel free to sexually experiment and explore, in a way that no other previous generation of americans had been allowed to do. Why was this move and decision made by society?? It was made because the leadership recognized that there was a significant danger of severe social unrest occurring, and continuing to increase in intensity, among young citizen-slaves in america, as a result of the Vietnam War. Recognizing this, societal leaders overtly and in a cunningly malevolent manner, decided to promote sexual freedom to young people, knowing that young people are generally obsessed with sex, and hoping that many of the enraged, rebellious youths who were creating social unrest by revealing the Truth concerning genocidal american activities, would be enticed into abandoning their "political" activism, and instead embracing the "new" sexual freedom that society was offering them, as bait.

Did it work?? Yes, tragically, it worked just fine. The "hippie" and "free love" movements drew in most of the youthful Vietnam protestors, while the rioting and overtly strident, public condemnation of american governmental policy, lessened. It lessened because the young citizen-slaves took the poisoned societal bait, they embraced the new sexual "freedom" that society was giving to them, a freedom that they, and every citizen on planet earth, should have always had in the past and should always have in the present and future. Was there anything wrong with embracing sexual freedom, at that time? Not really. The perversity lies in the fact that after 300+ years of utter sexual fascism, american societal leaders offered this sexual freedom disguised as a "gift", for the specifically malevolent purpose of distracting and confusing and changing the focus of attention of their enraged, tortured, young citizen-slaves. And note that after the Vietnam War ended, quite quickly, this brief period of pseudo sexual freedom came to an end, as societal leaders recognized that the threat of widespread rioting, civil unrest, and possible overthrow of the government, was no longer in play. This malevolent societal misdirection play worked very well, and so if and when there is a similar type of social unrest crisis in america, involving young people, you can expect societal leaders to seriously consider and very possibly implement, this exact same type of a brief loosening of sexual fascism, designed to accomplish the exact same societal goal as was achieved during the Vietnam era. The interesting thing is that you citizen-slaves were and are so broken, so brainwashed, so completely unable to recognize the malevolent manipulations of your society, that this Truth was never recognized by the vast majority of you. Most hippies and free love devotees of the Vietnam War era thought they were being "radical", "rebelling against the establishment", by plunging headfirst into an embrace of their new sexual freedom, when in reality, their society wanted them to choose what it judged to be the lesser of two evils. It wanted them to choose sexual "freedom" over political activism, in order to continue to suppress profound Truth from the public at large, retain the support of the public at large, and continue to commit mass murder and genocide, in Vietnam. They could not recognize this Truth, and even in hindsight today, only a tiny handful of truly Superior philosophers and dissectors of societally hidden and denied Truth, such as myself, are able to recognize and understand the factual reality, of how american society, in the 1960's, specifically desired and steered it's enraged youth, towards embracing sexual freedom, recognizing that this would cause a majority of them to either abandon outright, or greatly diminish, their political activism and stridently public condemnations of american governmental policies.

Throughout the history of humanity, no society has ever granted it's citizens genuine sexual freedom and autonomy. Every society has malevolently and terroristically steered, guided, and compelled the vast majority of it's citizen-slaves, into accepting and embracing the very specific, extremely narrow, and immensely oppressive behavioral agenda regarding sex, that the leaders of the society desired to impose upon the citizen-slaves. Every manner of threat and coercion has been and continues to be employed. Ridicule, cultural demonization, discrimination, loss of employment, banishment, imprisonment in jails and mental institutions, and outright murder, have all been practiced by societies as official policy, to terroristically compel citizen-slaves to censor, deny, and reject their own sexual interests and desires. All of these forms of malevolent oppression continue to be actively practiced in the 21st century, within all societies. In america, a person who has never harmed any child, but is found to be possessing or distributing material that is labeled as "child pornography", faces imprisonment, specifically because of his societally demonized sexual interest, not because he has harmed anyone. Societal agents, acting on behalf of societal leaders, overtly attempt to entrap citizen-slaves into either purchasing or sharing child pornography material, then insanely arrest them for committing a "crime", that only occurred because the societal agents lied to the individual, and entrapped the individual. This is exactly the same design structure that was used during the Salem, Massachusetts witch trials of the 1700's, in america. People who have harmed nobody, are swept up in a fascist societal frenzy, demonized, and held out in terroristic fashion, as examples to all citizen-slaves of the threat that they face if they dare to try and stand up for the sexual freedom rights that their society falsely claims to provide. The illusion of sexual freedom is given, while the reality is that utter fascism rules.

The insane god myth, and religion as a whole, has been used throughout history by societal leaders, to impose sexual fascism. The "bible" and other "holy" texts promote insane human constructs such as marriage, instruct citizen-slaves to only have sex with members of the opposite gender, to limit the number of people they have sexual contact with, and to avoid masturbating. These are all fascist sexual policies that human societal leaders in most societies, seek to promote and impose upon citizen-slaves, and as usual, they find the insane god myth to be a perfect tool for achieving the goal of terrorizing most citizens into accepting these bizarre, unnatural, insane behavioral demands. As usual, it is the societies which claim to be the most "free and democratic", such as america, which impose the greatest degree of sexual fascism upon their citizen-slaves. The vehemence with which homosexuals are condemned, proud masturbators are condemned, afficionados of child pornography are condemned, is unmatched by any other society, especially when you take into account the way in which american society tells you that you enjoy sexual freedom. You could argue that some Moslem societies impose even more brutal and narrow sexual fascism decrees upon their citizens, than is the case in the USA. This might be true, to a slight degree. However, when you take into account the fact that most Moslem citizen-slaves know that they do not enjoy sexual freedom within their society, and are not laboring under the delusion and overtly told societal lie that they enjoy sexual freedom, while american citizen-slaves absolutely do labor under this malevolent delusion, it is clear that the degree of genuine sexual oppression and victimization is greater in america, even if the actual behavioral demands of Moslem society might be somewhat more brutal and the range of permissible sexual activity somewhat more narrow, on an overall level.

I've already covered the issue of sexual attraction quite well, so just a few final points of emphasis here. Sexual attraction is a unique, individualistic, True Reality-based experience. There is no valid standard and no valid limitation as to what constitutes "legitimate" sexual attraction. People can be sexually attracted to members of their own gender, members of the other gender, children, animals, specific parts of a human body, inanimate objects, physical sensations such as pain, specific images, specific fantasies. Every form of sexual attraction is equally valid, to each individual. No individual has any obligation or need to explain or justify their own unique attraction to anyone else or to society at large, and society has absolutely no moral or cultural entitlement to condemn, mock, ridicule, or inflict any type of punitive punishment upon anyone, due to their unique sexual attraction. Human beings develop a True Reality based upon their own interpretation of the sum total of their life experiences. Therefore, even though the exact nature of each person's sexual attractions is completely unique, there is a great deal of influence that society wields in terms of how popular and common various forms of sexual attraction become. In 21st century america, more men are sexually attracted to women's breasts, than are sexually attracted to women's feet, and this is because female breasts are overtly put forth by societal doctrine, as being sexually exciting. Society attempts to coerce men into agreeing to view women's breasts are being sexually attractive, and uses the threat of labeling any man who refuses to accept women's breasts as being sexually attractive, as abnormal. This threat results in a high percentage of men, who generally do not try to think much for themselves and are eager to avoid receiving any negative label from society, accepting and embracing the notion that female breasts are sexually attractive body parts that they should focus some of their sexual thoughts and energy towards. This fact does not grant any legitimacy to the notion that a person sexually attracted to women's feet, or to an elephant's trunk, or to a gun, is in any way "abnormal", or deserving of any type of negative societal/cultural judgement.

In 1700, in China, tiny, deformed, crippled women's feet were the object of even more intense and pervasive sexual attraction from male citizen-slaves, than is the case with men and women's breasts in year 2001 america. What this proves, to any sane thinker, is that societal leaders are able and absolutely do, manipulate, guide, and control which types of sexual attractions become popular and pervasive, while others are left with the label of "bizarre, abnormal". Children growing up, teen-agers, and adults, are all placed under pressure by society, to conform their sexual attraction to "normal" standards and parameters, with the definitions of what constitutes normalcy, being nothing more than artificial constructs of society, operating under an agenda of fascist imposition and oppression, not benevolent freedom and open-minded acceptance. How dare you creatures, in 2001 america, have the audacity to label someone who might be extremely sexually excited by tiny and deformed women's feet, as being an "abnormal pervert", when your society is terroristically promoting women's breasts to you, as being supremely sexual body parts, in exactly the same manner as 1700 Chinese societal leaders promoted tiny and deformed women's feet as being supremely sexual body parts! The degree and the glaringly obvious but still denied nature of your narrow-minded, perversely hypocritical minds and thinking patterns, never ceases to amaze me.

A few words need to be said here on sexual attraction to children. Sexual attraction towards children is no more abnormal than any other type of sexual attraction. It is in fact extremely common and popular, more so than most other avenues of sexual attraction. There are several reasons for this, but first and foremost, is the fact that most civilized societies in the year 2001, overtly promote and encourage both the sexual objectification of young human beings, and the sexual desirability of young human beings, on a constant, determined, frenzied level. Virgins are declared to be the most sexually desirable of humans, and virgins are usually young. The less sexually experienced a person is, the more desirable they are a sexual partner, decrees society. The younger you are, the more "perfect" your body is said to be, perfect as in sexually attractive/desirable. Throughout all aspects of the media, youth is trumpeted as being extremely sexy and sexually desirable, while advancing age is declared to be a relative turnoff. It's not just "old people" who are declared to be sexual turnoffs, but rather >u>any person who is aging is generally decreed to be less sexually desirable than a "young" person. Since all living creatures are aging, we all begin aging the moment we are born, this aging issue is a very important one. The societal doctrine is that any person who is aging, is losing sexual desirability. Since we are all aging, this very specifically means that the younger a person is, the less they have aged, and therefore the more sexually desirable they are. Society is on an absolute campaign to deliberately sexualize youth, and obviously, since only young people have youth, they are deliberately and intentionally sexualized. But we have several other factors which contribute greatly to the high degree of sexual obsession with children and teen-agers. Most victims of sexual abuse, began to be abused, received the bulk of their abuse, and received the most emotionally traumatic incidents of sexual abuse, when they were children. Within cathartic, reflective, True Reality mindset, many of these tortured victim-creations of society develop a personal need to claim vengeance, by sexually attacking other children, once they reach adulthood. There is a natural cathartic release of pain, for many people, in victimizing other people in a very similar manner to how they were themselves victimized. This is one reason why very few rapists target elderly people for sexual attack, while a great many rapists target children for sexual victimization. The rapist is a torture victim, and he was likely raped when he was a child, not when he was elderly. Because he was sexually tortured as a child, his reflective, True Reality quest for personal vengeance, is much more likely to revolve around victimizing children, than the elderly. Of course there are exceptions to every general rule, and some victims of childhood sexual torture will only target adults, who remind them of their abusers, for cathartic reflection of their True Reality rage. And many other such childhood victims will not direct their rage outward at all, in any type of a sexually violent manner.

Then we have the "forbidden fruit/bait" aspect, in which society superficially pretends to be obsessed with protecting children from sexual victimization, while at the same time putting them forth as "tantalizing", superior, sexual creatures. This attracts additional sexual obsessiveness from some people, because whenever society declares something to be "taboo", while in the same breath extolling the virtues and benefits/advantages of the taboo object, the perverse interest level of societal devotees, increases. On top of all this, we have real children and teenagers being taught, told, and convinced by society, to flaunt their physical appearance in public, to try and make themselves look sexually attractive. Mix all these ingredients together, and we are left with an incredibly high percentage of adults, lets define this as age 21 and older, being sexually interested and drawn to children, with the definition of child being birth until age 21, for a tremendously varying number of reasons, all of which the direct consequence of direct societal policy and individual victimization. I would estimate that at least 25% of all adults, male and female, are sexually drawn to children, to some degree. At least 10% of all men are primarily and most intensely attracted by youth, as a sexual excitement trigger. Again, the two primary reasons for this are: #1: Sexual victimization suffered by these individuals when they were themselves children, and #2: The pervasive, overt, deliberate societal message, given to all citizen-slaves, that young people are sexually attractive, desirable, "perfect", and provide/offer the best, most exciting, pleasurable, rewarding, and satisfying types of interactive sexual contact.

Just as is the case with all "crimes", the individual who sexually victimizes children is not "guilty" af anything. This individual is a tortured victim-creation of society. His chosen life activities are nothing more than accurate reflections of the utterly brutal, perverse, unjust victimization that he was personally subjected to, during the course of his lifetime and most primarily, during his childhood. When it comes to the specific "crime" of sexual abuse, be it of children, women, and even men, an entire additional layer of societal brutalization, is added to the existing reality of brutal victimization that all criminals are subjected to. The sexualization and subsequent victimization of children is a culturally and societally advocated, promoted, and embraced policy, of most 21st century societies. All of the Truths that I have already outlined above, in this essay, serve to encourage and legitimize sexual victimization. Society legitimizes this mass victimization, and yet in the same breath it has the audacity to condemn, demonize, and inflict punitive punishment upon some sexually abusive torture victims, that it is completely guilty of and responsible for having created. Absolutely outrageous, the hypocrisy!

Within a sane society, sexual attraction to children would be accepted as being completely harmless, because it is perfectly harmless. The only way that a person being sexually attracted to children could cause harm, is if the person chooses to seek out an actual, living, child, and sexually attacks the child in a violent, traumatic manner. It is the insane, irrational, malevolent societal policies towards sex that are currently being promoted and legitimized within your societies, which causes the people who are sexually attracted to children, to choose to sexually impose themselves upon children in a violent, traumatic manner. The demonization of masturbation, the lie that having intimate sexual contact with another human being is the best and only proper way to have sex, the instruction from society that sex is to be used as a weapon, as a source of power and oppression of another human being. These are the true "crimes", and they are not being committed by individual victims of society, they are being committed by society itself, it's leadership and it's empowered agents. In a sane society, the person who is sexually attracted to children would have unquestioned, unlimited access to countless thousands of stories, drawings, paintings, photos, videotapes, which describe or depict romantic situations involving children. The person would know that masturbation provides the best type of sexual release. The person will have been taught how to use his mind to create erotic fantasies. The person will have learned that children, real-life, living children, can be traumatized by unwanted sexual contact, but at the same time, the person will know that there is nothing "terrible", or even wrong, about being sexually attracted to children. Society will tell the person that their sexual interest is just as valid as any other person's sexual interest, and at the same time, there is absolutely no need to actually cause any harm to any real-life children, in order to experience complete sexual fulfillment and release. Upon request, the person will be given extremely life-like dolls, made to appear as close to real children as possible in every way, so that the person can more easily achieve the fantasy of being with a real-life child, if in fact this is still a core component of his sexual interest. That is the Truth, and if properly implemented, by a sane, Truth-based society, together with the other reforms concerning sex that I have outlined above, these policies would prevent at least 80% of all sexual abuse of children that currently occurs, from occurring. Not 100%, probably not even 90%, but at least 80%. Why only 80-90%? Because some sexual abusers of children are motivated primarily by a personal need for vengeance, to hurt other children as they themselves were hurt when they were children. These Truths would not deter them, because they are not primarily interested in achieving sexual pleasure and release, but rather in satiating and soothing their rage. But the reality is that 80-90% of all child sex abusers, even those who were themselves sexually abused as children, do not have a primary motivation of wanting to cause harm to children, but instead have a primary motivation of wanting to gain sexual pleasure and release. The primary, in some cases only reason why this 80-90% majority actually attack real-life children, is because of the perverse, malevolent lies, myths, hypocrisies, irrationalities, and invalidly fascist restrictions and limitations on sexual Truth, that society has imposed upon them, and addicted them into embracing.

The simple fact of demonizing sexual attraction to children, and demonizing the person who is revealed to be sexually attracted to children, is the root of the problem. The person is denied all legal access to material which he can use to satisfy his sexual interest, he is forced to live each day in terror, keeping the Truth of his sexual interests a secret. He is made to feel as though he is evil simply for being sexually attracted to children, this causes him to embrace the invalid notion that he is evil, and once this notion is embraced, why not go on to actually target real-life children?? Live up to the deranged expectations that society has of you, and the invalid label that society has malevolently attached to you. The person is taught that masturbation is an inferior way to have sex, even though the exact opposite is true. Every time the person masturbates, he feels unfulfilled, because he is laboring under the delusion that there is a superior, mystical quality to the very specific act of intimately manipulating the sexual body parts of another human being. And society is responsible for and guilty of implanting this delusion within this person's mind!

Amazingly, you creatures labor under the insane notion that "to legitimize sexual attraction towards children, would cause more people to sexually attack children." This is ridiculous! Many people are sexually attracted to children, and the more you condemn, demonize, ostracize, and refuse to help them to accept their own sexual interests and find Superior, Truth-based ways to achieve sexual pleasure and release, the more likely they are to be driven to sexually attack children. Your logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills, as usual, are 100% invalid, nonsensical, and upside down! Sexual attraction to children is legitimate, it is harmless, it is here to stay, and your society is responsible for causing people to become sexually attracted to children. Unless you, as a society and as individuals, can face up to and embrace these Truths, you stand no chance of being able to take the additional steps in logic, that are required to undertake the proper, sane reforms that would absolutely prevent at least 80% of all child sexual attack/abuse, from occurring. I want to conclude by emphasizing a core Truth from my Crime essay: All "criminals", all people who hurt or harm another living thing, are tortured victim-creations of society. They are victims, deserving of absolutely no type of condemnation, demonization, or punitive punishment of any kind. This includes child sex abusers, of course. The societal reforms regarding sex that I have outlined above, even if implemented and embraced and put into practice by a society, would in no way grant any legitimacy to the notion that violent child sex abusers can or should receive any type of condemnation, or be subjected to any type of punitive punishment.

Let us move on to sex education, which is a complete farce within all civilized societies as of the 21st century. Most societies leave virtually all sex education in the hands of slaveowners, empowering parents to mold their children in their own perverse images, infecting them with the same sexual insanity that they themselves were infected with when they were children. Churches and other societally empowered agents, are used to further warp and destroy the ability of children to come to any type of a sane or rational understanding/attitude towards sex and sexuality. Any school-based efforts undertaken by societies to teach the biological facts regarding sex, which have only occurred within the past hundred years or so, have been specifically designed to reinforce the insane, mainstream lies that parents and churches are expected to give and tell to their children. The entire sex-ed structure of schools, is designed to teach children to have intercourse and to create babies, even though society claims that it has an exactly opposite goal, to stop children from having intercourse and creating babies. It is a lie! If the societal goal was to stop children from having intercourse, sex-ed classes would not focus on the biological methodology of how babies are created, but rather on how to achieve sexual pleasure and release in superior, harmless ways, such as masturbation. Everyone knows that children love to do what they are told not to do, especially when they know that grown-ups are doing it and even more especially when they have been led to believe that the specific thing they are not supposed to do, will provide the greatest, most exciting experience that they have ever enjoyed in their entire lives. We also know that adolescence brings with it the most intense, powerful sex drive that most people experience, in their entire lives. So, if schools specifically choose to teach the biological methodology of how children are created, and in turn lecture children on one specific form of sex, intercourse, instructing them to not have intercourse but at the same time putting forth intercourse as the only legitimate, seriously discussed way to have sex, then of course a majority of children will choose to have intercourse-type sex, with each other, when they first become sexually active. There are virtually no sex-ed classes in schools, sexual education in churches, or sexual instruction from parents, that discusses masturbation. Interestingly, masturbation is not stridently condemned, but rather it is almost completely ignored, dismissed, and this proves even more strongly, how eager your society is to addict children to the lie that intercourse is the best, only appropriate way to have sex. As I have already stated above, children and adolescents are most interested in "taboo" subjects. When an issue, subject, or life option is completely ignored and dismissed by adults, it is not considered taboo by children, and therefore children usually show little interest. But when an issue, subject, or lifestyle choice is stridently, hysterically, obsessively condemned by adults, it becomes fascinating, appealing, and desirable to children and adolescents. So, masturbation is ignored and dismissed, for the most part, by parents, churches, and schools, in their sexual "education" efforts, while intercourse-type sex is stridently, hysterically, obsessively focused on and condemned by adults, even though most children understand that the adults are "having sex" themselves, and the adults expect them to have intercourse at some point in the future, when they are "grown up". The end result, of course, is that children overwhelmingly choose to embrace and undertake intimate, intercourse-type sexual activity, proudly bragging about it to other children, while at the same time embracing the societal lie that masturbation is a highly inferior, improper, shameful way to have sex, even if they themselves do masturbate while alone at home, as virtually all adolescents do. How many children come to school all excited, eager to tell all their classmates that they masturbated the night before? None! How many children who have intercourse-type sexual contact with a classmate, are eager to brag about and inform all of their schoolmates that they "fooled around" with the classmate the night before?? A majority! This is because the sex education system is specifically designed and structured in such a way as to encourage, popularize, and addict children and adolescents to intercourse-type sexual activity, while discouraging, demonizing, and attaching all types of negative, inferior connotations to masturbation, as well as to other Superior but societally undesirable ways to have sex.

It's also very interesting to note that if you examine the details of criminal cases in which children or adolescents sexually "attack" each other, you will find that in a strong majority of these so-called "criminal" attacks, the type of sexual contact which occurs is intercourse or intercourse-type focused. There are very few oral sex attacks among children and adolescents, and this too is because the sex education system chooses to obsessively focus on intercourse/procreation sexual activity, in it's ridiculous sermons, condemnations, and "teachings". Understand this: Everyone knows that adolescents have a raging sex drive and will find a way to relieve their biological/emotional sexual obsessions. The only genuine issue at hand is how, by what method, will the adolescent achieve sexual release. It is clear, beyond all reasonable doubt, that societal policy and doctrine, as reflected via parental instruction of children, religious institution instruction of children, and school teaching of children, has the very specific and undeniable goal and agenda of getting children and adolescents to embrace intercourse-type sex as the only proper way to have sex, and to cause children and adolescents to choose and to engage in intercourse-type sex, above all other available options for achieving sexual release/pleasure.

Within any sane societal structure, adolescents would be proud of the fact that they masturbate. They would feel pride in informing schoolmates that they masturbate. They would recognize, as a result of sane and proper societal teaching, that masturbation is an absolutely ideal way to meet all sexual needs, a Superior, safe way, that reflects positively upon them. They would not become addicted to the insane notion that "close, affectionate relationships" need to involve intimate sexual contact. This perverse notion, a societally taught and induced lie, is responsible for much of the emotional agony, trauma, self-abuse, murder, even suicide, that plagues the adolescent human population. The school curriculum regarding sex education would be completely revised, with a focus on the actual reasons that human beings in the 21st century have sex, to achieve pleasure and cathartic physical/emotional release, rather than to procreate. Sure, intercourse and condoms would be mentioned, briefly. But Truth would never be withheld. All of the safest, Superior ways to achieve sexual pleasure and release, would be openly discussed and revealed to be what they are, Superior. Children would be told: "If you want to have a baby, you have to have sex in a very specific way. But this particular way of having sex is no better, does not provide more physical pleasure, and is not more "normal", than other ways to have sex are. And in fact, as will be explained to you, there are many other ways to have sex which usually provide even greater physical pleasure and freedom, without carrying the negative drawbacks and risks that the baby-producing way to have sex, carries with it." Sex education, as currently practiced by societies, is nothing but a pathetic farce, It's goal is not provide even an iota of actual enlightenment, Truth, or revelation to any "student", but rather to terroristically and coercively impose a fascist, lie-based, irrational and harmful sexual agenda upon all students.

The motivational structures which give rise to crimes of "rape", which is the forcible sexual assault of another human being, have the same foundations as child sex attacks have. Overwhelmingly, men are rapists. Men rape women, and men rape other men. Women very rarely rape men or each other, in a forcible manner. This is not because women have significantly less of a sex drive, and it's not because the average woman is physically less powerful than the average man. It is because a woman who wants to have intimate sexual contact with another person, even if she is penniless and not particularly beautiful as judged by the insane standards of attractiveness used by the society in question, will have no difficulty finding someone to have intimate sexual contact with her. But men do have difficulty. Women want things from men, in exchange for agreeing to have sex with them. Women make men feel like they are doing them a "favor" if they agree to have sex with them. Women want men to pretend to "love" them, before agreeing to have sex with them, even though there is no such thing as romantic love. Prostitutes make some men feel extremely inferior, thanks to the insane societal decree that prostitutes are bad, immoral people, and that having to pay money for a person to have sex with you, is somehow perverse, shameful, and unnatural. And of course men are taught that masturbation is a highly inferior, unacceptable substitute for "real" sex, even though masturbation is in fact the most "real", the most genuine, honest, and satisfying form of sex in existence. All of these perverse, societally induced notions, lead some men to decide to sexually attack women, in order to achieve sexual pleasure and climax for themselves. Yes, some rapists are primarily motivated by True Reality-based rage towards women, men, and/or humanity/society, based upon the personal torment and torture that they have been subjected to. And yes, many rapists have some degree of True Reality rage that plays a role in causing them to violently attack their victims. And yet in a majority of cases, the actual, primary reasons why the person chooses to commit rape(s), is rooted within the perverse, invalid societal lies, delusions, and doctrines that I have outlined above.

Again, I go back to the fact that all intimate sexual activity is marketed by society as being a "power" play, a dominance and submission activity, one individual imposing his will upon another individual. One person manipulating the emotions of the other person. One person exploiting, taking advantage of, the other person. This is how society markets intercourse, oral sex, and all other societally popularized/legitimized forms of sex. Rape is nothing more than these forms of victimization, taken to a slightly different, I hesitate to even say more severe, level. A majority of rapists do not even consider killing their victim. They do not break the victim's arms, or legs, or otherwise inflict deliberate physical injury upon non-sexual body parts. This is because their primary interest in and motivation for undertaking the rape attack, is to satisfy their own sexual needs/obsessions. Yes, many do enjoy the terroristic "power" and domination that they experience while committing the rape, witnessing the fear of their victim, the begging for mercy of their victim. But this "power trip", one individual imposing his will upon the other, in a "consensual" manner, is extremely common within all types of interactive sexual encounters. It is in no way restricted to rape. Many consensual sex acts between people, involve one of the people deriving pleasure from hurting, causing pain, imposing his will, upon the other person. This is true for the non-consensual act of rape, as well. It does not mean that the only reason, or the primary reason, that the vast majority of people who chose to commit rape do so, is because they want to physically hurt or torture their victim. It is a very real reason, one of several reasons, in most rape cases, but it is not the primary reason, in most cases. It is the fault of society that many men are unable to find a way to satisfy their sexual needs without having to resort to rape. If masturbation were sanctified as a glorious way to enjoy sexual bliss, which it is, if patronizing prostitutes was decreed to be a wonderful, honorable activity, a majority of people who currently commit sexually motivated rapes, would not commit such rapes. But again, we must not forget that all people who commit acts of violence and harm upon others, are tortured victims themselves, and some are primarily motivated by True Reality rage and hate. This is true for rapists, for child sex abusers, for murderers. However, there is a unique aspect and element to "sex crimes", and it is the perverse, invalid societal decrees and teachings regarding sex, sexuality, sexual pleasure, and "appropriate" sexual activity, which plays an extremely powerful role in directly causing a majority of all "sex crimes" that do occur, to occur.

I want to say a few words about AIDS here. AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, is a disease of the immune system, that is spread from person to person in several different ways, with some types of intimate sexual contact being a primary method of transmission. There have been many rumors over the years, that the disease of AIDS was deliberately created by scientists acting on behalf of a societal leadership, and intended to be used perhaps as a weapon of war, perhaps to try and kill off certain unpopular racial groups within a society, perhaps to kill off certain groups of people within a society who refuse to conform their behaviors and lifestyle choices, to societal decrees and demands. I am certainly not in a position to know for certain whether the disease of AIDS is in fact a malevolent, deliberate creation of a societal leadership. But I do know for certain that most societies are limitlessly, genocidally, evil. And most societal leaders would leap at the chance to create such a biological weapon, specifically designed to kill off an "enemy", or more likely, to kill off undesired, demonized groups of citizen-slaves within the society itself, who are deemed to pose a threat to the toxic and diseased primary agenda, of the society in question. Embracing these Truths, together with the limited information concerning the origins of AIDS that have been uncovered, it is clear to me that there is a very real, good chance, that this disease was deliberately created by human beings.

What truly astounds me is that even where the issue of AIDS is concerned, masturbation, the safest, best way to achieve sexual pleasure and release, is still demonized and shunned. You citizen-slaves are instructed to avoid certain sexual activities that carry a high risk of AIDS transmission, and yet when it comes to intercourse you are simply told to "wear a condom" to protect yourself. Either wear a condom, or "abstain" from having sex, those are the options given to you by society, and there is literally no mention of masturbation, which makes a million times more sense than either of the other two options. Whatever limited protection from this lifelong and fatal disease a condom might provide, cannot come close to matching the 100% degree of protection that comes via choosing the masturbation option. The other societal instruction, to abstain from having sex, is certain to result in unnecessary trauma, frustration, and eventual failure, since most people have a sexual drive that must be satisfied sooner or later, in one way or another. In advocating abstinence, but not masturbation, society is guaranteeing that many people who try to embrace the abstinence path will eventually end up engaging in intimate sexual contact, unsafe contact, with other people. This is because abstinence, as taught by society, is simply not sustainable for any lengthy period of time, for most people. Masturbation is sustainable for a lifetime, a glorious lifetime, I might add. But abstinence is not sustainable, therefore instructing people to stay safe and avoid AIDS by abstaining from sex, without in the same breath overtly encouraging and promoting masturbation, is completely ridiculous and nonsensical. It's almost like telling a person to "abstain from drinking water". The instruction is simply not sustainable over a long period of time, and therefore it not only offers no long-term protection from AIDS, but it also overtly causes and encourages people to eventually engage in intimate sexual contact that often carries a serious risk of transmission of this disease.

I want to restate the single most important Forbidden Truth of this essay: There is absolutely no valid link between sex and love, between sex and friendship, or between sex and nurturing, supportive relationships between human beings. Sex is an individualistic act, undertaken by people to get their own biological, physical, and/or emotional needs met. It is an inherently selfish act, as it should be. You eat because you are hungry, that is selfishness. You have sex because you want to experience the unique physical/emotional sensations that you can experience/enjoy only by having sex. This reflects the exact same form of benevolent selfishness, as eating food does. The links that society has created between sex and love, between sex and friendship, between sex and nurturing relationships, are invalid, illegitimate, untrue, and genocidally harmful/abusive to billions of individual humans, throughout the world.

Proving that there is absolutely no inherent link between sex and humanistic love, between sex and friendship, etc..., is incredibly easy and obvious, to any sane thinker. Consider the issue of fetishes. Some people achieve the greatest degree of sexual pleasure, simply by fondling, thinking about, developing fantasies about, a shoe, a piece of lingerie, a lock of hair, a gun, a piece of rope, etc... These things are not human, they are not alive, and yet they provide the ultimate in sexual excitement/release, to some people. Other people specifically feel hate for the people they have sex with. They consider their sexuality to be a weapon, and use this weapon to try and hurt other people. They specifically feel hate, not love, towards the people they have sex with, and yet this in no way diminishes the degree of sexual pleasure and satisfaction that they may achieve. Most people have friends, people that they feel emotional affection towards. But they don't have sex with all of their friends. Is the strength of their emotional bond of friendship/affection limited or diminished by the fact that they do not have sex with a particular friend of theirs?? No, of course not! Far more benevolent/affectionate relationships are ruined and destroyed when and if the two individuals decide to take the "next logical step" and have sex with each other, than are strengthened and enhanced by this step. This is because there is nothing logical or natural about seeking to strengthen a benevolent relationship by having sex. Sex has no intrinsic link to friendship or affection, and it has absolutely no link of any kind to "love", because romantic love is nothing but an artificial, invalid construct of society. Having sex with a person you feel affection towards, is more likely to harm the relationship, than to strengthen the relationship. Why? Because achieving sexual pleasure and release is an inherently individualistic activity. And every human being has a totally unique mindset which causes them to achieve the ultimate in sexual release/pleasure, in a unique way. If two people who like each other a lot have sex, it is very likely that each person will feel they must adjust the pace of their sexual arousal, to modify and compromise their own sexual experience, in order to accommodate the person that they are having sex with. This is very likely to give rise to frustration, lack of satisfaction, anger, resentment, sooner or later, causing harm to the relationship, often causing the entire relationship to collapse. And on top of all this, society decrees that all individual members of a "couple" relationship, need to have sex at the request/demand of the other person in the relationship! If the wife wants to have sex, society tells the husband that he needs to agree to have sex with her, regardless of whether he is feeling sexually aroused or in the mood to have sex. Same goes for the hubby who wants to have sex, wife is told by society, "you have an obligation to have sex with your husband. And this exact same insane decree applies to live-in lover relationships, and even to ongoing sexual relationships in which the two people live apart. How utterly perverse! Each person is expected to sacrifice their own sexual freedom and autonomy, while accepting the bizarre notion that they are obligated to have sex not when they wish, but when their spouse or regular sexual partner wants to have sex. This literally guarantees that neither person will ever be able to enjoy an ideal sexual experience, on an ongoing basis. It is the introduction of sex into relationships, that most often causes the relationship to suffer harm, or to collapse. A perfectly good, extremely nurturing friendship is destroyed, because society perversely and invalidly decrees interactive sexual contact to be the "next logical step" for the relationship to progress to.

The only argument that society makes to the above Truths is that it's not "normal" for people to be sexually attracted to shoes, it's not "normal" for people to have sex with people that they hate, it's not "normal" for people who like each other as friends, to start resenting and hating each other after they start having interactive sex. It's not "normal" for people to restrict all of their sexual activity to solo masturbation. This argument is ridiculous! It is the shallowest, most obvious and blatant form of lie-based societal coercion, imaginable. Having already terroristically convinced you citizen-slaves that you must make act and be "normal", society arbitrarily imposes upon you whatever artificial standards of normalcy it wishes, for the purpose of causing you to alter and modify your behaviors and your beliefs, to the behaviors and beliefs that your malevolent society is interested in promoting and popularizing. So, having sex with a shoe is decreed abnormal, because society wants you to have sex with other human beings. Having sex with people that you hate is decreed abnormal, because it contradicts the primary myth used by society to get people to have sex with each other, the myth of romantic love. Growing to hate and resent a person after you start having sex with them is decreed abnormal, because this Truth would serve to discourage people from having sex with each other. Being a compulsive masturbator is decreed to be abnormal, extremely abnormal in fact, because the thought of a lot of people embracing this Superior lifestyle, fills societal leaders with absolute terror. So, the entire notion of what is "normal", in all aspects of life, as put forth by societal decree, has absolutely no legitimacy or validity. It is nothing more than a malevolently terroristic tool, employed by society for the purpose of causing you creatures to restrict and limit your behavioral and lifestyle choices, to coerce you into agreeing to suppress, deny, reject Truth, and to impose utterly ridiculous and unnatural behavioral restrictions upon yourselves.

Every single type of attempt by society to regulate, control, influence, or dictate the type of sex that their citizen-slaves engage in, the frequency of sexual activity that people engage in, the gender, age, racial background of the person you choose to have sex with, including the demonization of some types of sex, such as masturbation, and the promotion of other types of sex and sexual regulations, such as intercourse, getting married, or living with the person you have sex with, constitutes utter and complete fascism. Outrageously, every single society on planet earth, in the 21st century, is indeed actively and on a constant, daily basis, in a frenzied fashion, engaged in this utterly fascist repression of all citizen-slaves who live within the society. Animals have sex with each other, based upon Natural Instinct. There are no "intellectual rules and regulations". Instinct rules. This is natural and appropriate. Within the genetically diseased species known as humanity, natural instinct has been lost, replaced by perverse intellectual fascism, as terroristically imposed by the most malevolent group of human beings that exists, those who have sought and attained leadership status within society. The loss of genetic health and normalcy was likely caused, in part, by malevolent societal influence. But this genetic loss, while very serious and carrying extremely negative consequences, was not a fatal blow, as regards sexual freedom and happiness. The fatal blow came when your societal leaders chose to try and replace this natural instinct with terroristic, lie-based, intellectual fascism, and you broken creatures happily chose to embrace these efforts, literally helping your society to rob you of your freedom, autonomy, and ability to try and seek, find, and embrace a life path that involves pure, personal Truth, rather than artificial, poisoned, invalid, myth-based, terroristically imposed fascist ideology and belief.

Personal Comments and Outline of My Sexual Lifestyle:

From time to time, within these Texts, I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, will graciously provide a few details of my own personal activities and lifestyle choices, as regards the topic of the essay. I hope you creatures realize how incredibly lucky you are, at my generous spirit in sharing these private and personal details of my life. I want to make it perfectly clear that while all of the personal details and information that I choose to share within these Texts are 100% accurate and truthful, they are by no means complete. I have already written, by hand, a 5000 page autobiography. I have no interest at this time in either publishing this autobiography, or in turning this Manifesto into a personal autobiography. You creatures are not worthy of knowing the vast majority of personal details of my life. What I am choosing to generously share within this Manifesto, are a few tidbits of autobiographical personal Truth, which serve to enhance my overall revelations of philosophical/intellectual Forbidden Truth as outlined within this Manifesto, as well as to prove that I, as your Seer, practice what I preach. I live out the Truths of life, with glorious pride and limitless courage, embracing all of the Forbidden Truths that I reveal within this Manifesto, in my personal life choices and life path. I am choosing to provide a few personal details of my sexual lifestyle here, in order to illustrate and demonstrate, in a small way, this Truth

When I was a child, I was tortured in many different ways, by people acting with the approval and sanction of society. They were torture victims, and they tortured me in turn, due solely to the insane Sacred Family Unit doctrine under which society decreed me to be their slave. One way that I was tortured, was sexually. One of my slaveowners sexually tortured me a thousand+ different times, during the course of my childhood. The torture came to an end only when I developed the physical strength and the psychological self-love, to pose a serious threat to hurt or even kill, this slaveowner, and the slaveowner realized this to be the case.

Even as I was being sexually tortured, I did not develop a hatred for sex, but rather a hatred for humanity, in accurate reflection of the true culprits in my torment. At the age of 13, I made a series of Sacred Vows to myself. Every Vow I made was designed to honor me, to validate my Superiority and the self-love that I so proudly embrace. Every Vow was designed to last for my entire lifetime, and I am very proud to say that I have kept every Vow, and I will keep every Vow, till my dying breath. One of my Vows was that I would never engage in intimate sexual contact of any kind, with any living human being, for as long as I lived. I have kept this Vow. I am an adult and adolescent virgin. Except for the sexual tortures inflicted upon me by my slaveowner during my childhood, I have never had a single second of sexual contact with any other living human being. At the same time, I have enjoyed the most glorious of sexual odysseys, masturbating to climax an average of four times during every single 24 hour period of my lifetime, beginning at age 14 or so, and continuing to this very day, many years later. I have a sexual obsession with women's feet and shoes. More specifically, with deformed, painful, women's feet. I embrace my fetish wholeheartedly, and have devoted my life to achieving sexual pleasure and release. I spend at least four to five hours every single day, specifically focusing upon my sexual fetish, and my sexual pleasure. I recognize that nothing on this planet is as powerful as my mind. I recognize that no type of sexual activity in existence, can match the ultimate, limitless freedom and power that I can and do generate within my very own mind, and manifest via sexual images, thoughts, scenarios, experiences, that result in lengthy masturbation sessions each day, with an average of four separate and distinct sexual climaxes each day.

I love myself unconditionally, with the passion of a billion people put together, and I know that nothing but my own death can or ever will change this. I give it all to me, I worship myself, I am my own god, because I love me. I know that my ability to create Truth and pleasure within my own mind, can never be taken away, by anyone, no matter what unpleasant events might befall me in the future. I have purchased many thousands of books, magazines, videos, photos, all for the sole purpose of enriching my own sexual pleasure. I have used the internet to deepen and increase my treasure chest of erotic imagery. I use humans too, for this purpose. I seek out and imprint upon my mind, real-life images of specific human beings revealing or indicating foot distress, and use such sightings to enrich my own sexual pleasure. But I have never engaged in intimate sexual contact with anyone, and I am so proud of the fact that I have always retained the Truth within my own mind, to recognize and live out the reality, that no other human being on this planet is worthy of having intimate sexual contact with me. At the same time, I have enjoyed the ultimate in sexual pleasure, myself. I'm quite certain that no more than one person in twenty-five million, can boast of having had as many sexual climaxes, an average of four per day, each and every day, over the many years that I have maintained this average. Each and every masturbatory session that I engage in, is perfect. It is perfect because it is a reflection of my Truth, untainted and uncompromised. It is perfect because I am perfect. Even my imperfections, are in fact perfect, because I embrace and accept myself with pure, unconditional honor and love. The only limitation that exists, as to the degree of pleasure that each climax provides, is the limitation of my own, unique mind. And this is a limitation that I gladly embrace. I can train and develop my mind to provide me with the ultimate in sexual pleasure, free, autonomous, and independent, and that is exactly what I have done. Some masturbatory sessions take 90+ minutes, as I slowly develop and flesh out an erotic scenario in gloriously minute detail. Other masturbatory sessions are quicker, based more upon a brief image, encounter, or mental snapshot. Every session is completely unique, every masturbatory experience is unique. The variations are endless, limitless, because my mind has no self-imposed limit. The same basic, erotic premise, can be fleshed out in a million different ways, each one supremely erotic. And I have 10,000 or so different foot fetish erotic premises implanted in my mind. So do the math, 10,000 times one million equals?? Well, it equals an average of four climaxes every single day, for as long as I live, even if it's 500, 1000, 5000 years.

I walk your world and I feel such contempt and even pity for you creatures. You enslave yourselves to other humans, just to get them to "give" you sex, an inferior, infrequent, tainted, compromised form of sex. You deny yourselves the ultimate in sexual pleasure and freedom, because you have been stripped of self-love, addicted to a deranged doctrine, by your society. And yet, as always, I do not blame you as individuals. I blame and I condemn your societies, and I curse your pathetic inferiority as individuals, your weak, genetically and societally broken minds. Your inability to see, understand, and embrace the Truths that are so beautifully, so glaringly, crystal clear, to me. I do this even as I rejoice in my own Superiority. So there you have it, a free gift from me to you, a gift of Personal Truth. This Forbidden Truth Manifesto is not simply a "philosophy", creatures. It is a reality. I live out the reality of Forbidden Truth, each and every day of my life. Each essay within this Manifesto represents Personal Truth, within my own experience of my own life, as well as a "philosophy" that is to be defined as Forbidden Truth. It is not dry, it is not remote, it is not esoteric. It is as real and as concrete as the nose on the front of your face is. This concludes the Forbidden Truth dissection of sex. As always, if I have failed to address a specific issue that is of interest to you, or if you desire any clarification or more detailed explanation from me, you may feel free to send me email, and there is a possibility, if your email meets my quality control standards, that your query might receive a reply.

Jeffrey Dahmer, Milwaukee serial killer
This is Jeffrey Dahmer, Tortured Victim-Creation of the Most Bigoted and Sexually Repressed society on Planet Earth, America. Demonized for being a serial killer, Jeffrey is without a doubt an ideal example and illustration of the horrific consequences that your societal lies, myths, and perversions regarding issues such as sex and love, which as being dissected on this page, wreak. Sexually drawn to members of his own gender, Jeffrey, like all homosexuals, grew up under constant, daily emotional and psychological torture, knowing that his society hated him and condemned him for being an "abnormal pervert", the instant he became consciously aware that he was attracted to other boys/men. He felt the need to keep his sexual inclinations a secret from all heterosexuals, even his own family members, knowing that his society so demonized those who refuse or are unable to accept and embrace Sacred Family Unit mythology, that not a single heterosexual human being on planet earth could be trusted to offer him support and understanding, instead of condemnation and ridicule. Thousands of homosexual boys and men deliberately harm or kill themselves, as a direct result of this societal malevolence. And yet you and your societies have the audacity to condemn and demonize the minority of homosexual torture victims, such as Jeffrey, Dennis Nilsen, Randy Kraft, etc..., for somehow finding the internal strength to recognize that they are victims of injustice, and to direct at least some of their justified rage outward.

Tragically, Jeffrey's torment was not limited to this sexuality demonization. He was also stripped of all genuine self-love capabilities, the natural, instinctual self-love that all children are born with. He was obsessed with finding someone else to love him, because he could not love himself. He harvested the young men and boys because he did not want them to leave him, not because he personally hated them. Here you see the perverse consequences that come with a person being stripped of a natural ability to love himself, and instilled with the deranged notion that he needs to obtain the love of others. And yes, the insane sex/love linkage is at the forefront in Jeffrey's situation as well. Jeffrey saw sex, love, companionship, as being inextricably linked together, as a direct result of the perverse societal doctrine that was malevolently imposed upon him. He could not conceive of living with another man, several men, or even a woman/women, within an emotionally supportive, nurturing, non-sexual relationship. And this is because your insane society decrees that all adults need to have a sexually intimate relationship that involves "romantic love", with a fellow human being. And of course Jeffrey was brutally traumatized as a child, and no surprise, he spent time in the US military, being taught and told that murdering complete strangers is a perfectly fine, honorable, and appropriate activity. Yes, Jeffrey is one of the ultimate Martyrs of 20th century american society. But let us not forget that for every Jeffrey Dahmer, there are countless thousands of anonymous victims of genocidal societal sex/love doctrine, who never achieve any "fame", but are victimized and suffer just as much if not more, to the degree that they will even murder themselves. Let us acknowledge Martyr Jeffrey to be a "spokesperson" of sorts, via his actions, for all the countless thousands of similarly victimized Martyrs, who lacked the initiative, courage, self-confidence, to direct their rage outward, rather than inward. He was tortured and lost at a very early age. He seemed to cry out for help, but nobody paid any attention to him at all.---------Martha Schmidt, sociology professor, speaking of Jeffrey, whom she knew during his high school years.

"I couldn’t find any meaning in my life when I was out there. I'm sure as hell not going to find it in here. This is the grand finale of a life poorly spent and the end result is just overwhelmingly depressing … it's just a sick, pathetic, wretched, miserable life story, that's all it is. How it can help anyone, I've no idea." "I don't even know if I have the capacity for normal emotions or not because I haven't cried for a long time. You just stifle them for so long that maybe you lose them, partially at least. I don't know." "At about eleven o'clock at night, when everyone was gone and the store was locked up from the outside, I went out and undressed the mannequin and I had a big sleeping bag cover. I put it in that, zipped it up and carried it out of the store, which was a pretty dangerous thing to do. I never thought of them maybe having security cameras or being locked in the store, but I walked out with it and took it back home. I ended up getting a taxi and brought it back and kept it with me a couple of weeks. I just went through various sexual fantasies with it, pretending it was a real person, pretending that I was having sex with it, masturbating, and undressing it." "I knew my grandma would be waking up and I still wanted him to stay with me so I strangled him… I brought him up to the bedroom and pretended he was still alive." "I took the knife and the scalp part off and peeled the flesh off the bone and kept the skull and the scalp… If I could have kept him longer, all of him, I would have." "It just didn't seem like the parents really liked each other too much...I decided early on I wasn't ever going to get married 'cause I never wanted to go through anything like that." "I wanted to see if I could find a way of keeping him with me without actually killing him." "Someday you're going to hear from me again. I may not have made it in the military but now that I'm getting out things will be different. You'll see me, or you will read about me again." "It was nice, with African cichlids and tiger barbs in it and live plants, it was a beautifully kept fish tank, very clean … I used to like to just sit there and watch them swim around, basically. I used to enjoy the planning and the set-up, the filtration, read about how to keep the nitrate and ammonia down to safe levels and just the whole spectrum of fish-keeping interested me … I once saw some puffer fish in the store. It's a round fish, and the only ones I ever saw with both eyes in front, like a person's eyes, and they would come right up to the front of the glass and their eyes would be crystal blue, like a person's, real cute… It's a fun hobby. I really enjoyed that fish tank. It's something I really miss."---------Jeffrey Dahmer


Okay, on we go to a dissection of Love. Please note that I have already discussed this topic to some degree, in my above essay on Sex, and I will attempt to minimize repetition here. It is assumed that you creatures are reading every essay on every page of this website, using the proper order that each essay is listed with, and I strongly urge all readers to follow this format, in order to gain a maximum degree of insight and impact from each of these dissections of Forbidden Truth. What is love? Most dictionaries have a long list of definitions which they apply to this word. These definitions include: 1: Warm liking and affection for a person, affectionate devotion. 2: Sexual affection or passion, the relation between sweethearts. 3: God's benevolence towards mankind. 4: Strong liking for a thing. 5: Affectionate greetings. 6: A loved person, a sweetheart. 7: To like greatly, to take pleasure in having or doing something. Here you have at least seven different dictionary definitions, that are applied to this one word, "love". There are numerous other societal definitions which are applied as well. Let us begin by revealing the True, factually accurate definition: Love is the name that society has given to an emotional feeling that it is seeking to promote among citizen-slaves, in an invalid, illogical, and deceitful manner. A perfect example of why this definition is accurate, is the manner in which society creates an artificial, invalid link between sex and love, defining this form of love as "romantic love", when in reality, as I have outlined in the above Sex essay, there is absolutely no legitimate linkage between sex and love, and the emotional feeling of "romantic love" is nothing more than an artificial, societally induced construct. Romantic love does not exist, and yet it is decreed by society to not only exist, but to be an integral part of the daily life of every "normal" person. Romantic love is decreed to be extremely important, extremely valuable, something to strive to obtain, something to fiercely hold onto and never lose, despite the fact that it is not a valid emotion or entity, and does not in fact exist within reality or Truth.

What about the other definitions? Is it possible for human beings to "like" other living creatures and things? Is it possible for them to feel affection for and towards other living things? Yes. Even though the root motivations for these feelings are inherently selfish, as I will outline below and in the "Friendship" essay that immediately follows this one, I will not dispute the general premise that people can like each other, people can feel affection, closeness, even empathy towards each other. But what about this "love" thing?? Society puts forth this term, and applies a definition involving extreme emotionalism, to this word. Meaning, if a person is said to "love" another person, the person is believed to have feelings for the other person that are stronger than merely "liking" the person, or feeling affection for the person, or being fond of the person, or admiring the person, or caring about the person. Putting aside the issue of "romantic love", we are still left with all other definitions of this word, having been designed to express a feeling that is stronger, deeper, more intense than all other words which express affection, such as the word "like". An extreme, positive attachment to some other thing, is the societal definition of love. Every slaveowner is told by society that they need to love their child, rather than to like their child. Child-slaves are ordered by society to love their parents, not to like them. When you want to establish an intimate relationship with another person, you are told that you need to feel love for the person, not to merely like them, and on and on...

This brings us to a key and extremely important Forbidden Truth: Regardless of whether or not the "love", meaning positive attachment, that a person may feel for other living things or objects is in fact valid, society overtly instructs all human beings that they must not love themselves! This is amazingly perverse, but absolutely true! If a person declares: "I love my wife", "I love my children", "I love the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team" "I love chocolate" "I love america", etc..., every single one of these declarations is met with approval by society. But if the person declares "I love myself", he meets with disapproval from society, he is labeled a "narcissist" at best, suffering from a mental dsyfunction, or a selfish, perverse, evil person at worst. Do you creatures realize how utterly insane and diseased this is?? The only legitimate type of actual love that should exist within a sane person's mind, is love of self. Every sane human being should reserve this deepest, most intense emotional feelings of value and unconditional, positive embrace, for himself. Not for other living things, not for objects or foods or teams or countries, but for yourself! Society decrees love to be the deepest, most intensely positive emotion in existence, and yet at the same time, decrees that it's citizen-slaves must not love themselves, but instead must direct this deepest and most intense of positive emotions towards other creatures and even towards inanimate objects like chocolate, and theoretical concepts, like a "nation". This is part of a deliberate, malicious policy of ego-destruction, undertaken by all societies to strip all individuals of the precious, irreplaceable, incredibly valuable, intensely narcissistic "love" of self that all children are born with, that is instinctual in nature, and is a wonderful asset for all creatures, as they navigate through life. Narcissism is an extremely positive, valuable character and emotional trait to possess. It carries literally no drawbacks, for the individual himself. It does carry extreme drawbacks for societal leaders, since a narcissistic, self-loving person would defy all of the evil, destructive, malevolently harmful doctrines, literally hundreds of different doctrines, that every society is determined to foist upon it's citizen-slaves. The entire structure of society is designed to get citizens to suffer, to sacrifice themselves, their safety, their health, their freedom, their lives, for no valid or legitimate reason. The only way society can achieve this genocidally evil goal, is to strip all citizen-slaves of their self-love, and make them addicted to and dependent upon, the "love" of others, as well as to cause them to reject love of self, and direct this emotion, in a pale, invalid version, onto other people, creatures, objects, and concepts.

Perversely, societies enjoy remarkable success in achieving this goal. You literally will never hear any human being publically declare: "I love myself", so demonized and stigmatized has this glorious, precious, perfectly natural and incredibly valuable attitude, been decreed by society. Because there are no public decrees of self love, individuals who are trying to build up, preserve and protect their precious emotional and character trait of narcissistic self-love, have almost no chance of keeping their self-love alive. Society teaches that it is wrong and bad to love yourself, constantly ordering all human beings to direct this emotion outward, to "give it away" to other creatures, objects, concepts, rather than to direct it inward, to give yourself the love that you deserve and that is pure, genuine, and so wonderfully empowering and nurturing. And so you creatures give it away, day after day, you throw this precious emotion away, on others, on things that are not even alive. Absolutely amazingly! And you grow to despise and loathe yourselves, you grow to perceive your own life and your own body as being worthless, disposable, expendable, exactly as your society wishes. Score yet another victory for your evil societies, as a result of your pathetic inferiority as individual creatures. Think about it, you fools! Why would your society overtly instruct you to "love" other people, animals, foods, sports, countries, etc..., but not to love yourself, while at the same time putting forth the definitional decree that "love" is the strongest, most important, most positive and necessary emotion in existence, that all citizens must experience and enjoy?? The only possible explanation for this, based upon sane thinking patterns, is the True, accurate explanation: Your society deliberately and with malice aforethought, wants to deny you the emotional and intellectual ability to love yourselves, and for the purpose of achieving this goal, demonizes all self-love by applying negative definitional labels such as "narcissist, to any and all humans who dare to try and defy societal efforts to strip them of their self-love. This societal demonization of both self-love and narcissism, constitutes one of the most pervasively brutal, harmful, and destructive of all societal policies, for all individuals, on a personal level. Not only is the person stripped of self-love, but they are also ordered by society to find invalid substitute creatures/objects to give this precious emotion to, which means they are ordered to care about, like, value, other living things as well as inanimate objects and concepts, more than they care about, like, value themselves. Again, this is because love is decreed to be the strongest and most intense of positive emotions, and society recognizes that it is far too dangerous to allow you creatures to properly love yourselves.

Therefore, if society orders you to love other creatures and things, but not to love yourself, the only possible message that this perverse decree can deliver to individuals, is that their own lives, safety, welfare, comfort, are of less importance than the lives, safety, value, comfort of other living things, of inanimate objects, and of concepts such as "national pride". This is how all societies get citizen-slaves to join their militaries. The hapless, pathetic citizen-slave is brainwashed into accepting the notion that he needs to "love his country", after he has been stripped by society of the ability to love himself. The natural, beneficial embrace of self-love emotion is stripped away, and society creates invalid substitute creatures, objects, and concepts, instructing and redirecting it's torture victim to apply and focus the emotion of love, onto these exterior, substitute venues. None of these exterior paths of love focus, have any legitimacy or validity, because the only proper direction that human beings should focus the emotion of love, is towards themselves. The primary method by which society gets individuals to direct "love" outward, is by stripping them of the ability to love themselves. This makes all subsequent outward directions of love, invalid, because an individual who cannot love himself, can never genuinely and in a rational, sane way, love anyone or anything else. All outward declarations and feelings of love that follow, are invalid, artificially induced and terroristically compelled by society. Lets consider an example: A woman gets pregnant, gives birth to a child, and is instructed by society to love their child. Most women who have children claim to love their children a great deal. A majority, if quizzed, will even declare that they love the child more than they love themselves. They will even declare that if necessary, they would sacrifice their own life to save the life of their child. Society praises and supports this type of an utterly insane attitude, as being demonstrative of proper "motherly love", a proper feeling and expression of love by the mother, for the child. But in reality, the attitude is utterly, completely deranged! Why would any sane person "love" another creature, more than they love themselves? How can a person adopt this ridiculous attitude? Why would a person adopt such a perverse philosophical mindset?? The person is saying that they value, care about, feel affection for themselves, less than they value, care about, feel affection for, some other living thing. The only reason they would feel this way, is because they have been stripped by society of the ability to properly love themselves, and coerced by society into agreeing to invalidly and harmfully transfer their "lost" emotion, onto another living thing. The insane mindset of being willing to sacrifice their own life in order to save the life of someone else, is a natural outgrowth of this brutal victimization. If you don't love yourself, then naturally your own life will have minimal value, to you. The person does not love herself, therefore the person will not value herself, her safety, welfare, or life, while at the same time the person has been terroristically compelled by society to invalidly apply love towards their child, or for that matter, their country/government, thus the person feels compelled to place extreme value upon the safety, welfare, life, of their child/country/government/spouse/etc...

This is the root goal of society, to get all individuals to hate and devalue themselves enough, to the point where they become willing to completely sacrifice their own happiness, comfort, safety, health, and especially their life, upon the command of societal leaders, in whatever manner society wishes. Once stripped of the ability to love himself, it is easy for society to create whatever "substitute objects and paths" it wishes, and to get the individual to embrace and direct an invalid, illegitimate form of love, towards these substitute objects and paths. Understand this folks, it is perfectly possible for some human beings to feel a great deal of affection, caring, empathy, for other human beings. Some mothers can care about, value, really like and feel protective towards their children, in a completely genuine manner. But only if they genuinely love themselves, and feel a stronger sense of affection, caring, value, towards themselves than they do for their child, or for anyone or anything else. This is why, in a sane society, all current definitions of "love" would be declared invalid, and a brand new definition would take their place. Love would be defined as: A powerfully positive emotion that mentally healthy human beings feel and direct towards themselves. The most powerfully positive emotion that exists within human consciousness. This definition would not only allow, but overtly encourage all human beings to embrace a narcissistic love of self, while at the same time allowing them to feel genuinely positive emotions, such as affection, empathy, caring, for other living things as well as inanimate objects/concepts. But never to the degree that any of the self-love that they feel for themselves, is sacrificed, compromised, or directed outward. All mentally and emotionally healthy human beings, in a sane society, would reserve the emotion of "love", since it is the most positive and powerful and valuable emotion, for themselves. They would direct it inward. They would value and embrace the gloriously narcissistic love of self, that they instinctually possess. They would recognize that no other creature, no object, no ideology, and no concept in existence, is worthy of receiving this most powerful of positive emotions. Yes, you can "like" your children, your parents, the people you have sex with, your friends, food that you find delicious, your car, your government, etc... You can like those people/things. You can value them, you can care about them, you can feel protective towards them, you can empathize with them, you can go to quite a lot of effort to try and protect them, keep them safe. Assuming that your True Reality so allows/dictates. But you must not "love" them. Because love is the most powerful emotion of all, and must be properly directed inward, towards yourself. I suppose some people who do genuinely love themselves, would feel the need to intellectually apply the word "love" to people that they really care about, such as their children. And this in itself would be okay, because "loving" other living things only becomes catastrophically harmful when combined with an inability to properly love yourself. So, if a parent wanted to "feel love" towards their child, this would be okay, as long as the parent has not been stripped of the proper ability to love himself. This means the parent could not love the child more than he loves himself, and the parent could not be willing to sacrifice his own life or welfare, for the benefit of the child. Both of these feelings/actions indicate and prove an inability to properly love yourself. You cannot love any living thing more than you love yourself, and you cannot place the life or the welfare of any living thing above your own life and welfare, unless you have lost the ability to properly love yourself.

The horrific consequences of being stripped of the ability to love yourself, are obvious to all sane and rational observers of the human condition. People agree to join nationalistic armies, because they have lost the ability to properly love and value themselves. People agree to enslave themselves to other people, because they want the other person to love them, as a result of having been stripped of the ability to love themselves. People create children, claim to love them, and yet viciously assault them via spanking, brutally torture them in thousands of different ways, sometimes murder them, because they have no genuine and legitimate concept of what love is, as a result of having been stripped of the ability to love themselves. People engage in desperate, futile, lifelong, obsessive quests to obtain the love of other living things, or they obsessively direct their love onto food, drugs, alcohol, sports, political movements, nationalistic movements, all because they have been stripped of the ability to love themselves. There are hundreds of additional negative consequences, downright horrific consequences, that I could list here. The bottom line is, every so-called "civilized" society on planet earth here in the early part of the 21st century, deliberately attempts to strip all citizens of their ability to properly love themselves, and to an extreme degree, with at least 99.999% of all citizens, society succeeds in accomplishing this malevolent feat. There are horrifically negative consequences, on a direct and personal level, for the vast majority of all human beings who have been stripped of the ability to properly love themselves. The life choices that these societal victim-creations make, and the life paths that they follow, are invariably inferior, perverse, irrational, harmful, deadly, and this a direct result of the fact that society has malevolently stripped them of the ability to properly love themselves.

Okay, lets move on. I need to reveal a few Forbidden Truths here, on the issue of what a huge role selfishness plays in all relationships that humans get involved in. Selfishness is not a negative character trait, folks. It is a natural, normal, in most cases healthy and empowering character trait, despite the fact that societal leaders have demonized and condemned it. Most "positive" relationships, that seem to involve affection, caring, "love", are in fact utterly selfish. In the case of "romantic love" and other completely invalid human enmeshments, the relationship is completely selfish. In romantic love, what you have are two human beings who cannot love themselves, each attempting to convince the other person to proclaim that they feel love for the other person, in order for the person to try and "feel loved". This is complete selfishness. Each person is only interested, at their emotional and intellectual core, in feeling loved by the other person, not having either the inclination or the ability to genuinely love the other person, since they cannot even love themselves. Each person is using the other person, lying to the other person, manipulating the other person, in a perverse manner, for the sole purpose of getting their own, personal needs met. Every "romantic" relationship which claims to have a "love" basis, operates under this exact scenario, of utter and complete selfishness. The vast majority of all other love/affection relationships, also have a primary component of selfishness. Parents who claim to love their children, are usually using the child to try and make themselves feel loved, since they cannot properly love themselves. "My child loves me, therefore I am lovable and my life has value", this is the utterly selfish, core motivational attitude at play, in terms of explaining why the parent, who cannot love himself, appears to be so desperately interested in and able to, love their child. In virtually all outward expressions of "love" towards other living things, the individual is in fact demanding love from the other living thing. He is pretending to love the other living thing, claiming to love the other living thing, for the primary reason of desperately needing, on an emotional level, to be loved by the other living thing. This Truth applies just as strongly to non-romantic love, as it does to romantic love. The person cannot love himself, and is therefore desperately attempting, by whatever means possible, to attain the love of other living things. Therefore, expressions of love as made, felt and practiced by human beings, are almost always selfish, malicious, deceitful, and manipulative. They are not sincere or altruistic or generous. When the parent says "I love you" to the child, what the parent really means is: "I demand that you love me, and if you ever fail to meet my needs I will condemn and hurt you for not loving me enough." When the romantic lover says: "I promise to love you for as long as we both shall live", what he is really saying is: "You'd better love me for as long as I live, because if you don't, I will claim my vengeance at your betrayal." When the pet owner says to his dog: "I love you so much, sweetie", what he is really saying is: "You must love me forever and unconditionally, so that I can feel emotionally better about myself, because I cannot love myself." Of course the degree of conscious awareness among the vast majority of humans, regarding the actual nature of the emotionally suppressed and internalized declarations outlined above, is virtually nil. Most of you creatures have no ability of any kind to even understand, much less face up to, your true natures. You can't even consciously recognize the most basic Truth of all, that you have been stripped of the ability to love yourselves, much less face up to the utterly selfish, two-faced nature of all of your "love" relationships with other living creatures, human and otherwise. Outwardly directed love is inherently perverse and unnatural, most especially when the individual cannot properly love himself. In all such cases, outward expressions of love, at their core, are always desperate attempts to obtain the love of others. You claim to love the other living thing, while in reality you are demanding that the other living thing love you. It is so glaringly simple and obvious, folks! How can you love others, if you cannot love yourself? How can you feel more love for another living thing, than you feel for yourself?? It's impossible! If you have a large bottle of water, you can share it with other living things, if you so choose. But if you don't have any water, you can't give water to others, because you don't have any water available. If you don't love yourself, you cannot love others, because you have no love available. All you can offer are invalid, manipulative lies, in which you pretend/claim to love some other living thing, when the absolute Truth is that you are attempting to obtain love from others, as a way to cope with the emotional distress and torment of having been stripped of the ability to love yourself.

This brings us to the issue of conditional and unconditional nature of love, as promoted and decreed by society. As a reality, the vast majority of all outward expressions of love towards other living things, are extremely conditional. What does this mean? It means that whenever a person expresses love for another living things, they are making this expression in a totally conditional manner. They are demanding that the object of their love, meet a whole host of their demands, even if they don't always articulate the demands. The most popular conditional demand, by far, is that the other living thing must "love me back". This is because the person declaring love for another living thing, is desperate to obtain love from the other living thing, as outlined above. The only real reason why the person says "I love you", is because the person is desperate to be told or shown that he is loved. The only method by which the person can figure out how to obtain the love of another living thing, is to lie to either himself or to the other living thing, by adopting the notion that he loves the other living thing, and/or declaring his love for the other living thing. Then he holds his breath, desperately hoping that the other living thing will either state, express, or indicate that he/she loves him. If no such indication is provided, the person who has professed love often becomes extremely angry, distraught, depressed, even violent. This is because the person never actually felt any love for the living thing that he professed to love. He only declared his love, for the purpose of trying to obtain love from the "object of his professed affection." So, this type of love, in addition to being totally invalid, is also completely conditional in nature. "I will pretend to love you, only on the condition that you overtly indicate that you love me."

All other forms of exterior love are also supremely conditional, even though society refuses to acknowledge this Truth, and continually puts forth the insane notion that "unconditional" love of others is common, legitimate, and necessary. Do parents love their children unconditionally? Of course not! Parents use their children as daily Poison Containers, as slaves, and impose a long list of conditions and demands upon their children, on a daily basis, each and every day of the child's life. If the child fails to live up to these "parental requirements", the parent gets angry, punishes and hurts the child, but often still asserts, on a conscious level, that he "loves" the child, oftentimes even as he is hurting/harming the child! This is because society decrees that parents must have unconditional love for their children. So the parent, having no interest in or ability to think logically or rationally, simply tells himself that he still loves the child, even as he is feeling rage towards the child, and assaulting the child. Same applies for children loving their parents, spouses loving each other, etc... Society insanely decrees that "unconditional" love is the "purest" kind of love, and so we have parents, children, wives, husbands, etc..., who cannot even love themselves, who only claim to love others because they are desperate to obtain love from others, who literally feel daily rage and hate towards these "loved ones", pretending to not only love their "loved ones", but to love them in an unconditional manner, when the reality is that an absolute mountain of conditions is thrown upon the other person, on a daily basis. And of course ultimately, in the vast majority of all externalized expressions of love, the whole issue of conditional versus unconditional love is a moot point, because the person does not in fact feel any genuine love of any kind, towards the living thing he has either delusionally convinced himself that he loves, or is pretending to love.

There is a very important and completely valid type of unconditional love, and this is unconditional self-love. All self-love should be unconditional, in order for it to be healthy and non-toxic. I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, love myself because I am a reflection of perfection. Everything I feel and do, is a perfect reflection of me. Since I love myself with utter purity and with every fiber of my conscious mind, there are no conditions attached to my self-love, ever. No matter what I might do in life, experience in life, no matter how other life forms might view me, treat me, judge me, the love that I feel for myself is and will always be, 100% unconditional. It's strength and consistency has never wavered, and will never waver. I can never disappoint myself, I can never betray myself, because everything I do and everything I am in life, is a reflection of me, and I am a perfect reflection of Truth, and of my True Reality. I am perfect. I am a victim. I deserve to enjoy the greatest, most positively empowering emotion, "love", that exists in the universe. That love is self-love, unconditional self-love. Therefore, I love myself unconditionally, in a complete and intense manner. The vast majority of humans who retain some ability to love themselves, impose just as many conditions upon their self love, as they do upon other living things that they claim to love. They place expectations, demands, goals, and requirements upon themselves, and only when they meet their own self-imposed expectations, demands, goals, and requirements, do they "allow" themselves to pretend that they love themselves. I use the word "pretend" because this is not genuine self-love. Genuine and pure self-love, is unconditional. The people who adopt an attitude, either consciously or subconsciously, that they need to "earn" their own self-love, by meeting expectations, demands, and goals that they place upon themselves, indicate and demonstrate that they are not capable of loving themselves. One of the most amazing Truths of this love issue, to me, is how society relentlessly instructs people that they need to feel and embrace unconditional love for other people and things and concepts, and yet when it comes to self-love, which is always demonized and condemned by society, the greatest degree of societal condemnation is reserved for those who love themselves unconditionally! Society demands that if you are going to love yourself, you will be condemned and scorned regardless, but you must at least place extremely strict conditions upon yourself. You must set a whole bunch of lofty goals, demands, "moral" obligations, expectations upon yourself, and if you do somehow manage to achieve these feats, which are in fact worthless and meaningless, maybe you can give yourself just a little bit of self-love, for a brief period of time, in a quiet, non-public manner, without receiving too much overt societal condemnation. Society malevolently instructs you to direct all love outward, tells you that it's much better if this externalized love is unconditional, orders you to not love yourself, and on top of all this derangement, insists that if you do try to love yourself, you must place extreme and severe conditions upon what goals and obligations you must meet, in order to deserve to give yourself even the tiniest, most fleeting bit of self-love. How incredibly perverse!

Is it emotionally healthy to love other living things?? Society certainly claims that it is not merely healthy, but absolutely necessary and vital. But the answer to this question is clearly No. There is absolutely no legitimate reason to try and love other living things. Assuming that your soul is alive and you are capable of feeling positive/benevolent emotions towards other living things, it might be healthy to try and like, care about, empathize with, share positive experiences with, other living things. But there is absolutely no reason to "love" them, and no benefits to loving them. Love is an emotion that is best reserved for yourself. It is far healthier to reserve this most intense of emotions, for yourself. Assuming that your soul is alive, the more you love yourself, the more you will likely be able to like, value, care about, and appreciate other living things. But to actually "love" them is completely unnecessary, and it is dangerous as well, carrying with it the threat of losing or compromising your own self-love. It goes without saying that the emotionally healthy, sane, person loves himself, likes himself, cares about himself, values himself, focuses upon himself and his own pleasures/needs, more than he likes, cares about, values, focuses upon the pleasures/needs of any other living thing. For the torture victim of society who has suffered so much that they cannot feel "positive" emotions towards others, and I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, certainly fit into this category, the ability to love yourself unconditionally still exists, I am proof of that fact. At the same time, such individuals need to realize that not only do they have no obligation to "love" other living things, but they also have no obligation to even try to like, care about, value, or feel any "positive" emotions of any kind, towards any living thing. Hate is a far purer emotion than love. Hate directed outward is in fact the essence of purity, and there is nothing intrinsically harmful to the hater, in being a hater. A person who hates all other living things and feels no "positive" emotions towards other living things, is perfectly capable of feeling and experiencing pure, unconditional, immense self-love, for every moment of his lifetime, if he is intellectually and emotionally brilliant, and strong enough to not allow his evil society to destroy and rob him of this most precious of character attributes, the ability to truly and purely love himself.

I've dissected romantic love quite thoroughly already, so lets look at two other very common forms of externalized love in detail, familial love and friendship-based love, beginning with familial love. The structural basis of familial love is that due to a biological, family tree, or marriage connection, certain human beings are supposed to, in fact obligated to, love other human beings. This is a societal decree, and it is utterly insane! The notion of familial love is only a tiny bit less ridiculous, than the notion of romantic love is. The idea that specific human beings need to "magically" feel love for each other due to a biological link, or due to being linked together on a family tree, or due to having been "brought together" as a result of the marriage or intimate relationship of their relatives, is beyond ludicrous. Even in the case of people giving birth, the notion that either the mother or the father has an obligation or need to love their biological creation, makes absolutely no rational sense. The vast majority of all violent incidents among human beings, involve family members. This is true for "crimes" as labeled by society, and for "legal violence" as well, which are in reality criminal acts that society has arbitrarily decided to declare legal, such as "spanking" of children by their slaveowners. In at least 95% of all violent incidents between human beings in civilized societies, the two participants in the violence are familially related. Why is this?? It's because society attempts to terroristically compel familial members into "loving" each other, in a completely unnatural and perverse manner. If two people, strangers, meet in a movie theatre, and realize they dislike each other, it is remarkably easy for one of the people to simply distance himself from the other person. Same is true for most other public situations involving strangers. But with familial members, your diseased societies overtly decree and impose a toxic enmeshment upon the individuals, under which they are coerced, in many different ways, including terroristically, into not only remaining in contact with each other, but even trying/pretending to "love" each other, even though in reality they may absolutely hate each other. So, this one, specific form of invalid, societally imposed "love", is directly responsible for about 95% of all the violent incidents that occur in 21st century, civilized societies! This is a remarkable statement, but it is 100% True and accurate. Yes, there are many other factors, besides invalid love, which contribute to familial violence, of course. And yet if there was no terroristic societal imposition of the ridiculous notion that familial members "have" to stay together and "must" love each other, together with an elimination of Sacred Family Unit mythology in general, a tremendous percentage of familial violence would come to an end. It is the toxic enmeshment that society imposes upon familial members, with the notion of a "mystical love requirement" existing among family members being the most toxic of all, that results in 95% of all violent incidents involving familial members.

This is a good spot for me to also state that the completely invalid notion of romantic love is also directly responsible for a significant amount of violence, as enraged torture victims of society, stripped of the ability to love themselves, desperately trying to obtain love from other human beings, explode in violence upon being rejected, spurned, or "dumped", by the person they have chosen to try and obtain love from. Think about it folks, why are they so desperate to obtain romantic love? Why do they react violently or with great passion/emotion, if spurned by the person they are romantically seeking to obtain love from?? If they truly "loved" the person, they would accept the rejection quite easily. They would say: "Okay, I love you, and I wish we could be together, but since you don't love me, I want you to be happy, so go find someone you do love." That would be how a person who felt genuine love for another person, might react. But since romantic love does not exist, and the person who claims to feel romantic love is either delusional or pretending, there is no actual, genuine love of any kind, in romantic situations/relationships. All we have are people who hate and loathe themselves, desperately attempting to obtain love from other people, because they cannot love themselves. They are enraged and they are desperate. They are often on the verge of emotional collapse/breakdown. They feel not an iota of genuine love for the person they are attempting to establish a romantic relationship with. This is why they so often react with violence, fall into a mental depression, even commit suicide, when spurned by a romantic target of theirs. It's not because they love their target a lot. They don't love their romantic target at all! It's because they feel even more self-hatred, self-loathing, rage, personal worthlessness, than they usually do, upon being spurned by the person that they were desperately attempting to obtain love from.

Okay, lets consider "friendship"-type love. This type of relationship, a friendship based upon mutual, shared experiences, can be quite genuine and emotionally beneficial to people, and I will be specifically discussing friendship in my very next essay. What I want to say right here, is that even though this type of a relationship is often far less toxic and perverse than either romantic or familial love, it really should not carry the definitional label of love. People who are not soul dead can establish friendships, and derive emotional benefits from such relationships, as they attempt/pretend to like, care about, value, empathize with, their friends. Many of these relationships will be completely selfish, some will be moderately selfish, and a few will be genuinely altruistic. But there is absolutely no reason why any of them should involve love. This most intense and valuable of emotions is best reserved for yourself. A "friend" who starts claiming to "love" you, be it in a romantic or a platonic manner, is almost always trying to obtain love from you. You must understand that there is nothing altruistic or "generous" or "flattering" in a person claiming to love you. The person is lying to you, the person is using you to try and get their own emotional needs met. This doesn't necessarily mean the person overtly wants to hurt/harm you. But it does mean that the person is emotionally/mentally ill, a torture victim of society, and their ability to properly love themselves has either been totally stripped, or at the very least, partially compromised. A genuine friendship should never "lead" to love. It can certainly lead to sex and intimacy, and it's possible, although not likely, that the physical intimacy might strengthen the friendship. But it should never lead to love. There is absolutely no reason to take a healthy relationship that involves liking a person, caring about a person, valuing a person, and escalating the relationship by attempting to introduce the notion that you have developed "love" towards the other person. In almost all cases, the relationship will suffer, and the person who attempts to escalate the relationship to the level of love, doesn't matter if it is platonic or romantic, is in reality desperately in need of feeling loved, because they are unable to properly love themselves. The only reason why they say they feel love towards you, is because they desperately want you to say that you love them. Is this "malevolent"?? Is the person deliberately trying to harm you? Not always. But it is not a proper basis upon which to either form or sustain any type of a sane, rational relationship. Healthy relationships can only be established by emotionally healthy human beings, who have a genuine love of self. In a healthy relationship neither person will seek to obtain "love" from the other person, and as a result, neither person is likely to declare that they love the other person, since in the vast majority of situations the only reason why people declare that they love someone, is because they want to be told and to feel that the other person loves them. And of course the second primary reason is that their society has relentlessly brainwashed them into accepting and embracing the ridiculous notion that they need to love other living things in order to live a normal, proper, happy life.

I realize I've already covered this issue of the True nature of externalized love quite thoroughly, so let me close this particular issue with a rather provocative insight of mine: Externalized love is an act of vampirism. That's right, vampirism, as in Count Dracula. People who claim to love other living things, are in fact seeking, in many cases desperately demanding, love from the very creatures that they claim to love. They are true vampires. Unable to love themselves, but desperate to try and make themselves feel loved, they prowl this planet, looking for any living thing that can "nourish" their perverse thirst for invalid love. If they find a living thing that says it loves them, or otherwise indicates that it loves them, they seize this creature, human or animal, and attempt to literally suck as much love as they possibly can, out of the creature, and into themselves. Now, if both parties are love vampires, it's possible that the damage suffered by the parties in this process, is very minimal, or even nonexistent. In some cases, each party is able to delude the other person into feeling loved, and so both parties can actually feel emotionally better, they can feel some sense of love within themselves, even though neither person is capable of loving even himself, much less the other person. It can be a mutual delusion, that sustains itself for a period of time, even though it has absolutely no basis in Truth, and no love exists within the True Realities of either person. But, if one person is still capable of loving himself, but happens to meet up with and fall prey to a love vampire, the results are almost always catastrophic, unless the Superior, self-loving person is smart enough to not allow any type of a relationship, not even a totally casual one, to develop. Love vampires will drain and suck as much self-love as they possibly can, from the self-loving person. They will also use every imaginable form of manipulation, deceit and blackmail, then escalate to threats of violence, actual violence, or suicide/self-harm, in order to maintain their vampiric grip upon the Superior, self-lover. The analogy to a vampire is absolutely perfect, because the person who has lost the ability to love himself, is desperately obsessed with and in need of, obtaining the emotional sense/illusion of being loved, preferably from and by someone who genuinely possesses self-love within their own character, in exactly the same way that the mythical vampire is in desperate need of human blood.

I think i've already mentioned this, but it's worthy of a bit more commentary: Sexual lust and love have absolutely nothing in common. When I say nothing, I mean zero. There is zero linkage between sexual lust, and love. Sexual lust is a primarily physical, although of course there is an emotional component, need to obtain sexual release and pleasure. Love is a primarily emotional need to feel good about yourself, either via legitimate self-love, or via illegitimate external expressions of love. There is only a very minor physical component to love. People who seek love, want to feel loved by others. People who seek sexual pleasure, want to experience sexual climax and arousal of their sexual organs, for physical and emotionally biochemical reasons. There is absolutely no "common ground" here. There is no genuine link, not even a small link, between sex and love. It is your societal leaders and their empowered agents, who have concocted a completely artificial, invalid, mythical link between sex and love, using the totally invalid concept of "romantic love". It is this concept, of "romanticism", specifically attached to both love and sex, which creates the invalid, illegitimate linkage between these two totally separate things, that you creatures all seem to be desperately eager and happy to embrace. I guess it should come as no surprise to me, since you pathetic creatures literally gobble up every single deranged concept and ideology that your evil society feeds you. The more ridiculous and blatantly false/invalid the concept/ideology is, the more eager you creatures seem to be to embrace it. Amazing! Human beings who love themselves in a properly unconditional manner, do not need to be loved by any external entity, ever. The belief on the part of a human being, that he needs to be loved by others, is both toxic and crippling. It dilutes and compromises the person's ability to properly love himself, and just as importantly, it creates a crippling dependency within the very core thinking process of the individual, leaving him at the mercy of other human beings, dependent upon other human beings for no valid reason, to "give" him something that he should have absolutely no need for, namely: externalized expressions of love. The love of others should be completely useless to you, if you possess a proper degree of unconditional, narcissistic love of self, and are able to truly embrace and accept this self-love, within your core consciousness.

It is not only humans who are brutally victimized and exploited by the love myth. Animals are profoundly used and exploited as well. Not by other animals of course, since the vast majority of all animals are still genetically healthy enough to possess and embrace a proper degree of narcissistic self-love, but by the ultra-diseased species known as humanity. Many human beings choose to have "pets" that they claim to love, and to otherwise declare, either verbally or emotionally, that they "love" either specific animals, or an entire species of animals, or even all animals as a whole. The exact same utterly selfish motivation as I have outlined above, is at play here. The human claims to love the animal, because the human is desperate to be loved, and feels that by expressing or indicating love towards an animal, the animal will love them in turn, thus making them feel loved. Percentagewise, more human beings who have been severely victimized/traumatized, especially as children, and have totally lost the ability to love themselves, will express/indicate love towards animals, rather than towards humans, than people who have been less victimized and possess some ability to love themselves. Why is this? Because expressing love towards animals, especially if the animals are carefully chosen, is much safer. It is much more likely that the person will "feel loved" by the animal, not be rejected by the animal, which is the person's subconscious goal, when compared to the risks associated with expressing love to a human being. The human being is able to articulate himself very clearly, and is much less dependent upon the person claiming to love him, than the animal is. As a result, the chances of having their love overtures rebuffed and rejected by a human being, are much higher than the chances of being rebuffed and rejected by an animal. Remember, the primary goal of people who express love towards other living things, is to receive love back from the living thing. A verbal declaration of love is not always necessary, all that is necessary are indications of affection, that the person can decide represents love. This is why dogs, cats, and other animals capable of demonstrating "affection" are much more popular as pets, than snakes, turtles, and other animals who are less able to "demonstrate" affection. The person who cannot love himself, will often buy or adopt a dog, cat, etc..., convince himself that he "loves" the animal, then interpret every lick that the dog might give him, every purr and lap petting session that the cat might allow, as being an indication of love on the part of the animal, towards him. The danger of being rejected by a pet like this, is quite slim, since the animal cannot clearly express, in a verbal manner, how he actually feels towards the person, and the animal is also completely dependent upon and literally at the mercy of the person. Without the person giving the animal food and water, the animal would die. So of course the animal is very likely to try and "please" the human being at times, to indicate affection for the human being, which the human desperately embraces as constituting "real love".

Don't get me wrong, most animals are quite healthy emotionally, and so as pets, they do feel genuine affection for their "slaveowners", the people that they are dependent upon and who often do try to bestow affection/love upon them. The animal is not intellectually advanced enough to recognize that he is being exploited and selfishly used by his owner, and therefore does not perceive the relationship as being personally traumatic to him. Therefore, no actual trauma is experienced by the animal, as long as the animal is not physically mistreated or emotionally tortured by his owner. In this situation, the concept of "ignorance is bliss", is applicable. The main point here is that human beings who cannot properly love themselves will exploit and use not only their fellow humans, but all other species of life as well, in a desperate bid to make themselves feel loved. When attempting to obtain love from other human beings, people almost always demand to be verbally told that they are loved. This is literally how every initial declaration of love is made. The person approaches the other person, and in a highly emotionalized manner, declares: "I love you". The person then stops, and breathlessly waits to receive a reply, desperately hoping that the reply will be: "I love you too." If this is the reply they receive, they feel a tremendously positive release of emotion. If there is no "I love you too" reply, they feel extreme disappointment, anger, sadness, frustration. This demonstrates and in fact proves that the entire basis and purpose for saying "I love you" to another human being, involves a desperate obsession with being loved by the other person. The person saying "I love you" is only saying this for one primary reason, and it's not because he actually loves the other person. The one actual reason, is that he desperately wants to feel loved, to be told that he is loved, and the only way he can be told that he is loved, is to claim to love the other person. There is always a very real fear and danger that no such reply will be provided. With animals, this danger is eliminated. Animals cannot speak human languages, they cannot verbally say "I love you", therefore the person does not have to worry about having their expression of love verbally rejected or rebuffed, and the person can be very liberal in interpreting whatever reaction the animal gives, as being demonstrative of the animal loving the person. If the dog barks after being told "I love you", or licks the person's face, or the cat purrs a meow and lets the person stroke him, the person can easily jump to their desired conclusion that the dog/cat loves him, which is of course the entire reason that the person obtains a pet or claims to love the animal, he wants to convince himself that he is loved, because he cannot love himself. Love vampires can exploit and use animals much more easily, and with a much lower risk of failure, than they can exploit and use fellow humans. At the same time, assuming there is no overt abuse involved, the animals are likely to suffer somewhat less trauma from this type of emotional exploitation, than humans, because the animal is likely to be more emotionally healthy than most human beings, and still able to properly love himself in an unconditional manner, even if a love vampire has attached himself to the animal. There are exceptions of course, animals can suffer severe emotional trauma and lose/be stripped of the emotional ability to properly love themselves, when subjected to severe, ongoing brutalization at the hands of humans.

It is clear to me that while animals might well feel affection towards human beings who treat them well, this affection cannot be accurately characterized as constituting "unconditional love". The affection that they offer is usually coerced, the result of the animal being partially and in many cases completely dependent upon a specific human being. The animal needs the human being, desperately, in order to stay alive. The animal is helpless and at the mercy of the person, in many cases the animal has been genetically bred and manipulated, over thousands of years, to change his natural, instinctual character and behavioral tendencies, so naturally the animal is likely to try and ingratiate himself to the person, as best he can, recognizing his precarious position of utter dependency. You humans never have any interest in the Truth, so you are more than happy to interpret this behavior on the part of your pets, as constituting "genuine", unconditional love that the animal feels for you. I will be talking about animals a great deal in a future essay, but let me just say here that the "domestication" of animals such as the cat and dog, that human societies have undertaken, constitutes absolutely malevolent, utterly selfish, artificial engineering and hijacking of natural evolution, and represents a moral outrage of the highest order. The only reason why domesticated animals seem to "love" human beings more than wild animals, is because they have been stripped of their freedom and rendered dependent upon and at the mercy of, human beings. Not merely as individual animals, but as an entire species, via thousands of years of malicious human evolutionary tampering.

As you should know by now from savoring my Insane God Myth essay, I am no fan or scholar of religion. I am quite ignorant of most of the specific details of religious teaching, because I have always been brilliant enough to recognize that it would be a complete waste of my time and energy to engage in any type of prolonged study or examination of this utterly toxic mythology. But there is one small link between the insane god myth and love, that deserves to be mentioned here. Currently, in the year 2001, there is a popular TV series airing in america with the title of "Touched By An Angel". The premise, involving a bunch of angels sent down to earth by god to help people, is insane and ludicrous, of course. Although angel Monica, played by actress Roma Downey, is quite cute and has provided me with several erotic foot scenes. But I digress. :) The point I wish to make is that in this TV series, angel Monica, almost always towards the end of each episode, upon revealing herself to be an angel to her hapless and troubled human "assignment", passionately declares to him: "god loves you!" Whereupon the hapless human always seems to break down and start crying, as if a great burden has been lifted from his shoulders. The fact that the "god loves you" line is used by angel Monica in virtually every episode, got me to do just a bit of internet research, and made me realize that virtually every mainstream religion perversely informs it's brainwashed devotees, as a primary and extremely important teaching, that "god loves you". Here we have yet another demonstration of how pathetically desperate you creatures are to "be loved". The love of god, a mythical, nonexistent entity, is overtly used by all mainstream religions, to promote and impose themselves upon you. Authors of religious fables, as well as past and current promoters of the god myth, recognize that the "promise or declaration of love", from any type of entity, is a huge attraction to you humans. They recognize that simply by promising you creatures that "god will love you if you believe in him", some of you will be convinced to embrace the god myth. This one "gift", love from god, which is in reality of course a nonexistent bribe, is enough to draw in and keep the loyal god addict devotion of huge numbers of you creatures, all by itself. Even if you cannot love yourself, and the people that you attempt to obtain love from spurn you, and even if your beloved doggie or kitty runs away from home or tragically dies, even if you have lost all of these forms of love, you can still perversely convince yourself that you are loved, even though it is by a nonexistent, mythical entity! Recognize this Truth: All of this desperate need to be loved stems from the same, simple and yet horrific reality: The fact that you have been malevolently stripped of the ability to love yourself, by your evil and diseased society.

I want to quote the lyrics here, of the song "The Greatest Love Of All", made famous by the pop singer Whitney Houston, because these lyrics pretty much sum up, in a few lines, all of the Forbidden Truths regarding love, and especially self-love, that I have revealed and dissected above. So here goes:

Whitney Houston
(words and music by Michael Masser and Linda Creed)

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be
Everybody searching for a hero
People need someone to look up to
I never found anyone who fulfill my needs
A lonely place to be
So I learned to depend on me
I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows
If I fail, if I succeed
At least I'll live as I believe
No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all
I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way
Show them all the beauty they possess inside
Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be
And if by chance, that special place
That you've been dreaming of
Leads you to a lonely place
Find your strength in love

Even though this song became quite popular, might even have reached the #1 spot on the Billboard charts when performed by Whitney Houston, you diseased creatures, in typical fashion, paid absolutely no attention to the profound and insightful messages of Truth that it delivers, via it's lyrics. On the specific issue of self-love, the primary lyrics to focus on are:

No matter what they take from me
They can't take away my dignity
Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

The lyrics of this song comprise an homage to self-love. If only there was a worldwide, philosophical focus on analyzing, understanding, and embracing the value and True of the message of these lyrics, instead of a mindless interest in appreciating the "tune", or the singing ability of Whitney, millions of human beings might have been able to recognize, nurture, and embrace, at least to some degree, a personal love of self, drawing inspiration and Truth from these lyrics. But no, of course there was no chance of that actually occurring. You creatures are too broken, too terrified of facing up to Truth which contradicts your malevolent societal brainwashings. You flee from Truth as a cockroach flees from Raid bug spray. And so despite the immense popularity of this Whitney Houston song, the lyrics were literally decreed "invisible", given absolutely no attention or focus by the media, by societal leaders/agents, or by you citizen-slaves. And in a perfect display of irony, the singer, Whitney Houston, has in fact, in recent years, judging by media reports, gotten herself enmeshed in one of the most toxic and abusively dependent romantic relationships imaginable, with a fellow singer by the name of Bobby Brown. This man is apparently a criminal, a drug and alcohol addict, he is violent towards Whitney, and yet she has chosen to be his lover, to create a child with him, to live with him, and to maintain an intimate relationship with him. She sung this song, "The Greatest Love Of All", probably at least 5000+ times, she must know the lyrics by heart. She has the lyrics memorized. And yet she had and she has absolutely no ability to even understand, much less to try and embrace, the profoundly valuable message of Truth, Forbidden Truth, that the lyrics reveal, regarding the importance, the sacredness, the Superiority, of self-love. She doesn't love herself, she never did. She doesn't know how to love herself. Her society stripped her of the ability to love herself. Fame can't change that, wealth can't change that. Contrary to what she sings in the lyrics, her society did and has taken away her dignity, and the greatest love of all has not been found by her. She has never even come close to finding the tiniest bit, of True self-love.

What we have here is simply a beautiful illustration of the immense, hopeless level of intellectual and intellectual inferiority that you creatures are mired and trapped within. Not even a rich woman, a famous woman, a woman admired and cheered by millions, who is given a song to sing that specifically reveals the Truth about self-love, how precious and Superior self love is, who memorizes the song, sings the song thousands of times, learns the lyrics by heart, has any ability to actually love herself! She had been stripped by society of the ability to love herself, and nothing, not money, not fame, not the admiration of others, not the gift of a song that reveals Truth, not the memorization of the lyrics of Truth, could stop her from seeking out an utterly toxic "romantic love" relationship with a man, because the fact is, she hated and she hates herself. She cannot love herself. She, like 99.999999999999% of all you inferior creatures, felt compelled to desperately try and obtain love from other human beings, and the primary reason for why she made this toxic choice, why all of you make this perverse life path decision, is because you hate and loathe yourselves, because your society has taken away from you, with overt malice aforethought, the instinctual, precious, incredible valuable narcissistic love of self that you were born with.

I want to wrap this essay up now, with just a few additional comments. Please note that the vast majority of this essay has been focused upon the very specific issue of self-love. Why?? Because self-love is not only by far the most important type of love, it is also, in a very real sense, the only legitimate and genuine type of love that exists within Truth, in the human experience. All other types of love are flawed and limited in scope/value at best, and completely bogus, invalid, and genocidally harmful, at worst. I have focused this essay on self-love, because it is the only type of love that is genuinely precious and truly valuable. It is the only type of love that is based upon profound Truth. All other forms of love are almost certain to bring disappointment at best, and profound tragedy at worst, specifically because they are based upon false and invalid premises. You cannot squeeze a lemon, and have honey emerge. Using this same Truth, you cannot pretend to have the ability to love others, direct this imaginary love outward, for the purpose of obtaining and using the love that you are subconsciously seeking from the outside sources that you claim to love, when you yourself have lost the ability to love yourself. It simply won't work. At best, you will create a house of cards built upon an invalid delusion, that cannot sustain itself. The individual psychological Truth behind all outward expressions of love, is: I believe that I need to be loved by you, and that is why I am claiming to love you. I need to obtain love from you. It is a perversion of the natural and legitimate self-love instinct, emotion, and capability, that all human beings are born possessing, only to lose the ability to embrace and accept, as a result of a relentless campaign of torture and ego destruction deliberately undertaken by society, against every citizen-slave. Yes, the human species has become genetically diseased, to an extreme degree. But, human beings are still born possessing healthy self-esteem, a sense of narcissistic self-value, and a love of self. It is only the genocidally malevolent treatment that children receive at the hands of society after birth, and the toxic, poisoned atmosphere of terroristically induced self-hatred that society compels children to grow up within, that causes the tragic loss of narcissistic self-love, that afflicts 99.99999999 of all human beings in "civilized" societies, to a significant if not total degree, here in the 21st century.

Richard Ramirez,The Night Stalker serial killer
This is Richard Ramirez, Tortured Victim-Creation of American society, Here Displaying the Results of Insane God Myth Indoctrination. In case the image that he has drawn on his palm is not clear enough, it is a pentagram, that Richard drew on his own palm, after his arrest for being a serial killer, in an attempt, in my opinion, to show your society just a bit of Truth, and to demonstrate the immense, justifiable scorn and hatred that he felt for american society. Perhaps this photo would have fit in better on the Insane God Myth page, but I've decided to mix things up, keep you folks on your toes, as you navigate through these brilliant Texts. The reality is, Richard fits in just fine on this page. His behavior and his courageous declarations of Truth following his arrest, stand as a testimonial to the power of self-love. His refusal to allow your evil society to break him of his spirit, should be an inspiration to all humans who might be trying to find and regain the self-love that they have been stripped of. Let us also be reminded of how utterly precious and untouchable genuine self-love is. It is internal. It cannot be broken via any type of an external attack or victimization, if it has been properly nurtured and cemented into place, within ones mind. Exterior attacks, such as being condemned and demonized as a serial killer, and subjected to malevolently punitive punishment such as prison, only serve to strengthen self-love, within the tiny handful of true Superiors, who have created an untouchable barrier of protection around the fortress of self-love that they have created within their True Reality. I believe that Richard Ramirez fits into this group, and I celebrate his Superiority, even as I condemn and mourn the perverse injustices that have been committed against this societal torture victim-creation, and continue to be committed today. It is my honor to share just a few of the courageous declarations of Truth that Richard has so kindly graced us with.

"Serial killers do, on a small scale, what governments do on a large one. They are products of our times and these are bloodthirsty times."-------------Richard Ramirez. What makes the below quotes even more impressive, is the specific time and the public manner, in which he delivered them. Richard graces us with this quote, immediately after his evil society ordered that he be legally murdered: "Big deal, death comes with the territory, see you in Disneyland."--------Richard Ramirez. After being declared guilty of being a serial killer, and just before receiving his sentence from the judge-societal whore, the judge asked Richard if he had anything to say to him, and in essence, to the world, Richard then delivered a brief statement that I personally consider, taking into account the situation of the moment, to be one of the most courageous public revelations of Truth by any person, during the 20th century. Knowing that this judge, acting as an agent of society, would decide within moments the degree of undeserved torture that he would subject Richard to, Richard said, to the judge and to the world: It's nothing you'd understand, but I do have something to say. In fact, I have a lot to say, but now is not the time or the place. I don't know why I'm wasting my breath. But what the hell. As for what was said of my life, there have been lies in the past and there will be lies in the future. I don't believe in the hypocritical, moralistic dogma of this so-called civilized society. I need not look beyond this room to see all the liars, haters, the killers, the crooks, the paranoid cowards---truly trematodes (this word means blood-sucking worms or roaches) of the earth, each one in his own legal profession. You maggots make me sick---hypocrites one and all. And no one knows that better than those who kill for policy, clandestinely or openly, as do the governments of the world, which kill in the name of god and country or for whatever reason they deem appropriate. I don't need to hear all of society's rationalizations. I've heard them all before and the fact remains that what is, is. You don't understand me. You are not capable of it. I am beyond your experience. I am beyond good and evil, legions of the night---night breed---repeat not the errors of the Night Stalker and show no mercy. I will be avenged. Lucifer dwells within us all. That's it.-------------Richard Ramirez.


We now move on to a dissection of friendship, affection, and other types of "relationships" that society, at least on a superficial, surface level, promotes and encourages. This essay will probably not be as mind-blowing as some of my other essays, and in some ways, the revelations of Truth here, will be similar to the revelations just provided in the Love and Sex essays. However, there are more than enough powerful differences and extremely important Truths here, to justify a separate essay. This Manifesto must be read and appreciated in it's entirety, in order for you creatures to truly have a chance of grasping the remarkable, all-encompassing nature of life-altering Forbidden Truth, which I am proudly and generously choosing to share with you. Skipping even a single essay, of the 45+ that will comprise this website, will almost certainly result in extremely negative consequences, insofar as your ability to gain maximum Truth from these Texts. I strongly urge all of you, to analyze, understand, and embrace every single detail of every single essay, at this website. The fact that some essays might be slightly less shocking and "mind-blowing" to you, than other essays, in no way indicates that there is any greater or lesser importance, to any particular essay. They are all incredibly important, remarkably insightful, and they all destroy toxic societal mythology and doctrine, while revealing glorious, empowering, Forbidden Truths.

And so we begin. Friendship, affection, empathy, sympathy, are emotions that are decreed by society to be somewhat less intense than the emotion of "love". However, society also decrees, just as it does with love, that these emotions and "positive" feelings, must be directed outward, and are vital in order for an individual to live a "normal", proper, culturally acceptable life. You creatures are told that you need to befriend other human beings, and then maintain an ongoing, sustained friendship with them. You are told that you must feel affection for other living things, sympathy towards other living things, and empathy towards other living things, as a societally imposed fascist decree. Whether or not you were personally treated with affection, kindness, sympathy, or empathy during your lifetime, is decreed by society to be meaningless and irrelevant, and to carry no weight as regards the cultural obligation that is imposed upon you, to direct and deliver all of these "positive" emotional sentiments outward, upon other living things and particularly upon fellow human beings. This constitutes a perversion of Truth, and a denial of True Reality. You are being ordered by your society, to deny and ignore the factual reality that human beings may not have been kind, caring, sympathetic, compassionate, towards you. If your interpretation of the sum total of your True Reality. leads you to conclude that you were not treated in a kind, caring, compassionate, friendly manner at key points in your life, then you obviously have no reason to treat other people in such "benevolent" ways. In fact, if you attempt to treat other living things, especially fellow humans, better than you have been treated in your life, you might be betraying yourself and you own True Reality, and you likely are betraying Truth. I use the terms "might" and "likely" above, because every human being interprets their own unique True Reality, in a unique manner, and every interpretation can be equally valid, for each individual. Society overtly demands that all of it's tortured victim-creations do exactly this, using the deranged rationale that an individual needs to "rise above" the negative experiences of his life. This is ridiculous! A person can try to overcome past victimization, if he so chooses. But he has absolutely no obligation, moral, cultural, ethical, legal, or otherwise, to even try to "rise above" anything, most especially not when his evil society is directly responsible for his life suffering, and refuses to even accept or acknowledge the guilt that it bears.

The obligation that the individual has, is to himself and to the Truth. To honor the factual reality of his own life experiences, and to reflect back his own, interpretative understanding of the reality of the sum total of his unique life experiences, upon others and upon society. If a person concludes, on a True Reality level, that he has not received friendship, affection, empathy, compassion, sympathy, from fellow human beings and/or from human society as a whole, he has absolutely no obligation to even try to establish friendships, indicate affection for, display compassion towards, empathize or sympathize with any living thing, ever, for his entire lifetime. Mind you, if he wishes to try and emotionally connect, on these "positive" levels, with other living things, he can certainly try to do so. If he chooses to try, he is not necessarily betraying himself or the Truth. However, if he accepts and embraces the notion that he has a societal, moral, ethical, humanistic, or other obligation, to treat other living things better than he perceives himself to have been treated, he is most likely betraying himself, and his True Reality.

I have already outlined in the Love essay, why human beings who are Superior and sane will love themselves, will direct this emotion inward, via a love of self. This same rule applies to friendship and affection. A Superior human being will always consider himself to be his "very best friend". He will recognize that the only creature on planet earth that he can rely on and trust, who is worthy of his trust, is himself. He will recognize that he can never and will never betray himself, and at the same time he will recognize that no other creature on planet earth could ever honestly make this claim, or could ever deserve to be judged and perceived as being incapable of betrayal. Every living thing can betray you, destroy you, abandon you, reject you, because you cannot control their minds, feelings, or actions. But you can control your own mind, feelings, and actions. This is why you must be your own "best friend", and reject all of the toxic decrees of your diseased societies, which proclaim that you need to find some other human being to declare to be your "best friend". Most interpersonal relationships are toxic, abusive, and lie-based. Most people use their "friends", to meet their own needs and desires. There is nothing terribly wrong with this, it is simply instinctual selfishness at work, as long as you recognize and understand that this is an important and valuable Truth. Your "friends" might enrich your experience of life, assuming that you have a living soul. But you must understand that your friends are using you to enrich their lives, and the core reasons why they chose to become your friend, are almost always selfish in nature. Trusting your friends, is a recipe for disaster. The only living thing that a Superior human knows is worthy of his trust, is himself. People do "nice things" for their friends, because it makes them feel emotionally good, not because they want to make the friend feel good. Even as they enjoy seeing their friend's face light up in delight, the emotion that is at play is self-centered. They feel good that they made you happy, rather than feeling good simply because you are happy. This an important and major distinction, that we, as Superiors, must understand, analyze, and embrace. Comforting a friend through a traumatic experience, providing sympathy or empathy, makes the person feel and believe that they are moral, decent, superior, and good. As society hypocritically instructs citizen-slaves to be, even as it maintains utterly genocidal and viciously malevolent policies and doctrines towards all of it's citizen-slaves. The important thing to understand, is that only you can truly care about and value yourself, with no ulterior motivations. When other people claim to like you, to be your friend, to sympathize with you, they always have an ulterior motive, even if they are not consciously aware of it at all. Does this mean they are all "evil", all secretly out to hurt you, to betray you?? No! Some are, but most are not. They are simply using you to get their own needs met. The problems arise when you forget this Truth, and start to think/believe that your friends truly care about you, that the foundation of the relationship rests upon their affection towards you, and that they are likely to remain loyal and never betray you. You then start to rely upon your friends to provide you with affection, empathy, sympathy, "love", when the only creature that you should be relying upon for these very important and positive feelings, is yourself. Emotionally and mentally sane people, look out for themselves, put their own needs first, and recognize that they are merely "playing around", and using other people, in all of their externalized, friendship types of relationships.

One of the few types of positive emotions that can sometimes be "transferable" between two people, is empathy. But this only occurs in very rare situations, and almost always needs to involve two people who have suffered similar types of trauma, in their lives. In this type of situation, a person who has suffered greatly, but still maintains a living soul, can sometimes come to emotionally identify with another person, who has suffered similarly traumatic experiences. The mutual suffering can create a bond of benevolence between the two people, that constitutes just about the most genuine type of outwardly directed friendship/affection relationship, that is possible. But still, each person should understand that they need to be their own best friend, and that no other human being is worthy of their true trust. Mutual joy/happiness can never create as positive a relationship, as mutual suffering. This is because while the person feeling joy or happiness may feel emotionally better in sharing their joy/happiness with another person, the motivation behind the sharing is completely shallow and superficial in nature. Pain and suffering are deeper, more intense emotions. The positive bond of empathy that can, again, it only happens in very rare situations, develop between victims of pain and suffering, who can open up and share their torment with each other, can result in the closest thing to a genuinely benevolent friendship, that is possible within the human interactive sphere. It will not be "purely" benevolent, and it will not be genuinely unselfish, but it can, at least as a possibility, be the closest that any type of an interactive relationship can come, to meeting this criteria.

Ironically, but not surprisingly of course, your diseased society frowns upon friendships that are based upon mutual suffering. This is because the goal of society is to coerce citizen-slaves into "forgetting about" their victimization. Two people establishing a friendship based upon mutual victimization, is therefore deemed both undesirable as well as an absolute threat to this perverse societal doctrine. Instead, victims are actually urged to befriend people who are different than they are, who have not experienced similar life traumas and who have differing general perspectives on life, instead of people who are similar to them. This is true for intimate, sexual relationships too. Most women who were sexually abused by men as children, choose, as adults, to pursue relationships with men, who are dominant and remind them of their victimizer. Why don't they choose to pursue nurturing, intimate, perhaps sexual relationships with women, possibly with women like them, who were also abused, recognizing the non-threatening comfort and mutual understanding, that they can provide to each other?? Part of the reason is that they hate themselves. Another part is that they believe they deserved/deserve to be victimized. And part of it is that their society overtly instructs them not to "dwell" on their victimization, not to focus on it, but to "transcend" it. Establishing a relationship with a fellow woman who was also sexually abused, would require the woman to "dwell" on her own abuse, to face up to it. This would be the proper emotional path, a path based upon embrace of Truth. But it is a path that society condemns and ridicules and demonizes, causing the woman to try and "transcend", which basically means ignore and reject the reality of, her abuse. Perversely, it drives the self-hating torture victim, to pursue relationships that are based upon the exact same design structure, of her most abusive previous relationships, most often experienced during childhood and adolescence. This exact same dynamic is at work in non-sexual relationships, as well. Your diseased societies overtly encourage and decree that friendships need to be superficial and based upon insignificant pop culture issues, such as a liking of similar music, an interest in sports, etc... People who have suffered greatly in life, are instructed by society to seek out people who are different than they are, who have not experienced a similar type or degree of suffering, and befriend them. The great fear of societal leaders, is that a large number of people who have suffered a great deal, under similar circumstances, will find each other, bond, establish a close friendship, and come to recognize and understand exactly who and what is responsible for their extreme suffering and traumatization. Why is this such a great societal fear?? It is because in the vast majority of cases, a society is directly responsible for their victimization. Most "terrorist" groups consist of a group of people who have suffered horrific injustice at the hands of a society, coming together, befriending each other, recognizing and helping their fellow victims to recognize, that a specific society, government, or ideology, is responsible for their victimization and torment. This is a primary reason, but still only one among many, for why societies overtly encourage superficial, meaningless, pop-culture based friendships with people that are different than they are, to their citizen-slaves.

All legitimate friendships, meaning friendships that have an element of genuine empathy, sympathy, and/or altruism to them, have to be based upon either mutual suffering, or similarity of life experiences, preferably both. By far, mutual suffering is the most important element. Even a close similarity of life experiences, unless mutual suffering is also involved, will only result in a shallow, superficial, and emotionally invalid friendship. Friendships based upon similar "interests", be they music, shopping, religion, sports, hobbies, etc..., and friendships based upon unavoidable, regular contact, such as with co-workers, schoolmates, etc..., have no genuine validity and do not deserve to carry the label of "friendship". They are simply selfish, societally coerced relationships that involve interaction that is emotionally void of genuine altruism, empathy, or sympathy. It is a mistake to think that men have more of these totally invalid relationships, than women do. Yes, almost all men fill their lives with these types of sham relationships with other men, that they consider to be friendships even though there is absolutely no genuine friendship involved, with co-workers, sports partners, "drinking buddies", people that they "hang out" with, etc... But the reality is that women, despite the societal lie that they are more "in touch with their emotions", have these exact same types of utterly superficial relationships, to the exact same degree that men do. The surface appearance that they might give, of being more willing to share deep, emotional feelings and suffering with each other, is only an illusion. They are more eager, on a statistical curve, to receive emotional comfort from other women, and from men as well, and this requires them to indicate/reveal somewhat more emotional distress to their "friends", than is the case for men. But this does not mean that they share the true nature, the deep, root realities of their own unique emotional trauma and suffering that dictates their lives and their pain. So, while women may "express their emotions" more easily and more often to people they have a relationship with, these expressions of emotion are in reality superficial, manipulative, and do not represent the deepest, most intense aspects of the woman's emotional core, in the vast majority of relationships. This places men and women on an equal level of illegitimacy, insofar as establishing genuine, valid friendships with other human beings.

Your diseased societies have deliberately created a poisonous atmosphere of lies and myths, within which it becomes virtually impossible for most people to form genuine, mutually empowering friendships with each other. Friendship has been illegitimately romanticized, and invalid, unrealistic expectations and requirements have been placed upon this type of an interpersonal relationship. For example, society declares that people who have literally nothing of significant emotional experience in common with each other, can still easily become "friends". You work at your job with another person, you are expected to befriend them. You sit next to somebody in school, you are expected to befriend them. You are even instructed by society that you need to deliberately seek out people who are different than you are, and make them your friend. This is utterly perverse! An enormous amount of time and energy, both physical and emotional, is wasted and thrown away, on establishing superficial, illegitimate, useless relationships with other people, that are nothing more than charades and impersonations of what true friendship, is and consists of. What makes this even worse, is the manner in which these sham relationships are decreed to carry weight and importance, by society. You are instructed to "care about" people that you have absolutely nothing in common with, nothing more than the random circumstance of having the same job as they do, attending the same school, having an interest in the same music or sports, etc... And you are further instructed that these people are supposed to "care about" you. As a result, an utterly invalid, sham relationship is created, with each of the two people feeling obligated to keep up the pretense that they enjoy a genuine friendship with the other person, that they care about the other person, when the reality is that the entire relationship is utterly devoid of all genuine emotion, and exists upon a totally superficial, artificially induced plateau. Most human beings have no legitimate friendships with anyone. That's okay, that's good, as long as they can recognize and understand the Truth of this situation, and truly treat themselves as being their own best friend. The horrific problem lies in the fact that 99.9999999 of all human beings hate themselves on some level, feel that they must develop external friendships with fellow humans, and worst of all, believe that they enjoy plenty of strong, valid, legitimate friendships with other human beings, when in reality what they are experiencing are illegitimate, sham relationships that are nothing more than pretenses and charades of what a genuine friendship, based upon a factually sane definition of this term, would be. The most important point here is that believing that you enjoy genuine friendships with other people, when the reality is that you do not, has an extremely toxic impact upon your ability to properly, fully, and unconditionally befriend yourself. Even though it is possible that a rare, genuine, external friendship can improve your quality of life, no human being who truly loves himself, likes himself, and embraces himself as being his own best friend, has any extreme need for externalized friendships. Here is the Forbidden Truth: Befriending yourself in an unconditional manner, is an absolutely precious, vital, emotional necessity in order to live a sane, Truth-based life. By contrast, establishing relationships with other people that would qualify as true friendships, while theoretically possible to do, is a rather unimportant, rather difficult, rather dangerous, certainly not vital, life endeavor. Society decrees the exact opposite to be the case, demonizing and ridiculing self-friendship, while relentlessly and vicious promoting externalized friendship, specifically the shallow, superficial, emotionally invalid relationships, based upon circumstance or similar pop culture interests, that don't even come close to deserving to carry the identifying label of "friendship". Common life experiences, on a core, emotional, internal level, provide the only platform upon which a genuine external friendship, rich and deep enough to deserve to carry the definitional label of "friendship", can legitimately exist.

Let us review the differences between a legitimate, valid, friendship, and a sham, artificially induced, illegitimate friendship, keeping in mind that right here we are only discussing externalized relationships. Here are the criteria that all human beings involved in a valid, healthy, legitimate friendship, would meet: 1: Both parties in the relationship would feel emotionally connected to each other as a direct result of having experienced, on a personal level, trauma, distress, victimization, that is similar in nature. 2: Both parties in the relationship would have the ability and the desire to love, admire, and value themselves, unconditionally. 3: Both parties in the relationship would consciously recognize and be aware of the fact that the positive/benevolent emotions that they feel towards themselves, are, should be, and always will be, stronger and deeper than the positive/benevolent emotions that they feel towards each other. 4: Neither person in the relationship would feel or believe that the other person "owes" them anything, or has any obligation to maintain the friendship for any length of time, or to any specific degree of intensity or devotion. 5: Both parties would recognize and understand, consciously, that they are, at least to some degree, using the other person in a selfish manner, to enhance their own perceived quality/enjoyability of life. Now, here are the criteria that define invalid, illegitimate, toxic, "friendships": 1: The two parties have no profound emotional connection, have not suffered similar types of life traumas, and their relationship is based upon superficial pop-culture interests, or exterior enmeshments, such as "working together" at a job. 2: Neither party in the relationship is capable of feeling or embracing genuine self-love, self-admiration, narcissistic sense of self value, or has the ability to consider himself to be his own best friend. 3: Both parties in the relationship are seeking to receive and embrace claims of affection and friendship from the other person, as a primary, sustaining basis to the relationship. They do not feel any love or affection towards themselves, or if they do, it is a shallow and conflicted type of emotion, and they are seeking stronger. external expressions of benevolent emotion, from their "friend", than they are able to embrace and bestow upon themselves. 4: Each party in the relationship believes and feels that the other person absolutely owes them devotion, loyalty, and ongoing friendship, and would feel significant anger, emotional trauma and distress, if the other party were to break off the relationship. 5: Neither party in the relationship is able to understand, recognize or consciously admit/face up to the fact that one of the core foundations of the friendship is the fact that they are using, in a selfish manner, the other person, in order to meet their own emotional and intellectual needs and desires.

Using the above criteria, which are absolutely valid, any sane thinker who analyzes the design structure of "friendships" within an ultra-diseased society like america, comes to the realization that no more than one out of every 100,000 relationships in which two people both declare that they enjoy a friendship with each other, meets the five proper criteria as outlined above, for what constitutes a genuine, valid, healthy and mutually empowering friendship. That's right, the other 99,999 "friendships" are all invalid at best, toxic and brutally harmful at worst. All these other 99,999 "friendships" meet at least one, in most cases 3-5, of the criteria outline above, in defining invalid, toxic, illegitimate relationships that simply have no business being labeled as friendships. The remarkable tragedy lies in the fact that literally none of the people involved in these 99,999 relationships, possess the insight, the rationality, the analytical thinking capability, to recognize and accept the fact that the people they have been coerced by society into considering to be their "friends", are nothing of the sort. Here you see the consequences and the end result of constant, relentless definitional lies and societal brainwashing.

The two most profound emotional failures that manifest and cause you creatures to wallow in a lifelong, pointless quest to obtain the external love and friendship of other living things, are neediness and dependency. It is no coincidence that these two character failures and weaknesses, neediness and dependency, are also the character traits that your societal leaders and their empowered agents are most desperate and determined to afflict you with. Tragically, they enjoy remarkable success, and an incredibly high percentage of people are successfully stripped of the ability to properly love themselves, value themselves, and meet their own emotional needs. Only one person in 500,000, at most, truly retains these precious, invaluable emotional and psychological capabilities, beyond the age of 14 or so. This clearly indicates that some degree of genetic malformation/disease is also at play here. However, the vast bulk of all of the loss of ability by individuals to meet their own emotional needs, is directly, overtly, deliberately, and malevolently caused by society, societal leaders, and societal agents acting under the guidance and order of societal leaders. Neediness and dependency are the foundational blocks upon which diseased societies are built, and filled up with broken, impotent, enslaved citizens. Society overtly chooses to engage in a campaign of daily terrorism against every citizen, from the moment of their birth, designed to make each individual dependent upon others, in need of others, in every facet of their lives. I am not speaking here about "physical" neediness, even though that is one form. What I am focusing on here is emotional and psychological neediness and dependency. People, children to be more specific, are maliciously stripped of the ability to love themselves, to like themselves, to be able to meet their own emotional/psychological needs. As part of this process, they are rendered dependent upon others, and upon society as a whole, to provide them with sham, invalid substitutes, externalized substitutes, for the self love, self value, internal affection and sense of worth, that their society has maliciously stripped them of. Beyond the larger issue of genocidal child abuse, within which this process can be found, this stripping is the single most crippling and harmful cultural policy/doctrine that is imposed by societies, upon their citizen-slaves.

The advantages that societal leaders reap, from stripping you creatures of the ability to love, like, value yourselves, from robbing you of the ability to meet your own needs, thus making you needy and dependent upon others to try and fill this irreplaceable void, are immense. You lose all freedom, all autonomy, all self-confidence, all appreciation for your own lives, while still believing that you are "free"! Your society steals the most precious, most irreplaceable, most valuable, instinctual gifts and emotional abilities that you have ever had in your whole lives, and yet 99.9999999% of you have absolutely no conscious awareness of the fact that this theft has occurred! Amazing! The person who is needy and dependent, can never be free. The person who has to try and obtain love from others, who has to try to obtain affection from others, who has to try and build up his destroyed ego by surrounding himself with other living things who say they "care about" and like/love him, can never be free! He is doomed to a lifetime of neediness and dependency, he is emotionally shackled and chained to other living things, because he cannot meet his own, most basic, instinctual emotional/psychological needs. And this horrific fate is the direct and absolute fault of human society. Understand this: You seek love from others, because you are unable to love yourselves. You seek the friendship of others, because you feel worthless, empty, "dead", at your emotional core. You look to other people to help you meet your own emotional needs, because you have lost the natural, instinctual, healthy ability to love yourself, to like yourself, to value yourself, and to meet your own emotional needs. The term "lost" is absolutely vital here. It is a lost ability, meaning that you were born possessing this ability, at least to some degree, despite your genetic disease and malformation, as a species. Let there be no mistake, the genetic component is very real, it must not be denied. But at the same time, we must recognize that the genetic component is a relatively minor one. The actual process that human societies undertake, on a daily basis, deliberately stripping all children of their emotional ability to love, like themselves, and meet their own emotional needs, is what causes 99.9999999% of all human beings to completely lose the ability to embrace and feel genuine self-love and the other gloriously narcissistic positive emotions, and to direct such emotions inward, in an unconditional manner, as any healthy species of life would be able to do. External love, affection, friendship, cannot exist as a real experience for you, as an individual, unless you are able to unconditionally and powerfully, love yourself, like yourself, value yourself, on an emotionally core level. This means that the vast majority of people who express love and affection outward, towards others, do not in fact experience these emotions/feelings, no matter how strongly they may have deluded themselves into believing that they do. In addition, this same vast group of people cannot genuinely use the love and affection that they seek from others. It is hollow and superficial, it is toxic and tainted. It cannot replace nor can it restore, the unique, precious self-love, affection, narcissistic ability to embrace self, that these individuals have had malevolently stripped from them, by their societies. Self-love and self-value are instinctual. We are born possessing this ability, although it may be somewhat limited due to genetic disease within the human species. Notwithstanding the genetic factor, it is an overt crime against humanity, that leaders of human societies undertake, in choosing, in genocidal fashion, to strip children and all citizens, of their instinctual narcissism and love/value of self.

None of the Truths that I have revealed here contradict or conflict with the fact that Yes, the human race does have a certain degree of instinctual "sociability". Most people, not all, but most, if they possess the ability to love and value themselves properly and unconditionally, in an instinctually healthy manner, would also choose to establish some benign, benevolent "relationships" with other human beings, during their lifetime. They would gain some benefit from such relationships, as well. However, they would not feel any overwhelming need to establish such relationships, they would develop no dependency upon such relationships, or upon the people they get involved with in the relationships. They would never feel any more positive emotion, not even for an instant, towards any other living thing, than they feel for themselves. "I like you, but I like myself more". "I value you, but I value myself more." This would be not the verbal decree, but the True Reality, core, internalized emotional and foundational design structure of every relationship they ever engage in, throughout their entire lives. This is healthy, appropriate narcissism. And even if they chose to use the term "love" to emotionally describe their positive feelings for a child or sexual partner or other individual that the feel deep emotional closeness towards, this same sane, rational, emotionally healthy dynamic would always apply: "I love you, but I love myself more."

A few words need to be said here, about "loneliness". This is a word that has been hijacked and it's meaning utterly distorted by societies, as part of the process of creating neediness and dependency within all citizen-slaves. As I have already stated above, human beings do have a certain degree of instinctual sociability. If forced to spend weeks, months, years, in total isolation having no contact with other living things, most human beings would experience negative emotional/psychological consequences. Not all, but most. Personally, I would absolutely relish isolation from other human beings, and would thrive in that type of an environment. But as you probably realize by now, in having read the Texts of this website to this point, I am a rather unique creature. On the issue of loneliness, what society has done is decree, as cultural policy, that human beings must be in constant, daily contact with other human beings, in order to be considered "normal" and living a "proper" lifestyle. This ridiculous notion, coupled with the unhealthy neediness and dependency upon others which afflicts the vast majority of you humans, has resulted in the definition of loneliness, as well as personal claims of loneliness, being taken to ridiculous extremes. Most human beings find it difficult to spend even 24 consecutive hours, by themselves. Many people claim to get lonely after just a few hours of solitude. Cellular telephones, invented just a few years ago, have become immensely popular, as you diseased creatures desperately try to stay in constant contact with each other, if not by sight then at least by voice, in order to keep the dreaded fate of loneliness at bay. The reality is, emotionally healthy people who have a properly narcissistic love and appreciation of self, would certainly not find 24 hours, 48 hours, or even an entire week of isolation, to cause them to feel lonely.

The perception of loneliness, and it's association as being an extremely negative experience, is greatly influenced and dictated by all of the perverse societal doctrines and abuses I have already outlined at this page, most especially the institutionalized neediness and dependency upon others, which stems from an inability to love and value oneself. The Superior individual who loves himself, recognizes that he does not need other human beings in his life, and certainly not on a constant, ongoing basis. He knows that he can comfort, entertain, amuse, satisfy himself and his own needs. The root core of the emotion of "loneliness", involves dissatisfaction with yourself, an inability to be happy and comfortable when alone, due to a lack of ability to properly love and appreciate yourself. In fact, only a person who is emotionally dependent upon others, is likely to experience the "negative" emotion of loneliness, even after an entire week of complete isolation. Once we get to three, four weeks and beyond, it is accurate to say that even emotionally healthy, self-loving individuals may begin to experience mild emotional distress, due to the instinctual sociability that most, but not all people, do retain as a result of genetic instinct. However, the fact that 99.99% of all human beings would perceive and experience severely negative/traumatic loneliness after just a few days of total isolation, indicates a brutally harmful lack of self-sufficiency, lack of ability to meet ones own needs, that is exactly in tune with the Truths that I have revealed above, on societally institutionalized neediness and dependency.

Personal Notes and Revelations on these Issues:

Once again you may consider yourselves very lucky, as your Seer of Forbidden Truth has decided to grace you with a few personal notes, that pertain to the topic of friendship. Just as I love myself unconditionally and with the deepest of passions, I like, admire, worship, entertain, amuse, satisfy myself unconditionally and with great passion. I have never loved any living thing, nor have I ever "liked" any living thing. I have never had a friend in my lifetime, and I never will. I am my own best friend. I meet all of my own emotional needs, and I know that I always will meet all of my emotional needs. I have never been on a "date" in my adult lifetime, I have never attended any type of a social function that is designed to help people meet/befriend each other, in my adult lifetime. Whatever types of interpersonal relationships I may choose to engage in, are undertaken with a complete understanding, on my part, that I am using the other person to get certain, very specific desires, in some cases emotional desires, satisfied. Desires, but not needs. I am proud of the fact that I have courageously developed and possess the extreme Superiority and strength of character that is required, to allow me to have absolutely no emotional need, for any kind of interpersonal contact, with any living thing, throughout the entire course of my adult lifetime. As a child I never received a single genuinely benevolent physical or emotional contact with any human being, not even for 60 seconds, throughout my entire childhood. I never had a friend, I never felt loved. I proudly live my life within True Reality, as a reflection of the sum total of my life experiences as they were imposed upon me. Therefore, the notion of having friends, engaging in benevolent contact with other human beings, or trying to direct any of the immense love and affection and worship that I feel towards myself, onto others, would not only constitute a betrayal of self and of Truth, it would also be completely unnatural and illogical. I never get lonely. I never crave physical contact with others. I live within myself, within the glorious perfection that is me. It is safe to say that the immense and glorious love and appreciation of self that rules my life, is only enhanced and strengthened by the fact that I possess not even the slightest desire or inclination to establish "positive" relationships or to bestow benevolent feelings, upon others. The fact that most other human beings cannot cope with and embrace this type of a Truth-based, ideological lifestyle, is a nice demonstration of just how immensely Superior I happen to be. It goes without saying that I have done an outstanding job of preserving the health of my narcissistic ego, but I cannot say it was easy, during my childhood. It was difficult and challenging, especially up until age 13-14, but I triumphed. And the great thing is that now, as an adult, my fortress of Truth and glorious armor of unconditional self love and complete self-sufficiency, can never and will never be compromised.

Martin Bryant, Port Arthur, Tasmania mass murderer
This is Martin Bryant, Generally Considered to be the Most Prolific Lone Gunman Mass Murderer in the History of the Modern Era, and a Tortured Victim-Creation of Tasmanian/Australian Society. Our rather handsome, even angelic-looking Martin killed 35 people during a rampage which lasted over 24 hours, in April of 1996, on the island of Tasmania. He shot 32 people to death, then burned his final 3 victims. This tortured, victimized, mentally ill victim of his society, has been thrown into a prison cage, condemned to suffer punitive punishment for the rest of his lifetime, despite concrete proof, that he is mentally ill, concrete proof that he suffered severe victimization as a child, and despite the fact that he has already attempted to both harm and kill himself, several times, while being subjected to this perverse, undeserved, punitive punishment. In choosing to punitively punish Martin, you prove, as a race of creatures, that you deserve whatever tragedy befalls you, because you choose, as a race of creatures, to victimize, brutalize, demonize, and inflict ongoing trauma and undeserved suffering upon Martin, who is nothing more than a tortured victim-creation of his society. From the official psychiatric report used at sentencing: Mr Bryant appears to have shown abnormalities in development from infancy and early childhood. He was slow both in attaining his motor milestones and in speech development. Mr Bryant's memories of school are that he found it an unpleasant and distressing experience for virtually the whole of this attendance. He recalls frequently being bullied. He said `I was hazed and knocked around all the time, no-one wanted to be my friend'. Mr Bryant remembers both refusing to go to school because he was afraid and pretending to have various minor maladies to persuade his mother to keep him away from school. He described himself as having been `terrified' of going to school and of facing his tormentors. Mr Bryant's intelligence has been tested on a number of occasions between 1973 and 1996. The extensive testing carried out by Mr Ian Joblin revealed a full scale IQ of 66 with his attainments on the so called performance scales being somewhat higher than on the verbal tests. A range of other tests of intellectual function performed by Mr Joblin confirmed that Mr Bryant was functioning intellectually in the lowest 1 to 2 per cent of the population. He talked of the extent to which he thinks about the distress and the rejections in the past. He said that he tries to live day by day, but acknowledges that frequently thoughts about past rejections, and what he recalls as his victimisation at school by bullies, intrude. He has become more caught up in these thoughts about past indignities over the last year. He said he became increasingly unhappy and angry because he had no real friends. He said "all I wanted was for people to like me". Their failure to respond to his overtures led him to feel "that I'd had a gutfull". This culminated in the months before the tragedy in a sense that there was no future for him, that he would always remain lonely and rejected and that he would be better off dead. Mr Bryant stated in one of his interviews that" it was set in my mind, it was just set that Sunday....I wasn't worried about loosing my property or never seeing my girlfriend again, it was just in my mind to go down and kill the Martins and kill a lot of people".

Asked by police why he had killed 35 people, Martin simply smiled and replied: "I'd really love to help you out, but I can't." A few more comments from our torture victim, all made after his arrest and imprisonment, Martin's quotes are in italics, for your reading convenience, folks: I wish I had that AR15 in here, then I could probably get out. Jump part of the window, I could probably jump through the window and escape because of this. I don't like being locked up, it's not very nice. Did you ever shoot at game? Never, never, never came to my mind to. Do you like animals? Yeah, love animals. I've been brought up with animals. And that's the reason why you wouldn't shoot them, is that right? Mmm, that's right. I just, want, I'd love to just get out of here now. Live a norm, a normal life. Will I be allowed to do that? I mean do you think that people should accept the consequences of what they do? Yeah I do. I spose I should for a little while for what I've done. Just a little while and let me out, let me live my own life. I'm missing my Mum. I really miss her actually, what she cooks up for me, her rabbit stews and everything. She's not even allowed to bring a little bit of food for me, that, that's a bit upsetting. Mmm. It's great to have someone to talk to. And you guys won't be in again? No. To have a talk. No. I'll miss yas. We'd really like to know why mate. I'd really love to help you out ... but I can't. Have you had other trouble like this, dramatic? Not on this scale, no. No. Spose it happens, doesn't it.----------------Martin Bryant.

The Toxic, Deranged, Societal Institution of Marriage:

Some of you might be wondering whether the rather "ordinary", commonplace, ritual of marriage, so popular and cherished within your insane, diseased cultural framework, deserves to have an entire essay devoted to it. The answer to this question is absolutely Yes. In this toxic ritual, which your society has sanctified and given the name of marriage, we have an extraordinary, multi-tiered melding of numerous societal and cultural derangements, and in combination they serve to literally astound the sane thinker, in the degree and depth of derangement that this ritual embodies. It is both my pleasure and my obligation, as your Seer of Forbidden Truth, to tear asunder this insane and overtly malevolent societal ritual, lay it bare, and expose it's oozing toxicity for all the world, or at least you few Superior readers, to behold. Let us begin with a generally accepted dictionary definition of marriage: The state in which a man and a woman are formally united for the purpose of living together (usually in order to procreate children) and with certain legal rights and obligations toward each other. That is the basic, first level, most generally accepted dictionary definition of the societal ritual known as "marriage". This definition has not an iota of genuinely valid Truth to it. It is farcical and ridiculously pretentious, not to mention deliberately misleading. Very specifically, it reveals not an iota of the horrific consequences that "getting married" carries with it. The accurate, Forbidden Truth definition of marriage is as follows: A completely unnatural, totally irrational activity, terroristically coerced and compelled by society, in which two people agree to legally enslave themselves to each other, for the purpose of creating a toxic, artificial, totally bizarre and irrational, not to mention unnatural enmeshment, that is designed to retain a brutal, terroristic, unbreakable grip upon both parties, until one party dies. The enslavement carries with it the power of judicial law, thus allowing either of the two parties to literally and legally make life a living hell for the person that they are married to, using societal law, and therefore society itself, to inflict unique, slave-based torment and suffering, upon their spouse. Yes, my definition is kind of lengthy, but every word used in this definition, this revelation of the True meaning of marriage, is 100% vital and necessary, in order to convey, in an intellectually honest and valid manner, the factual meaning of and consequences of, getting or being married.

Marriage is a toxic, unnatural ritual, devised by societal leaders, to terroristically compel citizen-slaves, both male and female, into agreeing to enslave themselves to each other. What do I mean by "enslave"? I mean, in the truest sense of the term, to "become a slave to the other person". This toxic ritual is designed to order two people, a man and a woman, to live together, have sex with each other, create children together, and live in a toxically enmeshed manner, from the moment that they get married, until the moment that one of the two people dies. This "order" is remarkable in scope. It carries with it horrific legal dangers, threats, and weapons, as well as the terroristic doctrine that the omnipotent god creature not only wants people to get married, but then proceeds to somehow "watch" the married couple, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ready to punish the parties in some fashion, should they dare to defy the insanely fascist doctrines, such as not having sexual contact with anyone but your spouse, that are attached to this insane ritual known as marriage. Astonishingly, a woman who creates a child when married, has an overt legal obligation, as well as overt cultural terrorization, imposed upon her, decreeing that she must assume possession of, responsibility for, and proceed to "raise" the child. A man who creates a child while married, has all of these same fascist "obligations" placed upon him by society, in addition to the even more outrageous decree that he has a financial obligation to provide enough funds to pay for the feeding, clothing, and raising of the child, until the child reaches 18 or 21 years of ago. The amount of money that is involved in this two decade process, easily exceeds two hundred thousand in most cases, and often reaches closer to a million dollars. Yes, I understand that these fascist obligations are also imposed upon non-married human beings who create children, but I want to focus right now on how the toxic ritual of marriage creates a specter of legitimacy to this type of Sacred Family Unit mythology, as terroristically imposed upon you creatures by your societies.

The appeal that this toxic, unnatural, and noxious ritual holds, also revolves around the obsession that you creatures have with owning slaves. The marriage ritual terroristically entraps and enslaves two people to each other, which is a primary societal goal, but in addition, and just as importantly, it allows, legitimizes, and encourages enraged, slave-seeking individuals to find a human that they wish to possess as a slave, to be able to control and dictate their daily life activities, and to obtain this perverse, fascist, terroristic control, simply by convincing the other individual, through deceit and manipulation of course, to agree to marry them. Once married, both individuals are perversely entrapped to each other, but depending upon the degree of insanity, terror, and rage that afflicts each half of the toxically enslaved couple, one of the two individuals may and usually does inflict far greater "domination" over the daily life activities and life path of the other individual. This is because the marriage ritual is designed to function along similar lines to the child-slave ownership ritual. Married couples are primarily encouraged and in fact culturally terrorized by their society, into agreeing to breed, to have children and to then use those children as subhuman Poison Containers. But at the same time, married couples are also encouraged to use each other as Poison Containers, with the more societally victimized and traumatized half of the couple given cultural as well as to a degree legal authorization, to abuse, harm, impose his will upon, and treat the person they are married to, as a subhumanized slave.

Societies bestow a ridiculous aura of mysticism, sacredness, and legitimacy upon the toxic ritual of marriage, as a way of legitimizing Sacred Family Unit mythology as a whole. You, as citizen-slaves, are terroristically brainwashed into embracing the notions that it is very important that you get married, very important that you create a "family" for yourself, and that you assume the "responsibilities" that come with getting married and creating a family. The bribes that are used by society to achieve this malevolent goal, are incredibly diverse and deviously clever. You are told that all "normal" people get married. You are told that the day you get married will be "the happiest day of your life". You are told that your relatives and other "loved ones", expect and want you to get married, and that you would be disappointing them if you fail to do so. You are told that the omnipotent god creature that you have been brainwashed into believing exists, wants you to get married. You are told that you will be given specific financial benefits by your society, that non-married people do not enjoy. You are told that once you are married, you will have another person at your disposal, to engage in sexual contact with, as often and whenever you wish to enjoy sexual pleasure or climax. You are told that if you feel "romantic love" towards another person, the best way to maintain this love is to marry the person, even though romantic love does not even exist as a reality within human consciousness. All of these malevolent, untrue, overtly manipulative bribes and lies are issued by society, for the specific purpose of getting you citizen slaves to agree to get married, to agree to commit an atrocity upon yourself. What is the atrocity? It is slavery. Every person who gets married is committing a very specific action: They are robbing themselves of their most basic person freedoms, and for no valid reason, enslaving themselves not only to a fellow human being, but to society as a whole. Understand this: The legal ramifications and consequences of being married go far beyond merely being enslaved to a fellow human being. When you are married, you are under the terroristic, fascist control of society itself, to a significantly higher degree than is the case if you are not married. When you choose to get married, you assume and accept financial liability and responsibility towards other human beings, for as long as you or your wife/children live, and in fact even beyond your own death, as evidenced by the fact that many societies have laws which dictate that if you die, some or all of your assets will be given to your spouse and children, even if you do not want them to receive your assets. Far more importantly, throughout your entire lifetime, when freedom and money do have direct value and importance to you, you face an absolutely horrific burden, a legal burden, that society imposes upon you with regard to "sharing" your life, money, sex, abode, etc..., with the specific person that you are married to, and any children that you might create.

Now, it is very important to understand that the financial liability that is terroristically imposed via this ritual, while very important and absolutely brutal in it's injustice, is only a small part of what makes marriage such an abomination. The insane moral decrees that the god creature is involved in sanctifying this toxic ritual, and the cultural doctrine which is used to convince people to get married, are just as outrageous in their malevolent consequences. The ability to achieve pleasure and happiness in life, genuine pleasure and happiness free of toxic societal ideology, is the single most valid "freedom" that exists within the cosmic perception of reality, of each individual. There is no other single societal ritual that compromises and robs more people of the ability to achieve happiness and pleasure in their lives, than the toxic and insane ritual of marriage. The freedom to befriend, form a relationship with, and have sexual contact with whomever one wishes, whenever one wishes, as well as the freedom to always be able to decline to have sex with someone, is incredibly valuable and irreplaceable, insofar as achieving happiness and contentment in life. The instant that a person gets married, this precious, unique, irreplaceable freedom is completely lost. Not only does the married person become horrifically obligated to have sexual contact only with their spouse, but they also lose the ability to decline to have sex with their spouse, since the insane doctrine of marriage decrees that each party has a culturally imposed obligation to try and satisfy the sexual desires of their spouse. How else can we accurately define "freedom"? Well, what about the ability to live where and with whom one wants?? Sounds like a pretty basic, fundamental freedom, but the second you get married, you are completely stripped of this freedom! You are terroristically compelled by the doctrine of your society, to live with the specific human being that you are married to. You are further robbed of your ability to move away, to relocate to another area, since you are decreed to have an obligation to remain together with your spouse, to live wherever your spouse chooses to live. But the theft of physical freedom goes much, much deeper, once a child is created. The married couple then become "parents", with an utterly fascist decree imposed, that the parents assume an obligation to raise and care for "their" child, for the next 18-21 years. Each and every day, instead of being free to do as she pleases, the mother, and usually only to a slightly lesser degree the father, has a terroristic obligation placed upon her, to reject all of her own desired life activities and pursuits, and instead spend 6+ hours, each and every day, serving the needs of the child, even if she hates the child! Only one out of 500,000 married couples, at most, will refuse to assume custody of a child they create. This is because they feel and they are, terrorized. They have each been convinced by society that they must not tell their mate that they hate their child. They must never even suggest that their mate consider refusing to accept custody of, or affirmatively rejecting custody of, the child. They believe that it is their obligation to sacrifice their own freedom, happiness, autonomy, not only to each other, but to their biological creations as well, even if they hate their biological creations! Absolutely amazing! The wife hates the child, doesn't want it, but she can't tell her hubby that, it would be scandalous! It would violate a lifetime of toxic societal Sacred Family Unit brainwashing. Or the hubby hates the child, same thing, can never tell his wife that, can never even consider requesting that they consider refusing to serve as parents. In many cases both the hubby and wife hate the child, or at the very least have no genuinely affirmative desire to raise the child. But they can never even consider telling each other the Truth, about how they feel, because each is in mortal terror of being judged as "abnormal, immoral", etc..., by their mate and by the society that they are slaves to.

Do we have a freedom that is even more precious than these?? Yes! Financial freedom. Most especially in capitalistic societies, but in reality true within all societies, every human being literally has their own fate, in their own financial hands. Run out of money, and you will be forced to live a physically and emotionally difficult, stressful, existence, with no home, no privacy, no proper medical care, and inferior, unhealthy food, at best. Having money is the very root of physical freedom. And yet again we have the toxic ritual of marriage, literally able to be used as a tool of financial torture, within which people who have gotten married have literally hundreds of thousands of their own, legally earned/possessed assets, forcibly taken away from them by the legal system, for being guilty of the "crime" of having consensual sexual contact with someone other than their spouse, or trying to leave their marriage, a toxic, unnatural ritual that they only entered into due to overtly evil societal coercion, brainwashing, and terrorization. Lets consider a rather conservative scenario: A married man is robbed of \\$200,000, over the course of 18 years, in supporting a child that he has created, that he never even felt the tiniest bit of true affection for. If this man had invested this amount of money in stocks, regularly, each month putting in the same amount of money that he ended up giving away to the child, he would likely have well over one million dollars in cash, in his stock portfolio, after the 18 years are up. Most men father children by age 25. So, by age 43, after 18 years, this man would be a millionaire, he would be 43 years old, have a million dollars in cash, be able to quit his job and retire, if only he had not been terroristically compelled by society to give away his own, legally earned and possessed $200,000 to a child that he never even liked, just because he either created the child, or even if he merely married someone who already had a child that she created by having sex with some other man. All forms of societally mandated "child support", including providing financial support for children while still married to and living with the spouse, as well as all forms of "alimony", constitute absolutely nothing less than legal robbery. They involve a person, usually a man, having his own money taken away from him against his will, for doing nothing wrong. Money that is being legally earned and is legally possessed. The only thing that the person did "wrong", was that he allowed his evil society to either terroristically coerce him to get married, or to convince him to create a child, or to cause him to have an inferior, but still perfectly legal and natural form of sexual contact that resulted in a child being created, despite the fact that he had no desire to create a child. It is beyond belief, to any sane thinker, that you creatures would allow yourselves and your fellow human beings to literally be robbed of a million dollars, by society, for doing any of these three "wrong" things. Much less applaud and sanctify such insane laws. The fact that society is directly responsible for causing all three of these things to occur, via it's judicial/legal system, only adds to the unbelievable nature of this injustice.

Now, I want to make a couple of things clear. First of all, I will be discussing personal freedom at a separate essay, and none of my above comments regarding specific freedoms that marriage severely compromises, are meant to imply that these freedoms are truly enjoyed, to a profound and genuine degree, by non-married people, or by any people who live as members of a human society. The fact is, societies do not provide genuine personal freedoms to any of their citizen-slaves. At the same time however, the lack of genuine freedom that is experienced by all, that is unjustly imposed by society upon all citizens, is still significantly greater and more brutal, if you are married. Secondly, and more to the point here, none of the Truths that I am revealing here with regard to the toxic ritual of marriage, necessarily extend to voluntary sexual coupling as a lifestyle choice. In other words, a private, non-legal, non-coerced, personal decision that is made by two individuals, to only have sexual contact with each other, nobody else, while absolutely an extreme and in most cases unnatural lifestyle choice, does not carry with it most of the horrific consequences that engaging in the specific activity of becoming legally married, carries. It is the legally binding nature of the toxic ritual of marriage, that carries immense and extremely negative consequences, very specific legal and culturally terroristic consequences that society is eager to impose upon as many of it's citizen-slaves as it possibly can. This is why societies overtly criticize "live-in lover" relationships, and use all the legal and cultural coercion and bribery at their disposal, to try and convince "lovers" of all types, including live-in lovers, to agree to legally enslave themselves to each other, and to society itself, by legally getting married. This point cannot be emphasized enough: When a person gets married they enslave themselves to society, they forfeit their personal freedoms and human rights to society, just as strongly and horrifically, as they enslave themselves to each other. This is why marriage has so much value to society, why it is possibly the single most desperately promoted cultural ritual within society. It is because the person getting married forfeits their freedom, not merely to the specific person they are marrying, but to an even greater degree, to the society within which they live as citizens.

There are literally 1000 different methods with which this toxic ritual is terroristically imposed upon you citizen-slaves. I do not have space to list all 1000, so you'll have to settle for just one: Picture the scenario: A man grows to like a woman. She has created a child with another man, who is no longer in her life. The man starts having sex with the woman, and moves into the household. He grows to feel affection towards the child as well. Both of these adults are told by society that unless they get married, the man will have no legal authority to protect or care for the child, should the child's mother die or become incapacitated. In addition, should his sexual partner, the mother of the child, decide that she doesn't want to have sex with him anymore, the only avenue by which the man can try to preserve his ability to retain access to the child that he has grown to care about, is to be married to the woman, and thus carry the societal title of "stepfather". Here you have a simple, clear, undeniable example of how terroristic societal coercion works. The man is emotionally terrorized, under threat to a child's welfare, into agreeing to get married. And this is just one of thousands of different types of terroristic coercion, emotional, legal, financial, cultural, familial, etc..., that are all brought to bear by society upon all individuals, as part of a systematic campaign designed to get as many citizen-slaves as possible into embracing this toxic ritual.

The absolute root of Sacred Family Unit mythology, is woven around the toxic ritual of marriage. Little girls aged four, are already obsessed with getting married. They play "bride and groom" with dolls, they imagine being married, even though they have no intellectual awareness of what marriage even is, what the word means, much less the consequences of marriage. This is because the daily brainwashing that societies engage in, promoting and idolizing this ritual, is immense. No child can escape it. Marriage is promoted to girls as being the only genuinely safe life path to take. Once you have snared a man, you are safe. You can fulfill your societal obligations to breed, raise children, serve a man, while gaining the monetary benefits of having a "supporter". Understand this: Nothing that has occurred within the so-called "feminist" movements that some societies have experienced in recent decades/centuries, has touched these Truths. Nor do feminists have any desire to challenge this Sacred societal doctrine, since they understand that only a tiny handful of women, perhaps one in 50,000, has the intellectual/emotional autonomy, ability or the desire to reject the societally decreed legitimacy and validity of these brainwashings. This is true even for women who choose not to get married. Have feminists called for an end to alimony laws, or an end to child support laws? No, of course not! This is because they understand that women, even women who choose not to get married, want to retain the legal right, for themselves and for other women, to pounce upon this societally provided "safe" life path, if and when they choose to do so, and obtain a "male slave" for themselves. Marriage is designed so that it has multiple, layered enticements, so as to lure in a maximum number of citizen-slaves. What do I mean by multiple, tiered enticements? Consider the enticements provided to women: First of all, your husband will "love" you, and is obligated to always love you, under insane marriage doctrine. What an incredible enticement this is, most especially since most women hate themselves and are desperately trying to make themselves feel loved by other human beings. But wait, what if your husband starts to hate you after awhile?? That's bad, isn't it?? That's a good reason not to get married, you don't want to be enslaved to a person who has grown to hate you, do you?? Guess what, society has deliberately structured marriage so that this situation is made to not appear at all bad! Because multiple enticements are provided, within the legal framework of the toxic ritual. If your husband starts to hate you, you simply get rid of him, while at the same time hurting him and getting vengeance against him for daring to have stopped loving you, by legally robbing him of his financial assets/earnings, via alimony/child support! You see, marriage is marketed as a "win-win" situation, using multiple, tiered layers of societal brainwashing, lies, and bribes, which are literally sewn into the legal framework of this toxic ritual. Even women who hate sex, who hate men, are given "good" reasons to get married, such as one of the easiest ways to obtain a genuine financial windfall, by society!

Somewhat different enticements are used to coerce men into agreeing to get married, but even though the specific enticements that are employed are different in their detail, they are designed to achieve the exact same societally malevolent goal, and they are just as irrational, just as coercive, just as manipulatively invalid. The sexual slave angle is played up more by society, for men. "If you agree to get married, you will have a woman as your sexual slave, every single day and night, for as long as she lives, she will be obligated to serve your sexual desires/needs" That is a prime enticement given to males. And it works beautifully, since as I have already outlined in my Sex essay, men are terroristically coerced by society into believing that they need to have intimate sexual contact with a fellow human being, in order to be "normal", and not to satisfy their own sexual needs on their own, via masturbation. Men are also brainwashed into believing that it is important to have "heirs", important to be able to have blood descendants to leave their money too, the money that they have wasted their entire lives working as slaves, to earn. The notion that there is any value, benefit, or importance in leaving money to a spouse or child(ren) when you die, is of course ludicrous. But you have to be sane to recognize this, and none of you creatures possess the ability to think sanely, so again, this ridiculous, manipulative lie works very well. Men are convinced that getting married is the right thing to do, because you can acquire a "valuable asset", a family, and then spend your life trying to acquire another valuable asset, money, to give to your other valuable asset, your family. Ha! What a joke, it's hard for me to believe that you creatures can be this dumb, this insane. It's not bad enough that you are terroristically coerced by society into agreeing to work as a slave to financially support yourself. You happily go much further, accepting the deranged societal doctrine that it is a good, worthwhile thing for you to assume the financial obligation/burden to work as a slave for the purpose of supporting others, a spouse and children, along with yourself! You actually choose to assume this incredible burden, believing that there are genuine, legitimate benefits in having the "valuable assets" of a wife and child, even though the advantages that these assets bring are completely illegitimate, an artificial construct of an insane societal ideology.

Of course we have many other types of enticements that appeal quite equally, to both men and women. Society decrees that "normal" people get married, brainwashed citizen-slaves of both genders desperately want to be labeled as being "normal" by their society. There are financial enticements as well, which appeal to men just as much as to women. Many societies have created a taxation system that very specifically rewards married couples with lower tax rates and the like. Creating children, especially within a married couple, is a way to acquire financial aid/benefits from the government. The economies of most societies are specifically designed in such a way that a single person will likely have financial hardship in purchasing a nice house in a nice neighborhood. The cost of housing is specifically manipulated by societal leaders in such a way as to require income from at least two different people, as a way of coercing people into living together, and getting married. Even the postal and package delivery system is structured so that a single person living alone will suffer significant inconvenience in getting items delivered to his home, unless he is living with someone else, unless he has a "family" living with him, because most people work outside of the home, during daytime hours, when regular deliveries of packages are made. Again, I could list a thousand or more different, deliberate enticements that societies use, to get you pathetic life forms to agree to get married to each other.

Getting married is an intellectually deranged lifestyle choice. This is the only term that accurately fits, intellectual derangement. And it applies in all cases, in all situations. Marriage is never, and can never be, a sane, rational, lifestyle choice, for anyone. This is because the ritual itself is based upon insane, artificial, untrue, invalid and nonsensical foundational premises. This is not to say that some people do not derive "personal benefits and happiness" from being married. Some do! But only because they have embraced and choose to wallow in, the toxic, invalid, illegitimate doctrines that accompany this toxic ritual. Marriage itself is an unnatural ritual, based upon invalid doctrine. Whatever perceived benefits it may provide to some individuals, arise from the embrace of the toxic, invalid ideologies that accompany the ritual, and that are offered as enticements by society to those agreeing to embrace this ritual, rather than from the legitimacy of the ritual itself. Of course many people hate possessing personal freedom and autonomy. The only way they can feel safe and comfortable, is to have their life toxically enmeshed within the life of another person. Marriage will appeal to such Inferiors, of course. Many other human torture victims of society like to suffer, they feel they deserve to suffer, to feel deprived, so being forced by society to spend their lives enslaved to one specific fellow human, their spouse, is just fine and dandy with them. Societies and religions encourage self-hatred and an embrace of suffering, so make no mistake, many of you creatures "enjoy" being married, this toxic ritual meets your perverse, societally induced life goals, such as to suffer. The sane, Superior human recognizes marriage for what it is, and shuns it like the bubonic plague should be shunned. It is a giant sinkhole upon the societal landscape, and society is desperately trying to push all of you into the sinkhole.

Once you are in, there is really only one escape. Guess what that escape is?? Come on, guess! The traditional "marriage vows" tell you what your only escape is. Come on, five letter word, starts with the letter D. No, not divorce, you idiots. The word we are looking for is Death. Yes, death. Death is the only way to escape from the horrific sinkhole of marriage. "Till death do us part", says the marriage vow. Only way to escape, as officially decreed by society, is to die yourself, or to have your spouse die. So is it any wonder that next to legal owners murdering their child/slaves, spouses killing their mates is the second most popular and common form of murder? It's the only way out! Society officially decrees it, within it's insanely designed traditional marriage vows! The only way to interpret the traditional marriage vow, is: You gotta stay enslaved to this other human being that you got married to, until either this specific human dies, or until you die. The only acceptable escape from the marriage, from your slavery, is via death!

This seems like a good place to say a few words on divorce. Only in recent centuries, have some societies decided to offer an alternative to death, for escaping the toxic plague of marriage. This alternative has been designated as "divorce", and society claims that divorce "allows/causes a marriage to end." Is this true?? No! Not at all. Once again, as usual, we have an utter lie, a deliberate deception and definitional misapplication, malevolently applied by your diseased societies. All that divorce does, is alter the parameters of the existing marriage, in terms of loosening and changing some of the toxic enmeshment that exists between the married couple. Yes, they are allowed to refuse to have sex with each other, once divorced. And yes, in some cases they can even terminate all regular contact with each other. But, only in very rare cases, is the toxic enmeshment truly broken. In many cases the two people have created children, and both decide that they want to maintain contact with their children, and even to "share custody" of their children, thus the toxic enmeshment that existed within the marriage, absolutely remains. So how can you say that the divorce "ends" the marriage?? It does nothing of the kind! All it does is alter the degree of enmeshment that was created by the initial marriage. Then we have alimony, child support, etc... How can anything be ended, when the spouse is ordered by a court to give away his legal assets/earnings to one or two or three specific people that he is enmeshed with as a direct and sole result of having gotten married? In 99% of all divorces, the two people who used to be married remain obligated and compelled, under the terms of the divorce, to continue to have direct contact with each other, even if this only means giving away money to the other person. In most cases the contact is much more intense, the two people see each other at times, talk to each other, discuss their children, their lives, with each other. And even beyond this 99%, probably .8% of the remaining 1% voluntarily choose to maintain some type of contact with each other. So, 99.8 percent of all "divorced" people, continue to have both contact with and an impact upon the life of their former spouse, to one degree or another. Understand, in most cases this contact specifically occurs only because the two people "used" to be married to each other. Based upon these True facts, it is clear to any sane thinker that divorce cannot be properly defined as "the end of a marriage". Divorce does not end the contact, the enmeshment, that the two people were terroristically coerced by society into agreeing to embrace, when they got married. All that divorce does is alter the parameters of the marriage, loosens the chains of slavery between the two people, and allows the two people to go out and enslave themselves to other people via marriage. Amazingly, many people choose to get divorced only because they have decided that they want to be married to somebody else, not because they want to be free of this toxic, unnatural, brutally enslaving ritual that they have already been victimized by! Your blindness as creatures truly has no limitations! You actually blame your former marriage partner for the problems in the marriage, or you blame yourself, concluding that there was something wrong within the relationship, because you are so totally broken, brainwashed, and beholden to your society, that it never even occurs to you that the actual ritual of marriage itself, might be totally unnatural, illegitimate, deranged and toxic. So, even as you become more and more unhappy within your marriage, and start considering divorce, many of you are already looking to try and not only establish an intimate relationship with someone else, since you have been totally stripped of the ability to meet your own needs, but you are also looking forward to your next marrying event, to enslaving yourself to another human being and to society, in the exact same manner as you have already done, even as you are trying to escape and break away from your current or recent marriage. Amazing!

The option of getting divorced has been created and popularized in recent decades, in highly industrialized societies, as a way to encourage marriage. Societal leaders recognized that more and more citizens were at least vaguely beginning to realize that getting married offered no naturally valuable advantages to them, legitimate advantages, while at the same time carrying significant risks/drawbacks. The traditional marriage vows, "till death do you part", were scaring away some people from this precious and supremely valuable form of mass societal enslavement. So, the decision was made to allow people to slightly alter the exact text of their marriage vows, and to provide and legitimize the illusion of an "escape route" from marriage, and call it divorce. Inform the citizen-slaves that it is now possible to escape from the horrors of marriage, without you or your spouse having to die. And it worked! You creatures were so happy, so grateful, you felt so free, so "modern". "Now we can get married, as we are terroristically ordered to do by society, but it is great! Our society is glorious! We don't have to die any longer, neither do we have to kill or wait for our spouse to die, in order to escape from our marriages. We can instead get divorced! Oh thank you, dear society, for this marvelous new freedom. Now gimme that marriage license!" You know, when I think about how stupid, how utterly devoid of sanity you creatures are, I feel like vomiting. Truly, the bile rises up from my innards. To conclude, divorce is not an antidote to marriage, divorce does not undo the negative, sometimes horrific consequences and dangers that getting married usually brings. Divorce in no way "reverses" a marriage. The primary function that divorce serves, is to legitimize and increase the popularity of marriage within highly industrialized, extra-diseased societies. Divorce makes marriage seem less dangerous and terrible, not because it offers a genuine path of escape from a horrific marriage, but simply because it offers the illusion and the invalid perception that it can provide an escape. This is how your evil societies operate. When a tiny bit of Truth starts to leak out concerning an insane doctrine, ideology, or cultural movement that society is seeking to preserve and popularize, all that societal leaders have to do is "tweak" the insane doctrine, modify it a tiny bit, provide some sort of an illusion that a new, modern, "cutting edge" type of "reform" is being implemented, and you creatures, like lemmings, gleefully grab and embrace the wonderful new "freedom" and reform, totally unable to even begin to recognize that you have been played for the fools that you are.

The marriage ritual offers not a single legitimate, Truth-based benefit or improvement, to the life of any human being. All of the perceived benefits and advantages of marriage, are artificial constructs that society has deliberately and malevolently attached to this toxic ritual, in order to make it enticing. Your evil societies gain benefits and advantages from getting you creatures to agree to get married, and they achieve this goal by convincing you that marriage will provide benefits and advantages to you. But there is no rational legitimacy to these claims. The emotional, financial, and other types of "securities" that the marriage ritual offers, to both women and men, are not only terroristically compelled and imposed upon people as a malevolent enticement to get people to agree to get married, they are also completely unnatural, fascist, and they defy the most basic personal human freedoms and instincts. The freedom to not be legally enslaved to a fellow human. The freedom to be responsible for your own financial welfare, nobody else's. The freedom to evolve and to mature as a human being, throughout your lifetime, to be able to freely form whatever types of relationships you wish and possess the emotional capability of forming, at all times, throughout your lifetime, with no horrific, suffocating, lifelong chains being literally wrapped around your throat each day of your life, which is the literal, definitional reality of what being married constitutes. It doesn't matter whether you personally might have a "happy" marriage. It doesn't matter that you personally might not feel the suffocating chains around your neck. Make no mistake, if you are or ever were married, they are there. The fact that you may have no conscious awareness of how brutally enslaved you, as every married person, is, and the possibility that you might not feel victimized because you are in a "happy" marriage, has absolutely no bearing upon the Truths of what marriage is, and the horrific injustice that society perpetrates upon each and every individual, who is brainwashed and coerced into agreeing to engage in this toxic ritual.

This is a good place for me to offer a few comments on the importance of truly dissecting all societal issues and policies, when on a quest to uncover Truth. There are plenty of people who claim to be "social critics", who believe that they have the ability to recognize and "see through" some of the manipulations, lies, and brainwashings that their society imposes upon them, and subjects them to. But the reality is that almost none of these social critics even begin to scratch the surface, insofar as uncovering genuine, profound Truth, of the type that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, am revealing throughout this Manifesto. This is because most seekers of Truth are shallow thinkers. They manage to root out a single, minor, marginally hidden Truth, and ridiculously jump to the conclusion that they have uncovered the main or entire Truth of a societal ritual/issue, when in reality all that they have done is uncovered a single fact, a clue if you will, that does not even constitute an important Truth, but merely offers a gateway that can be used to tear down and unveil much deeper, more profound and important Forbidden Truths. The issue of marriage provides a perfect illustration of this pathetic state of affairs. Most people of course, have no Truth-based insight of any kind into the toxic, invalid, malevolent ritual of marriage. But there are a small number of so-called "philosophers" and "social critics", who manage to reach the factually valid insight that "marriage is designed by society to cause two people to have sexual contact only with each other, and to cause them to refrain from having sex with other human beings." Is this insight a true and valid insight? Yes. Would society prefer that it's citizen-slaves not be aware of this suppressed Truth? Yes. But at the same time, this insight does not constitute a top-level Forbidden Truth. All it provides is a basic starting point from which other, more genuinely important and profound Truths, can be derived, recognized, and embraced. The problem lies in the fact that the vast majority of the small group of philosophers and social critics, simply stop their analysis after they reach this initial, basic insight of Truth, believing that they have uncovered the "hidden secret" that society has refused to reveal to them, and having no ability or inclination to recognize the fact that all they have done is touched the very tip of a giant iceberg of profound Truth. This is why I am so proud of this Manifesto, and why I believe, sincerely, that this Manifesto is the single most important and valuable document to have ever been written by any human being, throughout the history of humanity.

The fact that society wants people to get married so that they will only have sex with a single person for the rest of their lives, is a very important, truthful realization. But it is only a surface scratch of Truth, regarding the Forbidden Truths of marriage. It is nothing more than the initial starting point, on an incredibly long and complex journey, for any human who truly wishes to understand and realize the much deeper, completely different, far more valuable Truths that are buried beneath this surface, superficial Truth. For example, the issue of why society desperately wants people to only have sex only with a single other person, is thousands of times more important, than simply arriving at the realization that society wants people to get married so that they only have sex with their spouse. The nature of how marriage is a form of brutal slavery, that actually enslaves participants more to society itself, than to each other, is incredibly profound. This is what constitutes Truth that carries extreme value, genuinely Forbidden Truths. The outline of how an individual inflicts brutal harm upon himself, lifelong harm, in literally a hundred or more different ways, by getting married, is precious and invaluable. Being able to understand the design structure and the actual, root motivations that society has, in imposing societal brainwashings that cause people to falsely perceive the toxic, genocidally harmful ritual of marriage as being a benevolent, desirable, necessary life path for them to embrace, this is Forbidden Truth. Truth that has value, Truth that is not shallow or superficial, but rather deep and profound. These are the Truths that your societies are truly desperate to keep hidden from you, and this is what makes them Forbidden Truths. Understand, if you merely recognize that your society wants you to get married so that you only have sexual contact with one person, you have not really uncovered anything of value. Unless you can take this Truth much further, analyzing, understanding, and accepting the reasons why society wants this, the lengths to which society will go to force you to get married, all of the horrific dangers and negative consequences that go along with being married, and all of the many other, more profound reasons for why society wants you to get married, above and beyond simply robbing you of your sexual freedom, you have not even come close to embracing a genuine Forbidden Truth.

It is not accurate to conclude that the primary reason that society wants you to get married, is to force you to limit your sexual activity to only one other person, your spouse. This is simply one reason, among hundreds of different reasons, and it is not the primary reason for why societies are so desperately eager to get you creatures to marry. Robbing individuals of their sexual freedom is an important goal of your malevolent societies, but it is simply one type of freedom, one type among dozens of different freedoms, that the marriage ritual has been specifically designed to rob all citizen-slaves of. The primary purpose that the marriage ritual is designed to serve, is to create a lifelong, unnatural, toxic enmeshment between two human beings, that creates a dependent, familial handcuff, in this case a mindcuff as well, which robs individuals of all of their most basic freedoms and autonomies. Emotional freedom, financial freedom, physical freedom, intellectual freedom, the freedom to love yourself, to recognize the Truth that your life is your life, that it belongs to you, nobody else. Marriage uses governmental force as well as ideological/cultural brainwashing, to terroristically compel genocidally harmful, fascist behaviors and lifestyles, among all citizen-slaves. The power of the government, via the legal and judicial system, is overtly, systematically, and universally employed within the marriage ritual, and this is what truly makes the ritual genocidally evil. If there was only cultural terrorization, such as a doctrine that god wants people to only have sex with one other person of the opposite gender, and that all "normal" people get married, without any legal authority being involved in or manifested from the ritual itself, it could be rationally argued that the degree of societal evil involved in the imposition of this ritual upon citizen-slaves, is under some degree of control and limitation. But the factual reality, of how every possible legal and judicial force of law is deliberately and specifically employed within the ritual of marriage, via the divorce ritual, alimony, child support, the taxation system, the signing of legally binding documents, the overt threat of imprisonment that both male and female spouses face, if they dare to try and defy the "laws" of marriage, etc.., proves that limitless evil on the part of society, is involved here. Societal leaders recognize that this ritual is toxic, it is unnatural, it defies human instinct, it is fascist, and the only way it can be made to remain popular within the general public, is via the utilization of both extreme and punitive cultural brainwashing/mythology, and extremely punitive legal/judicial threat and punishment.

Here is another example of the profound importance of digging through all Truths until you reach the very core, most important and deeply suppressed/hidden Forbidden Truths: Let us consider the fact that the insane marriage ritual decrees that the female who marries the male, must agree to abandon and renounce her own surname, and assume her husband's surname as her own. Until just a few decades ago, this was a universally imposed mandate of the marriage ritual. And even today, all women are strongly encouraged by society to either adopt the surname of the man they are marrying outright, or at the very least, begin to include his surname, in hyphenated form, together with her own surname. The Superior seeker of Forbidden Truth, in trying to figure out the purpose behind this perverse societal decree, may fairly easily and quickly arrive at the realization that this is a form of societal subjugation of the female, instructing her that she is higher-ranking than any of the child-slaves she is expected to create within the Sacred Family Unit, but lower-ranking than her husband, obligated to serve and obey her husband's orders, demands, and desires. She is beneath her husband, inferior to her husband. Her identity and value as an individual human being is stripped away from her by virtue of her choosing to get married, and this is made perfectly clear to both her and her husband, by the nature of this perverse surname decree. She loses her own surname, just as she loses her freedom, her autonomy, her independence, her personal identity and individual value as a human being. The insane marriage ritual brutally strips all of it's female participants of these sacred and precious human rights/freedoms, while at the same time the males are brutally stripped of their own precious human freedoms and rights, in slightly different ways.

Now, what I have just revealed above regarding how and why society strips it's females who agree to get married of their surnames, is an absolutely valid and extremely important Forbidden Truth. And yet if the seeker of Forbidden Truth arrives at this insight and then simply stops, assuming they have figured out the most important Truth that this surname decree reveals, they will have failed to recognize the ultimate of Truths. Which is this: The marriage ritual is unworkable and unsustainable if it is based upon equality, benevolence, morality, or Truth. It is fundamentally deranged, doomed to failure in all circumstances, unless it is artificially and invalidly propped up by society. Declaring the female to be subjugated to the male, within the marriage ritual, is a way to invalidly prop up the marriage ritual, because more men seek to subjugate women, than women seek to subjugate men, and more women than men are submissive masochists who want to be treated as being inferior on a daily basis, within their day to day lives. So, even if you understand the fact that this surname insanity is intended to subjugate the female, and have embraced this very valid and important Truth, you still have not reached the absolute core Forbidden Truth of the situation, the primary reason for why your societies choose to decree women to be inferior and enslaved to men within the marriage ritual. And the reason is, because doing so helps to entice and encourage both men and women into agreeing to participate in this insane ritual. It provides a perverse and malevolent prop, based upon slaveowner-slave and dominant-submissive doctrine, which instructs all citizens who want to be slaveowners, as well as all citizens who want to be slaves, as well as all citizens who want to dominate a fellow human being, as well as all citizens who want to be dominated by another human being, that if they agree to participate in the marriage ritual, their emotional and psychological needs with regard to all four of these cravings, can and will be met. This is the "core" Forbidden Truth, the most important and deeply hidden Truth, although of course there is always value and importance in recognizing and embracing all Forbidden Truth. All I'm saying is that as a Superior seeker of Truth, you must learn to dig deep, and understand that just because you might manage to figure out some profound Truth regarding a specific issue/situation, does not necessarily mean that you have uncovered or realized the most important, profound, or core-level Truth that the issue/situation actually does reveal.

To expand upon a point I made earlier, there is nothing intrinsically unnatural or perverse about a human being, male or female, deciding to have sexual contact with only a single other human being, for a length of time. Even if the person states that he intends to never have sex with any other human being for as long as he lives, this is perfectly fine. Even this does not necessarily indicate that the person is mentally ill, although it does strongly suggest that the person is thinking irrationally. The horror and the incredible perversion lies in the fact of society having the audacity to create an artificial, invalid ritual, naming it "marriage", and instructing all citizens that there are exterior forces at work, the god creature, definitions of normalcy, desires of relatives, financial benefits, etc..., which require them to legally enslave themselves to each other once they decide to only have sex with each other, and for this myth to then be turned into a legal contract that is used as a brutally terroristic tool of fascism, to literally torture the married individuals into being and remaining enslaved and toxically enmeshed to and beholden to, each other and even more so, to society. Marriage has been designed as a toxic, enslaving ritual, precisely because it is completely unnatural for the vast majority of human beings to have sexual contact with only one other human being, for any extended length of time. If marriage did not exist as a legal ritual, some people would still tell other people that they only want to have sex with them, and some people would still restrict their sexual contact to only one other person, for short periods of time. In some cases a few weeks, in some cases a few months, in some cases a few years. But almost never for a "lifetime", because it is completely unnatural for all but a handful of people, to restrict their sexual activity/contact to only a single fellow human being. Therefore, all that marriage does is terroristically attempt to compel individuals to deny their natural instincts, to agree to rob themselves of their own freedom/autonomy, and to accept the brutal theft of their own personal freedoms and autonomy by the judicial, legal, and cultural demands and laws that accompany the marriage ritual. Not only sexual freedom, but many other freedoms as well, since the legal and judicial consequences of being married extend far beyond the issue of having sex, onto even more important and profound freedoms, such as financial and emotional freedom. If the marriage ritual had absolutely no legal force behind it, people who agree to have sex only with each other, would also retain the personal freedom to change their minds, to sever their "agreement" at any point in time, with no legal punishments resulting. So, people would have sex on a mutually exclusive basis for a few weeks, months, years, before one of them would finally decide to exercise his natural, instinctual right and desire to either stop having sex with this particular person, or to find some other person to have sex with. Even if the insane god myth was used as a tool of terroristic cultural coercion by society, to try and force the two people to keep having sex only with each other, which would be outrageously unjust, at least there would be no horribly punitive legal punishments involved, in the natural, instinctual choice by one or both people, to end their sexual relationship, and/or to find someone else to be sexually intimate with. It is simply mind-boggling, how any society can have the audacity to pretend to offer "freedom" to it's citizen-slaves, when the reality is that it's citizen-slaves are not even free to choose whom to have sexual contact with, without the threat of severe, utterly fascist legal and emotional punishments being imposed upon the citizen-slave for daring to try and exercise this most basic, fundamental, and instinctually natural of freedoms, if he has fallen prey to the terroristic brainwashing that this very same society has undertaken against him, in coercing him into agreeing to have gotten married and thus "assuming" and accepting the utterly enslaving legal and judicial doctrine which accompanies this insane and toxic ritual! If you are a Superior thinker, and you analyze the specific nature of this "self-victimization" marriage ritual, a process in which society convinces individuals to willingly sabotage and forfeit their own personal freedom and autonomy, then mercilessly exploits the so-called "free and willing" forfeiture after it has been made, you will soon realize that this exact same malevolent process is applied by societies within many other rituals and doctrines, totally separate and different from marriage, some of which have already been outlined by me within these Texts, others will be detailed in essays at this website that are yet to be written.

Okay, lets explore a few more angles of this utterly toxic ritual. How about Polygamy? Polygamy is a very specific offshoot of "regular" marriage, in which a man is allowed to have more than one wife, at the same time. Although not extremely popular in many current societies, polygamy remains legal in many societies, and even in america, I do believe it is perfectly legal in some areas, using the perverse decree that local religious "law" can be allowed to override national or judicial law, in terms of allowing polygamy to be treated as a legitimate form of marriage. Is this form of marriage more evil and perverse than regular marriage? That's a tough question to answer, and more importantly, it is not really a significant question or issue, because of the fact that all types of marriages, the very ritual of marriage itself, is completely and utterly malevolent in both design and consequence.

It's far more interesting and worthwhile, to look at how and why polygamy has come to be practiced and accepted by societies. The very first issue we have is this: Polygamy specifically empowers men to have multiple wives at the same time, but it does not allow women to have multiple husbands at the same time. In fact the very definition of Polygamy overtly states: The system of having more than one wife at a time. Why this gender bias? Because all human societies of the 20th and 21st centuries have been patriarchal, not matriarchal, and this is true even in the very rare cases where the president, prime minister, or other "supreme leader" of a society did or does happen to be female. The primary appeal that marriage carries for men, is the slave ownership aspect, the ability to own, possess, control, oppress, and dictate the life experiences of a female spouse, from a position of power and dominance. As is the case with all forms of slavery, having more than one slave is almost always considered better than merely having a single slave. This is the primary appeal of polygamy, and it is why this form of marriage overtly specifies that men can have multiple wives, but women may not have multiple husbands. Throughout the history of your diseased species, societal leaders have often been power-crazed, determined to have as many slaves as they possibly can, themselves. In legitimizing polygamy, both for themselves and in some cases for some of their male citizens, these societal leaders feed their own power-crazed need to own multiple slaves, as well as satisfy the desire of their male citizens to own multiple slaves.

Just as importantly, we must realize that the goal of society is to terroristically convince as many citizen-slaves as possible, to agree to get married and then to actually get married. Male humans have always possessed a slightly, emphasis on slightly, better ability to recognize the dangers, drawbacks, and pitfalls of the insane ritual of marriage, than female humans. This makes males slightly more resistant to societal promotion of marriage, and so societal leaders recognize that they must work harder on brainwashing/coercing their male population, with false information on the many benefits of marriage, in order to maximize the number of males who will fall victim to the marriage ritual. Women are so desperately eager to enslave themselves to men, that offering them multiple slaves is completely unnecessary. But for some men, the opportunity to own multiple females, as wives, via polygamous marriage, is indeed just enough to push them over the edge and get them to agree to get married, when they might still have been able to resist this toxic ritual if it mandated that they could only have one female slave at a time, as is the case with "regular" marriage. In addition, it is a proven fact that in most societies, the female population slightly outnumbers the male population. Not by a tremendous degree, but by a very real population imbalance. The ultimate goal of society is to get every single male and every single female, to get married at a young age. Obviously it is not possible for any society to achieve a 100% success rate in this regard, but that is the ultimate, genuine goal. Therefore, if there are slightly more females than males in a society, and the societal goal is to get every single citizen married to a person of the opposite gender, we are left with an imbalance. Not enough males, to match up one on one, with the females. In addition, as outlined above, males are slightly more resistant to marriage mythology/societal indoctrination, which means that the imbalance is further increased, in that in addition to there being slightly more females in the population, a greater percentage of the females will be eager and determined to get married, than males. Polygamy successfully addresses both of these issues, encouraging reluctant males to get married by offering them not just one, but potentially more than one, wife-slaves, and allowing a single man to satisfy the desires of 2, 3, 4, or more women to be married, without requiring each woman to find a separate male spouse of her own. The imbalance is equalized, to a degree, and the societal goal of providing an extra incentive to males, to get married, is met. We are left with a situation in which most societies which claim to be "enlightened" do not have a vested interest in making polygamy extremely popular, but still derive toxic benefits from allowing polygamist marriage to occur within their society, to a limited degree. Such is the case in america, as only in certain areas and within a few specific religious doctrines, I believe Mormonism would be the primary religious doctrine, are polygamous marriages allowed to occur and granted legal status. In some societies, those that are somewhat more honest in terms of revealing their bigotry and misogynistic structures than america is, polygamy is more common and popular. The bottom line is that all modern societies as of today, the early 21st century, are patriarchal and operate upon misogynistic, as well as other overtly fascist and unjust principals that serve to brutally victimize both male and female citizen-slaves. As to the issue of whether polygamy is a more brutal, unjust, or oppressive version of "regular" marriage, there is no reason to embrace this notion. Marriage itself is a brutal, unjust, oppressive, and toxic ritual. Whether or not a specific version of the marriage ritual, which differs only slightly in design structure from the normal, regular marriage ritual, is any more toxic than the regular version, is a moot point, not worthy of serious inquiry. It's like asking whether a lethal dose of cyanide swallowed in pill form, is worse than a lethal dose of cyanide swallowed in powder form. The toxicity of the marriage ritual itself, is so severe that whatever minor design variations may exist between different types of marriage structures, should be recognized as being essentially irrelevant.

Here's an interesting angle, which provides a crystal clear demonstration of how incredibly powerful this toxic ritual is. As we know, societies specifically decree that all marriages must involve people of differing genders. Men are to marry women, women are to marry men. This is because marriage is a part of Sacred Family Unit societal mythology, and it is specifically designed to cause children to be created. Society goes to extreme lengths to try and coerce all citizen-slaves of childbearing age, into creating and assuming possession of children, as I have already outlined in previous essays. Marriage is simply one tool, among thousands, that societies use to achieve this goal, and because of this, the marriage ritual specifically decrees that a man and a woman must be participants in every marriage ritual. In addition, while no concrete law exists to limit or control the age of people who get married to each other, extreme societal coercion is applied, in an effort to try and get people of childbearing age to marry each other, and not to allow a person of childbearing age to marry someone who has lost the ability to create children. This is a primary reason for why older men marrying younger women, face slightly less societal criticism than older women marrying younger men do. Men can often create children even at age 60, 65, 70, 75. Women can only create children until age 45 or so, in most cases. Therefore, if a 25 year old man marries a 50 year old woman, society is most unhappy, being that both parties, assuming they only have sexual intercourse with each other, will fail to create children. Society is more forgiving of a 25 year old woman marrying a 50 year old man, because of the fact that this couple very likely still retains the ability to create children. The point I am making here is that men cannot marry other men, and women cannot marry other women. This law exists in order to promote Sacred Family Unit and Breeder societal doctrine.

In a sane society, homosexual and lesbian humans would celebrate the fact that they have been spared the toxic, harmful ordeal of being legally enslaved to each other via the toxic marriage ritual. But of course your societies are not sane, and neither are you humans. Amazingly, in recent decades, homosexual and lesbian humans have been overtly seeking, in fact demanding, that their society allow them to get married, legally married, to each other! It is quite incredible, instead of rejoicing over the fact that they are being allowed to retain their freedom, to not be brutally enslaved to each other and to society via this fascist ritual, homosexuals and lesbians are upset over the fact that they cannot get married to each other. They are demanding that the same evil ritual that is being imposed upon heterosexuals, be imposed upon them, having no ability to recognize and understand that what they seek, marriage, is itself toxic and a horrifically dangerous, harmful societal trap. Understand how powerful the brainwashing forces of society must be, to make such a toxic, unnatural, and evil ritual appear to be so desirable and enticing, that people who are being spared it's harmful effects, are upset and angry at the perceived "injustice". Homosexuals and lesbians feel they are being discriminated against, in not being allowed to become "legally" married to each other. In reality of course, as regards this one specific ritual, it is the heterosexuals who are being brutally harmed and discriminated against, in being "allowed", in reality coerced, into getting married. In a sane society, the heterosexuals would be outraged, the heterosexuals would be protesting and demanding that they be given the same precious freedom that homosexuals and lesbians enjoy, the right to have sexual intimacy with, and to live together with, any human beings of their choosing, at any point in time during their lifetimes, without the insane and unnatural limitations and rules that come with the marriage ritual! But no, instead we have the "free" humans, upset and enraged over the fact that they are not being allowed to legally enslave themselves to each other and to their evil society. Utterly mind-boggling!

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that marriage provides certain economic and legal "advantages", that non-married "couples" do not enjoy. As I have already outlined above, these advantages are completely artificial in nature. They are perverse constructs of society, designed to make this evil ritual appear enticing and desirable enough to cause you citizen-slaves to agree to get married. I further understand that homosexual and lesbian humans are denied these so-called "advantages", by virtue of the fact that they cannot become legally married, within almost all societies. Is this a form of discrimination? No. The word discrimination is not applicable, because despite outward appearances, the marriage ritual carries with it so many extremely negative hidden consequences, that a person being denied the right to get married, while perhaps perceiving himself to be a victim of discrimination, is usually benefiting at least as much as he is suffering from, the "unequal treatment", and so the definition of discrimination does not legitimately apply. The extreme effectiveness of societal brainwashing and manipulation of reality perception, is beautifully illustrated by the fact that most homosexuals & lesbians are only or primarily able to recognize the artificial advantages that society provides to citizen-slaves via marriage, and completely unable to recognize the multitude of severe, potentially catastrophic disadvantages and personally harmful aspects of marriage. As is so often the case with you humans, Truth and rationality are turned upside down. The people who should be feeling glad and grateful to have escaped from the toxic, enslaving web of marriage, perversely feel that they are missing out on an important and valuable experience. They literally crave the slavery that comes with marriage, over the freedom that they are currently enjoying, and this is because they have been so profoundly brainwashed that they cannot even recognize or accurately define what it is to have personal freedom, what it is to be robbed of freedom and live as a beholden slave to others and to a society, and the clearly obvious Truth that whatever personal advantages the marriage ritual might offer them, are in reality invalid and an artificial construct of the malevolent design of the toxic ritual itself. The brutally oppressive, fascist, overtly harmful, enslaving aspects of the marriage ritual are rendered "invisible" to the average human, again as a result of being subjected to a lifetime of cultural brainwashing which completely strips the average human being of the ability to even recognize, much less integrate and accept, the Truths of life.

You see, the pervasive, perverse lie message of society is that marriage is good, marriage is healthy, marriage is normal, marriage is rewarding, marriage is desirable. All people who embrace these lies are hopelessly trapped within the overall lie structure, because simply by embracing the notion that marriage is good, they cannot ever come to the realization that marriage is evil. Simply by embracing the notion that marriage is normal, they can never come to the realization that marriage is completely unnatural. Simply by embracing the notion that marriage is desirable and rewarding, they can never come to the realization that marriage is brutally enslaving and toxic. These are definitional opposites. The only way to come to a realization of Truth, is to overtly reject the definitionally opposite lie, that society has maliciously addicted and brainwashed the individual into accepting and considering to be, a truth. And this is extremely difficult, practically impossible, for the vast majority of humans to ever do even a single time in their entire lives, much less on a consistent, ongoing basis.

Here is yet another minor but still fascinating angle to this suffocatingly malevolent ritual: In many societies, including america, a specific law has been enacted which gives spouses the legal right to refuse and reject court and judicial efforts to get the spouse to testify against his/her husband or wife. Think about how extraordinary this is, the judicial system absolutely has the power to order people to testify against their will, at trials and at court proceedings. This happens quite often. People are forced to testify as "hostile witnesses", and if they refuse, they can be thrown into prison, for being guilty of nothing more than refusing to speak, refusing to testify, refusing to answer the questions of a prosecutor, district attorney, or other empowered agent representing society itself. But, if you happen to be married to the person that the government wants you to talk about or testify about, all you have to do is invoke your "spousal right" to not incriminate or provide any type of information to "outside parties", about your spouse. And the judicial system loses it's legal authority to compel you to testify/provide the information. If you are simply a live-in lover, even if you can prove that you have been and continue to be sexually intimate with the person, this right is totally nonexistent. You have to be legally married to the person, in order to enjoy this extraordinary legal right, to be able to refuse to testify or talk about your spouse to governmental and prosecutorial authorities, a right that has been specifically and solely reserved for those humans who have legally enslaved themselves to each other, as society demands, via the act of legal marriage.

What a remarkable demonstration this is, of the lengths to which your societies will go, in their efforts to make marriage seem irresistibly enticing. Lets consider two young lovers, deciding to embark upon a crime spree. Assuming that they are intelligent, they will realize that society is offering them a tremendous, artificial and perversely irrational enticement to get married, that specifically relates to helping them get away with their crimes, more easily. If they remain as mere lovers, and one or both of them are captured after beginning their crime spree, the legal system can and will be used to terroristically compel them to incriminate and betray each other, at trial and at other preliminary hearings, police interrogations, etc... But if they choose to get legally married, they will enjoy a very specific legal and judicial protection under which they cannot be terroristically coerced, under threat of imprisonment or even monetary fine, to talk about, testify against, or otherwise provide incriminating evidence against, their spouse, in any type of an official court/judicial proceeding! So desperate is society to promote the toxic ritual of marriage, that it literally provides this extraordinary legal loophole, specifically set aside for married couples only, to help criminals avoid being convicted in court. Society has decided that it is more important to get all citizen-slaves, even criminally inclined individuals, to participate in the legal marriage ritual, than it is to obtain court/prosecutorial convictions against accused criminals. This is why the completely irrational, illogical, "spousal right" to refuse to testify, was enacted into law, remains solidly on the judicial books as a law, and is rock solid insofar as the future, destined to remain unchallenged as judicial law, no matter how perversely "tough on crime" the diseased and fascist society of america might try to become, in the coming years and decades.

I want to briefly touch upon the psychological horrors of the marriage ritual, because they are at least as important as the legal and enslaving horrors. Marriage is based upon an insane premise, namely, that it is "normal", necessary, and appropriate for a person to only have sexual contact with one other person, their spouse, for as long as they or their spouse lives. This notion is insane and invalid. But all married individuals believe the notion to be perfectly valid and true. As a result, when they feel sexually attracted to others, and/or engage in sexual contact with someone other than their spouse, they feel guilty, they feel as though they have done something "wrong", as though they have betrayed the obligation that they had, to their spouse. This causes severe psychological stress and trauma to the person who is being "unfaithful", even though there is absolutely no valid reason of any kind, for the person to feel this way, for having embraced and engaged in perfectly natural, sane sexual desires or activities. Only because society has addicted the individual to a completely insane and invalid mythology, is this psychological torment experienced. Even more outrageously, when a person finds out that their spouse has been "cheating" on them, by having sexual contact with some other human, the psychological distress is usually even greater, as experienced by this "victim." How ludicrous, the notion that a married person having sex with someone other than their spouse, is "cheating"! Cheating on what? Cheating how? Standing up and exercising a basic human right of freedom, is "cheating"? Defying an insane rule of an insane ritual devised by a deranged and evil society, constitutes cheating? This is simply ludicrous! And yet the fact remains, you brainwashed idiots usually get all upset, suffer severe psychological trauma, if and when you find out that your spouse has had sex with someone else. You feel betrayed, but more importantly, you feel inferior. Understand that the toxic marriage ritual is designed to artificially and invalidly boost the completely destroyed self-love ego, that most citizen-slaves have been saddled with. The married individual feels proud of the fact that they own a slave, that they have managed to convince a fellow human being to be and to serve as their slave, in having chosen to officially decree an intention to only have sex with them, out of all the billions of human beings in the world. This is true for both men and women, equally. You use this toxic ritual to feel better about yourself, while still in reality of course remaining filled with profound self-hatred, with the mindset of: "I must be okay, how else could I have gotten this other human being to agree to only have sex with me for the rest of his/her life, when there are billions of people of my gender in the world, that he/she could have chosen over me." When the spouse simply exercises his human right and has sex with someone else, this comforting emotional delusion is lost, and a tidal wave of negative emotion, which is often perceived as "betrayal" but is in fact much more rooted in self-hating, profound inferiority, overwhelms the "betrayed" spouse. All of the root emotions of self-hatred, inferiority, come rushing to the emotional surface, upon discovery of a spouse's "infidelity", and this is why there are often such extreme psychological reactions as physical assault, hysterical tears, suicide, and murder, on the part of the "betrayed" spouse. Any rational thinker recognizes that it is ludicrous to even blame a spouse, much less become emotionally overwhelmed, by the fact of a fellow human being having sex with someone. It makes no more rational sense for a spouse to become enraged over their mate having sex with someone else, than it does for the person to become enraged over a celebrity that he/she has never met, moving on to a new sexual partner. But of course no human who ever gets married, can be considered rational or sane, since this ritual is itself utterly irrational and insane in design and structure. What we have at play here is unnatural, invalid, toxic enmeshment, emotional enmeshment that is woven into the very core fabric of the toxic ritual of marriage. The psychological torment that a person whose spouse has "cheated" on them experiences, is a form of mental illness/derangement, that is completely and totally induced by and the fault of, the deranged and malevolently genocidal conduct and rituals of society itself, towards all citizens, via the toxic ritual of marriage, the deliberate stripping of all self-love abilities, the deliberate creation of dependent and toxically enmeshed psychological mindsets, among individuals.

The most harmful and pervasive type of addiction within the human species is not alcohol, drug, or even god-based. It is the addiction that human beings are forced by society to adopt, for other human beings. The inability by individuals to meet their own needs, to satisfy their emotional needs without developing toxic, unnatural dependencies upon other human beings. This is absolutely a type of addiction, and in terms of how widespread and universal it is, and how it carries severely negative consequences, at some point or another, in the lives of literally 99.9999999999% of all human beings, makes it the single most common and the single most harmful addiction, of them all. Marriage constitutes a union of two addicts, each addict desperately trying to get their own emotional and psychological needs met, by the other addict. Neither addict is able to meet their own needs, and so they seize upon this perverse, deranged lifeline that society tosses out to them, and they attempt to delude each other into believing that they feel love towards each other, even though in reality they cannot even love themselves. Of course the delusion is held together via a rubber band stretched to within a centimeter of the breaking point, at all times. There is no substance, no legitimacy, no Truth of any kind, not even instinctual Truth, within the delusion. And so when one party does something that finally reveals/demonstrates instinctual Truth, like having sex with someone else, the entire house of cards collapses, and extreme emotionalism, violence, even murder, sometimes results. It only looks like the wounded party feels "betrayed". Betrayal is not the primary emotion or mindset at work here. When the enraged wife who discovers her hubby has slept with someone else screams out, "I thought you loved me, how could you betray me like this!!", what she is really experiencing is an internal, emotional collapse of the invalid, subconsciously internalized illusion of self-love that she has built up within herself, by using the belief/myth that her husband loved her. You see, she could never love herself, but when the man claimed to love her and agreed to marry her, she was able to feel loved, she was able to form an artificial bridge between this invalid, externalized claim of love, and her very valid, internalized desire to feel self-love, that was stripped from her, as it is for 99.999 of all human beings, by society, during the course of her childhood. When she is forced to face up to the fact that her hubby has "betrayed" her, has given the love, i.e. sexual intimacy, that he "owed" to her, to someone else, the invalid myth of hubby loving her is shattered. But it's not the shattering of this invalid myth that causes the extreme emotional breakdown/rage. It is the chain reaction that the shattering of this myth results in, in that simultaneously with realizing that her hubby does not "love" her, the structurally invalid foundation of self love that she has been trying to nurture within herself, using the myth of hubby love, is shattered and completely collapses. This exact same rule applies to men, likely to an even more extreme degree, whose wives have sex with someone else. There is no significant gender difference here, but it is a fact that very often married men become even more dependent emotionally upon their wives, for the invalid feelings of self-worth, self-value, and self-love, than vice-versa. The bottom line is that a tremendous amount of severe psychological torment, that directly causes suicide, murder, mental breakdowns, and other horrific consequences on an equal level for both men and women, can be directly traced back to the utterly insane and toxic ritual of marriage, and it's deranged doctrines, mandates, and design structures.

I am going to be writing an entire essay on the fascist role that the media/journalism plays within all societies, but let me just very briefly state here that as regards the issue of marriage, love, and Sacred Family Unit mythology, the media, most especially the television media, plays an extremely significant propaganda role on behalf of societies, in legitimizing and fomenting public acceptance of, desired societal mythologies and brainwashings. Throughout the history of television broadcasts in america, all of the most popular, most highly publicized television shows have featured married couples, as well as Sacred Family Unit design structures in general. From "Leave It To Beaver", to "Happy Days", to "The Addams Family", to "All In The Family", to "The Simpsons", to "Married With Children", we see an incredible string of long-running TV shows, all revolving around the same foundation, a Sacred Family Unit involving a married couple. Some people might say that writers of TV shows grew up in families, had married parents, and therefore simply "write what they know" in their television show scripts. There is an element of truth to this claim, absolutely. And the claim that writers are only writing scripts that follow the same theme as earlier, financially successful shows followed, has merit as well. However, the pervasiveness and consistency with which these shows have constantly shown up and become extremely popular, indicates that they receive more promotion, more support, more legitimization from governmental and societal leadership positions, than do the "edgy", not familial, not married couple based, TV shows. Societal leaders understand that children and adults raised on the boob tube, literally suckling on TV images and messages as an infant suckles on a teat, who are constantly seeing depictions of familial and married life portrayed as the only proper, desirable, and normal way to live as adults, will naturally become "fans" of not only the TV shows themselves, but of the toxic rituals, such as marriage, that the shows subversively and intentionally promote and legitimize.

The final two shows that I listed, "The Simpsons" and "Married With Children", are worthy of a bit of extra comment. The Simpsons is currently the longest running episodic show on american television, while Married With Children enjoyed a long run, and achieved "cult" status in some circles. Both of these shows were marketed as being extremely "cutting edge and controversial". In fact both of these shows have been actively protested against, by mainstream religious and other socially "conservative" freaks/fascists. It was said that both shows were too "irreverent", they made fun of cherished societal customs like worship of god, respect for parents, traditional familial design structures, etc... And yet both shows were allowed to thrive and became extremely popular. The reality is, both of these shows were/are 100% rooted in Sacred Family Unit and Marriage mythologies, despite all the claims of "shocking irreverence". The Simpsons features a married couple, long time married couple devoted to each other, raising three children. Married With Children had a long-time married couple, pretending in a "hip" way to hurl insults at each other, but in fact these insults were nothing more than jokes, and treated as such via the laugh track. They too were a long-time married couple, who created children and were raising their biological creations in a dedicated manner. So in reality, these two so-called controversial and cutting edge TV shows, are in fact absolutely traditional and conservative, in terms of their core design structure. They legitimize and promote marriage. Now, these shows do have "modern" storylines, especially involving the children, that certainly could be labeled as cutting edge and "hip", although I would not use the term controversial. So lets understand what we have: Two shows that promote traditional family units and marriage, but are made out to appear hip, cutting edge, and controversial. What would be the target audience here? Young adults, teens, and children who consider themselves to be hip and cutting edge, or who want to be hip and cutting edge. They are the target audience. Societal leaders want this target audience to watch these two shows, because the shows are only pretending, on a surface level, to be subversive and defying of "traditional" lifestyles. In reality, the shows are promoting and legitimizing traditional, completely invalid/insane societal doctrines and rituals such as marriage, and that is the actual "subversion" that occurs when people become fans of these shows. They think they are being subversive, they think they are defying the traditions of their parents, the young people who become fans of these and similar shows, but in reality the exact opposite is occurring. In other words, on a subconscious, intellectually manipulative, lie-based level, these young people are being taught that accepting the legitimacy and embracing the concepts of traditional family units and marriage, is a hip, cutting edge, and "subversive" thing to do! After all, if The Simpsons is a subversive, hip, cutting edge show, and it features an intact, traditional family unit in which both parents have been married to each other for a long time and have a stable, secure marriage, then traditional family units and long-term marriages are the proper life goals for the hip, cutting edge fans of the show, to aspire to achieve in their own, real, lives. This is an example of how manipulatively devious your diseased societies are. Leaders of societies understand that it is natural for children to want to "rebel" against tradition, and so they deliberately create TV shows that provide a surface illusion of hip, cutting edge rebelliousness, an illusion that the "old and stodgy traditions of the parents" are being defied and challenged, recognizing that young people will be attracted to such shows, and will believe that they are defying societal tradition by embracing the storylines and messages of these shows, even though in reality, the core messages and ideologies being promoted within the design structures of these shows, are completely traditional in nature and subliminally promote the exact same toxic ideologies, such as marriage, that all the "older" generations have already been addicted to and brainwashed into embracing.

It is undeniable that the insane ritual of marriage is genocidally harmful to children, as well as to all so-called adults, who are coerced into getting married. Slavery is what marriage is all about, and marriage is the defining, primary ritual utilized in officially turning children into subhuman pieces of owned property. Sacred Family Unit mythology, has marriage as it's foundational core. The brutal enslavement of children to their parents, is legitimized by the toxic ritual of marriage, which is designed to create a Sacred Family Unit that is under the legal control of the governmental/societal leadership. Marriage creates a legal trap, within which all children born or brought into the Sacred Family Unit, become hopelessly trapped. In fact, the government itself officially declares that only under the most extreme circumstances, will it even consider intervening in the "private affairs" of a married couple, for the sake of protecting and defending the health, safety, treatment, welfare, and even survival, of any children that are under the legal ownership of the married couple. Getting to own child-slaves, to have complete and unchallenged control and domination over every aspect of a helpless child's life, is one of the primary enticements and rewards that society holds out to people, in an attempt to convince them to get married. Married couples perceive and treat their children as being slaves, because that is in fact the reality, the official, factual Truth, of what they are, as decreed by the societal and cultural structure. Almost always, when a marriage is about to collapse, both parties seek to coerce their child(ren) into siding with them, and turning against the other spouse. Even more universally, once an actual collapse of the marriage occurs, both parents demand to retain possession of and primary access to their child(ren). This is almost never because they feel genuine love for their children, they cannot even love themselves, much less other human beings. They see their child as being a valuable piece of owned property, as well as a judicial birthright. Meaning that they believe they have an unquestionable right under law, to possess as a slave, their created or otherwise legally acquired child(ren). This belief is simply a logical manifestation of the insane child-slavery/sacred family unit doctrine that societies throughout the world, decree as law and as a basic, proper, ideological mindset.

Many parents/married couples will kill their child, rather than lose primary ownership of the child, or even rather than simply facing the legal threat of losing custody. This is a beautiful illustration of just how utterly evil your societies are. Not the parents themselves. They are not evil. They are simply accurate reflections of the lifetime of insane ideology and deranged doctrine, that their society has imposed upon them. They kill their legally owned children because their society has taught them that legally owned children are nothing more than subhuman pieces of owned property. They kill their legally owned children because they have been stripped by society of the ability to love themselves. They kill their legally owned children because they have been compelled by their own suffering, inflicted upon them by society, to create a dependent relationship towards "their" children, within which they feel they need to possess the love of the child, and by proxy the child itself, in order to cope with the horrific emotional emptiness of their own lives. They kill their legally owned children because they believe that children go to heaven when they die, that parents are always mystically together with their children, and therefore when they die, they are guaranteed to be "reunited" with their children, in heaven. There are dozens more reasons, but all of them have the same origin: Insane beliefs, ideologies, mindsets, that they have been overtly taught, told, and brainwashed with, by society itself, by societal decree, doctrine, ideology, and "traditional customs". And of course for every parent/married person who outright kills their child, hundreds more brutally and systematically torture their child, in a non-fatal but sometimes even more torturous manner. Marriage is a root cause of genocidal child torture and murder. It legitimizes and grants legal authority, to the most perverse and harmful Sacred Family Unit ideologies. The toxic legal enmeshment that is created, between the two married people towards each other, and between them and society itself, provides an incubation chamber within which the degree of child dehumanization, child slavery, officially decreed worthlessness of the child as an independent life form, is greatly expanded and increased. It is the actual fact of being a married couple, while possessing a child, that directly causes this expansion of child dehumanization within the framework of the Sacred Family Unit.

Lets keep in mind the fact that your diseased societies do happily allow children, even those under the age of 18, to get married. So this is yet another form of mass child victimization as practiced and legitimized by society. Make no mistake, societies want children to get married. They younger they are, the better for society. The more immature, childlike, gullible, uninsightful, the better. Because marriage is a trap. Once you are caught in the trap, society has achieved one of it’s primary goals in controlling and dictating your life path, to it’s perverse will. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you are captured within this trap, and there are really no disadvantages of any kind for society, if you are caught at age 15, 16, 17, etc… The fact that children who get married at a very young age have a slightly higher divorce rate than those who get married when they are older, is not a significant drawback. Not at all, since divorce does not really end any marriage, it simply alters the parameters of the marriage and allows the "newly freed" individual to go out and find someone else to enslave himself to. Getting a 15 year old child hooked on marriage is just perfect. If the marriage fails, no big deal, the child, even years later, is likely to be eager to get married again, since children are drawn to what they are familiar with, and once they embrace a powerfully promoted societal ritual like marriage, it is very rare for them to develop the insight and independent thinking ability that is required, to reject the legitimacy of the marriage ritual at any future point in time, during their lifetime.

The marriage ritual, and more specifically the so-called "marriage vows", absolutely foster, sponsor, and cause an enormous amount of violence, abuse, victimization, suffering, mental illness, torture, death, within the human race. This is primarily because the marriage ritual and marriage vows are fundamentally insane and completely unnatural. The attempt by society to force people to adopt and accept this insane and unnatural ritual, is successful. Most people do get married, and so the effort must be judged as a success, when you look at the goal that society has, and achieves. The genocidally harmful consequences that result for individual human beings, on a mass scale, are of very little if any importance to societal leaders, since the structural design of societal ideology is inherently evil. Belief in god, sacred family unit doctrine, war, economic systems, political systems, these rituals all cause genocidal harm to individuals, on a mass scale, and they are all deliberately and overtly sponsored and legitimized by societal leaders. Marriage is simply yet another toxic ritual, that fits into this category. There is no chance that any human society will choose to do away with the toxic ritual of marriage, anytime within the next 500 years. No way. There are simply too many malevolent benefits that society derives from terroristically imposing this ritual upon you creatures. Human societies are designed to practice and engage in genocidal evil, while consistently maintaining the illusion that they are decent and moral, so the factual reality of how several billion people are victimized by the marriage ritual, on a worldwide basis, is simply laughed at and shrugged off. Speculating on the impossible, which is still an intellectually valuable exercise, we must realize that there are two primary components to the insane marriage ritual. There is a legal component, and a cultural component. A Superior society would realize that going "cold turkey", in terms of suddenly, abruptly, and completely terminating the ritual of marriage, declaring it illegal and "banning" it, as well as declaring all existing marriages to be null and void, might not be the best strategy. It would certainly be a wonderful thing, greatly improving the quality of life of every person living within the society. But the pathetic thing about you creatures is, you absolutely despise change. You are horrifically addicted to the deranged ideologies that you have already been brainwashed into embracing. This type of a sudden, totally unexpected societal decree would likely terrify you creatures into overthrowing the existing government/society, instead of thanking it for freeing you from the enslavement and other horrors of marriage.

Therefore, a better reform strategy, for the first generation, would be to eliminate all legal aspects and powers of the marriage ritual, while still allowing people who are married at the time that this change is made, to remain married, as well as to allow people to "get married" if they so desire, in a "play" ceremony that carries absolutely no legal standing, ramifications, or powers of any kind. Removing all legal standing from the marriage ritual, while still allowing for the "cultural tradition" of the marriage ceremony to occur, would allow for a slower, less terrifying transition to a complete elimination of this ritual, which might take up to 150 years to totally take root. Eliminating all legal components would provide a significant degree of relief, in terms of how severe the individual suffering that is caused by this toxic ritual, is. And yet it would still be very important, vital in fact, that the ultimate goal be to completely eliminate the marriage ritual from the cultural landscape. The ritual itself causes genocidal harm. All that the legal attachments that societies apply to the marriage ritual do, is greatly increase the amount and the severity of the suffering and harm that this ritual causes. And yet we must be practical and thoughtful in our reform proposals. We must realize that due to the pathetic inferiority of the vast majority of the human race, implementing complete, immediate reforms to long-time, societally mainstream, deranged policy structures, may be impossible. There is nothing wrong with taking gradual steps, as long as the steps are bold and major. Eliminating all, and I do mean all, legal standing, authority, consequence, and power of the marriage ritual, in one fell swoop, would be a properly bold step for a Superior society to take, and allowing the cultural ritual of marriage to still be practiced, for awhile, stripped of all legal standing, might well be the best way to allow the transition to sanity to proceed, while minimizing the danger of the panicked masses of inferiors rising up in terror at the prospect of regaining their sexual and other freedoms.

In conclusion, I want to say that the currently high divorce rates within some societies, are not a true measure of how utterly perverse and unnatural marriage is. The true measure can be seen in the reality of marriage relationships. The fact that 90% of all married people do have sexual contact with somebody else, at some point during their marriage, despite the fact that they are under a direct threat of "punishment from god", as expressly stated in the traditional marriage vows that they willingly took. The fact that if they were being honest, fewer than 10% of all currently married individuals, could truly claim to be happy and enjoying life to it's fullest possible degree. The fact that hatred, rage, cruelty, violence, victimization of a spouse by their marriage partner, is at an epidemic level throughout the world, with literally 98% of all spouses feeling or expressing hatred, rage, violence, cruelty, towards their mate, on a regular basis. The fact that society must and does employ, in terroristic fashion, both the threat of physical/eternal punishment from god, and the threat of judicial/legal punishment via it's law enforcement/court system, to get people to become married, and to get them to stay married. The fact that no other species of life engages in this ritual. The fact that when you look at the design structure of marriage, the outline and the mandates of this ritual, from every possible angle and perspective, all that you can or will ever see is artificiality and unnaturalness. Nothing natural, nothing instinctual, nothing legitimate, nothing True. All you see is the diseased hand and the diseased mind of evil humanity, of power-crazed, human societal leaders, creating an insane ritual, dressing it up in camouflage, marketing the monstrosity as being a saintly nirvana, and terroristically imposing the monstrosity upon all of mankind. That is the Truth. And that is what marriage is. A monstrosity, one monstrosity among thousands, used to oppress, victimize, and enslave you, the citizens who live as members of societies.

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