Database of Sacred Family Unit Atrocities
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Hello Sacred Family Unit addicts. This may seem like an odd greeting, but the fact is that at least 99.9999% of all you creatures are indeed addicted to perverse Sacred Family Unit mythology. This is a Specialized Page of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site. I am naming this page the "Database of Sacred Family Unit Atrocities". Sacred Family Unit mythology is one of the cornerstones of human derangement. I have often thought of compiling a huge online database of incidents of child abuse, neglect, torture, and murder, as well as spousal torture/murder, that exclusively and solely involved Sacred Family Units. If I had chosen to undertake such a project, I am certain that I could have easily found at least twenty such totally new and different criminal incidents each and every day, using nothing more than a few current news search engines, within a single hour of web searching. But I have decided that such a daily project would be too time-consuming and perhaps grow boring in time. So I have chosen this alternative, the Sacred Family Unit Atrocities Database. This page will work as follows: Once every 2-3 months, on a randomly chosen day, I will decide to spend exactly 30 minutes, no more and no less, searching online for current news stories which involve Sacred Family Unit Atrocities, primarily incidents of parents or other direct family members, neglecting, abusing, torturing, or murdering, their very own child-slaves. I will save the text of each news story I find, and once the 30 minutes are up, I will open up this web page and enter the basic facts of all of the incidents that I have found, and perhaps provide a direct URL address for each news story, although that may be problematic, since most online newspapers only keep their news stories online for a few days, at most. I am certain that I will find at least 20, probably 30 different incidents of this type in each of the 30 minute searches that I perform. Hopefully, those of you who are sane and Superior will recognize that if I chose to devote the time, I could easily find 20+ different news reports of such incidents, every single day. You must also recognize that only a small fraction of Sacred Family Unit atrocity news stories are reported by the news media at all, abd only a small portion of those that are reported in print newspapers, are in fact posted online, by online news sources which have web sites and choose to post their local news stories online. This Database of Truth will serve to prove, beyond all doubt, to any sane, rational, and Superior thinker, that the Sacred Family Unit doctrine/mythology of human society is utterly perverse and completely invalid.

Dateline: March 6, 2002. Hello. Please remember folks, that this is a Specialty Page within the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth website. In order to properly appreciate this page, you must have already completely read and integrated within your own mind, all of the content of the Child Abuse page as well as the Marriage essay, contained within the Main Body of this Manifesto. As outlined above, I have conducted a 30 minute online search for Sacred Family Unit atrocities. This search was conducted on Wednesday March 6th, it began at 6:00 AM and it ended at exactly 6:30 AM. Yup, I'm an early riser. Only 2 search engines were used to conduct this search. They are the News Index and the Yahoo News current news search engines. There are of course many thousands of online newspapers as well as other daily news sources which are not archived on a daily basis by either of these two search engines. If I chose to devote the time and effort, I could easily locate online at least twenty completely new and completely different current news items which chronicle Sacred Family Unit atrocities, each and every day of my life. That would be over 18,000 different Sacred Family Unit atrocities per year, still just a tiny fraction of the hundreds of millions of Sacred Family Unit atrocities which actually occur every single year, of course. I have already proven via my Child Abuse and Marriage Ritual essays that the Sacred Family Unit is a perversion of nature and of Truth, a genocidally evil societal ritual that directly causes hundreds of millions of children to be abused, tortured, and murdered every year. The purpose of this page is simply to reinforce this undeniable Truth, and to allow for some expansion of my brilliant Forbidden Truth insights, using actual cases of Sacred Family Unit atrocities. Please note that if I had simply continued my search for more than 30 minutes, I would have found many more cases than are listed here. Also note that I am not providing the complete text of any article, but rather less than 50% of the complete article content. Nor am I providing a direct url link to any article, due to the time and effort that would be involved in obtaining reprint permission from the writers, as well as the fact that very few news sources keep their Current News articles posted online at a static url address for any extended length of time.

The format in which I will be listing these articles is quite simple and self-explanatory. The only important note is that the "Forbidden Truth Revealed" commentary by me, at the end of each article, is designed to provide the single most important Forbidden Truth that the content of the news item reveals to us. It is not designed to express all of the Forbidden Truths regarding any particular issue, of course. You must read all of the Main Body essays within this Manifesto, in order to obtain all of the most important Forbidden Truths on any particular issue.

1: Article Title: Law enforcement, DCF team up to fortify child-protection plans. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Location: Florida.

Article Content: "Palm Beach County police officers soon may be responding to every suspicion of child abuse or neglect called in to the state's 24-hour hotline, if local law enforcement and social services leaders have their way. In their second meeting, representatives from the Department of Children & Families, the State Attorney's Office, the Sheriff's Office, the Law Enforcement Planning Council and the Children's Services Council hunkered down for more than two hours hashing out a preliminary plan to protect the county's children. The plan calls for local law enforcement and DCF investigators to jointly investigate all child abuse reports. While police will look for signs of a crime, the DCF investigator will determine the safety of the children and whether they need to be removed from the home and taken into foster care. Local law enforcement's intense involvement in the child abuse issue stems from the July 2001 death of 9-year-old Michael Bernard, who suffocated in a plastic pocket of a safety net that surrounded his bed. Michael had cerebral palsy, was paralyzed and suffered from other medical problems. His family had been involved with child abuse investigators and social workers since his birth. Police had responded to more than a dozen calls to his house in the year before his death, but didn't report those incidents to the abuse hotline. DCF conducted seven abuse and neglect investigations in Michael's life. Under the new model, law enforcement will have just as much of a stake in abuse and neglect investigations as DCF. As Tana Ebbole, Children's Services Council executive director, rhetorically asked the group on Tuesday, "It's a wonderful thing to come up with a great plan, but how do we actually make this happen?"

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is a classic example of how you diseased creatures flee from the Truth of Sacred Family Unit mythology. Child welfare groups blame police, police blame child welfare groups, all for this primary purpose: To maintain the illusion that american society does not directly sponsor the genocidal torture/murder of it's children. The Truth is, DCF and CPS are agencies of american society and the american government. Law enforcement is an agency of american society and the american government. All agencies of the american government support and in fact terroristically impose Sacred Family Unit mythology upon all citizen-slaves, as ordered to do by american governmental and societal leaders. The genocidal torture and murder of children within american society is therefore directly sponsored, promoted, encouraged, facilitated, and enabled by the government and by every top leader of the society and of the government. None of these empowered individuals have the slightest interest in or desire to prevent genocidal child torture/murder, because any such attempt would have to involve the dismantling of Sacred Family Unit mythology.

2: Article Title: Principal saw no signs of abuse. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Denver Post. Location: Colorado.

Article Content: "An 8-year-old Brighton boy allegedly beaten unconscious by his stepmother remained in critical condition at Children's Hospital on Tuesday. Kevin Henn was on life support with brain swelling and hemorrhaging. He was injured Saturday at the family's home. Investigators said the boy had bruises and other injuries "in various stages of healing," suggesting he had been hurt before. Yet several of those close to Kevin said they never saw signs of abuse. At Bromley East Charter School, where Kevin is a second-grader, principal Michael Mitchell said he talked to Kevin nearly every day but didn't see signs of physical abuse. "I never saw anything on him. As much as I've been around that kid, I know I would have noticed it," Mitchell said. "Kevin's a very upbeat, happy kid." His stepmother, Gail Leigh Henn, 30, a former Adams County jail deputy, was arrested and charged with child abuse resulting in serious bodily injury. She is free on \\$10,000 bond. A court appearance is scheduled for March 15. In court documents, Kevin's father, Richard Henn, told investigators he heard Kevin's body hitting the floor and said his wife threw the boy down. Gail Henn apologized to Kevin as he lay unconscious and convulsing on the floor, according to police statements. The couple had argued in the past about physical punishment, the father told police. Richard Henn, an Adams County deputy, is considered a witness, Davis said."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: The physical torture of children is overtly encouraged by american society, and by virtually all other "civilized" societies, as long as the torturer is the legal owner or biological creator of his/her targeted victim. Society instructs all parents to use their child-slaves as Poison Containers, meaning to reflect and cathartically transfer their own personal rage, hate, terror, life frustrations, and past personal tortures, especially those tortures them endured when they were child-slaves themselves, onto their own child-slaves. All "outsiders" who are not direct owners of a child-slave, are instructed by society to ignore and dismiss any and all "signs" that the child may be suffering and being victimized, that they might come across while interacting with the child. My Mandatory, Yearly, Live-In Child Assessment Center proposal, as outlined on my Child Abuse page within the Main Body of this Manifesto, would uncover 98% of all cases of child abuse within one year of such abuse commencing, if properly implemented. Your genocidally evil and deranged societies would never implement this proposal specifically because they overtly desire to both maintain and encourage the cycle of genocidal child-slave torture that they have created within america, by sanctifying Sacred Family Unit mythology and choosing to employ all children as subhuman, worthless, Poison Containers whose only purpose for living is to serve as absorbent objects for their biological creators and legal owners to transfer their homicidal rage and other life frustrations upon. Also note that this child-slave torturer is a former prison deputy, while the slave's father is a cop. Both of these professions draw and attract tortured victim-creations of society who are obsessed with hurting/killing other people, because they both provide opportunities, as well as societal permission, for employed agents of society to brutalize their fellow human beings, in this case prison inmates and crime suspects. People who choose to obtain jobs as prison guards or police officers are far more likely to torture/murder their own child-slaves than people employed at most other jobs. The fact they choose to obtain such jobs strongly indicates that they are enraged and eager to brutally victimize fellow human beings in "legal" ways, which exactly parallels the manner in which society overtly encourages and legitimizes the brutalization of all children by their legal owners. Note that the article tells us that "The couple had argued in the past about physical punishment." This is because your evil society overtly encourages and legitimizes the utterly insane notion that legal owners of children have an absolute right to inflict physical punishment upon their child-slaves. This very notion is utterly insane and repugnant, it defies any measure of sanity, it cannot possibly be justified within any sane structure of human conduct, the legitimization of the physical punishment of helpless children by human beings who are many times larger and stronger than the child, and are insanely said to possess a mystical bond of love for their child-creations.

3: Article Title: Parents who believe they know best: Argument over treatment of baby girl facing years of operations. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Guardian. Location: England.

Article Content: "The 12-week-old disfigured baby at the centre of a legal battle is caught in a tussle between two sets of people who sincerely believe they know what is best for her: her parents and the doctors. It is not yet a matter of life and death, but consultants at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle believe action must be taken to ensure that crisis does not arise. They want, they say, to reduce the risk of respiratory arrest - a sudden inability to breathe - which would kill her. One side of her face has failed to develop in the womb. She is missing an eye, an ear, half her jaw and one side of her nose. The "obstructive nature of the condition", said the hospital in a statement, gives rise to a need to "maintain an appropriate airway" as well as ensure she can feed. The baby is in the children's intensive care ward where she is breathing through a tube. The specialists want to do an exploratory operation, feeding a tiny camera through her nose and down her throat to see what obstruction exists and decide how to proceed. Her mother, 25, and father, 29, say they do not believe the operation is necessary. On Sunday, when a tracheotomy - a hole in the windpipe to allow easier breathing - was suggested, they threatened to take her away. The mother says she believes her baby is being treated as a medical curiosity. "No one is going to do an operation on our daughter that we feel she doesn't need," she said. The mother says she believes her baby is being treated as a medical curiosity. She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We spent all weekend basically negotiating about this operation, receiving threats, a child protection order, speaking with lawyers, with managers. Basically we were put in a situation that I think no parent should ever have been put in." Richard Nicholson, editor of the Bulletin of Medical Ethics, said doctors should make more effort to reach understandings with parents and be careful not to override their wishes in a cavalier fashion. The father broke the news to his wife after her caesarean section, but she was not allowed to see her baby for two days. When finally she did, she says she was shocked but considered the baby "a gift from God". She told the Newcastle Evening Chronicle how hard things were at the beginning. "I had never been a mother before and I was suddenly presented with this baby who had so many problems. There were times when I doubted if we could cope, it was too daunting. "I felt so much love for her but she was so ill. I feared for our future. "Now I have to feed her with a syringe and watch her breathe through a tube." The mother says she wants private treatment because she hopes the child will have a normal face by the time she goes to school. "I just pray that we can raise enough money to pay for the operations quickly so that her face is fixed before she becomes too aware of how different she is," she said. If they had to wait for the NHS, she says she is sure her daughter will be 40 before the operations are complete. Experts say however that the complex surgery will have to continue until she has stopped growing. "This child faces 18 years of operations. The parents have got to find a surgeon that they can trust and that they can work with on a regular basis," said Ian Hutchison, one of Britain's leading facial surgeons. "Clearly the trust has broken down somewhere along the line." "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is a classic case of utter dehumanization of a child-slave. This child is decreed by society to be the subhuman, owned property of her biological creators. Therefore, the child herself has absolutely no value as an individual, no human, civil, legal rights or protections. All of the value that the child has, lies in the child’s status of being an owned slave. Therefore the slaveowners possess all of the value, the child none of the value. The notion that the "desires" that the slaveowners might have regarding how this child should be treated, should be considered equally valid to the medical decrees of appropriate treatment that licensed and highly trained medical doctors make, is utterly repugnant. The parents should have absolutely no say of any kind in the medical treatment of their child, unless they are able, in a timely manner and without any financial bribery, to bring forth other, equally respected, licensed medical specialists, who agree with them regarding how the child should be medically treated. In a sane society, the mere fact that this mother threatened to "take away" the child from the hospital, when told by licensed and respected medical doctors that the child needed surgery, would be more than enough for the government to immediately terminate all parental rights of this woman, since she has proven that she is willing to deliberately endanger the very life of a helpless child, by making such a threat. In addition, note that she is quoted as saying: "I consider this baby a gift from god." This statement indicates that she is not only addicted to the insane god myth, but may well believe that the god creature "deliberately" made the child deformed, for some reason or other, perhaps even because god wants the child to be and to remain deformed. This statement alone by the mother, in a sane society, would result in an immediate, extremely intensive psychological evaluation to determine the extent of her insane god myth addiction, and if this addiction in any way might influence negatively, her treatment of this child. But first and foremost, we must go back to the basic issue: Why in the name of sanity would a 25 year old woman who has absolutely no medical training or license to practice medicine, have any direct input or say in how a helpless child who is severely ill and in danger of dying, is medically treated?? The fact that society empowers this woman to have such a say, simply because she excreted this particular child from her womb, is an atrocity of the highest order. It demonstrates the derangement that is Sacred Family Unit mythology.

4: Article Title: Probe into 'tree boy' saga. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The South African Press Association. Location: South Africa.

Article Content: "Mpumalanga police on Tuesday afternoon were investigating a case of child abuse after it was reported that an 11-year-old boy had been tied to a tree on a daily basis for the past five years. Captain Sibongile Nkosi said police opened a case docket after The Star newspaper reported that the boy's mother, Sophie Motha, tied the 11-year-old to an amarula tree day after day at their Ekulindeni home. The mother reportedly claimed doctors told her the boy had a problem with veins in his head. It was reported that the boy was violent and often "ate his own faeces when no one was watching". His mother said her other children were afraid of Benele and "he used to hit them". Social services department spokesman Mohau Ramodike told Sapa "It is child abuse. It is negligence at its best and it cannot be tolerated." "This (Benele's case) is all news to us. We did not know anything about this until a newspaper confronted us. No one reported it, not even to the local police," he said. Meanwhile the United Democratic Movement Women's Organisation (Udemwo) on Tuesday said the mother had "looked after her son as best she could". "Since there are no specialised schools in the area, Benele's mother, at wits end, utilised the only solution available to her... she tied her son to a tree to keep him from harm and to keep him from harming others - and she will have to pay the price," Udemwo spokesperson Khosi Mncedane said."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Every society officially sponsores and promotes the genocidal torture of it's child-slaves by their legal owners, but does so in different ways. Consider, if a slaveowner in america was found to have been tying her child-slave to a tree every single day for five years, such activity would be declared an act of "child abuse" and the parent would be criminally charged, although of course shown judicial leniency since she only tortured her own child-slave. But if this same american slaveowner had merely "spanked" her child every single day for 5 consecutive years, the slaveowner would face absolutely no risk of any type of legal action, nor would american society even label her as being a "child abuser". This is because torturing children via violent physical assault is overtly promoted by american society to it's slaveowners, while torturing children by tying them to a tree is not promoted and encouraged. Now, under any sane analysis, it is blatantly obvious that while tying a child to a tree in ritualistic fashion certainly does hurt and harm the child, the degree of traumatization and suffering that the child endures is significantly lower, than the degree of traumatization and suffering that a child endures if he is physically attacked/assaulted on a daily basis by the person he is totally dependent upon and instructed by society that the person "loves" him. In "spanking", the parent absolutely has a desire and intention to hurt their child-slave, to cause their child-slave overt pain, harm, suffering, injury. Tying a child to a tree does not involve any such deliberate, direct infliction of physical injury and pain. And yet you evil, deranged creatures not only feel perfectly authorized and entitled to violently assault your children, but you also feel that your society wants you to violently assault your children, encourages you to violently assault your children, instructs you that if you possess any True Reality rage or hate, you should violently assault your children, using the delusion that you are only doing it "for their good". At the exact same time however, you would insanely nod your head in agreement with your society, that a slaveowner who merely ties his slave to a tree, if he lives in america, is guilty of "child abuse". This is because your evil, brainwashing society has convinced you that your children are so worthless, so subhuman, their only purpose for existing being to serve your Poison Container needs, that to commit a societally popularized violent physical assault upon the child-slave is fine, while to commit a far less traumatic and far less harmless, but societally unpopular type of abuse upon a child, tying a child to a tree, is unacceptable. Amazing, the derangement of you creatures!

5: Article Title: Lifetime Welfare Ban For Drug Addicts Dooms Their Children; Alliance For Children and Families Responds To Report. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: U.S. Newswire. Location: Washington, DC.

Article Content: "According to a recent Sentencing Project report, more than 40 states enforce some degree of lifetime welfare ban on impoverished mothers convicted of drug offenses. This ban produces more than 100,000 children who are denied basic human services because their mothers have been caught using drugs. "Regardless of one's position on whether drug abusing parents should be treated or thrown in jail," says Peter Goldberg, Alliance for Children and Families president and CEO, "children are innocent of any charge and must not be punished. "The children are penalized with a drug-addicted parent and a 1996 welfare law severing the lifeline," he adds. "Welfare benefits often are their only hope for survival." For example, an Atlanta mother with two children who went through the welfare to work program tells of her background of arrests and drug abuse in the Faces of Change. "I've been clean a year and a half, but because of my background, I can't get some jobs and I get fired from others." "In this instance, without a formal criminal conviction, the welfare system at least afforded this mom the chance to get treatment, keep her kids and get job training," says Carmen Delgado Votaw, Alliance public policy senior vice president. "Other moms who were not quite so lucky may never get treatment, help for their kids or a job to keep their families alive." "Many Alliance member agency programs work with children and families affected by drug abuse and convictions resulting in physical, emotional and economic impediments keeping families impoverished and dependent on public support," Goldberg says. "Mothers convicted of drug abuse need counseling, child care and health care services as well as education, job training and referral services, so that their pasts fade as they succeed in working and providing for their children. Under the current system, these families stand little chance." The President has proposed spending more money in his budget for the Safe and Stable Families initiative, and both parties of Congress support spending to strengthen families. The Alliance asks them to revisit the lifetime ban on welfare for convicted drug abusers in the name of the innocent children and the support they need."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Absolutely astonishing, the grip of Sacred Family Unit insanity within a deranged society like america. Here you have an organization which calls itself an "alliance for children", condemning the american government for making it difficult for convicted criminals to obtain enough money to properly care for helpless children that they own as slaves. Consider: This group which supposedly cares about children would condemn any societal effort to seize all children from all criminal mothers and permanently terminate all parental rights. In fact, this group, just like all of society, would react with horror and condemnation to such a proposal. Why? Because it would defy Sacred Family Unit mythology and the insane, foundational decree of society that biological creators should cope with the horrors of their lives by using their child-slaves as Poison Containers. Society is in fact desperately eager to convince all criminal mothers and fathers to retain possession of and retain contact with their helpless child-slaves. Why? Bait!!! Bait, folks. The subhumanized child-objects are to be used as bait, as an enticement to try and bribe the criminal into refraining from committing additional crimes. Society tells the criminal: "If you agree to stop committing crimes, we will allow you to possess a helpless child as a slave and to use this child as a Poison Container. You may assault the child, abuse the child, traumatize the child, it's okay, use the child as a Poison Container, and become a "productive" member of society." All "mainstream" organizations within society, even as they insanely pretend to be "advocates for children", are in fact advocates for the genocidal torture/murder of children, as is society itself, when they support and agree with this deranged societal structure, as this organization proves via the above press release. The president and ceo of this organization insanely demands that "children are innocent of any charge and must not be punished." But what he is promoting is that female criminals who have proven that they cannot cope with life without artificially altering their brain chemistry, and in most cases have already inflicted severe torture upon their child-slaves, should not only retain possession of their helpless child-slaves, but be given money for possessing child-slaves, cash money, even though there is absolutely no reason to think that they will refrain from continuing to torture their child-slaves, and they have already proven that they are lawbreakers, breakers of societal law. Here you see the utter worthlessness that society and all of it's agents as well as mainstream organizations, places upon the welfare of all children, in genocidal fashion.

6: Article Title: Annette Bright claims abuse, asks that husband be barred from home. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The Valley Independent. Location: Pennsylvania.

Article Content: "The father of a slain Monessen girl was accused Monday in court papers of repeatedly beating his wife and children. Annette M. Bright, 41, claimed that her husband, John, has a history of spousal and child abuse as part of a court filing in which she asked that he be permanently barred from the family home. In court papers filed Monday she said her husband held her down for about one hour during an altercation at the family home on Feb. 28. John Bright shook her and threatened to choke her during the incident, she claimed. Monessen police Chief Mark Gibson said Monday that John Bright, 37, will be charged with one count of simple assault in connection with that incident. In her court filing Monday, Annette Bright said her husband previously had beaten her; their oldest daughter, Marcia; son, John Jr.; and 8-year-old daughter Annette, who was fatally shot on July 15, allegedly by a man authorities said was a family friend. According to court documents filed Monday, Annette Bright outlined six instances in which she claimed her husband had physical altercations with her and her children. She provided no dates for those incidents. "Children misbehaved and John tried to use a belt on my kids, but I took the beating for them," she described. Annette Bright also wrote that her husband threw hot chili in her face, beat her and left her with two black eyes and a swollen face. She said John Bright bloodied their son's mouth with the back of his hand and that he grabbed their daughter by her hair and dragged her down the steps. In another incident, she said her husband beat their daughter Annette after she took money from his wallet. "John threw her against steps, then proceeded to beat her with a belt and layed (sic) her across the table," she wrote. His wife's recent allegation was not the first time authorities have investigated John Bright on suspicion of child abuse. In 1989, while he was serving in the U.S. Navy in San Diego, child welfare workers placed Marcia and a daughter from a previous relationship in a foster home after John Bright admitted beating one of the children with a belt. The Brights have rarely been seen apart in public since their daughter's murder in July 2001. At least twice a month they have come together to the county courthouse in Greensburg to visit with their two surviving children, who are in foster care. The Brights have been in the news since their daughter was reported missing last July and three days later was found buried in a shallow grave in Rostraver. Family friend Charles Koschalk, 35, was charged with first-degree murder for the girl's slaying."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Classic Sacred Family Unit mythology, in full bloom. The child-slaves exist to be tortured, both parents understand this societal Truth, this societal decree. Both slaveowners are toxically addicted/enslaved to each other. One is more homicidally enraged than the other, so one commits most of the brutal assaults, while the other stands back and watches, emotionally deluding herself into believing that she is "protecting" her children from abuse, even as she watches them being tortured and victimized over a period of years. Only after one of the slaves is murdered, does she realize that she is in legal jeopardy and has an opportunity to use her Sacred Mommy status to get off scot-free. Still, she remains toxically enslaved to her hubby, thanks to the insane marriage ritual. Her evil society allows both her and her hubby to retain access to their child-slaves, Sacred Family Unit is sacred, after all, even after one of their child-slaves is murdered. Finally, she decides that as long as she can retain possession of or at least access to her child-slaves, she can cope with life without her mate. So she goes to the cops and betrays her fellow torture victim, her husband, knowing that she increases her own chances of regaining full custody/possession of her surviving child-slaves, by doing so. This is how your genocidally evil Sacred Family Unit system is operated. "Foster Homes" are decreed by society to be horrific places where tortured children are temporarily placed, while every possible effort is made to "reunite" the tortured children with their torturers, so that the "broken" sacred family unit can be restored. As always, not a single iota of sincere, genuine focus is given, to the safety, welfare, or life of any child, in any situation. The authorities will seize a child from a legal owner only so that the society can maintain the moral pretense that it is trying to protect, rescue, and save children from harm/death, even though the Truth is that society is doing the exact opposite, trying to facilitate, enable, legitimize, encourage the abuse, torture, and murder of children, on a genocidal, universal scale, within the entire operational system and structure of the society.

7: Article Title: Visiting center lets families on shaky ground find peace: Parents can drop off kids without facing ex. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The Concord Monitor. Location: New Hampshire.

Article Content: "Inside the Pleasant Street two-story building, between the entryway marked A and the one labeled B, staff and volunteers at the Merrimack County Visitation Center closely guard a piece of common ground. It is a demilitarized zone of plastic fire trucks, Disney videos and Winnie the Pooh books, a place geared toward safety and neutrality for families more used to anger and violence. Noncustodial parents allowed to visit their children only under supervision can see their sons and daughters there. Parents afraid of former spouses can arrange visits without running into an ex. "It's allowed us to heal," said one mother who uses the center. She did not want her name used because she did not want others to know her husband had been abusive. "It's awful what happened to our family. But (the center) is the best thing that could have happened to us." That moment, when an ex-spouse comes to pick up the kids for the weekend or an ex-boyfriend arrives for his court-mandated visit, can be explosive, social workers say, especially when a couple has a history of domestic violence. But for years, there was no way to avoid confrontation. Fast-food restaurants, the police department or a friend's house were the best options for safe exchanges. "The Visitation Center gives me sound peace of mind that I'm not going to be manipulated, stomped on or harmed in any way," one woman said. "I don't know what I would have done without it." Nationally, at least three murders have occurred in recent years onsite or in parking lots of supervised visitation programs, according to the U.S. Department of Justice's Violence Against Women office. Security and rules are paramount. "There is a two-prong mission," Allen said. "Make sure children are safe, make sure parents have no contact. That's the core of everything, that the parties should not have contact." When parents exchange children, they go in separate doors, either A or B. One arrives 15 minutes prior to the time of exchange, the other leaves 15 minutes after. For visits, staff members bring a child from his custodial parent up the stairs to a visiting room, where the child meets the other parent. Noncustodial parents can bring to the visits only those toys approved by their former partner. They are not allowed to ask about the other parent and cannot talk about some parts of their personal life, such as a new husband or girlfriend. "There's a potential in a domestic violence case that a message can be sent without us really knowing," Allen said. A deputy sheriff and video equipment help ensure parents follow the rules, but most people are cooperative anyhow, Allen said. "Most people want to follow the rules because they want to see their child - or show us it's not them that can't follow the rules," she said. With its rules and parent segregation, the center eliminates the angry exchanges that can happen when ex-spouses or partners come face to face. One woman said she and her ex, who she said was violent, used to exchange their children in front of the Concord Police Department, or at a Park and Ride. "I was getting all sorts of unwanted verbal contact and abuse, and in front of the children," she said. "And that's not healthy." They started using the visitation center last summer, and now share observations and news about their children on a notebook they pass back and forth through center staff members. "It's a lot better than them getting ripped from my arms in the Concord Police Department," she said. One noncustodial father said he likes the center because it shields him from charges of abuse. His daughter's mother accused him of abuse to gain full custody of their child, he said. Now, although he misses the time he used to have with his 7-year-old, he is grateful a staff member documents his actions. "I don't get to see her as often as I would like," he said. "But now there's someone backing me up, and (my daughter is) not put in a situation where she has to lie for her mother."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Hahaha! You creatures never fail to make me laugh. I don't know how you do it, how do you possibly delude yourselves into thinking that you are not genocidally evil, that you do not commit genocide upon your children? You must recognize and know this Truth, if not a conscious level, then on a subconscious level. But somehow you manage to avoid all conscious recognition of this Truth, of course with the desperate efforts of your deranged, lie-based society aiding you. This article beautifully reveals what children are to their biological creators and legal owners: War trophies. You seek to destroy your children, just as a soldier seeks to destroy the "enemy" and triumphantly hoist his carcass as a cathartic trophy. The soldier commits his atrocity upon the direct command of his society, and you slaveowners commit your genocidal atrocities under the exact same, direct societal command system. "Use your children as Poison Containers, recognize them as slaves. They exist as receptacles for your toxic emotions", this is the societal command. Note how the author of this news article even recognizes, on a subconscious level, this Truth, and expresses it via her use of the term "demilitarized zone" at the beginning of her article. Amazing, these human beings are so mentally deranged, so filled with homicidal rage, that they cannot even look at or speak to each other without exploding into actually committing acts of violence, cursing, lying, threatening to harm each other. And yet due to Sacred Family Unit mythology, they are both decreed to be perfectly capable of caring for a helpless child who is placed completely at their mercy, simply because this particular child is their slave. Society completely understands that these human beings are enraged, mentally deranged, hateful, violent, vindictive, they cannot even be trusted to lay eyes upon a fellow human being! Based upon this complete understanding, society creates these "visiting center" facilities for the specific purpose of not simply allowing, but overtly encouraging these deranged and homicidal human beings to claim and obtain possession of helpless children!

8: Article Title: Uncle held in indecent behavior: Nieces, 12 and 16, say he fondled them. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The New Orleans Times-Picayune. Location: Louisiana.

Article Content: "A 46-year-old Slidell man has been booked on charges of molesting his two nieces last month when they spent the night at his home, police said. The man, whose name was withheld to protect the identity of the girls, was arrested Thursday for allegedly fondling his nieces, ages 12 and 16, on Feb. 12 while they watched TV at his home in the Slidell Heights neighborhood, Slidell police said Monday. The girls told their aunt about the incident, but their uncle denied touching them, police said. The girls' parents reported the allegations to police Feb. 14, after the uncle and aunt told them the girls had made up the story, police said. The girls repeated their account to an expert in child sexual abuse from the Children's Advocacy Center in Covington. Police obtained an arrest warrant for the uncle after a friend of his who was present during the incident confirmed the allegations, detectives said."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Hahahaha, this item is just packed with Forbidden Truth. First, lets consider the amazingly perverse notion that the name of this man is being "withheld to protect the identity of the girls." These types of societal claims are made to cast doubt upon the legitimacy of the victimhood status of the victim of child abuse. The societal message is: You should be ashamed of yourself for having allowed yourself to be victimized, and for casting a shadow upon the good name of the accused. Additionally, by not releasing the names of child-victims, their "subhumanized" status is increased. But wait, it gets even better: Here you have two tortured children desperately seeking to protect themselves and to reveal Truth, somehow finding the courage to stand up for themselves and for Truth, and what happens? Lets see: First they inform their aunt about the torture. Not a smart move, she is an adult, empowered member of the Sacred Family Unit, beholden to her husband and to the sacredness of the family unit itself. So that fails. Then they go to their own parents, who confront the uncle & aunt, who naturally put up a united front. Surprisingly, the parents do go outside of the Sacred Family Unit and notify police, but most likely just in a joking way, telling the cops: "Our daughters are making this claim, but we they are just making up a story for attention." The pigs do not even consider arresting the uncle, despite having two slaves make a direct accusation. But they do refer the 2 slaves to a "child abuse center", once again, for the fourth time, the two tortured children reveal the Truth of their Sacred Family Unit torture. Still nothing happens. Finally, an adult who was there and witnessed the abuse tells police that the abuse occured. Only then is the uncle arrested. So, we have two tortured children, girls, never having broken any law, attempting to seek justice from four separate entities, four separate times, and spat upon by all 4, their aunt, their parents, the police, and child welfare authorities. Imagine if only one girl had made the accusation, the chances of her revelation of Truth being believed, would be close to zero. Or what about a boy, perhaps a boy who was being so brutally abused that he had begun to commit minor crimes of his own, desperate to relieve his rage? No chance of society believing him, a subhuman, worthless, demonized slave, over the denial of a genuine human being, an adult member of the Sacred Family Unit. Here you see the Truth, of how desperately your evil societies are, to allow adult members of Sacred Family Units to get away with torturing child-slaves. Two such slaves, girls, completely law-abiding and determined to reveal Truth, go to four different adult "saviors", two within their Sacred Family Unit, the other two societally empowered agents of the government. All four spit in their faces. Only because of the random luck of another adult witnessing the abuse and choosing to tell police the Truth of what he saw, are "they" believed, and the uncle arrested. I put the word "they" in quotes, because the reality is that even now, they are still not believed, it is only the adult who came forward to "verify" their claims, who is actually being believed. We see here why the notion that society has even the slightest desire to rescue children from being tortured by adult members of their sacred family unit, is a ludicrous pretension and illusion.

9: Article Title: Jury Reaches Verdict in Madison 'Slave' Case: Mother Found Guilty on 17 Charges. Date of online publication: March 2, 2002. News Source: WISC News. Location: Wisconsin.

Article Content: "A jury found a woman guilty of 17 criminal charges in what prosecutors said was systematic abuse while treating her 9-year-old daughter as a virtual slave. Olga Jaramillo, 27, showed little reaction when told of the verdicts by a Spanish language court interpreter. Jaramillo was convicted Friday night of 10 counts of child abuse, three counts of false imprisonment, one count of causing mental harm to a child and three counts of resisting or obstructing police. She was acquitted on one abuse count. Authorities said abuse occurred from October 2000 to April 9, 2001, at Jaramillo's Madison apartment. In four hours of videotaped testimony and from the witness stand, the girl told of being tied up, beaten with a belt and a hanger, slapped, pinched, stabbed with a pencil and burned with a hot pan. Jaramillo's boyfriend, Mauro Lopez, 36, is awaiting sentencing after no contest pleas Monday to 11 charges, including seven counts of child abuse. The girl, now in foster care, also told that her mother choked her until she couldn't talk or breathe and twisted the skin on her upper arm until it bled. Much of the punishment, she said, was because she couldn't cook or clean properly. On Tuesday, the girl's testimony including her saying that as her mother choked her, she imagined her mother being arrested. "I was thinking that they would take her to jail," the girl said. She was asked why. "Because I don't want to see them anymore," she replied. But Jaramillo's attorney, Ron Benavides, said in his closing argument that Lopez, not his client, was responsible for the abuse of the girl. The Lussier Family West YMCA has established a fund to help the victim. Lisa Strub, director of School Age Child Care for the YMCA, said donations of toys, clothing and other items appropriate for a 9-year-old girl can be made to the YMCA, while financial donations can be made to a fund established at the CUNA Credit Union. Strub said that, if there is an excess of items such as toys and clothes, those that cannot be used by the victim will be given to other abused or needy children in the area. CUNA CREDIT UNION 401 S. YELLOWSTONE DR. MADISON, WI 53719."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Note the use of the word "slave" by the writer of this article. This is the only accurate word that can be used to describe how all parents are instructed by society to perceive and to treat the children that they legally possess. "Subhuman slaves", this is not some term that I am making up for dramatic effect. This is the only factually accurate term that exists, to describe the official decree that american society, as well as virtually every other so-called "civilized", first world society, attaches to all children, in regard to their status in relation to their parents/legal owners. Every slaveowner is instructed by society that if they possess a slave, and their slave refuses to obey their orders and perform whatever tasks they are ordered to perform to the satisfaction of the slaveowner, the slaveowner has an absolute right to punish, hurt, abuse, victimize, his slave. That is the societal decree, and this Sacred Mommy simply embraced this societal decree in her actions, and in her decision to ritualistically torture her subhumanized slave. Also note how a societal agency has created a monetary "fund", supposedly because they want to "help" this tortured 9 year old child. Ha! You creatures are amazing. You use money, one of the core foundational roots of your diseased and deranged societal system, to try and assuage your own guilt and maintain the insane delusion that you as an individual, as well as the society you are addicted to, are good, moral, decent, care about and love children, want to do your best to help children, etc…, even as your society is officially authorizing you and every single "parent" within your society, to commit torture and genocide upon each and every one of your child-slaves.

10: Article Title: Commerce City man to be tried in infant's death. Date of online publication: March 1, 2002. News Source: The Denver Rocky Mountain News Location: Colorado.

Article Content: "A Commerce City man was ordered Thursday to stand trial in the alleged child-abuse death of his 5-week-old daughter, and authorities confirmed they were reviewing the case of another infant daughter who died in 1999. Adams County Judge Ovid R. Beldock ordered that John L. Casias, 26, be held on $250,000 bail in the Nov. 5 death of his daughter, Alicia. Pathologists and doctors said a CAT scan showed that Casias' daughter received head and eye injuries consistent with "shaken baby syndrome." Meanwhile, Adams County District Attorney Bob Grant said his investigators were reviewing the "circumstances and the facts" concerning the Feb. 9, 2001, death of Casias' 11-month-old daughter. According to court documents, the cause of Alexandria Montoya's death last year was thought to be sudden infant death syndrome. Commerce City detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Casias on Feb. 2 after a three-month investigation into Alicia's death. Casias told police Alicia was sleeping in her swing and that when he took her to the bedroom he noticed the infant was not breathing, detectives said in their arrest affidavit. Casias told police he then called 911 and his common-law wife and tried to resuscitate the baby, police said. During their investigation, however, detectives said they learned Alicia had suffered massive head injuries. The Kempe Child Protection Team Review also said in its report that the infant was a victim of fatal physical abuse."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Sacred Family Unit mythology decrees that if you legally possess a child-slave and that child-slave dies while under your care, you must be given Sacred Mommy or Sacred Daddy status. This means the death must automatically be considered as an "accidental tragedy", unless extreme and undeniable evidence is brought forward, usually not as a result of any police investigation, that the death was due to intentional malice. Police are taught to not investigate such incidents as being "a possible act of murder", as long as a Sacred Family Unit slaveowner is involved, and especially if both Sacred Family Unit slaveowners put on a united front and say it was a tragic accident. As a result of this policy, it is clear to any sane seeker of Truth that literally thousands of child-slaves are deliberately, maliciously abused to death each and every year in america, with all of these incidents found to be nothing more than "tragic accidents" by your genocidally evil society and it’s empowered agents of law enforcement. Here is just one example, among thousands every single year, of a slaveowner who got away with killing his slave. Only because he went on to kill a second slave less than two years after killing his first slave, was your evil society reluctantly forced to realize that he had committed the first murder, and was in fact a serial baby murderer. Also note how the term "serial killer", a demonizing societal label, is virtually never attached to legal owners who merely kill their own subhumanized slaves, even if they do so in serial fashion and kill three or more child-slaves. This is because your evil society chooses not to demonize slaveowners who kill their child-slaves, regardless of how many victims are claimed. Note that the wife in this case, as usual, backed up her hubby's claims of innocence, this is because the child is subhuman, society instructs it's citizen-slaves to always side with fellow adult members of a Sacred Family Unit, never to side with the subhumanized child. Also note that it took the pigs three months after the death of the 2nd slave, for them to arrest this slaveowner. Even after the deaths of two slaves, the slaveowner retains an absolute presumption of innocence, totally unlike that of any other "suspect" in any other type of situation, due to Sacred Family Unit mythology. Remember, under the american judicial system, all suspects are considered guilty unless they can prove their innocence, despite ridiculous governmental/constitutional claims that a presumption of innocence is enjoyed and guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That is a pathetic lie. Only in a tiny handful of unique situations, primarily involving legal slaveowners suspected of harming/killing their own child-slaves, does society actually follow this constitutional claim and provide a sincere presumption of innocence.

11: Article Title: Man sentenced for molestations in Williamsburg area. Date of online publication: January 24, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Virginia.

Article Content: "A 64-year-old Florida man was sentenced to 29 years in prison for repeatedly molesting two stepdaughters over five years in the 1970s. The victims were between 6 years old and their early teens when the abuse occurred while they lived in James City County. More than 50 people wrote letters to the court on behalf of Allen Fraser Romer or testified as character witnesses for him. Romer, of Okeechobee, Fla., previously pleaded guilty to six counts of taking indecent liberties with a child and 11 counts of carnal knowledge. The two victims told their mother in the early 1980s that they had been abused, but she stayed with her husband, McGinty said. After she died, her daughters went to authorities."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Does society try to discourage slaveowners from engaging in incestuous intercourse with their own biological child-slaves? Yes! The answer to this question is Yes. But, the only reason why society does discourage this one specific form of child torture, is because it has a totally selfish economic interest in trying to limit the number of child-slaves who are born with significant birth defects of the type that would prevent the child from becoming an economically productive member of society as an adult. Society does encourage non-biological slaveowners to sexually abuse their children, and this is the primary reason why a significantly higher number of stepparents, as opposed to biological parents, do in fact choose to commit this specific type of abuse upon their child-slaves. Note the information in the above article that: "More than 50 people wrote letters to the court on behalf of Allen Fraser Romer or testified as character witnesses for him." Now, I don’t care how "popular" he might have been, if this fellow had been charged with serially raping 2 children that he was not the legal owner of, numerous times over a 5 year time period, it would have been impossible for him to convince 50 fellow human beings to serve as open "character witnesses" for him. Only because he targeted his legally owned slaves, does society give moral permission for these people to publically come forward to his "defense." The Truth is, probably 49 out of the 50 "character witnesses" were themselves slaveowners at some point in their lives, and abused children themselves, as instructed to do by society. Perhaps not sexually, but abuse is abuse, their society taught them that there is nothing wrong with maliciously harming their own child-slaves, and so it strikes them as perfectly appropriate to serve as character witnesses for a fellow adult human who is being "persecuted" for doing nothing more than they themselves did, albeit probably in a somewhat different way. Also note that here again we have two tortured children who went together to their mother and informed her that they were being tortured by the stepdaddy. As per societal decree, what did she do?? She shrugged her shoulders, refused to believe them, refused to notify any societal authority so that the claims of the tortured slaves could even be investigated, and she continued to live with her husband, allowing him to continue to torture both child-slaves. This is the Truth of "maternal love". This is the reality behind the insane myth that your society gets you to embrace, that some type of a "mystical bond of pure love" exists between a mother and her biological child-creation. It is a lie, an utter, malevolent, ridiculous lie!

12: Article Title: Overcoming Child Abuse. Date of online publication: February 15, 2002. News Source: Kyodo News. Location: Japan.

Article Content: "The sharp increase in child abuse has lately been a topic of great media interest. In this month's edition of Sekai magazine, Jun Saimura, manager for social work studies at the Japan Child and Family Research Institute, links this phenomenon with several facets of modern society, such as the social isolation of parents resulting from urbanization and the nuclearization of families, and parents' inexperience with child rearing in the face of a falling birthrate. According to Saimura, whereas 1,101 cases of child abuse were reported to child-guidance centers across Japan in fiscal 1990, by fiscal 2000 this figure had jumped to 17,225. The foremost reason for this increase is society's growing awareness of child abuse; more cases than before are now brought to light. But recent studies suggest that the actual incidence of child abuse is rapidly rising as well. Saimura cites how private-sector child abuse-prevention organizations are receiving phone calls from parents who cannot feel any love for their children or who want to abandon child rearing. To prevent child abuse, Saimura appeals, there needs to be more child-rearing support for parents who lack confidence in their parenting skills, perceive child rearing as a burden, or otherwise feel insecure about raising their children."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is very typical of how all "modern", civilized societies insanely reject and flee from the Truths of why child abuse occurs. Actually, Japanese society is slightly less diseased than american society, and so the "attempt" at Truth which is made in the above article, despite falling way short, is still more sincere and more on track towards actual Truth, than any american writer of a mainstream news article would ever be. The Truth is that "family" itself is a perversion of sanity. Family structure, the societal sponsorship of family units, is at the root of child abuse genocide within all civilized societies, japan, america, etc… The author of the above article says that "Japanese society is becoming more aware of child abuse now". Ridiculous lie! Societal leaders know exactly how much child abuse is occuring in their societies. They sponsor the abuse, they encourage it, the legitimize it! What changes is how societies choose to define child abuse, and how stridently society chooses to encourage it’s citizen-slaves to hide, deny, and suppress from public revelation, all cases of familial child victimization. For example, american society currently decrees the violent assault of children via spanking, to not constitute child abuse. Theoretically, if american society changed this core policy of ritualized child torture, something it will never do because it is far too diseased and deranged, the "measured rate of child abuse" within american society would skyrocket, since most slaveowners would still be obsessed with violently assaulting their children and continue to do so. The Truth is that spanking is a brutal form of child torture, regardless of whether american society chooses to label it as child abuse or not. This is why societal policies or statistics regarding child abuse are utterly useless and meaningless. The definition of what constitutes child abuse, as well as the control over how many adults report child abuse to societal authorities, is under the complete, malevolent control of societal leaders themselves. Interesting line from the above article: "Saimura cites how private-sector child abuse-prevention organizations are receiving phone calls from parents who cannot feel any love for their children or who want to abandon child rearing." What does this line tell us?? It tells us that Japan is a less diseased society than america. In america, you will not find many parents telling anyone, not even via a totally anonymous "support line", that they hate their children and want to get rid of their children, even though millions of parents absolutely do hate their children and would literally give one of their limbs away for the gift of being freed of their "parental obligations". This is because Sacred Family Unit mythology within american society has become so brutally fascist, such incredible demonization is heaped upon any parent who dares to challenge Sacred Family Unit mythology, that citizen-slaves are afraid to even think, much less verbally express, the Truth of how they hate their children and desperately wish to get rid of their children via any possible means. Still, does this mean Japanese society is sane or healthy?? Absolutely not! Even though a few more slaveowners do somehow find the courage to verbally express their True feelings in an anonymous manner, their evil society is determined to "teach" them to love their children, to "convince" them to accept and embrace their parental obligations, and the notion that they have any right to hate or abandon their children is viciously demonized by societal and governmental leaders, just as it is in america and in all ultra-diseased societies.

13: Article Title: Children tied up in house. Date of online publication: February 28, 2002. News Source: African Eye News Service. Location: South Africa.

Article Content: "An Mpumalanga couple have been arrested after two children were found tied up in a house without food at the weekend. The four-year-old boy and three-year-old girl were tied up with an electric cable and nylon rope and were alone inside the locked house, said Eastern Highveld area police spokesperson Captain Sibongile Nkosi on Monday. A 24-year-old man and his 20-year-old girlfriend are expected to appear in the Amersfoort magistrate's court on a charge of child abuse. They were arrested on Tweedefontein farm outside Amersfoort after the children's mother arrived on Saturday to visit them, but found them alone and tied up. The children were admitted at Amersfoort Hospital where they are still receiving treatment for cuts caused by the cable and rope that bound them. The couple was arrested when they arrived home on Saturday afternoon. Nkosi said the children's father and mother separated in April 2000 after he chased her away from the house. "We don't know why he chased her away from the house, but we are investigating why she didn't take the children with her in the beginning," Nkosi said." "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Hahahaha. You gotta laugh, if you are sane and Superior. Two people meet, have sex, create children. The father hates the children. So it is, he hates them. But his society insanely decrees that he needs to love them, to maintain contact with them. All he wants is to be free, have fun, enjoy life, have sex with other gals. But no, his fascist society terroristically coerces him into agreeing to maintain contact with the children he hates and wants nothing to do with. So there he is, with his two unwanted child-slaves. He can’t even stand the sight of them anymore, but he really doesn’t want to hurt or kill them. He can’t call up the local pigs or any other societal entity and order them to pick up his undesired slaves and relieve him of all parental "obligation", because his society demonizes such conduct, it defies Sacred Family Unit mythology. So he ties them up inside the house and goes away to have fun with a gal. By any sane analysis of the situation, he went far beyond his moral requirements. He didn't overtly harm the children, he tried to keep the children from wandering around & getting lost, and if only his society had allowed him to escape from it's perverse Sacred Family Unit doctrine by encouraging him to simply sever all of his "parental rights/obligations", he likely would have done so. But no, his society refuses to allow this most basic of personal freedoms, it prefers to sacrifice the lives of millions of children, as opposed to allowing Sacred Family Doctrine to be exposed and revealed as being a pathetic, fascist farce. And he is the one who has to pay the price, be criminally prosecuted, for the insanity, inferiority, malevolence of his society.

14: Article Title: Mother of child 'genius' admits faking test. Date of online publication: March 4, 2002. News Source: The British Broadcasting Corporation. Location: Colorado.

Article Content: "Justin appeared to have the highest IQ score ever. The mother of an eight-year-old American once hailed by a child psychologist as "the greatest genius ever to grace the earth" has admitted to cheating in tests which shot him to fame as a child prodigy. Justin Chapman played the violin at the age of two, chess at three, completed a Rochester University degree course at six, and has written newspaper columns and travelled America giving presentations. But following weeks of tantrums culminating in an apparent suicide attempt, he is now in foster care separated from a mother charged with neglect, his intelligence called into question and his sense of identity shattered. Meanwhile, the grown-ups are trying to work out how a child who wowed audiences by expounding complex graphs ended up unable to spell "get" and "fire", telling psychologists, "I just don't want to be me anymore". Interviewed by Colorado's Rocky Mountain News and the New York Times, his mother, Elizabeth, confessed that she had helped her son memorise answers from a manual for the Stanford Binet intelligence test. He attained the highest-ever recorded score of 298 in the test. She also said she had faked a scholastic aptitude test in which Justin was credited with a perfect 800 score in the mathematics section. She revealed that she had doctored a computer copy of a neighbour's son's answers. "I just got caught up in it," she told the Rocky Mountain News last week. "I wanted to be a good mom and give him opportunities I didn't have. I don't do anything halfway. It was wrong. I made some poor choices." Later last year, whilst attending the Brideun School for Exceptional Children in Broomfield, her son started having temper tantrums, Ms Chapman said. After the 11 September attacks, she said, he became increasingly convinced the world was going to end in five years' time. Then, in November, the News reported, Justin began screaming in pain with a headache during a showing of the film Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. His mother took him to St Anthony Hospital North, where he was given painkillers and sent home. Later that day, Justin was found with an empty pill bottle and readmitted to hospital, although his mother told the newspaper that tests showed he had not taken an overdose. He was transferred to the Devereux Cleo Wallace hospital for young people with emotional, psychiatric and behavioural problems. A psychologist there described him as "gravely disabled", with "violent tantrums", "regression to infantile-like behaviours" and suicidal fantasies. She suggested that Justin might have bi-polar disorder, commonly known as manic depression. Another doctor was quoted as describing him as "approximately average" in intelligence tests. "The child does not seem to have the degree of intellectual capacity he is purported to have," his court-appointed guardian Michael Grill told a judge in a hearing on the case in February. Justin was subsequently placed in foster care and Ms Chapman charged with neglect. Her trial is scheduled to start on 18 March. Ms Chapman, a single mother, says she wants to be reunited with her son. "I don't mind paying for the consequences of what I did," she told the News, "but I don't want to be penalised for the rest of my life. "A lot of the healing I need to do and Justin needs to do needs to be done together." "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Hahaha. Boy, You creatures are good. It is amazing how innovative you are, you can up with tortures for your child-slaves that no screenwriter, no sitcom producer, could ever think up. Here you have a mother literally driving her child-slave insane, after deciding that she wanted to become famous for being the mother of a genius. This is one of the primary reasons you humans choose to have children, you want to mold a helpless child into your own perverse image, or mold the child into a perverse fantasy of what you imagine yourself being or having been in the past. The child is a subhumanized object that exists to help you meet your own emotional obsession to fulfill your own personal fantasy. Note how useful Sacred Family Unit mythology is to this woman, as she declares: "A lot of the healing I need to do and Justin needs to do needs to be done together." This is the primary mandate of child slavery within Sacred Family Unit mythology: "At all costs and in all circumstances, even if I have driven my helpless child insane, I am still his legal slaveowner and my society decrees that it is good, right, and proper that I be together with my slave, that I retain ownership and possession of my slave."

15: Article Title: Indiana Boy, 2, beaten to death. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The Chicago Sun Times. Location: Indiana.

Article Content: "Frustration over losing at a video game led a Northwest Indiana man to punch a 2-year-old boy to death, police said Monday. Prosecutors in Gary, Ind., filed a murder charge Monday against Michael A. Willis, 33, and a child neglect charge against the toddler's mother, Phebe Wesley, 21. Willis is accused of punching Kenneth Coleman Jr. in the stomach and chest, lacerating his liver and causing massive internal bleeding. Kenneth--previously unable to walk because of a medical condition--was pronounced dead last Wednesday, police said. "It's horrible," Gary police Sgt. Karen Erickson said. "He had to hit the child very, very hard to do this. He used him as a punching bag." Willis originally told investigators that Kenneth fell off a bed and struck a video game controller with his stomach, police said. But Wesley then told police that she saw Willis punch her son with his fist, according to an affidavit filed by Gary police Detective Cpl. Lanita Titus in Lake County Superior Court. He told her not to worry and get Kenneth a bottle, which she did, the affidavit said. Police re-interviewed Willis and he confessed to striking the toddler, Titus' affidavit said. Willis said he had been in bed playing a PlayStation game and grew upset because he lost several times, according to the affidavit. Willis said the boy was crying. He "just wanted him to hush up," the affidavit said. Police said Willis faces up to 65 years in prison if he is convicted of murder. Wesley could receive a 20-year sentence if convicted of neglect."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Video games are designed to serve as outlets for personal rage, hate, and frustration, in exactly the same manner as the ownership of child-slaves is designed to provide for an outlet of rage and hate for the slaveowner. The most popular video games are violent or suicidal, involving the player trying to kill other people in the game, or trying to race a car around a track, facing the risk of "death" if he should crash, etc… Here we simply have a merging of the two different forms of societally sponsored rage release, a slaveowner who also had and used a video game system to try and cope with his life frustrations. Kind of funny when you think about it. The cop seems surprised that this stepdaddy would "use a child as a punching bag". Idiot! This is what society instructs all slaveowners to do, to use their child as a Poison Container, to relieve as much or as little rage and hate and frustration as the slaveowner is feeling at any given moment. Also note that this child was crippled, unable to walk, a grown man assaulted this helpless child with homicidal, deadly force, directly causing the child to die. And yet prosecutors are not even going to seek a Life prison sentence, much less any "death penalty", as they most certainly would if this fellow had gone into a sopping mall, kidnapped a child he had never seen before, and beaten that child to death. That scenario would not grant the killer Sacred Family Unit mythology status, but since he was living or staying with this woman, the mother of the child, and she had invited him into her home and was engaged in an intimate relationship with him, he does enjoy Sacred Family Unit status with regard to this murder, and therefore the judicial system honors this perversely hypocritical status by seeking a lesser amount of punitive punishment against him. It's very clear: Society chooses to overtly encourage it's enraged torture victims, if they are going to commit murder, to murder not complete strangers, but rather their own child-slaves, and promises to inflict less punitive punishment upon them if they abide by this societal request.

16: Article Title: Mother charged with neglect after toddler sips vodka: Attorney calls case 'overstated, bogus'; 2 kids are back home. Date of online publication: March 1, 2002. News Source: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Location: Wisconsin.

Article Content: "A North Fond du Lac woman has been charged with two counts of child neglect after police discovered her 1-year-old son soiled, screaming and drinking vodka, while her 4-year-old son complained of being hungry and admitted he also drank the alcohol. Officer Tammy Jahns of the North Fond du Lac Police Department said she's never seen anything like the scene she found last week. "It was just a really unique case," Jahns said. "I've never seen a 15-, 16-month-old drinking vodka and the mother doing nothing to stop it." The 37-year-old mother was released from jail Wednesday, and her children were returned to her, said her attorney, Anthony O'Malley. The woman could face a maximum penalty of 18 months in prison and $20,000 in fines. The mother called police at 9:21 a.m. Feb. 21 and told the dispatcher she needed help. The mother at first didn't respond to the officer's knocks but eventually opened the door and told Jahns she no longer needed help. Jahns entered the home anyway, noting that the mother smelled of alcohol. In a cluttered room upstairs, Jahns found the 15-month-old boy crying and wearing a urine-soaked diaper. The 4-year-old boy was lying on the floor under a blanket in another messy bedroom. "I didn't see one toy in either of the bedrooms," Jahns said. "It just didn't seem like the room of a child." Jahns then brought the 15-month-old boy downstairs to the mother, hoping she could calm the screaming child. The officer noticed two white cups in front of the mother on the kitchen counter. Then, as Jahns watched, the 15-month-old picked up one of the glasses and sipped two or three times as clear liquid dribbled onto his shirt. The mother made no attempt to stop him. Jahns asked what was in the glass, and the mother said water. When Jahns picked up the glass and smelled alcohol, she asked again. The mother admitted it was vodka. The 4-year-old later told Jahns that he drank "just a little" from one of the glasses. He also said that his mother had not made breakfast that morning because she was sick, and that they had not eaten the night before because his mother had burned the pizza she was making for them. Jahns said the kitchen had no food. According to O'Malley, when the mother started feeling inebriated, she decided that someone else should watch her children. She called the youngest child's father, who wouldn't come over. The children's usual baby sitter wasn't able to pick them up, and she didn't want to drive herself, so that's when she called police. "The only possible neglect would have been the kid taking a sip of alcohol," O'Malley said. "But if the officer had left the child in his crib, that wouldn't have happened."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is sweet, and so typical. American society is so evil, and Truth has become so unrecognizable, that pretty much all pretense has been abandoned, that the safety or welfare of any child is of any concern to society, to any rational, Superior thinker, as long as the only immediate danger the child-slave faces, is from it's legal slaveowner(s). I'm not making these insights of Truth up, you fools! I'm simply revealing the stated, proven facts. A woman excretes 2 children from her womb. They are currently aged 1 and 4, therefore totally helpless and at the mercy of whatever adult(s) have access to them. The woman is criminally charged with neglecting these two children. What does this mean? It means that societal agents believe that this woman criminally neglected her children. And yet both of her helpless child-slaves, the very same child-slaves that she is currently and actively criminally charged with neglecting, have been handed back over to her and decreed to again be her slaves! Ha! The only sane conclusion that any sane creature can possibly draw, is that american society recognizes that this woman poses a threat to harm her children, and wants her to harm her children. And these are the True facts. Additionally, the society has philosophically decided that it is more important to sanctify insane Sacred Family Unit mythology, than it is to save literally millions of children all across america, who are in a similar situation to these two children, facing a direct and overt threat of harm from a biological creator or legal owner who has proven that she/he is totally unfit to be entrusted with the care or raising of any child.

17: Article Title: Williamsburg lawyer charged for leaving kids in car. Date of online publication: February 12, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Virginia.

Article Content: "A lawyer was charged with felony child neglect for allegedly leaving her 1 1/2 -year-old son and 6-year-old daughter alone in a car at the courthouse while she handled a case. A deputy noticed the car, its engine running, parked outside the Williamsburg-James City County Courthouse on Friday morning, said Senior Investigator Alan Moore of the James City County Police Department. Social-service officials arrived and got the children's mother, Andrea Amy-Pressey, out of Circuit Court, Moore said Monday. At that point, the children had been alone in the car at least 40 minutes but did not appear to be hurt, he said. Moore said Amy-Pressey told police that she'd planned to be in court only a few minutes but her case took longer than she had expected. Amy-Pressey, 35, was charged with two counts of felony child neglect and two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She did not respond to telephone messages seeking comment. She did not respond to telephone messages seeking comment. An attorney's license is immediately suspended if he or she is convicted of a felony and could then be revoked after a hearing, according to the Virginia State Bar. A misdemeanor conviction could trigger a bar investigation and possible disciplinary action."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Boy, owning slaves can be so inconvenient sometimes! But what to do? The slaveowner just can't renounce her slaveowner status. She can't call up CPS and tell them: "I hate my children and I want to sever all parental ties to my children." No, she can't do it! Her evil and insane society will not allow it. Just think what the media would do with such a story, "Young, up and coming attorney refuses to honor her parental obligations, insists upon turning her two darling children over to the state. She must be mentally ill, shame on her!" Her reputation as a lawyer and her ability to practice law/earn money as a lawyer would be compromised just as much if she had exercised this "right" of hers, as they now appear to be likely comprised as a result of this arrest and likely criminal prosecution, with the article informing us that "An attorney's license is immediately suspended if he or she is convicted of a felony and could then be revoked after a hearing, according to the Virginia State Bar. A misdemeanor conviction could trigger a bar investigation and possible disciplinary action." You see, your evil society doesn't need to enact a "law" in order to prevent women from renouncing the "parental obligations" that is terroristically imposes upon them. No need for a law, societal and cultural demonization, using the media as well as other mass demonizing methods, accomplishes the task just fine, while maintaining the insane illusion that people in america are free to live as they choose and pursue whatever lifestyle they desire.

18: Article Title: Mother pleads guilty to felony child neglect. Date of online publication: February 12, 2002. News Source: The Virginian-Pilot. Location: Virginia.

Article Content: "Samantha Kapp allowed her live-in boyfriend to beat her 2-year-old son with his hands, fists and a piece of wood, prosecutors said in court Monday. That abuse by Eric A. Vickers happened more than once and eventually caused the death last August of Kirkland Michael Rizzuti, said Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney Almetia D. Fields. Kapp, 24, pleaded guilty Monday before Circuit Judge James A. Cales Jr. to felony child neglect in connection with Kirkland's death. She faces up to 10 years in prison and is scheduled to be sentenced in April. In a telephone interview from the Hampton Roads Regional Jail, Kapp said she believed Vickers was disciplining Kirkland and her daughter when he spanked them with a paddle. ``I didn't really, honestly, think anything was being done to hurt him,'' Kapp said. As part of a plea agreement, the commonwealth's attorney's office did not prosecute three misdemeanor charges against Kapp in exchange for her testimony against Vickers. The 28-year-old man was convicted last month of murdering Kirkland and sentenced to life in prison with a $100,000 fine. He hit Kirkland with a piece of wood four days before the boy was found dead in his bedroom in a Fairwood Homes house, Fields said. The beating left the toddler limping and with a bruise on his buttocks, she said. Kapp said Vickers spanked her son about five times in the nearly six months they lived together. He used a paddle that belonged to her, though she said she only threatened the children with it. Kapp would always make sure she was in another room during the spankings, and she never heard the blows or any crying, she said. A spanking in early July left Kirkland with a bruise on his bottom, she said. ``After I found the bruise, Eric was no longer allowed to spank the kids, and I threw the paddle away,'' Kapp said. ``In my opinion, it wasn't like he did it on purpose.'' Kirkland's grandmother remembered how Samantha had been carrying the child a few days before his death instead of letting him walk, saying that they were ``bonding.'' When Kathleen Kapp insisted that Kirkland walk, the boy stumbled. ``She said he slept on his knee wrong,'' Kathleen Kapp said. ``I just found out today what really happened to my grandson.'' Samantha Kapp's 5-year-old daughter is staying in a foster home. Kapp said she will not try to win custody of her. ``I really don't think I deserve to raise her,'' she said, ``because I failed my little boy in one of the worst ways.'' "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Well Samantha, I really think your society wants you to raise your surviving slave, even if you think you don't deserve to raise her. This is because your society is far more evil and deranged than you could ever, in your wildest dreams, imagine yourself being. Any society that would legalize and overtly encourage all of it's slaveowners to viciously assault helpless children who are 10-20 times smaller and lighter than they are, and create an illusion of moral justification for such mass brutality by substituting the word "spank" for the word "assault", has no business uttering a single word of criticism, much less inflicting punitive punishment, upon a slaveowner who fatally "spanks" his child-slave to death. Typical case of "dual" slave torture here, very often both slaveowners are homicidally enraged, one is more overtly eager to actually use the slave as a Poison Container via the infliction of assault, but the other slaveowner cathartically revels in the assault as well, even if she maintains the "moral illusion" to herself that she doesn’t really want the slave to suffer and would not physically torture the child herself, on her own. The Truth is in most cases, if the mate was not taking the lead as abuser, she herself would end up taking the lead. Note the following comment by this 24 year old Mommy: In a telephone interview from the Hampton Roads Regional Jail, Kapp said she believed Vickers was disciplining Kirkland and her daughter when he spanked them with a paddle. ``I didn't really, honestly, think anything was being done to hurt him." Is it possible that Mommy is telling the Truth?? Absolutely! After all, her evil society brainwashes all citizens into believing that it tries it's best to protect all children from harm. At the same time, it overtly legalizes and encourages spanking. Therefore, the insane logic of the brainwashed mind should arrive at the "logical" conclusion that "spanking" a child slave is not harmful to the child-slave. After all, if it was harmful, society wouldn't legalize and encourage it, since society does not want children to be harmed, right? Right?? This is type of utter derangement in thinking, that comes from being born into and raised up within the single most deranged, as well as evil, society on planet earth, america.

19: Article Title: Boy, 4, fatally shoots 18-month-old girl while watching a movie, police treating as accidental. Date of online publication: March 4, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: New Mexico.

Article Content: "A 4-year-old boy shot and killed an 18-month-old girl with her father's handgun while the two were watching a movie in a bedroom. ``I'm not sure how he got a hold of a gun,'' police Capt. Marie Saenz said. ``It accidentally went off killing an 18-month-old child.'' The children's families are unrelated and share an apartment. Three of the four parents were home when the shooting occurred. No one had been arrested Monday. Flores said that if charges were filed, they probably would pertain to child neglect relating to the children being unsupervised. ``We believe at this time that the weapon was hidden and we're just going to leave it that,'' he said. ``It was not out in plain view.'' Police did not release the names of the families involved. The boy remained with his parents Monday, Flores said."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Note the incredibly blase attitude of the pigs. "I'm not sure", say the pig. "It accidently went off", says the pig, even though in all likelihood there is no solid evidence that the gun did go off by "accident". "We're just going to leave it at that", says the pig. Can you imagine any pig adopting this attitude if a child were to be shot dead inside of a school, and nobody knew for sure who fired the shot, whether or not it was accidental or deliberate, etc... Only because this incident involves subhumanized slaves within a Sacred Family Unit environment, is this perverse pig attitude adopted. "It's only one subhumanized slave killing another subhumanized slave, no need to go after any of the actual human adults who are in fact actually responsible for causing this entire incident to occur. No, lets just label it an "accident" and be done with it." The pig essentially concludes: "We believe that the four year old shot the 18 month old. We think it was an accident. We don't know how the 4 year old got the gun. We don't really know anything here. But that's okay, we are closing our investigation." Ha! And of course the tortured 4 year old slave is not even rescued, not even plucked out of the toxic environment and the clutches of the malevolent adults that he is enslaved to.

20: Article Title: Grinnell dad pleads not guilty. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Des Moines Register. Location: Iowa.

Article Content: "A Grinnell man accused of squeezing and shaking his infant daughter to death in January pleaded not guilty this week. Shane Dupee, 20, who is charged with killing 3-month-old Aliyah Stevens, has admitted shaking and squeezing the child when she wouldn't stop crying. Records show Angela Stevens, the baby's mother, will be a witness. Other witnesses include doctors and nurses who treated Aliyah, police and the state medical examiner. County Attorney Michael Mahaffey did not return a telephone call Tuesday. Dupee's attorney declined to describe his defense, which has focused in past court hearings on a genetic brain disease that killed two of Dupee's infant siblings. The disease causes bleeding or fluid in the brain, said Brian Earley, Dupee's lawyer. Preliminary autopsy results showed Aliyah died of bleeding on the brain, but more test results could take months. Earley said a doctor suggested that Aliyah be checked for the disease the day before she died, when she was in the hospital for vomiting. Aliyah suffered bleeding and bruising to the head, a skull fracture and a broken rib, court records say. The baby was alone with Dupee at the couple's apartment Jan. 9 while her mother worked at a nursing home."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: It's interesting how so many slaveowners who kill their slaves say that it was the crying of the slave that drove them to kill. The crying was what caused them to reach a "breaking point" and escalate the abuse that they almost certainly were already committing on a regular basis upon the slave, to murder. My personal insight of Truth regarding this, is that when a slaveowner hears a slave cry, he is subconsciously transported back to his own childhood torture, he emotionally recalls his own childhood suffering much more vividly, upon hearing his own slave cry, especially if the crying is intense and he can't get the slave to stop crying. So the subconscious "images" of his childhood torment continue to grow and increase, as the crying continues. The only way he can subconsciously bring to an end the flood of childhood memories, is to stop the slave from crying. And the only way he feels he can stop the slave from crying, is to kill the slave. And so he does. Interesting defense planned in this case, apparently two of the daddy's siblings died when they were infants. This must have been 15-30 years ago, so it's quite impossible to medically verify this claim of a "rare genetic brain disease" that is inheritable, running in the family. It is far more likely that this Daddy's own slaveowners killed those two infants 15-30 years ago, and as usual, got away scot-free with the killings thanks to Sacred Family Unit mythology.

21: Article Title: Mother charged with killing newborn baby. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The Houston Chronicle. Location: Texas.

Article Content: "A woman charged with killing her newborn baby and storing the body in her garage remained in the Midland jail Tuesday. Stephanie Jo Durham, 20, has been charged with capital murder. She was arrested late Thursday after police said she confessed. She had concealed her pregnancy from her live-in boyfriend, police said. Initially, Durham was not a suspect, and police said she seemed surprised to learn a dead baby was in her garage. Durham, in the Midland County Jail on bail of $100,000, was a stay-at-home mother. She has two other children, an 18-month-old and a 3-year-old, from a previous relationship. Those children were taken into Child Protective Services custody after her arrest last week."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Within any sane society, the legal age of adulthood would be, at a minimum, 28. Naturally, no child could ever be entrusted to serve as a parent to another child. Therefore, no human being under the age of 28, even with Mandatory Parental Competency Testing in place, could ever qualify to serve as a primary caretaker/parent, to any child she or he might create. This would be a sane societal structure, designed to properly protect children. But no, you insane, genocidally child-hating and child-torturing creatures happily embrace the deranged notion that a 20 year old child, who has not even reached the totally invalid existing legal age of adulthood of 21, should automatically gain complete possession of and be terroristically coerced into agreeing to serve as a caretaker to, as many child-slaves as she is able to excrete from her womb. In this case, at least 3. And then society says there is something wrong with her, she deserves to be punitively punished, because she could only cope with owning two child-slaves and ended up killing the third. Ha, hypocrisy reaches new heights!

22: Article Title: Grandmother Takes Stand in Texas Drowning Trial. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: Reuters. Location: Texas.

Article Content: "Andrea Yates' elderly mother choked back tears on Tuesday while defending her daughter as a wonderful parent, and testified that her "baby daughter" was not the same woman who drowned her five children. Jutta Kennedy took the stand in her daughter's defense for a very brief time, providing emotional punctuation to days of testimony from psychiatric experts in Yates' capital murder trial. Earlier in the day, a noted psychiatrist testified for the defense that Yates knew drowning the children was illegal, but said Yates thought it was the right thing to do because it was the only way to save them from the fires of hell. Yates, a 37-year-old former nurse and high school valedictorian, cited a long history of mental problems in pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Yates, who could face the death penalty if convicted, has confessed to drowning her children methodically in the bathtub of their Houston home on June 20, 2001. "She's my baby daughter," Kennedy said, her voice catching as tears streamed down her face, when asked by defense lawyer George Parnham to describe her relationship with the defendant. "She was a wonderful mother, a wonderful daughter," Kennedy answered, locking eyes with her child. Kennedy choked back tears and dabbed her eyes throughout her 10 minutes on the witness stand, while her daughter sat motionless, as she has throughout much of the trial. Parnham also asked Kennedy about the death of her husband last year, which the defense has suggested triggered Yates' downward mental spiral. "She was very attached to her father," she said. "It hit her pretty hard." Parnham asked Kennedy her reaction when she learned what her daughter had done. "I didn't believe it," she said. "Was this the Andrea you knew to be a loving mother?" Parnham asked. "No," she replied. Prosecutors agree Yates was not mentally fit, but believe she was sane under Texas law, which requires only that severely mentally ill defendants know their crime was wrong at the time they committed it. "She believed they were permanently and irreparably harmed and the only thing she could do to save them from eternal damnation was to take their lives," forensic psychiatrist Phillip Resnick, who has testified in a number of prominent U.S. trials, testified. "But she knew it was legally wrong?" asked prosecutor Joe Owmby. "That's correct. ... I agree," Resnick replied. Police found four of the drowned children -- John, 5, Paul, 3, Luke, 2, and Mary, 6 months -- lying in bed as if they were asleep. Noah, 7, was still floating face down in the bathtub. Yates told police and mental health experts she believed Satan was tormenting her children so she killed them to keep them from his grasp. If the jury finds she was not sane, Yates would go to a state mental hospital for an undetermined amount of time. A conviction for capital murder would bring life in prison or death by lethal injection. Texas leads the nation in executions, while Houston leads Texas in sending people to death row."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Finally we hit upon an article on the "famous" Andrea Yates slave massacre case. Note that I am listing all of the articles I found in my 30 minute search, in the exact order that I found them. Despite being so heavily covered by the media, this case came up quite late on the search engine, thanks to the literally hundreds of different child abuse, child neglect, and child murder cases that occur every single week. The most important Forbidden Truth here is this: If Andrea Yates, the exact same woman with the exact same psychiatric history, had walked into an elementary school and shot dead five children that she had never seen before, her chances of "winning" an insanity verdict from any judge or jury, would be close to zero. But because she only massacred her own biologically created and legally possessed child-slaves, I am firmly convinced that she has at least a 60/40 chance, in her favor, of winning an insanity verdict. This proves that your society has an insane Sacred Family Unit bias, and perversely insists upon demonizing torture victims who kill children they do not legally own, while refusing to demonize torture victims who kill only their biologically created/legally owned child-slaves. Is Andrea mentally ill?? Of course she is! The question is a ludicrous one. Every enraged torture victim, created by american society, has to be mentally ill. Primarily because the american societal, cultural, ideological, systems and structures are all completely deranged. So of course she is mentally ill, and of course she is a tortured victim-creation of american society who deserves to receive absolutely no type of negative moral judgement, much less punitive punishment. But this Truth must apply equally to all tortured victim-creations, especially those who target children they do not legally own. As you would expect, the adult slaveowners stick together. Andrea’s mother, addicted to Sacred Family Unit mythology herself, proclaims that Andrea "must" have loved her children very much, even though she massacred them. At trial, we have a perverse dual between psychiatrists, who are in fact societal agents who cannot possibly reveal genuine Truth even if they were Superior enough to be aware of it, because they would be stripped of their licenses if they did. Whatever "organic" mental illness Andrea may suffer from, she was and is also addicted to the insane god myth. The insane god myth is itself a societally induced form of mental derangement. This is a Forbidden Truth. No licensed psychiatrist could or would ever reveal this Truth, because the society that has licensed him is itself addicted to the insane god myth and mentally deranged in it’s addiction to the insane god myth. If a psychiatrist were to declare this Truth: That american society is guilty of driving Andrea Yates insane by insanely addicting her to the deranged myth that a god creature exists, he, the psychiatrist, would be demonized, ostracized, and stripped of his license. And yet this is not only absolutely true, but in a sane society, it would be the very heart of her defense, her claim of innocence, her claim that american society is far more "guilty and responsible" of causing her own torment as well as the death of her five slaves, than she herself, as an individual victim, could ever be. This would be her defense, and in a sane society she would win her case, using this defense. American society would be found guilty, and would accept/acknowledge it's guilt, the Truth that it is guilty of addicting her to an insane myth, and thus either directly inducing or severely contributing to her mental illness, as well as directly causing her to kill her five child-slaves, since it is obvious that Martyr Andrea sincerely believed, thanks to insane god myth induction by american society, that "the only way to save her children from the fires of hell, was to kill them." Hell is an invention of insane god myth mythology. Therefore, the only rational defense that Andrea would employ, would need to employ, and it would be virtually guaranteed of success in a sane society, would be that the insane american society induced and is responsible for any all "insane acts" related to the insane god myth, that Andrea may hve committed. But of course I’m living in a "fantasy world" when I reveal sane, rational, logical, Truth. Because your world, the "real" world that you pathetic creatures have allowed your deranged societies to enslave you to, is utterly and completely insane, irrational, lie-based, and mortally terrified of all Truth, to it’s very core.

23: Article Title: Man pleads guilty in infant's death: Defendant has outburst in court, gets life sentence. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The Houston Chronicle. Location: Texas.

Article Content: "Shortly before screaming profanities and dashing from the courtroom, a Houston man pleaded guilty Monday to capital murder in the beating death of an infant nearly two years ago. Brian Christopher Edwards, 28, was expected to stand trial beginning Monday on a charge of capital murder in the death of Jalon Evans, his girlfriend's 17-month-old son, on May 11, 2000. But moments before the trial was to begin, Edwards pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life in prison, which means he must serve 40 years before he is eligible for parole. If he had gone to trial and been convicted, he could have received the death penalty. After state District Judge Jeannine Barr accepted the plea, one of Jalon's relatives began to tell the court that the child's death had traumatized her family. While she spoke, Edwards screamed invectives and profanities. He said he didn't want to listen to anything anyone had to say and rushed from the courtroom through a side door to holding cells. Edwards, 6 feet 2 inches tall and about 250 pounds, was not handcuffed or shackled. Deputies restrained him as he left the courtroom. "Basically, he lost control, which is probably what happened with the child," said Steven Greenlee, Edwards' court-appointed attorney. According to court records, Edwards picked up Jalon from a day-care center about 4:30 p.m. on May 11, 2000, and took the child home. Later, he called 911, saying Jalon was not breathing. The child arrived at Memorial-Hermann Southwest Hospital at 8:27 p.m. and was pronounced dead about 10 minutes later. He died from blunt force trauma to his head and abdomen, according to the autopsy report from the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office. The autopsy also noted his skull was fractured and his forehead was bruised. Greenlee said Edwards pleaded guilty because of "overwhelming physical evidence" of the child's fatal injuries."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: No national media attention for Brian. Gotta kill 5 child-slaves to get a bit of media attention these days, Killing just one slave won't do it, got too many such solo slave murders, thousands upon thousands in fact. I still marvel at that word, "death penalty". How do you look at yourselves in the mirror? Can't you see your own incredible cowardice and insanity?? You murder your own tortured victim-creations because they remind you of the Truth, because they show you the Truth of you and your societies. And even in murdering them, you desperately reject the Truth of what you are doing, insanely adopting a phrase, "death penalty", that is designed to allow you to morally relish and celebrate the commission of a type of murder that is literally millions of times more morally indefensible than any possible act that the tortured victim-creation of your society, that you are malevolently choosing to murder, could ever commit.

24: Article Title: Yates was in 'severe' state of psychosis; Doctor: Took a month for delusions to cease. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Houston Chronicle. Location: Texas.

Article Content: "The psychiatrist treating Andrea Pia Yates in jail for the past eight months testified Tuesday that it took more than a month for Yates to stop hallucinating. Dr. Debra Osterman, a psychiatrist at the Harris County Jail, said she began seeing Yates on July 2, Yates' 37th birthday. By July 23, her notes showed, Yates continued to see visions of men, children and horses on the jail walls. "I just try not to look," Osterman quoted Yates as saying. Osterman told jurors that Yates "took longer than is usual" to emerge from her "very severe" psychotic state and that Yates described it as similar to coming out of a fog. Yates is in the third week of her trial on two capital murder charges. She has confessed to drowning her five children in their bathtub on June 20, but told doctors she did so because the children were not "righteous" and were "doomed to perish in the fires of hell." She has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and faces life in prison or execution if convicted. Yates was taken to the Harris County Jail shortly after calling police to her Clear Lake home, where investigators found the bodies of her children -- John, 5; Paul, 3; Luke, 2; and Mary, 6 months -- lying in the bed of the master bedroom. Seven-year-old Noah's body was still floating face down in the tub. Osterman told jurors there was no life in Yates' eyes during the first month she saw her. But by Aug. 10, she said, Yates had begun showing appropriate emotional responses in their conversations. "If we talked about something sad, she looked sad," she said. In other testimony Tuesday, a nationally renowned psychiatrist maintained under cross-examination that Yates was legally insane when she drowned her children -- that her severe mental illness prevented her from knowing her conduct was wrong. Dr. Phillip Resnick, the director of the division of Forensic Psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland, testified for the defense Friday. Because he was unavailable Monday, he took the stand again Tuesday to be cross-examined by Owmby. Resnick has studied filicide -- the killing of children by their parents -- for more than 30 years. He was hired by Yates' attorneys and interviewed her on July 14 and Nov. 3. Ownby continued his line of questioning from Friday, when Resnick told jurors Yates faced a "horrible dilemma," believing that her children would burn in hell if she didn't do something. Owmby said the dilemma described by Resnick presents a societal problem, given that large numbers of people believe in heaven and hell. "If you allow this type of act, everyone would be better off to send their children to a better place," he said. Resnick disagreed, saying that the Judeo-Christian culture views homicide as a sin. "One wouldn't take the lives of one's children unless one believed that it was guaranteeing them eternal damnation to let them live," he said. "It's not a common view, except by someone who is ... psychotic." Owmby noted that Yates had not taken alternative steps like turning to her best friend, a priest or Children's Protective Services. Resnick agreed, but pointed out that Yates' delusions left her thinking she had no alternative to killing her children while they were still innocent."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: I know this is the second article on Martyr Andrea that I am posting here, but it is quite interesting and allows me to elaborate some a few very real and valuable Forbidden Truths. Look at Doctor Debra Osterman, licensed, societally respected psychiatrist, but in reality a cowardly brainwash victim of american society. She accurately points out that mentally ill Andrea was experiencing severe "delusions" prior to, during, and immediately after her slave killing rampage. But the doc fails to include Andrea’s belief in the existence of god and the existence of hell, as constituting a delusion. In fact it is the single most important and significant delusion that Andrea was suffering from. But doc Debra cannot include this delusion, cannot overtly declare the Truth, that this was a delusion of Andrea’s, and the single most terrible delusion of all delusions, by far. Why can’t she reveal this Truth, even after being sworn in court to tell the truth?? Because the tragic reality is, her very own society, on a collective basis, is horrifically addicted to this exact same terrible delusion that Andrea was addicted to! She herself, is expected by society to embrace this insane delusion, the god myth, as an individual in her own life. Whether or not she personally is addicted to the insane god myth/delusion is impossible to know for certain. But she definitely realized and understood, thanks to a lifetime of societal brainwashing and lie-based teachings, that she could not, under any circumstances, reveal the simple Truth, in open court, that belief in the existence of god as well as the existence of a mythical "hell" place, is a complete and utter delusion. Later in her testimony, doc Debra declared: "By Aug. 10, Yates had begun showing appropriate emotional responses in their conversations. "If we talked about something sad, she looked sad." This is ritualized psychiatric bias, folks. There is no such thing as a "sad topic." Every individual human being has an emotional and intellectual right to judge for himself whether or not an issue, an experience, a sight, etc…, is worthy of evoking sad feelings or thoughts within the True Reality of the individual. For this psychiatrist to prejudge that certain conversations "should" make Andrea sad, and then to decide that Andrea is becoming mentally healthier when such conversations do begin to evoke sadness in Andrea, is a betrayal of the search for genuine, individual Truth within human beings, that should be the primary mission of all psychiatric analysis and "treatment". Finally, a different psychiatrist dances around the issue of insanity/delusion as relates to the insane god myth, coming just a tiny bit closer to revealing the Truth in open court, but still totally chickening out in the end. Dr. Phillip Resnick says: "Yates faced a "horrible dilemma, believing that her children would burn in hell if she didn't do something." Then the prosecutor, representing the insane god myth addicted society, interjects: "This dilemma you describe presents a societal problem, given that large numbers of people believe in heaven and hell. If you allow this type of act, everyone would be better off to send their children to a better place." Hmmm, what the prosecutor is really saying is that because a large number of people are addicted to the insane god myth, society has a vested interest in promoting the insane god myth, but at the same time somehow controlling exactly how this insane myth is interpreted by the victims that it is terroristically imposed upon, so that they behave in ways that society approves of, such as going into a church and pathetically begging god to grant them an eternal afterlife. How pathetic! Here the psychiatrist has a perfect opportunity to reveal Truth, lay it out for the world, tell the prosecutor that his society is guilty of inducing the insane mythology that caused Andrea to kill her children. That is the Truth, regardless of ny organic mental illness Andrea may have been suffering from, it was a basic, primary, societally promoted and induced insane myth, the myth that a god creature and a hell place exist, that directly led Andrea to decide to actually go through with the massacre of her slaves. But no, he chickens out, replying with: "Judeo-Christian culture views homicide as a sin. One wouldn't take the lives of one's children unless one believed that it was guaranteeing them eternal damnation to let them live. It's not a common view, except by someone who is ... psychotic." Upon rereading and analyzing his comments, I see this psychiatrist came no closer to revealing Truth than doc Debra did. What he is saying here is in fact worse, more lie-based, than what doc Debra said. He is saying that the "mainstream" version of the god myth is perfectly "appropriate" and in no way necessarily invalid, delusional, or a manifestation of mental illness. Speaking as either the ultimate coward or a genuine god addict himself, he actually agrees with the prosecutor's intended lie, that belief in god does not lead to the commission of murder, and that most people who believe in god are not mentally ill. He suggests that Andrea was/is mentally ill, because her belief in the god myth included a "psychotic delusion" that letting her children live would lead to them being doomed to an eternity in hell upon their deaths later on. So, even though perhaps his testimony might help Andrea's insanity defense within the lie-based structure of this trial, his testimony was also completely irrational and lie-based. It makes no sense. The Truth is that belief in god, regular, mainstream belief in god, absolutely qualifies as a "psychotic delusion". Just as doc Deb recognized she could not reveal this Forbidden Truth, so too did doc Phillip, he knew that a majority of human beings inside that courtroom were personally addicted to the insane god myth. So if he told the Truth, that belief in god is a psychotic delusion, he would be telling the jurors, the judge, etc..., that they are psychotic and delusional if they believe in god, and there was a very strong likelihood that they in fact do believe in god. So, as usual, cowardice and rejection of Truth ruled the day.

25: Article Title: Pastor guilty of killing family. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: British Broadcasting Corporation. Location: Belgium.

Article Content: "A Hungarian-born pastor and his daughter have been found guilty by a Belgian court of killing six of their family members and dissolving the remains in drain cleaner. Andras Pandy, 74, was found guilty of murdering two wives and four of his children, as well as raping three of his daughters. His daughter Agnes, 44, the chief prosecution witness against him, was found guilty of helping her father carry out four of the murders, even though her lawyers claimed she was under her father's "irresistible spell". Both face life imprisonment when sentencing is carried out on Wednesday. Pandy, who spent much of the trial smiling, denied the charges, claiming the family members were still alive in Hungary. The pastor, who entered Belgium as a refugee in 1957 and set up a Hungarian Protestant church in the Flemish part of the country, is also suspected by police of killing other people whose remains were reportedly found in three of Mr Pandy's homes. The six missing members of the Pandy family disappeared between 1986 and 1990. The prosecution alleges that he killed them to cover up his sexual relationship with his stepdaughter, Timea, after she became pregnant with his child. Shortly afterwards she fled to Canada with her son. Agnes has claimed that she and her father made several trips to Canada in an attempt to find Timea, kill her, and recover her now 16-year-old son."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Sorry folks, but even though it only took me 30 minutes to find all of these Sacred Family Unit Perversion news articles, it is taking me many hours to formulate this text as well as write out all the new Forbidden Truths that are revealed within the articles, so I will limit my commentary a great deal, for the remainder of these articles. Remember, the primary purpose of this page is simply to create a "database" of Sacred Family Unit atrocities, not to reveal every imaginable Forbidden Truth that is revealed within each article. This item provides a beautiful illustration of how the insane god myth and sacred family unit mythology can and do sometimes combine, to give rise to atrocities which reach new heights of rage and hate.

26: Article Title: Mom convicted of murder in toddler's death. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Canadian Press. Location: Canada.

Article Content: "A woman has been convicted of second-degree murder in the death of a two-year-old girl who was forced to stay under a cold shower for 45 minutes. A jury convicted Ginette Constant, 25, on Sunday after three days of deliberations and a month-long trial. Justice Gaston Desjardins of Quebec Superior Court sentenced Constant to life imprisonment in the December 1999 death of Francesca Amedee Daigle, the daughter of Constant's ex-partner. A pathologist first determined the girl died of bronchitis. Cause of death was then changed to mild hypothermia. Constant was arrested last March after authorities re-examined the circumstances surrounding the toddler's death. The accused told investigators she left the crying child under the cold shower for 45 minutes to calm her down. The defence argued Constant just wanted to punish the child and that she didn't know she could kill the child by leaving it under the water. Crown prosecutor Genevieve Lacroix tried to show that Constant's acts were quite deliberate and that she wanted to kill the toddler to cut the girl's ties with her biological mother."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is quite common, slaveowners want to possess their slave completely, they especially do not want a member of their own gender to "compete" for the devotion of the slave, as is usually the case when a stepmother tries to impose her slaveowner domination over a slave whose biological mother is still alive, and the slave has regular contact with both females. Very often, one of the two slaveowners will become enraged and viciously abuse the slave, trying to obtain complete devotion from the slave.

27: Article Title: Student arraigned in death of baby found in locker. Date of online publication: February 16, 2002. News Source: The Virginian-Pilot. Location: Virginia.

Article Content: "Sobbing and shaking in her courtroom chair, an 18-year-old Norfolk State University student was arraigned Friday, accused of killing her infant daughter 3 1/2 months ago. The body of the baby, identified in court as Jane Doe, was found Wednesday morning in a footlocker at a Brambleton Avenue self-storage unit. Kuturah Aldridge is charged with first-degree murder of her child on Oct. 28, according to records read by substitute Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Judge James Matthews." Police records show that the baby died at the Hampton Inn at 1450 N. Military Highway before her body was moved to Uncle Bob's Self Storage, which is less than a mile from Aldridge's campus dormitory. Police found the baby's body after a manager opened the unit because the renters were behind in payments. The manager got suspicious when she saw that the footlocker was the only item in the unit and called police. Aldridge was arrested Wednesday night. A bond hearing for Aldridge was set for Tuesday, and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for May 7. Aldridge's attorney, Bruce C. Sams, declined to discuss details of the case and whether the woman's family knew about her pregnancy. ``She's taking it very hard,'' Sams said. ``She's a young girl that's never been in the court system. The family is being very supportive.'' About a half-dozen friends and family members attended Friday's court hearing. Most left in tears. Several declined comment afterward."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Self-storage units are designed for the purpose of storing objects that you do not want or need regular access to. This is how this tortured child perceived her womb excretion, as an undesired object. Society decrees the lives of all children, on an individual level, to be worthless. This 18 year old child no doubt recognized, on either a conscious or subconscious level, that her society considered her very own life to be worthless. Therefore, why would she even consider placing any value upon the life a another child?

28: Article Title: Baby's death rocks family. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Ottawa Sun. Location: Canada.

Article Content: "Police are awaiting autopsy results following the death of a Smiths Falls baby boy earlier this week. Police were called to a second-floor apartment in a house at 139 Beckwith St. Monday when the one-year-old was discovered without vital signs at about 8 a.m. "We received a phone call indicating there was a young child not breathing," Smiths Falls Police Chief Larry Hardy said yesterday. Neighbours identified the dead child as Riley Chattaway. Riley lived in the second-floor apartment with dad Harry, his dad's live-in girlfriend and two other young children, including brother Harry Jr. and an infant stepsister. Hardy said the child's body has been taken to CHEO for an autopsy. Investigators were still awaiting the results yesterday and would provide few details about the child's death. "We're grieving," said one relative. "We just lost a child here." Other members of the Chattaway family expressed shock and grief at learning the news. "I've been hearing too many stories," said Bonnie Alcox, Harry's aunt. "I'm stunned" she said, describing Chattaway as a devoted father. "He's an excellent father," said Alcox. "I give him 100% credit for what he's done with the kids."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: In a sane society, the relative would have said: "The child has lost his life". But instead the relative says: "We just lost a child here." What is the distinction? The relative is saying that the Sacred Family Unit has been negatively affected, by the loss of a child-slave. The life of the child is given no intrinsic value of any kind. The "victim" is decreed to not be the child, since a subhuman creature's life has no value, but rather the adult sacred family unit members, it is they who perversely perceive themselves as having suffered a loss. Also note how right out of the gate the media assumes the death is a "tragic accident", not murder, and the adult relatives leap to the defense of the Daddy, who would be a prime suspect if the death was ruled a homicide.

29: Article Title: Woman who killed baby in Tenn. returning for hearing. Date of online publication: March 5, 2002. News Source: The Virginian-Pilot. Location: Virginia

Article Content: "A woman who lived in a South Norfolk mobile home where a dead baby was found agreed today to return to Tennessee to face allegations that she violated her probation for killing a newborn six years ago. Even though Courtney Jo Dukes, 25, has not been charged with a crime in the Chesapeake case, Tennessee officials said her involvement was enough for them to act. Chesapeake police have questioned Dukes about the decomposing baby boy found Feb. 21 in a plastic bag in a bedroom closet of the Sturbridge Village mobile home where she lived. Officials are awaiting an autopsy report, which could take up to eight weeks, to determine the baby's mother and how he died, and in the meantime have labeled the case a suspicious death. She faces a revocation hearing in Claiborne County on April 1 and could get up to four years behind bars if a judge determines she violated her probation, said Tennessee Eighth District Attorney Paul Phillips. Dukes' agreement to go back to Tennessee is not an admission that she committed a crime, said her Virginia attorney, Franklin Swartz, after court. Dukes had been convicted of reckless homicide for the January 1996 death of a baby she gave birth to in a dormitory while attending Lincoln Memorial University, Shoffner said. Her six-year probation was to expire in August. In addition to being linked to the Chesapeake suspicious death, Shoffner said, Dukes has not always followed the conditions of her probation. She did not maintain full-time student or employment status while living in Missouri and failed to register as a felon in Florida, Shoffner said. Dukes declined an interview request through Swartz. He said if Dukes is charged in the Chesapeake baby death, his office will handle the case."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Yet another serial child-slave murderer here. Just like many women use abortion to serially kill children, other women choose to carry to term and then kill the newborns in serial fashion. In both situations, even though the latter is officially decreed to be a "crime", society absolutely does legitimize and encourage these forms of murder, especially over all other forms of murder, to women. Consider: for every one woman who kills a "stranger", at least 150 women kill their own child-slaves or other members of their family. Society overtly encourages, in a very strident manner, all women to target first their own fetuses, then to target their own child-slaves, then members of their own family, and least of all complete strangers, if they feel compelled to kill human beings. commit murder.

30: Article Title: Bill for 'safe haven' for abandoned babies said to be flawed. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Worcester Telegram & Gazette. Location: Massachusetts.

Article Content: "The newborn girl who was dropped off and left to die at a Dorchester cemetery was among the estimated five or six children who are abandoned each year in Massachusetts. The abandonment of "Baby Rebecca" last November has spurred legislation here creating "safe havens" in which parents could leave unwanted infants, knowing the baby will be cared for and they will not be prosecuted. The safe haven bill, which is under consideration by the House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee, would designate hospitals and police and fire stations as such safe locations, as well as provide legal immunity to parents. "This will save lives," said state Rep. Thomas J. O'Brien, D-Kingston, a principal sponsor of the bill. "What we're trying to do is allow parents to bring babies to safe places instead of leaving them in trash bins, parking lots and airport bathrooms." The legislation is supported by an unusually broad coalition, including adoption groups and opponents and supporters of abortion rights, including the Catholic League and Planned Parenthood. Thirty-seven states have enacted similar laws since Texas, in 1999 under then-Gov. George W. Bush, passed the first such measure after several young children were abandoned over a short period of time. "The bill really is a compassionate opportunity for saving the lives of children abandoned by parents who are often young or desperate or unsure of the financial resources that are out there to assist them," said Raymond L. Delisle, spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Worcester. "If this legislation rescues the life of even one child it will be extremely worthwhile." Though it has broad support in the Legislature, the bill has its critics. The Child Welfare League of America has raised concerns about the safe haven approach, saying it doesn't deal with the root of the problem and harms children's ability to later find out who their true birth parents are. "It is well-intended, but you are really walking a fine line," said Joyce L. Johnson, spokeswoman for the group in Washington, D.C. "You don't want to encourage people to abandon, but you want people to get help." State Sen. Harriette L. Chandler, D-Worcester, who sponsored a similar bill when she was in the House two years ago, has withdrawn her support. She thinks the bill has several technical flaws, especially in the areas of immunity for parents and fathers' rights. Mr. O'Brien and other sponsors say they are working out technical problems while the bill is in the Ways and Means Committee. "I don't think we've found a formula that really works on this issue, but I still believe we have to find a way to ensure that young women are not abandoning their babies," Ms. Chandler said. Some supporters acknowledge that the legislation is not perfect, but that the solution it proposes is vastly preferable to the alternative: an uncertain future or death for abandoned infants. The Worcester County-based Wachusett Coalition for Choice supports the bill, with the proviso that equal efforts should be made in sex education and providing full insurance coverage for contraceptives. "We want to make sure every child is a wanted child, but safe haven legislation needs to be partnered with other kinds of health care initiatives," said Marsha R. Platt, chairwoman of the group."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This one is interesting, lemme try to quickly summarize the important Forbidden Truths. First of all, these new laws are designed not to save the lives of children by encouraging safe abandonment, but simply to provide the moral illusion that society cares about the lives of children. Secondly, societal leaders know that these laws will fail miserably in terms of getting any slaveowner to safely abandon their unwanted slave. Why will the laws fail miserably? Because there is absolutely no moral or cultural encouragement to women to abandon their children and renounce their parental obligations, in any way, shape, or form. It's like society enacting a law which allows male police officers to wear 3 inch high heeled pumps while on duty. Since society will not culturally or morally legitimize the wearing of such footwear by male police officers while on duty, the enactment of a law allowing such wearing is certain to have absolutely no impact in terms of cops actually choosing and deciding to wear such shoes while on duty. Thirdly, read this article carefully and you will note the hysterical tone of Sacred Family Unit mythology. Everybody desperately trying to deliver the message that all biological creators are morally and culturally obligated to agree to serve as parents to their creations, even as the false pretense of a "safe abandonment" option existing, is maintained.

31: Article Title: Mother misses sentencing in baby's death Judge issues bench warrant for arrest of former Allentown woman. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Morning Call. Location: Pennsylvania.

Article Content: "A woman who pleaded no contest to endangering the welfare of her baby after the child died of suffocation didn't show up to be sentenced in court Tuesday, and a bench warrant was issued for her arrest. Taisha Berry, 20, formerly of Allentown, was scheduled to be sentenced in Lehigh County Court for her role in the death of 7-month-old Lilli Santiago. Since May, Berry has been free on bail. She was allowed to live with her parents and her 3-year-old son in the Bronx, N.Y., pending her sentencing. She earlier spent six months in the county jail after police charged her and her boyfriend in the baby's November 2000 death. Her boyfriend, 19-year-old Ronnie Alacan, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced in January to 16 months to five years in prison, followed by lengthy probation. Prosecutors said Alacan wrapped the baby in a blanket and left the child in an unheated room in a second-floor apartment at 921 Hamilton St. where he lived. Neither he nor Berry checked on the baby for 11 or 12 hours. Berry found the baby blue and stiff the next morning. Prosecutors alleged that Berry violated a duty of care to her child because she didn't look after the baby. In December, Berry entered a no contest plea, and the prosecution and defense agreed that Berry would be sentenced to the six months she already has served. The prosecutor said the loss of a child was the greatest punishment Berry could face. Defense lawyer Charles Banta said Tuesday that he has tried to call Berry several times and has written her letters, but she hasn't responded. Banta said he didn't know that Berry wasn't going to show up for court. ''It was my hope she would follow through with everything and show the judge this was a very unfortunate incident,'' he said. Banta earlier had said that Berry didn't want people to think she killed her baby but entered the plea because she didn't want to risk going to trial. Defense lawyers for Berry and Alacan said their clients didn't intend any harm. At Alacan's sentencing, his lawyer said that Alacan previously had taken good care of the baby when Berry needed his help and that Alacan was guilty of ignorance. Banta said Berry was not worried about Alacan putting the child to bed the night the baby suffocated because Berry had left the baby with Alacan on other occasions when she worked. ''I'm still of the firm belief that she committed no crime at all,'' Banta said Tuesday."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: What is the key sentence of this article, as regards Forbidden Truth? Come on, figure it out, you fools... I'm waiting! Okay, here it is: "The prosecutor said the loss of a child was the greatest punishment Berry could face." Ahahahaha! What a hilarious line, but extremely common, since it perfectly represents one of the hallmark decrees of insane Sacred Family Unit mythology. The ludicrous notion that a biological mother greatly loves her womb excretion, and will suffer greatly if they "lose" their excretion, even if they themselves kill the excretion. It's a ludicrous concept, but then again, so is the entire doctrine of Sacred family Unit mythology, So it's no surprise at all that prosecutors, judges, cops, all empowered agents of society, genuinely believe that "losing a child" is a great punishment, even if all the evidence as well as all rational thought, suggests/proves that the "loser" never wanted to posses the child in the first place and is happy to be rid of the child.

32: Article Title: Baby Chelsea's father listed as a sex offender. Date of online publication: March 6, 2002. News Source: The Des Moines Register. Location: Iowa.

Article Content: Baby Chelsea, the infant whose body was found in a snowbank 15 months ago, was fathered by a then-26-year-old convicted sex offender. The child's mother, Nicole Plum, 18, was sentenced last week to 10 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment in the death of her infant daughter. Plum gave birth to the child in December 2000 at her home in Chelsea. Police said she killed the child immediately after giving birth, then disposed of the body near a wooded area by her home. The child was dubbed Baby Chelsea after her body was found in February 2001. Court records and investigators' reports indicate the child's father is Brett Breya, now 28, of Malcom, Ia. The child was conceived in February or March of 2000, when Breya was 26 and Plum was 16. "What I did was very wrong, in all aspects," Breya said Tuesday. "Any way you want to look at it, I screwed up majorly. I regret what I did." Breya faces no charges in connection with the Plum case. A key element of Plum's defense was that she didn't realize she was pregnant until the moment she gave birth. There's no indication Breya knew Plum was pregnant or that he had any contact with Plum after the encounter that led to her pregnancy. "The worst thing about this is that there's a dead baby - that's how I feel," Breya said. "I cheated on my wife and, you know, that's another terrible thing about all this. But most important, there's a dead baby." A psychiatrist's report indicates that at the time Plum met Breya, she believed he was much younger than 26. Breya said he believed Plum was much older than 16. "I don't agree with someone having sex with a 16-year-old," he said. "But I don't have any excuses for what I did because it was wrong." Breya said he learned he was Baby Chelsea's father early last year after DNA tests were conducted by criminal investigators. "I was shook up a little bit," he said. Moss said Tuesday she sought to exclude the testimony about Breya because she feared prosecutors would raise the issue to show that Plum "was a bad girl," when Plum was, in some ways, a victim herself. "Their whole point is, "She's an evil, bad person" - but nobody cares that somebody who is on the sexual registry had sex with this girl," Moss said. "It may not have been a crime, but isn't it something that should have been investigated?" Without identifying Breya as the father of Baby Chelsea, Vander Mey said this week that it's not a crime for an adult to have sex with a 16-year-old in Iowa. He said that there "was no ongoing relationship, no involvement between (Plum) and the biological father before conception or after conception." He said there's no basis for any sort of legal action against Baby Chelsea's father. "The father did absolutely nothing wrong - although certainly no one is condoning fathering children outside of marriage or even having sex outside of marriage," Vander Mey said. "But in the eyes of the law, it's not a crime to father a child out of wedlock. There's absolutely no evidence to suggest that the biological father had any involvement with the child or with Nicole after the child was conceived." In Iowa, 16 is the age at which a person can legally consent to sex with a person of any other age. Had Plum been 15 when she engaged in sex with a 26-year-old man, criminal charges of third-degree sexual abuse could have resulted. An adult in Iowa can legally engage in sex with a child of 14 or 15 unless one of the following circumstances exists: the adult is five or more years older than the minor; the adult and the minor share the same household; the two are blood relatives; or the adult is in a position of authority over the minor and uses that authority to coerce the minor to submit."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Jeez, what an insane mess this one is. Tortured child-victim kills child while she herself is a child of 16, is still criminally prosecuted, her lawyer worries that prosecutors might try to demonize her, as being "evil". She does get an outrageous 10 year sentence of punitive prison. No rape for the sex offender because it is legal in Iowa to have sexual intercourse with a 16 year old child as long as a few "conditions" are met. Nice to see how dedicated this state is to protecting children, very specifically decrees that under state law 14 year old children can have sex, etc... Note the insane references to the toxic, deranged ritual of marriage. The tortured sex offender victim declares: "I cheated on my wife and, you know, that's another terrible thing about all this." I cheated on my wife, that sentence makes me laugh, so insanely ludicrous, the notion that the marriage ritual, a fascist governmental decree designed to try and terroristically prevent human beings from having sex, could possibly have legitimacy. I can see a five year old child being worried about doing something wrong, saying, "I cheated, I stole a marble, I took it when he wasn't looking..., etc... But an adult human being, buying into the insane notion that having sex is "bad", it is "cheating", because your society has enslaved you to one fellow human via brainwashing you into agreeing to engage in an insane ritual?? Pathetic!

33: Article Title: Student accused of killing baby released on bond. Date of online publication: February 19, 2002. News Source: The Virginian-Pilot. Location: Virginia.

Article Content: "The 18-year-old Norfolk State University student accused of killing her infant daughter was released from jail today on \\$25,000 bond and will be allowed out of state to visit family in Washington. Kuturah Aldridge was granted bond this morning by Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court Judge Joseph P. Massey. She was expected to leave jail around noon, Norfolk Sheriff's Public Information Officer Don Bolger said. Aldridge was given bond provided she live with a first cousin in South Hampton Roads and continue classes at Norfolk State, where she is a freshman. If her status as a student changes, the judge wants to schedule another hearing. ``She needs to have family in daily contact with her,'' Massey said. Defense attorney Bruce C. Sams said he is confident his client can remain free until her preliminary hearing on May 7. Sams told Massey that Aldridge does not have a criminal record and has the support of family members, who won't tolerate her missing court. He said he thought the family's first cousins lived in Norfolk or Virginia Beach. The nature of the charges make her a candidate for counseling, not a threat to society, Sams said. A psychological evaluation will be performed while she is out on bond, he said. ``There is no issue of danger to the community,'' he said. Prosecutor Marjorie Arrington disagreed, emphasizing the severity of the first-degree murder charge. ``There is a maximum sentence of life'' in prison, she told Massey." "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is an update on an article I posted higher up. Just soak in the hypocrisy here. Can you imagine Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Kipland Kinkel, or any child-slave who has just killed their parent, their slaveowner, being freed on bail. No chance in hell! But as long as the victim is merely a subhuman womb excretion, no problem, out she goes on bail. Of course she deserves to be out on bail. Of course she deserves no punitive punishment. But this is equally true for ALL tortured child-victims of society, the discrimination and double standard under which most children who kill are demonized, but a girl who only kills her own womb excretion is portrayed as a relative victim, as opposed to a demon, is perverse beyond all measure.

34: Article Title: Brother of burned girl testifies: 'Don't do it,' boy recalls telling mom. Date of online publication: March 4, 2002. News Source: Miami Herald Location: Florida.

Article Content: "When the boy watched his mother fill a milk jug with gasoline and vow to burn his sister, he begged her to stop. 'I said, `Don't do it because it's going to ruin our lives,' '' the boy, now 12, testified Monday at his mother's trial. She didn't listen, prosecutors say. Now Maria Tarrago could spend the rest of her life in prison. Charged with first-degree attempted murder, aggravated child abuse and arson, Tarrago is accused of dousing her 15-year-old daughter with the gasoline and setting her on fire. She was jealous and thought that her daughter had stolen her boyfriend, prosecutors say. As the second week of her trial began, Tarrago's son told the jury that he watched his mother fill the jug with gas and set it in the bathroom. He then watched her drag by the hand his 15-year-old sister into the bathroom. A frail-looking adolescent who wiped his palms on the legs of his pants, he told the court what he did after his mother ignited a fireball that left the girl's head, arms and shoulders raw with third-degree burns. ''I got a bucket and filled it with water,'' the boy said in a halting voice, responding to questions by Assistant State Attorney Esther Rubio, who is prosecuting the case with Jon Lindeman Jr. ``Then I dumped it on her.'' The boy testified by closed-circuit television from the chambers of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Scott J. Silverman, who also ruled that the victim and her brother not be publicly identified. State law allows witnesses who are under 16 or who are mentally disabled to offer their testimony via TV. When his image first appeared on the monitor at the defense table, Tarrago reached out and placed her palm against the screen. She wept. But she later shook her head in apparent disagreement as her son's testimony seemed to contradict her claim that the burning was an accident. Her attorney, Alan Soven, told the court in his opening statement that she doused her daughter with gasoline just to scare her -- setting her on fire only by mistake. To convict her of first-degree attempted murder, jurors must believe Tarrago planned the crime. That is partly why the state called the boy to testify. A psychologist took the stand later Monday and explained how the experience affected the boy. He developed problems eating, sleeping and concentrating, the psychologist testified -- and he is wracked with guilt. Since Tarrago's arrest in 1999, the boy, age 9 when the incident happened, has lived with his father and uncle in Miami-Dade. He's in sixth grade, likes rap, jazz and classical music. His favorite subject is geography. He visits his sister -- living in foster care -- a few times a month. ''I'm happy to see she's OK and doing better now,'' the boy testified, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Ahhh, here's a juicy one, maternal love revealed and expressed, in all it's fiery glory. This Mommy embraced Sacred Family Unit mythology with gusto, at least the part about "protecting your ownership of your sex partner at all costs." Child-slave seems to be interested in stealing "her man", pour gasoline upon and set the slave on fire, problem solved. Since her other slave witnessed the whole incident, she decided to admit to pouring the bucket of gasoline all over the slave, but declare that the actual ignition of the gasoline was an "accident". "I only poured the gasoline on her to scare her." Well, gotta work with what you got, mommy. She does have the advantage of being a Sacred Mommy, I can certainly envision a judge or jury, addicted to Sacred Family Unit mythology, deciding: "Yes, I do believe that she only meant to scare her beloved child-slave by pouring gasoline on her. She couldn't have meant to actually burn her child, that could easily be fatal, and my society has taught me that mothers feel sacred love towards their womb excretions." How pathetic, but very plausible.

35: Article Title: State To Take Temporary Custody Of Beaten Boy. Date of online publication: March 4, 2002. News Source: NewsNet5. Location: Ohio.

Article Content: "While a Stark County teen continues to recover following a brutal beating allegedly at the hands of his father, lawyers and county agencies gathered in court Monday to discuss custody issues. Stephen's father, Brook Polen, 34, is in the Stark County Jail charged in his son's beating. Police said that Brook Polen beat his son with a hammer or mallet. Brook Polen, showing no emotion, agreed to a stipulation in court Monday that Stephen is an abused child. The agreement paved the way for the state to take temporary custody of Stephen without going to trial. But agreeing with the stipulation did not mean that Brook Polen agreed that he was guilty, according to his attorney, John Tsholl. "It is a general stipulation that has no effect on the criminal case at all, and it doesn't even say who did the physical abuse," Tsholl said. The teen said that his father beat him because he didn't do the laundry up to his father's standards. Stephen was left bleeding and unconscious under cold water in the shower. One police officer called it one of the most brutal beatings he has ever seen. "We have a child who has gone through immense trauma in the past few months, with the loss of his mother, moving across the country to a new community, coming to live with a father who he had just known for a few years, and then to have this incident happen," said Jerry Coleman of the Stark County Job and Family Services. "So he is going through counseling at this point." Stephen was released last week after an 18-day hospital stay, but his recovery is happening slowly. Although in the custody of the county, Stephen is being cared for by other family members. You can send donations to the Stephen Polen fund at Bank One, 101 Central Plaza South, Canton, OH 44702. Donations may be made at the Central Plaza branch office only."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: The word "custody" alone, implies utter slavery. The tortured child is an object. Who will get to own the worthless, subhuman object, is the insane societal "issue". Thanks to insane Sacred Family Unit mythology, the government and society always seek to limit their custody, therefore their responsibility, via the "temporary" custody designation. So evil is your society that even as it "seizes" the tortured child on a temporary basis, it immediately hands him back over to adult members of his Sacred Family Unit, not the Daddy, but other adult members, as if this does not reprsent a validation of the torture his father committed upon him. That's exactly what it is, society telling the tortured child: "You are a slave. You are owned as a slave by a family. We will continue to blindly enslave you to this family, insanely assuming that these other family members love you and will not torture you, even though your own father did brutally torture you." Article ends with another evil attempt at guilt denial created by your society for your benefit, give away your money to an "account" that has been named after the tortured child. Sacrifice your money to assuage your guilt. "I care about this child, look, I made a donation to the special monetary fund that by benevolent society created for this poor child." Pathetic! But it works, allows you to reject and renounce the Truth, that you, as a member of society, are guilty of the deliberate, immoral, overtly malevolent, genocidal torture and murder of children.

36: Article Title: Ex-boyfriend says Carpenter wanted him to flee U.S. with her, niece. Date of online publication: March 1, 2002. News Source: Court TV. Location: Connecticut.

Article Content: "Joseph Jebran was in love with Beth Carpenter, his girlfriend of five years, so he didn't complain too much in 1992 when Carpenter talked on and on about her parents' fight for custody and visitation with her 3-year-old niece. Jebran, an architect, took the attractive young lawyer away on cruises, signed over his weekly paycheck to her and borrowed so much money to give to Carpenter; more than $40,000; that he was forced to declare personal bankruptcy in 1991. But Jebran wouldn't do just anything for love. He testified Friday at Carpenter's murder and conspiracy trial that he refused her request to flee the U.S. with Jebran and her niece, Rebecca, to keep the child from her mother and future stepfather, Anson "Buzz" Clinton III. "She asked me if I would take Rebecca with her and run away," said Jebran, who was born in Lebanon and speaks with a heavy accent. "I said no and we got into a fight ... She said, 'You would do this if you loved me.' I said, 'This is beyond love.' " Jebran testified that the alleged request, which the defense said amounted to a kidnapping plot, was made by Carpenter in December 1992. That was at the height of a fight between Carpenter's sister, Kim, and their parents, Cynthia and Richard Carpenter, over Kim's then 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Rebecca. Cynthia Carpenter dropped her custody battle with Kim that month and was granted one weekend each month visitation with Rebecca. Jebran testified Friday that the defendant and her parents were so upset that Rebecca was going back to live with Kim and Clinton, who were not yet married, that he ended up driving the child back to the Clinton home. Jebran was an important witness for prosecutors, who have been trying since Feb. 6 to show that Beth Carpenter was trying anything and everything she could to keep Rebecca from living in a household of which she disapproved. Unable to do that, prosecutors say Carpenter got the owner of the law practice where she worked, Haiman Clein, to hire the man who has confessed to shooting and killing Clinton on March 10, 1994. Jebran testified that he broke off his long relationship with Carpenter several months before the murder because he believed; rightly, as it turned out; that Carpenter was having an affair with her boss. Carpenter confirmed the affair with Clein, a married father of five, about two months after the murder, according to testimony. Jebran told jurors that Carpenter coaxed him to Connecticut from New York for the last time to tell him about the affair, that she was pregnant with Clein's child but miscarried, and that Clinton had been the victim of a "drug-related" murder. "After what I heard that night — miscarriage, murder, Haiman — I said, 'I'm not going to give her anymore time. I'm out the door,' " Jebran said. Keefe submitted into evidence numerous love letters, cards and even a birthday card in which Jebran said his gift to her was his indebtedness and bankruptcy. "Mr. Jebran, you were in love with Beth Carpenter, isn't that right?" Keefe asked on cross-examination. "Good question. Love has different definitions," the witness answered. "But you told her you loved her, didn't you?" the lawyer pressed. "I think yes, I mentioned that. At one point, probably, I was," Jebran responded. The only other witness to take the stand Friday, retired attorney Bonita Fraser, represented an apparent shift in gears for the prosecution's case. Having told the jury much about the custody and visitation battle, prosecutors are moving closer to the heart of their conspiracy case. Fraser, who once worked with Carpenter and Clein, testified that law client Mark Depres met with Carpenter and Clein behind closed doors in Clein's office a few days before Christmas in 1993. Clein, who pleaded guilty to involvement in Clinton's killing to avoid the death penalty, is expected to testify later that Carpenter gave him Clinton's photo and other identifying information during that meeting so that Depres could track him down and kill him later."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Listen carefully folks: Romantic love is a psychotic delusion. Period. It does not exist. It is a totally misleading term created by societal leaders to cloak the situation of two self-hating human beings, trying to cope with their lives by deluding both themselves and each other into believing that they feel "romantic love" toeards each other. Psychotic delusions lead to insane enmeshment and perverse emotional dependency, and children are the perfect object upon which to center all of the delusional psychosis that the mentally ill adult victims are plagued by, as perfectly illustrated by the facts of this case. Notice how the two main players are desperately trying to "feel loved", by imposing burdens upon each other. The insane gal demands: If you love me you would kidnap this familial child-slave." The insane guy insists: "I love you so much, I was willing to give away all of my money to you, to make you happy." It is no coincidence that this giving away of money by the man to the woman, in a romantic relationship, is decreed by society to be not only the right thing to do, but a genuine demonstration of love. How insane, none of you can love yourselves, but you think you can love other human beings, even though the actual emotion of love, as properly defined, can only be felt and experiences towards oneself, internalized as opposed to externalized.

37: Article Title: Woman Gets Life for Killing Niece. Date of online publication: March 1, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Nevada.

Article Content: "A medical technician was sentenced to life in prison without parole Friday for killing her pregnant niece and carving the fetus from the girl's womb. Erin Kuhn, 33, earlier pleaded guilty to first- and second-degree murder charges to avoid the death penalty for the June 2000 deaths of Kathaleena Draper, 17, and Draper's unborn baby. Prosecutors say Kuhn plotted the killing after Draper backed out of plans to allow Kuhn to adopt the baby. Kuhn, who worked in a hospital emergency room in Sacramento, told the judge she had been obsessed for years about having another child. "I was so focused on baby Jeffrey that I did something I didn't think I was capable of." The judge rejected Kuhn's lawyers' arguments that she was mentally unstable at the time and should remain eligible for release at some point following extensive treatment. Defense attorney Tod Young said she became fixated on her desire to have more children and be a stay-at-home mother after she developed cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. She also had been abusing prescription drugs, he said. "We don't claim she was legally insane," Young said. "But you cannot doubt, you cannot question that she was mentally disturbed." Kuhn apologized to the victims and her family and expressed sorrow for her 11-year-old son, who lives with his father in Arizona. "I love this child, and now he's going to grow up without me. And I hate myself every day for that," she said."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: There it is again, the insane myth of "love". Is it more toxically genocidal than the god myth, the love myth?? Well, it's pretty close. Both of these insane myths spark incredible derangement in behavior, ideology, and philosophical belief, within a tremendous number of societal torture victims. Just listen to this Sacred Mommy bemoaning the sad fate of her son: "I love this child, and now he's going to grow up without me. And I hate myself every day for that." No Erin, you hate yourself because you falsely and delusionally believe that you have failed in your maternal obligation to maintain possession of your biological creation. A delusion that your society maliciously seeks to terroristically implant within the very core consciousness of all female citizen-slaves. Mommy Erin developed a "psychotic obsession" with becoming the owner of another child, simply because her society chooses to create a "psychotic inducement" within the minds of as many female citizens as it possibly can, that they need to serve as mommies, to breed and create, then assume ownership of, as many children as they possibly can. Put society on trial. Impose a death penalty upon the entire human race, not upon Erin, who is simply a tortured victim-creation of a deranged species.

38: Article Title: Man Faces Life in Baby Death. Date of online publication: February 26, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Michigan.

Article Content: "A man was convicted of murder and child abuse in the beating death of a 3-month-old baby handed over to him at a bus stop by the infant's mother. He faces life in prison. Jurors convicted Harold Reed on Monday in Isaiah Lewis' death last summer after deliberating for three hours. He told officers he hit the baby to stop his crying. Reed, 49, was initially charged with first-degree murder but the jury said evidence was lacking that his actions were premeditated. He was found guilty of second-degree murder. The child's mother, Shaniqua Betty, 21, told police she handed Isaiah to Reed because she wanted to return home to get her purse and shoes. She testified that she had been fighting with her boyfriend and had run barefoot from their home without a purse or diaper bag. Betty has been charged with second-degree child abuse and faces trial this spring."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Just a general point here: 99% of all child abuse and child murder would cease, it would end, it would not occur, if only you pathetic and evil creatures were willing to embrace my Mandatory Parental Competency Test proposal, my Mandatory, Yearly, Live-In Child Assessment Center proposal, and to throw off the rotting veil of Sacred Family Unit mythology that you creatures insanely devote your lives to embracing, with genocidal results.

39: Article Title: D.C. Policy-Makers: Marriage Is Back. Date of online publication: February 28, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Washington, DC.

Article Content: "Marriage, butt of untold numbers of jokes over the centuries, is back. After years of what one researcher calls an "enforced spell of silence," marriage is the new mantra among Washington policy-makers who want to nudge unwed parents toward the altar to improve their lives and those of their children. "We will work to strengthen marriage," President Bush proclaimed this week in announcing welfare reform proposals that include spending up to $200 million a year on pro-marriage programs. It's music to the ears of conservatives, who've waited decades to hear this tune. Robert Rector, senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, says talking about the impact of marriage on social problems became "politically incorrect" in the years after Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a future senator, prompted charges of racism with his 1965 report on the breakdown of the black family. Dan Quayle got slapped around during the 1992 presidential campaign for criticizing TV's Murphy Brown for delivering a baby sans hubby. But it was President Clinton, whose marriage was a bounteous subject for armchair analysis, who really elevated the issue during the last round of welfare changes five years ago. The subject largely drifted off the radar screen again after that. "It's back, now," says Rector, "and it's a more honest discussion this time around." One reason the welfare conversation is coming back to marriage is that some 80 percent of child poverty occurs among youth from broken families or unwed parents. Nearly a third of all American children are being born out of wedlock, and children raised by never-married mothers are seven times more likely to live in poverty than those raised by married, biological parents. Bush says kids in two-parent families are also less likely to drop out of school, become addicted to drugs, have a child out of wedlock, suffer abuse or end up in prison. Conservatives would love to see all those unwed mothers marching down the aisle for moral reasons, too. But some worry the "pro-marriage" camp may get carried away about the benefits of matrimony. A three-city study released earlier this month by researchers at Johns Hopkins University found a slight increase in poor children growing up in two-parent households. "I think marriage is overrated as a cure for the problems of children in low-income families," said Andrew Chernin, a sociology professor at Johns Hopkins University and an author of the study. "No one is anti-marriage, but I don't the benefits of marriage policy are as high as some others do." Bush insists he's a realist. "I understand there are some families that simply aren't meant to be," he said Wednesday. "On the other hand, we ought to aim for a goal, a goal that recognizes the power and importance of two-parent families in America." Libertarians reject the whole idea of government trying to steer people to the altar. "It's a bit silly," said Kimble Ainslie, a policy analyst at the Cato Institute. Of course, there are other ways to entice a reluctant parent down the aisle. The Heritage Foundation's Rector, for example, suggests using celebrities to "affirm the linkage between marriage and personal happiness." No less an authority than Donald Trump; two marriages down and perhaps a third to come; is happy to oblige. "Marriage is a great institution if you get it right," he said Tuesday on MSNBC's "Region in Conflict," of all shows. "When you get it right, there's nothing better; when you don't get it right, it is a mistake." "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Oh my god! Didn't mean to use the g word, since within a sane species this word would not exist. But boy, this news article, written as a piece of governmental propaganda, is literally dripping with derangement, as well as core Forbidden Truths on this insane ritual of marriage. Note that nobody dares to say they are opposed to marriage. Why not? Because marriage is a core ritual of societal evil, so valuable in terms of genocidally enslaving human beings and destroying their lives in fascist fashion, that no political or cultural leader or agent would ever dare condemn this insane ritual. If they did, they would be demonized and ridiculed, and if they had an political standing or political aspirations, it would be fatally crushed. This applies to every politician. Clinton was vehemently pro-marriage. The fact that Bush is even more pro-marriage, even more determined to terrorize and coerce all citizen-slaves into getting married, is a worthless, moot point. Amazingly, the author of this piece of governmental propaganda masquerading as a news story opens her article by implying that marriage "used" to be unpopular, a butt of jokes. Total lie, but it helps the propaganda article falsely appear to be a little more newsworthy, the implication that marriage used to be "out", but now it's back "in". Unbelievable, how you creatures can possibly fail to realize that you live under the most fascist regime on planet earth, even after your supreme leader proudly informs you that he is going to spend at least 200 million dollars to try and terroristically brainwash as many citizen-slaves as he possibly can, into agreeing to engage in the utterly enslaving, completely unnatural, genocidally life-destroying ritual known as marriage. Here is the most evil and deliberately manipulative quote from the above article: "One reason the welfare conversation is coming back to marriage is that some 80 percent of child poverty occurs among youth from broken families or unwed parents. Nearly a third of all American children are being born out of wedlock, and children raised by never-married mothers are seven times more likely to live in poverty than those raised by married, biological parents. Bush says kids in two-parent families are also less likely to drop out of school, become addicted to drugs, have a child out of wedlock, suffer abuse or end up in prison." Unbelievable! The reason why child poverty is much higher in "single parent households", is because the government itself is choosing to structure it's genocidally evil economic system in such a way so as to make it impossible for most adults who refuse to pair up into a live-in, preferably married couple, to economically support a child, just as it is economically impossible for most single adults to purchase their own private, detached house. These economic restraints are not due to "luck", you fools! Your government, with genocidal malece aforethought, uses economic terrorization to try and force human beings to pair up, live with each other, and marry each other, using children as bait. The citizen-slaves are told: "You really need to find a lover to live with/marry, because otherwise your beloved children will suffer significant deprivation and poverty." Of course the Forbidden Truth of how and why your government deliberately and carefully makes sure that poverty will strike single parent households, is never revealed, and you creatures are too broken, brainwashed, and addicted to evil societal lies to ever recognize or accept this Truth. The president of the united states is directly responsible for and guilty of the unforgivable crime of causing "seven times more children born to never married mothers growing up in poverty, than married mothers." It is his society, his evil economic system. He is the person who authorizes his society to terroristically attempt to compel all female biological creators of children to get married, by holding the threat of poverty over their heads. The insane institution of marriage is literally being used as a weapon of mass terror, against you, the american citizenry. But alas, you creatures are far too broken, insane, Truth-hating, brainwashed, to even begin to try and embrace this Truth. Instead, even as this evil dictator publically and proudly announces that he will be spending hundreds of millions of dollars and greatly increasing his usage of this weapon of mass torture upon you, you insanely feel good, you feel happy, you feel proud, you applaud the fact that the atrocity that has been committed against you for your entire lifetime, is about to begin to be committed with even greater and more intense terroristic force, than ever before! Absolutely incredible! Reread the above article quiotes, you fools. How can you see this article as constituting anything but malevolent governmental propaganda? There is no serious attempt by the government to even conceal this Truth, since the government knows that you creatures are already hopelessly addicted to the insane notion that marriage is a legitimate, sane, valid ritual. It is not! It is an insane, irrational, toxic, enslaving, unnatural, bizarre, genocidally evil ritual, and your evil societies will stop at nothing to terroristically force you to reject this Forbidden Truth, including the commission of genocide upon children, as this article and the factual information provided, proves beyond all rational doubt. To any sane thinker, the above article proves that the american government is choosing to deliberately trap masses of it's own helpless children within a cycle of undeserved economic poverty, and it is employing the toxic ritual of marriage as a direct weapon to achieve this genocidally evil goal. Look at the remainder of this quote by the most evil supreme leader of a human society on planet earth: "kids in two-parent families are also less likely to drop out of school, become addicted to drugs, have a child out of wedlock, suffer abuse or end up in prison." Jeez louise! Society is committing genocidal abuse upon these children, economic torture, cultural condemnation, encouraging all children from two parent homes to tease and torment children from one parent homes, and on top of everything else, placing tremendous pressure upon single parents by rendering them poor and informing them that they are failing to meet societal decree and doctrine by not being married or living with a sexual lover who would serve as the 2nd parent. So this evil man is promoting the insane marriage ritual based upon the fact that child-slaves living in one family homes are likely to "suffer abuse and be less able to cope with the horrors of current societal life", even though the reason why such child slaves will suffer abuse and be unable to cope with the horrors of "regular" life is because the society that this man is the leader of, is choosing to commit genocidal abuse upon these children, as part of it's terroristic promotion of the insane marriage ritual! He doesn't even deny this Forbidden Truth, but because you creatures are so addicted to the insane notion that marriage is a natural, benevolent ritual, he doesn't need to deny it, you are insanely glad and happy that he is terroristically imposing this ritual upon you and your fell citizen-slaves. He tells you that he is promoting the insane marriage ritual because children raised by a single parent are less likely to agree to get married themselves. He admits that the ritualistic brainwashing of children into accepting the insane notion that they need to get married in order to live a normal, proper life, is one of the primary reasons why he4 is terroristically attempting to coerce all of you creatures into getting married. But his admission of Truth is of no use to you, because you cannot even begin to appreciate the fact that this ritual is itself utterly evil and horrific, having already bought into the universal lie that marriage is a natural, good, positive activity, custom, and life path for you and for fellow humans to follow.

40: Article Title: Father Arrested In Alleged Abuse Case. Date of online publication: February 27, 2002. News Source: WDIV News. Location: Michigan.

Article Content: "Police arrested a Detroit man Tuesday night whom they accuse of abusing his 9-month-old son. Officers were called to a house in the 6400 block of Colfax Street around 7:30 p.m. Police found a couple and seven children, ranging in age from 9 months old to 11 years old, at the home. The 9-month-old was bruised, police said. He was taken to Henry Ford Hospital, where he was in critical condition. Police said that the injuries appeared to be inflicted upon the child and that it was unlikely that they came from a fall. The remaining children were placed in protective custody while the investigation continues. Police said that the mother did not have a place to live until recently. They said that the family also did not have custody of all the children until a short time ago. Investigators said that the suspect had a problem handling all of the children on his own."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Children are worthless, subhuman objects. The more worthless objects you possess, the better. Would society want to restrict the number of bananas you can buy at the supermarket? No, the more you buy, the better. So it is with child-slaves. The more slaves you own, the happier society is. You can spread the Poison Container usage around between all the children, and therefore perhaps inflict less torture upon them all on an individual basis, than would be the case if you only had one child-slave. Also, if you happen to murder or permanently cripple one or two child-slaves, it's not a big deal since you have created so many that the others will grow up to become economically productive citizen-slaves. If you kill 1 or 2 slaves, we, as a society, can still step in and "rescue" the survivors, adopting the attitide that we have proven our love of children by saving the survivors from suffering the same criuppling or death that befell the 1 or 2 who were crippled/killed. In fact, we increase our chances of discovering whether or not a parent is a child torturer/murderer, by encouraging the parent to have as many children as possible. The more children the parent has, the better the chance that we will eventually find out if he is a killer or torturer of children, because it is harder to keep hidden and secret the torture of 4, 6, 7, 8+ children at a time, than the torture of a single child. These are reasons why society encourages as much breeding as possible among you citizen-slaves, and of course the utterly subhumanized state of each child renders it to automatically become the unquestioned property of it's creator.

41: Article Title: Neb. Grandmother Charged With Abuse. Date of online publication: February 26, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Nebraska.

Article Content: "A 2-year-old girl died after her grandmother hit her in the face for going to the bathroom on the floor, according to court records. Annette Hirsch's body was found Saturday wrapped inside plastic garbage bags and secured with duct tape and shoe lace. Her grandmother, Michelle Hirsch, 49, was charged with intentional child abuse resulting in the death of a child, which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. Hirsch cut her wrists with a razor blade while rescuers attempted to resuscitate the toddler. She remained hospitalized Tuesday in serious condition. Hirsch told investigators she became upset after Annette went to the bathroom on the floor Friday, court records indicate. When the girl refused to clean it up, Hirsch put her in the bathtub and threw cold water on her, which Hirsch told an investigator was a potty training method. When Annette did not obey, Hirsch told the investigator she "grabbed Annette by the back of her head and used her hair to clean up the feces in the bath tub." Hirsch told the investigator the child moved to the back of the tub and said, "No, Grandma, no," and then she hit the child in the face with an open hand, knocking her unconscious, according to the affidavit. She put Annette to bed but found her dead the next morning and placed the body in plastic bags so the smell of decomposition would not "stink up" the house, court records indicated."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This is Truth, you creatures. This is what you human beings think of your children. This is the value that you creatures place upon your children. Do not dare try to claim that you, personally, love your children. Do not try to claim that you, personally, would not torture/murder your children, as the legal owners and Sacred Family Unit members have done, as outlined in the 40+ current news articles that I am listing here. Do not dare try to claim that these are "isolated incidents", that these cases do not accurately reflect the "mainstream" ways that children are treated by their Sacred Family Unit owners/members. All of these claims are lies, pathetically invalid rationalizations, that you creatures engage in for the purpose of maintaining an illusion of morality and decency, even as you directly sponsor and legitimize the mass, genocidal torture/murder of your children, directly and specifically under Sacred Family Unit mythology, the societal doctrine under which you agree to live as a member of a society which sponsors, legitimizes, and commits genocide upon it's children. Whether or not you personally have chosen to inflict direct torture upon your own child-slaves, and a huge majority of you have, is irrelevent as regards the True facts that you cannot possibly feel genuine love for your children and you cannot possibly adopt the illusion that you would not torture/murder your children, even if you do choose to not torture/murder your children on a personal level. Simply by choosing to live as a member of a genocidally evil society and embracing the legitimacy of Sacred Family Unit mythology, you prove, beyond all doubt, that you support the genocide of children, as well as affirm your own personal right to torture/murder your legally owned children, a right that your society grants you as part of it's core stuctural and operational systems. The utter contempt that this Nebraska grandmother possessed towards the life of her subhumanized Sacred Family Unit object-slave, within her True Reality, and the malice with which she chose to treat the subhumanized slave, represents nothing more than a fair, normal, appropriate, accurate reflection of the mainstream, factually and ideological accurate teachings, decrees, and mandates of american society itself, as regards the subhumanized, worthless status of all children within the Sacred Family Unit mythological structure. This means that every single one of you who live as a citizen-slave of america, are directly responsible for each and every act of child torture/murder that occurs in your society, within the Sacred Family Unit dynamic. It is you who insist upon owning slaves. It is you who insist upon being given possession of your biological creations. It is you who refuse to accept Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. It is you who refuse to accept Mandatory, Yearly, Live-In Child Assessments. It is you who insist upon maintaining the delusion that children belong with their families. It is you who insist upon using children as Poison Containers, pathologically imposing all of your suppressed ragem hate, terrors, and life frustrations upon children. It is you who insist upon trying to mold your children into your own perverse image. It is you who insist upon torturing your children as you yourselves were tortured when you were a child. It is you who choose to legalize child torture, such as spanking, just because you were subjected to these types of childhood tortures when you were a child, and as an adult you subconsciously thirst for vengeance and employ your children as worthless receptacles. It is you who create children because you seek to own and possess living slaves, to do with as you wish. So, let none of you even try to make the claim that you personally are a a "good" person, you personally love your child/children, treated your children well, and would never abuse/harm them. You cannot make this claim, even if you have never deliberately harmed your own child in any way, which only one parent out of 10,000 could Truthfully say. Even if you are this 1 parent out of 10,000, the fact is that you still retained your right to torture your child, you still chose to legitimize and sponsor both your own right to torture/kill your own children, and the mass enablement and encouragement that all parents receive from their society, to torture and brutalize their child-slaves. You did this by allowing your society to exist and function as it does, and by choosing to live as a member of the society.

42: Article Title: Perv Mom Charged In Kid-Porn Outrage. Date of online publication: February 24, 2002. News Source: The New York Post Location: New York.

Article Content: "A Staten Island school-bus driver was arraigned yesterday on charges of photographing eight minors, including her two daughters, performing sex acts for the camera while smoking and boozing it up. Cops said Sandra Delgrosso, 37, snapped the series of explicit photos of the kids, ages 8 to 15, during a seamy party Jan. 26 at her Tottenville home. The mother of four, wearing her school-bus jacket, burst into tears during her arraignment at Staten Island Criminal Court. Delgrosso was being held on \\$25,000 bail. The suspect encouraged the children to "engage in sexual performance," all the while taking "numerous photographs" of the acts, according to the criminal complaint. And Delgrosso's two daughters, ages 9 and 6, are also depicted in the pornographic photos, police said. Cops are investigating at least two other families that may have been present at the sex party. Neighbors said they were stunned by the arrest of Delgrosso, who's been suspended from her job with Staten Island-based Atlantic Express Coachways. They added that Delgrosso lives for her kids - and even had their names tattooed on her shoulder. She was "always friendly and seemed like a good mother, and I'm shocked to hear what was going on," said one neighbor. A spokesman for the Administration for Children's Services said that Delgrosso is the subject of an ongoing investigation into suspected child abuse concerning her four kids. Last month, the ACS began investigating charges of "inadequate guardianship" and "parental substance abuse" after receiving a complaint from a caller. A caseworker had gone to the house, but no determination had been made. Delgrosso has been charged with use of a child in sexual performance, possession of an obscene sexual performance by a child and endangering the welfare of a child. If convicted, she faces up to 15 years in prison."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: This newspaper is known for being "tabloidy" is style, but still, the primary reason why the headline is so "editorialistic" by referring to this Sacred Mommy as a "perv", is because in addition to being insanely addicted to Sacred Family Unit mythology, american society is also insanely uptight and fascist as regards sexual autonomy and conduct. Can you imagine the word "perv" being used in the headline if this Sacred Mommy was charged with "merely" committing violent assault upon her two slaves? No, a brutal beating would not earn the label of "perv", and would be decreed as far less of a serious or newsworthy crime, even though in the vast majority of situations a violent physical beating causes significantly more harm to a child, both physical and emotional/psychological harm, than the vast majority of different types of "sexual" abuse. And yet your perverse society overtly decrees, both by law and by cultural mandate, that the sexual abuse of children is far less acceptable than the physical abuse of children, even going so far as to overtly legalize many types of physical abuses of children, such as "spanking". Here the insane lie that society is sincerely interested in trying to protect children from abuse, is laid bare. If society had any such interest, but for some reason could not demonize and condemn all forms of child abuse, it would at least focus upon demonizing and condemning the more harmful, as opposed to the less harmful, forms of child abuse. But no, your evil society does the reverse, actually choosing to encourage the more harmful form of abuse, physical assault, and discurage, to a degree, the less harmful form of abuse, sexual "abuse", which in many cases does not even involve directly sexual contact with an adult and therefore more accurately deserves an even milder label than abuse, such as sexual "exploitation". On a separate note, it's interesting that a neighbor, of course hopelessly addicted to Sacred Family Unit mythology herself, tells us that this Sacred Mommy: "Lives for her kids - and even had their names tattooed on her shoulder." hahaha! She lives "through" her kids, you idiot. This is the basic structural dynamic of the Poison Container system. The child exists as a garbage can, and the parent throws all of her emotional and psychological baggage into the human garbage can, her child-slave. Only from the most deranged viewpoint, could this type of obsessive malevolence be perceived as constituting "love" or benevolent, obsessive in a good way, devotion", which is what the neighbor means when she says that she thought this Mommy was "living for her kids". As far as tattooing their names on her shoulder, what a perfect demonstration of ownership this is: "You belong to me, I own you, never forget that, you slaves. I possess you, mind, body, and soul. I imprint your name upon my body, as permanent proof of your enslavement to me."

43: Article Title: Beaten Independence Child Dies. Date of online publication: February 22, 2002. News Source: KMBC News. Location: Missouri.

Article Content: "An Independence child who was found beaten and unresponsive died Friday. Alexis Smothers, 23 months, was pronounced dead shortly after 4 p.m. Alexis was still breathing early Friday through a respirator. A second brain scan Friday again showed no activity. Her mother's boyfriend is suspected of beating Alexis, but investigators also talked to Alexis' father Friday. After seeing Alexis' battered body, investigators said they suspected ongoing abuse. Fire and ambulance crews found the toddler in a makeshift bed. She was completely unresponsive, according to police reports. "(She didn't) react to (any) stimulus whatsoever, (and there was) massive bruising all over the child's body consistent with child abuse as opposed to accidental falls," said Bill Pross of the Independence Police Department. Some neighbors said they suspected abuse, too, but their phone calls to state agencies did not prompt action, Breit reported. "I knew something was going on, but I couldn't prove it," neighbor Ginger Pearce said. Pearce said she has called the Child Abuse hot line about what was going on in her neighbor's apartment five times. "One night in particular, the baby was crying really bad for two hours straight," Pearce said. "I heard slapping. I heard children screaming," neighbor Virginia Pearce said. Alexis lived with her mother, her 5-year-old brother, and her mother's boyfriend, Bobby Matthews. Matthews had an odd connection to Alexis and her mother. "Matthews and Alexis' father were cellmates up until recently," said Bill Pross of the Independence Police Department. Independence detectives traveled to the state penitentiary in Jefferson City, Mo., Friday to interview Michael Smothers. The 5-year-old boy is with a trusted family member, and the mother filed a restraining order against Matthews, who is currently in jail, police said. He was previously arrested on warrants and an unrelated charge of giving a false name to police. One neighbor said she called the Division of Family Services hot line. DFS personnel said they didn't have enough information to investigate, so they supposedly recommended calling the police. The neighbor said she did not call. "It seems like when you get involved sometimes, sometimes it backfires on you or something. I don't know. It's happened to me in the past," Pearce said. "You're on that fine line, teetering back and forth. You're not quite sure what you want to do, and now it's too late," neighbor Mark Mikula said. "We'll call DFS for you. Call 911. If you ask, we won't come to your house. Say, 'Don't come to my house, and don't say who I am.' That's fine. We'll protect that," Pross said. A representative of the Division of Family Services said the division received one call last month but didn't have enough information to act."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Hahaha. Listen to me, you pathetic creatures, at least try to accept the most blatantly obvious Truths, Truths which merely reveal your society as being profoundly evil, and spare you from directly having to face up to this Truth about yourselves personally. DFS, CPS, whatever the hell your government decides to name these "agencies", provides such a Truth, undeniable and not even threatening to your own self-delusions of personal decency: No "child protection" agency that is operated, funded, or sponsored by the american government, has any desire or intention to either protect or save children from any type of abuse, harm, victimization, or murder. This is a simple, clear, undeniable Forbidden Truth. The government has no such desire, and it certainly would not allow the agencies that it creates, sponsors, and empowers, to have such a goal. The goal of all "child protection agencies" is to promote and legitimize Sacred Family Unit structures, the marriage myth, and to "encourage families to stay together." All three of these perverse goals serve to overtly increase and facilitate the mass torture and victimization of children! Therefore, not only is it impossible for any child protection agency to have a "goal" of protecting children, but the overt goals that such agencies do have, are guaranteed to increase, encourage, directly facilitate the ongoing mass abuse of children. You can't even argue that such agencies are "neutral", meaning they do not discourage mass child torture, but neither do they overtly enourage it. No! These agencies are maliciously designed to absolutely and overtly promote and encourage mass child torture, the exact opposite purpose of what you pathetic brainwashees have been deluded into thinking their purpose to be. The above article provides perfect proof of this Truth. First, no citizen-slaves is encouraged to report any child abuse. They are told such reporting violates Sacred Family Unit mythology. If a report is made, CPS and the police work together to try and "resolve" the situation in such a way so as not to interfere with the Sacred Family Unit. Sometimes CPS will totally ignore the report, other times it will pass the buck to the local pigs, who will ignore it themselves. Other times a visit to the home will occur, with the CPS worker actually hoping to find nobody at home, so they can adopt the illusion thatthey "tried to investigate the situation". If access to the house is gained, the CPS employee has a mission of "proving" that abuse did not occur, "proving" that the parent loves and wants to keep the child, "proving" that the child is not in any serious, ongoing danger, all for the purpose of letting the tortured, helpless child-slave remain trapped within a toxic, Sacred Family Unit prison, with absolutely no way to escape or get help once the door is closed and locked behind the CPS societal whore. Any type of excuse or claim is accepted, declared to be "proof" that the child is not in any "immediate danger". The fact that the slaveowners are drug addicts, former prisoners, law-breakers, all this is dismissed, nothing may be allowed to interfere with Sacred Family Unit mythology. In a sane society, no child protective agency would ever have any "burden of proof". Never! The notion that the state needs to prove that the Sacred Family Unit owners pose a danger to the child, in order to have any authority to interfere with the ownership/possession of the child, is insane and repugnant. In a sane society, a single complaint, totally unverified, would be more than enough for the state to seize the child, place the child in a Mandatory Child Assessment Center, terminate all parental/family unit access to the child, and properly determine, via a 1-4 week examination, whether or not the child has in fact been abused in any way. 99.5% of the time, abuse would be uncovered, and then all contact with the abuser(s) would be permanently ended. This would be a sane way to deal with all "reports" of a child being abused. But no, you genocidally evil creatures, knowing that 99.5% of all reports of child abuse do in fact involve the child actually being abused, gleefully applaud and support your society's decision to automatically assume that the child is not being abused, is not in any immediate danger, should remain at the mercy of his Sacred Family Unit torturers, and that a burden of proof should exist upon or upon someone who supposedly cares about the child, to "prove" that the child was/is being abused. You rationalize this by clinging to your Sacred Family Unit mythology and by focusing upon the fact that you would not want the state to seize your own child-slaves, the child-slaves that the vast majority of you are overtly abusing right now, have overtly abused in the past, or at least crave to retain the slaveowner right to overtly abuse in the future. How pathetic! You know that 99.5% of all child abuse reports are valid, the child really is being abused. But you operate under a structural system that demands that all reports of child abuse be considered and treated as being false. Even though 99.5% of such reports are True! Why do you do this? Because you support child abuse, you want children to be abused, you know that your society supports, encourages, promotes, child abuse, even if you refuse to consciously admit to this Truth. You have an extreme vested interest to defend your own personal right and ability to own child-slaves, and to be able to continue to treat these life forms as worthless, subhuman, objects. At the same time, all of these Forbidden Truths must be consciously denied and rejected. This is why you command your society to create "child protection agencies", order your society to pretend to command these agencies to "save and rescue children from abuse", criticize, demonize, and condemn these agencies for "failing to do their job properly", while at the same time actually demanding that these agencies encourage, enable, and sponsor the genocidal abuse/murder of children. Got that, folks?? You demand that these agencies sponsor mass child torture, but pretend to be trying to prevent mass child torture. Then, when mass child torture does occur, you can blame the agency for failing to do it's job, even though the Truth is the agency is doing the job that your society empowers it to do, to enable and facilitate mass child torture within sacred family units, to perfection. This way you can maintain the delusion that both you as an individual and your society as a whole, love children and are trying to protect/help children, but there is a "problem with the CPS agencies, they are to blame." You shift blame upon your very own creation, which is simply doing exactly what you and your societies subconsciously want and demand it to do: Sponsoring and enabling the genocidal abuse of children.

44: Article Title: Poundstone Gets "A-Plus": Report card time for Paula Poundstone. Date of online publication: February 21, 2002. News Source: E! Online. Location: California.

Article Content: "The embattled comic was in court Wednesday for a progress hearing in her child-endandgerment case, and the presiding judge gave her a gold star for good behavior. "You have done so exceedingly well," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bernard J. Kamins told Poundstone. "It is rare for me to see someone...strive so hard for the purpose of getting kids back. "I recognize someone who is putting in an A-plus effort." Kamins eased the terms of Poundstone's probation, allowing the yukmeister to do her stand-up gigs without a court-appointed monitor and extending the number of days she's allowed to travel for work from three to five. One area the judge refused to relent on, however, was Poundstone's visitation with her kids. A monitor still must be present during Poundstone's daytime visits with her three adopted children. (In an earlier ruling, Kamins had two foster children removed from Poundstone's care and barred her from taking in any more.) Poundstone was arrested last June on child-abuse charges and eventually pleaded no contest to one felony count of child endangerment for drunken driving with children (she was taking her kids to get ice cream) and one misdemeanor count of inflicting injury to a 12-year-old on three occasions. She was sentenced in October to five years' probation and 180 days in drug and alcohol rehab, which she successfully completed in December. Outside court, Poundstone sarcastically noted her good grades ("I got an A-plus!") and joked about her new stand-up routine ("A drunk felon is such a good storyteller"). When not working or going to counseling, she says she spends "every waking moment" with her kids."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Here you see more proof of the limitless contempt that your evil society has towards all children. Judge, highly empowered agent of society who must not merely uphold, but overtly promote all of the insane doctrine of the society that employs him, bends over backwards to publically applaud a famous child abuser for agreeing to regain her child-slaves. Of course this was not really a choice, since her career would have suffered greatly, due to media condemnation, if Paula had publically proclaimed that she wanted to sever all parental rights to her abused victims. The judge insanely declares: "(thank you for) striving so hard for the purpose of getting your kids back." I am modifying this quote a bit, but this is the exact message he was trying to deliver in his public comments. He was thanking her, an admitted and proven abuser of children, for wanting to get back her slaves, and setting a good "public example" of how all child abusing slaveowners should always try hard to regain possession of any child-slaves that their society might seize from them. How perverse! In any sane sociey, the notion that this woman should ever regain any access to any of her abused child-slaves, would be decreed as utterly ludicrous, not even worthy of a second of deliberation or consideration. She deliberately endangered the lives of numerous slaves, a criminal act. She chose to drive a car while intoxicated, another criminal act. She has demonstrated that she cannot cope with life without artificially altering her brain chemistry. She has serially abused a child-slave on at least three occasions. She either admits or has been found guilty of all of these actions/crimes. The notion that she can or should be entrusted to care for helpless children in the future, is ludicrous. It proves beyond all doubt that your society desires that genocidal child abuse occur, and has not an iota of interest or intent to protect aby child from any abuse, within it's evil Sacred Family Unit structure. The abuser knows that child welfare is a genuine joke, so proudly mimics her society as she talks to the media, cracking jokes and proudly affirming that she is working on regaining the toxic Sacred Family Unit enmeshment that her society promotes, by declaring that "When not working or going to counseling, I spend every waking moment with my kids." Absolutely perfect comment, just what society wants, citizen slave is addicted to her job, addicted to her slaves, getting "counseling" to try and wean herself off of the addictions to drugs and alcohol that were caused by the stresses and traumas, abuses and victimizations, including the addiction to work and the societal mandate that she had & has an obligation to serve as a child caretaker, that her evil society imposed upon her. "You too can do it, you can get back possession of your tortured slaves, the very slaves, the same ones, that you tortured. It's easy! All you have to do is get a job and go to counseling. We know you loooove your child-slaves and you want them back, so what if you tortured them in the past, endangered their lives, maybe even killed one or two of them?? That's no big deal! They are only subhuman pieces of property, and they exist to serve your needs. Our beloved god myth preaches that you can be redeemed, and you've done it! You are agreeing to live as a law abidingand productive member of your society, so here they are, catch them, we are throwing your slaves back into your clutches! And hey, if you find yourselves needing to use your slaves as Poison Containers once again, in order to cope with the stresses of life, go right ahead, your slaves are yours to do with as you please, once again!" This is Sacred Family Unit mythology and malice in glorious bloom, as relates specifically to how seized child-slaves of known/proven/convicted child torturers, are returned back to their very own torturers.

45: Article Title: Foster Mother Found Guilty In Boy's Death. Date of online publication: February 19, 2002. News Source: NewsNet5 News. Location: Ohio.

Article Content: "A foster mother's home was supposed to be a safe haven for victims of suspected child abuse. But something went terribly wrong, and Jacqueline Clark, 62, could now be headed to prison. NewsChannel5's Debora Lee reported that Clark had been a foster mother for about one year when Devin Wilder, 2, was placed in her home. The child died, and on Tuesday, a jury said that Clark was responsible. Clark was visibly shaken, even before the verdict was read. The grandmother was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and child endangering. She could go to prison for as many as 15 years -- time that her attorney said she doesn't deserve. "I personally don't think she was guilty of either one of those counts," said Michael Peterson, Clark's attorney. "We, of course, will appeal the case." The county thought that Wilder would be safe in Clark's home when they suspected that he and his younger sister, Makenna, were being abused at home. The children were taken away after Makenna suffered some broken bones. It was later discovered that she has brittle-bone disease. Prosecutors said that Clark's 15-year-old granddaughter beat and shook Devin to death. The teen was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and is serving time in Devin's death, but the boy's parents said that Clark must share some of the responsibility. "She left Devin with a 15-year-old and she didn't call 911 until Saturday morning," said Antoinette Artale, Devin's mother. "The doctor said that if he had been taken to the hospital Friday night, there was a 50-50 chance he would have made it." "She had no idea Devin Wilder was injured until the next morning," Peterson said. As for Devin's parents, they're going to try to move on. "It's hard, but we have to do it for Devin," Artale said. The first order of business for Devin's parents is to try to get Makenna back from foster care. Although the girl's brittle-bone disease was discovered, the county still has custody of her. There will be another hearing next month."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Note that this article adopts a tone that the state is somehow to blame for causing this child-slave murder, by breaking up the original biological family unit because one of the babies was repeatedly having her bones break. Always sanctifying Sacred Family Unit above all else, especially biological Sacred Family Units, pathetic! The fact is, the government has an utter obligation to immediately assume custody of any young child who suffers even a single mysterious, unexplainable bone break. And even if it is later discovered by medical tests that the child suffers from a brittle bone disease, society is obligated to not simply assume that this diagnosis "proves" that the child was not being abused. In all cases and in all situations, within a sane society, parenthood and the right to care for any child would be treated as a privilege which must be earned, never a "natural" or intrinsic right. Every human being who desires to serve as a caretaker to a child would be affirmatively required to prove competency,to prove that they deserve this privilege, by having to take and pass strict Mandatory Parental Competency tests, and of course to still be subjected to regular monitoring of the status of all children in their care afterwards, by the state, via a Yearly Live-In Child Assessment Center as well as additional checks. Children are subjected to genocidal torture in america because absolutely no regard for their welfare exists within the evil and insane societal system. Neither biological parents, nor foster parents, nor orphanage employees, nor anyone else who is given direct caretaker/owner access to children, needs to demonstrate any type of competency to society in order to gain such access. This simple fact proves beyond all doubt that your societal leaders want their children to be genocidally tortured and consider their individual welfare and lives, to have absolutely no value of any kind.

46: Article Title: Emotional Support May Temper Spanking's Ill Effects. Date of online publication: February 19, 2002. News Source: Reuters. Location: Michigan.

Article Content: "Mothers who spank their children may do no harm if they temper their paddles with plenty of love and support, researchers report. "If you do spank, you need not believe you're doing some terrible thing to your child--it depends on the emotional context," study author Dr. Vonnie C. McLoyd, a professor of psychology and a research scientist at the Center for Human Growth and Development at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, told Reuters Health. The researchers hoped to determine whether spanking could lead to behavioral problems such as aggression and low-self esteem among children--as has been found previously--and whether mothers' support and warmth toward their children influenced spanking's potentially damaging effects. McLoyd and colleague Julia Smith tracked around 2,000 black, white and Hispanic children for six years, starting from when they were 4 or 5 years old. Every two years, their mothers reported how often they spanked their children and rated their children on displays of aggression, acting out, not being able to follow direction, depression and anxiety. The researchers also took into account gender and family income level, which can influence a child's behavior. The researchers also assessed the amount of emotional support provided to the children by their mothers, based on a home visit during each year of the study. The findings were published in the February issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family. The researchers reported that regardless of the behavior observed at the outset of the study, when spanking was sustained or increased over time, the children tended to display more behavioral problems during the following time period. And these problems were accelerated when spanking increased over time. But children whose mothers spanked them but provided strong emotional support were no more likely to exhibit subsequent behavioral problems. "The amount of emotional support of a mother towards a child moderates the relationship between spanking and behavioral problems," McLoyd explained. "When you get spanked, how you interpret it as a child may depend upon what kind of relationship you have with your mother. If she's generally warm and supportive, you are less likely to interpret spanking as a rejection of you." However, parents who are considering the use of spanking need to make sure that physical discipline doesn't veer into outright physical abuse, which is clearly harmful to the child, McLoyd noted. "I think we should minimize the use of spanking as a disciplinary strategy," she said. "But if you're going to spank, you need to emphasize to the child that you love the child. You should say, 'I don't like the behavior'--as opposed to 'I don't like you."' SOURCE: Journal of Marriage and Family 2002:64:40-53."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Where to begin? First of all, so-called "scholarly research journals" such as this "Journal of Marriage and Family" are usually nothing more than propaganda manuals, employed by societally addicted and beholden researchers, who serve as agents of society, to create the illusion that their studies and research efforts are truly independent and Truth-based. The fact is, a journal of "marriage and family", created by american researchers using the american standards of legitimacy with regard to the cultural institutions of marriage and the family unit, cannot possibly deliver profound Truth. It's very foundational premises are bound to be fatally flawed, in sympathy with the deranged mandates of their society on these two issues. Moving on to the content of this research study, it is ridiculous on it's very face, as far as a tool of possible reform. The core premise of this study is on whether or not a child torturer who chooses to employ the legal form of abuse known as spanking to victimize their child, might be able to counteract the harmful effects of the spanking, by treating the child well in other ways. This is an insane premise! Only in an ultra-diseased society would such a premise even be considered worthy of study. Why should there be any need to know whether or not it is possible to minimize the harm that is caused to children via the commission of a brutal, violent assault upon the child?? Why not simply prevent the commission of the original act of brutality? This way there would be no need to try and "counteract" the harmful consequences of the act of brutality?? I'll tell you why: It's because the commission of genocidal harm upon children, the commission of brutal physical assault upon children, is a core operational mandate of american society. Millions upon millions of adult citizen-slaves use the physical assault of their own children, as an important, major, primary way of relieving their suppressed rage, hate, terrors, and life frustrations, that american society is guilty of creating within them. If society attempted to criminalize spanking, widespread social upheaval would result. Perversely, the parents would claim to be upset that their "personal autonomy to raise my children as I choose to" is being compromised. The actual cause of their upset, however, would be the fact that they will have lost one of the most primary Poison Container usages of their child-slaves, and they would be subjected to having to deal with, consciously face up to, the True fact that they have committed brutal abuse upon their children in the past, by "spanking" them, and they themselves are the victims of brutal abuse, if they were spanked when they were children. So, "researchers" who are addicted to their society recognize the fact that all of their research has to be "practically doable", in order for it to be recognized and appreciated, as well as financially funded. A researcher who revealed the Truth about how genocidally harmful to all children "spanking" is, even to children who are never actually spanked themselves, via the overall atmosphere of worthless, subhuman status that is created for all children who merely grow up within a society that authorizes and legalizes the commission of such violent assault upon children, and who therefore concluded that spanking should be made illegal and treated even more severely than the crime of "assault" as committed by an adult upon a fellow adult, would be shunned, dismissed, criticized, demonized, and receive no additional funding from society or from any direct societal agents or agencies. Why? Because this researcher would be revealing a Forbidden Truth that society is desperately eager to conceal/deny, as well as offering a proposal that is "undoable" in all practical terms, because american society is absolutely determined to maintain this form of brutal child assault as legal, and even to overtly encourage and promote it to all citizen-slaves, with the complete understanding that it is genocidally harmful to children. This is another Forbidden Truth, the fact that in most situations, the supreme leaders of ultra-diseased societies, despite being tortured victim-creations of the society themselves, are indeed quite aware, on a conscious or subconscious level, that they are committing genocide upon their own citizens, of all ages, with an issue such as spanking. This awareness adds to the degree of evil, of course, and it must always be denied, so that "plausible deniability" is maintained for the future. Like with slavery of blacks in america, plausible deniability was maintained while slavery of blacks was practiced, in such a way that after it became morally impossible to keep on enslaving blacks in that fashion, societal leaders were able to put forth the lie that their forefathers were not able to recognize that slavery of blacks was an unacceptable evil, they were unaware that they were committing a genocidal evil, but now a miraculous "evolution" of insight has occured, and so the evil of slavery was eliminated once leaders realized it was "evil". In point of fact, every supreme leader of american society recognized slavery was evil, if not consciously then subconsciously. But they denied this Truth, hid it from the populace, for as long as the populace was willing to maintain for themselves the collective delusion that slavery was not morally evil. Anyway, the point is that this entire research study on spanking begins with an insane premise, the notion that child abusers can limit the harm they cause by committing one form of child torture, by refraining from torturing their children in other ways, such as telling them they are hated and worthless and other forms of "emotional" torture. This is ridiculous. Inflicting two different forms of torture upon a child may well cause more severe harm to the child than merely inflicting one form of torture upon him, but to use this fact to try and legitimize the commission of one form of child torture upon children, is morally insane and repugnant. This is exactly what this research study set out to do. The author of the study declares: "If you do spank, you need not believe you're doing some terrible thing to your child--it depends on the emotional context." This statement is not only completely false, but it is genocidally evil, in the Truest sense of the word, in terms of legitimizing and promoting the genocidal evil of his society. He is trying to use this research study to legitimize the societal decree that physically assaulting children is not a terrible, harmful thing to do. He adopts the insane notion that it makes a difference whether or not the parent who is assaulting the slave "feels love" towards the slave, or "feels hate". He is implying that if the parent committing the assault feels love towards his victim, the spanking/assault is unlikely to be seriously harmful to the child-victim, but if the parent hates the child, the assault is likely to cause harm. That is insane! It's like saying that if I shoot you dead with a gun upon which I have written the word "love", I am harming you less than if I shoot you dead with a gun upon which I have written the word "hate". In reality, there is every reason to believe that a person who spanks their child-slave because they believe they "feel love" towards the child, is likely to cause significantly more emotional damage to the child, than a person who faces up to the Truth that they do not love their child as they spank him. The latter person may well inflict more physical damage upon their slave, but the former will inflict more emotional damage, since the tortured child-victim may begin to associate the notion of "love" with personal torment and suffering, leading to an embrace of suicide, self-abuse, self-hatred, in the future. It is a measure of the utterly deranged structure of human society, that a so-called "scientific researcher" could conclude that the perceived "emotional context" of a genocidally evil act, the violent assault of a child, could and does play a primary role in determining how "harmful" the act is likely to be, to it's victims. On top of everything else, the way this study was conducted makes it ludicrously invalid. 2000 mothers were interviewed once every two years, asked how often they spanked their children, and told to "rate their children on displays of aggression, acting out, not being able to follow direction, depression and anxiety." Hahahaha. Folks, you live as members of an insane, lie-based society. You cope with life not merely by embracing thousands of lies every single day, but by delivering dozens, if not hundreds, of lies every single day, you lie to yourselves and you lie to others. You can't even recognize what truth is anymore! The notion that even a single one of these two thousand mothers could or would accurately answer this once every two years poll, especially given that the "ratings" are totally subjective, is ludicrous. So what we have here is a totally invalid research study, invalid in design, invalid in purpose, invalid in how it was implemented. And so of course a completely invalid "conclusion" was reached, a conclusion that society likes and will reward this researcher for providing to them, the conclusion that inflicting violent assault upon children is morally justified and appropriate within Sacred Family Unit mythology, as long as the assaulter "loves" his victim. Since all slaveowners are expected to feel "love" towards their children, and brainwashed by society into believing that they do love their children, all violent physical assault that can be shoved into the "spanking" realm is decreed to be a good and appropriate thing. How perverse!

47: Article Title: Teen Mother Arrested For Child Abuse. Date of online publication: February 12, 2002. News Source: KOAT News. Location: New Mexico.

Article Content: "An 18-year old mother is in jail after her two year old daughter tests positive for cocaine. Investigators don't know what kind of contact the two year old had with the cocaine but her mother, 18-year old Amy Stepic, admits in an arrest affidavit she was smoking crack while driving. Her daughter was in the car's back seat. The arrest is the result of an investigation that started Monday. That's when Stepic's parents asked sheriff's deputies to check on her at a friend's house where Stepic and the little girl had stayed for a night. Stepic's parents told investigators they knew their daughter had a drug problem and were worried about her and the child. When Stepic returned home her parents noticed the baby girl was very sick and took her to Saint Joseph's West Mesa Hospital. Doctors there diagnosed the child with severe pneumonia and found cocaine in the little girl's urine. As of Tuesday night she was in the hospital's intensive care unit. Her mother now faces a felony count of child abuse."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: The legal age of adulthood in america, invalid as it is, is 21. Why in the name of satan would any society which cared about the lives of children, allow fellow children who are under the legal age of adulthood to possess and own child-slaves?? All by itself, such an allowance proves that the society wants it's children to genocidally suffer and die. The notion that a 16, 17, or 18 year old child could possibly be competent to properly care for and raise a child, is just as ludicrous as the notion that a 16, 17, or 18 year old child is competent enough and should be given complete access and ability to launch every single nuclear missile throughout throughout the entire country of america.

48: Article Title: New Information About Marin Abuse Suspect. Date of online publication: February 13, 2002. News Source: KPIX News. Location: California.

Article Content: "Channel 5 has uncovered new information about a Marin County man accused of killing his toddler son, and mistreating his 12 other children. Winnfred Wright and the four women he lived with were in court again Wednesday, but they did not enter a plea. A San Francisco police report shows that Wright was in trouble prior to this weekend's arrest. It describes an incident in 1993, where a neighbor said she'd heard Wright screaming and yelling at the children there. The police investigated, and said they checked the children's wellbeing -- including looking for signs of malnutrition -- but decided that the kids were OK. But the report goes on to say that Wright had been referred to in several incident reports involving child abuse and the death of an infant. We talked to U.C. Berkeley's Margaret Singer, who is an expert in cultism. In 1990, she interviewed one of Wright's ex-girlfriends, who had another baby that died. The ex-girlfriend said that Wright was a violent man, who believed in black domination of white women. "He told them that the white man had kept blacks down for centuries, and that these ladies had to work off their karma," Singer said. "They could do it by taking care of him financially, physically, sexually, and providing him with group living."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Perfect example of how children are used as Poison Containers. Enraged man, of course perfectly justified in his hatred of a society that committed genocide upon his ancestors and has brutally victimized him as an individual throughout his entire life, recognizes that it is even easier for him to brutalize the children of his hated "enemy", than the adults, because of the fact that his society decrees all children to be worthless and subhuman and has instructed him that as a stepdaddy or biological father, he is authorized and empowered to commit legal assaults upon these child-slaves, that he may not legally commit against adult humans, not even his wives and other sexual partners that he has toxically enmeshed himself with.

49: Article Title: Police: Baby Abused By Father. Date of online publication: February 14,2002. News Source: WISN News. Location: Wisconsin.

Article Content: "A 2-month-old baby is hospitalized in critical condition with broken bones from head to toe, and police said the newborn's father was responsible. Logan Peklo was taken to Children's Hospital because he was having seizures, but after several examinations, doctors realized the child suffered from more than seizures, police said. "It's just a tragedy that occurred here. You know, she needs all the support she can get," said Kim Gajewski, a co-worker of the baby's mother at the Greenfield Police Department. The baby's mother recently returned to work, leaving 2-month-old Logan at home with his father. David Peklo, 30, is now charged with two counts of child abuse. "The baby was dropped at times, shaken at times, I mentioned a skull fracture. He was hemorrhaging on the brain," St. Francis police detective Russell Ratkowski said. Police said the abuse occurred in the couple's St. Francis home over a four-week period. "Dad expressed to us that he did feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the baby crying ... having to care for the baby (while) mom was at work," Ratkowski said. Police said David Pelko admits he hurt the baby. The criminal complaint said: "With respect to his anger, he stated that he did get angry and would holler at Logan to shut up while quickly snatching him up without supporting his head." The complaint also said: "With respect to Logan's leg injuries, the defendant stated he would grab hold of Logan's legs or ankles and turn them out, grabbed them hard and jerk them up or out." The Greenfield Police Department is establishing a fund to help with Logan Peklo's medical expenses. You can donate to the Logan Peklo fund at any M & I Bank."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: "It's just a tragedy that occured here", says the co-worker. No, you idiot, it's not a "tragedy", it's a certainty. Just as surely as the sun will rise each morning, it is certain that every single day, thousands of legal slaveowners who hate their slaves, or want nothing to do with their slaves, will brutally attack and/or murder their slaves. Tragedies are "unavoidable". This certainty is completely avoidable. All it requires is that you pathetic creatures find the sanity to demand that your societies eliminate Sacred Family Unit mythology, eliminate the notion that biological creation gives anyone the right to serve as a child custodian, and implement Mandatory Parental Competency Testing and Mandatory, Yearly, Live-In Child Assessment Centers. But no, instead you inferiors create a "monetary fund" for the torture victim. You make yourselves feel better about yourselves by rejecting all Truth and by harming yourselves, giving away a bit of your own money. You feel better after harming and hurting yourself. How beautifully this illustrates the limitless perversity within which you creatures dwell, and live out your lives.

50: Article Title: Two Year Old Boy Severely Beaten. Date of online publication: February 13, 2002. News Source: KOAT News. Location: New Mexico.

Article Content: "A two year-old boy is hospitalized tonight and his own father is charged with beating him. According to police documents Leon Watson beat his son because the two year old gave him a "mad dog" look. The criminal complaint says the baby's mother left their two year old with Watson at about noon on Tuesday. Eleven hours later she got a call from Watson telling her to come home because the baby wasn't breathing. The mother returned to the apartment and found the baby with bruises on his face, ears, shoulders, chest, hands, face and neck. The officers noted the boy was listless and had trouble maintaining consciousness. Leon Watson is charged with child abuse resulting in great bodily harm. The child is at University Hospital where administrators are not releasing the boy's condition."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Ahhh, the glories of slave ownership! If you are at work and a customer gives you a nasty look, what can you do? Nothing much, gotta take the "hit". What if your boss gives you a nasty look? Same thing, you can't even risk giving him a nasty look back, he might fire you. What about a complete stranger in public, gives you a nasty look. What do you do? He might be dangerous, he might pull out a weapon if you even give him a nasty look back, much less confront him with a verbal demand that he stop looking at you in a nasty way. So ya gotta chill out and take the look. What about a child out in public. You are at the mall, waiting on line to pay for something, person in front of you has a toddler in a stroller who gives you nasty looks. What can you do? You have never seen this child before, you don't own this child. Do you dare to even make a nasty face back at the child, much less yell at him or assault him? No! Even though the child is helpless, there are other adults around, and your society has taught you to never impose yourself upon a child that you have no Sacred Family Unit connection to. But good news, you finally arrive back home, here you are the slaveowner. You possess a slave. Maybe the slave does give you a "nasty look", or maybe you just imagine the nasty look because you are filled with homicidal rage as a result of all the other nasty looks you've gotten from other humans. It doesn't really matter! The important thing is you are home, you possess a slave, your slave is designed to serve as your Poison Container, and your society has overtly instructed you that you should use your slave in this manner, you should reflect upon your slave, the rage, hate, frustration that you feel in your own life. You can do things to your slave, to your Poison Container, that you simply cannot legally do to any other human life form. Society decrees this. You may violently assault your slave, it's not only encouraged by your society, it's declared to be perfectly legal! And so you do it. You unleash your rage upon your child-slave, your Poison Container. When questioned by the pigs afterwards, you are honest, you tell them: "The child gave me a mad dog look." Do you have any insight into the Truth that you may well have memorized all the "mad looks" that other people may have given you in recent days, weeks, months, and years, repressing the rage that those incidents inspired, and only releasing that rage upon your subhuman slave, as instructed to do by your society?? Maybe you do, but more likely you don't. Doesn't really matter, you hate Truth anyway. The important thing is that you fulfilled your destiny, as decreed by your society. You created a child, you agreed to own the child, you agreed to use your child as a Poison Container, you agreed to channel any major rage that you might feel or develop towards your society, it's agents, it's institutions, it's rituals, or any strangers living within your society, away from them and towards your Poison Container. And that's what you did. Yet another success, a victory for your genocidally evil, diseased, deranged, child-hating society.

51: Article Title: Toddler Murder Trial Postponed. Date of online publication: March 4, 2002. News Source: WPLG News. Location: Florida.

Article Content: "The trial for a man accused of killing and dumping the body of a 2-year-old boy in a trash container won't begin today after all. The trial was postponed until June. Claudychel Leyva is being charged with first-degree murder for the death of his girlfriend's 2-year-old son in May of 2000. Leyva first reported the toddler missing, then Miami Beach police found the boy's body in a trash bin near his mother's apartment. Police say that Leyva then changed his story, saying that the boy had drowned in the bathtub and he "lost it" when he found the child. "According to him he became so infuriated with this boy's death, with his drowning his next option was to beat him up as if he were taking it out on this boy for dying. That's what his excuse is," Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Beach police department said. The boy's mother was working the night he died, dancing at a club near Coral Gables. Leyva had been living with the boy's mother for about a month. The two had known each other for about five months. An autopsy revealed that the boy had been severely beaten and he was alive when the beating occurred."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Notice how the news reports express somewhat less "shock" when a stepdaddy/live-in lover brutally tortures/kills a child-slave, than when a biological mother brutally tortures/kills a child-slave. Why?? Because one of the core mandates of Sacred Family Unit mythology is that a Sacred Bond of Love is mystically created between a mother and a child, once the child is excreted from the woman's womb. How ridiculous! But the myth is Sacred, and all media sources, serving as societal agents, must and do maintain that this myth is very legitimate and absolutely true. So, if a biological mommy tortures/kills a slave, you will always find someone, a relative, co-worker, etec..., quoted as saying that he/she is totally shocked, really thought the gal loved her child and was a "good mother". Also, you will find the media incredibly eager to seize upon any claims of mental illness, made by anyone, the woman's family, defense attorney, prosecutor, etc..., in order to strengthen the bizarre notion that despite having tortured/killed the slave, the Sacred Mommy still "really loved" her victim, as all Sacred Mommies are expected to do, and only because of a "terrible illness over which she had little or no control", did the "terrible tragedy" of her beloved slave being tortured/murder by her, occur. On the other hand, if the torturer/killer is a male stepdaddy/live-in lover, the media reports express much less shock, they do not imply that the stepdaddy has suffered a "great loss" himself, there are often no quotes from relatives or co-workers saying that he really loved the child, and there is rarely any mention of mental illness, much less an insanity defense being possible. Absolutely pathetic, this insanely hypocritical double standard of news reporting. And make no mistake, the relative "severity" of the individual case is of no influence in this perverse double standard. In fact, a biological mother who commits the most "severely brutal" type of child-slave murder, is even more likely to be able to use a mental illness defense with success, than if her child-murder was merely average in terms of brutality. And the more brutal a stepfather or live-in lover is in his slave-murder, the less likely it is that he can use an insanity defense with success. Utter hypocrisy, based upon pure mythology, Sacred Family Unit mythology, to be specific.

52: Article Title: Family Shocked At Mother's Murder-Suicide. Date of online publication: February 27, 2002. News Source: KMBC News. Location: Kansas.

Article Content: "Family members of a Leawood, Kan., woman who killed her child and then herself Monday said they didn't see it coming, KMBC 9 News reported Wednesday. People walking on a trail at the Overland Park Arboretum found the bodies of 22-year-old Heather Bauer and her daughter, 14-month-old Mikayla Bauer. Police said the two victims had been shot. Bauer and her husband were talking about divorce and money problems, police said. When Bauer left her husband's place Monday, she told him she would try to get a loan, and she was heading out to get Mikayla some lunch."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Hahaha, here it is, perfect demonstration of the Truth I revealed above. Sacred Mommy kills her own excretion, media focuses on how "shocking" it is. But that's a lie, more biological mothers severely abuse/kill their children, then do stepfathers or live-in lovers. This is True even if you take out all the countless thousands of abortions, which are absolutely murders of children committed by mothers, just not classified as such by your Truth-hating society. Even if you take them out, you still have more biological mommies killing their slaves. It is an extremely common form of murder. So why does the media keep expressing "shock" every time it reports upon a new case?? Because the myth, the illusion of biological mothers possessing some sort of "mystical" love towards their children, must be maintained. So decrees society and it's leadership, this mommy myth is one of the "foundational" building blocks of Sacred Family Unit mythology. It cannot be allowed to crumble, the Truth cannot be exposed or admitted to, because the entire foundation of this perverse mythology would be compromised, at least to a degree, if the myth of "maternal love" were to be exposed as being an utter sham.

53: Article Title: Mother Charged With Murder, Endangerment Of Dead Child. Date of online publication: February 26, 2002. News Source: KBMC News Location: Missouri.

Article Content: "Tammy Yates is charged with the same crime in her daughter's death as her boyfriend: second-degree murder, KMBC 9 News' Maria Antonia reported Tuesday. Yates also faces three felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child. "I knew they'd bring charges up against her, but I didn't think it would be murder," said Dianne Yates, Yates' sister. Police said they believe that Yates' boyfriend, who is also charged with murder, is the one who repeatedly beat 2-year-old Alexis Smothers. Alexis died last Friday. Prosecutors accuse Yates of doing nothing to stop her daughter's death. According to court papers, Yates told a detective that she watched her boyfriend hit Alexis and her older brother repeatedly and using a rolled-up newspaper with duct tape to strike them. Yates also supposedly told the detective that she took pictures of her children's bruises while her boyfriend documented how many times he hit the children, and she also supposedly told the detective that she did not go to family members or police for help because she was afraid of losing her children if social services were called. The felony endangerment charges also make it possible for prosecutors to charge Yates with murder, which is a first in Jackson County. "The allegation is she allowed the child to stay in this atmosphere of mistreatment by the other defendant," said Bob Beaird, Jackson County prosecutor. "I think this is to the extreme and that they're going to make an example of her," Dianne Yates said. The judge entered a not guilty plea for Yates, and bail was set at \\$250,000. The Department of Family Services took Yates' 5-year-old son."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Note how the boyfriend is portrayed as the "bad guy". They are both charged with the exact same crime, second degree murder, but the news article quotes Mommy Tammy's sister twice, expressing surprise/dismay that she is charged with 2nd degree murder. Nobody is quoted as expressing surprise/dismay that her live-in lover is facing the same charge. Why? Because she enjoyed Sacred Mommy status, being the biological creator of her murder victim. Classic case of two torture victims joining together to use their child-slaves as subhuman Poison Containers. Understand that when mommy Tammy tells cops that she "did not go to family members or police for help because she was afraid of losing her children if social services were called," what she is really saying, the Truth that she is expressing, even if she may not be consciously aware of this emotional expression of Truth, is this: "My children had value to me. They served as my Poison Container. As long as I possessed them as slaves, I could use them as a Poison Container, delude myself into believing that I loved them, and delude myself into believing I was a "good mother", as society instructs me to be, because I possessed children and served as their mother. If I were to lose my children, my life would become unbearable. First and most important, I would not be able to cathartically transfer my rage and hate and life frustrations upon them, by abusing them. Secondly, it would be harder for me to maintain the delusion that I love them, and I know it is very important that I do love my children, society has taught me this. Thirdly, more importantly than the 2nd issue, it would be much harder for me to maintain the delusion that I am a good mother, since good mothers are supposed to have and maintain possession of their child-slaves. For all of these reasons combined, I continued to torture my children and did not report to any authority figure, the torture that I and my mate were choosing to inflict upon our slaves." You see folks, the children themselves have absolutely no value of any kind, to society or to their slaveowners. There is value "involved" however, this is the value that the children serve to others, to their slaveowners, their usefulness as Poison Containers, their usefulness to societal leaders in "domesticating" citizen-slaves, their usefulness in convincing women to breed and to create new generations of tortured child-victims for society to genocidally exploit, etc... So the children are subhumanized objects of "value", and yet their safety, welfare, sanity, lives have no value of any kind, on any intrinsic level. All of the value they possess, lies in how they can be exploited, victimized, used, by adults and by society itself.

54: Article Title: Police Search for Motive in Teen's Murder. Date of online publication: February 25, 2002. News Source: KPIX News. Location: California.

Article Content: "A Minnesota mother will be arraigned on murder charges Tuesday in a Peninsula courtroom. Donna Anderson, 49, is accused of stabbing her 13-year-old son to death in a Burlingame home over the weekend. The pair was staying with the boy's father, Anderson's ex-husband Frank Burns. "It seems impossible to believe a mother would attack her own child in that way," said Burlingame Police Commander Brad Floyd. "That's what we're trying to found out -- why that happened." The bloody mess at the crime scene even shocked police investigators, who are looking into Burlingame's first murder case in years. Police say the weapon was a kitchen knife that Anderson bought at a Burlingame supermarket. "She was starting to lunge towards the boy again, who was dead on the floor," Floyd said. "That's when the ex-husband subdued her, and she stabbed him in the leg." Burlingame police say Anderson and Burns have been divorced since the early 1990s, but still stayed in touch. In fact, Burns told police that Anderson didn't seem angry even at the thought of their son moving out to live with his father permanently. Investigators say that attitude carried over to Anderson's interview after the killing. "Her demeanor was very calm," Floyd said. "She seemed very aware of her surroundings." "

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Just listen to the police commander: "It seems impossible to believe a mother would attack her own child in that way." Totally addicted to sacred family unit mythology! A sane and rational thinker, recognizing the perverse nature of how society literally forces all women to assume possession of their biological creations, and refuses to even remove children who have already been brutally abused from the clutches of their biological creators, would say the opposite: "It seems impossible to believe that so few mothers attack their children in this way." That is the Truth, it is very hard to believe that in relative terms, so few mothers viciously and directly kill their children. But we must remember that their primary usage is as Poison Containers, which involves ritualistic, in many cases daily, abuse and torture. If the child-slave is killed outright, he can no longer be used as an ongoing, daily Poison Container. So this is a primary reason why brutal abuse by biological creators, is more common than outright, premeditated murder. The idiotic police commander goes on to say: "That's what we're trying to found out -- why that happened." No, he is not going to try to find out the Truth of why this Mommy felt so much rage towards her teen-age slave that she stabbed him to death and wouldn't even stop stabbing him even after he had died. No, he hates Truth, he can't even face up to the basic Truth that there is no mystical bond of love between mothers and their children. He still can't believe that a mother would kill her slave in this fashion, as he admits. So his "investigation", just like the investigations of virtually all child-slave murder cases involving biological creators, will not attempt to uncover or reveal the Truth, but rather to come up with a plausible lie, a delusion that he can embrace himself, and feed to the media so that it can delude all of you into rejecting the Truth. The Truth that this incident reveals, as well as thousands of other incidents which occur every single week, is that most mothers cannot even love themselves, much less the subhumanized slaves that they are coerced into creating and then using as Poison Containers, as well as the Truth that no woman who gives birth to a child should ever be considered competent or worthy of being entrusted to serve as a primary caretaker to the child unless and until she is subjected to, takes, and passes an entire series of complex competency Tests. This "police commander" would easily commit suicide rather than face up to such Truths, Truths that he has been taught from the very day of his own birth to reject, ridicule, and not even consider as plausible, via the relentless brainwashing machine that is the american societal, cultural, and media system.

55: Article Title: Man Charged With Fatally Beating 2-Year-Old. Date of online publication: February 26, 2002. News Source: WDIV News. Location: Michigan.

Article Content: "A Pontiac man accused of fatally beating a 2-year-old boy was in Pontiac District Court Tuesday for a preliminary examination. Henry Dequean faces murder charges. He is accused of beating Jalen Baines to death two days before Christmas. Dequean's girlfriend, Poupee Baines, left her child in his care to go shopping, Local 4 reported. When she returned, the child was bruised and in bed, according to the station. The child reportedly died a few hours later. The medical examiner had ruled the death a homicide."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Most men have been addicted by their society into believing that having regular sexual contact with a female human is the best and only appropriate way to achieve sexual climax. All most men want is to possess a female sexual partner, and be able to impose their will upon her. But a great many gals come with "baggage" attached. Human baggage, in the form of child-slaves that they have already created and been terroristically coerced by society into agreeing to serve as a mother to. So, the men are told that the gal comes as a "package deal", if you want to get ahold of the woman as a sexual slave, you have to agree to serve as a stepdaddy to her existing child-slaves, no matter how much you might despise children. You can't possibly suggest to the gal that she turn her child over to the state, that is societally condemned and she would drop you like a hot cake if you dared to make such a sane suggestion. So the result is that millions of men who hate children, are forced to assume the role of stepdaddy because it's the only way they can get the woman they want to have sex with regularly, to agree to have sex with them regularly. And the end result is inevitable: countless thousands of these child-slaves are tortured or murdered by the male sexual partners/live-in lovers of their mommies. All because your evil society addicts both men and women to the bizarre lie that they need to have a regular sexual partner, a regular human sexual partner of the opposite gender, in order to achieve proper sexual climax and to live a "normal" life. Pathetic!

56: Article Title: Students Rescue Drowning Family. Date of online publication: February 25, 2002. News Source: KPRC News. Location: Texas.

Article Content: "Students who rescued a family whose van plunged into Galveston Bay spoke out Monday about their heroic act. Police said that Jose Arnulfo Rodriguez, 26, intentionally drove his 1989 Ford Aerostar at a high rate of speed down a dead-end road into the bayou in order to kill his family. Rodriguez was charged with four counts of attempted capital murder. His bond was set at $1 million. His wife, Maria Rodriguez, 21, and their 7-month-old child, Brenda, were both listed in critical condition at John Sealy Trauma Center. The other victims include Rosalinda Martinez, 26; her daughter, Linda, 7; and her son, Melvin, 3. They were also in critical condition. When the car plunged into the water Saturday afternoon, some staff and students from Texas A &M University at Galveston were nearby sailing. They jumped into the water to help. Even though the rescuers were excellent swimmers, they had to deal with difficult conditions, including a water temperature of 60 degrees. The van also sat in nine feet of water, and visibility was only about six inches. The van's doors were also locked, which forced the rescuers to use rocks to break the rolled-up windows. "Until they said that everybody was accounted for, we were repeatedly going down groping for locating somebody," Daigle said."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Awww, isn't that sweet, a few self-hating and morally idealistic college kids decided to needlessly endanger their own lives in order to try and foil a family massacre. Dummies, they haven't yet figured out that in an ultra-diseased society, "no good deed ever goes unpunished." On to my main point, you creatures are amazing. You claim to love living in america because you enjoy glorious "freedom", freedom is given to you by this government and society. Do you know how ludicrous this claim is? You are not given even the tiniest iota of genuine freedom. A man, an adult, mentally healthy, non-criminal man, is not even free to keep the money he earns, he is not even free to sever ties with the woman he had sex with, with the children who may have been created from his sperm. No, instead he is terroristically enslaved to his SAcred Family Unit by the government. He cannot break free, it is impossible. He faces a lifetime of financial theft and emotional torment, all sponsored by the government, the american government. All he wants is to be free in the most basic sense, free to earn money, keep money, free to have sex with whomever he wants, free to associate with whomever he wants, free to refuse to have contact with whomever he wants. The most basic human freedoms! But no, the government refuses to allow him to enjoy a single one of these freedoms. The government tells him that as long as his wife, ex-wife, lover that he created children with, or children that he biologically created remain alive, he will be terroristically enslaved to them. The only way to "escape" a lifetime of perverse Sacred Family Unit enslavement, is if his entire family dies. And what are the odds of his entire family dying by "accident"? Virtually nil. So this leaves him with only one way to gain "freedom", and that is to kill his entire family! Think about it, you idiots, face up to the Truth: Your society tells you that you are so lucky to be a citizen, you enjoy all this glorious freedom, this precious freedom, this vast bounty of freedom, but it's all an insane lie. You enjoy no freedom at all. For satan's sake, if you ever get married or ever biologically create a child, something 99% of all citizens will do sooner or later, the only way you can even try to claim any of your most basic freedoms is to literally and actually commit murder, kill people. It's the only way, the only way to try and claim your most basic and simple freedoms, is to commit murder. This is a governmental decree, the same government which has convinced you that you should be eternally grateful to live as a citizen of this "wonderfully free" government and society!

57: Article Title: 3 Kids, Dad Die in Murder-Suicide. Date of online publication: February 24, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: Texas.

Article Content: "A divorced father who was returning his three young children to their mother's home shot the children to death as they sat in his car outside the house, then committed suicide, authorities said. Ron Sadler, a dispatcher with the Throckmorton County sheriff's department, said he received a 911 call Saturday night from a residence reporting: "There may be some trouble." Sadler said the children were two girls and a boy, ranging in age from 3 to 10. The parents had recently divorced, he said. Mike Haley, a state Department of Public Safety trooper, confirmed that the man shot his children as they all sat inside his car outside the residence in Throckmorton, and that he then shot himself. Scott Hogue, principal of the Throckmorton schools, said the woman had recently moved back to the small northern Texas town, where her parents live. "I do know he drove up, and her father and her went outside to the car, and the three children had been shot and killed," Hogue said. "The father also was shot, but not dead. He was taken to the local hospital, and they were going to careflight him, but he died before that could happen." Hogue said the oldest child was a 4th grade girl named Corey Smallwood. "She was a sweet little girl, always had a smile on her face. Very pleasant. She had gotten into our school and really did well in making friends," he said. The other daughter would have been in kindergarten next fall, and the boy had just turned 3, Hogue said. Sadler said the shootings were the first homicides in Throckmorton in the seven years he had worked for the sheriff's office."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: Well, this Texas daddy had more family massacre success than the previous Texas daddy, the one who tried to drown his whole family. Here's the Truth: Approximately half of all child murders committed by biological or stepfathers are primarily motivated by a desire to hurt/torment the hated female spouse, ex-spouse, or lover, who owns the children. The other half are primarily motivated by a desire to be free, to simply escape from the horrifically toxic web of diseased Sacred Family Unit enmeshment that the man is trapped within, and that the government/society absolutely refuses to allow him to escape from. All that society needs to do to stop this second group of men from massacring thousands of children every single year, is simply to grant them their most basic personal freedoms, the ones that society is constantly lying about, claiming to already offer to all citizens. Put an end to insane Sacred Family Unit mythology, show and inform all biological creators and members of families that they are free, simply free. Free to detach themselves completely and totally from the utterly unnatural and perversely toxic familial enmeshments that they may have gotten tangled and trapped in. They can and they will detach themselves. They don't need any help from society. All they need is to be able to claim their most basic human freedoms, to embrace their hatred of their children, spouse, ex-lover, to wish death upon them, to never have to humiliate themselves to those they hate, to never have to give away their money to people they hate, to never have to lay eyes upon the people they hate. Give them their most basic freedoms, and they will not kill their children. But no, no way, can't do it! Better that thousands of children be murdered every year, than that Sacred Family Unit be exposed as the perverse sham that it is, so decrees your evil society and it's leaders.

58: Article Title: Father Arrested in Grill Fire Deaths. Date of online publication: February 23, 2002. News Source: The Associated Press. Location: California.

Article Content: "A father was arrested on murder charges in the deaths of his five children after a charcoal grill was lit in his family's living room. Adair Garcia, 30, had been hospitalized since Wednesday to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. He was released to sheriff's detectives Friday and arrested. Tests to confirm the cause of death for the children were not complete, but they appeared to have died of carbon monoxide poisoning or smoke inhalation, the coroner's office said. One child, a 9-year-old girl, was injured but was expected to make a full recovery. Garcia was booked on five counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder. He is expected to be arraigned as early as Monday. Garcia had tucked his children into bed the night before, lit the barbecue grill and allowed it to burn for hours, said Lt. Don Bear of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Authorities said the children's mother had not lived at the home for about a week because she and Garcia were having marital problems."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: You gotta admit, enraged slaveowners certainly do come up with some innovative and creative ways to slaughter their slaves. "Marital problems"?? There is something very wrong with that phrase, it is saturated in falsehood. The sane and Superior human recognizes that there is no such thing as "marital problems" on an individual scale, because marriage itself, the toxic and insane ritual of marriage, is the "problem". It represents the ultimate in unnaturalness. The ultimate artificial and malevolent ritual concocted by evil societal leaders. The "best" marriage in the world, the best one in the whole world, consists of two human beings denying their own personal freedom and choosing to enslave themselves to each other. Two people victimizing themselves, and empowering their society to brutally punish them if they should ever change their minds and decide they want to be free again and break the terroristic legal and cultural chains of enslavement that they willingly chose to wrap around themselves earlier in life, thanks to malevolent societal brainwashing. That is the "best" marriage that can exist. Imagine how horrific most marriages actually are, when the above description represents the best possible, ideal marriage.

59: Article Title: Charleroi Student's Father Won't Pay For Murder Defense. Date of online publication: February 20, 2002. News Source: WTAE News. Location: Pennsylvania.

Article Content: "When John Gebauer's mother was murdered, the 15-year-old boy apparently lost his link to his father as well, WTAE's Bob Mayo reported. Gebauer, a ninth-grader at Charleroi Area High School, allegedly confessed to killing his adoptive mother, Alison, at the family's Fallowfield Township farm. He remained in isolation Wednesday at Washington County Jail. Chief public defender Glenn Alterio will ask Orphans Court to appoint a guardian for the boy, whose adoptive father, Ed, is not helping him face the charges against him. "I cannot speak about their relationship prior to the incident, so I can't tell you if that's changed," said Alterio. "I can tell you his adoptive father doesn't want to have anything to do with him. "It would seem to me an adopted child is legally the same as a natural child. You have support obligations that have to be met. But as far as I am concerned, that's not the public defender's obligation to pursue." Ed Gebauer met with prosecutors at District Attorney John Pettit's office for 90 minutes last week, and told them about his stance on the matter. "He is not really part of the prosecution," said Pettit. "He has his thoughts as to how he thinks things should go. We had a very frank and earnest discussion the day after the killing." Pettit said Ed Gebauer is not opposed to defense attorneys using financial assets that belong only to the boy. Whoever is named as the boy's guardian may decide whether to seek money from Ed Gebauer in Civil Court, Mayo reported. The defense won two requests from a judge Wednesday. John Gebauer will be kept in isolation at the jail, and he will be examined by a psychiatrist."

Forbidden Truth Revealed: The proof of how diseased your society is, lies in the fact that so few tortured children kill their slaveowners. That's right, I said few, not many, in comparison to the number of slaveowners who kill their slaves. In a less diseased society, more tortured children would find the courage, initiative, and self-love required, to strike out with homicidal rage against their torturers. The fact that the vast majority of children are so broken, so stripped of all sense of personal value and egotistic righteousness, that they simply accept and allow themselves to be treated as subhuman slaves, "rebelling" only in ways that hurt and harm themselves more, such as using drugs or smoking or bullying/abusing fellow children, etc..., instead of directly facing up to and targeting their own torturers, their parents, proves that your society is incredibly effective at destroying just about the entire ego, the entire sense of self, of most children. On a different note, take a look at the perverse financial terrorization that this daddy is being subjected to. Society is trying to coerce him into forking over money to pay for the legal defense of his adopted slave, who killed his wife. The slave's court appointed lawyer declares: "It would seem to me an adopted child is legally the same as a natural child. You have support obligations that have to be met." Yes, "support obligations". That is the societal code term for "legal extortion". That's what it, pure extortion. You create a child, you want nothing to do with the child, you hate the child, but your government decrees under threat of imprisonment that you must give away your money to the child, you owe the child a "debt", for having created him. How any of you creatures can ever wrap your minds around such a derangement, mystifies me. To any sane thinker, this "child support" notion is recognized as being the single most perverse form of extortion imaginable, far more unjustifiable than all forms of "illegal" extortion, even the cases in which loan sharks break the legs of "clients" who can't or won't pay. At least with that type of a loan shark, you go in with your eyes open, the Truth of the situation is clear, the shark is only after your money, he has no insane ulterior agendas, such as trying to terroristically force you to maintain contact with people that you hate.

There ya go, folks, 59 separate current news reports of Sacred Family Unit derangement, found by your Seer during a strictly limited 30 minute online search, using just two search engines. Actually, I probably saw close to 200 different Sacred Family Unit atrocity items during this 30 minute search, but these are the 59 that I decided to save and list here. I hope the brilliance expressed by your Seer on this page, helps you creatures who might still be wavering, to come to the recognition that I am 100% correct in all of the Forbidden Truths that I reveal within this Manifesto. In particular of course, this page should prove beyond all doubt that all of the Truths I have revealed within the Child Abuse and Marriage essays, are absolutely and completely accurate.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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