Racism, Censorship, Societally Compelled/Coerced Conformity
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Howdy. Our glorious journey continues, nice to have you still along for the ride. This is the 9th page of this website, and assuming that you have followed instructions and read each page in it's proper order, your mind should already be greatly enlightened and expanded, thanks to the brilliance that I have so generously shared with you on the first eight pages. But my work is not yet done. In fact we are less than halfway through this Manifesto, and without a doubt a majority of my most remarkable insights of Forbidden Truth are yet to be revealed, so you can look forward to many more mindboggling moments, as you continue to reap the benefits of my generous brilliance. Please note that this particular page will only have three essays on it, and therefore it will likely be somewhat shorter in overall length than most of the pages. I decided to give myself a well-deserved mid-Manifesto treat, in terms of page length, but like it or not, you may all rest assured that upcoming pages will be significantly longer.

Even though we are only covering three specific topics here, they are all extremely important and the Truths that will be revealed shall cut to the very core of the fascist, malicious nature of human societies and of the diseased spirit of humanity as a whole. We shall begin with Racism. Racism, human beings insanely identifying with a particular group of fellow humans just because they happen to share similar physical features and ethnic backgrounds, while at the same time adopting the ridiculous pose that they and their ethnic group are somehow superior to other ethnic groups, as a coping mechanism to deal with the traumas, injustices, and suffering that they are experiencing at the hands of their society. Like all deranged beliefs and ideologies, racism is rooted within malicious societal ideology and brainwashing, imposed by society upon citizens for malevolently evil purposes. All of the Truths concerning this toxic construct and the genetic inferiority as well as internalized terrors that fuel racism, will be revealed and dissected by your Seer. Then we will move on to Censorship. Believe me, those of you who think that you know what censorship is, how censorship is practiced and imposed upon you, and believe that censorship can be dissected quickly and easily, in a short essay, are in for a major surprise. The Truth is that censorship is an extremely complex and multi-faceted beast. It comes in many forms, it hides underneath many different veils, especially within societies like america, which are utterly and completely lie-based, and it is utilized by your evil leaders and empowered oppressors in many different ways and for many different purposes. Especially those of you living under so-called "free democracy" governments, you will have your minds gloriously awakened to the understanding of just how incredibly smothered all of your illusions of freedom are, beneath the toxic blanket of pervasive, fascist, censorship.

And finally the rather enigmatic but appropriately titled essay of Societally Compelled/Coerced Conformity will grace your eyeballs. You will learn the True definitions that apply to the word conformity, and the methods by which you are deluded into believing that you have free choice on many important issues and lifestyle choices, when in reality you are in fact being brutally compelled and coerced by your governmental and cultural leaders, into adopting, embracing, and following a narrow party line of ritualistic conformity within not only your life actions and lifestyle paths, but perhaps even more importantly, in your ideological beliefs and philosophical perspectives on life. The fascist limitations on acceptable ideology and philosophical belief that are imposed upon you creatures are truly remarkable in scope, and in most cases you creatures are completely unaware that your minds have literally been terrorized into considering only a very narrow set of possibilities, all of which fall within the borders of desired conformity that your gestapo leaders have chosen to establish and to define as "freedom".


This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a detailed and comprehensive explanation of what racism is, and how it must be defined from a Truth-based perspective. Discussion of the fact that almost all human beings are racist, and discussion of the invalid theory that people are born with a natural instinct to negatively view and judge other people who look differently, speak differently, or act differently than they do. Discussion of how and why adopting racist attitudes helps people to invalidly minimize and justify the traumas and injustices that they themselves have been and continue to be subjected to. Discussion and analysis of the True fact that all human societies and governments choose to embrace and operate within racist doctrine, and overtly legitimize and promote racism to all of their citizen-slaves, but most stridently and particularly, to whichever ethnic/racial group constitutes either the population majority or the leadership majority, within the specific nation. Discussion of how and why societal leaders choose to deliberately pit racial and ethnic groups against each other, both internally, within the national political structure, and internationally as well, in the demonization of specific foreign ethnic/racial groups. Discussion of how and why almost all societies decree that one particular racial/ethnic group, the group that the supreme leaders of the society are members of, is superior to all other racial/ethnic groups. Discussion of the fact that some societies are more overtly open and honest in revealing their racist structure publically, than other societies are, and as is so often the case, the societies that are more open and honest are generally more demonized for being racist in structure by the societies that deny or minimize their racist structure, even as the degree of oppressive and malicious racism that is practiced by the less open and honest societies is more severe and brutal. Discussion of why the early, formative decades immediately after a government seizes or attains power are normally the years when the society is most brutally and genocidally racist, due to the need to demonize and dehumanize the conquered, defeated, massacred racial/ethnic group that the new government has seized power from, as a way to morally justify the victimization/annihilation of the defeated enemy. Discussion and comparison of the racism practiced by american society throughout it's history, and the racism practiced by nazi german society, establishing through Truth-based facts and a side-by-side comparison, that the degree of brutality, perversity, and genocidal malevolence of the racism practiced by the american government and society, far exceeds that which nazi germany practiced. Discussion of the fact that the ultra-diseased society of america was so desperately eager to embrace the ultimate in racist ideology, that it authorized and empowered it's citizens to travel thousands of miles to far-off africa, solely for the purpose of kidnapping and brutally enslaving a racial group of human beings that it chose to label as being utterly subhuman, even though any creature who is not blind can clearly see that black africans are perfectly human in appearance. Discussion of the immense, suppressed and misdirected rage that led americans to insanely decree, as official policy, african blacks to be utterly subhuman, and how the american government itself, in an overt manner, specifically directed it's supremely enraged citizens to misdirect their rage and hate onto a foreign, demonized, ethnic group, as a way to maintain domestic stability and tranquility.

Discussion of the incredible legacy of genocidal racism upon which america was founded, built, and sustained, a legacy that remains just as powerful today as it has ever been. Discussion of the founding of america being based upon genocidal racism directed at native indians, the building of america being based upon genocidal racism directed at african blacks, and the ongoing sustenance of america being based upon the genocidal importation of wave after wave of foreign immigrants to serve as slave laborers, and the genocidal demonization of foreign racial and ethnic groups for the purpose of justifying the provoking and initiation of wars against foreign societies and groups. Discussion of how currently, in the year 2002, as well as throughout the 20th century, the genocidal importation of immigrants and the genocidal demonization of certain foreign ethnic groups, is specifically designed to help channel and direct the homicidal rage of white americans away from the parties that are guilty of their suffering, and towards demonized minority groups. Discussion of how white, european ancestry americans are convinced to accept their victimization, by virtue of being convinced by their leaders that most other human beings in the world are "lower" than they are, and suffer much more trauma and injustice than they suffer. Discussion of the fundamental perversity of human beings agreeing to suffer and be victimized, just because they come to believe, through brainwashing and societal lies, that other human beings, of a different racial/ethnic group, are subjected to more severe suffering and victimization than they are subjected to. Discussion of the invalid moral justifications for genocidal racism that must be sustained by society and the government, and made to appear legitimate to citizens, in order for the particular degree of racism to continue to be accepted by the masses of citizens, and how the extremely slow erosion of this moral justification as regards african black slaves in america, very slowly led to minor reforms and limitations upon the degree of acceptable racist brutalization and victimization that african blacks in america were subjected to. Discussion of how and why the african blacks in america had absolutely no ability to influence and no say in the minor quality of life improvements that they gradually received over a period of 150+ years, but rather it was the gradual erosion of the perverse moral justification that the american government had given to it's european white citizens, that led to these minor reforms. Discussion of why the only possible way that a demonized, dehumanized racial group trapped within a society can influence the society to cut back on the degree and severity of racist victimization that it is experiencing, is to band together, take up arms, and begin to pose a genuine threat to destabilize the government by engaging in rioting, looting, and other violent activities that directly impact upon the empowered racial majority and leadership of the government. Discussion of the fact that nothing Martin Luther King or any other "peaceful philosopher seeking justice" ever said or did, had any influence upon american racial policies and law. Rather, it was the increasingly organized, vocal, and violent threat of blacks undertaking widespread rioting, looting, and other violent actions, that led the american government to moderate it's racist platform regarding african blacks in the 1960's era. Discussion of why the american societal leadership has increasingly chosen, in recent decades, to direct demonizing racism against foreign ethnic groups, primarily due to reaching the conclusion that continuing to stridently and overtly encourage racial hatred of african blacks in america carried with it too many risks of provoking and sparking widespread domestic unrest and civil disturbances.

Discussion of the fact that all racist societies remain racist at their operational core, regardless of what surface, superficial reforms they may undertake during their history, and how any racial policy reforms that may benefit one particular racial group, most often results in an increase of maliciously unjust racial demonization being directed at a new, different group. Discussion of how racism represents, on a fundamental level, a profound denial and rejection of both Truth and sane, rational thinking, and how this is illustrated by the rationalizations made, as well as treatment imposed upon, native indians and african blacks by the Truth-hating, insane and irrational white european invaders and conquerers of what is now known as the north american continent. Discussion of the "white power" movement in america and in european societies, how this movement is nothing more than an honest reflection and an honest expression of the utterly racist but not publically acknowledged mainstream ideologically racist doctrine of the american government and society, as well as european governments/societies. Discussion and outline of how all racial reforms that societies claim to undertake do not in any way represent a recognition and acknowledgment of guilt and responsibility for past injustices committed, but rather serve as utterly shallow and superficially cosmetic window dressing, designed to help societal leaders and citizen-slaves alike to maintain and strengthen the false illusions of moral decency and sanity that they spend their lives desperately clinging to. Discussion of the hyporitically perverse moral pretenses that american society has employed and continues to employ, for the past 200-350 years, for the purpose of denying the Truth of the remarkably unrelenting genocide that it has carried out against african blacks and native indians. Discussion of how and why these perverse moral pretenses and refusal to face up to the reality and Truth of it's genocidal malevolence, has specifically allowed for the onging racism to continue to this very day, despite hundreds of years of claimed, ongoing, "reform". Discussion of the fact that even those societies which have no violent racial events occur within their borders, are still structured along an utterly racist foundation, often using closed border policies, refusing to allow immigrants from certain countries and ethnic groups to become members of their society, and engaging in long-distance demonization of foreign ethnic groups. Discussion of how and why the most racist societies of the world often have very liberal immigration policies, and genuinely seem to encourage the very immigrants that they direct racial prejudice against, to enter their nation and to become citizens/members of society, because they desire the targets of their cathartic dehumanization to be close by, to be living among them, thus making their exploitation and dehumanization not only easier to commit and enjoy, but more personally intimate as well. Discussion of how all racist ideology is equally unjust, is designed by the empowered racial majority to serve the same purposes, and operates within the same framework of dehumanization and irrational, unjust victimization, therefore the racial injustice that american society inflicts upon blacks in america today, is identical in terms of degree of injustice, to the racial injustice inflicted upon blacks in america in 1800, despite the fact that the specific types of victimization have changed. Discussion of why the american government refuses to pay financial redress to either native indians or african blacks, refuses to provide either group with their own country and government, and refuses to provide a way for them to isolate themselves in such a way that they can completely avoid all direct contact with european whites, focusing on the fact that to allow any of this fair and just redress to occur, would have to involve an overt admission of past societal malice as well as the acceptance of genuine guilt and responsibility for committing racial atrocities, something that no society or government that sponsored such atrocities and still retains power and legitimacy among it's citizen-slaves, is ever willing to do. Discussion of the utterly and genocidally racist core policies of the american government which continue to exist and to be enforced today, including the deliberate flooding of alcohol and mind-altering drugs onto all native indian reservations and communities in america, and the nationwide racist housing structure of america, which is specifically designed to segregate and compel as many blacks as possible into living within poverty, crime-riddled, ghetto neighborhoods and public housing projects, while providing the empowered european white majority, with the racist pleasure of being able to live in neighborhoods that are free of any significant residential population of subhumanized blacks. Detailed and comprehensive discussion of all the genuine reforms that any society wanting to atone for and sincerely eliminate it's racist ideologies would have to undertake, including the payment of huge financial compensation to all members of groups that were victims of racial injustice, the gifting of large, block pieces of national territory to these victimized groups, the opportunity for victimized racial groups to set up their own government within this gifted territory, and allowing the victimized groups to create "safe haven" territory within which no member of the victimizing racial majority would be allowed to work, live, or pass through, thus giving victims of racial brutalization the opportunity to avoid ever having to live with, work with, see, interact with, or deal with, any member of the racial group that victimized them, for their entire lives. Discussion of why the fact that no society/government in the history of humanity has ever provided these reforms to it's racial victims, proves that all claims and efforts at "racial reform" that societies and governments make, are nothing more than perverse shams and illusions, designed to create moral justification for the ongoing racism that all societies and governments continue to embrace and practice.

Peter Kurten, The Vampire of Dusseldorf, German serial killer
This is Peter Kurten, Tortured Victim-Creation of German Society. A proud, self-confessed, and unrepentent serial killer of at least 28, Peter was part of the same ultra-diseased generational cycle that produced Adolf Hitler and the masses of enraged nazi folks, only he more sanely and appropriately chose to carve out his own personal and unique path of vengeance, directing his justified rage towards members of his own society, instead of misdirecting it upon a demonized foreign entity, as the entire mass of victimized, enraged german citizen-slaves was instructed and inspired to do, by Adolf and other supreme leaders. Like so many other tortured victim-creations, Peter was made the ultimate Martyr, legally murdered by the very society that was guilty of and responsible for his creation. The fact that throughout human history, many different societies from all over the world have chosen to commit murder upon their own tortured victim-creations, instead of at least recognizing that their "terrible criminal" is nothing more than a creation and a reflection of their very own society, proves that the human race is so genetically diseased and perverse that it does not deserve to continue to exist, much less to rule over and impose it's toxic will upon this planet. No matter how often I think about it, I still find it utterly mindboggling, you create victims, by sponsoring the systematic torture of children. Then you demonize your own torture victims. Then you murder your own created torture victims, declaring them guilty of some "crime" for having killed other human beings, even though you and your society are 100% responsible for the torturous victimization of the individual, as well as the legal sponsorship of murder itself, in numerous different ways. And you label the murder that you commit upon your own tortured victim creation, as "justice". Absolutely astonishing! Well, enough of my amazement, lets let Peter speak for himself.

"When I look back and think of the married life of my parents today I really think that had they not been married one would have had to think of it as rape.".-------------Peter Kurten talking about how his mentally ill and alcoholic father, used to viciously attack his mother and have violent sex with her, in front of Peter's eyes. Peter grew up in a one room apartment, together with 12 siblings, and was viciously assaulted by his daddy on a regular basis, throughout his childhood. His daddy also raped Peter's sisters. "The whole family suffered through his drinking, for when he was in drink, my father was terrible. I, being the eldest, had to suffer most. As you may well imagine, we suffered terrible poverty, all because the wages went on drink. We all lived in one room and you will appreciate what affect that had on me sexually. I, being the eldest, had to suffer most. Often have I hidden away from his rage, either in the woods or in the school buildings."-------------Peter Kurten. "It was then that I became acquainted with disciplinary punishment in prison, and of the severest kinds. It was terrible what I suffered under it. I would describe it all as barbarous and I suppose most men would do so today. Hunger in adolescence is real torture...I do not condemn those sentences in themselves, but I do condemn the way they are carried out on young people...Fettering was a common form of punishment. Once I was fettered for three weeks...All that had a very bad effect on me, so I can tell of these things in full justification. Nothing is worse than the spiritual suffering of one who is tortured through the infliction of pain."--------Peter, speaking about his early imprisonments for petty crimes, which began when he was a tortured child-slave of 16. "I had already finished with my life when I first knew the police were on my track. I wanted to fix up for my wife a carefree old age, for she is entitled to at least a part of the reward. That is why I entered a plea of guilty to all the crimes." "I have no remorse. As to whether recollection of my deeds makes me feel ashamed, I will tell you. Thinking back to all the details is not at all unpleasant. I rather enjoy it." "Never have I felt any misgiving in my soul; never did I think to myself that what I did was bad, even though human society condemns it. My blood and the blood of my victims will be on the heads of my torturers. There must be a Higher Being who gave in the first place the first vital spark to life. That Higher Being would deem my actions good since I revenged injustice. The punishments I have suffered have destroyed all my feelings as a human being. That was why I had no pity for my victims."---------This last quote of Peter's is utterly brilliant and so courageously honest and insightful, as he expresses the Truth of how he was the supreme victim, how his society initiated and committed brutal injustice and victimization upon him. So how in the name of everything sane can anyone have the gall to label his actions as "bad", much less worthy of punitive punishment?? All Peter did was reflect the utterly evil, immoral malevolence and torment that his society chose to inflict upon him, as a child primarily, but also throughout his entire lifetime. "So I said to myself in my youthful way `You just wait, you pack of scoundrels! ` That was more or less the kind of retaliation or revenge idea. For example, I kill someone who is innocent and not responsible for the fact that I had been badly treated, but if there really is such a thing on this earth as compensating justice, then my tormentors must feel it, even if they do not know that I have done it." "I cannot refrain from reproaching you, professor Sioli, for saying that the conditions of my home were not the decisive factor. On the contrary, you may well assume that youthful surroundings are decisive for the development of character. With silent longing I have sometimes in my early days glimpsed other families and asked myself why it could not be like that with us." "I committed my acts of arson for the same reasons – sadistic propensity. I got pleasure from the glow of the fire, the cries for help." "My relations with my wife were always good. I did not love her in the sensual way, but because of my admiration for her fine character." "After all, an execution does not achieve much. It is doubtful whether they can wash off with my blood the blood I have shed. It boils down in the end to an act of vengeance which the people have asked for...On the other hand, capital punishment itself is criticized even by the legal experts, so that one says to oneself; 'What, chop off a man's head simply because the people shout for it?'" "Tell me, after my head has been chopped off, will I still be able to hear, at least for a moment, the sound of my own blood gushing from the stump of my neck? That would be the pleasure to end all pleasures."---------------Peter Kurten.


This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We begin with a detailed, comprehensive explanation and outline of what censorship is, how censorship is practiced by societies and governments, and the universal nature of how all societies and governments must engage in censorship on many different fronts, most particularly the suppression of all Forbidden Truth, in order to maintain their power and prevent a collapse of their illegitimate, diseased, lie-based regimes and primary societal structures. Discussion of the fact that in most societies the legal and criminal justice systems are not the primary entities that impose censorship upon citizen-slaves, simply because there is no need for lie-based and toxically structured societies to resort to legal punishment in order to impose and have accepted by the Unwashed Masses, their fascist censorship decrees. Discussion of how and why the demonizing label of "radical" is maliciously applied to any citizen-slave who dares to try and defy primary societal censorship decree, and how this label serves to automatically marginalize and effectively silence all efforts by individuals to expose the Truths of how censorship is employed as a tool of fascism by their government and society. Discussion of the utterly incestuous relationship between government and media, within all societies, and how the mainstream, governmentally empowered media sources and outlets overtly practice and legitimize censorship, while successfully concealing from the vast majority of all citizens, the Truth that they are constantly engaged in deliberate, malicious censorship of news, information, and Truth. Detailed utline, with included examples, of exactly how various societally empowered sources impose censorship upon the citizen-slaves that they hold power and influence over, including print newspapers, TV and radio news broadcasters, TV and radio entertainment type programs and talk shows, governments, religious leaders, the constant cultural affirmation and legitimization of lies and myths, and decrees & commentary by so-called lifestyle, sexual, and mental health "experts", such as Martha Stewart, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Dear Abby, and the like. Discussion of how and why societies tailor their censorship doctrine to specific groups and audiences, custom-delivering censorship doctrine to different audiences in different ways, in order to impose censorship upon all, but at the same time prevent the vast majority of citizen-slaves from realizing and recognizing that Truth as well as their personal freedom of choice and freedom of thought, are all being brutally censored. Discussion of how all societies, including free democracies, overtly sponsor, enact, and enforce laws and mandates that very specifically censor and limit what their citizen-slaves can see, hear, read, do, believe, and think. Discussion of the applicability of the word "limit", as applies to censorship, and how censorship is very specifically designed to terroristically limit and narrow the universe of personal options available to citizens, regarding activities, beliefs, ideologies, and thoughts. Discussion of how moral demonization is employed within the censorship process, with individuals terroristically taught that if they even give any serious consideration to a societally decreed "radical" thought, ideology, or activity, they would be betraying and sacrificing the so-called "moral obligations" that their society has brainwashed and coerced them into accepting and embracing. Discussion of how this "moral demonization" is in fact the single most popular, pervasive, and tragically effective method by which societies and governments impose their censorship doctrines.

Discussion of the fact that the societies which most stridently claim to offer freedom of thought, free will, and ideological openness to their citizens, in reality practice some of the most oppressive and smothering forms of censorship possible, all the while maintaining a pretense of freedom that serves to cloak and conceal this Truth from the vast majority of all citizens. Discussion of the fundamental reason why societies and governments practice censorship, namely the terror that large numbers of citizens, if allowed to freely consider the entire spectrum of ideological and philosophical possibilities, may come to recognize and embrace Forbidden Truth, as they realize that their government and society is forcing them to live within narrow, unnnatural, personally harmful and destructive behavioral and ideological parameters, as well as to realize that virtually all of the most basic and important Truths of life have been withheld, manipulated, and controlled by their leaders and by the existing societal structure. Outline and detail examples of this Truth, such as the consequences that would come with a lifting of fascist censorship, moral demonization as well as legal terrorization, upon sexually explicit material, demonized with the label of "pornography". Discussion of how a removal of all moral and legal censorship regarding pornography would serve to genuinely expand the perceived sexual freedom options of individuals, and this would negatively impact upon societal determination to impose fascist Sacred Family Unit mythology upon as many citizens as possible, for the purpose of controlling, dictating, and restricting their sexual freedom and sexual lifestyles. Discussion on how censorship is designed to very specifically manipulate not merely the thoughts, beliefs, or ideologies of individuals, but in fact to manipulate, control, restrict, and dictate the actual life activities, actions, and personal life choices that individuals make, explaining the obvious Truth that no personal life choice or action can ever be undertaken by an individual, unless and until he is able to accept and embrace the legitimacy of the specific life choice option/activity within his own thinking, belief system, and set of perceived valid ideological parameters. Therefore, when censorship manipulates and restricts the thoughts, beliefs, and ideologies of individuals, it automatically and by natural proxy controls, dictates, and narrows the actual life activities, actions, and personal life choices that individuals can undertake. Discussion of the perverse methodology of human herd instinct and desperation to earn the label of "normal" from society, that results in there being very little need for most societies to enact many criminal laws in order to enforce censorship, because cultural coercion and moral condemnation/terrorization can and do achieve the desired result, in getting individuals to abandon their freedom and search for Truth, while deluding themselves into believing that they are free and that censorship is not being imposed upon them. Discussion of how when it comes to censored Truths that are extremely dangerous in terms of posing a threat to expose the root insanities and injustices of government, these Truths are often censored using a very specific claim by the government that a "threat to the national interest" or a threat to the "security of the government" exists, and how this manipulate notion is used to totally silence and even to destroy any individual or group that refuses to accept milder censorship coercion efforts. Discussion of how both the prison system and the psychiatric detention system are very specifically used to inflict punitive punishment upon individuals who refuse to censor their public revelations of Forbidden Truth that governmental and societal leaders consider to be dangerous to the stability and perceived legitimacy of their regimes. Discussion of how the prison and psychiatric detention systems also serve to silence the voices of Truth of these individuals, as well as to terroristically chill and discourage other citizens, who may agree with and share these radical positions of Truth, from publically revealing and discussing these Forbidden Truth, naturally and accurately fearing that they will be locked up in a cage as well, if they dare to defy the fascist censorship demands of their government. Discussion of how the psychiatric system in particular, throughout human history and all across the world, has been very specifically employed as a tool of terroristic censorship, with any individual who dares to publically express ideology that the existing regime deems to be totally unacceptable, being subjected to psychiatric cage lock and the complete loss of all ability to continue to publically express his "radical" ideology.

Discussion of how an official, societal decree that an individual is "mentally ill" or mentally deranged, because of his radical beliefs and philosophies, serves to very effectively demonize not only the individual, but the societally unacceptable Truth that he was expressing and promoting, since by proxy his ideology must be accepted by the brainwashed citizenry as being "deranged" as well, and how this is an extremely effective form of censorship that has been and continues to be employed against some of the most brilliant and courageous Seers of Forbidden Truth to have ever existed. Examples of this perverse form of censorship will be provided, to prove conclusively that it is very real and constantly being practiced, including the example how Superior individuals in the 1600's who recognized that the planet of earth has not flat but rather round, were decreed to be mentally deranged, and the example of how great philosophers of Truth such as the Marquis De Sade and Friedrich Nietzche were brutally persecuted and in many cases locked up in cages, for daring to express ideology that the existing regime believed to be dangerous to their fascist, lie-based rule and power. Discussion of how today, in america, prisons are refusing to allow the media to have any decent access, and in some cases refusing to allow the media to have any access, to prison inmates who seek to express radical, societally condemned Truth. Discussion of how, in some cases, the judicial system has and still does deliberately seek to get radical Seers of Forbidden Truth locked up in psychiatric prisons as opposed to regular prisons, specifically because under fascist american law, as well as the laws of most societies, it is easier to isolate and deny all media contact to mental institution prisoners than it is to deny all media contact to correctional facility prisoners. Discussion of the incredible degree of censorship that is involved in the government overtly and by force preventing individuals from dissemminating their thoughts, ideas, and philosophies in a free and open manner, and how every society and government does practice this supreme type of total censorship. Discussion of the inherent illegitimacy of the argument/claim that any thought, idea, ideology, or philosophy is "dangerous", explaining that the only danger that exists is the danger that societal and governmental leaders perceive, that their fascist grip of power and control/domination of their citizen-slaves might be compromised/destroyed by the thoughts, ideas, ideologies, or philosophies. Explain why this is in no way a valid "danger", since these societies and governments are malevolent, lie-based, and illegitimate, and their use of censorship to conceal Truth and deny individuals the freedom to express their "radical" thoughts, ideas, ideologies, and philosophies, in itself, proves that the societies and governments have no legitimacy and deserve to have their fascist grips of terroristic power over the citizenry compromised/destroyed. Discuss how no society/government that practices this type of censorship can possibly be legitimate, because it's entire design structure is based upon the malicious withholding, censoring, of Truth. Discussion of the perverse hypocrisy that is involved in the fact that societies practice relatively little censorship on issues and ideologies that pose little if any threat to the structural stability of the regime, such as the dispensing of medical advice, psychic readings, foretunetelling, etc..., even though extreme harm, both physical and emotional, can be caused to individuals by the uncontrolled dissemination of invalid and false information and behavioral advice on such issues, while at the same time, brutally oppressive censorship is imposed upon the dissemination of mere thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and philosophies, when societies decide that these intellectual expressions of Truth do pose a threat to the core and primary structures and mainstream ideological paths of the regime. Discussion of the various types of minor, superficial and unimportant types of free thought and free expression that are given to individuals by many societies, in order to provide a false illusion of freedom and to cover up the actual, smothering blanket of censored suppression of Truth that the society imposes upon all truly valuable, profound, and significant ideas, thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies that societal leaders deem to be dangerous and unacceptable. Outline and listing of some of the most important censored Truths that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, have realized, and am disseminating within the essays of this Manifesto, including the personal right to cathartic vengeance, the fact that societies deliberately sponsor the genocidal victimization of their children, the fact that the insane god myth is toxic, an artificial invention of malicious human beings, and that there is no freedom provided from this toxic plague, the fact that the entire criminal justice system is completely illegitimate, the fact that no society has any moral authority to even judge, much less punitive punish, any of it's labeled "criminals", etc... The specific nature of the censorship that is employed to withhold and conceal these Truths from public dissemination and discussion, will be outlined.

Gerald Eugene Stano, Gerald Stano, serial killer
This is Gerald Eugene Stano, Tortured Victim-Creation of american Society. Like so many victims, Gerald cathartically transferred the brutal abuse and traumas that his society chose to inflict upon him, onto fellow humans. The remarkable tragedy in all of the pictured Martyrs within this website lies not in the deeds undertaken by these individuals, but rather the atrocities committed against and upon these victims, throughout their entire lives. Your societies initiate the cycle of victimization, and most outrageously of all, you have the audacity to continue and to finalize the cycle of victimization, all the while completely refusing to face up to the guilt and responsibility. legal, moral, every possible version of responsibility that you bear, or even to acknowledge that someone like Gerald is your torture victim. That is the True outrage and the True tragedy. You deliberately torture your children, but that's merely the beginning, you go far further, insanely blaming and demonizing your own torture victim, and decreeing him to be somehow guilty, evil, worthy of more, constant, ongoing victimization throughout his entire lifetime, all the way to deserving to be murdered. And why do you do this? Because your victim represents Truth. To face up to the Truth that Gerald is your victim, would mean having to face up to the horrific and unbearable Truths that all of you spend your pathetic lives desperately hiding from. The Truths that I so very proudly, and yet also with a recognition of just how pointless my efforts are, have devoted my life to analyzing, understanding, embracing, and disseminating. Savor this Manifesto, folks. You do not deserve it, you do not deserve to be graced with my brilliance, and the time, effort, and sacrifice that I have put into my disseminations of Forbidden Truth, for many years already and in many different ways. You have proven yourselves to be completely and utterly unworthy as a species, in literally billions of different ways. But still, I create this Manifesto. Not for your benefit, not for any of your benefits, but rather to honor and salute the glory that is Me, and the glory that is Truth. Tragically, human beings, even brilliant and superior ones, do not last, as of the 21st century. They have no staying power. They all die, cease to exist for all of eternity. But Truth lasts, Truth has staying power. It cannot die or cease to exist. It stands, it doesn't need to be accepted, embraced, acknowledged, it still stands. That is the value of Truth, folks. Even when it becomes useless to the individual, because the individual has ceased to exist, it still stands. Still, being the Superior thinker that I am, I do often wish I could trade places with Truth, as I deserve to stand eternally. But we will not dwell upon impossibilities or fantasies, that is the realm within which the Inferiors wallow. Just a few extra-deep thoughts for you to ponder, since Gerald, torture victim and recent murder victim of your deranged society, was pretty much the strong and silent type, and did not grace us with a great many enigmatic quotes that I can put in this space, to help immortalize him. That doesn't really matter though, because, tragically, in death we are all equal. Fame is useless, name recognition is useless, adoration is useless, hatred is useless, it's all useless once you are dead. Only Truth remains standing. And that Truth is also just as useless, to the deceased. It stands, but it's useless. Still, it stands. Ponder that for awhile, folks.

Societally Compelled/Coerced Conformity:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin by discussing the fact that the issue of behavioral, belief, and ideological conformity is discussed to some degree in several other essays within this Manifesto. And yet it is still deserving of an entire, separate essay, which will focus most comprehensively on the methods by which societies and governments utilize coercion, brainwashing, lies, threats, and other deviously malicious devices for the purpose of compelling individuals, many of whom genuinely believe that they enjoy freedom and personal autonomy, into conforming their behaviors and beliefs to societally desired standards and parameters. Detailed outlines and discussions of how the legal system, the media, peer pressure, invalid moralistic dogma, and culturally widespread lies, threats, and manipulation of the ego and of the societally induced personal need to be labeled as "normal", are all used to convince and compel individuals to conform both their behaviors and their belief/ideological systems to a narrow set of standards that societal leaders choose to set. Discussion of how and why these standards of conformity often seem to offer widely diverse and opposing positions for individuals to take, but in fact this is merely an illusion, often specifically designed to cloak the nature and scope of just how narrow and unfree the coerced conformity standards truly are. Examples of numerous different types of societally coerced conformity will be detailed and outlined, such as children being ostracized and labeled as abnormal if they indicate any resistance to embracing the validity of the insane god myth, american children and adults alike feeling terroristically compelled to stand up, put their hand over their heart, and pledge allegiance to their ultra-diseased society in a toxically ritualistic manner. Work rules and regulations on properly conforming physical appearance and clothing standards will be discussed as well, using the fact that millions of men like to dress up in women's clothing, and do so in private, yet only a tiny percentage of these men will choose to dress as women in their "regular", day to day employment, shopping, and other public activities, as proof that societies absolutely do compel conformity through traumatic, brutal threats against individuals, that effectively serve to force individuals to inhibit, hide, deny the "freedom" that they are told they enjoy, and instead conform their behaviors, lifestyles, and beliefs to the specific degree and within the specific limitations, that societal leaders choose to set, most especially with regard to all non-private activity that could influence other people to refuse to conform their behaviors and ideologies. Discussion of the much larger influence, over all aspects of an individual's life, that these compelled and coerced conformity rules can and do have. The successful imposition by society of these mass conformity rules, even if they appear to be relatively minor in nature, result in an almost automatic, non-critical and non-analytical acceptance by citizen-slaves of many other coercively imposed societal doctrines, that serve to have extremely negative and brutally fascist implications upon much more important personal freedoms and personal freedom of choice. Discussion of the extremely negative effects that children suffer, from having their growing, inquisitive, Truth-seeking minds terroristically coerced into first only considering, and then only embracing, narrow, mainstream societal ideology that is imposed upon them, resulting in a brutal stifling of independent thought and genuine free choice that plagues the child throughout their entire lifetime, as well as a destruction of the child's ability to analyze situations and notions in such a way as to arrive at Truth, because societies are lie-based and the toxic imposition of coerced conformity overtly involves the imposition of utter lies, myths, and irrationalities, that the society itself is built and structured upon. Discussion of how and why there is a complete parallel and incestuously toxic relationship between societally coerced/compelled conformity and the almost universal inability of all individuals to even recognize, much less embrace, most of the primary Truths of life and of reality. Discussion of the fact that in a literal sense, most societally compelled conformity involves an overt demand by society that lies and myths be embraced, while Truth is rejected. Discussion of the utterly perverse effects of coerced conformity on the individual, including the fact that most citizen-slaves will overtly endanger their safety and lives, and even directly cause severe harm and injury to themselves, just because they feel terroristically compelled to conform their behaviors and lifestyle choices to societally decreed "normal" and conforming standards, and are terrified of being perceived labeled by society as being a non-conformer, or not normal. Discussion of the various methods that societies employ to coerce conformity, without making their efforts visible or clear to citizen-slaves, in order to maintain the illusion of citizens enjoying freedom. A good example, outlined in detail, will be how in america currently, the legal system is not employed for the purpose of terroristically coercing children into joining the military, but the media, as well as cultural coercion via such perverse mythologies as patriotism and the notion that the child "owes" something to the government, are employed to devastatingly successful effect, thus negating the need for a law that would force all children to conform their lifestyle, behavioral, and ideological beliefs by joining the military. The illusion of free will and free choice for individuals is thus maintained, but in actuality the terroristic coercion that is used to "convince" those children who do join the military, to join, is just as toxic, outrageous, and fascist, as any judicial law would be, and in some ways even more unfair and unjust. Discussion of how some movements within the human culture only seem radical, when in reality they involve utter conformity, and how individuals can be and are deceived into believing that they are really "bucking the system" with a radical and new lifestyle or belief system, when in reality they may be doing nothing of the kind. Discussion on how genuinely radical movements within the populace, that society is seeking to derail, can be and often are subversively turned into conformity rituals by society, for either small groups of non-conformists, or for the general masses. Examples of these Truths will be outlined in detail, such as tattoos, the wiccan religious movement, satanism, underground music, etc... Getting a tattoo is marketed by society as being a rebellious, non-conforming, even subversive act of personal freedom and independence, but in reality most tattoos represent a personal choice to identify and join up with a group of fellow, like-minded humans, and to say that an individual getting a tattoo is practicing non-conformity is akin to labeling a man who prefers to watch tennis matches as opposed to football games, a non-conformist. This type of unusual personal preference is so meaningless and essentially non-existent, that it does not constitute genuine non-conformity, and certainly is of no concern to societal leaders. Discussion of how young people are encouraged to embrace new types of music, as a way to falsely make them believe that they are "rebelling" against adults and the existing societal structure, another form of meaningless personal preference, and how children and young adults are specifically deluded into considering themselves to be serious non-conformists, even as they continue to totally conform both their behaviors and beliefs to societal standards, on all issues that society has deemed to be primarily important. Discussion on how and why the embrace by individuals of alternative, non-mainstream, and even societally condemned religious belief systems, such as satanism, does not constitute genuine non-conformity, because the two most important and primary goals of society, to get the individual to falsely believe that invisible, mystical, and very powerful life forms exist and deserve to have power over the life path and life activities of the individual, and to get the individual to sacrifice his own personal freedom and autonomy for the purpose of satisfying and meeting the demands of such non-existent entities, are both maintained and validated by such religious addiction, even though it does not meet the ideal standards of mainstream insane god myth addiction. Discussion of the extreme value of the embrace of authentic non-conformity, and the True freedom of self and life path autonomy that is enjoyed by the tiny handful of genuine Superiors who reject not merely the minor and meaningless types of pseudo non-conformity, but the major and primary fascist conformity demands that societies make of their citizen-slaves, and that societal leaders are most intent on coercing citizen-slaves into accepting, such as marriage, breeding, belief in god creatures, devotion to government and to family members, mindless embrace of mainstream societal rituals, etc...

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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