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Hello. This is a Specialized Page of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site. This page has been created for the purpose of providing new and updated information on the status of specific human Martyrs, Seers, and Tortured Victim-Creations of human society, whose lives and life activities are deemed by your Seer of Forbidden Truth as having Superior value and importance. Even though posts to this page will likely be quite infrequent until 2006, I do plan to occasionally post important news on select societal Martyrs, at this page. For example, the tragic death or legal murder of a Seer/Martyr, may be noted here, as well as the infliction of punitive punishment by an evil and diseased society, upon a Seer/Martyr. As Superiors, we have an obligation to honor and mark important milestones in the lives of our Seers and Martys, and I do take this obligation quite seriously. In addition, the creation and revelation of new material, be it writings, public statements, or even the creation of new artwork, by Seers and Martyrs, which provides new expressions of Truth, may be posted about and discussed at this page.

Jared Lee Loughner, Jared Loughner

This is Jared Lee Loughner, Tortured Victim-Creation of 20th and 21st century Amerikkkan Society. On January 8, 2011 Jared, a 22 year old child-slave, enslaved since biological conception to his womb excreter and sperm creator, compelled to live as a subhuman creature within a diseased, deranged, and malicious society, decided to seek and claim personal, cathartic vengeance. It was a sunny Saturday morning outside of a large supermarket in the city of Tuscon, Arizona. An empowered agent and leader of amerikkkan society had decided to spend the day comforting and brainwashing the local populace, deluding them into believing that their society is decent and benign. Yes, she had come back home from ground zero of the amerikkkan governmental system, the place where she served as a lawmaker and upholder of the most powerful structure of her society, the structure that serves to genocidally enslave and brutally victimize every single citizen-slave. She had done this dog and pony show thousands of times over the past few years, after all, the task of brainwashing citizen-slaves into agreeing to support and defend the very society guilty of enslaving and tormenting them, is not an easy one. Constant reinforcement is vital. She was up for the task. The script was duly memorized and committed to heart, as it must be for all successful politicians. But on this particular day, the lie and myth-saturated message that she sought to implant and solidify within the minds of citizen-slaves, was cut short. It was cut short by a messenger of Truth, a representative not of government, but of the Unwashed Masses. Just one torture victim, a single solitary soul among countless millions, chose this particular day, this particular moment in the cosmic eternity of time, January 8, 2011, approximately 10:10 AM in the morning, to attempt to shatter the mythology, to express the Truth of his own life experience as a subhumanized decreed slave, and to reveal these Truths to any sentient life form sane and superior enough to be able to embrace them.

He took out his gun and started shooting, targeting first the empowered representative of the society responsible for his victimization and soul destruction. In all, he shot 20 humans, killing six of them, in just about 60 seconds of time. Anyone interested in learning the technical details of Jared's brief but furiously enraged expression of personal vengeance can easily research and obtain this information via Google Web and News searches. I am not going to provide these details, such as who lived or died, the type of gun used, or the like. These details are not unimportant, far from it. But the purpose of My writing these words, indeed the reason for this Manifesto existing, is not to provide dry, technical, statistical details. This Manifesto celebrates and sanctifies Truth, the realization and embrace of all Truth.

Take a look at the above photo of Jared. It is what the pigs term a "mugshot" photo. A picture taken by the pigs after they have terminated Jared's expression of truth. There are several societal purposes for the "mugshot" photo. Firstly, it serves as a physical aid in identifying the appearance of Jared, should he somehow ever manage to free himself from the brutal and unjust cage-lock that his society is now choosing to subject him to. Secondly, the mugshot photo allows the media to deliver an official, governmentally sanctified image of the demonized seeker of vengeance. The media uses the image, together with a torrent of factual and ideological lies, to dehumanize the torture victim, and destroy whatever messages of Truth he delivers. But by far, the single most important goal of the mugshot photo is to present a physical image of suffering and trauma to all societal members. Society wants the mugshot photo to depict a sad individual, an upset individual, a human being in distress, suffering. Why? Because such a photo serves as a terrorizing agent, delivering the perverse message to all citizen-slaves that if they should dare to defy societal law, they will end up experiencing trauma, distress, suffering, pain, and brutality at the hands of their society, of course the very society guilty of and responsible for the brutality and victimization that the individual depicted in the mugshot has already been subjected to from the moment of his conception.

Now, take another look at the photo of Jared. Does he appear sad? Traumatized? Suffering?? No! Not in the slightest! Look carefully and closely, what you see is pure contentment and satisfaction. A beatific expression of peace and happiness graces the beautiful face of our child-martyr. When I first saw this photo on television for the first time a few days ago, I was entranced, enchanted! How beautiful it is to witness the peaceful contentment of a tortured victim-creation, in the immediate wake of his cathartic claim of personal vengeance. Believe me folks, the photographer who took this picture did not prompt Jared to "say cheese", he did not tell Jared a joke in an attempt to get him to smile. The exact opposite occured. The goal of the mugshot photographer is to capture an image of personal distress, trauma, sadness, and suffering, and to have the media use this image as a tool of behavioral terrorization of all citizen-slaves. Well, Jared clearly would not stand for that. Look at that smile, folks! It is clearly not "fake" or forced. It is open and genuine, sincere and real. What excites and pleases me more than enything, is that it is a physical manifestation and expression of personal untouchability. Without lifting a finger, much less pulling the trigger, just by being himself, letting his face display his True feelings, Jared is targeting you creatures and revealing a profoundly important Truth. You see his untouchability in his face, just as you see My untouchability via the 500,000 words that I am writing in this Manifesto. But Jared's way is so much better, so much more direct, intimate, and powerful!

You pathetic fools are terrified of this expression of personal untouchability. Far more than the physical acts of vengeance Jared undertook, it is the emotions of Truth displayed so benighnly on Jared's face, that drive you into a frenzied panic. And of course your response to this Truth is to reject it, to renounce it, to mock it. With a furious pace demonstrative of your fervent terror, you decree Jared to be mentally ill, mentally deranged, schizophrenic, paranoid, out of touch with reality. You come up with dozens of different words and terms, all designed by your society for this very purpose, to allow you to reject the messages of Truth, all of the messages of Truth, verbal, literary, physical, and facial, that Jared has graced you with. Understand that in decreeing him "deranged", mentally ill, etc..., society is instructing all citizen-slaves not merely to condemn Jared personally, but much more importantly, to utterly dismiss and renounce without any consideration, any and all of the Truths that he has expressed and revealed, be it via his writings, recordings, or physical actions. Let us clearly understand this Forbidden Truth: It is human society, all of the empowered and legitimized ideological and operational structures of human culture and government, that are insane, deranged, and profoundly, utterly, mentally defective. The notion that any representative or agent of such a society, such as a psychiatrist, journalist, politician, or societal pundit, has any legitimate authority to attach a demonizing label of mental dysfunction upon a courageous Martyr such as Jared, or upon any individual human being for that matter, is ludicrous and absurd. Just for the sake of argument, not that I accept the premise, if in fact Jared does suffer from some type of mental dysfunction, there are two primary Truths that take precedence. First, his mental dysfunction is miniscule, a tiny and pale reflection of the immense, all-pervasive mental derangement of human society and culture itself. And secondly, whatever minute level of mental dysfunction he may be experiencing, society is 100% guilty and responsible for causing him to suffer from!

The fact of amerikkkan society, en masse and from all angles, bombarding Jared with the perversely invalid labels of deranged, insane, mentally ill, is a beautiful example and illustration of the limitless hypocrisy of you creatures. You get what you deserve, folks. Your malice and hatred of Truth has no limits, and so you can be sure that your tortured victim-creations will show no mercy in their reflective and cathartic claims of vengeance. How dare you even suggest that the fact that one of Jared's harvested victims was a nine year old girl, somehow adds to the heinous nature of his actions! Your society commits active genocide against all of it's children, physically murdering them while they are womb-trapped, sanctioning their mass murder by their biological creators, authorizing the destruction of their souls and minds and bodies via ritualistic lies, brainwashing, beating. Your hypocrisy and double-standard astonishes any sane thinker! Nothing that Jared has done or said, much less his delightful physical appearance in the mugshot photo, is indicative of any significant mental dysfunction. In this photograph, Jared graces us all with a display of inner contentment, satisfaction, and self- love. He sees himself as honorable and beautiful, he sees himself as he Truly is. I see the beauty of his True Reality reflected in his image, in his face, and I thank him for sharing that beauty with me. I am honored to be able to pass along his gift, via the posting of the above mugshot photo.

On August 25, 2007, Jared, aged just 19, went to a campaign event very similar to the event where he carried out his January 8, 2011 rampage of vengeance. The empowered societal representative who hosted this event was the same person he targeted on 1/8/11. At that event, three and a half years earlier, he asked his governmental representative a question. The question was: "What is government if words have no meaning?" Guess what, folks? Your societal leader was not able to provide any type of satisfactory answer to Jared's question. Current news reports declare that she did not "understand" the question, and in fact the news reports themselves declare that this question is unclear and does not make sense. Really??? Lets try that again: "What is government if words have no meaning?" Well, I'm not surprised that the question could not be properly understood or answered by the congresswoman, or by the media, or even by the typical inferior and brainwashed citizen-slaves. But to Me, and to any superior scholar of Truth, this question not only makes perfect sense, but it is extremely profound and remarkably insightful. Do you folks realize that this very question is actually the core basis of an entire essay within this Manifesto?? Yes indeed, I am referring to My "Use of Language/definitions as a Brainwashing Tool" essay! It is clear that Jared's brilliantly insightful question, "What is government if words have no meaning", directly references this primary Forbidden Truth issue: The fact that amerikkkan society and government pathologically and maliciously uses words, language, and definition of terms and words, for the perverse purpose of controlling and manipulating the ideological and behavioral life path choices of individuals. This is absolutely one of the primary and most genocidally effective forms of mass behavioral and ideological control, that all societies and governments commit against their citizen-slaves. I have repeatedly addressed this Forbidden Truth, not only in the specific essay devoted exclusively to it, but throughout many of My other essays. In fact, in My very last completed essay, titled "Embrace of Victimhood Status", I put forth this nugget of remarkably True insight:

Self-quote: "From a Truth-based definitional perspective, the terms vengeance and justice are identical and interchangeable. Justice is defined by society as just treatment, fairness. But the Truth is that society offers no justice or fairness to any of it's citizen- slaves. Is it just to genocidally victimize helpless children? Is it fair to addict citizen-slaves to toxic mythology? Is it just to deliberately harm and abuse every human being in a society? Is it fair to victimize human beings and then to demonize and inflict more victimization upon them, because they victimized others?? There is absolutely nothing just or fair about any societal structure, and yet you pathetic creatures genuinely embrace the insane societal claim that it is devoted to justice, dedicated to dispensing justice for each and every dear citizen! You even have a "judicial system", one of the core operational structures of society, that supposedly attempts to impose justice upon rogue humans who dare to attempt to claim…..vengeance? Or should that be reversed?? Isn't it more accurate and Truthful to say that the judicial system attempts to impose vengeance upon rogue humans who dare to attempt to claim…..justice?? The Riddler strikes again! Upon sane analysis it is clearly the latter claim, that is more factually accurate. There is nothing just or fair about the judicial system. It serves as an instrument of an evil society, imposing societal vengeance on tortured victim-creations of society itself, who dare to stand up for the Truth, and simply try to even the score, to obtain personal justice for the societal victimization committed upon them.

So here you see the brutally perverse way that language and word definitions are used by society, to mislead and trick you, to conceal and obscure the Truth. Rational analysis of philosophical and ideological issues is only possible if the meanings of words, their definitions within the context of the issue at hand, are accurate and legitimate. Within human society, no such definitional accuracy exists, which is why I will be devoting an entire future essay to the specific topic of how society uses language and definitions as a brainwashing tool. For now, justice/vengeance is a beautiful opening illustration of this Forbidden Truth. We have two separate and distinct words, that society claims to have two absolutely different definitions. One word, justice, is assigned a positive attachment. Justice is good, we all need and deserve justice. The other word, vengeance, is assigned a negative attachment. Vengeance is bad, decent humans do not need or pursue it. But guess what? The definitions are not valid. They have no basis in factual Truth. And the societal attachments are likewise completely invalid. When society imposes justice, it is actually doing something bad and, dare I say it….unjustifiable! Yes, the imposition of justice cannot be justified, from a Truth-based perspective. And when an individual seeks and claims vengeance, he is doing something completely appropriate and….justified. We are not playing a game here, folks. These are not clever semantic riddles. It is profoundly important that all seekers of Truth carefully analyze and understand the prime role that invalid and lie-based language and word definitional decree by society plays, in manipulating and concealing Truth. If justice and vengeance have two different meanings, and your perception of these two meanings is in reality the exact opposite of what is the ideological and definitional Truth, and you have no intellectual awareness that your perception is false and reversed, then you can never know the Truth of what it is to claim vengeance, or what it is to seek justice." End self-quote.

The fact that Jared, tortured child-victim, at the tender age of 19, found the internal strength and insight to recognize the Forbidden Truth value of this very question, and to actually seek out and pose the question face-to-face to the congresswoman that he eventually shot three and a half years later, is absolutely remarkable, on several levels. It demonstrates to Me that Jared was and is on a direct path towards becoming a Seer of Forbidden Truth, a path to recognizing and embracing all of the Forbidden Truths of human existence, as I have done. Whether or not Jared has actually achieved Seer of Forbidden Truth status, is not something that I can definitively declare. But all signs point to the fact that he has an immensely impressive intellect, a keen recognition and understanding of the inferior, lie-based, and malicious nature of humanity, and chose to undertake an overt quest to realize and uncover Forbidden Truth. I am pleased to publicly state my appreciation for Jared, in his efforts to uncover the Forbidden Truths of life.

Jared's profound question is worthy of a bit of additional comment here, although it will be addressed at much greater length of course, in my not yet completed essay, "Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool." It is so elementally obvious: You can never know what Truth is, you can never entertain the possibility of living your life with a genuine understanding of why you do what you do, why you think what you think, why you believe what you believe, if the meanings of words and concepts are lie-based and factually inaccurate. This is a foundational, root cause of the immense perversity and dysfunctionality of the human species. But you pathetic inferiors don't get it. You don't get it at all. Truth stares you in the face, slaps you in the face, shoots you in the head, to make a rather crass analogy, but nothing happens. You are deaf, dumb, and blind to it. You actually believe that your society is going to try to bestow "justice" upon Jared. Justice as your society defines the word. But the societal definition has no basis in Truth. But that doesn't matter, because you are too broken and brainwashed to recognize that this word, that the definitions of countless thousands of different words, phrases, and ideological constructs, have no basis in factual Truth, or rationality. Truth is your mortal enemy, it represents the greatest threat that you will ever face in your lifetime. You flee from it with even greater desperation than the citizen-slaves in Tuscon, Arizona attempted to flee from the barrel of Jared's Glock model 19 on January 8, 2011. The great irony of course, is that your successful evasion and rejection of the Truth, is the very achievement that caused Jared to be subjected to the victimization and trauma that resulted in his dynamic quest for personal justice, on that day.

There is just one other detail of Jared's True Reality that I wish to discuss here, and that is his enthusiastic embrace and devotion to "conscious dreaming". If you are not familiar with this gloriously empowering behavioral path, I strongly urge you to do a Google web search on the term, and you will be enlightened. The short form definition of conscious dreaming is: The personal control and direction of the content of your dreams, while asleep. In other words, conscious dreaming is when a person develops their mental strength and focus to the specific point and purpose of controlling and dictating the plot and content of their dreams, as generated by their subconscious mind. To many of you inferiors, this may seem fantastical and fictional, but I can assure you it is not. If you read Jared's writings you will see that he was and is a successful practitioner of conscious dreaming. He was able to control the content of his dreams, and in the process derive and experience a great deal of pleasure, satisfaction, and contentment. Let us understand that to achieve conscious dreaming is a remarkable feat, and an immensely valuable skill for any human to achieve. I am not being hyperbolical when I state that in conscious dreaming an actual stargate, or wormhole is created within the human mind. What do I mean by "stargate" or "wormhole"? Very simply, a portal and pathway to an alternative reality and experience of personal existence. In conscious dreaming you can be anyone, you can be anything. You can do anything. You can experience anything. There are only two great limitations, the first being the actual thought content limitations of your own unique brain. Very simply, if you cannot conjure up a specific fantasy experience while awake, you will not be able to train your mind to have a conscious experience of such a fantasy while asleep, through conscious dreaming. The second is the actual limitations of your ability to turn conscious thought while awake, into realized experiences while asleep.

Do I seem to be well-versed in the concept of conscious dreaming? Well, I should be, because I am Myself also a practitioner of this glorious art. The Truth is, until five days ago, when the term "conscious dreaming" burst onto the world stage thanks to Jared's cathartic act of personal vengeance, I had never heard of this specific term. But I have and I do regularly engage in the practice, as I have defined and described it above. Since childhood I have recognized the incredible value and benefit that could be derived from the ability to control and dictate the content of My dreams, and I have diligently attempted, through mental focus and strength, to achieve this feat. Am I able to control all content of my dreams, each and every night?? No. I have not come close to achieving this ultimate goal, and from my online research I doubt that any human has attained this level of control. But I have attained the ability to control and direct My dreams to some degree, and within some dreams, to come to the "conscious" realization that I am in the middle of a dream, and to then move the dream forward to my chosen, conscious specifications.

The value and usefulness of this mental feat is immense, and it is clear to me that there are superior humans, most especially Seers of Forbidden Truth and aspiring Seers, who recognize the glory of this practice, and devote time and effort towards the attainment of this mental power. It is clear to me from his writings, that top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth Charles Manson, is a devotee and practitioner of conscious dreaming, although I have no idea if he is aware of this term, as I Myself was not aware until a few days ago. You need only consider glorious quotes such as "Each night as you sleep I destroy the world", and "In my mind's eye my thoughts light fires in your cities", to recognize that Seer Charles is a conscious dreamer. What is the great appeal of this practice? It should be obvious to any superior thinker: All sentient experience occurs within the individual human mind. The reality of all experience, the perception of all experience, is determined by the ability of the human mind to attain awareness of the experience. What does this mean? Simply, If I am able to have a dream in which I destroy the world, and I am able to choose this specific content and scenario for my dream, and if I am able to control the pace and the events in the dream, and on top of that to retain vividly conscious awareness of the specific content detail of the dream, after I wake up, then for the purposes of personal experience, I have actually destroyed the world!

Do not be confused, humans. There is absolutely no level of delusion within the above paragraph. I fully recognize and obviously understand that My conscious dream of destroying the world, did not, has not, and will not result in the actual physical destruction of the world. This is a very important point. But it is just as important for those who aspire towards personal untouchability and superiority to understand both the concrete reality and the philosophical Truth I state here: An internalized dream experience, if it is vivid enough, consciously controlled and manipulated via mental strength and focus, and legitimately remembered and recalled as an actual experience after awakening, can be legitimately perceived as "real", in terms of providing personal pleasure, satisfaction, and catharsis, to an equal degree as an externalized, awake, activity. The big difference, and of course it is a profound one, is that the ability to actually create an external impact, to affect the lives and experiences of other living things, does not exist within the realm of conscious dreaming. My conscious dream of destroying the world, does not destroy the world. This is unfortunate, tragic really. But it does not negate the fact that it is possible for My conscious dream to provide Me with the legitimate, "real" experience of destroying the world. There is no betrayal of Self or of Truth in my embracing the experience of destroying the world via conscious dreaming, as long as there is absolutely no delusional thoughts or beliefs that the physical destruction of the world occured. There is also no concrete obligation on My part to attempt to physically destroy the actual world, just because I enjoy the experience of destroying the world via conscious dreaming. I am of course free to attempt such a feat, if My True Reality motivates me to do so, but there is no philosophical or ideological imperative that any individual turn his conscious dreams into awake activities.

Superior humans actively seek to experience life within their own minds, to a significant degree. They recognize the glory of being untouchable on all levels, tactically, behaviorally, ideologically, mentally. Imagine the quality of life experience difference, between a physically imprisoned torture victim who has perfected conscious dreaming, compared to a physically imprisoned torture victim who does not have any control at all over his dreams. The difference is very real and significant. We are only what we are able to experience, and retain within our own minds. Consider, if a mass murderer develops severe alzheimers disease and loses all recollection of the fact that he committed a mass murder, that mass murder ceases to exist as a personal experience, for him. Of course this doesn't change the fact that it happened. He killed humans, he affected lives, he changed the course of human history in ways that can never be known. All this is True, but the personal experience of the achievement is lost, if the achiever has no conscious recollection of his achievement. My point is that the achievement itself, along with the conscious experience of the achievement, are both supremely valuable and precious. And such experiences can be consciously achieved and retained, via conscious dreaming.

I am so very delighted to know that young Jared has chosen to engage in conscious dreaming, and from his writings it is clear that he is good at it. I hope that Martyr Jared will be able to enjoy many decades of contentment and personal pleasure, as he creates and recollects within both his consciously awake and conscious dream realities, experiences that warm his heart, feed his soul, and satiate his sexual proclivities. I would like to urge all humans who are on a sincere quest for Forbidden Truth and the achievement of personal untouchability, to seriously consider, if they have not already done so, the value and potential life benefits of acquiring the skill of conscious dreaming.

"What is government if words have no meaning?" "Goodbye friends. Please don't be mad at me. The literacy rate is below 5%. I haven't talked to one person who is literate. I want to make it out alive. The longest war in the history of the United States. Goodbye. I'm saddened with the current currency and job employment. I had a bully at school. Thank you. P.S. --plead the fifth!" "Terrorist If I define terrorist then a terrorist is a person who employs terror or terrorism, especially as a political weapon. I define terrorist. Thus, a terrorist is a person who employs terror or terrorism, especially as a political weapon. If you call me a terrorist then the argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem. You call me a terrorist. Thus, the argument to call me a terrorist is Ad hominem." "No! I won't trust in God!"-----------------------Jared Lee Loughner

Dateline: March 20, 2002: Subject: British Societal Martyr Dennis Nilsen. Martyr Dennis is featured promanantly within the Main Body of this Manifesto. He is Truly one of the most courageous and articulate tortured victim-creations of 20th century British society, and a genuine Seer of Forbidden Truth in his own right. Anyone who has read the book "Killing For Company", by Brian Masters, which contains extensive quotes direct from our generous and philosophically astute Martyr, cannot help but be incredibly impressed with and grateful to Dennis. But a book such as that one, despite it's Superior nature, is still tainted by the bias and the agenda of the author. It is not an autobiography, but rather a biography, which carries with it the baggage of the author, weighing down the Truths of Martyr Dennis. This is why I became incredibly excited months ago, when I first learned that Martyr Dennis was writing a book all by himself, on his own, an autobiography. Today, my excitement is tempered by immense rage, thanks to the following update on the status of Dennis' book project, which appears courtesy of the March 20, 2002 online edition of The Times of London newspaper, http://www.thetimes.co.uk. "Nilsen is subject to censors: The serial killer Dennis Nilsen was banned yesterday from completing his autobiography, History of a Drowning Man, unless he lets the Home Office read a rough draft first. Lord Justice Crane gave the Prison Service permission to censor the unfinished manuscript before handing it back to the prisoner. He told the High Court that the Home Office had every right to check the contents of the book before publication to ensure that it did not breach state security or contain potential for upset on moral grounds. Nilsen, 56, who is serving six life sentences at Full Sutton prison, near York, had claimed that a failure to allow him to finish his book was a breach of his human rights. He was jailed in 1983 for killing 12 young men at his home in Muswell Hill, North London."

It is hard for me to come up with the proper words to describe the disgust that every sane Superior must feel, upon reading this news item. It is repugnant beyond all measure. It reveals Britain to be on an equal par with america, in terms of utter and complete fascism. The notion that a government which is guilty of creating a tortured victim such as Martyr Dennis, could or should have any type of ability to interfere in the expression and publication of personal Truth by the tortured Martyr that it is guilty of creating, is so evil, so perverse, so contrary to the most basic concepts of human, legal, and civil rights, that all by itself, this one tiny news item proves that the British government is illegitimate and has no right to continue to exist. Within a sane society, Martyr Dennis would be hailed as a heroic figure, all societal leaders would publically thank him for choosing to expose and reveal Truth, for choosing to grace his undeserving society, with a courageous and honest autobiography. The actions of the British government cannot be explained or justified, under any premise other than limitless evil and disease. Only within the most insane society imaginable, could a literary work of personal Truth, be subjected to governmental censorship on the grounds that it might "cause upset on moral grounds". Ha! Upset on moral grounds! A society that commits genocide, a society so evil that it has traveled the world, committing genocidal invasions of sovereign societies and imposing it's domination upon these societies in genocidal fashion, as well as committing evil, immoral genocide upon every generation of it's own child-slaves, has the insane audacity to claim that it has the right to censor a book of Truth written by one of it's own tortured victim-creations! Unbelievable! And understand that this is being done because the society is in terror of Dennis. Dennis represents Truth, Dennis holds a mirror in front of his society and courageously reflects Truth back at his evil and insane society. This is why his words are like poison. This is why the leaders of the society that is guilty of Martyr Dennis' creation, are desperately attempting to silence his voice of Truth. Within a sane society, the populace would rise up en masse and demand that Martyr Dennis be interviewed by the media, be courted by the media, be encouraged and rewarded for expressing himself in whatever manner he chooses, for as long as he chooses, in whatever venues he chooses. You would hail Martyr Dennis as a Seer of Truth, standing up for him at every turn, condemning and if necessary threatening to destroy, any societally or governmentally empowered entity which seeks to deny Dennis his human, legal, civil, literary, copyright, and free expression rights. The media would be going crazy over this outrage, if it was a free media, that is. But no, instead we have an ultra-diseased, completely fascist society, a totalitarian dictatorship masquerading as a modern and progressive monarchy, filled with insane, tortured citizen-slaves who hate and despise Truth, and reward their evil government for censoring, hiding, and demonizing all Truth and all Truth-tellers.

Let us bow our heads in shame, at the ongoing torturous victimization that Martyr Dennis is being subjected to. Let us vow to never forget and to never forgive these societies which are so ultra-diseased and so evil, that they torture a human being from the very day of his birth, on throughout his entire lifetime, claiming to be benevolent, free, democratic, civilized, but in reality demonstrating an almost unbelievable degree of malice, fascism, totalitarianism, savagery. Not even trying to maintain the illusion of respecting even the most basic human, civil, and legal rights of it's own tortured victim-creations, even as the societal leaders insanely attempt to claim moral superiority and a moral right to dictate and command behavior from other societies and governments. Absolutely pathetic! On a side note, what a wonderful title Martyr Dennis has come up with, for his book, "History of a Drowning Man." The word history perfectly expresses the slow, grinding, daily manner in which societies victimize, torture, and destroy their child-slaves. The term "drowning" is also incredibly appropriate. Dennis probably chose this word because he has a long and personal fascination and childhood history which relates very strongly to water, oceans, and death, as all of you who have read the "Killing For Company" book should be well aware. I look at the term "drowning man" in a different light, focusing upon how the daily torture that societies subject their child-slaves to, not merely physical torture, but even more importantly, daily emotional and psychological torture as well as lie-based brainwashing, is akin to being forcibly held down beneath the surface of water by a malevolent, sadistic, diseased entity. Dennis was literally "drowned" by his society, on a daily basis, throughout his entire childhood as well as adult years, as is the case with so many tortured child-slaves who have the misfortune of being born into ultra-diseased societies.

Dateline: March 4, 2002: Subject: American societal Martyr William Heirens. Hello. It is I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth. Found a fascinating article on one of america’s biggest Martyrs of the 20th century, in the March 4, 2002 online edition of the Chicago Tribune newspaper. http://www.chicagotribune.com. Who is our Mystery Martyr? The one and only William Heirens, whose life story of societal torture and victimization actually exceeds that of Martyr Howard Unruh, in terms of length of undeserved punitive punishment. Martyr William is now 73 years old. He was arrested way back in 1946 or 1947, at the age of seventeen, and charged with serially killing three young girls, one only 6 years old, in a six month long rampage that began in the middle of 1945, and came to an end in January of 1946. That’s right, Martyr William was a child himself, 17 years old, not even legally allowed to consume alcohol or to vote in an election, when he was arrested and charged with serially killing 3 girls. That William was a tortured child-victim of american society, is undeniable. That he deserved to be treated as a tortured child, and subjected to absolutely no type of additional victimization and punitive punishment, is undeniable. To any sane creature, of course. Tragically, while american society may have been a tiny bit less deranged back in the mid 1940’s, it was still utterly and completely deranged and evil. Whatever tiny increase in derangement which may have occured over the past half century, is negligible. And so our tortured child was insanely decreed to be an adult by the judicial system, convicted of all three murders via a terroristically coerced Guilty plea, and condemned to be subjected to a lifetime of undeserved punitive punishment. It is now 2002, our Martyr has spent the past 56 years locked up in a cage, being subjected to unjust punitive punishment. And yet he is alive, well, alert, self-valuing. He has triumphed! He has demonstrated the incredible strength of the human mind. Still a child when condemned to a lifetime of punitive punishment, Martyr William somehow found the internal strength to not merely cope with the lifetime of brutal injustice that his ultra-diseased society chose to impose upon him from his birth, but to thrive, to protect and preserve his health, his mind, his emotions, his character, his self-love, through 56 long years of overtly malevolent punitive punishment, inflicted by the very society that was and remains guilty of his lifetime of torturous victimization.

The March 4, 2002 Chicago Tribune article is titled: " '40s serial killer seeks release: Heirens' lawyers say case tainted by errors, coercion." I have no interest in debating whether or not Martyr William is "innocent" of these three 1940’s killings. It is completely irrelevant, the question of whether or not he committed the killings. The incredible outrage over the lifetime of unjust torture that this 73 year old Martyr has been subjected to at the hands of the very society that is guilty of creating him, would not be either increased or decreased, to any degree, by factual proof being provided regarding the three acts of True Reality rage that this child was convicted of committing. William is a Martyr, one of the greatest Martyrs of the 20th century. He deserves to have all of american society fall to it’s collective knees and beg him for forgiveness. He deserves to have every penny of Bill Gates’ net worth transferred by wire into his bank account, within the next 12 hours. And yet none of this, nothing that your evil and diseased society could do, could ever come close to atoning for the lifetime of perverse injustice that you have chosen to subject this tortured child to. And yet we must focus on the triumphant aspects of Martyr Williams’s journey through life. He did not let his society break and destroy him. He may well have enjoyed far more genuine freedom while locked up in a cage for 56 years, than most of you who have never been locked up in a cage have enjoyed, based upon the Forbidden truth that all freedom exists within the unique and individual mind of every human being. Does Martyr William deserve to be "released"? Of course. This question cannot possibly have any legitimacy, since his initial incarceration, perversely designed to inflict punitive punishment upon him, as the entire american prison and psychiatric detention system is designed to do, cannot possibly be justified within any sane analysis of Truth. The notion that Martyr William somehow needs to "prove" that he deserves to released, or prove that he did not commit the three 1940’s killings, is repugnantly hypocritical. He deserves to be released because he is a torture victim of the most evil society on planet earth, and has been subjected to undeserved torture for the past 73 years, every year of his lifetime, and in fact most likely every single day of his lifetime, certainly every single day since your insane society decided it had a right to deliberately inflict punitive punishment upon him, 56 long years ago. As I have already revealed within the Main Body of this Manifesto, a theoretical claim can be made that if a society has a completely non-punitive "detention system", and if it can be proven that a specific, individual torture victim is extremely likely to commit additional major acts of cathartic vengeance if currently freed into the general population, then it is theoretically possible that the society might be able to claim to have a moral right to refuse to grant such freedom to the individual. Your insane and evil societies meet none of these criteria, they do not even acknowledge or accept their own moral obligation to meet any of these criteria, much less all of these criteria. Unbelievably, this 17 year old tortured child was terroristically forced, under threat of murder, into agreeing to plead guilty to the three 1940’s killings. He was told, by the most evil society on planet earth: "If you refuse to plead guilty and accept a lifetime of punitive punishment via cage lock, we will strap you down into an electrified chair and deliberately propel a fatal current of electricity through your body in order to murder you." This is your "justice" system. And Martyr William was a child, an actual child, at the time this terroristic threat of murder was legally made against him, by your society! These facts prove beyond all doubt, to any sane thinker and embracer of Truth, that the human race was no less worthy of being extincted in 1946, than it is worthy of being extincted today. Honestly, my mind boggles at the very thought of how you creatures can look at yourselves in the mirror and decide that you are worthy of continuing to exist, both on an individual and on a species-wide level, given the Truths that I, and any sane creature, recognize within you.

Here are a few select quotes from this March 4, 2002 Chicago Tribune article, less than 50% of complete article content: "William Heirens, 73, has asked in a petition filed late last month with Gov. George Ryan and the state prisoner review board that his sentence be commuted and that he be granted what commonly is called "compassionate release." "Heirens confessed and pleaded guilty to avoid an almost certain sentence of death in the state's electric chair. Prosecutors admitted that they would have had a hard time convicting him without confessions, and Heirens' attorneys acknowledged that they facilitated his confessions and guilty pleas. Heirens quickly recanted his admissions of guilt and, since then, has said that he is innocent. As reasons to doubt his guilt, Marshall and Drizin point to questions about handwriting on a ransom note supposedly left by Heirens, doubts about fingerprint evidence and inconsistencies in Heirens' confessions.The attorneys also say that prosecutors forcibly injected Heirens with a sodium pentothal "truth serum" and that another man confessed to one of the murders to police in Arizona before Heirens' arrest. In addition, they say Chicago police arrested another man in connection with the Degnan murder. That man later claimed that detectives tortured him." "Heirens, the first prisoner in Illinois to get a college degree behind bars, made his last bid for release in a 1995 clemency petition." Let us all now pause for a moment and focus our mental energies upon honoring and paying tribute to the life of Martyr William. Let us wish him eternal life, eternal good health, and eternal strength, in recognition of the Truth that Martyr William is one of the greatest victims of torture and injustice at the hands of american society, of any human being to have ever lived during the during century. Thank you William, for serving as a courageous Martyr, and for demonstrating to us all, the power of the Superior human mind.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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