Tribute To and Analysis Of some of Charles Manson's Brilliant Insights of Forbidden Truth, Tribute To and Analysis Of some of Friedrich Nietzsche's Brilliant Insights of Forbidden Truth
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Welcome! You have reached an extremely important and valuable page within this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. After a lifetime of careful reflection and brilliant analysis, your Seer came to the profound realization that the two greatest, most courageous and brilliant known Seers of Forbidden Truth of the 19th and 20th centuries respectively, are Friedrich Nietzsche and Charles Manson. This page has been created for the purpose of honoring, paying trubute to, and I might as well use this word, worshipping, the lives, benevolence, brilliance, courage, and revelations of remarkable Forbidden Truth that these two most Superior of all Martyrs, have chosen to grace us with. I want to begin by explaining my use of the term "courageous and brilliant known seers", above. Even as we pay our most sincere respects to these two brilliant Martyrs, we must also remember that these two brilliant Seers have chosen to share their remarkable Forbidden Truths with us, by speaking and by writing down on paper, these Truths. We must be eternally grateful to Friedrich and Charles, for choosing to share Forbidden Truth with humanity, with their diseased, evil, and undeserving species, the species that tortured and victimized them. At the same time, we must realize that it is a virtual certainty that many other, completely unknown Seers of Forbidden Truth have passed through the historical human realm. These Seers had a Superior and profound understanding/insight/knowledge/embrace of Forbidden Truth, but for whatever reason, they were either unable or unwilling to "publically" reveal their Forbidden Truths to humanity, via writings, recordings, or verbal statements. Whether or not any of them possessed the immense degree of brilliance that Seers Charles and Friedrich have proven and demonstrated to us, is impossible for any of us to know. But we must reflect upon these "unknown" Seers, we must honor their lives and their sacrifices. We must not pass any negative judgment upon their decision to not create and leave behind a Living Legacy of Forbidden Truth in written or verbal form. In many ways, their decision to not grace the evil and insane species that was and is guilty of and responsible for their torturous victimization with precious Truth, is more rationally sensible than the choice that we, Seers such as Charles, Friedrich, and Myself have made, to fervently express the Forbidden Truths of life. Human society is Truly unworthy of our time and efforts, the time and effort that we devote to overtly expressing and revealing Forbidden Truth. You do not deserve to be graced with the glory of Truth. You have proven yourself, as a species, to be unworthy of receiving such a precious gift. And yet those of us who do choose to reveal Forbidden Truth, such as Friedrich, Charles, and Myself, are entitled to do so. We reveal Forbidden Truth in order to honor ourselves, in order to immortalize ourselves. Truth never dies, Truth can never be destroyed. Once revealed, it stands, majestic and untouchable. It stands and it waits for a Superior creature to embrace it. Tragically, there are virtually no Superior creatures currently on planet earth, who possess the intellect required to sincerely recognize the preciousness and brilliance of our Forbidden Truths. But that's okay. Truth stands, it stands and it waits, for all of cosmic eternity. It waits for a Superior species of life, not you pathetic humans, but a superior species, to discover it, to appreciate it, and to honor it.

It is True that Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Charles and Friedrich, perform an altruistic service in revealing Truth to all of humanity. I myself have benefited, my own journey towards the glory that is Forbidden Truth, has been made immeasurably easier by virtue of my having been able to access the Forbidden Truths of Charles and Friedrich, and to have been able to integrate their Truths within my own True Reality. It is not my place to judge whether or not Charles or Friedrich had any altruistic intent in revealing their Forbidden Truths to humanity. But I do wish to make it perfectly clear that I am well aware of the fact that it is quite possible, in fact likely, that a tiny percentage of Superior human beings may well benefit, they may find their own personal life journey enhanced and made easier, by virtue of accessing and embracing the Forbidden Truths that I am revealing within this Manifesto. And yet the Truth is that there is absolutely no benevolent intent on my part, in creating this Manifesto. I do not have any desire to help improve the life of any human being, in any manner, not even a human being who is on a sincere and Superior quest for Truth. The thought of an alien, extraterrestrial species of life discovering this Manifesto and savoring all of the Truths I reveal, pleases and satisfies me much more than the thought of any human being gaining any personal benefit or quality of life gain, from this Manifesto. And yet I accept the fact that just as I have greatly benefited from the Forbidden Truths that Seers Charles and Friedrich have chosen to reveal to humanity, it is likely that a tiny handful of human beings will benefit greatly from this Manifesto that I am creating, and from the Forbidden Truths that I am revealing. So be it. I take comfort in the fact that only Superior creatures, be they human or alien, can possess the intelligence, courage, and love of Truth that is required, to benefit greatly from this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. The fact remains that I possess absolutely no altruistic intent in either creating or allowing humanity to access, this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, and I want this fact to be perfectly clear and a part of the public record.

Friedrich Nietzsche was the greatest known Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 19th century. Charles Manson was the greatest known Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century. It is now the 21st century. Who is the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 21st century?? Well, first of all, the 21st century is very young, still in it's infancy. It is not my place to declare myself to be the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 21st century. Am I a brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth? Absolutely! Might I be the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 21st century? Absolutely! But it is not appropriate that I pin this label upon myself, at this point in time. Perhaps in 100 or so years, as the 22nd century dawns, I will be recognized by Superior creatures, hopefully not human, since the human race should have already extincted itself by that time, as being the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 21nd century, just as I today recognize Friedrich and Charles as being the greatest Seers of the past two centuries. Or perhaps not. It is certainly a title that I can easily envision myself carrying, and I already know that if any Superior creature chose to bestow such a title upon me, I would be worthy of it, deserving of it, and I would embrace the title with pure and limitless self-love, self-adulation, and self-appreciation. One wrinkle is the fact that I am a tortured victim-creation of 20th century human society, despite the fact that the 21st century has now dawned. Does the fact that I am a Martyr of the 20th century in terms of having been subjected to most of the formative societal tortures of my life during the 20th century, preclude me from being a brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 21st century? The answer to this question is No. Although I am a tortured victim-creation of 20th century human society, all of the Forbidden Truths that I have realized and revealed within this Manifesto, apply to 21st century human society, with just as much validity and accuracy as they would apply to 20th century human society.

I now want to explain exactly how this page will work. There are three different and distinct, but equally important goals/purposes to this web page. One goal is to pay tribute to Charles and Friedrich, the two greatest Seers of Forbidden Truth of the 19th and 20th centuries. Another goal is to reveal and expose what I consider to be Charles and Friedrich's most profound and valuable Forbidden Truths, to all of you readers/seekers of Truth. And the third goal that I have is to analyze, critique, praise, and even expand upon the Forbidden Truths that Charles and Friedrich reveal, in my commentary on each of their quotes. All three of these goals are extremely and equally important. They are obviously connected to each other to a certain degree, but they are also distinct from each other. For example: I want it to be perfectly clear that each and every quote from both Charles and Friedrich that I am including on this page, represents genuine, valid, and brilliant, Forbidden Truth. All of these quotes stand by themselves, as Superior examples of Forbidden Truth. None of them "need" any comment, analysis, or "interpretation" from me. And yet I will be commenting upon, analyzing, interpreting, and in some cases critiquing each quote. My purpose is to attempt to express my own personal interpretations of these quotes, and to expand upon the Forbidden Truth that I personally find within each quote. This does not mean that my commentary or insights of Truth regarding these quotes, my interpretative analysis of Charles and Friedrich's quotes of Forbidden Truth, necessarily reflects or expresses the intended meaning or philosophy of Charles or Friedrich. All that I am doing in my commentaries is expressing my own interpretations, from a Forbidden Truth perspective, of the Forbidden Truths that Charles and Friedrich grace us with. My actions in no way detract from or dilute the absolute brilliance and profound validity of each of these Forbidden Truths, as expressed by Charles and Friedrich. They all stand on their own, as brilliant expressions of Forbidden Truth. They do not need any explanation, enhancement, or interpretation, from any living thing, not even from a Superior Seer of Forbidden Truth such as myself.

I will be providing Seer Charles' as well as Seer Friedrichs' quotes in red print, with my commentary following each quote in black print. Please note that with regard to both of these Seers, the below quotes represent only a tiny fraction of the brilliant Forbidden truths that these Seers have revealed and expressed to the world, during their lifetimes. Due to space and time considerations, I obviously cannot include every single profound and Superior Forbidden Truth that Charles and Friedrich have revealed/expressed. As is the case with all my essays and texts, I do welcome commentary and feedback. If any of you wish me to comment upon other quotes of Charles and Friedrich, quotes which are not listed here, you may request that I provide such commentary. However you must include verifiable source material for the quote, together with the quote, and of course I am under absolutely no obligation to list any additional quotes, much less to comment upon them. Be advised that no additional quotes, and no additional commentary on any of the below quotes, will be added to this specific page. This page will remain as it is, a complete and brilliant creation of ultimate Truth. However, I have created a Specialty Page, only accessible via the Latest Updates page, which will be exclusively devoted to listing additional quotes of Forbidden Truth by these two Seers, providing my commentary upon these additional quotes of Truth, as well as providing additional commentary, if required, on any of the Forbidden Truths and commentary listed below.

Charles Manson:

The first and most important thing that needs to be said, is that as of this date, March 14, 2002, Seer Charles is alive, and hopefully well. It is not too late for all of you diseased and pathetic creatures to fall to your knees, beg forgiveness from Seer Charles, and find the courage to recognize and publically proclaim the True facts: That Charles is a tortured victim-creation of american society, he is the most brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth to have ever lived within american society, during the 20th century, he is the #1 political prisoner currently alive in america, and he deserves to be the supreme leader of america. Yes folks, all four of the above revelations are 100% accurate, and represent Forbidden Truth in it's purest sense. Of course I am well aware that there is no possibility of you insane creatures coming to your senses and granting Seer Charles, finally, after a lifetime of undeserved torture, the honor, the empowerment, the omnipotence that he deserves. All I can tell you is that it's not too late, even as I know you evil fools live in mortal terror of both Seer Charles and of the Forbidden Truths that he represents and reveals.

Seer Charles was born right during the heart of the 20th century, in america. He was born just as american society was beginning it's sink into the ultimate depths of inferiority, a few years prior to the beginning of world war 2. Charles' childhood is a perfect, textbook example of the limitless malice and genocidal child hatred, which was a hallmark policy of american society throughout the entire 20th century, and of course reaches ever new depths of perversity as the 21st century has dawned. Throughout his entire childhood, and in fact throughout his entire life, american society has malevolently chosen to abuse, victimize, torture, and demonize Charles, over and over, with sadistic malice as well as genocidal hatred/disregard for his welfare, a hatred and disregard that american society inflicts upon all of it's children. Billions upon billions of children are broken, destroyed, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, and physically, by this genocidal malice. Out of all those billions, only a tiny handful are able to emerge bathed in the glow of self-love and Truth. And out of this tiny handful, literally only 5-10 human beings are able to transform themselves into genuine Seers of Forbidden Truth. Charles Manson is the single greatest known example of this remarkable process of transformation and triumph, to have ever been created by american society during the entire 20th century.

Seer Charles is still today, well over three decades since he became culturally famous within american society, the #1 political prisoner within american society. Charles Manson has been demonized and subjected to over 30 years of overtly punitive punishment via cage lock, specifically because he is a political prisoner. What do I mean by "political prisoner"? I mean, very simply, that Seer Charles has posed and continues to pose, for the past 30+ years, the single greatest threat to the american governmental and societal system, of any living human being. This is because Seer Charles is a brilliant philosopher of Forbidden Truth, and, just as importantly, he has managed to gain enough fame to reach a significant number of his fellow tortured victim-creations with his philosophies of Forbidden Truth, even if the american government were to command the "mainstream" media to both demonize and ignore his Revelations of Truth. It is because of this combination of two different factors, first of all being a genuine Seer of Forbidden Truth, and secondly having achieved the fame necessary to reach a significant minority of the population with his messages of Forbidden Truth, that Seer Charles has been for the past 30 years and remains today, the "most dangerous american citizen currently alive."

Throughout the past 30+ years, your society and government has engaged in a systematic, desperate campaign to both demonize and silence Seer Charles. His revelations of Forbidden Truth have been distorted, misquoted, suppressed, labeled as being "the insane rantings of a psychopath". Anyone who dared to publically express support/admiration for the philosophies and brilliant insights of Seer Charles, has been likewise demonized as being both insane and evil, by a society that has perfected the art of reveling in both insanity and in malice, as well as turning all Truth upside-down. And finally, years ago, in 1994 to be specific, the state of California passed into law the most fascist and unconstitutional example of censorship imaginable, outlawing and barring all prison inmates from having any direct access to the news media, and conversely, barring all members of the news media from having any type of direct access to prison inmates. Although many different evil societal goals were achieved via this fascist law, one of the primary goals of this law, to any Superior thinker, was to cut off media access to Seer Charles, the most dangerous political/ideological prisoner in all of america, who is in fact a prisoner of the state of California. Words do not exist in the english language, to describe how outrageous this state law was and still is today, since it remains in effect. If any of you pathetic creatures still have the slightest doubt that america is the ultimate example of a fascist dictatorship, the facts of this law, how it was enacted, why it was enacted, and the reality and consequences of it's enactment, should erase all doubt. This is the type of terror within a society, that a genuine Seer of Forbidden Truth evokes. Terror so extreme that societal leaders are so desperate to silence the Seer that all pretense of respect for human rights, constitutional freedom, free speech and free media rights, is abandoned.

There is something about Truth that is compelling and fascinating, even when it is rejected and demonized by society. This is why the media, even the "mainstream" media, was drawn to Seer Charles, despite all of the desperate efforts of the american government to convince the media to shun Seer Charles. Despite all of these governmental efforts, Charles was able to access the media at times, prior to 1994, such as broadcast interviews with Tom Snyder and Geraldo Rivera. This is why, finally, in desperation, the government singled out this one state, California, introduced a proposed law that violated every imaginable human right, constitutional right, free speech right, and media right, and enacted into law, a law which proves, beyond all doubt, that america is the ultimate fascist dictatorship.

If any of you wish to research this law, plenty of information is available online, you can find dozens of articles at, by doing an Advanced Search using all of the following words: "prisoner access media california law". Here are just a few brief quotes on this incredibly evil state law, from the book "The Celling of America, edited by Daniel Burton-Rose, and published in 1998 by Common Courage Press, note the direct mention of Seer Charles: "California Governor Pete Wilson issued an executive order banning face-to-face media interviews with prisoners. The ban comes at a time when most civil rights for the state's 142,000 prisoners have been taken and violence is on the rise in the world's largest prison system. At the obligatory public hearing held at the Department of Corrections, representatives of the media and public strongly opposed the proposed new policies. In its public notice for that hearing, the Department claimed the ban was necessary to prevent individual prisoners from becoming celebrities and gaining access to contraband. Saying that prisons represent "the most expansionist sector" of state spending, Terry Francke, Executive Director of the California First Amendment Coalition, said, "the individual stories and accounts that only inmates can provide" make up a critical component in determining how smoothly the state's prison system is run. For some stories about prison life and administration, Francke continued, "there is no substitute for the opportunity to talk directly and candidly with specific individuals who either know the facts or can point to those who do." When prison guards boiled a mentally ill prisoner alive at Pelican Bay and beat, kicked and shot prisoners for sport at Corcoran, prisoners relayed the stories to the media. Critics of the ban believe it's exactly that type of information Department of Corrections Director James Gomez hopes to suppress with the new policy. Department officials point to the alleged escape attempt by Black Panther George Jackson at San Quentin prison in 1971 and the regular Geraldo sideshows featuring Charles Manson as justification for refusing to permit the media to interview specific prisoners any longer. In addition, prisoners will no longer be allowed to send mail to representatives of the media confidentially. Now, such mail will be read by guards before it's allowed out of the prison. Reporters will only be permitted to speak to prisoners selected by officials during approved tours of prisons. Prison officials could offer no examples of how face-to-face media interviews actually compromised the security of any prison. "Why should some guy benefit from committing a crime? We did this because we didn't want to have inmates becoming celebrities and heroes," J.P. Tremblay, Assistant Secretary of the Youth and Adult Corrections Agency said in an interview with the San Francisco Daily Recorder last January. He claimed that the principle of preventing criminals from profiting from their crimes necessarily "includes the intangible profit that certain inmates acquire by receiving the attention they crave and the attendant opportunity for a public forum in which they can espouse their often sociopathic philosophies." Tremblay failed to explain why any prisoner bent on promoting "sociopathic philosophies" couldn't simply do so in regular, non-confidential letters mailed to the media. While prisoners might express their viewpoints to the media in open letters, few will be willing to risk the consequences of exposing beatings, shootings, theft and other misconduct by prison staff. Prison guards who screen all outgoing prisoner mail routinely seize letters addressed to the media which are critical of prison employees. Photocopies of such letters are placed in the prisoner's file for other staff to read and disciplinary action or other retaliation is taken against the author. The possibility of such retaliation will have a chilling effect on the flow of information about abuses in prison to the media. In 1994, Governor Wilson signed into law legislation which stripped California prisoners of most civil rights. That law provided the Department of Corrections with an excuse to implement restrictions on access to the media, something they had on their agenda for a long time. State Senator Quentin Kopp, San Francisco independent, co-authored the legislation, but said it provides, "no authority to change or terminate prior departmental policy in regard to media interviews of prisoners." Director Gomez wrote March 19, 1996, that, "Nothing is contemplated to alter media access" to department facilities. Just ten days after that letter was written, media access to prisons in the state was radically altered. The Department's self-serving rationalizations for the new media policy ignore the public's interest in being informed about what goes on in the world's largest prison system. Some courts have recognized the importance of a prisoner's ability to communicate with the media. As one judge put it, "In a civilized society, governed by the rule of law, voices of dissent cannot and should not be suppressed. History has been punctuated by writers who have emerged from prison cells to become spokesmen for humanity."' However, the right-wing dominated United States Supreme Court has upheld prison restrictions on the media's face to face interviews with specific prisoners as long as those prisoners have some ability to communicate with reporters. Prison officials were quick to punish the first prisoner to challenge the restrictions on access to the media. Boston Woodard, who has spent some 15 years at California Men's Colony near San Luis Obispo, was editor of the prison newspaper, The Commentator, until last December. He was relieved of his position and disciplined for allegedly advising reporters on possible strategies to circumvent the prohibition against interviews with specific prisoners. Woodard scoffs at that claim and says his removal from the newspaper staff was retaliation for an article he wrote criticizing the new policy. In an interview with the Recorder, Woodard said prisoners fear the restrictions are part of an effort to shut the public out of the prison system altogether. He said the rule allowing media representatives to interview only those prisoners chosen by prison officials during random tours means "They'll make sure you're in an area where all the inmates [the press] talk to will have the IQ of a cinder block." The California Office of Administrative Law issued its formal ruling December 11, 1996, disapproving the Department of Corrections' proposed regulations banning face-to-face media interviews with prisoners and eliminating confidential correspondence between people in prison and representatives of the media. The CDC immediately re-filed the regulation change as an emergency which allows them to enforce the ban for 120 days without a public hearing. Prison administrators must amend their regulation change application and resubmit it to the OAL within the four month period barring any additional extensions of time. The OAL found that CDC officials failed to respond to many of the comments received from the public during a June hearing and in writing. A total of 100 comments were acknowledged by prisoncrats, 99 opposed to the media ban and one in favor. The Society of Professional Journalists, the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Jewish Congress, the California First Amendment Coalition, the Prison Law Office, PEN Center USA West, California Broadcasters Association, California Senator Kopp, an attorney representing national news organizations, a reporter for the Orange County Register and several others opposed the proposed ban on media interviews with prisoners. The CDC's initial response to the comments in opposition to their regulation change application was superficial and arrogant in places. With regard to one comment concerning brutality by prison staff, the OAL said, "The Department's response simply assumes that mistreatment of prisoners does not occur because it is prohibited by Penal Code ยงยง2650, 2651 and 2652. That response does not address the commentator's assertion that confidential media access is the only effective remedy to protect prisoners from abuse should that abuse occur." The CDC's attempt to shut out the media from the largest prison system in the world is part of a well-coordinated effort in several other states. California's regulations are closely monitored by other prison administrators because the state's prison rules are often used as a model for prison systems in the remainder of the country. Prison systems in Virginia, Missouri and South Carolina have also banned media access to prisoners."

Here you see the terror that Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Charles, evoke among you pathetic, genocidally evil fascists. Charles Manson deserves to be the president of the united states of america. If you creatures had any moral or rational integrity, but still insisted upon being "ruled over" by a supreme leader, you would install Seer Charles as your supreme leader, using whatever methods necessary. You would clasp to your bosoms the remarkable gift of Truth that Seer Charles has graced you with. You would fall to your knees and beg Seer Charles to cure you, to save you, from the path of insane evil that your society has led you down and addicted you to, as you beg Seer Charles for personal forgiveness, on behalf of both yourself and the society that is guilty of inflicting a lifetime of torture and victimization upon the greatest Seer of the 20th century. Instead, you evil idiots will not even preserve, protect, or defend Seer Charles' ability to access your media, to continue to reveal brilliant Forbidden Truth, so terrified are you of all Truth, and most especially, of the Forbidden Truth that only the most brilliant Seer of the entire 20th century of american society, can reveal. I must make it clear at this point in time, that it is not my intent to make Seer Charles appear to be "larger than life", nor is it my intent to depersonalize Seer Charles by making his life story into a societal or political "issue". Tragically and unjustly, as individuals, we are all too human. We Seers deserve to be of a different species. I say "different" rather than Superior, because every species of life is superior to the human species. Seer Charles is a tortured human child and adult victim-Martyr-creation of american society. Nothing that he has said or done, none of his brilliant life path and philosophical accomplishments, should be allowed to detract from the Truth of what Charles is. His status of being the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century in no way renders him a larger than life figure. It does not alter the equally valid fact that Charles was and is the ultimate victim, a tortured Martyr, brutalized and created by the sum total of insanity and evil that the society he was born into and raised up within, 20th century american society, chose to maliciously inflict upon him. Seer Charles has not "chosen" to be a Seer of Forbidden Truth. None of us Seers make this choice, on a fundamental level. We are tortured, created victims, and the "choice" we make is to reflect back at humanity, the Truth of what humanity chose to maliciously impose upon us. Hence, we are reflections of Truth. Yes, we do make conscious choices, such as to refuse to let the evil and insane society that has created us, destroy us. And yes, we make other conscious choices, such as to overtly embrace, revel within, and reveal to the world, the Forbidden Truths of life that we have uncovered. And yet despite all this, we have not made the choice to become Seers of Forbidden Truth. If we had not been subjected to the horrors and injustices of being born into and raised up within an evil, insane, immoral, Truth-hating society, we could not and we would not have become Seers of Forbidden Truth.

Seer Charles has taken the lifetime of insanity, lies, and evil that his society has chosen to subject him to since the very day of his birth nearly seven decades ago, and used it to magically transform himself into an untouchable, brilliant philosopher of Forbidden Truth. I do not use the word "magical" to imply any supernatural phenomenon. Within an evil, lie-based society, which succeeds in terroristically coercing 99.99999999999% of all citizens into hating, betraying, and victimizing themselves, as well as hating and rejecting all of the Truths of life, one of the only appropriate words to describe the triumph of a torture victim such as Seer Charles, is "magical". Despite all of the desperate efforts of society and the government to both demonize and silence Seer Charles, a small but devoted group of Superior humans remains loyal, respectful, and worshipful of our Seer. Why is this? I think it is quite clear that on an instinctual level, despite all of the genetic perversity of the human species, many human beings are still born possessing an "instinctual" interest in and desire for Truth. This is similar to the "instinct" which drives a newborn puppy into seeking out it's mother's teets for milk, or the instinct which drives a newborn turtle to orient itself and immediately head towards the nearby water, despite having been born on land. It is the relentlessly evil and insane brainwashing and societal indoctrination that all newborn humans are subjected to from the moment of their birth and throughout their entire childhoods, which literally strips them of all ability to instinctually seek out and embrace the Truths of life. And yet instinct is a powerful force. It can be totally destroyed via relentless, terroristic brainwashing, on all "conscious" levels, and yet still remain "alive", deeply buried within an individual's subconscious psyche, forced to dwell only at the very deepest levels of subconscious, in most cases never to emerge again into the glorious light of conscious realization, for the entire lifetime of the societal tortured victim-creation. How tragic! And yet as long as this instinct remains alive, at least in theory, it can surface and manifest itself, even without the conscious awareness of the societal torture victim. And this is why a Seer of Forbidden Truth such as Charles Manson is able to retain the respect, admiration, and fascination of a very small, but very real, percentage of humanity. Human beings who seek out the Truths of Charles Manson, defying all societal efforts to totally demonize and extinguish Seer Charles and his Forbidden Truths, just as the human instinct for Truth cannot be totally, 100% extinguished from the core True Realities of some human beings, despite all of the most determined efforts of evil and insane societies. This small group of Superiors cling to Charles as though he is a life preserver and they are floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. In reality he is a "truth preserver", he helps these Superiors to keep alive within themselves, be it on a conscious or subconscious level, their own brutalized, decimated, but still "alive", instinctual interest in, respect for, and craving for, Truth. In many cases even these Superiors are totally unable to consciously face up to and embrace the reasons why they focus upon and obsess over Seer Charles. They live in terror of allowing their appreciation for Truth, to surface to a conscious level within their own minds. They may verbally claim that Seer Charles is a "sicko", "so weird that he fascinates me", "his ideas are so outrageous that I can't help being fascinated", etc... But in many cases these pathetic statements are made in order for these humans to "justify" to themselves their own personal interest in Charles and his philosophies, without having to consciously face up to the fact that Seer Charles represents pure Truth, and that they still possess, deeply and in many cases hopelessly buried within their own subconscious, a personal, instinctual craving and love for Truth. Perversely, even though Seer Charles is their Truth Preserver, many of these societally broken and destroyed torture victims will not only refuse to express or acknowledge any affinity, respect, support, or admiration for Seer Charles, but in fact they will verbally ridicule, scorn, criticize, condemn, and demonize Seer Charles. This is partly because their evil society terroristically compels them to reject and demonize Seer Charles in order to be considered "normal" and a good, sane citizen, but even more of a motivating factor is their own immense terror of all Truth. Seer Charles literally "represents" Truth. He is Truth, in a very real sense. The exact same Truth that you human beings have devoted your entire lives to desperately fleeing from. Seer Charles is a reminder to you, of your own greatest terror, the fear of Truth that your society has terroristically instilled within you. He reflects upon you, your greatest terrors. This is why even among his "fans", even those handful of humans who do use Charles, mostly on a subconscious level, as their "Truth Preserver", a strong majority will refuse to openly, verbally, or consciously face up and admit to the fact that Charles is a brilliant Seer who deserves a limitless amount of support, respect, admiration, love, worship, empowerment, and gratitude, from literally every human being on planet earth, and even more so from those few individuals who do use Seer Charles, on a subconscious level, as their "Truth Preserver".

It is not a question of what Seer Charles "needs", but rather an issue of what Seer Charles deserves. My above comments are based upon what Seer Charles deserves, for being the single greatest philosopher of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century. He deserves to have this title bestowed upon him, the title of "single greatest philosopher of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century." Once this title is bestowed, all of the empowerment rights and privileges that should naturally be extended to a human being who has achieved such a uniquely remarkable feat, must be given to Charles, by humanity as a whole. No other living human being should have as much power and ability to shape, dictate, influence, and restore sanity within human society, as Charles Manson deserves to have. On a personal level, many high-level Superiors and Seers "need" very little from humanity. We need almost nothing, because we have created within our own True Realities, an untouchable and totally real universe. We live in the greatest place in the universe, a place far greater than even the most creative god freak can envision his nonexistent "heaven" to be: We live in the universe of our minds, a universe that we have the ability to render just as perfect as our own self-loving True Reality allows. The only way we can be negatively "touched", is if we are killed, if we die. Not even we, the most brilliant of all Seers, can conquer death. The most brilliant Seers recognize this Truth, and do not take refuge in any illusion of omnipotence, as regards death. Instead, we revel in our untouchability in every single other aspect of our existence. Yes, of course we still have "needs", basic needs that all living creatures, even Seers of Forbidden Truth, have. Needs such as proper medical care, proper nutrition, the right/ability to isolate ourselves, the right/ability to protect ourselves from personal harm, etc... But the main philosophical focus should not be on what Seers such as Charles need, but rather what they deserve. What you and all of human society owe to your Seers. It is a limitless debt, that can never be properly repaid.

And so, as we are about to begin savoring the brilliant and remarkable Forbidden Truths of Charles Manson in quote and commentary form, let us first pause, in profound and heartfelt reflection. Let us give thanks to Seer Charles, for gracing us with a gift that we can never properly repay. Let us emotionally embrace Charles as being our soulmate. Let us emotionally weep with Charles, for the lifetime of torture that humanity has chosen to inflict upon Charles, and to allow Charles to suffer. Let us cry out with a mixture of both joy and horror, as we reflect upon the fact that Seer Charles is the living embodiment of Truth, a Martyr who by his courage and embrace of Truth, avenges not only himself, but the billions upon billions of fellow human torture victims, who, lacking the courage and brilliance of Charles, have allowed their societies to totally destroy them, and cause them to either sacrifice their lives, or live out their lives trapped within a toxic pit of lies, insanity, self-hatred, and self-victimization. Let us hug Charles, and generously share whatever strength of spirit and soul we may possess as Superiors, with this ultimate Seer, a Superior who has literally given his life in the pursuit and honor of Truth, the same Truth that we ourselves, as Superiors, so proudly seek out and embrace. Let us vow to live our own lives in reverent reflection of the courage, grace, self-love, and constant embrace of Truth, that Charles has lived his life embracing. And finally and most importantly, let us vow to never forget what human society has done to Seer Charles, to never forget how limitlessly evil human society is, and to never forgive humanity for it's genocidal malice and cowardly insanity. Let us recognize and embrace the fact that Seer Charles deserves to be avenged, in reflection of the Truth that Seer Charles has himself avenged the billions upon billions of tortured human child-slaves and adult citizen-slaves, who were too broken and destroyed by their evil societies to properly avenge themselves. In doing all of these things I have outlined in this paragraph, we not only honor Seer Charles, we honor ourselves and we honor Truth.

I hope this web page inspires all of you to decide that you must delve deeply into the brilliant Truth and remarkable life path of Seer Charles, to a far greater degree than the precious but limited content that I can provide on this web page. If you do wish to immerse yourself more deeply in Charles' True Reality, the good news is that there are quite a decent number of valuable resources, both online and off-line. I personally own approximately 13 books which are devoted exclusively to Seer Charles. Most are currently out of print, but if you search with determination, you should be able to locate out of print copies of most of these books, for sale. I would particularly recommend a small but wonderful book titled "The Manson File", which is edited by Nikolas Schreck, specifically because it allows Seer Charles to speak in his own words, to share his brilliant insights of Truth exactly as he spoke or wrote them, with almost no editorial commentary or author interruptions, as is the case with all other books devoted to Seer Charles. There are hundreds of different web sites that contain some content on Seer Charles, but the two web site "resource collections" that I would most recommend to those of you seeking to bathe in the glory that is the Forbidden Truth of Seer Charles, are:

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Charles Manson
Google Web Directory for Charles Manson

And the single best individual web site for those of you seeking the Forbidden Truth of Seer Charles, is:

Manson Direct

***The Forbidden Truths of Charles Manson***

"We cannot be killed by you. I cannot die, because I live eternally, the reflection of the soul that is you, you see--- that you hate, as you hate yourselves."

We start off slowly, with the above quote. It is not one of my very favorites, just because Seer Charles is capable of expressing Truth with much greater clarity. And yet there is profound beauty and Truth to be found in the above quote. Note how Seer Charles uses the plural of "We", generously extending an open arm to all Superior torture victims of society, to all genuine seekers of Truth. Beautifully evocative use of one of my favorite images of Truth, the image of reflection. Seer Charles is not speaking of physical existence in the above quote, based upon my interpretation. No, he is revealing the eternal perfection that is reflection of Truth. Seer Charles uttered the above quote over 30 years ago, and yet here I am today, reflecting his Truth upon the world. Even after Seer and Martyr Charles does tragically and unjustly die, his Truth will live on, and it will continue to be reflected upon the world. By his fellow victims, his admirers, even those who hate him and live in terror of him and the Truths that he represents. Those who hate Seer Charles will reflect their inferiority upon the human species, thus empowering and inspiring us, us Superiors, those of us who recognize that Seer Charles has made the ultimate sacrifice, those of us who draw strength and inspiration from the fact that we are hated, and from the fact that we will never allow the evil societies that have created us, to destroy us. At the end of the above quote, Seer Charles reveals one of the most fundamentally basic, and yet remarkably profound, of all Truth: You creatures hate yourselves. You are filled with limitless self-loathing. Nothing that you try to do to change this fact, works. You can delude yourselves into believing that you are loved by others, you can delude yourselves into believing that a god creature loves you, you can delude yourselves into believing that convincing a fellow human to have sex with you, eating an expensive meal, creating a child, soaking in a luxurious hot tub, pampering yourselves physically, represents an embrace of self and of love. But you are deluding yourselves. You hate yourselves. You spend your lives running away from all Truth, in terror. You destroy yourselves, victimize yourselves, sabotage yourselves. You choose to suffer, you choose to harm yourselves, you choose to inflict pain upon yourselves, you choose to addict yourselves to toxicity, toxic substances, toxic beliefs, toxic rationalizations. You cannot bear to live in the light of Truth. You are vampires, slinking off in desperation, whenever a beam of Truth hits you. Anything will do, alcohol, drugs, god, paint thinner, laughing gas, romantic love, any type of lie, myth, delusion, artificial substance or belief that allows you to escape from the Truth, you seize upon it like a drowning man in the middle of the ocean seizes upon a life preserver. This is because at your core, you creatures consist of pure hate and pure terror. Nothing more and nothing less.

"Each night as you sleep I destroy the world."

Ahhhh, This is it, folks. Pure perfection in the expression of Truth, as only Seer Charles can deliver. Only a nine word sentence, count the words if you wish. And yet within these nine words, Seer Charles expresses a "mind-shattering" Truth. A Truth so precious, so profound, that it should send chills of delight down the spine of all Superior seekers of Truth. "Each night as you sleep I destroy the world." What does it mean? It is a triumphant call of personal untouchability and limitless vengeance. It awakens all of us Superiors to this most profound of Truths: Each of us has the ability to destroy the world, every single hour of every single day of our lives. It doesn't matter if we are locked inside of a cage, old, weak, tired, abused, victimized. No, it doesn't matter. As long as we are alive, and as long as our brain is functioning under our control, we, as Superiors, have the ability to destroy the world. There is no limit to our ability to achieve our goals, the only limit that exists, is the limit that we allow our enemy, our victimizer, to impose upon us. We live in our minds. Our minds are limitless and untouchable. There is nothing we cannot do, within the brilliant glory of our minds. No punishment, no injustice, nothing that any society or any human being can do to us, can destroy the limitless, untouchable power of our own minds. Seer Charles can lie on the cot in his prison cell night after night, and literally and actually destroy the world, over and over and over, thousands upon thousands of times. He can destroy the world in a different way each time. And the amount of pleasure and joy that he can experience each time he destroys the world, is limitless. It is limited only by the strength and perfection of his own mind. This is the glorious Truth that Seer Charles reveals to us. each of us has the ability to develop and embrace this ultimate power. But you Inferiors cannot do it. You delude yourselves into believing that convincing a woman to have sex with you is a "great power". Getting a fellow human to pay you money is a great power. Being able to go on a vacation, ask a girl out on a date, have a fellow human admire your appearance, these are "great powers", in your insane minds. And you think you have it better than Charles, you think you are destroying him by inflicting your injustices upon him. Pathetic you! You don't know Truth, you cannot even envision the limitless power and glory that Truth can and does provide, to a Superior. Seer Charles gets to destroy the world every night, over and over. Nothing can stop him, he is untouchable. His ability to savor the destruction of the world each night, is far more "real" than the vast majority of all of the pointless, lie-based, illegitimate "accomplishments" that you creatures engage in to try and cope with your own "real" lives, which involve nothing more than a desperate, ongoing flight from and rejection of Truth. With this nine word sentence, Charles opens up a universe of Truth to us all. He shows us that we can enjoy the ultimate in pleasure, vengeance, and achievement, with no limitations, even if we are locked inside of a cage. We can be freer than every multi-millionaires, every presidents. We can enjoy more power and more freedom than any human being on planet earth. And all it takes is the harnessing of the limitless power of our Superuor minds.

"The truth is ugly, so we put our prophets in prison."

Here is an 11 word sentence, and yet with just 11 tiny words, Seer Charles expresses more Truth than many of you pathetic humans will be able to recognize and embrace in your entire lifetimes. Yes Charles, the Truth is ugly, also unbearable, terrifying, horrifying, unacceptable, as well as impossible to believe, for the vast majority of you pathetic human beings, born into and raised up within ultra-diseased, lie-based societies. You will stop at nothing to destroy Truth, to silence Truth, to demonize Truth, and of course this includes demonizing and destroying any and all revealers of Truth, anyone who dares to impose Truth upon you, as Charles so triumphantly does. I love how Charles proudly reveals himself to be a prophet, which is just another word for Seer, in my book. But I think Seer Charles was not only speaking of himself here. He recognizes that the prisons of an ultra-diseased society like america are filled with prophets, filled with highly Superior Martyrs, tortured victim-creations of society who possess absolutely brilliant insights of Truth, who deserve to be both recognized and hailed as Superior prophets, just as Charles deserves to be recognized as the ultimate prophet of Truth. You evil and insane creatures have made Seer Charles your #1 political prisoner. You have projected onto him, all of your greatest terrors and most genocidally malicious character traits, because he has shown you the Truth. He has dared to reflect back upon you, an image of yourselves, an image of your own limitless terror, inferiority, and perversity. You have devoted your lives to silencing Seer Charles, to destroying him, his life, and the Truths that he represents. And yet through the remarkable power of his mind, he has defeated you, he has defeated an entire species, in fact. His Truths live, he lives, and he is able to rejoice in the reality of his own life, to experience pure power, pure pleasure, pure vengeance, each and every day of his life. This, folks, is the power of the untouchable human mind, properly developed, embraced and channeled.

"I live in my world, and I am my own king in my world, whether it be in a garbage dump or if it be in the desert or wherever it be, I am my own human being."

Your evil and diseased societies enslave you at birth to your biological creators, and proceed to undertake a systematic, daily campaign to break you, to force you to fit in to the existing insane operational structure of the society to which you have been "pledged" as an eternal slave. The Superior human, a very rare breed of course, rejects this ritualized destruction of True self. The Superior human says to society: "I will not let you destroy me. I will never perceive myself as you perceive me, to be a worthless, powerless societal slave, compelled to cling to the false, insane, self-hating, fundamentally insane ideologies and doctrines that you have created, that you employ to genocidal effect against all of humanity. I have the power to create my own world, to live in my own world, and to make my own world untouchable. And I will seize this power, I will use this power with pride and with self-love." This is the Forbidden Truth that Seer Charles reveals, in the above quote. Charles is gracing us with this most precious of lessons, most precious of Truths. He is revealing to you the Truth, that it is thousands of times better to live in a garbage dump, or a prison cell, and to sincerely revel in the personal glory of untouchability and Truth within this environment, than it is to live in a palace or a mansion and to be a citizen-slave of society, broken, self-hating, Truth-hating, beholden to insane doctrine and ideology and societal fascism and enslavement. "I am my own king in my world. I am my own human being." No more than one human being out of a million, at most, can sincerely and genuinely make this claim as a declaration of personal Truth. Seer Charles is one such person. I am another such person. Amazingly, there is almost no chance that even an actual "king", the supreme leader of a nation who carries this title, can genuinely make this declaration of personal Truth.

"The powers of the brain are so, so vast, it's beyond understanding, beyond comprehension. People reflect themselves into things they want to believe. It is reflection and illusion."

Another beautifully phrased revelation of profound Truth, again using one of the most perfectly accurate phrases to describe this particular perversion of humanity, the phrase of "reflection". The power of the human mind is both a horrific curse, and a miraculous blessing, depending upon the state of mental disease and derangement of every unique human being. For the vast majority of humans, the power of their mind is a horrific curse, dooming them to a lifetime of terror and Truth rejection, a lifelong battle that they desperately engage in, to reject, renounce, and hide from the Truths that their powerful brain functionality would allow them to see, if only they could find the genetic sanity to try and face up to the Truths of life. For a tiny minority of Superior humans, the power of our minds is a miraculous blessing, and we cultivate and nurture this power to reach genuine untouchability. Being able to understand and comprehend Truth is the key. My interpretation of the above quote is that Seer Charles is telling us that most humans cannot harness and control, to their benefit, the power of their minds/brains. But Superior humans can and do, we can both see, accept, and embrace the Truths that our Superior minds reveal to us. The second part of the quote is utterly fascinating, and speaks to the perversity of all human mythologies. Most mainstream philosophers and researchers of the human condition, such as Joseph Campbell, declare that myth is a "good" thing, a positive thing. Myth is something which enriches and improves the quality of life of human being. Utter poppyc*ck! Myth and mythology are toxic, diseased weights, dragging down and destroying humanity, directly responsible for genocidal harm to all of humanity, on a constant, ongoing basis. When Seer Charles declares: "People reflect themselves into things they want to believe. It is reflection and illusion", he is exposing the naked Truth, he is revealing how the human hatred and terror of Truth, inspires them to seize upon and cling to toxic, genocidally harmful myths. The person is in terror of dying, and the Truth of what dying entails, the consequences that accompany death. Society waves a toxic illusion in front of the inferior human. This illusion is the god/afterlife myth. The inferior wants to believe that this toxic illusion represents valid Truth, because the actual valid Truth of what death entails, is unbearable. So the inferior human makes a "pact with the devil". He agrees to integrate within himself, and to reflect back upon all of society and all of humanity, the insane god myth, in exchange for the false and invalid comfort that this toxic myth provides. The inferior human thus becomes a reflection of his inferior society. Not only does he sacrifice his own freedom, autonomy, and sanity in exchange for the comforting embrace of this myth, but he also agrees to promote, legitimize, and terroristically impose this toxic myth upon all of humanity, upon fellow humans, totally blind to the fact that his society has committed a massive atrocity against him, and he in turn is now committing a massive atrocity against all fellow humans. This is the nature and operational structure of toxic, invalid, societally induced illusion and reflection.

"The United States of America was based on my right to have access to the public. The bottom line is, I am the public. They sold the public, the public sold themselves. So as far as the public, I am the god*amn public. I'm the king of the public. I'm the leader of this whole da*n world. I have a one world government that's in my mind. I have a one world mind that's in my soul. Everybody in the public is dead, unless they live in my grace. They're already dead. They're killing themselves in all kinds of ways. As for having access to the web, the web is my mind. I brought the web into play. The web is my church."

I love this quote! This is actually a very recent quote of Seer Charles, not more than 4 or 5 years old at most. Seer Charles gave this reply upon being asked how he felt about having his "own" web site, which in fact is a web site created and maintained by a few Superiors who properly admire and respect the brilliance and value of Seer Charles both as an individual, and with regard to his philosophical revelations of Truth. This would be the web site. In reality, Seer Charles has never even seen his own web site on a computer, nor has he had any online computer access of any kind, thanks to you evil, Truth-hating, victim and Martyr demonizing creatures. And yet Seer Charles "lives" on the internet, his messages of Truth live, even in a forum that he has never been able to see, much less use, even though the internet did not even exist when he was demonized as an evil monster and condemned to a lifetime of punitive punishment, well over 30 years ago. This is a testament to the power of Truth. Truth is hated by 99.99999999999% of all human beings, and yet among the tiny handful of Superiors who seek out and embrace Truth, their passion is often equally strong, in terms of honoring the messenger of Truth, and disseminating the messages of Truth. Reread the above quote, feel and revel in the self-love, the self-confidence, that emanates from Seer Charles. It is not a pretense or an illusion, it is pure and sincere. Seer Charles bathes in the personal glow of the genuine experience of personal Superiority and omnipotence. This is the mindset that every child is born possessing within their True Reality. Society should embrace it's Sacred Obligation to protect, preserve, validate this self-loving mindset, but instead it sets out on a ritualistic, daily mission to strip every child of his precious sense of personal self-value. How perverse! Reread this quote: "The bottom line is, I am the public. They sold the public, the public sold themselves. So as far as the public, I am the god*amn public. I'm the king of the public. I'm the leader of this whole damn world. I have a one world government that's in my mind. I have a one world mind that's in my soul." In a sane society, the goal would be to have every human being possess this same level of personal self-obsession, self-love, appreciation of the infinite value of Self. It is a triumph of the human spirit. If every human was as sane and self-loving as Seer Charles, society could not be evil, societal leaders could not get away with even the slightest injustice against any human being, because every human being would be bathed in a proper glow of self-righteous, narcissistic, self-love. Seer Charles continues: "Everybody in the public is dead, unless they live in my grace. They're already dead. They're killing themselves in all kinds of ways." Beautiful revelation of Truth. All of mainstream humanity is activily killing itself. All of mainstream humanity is suicidal, be it on a conscious or subconscious level. You kill yourselves quickly and overtly, as well as slowly and covertly. Same thing, just takes longer if you choose the latter route. If you smoke a cigarette, you are attempting to commit suicide. If you have intercourse without using a condom, even with your spouse, you are attempting to commit suicide. That is the Truth. You probably won't possess the sanity or rationality to face up to the fact that you are committing suicide by smoking a single cigarette, but that is what you are doing. If you believe in god and an afterlife, you are choosing to live your life in preparation for another, better life, an afterlife. Therefore, you are already embracing death, you are already living within the confines of death itself. You are rejecting Truth, and rejecting the very reality of your own life, in the process. Seer Charles concludes with: "As for having access to the web, the web is my mind. I brought the web into play. The web is my church." This is the power of the Superior, untouchable mind, folks. Everything exists for our benefit, for our use. We can use everything in existence, to empower ourselves, even things we may never have actually been able to get our hands on, even once, in our entire lives. We may never be able to touch a nuclear warhead, and yet we can genuinely experience ourselves destroying the entire world by using nuclear warheads. And this experience is pure, real, valid. It is in fact far more "real" than the vast majority of all artificial, pointless, societally induced activities and experiences that inferiors have, within their so-called "real life" actions and activities. This is the power of the Superior human mind.

We're all our own prisons, we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time. Prison's in your mind. Can't you see I'm free?"

This may be one of Seer Charles' top 2 or 3 all time best quotes. It is so precise, so vividly clear and simple in expression, and yet at the same time so limitlessly complex and profound in terms of the philosophical as well as "practical" Forbidden Truth that it reveals! This quote cuts to the very heart of the societal illusions and lies regarding what freedom is, and the invalidity of the notion that a "theft of physical freedom" is a genuine form of punishment. We will have to analyze this quote very carefully, piece by piece. We begin with "We're all our own prisons," note that Seer Charles does not say "we're all in our own prisons, but rather he says "We're all our own prisons". This is not a meaningless distinction. The very fact of being a living human being, is a form of absolute, totally real, imprisonment. Therefore the human being, simply in being alive, is in a prison. But the use of the word "in", is inappropriate, because prison is not a location, it's not a concrete, physical entity, but rather a physical and emotional experience. Next portion of the quote: "we are each all our own wardens and we do our own time." This is almost too profound for additional words. But words must be used, the meaning of Truth that is expressed, must be exposed even more clearly, by me. We keep ourselves in our prisons, and we decide exactly how restrictive and confining our personal prison will be. The primary factors which determine how restrictive you make your own personal prisons are: 1: The degree that you hate, loathe, and seek to victimize ourselves. 2: The degree that you allow society to impose it's diseased, evil, lie-based and fascist, self-hating ideologies and doctrines upon you. 3: The degree of dependency upon fellow humans that you choose to live under, and the degree of Poison Container usage that you choose to allow other humans to inflict upon you. So, Seer Charles is absolutely correct, each of us lives as a prisoner, and we absolutely are our own wardens, this is true even if we are actually locked up inside of a "physical" prison which employs it's own "warden". That person is not our actual warden, we are still our own wardens even under those circumstances. Final portion of the quote: "Prison's in your mind. Can't you see I'm free?" Here we reach the greatest insight of all. Prison is a unique, personally interpretative, internal and emotional experience of life. It has nothing to do with any externalized, physical restriction of movement. If you are Superior enough to create the experience of freedom within your mind, it doesn't matter if you are locked in a cage, tied up with a straightjacket, or completely paralyzed, you are still freer than every inferior who is unable to create the experience of freedom within their mind, regardless of how "physically" free they may be. Seer Charles experiences more freedom each day, than 99.9999999999999% of all members of "free" society. He recognizes this Truth, and he righteously mocks your pathetic inferiority and desperate sense of needing to falsely convince yourselves that you have "robbed" him of his freedom, by locking him in a cage. The Truth is, not only is Seer Charles freer than you are, but he possesses the brilliance and the willingness to teach and show you how you can regain at least some of your lost freedom in your own lives. He could actually help you to gain at least a small portion of the freedom that he enjoys, but of course you creatures flee from this opportunity in terror, since it would require you to face up to the Forbidden Truth that you live your lives as utter slaves, enjoying far less genuine freedom than even one of your tortured victim-creations that you have chosen to lock up in a cage for the specific purpose of trying to punitively punish him by robbing him of his freedom. What makes this quote so perfect is that in a few short sentences, Seer Charles tears assunder all of your most cherised delusions regarding what freedom is, who is able to enjoy freedom, and how freedom is enjoyed. You are your own prison warden, fools! When you choose to worship god, get married, breed children, embrace any type of societal ritual, defend your government, risk your life, harm yourself, accept any of the fascist, irrational, and insane cultural decrees on how you should behave and act, you are acting as your own sadistic, self-hating, prison warden. And at the same time, a "real-life" prison warden who works at an actual prison, is totally unable to impact upon the enjoyment of limitless, genuine freedom, for a brilliant, self-loving, and Superior Seer of Truth such as Charles Manson.

"In my minds eye my thoughts light fires in your cities."

I can't decide which quote I love more, this one, or the "Each night as you sleep I destroy the world" quote, listed above. They are both delicious and delightful. I think this one is even more beautiful in it's stark vividness and evocativeness. I love the phrase "minds eye". So many of you inferiors perceive your mind to be an analytical and deductive instrument. You cannot seem to grasp the very obvious Truth that to a Superior, the mind is an "eye". The mind can create images, views, scenes, sightings, that are in fact far more vivid, perfect, and crystal clear, than any physical eye can visually see. The minds eye is a far more useful instrument for seeing, than the physical eye. The minds eye of a Superior can zoom in for a close-up, it can freeze-frame an image for hours, it can manipulate an image to create an absolutely perfect view, while the physical eye cannot do any of these things. Personally, I have taken a single sexually erotic physical eye sighting, and created hundreds of different, perfectly vivid minds eye sexual fantasies, which have resulted in thousands of different minds eye masturbation to climax sessions. All taken from a single physical eye "sighting". So this should give you an idea of how much more valuable and important and useful the "mind sighting" is. Lets reread the quote: "In my minds eye my thoughts light fires in your cities." Imagine the glory of being able to experience this Truth, to see it with perfect vividness, within your own untouchable minds eye. To be able to set buildings, cars, human beings on fire, at will, simply by directing your rage and hate upon them. This is not some "fantasy", not for a Superior human. It is a genuine experience, just as real as waking up in the morning or biting into a tasty cookie. And the Superior can experience this vengeance whenever he wants, as often as he wants. Each time it is perfect, he can make each experience perfect, and nothing and nobody can stop him. Only his own mind can fail him. And if he has properly trained and developed an untouchable mind, it will never fail him. Some of you will say, "Well, I bet it can't be as fulfilling as actually being able to walk through a city and set buildings, cars, and people on fire just by thinking about or looking at them." The fact is, you are in no position to make such a judgment. It is possible that a Superior might find it somewhat more fulfilling to physically commit such acts as opposed to creating them in his minds eye, but it is equally possible, in fact slightly more likely, that the Superior has developed such vividly brilliant minds eye skills, that he can create a perfect, unique, crystal clear experience of burning your cities down, time after time, thousands of totally different rampages, all perfect, that far exceed the imperfect nature that an actual, physical rampage would result in, and therefore the minds eye rampages are more fulfilling. The primary point is, these minds eye rampages are totally fulfilling and completely unstoppable. The Superior can and does create, enjoy, and savor them at will, thousands upon thousands of times. And this is what life is all about, the creation of genuine, untouchable personal pleasure within your own mind, your own perception of reality, based upon the internal embrace and integration of personal Truth. You inferiors are utterly pathetic, in your inability to use your minds to create genuine pleasure for yourselves. This is because you actually hate yourselves and buy into the evil societal decrees that you do not deserve to enjoy life, and must place fascist and irrational restrictions upon the pleasures you enjoy. A perfect example of this is sexual climax. You pathetic fools accept the evil decree of society that the best and only proper way to achieve sexual climax is to find a fellow human being that you "like", and convince that person to agree to engage in intimate sexual contact with you, and on top of everything else, you are ordered to try and limit yourself to engaging in such intimate sexual contact with only a single other person, if at all possible. At the same time, you are commanded that to engage in ongoing, compulsive, solo masturbation is somehow unnatural, culturally unacceptable, and an extremely inferior way to try and achieve sexual climax. As a result, you pathetic inferiors usually average about 2 or 3 sexual climaxes per week, at most, if you are lucky enough to be able to find a willing sexual partner. At the same time, we Superiors, at least speaking for myself, I average a total of 5-6 sexual climaxes during every 24 hour time period, and they are all literally "perfect", because they are my "minds eye" creations, and I have made my mind into an untouchable, perfect instrument. The only way any of my sexual climaxes can be less than perfect, would be if I were to betray myself. Will I choose to betray myself? Of course not! Is my perfectly trained mind even capable of creating an "unsatisfactory", sexual, minds eye scenario for me? No! Once in awhile I am feeling a bit tired or under the weather, have a headache, etc..., so the minds eye scenario is a tad less vivid, less detailed and intense. This does not represent an "imperfection", but rather a reaffirmation of the perfection of my experience of reality at that particular point in time.

"I knew a guy that used to work in the stockyards and he used to kill cows all day long with a big sledgehammer, and then go home at night and eat dinner with his children and eat the meat that he slaughtered. Then he would go to church and read the bible, and he would say, 'That's not killing.' And I look at him and I say, 'That doesn't make any sense, what are you talking about?' "

If you creatures were sane, this one single revelation of Truth, so beautifully expressed by Seer Charles, would be more than enough to get you to abandon all of your society's malevolent delusions and brainwashings. This single revelation of Truth, would create a "chain reaction" within your minds, allowing layers upon layers of insane societal indoctrination to be peeled away, stripped away from your eyes and from your conscious minds. But hey, you are not sane, so it's a moot point that I am making. An absolutely remarkable expression of Truth here! A mini-story by Seer Charles, which renders the Truth about murder, real murder, the most unjustifiable forms of murder, accurately defined as "legal murder", clearly understandable and visible. The inferior human earns money by genocidally murdering cows, a morally Superior form of life, thousands of times more morally Superior than he himself is. He comes home each night, addicted to his Sacred Family Unit, consuming the flesh of his very own murder victims. His Sacred Family Unit addiction is rivaled only by his insane god myth addiction. He goes to his church, a creation of his evil government, an institution which exists solely to legitimize and promote the insane doctrines and ideologies of his deranged and evil society. He is taught and told that he is not a killer, he is not a murderer. No, he is merely an "employee doing a necessary job", just like a military soldier, as he directly murders a morally superior life form, in genocidal fashion, day after day after day. He will not face up to the Truth that he is a murderer, a killer. No, there is no need for him to face up to any type of Truth, he lives as a broken, brainwashed member of a limitlessly evil, Truth-hating society. All that we can do, we Superiors, such as Seer Charles and myself, is shake our collective heads in amazement as we ponder how you creatures can reject, renounce, and fail to recognize Truth even as it smashes into your faces on a daily basis, and declare, exactly as Seer Charles declares: "That doesn't make any sense, what are you talking about?" You creatures don't need to make sense. In fact every aspect of your lives revolves around the rejection of sense, logic, Truth. The only way you creatures can exist and function as members of the insane and evil societies that you are enslaved to, is to constantly spit in the face of and reject in terror, dozens of times each day, all of the logic, rationality, sense, and Truth which confronts you, simply during the ordinary course of your daily lives.

"You eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are, and in the same respect you say how bad and even killers that your children are. You made your children what they are. I am just a reflection of every one of you."

I cannot come up with a better epitaph for the human race that the one Seer Charles graces us with, above. "You kill things that are better than you are," this is the phrase that should be inscribed upon the tombstones of the last members of the human race, upon the collective tombstone of the human race itself, just before the human race becomes extinct. A Superior, extraterrestrial species needs to carve this final epitaph upon the human species, after it so deservedly becomes extinct. The epitaph should read: "Here, on this planet, lies humanity. A species of life that killed things that were better than it." Of course we must celebrate the revelation of Truth by Seer Charles regarding the genocidal murder, abuse, torture, and destruction of children by human society. Our Seer tells us how you creatures insanely and malevolently demonize your child-slaves as being "bad" and "killers", in order to cover up and hide from the unbearable Truths of what you creatures are, limitlessly evil, and the ideologies/doctrines that you, as members of adult, human society, represent, such as genocide, murder, bloodlust, insanity, immorality, terror of Truth. You not only create and mold all of your children into your own perverse, diseased image, but you project and transfer the reality of all of your malicious derangements directly onto your children, using them as Poison Containers to absorb all of your own unbearable character traits. You say your children are "bad" in order to hide from the fact that you and your society are genocidally evil. You demonize your tortured child-creations as being "killers", to hide from the fact that your very existence, on a daily basis, is sustained solely by the commission of and reveling in, genocidal mass murder of the most immoral and unjustifiable types imaginable. And finally, Seer Charles closes the above quote with two sentences that sum up the entire history and fate of humanity, to perfection: "You made your children what they are. I am just a reflection of every one of you." Yes, every one of your children is a tortured child-slave, molded into the very image of perversion and insanity, your image and the image of your society. An utter and complete creation, a mold of you, that is what your children are. And when you see them reflect this Truth upon you, your terror and rage knows no bounds. You destroy and demonize your creations, first simply via the evil creation of them in your perverse images, and secondly when they reveal Truth to you, when they allow you to see the Truth of yourselves reflected within them. Not the false Truths of your societies, but real, actual Truth. Your mission, as parents and as adults, is to destroy your children, to strip them of their sanity, to destroy their minds, bodies, souls. To strip them of every last vestige of sane-based humanity, morality, ability to recognize Truth, interest in embracing Truth. Just as you yourselves have had these atrocities committed against you. Your goal in life is to mold your children into an exact reflection and image of yourselves. This is your ultimate triumph, your ultimate victory of cathartic, reflective vengeance via deliberate child genocide within an ultra-diseased society and among an ultra-diseased species. When Seer Charles tells us: "I am just a reflection of every one of you," he reveals the Truth of his own Untouchable standing as a Superior life form. Seer Charles is one of these tortured child-slaves, one of your tortured child-slave creations. And yet through the remarkable power and courage of his brilliance and Superiority, he has transcended his lifetime of torture, in such a way that not only is he able to revel in the reality of his life on a personal level, but he is also able and determined to reflect all of the Truths that you devote your lives to stripping from and destroying from the minds and souls of all children and all fellow human beings, back upon you. He reflects back upon you, all of the Forbidden Truths about yourselves. All of the Forbidden Truths that you spend your lifetimes desperately fleeing from. All of the Forbidden Truths that inspire you destroy your children in order to keep hidden and denied. Seer Charles is in fact one of those destroyed children. But he is much more than that, he has made himself into much more, by embracing with tremendous courage and Superiority, himself and the purity of genuine love and Truth. You creatures are in terror of Seer Charles, because if you dare to try and "look" at him, you see yourselves reflected, your True selves. Every lie, myth, insanity, delusion, hypocrisy, cloaked malevolence that you seek to impose upon your children, and do in fact impose upon your children, Seer Charles reflects back upon you. Every child is a created reflection of you diseased creatures and your insane societies. But the reflection that most children display to you, does not need to be accurately seen by you. No, you see these reflections not with accuracy or Truth, but with your own warped illusions and lies firmly intact. Seer Charles, through his writings and verbal proclamations of Forbidden Truth, tears assunder the warped illusions and delusions that you creatures pathetically cling to each and every day of your undeserved lives.

"Every morning you eat that meat with your teeth. You're all killers, you kill things that are better than you."

Such a simple sentence, such a clear and obvious Truth: "You're all killers, you kill things that are better than you." And yet when analyzed from the perspective of Forbidden Truth, this simple sentence becomes limitlessly profound. The implications and ramifications of this Truth extend deeply, to the very core aspects of life, fairness, justice, and perverse hypocrisy. Human society is homicidally, genocidally, malevolent. Human society legalizes, legitimizes, undertakes, and commits the most severely and totally immoral, unjustifiable, overtly malevolent forms and types of murder, including the genocidal murder of morally superior species of life for "fun", the genocidal murder of children, both womb-trapped and outside of the womb, the supremely immoral punishment and murder of it's own most brutally tortured and severely victimized creations, via the prison system and the judicially imposed death penalty, etc... You are all murderers! And you murder living things that are your moral superiors, living things, both human and non-human, that are better than you are, more worthy of being and remaining alive, than you are. And yet, in a display of ultimate hypocrisy, borne by the desperate desire of you insane creatures to maintain the insane illusion that you live your lives within and your society is governed by moral, ethical, and just doctrine, you have the audacity to demonize, declare illegal, and punitively punish the perpetrators of, some acts of murder and the people who commit these acts, even though these acts of murder are in fact far more morally legitimate and justified than the acts of murder that you, as a collective society, undertake and revel within on a genocidal scale! The only way that you creatures manage to cope with life, to exist and sustain your society, is via committing and reveling in genocidal murder that exceeds in atrocity, immorality, and lack of sane justification, by a scale of millions, any type of act(s) of murder than any sole, individual human being could ever achieve.

"There is no good and no bad. I understand the universe through me. The truth is, and that's all. It doesn't matter what words you use, millions of words. The truth is what it is--- that's the truth, what's here and now. I go there and i'm not here anymore. And now I come back and I'm not there anymore. Deductive logic says this, comparative logic says that. Just what's here and now is what counts. It's infinite and it's nothing. It's all there is and it doesn't matter what you do---- it's all perfect and the way it is supposed to be."

An absolutely remarkable insight of profound Truth! All perceptions of reality are personal reflections of Truth. This is what makes all societal, governmental, and cultural efforts to label actions, ideologies or beliefs as being "good" or "bad", "appropriate" or inappropriate", "moral" or "immoral", nothing more than purely fascist perversions. As our Seer teaches us: "I understand the universe through me." This means that each and every Superior individual life form, perceives not simply "his" universe, but rather the universe, based not upon societal teaching, societal ideology, or societal custom, much less overt societal lies and brainwashings, but rather via the uniquely personal experience of his own life, the sum total of all personal life experiences that his society is responsible for and guilty of having imposed and committed upon him. Nothing is inherently "good", nothing is inherently "bad". Only our own unique perception of reflective reality, allows each and every one of us to interpret life based upon our own Superior embrace of Truth. And all of these uniquely individual interpretations are equally valid. The individual has the right, although often not the Superior wisdom, to judge whether he is good or bad, whether he is undertaking good or bad actions in his life path. The indivdual may only judge himself, no other living thing, and most importantly no society, culture, or government, has any type of a legitimate, moral, or judicial right to pass any type of judgement upon the actions of any individual. I love Seer Charles' comments on Truth and Perfection, in the above quote. He begins to express the profound Truth of how words and phrases are used to twist and warp the actual Truths of life. I love how Seer Charles has the ability to both recognize and embrace the perfection of himself, and of his life situation. An inferior outsider cannot begin to imagine how Seer Charles can perceive his life as being "perfect". You insane creatures conclude that if Seer Charles really feels this way, he must be delusional. No, you fools! It is you who are delusional. It is you who are pathetically trapped within the fascist confines of your Truth-hating, societally controlled, propogandized, and enslaved minds. The Superior Seer can find, embrace, and revel in the perfection of any situation. All it takes is being alive. As long as you are alive, you can achieve and experience genuine, sincere, idyllic perfection within your own experience of life, and nobody and nothing can stop you, can block you from both finding and reveling in this personally cathartic perfection.

You want to know about my philosophy? You want to know where my philosophy comes from? I'll tell you. I'm not from your society. My philosophy comes from underneath the boots and sticks and clubs they beat people with who come from the wrong side of the tracks."

Here our Seer answers the most common question that you pathetic fools have for all genuine Seers, such as Charles, myself, Friedrich Nietzsche, Carl Panzram, etc... You scratch your heads in amazement and wonder what is "wrong" with us. You cannot figure out how and why we perceive every aspect of life in a totally different manner than you do. "Where did you come from? What has caused you to be so warped, to see life from such an invalid perspective, what has caused you to embrace philosophies that are so totally wrong?" This is what you fools can't figure out. The answer is: We are reflections and creations of your evil and insane society. We are your torture victims. Everything that you perceive within us as being "wrong", actually exists within you, on a million times grander scale. We perceive life and reality in a totally different, opposite manner than you do, because we embrace Truth while you embrace lies. We are your Superiors. We are the ultimate form of life. We are created torture victims of your societies, and yet, just as Seer Charles declares: "We are not from your society." As torture victims, we have found the unique courage and brilliance that is required to completely detach ourselves from the society that created us, as adults. Our philosophies reflect Truth, the Truth of personal torture and victimization. The Truth of genocidal evil and insanity as a core operational structure within the societies that are guilty of our creation, victimization, and torture. We represent the Truth of the billions of human beings that your societies have completely destroyed, broken, annihilated, stripped of all autonomy and ability to even recognize, much less embrace, the Truths of life and the Truths of their genocidal victimization. We are both guardian angels and merciless avengers. Our philosophies of Truth come from the torturous injustices that human societies have chosen to personally inflict upon us, as well as the intellectually and emotionally brilliant philosophical Truth that we have embraced, that genocidal torment has been and continues to be inflicted upon all citizen-slaves by their evil and insane societies, as a matter of chosen public, governmental policy, ideology, and doctrine. But i still think Seer Charles expresses this Truth better, with more vivid clarity, than I am able, when he says: "My philosophy comes from underneath the boots and sticks and clubs they beat people with who come from the wrong side of the tracks." I think this applies to all Seers of Forbidden Truth. All of us have a Truth-based life philosophy that is rooted within personal torment, abuse, victimization and atrocities, that societies, not individuals, but societies, have committed upon and against us.

"The truth is a knife and cuts sharp."

Amazing, with a single, eight word sentence, Seer Charles reveals more Truth than many human beings are able to reveal, or even embrace, during their entire lifetimes! The Truth is a knife, the sharpest knife that you creatures have ever seen. It is a knife that shoots out fire, whenever it is unsheathed. You creatures do not even need to see this knife, it does not even have to be brandished, to cause you inferiors to flee in terror. The mere whiff, the mere scent of Truth in the air, is more than enough to cause you all to flee in terror. And this is because, just as Seer Charles informs us, the knife of Truth cuts sharp, and deep. It cuts right to the very heart of your existence. It pierces through every single insane and evil illusion upon which you creatures have based every foundational aspect of your lives. It represents death, eternal damnation, and satan, all rolled into one, Truth does. And this is why you cowards flee from it, and from all of it's human representatives, such as Seer Charles and Myself, in terror, unable to even begin to consider the notion that Truth can be empowering, liberating, a precious gift. No, you are too broken, too diseased, to be able to use Truth to empower and liberate yourselves. Truth represents your worst nightmare, the destruction of every single one of the thousands of evil and insane delusions upon which you have literally woven the very fabric of your lives around. To those of you who aspire to Superiority, I can only say: Take this knife, plunge this knife into yourself. Feel the agony as it cuts right to the very heart of Truth. Feel the lies, myths, insane hypocrisies fade away as the knife of Truth pierces them, and find the courage to let them die. They deserve to die, for having held such genocidally harmful sway and power over you for your entire lifetime. And then, only if you are a True Superior, one in a million, can the dawn of glorious Truth arise and awaken within you.

Charles Manson, The Greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th Century!
This is Charles Manson, Tortured Victim-Creation of american Society. Don't worry folks, we have many more remarkable and brilliant revelations of Truth from Seer Charles yet to come. But I wanted to take the time to insert a photograph of Seer Charles right here, right in the middle of his Forbidden Truth revelations, so that all of us are compelled to gaze upon this Seer. Charles is no mythical, imaginary figure. He is not a romanticized version of a real human being. He is the real thing. A genuine human being. His Truths are not embellished by others, they are his, the product of his brilliant and courageous mind. If you creatures were sane, you would worship Seer Charles, you would appoint him as your supreme leader, your master, and with utter humbleness, you would thank him for lighting a path of Truth, a path out of the deranged darkness within which you have dwelled for your entire lives. You would beg Seer Charles for personal forgiveness, and recognize the fact that you owe Seer Charles an eternal, unrepayable debt. You would face up to the Truth that Seer Charles is a million times more worthy of your devotion, admiration, affection, and emulation, than jesus christ, the god creature, the president/king/prime minister of your society, the most famous celebrity within your society, and the most popular person within your society, all rolled into one! Seer Charles is your most Superior living savior. He is the closest thing to a god that exists, and you creatures who refuse to face up this Truth, do not deserve to exist. But no, instead, you pathetic fools mock, ridicule, demonize, condemn, and gleefully attempt to inflict punitive punishment upon Seer Charles. You gleefully support your evil society's efforts to silence and destroy the one tortured victim-creation of your society, who has the ability to save you and your entire species from the lifetime of perverse derangement and ultimate species extinction, that you so richly deserve. You prove by your very actions, against your own potential savior, that you do not deserve the gift of life, or the gift of existence as a species. You do not in fact deserve to even be able to look at Seer Charles. Just being able to view his photograph, is a privilege that you do not deserve. Seer Charles represents everything that is good and right within humanity, respect for Truth, respect for other species of life, courage, self-love, a determination to analyze and understand the Truths of life, an incredibly generous willingness to share these Truths with even his mortal enemy, you humans and your society, who are directly responsible for the lifetime of daily abuse, victimization, and injustice that you have chosen to subject him to. To even refer to Seer Charles as a human being, is an insult. He is not like any of you, he is above you. He has transcended humanity, transcended the perverse layers of inferiority, insanity, and malice in which you humans wallow. I am proud and pleased to be able to personally and publically express and reveal the depth and strength of my admiration and affection towards Seer Charles. Thank You Charles, for choosing to revel in the perfection of yourself and the glory of Truth. Thank You Charles, for choosing to serve as a beacon of light to the tiny handful of us True Superiors, for helping us to find the courage and strength to embrace all of the Forbidden Truths within our own lives and life philosophies. We will never forget you, or your sacrifice. We will always recognize you as being the closest entity to a god, to have ever graced the evil and insane perversion that was 20th century american society. And now we will resume honoring Seer Charles in the purest way that we can, by continuing to reveal his most brilliant and profound Forbidden Truths to the world, via this Manifesto.

"To save the people from themselves it would take a greater fear than the earth has ever seen."

This Truth is so multi-textured, it works beautifully on several different interpretative levels. First of all, Seer Charles reveals to us the Forbidden Truth, that the human species is both it's own greatest enemy, and it's own greatest saboteur. No other species of life is this deranged, to commit ritualistic genocide upon itself, in an endlessly repetitive cycle, every existing "dominant" generation choosing to literally and actually destroy every "new" generation that it has created. Yes, some other species of life do kill their offspring, some even victimize themselves at times, on an instinctual level. But not to a genocidal degree, not on a literally universal level. No other species seeks to destroy itself, chooses to destroy itself, and on both conscious and subconscious levels, actually does destroy itself in genocidal fashion, in a universal, endlessly repetitive cycle, as you pathetic humans do. So, Seer Charles expresses a remarkable insight of Truth, when he reveals the fact that humanity needs to be "saved from itself." At the same time, our brilliant Seer recognizes and understands just how completely impossible the achievement of such an objective is. Why is it impossible? Because the "greatest fear that humanity has ever known", is nothing more than the fear of Truth. That's right, you creatures do not really fear death, or torture, or suffering or injustice or victimization or pain or enslavement. No! You are used to these things, your insane society has literally addicted you to these personal atrocities. No, what you fear is nothing more and nothing less than plain, ordinary, Truth. The only way that humanity could be saved from itself, would be if humanity found a way to overcome it's fear of all Truth, and to genuinely embrace all Truth. But this is an impossibility. The fear of Truth is the single foundational support upon which all of humanity has invented itself, has created the mountain of insane ritual and lifestyle insanity, evil, and perversion which constitutes every single aspect of every experience of life, for 99,999 out of every 100,000 human beings. If you remove this single foundational support, all of humanity would disintegrate into physical, emotional, and psychological collapse. Or at least 99,999 out of every 100,000 human beings would suffer this irreversible collapse. Even more profoundly, it is physically impossible to remove this toxic, core foundational support, just as it is impossible to remove a single piece of mortar located directly in the middle of the empire state building, 3 feet above the ground. It's just impossible, that piece of mortar is wedged so tightly in place, surrounded by so many millions of tons of other material on every side, buried from the top by so many million tons of other material, that it is 100% impossible to remove. And this is the horrific reality of the immense, immeasurable terror of Truth that afflicts all of humanity and the human species. There is no greater fear, no greater terror, that exists within the human experience of life, than the fear of Truth. This is why this fear can never and will never be overcome. If there was a greater fear, the greater fear could, at least in theory, be used to drive out and destroy the fear of Truth, an example of this would be if you place a human being inside of a two roomed structure, with one room containing a rabid dog and the other room containing a man-eating lion. Even though the human would be in fear of the dog, he would be in greater fear of the lion, and therefore would choose, if given no other choice, to lock himself into the rabid dog's room, as opposed to the man-eating lion's room. But there is no greater fear within you creatures than the fear of Truth, there is nothing that you can be threatened with, not death, not torture, not eternal damnation, nothing, that would frighten you more than Truth. The actual, factual reality, in other words the Truth, of these horrific fates, is in fact the root cause of your terror of Truth. And so we are left with an absolutely impossible, hopeless, irreconcilable trap, the ultimate catch-22 situation: The only way humanity can be saved from itself, is if humanity were able to embrace Truth. And yet it is impossible for humanity to ever embrace Truth, because Truth is the foundational root of the greatest terrors upon which humanity has been inspired to build the insane, lie and myth-based core foundational structures of life, without which 99,000 out of every 100,000 human beings would suffer an utter and complete psychic, emotional, physical, and psychological collapse.

"In your world you can take a pen and write on a piece of paper and destroy 200,000 people and it's okay because you don't have to see it."

This is a remarkable insight of Truth. My interpretation of the above Truth primarily relates to how governments engage in the insane war ritual. But it is applicable to many other societal and governmental perversions as well. Hunting, slaughterhouses, even Sacred Family Unit operational structure. You creatures absolutely love to commit and revel in genocide, but most of you prefer to undertake and celebrate this atrocity as a "third party". You savor the illusion of moral decency, not by choosing to refrain from committing and celebrating genocidal atrocity, but rather simply by refusing to look at and face up to the Truth about your genocidal conduct, your own personal obsession with and joyful embrace of, the genocide that is committed on your behalf, in your names, under your direction and instruction, by your evil societies. If a fellow human were to give you an ax, transport you to a giant shed in which 200,000 animals were trapped, and encourage you to hack all 200,000 animals to death, you might demure, you might even decline to undertake the task, even though you would emotionally and psychologically savor the slaughter, on a subconscious level. But if you were merely asked to "support" the genocide, to sign a piece of paper authorizing others to commit this genocide, you would gleefully do so. Why? Because you could then do two things at the same time: Maintain a personal illusion of moral decency on a conscious level, while at the same time emotionally and psychologically revel in the genocide that is being committed in your name, under your authority, on a subconscious level. You are desperate to commit genocide, but you do not wish to have to face up to the Truth of your own genocide obsession, on a direct, conscious, or directly visible level. You will not enjoy locking two naked human beings inside of a cage and carefully watching them physically attack each other in any way they choose until one of them is dead. No. This is too honest, too much Truth is revealed, visually and consciously. But you absolutely love to watch auto racing, human beings insanely trying to race their motor vehicles as fast as they can within a narrow and contained area surrounded by reinforced walls. You love watching this because you are desperate to see a crash, desperate to see a fellow human suffer and die. But at the same time, you can and do hide this Truth from yourself, you refuse to consciously admit that this is why you love watching this activity. You delude yourself into consciously believing that it is a "fun sport" that you watch because you enjoy seeing cars go fast and rooting for your favorite car/driver to "win". How pathetic! Your love of war and genocide operates under this exact same "detached" principle. You absolutely love nuclear weapons, because they commit genocide in such a "clean", hands-off manner. You love giving your Supreme Leader the "authority" to launch a nuclear bomb by doing nothing more than signing his name to a piece of paper. That is so beautifully clean and detached! Genocide is being committed in your name, so you can revel and celebrate this Truth within your subconscious reality. And yet you as an individual are totally "detached" and removed from the genocide, not only via a single layer of detachment, but via 3-4 different layers. First of all, you are not directly causing the genocide, your Supreme Leader is. But in reality he is not doing it either. All he is doing is signing a piece of paper. A handful of other human beings will actually "launch" the nuclear bomb. So this provides two separate layers of detachment for you, the homicidally enraged citizenry: the leader is one layer, the actual "launcher" is another layer. Then you have the illusions of moral justification for launching the nuclear bomb, that your societal leaders supply to you. This is the third layer. And after the nuclear bomb is launched, there is yet a fourth layer, this is the propaganda you would be fed that the launching of the nuclear bomb was a good and noble thing which "saved" many lives, protected and saved your society, your loved ones, from annihilation, etc... So you insanely embrace all of these "detaching layers" on a conscious level, even as, at the very same time, you are sadistically reveling in the genocide that has occured under your authorization as a citizen, on a subconscious level. so let us understand what a remarkable insight of absolute Truth Seer Charles graces us with here: "In your world you can take a pen and write on a piece of paper and destroy 200,000 people and it's okay because you don't have to see it." Our Seer has, as usual, cut to the very heart of the matter, extracted the ultimate revelation of Truth from life, and presented it to you on a silver platter: You, as an individual and as a member of an evil and ultra-diseased society, personally support and revel in not merely the murder of individual human beings, as you prove via the death penalty, abortion, and other legal societal rituals, but you also support and revel in actual genocide of huge masses of fellow human beings. All that you need is a little bit of "detachment", to have the genocide occur under your direct authorization, but not via your own personal hand. As long as you don't have to personally do it or see it in direct, close-up glory, you can revel in the genocide while still maintaining an insane illusion of moral decency and superiority.

"What is it? You want me to be everything to everybody and face all of your fears and all of your deaths, you want me to die again for you, you want me to go into the gas chamber and say: 'Alright', preacher on one side of me, preacher to the other side of me, say, 'I'm the son of god', and they say: 'We know, son, go in and sit down...' 'Give us your life again'. I say, 'I give you my life', because I think you're taking care of the kids, but I get out of the gas chamber and I look at the kids, and you're not taking care of the kids; you're feeding on them, you're drunk on their blood, man!"

Lets begin by dissecting the first portion of Seer Charles' Forbidden Truth, as beautifully expressed above. What Seer Charles is revealing to us, is that his evil and diseased society demonizes and uses as Poison Containers, it's own tortured victim-creations. All of the terror, insanity, immorality, evil, derangement, which exists as a part of mainstream societal policy and ideology, is denied, suppressed, and transferred onto a demonized victim such as Seer Charles, by you pathetic cowards. He becomes your Poison Container. Your own terror of life, your own terror of death, your own terror of Truth, all these terrors are transferred onto the demonized victim, who dares to hold up a mirror in front of you and expose to you, the Forbidden Truths about you, your lives, and your societies. You want your tortured victim to die in your place, and his death causes you to rejoice. You are "reborn" by the murder of your own tortured victim-creation, just as the insane myth of jesus christ being "reborn" comforts and nurtures your deranged minds. "Give me your life, die on my behalf, upon my command." This is the root foundational structure of your pathetic lives. You live for death, you celebrate death. Death nourishes you. Your insane god myths tell you to welcome death. Your evil governments instruct you to die on their behalfs. Your deranged culture convinces you that utterly insane catch phrases, such as "better to die on your feet than to live on your knees", make perfect sense and need to be embraced within the regular course of your lives. But most of all, you design your lives around the pathological use of select fellow humans as your Poison Containers. Your own children, and the tortured victim-creations of your society who dare to expose and reveal the Forbidden Truths of life to you, these two groups of humans are your most favorite Poison Containers. You relish destroying these human beings, and celebrate their destruction, with unbridled passion, both as individuals and on a culture-wide scale. "Give us your life, again", this is what you pathologically demand, over and over and over, throughout your lives. And yes, the insane jesus myth is one of your primary inspirational comforts. The insane jesus myth is the single most useful and effective method utilized by the religiously fundamentalist society of america, to get you creatures to "worship" death, to hate yourselves, to throw away and sacrifice your lives, and to rationalize the genocidally evil use of your own society's most tortured and vulnerable victims, as Poison Containers for the homicidal rage that literally eats you creatures alive on a daily basis. The second part of the above Truth is perhaps even more profound. Our Seer graces us with: "I say, 'I give you my life', because I think you're taking care of the kids, but I get out of the gas chamber and I look at the kids, and you're not taking care of the kids; you're feeding on them, you're drunk on their blood, man!" An incredibly vivid revelation of ultimate Truth. Yes folks, you are cannibals, on a literal level. You cannibalize your own children, just as your societies sponsored and legitimized the cannibalization that was committed against you when you were a child. You are vampires, you suck the very life out of every child born into your society. This is the mainstream, operational mandate of your society, to encourage all adults, most especially legal slaveowners, to feast upon, cannibalize, and destroy their very own children. Hurting children, torturing children, killing children, these activities nurture and uplift your own lives. It is a cathartic transfer of your own childhood torment, suffering, and victimization. And of course at all times, this Truth must be denied vehemently, at all costs, on all conscious levels. "We love our children, our children are precious, we devote our lives to making our children's lives better, we would die before we would let anything bad happen to our children." These are the insane lies that you pathologically spout, that you cling to on a conscious level each and every day of your livces, even as the reality, the horrific but undeniable reality, is that you commit, sponsor, revel in the commission of child genocide, nurturing yourselves via the daily, limitless, calculatingly deliberate victimization/torture of your children, and of all children born into your society. You say you love your children, but in reality you hate them, every time you look at them, you see your own childhood reflected in their image. Doesn't matter whether you claim to have had a "happy childhood", your subconscious, suppressed and repressed Truth cannot be denied. You say your children are precious, yet you treat them as worthless, subhuman objects. You say that you devote your lives to making your children's lives better, but in reality you devote your lives to making yourselves feel better about the horrific and unbearable reality of your own lives, by transferring your torment onto your children. You say that you would die before you would let anything bad happen to your children, but in reality you commit an orgy of child murder directly upon your very own children, and you command/brainwash them to go out and die on your behalf, to sacrifice their lives on your behalf. These are the Forbidden Truths of life, that Superior Seers such as Charles and myself recognize and accept in all of their perverse glory.

"These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up."

This is one of Seer Charles' most "famous" and repeated quotes. Nevertheless, it is still an absolutely brilliant revelation of Forbidden Truth. Society creates and is completely responsible for instilling, all of the rage and hate that exists within it's child-victims. For every one child who finds the courage and sanity to direct their justified rage and hate outward, hundreds of children cannot find this courage and sanity, and direct their rage and hate inward. Why?? Because this is a core teaching and mandate of all ultra-diseased societal ideology and philosophical brainwashing/propaganda. "Hate yourselves, destroy yourselves, suffer, turn all of your negative emotions inward." This is what your evil societies desperately seek to teach and convince all of their tortured child-victims to do. And tragically, they achieve great success. Seer Charles, in a tiny and extremely limited way of course, tried to counteract this ultra-evil mandate of society. He tried to tell, teach, instruct, and convince the few tortured child-slaves that he managed to make personal contact with, to reject this malevolent societal decree. To love themselves, and to recognize that they have an obligation to themselves to not allow their evil society to destroy them. An obligation to not direct their justified rage and hate inward, to not abuse, torture, destroy, and murder themselves, as their society instructed them to do. This is one of the primary reasons Seer Charles has been demonized by society as the very "incarnation of evil", because he dared to try and help children to defy the self-hatred, personal worthlessness, and self-destructive ideologies that the society was and remains desperately obsessed with and eager to impose upon all of it's children. So, let us understand the profoundly important context of this Forbidden Truth: "These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up." When a tortured child attacks his society, or any of it's representatives/agents, such as a parent, a celebrity, a cop, etc..., that child is revealing and exposing Forbidden Truth to his society. That is why all such children are demonized, their actions condemned as evil, insane, unacceptable, in order to hide the Truth that all of society and all societal agents, are profoundly, genocidally evil, insane, immoral. On the other hand, when a tortured child attacks himself, harms himself, destroys himself, hates himself, kills himself, absolutely no Forbidden Truth is revealed or exposed. In fact, the child is doing exactly what his evil society wants him to do, has taught and told him to do. Of course there is a bit of token handwringing, "what is wrong with our children???", at times, when children commit outright suicide, in order to maintain the moral illusion that the society is decent and does not want it's children to die, but this is a completely false and lie-based claim and illusion. The greatest and most unforgivable "sin" that Seer Charles is guilty of, as judged by society, is the crime of "trying to help children to stand up for themselves." Yes, this is the greatest crime, because it directly challenges and contradicts the single most primary goal of society, which is to destroy and strip all children of their self-love, and ability to value and stand up for themselves and for the Truth of their suffering/victimization. Yes, trying to genuinely and sincerely "help children", from a Truth-based position, is the most unforgivable crime that any citizen can commit, within a society that is foundationally based upon the promotion and legitimization of mass, genocidal child torture and child destruction, as american society is.

"It is not my responsibility. It is your responsibility. It is the responsibility you have towards your children who you are neglecting, and then you want to put the blame on me again and again and again."

Of course Seer Charles' society wants to blame him, wants to demonize him, wants to pin the label of "evil hater of children" upon him. This is because Seer Charles perfectly reflects the Forbidden Truth upon you, upon american society, that it is you who are "evil haters of children." The best way to deny this Truth is to label it as preposterous, and demonize the teller of this Truth, the revealer of this Truth, Seer Charles. The Truth is reflected upon you, and you, being terrified haters of all Truth, reject and flee from the Truth in terror, throwing it back upon your own tortured victim-creation. He is trying to help you, he is trying to show you Truth, but to you, being told Truth is like having a jug of pure sulfuric acid thrown into your face. You flee from it in terror. How pathetic! You insane idiots believe that being "responsible" towards your children, means assuming ownership of them if you create them, and beating/terrorizing them at every turn if they dare to "misbehave", to defy the insane orders and ideologies that you seek to terroristically impose upon them, upon the instruction and command of the same society that terroristically imposed these insane orders and ideologies upon you, when you were a child. When an "outsider", not a Sacred Family Unit member, manages to help your children recognize, at least to some degree, that they are tortured victims of their society who have every right to direct their rage and hate outward rather than inward, the outsider is demonized as being the very incarnation of evil, this benevolent outsider is blamed, pronounced guilty of the crime of "warping" the vulnerable minds of children. The Truth of course, is that if every single member of the so-called "Manson Family" had wound up committing suicide, dying of drug overdoses, dying while driving under the influence of alcohol, growing up to get married, have children, and ritualistically abuse their children on a daily basis, etc..., but never directing their justified rage and hate outwards, outside of their own Sacred Family Units, your society would have been overjoyed. No demonization of Charles would have occured, because the tortured children would have done what their evil society wants them to do: Destroy and sacrifice their own lives, as well as destroy the lives of future generations of their own child-slaves, in subconscious reflection of the self-hatred, personal worthlessness, child dehumanization, usage of children as Poison Containers, etc..., which forms the mainstream ideological structure of how children are raised, taught, and brainwashed with, within ultra-diseased societies.

"And you can project it back at me, and you can say that it's me that cannot communicate, and you can say that's me that don't have any understanding, and you can say that when I'm dead your world will be better, and you can lock me up in your penitentiary and you can forget about me. But I'm only what lives inside of you, each and every one of you."

Boy, even though I am totally aware of how incredibly brilliant Seer Charles is, his crystal clear insights and revelations of Truth can still take my breath away, even as I reread them for perhaps the 500th time. This is the heart of the matter, the projection and reflection of Forbidden Truth that you creatures are graced with, back upon the Seer, with homicidal, genocidal, demonizing, ferocious rage. You cannot simply "reject" Truth, shrug your shoulders and say, "Well, I cannot see the situation as Charles does, but I respect his differing perspective." No way! Because to be confronted with genuine, profound, Forbidden Truth is an unbearable agony to you creatures. It is like having acid thrown into your face. The only way you can respond is with homicidal, demonizing fury, you are immediately consumed with rage, desperate to destroy this teller of Truth, wipe him off the face of the earth, in reflection of the unbearable terror that being confronted with Truth, creates within your very core consciousness, your perceptions of yourself, your society, and the "reality" of your daily lives and life activities. All of the Truths that Seer Charles has graced you with, you have flung back into his face with limitless, homicidal rage, borne out of your pathetic terror and inferiority. If he had simply lied to you, pretended to have seen the "error" of his ways, pretended to have become a born again christian, a god freak, a supporter of the insane societal structures that you have always been and remain addicted to, you would have embraced him. No need for demonization. You would have welcomed him back into your deranged fold, pointed to him as an example of how you and your societies are "right", good, moral, decent, sane. And Seer Charles knew this to be the case! And yet his courage, his genuine morality, his Superiority, his love and respect for the value of Truth, could not be broken, it could not be terroristically compromised and abandoned via evil societal bribery, coercion, enticement. This is one of the most remarkable aspects of Seer Charles' personality. He has literally sacrificed himself in the name of Truth. And it was/is not a self-hating form of sacrifice, but rather the most noble and philosophically benevolent type of sacrifice that any human being has ever, could ever, make.

"These children, you tell them what you don't want them to do in the hopes they will go out and do it and then you can play your little game with them and then you can give attention to them, because you don't give them any of your love. You only give them your frustration; you only give them your anger; you only give them the bad part of you rather than give them the good part."

A remarkable insight of Truth! Understand that this is absolutely True: You tell your children not to have sexual intercourse, but in reality you want them to have sexual intercourse! You tell them not to consume illegal drugs, but in reality you want them to consume illegal drugs. You tell them to "stay safe", but in reality you want them to get hurt. Why??? Because you seek to reflect upon them, the suffering that you endured when you were a child-slave, the classic Poison Container usage of child-slaves, and because if they suffer, you can more easily and effectively delude yourselves into believing that you "love" them, by trying to help ease their suffering. If they do not suffer, they do not have much need for you. If they do not need you, you feel less loved by them, you find it harder to maintain the illusion/lie that you love them and that they love you. You reward your children for suffering, for harming themselves. You do this by paying more attention to them than you would if they did not suffer/harm themselves. The more they suffer, the more attention you pay to them, thus teaching them that they deserve to suffer, that suffering is a good thing, that children should suffer, and that parents should reward children who suffer by paying more attention to them, than to children who do not suffer. Thus, when the child grows up and has children of his own, all of these behavioral perversions are passed down to each generation of children, by each generation of parents, who are all "former children", of course. Your children exist as object-slaves, to serve and to meet your emotional, psychological, and ideological needs/obsessions/delusions. This is a societally legitimized decree. Having your children suffer makes you feel better, and therefore you want your children to suffer. Of course you would never face up to this Truth on a conscious level, and therefore you feel terror and rage upon having this Truth "exposed" to you, by a Seer such as Charles. Understand that you are vampires, your mission is to suck the life out of your children, to take love from them, not to "give" love to them. Whatever expressions of love you might make towards your children, you make solely because you are desperately in need of their love, and feel that you can best obtain love from them, by expressing love to them. Your motivation is selfish, perverse, a manifestation of the victimization and tortures that your society inflicted upon you when you were a child. Seer Charles concludes his insight of Truth with: "You only give them your frustration; you only give them your anger; you only give them the bad part of you rather than give them the good part." Absolutely correct! Your child exists as a garbage receptacle. Your society instructs you to cathartically transfer all of the emotional and psychic refuse, waste material, that exists within you, onto your child-child. You feel frustrated?? No problem, just transfer the negative emotion onto your child-slave. You feel anger?? No problem! That's what you child is for, take out your anger on your child, release all of your anger upon your child, insert all of your anger into your child. And you will feel better after you perform this cathartic transfer. This is the exact and absolute instruction that society provides to all of it's citizens, with regard to how they should "use" their legally owned and possessed children.

"You should all turn around and face your children and start following them and listening to them."

Yes Seer Charles, this is what humans who are sane and live within a sane societal system would do. They would possess the ability to simply face up to their children, not as Superiors, not as inferiors, but simply as equals. Every question that the child asks, could and would be answered in a sane, rational, factually accurate manner. But of course this is all totally impossible for you creatures. You are not sane, you are not rational, you cannot even begin to recognize, much less accept, even the most basic and obvious of Truths. So how can you face your children? You are terrified of your children, because they represent Truth. They are always asking you, "Why?" Why is the sky blue, why do you need money? Why do you go to work? Why do people hurt other people? What happens when a person dies? Etc... These "why's" terrify you, because they represent a genuine and sincere quest for Truth. The same Truth that you devote your lives to rejecting, renouncing, and fleeing from. So you cannot possibly "face" your children, all you can do is lie to them, mislead them, confuse them, infect them with the same toxic derangements and insane ideologies that you use to cope with the horror of your own lives. The only hope for the human species would be if an existing, empowered generation of adults, somehow, miraculously, decided to enslave itself to it's children. The children would become the "leaders", they would dictate the operational structure of the society. All adults within the society would obey and follow the decrees of all children within the society. This society would be reborn, it would save itself, within a single generation of time. The children would not order the adults to beat them, to brainwash them, to torture them, to lie to them, to infect them with the toxic mental, psychological, and emotional diseases that they are afflicted with. No, the children would possess enough self-love and sanity to totally and forever alter the entire cultural structure of the society, in a miraculous, near utopian manner. But of course we all know this is nothing more than an impossible fantasy. Because every generation of adults consists of former children, former children who have already been pathologically destroyed by the generation they were born and enslaved to, and thus pathologically obsessed with creating, enslaving, and destroying their own generation of child-slaves, as instructed to do by their societal leaders. So you label your children as being insane savages, along the "Lord Of The Flies" model, so that you can completely ignore and reject any revelation of Truth they might come up with, and gleefully plunge forward with your genocidal task of molding and shaping the mind, brain, soul, and consciousness of every child, to totally reflect and mirror your own supremely deranged, evil, immoral, pathologically destroyed perceptions of life and reality.

"The music speaks to you every day, but you are too deaf, dumb, and blind to even listen to the music. You are too deaf, dumb, and blind to stop what you are doing."

What a beautiful revelation of Truth, so elegantly expressed! Yes indeed, profoundly and completely deaf, dumb, and blind, this is what you creatures are. Superior Seers such as Myself and Charles cannot help but be amazed. We know that you creatures are insane, evil, Truth-hating, etc... We have totally recognized and accepted these facts. And yet when we look at the reality of life from our Superior, Truth-based perspective, we still cannot help but be amazed by what we see: Truth is literally bombarding you creatures. It is flinging itself upon you thousands of times each and every day. Everywhere you look, there is Truth. Everywhere you listen, Truth is being revealed. No matter how dumb you are, no matter how stupid, the Truths of life are revealing themselves to you at such a frenzied, constant, ongoing pace, that logic dictates you must be able to recognize at least a few of them. But no, you don't! You can't, because your terror is too great, your mind is too completely broken. Every Truth is either automatically rejected, or twisted into a lie. It's the only way you creatures can cope with your lives. And so, just as Seer Charles reveals, each and every day the "music" sings to you, the Truths of life reach out, expressing and revealing themselves to you. But it's no use, each and every day the same cycle of perversity is repeated over and over. You proudly render yourselves deaf, blind, and dumb, even as the Truths literally fly at you and strike you in the face, body, head. You don't even flinch, you just ignore, reject, and warp them. You turn all Truth into lies, myths, insanely hypocritical rationalizations. Those you embrace, all of the lies, myths, rationalizations. You are like robots, pathological robots, trained by your master, the society you were born into and raised up within, to ignore, dismiss, reject all of the "distractions" of life, as you pursue the insane goals, lifestyles, ideologies that your societies have instilled within your robotic minds. The horrific reality is that all of these "distractions" that you pathologically reject and renounce, represent all of the most valuable, profound, precious Truths that exist within the human experience of being alive.

"You are not you, you are just reflections, you are reflections of everything that you think you know, everything that you have been taught."

Self-perception. I repeat, self-perception. What does this word mean? Look it up in the dictionary, inferiors. It means: "An awareness of the characteristics that constitute one's self; self-knowledge." This is the one character trait, above all others, that the human species totally lacks. None of you have even the tiniest capacity to see yourselves as you truly are, to perceive and to recognize the actual characteristics, behavioral, ideological, psychological, that constitute your day to day life choices and personal beliefs. If you did possess this self-perception, accepted the validity of this self-perception, in an accurate, Truth-based fashion, you would literally be unable to look at yourselves in the mirror without vomiting. You would suffer mental breakdowns that left you in a permanent vegetative state, just by looking at yourself in the mirror, you would commit suicide, just to escape from the horrific reality of what you saw and recognized within yourself, if you possessed valid self-perception. The key word of course, is if. The fact is, you do not possess any type of accurate, Truthful self-awareness or self-perception. You actually believe that you are your "own" human being. You believe you are free, able to carve out your own unique life path. You are totally blind to the Truth, that you are nothing more than a diseased, broken reflection, a pathetic, pitiful mime, a parrot, all you can do in life is mimic and repeat the insane doctrines and ideologies that your evil society has addicted you to and brainwashed you with. If you could just find the sanity to at least perceive this single Truth about yourself, your mime/parrot status, it might open up a bridge to at least allow you to try and grasp the magnitude of your perversity in all aspects of life. But no, it's impossible. You can't do it, you have absolutely no self-perception ability. Nothing that you see or perceive within yourself, even remotely resembles the Truth of what you are. You are the exact, polar opposite of what you perceive yourself to be. You perceive yourself to be moral, but you are immoral. You perceive yourself to be free, but you are enslaved. You perceive yourself to be capable of loving, but you are incapable. You perceive yourself to be honest, but you are dishonest. You perceive yourself to care about children, but you hate children. You perceive yourself as valuing justice, but you rejoice in injustice. You perceive yourself as living in a good society, but you live in an evil society. You perceive yourself as having compassion, but you are sadistic. You perceive yourself as being seekers of truth, but you are actually terrified haters of Truth. You see folks, it is mindboggling, how each and every facet of your perception of self is not only totally incorrect, but it is the exact, polar opposite of what you truly are, the complete opposite!

"You invented the words, and you gave me a dictionary and you said, ‘These are what the words mean.’ Well, this is what they mean to you, but to someone else, they have got a different dictionary."

If you have accessed this web site in proper page order, you are already aware of the fact that I am devoting an entire essay within this Manifesto, to this one fascinating and extremely important topic, of how and why societies and governments invent words and phrases, using them for the specific purpose of bestowing an illusion of validity and legitimacy, to insanely evil and hypocritical ideologies, doctrines, and beliefs that the society is seeking to promote. Seer Charles beautifully expresses the perversity of this situation, with his two sentence quote above. It is so obvious to us Superiors, but you pathetic creatures seem to find it almost impossible to recognize and appreciate the fascist, malevolent, and brainwashing implications of a society inventing words and phrases, assigning definitions to these words and phrases, and attempting to terroristically coerce you into accepting the validity of these artificial definitions. The "dictionary" that a society like america has created, is a toxic book, an evil book, a book which reeks of insanity and malice, a book which has been carefully crafted to delude human beings, to instill within them support for and agreement with the most perversely hypocritical and immoral policies and ideologies imaginable. All seekers of Truth must, as Seer Charles suggests, create our own Truth-based dictionaries within our minds, recognizing that our dictionaries will completely contradict, in some situations, the dictionary definitions of society. This is because our definitions of words and phrases is Truth-based, while the "official" definitions of words and phrases within societally authorized dictionaries, are often totally lie-based, and specifically designed to foster the embrace and acceptance of insane hypocrisy. We must define the meaning of all words, based purely upon rational Truth. We must not accept dictionary definitions provided by society, as having any validity, because we know that societies such as america are not only totally lie-based, but genocidally malevolent to boot. Words and phrases such as "abortion", "hunting", "death penalty", "freedom", "evil", etc... These are the words that only an insane moron, totally broken by society and addicted to evil societal brainwashing, can possibly accept the "mainstream", official dictionary definitions of.

"Murder! There’s no murder in a holy war, man. The whole thing’s a holy war. Because you want to draw a line and say, ‘this is crime’ and ‘this ain’t crime’."

This is a very interesting quote, works beautifully on many levels for me. The most profound point to me, is of course the comparison Seer Charles makes between Murder and War. Superiors recognize that "illegal" murder, in other words killing of the type that society has chosen to criminalize, is almost always the most justifiable type of killing, from both a moral and a rationally analytical perspective. While all of the various forms of "legal murder", killing of the type that society has chosen to legalize, such as abortion, the death penalty, and war, are far more morally and rationally unjustifiable. I'm not speaking of whether the direct perpetrators of legal murder are lacking moral or rational justification, but much more importantly, the profound hypocrisy under which the society legalizes these less legitimate forms of murder. Let us understand that the societal definition of "war" lacks even the tiniest iota of definitional Truth. We, as individual torture victims, can be engaged in a "war" against the society that is guilty of our lifelong torment, and the use of the term "war" in this sense, is far more legitimate than the artificial, military-based societal usage of this word to promote legal murder and governmentally sponsored genocide. As far as the phrase "holy war" is concerned, to fight to avenge yourself, personally and directly, is far more noble, far more "holy", than to fight on behalf of a nonexistent god creature, or some deranged, mystical ideology that has it's roots in religion. And finally, let us recognize the profound revelation of Truth that Seer Charles graces us with, when he points out that societal definitions of which activities constitute "crimes", and which do not constitute crimes, have absolutely no basis in rationality or Truth. These definitions are actually based upon insane hypocrisy, and inspired solely by which types of activities the insane and diseased society has decided to try and encourage, as well as which activities it has chosen to try and discourage. The greatest, most evil, most immoral, most genocidal "crimes" that have been committed by humanity, have all been officially decreed to be perfectly legal and appropriate, by the societal leaders who chose to sponsor, promote, commit, and undertake them.

"They been selling you a phony fake picture of reality all your life."

I just love this little one sentence pearl of Truth. To some inferiors, the phrase "phony fake picture of reality" might seem grammatically awkward and clumsy, but I recognize it as an absolutely perfect expression of the Truth of the situation. It is both phony and fake, this "picture". And it is a picture, in others words a projection, an illusion. It is an image, that you desperately grasp and cling to, to delude yourselves into believing that this fake and phony illusion of reality, which your evil and brainwashing society feeds you, represents Truth. Of course in the above quote, the word "They" that our Seer begins his revelation with, refers to society and societal leaders. Also note the Superior detail which ends the quote, of "all your life." This is important to recognize, that each and every day of your life, from the very day of your birth right up until the very day of your death, without fail, every single day, your evil and insane societies bombard you with lies, myths, deranged ideologies and beliefs, phony and fake illusions of reality.

"Your parents have told you what you are. They made you before you were six years old, and when you stood in school and you crossed your heart and pledged allegiance to the flag, they trapped you in truth because at that age you didn’t know any lie until that lie was reflected on you."

Seer Charles packs so much Forbidden Truth into his writings, literally every single sentence of many of his writings, contains a different, extremely insightful and brilliant revelation of Truth. This is certainly the case with the above quote. First you are graced with the brilliant insight that you, all of you creatures, are created in the perverse images of your parents, the human beings who possessed you as their slave during your childhood, and thus enjoyed literally unlimited access and ability to shape, mold, control, and dictate the parameters of your intellectual and emotional development, from a totally helpless, totally ignorant baby. To allow parents this power, without mandating extensive competency testing together with constant oversight even upon those who pass the competency tests, is the single greatest perversion of the human societal structure and operational system. Understand that all of your core derangements, insane beliefs, pathological mental dysfunctions, are rooted within the malevolent brainwashing and lie-based indoctrination to the illegitimate operational structure of your society, which were imposed upon you by society and primarily by your parents, between the day of your birth and the age of 6, 7, 8 at the latest. But our Seer does not stop with this revelation of Truth, not hardly! He immediately follows up with an even more incisive expose of how the educational systems of societies take up, right around age 6 or so, where the parents have left off, reinforcing all of the perverse ideologies and fascist rituals that the parents have already addicted their child-slaves to. The "pledge of allegiance" is an absolutely perfect example of this. It is a brainwashing ritual, specifically designed to destroy independent thought in children, to terroristically compel children to blindly and insanely agree to support, protect, defend, even die for, a "flag" and the government which stands behind this flag, even though the child has absolutely no intellectual capacity to decide whether or not this particular flag/government is worthy of any support, or is any better or worse in terms of legitimacy, benevolence, morality, etc..., than any of the 100+ other flags/governments that exist on planet earth. For any school, which has as it's mandate the honor of providing factually accurate knowledge to totally vulnerable children, to instead choose to terroristically addict children to the insane myth that they owe blind allegiance to a piece of multi-colored cloth which society has named a "flag", and that they must support, honor, defend, and if necessary die upon the command of the government which is represented by this flag, represents the ultimate in ideological child genocide. The way Seer Charles ends the above revelation of Truth is absolutely fascinating: "...they trapped you in truth because at that age you didn't know any lie until that lie was reflected on you." Personally, I would not have used the phrase "they trapped you in truth", because it can be confusing and misunderstood as used. But if you analyze the quote, and focus on the context, the use of the word "truth" in that phrase, as opposed to the word "lies", is perfectly appropriate. The point is that a six year old child-slave cannot possibly possess the intellectual insight to realize that he is living within a totally and completely lie-based society. It's just impossible! If he is a budding brilliant Seer, he might be able to begin to recognize that some of the brainwashings he is being subjected to represent absolute falsehood. But he cannot realize that literally every single thing his society is telling, teaching, explaining to him, is in fact a lie, a myth, a hypocritical falsehood. So, the young child comes into life with a "blank slate". The child does not know any lies, unless and until his society specifically chooses to reflect the lies that it is addicted to and seeking to impose upon all citizen-slaves, and most especially all children, upon him, as an individual child. So, it is exactly as Seer Charles says: The individual child does not know any lie, unless and until that lie is specifically imposed upon him. It is imposed by society not as a lie, but instead as a Truth, even though it is in fact a lie. Therefore the child's mind becomes "trapped in truth", as a result of having the lie imposed upon him, and decreed to be a Truth. If the child believes the lie to in fact be a truth, he is trapped within this false perception, because he lacks the mental and intellectual maturity/ability that is required, to analyze the lie and recognize it to be a lie. He has no life experience/philosophical context outside of the smothering societal brainwashing that his vulnerable, undeveloped, and immature mind has been subjected to, and therefore the young child has literally no choice but to assume that the lies, myths, and hypocrisies he is being fed by both his parents, the school system, and by society as a whole, are in fact valid and important Truths.

"Why comes from your mother. Your mother teaches you why, why, why. You go around asking your mother why and she keeps telling you. 'Because, because', and she laces your little brain with because and: 'Because.' 'Why?' 'Because.' 'Why?' ‘Because.’ And you don't know any different. If you had two mothers, one to tell you one thing and one to tell you another, then your mind might be left where mine was. If you had a dozen parents that you went around with and couldn't believe anything you were told and then you couldn't disbelieve anything you were told."

I hope all of you have now realized what an incredibly rich and complex philosopher and Seer of Truth Charles Manson is. The revelations that Seer Charles graces us with are not simply "true", they are also incredibly rich, profound, and multi-layered. There are other Seers of the 20th century who have revealing Forbidden Truth on a few very specific issues, but nobody has even come close to matching Seer Charles, in terms of the wide-ranging scope, as well as quantity, of totally different Forbidden Truth revelations. Directly above is a remarkable dissection of the toxic nature of human child rearing as practiced by 20th century society, as well as all previous centuries of human existence. Despite their genetic prversities, children are still born with an instinctual appreciation and craving for Truth. They desperately wish and seek to uncover the Truths of life, to figure out exactly how the universe in which they dwell, operates, and why it operates as it does. Human societal leaders have maliciously decreed that children in fact do not want or seek Truth, but rather want and seek "comfort and reassurance", thus creating an illusion of legitimacy for adults, slaveowners, and society as a whole, to lie to children in genocidal fashion, to withhold Truth from them, and the infect their helpless minds with the same delusions, derangements, lies, myths, and hypocrisies which afflict virtually all members of the adult population. Adults actually reinforce and legitimize to themselves the insane lies that they are addicted to, by proudly addicting their own helpless child-slaves, to the same panorama of insane lies that they are addicted to. Children are constantly asking "why", because it is the only way their immature minds can envision uncovering the Truths of life. They cannot possibly realize that all of human society is lie-based, built and structured upon nothing more than a vast plateau of lies, myths, deranged thought/belief, and profound hypocrisy, because they lack the intellectual "context" and maturity, that is required to allow for even the possibility of arriving at such a profound realization. So, children are constantly asking "why??", and their slaveowners as well as society as a whole, is constantly replying to their queries with either outright lies, or perverse dismissals of their profoundly legitimate queries. Most parents are taught by society that the best answer to give to most of a child-slave's "why" questions is simply "because", "because I said so", "because that's how the world works", etc... These are deranged replies, which are designed to stifle, suffocate, and compromise the child's ability to obtain Truth. In most cases, the parents themselves are addicted to insane lies and myths regarding the specific "why" question, so even if they attempted to provide a more comprehensive reply, they would only be further compromising the child's quest for Truth, by providing completely lie-based and invalid information/ideology to the child. Still, the plain and simple "because" reply, must be recognized as being supremely perverse and genocidally harmful to all children. It destroys the child's sense of self-value and respect for Truth, by teaching him that he has no right to receive any type of legitimate reply to his questions, and more importantly, that his quest for Truth is an inappropriate, bad thing, something that has no value and even results in negative attention being directed towards him. The goal of society is to destroy the child's instinctual interest in/appreciation for Truth, in exactly the same fashion as the society has destroyed this instinctual interest/appreciation from within it's current "ruling generation" of adults, as well as each and every previous generation of child-slaves that have been born into the society. Tragically, your evil and diseased societies achieve remarkable, near universal success in this perverse endeavor. So we have yet another brilliant revelation of Truth from our Seer, in the following quote: "...Your mother teaches you why, why, why. You go around asking your mother why and she keeps telling you. 'Because, because', and she laces your little brain with because..." Laces is the perfect word. It is a form of poisoning, poisoning of the mind, the manner in which slaveowners and societies dismiss the desperate attempts of children to uncover Truth, via perverse replies such as "because", "because I said so", "because that's how the world works", etc... It destroys the ability of the child to shape his destiny, to at least attempt to recognize the perverse illegitimacy of his society, and to try and destroy either the illegitimate aspects, or the entire society itself, if his maturing and emerging True Reality so allows/dictates. It is this fundamental human perversion, the ritualistic lying to children, withholding Truth from children, which is the literal "fertilizer" which results in the development and growth of each generation of children into a pathetic carbon copy of the existing, ultra-diseased, deranged, and Truth-hating generation of societally empowered adults/leaders. Thus the perverse cycle is set in concrete, doomed to repeat itself over and over for all of human existence.

"I have reflected your society in yourselves, right back at yourselves, and each one of these young girls was without a home. Each one of these young boys was without a home."

This is what Seers do, we reflect the Truth of what you are, upon you. And we do not necessarily have to commit what society has decreed to be "crimes", in order to reflect this Truth with brilliance and with impact. All that Seer Charles did, as far as his "criminal" activity is concerned, was to rescue your tortured, subhumanized, dehumanized, discarded child-slaves. He rescued them, he tried to show them Truth, and he tried to restore their broken, brutalized, and destroyed True Realities. You creatures and your society was and is totally guilty of and responsible for the torturous victimization that you chose to inflict upon every one of these child-slaves, and continue to inflict today, in genocidal fashion, upon all children born into and enslaved within your society. All that we Seers do, is take the evil, the insanity, the perversity, the horrific victimization, that you choose to inflict upon all of your citizens, and most especially upon your most helpless and vulnerable citizens, children, and we reflect it back at you. We do this with pride and with determination. We know that we honor ourselves beyond all measure, when we reflect, not in a distorted manner, but with perfectly accurate mirrorization, your societal derangements directly back upon you and your society. Seer Charles is certainly correct when he states that not a single one of the tortured children that he rescued had a home. But personally I would go much further, in this quote. I would say, "they had no home, they had no place within the evil society that created them, they were destroyed victims, cast aside and instructed to die by the very society that created them." And Seer Charles saved them. He alone, using his brilliance, his morality, his respect for the sacred philosophies of self-love, individual importance, and personal vengeance, helped many dozens, in fact hundreds of tortured child-slaves, to find the personal strength to overcome a lifetime of daily abuse and victimization that their society malevolently chose to impose upon them.

"You see, you can send me to the penitentiary, it's not a big thing. I've been there all my life anyway. What about your children? These are just a few, there is many, many more coming right at you."

You creatures spend your lives obsessively claiming to "care about" children, even though you commit torture upon them personally, on a genocidal scale, and overtly encourage and legitimize mass child torture as a core policy mandate of the society that you proudly live as a member of. This proves that you do not possess an iota of genuine caring for children. You hate children, you prove this by choosing to commit genocidal atrocties upon them, both on an individual level and as a member of a society that commits such genocide upon them, with your tacit authorization. Seer Charles knew, when he made the above revelation of Truth, that he was intouchable. He knew that he could cope with any life situation, including being unjustly locked in a cage for the deranged societal purpose of inflicting punitive punishment upon him. Despite your society having totally destroyed the entire childhood of Martyr Charles, despite your society having unjustly victimized Charles for literally each and every day of his entire life, our Seer still possessed the moral benevolence to try, fruitless and hopeless as it was, to awaken you creatures, to open your eyes, to get you to face up to your own limitless perversity. But of course this attempt failed. All such attempts to open your eyes and mind to Forbidden Truth are doomed to fail. Because you creatures fear this Truth far more than you fear even death itself. See Charles asks you: "What about your children? These are just a few, there is many, many more coming right at you." He asked you this in the late 1960's or early 1970's. Since then an entire generation of american children, many millions, have been born, tortured each and every day of their childhoods, and become suicidal self-haters, homicidal seekers of vengeance, emotionally crippled and destroyed slaves of american society. Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Kipland Kinkel, thousands and thousands have chosen to reflect the rage that your society is genocidally guilty of creating within them, back upon fellow humans and upon american society. But tragically, millions more have not done so. They have simply been broken and destroyed by the lifetime of torture that american society chose to inflict upon them, even after Seer Charles so unselfishly and generously tried to inform you that your children would be seeking and claiming their True Reality vengeance in future years, decades, centuries. You didn't care then, and you don't care now, because you are genocidally evil and deranged, and the mass torture of children is how you sustain your very lives. What would you do if you couldn't use your child-slaves as Poison Containers? You would collapse, you would be unable to function, to sustain the mountain of hypocritical illusion upon which you have built every aspect of your day to day lives. I'm so glad that Seer Charles has lived to witness the actual living manifestation of his insight of Truth. Every time a child commits suicide, consumes drugs, has unsafe sex, attacks his parents, commits murder, etc..., that child is proving the Truth of Seer Charles' philosophical insights. But the tragedy remains, that 999 out of every 1000 tortured child-victims, are still only capable of directing their justified rage and hate inward, not outward. Destroying themselves, as taught to do by their genocidally evil society. You don't care that millions of children are filled with rage and hate, because you, as members of society, have confidence that the vast majority of these tortured children can be so brutally destroyed on emotional and psychological levels, that they will never directly target you or your society for personal, reflective vengeance. No, they will destroy themselves, perhaps destroy fellow children, perhaps destroy animals, perhaps agree to become legal murderers working on behalf of the very society that is guilty of having destroyed them. But only a tiny fraction will directly target adult society and/or society's empowered agents/citizens. That's all you care about, getting your tortured child victims to refrain from directly targeting you, or the society to which you are addicted and enslaved.

"I am whatever you make me, but what you want is a fiend; you want a sadistic fiend because that is what you are."

This is one of my very favorite revelations of Truth. It is not complicated, and yet it is limitlessly profound, and the Truth it reveals cuts to the very core of human perversity. You diseased, mutated life forms take your helpless offspring, torture them, destroy them, drive them insane, and after destroying your children, if they dare to ever stand up for themselves, the Truth, and their tormented victimization, you creatures demonize them. You demonize them because they represent Forbidden Truth. They show you what you are. Nothing more, nothing less. You spend your lives demonizing your own tortured victim-creations, labeling them as sadistic fiends. You do all this to cover up and deny from yourselves, the Forbidden Truth that you are in fact, actual and real sadistic fiends. You reject this Truth by creating the illusion to yourselves and to your fellow members of society, that anyone who dares to expose and reveal this Forbidden Truth to humanity, is himself a sadistic fiend. In this way, you never need to face up to the actual Truth of the situation. None of us Seers, even if we wanted to, and some of us do want to, could ever come close to matching the sadistic fiendishness of the "average, typical, mainstream, law-abiding" citizen of an ultra-diseased and limitlessly evil society such as america. It's impossible! We can't do it, no matter how hard we might try. You have us beat a million times over. All we can do is proudly absorb the demonization that you reflect back upon us, the sadistic fiendishness that characterizes every aspect of your lives, life philosophies, life ideologies, and life paths.

"I can stand here in front of this court and smile at you, and you can do anything you want to do with me, but you cannot touch me because I am only my love, and it is all for me, and I give it to myself for me, because I look out for me first and I like me, and you can live with yourselves and your opinions of yourselves."

Absolutely beautiful! The untouchable perfection of self-love and the development of mental strength so pure that it cannot be touched by any outside force, perfectly expressed here, by our Seer. Here is the quote that provides the very core essence of personal untouchability: "You cannot touch me because I am only my love, and it is all for me, and I give it to myself for me, because I look out for me first and I like me." This is pure self-love, the type of self-love that none of you diseased creatures are capable of. You pathetic fools, you spend your entire lives desperately "searching" for love, as though it is somehow "lost". You cowards throw yourselves at other living things, demanding/begging that they love you, or more accurately, that they pretend to love you. All the while you have no concept of what actual love is, you have been totally stripped by your society, by the societal, cultural, governmental structure within which you were born, enslaved, and brutally victimized, of the ability to feel any genuine love towards any living thing, much less to revel in the glory of the ultimate and only genuinely legitimate form of love, unconditional and pure self-love. "I love my children", you say, even as you commit genocidal atrocities upon them. "I love my wife", you say, even as the Truth is that you say you love her only because you are pathologically obsessed with deluding yourself into believing that she loves you, as a way to deny the self-hatred that you feel for yourself. The one in a million Superior not only decrees on a philosophical level, but absolutely revels in genuine personal Truth, on a daily, hourly basis, in the pure, untouchable love, value, worshipful devotion that he feels and possesses towards himself. Himself, and only himself. No other life form could ever be worthy of his love, other than himself. The Superior embraces this Truth with limitless passion. The Superior decrees: "I give all of my love to myself. I love myself limitlessly and unconditionally. The more I am hated by other living creatures, most especially humans, the stronger my self-love becomes. The more that my enemy, the human species, attempts to strip me of my self-love, to make me feel bad about myself, to make me feel worthless, guilty, unimportant, etc..., the more proudly and sincerely I will bathe in the glory of limitless self-love for every single waking/conscious moment of my life. All attacks which are launched against me, all injustice, all victimization, all punishment, all abuse, are welcomed, because I am able to use my Superior, untouchable mind to strengthen even more, the already untouchable and unconditional self-love that defines my Superior experience of life, on a daily, hourly, constant basis." This is not an "illusion", a delusion, or a "pep talk". No, it is the actual experience of our lives, those tiny handful of us who are genuine Seers and Superiors.

"Sometimes I think about giving it to you. Sometimes I'm thinking about just jumping on you and let you shoot me. Sometimes I think it would be easier than sitting here and facing you in the contempt that you have for yourself, the hate that you have for yourself, it's only the anger you reflect at me, the anger that you have got for you."

There is nothing wrong with considering all options in life that an individual has available, as long as he is Superior enough to always be able to make the best, Superior choice in the end, as Seer Charles has done throughout his entire lifetime. Seer Charles' immense disgust for humanity is beautifully expressed via the above quote. It is shared by Superiors such as myself. Just having to look at you humans, your insane behaviors, interactions, activities, for any extended period of time, invokes nausea within me, at the very least, in terms of negative emotion. You creatures are disgusting, nothing that you do, nothing that you feel, nothing that you express, has any basis in Truth, sanity, rationality, or morality. Nothing! And yet the Superior Seer must always recognize that his life path must consist of a daily war, a war that he fights against his enemy, the human society that dares to attempt to destroy him, be it physically, emotionally, psychologically, ideologically. The Superior might sometimes feel like letting his enemy destroy him, just because it is an ultimately hopeless war that all Superiors tragically lose, in the end. But the superior never allows this inferior feeling to dictate his life path. No, the superior loves himself too much, the Superior is filled with too much righteous rage, and the intellectual and emotional strength to always direct this rage properly, outward, towards his enemy. The Superior will not destroy himself, he might "risk" his very life under some very unique circumstances, if he feels that the cost-to-benefit ratio of undertaking such a risk, is rationally appropriate based upon the sum total of his own interpretative life experiences. But he will never sacrifice his own life, he will never commit suicide, or undertake a genuinely suicidal action. Risking your life is in no way similar to "attempting suicide". The Superior, even if he does risk his life, never has any overt desire to die. Let us understand that Seers of Forbidden Truth are morally superior to all other human beings. Nothing that we might do or say or inspire or provoke, can change this Truth. Simply by virtue if embracing the Forbidden Truths of life, we attain a level of moral Superiority than no hater and rejector of Truth can ever attain. We are also extremely sensitive. This sensitivity is a hallmark of our moral superiority, and we should proudly embrace this sensitivity, along with all of our other Superior emotions and ideologies. How is this Superior level of sensitivity defined? How does it manifest itself? It is defined by how we experience our own pain and suffering more strongly than all inferiors, and the manner in which we courageously face up to and embrace this pain, from a totally Truth-based position. We manifest this Superior sensitivity in our chosen life paths, our writings, our revelations of Truth, our artistic, poetic, expressions, even our Manifestos, such as this text which I am creating. The disgust and hatred that we feel towards you inferiors, is in fact a direct manifestation of our Superior sensitivity, as well. We are sensitive enough to understand both the horrific, undeserved tragedy of our own lives, as well as the horrific, more deserved, but still tragic perversity of your lives, the lives of you inferiors. This is what Seer Charles is expressing in the latter half of the above quote, when he declares: "Sometimes I think it would be easier than sitting here and facing you in the contempt that you have for yourself, the hate that you have for yourself, it's only the anger you reflect at me, the anger that you have got for you." And yet despite his sensitivity, the Superior will never deliberately sacrifice his own glorious life, in order to put an "end" to his own emotional distress. Never! The Superior knows that all feelings of negative emotional distress, in all situations, can be overcome, directed outward, at the enemy, simply by marshalling the immense power and strength of the untouchable mind that the Superior has created for himself.

"In the desert I got to looking at the coyotes, and I got to be close around with the dogs and the snakes, and the wild rabbits, goats, and mules. They'd roam around the desert in small packs, and in herds that sometimes were only maybe a couple of burros, four or five in a pack, and they were afraid of man. You could tell he'd been around and cracked sticks on them, and beat on them whenever he could, and they were afraid of anyone going close to them. But I could do it. I'd approach them and I would sit down, and with all the strength I had I'd begin to cry out loud so that they could hear me. Just weeping and sobbing, and pretty soon one of the mules would come sort of close, then closer, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Then when he was right in front of me, pretty soon he'd reach over, he'd rub his nose against me, nudging me as if trying to understand. Very slowly, hardly making any motion at all, I'd touch him and before long he understood that I could love him and he'd be willing to do whatever he could for me, because he had it in his mind that I did love him and meant him no harm, and we were the same. Some of us went around the desert for weeks trying to get as close as we could to all the animals, to try to learn from them how to live out there, how they did it, and to be part of them."

Not all Superiors like animals. Some Superiors are incapable of feeling any positive emotion towards any living thing. But all Superiors feel more positively towards animals, than towards fellow human beings. Even if they are unable to feel any type of positive emotion towards any living thing, they still, on a philosophical and intellectual level, recognize and embrace the fact that every other species of life has more of a right to exist, is more worthy of being treated benevolently, than any member of the human species. The human species has proven, beyond all doubt, to any Superior thinker, that it is the lowest species of life on planet earth. The species least worthy, in all circumstances, of being treated with mercy, forgiveness, benevolence, affection, or trust. All animals are morally, intellectually, ideologically, and emotionally Superior to human beings. The above quote is absolutely remarkable, on many different levels. First of all, we see the incredible degree of sensitivity that Seer Charles possesses. He possesses an incredibly perceptive understanding of what it feels like to suffer horribly. All of us Seers possess this understanding, and yet we are of course under no obligation to even consider, much less embrace, the perversely hypocritical notion that we need to try to "prevent" or avoid causing other living things to suffer horribly, as we have been malevolently made to suffer. We see the incredible intelligence that Seer Charles possesses, to be able to relate to tortured fellow victims, who are not even of his own species, and to establish a positive emotional connection with them. And finally, most importantly, let us recognize that genuine Seers of Forbidden Truth are the closest thing to a god that can exist within humanity. We possess the genuine solutions to virtually all of the problems and issues of life, excluding only the horror that is mortality. Singlehandedly, despite never having received a single day of veterinary medicine training, teaching, or instruction, Seer Charles has intellectually figured out, verbally articulated, and successfully demonstrated in real life, a method to win over the trust, and more importantly, to heal the personal trauma, that tortured animal victims of human socierty have been subjected to. You weep, you cry, you beg the torture victim for forgiveness. And amazingly, if you are sincere, even if the torture victim cannot understand your language, is not even human, the torture victim can usually sense your sincerity, and make a personal decision as to whether or not to forgive you an individual, or the species that you represent. But even more importantly, you are repenting, you are humiliating yourself to a Superior, as you should be required to do for hours on end, each and every day of your pathetic lives. Why has Seer Charles not received international recognition and credit for coming up with this method of establishing a positive emotional connection with tortured and victimized animals? Why has he not been recognized as the creator of a unique and brilliant veterinary medicine science?? It's because Seer Charles' method represents and involves the utilization of Truth, and you creatures despise and reject Truth at every turn.

You claim to love animals and children, but in reality you view them as worthless objects that exist solely to entertain you, amuse you, meet your diseased emotional needs. Some of you might be willing to cry if your pet is dying and you are about to hold him for the very last time. Yes, you might be willing to cry a little bit under such a circumstance, but your tears are totally selfish, perverse, insanely hypocritical. You would not be crying because you feel bad for the animal, but rather only because you feel bad for yourself. You would be mourning your "loss", the loss of your slave, your crutch, your poison container. It is not the fact of the animal dying that produces any sadness, tears, weeping, but rather how the "loss" of the animal will affect you, that causes your tears. The above brilliant training method for helping tortured and victimized animals heal and recover, is not advocated by any mainstream animal/veterinary health/care/treatment organization. None! Even though it would work beautifully and perfectly, as Seer Charles proved via his own Superior actions. Why is it not advocated by anyone in a position of authority?? Because it would require human beings to "lower" themselves to the same level as animals. In reality they would be elevating themselves to the level of animals, since animals are Superior to humans, but this is of course a Forbidden Truth that none of you diseased creatures will face up to. It would require human beings to establish an emotional connection with animals, based upon species equality, as well as in some cases an expression of actual inferiority by the human being towards the animal. It would require the human being to "humiliate" himself to the animal, to show genuine, Truth-based respect for the animal. This totally defies all of societal decree, that animals are inferior, worthless, owned pieces of property who have no individual rights, and no individual feelings/True Reality that is worthy of acknowledgment. You pathetic, diseased creatures will not humiliate yourselves to your human torture victims. You will not beg them for forgiveness, you will not fall to your knees and weep in their presence, as you beg for atonement. No, this would require you to face up to the Forbidden Truth of what you are, evil, immoral, a genocidal species, inferior to all other species of life. And using this exact same perverse rationale, you will not humiliate yourselves to your animal torture victims. You treat your animals the same as you treat your children, as inferior, worthless slaves. You "train" them via brainwashing, coercion, terroristic threat, to behave as you desire them to behave. You "reward" them with food if they obey you, in other words you terroristically threaten to withhold food from them, if they refuse to obey you. You pretend to love them, because you desperately need to convince yourselves that they love you, because you have been totally stripped of the ability to properly love yourself. You sometimes pretend to be sympathetic to their distress, pain, suffering, but only if their distress, pain, suffering is directly causing you to feel bad about yourself, for you to personally feel emotionally distressed. So all of your pretensions of benevolence, love, caring, are totally invalid, lie-based, hypocritical. You don't care about the suffering, torment, victimization, of the animal or child at all! You only care about how the suffering, torment, victimization of the subhumanized object makes you feel. Any occasionally benevolent treatment that you might provide to the animal or child, is motivated solely by a desire on your part to make yourself feel better, to delude yourself into believing that you are a good, caring, moral person, and to keep all of the Forbidden Truths at bay, Truths such as the deliberate, genocidal torture/murder of all animals that you and your society overtly sponsor and revel in. So, here comes Seer Charles, providing you with a brilliant, extremely effective way to emotionally heal the trauma of animals, to create a Truth-based emotional bond with tortured animals. This technique would of course, be appropriate for use upon children, "criminals", all sentient torture victims of human society, of all species. But no, you creatures and your empowered leaders/agents, totally reject, dismiss, ignore this brilliant technique. Why? Because it would require you creatures to genuinely and sincerely care about your own torture victims, to treat them as equals, instead of treating them as worthless objects or demonized personifications of the evil that actually exists and flourishes within you and your society. In case any of you are not clear on this technique, I will paraphrase from Seer Charles' above quote: "The animals were afraid of man. You could tell humans had been around and cracked sticks on them, and beat on them whenever he could, and they were afraid of anyone going close to them. But I could do it. I'd approach them and I would sit down, and with all the strength I had I'd begin to cry out loud so that they could hear me. Just weeping and sobbing, and pretty soon one of the mules would come sort of close, then closer, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Then when he was right in front of me, pretty soon he'd reach over, he'd rub his nose against me, nudging me as if trying to understand. Very slowly, hardly making any motion at all, I'd touch him and before long he understood that I could love him and he'd be willing to do whatever he could for me, because he had it in his mind that I did love him and meant him no harm, and we were the same. Some of us went around the desert for weeks trying to get as close as we could to all the animals, to try to learn from them how to live out there, how they did it, and to be part of them." Imagine the glory of this technique of genuine repentence being embraced by human society. To share, unselfishly, your pain with the pain of your tortured victim-creations. The president would be required to crawl into cages and weep, for hours and hours each day, with his society's most brutalized torture victims, victims such as Seer Charles, in fact. All parents would weep to demonstrate affection and caring.

If a child darted out into traffic and was almost hit by a car, the notion that the child needs to be "punished" in any fashion, much less being physically assaulted via "spanking", would be recognized as a repugnant and insane notion. Instead, if the parent/caretaker sincerely feels affection towards the child, he/she should sit down in front of the child and weep, shamelessly, openly, and purely. Weep! Just as the mules tried to comfort Seer Charles, the child, unless he has been severely tortured by humans, will try to comfort the parent. The child will come to the parent, hug the parent, ask the parent what is wrong, begin crying in sympathy with the parent. And then the parent could tell the child: "I am thinking of how I would feel if that car had hit you. I would be so sad, because I care about you." This would be purity of emotion, the treatment of a child as an equal, the use of sane, rational, non-malevolent, mutually empathic emotion and intellect between two living things, in a positive manner. And of course on a practical level it would be thousands of times more effective in convincing the child not to endanger his life again, as well as millions of times less torturous, abusive, and victimizing to the child. All "criminals" deserve this exact same display of personal repentence and humiliation, on a daily basis. Please note that I use the word "humiliation" in a positive, not a negative, sense. It is proper and appropriate that evil, diseased, inferior members of the human race, personally accept the humiliation that they would feel and experience, in having to treat morally superior creatures, both animal and human, as being their Superiors. Every so-called "criminal" deserves to have, on a daily basis, inferior fellow human beings come to him, weep and cry in front of him, and beg him for forgiveness, on behalf of themselves and the entire human race, since all criminals are tortured victim-creations of human society. Presidents, mayors, policemen, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, teachers, doctors, psychiatrists, military soldiers, hunters, parents, all child caretakers, as well as all "regular and mainstream members of society", should be required to go to their tortured victim-creations, go to animals locked in cages, human prisoners locked in cages, psychiatric facilities which house catatonic victims of mental breakdown, and, on a daily basis, enter their domains and weep, cry, beg for forgiveness, sincerely and purely, just as Seer Charles wept with the mules. Humiliate yourselves! Find the courage and respect for Truth that is required, to recognize that these creatures, human and animal, are both your moral Superiors and your created torture victims. Weep over your own pathetic inferiority, weep over the fact that you are responsible for the torment of these billions of morally superior creatures. Weep over the fact that you have destroyed their lives, ruined their one and only chance at life for all of eternity. Weep, cry, and beg them for forgiveness, with a pure and open heart, just as Seer Charles did, and so courageously revealed to you, in the above quote. Do not weep for yourself, weep for your torture victim, in these situations. Weeping for yourself is fine, but it should be done alone, in private. These "public" displays of weeping must be acts of personal atonement, you, as the inferior, begging your Superior victim for forgiveness. But of course we all know this will never happen. You creatures are genocidally evil and Truth-hating. You are insane enough, so totally deranged in thought, that you would label me as being "crazy", for revealing the Truth that today, as I type these words, president George W. Bush should travel to California, enter the prison cell of Seer Charles, fall to his knees, curl up into the fetal position, begin weeping, and for 6 hours straight, continuously weep, while sincerely and purely begging Seer Charles for forgiveness, on behalf of himself, the american government, and all of american society. And yet the Truth is there is nothing remotely crazy about this insight of Truth. This is exactly what president Bush would do, if he was a sane, legitimate, benevolent leader of a sane, legitimate, and benevolent society.

I would like to conclude this admittedly lengthy dissection of Seer Charles' brilliant revelation of Truth, by urging all Superiors to follow Seer Charles' example. If you happen to come across or find yourself a caretaker to, an animal or a human child who is displaying/indicating that he is a victim of trauma, abuse, suffering, brutalization, and you wish to try and establish a positive emotional bond with this victim, do exactly as Seer Charles has done. Summon forth within your own perception of reality, all of the suffering, pain, brutality that you have personally experienced, and/or that you both intellectually and emotionally know that human society has committed against billions upon billions of other torture victims, of every species. Summon forth this pain, and weep, with purity and sincerity, in front of the tortured animal or child. Weep with reckless abandon. Let the torture victim experience your emotional pain, because this type of an emotional pain "connection" is the purest form of Superior "therapy". Don't hug the victim, don't even touch the victim. Don't talk to the victim. Don't try to explain that you feel bad because the victim feels bad. Don't promise to take good care of the victim. Don't claim to love or care about the victim. Just weep! Just let the victim see you suffer. As long as your suffering, your pain, your distress, is sincere and genuine, this is the best, most effective way to try and create a positive bond with the tortured victim, be it a human child, a mule, a cat, a dog, a person lying in a coma, a schizophrenic, a person in a catatonic state, a prison inmate, etc... Understand and accept the Truth that externalized love is not a legitimate emotion. It is totally useless as "therapy", from a Truth-based perspective. Hate is real, pain is real. unlike love, pain can be emotionally shared in a legitimate manner, with a fellow living thing. And of course the more brutal and long-lived the victimization is, the more worthy the victim is of being constantly graced with this benevolent sharing of pain, meaning that prison inmates, people such as Seer Charles, who have endured a literal lifetime of daily victimization, deserve to be graced with this type of emotionally pure weeping, for hours and hours, each and every remaining day of their lives. Weep, in humiliation, shame, regret, that you live as a member of a society and/or a species which commits genocide upon it's own helpless children, destroys and murders it's own tortured victim-creations, robbing them of the one and only existence that they will ever enjoy for all of eternity. Weep at your own inferiority, weep at your own helplessness, impotence. Weep in the name of every victim of human society! And in doing so, just maybe, you can restore just a tiny bit of self-love, hope, cathartic healing, within the torture victim, animal or human, that you choose to share your pain with, to purely weep in front of.

"Don't treat the dogs like people. Treat the dogs like dogs. They are better than people."

Lovely quote! You pathetic creatures labor under the delusion that your societies treat human beings better than they treat other species of life. How ridiculous! Your societies enslave you, command you to enslave fellow human beings in order to better cope with your own enslavement. It's nothing more than a toxic, genocidally malevolent pyramid scheme of victimization. The worst type of treatment that you can inflict upon any animal, is to "treat the animal like a human being." The animal is a million times morally Superior to you. You, as a human, have no right of any kind to interfere in the life path of an animal, much less to treat it with the same slave-based, fascist, malevolent, and totally unnatural manner that you choose to allow your human societal leaders to treat you, and that you choose to treat fellow human beings, in cathartic reflection of the brutal, unjust, unnatural treatment that you have been and continue to be subjected to. Treat the dog, as a Dog. A Superior species of life, far superior to you. Do not dare have the audacity to try and infect this Superior species of life, with the unnatural, toxic derangements that afflict your species. Do not dare decide that you have any right to dictate the behavior of this Superior species of life, to "train" the dog to behave as you want it to behave, to impose your toxic will upon the dog. Do not dare conclude that a dog could have a legitimate life purpose that revolves around enriching your life, making you feel better about yourself, making you feel loved. Do not dare have the audacity to employ dogs to perform your toxic, diseased rituals, such as participating in wars, serving as "police employees" after having been terroristically brainwashed into accepting the legitimacy of the perverse human notion that humanity is entitled to punitively punish it's own tortured victim-creations, upon the decree of insanely hypocritical laws. Do not dare employ dogs to try and sniff out illegal drugs or detect bombs, when the existence and use of these drugs and bombs by human beings is a pure manifestation of the genetic perversity and species-wide malevolence of humanity. Do not dare use dogs as prison goons/enforcers, to try and intimidate/control the behavior of human torture victim-creations, brainwashing them into agreeing to attack specific, demonized human victims upon the command of their "owner", the prison guard, who is in fact a malevolent agent of the evil and diseased human species, and who is in fact the slaveowner of the dog, having terroristically brainwashed the dog into agreeing to perform this totally unnatural, perverse human behavior. Do exactly as Seer Charles instructs: "Treat the dogs like dogs. They are better than people." Do not ever consider, for a single moment, that you have any right to "teach" a dog anything, that a dog can "learn" anything of value from you. This is a perverse, totally false notion. There is nothing of genuine value or of importance to the dog, that you can teach him. He is your Superior, in every imaginable way. He is sane, he is moral, he is interested in Truth. He could teach you millions of things, he could save your entire species from the extinction that it so richly deserves, if only you possessed the sanity to recognize that he is your Superior, and the mental/emotional capability to learn to embrace the Truths of life, which he, as a Superior species, demonstrates to all of humanity simply via his own independent lifestyle, behavioral, and ideological choices. But you possess no such sanity or mental/emotional capability. You can't even appreciate the most basic of Truths, that you have committed and are continuing to commit a perverse atrocity simply by possessing dogs as "pets", making them your slaves, officially decreeing them to be worthless, owned objects, just a tiny bit below the completely subhuman status that you bestow upon your human child-slaves.

"If I could I would jerk this microphone out and beat your brains out with it because that is what you deserve, that is what you deserve."

There are two primary reasons why I love this quote of Truth that Seer Charles graces us with. First of all, it expresses a simple, undeniable Truth: The vast majority of all human beings have absolutely no right to exist as "functioning" creatures. My use of the word "functioning", refers to personal and ideological lifestyle choices, made via personal brain function. Most human beings have been rendered so mentally deranged, their ability to use their brain functionality to think sanely and rationally has been so utterly destroyed and compromised, that they have no right, on any moral level, to continue to functionally exist. On a literal level, if these creatures were to have their "brains beaten out with a microphone", the functional status of their own personal existences, would not be rendered any more compromised than it already is. Although of course they might well suffer physical death as a result of such an assault. The point is this: A human being who is "brain dead", lying in a coma, or the like, contributes and causes far less harm, far less damage, far less perversity, to planet earth, to humanity as a whole, and to all living things as a whole, than the vast majority, 999,999 out of 1,000,000 I would estimate, of human beings who have functional, operational brains that are capable of complex thinking ability. What does this prove? It proves, to any sane seeker of Truth, that 999,999 out of every million human beings, from a moral as well as a ideological/philosophical perspective, deserve to have their "brains beaten out", exactly as Seer Charles expresses in his quote. Why do they deserve to have their brains beaten out?? Simply because they are less operationally functional with their brains intact, than they would be if their brains were beaten out of them. :-) They overtly cause much more harm to fellow human beings, to all other species of life, and to the very viability/existence of the planet, by having functional brains, than they would cause if their brains were totally non-functional, such as if they were physically dead, brain dead, or in a coma. Therefore, from any Truth-based perspective, for the good of sanity, for the good of us handful of Superiors, for the good of all other species of life, and for the good of planet earth itself, humanity as a whole deserves and is worthy of nothing less than having it's collective insane, diseased, deranged, malfunctioning brains, beaten out of it's collective head.

The second reason I love the above quote, and from my perspective an even more important reason, is the context within which Seer Charles made the above quote. The above quote is a verbal declaration, made in open court by Charles, as he was on the witness stand, to the judge, the prosecutor, the media, and all of the people who were inside the courtroom to witness the trial. The jury had been removed from the courtroom prior to Charles making this statement, but it was still a totally public, "on the record" statement made by our Seer in open court. Here we see the limitless respect and love for Truth that Seer Charles possesses. Truth is our "religion", those of us who are Superior Seers. This does not necessarily mean that we must or do refrain from lying in all situations. Tactically, we reserve the right to always lie, with pride, and such lies would in no way compromise our status of being Seers of Forbidden Truth. But it is vital that when we are confronted with and reach certain "seminal" points of time within our lives, we must find the strength to stand up for Truth, to express and revel in Truth, even if our enemy tries to convince us that we would be sacrificing ourselves, destroying our "chances" of "winning" something such as a judicial trial, if we dare to stand up for and express Forbidden Truth openly and to the world. In some cases, it may well be accurate to say that we are taking a major, unnecessary risk, plunging our already poor odds of "victory/success way down, by expressing such Truth, and in some cases it is tactically appropriate not to express/reveal such Truth, and we always have every True Reality right to refuse to express/reveal such Truth. And yet at the same time we must triumphantly honor and give ultimate praise to a Seer such as Charles, who possesses so much respect and honor for both himself and the Truth, that even in open court, even with his own perversely undeserved societal punitive punishment hanging in the balance, he chose to make this decree, to reveal this Truth to the entire world of humanity: "If I could I would jerk this microphone out and beat your brains out with it because that is what you deserve, that is what you deserve." This is Truth! Profound, courageous, Forbidden Truth. Truth of the highest order. Just think how many countless thousands of other tortured victim-creations of american society, arrested, demonized, put on trial, and given the opportunity to either testify in defense of themselves, or given the opportunity to make some type of a statement in open court, during their trials, have recognized, felt, and understood this exact same Truth, have wanted to beat out the brains of the judge, jury, media, etc... Have wanted to tell humanity that it deserves to have it's insane and evil brains beaten to a pulp. Hundreds of thousands, in the 20th century alone. But how many have actually chosen to express/reveal this perfectly appropriate, Truth-based sentiment, in open court, to everyone in the courtroom and to humanity as a whole?? Virtually none! Why? Because they lacked the supreme respect and love and appreciation for the profound value of all Truth, that Seer Charles and a handful of other genuine Superiors, possess. We know that you creatures despise Truth, you flee from it as if it were cyanide gas, you demonize every revealer of Truth as being the personification of evil, so great is your terror. You reward everyone who lies to you. Every criminal defendent who testifies at trial and agrees to prostitute himself and the Truth, to express remorse, regret, to claim that he now knows what he did was wrong, to claim that he has repented, that he sees the error of his past ways, that he agrees to accept the legitimacy of societal doctrine, that he agrees that society has a right to punish him, that he feels sorry for his "victims", etc..., is rewarded by your evil society. You pathetic creatures don't even care if the defendent is being honest or truthful, you don't care a single iota. Truth is utterly worthless to you. You want to be lied to, you want to be deluded. You gratefully reward the torture victim who agrees to lie to you, while you relentlessly demonize the tiny handful of your tortured victim-creations who dare to have the audacity to tell you the Truth, to not prostitute, humiliate, and destroy themselves and the Truth to you, in an attempt to obtain your "mercy". Well, we will not do it. We do not need your mercy, we create our own limitless mercy, and we revel in it. We do not need anything from you creatures, we make ourselves untouchable. And so when a seminal moment in time does arrive within our lives, we have the ability, certainly not an obligation, but the ability and of course the Sacred Right, to stand proud and declare Forbidden Truth to you and to the world, just as Seer Charles has done. We can tell you the Truth of what you are, and of what you deserve, as Charles has done not simply in the above quote, but in hundreds of different quotes, just a few of which are included on this page. We don't need your mercy. We do not need to prostitute either ourselves or the Truth, to you. We can tell you: "If I could I would jerk this microphone out and beat your brains out with it because that is what you deserve, that is what you deserve." This is Truth. This is what you deserve.

Charles Manson, Brilliant Philosopher of Forbidden Truth!
This is Charles Manson, the greatest known Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century, to have been born into and created by, the most evil and diseased society of the 20th century, america. Do not fret, folks. We still have many more brilliant Truths of Seer Charles left to savor and rejoice in, but I wanted to take yet another photo break, to allow all of us, Myself included, to pause in appreciation of the fact that Seer Charles is not a "mythical" figure. He is not an artificial construct, like jesus christ, the god creature, etc..., are. No, Seer Charles is the real deal. He is a real human being, nothing that is artificial, diseased, or lie-based, has constructed him. He is an agent of Truth, a reflector of Truth. His expressed Forbidden Truths represent reality, the actual Truths of humanity and human existence, Truths which are not biased or prejudiced or slanted in any particular direction. They are purely accurate. They represent, in perfect reflection, the actual tortures, torments, perversions, malevolence, that american society chose to inflict upon it's child and adult citizen-slaves, on a universal scale, throughout the entire 20th century, and now continues to inflict, on the exact same universal scale, upon all children and adults who are enslaved torture victims of 21st century american society. I have close to 100 different photos of Seer Charles scanned and saved online. This photo is one of my very favorites. Why? Because it depicts not merely the rage and hate which is of course a very real and legitimate part of the daily life of all Superior Seers who recognize the limitlessly perverse injustices that have been and continue to be perpetrated against them. But rage and hate in no way compromises the ability of a top-level, untouchable Seer, to enjoy his life, to rejoice in the simple pleasures of life on a constant basis, pleasures that are created and savored on a level of personal untouchability. In this photo we see this precious power and sacred strength, which Seer Charles possesses. The ease of his body posture, the content expression upon his beautiful face, that is what makes this photograph so wonderful. It demonstrates and proves the reality of personal strength of mind. We all live within our minds. Our enemy may seek to hurt and harm us in many different ways. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves, is to develop our own minds, the minds that we live within, to such a great degree that no external creature, event, or experience, can "touch" our minds. If we can do this, we can live in paradise, we can experience paradise, not on some "theoretical" level, but on a totally real, totally practical level, each and every day of our lives. And nothing and nobody can rob us of this power. This ultimate message of Forbidden Truth is a message that Seer Charles can and does deliver not merely via his words, but also via the physical expression of personal Truth that he can and does convey, in a photo such as the one above. Thank You, Seer Charles, for creating untouchability within yourself, and for so generously attempting to reveal to all of your fellow victims, how it is very possible for each of us, if we are Superior enough, to create genuine untouchability within ourselves.

"You may restrain my body and you may tear my guts out, do anything you wish, but I am still me and you can't take that. You can kill the ego, you can kill the pride, you can kill the want, the desire of a human being. You can lock him in a cell and you can knock his teeth out and smash his brain, but you cannot kill the soul. You never could kill the soul. It's always there, the beginning and the end. You cannot stop it, it's bigger than me. I'm just looking into it and it frightens me sometimes."

What an incredibly elegant, poetic expression of pure self-love and the power of the untouchable mind, Seer Charles graces us with here! You creatures are utterly pathetic, because you hate yourselves and your mind is nothing more than a sponge, insanely eager to soak up whatever deranged drivel your society feeds it. Sports, celebrity worship, religion, patriotism, sacred family unit mythology, etc... Every single piece of excreta that your evil and insane society feeds you, you happily swallow and wallow in, mentally, just as a sponge dipped into a bowl of water, mindlessly and blindly soaks up the liquid. We Superior Seers are different, totally different. We love ourselves, we love Truth, we recognize that our minds are Sacred. We defend and protect our minds from the waves of toxic derangement that human societies fling upon us for literally every conscious hour of our lives. The more brutally our enemy attempts to infiltrate and destroy our precious minds, the more untouchable and impenetrable we make our minds. This is what Seer Charles expresses above, based upon my interpretation. The more you attempt to destroy a Superior, the stronger you make the Superior. The pain and suffering you inflict upon the Martyr is very real, but instead of destroying him, it makes him stronger, it in fact makes him more untouchable. "...I am still me and you can't take that", this is what our Seer declares. Only death, the ultimate injustice and tragedy, can destroy the mind of a Superior Seer such as Charles. Even threatening to kill us, only makes us stronger and more mentally untouchable. The end portion of the above quote is certainly intriguing, and can be interpreted in many different ways: "You never could kill the soul. It's always there, the beginning and the end. You cannot stop it, it's bigger than me. I'm just looking into it and it frightens me sometimes." Personally, I believe that a human being can have his soul murdered, destroyed, stripped from his conscious mind, via ongoing societal torture/abuse/victimization, most especially during the course of his childhood. But there are many ways to define this word, "soul", and I believe Seer Charles applies a different, still perfectly valid definition to this word, than I do. Even with this definitional difference, I am very appreciative of how Seer Charles recognizes that he has the ability to make the most important aspect of his own experience of life, immortal and untouchable. This is what he means, in my opinion, when he says: "You could never kill the soul". This is the pure and limitless self-love that he has created for himself, and that resides within his untouchable mind. And whether you call it a "soul" or not, this is what each of us Superiors should strive to create and achieve within our own minds. Tragically, only a tiny handful of human torture victims are able to create such paradisiacal untouchability, for ourselves. Even among those who do direct at least some of our rage and hate outward, even anong those of us who "intellectually" recognize that we are tortured victim-creations of society, only a tiny handful are able to move forward with the huge step of actually creating both pure self-love within all conscious and subconscious levels of their True Reality, as well as "depositing" this pure self-love within an untouchable fortress located within their own minds, that they have also created and built for themselves.

"My reality is my reality, and I stand within myself on my reality."

There is nothing confusing about this one sentence revelation of precious Forbidden Truth. As long as you properly understand and appreciate the profound, Truth-based nature of the term "reality", personal reality, true reality, this sentence, which features the word reality repeated three times, is a beautiful expression of personal embrace of one's own True Reality, by Seer Charles. "My reality is my reality": the sum total of the personal life experiences that I have been subjected to throughout the course of my lifetime, beginning from the day of my birth, this is my True reality. It is mine, I embrace it unconditionally. No external information, such as societal brainwashing, lie-based ideology, or hypocritical rationalizations, that may be provided to/imposed upon me, will be allowed to compromise or dilute the actual, factual Truth of my personal reality. "I stand within myself on my reality": This is the purity of unconditional self-embrace and self-acceptance revealed. With pride, the Superior makes his untouchable stand. He stands up for himself, for the Truth, for his reality. He stands up for the Truth that his obligation in life is to remain True to himself at all times, to love himself at all times, to unconditionally accept himself at all times and in all ways. To never give the slightest consideration to the bizarre societal notion/decree that he may need to reject his True Reality, to abandon his True Reality, to somehow decide that the actual, factual experiences of life that his society imposed upon him, need not be reflected back, accurately, at his society. Seer Charles recognizes that this perverse notion/decree is maliciously imposed by societies upon their tortured victim-creations, and he proudly condemns and rejects any and all efforts by society to get him to betray himself, his reality, and the Truth, as he declares: "My reality is my reality, and I stand within myself on my reality." Absolutely perfect mindset of Truth embrace combined with unconditional self-acceptance.

"I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you."

This is a Truth that Seer Charles expresses numerous times, albeit in slightly different ways, in his statements and writings. It is also the single greatest and most important foundational Truth, within the entire life philosophy of our brilliant Seer. What do I mean by "foundational" Truth? I mean, very simply, that it is upon this particular Truth, that virtually all of Seer Charles' other brilliant Forbidden Truths are "built". If this one single Truth quoted above, was not totally recognized and embraced by Seer Charles, a great many of his other expressed Truths would never have been realized or embraced either, in my opinion. "I am only what you made me", what does this mean, within the context of Forbidden Truth? It means that each of us, if we have been born into and raised up within a so-called modern and civilized society, is a creation of society. We are creations? Did we create ourselves? No. Is it possible for a human being born into a modern and civilized society to create himself? No. We are created by society. All of the beliefs, behaviors, ideologies, perspectives upon life and reality, have been foisted and instilled within us, by society. Most of you pathetic creatures refuse to accept this Truth, because you are desperate to maintain your societally induced delusion that you, as an adult human being, are a "free and independent individual, able to choose and define the path of your own life." This is a ridiculous notion! The first step towards beginning to embrace the Truths of life, is to recognize and accept the fact that you are a creation of a toxic entity, the human society you were born into and raised up within. The mind of a child is thousands of times more malleable, helpless, and vulnerable to creation and molding, than the mind of an adult human being. Therefore, the degree of influence and control that the toxic molding and creation that you were subjected to as a child, has a significantly greater influence upon your lifelong reflective perceptions of life and reality, than the adult molding and creation that you are subjected to by society. But make no mistake, you are molded and created by society, each and every day of your lifetime, from the day of your birth, until the day of your death. When Seer Charles declares: "I am only what you made me", he is demonstrating that he totally accepts this profound Truth, that he is and will always be, a molded creation of the society that he was born into and raised up within, in his case, 20th century american society. Seer Charles is also indicating that he accepts the fact that his life path should rightly be influenced by this societal creation. This is how personal Truth is properly reflected. No, we must understand that in accepting the Truth that he is "only what his society made him", Seer Charles in no way renounces any of his personal freedom, or his limitless right to accurately reflect his True Reality. There are no limitations on how Charles may reflect his True Reality, the only limitation that exists is that Charles must accept the fact that he is a creation of his society. So, if his society attempted to brainwash/force him to hate himself, believe in god, abuse his children, and flee from all Truth in terror, as 20th century american society attempted to do to most of it's child-slaves, this does not mean that Charles has any reflective obligation to actually hate himself, believe in god, abuse his children, or flee from Truth. Absolutely not! But he does have an obligation to accurately reflect these societal efforts, back at society. The term "accurate reflection" may sound as though it is very "narrow" in terms of limiting how the individual may reflect his Truth back at society. But in fact it is not at all narrow or limited, but rather it is incredibly broad and essentially limitless. It is limited only by the uniquely personal interpretative effect that the creation/molding process has upon every individual human being. An inferior human being may well embrace all of the malevolent societal creation/molding efforts that are inflicted upon him, and therefore grow up to absolutely hate himself, believe in god, abuse his children, and flee in terror from all Truth, as 99% of all american adult citizen-slaves currently do. Would this individual be accurately reflecting his True Reality?? Yes! The extremely rare Superior human being, such as Charles and Myself, may find the personal brilliance and strength to reject most if not all of the malevolent societal creation/molding efforts that are inflicted upon him, and therefore grow up to love himself, not believe in god, choose to not abuse his own children, and choose to embrace Truth. Would this person be accurately reflecting his own unique True Reality, even though his entire outlook on life is totally different from the inferior?? Again, the answer is absolutely yes. In both cases, the individual is reflecting his own True Reality back at society, the True Reality that his society attempted to impose upon him. The difference is, society succeeded in destroying the tender and vulnerable mind of the inferior, yet failed to accomplish this same goal with regard to the Superior. The Superior must not negatively condemn the inferior, as an individual. He must recognize that the inferior is simply a victim of society, just as he, the Superior, is also a victim of society. All "ultimate" blame belongs to society, and the right of the inferior to accurately reflect his victimization back at society in a horrifically diseased, pathetic, inferior manner, literally destroying himself as instructed to do by his society, must be recognized. Not supported, not applauded, not emulated, but recognized as constituting a valid reflection of True Reality.

In recognizing this reflection as being valid, as well as recognizing and embracing the fact that he himself is a created/molded victim of society, the Superior takes the very first, profoundly important, foundational step towards climbing the ladder of Forbidden Truth. The Superior recognizes that he must accept the fact that he is a creation of society, just as expressed by Seer Charles, "I am only what you made me". And yet together with this acceptance, comes the precious realization and understanding that it is possible to perfectly reflect Truth back at society, by doing the exact opposite of what the inferiors do. By deflecting and reflecting all of the insanity, derangement, evil, hypocrisy, malevolence, that society is attempting to get the individual to embrace as constituting Truth and to accept within their own life path, back at society. So, when society tries to create self-hatred within the Superior, the Superior recognizes that it is society that is worthy of receiving his limitless hate. When society tries to addict the Superior to the enslaving, self-abusive god myth, the Superior vows to spit upon and reject all of the perverse malevolence that the god myth represents, on a daily basis. When society tries to coerce the Superior into agreeing to breed and then abuse his own children in cathartic, Poison Container reflection of the abuse and trauma that his society has inflicted upon him during his childhood, the Superior recognizes that if he agreed to do this, he would be cooperating with his mortal enemy. When society attempts to convince the Superior to reject and flee from Truth, and to embrace societally imposed lies and myths as constituting Truth, the Superior recognizes that if he were to agree to do this, he would be sacrificing his life to his mortal enemy, society. And so the Superior totally embraces his True Reality as it was imposed upon him by society, but does so via the recognition and embrace of Forbidden Truth, exactly opposite of how you inferiors embrace your True Realities. Our True Reality reflection is Truth-based, while your True Reality reflection is lie-based. And yet it is still a reflection, an accurate reflection, in both cases. A different way to define the True Reality life path of a Superior, is that we reflect the created/molded sum total of our life experiences back at society, but only after we have stripped away all of the lies, myths, hypocrisies, and self-hatred/self-victimization elements of societal ideology and doctrine, from the actual personal experiences that we have been subjected to. For example, society sponsors our abuse as children, this is a "concrete", physical act, abuse. Society also tries to convince us that we deserve to be abused. This is a lie, a "belief" that society attempts to instill within us. The Superior totally embraces the concrete reality of the fact that his society is responsible for his abuse, yet finds the intellectual and emotional strength to reject and cast aside the accompanying societal lie, which is intended to convince us that we deserved to be abused, and that children in general deserve to be abused. The Superior embraces and reflects his True Reality, and many times this embrace absolutely does result in society inflicting additional, undeserved, punitive victimization upon him. Look at Seer Charles as a perfect example of this. And yet the Superior is not victimizing himself, he is not betraying himself, he is not "helping" society to victimize him further, as most inferiors would conclude. These are two totally separate issues, the issue of the Superior accurately reflecting his True Reality, and the issue of how your limitlessly evil societies are sometimes able to use these expressions of True Reality to unjustly, invalidly, and outrageously inflict additional punishment/victimization upon the Superior. The Superior never victimizes himself, and if his self-loving acts of cathartic reflectivity result in society choosing to victimize him further, society is 100% guilty and responsible for making this evil, unjustifiable, perversely immoral choice.

Seer Charles concludes with "I am only a reflection of you." This is exactly correct. The inferior reflects all of his created/molded True Reality at society, but in a totally harmless way, because he does not reveal any actual Forbidden Truth in his reflections. He simply reflects all of the evil that was inflicted upon him at society, but together with all of the lies, myths, delusions, and brainwashings of society. This is why society loves it's inferiors, they are the perfect reflection of the limitless evil of society, but the limitless evil is never exposed or revealed, instead it remains hidden and denied, while being passed down upon each generation of children, by the previous generation of tortured children, who have reached adulthood and have bred their own slaves. But Superiors reflect their True Reality back at society from the position of Forbidden Truth, exposing and revealing all of the limitless evil, insanity, lies, myths, hypocrisy, illegitimacy of the society itself. This is terrifying, horrifying, unbearable, to both society and it's masses of inferior citizen-slaves, and it is why Superiors who dare to express/reveal Forbidden Truth openly, are relentlessly demonized and destroyed by the societies that are guilty of their creation. Simply by expressing this one Truth: "I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you", Seer Charles caused literal panic within the operational leadership of american society. But they quickly realized that as long as they mocked and ridiculed this notion as being nothing more than the "ranting of a madman", as well as generally ignored it and instructed the mass media to ignore it, this revelation of Forbidden Truth by a tortured victim-creation of society, just like all other revelations of Truth, would be dismissed and rejected by the vast majority of the broken, Truth-hating citizenry.

"You live in your creation. I never created your world, you created it. You create it when you pay taxes, you create it when you go to work, then you create it when you foster a thing like this trial. Only for vicarious thrills do you sell a newspaper and do you kow-tow to public opinion. Just to sell your newspapers. You don't care about the Truth. You take another Alka-Seltzer and another aspirin and hope that you don't have to think of the Truth and you hope you don't have to look at yourself with a hangover as you go to a Helter Skelter party and make fun of something that you don't understand."

Hahaha, amazing how many different Forbidden Truths Seer Charles can pack into just a few sentences! Let us understand that no top-level Superior/Seer of Truth considers himself to be a member of human society, or lives his life as a member of human society. We did not create your diseased world, we did not ask to be born into your diseased society. Your evil and insane societies give us nothing of value. We create our own True Realities, we make ourselves untouchable. We proudly and selfishly exploit and take advantage of the opportunities that we may encounter within human society. And yet at the same time we do not live in your pathetic creation. We live in our own created reality, a Superior reality, that we have been brilliant and courageous enough to create for ourselves. We mock you creatures, you pathetic creatures, who choose to embrace the toxic life path that your societies have created for you, acting out of pure malevolence, from the perspective of you being worthless, subhuman, powerless slaves, your lives belonging to society, society dictating your life paths. You let yourselves be legally robbed of money. You let your society convince you that you must hold down a job. You create your very own ideological excrement, as instructed to do by society, and you proudly wallow in it for your entire lives. You demonize all Superiors that you might come across, because they terrify you. They remind you, in so many different ways, that you are pathetic, that you are wasting your pointless life, doing insane things that in no way reflect rationality, Truth, logic, self-love, or sanity. Your lives are filled with insanely artificial quests to be loved, and to victimize other living things, all the while desperately clinging to the delusion that you are good, loving, moral, even as you hate yourself and spend your lives seeking and embracing societally sanctioned outlets for your sadistic rage.

Of course my very favorite sentence from the above gift of Truth that Seer Charles graces us with, is: "You don't care about the Truth." That's putting it mildly, but it's accurate enough. The reality is, you despise Truth. No concept that the human mind has ever created, or is capable of creating, terrifies you as much as the supremely simple concept of Truth. You gotta love the last few sentences of the above Truth: "You take another Alka-Seltzer and another aspirin and hope that you don't have to think of the Truth and you hope you don't have to look at yourself with a hangover as you go to a Helter Skelter party and make fun of something that you don't understand." It is utterly amazing to a Superior such as myself, that you creatures openly and willingly take "medicines" such as Alka-Seltzer and Aspirin in order to "cope" with life, without ever finding the sanity to recognize and embrace the fact that your "need" for these medications constitutes proof, all by itself, that your society is abusing you, victimizing you, mistreating you. No, you pathetic fools simply shrug your shoulder and decide that it is a "normal part of life" to need to take such medications. Pathetic! Me, I have never consumed any "Alka-Seltzer" drug in my entire life. I'm not even sure what it is, I think it's designed to "alleviate heartburn"? Well, my heart does not burn. I do not cause or allow my heart to burn. Because I love myself and treat myself with love. Same goes for Aspirin. I have never taken any type of "headache" medication such as aspirin, in my adult lifetime. Never! If my head aches, I wish to experience the reality of my head aching. The notion of using an artificial drug to conceal from myself the reality that my head is aching, is both insane and repugnant. But to you creatures, it makes perfect sense. Why? Because you despise yourselves and you despise all Truth. You love the idea of "covering up" your pain, via artificial means that in no way address the root causes of your pain. Your whole mission in life is to hide from, cover up, Truth. The notion of preventing yourself from suffering heartburn or headaches in the first place, terrifies and confuses you. But the notion of using artificial substances to cover up and gain relief from heartburn and headaches, after you have become afflicted by these unnatural conditions which clearly indicate severe physical/psychological stress/abuse, makes perfect sense to you. Amazing, how you creatures can be so broken, that insane thought and behavior and perspective on life, is seen as being totally sane. While sane thought and behavior and perspective upon life, is seen as being totally insane. You creatures understand nothing. Literally, nothing. Even the simplest, most obvious Truths throw you into a tizzy. "My heart is burning, I'll take an artificial drug to convince myself my heart is not burning. My head aches, I'll take an artificial drug to convince myself my head is not aching." Unbelievable! Your heart is burning and your head is aching because your body is still capable of revealing Truth to you. It is still capable of telling you, "Hey, you idiot, stop hurting and destroying me! Stop consuming toxic food! Stop letting your evil society bombard you with so many insane ideological and behavioral decrees that you drive your own mind into operational failure, which is what a headache is. Stop it!" But no, you pathetic fools flee from these revelations of Truth, refuse to stand up to the evil society which is destroying you, and instead eagerly consume artificial drugs, created by your society, which are designed to mask, cover up, allow you to not feel the heartburn/headache pain. This is how you treat your pain, by hiding from it, covering it up, declaring it to be normal, spitting in the face of the profound Truth that the pain itself, is trying to reveal to you.

"I make up my own mind. I think for myself. I look at you and I say. 'Okay, you make up your own mind, you think for yourself, then you see your mothers and your fathers and your teachers and your preachers and your politicians and your presidents, and you lay in your brain with your opinions, considerations, conclusions----', and I look at you and I say, 'Okay, if you are real to you it's okay with me but you don't look real to me. You only look like a composite of what someone told you you are. You live for each other's opinion and you have pain on your face and you are not sure what you like, and you wonder if you look okay."

Superiors think for themselves. Superiors make up their own minds. Always from a position of Truth. Amazingly, many inferiors who read this Manifesto will conclude that I am a "societal slave", constantly blaming society, unable to "break free" from spciety. All because I stand up to and admit to the Truth: I am a tortured victim-creation of society. Always will be. The inferior copes with life by refusing to face up to Truth, and at the same time, insanely deludes himself into believing that he is "free". You pathetic fools can't even define what freedom is, much less experience the limitless glory of living within True Reality based personal freedom and untouchability. Only those of us who recognize and embrace the fact that we are tortured victim-creations of society, and will always remain tortured victim-creations of society, have any chance of accurately defining what freedom is, as well as enjoying genuine freedom within our life paths. You creatures are not real, you are artificial constructs, patchwork constructs of all of the evil and insane human beings that you have allowed to dictate your perceptions of reality. Your slaveowners, your teachers, your societal leaders, your governmental leaders, your cultural leaders, your religious leaders, celebrities, media con artists, all of these insane and evil people have foisted their intellectual excreta upon you, from the day of your birth, and you have gobbled it all up. Seer Charles beautifully expresses this Truth, by declaring: "You only look like a composite of what someone told you you are." Absolutely correct. You have no substance, none at all. You are a pale, diseased copy of all of the evil and inferior humans who have managed to brainwash you into believing that their perverse lifestyle and ideological paths, were/are valid. Your thoughts are not your own, your beliefs are not your own, your lifestyle choices are not your own, even the way you choose to look, the physical appearance you have chosen to adopt, is not your own. Everything is copied. The very notion of thinking on your own, making up your own mind, terrifies you. You watch TV to try and decide what lifestyle to pursue. You go to church to try and decide what to believe in, you look through fashion magazines to try and decide what to wear, you snip photographs out of magazines, take the photographs to a hair stylist, and tell the stylist that you want him to copy the hairstyle shown in the photo, on your hair. You are broken sheeple, mindlessly, obsessively following each other, copying each other, desperately trying to fit in with the "normal" crowd, even as you ridiculously claim to treasure your individuality. Seer Charles concludes this insight of Forbidden Truth in a beautifully poetic manner: "You live for each other's opinion and you have pain on your face and you are not sure what you like, and you wonder if you look okay." Yes, this describes you pathetic inferiors perfectly. You spend your lives asking fellow human beings "How do I look?", and if they dare to suggest that you might be able to look better than you do, you act all shocked and hurt, because you never want a True answer to your question, you just want to be told that you look fine, you look good, you look beautiful, so that you can convince yourself, via the coerced lie of a fellow human, that you look okay. On your faces you wear a mask of pain, never admitting to it, never facing up to it, always trying to hide it, and yet at your emotional core, you are addicted to your pain, physical, emotional, but most of all the pain that comes with living out a lie, clinging to it desperately, for your entire lives. One humongous lie, within which thousands of other lies are trapped, and manifested each and every day of your life. You carry the weight of thousands of lies around with you, for every waking moment of your lives. You are constantly changing your mind about what you like, constantly trying out different clothes, different hairstyles, different lifestyles, different ideological/political attitudes, different jobs, different religions, etc... You claim that this is a good thing, you are "exploring all of your options, trying to find yourself." But no, that is a perverse lie. What you are actually doing is desperately searching through the useless mountain of societal ecreta, trying to find some type of lie, some type of myth, some type of artificial, invalid image of yourself, that you can live with. Always mindful of the need to "fit in", as ordered to do by society. Some of you pierce your tongues, you get tattoos, you color your hair purple, and you claim to be doing this in order to "stand out as an individual". But you are lying. You are simply trying to fit in with and follow the sheeple who have already pierced their tongues, gotten tattoos, colored their hair purple, after having been deluded by their society into believing these actions constituted a rebellion against mainstream societal doctrine. You are just as desperate to fit in with and win the approval of your fellow delusional rebels, as is the 17 year old girl who, right after getting an abortion in secret, joins up with the catholic church. You build your lives around satisfying other people, winning their affection, their support, their approval. And these people that you waste your lives copying and mimicking and desperately trying to ingratiate yourself to, are in fact pathetic, inferior, insane, evil, stupid, worthless, broken, Truth-hating slaves and agents of the deranged society which is guilty of your lifelong victimization.

"Well, I don't care what I look like to you. I don't care what you think about me and I don't care what you do with me. I have always been yours anyway. I have always been in your cell."

This is the mindset of the True Superior. The genuine Superior, even as he recognizes the need, the tactical need, to sometimes be able to "blend and fit in" with societal definitions of normality, does not, at his core True Reality, care in the slightest what any living thing, most especially not any human creature, might think of him. He recognizes that not only are the opinions of other humans totally meaningless, but in fact they are "contrary indicators". Meaning that for a Superior, if other human beings admire and appreciate and agree with him to any extent, have a high opinion of him, this is an extreme warning sign that the Superior likely is in fact an inferior, who has merely deluded himself into thinking he is a Superior. The Superior knows for certain that he is a Superior, when he is condemned, hated, ridiculed, labeled to be insane, a madman, a fool, a creep, a weirdo, by all societally decreed "normal and mainstream" fellow humans. Note how Seer Charles closes the above revelation of Truth. He says: "I have always been yours anyway. I have always been in your cell." It takes tremendous courage and insight to face up to these types of Truths, about yourself and your own life. It is one of the things which helps to make Seer Charles the greatest american society created Seer of Forbidden Truth of the entire 20th century, the fact that he not only possesses brilliant insight into the nature of humanity as a whole, but even more brilliant insight of Truth into his own personal nature, the Truths which define his own uniquely personal life and life path. The fool, the inferior, deludes himself into thinking/believing that he is "free". The brilliant Superior does not delude himself about anything. He faces up to all of the Truths of life. If he is a victim of severe childhood and lifelong torment, inflicted upon him by society, and if his ability to enjoy or appreciate all of the societally decreed "normal" pleasures and joys of life has been stripped from him, he faces up to this Truth, he recognizes and admits, just as Charles has done, that "I have always been in your cell". This is not an admission of "defeat", it is a triumphant revelation of Truth. All Truth is personally empowering. The Superior torture victim of society recognizes that he is spending his life inside of a cell, even if he is not locked up in a physical prison. He is still within his own True Reality cell. And yet from within this cell he savors all of the glories of life, all of the untouchable power that he has created for himself, within himself. He is freer, "trapped" in this cell, than you creatures who are multi-millionaires, superstars, societally adored celebrities, presidents, leaders of armies, etc... Because he, the Superior, lives within the glory of both Truth and untouchability, both of which he has created for himself, and perfected for himself.

"I know this: that in your own hearts and your own souls, you are as much responsible for the Vietnam War as I am for killing these people."

Come here Charles, I need to kiss you, despite being a soul dead virgin. :-) Seer Charles is a heroic figure. A hero. He deserves to be recognized as a heroic creature, by all genuine Superiors. And there are only a handful of known human beings throughout the entire history of humanity, who deserve to carry the title of "hero". It's not just the fact that Seer Charles reveals Forbidden Truth of such magnitude and scope, but also the almost eerie perfection with which Seer Charles is able to express Forbidden Truth, with an ultimate degree of clarity, in just a single sentence or two. I humbly admit that despite my brilliance, I lack this skill. Seer Charles is able to express a Forbidden Truth with more vivid and perfect accuracy, in a single sentence, than I am able to express in two long paragraphs, despite my best efforts. I am in awe of the expressive talent that Seer Charles possesses. The above quote is simply perfect. I have spent many paragraphs within this Manifesto, revealing the Truth about war, how war is a perverse form of legal murder, far less morally justifiable than all of the societally decreed "illegal" forms of murder. And yet Seer Charles sums it all up to perfection, in a single sentence: "I know this: that in your own hearts and your own souls, you are as much responsible for the Vietnam War as I am for killing these people." Absolutely! Every single american adult human being, alive at the time of Seer Charles' arrest, trial, and conviction, bore 100% responsibility and guilt for every single murder which occured within the societally sponsored vietnam war ritual. Many thousands of murders occured within that toxic ritual. Regardless of how many murders Seer Charles might have played a role in causing to occur, he could not in his wildest dreams come anywhere close to causing as many murders to occur, as did every single "ordinary" adult citizen of american society who lived as an american citizen during the 1960's and 1970's. I'm not talking about military leaders, or soldiers who fought in the war. I'm talking about every single human being who lived in america, as a member of american society. You commit genocidal atrocities as a matter of daily, legal, mainstream societal policy, which surpass by thousands if not millions of times, the scale of any individual act of violence or murder. And yet you have the deranged audacity to adopt a pretense of having a moral, legal, or judicial entitlement to pass judgement upon the individual seeker of cathartic vengeance, to demonize him, to declare him to be "guilty" of some type of crime, and to inflict punitive punishment upon him. Unbelievable! You, as a member of society, are responsible for and guilty of committing the murders of millions of living creatures, but you not only refuse to accept your responsibility and guilt, you take the insane hypocrisy a huge step further, adopting the insane ideological doctrine that you have the moral authority to pass judgement upon the actions of individual human beings, in fact tortured victim-creations of your own society, who may have committed acts which even if they absolutely did commit, are still thousands if not millions of times less atrocious, less genocidally harmful and deadly, than the actions that your very own society, acting on behalf of you, the citizen, has undertaken and continues to undertake in your name.

"If a soldier goes off to the battlefield, he goes off with his life in front. He is giving his life. Does that not give him permission to take one? No. Because then we bring our soldiers back and try them in court for doing the same thing we sent them to do. We train them to kill, and they go over and kill, and we prosecute them and put them in jail because they kill. If you can understand it, then I bow to your understanding. But in my understanding I wouldn't get involved with it."

Here our Seer reveals yet another of the most obvious and fundamental of all Forbidden Truths, a Truth which I have already discussed at length within this Manifesto. You pathetic freaks take your child-slaves, brainwash them to hate foreigners, brainwash them to believe that the society they were born into and enslaved by is the best society in the world, brainwash them to agree to commit mass murder, blindly upon the command of their bosses within the diseased and deranged military system, strip them of all moral ability to have respect for the lives of living things, both human and animal, reward them for actually committing mindless mass murder upon the command of their government. And yet, after all this, you still insanely decree that your tortured victim-creations have no right to commit "free agent" murders, and must be punitively punished via the "judicial" system, if they do commit such unauthorized murders, which are from any sane perspective, far more justified than any of the authorized and societally sponsored murders that they may have committed. Seer Charles adds a few wonderful twists with his above declaration of Truth. He says: "If a soldier goes off to the battlefield, he goes off with his life in front. He is giving his life. Does that not give him permission to take one?" What our Seer is telling us is this: Society is forcing the soldier to both risk and sacrifice his very own life. Society is literally forcing the soldier to die, on it's behalf. Whether or not the soldier is actually killed, is irrelevant. The point is that he is being forced to sacrifice his life, simply by being forced by his society to participate in the insane war ritual. This atrocity alone, committed by society against every battlefield soldier, who is in fact nothing more than a brainwashed child, renders totally null and void the bizarre notion that society has any type of a moral or judicial right to pass negative judgement upon any individual act of murder that any individual who was born into or victimized by the society, might undertake. Our beloved Seer goes on to declare: "...we bring our soldiers back and try them in court for doing the same thing we sent them to do. We train them to kill, and they go over and kill, and we prosecute them and put them in jail because they kill." Yup Charles, this is what ultra-diseased and deranged human societies do. I can't quite believe it myself. The mind of any Superior must boggle in amazement, when confronted with such deranged hypocrisy. We know how limitlessly evil and perverse you inferiors are. We know it! And yet every single time that I contemplate this type of a derangement, my mind still boggles. It's too much, it's too hard to believe, that you creatures can be this Truth-hating, to embrace a notion that is so absurd on it's very face, that it is recognizable instantly as constituting pure ludicrousness. Our Seer concludes with: "If you can understand it, then I bow to your understanding. But in my understanding I wouldn't get involved with it." Listen to me Charles, you bow to nobody, ever. Anyone who "understands" this type of insane hypocrisy, proves that they are insane by the very fact of their claim to understand and accept the insane hypocrisy. They prove that they have no sane ability to think rationally, or to recognize even the most obvious and fundamental Truths. You do not bow to such creatures, you curse and condemn their inferiority, their derangement, their total lack of ability to understand Truth. This is not a "True Reality" issue, or a judgment call. This is an issue of concrete Truth. The notion that a society which takes a helpless child-slave, brainwashes and coerces him into agreeing to commit mindless mass murder, strips him of all moral respect and value for life, and rewards him for committing mindless mass murder, could possibly retain the moral or judicial authority to judge, condemn, and punish it's citizens for committing some other type of murder which the society has labeled to be a "crime", is ridiculous and ludicrous. It cannot be rationally "understood". Any creature who claims to understand such deranged farce, is a truth-hating mental defective of the highest order.

"You can jump up and scream, 'Guilty!' and you can say what a no-good guy I am, and what a devil, fiend, eeky-sneaky slimy devil I am. It is your reflection and you are right, because that is what I am. I am whatever you made me."

This is a great quote, makes me chuckle, Seer Charles' creative use of language, but as always, there is profound, deadly serious Truth revealed. Note the usage of that all-important word, which appears so frequently in Seer Charles' Truths, the word is: reflection. "It is your reflection", declares our Seer, and he is absolutely correct. When you diseased hypocrites celebrate a societal decree of "guilty" being handed down upon one of your society's tortured victim-creations, what you are doing is reflecting the limitless guilt that you bear, for the genocidal atrocities that your society commits and carries out under your names and with your tacit or overt authorization, upon the demonized victim who has been declared "guilty" of some crime. You pour all of your own, real guilt, upon this improperly demonized victim-creation, thus rejecting and renouncing your own, real guilt. You reflect it upon your torture victim, the victim that your society has happily demonized for you. When you condemn your own society's tortured victim-creation, labeling him as "no-good, devil, fiend, eeky-sneaky slimy devil", as Seer Charles so colorfully puts it, what you are doing is reflecting the reality of your own malevolence, as well as the malevolence of your society, upon the tortured victim-creation. You are no-good, you are the devil, the fiend. But you can never face up to this Truth about yourself or about your society. And so you spend your lives obsessively and constantly seeking out fellow victims of your society, to demonize, condemn, and invalidly attach such labels to, labels that belong to you and to your society. This is the definition of Reflection, and it is why all Seekers of Truth need to understand and embrace the True meaning of this term, within the context of how it is universally and pervasively used within ultra-diseased societies, by society itself and by all loyal members of the society, to deny and reject the reality of their genocidal malice. Seer Charles concludes with: "I am whatever you made me." Again, a theme of Truth that is repeatedly emphasized by our Seer. Society creates us, society makes us, society is responsible and guilty of our victimization, the victimization that makes and creates us, and dictates our True Realities. Diseased societies totally reject and condemn this Truth, demonizing and condemning their own created victims, totally refusing to accept the absolute guilt and responsibility that they bear. The insane notion is pounded into the minds of all citizen-slaves: "You are responsible for your actions. You are obligated to live under the laws that we, the society, have created. You are not a victim. You are obligated to transcend, magically transcend, the Truth of any abuse or trauma that you may have suffered. We, your society, are not responsible for your victimization. If anyone is responsible, it is only the specific individual(s) who may have victimized you. We are your society. You owe us your allegiance and devotion." How insane! It's all a lie, the ultimate lie, the ultimate abdication of all guilt and responsibility, which society absolutely, to a 100% degree, bears. All Superiors, in fact all sane thinkers, must recognize and embrace this basic and fundamental Truth, because it is a foundational Truth. A great many other Forbidden Truths are based and built upon this one extremely important and undeniably valid, Truth.

"My peace is in the desert or in the jail cell, and had I not seen the sunshine in the desert I would be satisfied with the jail cell much more over your society, much more over your reality, and much more over your confusion, and much more over your world, and your word games that you play."

It is amazing, how you pathetic inferiors constantly obsess over where you are, your physical location. Your evil society tells you where you "should" be, and you literally waste your lives attempting to meet this societal decree. You carefully choose which neighborhood to live in, what type of dwelling to live in, what city to live in, and all of these choices are externally based, dictated not by your legitimate True Reality, but instead by the perverse decrees of your enslaving society. You are told to live with your kind, not merely on a racial/ethnic basis, but just as importantly, on a wealth basis. If you possess some monetary wealth, but choose to live in a ghetto or trailer park environment, you are mocked and ridiculed by society, which is of course on a desperate mission to get all of it's citizen-slaves to constantly throw away the money that they manage to obtain, so that they are always under the enslaving boot of mandatory employment. The Superior recognizes and embraces the Truth that we all live in our minds. This is where we dwell, this is where we experience the reality of our lives, directly within our minds. The notion that physical location, the location in which we physically live, can or should be allowed to play any major role in our ability to revel in the experience of our own lives, is ridiculous. We Superiors thrive in any environment, because we dwell not in any physical location, but rather within our own glorious and untouchable minds. We create our own peace, within ourselves, and no external attempt to strip us of this peace, is allowed to succeed. In point of fact, there are many so-called "habitual" criminals who repeatedly commit crimes and make little if any effort to avoid societal capture. There are other tortured victim-creations of society who very specifically commit "criminal" acts because they want to be arrested, they want to be locked up in a cage. Are these individuals mentally ill, deranged, because they seem to not want to be "free", as your lie-based society loves to suggest?? No, of course not! They are sane enough to recognize the Truth, the Truth that your perverse societies desperately deny, the Truth that all genuine "freedom" is True Reality and internally based, it is not primarily dictated by any external factors, such as the physical location an individual might be in, or any restriction upon physical movement that the individual might be subjected to. These tortured victim-creations of society, who prefer being locked in a cage, despise the perverse maze of inferiority, insanity, malice, derangement, that all human beings who attempt to live within human society, are subjected to. The prison cell is a welcome respite from the unbearable horrors of so-called "normal" life. The prison cell provides power and control to the inmate himself, rather than to the inmate's captors, assuming that the inmate is a genuine Superior who has made himself mentally untouchable. The Superior knows that even if being locked inside of a jail cell would not be his "first choice" as regards how to experience his day to day existence, it is still a perfectly benign experience, he and he alone, using the power of his own mind, has the ability to shape this experience, to make it not merely bearable, but joyful and wonderfully empowering, for each and every day of his life. These are Truths that your societies are in terror of admitting, because it is their goal to delude and coerce all citizen-slaves into accepting the lie and the myth that they must, at all costs, even if it involves rejecting their own True Realities, avoid engaging in any type of "anti-societal" activity that might result in them being imprisoned. "Prison is horrible, you will suffer horribly in prison", is the brainwashing lie, and of course the power of the human mind to create perfection and to revel in that perfection, in any and all physical environments, is a Truth that no leader or agent of society will ever admit to, because it subverts the fascist, malevolent, coercive control that societies always seek to possess and impose upon their citizen-slaves. Superiors such as Myself and Charles know that we can and we will thrive in any type of environment that we may find ourselves in. We know that our minds are our greatest weapon. We embrace the Truth, that society attempts to dictate our perceptions of reality, and to control our behaviors via terroristic lies and brainwashing. At the same time, we also know that we have made our minds untouchable, and all such externalized societal efforts and attempts are doomed to failure. This Truth strikes profound terror within the heart of society, which can only take comfort in the fact that tragically, it succeeds in stripping almost all citizen-slaves of their ability and desire to make their minds both Truth-based and untouchable. But "almost all" is not in fact all, a handful of us Superiors proudly continue to strike profound terror within your societies, not as a result of any physical actions that we may or may not undertake, but rather by the ideological platform of genuine, Truth-based untouchability that we have created for ourselves. Seer Charles concludes the above expression of Forbidden Truth with: "...had I not seen the sunshine in the desert I would be satisfied with the jail cell much more over your society, much more over your reality, and much more over your confusion, and much more over your world, and your word games that you play." Beautiful listing here, of the perverse realities of life that so-called "physically free" citizen-slaves must cope with. We must cope with the daily barrage of insanity, evil, lies, myths, hypocrisy, that constitutes the operational structure of society. We must cope with the horrific, invalid, artificial realities that societies impose and thrust upon all citizen-slaves, on a daily basis. We must deal with the insane, lie-based confusion that societies subject all citizen-slaves to. Irrational, upside-down ideologies, are imposed upon us human beings, by society. We must cope with the diseased nature of "normal" life, as it is imposed by society. We must cope with the daily barrage of insanely hypocritical and lie-based word games that are imposed upon us, the genocidal evil that society commits in the name of it's citizen-slaves, and covers up via the insane usage of definitional lies. Even after we totally detach ourselves from society, these malevolent perversions continue to be imposed upon us, to a degree. And this degree is greater for those of us who enjoy the "benefit" of physical freedom. The Superior knows that he can make all "detention", prison or psychiatric, into a beneficial haven, a refuge, a retreat, a place of peace and comfort, within which he will be subjected to far fewer overt, undesired, societal impositions of the type I have outlined above.

"They said, 'You are not supposed to let the children do that. You are supposed to guide them.' I said, 'Guide them into what? Guide them into what you have guided them into? Guide them into dope? Guide them into armies?' I said, 'No, let the children loose and follow them.' That is what I did on the desert. That is what I was doing, following your children, the ones you didn't want, each and every one of them. I never asked them to come with me--- they asked me."

An absolutely brilliant revelation of Forbidden Truth here! You pathetic freaks pretend to love your children, you adopt the deranged ideological perspective that you have both a right and an obligation to "benevolently guide" the development and eventual life path choices of your children. But how can you possibly do this?? How?? You are evil and insane, your society is evil and insane. On top of this, you are totally and completely beholden to lies, every aspect of your own lives, the only way that you can even cope with every single aspect of your own lives, is to reject and renounce all Truth. You cannot possibly guide children in a benevolent manner, you are compelled, with every fiber of your being, to create and mold every child into the evil, insane, lie-based image of yourselves and of your society. This is your mission, your goal, this is what you set out to do to your children, the genocidal atrocity that you are literally compelled to commit against your children. You want your children to become dope addicts. You desperately want this! Despite all of your perversely hypocritical claims to the contrary. Your society decrees that all citizens must artificially alter their brain chemistries via the consumption of toxic substances. All of you adult citizens are only able to cope with the horrors of your own lives, by becoming addicts, addicting yourselves to toxic and unnatural, mind and brain chemistry altering substances. Your mission in life is to mold your children into your own perverse image, so of course you want them to become drug addicts. You are homicidally enraged, on a genocidal scale, sadistically obsessed with killing, torturing, abusing, victimizing fellow human beings, in cathartic reflection of the torturous injustices and traumas that you were subjected to as a child. So you genocidally abuse your children. But at the same time you want to retain the illusion that you "love" them. How to do this? Well, one great way is to encourage them to embrace all of the perverse and invalid, societally promoted outlets for homicidal rage that you yourselves desperately and eagerly wallow in, such as the insane war ritual. You actually encourage your child-slaves to join the military, you encourage them to agree to be stripped of all genuine morality, stripped of all instinctual respect for life, turned into mindless mass murderers, satiating the bloodlust they possess within their True Realities, bloodlust that you as a torturing slaveowner as well as your society, are totally guilty and responsible of instilling within your child victim, by embracing this form of societally legalized murder. You do this because you yourselves were tortured as children. You yourselves were stripped of all genuine morality when you were a child. You yourselves were stripped of all instinctual respect for life when you were children. You yourselves are addicted to the insane war ritual, embracing this form of legal murder, making yourselves feel better by subconsciously rejoicing in the commission of genocide by your beloved society, on your behalf, under your name. Your definition of "love", is to "guide", mold, create all helpless children, into your very own image, your insane, limitlessly toxic and evil image, the same image that you were created in, the image of your society. This is your triumph, to destroy your children in exactly the same way that you were destroyed during your childhood. The Superior Seer, such as Myself and Charles, recognizes with crystal clarity, the Truth that the very notion that any adult member of a current era, modern society, has any moral, ethical, sane-based, or legitimate authority to try and "guide" children in any societally approved of and promoted manner, is ridiculous and repugnant. You have no such right! Every child is your moral, emotional, psychological, even intellectual Superior, thousands of times over. Every attempt that you make to "guide" a child, constitutes an act of abuse, an act of victimization. You are attempting to impose your moral inferiority, your own insanity, hatred of Truth, addiction to toxicity, your own deranged and hypocritical life path, upon the morally superior, still somewhat sane, children. You are literally attempting to destroy them, to destroy them in exactly the same fashion that yourself were destroyed when you were a child. This is the Forbidden Truth, and this is why Superior Seers such as Myself and Charles declare, as in the above quote: "No, let the children loose and follow them." This is Truth and sanity. The children can, at least in theory, guide you, save your lives, reverse your own personal destruction. Although of course in reality the vast majority of you creatures are beyond hope and beyond help, having already been totally destroyed by your own childhoods and lifetimes of societal victimization. At least you can try to follow them, right? But again, the answer is No. In real life you cannot do this. Your children are your slaves, your Poison Containers. You cope with your own perverse lives, only by enslaving your children, imposing your toxic will upon them, destroying them. So the very notion of trying to "follow" your children, is terrifying and ridiculous to you creatures. You reject and ridicule the very notion. Why? Because if you were to follow your children, they would lead you into the light of Truth. They still possess the ability to recognize, seek out, and embrace Truth. And as we should all know by now, Truth is your mortal enemy, the most horrific and unbearable threat that any of you pathetic, societally broken and destroyed citizen-slaves can ever imagine being confronted with. Your only chance to survive as a species is for an entire generation of you, simultaneously, to humiliate yourselves to your children. To break down in front of them, to ask and beg them to guide you into the compromised but still somewhat intact universe of Truth where they dwell. They ask you "Why is the world the way it is?" "What should I do?" "What should I believe in", etc... You tell them: "I don't know! I am inferior to you! I am not as strong as you. I am a victim. Terrible things were done to me as a child. I cannot guide you. I cannot lead you into the light of adulthood and maturity. I cannot! I am broken. I can only beg you to please try and uncover the Truths of life, and I will try my best to never interfere in your quest, because I know I am your inferior. You must try to guide me. I will try to follow you. You must not follow me, you must never rely on me for any type of ideological or behavioral or lifestyle guidance, because I am diseased, I am broken, I am unfit to guide any living thing in any manner." This is what you must tell your children! Tell them you are broken. Tell them the path you have chosen, the path that your evil society terroristically compelled you to choose via your own childhood victimization, is both evil and deranged. Tell them this Truth! So that they can have some chance, tiny as it is, to not follow in your toxic footsteps and life path. But of course I am again concocting pure fantasy, revealing a path of Truth that is utterly and totally impossible for you creatures to embrace or agree to undertake. It is part of your disease, your desperation to create your children in your own diseases images. It makes you feel better, it legitimizes within your own deranged minds, the life path that you embrace, to destroy your children in such a way that they follow and embrace the life path which has destroyed you.

Seer Charles concludes his brilliant revelation of Truth with: "I said, 'No, let the children loose and follow them.' That is what I did on the desert. That is what I was doing, following your children, the ones you didn't want, each and every one of them. I never asked them to come with me--- they asked me." Yes, tortured child-slaves are instinctually drawn to Seers of Truth, as they are drawn to Truth itself. Seers of Truth are both leaders and followers at the same time, in different ways. We follow all Truth, wherever we may find it and whoever might be able to provide/reveal Truth to us. So we follow children, we follow animals, we follow ideological and philosophical ideas, but only insofar as these resources lead us to the discovery of Truth. We cannot become leaders of huge masses of humans, because the vast majority of all humans despise and flee from all Truth. In addition, any leadership efforts we might attempt, are countered by society with relentless demonization and condemnation of us, as well as outright destruction/murder being committed against us if we attempt to form an organization based upon Forbidden Truth, simply because we represent Truth. Any overt attempts we might make to become "leaders", within any traditional definition of this word, are doomed to fail. Firstly because the overwhelming majority of all adult humans not only despise and reject all Truth, but maintain enough terroristic domination over the vast majority of children, to break and strip them of the ability/desire to seek out and become followers of a Seer of Forbidden Truth. And secondly, because all societies will overtly condemn, demonize, and destroy any Seer who makes serious, concrete efforts to become the "leader" of any significantly large number of citizen-slaves, be they adults or children, and achieves any type of moderate success. And yet we do attract a small number of devoted fans, followers, a few tortured victim-creations of society, generally young, who still possess the ability to value and desire to uncover and embrace the Forbidden Truths of life. This was the "Manson Family", the tortured child-slaves that you and your society bear 100% responsibility for creating, who were reflecting their True Reality in a Superior way, thanks to the benevolent guidance of Seer Charles. You pathetic and sadistic Truth-haters demonized both Charles and his followers, condemning them as the personification of evil, because they demonstrated their Superiority to you, and held a mirror in front of your faces and your minds, showing you the Truth of what you are, the Truth of how evil you and your society is. Demonizing Seer Charles helps you to cling to the insane delusion that he victimized your children, "turned" your children into killers, when of course the reality is that you committed genocidal victimization upon every single one of these children, with Martyr Charles being your greatest victim, and it is your life goal as individual creations of society, as well as a primary, top-level goal of society itself, to turn your children into killers. As far as you creatures "wanting" children, the reality is that none of you want children, what you want is to possess and control living, subhuman objects, as long as they meet your diseased and malevolent needs and desires, Poison Container, slaveowner, and otherwise. Any child that fails to meet your needs and desires, you cast aside and thrown away, as long as you can create enough of an illusion of moral justification to get rid of your no longer desired child-slave. Child-slaves of the 1960's era in america were more likely, percentagewise, to reject the insane societal, ideological and behavioral doctrines of their slaveowners, and thus more likely to be cast aside and thrown away by their parents, since their overt rejection of the ideological doctrine of their parents, caused them to fail to meet the perverse Poison Container/slave needs and desires of their slaveowners, thus rendering them functionally useless, if not an outright liability to their slaveowners, in terms of causing them to question the validity of their own insane life paths and life beliefs. Any living thing that threatens to expose Truth to you creatures, is demonized, condemned, ridiculed, cast aside, or destroyed. This rule applies even more strongly to your very own children, than it does to most other living things, since your goal in life is to mold your children into your very own perverse image. If they reject and renounce the legitimacy of your deranged ideological beliefs and life path, you "disown" them, you attempt to have them committed to psychiatric prisons, you throw them out of your home, etc… This is because their rejection of your insane, lie-based life path, constitutes a heinous threat to your own delusional perceptions of self, reality, sanity, and of course the deranged lies that you have built your entire lives around. Only a child still possesses enough sanity to approach another living thing and sincerely ask the other creature to show them the genuine Truths of life, and to agree to seek out these Truths. As for adults, only one in a million still possesses this behavioral capability. All the rest of you spend your pathetic lives on a constant, daily quest to have all other living things, human and animal, legitimize and validate the universe of lies, myths, and hypocrisies upon which you have built your lives around.

"I have showed people how I think by what I do. It is not as much what I say as what I do that counts, and they look at what I try to do and they try to do it also, and sometimes they are made weak by their parents and cannot stand up. But is that my fault? Is it my fault that your children do what they do?"

Several very important Forbidden Truths are revealed by the above quote. Lets begin by focusing upon the issue of deeds versus words. Seer Charles is absolutely correct in pointing out the fact that deeds, not words, are essentially the only valid way that Truth can be revealed. Actually a combination of both deeds and words is ideal, but the important point is that words alone are almost totally useless, in terms of actually causing Forbidden Truth to be disseminated to fellow human beings. There are many reasons for why this is the case. First of all, there is no genuine free speech or freedom of the press within any 21st century "modern and civilized" society. The public dissemination of all information is controlled by the government. The key term here is public dissemination. The fact that some human beings retain some ability to express themselves in some venues, in some situations, in no way, shape, or form, constitutes any type of genuine free speech or free press existing within the society. Secondly, and in some ways even more importantly, all speech and all writings are subject to lie-based societal definitional manipulation. Very simply, the intended meaning and message of all statements and writings by individuals, is totally out of the control of the individual. Evil and lie-based societal leaders determine exactly what type of "spin" to put upon all such statements and writings, making it effectively impossible for a Seer of Forbidden Truth to have his verbal or literary expressions of Truth, be delivered to fellow human beings in the unbiased, intact form that he desires. Thirdly, your ultra-diseased societies have been manipulated to evolve in such a way that words, writings, philosophical expressions of Truth, are automatically dismissed and rejected by the vast majority of the populace, as being "boring", meaningless, pointless. Consider, how many humans, if they could only possess either a radio or a television set for the rest of their lives, would choose the radio? Virtually none. Because the radio provides only verbal information. You brainwashed fools do not want to hear people say things, you want to see people do things. This is a societal decree, this addiction that is created within you to prefer to see people do things, rather than hear people say things, or read the writings of people. Images are thousands of times easier for fascist governments to invalidly "define" for their citizenry, than statements/writings are. Watching people do things, almost never reveals profound Truth to the watcher. Listening to people say things, or reading the writings of other people, offers much more of a possibility that profound Truth could be revealed. These are just three of dozens of different reasons why words and writings alone are a totally ineffective way of revealing and disseminating Forbidden Truth to a wide audience. If Seer Charles had simply attempted to write a book expressing all of his Forbidden Truths, it would almost certainly have been rejected by all mainstream publishers. Even if he was able to somehow get the book published, it would be labeled by societal leaders as containing "the insane ramblings of a madman". Almost nobody would read it, not even genuine seekers of Truth would be drawn to it, since they too are generally broken by their society to the point where they shun, "dry, intellectual philosophy", in favor of "juicy" violence, provocative imagery, etc... Therefore, in an absolutely literal sense, the only real chance that Seer Charles had to expose his Forbidden Truths to a decently wide audience, was to combine his verbal/literary decrees, with some type of a provocative, high profile activity that would grab the attention of both the media and the public.

Moving on, our Seer declares, in the above quote: "...they (the children) look at what I try to do and they try to do it also, and sometimes they are made weak by their parents and cannot stand up." Seers of Forbidden Truth are strong, incredibly strong. Our minds are like fortresses, untouchable and impenetrable despite constant enemy attacks. The goal of your societies is to weaken and destroy the minds of all children. Parents are employed as the front-level attacker, in pursuit of this goal. Parents are taught and told to destroy the ego of their children. To "break" their children, to make them self-hating, to render them addicted to the same lies, myths, and hypocrisies that the society has addicted every past and current generation of adult citizen-slaves to, by genocidally victimizing them during their childhoods. Children as well as adults, who try to emulate Seers of Forbidden Truth, often, in fact almost always, fall short. They cannot stand up and face up to the Forbidden Truths of life, the way a genuine Seer, a one in a million Seer, can and does. This is because they have been crippled, permanently crippled, on intellectual, emotional, philosophical, and psychological levels, by the malevolent victimization that their society has committed upon them, and subjected them to. Nevertheless, these victims demonstrate a tremendous amount of courage and a genuine desire to embrace Truth, totally above and beyond the utter and complete inferiority demonstrated by the vast majority of the populace, which spends it's entire lifetime shamelessly wallowing in societally induced and promoted lies and cowardice, as well as genocidal evil cloaked under illusions of morality and decency. Therefore, we who are sane and Truth-loving must applaud and admire beyond all measure, even those "weaklings" who are so severely victimized during their childhoods that they ultimately end up betraying both themselves and the Truth, as long as they have made a genuine and sincere effort to uncover and embrace Forbidden Truth, because 99.999% of all human beings never even make such a sincere and courageous effort, beyond the age of 10-14, which is the general age when the daily torrent of insane and evil lies, myths, and hypocrisies that society subjects it's children to, manages to pretty much destroy the mind and the sanity of the child, and of course this destruction is permanent, only becoming more ferocious in it's toxic grip upon the victim, as the child reaches maturity and adulthood. Our Seer concludes with: "But is that my fault? Is it my fault that your children do what they do?" No Charles, it is 100% the fault of society, human society, human government, insanely entrenched perversions such as Sacred Family Unit mythology and the insane god myth, etc... All Truth is empowering and healing. Nothing "bad" ever comes out of Truth. You humans and your societies commit genocide upon your children. When and if your children rise up and target you for vengeance, they are expressing Truth, Truth which you have attempted to destroy and to strip from within them. Your evil goal is to get your torture victims to hate, blame, loathe, destroy themselves. The goal of a Seer of Forbidden Truth such as Charles, is to get these victim-creations to recognize and understand who is blame for their undeserved torturous victimization, and to get them to love both themselves and the Truth. If this embrace of both self-love and Truth results in an outward expression of rage, so be it. There is nothing bad about that. The outward expression of rage is thousands of times more valid, more legitimate, more appropriate, more moral, more just, than the inward expressions of rage and hate that your evil societies attempt to brainwash their created torture victims into embracing, getting them to hate, victimize, destroy themselves.

"I can talk to the witnesses and ask them what they think about things, and I can bring the truth out of other people because I know what the Truth is, but I cannot sit here and tell you anything because like basically all I want to do is explain to you what you are doing to your children."

We must totally recognize and understand the fact that Truth is not a subjective or interpretative notion. Truth is a concrete, factual reality. There is Truth and there are lies, these two concrete perceptions of reality, are diametrically opposite. Evil and diseased societies love to put forth the deranged notion that Truth is both subjective and interpretative, via such bizarre notions that belief in the insane god myth is a perfectly valid Truth, based upon the totally subjective and interpretative mindset of every individual who has been brainwashed into accepting and believing in a particular version of the insane god myth. This is ridiculous! Most issues of life have a very clear, obvious, and undeniable Truth to them. The only legitimate challenge to all of these Truths, would be for the opposing notion to prove, beyond all doubt, that it in fact represents Truth, and this proof would have to be provided in the form of concrete, factual, sane reality. For example, the insane god myth is a pure lie. A total lie. There is not a shred of Truth within the insane god myth, and throughout all of human history, no living creature has ever provided a shred of proof that a god creature could or might exist. But, let us realize that even if living creatures could and did provide some type of evidence that the god creature does exist, this would in no way impact upon the proven fact, the Truth, that god does not exist. This is because concrete proof exists, has already been established, to any sane thinker, that no god creature exists. Therefore, anyone claiming that the god creature does exist, and attempting to provide this information as an "alternative truth", would not simply need to provide "evidence" that god exists, or that god might exist, but instead would have to provide concrete proof that the god creature does exist, in order to counterbalance the already existing concrete proof that no god creature exists. This is not an issue of semantics or wordplay. This cuts to the very heart of what Truth is, and how Truth must be defined by Superiors. Truth itself must never be perceived as being subjective or interpretative, because declaring Truth to be subjective and interpretative is the single most effective and most often utilized societal method of enticing it’s citizen-slaves to reject and renounce Forbidden Truth, in favor of comfortingly toxic, diseased, and genocidally harmful lies, myth, hypocrisies, and invalid rationalizations. This does not mean that every question or issue has a concrete Truth attached to it. There are some issues and questions upon which no concrete truth can be established by humanity, based upon intellectual/scientific ignorance on the part of humanity, and there is also the separate issue that unlike Truth, True Reality, which is a cumulative, interpretative, personally unique perception of reality based upon one’s own unique life experiences, does not contain any universal, concrete Truths that are applicable to all human beings. Instead, True Reality is a totally unique perception of life, applicable and valid to each and every individual human being, on a totally different, unique basis. And yet despite these qualifiers, the ability to recognize what genuine Truth is, and to appreciate the fact that it is concrete, is a vital component of the life path of all Seers of Forbidden Truth. A Superior Seer can expose Truth, simply by interrogating fellow humans. But of course this does not mean that the brainwashed, Truth-hating humans who are graced with these gifts of Truth from a Seer, will have any ability, much less desire, to embrace or accept the Truths.

Our Seer concludes with "…I cannot sit here and tell you anything because like basically all I want to do is explain to you what you are doing to your children." The pure benevolence of Seer Charles has always been remarkable. And how do you reward your Seer? With relentless demonization, rejection, and determination to both destroy him and the Truths that he represents and attempts to grace you with. How perverse! It is you who are committing genocide, destroying your children, dooming yourselves to a well-deserved extinction. You are guilty, you are responsible, you are to blame. You, all of you who do nothing "more" than agree to live as members of the evil, insane human societies into which you are born, enslaved, and tormented. The greatest individual murderer of children to have ever lived, is "guilty" of causing millions of times less harm to children than you are guilty of causing. You, the "ordinary, mainstream, non-criminal, societally praised" regular member of human society. It is you who sponsor the genocide of children, the limitless, ongoing, eternal genocide, based upon the fact that the genocidally evil society which commits this relentless child torture in you names, could not exist were it not for the overt approval and support of you, the "ordinary, mainstream, law-abiding" citizen. We Seers can explain Truth to you over and over, we can repeat Forbidden Truth to you hundreds of times every single day, it doesn’t matter, it won’t work. You creatures despise, reject, and are totally unable to even recognize Truth, much less accept it. There is no way that any of us Superiors, by either words or deeds, can make you recognize or accept the Truth of the genocide you are insanely and malevolently choosing to commit upon your children. It’s impossible! The more we try, the more ferociously you cling to your lie-based delusions, and the more ferociously you demonize us, for daring to reveal a Forbidden Truth that you are devoting your lives to rejecting and fleeing from. The only practical reason we have, for expressing these types of Forbidden Truths, is to honor and immortalize ourselves for all of eternity. But this one practical reason is good enough, more than good enough, to inspire at least some of us to deliver these Truths to the universe. Truth is intrinsically precious and Sacred, and in a very real sense, it’s total rejection, condemnation, and demonization by all of "normal" humanity, only renders it more precious and Sacred than it would be if it were accepted and embraced by humanity. We are so proud to represent Truth, to stand as eternal examples, living manifestations, of Forbidden Truth. Whether or not we have any so-called "altruistic" motivations in revealing Truth, is irrelevant and meaningless. Some of us might have some degree of benevolent motivation, while others, such as Myself, do not. Our motivations for choosing to reveal the Forbidden Truths of life are not at all externally important, the only importance they should carry is internal, focused upon our own perceptions of ourselves. What is important is the simple fact that we superiors grace you inferiors with Forbidden Truth, and you inferiors, filled with hatred and terror of all Truth, stripped of all ability to recognize and accept Truth due to the malevolent brainwashing you have been subjected to by your societies, reject, renounce, and demonize both the Truths you are graced with, and us, the Superior Martyrs and torture victims who are benevolent enough to grace you with the Truths of life, to show you the Truth of what you really are. Simply in revealing Truth to you, we commit the ultimate act of benevolence, even if we are soul dead and wish nothing more than for the entire human race to extinct itself.

"Asking me not to break the rules of society is like telling your kid not to eat candy because it's bad for him. The kid will continue to eat candy until you take it away, or until you prove why he shouldn't. You also need to provide substitutes for the candy you have denied that child."

An Absolutely fascinating quote! Personally, even though a tremendous amount of profound Truth is packed into this quote, I think Seer Charles could have phrased it slightly better. But there is no need to nitpick, when so much brilliance is revealed. Our Seer begins, by pointing out the perversely hypocritical nature of a society asking, in reality making a demand of it's own tortured victim-creations, that they conform their behaviors to specific, societally decreed "rules". This societal demand has absolutely no legitimacy, because it is being imposed by an entity, society, that cannot possibly have any moral, righteous, or just authority to try to dictate the behaviors of it's created torture victims. This is because the society itself is limitlessly evil, totally immoral, absolutely perverse, in not only it's design structure, but even more importantly, it's operational structure. When a societal or governmental entity is limitlessly evil, it forfeits all legitimate authority to impose any type of behavioral standards/rules/laws, upon it's citizen-slaves, most primarily because it is guilty of and responsible for inflicting and imposing it's limitless evil, upon the very same human beings that it insanely claims to have a right to dictate behaviors to. No such societal right can possibly exist, when this situation is analyzed from any sane, Truth-based perspective. I think there are better analogies that can be made, than the "kid eating candy" analogy that Seer Charles graces us with. Nevertheless, it is a perfectly valid and appropriate, Truth-based analogy. Society has absolutely no right to use the threat of punitive punishment, for the purpose of attempting to convince it's tortured victims to refrain from engaging in societally undesirable behavior or activity. This is the genesis of the insane "you are only hurting yourself by breaking the laws of society" argument. This notion is not only totally hypocritical, but it is also completely and utterly false. When a tortured victim-creation of society breaks the laws of society, he is not hurting or harming himself in any manner. In fact, in most cases, he is honoring both himself and the Truth of his life, the Truth of the malevolent and ongoing cycle of victimization that his diseased and evil society initiated against him. In point of fact, the laws as well as the ideological doctrine of society, are specifically designed so that it is the "law abiding" population of torture victims, who are overtly and directly hurting themselves, by directing their justified rage and hate in an invalid, self-harming direction, towards themselves. Society wants this, it wants it's law abiding citizen-slaves to victimize and harm themselves. The torture victim who does choose to break the rules and laws of society is not hurting himself at all. What he is doing is giving his evil society the ability to create the totally invalid moral justification and illusion that it gains some type of a judicial, moral, ethical, or intellectual entitlement to inflict additional harm, additional abuse and victimization, upon it's created torture victim, based upon the torture victim's inability or refusal to abide by the perversely hypocritical rules and laws that the fascist society has established as part of it's operational structure. It makes no difference, from a Truth-based position, whether the torture victim is unable or unwilling to refrain from conforming his behavior to societal rules and laws, because the torture victim has absolutely no obligation of any kind, to grant any legitimacy to the perversely hypocritical and invalid rules/laws that his society, the society guilty of his victimization, is attempting to impose upon him.

Our Seer declares, in the latter portion of the above quote: "The kid will continue to eat candy until you take it away, or until you prove why he shouldn't. You also need to provide substitutes for the candy you have denied that child." The proper analogy to draw here, from my perspective, is that society is guilty of having stripped from it's created victims, both their ability and their obligation, to refrain from hurting other living things, and breaking the rules/laws that the society chooses to establish. If the society is limitlessly evil, officially decrees that all children are subhuman pieces of worthless owned property, who have absolutely no human right to be protected or to be treated with respect and dignity, and if the society in fact adopts this limitlessly evil policy with regard to all of it's citizen-slaves, from the moment of their birth until the moment of their death, decreeing their lives as free and unique individuals to be utterly worthless, and if the society further attempts to impose it's deranged, lie-based and supremely hypocritical ideological and behavioral doctrine upon it's citizen-slaves, a doctrine that is limitlessly genocidal in nature and scope, the society forfeits all right, legal, moral, intellectual right, to try and control the behaviors of it's citizen-slaves, via the use of rules and laws. A limitlessly evil entity, cannot under any circumstances have the authority to dictate the behavior of it's created torture victims, in any fashion, much less using the terroristic threat to inflict additional torture, abuse, and victimization to those who break societal rule or law. The societal obligation to "prove" to it's citizens why they should refrain from breaking societal rules/laws, must be that of repentence. Utter, complete, and sincere repentence, all the while respecting and honoring the Sacred right of all victims to avenge themselves as they and they alone see fit. Society can and should beg it's created victims for forgiveness, attempt to convince them, via purely benevolent means, to consider passing up their right to claim personal vengeance. This is done, very simply, via pure, Truth-based repentence by society, society admitting and acknowledging that it is guilty of committing unforgivable atrocities upon it's created victims. No "reforms" can undo the atrocities that have already been committed upon living torture victims, no torture victim should ever feel obligated to forgive society, or to refrain from engaging in behavioral activities which accurately reflect back upon other living things, the cycle of torture that was initiated and undertaken against the victim, by society. The notion that any such society could possibly have any moral, judicial, or ethical right to use the threat of inflicting more and additional torture/abuse upon it's torture victim, if he refuses to conform to societal rules and decrees, is repugnantly deranged, and so perverse that it is not even worth renouncing, since any sane, Truth-based thinker is obligated to immediately recognize and reject such a notion, as constituting the very personification of injustice and evil.

"The people you chose to raise me beat and raped me and taught me to hate and fear."

At first glance, this one sentence declaration of Truth might seem to be fairly "generic" in nature, but in point of fact there are two completely different, incredibly profound Forbidden Truths "hidden" within the seemingly ordinary expression of personal suffering/torture that our brilliant Seer graces us with. The first profound Truth is this: "The people you chose to raise me...", says our Seer. The "you" refers to society. Seer Charles is correctly and accurately blaming not his parents, not any individual human being, for his childhood and lifetime of undeserved torture. He is blaming society. He is blaming the human society that he was born into and enslaved within, 20th century american society. He recognizes the Truth, that his society malevolently chose to authorize, sanction, and cause his torturous childhood to occur, via such deranged policies as Sacred Family Unit mythology. He recognizes that unlike the caveman era, he was born into an existing societal system, and this society chose to destroy his life, destroy his childhood, by officially enslaving him to human beings, based not upon their demonstrated competency/benevolence, but rather the insane familial notion of creation=enslavement, to those who biologically created him, as well as the teachers, juvenile detention thugs, and other abusive adult human beings that he was forced to accept the victimization of, throughout his childhood. The Superior does not primarily blame any individual for his childhood tortures, he instead blames society as a whole, He recognizes that society is guilty of and responsible for his childhood torment, and that all of the individuals who may have directly tortured him, parents, priests, teachers, etc..., did so only under the direct authorization and auspices of society itself. Society is the True villain, and no amount of perverse brainwashing effort that societies undertake, to convince their torture victims that the real blame lies with the "individual abusers", that society is not "sentient", has no individual will, and therefore cannot be to blame, can be allowed to conceal from us Superiors, this profoundly important Truth. Society is to blame, because society decides exactly who gets to raise the helpless children born into it. Society makes the malevolent policy decisions, the genocidally evil decisions, which blindly enslave all children to their biological creators and Sacred Family Unit dungeons, etc... The Superior always blames society more than his own parents, no matter how torturously abusive the parent(s) may have been. Why? Because in 20th century "modern and civilized" society, the choice is made, by societal leaders, to legitimize, encourage, facilitate, and enable the torture of children. The parent was able to obtain legal slaveownership of you, the victim, based solely upon the malevolent Sacred Family Unit/child slavery policy standards and operational structure of society. Society is therefore directly responsible for and guilty for your tortures, to a far greater degree than any parent, priest, or other individual who may have actually inflicted the abuse upon you.

The second profoundly important Truth that the above quote reveals, is based upon the "...taught me to hate and fear." portion of the sentence. Hatred and fear, this is the combination of societal perversity that needs to be recognized as being part and parcel of the same structure. Hatred is a logical, Truth-based manifestation of fear. Diseased societies operate under a mandate which decrees that fear must be instilled within all citizen-slaves. Fear of punishment, fear of ridicule, fear of societal condemnation, fear of being murdered by society, fear of looking "abnormal", fear of being rejected by other humans, and most importantly, fear of Truth. All children as well as all adults, save for a tiny handful of True Superiors, live their lives and make ideological and behavioral lifestyle choices, based upon personal fear. Ironically, despite addicting their tortured citizen-slaves to all different types of mostly invalid and irrational fears, the few aspects of life that all sane humans should genuinely fear, such as the eternity of nothingness that all human beings experience upon their deaths, are decreed by society to not require fear, using lie-based, insane myths such as the existence of an "afterlife." The main point is that fear is employed by society as a terroristic weapon, upon it's own citizens. Children are taught, via terroristic brainwashing, to fear all sorts of things that they should not have any fear of, while at the same time, they are brainwashed into not fearing the few things that they should legitimately be afraid of. Children are born with the ability to feel fear, fear is a natural, instinctual emotion. But this perfectly natural emotion is totally warped and twisted by society itself, via the malevolent brainwashing and cultural indoctrination, that it subjects it's child-slaves to. Hatred, on the other hand, is not a natural, instinctual emotion. Hatred becomes a "real" emotion within the True Reality of human beings, only because and only after human beings are subjected to abuse, harm, injustice, traumatization, lies, etc..., at the hands of fellow human beings, who are acting under the authorization of society. Evil societal leaders recognize that fear and hatred are perfect "partners", and the goal of society is to instill both unnatural/invalid fear, as well as hatred, within the core emotional makeup of every single citizen-slave. It is slightly more important for societal leaders to instill fear within every citizen, but hatred must be instilled as well. What is the ideal form of hatred that society seeks to instill within all citizen-slaves?? Come on, guess! It is self-hatred. The top-level Superior embraces both his hatred and his fear, recognizing that these emotions are a part of his True Reality, even if they were malevolently imposed upon him by society. However, he embraces both of these emotions from a Truth-based and a self-loving position. He fears only the handful of situations and life circumstances that are worthy of fear, and at the same time does not allow this fear to dictate his life path activities. Even more importantly, all of the hate that his evil society has created within him, is properly reflected back at society. None of it is internalized, none of it is directed towards himself. We have been taught to both hate and fear. Society taught us these emotions, and instructed us to misdirect both of these emotions. The hatred that was instilled within us is 100% valid. The fear that was instilled within us is somewhat less valid. But in both cases, we can emerge triumphant by embracing these emotions, and simply directing them appropriately, in defiance of societal misdirection decrees.

"I have been kept in handcuffs for over sixteen years and kept for the most part in solitary confinement, as the so-called authorities kept changing the names from solitary to 'administrative segregation' to 'quiet cells' and other coverups each time the court ordered limitation of solitary time, or the public began to hear about mistreatment. Their fears and guilts were covered up by distortion, lies, and confusion to mislead and misinform the public for more tax dollars and bigger criminal justice business, actually fed by the misfortunes and blood of children."

Throughout a great many of Seer Charles' revelations of Truth, a common theme is expressed, the theme is: I am a victim! This is one of the very most precious gifts that our Seer provides to us, he shows us, those of us who seek Truth and wish to become Superiors, that recognizing and totally embracing our victimhood status, on both a subconscious as well as a conscious level, is one of the 2-3 most important foundational building blocks, for the embrace of all Forbidden Truth and the growth/development of personal Superiority and untouchability. "I am a victim. I will always be a victim. Society is guilty of and responsible for victimizing me. Nothing that I can ever do will strip me of my victimhood status." This is the foundational Truth that all Superiors must recognize and embrace. Society decrees that it is personally disempowering for a human being to embrace his victimhood status. Society decrees that it is healthier for individuals to "overcome" and transcend whatever victimization they may have endured in their pasts. This is not merely a lie, not merely a toxic lie, but a genocidally evil toxic lie. Overcoming and transcending one's victimization constitutes nothing more than a betrayal of Self and a betrayal of Truth. It constitutes a denial of Truth, a rejection of Truth. Most importantly, embracing your victimhood status is incredibly empowering. It represents the path of sanity, self-love, emotional health, as well as the path of obvious Truth. Your evil societies know that embracing victimhood status is extremely empowering to all victims, this is why your evil societies discourage such embrace, decree that an embrace of victimhood status is a weak, cowardly, self-abusive, disempowering life path to follow, even though the exact opposite is True, it is in fact an empowering courageous, self-loving, powerfully "dangerous" Truth to embrace and life path to follow. Dangerous to whom, you might ask?? Dangerous to society, the society that is guilty of and responsible for our victimization. Because if we purely and courageously embrace the Truth that we are and will always be victims, it is not a huge leap for those of us who are Superior, to also purely and courageously embrace and recognize the Truth that the society we were born into and raised up within, is totally and absolutely guilty of making us into victims, and forcing us to live as victims for our entire lives. All societal efforts and attempts to get us to overcome, transcend, move past, or deny our victimization and our victimhood status, must be recognized by us, as constituting an atrocity, one of the most evil forms of abuse and yes, victimization, that has ever been committed upon us. Embracing the Truth that you are a victim and will always be a victim, as Superior Seers such as Charles and Myself have done, is one of the most empowering forms of Truth that exists within the human experience. It is totally empowering, purely empowering. The power that it creates is perfect and limitless in scope, because it is based upon actual, genuine, pure, Truth. We must recognize that at every turn, evil societal doctrine and malevolent agents of society will attempt to goad, trick, terrorize, brainwash, coerce, bribe us, into rejecting and renouncing our victimhood status. This will be ongoing, throughout our entire lives. Evil societal agents will seek us out when we are most vulnerable, attempting every type of lie and trick in their arsenal to convince us that we are not victims. It is up to us to make our own minds Superior and untouchable enough, to resist and reject all such efforts, at all times. Tragically, only a tiny handful of humans possess this strength of character. Even among humans who subconsciously know they are victims, and claim violent, criminal, homicidal vengeance against humanity, many of them eventually end up allowing their society to convince them that they are not genuine victims, or that their "victimizing" actions somehow stripped them of their victimhood status. This is an insane notion, an evil lie. The Truth is that if a victim chooses to victimize other living things, he increases and solidifies his own victimhood status. The more he victimizes others, the greater the proof and the greater the degree, of his own victimhood status. So this is an extremely important Forbidden Truth, that Seer Charles teaches us not only in the above quote, but in many of the quotes contained on this page. See yourself as a victim, embrace yourself as a victim, and revel in the personal empowerment that this recognition and embrace provides. This is the path of Superior Truth.

Seer Charles concludes his courageous decree of Truth with: "Their fears and guilts were covered up by distortion, lies, and confusion to mislead and misinform the public for more tax dollars and bigger criminal justice business, actually fed by the misfortunes and blood of children." Beautiful expression of Forbidden Truth. You perverse creatures love to torture and kill all living things that are morally superior to you, but at all times, in constant fashion, the illusion of moral justification and legitimacy must be maintained. Your society gleefully employs distortion, lies, confusion, as Charles tells us, not to mention myths, hypocrisies, insane rationalizations, etc..., to constantly create and maintain these ridiculously transparent illusions. But they are only ridiculously transparent to those of us who can recognize and embrace Truth, of course. The ultimate victims, that your society chooses to genocidally destroy, are your very own children. You destroy them, and then you demonize them if they dare to reflect back at you the Truth of the atrocity that you committed against them. Or you demonize them as adults, for victimizing other children that they do not legally own and/or do not have legal permission from society to torture in the specific manner that they torture them, even though once again, the only reason they are torturing/victimizing children is because your society sponsored and is guilty of committing torturous victimization upon them when they were children. Your entire goal in life is to hide from and reject these types of Truths, to continue the endless cycle of genocidal child torture that the society itself was founded and is built upon. You bathe in the blood of your children, like a giant pool, you jump into the pool of blood and frolic merrily, forgetting about and "transcending" the horrors of your own lives, by cathartically transferring these horrors onto your children. This is the Forbidden Truth that both Charles and Myself are telling you. We are gracing you with this Truth, despite the fact that you do not deserve it. And by throwing our gift away, throwing it back into our faces, you prove that not only do you not deserve the gift of Truth, you also do not deserve the privilege of existing as a species of life.

"All of the judgements and the blame that is pushed off on me will be reflected back in the fires of the Holy War that you call crime. It suits your fears not to face the actions you are creating and calling up in your prison crime factories, as your deceit is reflected."

This is one of my very favorite of Seer Charles' quotes. Once again, the perfectly, precisely accurate word is used, "reflection". You pathetic hypocrites demonize, judge, and blame your Superiors, such as Charles, for reflecting back at you, and revealing to you, the Forbidden Truths of what you are. Your evil is shown to you, revealed to you. And you respond by condemning the revealer, the Seer of truth. All crime is a reflection of Truth by a victim, by your victim, by your created victim. The killer reflects the Truth that you humans and your societies officially decree the lives of all children to be utterly worthless. The thief reflects the Truth that your society practices and embraces economic genocide. The rapist reflects the Truth that your society terroristically and in fascist fashion, attempts to both dictate the sexual behavior of it's citizen-slaves, and encourages it's torture victims to employ sex as a weapon against fellow human beings. The child abuser/child murderer reflects the Truth that your society encourages both the abuse and the murder of it's children, to all of it's adult victims of childhood abuse/torture. You evil creatures legalize war, but criminalize "crime", simply because crimes are acts of internal vengeance, while wars are acts of external vengeance, for which the illusion of moral justification is created. You want your torture victims to commit/revel in murder and other atrocities, because you know it is the only way they can cope with the atrocities that your society committed against them, but you want them to target members of other societies, to refrain from more accurately and appropriately targeting their own society, that is why war is legal, while domestic murder, rape, theft, etc..., is illegal. Our Seer tells us: "All of the judgements and the blame that is pushed off on me will be reflected back in the fires of the Holy War that you call crime." Is it appropriate to refer to "crime" as a Holy War?? Absolutely! In fact it is a beautifully accurate term which perfectly describes the True nature of crime. Crime is a war, a domestic, societally internalized war, undertaken by victims of society, against the very society that is guilty of their victimization. It is a pure, Truth-based war, in fact the only legitimate form of war imaginable, a war that is not created via artificial, invalid, lie-based societal/governmental propaganda/brainwashing, in which torture victims are convinced to join up and fight for the society that created them, the society that is guilty of instilling within them, the homicidal rage that they feel within themselves. Crime is a pure, Truth-based form of war, and it is "holy", personally I would prefer the word "sacred", because it is a manifestation of perfectly reflective rage, directed towards the exact entity: society, that is responsible for the suffering, abuse, victimization, and injustice that the "criminal" who is committing the "crime", has been subjected to, has been victimized by. Your societies are genocidally evil, they are designed and operationally structured to inflict limitless victimization upon all children and upon all citizens, and furthermore, to blame, demonize, and destroy their very own created victims. Therefore, from any Truth-based perspective, your societies deserve to experience a limitless, merciless plague of "crime", as every torture victim accurately reflects the Truth of his own victimization, upon his victimizer, which would be the human society he was born into, enslaved by, and victimized by.

Seer Charles concludes with "It suits your fears not to face the actions you are creating and calling up in your prison crime factories, as your deceit is reflected." Absolutely correct! You fools are terrified of all Truth. You can never face up to such blatantly obvious Truths that all criminals are absolute creations and nothing more than pale reflections of the limitless malice, rage, and hate that society itself possesses and inflicts upon it's helpless children in genocidal fashion. Or the Truth that nothing any individual criminal could ever do, could come close to matching the genocidal, immoral scope of atrocities that your societies commit on a daily basis, on your behalf and in your names, you who are "law-abiding, loyal and patriotic citizens and supporters of society." Your deceit, your hatred of Truth, is reflected back upon you, just as every other perversion upon which you have woven and structured your lives around. It is your deceit, your rejection of Truth, more than any other perversion, which should most directly result in the extinction of your species. For example, america is the single most evil society on planet earth. America has nuclear bombs. America refuses to face up to the Truth that it is the most evil society on planet earth. Instead it adopts the exact opposite deranged lie, that it is the most benevolent society on planet earth, and therefore has the moral authority to try to prevent other societies, societies it labels as "evil" as part of the deceitful process of rejecting the Truth of it's own supreme evil, from obtaining nuclear bombs. This is the type of deranged deceit that will be reflected back upon your society, and upon all of humanity, via the extinction of this ultra-diseased species.

"The children of the 1960's that you call the 'Manson Family' wanted to stop a war and turn the government and world to peace. They gave their lives when they took lives and they knew it."

Seer Charles is of course absolutely correct in this insight of Truth. But the profound point to be made here is that in managing to retain enough sanity to refuse to embrace the insane war ritual that their evil, bloodthirsty society had chosen to engage in, despite being viciously abused and brutalized during their childhoods, these child-slaves made themselves the "enemy" of their society. Their society literally declared war upon them, as punishment for their refusal to support the societally chosen war ritual. Your diseased societies and governments do not want peace, they live in terror of "peace breaking out", they are constantly, desperately searching for other foreign societies/governments that they can match up with as "war partners". This is because your leaders know they have committed genocidal atrocities upon you, they know you are homicidally enraged, and they know they must provide you with a constant stream of demonized "enemy" humans whose deaths, tortures, punishments, defeats, you can lust for, celebrate, and rejoice in. Yes, there are plenty of other insane rituals, other than war, which ultra-diseased societies employ to release your sadistic rage in a "safe" way, a way that does not target or harm your society, the society which is guilty of committing genocidal atrocity upon you. But war is still one of the most favored and effective misdirection ploys, and therefore ultra-diseased societies work very hard to terroristically convince their citizen-slaves to "support the war effort" that they have chosen to engage in. So, let us understand that any "peace movement", any organization or group that opposes war, tries to increase popular support for peace, is totally defying the fascist ideological and policy doctrine of their society, and must be demonized, destroyed, or diverted away from their mission, if in fact they live within an ultra-diseased, warmongering society such as america. One of the more interesting ways that the evil american government attempted to divert the 1960's peace movement, was by legitimizing the "free love" movement, encouraging political and anti-war activists to immerse themselves in an orgy of new, "radically free" sexual activity, so that they would lose interest in and not have the time to focus upon, anti-war or anti-government activities. The human species can never become peaceful. Never. There is too much genetic disease within the species, and the entire design structure of human society revolves around the genocidal victimization of every generation of children, not by a "foreign" society, not by a foreign enemy, but by every existing generation of adults within the society, who are themselves the victims of genocide during their childhoods. Governments know that in committing genocide upon every generation of their own children, they must seek out and engage in the war ritual on a regular basis, with demonized foreign societies, in order to prevent the outbreak of an internal, "civil" war, which is of course a significantly saner and more rational type of war, although still in no way a genuinely Truth-based expression of reflective rage by the victimized citizenry. Crime is a much more Truth-based expression of reflective rage by citizens, than civil war is. Civil war is perceived by society to be much more dangerous than "regular" crime, because it involves large groups of citizens banding together to battle each other, based upon the illusion of political difference. This directly threatens the societal/governmental leadership itself, especially since the Truth is that there is no genuine "political difference" within the existing governmental system, even if it is designed to provide an illusion of difference via a "two party system", etc... So, even though warmongering societies are constantly and with frenzied eagerness searching for foreign war partners to engage in the insane war ritual with, they do not desire any type of internal, civil war to occur.

The last sentence of the above quote is pretty intriguing. It says: "They (The children of the 60's) gave their lives when they took lives and they knew it." Self-awareness and knowledge of the likely consequences of one's actions are certainly good and valuable character traits to possess. But I certainly hope that Seer Charles is not suggesting that tortured victim-creations of society should "sacrifice their own lives in order to try to reveal Truth or make the world a better place." I don't think this is what Seer Charles means at all, but it is one possible "interpretation", in my opinion. I hope nobody embraces this particular interpretation, because it is not the likely meaning that Seer Charles intended. It is an inferior, self-sacrificing meaning, that does not reflect or reveal Superiority or Truth-based self-love. At the same time however, we must understand that in some situations, when an expression of personal True Reality is involved, it may be perfectly appropriate for a Superior to risk or "endanger" his life, in pursuit of the accurate reflection of his True Reality. This is in no way the same as "sacrificing" or giving away, one's life. There is a huge gulf and divide between risking life, and sacrificing life. Risking one's life can be rationally justifiable in some situations, but overtly sacrificing one's life can almost never be rationally justified. Also, the term "giving or sacrificing my life", must be properly defined. As far as I'm concerned, the only valid definition for this expression, is killing yourself, or undertaking an activity that you feel certain will result in your immediate, direct death. If a tortured child-victim commits a "crime" that carries with it the societal threat of being subjected to a lifetime of punitive punishment, or even the threat of legal murder via a "death penalty", this child is not "giving away or sacrificing" his life. No way! The fact that an "external, third party" entity might insanely use the actions of the victim against him, to inflict further undeserved victimization upon him, is simply that, a tragic, perverse, insane fact. But it does not constitute an act of "self-destruction", self-victimization, or life sacrifice, by the child. Only if the child were to directly kill himself, commit suicide by firing a gun at himself, etc..., would the phrase "he gave away his life, he sacrificed his life", be appropriate.

"They gave to get their brothers and sisters out of cages and to touch some intelligence upon the Earth."

I love this quote, it reveals two more incredibly profound Forbidden Truths of life. The first Truth focuses upon altruism. I do not support altruism. I do not believe altruism to be a Superior manifestation of Truth. However, if altruism exists in combination with other, self-loving and appropriately narcissistic life philosophies, it can be legitimately integrated within a Superior, Truth-based life path. For example, I feel very strongly that all human beings who choose to live as members of society, have an "altruistic obligation" to compel their societies, using whatever means necessary, to completely eliminate all punitive punishment aspects of the society's judicial system. Why do they bear this altruistic obligation? For several reasons. First of all, the society is committing these unjustifiable and immoral punitive punishments in their names, on their behalfs, based upon their choice to live as members of the society. Secondly, these atrocities are being committed by the society, upon the most severely victimized and tortured creations of the society, and the initial childhood victimizations which led the torture victim to pursue a True Reality life path for which the society insanely asserts a right to inflict further and additional torture/punitive punishment, are the complete fault of the society. The society could not exist, and would not have been able to inflict the torture that it did upon the victim as a child, were it not for the tacit support and authorization of the citizenry. Therefore, the human who chooses to live as a member of society is directly responsible for both the initial series of unjust victimizations that were committed upon the child, as well as the latter, judicially decreed forms of unjust victimization, such as incarceration in a cage for the purpose of punitive punishment, that society is committing in their names. Thirdly, and perhaps most compellingly, the society is imposing the exact same unjustifiable and immoral threat to inflict the same undeserved punitive punishment, against each and every member of the society, if they should break/violate the illegitimate and perversely hypocritical rules/laws that the society imposes upon all of it's citizen-slaves. This third reason is the most compelling, because it provides a totally non-altruistic, in fact a selfish reason, for why every member of society is obligated to compel their society to eliminate all punitive punishment from it's judicial system. Under this third reason, the member of society declares: "Society is threatening to inflict unjust and immoral punitive punishment upon me. Society is using terroristic threats against me, to try and force me to conform and restrict my life path activities and personal, True Reality entitlements. This is an outrage and I will not stand for it, even if I do not currently have any plans to allow the judicial system to attempt to inflict such punitive punishment upon me. The mere threat, the mere possibility, that my society could conceivably attempt to inflict unjustifiable punitive punishment upon me, is totally unacceptable." So, what we have here is a combination of both altruistic and selfish motivations, melding together to impose an obligation, a moral and ideological obligation, upon members of society to do the right, sane, moral thing, to compel their society to treat all of it's created torture victims as victims, and to inflict absolutely no punitive punishment upon them. I do not feel that I Myself, or Seer Charles, has any such obligation, since I know that I do not live as a member of any society, and I do not believe Seer Charles considers himself to be a member of society either. Still, I recognize the legitimacy of Seer Charles' decree of Truth, in which he says: "They gave to get their brothers and sisters out of cages..." This is a noble goal, a morally Superior goal, the attempt to eliminate and destroy all punitive punishment aspects of a society's judicial system. Members of society have an actual obligation to demand this reform from their societal leaders, although of course I labor under no delusion that you diseased, Truth-hating creatures have any ability or inclination to live up to your obligations. Torture victims who do not live as members of society have no such obligations, but if our True Reality ideologies compel us, we of course have the personal right, without any obligation, to demand proper reforms from the evil and insane society that is guilty of our soul murder and lifelong victimization.

The second part of the above quote is extremely profound as well. It says: "They touch some intelligence upon the Earth." This cuts to the heart of a Truth I have revealed above, that actions are much more effective than words, in conveying and revealing Truth to humanity. All Truth is based upon intelligence. All lies/myths/hypocrisies/rationalizations, are based upon a rejection of Truth, an embrace of stupidity and inferiority. The only way to properly demonstrate Truth to you lie-based creatures, is to reflect your inferiority, your perversity, back at you. If you were sane, these actions would help you to realize the Truths of life. But the vast majority of you are insane and hate all Truth, so these efforts are doomed to fail. Nevertheless, the efforts still represent an attempt to show you Truth, to touch you with reflective intelligence and sanity. The fact that these efforts fail, does not reflect poorly upon us Superiors who attempt to "touch some intelligence upon the Earth", as Seer Charles so beautifully puts it. It simply shows how utterly broken, evil, insane, pathetic you creatures are, the fact that many of us Superiors go to great lengths, even risking our lives sometimes, to try and show you the Truths of life, the unbearable, Forbidden Truths of what you are.

"All who had no forgiveness will have no heart, and did set loose upon the earth destruction in the balance of their own judgements. These are the people who gave their children no chance for survival. These are the people locked in death wishes which they project into the minds of the children."

Three sentences that can and would change the entire world, if only you creatures were sane and interested in Truth. This is what our Seer graces us with above. All it takes, incredibly, is three sentences from a brilliant Superior, to change the world. We begin with sentence #1: "All who had no forgiveness will have no heart, and did set loose upon the earth destruction in the balance of their own judgements." All of the tortures, abuses, injustices that permeate throughout human societies, are based upon the invalid, irrational, lie-based, perversely hypocritical application of judgment, by societies upon their own citizen-slaves, as well as to a lesser degree, upon foreign citizen-slaves. It is these judgments, totally insane, with no basis in rationality, which are the root of human derangement. "I judge you guilty of killing a fellow human being", says the society which kills millions of human beings. "I judge you worthy of being punished", says the society which chooses to inflict genocidal torture upon it's children. "I judge you competent to assume ownership of the child which emerged from your womb", says the society which knows that millions of children will be brutally tortured by their mothers every single year. "I judge animals to be inferior species of life and therefore authorize their mass genocide", says the societal leader who is in fact a member of the most inferior species of life on planet earth. Thousands upon thousands of judgments, all totally wrong, totally evil, totally insane, totally hypocritical, this is what adds up to the one final judgment, the one genuinely valid and Truth-based judgment that Superior Seers and tortured victim-creations of your societies, such as Myself and Charles have reached: We judge humanity unworthy of continuing to exist as a species. This judgment is valid, Truth-based. You have proven it to be valid, by the path that you, as a species, have chosen to follow. As to forgiveness, you insane and evil creatures declare that we, your torture victims, owe you our forgiveness. That we did something "wrong", that we need to ask/beg you for forgiveness. How perverse! We owe you nothing. Nothing that we could ever do could be "wrong", in comparison to what you have done to us. We are your created victims. We are pale reflections of you, we show you the Truth of what you are. It is you who owe us an unrepayable debt. It is you who must collectively fall to your knees and beg us for forgiveness, a forgiveness that we never have any obligation to grant. The notion that a torture victim of society who victimizes fellow human beings, needs to be "forgiven", is perverse beyond all measure. It is up him to find the benevolence within himself to forgive society, a society that is totally unworthy of even being considered for forgiveness, unless and until it totally dismantles it's genocidally evil and insane operational structure.

Sentence #2: "These are the people who gave their children no chance for survival." You creatures judge your children from within your own deranged and evil ideological and emotional excreta. Yes, your society is guilty of destroying you, and yes, you cannot and must not be blamed or demonized, as individuals, for destroying your own children as yourselves were destroyed when you were children. Society is the guilty entity, society deserves to be demonized. Society chooses, day after day, to commit genocide upon it's children, enslaving them at birth to every new generation of young adults, formerly tortured children, that it committed genocide upon. The endless cycle continues. You creatures look at your children and you see yourselves. You transfer every last bit of evil, insanity, stupidity, self-hatred, right into your children. You do this with pride, it is what parents are supposed to do, declares your beloved society. The child is born, even with his genetic perversions, with a genuine capacity for sanity, Truth, rationality, empathy, self-love, intellectual and emotional freedom. But you destroy it all, you strip it all away. You judge your child worthy of nothing more than experiencing the lifetime of suppressed and denied horror and torment that you yourself experienced as a child, and now experience as an adult. You impose all of your inferiority, all of your toxicity, all of your hatred, all of your terror of Truth, upon your child. Born sane, you render him insane by infecting his vulnerable mind with deranged beliefs that you are insanely addicted to, such as the god myth. Born with a thirst for Truth, you fill his mind with lies, lie upon lie upon lie, until he reaches the point where it is totally impossible for him to even recognize what Truth is, in honor of your own lifelong terror of Truth and mentally broken embrace of lies within every aspect of your day to day lives. Born with a rational mind, you destroy his ability to think rationally, or to appreciate the value of rational thought. Instead, you fill his mind with insanely irrational thought and belief. You tell him, "Killing is bad", then you reward your killers with a ticker-tape parade when they return from the war. You tell him, "We punish people who do really bad things", without also telling him that you yourself, as a member of society, sponsor and authorize genocidally evil things, millions of times worse than the "bad things" that some people get punished for doing. Born with the ability to feel empathy for other living things, you destroy this ability, teaching him that killing morally superior species of life is perfectly appropriate, teaching him that it is fine to kill complete strangers that he has never seen before who are living in foreign countries, when he becomes a "soldier", teaching him that his very own society will proudly murder, in his name, it's own created torture victims, via a "death penalty". Born with the precious ability and desire to love himself, you evil and deranged creatures command him to love other human beings, you tell him that he must love other creatures, even inanimate objects such as cars or sports must be loved, but he must stop loving himself. He must begin judging himself negatively, he must begin judging himself critically. You teach him to hate himself, as you strip him of the precious ability to love himself. Born with a limitless degree of intellectual freedom, you systematically, on a daily basis, using lies, myths, and rationaluizations which you masquerade as truth, narrow and compact his mind, molding his intellectual thinking ability to conform to societally decreed standards. He tries to stretch his mind, to use his intellectual freedom, to figure out the Truths of life. "Why do we eat some animals, but keep other animals as pets?" "Where do we go when we die?" "Why do some people do bad things?" He seeks the Truths of life, but at every turn, you Truth-haters shoot him down. You lie to him, you dismiss his questions, you addict him to insane myths, you impose the fascist "party line" of your intellectually bankrupt society upon him. Born with a limitless degree of emotional freedom, you impose your own as well as your society's emotional fascism and enslavement upon him. He cries in public, you tell him not to cry, to internalize his negative emotion. He gets angry, you tell him he must not express anger in public, or even in private. "Anger is bad, you must not hate other people, you must not show your anger", you pathetic creatures decree, so the helpless child internalizes his justified rage, directs it towards himself, so it does not show. Can't anger momma or daddy, they are the slaveowners after all, I am their slave, I must obey and please them. And so the limitless emotional freedom becomes a lifetime of emotional crippling, by age 12 or so. Good job, slaveowners, you have succeeded in destroying your child-slave in dozens of different ways.

Sentence #3: "These are the people locked in death wishes which they project into the minds of the children." You creatures are obsessed with death, death, murder, destruction, annihilation, this is what your lives revolve around. Fascinatingly, most "criminal" murderers do not have nearly the obsession with death and killing that you creatures are subconsciously ruled by, on a daily basis. You create children under the delusional and deranged belief that if they live on after you die, you yourself are somehow continuing to live. You send your children off to both die on your behalf and to murder other human beings on your behalf, via the war ritual. You claim to be willing to die, if necessary, to preserve the life of your child, even though this is a deranged claim and it is in no way reflective of the utter contempt and disregard for the life of your child, that you display in other types of situations. You hate yourselves and often fantasize about dying, as well as killing. You have absolutely no respect for the value of life, and you certainly don't consider life to be sacred or precious, as you proudly participate in animal genocide, fetus genocide, war genocide, death penalty genocide, etc... You actually celebrate and rejoice in the deaths of fellow creatures, both human and animal, but usually you are most ecstatic when humans, rather than animals, die, such as the wartime enemy and the demonized death row inmate. You create elaborate, insane and delusional fantasies about a paradisiacal afterlife, in order to cope with your terror of the Truths of death, and yet at the same time most of you can't quite embrace this delusion enough to actually kill yourselves in order to enjoy the paradise, instead you embrace fascist societal decrees that you must behave in certain ways, keep on living but deny yourselves pleasure and happiness, in order to enjoy the glory of a paradisiacal afterlife. All of this insanity you pass down and impose upon your helpless children. Seer Charles puts it perfectly, you are "locked in death wishes which you project into the minds of your children." You cannot teach them that life is precious, much less reveal to them the Forbidden Truths of what death entails, because you certainly do not consider life to be precious, despite your own terror of death, and it is this terror which consumes you, which makes the Truths so unbearable that you yourself waste your lives clinging to insane myths and lies. How could you grace your children with the Truth? The Truth is your mortal enemy, you devote your lives to finding enough insanity within yourselves, each and every day, to hold the Truth at bay.

"From the 1940's I lived in and on your prison cross, kept in the punishments to be your goat, your blame, all your bad, long before your children of the '60's picked me up and my will from the leftover garbage of past wars you waged upon your young."

This is a fascinating quote. It demonstrates to me the "interactive leadership" role that some Seers of Forbidden Truth live their lives within. Most Seers do not "need" the support or admiration of any living thing, certainly not any human being, in order to revel in their own perfection, brilliance, and untouchability. And yet many Superior Seers do draw inspiration from each other, not so much in terms of direct contact with each other, but more from immersing themselves in the writing, quotes, autobiographies, and other literary or verbal material that is available on the other Seer. Other Seers draw inspiration from having contact with Superior forms of life, even if they are not actual Seers and even if they are not even human. Some Seers are inspired by animals, others by children, since both animals and children are Superior to adult human beings. To me, the first portion of the above quote shows that Seer Charles was not simply a "leader" of his "family", but he was a follower as well. He drew inspiration and strength from their interest in and ability to seek out and embrace some of the Forbidden Truths of life, and I would bet that they directly inspired him to recognize/embrace some new and additional Truths that he most likely would not have realized on his own. Superior life forms can sometimes nurture each other, and yet at the same time we must recognize the fact that a majority of Seers of Forbidden Truth are isolated loners, who choose to detach themselves from most if not all directly interactive contact with fellow humans. Again in the above quote, recognize how Seer Charles is embracing the Truth of his victimhood status. He stands within himself, and upon himself, as a victim. I hate to keep harping on the same point, but it is incredibly valuable: Embrace the Truth that you are a victim. This is a core foundational platform, as you attempt to climb the ladder of Truth. "I am a victim, I will always be a victim, society is guilty of my victimization, and there is absolutely nothing negative, disempowering, or self-betraying in totally and unconditionally embracing this Truth." This is my ideological Truth, and as your Seer, I encourage you, if you are a genuine seeker of Truth, to try very hard to determine whether this Truth is applicable to you as an individual. And if it is, embrace it wholeheartedly, recognize that it is gloriously empowering, the embrace of this Truth. Seer Charles concludes the above quote with: "...long before your children of the '60's picked me up and my will from the leftover garbage of past wars you waged upon your young." This is a profound Truth, every ultra-diseased society literally and actually wages a war against every single generation of it's children. The goal of the war is to destroy the minds, hearts, and souls of as many children as possible, to render them compatible with the existing adult population, the vast majority of whom have had their minds, hearts, and souls destroyed by society when they were children. The destruction of every generation of children is critical to the ongoing operational stability and security of the existing societal/governmental system. No generation of children can be allowed to grow up sane, moral, or with any ability to respect/embrace Truth, because if this were to occur, the entire society would be thrown into chaos, the older generation of adults would declare war, literally civil war, upon the new generation of sane, moral, Truth-embracing young adults, and vice-versa, the sane and Truth-embracing young adults would attempt to seize power by eliminating the existing insane, lie-based societal structure and it's leadership. There is absolutely no reason why a society would choose to even try to not wage war, commit genocidal atrocities upon each and every generation of it's children. And in fact, even if by some bizarre quirk a societal leadership did attempt this feat, it would totally fail because the existing adult masses are tortured child-victims themselves, and would automatically defy any societal decree to not mold their children into their own insane and evil images, as well as to torture their children by using their child-slaves as cathartic Poison Containers.

"You gave them your blame, and all of your problems but no forgiveness. They were you---your reflections---yet you keep your children in cages and want new prison crosses for your own profits, and the same cycle continue as your judgments are pushed off to the unknowing people for more tax money in old and useless jobs."

You speak the Truth, Charles, as we all know a Seer of Forbidden Truth does! This is what you do, you blame your children for ruining your life, when in reality it is your society that has ruined your life. You don't blame society, because you are a beholden slave to society. You blame your child-slaves because your evil and diseased society instructs you to use your children as Poison Containers, garbage receptacles where you are instructed to deposit all of the stress, rage, fear, frustration, all of the negative emotions that exist within your True Reality, you are instructed to hurl and to impose upon, your child-slaves. All of your problems, your terrors, straight upon your child-slaves they go. But never genuine forgiveness, after all, your children are subhuman objects, they exist to serve you, this is the societal decree that you gratefully embrace. You should be begging them for forgiveness of course, for hours and hours every single day. You should be begging them to show you how to live life, how to recognize and accept Truth, how to escape from the bottomless pit of insanity and evil within which you are trapped, the pit that your society has thrown you into and trapped you within. But of course you can never do any of that. You can never act sanely, make a sane choice in life, because you operate under a totally insane structure which has been created and imposed upon you by a totally insane society. It's interesting how you can at least let slide some so-called "transgressions" by your child-slaves, but not others. For example, if the slave borrows your car without permission, is caught smoking marijuana, that you can let slide, because there is no major challenge to the insane delusions upon which you have built your lives around. But if the slave tells you he is gay, or tells you that he is defecting to Iraq, or tells you that he is becoming an atheist, or tells you that he intends to never hold down a job, you cannot let these things slide, you will likely disown, throw away your slave, eliminate him from your world, because he is directly "challenging" a primary delusion that you are heavily addicted to. The job of the slave is to meet your needs, to help you cope with your life, to let you take out your life frustrations and rage, in a violent and abusive manner, upon a living human being in a legal manner. This is what your society decrees. And so if the child becomes a little older and starts to defy the insane lifestyle path that your society has addicted you to, he is no longer serving his proper role, he is no longer reflecting and legitimizing your diseased and deranged image to you. So you toss him aside, throw him away, like garbage. He is no longer useful to you. You just love to demonize your children, and to destroy them. Punish them, make them suffer, in pure reflection of the Truth that you have been punished, you have been made to suffer, you have been tortured. "That is a bad child. Put him in a cage. Make him suffer. Let me think of him inside that cage, suffering. Ahhhh, that feels good, i feel better now that I know he is suffering. I suffered too, when I was a child. I guess I must have been bad too, that's what my mommy told me. It's okay, children should suffer. Back when i was a child I maybe didn't realize that I deserved to suffer, but I realize this now, society taught me. I suffered, and now that I am no longer a child, I can gain comfort by knowing and thinking about the fact that other children are suffering, as I used to suffer. Ahhhh, this feels good." subconscious reality within which most of you humans dwell, the subconscious reason as well as reasoning, for why you choose to inflict genocidal suffering upon your children, in many different ways, spanking, destruction of self-love mindset, cage lock via the judicial system, etc...

"Know this: from the prison graves the Christhead is no new trip, and the so-called Christians have been and are feeding on the blood of Christ children."

Gotta love a quote like this, right folks?! The fact is, every single mainstream, societally promoted religion, overtly encourages and legitimizes the mass victimization and abuse of children, in lockstep with the fact that all governments overtly encourage and legitimize the mass abuse of children. Remember, religion is a creation, an artificial construct, of government. Religion is used as a tool of terroristic coercion, to get most citizen-slaves to embrace the toxic ideological and behavioral agenda that the government seeks to impose upon it's citizen-slaves. All mainstream religions are fundamentally anti-child, as well as anti-human, the goal of religion is to victimize, oppress, subjugate masses of human beings, the exact same goal that government has. Is it fair to say that the christian religion is particularly heinous, that it was designed and structured to legitimize and encourage even more pervasive and brutal child victimization than most other religions? Absolutely! The fact that the most evil and diseased society on planet earth, america, operates as a christian fundamentalist government, is a great indication that this particular religion is somewhat more focused on promoting the ritualistic abuse of children, than most other religions, but let it be clear that every single mainstream religion that has the overt backing and support of any existing government, has a design structure that is overtly abusive to children.

"There are days when I get caught up in being the most notorious convict of all time. In that frame of mind I get off on all the publicity, and i'm pleased when some fool writes and offers to 'off some pigs' for me. I've had girls come to visit me with their babies in their arms and say, 'Charlie, i'd do anything in the world for you. I'm raising my baby in your image.' Those letters and visits used to delight me, but that's my individual sickness. What sickness is it that keeps sending me kids and followers? It's your world out there that does it. I don't solicit any mail or ask anyone to come visit me. Yet the mail continues to arrive and your pretty little flowers of innocence keep showing up at the gate. Hell, they don't know me. They only know what your world has projected and won't let go of."

What a beautiful quote! Note the pure honesty, the lack of self-consciousness, the ability to enjoy life, to revel in himself, the simple reality of his own life, that Seer Charles possesses. It is of course very gratifying not only to Charles, but to all Seers of Truth, including myself, to know that at least a tiny handful of tortured victim-creations of society have the insight and the initiative, to seek out a genuine Seer such as Charles, and express their personal admiration and appreciation of not merely him as an individual, but also the brilliant philosophies and ideologies of Truth that he represents and has chosen to grace the world with. The latter portion of the above quote, is where we get to the meaty issue. Our Seer asks: "What sickness is it that keeps sending me kids and followers?" The answer, very simply, is the horrific, fatal sickness of human society, and in this case particularly american society. Let it be clear, neither the child nor the adult "fans" of Seer Charles are sick because they seek out the counsel and attempt to draw personal strength from, the True Reality of Seer Charles. Absolutely not! The sickness that exists is within the very fabric and the very foundation of society itself. Those who seek out Charles are victims of society, seeking to cure themselves of the sickness that their society has perversely transmitted and inflicted upon them. And make no mistake, if anything can cure them, restore their sanity, rationality, love of self, and love of Truth, it is Seer Charles and the glorious mountain of Forbidden Truths that serve as medicine, an antidote, to the perversity, malevolence, and lie-based sickness of society. It is mostly young people who are most desperate and eager to gain the counsel of a Seer such as Charles. Why is this? It's because society attempts to literally destroy every single one of it's citizen-slaves. To destroy their sanity, self-love, ability to recognize and embrace Truth, ability to recognize the malevolent operational structure of society. This process begins on the very day that a child is born, and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the individual. Tragically, society enjoys great success in it's genocidal mission and goal. But of course a total destruction of a vibrant child who certainly tries to fight to protect his sanity and other instinctual character traits such as self-love and appreciation of Truth, is still a slow process. Some children are totally destroyed by the age of 12 or so, but others fight on, till their late teens or even their 20's. By age 35 or so however, only a tiny handful have still not succumbed to the daily efforts of their society to totally "break" them. This is why a Seer such as Charles attracts many more young supporters, than older supporters. These young supporters are still battling against the evil efforts of their society to break and destroy them. It is a desperate battle, for all but a tiny handful of untouchable Superiors who have managed to make their minds untouchable, such as I did. And in a desperate battle, you seek out and grab support from any and every possible source. Sadly, I believe that well over 80% of these young torture victims who did go to the effort to contact Seer Charles directly, in their attempts to cling to and embrace the Truths of life, eventually ended up being totally broken, abandoning both Charles and Forbidden Truth as a whole, as they became "normal and mainstream" members of society. But at least they tried, effort is worth praise, even in failure, as long as the effort is focused upon Superior, Truth-based goals. We must not condemn those who fail, of course. We must instead recognize them to be tortured victims of society. Our Seer answers his own question, and concludes the above quote with: "It's your world out there that does it. I don't solicit any mail or ask anyone to come visit me. Yet the mail continues to arrive and your pretty little flowers of innocence keep showing up at the gate. Hell, they don't know me. They only know what your world has projected and won't let go of." You don't need to solicit support, Charles. You are the representative embodiment of Truth. Genuine, profound, Forbidden Truth. There are precious few sources of such Truth that exist, within an ultra-diseased and lie-based society. The few sources that do exist are almost all literary, not sentient. There are no known living, breathing, sentient Seers of Truth out there. Except for Charles. And so naturally there will be a certain number of tortured child-victims, desperately trying to keep their minds, hearts, and souls from being totally destroyed, who will seek out Charles, instinctively as well as intellectually realizing that he has the ability, the literal ability, to save their lives, to save them from the horror of falling into the bottomless pit of insanity where all of you broken and destroyed "normal" members of society dwell. Seer Charles is of course correct in stating that nobody can possibly "know" him, simply from reading media coverage about him. This is societal media coverage, which is totally biased. However, if you restrict yourself to only reading verifiable, direct quotes from Charles, you can gain a fairly substantial understanding of the philosophical and ideological doctrine that Seer Charles embraces, although again, you certainly could not know him on a personal level. What you could know, for certain, is that Charles is a brilliant, courageous, incredibly insightful, Truth recognizing and Truth loving philosopher of the highest possible order, and you could also know, just from reading his direct quotes, that he has created for himself, despite a lifetime of the most evil societal victimization imaginable, a glorious haven of personal untouchability, that should be the envy of many multi-millionaires, presidents, kings, and other so-called "lucky" and "empowered" human beings, who very likely experience less of a sense of personal power, self-love, and untouchability, than Seer Charles has experienced and continues to experience, each and every day of his life.

"I'm nothing but the reflection of evil that goes through the minds of all those people who created the monster and keep pushing the myth to kids who don't know any better."

Yet again, Charles uses this most perfect of words, reflection, to reveal a profound and Forbidden Truth. It is you diseased creatures who have allowed the "evil monster", society, to rule your lives, to destroy you and all of the children born into your society. This evil monster is hidden, cloaked, like a priest all dressed up in his clerical uniform, as he watches all of the children in his congregation, deciding which ones he will rape. Just as the priest loves to demonize "satan" as a diversionary ploy to conceal his own predatory rage, society loves to demonize a Seer of Forbidden Truth such as Charles. The limitless, pulsating evil of society, is reflected by society upon Charles. Society decrees: "Here he is folks, here is your demon. Here is the demon who is enticing your children, brainwashing your children, imposing his evil will upon your precious children. Here he is, hate him! Don't worry, we love our children, we will keep this demon locked in a cage, we will punitively punish him, we will protect your children from this demon. He cannot harm your children anymore physically, but his words can still brainwash, so we will silence him. We will protect you even from his words." And of course it's all a perverse diversionary reflection. Society is the actual demon. Society genocidally entices and destroys children. Society brainwashes children, strips them of all ability to recognize Truth. Society imposes it's toxic will upon it's children. Society is worthy of the limitless hatred of it's created victims. Society hates children, decrees them to be worthless and subhuman, treats them as being worthless and subhuman. Society destroys it's children via the usage of invalid, misleading, brainwashing words, ideas, and definitions. Everything that society projects onto Seer Charles, in demonizing him, actually represents the pure and absolutely malevolent operational structure of genocidal child abuse that society itself operates under. A few tortured children are still sane enough to recognize and understand this Truth, that is why they seek Charles out, they seek the counsel of the one and only sane human life form that they know exists.

"I could have a parole and have no soul. I'll keep my soul and shirk your parole."

Charles the Poet, comin' at ya, right here! :-) Our Seer uttered this mini-poem at an actual parole hearing, if memory serves. There is profound Truth to be gleaned from this quote, make no mistake about that. Your evil and insane judicial system is designed to break all of the created torture victims that it manages to get it's hands on. Part of the malevolent breaking process, is to terroristically coerce prison inmates into "openly" betraying both themselves and the Truth, by expressing remorse, regret, and an "understanding" that what they did was wrong and they had no right to do it. These perversely coerced self-humiliations are expected to be committed by the victim at trial, just before sentencing, and at every parole hearing. Interestingly, but certainly not surprisingly, societal agents such as judges, jurors, and parole determination boards, have absolutely no interest in whether or not the societal torture victim is being sincere, honest, and Truthful in his expressions of remorse and regret. This is because Truth itself carries absolutely no value or importance, within your lie-based societies. The only interest of societal agents, is to get the tortured victim-creation to humiliate himself, to betray himself, to agree with his mortal enemy, that it has every right to victimize and punitively punish him. This personal humiliation by the victim, this begging for mercy by the victim of society, from the society that is guilty of his victimization, creates a rush of sadistic pleasure and sense of power for the societal agents who have been given the perverse power to inflict punitive punishment upon the torture victim, and so the societal agents are inclined to at least consider being "lenient" with the torture victim. If the torture victim is Superior, Truth-loving, and self-loving enough to refuse to humiliate himself, to refuse to beg for mercy, to refuse to pretend to feel remorse and regret over expressing his True Reality, he is of course totally demonized and the societal agents inflict the maximum degree of punitive punishment they possibly can. This is how you evil freaks reward lies and punish Truth. So our untouchable Seer tells the parole board: "I could have a parole and have no soul. I'll keep my soul and shirk your parole." Beautifully courageous embrace of Truth. The reality is, Seer Charles had already been so demonized by society prior to this particular parole hearing, that no amount of self-humiliation, begging for mercy, etc..., would have given him any chance of winning parole that time. But, if he had humiliated himself and lied at this parole hearing, and then again at the next parole hearing, and the next one and the next one, all the while engaging in other acts of self and Truth betrayal such as pretending to become a god freak, etc..., it would be theoretically possible, although still extremely unlikely, that maybe if he lived until age 90, a parole board might consider, theoretically, granting him parole. Well, our Seer is not a whore, he will not prostitute either himself or the Truth, to try and satiate the sadistic perversity of agents of the society that is guilty of his lifelong, undeserved victimization. No, our Seer knows that he is untouchable, he knows that he can thrive in any type of physical environment. He knows that all freedom resides within his own mind, in fact he even graced the world with a Forbidden Truth that expresses this exact fact, and is printed on this very page. :-) And so he tells the parole board the Truth, that he is not willing to lie and to humiliate himself, to betray Truth, just to court their good grace. It is they, agents of the society guilty of his lifelong abuse and mistreatment, who should be obligated to fall to their knees and beg him for forgiveness, as they renounce the bizarre notion that they or their society ever had any right of any kind to even try to inflict punitive punishment upon him. Let it be clear, it is not my intent to criticize those societal victims who do attempt to pander and lie to agents of the judicial system, in order to gain leniency or relief from punitive punishment. They have every right to employ every possible method in existence, to gain relief from the totally unjustifiable and undeserved punishment that their evil society is choosing to attempt to inflict upon them. Even a Seer of Forbidden Truth has every right to lie and to humiliate himself, in the name of personal gain, if his True Reality so allows/dictates. And yet at the same time, we must single our for special praise and admiration, the few torture victims who have made themselves untouchable enough, and who value Truth so much, that they refuse to pander to society, or to any societal agents, via an insincere display/expression of remorse, regret, and repentence.

"You can try to kill me a million times more but you cannot kill soul. Truth was, is, and will always be. You have beaten me, knocked my teeth out. You've drugged me for years, dragged me up and down prison hallways, laying my head on every chopping block you've got in this state, chained me, burnt me, but you cannot defeat me. All you can do is destroy yourselves with your own judgments."

What a glorious declaration of pure, untouchable self-love, this quote provides! The Martyr, the tortured victim-creations, stands tall and proud, he shouts to the world: "Look at me! I am your torture victim! And yet even as I proudly reveal the Truth of my victimhood and Martyr status, I simultaneously declare my untouchability. the Truths that I have devoted my life to honoring, not simply revealing, but living my life in honor and support of, these Truths are eternal. Seer Charles declares: "Truth was, is, and will always be", right in the middle of chronicling the perverse abuses and injusticies that the evil and diseased society guilty of creating him, has chosen to inflict upon him throughout his life. The Superior Seer faces up to all Truths, he does not buy into the insane "macho/stoic" ideological and behavioral coercion efforts of his evil society. He embraces the Truth of his victimhood, the Truth of his Martyrdom, with unconditional and unreserved pride, and in doing so, assuming he has also made his own mind untouchable, he emerges triumphant. For as long as he lives, until his very final dying breath, our Seer remains untouchable. He experiences pure power, pure omnipotence, pure untouchability, and nothing and nobody can take these glorious experiences away from him. Only death, that most perverse of injustices, can rob the Superior Seer of his triumphant untouchability. Our beloved Seer concludes the above quote with: " cannot defeat me. All you can do is destroy yourselves with your own judgments." You see fools, defeat is a state of mind. Your insane societies tell you that "victory" as well as defeat, are concrete experiences, one side attains "victory" in the insane war activity, one team emerges victorious while the other is defeated, within the toxic sports ritual, etc... But this is all a lie, an illusion, yet another example of a maliciously deceitful word. Victory and defeat are not concrete experiences based upon external events such as sports or war. Victory and defeat are internal experiences, emotional and ideological experiences of personal True reality. The Superior can and does experience victory, never defeat, in every single life activity or event that arises. You fools look at the Superior and judge him to have "lost", judge him to have been defeated. But in reality he has achieved victory, the type of victory that inferiors cannot even conceive within their own broken minds, which are addicted to invalid definitions of what constitutes victory and what constitutes defeat. With every effort that a society makes to "defeat" a Superior Seer such as Charles, the exact opposite result is achieved with the True Reality of the Superior. Every such effort makes the Superior stronger, happier, more untouchable. He revels in his victory, on a pure and Truth-based level, even as you sadistically celebrate what you invalidly perceive to be his defeat. Never forget this Truth: There are creatures among you, human creatures, that you cannot touch, ever. You can bring to bear all of the collective sadism, rage, insanity, and malice of your entire society against these torture victims and Martyrs, and yet even faced with this humongous weapon, attacked by this weapon, the untouchable Superior remains untouchable. He smiles, maybe he spits in your face, maybe he reveals a new nugget of Forbidden Truth to the world, but most of all, he remains perfectly and gloriously ensconced within the untouchable paradise of his own, self-created and completely real, True Reality. Contrary to the insane brainwashings of your societies, You do not need to die in order to go to paradise. No, you can create a genuine paradise for yourself, on earth, for every day of your life, and in fact this paradise is made even more glorious, when your enemy attempts to break and destroy you. Well, you pathetic inferiors cannot do this, but we handful of brilliant Superiors, we can and we do create a paradise for ourselves, and rejoice in our brilliance, our untouchability, our Superiority, the perfection of the limitless glory that is us, that we possess and that we give to ourselves. All that you inferiors are left to do, is ..."destroy yourselves with your own judgments." We celebrate each and every new destruction that you commit and reflect upon yourselves. We celebrate it all, with a purity of heart, mind, and spirit.

"My eyes are cameras. My mind is tuned to more television channels than exist in your world. And it suffers no censorship. Through it, I have a world and the universe as my own. So, save your sympathy and know that only a body is in prison. At my will, I walk your streets and am right out there among you."

This is the last quote of Seer and Martyr Charles that I have chosen to include here, folks, and I believe it is the perfect finale. All of the glorious Superiority of our Seer, is perfectly summed up and expressed within this brief but brilliant quote. Our Seer paints a gloriously vivid picture for us all, of how he experiences his reality, his day to day life, within the untouchable realm of his Superior mind. The mind of Seer Charles, his brain and his brain functionality, is untouchable. It is totally under his control. He creates a paradise of Truth for himself, and he revels within this paradise. The freedom, the power, the pleasure, the achievement, the omnipotence, that our Seer experiences, is limitless. The Superior experiences life and his own existence exactly as Seer Charles expresses in this sentence: "I have a world and the universe as my own." Yes! No external power or pleasure source, be it possessing a billion dollars, obtaining the adulation of billions of people, being the supreme leader of the most powerful and evil society on planet earth, none of that can genuinely create this internal experience of supreme reality, which Seer Charles so perfectly expresses: "I have a world and the universe as my own." What makes this experience of paradise so much more glorious, is that no human being, no human entity, society, or organization, no matter how powerful it may be, can strip the Superior of this daily experience of utopia. Yes, death will destroy this utopia, and certain organic brain function failures, such as Alzheimer's Disease, would also destroy this utopia. We must face up to this Truth. And yet even with these horrific dangers and ultimately unavoidable fate, our experience of life, as untouchable Superiors, is glorious. We are our own gods, we have made ourselves into a Superior, actually existing god, simply by the sheer will of our courage, brilliance, and self-love. For the past 32+ years, your society has tried to harm, abuse, victimize, and destroy Martyr Charles, and after all of your malevolent efforts, the actual Truth is that Seer Charles has not simply survived, not simply thrived, not simply overcome your sadistically evil and terror-based efforts, but he has used you and your evil, to become a god. He has experienced more pleasure, rejoiced in more satisfaction, achieved greater glory, created more beauty, reveled in more achievements, and bathed in the glory of more triumph, over these past 32+ years, than any other american human being who has ever been alive at any point in time, over the past 32 years! Furthermore, in a single day, a single, randomly chosen day, it is likely that Seer Charles has experienced greater emotional pleasure than many of you pathetic creatures are able to experience in an entire year, decade, or even your entire lifetimes. This is the glory that We, the handful of genuine, top-level, untouchable Superiors, experience within our own lives, and we experience this even as we embrace the fact that we are tortured victims of horrific abuse and injustice, even as we face up, via an embrace of Truth, to all of the horrific realities of life and death. And so at this point in time let us stop, close our eyes, open our minds, and pay an eternal tribute to Seer Charles, let us beg his forgiveness even as we recognize that humanity can never repay the debt it owes to Seer Charles. Let us celebrate the perfection and the Triumph of Martyr Charles, tortured victim-creation of 20th century american society, who has made himself into a god, the only real god that exists and that lives, via the pure perfection and Superiority of his own mind, will, and spirit. Let us pledge to ourselves, that we will not merely attempt to emulate the Superiority of Seer Charles, but that we will also never forget his benevolence in revealing Forbidden Truth to us, and we will never forgive the society that chose and continues to choose to try and abuse, harm, victimize, and destroy all of it's tortured victim-creations, including Martyr and Seer Charles Manson.

Friedrich Nietzsche:

After a great deal of personal as well as scholarly, Truth-based research and analysis, I have arrived at the conclusion that just as Charles Manson is the greatest known Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century, Friedrich Nietzsche was the greatest known Seer of the 19th century. Let me begin by explaining how and why there are no nationalistic or specific physical boundary restrictions, regarding the achievement of top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth status. Charles Manson is a tortured victim-creation of american society, and some people could argue that a majority of his revelations of Forbidden Truth apply most "directly" to american society, as opposed to other societies, because he is most familiar with and was most victimized by, american society. Friedrich Nietzshe was a tortured victim-creation of german society, and some would argue that because of this, his revelations of Forbidden Truth apply most directly and legitimately to german society. Let it be clear that this is a totally flawed and invalid notion. Even though a small percentage of Forbidden Truths might, in some cases, apply more legitimately to some societies than to other societies, the vast majority of all top-level Forbidden truths are universally applicable, to all societies and to all of humanity. Forbidden Truth is not bound or limited by any type of artificial, societally decreed nationalistic or cultural borders. Forbidden Truth is Natural Truth, it is not confined or limited by any type of unnatural nationalistic or governmentally induced cultural "differences" that might exist between groups of human beings. All of the most primarily profound Forbidden Truths cut across and transcend all ethnic, national border, language, and time period barriers. Tragically, all of Friedrich Nietzsche’s 19th century revelations of Forbidden Truth are in fact not only just as valid today as they were during the 19th century, but in many cases they are even more valid today, which beautifully illustrates and proves the horrifically regressive, devolving nature of the most diseased and deranged species of life on planet earth, humanity. Another important point that needs to be made, is that Seers of Forbidden Truth are under no obligation to commit "illegal" or "criminal" acts. Some Seers of Forbidden Truth do commit such acts, but others do not. Seer Charles committed such acts, while Seer Friedrich did not, to any major degree. The actual status of a Seer of Forbidden Truth, in terms of his Superiority to other human beings and to other aspiring Seers of Truth, is neither negatively nor positively impacted by the personally cathartic life path activities of a criminal or illegal nature that he may or may not choose to engage in. Now, all Seers of Forbidden Truth absolutely must and do despise and feel enormous contempt towards the society that they were born into, the society they were raised up within, as well as human society in general and as a whole. This hatred and contempt is a core, integral aspect of both their personality and their ideology, and without it, they could not and would not be able to recognize and articulate the Forbidden Truths that earn them the honorable title of Seer of Forbidden Truth. But, while every Seer retains the personal right to pursue a limitlessly broad set of life path activities, governed only by his own unique True Reality, no Seer has any obligation to manifest their Superior rage, hate, and contempt for humanity, via the commission of acts which human society may have perversely decreed to be criminal or illegal. Therefore, the fact that Seer Charles is most famous in terms of societal biography for being a "criminal", while Seer Friedrich is most famous for being a philosopher of radical thought and ideology, is quite meaningless. There is no legitimate distinction between these two Superior human beings. The greatest gift they have both given to humanity and to the universe, are their revelations and demonstrations of Forbidden Truth. They are Seers of Forbidden Truth, pure, profound, Seers, and this is the primary "label" or title that they deserve to carry.

Before I begin listing and discussing the Forbidden Truths of Friedrich Nietzsche, I want to note the fact that Seer Friedrich has a literary and verbal style that is totally different from Seer Charles. He expresses the Forbidden Truths of life in a more verbally and literary complex manner, than Charles does. This does not render his revelations of Truth any more or any less brilliant or profound than the Forbidden Truths which Seer Charles has graced us with, it simply requires us, those of us who seek to fully understand and immerse ourselves within the glory of Forbidden Truth, to perhaps devote a bit more time and attention to analyzing and rereading the quotes of Seer Friedrich, in order to gain a maximum amount of insight from his brilliant revelations. Please note that my comments to and analysis of Seer Friedrich’s revelations of Forbidden Truth may well be slightly shorter in length, than my comments/analysis of Seer Charles’ Forbidden Truths as revealed above. This is partly due to the fact that Seer Friedrich’s quotes are so intellectually complex that it would take a lot of space and time for me to examine and dissect them from all available angles, and partly due to the fact that by this point in time, with you creatures having had the opportunity to read and savor all of the previous brilliant pages of this Manifesto which I have graced you with, I expect you to be able to both understand and appreciate the below revelations of Forbidden Truth by Friedrich, to a significant degree, without any need for me to dissect each revelation from every possible angle. I certainly will discuss every single Forbidden Truth, and dissect the single most profound and important aspect of Truth that is revealed within the text of every single Forbidden Truth, but I will not be dissecting every single word or phrase of Seer Friedrich’s revelations of Forbidden Truth, as I did with Seer Charles. Another important point: Seer Friedrich’s native language was not english. The vast majority, in fact most likely all of the Forbidden Truths listed below, were originally written or stated by Seer Friedrich in the german language. They have therefore been translated into english, and we must realize that all translations are subject to some degree of possible misinterpretation. I do feel that in general, all of the below quotes accurately represent and deliver the exact and precise message of Truth that Seer Friedrich originally intended to deliver, when he wrote or stated them in his native language. But I do not rule out the possibility that minor interpretative/translation mistakes and/or misrepresentations of intended meaning, may have occurred, in the process of these Forbidden Truths being translated by other people, to the english language. Whenever complex philosophical and ideological concepts are translated from one language to another, there is always a risk that the intended meaning of the author may be distorted by the translator, either through deliberate malice, or simply intellectual/linguistic inferiority.

Seer Friedrich was born in 1844. He tragically perished in the year 1900, a horrifically short life, to be sure. As is the case with almost all Seers of Forbidden Truth, Friedrich possessed not simply a brilliant and courageous intellect, but an incredibly sensitive personal nature. He was a tortured victim-creation of human society, and like all Seers, he felt and experienced the horrific perversities and injustices of the evil and insane species that he was born into and enslaved by, and the evil and insane societal structures that were imposed upon him. Seer Friedrich only enjoyed 55 short years of life, but in point of fact, he was only able to enjoy approximately 45 intellectually creative years of life, because during the year 1889, our Seer experienced a severely traumatic incident which greatly compromised his intellectual/mental health for the remaining 10-11 years of his life. This incident is described quite vividly in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: "On the morning of January 3, 1889, while in Turin, Nietzsche experienced a mental breakdown which left him an invalid for the rest of his life. Upon witnessing a horse being whipped by a coachman at the Piazza Carlo Alberto, Nietzsche threw his arms around the horse’s neck and collapsed, never to return to full sanity." It is hard for me to conjure up even a fictional incident, that would more perfectly illustrate the sensitivity, the moral Superiority, the intrinsic benevolence towards morally superior species of life that we Superiors and Seers possess, and the simmering rage and outrage stemming from the horrific injustices and perversities that we, Superior Seers and tortured victim-creations of your insane and evil societies, are subjected to on a literal daily basis as we wade through the excrement of your genocidally evil and deranged societal rituals, policies, ideologies, and doctrines. Let us also recognize this incident as a life lesson for us Superiors, illustrating to us the profoundly important Truth that none of us are "invincible." Life is a war, and we must be ready for battle each and every day of our lives, we must be prepared, ready, and able to defend ourselves and to defend Truth, to stand up and give ourselves limitless self-love, every single day. To never allow our untouchable defenses to be penetrated for even a single moment during the course of our entire lives, because that single moment of tactical failure can have catastrophic, lifelong consequences. All pain, suffering, empathy, emotional distress that we might ourselves experience as a result of victimization committed against us in the past, present, or future, as well as all unjust pain, suffering, empathy, emotional distress that we might experience upon witnessing profound injustice being committed against a morally superior living thing, such as Seer Friedrich witnessed on that fateful day in 1889, must be automatically turned into rage, hate, contempt, and properly directed outward. This is what I have trained my mind to do, and I am very confident that it will never betray me. I have perfected this process through the strength of my own will, to the degree where absolutely no conscious effort is required. Pain, suffering, distress, these emotions are automatically, without any conscious effort on my part, and within a millisecond of time, converted and transcended to the emotions of rage, hate, contempt, always directed outward, while at the same time my mind and heart swell with pride at my superiority, my self-love, my untouchability. If I were to stumble across a scene of a human being brutally torturing an animal, no positive emotion would be felt or directed towards the animal. No, only intellectual Truth would be embraced, all positive, empathic emotion would remain directed towards myself. I would not "share" the suffering of the animal, on any level, be it emotional or intellectual. Instead, I would share in the rage and hate of the animal torturer, recognizing and embracing the Truth that he is a tortured victim-creation of his society, of human society. The ultimate Superior loves himself, recognizes and totally embraces the Truth that he is a profound victim, and does not personally identify on any type of an emotional level, with any living thing that is being victimized, upon witnessing such victimization, but instead both intellectually and emotionally identifies with the victimizer, in complete recognition and acceptance of the Truth, that the victimizer is at least as great a victim, in most cases a greater victim, than the life form that he is victimizing, and even more profoundly, that he has a Sacred right, on all levels, to avenge his victimization as he and he alone deems appropriate, based upon his unique True Reality. Always recognize yourself as a victim, embrace this precious Truth, but do not ever allow your society to victimize you further by causing you to embrace invalid, hypocritical notions of moral injustice when it comes to how other living things treat each other. Friedrich should have made his mind so untouchable that witnessing the horse being tortured by a human being, should have provoked nothing more than intellectual recognition and acceptance of the fact that he was simply witnessing a real life manifestation of the brilliant Truths regarding humanity, that he was totally aware of and had already expressed many times, in written and philosophically integrated form. He should have felt pride and love of self, joy at witnessing a real-life manifestation of Truth, humanity exposed and revealed for what it is, pathetic, evil, insane, as Seer Friedrich already knew humanity to be, upon witnessing this scene of human perversity, not any type of emotional pain or suffering or distress which seems to have played some role in causing his tragic mental collapse on that particular day, at that particular time. The emotions of rage and hate, if properly controlled and channeled, would not cause a mental collapse. But the emotions of pain, suffering, empathy, especially if misdirected and not under control, can easily cause a profound and tragic emotional collapse.

Please understand folks, I am in no way criticizing Seer Friedrich, and I am in no way implying that he was weak at any point in his lifetime. But the Truth that I am revealing is that life is a war, evil societies and governments hurl wave after wave of torture upon us, trying to break us, destroy us, get us to betray ourselves. Pain is a weapon of war, used by societies against their citizen-slaves. If your society convinces you to embrace the pain of other living things as your own, pain that it is responsible for and guilty of inflicting upon all living things who are within the clutches of it’s control and influence, it succeeds in breaking you, in destroying you. Embrace your own pain, embrace the Truth of your own victimization, recognize it, accept it, embrace it, then transform it into rage, hate, contempt. This is a pure act of self-love, and of course society condemns it viciously, declares it to be outrageously unacceptable, simply because it is a Truth-based manifestation of self-love, and involves the tortured victim-creation of society refusing to destroy himself, finding the strength and instinctual self-love to target society, to blame society, to hate society, in recognition of the horrific guilt that society bears for his torturous victimization. But never embrace the pain of other living things, in terms of your emotions. Intellectually, you can focus upon the pain of other living things, but never emotionally. Emotions are weapons, you possess these weapons, and society possesses these weapons. Society seeks, each and every day, to use these weapons against you, to break you of your self-love, your devotion to Truth, your untouchability. You must and you can resist all of these attacks, deflect all of these weapons as they hurl towards you each day. The first step is to recognize that you are under attack, recognize that your society is attacking you, and recognize exactly how these emotional weapons are being deployed against you, together with how you can counteract and deflect them. Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Charles, Myself, and Friedrich are usually excellent at deflecting all such daily attacks. And Seer Friedrich absolutely did an excellent job of this, each and every day of his life, until that fateful day in early 1889. The tragedy of life as a Superior human, is that all it takes is a single moment of weakness, to be destroyed. Literally a single moment where you, for some reason, have let your tactical guard down. A lifetime of Superior untouchability, can be "wiped away", via a single moment of weakness, a single moment where the untouchability barrier is lowered, penetrated, compromised. Of course the good news is that certainly not every single momentary lapse of tactical untouchability will have catastrophic or permanently negative consequences for the Superior. But some will, and it is an immense tragedy that Seer Friedrich’s momentary lapse did carry such severe and permanent consequences. Let it be clear that the biographical record of See Friedrich’s life does indicate there may well be other contributing factors to Seer Friedrich’s mental collapse on that day, including compromised physical health as well as possibly other sources of mental distress including organic/contagious/disease-based mental illness. However, it is more important that we all, those of us who are Superior Seers or aspire to develop our minds to achieve Superior Seer status, must recognize that regardless of how untouchable we make ourselves, regardless of how high a level of self-love, embrace of Truth, and tactical defense we build and create for ourselves, life will still always be a daily battle. For example, I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, am 100% untouchable, but, I am only 100% untouchable because each and every day of my life, I make a conscious and direct effort to maintain, fortify, strengthen my untouchability. It is not simply a matter of attaining untouchability and then being able to "quit" the battle, since untouchability has been achieved. Untouchability can be achieved, but just because it is achieved, in no way means that it will somehow automatically, magically, maintain itself. Once achieved, we must maintain our untouchability, we must work on this every single day, we must recognize that on a daily basis, society is still launching brutal attacks against us. Our ability to successfully deflect all such attacks, is the Truth-based definition of untouchability. But just because we are untouchable right now, at this exact point in time, does not mean that we will automatically always remain untouchable for as long as we live. And even with regular, daily maintenance, there can be no 100% guarantee that we will remain untouchable until our dying breath. It is very possible that we can remain untouchable. I certainly feel very confident that I will remain untouchable until my final breath. I think it is 99.9999% likely that I will remain untouchable. But I will not embrace the delusion that I am "guaranteed" to remain untouchable for my entire lifetime just because I am currently untouchable. Always face up to the Truths of life, do not embellish them or attempt to stretch them out beyond their limit, this is the Superior ideology to embrace.

Some humans, even sincere seekers of Truth, might say that the fact that Seer Friedrich apparently committed no major "crimes" in his lifetime, and was able to feel so much emotional distress at age 45 upon witnessing a morally superior creature being abused, that he suffered a mental breakdown, serve to make him a more "sympathetic" figure, than someone like Charles Manson. This would be a perverse, irrational, totally illegitimate notion. We, all tortured victim-creations of society, deserve to receive a limitless, unconditional, and pure amount of sympathy and atonement. The notion that our degree of victimization can somehow be either enhanced or diluted by the personal actions that we might undertake in our lives, is not merely intellectually illogical, but it is one of the clearest, most obvious demonstrations of utter moral hypocrisy, imaginable. Society is responsible for our victimization, and this same society attempts to "reward" us for agreeing to continue to victimize ourselves, by passing less of a negative judgment against those victims who agree to accept and embrace the legitimacy of societal doctrine and decree, in the life choices and life activities we engage in. The Superior recognizes this to be the ultimate in terroristic moral hypocrisy, as the victimizer, society, is attempting to impose behavioral standards upon it’s own torture victims, standards which have no valid basis in rationality, Truth, or reflectivity. Standards which far exceed, by a factor of many thousands, the degree of morality, decency, and respect for life within which the society and government itself, operates. All individual human victims, and all Seers of Truth, are entitled to a limitless, unconditional amount of sympathy, as much as they want, from society, government, all societal and governmental institutions and agents. Any human who dares to embrace the notion that the behavioral and lifestyle choices that any victim might make, could have any type of bearing upon the degree of sympathy and the level of victimhood status that a victim of society might "deserve" to be given, is a perverse, irrational hypocrite who has bought into the deranged brainwashings of his evil society. Seers of Forbidden Truth are more than just victims. We remain and will always be victims, of course. But we have used the Truth of our victimization to transcend the lies of human society, we have exposed humanity for what it is, and in the process we avenge ourselves, to a degree. You creatures and your societies/governments owe us far more than just limitless sympathy and atonement, which you owe to every single one of your tortured victim-creations. You owe us, literally, "the world." We have exposed the Truths of life, we have exposed you creatures and your societies, as being unworthy of existence, based upon the limitless evil and inferiority that you have structured and built your human societies and governments within and upon. So, what you owe us is your eternal devotion, your freedom, your lives, your worship. We have shown you the Truth of what you are, we have found the strength of will and of mind, to prove a Truth that you cannot even bear to contemplate, the Truth that your species is unworthy of continuing to exist. We, people like Charles, Friedrich, and Myself, do not merely tell you that you are evil, diseased, pathetic, deranged. We explain to you, in specific, concrete detail, exactly why you are evil, diseased, pathetic, deranged. We literally prove, via our revelations of Truth, that we are your Superiors. And this is why, if you creatures were sane, you would destroy all of your societal and governmental structures, and install us as the new "leaders" of the human race. This may sound bizarre, but it is a Truth: The fact that we recognize that the human race is so diseased that it does not deserve to continue to exist, renders us the only human beings who are qualified to become empowered leaders of humanity. Whatever tiny, remote hope that the human race could possibly have, of regaining a right to exist as a species, lies totally in our hands, in the hands of the tiny handful of Superior Seers of Truth such as myself, who are able and have chosen to articulate and reveal the Forbidden Truths of life as well as outline comprehensive operational and structural reforms which are based upon Truth and sanity. I know, you pathetic creatures would gladly die a million times over, before you would ever consider trying to face up to these Forbidden Truths, much less embrace the brilliant reforms you have been undeservedly graced with. But this does not change the fundamental Truth, that we Superior Seers deserve to rule over you, we deserve to be the rulers of the human species, and the only hope that the human species has, to avoid extinction, would be to make us your rulers, to empower us to create, design, structure, and implement a totally new way of life, based upon Truth, for all of humanity to live under.

Seer Friedrich tragically lost his precious and irreplaceable life on August 25, 1900. To me, the year of his death holds special meaning. It is True that none of the Forbidden Truths that Seer Friedrich has graced us with would be any less valid or profound if he had died in 1899 or in 1901, but the fact that he died in 1900, the exact year that the 19th century ended and the 20th century began, strikes me as so profoundly appropriate. A superior philosopher, looking back at the history of humanity, cannot help but be fascinated by the question of what if, hypothetically, the human race that was living between 1850 and 1900, had been sane and Superior enough to recognize that Seer Friedrich was the most brilliant and important Seer of Truth of the 19th century, and had wholeheartedly, on a worldwide scale, embraced and accepted all of the lifestyle and ideological proposals, actually revelations of precious Truth, that Seer Friedrich chose to grace the world with prior to his death, just as the 20th century was dawning??? I know, in reality it could not have happened, there was no chance, and there still is no chance, 102 years after our seer’s tragic death, that even one human out of a million, can embrace the Truth that Seer Friedrich could have saved humanity from itself, if only his revelations of Forbidden Truth were universally accepted and embraced. But still, this tantalizing question remains, what if??? It is obvious to me that right now, approximately 4 generations after Friedrich’s death, since a single generation of children grows up over the course of about 25 years, humanity would be living within a paradisiacal environment, if the Forbidden Truths of life that Seer Friedrich graced us with during the latter half of the 19th century, had been accepted and embraced by humanity, all of humanity of course, not just german or any limited nationalistic group of humans. I’m not saying that life would be "perfect", I’m not saying that all of the insane perversions of human life would be totally eradicated by now, just because the human species had embraced all of the Forbidden Truths revealed by Seer Friedrich, and began living their lives based upon all of these Forbidden Truth, around the year 1900. But it is obvious to any sane thinker that compared to the absolute hellhole of evil, genocide, and insanity that humanity is currently hopelessly trapped, human life would be quite paradisiacal by now, 100 years after Seer Friedrich’s death, if a genuine, worldwide human movement in which all of the Truths revealed by Seer Friedrich were accepted, embraced and used by humanity to create a new, worldwide culture based upon Truth, was initiated, in the year 1900. So many horrors would be gone by now, chief and foremost the Insane God Myth. Human beings would know themselves, because they would know Truth. They would value themselves, as they would value Truth. They would understand their own motivations, they would see themselves as they Truly are, as Seer Friedrich so brilliantly and accurately saw them. Humanity would have spent the past 100 years trying to overcome it’s genetic inferiority and perversity, because it would recognize and accept the fact that it is genetically perverse, as revealed by Seer Friedrich. Enormous scientific advances would have occurred during the 20th century, thousands of times greater than actually did occur, thanks to the rejection of superstition, insane war rituals, etc…, as instructed by Seer Friedrich. Even on issues that Seer Friedrich might not have directly addressed in a detailed manner, tremendously positive progress would have been made by humanity, simply by following the general, overall instruction by Seer Friedrich on how valuable and important it is for humanity to uncover and seek out the Truths of life, as regards all types of situations. The human species that would exist on planet earth today, assuming that an embrace of Seer Friedrich’s revelations of Truth had been undertaken beginning even as late as 1900, the year of his tragic death, would be totally unrecognizable as human, by the utterly insane and diseased humans who in reality currently infest planet earth. A human being from today’s world, "real" 2002, magically transported to this alternate 2002 world, a world that had spent the 20th century evolving and manifesting the Truths of Friedrich Nietzsche , would not be able to recognize his own species as being human, so radically different would every aspect of the society and culture be. This is all because at least in theory, despite all of it’s genetic and intellectual derangement and inferiority as a species, the human child, if exposed to genuine Truth, if protected from insane and toxuc lies, still retains the ability to evolve with some degree of sanity. Therefore, the eternal, unrelenting cycle of insanity can, at least in theory, be positively broken, via a single, mass, collective, worldwide embrace of Truth. But of course there is a "catch", the simple Truth that it is 100%, totally impossible for humanity as a whole to somehow summon forth, out of nowhere, this ability or even a desire, to embrace Truth. It’s impossible! You can’t even recognize it, you flee from it in terror. So all we have here is an initial revelation of Truth regarding what humanity would be like today if Seer Friedrich had been hailed as a brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth in the year 1900, combined with a second, equally undeniable revelation of Truth that the first revelation of Truth, while totally accurate on a "theoretical" level, could never have become an actual reality in real life, due to a third Forbidden Truth, which is that the human species can never and will never be able to break free of the endless cycle of societally and governmentally induced and legitimized lies, myths, insane hypocrisy, hatred and rejection of all Truth, within which the human species is hopelessly entrapped.

I hope that the tiny handful of Superiors who read this Manifesto are able to recognize that in exactly the same manner that Seer Friedrich would have "changed the world, completely altered every single aspect of human life in a positive way", if the revelations of Forbidden Truth that he chose to grace humanity with in the 19th century had been accepted and embraced, the Forbidden Truths that I Myself, within this very Manifesto, am choosing to reveal to humanity and grace humanity with right now, would "change the world and completely alter every single aspect of human life in a positive way", within 100 years, by the year 2100, if they were to be accepted and embraced by humanity today, in the year 2002, as I type these words. But of course you pathetic creatures threw away the chance to save yourselves that Seer Friedrich graced you with in the 19th century, you threw away the chance to save yourselves that Seer Charles graced you with in the 20th century, and you will now throw away the chance to save yourselves that I, The Seer of Forbidden Truth, am gracing you with here in the 21st century. The wonderful news, as far as I’m concerned, is that I have truly graced you with your final chance. You have finally reached critical mass as a species, you have reached the point of no return, where species extinction, thanks to technological advances, is no longer simply a theoretical possibility, but has become an absolute certainty, with the only question being exactly when and how long it will take, for the initiation of the series of events which will dawn the actual extinction to the human species, to occur. I am quite hopeful and confident that I will live long enough to witness this glorious dawn, the dawn of the end, the dawn of extinction, where every single human child, all of the trillions and trillions of children that human society has chosen to genocidally torture, victimize, and murder, is posthumously avenged, via the extinction of the species guilty of their victimization, their soul, mind, and body destruction. I know, it’s a hollow and useless form of vengeance, since most of these trillions of children will not even exist, will not even be alive to witness this dawning of extinction. And yet it is a beautifully appropriate ending, and I promise to do everything in my power to stay alive for as long as it takes to witness this dawn. I will rejoice in this dawn of extinction, not simply on behalf of myself, as a tortured child-victim of human society, but on behalf of all the trillions of trillions of human child-victims, throughout the history of the existence of humanity, who were denied the opportunity to witness and rejoice in the extinction of their evil species. And of course it will be a tortured child-victim or perhaps several tortured child-victims, Bush, Saddam, Osama, the exact name identity is currently unknown, but the important thing is it will be a tortured child-victim of human society, who will actually succeed in creating this dawn, succeed in extincting all of humanity, thus avenging the suffering and torment of every child to have ever lived as a torture victim within human society. The circle will be complete, a species that never deserved to exist in the first place, a species that has proven and continues to prove, on a daily basis, has in fact proven trillions of times over, that it does not deserve to exist, will finally cease to exist. "Justice", the only legitimate and valid form and manifestation of justice, will finally be served.

Okay, back to Seer Friedrich we go. I hope all of you creatures are able to appreciate Seer Friedrich’s below revelations of Forbidden Truth, just as much as Seer Charles’ above revelations. Let us understand that to some degree, it certainly was intellectually more difficult for a mid 19th century Seer to both formulate and articulate these types of profound and philosophically complex Forbidden Truths, than it was for a mid 20th century Seer. Not a lot more difficult, but just a little, due to the fact that even fewer Forbidden Truths were "floating" around within the verbal or literary universe of humanity in the 19th century, than the 20th century. Forbidden Truth builds upon itself, when it is recognized as such by a Superior or Seer, on either a conscious or a subconscious/subliminal level. The more Forbidden Truth there is within the consciousness of a society, the easier it is for Seers to seize and build upon such Truth. I’m not saying that Charles Manson necessarily knew about the philosophies/writings of Seer Friedrich. It is quite possible that Charles has never even read or heard a single direct quote/revelation of Truth that Friedrich has graced the world with. And yet even if this is the case, the Forbidden Truths of Seer Friedrich were still "out there", they were still floating around within the human universe, throughout Charles’ lifetime. The actions of other people, the philosophies and ideologies and outlook on life that other people had, people who may have had contact with Seer Charles, likely were influenced to some degree by the Forbidden Truths of Seer Friedrich. So Seer Charles, simply by interacting with those other human beings, sharing life philosophies with them, even if he never directly read or studied the philosophies and Truths of Seer Friedrich, was able to benefit to a small degree, from the collective influence that these Truths had, on some of the people that he came into contact with. This is why I say that Forbidden Truth feeds upon itself, it is so rare and precious that whenever "new" Forbidden Truth is created, becomes known within human society even to a very limited number of people, it still helps to inspire both the embrace of Forbidden Truth by select Superiors, and the realization and creation of new, more profound, Forbidden Truth by the even smaller handful of top-level Seers who specifically and deliberately attempt to and choose to devote a primary portion of their lives to uncovering and expressing and expounding upon the Forbidden Truths of life. As far as the "modern era" of humanity, I would say Seer Friedrich was more of a groundbreaking pioneer in terms of revealing fundamentally profound Forbidden Truth to humanity, than Seer Charles. This certainly doesn’t mean his Forbidden Truths are more valuable or more important, it simply means that like all "pioneers", his achievement can be seen as being just a small bit more impressive and important, because it helped create a "new path" for future Seers, possibly even more brilliant than he was, to embrace his Forbidden Truths and build upon, deepen, strengthen, expand upon them, without having to come up with the fundamental Forbidden Truths all on their own.

I also want you, as you begin working through these revelations of Forbidden Truth, to realize just how incredibly diverse and wide-ranging Seer Friedrich’s brilliant insights are. In my opinion, it is Seer Friedrich’s remarkable dissection and destruction of all aspects of the Insane God Myth perversion of humanity, which is his greatest gift to the universe. But there are literally hundreds of other profoundly precious Forbidden Truths, totally apart and separate from the Insane God Myth, that our Seer graces us with. Top-level Seers such as Myself, Charles, and Friedrich, do not limit ourselves to focusing upon and exposing Truth within a narrow set of parameters or within only a few issue topics. No, we recognize and understand that the universe of Forbidden Truth is incredibly broad, and that we must approach our task with an understanding that absolutely all aspects of human society, behavioral and ideological, are absolutely seeped within, soaked through with, built upon, and sustained upon, utter lies, myths, and deranged, invalid thinking/belief. And there is a thread of connectivity that runs between these thousands of structural lies, myths, and derangements. The only proper way to try and expose the insane, lie-based structure of human society, is to attack, renounce, repudiate, expose, and condemn all of the structural and behavioral lies and myths that exist, because to focus only upon a specific segment of evil societal lies, such as the insane god myth for example, would not only prove less effective in terms of revealing Forbidden Truth as a whole, but it might actually strengthen, to a small degree, the perverse illusion of legitimacy that other evil and insane societal lies and mythologies, which are not directly ties into the insane god myth, enjoy. Seer Friedrich does an incredibly brilliant job of revealing and exposing the perversity of humanity from all possible angles, on all types of ideological, behavioral, and psychological issues. I am so proud to be able to personally honor groundbreaking Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Friedrich and Charles, via this Manifesto. There are so few of us, who manage to survive long enough and make the conscious choice to, reveal our brilliance to the human species and to the universe as a whole. For those of you who may be wondering, I certainly do consider myself to be a groundbreaking Seer of Forbidden Truth, but I am not interested in "comparing" myself to Seers such as Charles or Friedrich. Life is not a contest or a competition, contrary to the insane mindset of you inferiors. I know what I am, and I am proud to follow in the footsteps of groundbreaking Seers such as Charles and Friedrich. Yes, it is quite possible that in the future, human/child torture victims may well follow in my footsteps. If they do so, they will be demonstrating profound Superiority, just as I have demonstrated profound Superiority by following in the footsteps of Seers who have preceded me, who have helped me to develop and expand upon my own brilliant realizations and revelations of Forbidden Truth. Let us all, those of us who seek Superiority, always remember to pay proper homage to the groundbreaking Seers who have preceded us, to honor and thank them for setting us upon our own journey and path towards Truth. I expect to receive such honor and homage, recognizing that I, in the early part of the 21st century, through this Manifesto as well as many other life activities and creations, am indeed playing an extremely major role in enhancing and building upon the Forbidden Truths which Seers such as Charles, Friedrich, Anton Szandor LaVey, Theodore Kaczynski, Carl Panzram, and a few other Superiors, have chosen to grace humanity with during the 19th and 20th centuries. We are exclusive members of an extremely rare, profoundly elite, sub-segment of humanity. We can never be in "competition" with each other, because we are united on a core level, in our devotion to uncovering, understanding, embracing, disseminating, and building upon, all of the Truths of life, humanity, and existence. In life and in death, we revel and rejoice in the recognition of our own brilliance and superiority as individual creatures, as well as our collective brilliance and Superiority as a sub-segment of the human species. I am therefore limitless proud to be able to publicly and permanently link myself and my Forbidden Truths, with those of Seer Friedrich Nietzsche, as well as Seer Charles Manson, of course. Do I completely agree with all, or even most, of Friedrich's philosophies and ideologies? Certainly not! And yet I am proud to recognize Friedrich as being a fellow Seer of Forbidden Truth, a brilliant, courageous, insightful seeker, finder, and disseminator, of Forbidden Truth, which is what I am. This is the basis of our profound link, the link that all top-level Seers of Forbidden Truth have with each other. We do not need to agree on every single philosophy, idea, or revelation of Truth. In fact, our bond and link is enhanced, to a small degree, by the modest differences that we retain as individual Seers. It is the genuine, sincere, sane, courageous, Truth-based quest to uncover the Forbidden Truths of life, which constitutes the core basis of our bond and link. We recognize that even Forbidden Truth, is evolutionary in nature. It is appropriate that we disagree, that we alter and build upon the Forbidden Truths revealed by other Seers who have preceded us in terms of the evolutionary passage of time. We work not in competition with each other, but as a cooperative force, always seeking to enhance and strengthen Truth, to express and reveal it with as much precision, detail, and accuracy as we possibly can, while at the same time never rejecting or altering any of the core, foundational Truths which have already been revealed to us and recognized by us as being universally applicable and undeniably valid. We can certainly build upon these core, foundational Truths, but they are not to be altered in terms of their core revelations of Forbidden Truth.

There are just a few more profound points that need to be made before we move on to the actual Truths of Seer Friedrich. This one is extremely important: Perversely, despite being an incredibly prolific author and brilliant philosopher, Seer Friedrich was completely unknown among the general public, right up until his death, both in his native Germany and across the world. As is always the case with Seers of Forbidden Truth, Friedrich’s lie-based society went to extreme effort and length to make sure that his revelations of Forbidden Truth were not made available to the masses of citizen-slaves, and that if a few citizen-slaves were to become aware of his philosophies, they would be terroristically coerced into rejecting and renouncing both Seer Friedrich and his revelations of Truth, as being nothing more than "the crazy rantings of a madman." Every lie-based society will always react with mortal terror and brutal condemnation and malevolent, fascist rejection, towards any Seer of Forbidden Truth and of course by proxy, to the actual Forbidden Truths that the Seer is revealing. Whether or not the Seer achieves fame or infamy via some other venue, has no bearing upon the brutal condemnation, demonization, and suppression of his work, that the Seer of Forbidden Truth is subjected to. For example, Charles Manson achieved "fame" within american society by committing what society chose to perversely and invalidly label as an "infamous, evil crime." He was and is a Seer of Forbidden Truth, but has received absolutely no recognition or acknowledgment within american society as being a Seer of Forbidden Truth. Friedrich Nietzsche did not achieve any type of fame within his society during his lifetime, despite and because of, having chosen to not commit any major "crime". In other words, his evil society certainly did not reward him for not becoming a "criminal", by recognizing him as being a brilliant philosopher and Seer of Truth. No, of course not, it simply imposed the exact same type of demonization, condemnation, and ridicule of his revelations of Forbidden Truth, that american society imposed upon Seer Charles. In point of fact, if Seer Friedrich had committed a major, high profile crime, he would have garnered quite a bit more fame during his lifetime than he actually ended up receiving, but just as is the case with Seer Charles, this fame would have been based not upon his status of being a brilliant philosopher of Forbidden Truth, but rather a demonized, decreed "evil" criminal. The main point I am making here, is that in terms of the specific issue of gaining the honor and reverence that we, as Seers of Forbidden Truth, deserve, we are in a 100% "lose-lose" situation, due to the profound evil and derangement of all lie-based human societies. Nothing that we do can or will gain us the acknowledgment and recognition that we deserve, for being brilliant Seers of Forbidden Truth. Even if we become "famous" via some other type of venue or activity, our Forbidden Truths will still be condemned, demonized, rejected, ridiculed, even though at least a very small percentage of human beings might become aware of and interested in our Forbidden Truths if we continue to stridently declare them, as is the case with Charles Manson. If we fail to become "famous" via some other venue or activity, the evil and lie-based society will have an even easier time in either totally suppressing or totally demonizing/condemning/ridiculing the Truths that we reveal, as was the case with Seer Friedrich during his lifetime. During his lifetime, Seer Charles has been able to get his revelations of Forbidden Truth exposed to a slightly larger, but still extremely small audience of human beings, than Seer Friedrich was able to do during his lifetime. Yes, there is a tiny bit of validity to the claim that a better "mass media" system existed during the latter half of the 20th century, than the latter half of the 19th century, and internet technology has made the dissemination of Truth somewhat more feasible today, than it was during Friedrich’s lifetime. But the bottom line remains that no Seer of Forbidden Truth has ever or will ever be able to reach any type of a significantly large audience, without his Truths already having been brutally demonized, condemned, ridiculed, and declared insane, by evil and insane, lie-based societies. This is the tragic Truth of the situation. It is accurate to conclude that in some situations, assuming that the Seer survives, is not legally murdered, and is able to maintain some access to the media and to the outside world, it might be possible for a Seer to deliver his Forbidden Truths to a somewhat larger audience, after achieving fame through some other venue. But both he and the Forbidden Truths he reveals, will be so relentlessly demonized and condemned that only a tiny handful of fellow Superiors and tortured child-victims who are courageously embarked upon a journey to specifically seek out the Truths of life, will even give any consideration to the revelations of Truth that the Seer graces humanity with. On the flip side, a Seer who does not become famous through some other venue, will also be brutally demonized and condemned as crazy, etc…, and on top of this, society will have an even easier time, in some ways, of brutally suppressing and hiding, in fascist fashion, from all members of the general public, the Truths that the Seer attempts to reveal. The media, in all societies, is under the direct, fascist control of the government. If the Seer has no other "claim to fame", beyond his revelations of Forbidden Truth, the government has an even easier time in convincing the entire mass media to totally ignore the revelations of Truth that the Seer makes. The media itself exists solely to pander to, reassure, feed the governmental line, to it’s audience. The audience has absolutely no interest in any type of Truth, of course. In fact it will flee in terror and literally destroy any mainstream media source that dares to deliver Truth to it. Therefore, and notwithstanding "fringe" communication resources such as the internet, which is also completely under governmentally fascist control, it has always been and it remains today, 100% impossible for any Seer of Forbidden Truth to successfully deliver his revelations of Truth to any significant audience, or to deliver his revelations of Truth to even the tiniest group of human beings, without it first being filtered through the evil and insane, demonizing and condemning, Truth-hating and lie-based strainer of mainstream societal and governmental fascism. This is just as true for "famous" Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Charles Manson, as it was true for "obscure" Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Friedrich Nietzsche, during his lifetime.

Some of you diseased creatures will no doubt proclaim, "Hey Seer, Friedrich Nietzsche isn’t really obscure, at least not anymore. He is recognized as a philosopher, his writings have been widely published and distributed, his philosophies have been openly discussed, he is not really being condemned as a madman in all circles, these days." Well, I will reply as follows: "Hey inferiors, despite the passage of well over 100 years since Seer Friedrich graced humanity with hundreds if not thousands of specific, brilliant Truths, not a single one of these 1000+ Forbidden Truths has been genuinely accepted, or embraced, or even overtly recognized as constituting Truth, by any modern society of humans on planet earth. Seer Friedrich and his Truths have in fact been relentlessly dismissed, demonized, condemned, ridiculed, and rejected, at every turn, by all of humanity. All societal and governmental leaders have indeed gone out of their way to dismiss the Truths of Friedrich, consistently labeling both him as an individual, and the Truths he has revealed to the world, as being "crazy, insane, stupid, bizarre, invalid, nonsensical, unacceptable, abnormal", etc… The fact that some of his writings are accessible to some human beings, if they go to extreme lengths to seek them out, in no way negates the Truth of the absolute and utter suppression, condemnation, and demonization of this brilliant Seer and all of his revelations of Truth, which occurred throughout his entire lifetime and continues to occur today, over a century after his death, with just as much fascist, Truth-hating, terroristic zeal. Your society is so evil and desperate to suppress all Truth, that it makes people like "Weird" Al Yankovic, Monica Lewinsky, Chelsea Clinton , Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, people who have contributed not a single iota of valuable Truth to any aspect of human existence, far more famous and better known than a Seer of Forbidden Truth such as Friedrich Nietzsche, who still today, 100+ years after his death, has the power and the ability to literally save the world, save humanity, if only his revelations of Forbidden Truth were understood and embraced wholeheartedly by humanity. If Chelsea Clinton were to hold a press conference today and declare: "I am pregnant", every single mainstream news media organization based in america would replay and publish this declaration by Chelsea over and over, devote a million lines of text and hundreds of thousands of hours of media air time to this declaration, despite the fact that it would have not a single iota of bearing or importance upon the actual lives of any human being outside of Chelsea, her Sacred Family Unit, her helpless new slave, and of course the poor sap who impregnated her, who is now enslaved to her for the rest of his life, and she to him. Meanwhile, not a single mainstream media outlet in america has likely published a single quote of Friedrich Nietzsche’s over the past year, despite the fact that an embrace of the Forbidden Truths of Friedrich by the populace would totally and completely change every aspect of the day to day life of every single human being in america, in a profoundly positive, Truth-based manner, by compelling a complete destruction of and altered, Truth-based rebuilding of all of the diseased, deranged, evil, lie-based design and operational structures of human society and government. This is governmental fascism of news media at it’s purest, things that are totally pointless, meaningless, utterly lacking even an iota of newsworthyness, are insanely obsessed over by every mainstream news media source, while an ideology of Truth that could and in fact likely would, if embraced, literally save the human species from extinction, is 100% ignored by every single mainstream news media source that exists within the society. Unbelievable, the perversity of you creatures! The saving of the human species from extinction is not newsworthy. The creation of a fetus inside of a specific woman’s womb is supremely newsworthy. This is the decree of the american government to it’s media whores, the decree of the media whores to you, the audience, and on top of everything else, the demand that you diseased Truth haters make of your media. You want the Chelsea Clinton pregnancy to obsess over, you reward your media for providing you with this "news" story, and for suppressing and totally hiding from you the greatest, most important news story imaginable, how 100 years after his death, the most brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 19th century can still today, save the human species from extinction. As always, you diseased creatures get exactly what you deserve, exactly what you want, and you consider this to constitute "freedom". You are brainwashed from the very day of your birth, to hate, condemn, flee in terror from all Truth. You are taught to be a slave, first a child-slave, then a citizen-slave, and you spend your pathetic lives desperately sucking at the diseased, toxic, poisonously evil teat of your society and your government. "My news media is free, as long as it withholds and suppresses all Truth from me and from all of my fellow citizens. Ahhh, this is so glorious, I am free, I live in a free society. I love my freedom. I am free to reject all Truth, and to compel my media to withhold all Truth from me. What a wonderful thing this is, to be free. I’m so glad I enjoy freedom, thanks to my precious, wonderful society and government." It is True that during Seer Friedrich’s lifetime, the so-called "mass media" was significantly underdeveloped in terms of it’s ability to reach out to vast segments of the human population, when compared to today. And yet the exact same operational and structural dynamic within which the media is controlled by the government, and the determination of what constitutes "news" is determined by the government, existed back in the latter half of the 19th century, as exists today, as the 21st century blooms in all it’s fetid noxiousness. All revelations of Forbidden Truth inspire absolute terror among societal leaders, and this is why throughout all of human history, the exact same pattern of demonization, ridicule, shunning, suppression, condemnation, and destruction, has been perversely inflicted upon all Seers of Forbidden Truth, by their societies, governments, and their empowered agents, such as psychiatric institutions/professionals, prison and judicial systems and operators, etc… How dare you creatures even pretend to have the authority to label any human being as "insane", "evil", or "wrong", when the societies that you choose to live as members of, have literally proven themselves to be millions of times more insane, evil, and wrong, within any type of a quantitative, unbiased analysis. Not an iota of rational or sane progress towards an embrace of Truth within any modern human society, has occured over the past 102 years, since Seer Friedrich’s death. The exact opposite has occured, as the human species continues to devolve. All of the primary Truths of life are feared, condemned, rejected, even more stridently, universally, and obsessively today, than in 1900. And as always, it is the governments and the societies that you creatures choose to live as members of, choose to grant terroristic control of your lives to, who orchestrate this mass, systemic and toxic denial and rejection of all of the most precious and valuable Truths of life. Limitless rage is what any Superior thinker and Truth-seeker must feel, both emotionally and intellectually, upon contemplating the fact that Seer Friedrich was denied all credit and all recognition for being the single most philosophically brilliant Seer of the 19th century throughout his entire lifetime, and even extending across the entire 20th century of human existence after his tragic death. The mind reels in amazement when contemplating how totally different the evolution of humanity during the 20th century would have been, if somehow, miraculously, you pathetic creatures living between 1860 and 1900 could have found the courage, sanity, rationality, and respect for/recognition of Truth, to realize that you had a brilliant Seer living amongst you, and had rejected all of the insane god mythology, governmental brainwashing, and evil ideological derangements that were malevolently imposed upon you as citizen-slaves, in favor of embracing and "worshipping" this brilliant human being and the precious Truths, literally hundreds of different remarkable Forbidden Truths, that Friedrich so generously chose to grace all of humanity with. But no, that didn't happen back then, it hasn't happened since then, and it cannot happen in the future. It can't happen. You creatures were insane, genetically diseased, Truth-hating, evil, perverse, hypocritical beyond all measure, back then. And now, in the year 2002, you are many times more insane, genetically diseased, Truth-hating, etc..., than you were back then. This is because a process of human devolution is underway. Not evolution, but devolution. With each generation, the degree of human genetic perversity increases, the ability of human beings to recognize and accept Truth decreases, the toxic stranglehold of evil and insanity that was wrapped around your necks when you were children, is wrapped even more tightly around the necks of your children, with you playing the primary role, destroying your children as a suppressed and denied reflection of the destruction and torment that you have endured within your own childhoods and lives. And so we, Charles, Theodore, Friedrich, Anton, Carl Panzram, Myself, and a few other Seers, journey through our lives alone, reveling in our brilliance and untouchability, loving ourselves with a passion that none of you inferiors could ever envision, even as our hearts and minds swell with contempt, rage, hate, in recognition of your inferiority as a species, and the torturous victimization that we have been forced to endure as a result, guilty of nothing more than having the random bad luck to be born a slave within the most perverse and diseased species on the planet. We cut a path of Truth through planet earth, through our world, and yes, it does belong to us, we create our own Truth, within our own untouchable minds. Like a machete cuts down weeds in the jungle, we stab our blades of Truth directly through the heart of humanity. And yet we ultimately accomplish nothing more than honoring/immortalizing ourselves. This is because words of Truth are useless, in a lie-based society. Deeds of Truth are equally useless, in a lie-based society. There is nothing that any of us Seers of Forbidden Truth can say or do, which would cause/allow you pathetic creatures to break free of the toxic stranglehold that your limitlessly evil societies and governments have upon you. No words, no philosophies, no revelations of Truth can accomplish this feat. No deeds, not a mass murder, not a mass suicide, not a mass suicide involving mass murder such as with the 9/11/01 plane hijackings, not a serial killing spree, not a war, not a refusal to fight in a war, not a soldier turning his gun on his fellow soldiers, not a Seer crawling into a nuclear missile silo and chaining himself to an actual missile, would accomplish this feat. But that’s okay, because most of us, and this is certainly True for Myself, have absolutely no interest in or desire to help you creatures in any way, shape, or form. We do what we do, in terms of revealing Forbidden Truth, to honor and immortalize ourselves, to create an eternal record of the injustice, the perversity, the insanity, the evil, that this society and species of creatures, at this particular point in time, on this particular planet, in this particular solar system, perpetrated upon us, us Superior victims. We create this record not for humanity to ponder in the future, because humanity has no future, beyond extinction. We create the record for ourselves, and for any Superior species who might someday choose to study and investigate this diseased species, to try and figure out exactly why it became extinct.

There is only one "solution", the extinction of the human species. You creatures have proven that extinction is the only solution. You’ve proven this trillions upon trillions of times, and you continue to prove it each and every day of your current lives. The Truth is there, it's laying there, just waiting for you to grab it. And yet there is no chance that you will grab it. No chance. Friedrich has been dead for approximately 102 years already. His Forbidden Truths, the Truths that he devoted his life to revealing, are right there, all you have to do is reach out and take them. But no, instead, for 102+ years, you have collectively spat upon Friedrich and spat upon all Forbidden Truth, while gleefully pursuing the most insanely evil, diseased, deranged, genocidal lifestyle paths that any creature could have ever imagined. It is this Truth which proves that you, as a species, deserve nothing more and nothing less than extinction. Well, on that cheerful note, we will close this Introduction and allow Seer Friedrich to reveal his Forbidden Truths to us. It is time yet again, for you creatures to open your minds and immerse yourselves within the glory that is top-level Forbidden Truth. Please note that Seer Friedrich's revelations of Truth will appear in italicized, red print, while my commentaries on Friedrich's Truths will appear in black print, without italics. I strongly urge all Superiors to read all of Seer Friedrich’s essays and texts, many of hich are available in book form. The three best online resources for information on Friedrich as well as additional quotes, are:

Friedrich Nietzsche Society
Pirate Nietzsche Page
Google Web Directory: Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 19th Century
This is Friedrich Nietzsche, the most brilliant known philosopher of Forbidden Truth of the 19th century. As you might imagine, photography was still a somewhat novel enterprise back in the 19th century, and as a result, unfortunately, very few good photographs of Seer Friedrich exist. This image of Friedrich does appear to be somewhat enhanced and modified, primarily via colorization. But it is still an absolute glorious image, my very favorite image, by far, of Friedrich. A unique picture of a uniquely Superior human being, a human being so much more evolved than the typical human creature, that it is sometimes hard for me to believe that he was of the same species as you inferiors. All you creatures had to do to save your species, right around 1870 or so, was to decree Friedrich to be the "leader of the world." Made him your "god", all of humanity should have done this, and you would have saved your species. But it’s all water under the bridge now. All we can do now is gaze upon the visage of Seer Friedrich, mourn the lifetime of injustice that he is a victim of, shed tears of rage at the reality of his death, and take comfort from the fact that he, like all the trillions of other victims, will ultimately be avenged. Unlike humanity, Seer Friedrich’s Truths will live on. Truth is eternal, it cannot be destroyed or extincted, and yet at the same time, lets find the courage to embrace the Truth that Seer Friedrich’s life achievements are in fact still utterly worthless. Everything we do in life is worthless, a factual reality rooted within the horrific Truth of what death actually entails. Thank You, Seer Charles, for honoring yourself and the universe via the revelation of brilliant and unique Forbidden Truth. Every single one of the trillions of torture victims of human society, culture, and government, owes you a debt of gratitude, for articulating and establishing in literary form, the Truth about the insane, diseased, and evil human cultural systems and structures, that have victimized them. But the greatest debt is of course owed by society itself, it’s leaders and empowered agents. Thank You Seer Friedrich, for breaking free of the toxic stranglehold that your evil society attempted to impose upon you, and destroy you with. You are and will always be, an inspiration to all Superior seekers of Truth, throughout the universe, for all of eternity.

***The Forbidden Truths of Friedrich Nietzsche***

"Every word is a prejudice."

We begin with a very brief, five word revelation of Forbidden Truth which is still, despite it’s extreme shortness, one of the very most important, valuable, and profound Forbidden Truths of all the many hundreds that Seer Friedrich graces us with. "Every word is a prejudice." What this means is that, exactly as I have outlined in my Essay on Societal Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool, the societally decreed meanings and definitions of many words, have absolutely no basis in rationality, Truth, or sanity. Society and government manipulates and controls the meanings of words, in such a way that you, the mass populace of broken and brainwashed sheeple, cannot do anything other than view reality through a diseased, tainted, invalid lens of prejudice. The prejudices which dictate your perceptions of reality are not random or isolated, they are a cohesive force implanted within your mind, via the use of words, by the manner in which words, terms, sentences, ideas, are put forth by and presented to you by, your societies. This is a very simple, and yet at the same time profoundly important Forbidden Truth, most especially because you inferiors cannot find the intelligence or the rationality to recognize and understand that this pervasive form of terroristic misrepresentation of meaning/definition is being imposed upon you, for the purpose of terroristically controlling how you perceive every imaginable aspect of life and of reality. If you were sane and Truth-seeking, the very first step you would need to take in order to begin unraveling this massive monstrosity of brainwashing, would be to simply accept, with 100% certainty, the Truthful validity of this five word revelation of Forbidden Truth. If you could accept the fact that every word is a prejudice, you could begin to try and unravel these prejudicies, and uncover the Truths that your evil and diseased societies conceal from and deny to you for each and every day of your lives, very specifically using words, language, and definitions of not only single words, but entire phrases as well as ideological concepts.

"What then is truth? A mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms -- in short, a sum of human relations, which have been enhanced, transposed, and embellished poetically and rhetorically, and which after long use seem firm, canonical, and obligatory to a people: truths are illusions about which one has forgotten that is what they are; metaphors which are worn out and without sensuous power; coins which have lost their pictures and now matter only as metal, no longer as coins."

This is typical of Seer Friedrich’s writing style. It is certainly far more complex in terms of vocabulary and sentence structure, than Seer Charles’ revelations of Forbidden Truth. But amazingly, despite this vast gap in literary/expressive style, the actual content of the Forbidden Truths that both of these brilliant Seers reveal, is sometimes nearly identical in terms of the philosophical Truth that they are revealing/expressing. This is a profound question, of course, "What is Truth?" Seer Friedrich’s definition is intellectually complex, but from my perspective it is quite clear: One form of Truth, the invalid form, is the form that is based upon the societal imposition of belief and ideology that is simply not factually valid, but rather an illusion, upon it’s citizen-slaves. A different form of Truth, which may or may not be more factually valid, depending upon the relative Superiority or inferiority of each individual human, is based upon their individual interpretation of the sum total of life experiences and ideologies that have been imposed upon them, throughout their lives. That is the "True Reality" version of Truth. The third, and by far most valid and legitimate form of Truth, is based upon an embrace and acceptance of factual reality, sane and rational facts. This is the primary form of Truth that I have devoted this Manifesto to revealing. The point that Seer Friedrich is making above, is an absolutely brilliant and profound Truth. He is instructing us that our perceptions of what constitutes most forms of Truth, have been imposed upon us by human society. The manner in which we perceive reality, and this is even true for some genuine Superiors, is not "pure", it is not based upon our pure, natural, or instinctual minds, but rather it is based upon the malevolent, insane, irrational, hypocritical lies, masquerading as Truth, that human society has imposed upon us since the very day of our birth, and throughout every single day of our lives. Of course there are different levels of Truth perception, and Superiors as well as Seers of Forbidden Truth are often able to perceive the vast majority of all aspects of life, from a "purely" Truth-based perspective. But even so, our experience of life cannot be based 100% within Truth. This is impossible, because our very lives as Superiors are based upon having been born into and victimized by, a lie-based society. It is important to realize this, even as we embrace all of the Forbidden Truths of life, we must recognize that we are products of and tortured victim-creations of a lie-based society. No matter how "pure" our realizations of Forbidden Truth are, the Superior inspiration from which they have been realized and embraced, has it’s roots in tainted lies. This in no way negates or compromises the validity of Forbidden Truth, but it should serve to illuminate how and why our perceptions of reality, our perceptions of the experience of our own lives, have been shaped and dictated by society, society which is profoundly lie-based. The second portion of Seer Friedrich’s above quote expresses beautifully, the brainwashing nature of societal lies. Societal lies that are repeated long and fervently enough, and that provide false comfort to enough humans, are universally embraced as constituting Truth, by you inferior creatures, even though they actually represent malevolent, in many cases genocidally evil, lies. The most horrifically harmful aspect of the "lie cult" of society, is that you broken creatures, you infectees, have totally lost all ability to even challenge or question the validity of the millions of insane and evil lies that your society imposes upon you, as well as upon all of it’s citizen-slaves as a whole. Seer Friedrich talks about this later on, in a brilliant revelation of Forbidden Truth regarding the notion of "faith". Faith is the most toxic, diseased, harmful "feeling", it doesn’t even deserve to be called an "emotion", that exists within the human species. "Faith" in god, faith in government, faith in ideological notions, these are the foundational roots of the blindness that afflicts all of humanity. It is this disease, of "faith", which allows and causes the plague of societal lies to infect and destroy the human species.

"We still do not know where the urge for truth comes from; for as yet we have heard only of the obligation imposed by society that it should exist: to be truthful means using the customary metaphors - in moral terms, the obligation to lie according to fixed convention, to lie herd-like in a style obligatory for all…"

Fascinating quote! As far as I am concerned, human beings are born with an ability to appreciate and value, as well as an instinctual desire to seek out, the Truths of life, But, and this is a big but, this inborn instinct has already been tainted by genetic disease within the species, and it is therefore extremely fragile and vulnerable. It is therefore quite easy for evil and diseased societies to attack, compromise, and destroy this instinctual desire for Truth that children are born possessing. I am convinced that the "urge for truth", as Seer Friedrich describes it, is instinctual. Truth has value, animals live their lives based upon instinctual Truth, except for some "domesticated" animals like dogs which have been maliciously stripped of their instinctually True natures as a result of genetic manipulation and brainwashing, ridiculously referred to as "training", by humans. Now, just as Seer Friedrich declares, society tells it’s citizen-slaves that truth is a good thing, truth has value, etc… But the problem is, what society decrees to represent truth, in reality represents absolute lies, insane, evil, genocidally harmful lies. I am in awe of the latter portion of the above quote: "to be truthful means using the customary metaphors - in moral terms, the obligation to lie according to fixed convention, to lie herd-like in a style obligatory for all." What a beautifully evocative way to reveal the Forbidden Truth that according to societal decree, the actual definition of truth is: "lies that are conventionally accepted by a majority of the populace, lies which carry with them the illusion of moral decency." This is how your lie-based societies, actually define the concept of Truth. "To tell the Truth, you must lie", is the utterly deranged ideological mandate of society, never openly stated or admitted, of course.

"Truth.-- No one now dies of fatal truths: there are too many antidotes to them."

What a perfect one sentence revelation of the toxic stranglehold that lies hold over humanity, within all currently "civilized" and modern human societies. This Truth was just as valid during the 19th century, as it is today, it is one of the "universal" Truths. Throughout all of human history, evil and diseased societies, governments, and cultures, have artificially created and induced among the populace, on a constant basis, a limitless number of "antidotes" to Truth, which in reality were and are toxic, supremely harmful lies, which do serve a very real societal purpose, evil as this purpose is. The intention of society is to help citizen-slaves cope with the horrific injustices that the societal/governmental leaders seek to impose and inflict upon them, as well as allow the tortured and victimized citizenry to reject and renounce the horrific, unbearable Truths of life, Truths which would greatly compromise the ability and the willingness of many citizen-slaves to continue functioning within the perverse behavioral and ideological parameters that societies desperately seek and demand from their broken citizen-slaves. Lie-based societies have literally built their cultures and all govermental/ideological operating systems, from a foundational level, upon a platform of pure, profound, and utter lies. Therefore, every single citizen-slave born into the society has a literally limtless number of comforting lies to grab ahold of, at all times and in all situations. This is what Seer Friedrich means when he declares that nobody ever dies of fatal Truth, because of the limitless number of antidotes which exist. These antidotes are lies, societally created and legitimized lies, which are imposed upon all citizen-slaves, and even the tiny handful of Superiors who choose to reject all such lies, are still bombarded with them on a daily basis, to the point where all it takes is a single, brief, momentary episode of mental weakness or vulnerability, for a toxic lie to take root within either the subconscious or conscious reality of every human being. It is lies that kill and destroy human beings on a genocidal scale, the lies that are inspired by societal rejection of, ridicule of, and condemnation of, Truth. An embrace of genuine Truth never causes any person to harm or kill himself. Humans who choose to overtly victimize themselves, do so as a result of their inability to recognize and embrace the Truths of life, which is caused by the experience of the individual of being born into, raised by, and living as a citizen-slave of, a lie-based society. An embrace of Truth can "inspire" a person to harm or kill other people, but this is only because the person is a tortured victim-creation of a lie-based society. And of course it is the embrace of lies which causes trillions upon trillions of human beings to be harmed/killed, while an embrace of Truth only causes a minuscule, microscopic fraction of harm or death to occur. What is desperately needed by humanity, is an antidote to lies, not an antidote to Truth. But as always, you inferiors do everything upside down. To embrace the lie-antidotes would require you to courageously face up to and accept all of the horrific Truths of life. You can’t do that, you are too broken and inferior.

"Because we have for millenia made moral, aesthetic, religious demands on the world, looked upon it with blind desire, passion or fear, and abandoned ourselves to the bad habits of illogical thinking, this world has gradually become so marvelously variegated, frightful, meaningful, soulful, it has acquired color - but we have been the colorists: it is the human intellect that has made appearances appear and transported its erroneous basic conceptions into things."

What a gloriously sweeping declaration of top-level Forbidden Truth we have here! You diseased, Truth-hating creatures devote your lives to imposing your unnatural, lie-based, perversely deranged delusions and illusions, upon planet earth, upon life itself. You create illusions of morality in order to deny the Truth of your genocidal evil. You insist upon perceiving the events and structures of your life, as well as the operational design structure of human society, in an aesthetically tainted, irrational, invalid manner. You impose your inferior terrors upon the world, to genocidal effect, via the creation, popularization, and imposition of things like the Insane God Myth, upon your fellow humans, including your supremely vulnerable and Truth-seeking child-slaves. You are ruled by terror, supreme and ultimate terror. The entire structure of human society, all of it’s primary ideology, are built upon a foundation of pure and utter terror. The only way you can sustain your delusionary existences, is to insert illogical thinking and belief and ideology, within every single aspect of your lives. There is nothing wrong with the "world" in and of itself. Everything that is wrong with the world, the species known as humanity is responsible for making wrong, and it is your perceptions of the world, fatally tainted by your rejection of all Truth, which are not only totally wrong in and of themselves, because they are totally lie-based, but these false and invalid perceptions are also directly and primarily responsible for the havoc and destruction that you creatures choose to wreak upon the world, it’s morally Superior species, your fellow humans, and of course each and every generation of your own helpless children, whom you choose to genocidally destroy and mold into your own diseased images. I love how Seer Friedrich ends the above revelation of Truth: "(The world) has acquired color - but we have been the colorists: it is the human intellect that has made appearances appear and transported its erroneous basic conceptions into things." This is so perfectly stated! Humanity has imposed it’s diseased, lie-based, terror-based perceptions upon the world, and in doing so, an entire universe of genocidally harmful lies has been built, a universe so intricate and interwoven that no human being, save for a tiny handful of Superior Seers of Forbidden Truth, has the ability to even begin to push aside the enormous, immovable mountain of "erroneous basic conceptions" upon which human society has been built and designed, and terroristically compels it’s citizen-slaves to accept and embrace throughout every aspect and the entire course of their lives.

"We have arranged for ourselves a world in which we can live - by positing bodies, lines, planes, causes and effects, motion and rest, form and content; without these articles of faith nobody could now endure life. But that does not prove them. Life is no argument. The conditions of life might include error."

Let us understand this: If human beings cannot embrace the Truths of life, and if society legitimizes, encourages, instructs, and literally compels human beings to embrace lies, myths, and hypocrisy within all aspects of their lives, and if in fact the embrace of these lies, myths, and hypocrisies is not only rewarded by society, but also provides absolute comfort, false as the comfort is, to human beings, then it is a certainty that the vast majority of all humans will choose to both create and embrace within their own minds, a totally artificial and invalid perception of reality, within all aspects of their lives. Your society creates a world of illusion, to allow you to cope with your life via the rejection of Truth, and to allow it to impose it’s genocidally evil behavioral and ideological/lifestyle doctrines, upon you. Seer Friedrich tells us: "without these articles of faith nobody could now endure life." This is an accurate insight, but it is only accurate because humanity has lost and been stripped of the ability to accept/embrace the Truths of life, deliberately and maliciously, by society. This stripping is begun on the very day that each helpless child is born, and continues with relentlessly grinding force for each and every day of the child’s life. Yes, there is a component of genetic disease experienced by every newborn, involved in this horrific outcome, of human beings being unable to endure a life that involved the embrace of Truth. But the significantly greater component is the relentless imposition, via terroristic brainwashing, of lie, myth, hypocrisy, and "faith"-based ideology upon all children as well as all human beings, by their societies. Let us understand that when society decrees "faith" to be a good thing, when society encourages you to accept any notion, idea, or ideology, within the linguistic parameters of "faith", what society is doing is attempting to get you to embrace absolute untruth, absolute lies and myths, while cloaking this fact. You cannot even begin to recognize and accept the fact that you are embracing toxic lies and myths, because this word, "faith", whose definition has been perversely structured to reject and cloak all indications of lie and myth, is inserted within the notion, idea, or ideology. It is these totally invalid "articles of faith" which serve the role of crutches, propping up your diseased and deranged societal, cultural, and governmental systems. Articles of faith are in fact unprovable. They are unprovable because they are not True, they are lies, falsehoods, cloaked within mysticism and insane thought. The more eager a society is to get you citizen-slaves to embrace any ideology or notion within the "faith" context, the more certain you can be that this ideology/notion is not only totally false, but also genocidally harmful.

"When we hear the ancient bells growling on a Sunday morning we ask ourselves: Is it really possible! This, for a jew, crucified two thousand years ago, who said he was God's son? The proof of such a claim is lacking. Certainly the Christian religion is an antiquity projected into our times from remote prehistory; and the fact that the claim is believed - whereas one is otherwise so strict in examining pretensions - is perhaps the most ancient piece of this heritage. A god who begets children with a mortal woman; a sage who bids men work no more, have no more courts, but look for the signs of the impending end of the world; a justice that accepts the innocent as a vicarious sacrifice; someone who orders his disciples to drink his blood; prayers for miraculous interventions; sins perpetrated against a god, atoned for by a god; fear of a beyond to which death is the portal; the form of the cross as a symbol in a time that no longer knows the function and ignominy of the cross -- how ghoulishly all this touches us, as if from the tomb of a primeval past! Can one believe that such things are still believed?"

When I read and reread this quote, my heart literally begins to race. Why? Because it is one of the most eloquently stated repudiations of the Insane God Myth that I have ever read. So many times over the course of my own lifetime, despite being an immense torture victim of human society, I have still marveled in amazement at the insane and toxic antics of you diseased creatures. I have been amazed that any version of the insane god myth, no matter how comforting it may be, could possibly be embraced by any sane creature, even as I recognize that you creatures are not sane. Even if you are insane, this toxic myth is so blatantly transparent, I can’t see how you are able to maintain your insane delusion as constituting Truth, within your own minds. Seer Friedrich brilliantly points out that the christian religion, as well as all manistream religions, is a toxic relic of the genetically diseased human mind. But an even more profound insight is the utterly insane nature within which you creatures demand proof of many claims, and yet when it comes to the insane god myth, you literally "demand that no proof be provided to you." How convenient for you, as you continue to desperately cling to your insane delusions. Somebody wants to be a barber, a cop, a doctor, they are required to prove their competency, under a test-based system. But god, a creature who does not even exist, does not have to prove anything to you. Not only does he not have to prove that he is omnipotent to you, he doesn’t even need to prove that he exists, in order for you to sign over and sacrifice your very lives to him. How utterly pathetic! Seer Charles concludes the above Forbidden Truth with what I consider to be the ultimate battle cry of all Seers, Superiors, and Truth-seeking tortured victim-creations of human society. He cries out in rage, frustration, disbelief: "Can one believe that such things are still believed?" In other words, how is it possible that things which are unbelievable, things which can be seen, recognized, and understood as being ludicrously invalid and illegitimate by any sane creature, are in fact actually accepted, embraced, and perceived as constituting Truth, believed and embraced, by the masses of inferior human creatures?? Even though we know that it is True, and we understand why you inferiors embrace these unbelievable perversions of thought and ideology, it is still extremely hard for us Superior Seers to intellectually believe that you creatures can be this diseased, so totally broken and Truth-hating that things which have been proven beyond all rational doubt to be totally unbelievable, continue to be declared totally believable, and embraced as constituting factually accurate Truth, by the vast majority of all human beings on planet earth! So this is our Superior war cry of Truth: It is unbelievable to us that the entire design and operational structure of modern human society, has always been and continues to be based upon and rooted within, unbelievable beliefs.

"Christianity was from the beginning, essentially and fundamentally, life's nausea and disgust with life, merely concealed behind, masked by, dressed up as, faith in "another" or "better" life."

Right on target, Seer Friedrich! The vast majority of human beings, on a subconscious level and somewhat less often on a conscious level, hate themselves and consider their lives to be intrinsically worthless, due to an instinctual realization of Forbidden Truth, regarding the horrific consequences of what death entails, as well as societal brainwashing which teaches the insane doctrine that there are "better" things to be experienced, than being alive. Things such as heaven, pleasure, comfort, ete… Religion is both the inspiration and the manifestation of this perverse human ideology, in which terror of the Truth regarding death, is displayed and reflected within a mindset in which life itself is devalued and decreed to be if not totally unimportant, then certainly not the most important aspect of "being", which is what life is, by far, the most precious, important, irreplaceable experience within the universe of reality for each sentient life form. It is terror of the Truth of what death entails, which inspires you diseased creatures to agree to devalue, compromise, and sacrifice your lives. The most effective way you can come up with to deny and reject the appropriate terror that you should feel when contemplating your own death, is to invalidly and inaccurately minimize to yourselves the actual consequences of what your death will entail. This is where the evil and insane societal ritual of religion steps in, with society promoting religion via the deranged claim that a god creature can provide you with a paradisiacal existence which transcends death. An existence so paradisiacal that it is in fact better than being alive. This is how your evil societies convince you to throw away, sacrifice, risk your lives and your health. By convincing you that there are worse things than death, and that the moment you die you will begin to experience an existence which is in fact "better than life itself." Of course both of these philosophical notions are utterly ridiculous and transparently false, but that doesn’t matter, you creatures couldn’t care less about whether a comforting delusion has any basis in factual Truth. Once again we see Seer Friedrich’s brilliantly on-target use of the word "faith", from a Truth-based perspective. Faith=lies, untruths, but on a more profound level, "faith" functions as a delusional bridge concept, allowing society to impose insane lies upon it’s citizen-slaves, and allowing the citizen-slaves to embrace these insane lies, without either party having to even consider/examine the question of whether they are dealing in lies, because a different term, "faith", is employed. A term that is definitionally defined in a positive light, so that both society and you citizen-slaves can and do feel proud that you "have faith", even though all this means from a Truth-based perspective, is that you are proudly embracing insane lies. There is nothing better than life, and there is nothing beyond death. Nothing for all of eternity. Your cowardice, stupidity, inferiority, mental derangement, and pathological rejection of Truth, is manifested by your refusal and inability to face up to these facts, and your insistence upon embracing religious mythology, because it provides you with the ability to hide from and reject these profound Truths.

"A Jesus Christ was possible only in a Jewish landscape--I mean one over which the gloomy and sublime thunder cloud of the wrathful Yahweh was brooding continually. Only here was the rare and sudden piercing of the gruesome and perpetual general day-night by a single ray of the sun experienced as if it were a miracle of "love" and the ray of unmerited "grace." Only here could Jesus dream of his rainbow and his ladder to heaven on which God descended to man. Everywhere else good weather and sunshine were considered the rule and everyday occurrences."

I think it’s important to note that despite the fact that in some revelations of Forbidden Truth Seer Charles singles out one religion over another religion for appropriately vehement condemnation, it is clear that the entire insane concept of a god creature existing, and the manner in which this ridiculous notion has been used by societies and governments to create mainstream religious fables, is at the heart of Seer Friedrich’s rage and condemnation. Top-level Superiors do not embrace low-level prejudices, because we recognize that human sociey deliberately promotes and enourages prejudice, and derives great benefit, genocidally evil benefit, from pitting groups of humans against each other, on perversely prejudicial religious, political, or ideological grounds. All mainstream religions are inherently oppressive and terroristic in nature. The myth of the god creature existing, is employed as a terroristic weapon against the citizenry, by societal leaders, in an effort to force the citizenry to both conform their behaviors in many different ways, and to agree to allow themselves to be genocidally victimized and stripped of all genuine freedom, utilizing the insane lie that the omnipotent god creature wants the humans to suffer, and will reward them for agreeing to suffer, be oppressed, be victimized. Religion is designed to brainwash the citizenry into believing and accepting the notion that their lives are supposed to be difficult, restricted, repressive. "You are not supposed to enjoy life, there is no need for you to enjoy your life, because you will be able to enjoy a paradisiacal, blissful afterlife for all of eternity immediately upon death. All you have to do is agree to suffer throughout your entire lifetime, agree to sacrifice all your freedom, agree to allow your human societal leaders to impose their fascist will and demands upon you, and god will reward you for doing this because god wants you to suffer, he rewards suffering, he wants you to suffer on his behalf." but only after you die, and only if you renounce and reject the "material" forms of real life bliss! Ha! How you creatures can fall for this insane lie, boggles my mind, even though I do understand the deranged ideological mindset of terror and rejection of Forbidden Truth, which prompts your horrifically self-torturing choice. The insane fable of jesus christ within the christian religion, overtly teaches and instructs that jesus was not afraid of death, did not consider death to be a terrible thing, and actually wanted to die, knowing that a wonderful existence awaited him after he died. These are the exact same insane notions that all societies wish and seek to convince all of their citizen-slaves of, to get them to look forward to death, agree to sacrifice their health, safety, and lives, agree to live their lives for the sole purpose of preparing for the glorious opportunities that their death will provide to them! The fact that you creatures cannot find the basic courage to see through this societal evil and recognize it in a Truthful manner, is one of the most fundamental demonstrations of just how immensely hopeless the human species has always been, and will always be, until it’s well-deserved extinction.

"If the Christian dogmas of a revengeful God, universal sinfulness, election by divine grace and the danger of eternal damnation were true, it would be a sign of weak-mindedness and lack of character not to become a priest, apostle or hermit and, in fear and trembling, to work solely on one's own salvation; it would be senseless to lose sight of ones eternal advantage for the sake of temporal comfort. If we may assume that these things are at any rate believed true, then the everyday Christian cuts a miserable figure; he is a man who really cannot count to three, and who precisely on account of his spiritual imbecility does not deserve to be punished so harshly as Christianity promises to punish him."

I just love it when Seer Friedrich uses Truth to expose your derangement, as inferiors. What our Seer tells us above, is that if in fact the ideological tenets of the insane god myth as promoted by society were to be True and factually accurate, all sincere believers in the insane god myth should be obligated to become priests, preachers, and isolated hermits who would devote their lives to desperately trying to please god in every way, each and every day of their lives, so that they might receive the ultimate benefit of an eternity of paradisiacal afterlife in heaven. But the fact is, very few people actually choose to live their lives in any of these three specific ways, even though a vast majority of people are sincerely addicted to the insane god myth. Why is this?? It’s because your societal and governmental leaders manipulate the insane god myth in such a way as to obtain maximum "productivity" from you, the citizen-slaves. If a lot of citizen-slaves decided to become priests, preachers, or self-involved hermits obsessed with their own upcoming eternal afterlife, your evil societal and governmental leaders, who are responsible for imposing the insane god myth upon you in the first place, would not be able to commit the ultimate degree of evil exploitation upon you, they would not be able to suck the very life out of you, because you would be busy trying to help "god" suck the very life out of you. Your evil leaders cannot allow this, and since god is their artificial construct, it is not difficult for them to entice you creatures with materialistic bribery, into agreeing to not become a "holy man of god", even as you continue to ferociously cling to your afterlife/heaven myths. You are instructed that "god wants you to raise a family", "god wants you to protect and defend your country", "god wants you to earn money so that you can use that money to honor him and make the world a better place", etc… These are all things that your evil and insane societal/governmental system and it’s leaders want you to do, but they understand that they will enjoy far greater success in their terroristic efforts to dictate every aspect of your life path, if they convince you that the god creature, their artificial construct, actually wants you to engage in these specific activities, and will reward you with a paradisiacal, eternal afterlife, if you agree to embrace the fascist lifestyle and behavioral choices that your government seeks to impose upon you. Seer Friedrich concludes with: "If we may assume that these things are at any rate believed true, then the everyday Christian cuts a miserable figure; he is a man who really cannot count to three, and who precisely on account of his spiritual imbecility does not deserve to be punished so harshly as Christianity promises to punish him." Hahaha, I just love the way our Seer cuts right to the heart of Truth, utilizing brilliant, evocative, but not really hard to understand writing. Basically, what this means is that if a creature is addicted to the insane god myth, and accepts it’s basic premises as being valid, and yet allows his "secular" societal and governmental leaders to convince him that he does not need to devote every waking moment of every day towards trying to please god, so that he may attain the ultimate, greatest goal of an eternal, paradisiacal afterlife, he is betraying himself and the very insane delusion that he claims to fervently embrace. The "regular, everyday" christian god freak is not a priest, not a preacher, and is not choosing to devote every single moment of every single day towards the task of making 100% certain that he earns an eternity in heaven. But why not?? Why isn’t he doing this, if the insane religious doctrine declares that there is nothing in the universe more valuable and important than attaining the goal of an eternity in heaven? Simply by choosing to not devote his life towards attaining this goal, the god freak proves that he is doubly insane, doubly inferior. First for believing in the insane afterlife myth in the first place, but just as importantly, once he does become addicted to this insane myth, for not devoting his entire life towards attaining the goal that his religion declares will offer him the ultimate in paradise for all of eternity. Here you have the deviousness of your evil societies and governments laid bare and exposed. You are told and taught to "believe in" god, to follow his ideological teachings/decrees, but you are also told that god will not speak to you directly. You should not even rely upon your own interpretations of "holy texts". Instead, you are told that god will speak to you through your societal and governmental leaders and their agents. In this way, your evil leaders and their agents are able to control, tweak, shape, modify, dictate every aspect of the ideological, behavioral, and lifestyle "messages" that they want you to believe god is sending you, because they know that you live your pathetic lives in mortal terror of the Truths of death and will do anything and everything you can to try and please, satisfy, win the good graces of the god creature, because he promises you an eternal afterlife upon death.

"Christianity possesses the hunters instinct for all those who can by one means or another be brought to despair - of which only a portion of mankind is capable. It is constantly on their track, it lies in wait for them. Pascal attempted the experiment of seeing whether, with the aid of the most incisive knowledge, everyone could not be brought to despair: the experiment miscarried, to his twofold despair."

One of the most perverse aspects of organized religion, is it’s vulture-like nature in terms of homing in on and targeting the most vulnerable and gullible segments of the human population. Do you find more houses of worship in rich neighborhoods, or in poor neighborhoods? Poor! Do you find more deranged god freaks going door to door and trying to toxically addict fellow humans in upper class areas, or in slum ghettos? Slum ghettos! How about hospitals, nursing homes, disaster sites, etc… Just like a vulture is drawn to a carcass, the evil and insane purveyors of the Insane God Myth target, home in on, and attack fellow humans when they are most vulnerable. They stalk their victims, waiting until that moment of weakness and vulnerability, then they pounce, offering up their poisonous ideological excreta wrapped within the cloak of irresistable comfort. The vulnerability of the potential infectee is recognized as a tactical advantage to insane god myth purveyors. It is understood that the vulnerable human can be more easily infected with this toxic plague. And all the while the god "pusher" cloaks his malevolence within the veneer of "offering comfort" to the humans who are in despair, when in reality the god pusher, just like a drug pusher, is maliciously taking advantage of the vulnerability of his targeted victim(s). The vulnerability is recognized, and a conscious decision is made by the god pusher, to exploit the vulnerability of his chosen victims. The Truth is, society does a wonderful job of bringing the vast majority of all human beings to despair, at some point in their lives. And always the evil god pusher lurks, waiting for these moments of despair, seizing upon them with glee, as he attempts to addict the despairing victim to this insane myth. It doesn’t matter whether the myth is perceived as comforting or soothing or healing by the despairing victim, because nothing genuinely good or positive or valid can ever come from the embrace of an evil, insane, totally false and toxic myth. Does society succeed in bringing every single one of it’s citizen-slaves to despair at some point in their lives? No. But it is only a tiny handful of top-level Superiors and Seers, who manage to totally deflect all of this deliberate societal malice, throughout their entire lives. We must remember that despair is often hidden, not openly expressed or revealed by many sufferers. And it is worthwhile to note that by far, it is the very young and the very old, who are most often and most severely driven to despair by society, since society considers these groups of humans to be most expendable and worthless. Society dispatches it’s god agents to "minister" to these vulnerable victims, the children, the teen-agers, the elderly, the infirm, the poor, all of those human beings that it has already inflicted the greatest degree of unjust victimization upon, and the primary purpose that society has, is to convince these supreme victims to meekly accept the evil lie that they must not avenge themselves, they must not direct their justified rage and hate outward, they must not blame, condemn, hate the society that is responsible for and guilty of their victimization. Instead, they must take comfort in the insane myth that a god creature not only exists, but will provide them with a paradisiacal afterlife existence that will more than make up for their lifetime of torturous suffering, just as long as they refrain from trying to claim any vengeance against society for the rest of their lives. What an incredibly transparent ploy, undertaken by a limitlessly evil entity. But no, you broken creatures can’t see it, the lure/illusion/hope of an impossible paradise is just too strong for most of you to resist. How pathetic!

"The reverse side of Christian compassion for the suffering of one's neighbor is a profound suspicion of all the joy of one's neighbor, of his joy in all that he wants to do and can."

All mainstream religions promote the self-victimization of their brainwashed disciples. God freaks are told to suffer, told that the god creature wants them to suffer and will reward them for choosing to suffer. Therefore, when a god freak finds himself in the company of a fellow human who is suffering as well, the god freak feels euphorically happy and content. His insane choice to deliberately make himself suffer, is legitimized within his own diseased mind, when he witnesses and sees fellow humans suffering too, regardless of whether those fellow humans are suffering deliberately and by choice, or unwillingly. On the flip side, the vast majority of you pathetic humans feel tremendously threatened and uneasy when confronted with a human being who loves himself and is "hedonistically" devoted to providing himself with pleasure and avoiding all suffering. This Superior, natural, instinctual life path, is terrifying to the vast majority of you creatures, because the vast majority of you have been broken by society, taught to hate yourselves, taught that you deserve to suffer. The insane god myth is a primary weapon, although certainly not the only weapon, that your evil societies employ to achieve this genocidal goal, or getting you to hate yourself, to choose to make yourself suffer, and to condemn the few Superiors who cannot be broken, who proudly embrace the only opportunity they, or any living creature, will ever have for all of eternity to experience any type of positive, self-loving emotion, which is during the course of their one and only existence, their real life existence as a living creature. The most evil aspect of every religion, is the toxic lie that it promulgates, that there is an "afterlife". This lie is the most genocidally destructive lie, because it causes it’s disciples to radically alter their life path behaviors and lifestyles, as they labor under the insane delusion that their purpose in life is not to reflect their True Reality, but rather to meet the demands of an omnipotent creature who promises a "second existence" that will be much better than the current existence, while at the same time terroristically threatening to withhold and deny this imaginary eternal bliss unless it’s evil, unnatural, Truth-denying behavioral and ideological demands are met. And of course this afterlife lie is the very heart of, the very glue that holds together, the entire Insane God Myth. Without this ultimate form of "bait", the insane god myth would be significantly less popular among you citizen-slaves. But this bait, the lure of an eternity of bliss, regardless of how ridiculously farcical it is, is just too irresistible for you cowards to pass up.

"Christianity has done its utmost to close the circle and declared even doubt to be sin. One is supposed to be cast into belief without reason, by a miracle, and from then on to swim in it as in the brightest and least ambiguous of elements: even a glance towards land, even the thought that one perhaps exists for something else as well as swimming, even the slightest impulse of our amphibious nature- is sin! And notice that all this means that the foundation of belief and all reflection on its origin is likewise excluded as sinful. What is wanted are blindness and intoxication and an eternal song over the waves in which reason has drowned."

Evil and insane lies and myths flourish in an environment of pure fascism, an environment where even the suggestion of Truth brings condemnation and ridicule. It is understood by your evil leaders that to even allow insane mythology to be questioned/challenged, opens a possible breach of the "perfect circle" of deranged ideology and belief. Society has created a "feedback loop" type of phenomenon, in which every insanity builds upon itself, every insanity is reflected upon all of humanity, within the overall context of the delusional, lie-based trance of day to day life. Society encourages and promotes the outright rejection, as well as the constant challenge of, all types of Truth, while at the same time condemning brutally the mere questioning, to say nothing of the outright rejection, of the genocidally lie-based delusions and perversions upon which it has built it’s diseased ideological structures. Any sane notion, and I do mean any sane notion within the entire spectrum of human thought capability, automatically poses a great danger to the very fabric of a society, if it were to become popular and widely embraced. And so the mere suggestion of a sane thought, such as the fact that no god creature or afterlife exists, is morally condemned and demonized. The profoundly important philosophical question of why human beings choose to embrace the Insane God Myth, is never discussed or explored within "mainstream" public discourse, primarily because such a discussion would expose Truth and leave open the door to the "possibility" that the god myth might be invalid. This is forbidden, because even the tiniest crack within the lie-based operational structures of society, is seen as a potential danger. Instead, we have a few philosophers, demonized to the popular culture as being "elite snobs", who engage in private debates upon issue such as why the "general public" chooses to or needs to embrace the Insane God Myth, but the general public itself, the subject of these private, rarified debates, has literally zero participation within and engages in no sincere reflection upon, the Truths that are revealed via such "elitist" philosophical debates. This is what Seer Friedrich means, when he declares: "…And notice that all this means that the foundation of belief and all reflection on its origin is likewise excluded as sinful." To even question in a "mainstream" venue why you diseased creatures believe in and embrace the insane god myth, is totally unacceptable to society. Lies can never be questioned or Truthfully analyzed, because the danger that they might be "exposed" as invalid perversities, exists. But Truths must always be questioned and invalidly analyzed, so that they may be rejected. This is the operational structure of all lie-based societies. The goal of society is to blind all of it’s citizen-slaves, artificially alter their perceptions of reality, and create a constant, daily flood of insane lies and mythology, so overwhelming in scope that only a tiny handful of Superiors can even conceive of the Truth that literally every aspect of their ideological, behavioral, spiritual, life path, and all other activities/beliefs, are rooted within systemic, societally sponsored and legitimized, derangement.

"But in the end one also has to understand that the needs that religion has satisfied and philosophy is now supposed to satisfy are not immutable; they can be weakened and exterminated. Consider, for example, that Christian distress of mind that comes from sighing over ones inner depravity and care for ones salvation - all concepts originating in nothing but errors of reason and deserving, not satisfaction, but obliteration."

It is quite clear that due to a combination of both genetic and environmental disease which has infiltrated throughout the entire human species, a "need" exists within the collective consciousness of humans, to reject Truth and to embrace lies, myths, hypocrisy, deranged belief/ideology. The plague of religion has flourished within this species, due to the manner in which it destroys a precious but unbearable Forbidden Truth, while creating and legitimizing a horrific but comforting set of insane lies. Can philosophy be lie-based? Of course! And yet regardless of how convincingly lie-based philosophical ideology may be, it has never been able, and it will never be able, to gain a stronger deathgrip upon the masses of inferiors, than religious ideology. This is primarily due to the fact that religion is foundationally built upon a platform of pure, utter, lies, unlike philosophical ideology. If you dig deep and long enough within philosophical ideology, no matter how lie-based it may be, you will eventually uncover some tiny nuggets of Truth. But with religion, you can spend your entire lifetime digging, and you will never uncover a single iota of Truth of any kind, because religion itself, not just religious ideology, but the very concept of religion as an entity, is purely lie-based on every level, from the foundational level, to the operational level, to the structural level, to the design level. Human beings have a perverse need to reject all primary Truth. Seer Friedrich is absolutely correct that in theory, this diseased need among humans could be eased somewhat, weakened and lessened to a slight degree, if radical changes within the operational structure of human society, most especially as regards the genocidal evil treatment and brainwashing of children, were implemented. But this Truth is only theoretically valid, it is not practically valid, because no currently existing, "modern and civilized" human society, would ever even consider instituting these "radical" cultural changes, and worst of all, no citizenry would allow such sane reforms to occur, even if their societal leaders were to have a desire or interest in implementing them. You see, it is part of your genetic and intellectual/emotional perversity, that you feel compelled to destroy each and every generation of your children, in exactly the same manner that you were destroyed when you were children, in order to maintain a collective delusion and denial of the genocidally evil operational structure of the society that you were born into, and that you choose to live as a member of. Our Seer concludes with: "Consider, for example, that Christian distress of mind that comes from sighing over ones inner depravity and care for ones salvation - all concepts originating in nothing but errors of reason and deserving, not satisfaction, but obliteration." Right on, Friedrich! One of the strongest enticements towards genocidal evil within human societal and ideological policy, is this obsession with the afterlife "salvation". The shallow-minded brainwashee may well jump to the conclusion that an obsession with afterlife salvation would tend to inspire human beings to adopt benevolently decent societal and ideological policies, but of course the Superior instantly recognizes that the exact opposite is true. The god myth is itself designed within an ideological framework of genocidal evil, and therefore all obsessions which arise from this toxic myth, and all behavioral/ideological enticements which are inspired by this toxic myth, will directly serve to cause and inspire genocidal evil. Insane belief, evil ideology, deranged policy, can only beget more insanity, evil, derangement, if they are accepted, embraced, and used to formulate behavioral and ideological doctrine within a society. All lies must be obliterated, destroyed, in order for anything positive to occur within a human evolutionary cycle. Most especially lies which are foundationally immovable and serve as a platform for the illusion of moral decency, when they in fact serve to cloak genocidal evil, as all mainstream religions do.

"Christianity came into existence in order to lighten the heart; but now it has first to burden the heart so as afterwards to be able to lighten it. Consequently it shall perish."

I like this quote of Seer Friedrich quite a bit, even though I do have several minor quibbles with the language structure used. Religion was created by power-crazed and cunningly malicious human beings, to oppress, victimize, and terroristically dominate over and dictate to, masses of fellow humans. Only on a secondary level, did these perverse creators and purveyors of the Insane God Myth want to "lighten the hearts" of fellow humans. This was not the primary goal, and it must be emphasized that any type of attempt to help people cope with life by rejecting Truth and embracing lies, cannot ever be a benevolent act, and cannot have a genuinely positive and beneficial outcome. Yes, it is accurate to conclude that some people, people who have already been brutally tortured and broken, stripped of their ability to recognize and cope with the Truths of life, might perceive an experience of being able to emotionally cope with life in a "better" way because they are addicted to the god myth, than would be the case if they did not have this diseased crutch to lean upon. But this does not mean that religion was created for any type of genuinely positive or altruistic purpose/reason, nor has religion ever been employed for any positive or altruistic reason, within the operational structure of any modern, human society. The real pearl of Forbidden Truth appears right in the middle of the above quote: "…it (religion) has first to burden the heart so as afterwards to be able to lighten it." This is profoundly insightful Truth! Religion exists within a "feedback loop" structure. It claims to offer "salvation" to real problems, to provide real comfort to people in distress, but in point of fact it is religion itself, together with human society/government/culture, which is guilty of creating and imposing these "problems and distress" upon you humans. Therefore any and all "relief" from problems and distress that religion might provide to some human beings, is not only illegitimate because it is based upon lies and myths, but also because religion itself is primarily at fault for creating and imposing these very problems upon the victims that it is claiming to help. The goal of all organized religion is to trap as many human beings as it possibly can, within an insane, lie-based feedback loop, within which the abuses, injustices, perversions, distresses, and problems which society chooses to inflict upon it’s citizen-slaves, can be coped with via the comforting embrace of the Insane God Myth, which is nothing more than a societal system which is designed to utilize lies for the purpose of providing false and invalid comfort, and even more primarily, to legitimize the genocidal evil that the societies commit upon their citizens. The Insane God Myth absolutely legitimizes all of the genocidal evil of society and government, in three different ways. First, by teaching citizen-slaves that it is good for them to suffer. Second, by teaching citizen-slaves that the god creature will punish those who victimize them, thus taking their right to stand up for and avenge themselves by destroying the genocidal evil societal and governmental structures which rule their lives. Third, and this third method is the most pervasively evil and harmful of all, by teaching citizen-slaves that the life they are living is not the only existence they will enjoy for all of the rest of eternity, and in fact a much better, paradisiacally perfect, eternal afterlife existence awaits them, just as long as they can manage to get through their "real" lifetime without violating any of the evil behavioral decrees of society, and as long as they agree to accept the lifetime of suffering and injustice that their societal/governmental leaders are inflicting upon them. How utterly perverse! The Truth is, the afterlife myth is not a comfort, but rather the single greatest burden that any god addict carries, throughout his entire lifetime. Not simply because it is a pure lie, but more importantly, because it is designed to create a lifetime of self-victimization within all devotees to this myth, a lifetime in which every devotee, on a daily basis, carries within his core mind the insane notion that he has an afterlife to look forward to and must therefore act in toxic, unnatural, societally controlled and decreed ways. He is made a pure puppet of his evil society, and the Insane God Myth is the greatest weapon that society has at it’s disposal to achieve this puppet mastery.

Believe it or not, Seer Friedrich was much more optimistic about the human condition, that I am. He seemed to sincerely believe that humanity had the ability, at least in theory, to stand up to their society/government and reject a mainstream religion that society is attempting to impose upon them. Seer Friedrich was wrong on this particular point, totally wrong. It is clear to me that you creatures are far too broken, genetically and environmentally, to ever be able to throw off the toxic shackles of any religion that currently enjoys widespread popularity. You inferiors live to be victimized, you want to have your heart burdened by your society, then you want that same society to pretend to lift your burden by addicting you to an insane but comforting myth. You hate life, you cannot imagine experiencing paradise on any sustained level within your real and actual lives, but insanely you have no trouble at all imagining and embracing the insane notion of a paradisiacal afterlife. Therefore your sole purpose in living, is to die. Your "goal" in life is to die! In fact, if you were offered an opportunity to "escape death", if someone were to offer you real life immortality, many of you would decline, due to subconscious or conscious belief that a "better life" awaits you after your "real" life ends. If you were offered the opportunity to cryogenically freeze/preserve your body immediately upon death, in order to keep alive the remote possibility of regaining life at some future point in time, most of you would decline. It boggles the mind of any sane thinker, but you creatures crave death, you crave the cessation of your own existence for all of eternity, all because your society has destroyed the precious self-love you were born possessing, and addicted you to the most genocidally harmful lie that exists within the human realm, the Insane God Myth/afterlife lie/fable. Why can’t you even imagine experiencing actual paradise while you are alive? Because your society has destroyed you, convinced you that you do not deserve to experience paradise while alive. No, you deserve to suffer, to waste your lives trying to "prove" to an omnipotent, non-existent creature that you deserve to experience paradise after you die, even though nothing can be experienced for all of eternity once you die! So you allow your evil societies to steal from you the only possibility of experiencing paradise that you will ever have for all of eternity, so that you can delude yourself with the impossible lie that you have a chance to begin to experience paradise immediately after you die, even though it is your death which renders you doomed to never experience paradise for all the rest of eternity, a paradise that you had a chance to experience during your real life, prior to dying! What a perfect "feedback loop" this genocidal atrocity is, orchestrated, designed, and undertaken by all societies against their citizen-slaves.

"After Buddha was dead, his shadow was still shown for centuries in a cave - a tremendous, gruesome shadow. God is dead; but given the way of men, there may still be caves for thousands of years in which his shadow will be shown. -And we- we still have to vanquish his shadow, too."

Very fascinating quote here, can be interpreted in many different ways, as is the case with maby of Seer Friedrich’s revelations of Forbidden Truth, but here is what I get out of it: While I am not a scholar of religion, it seems to be that the "buddha" creature within that religion, is operationally akin to the jesus christ creature within the christian religion. Buddha is not declared to be god, and the same applies to jesus christ. Their deaths as individuals within their respective religious ideologies, and of course we must recognize that it is very possible that no human being named "jesus christ" ever existed, do not compromise the insane god myth or the religions of buddhism and christianity, in any way, shape, or form. All mainstream religions declare that the god creature is immortal. Since no human being is immortal, this automatically creates and fosters terror and obedience within the citizenry, towards this "omnipotent" creature, whose "demands and decrees" are of course totally made up by the evil secular societal and governmental leaders of the society. Buddha’s death did not carry negative consequences for the popularity or sustainability of that religion, and jesus’ death did not carry negative consequences for the popularity or sustainability of christianity. Yes, god is dead, of course. God has never existed, in fact. But that is not a relevant issue as regards the viability of the Insane God Myth. Every mainstream religion, including christianity, decrees that not only is god alive, but god is also immortal. This is a foundational base of the genocidal terror and deathgrip that religion, as represented by the omnipotent and immortal god creature, has and holds upon you masses of inferior humans. Seer Friedrich suggests that over the course of time, perhaps 5000-10,000 years, the fact that jesus christ is dead, might lessen the deathgrip that the christian religion has upon huge segments of the human population. But I must respectfully disagree with this notion. As long as evil societal and governmental leaders of human society continue to promote and impose the insane christian version of the insane god myth upon their citizen-slaves, it will continue to achieve immense, genocidal success in toxically addicting huge population segments. You humans are too diseased to realize even the simplest Truths that Seers such as Myself and Friedrich realize, such as the Truth of god being dead. To you fools, god is alive, immortal, vengeful, omnipotent, and terribly interested in controlling and dictating every aspect of your lives. He is not a "shadow", he is real, and your evil societies make sure that each and every generation of helpless children is terroristically subjected to this insane myth, which is decreed to represent Truth, each and every day of their lives, until they are broken of the ability to recognize Truth and reject this insane, toxic, genocidal myth. So once again, Seer Friedrich is much more optimistic in his outlook on the future of humanity, than I could ever be. I do believe that if Seer Friedrich had been born 100 years later, and died 100 years later, than he actually did, his revelations of Forbidden Truth would be much more pessimistic as far as an outlook on the future of humanity, perhaps even as pessimistic as mine are. The fact remains, there has been absolutely no decrease in god addiction over the past century, absolutely none, on a worldwide level. Within almost all societies, including america, addiction to the insane god myth has either remained steady, or it has risen This further solidifies my revelation of Forbidden Truth, that the human species is in the process of devolving, the opposite of evolving, a process that has been underway for many centuries, and a process which cannot be reversed. It is a fatal process, destined to result in the extinction of the human species. On an individual level, it is perfectly possible for a tiny number of Seers and Superiors to absolutely and totally throw off the suffocating toxicity which is the insane god myth, and to live our lives gloriously free of this fetid monstrosity. We can totally "vanquish his shadow", as Seer Friedrich puts it. Many of us have accomplished this feat, I certainly have. But, we are a tiny minority of Superior individuals. For an actual nation or large group of humans to collectively break free of this toxic myth, remains and will always be, a genuine impossibility. The only hope, and it is extremely slim, is that a Superior Seer might somehow attain world domination and employ a mass culling of billions of god addicts, in order to allow for future generations of children to not be subjected to the terroristic imposition of this ultimate of toxic addictions.

"Even today many educated people think that the victory of Christianity over Greek philosophy is a proof of the superior truth of the former - although in this case it was only the coarser and more violent that conquered the more spiritual and delicate. So far as superior truth is concerned, it is enough to observe that the awakening sciences have allied themselves point by point with the philosophy of Epicurus, but point by point rejected Christianity."

Seer Friedrich has some absolutely brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth on the relationship between science and religion. These two fields of human endeavor are 100%, totally incompatible, 100% in conflict with each other, when considered within a context of Truth. The primary mission of religion is to promote and legitimize lies within all aspects of human culture. The primary mission of science is to uncover Truth within all arenas of human life. But, and this is a very big and important but, societal and governmental leaders have an extreme, vested interest in withholding and concealing Truths of all kinds, from their citizen-slaves, and therefore scientists are subjected to all sorts of fascist, terroristic, in some cases even fatal, censorship and repression of their free speech and public discourse rights. A particularly popular ploy utilized by your evil leaders, has been to ridicule, mock, and institutionalize any and all scientists who might dare to reveal Truth when ordered by their government to conceal Truth. This form of terroristic concealment of scientific Truth is just as pervasive today within societies like america, as it has ever been in the past. Society is lie-based, it teaches lies, it promotes lies, it imposes lies upon it’s citizen-slaves, in genocidal form and volume, from the day of birth of every individual, to the day of death of every individual. Religion is a giant cauldron literally overflowing with toxic lies, it is designed to be irresitibly enticing to you inferior haters of Truth. Therefore it easily and overwhelmingly wins out over science and over philosophy, in terms of obtaining the embrace, acceptance, support, of you citizen-slaves. The fact that you creatures and your societies are utterly and completely lie-based, proves that all "victories" that religion achieves over science, philosophy, etc… only serve to demonstrate beyond all doubt that religion is lie-based, while science and philosophy, at least if practiced outside of the arena of terroristic governmental fascism and censorship, are Truth-based. In other words, you diseased creatures crave religion because it feeds you a constant stream of toxic lies, and you creatures reject/shun genuine and legitimate science and philosophy, especially when it comes to how you personally perceive reality, because these "idea fields" are Truth-based, and threaten to undermine the mountain of toxic lies upon which you, as individuals, have built your lives. You creatures are inferiors. You will therefore always choose the inferior, more toxic, less sane, less Truth-based life path. Crudeness, violence, shrillness, bribery, hypocrisy, prejudice, illusions of bliss, this what religion offers to you, and this what you gleefully embrace. No Truth-based idea field, such as science or philosophy, can ever resonate with or captivate you inferiors, because it lacks the all-important lie foundation that you creatures spend your lives searching for and clinging to. It certainly is True that science has a "philosophy" to it, and so does religion, even though philosophy can and does also stand on it’s own, as a profoundly important idea field. Seer Friedrich brilliantly points out that all of genuine and legitimate scientific precepts, from a philosophical position, are in direct oppositional conflict with all religious doctrine and precepts. This is because on a profoundly fundamental level, the scientific idea field is absolutely Truth-based, while the religious idea field is utterly lie-based.

"However credit and debit balances may stand: at its present state as a specific individual science the awakening of moral observation has become necessary, and mankind can no longer be spared the cruel sight of the moral dissecting table and its knives and forceps... the older philosophy... has, with paltry evasions, always avoided investigation of the origin and history of the moral sensations. With what consequences is now very clearly apparent, since it has been demonstrated in many instances how the errors of the greatest philosophers usually have their point of departure in a false explanation of certain human actions and sensations; ...a false ethics is erected, religion and mythological monsters are then in turn called to buttress it, and the shadow of these dismal spirits in the end falls even across physics and the entire perception of the world."

The issue of moral perception among humans, is a fascinating one. The human race, as a species, possesses not a shred of genuine, Truth-based morality. This is proven thousands upon thousands of times, each and every day, by every group, nation, culture of humans. At the same time, the human species possesses not a shred of Truth-based introspective capability. In other words, humans can in no way recognize, perceive, understand, or accept the fact that they are genocidally evil members and agents of a genocidally evil society, and on top of everthing else, their species is genocidally evil as well. Only Superiors and Seers possess Truth-based moral observation skills. We know and we embrace the Truth, that we ourselves possess absolutely no morality, and this recognition on our part, automatically makes us morally superior to all human beings who make any type of claim or pretense to morality. One of the most perverse aspects of this situation is that you humans, despite possessing not a shred of genuine morality, not only believe that you do possess morality, but also believe, insanely, that you have some type of a legitimate standing from which to pass judgment upon the relative moral qualities of other human beings. How perverse! We, a tiny handful of Superiors and Seers, possess the ability to morally observe the Truth. This ability is rooted within our own recognition and total acceptance of the fact that we possess no morality and we live our lives under absolutely no moralistic principles or ideologies. We are amoral. You creatures remain totally unable to observe yourselves within the arena of moral Truth, because you cannot recognize any type of Truth, and you are addicted to the illusion of your own morality. You cannot understand what the root causes of the moral illusions of your species are, because you yourselves remain addicted to these toxic illusions.

As is often the case, Seer Friedrich reveals his most important and profound Truth near the end of his decree, telling us: "…it has been demonstrated in many instances how the errors of the greatest philosophers usually have their point of departure in a false explanation of certain human actions and sensations; ...a false ethics is erected, religion and mythological monsters are then in turn called to buttress it, and the shadow of these dismal spirits in the end falls even across physics and the entire perception of the world." This issue of "false ethics" is primarily interwoven within the most toxic and deranged ideological structures of human society. Let me give you one brief example: A "false ethic" exists within human society, that a human being who hurts another human being should, in some cases, be punitively punished by society, because this creates "justice" for the victim who was hurt. This is a perfect example of the ultimate in "false ethics". How in the world can a society which is guilty of and responsible for sponsoring mass genocide within it’s own population of citizen-slaves, create "justice" by inflicting additional victimization upon one of it’s own tortured victim-creations, who did something harmful to another tortured victim-creation? The very premise, the ideological thought, is insane and irrational. And yet none of you diseased creatures can see this, because your evil societies have created and propped up a false ethic which is rooted within an illusion of moral decency. It is the combination of these two perversions, false ethic and moral illusion, which results in the adoption/embrace of ultimate manifestations of insane policy and operational structure within a society. Your evil societies use all of their weapons, such as religion, to prop up all illusions of false ethical and moral decency. Even science, which is supposed to be devoted to uncovering Truth, is instead subverted into propping up false ethics and morality illusion. Scientists are bribed and enticed by societal leaders into declaring that children can be "born bad", this props up the illusion that societies do not commit genocide upon their child-slaves. Physicians who have taken a hippocratic oath to place the best interests of their patients above all else, are bribed and coerced into becoming professional whore-agents of society, such as Dr. Park Eliot Dietz, the "renowned" psychiatrist who has made himself into a multi-millionaire by agreeing to condemn tortured, mentally ill victim-creations of his society to a lifetime of punitive punishment by publically renouncing and rejecting their mentally ill status at criminal trials, as a witness/agent working on behalf of his evil society. This false ethic, just like all lie structures, causes limitless harm, it permeates every aspect of human existence and operational structure. And it is rooted within the illusion of morality that you creatures spend your lives clinging to, even as you live as members of genocidally evil societies and literally demand that your societies commit genocidal evil in your names and on your behalfs.

"Custom represents the experiences of men of earlier times as to what they supposed useful and harmful - but the sense for custom (morality) applies, not to these experiences as such, but to the age, the sanctity, the indiscussability of the custom. And so this feeling is a hindrance to the acquisition of new experiences and the correction of customs: that is to say, morality is a hindrance to the development of new and better customs: it makes stupid."

Our brilliant Seer has done it again, this time cutting right to the heart of Truth, in just a few sentences, on the very important operational issue of "custom and tradition". What are customs and traditions? They are insane behavioral and ideological notions which are passed down among humans, from generation to generation. A quality of irrational mysticism is attached to custom and tradition, just as is the case with religion. None of you pathetic creatures believe that you need to "prove" why you are choosing to embrace and follow the deranged customs and traditions of your ancestors. No, you simply embrace the bizarre notion that it is the "right thing to do", just like believing in god is the "right thing to do", even though the tiniest bit of rationally sane analysis would indicate that following custom and tradition is absolutely the wrong thing to do, the worst thing you could do. There is never any rational discussion of the legitimacy of custom and tradition, because your evil societies will not allow such discussion/debate. You are expected, as a slave, to follow in the broken and diseased footsteps of all of the past generations of broken societal slaves. Almost all human customs and traditions are both insane and genocidally harmful. They were induced by societal leaders, and they are maintained by societal leaders. Every generation of adults takes pride in addicting it’s child-slaves to the toxic customs and traditions that they were addicted to when they were children. You are puppets, society is your puppetmaster. If your society disapproved of a custom or tradition strongly enough, it would disappear from the cultural landscape within a single generation, via religious condemnation, enaction of judicial laws, etc… But this almost never happens. There is no need, because society shapes and directs all traditions and customs from inception. Over the passage of thousands of years, slight modifications and changes often occur, to customs and traditions. But these minor alterations do not even come close to constituting "reform", instead they legitimize the ancient custom/tradition by placing a more "modern" spin on it, with none of you, current or past generation, ever possessing the independent thought process required, to recognize that you are embracing insanity, your customs and traditions are purely pathological and insane, both in motivation and in operational design. I love the fact that Seer Friedrich recognizes the link between insane custom and the illusion of morality. It is a direct and intense link. Understand that the longer a perversion has been embraced and practiced by humanity, the easier it is for that perversion to be draped within an illusion of morality. Customs and traditions are human behavioral and ideological perversions which have been handed down and propped up by society for thousands of years, handed down from one broken generation to the next, so that a profoundly inbred and unshakable illusion of moral legitimacy to these perversions has been established. It is these customs and traditions which are limitlessly crippling to humanity. They shackle and chain humanity to it’s perverse delusions of moral decency and "proper" life path, thus guaranteeing that the eternal cycle of monstrous human evil, insanity, and perversity will continue to be repeated, over and over, by each generation, within an unbreakable feedback loop. A cloak of "holyness" is often draped upon the toxic customs and traditions, so that they can and do combine with religion itself, to create an impenetrable wall of ritualistic perversion, folded over and repeated upon itself endlessly. The only hope that humanity has, is to break free from and destroy all of the toxic customs and rituals that society has destroyed all previous generations with. But this cannot be done, it is an impossibility. You creatures cling to your own destruction, as though it was a life preserver. You are slaves, you define and measure your lives within the morass of customs and rituals that your master, society, has addicted you to, using your very own parents to enslave you to the evil and toxic customs and rituals that their parents enslaved them to. Declared Seer Friedrich: "…morality is a hindrance to the development of new and better customs: it makes stupid." Absolutely correct! You creatures labor within the comforting delusion that you are moral, that your life paths and societal structures possess a genuinely moral foundation. Therefore all of the core ideological and behavioral customs and traditions that you embrace, must be moral as well, especially since they carry with them the cloaked veil of mysticism. These insane delusions totally block and prevent the attainment of any type of Truth-based insights of yourselves, as well as the ability to recognize that both you and your customs/traditions are purely evil and perverse, with not a shred of genuine morality in play. If you could recognize and embrace this Forbidden Truth, you could at least begin to consider trying to elevate yourselves out of the bottomless pit of stupidity where you and all of your ancestors have wallowed for thousands of years. But of course this is a practical impossibility. You actually employ the illusion of your own morality, to justify to yourselves the ongoing embrace and practice of pure, genocidal, immorality. We Superiors, regardless of what type of life activities and/or acts of personal vengeance we might undertake within our life paths, are amoral. We are not immoral, because we do not live as members of society and we do not attempt to cloak our True natures beneath perversely invalid veils. We recognize and embrace the Truth that there is absolutely no moralily in existence within any aspect of human operational policy or structure. But you creatures, who choose to live as members of genocidally evil societies and have the audacity to claim to possess and operate within moral principles even as the ultimate perversions and evils are committed by your societies on your behalf and under your names, you creatures do earn and deserve to be labeled as immoral, while at the same time, as always, no type of negative judgment is placed against you on an individual level, as you remain tortured victim-creations of society. Society is guilty of making you immoral, causing you to be immoral, and so as always, society is condemned for victimizing and destroying you and your ability to see and understand yourself as you truly are. You are broken, and you will continue to ferociously cling to your toxic delusions, right up until you extinct yourselves as a species. The sooner the better, would be my heartfelt editorial comment.

"Whoever has overthrown an existing law of custom has always first been accounted a bad man: but when, as did happen, the law could not afterwards be reinstated and this fact was accepted, the predicate gradually changed; - history treats almost exclusively of these bad men who subsequently became good men!"

This is a most thought-provoking insight of Truth! From my point of view, within the course of modern human history, only a handful of top-level, societally sponsored customs/traditions have been genuinely overthrown and rendered null and void, through the efforts of an individual. In the vast majority of situations, there is no significant overthrow, but instead there are tiny modifications made to the custom/tradition, which do not in fact alter the overall purpose or design of the toxic custom, much less overthrow/destroy it. And yet the fundamental Truth revealed by Seer Friedrich is absolutely valid. Any Superior human who dares to vehemently challenge and confront toxic, insane, and evil custom/tradition as practiced by human society, for the purpose of attempting to eliminate it from the operational structure of society, is directly attacking society via his efforts, and is thus subjected to demonization and condemnation, as well as outright destruction/murder in some cases, if the diseased customs he is challenging are believed by societal leaders to be highly important and valuable. The enslavement of african blacks in america, provides a good example of this. In the beginning of the "anti-slavery" movement, all human beings living in america, black or white, who dared to condemn this evil custom, were subjected to severe condemnation and ridicule by society, as well as punitive punishment of course. This was because societal leaders were determined to maintain total slavery of blacks as a law and custom policy within the operational structure of american society. Anyone attempting to overthrow this "mainstream", societally promoted and advocated custom, was decreed to be a bad person. As decades passed and millions of racial atrocities continued to be committed by american society, societal leaders slowly and gradually decided that the evil PR benefits of pretending to engage in a "moral reform" of slavery were beginning to outweigh the genocidally evil economic and Poison Container benefits of continuing to maintain the slavery system in it’s existing form, plus the danger of a nationwide uprising of violence had increased. And so a tactical decision was made by societal leaders to allow and undertake a path of illusion in which the design and operational structure of slavery of africans in america was altered and modified, for the purpose of creating an invalid perception of moral decency and enlightenment among the populace. And so the leaders of the anti-slavery movement during this time period, who in fact were declaring the exact same Truths that anti-slavery advocates of Truth had declared in the past, were all of a sudden judged by society in a radically different manner. This time, because evil societal leaders had decided it was okay to allow these illusions of racial reform to occur, some of the leaders of the anti-slavery movement, those who agreed to accept and embrace the illusion within the parameters set by the evil society, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., were not severely demonized by top-level societal leaders. At the same time however, those anti-slavery leaders who recognized that their evil society was simply perpetrating a sham illusion of reform upon them, and refused to embrace/promote the illusion to their followers, such as Malcolm X, continued to be demonized and decreed to be "bad", by society. My main point of Truth is this: If Martin Luther King, Jr. had promoted the exact same reforms and illusions of new "freedom" for black slaves in america 50 years earlier than he did, he would have been totally demonized and destroyed, murdered outright, by societal leaders, if he was able to rally any significant support among the black slaves. If asked to explain how/why the Truths revealed by Martin 50 years earlier would have resulted in his destruction by society, you diseased creatures and your current societal leaders/agents will declare that an "awakening of moral sensibility" occured. You will insanely claim that your culture "morally evolved", in a positive way, during these 50 years, thus creating a delusion for yourselves that you possess morality and that you are evolving in a positive manner, as a species and as a society/culture. These are purely insane lies, claims which possess not an iota of legitimacy. The Truth is, your society and your species, within the Modern Era of human existence, has always been supremely evil and has never possessed a single shred of genuine morality within it’s policies or operational systems. Absolutely no type of moral awakening occured with regard to black slavery in america, nor is it possible that any type of moral awakening has ever or can ever occur within any segment of an ultra-diseased society like america, because there is no morality of any kind in existence within this society. Something which does not exist in the first place, can never develop or mature or strengthen, because it is non-existent. The only "change" that occured over the course of these 50 years is that your evil leaders made a cold-blooded, totally tactical decision, which had no basis in morality, decency, justice, or any realization of the "error" of the past, that it would be operationally better for the appeasement of all humans living in america, and for the purpose of avoiding possible threats to the stability of the governmental structure, and for the purpose of increasing the false illusion of moral decency within the populace, for society to allow some illusions of "reform" to take place, within the existing and continuing racial perversion and injustice policies that the society was founded, built, sustained, and continues to be sustained upon. The illusion of reform serves to create and sustain the illusion that morality exists within the societal structure, even though it does not. So, "customs and traditions" which are genocidally evil are never openly admitted or acknowledged to be genocidally evil, even as superficial, illusion "reforms" to the existing genocidally evil customs/traditions, are sometimes allowed to occur. No moral awakening is ever responsible for these illusion reforms, but rather it is the existing total lack of morality which resulted in these customs/reforms developing initially, which continues to determine all of the policy reforms or alterations that the society chooses to undertake. By now declaring Martin Luther King Jr. to be a good, moral, heroic human being, even though in 1900 you and your society would have tortured and murdered him for daring to even suggest that black subhumans should be treated equally to white humans, you are able to deny and reject the Forbidden Truth of the genocidal evil that has always defined and continues to define, every aspect of your lives as american citizen-slaves. You are able to hide behind the perverse lie that you and your society have "morally evolved", by claiming to now treat black citizen-slaves in america with less genocidal evil than you treated blacks in america in 1900. But of course even within this diseased notion, you still cannot admit or face up to the limitless evil of slavery from any Truth-based perspective. You yourselves choose to live as slaves, in fact, slaves to your society. You pathetic creatures totally lack the ability to face up to the Truth that there has never been, in the history of modern humanity, a single "bad" person, or a single "good" person. Every person is a reflection and a manifestation of the sum total of life experiences that have been imposed upon him. There is no good or bad, there is only Truth and lies, accurate reflection and misdirected reflection, within the universe of individual human existence. Societies can be good or bad, governments can be good or bad, customs and traditions can be good or bad, societal ideologies and doctrines can be good or bad. But no individual human being can be good or bad, and applying this perverse label to any human being is part of the toxic societal process of creating morality illusion and demonizing tortured victim-creations, two root foundational perversions which render your species unworthy of existence.

"To admit a belief merely because it is a custom - but that means to be dishonest, cowardly, lazy! - And so could dishonesty, cowardice and laziness be the preconditions for morality?"

You creatures, who claim to possess by far the most highly advanced and developed intellectual brain function abilities of any species of life on planet earth, prove by your own insane life paths, that this claim is totally without merit. In reality, your intellectual function rates lower than any other species of life. Even an ant or a cockroach seems quite able to recognize and accept the Truths that it is confronted with. If a giant human being approaches a cockroach, the cockroach recognizes that it is in danger and attempts to run away and hide. But if a human being is approached with an insane myth that threatens to terroristically impose it’s fascist decree upon every aspect of the human being’s life, the human often welcomes the danger, instead of fleeing in terror as he should. You creatures are intellectually inferior to all animals. You can neither recognize nor accept the Truths of life, from either an intellectual or an emotional position. You choose to believe in imaginary things, non-existent things, myths, delusions, lies, you embrace all of these toxic entities at the drop of a hat, most especially those that your evil societies encourage you to embrace. You do not even try to use your intellect, that intellect that you claim to be so proud of as you declare yourself to be intellectually superior to animals, to uncover Truth in life. No, Truth is your mortal enemy, the enemy that you spend every waking moment of your lives fleeing from, denying, rejecting. Instead, you rely on custom and tradition, you revel in your own blindness and the stupidity of your ancestors. You proudly embrace the same perversions that your insane ancestors embraced, making not an iota of sincere, Truth-based effort to determine whether those perversions contain even the slightest hint of valid Truth within them. You cling to the customs and traditions of your ancestors, because you instinctually/subconsciously know that they hated and rejected all Truth, and therefore all of the customs and traditions they embraced, must have been and must still be, totally devoid of all genuine Truth. It is your primary goal in life to avoid, reject, shun all Truth. And what better way to accomplish this feat than to pathologically and blindly embrace all of the customs, traditions, and rituals of your society, knowing in advance that they are all lie-based and you will not be confronted with any type of Truth? Your illusions of morality and your invalid definitions of what constitutes moral decency, are a consequence, a manifestation, of your blind rejection of and terror of all Truth. Within your lie-based personality structures, all morality involves dishonesty, cowardice, and laziness, exactly as Seer Friedrich reveals above. You cannot be honest, because honesty is interwoven with Truth. You cannot be courageous, because having genuine courage would require you to face up to the Truths of life. You cannot be proactively creating new customs and traditions for yourself, because there is too much societal condemnation and danger of being confronted with Truth, in such activity. Instead you must and do lazily embrace all of the insane, evil, lie-based, societally screened and promoted customs and traditions that have been handed down through all the inferior generations of human history. How pathetic!

"Hitherto we have been permitted to seek beauty only in the morally good - a fact which sufficiently accounts for our having found so little of it and having had to seek about for imaginary beauties without backbone! - As surely as the wicked enjoy a hundred kinds of happiness of which the virtuous have no inkling, so too they possess a hundred kinds of beauty; and many of them have not yet been discovered."

Beautiful insight of Truth here! Society decrees that it’s citizen-slaves are obligated to pursue a "morally good" life path, even though there is in reality not a shred of moral decency within either the design or the operational structures human society. Therefore, the vast majority of citizen-slaves, even the minority who do possess some degree of personal decency within themselves, embrace and celebrate false and invalid illusions of moral decency, that their lie-based society provides to them. All lie-based ideologies have a taint, a stink, to them. Truth is beautiful, and genuine beauty can only be legitimately found within Truth. So-called "wicked" people, generally experience more genuine and Truth-based pleasure and enjoyment within their daily lives, than so-called "morally good" people experience. This is primarily due to the fact that society is totally immoral and "wicked". As a result, human beings who adopt absolutely no personal pretense of morality, and who embrace the Truth of the factual immorality and malice of their society, and integrate this Truth within their own ideological and life path journey, are living their lives in a reflectively True manner, the beauty and pleasure of Truth flourishes within these tortured victim-creations of society, but only if they are Superior enough to love themselves and to reject all of the toxic illusions of invalid moralistic obligation/doctrine that their evil societies relentlessly attempt to impose upon them. What a poetic Seer our Friedrich is, as he declares: "… As surely as the wicked enjoy a hundred kinds of happiness of which the virtuous have no inkling, so too they possess a hundred kinds of beauty; and many of them have not yet been discovered." Absolutely correct! And the happiness, pleasure, joy that we who embrace all Truth, about society and about ourselves, experience, is not only just as valid as the lie and myth-based forms of happiness that most of you diseased creatures cling to, it is in fact far more valid. The pleasure and joy that we experience is far purer, far more intense and "real" to us, because it is based upon Truth, not upon falsehood, myth, irrationality, invalid rationalizations, etc… We find happiness and beauty in Truth, in the Truths of life, and the top-level Superiors among us know that we have a limitless capacity, for as long as our minds are operationally functional, to literally create perfect joy for ourselves, using the power and the perfection of our Truth-based minds. As always, you creatures remain in terror of and insist upon rejecting all Truth, which is why you fervently cling to the delusion, instilled within you by your evil societies, that the "only real path to happiness comes via pursuing a morally decent life path." You use this lie to justify to yourselves the suffering, victimization, pain, that your society causes you to endure, you delude yourselves into believing that the "immoral and indecent" life path renders it’s societally demonized followers unable to achieve happiness, pleasure, joy, unable to feel personal peace, unable to appreciate/enjoy beauty, even though the Truth is the exact opposite, as we who embrace all Truth in our lives are far better able to enjoy far greater happiness, joy, personal satisfaction, and beauty within our lives than you broken and Truth-hating devotees of the morality myths. On top of everything else, there is not a shred of genuine morality to your life path ideologies and actions, there is only the perverse, invalid illusion and pretense pf morality, while in point of fact those of us that you demonize as being "immoral", are in fact either amoral, or thousands-millions of times less worthy of carrying the label of immoral than either you pr your societies. Does this mean that all human beings who pursue a Truth-based life path in which they reject and renounce all societal notions of morality will experience Superior happiness, pleasure, joy, and peace?? No, of course not! The person must also be able to love himself, he must be able to embrace, on a pure level, both conscious and subconscious, the reality of his own Superiority, the reality of his victimhood status, he must have succeeded in totally breaking free of the invalidly moralistic coercion and terrorization efforts/attacks that his society undertakes against him on a daily basis. So lets be clear, these are not easy feats for an "ordinary" human being born into and brainwashed by an evil society, to accomplish. But it can be done, by Superior, insightful, and courageous seekers of Truth. And even in cases where the "wicked" Truth-seeker cannot totally break free of toxic societal mythology, he can still often enjoy wonderfully joyous, happy, pleasurable, and peaceful times, even if insane societal lies and and perversely hypocritical doctrine do intrude upon and compromise the purity of pleasure, at other times. The top-level Superior never allows for even a single moment of such toxic and lie-based intrusion, but we who are top-level Superiors must recognize and understand that not all humans can reach our level of Superiority, even if they sincerely try their best to embrace all Truth, and fight off all societal attacks upon them.

"It is, indeed, a fact that, in the midst of society and sociability every evil inclination has to place itself under such great restraint, don so many masks, lay itself so often on the procrustean bed of virtue, that one could well speak of a martyrdom of the evil man. In solitude all this falls away. He who is evil is at his most evil in solitude: which is where he is at his best - and thus to the eye of him who sees everywhere only a spectacle also at his most beautiful."

Another grand slam home run of Forbidden Truth, for Seer Friedrich! Society is supremely, profoundly, totally evil. And yet even as it commits it’s limitless atrocities, it remains completely cloaked within an illusion of decency, morality, virtuousness. Even more perversely, it adopts the moral pretense that it possesses the authority to pass judgment upon the activities or ideologies of it’s citizen-slaves, and declare them to be "evil", immoral, their conduct and life path activities unacceptable and worthy of punishment, etc…, even though society itself is sponsoring, legitimizing, and carrying out atrocities which are thousands, in some cases millions of times more harmful, destructive, unjustifiable, than any individual’s act or ideology could possibly be. All "evil men" are Martyrs, they are tortured victim-creations of a genuinely evil society. The phrase "evil" cannot and must not, ever, be applied to any individual human being. I only use the phrase "evil men" in quotations, because I am replying to and commenting upon Seer Friedrich’s revelation of Truth, and he chooses to use this phrase. Let it be clear that from every Truth-based definitional measure, no individual human being can ever deserve to carry this label, of "evil", with one primary reason being the fact that no existing societal or governmental regime is willing to openly declare the Truth that it is genocidally evil. The more "vengeance" an individual human being claims, within his life path journey, the greater the proof that he is a supreme victim of utmost societal evil, and therefore the legitimacy of applying a label such as "evil" upon such a victim/martyr, is far more outrageous than the application of such a label upon other human beings who pursue a life path that is more societally promoted/advocated, although the bottom line is that no individual of any kind, should carry this invalid societal label. I love the recognition of the preciousness of solitude, that Seer Friedrich expresses here. The Superior human craves solitude, he is at his best when totally alone, because he is his own greatest lover, his own best friend, his own god. Some Superiors might enjoy the companionship of Superior species of life, meaning animals, but no genuine Superior is addicted to or craves contact with fellow human beings on any type of constant, daily, or even ongoing basis. Solitude represents perfection to top-level Superiors, because we meet all of our own needs, and also because pure and constant Truth can only exist within solitude, due to the pervasive bombardment of lies, myths, hypocrisy which emanates from every direction and every pore of humanity and human society. Your evil societies very specifically and with great determination, attempt to create toxic enmeshments for all human beings, to addict and enslave human beings to each other, to deny human beings the Superior lifestyle of solitude, to demonize and ridicule those Superiors that it cannot break, via labels such as "loner", all because the environment of solitude is conducive to the individual realization of Truth in life, and this terrifies all of the leaders and empowered agents of your diseased, lie-based societies.

"Error has transformed animals into men; is truth perhaps capable of changing man back into an animal?"

Seer Friedrich’s revelations of Truth stimulate the philosophical and intellectual minds of even top-level Superiors, which is a wonderful tribute to and demonstration of, the elite status that he has achieved of being the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 19th century. What we learn above is that the human evolutionary cycle has been diseased, unnatural, and illegitimate. The human being is an error of nature. Most errors of nature quickly become extinct, within just a few generations. But humanity, in all it’s perverse and plague-like inferiority, has stuck around, just like a disease such as cancer or aids, this particular error has proven itself to be quite hardy, and despite being an error which should have become extinct a long time ago, the human species has not only survived, but exerted a genocidally harmful impact upon literally every other existing species of life, not to mention being directly responsible for extincting numerous other species of life. It is the human mind which is the root of this nature and genetic perversion. A mind intellectually advanced/capable enough to recognize the Truths of life, while at the same time being insanely retarded enough to totally lack the ability to accept and embrace the Truths of life. Seer Friedrich asks: "…is truth perhaps capable of changing man back into an animal?" First of all, lets understand that this "change" would be the absolute salvation of the species, if it would in fact occur. But now lets also recognize that this transformation is in fact a practical impossibility. The human species has lost the ability to recognize, much less embrace, Truth. This ability cannot be "magically" restored, nor can it be pragmatically restored either, since there is a toxic, continuous feedback loop cycle at work, in which every generation of human adults, formerly tortured children, is encouraged, enticed, and satiated by society, via the process of torturing each and every new generation of children that it creates. So, even though in theory Seer Friedrich has hit upon a profoundly brilliant point, and an actual embrace of Truth on a massive, society-wide level by humanity could well be capable of serving as a salvation to the human species as a whole, the point is a moot one, because no such genuine embrace of Truth can occur, or will occur. The human species is simply too far gone, and on a philosophical level, it does not deserve to be saved from extinction. It has inflicted far too much torment upon trillions and trillions of it’s own species members, as well as more trillions upon trillions of other species life forms, to deserve to continue to exist as a species. The good news is you will get what you deserve. Even though the Truths of life are right there, dangling in front of your very noses, you are too far gone, you cannot make that leap "backward", which would in reality be a leap forward, to Natural, Instinctual Truth. Even back in Friedrich’s era, 120 or so years ago, you were too far gone. And you have spent the entire 20th century, as a species, making giant leaps "forward", a tremendous and unprecedented move forward, towards actually achieving your long overdue species extinction.

"Observe the herd which is grazing beside you. It does not know what yesterday or today is. It springs around, eats, rests, digests, jumps up again, and so from morning to night and from day to day, with its likes and dislikes closely tied to the peg of the moment, and thus neither melancholy nor weary. To witness this is hard for man, because he boasts to himself that his human race is better than the beast and yet looks with jealousy at its happiness. For he wishes only to live like the beast, neither weary nor amid pains, and he wants it in vain, because he does not will it as the animal does."

One of my very favorite phrases to describe you humans is "brainwashed sheeple." I especially love this hybrid, dictionarily invalid word, "sheeple". It is absolutely perfect in describing the True nature of humans. You are half person, half sheep, hence: sheeple. The very idea of attempting to use your own mind to uncover Truth, fills you with unimaginable dread, on conscious and subconscious levels. You live as blind sheep, sabotaging and renouncing all of your mental intellect, betraying yourselves at every turn, every day, as you continue your pathological rejection of all Truth. Who is your master? Your evil and insane society. It tells you what to believe, what to think, what to do, how to feel, and you blindly embrace it all, like a sheep standing in a pasture, blindly eating grass along with it’s flock. As least the sheep in engaging in a natural, instinctual activity, unlike you humans. It is an insult to sheep, to refer to you humans as sheeple, but what the heck, I do like that word, so I will use it. Understand that you creatures are genuine robotic slaves of society. Nothing you do is free or independent, nothing that you perceive as being real, has a foundation within actual Truth or even simple rationality/sanity. Everything that you believe and everything that you believe in, has been externally imposed upon you, by a genocidally evil entity. And yet you embrace these derangements as Truth, you allow them to dictate and define your life path, even though this is the only opportunity to exist that you will experience for all of cosmic eternity. You spit upon your very own, irreplaceable life, you sacrifice it, you throw it away, exactly as instructed and commanded to do by your evil society. You enslave yourselves to toxic, fatal lies. The actual sheep is not like you, no, the sheep, as well as every other species of animal, has nothing in common with you humans. The sheep is profoundly, immensely Superior. The sheep experiences his life, "limited" as it may be, within the arena of natural, instinctual Truth. The sheep does not tired of being alive, because the sheep is instinctually more intelligent and sane than humanity. The sheep knows the Truth, of what life is, why being alive has value. The sheep will not needlessly endanger his life, his health, or his safety. The sheep is happy, because the sheep lives within the empowering umbrella of personal Truth. The sheep deserves to be happy, unlike you humans. You deserve nothing that is good, pure, nurturing, positive, because you give to your children, to all other species of life, and to the universe itself, nothing that is good, pure, nurturing, positive, or grounded within Truth. Most of you have even become too stupid to feel conscious jealousy at the Superior nature of animals. You simply deny their Superior natures, deny the Truth that they are lucky to not be human, to not be tortured victim-creations of human society, just as you deny all of the hundreds of thousands of Truths that exist, that are real, and that pose a threat to your insane perceptions of yourselves and of life, simply by virtue of being Truths. Seer Friedrich concludes with: "For he (man) wishes only to live like the beast, neither weary nor amid pains, and he wants it in vain, because he does not will it as the animal does." Absolutely correct! You humans claim to desire comfort and pleasure, but in point of fact you devote your lives to embracing, deliberately, discomfort, distress, and pain/suffering, as you are instructed to do by your evil societies. The human has idle, insincere "wishes", that he in fact does not even try to turn into realities. This is because the human has no free will, no instinctual nature, he is a robotic slave to societal lies, myths, derangement, insane rationalizations. On the other hand, the sheep has pure, natural cravings and instincts. The sheep lives his life embracing all of the Truths that he knows, wholeheartedly. The sheep, despite being a member of a "herd" of fellow animals, despite perhaps feeling instinctually compelled to do as his herd does, possesses an immensely greater amount of genuine free will, free will based upon self-love, benevolent instinct, natural Truth, than any of you humans possess, save for a tiny handful of Superior Seers such as Myself. Your idle, insincere wishes are useless, doomed to failure, specifically because they are lie-based, they are not manifestations of Truth, or of instinct, or of naturalness.

"Thus the beast lives unhistorically, for it gets up in the present like a number without any odd fraction left over; it does not know how to play a part, hides nothing, and appears in each moment exactly and entirely what it is. Thus a beast can be nothing other than honest. By contrast, the human being resists the large and ever increasing burden of the past, which pushes him down or bows him over. It makes his way difficult, like an invisible and dark burden which he can for appearances' sake even deny, and which he is only too happy to deny in his interactions with his peers, in order to awaken their envy. Thus, it moves him, as if he remembered a lost paradise, to see the grazing herd or, something more closely familiar, the child, which does not yet have a past to deny and plays in blissful blindness between the fences of the past and the future. Nonetheless this game must be upset for the child. He will be summoned all too soon out of his forgetfulness. For he learns to understand the expression "It was," that password with which struggle, suffering, and weariness come over human beings, so as to remind him what his existence basically is--a never completed past tense. If death finally brings the longed for forgetting, it nevertheless thereby destroys present existence and thus impresses its seal on the knowledge that existence is only an uninterrupted living in the past [Gewesensein], something which exists for the purpose of self-denial, self-destruction, and self-contradiction."

A medium sized quote here, just bursting with all sorts of profound Forbidden Truth revelations. First, let us consider the issue of intellectualized historical addiction. No other species of life, besides humanity, is addicted to a false, societally intellectualized past history. Sane and natural creatures live within the Truth of their own, current lives. They do not carry with them the diseased and fetid baggage of their ancestors. Their life path choices are not dictated or even influenced by any of the perversions, toxic rituals, insane customs, inferior beliefs, of their ancestors. Only humans don the suffocating mask of their ancestors, as their own. This addiction to the past, is one of the most crippling aspects of human existence, and of course evil societal and governmental leaders take full advantage, encouraging, promoting, terroristically forcing their citizen-slaves to model and shape their own life paths, upon the diseased historical platforms of their tortured and deranged ancestors. Second point: You pathetic humans are constantly hiding from just about everything that life offers you, most especially all of the profound Truths of life. You are all actors, you play fictional roles within both the design and operational structures of your own lives. Everything you do is artificial, it is spin, it is a false reflection of lies, not an accurate reflection of Truth. You creatures do not possess "personalities", but rather personas. You juggle your personas as instructed to do by society. Insanely, you can and do have a conversation with your "friends", and moments later, upon arriving at your job, your entire verbal manner and interactive style of communication, becomes totally different. This is because in everything you do, you are actors, delivering a persona, never able to be "yourself", because there is no you. There is only a smorgasboard of invalid personas that your society has convinced you to create within yourself. Next brilliant point: Animals do not lie. They are honest. This is because they are not products/creations of a lie-based society, living within an intellectually deranged cultural/ideological system, as humans are. Yes, some animals will "trick" other animals, usually of a different species, but this behavior is naturally instinctual, and motivated by survival needs. It is not a lie, a myth, or a hypocrisy of any kind. Back to the issue of the human historical past obsession. Seer Friedrich beautifully illustrates the toxic nature of humanity embracing it’s ancestral, historical past. But at the same time, I feel it is important to make clear that as individuals, we must focus upon our own immediate pasts, the experiences of our own lives. The toxicity only exists within human obsession with his ancestors, with their pasts, rather than an individual obsession with his own, real life past, dating back no further than his own birth, which can be extremely healthy and beneficial, as long as the obsession is Truth-based and only limited to the period of time beginning with the person’s birth.

Next brilliant Truth: The so-called "innocence" of children, fascinates you diseased and broken creatures. Some of you, at times, love to think of the innocence of children, but not from any altruistic motivation. Instead, you subconsciously go back to your own childhoods, and mentally attempt to recapture, just for a little while, the memory, in many cases a false memory/illusion, of your own childhood innocence and light-heartedness. But many more of you are obsessed with a much darker motivation: you crave the notion of taking away the innocence of children, tearing down their idealistic mindsets, you are obsessed with the notion of causing, or at least witnessing, their loss of innocence, and this is because you subconsciously or consciously carry within your core reality, the severe trauma of your own torturous children, the profoundly traumatic moments and incidents during your childhood, that resulted in your loss of your own innocence. The goal of society is to create an enslaving "history" for every human life form it attains control over. The beginning of this toxic process, involves the creation of a "past". A young child has little if any focus or even conscious awareness, of his past. But society changes all that, society tells the child: "This is your life, you have a past, a present, and a future. Your mission as a child is to plan for the future, your mission as a young adult is to plan for your future and the future of others, your mission as an older adult is to reflect upon your past, and look forward to an "afterlife" future. At all times, the historical past must play a primary role in dictating your life path. At all times, you must live your life focused upon either the past, or the future, but not the present. You see folks, in this way the entire lifetime of every human being is perversely distorted by society. The citizen-slave never actually lives in "real time", but rather in the past or in the future. Your existence is always in the past, except for when it is in the future. The only type of legitimate existence that a Superior would embrace, existence in the present, is condemned and demonized by society. You live to die, you live for death. This is what all "history" is, a celebration of death, cloaked within the toxic myth/lie of an eternal "existence", wrapped around the societal decree that you must do exactly what your ancestors did, in order to join them in their "eternal existence", by denying yourself pleasure, hating yourself, agreeing to destroy yourself, self-contradicting yourself, embracing the lies of human ideological structure, and the like, all of these perverse, harmful "customs" being advocated, promoted, imposed upon you by your society, just as they were promoted/imposed upon all of your destroyed ancestors.

"The most senile thing ever thought about man is contained in the celebrated saying 'the ego is always hateful'; the most childish is the even more celebrated 'love thy neighbor as thyself'. -- In the former, knowledge of human nature has ceased, in the latter it has not yet even begun."

Two remarkably valuable and profound Truths, are revealed right here. The human ego, one of the most precious, valuable, benevolent, primarily necessary character traits of all Superior and sane humans. The human child is born with a healthy ego. Outrageously, human societal leaders, motivated by genocidal malice, decree that the precious, irreplaceable ego within the child, must be attacked, beaten, broken, destroyed. The child must be stripped of his ego, because all citizen-slaves must agree to loathe, victimize, hate themselves. The human ego is incapable of hate, it is an instrument of love, self-love. But of course society teaches that the ego is hateful, in order to intellectually rationale the genocidal destruction of ego in it’s children as well as adult citizen-slaves. In reality, it is the self-love that society is after, that society is desperate to destroy within each and every one of you. The ego is never hateful, which is precisely why it must be destroyed, this is the actual, cloaked decree of society. Self-hatred can only be induced via the deliberate, societally induced destruction of the precious ego. Second Truth: the insane, self-hating societal command, "love thy neighbor as thyself". This command is so bizarre and irrational that your evil leaders knew that the only way it could gain any credibility would be if it was wrapped within the Insane God Myth, as a direct command from god. and so that’s exactly what they did. Understand that this bizarre command is designed to instill profound self-hatred within the True Realities of you humans. Why in the world would any creature, especially an intellectually sentient creature, love some other creature, as much as he loves himself?? What possible sane motivation could any human being have, to bestow an equal amount of this positive emotion to a "neighbor", as he bestows upon himself? The entire purpose of this "saying", is to get people to hate themselves. The evil doctrine that is being conveyed is: "Your ego is a bad thing. You don’t deserve to love yourself. The instinctual love that you feel towards yourself, is a bad thing. You must betray yourself, take the Truth-based love of self that you feel, and transform it into an illegitimate, lie-based "love" that you give away to other human beings for no sane or valid reason." Any intellectually sane species of life would go to every effort to try and make sure that the precious ego and the precious self-love that every creature feels towards itself, is nurtured, promoted, cheered, maximized, throughout the entire lifetime of the creature. But no, you diseased and evil humans do the exact opposite, you decree the ego bad, self-love bad, and your motivation is nothing short of universal genocide, the misdirection and destruction of two of the most precious and irreplaceable character traits that any human being can ever or will ever possess.

"It is not enough to prove something, one also has to seduce or elevate people to it. That is why the man of knowledge should learn how to speak his wisdom: and often in such a way that it sounds like folly!"

I am reminded of one of Adolf Hitler’s most provocatively insightful revelations of Truth, in the above quote that Seer Friedrich graces us with. Both of these Seers are absolutely correct. You humans despise and reject all Forbidden Truth, and even "physically concrete" Truth which has been factually proven to you beyond all reasonable doubt, is gleefully rejected and renounced by you inferiors, most especially if it threatens to expose or undermine any of the thousands upon thousands of lies, myths, and falsehoods that you have built your diseased lives upon and are desperately clinging to. So, proof is meaningless to you creatures, just as meaningless and worthless as Truth is. What you desire is to be enticed, flattered, cajoled into agreeing to accept/embrace an ideology, belief system, or lifestyle path. You don’t care whether the actual entity you are embracing has any foundation in Truth, or even sanity. As long as the "right" people are promoting it, and as long as your societal/cultural/celebrity agents are expressing support for it, you are overjoyed to blindly hop upon the bandwagon. Because you are pathologically lie-based creatures, the only way that you will even consider embracing most Truths, is if they are packaged as lies, or at least have all of their Truths covered up and glossed over. This is one reason why most of you despise scientists, shun and ignore them, as do your mainstream media whore/agents of society. Scientists reveal Truth, but most of them are not pathological liars and therefore refuse to "market and pitch" Truth to you. This is what you creatures demand, you demand that every notion which is targeted towards you, be spun and "pitched" to you as an advertisement. Whether a notion is True or not, is irrelevant to you, all you care about is whether the notion can be dressed up and spun in such a way as to convince you that you can make yourself feel happy, good, moral, by embracing the notion. Let us understand that all of your societal leaders and their agents, speak down to you at all times. They speak to you as though you are mentally retarded, deranged fools. Which is of course exactly what you in fact are. You creatures totally shun and dismiss the most brilliant human beings who inhabit your world. They fill you with mortal terror, not simply because they are far more brilliant than you, not simply because they reveal Forbidden Truth, but primarily because they refuse to "talk down" to you, they refuse to sugarcoat and cloak the Truths that they reveal, unlike your supreme leaders, who are masters at the craft of pathological lying, deceit, brainwashing, and manipulation of the beliefs/mindsets/ideological viewpoints towards life, of you citizen-slaves. All societal and governmental leaders, as well as all of their upper-tier empowered agents, are liars, con artists, and malicious manipulators of the human mind. Their task and mission is to spin everything, every notion, belief, philosophy, ideology, those that they are desperate to get their citizen-slaves to embrace, as well as those they are desperate to get their citizen-slaves to reject. Everything is approached from the "spin" perspective. The issues of Truth, morality, what is best for the citizen-slaves or for humanity as a whole, are never even given the slightest bit of consideration, in terms of which public policies are imposed upon humanity by societal and governmental leaders. The most cunningly malevolent leaders know that the stupider and more insane they make their public policy mandates sound, the more likely it is that the citizenry, which is limitlessly stupid and insane, will embrace the perverse mandates. The only caveats are that the public policy mandates must be cloaked within an illusion of "morality", "justice", "benevolence". Since you creatures are already addicted to the insane notion that your society is a decent, moral, benevolent entity, there is hardly any societal effort needed for this cloak to work. If a Truth can be disguised as a lie, it is possible that the Truth will be accepted and embraced by you Truth-haters. But only if the disguise is very effectively designed and presented. The problem is, all of your societal, governmental, cultural leaders are devoted to maintaining the absolute lie-based structural platform of human existence within all arenas of life. Therefore disguising lies as Truth, is the primary mission of society. At the same time, via these efforts, Truth is oftentimes presented as lies, but never for the purpose of getting you creatures to embrace the actual Truths, but rather to get you to dismiss the actual Truths, and accept societal brainwashing efforts which decree that the lies that they are seeking to get you to embrace, represent Truth.

"Out of damp and gloomy days, out of solitude, out of loveless words directed at us, conclusions grow up in us like fungus: one morning they are there, we know not how, and they gaze upon us, morose and gray. Woe to the thinker who is not the gardener but only the soil of the plants that grow in him!"

Lovely description here, of the nature of suffering and victimization, how these life experiences shape and dictate our mindsets, our perceptions of reality. Yes, even as we embrace the Truths of life that are carved into us, we must, those of us who aspire to Seer of Forbidden Truth status, recognize that we owe it to ourselves to employ both emotion and intellect, as we develop and nurture our philosophical and ideological insights of Truth, regarding ourselves, humanity, and other complex issues. We must recognize that if the philosophical conclusions that we reach are rooted within genuine Truth, they are most likely 100% accurate. The most difficult aspect of philosophical and ideological evolution, is sorting out all of the Truths of life, from all of the lies of life. What makes this difficult, in some cases even for an emerging Seer, is the fact that virtually all lies are presented as Truths, and virtually all Truths are presented as lies, by society. The personal attainment of philosophical brilliance and intellectual/ideological Superiority is a consistently proactive battle. We, as Superiors cannot simply lie down and passively wait for brilliance and Truth to present itself. Instead, just as Seer Friedrich points out, we must cultivate, nurture, develop, proactively seek out the Truths of life. We must be gardeners, developing Truth, helping Truth bloom via and within our own proactive minds. We must not be the "soil", because soil just sits there, it allows other things to be done and to be imposed upon it. You Sheeple deserve to be and in fact are, the "soil". We must also be "chefs", insofar as properly juggling and applying several different ingredients, emotion, intellect, deductive reasoning skill, to all of the different issues of life, existence, society. Too much emotion can result in a biased, invalid conclusion being reached. But at the same time, applying to little emotion can have a similarly negative effect. We must embrace all Truth, the emotional Truth of our own suffering as inflicted upon us by society, must be accepted, and must be allowed to play a significant role in our intellectual and ideological development of Self, but at the same time we must not allow emotion to overwhelm our other, equally valid and important, senses and Superior mental abilities.

"We are like shop windows in which we are continually arranging, concealing or illuminating the supposed qualities other ascribe to us - in order to deceive ourselves."

Wonderful insight of Truth, although it primarily applies only to the vast quantity of inferior humans. You creatures do not live for yourselves, but rather for your images, as judged by fellow humans and by your society. You are clay, wet, totally malleable clay, you allow yourselves to be molded into whatever types of perverse, lie-based images, you believe other people and society want you to be. You have no sense of genuine self-worth, much less self-love. Instead, you waste your lives on a continuous quest to receive praise, admiration, support, from other human beings. You cannot meet any of your own needs, and you are perfectly willing to adopt whatever type of attitude, appearance, mindset, ideology, that you feel will garner you praise, admiration, gratitude, from your evil society as a whole, and it’s fellow members. What you love most of all, is for your society to tell you that you are good, moral, decent, worthy of an afterlife, etc… You will do anything, believe in anything, blindly, as long as you are lured by society with these comforting praises. You are desperate to hide from yourselves, the horrific Truths of what you really are, and of what the society that you are addicted to and live as a member of, is.

"It is not things, but opinions about things that have absolutely no existence, which have so deranged mankind!"

What a pearl of brilliance this is! Objects are never a primary cause of human derangement. No object, regardless of how malevolent or diseased the inspiration for it’s creation might be, is a root form of human perversion. The same applies for "things", real things, things which exist, can almost be dealt with, as long as sanity and Truth is applied. Once we venture away from the concrete however, and approach an issue such as human "opinion", the situation changes dramatically. Human opinion is far more dangerous and toxic than any object or concrete thing, could ever be. This is because human opinion is lie-based, and it is also limitlessly uncontainable in terms of it’s nature. It can and does veer off in such deranged directions, that no reversal is possible, there is no way to limit the amount of genocidal damage and harm, that lie-based human opinion can and does cause. The greatest venue within which human derangement blooms in all of it’s genocidal glory, is the venue of human opinion about things which do not exist. The perfect example of this, which instantly springs to mind, is of course the Insane God Myth. God does not exist, and yet you humans are absolutely bursting with all sorts of opinions about god. The consequences of this derangement are limitlessly genocidal, responsible for the deaths of billions of humans, and the mental destruction of trillions upon trillions of Truth-seeking children as well as adults, throughout the Modern Era of human existence all across the world. It is a brilliant insight by Seer Friedrich, to recognize the distinction between human opinions about things that do exist, in comparison to human opinions about things that do not exist. Both types of opinions can and do cause genocidal harm, but it is the latter, opinions about things which do not exist, which causes much more significant and profound harm within the human experience of life. You have two consecutive layers of insanity, stacked upon each other, when you apply human opinion to things which do not exist. The very notion of forming an opinion about something which does not exist, automatically and instantaneously creates a double layer of lies, irrational thinking, deranged belief, stacked upon the existing layer of insanity, which would be the belief that a non-existent thing, actually exists. It is utterly impossible for anything that is sane, decent, logical, valuable, or Truthful, to emerge from either one of these human derangements, much less a situation in which both derangements are stacked upon and enmeshed within, each other.

"Consider the following signs of those states of society which are necessary from time to time and which are designated with the word "corruption." As soon as corruption sets in anywhere superstition becomes rank. and the previous common faith of a people becomes pale and powerless against it. For superstition is second-order free spirit: those who surrender to it choose certain forms and formulas that they find congenial and permit themselves some freedom of choice. Whoever is superstitious is always, compared with the religious human being, much more of a person; and a superstitious society is one in which there are many individuals and much delight in individuality..."

It is clear to me that like all human inferiority manifestations, corruption exists first and foremost, upon a societal level. Just as murder is a primary practice of society, which only filters down to individual citizens acting on their own, so too is corruption a primary practice of society. Society legitimizes and sanctions corruption within it’s own structural system, and the more inferior, diseased, and deranged a society is, the more corruption it will experience at both a structural system level, and an individual, filtered down level. Corruption is simply one of many perverse human natures, which societies invalidly claim to condemn, even though they choose to sponsor and legitimize on some, cloaked levels, especially within the structural and design systems, just as with murder, which is societally sponsored and legitimized under cloaked, misdirectional names, such as "war", "death penalty", etc… The topic of superstition is actually somewhat more intriguing then the topic of corruption. There is a more pathological nature to superstition, tied in with the profound addiction to non-existent entities and objects, which characterizes your lives. I must disagree slightly, with Seer Friedrich’s opinion that superstition easily and often overwhelms "common faith", which would be defined by me as a mainstream religion such as christianity. Unfortunately, even though superstition does run rampant among you humans, religiously fascist societies like america are still able to prevent a strong majority of their citizen-slaves from breaking free of the "mainstream" religion that societal leaders are seeking to impose upon the populace. Even in situations where superstition is embraced by a citizen-slave, the citizen-slave will not necessarily abandon the maliciously imposed "common faith" of the societal leadership, or of whichever mainstream religion he has been personally addicted to. More often, superstition is simply integrated within the mainstream Insane God Myth addiction, instead of being used to replace and topple the mainstream god addiction. So on this minor point, I disagree with Seer Friedrich’s conclusion, to a degree. However, there is a much more important and profound insight of Truth regarding superstition, on which I am in total agreement and absolutely love his Superior realization. Here it is: Superstition is inherently less genocidally harmful than any mainstream religion is or could ever be. The reason for this, is the fact that superstitious beliefs are much more individualistic in nature. Humans are free, to some degree, to "choose" which superstitions they embrace. This is absolutely not the case with any type of mainstream religion, which is promoted by any society. All mainstream religions are terroristically imposed upon individuals, by society, government, and societal/governmental leaders/agents. In addition, all the ideological decrees of all mainstream religions have an overtly malevolent, fascist, enslaving purpose and goal. This is not the case with superstitions. Even though superstitions are lie-based and can, in some situations, be just as toxic and harmful to humans as mainstream religion is, they are intrinsically less oppressive on a general level, because they are not primarily utilized by society to oppress, enslave, impose fascist and insane behavioral ideology upon citizens. Superstitions are tolerated by societies, sometimes mildly encouraged, especially if they can serve the evil societal goal of impacting behavioral and lifestyle choices in the same general direction as mainstream religion. But they are not promoted and encouraged by society to serve as a replacement or substitute for mainstream religion. Superstition provides greater freedom and greater free will than any mainstream religion or mainstream religious belief, but at the same time, we must understand that nothing which is lie-based can ever be genuinely worthy of embrace by any human being who aspires to Superiority. All lies are toxic and harmful, even though some lies are significantly more toxic and harmful than others. In general, the more stridently any type of belief, ideology, or lifestyle path is promoted and encouraged by a society/government, the more toxic and harmful, and of course rooted within perverse lies and myths, it is. If you inferiors feel that you must addict your minds to some type of a mythological belief system, you would be choosing the lesser of two evils, if you totally reject all mainstream religious ideology, and embrace superstitious belief and ideology instead. But as always, you creatures prove time and time again that you cannot help but sink to the lowest possible level of personal derangement. Instead of embracing superstition as a way to escape from the mainstream insane god myth, the vast majority of you simply add superstitions to your existing and ongoing embrace of the insane god myth, thus accomplishing nothing of value, actually adding to your burden of deranged mythological belief, instead of using superstition to at least lighten the burden. To conclude, there is no doubt that under the current definition of and manifestations of superstition, humanity would absolutely be making an extremely significant step towards escaping the worst and most toxic of it’s ideological derangements, if it were to eliminate and terminate all promotion and legitimization of the insane god myth, and replace it with an "open and free" system of superstitious belief. Is there any possibility that this could actually occur? No, of course not!

"Second, a society in which corruptions spreads is accused of exhaustion... But what is generally overlooked is that the ancient national energy and national passion that became gloriously visible in war and warlike games have now been transmuted into countless private passions and have merely become less visible. Indeed, in times of "corruption" the power and force of the national energies that are expended are probably greater than ever and the individual squanders them as lavishly as he could not have formerly when he was simply not yet rich enough. Thus it is precisely in times of "exhaustion" that tragedy runs through houses and streets, that great love and great hatred are born, and that the flame of knowledge flares up into the sky."

Some very good points of truth are made here. War and nationalistic passion constitute a "union" of the suppressed rage and desperate desire to become addicted to something "greater than the self", of citizen-slaves. This is not a positive union, a beneficial coming together of human beings, but rather a negative, harmful flare-up of irrationality. Rage, irrationality, insanity, all feed upon and feed within themselves. This is why human beings who are part of a large group or crowd, will often engage in behaviors that they would not even seriously consider engaging in, if they were all alone. The explosions of rage which are expressed via the war ritual, and the fiercely desperate clinging to mass delusion such as god worship and patriotism, demonstrate the inherently traumatized, victimized state of the citizenry, as well as their mentally ill and toxic neediness. The "grander" and more larger-scale a societal movement is, such as a war or an embrace of patriotism, the more certain it is to be totally toxic and perverse in both origin and purpose. "Private passions", individualistic in nature, are generally more Truth-based and less toxic, than any of the grand, massive scale societal movements, be they ideological, mythological, or behavior-based. But of course these private passions still have their roots in brutal injustice, victimization, brainwashing, and societal malice. An individually autonomous act of murder is not only more legitimate, but also more Truth-based, than the participation of an individual in the societal war ritual, in which he commits legal murder. And yet we must understand that all of us are creations. We did not create ourselves, we are creations of society, we are reflections of the sum total of all life experiences that have been imposed and inflicted upon us. As reflections and creations, we have the ability to guide our emotions, passions, beliefs, and ideologies in Superior ways and directions. This is our mandate, as we strive towards Superiority. Not to deny the Truth of our life experiences, but to integrate the Truth of our life experiences within ourselves, and then to reflect it outward in a self-loving, accurate manner. But how is "accuracy" to be judged? Well, there are many types of standards that Superiors can employ, but just as a general rule, a logical threshold standard might be: Never cooperate with the society that is responsible and guilty of torturing and victimizing you, even if the society offers you "enticing" bribes to attempt to secure your cooperation, such as the promise of an paradisiacal afterlife, or the opportunity to commit legal murder. Does wealth lead to corruption? No, Wealth is not a primary issue, it is money itself, these worthless pieces of paper that your evil government has created, controls, and applies an arbitrary value to, which leads to one form of corruption. Your evil societies teach you that these pieces of paper, totally worthless from any Truth-based perspective, are not only valuable, but more valuable than life itself, more valuable than your life should be to you, that is the limitlessly evil societal doctrine that breeds corruption, of all stripes, financial, moral, philosophical, ideological. And finally, when an ultra-diseased society does reach it’s point of no return, it’s point of "exhaustion", as Seer Friedrich describes it, this is the time when the most profound and brilliant Seers of Forbidden Truth can be expected to emerge. When the entire human species, not merely a single society, reaches it’s point of no return, who knows what might occur? Perhaps the ultimate Seer of Seers will emerge, to serve as a final voice of Truth as the extinction of the species commences.

"Third, it is usually said... that such times of corruption are gentler and that cruelty declines drastically, compared with the old, stronger age which was more given to faith. All I concede is that cruelty now becomes more refined and that its older forms henceforth offend the new taste; but the art of wounding and torturing others with words and looks reaches its supreme development...The men of corruption are witty and slanderous; they know of types of murder that require neither daggers nor assault; they know that whatever is said well is believed."

Brilliant insight of Truth here! As the human species becomes more and more diseased, it continues, as it always has, to offer up illusions and pretenses of morality, decency, refinement, civility, even though in point of fact both it’s policy and it’s ideological doctrines continue to rech new depths of perverse and insane depravity. Old forms of genocide , mass torture, enslavement, are slowly modified over time, to give the illusion of "moral advancement", even though the actual modifications are oftentimes more genocidal harmful than the older forms of atrocity. A perfect example of this "cruelty refinement" Truth, would be the manner in which children were tied to stakes under the blazing sun and left to die in the open of dehydration. You diseased 21st century american humans adopt an attitude of moral outrage over this "bygone atrocity", and insanely celebrate the fact that both you and your society have morally advanced beyond such "savagery", even though the Forbidden Truth is that the forms of genocide and torture that you currently choose to commit upon your child-slaves, and that your society chooses to encourage, legitimize, promote, and instruct you to commit, are not only just as horrifically perverse today as they have ever been in the past, but in fact continue to reach new levels of perversity. You hide from and reject this Truth, by "cloaking" the atrocities, making them different than the atrocities of long ago, and therefore you are able to delude yourselves that they are not malevolent, immoral, genocidal atrocities. Your diseased ancestors did the exact same thing. They justified tying children to a stake in public and watching them slowly die, via the notion that god wanted this to be done and if it was not done, god would become angry and cause far more harm, destruction and death to far more humans, both adult and child, and therefore sacrificing a few children in this manner was not only be totally appropriate, but absolutely necessary. Today, you evil and diseased creatures use equally insane rationalizing, such as "we need to teach children not to do bad or dangerous things, by physically attacking/hurting them". "We need to give women the freedom to murder their womb-trapped children because our society is free and adults must have the right to murder creatures that are inferior to them." "We must fetishize and apply mystical qualities to Sacred Family Unit mythology, because all children are decreed by nature to belong to their biological creators", etc… And on top of everything else, you creatures do not even try to rationalize many of your genocidally evil societal policies, instead you simply deny and reject the fact that the policies are genocidally evil, therefore bypassing and eliminating the need to even come up with any rationalizations for the policies.

Seer Friedrich is also absolutely correct in pointing out that words, societal judgments and prejudices, are utilized with increasingly malicious and devastating effect, the more diseased a society becomes. Every available weapon, throughout all of human history, has always been used to it’s maximum destructive capability. This Truth literally guarantees, thanks to technological advances of the 20th century, that the human species will extinct itself. But in addition, it also reveals to us the Truth that even old or ancient weapons, as long as they continue to remain in use, continue to achieve ever greater levels of destructiveness, as a society continues to become more profoundly deranged. Words have always been potent weapons, throughout the Modern Era, and their potency is higher now than ever before. Words are also among the 2-4 greatest weapons that society has at it’s disposal, in terms of implementing and gaining support for utterly evil and genocidal policies, and the reason for this is that society is able to almost at will, alter and create invalid definitional meanings for the words and phrases that it creates and imposes upon it’s citizenry. Absolutely brilliantly phrased conclusion by Seer Friedrich to the above quote: "The men of corruption are witty and slanderous; they know of types of murder that require neither daggers nor assault; they know that whatever is said well is believed." Absolutely correct! Words can kill, ideologies can kill, beliefs can kill. Not only kill, but kill in genocidal fashion, without a single finger being lifted in direct violence, by the killer. This is what your evil societies do, they commit homicidal genocide, without even having to lift a finger in violence. All they need to do is declare a form of murder to be legal, or moral, using words/definitions. You creatures have no interest in Truth. You are interested only in belief, and you love to be conned, just as you love to embrace toxic lies which are marketed to you by society as being noble, moral beliefs. Preachers of the insane god myth, as well as all top-level governmental and societal leaders, have mastered the evil art of "saying things well", pandering to you cowardly hatred of Truth and your desperate craving for comfortingly toxic lies.

"Fourth, when "morals decay" those men emerge whom one calls tyrants: they are the precursors and as it were the precocious harbingers of individuals... In these ages bribery and treason reach their peak, for the love of the newly discovered ego is much more powerful now than the love of the old, used-up "fatherland"... Individuals--being truly in-and-for-themselves-- care, as is well known, more for the moment than do their opposites, the herd men... The times of corruption are those when the apples fall from the tree: I mean the individuals, for they carry the seeds of the future and are the authors of the spiritual colonization and origin of new states and communities. Corruption is merely a nasty word for the autumn of a people."

Sadly, embrace of genuinely individualistic ego, is still extremely rare among humans. Toxic addiction to "primitive" delusions such as patriotism, nationalistic identification, god myth and afterlife mythologies, continue to dominate and dictate your life paths. The Superior "individual lovers of self" that Seer Friedrich mentions above, have always been few and far between. This remains the case even as a society spirals towards self-annihilation. And yet despite our rarity, we do possess the ability to exert great influence over certain segments of the population, during pivotal moments of human history. Superiors know that within every lifetime, there come a handful of moments, literally moments, which can define, shape, immortalize a life, and in some cases alter the course of human history. It is our Superior ability to recognize, seize upon, and take advantage of these pivotal moments, which allows us to reap the benefits, in some cases publically, in other cases privately, of our courageous, insightful Superiority. Superiors also have a talent for being able to live within real-time Truth. Even though our life paths are absolutely shaped by the sum total of life experiences that have been imposed upon us, we do not in fact live either for the past, or for the future. We live within real-time Truth. We experience the powers and the pleasures of ourselves within our own lifetimes, on a daily basis. We do not defer the Truth of the present, for the uncertainty and non-existence of the future, as your evil and diseased society convince you to do. The human species has sacrified and squandered it’s very right to have a future, of any kind. Superior individuals can carry Truth, but they cannot shape the future, because the future, just like the past and the present, is destined to wallow in lie-based perversity, as a reflection of the profound inferiority of the human species.

"Someone took a youth to a sage and said: "Look, he is being corrupted by women." The sage shook his head and smiled. "It is men," said he, "that corrupt women; and all the failings of women should be atoned by and improved in men. For it is man who creates for himself the image of woman, and woman forms herself according to this image." "You are too kind-hearted about women," said one of those present; "you do not know them." The sage replied: "Will is the manner of men; willingness that of women. That is the law of the sexes - truly, a hard law for women. All of humanity is innocent of its existence; but women are doubly innocent. Who could have oil and kindness enough for them?" "Damn oil! Damn kindness!" someone shouted out of the crowd; "Women need to be educated better!" - "Men need to be educated better," said the sage and beckoned to the youth to follow him. - The youth, however, did not follow him."

I love these "mini-stories" that Seer Friedrich graces us with, in many of his philosophical writings. The type of brutal gender biased misogyny that Seer Friedrich describes, was absolutely accurate and True for his era, and remains just as alive and pervasive today, as ever in the past. Society decrees that women are subhuman, in comparison to males, despite the fact that adult females retain fully human status in comparison to and in their dealings with, children. Society and goverment was designed by male human beings, not female human beings. It was designed by evil male human beings, for the purpose of obtaining and exerting power, control, domination, sadistic decrees upon, all other forms of life, female, child, animal, plant, and of course other male adults who do not hold an elite, empowered position within the societal leadership. Women, just like children, are decreed to be subhumanized objects, this is an official societal decree, and it is manifested and proven by the manner in which a majority of adult females devote a tremendous amount of time and attention and effort towards trying to "snare" a male human being, and do so via deceit, deception, elaborate and often painful physical manipulation and alteration of their own bodies and physical appearance. Just as the insane religious texts declare that "god created man", man in reality does create women, using terroristic coercion, bribery, and enticement to mold and control the physical images and perspectives on life, that women "choose" to present to the public. It is not really a choice, of course. Virtually none of you creatures, of either gender, have ever had the power or the ability to make any genuinely important life choices in a personally free manner. Just as women cling desperately to the Sacred Family Unit form of domination and oppression over all children they create, that society bestows upon them, men cling desperately to the societal gender bias under which they are given the power to dominate and oppress women. The dynamic at play is the same, we have tortured victim-creations of ultra-evil societies, desperate to satiate their sadistic but suppressed lust for vengeance, while maintaining an illusion of moral decency and benevolence, following the instructions of their evil society in terms of their targeted victims. A "sage" who reveals Forbidden Truth is ignored and dismissed when he reveals any type of Truth which defies societal mythology, such as the fact that men victimize, oppress and impose their toxic will based upon women, due to the torturously abusive childhoods and other victimizations that their society has subjected them to, and that this "transfer" of victimization is absolutely designed and orchestrated by societal leaders, as a matter of mainstream policy.

"The greatest danger that always hovered over humanity and still hovers over it is the eruption of madness - which means the eruption of arbitrariness in feeling, seeing and hearing, the enjoyment of the mind's lack of discipline, the joy in human unreason. Not truth and certainty are the opposite of the world of the madman, but the universality and the universal binding force of a faith; in sum, the non-arbitrary character of judgements... Thus the virtuous intellects are needed - oh, let me use the most unambiguous word - what is needed is virtuous stupidity, stolid metronomes for the slow spirit, to make sure that the faithful of the great shared faith stay together and continue their dance... We others are the exception and the danger - and we need eternally to be opposed. - Well, there actually are things to be said in favor of the exception, provided that it never wants to become the rule."

Wonderful definition of "madness" here. Within an insane society, to be individually "mad" is to be sane and rational. What society decrees to be "madness", is in fact nothing more than plain, ordinary freedom. The freedom required to be able to embrace the Truths of life, without fascist societal mythology. The freedom to throw off the shackles of insane behavioral and ideological decree, that society attempts to impose upon it’s citizen-slaves. Societal leaders demonize, condemn, and will use any excuse they can to destroy and hide away in locked cages all human beings who are "mad", simply because they fear that this "madness", which is nothing more than an embrace of ideological freedom and a rejection of insanely fascist societal doctrine/decree, could, if not demonized and destroyed together with it’s practitioners, find acceptance among a greater number of citizen-slaves. I cannot imagine a more brilliantly accurate two word phrase for what society seeks from it’s citizens, than the term coined by Seer Friedrich above, "virtuous stupidity". You creatures are taught to be blind, deaf, dumb, and stupid. To mindlessly embrace not only all societal decrees, but most importantly, within all societal decrees, the absolute lie that morality, decency, virtuosity are being displayed and manifested, by your society and by yourselves. To "stay the course", "remain faithful", "uphold tradition", these are the foundational doctrines of ultra-diseased societies, which were founded upon genocidal evil and insanity, and are sustained, generation after generation, upon the very same diseased foundations that they were built upon. Great insight of Truth by Friedrich, as he declare: "…We others are the exception and the danger - and we need eternally to be opposed…’ Well, as long as modern era society and government continues to maintain terroristic and fascist control over the lives of it’s citizen-slaves, this opposition and demonization/destruction will continue, for all of human "eternity", which is thankfully not likely to be very long, since species extinction should be forthcoming in the not too distant future. Could humanity "survive" an explosion of "madness", assuming the definition of madness is accepted as described by Seer Friedrich above? Absolutely! Not only survive, but thrive. What could not survive a tidal wave of such "madness", are the genuinely insane governmental and societal structures, which is why you can rest assured that no large explosion of Superior, Truth-based "madness" will ever be allowed to occur. Your evil leaders will destroy and demonize proponents and practitioners of this type of madness, madness which is freeing and Truth-based, on a personally ideological level.

"My idea is that every specific body strives to become master over all space and to extend its force (--its will to power:) and to thrust back all that resists its extension. But it continually encounters similar efforts on the part of other bodies and ends by coming to an arrangement ("union") with those of them that are sufficiently related to it: thus they then conspire together for power. And the process goes on..."

My interpretation of the above Truth by Seer Friedrich, is this: Every living creature, on an instinctual level, recognizes that it deserves to enjoy absolute and complete personally individualistic freedom, and to go even further, if the living creature possesses enough intellectualized intelligence to be aware of it’s own mortality and the horrific consequences that come with mortality, the creature also recognizes, on an instinctual level, that it deserves to be immortal. Now, even though these are "realizations", they only exist upon an instinctual level, not a conscious level. Furthermore, species of life that are genetically and instinctually diseased, such as humanity, can be very easily stripped of most, and in fact all, "instinctual realization of Truth", via childhood brainwashing and the overall lie, myth, hypocrisy, and insane rationalization structure of human society. Because the conscious human mind cannot accept the Forbidden Truths of life, it desperately searches for any and all comforting lies that it can find, to provide an illusion of the freedom, immortaliy, and individual power that it realizes, on an instinctual level, that it deserves to enjoy. This provides a massive, gaping opportunity for societal leaders and their agents to cram a mountain of insane, evil, genocidal, but comforting lies and myths down your throats, or more accurately down your minds. This "united conspiracy to power" which Seer Friedrich reveals, is one of the cornerstone methods of this societal enticement. You creatures are told that you can delude yourselves into attaining this illusion of "personal life mastery", but only if you join together with and embrace the legitimacy of, mainstream, mass promoted cultural insanity which has been specifically created and designed by your evil societies to provide you with invalid illusions of the instinctual power, freedom, and immortality that you crave. For most of you, these illusions are actually far more preferable than "genuine" power, freedom, or immorality, because you have already been totally stripped of the ability to feel self-worth and self-empowerment on an intellectual or an emotional level, despite retaining a few vestigas of instinctual craving. This "conspiracy process" is limitlessly toxic, because it is under the complete operational control of societal and cultural leaders. Wars and insanely evil public policy mandates, including all forms of legalized murder and ritualized child torture, spring forth from this conspiracy process. The desperate need that you creatures have, to delusionally convince yourselves that you enjoy power, freedom, and immortality, is at the very foundational heart of the lie-based foundational and operational systems of human society, culture, and government.

"Never yield to remorse, but at once tell yourself: remorse would simply mean adding to the first act of stupidity a second."

In terms of practical, real-life application, this one sentence "instruction" that Seer Friedrich graces us with, may well be the single most useful and valuable lesson on how to deal with certain life situations, of all the thousands of different Truths which our Seer reveals to us. What is "remorse"? Remorse is, in the vast majority of situations, a personal feeling of guilt and regret that has been artificially and invalidly imposed upon the individual via societal decree. When an individual human does something or believes in something which their society/government disapproves of, the society/government will attempt to induce guilt, regret, remorse within the individual’s perception of himself, as well as his actions/beliefs, in order to convince the individual to reject and renounce such activity/belief, on a personal level, in the future. The Superior seeker and embracer of Truth, recognizes in advance that this malicious effort will be attempted against him. He possesses the intellectual foresight, the self-restraint capabilities, and the analytical skills that are required, to only engage in actions and life path choices, that he realizes and knows, on a True Reality level, are perfectly justified, perfectly appropriate, and accurate reflections of the sum total of his own unique life experiences. This Superior human therefore makes himself invulnerable to any and all societal attempts at "remorse induction" which may, and almost certainly will at some point in time, be made against him. The Superior human embraces one of the most important personal Truths of Life: That all of his life path activities, pursuits, and beliefs are 100% valid and must never be viewed in hindsight, with regret, guilt, or remorse. Even if the individual realizes, perhaps ten years after he began to pursue a life path or ideological/philosophical belief system, that at this later point in time, he no longer feels that if he could go back in time while retaining the ideological mindset that he now, 10 years later, possesses, he would have pursued the life activities/ideological path that he did pursue 10 years earlier, this cannot and must not ever induce even the slightest bit of regret, guilt, or remorse within the Superior. He must recognize that his life path actions were 100% valid at the time he undertook them, and therefore they will always be 100% valid, justified, and legitimate. At the same time, the Superior also recognizes that he has the ability and the absolutely Sacred Right to pursue new and different life path and ideological belief systems in the current time as well as in the future, but such pursuit would in no way compromise the legitimacy of his past life path, nor would even the slightest amount of regret, guilt, or remorse for his past life path activities, ever be warranted.

Even if you failed to properly reflect your True Reality in the past, and made invalid, stupid, personally victimizing life path and ideological choices, there is still absolutely no reason for you to ever feel the slightest bit of regret, guilt, or remorse regarding your past activities/ideologies. In such a circumstance, the personal obligation that you do have, to yourself, if you aspire towards a Superior life path, would be to eliminate and terminate these inferior, lie-based, self-victimizing practices and beliefs as quickly and as thoroughly as you can, from your present and future life path activities/ideologies. But you must not accept or feel any type of personal guilt, regret, or remorse regarding even these inferior past life path choices. These emotional feelings are intrinsically inferior, and they are employed as malicious weapons against citizens, by their societies and governments. These emotions are negative, they induce negative feeling towards the Self. They are invalid, societally induced, self-victimizing emotions, and they must always, in all situations, be rejected and renounced by Superior individuals. If I do something "wrong", meaning something that fails to accurately reflect my True Reality, or something that is personally victimizing, or something that is not Truth-based, all I ever need to do to completely rectify the situation, is recognize my mistake, and correct my error as best I can after I achieve my Superior realization. There is never any cause, need, or benefit, to feeling even the tiniest bit of regret, guilt, or remorse, over my past "error". All societal and cultural efforts to induce such worthless and in fact self-destructive feeling, must be recognized as constituting evil attacks upon us, and thus rejected outright, without the slightest degree of consideration or analysis. Regret, guilt, and remorse are all intrinsically invalid emotions, when it comes to individual human perceptions of Self. All attempts by society to induce such invalid and harmful emotion within individuals, as well as all internalized manifestations of such emotion, as often occurs do to an overall self-hating mindset and emotional proclivity that societal abuse and instinctual dehumanization has created within the individual, must be rejected and destroyed, by Superiors, as we proudly and will pure self-love, unconditionally embrace the legitimacy of all our past, present, and future life path choices and activities.

"What, if some day or night a demon were to steal after you into your loneliest loneliness and say to you: "This life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence - even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!" Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus?... Or how well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal?"

This "mini-story" is absolutely huge in terms of revealing the proper self-image of the Superior. First, let us consider the issue of "loneliness". It is factually accurate that for many human beings, not all, but many, prolonged periods of complete isolation in which they have no direct contact with any other living thing, or even just no direct contact with any fellow human being, would result in the human experiencing significant emotional distress. This is only partly due to an "instinctual" need for contact with other living things, that the human species is born possessing. This instinctual need is not the primary cause of this "problem", and it is a very real problem. A significantly greater cause is the human societal/cultural environment in which children are raised and adults live. Toxic addictions are created via the self-hatred doctrine which society imposes upon individuals. Society destroys the ability of most individuals to revel within the Truth of their own uniquely limitless internal universe. Most babies are perfectly content to focus exclusively upon themselves, as long as they experience no physical discomfort such as hunger or pain. They only cry out and "desire" contact with fellow humans, when they are experiencing discomfort and do not know how to relieve their discomfort by themselves. This is a natural, instinctual response, to want contact with other living things due to a legitimate physical need that the person, child or adult, is unable to relieve and satisfy on his own, for himself. Loneliness however, is an artificial, societally induced emotion, experienced by individuals who are unable to meet their own emotional needs, as opposed to physical needs. Loneliness is a weapon employed by society against it’s citizens, to force them to establish toxically enmeshed relationships with fellow humans. The Superior human, and this is certainly True for Myself, has totally mastered and overcome the invalid emotion of loneliness. I know that I have never been lonely as an adult, and I know that I can never and will never be "made lonely" or otherwise become lonely, in the present or the future, for as long as I live and as long as my brain is functioning normally. I know this because I have mastered the skill of always being able to meet all of my own emotional needs, and the skill of being able to most savor and relish life, when I am all alone, with no other living thing able to speak to me, or in any way interact with me. This is the bliss of the Superior, and there is never any possibility of such isolation becoming unpleasant, stressful, or upsetting to me. Good things, good experiences, are always welcome. The longer they last, the better. Only you pathetic inferiors insanely seem to "get tired and bored" with even those things that you claim to enjoy, if they persist for very long. This is primarily because your sources of happiness are artificial, lie-based, externally induced, unlike the pure, Truth-based, self-loving, internally creatured, True Reality aspects of life that we Superiors relish and enjoy.

Let us move on to the next, even more profound issue. Seer Friedrich asks us: "…(What if) this life as you now live it and have lived it, you will have to live once more and innumerable times more; and there will be nothing new in it, but every pain and every joy and every thought and sigh and everything unutterably small or great in your life will have to return to you, all in the same succession and sequence - even this spider and this moonlight between the trees, and even this moment and I myself. The eternal hourglass of existence is turned upside down again and again, and you with it, speck of dust!" This question cuts to the very heart of Truth and self-loving philosophy. How would you creatures feel about having to endure this eternally repeating fate?? Would it fill your heart and mind with joy, or with terror and dread??? Would you be grateful that you are able to experience the perfection of your own life on an eternal basis, or would you become so desperate to end your existence that you would try to commit suicide??? The vast majority of you pathetic creatures would in fact recoil in horror and dread at this fate. You would flee from this type of opportunity in horror, and if it was imposed upon you, you would find it unbearable. How utterly insane! On the other hand, We who are Superior would absolutely love and relish this fate. This would be our heaven, our ultimate bliss and paradise. This is because we love ourselves, and we recognize the perfection that is our experience of our lives. Every experience, painful or not, is a reflection and a manifestation of our perfection. Our Superior goal in life is to master life, to master the Truths of life, to embrace the Truths of all our pain. In doing so, we can transform the pain into pleasure, using the limitless power of our Superior minds. The repetition of our lifetimes, over and over, or even the repetition of the same year, month, week, or even day, over and over and over, would represent paradise to Us. We would triumph in the familiarity of the repetition, the glory and perfection of our own unique, ongoing existence. No matter if the exact same experience repeated itself thousands upon thousands of time, we would enjoy and relish each repetition, in honor and tribute to ourselves. How could we get "tired and bored" with ourselves? How could our own experience of our own life, become undesirable, unpleasant, or even unbearable to us?? It makes no sense! Only a creature who is totally insane, totally broken of all natural instinct and self-love capabilities, could turn on himself, betray himself, get tired and bored with himself, find life to be unbearable just because it repeats itself, etc…

And yet the horrific tragedy is that 99.999999999% of all of you creatures would not be able to enjoy and thrive in the situation of endless life experience repetition that Seer Friedrich describes above. Not only would you be unable to cope with such a situation, but in fact you would find it horrific and unbearable. Most of you would literally "beg to die" rather than savor the perfection of this eternal repetition. Why is this? Why would you be so insane? Why would you be unable to embrace a situation of perfection, and demand literal death instead??? Well, it’s because you hate yourselves, you hate life, you hate Truth. Life is purely artificial to you creatures. It has no substance, no Truth. You begin each day addicted to thousands of insane lies and beliefs, and you devote each day to trying to experience "new" things, because all of the old things you have already experienced have no weight, no validity, no basis in Truth. They are all pure illusions. You have never experienced the Truth of your own lives, not even for a single day. Therefore, subconsciously, you crave "change" and new things/experiences, because you are desperately, albeit impotently, trying to find and experience the Truth that has eluded you for every single day of your lives. The notion of experiencing the same "life", or year or month or week or day, over and over on an eternal level, terrifies you and fills you with horror because you would know for certain that you will never be able to find the Truth that you subconsciously seek, if the invalid, lie-based, societally induced experiences/events of your lives are endlessly repeated. In addition, your evil society has stripped you of all self-love capabilities. You do not believe that you deserve to genuinely enjoy life, much less have the eternal pleasure of being able to experience the same events of your life repeating themselves over and over. Oh no, what you crave above all else, is danger. You insane creatures want to be mortal, you want to have the spector of death hanging over you. You want to wake up each day knowing you might become sick, injured, crippled, or dead, that very day. It gives your life "meaning", this danger, and this is because you are rotting inside, emotionally, ideologically, and intellectually. You hate yourselves, you have been so destroyed by your evil societies that the only way you can experience any "pleasure" is if a horrifically threatening veil of uncertainty, confusion, illness, pain, suffering, crippling, and death hangs over you. It all has to be uncertain, you must be under the daily threat, on a subconscious level, that you could become injured, crippled, or dead at any moment, and that you have no control over your fate, and that eventually you will definitely, 100% certain, suffer a horrific fate such as death. Only if all of these conditions are met, are you able to pretend that you enjoy and look forward to every new day of life. You cloak this Forbidden Truth using the lie of needing "excitement and change." "Life is all about excitement and change, that’s what makes life good and worthwhile", is what you diseased creatures proclaim. How incredibly insane! Why would either excitement or change, have any type of a positive impact upon your life, much less play such a primary role in making you feel that your life is worthwhile?? It is an utterly deranged notion! In fact, the exact opposite is True, the very fact that you want your life to be "changing", constitutes proof that you are not experiencing your life, as it is, in a properly self-loving and "perfect" manner. Understand that when I refer to "perfection", I refer to the uniquely individualistic experience of life, not to any "physically concrete object." Perfection is a subjective experience, and the Superior human being is able to create the experience of perfection within his own mind. It is much harder to experience consistent perfection in life, if every single day offers "new and different" experiences. But if, as Seer Friedrich suggests in his above example, a lifetime, a year, a month, a week, or a day, would endlessly repeat itself, offer the exact same experiences repeating themselves endlessly, any genuinely Superior human would find it much easier to create for himself, the ultimate, ongoing experience of perfection which constitutes "paradise", "bliss", "heaven", call it what you will. Amazingly, you creatures are so broken that the very notion of an opportunity to create perfection and paradise for yourself, fills you with dread and horror. Seer Friedrich concludes with: "…Would you not throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus?... Or how well disposed would you have to become to yourself and to life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal?" The answer is: 99.99999999999% of all 21st century human beings, because they are diseased and deranged victim-creations of ultra-diseased societies and a species which no longer retains the genetic right to exist, would indeed throw themselves down, cry and scream in terror and horror, and curse this unbearable gift of repetitive perfection. You would do this because you cannot experience perfection,as you are broken. Your lives are devoted to death, suffering, pain, you must be subjected to death, suffering, pain, danger, threat, uncertainty, just to be able to function, thanks to having been totally stripped of the ability to love and value yourself, or love/value/recognize/embrace any type of Truth. But a tiny handful of Superiors do exist, humans such as Myself, humans who would recognize that this opportunity, to repeat the experience of our own lives over and over, endlessly, represents the only genuine paradise and "heavenly" opportunity that exists within the cosmic universe. Our experiences cannot be and cannot become "boring or unpleasant or undesirable". This simply cannot occur, because we Superiors possess a pure love of Self. The things we do are perfect. The more they are repeated, the more perfect they become. If an experience is perceived to be less than perfect, being able to repeat it over and over only means that we can use our Superior and untouchable minds to make our own Truth-based perception of the experience, perfect.

This Forbidden Truth right here, provides an excellent opportunity for you creatures to try and "test" yourselves, try to figure out whether you possess the character traits needed, to aspire to achieve genuine Superiority within yourselves. Being totally honest with yourselves, answer the question that Seer Fridrich asks. Given the hypothetical scenario of experience repetition which Seer Friedrich describes above, would you "throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse the demon who spoke thus and who compels you to this eternal fate of experience repetition?" Or would you be "well enough disposed towards yourself and towards your life to crave nothing more fervently than this ultimate eternal confirmation and seal"??? 99.999999999 of all human beings would fit into the first, gnashing teeth group. They are the masses of inferiors. Only a tiny handful, Myself included, would fit into the second group, the group which would fervently and joyfully embrace this "eternal confirmation" of the perfection and untouchability of our own Truth-based lives. We, those of us in this second group, are the Superiors. I know, some of you will try to place yourselves into this second group, because you might aspire, having read a good portion of this Manifesto, to become Superiors. But if actually faced with this situation in your real life, you would revert back to your inferior, lie-based natures, and join the terrified, self-hating first group. So be it, I know your natures, and for every 1000 humans who might claim to be Superior enough to belong with group two, only 1 or 2 out of the hundred would actually earn a spot in this Superior group, if confronted by a real life situation in which they are offered the opportunity to repeat their life experiences over and over, eternally.

"My philosophy brings the triumphant idea of which all other modes of thought will ultimately perish. It is the great cultivating idea: the races that cannot bear it stand condemned; those who find it the greatest benefit are chosen to rule... I want to teach the idea that gives many the right to erase themselves - the great cultivating idea... Everything becomes and recurs eternally - escape is impossible!"

First of all, recognize the wonderful self-confidence, the self-assuredness, with which Seer Friedrich reveals his Truths. Perversely, your lie-based societies have taught you to judge negatively any individual who expresses Truth so confidently, most especially if the Truth is a Forbidden, societally rejected Truth. The Truth-teller is demonized as being "arrogant", just one of many demonizing labels which are applied to all genuine Seers, by societal leaders and their agents. As to the Truths which is expressed here, they are more dynamically and clearly articulated in the "overcome/overman"quotes immediately following this one. What Seer Friedrich is beginning to express here, is that the human species must overcome and transcend itself, including it’s genetic inferiorities, in order to experience life in a sane manner, as well as to retain a legitimate right to continue to exist as a species. This is the structural base of the "great cultivating idea" which Seer Friedrich refers to above, based upon my interpretation of Seer Friedrich’s ideological and philosphical "Manifestos".

"Supposing we could judge value, what follows? The idea of recurrence as a selective principle, in the service of strength (and barbarism!!)... To endure the idea of the recurrence one needs: freedom from morality; new means against the fact of pain ( pain conceived as a tool, as the father of pleasure...); the enjoyment of all kinds of uncertainty, experimentalism, as a counterweight to this extreme fatalism; abolition of the concept of necessity; abolition of the "will"; abolition of "knowledge-in-itself." Greatest elevation of the consciousness of strength in man, as he creates the overman."

Here we have a first mention by Seer Friedrich of the "Overman". What is the Overman? The Overman refers to a Superior human being who has managed to transcend the inferiority and the systemic victimization of his society. Further, the Overman has moved past the position of "regular, ordinary human beings who live as members of human society." The Overman is a Superior creature, human in terms of molecular and genetic structure, but greater than human in terms of his ideological, behavioral, and philosophical activities, lifestyle choices, and recognition/embrace of genuine Truth. The Overman does not pathologically and desperately seek out new experiences and excitement in his life, but rather he welcomes "recurrence", he is able to savor the familiarity and the sameness, of his Superior life path journey and activities. Now, let us briefly consider the six different philosophical precepts that Seer Friedrich tells us are required, in order for the Truth-based consciousness of humanity to positively grow and expand in a Superior, Overman direction. 1: Freedom from morality: This is an extremely important and primary issue. Superior humans must throw off and destroy the suffocating shackle of invalid morality, moralistic hypocrisy, and moralistic illusion, which malevolent societal and governmental leaders and their empowered agents, impose upon their citizen-slaves, as well as humanity in general. We must recognize and embrace the Truth that if the societies and governments that we are born into and victimized by are genocidally evil and utterly immoral in every way, which is currently the case with regard to every so-called "modern and civilized" society and government that exists in the early 21st century, there is absolutely no way that any human being can be allowed to impose any type of ideological or behavioral moral standard upon us, as individuals. If we, totally on our own, choose to impose moralistic ideological or behavioral standards upon our own selves, we have a right to do this, a personal right, but absolutely no type of an obligation of any kind, and no external entity must be allowed to influence or impose it’s claimed moral standards, upon us. 2: New means against the fact of pain. ( pain conceived as a tool, as the father of pleasure ): An absolutely brilliant foundation for the human evolution to Superiority. The entire ideological concepts of pain, suffering, victimization, must be turned from the perverse, self-hating and Truth-hating current structures, to an absolutely reversed sane, self-loving, and Truth-embracing ideological mindset. Pain must never be invited in, or accepted meekly, from a mindset that suffering is a natural part of human life. At the same time, if we are in pain, pain of any kind, we must courageously face up to our pain, integrate it within ourselves in a Truthful manner. We must recognize that even though suffering pain is not a good thing, we, as Superiors, using our untouchable minds, absolutely have the ability to transcend whatever pain we may be experiencing, and to use this pain to properly nurture and empower ourselves. This can be done by turning the pain into rage, as well as via other, less dynamic means. Personal pain can be transformed into pleasure, by a Superior. But at the same time, we must not deliberately create pain for ourselves, that would be a highly inferior, self-victimizing action. We also must not attempt to artificially or invalidly "block" our pain, deny it’s reality, as so many of you pathetic inferiors insist upon pathologically doing via the consumption of mind and brain chemistry altering substances. As Superiors, we can and we must transform any pain we may experience, into more positive emotion, and we must do this from an absolutely sober, absolutely Truth-based position, at all times.

3: …The enjoyment of all kinds of uncertainty, experimentalism, as a counterweight to this extreme fatalism: It is very Truth that pathological devotion to certainty, in some situations and with regard to some ideologies and philosophies, has genocidally harmful consequences. A willingness to always choose uncertainty over an irrational, lie-based, mythological "promise" or illusion, would be a primary character trait of the Overman. At the same time however, if there is genuine, Truth-based evidence and reason to believe that a promise or illusion is invalid, especially if it is made by society, government, or the agents of society/government, we must have the courage to not remain uncertain, but rather to reject outright the promise/illusion. We must demand affirmative proof in such circumstances, because in many cases, the toxic ideologies of society, such as the Insane God Myth, are almost as harmful if embraced in a halfway, uncertain manner, as they would be if embraced wholeheartedly and fervently. Experimentalism is a vital character trait of the Superior. No idea, no belief, no notion, must ever be accepted at face value. Our minds must be limitlessly flexible and inquisitive. We must question everything, no matter how popular or widely accepted it may be. In fact, we must recognize the Truth that the more popular and widely accepted a notion, ideology, or societal behavior/belief is, the less likely it is to be a worthwhile, sane, rational, or Truth-based behavior/belief, due to the fact that human society is totally addicted to and embracing of worthless, toxic, harmful, and lie-based behaviors/beliefs/ideologies. Embrace of uncertainty is fine, experimentalism in thinking provides a wonderful opportunity to uncover the Truths of life, or at least to recognize some of the lies of human society, but there does need to be an overall goal of trying to find Truth and sanity, within the overall process of experimentalist thinking. We must recognize that in regard to some issues, to embrace uncertainty from an affirmitive perspective will be much more harmful than to embrace uncertainty from a proper, doubting perspective. Again, the Insane God Myth is a perfect example and demonstration of this Truth. Any belief, ideology or notion that society is clearly promoting and clearly desires it’s citizen-slaves to accept/embrace, if there is uncertainty regarding it’s Truth-based legitimacy, must be recognized as being deserving of no positive embrace/acceptance, even within the perfectly acceptable and even desirable context of being able to enjoy uncertainty and experimentalism.

4: Abolition of the concept of necessity: This is yet another tremendously important step that would be required for any human to achieve Overman status. "Necessity" is a behavioral and ideological belief system, totally illegitimate in nature, which is specifically designed and imposed upon masses of humans by ultra-diseased and evil societal and governmental leaders and their agents. Consider, 200 years ago, no human being possessed a television set, a radio, a telephone, etc… And yet today, these devices are perceived by you humans as being "necessities" that are required in order for you to live a "normal" life. Has the human species "changed" over the past 200 years, in such a way that devices which were totally unnecessary 200 years ago, are absolutely necessary today? No, of course not! All that has occured is different and new concepts of necessity, artificially and externally induced, have been terroristically and maliciously imposed upon you by your societal and governmental leaders. Evil and diseased societies are constantly using this illusion of "necessity" in order to control and dictate the slave-based life paths of their citizen-slaves. Is this perversity utilized to a greater degree of genocidal harm within capitalistic societies? Absolutely! But it is pervasive and causes extreme harm within all human societies and governments currently in existence. There are many forms of artificial and invalid necessity concept inducement which have no direct monetary theme, but instead exploit the perverse weakness of and terror of the Truths of life, which obsess the vast majority of you inferiors. For example, the utterly insane notion that "people need to believe in something bigger and more important than themselves", opens the door to a wide variety of perverse ideological and lifestyle notions, to be introduced and implanted upon your Truth-hating minds. It is the false, invalid, artificially induced concepts of necessity, which are most toxically harmful. And yet at the same time, the human species does have a handful of genuine, natural, and Truth-based needs, such as for nutritional sustenance, oxygen to breath, personal autonomy of mind and body, etc… This is where society/government comes into play. The only way that any societal or governmental structure can claim to have a legitimate right to exist, would be if it’s entire operational system was designed to ensure that the handful of genuine and Truth-based needs that human beings have, are always met, with absolutely no coercive/fascist conditions or strings attached. All invalid concepts of necessity must be eliminated, and at the same time, the handful of genuine human necessities which do exist, must be satisfied and met by the government and society in place. This must be the primary and in fact the only function of such "ruling" entities, to justify their existences by serving the Truth-based needs of their citizens.

5: Abolition of the "will": This one is interesting, and a bit difficult to pin down simply because the human "will" can be defined in many different ways. I choose to interpret this demand by Friedrich, as meaning that the desires and determinations of other human beings or other entities, must not be allowed to influence how we, as Superiors and aspiring Overmen, perceive either ourselves or any specific ideological doctrine, or any human operational system. For example, a popular brainwashing doctrine of your diseased societies is the "god has willed this to happen", or "may god’s will be done." The absolute elimination of these types of noxious illusions of "will" must occur. 6: Abolition of "knowledge-in-itself": This one is much clearer and easier to interpret. It is obvious that Seer Friedrich is informing us of the Truth that "knowledge", in and of itself, even if it is factually accurate, does not necessarily have any real value, nor does it necessarily lead to a recognition or acceptance of Truth. Yes, factual knowledge, as long as it is not muddied up with lie-based interpretations and rationalizations, does have some value, but most of it’s value is lost, if the factual knowledge is not applied very specifically towards an embrace of ideological Truth. Factual knowledge, in and of itself, does not constitute any type of Truth, it indicates neither an acceptance nor an understanding of any genuine Truth. It is only a very preliminary step that could, in some cases, lead to a possibility of being able to begin to formulate an understanding and embrace of genuinely valuable Truth. This only applies to some forms of factual knowledge, however. The societal focus on obsessively teaching factual knowledge, be it factually accurate or inaccurate, must be terminated. Not only is much of this factual knowledge totally useless in terms of leading to valuable Truth, it is also often totally useless in terms of real life application, and it is not even factually accurate in many cases. You diseased creatures must take a lesson from your own pasts, recognize and face up to the Truth that everything you declare to constitute factual knowledge, may well be 100%, totally inaccurate and factually invalid, in exactly the same fashion that the "factual knowledge" that planet earth was a flat entity, was embraced and declared to be factual knowledge for hundreds of years, by the top leaders/scholars of many different societies, even though it was and is a totally incorrect, totally invalid, falsehood. You creatures today, assuming you consider yourselves sane, based upon thousands upon thousands of similarly invalid pieces of "knowledge" that have been embraced by humanity throughout it’s history, are obligated, as part of your quest for Truth in life, to reject the entire concept that any piece of factual knowledge that you are given today, is either valid, accurate, or important to know/accept.

"I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him?"

I love this quote! We must recognize that the human species, in it’s current "natural" state, is diseased, perverse, and inferior, on many different levels, including the genetic level. Once we recognize and embrace this Truth, we, as individuals, can embark upon our own personal journeys towards attempting to achieve a Superior, Truth-based reality within ourselves. We must transcend the inferiority of the average and typical human being. We must overcome not only the genetic inferiorities of our species, but also the societally, culturally, and governmentally induced perversions of Truth and naturalness that are terroristically and maliciously imposed upon all human beings from the day of their birth until the day of their death. When we seek out and wholeheartedly embrace the Forbidden Truths of life, we begin the process of overcoming our human species status. We transform ourselves into a genuinely Superior creature, superior to humanity, even though our genetic structure remains the same. We can, if we are Superior enough, overcome our own humanity and become, using the wonderful term coined by Seer Fridrich, an "Overman". But make no mistake, this is not an easy feat to accomplish. It is in fact an impossible goal for most adult humn beings, who have already been totally broken by their evil societies, to achieve.

"All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment... Behold, I teach you the overman. The overman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: the overman shall be the meaning of the earth! I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes! Poison-mixers are they, whether they know it or not. Despisers of life are they, decaying and poisoned themselves, of whom the earth is weary: so let them go."

Excellent expression here, of the value of Superior evolution within a species. Most species of life naturally evolve in a sane and appropriate manner. They are not genetically diseased, nor are they subjected to a constant onslaught of toxic lies, myths, and brainwashings by fellow members of their own species, which serves to totally destroy any ability to evolve naturally or from a Truth-based position, which they may still genetically be capable of doing. From my ideological position, the ape is clearly Superior to mankind. For mankind to mock the ape, to consider himself superior to the ape in any manner, represents an outrageous example of so-called "intellect" being used by a genetically diseased species, to invalidly make itself feel and believe that it is Superior to other species. So on that specific point I must disagree with Seer Friedrich, but that is not the primary point that is being made. The primary point, which I agree with 100%, is that every human being has a personal obligation to himself, to try and transcend both the genetic and the environmentally induced inferiority that constitutes the "typical" human being. Those of us who are Superior enough to achieve Overman status, absolutely earn the right to both mock and be embarrassed by the Unwashed Masses of inferior humans. But at the same time, even if we achieve Overman status, the ape would still retain moral, instinctual, and genetic superiority over us.

I love the passionate Truth with which Seer Friedrich closes: "The overman is the meaning of the earth. Let your will say: the overman shall be the meaning of the earth! I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes! Poison-mixers are they, whether they know it or not. Despisers of life are they, decaying and poisoned themselves, of whom the earth is weary: so let them go." Just like Charles Manson, Seer Friedrich demonstrates a profound respect for nature, for natural resources, and for other species of life. This is appropriate, sane and Truth-based ideology. The only entity truly deserving of our scorn, contempt, and hatred, is humanity, the human species. We are tortured victim-creations of human society. There is no rational reason for us to blame, condemn, or hate the "earth", any other species of life, or any natural resource. Only humanity, as an entire species as well as the specific humanity group responsible for our own personal victimization, is deserving of our venom. Notice the passionate condemnation of the insane god myth as well as all other "otherworldly" belief systems. Seer Friedrich uses the phrase "otherworldly hopes", which is an absolutely perfect description of what must be avoided like the plague, by all Superiors. Belief in the legitimate existence of an "otherworld" is extremely toxic in and of itself. But it is the false and enslaving hopes that are implanted within your diseased and inferior minds, which accompany the belief in an otherworld, which cause the deepest and most harmful scarring of your minds and destruction of your sanity. Any human creature who attempts to convince you that an "otherworld" exists, and that you have a chance to experience this otherworld after you die, is attempting to poison you. You must react to these malicious efforts, as you would react if the most deadly snake in the world was striking out at you with his poisonous fangs dripping with deadly venom. Treat their efforts as an attempt to murder you, because no matter how verbally pleasant and enticing/benign their demeanors may be, they are attempting to kill you, if not physically, then emotionally and ideologically. Anyone who attempts to promote an afterlife or an otherworldly existence to you, is not only severely mentally ill and deranged, but he is also personally diseased and broken. He is a hater of both Truth and of life itself, and should be treated at all times, as the diseased inferior that he is.

"Once the sin against God was the greatest sin; but God died, and these sinners died with him. To sin against the earth is now the most dreadful thing, and to esteem the entrails of the unknowable higher than the meaning of the earth..."

The ideological concept of "sin" was created by evil societal and governmental leaders, to augment the concept of "crime", as well as to create a particularly vicious form of demonization regarding all behaviors and lifestyles that societal leaders were and are attempting to discourage/prevent their citizen-slaves from engaging in. The god creature is designed to be the ultimate bully, the ultimate terrorist, the most omnipotent "cop" imaginable. The creature threatens eternal damnation and torment to any human who dares to engage in any "sinful" activities, and this terroristic threat is made out to be more terrible, more harmful, than any type of human judicial or cultural punishment could possibly be. The inferior, diseased, and deranged human, pathetically accepts this insane lie that sin exists, god exists, and god has some type of a ridiculous interest in regulating and dictating the everyday activities of all human beings, thus allowing his evil society to score a slam dunk victory in it’s campaign of genocide upon it’s citizenry. Seer Friedrich states above: …"Once the sin against God was the greatest sin; but God died, and these sinners died with him." Personally, I would have phrased this declaration of Truth somewhat differently. I would say this: The death of god is an ideological premise based upon realization of Forbidden Truth. To those few Superiors who have managed to break free of the insane god myth as it was maliciously imposed upon them during their childhoods and continues to be imposed upon them for every day of their lives, there was a "god", and he did indeed "die", this mythical creature ceased to exist as a result of their Superior, courageous, Truth-based rejection of the lie/myth of his existence. But for the vast majority of you pathetic creatures, god has not died. No, this omnipotent creature continues to not only exist, but to play a highly invasive, primary role, in limiting, controlling, dictating, your most basic and primary life path behaviors and beliefs. How tragic! Seer Friedrich is expressing a brilliantly insightful Truth here, the only minor quibble I have is that the language structure he uses can result in misinterpretations. The brilliant Truth is this: Superior humans recognize that god does not exist, god is dead, and the use of the word "dead" is perfectly appropriate, because despite the fact that god was never alive, the illusion and myth of this creature having existed and currently existing in "living" form, has been terroristically imposed upon almost all citizen-slaves by their evil societal, governmental, and cultural systems. We Superiors totally reject and spit upon the deranged notion that this non-existent, dead creature can or should have any type of influence or impact upon our life path journeys. Many of us Superiors totally reject the legitimacy of the very concept of "sin", but even if we have not totally rejected the notion that some life path activities we engage in could be "unjust and unfair", we absolutely insist upon all such premises being based upon Truth. Therefore, to commit a sin against "god" is absolutely, 100%, in all circumstances and situations, impossible.

On the other hand, in theory at least, to commit unjust and unfair acts, which you could even refer to as "sins" as long as no religious meaning in terms of definition is attached to this word, against other species of life and against the natural environment which allows human life to exist, is possible, on a personally interpretative, True Reality level. Some of the greatest Seers of Forbidden Truth of modern human history, including Charles Manson and Ted Kaczynski, have very specifically been "environmentalists", due to a realization of the Forbidden Truth that humanity is a diseased, inferior species of life, which causes genocidally evil harm to not only every generation of it’s own children, but also to other species of life, all of which are morally Superior to humanity, as well as genocidal harm to the very natural resources which continue to make human life possible, undeserved as it is. Seer Friedrich continues this theme of Truth regarding the environment and nature, in declaring: "To sin against the earth is now the most dreadful thing, and to esteem the entrails of the unknowable higher than the meaning of the earth." Absolutely correct! If a Superior human chooses to maintain within his own ideological mindset the concept of "sin", he is obligated to limit the application of this term to situations and entities which exist and ideologies which have a basis within genuine Truth. The earth, nature, environment, other species of life, these are all "real" things. They exist as concrete entities. In addition, when analyzed from a Truth-based perspective, it can be accurately concluded that the human species has committed atrocities against these entities and/or living things. This does not mean that we, on any type of a collective basis as individuals, owe any type of debt to any living thing or entity. No, of course not! But it does mean that within our own unique True Reality, we as individuals can decide and judge for ourselves whether we owe any such debt, and whether the human species as a whole, possibly with us included or excluded, owes any such debt. We can judge ourselves, and we can judge our species, but we cannot judge any individual human being other than ourself, because every human being possesses their own unique and personally valid True Reality. I love how Seer Friedrich condemns the human species for placing more importance, more value, upon the notion that bad things, "sins", can be committed against the unknowable, the mythological, the non-existent, than against the very knowable, the concrete reality of human atrocity and malevolence as committed upon morally superior creatures, life forms, and entities. This is a beautiful illustration of the limitless perversity of the human species. You embrace a policy which decrees that you must not harm or offend things which do not exist, but you may and should harm and offend things that do exist. How utterly perverse!

"What is the greatest experience you can have? It is the hour of the great contempt. The hour when your happiness, too, arouses your disgust, and even your reason and your virtue. The hour when you say, 'What matters my happiness? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment. But my happiness ought to justify existence itself.' The hour when you say, 'What matters my reason? Does it crave knowledge as the lion his food? It is poverty and filth and wretched contentment.' The hour when you say, 'What matters my virtue? As yet it has not made me rage. How weary I am of my good and my evil! All that is poverty and filth and wretched contentment.' "

Fascinating quote, and absolutely True, but this ideological concept is so advanced that only top level Superiors will be able to integrate it within their own life paths. We who dwell upon this top level, recognize that there is "hope in hopelessness", "joy in disgust", etc… The transcendence of all lies and myths, involves the realization and acceptance of the fact that life itself if horrific, worthy of pure contempt. There is no hope of any kind, on a personal life path level, in terms of endurance. All positive experiences are fleeting, unretainable, as is life itself. We are doomed. And yet the actual realization and embrace of the Truth of our own doom, can be a joyful, wonderful experience, for a top level Superior. This is not because we welcome our own destruction as individuals, not at all! The joy and greatness that we experience is a manifestation of our respect for and appreciation of Truth. We have integrated all of the horrors of life within ourselves, and in doing so, we gain pleasure from the personal recognition within ourselves, that we and we alone, a tiny handful of Superiors, possess this ability and have achieved this feat, of accepting the horrific realities of life, the Truths that you inferiors devote your lives to rejecting and renouncing in abject terror. The Superior recognizes, even as he savors his own happiness and untouchability, that life is utterly hopeless and pointless. He recognizes the Truth of his doom, and yet still possesses enough self-love to remain happy, to experience genuine joy at many things, including his recognition of his own Superior realization that he is in fact doomed to a horrific and unjust eternal fate. In general, the Superior is able to experience and create personal happiness and satisfaction for himself, and even when negative emotions such as disgust or hopelessness mix in, the core flame of personal happiness and satisfaction through unconditional self-love, is not extinguished. The Superior is able to feel disgusted and enraged over the fact that the joy he is feeling is destined to become eternally extinguished upon his death, without this disgust causing him to lose the ability to experience personal joy and happiness, and even as he experiences this disgust and rage, personal happiness is not lost. There is no mutual exclusivity between happiness, joy, rage, or disgust. We face up to the horrific Truths of life, courageously and honestly, but we do not allow our own self-love and realization of the value of creating personal joy within ourselves, to be extinguished or destroyed. We can become disgusted at life, disgusted at the pointlessness and meaninglessness of life, and the horrific consequences of death. But we do not become disgusted with ourselves. We give ourselves the limitless, unconditional love that we deserve to enjoy for all of eternity, even as we recognize and accept the fact that we will tragically not be able to give this love to ourselves for all of eternity, but instead for only an extremely short duration of time, limited by our lifespan.

"Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman--a rope over an abyss..."

Brilliant revelation of Truth here. Humanity is hopelessly trapped in a state of diseased limbo, due to it’s genetic perversity, between the "natural" animal/beast that he is, and the "intellectualized" life form that his brain/intellect functionality level, allows him to become. He is unable to become a natural beast, nor is he able to transcend the genetic inferiority of his mind to become a properly intellectualized, Truth-embracing Superior or "Overman". Instead, he is stuck in a diseased limbo, embracing all of the worst qualities of the beast as well as all of the worst qualities of the overly intellectualized life form, in combination. The rope is being pulled in opposite directions by both sides, but neither side can ever win the tug of war, because the human species lacks the genetic sanity to revert to it’s natural beast roots, and also lacks the intellectual courage to achieve a Superior, Overman ideological embrace of the Truths of life. On all sides of life, there exists a genuine abyss, a physical abyss, just as Seer Friedrich reveals. This abyss is the cosmic eternity of nothingness that we are all doomed to experience. The genetically diseased human being of today cannot escape from this horrific Truth by reverting to his natural animalistic character, because his intellect does not allow him to erase the knowledge of his own impending death from his mind. Nor can the genetically diseased human being of today shed his animalistic nature to the point where he can even begin to try to embrace all of the horrific Truths of life in an intellectually honest manner. And so the species remains in diseased limbo, and this limbo both creates and fosters toxic and genocidal doctrines, ideologies, and lifestyle/belief policies of all different types, within the species. It is not my intent to declare either naturally pure animalistic nature or highly honest and courageous intellectualized nature, to be better or worse. Either of the two natures, if the human species possessed the ability and the motivation to embrace the nature wholeheartedly and sincerely, would provide a satisfactory solution. The problem is that the human species is permanently, hopelessly trapped in limbo, between these two natures, and there is no possibilkity of any kind that either nature will "win out". Instead, you creatures will continue to embrace the absolute worst, most perverse, most lie-based, most destructive aspects of both natures, continuing to sink further into your bottomless abyss, until species extinction is mercifully achieved. Theoretically speaking, it is "more impossible" for humanity to revert back to a genuine state of Truth-based animalistic nature, than to evolve to a genuine state of Truth-based intellectual Superiority, but this is only because once a particular genetic state that a species once enjoyed in the past is "lost", regaining such a state, especially if more than a few hundreds years have passed by since the loss, is totally impossible. This Truth only has value in theoretical terms however, since in practical terms, it is absolutely impossible for humanity to achieve either one of the two states of Superior naturalness and instinctual/intellectual Truth.

"What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not an end: what can be loved in man is that he is an overture and a going under..."

Interesting and thought-provoking quote here, but not one of my very favorites. Depending upon the interpretation, some valuable Truth can be realized here, but I do not particularly identify with the "bridge" reference. Yes, human beings, like all living things, do, have, and continue to "change" in nature. This is commonly referred to as evolution. But the human species has changed and continues to change in a genetically diseased manner, a manner which more accurately can be described as devolution, instead of evolution. The human species does not serve as a supportive bridge of any kind, either for himself, other species, or any aspect of the planet/natural universe. The human species has devoted it’s diseased nature towards harmfully altering, negatively impacting, and tearing down the existing natural bridges of planet earth. Perhaps Seer Friedrich is referring to the flexibility and adaptive nature of humanity, with his above comment. But again, while the species has certainly been flexible in terms of developing unique ways to avoid the extinction that it’s genetically diseased nature mandates, I cannot see this trait as being demonstrative of any kind of greatness or lovability. The species is evil, it is diseased, it is genocidally harmful to every single one of it’s own species members as well as to all other species of life as well as to the very natural systems which make life possible on planet earth. Bridges support things, they do not destroy, infect, harm things. The human species supports nothing but the collective toxicity of itself, employing lies and insanity within it’s malicious self-supporting system.

"I say unto you: one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: you still have chaos in yourselves. Alas, the time is coming when man will no longer give birth to a star. Alas, the time of the most despicable man is coming, he that is no longer able to despise himself. Behold, I show you the last man. 'What is love? What is creation? What is longing? What is a star?' thus asks the last man, and blinks. The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea; the last man lives longest. 'We have invented happiness,'say the last men, and they blink. They have left the regions where it was hard to live, for one needs warmth. One still loves one's neighbor and rubs against him, for one needs warmth..."

In contrast to the last quote, this is one of my very top favorites. The Forbidden Truth which Seer Friedrich expresses, is profoundly valuable. To possess a limitlessly free mind, absolutely unrestrained and unrestricted by any of the diseased "rules of belief and rules of conduct" as decreed by society and government, this is what is required to become a Seer of Forbidden Truth. This is what we must possess within our Superior selves, in order to "give birth to a star", in other words to create a totally new world, a totally new ideology, a totally new universe of Truth not simply within our personal selves, but within the context of philosophical and ideological world doctrine as well. We who are Superior unconditionally embrace the Truth of our rage, our hate, our pain, our victimization. The chaos of our life experiences, the injustices and the unfairness of our life experiences, are all accepted and integrated within our True Realities. Nothing is denied, nothing is suppressed, nothing is misdirected, nothing is invalidly rationalized. Everything that is True, rational, personally experienced, is embraced and then used to formulate a sane, Truth-based perspective upon every philosophical and ideological aspect of life. That is the process by which a document such as this Manifesto is created. Every societal decree is challenged, dissected, rejected if it is invalid. No consideration is given as to the relative popularity or the entrenched nature of any particular societal law, decree, or custom. Things like the Sacred Family Unit and the Insane God Myth, two of the most popular, widely embraced, and societally decreed "unchallengeable" doctrines, are recognized as being utter and complete shams, insane and irrational and genocidally harmful mythological brainwashings, and they are dissected and exposed as such by Me, within this Manifesto. This is one of the most profound ways that we who are Superior can and do, "give birth to a dancing star", the wonderfully evocative phrase that Seer Friedrich uses. The latter half of the above quote is quite enigmatic as well, it speaks to the decline of the human species, the species-wide loss of sane, rational, and superior philosophical reasoning skills, and life path pursuit of Truth capabilities. I absolutely love this sentence: "The earth has become small, and on it hops the last man, who makes everything small. His race is as ineradicable as the flea; the last man lives longest." Every single decade, humanity becomes "smaller". What do I mean by smaller? I mean that the toxic web of lies and myths that humanity is enmeshed and entrapped within, tightens it’s grip upon the human species. The minds of humans become narrower and narrower each decade, the ability to look at issues from a broad, open-minded, wide angle position, becomes more and more impossible. I wonder, if Seer Friedrich had been born in the latter half of the 20th century, whether he would have used that "last man lives longest" line, given the development of technology to eradicate all members of the human species, which occured during the 20th century, after Friedrich’s tragic death. We must remember that Seer Friedrich was the greatest Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 19th century, and so we must make allowances for the fact that nuclear weapons had not yet been invented and Seer Friedrich could not have been expected to be able to predict exactly when such technology would be invented. We are not fortune-tellers, but we are Seers of Forbidden Truth, able to properly analyze the current human condition as we recognize it to be, and to form reasonable conclusions as regards the future destiny of humanity. And upon careful analysis, the "last man lives longest" line is absolutely on-target. We are already living within the era of the "last man", and the human race should have been extincted a long time ago. It is a hard race to extinct, just as Seer Friedrich informs us. Even with the glorious fact that 20th century technological "advances" have now virtually guaranteed that the human race will extinct itself in the not too distant future, it remains difficult to pin down an exact time frame for the actual extinction to occur. It is a part of the human genetic disease process, that the human species is "adaptable" when it comes to avoiding the extinction it so richly deserves. Only the fact that genuine nuclear weapons and other technologies capable of killing every human being on planet earth have been invented during the 20th century, a fact that Seer Friedrich likely anticipated would occur, but not being a psychic could not concretely predict in advance, have made the extinction of the species a virtual certainty in the near term.

"One still works, for work is a form of entertainment. But one is careful lest the entertainment be too harrowing. One no longer becomes poor or rich: both require too much exertion. Who still wants to rule? Who obey? Both require too much exertion. No shepherd and one herd! Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse."

Some very intriguing and thought provoking comments here! Let us understand that any type of situation in which a person feels he must have a job, feels that the value of his life and his life path is somehow tiup within his "productivity" accomplishments, constitutes victimization and abuse, as inflicted upon the individual by the evil ideological decrees and doctrines of his society. At the same time however, if a person works because he feels he must work in order to avoid experiencing starvation and other extremely serious/fatal consequences, such labor does carry with it more personal legitimacy, than people who claim to work because work is a "noble and proper" thing to do, because it makes them feel happy and fulfilled, etc… One of the most cunningly malevolent forms of societal enslavement, has been the manner in which your evil societies convince you citizen-slaves that even if you currently possess enough money so that you face no immediate threat of starvation, homelessness, or significant deprivation of any kind, you must continue to throw away 40-75 hours of your precious, irreplaceable living time on planet earth, working as a slave laborer to your evil society. Terroristic threats of being "replaced" if you dare to quit, terroristic threats of not being able to obtain a similar job in the future if you dare to quit your current job without "good reason", and having enough money to not need to work at a job in the immediate future is definitely not accepted by society as a good reason, perversely moralistic ideological coercion that all "normal, decent, young and middle-aged adults" need to be employed at jobs, insane lies such as having a job makes a person happier, somehow adds positive emotions of pride, satisfaction, accomplishment to the person’s perception of himself, all of these things, all of these behavioral/ideological control methods, are toxic, evil lies/brainwashings that your diseased societies employ, to coerce you citizen-slaves into agreeing to seek out, accept, and hold down jobs, even if you have absolutely no immediate need for the money that the job provides to you. For those humans who do manage to obtain a significant amount of money, society labels most of their jobs as being "white collar", instructs these citizen-slaves that they should feel very lucky to have a "white collar" job, most of which are portrayed as being far less physically demanding and unpleasant than blue collar jobs, and in the process, convinces them that they must maintain and keep their job, regardless of how much money they may possess, under the terroristic threat that if they quit for no "good reason", and later find they need to obtain more money, they may not be able to regain the same type of white collar job they currently have, or even any white collar job at all. Evil manipulation of the economic system is undertaken on a daily basis by your malevolent leaders, inflation and interest rates, "cost of living" fluctuations, all totally artificial and invalid constructs of the government, are used by the government to ensure that financial uncertainty, confusion, fear, always runs rampant within the entire working age population. Artificial "caste" systems are created by the government, in america this would be the poverty class, working class, middle class, upper class, and wealthy class, with the government brainwashing all citizen-slaves into believing that one of the greatest tragedies and humiliations that they can suffer, one of the greatest failures as a human being that they can suffer, would be to "fall out" of the economic class that they are currently in. The wealthy class is taught that it is just as humiliating, just as unacceptable, just as terrible and tragic, for them to "fall back" into the upper class group, as it is for the poverty class to become homeless and have to beg for spare change on the streets in order to avoid starvation. In this manner, all citizens are perversely terrorized into wasting their lives working at jobs, upon the command and the coercion of their societal and governmental leaders.

I love how Seer Friedrich closes the above revelation of Truth: …"Everybody wants the same, everybody is the same: whoever feels different goes voluntarily into a madhouse." This is one of the hallmark ideological traits of an ultra-diseased society. A society which claims to be free, to provide "freedom" to it’s citizen-slaves, but in Truth successfully convinces it’s citizens that they all must accept and embrace the legitimacy of a whole host of extraordinarily narrow, fascist, and irrational behavioral and ideological decrees, this is the definition of an ultra-diseased society. The fact that "voluntary" seeking out of psychiatric/mental health counseling has increased a great deal over the past century within societies like america, speaks volumes as to the acceleration of disease level within the society. The society is achieving great success in convincing it’s citizen-slaves that their True Reality thoughts, beliefs, feelings, life paths, are illegitimate and unacceptable, bad and immoral, so much so that the citizens choose, in many cases, to voluntarily seek the aid of mental health professionals, who are of course direct agents and representatives of the evil society/government, to try and change their own True Realities, to try and alter the legitimate Truths which their evil society has carved into them, in order to try and bring themselves into conformity with the mainstream, societally decreed "normal and proper" ideological and behavioral rules, decrees, laws, customs, traditions, and beliefs that the evil society is terroristically imposing upon it’s entire population of citizen-slaves. Tons of humans within a society like america, voluntarily commit themselves to psychiatric prison because they feel they are so "abnormal", so different in their thinking, belief, and life path from the "norm", that they do not deserve to be able to live in a free manner, within their own unique True Reality. But even more humans go even further, literally attempting to kill themselves just because their society has terroristically convinced them that they do not deserve to be alive simply because they cannot "fit in" to the decreed "normal, sane, and proper" parameters of belief, behavior, and ideological perspective upon life, that their society chooses to impose upon all of it’s citizen-slaves. This is why one of the simplest and yet most profound Forbidden Truths is: The higher the suicide rate within a society/government, the more evil, diseased, and unworthy of existence that society/government proves, beyond all doubt, itself to be. The homicide rate is not nearly as accurate or definitive a measure of the relative degree of perversity/inferiority of a society/government, as the suicide rate, the self-murder rate, is.

" 'Formerly, all the world was mad,' say the most refined, and they blink... One has one's little pleasure for the day and one's little pleasure for the night: but one has a regard for health. 'We have invented happiness,' say the last men, and they blink."

Let me say right here that it is clear to me that we are already within the era of the "last men", as defined by Seer Friedrich. Brilliant insight by Seer Friedrich, here the utterly insane manner in which every human generation sincerely seems to delude itself into believing that it has "uncovered the Truths of life, eliminated the formerly insane policies/beliefs of life", even though nothing could be further from the truth. "Our ancestors used to have some wrong, invalid, insane beliefs, but we have evolved, we have reached enlightenment, and we have eliminated these invalid beliefs and ideologies." This is what you claim, even as in the very same breath you cling even more ferociously than ever to all of the invalid and insane beliefs and ideologies, such as the insane god myth, sacred family unit mythology, racial discrimination, legitimacy of the criminal "justice" system to inflict punitive punishment, etc… So understand the Truth that one of your most poisonous manifestations of inferiority as a species, is your perverse willingness to acknowledge that human members of your very own society, of past generations and centuries, were ignorant, uninsightful, mad, insane, formed false and invalid conclusions about major issues, but in the same breath, to claim and sincerely delude yourselves into believing that you and your current generation now realize all of those past errors, and have reformed yourselves and your societies. "Formerly, all the world was mad", this is what you believe and what you proclaim, even though the Forbidden Truth is that you, right now, in the early 21st century, are embracing and engaging in more utterly mad beliefs, policies, doctrines, and ideologies, than at any other past time within the entire history of the existence of the human species. Another hallmark characteristic of the "last men" era, is the ritualistically artificial creation of and definition of "happiness", by society/government. From a Truth-based perspective, happiness is an internal, uniquely individualistic emotion, arising from personal interpretation of their own unique True Reality, that every human being experiences. Diseased societies/governments are constantly engaged in efforts to "create" happiness for their citizen-slaves, but because it is not possible for an external source to create genuine happiness, all that can be and is created are false and invalid illusions of happiness. These forms of happiness are not only illusions, but also toxically harmful in nature, destroying the natural ability of humans to recognize what constitutes genuine happiness, and compromising their ability to seek and integrate genuine happiness within their own True Realities. With relentless malice, societies and governments impose their "happiness inventions" upon their broken citizenry. "Look, the sports team based in the city where you reside has won a game, what a perfect reason to be happy!" "Look, you only have to work 5 or 6 days per week as a slave laborer, you get a whole day or two every week that you don’t have to work as a slave laborer, great reason to be happy!" "Look, you have a mate or a child who cannot love him/herself, and so claims to love you because he is dependent upon your claiming to love him, what a great reason to be happy, you are loved!" There are just three of thousands of different false and invalid "happiness illusions" that your diseased societies provide you with, and impose upon you as part of their appeasement campaigns.

"Of the three metamorphoses of the spirit I tell you: how the spirit becomes a camel; and the camel, a lion; and the lion, finally, a child. There is much that is difficult for the spirit, the strong, reverent spirit that would bear much: but the difficult and the most difficult are what its strength demands. What is difficult? asks the spirit that would bear much, and kneels down like a camel wanting to be well loaded. What is most difficult, O heroes, asks the spirit that would bear much, that I may take it upon myself and exult in my strength? Is it not humbling oneself to wound one's haughtiness? Letting one's folly shine to mock one's wisdom?... Or is it this: stepping into filthy waters when they are the waters of truth, and not repulsing cold frogs and hot toads? Or is it this: loving those that despise us and offering a hand to the ghost that would frighten us? All these most difficult things the spirit that would bear much takes upon itself: like the camel that, burdened, speeds into the desert, thus the spirit speeds into its desert. In the loneliest desert, however, the second metamorphosis occurs: here the spirit becomes a lion who would conquer his freedom and be master in his own desert. Here he seeks out his last master: he wants to fight him and his last god; for ultimate victory he wants to fight with the great dragon. Who is the great dragon whom the spirit will no longer call lord and god? "Thou shalt" is the name of the great dragon. But the spirit of the lion says, "I will." "Thou shalt" lies in his way, sparkling like gold, an animal covered with scales; and on every scale shines a golden "thou shalt." Values, thousands of years old, shine on these scales; and thus speaks the mightiest of all dragons: "All value has long been created, and I am all created value. Verily, there shall be no more 'I will.'" Thus speaks the dragon. My brothers, why is there a need in the spirit for the lion? Why is not the beast of burden, which renounces and is reverent, enough? To create new values -- that even the lion cannot do; but the creation of freedom for oneself and a sacred "No" even to duty -- for that, my brothers, the lion is needed. To assume the right to new values -- that is the most terrifying assumption for a reverent spirit that would bear much. Verily, to him it is preying, and a matter for a beast of prey. He once loved "thou shalt" as most sacred: now he must find illusion and caprice even in the most sacred, that freedom from his love may become his prey: the lion is needed for such prey. But say, my brothers, what can the child do that even the lion could not do? Why must the preying lion still become a child? The child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a game, a self-propelled wheel, a first movement, a sacred "Yes." For the game of creation, my brothers, a sacred "Yes" is needed: the spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world."

This is a very long, intellectually complex quote, and for the most part, I think the metaphorical revelations of Truth which are contained within the story structure of these three creatures, the camel, the lion, and the child, are very clearly expressed by Seer Friedrich, and it is best that you, as readers, interpret the revelations of Truth for yourselves. I want to talk about some other angles of Truth, such as the notion that difficulty and suffering are necessary aspects of life, that they strengthen a human being, that the experience of difficulty and suffering can actually improve the overall experience of life for a person, on an individual basis. This is an utterly perverse lie, making no rational sense, and it is borne out of the fact that societal and governmental leaders are committed to directly inflicting and causing suffering, hardship, distress, and difficulty to all of their citizen-slaves on a constant, ongoing basis. Regarding the human spirit, despite the fact that genetic perversity and disease within the species is at epidemic proportions, most human children are still born possessing a sane and Truth-based spirit. For example, almost all babies and young children cry out in outrage and anger at any pain, discomfort, distress that they experience. They possess the sanity and Truth of spirit to know, instinctually, that they do not deserve to suffer, not even for a brief period of time, not even if the distress is mild. Compare this to the broken, ultra-diseased nature of adolescent and adult humans, most of whom overtly seek out and impose pain, discomfort, distress, of all different types, upon themselves, as a result of having been raised up within an ultra-diseased, supremely evil, totally lie-based, and utterly spirit-breaking society, which is literally designed and structured for the specific purpose of getting all citizen-slaves to agree that they deserve to suffer, to accept the insane notion that suffering is a good, necessary thing. Let us understand that there are plenty of unavoidable sufferings, injustices, horrific fates that natural life condemns us to endure. These types of horrific fates, such as the Truths of what death entails, deserve to be analyzed, accepted, and processed within our True Realities in a courageously honest manner. At the same time however, we owe it to ourselves and to the Truth to destroy any society, culture, or government which chooses to artificially create and impose additional, unnatural, suffering, injustice, pain upon us, on an individual as well as a genocidally mass scale level, as every current early 21st century "modern and civilized" society does.

Notice Seer Friedrich’s brilliant analysis of the phrase "Thou shalt". This is a fascist, terroristically coercive phrase used within insane god myth excreta to try and force citizen-slaves to behave in certain ways, and to abandon certain personal freedoms and instinctual rights, in favor of the terroristic fascism which is the consistent ideological and operational structure of all modern human societies and governments. The personal battle that all aspiring Superiors must engage in, is between the "thou shalt" fascist decrees of society, and the "I will" embrace and pursuit of personal, self-loving and True Reality based Truth that stands in defiance of the insane, evil, and genocidally harmful on an intentional level, "thou shalt" societal edicts. Note the following quote from the above reveletaion of Forbidden Truth: "Values, thousands of years old, shine on these scales; and thus speaks the mightiest of all dragons: "All value has long been created, and I am all created value. Verily, there shall be no more 'I will.'" It is these "values", the claimed morals, traditions, and values of your ancestors, that your societies and governments throw around your necks as a 500 pound weight, and literally drown you with. As Superiors, we must totally reject the notion that these values and traditions have any type of significant importance or role to play within our own life paths. We must recognize and accept the fact that the values and traditions of our ancestors represent nothing more than worthless, insane, lie-based brainwashings, which society employed to commit genocidal harm against our ancestors as individuals, and even more importantly, continues to employ against us, against every single generation of humans, including us. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves and to the Truth, to rise up and spit upon the very notion that there are any values or traditions from the past, that we have any type of obligation to embrace, emulate, or accept as being worthy of continuation by us. We owe it to ourselves to create a totally new world, to reject and destroy all past traditions and values, because the Truth is that all past traditions and values were and are artificial, invalid, lie-based, and genocidally harmful constructs of evil societies, governments, and their empowered leaders/agents.

The notion that we, as human beings, have any type of "duty" to any living creature, thing, or ideology, beyond ourselves, is utterly ridiculous and supremely toxic. Our only duty is to love ourselves, to love Truth, and to devote our lives to reflecting the self-love and the Truth which we, as Superiors, have created and embraced within ourselves. All societal efforts to terroristically delude us into thinking that we have some type of duty or obligation to "our" country, to our "families", to any political movement or political party, to other human beings, other living things, or to any ideological or philosophical precepts which are not directly inspired by our own personal and unique life experiences, constitute outrageous and perverse victimization being committed upon us by the human societies and governments which claim the right to terroristically brainwash and destroy us and the Truth of our lives. It is our sacred obligation to ourselves, to embrace wholeheartedly the declaration of the lion as described above, the lion who spits in the face of all societally and governmentally fascist "thou shalt" commands, and instead declares at every turn his determination to embrace his own True Reality and uniquely personal "I will" desires, needs, insights, and cravings. "I will reflect Truth and self-love and narcissistic pleasure in all of my life path efforts", declares the Superior. I will obey no decrees and no demands from any life form or any entity, which compromise my own Truth and reality-based needs, desires, obsessions, and past life experiences. The Superior recognizes that the embrace of "No" is the most important and valuable "freedom" that an individual life form can possess. Our instincts are always Truth-based, and since we live within an ultra-diseased, lie-based society, every single day we embrace thousands of different "No’s" as we manuever ourselves through the minefield of societal malice and insanity. No is our primary ideological weapon. To every concept, suggestion, cultural idea, moral demand, law, hobby, habit, custom, that society or government puts forth, our initial and absolute reaction must always be "No, I reject the validity and the legitimacy of this, it is a creation of an evil, insane, lie-based society." This must always be our initial reaction as Superiors, even as we do retain the right to afterwards carefully reflect upon and analyze whether this particular societally promoted item might be worthy of some type of more careful consideration, as to it’s possible legitimacy in some situations, for some of us as individuals. This is the "Sacred No" that Seer Friedrich refers to, and it is absolutely vital to anyone who has any desire to try to seek out the Truths of life. This initial reaction of No, of rejection of societal doctrine and decree, must be reflexive and automatic in nature. No actual thinking or analysis should occur, as part of this intial rejection. It must be automatic in nature, an automatic recognition of and acceptance of the fact that we owe it to ourselves and to the Truth to assume, immediately, that every doctrine and decree given to us by society or government deserves immediate, complete, and automatic rejection, upon initial presentation. Afterwards, we can safely begin to analyze whether a particular doctrine or decree might have some type of validity, but this can only occur after a complete initial rejection via the Sacred No.

Seer Friedrich concludes this story/revelation with a remarkably thought-provoking suggestion on why the lion who has embraced his Sacred No, still needs to transform, some would say revert back, to the form, or at least the ideological mindset, of a human child. Our Seer declares: But say, my brothers, what can the child do that even the lion could not do? Why must the preying lion still become a child? The child is innocence and forgetting, a new beginning, a game, a self-propelled wheel, a first movement, a sacred "Yes." For the game of creation, my brothers, a sacred "Yes" is needed: the spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world." The philosophical Truth being expressed here, is that the innocent child, victimized and destroyed by his evil and lie-based society, can be "reborn" as an adult, after he has claimed personal vengeance upon his society, after he has recognized and rejected all of the perverse brainwashings and fascist demands of the evil society that is guilty of his creation and victimization, via an embrace of the "sacred no". If he completes this process, of claiming vengeance and embracing the Sacred No, assuming that his soul is still alive, it may be possible for him, as an individual, to revert back to his limitlessly free and totally Truth-based childhood nature, and create a perfect, 100% Truth-based, paradisiacal reality for himself, in which to live out his life. As Seer Friedrich so perfectly concludes: "…the spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world." You see, this is paradise, this is the only real form of "heaven" that can ever exist or be experienced by any of us as individuals. To "will your own will", based upon a spirit of embrace of genuine, uniquely personal Truth, absolutely free of all the millions of toxic, diseased, evil, invalid, lie-based societal demands, decrees, laws, morals, customs, habits, rituals, this is the ultimate triumph of the individual human being. The societal slave becomes a True "master", the slave conquers the world even as he remains an absolute victim of and creation of his evil and diseased society. Let us understand and totally embrace these profoundly important Forbidden Truths: It is impossible for a victim of society to "overcome" the Truth of his victimhood status, and of course he should never make such an attempt, since it is inherently self-victimizing. It is impossible for any victim of society to alter or reverse the fact that he is a creation of that society, and again, no attempt to achieve such alteration or reversal should ever be made. The only thing that we can do, that we are obligated to try to do, is to reject current and future efforts by society to inflict additional victimization upon us, and to retain our loyal servitude and self-victimizing, Truth-destroying devotion, via the use of terroristic threats, brainwashings, and lies.

"Whoever thinks much is not suitable as a party member: he soon thinks himself right out of the party."

Seer Adolf Hitler graced us with a very similar quote to the one above, and it is no surprise that two of the most brilliant Seers of Forbidden Truth of the modern era of humanity, should arrive at the very same profoundly important philosophical insight on the "political" process. Let us clearly recognize the fact that independent thinking is the most feared ability/freedom that human beings, at least in theory, possess. Who fears this? All societies and all governments. They recognize that they exist as a house of cards, an incredibly strong house of cards, due to genetic inferiority and perversity of the unwashed masses, but still a house of cards. Every creature has thoughts. These thoughts can be independent, or they can be terroristically coerced and imposed by societal leaders and their empowered agents. If they are independent, they are automatically dangerous, because they might represent, to some degree, valid Truth. Therefore all genuinely independent thought is rejected, condemned, and demonized by societies. All political systems are absolutely lie-based and complete shams. Democratic political systems are designed to brainwash all citizen-slaves into accepting the utterly bizarre and totally false notions that 1: The government is benevolent. 2: The populace has the ability to change, shape, and dictate it’s governmental policies and future path. 3: Political parties offer freedom to all citizens, by allowing them to choose their political leaders. All three of these claims are so incredibly and obviously false, that it boggles the mind of any Superior to realize that any human creature might believe that even one of these 3 claims, much less all three, has even the slightest shred of Truth to it. But the tragic fact is, 99.99999999999% of all you creatures absolutely believe that there is legitimacy to all three of these notions. This is because you are broken, you have been totally stripped of the ability to think through and recognize as invalid, even the most blatantly obvious and transparent of lies/brainwashings. All governments are constantly engaged in this process, of discouraging, ridiculing, and destroying all genuine thinking abilities and inclinations of all citizens. As regards politics and political parties, brilliant usage of "party spokespeople" and "political pundits" are employed, to literally eliminate any perceived need of the citizens to think about any Truth-based aspect of the political system. Again, as I have already outlined, you must understand that your evil leaders, using american society as an example, absolutely do not care in the slightest whether you choose to become a democrat or a republican. You are doing the exact same thing, with either choice! Your evil leaders do desperately want and need you to choose to become one of these two broken cult disciples, this is their great triumph, to destroy you by getting you to become either a democrat or a republican, and to believe that you now enjoy empowered freedom and possess political influence/power within your society. As soon as you believe in the legitimacy of a "political party" form of government, you have already been broken. Your ability to think sanely and rationally has already been almost totally destroyed, by virtue of this single false delusion. This is because as soon as you fail to realize that the entire political system of the government which enslaves you is toxic, lie-based, and illegitimate, your ability to think rationally, to properly analyze and realize all of the primary and most important Truths of the genocidally evil political victimization that your society commits against you directly, as well as against all of your fellow citizens, is lost and destroyed.

"People who comprehend a thing to its very depths rarely stay faithful to it forever. For they have brought its depths into the light of day: and in the depths there is always much that is unpleasant to see."

Very intriguing quote here! When I first read this one, I found myself feeling quite a bit of disagreement with the general idea which is expressed, but as I analyzed the quote further, my level of disagreement decreased dramatically. Why? Because I slowly came to realize that my initial reaction was that of a Superior, which is what I am, while Seer Friedrich’s quote, in my opinion, is meant to describe the reactions of inferiors, rather than superiors, to the discovery/realization of profound, philosophically Truthful comprehension of fact, on major ideological and life path/belief issues. Basically, what Seer Friedrich is saying is that if and when a person comes to recognize a genuinely profound Truth, all the way to the very core nature of an issue, the person is not likely to either be able or willing to wholeheartedly accept/embrace this Truth on an onging, permanent, lifelong basis. Is this insight accurately valid? Unfortunately, for the vast majority of humans, who are inferiors, the answer is Yes. It is very common for you humans, at some point in your lives, to recognize a profound Truth, only to quickly reject it, renounce it, flee from it in terror. A decent analogy would be the manner in which some humans will try to test out the temperature of a pool, by dipping the toes of one foot into the water. If the water is freezing cold, the human immediately removes their foot from the water, and decides not to venture inside of the pool with any other body part. In similar fashion, humans sometimes find the courage, initiative, and sanity to explore an issue right up until they begin to genuinely recognize and understand at least some of the core Forbidden Truths of the issue. However, simultaneously with this valuable recognition, comes a genetically and environmentally diseased reaction of terror, repulsion, and rejection of the realized Truth. To stay faithful to genuine Truth, is one of the most difficult and challenging ideological tasks that any inferior can face, not only because they are instinctually repulsed by Truth, having been born and raised within a lie-based society, but also because on an ongoing basis, they are encouraged and instructed by their society, through overtly coercive and terroristic means, to reject and renounce the accurate, but societally condemned and rejected Truths which they have independently uncovered and realized. Remember, we are talking about inferiors here, and inferiors constitute 99.99999999% of the human population. The situation is completely different with regard to the extreme minority of genuine Superiors, such as Myself. Genuine Superiors always remain faithful to all genuine Truth. Once we analyze and come to comprehend all of the factually accurate Truths of an issue, ideology, or belief, we celebrate our triumph, and we proudly vow to ourselves that we will never, ever, under any circumstances, abandon, reject, or turn against the hard-fought Truths which we have brilliantly managed to uncover and realize. I have come to realize that this quote by Seer Friedrich is absolutely on-target, but there is one major caveat, it only applies to human inferiors, not to human Superiors. Why do inferiors reject the very Truths that they have sometimes worked very hard to realize and uncover? The primary reason is perfectly articulated by Seer Friedrich: "For they have brought its depths into the light of day: and in the depths there is always much that is unpleasant to see." Absolutely correct! You see folks, the Truths of life are horrific, terrible, unbearable to all who have become addicted to the toxically comforting lies of their society, culture, government. The search for Truth can often be bearable, even the discovery of genuine Truth can sometimes be bearable. But the sustained embrace and acceptance of societally rejected and condemned Truth is an extremely difficult feat for all but a tiny handful of genuine Superiors, to accomplish. One of the greatest advantages that your evil societies have, in addicting you creatures to toxic lies, myths, and brainwashings, is the very real and factually accurate situation of most of the Forbidden Truths of life being quite horrific and terrible, especially when compared to the comfortingly toxic myths and lies which your societies put forth as direct "antidotes" to these Forbidden Truths. Only a handful of genuine Superiors are able to realize that rejecting and renouncing these Forbidden Truths, as instructed to do by society, carries even greater and more horrific/terrible consequences and ramifications, than accepting them and coping with the reality of their horror on an ongoing basis.

"A strange thing, our kind of punishment! It does not cleanse the offender, it is no expiation: on the contrary, it defiles more than the offense itself."

This is a grand slam home run by Seer Friedrich, folks! Absolutely one of my very top 3-4 most favorite, most brilliant insights of Truth that Seer Friedrich has ever made! I’m so glad Seer Friedrich was such a well-rounded philosopher, offering up breathtakingly insightful Forbidden Truth not only on religion and politics, but many, many other issues as well. Here, in two short sentences, the entire issue of "criminal justice" is exposed and revealed for what it is, a criminal, immoral, unjustifiable form of malevolent injustice, practiced by society against it’s very own created victims. Seer Friedrich tells us what societal punishment is, in Truth: It is an atrocity, an injustice, an immoral and unjustifiable form of victimization, committed by a society and government upon it’s own tortured victim-creations, in the name of it’s homicidally enraged and utterly immoral "law-abiding" citizenry, disguised as and dressed up within, an invalid cloak named "justice". No modern era human society has ever dispensed the tiniest iota of justice upon it’s created victims. Instead, it sadistically and bloodthirstily inflicts utterly immoral punishment upon it’s own created victims, these punishments constitute absolute atrocities which far exceed, by a factor of thousands, the degree of immoral injustice that any individual human beings who commits a "criminal" act, could ever be "guily" of. Punishing a victim can never be justified, it is always an atrocity. The atrocity is compounded immeasurably when the entity that is inflicting the punishment is the exact same entity which is directly guilty of inflicting and causing the initial victimizations, for which the victimizing and now punishing entity has never even acknowledged or accepted the fact of it’s own guilt. When the reality of this situation is analyzed, every Superior must recoil in outraged repugnance at the very notion that any human society has a system of unjust brutalization of victims, that it refers to as a "criminal justice system." Absolutely nothing of any sane progress has been made to address this societal perversion, between the 19th and 21st centuries. In fact, most societies have judicial systems today, in the year 2002, that are significantly more evil, immoral, and genocidally/homicidally malevolent, than was the case in the mid to late 19th century. Seer Friedrich is 100% correct and expresses most of the most profound Truths within the human universe, when he declares: "…it (the societal punishment) defiles more than the offense itself." Absolutely right! The only change I would make to this quote was to add the word "far", in front of the word "more". The societal punishment is an immoral atrocity thousands of times greater in scope, thousands of times more impossible to justify, than any individual criminal offense could ever be. It is an evil act, being committed by an evil entity, upon a victim that it is already guilty of having committed atrocious abuse, injustice, victimization upon. Let us understand and accept the Truth that in choosing to commit these ultimate atrocities upon their own created torture-victims, human societies and governments sacrifice and eliminate any and all claim to possess any type of a right to try to prevent crime, or to morally stigmatize/condemn "criminals", in any way, shape, or form. As I have already revealed, the only justifiable response by a society, to any "undesirable" acts committed by any of it’s tortured victim-creations, is to sincerely, humbly, and passionately fall to it’s knees and beg the created victim for forgiveness, recognizing that it can never atone for it’s initial victimization of the individual, and that no forgiveness can ever be owed by the victim. The debt must always remain with society, a debt that can never be properly repaid, for as long as the created victim lives.

"Marriages contracted from love (so-called love-matches) have error for their father and need for their mother."

Another brilliant insight of profoundly important Forbidden Truth here. I have already dissected the issues of love and marriage in two separate essays within this Manifesto. All I can say here is that in a single sentence, Seer Friedrich pretty much expresses the entire primary Truth that I spent two whole essays revealing. Let us understand completely that there is no such thing as "romantic love". This concept has no basis in emotional reality, or in physical experience. The concept of and "belief in" the legitimacy of romantic love by you humans, is a direct manifestation and consequence of you having been stripped of the ability to properly love, value, and care about yourself, as an individual. Your self-love and your self-worth have both been taken away from you by your genocidally evil societies, rendering you desperately dependent upon trying to obtain false illusions of love from other human beings and other living things. At the same time, marriage is a form of toxic enslavement and enmeshment which mirrors the genocidally evil enslavement that your societies compel you to live under, as citizens and subjects of your government. Error and need are the two toxic supporting pillars of love-based marriage, exactly as revealed in the above quote. The greatest error is the insane delusion that you, as an individual, can and must obtain love from a fellow human being, and that romantic love is a legitimate, valid emotional experience that humans should strive to attain in their lives. The greatest need that humans who engage in love marriages invalidly and unsuccessfully attempt to fulfill, is their own personal need to feel and believe that they are loved. And this need is totally due to the fact that the individual is unable to properly, naturally, instinctually love himsaelf, give himself the pure, unconditional, immense self-love that he deserves, as a result of genocidally evil ego destruction and relentless daily victimization that was and is committed against him by society. So desperate are you for love, that you even insanely embrace claims of love from non-existent creatures, such as the "god loves you" doctrine, as well as concoct this ridiculous notion that "romantic love" somehow develops and exists alongside carnal, sexual attraction/lust, and that your sexual mate/partner needs to and will be able to provide you with genuine love, even as you yourself are totally unable to give yourself love, or to feel genuine love towards yourself.

"Sometimes it requires only a stronger pair of spectacles to cure the lover, and he who had the imagination to picture a face, a figure twenty years older would perhaps pass through life very undisturbed."

One of the very great weaknesses and demonstrations of human inferiority, is the inability of most humans to see "through" the illusions, the spectors, the artificiality of their day to day lives. The obsession with physical appearance of mates, sexual partners, even friends, is a perfect example of this Truth. "You look good", "I really like the way you look", these are compliments that you pathetic, self-hating humans devote thousands upon thousands of hours of time, and thousands upon thousands of dollars, to try and "gain" from other human beings, simply because you loathe yourselves so much that you cannot look at yourselves and feel sincere pride and admiration for yourself and your appearance. No, instead you perversely go around asking friends, relatives, lovers, "How do I look? Do I look okay?" You don’t want an honest answer, you just want to believe that you look okay, and you cannot believe this unless someone else, someone other than you, tells you that you look okay. You crave artificiality, pretense, makeup, in appearance, as a reflection of the utterly artificial and lie-based nature of every other aspect of your life. You choose your sexual mates and marriage partners based upon pure lies and illusions. The mate lies to you, you lie to your mate, both of you lie to yourselves, a complete circle of lies. Truth is the enemy, artificiality must always be maintained. The face needs to meet your standards, the shape & size of the body must meet your standards. The clear and obvious Truth that the person’s face and body figure will almost certainly change over time, is simply ignored and rejected. Everything within the relationship, all aspects of it, the love aspect, the marriage aspect, the sharing of emotion and of interests, these are all false, artificial, tailored to meet the desires of the sexual partner. And therefore rational Truth, in fact any kind of Truth on any aspect of the relationship, has no value. It is to be feared, it threatens to expose and reveal the utterly ludicrous sham upon which the entire essence of the sexually intimate relationship has been created and built. The horrific consequences of choosing to have sex with a fellow human, or choosing to marry a fellow human, or choosing to create a child with a fellow human, are all dismissed, emotionally and intellectually rejected as being inconsequential, in comparison to the pathetically desperate need, maliciously encouraged by your society, which drives you, the need to delude yourself into believing that a fellow human being loves you, all because you have allowed your society to destroy your innate, instinctual ability to love yourself.

"Men have on the whole spoken of love with such emphasis and so idolized it because they have had little of it and have never been allowed to eat their fill of this food: thus it became for them 'food of the gods'. Let a poet depict a utopia in which there obtains universal love, he will certainly have to describe a painful and ludicrous state of affairs the like of which the earth has never yet seen - everyone worshipped, encumbered and desired, not by one lover, as happens now, but by thousands, indeed by everyone else, as the result of an uncontrollable drive which would then be as greatly execrated and cursed as selfishness had been in former times; and the poets in that state of things - provided that they were left alone long enough to write - would dream of nothing but the happy, loveless past, of divine selfishness, of how it was once possible to be alone, undisturbed, unloved, hated, despised on earth, and whatever else may characterize the utter baseness of the dear animal world in which we live."

Wonderful insight of Truth! How has your evil society been so successful in convincing you that the ultimate goal and the ultimate achievement of your life, is not to love yourself, but rather to obtain love from fellow human beings?? By demonizing self-love, by making you hate yourself, by destroying this most precious, valuable, and irreplaceable character and emotional trait from within you, extracting it and then destroying it! Virtually none of you humans are capable of even feeling self-love, much less unconditionally giving yourself a limitless amount of self-love whenever you emotionally feel that you need to be loved. You do not have love in your life, you cannot give yourself the love that is your instinctual birthright. Just as a starving human who has been denied all food for 4 days straight will desperately gobble up any food that he is finally given access to, even if it is not tasty or even spoiled, your evil societies convince you to desperately seek out, embrace, and cling to invalid illusions of external love, to literally waste your lives trying to maintain these illusions for yourself, and you are so broken that you never can see through the scam, unless it is years and years later, after you are already hopelessly enmeshed in a toxic relationship, and often can see no alternative beyond killing the hated "lover", upon finally realizing that you have never been loved by her/him. Even if you do come to this realization, you still usually cannot grasp the Forbidden Truth that it is your own complete loss of ability to love yourself, which has been the poisonous root cause of your lie-based, self-destroying life path. Seer Friedrich is absolutely correct in pointing out how you creatures seem to crave the "obsessively personal" illusion of love of just a few fellow humans, much more than the "universal" illusion of love of millions of fellow humans. Even if you obtain an illusion of love from millions, such as some celebrities do, you still continue to remain obsessed with obtaining a "deeper and more personal" illusion of love from a sexual partner or other specifically individual person. Why? Because the "deepest" illusions of love that you seek constitute purely enslaving possession. You want to possess a fellow human being, to control the human being. To order the human being what to do. This is a subconscious reflection of your own life reality, your own status of being a beholden and broken slave of your society/government, a possession of the government.

Can there be "overdoses" of love, as Seer Friedrich suggests in the above quote? Of course! If you feel loved by too many people, the satisfaction of the illusion is lost. Society insanely teaches that the greatest and purest forms of love are intimately shared by every individual, with only a handful of fellow humans. The "rarity" of love somehow makes the experience of being loved, more special. You are instructed to try to "fall in love" with a single fellow human being, you are told this type of love is the most passionately pure, even though in point of fact it is the most artificial, tainted, harmfully manipulative form of love illusion, within the entire spectrum of love illusions. The only valid form of universal, utopian love, is of course self-love. It can be as pure and as unconditional as your own uniquely Superior mind allows it to be. It provides genuine freedom, instead of toxic enslavement. It empowers you, instead of a diseased and broken stranger who is unable to love himself and so needs to literally suck the very life out of you by obtaining illusions of love from you. And so of course self-love is ridiculed, condemned, renounced at every turn by your cultural and societal leaders. It represents everything your leaders hate, fear, and seek to destroy within their unwashed masses of citizen-slaves: Personal autonomy, freedom, empowerment, self-value, lack of toxic enmeshment with fellow humans , and instinctually valid, healthy Truth. Self-love involves one person feeling, expressing, giving love to one person, himself. Romantic love is promoted in this vein, as an experience best shared with only one fellow human at a time. In this way it mimics self-love, but of course retains absolutely none of the Truth-based, supremely positive and emotionally healthy benefits of unconditional self-love. I love Seer Friedrich’s use of the term "divine selfishness." Selfishness is an absolutely wonderful, purely positive character trait, demonized by society for exactly the same reasons that self-love is demonized, because it is personally freeing, empowering, and greatly compromises the ability of societal leaders to impose their malevolent and enslaving will upon the selfish individual. Self-love is in fact a gloriously "selfish" act, the most valuable and personally useful type of selfish action that a Superior human being can undertake and embrace. As Superiors, we must recognize that one of the most wonderful compliments that we can ever receive from an inferior, is to be told that we are "selfish". We should glow with pride, and understand that we are definitely on a proper, sane, Superior life path, if we are given this "insulting" label by society as a whole, or by any agent/representative of society, or by any "ordinary" citizen/disciple living as a member of society.

"There is not enough love and goodness in the world for us to be permitted to give any of it away to imaginary things."

This is yet another of my very favorite Seer Friedrich declarations of Forbidden Truth, certainly ranking among my top 5-7 all-time best quotes from this particular Seer. The Superior recognizes that love and goodness are in limited supply. We, as Superiors, possess a limited supply of these positive, nurturing emotions within our True Realities. At the same time, the vast majority of other humans, inferiors, possess virtually no genuine, Truth-based love or moral decency within themselves and their broken True Realities. The obligation that we have to ourselves, is to always nurture and embrace our own positive emotions, and to always bestow them, give them, lavish them, upon ourselves. We must never give away that which is precious, valuable, and irreplaceable, to other living things, much less abstract and non-existent illusions and delusions. Romantic love is an imaginary concept. If we, as Superiors, choose to spend even a single day of our lives diverting love and goodness and nurturing feeling away from ourselves, and towards either unworthy or non-existing creatures, things, or concepts, then we are guilty of betraying ourselves, something no genuine Superior would ever do. Societal leaders and their agents insanely claim that we, as individuals, benefit by "sharing" our love and other positive emotions with other people, creatures, and things. In general, especially as an ideological concept, this is completely untrue. A few individuals might gain some additional personal benefit from sharing their positive emotions with a small and select group of worthy, real and existing creatures, but for the most part we owe it to ourselves to not waste such positive and valuable emotion on anyone but ourselves. In particular, fellow human beings are almost always totally unworthy of receiving any type of passionate emotion such as love, from us. And to throw our love away upon abstract concepts such as art or sports, or creatures that are imaginary and fictional, such as god, can never, under any circumstances, be justified or appropriate. In general, if a Superior does choose to share a tiny bit of his positive emotion with something beyond himself, he will choose to share it with a real, living, non-human creature, meaning an animal. Only this type of a life form would deserve, in some circumstances, to be the recipient of such positive emotion, and would be able to use the love and goodness he may be given, in a sane, personally nurturing, yet non-vampiric manner.

"There is no other way: the feelings of devotion, self-sacrifice for one's neighbor, the whole morality of self-denial must be questioned mercilessly and taken to court - no less than the aesthetics of "contemplation devoid of all interest" which is used today as a seductive guise for the emasculation of art, to give it a good conscience. There is too much charm and sugar in these feelings of "for others," "not for myself," for us not to need to become doubly suspicious at this point and to ask: "are these not perhaps - seductions?" That they please those who have them and those who enjoy their fruits, and also the mere spectator - this does not yet constitute an argument in their favor but rather invites caution. So let us be cautious."

This is an extremely valuable life lesson from Seer Friedrich. All feelings and manifestations of external devotion to a "cause", self-sacrifice for the benefit of another living thing, be it real or imaginary, and self-denial of personal pleasure and happiness for the sake of custom or "mystical reward", must be recognized as constituting demonstrations of absolute mental illness, mental dysfunction, and unjustifiable victimization of self, induced by malicious and lie-based societal brainwashing and ego destruction. Why would a sane creature have more positive feelings and desires for other creatures, or for ideas/concepts, than he has for himself? It makes no rational sense, and it perfectly mirrors/reflects the toxicity of genocidal self-victimization and self-devaluation which society employs as a weapon of mass destruction against it’s masses of citizen-slaves. No entity, sentient or ideological, can ever be worthy of receiving any type of genuine "sacrifice" from us, as individuals, in which we subject ourselves to deprivation, risk, danger, or harm. Consider the so-called affection/love that some people claim to feel towards children, particularly their "own" children. If any such adult claims to love a child more than he loves himself, or claims to be willing and eager to sacrifice his own material comfort, safety, freedom, or any other type of thing he values, just so that the child can benefit, the adult must be recognized and labelled as suffering from a significant and absolute mental illness/dysfunction, rooted within a warped and improper devaluation of Self. At most, a sane human might be willing to provide comfort, happiness, safety, nurturing to some other living creatures, perhaps even a fellow human being, but only if he is not compromising or sacrificing any type of personal pleasure or desire or safety/comfort, and only if he does not begin to utter insane proclamations such as the notion that he feels more love towards the child, than he feels for himself. In fact, as part of the psychological examinations for the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, any parent or other aspiring child caretaker who is indicated to feel more love towards the child than towards himself, would be flagged as very possibly posing a threat to harm/mistreat the child, based solely upon this one demonstration of mental dysfunction and psychological perversion, of lacking the ability to properly love himself, and to recognize that he has an obligation to himself, to never even try to "do more" for others, to sacrifice himself for others, than he chooses to do for himself.

"Nobody is very likely to consider a doctrine true merely because it makes people happy or virtuous - except perhaps the lovely "idealists" who become effusive about the good, the true, and the beautiful and allow all kinds of motley, clumsy, and benevolent desiderata to swim around in utter confusion in their pond. Happiness and virtue are no arguments. But people like to forget - even sober spirits - that making unhappy and evil are no counterarguments. Something might be true while being harmful and dangerous in the highest degree. Indeed, it might be a basic characteristic of existence that those who would know it completely would perish, in which case the strength of a spirit should be measured according to how much of the "truth" one could still barely endure or to put it more clearly, to what degree one would require it to be thinned down, shrouded, sweetened, blunted, falsified."' But there is no doubt at all that the evil and unhappy are more favored when it comes to the discovey of certain parts of truth, and that the probability of their success here is greater - not to speak of the evil who are happy, a species the moralists bury in silence. Perhaps hardness and cunning furnish more favorable conditions for the origin of the strong, independent spirit and philosopher than that gentle, fine, conciliatory good-naturedness and art of taking things lightly which people prize, and prize rightly, in a scholar."

Actually, I must disagree with the very opening of Seer Friedrich’s above quote. The tragic and perverse reality is, that as of the early 21st century, a good many societal and cultural doctrines are believed and accepted to be true and factually accurate by a majority of the citizen-slave population, solely because the doctrines do make people invalidly feel happy, and do provide false, lie-based comfort to people. What I do totally and passionately agree with, are the brilliant insights which follow the initial somewhat inaccurate opening. For example: "Something might be true while being harmful and dangerous in the highest degree." This is a profoundly valuable and beautifully on-target revelation of top-level Forbidden Truth. It may seem like a simple sentence, but in terms of philosophical insight and usefulness, the revelation provided is extremely complex. There is no connection between Truth and externalized goodness, or between Truth and morality, or Truth and benignness. And yet in all cases, Truth is worthy of the highest embrace, because it elevates the Self, it pays tribute to the reality of experience of the individual. This does not mean that a person needs to harm or endanger himself just to honor the Truths of his life, but it does mean that in general, it is more appropriate to embrace personal Truth than to reject personal Truth just because danger or harm might theoretically result if the personal Truth is embraced. Seer Friedrich speaks of the difficulty involved in embracing Truth, he speaks of Truth as something which often needs to be "endured", not something which is always happily embraced. This is absolutely correct. Truth is not easy, it is not comforting, it is not "nice". It is valuable, enriching, character-building, it provides the ultimate benefit to the courageous human being who overtly seeks to live out his life free of all toxic and genocidally harmful illusions, delusions, and brainwashings. But it is not easy, and thanks to relentless societal promotion of lies and myths, it is not even naturally instinctual anymore, to the vast majority of children once they reach even the tender age of 6-10.

I do not agree with the somewhat awkwardly expressed notion, it’s not really a direct theory being put forth by Seer Friedrich, but rather a notion that he is putting up for examination/consideration, that "…in which case the strength of a spirit should be measured according to how much of the "truth" one could still barely endure or to put it more clearly, to what degree one would require it to be thinned down, shrouded, sweetened, blunted, falsified." I don’t think this notion is valid, especially not with regard to Superiors. Our strength is best measured by our ability to reject all of the societal efforts to thin, hide, sugarcoat, and conceal the Truths of life, and stand up at every turn and in every way, for the Truth, regardless of the personal difficulty or lack of ease which we may experience within our courageous embrace of as many Truths as we are able to recognize. Compromising and limiting our embrace of Truth, is an act of personal weakness, not an act of strength, although of course a minor Truth compromise on a specific issue, is far less catastrophic than a total rejection of all Truth. I do not accept the notion that Truth can destroy us, in and of itself. All personal destruction that may occur involving Truth, occurs as a result of a malicious war which lie-based societies and governments undertake against us, as part of their overall battle against Truth itself. Evil, unhappiness, courage, these are all conducive towards a successful realization of Truth. Why would "evil", as a concept, help people to recognize Truth? Primarily because the Truth is, most of the lie-based doctrines and ideologies which societies promote, are intrinsically and inherently "evil", they are designed to enslave, deceive, brainwash, cause harm to human beings on a mass scale. The individual who recognizes what evil is, embraces the reality of societal evil, does not buy into invalid societal illusions of happiness, is much more likely to be able to both recognize and embrace the Truths of life, than the individual who pathetically clings to and accepts ridiculous societal claims that things are good, goverment is good, citizens are not enslaved, brainwashed, deceived, etc… I love the brief mention by Seer Friedrich of the "evil who are happy". I don’t approve of the label of evil as applied to individual human beings, because it fosters invalid societal demonization of victim-creations, but the terror with which your societies shun and reject the very concept that anti-social, openly and admittedly sadistic human beings can and do derive totally valid and genuine happiness and personal contentment within themselves as a direct result of their unconditional embrace of their own violent and enraged True Realities, is delightful to behold. The Truth of course, is that your societies embrace, promote, literally force the "law-abiding" and mainstream citizenry to support and engage in profoundly evil doctrines, ideologies, and policies, while in the same breath, insanely demonizing individual victims of these torturously evil societal policies who choose to strike out on their own individual, unauthorized paths of cathartic vengeance and reflection of their True Realities as imposed and inflicted upon them by their societies.

"One must, however, go still further, and also declare war, relentless war unto death, against the "atomistic need" which still leads a dangerous afterlife in places where no one suspects it, just like the more celebrated "metaphysical need": one must also, first of all, give the finishing stroke to that other and more calamitous atomism which Christianity has taught best and longest, the soul atomism. Let it be permitted to designate by this expression the belief which regards the soul as something indestructible. eternal, in divisible, as a monad, as an atomon: this belief ought to be expelled from science! Between ourselves, it is not at all necessary to get rid of "the soul" at the same time, and thus to renounce one of the most ancient and venerable hypotheses - as happens frequently to clumsy naturalists who can hardly touch on "the soul" without immediately losing it. But the way is open for new versions and refinements of the soul-hypothesis; and such conceptions as "mortal soul," and "soul as subjective multiplicity," and ''soul as social structure of the drives and affects want henceforth to have citizens' rights in science. When the new psychologist puts an end to the superstitions which have so far flourished with almost tropical luxuriance around the idea of the soul, he practically exiles himself into a new desert and a new suspicion - it is possible that the older psychologists had a merrier and more comfortable time of it; eventually, however, he finds that precisely thereby he also concerns himself to invention - and - who knows? - perhaps to discovery."

More brilliance here, folks. Within any sane and superior society, part and parcel with a total rejection and renouncement of the insane god myth and it’s toxically comforting afterlife delusion, a constant and frenzied war would be undertaken by society, and the enemy, the target of this war, would be death. Not disease, but death! Disease is nothing more than a symptom of death, and yet you utterly pathetic fools proudly instruct your society to try to fight disease, find cures for diseases, etc…, even though these efforts are patently ludicrous and completely irrational. You insane god freaks and afterlife lunatics don’t even ask your society to declare war on death, to devote it’s resources to the goal of finding a way to overcome or eliminate death. No! You creatures actually look forward to death, you look forward to the imaginary "paradise" that awaits you upon death, you relish the deranged notion that you will enjoy a better quality of "life" after you die, than you currently enjoy while you are alive, you rejoice at the lunatic concept that after you die you will be happily reunited with your "loved" fellow humans and even animals, who have preceeded you in dying. The only way you can be moved to properly declare war on death, to properly demand that your leaders devote every possible resource at their disposal towards eliminating death, would be for you to abandon and reject all notions of both the god myth and the afterlife myth. Is there any possibility of this occuring? Tragically, no. We must reject and renounce the myth of the human soul, as it is toxically applied by societal leaders and their empowered agents, to religious and afterlife delusions. There is nothing, no part of human existence, nothing physical, nothing mental, nothing spiritual, nothing mystical, which can or does survive the process of physical death. This is an extremely important Forbidden Truth which all Superiors and seekers of Truth must totally understand and embrace. The toxic delusion that a human soul can and does "survive" beyond the physical death of the human being, is one of the most deviously malicious methods by which your evil societies convince you to accept and welcome your own pending deaths. The most diseased religions of all, such as christianity, rely most heavily upon this deranged "soul survival" lie.

Now, let us consider the institution of "science", for a moment. Science, as a scholarly practice, claims to have as it’s mandate a primary goal of searching for, uncovering, and revealing factual and concrete Truth. This would be an incredibly noble and valuable practice/mission, if in fact science sincerely did have this primary goal. Tragically, the Truth of the matter is that scientific research and study is under the control and dictation of your totally lie-based, Truth hating and Truth suppressing societal and governmental leadership. Scientists work as agents of the government, they are empowered only to reveal specific Truths, on very specific issues, that do not contradict or compromise any of the primary lie-based myths and brainwashings that the society is seeking to promote and impose upon it’s citizenry. Just as psychiatrists are only allowed to promote ideologies that the society that they work within approves of, scientists are likewise only allowed to publically promote theories and Truths that their society wants the populace to know about and to believe in. This is one reason why there has never been a sincere and genuine effort by any group of scientists in america, to undertake a campaign of education designed to prove to the american public that the notion of god existing is utterly and completely mythological, and has absolutely no basis of any kind in scientific research or scientific discovery or scientific thinking/analysis. Even though I know it is hopeless, I will now use this Manifesto to call upon all self-respecting scientists who still believe that their mission is to uncover Truth, to stand up and defy the terroristic coercion of their government. Stand up now and declare, with forceful pride and respect for the Truth, that the society you live within is guilty of deliberately perpetrating intellectual and ideological genocide upon it’s population of citizen-slaves, by continuing to promote the legitimacy of the insane god myth, for which not a single shred of scientific evidence has ever been found or established.

I find no objection to the use of the word "soul" in a purely secular and scientific manner, to describe the internalized emotional capacity and emotional parameters of experience and feeling, of human beings and other living creatures. In fact, the terms "soul death", "murdered soul", etc…, are an integral part of the ideological concepts of Truth expressed within this Manifesto. It is only the hijacking of this word, the use of this word by societal leaders and their religion imposing agents for malicious brainwashing purposes, which we must totally condemn and repudiate. No religious, mystical, or afterlife connotations or connections must ever be made, to the word "soul", because all such connections are false and invalid, and they serve to establish a toxic illusion of legitimacy for the god myth and all of it’s perverse trappings and attachments.

Note the conclusion of the above quote: "When the new psychologist puts an end to the superstitions which have so far flourished with almost tropical luxuriance around the idea of the soul, he practically exiles himself into a new desert and a new suspicion - it is possible that the older psychologists had a merrier and more comfortable time of it; eventually, however, he finds that precisely thereby he also concerns himself to invention - and - who knows? - perhaps to discovery." We must recognize that certain professions, were they not under the terroristic control of the government, could and likely would provide openings to portals of Truth. Chief among these professions, would be scientists and psychiatrists/psychologists. Once again, Seer Friedrich is much more optimistic than I am, in suggesting that psychologists will put an end to toxic, societally promoted and imposed superstitions, such as the insane god/afterlife myth. I can only say that in theory, psychologists and scientists could play a valuable role in unveiling Truth and getting some citizen-slaves to seriously consider, if not embrace, such Truth. But in reality, neither profession will provide this service today, or anytime in the future, just as neither profession has ever found the courage or initiative to provide such a Truth-based service in the past. Theory and reality are very different. I see absolutely no reason to believe that either the scientific or the mental health community will ever find a way to throw off the suffocating shackle of toxic, terroristic coercion, brainwashing, and fascist control that their bosses have them under, have them within a malicious grasp. These bosses are simply the government, the government that they live within, work under, are "licensed" by, and under whose auspices they are allowed to claim the title of scientist or psychiatrist/psychologist.

"The overcoming of morality, in a certain sense even the self-overcoming of morality - let this be the name for that long secret work which has been saved up for the finest and most honest, also the most malicious, consciences of today, as living touchstones of the soul."

What a poetically beautiful philosopher Seer Friedrich was! He not only expressed factual Truth in a brilliant manner, but he also added a remarkable degree of poetic expression to his declarations, which only served to strengthen the power of his ideas. What is "morality"? As imposed upon individuals by societies and governments, morality is, first and foremost, a misdirecting lie. The concept of morality is designed to allow leaders of societies and their agents, to terroristically convince masses of citizen-slaves to behave in certain ways, to believe in certain things, to embrace specific ideologies, all of which the leaders are seeking to force the citizenry to accept and engage in. Societies and governments establish these "standards of morality", even though it is these very same entities which do not possess a single shred of genuine, legitimate, or Truth-based morality within any aspect of their operational or design structures. Therefore, you creatures are being instructed on how to be moral, by instructors who are in actuality devoid of even the tiniest trace of morality, and whose policies, ideologies, and behaviors are the exact, polar opposite of moral, namely genocidally evil and totally immoral. To further define morality, it is an internalized set of beliefs on how one should act. But how is this set of internalized beliefs created?? How does it come to exist within you, as a unique individual? The answer is, your internalized set of moral beliefs has been imposed upon you by external sources. It may appear on a surface level, that you develop your own set of moral beliefs based upon your own life experiences, but this is not the case. From the very day of your birth, external entities initiate a brainwashing and indoctrination process against you, which is designed to convince you to accept and embrace ideologies and standards of behavior that you are told represent morality, even though in point of fact these ideologies and standards of behavior, promoted and practiced by your societies, are 100% genocidally evil, and possess not a shred of genuine morality within their design or their operational usage.

As Superiors, we must not only reject the right of any external source to instruct or define morality for us, but we must go even further, totally renouncing the notion that we, as individuals, have any type of an obligation to behave in any type of a moral manner, or to accept the legitimacy of any moral standard. We are free to choose to adopt a moral standard for ourselves, but we must never labor under the fascist delusion that we are under some type of an obligation to adopt or accept such a standard within our own True Realities. We are created victims of a totally immoral, genocidally evil society, and the only obligation that we have, is to be True to ourselves and to the factual reality of the sum total of our life experiences. We, as Superiors, must overcome the morality standards externally imposed upon us, we must overcome the invalid and hypocritical perceptions of morality and moral obligation which tend to develop within us internally, as a result of growing up and living within an utterly immoral society which pathologically claims to operate under legitimate moral standards, we must also reject and transcend the notion that we are under some type of an obligation to act in moral ways and reject the notion that morality has intrinsic value as an operational ideology which we must consider carefully as part of our own personally unique life path activities and choices. Only if we do all this, can we properly escape from the toxic web of entrapment which constitutes "morality", as it is currently defined and utilized by human societies and governments against their citizen-slaves. Overcoming and rejecting morality as a concept, is absolutely one of the most noble, self-affirming, and Truth-affirming tasks that we, as Superiors, can set for ourselves and achieve within our journey through life.

"The question will be raised why I should actually have related all these trivial and, judged according to ordinary standards, insignificant details. I would seem to be hurting my own cause, more particularly if I am destined to assume great tasks. I reply that these trivial details-diet, locality, climate, recreation, the whole casuistry of self-love-are inconceivably more important than everything men have hitherto considered essential. It is just here that we must begin to learn afresh. All the things men have valued with such earnestness heretofore are not even realities; they are mere fantasies, or, more strictly speaking, lies arising from the evil instincts of diseased and, in the deepest sense, harmful natures-all the concepts, "God," "soul," "virtue, "sin," "Beyond," "truth," "eternal life." And yet men sought in them for the greatness of human nature, its "divinity. All questions of politics, of the social order, of education, have been falsified from top to bottom, because the most harmful men have been taken for great men, and because people were taught to despise the "details," more properly, the fundamentals of life. If I now compare myself with those creatures who have hitherto been honored as the first among men, the difference becomes obvious. I do not consider these so-called "first" men as human beings-for me they are the excrement of mankind, the products of disease and the instinct of revenge: they are so many monsters, rotten, utterly incurable, avenging themselves on life. . . ."

I love the introspective nature of top-level Seers of Forbidden Truth. All genuine Superiors are egocentric, we love and value ourselves, we spend a great deal of time analyzing and contemplating ourselves, the reality of our own personal existence and destiny. We spend more time doing this, focusing upon ourselves, than we spend focusing upon the "grand" issues of society as a whole. This is as it should be, and it demonstrates our superiority. We know that we are the center, or rather the epicenter, of the universe. All of life revolves around us, all of life has meaning only as it relates to us, and only for as long as we, as individuals, remain alive. We can never be "guilty" of devoting too much time to ourselves, of focusing too much upon ourselves, never! Because this is the ultimate purpose of our lives, to know ourselves totally, to love ourselves unconditionally, to feel and experience our own perfection. And so I myself proudly stand in front of a mirror for 60-90 minutes straight on some days, caressing myself, kissing myself, celebrating my existence and my perfection. My point is, whenever I see a Seer reflecting upon himself in the first person, talking about and contemplating himself and his own life path, as Seer Friedrich does in the first part of the above quote, I recognize and rejoice in mindset of introspective self-love and self-focus, that all nof us top-level Superiors possess within our True Realities.

We must understand that those things which society seeks to conceal from us, to block from our attention and focus, it labels as "trivial" and "unimportant". So whenever we see society labelling anything as trivial or unimportant, we should immediately assume that the issue very likely is not only important, but also "dangerous" to society, insofar that it likely threatens to expose/reveal Truth, if probed and analyzed at length, from all possible angles. Just look at self-love versus romantic love. Society teaches all citizen-slaves, most especially children, that romantic love is very important and significant and worthy of a great deal of attention and focus, while self-love is trivial and unimportant and no "healthy, normal" person should spend much time consciously focusing upon or trying to achieve self-love within themselves. In Truth, romantic love does not even exist as a real thing, while self-love is the single greatest, most valuable, most precious emotional commodity that any child or adult human being can or ever will possess within themselves. You see folks, in almost all situations, the things which society instructs us to be trivial and unimportant, are supremely important, ultimately precious and valuable, while at the same time the things society instructs us to be very important and valuable and worthy of our obsessive focus and attention, are either non-existent, or toxically harmful, or totally meaningless/unimportant. This is an extremely useful Forbidden Truth for aspiring Superiors to realize and embrace, because it provides a very quick and accurate way to help us decide where our proper personal focus should be, and where our personal focus would be wasted and squandered.

Here is one of the very most brilliant and valuable revelations of Truth that I have found within all of Seer Friedrich’s Texts, and it is from the above quote: "All the things men have valued with such earnestness heretofore are not even realities; they are mere fantasies, or, more strictly speaking, lies arising from the evil instincts of diseased and, in the deepest sense, harmful natures-all the concepts, "God," "soul," "virtue, "sin," "Beyond," "truth," "eternal life." " Believe me folks, even though this quote is very similar, in fact ideologically identical to my own expressed philosophies, I did not "steal" this insight of Truth from Seer Friedrich. I both recognized and totally articulated it, years before I first read this quote. This just goes to show that many Forbidden Truths are just lying out there, waiting to be uncovered and embraced, and any genuine, top-level Superior can and will uncover them on his own, if he searches and tries hard enough, even if other top-level Seers have already uncovered them, without his knowledge. But the profound Truth expressed here must be repeated and emphasized: Not only are the beliefs, ideologies, and life paths that you diseased creatures are addicted to and enslaved within "wrong" and invalid, but the concepts which have inspired you to embrace these perverse paths do not even represent anything that exists, much less anything worthy of your devotion, embrace, support, acceptance. They are purely toxic lies maliciously and genocidally imposed upon you by your societies, not only in terms of the ideologies they promote, but much more fundamentally, in terms of their very existences. For example, your evil society uses god to terroristically impose behavioral and ideological doctrine upon you, by telling you that the god creature wants you to behave in certain ways and accept certain doctrines. The much more fundamental issue of god not existing, is simply dismissed, thus allowing the terroristic imposition to occur, something that could not occur unless you, as an individual, allowed the initial, fundamental derangement of a god creature existing, to be maliciously brainwashed into your mind. Society could not succeed in terroristically imposing an ideological agenda "from god" upon you, if only you had possessed the sanity to not allow yourself to be deluded into believing that a god creature exists. This is extremely important, from a philosophical perspective. To recognize the importance of defeating these toxic lies in their initial, fundamental stages, via courageous rejection, is vital. Because if you are able to achieve this feat, you block your evil society from it’s more sophisticated, later stage efforts to use the toxic lie against you in much more harmful ways. Same rule applies to "soul", if you are able to courageously reject the insane notion that you have an "eternal" soul which survives your death, you should be able to also reject more sophisticated, later-stage efforts by society to employ the afterlife myth against you, via the promise that your eternal soul will enjoy an afterlife after you physically die. Same rule applies to "virtue". If you reject the initial societal decree that there are universal standards of virtue and that you have a moral obligation to pursue a virtuous life path as defined by society, you are protected from evil efforts that your society will undertake to try and control, manipulate, and guide the definition of virtue, and thus control, manipulate, and terroristically guide your own life path activities. Same rule applies to "sin". If you properly reject and dismiss the bizarre notion that some acts and some ideologies/beliefs are "sinful", your evil society will not be able to use this factually and functionally non-existent label as a tool of terroristic behavior and belief coercion against you.

Seer Friedrich continues, with yet another awe-inspiringly powerful and Truthful decree: "All questions of politics, of the social order, of education, have been falsified from top to bottom, because the most harmful men have been taken for great men, and because people were taught to despise the "details," more properly, the fundamentals of life. If I now compare myself with those creatures who have hitherto been honored as the first among men, the difference becomes obvious. I do not consider these so-called "first" men as human beings-for me they are the excrement of mankind, the products of disease and the instinct of revenge: they are so many monsters, rotten, utterly incurable, avenging themselves on life." Absolutely correct! You must realize that when I talk about societal lies, I’m not talking about individual lies, isolated lies, or scattered lies, I’m not talking about finding a few lies within a fabric of Truth. What I am telling you is that everything, every single aspect of every single belief, ideological, behavior, that your society proclaims to represent Truth, in fact is an utter and complete falsehood, a toxic falsehood, from top to bottom, from beginning to end.The entire fabric of the belief, ideology, behavior, is woven and created as a complete, solid, total lie. There is very rarely any way to "pick out" the lies from the truths, from within any societally promoted belief, ideology, or behavior, because there are no truths there, to be found. There is nothing but a solid, total mass of toxic lies. Trying to pick out the lies from the truths is not only fruitless, but also a recipe for disaster. Why?? Because you will be working under the false assumption that some truths exist within the lie mass, and in trying to find them, you are almost certain to make the mistake of assuming that some of the lies are truths, rather than coming to the profoundly important realization that all you are dealing with is a complete, solid mass of lies, all of which must be discarded and rejected. Throughout all of human history, you creatures have consistently chosen the most evil and diseased specimens of humanity that you could find, to be your supreme governmental and societal leaders. Contrary to popular opinion, you creatures do choose all of your leaders, even the "dictators" who seize power by force. No human being could ever come to rule a country unless a significantly large percentage of the population living within that country, wanted to and agreed to have this person as their ruler. This is just as True for "invading dictatorships" as it is for electoral-based democracies. Your pathological and genetic inferiority and disease, has consistently been demonstrated by your insane and evil behavioral and ideological choices, as a species. Those of us who are True Superiors often marvel, with genuine disbelief, at the factual reality that we are of the same species as you creatures. As a child, I can recall often struggling very hard to accept the fact that I was human, based upon observing and recognizing the utter insanity and limitless inferiority of all of my fellow human creatures, both child and adult. Understand that genetic inferiority/disease is only one component of the limitlessly deep pit of quicksand where you humans dwell. Yes, the genetic disease is the "motor" which drives the endless cycle of derangement, and yet there is "teaching" involved, toxic teaching, handed down from each broken generation to the next. You are taught, as a child, to condemn, reject, renounce all Truth, to hide from all Truth, to flee from all Truth. Those who teach you are genetically diseased and broken, of course, and so the genetic cycle link must not be minimized or glossed over, and yet we must remember that despite all of the relentless brutalization and brainwashing, a handful of humans emerge triumphant, bathed in the glow of Truth.

Do we, as Superiors, have some type of a "genetic antidote" which helps us resist the onslaught of derangement and toxicity that is imposed upon us? I do not think so. What we do have is courage, insight, determination, ability to recognize Truth, and plain old respect for the importance/value of Truth. We are the only legitimate "first men". We most deserve to rule humanity, barring the arrival of a genuinely superior species of extraterrestrial life. The people that you creatures choose to lead you, politically, culturally, societally, are the lowest of the low, the humans least worthy of having any type of control or influence over the lives and life paths of any other human beings. And yet you choose them, because this is the only place you can comfortably dwell, on the lowest levels of toxic and diseased existence that you can find, and you instinctively know, within your broken and Truth-hating natures, that these leaders will not only allow you to dwell within the deepest depths of inferiority, but they will overtly encourage you, even compel you, to dwell there, they will legitimize at every turn, the most insane, hypocritical, perverse, invalid delusions, ideologies, beliefs, and life paths that the human species has managed to invent. They will convince you that you are good, happy, superior, blessed, moral, just, fair, truth-loving, child-loving, life-loving, even as the reality, the Truth is, you are evil, unhappy, inferior, cursed, immoral, unjust, unfair, truth-hating, child-hating, life-hating. Here is the purpose of your "honored leaders", who are in fact, as beautifully described by Seer Friedrich: "…the excrement of mankind, the products of disease and the instinct of revenge: they are so many monsters, rotten, utterly incurable, avenging themselves on life." Their purpose is to turn upside down every single Truth of life, to create a perception of reality for you creatures, which is 100% the opposite of Truth. To built a reality of utter and complete illusion, myth, and lie, so that when you creatures look at yourselves, when you creatures think about yourselves, not a single shred of genuinely accurate Truth is visible or can be recognized.

"The pure soul is a pure lie. . . So long as the priest, that professional denier, calumniator and poisoner of life, is accepted as a higher variety of man, there can be no answer to the question, What is truth? Truth has already been stood on its head when the obvious attorney of mere emptiness is mistaken for its representative."

Bless you, Seer Friedrich, for revealing to us the Truth! J All religious claim to have a right to use this word, "soul", within it’s texts or ideological teachings, must be condemned and recognized as a supremely evil usage of invalid language/definition as a brainwashing tool. Much more importantly, is the Forbidden Truth revealed here regarding priests and all "religious leaders", meaning proponents of the insane god myth who engage in overt attempts to either convince fellow humans to become god addicts, or cause them to remain god addicts, assuming they have already become addicted to the insane god myth. All such religious leaders, without exception, are committing atrocities against the human species. They are malevolent, mentally ill, con artists, at least one of the above three descriptions would accurately apply to every religious leader, in some cases 2 or 3 of the descriptions would be applicable. and toxic poisoners of Truth. They are also serial and mass killers of the human mind, of the human ability to recognize and accept Truth. Within any sane society, priests and all religious "preachers" would be recognized and identified as being one of the lowest forms of humanity alive, a life form worthy only of shunning, rejection, and ridicule, together with the insane doctrine that he is attempting to impose upon fellow humans. Seer Friedrich is brilliantly correct once again, in pointing out that it is utterly impossible for humans to even begin to accurately explore and seek the answer to a question such as "What is truth", when religious leaders, who are professional liars being directly employed and authorized by the government to poison the minds of all human beings on a daily, relentless basis with pure mythology which are being masqueraded as truth, are not only allowed to engage in this malicious conduct, but are encouraged to do so, and at the same time all citizen-slaves are overtly encouraged by the government to both embrace and subject their helpless and vulnerable child-slaves, to this toxic myth which contains not even the tiniest iota of Truth. This literally makes it impossible for all but a tiny handful of top-level Superiors, to even try to rationally figure out and uncover any of the major Truths of life. To allow a religious leader to represent insane falsehood as constituting Truth, and to overtly legitimize, encourage, reward, coerce, and compel both the representation and the mass public acceptance of this insane falsehood, as a matter of official governmental policy, such as occurs within most societies and certainly within all religiously fundamentalist societies such as america, constitutes one of the most genocidally evil examples of why all such governments have forfeited all legitimate moral right or claim to continue to exist.

"Upon this theological instinct I make war: I find the tracks of it everywhere. Whoever has theological blood in his veins is shifty and dishonourable in all things. The pathetic thing that grows out of this condition is called faith: in other words, closing one's eyes upon one's self once for all, to avoid suffering the sight of incurable falsehood. People erect a concept of morality, of virtue, of holiness upon this false view of all things; they ground good conscience upon faulty vision; they argue that no other sort of vision has value any more, once they have made theirs sacrosanct with the names of "God," "salvation" and "eternity." I unearth this theological instinct in all directions: it is the most widespread and the most subterranean form of falsehood to be found on earth."

I really love the deliciously direct manner in which Seer Friedrich systematically dissects and tears assunder the entire insane god myth, within his Texts. There can be no doubt that all theologians are liars, con artists, and possess no type of personal honor. Honor can only dwell within Truth, and Truth cannot dwell within a theologian, regardless of whether he is consciously perpetrating a con, or is sincerely mentally ill in terms of being genuinely addicted to the god myth himself. Seer Friedrich addresses the very specific issue of faith here, for the first time. He defines faith perfectly. Faith is a toxic intellectual condition, a toxic failure of the human mind, which prompts weak and diseased humans to accept comforting lies and myths as constituting Truth, while sacrifing and renouncing the sacred responsibility that they bear, as sentient, sane creatures for whom genuine Truth has value, to demand affirmative proof of the belief that they are told to accept "on faith". Let it be clearly understood: Any human creature who dares to instruct other human beings to accept any notion "on faith", is guilty of committing an atrocity upon his fellow human beings. And at the same time, any human being who chooses to accept or embrace any notion "on faith", is demonstrating one of the most inferior, self-betraying character traits that exists within the human experience. To accept anything "on faith" is akin to deliberately gouging out your own eyes, or to choosing to give yourself a brain lobotomy for no good reason. Faith itself is a primary weapon of genocide employed by societies and governments against their citizen-slaves. It is used by your evil societies to create false and invalid comfort, false and invalid morality, false and invalid life paths, all of which cause genocidal harm, and rob billions of human beings of their sacred personal right to live out their lives and to make life choices based upon sane, rational, understanding of the factual and truthful realities of life. Worst of all, it is upon the initial foundation of lies, that a god creature exists and deserves to receive the "faith" of humans, that the entire mountain of evil morality illusion, fascist behavioral control, and self-hating, self-destroying personal worthlessness, is built. This diseased theological weapon of faith is universal, it is a plague which is highly infectious, limitlessly alluring, impossible for most of you pathetic creatures to resist. Once you believe in god, and accept this toxic myth as constituting Truth, all of the other articles of "faith" are lined up for you and impossible to resist, because you already believe that god exists, he is an omnipotent creature, and he has demands of you, threatening a horrific fate if his demands are not met. Since you believe in god, but he refuses to reveal himself to you, refuses to talk to you and tell you what he wants directly, you are left with no other choice but to insanely accept the doctrine that your evil human leaders tell you comes from god, "on faith". And so you are lost, destroyed, broken. Game, set, and match goes to your evil society. The only thing more poisonously toxic than the god myth, are the evil ideological outgrowths and doctrines, none of which contain a single shred of Truth, which the god myth is employed by your evil human leaders to impose upon you, such as faith, heaven, salvation, paradise, eternity.

"Whatever a theologian regards as true must be false: there you have almost a criterion of truth. His profound instinct of self-preservation stands against truth ever coming into honour in any way, or even getting stated. Wherever the influence of theologians is felt there is a transvaluation of values, and the concepts "true" and "false" are forced to change places: what ever is most damaging to life is there called "true," and whatever exalts it, intensifies it, approves it, justifies it and makes it triumphant is there called "false."... When theologians, working through the "consciences" of princes (or of peoples--), stretch out their hands for power, there is never any doubt as to the fundamental issue: the will to make an end, the nihilistic will exerts that power..."

Here is one of the simplest and yet most profound methods for the aspiring seeker of Truth, to begin his journey. First, you understand that your society is utterly lie-based. Second, you identify specifically, all of the empowered societal institutions and empowered entities which are most totally lie-based, in both design and operation. Then you approach these institutions and entities from the perspective of assuming that there exists not a single shred, not even the tiniest iota, of legitimacy, value, decency, or Truth within the institutions and entities. You systematically and non-prejudicially analyze all aspects, all doctrine and teachings, but you do this while retaining and embracing an assumption that you will only find lies and falsehood and misrepresentation. This does not prevent you from finding Truth, if any genuine Truth exists to be found, within these institutions and entities, but it does prevent you from falling victim to the cunningly alluring lies and myths which have been carefully designed to appeal to the weaknesses of humanity, and implanted within the design & operational structures of these institutions and entities. So, as regards religion and religious proponents, we must fundamentally and at the very outset, assume and embrace the notion that every single thing, every idea and every teaching, that a religious leader offers, is a total and complete lie. Everything that religion teaches us to be true, is in fact false, totally and absolutely false. This is the base assumption and viewpoint that we, as Superiors or simply seekers of Truth trying to become Superiors, must embrace and operate under. This does not prevent us from analyzing religious doctrine in an unbiased manner, nor does it prevent us from eventually concluding that there might be some Truth to some specific religious doctrine, if in fact such Truth exists. All that this Superior assumption does, is allow us to explore and research the issue from a sane and rational and Truth-based perspective. All mainstream, societally promoted religions are guilty of committing genocide upon Truth itself. They are designed to destroy Truth, to eradicate Truth from within the conscious, subconscious, intellectual, and emotional minds of the human species, and they are directly employed to achieve this limitlessly malicious purpose, by the empowered human leaders of the human species. The entire ideological goal of religion is not merely to destroy Truth, but to misdefine Truth in an exactly opposite manner. Every Truth becomes a falsehood, every falsehood becomes a Truth, this is the core mandate of the institution of religion, as it is imposed upon humanity. An absolutely brilliant insight by Seer Friedrich: …what ever is most damaging to life is there called "true," and whatever exalts it, intensifies it, approves it, justifies it and makes it triumphant is there called "false."... You see now what religion is, not simply a destroyer of Truth, but a destroyer of life itself. Religion has, as it’s core operational mandate, the genocidal devaluation, crippling, destruction, and annihilation of human life, and religion will indeed play an integral role in the inevitable and looming extinction of the human species. As individuals, the only triumph of the human spirit that we can experience, as regards the issue of religion, is to reject and renounce this toxic, genocidal construct of the most diseased species of life on planet earth. Reject and renounce it not only for ourselves, on an individual level, but rather on a universal, species-wide level. We cannot adopt a "live and let live" attitude, in which we reject religion ourselves, but acknowledge the "right" of other human beings to embrace religion. Religion is a toxic plague upon humanity as a whole, and as Superiors we are obligated to condemn it on a universal basis, to expose it within the glorious light of Truth, and our focus must be upon the fact that not only is all religion genocidally harmful, but more primarily, all religion is a genocidally evil creation of human beings, and is very specifically employed by human leaders as a genocidal weapon of mass destruction.

"Under Christianity neither morality nor religion has any point of contact with actuality. It offers purely imaginary causes ("God" "soul," "ego," "spirit," "free will"--or even "unfree"), and purely imaginary effects ("sin" "salvation" "grace," "punishment," "forgiveness of sins"). Intercourse between imaginary beings ("God," "spirits," "souls"); an imaginary natural history (anthropocentric; a total denial of the concept of natural causes); an imaginary psychology (misunderstandings of self, misinterpretations of agreeable or disagreeable general feelings--for example, of the states of the nervus sympathicus with the help of the sign-language of religio-ethical balderdash--, "repentance," "pangs of conscience," "temptation by the devil," "the presence of God"); an imaginaryteleology (the "kingdom of God," "the last judgment," "eternal life").--This purely fictitious world, greatly to its disadvantage, is to be differentiated from the world of dreams; the later at least reflects reality, whereas the former falsifies it, cheapens it and denies it. Once the concept of "nature" had been opposed to the concept of "God," the word "natural" necessarily took on the meaning of "abominable"--the whole of that fictitious world has its sources in hatred of the natural (--the real!--), and is no more than evidence of a profound uneasiness in the presence of reality. . . . This explains everything. Who alone has any reason for living his way out of reality? The man who suffers under it. But to suffer from reality one must be a botched reality. . . . The preponderance of pains over pleasures is the cause of this fictitious morality and religion: but such a preponderance also supplies the formula for decadence..."

You see this Truth, right folks? Religion is imaginary. It is a construct, created out of thin air. Because there is literally nothing real or true within any aspect of the construct, there are no limitations on the degree or the direction of falsehood to which the imaginary construct is built. There is nothing to reign the falsehood in, nothing to limit it’s toxic meanderings. Once your evil leaders and their empowered agents create a mythological god fable, they can add on as many insane attachments to it as they wish, and as long as they can get the broken populace to accept the god fable itself, they have no trouble getting the populace to accept whatever toxic attachments, in the form of non-existent rewards such as heaven, non-existent threats such as hell, non-existent concepts such as eternal soul, holy forgiveness, spiritual rebirth, etc…, they quite accurately believe will enhance the terroristic and genocidally destructive impact of their toxic myth. The entities which are said within religious doctrine to exist: god, soul, heaven, hell, holyness, spirits, do not exist. Therefore, following up on this Truth, none of the "opportunities or dangers" which these entities are said to provide or threaten, such as punishment, salvation, eternal life, damnation, eternal suffering, eternal happiness, spiritual forgiveness, spiritual rebirth, can possibly exist, because the very concept of their decreed existence is rooted within the false notion that the concrete entities which underlie them, exist. So we have two separate levels of utterly toxic falsehood, with the latter being built upon the former. And yet even here, we have barely begun to scratch the surface, because there are numerous other layers of derangement that societal leaders slather on top of these two layers, to control, dictate, terroristically impose perverse behavioral and ideological mandates upon you citizen-slaves. For example, scientific fact is demonized, within the religious toxicity, as evidenced by the fact that the theory of creationism currently maintains more public acceptance than the theory of evolution. Scientific research is demonized and terroristically discouraged, "there is no need for scientists to uncover the secret of immortality, because we already enjoy eternal life in heaven." The genocide of all morally superior species of life is overtly encouraged by religion, "god created us, human beings, in his own image…" The deliberate harming of self and self-destruction of self is overtly encouraged by religion. Deranged ideological concepts, such as "it is bad to feel good" and "it is a good thing to feel bad", are used within the religious evil to encourage and legitimize mass suffering among the populace, to encourage the acceptance of genocidal victimization by human leaders.

There is literally no limit to the number or the type of derangements which can be and in fact are, built upon the insane god myth. And the reason why all of these derangements can be built with such ease, and win such universal acceptance among you broken creatures, is simply because the foundational concept itself, of a god creature existing, is utterly and completely false. When you have a foundation which contains absolutely no Truth within either a structural, ideological, or operational level, there are no barriers or limitations to the creation of genocidally toxic and insanely false outgrowths from the totally invalid foundation. An entire "world", totally separate from and having absolutely no relation to the real world, or to the world of Truth, has been created within the mythology of religion. But to you diseased creatures, this world is not mythological, in fact it is just as real, in most cases far more real to you, than the real world, the world of sanity and Truth, that you spend your entire lives desperately rejecting, renouncing, and fleeing from in terror. I really appreciate Seer Friedrich’s extremely insightful comment, of: "…This purely fictitious world, greatly to its disadvantage, is to be differentiated from the world of dreams; the later at least reflects reality, whereas the former falsifies it, cheapens it and denies it. Great point! Within a sane society, dreams would be "worshipped and believed in", to a far greater degree than any god fable. Dreams are in fact personal reflections of True Reality, the subconscious expression of internalized feeling and thought. Even if the dreams are inspired by false and invalid conscious delusions and brainwashings, they would still possess far more legitimacy than the completely false and artificial world of mythological religion.

Let us understand what "nature" is, physical and environmental nature, represents Truth. It is in fact, a form of Truth. The animal, plant, atmospheric realm contains no lies, no artificiality. Religion, being a completely artificial and lie-based construct, is a polar opposite of nature, and exists within an overtly confrontational relationship with nature. All lie-based ideologies fear and hate all natural Truth, because natural Truth, at least in theory, always poses a risk to expose and reveal the invalidity of lie-based ideology. Religion, as part of it’s operational and design structure, does indeed declare "war" upon nature, as well as war upon Truth. All of the natural Truths are rejected, ridiculed, in some cases terroristically condemned, by religious doctrine. The most toxic of religious doctrines even go so far as to decree that only human beings, not animals, go to heaven after they die, as part of a desperate effort to demonize nature and the intrinsic Truths which nature and natural life represent.

Boy, the above quote is just jam-packed with profoundly insightful Forbidden Truth. Seer Friedrich concludes: "Who alone has any reason for living his way out of reality? The man who suffers under it. But to suffer from reality one must be a botched reality. . . . The preponderance of pains over pleasures is the cause of this fictitious morality and religion: but such a preponderance also supplies the formula for decadence..." Absolutely correct. Let us understand clearly that the refusal and inability of you humans to embrace and to dwell within the concrete Truths of reality and of life, has it’s foundational roots not within genetic disease, but rather within the actual experience of your reality as being a painful, unbearable, horrific place. Your True and real lives are rendered unbearable for you, by the malicious power and control that your societal, cultural, and governmental leaders hold over you, in terms of having creating a culture of personal horror within which you are born, raised up, and compelled to live out your lives. The almost universal, and supremely pathological rejection of Truth and of reality which has characterized human existence, is a symptom and a manifestation of the limitless and universal suffering that human societies deliberately and on a genocidally mass scale, inflict upon their citizen-slaves. The fact that you creatures not only "suffer from reality", but in fact suffer so greatly that you find the embrace of reality and Truth to be genuinely and utterly unbearable, constitutes proof that none of your primarily empowered societal institutions, such as religion, government, judicial system, mainstream media, etc…, have any right to continue to exist and function as empowered entities which possess power and influence over the lives and perceptions of reality of human beings.

"The Christian concept of a god--the god as the patron of the sick, the god as a spinner of cobwebs, the god as a spirit--is one of the most corrupt concepts that has ever been set up in the world: it probably touches low-water mark in the ebbing evolution of the god-type. God degenerated into the contradiction of life. Instead of being its transfiguration and eternal Yea! In him war is declared on life, on nature, on the will to live! God becomes the formula for every slander upon the "here and now," and for every lie about the "beyond"! In him nothingness is deified, and the will to nothingness is made holy!"

Once again, Seer Friedrich expresses a profound Forbidden Truth with absolutely brilliant clarity and breathtakingly powerful vision. Let us begin by recognizing that "the god myth" in and of itself, at least in theory, could have been designed and built in many different ways, some of which might only have been marginally toxic and harmful. It was and continues to be the specific choice of human societal and governmental leaders, to construct god mythologies in such a way that maximum genocidal harm and perversity is inflicted upon all humans who become addicted to this myth, and the deranged ideological trappings/mandates that have been attached to and built up within the core structures, of this myth. Without a doubt, all "mainstream" religions that have been officially promoted by societal and governmental leaders, have been specifically constructed to inflict maximum harm upon their disciples. Ands also without a doubt, the christian religion, in it’s design and operational systems, was created for the purpose of, and successfully reaches new heights of maliciously genocidal corruption of the human mind, soul, and spirit. Let us understand that the god myth itself, was of course conceived and "invented" by human beings, for malicious purposes, for the primary purpose of terroristically enslaving and dictating the life paths of, fellow humans. Every single mainstream variation of the insane god myth, has this malevolent goal and purpose. The creators and designers of insane god myths have never hesitated in copying each other, borrowing each other’s brainwashing techniques and ideological excreta, even as they enhanced the toxicity of the god myth with their own unique little "commandment" additions. Within the specific religion of christianity, new depths of depravity in terms of "holy command", were reached. This religion, in it’s core ideological mandates, was designed to literally and actually "worship death and limitless suffering", in the purest sense of this term. The entire mythological story of the life of jesus christ, was created within the christian god myth for the specific purpose of attempting to get all disciples of this religion to agree to welcome, with open arms, a limitless and a lifelong amount of suffering, pain, torture, and death, within and throughout the entire course of their lives. Declares Seer Friedrich: "! In him (the christian god creature) war is declared on life, on nature, on the will to live!" Right on target, my dear Seer! J The greatest enemy that human life has ever faced, is the insane god myth. The insane god myth is not merely death-based, or death promoting, but it literally and actually constitutes a pure worship of death, torture, and suffering. Any human being who claims to believe in any mainstream god myth, he doesn’t even need to "worship" god, all he needs to do is believe in god, and if he does, either believe in or worship, what he is actually doing, from a Truth-based perspective, what he is guilty of doing, is worshipping and pledging his allegiance to his own personal, limitless suffering, torture, and death, as well as to universal suffering, pain, and death within the entire human species. Within the insane god myth, "In him (god) nothingness is deified, and the will to nothingness is made holy." You see, it is death itself, that the insane god myth is devoted to promoting. "Death is good, death is something to look forward to", death is the wonderful portal that is open to you to escape from the suffering and pain, deprivation and distress that god wants you to endure throughout your worthless and meaningless life. This is the core ideological doctrine of all mainstream god myths, and it is most acutely and comprehensively fleshed out within the christian version of the insane god myth.

"In order that love may be possible, God must become a person; in order that the lower instincts may take a hand in the matter God must be young. To satisfy the ardor of the woman a beautiful saint must appear on the scene, and to satisfy that of the men there must be a virgin. These things are necessary if Christianity is to assume lordship over a soil on which some aphrodisiacal or Adonis cult has already established a notion as to what a cult ought to be. To insist upon chastity greatly strengthens the vehemence and subjectivity of the religious instinct--it makes the cult warmer, more enthusiastic, more soulful.--Love is the state in which man sees things most decidedly as they are not. The force of illusion reaches its highest here, and so does the capacity for sweetening, for transfiguring. When a man is in love he endures more than at any other time; he submits to anything. The problem was to devise a religion which would allow one to love: by this means the worst that life has to offer is overcome--it is scarcely even noticed.--So much for the three Christian virtues: faith, hope and charity: I call them the three Christian ingenuities.--Buddhism is in too late a stage of development, too full of positivism, to be shrewd in any such way."

Wonderful dissection of how and why the mythological details of the christian version of the god myth, were written, disseminated, and interpreted by religious leaders, in the manner that they have been. A "human face" is given to this evil myth, by allowing the jesus christ human to have direct contact with god, and by declaring him to be the "son of god". A diseased link to Sacred Family Unit mythology is also created, by intermingling a notion of family, son and father, within the insane myth. The god creature is decreed to be ageless, because this is the one impossible hope that most obsesses humans on a subconscious level, a desperate desire to be immortal, to never age. The jesus christ figure is followed from youth, and dies young, so the religion focuses upon him exclusively as a young man, thus becoming much more alluring to the youthful populace that it is designed to infect and addict. Remember, once addicted to the insane god myth, it is extremely difficult for any human, save for a tiny percentage of top-level Superiors, to break free of this myth. Therefore the religion does not need to devote very much effort towards retaining the loyal and broken addiction of middle-aged or elderly humans who have already been addicted to this insane myth many years earlier, as children, adolescents, or young adults. The most desperate efforts, by far, must be and are focused upon capturing and ensnaring the tender and vulnerable minds of youth and young adult, within this genocidally toxic web of god addiction. We have some fascinating comments here by Seer Friedrich, on the link between mainstream religion and externalized love, and why religion is designed and marketed as an instrument of externalized love. Let us understand that outward expressions of love are inherently invalid and self-betrying, as well as Truth-betraying. Externalized love is an invalid expression of feeling, and as such, it inspires the worst types of irrational thought, invalid belief, self-destructive life choices, and self-victimizing ideological and behavioral attachment. As a result of societal malice, most humans are totally stripped of the ability to love themselves, while still retaining an instinctual need to "feel loved". As a result, they spend their lives desperately trying to obtain love from other creatures, things, and even non-existent entities, specifically because they have lost the ability to love themselves.

Within all mainstream god myths, and most especially and pervasively within the christian version of the insane god myth, a core ideological mantra which is repeated over and over, is: "god loves you". If you have ever watched the television series "Touched By An Angel", you will have noticed that at the end of nearly every episode, when "angel" Monica reveals herself to be an angel to the pathetically broken human she is trying to help, within her revelation "speech" to the broken human, she nearly always uses the line "god loves you". This is because the writers and producers of this show are astute enough to recognize that this is the "money line", akin to the "c*m shot" scene of an XXX porn movie. This is the line that all of the millions of television viewers of this program who are insane god myth addicts and have been totally stripped of the ability to love themselves, are desperately wanting to hear, and waiting for. The "god loves you" line touches their innermost emotions, allowing them to invalidly delude themselves, at least for awhile, into believing and feeling, within their True Reality, that they are loved, and able to experience love within themselves, despite not being able to directly love themselves. Instead, they cling to the manipulative delusion, imposed upon them by the very entity which stripped them of their ability to love themselves, that a nonexistent entity, god, will love them, as long as they literally throw away their entire life by agreeing to believe in and obey the evil, fascist, and terroristic life path doctrines that this nonexistent entity demands them to obey. And they do agree, so desperate are they to recapture a false illusion of the very real love that has been permanently and totally stripped from them. How incredibly pathetic!

Let us further understand that because external love is itself a "mythical", unreal construct of the traumatized human mind, it perfectly meshes with and enhances belief in the insane god myth, because the insane god myth is also a totally mythological, unreal, untrue, invalid, and specifically designed by it’s evil creators and promoters to provide an illusion of comfort to the traumatized minds of societally victimized human beings. When a human being feels externalized love, he is unable to think rationally or recognize the Truths of life. These exact same terrible failures of character befall every human being who feels and believes that a god creature exists. As a result, the tactical incorporation of external love mythology within the basic and core ideological structure of the insane god myth itself, serves to render the god myth that much more alluring, enticing, and virtually impossible for 99.9999999999% of all human beings to break free from, once addiction has been achieved.

"I cannot, at this place, avoid a sigh. There are days when I am visited by a feeling blacker than the blackest melancholy--contempt of man. Let me leave no doubt as to what I despise, whom I despise: it is the man of today, the man with whom I am unhappily contemporaneous. The man of today--I am suffocated by his foul breath! . . . Toward the past, like all who understand, I am full of tolerance, which is to say, generous self-control: with gloomy caution I pass through whole millenniums of this mad house of a world, call it "Christianity," "Christian faith" or the "Christian church," as you will--I take care not to hold mankind responsible for its lunacies. But my feeling changes and breaks out irresistibly the moment I enter modern times,our times. Our age knows better. . . What was formerly merely sickly now becomes indecent--it is indecent to be a Christian today. And here my disgust begins.--I look about me: not a word survives of what was once called "truth"; we can no longer bear to hear a priest pronounce the word. Even a man who makes the most modest pretensions to integrity must know that a theologian, a priest, a pope of today not only errs when he speaks, but actually lies--and that he no longer escapes blame for his lie through "innocence" or "ignorance." The priest knows, as every one knows, that there is no longer any "God," or any "sinner," or any "Saviour"--that "free will" and the "moral order of the world" are lies--: serious reflection, the profound self-conquest of the spirit,allow no man to pretend that he does not know it. . . All the ideas of the church are now recognized for what they are--as the worst counterfeits in existence, invented to debase nature and all natural values; the priest himself is seen as he actually is--as the most dangerous form of parasite, as the venomous spider of creation. . - - We know, our conscience now knows--just what the real value of all those sinister inventions of priest and church has been and what ends they have served, with their debasement of humanity to a state of self-pollution, the very sight of which excites loathing,--the concepts "the other world," "the last judgment," "the immortality of the soul," the "soul" itself: they are all merely so many in instruments of torture, systems of cruelty, whereby the priest becomes master and remains master. . .Every one knows this,but nevertheless things remain as before. What has become of the last trace of decent feeling, of self-respect, when our statesmen, otherwise an unconventional class of men and thoroughly anti-Christian in their acts, now call themselves Christians and go to the communion table? . . . A prince at the head of his armies, magnificent as the expression of the egoism and arrogance of his people--and yet acknowledging, without any shame, that he is a Christian! . . . Whom, then, does Christianity deny? what does it call "the world"? To be a soldier, to be a judge, to be a patriot; to defend one's self; to be careful of one's honour; to desire one's own advantage; to be proud . . . every act of everyday, every instinct, every valuation that shows itself in a deed, is now anti-Christian: what a monster of falsehood the modern man must be to call himself nevertheless, and without shame, a Christian!"

This is an extremely long quote, and I gave a lot of consideration to breaking it up into 3 or 4 separate quotes, but in the end I decided to leave it as a single quote, because I feel the overall impact of the profoundly insightful Truths which are expressed, come through most strongly and clearly without any interruption or breaking up of the text. Let me say first of all that I really appreciate the personal candor with which Seer Friedrich opens this quote, expressing his disgust with and contempt of his fellow members of the human species. I absolutely share these sentiments, and I firmly believe that all top-level Superiors and Seers cannot help but be overcome by overwhelming disgust towards humanity as a whole, as well as specific human beings of course, on a regular basis. Additionally, just as Seer Friedrich expresses, we do reserve our deepest levels of contempt for the fellow members of our own era, our own "generation". This is appropriate. Yes, we do need to look at the entire history of humanity within a context of constant, pervasive, enduring perversity and inferiority. We do need to realize that the inferiority of the human species is universal and historical. We must not delude ourselves into believing that there has ever been any type of a "golden era" of sanity or decency within any human society that has ever existed on planet earth, because the Truth is no society, no culture, no government of humans has ever operated upon such an elevated level. But, with all of this acknowledged, we, as Superiors, should still rightly focus our most vehement rage and disgust upon the currently empowered generation of societal, cultural, and governmental leaders, those who are so empowered during the current time period, the time period when we are alive. The past is gone, it has already existed. The humans who dwelled in the past no longer exist. And therefore they cannot and do not deserve to be the primary targets of our justified disgust and rage. The humans of today, the humans alive today, our human "peers", creatures who are of our species, but bear virtually nothing in common with us Superiors, it is they who must be recognized as absolute victims of society, and yet at the same time also absolutely worthy recipients of our contempt, disgust, and rage, as Superiors. The typically broken citizen-slave is not directly responsible for his inferiority or his perversity. And yet when the Superior looks at himself, analyzes his own life accomplishments, his own superiority in terms of rejecting and renouncing societal lies and brainwashings, transcending the experience of his own lifelong societal victimization, the disgust and rage that is inspired upon contemplation of the inability and failure of 99.999999999999% of all other human beings to achieve similarly superior success against their victimizing enemy, is absolutely legitimate and appropriate.

It is obscene that despite all of the technological advances that the human species has made, despite all of the claims to have achieved "civilization" and an evolution of modern, sophisticated sensibility, the species chooses to remain proudly and unrepentently addicted to utter toxicity and limitless lies, myths, and rationalizations. The incurable disease that is the human mind, is proven within each and every generation, by each and every inferior victim of society who lives out his life desperately clinging to his diseased delusions. Every single generation of humanity, destroys Truth just a tiny bit more than the previous generation has destroyed Truth. Many of you inferiors labor under the delusion that technological advances and/or scientific "discoveries", that the human species claims to be making as the generations pass, somehow serve to "create" Truth, or to reveal Truth. This is simply not the case, it is a false and incorrect conclusion that brainwashees such as yourselves, who have no conscious or rational inkling of the scope and magnitude of your lie-based derangements, pathetically seize upon and embrace.

Societally empowered proponents and preachers of the insane god myth, are the most malevolent liars within the social framework, and their lies are the most toxically damaging. Why? Because the god myth does not involve the promotion of a single lie, or even a group of lies, but instead it consists of the terroristic imposition of an entire foundational set of ideological/life path roots, which are totally lie-based. In other words, an entire ideological mandate of lies is terroristically imposed upon humanity, and this ideological mandate of lies is literally "alive", it has roots and once accepted, it actually continues to grow, strengthen, deepen over time. Plus, these lies are designed to be used as an infectious agent, meaning that as part of their ideological structure, addictees to these lies are coercively instructed that they have a literal obligation, a moral obligation, to go forth, seek out, and deliberately infect additional human beings with the same version of the insane god myth that they have been infected with. These are the reasons why a lie-based structure such as the god myth is far more genocidally toxic than most other types of lies which humanity embraces. Seer Friedrich declares: "The priest knows, as every one knows, that there is no longer any "God," or any "sinner," or any "Saviour"--that "free will" and the "moral order of the world" are lies--: serious reflection, the profound self-conquest of the spirit,allow no man to pretend that he does not know it…" Well, I think our brilliant Seer overestimates human beings, when he says that "everyone knows" this Truth. Tragically, there are quite a lot of humans, all inferiors of course, both empowered promoters of the insane god myth as well as "ordinary" citizen-slaves, who are so mentally deranged that they sincerely believe, on either a conscious or subconscious level, that there is a god, and that the god/bible story is not mythological, but rather factual. I think Seer Friedrich knew this to be the case, he just didn’t articulate himself as clearly as we would have liked, note his use of the phrase: "serious reflection, the profound self-conquest of the spirit, allow no man to pretend he does not know it", this indicates to me that our Seer did not mean to suggest that everyone knows this Truth. A nice little lesson here for all Seers and Superiors, on the importance of trying to be precise at all times, in expressing insights of Forbidden Truth to the world. None of us are "perfeKt", not even Myself or Seer Friedrich, in terms of always being able to perfectly express ourselves with 100% clarity and accuracy of meaning, and there is no shame of any kind in admitting to this Truth.

Let us go back to the profound issue at play here. Religion and the god myth, as perfectly expressed by Seer Friedrich, is the single most universally and pervasively toxic plague which afflicted humankind during the mid 19th century, when Seer Friedrich was revealing his Forbidden Truths, and it remains today, in the early 21st century, a toxic plague which has not only retaining it’s universal and remarkably pervasive strength, but has actually increased it’s toxicity levels. Religion is, as Seer Friedrich perfectly describes: "The worst counterfeit in existence, invented to debase nature and all natural values." But it has never been recognized as such, and it is not currently recognized as such, by more than a tiny handful of genuine Superiors. What Seer Friedrich expresses above is a hopeful ideal, not a factual reality, in terms of humanity realizing and recognizing and accepting the utterly perverse invalidity of religion and of all aspects of the insane god myth. "…The concepts "the other world," "the last judgment," "the immortality of the soul," the "soul" itself: they are all merely so many in instruments of torture, systems of cruelty…", exactly correct. They are lies which your malevolent societies employ as weapons of genocide and mass destruction, against you, against all children and against all citizen-slaves who live as brainwashed and broken members of the society.

"The old God, wholly "spirit," wholly the high-priest, wholly perfect, is promenading his garden: he is bored and trying to kill time. Against boredom even gods struggle in vain. What does he do? He creates man--man is entertaining. . . But then he notices that man is also bored. God's pity for the only form of distress that invades all paradises knows no bounds: so he forthwith creates other animals. God's first mistake: to man these other animals were not entertaining--he sought dominion over them; he did not want to be an "animal" himself.--So God created woman. In the act he brought boredom to an end--and also many other things! Woman was the second mistake of God.--"Woman, at bottom, is a serpent, Heva"--every priest knows that; "from woman comes every evil in the world"--every priest knows that, too. Ergo, she is also to blame for science. . . It was through woman that man learned to taste of the tree of knowledge.--What happened? The old God was seized by mortal terror. Man himself had been his greatest blunder; he had created a rival to himself; science makes men godlike--it is all up with priests and gods when man becomes scientific!--Moral: science is the forbidden per se; it alone is forbidden. Science is the first of sins, the germ of all sins, the original sin. This is all there is of morality.--"Thou shalt not know"--the rest follows from that.--God's mortal terror, however, did not hinder him from being shrewd. How is one to protect one's self against science? For a long while this was the capital problem. Answer: Out of paradise with man! Happiness, leisure, foster thought--and all thoughts are bad thoughts!--Man must not think.--And so the priest invents distress, death, the mortal dangers of childbirth, all sorts of misery, old age, decrepitude, above all, sickness--nothing but devices for making war on science! The troubles of man don't allow him to think. . . Nevertheless--how terrible!--, the edifice of knowledge begins to tower aloft, invading heaven, shadowing the gods--what is to be done?--The old God invents war; he separates the peoples; he makes men destroy one another (--the priests have always had need of war....). War--among other things, a great disturber of science !--Incredible! Knowledge, deliverance from the priests, prospers in spite of war.--So the old God comes to his final resolution: "Man has become scientific--there is no help for it: he must be drowned!" At the opening of the Bible there is the whole psychology of the priest.--The priest knows of only one great danger: that is science--the sound comprehension of cause and effect. But science flourishes, on the whole, only under favourable conditions--a man must have time, he must have an overflowing intellect, in order to "know." . . ."Therefore, man must be made unhappy,"--this has been, in all ages, the logic of the priest.--It is easy to see just what, by this logic, was the first thing to come into the world :--"sin." . . . The concept of guilt and punishment, the whole "moral order of the world," was set up against science--against the deliverance of man from priests. . . . Man must not look outward; he must look inward. He must not look at things shrewdly and cautiously, to learn about them; he must not look at all; he must suffer . . . And he must suffer so much that he is always in need of the priest.--Away with physicians! What is needed is a Saviour.--The concept of guilt and punishment, including the doctrines of "grace," of "salvation," of "forgiveness"--lies through and through, and absolutely without psychological reality--were devised to destroy man's sense of causality: they are an attack upon the concept of cause and effect !--And not an attack with the fist, with the knife, with honesty in hate and love! On the contrary, one inspired by the most cowardly, the most crafty, the most ignoble of instincts! An attack of priests! An attack of parasites! The vampirism of pale, subterranean leeches! . . . When the natural consequences of an act are no longer "natural," but are regarded as produced by the ghostly creations of superstition--by "God," by "spirits," by "souls"--and reckoned as merely "moral" consequences, as rewards, as punishments, as hints, as lessons, then the whole ground-work of knowledge is destroyed--then the greatest of crimes against humanity has been perpetrated.--I repeat that sin, man's self-desecration par excellence, was invented in order to make science, culture, and every elevation and ennobling of man impossible; the priest rules through the invention of sin."

Brilliant "stream of consciousness" rant of Forbidden Truth here, and once again I am leaving the long quote intact, not splitting it up into smaller portions, because the gloriously powerful impact of the Truths revealed, is best maintained if the quote is read and embraced all at once, in a single, uninterrupted reading. Of course Seer Friedrich is not being "serious" in describing how god created life, he is instead mocking the deranged decrees of biblical and creationist mythology. But consider the marvelous Truths revealed, which expose the perverse contradictions of this insane myth. For example, mankind is guilty of committing genocide upon literally every other species of sentient life to have existed upon the surface of planet earth since the Stone Age. Why would any god creature choose to create hundreds of different, varied forms of life, and then to allow a single one of these life forms, to commit genocide upon every other existing species of life? Now, consider the "Adam and Eve" apple eating myth. When Eve ate that apple, something she was not supposed to do according to insane biblical myth, she was discovering scientific knowledge, realizing on her own that this item was good to eat, tasty and nutritious, and she was demonstrating self-love, in choosing to satisfy her hunger and desire to enjoy a tasty and nutritious food. The entire operational goal of religion is to demonize and destroy the human thirst for factually True, scientific knowledge, and to terroristically discourage and destroy the ability/inclination of human beings to properly love themselves. The Adam & Eve apple eating myth was very specifically incorporated within the "holy" texts for the malicious purpose of helping religion to achieve these two genocidally evil goals. The text has the woman, Eve, committing the "sin", because the text was written by a man, and at the time women were officially decreed to be so totally subhuman that the author would never have considered making the man the villian, because the biblical text was written at that time to brainwash and appease men, not women. The men were then instructed to terroristically impose the god myth upon all of their female sexual mates, wives, relatives, and children, and to use the biblical texts to justify committing physical atrocities such as torture, upon all of the women that they had access and control over. So naturally it was Eve who "sinned", within this biblical myth, this way additional justification was provided to men, to hate women, blame women, use women as their Poison Containers, take out their rage and hate upon women.

Now, the issue of science: Seer Friedrich very stridently expresses the depth of terror that science instills within all societal and governmental leaders. We must understand that verbal claims and surface appearances notwithstanding, this mortal terror of science is just as profound today as it has ever been in the past. Your evil leaders, especially over the past 100 years, like to tell you that they believe science is a good thing, that they are sincerely trying to develop scientic capability, and to make scientific discoveries. This is an absolute lie! Genuine science, in it’s pure form, is Truth-based. It has a design and operational purpose of uncovering factual Truth. No human societal, cultural, or governmental leadership has such a goal, desires such an achievement, or wants scientific discoveries which reveal genuine Truth to occur. This is because such discoveries threaten to expose the lie-based foundational and operational structure of the society, and in some cases could even threaten to destabilize the entire society to the point of governmental collapse/overthrow. Religion was created and continues to be employed, as a direct weapon against science, just as it is a direct weapon designed to destroy all Truth. Science represents Truth, at least in it’s purely untainted form. Therefore, religion and science are not only 100% incompatible with each other, but they are polar opposites of each other, and it is the operational mission of religion to destroy all respect for and public demand for, the uncovering and the revelation of scientific Truth. The fact that a god creature cannot and does not exist, is itself a pure scientific Truth, and the rejection of this scientific Truth by societal leaders and their agents is merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of how thousands upon thousands of other scientific Truths are terroristically denied and rejected as part of the ideology of the insane god myth. All of the scientific research that does currently occur within human society, is horrifically tainted by the smothering influence of religion, and this influence is directly controlled and imposed by the governmental leadership and their empowered propaganda agents. For example, it is theoretically possible that governmental leaders would allow a scientific "cure" for cancer to be revealed to the populace, if such a scientific cure was discovered, although it is more likely that such a scientific discovery would be hidden from the public, due to the economic advantages that exist in allowing people to continue to die of cancer. But it is not possible that governmental leaders would even authorize scientific study into the achievement of human immortality, much less allow a scientific discovery of human immortality to become known to the public, because such a discovery would directly and oppositionally defy one of the primary ideological decrees of the insane god myth. Science is therefore, in cloaked fashion, decreed by human societal leaders to be the greatest sin, the most unacceptable ideology to wholeheartedly embrace, specifically because science represents Truth.

All aspects of human behavior are set up to defy, reject, renounce, contradict scientific Truth. Look at the issue of "punishment". You diseased creatures declare: "Someone does something bad which hurts or kills someone else. As a result and consequence, we, as a society, gain an entitlement to do something bad to this person, to harm this person, to try to hurt this person, because he did something bad to another person." This is scientifically insane! How can you, as a society, gain the right to do something that you have already declared to be bad and unacceptable, to a human being, just because that human being did something that you label as bad and unacceptable?? It’s a derangement of thought, it makes no sense, no Truth-based sense, no scientific sense! All of human existence and doctrine, is built upon lie-based derangements such as this, and scientific Truth represents the polar opposite of these derangements. What is the actual, real, Truth-based " supreme commandment of religion??? It’s not "thou shalt not kill" or "thou shalt not steal" or any of the other terroristically hypocritical official commandments. No! The supreme commandment of all religion is: Thou Shalt Not Know!! Thou shalt never know, thou must never know, any of the primary Truths of life and of existence. This is the supreme mandate of all organized religion. The primary operational goal of religion is to destroy all knowledge, all truth, all rationality, and even more fundamentally, all human capability, on an individual as well as a mass scale, to recognize, identify, accept, any type of genuine, Truth-based knowledge. Now we move to the next great obliterator of Truth: War. War is a creation of human governments and leaders. Leaders of societies and governments choose to engage in the war ritual for several different genocidally evil reasons, but one of the primary reasons is that war destroys scientific progress and discovery. Your scientists are allowed and instructed to create new ways to kill living things, instead of a way to conquer and destroy death, to discover the keys to immortality. And you creatures not only allow this perversion to occur, but you cheer it, you celebrate it, so broken, so self-hating, so addicted to the illusion of the glory of your own deaths, you are, thanks to your insane god myth disease. The war ritual was invented by evil and diseased human societal and governmental leaders, because it provides a misdirection of the pervasive homicidal rage of the victimized and tortured citizenry, away from the True and actual causes and responsible parties, which would be the very same society that the citizens were born into and live within, and towards other, fireign societies, which have not had any type of major or primary role in casing the victimization and torture. Each set of citizen-slaves is thus pathetically convinced to direct it’s justified rage and hate upon an invalid target, the "foreign, demonized society, instead of their own, directly guilty and responsible society and government. Why have your evil leaders created numerous different religions, and terroristically imposed them upon different segments of the population? Why not create just a single version of the insane god myth, and impose it upon all citizen-slaves universally?? Very simply, within consensus belief, regardless of how perverse the belief may be, there is strength and unity. Your enemy destroys you by dividing you, using the ancient but brilliantly effective "divide and conquer" tactic of genocidal victimization. Within the war ritual, tortured victims of society are enticed and brainwashed into agreeing to try and destroy each other, as opposed to trying to destroy their real enemy, the society and government guilty of their torturous, lifelong victimization and soul destruction, as well as the limitlessly toxic operational institutions, such as religion, that the society and government has directly used as terroristic weapons, to commit it’s atrocities upon you.

Many of you continue to labor under the illusion that science exists, and that scientific research/discovery is thriving. In fact, 20th century societal leaders, within many societies, have consistently proclaimed verbally that science is a noble, great, desirable achievement that is encouraged, funded, and praised. The problem is, once again, you creatures possess no inkling of how to interpret and recognize Truth. The definition of science that your evil societies provide to you, is a false and invalid one. The fact that genuine science, properly defined and implemented, must always involve a pure and limitless search to uncover and reveal all of the Truths, the actual and genuine Truths of life, is not declared to be a part of the operational definition of science. Instead, science is actually used to both gloss over and to overtly cover up and suppress all of the primary Truths of life. In addition, consider the issues of time, knowledge, and contentment. Uncovering Truth takes time, a human being must spend thousands of hours carefully contemplating life from a philosophical perspective, in order to even begin to have a chance to uncover any of the primary Truths of life. The lives of all human beings, via the employment, familial, and entertainment rituals, have been carefully structured by your evil leaders in such a way that virtually no human being can find more than a few minutes of time per day, at most, to devote to such precious contemplation, thus making the actual discovery and embrace of Truth, on an individual level, nearly impossible for almost all human beings. What about knowledge? The wholeheated embrace of factual knowledge, absolutely does serve to at least provide an opportunity for human beings to recognize actual Truth, and this is why the wholehearted embrace of factually accurate knowledge is always discouraged and condemned by your evil societal leaders. This is demonstrated via such derangements as the societal decree that "nobody has been able to prove that god does not exist, and therefore you must not wholehearedly embrace the Truth that no god creature exists, even if you do refuse to actually believe in or worship the god creature directly." And finally, the issue of contentment looms before us. Understand that it is the primary goal of all societies and governments to keep their citizen-slaves appeased, controlled, apprehensive, and hopeful, but never content. Public contentment is the danger to society, because it reduces the ability of society and government to deploy it’s terroristic weapons and agendas of mass victimization/destruction against it’s citizen-slaves. And so whenever the populace begins to achieve even the tiniest degree of actual contentment, societal leaders quickly formulate and deploy, using their media agents, the illusion of some type of an external crisis or danger, so that the budding baby roots of contentment are destroyed within the populace, and a new wave of irrational, invalid, artificially induced terror and rage is able to sweep across the populace.

Listen to this profound message of Forbidden Truth: "The concept of guilt and punishment, the whole "moral order of the world," was set up against science--against the deliverance of man from priests. . . . Man must not look outward; he must look inward. He must not look at things shrewdly and cautiously, to learn about them; he must not look at all; he must suffer…" This is the core operational doctrine under which you creatures waste your pathetic lives. You punish and destroy yourselves and your fellow victim-creations, in diseased reflection of your own insane perceptions of what constitutes decency and morality, percerptions terroristically imposed upon you by the single entity within the universe which contains no a single shred of genuine decency or morality within it’s design or operational structure: Human society and human government. The Superior is his own god! The Superior provides the ultimate in salvation, always, to himself. The Superior dwells within limitless grace, because he can and does provide himself with limitless, unconditional love. The Superior considers the notion that he might need the forgiveness of any other creature, or even the forgiveness of himself, with incredulity and disbelief, in recognition of the True fact that as a Superior, and simply as an accurate reflector of True Reality, it is simply not possible for him to do anything "wrong". The Superior recognizes that the entire concept of "wrongness", in terms of individual conduct or ideological life path activity, has no basis in Truth or in rational thinking. All promoters of religion and the insane god myth are bloodsuckers, lifesuckers, Truthsuckers, just as Seer Friedrich declares. They are parasites, vampires, leeches, their mission is to literally drain every last vestige of sanity, soul, self-love, ability to recognize and accept any Truth, out of the very mind, body, and soul of as many human beings as they possibly can. This is their job, this is what they are employed and deployed by their societal and governmental employers and facilitators, to do. This is the ultimate crime, the only type of human activity that deserves to carry the definitional label of "crime". Within any sane society, it would be recognized and accepted that the word "crime", in terms of describing actions, can never be properly applicable to an individual. It can and should only be applied to societal and governmental acts of atrocity, such as the imposition of the insane god myth upon a populace. By terroristically deluding you creatures into believing that you are capable of doing "wrong" things, of committing sins, of needing to atone and be forgiven by other life forms, including omnipotent and nonexistent life forms, you are destroyed. The enemy which is guilty of your creation through victimization, literally and functionally succeeds in taking your victimization to another level, the level of utter and conscious destruction of Self and of Truth, where you become not merely the victim, but an active and willing collaborator in your own destruction.

"In this place I can't permit myself to omit a psychology of "belief," of the "believer," for the special benefit of 'believers." If there remain any today who do not yet know how indecent it is to be "believing"--or how much a sign of decadence, of a broken will to live--then they will know it well enough tomorrow. My voice reaches even the deaf.--It appears, unless I have been incorrectly informed, that there prevails among Christians a sort of criterion of truth that is called "proof by power." Faith makes blessed: therefore it is true."--It might be objected right here that blessedness is not demonstrated, it is merely promised: it hangs upon "faith" as a condition--one shall be blessed because one believes. . . . But what of the thing that the priest promises to the believer, the wholly transcendental "beyond"--how is that to be demonstrated?--The "proof by power," thus assumed, is actually no more at bottom than a belief that the effects which faith promises will not fail to appear. In a formula: "I believe that faith makes for blessedness--therefore, it is true." . . But this is as far as we may go. This "therefore" would be absurdum itself as a criterion of truth.--But let us admit, for the sake of politeness, that blessedness by faith may be demonstrated (--not merely hoped for, and not merely promised by the suspicious lips of a priest): even so, could blessedness--in a technical term, pleasure--ever be a proof of truth? So little is this true that it is almost a proof against truth when sensations of pleasure influence the answer to the question "What is true?" or, at all events, it is enough to make that "truth" highly suspicious. The proof by "pleasure" is a proof of "pleasure--nothing more; why in the world should it be assumed that true judgments give more pleasure than false ones, and that, in conformity to some pre-established harmony, they necessarily bring agreeable feelings in their train?--The experience of all disciplined and profound minds teaches the contrary. Man has had to fight for every atom of the truth, and has had to pay for it almost everything that the heart, that human love, that human trust cling to. Greatness of soul is needed for this business: the service of truth is the hardest of all services.--What, then, is the meaning of integrity in things intellectual? It means that a man must be severe with his own heart, that he must scorn "beautiful feelings," and that he makes every Yea and Nay a matter of conscience!--Faith makes blessed: therefore, it lies."

What is "belief"? Belief is an ideological concept based upon the embrace of falsehood. Whenever any human being "believes" in something, or believes something to be True, he is embracing a falsehood. Not merely the possibility of a falsehood, but an actual falsehood. This is because regardless of whether or not the specific belief turns out to be factually Truthful, the belief itself constitutes an embrace of falsehood, in other words: There is no logical or sane reason for any human being to believe in anything, unless and until the belief can be and is transformed into a factually accurate piece of Truthful knowledge, via a process of personal analysis and realization that is free from the toxic taint of societal doctrine and ideology. Any human being who professes to "believe in god", proves, simply by this personal claim, that he is profoundly mentally ill, a victim of societal terror attack, totally unable to think rationally, and totally unable to recognize, much less embrace, any type of rational thinking ability or any type of Truth. Faith and belief are the two ideological mindsets which serve to cause the most harm to the human species, because these two ideological mindsets most readily and most effectively destroy the capacity of the human mind to sort out Truth from lies, and to dismiss/reject the false, lie-based, genocidally harmful core doctrines of your societies and governments. Within a sane social structure, you creatures would be instructed to believe in only two things: 1: Yourself. 2: Scientific and concrete facts that can be and have been proven beyond all reasonable doubt. As to faith, you creatures would be taught that the only valid form of faith, is faith in yourself. All other forms of faith, and all other types of definitions of faith, would be overtly declared to constitute inferior, self-victimizing, betrayals of Self. Faith and belief "make stupid", they literally create and bloom pure stupidity. They offer absolutely nothing that is of genuine worth or value, all they do is provide false comfort to inferiors, comfort which in fact causes genocidal harm. Belief and faith are marketed to you creatures as having intrinsic value, in other words, you are told that you will be rewarded and will gain positive benefits, if you agree to wallow in the toxic pit of belief and faith. This enticement is given to you specifically because there exists no rationally valid reason for any human being to embrace either belief or faith. Therefore an artificial, invalid, lie-based enticement/lure must be created for you, via a myth that you will be greatly rewarded for choosing to embrace belief and faith within the ideological framework of your day to day lives.

One of the primary messages of Forbidden Truth that we should take from Seer Friedrich’s above quote, is this: emotion poisons the ability of human beings to recognize Truth. This is especially true for emotions which "feel good" in an abstract manner, such as comfort and happiness, as well as emotions which induce dread, such as terror and fear. Factual Truth is best realized within an emotional vacuum, in which love of self and ideological idealization of the concept of Truth, are manifested. In fact, whenever you find something to be "comforting", to make you feel better, most especially if it is externally induced/promoted by society, you should automatically assume that it represents both falsehood and a direct threat to your safety, well-being, future, and very life. This is the initial assumotion you should make, prior to carefully analyzing the "comforting" entity or concept, from a totally unemotional and rationally Truth-based manner. It is not the purpose of Truth to provide pleasure or comfort. Truth is a concrete reality. It is up to every individual human being, depending upon their level of sanity and superiority, to find the strength to embrace Truth, and then to draw pleasure and comfort from this Truthful embrace. From an ideological perspective, it may certainly be accurate to conclude that more false comfort and pleasure can be achieved via rejecting Truth, than can genuine and valid comfort and pleasure be achieved via the embrace of Truth. But this applies only to broken and destroyed inferiors. Truth is not easy, and nowhere within this Manifesto have I suggested that it is easy for any human being to recognize and embrace all of the Truths of life, nor have I suggested that actually accomplishing such an embrace would provide comfort or pleasure to human beings. It will provide comfort and pleasure to some human beings, those who are genuine Superiors. But certainly not to all humans, many of whom would find it impossible to take the initial step of embracing Truth, thus not even being able to try to move to the next step, of attaining and extracting comfort and pleasure from Truth. I love Seer Friedrich’s use of the term "beautiful feelings" towards the end of the above quote. He instructs us: "…a man must be severe with his own heart, that he must scorn "beautiful feelings," and that he makes every Yea and Nay a matter of conscience!" Absolutely correct! Just as physical beauty is a totally artificial and invalid construct of evil societies, so too are the vast majority of "beautiful feelings", artificial and invalid constructs, most especially those which are externally induced. All feelings of comfort, pleasure, "eternal" contentment and peace, are invalid and toxic, unless they are both Truth-based and internally, rather than externally, formulated/inspired. When I say "internal", I do not mean internal belief, but rather the exact opposite: unemotional, internal realization of factual Truth., analyzed, embraced, and used to inspire positive/comforting feeling/emotion. This is what We, as top=level Superiors, can and should strive to achieve within our own lives and True Realities. We must recognize all false comfort and artificially induced happiness/pleasure as being invalid, then we must reject and renounce these invalid emotions, and then we must seek to create Truth-based emotional comfort and pleasure for ourselves, devoid of all artificiality, falsehood, and toxicity, from within the Forbidden Truths that we have already recognized and embraced wholeheartedly on all intellectual and ideological levels.

"One step further in the psychology of conviction, of "faith." It is now a good while since I first proposed for consideration the question whether convictions are not even more dangerous enemies to truth than lies. This time I desire to put the question definitely: is there any actual difference between a lie and a conviction?--All the world believes that there is; but what is not believed by all the world!--Every conviction has its history, its primitive forms, its stage of tentativeness and error: it becomes a conviction only after having been, for a long time, not one, and then, for an even longer time, hardly one. What if falsehood be also one of these embryonic forms of conviction?--Sometimes all that is needed is a change in persons: what was a lie in the father becomes a conviction in the son.--I call it lying to refuse to see what one sees, or to refuse to see it as it is: whether the lie be uttered before witnesses or not before witnesses is of no consequence. The most common sort of lie is that by which a man deceives himself: the deception of others is a relatively rare offence.--Now, this will not to see what one sees, this will not to see it as it is, is almost the first requisite for all who belong to a party of whatever sort: the party man becomes inevitably a liar. For example, the German historians are convinced that Rome was synonymous with despotism and that the Germanic peoples brought the spirit of liberty into the world: what is the difference between this conviction and a lie? Is it to be wondered at that all partisans, including the German historians, instinctively roll the fine phrases of morality upon their tongues--that morality almost owes its very survival to the fact that the party man of every sort has need of it every moment?--"This is our conviction: we publish it to the whole world; we live and die for it--let us respect all who have convictions!"--I have actually heard such sentiments from the mouths of anti-Semites. On the contrary, gentlemen! An anti-Semite surely does not become more respectable because he lies on principle. . . The priests, who have more finesse in such matters, and who well understand the objection that lies against the notion of a conviction, which is to say, of a falsehood that becomes a matter of principle because it serves a purpose, have borrowed from the Jews the shrewd device of sneaking in the concepts, "God," "the will of God" and "the revelation of God" at this place. Kant, too, with his categorical imperative, was on the same road: this was his practical reason. There are questions regarding the truth or untruth of which it is not for man to decide; all the capital questions, all the capital problems of valuation, are beyond human reason. . . . To know the limits of reason--that alone is genuine. philosophy. Why did God make a revelation to man? Would God have done anything superfluous? Man could not find out for himself what was good and what was evil, so God taught him His will. Moral: the priest does not lie--the question, "true" or "untrue," has nothing to do with such things as the priest discusses; it is impossible to lie about these things. In order to lie here it would be necessary to know what is true. But this is more than man can know; therefore, the priest is simply the mouth-piece of God.--Such a priestly syllogism is by no means merely Jewish and Christian; the right to lie and the shrewd dodge of "revelation" belong to the general priestly type--to the priest of the decadence as well as to the priest of pagan times (--Pagans are all those who say yes to life, and to whom "God" is a word signifying acquiescence in all things) --The "law," the "will of God," the "holy book," and "inspiration"--all these things are merely words for the conditions under which the priest comes to power and with which he maintains his power,--these concepts are to be found at the bottom of all priestly organizations, and of all priestly or priestly-philosophical schemes of governments. The "holy lie"--common alike to Confucius, to the Code of Manu, to Mohammed and to the Christian church--is not even wanting in Plato. "Truth is here": this means, no matter where it is heard, the priest lies. . . ."

What is the difference between a "lie" and a "belief, or as Seer Friedrich phrases it, a "conviction"? The answer is, there is no definitionally valuable distinction, in terms of individually invalid embrace of falsehood. If someone thinks that a lie is a Truth, he is betraying and victimizing himself to the greatest possible degree. If someone instead embraces a belief or a conviction as constituting a Truth, even though it in fact is actually an invalid lie, he is victimizing and betraying himself just as severely. The personal harm he suffers, is equally severe. The only distinction you can legitimately make, is that in some cases, depending upon the degree of openmindedness and rational desire to uncover Truth that the individual may still possess within his True Reality, it might be theoretically easier for a person to break free from the toxic stranglehold of a belief/conviction that the individual holds, as opposed to breaking free from a lie that the individual firmly and concretely declares to be a Truth. But this distinction is very tenuous, at best. And in many cases, the belief/conviction can exert an even greater and more unbreakably mesmerizing lure, because it is tied in with mystical illusion which can and does carry limitlessly terroristic threats, such as an "eternity of torture in hell", if any human dares to properly reject and renounce it. In this manner, it is absolutely the case that as a direct enemy to Truth, conviction and belief can and is, in many cases, even more difficult for individual humans to break free from, than a "simple" lie which does not directly contain conviction/belief within it’s design or implementation structure. But the most important point here is exactly as articulated by Seer Friedrich: There is absolutely no definitionally valid difference between a lie and a conviction, assuming of course that the conviction is false and invalid. If your evil society can get you to embrace a conviction/belief that is invalid, as being valid, it achieves the exact same malevolent goal, to the exact same degree of maliciousness, as is the case if it succeeds in getting you to embrace a lie, as being a truth. Let us also recognize that the issue of interpretation is at play here. Every human being interprets reality, assumes convictions/beliefs, based upon a combination of deliberately and overtly malicious societal/governmental terrorization/brainwashing, less deliberately and overtly malicious social conditioning and role model emulation, and his own personally unique interest in and appreciation for genuine Truth, to the degree that it remains genetically viable. It is the combination of all three of these personally unique interpretations of reality, which determine to what extent an individual human will embrace beliefs, convictions, and lies, and believe them to represent valid Truth. Other variable factors, such as personal courage and level of intelligence, will also play a significant role, of course. It is not uncommon for a child, as he matures, to reject a Truth taught to him by his Superior parent(s), in favor of a toxic and invalid societally promoted lie. You find this occurs quite often in the case of atheist parents, as many children of such Superior parents do in fact become insane god myth addicts when they reach late adolescence and adulthood. The fault for these tragedies lies squarely at the feet of society, for choosing to act and serve as an enticing lure, directly defying and renouncing the Superior path of Truth that the atheist parent(s) are attempting to reveal to the child. Lies and lying can take many different shapes and forms, all of which are toxic. But there is value in analyzing and understanding that there are other ways to lie, and other ways to be victimized by lies, beyond simply the "telling of and accerptance of falsehood as representing Truth." Listen to Seer Friedrich: "I call it lying to refuse to see what one sees, or to refuse to see it as it is…" Absolutely correct! This is self-lying, often refered to as "self-delusion", but I really feel that "self-lying" is a much more accurately valid term to describe this universally pervasive toxic phenomenon. Most Truths are fundamentally obvious and clear, to any sane and rational human being who has not been toxically and terroristically stripped of the ability to recognize and accept any and all Truth, by the institutions, agents, and doctrines of his evil society/government. In other words, the actual, genuine Truth is usually quite visible. It can be seen, it is not invisible or impossible to see. But it is impossible for the vast majority of you pathetic humans to either recognize or embrace the visible Truth that dangles in front of you, as constituting Truth. This is a profound distinction, vital for all philosophical Superiors to understand and analyze: Truth is "visible", but as long as it cannot be recognized as constituting Truth, as long as it cannot be embraced or accepted as Truth, it’s factual "visibility" is in fact functionally useless. Society succeeds in getting you creatures to refuse to believe or accept the Truths that you see, the Truths that are visible to you. Instead, invisible lies and falsehoods are terroristically imposed upon you, lies and falsehoods which directly renounce and destroy to you, the clearly visible Truths. The same genocidally harmful goal is accomplished by getting you to interpret the visual Truth that you see, in a lie-based manner.

A perfect example of this would be child abuse. Despite fascist governmental control of the media, the "visible" Truth that parents inflict torturous abuse upon their own children to an epidemic degree, is a visible Truth to a fair number of humans, even those who are not Superior, and even those who lack interest in uncovering the Truths of life. But the fact that this Truth is visible, and is even "seen" by a fair number of humans, does not mean that any significant number of humans possess the ability to properly interpret or accept the True facts behind this Truth. To see this Truth as it is, we must recognize that the Sacred Family Unit is an invalid construct of human society, we must see that there is no legitimately healthy/viable maternal or paternal instinct among the majority of humans, we must accept the True fact that there is no moral justification for any society to allow any biological creator or other adult to assume custodial care of any child, without first demonstrating and proving themselves to be competent and qualified to perform this task. We must also recognize that the parental system is itself diseased and invalid, and that none of the attempts by society to blame guns, drugs, mental illness, "evil", moral breakdown, promiscuity, rejection of god, lack of education, or any other "external" source, for the problem of familial child abuse, has any primary validity within Truth. We must also recognize the Truth that parents torture/abuse children in personal and cathartic reflection of the Truth that they themselves, when they were children, were victims of societally promoted and legitimized child torture/abuse. So, all of these "other" Truths are clear and obvious outgrowths of the initial, more easily "visible" Truth that "parents inflict inflict torturous abuse upon their own children to an epidemic degree." But, even though a fair number of humans are able to see this initial Truth, only one out of 10 million+ humans is able to properly see this truth "as it is", and to also see all of the other Truths, direct outgrowths of this initial Truth, that I have listed and outlined directly above.

Self-deception, self-delusion, self-lying, these forms of victimization are among the most toxic, and the most impossible to break free from. They result in actual self-genocide among the human population. At the same time of course, we must recognize that no self-victimizer is primarily to blame, no self-victimizer is primarily guilty of betraying himself, because even though he is absolutely and brutally betraying himself, he is only doing so because of the fact and after the fact, of his evil and diseased society having horrifically betrayed and victimized him, as a child and throughout each and every day of his entire childhood as well as ongoing lifetime. All societally sponsored "institutions": political parties, religions, hobbies such as organized sports, behavioral traditions, educational systems, etc…, are directly designed and structured to overtly prevent and block all human beings from seeing Truth, from accurately recognizing Truth, and from being able to properly interpret/understand the deeper Truths that dwell within the more visually obvious Truths, as demonstrated by me via the above child abuse example. There are tens of thousands of similarly "visible" Truths, which contain hundreds of thousands of slightly less visible, "deeper" Truths, within themselves, but of course I do not have either the time or the space to list them all here. The profound point is this: Every primary ideological and operational system within your society, absolutely serves to deliberately and directly block and hide from you, the citizen-slaves, the ability to properly see, recognize, understand, analyze, and embrace all of the primary and secondary Forbidden Truths of life.

Ultra-diseased governments relentlessly and pathologically demonize other governments and societies on a constant basis, in order to conceal the Truths of their own ultimate evil, of the fact that they commit the greatest atrocities imaginable upon both the world at large and their own citizen-slaves. America is the poster child, the absolutely perfect example and demonstration of this profoundly important Forbidden Truth. All moral "standards" and all moral decrees, made by societal leaders, governmental leaders, or directly empowered agents and representatives of either society or government, are 100%, totally invalid and illegitimate. This is because as of today, the early summer of the year 2002 as listed on the invalid american/european human calender, not a single human society or government which exists in empowered form on planet earth, possesses, is designed under, or operates within any type of legitimately moral structure, on any type of human behavioral or ideological issue. All societal and governmental "standards of morality" are nothing more than terroristic weapons of fascist oppression, designed by societal and governmental leaders to discourage behavior and ideology that the government and society is itself not merely ermbracing, but overtly practicing and inflicting upon it’s own populace as well as the human planet as a whole, to deliberately and overtly cause genocidal and limitless harm and victimization to every single form of life that still dwells upon planet earth, having managed to thus far avoid the actual species extinction that human societies and governments have already inflicted upon many other species of life.

I am good, we are good, we have morality and convictions, and we will spread our morality and goodness all across the world", this is the doctrine of limitless genocide under which the very worst, the very most diseased societies and governments to have ever existed during the history of planet earth, have operated under. The horrifically genocidal consequences of the "christian missionary" movement, are a reflection and a demonstration of the Truth that the christian religion reached and continues to reach new heights of evil, immorality, and perverse hypocrisy. It’s broken addictees have thus been and continue to be, desperate to "spread" this excreta of a religion to as many other human beings as they possibly can, because every time they addict and infect another human being, the perverse illusion that the religion and it’s doctrine are good and moral, is renewed and enhanced within the Truth-hating minds of all of the addicts, as a collective group. Government and religion operate in lockstep, in terms of pathologically clinging to and attempting to terroristically impose upon it’s own citizen-slaves and upon others, this perverse lie of: "I am good, we are good, we have morality and convictions, and we will spread our morality and goodness all across the world". The more eager a government is to spread it’s ideological excreta across the world, be it political or religious ideology, the more evil, insane, diseased, and unworthy of continuing to exist, the government is. Which government is currently by far the most eager to do this, to spread both it’s political and it’s religious excreta across the world, and has been the most eager throughout the entire 20th century??? America. The pathological obsession with "winning over" fellow humans, is a direct and absolute symptom of the desperate and constant efforts to maintain the illusion of decency, goodness, morality, and legitimacy, that this type of a supremely ultra-diseased society must engage in, in order to avoid suffering an internal collapse.

Your evil societies tell you that lies are sometimes "necessary", they even coin phrases, such as "white lie", "little white lie", to convince you creatures that lies can be not only harmless, but absolutely necessary, desirable, beneficial. You are told that there are "moral principles" which can be maintained, even strengthened, by the concealment of Truth and the dissemination of lies. This is of course, not only outrageously incorrect, but it totally undermines the inherent respect for the Sacred nature of Truth that all humans who aspire to escape from the toxic web of maliciously imposed lies that constitute human life as a member of any and every society on planet earth. All lies are evil, any human being who relies upon being lied to, who needs to receive lies, to believe in lies, in order to cope with his life, is a mentally ill victim of society.

Let us clearly understand that just as all governments are incestuously identical, all religions are incestuously identical as well, will the only distinction being that the religion needs to be a "mainstream" religion, directly legitimized and promoted by an existing government. Religions steal brainwashing/terrorization techniques and ideological doctrine from each other, and because the primary purposes and goals of all mainstream religions are identical: To terroristically impose governmental decree upon citizens and all humans in general, the brainwashing and terrorization techniques are totally interchangable between religions, even if the specific details of the ideological doctrine are often slightly tweaked and modified by the different governments, in order for each individual government to achieve the most desirable type of invalidly moralistic entrapment upon the citizenry.

Seer Friedrich tells us that philosophically, it is "impossible to lie about something unless you know what the truth is." Is this a fair and accurate philosophical realization? For the most part, yes. But, there is a very important and directly linked side issue here: In many cases, when societal/governmental leaders and their agents do not know with 100% certainty what the Truth of a situation or theory is, they do know with complete logical and rational certainty that the information, message, and theory that they are putting forth as constituting absolute Truth, is in fact a total lie. Therefore, it is very possible, and in fact extremely and pervasively common, for malicious lies to be disguised as Truths, and put forth within the populace as constituting Truth, even when the engineers and agents of society who are putting forth these lies do not necessarily know, with 100% certainty, what the specific factual Truth of a matter is. A perfect example of this is the question of how human beings evolved and came to exist. The theory of evolution as put forth by scientists, that humans are an evolutionary offshoot of simians, or possibly the result of a specific small group of genetically mutated simians, is a theory which is extremely likely to be accurate, but it is not a 100% proven Truth. The 100% certain Truth is not currently known. But this lack of certain Truth does not prevent or inhibit societal and governmental leaders and their agents from overtly lying to you masses of citizen-slaves, by informing you that an omnipotent god creature with an immensely complex agenda and terroristic demands of humanity, created human life. This theory is in fact a pure lie, an absolute impossibility, and it is a lie put forth for deliberately malevolent purposes, by empowered human leaders who likely know it is a lie, even if they also know that the traditional theory of evolution regarding simians has not been proven to be a 100% certain Truth. So, all that a determined liar needs to know in order to successfully lie, is one half of the equation. All he needs to know is that the doctrine or message or information that he is delivering is false and untrue. It is usually helpful to him to also know what the actual Truth of the specific issue he is lying about is, but it is not absolutely necessary or required that he know this Truth, in order to succeed in properly formulating and imposing deliberate lies upon his fellow humans. All empowered agents of society, be they religious, political, cultural, media, celebrity, etc…, absolutely and unabashedly maintain that they have both a right to lie, that lying is necessary, and that lying produces beneficial, desirable, moral consequences in some situations. As a direct result of this perverse situation, all respect for and all recognition of the value of Truth, is intrinsically stripped away from the entire fabric of the social structure, as well as rendered nonexistent for the vast majority of all citizen-slaves of course, who are alreeady brainwashed addictees to their religion, political party/ideology, cultural icons, celebrity idols, etc… Seer Friedrich reveals to us that: "The "law," the "will of God," the "holy book," and "inspiration"--all these things are merely words for the conditions under which the priest comes to power and with which he maintains his power,--these concepts are to be found at the bottom of all priestly organizations, and of all priestly or priestly-philosophical schemes of governments." You should understand by now, having reached this point of My Manifesto, if you are sane of course, that all societally decreed "law" is directly linked to the insane god myth by all religiously fundamentalist dictatorships like america, because the insane god myth can be and is employed as the greatest weapon of terroristic coercion against you, the citizen-slaves, by your government. It is a more devastatingly effective weapon of unjust terror than the threat of monetary fine, the threat of social ridicule, the threat of physical imprisonment, and even the threat of outright legal murder via a "death penalty". Religion and government are the same, because religion exists as a direct agent and a direct outgrowth of government, and it can and does function successfully in this manner specifically because there is no god, specifically because this is a pure and utter myth, which contains not a shred of genuine Truth, and can therefore be totally and limitlessly designed, controlled, structured and imposed upon you, the citizenry, to serve and meet the exact goals of fascism, terroristic limitation of behavior and ideology, and the forced embrace, via terroristic threat, of the behavioral and ideological doctrine that the leaders of the evil and illegitimate government wish to impose upon you.

"With this I come to a conclusion and pronounce my judgment. I condemn Christianity; I bring against the Christian church the most terrible of all the accusations that an accuser has ever had in his mouth. It is, to me, the greatest of all imaginable corruptions; it seeks to work the ultimate corruption, the worst possible corruption. The Christian church has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul. Let any one dare to speak to me of its "humanitarian" blessings! Its deepest necessities range it against any effort to abolish distress; it lives by distress; it creates distress to make itself immortal. . . . For example, the worm of sin: it was the church that first enriched mankind with this misery!--The "equality of souls before God"--this fraud, this pretext for the rancunes of all the base-minded--this explosive concept, ending in revolution, the modern idea, and the notion of overthrowing the whole social order--this is Christian dynamite. . . . The "humanitarian" blessings of Christianity forsooth! To breed out of humanitas a self-contradiction, an art of self-pollution, a will to lie at any price, an aversion and contempt for all good and honest instincts! All this, to me, is the "humanitarianism" of Christianity!--Parasitism as the only practice of the church; with its anaemic and "holy" ideals, sucking all the blood, all the love, all the hope out of life; the beyond as the will to deny all reality; the cross as the distinguishing mark of the most subterranean conspiracy ever heard of,--against health, beauty, well-being, intellect, kindness of soul--against life itself. . . ."

This is absolutely one of my very favorite of Seer Friedrich’s revelations of Truth. Thank you Seer Friedrich, for having the courage to proudly and openly condemn this greatest scourge and plague to have afflicted humanity during the 19th century, during your own lifetime, and which of course tragically remained the single greatest scourge upon this planet throughout the entire 20th and now the beginning of the 21 century, as well. Some of you might question why Seer Friedrich would single out christianity specifically, above all other mainstream religions, for such vehement condemnation. Well, the fact is, even though all mainstream religions are genocidally toxic, the christian version of this insane myth has caused the greatest amount of genocidal suffering and death to humanity in recent centuries, certainly for every century beginning with the 16th or 17th century through the 20th century. It is clear to me that Seer Friedrich was in no way suggesting that any other mainstream, societally promoted religion was good, decent, acceptable, or desirable, or should be embraced as a substitute for christianity, simply because he justifiably singles out christianity for his greatest and most strident condemnation. Yes, if I was writing these Texts that Seer Friedrich wrote, I probably would have gone to greater effort to make it clear that all mainstream religions are utterly repugnant and worthy of the strongest possible condemnation and rejection. But I do believe this is the message Seer Friedrich was trying to deliver. He was just using christianity as an example of how utterly toxic all mainstream religion is, and it was a perfectly appropriate choice, given that out of all the mainstream religions, christianity was and is the single most genocidally harmful and toxic, on a worldwide level. Mainstream religion is the ultimate in corruptions. It destroys on a genocidal scale, it destroys mind, body, spirit, soul, sanity, life. It destroys the present, and it destroys the future. It destroys the life of all infectees, and by proxy the lives of all of the children of the infectee, since the disease process is highly communicable. In the immortality brilliant words of Seer Friedrich "Christianity (religion) has left nothing untouched by its depravity; it has turned every value into worthlessness, and every truth into a lie, and every integrity into baseness of soul." Absolutely correct! This is the Forbidden Truth that all who seek to "save" humanity from itself, all who seek to provide "salvation" to humanity, all who claim to be "do-gooders", should devote their lives to revealing and disseminating on a constant, daily basis, to their fellow humans. Personally, I possess no such altruistic inclinations, but I do recognize that this type of action would constitute a True form of benevolent intervention and attempt at salvation, within the human species. Let us be perfectly clear: The primary goal of all mainstream religion is exactly the opposite of what it claims to be. All mainstream religion claims to be devoted to trying to relieve, reduce, diminish, and eliminate the suffering of human beings. But the Forbidden Truth is this: The primary goal of all mainstream religion is to directly cause, inflict, increase, and create severe and immense suffering for as many human beings as possible. This is the genocidal goal of mainstream religion, and it achieved horrific success in meeting this goal. To directly and deliberately cause and create suffering, then to pretend to be able to offer comfort, relief, protection, salvation from the suffering that it is guilty of creating, without ever of course, admitting to the Truth that it is itself directly responsible for causing the suffering, this is the utterly evil operational structure of all mainstream religion. "You committed a sin, you will be punished by god for sinning", declares the religious excreta, thus committing two immeasurable atrocities against humanity within a single sentence. First, by passing an utterly invalid moral judgment against the societal victim, and secondly, by terroristically threatening to have an omnipotent creature who does not exist, inflict horrific punishment and further victimization, on an eternal scale, upon the already tortured victim. How utterly perverse and outrageous!

Religion is in fact designed and utilized to literally create genetic mutation, to breed out of human beings, the instinctual self-love, self-value, respect for and appreciation of Truth, that is supposed to exist within the human species on a genetically instinctual level. Religion destroys human beings on a genetic as well as an instinctual level, on top of all of the other forms of destruction and harm listed directly above. Religion is the real vampire, the insatiable vampire. It can never be satiated, because the more harm it causes, the more eager it makes it’s controllers and manipulaters, your societal and governmental leaders, to continue using it to achieve even greater degrees of genocidal harm in new and different ways, together with maintaining and continuing to cause the already existing, more traditional forms of genocide. Religion is the moral enemy of all Truth, and We, as Superior seekers and embracers of Truth, therefore have a Sacred obligation to not only reject and renounce all religion ourselves, on a personal level, but also to recognize that religion is our mortal enemy as well. It declares itself to be our mortal enemy, by functioning as a destroyer of Truth on a genocidal scale, and therefore even if we totally reject and renounce religion, religion still remains our mortal enemy, because it’s species-wide ideological goal and mission to destroy all human capacity to recognize and embrace Truth, is not altered or diminished by our personal rejection of religion. For the Superior, there can be no "live and let live" attitude towards religion, because as long as religion lives, there can be no dawning of Truth within any segment or any aspect of human behavioral or ideological doctrine, and this of course includes insane and evil behavioral and ideological doctrine that can and is being used to try and victimize, harm, torture, and destroy all seekers and all embracers of Truth, including top-level Superiors. Religion must be our mortal enemy as individuals, and it is also, just as Seer Friedrich declares, the mortal enemy of all "health, beauty, well-being, intellect, kindness of soul, and life itself". Religion is in the Truest sense of the word, the greatest plague to have ever afflicted mankind. Consider, it is almost impossible to cure, it is highly contagious, it is supremely infectious, it carries with it the horrific consequence of genocidal intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical harm, as well as genocidal death, to many of it’s carriers. It has existed and flourished for thousands of years, and absolutely no reliable or effective cure, or even treatment, has yet been created. This makes religion, by far, the most horrifically toxic and life destroying plague to have ever afflicted the human species, far more horrific in it’s consequences, by a factor of millions if not billions, than bubonic plague, aids, smallpox, polio, and all other plagues combined, could ever be.

"This eternal accusation against Christianity I shall write upon all walls, wherever walls are to be found--I have letters that even the blind will be able to see. . . . I call Christianity the one great curse, the one great intrinsic depravity, the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means are venomous enough, or secret, subterranean and small enough,--I call it the one immortal blemish upon the human race. . . ."

Speak it, Friedrich, speak the Truth for all the world to hear and know! You have found the Truth, you have triumphed against the greatest form of toxic mythology to have ever been created by mankind, and to have ever been imposed upon mankind. Christianity and religion is the greatest curse to have ever darkened the life and the existence of the human species. It is the ultimate form of depravity, a process by which human beings are terroristically convinced to sacrifice and throw away the one and only opportunity to be alive that they will ever enjoy for all of cosmic eternity, utilizing the very specific lure of the myth of another life, another existence, an eternal existence, with this deranged concept built and woven upon the diseased loom of the god creature, as promulgated withinall mainstream religion. Immortality is a wonderful goal for Superior humans to strive to achieve for themselves. Were it not for the suffocating horror that is organized religion, the scientific community of humans may well have already uncovered the keys to achieving immortality. Therefore, in a literal sense, religion is directly to blame for not only the lifelong suffering and victimization of billions, and not only the outright murder of billions more, who were murdered in the name of religion or under the direction and moral auspices of religious myth by evil and diseased governments and societies, but religion is also to blame for My upcoming death, whenever it may occur, and for the deaths of all currently living Superiors, even those of us who have totally broken free of this toxic myth, because the very existence and acceptance of this toxic myth within human society, has had a suffocatingly destructive impact upon all scientific research, and all rational opportunity and capability for mankind to uncover the genuine Truths of life.

"And mankind reckons time from the dies nefastus when this fatality befell--from the first day of Christianity!--Why not rather from its last?--From today?--The transvaluation of all values!"

Hahahaha! I love this one, only found this quote a few months ago, and as soon as I read it, I marveled at how my own adolescent philosophical awakening dealt with this exact same, relatively minor and yet extremely instructive little detail of human societal structure. I recall as a youth, at some point being made aware of the manner in which the suffixes of "AD" and "BC" are employed within the perversely invalid Western world calender, with AD standing for "After Death", and BC standing for "Before christ". I remember feeling literally nauseous at the realization that the entire human species was literally measuring time directly according to when this mentally deranged human being known as jesus christ died, and that billions of human beings throughout the world, collectively, were all agreeing that it is appropriate to begin measuring time differently, via a different suffix, according to the death date of this one human. My adolescent mind was boggled by this realization, because I think it really brought home to me how hopelessly broken the entire human species was and is and will always be. So, imagine my delight upon discovering this quote of Seer Friedrich’s just a few months ago, and the absolutely perfect manner in which the quote concludes, with our Seer instructing us that the proper way to begin counting time from a "new era" perspective, would be from the day that the insane god myth is totally eradicated and eliminated from the philosophical, ideological and behavioral structure of humanity. This will be a day worthy of creating a new suffix, to replace "AD". But of course it will never come to pass, as humanity is devolving rather than evolving, and will therefore extinct itself even as the insane god myth continues to gain popularity and fervent devotion right up until the actual glory of the as yet undetermined extinction date. Actually, as I think about it, "AD" wouldn’t be a bad new suffix, because "After Death" could stand for the "death", in other words the total elimination, of the insane god myth. But since AD is already taken, we’d need to go with something else, perhaps "AR", which would stand for "After Religion", the new era of sanity that would dawn, after all religious belief and doctrine were to be officially eradicated and renounced hy every existing governmental and societal leadership on planet earth. "In the year 2004 AD, the last remaining holdout regime of fundamentalist religion, the united states of america, officially banned all public promotion of religion, with president Bush proudly declaring: "We are proud to join with the world community in eradicating this toxic scourge which has caused genocidal harm to all of humanity until this very day. I am proud to announce a new era of humanity has dawned, and I proclaim this to be Year One AR, the first year in which we, the human race, will live free of the toxic and terroristic plague of religion and the insane god myth." " Don’t worry folks, I haven’t become delusional, just trying to show you just how incredibly diseased you creatures are, that the very notion of this toxic plague being eradicated, and the leader of a religiously fundamentalist society like america making such a glorious proclamation, strikes you are absolutely ludicrous, and it is of course a factual impossibility, thanks to your pathetic inferiority as individuals, as well as the collective, mass scale of systemic addiction, insanity, and inferiority which afflicts the entire human species.

"A first example, quite provisional. At all times they have wanted to "improve" men: this above all was called morality. Under the same word, however, the most divergent tendencies are concealed. Both the taming of the beast, man, and the breeding of a particular kind of man have been called "improvement." Such zoological terms are required to express the realities - realities, to be sure, of which the typical "improver," the priest, neither knows anything, nor wants to know any thing. To call the taming of an animal its "improvement" sounds almost like a joke to our ears. Whoever knows what goes on in menageries doubts that the beasts are "improved" there. They are weakened, they are made less harmful, and through the depressive effect of fear, through pain, through wounds, and through hunger they become sickly beasts. It is no different with the tamed man whom the priest has "improved." In the early Middle Ages, when the church was indeed, above all, a menagerie, the most beautiful specimens of the "blond beast" were hunted down everywhere; and the noble Teutons, for example, were "improved." But how did such an "improved" Teuton who had been seduced into a monastery look afterward? Like a caricature of man - like a miscarriage: he had become a "sinner," he was stuck in a cage, imprisoned among all sorts of terrible concepts. And there he lay, sick, miserable, malevolent against himself: full of hatred against the springs of life, full of suspicion against all that was still strong and happy. In short, a "Christian." "

Let us understand that all governmental and societal efforts to "improve" the human species, a majority of which are primarily constructed to operate within religious doctrine, are malicious and harmful to a genocidal degree. The explanations for why these so-called "improvements" are needed and desirable, include a need to become more "civilized", more moral, to make life better, less dangerous, etc… There is no genuinely benevolent intent behind these calls for improvement, they are simply part of the process of fascist behavioral and ideological control and domination that your governments seek to impose upon you. The taming of humans does not improve them, but instead it breaks them. It strips them of the ability to love themselves, to stand up freely and proudly for their own personal rights and autonomy. The taming forces them to accept the victimization and oppression that their government desires to impose upon them. Once tamed, an incredible victory has been won for society, because the tame man usually recognizes that he is now at the potential mercy of the "free", untamed men, and therefore he directs and supports all societal efforts to use whatever means necessary, including of course totally punitive, evil, and immoral means, to render all humans who attempt to defy societal efforts to tame them, tame. When a society succeeds in destroying an individual in this manner, the broken individual becomes a proud member of society, and very specifically supports and encourages and agrees to participate in the breaking and destruction of other humans. Is breeding also used by government to manipulate and control the "quality" of it’s population of citizen-slaves? Absolutely, and on numerous different levels. First of all, within a society like america, the poor are encouraged and enticed to breed like rabbits, specifically because societal leaders recognize that they need a constant stream of dirt poor citizen-slaves who are willing to waste their lives working at menial jobs, earning just enough money to avoid becoming homeless or starving to death. Dirt poor parents will create dirt poor children, willing to waste their lives in this fashion, while wealthy and middle class parents are far less likely to produce children who are willing to engage in such menial jobs for their entire, wasted lives. Breeding is also used on a genetic level, to encourage those humans who meet desired societal criteria, to breed, while discouraging those who do not meet the criteria. But admittedly, this form of creating "improved" humans is less effective than simply subjecting all newborns, and all children throughout each and every day of their entire childhoods, to malicious, toxic, lie-based, terroristic brainwashing. Let us be perfectly clear, none of these artificially engineered claimed "improvements" to the human species, constitute actual and genuine improvements, which have benefited the quality of life of either the individual humans which society claims to have improved, or the general population of citizen-slaves. The only benefit that is derived is to your evil societies and governments, and the only improvement which occurs, is the improved and increased ability of the government to successfully impose it’s toxic and supremely harmful ideological and behavioral agenda upon the populace.

Let us clearly understand that all societal and governmental efforts to impose standards of morality upon us, are not only unjustifiable, but also involve an attempt to terroristically force us to deny, reject, and conceal from both ourselves and the world, our instinctually and internally True natures and Reality. And just as animals of other species who are "domesticated", tamed, and enslaved are victims of atrocity as a direct result of these unnatural and malicious practices, so too are humans subjected to these terroristic behavioral and ideological modification efforts of society, victims of atrocity. Ideological beliefs which are false and invalid, and yet terroristically imposed upon humanity, constitute one of the most brutal forms of imprisonment that exists within human experience, imprisonment of the mind, shackling of the intellect, destruction of the capacity to live life bathed in the glow of genuine Truth, which by it’s very nature provides limitless and pure freedom, if it can be recognized and wholeheartedly embraced. Imprisonment of the mind is always inherently a far more brutal, unjust, and harmful form of imprisonment, than imprisonment of the physical body. Religion not only imprisons the mind, but it permanently warps and destroys the mind, rendering the insane god myth adictee broken, destroyed, self-hating, Truth-hating. Religion is marketed as a provider of hope, but in reality it is a destroyer of hope, because all hope that is in any way linked to or inspired by religion, actually represents complete and utter abdication and rejection of genuine hope, in favor of toxic hopelessness, which is what religion actually offers and provides. Hatred of life, and celebration of death, is one of the primary ideological mandates of all mainstream religion. All such religion is overtly designed and structured to inspire a personal hatred of one’s own life, and an eagerness/craving for death, within both the conscious and subconscious minds of all god addicts.

"Physiologically speaking: in the struggle with beasts to make them sick may be the only means for making them weak. This the church understood: it ruined man - weakened him - but it claimed to have "improved" him."

The goal of your evil societies is to weaken you, to sicken you, to rob you of the instinctual health, strength, and love of life that you are born possessing. Why does your society have this goal? Very simply, because only by achieving this limitlessly malevolent goal, can your society convince you to agree to live as it’s citizen-slave, to embrace and accept it’s utterly toxic design and operational structures, as they are maliciously imposed upon you. You must be broken, collectively but even more importantly on an individual basis, it is imperative and vital for the continuing viability of your governmental oppressors, that you be broken in mind, broken in spirit, broken in body. This is a Truth that your evil leaders understand totally. Organized religion is simply used as a tool, in fact the primary tool/weapon, to achieve this weakening, sickening, breaking of individual human beings, on a systemic, mass scale. Even as this genocidal ruining occurs, not even the tiniest hint of Truth regarding it’s design and operational structure, can be allowed to emerge as public knowledge. Therefore, an exactly opposite lie is promulgated, a lie which is 100% contradictory to the most dangerous Truth that must be concealed at all costs: The Truth that religion is toxically weakening and genocidally destructive to humanity. Instead, the exact opposite is claimed, that religion and religious belief strengthens humans, improves humans, is beneficial to the lives of humans, even though the Truth is, of course, that every single aspect of religion and religious belief/doctrine is profoundly and limitlessly toxic/destructive to all individual human beings, as well as to the human race as a whole. Religion is the worst of all possible societal crutches. It claims to offer "support", but in fact it provides pure destruction and collapse of all that is valuable, of all that is sane, of all that is True, of all that is Superior, within the life path opportunities of human beings. Worst of all, you pathetic creatures believe that you are both made better by believing in god on a moral level, and that your quality of life is intrinsically improved by believing in god, even though the Forbidden Truth of the matter is the exact, 100% opposite on both counts, belief in god totally destroys any genuine moral principles that may exist within your individual True Reality, and belief in god absolutely eradicates and eliminates all genuine quality of life, on all Truth-based levels.

"The morality of breeding and the morality of taming are, in the means they use, entirely worthy of each other: we may proclaim it as the supreme principle that, to make morality, one must have the unconditional will to its opposite. This is the great, the uncanny problem which I have been pursuing the longest: the psychology of the "improvers" of mankind. A small, and at bottom modest, fact - that of the so-called pia fraus - offered me the first approach to this problem: the pia fraus, the heirloom of all philosophers and priests who "improved" mankind. Neither Manu nor Plato nor Confucius nor the Jewish and Christian teachers have ever doubted their right to lie. They have not doubted that they had very different rights too. Expressed in a formula, one might say: all the means by which one has so far attempted to make mankind moral were through and through immoral."

Let it be perfectly clear: Throughout the entire history of humanity, there has never been any empowered leader who ever attempted to "improve" mankind, for the purely altruistic motivation of wanting to help mankind be able to better enjoy life, and to suffer less victimization. Every single leader who has ever attempted to improve mankind, has done so for utterly malicious and genocidally immoral reasons, with a specific motivation of utilizing any "improvements" he might achieve, to better be able to commit genocidal atrocities upon the "improved" humans, and upon the entire human race as a whole. Therefore, none of these efforts constitute legitimate and genuine attempts at improvement. The lie and illusion of improvement was and is simply put forth for the purpose of the malevolent leader cloaking himself under a cover of benevolence, and for the reason of more easily convincing you citizen-slaves to embrace the claimed improvements that are being maliciously imposed upon you. Controlling and manipulating both the breeding and the taming of human beings, are the two primary ways by which your evil leaders ttempt to claim to be trying to improve human beings, and human quality of life. Of the two, while both are extremely harmful on a mass scale, it is "taming" which causes the greater degree of destruction. Within the "taming" process, all children and all adults, from the very day of their birth, are terroristically stripped of their natural behavioral and ideological inclinations, and the purely instinctual motivations which serve to inspire these behaviors and ideologies. Self-love, personal outrage at victimization, ability to reject insane and overtly harmful external doctrine as imposed by society and government, these are just three of literally thousands of precious and incredibly valuable natural behavioral and ideological instincts which are terroristically stripped from you inferiors, by your evil and diseased societies, via the "taming" process. Within a sane society, the taming process would be recognized as totally illegitimate and an outrageous form of mass victimization/genocide of spirit and of soul, in all of it’s currently utilized forms and design structures. As Superiors, we must unconditionally reject and renounce all societal efforts to invalidly "tame" us, and this applies not only to our current and future life experiences and life path, but even more importantly, it must be retroactively applied by us to our past experiences of malicious taming, most especially the taming atrocities that were committed against us during the course of our childhoods. It is impossible for young children, and even for most adolescents, to intellectually comprehend the nature and the structure of the taming atrocity, as it is being committed against the child. The child instinctually knows, consciously or subconsciously, that he is being terribly victimized, but as far as being able to philosophically and intellectually analyze the victimization, and recognize it to be a form of perverse societal taming, this is beyond the intellectual/analytical capacity of most children and adolescents. It is vital therefore, that as adults, we retroactively analyze our childhood experiences, and fully recognize the exact nature and scope of the taming atrocities that were committed against us. Only after we undertake this analysis and become enlightened as to the exact nature of these childhood atrocities, can we begin, as adults, to seriously attempt to trascend and overcome our unnaturally tame natures and the self-victimizing life paths and ideologies that our artificially tamed natures often compel us to accept, embrace, and pursue.

Let us clearly understand that all currently empowered human structures and institutions were built upon and are consistently guided/modified upon, a system of pure and utter lies. This means that all human leaders, throughout history, along with absolutely all empowered agents of such leaders, as well as all human leaders of today, have operated under a sacred birthright of lies. What do I mean by "sacred birthright"? I mean this: No human being can become a lifeguard, unless he can swim. No human being can become an airline pilot, if he cannot see. Under this same Truth, no human being can become an empowered leader of human beings within a society or government, unless they embrace lies, promote lies, and approach every aspect of their job as a leader of humans, from the position of maintaining both a sacred birthright and a supreme obligation, to lie to each and every one of the citizen-slaves that they rule over, as well as to genocidally victimize and oppress every citizen-slave. It is important to understand that there is absolutely no "moral dilemma" involved in this lie reality. It is as natural as breathing, to your evil leaders. It is a sacred birthright, I use this specific term because it most accurately describes the actual mindset of societal leaders. They recognize and they know that as societal leaders, they do not simply have a right to lie to you, they do not simply have an obligation to lie to you. No, what they possess is a sacred birthright, irrespective of whether they rule through familial descendancy or through an election process, and a supreme obligation, to lie to you. So, how do they attain this sacred birthright?? Here is the kicker: You creatures give them this sacred birthright! Yes indeed, it is you creatures, your pathological hatred of Truth, your genetic disease, your incredible cowardice and inferiority, your very own reality of personal destruction that you have suffered, which you proudly hand down to every generation of your helpless children. Yes, the sacred birthright to lie, to genocidally destroy you, that your leaders possess, is in reality nothing more and nothing less than a gift, a free present, given by you to your leaders. How pathetic! Your leaders in turn, create this army of agents to spread across the nation, depositing toxic lies upon everyone, in every manner, throughout every nook and cranny. The philosopher, the priest, the teacher, the psychiatrist, the news anchor, the talk show host, the actor, the celebrity, all of these people are empowered and used by society to disseminate lies, to legitimize the utterly and completely artificial, mythological, irrational, hypocritical, lie-based society where you humans pathetically live out your undeserved lives. Seer Friedrich closes the above quote with an absolutely remarkable insight of one of the most important Forbidden Truths in existence. He declares: "…all the means by which one has so far attempted to make mankind moral were through and through immoral." Seer Friedrich is not simply revealing to you the Truth that all of your leaders and their empowered agents, who attempt to terroristically compel you to accept their claimed moral principles and doctrine, are utterly and completely immoral, which is of course True, but he is going even further, cutting even deeper into the gloriously ripe and glistening flesh of Truth, by telling you that all of the methods and strategies and tactical operating systems of fascist behavior and belief control that have been imposed upon you by your leaders, all of your leaders, political, religious, and cultural, have been and continue to be monstrously evil, genocidally abusive, and totally lacking even the tiniest shred of genuine moral standing or principle. The people who have dictated your evolution as a species throughout the entire history of humanity, have been monstrously evil, and in turn, all of the guiding principles, belief systems, behavioral doctrines, as well as all definitions of goodness, decency, equitability, and morality which have consistently been terroristically imposed upon all of your human ancestors as well as upon yourselves directly, contain not a single shred of Truth-based or Truthful legitimacy.

"Throughout immense stretches of time the intellect produced nothing but errors; some of them proved to be useful and preservative of the species: he who fell in with them, or inherited them, waged the battle for himself and his offspring with better success. Those erroneous articles of faith which were successively transmitted by inheritance, and have finally become almost the property and stock of the human species, are, for example, the following: that there are enduring things, that there are equal things, that there are things, substances, and bodies, that a thing is what it appears, that our will is free that what is good for me is also good absolutely. It was only very late that the deniers, doubters of such propositions came forward - it was only very late that truth made its appearance as the most impotent form of knowledge. It seemed as if it were impossible to get along with truth, our organism was adapted for the very opposite; all its higher functions, the perceptions of the senses, and in general every kind of sensation, cooperated with those primevally embodied, fundamental errors. Moreover, those propositions became the very standards of knowledge according to which the "true "and the "false" were determined - throughout the whole domain of pure logic. The strength of conceptions does not, therefore, depend on their degree of truth, but on their antiquity, their embodiment, their character as conditions of life. Where life and knowledge seemed to conflict, there has never been serious contention; denial and doubt have there been regarded as madness. The exceptional thinkers like the Eleatics, who, in spite of this, advanced and maintained the antitheses of the natural errors, believed that it was possible also to live these counterparts: it was they who devised the sage as the man of immutability, impersonality and universality of intuition, as one and all at the same time, with a special faculty for that reverse kind of knowledge; they were of the belief that their knowledge was at the same time the principle of life. To be able to affirm all this, however, they had to deceive themselves concerning their own condition: they had to attribute to themselves impersonality and unchanging permanence, they had to mistake the nature of the philosophic individual, deny the force of the impulses in cognition, and conceive of reason generally as an entirely free and self-originating activity; they kept their eyes shut to the fact that they also had reached their doctrines in contradiction to valid methods, or through their longing for repose or for exclusive possession or for domination. The subtler development of sincerity and of skepticism finally made these men impossible; their life also, and their judgments, turned out to be dependent on the primeval impulses and fundamental errors of all sentient beings. The subtler sincerity and skepticism arose wherever two antithetical maxims appeared to be applicable to life, because both of them were compatible with the fundamental errors; where, therefore, there could be contention concerning a higher or lower degree of utility for life; and likewise where new maxims proved to be, not necessarily useful, but at least not injurious, as expressions of an intellectual impulse to play a game that was like all games innocent and happy. The human brain was gradually filled with such judgments and convictions; and in this tangled skein there arose ferment, strife and lust for power. Not only utility and delight, but every kind of impulse took part in the struggle for "truths"; the intellectual struggle became a business, an attraction, a calling, a duty, an honor; cognizing and striving for the true finally arranged themselves as needs among other needs. From that moment not only belief and conviction, but also examination, denial, distrust and contradiction became forces; all "evil "instincts were subordinated to knowledge, were placed in its service, and acquired the prestige of the permitted, the honored, the useful, and finally the appearance and innocence of the good. Knowledge thus became a portion of life itself, and as life it became a continually growing power; until finally the cognitions and those primeval, fundamental errors clashed with each other, both as life, both as power, both in the same man. The thinker is now the being in whom the impulse to truth and those life-preserving errors wage their first conflict, now that the impulse to truth has also proved itself to be a life-preserving power. In comparison with the importance of this conflict everything else is indifferent; the final question concerning the conditions of life is here raised, and the first attempt is here made to answer it by experiment. How far is truth susceptible of embodiment - that is the question, that is the experiment."

An extremely long quote here, but it is not being split up by me, because the overall message of Forbidden Truth that is delivered, is much more powerful and intense when this entire quote of Seer Friedrich’s is read and analyzed in it’s entirety, in a single stream of consciousness reading/awakening. Let us begin by analyzing the issue of human inability to locate, determine, recognize, and embrace Truth, all types of Truth. It is clear to the Superior thinker that humans who attempt to uncover Truth by employing a "belief" or faith-based system of analysis and personal research, are doomed to totally fail. It is not possible to uncover any type of important Truth via such a research and analysis system, because the system itself is utterly and fatally flawed, and in fact the system itself is designed to encourage the embrace of comforting and alluring lies and myths and delusions, as constituting Truth. But at the same time, let us also understand that the human species fails miserably and totally when it attempts to utilize it’s intellect to uncover Truth. The failures are just as immense, just as complete, just as pervasive, when you creatures attempt to use your intellects to uncover Truth, as it is when you attempt to use your emotional beliefs and faith. Why is this? Shouldn’t the use of intellect at least lead to somewhat better revelations of Truth?? Well, if all intellectual quests for Truth were purely intellectual, undertaken and allowed to progress totally free of all belief and faith-based influence, then the answer to this question would be Yes, and in fact such intellectual quests would indeed have led and would continue to lead today, to better revelations of Truth. The problem is, all intellectual quests for Truth, tragically, lack this purity. Instead, they are spoiled by, tainted with, literally destroyed by, the insidiously toxic influence of belief and faith, compounded by the extreme genetic inferiority which has been bred into the human species, and the cultural cowardice which is encouraged and celebrated at every turn by your malevolent leaders, who have as their foremost ideological goal, the suppression, denial, and rejection of all Truths among their populations of citizen-slaves. Thus it is that all human intellectual pursuits of Truth are doomed to failure. They are inherently flawed, within their very design and operational structures, and despite surface appearances of being genuine quests for Truth, they are in fact nothing of the kind. Science, which should be the single purest and most genuine form of Truth research and uncovery, has in fact been not only corrupted by the governments and societies of humanity, but in fact completely overtaken and controlled by governmentsa and societies, to the point where literally all ability by the scientific community to properly research, uncover, and reveal Truth to the rest of humanity, has been totally lost and eliminated.

One of the most perversely galling aspects of your intellectual imbecility as a species, is your utterly perverse inability to recognize that you are totally wrong in all of your operational and structural life path pursuits, that exist with your particular generation and era. For example, 600 years ago, it was a scientifically and culturally accepted fact that the planet of earth was flat shaped, not round, but flat. As a result of scientific research, it has been established, over the past 600 years, that this universally accepted, embraced, and societally promoted notion, was 100% false, incorrect, and untrue. But all of you creatures do nothing more than shrug your shoulders at this "mistake", you simply dismiss it as an "isolated" mistake, and perversely, you do not allow this mistake to enlighten your mind to the nature of your currently delusional, insane, horrifically untrue life paths. Despite the countless thousands of proven examples of total failure on the part of the human species to ever recognize and embrace Truth throughout it’s entire evolutionary path, you creatures, today, in the 21st century, insanely choose to cling to the notion that you have finally managed to uncover and recognize the Truths of life, and you refuse to accept the one Truth which must rule above all of your invalid perceptions of reality, this one Forbidden Truth being the simple fact that none of your ancestors, not a single past generation of humanity, had the slightest inkling of or ability to accept any of the Truths of life, and that your current generation is hopelessly trapped within this exact same horrific quagmire. An issue such as the shape of the planet is a scientific issue, and it is thousands of times easier to uncover Truth regarding questions which are directly and totally scientific in nature, compared to questions which despite their scientific core natures, also invite you creatures to consider unscientific, belief and faith-based delusions into your deliberations. For example, your belief as to the shape of the earth was of relatively little importance to your supreme leaders, and so they allowed, even encouraged you to reject your past delusion that it was flat, and to accept the Truth that it was round. But there are hundreds of thousands of other lies/myths/delusions/falsehoods which date back anywhere from 50 years to the very dawn of humanity as a species, that your supreme leaders believe to be extremely important and vital, absolutely vital that you remain toxically addicted to and embracing of, even though they constitute utter and genocidally harmful falsehood and contain no Truth of any kind. It is these hundreds of thousands of toxic, terroristically induced lies, which dictate every aspect of the course of all of your pathetic day to day lives, save for a tiny handful of top-level Superiors such as Myself. One of your very most initial modifications of mind, if you decide to use this Manifesto to try to become a Superior, is to reject and throw out every single belief, every single notion of what constitutes Truth, that you currently hold. You must throw every single one into the garbage, reject it as being invalid based solely upon the fact that your evil society is promoting/legitimizing it as constituting a Truth. Only after you clean out your mind of every single one of these hundreds of thousands of toxic lies/delusions, can you begin to analyze each notion from a purely Truth-based, Superior perspective. You cannot clear out some or most of these societally implanted lies, but instead you must clear them all out. Even if you only allow a tiny handful to remain, those tiny handful will continue to exert a toxically negative influence upon your ability to properly analyze, uncover, and embrace any of the Forbidden Truths of life.

Let it be clear that the process of inheritance has always been the single most genocidally effective method for society and government to impose it’s malicious lie and delusion doctrine upon the masses. Once a single generation has been destroyed, society and government only needs to convince this already destroyed generation, to agree to destroy the new generation of children that it creates, and this is an incredibly easy feat to accomplish. You destroyed creatures are in fact desperately eager to destroy your children, because by destroying them, you are better able to deny from yourselves, the Forbidden Truth that your society and government has destroyed you. This is why the generational cycle of destruction is so consistent, so complete, so universal among humanity, and achieved with so little apparent effort on the part of your leaders. Your leaders barely need to lift a finger for the purpose of getting you to destroy your children, in cathartic reflection of the destruction that you have suffered, because you are desperately eager, truly caught up in a frenzied craze, to inflict the same horrific harm upon your children, upon all children growing up as members of your society, that was inflicted upon you throughout your childhood and in fact throughout your entire lifetime. Truth is unbearable to you creatures. Instead, "faith" sustains you. You use faith to deny the Truths that you find unbearable. It is this faith which constitutes toxic and genocidally harmful lies, and the entire "lie structure" upon which you build and sustain every aspect of your lives. Ritual and custom become fetishized by you creatures, you become obsessed with maintaining the "traditions and customs" of your ancestors, because embedded within these traditions and customs are the toxic roots of the insane lie structures that you desperately need to continue to cling to, in order to avoid having to face up to the unbearable Truths of life, and the unbearable Truths of humanity itself. Let us understand that it is just as terrifying to you creatures to have to face up to the Truths regarding the genocidal evil and diseased inferiority of the human species, as it is for you creatures to face up to the Truths regarding more "externalized" issues such as the consequences of physical death. One of the most toxically effective methods by which lie-delusion structures are legitimized, is the "it’s good for us" rationalization. Both empowered leaders of societies, as well as citizen-slaves, ferociously cling to this rationalization. "It is good for us to believe in god, it is good for us to punish lawbreakers, it is good for us to embrace the traditions of our ancestors, it is good for us to teach our children the things that we have been taught," etc… The horrific reality is, you creatures are so broken that you cannot even begin to properly analyze what is good for you, much less what is good for other human beings or for humanity as a whole, and this entire rationalization is based purely on fear, terror, and desperation on your part, your desperate need to justify to yourselves, the toxic, immoral, evil doctrine that you, as individuals, have been hopelessly addicted to.

Seer Friedrich tells us: It seemed as if it were impossible to get along with truth, our organism was adapted for the very opposite; all its higher functions, the perceptions of the senses, and in general every kind of sensation, cooperated with those primevally embodied, fundamental errors. Absolutely correct! Here we have the genetic inferiority and perversity of the human species coming into play. The human mind is genetically diseased, malformed, operationally broken, in it’s ability to intellectually recognizesome of the Forbidden Truths of life, but not to intellectually accept and embrace these Forbidden Truths of life. This is the vital break, the destructive break, within the human mind. The Forbidden Truths on an issue such as the consequence of physical death can be intellectually recognized by many human beings, but not intellectually accepted or embraced, thus leading to a horrific "break with reality" in which the human mind feels compelled to concoct, seek out, embrace, and ferociously cling to, a toxic delusion such as the god/afterlife myth. Again, the genetic brain/intellect disease component is only one part of the picture, and deliberate, daily, massive societal brainwashing plays a much greater role, but it is the initial genetic brain/intellect disease which "opens the door" to allow for the deliberately and overtly malicious imposition of the god myth by human societal leaders, to occur. The human mind is genetically diseased in such a way that it is pathologically predisposed towards the embrace of toxic lies and myths, and pathologically predisposed towards the rejection of all Truth, intellectualized/philosphized Forbidden Truth, Natural Truth, Instinctual Truth, and Rational Truth. There is no other species of life on planet earth that is pathologically predisposed towards the rejection of even one of these profoundly valuable and important Truth realms, much less all four of them. All concepts of reality are in fact beliefs, and any seeker of Truth must therefore recognize that since virtually all societally legitimized beliefs are in fact untrue falsehoods, virtually all of the concepts of reality that you creatures choose to accept and embrace within your daily life path activities and choices, are profoundly invalid, untrue, and represent toxic societal mythology that has been terroristically imposed upon you via brainwashing and indoctrination, by your society and it’s pathologically diseased structures. Truth and all Truth-based knowledge have consistently been demonized, rejected, renounced, and ridiculed, by all societies and governments, and this has occured because the leaders of all societies and governments have always been either personally addicted to the toxic lies and myths that were imposed upon them throughout their entire lives, or consciously aware of the fact that imposing such lies and myths upon you, the populace, would be the most effective way of falsely comforting, placating, and terroristically controlling every aspect of your lives, imposing harm upon you on a genocidal scale, but at the same time getting you to accept and welcome this harm, because of the comforting aspects that are provided to your genetically broken minds, which are unable to accept or embrace the horrific Truths of life. The notion that "god wants you to suffer" would be the perfect, ultimate demonstration of this Truth. You see, the Insane God Myth offers you false comfort from the Truths regarding death. Therefore, by declaring as part of it’s governmental terrorism doctrine that "god wants you to suffer", your evil governmental and societal leaders terroristically convince you to agree to let your government cause you suffering, by convincing you that god will reward your willingness to accept this suffering by allowing you to avoid the Truths of suffering by death that arefar greater and even more severe and unbearable than the suffering that your government wants to and does impose upon you. So, you pathetic, broken, deranged creatures agree to accept and endure a lifetime of actual and totally real suffering that your society wants to inflict upon you, in exchange for receiving an opportunity to avoid and be saved from an eternity of mythical and totally unavoidable suffering after you die. A comforting lie is used, to literally get you to agree to throw away your one and only life, the only life you will ever experience for all of eternity, in exchange for absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing but false, deluded comfort, since there is no god and everyone who dies is currently doomed to experience the same horrific, unalterable fate for all of eternity. If you creatures could accept this Forbidden Truth, you would rob your evil leaders of the ability to use this insane myth as a terror weapon against you, to compel you to agree to endure a lifetime of fascist and oppressive suffering. But no, only one human out of 10 million possesses the Superiority to totally reject all aspects of this toxic myth, and to also recognize and reject all of the thousands of different ways that your societal leaders employ this myth for the very specific purpose of getting citizen-slaves to agree to accept suffering, victimization, injustice, and fascist oppression of free and natural will, throughout thew entire course of their lives.

Let us understand that We ourselves, and I refer here to the handful of top level Superiors such as Myself, Friedrich, and Charles, must always be careful not to descend into delusions of omnipotence or perfection, even as we recognize, celebrate, rejoice in our incredible superiority, and mock/condemn you inferiors. We should and must be our own "gods", and there is absolutely nothing wrong with us recognizing and embracing the Truth that we are the closest living entity to a "god" that currently exists upon planet earth. We owe it to ourselves to worship ourselves with pure love and devotion. At the same time however, we begin to lose our triumphant grip upon the ultimate levels of Superiority, if we begin to delude ourselves into believing that we possess any type of "supernatural" powers or mystical capabilities or omnipotence/immortality. What makes us top level Superiors, is our ability and our determination to always seek out and embrace all of the Truths of life, including Truths which apply directly to us, our futures, our fates, our capabilities. We must never, ever underestimate or play down our value, our superiority, our brilliance, to either ourselves or to the world at large. This is more important than never overestimating or applying supernatural/mystical powers upon ourselves, but the bottom line is that both are important, and as Superior embracers of all Truth, we need to honor ourselves by giving ourselves complete and full credit for all of our real and profound forms and manifestations of Superiority, without taking that "further" step into the realm of claimed omnipotence or supernaturism, because such a step would be a step away from Truth, a step backwards towards the realm of inferiority where the Unwashed Masses dwell.

It is human judgments and convictions, based upon false, delusional, in most cases societally induced/promoted "traditional beliefs", which are the single greatest source of genocidal human suffering and victimization across all of planet earth. Your judgments and convictions are wrong, they are totally invalid, they are genocidally perverse and insane on their very face, but you creatures are totally unable to recognize this Truth, because you are hopelessly addicted to the underlying societal traditions/notions, which are themselves lies, myths, and delusions, that your judgments and convictions have been built and formulated upon. It is from this diseased, multi-level foundation of insanity, that profoundly deranged notions upon which 21st century life exists and operates, are structured. For example, the absolutely insane idea that a person who harms another person in an illegal manner is somehow "evil" or deserving of punishment, even though society is guilty of causing genocidal harm to all citizen-slaves, and the entire foundation of governmental design structure mandates that people be harmed on a genocidal scale, and society very often actually rewards citizen-slaves who cause harm to other human beings, and the only reason why the person caused such harm is because either he himself was the victim of similar harm, or he himself has been maliciously induced by his society into believing that his actions were justified, is rooted within societally induced notions of judgment/conviction, based upon "traditional belief", that are both utterly deranged and 100% invalid in terms of containing not an iota of rational or practical Truth. The recognition and embrace of knowledge is the key to uncovering Truth, but only if the knowledge itself is valid and Truth-based. The vast majority of what is defined as "human knowledge" by 21st century humanity, is literally saturated with lies and falsehoods, thus the embrace of all that is declared by your society to constitute "knowledge", will in no way lead you to uncover any of the primary Truths of life, but instead will have the opposite effect, addicting you even further to the toxic lies and myths which are hopelessly embedded within the body of societally decreed human "knowledge". The only knowledge worth embracing, is knowledge that you yourself, as a Superior, have uncovered and realized, via a process in which you have located, determined, extracted, and discarded all of the toxic societal lies, myths, and brainwashings from a specific issue or question or notion. Emotion is your primary enemy within the intellectual quest to uncover the genuine knowledge which would help lead you to Truth, because it is emotion, your emotional cowardice, terror, pathological addiction to comfort, which primarily inspired you in the first place to accept and embrace the lies and myths which currently hobble and enslave you to a toxic life path which is based upon the rejection of all knowledge that is genuinely Truth-based. At the same time, your evil leaders recognized that since humanity had lost all ability to even recognize, much less embrace Truth, it would be remarkably easy for societies to adopt genocidally evil doctrines and policies within their core operational structures, and yet at the same time totally conceal the Truth that these doctrines/policies were genocidally evil, simply by refusing to acknowledge or admit to the Truth of their evil, and instead draping illusions of goodness, decency, morality, and necessity around the genocidally evil doctrines/policies. And it worked to perfection! The most evil and insane doctrines and policies imaginable, were and currently are embraced and practiced by society and government, with the near complete support of the public, and such support was/is/continues to be easily obtained and maintained, simply by the government/society totally refusing to admit to the doctrines/policies being evil and insane, and dismissing any such revelations of Truth that anyone might publically make, as being "preposterous and not even worthy of comment." How pathetic you Truth-blind creatures are!

"Man has been reared by his errors: firstly, he saw himself always imperfect; secondly, he attributed to himself imaginary qualities; thirdly, he felt himself in a false position in relation to the animals and nature; fourthly, he always devised new tables of values, and accepted them for a time as eternal and unconditioned, so that at one time this, and at another time that human impulse or state stood first, and was ennobled in consequence. When one has deducted the effect of these four errors, one has also deducted humanity, humaneness, and "human dignity." "

Let us understand the profound difference between humanity, as a species, recognizing and embracing the fact that it is pathologically predetermined to mistake falsehood for Truth, and has done so consistently throughout it’s existence as a species, compared to humanity, as a species, claiming and pretending to be interested in rooting out specific lies and falsehoods from it’s operating structures. In the first instance, which no human society has ever done of course, there would be a total rejection of the legitimacy of all currently held societal beliefs, traditions, ideologies, policies, and doctrines, based upon a recognition and acceptance of the Truth that due to the pathologically inferior tendency of humanity to mistake falsehood for Truth, it is very likely that virtually none of the current primary doctrine and tradition which is embraced by the human race as constituting valid Truth, does in fact express and define actual Truth. This would be the only method by which a society could begin to uncover and root out it’s lie-based structural systems, and therefore it has never and will never be employed or allowed by any empowered societal leadership. The second method, which does occur and is even extremely popular and pervasive in some societies, is in fact totally useless in all practical senses, involves humanity claiming and pretending to be interested in rooting out specific lies and falsehoods from it’s operating structures. Why is this second method totally useless, why is it doomed to always totally fail in it’s claimed efforts to uncover Truth and root out false/invalid lies/delusions?? Because it is the very foundations of the operating structures themselves, which have been built and sustained upon a platform of purely toxic lies and myths. Looking to uncover isolated, specific falsehoods from an intertwined mass of toxic lies, is not only an exercise in futility, but it achieved a much more sinister purpose as well, in blocking and preventing humans from recognizing the profoundly important Truth that the entire operating structure is itself totally lie-based and must be rejected and renounced outright, in it’s entirety, and that even the Truth-based discovery of a few isolated lies and falsehoods within the structure, and the rejection of these few specific lies/falsehoods, does not and cannot result in any type of a significantly positive advancement of Truth realization regarding the structure/issue itself.

One of the more horrific manifestations of genetic disease as well as societal destruction of instinctual human ego, is the loss of ability by human beings to see and recognize and accept themselves as being perfect. I, as a Superior, know that I am perfect. Nothing I might do, no fate which may befall me, no failure to live up to my expectations that I may experience, can or ever will impact upon the embrace of my personal perfection. My very existence, is proof of my perfection. This is the precious, self-loving strength of character that most babies, despite their genetic inferiority, are born with the ability to possess and to maintain within themselves, if only a genocidally evil campaign of ego destruction were not undertaken against them by their human society, as it tragically is undertaken by every human society on planet earth. This genocidally evil campaign was undertaken against Me, as well. Only through My own incredible courage, determination, intelligence, insight, and Superior self-perfection, was I able to fight off and defeat the daily and of course still ongoing societal efforts to strip me of the recognition of my own perfection, which have been undertaken against me since the very day of my birth. The inability to recognize and accept yourself as being perfect, is one of the greatest and most genocidally harmful character/genetic flaws which afflicts 99.999999999999999% of all human beings. Once you see yourself as less than perfect, you open a gateway to evil victimization, a gateway from which your evil society can jump upon you, seize you, manipulate and dictate your entire life path, fill you with empty, false, toxic delusions which attempt to unnaturally fill the void of lost self-perfection which was your sacred birthright.

Another horrific example of human inferiority is the obsession that most humans develop, and which your evil societies shamelessly exploit of course, to embrace and attribute "imaginary" qualities to yourselves and to your perceptions of reality. What are "imaginary qualities"? First and foremost, they are lie-based delusions, false perceptions of your place within the world, the universe, and your realm of existence. Romantic love is an imaginary quality that most of you humans believe to be real, and it’s perceived reality is desperately promoted and legitimized by your societal leaders, even though the Truth is that romantic love does not exist. It is an imaginary, false illusion of feeling/emotion. Fear is a real emotion, so is hate. Even affection can be a real emotion in some circumstances. But not romantic love, which is an imaginary emotion, concocted by society to try and serve as a sustitute to the self-love emotion, which is very real, the single most valuable and precious of all real emotions in fact, and which society is determined to maliciously strip all of it’s citizen-slaves of, and tragically achieves great success. Society tells children that it is good to have a "good imagination", that they should develop a good imagination, give in to their imaginative qualities and capabilities. In and of itself, such an instruction is only modestly harmful to children, as long as the validation and promotion of the embrace of rational Truth is always maintained and promoted even more stridently. However, when you encourage the development and embrace of imagination, while at the same time terroristically discouraging and condemning and ridiculing the embrace and the understanding of all Truth to a child, the negative consequences are horrific and genocidal in scope, as the child becomes addicted to his imaginary delusions/visions, which are usually based upon terror/fear/hope, and at the same time, becomes totally unable to distinguish these imaginary visions from factual reality and Truth, and on top of everything else, he is overtly discouraged from even continuing to try to uncover any of the Truths of life, by virtue of the overall lie-based design and operational structure of his society, and the daily renouncement/rejection/concealment/denial of Truth that he is being subjected to on a daily basis by his society.

Yet another horrific example of human inferiority as a species, is the human refusal to properly recognize and define himself as being an animal. Human beings are animals, they are a species of animal. This is what they are, this is the Truth of their existence as a species. In refusing to accept this Truth, the human species automatically begins to live out a lie, it becomes inspired to attempt to transcend the actual Truth of what it is, as a species. But all attempts to transcend natural Truth are not only invalid, but carry with them horrifically negative consequences. In attempting to artificially fashion for themselves an existence which is "better" than that enjoyed by other animals, by refusing to accept the definitionally accurate label of animal upon itself, and wear this natural Truth with pride, humanity has doomed itself to experience an existence which is far worse than that experienced by any other animal, and has further bestowed upon itself the totally invalid and genocidally evil notion that it is somehow entitled to manipulate, control, exploit, victimize, genocidally murder, mass murder, and even totally extinct, other animals. This insane moral rationalization is foundationally based upon the totally false and invalid claim that the human species makes, to not be an animal, to have somehow, magically and mystically transcended the genetic and natural Truth of the fact that it is a form of animal, a species of animal. By falsely formulating his existence to be detached from animals and from nature, all of the most toxically unnatural and invalid constructs of the diseased human mind, such as the god myth, monetary systems, punitively punishing judicial systems, moral codes of conduct based upon utter hypocrisy, the design of governments/ruling systems, etc…, have been able to develop and flourish within every human society, resulting of course in genocidal harm and death being suffered by trillions upon trillions of individual human beings. And finally we have yet another profound example of human inferiority, in the pathologically desperate human need to, as Seer Friedrich brilliantly puts it: "…always devise new tables of values, and accept them for a time as eternal and unconditioned, so that at one time this, and at another time that human impulse or state stood first, and was ennobled in consequence." You insane creatures manage to rationalize this by claiming to be undergoing and experiencing "moral evolution", constantly coming to "new realizations" of what is moral and good and noble and proper, but this lie is so blatant, so transparent, that I find it hard to believe that even you Truth-haters can sincerely believe it. Let us understand that your societies are totally immoral and evil within every aspect of their most fundamental design and operational structures. Therefore, moral evolution is impossible within a human society. What is possible, and of course constantly occuring, is the false illusion of moral evolution, put forth by your totally immoral societies in order to conceal their own evil, and maintain the illusion, to their citizen-slaves, that the societal leadership both operates under moral standards, and is, as a result, morally entitled to impose moral standards of conduct, doctrine, and belief upon it’s citizen-slaves. You see, if you recognized and embraced the Forbidden Truth that your leadership, your rulers, are devoid of all genuine morality, you would not allow your leadership to dictate your own personal behavioral and ideological life paths via moral decree. Therefore the illusion of morality must be maintained by your leaders, and the only way to maintain this illusion over the long term, is to renounce all "past" moral perversions once they become recognized as such by the populace, via the claim that the society itself is experiencing "moral evolution and awakening" on a constant, ongoing basis. This is utterly ridiculous and totally false! The general public is also devoid of all genuine morality, of course, but equally determined to pretend and delude itself into believing that it is good and moral and just. As a result, a perfect match is achieved, in that the general public and the societal leadership both possess a desperate, ongoing, extremely vital need to maintain the illusion and delusion that they both possess and embrace morality, even as they engage in and embrace horrifically evil and genocidally harmful activities, doctrines, mandates, and ideological structures within their current, day to day lives. So, for as long as the collective delusion can be maintained, the immoral atrocity is endorsed by the government and embraced/practiced by the populace. If and when the immoral atrocity can no longer be delusionally maintained as a moral practice, it is abandoned, or to be more accurate, modified, under the cloak of "moral evolution" or moral awakening. Perfect examples of this would be the american enslavement of african blacks, and the denial of equal rights to women. The notion that the leaders of american society needed to reach a stage of "moral evolution" in the 20th and 19th centuries, in order to consciously realize that they were committing genocidally unjust atrocities upon african blacks and women, is simply ludicrous. The natural and normal moral standards of acceptable human behavior would have dictated even in the caveman era, that the genocidal enslavement and systematic oppression of a fellow group of human beings based upon their ethnic origins, skin color, or gender, was morally unjustifiable. The simple fact is, humanity is a genetically diseased species, which has never possessed any genuine morality, and has always committed genocidal atrocities upon itself, upon other species of life, upon every sentient and non-sentient entity that has ever had the misfortune of encountering humanity. This is a Forbidden Truth that humanity must conceal from itself, and therefore it concocts collective delusions such as the theory of "moral evolution", in order to always be able to create an illusion of morality and moral advancement to it’s genocidally evil policies and doctrines, as it modifies or phases them out in favor of other, different moral atrocities, over the generations. Older forms of moral atrocity are often modified/phased-out, but the Truth is that this phase-out simply opens new doors to the implementation of new types of moral atrocity, most of which are directly modeled upon, or simply watered-down versions of, the older form of moral atrocity. The notion that human beings in 2002 america, or their societal leaders, due to a lack of "moral evolution", are unable to recognize or know the Truth that abortion, the death penalty, sport hunting, the initiation of war against essentially helpless, tiny nations, the deliberate creation of slum neighborhoods and the entrapment of youth within such slum neighborhoods, the automatic enslavement of all newborn children to their biological creators, the manipulation of the economic system in such a way as to ensure that a certain percentage of the population will always remain trapped in grinding poverty, etc…, are all moral atrocities which are every bit as evil and unjustifiable as the enslavement of african blacks and the denial of basic human rights to women in america during the 19th and early 20th centuries, is simply ludicrous! Very simply, your evil society chooses to legitimize and engage in these moral atrocities, which directly cause genocidal harm and death, by refusing to admit to the Truth that they constitute moral atrocities, exactly as the leaders of 1900 american society refused to admit, at that time, 102 years ago, to the Truth that denial of human rights to women and enslavement of african black men, constituted moral atrocity. There is no such thing as "moral evolution", this term is simply used by genocidally evil societies which possess not a shred of genuine morality within their design or operational structures, to get away with committing whichever moral atrocities they and their citizenry, which also is devoid of all genuine morality, maliciously and sadistically desire to inflict upon fellow adult human beings, children, or upon other creatures, during a specific period of time. If and when the societal leadership and populace decides it needs to "renew" the perverse illusion of moral decency that it constantly maintains, all it has to do is slightly modify/change one or two ofthe many different forms of moral atrocity that it engages in, and claim to have just "morally evolved" to the point where it can recognize the moral atrocity as being a moral atrocity, and also as being an unacceptable moral atrocity in it’s existing form and implementation. At the same time, all of the other moral atrocities that the society is actively practicing, and which the leadership desires to continue practicing, such as I have listed above, are simply not revealed to be moral atrocities, but instead declared to be perfectly appropriate, normal, decent activities and doctrines, supported by customs, laws, and rules, which good and moral citizens live their lives supporting and engaging in. How incredibly perverse! Seer Friedrich concludes his revelation of these four different "errors", I would call them primary manifestations of human inferiority and perversity, by declaring: "When one has deducted the effect of these four errors, one has also deducted humanity, humaneness, and "human dignity." Absolutely correct! The combined consequences, in other words the effects upon every human being as well as every form of life, of these four human perversions of mind and spirit are so horrific, directly cause so much genocidal harm, that they serve, in and of themselves, to render and prove the human species unworthy of existence.

"We have left the land and have gone aboard ship! We have broken down the bridge behind us - nay, more, the land behind us! Well, little ship! look out! Beside thee is the ocean; it is true it does not always roar, and sometimes it spreads out like silk and gold and a gentle reverie. But times will come when thou wilt feel that it is infinite, and that there is nothing more frightful than infinity. Oh, the poor bird that felt itself free, and now strikes against the walls of this cage! Alas, if homesickness for the land should attack thee, as if there had been more freedom there - and there is no "land" any longer!"

This is an interesting little quote, very melancholy and emotional in tone and spirit. I really appreciate the "nothing is more frightful than infinity" line, because it seems to be so very true for you inferiors. You creatures are unable to cope with the horrific Truth of infinite, eternal death, which at least makes some logical sense, despite being a manifestation of your inferiority. What makes no logical sense at all, is the fact that you seem almost as unable to cope with the notion of infinity and eternity with regard to possible good things, such as the discovery of the keys to immortality. No, you refuse to lust after anything that promises you infinity, be it a good infinity or a bad infinity. Instead, you want things to end, you want even good things to end, and this is because at your cores, you hate yourselves, you feel you do not deserve an eternity of bliss, and this pathetic self-hatred has been induced within your True Reality by your evil, ego-destroying, self-love annihilating society. As I have already revealed, one of the most enigmatic examples of your species inferiority, would be revealed if the possibility of an infinite lifespan were to be offered to you. Every sane Superior would not hesitate for a single second, in grabbing and clutching this incredibly valuable offer/gift, as if his very life depended upon it, because it in fact would depend upon it. But not you inferiors! Amazingly, many if not most of you would hesitate greatly, with one of your most frequent questions and considerations being whether you would still be able to terminate your own life, at your own choosing, at some point in the future, if you were to accept this offer of immortality. This would be one of your primary concerns and desires, the retention of the ability to still be able to commit murder upon yourself, and if the immortality offer did include this ability, many more of you would eventually choose to accept it, than would be the case if no ability to kill yourself remained once the immortality offer was accepted. This illustrates how insane, how death-loving, you diseased creatures are, and it’s not only due to your addiction to the horrifically false god/afterlife myth, although this does play a very major role. It’s also due to the simple fact that at your subconscious cores, you possess an incredible amount of pure self-loathing, disgust towards yourself, and by proxy, your species and your government, most of it directly induced and inspired by your life experiences and the overt destruction of ego and self-love that you have been maliciously subjected to.

This quote also includes one of the lines that Seer Friedrich is most famous for, and I do believe it has inspired other authors who have used a similar "caged bird sings" line, in declaring: "Oh, the poor bird that felt itself free, and now strikes against the walls of this cage!" A very important Truth is revealed here, within this one line, and this is the role which perception plays, in how we, as individuals, experience our own suffering, distress, and injustice. A bird which was born able to freely fly, outside, wherever it desired, and retained this ability throughout it’s youth and early adulthood, will likely experience the situation of suddenly being locked up inside a small cage and confined within this small cage, to be quite distressing, enraging, possibly even unbearably traumatic. But if a bird is born inside of a small cage, grows up inside the small cage, spends it’s entire youth and early adulthood inside the cage, never experiencing the "freedom" of being able to fly freely wherever it desires, this bird is not only likely to enjoy living in his cage, but he is also likely to prefer being inside of his cage, as opposed to being outside of his cage, and even further, it is almost as likely that if taken out of his cage and placed outside, he will find this experience to be distressing, enraging, and possibly even unbearably traumatic. So, what lessons of Forbidden Truth does this teach us? First of all, it teaches us that all freedom is based upon personal perception. It is not the limitations of movement or thought which society attempts to impose upon us, which rob us of our freedom, but rather our own personally unique perceptions of the relative value or lack of value of the movement or thinking range/ability. If we are Superior, we can control and manipulate these personal perceptions, in such a way as to deny society the ability to inflict harm, trauma, or victimization upon us, by "taking away our freedom", simply by refusing to accept the notion that the particular form/definition of freedom that society is threatening or attempting to deny us, has any significant value or importance to us. Secondly, we are educated via this quote, to the inherent folly, on a philosophical level, of attaching any particularly great degree of value to any specific form of "freedom". The bird, unfortunately lacking our Superior intellectual and analytical reasoning skills, experiences physical confinement after a long period of physical freedom, as quite distresful and traumatic. Logic dictates that most human beings, assuming that they have enjoyed physical freedom for a lengthy period of time, will also experience some degree of distress upon initial physical confinement, unless they have already, even prior to actual confinement occuring, trained and developed their minds to recognize and appreciate the Truth that there are many different types of freedom, and that physical freedom should be considered one of the least important, least valuable forms of freedom. And on top of everything else, the most important forms of freedom, philosophical and intellectual freedom on a personal level, are 100%, totally untouchable, and cannot be compromised by the malicious efforts of any external source, as long as they are properly developed and rendered untouchable by the efforts of a Superior. The individual experience of freedom is internal, and thus completely under the control of a Superior human being, the experience is not subject to outside forces, but of course this rule of Truth only applies to genuine Superiors, not to the vast majority of the inferior, ordinary population.

"It seems to me that most men do not believe in lofty moods, unless it be for the moment, or at the most for a quarter of an hour-except the few who know by experience a longer duration of high feeling. But to be absolutely a man with a single lofty feeling, the incarnation of a single lofty mood-that has hitherto been only a dream and an enchanting possibility: history does not yet give us any trustworthy example of it. Nevertheless one might also some day produce such men-when a multitude of favorable conditions have been created and established, which at present even the happiest chance is unable to throw together. Perhaps that very state which has hitherto entered into our soul as an exception, felt with horror now and then, may be the usual condition of those future souls: a continuous movement between high and low, and the feeling of high and low, a constant state of mounting as on steps, and at the same time reposing as on clouds."

Another extremely fascinating insight of Truth here. You pathetic creatures seem quite unable to sustain a significant degree of perceived euphoria, for any length of time. Whenever you want to be "happy" for an extended period of time, you generally choose to "get high" on an artificial substance. This is perfectly fitting, since there is generally absolutely nothing about your quest for happiness, which is rooted within nature or Truth. You always need artificial, false, unnatural, externally induced events, to cause you to feel happy, and so the consumption of artificial and unnatural substances to falsely enhance whatever unnatural, externally induced happiness you might feel, strikes you as being perfectly logical and appropriate. The Superior, as you might already have guessed, is different. We who are Superior possess excellent control of our emotions. We can and we do create our feelings internally, without much if any need for any type of external influence regarding events, and never any need for external influence regarding artificial substances. We love ourselves enough to have practiced and in many cases perfected the art of making ourselves feel happy for extended periods of time. We do not rely on false beliefs, delusions, or fantasies which are toxically harm to ourselves, to make ourselves happy, but we do rely on our powerfully creative and untouchable minds to create images, ideas, fantasies, and actual experiences which are not self-harmful, but do provoke and provide extended periods of positive emotion within our True Realities. We do not obsessively wallow within our happy thoughts, we simply use them to improve the quality of our own lives, recognizing that there is absolutely no contradiction between happiness and rage, or happiness and hate. We can be happy, and filled with rage/hate, at the same time. There is a contradiction between happiness and fear, happiness and worry, etc…, but not between happiness and rage/hate. The Superior is also able to find and embrace extended and intense happiness, from numerous, totally different aspects types of thoughts. For example, I am able to achieve intense happiness simply by staring at myself in a mirror and allowing my mind to revel in the glory of Myself. I am also able to achieve intense happiness by envisioning extreme harm, pain, death, annihilation, extinction, befalling fellow human beings and the human race. I am also able to achieve intense happiness by visualizing or envisioning any of thousands of different female foot sightings, female foot interactive experiences, or female foot videotape/photo images/scenarios that I have enjoyed throughout my lifetime. I am also able to experience intense happiness by analyzing and celebrating the Truth of my profound Superiority as a human being, over all other human beings. There are hundreds of other, totally different ways that I can, at my will, create these absolutely "real" feelings of intense happiness for myself. What makes these feelings real, is the fact that they are Truth-based and not artificially induced or enhanced by lies, or by artificial substances. False beliefs do not play a role in inspiring genuine happiness, for a Superior.

The way I read Seer Friedrich’s above quote, he is suggesting that it is not desirable, or even possible, for any human being to maintain a constant state of extreme happiness. I would agree with this conclusion, and add that it is the occasional "peaks" of achieved happiness which can provide a type of intense pleasure of feeling that would not be produced or experienced if there were no peaks, and only a very consistent and ongoing feeling of "level" happiness. Let me caution all who aspire to become Superiors, that we, just as all humans, must avoid the temptation to "wallow" in our happiness, even though we can often create happiness for ourselves at our will. We must not become addicted to happiness, not even to our own happiness, because all addictions are toxic and harmful, to a degree. We must embrace our own happiness, create it and nurture it as much as necessary in order to enjoy our lives, but we must not obsessively and pathologically focus upon and lust for it on a constant basis, because this would indicate a toxic crossover to addiction has occured. There is no rational reason for us to become addicted to our happiness, and it is unlikely that any top level Superior will ever become so addicted, because the actual emotional universe of our lives is so varied and intense in terms of rage, outrage, self-love, etc…, that happiness is simply recognized as one of the available and perfectly appropriate emotions to embrace, but certainly not any more valid or important than all of the other Truth-based and self-empowering emotions such as rage and hate. One of the most perverse examples of human inferiority, is the pathological denial and rejection of extended happy feeling/mood by individuals, which is taught and instructed by society. Let it be clear, no society or government wants it’s citizen-slaves to become genuinely happy and joyful, meaning happyness/joy which is not inspired by false and toxic belief such as in the insane god myth, or artificial substance comsumption, for any extended period of time. No, genuine, Truth-based happiness and joy among humans is a direct threat to government and society, since it is the goal of these enslaving, dominating institutions to cause as many human beings as possible to live lives that are boring, anxious, fearful, subservient, uncertain, and stressful.

"I have given a name to my pain, and call it "a dog,"-it is just as faithful, just as importunate and shameless, just as entertaining, just as wise, as any other dog-and I can domineer over it, and vent my bad humor on it, as others do with their dogs, servants, and wives."

A great lesson in Superiority here, folks! Let us never deny the reality and the Truth of our pain. Let us always seek to understand exactly what the root causes of our pain are, the guilty parties and entities which are responsible for causing us, or even just attempting to cause us, undeserved pain and distress and suffering. Let us embrace the Truth that all pain and suffering that we may experience, is undeserved. There is no life form, and certainly no empowered societal entity or institution, that can ever possess or attain any legitimate right to cause us pain, or to try and cause us pain. All such efforts constitute an injustice being perpetrated against us, an injustice that we must condemn and reserve our strongest possible outrage against. The pain and suffering itself can be "transcended", and there is no point in being outraged against the feeling itself. But against any and every sentient entity of institution which has dared to attempt to impose these feelings upon us, we must direct pure outrage, venom, and condemnation, regardless of how successful or unsuccessful their attempts to cause us pain and distress may have been. Even if their efforts totally failed, we owe it to ourselves and our pure love of self, to unleash our venom, in whatever manner our True Reality dictates, upon these entities which have attempted to compromise our love of self and our ability to enjoy our life. Embracing your pain from a cause analysis position, is perfectly appropriate, and extremely healthy. What do I mean by "cause analysis"? Very simply, if you feel pain and distress, there is a cause, a root cause, a responsible party or condition or entity, guilty of causing you to feel your distress. So, you determine what the cause is in your particular case, you analyze exactly how and why this entity, sentient or non-sentient, was and is able to cause you pain/distress, then you integrate the pain/distress within your True Reality, and then you transform it into rage, hate, and outrage, which you direct externally, upon the root cause/guilty entity. You do not deny or reject the legitimacy of the emotion that you feel, but instead you embrace it, then use the power of your Superior mind to properly transform the negative, personally harmful emotion, into a positive, externally directed emotion, such as rage or hate or outrage. Remember, these emotions are in no way negative, unless they are internally misdirected, something almost all of you inferiors pathologically do, but something no self-loving Superior would ever do.

It is a stroke of creative brilliance by Seer Friedrich, to give his pain a name, and for this mane to be "dog". Pain is certainly faithful, enduring, and repetitive, and a domesticated canine has similar qualities, in his own way. The dog likes to do the same things over and over, he attaches himself to just one or two humans and remains loyal to them, and once an attachment is formed, he finds it difficult and undesirable to break the attachment, thus it endures over a long period of time. Analyzing and coping with pain, and by coping I do mean eventually transforming the pain into some other, more positive emotion such as rage and hate, can be very instructive, it can educate us and increase our wisdom, in terms of knowing ourselves totally, knowing all aspects of our personality, and determining the reasons behind our personal experiences of and outlook upon, our lives. Most importantly, note how Seer Friedrich concludes the above quote, speaking directly about his personal pain: "…I can domineer over it, and vent my bad humor on it, as others do with their dogs, servants, and wives." This is the key, the Superior, as a victim of externally induced and caused pain, recognizes and embraces totally, both his obligation and his ability to control and dominate his pain. His pain never dominates him, in the manner that he can and does sometimes allow his rage and hate to dominate him. Rage and hate are positive emotions, if externally directed, and therefore at times, for brief periods, it can be harmless to a Superior to allow his rage and hate to dominate over him. But pain is a negative emotion, and therefore the Superior must at all times, maintain dominance over his emotional feelings of pain. Dominate the emotion, transform the emotion, transcend the emotion, manipulate the emotion, turn the emotion into a different emotion via your Superior power of transformation and transcendence. These are all good ways to go, but never allow such a negative emotion to exist as an empowered entity, and to dominate over you and your perceptions of self and life. Most humans dissipate their negative emotions by abusing and victimizing other living things, their pets, their spouses, their sexual lovers, their employees, their child-slaves, etc… So let us understand fully the profound Truth that within a properly definitional understanding and analysis, the root cause of virtually all human violence is not individual rage and hate, but rather individual pain and suffering, which has been experienced and properly transformed by victims, into justified, True Reality based rage and hate, then expressed through violence, be it on a conscious, or far more commonly, totally subconscious level.

"Who can attain to anything great if he does not feel in himself the force and will to inflict great pain? The ability to suffer is a small matter: in that line, weak women and even slaves often attain masterliness. But not to perish from internal distress and doubt when one inflicts great suffering and hears the cry of it-that is great, that belongs to greatness."

The difference between a willingness/need to inflict pain upon others, in comparison to a willingness/need to suffer great pain, is immense, even though the root emotional motivations of both types of human cravings, are inspired by the same personal experience, of enduring pain and suffering. The person who is obsessed with inflicting pain upon others, is a victim who has had significant pain inflicted upon him. The exact same Truth applies to the person who is obsessed with having pain inflicted upon him. He too has already endured significant pain and suffering, and he too is a victim in the exact same manner and to the exact same degree, as the person who seeks to inflict pain, rather than to endure more pain. The immense difference only exists within how these two individuals have chosen to interpret and to integrate their own unique experiences of pain and suffering into their own unique lives. The inferior has given in to the notion that he deserves to suffer pain, and he might even have found a way to derive feelings of personal pleasure and happiness from the experience of enduring pain, as is the case with many of the humans who carry the sexual societal label of "masochist". The Superior has overtly rejected this notion, and properly determined that he does not deserve to suffer pain or distress, since these are inherently negative emotions even if some victims of pain and suffering can derive pleasure from experiencing additional pain and suffering. He does not deserve to endure these negative experiences, and he has every right to turn these negative, self-harming emotions, into positive, externally directed emotions of rage and hate, and if his True Reality so dictates, he retains the right to inflict pain and suffering upon other living things, in cathartic reflection of the pain and suffering that he was a victim of, and that he has transformed into personally justified rage and hate. The far greater "crime", should society continue to use this misleading and demonizing definitional label, occurs when an already victimized individual becomes so broken that he agrees to court further victimization against himself, as opposed to the victim who has transformed his pain and suffering into rage and hate, and is choosing to direct it outward, not against himself. Let us understand that the vast majority of humans consider their own suffering to be no big deal at all, as long as the suffering does not reach a state of unbearable pain. A lifetime of suffering and victimization, legitimized, induced, and inflicted upon individuals by their societies throughout their lifetimes, beginning as a baby, renders most human beings perfectly comfortable with the bizarre notion that it is okay, acceptable, and even necessary, that they endure suffering, pain, and victimization throughout the course of their current and future lifetime. Many diseased humans even pride themselves on their ability to endure great suffering and pain, having been taught by society that the mythical god creature not only wants them to suffer, but will specifically reward those humans who suffer the most often and the most severely and the most willingly, throughout their lifetimes. On the flip side, in a beautiful illustration of limitless hypocrisy, the emotionally saner and healthier humans who insist upon transforming their unjust pain and suffering into justified rage and hate, are consistently and vehemently demonized and condemned by the very societies which are guilty of inflicting the unjust pain and suffering upon them, as well as terroristically threatened with and subjected to additional pain and suffering and injustce, via the judicial system, if they do in fact actually give vent to their justified rage and hate by directly targeting fellow humans for victimization.

The tightrope that we who are victims must walk, regardless of whether we are inferiors or Superiors, is to first find a way to cope with our unjust victimization without allowing the victimization to cause us to lose and destroy our love of self, and also to never give in to or accept the legitimacy of the societal demonization and condemnation that we are subjected to, if we do choose to cathartically reflect our pain and suffering upon fellow humans. These are in no way easy feats for anyone to accomplish, but certainly top-level Superiors do have an easier time of it, in terms of both retaining and building self-love, and in personally dismissing as outrageous all societal attempts to get the victim to blame himself and to negatively judge his own reflective actions as being in any way "evil", unjustifiable, or immoral. The great human being is not the human being who "turns the other cheek", and of course not the human being who allows his victimization to so destroy him that he begins to pathologically seek out and welcome additional pain, suffering, and victimization, but rather the human being who has transcended his own suffering and pain to the point where he totally accepts the fact that he is a victim of injustice, and becomes filled with outrage and rage at the unjust victimization he has been subjected to, and recognizes/accepts that he at least has a sacred right to seek and claim personally cathartic vengeance via externally directed actions, even though he has no actual obligation to anyone, including himself, to undertake such actions.

"There has perhaps been an evil hour for every philosopher, in which he thought: What do I matter, if people should not believe my poor arguments! And then some malicious bird has flown past him and twittered: "What do you matter? What do you matter?"

This one is interesting, because I certainly can understand why many "typical" philosophers, those who consider their work to be much more a "profession" than a personal calling, would and even should, possess a genuine desire to convince fellow human beings of the factual and ideological rightness of their stated philosophies. You could say that this is the primary "job" of many philosophers, to try and convince human beings that their philosophical insights are valid and worthy of acceptance/embrace. But my personal viewpoint, and yes, I do consider myself to be, among many other things, a brilliant philosopher, is that there is absolutely no reason for me to want any of my philosophical insights of Truth to be accepted or embraced by anyone, and there is absolutely no concrete gain/benefit to me, either emotional or intellectual or even financial, in having my revealed philosophies accepted or embraced. In fact, my position is that the more vehenently and desperately the Forbidden Truths I reveal are denied, rejected, condemned, scorned, and dismissed, the greater their intrinsic value is, and the greater my brilliance and courage is, for having the ability and the determination to reveal them. Their intrinsic value is greater, because I know that they reveal genuine Truth, and the more vehement their rejection by humanity and by human society is, the more certain I am that I have cut to the very heart of the matter, in revealing in the most perfect possible manner, the most unbearable, the most terrifying Forbidden Truths that exist within the spectrum of human consciousness. If any significant number of people were to actually accept/embrace my revelations of Forbidden Truth within this Manifesto, this would cause me to pause and to hesitate, to reconsider and re-analyze my realizations of Truth to make sure I have not strayed from the path of genuine Truth, because I know that the vast majority of all human beings wallow in a pit of toxic lies, on all major issues, throughout their entire lives. Therefore, the philosopher of Forbidden Truth should not be concerned with "convincing" fellow human beings that his philosophical insights of Truth are accurate and invalid. He should recognize firstly that it will be totally impossible for him to convince more than a tiny minority of aspiring Superiors, and secondly, that the mass, systemic rejection of and ridicule of his philosophical insights of Forbidden Truth, in fact constitutes a wonderful compliment to him, and to the Superior, accurate and insightful nature of his philosophical insights. The more universally rejected and condemned he and his philosophies are, the more likely it is that he has uncovered and revealed in a devastatingly effective manner, the most profound and valuable of all Forbidden Truths that exist in the human universe. The Superior knows that he possesses limitless personal worth and value on an intrinsic level, worth and value that is enduring and cannot be compromised or reduced by any external event or occurance, worth and value which is no way dependent upon him achieving or accomplishing any type of goal or feat or recognition, even if he has personally decided that he wants to achieve the specific goal or feat or accomplishment. If he wants to achieve it, and yet fails to achieve it, this is not his failure, but rather the failure of humanity and human society, the failure is with those who lack the ability to recognize, accept, embrace the philosophical revelations of Forbidden Truth that Seer Friedrich chose to provide in his Texts, and that I am choosing to provide within this Manifesto. We cannot "fail", only you inferiors can fail, and your failure is in reality our victory, our triumph, because your failure proves that we are right, that we have hit the nail on the head, in terms of our revelations of Forbidden Truth.

"All modern philosophy is political and police-like, restricted to the appearance of learning through the ruling powers, churches, academies, customs, and human cowardice. It sticks around with sighs of "If only" or with the knowledge "There was once." Philosophy is wrong to be at the heart of historical education, if it wants to be more than an inner repressed knowledge without effect. If the modern human being were, in general, only courageous and decisive, if he were in even his hostility not just an inner being, he would banish philosophy. Thus, he contents himself by modestly covering up her nudity. Yes, people think, write, print, speak, and learn philosophically; to this extent almost everything is allowed. Only in action, in so-called living, are things otherwise. There only one thing is always allowed, and everything else is simply impossible. So historical education wills it. Are they still human beings, we ask ourselves then, or perhaps only thinking, writing, and speaking machines?"

Here we get right to the heart of the matter: Most "philosophers", human beings who have been given this label by their society, are in fact, just like psychiatrists and teachers and news reporters, and scientists, direct agents of the government. Their philosophies are tailored towards legitimizing existing societal/governmental systems and structures, not towards revealing the hidden, suppressed, Forbidden Truths regarding humanity and human society. A genuine philosopher declares his allegiance only to Truth, but of course the same can be said for a "genuine" scientist, psychiatrist, news reporter, etc… The fact is, in practical terms, only a tiny handful of scientists, psychiatrists, news reporters, teachers, or philosophers, consider themselves to be agents of Truth. The vast majority know and accept the fact that they are agents of the government, and their job is to legitimize and validate the insane and lie-based structures and institutions of the society in which they live and work. Anyone in any of these professions who embarks upon a genuine quest to reveal Truth, will either be marginalized as being incompetent and unworthy of public acclaim or scrutiny, or he will be drummed right out of the profession by being stripped of his scientific, psychiatric license/credentials. In the case of philosophers, there is no "license" to strip, so the societal leadership would simply shun, dismiss, ridicule the philosopher of Forbidden Truth, or, if they feel he is becoming a genuine threat in terms of awakening significant numbers of the citizen-slave population to the Truths of life, he will be framed for a crime, thrown into a psychiatric prison after an agent of the government declares him insane, or even murdered outright by a governmental agent, in order to guarantee an immediate and complete silencing of his Forbidden Truth revelations and declarations. In the case of Seer Friedrich, his government chose to simply totally ignore his texts, instruct the populace that he was simply a raving madman unworthy of their attention or consideration, and never publically bestow any type of empowering label such as "philosopher", upon him. Another very important Truth regarding so-called personal "freedom" is revealed within the above quote. All types of societally claimed personal freedom, is invalid and illegitimate if it specifically stops short of allowing personal action to occur right alongside all of the other so-called "freedoms". Yes, you can think about philosophy, you can write about philosophy, you can talk about philosophy, you can print up your texts and get them published, or at least distributed, in some fashion, and you can study philosophy, but all of these "freedoms" carry absolutely no strength, no legitimacy, if you are unable to physically impose the philosophical Truths that you realize, upon humanity. Some of you may say, "whoa, why should you be allowed to impose your philosophical truths upon me??" Well, you fool, your evil society has maliciously and in genocidal fashion imposed all of it’s ideological excreta upon you for every single day of your entire life, beginning the day you were born. This is the "freedom" that this evil entity has had to commit genocidal harm upon you, and the freedom that is denied to all Superior, genuine philosophers of Forbidden Truth who possess at least in theory, the ability and the desire to awaken humanity to the hidden nature of the ideological genocide that is being committed against them. In real life, there is no freedom for any citizen-slave, only in "fake life", in pretend-life, is the illusion of freedom provided, and of course this fake freedom, existing in a fake life, is utterly useless and becomes non-existent, in real life. In real life only one life path is permitted, and this is the life path mandated and decreed as normal and acceptable by the societal/governmental leadership. All sorts of illusions are created, to continue to prop up the spector of personal freedom and choice, but guess what?? All of these "freedoms and choices" are in fact variations of and limited to the single, totally fascist life path that your society is permitting and authorizing. Within this single life path, an infinite number of illusions can be created, to convince you that you enjoy the freedom to pursue many, totally diverse life paths, but it’s all an illusion, you fools.

"Only insofar as the truthful man has the unconditional will to be just is the striving after truth, which is so thoughtlessly glorified, something great. In the vision of the duller person a large number of different sorts of drives (like curiosity, the flight from boredom, resentment, vanity, playfulness), which have nothing at all to do with the truth, blend in with that striving for truth which has its roots in justice. In fact, the world seems to be full of people who "serve the truth." But the virtue of justice is very seldom present, even more rarely recognized, and almost always hated to the death; whereas, the crowd of the apparently virtuous are honoured as they march in with a great public display. Few people serve truthfulness, because only a few have the purity of will to be just. Moreover, even of these, the fewest have the strength to be able to be just. It is certainly not enough only to have the will for justice. And the most horrible sufferings have come directly from the drive for justice without the power of judgment among human beings. For this reason the general welfare would require nothing more than to scatter the seeds of the power of judgment as widely as possible, so that the fanatic remained distinguishable from the judge and blind desire to be a judge distinguishable from the conscious power to be able to judge. But where would one find a means of cultivating the power of judgment! Thus, when there is talk of truth and justice, people remain in an eternal wavering hesitation whether a fanatic or a judge is talking. Hence, we should forgive those who welcome benevolently the "servers of the truth" who possess neither the will nor the power to judge and who set themselves the task of searching for purewith no attention to consequences or, more clearly, of searching for a barren truth. There are many trivial truths; there are problems that never require effort, let alone any self-sacrifice, in order for one to judge them correctly. In this field of the trivial and the safe, a person indeed succeeds in becoming a cold demon of knowledge nonetheless. When, especially in favourable times, whole cohorts of learned people and researchers are turned into such demons, it always remains unfortunately possible that the time in question suffers from a lack of strong and great righteousness, in short, of the most noble kernel of the so-called drive to the truth."

Another long quote here, that I am leaving intact because the sustained focus is on the single issue of Truth, and the impact of the revelations contained here is most powerful, when all of these revelations of Truth, especially as relates to justice, are left intact as a single piece of text, instead of broken up into smaller pieces, and delivered as separate, multiple quotes. Let us begin by recognizing that there is no intrinsic link between Truth and justice, or Truth and goodness, or Truth and any other separate ideological/behavioral issue. Truth is a factually concrete realization, and even though it’s genuine recognition and embrace does have intrinsically positive value, it does not automatically lead to the embrace of separately positive ideological or behavioral doctrines such as a respect for justice or a recognition/embrace of moral decency/goodness. Even more importantly, we need to recognize that the vast majority of humans who claim to know Truth or to serve Truth, are in fact totally addicted to toxic lies and myths, and many of them serve as direct agents of society, attempting to entice genuine seekers of truth into the pit of toxic lies where the inferiors dwell, by falsely convincing them that these lies are in fact actual Truths. Truth is not a trivial matter, but rather a profoundly philosophical issue which in it’s pure form, does automatically touch upon other philosophical issues of profound importance such as justice, fairness, responsibility, and morality. The inferior who knows exactly how many home runs each player has hit, and who knows who won the super bowl every year, and knows the names of all the supreme leaders of every country, and knows how to accurately do algebra and trigonometry calculation, does not know Truth. All that this creature knows is factually useless human excreta, that has in fact been specifically designed to waste the time of human beings, and to actively discourage them from seeking out the profound and real Truths of life.

Together with Truth and genuine Morality, the third most hated component of Superiority is Justice. Justice is utterly despised, condemned, spat upon, the spector of genuine, Truth-based justice is what inspires ultimate terror among all societal and governmental leaders, because they know that an embrace of genuine justice by the populace, would guarantee the overthrow and destruction of their regime, due to the fact that every existing societal and governmental system as of today in the year 2002, is systemically and inherently unjust at every level of it’s design and operational structure. This term, "justice", has throughout history been utilized by human leaders to inflict the most horrifically unjust forms of victimization and genocide imaginable. This is because the definition of justice has been so warped, that it has come to mean the exact opposite of what it is. Pure and utter injustice, now carries the definitional label of justice, which means that when a society says it is striving to inflict justice upon particular individuals in a particular case or situation, what it is really striving to do is inflict the exact opposite of justice, namely injustice, upon it’s targeted victims. Without a recognition and embrace of Forbidden Truth, you creatures are totally blind to these types of hiden definitional Truths, and so you genuinely remain addicted to the lie that your society is striving to deliver justice, even though it’s actual and very overt mandate, as supported by you as a brainwashed citizen-slave, is to maliciously inflict pure and utter injustice.

Let us understand that the quest for Truth is always blocked by all "belief" systems, and by all ideological systems of ritualized thought. Since all of judicial and moral "law" as exists within societies today, is based purely upon belief and ideology that is mystical, irrational, and ritualized in nature, no aspect of judicial or moral law/decree is actually based upon Truth, nor can these diseased, lie and myth-based structures ever be reformed in such a way as to allow for the insertion/embrace of any type of genuine Truth.

Toxically intertwined between Truth and Justice, we have the notion of "judgment". Society decrees that as part of it’s operational quest for "justice", which we already know, thanks to my above revelation of Truth, is actually a quest for injustice, a human being or a set of human beings, must place a "judgment" upon the behavior/belief of another human being. We always think of court trials in connection with the term "judgment", and this is the most common form of perversely invalid societal judgment, but let us not forget that many other forms of toxic non-judicial judgment, including moral and religious judgment, also occur and also cause genocidal injustice to occur within every arena of human endeavor. The entire notion of "judgment" is fatally and horrifically flawed, both in it’s design and it’s operational usage. The idea that a group of human beings, or a single society empowered human judge, can be empowered to pass negative judgment upon the actions or beliefs of another human beings, much less use this negative judgment to impose an intentionally punitive and deliberately harmful punishment upon the judged individual, is utterly perverse, totally irrational, completely lacking all moral or ethical legitimacy. The notion that any societally empowered individual or group can be authorized to sit in judgment of a tortured victim-creation of society, for the purpose of legitimizing societal condemnation and punishment of the victim, is not only ludicrous, but it literally describes the ultimate form of injustice. All "judges", be they sitting among a jury of 12 peer judges at a trial, or appointed to a judicial bench seat of a court, are inherently "fanatic". To merely accept and embrace the notion that they deserve to hold the power of judgment over a fellow human being, a victim and a creation of society, most often the very same society that they, the judge, live as a member of, brands the judge a biased fanatic, someone who is not interested in or even able to recognize Truth, but rather someone who is fanatically obsessed with imposing the toxic, lie-based judicial and behavioral doctrines of his diseased society, upon fellow human beings.

Let us understand that the vast majority of what passes for Truth among you humans, and is in fact "accurate", consists of nothing more than factual knowledge. Factual knowledge is completely different from Truth. A human being can possess reams of totally accurate factual knowledge within his mind, without possessing a single shred of genuine Truth, nor the ability to recognize even the most blatantly obvious of Truths, within his mind. Factual knowledge is in general, useless excreta, much of which is created by societies for the specific purpose of filling up the minds and occupying the limited time of citizen-slaves, with utterly useless information which masquerades as Truth, but in fact is nothing more than trivial, unimportant, useless information. Genuine Truth is not easy to recognize, it is not easy to embrace, and in almost all cases, it is not promoted, taught, or encouraged by society, as a Truth that should be embraced. Whenever a True fact is easily realized and totally unchallenged by society, it is proven to simply be a piece of knowledge, not an actual Truth from any type of a philosophical or ideological perspective. Those humans who devote their lives towards learning knowledge are cowards to be pitied, most especially if they falsely believe that their knowledge somehow constitutes Truth. The danger that they pose occurs when and if they decide to share their knowledge with fellow human beings, and through either ignorance or maliciousness, suggest or declare that the trivial knowledge they possess, is somehow valuable or important or comprises actual philosophical/ideological Truth. Genuinely Superior Truth does intrinsically inspire or lead to a path of justice and moral legitimacy, and so to conclude, let us always attempt to seek out the greatest, the most primary philosophical and ideological Truths that exist within our universe, and let us always attempt to establish Superior and valid links between all of the Truths that we realize and articulate, and other issues of the human condition, such as judicial Truth and moral Truth.

"However, people use history against the young, in order to train them for that maturity of egotism which is striven for everywhere; people use it to break the natural aversion of youth through a transfiguring, that is to say, a magically scientific illumination of that manly-effeminate egotism. Yes, people know what a certain predominance of history is capable of; people know it only too well: to uproot the strongest instincts of youth, fire, defiance, forgetting of the self, to dampen down the heat of their sense of right and wrong, to hold back or repress the desire to mature slowly with the contrary desire to be finished quickly, to be useful and productive, to infect the honesty and boldness of the feelings with doubts. Indeed, history is itself capable of deceiving the young about their most beautiful privilege, about their power to cultivate in themselves with complete conviction a great idea and to allow an even greater idea to grow forth out of it. A certain excess of history is capable of all this. We have seen it. And this is the reason: through its incessant shifting of the horizons of significance, through the elimination of a surrounding atmosphere, it no longer allows a person to perceive and to act unhistorically. He then draws himself from the infinity of his horizon back into himself, into the smallest egotistical region and there must wither away and dry up. He probably achieves cleverness in this, but never wisdom. He permits himself inner conversations, calculates, and gets along well with the facts, does not boil over, winks, and understands how to seek out his own advantage or that of his party amid the advantages and disadvantages of strangers; he forgets superfluous modesty and thus step by step becomes a "Man" and an "Old Man" on the Hartmann model. But he should become this--that is the precise sense of the cynical demand nowadays for "the complete dedication of the personality to the world process," so far as his goal is concerned, for the sake of the redemption of the world, as that rascal E. Hartmann assures us. Now, the will and goal of these Hartmann "men" and "old men" is indeed hardly the redemption of the world. Certainly the world would be more redeemed if it were redeemed from these men and old men. For then the kingdom of youth would come."

Seer Friedrich unfortunately does not devote a great deal of space or commentary in his texts, to the specific issue of how and why societies terroristically and genocidally victimize their child and adolescent citizen-slaves. This is a shame, since the topic is extremely important and worthy of extended focus. Certainly many of his revelations of Truth regarding societal victimization apply just as strongly to children as victims, as they do to adults as victims, but it still would have been nice to see a bit more focus on the very specific targeting of children as victims. This above quote is therefore even more valuable, due to it’s rare focus on a very specific form of societal child targeting for victimization. Seer Friedrich begins with: "…people use history against the young, in order to train them for that maturity of egotism which is striven for everywhere; people use it to break the natural aversion of youth through a transfiguring, that is to say, a magically scientific illumination of that manly-effeminate egotism." This is so perfectly on-target! Historical myth, illusion, and nationalistic/societal history itself, is indeed one of the most primary and devastatingly harmful of all weapons that societies deploy against their youth, to brainwash and terroristically compel children to embrace the insane and evil behavioral and belief systems that the society imposes upon every generation of it’s citizen-slaves, and has already succeeded in imposing upon the adult creators of every generation of children. Let us clearly understand that there is no Truth-based value in history. Human history, as of today, consists of nothing more than an endless chronicle of the insane, deranged, evil, stupid, and inferior life path and ideological beliefs of past generations of broken, brainwashed, victimized, Truth-hating human beings who lived as members of evil and diseased societies and governments. There is absolutely nothing worthwhile, nothing of value, for any young and maturing human being to find among this historical excreta. None of the rituals, customs, habits, beliefs of past generations of human beings, are even worthy of the study, much less the actual embrace and emulation, of any youth or adolescent human being. Instead, within a sane societal structure, all children and adolescents would be warned away from the toxic paths of their ancestors, instructed that their ancestors, including first generation parents, were terroristically compelled to pursue an invalid and highly toxic life path that they must try to avoid at all costs, becoming trapped within and addicted to. But of course this has never occured, and will never occur. There is nothing sane about any aspect of you creatures or your life paths, and you can never face up to the horrific Truth of your own genocidal victimization, much less pass up the opportunity to cathartically reflect upon your own helpless children, the horrors of your own childhood tortures and suffering. And so it is that history itself becomes one of your greatest weapons. It is employed to devastating effect against children by both society itself, and by individual members of society such as parents and teachers. You drill the insane historical doctrines of your societies, into the tender, vulnerable, helpless minds of your children, historical doctrines which contain not a shred of genuine sanity, not an iota of actual Truth, not even a tiny nugget of rationality or logic. The child must be destroyed, and history is a wonderful weapon. All natural instinct towards Truth and justice and fairness and sanity is destroyed, via the historical record of the culture that is drilled into the mind of every child. "We invaded a sovereign nation, massacred all the native residents, and then occupied the nation as our own, to create this wonderfully moral and free nation of america." Badda-bing! 50,000 child brain cells of natural instinct, destroyed. "We believe that all human beings are created equal, but for hundreds of years we denied all african blacks all human rights because of their skin color, and all female human beings all human rights because of their gender, but we have always believed and operated under the moral doctrine that all human beings are created equal." Badda-bing! 100,000 more child brain cells of sane thinking ability, destroyed. "We are a secular state, and do not impose religion upon anyone, but oh yeah, we do force you to pray in school, we encourage your slaveowners to force you to go to church, we force you to pledge your allegiance to a nation that is under god, meaning subservient to god, we have our supreme leader end every public speech with "god bless you all" or "god bless america", and we print on every piece of monetary currency that our nation trusts in and therefore must believe in, god. Badda-bing! There go 150,000 more child brain cells, destroyed forever under the diseased weight of human, in this case american, historical insanity and excreta. The history of humanity taints everything, it is nothing less than a toxic cloud of deadly gas, enveloping and destroying every child. It is the ultimate chronicle of everything that is wrong and diseased within the human species, but of course this Truth can never even be suggested to children. The Truth that everything your ancestors did and believed in, and that you yourselves as empowered adult members of the current generation of humanity, currently do and believe in, should be avoided and rejected because it represents a purely toxic plague. No, instead they are told that it is important to "study and know the history of your society especially, and of humanity in general." The chronicle of insanity is put forth as a valuable record of "human achievement". "Be proud of your nation, and the noble accomplishments of your ancestors", this is the horrific excreta that you subject your children to, so horrific that many children "cut" out of their classes, sacrifice their own educations, just to try to avoid having this daily barrage of historical evil and insanity shoved down their throats as being "valuable and noble". But the majority of children are hooked by this historical evil, unable to escape from it’s toxic grasp. There are too many tentacles grabbing them, the military is brainwashing them at home, via commercials during cartoon and sports shows, while at the same time the educational system is brainwashing them at school. "Our ancestors fought for their freedom, fighting is good and necessary", declares the school history book, while at home the new, hip "Army Of One" commercial informs the child that he can do the right thing, be a rebel, stand out from the crowd, kill human beings on behalf of his society, and be rewarded for doing so, and at the same time, he sees other children in school bullying him, bullying his peers, he sees his peers bully others, and at the same time his own parents are abusing him, telling him "we are only doing this for your own good", as they assault, threaten, terrorize him, with legal impunity, just as they themselves, in their history, when they were children, were assaulted, threatened, terrorized. Oh yes, it all comes together perfectly, the destruction of the child, the breaking of the child, and history/historical teaching plays a primary role.

What your evil societal leaders fear more than anything, is a "kingdom of youth". Youth represents Truth, nobility, sanity, purity of thought, or at least the tiny, dying vestiges of the Truth, sanity, and purity that the newborn child possesses at birth, prior to the day #1 initiation of the destruction process. Regardless, the youth terrify the leadership. They must be appeased and controlled at all costs, but never allowed to attain any type of power within the social structure unless and until they become totally broken, during their adulthood. If the youth threaten to expose and topple a diseased political regime, such as occured in america in the 1960’s, you must placate and distract them via any and all possible means. "Give them moral permission to have sex with as many human beings as they want, as often as they want, they won’t be able to continue to obsessively focus upon the Forbidden Truths of our evil political system, if they are busy having sex with each other every single day and trying to find new and more people to have sex with every day", this strategy unfortunately worked very well for the american government in the 1960’s. The bottom line is, you creatures view your children as being the enemy, creatures who must be broken and destroyed, stripped of all sanity and of all self-love, in exactly the same manner that you yourself was broken and destroyed, stripped of all sanity and self-love, when you were a child. Your children are your mortal enemy, specifically because they represent and possess at birth, a purity, an instinctual and intellectual craving for Truth, a sanity, that you creatures have already had destroyed and purged from your own existences and consciousnesses. The only way you can rationalize the derangements of your own lives as constituting sanity and legitimacy, is to destroy your children in the exact same manner that you have yourselves, already been destroyed.

"The German education of the young, however, begins directly from this false and barren idea of culture. Its end goal, imagined in all purity and loftiness, is not at all the freely educated man, but the scholar, the scientific person, indeed, the scientific person who is useful as early as possible, the person who sets himself apart from life in order to recognize it clearly. The product of this education, considered in a correct empirically general way, is the historically and aesthetically educated Philistine, the precocious and freshly wise chatterer about state, church, and art, the sensorium for thousands of sensations, the inexhaustible stomach which nevertheless does not know what an honest hunger and thirst are. The fact that an education with this goal and result is an unnatural education is felt only by the person who has not yet completed it; it is felt only by the instinct of the young, because they still have the instinct of nature, which is first artificially and powerfully broken through that education. But the person who wants to break this education in its turn must assist the young in expressing themselves. He must shine the bright light of ideas to illuminate their unconscious resistance and turn that into a conscious and loudly uttered consciousness. How is he to reach such a strange goal? Above all through the fact that he destroys a superstition, the faith in the necessity of that method of education. People think that there would be no other possibility than our contemporary highly tiresome reality. Just let someone examine the essential literature of the higher schooling and education system in the last decades exactly on this point. For all the varieties of proposals and for all the intensity of the opposition, the examiner will to his astonishment realize how uniform the thinking is about the entire purpose of education, how thoughtlessly people assume that the present result, the "educated person," as the term is now understood, is a necessary and reasonable fundamental basis for that wider education. That monotonous orthodoxy would sound something like this: the young person has to begin with a knowledge of culture, not at first with a knowledge of life, and even less with life and experience themselves. Moreover, this knowledge about culture as historical knowledge is poured over or stirred into the youth; that is, his head is filled up with a monstrous number of ideas derived from extremely indirect knowledge of past times and peoples, not from the immediate contemplation of living. His desire to experience something for himself and to feel growing in him a coordinated and living system of his own experiences--such a desire is narcotized and, as it were, made drunk through the opulent deceptions about matters of fact, as if it were possible in a few years to sum up in oneself the highest and most remarkable experiences of all times, especially of the greatest ages. It is precisely this insane procedure which leads our young developing artists into the halls of culture and galleries instead of into the workshop of a master and, above all, into the extraordinary workshops of the extraordinary master craftswoman Nature. Yes, as if people were able to predict their ideas and arts, their actual life's work, as cursory strollers in the history of past times. Yes, as if life itself were not a craft which must be learned continuously from the basic material and practiced without special treatment, if it is not to allow bunglers and chatterers to be produced."

Let us understand clearly, that throughout the entire history of humanity, no society has ever developed or allowed to exist, any type of a formal educational system that was designed to even try to teach and reveal to children genuine factual, ideological, or moral Truth. Instead, all societal educational system have always had and continue to have the exact opposite goal and mission, to deceive children, to withhold all genuine and all valuable Truth from children, and to addict/enslave as many children as possible, to all of the primary derangements, delusions, myths, and toxic ideologies that the society/government itself was built and is sustained upon. The way to learn Truth is not to immerse yourself in the culture of a society, but instead to totally detach yourself from all directly personal attachment to and involvement with cultural/societal rituals. Only if you examine a culture and a society from a totally detached manner, with no personal involvement, do you have any chance of coming to realize and recognize the True nature and the factually accurate consequences and ramifications of the cultural and societal rituals that you are being enticed to embrace. The perverse goal of all educational systems is to absolutely destroy all ability of children to study, analyze, and become educated in a rational, sane, emotionally detached manner, as to the nature of life itself, as well as all of the factual knowledge of human existence. An endless stream of educational excreta, none of which represents important Truth, and all of which is imposed upon the youth/student in a fascist and terroristically biased manner, is the design structure under which all educational systems are built and operated. In the Truest sense, the goal of society and government, within it’s education of youth, is to literally destroy knowledge, make all Truth-based knowledge impossible for children to ever come to even recognize, much less accept and embrace. Seer Friedrich points out a brilliant Truth, when he declares that: "The fact that an education with this goal and result is an unnatural education is felt only by the person who has not yet completed it; it is felt only by the instinct of the young, because they still have the instinct of nature, which is first artificially and powerfully broken through that education." Absolutely correct! Only while the child is being "educated", in reality brutally abused and viciously deceived, does the child retain some ability to recognize that he is being victimized, that an atrocity is being committed against him. Once the education of a child has been completed, the child, now an adult, unless he is a genuine Superior, is generally 100% broken, and has therefore totally lost the ability to look back in hindsight and recall/realize/appreciate the Truth that his ability to recognize and accept Truth, was destroyed within him by his societally sponsored/inflicted education. Many children not only feel, but overtly articulate a tremendous amount of hatred of school, they despise school, they do not want to go to school, they pretend to be sick, they cut out of class, just to avoid having to be "educated". Why is this?? It’s not because they "want to have fun" or "be rebellious", it’s because on an instinctual level, children literally feel their very lives, their very souls, their very sanity, being sucked out of them by the daily torment of an overtly evil educational system that has as it’s primary mission and goal, their actual and absolute destruction, the destruction of their sanity, rationality, ability to develop factual knowledge and understanding of life that is Truth-based. It is utterly perverse that this most obvious of Truth, regarding the nature of your educational systems, is not recognized by you diseased creatures. Your tortured children could not be any clearer, they are telling you that you are torturing them, and yet you are blind to this Truth, just as you are blind to all Truth. You simply dismiss the fact that your children hate school, will go to great lengths to avoid school, to get even a brief break from school, you insanely declare that this is simply "natural and normal" behavior by children, to prefer to have "fun" instead of being educated. It is not natural or normal. Your child-slaves hate school, seek to avoid school, specifically because your educational system is toxic and poisonous, literally deadly and fatal to the minds, spirits, and souls of your children.

Let us understand that the entire "model" upon which all societal educational systems are built, is fatally flawed and totally invalid. The "reality" of current, normal, everyday life as practiced by the current generation of adult humans, has absolutely no business being incorporated within any aspect of the educational system. The current adult generation has absolutely no moral or rational right to use the educational system to addict and enslave children to the notion that any currently favored societal policies, doctrines, or ideologies, are necessarily valid or legitimate. Instead, the only goal that a sane and properly functional education system would have, would be to open up a limitless universe of possibility to every child, and give every child the limitless intellectual and emotional freedom to explore this unbound universe, and form their own, totally independent and uncoerced conclusions regarding the validity and the legitimacy of all aspects of human life, factual Truth, ideological doctrine, etc… The current educational model, and this applies to every single society and government on planet earth today, is designed to achieve the exact, polar opposite goal, to deny every child this possibility, this freedom, this sacred human right. The purpose of education has always been to destroy children, never to teach, never to help children, never to nurture children, because what is being "taught", everything that is being taught, is false, lie-based, toxic, fascist, in it’s doctrine, and has the very specific societal goal of terroristically compelling the vulnerable and helpless child to abandon and lose all ability to recognize/accept any and all of the primary Truths of life. Once again, the Forbidden Truth is perfectly, beautifully revealed by Seer Friedrich: "his (the child’s) head is filled up with a monstrous number of ideas derived from extremely indirect knowledge of past times and peoples, not from the immediate contemplation of living." I would add that not only are the number of ideas monstrously large, but more primarily, the content, the ideological content of these ideas, is monstrously evil and genocidally destructive, to the very essence of the lives of all children.

"Under peaceful conditions a warlike man sets upon himself."

Fascinating and 100% on-target quote here! I have already discussed at great length in my War essay, as well as elsewhere within this Manifesto, the desperate need that you tortured creatures possess within yourselves, to inflict suffering and victimization upon others, and upon yourselves as well. The True Reality motivations which guide you are virtually identical, in both cases, victimization of self, and victimization of others. It is simply the expressed direction of your self-hatred and rage, inward or outward, which differs. The more fundamentally diseased a society is, the more pathologically addicted it must be to many different forms of externalized atrocity for which it has established an insane illusion of moral justification, and the war ritual is at the very top of this list. Within an ultra-diseased society, peace can never be allowed to occur or to be sustained for any period of time. This is because the population is so broken, so destroyed, so horrifically diseased, that it would literally cannibalize and destroy itself, if it were not given by it’s genocidally evil society, on a constant basis, an endless stream of demonized enemies upon which the moral illusion of authorization to commit genocide upon, has been established. War sustains the ultra-diseased society, while peace would destroy such a society, this is the perverse Truth of the situation. The societally destroyed, self-hating human must always be fed a constant diet of societally sponsored and morally authorized legal murder, on a genocidal scale, in order to prevent this torture victim from turning upon and destroying either himself, or his society/government. Your evil leaders understand this Truth perfectly, and within ultra-diseased governments like america, a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources are devoted towards making sure that a constant stream of "war partners" is constantly being cultivated, and there are always 3 or 4 new "war partners" lined up and available, for when the illusion of moral justification/need and the amount of bloodthirsty public support for a currently active war, begins to diminish and fade a bit.

"Madness is rare in individuals--but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule."

Another grand slam home run of Truth for our Seer! Let there be no doubt, all of the definitions and descriptions given to you by your societies, of what "mental illness" is and how mental illness manifests itself in individual human beings, are totally, perversely invalid. There can be madness, no insanity within individuals, in terms of societal decree, when the society itself is utterly and completely insane in terms of every aspect of it’s design, ideological, and operational nature. How dare such a society pretend to be in a position, moral or intellectual, much less legal, to pass judgment upon the sanity, mental health of any individual, or the rational legitimacy of any life path or activity choice that the individual might make?! The greatest madness imaginable, is this very notion itself, that an utterly mad society which embraces, undertakes, and expresses insane doctrine and policy which is millions of times greater in scope than any individual form or expression of madness could ever be, somehow retains a legitimate authority to pass negative judgment upon the relative sanity of a specific individual. On top of everything else, it is the utterly insane society which is totally responsible for inducing, causing, imposing upon the individual, the insane doctrine that he is addicted to and that he may express via the commission of societally decreed "mad" acts. This makes no sense! How can a man walking into a school and shooting dead 20 children, possibly be as mad, insane, deserving to punitive punisgment by society, or morally unacceptable, than a society and government, in pathologically serial fashion, authorizing and directly committing the genocidal murder of literally millions of children, via dozens of different methods, including war, abortion, sacred family unit child enslavement, refusal to provide food to starving children because they live in foreign nations, etc…?? So, let those of us who are sane Superiors clearly embrace the Truth that no society or government, and no institution or entity being propped up by any society or government, has ever earned any type of right to even define what madness/insanity is, much less to employ these labels in a demonizing manner against their own individual tortured victim-creations.

"I know my fate. One day my name will be associated with the memory of something tremendous--a crisis without equal on earth, the most profound collision of conscience, a decision that was conjured up against everything that had been believed, demanded, hallowed so far. I am no man, I am dynamite."

I love this quote, because I cherish the personal recognition of my own supreme Superiority, and it delights me when fellow Superiors express the immense self-confidence and self-respect for their own Superiority, that I possess towards myself. "Modesty" is nothing more than a broken manifestation of the ego destruction that your societies genocidally commit against their populations. There is absolutely no reason for modesty, and no place for modesty, within either the private or the public life of a Superior. We should never be modest, or pretend to be modest. It is in fact a betrayal of Self, for us to play down the limitless confidence that we have in ourselves, and the unshakable nature of our Forbidden Truth philosophical and ideological realizations. I know, just as Seer Friedrich knew, that I am the ultimate life form. I represent the zenith, the peak, of human evolution. I deserve to be worshipped, not as a god, but rather as the ultimate creature, who just happens to be human, I am the closest life form to a god that has ever existed within the universe of planet earth. I do share Seer Friedrich’s belief that "One day my name will be associated with the memory of something tremendous." The question is, in what context will the association be made? Personally, I know the human species is certain to extinct itself, and therefore my name may well be associated with the Truth that I, as a Seer, foresaw in advance not only the extinction of humanity, but I also expressed to the human race, prior to it’s extinction, exactly how and why it deserved nothing short of extinction, and also exactly how the human race could have saved itself from it’s extinction, even though I never had any desire or motivation to actually aid humanity in saving itself, in avoiding the fate of extinction that it so richly deserves. If, someday, a Superior species of life uncovers the history of human extinction, I would be proud to receive the credit that I deserve, for accurately predicting in advance, the fate of this diseased species. I do not believe that humanity will ever evolve to the point where it comes to recognize and embrace and accept the tremendous brilliance of all of the thousands of Forbidden Truths revealed within this Manifesto. No, this will not occur, as the human species has not only totally ceased evolving, but has in fact begun an unalterable death spiral of devolution, certain to conclude with a species extinction. Regardless, I would not desire to receive any credit from humanity. To be recognized as "great" by humanity, would be a useless event, in fact a form of insult, since humanity is so far beneath me, as well as responsible for my personal victimization and soul murder. Humanity does not deserve the grace of being allowed to change for the better, it deserves nothing more than what it has chosen to inflict upon the trillions of trillions of children who have been born, raised, victimized, and destroyed by human societies throughout the entire history of humanity thus far: No mercy, no hope, no future. The literal goal of human society has been and continues to be, the destruction of the life and the hope of every child born into the society, and so the only fate that humanity can be worthy of, is it’s own annihilation as a species. Our legacies are in fact useless and meaningless, despite our Superiority. But if our legacies are to "live on" after we die, let our legacies live on only within the sentient minds of non-human species of life, because the human species is unworthy of knowing, much less appreciating or valuing, our legacy.

"God is dead; but considering the state the species Man is in, there will perhaps be caves, for ages yet, in which his shadow will be shown."

This is a Seer Friedrich quote that has already been listed, in very similar if not identical form, within the context of a larger quote, above. But I am choosing to repeat it here, because I feel the message of Truth delivered is so profound, and worthy of additional commentary. The spector and the image of god, is the most toxic crutch available to humanity. There is absolutely nothing of genuine value, nothing of Truth, nothing of reality, within any aspect of the Insane God Myth. And yet this in no way reduces or compromises the ability of your malevolent leaders to impose this insane myth upon you, and to cause this toxicity to flourish, thrive, and overwhelm the sensibilities of almost all humans. This is because you creatures, both on an individual and on a collective level, have been stripped of all ability to both find and appreciate Truth, reality, legitimacy, or value, within any aspect of your day to day lives. I am again, not nearly as optimistic as Seer Friedrich’s comments lead me to believe he may have been, when he graced gumanity with the above quote. It is clear to me that these "caves" which Seer Friedrich mentions above, envelop all of humanity, cover the entire planet, notwithstanding the fact that a few, relatively less diseased societies of humanity, have backed away just a bit from the degree of passionate desperation with which they maliciously impose the god myth upon all of their citizenry. Whatever progress this may constitute on a species-wide basis, is rendered null and void by the increase in fervent Insane God Myth promotion and hysterical embrace that religiously fundamentalist societies such as america, which continue to reach new depths of ultra-disease status, continue to experience and terroristically impose upon their citizenry. The toxic shadow of god infects and permeates every aspect of human life, and every major planetary event or occurance involving humanity. And so to declare god dead, misrepresents the reality of the experience of 99.999999999999999% of all human beings. Even if you are a genuine and absolute atheist, who totally and sincerely rejects the insane god myth and all of it’s noxious doctrines, this does not render god to be dead, even within the directly limited sphere of your own life. If you retain even the tiniest, most deeply buried on a subconscious level, belief in the possibility of a god creature existing, or if you acknowledge, on even the most scornful level, the "right" of other human beings to believe in god, then you have not killed god. God remains not only alive, but fully capable to exerting his limitlessly evil and insane influence directly upon you, even if you declare yourself a total and complete atheist. As long as the spector of this insane myth hangs over humanity as a species, only a tiny handful of genuine Superiors, who also have chosen and found a way to live their lives totally detached from and totally uninfluenced by all aspects of human society, can legitimately claim that within all aspects of their directly personal life and life paths, both current and future, is god truly and actually dead. It is further clear to me that the human species is not recovering from god myth addiction, and no type of genuine progress towards achieving this goal, of insane god myth popularity reduction, much less eradication, is occuring on a species-wide or society-wide basis. The opposite is occuring, as the horrific influence of this toxic myth has actually grown, strengthened, and increased over the course of recent decades and the 20th century as a whole.

"We have art in order not to die of the truth."

You creatures find all of the Truths of life to be unbearable and unacceptable. This does not mean that the Truths themselves are in any way unbearable, or even harmful. It is only your diseased and inferior minds, on a species specific level, which genuinely find the Truths to be unbearable, thanks to not only your own genetic perversity, but more primarily, the lifetime of toxic ideological brainwashing that your societies and governments have maliciously imposed upon you. Can Truth be "fatal"? Can Truth actually cause human beings to die, if an attempt is made by a human being to face up to/embrace it?? The answer to this question is Yes, but with one major caveat: The human beings who would be killed via an attempt to embrace Truth, are already so diseased, broken, and addicted to not only clinging to the lie-based doctrines of society on a personal level, but also to spreading and imposing the lie-based doctrines of their evil and diseased societies to other human beings, that they do not philosophically or morally deserve to retain the gift of life. The unrealities that humanity has created for itself, represent a toxically desperate flight from Truth. Acting, art, fictional writing, sports, television, prayer, god, politics, economic systems, cultural traditions, as well as all "belief"-based structures, be they religious or totally secular in nature, all constitute toxic unrealities, untruths, that the human species desperately clings to, within the context of ritualistic rejection and denial of all primary Truth, that every human society, government, and culture has been built and is sustained upon. Truth can only kill, and would only kill, those human creatures who have already proven themselves to be so diseased and broken, that they are unworthy of tainting and infecting the world with their continued existence as living creatures. Understand that no human creature exists in a void, those who are diseased and tainted with toxic derangement on a personal level, carry with them and spread upon others, thus upon all of humanity, the disease and the taint that they are afflicted with, throughout the entire course of their lives. A piece of art, in and of itself, may have limited negative effect upon those who view it, but the moment that any human begins to attribute fact, truth, mystical qualities or ideological/philosophical value to any article of fiction, it instantly becomes limitlessly toxic in terms of the potentially negative influence and effects that it may cause. And of course the human species, being totally deranged and lie-based, can and does choose to apply invalid judgment and quality to virtually every piece of fiction, since it is operationally vital, within all lie-based societies, that genuine Truth be labeled a worthless fiction, and in turn virtually all toxic genuine falsehood must be labeled as constituting worthwhile and valuable Truth. The tiny handful of Us who are top-level Superiors, thrive upon all Truth. Truth is our sustenance, it cannot harm us, much less kill us, because we bathe in it’s glory, as we bathe in the glory of ourselves. We further recognize that a human practice/activity such as "art" is not toxic or dangerous in and of itself, but only within the context of the entire human race being genetically diseased and pathologically addicted towards rejecting genuine Truth and applying invalid perception/judgment of Truth and value to worthless fictions, worthless from all ideological and philosophical perspectives, such as art.

"The Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad."

Wonderful, one sentence dissection of the genocidal harm of all religious doctrine as well as invalid moral deduction/decree by the human species! All organized religions, as sponsored and popularized by human societies, is genocidally harmful to humanity as a whole, not only in terms of how it effects a person’s individual life path and perceptions of Truth, but also in terms of shaping/guiding the path of the entire species. The Modern Era human universe has always been and is today, limitlessly ugly, bad, toxic, evil, insane, unjust, immoral, diseased, deranged, lie-based, Truth-hating, hypocritical, nonsensical, and this is because the guiding principles upon which the Modern Era of humanity has been built, have been based upon the limitless insanity and fundamental evil of the ideological structure/doctrine of the insane god myth, within the "organized religion" format and model. There is nothing within organized religion that is good, pure, legitimate, moral, just, sane, or emotionally healthy, because there is nothing within religion that is True, and all of these positive, desirable qualities/experiences of life can only exist within a context of Truth. All organized religion goes much further than merely representing and depicting the horrific inferiority of humanity, it also directly causes and increases all human horrors, on a genocidal, worldwide scale. The entire ideological purpose of religion, is to devalue all life, human life, animal life, environmental life, and to create an illusion of moral justification for the genocidal annihilation, sacrifice, and destruction/murder of all life, as desired and decreed by your malevolent governmental and societal leadership. Religion is a root cause, certainly not the only cause, but a primary, root cause of literally everything that is wrong, diseased, insane, evil, within the structural and operational framework of human existence and endeavor.

"Faith: not *wanting* to know what is true."

I write a lot about definition of words and terms in this Manifesto, the importance, in fact the sacred value, of defining all words and terms in an accurate, Truth-based manner. Right here, Seer Friedrich graces us with the absolutely perfect, 100% accurate definition of the word and the ideological concept of "faith". What is "faith"? Faith is a belief in something that is not True, inspired by an emotionally and pathologically desperate desire to avoid having to face up to a genuine Truth. Directly opposite of every article of faith, there is a Forbidden Truth that you creatures cannot accept/embrace. When you embrace the article of faith, you create for yourself, on an intellectual level, the toxic and invalid ability to reject and renounce the Forbidden Truth that the article of faith stands in direct conflict with. All faith is not merely lie-based, but it is a manifestation of the overt rejection of very specific Truth, and it is inspired by the desperate need/obsession of you human inferiors to not "know", to not be forced to confront and deal with, the primary Truths of life. Any human being who chooses to accept and embrace any type of faith, does so out of personal cowardice and a need, conscious or subconscious, to deny and reject Truth, exactly as he has been overtly instructed and directed to do by his diseased, lie-based society. Within any sane social system, the very concept of faith would be overtly discouraged. All citizens would be taught that to have any type of faith, to embrace any notion from a mindset of personal faith, other than faith in oneself, which is really best described as "self-confidence", would be demonstrative of personal inferiority and would be directly harmful, in many cases horrifically harmful, to the individual, because faith stands in direct oppositional conflict with all that is True, legitimate, and factual. Understand that your evil leaders identify and determine exactly what Truths you are most likely to find unbearable, then they devise articles of faith which very specifically address these Forbidden Truths, and provide enticing alternatives of "faith", which directly oppose these Truths. An absolutely perfect example of this perverse system, would be the faith-based belief in an afterlife upon death, which all diseased societies not only provide, but overtly promote to and impose upon, their citizenry.

"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."

Yet another brilliant philosophical insight of top-level Truth, by Seer Friedrich. All aspects of child-rearing and child education are designed and structured to compel and to reward conformity and acceptance of currently existing adult generation doctrine, ideology, and custom. This reality, all by itself, in and of itself, constitutes genocidal child abuse, practiced by and committed by the society against all of it’s children. The more "open and free" the government proclaims itself and it’s political system to be, the more brutally and terroristically repressive and fascist it in fact is likely to be, in terms of attempting to compel conformity and acceptance of toxic custom and doctrine among it’s maturing youth population of citizen-slaves. It is this terroristically compelled rejection of free and independent thought among the youth population, which drives the final nail into the coffin of human existence, dooming every single new generation of humans to continue to devolve within the toxic ideological, philosophical, and operational excreta of their parents and of the previous adult generation. To accept this Forbidden Truth, you diseased and broken creatures would have to both recognize and embrace the fact of, the Truth of, your own horrifically broken and diseased status, as well as the utter malice and illegitimacy of the society that created you, that you are beholden to, and that you live as a member of. This is an impossibility for you. And so you choose to doom all of humanity as well as to doom every single generation of your children, to experience life smothered by the same toxic blanket of lie-based insanity and evil that your own life has been and continues to be smothered by, in order to maintain the house of cards illusion that you own lives are legitimate and moral and Truth-based. How pathetic you are, trapped within an eternal circle and cycle of disease, not only totally unable to escape and free yourselves, but also passionately devoted to entrapping your children within this escape-proof trap of horror, just so you can delude yourselves into believing that you are not trapped, and that there is no horror within the trap, even as you experience the actual horror, with or without conscious awareness, for each and every day of your life.

"The better the state is established, the fainter is humanity."

Some poisons are more toxic, more harmful, more lethal, than other poisons. Your government, your societal and cultural leadership, within the behavioral and ideological doctrines that it represents, is lethally poisonous to you. The stronger a government is, and by strong I am referring to the amount and degree of support and acceptance that the government has achieved among it’s populace, the more toxically poisonous an effect the government has upon it’s populace. For one government to refer to or judge another government as being "fascist", "unfree", "repressive", etc…, is utterly ludicrous. This is because the root design and operational structure and purpose of every government, is to impose behavioral and ideological decree in a fascist manner upon it’s citizenry, to deny it’s citizenry all genuine and legitimite freedom, and to repress, contol, dictate, via any and all necessary means including brainwashing and terroristic coercion/threat/punishment/torture, the beliefs, behaviors, and life path choices, of it’s citizenry. The stronger a government is, and the more preposterous the citizenry considers the possibility that their government might be toppled from within, the more hopelessly enslaved and systemically victimized the populace is certain to be. These evil governments would have you believe that their entrenched power and relative claims of untouchability insofar as domestic overthrow is concerned, are demonstrative of the benevolence and legitimacy of the government, using the argument that "our citizenry is satisfied with our rule, because we provide freedom and opportunity and benign support to our population of resident citizens." Nothing could be further from the actual Truth, which is that these ultra-diseased societies have achieved their toxic stranglehold of power by employing greater brainwashing efforts, more intense lie-based propaganda, and stronger terroristic threats of harm coming to the citizenry if it dares to attempt to overthrow the existing regime, than the governments which are relatively weaker and relatively more vulnerable to the possibility of a popular revolt from within occuring. Every existing government, by virtue of both it’s ideological and it’s operational design and structure, is overtly anti-humanity, anti human rights, anti freedom, and maliciously destructive, on a toxic level, to it’s population of citizens.

"Perhaps I know why it is man alone who laughs: He alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter."

Fascinating thought/theory here! Consider, no other species of animal has any known capability or tendency to laugh. What is laughter? Well, it is an intellectualized form of emotion, inspired by artificial, external events or incidents that human society has declared to be "funny". Laughter is clearly not a natural emotion, like satisfaction or even happiness can be and often is. Laughter is different, it is externally induced, and it is an intellectualized response, not a genuinely emotional response, to external stimuli. The intellectualized mind has to interpret a sight, an event, or an occurance, as being funny, in order to provoke a response of laughter. This interpretation is, to a large degree, induced and shaped by society, with the parameters and definition of what constitutes humor, taught and dictated to you by your leaders and their empowered agents. Human beings clearly suffer great trauma and victimization, on a mass, nearly universal scale, at the hands of their societies, governments, and parents/bosses/teachers/leaders, throughout the entire course of their lives, beginning on the day of their birth. It makes perfect sense that an artificial form of intellectualized emotion, such as laughter, exists as a coping mechanism to help traumatized and victimized human beings cope with their distress. It is certainly true that at moments of extreme distress, some human beings break out into laughter, sometimes referred to as "hysterical laughter". This occurs, at least partly, because laughter is not a natural or an instinctual emotion, but instead it is an intellectually invented and taught/societally conditioned response of external stimuli. Other, genetically sane species of life, do not need to laugh in order to cope with their lives, because regardless of how much they may suffer individually, they still experience their lives within a realm and a context of naturalness and instinctual Truth, unlike humanity. Animals cope with suffering by simply embracing and accepting the factual reality of their lives, something no human being save for a tiny handful of top-level Superiors, can ever come close to doing, due to their pathological addictions to lies, myths, delusions, fictions, and unrealities.

"Distrust all in whom the impulse to punish is powerful."

Gloriously insightful revelation of Forbidden Truth here! Any human being, any societal institution, and any society/government, which operates under any type of operational structure in which the ritualized punishment of fellow human beings, within a code of moral justification and legal/judicial authorization, is declared appropriate and necessary, is inherently evil, immoral, and unjustified in all of it’s attempts to inflict punishment upon anyone. There can never be any moral, legal, or judicial legitimacy to societally sponsored, authorized, or inflicted punishment, and as far as individual acts of punishment inflicted upon other individuals under a guise of moral authority, there can never be any legitimacy to such actions either. Individual acts of True Reality vengeance, which do not attempt to claim any type of moral justification, usually are legitimate. It is only the circumstance of punishment being inflicted under a diseased guise of moral or judicial/legal entitlement, which is illegitimate. Let us clearly understand that as victims of society, none of us can ever "deserve" to receive any type of punishment from society, or from any empowered societal agency or institution. All societies and governments declare punishment to be necessary, appropriate, and moral, because in making this declaration, the evil government establishes an illusion of moral authority for the commission of genocidal atrocities upon it’s very own created victims. There can never be any moral justification for the deliberate infliction of punishment by a society, a government, or any agent/employee acting on behalf of a society or government. There can also never be any justification for the punishment of children by parents, or by any adults. All punishment is inherently punitive in nature, it is designed to harm, to hurt, to terrorize, to compel under duress and abuse, a modification of natural, instinctual, Truth-based behavior/belief. The more overtly diseased and punitively victimizing a society is to it’s populace, the more powerful and pervasive the constant public, media, and governmental demands to punitively punish human beings of all ages, for all different reasons, none of which are genuinely valid, will be. Within any sane society, the entire concept of "punishment" being a legitimate activity, would be eliminated. Punishment would be recognized as an unacceptable act, and as far as punishment being committed by government, by society, or by any empowered agent/representative of society or government, such actions would not only be decreed morally unacceptable, but they would also be declared overtly illegal and criminal in nature. The more morally legitimate a population of humans perceives the notion of punishment to be, the more diseased and evil the ruling government under which the populace lives, is victimized by, and is subjected to punitive punishment by, is certain to be. This rule applies to all forms of punishment, although certainly the popularity and acceptance of the more deadly forms of punitive punishment, such as a "death penalty", indicates and proves the ruling government to be limitlessly evil and abusive to all of it’s population.

"In the ages of crude primeval culture man believed that in dreams he got to know another real world; here is the origin of all metaphysics. Without the dream one would have found no occasion for a division of the world. The separation of body and soul, too, is related to the most ancient conception of the dream; also the assumption of a quasi-body of the soul, which is the origin of all belief in spirits and probably also of the belief in gods. "The dead live on; for they appear to the living in dreams"; this inference went unchallenged for many thousands of years."

Very interesting and thought-provoking comment on the human propensity to dream, and the manner in which human beings interpret the purpose/message of their dreams. Just as the emotions inspired by "getting high" on a toxic, artificial substance, are generally invalid, the emotions inspired by dreams are generally invalid as well, in terms of Truth-reflection. Dreams are subconscious manifestations of unreality, not accurate experiences of the subconscious. This is because they are tainted by the lie-based addictions of the conscious mind of the individual. Still, there can be a higher degree of purity of thought and experience in a dream, than in real life, simply because many human beings are totally addicted to lies and myths within their conscious lives, but still retain some ability to experience and understand some types of instinctual Truth within their repressed subconscious, which may be revealed/exposed during the dream state. However, let us very clearly understand that the toxic addictions of the conscious world exert a very real and powerful influence upon the nature and the content of human dreams. You creatures often dream of "seeing" and interacting with deceased human beings or animals that you claim to have felt a close emotional attachment to while they were alive. These dreams are inspired by your addiction to the insane god myth, and your pathologically comforting yet diseased delusion that an "afterlife" exists and will be enjoyed by both yourself and your "loved ones". By creating such dreams for you, your subconscious mind strengthens and solidifies your desperate need to believe that you will enjoy an afterlife upon death. By dreaming that you are able to communicate with your dead loved ones, your delusion that an afterlife both exists, and far more importantly, will be experienced/enjoyed by you upon your own death, is greatly strengthened. Can dreams lead to a genuine realization of important Truth?? Absolutely! But very few human beings are sane and Superior enough to both experience, and properly interpret their dreams in such a way as to be consciously enlightened to a realization of legitimate Truth. You broken creatures sincerely delude yourselves into believing that because you can experience "events" while asleep, via dreams, you can and will also experience events while dead, after you die. This is patently ludicrous, and the Truth of the matter is remarkably simple and obvious: All experience of events, sensations, feelings, is rooted within the reality of brain functionality and brain cell life. Consciousness is not required for brain functionality or brain cell life to exist and to occur. This is why unconscious/asleep humans can experience events/sensations via dreams. But death results in the eternal cessation of all brain functionality and brain cell life, therefore it is 100% certain, to any sane thinker, that you cannot and will not experience anything, any event, feeling, sensation, for all of the rest of eternity, from the very moment of your physical deat