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Hello. You have reached the Links page of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This is a Specialty Page, created for the purpose of enabling your Seer to provide you with valuable links to other Superior and Truth-based web sites. All of the links contained at this web page have been personally judged and determined by your Seer, to be worthy of your time and attention in terms of visiting and exploring the web sites that the links will transport you to. Now, a few very important points: First of all, I have listed and provided direct links to some valuable web sites, within the Main Body of this Manifesto, scattered throughout the essay texts. In general, I will not be duplicating those direct links at this page, since I have already provided them, and all of you should have already read all of the Main Body essays, before you read this page. Secondly, let it be perfectly clear that just because I am including a link to a web site at this page, in no way indicates or is meant to imply that I necessarily agree with all or most of the opinions/ideologies expressed at these web sites. These web sites do not represent Forbidden Truth. I have not created those web sites, and I make absolutely no representations that the content of these web sites expresses Forbidden Truth. The only place where you creatures can be certain of obtaining Forbidden Truth is at this web site, within the essays, texts, and pages of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Thirdly, If any of you creatures believe that your web site is worthy of being listed within this Links page, you may send me the url address, together with a 100 word minimum explanation of why you believe your web site is worthy of receiving such an honor. If your request does not include this 100 word essay, it is extremely unlikely that it will even be considered. Even if your submission does include the 100 word essay, the chances of your web site meeting my lofty quality and Superiority requirements, are very slim. Additionally, please note that the URL address must be submitted in inert form, with the actual URL address printed out letter by letter, within your email. If in fact you choose to violate this rule and submit a website via an active hyperlink contained within your email, not only is it guaranteed that your website will not be visited by me, but in addition, your entire email will be immediately deleted and will receive absolutely no reply of any kind. This rule applies to any type of link or file attachment that is in any way, shape, or form connected directly to or embedded within, your email. Got that? Hope so, because no additional clarification will be provided. I explain everything that needs to be explained with perfect clarity, once and only once. And finally, be warned that if you should attempt to waste my time by submitting an invalid url address, or if you should falsely inform me that one or more of the Links on this page is broken, your email address will be immediately and permanently barred from ever being able to contact me by email again.

July 15, 2002: For being the first online database of web sites to recognize and appreciate the Truth that The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth is worthy of receiving worldwide exposure to the cyberspace community, and for having the courage to voluntarily feature and link to web sites which help expose the evil and insanity of humanity, I am pleased to provide this link:

Zenzibar Alternative Culture

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