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1: Forbidden Truth of The Day: Regular revelations of topical and new Forbidden Truths that your Seer believes to be valuable and important, often inspired by news and media events. Last Updated: November 21, 2003

2: Current News: Information and commentary by your Seer, on current and breaking news events that your Seer has determined to be important and to contain insights of Forbidden Truth. Last Updated: December 1, 2003

3: Martyr Updates: News updates on the status, welfare, and treatment of famous and Superior societal Martyrs. Last Updated: January 14, 2011

4: Sacred Family Unit Atrocities Database: Occasionally I will devote 30 minutes of time to searching for online news stories that demonstrate the perverse consequences of Sacred Family Unit mythology. The results of these occasional 30 minute searches, will be posted here. Last Updated: March 6, 2002

5: Daily Sacred Family Unit Atrocity: This page will be devoted to creating a daily chronicle of Sacred Family Unit atrocities. Exactly one brand new atrocity, taken from an online newspaper or news source, will be listed for each and every day that this web site exists. The news item must and will be published on the exact day which follows the previous day, in chronological order, for all 365 days of the year. No commentary or Forbidden Truth revelations will be provided on this page. Last Updated: September 11, 2002.

6: Links: This page is devoted to providing Links to web sites that your Seer of Forbidden Truth has determined to contain cool, useful, valuable, important, and most primarily, Truth-based content. Last Updated: July 15, 2002.

7: This page will contain additional, new commentary from your Seer, on the Child Abuse, Child Slavery, Genocide of Children as Practiced by Human Society, and Brilliant Proposals to End All Child Victimization essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

8: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Crime, Violence, Cathartic Vengeance, and Elimination of Current Criminal Justice System essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

9: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Insane God Myth, Death, and Purpose and Meaning of Life essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: July 27, 2004

10: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Sex, Myth of Love, Friendship, and Toxic, Deranged Institution of Marriage essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

11: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the War, Genocidally Abusive Military Structure, Political Systems, and Economic Systems essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: April 2, 2003

12: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Self-Abuse/Betrayal, Embrace of Victimhood Status, Courage, and Mental Health/Psychiatric System essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

13: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Racism, Censorship, and Societally Compelled/Coerced Conformity essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

14: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Societal Illusion of Personal Freedom, Truth-based Dissection of american Constitution, and Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

15: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Illusion of Societal Morality/Decency, Societal Crutches, and Truth-Based Amorality as a Lifestyle Path essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

16: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Physical Appearance, Fashion, Pop Culture Induced Mannerisms/Behaviors, Acting Mask, and Gender Bias/Feminism essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

17: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Law Enforcement Structures, Educational Systems, Sports as Toxic Ritual, and Environmental Terrorism essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

18: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Animal Exploitation, Myth of Media/Journalistic Freedom, Celebrity-Based Culture, and Age/Maturity Hypocrisy essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: Empty.

19: This page will contain new and additional commentary from your Seer, on the Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, Societal Obligations to Individuals, Genetic Perversions of Human Race, Viability/Entitlement of Human Race to Exist, Doomsday Scenarios for Extinction of Humanity, and The Utopian Society essays, located within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Last Updated: June 4, 2003.

20: This page will contain additional quotes of Forbidden Truth from Charles Manson and Friedrich Nietzsche, updated news on Charles Manson and Friedrich Nietzsche, as well as new and additional comments from your Seer on Charles and Friedrich. Last Updated: Empty.

21: This is the second, older page of the Latest Updates--Feedback--Commentary/News Concerning this Web Site and Forbidden Truth page. It will contain all updates posted prior to January 14, 2011. It will not contain any new posts, after January 14, 2011. Last Updated: February 25, 2011.

January 14, 2011 Update: Greetings from your Seer. Within the past few months two new essays have been completed and posted to The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. They are: Self-Abuse/Betrayal and Embrace of Victimhood Status. Both of these essays, which of course reveal profoundly important and brilliantly insightful Forbidden Truth, can be accessed here:

Forbidden Truth on Self- Abuse/Betrayal and Embrace of Victimhood Status

In recent days a new societal Martyr has emerged onto the public landscape via a dynamic and cathartic act of personal vengeance. His name is Jared Lee Loughner, and in tribute to his chosen life path I have posted his image of beatific contentment and triumph, and added some brief commentary of My own to his True Reality, at the Martyr Updates page of this Manifesto. The link to this page is provided above, it is page #3, titled Martyr Updates.

Since over six years have passed since My last update to this page, I would like to take this opportunity to inform all living creatures within the universe who may have an interest, be it benevolent or malicious, that this Manifesto, together with your Seer, both remain vibrant and untouchable. Nine years after this Manifesto was first posted to the cyberspace universe, it remains the singular, shining beacon of Truth, the greatest expression of philosophical and ideological Truth to have ever been disseminated to humanity, in the entire history of human existence. All attempts and efforts to censor and remove content from this Manifesto, as well as to remove the entire website from cyberspace, have failed. All societal efforts to further victimize and inflict injustice upon Me, have also failed. I celebrate and rejoice daily in the triumph of my chosen life path. For those who may have an interest in the relative popularity, or lack thereof, of this Manifesto, I am pleased to reveal that the greatest number of single day page hits for The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth is 8,374. The highest number of unique daily visitors to The Manifesto is 4,901.

I continue to receive numerous e-mails encouraging/asking/begging Me to complete all of the essays of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, and to add additional content. Such requests are of no consequence to Me, and have no bearing on whether or not I will complete essays or add content. Everything that I choose to do in My life journey, is inspired and motivated by personal choice and no external sources are allowed to play any significant role in influencing these life path decisions and choices. I have no information to provide to you humans regarding if or when additional content and/or essay completion will be posted.

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth

September 14, 2004 Update: Hello. I continue to receive a tremendous amount of e-mail from human child-slaves, or to be more specific, from human beings who explicitly claim to be children. Each and every week, I receive an average of ten e-mails from "new" readers, in which the sender very specifically mentions their age, claiming to be under the age of 18. It's an interesting phenomenon that very few of my readers over the age of 18, point out their age to me in their initial e-mails. A few do, but not many. At the same time, those under the age of 18 very often give their age in the very first sentence of their very first e-mail to me. It is as if the only way they can identify/perceive themselves, is by age. "I have been an owned piece of property for the past 15 years", this is the self-image of the tortured child-slave who begins the very first sentence of their very first e-mail to me, with the line of, "Hi, I'm **** and I'm 15 years old." I have no doubt that some of these e-mails come from "real" children, since every child is born with an instinctually natural craving and appreciation for Truth, and faces the epic struggle of literally having their minds and souls broken and destroyed throughout the course of their childhoods, by their genocidally evil, lie-based societies and governments, as they are stripped of the ability to recognize and embrace Truth.

At the same time, I am 100% certain that some of these e-mails do not come from real children, but are in fact the products of malicious and Truth-hating agents of society, attempting to legally entrap me for the crime of daring to engage in contact with subhumanized child-slaves. To these Pieces of Human Garbage, I proudly declare that your efforts will fail. The Terms of Access rules that I outline on my Main Gateway page remain in universal force. Any child who accesses this web site does so in violation of My Terms of Access, and I will never sanction, condone, or give permission to any child, or anyone claiming to be a child, to violate My Terms of Access. Further, I will never engage in interactive e-mail contact with anyone who identifies themselves by age as being under the legal age of adulthood, regardless of what desperate pleas or enticements they might make in their e-mail(s) to Me. Threats will not work, begging will not work, flattery will not work, etc...

What we see here is a perfect illustration of the genocidally evil policies of your societies, towards tortured child-slaves. Personally, I have no impulse to try to "help" any child in any way, or any human being for that matter. But if I did have such an interest, in aiding tortured child-victims of your society who are desperately trying to keep their souls from being murdered by you, it would be impossible for me to attempt to do so, while maintaining operational integrity against the Sacred Family Unit and child welfare laws of terroristic isolation under which tortured child-slaves are prevented from soliciting/obtaining aid from adults. So be it. The doomed souls and lives of all of your children rest upon your shoulders. And in the end, it will be a handful of your tortured child-martyrs, if not George W. Bush and Osama bin-Laden, then the next generation, who will set into motion the events that will thankfully extinct your pathetic and diseased species.

On Wednesday July 21, 2004, *******@hotmail.com Wrote: "Hi my names ****, Im 17 and from **. PLEASE READ ALLLL OF THIS! thank you" (very long snip)

Hello. Your two e-mails have been received and read. You fail to meet the standards that I have in place for those humans desiring e-mail contact with me. Your second e-mail fails for several reasons. This first e-mail only fails for one reason, and this reason is the fact that you identify yourself as being under the legal age of adulthood as defined by the laws of the evil and diseased society that you are enslaved by. Your evil and diseased society is constantly seeking ways to silence, victimize, and imprison top-level Seers of Forbidden Truth such as Myself. One of these ways is to charge me with attempting to influence/corrupt the minds of child-slaves by engaging in illegal contact with them. Therefore, I have no contact with any human that I know to be under the legal age of adulthood. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday August 3, 2004, ********@yahoo.com Wrote: "Hi im **** of ******** zine. I notice your frequent post in our imc-****** site."

Hello, Yes, I do post fairly often at numerous Indymedia sites.

"Im doing a zine and im writing you for an article i can print."

Okay. Tell me exactly which essay, or essay portion of mine you want to print, or if you just want to mention my Manifesto, and most likely you will receive my atheistic blessing to go ahead.

"I checked your site. Not very hard to find."

It is accessible to all Superior humans who seek Truth.

"With the article in my zine i will give proper acknowledgements, info of source/ submitter/ website. Introduce you to my autistic readers!"

Sounds good. As long as you include a direct link to my Main Gateway page, and make it clear that any lengthy quotes from My Manifesto that you may include in your article are copyrighted by Me, it should be okay.

"Ok. looking forward to your response to this e-mail."

I reply to all e-mail that I deem worthy.

"your site ROCkz !! Revolt."

Thank you, it does. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday August 12, 2004, *******@cableone.net Wrote:"I intend on reading your papers."

Hello, That's a step in the right direction.

"I am not a nazi.I am an atheist and I am (sense searching for the answers to the reasons behind Sept,11)enlightented on the truth of zionism. I now know who the real nazis are. So many of the core problems of the world right now are because of zionism."

My online Manifesto reveals all of the Forbidden Truths of the Insane God Myth as well as the toxic, diseased, and genocidally evil design and operational systems of all human governments and mainstream political/ideological movements. It is both foolish and counterproductive to the search for Truth, to obsessively focus upon any one ideological movement as being a primary cause for the ongoing devolution and impending extinction of the human species.

"I didn't learn the truth from one single man.I traveled the world and spoke to and filmed all colors of people to learn the reasons for their anger at zionism.I also read as much as I could from all differents kinds of people on the subject."

To rely on the feelings, beliefs, and thoughts of human beings, when on a quest for Truth, is to eternally doom yourself to a false and lie-based perception of reality, as 99.999999999% of all human beings dwell within a pathological state of ignorance and denial of all primary Truth, combined with a desperately pathological embrace of lies, mythology, and invalid, delusional rationalizations.

"I do practice Buddhism(Buddha was not a god)so I try to not to search for truth in an angry light.Zionist munipulation of the media is one thing that does anger me though."

Every group of human beings that has attained a position of power over other human beings, has sadistically and brutally exercised this power against fellow humans. This Truth has been a constant, throughout all of human history. At the very same time, we have relentless and pathological demonization and scapegoating by every group, designed to induce flawed and lie-based analysis and conclusions regarding the injustices that citizen-slaves are subjected to. Your evil and diseased societies enjoy a remarkable success rate in this effort, and you are merely one example, of trillions, of this success.

"My enlightenment on zionism came when I heard Osamma complaining about these people called zionists.I didn't even know what the word meant (my brother is a history professor and I asked him the other day what zionism is and he didn't really know)and I didn't know why Ossama was saying it to America.So later on as as I was looking it up on the net and as you can imagine I found a plethora of info.Also,I am no puppet I know where to read between the lines."

Based upon your communication with me, it is clear that you do not possess any type of genuine realization or understanding of the primary Forbidden Truths of humanity. All primary Forbidden Truths are deeply buried, underneath layers upon layers of lies, myths, and misdirections. As I have repeatedly revealed in My Manifesto, to recognize a societal lie or brainwashing or malicious policy, in no way leads you to a realization of Forbidden Truth. You have to recognize, dig through, and renounce dozens of layers of lies, myths, and misdirections, in order to even begin to approach a genuine Forbidden Truth. As an inferior, you make the universal error of gleefully pouncing upon and embracing a societal contradiction, merely because the layer of deceit that you have uncovered seems to reveal something that your society denies and seems to be trying to hide from you. The Truth is that you have uncovered nothing more than the topmost layer of deceit, a layer that in no way even begins to reveal actual Forbidden Truth.

"One of the websites I found was on cults.It had eveything imaginable listed that you could ever possibly want to know about cults and after reading a while I came to an artical on zionism.The difference was it looked at zionism in a positive way.Everything on the site was negative except this one.I wasn't actually concerned that is was in a shown positive light. I just wondered why it was on a cult site and I wanted to know his reasons for saying so many negative things about jehovahs witnesses catholics and such but on this subject he had an opposite opinion.You must remember I only asked this to him out of innocence and curriostiy.He sends me back a letter screaming at me about nazi ranting and that I should never write him again.That is where it all started for me.If it weren't for their guilty paranoia I might have never searched any deeper.Now I know."

You do not know Forbidden Truth. The inferior humans recognize one surface, superficial Truth and become obsessed with it, clinging to it, instead of digging through it and unearthing the much more profound and genuine Forbidden Truths that dwell many layers underneath. This is your tragic fate. But fear not, you are not alone. You have trillions of fellow humans to share your inferiority with. Some blame the zionists, others the jihadists, others the christians, others the republicans, others the democrats, the list is endless, and you are all in the same boat, successfully trapped by your evil societies into a pattern of limited, delusional, obsessive focus upon a meaningless and tiny segment of the gigantic web of toxic lies that will forever maintain it's stranglehold upon you.

"To the supremacist,zionist mentality those who question & doubt their sacred dogma Must-ipso facto-be haters.Being perfect,being g-ds chosen & in everyway the superior population on the planet.The saints and the martyrs of the cosmos.They cannot conceive of opposition that is not satanic.Please read the attachment.From what I hear israeli higher ups were very upset at this book being translated.I wonder why?"

I'm sorry, but it is my policy that all attachments to e-mails are deleted, unopened and unread. That is what I have done with your second e-mail and it's attachment. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday August 11, 2004, ******@********.org Wrote: "To date, I have never seen the truth about child abuse stated so clearly and explicitly."

Hello, Thank you. That is what I do, I reveal the Truth regarding all aspects of human existence and behavior. You have never before been directly exposed to the Forbidden Truths of child abuse because the human species is profoundly diseased and pathologically lie-based.

"I have been trying to reach justice through a system that ignores the fears and testimony of my three-year-old son. Because of his age, nothing that he says to the police is "credible.""

Your son is a child-slave, he is a worthless piece of owned property, as officially decreed by all aspects of the human culture into which he was born. It is an additional Forbidden Truth that it is not possible for any child victim to receive genuine justice within the design and operational structure of modern, 21st century human society.

"His father, who I divorced after he started abusing me, still has visitation rights under the law."

The almighty Sacred Family Unit is the toxic structure upon which the river of blood and torment that claims the souls and lives of countless millions of children each year, freely flows.

"Every time I retrieved my son from his visits, he had bruises and stories to go along with them of what the "bad guys" had done to him. The police do not consider the bruises physical evidence and I just stopped allowing visitation."

Children are supposed to be beaten and hurt, punished and traumatized, this is the current, official, legal and cultural policy of amerikkkan, as well as all other modern, 1st world societies and governments.

"I am now facing a trial that will potentially mean jail time for me because of my adamant refusal to hand my son over as a sacrifice to the abuser."

You dare to challenge the sanctity of your society's deranged Sacred Family Unit doctrine. For this, your society will indeed seek to punish you via all means, if you continue to resist it's terroristic demands that you conform to it's official policies within which the child's safety and well-being must be set aside in favor of the sacred right of biological creators to be able to use their child-slaves as Poison Containers.

"I can really relate to the truth of this article."

I'm glad. Very often it takes a directly personal, traumatic and direct exposure to a Forbidden Truth, for a human to be able to recognize and accept the validity of the specific Truth in question. This is one of the many, many shortcomings of the vast majority of human beings. Still, there is great value in coming to recognize and accept Truth, even if only on a single major aspect of human design and operational structure.

"Thanks for your words of wisdom."

You're welcome. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday August 25, 2004, *****@*******.edu.au Wrote:"Hi, Wow, that's some website!! I have to say that you certainly display an enormous amount of insight. I was able to relate to and understand much of what you say (though I've not read it all!!)"

Hello, Thank you. :-) Yes, I see things the way there are, not the way society wants them to be seen. If you are able to relate to and understand, then your mind is far less crippled than that of most humans.

"I was especially interested in your thoughts on Crime as I call myself a criminologist, and we like to get about unpicking the hidden truths about criminal justice."

There are tons of hidden Truths on just about every subject imaginable. Unpicking hidden Truths is personally valuable, but revealing such Truths, especially if you are in a position of some power and influence, would be even more impressive. But it is too dangerous to be worthwhile, given the lie-based state of human existence.

"I'm not sure I liked being referred to as "you humans" all the time though, and morally bankrupt and intellectually devoid and all that!!"

I am ashamed to be human, the lowest species of life. I have successfully transcended both the genetic and the environmentally imposed limitations of My species. As a consequence of this success, I Truthfully create distance between Myself and humans, in My writings. Most humans are morally bankrupt and profoundly dumb and a lot more. But of course there are rare exceptions to this rule. Like Me. :-)

"Question: What has allowed you to rise above your victimization when others cannot??"

Personal courage and an obsessive devotion to Truth. Comfort is the enemy of Truth, to find Truth you must reject the comfortingly toxic lies upon which human society was built and is sustained. But let me once again be clear on this point: I have not "risen above" my victimization, at least not in the manner that the terms "overcome" or rise above, are generally used. I am a victim, I will always be a victim. I will never overcome the fact, the Truth, that I am a victim. This is an absolutely vital element of my success, in terms of being able to both recognize and embrace all Forbidden Truths. To embrace Personal Truth is the first step, the essential building block, towards the recognition and embrace of universal, ideological, philosophical Forbidden Truth. None of this can ever be realized by a human who rejects the Personal Truth of their own life experiences. I was a victim, I am a victim, I will always be a victim. Only by recognizing and embracing this Personal Truth, which I courageously did as a young child, was I able to achieve the remarkable feat of making Myself into a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth.

"Why do some victims commit crime and others 'rise above'."

It's not a question of rising above anything. It's a question of how much self-hatred a societal victim-creation possesses within their True Reality. The less you hate yourself, the more likely it is you will act out, directing your rage outward instead of inward. In general, the spirit of the criminal is more noble. more pure, more Truth-based, than that of the law-abiding citizen-slave. But at the same time we also have a perverse societal definition of what "crime" is. Society does not wish to aggressively encourage certain acts, therefore it labels them as "crimes" and attaches a negative connotation/definition to the term. But society does seek to encourage universal self-hatred and self-victimization. Therefore the term "crime" is not attached to self-abusive acts such as suicide. The end result is that some acts of "murder" are viciously demonized by society, while other acts of murder are actively encouraged. It is clear that from a Truth-based philosophical perspective, the "criminal" has risen above the self-abuser, in terms of directing their emotion in a more accurately reflective manner.

"Also, is there any altruism left in human nature or are we all too enslaved??"

Individual human beings, on a rare basis, may possess noble, morally superior, altruistic character traits. But the human species as a whole does not. And there is no society, cultural movement, or other large group of humans capable of working togther, for any genuinely altruistic purpose or goal.

"We must rage against that ignorance machine...I like your site lots!! I think."

I enjoy revealing the Truth, glad you appreciate it, too.

"Best wishes for your journey, and thanks for your sharing."

Thanks for the good wishes. It is a True gift that I provide to the universe, in exposing, dissecting, and revealing humanity for what it is. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Sunday August 29, 2004, ********@yahoo.com Wrote:"hey seer can you send me some links to some more forbidden truths."

Hello, My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth reveals all of the primary Forbidden Truths regarding human design, ideological, and operational structures.

"I enjoyed your truths and i see the evil that society throws in my face everyday."

Appreciating Truth and recognizing the maliciousness of human society are both important steps along the path to achieving personal Superiority. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday September 10, 2004, *************@hotmail.com Wrote: "Hi I am 17 years old and i have recently found your site. I was looking through *** **** ***** site and I followed up the link to your site."

Hello, The Main Gateway page of my online Manifesto clearly reveals that all viewers must be over the legal age of adulthood in order to access and read my other web pages. All of my other web pages, at the very top of each page, clearly direct you to return to and carefully read the Main Gateway page if you have not already done so. To the best of my knowledge, 17 is not the age of legal adulthood within any currently existing 1st world society/government.

"I have read the essays on physical appearence (which I believe is pure truth) and also the essay on celebrities. Would it be Ok if I took some information and ideas from your site and put it into a school assignment? Thanks"

I'm sorry, but No. You have already violated the age restriction that I have put in place for legal reasons, and now you are contacting me, asking permission of me, to authorize and sanction your use of information that you obtained by violating my Terms of Access. I will not do this. My Legal Disclaimer and Terms of Access are a vital and integral part of my online Manifesto, and I will never condone or sanction any activity that violates their tenets. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

July 27, 2004 Update: I have added a brief update to my Death essay, which can be found


On Friday April 9, 2004, ************@yahoo.com Wrote:"Given the fact that nobody promised us to be treated fairly, we can't complain (actually, we CAN, but it would be pointless to do so)."

I can complain. Complaints by a Superior constitute a Truth-based declaration of outrage over unjust experiences and unfair victimization. The failure of society and of humanity to treat individual humans in a just and benevolent manner, is not mitigated by a lack of prior promise.

"As a declaration of outrage, it's OK. If a complaint can be an incentive to do something to change the circumstances that generated the need to complain, then it's definitely a positive thing. I had in mind something of a more random nature: like being born in a certain place, in a certain family, at a certain time..."

The injustices of life, even if they could not have been prevented under the current structures of human society, should never be accepted as being okay, just because they were not changed, even if the argument can be made that they could not have been changed. For example, under current human societal structure, every child-slave is trapped within his biological sacred family unit, and whatever circumstances, positive or negative, that particular family unit is living within. As a matter of current human operational structure, this cannot be "changed". But this does not mean that it should be accepted. It is an outrageous injustice, and it should be condemned and despised, even if it cannot be changed. The only reason it cannot be changed, is because the human species is inferior and Truth-hating.

"Change a little bit the circumstances, and all your life is different. We have no say in these things, and even the human society is something that has very little control on its own functioning. This doesn't, of course, absolve it from at least TRYING to do its best for its members, and we all have the duty to try to improve it, for the sake of us all."

Getting hit by a car is something we have no personal control over, but we can minimize this risk by taking certain precautions. As individuals, we have no control over which sacred family unit we are enslaved to at birth. But later, having survived our childhoods, we have an obligation to ourselves to recognize and condemn the insanity and the maliciousness of the human society that has chosen to adopt and operate under such a genocidally harmful system of random child distribution. All sane humans capable of Truth-based analysis have a moral obligation to accept and to become consciously aware of the Truth that millions of children will suffer severe harm and victimization as a direct result of this operational system itself, which is under the direction and control of human societal leaders. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday April 14, 2004, ************@yahoo.co.uk Wrote:"Dear Forbiddentruth, I came across your site and writings in the serendipidity way one finds the things one needs to find."

Hello, The Truth exists and is available to those few humans who are courageous and Superior enough to desire and seek it out.

"While I haven't read your whole manifesto I have read enough to realise that I find truth in what you say."

Everything I reveal in My Manifesto is True. Your ability to recognize and accept the Truth, is rare.

"I try and live by my morals, values and principles which is not easy, to do so has cost me my son's life and my soul mate."

It is a human weakness, to become emotionally attached to fellow humans. Nothing about life is easy. But the Superior recognizes the value of rendering himself untouchable. To do so, you must eradicate all emotional attachment to other living things.

"I try to live by the truth as you put it but it is so hard to live. I find living in the truth means you are shunned by people around you, because they can't handle it."

People are garbage. To be shunned by garbage is a blessing.

"The religious, political and judical stranglehold that now pervades all societies, has people cowed by the material dream and the price they have to pay for it. That they are too exhausted or blinded to want to see and annoyed if you make them see, is soul destroying most of the time."

The "people", the human race, deserves nothing less and nothing more than to become extinct. When you recognize and embrace this Truth, every demonstration of pathetic inferiority by humans, individually as well as collectively, becomes something to celebrate, rather than something to bemoan.

"I find the only outcome of dissidence in the form of letters of complaint to those in political and judical power is to be monitored by a community and treatment team, a mobile psychiatric unit."

There is nothing to write letters of complaint about. To complain to a malicious and diseased entity, and to expect your complaint to be properly addressed, is foolish. The True Superior has achieved untouchability. Celebrate the malevolence of your society, as it constitutes proof that the species is not only worthy of extinction, but destined to become extinct.

"Of the seven times they have been sent to see me they medicated, hospitalised or treated me on no occasion, in fact all leave me agreeing that my battles are genuine, and my reality truths, but still it is all the government sends."

Your government is your enemy. Every representative of your gov't, simply by choosing to be employed as such a representative, proves he is unworthy of being addressed by you in any fashion.

"I come across sites like yours and it gives me hope, I use the nick ****** not for its religious significance but because there is no god and it is only in finding faith too in yourself do you have a chance of surviving. I agree that working only encourages them, so I made the choice to live off them instead of contributing to their madness and live in near poverty on a disability pension, which they pay me because they have given me so much grief it makes me unable to work. While the wheels that drive my society exist I will not work in it, instead I use the time to dissent actively in my community, so far I have avoided either committment by the psychiatric system or jail because I always keep the truth of my cause in mind, to allow either to happen would only allow them to disempower me."

There are numerous ways to live a life that is detached from society, it's doctrines and decrees.

"I am lucky that I never got bitten by the bug of religion, instead Marx was more a childhood influence, he of course eschewed religion, that and being baptised by a presbytarian minister who was the only protestant proclaimed a heretic in the last 100 years. The hypocrisy of the church forced my parents to see the truth and their education has never ended, they past that awareness on to us all and in our own way all 8 of their children challenge their society in their own ways."

Truth is precious. To be exposed to Truth as a child, by your parents, is a very rare gift.

"Congratulations on your site...you make me feel less alone, I know people who think outside the square the world lives in are a minority but that doesn't mean that we are negated."

All embracers of Truth are alone. Humanity despises and condemns Truth, and all Truth-seekers. Of course there is more than one human on the planet who appreciates and can recognize Truth. But we are still alone, we will always be alone, even if we know that others like us exist, and even if we make contact with such fellow seekers of Truth.

"The internet is the last bastion of hope, until they find ways to censor and negate it, in the name of terrorism of course, to protect us all from the terror they create."

The christian god myth has sown millions of times more terror than any group of human torture victims declared by the western world to be of a terrorist nature, could ever dream or hope to sow.

"It's ironic that I don't believe in life after death or religion, but see the world we live in as close to the hell that religion says awaits us when we sin and die, and the 4 horseman of the apocalypse are walking the earth, in the form of war, famine, pestilence, and plague."

Not even the most creative omnipotent god creature could ever create anything like the hell that human beings have deliberately chosen to create for themselves in the form of ordinary human life activity, behavior, and belief.

"The trouble is its not god's hand I see guiding it but a greedy few who think we are only here to die for them, whenever they want, as those dying presently in iraq currently show."

Your purpose in being alive, is to die, on behalf of your society. This is the founding doctrine of all human societies.

"Keep plugging on with your messages, remember the truth shall set you free, thats what I keep telling myself anyway, not sure if it works :)

All freedom is worthless, because it is finite. I am free because I have made my mind untouchable by humans. But in the end my mind will cease to exist. Therefore, I am already in chains, just playing out the clock. The Truth is precious precisely because it is not mortal. It is eternal, and it is my honor to dwell within the boundaries of Forbidden Truth for as long as I exist.

"yours, ******".

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday April 21, 2004, ********@zianet.com Wrote: "Howdy forbiddentruthguy, I agree that the total of human endeavor is built on lies. And that the God Myth is at the center of it all."

Hello, In that case, you recognize and agree with the Truth.

"However, my research(about 50 years worth) tells me that every religion on the face of the Earth was begun by a cult ingesting hallucinogenic fungi. I believe that they have been responsible for the god myth and our despicable behavior."

Your research does not represent the Truth.

"So my question is: Have you ever been influenced by hallucinogens?"

No. I have never deliberately altered my natural brain chemisty via the consumption or ingestion of any substance that is designed to cause such an artificial alteration. Or, to put it in layman's terms, I have never gotten high in my lifetime, and I never will. Getting high represents a rejection of the search for genuine Truth. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday April 24, 2004, ********@zianet.com Wrote: "Howdy Seer, First let me say that it is rare and stimulating to meet someone who shares my views on the false and "toxic" state of the human condition. It is obvious that we don't agree on some things. Oh well."

Hello, It is rare for any human to possess the Truth-based insight that is required in order to recognize just how diseased, perverse, and lie-based all aspects of human society are. If you possess such insight, you are entitled to feel proud of your achievement. It is impossible for any two humans to agree on all issues, unless one is willing to abdicate their own freedom of thought.

"How do you reconcile seer Manson's use of drugs?"

All humans are entitled to try to uncover Truth, using whatever methods they wish. Just because a specific method is unsuccessful, does not mean that the person will fail to uncover Truth, using other methods. It is clear to me that Seer Charles' use of mind-altering substances did not directly lead or contribute to his Superior ability to recognize, articulate, and dissect the Forbidden Truths of life. But neither did it prevent him from realizing these Truths. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday May 5, 2004, **************@aol.com Wrote:

"wow, i am blow away. searching for answers i found you. things you say i have always thought, i was the only one. i thank you for being here to teach me the imformation you have for i have been searching for the truth since i began. i have just started / just found you/ thanxs.... ***"

Hello, You're welcome. Very few humans can recognize, value, and embrace Truth. If your search is sincere, you can find a great deal of Truth revealed within My Manifesto. I reveal Truth, because Truth is precious and worthy. I don't do it to try to teach anyone, anything. Collectively, the human species is unworthy of the gift of Truth. Good luck in your search. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday May 6, 2004, ************@yahoo.com Wrote: "Life is exciting and interesting and enjoyable... and totally unfair. I think that the wisest thing is to make the best of what we have, and remember that the alternative is death, which is what we'll have for eternity - life, good or bad, is only temporary. That's why it's silly to be in a hurry to die - but we humans have no patience. :-)"

I would agree that your philosophical perspective is Superior and Truth-based. But at the same time, the very Truth of what death entails, the certainty and the eternity of it, also serves to make life itself pointless and meaningless. This doesn't mean that death can be preferable to life, for any Superior and Truth-based thinker. But it can legitimately mitigate the degree of excitement, pleasure, and value of day to day life experiences, for the individual. I don't know how well even I, despite my Superior untouchability, will be able to deal with the reality of becoming old, sensing my own body failing me, death looming closer each day, when I get older. If I live to get older, that is...

"I hope you'll live till very old age, and that you'll be healthy and well and content to be alive. I think that the longer one lives, the easier the death is, when it finally comes. If you can stay healthy and aware until very old, you just die of old age, instead of some horrible disease. And it seems to me that the secret is to have an active life, interested in what's going on outside your aching body - if that's possible."

I don't think living a very long time, could or should make death more palatable, from any Truth-based perspective. If life is a "good" thing, logic dictates that the longer you are alive, the more time you have to experience and recognize how good life is, compared to death. Therefore, you should perceive losing your life after a long time, as a more terrible thing than losing your life after a short time. It is only OUTSIDERS, looking at a situation of a young person dying of cancer, etc..., who would perceive such a death as being more "tragic" than a 95 year old dying of old age. Sure, the older person has experienced "more" life than the young person. But that means it is the older person who has more to lose, in dying. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday May 11, 2004, **************@msn.com Wrote: "hello truth acknowleger/embracer. i am also an embracer as well. i have so many thoughts and questions to convey to you but i know youre busy so ill only ask one question at this time."

Hello, Good luck in your efforts to recognize and embrace Truth. Recognition is the first step, and the vast majority of humans cannot accomplish this initial feat, much less to move on and accept/embrace the unbearable Truths. Yes, I am busy and I recommend that humans read my entire Manifesto before submitting questions or comments.

"god is a lie. this is a Truth. what are your thoughts on the idea of infinity."

As a practical experience, infinity cannot exist, simply and obviously due to the two Forbidden Truths that the human lifespan is finite, and the reality/consequences of what each individual death entails for every individual who dies. The theoretical arguments that some aspects of existence, on a "cosmic" scale, might be infinite, are pointless and irrelevent, due to the Forbidden Truth that the lives of all sentient creatures are finite, which makes it impossible for infinity to be experienced by any living things.

"i havent read every word of your manifesto so if you have covered that topic in you god essay just tell me and ill look for it."

You should read my entire Manifesto. The issue you bring up is discussed by me, to some degree, in my Insane God Myth, Death, and Purpose and Meaning of Life essays.

"but most humans are hung up and attached to the big bang/beginning as THE starting point of this existence. i can not embrace this idea as being A or THE beginning. im wondering if you dismiss this as well."

On a practical level, the "universe" is born and created each time that a sentient creature is conceived or "born". This is because it is the experience of existing, with sentient awareness, that has the most primary and Truth-based beginning and ending to it. A universe is created each time a sentient life form begins to exist, and a universe is destroyed each time a sentient life form ceases to exist. Of course "things" existed before I was born, and things will probably exist after I die, but within my universe of experience, such existence is properly and Truthfully meaningless and irrelevent.

"the one thing my human mind can not imagine is nothing. complete nothingness. therefore in my mind it seems that there has had to of been something somewhere at all times which invariably cancels out a "creator". this is what i embrace as the infinity truth."

I would agree that your analysis is accurate and True. Although for the masses of inferior humans, the notion of a god creature existing and creating things would not be nullified by the idea that there was never total nothingness. They would argue that the existence of a god creature, in and of itself, supports the idea that there was never total nothingness, claiming that the god creature is "something", not nothing.

"have you pondered this before and have you come across any literature of this nature other than your beautiful manifesto?"

I have analyzed this issue, and there are other philosophical texts which examine the viability of a complete nothingness starting point to cosmic existence.

"always embracing the Truth, *** ******* ******"

The Truth is always worth embracing. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday May 14, 2004, **************@msn.com Wrote: "hello again, i have just finished your essay on war,abusive military,political, economic systems. i have recognized/realized/and ambraced everything you have chosen to "tear asunder"."

Hello, I tear asunder a great many toxic mythologies within My Manifesto. If indeed you are able to recognize and embrace all of the Forbidden Truths I reveal, that would be an impressive feat.

"i am at an impass though. i also read somewhere in your manifesto that you The Seer of Forbidden Truth is still being abused as a slave. is this still True?"

I am a tortured victim-creation of the society that I was born into and grew up within. I am, not I "was". I am, and I will be, for as long as I am alive. My ability and my decision to recognize and embrace this Forbidden Truth serves as a primary cornerstone building block for many additional Forbidden Truths.

"i think it said something about you being forced to work 10-14 hr days etc."

Even if I was not a slave laborer, my status of being a tortured victim- creation of society, subject to ongoing abuse and victimization, would not be altered. As an informational point of fact, even though I am currently a slave laborer, I never held any type of job in my entire lifetime up until the age of 34.

"my conundrum is that if the Seer himself has not "beaten the system" what are my hopes of doing so?"

Life is intrinsically hopeless and pointless. This is a Forbidden Truth I discuss at great length within My Manifesto. All living creatures are doomed. All of our life aspirations and accomplishments are ultimately meaningless, utterly and totally meaningless. It is only our own unique interpretation of our own unique life circumstances, that carries any meaning, transient and fleeting as it is. It is the creation of personal untouchability that represents the triumph of the Superior. This untouchability has everything to do with facing up to and embracing all Forbidden Truth. It has nothing to do with "beating" or escaping from any particular societal construct. Especially not a PHYSICAL construct, since all of human experience is based not upon physical events or situations, but the mental/philosophical impact of physical events/situations that each human uniquely allows/chooses to exist within his True Reality.

"i know i am a slave. im a corporate whore for the insidious corporation of **** ** *******. i detest "giving" my life away for i know as well that my life is finite."

Society commits one of it's greatest atrocities in staking a claim to the life activities of human beings, by demanding slave labor in exchange for the artificial and toxic construct of money. The individual decision whether or not to try to obtain money by engaging in slave labor, is unique to each individual human. There is no universal "right" or "wrong" choice. The top-level Superior is equally untouchable whether he possesses a million dollars or 10 pennies to his name.

"i want to end my brutal subjugation of "money". i have fantasized about being homeless. being "unemployed" to the degree that most likely i might end up pursuing this life path. i DO NOT want to be homeless but this seems to be the only sane lifestyle as opposed to being a slave. i love my bed, my shelter my food/water. but i DO NOT accept being forced to "give" my only life away to the governmental atrocity known as "money" just so i can enjoy these necessities."

Physical surroundings have no bearing upon a Superior's ability to achieve and maintain untouchability. At one time, my net worth was approximately $400,000.00. At one time, I owned a three bedroom, 2200 square foot house free and clear, with no mortgage. At other times, I have been homeless and penniless. I lived in a homeless shelter for 4 months. I lived in jail for 2 months. My personal experience of triumphant untouchability remained constant throughout, I was no less or more happy owning this large house and having a net worth of $400,000.00, than I was when I was held in jail, or when I was homeless, or when I engage in slave labor for $7.75 an hour, as I am currently doing. The experience of personal untouchability is consistent and not impacted by external circumstances such as wealth, or physical freedom of movement.

"i also read that you enjoy the lyrics of a song more that the "beat".(toad the wet sprocket reference) here are a couple of lines from one of my songs, "i admire bums cause they answer to no one"."

That is correct. Songs that express ideas are powerful, much more so than any musical beat. The Truth is that some bums answer to no one, and some answer to all sorts of different figures and influences, just as is the case with all classifications of humans. We experience the universe of our own minds. We experience our reality based upon the type of external influences that we allow to "touch" us. The Superior makes himself untouchable, and being rich or poor, a bum or an employee at a menial job, living in jail or in a mansion, does not affect the experience of personal untouchability.

"thanks Seer for another illuminating essay. looking forward to embracing more Truth. *** ******** ******."

You're welcome. Good luck in your efforts. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday May 15, 2004, *******@aol.com Wrote: "I'm a poison container for my parents, a slave. I've just become aware of this in psychotherapy, as i realize how i've learned to hate and choke myself."

Hello, Realizing and embracing this Truth is a valuable and important thing.

"My parents were first to destroy me, now i destroy myself everyday. But i've become conscious of it, i never knew what i was doing to myself. Well, i was doing what i was taught, attacking, blaming and punishing myself. I internalized them."


"So i read about poison containers the other day, then i found your essay today. I really enjoyed it. I want to find who the real me is, i just have to undo all this poison that my parents dumped on me when i was created."

Only you can create the real you. But first you have to eliminate the false you, that your lie-based society created for you when you were too young and helpless to defend yourself from the toxicity of the human species.

"I now know i was created to give them good feelings and used as a toilet bowl for their hate, shame, and insecurities. May they rot in hell. It's good to see some sites and articles that are on my side."

The only two sides are Truth, and lies.

"I'm disgusted at my parents and other ones who destroy the beautiful creature of a child, natural and untamed. It breaks my heart, cause i know i have been destroyed and i'm in the process of pulling it all together and cathartically losing it and expressing deep rage in therapy, with a good therapist."

To realize the atrocities that have been committed upon us, is both difficult and painful.

"There are few of us. Thanks so much, hope u get this. *****"

You're welcome. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday May 20, 2004, **********@hotmail.com Wrote:"What is truth?"

Hello, I explain very clearly and precisely within My Manifesto exactly what the two different types of Truth that exist within human experience, Forbidden Truth and True Reality, are.

"There are two kinds of human's in this world. No matter what religion, ethnicity, or part of any culture. There are pro-humans, and there are con-humans. Us humans, obviously have our own divine right to question our existance; to criticize every in and out of our so called "life." Pro-humans believe that life is called life. You live, then you die; and you soak up all of life's events and come to some conclusion about it. They believe in the societal structure, and authorial rule. Why? Because it works. Yea people commit crimes, and hate and sadness is all produced from this "societal" way of life, but it works. The general status of humans still progress both socially, intellectually, physiologically, and technologically."

Your entire premise of pro and con human types, is utterly invalid, just as is your conclusion that the societal way of life "works" in a positive way. It exists, it is maintained, but it does not work in a positive way, nor does it produce legitimate, Truth-based progress.

"Then you have con-humans. Their religions, beliefs and perspectives are signifcantly different. Their perspective of life is completely percise. These people are obviously intelligent, high thinking people. But the mind only goes so far as to describe, criticize, and analyze things."

The mind goes as far as the individual human has been Superior enough to develop it and has the courage to allow it to go, from the perspective of embracing, recognizing, and analyzing Truth.

"You people analyze the truth of life. But the truth is only an illusion."

No. Human societal doctrine and decree, human operational structures, human institutions, these are all toxic illusions created from and maintained within lie-based mythologies. The Truth is very real, very precise, can be perfectly analyzed, and is in no way an illusion.

"You cannot change the way us humans go about "life" because it is a human that has created the societal structure in the first place."

I have no interest in changing anything, you creatures are already on a perfect, beautiful course guaranteed to finally result in your long overdue species extinction. I celebrate this undeniable Truth.

"Every evil comes from its source. The human. It is us humans that were doomed upon birth on earth. We are a mistake. Yes, that is the truth."

Finally, you recognize one significant Truth.

"But to continue to live, we must continue our "doomed" presence. Thats it."

It is the path that you have always been on, the path that you cannot deviate from, that dooms you. You cannot get off, I agree. You are too inferior as a life form. But it is this doomed path which guarantees not your continuation of existence, but rather your extinction and termination of existence.

"Analyze and criticize the "truth" all you wish. But the truth is only ever grasped at death. Then the universe begins again. And the cycle continues.."

Nothing can be grasped "at" death, because death results in the termination of cosmic existence. Nothing continues, nothing begins again, for the individual who dies, and it is only his individual existence, and his death, that has any Truth-based meaning.

"Religions across the world are all based on this : "the suffering"."

Just one reason why they are the greatest mythological plague to have ever infected the human species.

"Dont let society criticize you, however. What you say is true. We have been all brainwashed. But the more you fight it, the more you will be laughed at."

It is the greatest honor imaginable, to be scorned, ridiculed, mocked, persecuted, by the inferior human garbage that infests this planet and rules over the human species.

"You are only human. Do not try to be more than that."

I am more than human. Through the power of my Superior, brilliant, and courageous mind, I have transcended and triumphed over the human experience of life. I both recognize Truth, and experience life, in a way that is far beyond the pathetic, inferior, lie-based, mythology-addicted human perception of life, reality, and truth. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday May 20, 2004, **************@msn.com Wrote:"hello Seer, i just finished reading your morality/decency essay. (even though you have stated it is not finished yet) i was wondering if the Seer himself has/had or will continue to have any societal crutches to deal with and or eliminate in your lifetime."

Hello, Born into human society as a helpless child-slave, I have had to overcome and transcend both the natural and the societally induced human tendencies to embrace societal crutches. I have fully accomplished this feat, but as is the case with most types of "successes", there is a process of continuing and ongoing maintenance of the accomplishment that is at play and will remain at play for my entire lifetime.

"i enjoyed your dissection of moral/immoral/amoral ideologies (although as stated earlier are not finished dissecting) i have been troubled these past couple days as to wether a moral/immoral/amoral decision was made by me when i proceeded to give some change to a homeless human sitting on the side of the freeway on my morning route to my prison/slave job. did i help/hurt this human?"

It is impossible for you to know whether you hurt or helped another human. Only the target of your ministration might be in a position to Truthfully and accurately judge/know whether he has been hurt or helped. Even he is unlikely to be able to accurately judge this, since the vast majority of all humans are not able to fairly and truthfully analyze their own life situation and life experiences.

"should i feel "good"about this giving of alms on a personal level? or was this action completely pointless/meaningless?"

If your True Reality is such that helping another human would make you feel good, and it is your goal to try and feel better about yourself by helping another human, you should interrogate your chosen beneficiary, to try and determine what impact your aid will have upon him. Ultimately, all actions we undertake are pointless/meaningless.

"i choose not to support societal charities such as united way and others because i recognize these institutions are shams feeding "morality" to those who choose to offer money. but on a personal level if a helpless/abused victim approaches me asking/begging for a hand out and i comply what has actually transpired here? on one level i do feel helpful in some way but on the extreme opposite level i feel that my change is not going to really help this victim in the long run. have you encountered this situation in your life path?"

My True Reality is such that no human life form ever provided even the slightest degree of aid to me during my torturous childhood, and therefore it would be a false and invalid reflection for me to attempt to personally aid another human being.

"im wondering what an amoral decision would be for this certain situation."

Unless the human has directly and personally provided aid to you in the past, you cannot possibly be under any moral obligation to aid the human in any fashion. In most situations the amoral path would involve not interfering in the life path of the human seeking aid from you. To provide aid would be an interference, while to refuse to provide aid would represent a neutral, amoral form of interaction.

"i hope you can expand in one of your future essays on how to cope/deal with extreme hatred for the society we are forced to comply with. as a slave at the prison i work at i am invariably taken over with thoughts/fantasies of murder/vengeance/retribution for the insanity it has imposed and will continue to impose on me as long as i allow myself to be an employee/slave."

Your True Reality right to seek and claim personal vengeance, in every imaginable fashion, is undeniable. Your choice of whether to do so, is uniquely yours. All Superiors however, absolutely recognize and embrace the validity of their rage and hate.

"some days i am able to cope by just thinking/recognizing Truths. but at the same instant totally consumed by hatred for a society that imposes prices/fees on the very necessities of life. (food/shelter) the repetitive thought of another 8-10 hrs of my life wasted for what? hours of my precious life that i will never be given back. just to stay in the "rung" of my current monetary status? (not that i care about achieving any kind of specific "status") just to keep a roof over my head? just to keep sustenance in my belly? do you The Seer come across these thoughts?"

To achieve untouchability is to develop the mental strength to automatically reject the ability of an outside force, such as society, to negatively impact your day to day perceptions of reality. I have achieved this untouchability.

"i have read in your essays that a superior human can negate/cope with these thoughts/feelings by embracing Truth. i am constantly thinking this during my daily routine. but i must admit to you that this itellectual/comforting thought is sometimes not enough to assuage the hatred/ill feelings about life."

Hatred is a wonderfully empowering emotion, when properly directed. It is not something to try to avoid, but rather something to wholeheartedly embrace. The key issue is directional path.

"ive taken an interest in reading nietchze. i have not read your essay on him yet but am looking forward to it. man must be a sea in order to take in the polluted streams of man. i love that."

Nietzsche was a Superior recognizer and revealer of profound Truth. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday May 21, 2004, **************@aol.com Wrote:"Hi, my name is ******, i am from indiana. Your readings are very interesting, well thought out."

Hello, Thank you.

"I agree with you on just about all of what you say. You definitely sound like Manson."

I sound like Myself, a unique and Superior life form.

"By the way i heard he had his own website, i dunno if that is true or if you know of it?"

Your society would never allow one of it's imprisoned tortured victim- creations to have the ability to directly communicate through cyberspace, if he was a top-level proponent of Forbidden Truth, such as Charles is. There are web sites that claim to provide humanity with the uncensored message of Seer Charles. The most well-known is http://www.atwa.info.

"Please write back you seem like a very interesting person."

I reply to all e-mail that meets my quality control standards.

"It must be lonely for you to understand so much and have just about everyone else on this planet be completely unaware of themselves."

No. Loneliness is a negative emotional state experienced by inferior humans who are unable to meet their own needs.

"I too have come to understand just by experience, thought and question to find out many of these things."

That's good.

"I really enjoy your site. Please write back to chat, thank you, ******"

I'm glad you like the site. I have just recently decided that no individual human is worthy of engaging in one-on-one chat with me. If you have specific questions, after you have read my entire online Manifesto, you may ask them and you may receive a reply if my quality control standards are met. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday May 21, 2004, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "dear joe, hello to you special one and happy birthday to you!"

Hello, Thank you. My annual birthdate is the only day out of the year that I mark and celebrate above all other days, because it symbolizes both My existence and My creation, as a Superior life form.

"my struggle continues of course, to protect myself against the insane idiots of the world, it's difficult when you have to deal with hospitals, airports and others who try to victimize you as a human, so they can do their "job" or make a "point"."

Life is a daily battle against the tidal wave of diseased, malicious, and inferior societal structures as well as masses of humans that infest this planet.

"i had to fly cross country recently and it was a living nightmare, the proximity of that many humans at once was nausiating to me, i know i give off an aura of "stay away from me", but the average person is so clueless, that close contact angers me...."

There are different forms of detachment that a Superior can experience. Even if close physical contact cannot be avoided in a particular situation, complete emotional isolation/detachment during the situation, can mitigate the negative effects of the physical contact.

"the only interesting aspect off the trip was flying a puddle jumper from ******* ** to ******** **, directly over the mouth of ** ** ***** and seeing ** ******, because the earth is interesting to me, i found it totally fasinating, others on the flying "mini van" were reading papers or basically oblivious to the total beauty of the experience (as unnatural as it was to be higher than any bird could fly or to be that high above the earth) still,"

On a fundamental level, nature represents Truth. The "laws" of nature are intrinsically valid, real, and not subject to the malicious interference of humans. This is a primary reason why humans fear and shun the natural phenomena of the planet. And it is also why humans subconsciously seek and desire to harm and destroy the very environment that allows them to exist as a species.

"the reason for wanting to go to ******** was in regards to my bio mom so i did the unnatural "thing" of getting there as soon as possible and i will probably do it again.....i was asked more than once by airport "officials" "was i flying alone "and was inspected repeatedly, lets face it i'm 5'4" and 115lbs, not what you'd call a threatening demeanor, maybe it's the comtempt i feel, it may radiate from me, a sort of disregard that people "feel", but can't pinpoint so in turn are intimidated by me, it has happened in my personal life too."

The "terror" threat that exists within human society is simply an accurate reflection of the Truth that the vast majority of children experience genuine terror, on a repeated basis, throughout their childhoods, inflicted upon them by their slaveowners and by existing human societal structures.

"joe, just wanted you to know, that i believe (even tho what i think doesn't matter to you) you are so special because of your total realness and bravery and incredible courage, all things most adult people don't even know what it means."

Thank you. You are correct, no opinion of me that any human could hold, either positive or negative, is capable of impacting the opinion I have of Myself. This is the beauty of untouchability. I have created my own universe, I live within this universe, and this universe does not simply represent perfection, it literally is perfection, because no external entity can enter or impact upon this universe.

"my mom always called me an idealist, when as a teenager i'd be in despair of how repulsive humans really are, but i was a realist, hence my teenage angst, everything in my life has only confirmed all i ever knew by age 6."

All children are born with the capacity to both recognize and accept Truth. It is only the daily onslaught of perverse and pathetic lies, brainwashings, and mythologies, that destroys almost every child, and transforms them into terrified, brainwashed, Truth-hating inferiors.

"joe take care of yourself as i know you do....."

Thank you. Yes, I will always do my best to maintain both my health and my life, being a supreme lover of Self.

"the worst is yet to come as we get older, i think."

Life is a daily war, and in the end we all lose everything. We all suffer the greatest tragedy imaginable, and we cannot avoid this, regardless of our Superiority. This is a profoundly important Truth to recognize and accept. Because failure to do so leaves a human vulnerable to the tempting and toxic mythologies that human society hurls upon it's citizen-slaves.

"your devoted admirer *******"

Thank you *******. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth

On Friday May 21, 2004, **************@msn.com Wrote: "I cannot, at this place, avoid a sigh. There are days when I am visited by a feeling blacker than the blackest melancholy--contempt of man. Let me leave no doubt as to what I despise, whom I despise: it is the man of today, the man with whom I am unhappily contemporaneous. The man of today-- I am suffocated by his foul breath! . . . Toward the past, like all who understand, I am full of tolerance, which is to say, generous self- control: thank you Seer thank you Nietchze."

Hello, You're welcome. It is notable that expressions of Forbidden Truth are timeless and cross over all cultural/ethnic divides. The Forbidden Truths revealed by Friedrich so many years ago, are all just as valid as the Forbidden Truths that I have revealed within the past few years.

"I AM full of tolerance more than any "christian" or any other religious hoax contends to be. I AM full of generous self control more than any other invalid lie-based religion claims to be."

The claims that inferiors make, to possess positive character traits, are invariably false.

"in this essay you go on to write about pursuing 3-5 hrs a week dedicated to reinforcing the fortress of unconditional self love. could you possibly explain what these actions entitle?"

Love is an emotional experience. Romantic love almost never endures because it is intrinsically invalid, an artificial projection and misdirection of emotion. When it does endure, it does so only because the participants are too terrified and Truth-hating to abandon it's comforting pretenses. Familial love is fatally tainted by Sacred Family Unit mythology and the dependency that it engenders within it's participants. What is involved in creating and maintaining unconditional self love, is a constant and ongoing reaffirmation of the perfection of this form of love. At every turn, society seeks to compromise and destroy the ability of Superior humans to maintain supreme and untouchable self love. The Superior human needs to set aside time for the specific purpose of focusing upon and reaffirming his self-love, on a regular basis, in order to mitigate the effects of this constant societal attack.

The "actions" involved are simply a mental analysis of self-superiority, reflections upon the Truth that I am obliged to bestow limitless and unconditional self love upon Myself, and a conscious rejection and destruction of all societal efforts to compromise my love of self, which continue to occur on a regular/daily basis. All thought and focus during these 3-5 hours is devoted to the mental analysis and strengthening of personal self love.

"i am enjoying today because i have been trying to recognize as many Truths as i can. somedays are more difficult that others to complete this task because i unfortunately allow this society to create a hatred for life."

Hatred is not only a positive emotion, but an extremely vital emotion for all Superiors to embrace. Hatred is both justified and Truth-based, for a Superior born into and victimized by human society. The only critical aspect of hatred is this: Proper direction. The hatred must be appropriately directed, in order to maintain it's positive benefits.

"i recognize this as a complete failure on my part. but i think recognition is the first step in healing ones self."

Hatred for "life" is not a failure. As long as it is limited to the lives of others, never for your own life.

"im also reading zarathustra and in this reading i came across something beautiful that i am constantly trying to implement into my thoughts. to hate/loathe life is the ultimate blasphemy."

I would make an important distinction between "all" life, some life forms, and your own personal life.

"take care Seer"

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday May 22, 2004, *********@aol.com Wrote:"Hello, You are certainly correct that the sum of our life experiences is all there is for any human being- there is no afterlife."

Hello, Yes, all of the Forbidden Truths I reveal in My Manifesto are correct and accurate.

"But I wonder why you espouse embracing "horrific" truths with the limited time we have on earth. It may well be that you have no choice but to live in such a manner, given your terrible childhood, which was certainly not your own fault and for which I am sorry."

Whether a Truth is horrific or not, has no bearing upon it's importance. The Superior embraces all Truth, horrific and non-horrific. And one fundamental Truth is that most humans find it more difficult to embrace both horrific and Forbidden Truths, than the blander Truths. In general, horrific and Forbidden Truth reveals more profound and valuable information. Your sympathy is of no use to me, but thank you anyway.

"But I think that one fallacy in your reasoning is the perception that those people who live lives in which they raise and love children, have a nice family life, etc are ignoring the "reality" of the world."

On a philosophical level, they are entitled to live as their True Reality dictates. But the Forbiddden Truth is that they are not in touch with the reality of the profoundly evil and lie-based world and human society that they live as member-creations of.

"While romantic love is often an illusion, you will never convince me that the love that a parent (normally) has for his child is illusory."

Romantic love is an artificial construct of brainwashed and self-hating human beings who cannot meet their own needs. Therefore it is always, not often, an illusion. As I reveal within My Manifesto, there is a natural "instinct" among other species of life, non-human, to care for their biological creations. A small portion of this natural instinct may continue to exist within individual members of the human species. But the Truth is that for the vast majority of humans, this natural instinct has been fatally tainted and compromised by the malicious, toxic, and lie-based societal structures within which all humans are born and raised up.

"And basically, whatever a person truly experiences in his limited time on this earth is in fact, "real" for that person."

That is correct. The key point however, is whether the person is recognizing, embracing, and accurately reflecting the Truth of his life experiences, or is instead denying, suppressing, and rejecting these Truths, in favor of artificial projections that society has brainwashed and terroristically coerced him into accepting.

"So you have no ability to dismiss the lives lived by people in which they love and raise children and choose to accentuate the good in the world."

I have a sacred obligation to condemn all lies and myths, and the malicious and inferior human societies that maintain and promote them. This obligation does extend to the arena of exposing the hypocrisy and the inferiority of all individual humans who lack the ability and the courage that is required for them to recognize and face up to the Truth that the society that they live as members of, is genocidally evil and ideologically deranged.

"For those people, this "true reality" is just as true for them as your world of emphasizing hate, murder, etc is for you."

I would agree that their True Reality is valid for them. But it does not represent Truth. I have no interest in trying to "change" the True Reality of any human. But I have a great interest in revealing all Truth, and exposing all lies, and this is what I do within My Manifesto.

"And without question, experiencing love and having a kind soul is superior to being consumed with hatred for the world such as you have."

You are incorrect. All genuine superiority must be rooted within Truth. Without Truth there can be no individual superiority. Humans who experience love and romanticize kindness within their own individual lives, are philosophically entitled to do so, but if they refuse to acknowledge the Truth that human society is profoundly evil, based, built, and sustained upon institutionalized hatred, rage, torment, and victimization, they cannot claim to possess any superior character traits.

"To reiterate, maybe you have no choice in this manner, but such a state of mind is somethng someone should work hard to avoid, rather than embrace."

Whether or not I have a choice is irrelevent. The Superior recognizes, embraces, and reflects only Truth. The cowardly inferior seeks to avoid the Forbidden Truths of life. All states of mind that are based upon the Truth are intrinsically more valid and superior to all states of mind that cling to comfortingly toxic mythologies. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Monday May 24, 2004, ************@hotmail.com Wrote: "Howdy, You've some interesting ideas, although a bit nitpicky. I think Bill Hicks put it all together a little better with the phrase "we're a virus with shoes", but I have a conflict with a point."

Hello, It takes more than a clever catchphrase to correctly analyze and dissect the True nature and circumstance of the human species, as I have done within My Manifesto.

"I agree about the pet/meat/murder general abuses of animals but I found a bunch of kittens that someone had thrown from a car, two I had to put out (they were suffering, guts hanging out the ass and exposed bones)two were dead already and one looked as if he might have a chance.I took him home nursed him to health and treat him like a king. Now where does this fall in your manifesto?"

Your question is not very clear, but I will try to briefly address the points you seem to raise. The ones that were already dead, no longer existed, and therefore nothing of a positive nature could be done on their behalf. The two who were "suffering", deserved a chance to fight for their lives, unless there was a literal zero percent chance of their surviving their injuries. I doubt that you, or even a professional veterinarian, could know with 100% certainty whether they might survive, and therefore your decision to end their lives, in order to reduce their suffering, was presumptive and arrogant, reflective of the warped perspective upon the value of life that most humans are afflicted with.

Your decision to aid and care for the surviving kitten is a reflection of your True Reality, your ability to feel positive/benevolent emotions towards other living things, despite the victimization and mistreatment that you have almost certainly received as a member of human society.

Likewise, the decision of the human who threw the kittens out of his car, accurately reflected his True Reality of being born and raised up within a malicious, diseased, Truth-hating society, that cares not an iota about the lives of any of it's child-slaves, or citizen-slaves.

All True Realities are equally valid, for each individual, and therefore no human is in a position to negatively judge, much less condemn, the actions of the kitten-thrower.

"Just curious"

No problem. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday June 30, 2004 *********@hotmail.com Wrote: "I admit I have not read all you writings but feel obliged to comment on what I have read."

Hello, You are free to comment, but you will only receive this one reply from me, unless and until you read my entire online Manifesto.

"There are now 6 billion people on earth. Only 200 years ago it was 1 billion. Even if you are correct...who do you think is going to get your truth out to all these people much less get them to care."

I have absolutely no interest in or desire to cause any humans to either recognize or care about the Truth.

"Not to mention the IQ necessary to understand many of your assertations."

If you read My entire Manifesto, the reasons for why I chose to create the Manifesto will be revealed to you. There is no intent to educate or enlighten any human.

"After all is said and done, after all the logical thinking.....it all boils down to one thing...the classic battle between good vs evil."

No. Only brainwashed inferiors believe in the concepts of good or evil.

"It really is the only conclusion of the most logical of the logical even though the early stages of logic actually are counter to this assumption."

My revelations of Truth are crystal clear. I detest needlessly obtuse sentences that lack clarity, such as the one above.

"As you well state, utopia is impossible. We can try to come as close as possible but humans are just to self destructive. That even includes me."

Humans are self destructive primarily because they have been taught by their society to detest and loathe themselves. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday July 3, 2004, ****@gtemail.com Wrote: "Greetings, I just wanted to say I love your site and I agree mostly with all of the truths you revealed. It is a feeling of mixed emotions, mostly of anger and depression, when you come to the realization of the truth."

Hello, You agree with all of the Truths that you are able to recognize and accept. This is a step in the right direction. I would agree that rage and hopelessness are two of the primary emotions that can be expected to accompany the realization of Forbidden Truths.

"The major disagreement I have with you is on the subject of the insane god myth. I clicked on the link to see what you thought and it was totally opposite of my opinion."

Unfortunately, the Insane God Myth is truly one of the most pervasively toxic of all myths. What this means is that with or without your realization, your addiction to this particular toxic myth greatly influences and compromises your ability to recognize and accept a great many other Truths on a great many other issues, issues which to most humans appear to have little if any direct connection to the Insane God Myth. This is one of the primary points that I reveal within My Insane God Myth essay.

"I think Jehovah (Christian God) is responsible for all suffering of mankind. I think Jehovah is on an insane powertrip and he tries to make us feel that we are responsible for our own suffering. Jehovah used Adam and Eve as scapegoats. He knew they were going to fail his expectations before created them. Jevhovah is the instigator of inequality, in terms of sex, social standing, and life chances. Jehovah foreseen all, but let it all come to pass. Jehovah is in the same category as Bin Laden, Sadam Hussein, and Adolf Hitler in the sense that he is a dictator: Casting people into states of oppression where they have no chance to flourish. People do not have love for Jehovah; they have fear of him, therefore, conforming to him for fear of burning eternally. Jehovah had so much fun destroying his creation that he has threatened to do it again, except this time he is gonna do it a different way! You know, he's gonna fry us next time round instead of flooding the damn place...he wants to keep his methods of destruction fresh and try different shit."

You can think and believe whatever you wish. But it is quite sad, the level of your dysfunctional thinking pattern. All I can tell you is that your opinion/belief is fundamentally and profoundly insane. There is not the tiniest bit of evidence and no rational reason in the universe, to support your opinion/belief. Further, as I state above, this particular toxic myth goes far beyond most other toxic myths, in terms of negatively affecting your ability to recognize and embrace many Truths that are not directly related to the question of whether an omnipotent god creature exists. I'm not insulting you, I'm simply telling you the Truth, which is what I always do when directly confronted with toxic mythology. If you are interested in at least trying to understand why you choose to addict yourself to this toxic myth, I do reveal the primary reasons in My Insane God Myth essay, and I would also recommend that you read My Death essay, which immediately follows, as more reasons for your toxic addiction are fleshed out. Of course the odds are great that you are not interested in breaking free of this comforting mythology, in which case I recommend that you not bother to try to understand, because it would just be a waste of time and effort.

"Anyway, I'll stop rambling. Lol. Well, it was a pleasant experience checking your site out. Keep up the good work!"

I'm glad you enjoyed exposing yourself to the Truth. I will continue to do as my True Reality dictates. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday July 8, 2004, *************@myway.com Wrote: "I just found your website, and, athough I didn't have time to read much beyond the agreement and email terms, which I only skimmed through, I did minimize it so I can return later."

Hello, Okay. The Truth is always available to you, if and when you choose to embrace it.

"There is something I can share that I think you will find eventually to be the greatest and most enlightening and possibility-filled phenomenom that a creature could ever stumble onto. Check out reverse speech. If your interest lies in the absolute, unvarnished truth, then this is it. The revelations; the possibilities; the truths. There are many websites to go to to find the particulars concerning this phenomenom--of course, they are all there to generate income. If you want to really explore it and your ears are in good condition, then jumping in feet first is the way to go. Then be prepared to glimpse the world as few are priviledged to ever see it."

There is no gimmicky way to find Truth. While it is True that in general terms, the exact opposite of what mainstream society decrees to represent Truth, is in fact True, a human who has been bred within this ultra-diseased society cannot and will not discover Truth simply by believing the exact opposite of what society preaches to him. The reverse speech philosophy as espoused at http://www.reversespeech.com has little if any concrete value to a seeker of the Forbidden Truths of life. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday July 16, 2004, ********@ziplip.com Wrote: "I haven't found many articles as spirited as yours, and especially on the topic you shared on 9-25-03 on Indymedia."

Hello, I reveal the Truth in My essays. If you find value in them, this indicates that you find value in Truth. Since the editors of Indymedia sites are human beings, and 99.99999% of all human beings despise and are terrified of Truth, you must expect a majority of postings which reveal a significant amount of Truth, to be rejected, deleted, censored.

"Methinks you could use some art (or other imagery) to help "catch the interest" the *sane thinkers* and others who might be so moved. If you would like, please feel free to use any art of mine that you can find online (i.e. via www.********.com )."

I have no interest in appealing to other humans. I create My Manifesto to immortalize Myself and the Truth. The photographs I include are to recognize and honor societal Martyrs and fellow Seers. Therefore I have no interest in or use for artistic imagery.

"I would love to stay in touch with you, but doubt any email will get through to me from you (or anyone else), so I won't ask you to. This email has been comprimised in some way (probably hacked by officials or whoever) and no incoming mail gets through, though one area of the mailbox says I have at least 300 emails..."

I reply to e-mail I deem worthy of receiving a reply. Whether or not My reply reaches you, is of no significance to me.

"Have you heard of the "killing **** ******" site? They have a link to a surprisingly interesting discussion. I'm telling you this because you may find interaction with them constructive to further refining your deep thinking."

No, I have not heard of them. I do not require interactive contact with humans, in order to recognize and build upon my philosophical realizations and revelations of Truth.

"Love and daring, a survivor of society abuse."

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday July 16, 2004, ********@operamail.com Wrote: "Hello! I was amazed to find something of your depth and radicalness on an Indy Media website (NL, 2003)."

Hello, I'm glad you can appreciate and are interested in the Truth.

"I would like to publish/promote and engage in meaningful discussion of your ideas, as part of my own sustaining actions on the Indymedia networks (globally, as time permits), the "child-love", and, as well as the "post-leftist" anarchist community."

I have strict rules for anyone who desires to reprint or repost My writings. These rules are clearly outlined at My web site. Feel free to discuss my Truths with whomever you wish, but I have no interest in engaging in extended, one-on-one discussion or debate with any human. I find all humans to be unworthy of enjoying such contact with me. Specific questions may receive a reply, if they meet my quality control standards.

"On your main website, I found these words: I do wish to encourage the dissemination of these Forbidden Truths far and wide, so I am generously giving permission to have any essay, entire web page, or this entire web site, reproduced in it's entirety, for any type of non-commercial, not-for-profit purpose. I do require that anyone taking advantage of this offer, email me and tell me exactly which of my writings they are reproducing, and exactly where, in what specific venue, the reproduction will occur. I also require that anyone taking advantage of this most generous reproduction opportunity, include a direct link to this Main Gateway page. The exact webpages are all networked from www.indymedia.org (i.e. madison.indymedia.org ); another is the "killing king abacus" discussion >board (want the url?); and still another is the "Freedom Board" (and >other "child-love" boards therein), principly found via www.********.net/boards."

I want to know exactly which of my essays or web pages you will be reposting before you repost them, then after you repost them I want the exact url address of where the repost is located. I will not search for the web page, I want the exact, direct url address. In all cases a direct link or hyperlink, hyperlink preferred, to the Main Page of my web site, must be included in the repost. This page would be: http://forbiddentruth.8k.com.

"I have been able to print out (for free!) your article http://www.indymedia.nl/nl/2003/09/14017.shtml The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse and will be reading it and getting back to you."


"My interest, besides challenging the status-quo of the Left and anarchist and "MAA" (minor attracted adult) milieux, is to informally gather together intensely radical thinkers into some kind of informal network of *conscious resistance* via a website (etc?) that i have designs for. (In the past 2 years, I put together www.**********.net which is now offline, but I have backups if you'd like to see an index of main topics, which i can send you)"

No thank you. I have learned, through experience, that there is very little benefit to attaching oneself to any other humans, be it one-on- one, or a larger collection. Put 2 humans together, and the inferior of the two will rise to the top.

"Phew, i'm a bit hyper right now and my writing surely reflects that, because i don't have much time left here (on computer) and am excited to have stumbled upon a badass such as yourself."

Okay. The top-level Superior excites himself. Dependency upon other humans for anything, is something to try to overcome.

"(btw, have you read Venomous Butterfly at all? I recommend his/her incendiary writings)"

No, I have not.

"Well, keep on arming your desires!!!!!! a survivor of society abuse."

I will do as my True Reality dictates. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

June 1, 2004 Update: Hello. It's been almost two months since I posted my last update. Why such a long time between updates? Quite simply, my repugnance and my hatred towards you humans continues to reach new record levels. The very thought of you unworthy, repulsive creatures being able to access new and brilliant revelations of Truth, precious gifts from My Superior mind, disgusts me. You don't deserve such a gift. You deserve nothing of value, nothing that is good, helpful, important, or True. Like a lit cigarette thrown upon the ground, you deserve nothing more than to be crushed and extinguished. An eternity of nothingness awaits your species. Your doom and your fate has been signed and sealed. You have signed it, and you have sealed it. Only the delivery needs to be made. Vengeance will be served, for the trillions of children that you have chosen to homicidally sacrifice, for the trillions of human minds that you have chosen to cripple, for the trillions of Truths that you have thrown into the garbage in order to justify the sanctification of your deranged societal and governmental institutions. You crippled idiots. How dare you pretend to be outraged and mystified as to why you are summarily beheaded, burned alive inside Sport Utility Vehicles, your bodies gleefully dragged through the streets, your skyscrapers reduced to piles of rubble. The only True outrage and mystery that remains, is how and why your species continues to exist. What a delight it is to be a witness to your final death throes of devolution. I watch and I wait, observing you human maggots under My microscope. There is nothing else to do, nothing else that needs to be done. As always, you are getting the job done so beautifully. None of us, those of us who fervently await your extinction, could ever craft a script as perfect as the one you have written for yourselves, that you create and perpetuate each day with such deranged passion. You write it, you read it, you embrace it, you create it, you live it. Thank you for letting us be a witness to your extinction. It's the closest to gaining both justice and vengeance, that we can ever hope to come. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

April 5, 2004 Update: Greetings. The anniversary day of My birth will be occuring in just a few days. This is the only day of My existence that I note and celebrate, above all other days. All other holidays, in fact the entire definitional and operational structure of the holiday ritual, are lie-based, artificial, and intentionally malicious constructs of human society. I celebrate My birthday because I love, value, admire, and cherish Myself, with an even greater passion than I hate, recognize as worthless, detest, and despise, all the rest of humanity. In just a few days, according to your artificially designed calender, I will be 37 years old. For 37 years I have existed, evolved, suffered within, been trapped within, battled, harmed, influenced, human society on planet earth. My quest to uncover and embrace all of the Truths of human existence began on the day of My birth, and has continued unabated for every single day of my existence. My courage in pursuing and embracing Truth is singularly unmatched in the annals of human existence. It is with great pride that I rejoice in My existence and my accomplishments as a Superior life form. Without prejudice, I have focused My superior intellect upon the profound task of determining the Forbidden Truths of life. During my 37 years of existence, I have found not a trace of solid evidence or reason, to support the notion that the human species is worthy of existence, or capable of redeeming itself for the apocalypse that it has brought down upon Me and upon all other life forms, indeed upon every existing structure of the planet and solar system that it infests.

My life experiences as a human being on planet earth during the 20th and 21st centuries, serve as a perfectly reflective, mirrored illustration of the utter depravity, perversity, hypocrisy, genocidal evil, intrinsic lack of justice, fundamental hatred of Truth, upon which human society is built and exists. Each day of My existence is a triumph, a personal victory and a victory for Truth. Each day, the Truth is reinforced, it is demonstrated to me in concrete fashion. It is vibrant, it is victorious, it cannot be touched by those who hate it and live in terror of it. Your hatred and your terror only serve to render the Truth stronger and more untouchable. Your effect upon me, The Seer of Forbidden Truth, is the same. Thank you for strengthening Me, thank you for making Me more untouchable, with each passing day, with each new example of inferiority that you gift me with, as you hurtle towards your extinction.

On Thursday February 12, 2004, ******@dragonbbs.com Wrote: "Re: The forbidden truth of the human war ritual, can i send the article to friends and other groups I'm on? ty ******"

Hello. You may do so as long as you include both my Copyright notice and a direct link to page 1 of My Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, which would be:

The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday February 26, 2004, ***********@yahoo.com Wrote:"Fascinating web site. Thank you! It's very thought provoking. *****."

Hello. You're welcome. Most humans find themselves terrified and repulsed by the Truth, rather than fascinated. But there is a tiny minority who manage to transcend their genetic and societal inferiority to the point where Truth can at least be considered. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday March 2, 2004, ***@grnco.net Wrote: "Hi. I am very interested in hearing what you have to say. I have been raised baptist all my life, and it never seemed to make sense, but what you say, it all seems so right. Please, I'd love to converse with you, if you have time. My return address is *************@hotmail.com ~sincerely~ *******."

Hello, I say everything that humanity deserves to hear, within the content of my Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. I say the Truth. If you can recognize and value Truth, then what I say will seem "right" to you. If you despise and are terrified of Truth, then the insane mythology that has been terroristically imposed upon you throughout your lifetime, will seem "right" to you. I no longer engage in direct communication of an extended nature with humans. The species has collectively forfeited it's right to enjoy extended interactive contact with Me. If you have a specific question, ask it and I might choose to respond if I deem it worthy. Finally, I only reply to the originating addresses of e-mail I receive, therefore this reply goes to grnco.net, not to your claimed Hotmail address. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday March 2, 2004, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "hail, seer of forbidden truth. your manifesto is fascinating and full of energy - i enjoyed reading it. this whole thing, this everything, is not alien to me however, as I daily contemplate ways to spark what you would refer to as "the revolution"."

Hello. I'm glad you are Superior enough to appreciate My Manifesto. Do as you see fit, as your True Reality dictates.

"if you are totally commited to your views, I suggest you reply to this e-mail. " i have some things I'd like to show you..." "

I'm not interested in engaging in extended interactive contact with humans, and I do not follow the suggestions of others. I am replying to this e-mail simply as a courtesy, to let you know that it has been received and read. My level of committment is of no concern to anyone but Myself. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday March 24, 2004, ********@uno.edu Wrote:"I'd like to ask you a question. I'd like to ask you about abortion. Do you think that the only thing that would ever cause somebody to want to have an abortion is the brainwashing that has been forced upon them?"

Of course not. I make it very clear in My Manifesto that there are numerous reasons why women choose to murder their womb-trapped biological creations. The #1 reason is that their society terroristically imposes the burden of motherhood upon all female humans who excrete a living child from their wombs. The #2 reason is that society inflicts brutal abuse upon the vast majority of all children and adults, both female and male, thus giving rise to homicidal rage within it's citizen-slaves, while at the same time providing a legal outlet for this homicidal rage to women, via the practice of womb-trapped child murder. The #3 reason is that society instructs it's citizen-slaves that their own individual lives are of little if any value, thus it would be irrational and illogical for citizen-slaves to place value upon the life of an inferior, subhuman life form, which is what society decrees a "fetus" to be. Of course there are many other reasons for why individual females choose to have abortions. These three reasons are simply the most common.

"Do you think that there would be nothing that would cause women to get abortions besides the bit that they have been fed by society?"

"The bit that they have been fed by society"? I never used those words in My Manifesto. My Manifesto is very clear and precise. The language is exact, in revealing Truth. You have no chance of grasping the Truths I reveal, when you cannot even properly quote me even as you question my position.

"I understand you, and I was glad to see you discussed feminism at all in your manifesto."

I'm not very easy to understand. Neither is Truth easy to grasp. In My Manifesto I discuss all of the most important and primary issues of human existence.

"I would just like to know a little more about your real thoughts about what causes women to want to have abortions."

If you have further questions, please quote me properly when you seek clarification, and you may receive a reply once again, if your query is deemed sincere. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Monday March 29, 2004, *********@comcast.net Wrote: "I just wanted to say that while there are a great number of dark and horrific things going on in this life there are also many beautiful and truly good things as well & I can only feel overwhelming sadness that you have not experienced any of them."

Hello, Your sadness is of no use or value to me. It makes you feel good to feel sad for me, because it strengthens your lie-based perception that the human species is worthy of redemption. All of your illusions of beauty and goodness are just that, hollow illusions. They comfort you, so cling to them. I will find my peace within the courageous embrace of Truth.

"Your website seems to reflect an utter hopelessness . I want to tell you that there is hope and there is abundant, fulfilling, and glorious life beyond what you now believe."

It's not an issue of belief. It's an issue of Truth. I know Truth, and therefore I believe in nothing.

"I can understand why you choose not to trust others. Some do not deserve our trust. But to turn away from everyone because of the darkness of a few is to miss seeing the beauty and the light of others."

I see my own glorious perfection. Therefore I miss nothing of value.

"There is more than you now know. If you truly are a truth seeker then you will see that what I am telling you is so."

Good luck in your efforts to delude your fellow humans into embracing your comfortingly toxic lies. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

March 5, 2004 Update: Hello. Another month is gone, and I have decided to not provide any e-mail feedback letters from you humans, in this update. You creatures repeat yourselves too much, and you ask ignorant things that do not deserve my time or attention. All you need to know, is already provided to you within the complete text of My Manifesto, as it currently exists. I have added no new content to My Manifesto during the past month. You do not deserve the Truths I have already graced you with, much less the gift of additional Truths. Therefore this update is created simply to inform you that both the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth and The Seer of Forbidden Truth continue to exist as brilliant and untouchable beacons of light within the bottomless pit of darkness that constitutes human existence on planet earth in the 21st century. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

February 5, 2004 Update: Hello. Well, another month has passed by, and nothing much has changed. You diseased and Truth-hating creatures continue to devolve as you hurtle towards your long overdue species extinction. In amerikkka, the pathetic sham of illusionary freedom within which you pretend to have the right to choose a new supreme leader, is kicking into gear. In England, one of the world's greatest Martyrs, Dr. Harold Shipman, is dead, a murder victim of the very society that was guilty of and responsible for his lifelong victimization. He leaves his legacy like dust in the sands of time, lets hope the seeds he plants can carry the weight of your crimes. Like all of society's Martyrs throughout human history, he will be avenged. Justice will finally dawn, when eternal twilight descends upon the human species. Throughout the planet, you humans continue to pretend to value and care about children, as you sponsor and commit worldwide, limitless genocide upon them. Throughout the planet, your tortured child-slave survivors exist, planning out, plotting out, carrying out their True Reality vengeance, on small scales and on large scales. "How can I destroy the world, as the world has destroyed me?" In nooks and crannies all across the planet, tortured survivors of human society are asking themselves this question, seeking out the answer as best they can. Let us praise their ambition and clarity of vision, as we continue our Forbidden Truth journey.

On Tuesday December 30, 2003, **********@mts.net Wrote:"Inspiring! I realise you must have your hands full, but I seek kindered spirit of truth."

Hello, Glad you found the Truths that I reveal, to be inspiring. I cannot help you in your quest for a kindred spirit. I exist, the Truth exists, and I have chosen to reveal the Truth, not to benefit or aid humanity, which is undeserving and unworthy, but purely to immortalize Myself and Truth itself, both of which are deserving and worthy.

"I am the Creator and part owner of ghostchild.com and I would like to invite your eyes and wisdom to our forum."

I visited the site and read some of the posts. Good luck. I sense quite a lot of optimism and hope, neither of which is warranted, imo. I no longer engage in interactive communication on public forums, with humans. I did so for some years, before realizing that it was a waste of my time and effort and no longer made sense from a cost-to-benefit perspective. The species is unworthy of redemption efforts, it is a doomed species. Cosmic justice will prevail in the end. I choose to sit back and cathartically savor, and to a degree chronicle, the impending and oh so appropriate extinction.

"There are many moving towards alternatives, I too am trying to offer choice and free speech."

Good luck in your idealistic efforts. I have found that humanity befouls everything that it touches, everything that it is allowed to touch. The few isolated humans who are able to recognize, appreciate, and value Truth, cannot now and will never be able to significantly influence, much less exert control over, the doomed evolutionary journey of the human species. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Monday January 5, 2004, *********@hotmail.com Wrote: "Dude: I tried to post this response to your excellent message called Forbidden Truths of the Insane God Myth, but I must have pressed a wrong button or something because I don't see it there. So I'm just sendiing it to you directly."

Hello, Okay. I almost never reply to publicly posted messages, so one benefit of your choice is that you are receiving a reply.

"1) Everything you say is 100% true and none of it is false."

Correct. I have never claimed to know "everything", but I have claimed that everything I choose to publicly reveal to the universe is both factually and ideologically True. And it is.

"2) "My guess is that you're in the 99th percentile in intelligence too."

You are correct, although I would add some additional 9's to that number, such as 99.9999 percentile.

"3) When I read it, for a second I figured somebody must have found the stuff I wrote in high school that I lost. (Stuff I pasted all over the bulletin boards in the hall and hung signs about all over the school). I even addressed the crazy religious people ?you creatures?!"

Young people usually possess a greater ability to recognize and accept the forbidden Truths of life, than older people. This ability and willingness almost always decreases as a person ages and continues to be subjected to the genocidally evil bombardment of toxic mythology that their society imposes upon them. Of course there are Superior exceptions to this rule. The term "you creatures" is highly appropriate, when a top-level Superior is addressing or referring to inferiors, primarily because it is a shock to the system for the Superior to be confronted with the Truth that he is of the same species as the pathetic inferiors.

"4) But (and I wish I had italics instead of caps), YOU'RE PAYING ATTENTION TO SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T NEED TO BE PAID ATTENTION TO. (In *my* case, I was also ignoring stuff that desperately *needed* to be paid attention to, but I didn't know it)."

Philosophically speaking, there is almost nothing of an intellectual or ideological bent that universally "needs" to be paid attention to. Our decisions as to what to pay attention to, are motivated by our own unique True Reality perceptions. I find that it is an appropriate use of My time to spend a certain amount of time and effort in revealing Forbidden Truth, but this is a personal decision, and not in and of itself indicative of any Superior status on My part, or reflective of any so-called "obligation" that I or any other human has. Our only obligation, as a Superior, is to recognize and embrace Truth, not necessarily to express or reveal it in any fashion.

"Yes, they're wrong, and yes they're stupid and yes they fit into some specific definition of "insanity", but you have to realize: THEY'RE NOT LIKE US. Their concept of "believe" doesn't mean the same thing to them as it does to smart people."

The fundamental human mindset and behavior of "belief" is fatally and toxically flawed because by official definition, it involves a rejection of Truth, and a suspension of critical, Truth-based analysis. Whatever the human species "believes in", cannot possibly represent or reveal Truth. Belief and Truth are mutually exclusive, at least as far as mainstream human definition and experience of personal reality are concerned. The Superior "believes" in nothing. He analyzes ideas, notions, the beliefs and behaviors of humanity, and from a Truth-based perspective, determines what the actual Truth of the idea, notion, belief, behavior, is. Any human who chooses to "believe" in anything, without first conducting such an analysis, proves himself to be a hopeless inferior.

"So: 1) your stuff seems silly to the stupid people because they don't posses a rigorous definition of "Truth". (I spell it with a capital T, too. Yes, really)."

Silly would be an applicable adjective. But not the most accurate adjective, for most humans. Terrifying, unbearable, unimaginable, these adjectives better describe the sense of terroristic threat that is invoked within the True Realities of most humans, when they are confronted by Forbidden Truth.

"At big public arguments in the halls between classes, the jesus freaks used to tell me "there's YOUR truth and then there's OUR truth" or "there's SCIENCE truth and there's FAITH truth". And when I argued them into a logical corner, they said "I'll pray for you!" and walked away thinking they'd won."

The Truth is unbearable for the vast majority of humans. They are inferior cowards, accurately reflective of the inferior and cowardly society into which they were born and rendered brutally enslaved to.

"Trying to convince THEM is like trying to teach your dog to speak English. F*** them."

I have never in my lifetime attempted to convince any creature of anything. I reveal Truth to immortalize Myself, among other reasons, but there is absolutely no desire or intent on My part to affect or alter the thinking, beliefs, or life paths of other humans. The human species is not worthy of receiving such a gift from Me.

2)Your stuff also sounds silly to the other SMART people, because it's all so blatantly obvious. Someone who makes a big public deal of teaching his dog English comes across as "silly", no matter how perfect his English is. This was particularly true when I got all angry and combative and told groups of kids how superior and ?above" them I was for being right."

I do not address individual human beings directly, when I reveal their inferiority to them, or to the general public. I am simply using them to reveal and to illustrate the Truth. You are not correct in concluding that "smart" people already know or are able to embrace Truth. I suppose you can define "smart" in different ways, but in terms of both high I.Q and having received extensive education, these "smart" humans are generally just as unable and unwilling to embrace the Forbidden Truths of life, as are the low I.Q and poorly educated humans.

"To use religious sayings, what you?re doing with your essay is either "tossing your pearls before swine" or "preaching to the choir"."

I'm not talking "to" any humans, in my essays. I am simply revealing Truth. If humans choose to access, consider, form opinions about Me and the Truths I reveal, they are free to do so. But I have no specific interest or desire to affect individual humans in this manner.

"Not knowing that virtually ALL smart people agreed with me about religion f***** my head up because I wondered why the obvious Truth wasn't obvious to even ANYONE else."

You are not factually correct in your conclusion that most smart humans recognize the Truth about religion. Unless you simultaneously conclude and realize that only 00.00001% of all humans deserve to be labelled as "smart".

"In fact, the explanation is that there are so few smart people. Our group density is SO low that it causes us to bump into hundreds of stupid ones before encountering someone else who even understands what we?re talking about."

Not hundreds, but tens of thousands, and in fact hundreds of thousands of humans must be waded through, in order to find a single smart one, using My Truth-based definition of "smart". Most humans who claim to see past and through the lies of their society, do not actually do so. Most self-professed atheists have not in reality rejected the insane god myth at a core, True Reality level.

"And for me, if that person didn't happen to feel like reinforcing me emotionally at that particular time, then I had to talk to hundreds *more* of the stressing, distressing idiots before encountering anyone who even had the competence to agree with me. The effect was that I felt frustrated, isolated, ridiculed, and confused all the time... EVEN THOUGH I WAS RIGHT, like you are."

I have never been interested in convincing any human of anything. Because I love Myself unconditionally, and have used the power of my mind to make Myself untouchable, I would never allow any human to cause Me to experience negative emotions on a personal level, such as the 4 you mention above. Of course as a young child I was still developing personal untouchability, but I had no interest in convincing any human of the Truth back then either, and therefore did not experience the negative emotions that you did, as relates to this issue.

"Things I wish I had known then included: Truth is not the same thing as beauty. The Nazi scientists were all "correct", but what they did with Truth was ugly."

All Truth is valuable and precious. All beauty is in the eye of the beholder. All Truth is in fact beautiful, when and if directly compared to lies and falsehood. Individual humans do with Truth, as their own unique True Realities dictate.

" "- Beauty is not the same thing as truth."


"Don't get me wrong; beauty is NEVER "false". But some things that are ?wonderful? just aren't truth-functional, like loving my cat. (Note that loving god isn't an example, because it involves believing false=true)."

Beauty can be false, it can be lie-based and formulated within misconceptions. But then again, beauty itself is so utterly subjective, as well as influenced by society, that it does not stand up to a false/true intellectual analysis. Certainly not every life activity can be judged, or can be focused upon from a primary perspective of intellectual or philosophical Truth.

"- The Truth does not set you free. An extreme example would be: my hacker hero, Kevin Mitnick, knew vastly more than his dumb prison guards. Nevertheless HE was locked up by THEM, not the other way around like it should have been. And he got all beat up by people who were even stupider still."

There are many different types of freedom. It is clear to me that emotional freedom is of far greater value than physical freedom. And I speak from directly personal experience, having been physically imprisoned.

"- Knowledge is not power. I sure wish it was, but if "power" means the ability to get what you want, knowledge is only power when the only things you want are true statements."

Again, power can be defined in many different ways. I would disagree with you, Truth-based knowledge can provide a tremendous amount of personal power, reaching all the way to untouchability, even as we recognize that there are certain power goals, such as complete omnipotence or immortality, that may be impossible for us to physically obtain.

"It turns out that I wanted a lot of other things too, like a best friend who was also a girl."

Every human experiences their True Reality differently. I do not want anything from any human. I do not need anything from any human. I exist as a totally detached life form, dependent upon no living creature, human or otherwise.

"The content of what you say is TRUE. But the anger and verbal abuse I gave (and you give) people about it are NOT. Nor are they false. They are pure emotion. That's not a judgment of you, it's just a logically necessary fact which my former idol Mr. Spock would be the very first to agree with."

I reveal the Truth forcefully and accurately, reflecting not the anger, but the collective outrage over the cosmic injustice of my own personal fate, as well as the fate of all top-level Superiors who preceeded me. My emotions reflect Truth, because they are inspired by My genuine and factually accurate realizations of Truth regarding humanity.

"That doesn't make your vehement anger BAD, but the overwhelming justification and vindication of capital-T Truth does NOT bleed over onto justification and vindication of any particular emotion one feels about that Truth."

That is the distinction between Truth and True Reality. And yet the judgement over what constitutes an emotion as opposed to an intellectual realization of Truth, is often not as obvious as would appear at a surface glance. For example, it would be easy to conclude that my realization of Truth that the human species has forfeited and abdicated it's right to continue to exist, is based upon emotion. But this is not so. This conclusion is in fact formulated totally upon a rational and analytical analysis of the conduct of the human species throughout it's existence. At the very same time, I make no bones about the fact that I would emotionally relish the event of human extinction, if I were to experience it occur. This does not compromise or dilute the intellectual validity of the Truth that the human species is worthy of becoming extinct.

"In fact, that's a really common mistake the crazy religious people make. Taliban terrorists come to mind. Suppose there WAS an invisible guy who runs everything by magic, and suppose that the towel heads ARE the only people who know it. Even THEN, those "truths" are completely unrelated to the question of whether or not you should run planes full of people who DON'T believe it into buildings."

I would disagree. Theoretically, if a god existed, and if he possessed great power and the ability/desire to bestow great reward to specific human beings, and IF he specifically instructed a human that they would receive a uniquely valuable gift that could otherwise never be obtained, such as to enjoy cosmic and physical immortality, if the human performed a specific action, it would be perfectly appropriate for a self-loving individual to absolutely consider performing the action, and it would be totally inappropriate for any outside source to morally, legally, or in any other fashion, negatively judge the person or the act that he may undertake. Of course this is all Truthfully invalid, since god does not exist. But the application of a moral standard, which is what you seem to be doing above, should never exist above the practical reality of concrete Truth. Not "belief", but actual Truth. What a taliban might "believe", has no basis in Truth. But IF it DID have a basis in Truth, this Truth would have to be recognized as possessing far greater importance than any type of "moral theory".

"Understanding stuff that other people don't doesn't have anything to do with whether one gets angry and shouts insults at strangers in front of a bulletin board in the hallway between classes while being laughed at -- like I was, and like you probably are by people who read stuff at indymedia.org."

The reactions of humans to me, is of absolutely no importance to me. I am a user, I use everything to benefit Myself, as I see fit. I use the love of others, I use the hatred of others, I use the ridicule of others. They are all equally benign and useful to me, while at the same time totally unnecessary to me.

"I wish I had known that when I did those things, I was an a**hole for the same reason that a preacher's kid who does them is an a**hole: because asshole-ness is completely unrelated to the truth or falsity of what either kid yells at everyone about. So am I calling YOU an a**hole? NO, and in fact I'm doing *exactly* the opposite. For years, I've called people like us something else: "Jedi". Because in a real sense, we literally are. And I learned awfully late that I'd rather be a Jedi who walks among the "muggles" (a Harry Potter term) and who uses my rare & wonderful power publicly only when I need to do something the "normals" can't do."

I am not "talking to" humans in My public writings. The fact that humans might access and receive my public writings, does not change this Truth. I use the power of my brilliant and Superior mind for every waking and conscious moment of my existence, to improve my experience of my own life, in thousands of different ways every day. I use my Superiority publicly, privately, in all ways and at all times. But only selfishly, only to benefit Myself.

"The alternative is being a Jedi who uses his power to do stage magic while standing on a box in the town square all day, and who gets pissed off and swears at the uninterested people walking down the street because they're not impressed or amazed and don't throw money in his hat."

I despise all of humanity, but this personal emotion exists apart from my public revelations of Truth. I have absolutely no vested emotional interest in what any human thinks of me.

"If I HAD realized all this, I could have F*****GIRLS in high school instead of being the laughing-stock everyone thought I was for trying to talk stupid people into believing they're stupid, which, it turns out, is a stupid thing to do."

I have never had the slightest interest in talking people into anything. But neither have I ever had the slightest interest in convincing any human to have sexual intercourse with me.

"I had this big revelation one day. When I was on the city bus reading a book about special relativity, there was this retarded guy. He was so F****** stupid and talked to the other passengers like they were buddies and made stupid, retarded jokes like "I don't call it Down's Syndrome, I call it UP syndrome!", followed by a big drooling grin. I started to feel smug and superior, knowing I was unquestionably justified by The Truth. But I suddenly thought: of me and the retard, WHICH ONE OF US IS SMILING? That got me thinking. Fortunately, that's something I do well."

The Superior human can create limitless and untouchable personal pleasure for himself, using the untouchable power of his own Superior mind. I can do this, and I do it. The Superior does not need to abandon or sublimate Truth, in order to create personal satisfaction for himself.

"Don't try to keep the crazy religous people from drowning. Let them sink while you fly away."

If I had any personal interest in humans, it would certainly lean towards helping them drown, rather than to prevent them from drowning.

"I don't know if any of this relates to you. For all I know, you're a philosophy professor married to a movie star. But for years, I've just HAD to tell SOMEONE. And now I did."

I am exactly what I reveal Myself to be, within My Manifesto. The Truth is always worth telling. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday January 6, 2004, **********@aol.com Wrote:"Thanks for posting the Insane Marriage Ritual essay!"

Hello, You're welcome. I enjoy revealing Truth, and if a human or two is able to recognize/appreciate the Truth, that's an additional benefit.

"Though I haven't read this through yet, just by skimming through it, it utterly reminds me of the dire straights(unhappy with significant other in my life) that I find myself in, after falling head over heals for someone I didn't really even get to know, a couple of years ago."

Dependency upon a fellow human is both dangerous and sad, imo. But for most humans it's unavoidable. They cannot meet all of their own emotional needs. I'm lucky that I love Myself with a purity and passion that can never come close to being matched, with regard to my "relationships" with other living things.

"She was half my age, but at least in her twenties. It seems that you had stated that romantic love is non existent in your perception, but this person literally swept me off my feet, and still does when I come across her face, though kit saddens me that I have not seen her in some time."

Romantic love is an artificial construct. It is not based upon rational or factual Truth. Which is not to say that the experience cannot "seem" real. Humans develop sexualized fantasies regarding their imaginary "ideal" sexual partner, and physical appearance itself can become obsessively focused upon. I suppose in my own way, my fetishistic obsession with deformed and painful female feet, fits this criteria. The important and lucky distinction being that I have no interest in the actual human being, just the body part. :-)>/font>

"I'll respond to your statements about the marriage ritual after having read it thoroughly, unless you object."

No objection at all, feel free to let me know if you are able to recognize and accept the Truths that I reveal in this essay.

"Peace to you young one."

Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday January 16, 2004, *******@nyc.rr.com Wrote: "I have put a link to your site on my discussion board and await any feedback."

Hello, Okay.

Doubting that people will respond to anything that involves thinking, I believe most of the topics will instill fear rather than reflection."

One of the primary Forbidden Truths of humanity, is that Forbidden Truth itself invokes immense and profound terror among the masses of human inferiors. Therefore, your above assumption is certain to prove accurate. You might well receive a few responses, but they are certain to be of a terrified and/or enraged nature.

" Whatever, you gave it a shot and your only mistake was in not offering something for free."

I reveal the Truth. In Truth, there is ultimate triumph. The triumph comes from the actual revelation, not from any response, be it positive or negative, that the revelation might invoke.

"People, in today's world, buy into nothing unless they get something for free. Ask Bill Gates."

I prefer that humans reject, mock, and renounce the Truths that I reveal within My Manifesto. In doing so, they prove not only that all of My revelations are accurate, but even more importantly, that the ultimate conclusion I reach, that the human species is irreparably flawed and doomed to extinction, is undeniably True.

"Free today is a synonym for crap and such writings aren't crap in my minds eye."

Only a tiny percentage of humans can recognize the value, the preciousness, the sacred nature, of Truth. If you meet this citeria, you may consider yourself an aspiring Superior. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Sunday February 1, 2004, **********@aol.com Wrote:"Hello! Knew that this simpleminded superbowl madness was of no interest to you, but notice how CBS (supposedly more progressive of the networks) managed to censor this forbidden truth, that super bowl fans of course should not see, much less be taken out of their trance, induced by the "opiate of the masses" Amerikan football, etc., "nothing more than preparation for war", to borrow a quote."

Hello. As I reveal within My Manifesto, this diseased and perverse game, invented, created, and popularized by amerikkkan societal leaders, perfectly parallels the Insane War Ritual, both in design and operational structure. The elaborate promotion of, and the nationwide frenzy over the super bowl, reflects the desperate need that amerikkkan humans possess within their True Realities, to cathartically savor and wallow within both actual wars and war substitution rituals. The rioting that occured in the New England/Boston area following the super bowl, simply proves what an immense degree of barely suppressed homicidal rage exists within the broken and enslaved citizens of amerikkka.

"Still hope to get back to you on the "marriage" ritual, which hit home so much."

No rush. The Truth is always here, waiting to be recognized, embraced, or discussed.

"Hope you are well. Think of your passages often. Peace!"

Thank you. I'm fine, and as always, untouchable. The Truth is always worth thinking about. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday January 27, 2004, *********@hotmail.com Wrote: "Take a dog, for instance: one of the cruelest ways to punish him is to isolate him from his pack, or his human family."

Dogs have been specifically bred by humans, to be dependent upon humans. This dependency is NOT natural. The desire of dogs to have social contact with other dogs, is natural. Some stray dogs are victims of abuse by the humans who owned them, and would experience more trauma in being "reunited" with their former abusers, than they do living as strays, without any regular human contact.

"Jorge Luis Borges had this story about a place where the humans were immortal. After a time, they stopped doing anything - just were lying there all day long, in complete stillness. Being immortal insured that everything would at some time happen, without them lifting a finger - all they had to do, was wait."

That's an interesting concept. I certainly think that if humans were immortal, their desperate and frenetic desire to make money, breed, experience "exciting adventures", etc..., would diminish significantly. This would be appropriate. I don't think it would reach the degree of complete immobility or total lack of interest in everything. Humans would still feel the desire to create pleasure, to enjoy pleasant and desirable sensations, on a daily basis, even if they were inmmortal. And so lying immobile all day long, would not satisfy them and they would not choose to do so. I bet lots of them would choose to lie in bed/sleep for 12-14 hours every day, because this is a pleasant and enjoyable way to spend time, especially if you can control your mind to the degree where you can create pleasant dreams for yourself.

"You see, we love, we struggle, we do things - BECAUSE we are mortal. And because of that, we need other people. They allow us some sort of substitute for immortality: in some cases, these are children, in others, they are memories others have of us. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that we try to leave something behind, some token that we were here. And we need the others, for that. Your splendid isolation becomes an Immortal, not us mortal creatures with finite lives. :-( "

All of these ILLUSIONS of immortality, are exactly that: false illusions. Illusions that are inspired by the terror of what death Truly entails, inspires within inferior humans. The idea that mortality is a "good" thing, that it inspires humans to enjoy a "better" life than they would enjoy if they were immortal, is totally false. All that human mortality does, is it instills terror within humans, compelling them to act irrationally, to sacrifice and waste their lives in pointless pursuits, and to allow their human leaders to exert terroristic control over their lives via the invocation of the Insane God Myth. The human obsession with "leaving something behind" is inherently irrational. Your death ends your life. You cease to exist. Therefore nothing that might occur AFTER you cease to exist, can possibly be of any value or importance to you. Why? Because you don't exist, which means you can experience nothing. This is the Truth, an extremely valuable, Forbidden Truth that almost no humans are courageous and brilliant enough to recognize/embrace.

"I think that sometimes the urge to control others' lives is only an expression of insecurity and lack of confidence in one's own value; and other times, it's rooted in concern for a loved-one's wellbeing, together with the arrogant impression that that person can't take care of himself/herself and needs us to tell them what's best for them. I think it's one of the reasons people are so eager to give advice, too (a fault that I myself am guilty of, I have to admit). :-)"

Society decrees that ownership is a vital necessity in obtaining a good quality of life. Ownership and control are parallel perceptions of reality. Humans OWN other humans, it's as simple as that. Parents own children, bosses own employees, husbands own wives, wives own husbands, etc... Most humans have no Truth-based concept of how to control their own lives, but instead of facing up to and attempting to overcome this profound fault within themselves, they insanely attempt to exert control and influence over the life paths of fellow humans, as they are instructed to do by society.

"I'm not sure that we learn to love by loving ourselves. I think that the feeling of love precedes the self-awareness that is involved in love (or at least ACCEPTANCE) for the self. It's obvious that creatures considered as not self-aware, such as dogs and cats, are still capable of love directed at others."

Every creature is born with an instinctual ability and natural tendency to love and value itself. Only within the human species, is this instinctual tendency systematically and maliciously attacked, weakened, and in most cases destroyed, by human operational and ideological doctrine and structure. Humans when they are born, do not need to "learn" how to love themselves. They are born possessing this precious ability. However, it is stripped from them by their daily life experiences growing up as child-slaves within human society. So it would be more accurate to say that humans need to RE-learn how to love themselves, due to the perverse victimization that their society subjects them to, unlike all other animal species. I think animals can and do feel very pure and real affection and positive connectivity with other animals, but I would not define the relationship as "love", using any of the primary human definitions of this word.

"I think that something went basically wrong, sometime during the last few thousands of years of human history, particularly during the last few hundreds of years. Perhaps it was the very fact that made us humans so successful, as a species. It's the fact that natural selection was bypassed by the technological development, I think."

The root answer has to exist within the dysfunctionality of the human mind, of the IMAGINED "superior" intellectual nature of the human brain, compared to other species. It is clear to me that NO such superiority exists. Instead, it is human intellect and the structure of human brain functionality that is fatally flawed, that is responsible for the perverse ideological and behavioral path that the human species has followed. I don't think it's "technological development" per se that is to blame, but rather the human brain functionality that gives rise to the technology. This is an important distinction, it demonstrates how impossible this human failure is, to overcome. There is no single human creation that is at fault, or even a bunch of different creations, but rather the human mind itself, collectively, and EVERYTHING that is has collectively spawned as a "culture". I don't see that the human species has ever been successful, at least not as how I define success. The human species has never existed as a member in good standing of the "earth life" family. No, from the beginning it has ruthlessly exploited all other living things on the planet, NOT in an instinctually natural way, but rather in an unnatural, intellectually diseased-based way. In doing so, the human species has proven that it does not deserve to continue to exist.

"The fact that what is wrong, sick, insane is not automatically deleted from the gene pool. Like an immune system attacked by an autoimmune disease: it can't discriminate between good destructive action (against invaders, such as bacteria and viruses) and self-destruction. Any living being must be able to fight and kill, when necessary, in order to stay alive. And the logic of life makes all living beings to want to stay alive, at least just long enough to have children and successfully raise them, in order to propagate their genes. But a parent killing his/her child is destroying his/her own genes, the only chance of immortality that mortal creatures can aspire to. It's illogical, and self-defeating in the highest degree."

I would agree that a natural instinct exists within most if not all species, to breed. And I would agree that a majority of humans are motivated to breed, IN PART, by this natural instinct. But for the vast majority, this natural instinct is NOT the primary reason that they choose to breed. The primary reasons are the lie-based and invalid intellectual arguments that society makes to encourage breeding, such as this notion that some form of pseudo-immortality can be attained by passing your genes down. This idea of immortality is a perfect example of the production of an intellectually diseased and invalid concept, by the human mind. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

January 3, 2004 Update: Hello. One of my more ardent fans, and an aspiring Superior, has created a web site of his own in which he attempts to reveal Forbidden Truth. He calls it "The Bare Truth", and you can access this web site by clicking here:

The Bare Truth

Please note, neither The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth nor The Seer of Forbidden Truth has any connection with or editorial influence over the content of this web site. This web site is not endorsed or promoted by The Seer of Forbidden Truth, beyond the very general statement of Truth that some of the content might be of a Superior nature and some of the content might contain valuable Forbidden Truth revelations. No visitor to this web site should ever assume that any of the content reflects the philosophical or ideological positions of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday October 22, 2003, ******@link.com.mk> wrote: Thank you for a great article: http://italy.indymedia.org/news/2003/10/407079.php

Hello, I'm glad you found value in the Truths that I revealed.

"Thought you might find the following of interest (apologies if I am imposing): http://******.tripod.com/journal45.html

It's no imposition. I visited the site above, and read your brief article. It was interesting, but I strongly disagree with what seems to be your overriding conclusion regarding narcissism, namely that it is a personally harmful emotional state/psychological disorder. I find the exact opposite to be True. Narcissism, as I define it and personally experience it, is an extremely healthy, personally empowering, gloriously self-loving experience of the most pure and Truth-based form of "love" that exists within the human experience. Of course I have not read your book, and I am basing my conclusion regarding your view of narcissism solely on the content of your above web page.

I am *** ******, author of "Malignant Self Love - ********** *********", a work of reference about the Narcissistic Personality Disorder."

The phrase "malignant self love" is quite at odds with my realizations of Truth, as I have found that the only form of "love", out of all the variations decreed to be valid by human society, that is in fact valid, Truth-based, and personally empowering, is self love. But hey, different strokes for different folks. You might find some of my other essays interesting, especially the one devoted exclusively to "love". You can access My entire online Manifesto at http://forbiddentruth.8k.com.

"I maintain extensive websites regarding Pathological Narcissism, the Narcissistic Personality Disorder and relationships with abusive narcissists - in the family, in corporate settings, and in politics. I would appreciate if you could visit them and add them to your links."

Sorry, I do not do link exchanges with anyone. Very rarely, I might consider mentioning a website that I feel is of significant value for those seeking Forbidden Truth. I am quite certain your websites would not meet this criteria.

Additionally, feel free to re-print or mirror any of the material subject to appropriate credit and link-back. These are the main web addresses (they are updated regularly):(Snip of long list of web addresses.) Thank you, *** ******, Ph.D."

You're welcome. But I am very busy and cannot find the time to visit any of your web pages above, based upon the lack of evidence that the content is of genuine Forbidden Truth value. No offense intended, just being honest. If you have any genuine and sincere questions or issues that you wish me to address, I am happy to do so, but only after you have read My entire Manifesto. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Monday November 3, 2003, *******************@yahoo.com Wrote: "I have read the introductory remarks of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth."

Hello, You should read the entire Manifesto before you submit any questions to me. I will answer your two questions despite your failure to read the entire Manifesto, but that is all I will do. Further questions will not be answered unless and until you read My entire Manifesto, because it is indicative of a lack of proper respect for My time, on your part, to ask me questions that may very well be answered within the Manifesto itself.

"I was wondering why you have taken your time to explain your experiences with the humans?"

I have created The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth in order to immortalize Myself, immortalize My brilliance, and immortalize the Truth itself.

In revealing the truth do you suspect to influence the outcome?

No, I have no such hope or expectation, and I am not motivated by any such hope. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday November 5, 2003, ********@aol.com Wrote: "Where do you get your information from, just curious?"

Hello. Your question is not properly clear. Which "information"? If you refer to the brilliant and unique insights of Forbidden Truth that I reveal within My Manifesto, that information comes from My uniquely brilliant mind. If you refer to some other type of statistical information within My Manifesto, all such information is independently verified by Me, and it comes from far too many different sources for me to list here. If you have a further question, make it clearer. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday November 25, 2003, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "dear special one, hope all is well with you, it's been some time since i first found your site and i wrote you only once, but i must say more than anything i've ever read before or anyone i've ever met in my life, you are without a doubt the one who truly has the total package of truth right on the money....you are incredible!"

Hello, I'm fine, feeling good and maintaining my untouchability. Thank you for the compliment. You are correct, my brilliant insights of Truth reach a level of totality and completeness that only a tiny handful of humans, one in 100 million at most, can match. I am the only human on the planet who has chosen to publicly reveal and express the Forbidden Truths of humanity, to humanity.

"yes you are, because of you, i swear i don't feel as alone or as misunderstood as i have my whole life, because i now know someone else knows the truth as i do, and have known since a very young child."

I'm glad to hear that you find both personal comfort and value, in Truth. The fact is, all humans who recognize and embrace genuine Forbidden Truth are bound to feel and to be isolated, criticized, and detached from all aspects of "normal" human life. We should celebrate and glory in this detachment, recognizing it to be a precious gift, to not be trapped within the toxic web of insane and evil lies that all the rest of humanity is pathetically trapped within.

"oh, i too have been severely damaged (what people do to a "pretty girl/woman") no one has cherished or cared for the fact that i am a gifted artist or seen anything past the "trophy" people find me to be."

As a Superior seeker of Truth, you possess the ability to bestow limitless, pure, and untouchable love, caring, and value, upon yourself. The top-level Superior cannot be negatively affected in any way, on a current or ongoing basis, by the treatment that other humans inflict upon them. Of course this does not mitigate the victimization and harm that was inflicted upon us in the past, prior to our developing and perfecting our personal untouchability.

"since childhood i hated people and could uncannily read adults characters...but awarness never saved me."

It is not possible for a child to be born possessing untouchability, regardless of how intuitively Truth-based and Truth-seeking the child might be. I personally began to consciously and purposefully develop untouchability within my own life path, at the age of 6-7, but it was not until the age of 13-15 that I succeeded in accumulating enough mental and intellectual strength, to achieve personal untouchability. And the perfection of this skill did not occur until I was in my middle 20's. Hatred of humans is a natural and instinctually accurate reflection of the Forbidden Truth that the human species is profoundly and irreparably diseased, broken, and perverse.

"even though i've been robbed raped and pillaged by every human being i've ever known, i too swore to myself that a part of me would always remain completely untouchable and i have achieved this and will till the day i am dead, that is my own superiorness, that no one can rob me of...."

Your achievement is impressive and you should celebrate the fact that you have achieved personal untouchability.

"sorry to go on so, but it's the conversation i can have with a truly superior human, you are the only one i know."

It's okay. You know that I can and do appreciate your True Reality life path and your Superior triumph of Truth, in a way that no other, inferior human, possibly could.

"by the way i found this really interesting and amusing music group called the tiger lillies, maybe you'll check them out, they aren't for everyone."

I have not heard of them. If I find the time, I might check them out on the internet. But I am very busy these days. Here are the lyrics to a song that I find to be accurately expressive of the victimization that many female human children and young adults are subjected to:


One Little Girl

One little girl
Told to know her place
Told she must believe
And do what he says
One little girl
Taught that she is small
Taught that she is less
And man's decree is law
One little boy who'd know her too well
But that one little boy could send her to hell
One little man who'd care if she cried
But that one little man would leave her
And then she'd die
One little girl
Is beaten 'till she faints
Told that this is love
Told that she will have to take it
One little girl
Is just a bit confused
Thought that she was human too


One little girl
Couldn't run away
Anywhere she'd go
The rules and men the same
One little girl
Couldn't take the pain
Numbed herself 'till none remained


"take care special one. *******"

I always do. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday November 29, 2003, **************@msn.com Wrote: "dear friend, thank you so kindly for the words you have expressed in your manifesto."

Hello. You're welcome. I reveal Truth in My Manifesto, not to benefit or aid any human, but simply to glorify Truth itself, as well as Myself. But your gratitude is welcome.

"I have not had the chance to read through all of it yet but i'm constantly coming back for more of THE TRUTH."

Truth is valuable. Superior humans recognize this.

"all your thoughts are beautiful."

Yes, they are. All Truth is beautiful.

"most pathetic humans cant even fathom what you are trying to say. i do."

Then you are a rare specimen of humanity.

"I agree with just about everything i've read at your site, but just as you say one can not agree with everything one has to say about any subject."

Your unique True Reality mandates that you cannot agree 100% with every Truth, Forbidden or otherwise, that exists within human consciousness.

"after each sentence i read i laugh with you because i KNOW what you say is TRUE."

It can be emotionally blissful to recognize that you are not alone in your recognition of the Forbidden Truths of life.

"I am also a product of a malevolent society unfortunately."

Yes, all humans currently alive have been victimized by human society.

"i'm sorry to hear how it has treated you. truly sorry."

Thank you. Your sorrow does not aid me in any way, but neither does it harm me. Having successfully made Myself untouchable, I have no need for any type of aid.

"in some way it is also my fault how you are treated."

It is the fault of every member of human society.

"i wanted to write to you to tell you there are humans in this world that do recognize the sick truth."

There might be a few such humans. But not many.

"i see it everyday i am alive on this human infested planet. i find it truly challenging to wake everyday and continue on in this perverse society that you and i live in."

If you love yourself enough, this type of challenge is easy to overcome, considering the alternatives. Remember, the Superior always directs all of his negative emotions outward, never inward.

"you are a beautiful human mind."

Truth is beautiful, and I represent Truth.

"i've always felt that when you expose the digusting TRUTH about this existence the faster it can correct itself."

Well, humanity cannot reverse course, the revelation of Truth is of no value in this regard, because Truth is not and cannot be recognized or accepted by humanity.

"someday my friend, this sick perverted race will correct itself or suffer extinction."

There is every reason to think that extinction will be the end result, not correction.

"i would truly be excited to receive a response, one in six and a half billion."

No problem. I reply to every e-mail that meets my admittedly strict standards, as your e-mail did. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday November 29, 2003, *****************@yahoo.com Wrote:"I read your Forbidden Truth on Child Abuse. I was also abused as a child and to have someone write down the Truth about it really meant something to me."

Hello. The Truth has value, I'm glad you can appreciate that.

"I am not good at expressing myself because I was never allowed to."

When you express yourself accurately and reflectively, you reveal Truth. Society discourages and condemns such expression, being lie-based.

"I feel as if I have met someone who truly knows."

I know the Truth.

"I understand that I will never know who you are and all that I will ever learn of you I will learn from your website."


"I respect that and I'm so grateful you made this website."

You're welcome.

"Even though I will never know you I would like you to know my name and age. My name is ******** and I'm 17."

Good luck in your perilous journey through the toxic minefield of child slavery, ********. Unfortunately you are still a child-slave, and therefore I cannot and will not reply to any additional e-mails you might send. Your evil and diseased society takes it's authority to use all children as Poison Containers, very seriously. Anyone caught trying to help lift a child out of the toxic abyss of Sacred Family Unit and societal enslavement, faces severe retribution.

"Thank you, ********."

You're welcome. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday December 12, 2003, ********@dyscrepency.com Wrote: "To the Seer of Forbidden Truth: Let me introduce myself, I am Mr. **** *******, a graduate student in philosophy at ****** College. One of my areas of specialty happens to be Nietzsche. So, since your general position, as you acknowledge, has some close affinities with Nietzsche, I am interested in what your answer would be to the following question concerning the possibility of carrying out your project of revealing the Forbidden truth to the many."

I reveal thousands of different "positions" within My Manifesto. A small percentage of them are compatible/agreeable with the stated philosophical positions of Friedrich Nietzsche. My philosophy of life is uniquely my own. I am not a disciple or "follower" of any human being. Almost all of the primary philosophical ideas that I agree with Friedrich on, are outlined and revealed within my Manson/Nietzsche web page.

"In your introductory essay entitled "Introduction to the Forbidden Truths and More about Me," you make the following claims concerning the definitions of True Reality and Forbidden Truth: (1)Every human being has been subjected to a specific form of brainwashing and indoctrination by the so-called "civilized" society that they are born into and raised up within. (2)Every human being has their own True Reality, and that True Reality is a Sacred Reflection of their own unique interpretation of what constitutes their Reality. (3)It is important to make a distinction between Forbidden Truth and True Reality. Forbidden Truth is always true and factually accurate. On the other hand, True Reality is an interpretative, uniquely individualistic set of core life beliefs and motivational forces, that may and often do contain factually untrue elements, that the societally brainwashed individual is unable to recognize as being factually invalid. (4)(speaking of yourself) I am nothing more and nothing less than the crystal clear reflection of a tortured child, born into and raised up within a society that was and is today, utterly and genocidally evil, completely diseased to it's very foundational core, founded and sustained upon deranged lies, myths, and hypocrisy. Given, then, that True Reality is one's own interpretation of reality that is produced by the society in which one was raised, that Forbidden Truth is factually accurate truth, and that you yourself are a product of your society, Mr. Seer of Forbidden truth, how is it that you have access to Forbidden Truth and not simply True Reality?"

Since childhood, I have nurtured and developed a Superior and untouchable mind. The fact that I am a tortured victim-creation of my society, with no desire or ability to "transcend" the True Reality of my own personal life experiences, does not compromise or limit my intellectual ability to recognize, root out, and brilliantly reveal, the Forbidden Truths upon which human society is structurally and operationally based. I have access to Forbidden Truth because I possess a Superior and brilliant mind. The facts that I am a torture victim and an accurate reflection of the society that created me, exist separate and apart from the fact that I am a Seer of Forbidden Truth.

"Or, put differently, how is it that you can move from your True Reality to Forbidden Truth?"

It's not a matter of movement, it's a matter of two different and distinct segments of my existence. I make all life choices regarding my own personal activities, based upon my True Reality. This does not impede upon or limit my intellectual ability to recognize and express the Forbidden Truths of humanity.

"It would seem that you face the problem, similar to one faced by Nietzsche, that if every person only has access to True Reality, one can never get to Forbidden Truth, one can never move from interpretations of the world to facts about the world."

Every person has their own True Reality. A few people have some ability or desire to uncover and embrace the Forbidden Truths of life. It's not a matter of "only", it's not a matter of mutual exclusivity. Facts represent Forbidden Truth. My True Reality interpretations of life primarily reflect themselves in my own life choices, such as the decision to never engage in sexual contact with a fellow human. These personal choices do not affect my ability to recognize, embrace, and express the Forbidden Truths of life and of humanity.

"I am not convinced that this is a difficulty that cannot be overcome, but I would like to know your answer since it would certainly clarify much of what you've written."

It's very difficult for most humans to even fathom, much less recognize and embrace, what the Forbidden Truths are, as I reveal them in my manifesto. But the experience of True Reality is not at odds with the recognition of Forbidden Truth. It is neither an aid, nor a hindrence. They are separate intellectual and ideological experiences. To recognize the difference between True Reality and Forbidden Truth, would aid an individual who is trying to uncover Forbidden Truth, and to recognize that one is accurately reflecting their True Reality in their own life path choices, would also aid a person who is trying to discover Forbidden Truth. But there is no intrinsic link or connection between the two.

"Thank you for your time. Sincerely, **** *******."

You're welcome. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday December 16, 2003, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "dear joe, hello wise one...as google is set as my home page,(for the news content, and the fact that there are no ads) i checked groups and the alt net and your joe1orbit postings and have gotten a clearer picture, not of you because the moment i stumbled across your "forbidden" site i knew right away how very special you are, but i saw how others related to you and the truths you revealed,all the wormy aspects of human nature showing itself as people try desperately to invalidate you as a thief,a poseur,a liar etc,when in fact you are precisely correct!"

Hello. I'm glad you took the time to uncover and explore some of my other online activities. I am extremely proud of everything I have ever done in My lifetime. Concerning my past online activities, I eventually tired of interacting with human garbage on a daily basis, and ceased my "interactive" online activity, deciding instead to create My very own untouchable online Manifesto, where I could control all the content and not have My brilliant insights of Truth soiled by the terrified comments of inferiors.

"and you do have a tremendous energy and determination which might be frightening to the average brain dead drone, so it's off putting to people, because you don't candy-coat the bitter pill of truth, so they choose instead to critisize spelling, use of caps or whatever."

I invoked limitless terror via my Usenet posts, simply and primarily because I expressed and revealed Forbidden Truth. Any and every imaginable method of silencing and destroying a Seer of Forbidden Truth, in the process eliminating all consideration of the Truths themselves, is always employed by inferiors if they are publicly confronted with such terrifying and undesired Truth. I was critized, condemned, e-mail bombed, reported to the FBI, had many of my Usenet posts illegally deleted so that they no longer appear in the Google or any other archive, etc... All these efforts delighted me, because they proved beyond all doubt exactly how brilliant and terrifying my revelations of Forbidden Truth actually were and are, to the unwashed masses of garbage humans.

"Let's face it most human beings are enraged, some people are so out of touch with reality and certainly the reality of their selves, that they spent their whole lives wallowing in the -hit-pit of denial...."

Society very specifically encourages and instructs it's citizen-slaves to misdirect their rage and hate, as well as to deny the Truth that they even feel rage and hate. It is the misdirection that is actually far more pervasive and genocidally harmful than the outright denial. Society instructs it's slaves to direct their rage and hate only in illegitimate, toxic, perverse, and incorrect directions. To hate themselves, to hate foreign strangers, to hate demonized foreign leaders, to hate other forms of government, to hate all tortured child-slaves who dare to reveal Truth, to hate all revealers of Truth, to hate all victim-creations who dare to properly express their rage and hate upon appropriate targets, etc...

"john list is an example...of denial of rage....meek inadequate, mother whipped, hunched over, shifty eyed, religous,as you know he slaughtered his whole family one by one (he even took time out for lunch waiting for the children to arrive from school) laid them out neatly ( he was an accountant) put on some georgian chant ,then took off for a guilt free happy new life, and even though he's behind bars today, from interviews he regrets nothing to this day,the man is utterly devoid of any emotion whatsoever, but what really drove him to do it was the only real emotion he'd ever felt in his empty little life and that was when he felt his burning inferno of rage enabling him to do the one true and real thing he'd ever do in his life, before he stepped back into the empty shell that was him with i am sure, a smug satisfaction that he carried as his dirty little secret,(the twist to the story is hanging above the heads of the dead ones, supposedly a $250.000.00 tiffany chadilier which would have more than gotten him out of his financial hole and maybe saved the lives of his family, but being he did'nt know the truth even when it was literally in his face he took the only option his blind, dead eyes could see, enough of list!) he's just an example of man's capacity to deny truth!"

Perhaps John's only Truth-based act, was his slaughter of his family, his revenge for a lifetime of being brutally enslaved to sacred family unit mythology, to the insane god myth, and to all of the diseased and deranged doctrines of 20th century amerikkkan society that he was terroristically brainwashed and coerced into embracing. Truth is a powerful force. It can lay buried deep within the subconscious reality of even the most seemingly broken citizen-slave, only to rise up and reveal itself via an explosion of justified, True Reality as well as Forbidden Truth-based rage, hate, and vengeance. Forbidden Truth doctrine holds that we must never negatively judge the life path of any individual human, recognizing them to each be a unique tortured victim-creation. At the same time, let us recognize that for every John List, there are hundreds of thousands of men, and even more women, enslaved within sacred family unit, who spend their entire lives meekly accepting their enslavement, never directing their rage and hate outward in a dynamic fashion, as John did. John was and is a tortured victim-creation. I choose to celebrate his brief but dynamic explosion of rage, recognizing it as being a more accurate reflection of Truth than that exhibited by the vast majority of married, sacred family unit enslaved individuals, male and female.

"my typing is awful and i know it, my brain works much faster than my fingers, as far as punctuation goes i know it but am not going to waste my time correcting..."

As long as I can decipher your intented meaning, spelling and punctuation are of no concern to me.

"thank you joe, for the words to the song "one little girl", i did get a tear, because i can certainly identify!"

You're welcome. Yes, I've always enjoyed songs that contain powerful lyrics that reveal genuine Truth. Lyrics have always been more important than the beat or the instrumentation.

"the GREAT APES are dying and nobody cares, i mean we are talking emergency! news source quote....$25,000,000 needed immediately to even begin to save what's left and that amount is the equivilant of offering a dying man bread and water, thats how bad the situation is."

The human species has committed and actively practices absolute and undeniable genocide upon other species of life. It wipes out of existence life forms that are far Superior to it. If there was any justice in the world, an animal species would rise up and consciously, with deliberate intent, extinct humanity, get rid of the human plague, and make the planet safe for all remaining creatures to naturally evolve and exist. But of course there has never been any justice or fairness to life. The only comfort is that the law of cathartic reflectivity dictates that sooner or later, the human species will pay the ultimate price, extinction, for being the most diseased, perverse, unnatural, and lie-based creatures to have ever come to exist on planet earth. I enjoyed the old "Planet of the Apes" movies, because they provided a scenario in which humans at least reaped a tiny fraction, of the horror that they have sown upon their Superiors.

"and another awful truth ,saddam hussein killed for the first time at the age of ten,when found ,the still warm gun was found under the pillow he was lying on when taking a nap, i believe it was his school teacher......."

Saddam Husein was a tortured child as well as a tortured victim-creation of his society, as is every supreme leader of every society. If sanity existed within the human species, George Bush would recognize Saddam Hussein as a blood-brother, he would see his own perfect reflection in Saddam. He would go to Iraq, walk naked into the cell where Saddam is currently being tortured, grasp Saddam's hands, face, head, mind, body, and soul, and cry out the pain of his own lifetime of suppressed and denied victimization. He would say to the world, "Anything that Saddam might have done that is "bad", I have done at least as bad. If he is to suffer for even one moment more, I demand to be made to suffer exactly as he is. We are the same, we are tortured victim-creations of our societies. We are accurate reflections of the societies that created us. I condemn amerikkkan society for all of eternity. I do this in the name of Truth, in the name of my own torture and victimization that amerikkka committed against me, and I ask that my soulmate Saddam try to find the Truth within himself to condemn his society for all of eternity." This would be beautiful, Truthful, a first step towards the human species attempting to face up to it's horrific legacy. But of course this beautiful and Truthful scenario is regarded as absolutely insane, ridiculous, unthinkable, by all of humanity. That is why the human species is doomed.

"you are right joe, the human race is hopelessly doomed."

Yes, I am right.

"take care joe....devoted friend *******."

I always take very good care of Myself, *******. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth."

December 3, 2003 Update: Hello. I am proud to announce that I have written and posted two new items to this Manifesto. The first is rather short and was posted to my Forbidden Truth of the Day page on November 21. You can access this new article by clicking here:

Forbidden Truth of the Day

The second item is significantly longer and consists of a Truth-based rewrite of two propaganda speeches that the supreme leader of amerikkka delivered on November 24, 2003. It was written and posted online by me on December 1, 2003. You can access this material here:

Current News

October 30, 2003 Update: Hello. I am pleased and proud to report that on October 28, 2003, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site received a total of 1,812 Unique Visitors, who recorded a total of 12,061 Individual Page Views, both all-time record daily highs for this web site. I am also pleased to report that on October 28th 2003, the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth was ranked among the top 150 web sites in the world as containing "the most contagious information currently spreading in the weblog community", by Blogdex, located at:

The Weblog Diffusion Index.

On Thursday October 9, 2003, *********@hotmail.com Wrote: "You're extremely intelligent, you're kind and sweet, and you had the terribly bad luck to experience what humanity can be at its worst. But this is not the whole picture. You certainly caused me to think a lot of these matters, and the events I'm living right now do give a sense of urgency to these matters, too. Yes, humankind seems to be utterly insane and hopeless, especially these days. But I do know that this is not the whole story."

Well, it might not be the "whole" story, but it's real and True enough to render the other part of the story, inconsequential. In other words, your philosophy seems to be that not all of humankind is utterly insane and thus the future of humanity is not utterly hopeless. I would agree with the first part of your conclusion, it is True that not all of humanity is insane. But enough of humanity is insane, for the future to be utterly hopeless, and the eventual destiny of the human species to be that of certain doom and extinction.

"You know what? You could be right. It could well be that we, as a species, don't have a chance and the countdown to our annihilation has already started. I hope this isn't the case, because - if our species disappears, there goes our only chance of immortality. Perhaps it's wishful thinking, but - who knows?!"

Well, I'm only concerned with my own immortality. But you are correct that right now, given the state of cryogenic preservation being dependent upon the regular maintenance of human beings, the extinction of humanity would doom all humans who are currently being cryogenically preserved, and all humans who plan on being cryogenically preserved, to lose out on their own chance at immortality.

" We are very strange creatures, both capable of great, generous deeds, and of incredibly foolish cruelty. Perhaps we're just too smart for our own good, too intelligent to let Nature to be in charge, but not intelligent enough to play God. We're somewhere in the middle."

The great and generous deeds you speak of, are inherently flawed. They are not pure. They are motivated by selfishness, terror, greed. The human who gives a million dollars to charity, most likely does so because he is trying to curry favor with the god creature, trying to assure himself a comfortable spot in heaven. The doctor who goes to africa and devotes his life to ministering to starving children, most likely is wracked with guilt and self-hatred over the random circumstance of his being born to wealthy parents, etc...

"People often do the right thing for the wrong reasons; but it's still the right thing... :-)"

That's not the primary point. Motivation is the primary point. The human who does the wonderfully benevolent thing, for selfish, irrational, terror-based reasons, does not restore any credibility to the human species. The cruelty you see is much more real, much more accurately reflective of the True nature of humanity, than the individual acts of human benevolence that occur.

"Well, I disagree with you on that. I think that kindness and the desire to help are as much part of our human makeup as cruelty and the desire to kill and destroy. Social beings need to have positive feelings for each other, in order to be able to bear the continuous presence of the others."

These positive feelings are not "pure". What do I mean by not pure? Very simply, they are inspired just as much if not more, by intellectualized notions of obligation and propriety, than by raw, deep, True Reality based emotion.

"I think that ANY animal, of ANY species, is selfish and ready to hurt others, in order to promote its interests; but the supreme interest of each individual is the survival of its genes, and to THIS purpose, one can be even extremely selfless. That's why child abuse by their own parents is so outrageous: it goes AGAINST the most important of the parents' biological goals: the survival of their genes."

No. The "we live on through our children" philosophy is intellect-based, not emotion-based. It is a coping mechanism, lie-based, told and taught to humans by their societal, cultural, and religious leaders, to try to help them to invalidly come to grips and cope with, their own mortality and pending deaths.

" "We have intellect - which is our downfall - but we lack intelligence, And we have forgotten instinct." poetically, both you and Edna St. Vincent-Millay (who is one of my favorite poets) could be right. But reality is more complicated, because it's our INSTINCTS that get us into trouble. Our minds have evolved to the point that our instincts can't control our lives anymore, yet our minds can't do it, either. It's like present day Iraq: a transition state, that is unstable, dangerous and self-destructive."

The common knowledge holds that the human intellect is positively evolving and will eventually be the savious of humankind. But this is not accurate. The human mind will never reach the point where it controls human instinct. The more it tries, the worse the actual mental dysfunctionality of the species, becomes.

"Socrates said an amazing thing: that Man would always do the Good, if he just knew to recognize it. It seems absurd, to believe that one doesn't know what one is doing, to this extent. And yet..."

No, recognition would not be enough. Acceptance and embrace would be required. This is what is impossible to achieve.

"I think that what he meant was that often the most horrible things are done with the best intentions. That we are incapable to forsee the (long term) results of our deeds."

Because the human species cannot think rationally, or recognize, much less embrace, actual and clearly obvious Truth. How can humanity be expected to embrace good, when humanity has been treated with limitless evil, on a mass, and yet at the same time, individually personal level?

"Perhaps because what we call "good" is what in evolutionary terms would be called "good to the survival of our genes". Being a good parent, for instance, is being good to your genes. What exactly IS a "good parent", however, is not automatically achieved at the birth of one's child."

The human species lost the natural instinct to be good to itself, genes and otherwise, a long time ago. This is proven by the pervasive self-abuse, self-harm, and self-destruction that a strong majority of all humans choose to engage in a literally daily basis. The instinct to reflect is too strong, and the reflection is perfectly appropriate, from a True Reality position.

"You're right, but we reflect the love and kindness we've received, too - - not only the cruelty and abuse."

For most humans these positive experiences are tempered by the negative experiences that they also endured. With the end result that whatever love and kindness is reflected, is reflected in a distorted, tainted, and compromised fashion.

"I wonder if our minds are really so different from those of other sentient creatures. There's so much we don't know, about how other creatures think!"

I think they are very different. The human mind dwells within the realms of artificiality, falsehood, pretense, rationalization, hypocrisy, delusion, myth, core falsehood and lies as a foundational base. This is not the case for other creatures.

"I would not be so sure about that. :-) Animals aren't so different from us - they can cheat, they can fool and be fooled, they snoop on their neighbors, they behave differently depending on who's watching them, they are cruel in an unnecessary way... they do share quite a lot of behavioral aspects with us humans. :-)"

To a small degree, yes. But there is a big difference. The pathological dependency upon toxic mythology to justify and dictate an entire life path, exists only within the human species.

" Animals are very intelligent, too, but they lack the technical capabilities we have achieved."

Animals are more intelligent, specifically because they lack the tainted and warped intellect that humans manifest via their technological creations.

"Do you really believe that (with the possible exception of the dogs) other species would have been kinder to each other, had they achieved the degree of technical evolution we did?"

The issue is one of genetic brain dysfunction. The human mind is literally insane. Look at "mental illness". Other species do not suffer from mental illness.

"I don't know, but - considering that the brain chemistry of other mammals isn't that different from our own - I'd expect them to be affected by certain forms of mental illness."

Not really. Not the types of mental illness that are caused by environmental stress and lack of naturalness. Human beings can induce this type of mental illness within animals, via their brutal abuse, such as cage imprisonment in zoos. But this does not mean that the mental illness is a natural occurance.

"The __expression "a mad dog" might be more accurate than we think. Rabies is an illness that affects the brain, and it can turn a most reasonable dog into a really mad beast."

Organic brain illness caused by a birth defect, a cut-off of oxygen to the brain, or the invasion of the brain cells by a parasite, is totally different from mental illness caused by traumatic, injurious, or unnatural personal experience and victimization. The human species labels a small percentage of it's population as suffering from mental illness. But the Truth is that every human being is mentally "ill", deranged, insane, incapable of rational, Truth-based mental experience. Those who label, diagnose, and decree others as mentally ill, are in fact usually suffering from and manifesting symptoms of more severe mental illness, from a Truth-based perspective, than those they condemn to insane asylums.

" Perhaps the true distinction is between the "normal" (which is actually the "average") and the "abnormal" (which include the delusional, but also the geniuses, the intellectual giants). If a person cannot function in the framework of the human society he/she lives in, then that person is labeled as "strange", "crazy", "insane"... And sometimes these are indeed the most insightful, the most sensitive, the most brilliant among us... The visionaries, the prophets whom the future generations will admire and respect, but the contemporaries would lock in asylums, burn at the stake or crucify..."


"But other social animals, too, reject those who can't adjust to the demands of the group. Any lone wolf could tell you that. :-)"

In other species, the mainstream group actually does represent moderate, sane, personally productive ideals, unlike the human species, where the mainstream represents the most tainted and most toxic example of human garbage.

" A very interesting take on religion is in Thomas Mann's book "Joseph and his brothers" (by the way, there are a few things in Joseph's story that remind me strikingly of you - and it's not just the name :). The idea that Man and God start by being utterly wild and - in the process of trying to live up to their pact - they both become more civilized. A god of the lawless wilderness becomes the law-giving (and, more important, law-abiding) God of Abraham, while Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and then Joseph become themselves more civilized, as they strive to please their God. It's an interesting thought, I think, and it reminds me of an older story, that of Gilgamesh, who became entirely humanized only as a result of his friendship for another semi-human being. :-)"

Human civilization has always been a suffocating toxin. It has evolved as a tool of mass strangulation, reflective of the total lack of desire for freedom that most humans possess, coupled with their self-hatred, topped off by their obsession with controlling and dictating the beliefs and behaviors of their fellow humans. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday October 18, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: "Seer of Forbidden Truth, Hello. I was on the internet and I seem to come across multiple references to Charles Manson. They say that he believes in god. I imagine this is a lie or a myth. How could a thinker of Charles calibre believe in god? I've looked around, but I want to ask you, Seer of Truth, to ensure accurate information."

Hello. I have no control over, and very little interest in, what you come across on the internet. If you have an understanding of the operational structure of the internet, you know that every imaginable opinion on every imaginable issue, exists on the internet. Assuming that you have read and can comprehend My Manifesto, logic dictates that there is no possibility that Charles could have earned top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth status from me, if he was addicted to or a promoter of any of the toxic versions of the Insane God Myth.

"Thank You for your precious time."

No problem. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Monday October 20, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote:"Unique, Grand Seer of Forbidden Truth, I consider myself privilaged to have come across you and your website. I remember yearning to know more of what the Truth was, so I typed in "Truth" into a search engine. Your site came up. Lucky me."

Thank you. I would agree that you were lucky, but your success is due, to a significant degree, to your Superior and genuine interest in and desire to both learn and embrace, the Forbidden Truths of life. So give yourself proper credit and do not attribute your achievement to random or uncontrolled luck. You sought Truth, and you found it. Had you not sought it, you would not have found it.

"This may be the final time I email you and wish for the privilege of your reply."

Feel free to e-mail me whenever you feel that an issue that you find personally or philosophically important needs any imput from me. I do not mind replying to a genuinely aspiring Superior. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday October 22, 2003, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "I want to say thank you. I owe you a thank you."

Hello, You're welcome. You are correct, every human being on this planet owes me a thank you, for gracing them with the gift of Truth, a gift that unfortunately only a tiny handful of humans are able to recognize, value, and embrace.

"I do not know who "you" are..."

I am a tortured victim-creation of human society. My "identity", should that be of any importance to you, is in fact revealed within My Manifesto.

"I already knew some forbidden truth but I did not know that was what it was. To me it was my personal opinion and philosophy. What you wrote essays about is what would have taken me years longer to realize/learn on my own. You have saved me sooooo much time."

Every human is born with an instinctual, albeit compromised ability to recognize and appreciate Truth. The fact that you retained this ability, despite the unrelenting brainwashing and terrorization efforts of human society, is a positive testament to your Superior character. I'm glad you found My Manifesto to be helpful in your ongoing quest for Truth.

"I feel that it is an overwhelming task to get other people to ever understand or for me ever to help other people like me or you know about this truth, because so many people are out to stop it."

I gave up long ago, on trying to aid humans in any manner. I created the Manifesto to immortalize Myself, and to historically record the Forbidden Truths of the human species.

"So I guess I don't know what to do... But thank you. You have helped me greatly."

You're welcome. I have no advice to give you, on what to do, beyond the life path Forbidden Truths that I reveal and discuss within My Manifesto, of which there are many.

"Recently I was suspended from ****, which is the *** school I was going to. In short this guy rejected me and to avoid confrontation I put a note on my dorm room door that said things that were threatening. I was just mad. But now I can not ever go back until January."

Never forget this operational Truth: Your society is lie-based. Anytime you reveal any Truth to anyone, in any fashion, you endanger yourself. Your society hates Truth, and will seek to silence you for revealing Truth, utilizing every imaginable method. The top-level Superior never feels the slightest need to threaten anyone, because he can literally and actually destroy the planet at will, over and over, whenever he chooses, within his untouchable mind.

"My psychiatrist wants me to see a counselor. The college counselors hinted at anger management. I feel that you have probably helped me more than a counselor could."

Psychiatrists and counselors are agents of society. Their job is to try to get citizen-slaves and child-slaves to conform their beliefs, life attitudes, and life path choices, to the decreed societal norms, all of which are lie-based, most of which are also poisonously toxic and harmful to the humans who embrace and pursue them.

"My problems stem from things in my childhood I can't change. Don't get me wrong my childhood was great...until I was 5. That was when I started being made fun of and being considered crazy. I have never even doubted my psychiatrist because he always seems to be right."

Psychiatrists are trained experts in convincing societal torture victims to try to embrace the conforming beliefs and behaviors of the existing societal leadership and structure.

"When I was 16 I was tired of feeling like a drug addict with all the pills I had to take for my disorder so I decided to stop taking them because I thought I did not need them. I wanted to be pure. Not even caffeine. Go on a diet. Then I became depressed. I thought it was only withdrawal. It just got worse and eventually I ended up in a much worse position."

The Superior human recognizes and embraces the Truth that life is in fact extremely depressing, and whatever happiness might be achieved, must stem from the Truth-based power of one's own mind and True Reality. This does not mean that "organic" mental retardation as well as mental dysfunction caused by organic brain disease, does not occur. It occurs, but much rarer than society claims, and it is not possible for me to determine whether your depression is/was Truth-based, or not.

"That was when I decided life is hell so how can there be a hell. Then I decided that things in the bible do not make sense. For there to be an afterlife you have to be conscious to perceive it, but if you are dead your brain and your feelings are dead and you cannot feel. That was when I developed my own opinion on religion. I stopped going to church after the first time I had sex. I was going to confess... but I thought it would be too much for the priest to take and I just felt like I did not want to be in the church. It was so hard to explain to my mom. It still is weird around my family because they expect me to pray at the dinner table. I pretend to so that I don't ruin dinner together but then afterwards I just said last night, "yes I am thankful for my food." Which made my mom and sister glare at me cuz I did not say what I was supposed to say which was, "Bless us oh lord and these thy gifts which we are about to recieve through the bountiful hands of christ our lord amen in the name of the father son and holy spirit." I clasp my hands together with them but I don't do the trinity because I just feel like it is...well, stupid...I mean, can't we just eat? When I was at my dorm I did not pray and no one else did either. Well in restaurants my family does not pray."

My essay on the Insane God Myth reveals most of the primary Truths on this issue. Obviously you, just like every other child on planet earth, are a victim of brutal and terroristic brainwashing regarding "god", committed by those humans who had power and influence over you.

"You probably do not care about all this... but I do not believe in the devil so don't worry."

I never worry about what other humans might believe or think.

"I think a lot of religion is fictional... I suppose you do too because you believe a lot of the same things as me."

My realizations of Truth regarding religion, are expressed very thoroughly throughout My Manifesto, as well as My Insane God Myth essay.

"Please keep doing what you are doing and don't stop, because people like me are curious about the opinions of others."

I don't do anything for other humans. I only do things for Myself. If another human appreciates what I do, fine. But such appreciation is not something that will inspire me to do anything.

" Recently I got a Marilyn manson cd...Marilyn manson is actually smarter than me. I got interested in culture out of curiosity the same way I got interested in Marilyn Manson. I like what I like. I am surprised someone else agrees with any of my opinions...I do not think there are a lot of people like you."

There is no human on planet earth quite like me, and extremely few aspiring and actual Superiors who come anywhere close to my level of Superiority.

"Sorry this is such a long email...well I just want to say that. :)"

It's okay. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday October 22, 2003, **********@hotmail.com Wrote:"When I was a kid, I went to sunday school of course. I remember one class when we were learning about the ten commandments. I said, "but there's so many! I can never do this!" and she said, "If you can't follow any of them then just pick one." So I chose, "thou shalt not lie." But I read your commandments and it is not there. I probably misunderstood."

Hello. There are numerous versions of the 10 commandments, that are officially "authorized" by societal leaders. To the ghetto community, the churches generally choose to preach dumbed-down versions, or street-wise versions, while the churches in the upper class communities go with the versions that are closer to the original wording. The version I used in My essay was the very traditional, original, "old-fashioned" version.

"But I made it my life goal to always tell the truth if I did nothing else. I am still achieving my goal."

You first have to learn what the Truth is, then recognize and embrace a Truth as being a Truth, before you can "tell" the Truth.

"When I read your article on Jesus I was amazed because those kinds of thoughts never had occured to me at all before. My family is very religious. I just had attention deficit disorder my whole life(well I was diagnosed at 5). Now I guess I am glad I did not pay attention or understand anything because it all was LIES!!!!"

It is my realization of Truth that ADD is not a genuine or organic mental disorder. It is a totally artificial construct, designed by society to create justification for stifling the natural and healthy curiousity, restlessness, and inquisitiveness of children. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday October 22, 2003, *******@manquehue.net Wrote:"Dear free thinker: I´ve read the Manifesto of Forbiddentruth today and it was like a new revelation to me. I am a 60 years old man, divorced, six children, born in Santiago, Chile."

Hello. I'm glad you are still discovering new Forbidden Truths, thanks to My Manifesto. It's never too late to embrace the Forbidden Truths of life, as long as you remain alive. :-)

"I was raised in this catholic dominated society (as well as all population of the Latin American countries). When I was 28, I read Bertrand Russell´s philosophy and became an atheist."

Congratulations on breaking free of the Insane God Myth. That is a very difficult thing to do, for any human raised up within any human culture. And maintaining a firm grip on this Superior insight of Truth over the passage of time, is hard for humans to do. Many "young" atheists are unable to maintain an embrace of this Truth, as they age and must confront their impending deaths, and the Truths of what death entails.

"Since then, I´ve been participating in politics, first fighting against comunism and later against the military dictatorship, trying always to contribute to the change of the local social mentality and the structure of this opressive "democratic" system."

Every political system that currently exists is genocidally evil and cannot be "reformed". This is another Forbidden Truth.

"I believe that, in order to continue, I need the support of an original and powerful idea which can confront the strong & official lies and the myth of god and religion."

If you want to convince a significant number of your fellow citizen- slaves to recognize and reject the toxic lies and myths of society, you need an "original and powerful idea" that is also a lie or myth. This is because the vast majority of humans cannot find the internal Superiority that is required to reject societally promoted lies and myths. That's the only possible chance you have. I am not willing to either embrace or promote any lie or myth, even if it directly challenges societal lies and myths.

"80% of the chileans are catholics, but I am willing to continue with the struggle, spreading out the truth at any personal cost."

I don't care about other humans. I only care about Myself and the Truth. Therefore, I do not and would not bother to directly and personally try to convince any human of the Truth.

"I would like to now how can we communicate in the next future in order to support your organization and, at the same time, trying to find more people down here, which could participate in our cause."

The only type of "support" that I find useful, would be financial support. I have never tried to "find people" to appreciate Truth. If they do, fine. If they don't, fine. Doesn't matter to me, it's their loss if they don't. So I have no advice to give you. The human species is not worthy of such effort, at least not from me. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday October 23, 2003, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "Your manifesto is great. But i don't agree with the use of the word evil."

What is your specific disagreement? I do not like to waste time replying to vague questions. State the specific nature of your disagreement. I make clear in My Manifesto that individual human beings should never be labeled as evil, while at the same time this label is extremely appropriate in describing the structural and operational systems of human societies, such as the legal system, the child welfare system, the child rearing system, the Insane God Myth doctrine, etc...

"Could you please explain to me what evil means to you?"

The proper and Truth-based definition of evil is: "An existing structural or operational system within human society that is both specifically designed and actually used by human societal leaders to inflict widespread, genocidal harm upon human beings." This would include physical harm, psychological harm, the destruction of the ability to think sanely and rationally, the destruction of the ability of human beings to recognize Truth, etc... This does not mean that the actual societal leaders, as individuals, deserve to be labeled as evil. The term is only applicable to the structural and operational systems, not to the humans who build, maintain, and operate these systems. If you desire any further clarification, you must ask specific questions. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday October 24, 2003, *****@s-mail.com Wrote: "Thank you for the reply. You answered with exactly what i sought and with a definition i can accept(the truth one)."

Hello. You're welcome. Everything I reveal in My Manifesto is the Truth, whether or not it is recognized or accepted as Truth, depends upon the degree of sanity and superiority of the reader.

"Maybe it was my unreadedness but the way i have always seen evil used constantly is as a supernatural devil force. Or at least that's how the people in power seem to use it(excluding you and a few others i now have a better understanding of)."

The diseased human species has a vested interest in both defining the word evil as a malicious emotion that exists within specific human beings, to use as a demonizing label, i.e.: "terrorists are evil", and to also attributing mystical and supernatural qualities to the word, in order to make the illusionary battle between "good and evil" appear to be not only real, but grand and epic in scope and importance.

"As a Bright www.the-brights.com i just don't have a world view of supernatural and mythical beliefs."

I visited the web site and read a few pages. There are some Superior aspects to the bright philosophy. In comparison to all existing social structures, it definately constitutes a more Truth-based view of reality.

"The way i have always put it is that nobody knows or can know alot and that those who say they do are lying to gain control and manipulate ( i was raised a vegetarian without religion by anarchists and am heavily opposed to domestication oppresion racism and sexism).

Well, I know a lot of Truth and I'm not shy about embracing and revealing the fact that I am both very knowledgable and Superior to almost all other humans.

"I looked more into the FAQ section after i e-mailed you. and saw that you meant that it was to be applied to a society rather than an individual."


"Do you know any other words that could be used rather than evil? Because i would still like to purge this word from my language. Genocidal, Life-Alienating, Wack, Violent are things i come up with off the top of my head."

All of these adjectives are appropriate in describing the nature of currently existing human societies. I wouldn't say they are necessarily "better" or more definitionally accurate than "evil", but this is only because I do not accept the definitions of words and ideas that society imposes upon it's citizern-slaves. I define evil as I deem appropriate, and based upon this definition, my usage of the term is absolutely on-target. Of course I understand that this could cause some confusion to a reader of My Manifesto, who might not understand that I am only using the word based upon my own, Truth-based definition.

"On to another topic, I know Manson and McVeigh have said some profound things about the system and society we are in, the flaws of capitalism, i am an vegan anarchist who is using non violent communication (life-connecting) alot now."

They both revealed valuable Truth, both through their words and their actions, although Charles did so to a significantly greater degree than Timothy.

"My profession is that of a green architect design builder employing alternative technologies some that have been with us for a long time , like pumice-crete and solar passive, and the thing i strive to create is a alternative example that people can look at and one that is as well opensource."

Sounds like an emotionally rewarding way to survive economically, if you possess a genuine desire to aid your fellow humans. Personally, I do not possess such a desire.

"To me copyrights and patents are crimes against humanity."

To me, a supreme crime is being committed against me, by the fact that I am forced to hold down a job or else become homeless. Therefore I am proud to claim copyright to my brilliant and unique writings, and to demand monetary payment from any human who might wish to reprint or otherwise use my writings, be it for profit or not.

"So back to what i wanted to hear from you is how you feel about the needs of Unabomber, McVeigh, and Manson types to wage a mini war against the state or against the group of people they despised?"

Their rage and hate is both perfectly justified and a totally accurate reflection of their True Reality, a term that I comprehensively define within My Manifesto. No Superior would ever criticize, judge, or attempt to apply any moral standard upon the individual actions of any tortured victim-creation of human society.

"To me they were used as a tool esp. Mcveigh ( after watching some videos about the theories surrounding the cover-up (internal explosives, other people, atf foreknowledge) to take away freedom."

No society on planet earth offers any type of Truth-based "freedom" to their citizen-slaves. What they offer are degrees of enslavement, falsely defined as freedom, utilizing the comparison form of lie-art. Each society convinces it's citizen-slaves that they enjoy freedom, by comparing itself to other societies. The illusion of freedom must be maintained, this is done by putting forth the myth that the citizens enjoy valuable freedoms that must be protected and preserved. Whenever a crisis occurs, be it manufactured or "real", a perfect cover is created to allow societal leaders to take away a few more illusionary freedoms, using the false claim that this is necessary in order to preserve and protect the safety and the "way of life" of the society. Because humans are far more pathologically addicted to preserving their safety and their traditional way of life, than to preserving a few, minor freedom illusions, they allow their society to take away these illusionary freedoms, having been brainwashed into believing that it is both necessary and beneficial for this to occur.

"Taking back more freedom from the upper-class would be my strategies to generate something sustainable or at least always to resist and challenge it."

Individual citizen-slaves do not enjoy freedom, at least not using a Truth-based definituion of this term. It doesn't matter how wealthy they are, they are still not free. They may enjoy and personally experience, on average, a degree of enslavement, oppression, and victimization that is less severe than that experienced by the poverty/lower class. But this does not make them free.

"Though i know how easy is it to be pushed around used, i have had many bad experiences in my short life with authority and their abusiveness and i know how they can come crashing down creating a world of hurt and hate against anything they deem a threat to their dominance."

Almost all humans, if they face up to the Truth, have endured many bad experiences directly caused by and committed against them by, the society that they were born, raised up in, and live within. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday October 25, 2003, *********@hotmail.com Wrote: "There's a pretty heated debate about Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman who's been artificially kept alive for 13 years and who is now about to be put to death. I'm curious to know what's your take on this case (knowing you, I guess that I do have an idea :-) I'm in almost absolute minority in siding with the parents, who want to keep her alive at all costs."

Your view is, as usual, the only sane and Superior position to take. But I don't think it should in any way be a matter of siding with anyone. It should make absolutely no difference who wants her to live or who wants her to die. Society has an undeniable and obvious moral obligation to protect, preserve, and enhance Terri's life at all times and in all situations. Even if Terri's parents, her husband, her children, her grandparents, her grandchildren, and every single relative she had all vehemently and unanimously wanted her to die, society's obligation to not directly help or cause her death to occur, would be just as strong. Even if Terri had written and signed a living will stating that she did not desire to be kept artificially alive, there should be no consideration to honoring this request if Terri is unable to positively communicate her current wishes. Why? Because humans change their minds all the time, especially when directly faced with their own imminent death. Death is an extremely bad and undesirable personal experience. This is the Truth. The burden of proof as to whether to determine if Terri wants to die, and is mentally competent to make this choice, cannot be based upon a piece of paper with written words that Terri signed months or years earlier. Even if Terri was properly communicative at this time and definately was asking to be allowed to die, extensive psychological evaluation, which would include a Truth-based explanation to Terri of the likely consequences of her death, would have to occur, just for her request to be given moral consideration. In conclusion, within any sane or moral society, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for any human being to successfully argue that the society should allow, enable, facilitate, or cause him or any other human, to die. In fact, it would be totally impossible for any human to even attempt to make this argument on behalf of anyone other than himself.

"But I think that this is just another man-created problem that we owe to our too clever minds: we don't know how to live, and we don't know how to die. And when we kill our loved ones, we call this euphemistically "dying with dignity". "

There is no dignity in death, there can never be any dignity in dying, based upon the Truth of death being the ultimate indignity that we will experience. I don't blame or criticize the scientific or medical arena for having invented ways to prolong life and stave off death. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with such efforts, except for the fact that the True and Superior goal of the scientific/medical community should be to uncover the keys to immortality, rather than to merely prolong life or cure a specific disease. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

October 16, 2003 Update: On Thursday September 25, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hi Seer. Have you ever seen any of the Ultimate Fighting Championships that took place throughout the US beginning about 1993?"

Hello. I have only seen brief excerpts shown on news programs.

"If you haven't, they're rather interesting in that they make a mockery of boxing and martial arts in general....the original champion was only 180 pounds{and he looked harmless}...yet this gentleman defeated 250pound+ martial artists, these martial artists were usually world champions of their respective styles or at least highly ranked and awarded opponents. The style used was a form of Ju-jitsui and relyed heavily on grappling{arm and leg locks}."

It is clear that the reason why ultimate fighting has not become as popular as wrestling, or even boxing, is because it lacks "ritual". Humans love to engage in and cathartically savor violence, the more brutal the better, but it has to be "organized" in terms of both rules and the creation of moral justification. Wrestling has perfected this perverse art of pandering to the bloodthirsty masses, by creating entire "storylines", character personas, epic and ongoing battles between a "good" wrestler and an "evil" wrestler, etc... Perfectly mirroring the structure of the Insane War Ritual. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday October 2, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote:"Hi SEER.{Great one}. It's my hypothesis that the critical point is the early yrs, my own early yrs as far as I can tell would likely have been quite blissful as I was small and cute and have no evidence that I was beaten/screamed at or excessively distorted from my natural tendencies....."

Hello. You are correct in that the younger a human being is, the more vulnerable they are to experiencing trauma severe enough to "imprint" itself upon and have a profound impact upon, the entire future lifetime of the human being. I was already basically untouchable, by the age of 13, 14 or 15 at the latest. Therefore all of the True Reality rage and hate that I now possess, and have/will possess throughout my entire lifetime, is due to my childhood experiences prior to age 13, not the negative and traumatic/unjust experiences that have occured after that, of which there were many, of course.

You're own example is probably the opposite{whether you can remember it or not}, our fundamental differences are not our attitude towards truth, but what we think should happen to the human species.

Conscious memory of abuse/trauma is never needed. Any human who demands that such memory be present, or accepts the claim of a violent seeker of personal vengeance that he was not abused and victimized, is a supreme inferior worthy only of our contempt and condemnation.

So after entering school and being exposed to all manner of brainwashing and inadequate teaching techniques, I was brainwashed on many issues...but after maturing and becoming exposed to life and knowledge/proper knowledge I was able to focus on and thirst for proper knowledge....but what explains my desire for proper knowledge...my answer is a Positive Psychological Milieu, although obviously a "negative" psychological milieu would have the same effect...it's my hypothesis that the positive/negative milieu's are the factor that determines ones interest in and ability to face truth. Alternatively, had I developed a polluted* milieu, then it's highly unlikely that any amount of exposure to proper knowledge would have had any impact on my views....so it seems that extremes of upbringing produces the necessary PM, whereas a moderate upbringing{0-3} would produce a polluted milieu of varying intensity....obviously a moderately deranged level of parenting should produce a dysfunctional person especially if we assume that ALL people would otherwise develop as mature/intelligent/loving* people in a proper environment."

Your definitions of Positive, Negative, and Polluted Psychological Milieus make rational and logical sense. I have no serious disagreement with your Negative/Positive/Polluted Psychological Milieu philosophy. At the same time, it must be perfectly clear that every human being experiences situations, traumas, brainwashings, in a unique way. That is why the degree of abuse/brainwashing severity should not be judged in any standardized fashion. Which simply means that 2 children, theoretically subjected to exactly the same childhood experiences, brainwashings, abuses, to exactly the same degree, can and in fact should be expected to NOT develop or possess the same, or even a similar, philosophical, ideological, and emotional attitude towards life, reality, and Truth, as adults.

"*loving as per Fromm's superb definition of developmental, this development can be of the individual exclusively, although hypothetically, were you or anyone born into a proper loving environment then you would desire to see others develop{of course my own desire extends mainly towards other philosophers/superiors}. I don't believe in romantic love as a "real" thing, it's just a temporary meshing of similar consciousness, and after the novelty value has warn off, the concept of romantic love loses it impact and the relationship is sustained by the brainwashing of she/he's the one. IMO, in a proper society, there wouldn't ever be the "buzz" attached to meeting someone of like consciousness as you would have met them all throughout your childhood."

Yes, your understanding of the invalidity of the romantic love myth, is accurate. But one of the most important angles of this toxic myth, is the Truth that the two people who claim to love each other, are in fact unable to properly love themselves, and within this toxic ritual, they are each trying to get the other person to meet their own emotional needs, needs that they cannot meet for themselves.

" You and I are two philosophers talking shop, and at the moment, we're both the subjects....I have no problem with YOU wanting humans extinct, as long as you would exclude superiors{ and I believe you've said that in the past}."

What I said was that I would like to preserve my own life, even if the extinction of all other humans were to occur. And if any particular small group of humans had to avoid extinction, I would prefer that it be Superiors. But I would not go out of my way, or say that it is my explicit desire, to preserve the life of any human being, other than Myself.

"Are you suggesting that I'm living a lie by "not" wanting humans extinguished..?"

If you believe that the human species can be redeemed and deserves to thrive, that can be an accurate and valid reflection of your True Reality. But in terms of concrete fact, based upon the historical record of the crimes, perversions, and genocidally diseased paths that the human species has pursued throughout it's existence, and the irreversible harm that the human species has caused to countless life forms and to the very planet earth itself, I find that the human species does not deserve and is unworthy, of continuing to exist. Of course you can say that this is also nothing more than an accurate reflection of my True Reality. But I am convinced it is much more, it is an actual Forbidden Truth, proven by the historical record of the conduct of the human species throughout it's history.

"The biosphere controls us....and anytime "any" species ignores the laws of ecology, the bisophere will make a correction, so long-term, cosmic justice is served."

Perhaps. But I think the only Truth-based justice that can occur at this point, would be for humanity to become extinct. And yes, this will occur at some point in the not too distant future. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday October 3, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: "Awesome Seer of Forbidden Truth, I have succeded in sending some interested readers your way. In fact it was I who pointed the "Love Muffins" band your way. They say they might make a donation."

Hello. Okay. They are definately lucky to have learned about my Manifesto.

" I could not access the Pay-Pal AGAIN (I have trouble with a lot of sites with this old thing) I'll try and post a money order to you when I can. Same message as last time (I used it 5:30 pm or so): The PayPal website is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance. It will be available again at approximately 3:30 am PDT. We apologize for any inconvenience."

Every website is periodically down due to maintenance. But I have never found PayPal to be down, when I have checked it, and I do check in at least 3-5 times per week.

"Please check the server again if you will, Seer Of Forbidden Truth."

I just did, it appears to be working fine.

"If money needs ever get to a critical point, email me if you wish. I'll do what I can."

No. I do not make personal requests of that kind.

"Know of any good resources for Martyr Pictures? (love those Martyr's!)"

The Google Image search works well. The Crime Library site provides a fair number of rare photos. http://www.crimelibrary.com.

"I hope you fare well, Seer. You may well prove to be the Greatest Philosopher of Forbidden Truth at the end of the 21st Century."

I think it is likely that I will deserve this honor. But hopefully the human species will not last all the way until the end of this century.

"God bless you ! (just kidding!)"

I am My own god, and I bless Myself with limitless devotion. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday October 4, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hello Seer. The point I try and make with the negative/positive PM...that because of the differences in upbringing, it might be that we each have deeply ingrained biases which CANNOT be altered with rationality, appeal to logic and a chronology of facts...."

Hello. I do not have such a bias. Despite my hatred of humanity, I am still able to rationally and Truthfully pass judgment upon the human species and it's right to continue to exist. You can call my judgment "personal", obviously it is. But it is not irrationally or falsely biased. It is based upon the actual, True, historical record of human conduct and species path.

"How do "we" ever determine which is most truthful, extermination or assumption, assumption that nature will intervene on the biosphere's behalf at least, I can't be sure that mankind will ever become a race of predominantly superiors, and if I can't truthfully admit that, then I'm forced to adopt a position of non-extinction as a possibility exists that they may....a slim chance is still chance, and IMO, it is more truth based to allow humanity to play itself out."

When you consider how much more genocidal suffering and actual extinction of numerous other species, the human species is certain and guaranteed to directly cause in the future, this slim chance you speak of, even if it does theoretically exist, cannot stand up to the overwhelmingly negative consequences of allowing the human species to continue to exist.

"Who knows, they'll probably extinguish themselves anyway+ we can't actually effect the outcome, we can only discuss the subject in the name of truth, and it's my view that our different PM's force us to favour one view over the other.{I've given up feeling the urgent need to convince individuals, but still have hope for humanity}"

I think it's very reasonable to conclude that our differing PM's are responsible, to a degree, for our differing desires as to the final outcome. But in point of fact, it cannot be stated unequivocably that there is no chance or possibility that we, as individuals, might play a direct role in causing human extinction. It is very unlikely, but not totally impossible.

I remember up till age say 20-21, I could become extremely angry and this anger would be reflected throughout my entire body and especially on my face, I could feel the anger "position" a menacing facial gesture. And quite frankly, I felt extremely empowered during these episodes, but I've not ever experienced this since age 20 or so....I've often asked myself where did that energy go, I've assumed that as I matured it subsided and my logical, calmer self took over all stressful situations. Are you saying that you regularly get extremely angry, and that you enjoy the feeling?"

Yes. My rage has not diminished as I have aged, and it is not so much the rage that I enjoy, but the limitless vengeance that I am able to claim at will, within my untouchable mind.

"I met a mature age student studying psychology the other day, when he told me what he was studying I turned my head towards him and said.."are we getting better, are we getting saner"....he quickly said that we were, but just as quickly mentioned that it's not filtering down to the people and that his discipline was full of arrogance....so we started talking about my experiences as a cabbie whereby when I met the children of people in wealthy suburbs, they were more mature and less dysfunctional{from Capitalism and progresses POV, not mine}, and the poorer suburbs had kids who were dysfunctional. He admitted that wealth did play a role in development of so-called competent people...I then suggested that we{society} should define dysfunctional and not allow dysfunctional parents to have kids....he looked at me and started comparing it to Hilter's ideals{why do I bother..LOL}."

I actually enjoy very much the inferior and negative reactions of humans to Truth, because they simply prove just how hopeless, diseased, and unworthy of existence they, and by proxy their species, since they are accurately reflective species representatives, are. But at the same time I no longer engage in discussions with inferiors, because it's the same thing as always, and I am tired of recycling the garbage, so to speak.

"The basic problem here is that I think people become spiritually comotosed as a coping mechanism, and forget how they used to feel. Also, they just assume it just had to be that way, as all the repression and prohibition of our natural tendencies are often the result of clashing with capitalism's deadlines, IOW, parents who are non-violent{physical and psychological} unwittingly distort children by advocating capitalism to them....that alone must damage people, as it's a flawed doctrine for living."

Yes. The diseased structures of human philosophical, ideological, behavioral, cultural doctrine are so universal and pervasive that no child could escape undamaged, unless he grew up on another planet, where no other humans existed.

"If we define love as developing your potential, then all acts of legitimate kindness and guidance are acts of love, no need for such emotional intensity attached to a illegitimate ideal, and I suspect the origin of the emotional intensity is the longing for the satisfaction of a natural urge...to live and develop, but this is distorted into the >romantic love myth. I hold the view that in a proper society, touching and even non-intercourse sex should be as normal as saying hello,.... it's all just pleasure."

All experiences are interpreted within an individual's unique True Reality. Of course an inability to associate benevolent touch with positive things, indicates that one has experienced human contact in a negative, terrorizing, and victimizing manner. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday October 8, 2003, ********@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hi Seer. The problem with your desire is that you potentially extinguish humanity forever, YOU'VE personally decided that total and possibily irrevocable bannishment of a species is less extreme, hence more rational, than taking a longer-term view that humans might become worthy."

Correct. And the legitimacy of this "desire" is proven by the very simple and undeniable Truth that the human species is primarily and directly responsible for and guilty of causing the total and irreversable extinction of numerous other species, and by the equally undeniable Truth that the human species has demonstrated absolutely no positive evolutionary progress in terms of recognizing and embracing Truth, during the history of the Modern Era of human existence.

" It's not up to me to know how this will happen, I can place my faith in evolution{it produced "us" afterall}."

Place your faith wherever you wish. It is clear to me that the natural process of evolution does not have the ability to either prevent species extinction, or the ability to cause species extinction, from the point of view of conscious will or of "justice". Inferior species can both consciously and unconsciously cause the extinction of superior species, and the evolutionary system is not able to either consciously or instinctually prevent this from occuring. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday October 8, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: "Good morning, Great Seer of Forbidden Truth. I've sent a small donation as a token of my goodwill. Could you please let me know if it arrives, as I've had mail lost/stolen in the past, as a kind of receipt/acknowledgment."

I will let you know. I am always glad to acknowledge receipt of monetary funds or other valuables.

"Be assured, that a much larger sum will come your way."

I do not expect things from other humans, and I never accept the assurances of humans. But if I receive something of value, I am thankful and appreciative.

"I notice that you mention that Society has no right to inflict punitive punishment on "criminals", or Victims. Obviously True."


"You mention an alternative where people are locked up in a benevolent "Detention resort community". It would be a step in the right direction, and far better than the insane, moral disgrace that is the prison system, but i feel that in the end the result must be the same."

It would be a positive, Truth-based reform, as I state within My Manifesto. I do not suggest that it would be an appropriate "solution" to anything. The primary and most important Truth-based reform in terms of the ideological/operational philosophy of society, would be the embrace of the Forbidden Truth that society has absolutely no right to try to inflict any type of punitive or traumatic punishment upon any human being. This is the primary philosophical Truth that the benevolent detention resort community would be based upon.

"Guards would break your rules and there would be other problems."

If the reform failed to meet the operational standard of complete benevolence, it would not be an acceptable reform.

" Benevolent communities in a insane sick society would be, perhaps, an impossibility."

It is an impossibility, just as my Mandatory Parental Competency Testing reform cannot and will not occur. The fact that it will not occur, in no way negates the brilliance, Superiority, and Truth of the proposed reform. The fact that it is certain that no human society will implement such Superior and Truth-based reforms, proves that the human species is beyond redemption and unworthy of species existence.

" However, surely this is just speculation and not intended seriously to become a reality."

It is a proposed reform based upon Truth. I have no personal interest in whether or not any reform I reveal and outline, becomes a functional reality.

"Society would have to (correct me if i'm wrong) accept the Truth that prisoners have the right not to be punished due to the fact that they are suffering from catharic torment that society inflicted upon them and they are reflecting a portion of this back on society."


"I dont think you believe that this could ever be."

I know it can never be. Because I know the human species is supremely diseased, inferior, and lie-based.

"I wonder if anyone has the "right" to even lock people up at all."

In order to even begin to consider whether a society could have this right, the society would first have to completely embrace and functionally implement all of the Truth-based reforms that I reveal within My Manifesto, such as Mandatory Parental Competency Testing, elimination of Insane God Myth promotion, etc..., plus many more reforms that I have not yet outlined because My Manifesto is only 20% complete.

"How would we define anything as a "Crime"?"

The definition of this word has already been so distorted, tainted, and demonized, that it could not be part of the vocabulary of a society that had reformed to the point where it embraced the Truth that it had no right to inflict any type of punitive punishment upon any human being.

"A detention would block people from expressing their True Reality based rage, at least against the more wealthy members of society."

That would be correct. Which is why in order for such a detention to even be worthy of consideration, the society would first have to embrace and implement a tremendous number of profound ideological and operational reforms that would be specifically designed and would go to great lengths to genuinely try to ensure that no child and no adult is ever subjected to the abuse, victimization, and injustice that causes children and adults to develop True Reality-based rage.

"Then the people on the outside would have it better simply because they were not expressing their true-reality rage in "crimes"."

It is not realistic to expect every single human being to experience exactly the same degree of life path benevolence and positive treatment, not even within a properly utopian society. But it is realistic, at least from a Forbidden Truth perspective, to demand that human society implement all reforms necessary to prevent all human beings who live within the society, from being subjected to any and all types of abuses and victimizations that could be expected to cause any human being to develop True Reality-based rage and hate.

"Also, as we discuss so-called "criminals" like Seer Charles are morally superior than a lot of "law abiding citizens". Therefore, they would deserve, more than $12k poverty-line payments. They would deserve a HUGE settlement of money."

As supreme tortured victim-creations of society, they would of course deserve far greater consideration in terms of societal atonement, than less victimized citizens, and this would include financial reimbursement. Within my Benevolent Resort Community detention reform, I specifically state that the detainee would have to be able to enjoy a lifetime of leisure, with no labor/employment requirement, and all of his needs met in such a way that he can live a "comfortable" life. Of course there are many different personal interpretations of what constitutes a "comfortable" daily life experience. For me, free time to do exactly what I want, all of the time, is more valuable than possesing a huge amount of money. If I were given the choice of being able to earn a million dollars every year for the next 20 years, but having to engage in specific labor for 8-10 hours every day, that involved dealing with and interacting with human beings, or the choice to receive just $12,000 each and every year for the next 20 years, but not having to do anything, not having any job, being able to spend each and every day doing exactly and only what I want, I would definately choose the latter. Perhaps this personal preference is slightly reflected in the way I outline the Benevolent Resort Community detention center reform, but I want to make it perfectly clear that all individual humans subjected to severe abuse and victimization at the hands of society, are absolutely entitled to a degree of financial compensation that would guarantee them no financial stress or concern, for the remainder of their lives, as they themselves would individually and Truthfully define "financial stress/concern".

"Really there is no way out of the totally insane, evil society and cycle of abuse. In theory, perhaps, but as you say, humanity will extinct itself first before it accepts truth en masse."

Correct. I think I make this Forbidden Truth very clear within the complete content of My Manifesto.

"Perhaps the Detention Communities are a lesser of two evils, that will probably never come about."

They would represent an appropriate first step in the societal reform process, only in conjunction with many other Superior and Truth-based reforms. None of the primary reforms that I outline within My Manifesto will ever come about, because they all require that human society, en masse, accept and embrace Forbidden Truth.

"They may be an improvement over the Prison System in theory but they seem impractical."

They would obviously be an improvement over the overtly malicious and genocidally harmful/abusive prison system. Almost all societal reforms based upon Forbidden Truth, seem "impractical", because it is functionally impossible for an inferior and lie-based society to implement them. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Sunday October 12, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: "Fantastic Seer of Forbidden Truth, Hello. I imagine you are feeling well, as you are untouchable. I sincerly hope your health is is top order, as to prolong this only existance as long as humanly possible."

Hello. I'm okay, and feeling fine.

"I saw Arnold Schawzenegger in "The 6th Day". This had the concept of cheating death due to a clone of you that supposedly had all your memories etc. planted into the new clone. However, how could anybody RECORD a True-Reality life-experience onto a disc? As each emotion/memory is unique and a singularity (unlike a picture or sound, even though it may be unique as a whole it would be made up of smaller pixels of varing colors levels and these are recordable because they don't have to be an exact duplicate) a machine wouldn't be able to record emotional experiances as it cannot 'read' or 'write' any single data that could be interpretable or unique."

I discuss cloning, briefly, within My Manifesto. It is obvious that cloning technology cannot now, and almost certainly will never be able, to deliver Truth-based immortality to any living thing. It is also obvious that despite current religious and societal leader condemnation of cloning, cloning will eventually be both accepted and modestly promoted by leaders, as an alternative and/or co-existent method of maintaining life after death, as the Insane God Myth is currently promoted. Because it is a lie that cloning can provide life after death, and because this lie has the potential to provide false, invalid, lie-based comfort to the Unwashed Masses, and because human beings are pathologically addicted to embracing lies, this lie will eventually be promoted as constituting a Truth, and it will take on toxic attributes similar to the Insane God Myth.

Personal life experiences reside within the synaptic brain cell functionality of individual human beings. When these brain cells cease to function, due to a failure of oxygenation/blood flow, the human being dies and all of his personal life experiences are lost to him. It is not possible to record or preserve these personal life experiences in such a way as to provide immortality to the human being. The only type of "cloning" that would be legitimate, would be to remove the entire brain or head of a human being, and while preserving proper oxygenation/blood flow, transplant the brain or head onto a robotic or humanoid entity that would be able to support the ongoing oxygenation/blood flow of the brain/head. This is the proper operational theory upon which the scientific procedure known as Cryogenic Preservation, is based. Societal definitions of cloning do not involve this type of procedure, and therefore all forms and methods of cloning, as it is currently defined, are certain to fail, in terms of the only Superior and worthwhile goal of the procedure, which would be to extend the True Reality life experiences of an existing individual, specifically the human being who is choosing to be cloned.

" Even so, would the simple fact that they were brought back to life distort and change their life-path?"

No, not if their original and ongoing synaptic brain functionality was not lost, as would be the case, in theory, with a proper reanimation of a cryogenically preserved human being, or the proper transplantation of an existing, functional human brain, onto a new life supporting, brain functionality preserving, entity.

"Do you think fear of death can be cheated or even reduced by making/having a clone ready to take your place? I imagine not."

The Superior human recognizes that the only thing that exists within the human experience that should properly be "feared", is one's own death. When I use the word fear, I do not mean to imply that the individual should experience this emotion as being stressful or unbearable, as the Superior can face up to every Truth with both courage and untouchability. But let it be clear that the top level Superior does have an obligation to both himself and to the Truth, to face up to, recognize, and embrace the factual reality and the consequences of all life events, including his own upcoming death. Therefore, the answer to your question is No. It would be both inferior and cowardly, not to mention lie-based, for an individual to falsely deny the True and factual consequences of his own death, via the false comfort and false illusion of personal immortality, that the creation of a clone could provide. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

September 30, 2003 Update: Hello. Another month has passed by, and not much has changed. We are all a little bit closer to death than we were 29 days ago, not good news for me, as I deserve to be immortal, but definately good news as far as you creatures are concerned, since you deserve nothing more than to become extinct as a species. I have added nothing to the main body of this brilliant Manifesto, and I have nothing of importance to reveal at this time. Everything you creatures deserve to know, I have already told you.

On Tuesday August 26, 2003, ********@xs4all.nl> Wrote:Hello there. I have checked out the site, which looks shocking for vast majority of people.

Hello. Truth is not only shocking, but unbelievable and unacceptable to most humans.

But, it is TRUE that so long men lives in the "heirarchial peck-peck boss-above-boss swindle subdue me and you system", then many people are already "mindstripped", as if their eyes and ears are closed for other "alternative possibilities".

Correct. But the root causes of mindstripping both begin and primarily develop within individual humans, during their childhoods.

Because, all the "ismes" and "divisions", that is pondered out to people as if there is "one information stream" comes from the "authorities", to distort human-consciousness, to divide and rule them - and it is true, that - and is already worldwide the case - that many people from "birth to death" are put in "submission" with a very, very limitted "bandwidth" of possibility and sense of "reality".

Yes, I am right, as always. :-) Truth is supremely dangerous, because Forbidden Truth is incompatible with the fascist and malicious and genocidally harmful brainwashings, lifestyles, doctrines and ideologies that leaders of human societies compel their citizen-slaves to embrace.

Now, you are right, it is ALL A PEACE OF SH*T, walk away, expose it, bring it down. But, as you may NOT see, and I uncover that too, is that the "vast majority" hides not only their "obsessive bad things", but also the "potential to manifest different": so, please understand what I say. Most people live in "comfort-zones", do "as if", to avoid..... conflict, as if they feel "ill at ease" - and live their "normal common lives" as "safe as possible".

These humans crave the validation that their society provides to them, for agreeing to conform to societal decree and doctrine. They live in terror of being demonized as "different" or "abnormal", by their terrorizing social structure and it's malicious judges.

Other people seem to be more "thrill seekers", and go after it, to unleash their "potential" to elevate and stretch their abilities, others, often very sensitive people try to dedicate their lives for art, creativity and other stuff - they suffer most under what I call the "consensus-reality", which is only an illusion.

The human species is perversely predatory in design and in daily operation. All humans are instructed by their society to target and to victimize weaker humans, other species of life, and all humans who fail to conform to the fascist behavioral and belief decrees upon which the ultra-diseased society has been built and is sustained.

Okay, it is true mate, we get all "bullshi**ed" and "fooled" around, >nothing to be ashamed about it, but if people start to admit, yep it is all "Peace of Sh*t", they might think for themselves and rewrite their OWN role in their lives, instead of clingng to the "accepted norms and values" - that has put billions of humans in "mental-emotional sheepishness" and hold it together as a "House of Cards".

Humans cannot "admit" to the Truth, much less embrace or accept it, if they lack the ability to even recognize what the Truth is.

So, my proposal mate, I think you have the BA**S to dig this. 1. I do NOT impose my will on anybody. 2. I do not ALLOW that someone else impose his/hers will on me. 3. I do what I want.

All three rules make logical, Truth-based sense. But at the same time there are problematic aspects to these rules, at least insofar as implementation is concerned. For example, with rule #2, the Truth is that all children have the will of their Sacred Family Unit owners, as well as the will of the existing social structure, imposed upon them. And no matter how courageous and brilliant they may grow up to be, they are not able, as immature children with undeveloped minds, to totally resist and block these maliciously harmful impositions.

And therefore, you need knowledge, not indroctination, just knowledge.

Much of what human society currently labels as constituting knowledge, is in fact not Truth-based factually valid information.

You see, most people are "serial-logic-minded", and totally disassociated from their OWN thinking-proces. As a matter of fact, people in FEAR stop "thinking straight" and therefore become easily to be influenced by someone else's "suggestions and solutions". So, people in FEAR, seem to "demand something" to "take that fear away". People FEAR "losses", of anything, that makes for them life worthwhile.

This is a very accurate, insightful, and important Forbidden Truth. As I make clear in My Manifesto, fear plays an extremely major and primary role in crippling both the ability and the impetus of human beings to even try to face up to the Forbidden Truths of life.

However, since the vast majority is raised up with the "pre-conditioned ideas" to "please you=please me", or "what do others think of me": their "self-esteem" is predominantly depending on that.

They are stripped of the ability to properly love themselves. This is the root of all self-esteem problems and the obsession that the Unwashed Masses have with gaining praise, support, or love from other humans.

So, the "social-mores" seems to be the "bonding-factor", and THAT under the "disguise" of any "ismes-ideology", which has nothing to do with the potential authenticity any men and women has. So, the so called "outer-blueprints" in "stereotypes", in "heroes and foes", in "religions and atheisms", in "democracy and dictatorships", in "black and white" are played out within the very MINDS of millions, where many individuals has perhaps have their own Philosophy about, but can not bring it into their daily lives.

The vast majority of humans do not and would not be interested in even considering any philosophy of life that directly challenges or contradicts the primary brainwashings of their society.

In other words, "unique self-expression" and "living by it" that equals to the physical, mental and emotional, the feeling thinking us - has indeed become "eradicated" from the START. How? Guess what the most of the parents do with their children: make them "obedient", with their "beliefs", already confirmed by "society", leaving the child practically already in confusion. That confusion (that proves the BLATANT LIES) makes the child FEEL BAD about himself, it "believes it is bad" and is told "what is right": so the encouragement to THINK for himself and beconnected with FEELING is disconnected. Then he is "forced to do voluntarily as expected", without questioning, or doesn't know how to question, or if he protests, he is considered as "nasty", maybe "sick". Then, he goes to school, the teachers tell him "this and that", "teachers know everything", so "different questions on established knowledge are DISMISSED and thus 'contradictions' are NOT explored and cannot be figured out", Then the "self-image" is already confirmed by the peers around him - and at the end there is "no other choice but to join the BIG world" - to have "success" and "acknowledgement" and "approval" from "others".

Absolutely correct, and well-stated. I reveal and discuss all of these Truths within my Child Abuse as well as several other, essays.

That, is plus/minus the "consensus-reality" that LINKS to the "Globalisation", under the disguise, my goodness me of "free democratic election" - that is in reality a "one dictator-state" which gives the "freedom to exploit".


Now, these things are not new. So, I do not need to look behind the trees, or under the carpet it's in OUR FACE this stuff. People who are in "service of the governments" in "lower ranking", are not the SAME, but they are NOT TOLD what is the real score of all this.

That is correct. But the Truth is that even the supreme leaders of human governments are often blindly addicted and oblivious to the Truth of at least some of the insane lies, myths, and brainwashings that they are promoting and imposing upon their citizen-slaves.

So, you can see, that this is not just setup in five years, or five decades, but for thousands and thousands of years!

Correct. The human species, from it's very beginnings of existence, has had tremendous difficulty recognizing and embracing Truth. This is one reason it is clear to me, that there is a genetic component, a genetic malformation of the human mind, that plays a small but still significant role, in rendering the situation hopeless, insofar as the human species ever managing to overcome it's pathological embrace of toxic lies within it's operational and ideological structures.

Can you imagine if people found out, HOW IT WORKS and even though they KNOW, they have a hard time to develop the "alternative ways", but it CAN be done, if THEY WANT.

If people were told the Truth of how lie-based their society is, it would have no impact because they would remain unable to personally recognize/accept this Truth, because it constitutes a Forbidden Truth. The only exception would be if societal, cultural, and governmental leaders themselves would, en masse, reveal this Truth, but this can never and will never occur.

Because, there is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE between what "other people say and do", and what someone REALLY WANTS. ook at yourself and also "after yourself", because it IS everybody's BIRTHRIGHT to express life, from themselves, spontaneously, to know and to remember, that it does NOT MATTER what people "think and judge" about someone else.

The Superior human does not care in the slightest what other humans think of him. Furthermore, he recognizes that to receive the scorn and contempt and condemnation of fellow humans, is the greatest compliment he can receive, as a Superior, recognizing the inferiority of his fellow humans and the human species as a whole.

Look at sheep. We, we "outsheep the sheep". We have become partners with the "sheepdog", we "police each other". So, what it means is, if a human expresses his/her uniqueness and didn't give in to FEAR, then He/She might think for him/selves how to live "Beyond the Hidden Truth" according to "Inner Truth". Therefore, if He/She follows her intuition, rather than their "programmed head/minds", He/She might find Him-/Herselves in "trouble", faced with "condemnations", and "judgements", like "material problems", because it is in the "Joe Public's Head/Mind" that seems to be "externally programmed" with "ismes, dogma's and doctrines", that says: "if I do this, or I do not do that, I might get in trouble", or "what will my family, my mates, my spouse, my collegues think of me", because in THAT way already, interesting, intelligent and sensitive people are put in the "mental-emotional trap", even though they wish another way of life.

I would agree with the Truth you are expressing here. But I would add the caveat that Forbidden Truth and True Reality are two very different things, as I outline in My Manifesto. The "Inner Truth" that you describe may not constitute genuine Forbidden Truth, but rather individually and personally unique True Reality.

Is it not strange, that all the horrors occur, because of the "self frustration" of the "masses", because most individuals have their own story of life. Alright, assume that everyone has his and hers own "lifescript", just the "role" and "envisioning" through "self-perception", and yes, we find indeed some "common themes". If I look in the mirror, does the mirror looks BACK? No, it is a reflection.

It is very important to know the Truth that when the vast majority of human beings look into a mirror, they do not see anything close to an accurate reflection of either themselves or of Truth. Instead, they see immense distortions, projections, unrealities, visions, falsehoods that have been implanted within their broken and brainwashed minds. Only a tiny handful of top-level Superiors see an accurate and Truth-based reflection of themselves.

Now, look around you. Look to your hands, how you move them. Wrap your arms around your body. How does it feel? The fact that YOU can DO THAT, proves, that there is a great difference between the "you" as "everyday role character", and the different moods and emotions, you react on the "every day situations". Do you notice, that many people have the SAME emotions and reactions, that does NOT underpin the "beliefe-systems of divisions". Haven't you noticed that?

Enough. You are making things too complicated, even with the allowances I am giving you because I recognize that english is not your primary language. It is more valuable to focus on and analyze the Truth that society instructs it's citizen-slaves that they should have a different reaction, in many cases, to the same type of "occurance". For example, society tells humans to cheer when a fellow human is executed via the death penalty, to feel little or no emotion if their womb-trapped child is legally murdered via abortion, and to be overcome with immense sadness if their parent or spouse were to die, even though the Truth is that the exact same event, the death of a human being, is occuring in all three circumstances.

Alright, now the TRUTH is not OUT THERE, but WITHIN. I do not have any "authority" or "right" as anybody else, to "interfere" with someone's BIRTHRIGHT to think, to feel, to live as HE or SHE WISHES to LIVE. And, if someone says: "I have a problem with you, about that!", then I propose this simple reply: "O, you have a problem. Since I have my own problems (or No problems), you solve YOUR problem NOW!" As if, that's sooo often the case, someone can have a "problem with you"! Sounds ludicrous, doesn't it, but the point I make is that the "problems" in the world are NOT UNSOLVEABLE PROBLEMS at all. It is just, that the vast majority has allowed society to take their "lives away", has agreed to live by "someones else version of moral or immoral, right or wrong, normal or insane", instead of thinking for themselves.

Well, it is my concluding insight of analytical Truth, that it is not possible for the human species, as a whole, to overcome the lie-based house of cards that it has built and grown for itself throughout it's existence. A very small minority of Superior humans can achieve this feat, but not human society as a whole, or en masse.

Most people "believe" in "their leaders", and what is actually hidden in this case, is that these people HATE "self-responsibility", and "believe" if they pay their taxes, if they pray to their gods, if they follow the laws and rules, to obey someone else's orders, what ever that means - that ultimately they hope not to be hassled around and therefore "avoid conflict" with some "superiors", as if they are "inferiors". They "obey" in order to "survive" - you will be AMAZED, how many are "pretending" and in many cases become quite "slick", you see.

This is True, to a degree. But the vast majority of humans are genuinely enticed and drawn in to accept, comfortingly toxic doctrine such as the Insane God Myth. Most humans do not just say they believe in god, in order to fit in or gain the approval of fellow humans. They are genuinely addicted to this insane myth, even if they do not go to church regularly, or even pray regularly. Their addiction to the myth is still very real and a primary force in motivating many of their most important life path decisions.

Loyalty of people has many reasons, therefore - what we call "evil" is actually from my perspective something "parasitical", like a "virus", like a "cancer". But, to judge "adults" as utter fools, is as you may understand the "outside", that what the "result" is, but nothing is what it seems. It doesn't matter so much, if someone acts as a "streetwiper", or a "police-officer", or a "farmer", or a "computer programmer". Many people are tormented in uncertainties, tormented with blatant lies and blackmail, from those who "use them", which is sickening. The seemingly most "simple man or woman", can TELL YOU those "hidden truths".

Individual human beings never deserve to carry the demonizing societal label of "evil". Only societies and governments and their promoted institutions and ideologies, deserve to be defined as evil. As to the label of "stupid", when applied to individual human beings, I have less problems, although a much better word is "inferior".

Look, all I say, is that the human subconsciousness is definitely "under siege", and that's why there is so much hate, pain, anger, frustration and fear. You undergo it, so do I. Now, if people individually KNOW what they FEAR, it confirms in so many ways that the "frustration" has to do with "helplessness" and therefore "uncertainty" - that's understood, in many, many ways.

I would agree. Death is a good subject to analyze, from the philosophical notion of certainty. Death is a certain occurance, humans are helpless to prevent it from occuring. But it is not death itself that is unbearable to humans, but rather the specific consequence of ceasing to exist, that death causes. The insane god myth provides a comforting, although of course untrue, certainty to the inferior human, that he/she will not cease to exist when they die.

What is sooo necessary to KNOW, that even though "adults" behave like "idiots", it is merely an "outer-shell", that underpins the whole situation, that it is a tiny glipse of the very fact, that very early in their lives, they have taken over the "different characters" from the environment, as an "example" to maintain "self-esteem" towards the "outerworld". It operates like a shell, but if I go deeper under this, there are unresolved emotions, forgotten traumas and therefore, if you look at it: that is WHY they "behave like idiots". So, they are afraid, angry, frustrated, in a powerful way, about "themselves"!

They hate themselves, they consider themselves flawed and worthless, deserving of suffering and pain. This is how their evil society wants them to feel.

How many times, you see people regret things, feel resentment, feel ashamed, and have built up "blockades", how many people are worrying, are mourning about what they have lost. Many, many people - and that is what I take seriously.

The top-level Superior, such as Myself, never experiences a single moment of regret, shame, or mourning. We love ourselves too much, as we should, to allow negative emotions such as these to be directed towards ourselves, and we recognize that the evil society guilty of our victimization, specifically seeks to employ these emotions against us, as weapons, to cause us further distress and negative experience.

So, people hide. Everybody - it seems- has their own "boundary-line", that if that will be "crossed" or "invaded" - a reaction is immenent - depending upon how an individual perceives himself.

Not me. I am untouchable. I have chosen to devote my life to the Superior task of making Myself untouchable, and I have succeeded. Of course this is not an automatically permanent achievement. I must continue, on a daily basis, to fortify and build upon my strengths, in order to maintain the untouchability that I have enjoyed throughout my entire adult lifetime.

There is also the UNCONSCIOUSNESS - that is what the "forbiddentruth" seems to be all about, whch binds together the theme you address. Because, if it was "conscious" - then how the hell can it be then "hidden", right folks? That part, is also an aspect of a whole, and that whole has a start and an end. It is not "alive", neither is it "dead" - it is like an "automatic machine, that responses", and I tell you what: that's EXACTLY how the "authorities", and the "masterminds" perceive us, treat us. They are just like "ritual-ceremonial-computer programmes". They do not HAVE the SAME emotional safeguard phenomena as the rest of the population HAS.

Some do, some don't. The point is that they are doing a job, and society instructs humans that emotion must not occur while performing a job. For example, my boss, (Hi Janine), has repeatedly said to me "Don't be so stupid!", and "Why are you so stupid?", only to later tell me that I shouldn't take these comments "personally". I am not supposed to feel any emotion, despite being called stupid, in public, because I am an employee, and she is the boss. Same would apply to an executioner who is not supposed to feel any emotion even after murdering a tortured and victimized fellow human being. Societal leaders perceive the citizenry as being worthless, inferior, slaves, and treat them as such.

What I point out is, that they "orchestrate" the events in the world, and play with the human-emotions like a "violin". Do you really "believe", that "charisma" and "power speeches" towards the "main-audience" are......REAL. NO, they are "programmed", thanks to the best textwriters, you can be sure.

Correct. It is carefully and specifically orchestrated brainwashing and propaganda, as I reveal within My Manifesto.

The vast majority can't even see the DIFFERENCE. And yet, that makes the "leaders" so..... "convincing"- because the "well-payed text writers" KNOW how the "public reacts". Incredible but true, and even the most cold-blooded mass-murderers can show up like someone's "ideal grandson", you see - because the "vast majority" STILL has not the slightest clue, or the slightest idea, what their "leaders" REALLY ARE, anything but "humans". Mark my word, scratch your head, bump your head against the wall. They are NOT HUMAN and therefore they have NO PROBLEM whatsoever, to send armies, to enact inhumane legistrations and laws, to order kills.

No, they are very much human. They are the accurate human reflections, of the limitlessly diseased and evil society that created them. The society that they were born into as helpless, innocent children, and brutalized by. They are a perfectly accurate reflection of their creator. They hate, they recognize that life is worthless, they bathe in the torment that was reflected upon them, by their very own society.

So, what we have here, is that the "master-planners" know bloody everything about "human-responses", but NOTHING about the fact, that humans are far different than "they perceive", in fact we are like "bugs", they are the "top of the bill", and own the "territories", the "wealth", the "finance-economy-industrial markets", they own "orthodox science" and they own ALL the religions, all political parties and therefore - my goodness me, the human-race.

The quest for power by humans is motivated, to a significant degree, by their terror and rejection of the Forbidden Truth that nothing they may achieve, accomplish, or obtain will serve to stave off the eternity of nothingness that awaits them in the near future, immediately upon their deaths.

If we know how the whole game works, and start to remember that we have allowed ourselves to be "terrified" of "any authority", then we know also where the "wars", the "economical-recessions", the "pollution" comes from. Because it is no "coincidence" that this happens. It is by design, that it happens. If things can be destroyed, true independent knowledge is destroyed, if people can be blackmailed into submission, if their freedoms can be more and more diminished, then it is so, because that is the TRUE reason, of the "Elites and Cronies", you know why? Because, they want to "live this way, in wealth, luxury", because they are the "demi-gods", so obsessed, so incredible and incredibly obsessed to do this - and obsession is going to fall - it must. These "obsessions" are very, very hidden in the "darkness", you see, they are "control- freaks" and they are also "programmed to do this".

The single greatest human desire, is for immortality. But perversely, most humans will never admit to this Truth, because their society instructs them that they don't need immortality, because god will automatically bestow immortality upon them. But they cannot quite believe this insane lie with certainty. So deep within their emotional cores, their desperate obsession with obtaining immortality continues. It cannot be consciously expressed, and so it manifests itself via other obsessions that provide some illusion of immortality, such as obtaining great wealth and power over other humans. But no, these obsessions will not fall, they will endure right up until the human species extincts itself.

So, if people finally get their minds back, their sense of self back, then "they" have a problem. So, all the "sh*t" can be easily "shifted back" to them, not because I "hate them", but just to "know them" - and therefore we can PLAY any GAME we wish to play. In another words, without "our cooperation", they could NEVER be so "POWERFUL" - and in order to "get cooperation", the world IS divided and ruled, as it seems, but it is connected under one "force", one "hidden hand" that is pulling the strings at all sides. Even the most "informed secret agents" don't know that, ulimately such people "believe" they "serve their country", actually they "serve" that "force". That "force" is "represented" by the "top" of the "hidden pyramid" and are called the "illuminati". Now, I am not talking "conspiracy", I am talking about the fact, that these "patriarchs and matriarchs" possess ALL the "Hidden Knowledge" that the "masses do not get", and what that means is, that what has "remained hidden" can come out - what ever that is.

(Sigh) You creatures are pathetic. All that my brilliant Manifesto does is reveal Truth, but it gets categorized as being a web site that reveals some type of "conspiracy", by several reviewers. And it attracts conspiracy addicts like yourself. All you are doing is throwing off one lie for another. How pathetic, that you feel compelled to descend into this "force", "hidden pyramid, "illuminati" garbage. You don't need this false crutch, to recognize and accept the profound Truths that my Manifesto graces you with. You manage to recognize the Truth, but then you dig all the way through the Truth, and manage to find another, different lie, at the end. There are no mindblowing secrets that societal leaders know that I, or the handful of other top level Seers of Forbidden Truth know, don't know. This "one force" that you describe, is simply the result of the age-old human tendency to "copy what works". Leaders of societies and governments study each other, they study the successes and the failures of other leaders, then they try to copy the successes and avoid the failures. There cannot be "one ruler of the world", one government, or even one religion, because it is in the diseased nature of the human species to desperately need to "feel superior" to fellow humans. So we have the citizen-slaves of most nations feeling superior to the citizen-slaves of other nations. Also hateful, jealous, homicidally enraged. Same with religion, the christian god freaks would not enjoy their insane god myth addiction nearly as much, if other religions did not exist. Because other religions exist, the christian god freak can gleefully rejoice in the genocidally evil notion that he is going to heaven for all of eternity when he dies, while billions of his fellow humans, those who are not christian god freaks, will be tortured in hell for all of eternity when they die. It is the perfect way for society to get their citizen-slaves to misdirect their homicidal rage in a totally "harmless" way. Harmless to the existing governmental leadership and structures.

The very fact, that no-one has "full information", even the politicians, the presidents and so on, it proves, that all of them seem to be in the position of blackmail and threat - and here we can understand, that certain politicians and scientists, with remarkable positive aspirations - that what has surely meaningful creative contributions - they are also "under siege" - and how often we see that happen. How often we see "scandals" and "corruption".

All humans are tortured victim-creations of human society. This is a very important, primary Truth. It doesn't matter how much power, influence, or control they eventually obtain over other humans, and within their society. They remain tortured and justifiably enraged victim-creations.

Please note, that not all of the "Elites" are just BAD, no, they live in wealth, some of them TRY to have "positive aspirations on behalf of something to do anything". It are the shades of "grey" I look for, it is not "black-and-white". But, the most "rigid hardliners", and so "autoritarian", as "leaders" and "followers" are the most scary of all. They ARE scared, stocked up, disturbed and need a lot of help: they seem to "hide" most of their "lies" (every "absolute truth has an hidden lie"), only totally, utterly selffish like hell, follow "any official line" and are afraid about unpredictable things. You see, that's why, that many people can not handle "unpredictable" things and you are right, that the reason for sooooo many laws and rules, so rigid, dogmatic, so limited - that it is JUST that it has worked "corruption and crime" through the "pipeline", even official science speaks about "laws and rules": all to do with submitting any "spontaneous process" into "compartmentalized parts". If that's not so, why do we live in "countries", with "hierarchies", with "governments", with "money-systems" and with "weapons of mass-destruction".

In a nutshell, Laws and rules equal fascism and enslavement. A lack of laws and rules, equals freedom, at least to some degree, although the experience of freedom by individuals, is in most cases greatly limited by their own personally unique and societally induced inhibitions. Every government and society is desperately obsessed with imposing as many laws and rules upon their citizen-slaves as possible, simply because the experience of freedom itself, would require genuine anarchy to occur. No government or society in current existence, or that has ever existed, is capable of allowing it's citizens to enjoy Truth-based freedom.

Why, Because a tiny "elite" wants it, that's why. No more, no less, and THEY know the REAL reason behind it, just to keep people in-line, for themselves. They know very well abut the human-mind and the human-consciousness. They know very well, who we are, what we do, our habits and they are "gnostic", as you may know. The point is, they give no da*n about us, because THEY expect, that the REST of the MASSES are just as "selfish" as "they are", no exceptions.

Not quite True. The primary and core reason they do not care in the slightest about fellow human beings, is simply because they know and they have personally experienced, on a True Reality level, the reality that nobody cared in the slightest about them, in a positive, nurturing way, when they were children. This combines of course, with all the abuse, torture, brainwashing, toxic lies, that were inflicted upon them.

So, what "they have", everybody "wants that" - but the point is, they >know intellectually-philosophically very well about the Cosmos and Creation. They know it. They know about "good" and about "bad", they know about "left" and about the "right", they are in "public-life" as some "famous-figures", doing charity, supporting the "good deeds" -behind the scenes, because of the "dualities" they really are getting off to do "evil things" - that's THEIR "perception", and have NO problem to do things, that every "avarage man and woman" would be disgusted about.

Not accurate. Most humans, including very powerfully positioned humans, remain personally addicted to at least some primary toxic lies and myths that afflict the "ordinary" citizen-slaves. My manifesto explains why they must maintain an illusion of morality and benevolence. No repeat will be provided here, because I have already devoted too much time and space to you.

They have NO "Human Emotions", but what they do, is perfectly "mimicking" that.

They have plenty of human emotions, albeit usually suppressed and misdirected ones, they only lack a certain set of empathic, affectionate, positive emotions.

Since the Babelonial Period, these "bloodlines" known as "Royals and Emperors", have spread out over the world, with sufficient "followers" and they are here until today - the "masses" under the skirts of "political parties", the "everything controlling bureaucracies", the many monopolistic companies - are set-up, step-by-step, by the same "network", that double-teams in any area of life. If there is a war or a recession, it is ultimately "them" who wants that to happen, planned years ahead with prior knowledge, from where every single human being gets the "bill" for.

Stop your conspiracy obsession, focus on your quest for Truth. The two paths are not compatible. See my Economic Systems essay, for some valuable Forbidden Truths on the diseased and evil economic structures of humanity.

How much do we need more, folks.

The extinction of the human species, is what is needed and what is destined to occur.

Deep down in this "insanity" there is in mankind a sadness, so deep. Think about the children, who suffer under this. Think about the many, and we can perceive humans no longer as just "idiots" and just as "ignorant" - but as beings like you and me. They simply didn't know, that's all.

They are all tortured victim-creations. This is one of the most important Forbidden Truths of all. Yes, they are stupid, inferior, ignorant, these adjectives can and should be applied. But they are not evil.

Look at it in another way. Look at it in a broader perspective - that's what I say, it's more then an ideal. This is also "mainstream", and nobody, really nobody has genuinely asked to be victimized, or to be harassed- it has all happened to us, in many walks of life.

We have all been victimized, to a degree. Furthermore, we have all been victimized as children.

If someone speaks up, and beats a "different drum" and more and more people do that and we start to do that, without being threatening, then the scene of reality changes, perception shifts, there is so much more to know and to live for, to be determined to do what we WISH to do - instead of to give that power away, for "protection" and therefore to sell out the "freedoms", exactly as the "hidden top" has planned.

The overall, primary existing governmental and societal structures cannot and will not be positively changed by human effort. There are too many inferiors, and not enough Superiors for this to occur.

People need to know WHO they are and not "to be told how to be and to act".

All adults currently alive on planet earth are "creations" of their childhood treatment and what they were told they needed to be and how they needed to act. This is True, to a limited degree, even for a top- level Seer of Forbidden Truth like Myself. Despite all of my transcendation, I am still a tortured victim-creation of 20th century human society.

Thanks, Keep your site rolling. Keep Awake!

I will. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Monday September 8, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: Hi Seer. I don't disagree that any superior or *valuable philosopher must have vigorously pursued proper knowledge, but I remember when I was younger I had all manner of silly ideas, these ideas were illogical but I believe were the expression of my intuitive knowledge that humanity was deeply flawed. As I matured {more knowledge +more experience,.. arguably my raw intelligence didn't change}, I became aware of the extent of humanities disturbed tendencies and began to pursue proper knowledge.

Hello. As I point out in my Manifesto, the average human being does not begin to reach mental or emotional maturity until age 28-32. Society however, decrees that "adulthood" is reached by age 18. The result is terroristically brainwashed children believing that they have reached maturity long before they actually do. This causes the child-victims, in many cases, to never actually achieve any type of mature, rational, sane, or Truth-based perspective on life, as they are permanently trapped within the immature and childishly naive beliefs and ideas that they were addicted to during their childhoods and during the 18-21 year age range. Most humans are too broken, and have too much of a vested interest in embracing societal doctrine and decree, to embark upon a superior quest for Truth, as you did.

Once I had accumulated enough evidence that doctors {people who are supposed to care} actually only cared about money and status, I became open to the opinions of radical philosophers or those who had been demonized by the establishment, IOW, had I met you ten yrs ago, I doubt I would have been able to take your Forbidden Truths seriously, although I suspect I would still have been rather interested in your manifesto, but presumably would have been rather critical of it. So I consider that I had an undeveloped psychological milieu, but not a polluted one, and through the process of my particular maturing, enabled me to accept that which was true despite how disturbing it might seem to the average person or even to so called modern philosophers.

That makes logical sense. The ability to recognize and embrace primary Forbidden Truth is, to a significant degree, dependent upon the individual reaching and achieving genuine mental maturity. Being "open" to Truth is of course a prerequisite for finding and embracing Truth. But it's not enough to have an open mind, you must also possess maturity.

The details you've shared with me about your upbringing and your psychological survival of it are testimony to the power of your mind {both intelligence and reason}.

Thank you. I agree. :-)

I define intelligence as simply a measure of the extent to which pattern recognition is potent, whereas it takes the power of a focused and reasoned mind to apply that pattern recognition ability into a worldview {as distinct from a handful of elaborate opinions} and protect themselves from the torture paradigm of current society.

The philosophy of Forbidden Truth is like a jigsaw puzzle. Everything fits together perfectly, to reveal every aspect of the limitless perversity of humanity. But putting all of the pieces together is not easy. It requires intense focus and analysis, all the while deflecting the ongoing societal bombardment of lies, myths, brainwashings, that are constantly interfering with the Forbidden Truth quest.

* any genuine philosopher would make a better leader of society, although it's my view that the goal of all intelligent humans is to develop the mental capability to demand self-gov and ideally embrace truth to it's utmost. If people weren't so f..ked in the head, it wouldn't be such a drag being around them.

People are creations and reflections of the society that they were born into and raised up within. If the society is diseased, deranged, and genocidal in nature, naturally a vast majority of it's citizen-slaves will become poisoned by the toxic society, and acquire the same negative character traits.

I speak with quite a few intellectuals/scientists, and quite frankly, none of them have a clue when it comes to FT's, although when considering the award structure of society, it now seems to make perfect sense...the truthseekers revolt against the pathetic eductational system which rewards subservience to the present corrupt paradigm and excludes any common sense notions of decency and concern for the helpless.

Correct. As a Superior, we must recognize that the foremost mandate of all organized and societally sanctioned educational systems, is to turn every child, who theoretically possesses the ability to mature into a Superior, into a broken inferior. This is the #1 goal of the educational system, the primary mission of this societal system. The system is designed to commit genocide upon the minds of every single generation of children. To destroy each generation in perfect reflection of the genocide that was committed against the current generation of empowered adults, when they were children.

Scientists consider unravelling the origin of the universe as more pressing than ensuring small children aren't tortured.

Of course. Because it is a societal mandate that children need to be tortured, victimized, brutalized. The endless cycle of reflectivity demands it.

As a psychological necessity, once the intellectual technological processes develop{yang}, the sensitive caring side{yin} must be surpressed. A healthy individual would display a dynamic yin/yang quality, our current society is clearly maxed out at the yang and I suspect that moral standards will continue to decline{if you can believe that}. This is one way to express our disturbing status, of course recognition of a problem without the action needed to rectify it is no recognition at all.

Even if you were to recognize what action could in theory resolve the problem, this does not mean that the human species would be capable of successfully undertaking such actions.

Reason and science in the hands of someone who has decency as a priority would result in research and action which actually improved the human condition.

It is extremely rare to find such an individual, because just as every human who becomes a politician must forfeit his embrace of Truth, every aspiring scientist must agree to accept the legitimacy and necessity of the evil and insane scientific doctrines upon which the toxic mythologies of society have been built. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday September 10, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: Seer Of Truth, I am often pondering the question "Can anyone rid themselves of the cartharic torments that they suffer from by transfering it upon others?"

Hello. The answer to your question is that not "anyone" can achieve this feat, but a select and tiny handful of top-level Superiors can do so. What is required is for an individual to develop an untouchable mind, and to create absolute and real and unconditional love of Self, within their True Reality. This is almost but not quite impossible to do. I have done it. I know that if I choose to engage in cathartic transfer, my reflection would be pure and magnificent in it's cleansing. There would never be any uncertainty, guilt, self-blame, or any of the toxic, self-hating emotions that society seeks to create within it's tortured victims. At the same time, I know that I am under no obligation to engage in such transfers, and to do so would place an undeserved value, as well as a type of dependency, upon the human that I choose to commit the transfer upon.

If [Victim A] was suffering from torment due to childhood abuse/society's lies decided to abuse [Victim B] could Victim A ever rid himself of his torment?

He could, if he was a Superior human who had developed an untouchable mind.

Would this be partial(relief) or complete? Does the effect wear off?

It would depend upon the unique mental character of the individual human mind. Remember, society is always attacking, always seeking to destroy, break down, it's citizen-slaves. Most especially those who dare to lash out in True Reality-based rage.

Or does VictimA still suffer much the same -and also- there is an increase in VictimB's "level" of cartharic based torment when VictimA abuses/transfers to VictimB?

Every individual experiences their victimization in a unique way. I suffered a lot as a child, but now I suffer nothing, and I know that the only way I can be hurt now, would be if I was killed. This is because I have found the Superiority required to make myself untouchable. Obviously it is likely that victim B's perceived degree of victimization will increase, if he is in fact targeted for cathartic vengeance by victim A. But this is not certain, since the perception of personal victimization is uniquely experienced within each person's True Reality.

Can one ever empty their poison container. Can it ever be completely empty?

Most humans continue to use other living things as poison containers, throughout their entire lives. But yes, it is possible for a tiny minority of humans, on a personal level, to overcome and transcend the need to use poison containers.

Unsure of the answer, I have decided to ask Your Guidance.

No problem, glad to help.

Look out for Yourself, My Seer.

I always do. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday September 12, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: Hello! I hope you are alive and well my Seer.

Hello. I'm fine, and even more importantly, I am untouchable.

I realise that your skills in understanding and revealing Truth are superior to mine, and I can only wish I had the faculties that you possess!

It is very difficult to develop and maintain the ability to both recognize and consistently embrace all Forbidden Truth. For the vast majority of human beings, it is totally impossible.

I know how valuable Your time is and I'm trying to be a worthy student of Your teachings.

My time is valuable, and the truth is I'm not particularly interested in teaching any human, anything. I reveal Forbidden Truth not to instruct humans, but rather to glorify Myself and Truth itself. But I'm willing to reply to questions if I believe the inquiry to be sincere.

But something I saw something on the Web. At first it seemed that they were the real-deal. But after talking to them, I see that they desperately need Guidance! I asked what the site was about etc., and I told them a little about me.

It is always wise to be cautious and explore ideas/ideologies from all imaginable angles, before embracing them as being valuable or containing Forbidden Truth.

I mentioned your site(See Part 2 also).

Feel free to mention my Manifesto and web site, to anyone you wish.

At first he seemed to be one of Us. He seemingly supported Martrys Eric+Dylan as far as I can tell. But there is something about the angle he is coming from that makes me think he is not even trying to be the real-deal. What is his purpose in running that site I wonder?

Even within a Truth-based society, it would be totally impossible to discern the True motivations/agenda of any individual human being, based upon his stated philosophies/ideologies. Within a lie-based society, it is not only impossible, but the Superior human should automatically assume that an inferior, lie-based agenda is behind every seemingly sane and valuable "movement" that he might stumble upon. Once this proper assumption is made, a careful analysis can be conducted, to try to determine whether a genuinely Superior and Truth-based individual/group is at work. But this should never be the initial assumption.

He E-Mailed back to me. I will NOT repeat the "description" he had about you. I will honor the rules even if it hasn't come from my mouth.

Break my rules even once, and you will be banned for life, from receiving any additional communication from me, or ability to access my e-mail box.

The absolute Nerve of this Ignorant Fool! Of course I returned e-mail, and believe me I set him straight about how foolish his insult really was, dissecting the Ignorance behind his alse remark and reflecting back at him!

I have found that it is not worthy of my time, to engage in any type of interactive contact with inferiors. I decree them to be Pieces of Human Garbage, and as a Superior, I will never touch, look at, or deal with such garbage, in any manner.

He had no proper answer for this! He tried to even defend/evade in his response by pointing out a petty spelling mistake!

Some Superior humans enjoy "debating" with inferiors. In fact, I did so to a degree in the past. Directly witnessing their pathetic inferiority, pleased me. But not anymore, as I have found the cost-to-benefit ratio, mostly in terms of wasted time, has become unfavorable.

But he did state: "Not all killers are victims of society. You have not experienced everything in this world, and until you experience the desire to kill that is unprovoked, and has no reasoning other than "I had the thought, so I must do it" you won't know what I am talking about"

He is an inferior human creation-victim, of a lie-based society. His statement reflects the malicious brainwashing and pathological rejection of even the most obvious and undeniable Truth, that the vast majority of citizen-slaves have been permanently infected with.

Surely this cannot be. Where would the rage come from?

You must learn to recognize lies and myths that are so clear, without hesitancy. Some lies are subtle, not easy to detect. But every genuine Superior should almost instantly recognize the preposterous nature of the above statement.

How is it he wasn't broken by Society? Can a Killer Truly kill WITHOUT being a victim? I don't see how.

Every killer is a tortured victim-creation of his society. This includes all "legal" murderers as well, such as soldiers, police officers, abortion doctors, executioners, etc...

Is it okay to tell people about your site? Is it OK to advertise it? Local bulletin boards have a list of web-sites to visit, would I have Your permission to add your site to a listing?

Feel free to tell anyone, anything. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Sunday September 14, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: Did you hear about the Snowtown Murders? Australia's worst serial-killers.

Hello. Yes. I posted several items about that case to Usenet years ago. You can find them on Google, by performing a proper search.

I think there should be a Martyr Section or mention of it in the Manifesto. It seems to me it is a great case to highlight some of your points.

I don't care what you think. You are free to think as you wish, but it's My Manifesto and I do not make decisions about adding content, based upon the suggestions of others. Create your own Manifesto, and then you can put whatever you want in it.

I have original newspaper articles from Australia you can get me to post up. Anyhow, at least consider this case.

I don't care what you have. LIke I said, create your own website, where you can control all of the content.

Also, I've heard people say that certain shootings are "Evil". I wouldn't label ANY person Bad or Evil. I am very reluctant to label an event Bad, let alone "evil". Would you say that Columbine shootings AS AN ACT itself could be "evil"?

No human being and no act undertaken based upon the True Reality of any human being, can deserve to be labelled as evil. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday September 17, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: Just re-reading and reviewing the Abortion sections. Just gets clearer with every read. Seer, I agree with the Truth that Abortion IS murder. I can't see how it CANNOT be murder.

Hello. Many Forbidden Truths are glaringly obvious and undeniable, to any sane, rational thinker. The fact that these Forbidden Truths are rejected, renounced, and invisible to the vast majority of humans, proves how incredibly diseased and deranged the human species as a whole is. The fact that abortion is murder, is one such glaringly obvious Truth.

But there are 2 Arguments that are not resolved by you.

I think they are.

1) Conciousness/Awareness. People argue that the baby in the womb is not conscious and self-aware. Maybe it is. That way , they can say that it never "Lived". Of course, the human who WOULD have "lived" as a result is destroyed too. This is not Direct murder. I hold it IS still Child-Murder. Another way,perhaps, to say it is not fully human, even if PART of it is.

Your argument makes no Truth-based sense. A human being does not need to possess any consciousness or awareness of anything, in order to be a human being. The notion that a connection exists between being human and possessing consciousness/awareness, is simply not valid or Truth- based. It is a lie developed and promoted by society for the purpose of creating the moral illusion that some human beings do not deserve to be labelled as human beings and therefore may be murdered without any need to define the action as murder, or to require any attempt to create moral justification for the action. Euthanasia would be a perfect parallel to abortion, in terms of demonstrating how this diseased and lie-based definitional term of humanity, is employed. An elderly human being in a coma, for example, has certainly "been" alive in the past. Diseased societies argue that the human somehow loses his status of being human and alive, if he falls into a coma and thus loses conscious awareness, as defined and measured by societal definition. This is a ridiculous notion. Life is based upon existence, not upon awareness.

They can then rationalise that the "Illegal " and Wrong part that Constitutes Murder itself requires that a conscious/life-aware part of the human needs to exist and then be destroyed. That is the difference why killing an animal and human as legal or not legal killing or murder.

You are correct that this is one of the rationalizations used. But it is a totally invalid, ridiculous, lie-based rationalization that is specifically designed and employed to create an illusion of moral justification, to allow society to authorize and directly commit the most clearly unjustified types of murder imaginable.

They then argue that the fetus was NOT aware and concious and intelligent, even though it will be PREVENTED from becoming what they define as conscious and aware. So they didn't kill the intelligent, conscious part of it while it was so-only prevented it from developing.

Truth dictates that it is more morally unjustifiable to murder a life form that lacks awareness, consciousness, and intelligence, than a life form that possesses these traits, regardless of whether the life form is or is not likely to develop these traits in the future, if it is not murdered. Within a sane society, a greater moral obligation to protect and defend the right to life of the most helpless and vulnerable life forms, would be recognized and embraced.

Somehow they think that this is a "Lesser" murder or it is not fully human and not murder at all. I wonder how this would tie into their "Soul" and God Myths.

All toxic myths are designed and interpreted by inferior humans in such a way that no rational or Truth-based analysis is required within any single myth, much less to tie multiple toxic myths together.

This is a clever deception. Even if it didn't know it was alive, it WAS alive. But its a "Half-Murder". What do you think?

Conscious awareness on the part of a life form, cannot possibly play any role in determining whether or not the entity is alive or dead, from any Truth-based perspective or analysis. See above as to why the murder of a life form that lacks conscious awareness, is more morally unjustifiable, not less. Therefore it would be Truer to refer to this type of murder as a "double murder", rather than a "half murder".

2) Inconvenience, Fear of Pain, and Cost+ "Responsibility" to raise the child. In addition to Catharic and other reasons you state for wanting abortion, do you think they also want to avoid the above?

Of course. And I discuss all of these issues within my Child Abuse page.

Can these "reasons" for child-murder ever be stronger than the reasons that you mention?

Yes, they can be stronger in individual cases. Every individual murder is inspired and motivated by the unique True Reality perceptions of life and of reality, on the part of the murderer. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday September 17, 2003. ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: One and Only Seer of Truth, I told you about this inferior website, he says: "Desire for Destruction" [[[ What is the Desire For Destruction? This is the pure, raw, uninhibited desire to just destroy everything around you. It is UNprovoked. ]]] (Big Snip)

Hello. I do not engage in lengthy dissections of the inferior ideas and philosophies of human beings, either via direct contact, or via third person analysis. This human proves that he is a supreme inferior, right off the bat, by stating that a "desire", in Truth an emotion of rage, can be unprovoked. This is a lie. All rage experienced by human beings, is provoked, even when the actual targeted victim, did not personally engage in the provocation. So, as a Superior, I find this opening statement to demonstrate that the human is unworthy of any additional consideration. I do not waste my time analyzing or discussing the ideas/philosophies of inferiors. All individual, True Reality-based violence, is inspired by a personal need for vengeance or "revenge", even if no conscious awareness of this Truth is felt/recognized by the vengeance seeker. The human who does not know why he kills, tortures, destroys, is simply unable to recognize or accept, on a conscious level, the Truth that he is a toprtured victim-creation of human society who possesses a need to cathartically reflect upon fellow humans, the victimization, brutality, harm that has been directly committed upon him. Desire for destruction is a philosophy that this individual has invented for himself, because he cannot bear to face up to the Truth that he is tortured victim.

My web site is the most brilliant and valuable web site that exists in cyberspace. I list a few other web pages/sites within My Manifesto, and provide links. But no, they are not as good as mine, and it is impossible for any "open" message board to be good, unless all messages are completely screened prior to being posted, by a top-level Superior. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday September 17, 2003, ***********@hotmail.com Wrote: Hello, I'm *******, and live in Holland. I attend the international school in Den Haag, and am working on a project, which has the title: How has the pop culure of the 1960's influenced fashion today? This is a very interesting topic, and I was very interested in your site! I was wondering, when i will be able to read some of the essay's posted, or whether you could give me some information, thanks.

Hello. Good luck on your project. Some of my essays of Forbidden Truth are complete. But the Pop Culture and Fashion essays are not complete, and only have essay outlines. You can read everything that I have posted at my web site. If you are asking when my Pop Culture and Fashion essays will be completed, the answer is: When someone decides to pay me $1,000.00 to write each essay, or when I become wealthy enough to retire from my job. You can find payment information on my Financial Support page. I have recently been both imprisoned and homeless, and as a result, I have decided that you humans will only receive additional essays of Forbidden Truth if you are willing to pay properly for them, or if I somehow become wealthy enough to not have to hold down a slave labor job. I do not give general information. If you have a specific question about a specific statement or Truth that I reveal within my Manifesto, even it is contained only in an essay outline, you can ask, and if I am so inclined, I might answer. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday September 23, 2003, *********@aol.com Wrote: Hey I read your manifesto on the forbidden truths of child abuse on indymedia. I agree with about 90% of what you say.

Hello. The higher your percentage of agreement, the closer you come to recognizing and embracing the Truths that I reveal.

I just wondered why you think homeschooling and abortion are so bad if you said yourself that children are mentally brainwashed and tortured?

Your question makes no logical sense. I outline very clearly and at length, within my essay, why homeschooling, as it is currently structured and employed, specifically allows for even greater potential victimization of children to occur, than is the case with children who attend the malevolent school systems of human society. If you have a specific point of disagreement with this argument, make it. If not, your query is too broad to warrant a lengthy reply from me. The reasons why abortion is "bad", to the human being who is aborted, are even more clearly obvious and vehemently articulated within my essay, so once again, your questions are answered within the essay itself.

The schools are #2 (parents #1) in the brainwashing of children. Homeschooling is actually a much better education for children. Colleges and universities recognize this as well. Their standarized test scores (more loops) are actually higher.

(Sigh) Why is the world cursed with so many humans who cannot add up 1 and 1 to arrive at 2? If parents are #1 in brainwashing children, and schools are #2, which is in fact absolutely correct, how can homeschooling be less harmful to children, on average, than the school system, when 98+% of homeschooling is performed by parents upon their own children?

Also, I think abortion is better than letting the child be born to a mother who tried to kill it and doesn't want it!

Unbelievable. It's better to definately murder the child, than to let the child live with the possibility that he might be murdered, and likely will be abused, later on. How can any brain operate in this fashion? And yet your inferior brain operation mirrors that of 99.99999999999% of humanity. The same insane idea is used by the animal shelters to rationalize murdering their residents. "Oh, we can't just let this puppy loose in the streets, he might get hit by a car, he might starve to death, etc..., better to murder him right here and now, at least we will know he is dead, and he definately won't "suffer" once he is dead." Even the cockroach has far superior and saner mental process functionality, than 99.999999999999% of all humans.

Other than these qualms, I agree with what you said.

Those are some pretty glaring qualms, but okay, thanks for the agreement.

But I don't think that government should step in and tell people what to do.

(Sigh) Your evil, diseased, and fascist gov't is already telling you what to do, and employing the most terroristic coercions imaginable in order to compel your compliance.

Ever read Aldous Huxley's book called Island?


In this book, there is birth control for EVERYONE! This would solve many problems. The people who don't want children wouldn't have children.

It would solve nothing. If society instructs it's citizen-slaves to breed, they will breed. They are brainwashed slaves, they do as their pseudo-god instructs them. Providing citizen-slaves with birth control would no more stop them from breeding, than printing warning labels on cigarettes stops them from smoking.

In our society, we have poor young females having children who don't want them. These poor young females were abused when young and will do the same to the children they bear because they had no money for BIRTH CONTROL!

They want to possess children, to use as Poison Containers as I outline within my essay, and also because their evil society promises to financially reward them for agreeing to breed and to assume custody of their biological creations. Of course they were abused and of course the primary reason they will abuse their child-slaves is because they were abused. But providing them with birth control will not cause them to decide not to breed, when society continues to maliciously instruct and advise them to breed, as is currently the case within every human society on planet earth.

Birth control should be free and for everyone!!!! When the majority of women have no rights over their own bodies, then THERE WILL NEVER BE FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your notions of how to solve the issue of societal enslavement of it's citizen-slaves, and how to achieve freedom, are simplistic and do not involve an understanding and embrace of Forbidden Truth. You might want to begin your quest for Truth by recognizing that the vast majority of all human beings have been so broken and destroyed by the process of being born into and raised up within an ultra-diseased, maliciously lie-based, terroristically enslaving society, that they 1: Have no concept of what freedom actually is, and 2: Have absolutely no desire to achieve or enjoy genuine freedom.

But of course the society does NOT want everyone to have access to freedom of birth control. It is true that they encourage the bearing of more slaves. If you look at the media and even in children's movies.... SEX SEX SEX is the message that we are continually bombarded with day in and day out!!

That would be correct. Specifically, the act of sexual intercourse, because it is the single sex act, out of thousands in existence, that will create child-slaves.

The second thing the society of Island had was a number of families for the children. NOT only were the biological parents (if they wanted to be), but several other families were responsible for the needs of the child. The child had the freedom to choose which parents he wanted to be with on a day to day basis. If one set of parents were abusing him, no problem he went to another set. If he was just angry at a family, no problem he could spend a night or a week at another family's. If he just couldn't connect with his parents, he could find other people to connect with in his multiple families. This gave the "child" a wide arc of freedom and he did not have to be abused or controlled!

Such a cultural system would provide a tiny chance and opportunity to children, to escape from and avoid the worst abuses. But only the comprehensively radical reforms that I outline within my Manifesto, would prevent a majority of all child abuse from occuring.

This is such an easy thing to do, but such a hard thing to get across in today's society.

It cannot be done, and it will not occur, because it directly contradicts Sacred Family Unit mythology.

A diseased woman in the slave country.

It is a positive sign, that you recognize the True nature of your country, and the toxic effect that it's malicious and diseased operational and ideological doctrines have had upon you. Please do not submit further questions to me, unless and until you read my entire Manifesto, located at: http://forbiddentruth.8k.com. My time is precious and I do not repeat via private e-mail, the Truths that I reveal within my publicly available Manifesto. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday September 26, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: Great and Wonderful Seer of Forbidden Truth,

Hello, Thank you for addressing me in a proper fashion. For the benefit of other humans who send me e-mail with opening salutations such as "Hey Weintraub", or "Listen Up, You", one reason your e-mail does not receive any reply from me, is because your opening salutation fails to meet my minimal respect requirements.

Just re-reading the child-abuse section. Hmm. I do not question what you say. I know from experience that it is true.

Personal experience is a great teacher of Truth, but at the same time, as Superiors, we must never limit our understanding and embrace of Truth, to only those Truths that have been directly imprinted and carved upon us.

Society has on the news media reports that certain children are rescued from parents who are abusing the children. Usually if an animal or child is severly tortured in Australia, it seems that they rescue the child/pet. Why would they do this? It cannot be that ALL those people know or speak forbidden truth, too many cases.

I address all of your points raised, very clearly and thoroughly within my Manifesto. I will briefly repeat, since your inquiry appears to be sincere. The societally developed and articulated myth of morality and decency must always be maintained, within the popular culture, among the Unwashed Masses, by the empowered leadership and governing agents of a society. What this means is that no matter how limitlessly evil, genocidal, homicidal, torturous a society might be to it's citizen-slaves or to a particular group of living things, the insane myth must be maintained, that the society is in fact benevolent, caring, nurturing, rescuing. Therefore, at the same time that the society is sponsoring, encouraging, facilitating promoting the genocidal abuse of children by their legal owners and Sacred Family Units, the false illusion must me maintained that this is not occuring. Since a society that claims to provide a free press is unable to keep all child abuse incidents out of the media spotlight, it must and does present a false face of shock, outrage, condemnation of such abuse, and benevolent concern for the child victims, even as it refuses to admit it's total guilt and responsibility for the abuse that has already occured and the abuse that it is continuing to directly sponsor.

The notion that most severely tortured children are eventually rescued from their torturers, is ridiculous. You only hear about those cases where such a rescue occurs. If no rescue occurs, the abuse most often never becomes publicly known. It is obvious why society pretends to be interested in rescuing the child/pet, see my last paragraph above, for one of the primary reasons.

And Dogs cannot understand language or words. Their instinct for Truth would be the same if they had a brain-washed idiot as an owner.

Animals can be and often are, victims of genocidal abuse that is not only physical in nature, but also psychological and brain/thought based. For example, the "domestication" of animals such as dogs and cats, is a form of brain function abuse which directly attacks and compromises the Natural Instinct of the animal. The same is True for training an animal to perform unnatural "tricks" or bizarre slave services for humans, such as sniffing out explosives or aiding blind humans in navigation. Not to mention the perverse imprisonment of animals in zoos and "wild animal preserves". It is True that the Natural Instinct of animals is a powerful force, not easily extinguished or destroyed, even if it is severely attacked and compromised via the malicious actions of humans. But let us clearly understand that this Natural Instinct can be and in fact is, brutally attacked and torturously compromised by a species that has lost all genuine respect for and understanding of Natural Instinct, the human species.

Yet, my community has people who abuse thier wives outside the Police Station! The Police then call a Social Worker! Extraodinary!

Once again, I have very clearly outlined in my Manifesto, the True nature of Sacred Family Unit mythology, and how it is employed by society to authorize, sanction, and promote genocidal abuse as well as outright murder, throughout the entire mass of citizen-slaves, on a widespread, ongoing basis. If you read and understand my Manifesto, and can accept the Truths it provides, there should be no surprise or mystification on your part, as to why your pig department chooses to treat violent assaults committed by husbands upon their wives, in a totally different manner than violent assaults committed by a stranger upon another stranger, where no Sacred Family Unit mythology exists.

The Social Services (I call them HUMAN Services!) even put severe abuse cases into custody. I think that they don't really care. What is going on here? I could say that Society has some agenda/interest in pretending to help certain children. But dogs? I'm a Dog-Trainer, and I visit the kennels a lot. Why rescue the dogs who are abused?

Your question is answered at the beginning of this reply. It is obvious that the illusion of moral benevolence must be extended towards children and animals, even as genocidal abuse and mass murder is directly sponsored and committed against both children and animals, at the very same time.

So here it is: Why do they fund programs that help abused/hurt animals like birds that are injured and dogs that are abused? What is going on with parents who are charged with child-neglect?

See above. The more ultra-diseased and guilty of sponsoring child and animal genocide a society is, the more vigously it must and does establish and publicize illusions of benevolent social programs and it's determination to prevent and eradicate the very abuse that it is sponsoring.

I've decided to try a sign in public. I also decree that I do so of my own free will, and The Seer of Forbidden Truth is NOT responsible for my actions or the actions of others who may attack me. Society is responsible. My sign says "I am a ****** of *******, when I was a ***** my parents ********* my mind and ****.

Do as your True Reality moves you. You are correct, I am of course not responsible for your actions, or for the consequences that may result. My prediction would be that you will be condemned, ridiculed, and likely attacked by your fellow citizen-slaves, and you will also draw the attention and the condemnation of both police and psychiatric empowered agents of your evil and diseased society. If any laws exist that prohibit public displays in certain areas, you will be arrested if you display the sign in those areas. Even if no such laws exist, the psychiatric system, under the guise of benevolent concern, will likely contact you and attempt to convince you to submit to psychiatric testing and treatment. If any type of "Involuntary Commitment" laws exist, as they do in amerikkka, you risk being snatched off the street and thrown into a psychiatric detention cage, for daring to publicly express and reveal Forbidden Truth. These are all terroristic methods employed by society to coerce, intimidate, and silence the public display/revelation of societally undesired/unpopular Forbidden Truth. So be warned, that even if you research the laws of your society prior to undertaking this action, and learn that you cannot be legally arrested for displaying such a sign, it is still possible that you could be thrown into a psychiatric prison against your will, since the laws regarding psychiatric imprisonment are deliberately worded in a vague manner, in order to allow societal leaders to circumvent their own constitutional/human rights protections, and silence/eliminate a public revealer of Forbidden Truth.

Your web advert I put up was ripped down within 5 hours. One or two are still up. Just says "Unique website, www. ... Secrets of ******* Revealed!"

The more "openly" and publicly available a Forbidden Truth is made, the more strident societal efforts to remove and eliminate such a Truth, will be.

I put your web address on the web-lists at libraries and internet cafes! One ad is up for greater than 1 week! I questioned the staff and they said they didn't know anything. You know, none of the bins had the sign in it! Every time that sign comes down fast. Must be the manager.

Do as you see fit, as your True Reality dictates. Personally, I do not find the human species to be worthy of such efforts.

By the way, I see that you refer to people being in "fear" and "terror" of the Truth. I do not fear or feel any terror at the lovely words of truth inside your website. Just the opposite!

The vast majority of all humans live their entire lifetimes in mortal fear and terror of all Forbidden Truth. Obviously there are a few exceptions, but these exceptions consist of an extremely tiny, Superior minority.

I started identifying with your Truths almost straight away and I agree with most of it.

This indicates that you are a courageous, aspiring Superior.

Although I did not have the term "Poison Container" in my vocabulary, I KNEW the concept itself already. Fancy being in terror from something like Truth! Unreal! I can't understand it, thats for sure!

As a seeker of Forbidden Truth, there is some value in analyzing and understanding the reasons why the inferior masses are in terror of all Forbidden Truth. Our ability to more thoroughly and clearly recognize/embrace Forbidden Truth, as well as toxic mythology, is enhanced by such analysis and understanding of the diseased brain functionality of the masses.

I see that the PayPal server is down. Oh well.

I just checked it 2 minutes ago, and it is working fine.

Hey, by the way you don't have a will section. I am considering leaving half my will to my Dog, *******, and half to you, Seer. It is a fair amount.

Feel free to do as your True Reality dictates. I do not have a will donation section, but my legal name as well as mailing address is listed within my Manifesto, and a properly executed will should be legally binding, if these two pieces of information are included. The laws of your diseased society may vary.

Thank you for your time Seer, Keep up the good work!

You're welcome. I will continue to do as my True Reality dictates.

P.S. Do you have any dislike for your previous "name" you wrote under which you mention on donations page (Handy Hints).

None at all. I stopped using that name for my public activities, for tactical reasons. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

August 28, 2003 Update: Hello. To all aspiring e-mail correspondents, be advised that effective August 15, 2003, I have updated and strengthened my customized e-mail program, to guarantee that 99.99% of all inferior, Human Garbage generated e-mails are blocked from ever reaching the forbiddentruth@hushmail.com e-mail box. Among the new features, most of which I will not be revealing to you unworthy creatures, I am now permanently blocking most "ghost" domains, such as aol.net and freemail.net, from being able to access my e-mail box, regardless of who the individual sender might be. I wish to repeat, as I make clear in my "e-mail contact instructions" located at the end of the second page of My Manifesto, that if you wish to have your e-mail reach my mailbox, you must use a fee-based Internet Service Provider e-mail address, and you must send your e-mail directly through your fee-based Internet Service Provider. Any attempt to "route" your e-mail through an e-mail "forwarding" service, designed to conceal your actual, fee-based ISP e-mail address, will result in your e-mail being blocked and deleted before it ever reaches my e-mail box. Be further advised that I have set up my custom e-mail program so that absolutely no notification that the Human Garbage generated e-mail was blocked and deleted, is provided to the sender.

On Sunday July 27, 2003, **********@aol.com wrote: "Give peace a chance! "It is impossible to place boundaries around the human heart and imagination"!

Hello. Your first slogan is useless, given the handful of dominating, ultra-diseased, genocidally evil bully nations who use this planet as their wamongering playground. With regard to your second slogan, for the vast majority of human beings, this is not True. Society and government is very successful in placing fascist and enslaving boundaries around the hearts and imaginations of most citizen-slaves. Myself and a tiny handful of genuine Superiors excluded. of course. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday August 6, 2003, **********@aol.com wrote: "Hey, I was reading your recent essay on indymedia, skimming through it yesterday, and having to go elsewhere, as before, to read it more carefully today. Though you surely didn't intend to make them sound synonymous, that is, capitalism/democracy as you used it once, and even before you used the two words in that way, you had a sentence transition that also, in my view use them as if they were synonyms. Since there are terms, as you know, such as Democratic Socialists, and you know damn well that capitalism isn't democratic. I mention because aren't too many conned into believing that the two words do go hand in hand. Now if you don't believe in voting, then the thought of the democratic election (which granted is too often a farce) might well be just as repugnant to you as the word kkkapitalism. It is evident that you have lived and suffered in capitalistic America, but haven't fallen for the imperial follies exhibition. On the other hand it is evident that you haven't lived under socialism either. But then again, who has? Or who has lived under communism? Many refer to the present so called "communist countries" as being "state capitalists," perverting the word socialism. Also many Anarchists consider themselves socialists as well, and what are "anarcho-communists"? There is also a grammatical error that you should catch where you should have used the ly form of a word that you use repeatedly, since it modifies a verb, not to talk to you condescendingly, since it is clear that your boss gave you a superior rating, not that you should descend from your throne. Actually I find it humorous that you pretend to talk like a "mommie's condescending little chauvinist," on the other hand keep going at the truth."All I want is some truth." with revolutionary regards."

Hello. An ultra-diseased society like amerikkka decrees itself to be a capitalist democracy. Democracy in terms of providing "democratic freedoms" to it's citizen-slaves. Using propaganda and brainwashing, every human society has the ability to define it's structural/operational terms as it desires. This is why citizen-slaves of one country can view the lifestyle of capitalism as being repugnant and perverse, while citizen-slaves of another country view the lifestyle as being blissful and perfect. Capitalism/democracy may not go hand in hand in all situations, but within the message of Truth that I was delivering in my usage of the terms, they did go hand in hand. Your definition of democracy is determined by the sum total of your life experiences, negative and positive, of growing up within a society that claimed to offer/provide you with democratic freedom/opportunity. It's not really a matter of personal repugnance, it's a matter of operational Truth. If you read my essay on Political Systems, my revelations of Forbidden Truth regarding elections, voting, and forms of government, should be very clear to you. If not, I suggest you read it, same page as the Economic Systems essay, within my Manifesto. All forms of political structure are genocidally evil in both design and operation. One does not need to live under all of the forms, to recognize this Truth. My emphasis is not on whether communism is better than capitalism or socialism, because the issue is a ridiculous one. It would be like saying: "I prefer to be eaten by a 400 pound lion as opposed to being trampled to death by a 2000 pound elephant." Diseased humans pervert and invent words, language, and meaning, those who possess power and influence within society, do this not merely to delude themselves but also to achieve specific brainwashing and propaganda agendas. I use language for the purpose of accurately revealing Truth, with clarity and precision. If you wish me to consider correcting my usage of a word, name the word, exactly. Not that your request will receive much, if any, serious consideration. I talk to humans in the tone and manner that they deserve to be addressed. This may differ when I am addressing humanity at large, as opposed to a single correspondent. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday August 7, 2003, *********@yahoo.com Wrote: "What of the fascinating work of Rudolf Steiner?"

Hello. Rudolf had some interesting insights and revelations of valuable Truth, but he does not rank as a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth as Nietzsche and Manson do. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday August 8, 2003, *********@yahoo.com Wrote: "Perhaps one could say Rudolf Steiner was a seer of unforbidden truths... as was (is) Hunter S Thompson".

Hello. Within the human experience, there are definately some Truths that are more "forbidden" than others. The more directly and dangerously a particular Truth contradicts human societal decree, doctrine, and law, the more Forbidden the Truth generally is. I would say that both Rudolf and Hunter revealed and exposed important and significant Forbidden Truth, but not nearly to the degree that Freidrich and Charles have done. Still, their contributions were valuable. One negative aspect of Rudolf's body of work, was his focus on spirituality/mysticism/religion. Don't misunderstand, he realized and revealed some genuine Truths within this area, but he also articulated some definite lies/myths that did not advance the quest for Truth at all, and in fact served to strengthen toxic mythology. This would be a good example of an inferior Steiner quote: "What Christianity bestows goes with us into all ages of time to come and will still be one of the essential impulses in humanity when religion, as we know it, is no longer in existence. Even when religion as such has been transcended, Christianity will remain. The fact that it was first of all a religion is connected with the evolutionary process of humanity. But Christianity as a world-view is greater than all religions." Despite his Superior message that religion is toxic and must be eradicated, he clings to the inferior and perverse notion that the message/doctrine delivered by christianity, the single most toxic of all religions, has value and will endure. Some would argue that the inferior human interpretation of the "christ message" is the real problem, but this is not True. The message itself, is utterly toxic. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday August 7, 2003, ***********@aol.com Wrote: "I am 17. Ever since I was blessed with the ability of free thinking I have realised that society is a prison. I do not want to work, pay taxes or be prejudged. How can I escape this evil institution?(with the obvious exception of suicide)."

Hello. According to the laws of most human societies, you are not yet a so-called adult human being, due to your age. You are in fact a subhuman, owned child-slave, according to societal law. As a decreed child, you are the owned property of your Sacred Family Unit. As a result, I could face legal threat if I directly gave you advice or instruction that your legal owners objected to. This is one of the dangers of letting humans know your age, when you are a child, if you solicit help/advice from them. I cannot advise you, unless and until you reach the age of legal adulthood as defined by the laws of your evil society. Any advice I could give you could result in the legal system punishing me, for daring to try to help/enlighten a child-slave that I have no legal authority over. Good luck. I hope you succeed in preventing your evil society from destroying you. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday August 20, 2003, *********@yahoo.com Wrote: "What about love as the highest human possibility? Within the relationship between freedom and love (in their ultimately pure forms) lie the highest ideals of human kind, regardless of what one calls them. What Friederich did for clear vision in the search for truth Rudolf Steiner did for the understanding that is made possible through such clarity. perhaps..."

Hello. The issue of love is a complex one, when explored from the perspective of Forbidden Truth. That is why I chose to devote an entire essay within my Manifesto, to defining this word, and dissecting the perversely invalid and artificial usage/constructs of love within modern human society. Love is "positive emotion". Every human is capable of possessing and directing positive emotion, even a soul dead human. The philosophical issues at hand are how and where to direct this positive emotion, which directions are valid from both True Reality and Forbidden Truth positions/perspectives, and how to maximize personal benefit via the direction of positive emotion. It is my realization of Truth that the most positive of emotions are best directed and focused inward. Once such a focus has been successfully established, if the human so desires and finds other life forms to be worthy, he can choose to direct positive emotion outward, towards other living things. But the purest and most undiluted of all positive emotion, call it "love" if you will, should be properly reserved for Self. The degree of purity that exists within the individual experiences of both freedom and love, are totally unique, in terms of experience, to each and every life form. In other words, I can and do experience my own freedom and love in a totally unique manner. "Ideals", in many situations, are nothing more than fantasy-based notions of how life "should" be. These notions often have no grounding within Truth. Purity is also subjective in nature. It is my finding that Self-love is the purest form of love, and the purest form of freedom is that personally experienced within the untouchable mind of a self-lover. As I've stated, I do find some of Rudolf Steiner's philosophical contributions to be both valuable and Truth-based. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday August 23, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: "If I may have a moment of Your time. I am reading your Forbidden Truth and I must say that I kinda knew somehow underneath that all these things were true. I knew from a young boy. I have been asleep a while, but Your great, Great work has helped wake me back up, make me stronger. Social Workers and Psychiatrists seem to me to almost try to make my condition worse. They want to abuse me and take advantage of me. I feel sure that they are on the same agenda as the Government and other dark facist forces. But what about Duty Solicitors (Public Defenders)? Mine recomemded that I speak to a Social Worker(Whom they have in the Court). How can a worker help me? I need to Serve Myself and love myself. They seem more bent on getting information on me and locking people up to use as poison-containers! CAN I TRUST A LAWYER WHO I DONT PAY? No. Of course not. They are not myself, and thier interest may be other than helping me. I was wondering what You think of Defense Lawyers , those Duty Solicitors who are hired by THEM. Are they hired to seek out information from me as the Social Workers do? Or are they working there, seeing to thier personal agendas? Thank You for your time, my elder. I hope you share your wisdom with me."

Hello. Yes, your e-mail met my strict contact requirements, and therefore I am glad to grace you with a reply. Every child is born with an instinctual interest in Truth, and ability to appreciate Truth. There is also some ability to recognize Truth. But all of these positive instincts/abilities are brutally attacked and in most cases destroyed/eradicated from within the child, as he/she grows up and matures within a toxic and genocidally evil human society. Of course a few humans manage to resist this destruction, to varying degrees and with varying success. I am an example of the ultimate Superior human, as I have recognized and dissected every single primary lie upon which diseased human society has been created and built. I'm glad to hear that My Manifesto has awoken your mind to the reality and the value of Truth. Social workers and psychiatrists are both direct employees of, and direct agents of, the existing, empowered societal leadership and structure. Their mandate is to create illusions of legitimacy and benevolence for the totally insane, genocidally evil, and supremely lie-based society that employs them, "licenses" them, authorizes them to "counsel" citizen- slaves. They don't care about you or your conditions. They care about convincing you to accept, embrace, and conform to the primary behavioral, ideological, and cultural excreta which constitutes "normal" mainstream daily life, within your society. Every judicial system within human society is based upon pure, utter, and complete injustice. There is no intent, and uin point of fact it is not possible for any judicial system to "deliver" justice to any human being, because the structural and operational forces that constitute the "judicial system" are genocidally evil and intentionally terrorizing and torturous. Defense lawyers exist within modern human societies for the purpose of maintaining the lie that society has a goal of dispensing justice. The Truth is that not a single citizen- slave within any human society for the past 1000+ years, has ever received genuine justice from any aspect of any judicial system. Social workers and psychiatrists are instructed by their boss, society, that any human who genuinely loves himself is in fact mentally ill and suffering from a personality disorder. The mandate under which social workers/psychiatrists work, is that citizen-slaves must be stripped of their self-love, if in fact they, miraculously, are Superior enough to genuinely love themselves above all other living things. As regards court-appointed public defenders compared to privately paid for defense lawyers, the Truth is it makes almost no difference whether or not you are paying the lawyer. No human life form on planet earth, other than Yourself, should be worthy of your trust. Even if you hire the most expensive lawyer, all he will be doing is playing the "game" that involves the judicial system pretending to have a legitimate right to pass judgment upon you, a right that it Truthfully does not have. It is clear to me that court appointed public defenders are NOT any worse, on average, than a defense lawyer that you hire and personally pay money to. Some paid defense lawyers might have slightly better legal training/knowledge, but a court appointed public defender might have more experience. This is all irrelevent, because there is no justice within the operation of human society or within the judicial system. Nobody is genuinely interested in dispensing justice to citizen-slaves, not the prosecution, not the judge, not the jury, and not the defense lawyer. Unless you are perceived as posing a serious threat to the existing social structure, it is not likely that the public defender is directly seeking to trick you into revealing information that can be used against you at trial or in other venues. The public defender is simply an actor on the stage. He doesn't care about helping you gain justice, his job is simply to convince the general public that his society is good, decent, moral, and desirous of bestowing justice upon all citizen-slaves. Therefore, he is a liar within lie-based human society. Just like in any job, they gain benefits if they please their bosses. If they put on a good show and convince the general public that they really are trying to help protect/defend accused criminals from being unjustly punished, they are rewarded with more money, fame, etc... The Truth is that the image of the judicial system being legitimate, is the most important lie that must be maintained. In most cases, whether or not the accused criminal is convicted or acquitted in a single, specific case, is of little or no interest to societal leaders. Of course there are exceptions, such as when a radical messenger of Truth such as Charles Manson becomes publicly known. I don't mind sharing my wisdom, but be advised that my available time is unfortunately limited. If you have not yet read my entire online Manifesto, I would suggest you do so, then get back to me if you have further questions. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday August 23, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hi Seer. I've got a funny feeling you've seen it, but have you seen Bowling for Columbine{Mike Moore}? What is your opinion of Marylin Manson?{he was in the doc}."

Hello. Yes, I've seen the documentary Bowling For Columbine. It had a few valid insights of Truth, but not really that many. The focus on guns somehow being the cause of the "problem", especially in the early portion of the documentary, was of course totally off-base. Eventually Morre gets around to concluding that guns are not the primary cause, but his final conclusion, that "fear" among the citizenry is the primary cause, is still not even close to a primary Truth, and he certainly had the opportunity with this subject matter, to recognize and reveal important Forbidden Truth. Compared to the typical documentary, it is fairly decent, but it does not contain top-level Forbidden Truth revelations. You spell Marilyn Manson incorrectly, but I know who you mean. I like some of his songs, but he's not a top favorite of mine. His songs lack both lyrical and emotional depth, IMO. At least compared to my fave singers/bands. As far as his quotes are concerned, it's clear to be that he "copied" some of his philosophical ideas from Charles Manson. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. But it would be nice if he at least gave Charles a bit more public mention/credit. This doesn't take away from the value of his statements of Truth, but as far as advancing philsophical thought/ideology beyond what Charles graces us with, I don't see Marilyn achieving this lofty feat. He is clearly a fan of both Charles and Friedrich Nietzsche, which makes him a Worthy human in my book, despite his shortcomings. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday August 26, 2003, ********@dodo.com.au Wrote: "Seer of the Forbidden Truth, Almost finished reading Your Manifesto! I know You are busy, but You will have to get used to it!"

Yes, I do get quite a few e-mails, and unfortunately much of my time is taken up by a slave labor job.

"Your work is brilliant and the number of emails You receive even BEFORE people have even finished reading your work is testament to Your great insight on human behaviour in society."

Thank you. I certainly do know and agree to the obvious Truth that I am brilliant and possess a limitless number of uniquely astute insights into the True nature of humanity.

"The youngest in my family of 5, I grew up being used as a poison-container by not only my parents, but my two older brothers and at school, all at my parents approval."

Yes, it is absolutely correct that within most diseased Sacred Family Units, siblings brutalize and viciously victimize each other, with the older children much more likely to target their younger siblings. Not primarily because the younger children are weaker and more helpless, but because society overtly instructs children that as they become older and begin to approach adulthood, become less subhuman, they should target as victims for cathartic relief of their True Reality-based rage, life forms that are more subhuman than they are, namely younger children and animals. Your parents of course, possessed the greatest power and societal authority to both victimize and brutalize you directly, and just as importantly, to sponsor and authorize your brutalization by your siblings and by societal institutions such as the educational system.

"But wait, as they KNEW and helped others abuse me as they did, does that mean that they know the Forbidden Truth? They know that they were using me as a poison container."

No. They were tortured victim-creations of their society, who were expressing their True Reality upon you, as instructed to do so by their society. True Reality is completely different from Forbidden Truth, as I outline within My Manifesto. The vast majority of all human beings, have no concept of the Truth that they use their children, or any other living things, as Poison Containers. This is a philosophical Truth that all societies go to great lengths to conceal from their brainwashed and Truth-hating citizen-slaves, with great success. Only one human in a million, at most, is likely to accept, recognize and understand on a personal level, the Truth that they commit brutality and victimization against other living things, due to their pathological, societally-induced need to cathartically transfer their rage, via the Poison Container outlet.

"THREE QUESTIONS : 1) Main Question. Is it possible (I often wonder) that most or all creatures in society are aware and know the Forbidden Truth. I can only arrive at the conclusion that they are. They know about poison containers, the pecking order etc. They abuse one-another and invent/exchange plans and TACTICS to do so, as does society. Perhaps people all know the Forbidden Truth."

No. The realization of Forbidden Truth is extremely difficult for human beings to achieve. In fact, it is totally impossible for most human beings. Human beings are born with the instinctual capacity for and desire to know and experience Truth. However, even at birth, this instinctual capacity is already tainted due to a species-wide malformation and deformity of the brain and of mental capabilities. From the moment of birth onward, adult human society engages in a limitless, daily, genocidal onslaught of lie-based brainwashing and propaganda, specifically designed to strip the child of all ability, desire, and capacity to even recognize, much less personally embrace, any genuine Truth. In your question you use the word "creatures", so if you are asking whether other species of life, non-human, are instinctually/consciously aware of and live their lives in acceptance of, Forbidden Truth, the answer would be Yes, to a large degree. But not the human species. The vast majority of all humans possess absolutely no conscious, Truth- based awareness of why they act as they do, why they believe what they do, why they think as they do. They live their lives as mindless, brainwashed, robots, pathologically following the insane and evil life path that their society instructs, entices, and terroristically coerces them to follow. The explanations and self-rationalizations that humans employ to justify their life activities, beliefs, and ideologies, are totally lie-based, false, and invalid, and are specifically implanted within their minds by their societies, via the endless brainwashing and propaganda process. Understand the Truth that most humans will not even accept the most basic Truth of all, that they are abusing other living things. The vast majority of all parents genuinely believe that it is a "good" and desirable and helpful thing, to physically hurt their children, to emotionally torture their children, to infect their children and destroy their children's minds with the insane and toxic excreta, such as the Insane God Myth, that their own minds were destroyed with. The same is true for racism, war, the death penalty, abortion, the economic system, etc... There is absolutely no conscious awareness or embrace of the Forbidden Truth, that genocidal atrocity is being committed within these societally encouraged and promoted toxic rituals. Society overtly instructs it's citizen-slaves that there is nothing "wrong" or abusive in hurting childrem, killing animals for sport, murdering womb-trapped children, murdering their most brutally tortured victim- creations, judging other races as being subhuman and worthy of annihilation and systematic brutalization, etc...

"Is it that Martrys and Superiors just PUBLICLY talk about the Truth?"

No. It takes a herculean effort and a tremendously Superior mind and character, for most humans to simply recognize and accept a tiny handful of Truths, much less all of the Forbidden Truths that I outline within My Manifesto.

"I understand from Your Manifesto that governments know about the Forbidden Truth and newborns are kinda Re-Programmed(Conditioned)."

Most leaders of governments, and their close advisors/highly empowered agents, are consciously aware of some, but certainly not all, Forbidden Truths, and it is part of their job to conceal and divert all Forbidden Truth from the awareness of the general public of citizen-slaves. It is important to note that this conscious awareness is not total, and is in fact severely limited, even among top leaders of government. For example, there are many presidents, prime ministers, kings, who genuinely believe in the existence of god and the truth of the Insane God Myth that they desperately seek to infect their populace with. As for children, I outline very clearly in My Manifesto how the brainwashing process is undertaken, with great success, by society against all children, throughout their childhoods, beginning on the very day of their birth.

"For all the governments psychological programming could it be that individuals still know the Forbidden Truth and they must PRETEND in public that they don't as they must fit in and the Conditioning of Children has somewhat "failed"?"

No. Only a tiny handful of individual human beings possess a genuine, conscious awareness of Forbidden Truths. Myself, Charles Manson, Friedrich Nietzsche, would be three examples. Of course there are a few more, and some choose to never "publicly" express any Forbidden Truth. But the reality is that no more than one human out of 10 million, at most, possesses a significant awareness and recognition of a significant number of Forbidden Truths. It is True that the malicious brainwashing undertaken against children does not always achieve total success for society. But unfortunately even when the child is able to resist some portion of the lie-based propaganda, this does not translate into the child finding a way to recognize and embrace the genuine Forbidden Truths of life. For example, in amerikkka, societal leaders attempt to addict all children to the "traditional" insane god myth of christianity/catholicism/protestantism. Does amerikkkan society achieve 100% success in this effort? Of course not! But even when society fails to addict it's children to these specific Insane God Myths, it still usually succeeds in deluding it's children into embracing some form of lie/myth-based, invalid supernatural belief, be it reincarnation, satanism, etc... These myths may well be and in fact are less toxic than the traditional Insane God Myth, but they still serve to totally conceal the Forbidden Truth from the brainwashed citizen-slaves.

"When you are dealing with an authority type: We often agree with them to appease them or get round them, really thinking all the time that they are stupid etc., just "sucking-up", to avoid the punishment/detention etc."

Some humans do this, to their tactical advantages. Personally, I value the Truth to such a degree that I would not prostitute it by pretending to agree with any Inferior, regardless of his position within society, unless I felt that my very life or something else of great value to Me, would be endangered by my revelations of Truth.

"COULD IT BE that they just PRETEND they don't know the Forbidden Truths as a psychological TACTIC to give an innocent appearance, to prevent specific victims from HEARING and thus getting Angry or "Clued-In" to what is going on(Keep em in the Dark) and protect themselved from being popular targets?"

That could be the case, with a tiny handful of humans. But as I've already revealed to you, only a tiny percentage are consciously aware of a significant number of Forbidden Truths. It is True that those who are empowered by society to promote toxic lies and inflict brainwashing upon the general public, are slightly more likely to consciously know that they are delivering lies, than are the victims who are being lied to.

2)"In a way, Society is a sum of the people within it. Nobody individually can be as evil as Society itself."


"But can the authorities be more evil than the people they elect and use to meet their own ends?"

The word "evil" is not accurately applicable to individual human beings, in any circumstance. Society and government are evil. Individual human beings, even the supreme leader of a government, are in reality tortured victim-creations of their society. The fact that they choose to become leaders of the society that is guilty of their victimization and internal destruction of Truth-based decency, does not render them "evil", as individuals. The human species is slave-based. Slaves love to follow orders, they love to do what other humans, humans who have perceived power over them, tell them to do. This will always be the case. No government will ever have a "shortage" of citizen-slaves willing to serve as pigs, jail guards, preachers, soldiers, politicians, executioners, etc...

"If they deep-down know that Gov is not okay, they COULD rise-Up and DEMAND change. Thus, as they accept things, and get their own Children/Poison Containers etc in return."

They do not consciously know this, because they do not know Forbidden Truth. They are broken and brainwashed, cowardly and Truth-hating, sheeple. They do as they are instructed to do by their society, because they are broken. Their society destroyed them, destroyed their minds, within the course of their childhoods.

"Is the Gov. more responsible for abuse of children? OR IS ALL HUMANITY IN ALL ITS FORMS?"

It is the human ideological and operational structures, which possess power, authority, and the ability to impose themselves upon children. These structures take their shape and gain their power, through the existence of organized government. Of course this does not mean that if a society were to overthrow it's government and dissolve into anarchy, that child abuse would be reduced. The endless and perpetual cycle of child abuse can never end, and will only end when the human species becomes extinct, because every single generation of adults were brutally tortured as children, and are thus pathologically compelled to cathartically transfer their own torment upon the new generation of children that they create. And this cycle is destined to go on and on and on and on. It can never be stopped or reversed, due to human genetic inferiority.

3) "Is the Seer of Forbidden Truth always directly Charles Manson?"

Your question does not make sense.

"Or do you run the site with somebody?"

One human being is responsible for all of the content of this web site, it's creation, and it's existence on the internet. That person is Me. I reveal my identity very clearly, within My Manifesto.

"Are you in prison still?"

No. No prisoner is ever allowed to have access to the internet. I began to create this Manifesto before I was imprisoned, and I resumed my work on it after I was released from jail.

"4) How much is the minimum donation for overseas believers? I live in Australia, and there are charges for conversion rates etc."

I have no minimum as far as Donations are concerned. My prices for the Purchase of specific items are clearly listed on my Financial Support page. If you wish to make a Donation or purchase something through PayPal, the online payment service that I use, they accept payments in five different currencies: U.S. Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, and Yen. If you wish to send me a check or money order through the mail, it must be payable in U.S. Dollars. International Postal Money Orders would work, and perhaps your banks provide teller checks in U.S. Dollars as well. All checks must clear my bank before any services would be provided to you. This can take up to two weeks with an international check.

"5) Why shouldn't you be the president of United States of America? :)"

Because I am a Superior life form, and amerikkka is infested with inferior, Truth-hating, Pieces of Human Garbage who despise all Truth and everything Superior that I represent. :-)

"Thank You for Your time."

You're Welcome. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

July 31, 2003 Update: Two more weeks of My unique, precious, and irreplaceable lifetime have passed by. Among other activities, I have enjoyed exactly 47 sexual climaxes since July 17th, spent approximately 83.25 hours performing slave labor for money, and have spent approximately 94 hours on the internet. Your mileage most likely varies. And now it's time to grace you pathetic inferiors with a few more undeserved words of brilliance.

On Thursday July 17, 2003, **********@aol.com Wrote: "Hello! I took your suggestion, and read that about child abuse. The abortion part might well have been why you were taken off indymedia at, at least one site, though I may be mistaken, but no excuse on their part. Some feel it is for news, etc., but your manifesto is news worthy, very much so. I have the strongest feelings, needless to say on the Education part, though what you say is good, to say the least. Sure one should have some kind of license to have children! There is so much to look at. For example, in school sports, some have said that they are "nothing more than preparation for war." If you've ever played in serious (too much so) competition, you know of the "we're # 1", one mentality that is drilled into young athletes, and how we must be the best team, etc., you know well of this brainwashing.

Football is the most hysterical of these, perhaps even more so in small town America, like where I grew up. I can understand those statements,(sports as preparation for war) especially violent ones like Hockey, where they show on the news, the players punching each other in the face, as if they were boxing. Then they talk to you hypocritically about unsportsman like conduct. And football, which could lead me into telling you about my tragedy, which happened in the autumn of 19** at our last HS football game. I was an over zealous jock. Whatever season it was, I played it, and had to be the starter on the team, so I strived my utmost. I did not drink or smoke, much less take any other taboo drug, etc. Since there were rumors that I heard of years ago, coming from the mouth of the mayor, of all people, according to a long time acquaintance of mine, that we were taking drugs back then, I immediately thought, when I heard this, "I sure as hell wasn't," I was as straight as an arrow, too straight, too crazy about the nutty competition of sports. Nonetheless, I started to reflect about the terrible things that happened to me at that football game, and after, in the fall of **, and recalled that before the game, before we even left the field while we were still in the gymnasium, someone called me across the gym., from the group of players that I was sitting with on the gym floor, and when I got to where he was, he asked me if I wanted a drink, and handed me what I thought was just water. I was not to have played that last game, but the coach let me dress nonetheless. I was seriously injured the week before in a game. My nose had been bleeding profusely, but I just kept rubbing the blood on my jersey. And they let me play. The doctor had advised that I not play in the final game. I remember standing on the sidelines watching the game, then standing on top of the bench. Forgive all the I talk, but I was put in to kick (since I was the punter, among other positions in this egotistical game) and kicked the ball, but then proceeded to walk down the field in the direction of the punt in a complete daze. Then I remembered being on the ground, and then punching my basketball coach in the face, not the football coach, who seemed no where to be found, more interested in the game, winning, etc., than the welfare of his punter, though injured the week before, and was not supposed to have even played. I was a very strong athlete, and escaped from, those who had tried to restrain me, but then I had become completely naked, little of this part do I remember, that is, just how that came about, and though as you say "no one is worthy" of knowing this, I have decided to share this with you, knowing that you would not be laughing, because you do sincerely care about children, and I was a 17 yr. old senior, but most of all an immature jock, a tool they used for winning games. I ended up running to the fence (taller than myself) and leaping , being on top of it, then just running down the road, realizing my nakedness, and trying to get to the shower room. Soon I was restrained by the authorities, and remember being in a police car, handcuffed behind my back (I had no police record) with the Police chief's arm around my throat. I'll never forget the smell of whisky on his breath. I was taken to the doctor's office, and remember being in the police car out front, but was then taken to the hospital, I remembered being wheeled into the hospital in a wheelchair, thinking that I was dead and entering hell, or some weird feeling like that. Yes, I was opiated by religion, as a child too. The basketball coach came by, and as if I had come down from being high, while lying on the hospital bed I said to him "oh I punched you, didn't I", and touched him on the face and apologized. It was *******, and I did not return to school for the rest of the year. I want to get hypnotized to be sure just who handed the drink in the gym before the game. I went to a class reunion for the first time a year ago, and since I had put an add in the paper a week or so before, about writing a book about what happened to me, asking for input, I got a couple of emails and a visit from some I hadn't seen or heard from in years. At the reunion one classmate made a statement as if he were trying to tell me something, referring to this other classmate who had come to town from elsewhere, saying that he's the one who brought the stuff etc. They were two of about two or three who I suspect might have drugged me, because I know they got high in later years, but had no idea if any one did back then, naive as that my sound. Whether I was drugged or not, or whether or not I'll find out, there is much more to tell of this that I won't go into now, but if you have the time I might well share more with you, because as you say, "no one else is worthy," though I know you were using it in a different context. I don't mind you sharing the above, should you decide. Take care & hope you're in harmony with nature and those around you but most of all, I know you are with yourself good for you! you said, that you were sorry what happened to me, well I wasn't sure if it would have meant anything, but I from the heart , I am very sorry about what you experienced as a child."

Hello. It is possible that my revelations of Forbidden Truth regarding abortion, resulted in the Indymedia censors deciding to hide my Child Abuse essay. But I have not and will not ask why, since it would be pointless even if a Truthful answer were to be provided. I would not edit out any content of any essay, in order to try to meet the fascist guidelines of any would-be censor. Yes, My Manifesto is and will prove to be, the most newsworthy creation of the 21st century, young as it may still be. Within a lie-based species, the comprehensive and brilliant revelation of genuine Truth is always newsworthy, for many reasons, including the simple fact that it so rarely occurs. All Truth-based logic and valid analysis points to the Truth that it is utterly insane for any "organized" society to allow biological creators to assume possession, ownership, and control over their biological creations, without having to prove their competency. Your above question/comment is not properly worded, however. The issue is not whether a human should be competency tested as to their right to "create" children, which is how I read your "have children" comment, but rather to be allowed to access, care for, and possess children. That would be the only licensing issue. Procreation should not require any license, and procreation should be recognized as having absolutely nothing to do with the issue of who has access to and who is allowed to care for, any child. The organized sports ritual, as imposed by society upon it's children and younger adults, has many malicious purposes, and a primary purpose is indeed to create an illusion of legitimacy to the war ritual, within the immature minds of children, by creating a subconscious connection within the child's mind, between the activities/goals of sport, and the activities/goals of war. I hope you have already read my essay summary on "Sports as Toxic Ritual". Unfortunately that essay is not complete, but the essay summary does outline all of the primary points of Forbidden Truth on the issue. I have never participated in human sports competition, but a top-level Superior does not need to participate in or be victimized by a specific toxic ritual, in order to be able to dissect and analyze the diseased and perverse aspects and consequences of, the ritual. You are correct regarding the toxicity of the "victory" brainwashing. Within a sane society, all sports activities would be specifically designed and played in such a way that there would be no winner and no loser. It is this aspect of every single organized sport within civilized society, the "win or lose" consequence, that is the very core root of the malicious and brainwashing reality of sport, a toxic ritual created and employed by society for genocidally evil purposes. Football is the most directly parallel to actual war, of all the sports that are played in america. It is exactly parallel to the war ritual. The "territory being defended", one's national borders in war. The attempt to conquer and penetrate the other team's territory, the invasion aspect of war. The victory upon scoring a touchdown, exactly parallel to the victory of winning a battle or conquering territory behind "enemy lines", within the territory of the other country, in war. The reason why soccer cannot become as popular as football in amerikkka, is because amerikkka is the single most ultra-diseased and warmongering society on planet earth, and despite it's violent and injurious aspects, soccer simply isn't perceived by either societal leaders or the general public, as being violent enough to satisfy and satiate the suppressed homicidal and warmongering rage of the populace. The sports ritual is designed to encourage the embrace of violence, blind allegiance, irrational loyalty, perverse and ridiculous focus of attention, among the Unwashed Masses of inferiors. The goal of society is to maliciously addict it's children to some type of toxic and harmful belief, substance, or activity. It can be the insane god myth, alcohol, cigarettes, illegal drugs, or sports. Societal leaders understand that in convincing a child to devote his time, energy, and focus upon either playing or just becoming a "rabid fan" of sports, society succeeds in it's goal of taking over the child's mind, brainwashing the child in such a way that the child grows up wasting his developing mind, focused upon utterly worthless activities that are specifically brainwashing in nature. In other words, sports itself instills the malicious and lie-based ideological agenda of society, into the vulnerable and immature minds of children, just as religion does. Let us also understand that society deliberately divides children, encouraging them to judge and condemn and seek to victimize each other based upon the different behavioral/lifestyle paths they are undertaking. This is why the "jocks" hate the "slackers" or druggies, and vice versa.

Your addiction to sports, despite being overtly encouraged and approved of by your society, was in fact just as toxically harmful to you, on a mental level, as was the hard-core heroin or other drug addiction, that your schoolmate may have had, to him. Society instructs victimized and enraged children that their most appropriate target for personal vengeance, is fellow children. This is why bullying is epidemic within all schools, and why children are much more likely to target fellow children for violence, vengeance, ridicule, victimization, than to target adults, even though the Truth is that adults and adult society are guilty and responsible for causing them to feel the rage that they do. You are supposed to suffer when you play sports, this is the rule of society, it helps to instill the malicious brainwashing myth of society that citizens need to experience suffering and hardship throughout their entire lives, of one type of another. Your experience is the same tragedy suffered by 99.9999% of all children. Almost all children are brutally victimized and made to suffer, the only thing that differs is the exact details of the incidents of torment that occur, and the degree of impact that each incident, as well as the sum total of all the abuse, has upon the child throughout his lifetime. You were decreed to be and treated as being, a worthless, subhuman slave, and a piece of owned property, as a child. This is how every child who grew up in america in the 20th century, was treated. Of course the types of abuse and victimization differ from child to child, but the differences are not important. It is the Truth of genocidal child victimization, deliberately and maliciously committed by society itself, that is vitally important. Society wants it's children to become alcohol and drug addicts. This includes illegal drugs, although it offers a slightly greater reward to those who agree to addict themselves to legal drugs, such as alcohol and prescription psychiatric medication. The same society totally responsible of and guilty of your victimization, chose to demonize you. This is the malicious "blame the victim" operational structure under which all of human society operates. From a Truth-based perspective, the human who drugged you was himself a tortured victim-creation of amerikkkan society, just as you were and are. To recognize this Truth, that society is far more to blame for your suffering than this schoolmate, is valuable. Although of course you have every True Reality right to feel and direct rage and hate upon anyone. But if you are on a quest for Truth, recognize that society is guilty of getting you addicted to sports, just as it is guilty of getting your classmate addicted to drugs, and even more importantly, of causing him to possess the rage and cruelty that led to him victimizing you. You are both victims of 20th century amerikkkan society, a genocidally evil instrument that victimized and continues to brutally victimize, every child. If you wish to tell me more of your personal tragedy, feel free. If not, don't. Whatever your True Reality dictates. No humans are around me, ever, because the species is unworthy of enjoying personal access to or contact with Me. Yes, I am at peace because I love Myself and am untouchable. Thank you for the sympathy. You are correct, it is of no genuine use to me now. But I appreciate the sentiment. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday July 17, 2003, ******@basoon.com Wrote: "Greets! I found a broken link on your web page: http://forbiddentruth.8k.com/manson_nietzsche.html. Your link to Charles Manson appears to be dead :(. You are pointing to www.atwa.com whereas you should be pointing to www.atwa.info. best, ******."

Hello. Thank you for advising me of the new website address. The link has been fixed and is now working properly. Sometimes websites change their URL addresses, other times a website shuts down. I make appropriate corrections upon learning of such occurances, but I cannot and will not check my links on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis, and so your information was helpful. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday July 18, 2003, *****@captainstar.freeserve.co.uk Wrote: "To the Seer, Reading your article about the mandatory parental competency tests, I have thought along these lines myself. The issue I see, is the issue of 'ownership.' I wish to break the argument down thus: Problem: Individual assumption as a half-of-parent that I have anything whatsoever to do with the conception of a child. The lie is that we assume the act of sex causes conception. Your article outlines how we do not really believe this lie in that for most acts of sex, we have not notions of conception present, only gratification. Your Solution: To place a structure whereby a conscious act of severance and of insertion occurs perhaps at the point of birth. The act of severance is to cut the automatic cause/effect assumption that entitles the biological mother/father to assume the mantles of parents. The insertion is of the idea that ownership is held at the level of society. Thus the biological mother/father may if shown to be worthy, take on the title of Primary Caretaker. It seems to me however, that this step of altering the the element of 'ownership' from the family level to a societal level may open up as many difficulties as it does opportunities. And I am not talking against the notion. Specifically, I refer to the gender bias topic. To take responsibility to the societal level could certainly allow the role of the woman to be further de-humanised and degraded to that of womb. It seems to me that as a society, we are ripping the cord or the tie of the mother earlier and earlier with apparent beneficient motives - to save the life of an unhealthy premature child that 'needs saving by society'. (Based on the fear-of-death concept.) It seems to me that the upper class systems have emulated this model through the use of nannies, boarding schoold, etc. and the distancing of 'ownership' can allow for easier brutalisation of the child. To insert the notion of universal fatherhood/motherhood within the individual, I see as useful. To engender a position whereby walking down the street I would treat my 'real'son/daughter no different to those 'other' children around me is what I see is needed. What you seem to suggest is a Platonic system whereby individuals (who have previously been isolated as much as possible from the diseases of the world) are trained correctly to be put into positions akin to 'Guardians of Society/Truth'. However, It seems that the individual has been again removed from being 'whole' to being a 'part of Society.' To my mind I suggest the following adaptations: We need a cut/insertion process as you have outlined. The point of birth is a reflection of the point of conception and like all reflections it is reversed, that which brought pleasure brings pain. To cut the diseased family ownership process through denying the assumption that the act of sex causes the act of conception. To insert (or replace) the notion of universal Caretakership instead of parental ownership. To deny the action of ownership. Define Rational Truth to a diseased person. It seems to me te ownership (of any sort) is an action. More precisely, it is an action of denial. Eg: I do not own this land I sleep upon. By building my house I must have openings (the concept of a hole is the definition of usefulness - a building is not useful if it has no holes), With openings I still have no manifest ownership until the point at which I attempt to deny free access by all at any time. Then I have ownership, so I put a lock on the door. All locks have keys and a key is defined by its exclusivity or ability to exclude. Thus my level of ownership is based on my ability to exclude (or deny). I question and invite comment upon the parts of your manifesto that promulgate ownership, in the above topic, you shift ownership and do not eradicate it. I suggest the following precepts: Foster and expand upon the Truth that the act of sex does not cause the conception - break this myth. Do this by developing structures that cause the retention of seminal fluid by the man during sex. Man (perhaps not woman) picks the apple offered and bites of it in each ejaculation. Man crosses the fence. Sex without seminal ejaculation is the possibility denied us. Fostering this idea raises the act of conception out of the pool of sexual activity. This of its own will solve the issues of our diseased society you describe. The act of conception shall become deliberate, thought through, conscious and made with care. What a start point to a human life. I agree in the need to shift the level at which 'ownership' occurs believe 'ownership' of man's own seminal fluid takes the level to the individual as opposed to society thus the individual is made 'whole' rather than society.

Secondly we both agree on the statement that: 'Children are unable to raise or take proper care of themselves'. Question: Do you see that adults are able to raise/take proper care of themselves? Answer: It seems to me there are a number of possible assertions to consider. 1. A child is not able to raise/take proper care of itself. Nor is an adult. 2. A child is not able to raise/take proper care of itself. But an adult (freed from the disease structures that bind) is. 3. A child is able to raise/take proper care of itself. But an adult is not (because they have become enmeshed in the disease of society.) 4. A child is able to resist being caught within the net of disease and can hold onto this through adulthood. In case 1. There is no point for discussion. Case 2. Implicit is the assumption that taking care of yourself can be aquired through perhaps life experience, and that the individual moves from the world of being unable to being able. Ie a threshold is crossed. Case 3. This is a slide away from Truth that again has no relevant points of discussion that I can see. Case 4. Clearly a baby of itself cannot pluck a fruit to eat, but can it cry in such a way that another plucks and chews for it? What I am suggesting is this: that the perspective we in diseased mode hold is inaccurate. We believe a child is unable therefore we assume we must take on the mantle of 'raising', or teaching or giving knowledge to, etc. when it seems to me the opposite is true. We can learn from the cry of a child what is meant - hunger, nappy rash, etc. if we listen. Therefore your testing structure must be based on the ability to understand (or translate from a higher language point to the grosser one we call English (etc.)) what the capable child is communicating but we are failing to understand. Thus to respond to a child that tells us it wants different 'parents' in our current framework of thinking is ignored. Why not respond to it? Argument: A child does not know what it wants - it changes its mind from one day to the next. Answer: Why is that not knowing exactly what it wants? Why do we impose our inertia and inability to move quickly that a child naturally has and respond accordingly. A child says it hates its parents and doesn't want to be with them. Society moves the child to another family (answering the description of the desire being sought for.) The next day the child wakes up and wants it's 'old' parents again. So society moves it back to them. Asking the child and responding. The ability of a good teacher is the ability to move faster to an answer than the student. What ego's must be smashed of family ownership to respond to a child in this way. How the child becomes the floating point finding its own ground to settle on. How the individual remains whole both as child and adult. How society (as a structure) has its place under man/woman. Your testing system could provide infomation to determine ability to respond to the need of the child.

I wish to ask a question as well as offer my thought and seek your comment. It has always seemed obvious to me that the male/female union (with priest as hermaphrodite overlord) is not fully actuated. In that the three elements: male/female conjoined as one (It), male as seperate, female as seperate. forms a triad. The priest is only present at the marriage ceremony and then hence plays little further part. As overlord, both halves of the man and woman are subordinate to Its will and this is what we call religion. The It is a special 'cast' featured by its celebacy, overview, neutrality, service to the man, woman and children as equal and involved in the act of conception (not sex). The it person would be taken from birth and given different training for its role. The man and woman provide both biological and other discreet functions including the act of sexual union and worldly actions. Is it possible to structure society such that triad partnerships exist, and would this make manifest the Truth more clearly? Lastly, I have written a piece I thought I would include for you. The Creator. The Creator is impotent. Being Unity, being the omnipotent, the omniscient, being 'one without a second,' or more concisely, 'one not two' he remains impotent. Having created two by ejaculation 'one without a second' remains untouched, unmoved, 'one not two'. Knowing without witness. This is the fallacy of the Creator. And He must fall. The Phallus of the creator. For the prodigal son to return, the Creator must be bent. And to bend is to loose erection. He must fall because She must arise. She is the knowing of Truth. By the Lie she knows and the swell rises. The Truth and the Lie. The only difference is experience. I am the Lie. I am the Lie who knows Truth. I am the female male and my name is Choice. By Choice the male is removed and the female replaced. Lies upon Lies. By Choice that which is straight is twisted. The line becomes the arc becomes the circle and the Lie is made complete. To square the circle is to add Reason. All reason is based upon Lies. All Reason is the flaw of the male in Creation. All Reason is 'one and two.' Deny Creation and you deny the flaw, deny Creation and you emerge as impotent. God does not interfere with his Creation for any other reason that he cannot. God has not given us free will, has not given us choices, they are ours from ourself. God can give nothing, can change nothing, allows all manner of good and evil not from some point of benevolence but because to do so would be to fall. God has nothing but the fear of the reality of the fall before him. Man holds the key to the end of god. Man who is already fallen may return and move beyond God. God holds fear in this because it is he who is afraid. The Lie is half a Truth. Nothing more nothing less. I am the Lie. And when I choose to stop the act of Lying. Yours, *****.

Hello. Yes, most humans have sex for pleasure/gratification, and do not wish to create a child. However, it should be irrelevent whether any biological creator desired to create a child, or not, with regard to being allowed to obtain access/ownership of their creation. The Mandatory Parental Competency tests must be universally applied, no exceptions. Logic dictates that if a human did not desire to create a child, but in fact did create a child, the chances that he/she will desire to obtain custody of the created child, and be able to demonstrate competency, will be lower. However, the mere fact that he/she did not desire to create the child, should not result in the creator being denied the opportunity to take the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests. Let it be clear that the role of society within the Mandatory Parental Competency Testing system, would not be to serve as the child's "owner", but rather to serve as the institution charged with ensuring the safe and proper welfare and placement of the child. The simple Truth is this: The only serious "problem" with Mandatory Parental Competency Testing is that the human species will not allow it's biological creators to be "robbed" of their child-slaves. Of course there are other issues that would need to be addressed as part of the implementation process, but there are no fundamental, intrinsic problems of a structural nature, beyond the simple but insurmountable problem of the human species being too diseased, inferior, and Truth-hating, to allow for Competency Testing to take place. Society instructs you that you can torture and torment your legally owned child-slaves, not other children. My proposals would empower women, by removing the terroristically imposed job of "mother" from them. They would have no moral or legal obligation to serve in this role, just as they would be under no cultural, ideological, or moral obligation to breed, as is currently the case. My proposals are very clearly articulated. Some of your above comments, on the other hand, are not that clearly articulated. Literary and verbal clarity of expression and of message is a very important skill that aspiring Superiors should strive to cultivate. The "adoptions" that you mention are generally valid, although once again, your articulated language is not as clear as it should be. As to "shifting ownership", and your suggestion that I "expand upon the Truth that the act of sex does not cause conception", my reply is No. The act of sex does cause conception, if the act is intercourse and the woman is impregnated by the act. If you simply mean that "achieving sexual pleasure does not necessarily result in conception", this is of course 100% True and a fundamental precept of my Sex essay. But your language implies something else, something incorrect and invalid. Sometimes a Truth does not need to be "expanded" upon, and sometimes an attempt at expansion can even compromise the strength of the existing Truth. Preventing the semen of men from reaching the eggs of women would not "solve the issues". I understand the point you are trying to make, but preventing the man's semen from reaching the woman's egg would not serve as a primarily important step in protecting or saving children from abuse. Men can already avoid impregnating women, if they so desire.

Most adults are unable to properly take care of themselves. Of the four "cases" you describe, only Case #2 is valid. Adults can learn a lot from children, but children must be cared for and protected from the malicious, inferior, incompetent, and vengeance-based aspects of adult society. No, it is not possible to structure society so that "triad partnerships" exist, and such partnerships would not cause Truth to be manifested more clearly. Marriage itself is a totally illegitimate, illogical, enslaving, and perverse ritual. And triad partnerships would not offer a significant improvement, although the elimination of the marriage ritual itself, would immediately and absolutely provide relief from the most suffocatingly enslaving aspects of Sacred Family Unit mythology. I appreciate your comments, but I find that in many ways your comments are unnecessarily esoteric, meaning that while they stimulate thought, they don't really cut to the heart of the Truth of the issue at hand. But that's okay, your independent thinking skills are at least well-developed, which is more than can be said for the vast majority of humans. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Mon Jul 21, 2003 **********@aol.com wrote: "Don't know if you want me sending you articles, but in case it is of any use for your research. Costa Rica offers hope since it ablished the military in 1948, after a civil war. I lived there two years in the late seventies. Since you use the word Torure a lot, I was reading a piece called "The Torturers next door"(by Karen Olsen). The Complete version can be found at motherjones.com(search The Torturers next door) About torturers, death -squad leaders, and human rights criniinals who seek refuse here, and have nothing to fear except their victims. The Torturers Next Door Torturers, death-squad leaders, and human-rights criminals who seek refuge in the United States have nothing to fear -- except their victims. According to a recent report by Amnesty International, as many as 1,000 human-rights violators from around the world live in the United States. Like the former Nazis who made headlines in the 1970s and '80s, most of them lead quiet lives on suburban culs-de-sac and in gated retirement communities. One Haitian general implicated in the murder of hundreds of opposition members got a job at Disney World. But unlike former Nazis -- who for decades have been subject to a concerted federal effort to find and deport them -- most retired torturers have little to fear from the U.S. government. The Immigration and Naturalization Service has stepped up efforts to deport those who violate immigration law, but the agency says it cannot expel people on human-rights grounds alone. And while the Justice Department is charged by law with prosecuting human-rights violators in the criminal courts, the department has not filed a single such case. Which means that as long as they keep their heads down and their visas current, most former torturers can live in the United States, comfortably, for as long as they choose. Unless, that is, they have the bad fortune of being snared by a small but growing network of victims, private investigators, and human-rights advocates who have set out to do what the government seldom does -- track down human-rights criminals and bring them to justice. In some instances, their investigations have convinced the INS to look into an offender's immigration status; in others, victims have taken their former persecutors to court. In one recent civil case against two Salvadoran generals accused of supervising the torture and murder of thousands, a Florida jury awarded more than $50 million to the survivors. Richard Krieger also came to southern Florida to retire -- but instead of working on his golf game, he has been honing the investigative skills he first learned while tracking Nazis in the 1970s. From their den in Boynton Beach north of Boca Raton, Krieger and his wife run a tiny nonprofit dedicated to locating human-rights abusers who live in the United States. "Either we are a country that's dedicated to liberty and freedom," he says, "or we are a country who doesn't care who we deal with and who we give sanctuary to." So far, he has given the ins dossiers on more than 50 people, 12 of whom have been arrested. A barrel-chested, 69-year-old Bronx native with salt-and-pepper hair, a tan, and a thin gold chain around his neck, Krieger came to Florida in 1998, after leaving the State Department, where he served as associate coordinator for refugee affairs. Traveling to refugee camps around the world, he recalls, "I found an awful lot of people that really had been through hell just because they were living in the wrong country at the wrong time. And these guys who were perpetrating these atrocities, these guys like [Ugandan dictator] Idi Amin, were going off to live somewhere in comfort, having left millions of people dead, families slaughtered." There is another article on this topic "In the Valley of the Dictator" about a Soviet Style dictator in Uzbekistan. I KNOW YOU DON'T NEED ANY COMMUNICATION FROM ME. I was sitting next to a person yesterday who had her legs crossed with her bare foot towards me, and thought of what you said, but that is your business, especially if you were being totally serious, and not humorous. What do you think about humor as used related to that topic or even some of the other issues you have taken up?(defintely not child abuse or some of the others, but sex stuff etc.) You know Robin Williams, Richard Pryor, George Carlin . Oh my, hope that doesn't sound sexist, I should mention three funny(in my view) from the opposite sex. I'm not trying to get into your head. Your prolific writing is what I would like to do for the rest of my life, and am interested in researching some of them(the topics that you've covered), and have, especially education. Well, guess I'll pull that up about sports that you suggested, and am still procrastinating about sharing more with you about what followed from my own personal tragedy. Needless to say in that small town, surely what happened to me became the butt of many jokes etc. in their drunken stupor, as well as in the small town that was the visiting team, and God knows where else. Even after putting the add in my home town paper, a year ago , looking for input, a man yelled half way across the bar, chuckling "you took your clothes off on the football field". I made the mistake of calling him over, and saying to him, "you want to go outside and talk about it", but nothing like that took place. One who used to catch my passes(as a quarterback, "rah, rah"), oddly enough was bartending. I apoligized to him, and said, "I think he's angry , because I used to flirt with his spouse". He said back to me, " I still flirt with her." Guess flirting is another topic."

Hello. It's okay to send me an article once in awhile, but there is no need. I am very familiar with all of the online news search sites, such as newsindex.com, and use them daily, to find articles on child abuse, serial killing, etc... There are certainly differences in the degree of perverse derangment of societies. Amerikkka and israel are currently in a class of their own, having sunk to the lowest levels of disease, surpassing England and Germany. But there is no nation or society on planet earth that operates within any type of sane, rational, or Truth-based parameters. There is no society of humans on planet eath that allows it's citizens to enjoy "human rights", using a Truth-based definition of what constitutes human rights. Amerikkka has an unparalled history of committing the most brutal human rights violations imaginable, against it's own citizen-slaves. So naturally this society will welcome SOME foreign human rights violators with open arms, but at the same time demonize some other violators, in order to maintain to it's own citizen-slaves the perverse illusion that it condemns civil rights violations. What a pathetic, brainwashed, slave/agent of amerikkkan society, this Richard Krieger is, finding human rights violations within other societies, but totally blind to the Truth that his own society, the society that he was working for and on behalf, was and is guilty of committing the ultimate human rights atrocities. You are certainly correct, in that I don't need any communication from anyone. If you are asking whether I have a sexual fetish for women's sore/deformed feet, the answer is Yes. There are no jokes, exxagerations, or factual inaccuracies within My Manifesto. All information I provide is totally accurate. In most cases, people who use humor to address serious issues, are afraid to or unable to face up to the Truths of the issue. Unless they are professional comedians, who may have somewhat different motivations, primarily self-serving in terms of wanting to achieve commercial/financial success and realizing that they need to find a "unique" angle to set themselves apart from other comedians. Professional comedians are sometimes insightful philosophers of the human condition, and sometimes try to reveal some Forbidden Truths within their routines, "disguised" as jokes. But very few if any listeners/fans are able to genuinely appreciate/recognize the Truths revealed to them. Believe me, you couldn't get "into my head", even if you spent a lifetime desperately trying to do so. Good luck with your research/writing. I wish I could spend all my time writing, and actually I never did have a job until last year, at age 35, so I got a good number of years of writing under my belt. Not much more though, in the coming years. The species is unworthy of receiving more of my brilliance. I feel very lucky to have developed to Superiority to literally not care in the slightest what any human thinks about me, in any and all situations. I do not get involved with humans, in any way. To me they are like a foreign species, totally apart from me. They infest this planet, but they do not exist within my own personal, day to day experience of my own life and life path. It sounds as though the opinions of humans do possess some importance within your own life. That is sad and unfortunate, but not surprising. Only a top-level Superior disdains all humans and their worthless opinions/judgments. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday July 25, 2003, **********@aol.com Wrote: "Braindroppings: If We were Only Human. This species is a dear, hateful, sweet, barbaric, tender, vile, intelligent, confused, virtuous, evil, thoughtful, perverted, generous, greedy species. In short, great entertainment. Humans are the only species that systematically tortures and murders its own for pleasure and personal gain. In fact we are the only species that systematically murders and tortures its own, period. Humans are serial killers. All our poems and symphonies and oils on canvas will never change that. Man's noble aspect is the aberration. those who argue that art and philosophy are proof of human worth neglect to mention that, in the scheme that we have devised, artists and philosophers are completely powerless and largely without prestige. Art, music, and philosophy are merely poignant reminders examples of what we might have been had not the priests and traders gotten hold of us. Most animals when fighting one of their own, will show aggressive behavior, but very little hostility, or intention to harm. And when the outcome of the struggle is inevitable, the losing animal will signal its defeat by exposing its most vulnerable part to the victor, affording it the opportunity to finish the kill. The victor then walks away without inflicting further harm. These are the creatures we feel superior to. by George Carlin.

Hello. It is very clear that George Carlin has a superior insight into the True nature of humanity. Many comedians are "students of the human condition", to a degree. In order to figure out what the typical human will find funny, a comedian needs to analyze how the mind of the typical human works. As a result, philosophers and comedians have a lot more in common than most people realize. But this does not mean that George Carlin is a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth. In my judgment, he is not. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

July 17, 2003 Update: Hello. "Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives." A bunch more days have passed by, and unfortunately the human race is still intact, infesting this planet. Yesterday I added a brief, but as always brilliant update to my Current News page, located here:

Current News

On Monday June 7, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: Hi Seer. Nothing is going to change my mind about the fact that society has let most of it's members down and in some cases seemed to actively engage in torture, but our conclusions are at odds, you wanting extinction, me wanting the ecological era to kick in and its necessary dictates forcing spiritual evolution. I'm not disagreeing with most of the evidence you've compiled nor many of the solutions you've offered, that info is testimony to your wisdom...but, I don't want your evidence based truths and your logical proofs in anyway compromised by my ecological mandate. I've made assumptions that society will be forced to change for the better, I could be wrong, the aftermath could be worse. For sure, the intensity of evil must tighten as its reach is threaten by awareness of ecological people and people in general who have recognized the amount of serial killing by individuals and groups of individuals as per the war ritual{although they may not have interpreted it in the clever way you have} Speaking of serial killers...did I read you had 8000 true crime books?, if so, have you ever thought about choosing the top 50 or 100 serial killers and dedicating a page to the known facts of torture during their upbringings?"

Hello. Your desired end result is perfectly valid for you, based upon your True Reality. In my objective and unbiased opinion, it is still much more likely that my desired end result will eventually occur, than your desired end result. But there is no 100% certainty. Thank you for recognizing my wisdom. Your ecological proposals/reforms do represent a Superior path, but they simply will not come to fruition, in my strongly and brilliantly analyzed opinion. Nobody can jeopardise Truth, the more it is denied, rejected, ridiculed, the stronger and more profound such Truth becomes. The less Forbidden Truth is realized and accepted, the more valuable it becomes. I think your fundamental assumption that the human species is capable of positive, rational, Truth-based evolution on a mass scale, is incorrect. Truth-based interpretation of factual reality, is very important. Yes, I own 8000 or so true crime books, but do not have access to them at this time. Your web page idea is not bad, but the Truth is that only each individual tortured victim-creation of society can know the type and extent of abuse, injustice, victimization, and torture, he endured as a child and throughout his lifetime. No article, news story, profile, biography, or even autobiography, can be expected to provide this information in full, and thus it would be nmisleading and disengenuous for Me to try to "list" the particular abuses that any fellow victim, other than Myself, has been subjected to. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday June 12, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hi Seer. As for my eco-views, in the absence of nuclear holocaust, I suspect the eco-mandate will be physically introduced in terms of land management, but unless the practioners of the eco-NWO also understand the absolute necessity of facing up to Forbidden truth, then the new era will be ecologically sustainable but not necessarily psychologically desirable. I push the eco-mandate{which now includes many of your forbidden truths} because I consider it worthy for my planet, and that I believe that we are all capable of being Superiors{maximum pursuit of proper knowledge} even though the current and historical evidence casts Superiors as deviants, we are deviants of this epoch....but might be typical of future Superior non-elitist society. That's my "hope" Seer, hope is part of my biological make-up, it isn't weakness, it's recognition of an intrinsic quality I believe humans "can" possess. As you proclaim to destroy lies, I defend my intrinsic being from the Faustian nightmare of cold , clinical objectivity within the brutal mechanistic paradigm of scientism. In essence, your hate fuels you and my hope fuels me...of course the emotion that fuels us is irrelevent in that truth will still have to conform to the dictates of reason, otherwise we commit the same errors of derangement that the other 6.3 billion do. I fully respect your true reality and have tremendous respect for what you've produced online and of course in your own mental paradise, you're a true Superior. Truth-based interpretation of factual reality, is very important. It is true power...the psychological keys to the universe, instead of being slaves to pathetic masters who overcome us purely by numbers, we take absolute control of our own lives."

Hello. Despite the genetic inferiority that may need to be overcome, it is True that every newborn baby has the ability to develop into a Superior. However, only a tiny handful of babies who are raised up within human society, retain this ability as they age, mature, and become adults. This is due to the ultra-diseased nature of human society and culture, which is operated and controlled by adult humans. The only way your above notion could have any validity, would be if human babies, en masse, were taken away from human society at birth and raised by a Superior, non-human species of life. My proposed Mandatory Parental Competency tests will never be accepted by the human species, and so there is no other solution. Humanity could be saved only if a Superior species destroyed the adult population, allowed a few pregnant women to give birth, killed the pregnant women, or at least totally prevented them from having contact with their created and all other children, and then raised and nurtured the surviving newborns in a Superior manner, totally free of all toxic adult human contamination. I don't condemn your hope, but if you think that these hopeful desires have a good chance of becoming factual realities, and ask me if I share such hope, the answer is most definately and emphatically No, and I think the Truthful history of human evolution, behavior, culture, structure, and operation, back my pessimistic position. Whatever you need to do to cope with the horrific Truths of life, do them. I deserve limitless respect, thank you for recognizing this Truth. Every True Crime book reveals the True tale of a Martyred torture-creation of human society. Of course most are written from the perversely biased and invalid perspective of the author, who is himself a member of human society and adopts a totally invalid tone of moral bias, condemnation, and prejudice. But the Forbidden Truths can still be realized and uncovered, by a Superior reader. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday June 20, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: SEER. I'm not pretending to have suffered the same as you have or the intensity or the duration, but I was constantly verbally abused by an alcoholic father, I was hit for my bad behaviour, despite not being taught how to behave, and my mother was a"virtual" alcoholic who drank to unconsciousness. This played havoc with my self esteem, my education and my development in general...so I can "relate" to what you went through, but I did not go through it, you did, so I don't pretend to know "exactly" how you feel or the pain you suffered. Reading the lyrics of your favourite songs makes me very angry and sad, knowing the pain you had to endure and remembering my own wasted past. If you ever want to directly express anything about the details of your past you're welcome, if you feel it would in anyway be of benefit to you. This is why I said I thought we might be spiritual cousins. We've both suffered, and we've both fought back with truth. The lyrics of "time does not heal" are gut wrenching. I know King of pain, but don't know Red Rain...I'm going to download them both. Bye for now Seer."

Hello. Every human experiences their victimization in a unique way, rendering all "severity comparisons" to be illegitimate and ridiculous. I do not compare my abuse to anyone else's abuse, and at the same time I embrace the Truth that my abuse gives me the True Reality right to personally extinct the human species. Have other humans suffered "more" abuse than me? Less abuse? Doesn't matter in the slightest. Do they feel as I do? Are they less enraged? More enraged? Doesn't matter. Irrelevent. Only inferiors do "comparisons", try to justify their True Reality to other humans, or even to themselves. My True Reality, and all ideologies and activities motivated by my True Reality, are both automatically and intrinsically just, proper, and valid, simply because they represent and reflect my True Reality. True Reality can never need any type of justification. You can't know, and it shouldn't matter to you how much I suffered. Some humans say they care about my past suffering, they wish to comfort me, they wish me to know that they wish I had not suffered. Well, such sentiments are of no use to me. I "take" whatever caring, affection, or "love" a human might express towards me, and I use it to build up my ego and love of Self, in exactly the same fashion that I use the many more expressions of terror, hate, and rage that humans direct towards me. I have no preference for the former, it's all equally "useful", while at the same time totally useless, in terms of necessity. Anger is a positive emotion, but sadness is not. Within sadness, a human is directing a negative emotion inward. Within anger, at least the way I define and utilize anger, a positive emotion is being directed outward. It would not benefit me to express/reveal the details of my childhood torture, but it would not injure me either. I have already revealed the Truth that I was sexually, physically, and emotionally tortured by my father, emotionally and physically tortured by my mother, and never experienced a single moment of positive physical or emotional connectivity with any human being throughout my entire childhood. I think you will find the songs themselves to match the lyrics, in terms of intensity of emotion. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday June 20, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Thanks for all those great quotes. Here's an oldie but a goodie. If you are going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh. Otherwise they'll kill you...George Bernard Shaw."

Hello. There are quite a few important Forbidden Truths revealed directly by and within the quotes on Truth themselves. Regarding the above quote on Truth, there are a few comedians, such as George Carlin, who reveal some Forbidden Truth within their comedy routines. But such revelation is quite useless, since the vast majority of all inferior humans simply laugh at the Truth as being a "joke", with no conscious or subconscious recognition or understanding that an important Truth has been revealed to them. Any human who can only deal with Truth when it is told to him as a joke, is highly inferior and not capable of genuinely embracing any primary Forbidden Truths of life, within his own conscious, day to day life. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday June 24, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hi Seer. I don't dispute that the evidence backs up what you say, and the term "homicidal triad" is used to shift blame from society onto the torture victim. Nature is certainly a victim when we get our reading of cosmology wrong, but Nature is in control of us and is about to bite...Nature even has the decency to give us an advance warning through progressively worsening weather and biomass degradation. I'm suggesting that because we haven't added a reverence for "all" life clause to our beliefs about nature, and because we haven't overcome child abuse, we still act based on a deranged and limited ethos. Most if not all eco-philosophies have spiritual values of harmony, peace and decency, respect for all of nature, including the defenseless+ intrinsically valuing plant and animal life....this is the emerging eco-consciousness, it has already started....Deep ecology, greenpeace style movements and the massive worldwide anti-war protests against Iraq 2. The Insurance Industry is warning of its own demise due to increasingly expensive extreme climate.....Capitalism can't function without Insurance, nor can it function with a masssive increase in unemployment due to raw material shortages, the existing NWO will collapse, and the non-negotiable laws of ecology will FORCE either a massive reduction in pop, or a massive reduction on the reliance of the methods of the previous failed WO."

Hello, no society can or will ever accept the blame and the responsibility that it directly and totally bears, for the genocidal victimization that it chooses to inflict upon it's citizen-slaves, because to do so would require having to admit to and embrace a top-level Forbidden Truth. The bite of nature needs to be fatal, because otherwise it will simply be ignored, dismissed, or cause illegitimate, lie-based "solutions" to the bite, to be embraced by the human species. The advance warnings that nature provides are being ignored and will continue to be ignored. If the situation becomes so severe that it cannot be ignored any longer, malicious, false, and lie-based "fixes" for the problems will be put forth by societal leaders. The human species will never overcome the Poison Container cycle of child abuse, nor will any type of legitimate, Truth-based reverence for life be embraced. The pathetic human species can never and will never even find a way to Truly revere it's own existence/life, much less the existence/lives of other species.

There have always been a tiny handful of humans Superior enough to seek out and embrace Truth. That is all we currently have. No significant increase in the numbers of enlightened, genuinely Truth-seeking humans, has occured or will occur. Remember in my War essay, I talk about the war structure requiring two "war partners", and how every government/society has to successfully demonize it's desired "war partner", in order for the citizen-slaves to support the war effort en masse. Sometimes an ultra- diseased society is so desperate to launch it's next war, that it does not sufficiently demonize it's chosen enemy. Other times, for various reasons, it may choose as it's "war partner", a government that is not totally desirous of engaging in the war ritual. If anti-war protests spring up as a result of these operational failures, this does not indicate that any type of truth-based enlightenment or embrace of Truth regarding war, has occured. Also, when massive anti-war sentiment is expressed by the populace of foreign governments, but not the specific two governments that are engaging in the war ritual, such sentiments are of no Truth-based value. The insurance industry is making these claims because it recognizes an opportunity to use the claims as a justification to raise it's monetary rates. The government will use it's utterly malevolent scientific and technological pool of knowledge, to cope with any loss of natural resources. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday June 26, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hi SEER. Yep, once the cycle of denial begins it becomes almost impossible to break free from the myths which constitute many people's lives{true reality}. I'm suggesting that "if" a meaningful global society is either going to prevent a global collapse, or recover from a global collapse{which would probably include some nukes reducing the productivity of vast amounts of land}, that they'll have to apply soft eco-techniques and abandon the notion of secular progress...they would abandon secular progress as pursuing it led to disaster...the collapse of global society and its vehicle of worship{technology} is an epoch-making event, a turning point. IOW, the current lie-based operational and ideological structures are going to collapse along with its symbols. Secular progress is the worship of technology and instrumental values{values which support a concept and process/progress}, instead of identifing instrinsic values, these intrinsic values would be the typical of anyone raised in a loving family within a sane society...the necessary adoption of eco-technology signals both the elimination of the bulk of its physical machinery and its ideological machinery....it won't make sense for someone handgrowing their own organic produce to wish for a tractor after realizing that the tractor is a representative of a vision, the vision of high-technology as our saviour,....people would have just emerged from the high-tech nightmare and would be aware that high-tech led to nuclear holocaust. How do I know this will happen, I don't, I'm hopeful, but I support it not just because it makes me warm and fuzzy, but because as a hardcore radical student of philosophy, It actually follows reason, it subsumes all of the horrors of the past to an incorrect and limited reading of our cosmologies, IOW, how we view the universe dictates how we behave{recent evidence is the Newtonian/Descartes revolution which led to the industrial age and the embedded belief that making an error is a failure of self, when in fact we learn most of what is meaningful by error, or premeditated trial and error}. Eco-cosmology{which I've been heavily influenced by} and eco-philosophies in general aren't just a kiss and make up, tree hugging experience espoused by clever and fragile greenies, it represents a new improved "cosmology" that is reasonable and rational, it recognizes the limits of the reductionist worldview. The ecological model of the universe, {which considers mind to be inherent in matter, and of course, the more advanced the matter, the more advanced the mind, a brain cell is the most advanced matter in the known universe}...is a total replacement cosmology. The upcoming worldwide failure of the current paradigm will FORCE change to the ecological model. We don't need all humans to comply ideologically*, we need a changing of the guard, we won't change the minds of the current crop of imbeciles, we will replace the current elite with ecological people who will guide the imbeciles. *you and I don't agree with society ideologically, but we still comply physically to a degree, same with new eco-NWO, ecological people running the show, and ideally we will progress to the point where all Forbidden Truths are accepted as a consequence of our historically proven transcendental natures. What those idiots did in the past was to highlight their unevolved state, an evolved person is anyone who worships the dictates of rationality, as being resaonable is the key to proper knowledge, ie Truth...it wasn't reasonable to abuse children back then, nor is it reasonable to do it now, and I will admit that breaking the cycle of child abuse is the biggest problem the eco-NWO still must face in terms of its moral priorities."

Hello, You are correct in stating that it would be impossible for most humans to break free of the cycle of denial even if they genuinely desired to do so, and only a tiny percentage even have such a desire. I do not see your optimistic vision of humanity embracing Truth due to a cataclysmic crisis, occuring. I don't see that happening. The history of humanity is built and sustained upon lies. As long as humanity exists, it will cling to lies. If a particular lie becomes unviable, it will be replaced with a different lie, just as toxic in nature. I see no reason to think, believe, or hope that the species will turn towards, much less embrace, the Truths that it has pathologically and constantly rejected throughout it's history. A tiny handful of humans are currently raised up within loving families, but no humans grow up or live within a sane society, as no such society currently exists. You give humans far too much credit for recognizing, much less accepting, Truth. Humans do not make sense, humans do not act or think sensibly. Humans would make no connection between a tractor and a nuclear bomb. In fact, in the wake of a nuclear holocaust, with scarce resources, "worship" of technology might actually increase, as the surviving groups of human garbage realize that they might be able to seize control over the entire remaining world, if they can amass enough technological weaponry. I don't see how it's reasonable to think that a species that has been incorrect in every way, for every single generation of it's existence, can or will somehow correct itself now. Especially since the perverse inferiority has consistently increased and deepened in recent centuries. The false belief that making an error is a failure of self, is more common today, than ever before. The human mind is not easily enlightened towards Truth. You are very idealistic. So be it. As you already know, I don't see the type of positive progression/evolution of humanity that you describe, occuring. In fact, I see absolutely no indication that any type of positive evolution, exclusive of extremely rare and isolated lone Superiors, can or will occur. If it wasn't reasonable to abuse children back then, but it was done, and it's not reasonable to do it now, but it's being done, I see no "reasonable" reason to think, believe, or even hope that it can stop occuring in the future. A nuclear holocaust would simply increase the degree of child abuse among survivors, just as survivors of all major wars are more likely to abuse their children, than those who grow up and become adults within nations/societies that are not actively warmongering. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday June 27, 2003, ******@hypermax.net.au Wrote: "Dear Forbidden Truth, I am seeking permission to publish your article The Forbidden Truths of Child Abuse. Unfortunately we are not in a position to pay as we are a small concern however we can promote your web site. Waiting to hear from you. Regards ***** ********, Editor, The Hard Evidence Magazine."

Hello, Thank you for your interest in and appreciation of that essay of Forbidden Truth. It is unfortunate that you are not in a position to pay, because I am not in a position to give my uniquely valuable Forbidden Truths away for free. If you read my web site, you would learn that I was both imprisoned and rendered homeless upon my release from jail, within the past 8 months. Currently I am forced to perform a slave labor, minimum wage job. So, No, you cannot publish my uniquely brilliant essay in your magazine for free. I do not need promotion, because the value of Forbidden Truth is not altered or impacted by how many people are aware of it or choose to embrace it. So, unless you are willing to pay at least $50.00 US, you may not publish this essay. I do accept PayPal payments, for your convenience, and my Financial Support page is located here:

Financial Support

Good luck with your magazine. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Thursday July 3, 2003, *****@captainstar.freeserve.co.uk Wrote: "To the Seer, I am vague, I am unclear as to what you are about and even what to talk to you about. I am also fearful of the unknown, especially the boldly stated unknown. Rather like the naieve beginner I wrote to you with expectation of both wanting something that I cannot yet describe to be fulfilled within and fear that it may actually be fulfilled. Question, you use the word human in a way that indicates either awareness of other-than-human or actual other-than-human sentience, is this so? I wish to discuss practical steps that can be employed to break down the built-up limitations I find I am confined within. I refer specifically to the imprisonment and confines of the physical and subtler bodies. I wish to discuss whether this is an appropriate approach to adopt as an individual in seek mode. I seek real, genuine discussion with intelligence. Can you help me with any of these?"

Hello. No creature will ever know what I am about. The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth reveals a tiny iota of what I am about. So you can know this tiny iota. You are afraid of the Truth, as all humans are. I have no interest in trying to fulfill any type of need by any human being. I created The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth to immortalize Myself. Whether you gain anything of value from my Manifesto is of no importance and carries no value, to me. It exists because I exist. The Truth terrifies most humans, and I suspect that is the genesis of the fear you describe. All life forms are sentient, to a far greater degree than humans. Humans are the least sentient creatures on planet earth. All of your built-up limitations are caused by your mind, your brain. It's flaws, genetic and societally induced. You can try to embrace Forbidden Truth. If you succeed, your mind will become powerful and untouchable, as mine is. But you will fail, as 99.99999999999999% of all humans do. The only type of freedom that is based within Truth, is mental freedom, the creation and maintenance of an untouchable mind. My Manifesto gives you all of the primary Forbidden Truths of life and of humanity. Thousands of them. You don't even need to "seek" Truth, it is there, in front of your eyes. You can accept them, or reject them. Doesn't matter to me, either way. I'm not into prolonged discussion with humans. There is nothing that I can gain from such activity. I've already wasted far too much time communicating directly with humans, in many forums. You could read my 20,000+ posts to Usenet between 1996 and 2000, plenty of discussion there, but of no use/benefit to Me. So, I don't think i can help you, especially since I have no specific interest in helping any human being with anything. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Tuesday July 15, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: Hi Seer. Quite frankly, I think our different psychological milieu's are at odds and that means us resolving our "major" disagreements are probably impossible. I recognize you as a Genius and will always have an interest in you because of your advanced mind and the many truths that you helped me codify. Even if you eventually refuse to reply to me I'll always remember you and hope that you are able to maximize the remainder of your life. I worship the ecological mode of living, and combined with the implementation of some of your ideas regarding parenting would arguably be the most desirable period of human existence. You and I were denied loving parents, and by definition, these people are EVERYTHING...lucky for us we were born in a developed country and were able to escape physical and psychological destruction via our minds. And as I've said many times before, and this is where either of us could be right, and of course I hope I'm right, but at least at this global turning point, the world will have NECESSARY reasons to adandon our past behaviour. The record indicates that the world is heating, extreme weather is increasing...and as the population increases simultaneously as people are killed and displaced by climate change, the system will come under extreme pressure as the poor demand effective policy to help them, capitalism will collapse as it won't be able to afford to operate with the people and ecological demands placed on it....now as this will happen with increasing frequency by virtue of amount of people, geographic position of people, it follows that more people will become informed as a necessity.....the idea that Green party votes won't increase as the climate and economic damage moves in and threatens the middle class is fanciful in my view...as such the system has a built in safety mechanism. NOW I COULD BE WRONG, but you cannot prove me wrong by appeal to objective truths of the past when people will be forced to ecologically/spiritually evolve by necessity...if it wasn't for the degrading environment, I would be idiotic to think mankind would properly progress, they would follow historic trends of reaching era end-point via PHILOSOPHICAL change....if capitalism could survive for another 2000 yrs, it probably would, but it won't be able to. How do I know that future Gov's won't just nuke us, I don't....but I become impotent by drawing that conclusion, as it's a self-fulfilling prophesy and works to counter the "possible" emergence of some form of eco-NWO. If by miracle techno society can maintain itself, there will be NO eco-consciousness, IMO, the eco-consciousness is dependent on a MASSIVE JOLT via nature that humans are in extreme jeopardy....it must be obvious to stupid people, which is what the masses are. The fact of the matter is that "we" are at the physical mercy of a bunch of idiots....I believe you mentioned on one of your email responses at your weekly update section that had you been raised differently, then you probably would have become as brainwashed as anyone else{ and for that matter so would I}...but the handling of various tortured concepts by those who value proper knowledge and have the courage to face the truth is another matter altogether. Cosmology and ethics co-define each other, this is an undisputably true historically proven truth....from your POV, you want total destruction of anything that even hints at old world order, and that's understandable....but I cannot discount mystical knowledge as an expression of the cosmos threw its most advanced creation. I still demand that any knowledge beyond one person conform to reason, but I don't mind someone trying to reach a higher plane using various techniques which I may consider silly or unworthy of my investigation but represents pluralistic tolerance. The dictates of rationality decide truth...you and I are truthful only when we abide by those dictates...how do you explain that? We don't own facts, they own us, they have their own abstract construct which once we discover, unleash truth. We are in charge of applying the truth, but certain universal truths underly nature....how do we factually account for that without an "ideology" of some sort which approximates truth. What is the problem of mystical revelation undergoing rational scrutiny..? The problem with many current myths is they can't withstand rational scrutiny. The idea that revelation by a small group can be devoid of proper rational scrutiny and become public policy is insanity. Quantum mechanics is of minimal interest to me as I prefer knowledge of the macro-world plus some chemistry....having said that, I have quite a bit of knowledge that implies we should consider the cosmos as purposeful based on what quantum mechanic reveals, and it reveals no mind-matter split at the sub-atomic level. You would agree that if a proper eco-NWO where to emerge, it would be the result of a certain amount of influential people guiding the masses, IOW...It's illogical to assume a desirable outcome without assuming desirable people fighting for it....now if we back out at round 12, we won't make it to round 15 and beyond, therefore it's a necessity to have faith, and on this occassion my wishes/hopes are valuable. I don't believe any "one" individual can create the NWO by himself....and from my POV, hope contains my rage, if I didn't have hope I can't imagine controlling myself considering the atrocities that have occured, still occur and are going to continue occuring for a while at least. I don't mind us disagreeing over mankinds future, the evidence is in your favour that it's going to end in disaster....only time will tell."

Hello, I would certainly agree, 100%, that even though our insights of Forbidden Truth are similar in many ways, our ultimate conclusions as to the effect that these Truths will have upon the future of humanity, are totally different. And it is these conclusions which are primarily important in terms of affecting our own personal appreciation of life and our own personal role as living human beings. Thank you for recognizing my Genius, I'm glad to have helped an aspiring Superior. As I've told you, my chosen "e-mail time" is limited and unless you want me to address a very specific question or issue, I do not intend to engage in ongoing, lengthy, "discussions". I will always be happy to address any questions you may have, or to clarify my position on any specific issue, idea, or incident/occurance. You can be extremely loyal and devoted to an ideology or doctrine, without necessarily viewing it as being sacred. Although I myself am guilty of upholding some of the Forbidden Truths that I have realized, as being sacred in some ways. I would agree that it would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, to intellectually formulate all of the Forbidden Truths that I have done, if I was born even 200 years ago. On the other hand, it is possible that in the distant past, "unknown" Seers of Forbidden Truth existed, who simply lived their lives embracing superior Truth, while never "publicly" expressing or revealing the Truths that they had realized. Let us salute ourselves, for having Superior, brilliant, one in many million minds and brains, as proven by the feat we have accomplished. Ideological Truth can be just as real and valid as physical Truth. Then again, it is just as vulnerable, in fact more so, to malicious, lie and myth-based manipulation by societal leaders. Remember, our brains are evolutionary in nature, some human beings have brains that are far more evolved than other humans. We are both proof of this Truth.

You could say that the world has always had "necessary reasons" to abandon it's deranged operational structures, simply to avoid the ongoing degradation that has led to this particular "crisis" point. If a human has a small, malignant tumor, it is necessary to remove it, even though the human mght be able to survive for awhile longer, until it gets bigger. If the human chooses to do nothing, to simply allow it to continue to grow, that is good evidence to suggest that the human will make a similarly bad decision when the tumor does become larger and more clearly life-threatening. This type of analogy does apply to how the human species has treated issues such as ecological/environmental abuse/genocide, throughout it's history. Understand the fundamental self-hatred that the vast majority of humans are hopelessly trapped within. Most humans fervently believe that they deserve to suffer, to be deprived, to be endangered. Hell, most humans overtly and deliberately endanger and shorten their own lives, even when there is nobody specifically "forcing" them to do so. These facts are undeniable, and they are rooted within the very core consciousness of most human beings. So no, I don't see "the poor" rising up and demanding justice, equality, or anything else that they logically deserve. The poor, as they have always done, will find ways to invalidly rationalize and cope with the economic injustice they are being subjected to, and even if there is a violent rebellion by the poor within a specific nation, it will not spread to other nations and the isolated rebellion will simply result in a new and different charismatically evil con artist becoming the supreme leader of the nation. I cannot prove you wrong and I have no interest in trying. All I can tell you is that my brilliant analysis of the Forbidden Truths of the human species, indicates to me that your scenario for the future is both unrealistic and irrationally optimistic. Logic dictates that if both the invention and the overt deployment by human societies and governments, of nuclear weapons capable of extincting the human species, did not result in any type of a national, much less worldwide, overthrow of existing societal and governmental structures and institutions, the slow and almost "invisible" problem of ongoing ecological/environmental degradation, will not result in any type of significant rebellion by the unwashed masses, occuring. I understand the role that hope plays, in your philosophical and ideological perceptions of reality.

Just because something is obvious, does not mean it will be accepted as Truth, or that any type of logical solution to the problem will be embraced. It was obvious that the invention, manufacture, and deployment of nuclear weapons greatly increased the likelihood of every single living thing on planet earth being exterminated and every species of life, including the ecological system itself, being utterly destroyed. And yet the human species, individually, nationally, and globally, did and has done absolutely nothing of significance to eliminate this threat. The ecological/environmental threat is much more subtle and easier to sweep under the carpet, even if a "massive jolt" were to occur. Think about it, the evil leaders of humanity will simply label the event as being an "act of god", or of "mother nature" itself. The unwashed masses have no courageous or superior awareness of Truth, and it will not "magically" develop due to any specific incident or event, not even a nuclear event, much less an ecological event. If someone tries to reach a "higher plane" of analytical thought, using mystical methods that have no grounding within reality, such as supernatural belief, they will not be aided in any manner, as far as realizing or uncovering valuable Truth. If I have the ability to think rationally, and to embrace the Truths revealed by my rational thinking, then I am truthful in my realizations and revelations. Knowledge of facts allows for the realization of Truth. I would say that universal facts, more than truth, underly nature. Realizing these facts does not necessarily lead to an understanding/realization/embrace of the Truths that the facts potentially reveal, as Superior thinking skills are always required in order to realize and embrace primary Truths. There is no currently existing popular myth that can withstand rational scrutiny, if that scrutiny is both rationally and analytically valid. The problem with rational scrutiny is in defining what constitutes rational scrutiny. What are the threshhold parameters that the scrutiny must meet in order to be defined as rationally and analytically valid? Most humans will claim that the Insane God Myth, if rationally scrutinized, cannot be discounted as false. This is because they operate within an invalid, illegitimate definition of what constitutes "rational scrutiny". You are correct that the idea that revelation by a small group which is devoid of proper rational scrutiny and yet becomes public policy, is insanity. But it doesn't matter whether the group is small or large. In fact, the larger the group, in other words the more popular and widely accepted the revelation/policy is, the more likely it is to be false and invalid.

The differences between living instinct, natural force, and conscious, mind-based "decision", are worthy of research and written analysis, by top-level Superiors. They are three separate and distinct "realities", and confusion regarding which is occuring in a specific situation can have severely negative consequences for someone who is attempting to realize/uncover Truth. Gravity would be a very simple example of natural force, as opposed to conscious decision or "living instinct". It is not always so easy to differentiate between these three very distinct entities which so greatly influence events which occur.

I would agree that the vast majority of all humans are sheeple, and totally unable to forge any type of new path for themselves unless they are blindly following other sheeple, with the entire herd following a human leader who has managed to convince them that this new path is somehow better and more desirable than the former path that they were on. I would not agree that it is realistically possible, given the inferior and devolving state of the human species, for a human who espouses a path based upon Forbidden Truth, to achieve and attain such an influential, leadership position over more than a tiny handful of human beings, not enough to allow for his/her desired New World Occur to become a reality. I don't believe that the human species can or will allow any individual or any group of Superior humans to create any type of a Forbidden Truth-based NWO, period.

I find that among many other things such as supreme love of Self, it is hopelessness, rather than hope, that actually helps me to refrain from seeking and claiming some types of personal vengeance. A slightly more accurate term would be "pointlessness", rather than hopelessness. I recognize the Truth that no realistically imaginable action that I might undertake, be it positive or negative, would have any type of impact upon the current overall structural and operational realities of human existence. Furthermore, the human species itself is hopelessly doomed. Therefore it would be "pointless" for me to undertake any action, especially given the fact/Truth that I am brilliant and Superior enough to already be able to "destroy the world" at will, over and over, limitlessly and in a totally real way, within my untouchable mind. Or, as Seer Charles so accurately, beautifully, and courageously puts it: "In my mind's eye my thoughts light fires in your cities. Each night as you sleep I destroy the world". :-)

I would agree, the evidence is in my favor that humanity will destroy and extinct itself and the planet that it has named earth, and I would also agree that I cannot state this as being a 100% certain Truth. Only 99+%, which means that yes, only time will tell. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Wednesday July 16, 2003, **********@aol.com Wrote: "Well, I read the whole thing, and am glad you posted it on multiple indy sites, as I lost it in the midwest, as it was evidently censored. I thought of "I know Why the Caged Bird Sings", and what happened to Maya on page sixty something in her book, when I read that part about you. Something terrible happened to me when I was 17, that lasted for a long time after, that this, and "The Girl Interrupted" (book, by Susanna Kaysen, is better than flick) encourages me to write more about. I'll describe the torture I went through if I hear back from you, but don't feel obligated to answer (and I know you won't) as surely you have more important things to do. Facism is upon us as you state, has been for a long time, and placing it in perspective in relation to the topics you discussed here is on the money. Peace, love, & joy to you."

Hello. I'm glad you read the entire essay. Yes, even Indymedia.com, despite it's claims to be fervently devoted to upholding the free and open expression/revelation of news and ideas, is in fact infested with narrow-minded censors who love to hide and delete articles that do not meet their fascist definitions of appropriate content. Every single essay I have posted on Indymedia, from Child Abuse to Crime to Religion to Government, has been hidden/deleted by some Indymedia site censors. I've heard of the Caged Bird book and Maya Angelou, but have not read it. I'm sorry to hear that something terrible happened to you. The Forbidden Truth is, terrible things happen to 99.9% of all human children, as a result of the genocidally evil design and operational structure of human society. I would suggest you read my Child Abuse page, if you are interested in learning all of the Forbidden Truths of the human child abuse ritual. I never feel obligated to do anything other than love and worship Myself. :-) If you feel like describing your torture, if it would be beneficial to your True Reality to reveal such information to me, feel free. If not, I would suggest you don't. You should only do things to satisfy and aid yourself, that is one of the Superior paths that the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth articulates. I enjoy peace because I have made Myself untouchable. I enjoy love because I can and do only love Myself, unconditionally. I experience joy because I have developed the power within my own mind to independently create joy out of any situation, without need for any external cause. Thanks for the good wishes, hope you can enjoy these three positive emotional experiences, as well. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On July 16, 2003, ****************@aol.com Wrote: "Hi there, I read half of your manifesto and I will try to get back to it later on. I empathize with your position although I don't feel people are as malicious as they appear to be, at least not intentionally even without the genetic component. I don't want to say anything without reading all of your ideas. Is there a way to talk on your forum? I was just passing through and didn't know if you were just offering your ideas on the internet or you want a give and take conversation. I think I am a pretty evolved human being although we all fall short of what we expect of ourselves once in awhile. I can understand both sides of this issue and I am trying not to rush to judgment. Thanks for responding."

Hello. The full value and strength of my Manifesto can only be realized when read in it's entirety. No individual human can ever begin to imagine being as evil as the core structural and operational systems of human society and human government itself, are. This is one of the primary Forbidden Truths revealed within My Manifesto. There is no way to "talk on my forum". I specifically constructed my web site in such a way as to not allow any type of feedback, beyond e-mail contact, in recognition of the Truth that the diseased human species befouls and contaminates anything Superior that it is allowed to tamper with. This is proven by my past experience as a radical print magazine publisher and infamous contributor to the Usenet Newsgroup online interactive forum. I reveal the Forbidden Truths of humanity, within my online Manifesto. Little if anything can be gained by me from engaging in give and take conversation, although I am willing to elaborate upon the Forbidden Truths I reveal in the Manifesto, via private e-mail, if I believe the inquiring human to be both sincerely interested in embracing Truth and of Superior intellectual quality, two tall orders. Doesn't matter to me whether you judge positively or negatively. The Truth exists, I am brilliant and courageous enough to reveal it, and whatever benefit or loss occurs from a judgement, would be experienced by the judge. :-) Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

June 26, 2003 Update: Hello. I am pleased to report that the popularity of this website continues to grow. On Friday, June 20th, this website received a total of 2,001 unique and individual Page Hits, marking the first time that the site exceeded 2,000 hits in a single day.

On Monday May 26, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Sorry to bother you!! But could you clarify something for me? When you say the "Human" race should become extinct, do you exclude yourself as a superior form, and do you want others of your superiority* level to survive and thrive? *I mean "your" level, not merely aspiring. Thanks Seer. From your admiring student."

Hello. I'm happy to clarify. I deserve to live forever and to be immortal, because I love Myself and I know that my death will bring with it tragic consequences for Me. At the same time, the human race deserves to be totally extincted, and I was, unfortunately, born a member of the human race. Therefore, even though I deserve to live forever, I acknowledge and accept the Truth that if the human race were to become extinct, at least during my lifetime, I would have to die, as part of the extinction process. To conclude, I would be willing to accept my own death without extreme resistance only if I knew that my own death was occuring as part of a direct process that was causing all of humanity, all other human beings currently alive, to also die and for the species to become extinct. The specific cause of my death, would also have to be the cause of humanity becoming extinct, in order for my death to be philosophically and morally acceptable. I am only able to emotionally love, care about, and desire good things, for Myself. Not for any other human being. Therefore I have no emotional or philosophical desire to have any human being, other than Myself, survive and thrive. Still, if I had to choose who was to live and who was to die, and I could not choose that all human beings die, I would attempt to increase the overall sanity level of the human species by culling the extreme inferiors, and preserving the lives of genuine, recognizable, Superiors. I hope you've been enjoying and learning Truth from my Manifesto. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Friday May 30th, 2003, **********@shaw.ca Wrote "I'm just curious, if you discovered the Truth and freedom at some point during what you admit was a horrific childhood, what do you think would have happened to you if your childhood had been happy? Some of your ideas are very good --- thanks."

Hello. If my childhood had been free of severe abuse, it is very likely that I would not have uncovered and realized most of the Forbidden Truths of life. Most top-level Seers/philosophers of Forbidden Truth have suffered a great deal in their lives. All of my ideas are "very good", because they are all based upon Truth. But I recognize that the ability of other humans to appreciate and accept Truth varies from issue to issue, and this in turn causes even an aspiring Superior to be unable to accept both the Truth and the value of some of my "ideas". Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On Saturday May 31, 2003, ********@yahoo.ca Wrote: "Hello: I've read your publication on the website and have a few remarks to say to you.

Most of your information I agree with: I am a strong believer in having some parenting aptitude testing registeration in place. We have this kind of testing (at least in Canada) in place when we want to adopt a pet why wouldn't we have this in place when we want to have children? Not everyone is equiped to parent. Not at all. Not everyone should parent. There are very poor parenting courses and trainers around. Society today is too concerned about parental rights versus what is the best for children.

Our Children's Aid Society here in Toronto is an organization that was put in place to protect children about 70-80 years ago. What they seem to practice is to protect children TEMPORARILY. It seems that they are more focused on the rights of the abusive parent versus the children's. They've been too many times in the media failing in what their mandate is all about. One popular case in the media a few years back demonstrated their gross failure of this. A Case worker took a parent's word that she was feeding and caring for her baby regularly, one that was a drug abuser. Well she certainly took care of the baby, and right under the eye of a case worker, she managed to starve the newborn to death! It was astonishing and disgusting to me that this horror should have happened and right in the city of Toronto! The caseworker should have gotten life in prison and that mother the death penalty. But then again the corrupt justice system here doesn't agree with having a death penalty in place for murderors nor is the value of life taken from a new born as valuable to one of an adult. The muderous mother got off scott-free with a small reprimand since she argued ignorance and didn't know how to mix baby milk formula to feed the baby. It was totally sickening and a mockery of what justice is all about. As far as the caseworker went, she got paid time off for stress and didn't land in jail either. All this atrocious case did was made policy changes to how caseworkers now handled dealings with abusive parents. It made them simply follow up with the parents and had nurses come to visit the babies to ensure they were being taken care of.

It's astonishing to me that there isn't more being done to get these children in a permanent and safe environments. The way I see it is: once a parent abuses they immediately lose their right to be the child's parent. There should be NO parental rights. Children are being used too often as puppets for these malevolent, criminal people. The Children's Aid Society also makes it more difficult for good parents to adopt their foster children because if it were made easy, funding to this organization would end.

It's sad, in the end it's all about money NOT about truly helping children live good, stable, and happy childhoods!

I am lucky that I wasn't abused as a child even though I had strict parents, they didn't punish through means of physical violence, more of scolding and withholding privileges such as no TV, no friends over the house, no outings at the park, no swiming, playing for certain small periods of time.

Once I learned about how numerous amounts of faceless children were being violently mistreated, it sickened me and frightened me so much that there are so many corrupt, disturbed people out there being allowed to sadistically reproduce. Many I assume for the means of purposefully being able to abuse. Your point about these poison containers - I never thought about but after reading so much on abused children and through my Social Worker University program, and how the bureacracy allows these "monsters" to abuse and destroy these innocent children's lives, I've lost totally respect for Social Work. In fact, it's the main reason that made me not want to be a part of these so called beneficial workers whom just pay allegiance to this hypocritical bureaucracy that keeps the abused children with these psychotic monsters since all they are concerned with is keeping them with their families! Disgusting! It's left me sleepless on many nights thinking about how many children were being abused at that very moment of me lying there in bed thinking about them? And how could we allow it?

We seem to care too much about people's individual rights versus what is right! Even though I am a feminist but I am rational feminist. I never believed that abortion is right and should be so accessible. Abortion is simply what it is: murder of a human being in it's pre-natal form. It's not a fetus. It's human and if it's aborted, then it's murdered from progressing to other stages of it's life. I don't understand the great lack of understanding of this simplicity. Even though I agree if the mother's life is endangered by the pregnancy, then she should have that choice but only under that circumstance. Abortion should only be a medical procedure NOT a recreational tool for birth control or for irresponsibility not when we are living in an era full of birth control available to most of our youth AND in Canada most birth control is FREE! There are MANY organizations that offer free counselling services to both male and female youth. There's no excuse for accidental pregnancies and if there is, then the process for adoption should immediately be set in place. I don't believe children should be caring for children! That should never be allowed. So many Canadians spend thousands of dollars adopting children from ASIA when they would only spend a $900 dollar adoption governmental fee on adopting a child from their own neighbourhoods!

But this is the kind of corrupt world we live in. And there's nothing we can do about it but perhaps be role model parents for those who fail, protect children in our communities by taking viligent watch over them, reporting any suspicious incidence of child abuse, adopt children, foster as many children as we can to protect them for those foster parent's who fail as well as parents.

I hope you as a survivor of child abuse, have gotten help for your years of being abused. Your "writing" voice sounded very angry, too angry at times. I hope your abusers have gotten their just desserts and have been sued for mistreating you. I think more survivors of abuse should get more involved in that. That way, it will deter an abuser from thinking twice when they want to mistreat that child, knowing that they will be severly punished. But then again, we live in a corrupt, irrational, idiotic, unjust world!"

Hello, your comments are welcome. See below for my brief replies, as I am very busy these days. You do not and will not have any type of parental competency testing in place, because such tests would violate Sacred Family Unit mythology upon which all human societies are invalidly based and built upon. No such mythology exists when it comes to adopting pets. And interestingly, even when a human wants to adopt a child, there is a nominal, although insincere attempt to screen the aspiring parent/slaveowner, again because there is no direct Sacred Blood Bond mythology at play. Only within biological creation do we have the insane and perverse consequences of Sacred Family Unit mythology, in full bloom. It makes not a shred of difference to society, what is good or bad for children. As I explain on my Child Abuse page, children are officially decreed to be worthless, subhuman pieces of owned property, by society itself. No human society has any type of genuine, sincere, Truth-based interest or desire to "protect children". All such claims are lies, and all organizations or agencies which say that this is their goal, were created and exist as illusionary devices that the society uses to maintain it's false veneer of moral and just decency/benevolence. There is nothing astonishing or in the least bit surprising about the child abuse case that you mention. Such cases occur by the thousands, every day, in every corner of the planet. In every city, in every county, due to universal Sacred Family Unit mythology. It is sad that there are so many humans like you, trapped halfway between being able to recognize some Truth, but unable to break free of other insane and evil societal doctrines, such as the ridiculouis notion that society has a right to hurt/punish it's own tortured victim-creations. The "malevolent, criminal people" that you mention, are simply tortured child-victims themselves, who just happen to have aged, become "adults", and were told by their society to breed and then to use their offspring as Poison Containers.

Adoption compromises Sacred Family Unit mythology. Therefore it will never be actively supported by society, or used as a primary tool to rescue abused children. Money is one perverse operational aspect of human society. But the root motivations for why society chooses to sponsor child genocide, go way beyond economics/money. You were abused as a child. You simply choose to not consider/recognize your treatment as having been abusive, because your society decrees that this type of punitively punishing treatment is perfectly appropriate and correct. You have a True Reality right to not consider yourself to be a victim of child abuse, but if you wish to become a Superior, you must face up to and genuinely understand the reasons why you choose to not label your treatment as having been abusive.

All "social service" agenies are direct extentions of society. They are created and empowered to impose the agenda, doctrine, and philosophical/ideological/operational mandates of the social structure, upon the populace. Therefore, no "child welfare" agency that is funded, supported, promoted, or directed by any human "government", could possibly have any genuine goal or intention to save/rescue children from being abused, because in Truth, the government itself has a philosophical/ideological/operational mandate to legitimize and promote the genocidal abuse of children. Feminism is an ideological movement designed to empower women. The issue is, what type of empowerment does the movement seek to provide for women. The answer, in many cases, is the same perverse and genocidally evil "powers" that male humans are given by their society, such as legitimization to commit murder. No creature should ever seek "equality" with any ruling human group, because all currently existing ruling human groups are evil, diseased, insane, and unworthy of possessing any power over anyone or anything. In general, "exotic" objects are considered and decreed by society to be more valuable to own, than "ordinary" objects, therefore the foreign child/slave has more exotic value appeal. As individual, tortured victim-creations of society, we have no obligation to try to help children in any fashion. Our obligation is to ourselves, within Truth, simply to do what our own unique True Reality dictates.

I've gotten no "help" from anyone but Myself. My "writing voice" is as angry as my True Reality dictates it to be. No, lawsuits would not deter any slaveowner from mistreating their slave, as long as society officially decrees parents to be slaveowners and children their slaves, as it currently does. Yes, we do live in a corrupt, irrational, idiotic, unjust world. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

June 17, 2003 Update: Hello. I am pleased and proud to report that an aspiring Superior has decided to create an online Message Board devoted to discussing Forbidden Truth in particular, and my Manifesto of Forbidden Truth in general. You can click here to go to this Message Board:

Deviant Philosophy

A few very important points: Firstly, despite being the "inspiration" for the creation of this Message Board, I have absolutely nothing to do with the operation or the content of this Message Board. I will not be contributing any content to this Message Board. It is possible that I might occasionally choose to access and read some of the posts made to the board, however no posts or replies of any kind will be made by me, even if a valid question or issue is raised. The only way to directly interact with Me remains via private e-mail, and as always, your e-mail must meet all of the contact requirements that I outline on my Introduction to the Forbidden Truths and More about Me page, in order for you to receive a reply.

On June 8, 2003, xxxxxxxx@yahoo.com Wrote: Hi. I just want to say Thank You. I have been on a quest to unravel the truths of life for many years. I must say that after spending four days 12+ hours each day reading your site, more truth has been illuminated to me than with all my years of solo effort. Thank you for sharing your brilliant realizations with the world. I have a question, are you familiar with the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer? If you are, would you consider him someone worthy of the title Superior, or even a Seer of Forbidden Truth? I think he had some brilliant realizations of Truth. One of my favorite quotes is by Arthur. He says: "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." Do you think he is right? Also, what are your favorite quotes regarding truth? Good luck in your life journey."

Hello. I'm glad that you were able to find valuable Truth within my Manifesto. My Manifesto is absolutely filled and saturated with the most brilliant and precious of all Truths, but only a tiny handful of humans possess the Superiority that is required to actually recognize and embrace these Truths. I share the Truths of life with the universe, not with humanity specifically, as the human species as a whole is unworthy of receiving such a gift. Yes, I am familiar with Arthur Schopenhauer. Arthur certainly did come to some profound and Truth-based philosophical and ideological realizations regarding humanity. I would say he was a genuine seeker of Truth, however he does not rank as a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth. He cannot even begin to match up with Nietzsche, Manson, LaVey. His writings on religion are particularly inferior, as he claimed to have been an atheist himself, yet in his philosophical texts he appears almost totally unable to recognize the toxic and diseased nature and the horrifically negative consequences of the Insane God Myth.

The quote on Truth that you provide above is certainly enigmatic and thought-provoking. But unfortunately it is only 2/3rds accurate. Yes, all genuine Forbidden Truth is initially ridiculed and mocked by all mainstream, top-level leaders and agents of human society, as part of the process of attempting to convince the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves to blindly reject and condemn both the Forbidden Truth itself, as well as the Truth-teller. And yes, all Forbidden Truth is violently opposed and rejected by both the Unwashed Masses and the leaders of human society. The more directly challenging of and dangerous to the primary, core, lie-based structures upon which the society is built and based upon, the more violently the Forbidden Truth is attacked, and if the societal leadership is unable to get the Seer of Forbidden Truth to be labeled as "crazy" by the Unwashed Masses, it will resort to imprisonment and even assassination, to silence the Seer and thus eliminate the danger of the Forbidden Truth to the existing lie-based societal structure. So, the first two "pieces" of Arthur's dissection of Truth are right on target. But he veers way off course with his conclusion, "Third, it (truth) is accepted as being self-evident." This is not accurate. The vast majority of all Forbidden Truths are never "accepted as being self-evident", by any significant portion of the human race. Only a few minor, "scientific" Truths, Truths which have no profound or primary impact upon the eternally lie-based design and operational structure of human society, are ever allowed by your evil leaders, to become "self-evident". An example of such a Truth would be the earth being round as opposed to flat. This is not a profound or primary top-level Forbidden Truth, but rather a superficial scientific fact that has little if any impact upon the operational structures of humanity. So, Arthur's quote regarding the nature of Truth, despite being factually accurate on two counts, is rendered totally inaccurate and invalid, due to his third, concluding statement. In fact, the entire, overall philosophical/ideological message of the quote is severely harmful and toxic, to all genuine seekers of Forbidden Truth. Why? Because Arthur is saying that if you just wait and do nothing, Truth, in fact all Truth, will eventually become "self-evident" to you, as well as to humanity in general. Nothing could be further from the actual Truth. Forbidden Truth is never easy to realize, much less embrace. It becomes "self-evident" only to a tiny handful of Superiors, all of whom, Myself included, have devoted many years of intense effort towards cleansing our minds of the daily onslaught of toxic lies, myths, and brainwashings that are maliciously imposed upon every human being, every single day of our lives, beginning the moment we are born.

If you are a genuine seeker of Truth, my advice to you would be to focus your study on the few top-level Seers of Forbidden Truth that are publicly known, Myself, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Manson, Anton Szandor LaVey, and a few others. But even more importantly, develop your independent mind so that you can uncover Forbidden Truth for yourself, without heavily relying upon any other human. If you try to wade through the hundreds of thousands of pages of philosophical texts written by mid-level "students of the human condition" such as Arthur Schopenhauer, you might come to a few profound realizations of Forbidden Truth, but you will never be able to instantly recognize and reject all of the millions of lies, myths, and hypocrisies within human society, as a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth like Myself, can and does.

You asked me to provide some of my favorite, Superior quotes regarding Truth, and I am happy to oblige, below. I will add a few brief comments to some of the quotes. Please note that just because these quotes about the nature of Truth are accurate and insightfully True in and of themselves, does not mean that the humans who deliver the quotes possess any Superiority or any personal embrace/realization of Forbidden Truth. The quotes will appear in red, and any comments by me, in black, following the quote.

"At a time of universal deceit - telling the Truth is a revolutionary act."-----------------George Orwell. Perfect quote here. Humanity dwells within the realm of universal deceit, and all revealers of Forbidden Truth are indeed revolutionaries, in the Truest sense of the word.

"There are few nudities so objectionable as the naked Truth." --------------Agnes Repplier.

"The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on Truth."---------------Edith Sitwell. Absolutely correct. No matter how strange, bizarre, irrational, unlikely, blatantly ridiculous a notion is, as long as it has the official backing of societal leaders and their empowered agents, it will be embraced and believed by a strong majority of the society's citizen-slaves. Meanwhile, even the clearest and most obvious of Truths are pathologically rejected and ridiculed.

"As scarce as Truth is, the supply has always been in excess of the demand." --------------Josh Billings. Absolutely correct. Nobody "misses" Truth, nobody wants Truth. There is never any demand for Truth, within your pathetic societies.

"How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the Truth?"--------------Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

"When the conspiracy of lies surrounding me demands of me to silence the one word of Truth given to me, that word becomes the one word I wish to utter above all others."--------------Andre Brink. Great quote! This should be the attitude of all top-level Superiors and Seers of Forbidden Truth.

"All great Truths begin as blasphemies."--------------George Bernard Shaw. Correct. Every single Forbidden Truth is decreed by society to be an outrageous lie, a blasphemy upon the existing, ultra-diseased, lie-based societal structure.

"False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil."--------------Socrates. Correct. We must recognize that lies are toxically infectious. No lie is ever "self-contained". All lies have toxic tentacles that reach and extend far beyond the single Truth that they directly compromise and conceal.

"In our country, the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State."--------------Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn. This is True for all currently existing countries, although there are of course slight differences in the degree of lie-saturation within countries, based upon how diseased the society is.

"The best mind-altering drug is Truth."--------------Lily Tomlin. Ha-ha, way to go Lily, actress and philosopher? Great quote, and totally True. Nothing alters the mind of a human being in a more profound and positive manner, than simply being exposed to and having the courage/ability to embrace, Truth.

"First and last, what is demanded of genius is love of Truth."--------------Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

"The great enemy of the Truth is very often not the lie--deliberate, contrived, and dishonest--but the myth--persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic."--------------John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Kind of ironic that a supreme leader of the most diseased and lie-based society on planet earth would reveal/express a profound and accurate quote on Truth, but that is what we have here. Great insight, the myth can be and very often is far more pervasively toxic than the outright lie. Of course this evil leader of human society never publicly revealed genuine Forbidden Truth to humanity, even if possibly he did recognize and know, on a private, personal level, what some of his society's toxic myths/lies were. For example, some supreme leaders of societies are not genuine god addicts themselves. They recognize that it is an insane myth. But they would never and could never publicly expose the myth as being a myth, because it is one of the toxic pillars upon which the diseased society has been built and is sustained.

"I tore myself away from the safe comfort of certainties through my love for Truth - and Truth rewarded me."--------------Simone de Beauvoir.

"It is easier to perceive error than to find Truth, for the former lies on the surface and is easily seen, while the latter lies in the depth, where few are willing to search for it."--------------Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. A profound insight of Truth! Even if a human finds the courage and ability to recognize a toxic societal lie/myth as being a lie/myth, and embraces this "Truth", that does not mean he possesses the Superior ability to uncover and embrace the actual Truth of the specific issue in question, the actual Truth that the toxic societal lie/myth was designed and utilized to cover up and hide. Recognizing a toxic lie/myth, and uncovering a Forbidden Truth, are two totally different things. They are both extremely difficult to do, but the latter is far more difficult than the former.

"It is proof of a base and low mind for one to wish to think with the masses or majority, merely because the majority is the majority. Truth does not change because it is, or is not, believed by a majority of the people."--------------Giordano Bruno. Let us never forget, there is no Forbidden Truth that is currently accepted or embraced by a majority of human beings within any society. Not a single one. Therefore, whatever a majority of humans believe to be the Truth, is almost always a lie/myth.

"Let my name stand among those who are willing to bear ridicule and reproach for the Truth's sake, and so earn some right to rejoice when the victory is won."--------------Louisa May Alcott.

"Men occasionally stumble on the Truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened."--------------Sir Winston Churchill. Ha-ha, so True! Sometimes, by accident, a human manages to realize a Truth, but in such cases they almost always reflexively and pathologically hurl the Truth away, flee from it in terror, as they reject and renounce their own unbearable realization.

"On the mountains of Truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow."--------------Friedrich Nietzsche. Great insight by our top-level Seer! Every Truth that you realize and embrace, is like a step up as you climb and conquer the vast mountain of lies and myths upon which your entire society was built and is sustained.

"Seek not greatness, but seek Truth and you will find both."--------------Horace Mann.

"There are many Truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home."--------------John Stuart Mill.

"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to Truth; not going all the way, and not starting."--------------Buddha. Very profound quote here. There are so many cowardly creatures within the human species who claim to be interested in uncovering Truth, make a few token efforts, actually uncovering a few Truths, then stop, declaring that they have achieved their goal, they have found all of the Truth that there is to find. Pathetic. The quest for Truth never ends, folks. There are always new Truths to be uncovered, within a lie-based society, because new lies are constantly being created, popularized, imposed upon all citizen-slaves by the lie-based society.

"The trouble about man is twofold. He cannot learn Truths which are too complicated; he forgets Truths which are too simple."--------------Dame Rebecca West.

"Truth exists, only falsehood has to be invented."--------------Georges Braque. Great quote! Think about it, folks. Truth "is". It is not a creation, and it does not require explanation or justification. It exists within pure reality. But lies are a different story. Lies, myths, falsehoods, they all have to be invented, they have to be "spun". A story has to be created, developed, rationalized, built, to give the falsehood life, to make the falsehood seem plausible and True. All falsehoods are toxic human creations. All Truths are pure, natural, instinctually obvious realities that exist independently and free of all human manipulation and development.

"The Truth is cruel, but it can be loved, and it makes free those who have loved it."--------------George Santayana.

"Truth will always be Truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief or ignorance."--------------W. Clement Stone. Simple but incredibly profound quote. The Truth is untouchable. It does not need to be understood, believed, realized. It?s validity and power and strength remain exactly the same, regardless of whether five humans on the planet recognize/embrace it, or five billion humans recognize/embrace it. It is the humans who reflect their own inferiority by being unable to recognize/embrace the Truth. The Truth itself is unaffected, untouchable.

"We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the Truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people."--------------John F. Kennedy. Ha-ha, Johnny had some guts, he knew he could tease his citizen-slaves with quotes that actually do reveal Forbidden Truth, simply by telling them that they actually already enjoy the freedom to accept or reject the toxic, lie-based ideology that his government is terroristically imposing upon them. Here he claims that his government offers the citizen-slaves of america the ability to judge for themselves what is True and what is false, using the ridiculous illusion of "freedom" which has already been firmly implanted within the minds of the citizenry. "You are free to judge for yourself what is True and what is false", declares Johnny. But of course this is a ridiculous claim, no such freedom exists within a lie-based society where every human being, for every day of his life, has been bombarded with toxic mythology to the degree where no genuine Truths can even be recognized anymore.

"It is dangerous for mortal beauty, or terrestrial virtue, to be examined by too strong a light. The torch of Truth shows much that we cannot, and all that we would not, see."--------------Samuel Johnson. Correct. The Truth is literally blinding to the vast majority of humans. Just as staring directly into the sun for an hour will physically blind a human being, exposure to Forbidden Truth can literally drive human beings insane, if they are fervent and broken addicts of the lie-based ideological and operational structure of their society.

"Children say that people are hanged sometimes for speaking the Truth."--------------Joan of Arc. Joan made this decree of Forbidden Truth during her trial, where she was accused of being a witch. Our Martyr was indeed murdered by her society, tied to a stake and burned alive at the age of 19. Unbelievably, 500 years after she was burned at the stake for being a "witch", a different group of humans insanely declared her to be a "saint". From witch to saint, 500 years of "progress" within an ultra-diseased and deranged society.

"The right to search for Truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be True".--------------Albert Einstein. Correct. Often the difference between "ordinary" Truth and Forbidden Truth is simply that the ordinary Truth is only partial in scope, while the Forbidden Truth is complete, it digs through all of the layers, nooks, and crannies of the lie that it dissects and destroys.

"Truth is a point, the subtlest and finest; harder than adamant; never to be broken, worn away or blunted. Its only bad quality is, that it is sure to hurt those who touch it; and likely to draw blood, perhaps the life blood of those who press earnestly upon it."--------------Walter Savage Landor. Truth should hurt. Those humans who have spent a lifetime addicted to and embracing lies, deserve to be hurt, to suffer, even if they are sincerely attempting to break free and embrace Truth. It will always be a difficult, painful process. The longer a human has been addicted to lies, and the stronger the addiction is, the more painful and difficult the break will be.

"Truth is mighty and will prevail. There is nothing wrong with this, except that it ain't so."--------------Mark Twain. Ha-ha, right on Mark! The notion that Truth is "mighty" and somehow destined to prevail in the end, is totally incorrect. The mightiness of Truth rests within it's untouchability, but not within it's ability to win out over lies, in terms of human recognition and embrace. Despite it's mightiness, Truth will not prevail over lies, Truth has no chance of prevailing, within the realms of human ideology, philosophy, and behavior.

"What does the Truth matter? Haven't we mothers all given our sons a taste for lies, lies which from the cradle upwards lull them, reassure them, send them to sleep: lies as soft and warm as a breast!"--------------Georges Bernanos. Indeed, all mothers, fathers, teachers, politicians, celebrities, all human beings who have ideological influence over children, infect every generation of children, from birth, with an endless stream of toxic lies.

"Truth is like the sun. It brightens up the whole world but no one can stare at it without being blinded or touch and feel it without being burnt."--------------Philippos. Except for a tiny handful of top-level Superiors.

"Truth has no special time of its own. Its hour is now?always and indeed then most truly when it seems unsuitable to actual circumstances."--------------Albert Schweitzer. Correct. The more terrifying and "inconvenient" Truth appears to be at a particular moment in time, the more precious and vital it is that Truth be recognized, embraced, and seized upon, at that moment. It is during these crucial moments in the history of a society, that the Truth can make/have the most positive difference and impact.

"It is a puzzling thing. The Truth knocks on the door and you say, 'Go away, I'm looking for the Truth.' and so it goes away. Puzzling."--------------Robert M. Pirsig. Ha-ha! This is so insightfully accurate! Remember folks, the Truth exists. It is here, it swirls around us all the time. All you have to do is reach out and grab it, with courage and conviction and determination. Very often, the Truth literally stares you in the face, it's right there, right in front of you, albeit cloaked beneath the toxic veil of lies that you live your lives trapped within. But still, it's there. You creatures simply reject it, toss it aside, renounce it, even as you continue to claim to value and seek Truth. Pathetic!

"The most important Truths are likely to be those which...society at that time least wants to hear."---------------W.H. Auden. Correct. The more important a Truth is, the more dangerous and threatening it is certain to be, to the existing social structure.

"Historically...those who told the Truth about a particular regime have been exiled, jailed, or killed by those in power whose fury has been aroused. To be sure, the obvious explanation is that they were dangerous to their respective establishments, and that killing them seemed the best way to protect the status quo. This is True enough, but it does not explain the fact that the Truth-sayers are so deeply hated even when they do not constitute a real threat to the established order. The reason lies, I believe, in that by speaking the Truth they mobilize the [psychological] resistance of those who repress it. To the latter, the Truth is dangerous not only because it can threaten their power but because it shakes their whole conscious system of orientation, deprives them of their rationalizations, and might even force them to act differently. Only those who have experienced the process of becoming aware of important impulses that were repressed know the earthquakelike sense of bewilderment and confusion that occurs as a result. Not all people are willing to risk this adventure, lest of all those people who profit, at least for the moment, from being blind."---------------Erich Fromm. This is the single most brilliant and Superior quote that I have ever read, by Erich Fromm. It is totally and perfectly accurate. The reasons why societies choose to destroy their Seers of Forbidden Truth, go far beyond the theoretical "threat" to the existing, ultra-diseased societal structure, that these Seers pose. The Seer of Forbidden Truth poses a threat to the psychic stability of every human being living within an ultra-diseased society, from the supreme leader himself, all the way down to the street bum and the death row Martyr. Nothing else within the human experience, can evoke and provoke as much raw, personal terror, as being directly confronted with Forbidden Truth. This is why Seers of Forbidden Truth are decreed to be so dangerous that they are destroyed, Martyred, even though in reality, there is almost never any chance that enough human beings will embrace the Truths that the Seer graces them with, for any actual revolution or overthrow of the existing government or even the operational structures within the government, to occur. In fact, the perceived threat that a Seer of Forbidden Truth poses, is not limited to any single country or government. It blasts across all nationalistic borders, since Forbidden Truth is universally applicable to all of humanity.

"To most of us nothing is so invisible as an unpleasant Truth. Though it is held before our eyes, pushed under our noses, rammed down our throats- we know it not."---------------Eric Hoffer. Correct. Many of the Forbidden Truths within this Manifesto are so clear, so obvious, so undeniable, that logic dictates only someone suffering from profound mental retardation would be unable to recognize them, or would be able to rationalize rejecting them. And yet you pathetic creatures do not recognize these Truths. You reject them, you ignore them, you dismiss them. They are invisible to you, thanks to your perverse terror and inferiority.

"It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself."---------------Thomas Jefferson. Never forget folks, everything that your government devotes time and effort towards getting you to accept and embrace, is toxic, diseased, and lie-based. God, patriotism, democracy, freedom, capitalism, morals, sexual lifestyles, traditions, military service, war, politics, familial obligation, romantic love, humility, self-sacrifice, obligation to other humans and to existing societal institutions. These are all toxic errors of thought/belief. Your leaders "support" these doctrines/ideologies, impose them upon you, throw all of their terroristic and brainwashing power into getting you to accept and embrace them. Your Sacred obligation, to yourself and to the Truth, is to recognize and reject these governmentally supported toxic errors, and simply locate the hidden and suppressed, but still clearly obvious to a Superior, Truths that these errors are designed to cover up and conceal.

"Beyond a doubt Truth bears the same relation to falsehood as light to darkness."----------------Leonardo da Vinci. Let there be light! :-)

"The Truth of things is the chief nutriment of superior intellects."----------------Leonardo da Vinci. Eat heartily, at this feast of Truth that is My Manifesto! :-)

"To love Truth for Truth's sake is the principal part of human perfection in this world, and the seed-plot of all other virtues."------------------John Locke. Correct. Our appreciation for Truth must be unconditional, because the value of Truth does not exist in it's ability to comfort us, to make us feel good, to aid us in our life journey, or even to strengthen our minds. Truth is supremely valuable simply because it is True, simply because it is not a toxic lie.

"The world always makes the assumption that the exposure of an error is identical with the discovery of Truth--that the error and Truth are simply opposite. They are nothing of the sort. What the world turns to, when it is cured on one error, is usually simply another error, and maybe one worse than the first one."----------------H.L. Mencken. This is the single most profound and important quote that I have ever read, by H.L. Mencken. It might seem "simple", but it is remarkably profound. You pathetic creatures are constantly abandoning toxic lies, not in favor of the Truth, but simply in favor of a slightly different toxic lie, all the while believing that you have finally found the "real" Truth. You do not make these ideological alterations on your own, but rather with the total encouragement and direction of your lie-based and evil society, which knows that the best way to keep you addicted to toxic lies, is to provide you with the "freedom" to go from one toxic lie to another toxic lie, all the while keeping you deluded into believing that you are on some "road" towards Truth. Never forget, if and when your evil society allows you to "uncover" a lie within it's operational or ideological structures, that the remedy, the solution, the "new path" that is laid out for you by the society, is certain to be just as lie-based, just as devoid of all Truth, and very likely even more toxically harmful, than the "old path" that you are being given permission to abandon, was.

"No one ever heard of the Truth being enforced by law. Whenever the secular arm is called in to sustain an idea, whether new or old, it is always a bad idea, and not infrequently it is downright idiotic."----------------H.L. Mencken. Correct. No government uses it's empowered institutions, such as the judicial system, the media, religion, etc..., to enforce or popularize Truth. Only toxic lies, myths, derangements, and idiocies.

"If falsehood, like Truth, had but one face, we would be more on equal terms. For we would consider the contrary of what the liar said to be certain. But the opposite of Truth has a hundred thousand faces and an infinite field."----------------Michel Eyquem de Montaigne. A brilliantly profound quote! Let us understand fully, that for every one Truth that exists, many thousands of lies exist, and even more can be created at any time by your cunningly malicious leaders. Even if you recognize, realize, and accept something to be a lie, you have only made the tiniest bit of progress towards locating the Truth of the issue. There are literally thousands of other, different lies that already exist, on the issue, while only one genuine and valid Truth exists. The odds are extremely high that unless you are a top-level Superior, you will simply hook onto a different lie, rather than locate, recognize, and embrace the one Truth that does exist on the issue.

"The honest man must be a perpetual renegade, the life of an honest man a perpetual infidelity. For the man who wishes to remain faithful to Truth must make himself perpetually unfaithful to all the continual, successive, indefatigable renascent errors."----------------Charles Peguy. Correct. Remaining faithful to Truth is a daily, lifelong endeavor. There is no "retirement". It doesn't matter how brilliant or Superior you are, if you live within a diseased, lie-based society, you are bombarded for every single day of your lifetime with toxic lies. Your battle against society can never end. Victory is achieved, but only on a daily basis. The next day, the war is on again, the bombardment resumes the moment you wake up from sleep, the bombardment continues for as long as you are conscious, for every minute of your conscious lifetime.

"Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me Truth."----------------Henry David Thoreau.

"I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept even the simplest and most obvious Truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have delighted in explaining to colleagues, which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabric of their lives."----------------Leo Tolstoy. Absolutely and totally correct! One of the reasons why lies constitute a genuine "plague", is because they genuinely assume a "life of their own", once they are integrated within the conscious and subconscious True Realities of a human being. The toxic lie attaches itself to the psyche of the inferior, like a massive, cancerous tumor can attach itself to the human brain or the human heart, making removal of the tumor, virtually if not totally impossible. Once a toxic lie becomes entangled within a human being's psyche and True Reality, a tragic fate that befalls 99.999999999999% of all human beings long before they even reach mental adulthood, it is usually impossible for the toxic lie to be extracted, and replaced with genuine Forbidden Truth.

"The history of the race, and each individual's experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal."----------------Mark Twain. Correct. All genuine Truth is fragile, vulnerable, easily toppled for most humans, even aspiring Superiors. All it takes is a moment of weakness, a single moment, for a toxic but comforting lie to take root, to topple a precious but "comfortless" Truth. On a larger scale, well constructed lies are clearly and undeniably "immortal". Just look at the Insane God Myth. It cannot be eradicated, it cannot be destroyed. No Truth can stand up to this lie, no Truth can defeat this lie, within the inferior excreta of the Unwashed Masses. This is because it is a "lie well told". Of course a few, Superior, individual human beings can and do totally purge and destroy this insane myth from their own personal experience of life. A Superior individual can defeat and destroy any lie. But the point is that the lie itself is genuinely immortal. It cannot be eradicated from the human universe, because the vast majority of all human beings are inferior, pathetic, broken creatures who cannot resist a well told lie. This will not change, only the upcoming extinction of the human species, will finally kill and destroy all of the millions of lies that the human species has created.

"Truth against the world."----------------Frank Lloyd Wright. I have decided to close with this very short, four word quote, because it sums everything up perfectly. "Truth against the world!" What more needs to be said, or shouted? The human world does not exist within Truth. All of us who embrace and value Forbidden Truth are engaged in direct conflict and mortal combat with the human world. Let our eternal battle cry be:

"Truth Against The World!!!"

June 4, 2003 Update: Hello. Welcome to yet another undeserved update. I have several pieces of new information to share with you creatures. I am pleased to report that I have added a brief essay update to the Guilt/Sacrifice/Extinction Essay Updates page, located here:

Updates & Additional Commentary on the Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, Societal Obligations to Individuals, Genetic Perversions of Human Race, Viability/Entitlement of Human Race to Exist, Doomsday Scenarios for Extinction of Humanity, and Utopian Society Essays.

Only some of the essays within the Main Body of my Manifesto have been completed, and some of you humans are emailing me, asking when I intend to complete, or at least begin working on, these incomplete essays. The answer is: Not now. When? None of your business. However, due to the volume of inquiries, I have decided to offer an Essay Sponsorship option, on my PayPal Financial Support page. The way Essay Sponsorship works is very simple: For a payment of US $1,000.00, you Sponsor the completion of the Essay of your choice, choosing from all of the Essay?s that are already outlined within the Main Body of this Manifesto. Within 30 days, the essay of your choice will be completed and sent to you by e-mail, as well as made available to the world at large via this public Manifesto. See the Donations, Purchases, and Subscriptions page, located here:

Financial Support for the Forbidden Truth Project via Donations, Purchases, and Subscriptions,

for additional information.

May 20, 2003 Update: Hello. Well, another month has passed by, according to the perversely invalid calender of time that you creatures have chosen to live your lives embracing, without any new content being added to any of the web pages or brilliant essay outlines within this Manifesto. Why no new content? Very simply, it is because you pathetic life forms are unworthy of receiving additional Truths, and the time and effort that I would have to devote to typing up and posting additional Truths. You prove your unworthyness each and every day, in hundreds of different ways, directly to Me. You don't even deserve to exist as a species, so how can you deserve to be graced with Truth? Up until the spring of 2002, I could justify devoting a fair amount of time to publicly disseminating Truth, because I had 24 hours of time, each and every day, to basically spend as I chose. For those of you who are not aware, I had never held any type of employment within your evil and diseased society until the age of 35, which was the spring of 2002. But things are different now. I no longer have 24 hours of free time every day. Instead, I have about 4-5 hours of free time per day, on average, due to the fact that about 13 hours of the day is devoted to employment activity, and another 6-7 hours per day is devoted to sleeping. Your insane and malevolent society is guilty of and responsible for this horrific injustice that is being committed against me, as the precious time of my unique and irreplaceable life is being taken away from me. So, do not ever expect me to devote more than a few hours of time per month, towards maintaining and updating this Manifesto. Instead, you should be falling to your knees in gratitude, showering Me with eternal Thank You's for the undeserved gift that I have given you by creating and publicly maintaining the availability of this Manifesto.

Over the past month, several worthwhile e-mails have been received from aspiring Superiors, and they are reprinted below, along with My replies, which will appear in red print. On May 3, 2003, ********@aol.com Wrote: "I still can't get past the essay on child abuse- I will try to finish reading the other essays as soon as possible. Lots of info to absorb. Bravo!. I, too, am a victim of child abuse. Your essay prompted me to think of another facet to the hideous family unit/societal structure that I didn't see in the essay: Part of the systematic programming and perpetuation of the sick family unit myth is the practice of NOT BELIEVING THE CHILD when the child attempts to tell others about the abuse. At the same time, children are also encouraged to maintain the sick family unit at all costs, lest, heaven forbid, they will be removed from their sick family and sent to a FOSTER HOME. Faced with this choice, a child will cover up his/her abuse to remain with the "known" devil vs. the unknown. The powerlesses that a child feels as a result of this manifests itself into complete rage in adulthood. Do you agree that this rage does not always manifest itself in violence against others?

My question is this: Where do you stand on the nature vs nurture argument? There are victims of horrific child abuse who bear children and perpetuate child abuse (creating poison containers to alleviate their illness) but they do not become 'serial killers'. Also, were Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy victims of child abuse? Everything I've read indicates no. (Please direct me if I'm misinformed). I believe there a number of components that may create a 'serial killer', not always in the same proportion. One scenario involves a genetic predisposition, a faulty wire or short circuit, in the DNA of some members of society. If the 'appropriate' environmental horrors are present, that child will grow up to become a serial killer. On the other hand, if there are indeed serial killers who have not been raised in a horrific, abusive environment, they become 'serial killers' because the genetic component is simply stronger in their case. I realize you probably get thousands of emails, but I would appreciate your thoughts on this, if possible. PS. Why do I keep thinking that you have pet birds? Anyway, I bet that you have lots of animals. If I'm wrong, oh well....I'm human. (smile)"

Hello, Thank you. Yes, many humans find my Manifesto to be "overwhelming" in terms of content, simply because they have never been confronted with the Truths of life and the nature of their own species. The vast majority of all human beings are victims of child abuse, but only a small percentage are Superior and clear-minded enough to properly describe themselves as being a child abuse victim. First of all, the vast majority of all adults who were abused as children refuse to consciously acknowledge and accept the Truth that they are in fact victims of child abuse. Even if they do accept that they suffered some "abuse", they still refuse to classify and define themselves as being victims. Therefore, whenever they are confronted with a child who claims to be a victim of child abuse, their naturally pathological inclination is to deny the claim of the child, just as they deny the factual Truth that they themselves are victims of child abuse. Secondly, society decrees all children to be subhuman, owned objects. Subhuman owned objects do not possess any independent capability to reveal information or knowledge to adult human beings, according to societal decree. Therefore, the veracity of everything that a child says to an adult is automatically and immediately doubted. Thirdly, society decrees that it does not support, sponsor, legitimize, or advocate the abuse of children, and therefore to accept the claim of a child that he/she was/is being abused, would require the adult to consider/accept the possibility that their beloved society, whose perverse, diseased, and lie-based doctrines and decrees they are addicted to, failed to properly protect the child from abuse. The terroristic threast of being sent to a foster home is just one example, among thousands, of the type of genocidal terrorism that all human societies inflict upon their children. Instead of promising the child a proper rescue and blissful refuge from his abuse, the society instead chooses to do the exact opposite, with limitless malice to terroristically threaten the already abused child that he will end up suffering abuse that is even more terrible and severe, if he tries to go out of the Sacred Family Unit and seek rescue from adult human authority figures or institutions. You are correct that faced with this and many other terroristic threats coming from the very human beings and societal institutions that the child is seeking aid from, the child will in most cases deny and cover up the abuse that his Sacred Family Unit is inflicting upon him. And in reality the chances of the child escaping abuse by leaving his particular abuser, are slim. This is because all adults are encouraged by society to abuse children. There is of course a slim chance that whatever environment the child escapes to, will not be significantly abusive. But the child instinctually and accurately realizes that the chances of being "rescued" and protected by society from further and additional abuse, are extremely slim. The powerlessness that children feel sometimes manifests as rage in adulthood, and if this rage is properly directed outward, it is the "best case scenario" that we can reasonably expect. Unfortunately, the human being is easily "broken" of the positive spirit that is required to properly embrace and channel rage, and the result of this is negative emotions of hopelessness, self-hatred, personal worthlessness, being embraced and directed inward. Unfortunately, this rage does not always manifest itself as violence directed outward. In fact, most of the time it is not directed outward. Society instructs/brainwashes it's torture victims into believing that they deserved to suffer, and have no moral right to even feel rage, much less properly direct it outward.

Your Nature vs Nurture question is answered within my Manifesto, at several different pages. Every human being finds a personally unique way to cathartically cope with the victimization that they have been subjected to. Even suicide is a form of cathartic "coping", although the consequences are of course horrifyingly negative for the "coper" who chooses this method. The important Truth here is that with complete malice aforethought, human societal leaders and the societal structure itself, overtly encourage and support torture victims choosing to create children and to cathartically transfer their rage, hate, pain, suffering, and abuse, onto their legally owned child-slaves. No such encouragement occurs, with regard to serial killing of strangers. That is why serial killing of strangers is much rarer than legal owners torturing/murdering their own children. It is not a matter of it being "easier" for parents to torture/kill children, as opposed to serial killers targeting complete strangers. The latter occurs far less often simply because it is not overtly advocated by society itself. Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy were victims of severe and ongoing abuse. It is ridiculous to base your assumption on what you read, in a lie-based society where Truth is routinely rejected and concealed. Beyond that, there is much written information about the abuse these two Martyrs have been subjected to, only it is not defined as "abuse", since most writers and authors will only use language terminology that conforms to dictionary and cultural definition. The human species is genetically diseased and perverse, as a whole. There is no reason to suggest that a "fault" exists within the brain of the serial killer, specifically. It is far more rational to consider that those who commit suicide suffer from a brain fault. But you will not find any such suggestion coming from societal leaders, because it is their intent to encourage their created torture victims to choose suicide, at least over becoming a serial murderer. Simply being born into and raised up within a society that decrees you to be a worthless, owned slave deserving no protection, security, human respect, constitutes "horrific abuse".

I don't get thousands of e-mails, thanks to a very effective spam-filtering/automatic rejection program, but I do get hundreds, and most are deemed unworthy of receiving a reply. Your e-mail was deemed worthy, so here is your reply. I am human too, unfortunately. No, I have no pets. I have never had a pet in my lifetime, and I never will. I have fed and petted stray cats, in the past. This has been my only positive physical contact with any living thing. Take Care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth

On May 9, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Hello Joseph. My name is *****. I consider myself a student of philosophy{specifically eco-philosophy}, and I've read "some" of your seeming masterpiece, and I'm extremely impressed...too bad our insane societies had to brutalize Forbidden truth out of you rather than steer you towards what otherwise would simply be Truth. I do not pity you or consider you anything less than a magnificent intellect and human being who has overcome the torture chamber that passes itself as the 20/21st century. I find your distinction between true reality and forbidden truth quite compelling. If it's any consolation to you, many of the world's respected scientist's are warning us of ecological collapse within as little as 15 yrs, or perhaps as long as 40-50, either way, there's no-way out short of worldwide totalitarianism or the worldwide rejection of modern society including the limitations of scientism/capitalism and the bogus democracy.....leading to the adoption of a new ecological worldview, which by its most rational and encompassing definition is wise, humane and biologically/ecologically/spiritually/economically sustainable...and thus meaningful. All economies are based on functional ecologies, as we systematically degrade and pollute our life support system, these economies must collapse. I appreciate your knowledge and your courage. If I qualify as someone you want to talk with, please do so, I'll consider you the teacher as you're clearly more knowledgeable than I am and you've proven to possess vast amounts of "proper" knowledge. Good luck with your meaningful quest and superior truth telling."

Hello, Thank you. My Manifesto is extremely impressive, in scope, depth, detail, and amount of Forbidden Truth revealed. However, only a tiny handful of genuinely Superior humans possess the mental ability to recognize and appreciate the uniquely valuable brilliance that is revealed. Within all human societies, there is Forbidden Truth, Truth that the society goes to genocidal lengths to deny, reject, renounce, and terrorize the vast majority of it's citizen-slaves into rejecting. Every human society was built and is sustained upon lies, not Truths. Therefore, no society chooses, as an operational mandate, to try to instill or teach Truth to it's human members. I too, perceive Myself as being an extraordinarily Superior creature who possesses a magnificent intellect. Pity is a useless and counter-productive emotion. I only nurture within myself, emotions that are personally empowering. Yes, There is a huge and vital distinction that must be realized and embraced, between True Reality and Forbidden Truth it is a very important distinction to make and to realize. The knowledge that the human race is doomed to extinction does comfort and satiate me. The sooner this occurs, the better. I do hope I live long enough to witness the actual dawn of this process, but I am not really optimistic in this regard. The doomsday event or series of events could occur at any moment, of course, so I remain very hopeful, but experience has taught me to not give in to optimism or "expectation". I do not think it is possible that the human species can or will evolve to the point where it would adopt any type of an ecologically benevolent operational structure. This would require positive evolutionary advancement, and the Forbidden Truth is that as a species, humanity is devolving. I would certainly agree that the human species is thankfully destroying itself, dooming itself, by it's very own structural, ideological, and operational paths.

Thank you for recognizing and appreciating my Superior knowledge and courage. I reply to all e-mails that I deem to be sincere and worthy. Your e- mail qualified. :-) If you have additional comments or questions, feel free to write and they should receive a reply, as long as my high standards continue to be met. I will continue my quest, and will continue to reveal some new and additional Forbidden Truth, as my True Reality allows and dictates. Take Care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On May 9, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "Joseph, As I've admitted, I haven't read all of your manifesto, and will do so over the course of the coming weeks. The only reason I'm emailing you is because I consider it possible that we may be spiritual cousins, and I thought it would be both productive and of value to each of us to exchange emails. I'm now going to enter into some pyschobabbling, I want to inform you that I also believe that social sciences/scientist's foolishly attempt to adjust the abnormal to our [bull]normal and rational societies[sh.t],... but people like Erich Fromm have argued for what would be considered by the brainwashed as extreme amounts of "reason" to be applied in the name of sanity.....Fromm is the author of many books including the Sane Society 1955...all this means is that I'm aware that the BULK of social science is dubious and for anything to make sense it must conform to enough proper facts, leading to intelligible logic and a reasonable conclusion, this is the essence of what being sane is all about. I share many of your views and do consider modern society as sick and insane,.... the valuing of purported rationality within a society lacking a reasonable basis is rather contradictory but where society is "at". I call the ability to accept your Forbidden truths{or any truths} as having the necessary "pyschological millieu", this millieu seems to be a response to torture{emotional or physical} or an idyllic upbringing*. * You're proof that systemic abuse can awaken the need/desire for Forbidden truths,.... as for the idyllic upbringing, I'm merely speculating and I'm obviously relying on my own subjective criteria as to what constitutes that upbringing. I consider myself as in between the two and this is why at 33-35 I've just woken up....although I recall intuitively suspecting that society was way too macho, aggressive and competitive, I was too brainwashed to further investigate, and effectively wasted 15 yrs of my one and only life being foolish. The basis of a rational, reasonable society must surely be genuine compassion and love{defined as the desire to develop oneself and others to unfold their humanity}.....do you agree with this sentence Joseph?

Bravo!!....do you think that power structures are the problem, it seems that the elite, who by secular definition, are getting the lion's share...have a vested interest in maintaining the power structure via irrationality, and it seems a logical necessity to remove these structures and possibly endure ongoing temporary doses of part-time "rational authority"...rational authority would be a short-term response backed by a proper moral imperative, IOW to get the house in order, and then dissolve until required again. This all assumes that we have the potential to spiritually* evolve en masse, if it's always going to be 1/10 million who've got a clue, then it seems that evolution is rather wasteful. * I define spiritual as the nexus between man, nature and universe.

Joseph....when you say extinction, do you mean ideally only those who are insane and sick, or do you not care if even those you consider to be the 1/10 million go under?, just curious, you're entitled to your contempt. I didn't provide as much info as I could have on the impending eco-disasters that awaits humanity, as I wasn't certain you'd respond, nor do I know if you have an interest in things ecological....but I'm not certain that extinction will result from an ecological collapse{but this is a possibility...this is not something science can say with anything approaching certainty}...the most likely cause of extinction will be of a nuclear kind as our homicidal masters play out their final hate card at the end of their sick epoch. God bless you....LOL. I look forward to your reply Seer, take care. "Comprehensive and aspiring truthseeker." "

Hello, I hope you enjoy the enlightenment of Truth that you will receive, as you read. I am willing to communicate with you, but I am not especially eager to do so. I am tired of dealing with human beings, they take up much more time & energy than they are worth. I spent lots of time communicating with humans over the past 10+ years, while publishing my own magazine, posting to Usenet, and also running my own Mailing List, all prior to embarking upon my Manifesto of Forbidden Truth project. I have received little of significant value or productivity from other humans. All of the profound insights of Truth that I have realized, have come from internal reflection and analysis.

The structural and operational mandates of all modern human societies, are utterly insane. There is no rational, normal validity to any aspect of "mainstream", regular, day to day human life, as exercised by the vast majority of human beings, acting as brainwashed and beholden drones of their societal and governmental "bosses". As an example, the job of all psychiatrists and psychologists is to try to help people cope with and accept as "normal", the totally abnormal and unnatural structures of society. I am familiar with Fromm, but have not read many of his books. It must be understood that all types of "science", just like all types of religions, are under the direct control and influence of malicious, Truth-hating societal and governmental leaders. Scientists are in fact employees of the governments within which they live as citizens. Scientists work under the terroristic threat that whatever discoveries or realizations of rational Truth they may make, are subject to rejection and ridicule and renouncement by these leaders, and that they themselves, as individuals, are essentially powerless to overcome this fascist control. Horrific childhood abuse, as I suffered, can free the mind, open up the mind of the child to all possibilities, free of the limiting propaganda and brainwashing that the child who suffers less, is more easily convinced/inclined to embrace. I have always been awake and eager to embrace Forbidden Truth. As a young child, for example, I spent months lying in bed, afraid to close my eyes and go to sleep, but determined to not abandon the Forbidden Truths regarding the ramifications of my upcoming death, that I had realized. Regarding the age when you began to seriously realize and focus upon Truth, the average human being does not even begin to reach genuine mental and intellectual maturity until their late 20's or early 30's, at the earliest.

The obligation of all individual human beings, is limited to themselves. Compassion towards Myself. Love of Self. No human born into and raised up within an irrational, unreasonable society, can be expected to extend compassion, love, or "humanity", to other human beings, much less to human society in general. This does not mean the person is doing something "wrong" if they do extend, but they cannot be reasonably expected or obligated to do so. Therefore, we reach the issue of how can such a rational and reasonable society come to exist, when every currently existing human society is irrational and unreasonable. The vast majority of all human beings do not want to be free, do not want to be "leaders" of their own lives, and do not want to know or even consider, the Truths of life. The "power structure" simply caters to this tragic reality. Human beings want to be victimized, oppressed, lied to, deluded, brainwashed. They want to waste their lives clinging to insane beliefs and ideologies, just as a baby clings ferociously to it's pacifier. This is because the malicious societal/power structure is designed to provide comfort and coping mechanisms, to the Truth-hating masses. I see no evidence to suggest that the human species is capable of any type of positive spiritual evolution. None of the technological or intellectual "progress" that the human species has made in the Modern Era, involves positive evolution, spiritual or otherwise. Hatred of Self is second only to personal worthlessness, as the two personal character traits that societal leaders are most eager to nurture within all citizen-slaves.

I know that I am entitled to my contempt, and the answer to your question is that the entire species deserves and is worthy of absolute and immediate extinction. All members of the species. The preferred form of extinction would be an event or a series of events directly initiated and caused by the actions of the human species. Certainly the ecological genocide committed by humanity against other species of life and against the environment as a whole, would qualify. But I've always been a bit more partial to something like a nuclear war. You are absolutely correct, that nuclear technology/weapons are the most likely cause of the upcoming human extinction. Given that the human species has always managed to achieve and extract maximum lethal productivity from every weapon it has developed, logic dictates that nuclear weapons will extinct the human species, since this weapon has extinction as it's maximal lethal productivity. I will bless Myself, as I know Myself to be the closest entity to god, that actually exists. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On May 15, 2003, ******@iprimus.com.au Wrote: "I'm going to use ecological themes quite a bit, this is because I believe that our survival and freedom depend on this knowledge. I'll be sending you two emails, one focused on the eco aspect+philosophy, and another focused on the insane God myth. As I've already mentioned, the world's ecosystems are being systematically degraded*, along with the destruction of innocent animals and their habitat's is the threat to bio-diversity, this bio-diversity allows our environments to remain in relative balance, and contain the release of new bugs, superbugs or plagues of existing bugs**....as we further globalize+ add pop+over-consume, it follows that an onslaught of bugs will be released, thus sooner or later, our economies will collapse as we are overcome by disease. *I'm going to send a separate email with links to the ecological calamity we're in, just so you know I'm not making this up as I go. I speak regularly to ecologist's/biologist's/envir scientist's,...when I ask them this question.."Does SARS or any Virus/bacteria originate in a disturbed/devasted ecology"....they answer yes, they never say no, IOW, our specialist scientist's KNOW the cause of many disease's, but economist's/GOV don't care as they practice their religion of "endless growth in a finite and fragile system". This means that revolution is not negotiable, as profit and money is the new religion, and the exploited, poor, aware...will have to overthrow them eventually and replace it with an ecologically sustainable system, this system is "incompatiable" with consumerism, and mankind will be forced by necessity to develop a new spiritual paradigm which has ecological knowledge as a central theme. This ecological paradigm MUST include a reverence for man, nature and universe....the old mechanistic, ruthless, brutal Newtonian paradigm will be scrapped{no "meaningful" scientific knowledge should be ignored}....but by considering man as an accident or freak of nature{as per the rise of science and the clockwork mechanical universe} we have lowered his intrinsic value, and respect and applaud those who are wealthy and successful, even if these people have little in the way of proper knowledge and are the biggest contributors to destroying our life support system. In 1992 1700 senior scientist's, including half of the living Noble Prize winners issued the world with The Warning to Humanity Statement{I will send you a link to this}, but our Zionist controlled mass media{ZOMM}, chose not to broadcast it, IOW, the world's most prestigious warning issued by its elite people was not given airplay by any of the "major" American and Canadian Mass Media. So the attempt was made, and is being thwarted by many factors, mainly of a bullsh.t variety, but including fantasizing that high technology will save us, even though it's the cause. Therefore the rare event of global breakdown and the possibility for the remoulding of global ethos represent a "chance" for the pursuit of the necessary eco-tangent. There will be no torture victims created by a global society that intrinsically values human life and will imprison* those who defy the necessary dicates of the proper NWO, these dictates are of a loving, developmental, ecological kind. The reason why most proper knowledge is censored is because it's bad for profit in the capitalistic era, the proper knowledge that exists informs us that we can survive without meat or medication, and those industries alone are worth Trillions. *We both agree that what passes for rational society is anything but!!"

Hello, Your scenario is very possible, and I hope it comes to pass. Regardless of what ultimately ends up causing human extinction, the extinction will be welcome and well-deserved. Disease and illness, in "moderation", are beneficial to and desired by existing diseased societal structures. Mankind will not be forced to do anything. It will always be a choice. In this case, become extinct or make this adjustment/choice that you describe. Knowing humanity, it is more likely it will choose to become extinct, although this choice will not be made on a directly and fully conscious level. The human species cannot and will not change course, as you suggest. Just as gravity works in one direction only, and once it begins it's directional pull, no reversal is likely to occur, the same is True for human devolution. There is no freedom of the press or freedom of informational flow, within any modern era human society. All of the Truths that a societal leadership seeks to suppress and conceal, it is able to successfully do so. The chance that you describe for possible remoulding of global human ethos is in reality a microscopically tiny possibility.

A legitimate society will NOT inflict any type of punitive punishment upon any living things, including fellow human beings. Therefore, any detention system created must be purely benevolent in nature. See my Crime page for the details of this proposed reform. Take Care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On May 15, 2003, ******@imprimus.com.au Wrote: "I reject the legitimacy of organized religion, and especially the notion of revelation as a "sense" experience with God. I call God related revelation "hallucination or lucid propaganda"....I do accept the notion of mathematical or musical revelation. Now Seer we enter my quasi-religious spiel. IMO, I consider it legitimate to posit a Supernatural God known only via intuition, but then logically justified. The supernatural is a loaded word, but its essential meaning is that beyond the laws of nature, thus it is beyond the detection of science, which as its metaphysical axiomatic basis of materialism has already rejected the idea, therefore, anyone relying on science to determine the validity of God, must determine atheism/agnosticism. Similarly, as God is an intuitive concept, empirical philosophy+ science can devastate an irrational God concept, but cannot damage a logically justified one. Intuition is non-rational, not irrational...BUT, typical non-philosophical based religions are inherently irrational. The structure of my philosophical beliefs allows humanity all that it can rationally deduce and discover, it's only constraint is that it be truth based, not dogma based. Should you reject my assertion as madness or some form of genetic derangement, you yourself would prove to be acting illogically{unreasonable}...and would be a supporter of the continued hijacking of epistemology, currently as the dominant form of empirical epistemology. Only by using reason can anyone dismantle the truths here, if you can do so, then as a truthseeker, I'm forced to accept your truths...REASON VS REASON=TRUTH. The opposite of fundamentalism is pluralism, and a pluralistic society utilizing a pluralistic epistemology would be a joyful experience and respects mystery....as both the exact details of the origin of the universe and life is mysterious The intuitive knowing of God is not at all clear, it is fuzzy knowledge, what I call the intuitive impetus, the impetus to bother searching for truth. I have no idea what God looks or sounds like, all I know "intuitively", is that he/she/it exists as a supernatural entity and is what created the universe...he unleashed the force of Cosmic evolution, inherent in its blueprint was the design for humanity,... biological evolution could never have proceeded without Cosmic evolution and the eventual conditions necessary for unicellular and then multicellular life to develop.

Is it not plausible that it's mainly brainwashing in the era of scientism, an era which denounces non-rational/biological knowledge. If being confronted with some new powerful information, the recipient may not understand it{analytical, rational}, but may have a biological reaction to it...but because the individual has been indoctrinated to accept the wonder of science and reason exclusively, then the "feeling" is swept under the carpet, and progress made via rational analysis only, which is further along the dogmatic spectrum of scientism. Please note, as I said before, reason is the packhorse, it does the bulk of work, but a safety valve in the form of biological knowledge exists within our human toolkit...isn't it the dictates of exclusive empirical philosophy that undermine that additional biological help?"

As individuals, our own physical deaths do represent the worst imaginable fate that can befall us. This is a Forbidden Truth.

Why Seer?...what is your logical justification of that FT. I don't know who to attribute this comment to, but it is said..."Death gives Life meaning", that we know we're going to die is what compells us to make our life meaningful, and that the fear of death is the knowledge of living a worthless life.

To "celebrate" our own deaths as a desirable or even natural process, represents a denial of this Truth.

How so?...it is an observed feature of all biological life that it begins, flourishes*, decays and then terminates....how is this not a natural process? *circumstances permitting.

Yes, death is currently unavoidable, and yes, it is the ultimate of perversity to try to cope with death by inventing and clinging to insane god myths.

Certainly, I reject all nonsense, especially when the elite are the beneficiaries of us accepting poverty. But what is wrong with postulating pleasing eschatological views on the proviso that it's logic doesn't prevent your sensible functioning? Regardless, of what the primitive cultures thought about death....I don't welcome my own death, but I accept it's going to happen, I combat that fact by trying to make my life meaningful...I do this by seeking truth. My view is that I'm a social animal, but as a truthseeking one, I can only tolerate{for any extended time}, other truthseekers, so my obligation is first and foremost to the innocent{which we all were once} and the truthseekers. I do not desire any unnecessary biological killing, but would imprison without hesitation those who defy proper knowledge*...and particularly these days, the biosociopaths. In prison they would be subjected to any rational sounding/unorthodox rehabilitation theories....this would be within a pluralistic society that actually cared about your spiritual/intellectual/philosophical development, although, the mere existence of a functioning pluralistic society may totally reduce or eliminate it's severity. *proper knowledge being that which makes life meaningful, and subject to rational scrutiny{ I wouldn't imprison anyone just for their opinions, only their ecologically or biologically damaging behaviour}

Virtually all humans suffer from genetic disease which renders their intellectual capacity to be warped, compromised, and limited. Pathological victimization, on a genocidal scale, has always been the core operational structure of modern human societies.

Yes, although I do wonder about the genetic thing, it might be environmentally transmitted toxic thought forms..Bush Snr produces Bush Jnr via parental brainwashing {as an agent of a pathological society} rather that Bush Jnr having a genetic disposition to evil.

The human species is cowardly and Truth-hating. It is drawn to lies and self-victimization, as a moth is drawn to a flame. No matter how convincing I am, I can never and will never be able to convince more than a tiny fraction of humans to abandon diseased crutches such as the insane god myth.

Yes Seer, you do all that's in your power, that is all anyone can be expected to do. No-one can save humanity, they can only save or enlighten "some"...the number is irrelevant. Truth is not a popularity contest. Would you welcome a planet full of genetically pure truthseekers?

It is inevitable that short of human extinction, humans will choose to create and empower another evil empire.

Do you not accept that as the environment degrades, we will have more pollution, less raw materials, leading to a cost of living explosion and massive unemployment+ continuing extremes of weather?...if so, then it follows that the dummies will try and find out what the hell is happening, when they discover that GOV, business, Mass media+ some scientist's lied to them, they will react violently and overthrow the existing institutions....as ecologist's and related soil and climate scientist's will be a necessity of this phase, their recommedation will be to DUMP industrial consumer society as it's unsustainable, thus "offering" the truths of an ecological era...it still has to be accepted by enough useful idiots, but it seems logical that it shouldn't go back to what nearly brought the earth and societies to the brink of collapse.

Music exists, you can hear it, you can create it. Math exists as a human creation, although just like language/definition, it is artificially projected and imposed upon the populace. god does not exist, either in actual fact or even as a human creation. It is a pure myth, based upon no reality. god is very specifically defined, within all mainstream human religions. god is given certain specific behavioral and structural characteristics. These characteristics have a specifically malicious purpose. The ideas that god is omnipotent, that god watches, that god judges, that god punishes, that god grants mercy, all of these notions are overtly, genocidally harmful, to the individual human experience of life, for every human who is or becomes addicted to the god myth. Human societal leaders cannot bear to tell their populace: "we don't know". The populace is too inferior, too frightened, to accept genuine mystery. It requires the comfort of insane myth, solidified by false societal proclamations that the mystery is solved, that the origin of life is known. god does not exist. My essay on the Insane God Myth clearly defines what god is, within all human mythological frameworks. I will not repeat the definition here.

You are wrong about human society denouncing non-rational/biological knowledge. To the contrary, scientific fact is scorned and rejected to just as great a degree today, as 1000 years ago. The only thing that has changed is WHICH scientific facts are mocked, rejected, and scorned. The god myth contains not a shred of genuine science or reason, and yet it is universally promoted by governmental and societal leaders. No coerced scientific indoctrination of the type you suggest, occurs. Totally the opposite occurs, ridiculous mysticism, myth, supernatural, insane belief, rules over all areas of human life. Not just religion, but every aspect of life. Politics, love, etc... "I love you with all my heart", perfect example of supernatural, mystical delusion, that the human heart, a non-thinking organ, is capable of "feeling love". Human beings do not live their lives within any framework of reasonable thought, belief, or philosophical doctrine. As individuals, our own physical deaths do represent the worst imaginable fate that can befall us because when I die I will cease to exist for all of eternity and I will never again be able to experience any thought, feeling, pleasure, happiness, pride, rage, or other sensation. My life defines me. When I lose my life, I lose Myself. It will be exactly as though I never existed, for all of cosmic eternity, just as I never existed prior to being born. This is the Forbidden, unacceptable to all other, inferior humans, Truth. The statement of "Death gives Life meaning above makes not a shred of logical sense. It is purely lie-based. Life has no legitimate meaning or purpose, specifically because it is doomed and destined to end in death, if we accept the Truth of what death entails. Therefore, the exact opposite of the above statement, would represent Truth. All of our lives and life accomplishments are inherently worthless, specifically because we will end up dying. The only current hope for escaping death is via cryogenic preservation, a topic I discuss within my Manifesto. I never said that death is not a natural process, what I said was that to celebrate, embrace, or even accept our own death as being "okay" and acceptable, represents a betrayal of Self and of Truth. It is NOT acceptable. I deserve to live forever, I deserve to be immortal. This is the Truth. As to using any form or version of the insane god myth to try to "better cope" with death, it must be understood and accepted that the god myth is overtly harmful, it warps the human mind, it causes human beings to make insane and unnatural life path choices. It represents falsehood. And thus it cannot legitimately exist or be deployed, on any level, within the universe of Forbidden Truth. Trying to cope with death by creating meaning within life, is an artificial coping mechanism, and a denial of the inherent Forbidden Truth that the reality of death itself occuring, renders life itself essentially meaningless. Nothing that I might achieve or accomplish in my lifetime, has any genuine, ongoing meaning, specifically because my ability to continue benefiting from my achievement, will cease and terminate upon my death. Realizing and accepting this Forbidden Truth is an extremely vital gateway towards understanding and choosing a life path that is Superior and Truth-based, at all times.

My obligation is to Myself. The fact that I was once innocent, and human society committed atrocities upon me when I was innocent, renders the notion that I have some type of obligation towards those who might currently be "innocent", philosophically absurd. I do not pretend to transcend the evil of the human society that created me. I am a tortured victim-creation of that society. Your proposed imprisonment solution can only be considered if the penal system was to be completely eliminated and then built up in such a way as to be 100% non-punitive, non-punishing in nature. See my essay regarding punitive punishment/imprisonment.

There is absolutely no genetic basis for "evil". The genetic basis is limited to functional brain inferiority that renders the human being's mind unable to accept or cope with the Forbidden Truths of life. I doubt that the human species will be lucky enough to enjoy any "new era". If a planet filled with genetically pure Truthseekers existed, it would certainly be better than the current reality of planet earth being infested by genetically diseased Truth-haters. But the word "welcome", as used by you in your question on this issue, would not be properly applicable. Financial wealth is primarily an artificial creation, under the control of societal leaders. Humans will accept whatever environmental/ecological degradation might occur. New industries will spring up, manufacturing gas masks for the populace to wear whenever they venture outside. New weatherproof body suits will be invented. At all times, pathological rejection of Forbidden Truth will continue to occur. Your philosophical theories are built upon a fundamental assumption that the human species is capable of positive evolution and embrace of Truth. It is not. Thousands of years ago, the aztecs tied children to stakes in the hot desert sun and fatally sacrificed them to god. Today many MORE children are fatally sacrified by their parents, with the support of human societal leaders and institutions. Human beings will turn on each other, obey societal mandates on who to target, who to use as Poison Containers, just as they have traditionally done. Take Care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On May 10, 2003, **********@hotmail.com Wrote: "Wow,what a site! i haven't yet, but intend on reading every bit of it. You have put into words what i have always felt and knew even as a child to be true....i cry for the victim that is me...i've always been considered "beautiful"(by other humans) have been horribly abused because of it, if it's true the smallest, tallest quietest etc is singled out for abuse in school,work whereever,well so is the prettiest, my whole entire existance has been made a living hell....the things that people have said to me,done to me thought of me the discriminations have been horrific to my "self", because of society's value on physical beauty from the very beginning of my life...by the age of 16 i was so self destructive that i started using drugs, to numb the agony,when i was arrested(at the age of 16) the matron with tears in her eyes said as i was being mug shot "you should be a model", I was so enraged, in my mind i knew i was crying for help signaling to the world that i was in unbearable pain but the only thing that mattered to others was to comment on my looks, it's continued thruout my whole entire life, it has almost destroyed me completely...enough about me, you've addressed these views in your site so beautifully. One comment tho, i met a person from bob jones university, went to the site ( web) and other sites of past students of bojo and i swear to you i am truly frightened by the insanity of our world, they are some of the sickest people imaginable and i think very very evil, and that is a university a place of higher learning? Thank you very much for your web site, it's a comfort to know that others see our world as it really is."

Hello, I'm glad you found my Manifesto of Forbidden Truth to be personally and ideologically insightful and accurate. Reading my entire Manifesto will prove to be well worth your time and effort, if you are a genuine seeker of Truth. Children are born with an instinctual ability and desire to both recognize and value Truth, but this ability and desire is systematically and deliberately targeted, attacked, and destroyed within every child, by the toxic, diseased, and lie-based human societies and cultures that every child is raised up within. Simply to openly recognize and unconditionally embrace the Truth that you are a tortured victim-creation of human society, represents a triumph of personal spirit, which appropriately defies the perverse, self-hating, "survivor" doctrine of diseased human culture. Mourn and cry for yourself only, this is the appropriate, sanely narcissistic focus of emotion.

Human societies maliciously create invalid definitions of what constitutes "beauty", brutally coercing their citizenry, especially of the female gender, to obsessively devote their time and attention towards achieving the totally pointless and useless beauty "standard" that has been created. The end result is an entire gender wasting their lives changing, modifying, maintaining, trying to "improve" upon, their appearance. The brainwashing methodology is similar to how men are encouraged to obsessively focus upon the endless, meaningless minutia of sports. All of the profound, Forbidden Truths of life are shunned, rejected, decreed to be meaningless, as insane meaning and purpose is declared to exist within the spectrum of eyebrow shaping, breast size, hair color, hair style, makeup technique, the universe of clothing fashion, etc... Magazines such as Vogue exist and are published every month, to provide women with an endless stream of different "styles" of appearance to waste their lives focusing on and changing on a constant basis. At the same time, the actual purpose and goal of society is to make women hate themselves as well as each other. To insanely judge each other based upon the utterly artificial and invalid beauty standards that have been created. The most basic message, that the woman needs to constantly maintain an artificial appearance, to put on an unnatural "mask", which is what makeup and fashion clothing is, whenever she ventures outside or has any contact with people outside of her immediate Sacred Family Unit, is itself genocidally ego-destroying. The message is: "The actual, natural reality of you is ugly, repulsive, unacceptable, inferior. You must create and maintain a false, artificial image of yourself, in order to fool and trick fellow human beings into liking you." Those females who cannot or will not go to the efforts required to attain "beauty", are taught and instructed by society to brutally judge, resent, and condemn their "beautiful" gender-mates, instead of recognizing them, along with themselves, as being soul-mate victims of the same perverse human society. It is the famous and oh so effective "divide and conquer" technique, perfected and used on a genocidal scale in all avenues of life, by human leaders. Men of course, are taught to both deny the humanity of all females, perceive them as objects to be acquired and owned, as well as to use the females that they do form intimate relationships with, as Poison Containers for their suppressed and denies rage, hate, terrors and frustrations.

On a personal note, I've always been most fascinated by the manner in which societies succeed to getting women to literally sacrifice and destroy their own health, jeopardize their own safety, and literally shorten their own lifespans, via the use of beauty and fashion artifacts and structures, such as high heeled shoes. The practice of footbinding within Chinese society, provides an excellent example, but even more importantly a direct and current parallel, to the manner in which all modern era human societies use fascist and ridiculously contrived beauty and fashion edicts to commit genocide upon their female populations.

Society instructs women that to be extremely "ugly", physically deformed, is a horrific fate. And to aspire to achieve the so-called parallel opposite, of extreme beauty. The Forbidden Truth is that the human societal structure operates in such a way that the brutality, the ongoing abuses and victimizations that the extremely, "abnormally" beautiful woman is subjected to, are just as severe and unrelenting as the abuses that the extremely "ugly", severely deformed woman is subjected to. We must also recognize what a perfect example of the use of language and definition as a brainwashing tool, this issue provides. There is absolutely no valid Truth of any kind, to the definitions of "beauty", "ugliness", etc..., that have been created by every human society. All such definitions, in reality invalid and meaningless distinctions, have been specifically devised to serve and to promote malicious societal purposes and goals of concealment of Truth, discrimination, self-hatred, self-victimization. As I reveal within my Manifesto, the central, primary goal of all modern human societies, is to cause all individual citizen-slaves to hate themselves, to consider themselves worthless, flawed, to get you to turn your justified rage and hate inward, upon yourself, instead of properly focused outward, in recognition of the actual enemy, the actual causes of your suffering and victimization. To lose, forever, the ability to recognize and nurture within yourself, on both a personal and a philosophical/ideological level, the Forbidden Truths of your own existence as a human being and the sum total of all life experiences that you have been subjected to. All children are instructed by their society, on a daily basis, to embrace hatred of self, and to allow to be extinguished the precious and irreplaceable, instinctually natural and normal love of Self that all children are born possessing. Your situation, your "fate", has been experienced and suffered by trillions upon trillions of children, throughout human history. What sets you apart, what gives you at least the theoretical ability to emerge triumphant via the embrace of all Forbidden Truth, as I have done, is the fact that you possess at least some ability to recognize, accept, and embrace some Forbidden Truths, and integrate them within your own day to day experience of life, as indicated by your e-mail.

All "schools" within Modern Era human societies are designed and operated to serve as propoganda and brainwashing factories. To shape and to imprison the vulnerable, open minds of all children, within the genocidally toxic confines of the desired ideological, behavioral, and belief parameters of the existing social structure. The job of universities and colleges is to complete the breakdown and destruction process, to destroy the already severely brutalized and damaged minds of every child, in irreparable fashion. To render the child's mind inoperable and unable, for the rest of the child's life, to recognize, embrace, and integrate within their own lives, any of the Forbidden Truths of life, as I outline within this Manifesto. Therefore, it is not productive to direct extreme focus upon any specific school or university, as being "worse" than other schools/universities. They are all illegitimate and serve an overtly, genocidally malicious purpose. This is where our focus needs to be. Remember, the "divide and conquer" technique is in constant use, on all issues and within all operational structures. Yes, Bob Jones University is a supremely diseased and malicious societal "educational" institution. But if you focus too much attention on this specific university, you can lose sight of the Truth that all societally legitimized educational facilities, commit genocidal harm against children. Or even worse, the inferior mind can come to the conclusion that because this particular school is so "bad", other schools are/must be benevolent and good, at least in "comparison". We must never allow this type of a ridiculously invalid form of lie-based rationalization to occur within our minds, if we aspire to become Superiors. Thank you for being Superior enough to appreciate the Truths that I reveal. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

On May 19, 2003, *********@aol.com Wrote: "I dont know if the world is ready for you, you are way ahead of your time, like many other visionary geniuses who dont get recognized until after they die. But as far as I know you dont care about acceptance, just that you get your word out and those of us who recognize, understand and accept your truths. I feel supremely lucky to have run across you."

Hello. Thank You for the well-deserved compliment. The world is not ready, and the world is not worthy. At least the human world. The question of whether My brilliance will be recognized at some point in the future, after my death, is an interesting one, but unfortunately your opinion that it will be recognized, and I assume you mean by human beings, is incorrect. The human species is not positively evolving, but rather devolving. It is True that within human history, in a few cases, humans who make scientific discoveries were not given proper credit during their lifetimes, but did receive a great deal of acclaim after their deaths. This does not cross over to philosophers and revealers of ideological Truth, however. Friedrich Nietzsche received virtually no positive acclaim as a philosopher during his lifetime. Today, there are a tiny handful of Superior humans who do recognize and acknowledge his brilliant contributions and revelations of Forbidden Truth, but this is only because a much larger audience is now able to access and contemplate his writings and statements, via books, the internet, etc... So, let us understand and embrace the Truth that I will never be recognized by the human species as being the visionary genius that I certainly am. It is however, quite possible that other species of life, from other planets, will become aware of my Manifesto and other writings, and will indeed recognize me as a being a brilliant, visionary Seer, who uniquely revealed Truth and both foresaw and foretold the extinction of the human species.

You are correct, I don't care about acceptance. The words of Truth are already out, as far as I'm concerned. I'll keep them out, by maintaining this web site and occasionally adding to it, but I'm not inclined to spend too much time continuing to express/reveal new and additional Truth. The species is not worthy of my time and effort. And yes, you are lucky to have found a brilliant source and revealer of Truth, within this pathetically and pervasively lie-based world.

April 21, 2003 Update: I am pleased and proud to report that on April 11th, 2003, this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site received a total of 1,032 individually unique Page Hits, marking the first time that My brilliant site received over 1,000 Page Hits in a single day.

I continue to receive many admiring and even adoring e-mail comments, here are two excerpts from such Superior e-mails, each is followed by My reply comments, which appear in red print: "Hi, I read alot of your site. I agree pretty much with what I have read so far... I have been thinking along the same lines for years.I have faced severe horrific abuses at home,at school,in mental hospitals and whatnot.And I never lost sight of truth.The hospitals used Anectine, massive doses of thorazine and behavior modificatiuon (basically cocerce and bribe carrot and stickgames..) to try to make me forget the truth and go to sleep. All my life I could not conform or go to "sleep" because every fibre of my being was resisting "socialization". In elementary school I was forced to take ritalin. After feeling the effects of one dose, afterwards I held it in my cheek and spit it out after leaving the school nurse. In middle school bullies constantly tormented me I never figured out why. One of my freinds years later said it was because I didn't care what anyone thought about me my ideas or creations. People tried to impose religion on me.When I was young I went to "sunday school" After two"sessions" I had caused such problems I got kicked out of sunday school. All my life everytime I have been in groups be they of my own choosing (curiosity) or not, all I could see was how nuts they all are. I could feel the choking pressure of their sickness..Group dynamics are crazy. But I get lonely too and long for fun engaging sane companions. There aren't many people like this.When I seek companions they more often than not are nuerotic,and I lose interest.. This troubles me. Since we both agree humanity has messed up everything it touches...How can the few sane people out here keep the scared lemmings and abused people from running US all off the cliff in their self destructive fits? Sometimes I dispise humanity. When I was in school in the 70's .In this time I had a feline companion. He befriended me one day by coming up to me and going to sleep on me.I know that communication between species is not only possible but has always been there if you care to listen to the animal and forget what you want to hear and forget expectations. That cat and I bonded. He was the best friend I ever had. Some bullies killed him. I was depressed for months. Later that year I was very tempted to destroy my school. I had it all figured out. But at the last moment my own compassion stopped me, I saw a girl that was as abused by bullies as I was,she was laughing about something. Her laughter was beautiful,then I remembered why the caged birds sing, and doing the destroying game would not change anything. I took the things I had built to destroy the people and I broke them to bits in the woods. This was a turning point in my life. I myself don't want to die or kill people because of someone else's insanity...if I can help it. I have more life left in me. A lot of my life has been spent disentangling myself from this sicka** society. I don't work at a "job" because I could not stand living a lie every day. With the luxury of my own time I have confronted more of my own self loathing games,fears and pain in memory and in real life than I could ever report. It has lead me to sanity. I didn't get there with anyone's help mind you. Isn't it interesting we are told to PAY attention? Instead of asked to listen? When you PAY attention it infers a unwelcomed duty. A thing one would rather escape than do. Who likes paying bills or taxes? We have a world full of adult children turned into slave owners deadened to their own cries and the cries of others because they got stockholm syndrome and foilet et duex with sociopathic "leaders" delusions screaming so loud they are unable to listen to themselves or others or reason because they pay more attention to the demands from these silly structures in society and the self hate mechanisms at work in themselves that demand they stay sick to"function". Civilization is really insane, I wonder why it exists, how it started?? What kind of mind bending lies duped people out of their freedom,their sanity,their natural state of wealth at the start of the human descent into insanity on a large scale? There had to be a first abused child. There had to be the idea of war before war was perpetrated for the first time. Humanity is the mind of cancer.Why else would humans dump shit in the envioronment that causes cancer? Why invent nuclear waste that causes cancer,why are companies that make chemicals that cause cancer the same ones that make drugs that allegedy cure it? Why does the idea of ever forward,limitless power, eternal life/legacy, endless production and unstoppable growth hold human imagination in such a thrall? Truth is an antidote to cancerous consiousness. I read your stuff about the parenting tests.Makes sense to me. Sad though that the only child rights activism I see is just parent's rights dressed up in children's clothes or some lying bullshit from pedophiles wanting the chance to molest kids without a legal threat.When a kid is free of parents and institutions they are legally termed "emancipated." I learned this term is used in law while in a group home. It was an eye opener for me.. Slaves are other groups of people besides children who can get emancipated. The "forbidden" truth is so close to the surface of our own speech,our terms for things and is all over language itself if we'd just listen to the meanings and stop paying attention to the words. I have a thing called syncrenestic perception.It upsets the authorities around me when I tell it like it is. I think all kids have syncrenestic perception,It's when kids grow up they forget how to see what is real in favor of lies. There was a time before deception...It was before we deliberately tamed ourselves and each other and became civilized insane, sadists and victims. Yes, Animals are morally superior to humans. Felines are my mentors, they keep me focused on what matters. I know I have a low tolerance threshold for kids So, I got my uterus taken out. It was very difficult to convince a GYN to take it out. It seems in this sicko society that if you know yourself,know what you want or don't want the loons around you get in your way."

I'm glad you agree with many of the Truths I reveal within this Manifesto. This indicates you to be a rare Superior thinker and seeker of Truth, in life. Human society is designed and structured to torment seekers of Truth, persecute and terrorize them. Destroy them mentally and emotionally if they refuse to give up their quest. This accounts, at least in part, for the tortures and abuses that you have been subjected to at the hands of human society, it's empowered agents as well as it's "ordinary" tortured victim-creations. Your refusal to abandon Truth is admirable, and very rare. The socialization process, as undertaken by society against every citizen and every resident/member of the society, is very specifically structured to conceal, reject, and warp all of the primary Truths of life and of reality. Ritalin, like all psychiatric drugs that are not used to treat genuinely organic brain disease, is designed to try to force children to conform their thoughts and thinking patterns and lifestyle choices, to the perverse and lie-based norms that the society has established and terroristically imposes upon all of it's human citizens. Regarding your victimization at the hands of school bullies, it must be understood that firstly, all bullies are tortured victim-creations of their society, simply reflecting and cathartically transferring their rage as instructed to do by societal and cultural leaders. Secondly, you may have been representing or trying to express Truth, which would make you a specific target for bullying, since the terrorization of those who reveal Truth is actively encouraged by the lie-based social structure. As I discuss within my Manifesto, there is a very specific structure to bullying and victimization. Child bullies are specifically guided and instructed by society, to target fellow children who act, behave, speak, look, in ways that fail to conform to the fascist decrees of "normality" that the insane and diseased society is terroristically forcing it's child and adult citizen-slaves to accept. Certainly, if you expressed Truth to other humans, you would definately be a target for bullying and victimization, at any age. You are to be commended for successfully resisting the Insane God Myth terroristic form of child abuse and behavior/thought control.

Regarding your participation in human "groups", let us understand that all human groups are Inferior. It is not possible for a genuinely Superior group of humans to physically meet, because there are so few genuinely Superior humans on planet earth. Only via cyberspace could such meetings occur. Regarding loneliness, always remember that loneliness is a mental weakness, a dependency. It is possible to overcome this weakness, using the power of your untouchable mind. Nothing that concerns other humans, should trouble a top-level Superior. Human beings, both individually and as a species, are not worthy of your concern. You ask: "How can the few sane people out here keep the scared lemmings and abused people from running us all off the cliff in their self destructive fits?" Quite simply, by making our minds untouchable, and by recognizing and developing respect for all of the Forbidden Truths of life. One Forbidden Truth is that to allow the statements, actions, behaviors, beliefs, etc..., of any Inferior human, to cause you to feel, think, or act in a self-victimizing way, constitutes an unacceptable betrayal of Self and of Truth. Humanity deserves nothing less that 100% scorn, on a constant basis. Only non-human species of life, like the cat you befriended, can ever deserve affection, concern, caring, from Superior humans. Your cat was killed by tortured children, tortured victim-creations of human society. They did what they were taught and told to do by the evil and insane and lie-based society that they were helplessly born into and enslaved within. You mention considering how things might be "changed". Understand that nothing can be changed because the human race is beyond redemption. It can be destroyed, exterminated. But it cannot be positively changed, on any type of a mass, nationwide scale.

The road to Truth is a lonely one, it is almost always travelled alone, with nothing but some quotes, ideas, philosophies of other, past Truth-seekers and attainers, to guide us. All individual humans are declared to be subhuman slaves, by the society they live under and within. Subhuman slaves are not asked to do things, they are told to do things. You ask: "Civilization is really insane I wonder why it exists, how it started??" It started with inferior humans, desperately and cowardly trying to find ways to cope with life without having to face up to any of the Forbidden Truths of life. This is how the Insane God Myth started, and it is how all of the other thousands of warped human and cultural behavioral and ideological structures started. There is also a genetic component, a genetic disease within the human mind. The human mind, as it has evolved, has become diseased. It is similar to how tumors grow. There did not need to be a "first abused child", at least not using the traditional definition of child abuse. Genetic human inferiority, combined with he rage, frustration, terror of the human inability to face up to the Forbidden Truths of life, followed by the recognition, on both an instinctual and an intellectual/emotional level, that a certain level of comfort can be achieved by inflicting a similar form of terror upon a fellow human, would have been more than enough to cause the first case of "direct" child abuse by a parent upon their created child. The first child abuser did not need to be "directly" abused him/herself as a child. Simply being born into life as a member of the human species, possessing the genetically inferior mind and brain functionality of the human species, would have been enough to cause the first child abuser, to commit the abuse. Things such as war, the idea of war, was incubated and borne within the human mind as a result of the terror, pain, worry, sense of helplessness, along with the unbearable Truths of life that humanity could not face up to. The human mind is cunningly diseased enough to recognize that there is comfort in destroying others, comfort in inflicting torment upon others. War is one manifestation of the cathartic transfer of personally suffered and endured torment. The human species is fundamentally, profoundly, unalterably diseased. Every negative reality, every perversion of thought, is exalted, even as all sanity and Truth is pathologically rejected and demonized. Forbidden Truth is the antidote that nobody wants, all but a tiny handful of Superiors would rather perish than embrace this terrifyingly unbearable antidote.

Regarding child emancipation, no child can ever become genuinely emancipated, since the society decrees them to be subhuman, owned property, even if the rights of a specific parent are terminated. Words are used by human societal leaders as brainwashing tools and behavioral controls. No Truth can ever be realized, as long as the definitions of words, ideas, and concepts, are controlled and dictated by maliciously and pathologically Truth-hating human societal leaders. The #1 goal of societal leaders, #1 above all else, is to destroy the ability of children growing up within the society, to recognize what the Truths of life and reality are. Human beings have always deceived themselves. Only the level and scope of the deception, has increased. Only if, in pre-historic times, the human mind was so "primitive" that it could not fathom the concept of "death", might there have been some degree of behavioral sanity among the species. Regarding your uterus, Society perversely decrees that it is the Sacred Obligation of female humans to breed. Any action, behavior, activity, or situation in which you attempt to behave in a manner that fails to conform with societal decree, will result in you being subjected to demonization and condemnation, and most likely direct threats and terrorization as well, as the threat that your Superior, sane, rational life path decision poses to the inferiors, is felt by them. Good luck in your continuing quest for Truth, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

Another aspiring Superior writes: "Greetings, I've just discovered your website and find it fascinating. I look forward to reading your essays. There is something very exciting, alongside the utter disappointment and despair i've felt my entire life, about what you are sharing with those that care to hear. I care to hear. I feel so alone and sometimes "suicidal". You have a specific way of dealing with the Truth that inspires a little hope in me. Maybe i can learn to be in the world, after all, without all the emotional fallout."

Hello. I'm glad you find the Truth, which is what my web site consists of, to be fascinating. Only a few Superior humans find value in Truth, and one of the Forbidden Truths is that life itself is, indeed, hopeless. At the same time however, we embrace the equally important and profound Truth that deliberately harming yourself in any manner, is a personal betrayal of both Self and Truth, a collaboration with our mortal enemy, the human societal structure itself, that Superior humans do not engage in. The Truth exists, I realize it, I know it, and I express it. If it benefits you in some way, I'm glad. Your mind is your most powerful weapon. It can make you experience life in an untouchable fashion, if you develop it properly. Remember, the Superior directs all rage and hate outward, never inward. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth

April 9, 2003 Update: Today, April 9, is My birthday. The only day of the year that I celebrate and consider to be noteworthy. I rejoice in My existence, My brilliance, My life achievements and accomplishments, and My untouchability, on this day. There is no other "holiday" day, that human societal leaders have artificially and invalidly created/designated, that possesses any legitimate celebratory characteristics. I urge all Superiors to recognize this Truth, to reject all societally created holidays, be they directly religion-based, as is the case with christmas, or more politically focused, such as president's day, memorial day, etc... and to only rejoice in and celebrate one holiday each year, the day of your birth.

I am also pleased and proud to announce on this day that I have added an 18th page to the Main Body of this Manifesto. It is not a long page, nor does it reveal any major Forbidden Truths in itself, but it is a very important and valuable addition, in terms of allowing my fans, admirers, and devotees to more easily provide financial support for this ongoing project, as well as obtain certain services and benefits related to Me and this Manifesto, that I have decided not to offer free of charge. I would urge everyone to immediately check out this new page, the Financial Support page, located here:

Financial Support for the Forbidden Truth Project via Donations, Purchases, and Subscriptions

April 2, 2003 Update: Well, a whole month has passed by since my last update, and I have added nothing of consequence to this Manifesto. Why not? Most primarily, because you creatures are simply not worthy of my time. I've already given you the Truth, all of the Truth that you need, to escape from the horrific reality of your insane and evil lives as human citizens, but all you can do is spit upon the Truth and ignore/reject it. Sure, I have gained a few more devoted fans who recognize and rejoice in my brilliance. But I don't need fans. And it looks like there won't be enough of you to financially fund my proposed daily newspaper, Forbidden Truth Daily. Thank you for consistently proving, on a daily basis, that your species is worthy of nothing but immediate and eternal extinction. Updates will continue to be added to this site by me, as I see fit and as you prove yourselves to be worthy. The fact that this site continues to set new records in terms of daily page hits, despite no significantly new content being added, is testament to the fact that the site is already "complete", in terms of providing a totally revolutionary expose of Forbidden Truth. It is your evil and insane society that caused me to have to obtain a job, caused me to be arrested, incarcerated, rendered homeless, and now forces me to once again spend a huge chunk of my precious time engaged in employment activity that I despise. Therefore, do not ever expect me to do anything for you. Everything I do in life, I do for Myself. To glorify Myself, to immortalize Myself, to give Myself pleasure and satisfaction. Right now, I feel like adding a brief update to my War essay, and will do so on the appropriate Updates page, located here:

April 2, 2003 War Essay Update

February 2, 2003 Update: After spending two months in jail, from September 12, 2002 until November 7, 2002, and being both homeless and penniless ever since my release from jail on November 8, 2002, I am happy to announce today, that I am taking my first steps towards resuming online activity and continuing my chosen life mission of revealing Forbidden Truth to humanity. Just within the past hour, I have restored e-mail functionality to this site, which means that the e-mail address that I have listed throughout this web site, forbiddentruth@hushmail.com, is once again open and active, for the receipt of e-mail. I have decided that due to my financial situation, I will not be able to resume writing out complete essays within this Manifesto, for the foreseeable future. The only way that I could do that, would be for me to begin charging a fee for everyone wishing to access this web site. I do not want to charge such a web site access fee, but I do very badly desire to be able to devote 8+ hours per day towards the revelation of Forbidden Truth. Therefore, I have decided to leave this web site as it is, for now, making only modest cosmetic changes, and to open up an entirely new path of brilliance for you creatures to partake of. I speak of:

Forbidden Truth Daily

What is Forbidden Truth Daily? It will be a daily e-mail format newspaper, created, published, and distributed by me on a daily basis, 365 days per year, designed to decipher, disseminate, dissect, and reveal to humanity, on a real-time basis, all of the Forbidden Truths as they relate to current events, news events and incidents, and governmental/societal policies and pronouncements. I will be devoting 8 hours every day, to this e-mail e-newspaper, and it will be fee-based. It will cost between $40.00 and $50.00 per month, I have not yet decided upon the exact price, but it will be at least $40.00 per month. Further information will be provided as circumstances warrant. It may well be 6+ months until the actual launch of this daily e-newspaper occurs. In the meantime, you may send your comments or questions to me, and if they are deemed worthy, they may receive a reply. Financial contributions, which will only be used for the purpose of launching this e-newspaper, can be sent to me at J. W., 1521 Alton Road, PMB #130, Miami Beach, FL 33139. If you wish that your contribution be treated as a subscription payment, you can specify this request and it will be honored at the lowest possible rate, which will be $40.00 for each month that you wish to "pre- subscribe" for. In other words, if you send $40.00 you will receive one full month, 30 consecutive days, of my daily e-newspaper, beginning with the very first issue that I publish. Right now, no type of credit card payments are accepted, but by the time the e-newspaper is launched, credit card as well as other types of e-commerce payment methods, will be accepted. Watch this page for additional updates in the coming months.

November 28, 2002 Update: Hello. A few weeks ago was Thanksgiving Day, a day celebrated by the American public to mark the successful genocide by European invaders of the native Indians, who possessed and resided within what is now known as the North American continent. I have decided to take time out from my busy schedule to update all of my fans, supporters, terrified inferiors, as well as all of humanity in general, on the events that have taken place over the past 2 1/2 months, the lessons of Forbidden Truth that have been confirmed and proven to me by my experiences of the past 2 1/2 months, and finally, to provide a peek at the future glories that you can expect and look forward to being able to receive from me in the coming years and possibly within the next few months.

As some of you already know, I am the ultimate creator and disseminator of radically brilliant philosophical Truth. Since 1989, under a variety of different identities and methodologies, I have been publicly expressing and revealing the true nature of your limitlessly evil, insane and diseased species, societal and governmental structures. Since 1989, via my xerox/print zine publications, my camcorder videos, my usenet newsgroup posts, my currently active and evolving website, articles written about me and by me which have been published in several books, etc.... I have devoted my adult lifetime to this task, this mission, to expose your maggot-filled, rotting natures to you humans, to show you the Forbidden Truth of what you are, and I wish to publicly reaffirm, at this point in time, that I fully intend to continue to pursue this mission for the remainder of my lifetime.

As some of you might know, I was arrested on September 12th, 2002, and charged with eleven felony counts of possession of fake/false identification. I spent approximately 7 1/2 weeks in jail as a result of this event and was released on November 6th, 2002. I have absolutely no interest in or intention to reveal or discuss the nature of my arrest, the circumstances of my judicial case, or even the outcome of the case, via this document. I am, however, quite eager to reveal at least some of the Forbidden Truths of humanity that have been taught, in reality proven to me, by this 7 1/2 week long experience. Let me begin by saying that the experience of being arrested and spending time in jail has been one of the most positive of my lifetime, in the manner in which it has been proven that all of my intellectualized philosophies regarding the true nature of the human species and the judicial/penal system were and are 100% accurate.

I have, of course, known since my early teen years, that the human species is totally unworthy of continuing to exist, based upon the torturous abuse and mistreatment that was inflicted upon me throughout my childhood, and as I have reached adulthood and continued to deepen and expand my realizations of truth, it has become obvious that the reasons for why the human species does not deserve to exist, extend way beyond the limited issue of how societies treat all children as being worthless, subhuman objects, and authorize the commission of genocide upon and against them. It has now been proven to me, not on a theoretical or philosophical level, but rather on a personally direct level that, even if American Society were to provide a properly nurturing and supportively paradisaical environment for its children to grow up in, it would still be worthy of nothing more than total annihilation and extinction, based upon the genocidally evil and unforgivable manner that it chooses to treat its morally superior torture victims/creations, via its judicial and penal systems. Let it be clear that from all rational philosophical analysis perspectives, every single jail and prison inmate in amerikkka, regardless of the nature of their so-called "criminal offense(s)", has a self-evident and undeniable right to personally seek and claim homicidal vengeance against all of humanity, against the human species as a whole, based solely upon the design and the operational structure of the judicial and penal systems of amerikkka.

I want to make it clear that, collectively and individually, the amerikkkan governmental detainees that I met and got to know, during those 7 1/2 weeks of punitive detention, were the most open-minded, intelligent, truth-seeking, moral, generous, kind, compassionate, understanding and accepting human beings that I have ever met in my lifetime. All of these positive character traits were demonstrated and displayed to me on a daily basis by my fellow detainees, while at the very same time, there was never a single trace of those positive character traits, or behaviors displayed to me by anyone who held a societally empowered position over us. Such as the guards, the psychiatrists, the nurses, etc... brutal sadism, utter immorality, unforgivable, limitless cruelty, this is what the individuals empowered by the amerikkkan government to be responsible for our detention, and our care and treatment during our detention, demonstrated to us. As always, everything within your limitlessly evil and insane society is flipped upside down.

Because I was kept in a psychiatric/protective custody detention pod, I believe so that my ability to disseminate my "radical" philosophies to fellow inmates was limited, I received an especially large dose of truth regarding the type of psychiatric "care" that your malicious society provides to its tortured victim-creations. You seek to destroy the truths that exist within the minds, brain cell function, and True Reality of your incarcerated torture victims by turning them into mindless zombies, by addicting them to psychiatric drugs that provide a false, artificial illusion of reality. You deny all inmates any type of psychological counseling. Specifically, because this is the only type of psychiatric treatment that possesses any legitimacy, when it is properly applied to the purpose of helping individual victims to come to grips with and dig down to uncover the core, root reality of their most traumatic and impactful life experiences. When one of your most horrifically tortured of victims attempts to commit the most terrible of all types of murders, self murder, you strip him naked, throw him in a "suicide cell" with nothing but a furniture moving blanket to both cover himself with and sleep on, while you continue to try to force him to take psychiatric medication designed to destroy his truth-based perceptions of reality, while denying him all genuine, legitimate types of therapeutic psychological care. You employ dentists to work at your torture centers/jails, to perform only two dental procedures, root canals and tooth extraction, no cavity fillings of any kind. You dispense disposable eyeglasses that cost $15.00 to make, lenses included, and are designed to break within 2 - 3 months at most. You deny all indigent detainees a second pair of underpants, or a single pair of socks, unless they have someone willing to bring these items to them from the outside, or place money in their commissary account. You serve food to your prisoners that is designed to compromise and damage their health, while denying them all access to nutritious food. And, after inflicting all of these, and countless more, tortures upon your moral superiors, you throw them out into the street without a single penny to their names, much less providing them with an apartment and a job. The very least, the bare minimum of what you owe them, not to mention millions of dollars in cash to each individual to make up for the horrific injustices that the judicial and penal system has already inflicted upon them.

I will always treasure these 7 1/2 weeks that I spent in jail, for teaching me that it is not simply the way you treat your children that renders you unworthy of continuing to exist as a species, but the way you treat every single one of your created torture victims, in every imaginable way, through their entire lives. What I will treasure almost as much is having it proven to me, by personal experience, that I can and would, if necessary, absolutely thrive within a jail/prison environment, as I did during these 7 1/2 weeks.

As a result of my arrest, I was rendered homeless, jobless, penniless, computerless, TV-less, among other things. I have been staying at a homeless shelter for the past 3 weeks and, many times, I have longed for the superior environment and conditions that jail offers, in comparison to the homeless shelter system. Unlike jails, I have not found genuinely superior truth-seekng people among my fellow shelter residents. This is because, out here in the so-called "real" world, the suffocatingly toxic elements of the limitlessly evil society that you creatures choose to live as citizen-slaves to, such as capitalism, competitiveness, alcohol, drugs, addiction, "every man fighting for survival by conforming to societal doctrine", are in full bloom and maliciously imposed upon all humans not "lucky" enough to enjoy the partial shielding that the jail environment offers.

Let it be clearly understood that, even if I were to have had an apartment, money, my computer, my television, etc. upon my release from jail, my positive sentiments toward jail life, in comparison to this so-called "free" life, would remain powerfully in place. The brilliance of Charles Manson, the most insightful Seer of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century, has never been more positively proven than via his statements and writings regarding the absolute uselessness and inferiority of all claims of "physical" freedom, that an individual or a society might make, I can say now, with even greater certainty and absoluteness than ever before, that I find no genuine value of any kind in physical freedom in and of itself. Whatever limited value physical freedom carries, exists solely in direct conjunction with mental freedom. The type of untouchable mental freedom that genuine superiors, such as myself, have devoted our Eves to strengthening and developing. All of my "theoretical" realizations of truth regarding the judicial and penal systems of humanity, their limitless evil and perversity and illegitimacy, have now been proven to me on a "real" non-theoretical level, while, at the same time, the absolute inability of any agent or agency of human society to negatively impact any aspect of my day to day experience of life, has also been proven to me, so it is a wonderful, genuinely perfect double-sided victory for me.

Okay, time to focus a bit on the present and future. As of today, November 28, 2002, I remain homeless, jobless, computerless, televisionless, and while not totally penniless, my net worth is currently far less than $200.00. As many of you know, this online Manifesto, The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, was, at the time of my arrest, a work in progress. Even though the 17 page "main body" of the Manifesto is only about 20-25% complete, I, in my brilliance, designed the essay construction in such a way that every single topic that I discuss within the Manifesto, has already been properly summarized. In other words, despite only being 20-25% complete, the Manifesto can and does already stand on its own, as a "complete" document that covers all of the thousands of primary Forbidden Truths that I choose to dissect and reveal, if not in complete form, then in summary form. Nevertheless, let it be clear that I fully intend to complete all of the remaining 75-80% of the main body of my Manifesto, by the year 2010. Keep in mind that, even if I were to begin this project immediately, it would still be a three year project extending until 2005, and it is, of course, totally impossible for me to even begin to resume this project until I obtain my own apartment, a job, a computer and a television set. But it will happen, the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth will be completed by me, I guarantee it. Just stay patient, and meanwhile, enjoy the brilliance that is already there, that I have already graced humanity with.

Now that I have chosen to become openly known under my so-called "real" identity, it has become much easier to consider the financial profit opportunities that my philosophies, news-gathering skills, and willingness to devote a great deal of time and effort towards the literary, verbal and visual expression of Forbidden Truth provides. I can now make and market videotapes, audio tapes, magazines and online texts with much greater ease, and I fully intend to do so in the future. In fact, I intend to totally support myself financially at some point in the future, via literary, video, audio and online/e-mail/website creations that directly focus upon the Forbidden Truths of life and humanity. I have decided that my first major project along these lines will be a "Forbidden Truth Daily", a daily newspaper, created and published solely by me, 365 days a year, that will be distributed by e-mail and that will focus upon the timely revelation of all primarily important news/current events stories, accompanied by brilliant commentary on every news story, as well as stand alone "editorial" essays on topical/current events, as well as question and answer columns in which subscribers receive comprehensive, in-depth answers to every imaginable news/current events/philosophical/ideological/Forbidden Truth issue or concern that their mind can conjure up. I intend to devote at least eight hours each and everyday, 365 days per year to this e-mail newspaper, once I get it going. Each daily issue should contain at least 3000-5000 words of original writing/text, typed up and created by me.

I hope to begin this daily e-mail based subscription fee newspaper by January of 2004, at the latest. Please feel free to mail your comments to me at forbiddentruth@hushmail.com, or to the snail-mail address listed at the end of this letter. Financial donations are not being actively solicited at this time but will be accepted if made. They will not be applied towards any type of future subscription, however. So, if your primary interest is in subscribing to this daily newspaper of mine, you should hold on to your money and wait until Forbidden Truth Daily is officially launched, sometime in the, hopefully, not too distant future.

Postal service contact address: Joseph Weintraub, PMB #130, 1521 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

September 9, 2002 Update: I am pleased and proud to announce that this web site and all associated web pages are now fully listed on many of the major Search Engines, including google.com. I am also happy to report that daily traffic flow to this most brilliant of web sites continues to increase at a rather dramatic rate. During the 10 day time period between August 30th and September 8, this web site garnered a total of 242 Unique Daily Visitors, who recorded a total of 1,917 Individual Page Hits.

To all fans who are eagerly anticipating the completion and addition of my next Essay, "Self-Abuse/Betrayal", please be advised that progress is slowly being made, but due to my perfectionist nature as well as other obligations, it is only approximately 20% complete as of today, and therefore it will not be completed and added to this website until early October, in all likelihood. You creatures will remain patient, and effective immediately, all e-mail inquiries which ask when any specific essay will be completed and posted to the web site, will receive absolutely no reply.

I have decided that the Daily Sacred Family Unit Atrocities page, in which I list a new familial atrocity each and every day, will continue to be updated on a daily basis only until December 31, 2002. Beginning January 1st, that page will continue to remain a part of this web site, but it will no longer be updated, because the proof will have been provided that each and every day of your lives, children are tortured and murdered as a direct result of insane and evil Sacred Family Unit Atrocities. Beginning January 1, 2003, a new web page will be created by me, titled "Daily Truth-Based Interpretation of Current News Articles." On this page, each and every day, I will be posting a current news article, and immediately after each article, I will be rewriting the entire text in such a way that all of the Truths of the news story, free of all societal/governmental propoganda, lies, insanity, hypocrisy, and perverse moral illusion, are properly expressed and revealed. This will serve as a wonderful teaching and illustrative tool, of the absolutely pathetic nature of all media sources, which are totally controlled by and designed to shamelessly pander to and prop up the insane and evil doctrinesof the government and the society that they have been empowered to serve as propoganda agents for. Even though you will have to wait 3 ½ months for this new page to be created, I am quite excited about it and wanted to share the news with you creatures, so that you may look forward to it.

August 23, 2002 Update: I have begun work on the Self-Abuse/Betrayal essay, and as always, I am taking my time, ensuring that every sentence I create, every idea I express, for this eternal Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, is as brilliant and profoundly valuable as I can possibly make it. As a result of my deliberate nature, as well as some other activities not related to the creation of this Manifesto which have been occupying my time, the Self-Abuse/Betrayal essay will likely not be completed until the middle of September. You creatures will be patient, and as always, your patience will eventually be rewarded with the ability to savor and marvel at the brilliant Truths that this essay, when completed, will deliver to you. On another front, the cyberspace popularity of this web site continues to slowly grow, with 329 unique page hits having been recorded during the ten day period between August 12 and August 21, 2002. I would like to express my appreciation to the Independent Media Center, located at Independent Media Center for providing all authors with an open and unedited venue in which Truth can be freely expressed to a worldwide audience. To those of you wasting your time trying to "find" this web site on various search engines, and then emailing me with the news that my site is not listed on a particular engine, or suggesting that I submit my web site to a particular engine, I would suggest you stop wasting your time. All you should be concerned with is the fact that you have managed to locate my brilliant Manifesto. While I have indeed submitted this web site to quite a few different search engines, I have absolutely no intention of resubmitting the site more than once, nor do I have any particular interest in whether or not a particular search engine chooses to list my site, chooses to refuse to list my site, has already listed my site, or takes a long time to begin listing my site. My advice to you inferior creatures is that you find something more important, such as the brilliant content of my Manifesto, to focus your attention on.

Finally, we do have an email that I have deemed to be worthy of printing here, or to be more specific, a brief portion of an email, with spelling corrections, since I will never lower the quality of this web site, simply to accommodate the commentary of another human being. xxxxxxx@aol.com Wrote, on 8/19/02: " Hey man, your site is unbelievable! Thanks for putting it together, I can't believe there are so many things I never even thought about in my whole life that are now so clear to me! Here's one thing I wanna say right away: I always knew the whole da*n world was totally messed up, but I always figured it was because human beings could not rightly follow the teachings of society. It was like people were being taught right, but they couldn't accept or deal with the "truth" that they were being taught. But after reading your web site I see my thinking was totally messed up. I was only seeing half of the truth, man. I couldn?t see that it was society itself that was totally messed up, and the world is messed up not because of the stupidity of individual people, but because of the craziness and evil of human society! Thanks man, my mind is like reeling from all this, but you are dead on! I'm gonna tell everybody I know about the site and maybe they will realize the truth too. Funny thing, I always did see The Satanic Bible as being my bible, but just like you say, this web site of yours blows that bible straight out of the water! (snip of other, personal comments) Keep it up man, you helped me out a lot in understanding the truth of life, thanks! Your new fan, xxxxxx"

Dear New Fan, You are welcome. This site was not created to help you realize Truth, but if it did indeed help you in this regard, then I am pleased that the Truths expressed so brilliantly by me, have been realized as Truths by you. Yes, your lifelong problem is an extremely common one among inferiors. Your evil and insane society succeeded in cloaking and concealing from you, the reality and the Truth of it?s own maliciousness and insanity, by demonizing and blaming individual human beings, it?s own tortured victim-creations, declaring them to be "failures" in not having been able to properly grasp the teachings and doctrines of society. In reality, the only "failure" of these individual human victims of society, was and is their refusal to become totally broken and to embrace all of the limitlessly evil doctrine that their limitlessly evil society deliberately chose and continues to choose to impose upon them. You have, assuming of course that your email was sincere and Truthful, now realized one of the core and primary, top-level Forbidden Truths within this entire Manifesto, a Forbidden Truth upon which many of the thousands of additional Forbidden Truths revealed within this Manifesto, are based and built upon. I congratulate you on recognizing that your society was and is both evil and insane, and I hope you will immediately stop blaming, judging, or demonizing all individual human victim-creations of society, as you recognize that it is society itself which is worthy of receiving all of your properly directed judgment and condemnation. The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

August 8, 2002 Update: I am very proud and pleased to announce that My Economic Systems essay was completed last night, and posted to this Manifesto first thing this morning. This essay can be accessed at the bottom of the following page: Economic Systems

Your Seer will now immediately begin work on the next essay, which will dissect all of the Forbidden Truths that exist on the issue of Self-Abuse and Personal Betrayal. The estimated date of completion for this essay will be August 31st-September 10th. Please note that adoring fan letters are always welcome, and may well receive a personal response from me, as several already have, but they will likely not be reprinted by me on this web site. After all, I already know that I am brilliant and that this Manifesto is brilliant. While it is nice to receive such email compliments from aspiring Superiors, I see no need to publically reprint such comments, unless they are at least accompanied by Superior questions or additional comments that require an answer or a Forbidden Truth analysis from me. I am pleased and proud to report that despite still not being listed on any of the major search engines, the popularity of this brilliant Manifesto continues to grow, with a total of 216 unique and individual page hits having been registered by the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site, during the 10 day time period between July 29 and August 7, 2002.

July 25, 2002 Update: Hello. This is the Weekly Update, folks. Your Seer is pleased and proud to report that despite not yet being listed on any of the major Search Engines, the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site has received a total of 169 unique Page Hits, during the 10 day period between July 15th and July 24th. The Economic Systems essay continues to increase in size, as well as brilliance. I would estimate that it is now approximately 33% complete, and I now anticipate posting the completed essay to this Manifesto sometime between August 1st and August 10th. For those who might be wondering, feedback and comments regarding this brilliant Manifesto, in the form of emails, have already been received by me, however none of the emails received thus far have been deemed to be Superior enough to deserve a public reply, on this page or on any of the Update pages. My standards are high, I will not pollute any of my pages with inferior comments or feedback, and this is also the primary reason why no type of a "Guestbook" page or feature exists on this web site, or will ever be added to this web site.

July 16, 2002 Update: I am pleased and proud to announce that over the past week, this Manifesto of Forbidden Truth has been submitted to a total of over 20 individual internet Search Engines, including Alexa, Archive.org, Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Open Directory/DMOZ, AllTheWeb, SearchHippo, NationalDirectory, and Zenzibar. It remains to be seen whether all of these search engines will recognize the brilliance of this Manifesto and choose to add it to their search database, but as always, I, as a Superior, will relish and revel in both sides of the coin, celebrating any refusal by a search engine to list this site, as a demonstration of the supreme terror that the Truths revealed within this Manifesto, evoke. I would like to congratulate Zenzibar for being the fastest search engine to pick up and list this Manifesto within their search database. On a different front, I am also pleased to report that the current Essay that I am working on, Economic Systems, is progressing well. The estimated month of completion as listed within the Manifesto for this essay, is July. However, keep in mind that all dates provided for essay completion are only estimates, and it is quite likely that this essay will not be completed until sometime in August. For your information, essays that I am working on will only be posted to the Manifesto once they are completed and finished. They will never be posted to the Manifesto while I am still working on them, while they are still incomplete.

July 8th, 2002 Update: Your Seer is pleased and proud to announce that this Manifesto was officially launched to the Cyberspace world, on July 8th, 2002.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100, 000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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