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Howdy. This is the Updates page for all seven of the following essays: Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, Societal Obligations to Individuals, Genetic Perversions of Human Race, Viability/Entitlement of Human Race to Exist, Doomsday Scenarios for Extinction of Humanity, and The Utopian Society. This is also a good time to remind you creatures that some of the Main Body essays of this Manifesto will not be completed for quite a long time. It is currently the early-middle part of the year 2002, as I type these words, and the essays listed above will not be completed until mid-late 2005. However, I have provided a rather detailed summary of the primary topics and issues that will be discussed at great length within the completed essay, and I am quite willing to reply to properly Superior questions or comments based upon the summaries alone. The wonderful, undeserved gift that you creatures will enjoy, is the opportunity to watch and follow this Manifesto as it evolves over the next 3 to 4 years, from an already brilliant creation, to an utterly mindboggling work of perfection.

June 3, 2003. Topic: Humanity plots the extinction of yet another Superior species of life. Hello. The June 2003 issue of Popular Science magazine has an interesting little article titled, “The Ultimate Exterminator”, written by Gregory Mone. I have been debating whether to post this update to the Animal Victimization Essay or to the Entitlement of Human Race to Continue to Exist essay, but I ended up choosing the latter, because the primary and ultimate Truths that this news item reveals deal mostly with the fact that the human species deserves to become extinct and cease to exist.

Here are the essential facts of this news story: There is a mosquito species named Anopheles Gambiae. This mosquito can cause human beings to develop the disease malaria, if it bites them. Malaria causes human beings to die, although the exact number of human deaths caused by malaria is unclear from the article. At one point the article says that more than a million humans die each year from malaria, but in a larger print article hype blurb, the author claims that “malaria kills 5,000 children a day--four every minute”, which would far exceed the one million per year total human kill count. Regardless, here is the point: A scientist named Austin Burt is planning to use his scientific skills and knowledge to try to deliberately cause this species of mosquito to become extinct, claiming that this would be a morally justified and noble achievement, since it would, theoretically, prevent a million or so human beings from dying of malaria each year.

Okay, let us explore this issue from the perspective of Forbidden Truth. There are several primary Forbidden Truths regarding the human species, that this article illustrates. First of all, the evil and insane human species is already directly responsible for and guilty of causing the total extinction of hundreds of species of life. In most but certainly not all of these extinctions, the humans will claim that there was no deliberate, premeditated intent to cause the extinction to occur. Instead, they claim that they could not foresee or predict in advance that their actions would cause the extinction to occur, or they will flat out deny and reject the Truth that they are directly responsible for causing the extinction. Here, thanks to accelerated devolution, no attempt is even made to conceal this planned upcoming, premeditated, deliberate act of genocide against an entire species of life. The respected scientist openly and proudly admits that he is planning and plotting to extinct a species of life. Some inferiors, in attempting to create moral justification for this genocide, will claim that since the entire mosquito population will not be targeted for extinction, only the Anopheles Gambiae mosquito, this does not qualify as an attempt to extinct a species. Such a claim is not only incorrect, but also demonstrative of the widespread human behavioral perversion in which one ethnic, racial, or national group of humans embraces the societal promoted notion that some other ethnic, racial, or national group of humans deserve to be exterminated.

But we have an even more important Forbidden Truth demonstrated here: Perhaps the bites of the Anopheles Gambiae mosquito do kill more than one million humans each year. Perhaps even, as the large print hype of the article proclaims, 5000 children per day die from the malaria disease. Let us accept, for the sake of my upcoming point, that these statistics are accurate. We are still left with all of the following Forbidden Truths: Human beings deliberately and intentionally kill far more than one million fellow human beings every year. Human beings deliberately and intentionally kill more than 5000 human children each day, utilizing a remarkable variety of killing methodology, from mass starvation to fatal disciplinary beatings to legalized abortions to societal sponsored military service, etc, etc… So, if human beings, with deliberate intent as well as genetically inferior disregard, kill far more human beings in general, and far more children in particular, than the Anopheles Gambiae kills, it is morally, ideologically and philosophically impossible, from a position of Truth, for any human being to attempt to justify the undertaking of genocide against another species of life, even if such genocide would prevent millions of human beings from dying each year. The human species, by far, is directly responsible for and guilty of causing far more human deaths, not to mention severe/permanent physical/emotional injury and torment, than any other species of life. Therefore, what we should be seeing is courageous and Truth-affirming scientists calling for the extinction of the human species, based upon the statistical Truth of how much harm, injury, and death, most of it directly sponsored and encouraged by empowered human societal and cultural institutions, human beings cause to each other, as well as cause to Superior, non-human species of life. But of course no scientist, being a beholden and enslaved member of human society, would ever dare to suggest, much less stridently reveal the Truth: That the human species is the only species to have ever lived on planet earth that is so diseased, perverse, and pathetic, and has caused so much worldwide harm, that it deserves, from every position of rational, non-biased analysis, to become extinct.

The mere and the very fact that serious consideration is and will be given to the idea of deliberately attempting to extinct the Anopheles Gambiae, proves to any human who possesses the courage and intelligence to recognize and embrace Forbidden Truth, that it is the human species that deserves to be wiped out of existence. Let us hope that someday soon another species of life comes along that possesses the scientific knowledge, ability, and impetus to do to humanity exactly what humanity is currently considering doing to the Anopheles Gambiae mosquito. This would be Truth-based justice.

If you would like to read the entire magazine article, it is quite short, only two pages, I would suggest you purchase the June issue of Popular Science magazine, or get it at a library. The article is not currently online, to the best of my knowledge. It is on page 41 of the magazine.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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