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Wake up, folks! This is not the time to take a nap. You have reached page 15 of this remarkable and brilliant 17 page Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, have personally and proudly created. Even though the "main body" of this Manifesto does contain 17 pages, and the actual website itself will eventually contain many more than 17 total pages, this page, page 15, is very special and important. It is the climaxitory page! That's right folks, climaxitory is the perfect word to describe this particular page. Unfortunately, a check of the dictionary indicates that the societally empowered formulators of the english language have decided that climaxitory is not a valid word. The closest match I can find is climactical, which is defined as "Relating to or constituting a climax". Well, I still prefer the word climaxitory, even if it is not valid according to the dictionary. Either way, climactical or climaxitory, you should be getting my meaning. This page will contain seven separate, utterly brilliant essays, which will serve to bring and tie together all of the Truths that I have revealed within the first 14 pages of this Manifesto, into a neat package. Final conclusions and profound realizations of new Forbidden Truth that arise out of the first 14 pages of Forbidden Truth, will be unveiled to the world here, at this climactical page. Make no mistake, this page will not merely sum up the Truths of the first 14 pages, it will reveal more brand new Forbidden Truths than have been revealed at any previous page. The most important and profound Forbidden Truths that exist within my brilliant mind have been saved for revelation right here, on the climaxitory page. So do not under any circumstances assume that this page will be a mere "summary" or rehashing of the Forbidden Truths revealed on previous pages, because nothing could be further from the Truth. Yes, previously revealed Forbidden Truths will certainly be mentioned and discussed on this page, but only for the purpose of building and expanding upon those brilliant Truths, for the purpose of revealing new, even more profound Truths.

I have given long and serious consideration to the issue of whether I should "jump ahead" and complete all of the essays at this page, prior to unveiling this website/Manifesto to the online world. I have weighed the advantages and the disadvantages, and have come to the decision that this page should be completed by me in it's proper order. There is no valid reason for me to jump ahead and complete the essays on this page, until all of the essays at the first 14 pages of this website have been fully completed. The impact and the brilliance of the climactical Truths that will be revealed on this page, will be enhanced and strengthened to readers, if they have already read the completed text of all of the essays on the previous 14 pages. Therefore, you creatures will have to be very patient, as it appears certain this page will not be completed until sometime in 2005. Disappointed? Well, that's life, folks, filled with disappointments, as well as limitless outrages and injustices, thanks to the choice that you creatures make, to live under insane and evil societal and governmental systems. Fear not, I will devote extra time and right now, in composing the seven brief essay summaries for this page, so that all of you will have a rather good and clear understanding of the general nature of the remarkable Truths that will be yours to enjoy in completed form, sometime in 2005. As we reach the end of the "main body" of this Manifesto, I urge you creatures to pay attention to the fact that this website will be a constantly evolving jewel and beacon of brilliance. As will be explained to you on the next page, the Latest Updates page, even though the first 15 pages of the Main Body of this Manifesto will change very little once they are all completed in the year 2005, pages 16 and 17 will be constantly updated, and page 16, the Latest Updates page, will also directly link to approximately twenty additional pages, above and beyond the 17 page Main Body of this Manifesto, that I will be creating as well as regularly updating, even as I work to complete this Main Body of 17 pages, prior to the end of the year 2005.

Okay, now that I have impressed you via the revelation of the scope of this ongoing project of brilliance, it is time to begin outlining the nature of the seven essays that will cause this page to go down in the annals of human history as perhaps the single most remarkable outpouring of Truth to have ever been formulated within a web page. We will begin with: Ritualized Personal Sacrifice. I have already discussed at previous essays, to some degree, how and why you pathetic creatures "choose", in reality are brutally brainwashed and coerced by your societies into choosing, to engage in personally harmful and even fatal life activities and lifestyle paths, ranging all the way from overeating and smoking, to blatant self-murder via the suicide act. This essay will bring together all of the most profound Forbidden Truths regarding self-harm, self-victimization and self-destruction, and in the process a whole new set of even more valuable and profound Forbidden Truths will be exposed. A very primary realization of new Forbidden Truth within this essay, will focus upon the fact that any society that creates and produces human beings who have been so stripped of the precious self-love that they were born possessing, that they choose to engage in self-destructive, self-victimizing activity and lifestyle paths, proves beyond all doubt, simply by this one visible and undeniable consequence of it's malevolence, that it does not deserve to continue to exist and function as a society. A great deal of focus will also be devoted to the rather simple sounding, but extremely profound and complex Truth, that all acts of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, regardless of their nature, represent a horrifically flawed and misdirected expression of societally induced rage and hate. The value and the triumph of finding the personal insight to both recognize this Truth, and then to actively reverse your own personal lifestyle and behavioral choices in such a way that rage and hate are properly, sanely, and rationally expressed, is immeasurable, but also, perversely, almost impossible for any of you creatures who are not genuine Superiors, to achieve.

Next essay on tap will be: Societal Obligations to Individuals. This will be a biggie, folks. As you should already realize from your reading of this Manifesto, one of the core precepts of Forbidden Truth is that every society currently in existence owes a tremendous, literally unpayable debt to all of it's citizen-slaves. I have already outlined, at a fairly great length, the enormous obligations that every society must accept and assume with regard to children born into and living within the society, in my Child Abuse essay. But there is much more that needs to be said. Any society or government, if it wishes to make any type of claim to legitimate rule and power over individual human beings, has a huge number of totally different moral, ethical, and humanistic obligations that it must meet, in order for such a claim to even be worthy of the slightest consideration. This essay will outline all of these obligations in great detail, and will specifically list at least 20 "top obligations", describing them in comprehensive operational detail. The fact that no human society or government has even attempted to legitimately embrace even a single one of these Sacred Obligations, much less all of the 20-30 different Obligations that will be detailed, proves that no human government or societal structure that has ever existed within the history of humanity, or that exists today, has any moral, ethical, or humanistic right to continue to exist for even a single more day.

The next topic to be dissected by your Seer shall be: Genetic Perversions of Human Race. Throughout this Manifesto, you will have noticed that I make very specific reference to a genetic component to the derangement, insanity, hypocrisy, stupidity, and malice of you creatures. Do not misunderstand, genetic malformation and inferiority is not the primary or the root cause of genocidal human suffering, insanity, and malice. The root, primary cause is the insane and evil societal environment that all children are born into and raised up within. If these children were not subjected to a lifetime of toxic human victimization, many of them would cope fairly well with the Truths of life. Therefore the actual genetic component to human perversity can be seen as being somewhat minimal, when looked at from that perspective. But if you look at the situation from the position of intergenerational cycling, and the fact that every single human collective operates within an insane and evil societal environment, you can say that the genetic component is much stronger, and the never-ending toxicity of all human environments may well stem directly from genetic inferiority and perversity. These are the types of complex and difficult philosophical Truths that will be tackled in this essay. Numerous examples and illustrations of insane/toxic human ideology and behavior that appears to have at least as strong a genetic component, as an environmental component, will be outlined and discussed at length. When this essay is completed sometime in 2005, I am already completely confident that my brilliant dissection will demonstrate that Yes, countless centuries of genetic malformation and disease have resulted in a situation today, in the 21st century, where immense genetic perversity has literally trapped all of humanity within a massive quagmire of quicksand, from which there is no escape, for the vast majority of human beings who are born today or will be born in the future. But at the same time, the evidence that I reveal in this essay will also prove that it is environmental perversion that human beings impose upon every generation of children, not inborn genetic perversion that afflicts the children from the moment of their birth, which causes the most severe and irreversible genocidal harm to individual human beings. I will also be providing some brilliant insights into why other animal species, not human, do not suffer from these types of genetic perversions.

We are almost ready to climax folks, so get those paper towels ready! :-) Our next essay is: Viability/Entitlement of Human Race to Exist. The dim-witted among you might say, "Why devote an entire essay to this issue, Seer? You've already expressed your brilliant conclusion that the human race does not deserve to continue to exist." Sorry dimmy, but one of the things I most pride myself on, is never simply expressing a Truth and letting that Truth dangle in the wind. Every Truth I have revealed within this Manifesto has been comprehensively and carefully explained, in such a way that any sane, rational person is able to recognize and accept the validity of the Truth. The only problem, and it is a huge, insurmountable one, is the fact that 99.9999999% of you creatures are neither sane nor rational. Rehardless of that fact, I honor and expose my brilliance, by backing up every Forbidden Truth that I reveal within this Manifesto, and so I shall do here, discussing and outlining in great detail the many different reasons why the human race has already proven millions of times over, and continues to prove today, that it has absolutely no legitimate right to continue to exist as a species. But I won't even stop there, I will also exhaustively outline exactly what types of ideological, behavioral, and lifestyle changes/reforms the human race would have to make, in order to earn even the slightest consideration of the possibility that it may no longer deserve to be extincted, even though I already know that there is zero chance, literally a zero possibility, that any of these dozens of reforms, much less all of them, can or will be embraced and implemented by you pathetic creatures.

Only two more essays left, folks! This next one should be a lot of fun to write. It is titled: Doomsday Scenarios for Extinction of Humanity. I engaged in a rather intense internal debate with myself, regarding the use of the word "doomsday" in the title. The traditional definition of "doomsday" is "the end of the world", and I certainly do not view the extinction of humanity as constituting the end of anything valuable, much less the end of the "world". To the contrary, the extinction of humanity would and will result in a wondrous new beginning of a much better life and future, to all surviving life forms who are not themselves extincted by the likely method by which humanity will end up extincting itself. I use the present/future tense of "will", because it is clear to any Superior thinker that the glorious extermination of this most evil and diseased species of life to have ever dwelled upon planet earth, is now an absolute certainty. The only issue that is up in the air, is exactly when this extinction will occur. Like I said, this essay will be a lot of fun to write, as I look forward to the dawn of human extinction with fervent eagerness, and hope with all my heart and dead soul that I live long enough to actually witness the event which will lead to human extinction, occur and progress to the point where I can feel confident that my own tragic death will soon be followed by the extinction of all human life. To conclude my internal debate on using the word "doomsday", I also do not like how this word implies that the day/time of human extinction will be a "sad" time, a time of doom. No, to any sane, Superior thinker interested in True justice, the day of human extinction would be a day to celebrate, although of course the fact that the sane, Superior human being would himself perish, is not a desirable outcome for him. Still, I have chosen to use the word doomsday to title this essay, applying my own definition to the word, a definition that I like, namely doomsday=the day that the human race becomes totally extinct. Even if we are brilliant enough to realize that the human race will definately become extinct, we are still left with two very primary questions, when will the extinction occur, and even more intriguing, exactly how will the extinction occur. I am no psychic, but I will attempt to utilize my remarkable analytical skills to determine the most likely answers to these questions, in writing this essay. Hopefully an alien race of Superior creatures will someday discover this Manifesto and be able to acknowledge my brilliance, should my analytical insights prove accurate.

And now we finally reach the ultimate climax to this Manifesto, the closing essay, which I am titling: The Utopian Society. Here I will weave together all of the Truths contained within this entire Manifesto, to come up with a design and operational structure for how a legitimate, valid, sane, moral, and decent society would be stuctured, and all of the immense reforms that would be required to create such a Superior society. Again, I debated with myself over the use of the word "utopian". The word implies perfection, and I am quite aware of the fact that no amount of reform, no type of reform, could ever result in a "perfect" society, insofar as absolutely no injustices, abuses, victimizations occuring to any human being or to any living thing. Nevertheless, the utterly brilliant reforms to societal structure that I will outline in this essay are so monumental in scope, and would have such an incredibly major, positive impact upon every aspect of how human existence functions, that the end result would deserve to be considered a utopia, even though it will certainly lack the perfection that is commonly associated with the mainstream definitional meaning of the word utopia.

I want to make it perfectly clear right upfront, as I have already mentioned previously within this Manifesto, that there is absolutely no benevolent intent on my part, in creating this new Sacred Text of Forbidden Truth. I have absolutely no desire to see a utopian society actually be created, in real life. I draw comfort and pleasure from the fact that I know it is 100% impossible for you diseased creatures to ever even begin to attempt to reform yourselves as individuals, much less your entire societal systems and structures. I proudly create this essay, "The Utopian Society", solely to honor myself and my brilliance, to immortalize myself and my brilliance, and to gleefully mock all of you creatures, all of the human race. If I sincerely thought that there was any possibility, even 500, 1000 years from today, that you humans had any type of capacity to actually use the Truths that I reveal in this essay, or any of the other essays within this Manifesto, to genuinely reform your evil, toxic and insane ideologies, lifestyles, and societal/governmental systems, I would not publically reveal this Manifesto to any human being, in any way, shape, or form. Let this Truth be perfectly clear, the only reason I am revealing this Manifesto to the world is because I am 100% certain that the brilliant proposals and reforms that I outline can never and will never be embraced by any type of human society. The tortures that your human society malevolently and insanely chose to inflict upon me during my childhood, all by itself, renders the human race unworthy of existence, and I would never engage in any type of activity that I felt might "help" society to reform it's malevolent and insane structures, because that would constitute a betrayal of Self and of my own True Reality. The revelations of Forbidden Truth within this Manifesto are not designed to "help" society, and will not in fact help society, in any way. These Truths are designed to reveal and expose factual reality, to lay open and dissect, in clear and plain english, the maggot-filled internal core of you human creatures. To create an eternal record of Truth, of the actual design and operational structure, free of all lies, myths, hypocrisies, and rationalizations, of the most evil, diseased, and inferior form of life to have ever existed on the planet known as earth, humanity. These are the goals, ambitious but they will be achieved, of your Seer of Forbidden truth, in creating this Manifesto. Is it possible that some individual human beings will derive "personal benefit and quality of life improvement" by reading and integrating the Truths of this Manifesto within their own personal lives, life philosophy, and life path? Yes, That is possible. But it is not possible that any aspect of this Manifesto, any of the Truths revealed, will result in any type of a widespread, legitimate policy reform undertaken by an entire society, nor is it possible that an entire group of humans can come together and use this Manifesto to create an entirely new society that is based upon Truth, sanity, and reflective morality. I am glad that these reforms cannot occur, because it proves that humanity itself does not deserve to exist, and on a more personal level, I find the very notion of "helping" humanity, or causing any type of beneficial reform to occur within human society, beneficial to human beings that is, to be utterly repugnant and a betrayal of Self, True Reality, and Truth itself. I know that some readers of this Manifesto will decide that some of the reforms I outline would be beneficial to humanity if implemented. Would they in fact be beneficial to humanity if implemented? Yes! But dear readers, you must carry this Superior realization forward, not only to acknowledge that your Seer has absolutely no desire to see such reforms occur, but far more importantly, you must realize that it is 100% impossible for your evil and insane societies, governments, and Unwashed Masses of tortured citizen-slaves, to actually implement or allow to be implemented, any of these reforms in any type of a legitimate, Truth-based manner.

Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a very detailed and comprehensive definitional outline of what Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are: Individual and societal recognitions, most often on a subconscious or instinctual level, that the ideologies, policies, and doctrines that their society legalizes, legitimizes, and undertakes in their names, as citizens, are unjust, evil, immoral, perverse, and hypocritical. We will list and briefly discuss some of these specific societal policies and ideologies, such as the death penalty, abortion, biased distribution of wealth, ritualized abuse of children, etc..., focusing our discussion on exactly how and why these perverse societal actions and policies serve to inspire subconscious and instinctual Ritualistic guilt Manifestations within some individual human beings. We will discuss why most Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are not consciously realized and recognized as such, but rather only experienced on a subconscious/instinctual level, focusing upon the fact that the primary reason why there is rarely a conscious realization is because society itself overtly promotes, encourages, and declares perfectly appropriate and acceptable, the insane and evil policies, actions, and ideologies that it sponsors. We will discuss the fact that any member of a society, even if he should have some recognition that his society is evil/perverse and even if he actively attempts to refrain from personally participating in evil and toxic societal rituals, is still vulnerable to being afflicted by Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, because simply by living life as a citizen and as a member of that society, the society is committing it's atrocities directly in the name of the citizen-slave, regardless of whether the citizen-slave may personally agree with or approve of the societal policies and actions. We will delve deeper into the True nature and meaning of what Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are, and why they occur, why they are experienced by individual human beings. We will focus upon the fact that Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are attempts by individuals, usually not properly structured within conscious Truth or sincere remorse, to atone for and to gain psychological relief from, the subconscious and instinctual guilt and responsibility that they feel, concerning the atrocities and injustices that their society commits in their names, and that their society malevolently entices them to personally support and commit as well. We will discuss the fact that the vast majority of individuals who attempt to obtain this atonement and psychological guilt relief, do not feel any conscious or legitimate remorse, because they have been totally stripped of all genuinely moral and legitimately empathic emotional capability, as a result of having been born into and raised up within an utterly evil, completely immoral, and totally insane society. We will discuss the fact that it is not only individual human beings who are afflicted with Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, but in fact entire large groups of human beings, and entire societies of human beings, can be and are afflicted with Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations.

We will begin discussing how some of these dysfunctional and hypocritical Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are displayed and revealed, focusing first on the types of displays that are exhibited not by individual human beings, but rather by large groups or entire societies. Examples that will be outlined and discussed at great length will include the creation and funding of large charitable organizations which pretend to be interested in helping "people in need", most often the exact same people that the society is responsible for brutally victimizing and causing to be in extreme financial or other types of distress. Also, governments undertaking genocidal war against foreign strangers, then insanely offering to help "rebuild" the country that they just brutally attacked, will be revealed as a societal Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation, the attackers pretending to be interested in morally helping and aiding the very same people that they genocidally attacked and sought to kill just weeks or months earlier. The embrace of the insane god myth by societies, which overtly instructs devotees to victimize themselves, to deny themselves personal pleasure, to give away their own money, to "atone for their sins", will be revealed as being one of the most brutally perverse and prevalent of all societal Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations. Societies and governments choosing to needlessly engage in wars, including wars that the leaders know their regime has little if any chance of winning, and know for certain will cause a large number of fatal casualties, will be revealed as a Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation. We will move on to listing and detailing the even more common and pervasive forms of Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation, the type practiced not by governments and large groups of people acting togeher, but rather the individual, True Reality types of RGM. Among the most common types, all of which will be discussed at great length, we have suicide, attempted suicide, self-mutilation via cutting, overeating, undereating, deliberately vomiting up what you have already eaten, the giving away of money to charity, a refusal to eat meat, a refusal to fight in wars, an attempt to ban guns and other weapons, a refusal to invest in companies that are responsible for committing genocide, a refusal to purchase products from companies that sponsor and profit from genocide, a refusal to breed/create children, the deliberate wearing of uncomfortable/painful articles of clothing, an embrace of the notion that suffering and death are sometimes due to the "will of god", the feeding of stray animals, "missionaries" who choose to travel to foreign societies that their own societies are directly guilty of and responsible for decimating, fratentity type "hazings" in which young humans ritualistically humiliate and abuse a peer while subconsciously abusing themselves, an overall mindset on the part of many individual humans that suffering and hardship are good things that help a person become "stronger", the pointless participation of humans in overtly dangerous, life-threatening, and extremely difficult activities/tasks for no valid or legitimate reason, ranging from mountain climbing to sky diving to motorcycle riding to working as policemen and bodyguards, the deliberate consumption of mind-altering substances which serve to allow an individual to temporarily escape from the realities and Truths of life. All of these lifestyle choices and acts of personal betrayal/victimization have overt Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation components to them, and each will be discussed at length, with the exact primary cause of the Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation revealed and dissected. For example, within an ultra-diseased society like america, most eating disorders, be they eating too much, eating too little, or deliberately vomiting up what you eat, have a Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation component that very specifically deals with the fact that american society and the american government chooses to sponsor the starvation deaths of millions of children each and every year, simply because of the arbitrary bad luck that the children suffer, in not having been born in america or being citizens of america at the time of their fatal starvation. The subconscious and instinctual guilt that american humans feel within their True Realities, when contemplating this perverse atrocity committed by their own society/government, manifests itself via eating disorders. A refusal to breed/create children often has a Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation that very specifically revolves around the personal realization, again usually not on a conscious level but merely on a subconscious/instinctual level, that their society genocidally abuses/harms/victimizes children.

We will discuss at length the very interesting question of whether Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations demonstrate or indicate genuine moral regret, remorse, and sensitivity, or whether they merely indicate an attempt and desire by humans to maintain the same illusion of moral decency that their evil society maintains, by falsely rationalizing away the undesired realization of immense evil and immorality that they subconsciously/instinctually sense with both their society and themselves. This type of subconscious rationalization would be formulated along the perverse lines of "I am suffering and risking my health, welfare, life too, so the genocidal suffering, harm, and death that others endure as a result of my society's evil policies and ideologies is no big deal, just part of being alive, suffering is good and normal and as long as I am willing to suffer, it's fine for my society to make others suffer." We will conclude with the insight of Truth that in almost no cases, do Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations by either individual humans or entire societies, represent genuine and sincere, Truth-based moral regret, remorse, or sensitivity. When an individual chooses not to breed because he realizes that his society is genocidally evil towards it's child-slaves, all he is doing is refraining from personally causing a single child to suffer horrific victimization, a child that does not even exist, while at the same time he is standing by and doing nothing as his evil society commits genocide upon literally millions of other children, on a daily basis. This is not a demonstration of morality, but rather a demonstration of perversely hypocritical immorality, of the highest order.

We will discuss the fact that as long as an individual chooses to live as a member of an evil and diseased society, any and all Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations that the individual may exhibit, cannot and do not represent genuine or sincere moral or ideological atonement, since the human is choosing to continue to support and legitimize the evil society and by proxy all of it's evil/insane policies, by choosing to remain a member of the society. We will discuss the fact that no Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations have any actual impact upon altering any of the core ongoing, malevolent policies and operational structures of society itself, their only goal is to invalidly alleviate the guilt and responsibility that individuals and societies bear, and refuse to accept/face up to, thus Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations actually help legitimize genocidally evil and insane societal/governmental policies, by providing false rationalizations and illusions of moral atonement. We will discuss the fact that because Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are completely useless in terms of affecting the genocidally evil policies and ideologies of society in a positive manner, the individual comfort and feelings of atonment that people who are afflicted by Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations are not only completely invalid and illegitimate and in no way represent genuine morality or Truth, but they serve to actually strengthen and increase overall public support for the genocidally evil societal policies and ideologies. I will discuss my own personal life choice to completely detach myself from all aspects of societal life and ritual, and the fact that I have lived and will always continue to live completely detached from society. I will discuss why this type of lifestyle choice, that only one out of a million humans is willing to make, represents the only type of morally superior way to separate yourself as an individual, from the genocidally evil design structure of your society. I will stress the fact that notwithstanding my own choice as a youth to completely detach myself from all aspects of societal life, I have never been afflicted by any type of Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations, and my choice to totally detach myself from society stemmed from a brilliant realization of my own Superiority anmd self-love, and a recognition of how incredibly inferior and unworthy of existence the society I was born into and raised up within, was and is and will always be, until it's inevitable destruction/extinction. We will discuss the fact that almost all Ritualistic Guilt Manifestations involve a tortured victim-creation of society turning his negative emotions inward, harming/victimizing himself further, without any legitimate goal or even conscious desire on the part of the individual to reform the actual societal injustice/perversion that inspired the Guilt Manifestation to develop, but rather to cover-up, rationalize, and dismiss the societal atrocity, while gaining false and invalid emotional comfort via the cover-up. We will discuss the specifically important role that sanity plays within the diseased Ritualistic Guilt Manifestation process, focusing upon the fact that the utter insanity and derangement of humanity and of human beings individually, is the pivotal factor in making the Guilt Manifestations useless. Within a sane society, if human beings were sane, a recognition and embrace of Truth-based, genuine guilt would occur, and such guilt would be relieved via a genuine and sincere effort/obsession with reforming the actual policies and ideologies of society. But because you creatures are completely insane and deranged, for both genetic and environmental reasons, your Guilt Manifestations are irrational, hypocritical, warped, totally disconnected from Truth, and therefore they actually serve to strengthen the standing and position of your evil societies and their malevolent/deranged policies/ideologies.

Dylan Klebold, Columbine High School, school massacre
This is Dylan Klebold, Tortured Child-Martyr of Your Ultra-Diseased Society. Yes indeed, this angelic-looking boy was a brutally tortured victim of american society, tortured on a daily basis. You took this helpless child and inflicted enough torment upon him so that at age 17, the only rational life activity and goal that he could envision as reflecting his True Reality was to slaughter as many fellow human beings as he possibly could, and yet you, as a society, have the deranged audacity to label him as having been an "evil monster", instead of the ultimate, greatest victim, of the Columbine High School expression of limitless pain, by your society's tortured child-slaves. If Dylan had survived that fateful day, you creatures should all have literally fallen to your knees and begged him for forgiveness, that would have been the tiniest beginning of genuine, sincere, moral atonement, to beg your tortured child to forgive you, with sincere, limitless remorse. But no, insanely, you creatures would have demonized Martyr Dylan, labeled him as "evil", and sought to inflict additional, punitive punishment/torture upon him, for daring to reveal and express the Truth to you, for having shown you the Truth of the genocidal torment that you choose, as a society, to inflict upon your child-slaves. Absolutely pathetic! You would label Dylan as evil and insane, for doing nothing more than showing you the Truth, that you and your societies are not only 100% guilty and responsible for Dylan's creation and victimization, but that you and your societies are literally millions of times more insane and evil than this child-Martyr could ever, in his wildest dreams, have been. One of the greatest outrages of the late 20th century, and yet another piece of absolute proof as regards the fact that the so-called "news media" is nothing more than an agency of the government itself, the so-called "free" news media of america have allowed the judicial system to keep hidden or destroy the camcorder videotapes that Martyr Dylan made, together with fellow Martr Eric Harris, in which they expressed and revealed their true Reality. How repugnant, that not a single member of the mainstream news media, whose job it is to find, report, disseminate news, has had the guts or the initiative to file a proper first amendment court case, demanding complete and uncensored access to and the ability to distribute to all other news media sources, the complete contents of the five, possibly even more, original camcorder videos that Dylan and Eric courageously created, with a clear desire to reveal and expose to the world at large. No, you creatures don't want to have a tortured child tell you in his own words, why he wanted to kill 250 fellow humans, even while he was still a child. No, you don't want that information, you don't want to stare into his face on your tv sets as he tells you how you are guilty of his lifelong torture and torment. That would be Truth. That would be Forbidden Truth, the kind of Truth that you diseased creatures spend your entire lives desperately fleeing from.

"It's humans that I hate." "I hope we will kill 250 of you." "God doesn't exist." "I'm sorry I have so much rage but you put it in me." "You made me what I am. You added to the rage." "I'm going to kill you all. You've been giving us s--- for years" "Directors will be fighting over this story." "It's a half-hour before judgment day. I didn't like life very much. Just know I'm going to a better place than here." "We're not exactly human - we have human bodies but we've evolved into one step above you f---ing human s---. We actually have f---ing self-awareness." "About 26.5 hours from now the judgement will begin. Difficult but not impossible, necessary, nervewracking & fun. What fun is life without a little death? It’s interesting, when i’m in my human form, knowing i’m going to die. Everything has a touch of triviality to it."---------------Dylan Klebold.

Ritualized Personal Sacrifice:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a very detailed and comprehensive definitional outline of the title of this essay, "Ritualized Personal Sacrifice", using a primary definition of: Personally dangerous, harmful, or deadly actions undertaken by individual victims of society, against themselves, who have been so brutally stripped of all self-love, self-esteem, self-value, and narcissistic recognition of their own preciousness, that they feel within their True Realities an overwhelming need on an emotional and psychological level, to cause themselves harm, injury, suffering, or death. We will mention the fact that this topic has been discussed to some degree within the "Self-Abuse/Betrayal" essay, but must be focused on even more intensely, and this essay will primarily deal with how and why societies choose to and are able to succeed in their malevolent goal of stripping individual human beings of all self-love and self-value ability, and via terroristic victimization, compel human beings to engage in ritualistic self sacrifice, self-betrayal, and self-victimization. We will begin listing and discussing a whole series of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice activities and ideologies, that tortured victim-creations of society are terroristically compelled to engage in. These will include suicide, consumption of toxic substances such as drugs, alcohol, nicotine, etc..., self-cutting, self-starvation, rejection of personal freedom and autonomy in favor of societally imposed cultural and religious fascism, enlisting in the military, agreeing to get married, and a general policy of directing personal rage, hate and frustration inward, towards self-victimization, as opposed to outward, towards other living things. Each of these manifestations of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice will be discussed at length, with a specific focus and emphasis upon how and why societies overtly seek to get as many of their tortured victim-creations as possible, to engage in self-betraying Ritualized Personal Sacrifice. We will discuss the fact that the more evil and diseased a society is, the more of an extreme, vested interest the leaders of such a society have, to coerce, compel, and brainwash their citizen-slaves into engaging in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, due to the fact that such societies generate an incredible amount of rage, hate, and frustration among citizen-slaves, that would in many cases be more properly expressed and directed outward, towards other human beings including societal leaders and their empowered agents, if the emotions and mindsets of individual torture victims were not malevolently manipulated into engaging in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, on a mass scale.

We will discuss at length, the extremely important Forbidden Truth that every single act of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice undertaken by a human being, represents a warped misdirection of societally induced and societally caused rage, hate, and frustration, and that society itself bears absolute and complete responsibility for both causing the individual human being to develop this severe rage/hate/frustration in the first place, and then, even more perversely, stripping it's own tortured victim-creation of all self-love and self-value, while brainwashing him into believing that he deserved to be tortured, and is now obligated to betray himself and to continue torturing and victimizing himself, as he has been tortured and victimized by others, and by society itself. We will discuss the fact that the personal life choice to direct rage and hate towards one's self rather than towards other living things, is always the greater evil, and the more deranged choice. We will discuss the fact that any type of self-victimization represents a betrayal of Self and of Truth, and regardless of how "minor" it may be, in terms of perhaps not resulting in permanent injury, crippling, or death, it is still far less sane and justifiable than any type of outward expression of rage and hate is, even if the outward expression of rage is explosive and even if it causes other humans to die. We will discuss the fact that any type of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice mindset or activity, reveals and indicates severe mental illness/dysfunction on the part of the individual afflicted with the self-sacrificing, self-victimizing mindset/ideology, mental illness/dysfunction that is usually far more severe than that suffered by murderers of other human beings, and other violent societal torture victims who direct their rage and hate outward.

We will discuss the fact that any sane society would accept and embrace a moral obligation towards it's own tortured victim-creations, to inform and instruct them that the worst possible emotional and behavioral choice that they can make, the least legitimate choice they can make, is to engage in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice activities. Society would be morally obligated to directly inform and instruct all of it's tortured victim-creations that it is more legitimate for them to direct their negative emotions outward, including to harm/kill other human beings, than it is for them to direct their negative emotions inward, to harm/kill themselves. We will discuss the fact that one of the most primary, top-level doctrines of Forbidden Truth is that no victim-creation of society should ever, under any circumstances, regardless of how torturous/severe the circumstances may be, engage in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice activities that involve betrayal and harming of Self. We will discuss how and why all such activities constitute the most severe betrayal of both Self and Truth, that exists within the human experience. Such a betrayal of Self and of Truth represents a "siding with the enemy", not just any enemy, but rather the greatest enemy in the world, the enemy that has inflicted the most brutality and injustice upon you, your society, the society that created you, victimized you, and literally seeks to destroy you, by terrorizing, brainwashing, and coercing you into agreeing to destroy yourself, via Ritualized Personal Sacrifice activities.

We will discuss at length the extreme value and importance of creating a "mental trampoline" within the deepest parts of your own mind. What is a mental trampoline? It is an ideological philosophy, in reality a type of physical fortress, that a Superior human being develops and builds within his own mind, to serve as a reflective device against the malevolent brainwashing efforts of evil societies to get their citizen-slaves to hate and loathe themselves, and to perceive themselves as being personally worthless. The Mental Trampoline is designed to automatically take each and every attempt that society makes against you, to cause you to accept and embrace Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, and bounce/reflect each and every such attempt directly back at society, in such a way that all of the negative emotion, rage, hate, frustration, self-loathing, that society attempts to get you to direct against yourself, is instead completely reflected and bounced back at society, back at humanity, back at other human beings. I will discuss the personal fact that I myself am very proud that I began training my own mind to serve as an impenetrable reflective trampoline back when I was still a child, and it has served me beautifully in terms of making me completely untouchable to any and all past, current, or future societal efforts to affect how I feel about myself, that have been and will be undertaken against me.

We will discuss the interesting situation under which some torture victims, even as they engage in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice within some areas of their lives, also find the internal strength and motivation to direct their rage and hate outward, in other areas of their lives. We will discuss the tragic situation of how and why some torture victims do an extremely good job of directing their rage and hate outward for many years, but still suffer a relapse, sometimes an extremely severe relapse, that causes them to betray themselves either immediately after a dynamic act of externalized violence, or months/years later, while trapped within and being subjected to additional brutal brainwashing and victimization by, the prison or psychiatric detention system. We will discuss how these situations illustrate how extremely important it is for all Superior humans to both develop and constantly nurture and build upon, an impenetrable mental trampoline within their own minds, in order to defend against the lifelong, utterly evil brainwashing and coercion attempts by society, to strip them of their self-love and proper direction of rage and hate, that society absolutely and definately will attempt and undertake against every single one of it's tortured victim-creations.

We will discuss at length the intellectually complex situation of how and why some types of personal actions and lifestyle choices, even though at first glance they may appear to be acts of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice, are in fact nothing of the kind. A perfect example of this would be the repeat offender "criminal" who has already spent time being punitively punished in prison. The uninsightful thinker may conclude that if such an individual did not enjoy his prison stay, and does not desire to return to prison, but does choose to commit additional "criminal" acts that carry the risk of additional imprisonment if he is caught, then such an individual is victimizing and betraying himself, engaging in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice. We will discuss this theory and reveal the Truth, that such an individual, based upon the above circumstances, is not engaging in self-victimization. Such an individual is properly directing his rage and hate outward. The fact that his insane and evil society is seeking to punitively punish him for reflecting back the Truth of his victimization, and he provides society with the chance to inflict such perversely undeserved punishment upon him by violating the invalid and insanely hypocritical behavioral laws that the society seeks to impose upon all of it's citizen-slaves, does not mean that he is engaging in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice. We will discuss the definitional distinction that applies here, the fact that all Ritualized Personal Sacrifice involves a human being directly and overtly victimizing/harming himself, with no "third party" involvement. Therefore, if a person commits a violent crime against another person, and in the process he leaves himself open to being victimized/harmed by another entity, namely the judicial/prison system, that is not a self-betraying or self-sacrificing act, because the person is not directly and overtly harming himself, and any harm he may experience, even if it is extremely severe, will come from a third party entity.

We will discuss why, for many societal torture victims, it is literally impossible for them to resist societal commands that they engage in Ritualized Personal Sacrifice activities, because they have simply lost all ability to love and value themselves, as a result of a lifetime of malevolent societal victimization. I will discuss my own status of being soul dead, and contrast my own soul death, which has resulted in me being unable to feel positive emotions towards any human being other than myself, with the far more common and catastrophic situation of societal torture victims being totally unable to love or value themselves. I feel extremely proud and glad that I have trained and developed my brilliant mind to such a degree that even as I possess absolutely no positive emotions towards any other human beings, I also possess a literally limitless amount of genuine, sincere, and pure love, affection, devotion, respect, and honor, for myself. We will discuss the fact that I myself, as a child, made an overt, Sacred Vow to myself, that I would never directly harm or victimize myself in any way, shape, or form, and of course I have kept that Sacred Vow, as I have kept all my vows throughout my entire lifetime. We will discuss the fact that all Superior humans, of any age, would be well-served in sincerely making such a Sacred Vow to themselves. We will focus additional comments and insights upon the fact that societies have a Sacred Obligation to beg all of their victims for forgiveness, to instruct and inform them on a constant basis that they did not deserve to be victimized and that they do deserve to feel genuine self-love, self-value, and to recognize and enjoy the reality of their own unique preciousness. Within this Sacred Obligation that society bears, is a requirement that society employ every imaginable method and instruction to discourage it's own tortured victim-creations from directly victimizing themselves further, including giving such torture victims moral and cultural permission to victimize other human beings. We will discuss why this would not be a morally bankrupt or hypocritical instruction, but rather a rational acknowledgement of the legitimacy of reflectivity within an evil societal structure. We will discuss why the relative rate of self-victimization within a society, more than any other single societal ill including child abuse and murder, provides the most legitimate and damning proof that the society is completely diseased and unworthy of continuing to exist. We will discuss why the rate of outwardly directed murder is not nearly as good a gauge of the relative derangement and evil of a society, as the rate of inwardly directed murder, which is perversely labeled as "suicide", is. We will discuss the fact that the american rate of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice is at an epidemic level, with literally 9,999 out of every 10,000 adult citizen-slaves engaging in some type of Ritualized Personal Sacrifice activity, be it consuming alcohol, drugs, nicotine, overeating, slow forms of self-murder, or quicker forms of attempted self-murder such as self-cutting and suicide attempts. The actual self-murder rate, in other words the suicide rate, is also much higher than the externalized murder rate, in other words the "illegal murder" rate, is. Both of these facts serve to prove beyond all doubt that the american society is one of the most diseased and deranged on planet earth, and totally unworthy of continuing to exist.

Eric Harris, Columbine High School, school massacre
This is Eric Harris, Tortured Victim-Creation and Child-Martyr of the most evil and diseased society on planet earth. Martyr Eric was born innocent and helpless, then from the very day of his birth, he was plunged into the horrific nightmare of daily life as a child-slave within american society. For daring to reflect back upon his society the reality of his torment, he is demonized and condemned, the reality of his Martyrdom and the profound Truths that he sought to reveal to humanity, mocked and ridiculed and rejected. You creatures never cease to amaze me. You claim to love freedom, you claim that the primary reason why you love and support your evil and diseased society is because it offers and provides you with freedom. You demonstrate an insane willingness to fight and die to protect and defend these imaginary, non-existent freedoms. And yet the Truth of the matter is, you hate freedom. You are terrified of even examining/considering, much less embracing, freedom. Genuine, Truth-based, legitimate freedom. You reject freedom at every turn, and you flee from freedom in abject terror. Want proof of this Truth? There are literally thousands of different proofs I can outline, but you need not look further than our two soul mates and child-Martyrs whose photos appear above, to find your proof. Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, two tortured children, did not merely lunch a mass murder attack against the evil society of humans who destroyed and murdered their souls. No, they also created at least 5, possibly as many as 11, original, two hour long camcorder videotapes, in which they sat or stood in front of a video camera and courageously graced the world with hundreds of fascinating life philosophies and information on how and why they had reached the point where they felt it necessary to mass murder you humans, members of their own society. So, at least 10 full hours, possibly as many as 22 full hours, of original camcorder footage that Dylan and Eric personally created and obviously desired to have disseminated via all media outlets, exists. Perversely, your totally fascist law enforcement goon/thugs seized all of these videotapes, handed them over to judicial fascist thugs, and your government, your "free" government, has completely refused to provide even a single one of these tapes, much less all 5-11 tapes, in unedited form, to any media outlet, much less to all media outlets, to broadcast and otherwise make available to the public as they wish. This insanely fascist decree is in effect despite the fact that Martyrs Dylan and Eric are both tragically deceased, thus absolutely no claim that criminal trial or appeal considerations are at play in justifying this incredible censorship. Despite the fact that these videotapes contain and depict incredibly important, valuable, and newsworthy material, incredibly rare information directly provided by two tortured children, in which they describe and reveal the Truth of the lifelong tortures that their society inflicted upon them, and despite the fact that Eric and Dylan were american citizens, who supposedly enjoyed some type of human, legal, copyright, and free expression rights, and they clearly desired and wanted the videotapes that they were making to be made available to both the media and to the general public at large, your evil and diseased society, acting under your desire and auspices, is granting your perverse request to be denied access to these videotapes.

But wait, it's not the fact that your utterly evil and fascist government has suppressed, hidden, censored, refused to provide to the media, and quite possibly destroyed portions of these videotapes for the past 3+ years already, which constitutes the greatest surprise or outrage. We already know that your government is genocidally evil and completely fascist, and that the media is an absolute agency of this government. So to expect anything other than pure fascism from either one of these toxic institutions, the government or the media, is foolish. The most unbelievable, remarkable outrage of this situation is the fact that you creatures, you "ordinary" citizen-slaves who claim to love america because it is free, because your media is free, because it is an "open" society that does not engage in fascist censorship of important documents, have stood by for the past three years, never even suggesting that an ultimate act of fascism is being committed upon you. No, you remain loyal devotees, brainwashed supporters, of this incredibly diseased society. You don't want to be free, you don't want to have the Forbidden Truths that Eric and Dylan express, revealed to you. You actually prefer that your society suppress and/or destroy these videotapes, that your society overtly prevent and block you from ever being able to see, hear, or even read an uncensored written transcript, of the content of these videotapes. It's right there, you don't have to go to war for this freedom, you don't have to spend money, you don't have to travel, it's right there, sitting in some smelly pig locker for the past 3+ years. All you have to do is ask for it, tell your society that you will rise up and overthrow it unless it provides you with this simplest, most basic of personal freedoms, the ability to access the uncensored words and images created by two tortured american children, on videotape. But no, you refuse to make this request. You don't want Truth. You literally beg your society to deny you the very same freedoms that you insanely declare to be so very wonderful, important, and precious, the very same freedoms that you insanely feel grateful and thankful to enjoy, thanks to the benevolence of your beloved society and government. That is the Truly unbelievable aspect of this situation. You spend your lives desperately fleeing from all Truth. But once in awhile a deliverer of Truth realizes that words alone won't work. It's too easy for you cowards to flee from verbal, literary, audio, even video expressions of Truth. But acts of cathartic Truth are a different story, it's not so easy to flee when directly confronted with a torture victim who is determined to directly reflect upon you, via an act of vengeance, the Truths that have been carved into his body, mind, and soul. Unfortunately, only a tiny handful of you humans face this type of directly cathartic reflection of Truth, and the rest of you continue your lifelong flight from and rejection of Truth, desperately burying your heads and minds in the sand as you gratefully thank your society for demonizing it's own tortured victim-creations and child-Martyrs, such as Dylan and Eric, to you. Absolutely pathetic! Eric and Dylan were two courageous Martyrs who went to the time, trouble, and effort to record on videotape 10-22 solid hours of their unique True Reality, revealing their innermost emotional cores to you worthless hypocrites, and yet here we are, 3+ years later, and not a single one of you pathetic cowards, and this includes all media outlets as well as all "ordinary" citizen-slaves, has been able to demonstrate even the tiniest possible amount of "freedom", in terms of obtaining, distributing, disseminating, showing on TV, or selling as a video, even a single 10 minute block of uncensored footage, from the 10-22 hours of camcorder video footage that Eric and Dylan graced the world with. And yet you still claim to live in a "free" society and to be proud & grateful to enjoy all of the wonderful freedoms that your american society provides to you. Unbelievable!

"If you recall your history, the Nazis came up with a 'final solution' to the Jewish problem: kill them all. Well in case you haven't figured it out yet, I say 'Kill mankind.' No one should survive." "You know what I hate? Racism. Anyone who hates Asians, Mexicans, or people of any race because they're different." "I will sooner die than betray my own thoughts, but before I leave this worthless place, I will kill whoever I deem unfit." "I'm full of hate and I love it." "The only reason your (sic) still alive is because someone has decided to let you live." "Good wombs have born bad sons." "------- people with their rich snobby attitude thinkin they are all high and mighty and can come up and tell me what to do and then people I see in the street lying in their fucking mess off about themselves. And then there is all you fitness ----heads saying shit like 'yeah do 50 situps and 25 pushups each morning and run a mile every day and go to the gym and work out and just push yourself to be better and you can achieve anything and set high goals and have great expectations and be happy and be kind and treat everyone equal and give to charity and help the poor and stop violence and drive safely and don't pollute and don't litter and take shorter showers and don't waste water and eat right food and don't smoke or drink and don't sell guns and don't be a bad person'.......phew. I say "---- you...shutup....and die...." And then pull the trigger of a DB#3 that is in your ------- mouth. All you ------- people with your set standards and shit, like you have to go to college and be smart and shit, and you have to have a job and pay taxes, blah blah ------- blah, shutup and DIE!! I really don't give a good God ---- about what you think is "right" and what is "wrong" and what is acceptable and what isn't nice, I just don't ------- CARE! SHUTUP AND DIE!!!!!!!----------------Eric Harris

Societal Obligations to Individuals:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a detailed explanation of why this essay is absolutely one of the most important and profound within this Manifesto, despite the fact that tragically, none of these absolutely and undeniably valid 20-30 Obligations that every society has and bears towards it's citizen-slaves, have any chance of being accepted, embraced, or undertaken as policy by your diseased societies. We will discuss why the notion that societies do not have obligations to their citizens is utterly ludicrous, and why the very fact that a societal system exists and imposes it's dominance upon individual human beings, automatically results in a huge set of Obligations being placed upon the society, if it wishes to make any type of claim to have a legitimate right to exist as an empowered entity. We will discuss the fact that all of the Obligations that will be listed, outlined, and discussed in detail within this essay represent a minimal Sacred Debt that every existing society and government owes to every single one of it's citizen-slaves, including the millions-billions of former citizen-slaves, who have died over the centuries, and were denied all of these Societal Obligations throughout their entire torturous lives. We will begin listing all 20-30 Sacred Debt Societal Obligations that are owed to all individuals, after the listing of each actual Obligation, a lengthy outline and discussion of why this particular Obligation is valid, and constitutes a Sacred Debt owed by society to all of it's citizens, will be provided. I will be listing the first 20 Societal Obligations right now, in this brief essay outline, and providing a one or two sentence explanation of why each constitutes a Sacred Debt, but of course the completed essay will be about 20 times as long, and every single Societal Obligation will be outlined and discussed at great length.

Sacred Societal Obligation #1: As a society, we are obligated and we accept/assume the obligation that we bear, to protect, shield, and save all children born into or living within our society, from being abused, victimized, tortured, brainwashed, or murdered, by any human being or societal entity such as a religious or educational system. This Obligation would require the elimination of all Sacred Family Unit mythology, the adoption of Mandatory Parental Competency Tests and Yearly Live-In Child Assessment Center policies, the banning of abortion, the banning of insane god myth indoctrination/brainwashing of children, etc... Sacred Societal Obligation #2: As a society, we are obligated and we accept/assume the obligation that we bear, to assume, accept, and embrace the fact that we, as a society, bear complete responsibility and sole guilt for any victimization of any children living within our society, that may occur. This Obligation requires that all victimized children be recognized as victims, and treated as victims, pure victims, regardless of what type of activities the victimized child may undertake, and regardless of how old the victimized child might be when he is found to be engaging in violent, anti-social, or other controversial activity. This Obligation mandates that absolutely no punitive punishment of any kind be imposed upon any victim of childhood abuse, or any type of injustice/victimization experienced by an individual of any age, based upon the True fact that society itself bears all legitimate guilt and responsibility in having allowed, be it through overt malevolence or accidental negligence, the individual to be subjected to the initiation of a cycle of unjust, undeserved victimization.

Sacred Societal Obligation #3: As a society, we are obligated and we assume/accept the obligation that we bear, to treat all individual victims as victims, in an equally benevolent, non-punitive, non-discriminatory manner. This Obligation demands that all societies not only treat all victims in a purely benevolent, non-punitive manner, but specifically requires that absolutely no type of discrimination or favoritism be shown, based upon the specific type of activity the victim may have engaged in. So, treating parents who abuse children in a less punitive manner than treating complete strangers who abduct and abuse children, would be unacceptable. Treating a victim of childhood abuse who demonstrates no violent, anti-social conduct, as being more of a victim than someone who does act out violently, would likewise be totally unacceptable. Sacred Societal Obligation #4: As a society, we are obligated to never victimize, harm, hurt, kill, or cause any type of deliberate distress to any victim, be it a victim of our society, or a victim of another society. We are further obligated to never attempt, in any way, to cause such victimization, harm, injury, death, or distress to any individual human being, and to go to whatever lengths required to protect all human beings living within our society from all victimization, harm, injury, death, or deliberate distress, particularly as relates to these injustices being inflicted by society, by the government, or by agencies, agents, or representatives of the society/government. This Obligation is targeted towards the law enforcement, judicial, penal, and pyschiatric system of society, mandating that all of these societal institutions and agencies have a Sacred Obligation to overtly refrain from ever even trying to inflict any type of additional victimization, harm, abuse, trauma, injury, distress, or death, upon any individual human being, regardless of what type of "undesirable" reflection of rage/distress the individual may have engaged in. Sacred Societal Obligation #5: As a society, we are obligated to never legitimize or impose upon our citizen-slaves, any type of toxic, invalid custom, ritual, or activity that is either harmful to individuals or is demonstrably untrue, such as Sacred Family Unit mythology, marriage, and god belief/worship, regardless of how popular or common the custom/ritual/activity might currently be within the populace, and regardless of whether the custom/ritual/activity might serve the desired goals or interests of societal/governmental leaders. This Obligation is designed to purge/cleanse diseased and deranged societies from the toxic and insane rituals that they have addicted and enslaved their citizens to, over the centuries. It does not necessarily require societies to immediately outlaw toxic rituals such as marriage and god worship, but it does require societies to immediately terminate all overt legitimization and promotion of all such invalid customs, rituals, and activities, and to immediately remove all legal standing that may exist to such customs, rituals, and activities. In other words, while citizens would not be prohibited from engaging in the marriage ritual, the ritual would be stripped of all legal standing and therefore all of the invalid legal trappings that accompany this toxic ritual, such as alimony and legal divorce, would be eliminated.

Sacred Societal Obligation #6: As a society, we are obligated to sincerely apologize to all of our victims, and to beg them for forgiveness in sincere recognition of our failure to properly protect them from having a cycle of unjust victimization initiated against them, even if we, as a society, did not intentionally or malevolently cause them to be harmed/victimized. This Obligation is designed to place society and the government in it's proper position, as a servant to all individual life forms, an entity that is designed to sincerely serve all individual life, and an entity that has as it's foremost Obligation, the nurturing and protection of individual life, as part of the process of legitimizing it's own ongoing existence. Society and government has an obligation to properly and sincerely humble itself, to admit to it's citizens that it can only legitimately remain in power with their sincere consent, and therefore to sincere humble itself over every single failure that it experiences, even if it has already "reformed" in terms of eliminating overtly genocidal policies from it's design and operational structure. Sacred Societal Obligation #7: As a society, we are obligated to provide genuine, legitimate freedom to all of our citizens, of all ages, including the genuine freedom of individuals to reject the legitimacy of our society, to hate our society, and to refuse to live as a member of our society, without facing any type of punitive or discriminatory response from our society. We must also enjoy the freedom to able to actively and overtly call for and campaign for the overthrow of any existing society/government, without facing any censorship efforts, much less punitive punishment efforts from the society/government. This Obligation will likely be discussed at great length within the completed essay, since definitions of what constitutes genuine and legitimate freedom will need to be provided, even though this issue has already been well addressed in previous essays. The main purpose of this Obligation will be to mandate that all societies and governments stop providing the perversely invalid and illegitimate illusions of freedom that currently exist, and replace them with genuine and legitimate freedoms for all citizen-slaves, including, very specifically, children, who currently carry a subhuman label and therefore do not even enjoy the invalid illusions of personal freedom that adults are brainwashed into accepting/embracing. We will also discuss at length, within this portion of the essay, the fact that unless a society/government provides all human beings with the sincere and legitimate freedom to overtly condemn and call for the overthrow/destruction of the currently existing society/government, all other so-called freedoms that the society may pretend to offer, are rendered null, void, and invalid.

Sacred Societal Obligation #8: As a society, we are morally and ethically obligated to provide, with no conditions or strings attached, a sufficient amount of either material goods or monetary funds, to allow every single citizen to live a minimally comfortable life, free of hunger and all undue deprivation/distress of any kind, in which all of the individual's basic health, food, shelter, and comfort needs are met, without compelling any individual to engage in any type of employment/labor. This Obligation is designed to eliminate and render morally invalid, the perverse notion that a society has no obligation to minimally support it's citizens, and has the right to force it's citizens to serve as slave laborers if they wish to obtain the basic necessities of life within the economic design structure of the society. Every society absolutely has this Sacred Obligation, to not use the terroristic threat of causing genuine physical harm to citizens, via insufficient nutrition, substandard health care, and overtly uncomfortable/dangerous shelter, unless they agree to work as citizen-slaves on behalf of the society. Sacred Societal Obligation #9: As a society, we are obligated to go to every possible length, including the payment of large sums of money and the authorization of societally undesirable conduct, to prevent any human beings that we as a society are responsible for victimizing, from further victimizing themselves. This issue has been mentioned/discussed by me at the Ritualized Personal Sacrifice essay, but absolutely deserves to be included here as well, as a Sacred Societal Obligation. Moral and philosophical Truth mandates that every society has a supreme obligation to bend over backwards, go to whatever length of atonement is required, to convince it's own tortured victim-creations that they did not deserve to be victimized, and that they must be provided with enough purpose and meaning in their lives, as well as having their damaged psyches repaired, to the point where they do not feel the need to inflict further, undeserved victimization upon themselves. If a payment of one million dollars would achieve this goal, then as a demonstration of sincere atonement, the society would absolutely be obligated to pay it's created victim, and to go to other lengths, as required on a case by case basis. Sacred Societal Obligation #10: As a society, we are obligated to eliminate all racial, ethnic, gender, class, religious, and economic discrimination and representations of superiority, from our societal/govermental ideologies and structural systems. We are further obligated to terminate all existing cultural ideologies within which human beings are encouraged to make themselves feel better about their lives by embracing the notion that they are a member of a more valid, superior racial, ethnic, gender, class, religious, or economic group, than other human beings. This Obligation is designed to mandate that societies/governments stop the current perverse practice of helping citizen-slaves to cope with the injustices that are committed against them, by deluding them into believing that they are lucky to not be suffering as severely as some other groups of humans suffer, and further deluding them into thinking they are lucky to belong to the particular gender, religion group, racial/ethnic group that they are a member of, because this affiliation somehow renders them superior to other human beings. This is a prime method by which evil and diseased societies convince their citizen-slaves to meekly accept the victimizations and injustices that their society chooses to carry out against them.

Sacred Societal Obligation #11: As a society, we are obligated to provide complete, limitless, and genuine free speech and free expression rights to all citizens, including children, even if such expression involves advocacy of the destruction and/or overthrow of societal institutions, or even of the society/government itself. Further, we are obligated to eliminate our current news media/journalism system, due to the fact that it has been operationally structured to serve as an agency of the government itself, and replace this totally invalid journalism system with a completely free and independent news reporting structure within which there is absolutely no conflict of interest in terms of the news media having any vested interest in or obligation to, defend, promote, legitimize, or prop up the existing societal/governmental regime. This Obligation also promises to require an extremely lengthy discussion and outline by your Seer, due to the fact that defining exactly what constitutes "complete, limitless, and genuine" free speech and free expression rights, will require some space and time. Basically, this Obligation is designed to eliminate the perversely invalid illusions of free speech and free expression that societies/governments which claim to be "open democracies" provide, and require these societies to live up to their claim, by actually guaranteeing to protect and defend all free speech and free expression, to all citizens, including children. The creation of a totally new and genuinely independent/free news media is even more important, though, and this is because the primary method by which societies/governments both maintain their false illusion of freedom and spread their perverse propaganda messages, is via their own news media, which they have complete, fascist control over. Sacred Societal Obligation #12: As a society, we are obligated to define all words, phrases, and intellectual/philosophical ideas in clear, honest, Truthful language, that does not involve any attempt to mislead, fool, trick, or provide invalid rationalization for any malevolent, immoral, irrational, or lie-based activity or ideology. This Obligation is based upon my "Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool" essay, and it is designed to eliminate this perverse and toxically pervasive societal/governmental policy, of deliberately misnaming and misdefining words and phrases for the purpose of convincing citizens to accept/embrace behavioral, ideological, and lifestyle policies, without providing citizens with any type of Truth-based definitional explanation of what the behavior/ideology/lifestyle actually consists of. A quick example here, lets try Hunting. Society insanely defines hunting as: "A sport of skill in which humans perform a public service by reducing the population of certain breeds of animals in certain areas." The Truth-based defintion of Hunting is: "An act of murder in which enraged human beings are authorized by their societally to legally murder morally superior, as well as helpless, non-human species of life." This Obligation would require proper, accurate, valid definitions be publically disseminated by society and the government, while the dissemination of all false and invalid definitions which are designed to trick, fool, and deceive citizens, such as illustrated by my above Hunting example, would be terminated.

Sacred Societal Obligation #13: As a society, we are obligated to display and operate under superior moral policies in all of our activities, ideologies, and doctrines. Furthermore, we must never, under any circumstances, seek or attempt to convince our citizens to adopt moral policies, or operate under moral principles or doctrine which would exceed the moral standards that we ourselves, as a society and government, operate under. This Obligation seems very straightforward, but in reality it is fairly complex and will require quite a bit of discussion. The basic structure is quite simple, it mandates that no society can ever try to get it's citizens to either behave or adopt ideological policies, that are morally superior to the behaviors and ideoligical policies that the society itself operates within. Right now, perversely, every civilized society on planet earth operates under totally and completely immoral, genocidally evil behavioral and ideological policies, and yet still has the perverse audacity to try and terroristically impose a moral code of conduct upon it's citizen-slaves. All such malevolent hypocrisy would end, as society assumes it's obligation to, as an example, terminate and cease all legalization/sponsorship of all "legal" murder activities, if it wishes to adopt a moral position that any type of murder might be a morally inferior act. Of course even if a society terminated all of it's legal murder policies, and thus might earn the right to try, to a limited degree, to discourage the commission of murder by labeling such an act as morally inferior, it still would never have the right to condemn, demonize, or inflict any type of punitive punishment, upon any individual murderer. Sacred Societal Obligation #14: As a society, we are obligated to never pass negative judgment upon the life activities or ideologies of any of our citizens, always recognizing and accepting the fact that they are mere reflections of the sum total of unique life experiences that they have been subjected to. Another fairly straightforward Obligation, the important detail to keep in mind here, is that citizens must not have any obligations to society or government, it is the society/government that must be obligated to it's citizens, for it's very sustenance and ongoing existence. Citizens therefore, can and must be able, willing, and eager to always keep a close eye on society/government, as pass negative judgement by rejecting/overthrowing the existing societal system if it attempts to assert any type of fascist, lie-based, hypocritical, or dominating ideologies. But the society/government itself, must only "lead by example", never passing negative judgement upon it's citizens, because they are reflections and representations of the True nature of the society.

Sacred Societal Obligation #15: As a society, we are obligated to eliminate all cosmetic, surface discrimination from our society, that individuals use to artificially and invalidly make themselves feel better about their lives, this would include beauty pageants, body-building competitions, insane weight loss promotions and products, and the like. Furthermore, we are obligated to never support any cultural policies or trends which serve to encourage any one group of humans to feel/believe that they are more valued and superior to any other group of humans. This Obligation is pretty much self-explanatory, these petty and invalid games that people play to make themselves feel better about their own lives, do nothing but provide an avenue of exploitation to society and government, citizens are perversely pitted against each other, thus diverting focus and attention away from the operational structure of the society, allowing society/government to get away with victimizing all citizens. Within any society, if citizens need to delude themselves into believing that they are somehow superior to other citizens, this dynamic alone proves that the societal structure is both dysfunctional and overtly malevolent. The deliberate encouragement by society of these types of artificial and invalid ego-boosters among citizens, must be totally eliminated. Sacred Societal Obligation #16: As a society, we are obligated to teach and deliver only Truth to all children living within our society, and recognize that even if some adults are unable to cope with the Truths of life, we, as a society, still have a Sacred Obligation to recognize that every child deserves to be given all of life's Truths, as the child seeks them out, to maximize the potential of every child to become a Truth-loving and Truth-embracing adult human being. Furthermore, regardless of how popular a lie, myth, or hypocrisy might be among the general adult population, society still has a complete and absolute obligation to go to whatever lengths necessary to protect children from being exposed to lies, myths, and hypocrisies, even if a majority of adult citizens do desire and seek to impose such lies, myths and hypocrisies upon their own children, or upon children in general. Yet another clear and obvious, but still extremely important Obligation here. Despite all of the obligations that society has to it's citizens, let it be perfectly clear that society has no obligation to appease it's citizens, or to give them what they want, if such desires and appeasements would serve to constitute a betrayal of Truth. The proper nurturing and rearing of children, in such a way that their vulnerable, developing minds are not subjected to any type of ongoing lies, myths, or hypocrisies, is one of the foremost of all societal obligations. No society may pander to it's adult masses, if they happen to be addicted to lies, myths, fables, and hypocrisies, such pandering would constitute a betrayal of Truth, and render the society/government illegitimate and unworthy of continuing to exist, regardless of how "popular" it may be among the inferior adult masses.

Sacred Societal Obligation #17: As a society, we are obligated to both recognize and treat all other species of animal life as being our moral superiors, their lives, safety, and welfare decreed to be at least as intrinsically valuable as the lives of human beings. If a legitimate scientific study of human nutritional and digestive needs proves that it is instinctually natural for human beings to consume animal flesh, we, being animals ourselves, are obligated to embrace the notion that if we are to continue eating animal flesh, we must also begin to consume human flesh, as well as delay the killing of animals for flesh consumption until they have reached an elderly age and have lived out most of their natural lives, or until they die of natural causes. We must also embrace the obligation that we must never victimize or exploit animals in any other manner or fashion. This Obligation is a bit lengthy and complex, but the basic gist should be crystal clear: Animals must be treated as moral Superiors to humans, because they are morally superior, as demonstrated by their lack of insane/evil/diseased operational structures. I am not at all convinced that a legitimate scientific study would provide conclusive evidence that human beings possess a natural instinct to consume flesh, but if in fact such proof was presented, moral and rational analysis dictates that human beings must agree to also eat human flesh, the flesh of human beings who have died, if they wish to also retain any moral right to continue to consume the flesh of other species. And there is absolutely no valid moral reason for animals to be "bred for slaughter", even if the eating of animal flesh is to remain morally acceptable. You simply wait until the animal dies of natural causes, then you consume it. This would represent a minimum threshold moral obligation that societies must embrace, to deliver Truth to their citizens and to elevate the moral level of human culture, by making citizens realize that they are themselves animals, and the human animal is and remains morally inferior to other species of animal, and has no legitimate right of any kind to needlessly or for trivial reasons, inflict it's will in a malevolent fashion, upon any animal.

Sacred Societal Obligation #18: As a society, we are obligated to properly determine a single Age of Adult Maturity, using unbiased, scientific studies, and then to apply this minimum adulthood age in a flat, universal fashion, so that all life activities that require a minimum age, must require the exact same minimum age. Furthermore, no economic or societal convenience considerations may be allowed to influence the legal age of adulthood that is set, only scientific facts regarding the onset of genuine emotional, psychological, and intellectual maturity, must be used to set the Adult Maturity Age. This Obligation is pretty self-explanatory. Right now, societies genocidally exploit and literally massacre children, by applying perversely ridiculous, invalid, and arbitrary Age of Adulthood decrees upon all child-slaves living within their society. This is one of the most malevolent manifestations of your diseased societal systems, and societies have a Sacred Obligation to completely throw out all current age of adulthood policies, and make a very radical change, that would not only create a single, universal age of adulthood that would apply to all "mature" activities, including driving, drinking alcohol, voting, serving in the military, being allowed to serve as a parent to a child, being treated as an adult by the judicial system, etc..., but would dramatically raise the age of adulthood to at least 28. That's right, minimum age to be allowed to drive a car would be at least 28, and this is appropriate, even if it strikes you brainwashed, societally victimized creatures who grew up desperate to be able to claim adulthood at the earliest possible age, as being bizarre.

Sacred Societal Obligation #19: As a society, we are obligated to never use either law, force, coercion, or malicious brainwashing, to convince citizens to join the societal military system, or to agree to protect/defend the existing society/government in any way. Furthermore, we are obligated as a society to never engage in any type of military action against any other society/government, that goes beyond the strict limitation of repelling a direct attack that is undertaken against our national border. We may not retaliate in any way, militarily, against any such attack, beyond initially repelling it. We may not get involved in any other type of offensive military activity, regardless of whether economic or theoretical national security threats may exist. This is a rather broad Obligation, but quite clear. No society may ever employ immoral or noxious efforts to gain the "patriotic" loyalty or devotion of any citizen, and of course no society has any moral right to order it's citizen-slaves to protect/defend it. As far as the Obligations of the military system itself, the only legitimate purpose of any military system, would be to act as a defensive barrier of protection for citizens living within the society, to repel a directly offensive border attack. Absolutely no offensive "strikes" can ever be justified, even against the society/government that launched the direct attack. Anything beyond a strictly defensive military system, that is limited to border defense specifically, constitutes a perverse, immoral victimization of all citizens living within the society, not merely the military soldiers employed by the society, although obviously they would be unjustly victimized in the most direct manner.

Sacred Societal Obligation #20: As a society, we are obligated to refrain from harming and/or imposing our toxic imprint upon all other species of life and all vital environmental resources, both sentient and non-sentient, including bodies of water, trees, and the air, in recognition of the fact that other species of life, both animal and plant, are morally superior to and more worthy of life, than humanity is, and in further recognition of the fact that such animal and plany life is dependent upon environmental resources. Further, we must accept the fact that the right of all animal and plant life to not be harmed, injured, or killed as a result of any human activity or policy, supercedes all rationalizations and explanations of convenience and desire that we, as an inferior species of life, might be able to come up with to justify such victimization of moral superiors. This Obligation is rather clear. The primary starting point to the proper implementation of this Obligation, must involve a genuine, sincere, and complete acknowledgment on the part of the human society, that it is morally inferior to both animal and plant life, and even though it's most primary obligations are to it's human citizens, none of those obligations can be allowed to dilute or compromise the moral responsibilities that the human society bears, towards it animal life, plant life, and environmental resources, with the primary reason why the "environmental resources" are specifically mentioned, being the fact that animal and plant life uses and is dependent upon, the environmental resources.

This essay when complete, will most likely be expanded to include 30-40 Obligations, not merely the 20 listed above. And to make the scope of the Obligations perfectly clear, every society/government that wishes to make a claim that it might have a legitimate right to exist as an empowered entity, must completely accept, embrace, and fulfill not one, not some, but all of the 20 Obligations briefly listed above, and all of the 30-40 Obligations that will be outlined in great detail, when this Essay is completed in 1995.

James Oliver Huberty, James Huberty, McDonald's massacre
This is James Oliver Huberty, Tortured Victim-Creation of American society. I think the best way to start off this brief commentary is to grace the world with the two quotes that Martyr James is most famous for. They are: "I've killed a thousand in Vietnam and I'll kill a thousand more." "Society's had their chance. I'm going hunting. Hunting humans." Two absolutely perfect revelations of Truth, by a tortured victim of american society. Interestingly, Martyr James was not a vietnam war veteran, and yet this is the statement that he chose to make as he burst into the McDonald's restaurant with his assault rifle and opened fire. Some psychiatrists think his Vietnam statement indicates he was experiencing delusional thinking and severe mental illness. Well, it wouldn't surprise me at all if James was mentally ill, after all, your entire societal structure and system is utterly deranged. But I believe James' statement about Vietnam simply indicates how incredibly pervasive the societally encouraged glorification of the mass murder of demonized foreign strangers via the insane war ritual is, within an ultra-diseased society like america.

The second quote is even better, truly a remarkable insight of Forbidden Truth, destined to endure for thousands of years, as a perfect expression of the maggot-filled state of human society during the 20th century. "Society's had their chance. I'm going hunting. Hunting humans." Yes James, you are absolutely correct. Society has had every opportunity, every chance, to reform itself. It has created trillions of trillions of human torture victims, each and every one entitled, on a True Reality level, to destroy the world. And yet none of the trillions of torture victims have in fact destroyed the world. Not yet. With each and every child that is born, with each and every morning that dawns, human society has the chance, the option, at least in theory, of recognizing that all of the Forbidden Truths I express within this Manifesto are 100% True and accurate, and that societal leaders have to either tear assunder their insane and evil societal structures, or let their citizen-slaves tear them assunder. But no, you creatures prove, each and every moment of each and every day, in thousands of different, simultaneous ways, that you are unworthy of enjoying the privilege of life. So this one brief sentence alone, by James, "Society's had their chance", as simple-sounding as it may appear to you inferiors, is in fact profoundly insightful, a declaration of philosophical Truth. And to complete the brilliant thought, James concludes: "I'm going hunting. Hunting humans." What an odd statement, you pathetic inferiors are probably thinking. Animals are for hunting, not humans. This is what my beloved society has taught me, that you "murder" humans, and you "hunt" animals, in it's genocidally immoral attempts to get me to agree to misdirect my rage and hate upon animals, rather than to inflict it upon my fellow humans. Hunting is a legal form of murder, you idiots. Society declares it legal and gives it the benign label of hunting, so as to convince you creatures that it's okay to massacre morally superior forms of life, and to encourage you to satiate your suppressed rage and bloodlust upon societally approved of victims, such as animals and demonized foreign "enemy" humans. Soldiers are in fact taught and told that when they set out to locate and then massacre an enemy, they are "hunting for" the enemy. James' use of the term "hunting" indicates a Superior understanding of Truth, a recognition that while his society tried to brainwash him into agreeing to hunt animals, Moral Truth dictates that humans, not just any humans, but human members of his own society, are not only "huntable", but far more worthy of being hunted, than any animal could ever be.

Some of you might still not get "it", although you should have stopped reading this Manifesto long ago, if you couldn't appreciate the Truths that you were being graced with. But I suppose some of you reading this page might still not understand why I am "featuring" these Martyrs on my pages. Am I a "fan" of societal Martyrs? Am I seeking to glorify these societal Martyrs, or their acts of personally cathartic vengeance? No. I am a fan of only one thing: Truth. I seek to glorify Truth. It just so happens that these tortured Martyr-creations of your evil and insane societies, express and reveal and literally unveil profound, remarkable, precious Truth, both in their words and via their actions. This is why they are "featured" within this Manifesto. The reality of their lives, their courageously honest verbal and physical/emotional expressions of Truth, deepen and enrich this Manifesto, as well as add to the body of Forbidden Truth. James tells you the Truth: Society has had it's chance, it had and continues to have a chance to save the soul of every single child, and genocidally chooses not to do so, therefore proving it does not deserve to exist. James shows you the Truth, he demonstrates Truth, by saying he intends to hunt humans, and then actually hunting humans. He proves, to any sane thinker, by his statement and actions, that your society brainwashes and malevolently lies to you, when it instructs you that animals can be hunted, the police can "hunt" for a suspect, the military can "hunt" for a demonized foreign enemy, but you, as an ordinary citizen-slave, cannot hunt fellow human beings who are members of your society. Let us thank James and the million+ fellow Martyrs throughout human history that have followed a Superior path, for choosing to express, reveal, and demonstrate to us, valuable, oftentimes brilliant, Forbidden Truth.

Genetic Perversions of Human Race:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a lengthy and detailed definitional discussion of what human genetic perversion is, and how human genetic perversion manifests itself, the types of insane beliefs, ideologies, lifestyles, and philosophical derangements that humans suffering from genetic perversion are eager to embrace, and in fact do embrace on a mass scale, within 21st century human society. We will discuss the differences that exist between genetic perversions of humanity, and environmentally/societal brainwashing induced perversions, but we will also focus on the links that exist between all three forms of perversity, and the fact that chronic environmental and societal brainwashing perversity, is passed down from generation to generation of citizen-slaves within a diseased society, thereby attaining a genetic component, of sorts. However, we will also focus upon the fact that there must be a purely genetic form of human perversion, above and beyond that which society induces via environmental conditioning and malicious brainwashing, as evidenced by the incredible number of different, universally popular forms of human ideological and behavioral perversion, such as god addiction, afterlife addiction, deliberate self-victimization, terror and rejection of all Truth, embrace of toxic, unnatural rituals, self-murder, chronic victimization of other species of life, deliberate destruction of the very environment that makes life possible/sustainable, inability to recognize even the most glaringly obvious hypocrisies, etc... Each of these human perversions will be discussed at length here, from the specific perspective of how and if they are purely genetic malformations of the human mind, societally induced forms of mental illness/dysfunction, or a combination of both genetic malformation and societally legitimized/encouraged/induced mental dysfunction.

We will discuss the fact that the laws of nature dictate and require the extinction of genetically perverse/diseased forms of life, and this is proven by the fact that albino crocodiles, two headed animals, etc..., are extremely rare and unable to successfully propagate any significant number of similarly genetically perverse offspring. We will discuss the fact that when a genetically perverse species has an overt and directly negative impact, on a genocidal scale, on virtually all other species of life on a planet, such as is the case with human beings, this species must and will be rendered extinct, not only because this species has lost all legitimate and moral right to exist, which it certainly has, but also because the laws of nature dictate that such a species must be eliminated and extincted. We will discuss the fact that the human species is a horrific blight upon all other life forms on planet earth, all of them, without exception. We will discuss the fact that every single form of life would benefit from the extinction of humanity, and no other species of life would suffer any significantly negative consequences if humanity were extincted. We will discuss the fact that the only reason and method that humanity has managed to avoid becoming extincted thus far, is via the genocidal misuse of the malevolent intellect that humans possess, coupled with a mutated survival instinct. We will discuss the fact that human intellect, the primary brain functionality of the human mind, is itself a genetic perversion, as proven by the intellectual ideologies, lifestyles, and structural design of how human beings choose to live their day to day lives. We will discuss the fact that even though the malevolent intellect of human beings has managed to undeservedly keep humanity from properly becoming extinct up until now, it is this same malevolent intellect, coupled with many other factors such as profound genetic dysfunctionality itself, that will eventually result in the extinction of this perverse species of life.

We will discuss how humanity has proven, over the past 10,000+ years, that it's genetic perversions are so entrenched that they cannot be overcome by either intellect, determination, or the evolutionary process. We will discuss the fact that in reality, the human species is so incredibly diseased and perverse contrary to all genetically healthy species of life, the evolutionary process in humans is working in reverse, which means that the human species has not been evolving in recent centuries, and in fact has been devolving, and continues to devolve, throughout the entire 20th century and now the 21st century. The false claim that some philosophers and other students of the human condition make, that the human race is evolving and this is demonstrated by the fact that "great strides" have been made in human freedoms, technological discoveries, and an overall quality of human life improvement in recent centuries, will be discussed at great length, and completely debunked, exposed as being nothing more than a societally encouraged brainwashing myth.

We will discuss the fact that while the evolutionary process does result in positive developments, on a long-term basis, for genetically healthy species of life, it has the opposite effect upon a genetically diseased and perverse species of life, such as humanity, actually increasing, deepening, and enhancing the degree and severity of the genetic perversions. This is manifested via the process of devolution, as opposed to evolution. We will discuss the fact that societal and governmental leaders, themselves afflicted by genetically diseased mindsets and brain function, legitimize, encourage, and promote genetic perversions to all citizen-slaves, employing lies, myths, and brainwashings to give the genetic perversions an appearance and cloak of absolute normalcy and appropriateness. We will discuss at length my personal brilliant theory of Truth, regarding how and why the human brain and mind has become genetically perverse and diseased, it is due to an excessive development of intellectual knowledge capability within the human brain, encapsulated by a devastatingly severe lack of development of natural instinct, inability to accept the horrific Truths of life which the excessive intellectual knowledge capability reveals, and an overall lack of philosphically analytical ability to accept/embrace the horrific, terrifying Truths of life, Truths that other species of life are not confronted with in terms of having to directly deal with them, due to the fact that other species of life do not have this core genetic malformation of excessive development of intellectual knowledge within their brains. We will discuss how and why, as is the case with literally every aspect of human perversity, a very specific inability to recognize, accept, and embrace Truth, genuine Truth, Forbidden Truth, is at the very heart of this terminal case of genetic perversion which will lead to the extinction of the human species.

We will return to the issue of how societally promoted perversions which are not overtly genetic in nature, can be and over time are, converted to quasi-genetic perversions that certainly are handed down, in genocidal fashion, from every adult generation on every new crop of child-slaves. Examples of this type of quasi-genetic perversion will be provided and discussed, including the adoption of insane mythology regarding the nature of death. So, while some children might be born possessing the intellectual sanity to both recognize and accept the horrific Truth of what death entails, the insanely toxic human environment in which every child is born and raised, is so pervasive that simply being born into and growing up within human society, guarantees that the child will be stripped of the genetic capability to face up to this Truth, that the child may have possessed at the moment of his birth. This type of quasi-genetic perversity becomes ritualistic in nature, set in concrete, legitimized by societal leaders themselves, in such a way as to create an endless, unbreakable cycle which dooms each and every new generation of children, as well as all of humanity in the process, to be terroristically compelled to both embrace and reflect the quasi genetic and the totally genetic perversions of adult human society. We will discuss the fact that most animal species do not suffer from any significantly severe or species-wide genetic perversions, but among animal species that humans viciously foist themselves upon and force to live within human environments, be it as pets, in zoos, etc..., the rate of genetic perversity within such animals is much higher than the rate within animals who are able to avoid extended, ongoing direct contact with human beings. This proves that the human race is so genetically diseased that it is actually able to transfer it's genetic perversity onto other species of life, at least to a limited degree, if it is able to have extensive and ongoing contact with the other species. This is further proof that the human race is itself a plague, a literally toxic plague upon the planet that it infests. We will discuss the fact that even when animals develop genetic perversions, such perversions are almost always contained and limited to a small percentage of the species population, less than 1% in almost all cases, and do not infect virtually every single member of the species, such as is the case with humanity. We will discuss why this is the case, focusing upon the extreme severity and pervasiveness of human genetic perversity, but also the fact that humans choose to use mass media, pop culture, and mass brainwashing to genocidally promote, encourage, and legitimize their own genetic perversions, to themselves, in the process guaranteeing that all fellow humans will become infected themselves, if they are somehow not yet totally infected. Animals are not afflicted with the excessive development of insane intellectual knowledge capacity within their brains, which is what compels humans to desperately try to legitimize their own perversions by deliberately imposing their perversions upon as many fellow humans as they possibly can. We will discuss the fact that one of the most glaringly obvious examples of the supreme genetic perversion of the human species, is the manner in which humans, throughout history, have overtly enslaved, used and employed other species to life to help themselves more easily and successfully carry out genocidal murder, such as using dogs to track down the scent of a demonized human or group of humans, riding horses while participating in the insane war ritual, etc... We will discuss the fact that external and environmental factors, including the toxic, malevolent interference of humans, plays the primary role in causing animal behavior perversions, rather than pervasive genetic brain or natural instinct malformation/malfunction. We will discuss the fact that animals in zoos, animals in circuses, animals in the wild who are subjected to close and ongoing contact with humans, and animal pets, all exhibit far greater percentages of significant behavioral dysfunction, neurotic behavioral activity, aggression and expressions of rage as well as emotional depression, than animals that live in the wild and have no contact with the human race. This is because human beings are so genetically diseased that their mental and emotional dysfunctionality is literally contagious, toxically affecting any and all other Superior species of life who are subjected to ongoing contact with humanity.

We will discuss the fact that most technological and scientific discoveries and inventions, far from improving and reducing genetic and societally induced perversions among humanity, have had the exact opposite effect, adding and increasing to a tremendous degree, the depth and severity and universal pervasiveness of extreme genetic malfunction within humanity. Among the technological/scientific discoveries that will be analyzed and revealed to have had a genocidally toxic impact upon humanity, will be the inventions of the automobile, airplane, television, computer, and even the telephone. The beneficial advantages to quality of life that these devices offer, are far outweighed by the unnatural, addictive, and overtly harmful effects that these devices cause to humans, due to the genetic malformation of the human intellect. We will also discuss how evil and diseased societies malevolently manipulate and exploit technological inventions and discoveries, to brainwash citizen-slaves on a mass scale, into agreeing to utilize these so-called "valuable new technologies" in ways that do nothing but further enslave human beings to their evil governments and the lifestyles that such governments brutally impose upon their citizens. Technology does not provide freedom of any kind, but it does create new and ever more brutal types of enslavement, and once introduced to a human population, it becomes quasi-genetic, the addiction and enslavement to technology that is passed down from generation to generation.

Ted Kaczynski, Theodore Kaczynski, Unabomber, serial killer
This is Theodore Kaczynski, Brilliant, Harvard Educated Philosopher of Truth, Terrorized Under Threat of Murder Into Publically Declaring Himself Insane, by the Most Evil and Diseased Society on Planet Earth. Yes folks, Martyr Ted is absolutely a Seer of Forbidden Truth, and his life story and life path is a pure testament to the brilliance of an individual, and the malicious torment that your evil societies subject each and every brilliant Seer of Truth to. A victim of brutal childhood victimization, both by his Sacred Family Unit owners and by his diseased society as a whole, Martyr Theodore nevertheless found enough benevolence within his True Reality to sincerely try to save humanity by publically revealing Forbidden Truth, within a Manifesto of his own. How did you evil hypocrites react to this display of remarkable generosity by Ted? You terroristically threatened to murder him, via a "death penalty", unless he agreed to publically and officially declare himself to be insane, by accepting/pursuing an insanity defense at trial. The purpose of this outrageous act of governmental blackmail by the leaders of american society, was to discredit Marytr Ted's Manifesto, by labeling it as being clearly invalid and illegitimate, by forcing the author to accept/claim to be mentally ill/insane. Instead of falling to your knees and rejoicing that one of your tortured victim-creations possessed the brilliance, courage, and benevolence to grace you with profound Truth, which is what you should have done, you flee in terror from your Seer, demonizing and inflicting additional punitive punishment upon him. Pathetic!

If you creatures were sane, you would have stormed the prison where Charles Manson has been tortured for the past 3+ decades, and the prison where Martyr Ted has been tortured for the past half decade+, not only rescuing and freeing these two brilliant Seers of Forbidden Truth, but overthrowing the existing societal regime and installing Martyr Charles as the new "president", and Martyr Ted as the new "vice president". You could not sit by and allow the most evil humans in your society to rule over you, and to inflict additional, lifelong torment upon these two Superior, brilliant, courageous Martyrs, torture victims of your society, if you possessed even the tiniest shred of moral, ethical, emotional, or intellectual integrity. Let it be clear, I certainly do not agree with all of the philosophical insights that Martyr Ted graces us with, but I do find at least some genuine Truth within most of Ted's philosophies, and many of his insights are absolutely brilliant and represent genuine, top-level Forbidden Truth. I highly recommend that all of you obtain a copy of Ted's Manifesto, which has been published as a print book and is also currently available in it's entirety online, as well as research and study his other writings, as they reveal the remarkable strength and brilliance of an independent, courageous mind, unbroken by a lifetime of societally inflicted torture and victimization that you creatures perversely continue to allow, encourage, and celebrate the infliction of, by your evil societies, against Seers of Truth such as Ted and Charles. Sadly, a second book that Ted has already written, brilliantly titled "Truth And Lies", has not yet been published due to a dispute that Ted had with his publisher. Hopefully this biographical book will be published at some point, and meanwhile all of us Superiors must make sure we have savored Ted's original Manifesto, which was available from "mainstream" companies such as amazon.com in printed book form for only a short period of time, before being yanked out of publication under pressure from the leaders of american society. In fact I cannot find this book listed on amazon.com at all, not even as an "out of print" book, looks like your fascist government did a nice job of getting this Manifesto of Truth yanked from all mainstream public access, so all I can do is direct you to a website which does appear to contain the entire content of Ted's unique, courageous, and brilliant Manifesto, albeit with a few spelling errors:

The Unabomber's Manifesto: Industrial Society And Its Future

Please note that only some of the below quotes are from Ted's actual Manifesto, other quotes come from a variety of other sources, but all are Brilliant and worthwhile expressions of Truth, realized and shared with the world by Martyr Theodore Kaczynski. Note that my replies to each quote will appear in red print, and will not be italicized, for ease of reading. "You can have all the freedom that you want as long as the authorities consider it unimportant." For a single sentence, this might well be one of the most brilliant of all of Ted's insights of Truth. Very simple sentence, but so incredibly profound and right on target: Your diseased societies brainwash you into embracing and celebrating your "freedoms", even though the Truth is that all of the freedoms that your evil societies allow you to claim, and whether or not they even deserve to be called "freedoms" is debatable, are unimportant and useless in terms of providing you with any type of legitimate, valuable freedom. "My occupation now, I suppose, is jail inmate." If you do a search on google.com for "Kaczynski quotes", it is this quote, a mildly humorous quip that Ted graced us with after his arrest, that appears most often, most prominantly, on the most number of web pages. Not the profound, philosophical Truths that he has revealed to the world, but this tiny, "safe", non-controversial quip. Shows just how much value you creatures place upon Forbidden Truth, zero value.

"I believe in nothing. I don't even believe in the cult of nature-worshipers or wilderness-worshipers. (I am perfectly ready to litter in parts of the woods that are of no use to me -- I often throw cans in logged-over areas.)" I think you did believe in something, Ted, and you still do: You believe in the value and importance of Truth, recognizing Truth, expressing truth, and living your life bathed in the glow of Truth. The above quote by Ted refers to belief in mystical entities or specific group ideologies, in my opinion. "My motive for doing what I am going to do is simply personal revenge. I do not expect to accomplish anything by it. Of course, if my crime (and my reasons for committing it) gets any public attention, it may help to stimulate public interest in the technology question and thereby improve the chances of stopping technology before it is too late; but on the other hand most people will probably be repelled by my crime, and the opponents of freedom may use it as a weapon to support their arguments for control over human behavior. I have no way of knowing whether my action will do more good than harm. I certainly don't claim to be an altruist or to be acting for the 'good' (whatever that is) of the human race. I act merely from a desire for revenge." I love this quote! So beautifully honest and sincere, can you creatures appreciate how much Ted loved and valued Truth, as evidenced by the above quote? I certainly can! A recognition of the perversity of humanity, and a profoundly courageous respect for Truth, is what Ted reveals via the above quote. Ted was very wise to recognize that nothing he could say or do would "accomplish anything" in terms of enlightening you creatures to the Truths of life and your evil & diseased societal structures. Simply by choosing to write and share with the world his Manifesto of Truth, regardless of whether Ted had any overtly altruistic intent, he has provided a benevolent treasure to all of humanity. Only problem is, you creatures are rotting, when presented with a treasure, all you can see is terror and all you can feel is personal hatred of Truth and the glory of the toxic brainwashing that your evil society has addicted you to. "By discrediting me personally, they hope to discredit my political ideas." Brief but brilliant quote! This is exactly what all societies do, to the brilliant Seers of Truth that emerge. Demonize and discredit. Judicial prosecutors, direct agents of the american government and acting on the direct orders of the american government, used the threat of murder against Ted, via the "death penalty", to try and terrorize Ted into agreeing to plead "guilty by reason of insanity", promising not to seek Ted's legal murder specifically and only if he did "admit" to being insane as part of his guilty plea. Why was this done?? Specifically because the american government was desperately eager to discredit all of the brilliant Truths that Ted revealed in his Manifesto and other writings, by having him "admit" openly and publically, to being insane. Once this admission was made, all of Ted's brilliant Truths could be much more easily demonized as being the "insane rantings of a deranged individual", rather than the "brilliant insights of Truth of a brilliant philosopher", which is what they in fact are.

"I have got to know, I have GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO know that every last tie joining me to this stinking family has been cut FOREVER and that I will never NEVER have to communicate with any of you again. I've got to do it NOW. I can't tell you how desperate I am. It is killing me. This is from a very long letter that Martyr Ted wrote to his brother David, apparently years before he was identified as being the Unabomber and captured, but still long after Ted had reached adulthood. Here you get a sense of the lifelong, limitless rage that childhood victimization implants within the very souls of torture victims like Ted. In hindsight of course, it is clear that Ted would have been much better off if he had severed all contact with his toxic Family Unit, since it was this same brother who ended up betraying him to his evil society. "My brother is another Judas Iscariot, except that, unlike the original Judas, he doesn't even have enough courage to go hang himself. Great quote! Ted loved and valued himself, hopefully still does. I believe he still does. Your evil societies hate this, their primary goal is to destroy the ego, the narcissistic self-love that is so precious and irreplaceable, from each and every child, to "break" every citizen-slave, turn them into a broken, self-hating slave, by the time they reach adolescence. Here you see the eternal danger that comes with trusting any human. All it takes is one human, to destroy you. The Superior individual recognizes this Truth and never trusts any human being in his entire lifetime. When I say never, I mean never, and when I say trust, I refer to all forms of trust, even regarding things which may seem fairly trivial. Ted never gave his brother any type of "hint" that he might be doing anything illegal, and yet the simple fact of maintaining a tiny bit of contact with his brother, nothing more than a few letters per year at most, eventually resulted in catastrophic consequences. Could Ted have foreseen the danger of catastrophic consequences resulting from the "harmless" maintaining of contact with his brother? In my opinion, the answer is clearly yes. If you train your mind to correctly analyze all situation, life choices, and circumstances from a 100% tactically airtight position, you can properly recognize all potential dangers, in advance, regardless of how obscure or unlikely they may seem to the typical, shallow, narrow-minded, uninsightful thinker.

"It is not surprising that government officials do not live up to their promises, because they are either stupid and incompetent, or they are liars who twist the law to be able to commit any injustice." Great quote, 100% accurate and beautifully stated! We must always remember, and keep at the forefront of our conscious minds, the fact that the societies that rule over us are not only evil, but lie-based. Lying is as natural as breathing to you creatures, and more natural than breathing is, to all societal and governmental leaders and their agents. Just as surely as I would die if deprived of oxygen for an hour, all societies and governments would collapse and disintegrate if deprived of the ability to operate under a structure of limitless, constant lies, myths, and hypocrisies. "Perhaps a better solution would be to change the structure of society so that it becomes possible to allow people some of the freedom and independence that they seem to crave." This quote is taken out of context, still interesting, but does not reveal the true brilliance of Ted. First of all, it is not possible to successfully change the core design structure of an ultra-diseased society, which Ted does recognize and talk about later in his Manifesto. Secondly, people do not crave genuine and legitimate freedom and independence, but rather the invalid illusions of freedom and independence that their societies addict and brainwash them into embracing.

"A happily married man does not daydream about romantic love. Similarly, a man does not romanticize frontier freedom unless he is suffering from a lack of personal autonomy. Most of the problems are direct or indirect results of the activity of large organizations - large corporations and governments. It is these organizations, after all, that control the structure and development of society. Perhaps the most unfortunate thing that has ever happened to individual liberty was its being used as an excuse for the misdeeds of huge corporations." Excellent insight of Truth. Touches upon the false illusions of freedom that you creatures crave, as a result of subconsciously/instinctually recognizing that you are indeed citizen-slaves, lacking all genuine personal autonomy. And of course Ted is right on the money about how all governments control and dictate the structure of society, in fascist fashion, with corporations serving as empowered agents of the government, especially within capitalistic governmental systems. "The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life expectancy of those of us who live in "advanced" countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in ''advanced'' countries. Absolutely on target! In case you are unaware, the single specific issue that Seer Ted devoted his life to revealing the Truth about, was and is the "evils of modern technology", and how modern technology has had, continues to have, and will have, catastrophic consequences for all human beings, and in fact for all life forms on planet earth. I certainly do agree with Ted 100% on this insight of Truth, and am going to discuss this very issue at great length within this Manifesto, even though my own philosophical Truth focus is much broader in scope and even though I do not accept the notion that human technology is the "root of all evil." It is an extremely toxic root that directly causes, inspires, and results in a tremendous amount of human evil, injustice, suffering, and even genocide, but there are many such roots and I do not share Ted's apparent belief that this one root of evil is far more toxic and perverse than all other roots.

The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it MAY eventually achieve a low level of physical and psychological suffering, but only after passing through a long and very painful period of adjustment and only at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms to engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable: there is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy." Good quote, even though it is clear to me that the human race itself will not survive, nor will it abandon it's toxic and insane systems, such as industrial/technological addiction/embrace. The only question is how long the human race can continue to cling to it's undeserved existence. Ted's closing sentence is much more on target, as it is absolutely impossible for any ultra-diseased society to reform or modify it's malevolent operational design structures.

"We therefore advocate a revolution against the industrial system. This revolution may or may not make use of violence; it may be sudden or it may be a relatively gradual process spanning a few decades. We can't predict any of that. But we do outline in a very general way the measures that those who hate the industrial system should take in order to prepare the way for a revolution against that form of society. This is not to be a POLITICAL REVOLUTION. Its object will be to overthrow not governments but the economic and technological basis of the present society." Excellent quote! I love the fact that Ted very specifically formulates this quote as calling for an overthrow of society, rather than an overthrow of any "political" regime. This is a very insightful and profound point. As Superiors, we must recognize that all political systems are essentially identical in terms of malevolent design and operational structure. There are no profound differences between political systems, only superficial and unimportant differences that governments brainwash their citizen-slaves into believing to be profound and major, in order to win the loyal devotion of "their" citizens, to the evil regime that they were born into and live under the rule of. Almost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society. The moral code of our society is so demanding that no one can think, feel and act in a completely moral way. For example, we are not supposed to hate anyone, yet almost everyone hates somebody at some time or other, whether he admits it to himself or not. Some people are so highly socialized that the attempt to think, feel and act morally imposes a severe burden on them. In order to avoid feelings of guilt, they continually have to deceive themselves about their own motives and find moral explanations for feelings and actions that in reality have a nonmoral origin. We use the term ''oversocialized'' to describe such people. The oversocialized person cannot even experience, without guilt, thoughts or feelings that are contrary to the accepted morality; he cannot think ''unclean'' thoughts. And socialization is not just a matter of morality; we are socialized to conform to many norms of behavior that do not fall under the heading of morality. Thus the oversocialized person is kept on a psychological leash and spends his life running on rails that society has laid down for him. In many oversocialized people this results in a sense of constraint and powerlessness that can be a severe hardship. We suggest that oversocialization is among the more serious cruelties that human beings inflict on one another. This long quote is one of the most intellectually complex and utterly brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth that I have ever read. This quote alone guarantees Martyr Ted a top spot among the top 3 or 4 most brilliant known philosophers of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century. Due to space and time constraints I will not discuss at length the Truths that Ted reveals via this quote, but for all essential purposes I completely agree with the accuracy of all of Ted's insights, as quoted above. I love that word, "oversocialized", and Ted defines it in a brilliantly clear and on-target manner. Evil and diseased societies absolutely "oversocialize" their citizen-slaves, do so with malice aforethought and to genocidally harmful effect.

"For most people it is through the power process - having a goal, making an AUTONOMOUS effort and attaining the goal - that self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of power are acquired. When one does not have adequate opportunity to go through the power process the consequences are (depending on the individual and on the way the power process is disrupted) boredom, demoralization, low self-esteem, inferiority feelings, defeatism, depression, anxiety, guilt, frustration, hostility, spouse or child abuse, insatiable hedonism, abnormal sexual behavior, sleep disorders, eating disorders, etc. Any of the foregoing symptoms can occur in any society, but in modern industrial society they are present on a massive scale. We aren't the first to mention that the world today seems to be going crazy. This sort of thing is not normal for human societies. There is good reason to believe that primitive man suffered from less stress and frustration and was better satisfied with his way of life than modern man is." The second portion of this quote is right on the money. However, I do have to quibble with the wording, although possibly not the overall theory, of the first portion. The emphasis should be on the fact that self-esteem, self-confidence, and the like, are character traits that human beings are born possessing. Societies proceed to malevolently strip these natural character traits from all children, and brainwashing all children, adolescents, and adults into agreeing to embrace the "power process", as Ted refers to it, as a way to regain, in an artificial and invalid fashion, the natural and legitimate self-esteem, self-love, and other personally empowering emotions that society is guilty of having stripped from them in the first place. So, even though most humans do need to use this "power process" in order to regain at least the illusion of possessing these instinctual character traits, it is very important to note that the main reason why they do need to "have goals, make autonomous efforts to achieve those goals, and attain those goals" in order to regain their self-esteem and self-confidence, is because they are victims of a society that has already stripped them of the natural and instinctual self-esteem & self-confidence that they were born possessing.

"For primitive societies the natural world (which usually changes only slowly) provided a stable framework and therefore a sense of security. In the modern world it is human society that dominates nature rather than the other way around, and modern society changes very rapidly owing to technological change. Thus there is no stable framework." Yes! 100% accurate insight by Seer Ted, the scientific and technological "advances" that humanity has made in recent decades/centuries has greatly accelerated and increased the pace of human devolvement and the degree of societal perversity and genocidal malice, specifically because humans now possess greater "control" and dominantion over nature, than before. Beautiful insight of truth, perfectly expressed by Ted. We are going to argue that industrial-technological society cannot be reformed in such a way as to prevent it from progressively narrowing the sphere of human freedom. But, because ''freedom'' is a word that can be interpreted in many ways, we must first make clear what kind of freedom we are concerned with. Absolutely correct, reform of this type of an ultra-diseased society, is a literal impossibility. I also love how precisely accurate and detail-oriented Seer Ted is, recognizing that the word "freedom" must be accurately and specifically defined within his Manifesto, because there are so many different, many societally induced and invalid definitions that can be applied to this extremely important word. By ''freedom'' we mean the opportunity to go through the power process, with real goals, not the artificial goals of surrogate activities, and without interference, manipulation or supervision from anyone, especially from any large organization. Freedom means being in control (either as an individual or as a member of a SMALL group) of the life-and-death issues of one's existence: food, clothing, shelter and defense against whatever threats there may be in one's environment. Freedom means having power; not the power to control other people but the power to control the circumstances of one's own life. One does not have freedom if anyone else (especially a large organization) has power over one, no matter how benevolently, tolerantly and permissively that power may be exercised. It is important not to confuse freedom with mere permissiveness. Wow! I think this is one of the most perfectly accurate defintions of what constitutes genuine and legitimate freedom, that I have ever seen in print. I tip my cap to you, Ted! Beautifully expressed and 100% accurate definition. It is important to realize that societies have as a primary goal, the mission of stripping all citizen-slaves of all legitimate "personal power". Stripping all citizens of the ability to have genuine control over the circumstances of their own lives, is literally the 2nd or third most primary goal of all societal/governmental systems. Therefore, as Ted accurately reveals above, we must conclude that none of us are given genuine freedom in our lives. Whatever freedoms we do manage to claim, we do so by overtly defying societal doctrine and decree. I am rereading the above quote by Ted right now, still marveling at just how utterly brilliant and on-target it is. I could not write such a beautifully crafted definition myself, not because I lack the insight that Ted possesses, but probably because he had a good education and is more articulate than I, a high school dropout who never learned much of anything within the evil educational system, can be.

As for our constitutional rights, consider for example that of freedom of the press. We certainly don't mean to knock that right; it is a very important tool for limiting concentration of political power and for keeping those who do have political power in line by publicly exposing any misbehavior on their part. But freedom of the press is of very little use to the average citizen as an individual. The mass media are mostly under the control of large organizations that are integrated into the system. Anyone who has a little money can have something printed, or can distribute it on the internet or in some such way, but what he has to say will be swamped by the vast volume of material put out by the media, hence it will have no practical effect. To make an impression on society with words is therefore almost impossible for most individuals and small groups. Take us (FC) for example. If we had never done anything violent and had submitted the present writings to a publisher, they probably would not have been accepted. If they had been accepted and published, they probably would not have attracted many readers, because it's more fun to watch the entertainment put out by the media than to read a sober essay. Even if these writings had had many readers, most of those readers would soon have forgotten what they had read as their minds were flooded by the mass of material to which the media expose them. In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we've had to kill people. Here is yet another thoughtful, brilliantly articulated, and 100% accurate dissection of just how useless and unfree the "free press" truly is. Great insight on how useless and meaningless the "publication" of any document is, no matter how brilliant it may be, if the societal leadership has a vested interest in suppressing and demonizing the Truths that the document reveals. At the same time, look at the "bible", an utterly toxic, genocidally fascist and lie-based document, created by societal leaders themselves, who have a vested interest in promoting it, and therefore the governmentally controlled media and pop culture systems are able to literally impose this toxic document upon the minds of literally every single child, not to mention adult, who is born into any religiously fundamentalist society such as america.

"It is said that we live in a free society because we have a certain number of constitutionally guaranteed rights. But these are not as important as they seem. The degree of personal freedom that exists in a society is determined more by the economic and technological structure of the society than by its laws or its form of government. Most of the Indian nations of New England were monarchies, and many of the cities of the Italian Renaissance were controlled by dictators. But in reading about these societies one gets the impression that they allowed far more personal freedom than out society does. In part this was because they lacked efficient mechanisms for enforcing the ruler's will: There were no modern, well-organized police forces, no rapid long-distance communications, no surveillance cameras, no dossiers of information about the lives of average citizens. Hence it was relatively easy to evade control." Another home run for Ted! Great insight of Truth, that the particular "form" of government that the society chooses to wrap around itself, via a "democracy" label, etc..., has no genuine impact upon the type or degree of legitimate personal freedom that citizen-slaves are allowed to enjoy. And Ted is also 100% on target, in his insight that as far as the genuine experience of legitimate freedom is concerned, people who lived 100-1000 years ago had more of an opportunity to at least "escape" from the fascist domination of their evil societies, in terms of enjoying some types of freedoms, than is the case today, and has been the case since the middle of the 20th century. Constitutional rights are useful up to a point, but they do not serve to guarantee much more than what could be called the bourgeois conception of freedom. According to the bourgeois conception, a "free" man is essentially an element of a social machine and has only a certain set of prescribed and delimited freedoms; freedoms that are designed to serve the needs of the social machine more than those of the individual. Thus the bourgeois's "free" man has economic freedom because that promotes growth and progress; he has freedom of the press because public criticism restrains misbehavior by political leaders; he has a rights to a fair trial because imprisonment at the whim of the powerful would be bad for the system. This was clearly the attitude of Simon Bolivar. To him, people deserved liberty only if they used it to promote progress (progress as conceived by the bourgeois). Other bourgeois thinkers have taken a similar view of freedom as a mere means to collective ends. Chester C. Tan, "Chinese Political Thought in the Twentieth Century," page 202, explains the philosophy of the Kuomintang leader Hu Han-min: "An individual is granted rights because he is a member of society and his community life requires such rights. By community Hu meant the whole society of the nation." And on page 259 Tan states that according to Carsum Chang (Chang Chun-mai, head of the State Socialist Party in China) freedom had to be used in the interest of the state and of the people as a whole. But what kind of freedom does one have if one can use it only as someone else prescribes? FC's conception of freedom is not that of Bolivar, Hu, Chang or other bourgeois theorists. The trouble with such theorists is that they have made the development and application of social theories their surrogate activity. Consequently the theories are designed to serve the needs of the theorists more than the needs of any people who may be unlucky enough to live in a society on which the theories are imposed. I know these Ted quotes are starting to get lengthy, but they are too good to pass over. The mission of this Manifesto is to reveal and deliver Forbidden Truth. I am of course most proud of my very own, personally developed and formulated Forbidden Truths, and by the time this Manifesto is complete I will have revealed and detailed literally thousands of different, unique Forbidden Truths and brilliant proposals for societal reform that I have personally developed within my own brilliant and Superior mind. At the same time however, I certainly recognize that a handful of my fellow tortured victim-creations of human society, such as Charles Manson, Anton Szandor LaVey, Ted Kaczynski, etc..., can and do develop some brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth themselves, and sometimes they can even articulate a Forbidden Truth that I have already recognized and expressed myself, in a clearer and more intellectually challenging way than I can express the Truth, due to my extremely limited, high school dropout education. None of Seer Ted's insights of Truth regarding Freedom, are new to me. I had already recognized abd formulated these Truths myself. However, Ted expresses these Truths in a unique way, different from how I express myself. Not in a Superior way to me, just in a different way, thanks primarily to his higher level of school-based education, in my opinion. I am always pleased, proud, and honored to share some of the most valuable Forbidden Truths of fellow Seers with you, along with my own thousands of Truths, within this Manifesto. None of us need to have our Truths "recognized" by anyone else, in order to savor our own brilliance, but perhaps when it comes to educating you brainwashed creatures, to helping you find the courage and sanity to recognize the Truths we grace you with, there can be some benefit to my not only listing these Truths as expressed by my fellow Seers, but also affirming my agreement with and appreciation of the validity of the Truths that Ted, Charles, Anton, and a few other Superiors have graced the world with. Anyway, I love Ted's above quote, on the perverse and invalid "bourgeois" definition of freedom, as applied by malevolent societal leaders upon their citizen-slaves.

"One more point to be made in this section: It should not be assumed that a person has enough freedom just because he SAYS he has enough. Freedom is restricted in part by psychological control of which people are unconscious, and moreover many people's ideas of what constitutes freedom are governed more by social convention than by their real needs. For example, it's likely that many leftists of the oversocialized type would say that most people, including themselves are socialized too little rather than too much, yet the oversocialized leftist pays a heavy psychological price for his high level of socialization." Ted is truly a remarkable thinker, just like I am. I recognized this Truth a long time age, that: "Just because a human thinks, believes, or says that he has freedom, or has enough freedom, in no way means that he actually enjoys any type of genuine and legitimate freedom of any kind". Freedom is a concept that is subject to malevolent societal inducement, irrational belief that one is "free" is pervasive, in fact reaches epidemic proportions among citizen-slaves, especially within an ultra-diseased democratic form of government. Such mass delusions among brainwashed citizen-slaves should in no way be used to arrive at the false and invalid conclusion that any type of genuine freedom is either offered by the society, or experienced by the citizenry, as Ted so beautifully expresses above.

The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit the needs of the system. This has nothing to do with the political or social ideology that may pretend to guide the technological system. It is the fault of technology, because the system is guided not by ideology but by technical necessity. Of course the system does satisfy many human needs, but generally speaking it does this only to the extent that it is to the advantage of the system to do it. It is the needs of the system that are paramount, not those of the human being. For example, the system provides people with food because the system couldn't function if everyone starved; it attends to people's psychological needs whenever it can CONVENIENTLY do so, because it couldn't function if too many people became depressed or rebellious. But the system, for good, solid, practical reasons, must exert constant pressure on people to mold their behavior to the needs of the system. Too much waste accumulating? The government, the media, the educational system, environmentalists, everyone inundates us with a mass of propaganda about recycling. Need more technical personnel? A chorus of voices exhorts kids to study science. No one stops to ask whether it is inhumane to force adolescents to spend the bulk of their time studying subjects most of them hate. When skilled workers are put out of a job by technical advances and have to undergo "retraining," no one asks whether it is humiliating for them to be pushed around in this way. It is simply taken for granted that everyone must bow to technical necessity and for good reason: If human needs were put before technical necessity there would be economic problems, unemployment, shortages or worse. The concept of "mental health" in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress. I've always been such a huge fan of Charles Manson, but as I immerse myself in Ted's brilliant insights of Truth, I have to admit that I'm starting to waver on my conclusion that Charles deserves to be the president of america, and Ted the vice president. Maybe, just maybe, it is Ted who deserves the top spot, with Charles as the VP... Very tough call, but either way would be okay, just get them both into the two top slots, prez and VP, and your deranged society just might somehow find a way to avoid extincting the entire human race. Beautiful insights above, on how the government is structured to malevolently oppress and impose it's toxic will upon it's citizen-slaves. Government and society has no morals, it never undertakes any type of policy out of benevolence, morality, justice, fairness, or a desire to help individual human beings. If in fact any governmental/societal policies do end up helping some human beings, in some manner, societal leaders go wild in terms of their propaganda coup, holding press conferences and using their mass media agents to make sure all citizen-slaves are aware of just what a wonderful thing their government has done. In reality, all such "good results" that may occur, are nothing more than incidental events that only occured because societal leaders saw and felt there was a more important need, be it to appease the citizen-slaves or to meet new, malevolent design structures and goals of the malicious societal leadership. Once again, Seer Ted, thanks to his university education, expresses this Truth in a more brilliant way than I could, in saying: "For example, the system provides people with food because the system couldn't function if everyone starved; it attends to people's psychological needs whenever it can CONVENIENTLY do so, because it couldn't function if too many people became depressed or rebellious. But the system, for good, solid, practical reasons, must exert constant pressure on people to mold their behavior to the needs of the system. The concept of "mental health" in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress." Absolutely, 100% correct, Ted! Understand that if your governmental and societal leaders felt that their operational systems would benefit if every single citizen starved to death, they would make sure that each and every one of you did starve to death. You can say that there is no way that a society would benefit from having all of it's citizens starve to death, but that is not relevant, that is a meaningless argument. The profound Truth is that your societies and governments are so evil, so perverse, so totally devoid of even the tiniest scrap of moral, rational, ethical, judicial, or humanistic decency, that they would, without hesitation, murder and annihilate every single citizen, on a mass, genocidal scale, if they felt that doing so would improve the operational design or structural stability/strength of the existing societal/governmental system. Even though they do not feel that such improvement would occur via the mass starvation of their own citizen-slaves, ultra-diseased societies absolutely do strongly feel that such genocide within other societies, would greatly benefit their own society's structural strength, which is why societies like america launch genocidal wars against other governments and sponsor the starvation deaths of millions of fellow human beings who are members of other societies, such as in african countries.

"A technological advance that appears not to threaten freedom often turns out to threaten freedom often turns out to threaten it very seriously later on. For example, consider motorized transport. A walking man formerly could go where he pleased, go at his own pace without observing any traffic regulations, and was independent of technological support-systems. When motor vehicles were introduced they appeared to increase man's freedom. They took no freedom away from the walking man, no one had to have an automobile if he didn't want one, and anyone who did choose to buy an automobile could travel much faster than the walking man. But the introduction of motorized transport soon changed society in such a way as to restrict greatly man's freedom of locomotion. When automobiles became numerous, it became necessary to regulate their use extensively. In a car, especially in densely populated areas, one cannot just go where one likes at one's own pace one's movement is governed by the flow of traffic and by various traffic laws. One is tied down by various obligations: license requirements, driver test, renewing registration, insurance, maintenance required for safety, monthly payments on purchase price. Moreover, the use of motorized transport is no longer optional. Since the introduction of motorized transport the arrangement of our cities has changed in such a way that the majority of people no longer live within walking distance of their place of employment, shopping areas and recreational opportunities, so that they HAVE TO depend on the automobile for transportation. Or else they must use public transportation, in which case they have even less control over their own movement than when driving a car. Even the walker's freedom is now greatly restricted. In the city he continually has to stop and wait for traffic lights that are designed mainly to serve auto traffic. In the country, motor traffic makes it dangerous and unpleasant to walk along the highway. (Note the important point we have illustrated with the case of motorized transport: When a new item of technology is introduced as an option that an individual can accept or not as he chooses, it does not necessarily REMAIN optional. In many cases the new technology changes society in such a way that people eventually find themselves FORCED to use it.) Another remarkably clear and beautifully expressed Truth. Ever since I was a teenager I have been repulsed and enraged by automobile ads, ads which insanely put forth the notion that having an automobile provides a human being with "freedom". This is ludicrous, a perfect example of insane and malevolent societal brainwashing. If you put a mouse inside of a cage, and then put one of those round exercise wheel "treadmill" devices inside of the cage so that the mouse can run on the exercise wheel and make the wheel spin, is that freedom?? No, of course not! And that is all that cars provide, in terms of freedom. They allow you humans to delude yourselves into feeling free, when in reality all you are doing as you drive your car is the exact same thing as the mouse in his cage on the treadmill. You are going around and around, in a circle, as a societal slave, exactly where your society wants you to go. You are free to take the interstate highway to your slave labor job, or the access road, you are free to pointlessly waste the money that your society terroristically compels you to work as a slave to acquire, on a device, the automobile, that costs a lot of money, requires constant expediture of additional money for gas, etc..., and entices you into going to a lot of places where you would not go if you had no car, all of which are specifically designed, within the perverse capitalistic system, to entice, coerce, and force you to spend more money. You even have to pay money just to park your car near or at the location where you have been societally enticed into going, in some situations. So, the actual function that automobiles provide within the human experience of life, is the exact opposite of freedom. Cars are devices of enslavement, specifically used by society to rob citizens of their freedom, to take away their freedom, by further enslaving them to their jobs, and helping capitalistic societies to literally drain away one of the only opportunities to enjoy a bit of genuine freedom that a citizen can have, namely, to obtain and possess enough money so that they do not need to work at a societally imposed job. The final sentence of the above quote is even more astute, revealing the Truth of how societies not only "promote" toxic and destructive new technologies to their citizen-slaves, but literally addict their citizen-slaves to these technologies, in such a way as to make it almost impossible for a citizen-slave to function and live unless he possesses the technological device. Telephones, televisions, cars, and credit cards are perfect examples of this, and all such devices are very specifically manipulated and used by societies to control, dictate, and engineer the lifestyles and life paths of citizen-slaves. In point of fact the credit card was specifically popularized by societal leaders for the purpose of driving as many citizen-slaves as possible into debt, by encouraging them to spend more money than they have, so that they will be forced to remain employed at jobs for as long as possible, preferably until they die, even as the perverse "promise" of a leisurely "retirement" is held out as bait, to cause the slave to waste his life working on behalf of his evil society. "Another reason why technology is such a powerful social force is that, within the context of a given society, technological progress marches in only one direction; it can never be reversed. Once a technical innovation has been introduced, people usually become dependent on it, unless it is replaced by some still more advanced innovation. Not only do people become dependent as individuals on a new item of technology, but, even more, the system as a whole becomes dependent on it. (Imagine what would happen to the system today if computers, for example, were eliminated.) Thus the system can move in only one direction, toward greater technologization. Technology repeatedly forces freedom to take a step back -- short of the overthrow of the whole technological system." Seer Ted shoots...and he scores yet again! 100% on target, with this Truth. The goal of society is to enslave citizens, but maintain the illusion of providing freedom to citizens. Technological devices provide a perfect "bridge" to accomplishing this malevolent, deceitful objective. If you enslave the citizen to the technological device, the citizen will be too stupid and uninsightful to realize that he is in fact enslaved to society, that society is guilty of enslaving him to the technological device, and is now using the technological device to brainwash, coerce, control all aspects of the citizen's lifestyle and ideological beliefs. The television device would be an absolutely perfect example of this Truth.

"People tend to assume that because a revolution involves a much greater change than reform does, it is more difficult to bring about than reform is. Actually, under certain circumstances revolution is much easier than reform. The reason is that a revolutionary movement can inspire an intensity of commitment that a reform movement cannot inspire. A reform movement merely offers to solve a particular social problem. A revolutionary movement offers to solve all problems at one stroke and create a whole new world; it provides the kind of ideal for which people will take great risks and make great sacrifices. For this reasons it would be much easier to overthrow the whole technological system than to put effective, permanent restraints on the development of application of any one segment of technology, such as genetic engineering, but under suitable conditions large numbers of people may devote themselves passionately to a revolution against the industrial-technological system. As we noted in paragraph 132, reformers seeking to limite certain aspects of technology would be working to avoid a negative outcome. But revolutionaries work to gain a powerful reward -- fulfillment of their revolutionary vision -- and therefore work harder and more persistently than reformers do." This is a beautifully thought out Truth, folks. It is of course very obvious to any Superior that reformation of an ultra-diseased society is quite impossible, but to realize that in some cases humans can be more easily convinced to revolt and overthrow their society, than to try and reform it, requires a lot more intense and analytically astute thinking abilities. I certainly agree with Seer Ted, but at the same time I recognize that your evil societies have a stranglehold upon your brainwashed minds, and if they recognize a revolution to be brewing, they will desperately attempt to head off the revolution by offering perverse and invalid claims to be willing to "consider reforms". Tragically, I recognize that the vast majority of you creatures are too broken and cowardly to resist such enticing lures.

"Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy, then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction? It is already happening to some extent in our own society. It is well known that the rate of clinical depression had been greatly increasing in recent decades. We believe that this is due to disruption fo the power process, as explained in paragraphs 59-76. But even if we are wrong, the increasing rate of depression is certainly the result of SOME conditions that exist in today's society. Instead of removing the conditions that make people depressed, modern society gives them antidepressant drugs. In effect, antidepressants are a means of modifying an individual's internal state in such a way as to enable him to tolerate social conditions that he would otherwise find intolerable. (Yes, we know that depression is often of purely genetic origin. We are referring here to those cases in which environment plays the predominant role.)" I have to say, while Ted is right on yet again with this Truth, he is not expressing this Truth with the degree of passion it deserves. The fact is, society does not merely "give" it's citizen-slaves toxic, mind-altering drugs in order to allow them to escape from the horrific realities of their societally induced misery, society actually coerces and compels it's citizens, using every possible method it can come up with, to use such mind-altering drugs. This is not merely happening to "some extent" within american society, as Ted says, but to a massive, almost universal extent, with at least 98% of all citizen-slaves artificially altering their brain chemistries on a repeated, regular basis, simply because they find the True realities of life within american society, to be emotionally unbearable. Ted's insights on how and why societies use psychiatric drugs to deliberately and invalidly alter the perceptions of reality of citizen-slaves, is 100% correct.

"Education is no longer a simple affair of paddling a kid's behind when he doesn't know his lessons and patting him on the head when he does know them. It is becoming a scientific technique for controlling the child's development. Sylvan Learning Centers, for example, have had great success in motivating children to study, and psychological techniques are also used with more or less success in many conventional schools. "Parenting" techniques that are taught to parents are designed to make children accept fundamental values of the system and behave in ways that the system finds desirable. "Mental health" programs, "intervention" techniques, psychotherapy and so forth are ostensibly designed to benefit individuals, but in practice they usually serve as methods for inducing individuals to think and behave as the system requires. (There is no contradiction here; an individual whose attitudes or behavior bring him into conflict with the system is up against a force that is too powerful for him to conquer or escape from, hence he is likely to suffer from stress, frustration, defeat. His path will be much easier if he thinks and behaves as the system requires. In that sense the system is acting for the benefit of the individual when it brainwashes him into conformity.) Child abuse in its gross and obvious forms is disapproved in most if not all cultures. Tormenting a child for a trivial reason or no reason at all is something that appalls almost everyone. But many psychologists interpret the concept of abuse much more broadly. Is spanking, when used as part of a rational and consistent system of discipline, a form of abuse? The question will ultimately be decided by whether or not spanking tends to produce behavior that makes a person fit in well with the existing system of society. In practice, the word "abuse" tends to be interpreted to include any method of child-rearing that produces behavior inconvenient for the system. Thus, when they go beyond the prevention of obvious, senseless cruelty, programs for preventing "child abuse" are directed toward the control of human behavior of the system." Even though Ted was brutally tortured as a child, he does not devote a lot of attention and space to the issue of child abuse within society, in his Manifesto and other writings. This is a shame, although you can certainly say that his entire Manifesto, in a way, is a condemnation of the abuse that societies inflict upon their children. This quote is one of the few which directly and specifically focuses upon child abuse, and I certainly do agree strongly with most of Ted's insights. Both the educational and the psychiatric systems of ultra-diseased societies are specifically designed to terroristically mold the vulnerable and developing minds of children, into accepting and embracing toxic, lie-based societal doctrine and ideology. I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed with Ted's somewhat neutral comment on directly physical child abuse such as spanking, and his apparent inability to recognize that child abuse, even in "gross and obvious forms", as Ted puts it, is in fact directly encouraged and legitimized by society itself, albeit in a "cloaked" fashion, using the insane "we are only doing this for the good of the child" claim. Oh well, none of us are perfeKt as we seek to recognize all of the Forbidden Truths of life. Not Ted, not Charles, not even me. But we are pretty darn close to perfect, in my not so humble opinion. :-)

"Our society tends to regard as a "sickness" any mode of thought or behavior that is inconvenient for the system, and this is plausible because when an individual doesn't fit into the system it causes pain to the individual as well as problems for the system. Thus the manipulation of an individual to adjust him to the system is seen as a "cure" for a "sickness" and therefore as good." Great insight here, absolutely correct! This is how the psychiatric "division" of the society operates. Remember, all psychiatrists are direct agents of the existing government, empowered to specifically manipulate, control, and change the behavioral and ideological mindsets of citizen-slaves, not for their individual benefit, and not under any legitimate medical treatment mandate, but rather for the sole and specific reason of getting the citizen-slave to conform to societal decrees of proper behavior/belief, and to perversely make the tortured victim into a "productive member of society". "Imagine an alcoholic sitting with a barrel of wine in front of him. Suppose he starts saying to himself, "Wine isn't bad for you if used in moderation. Why, they say small amounts of wine are even good for you! It won't do me any harm if I take just one little drink..." Well you know what is going to happen. Never forget that the human race with technology is just like an alcoholic with a barrel of wine" Great quote! Due to genetic perversity, humans already have an addictive inclination to their personalities that is genetic in origin. Evil societies recognize this fact, and viciously exploit it, deliberately addicting their citizens to many different types of toxic behaviors, ideologies, and lifestyles, recognizing that once they have a citizen-slave addicted, it's just like having a fish caught on a fishhook, they can control and manipulate the citizen-slave in many different ways, using the person's addiction, be it to drugs, alcohol, gambling, money, possessions, technology, etc..., as a weapon against him. Hang in there folks, only a few quotes left.

"People do not consciously and rationally choose the form of their society. Societies develop through processes of social evolution that are not under rational human control." An important Truth here. We must understand fully, the fact that human beings are victimized creations of societies. The citizen did not ask to be created, and had no ability or choice, insofar as controlling or coping with the societal perversions, derangements, and brainwashings that were/are malevolently imposed upon him, either as a child or as an adult. You can argue that the adult victim has at least in theory, some ability to recognize and analyze the design structure of his society, better than a child can. But for the vast majority of humans, this is simply not a practical reality. They are too broken and brainwashed from the lifetime of malicious brainwashing that they have been subjected to, which includes their entire childhoods. "In any technologically advanced society the individual's fate MUST depend on decisions that he personally cannot influence to any great extent. A technological society cannot be broken down into small, autonomous communities, because production depends on the cooperation of very large numbers of people and machines. Such a society MUST be highly organized and decisions HAVE TO be made that affect very large numbers of people. When a decision affects, say, a million people, then each of the affected individuals has, on the average, only a one-millionth share in making the decision. What usually happens in practice is that decisions are made by public officials or corporation executives, or by technical specialists, but even when the public votes on a decision the number of voters ordinarily is too large for the vote of any one individual to be significant. Thus most individuals are unable to influence measurably the major decisions that affect their lives. There is no conceivable way to remedy this in a technologically advanced society. The system tries to ''solve'' this problem by using propaganda to make people WANT the decisions that have been made for them, but even if this ''solution'' were completely successful in making people feel better, it would be demeaning." Great revelation of Truth here, beautifully expressed! The ability of any individual citizen to have even the tiniest bit of genuine influence/control over any aspect of his own life, much less the operational and design structure of his society, has reached zero during the 20th century, and Ted explains why, with brilliant clarity, in the above quote.

"Therefore two tasks confront those who hate the servitude to which the industrial system is reducing the human race. First, we must work to heighten the social stresses within the system so as to increase the likelihood that it will break down or be weakened sufficiently so that a revolution against it becomes possible. Second, it is necessary to develop and propagate an ideology that opposes technology and the industrial system. Such an ideology can become the basis for a revolution against industrial society if and when the system becomes sufficiently weakened. And such an ideology will help to assure that, if and when industrial society breaks down, its remnants will be smashed beyond repair, so that the system cannot be reconstituted. The factories should be destroyed, technical books burned etc." More excellent insights by Ted. The only way to actually bring about a revolution, is to increase the suffering of all citizen-slaves, to the point where societal efforts at appeasement and desperate societal enticements of brainwashing, drugs, the promise of a heavenly afterlife, etc..., cannot overcome the extreme suffering that all citizen-slaves are enduring on a daily basis. But this is no easy task, evil societies have perfected the malevolent art of appeasement and brainwashing, and they will stop at nothing to find ways to compel their citizen-slaves to rationalize their own extreme suffering. For example, if a genuine nationwide revolution was imminent in america, I am quite certain that the leaders of this religiously fundamentalist regime would use the media to trick the citizen-slaves into believing that jesus christ was getting ready to return to earth, and god might even reveal himself, as a way for the government to regain control over you creatures, you Unwashed Masses of inferiors.

"Behavior is regulated not only through explicit rules and not only by the government. Control is often exercised through indirect coercion or through psychological pressure or manipulation, and by organizations other than the government, or by the system as a whole. Most large organizations use some form of propaganda to manipulate public attitudes or behavior. Propaganda is not limited to "commercials" and advertisements, and sometimes it is not even consciously intended as propaganda by the people who make it. For instance, the content of entertainment programming is a powerful form of propaganda." Excellent insight of Truth! There is no need for governmental laws and "rules", in many situations, because other types of fascist behavioral coercions can be employed just as effectively upon you brainwashed creatures, while maintaining the illusion of "freedom" by not having explicit "laws" be imposed by the government itself. Great insight by Ted on how all "entertainment" programming absolutely does carry overt and deliberate propaganda content from the societal leadership/government itself, even if such content is not directly "inserted" by the government. "People vary in their susceptibility to advertising and marketing techniques. Some people are so susceptible that, even if they make a great deal of money, they cannot satisfy their constant craving for the shiny new toys that the marketing industry dangles before their eyes. So they always feel hard-pressed financially even if their income is large, and their cravings are frustrated." I discuss this very Truth at great length in my Economic Systems essay. Capitalistic societies that are ultra-diseased, are on a constant, daily, desperate quest, not by individual "companies" but rather by the societal/governmental leadership, to coerce, compel, and entice all citizen-slaves into spending all of their money, regardless of what economic class they may be in, or how much money they earn, so that they are compelled to continue serving as "productive" workers and consumers within the toxic economic system, for as many years as possible, preferably right up until the day they die.

"Some people partly satisfy their need for power by identifying themselves with a powerful organization or mass movement. An individual lacking goals or power joins a movement or an organization, adopts its goals as his own, then works toward these goals. When some of the goals are attained, the individual, even though his personal efforts have played only an insignificant part in the attainment of the goals, feels (through his identification with the movement or organization) as if he had gone through the power process. This phenomenon was exploited by the fascists, nazis and communists. Our society uses it, too, though less crudely. Example: Manuel Noriega was an irritant to the U.S. (goal: punish Noriega). The U.S. invaded Panama (effort) and punished Noriega (attainment of goal). The U.S. went through the power process and many Americans, because of their identification with the U.S., experienced the power process vicariously. Hence the widespread public approval of the Panama invasion; it gave people a sense of power. We see the same phenomenon in armies, corporations, political parties, humanitarian organizations, religious or ideological movements. In particular, leftist movements tend to attract people who are seeking to satisfy their need for power. But for most people identification with a large organization or a mass movement does not fully satisfy the need for power." Great point here! Dovetails perfectly with my Forbidden Truth revelations on the toxic purposes of war, child abuse, even team sports, within the diseased operational structure of a society like america. You creatures are so desperate to delude yourselves into believing that you possess personal freedom and autonomy, and so desperate to find outlets for your suppressed and subconscious homicidal rage, even as you actually reject genuine freedom as being too terrifying, that you gratefully seize upon even the most idiotic and perversely contrived illusions of possessing personal freedom/power that your societies provide to you. Understand that these illusions are not "randomly" provided, they are specifically designed to serve malevolent societal purpose, to channel and misdirect the individual power/freedom desires of human beings, to serve the toxic agendas of society. As a side note, Seer Ted talks a great deal about his "power process" theory in his Manifesto. I do agree with the general outline/premise of his power process theory, however I would not use that term myself, and I feel that it is a bit inaccurate. "Power process" does not really convey the primary motivation for why human beings are desperate to impose their will upon and victimize other living things, which is to cathartically transfer and relieve their own True Reality-based rage and hate, instilled within them by the undeserved suffering and victimization that their society is guilty of having caused them to suffer. And in addition, torture victims more commonly choose to join "movements" and organizations like the military, not because they lack goals or power, as Ted suggests, but because they subconsciously realize that their society is giving them an opportunity to legally satiate at least some of their suppressed rage and hate, via the legitimization of the malevolent policy and behavioral mandates of the movement/organization. So, even though some torture victims will choose to become cops simply because they crave "having power and a goal", as Ted suggests, many more societal torture victims will choose to become cops for a much "darker" reason, namely because they subconsciously and instinctually seek to relieve their profound rage and homicidal inclinations, by attaining the ability to commit legal brutalization and even murder upon fellow human beings, that their society offers to all citizen-slaves who agree to serve as hired goon/thugs via the employment position of being a cop.

"Modern society is in certain respects extremely permissive. In matters that are irrelevant to the functioning of the system we can generally do what we please. We can believe in any religion we like (as long as it does not encourage behavior that is dangerous to the system). We can go to bed with anyone we like (as long as we practice "safe sex"). We can do anything we like as long as it is UNIMPORTANT. But in all IMPORTANT matters the system tends increasingly to regulate our behavior." Beautiful revelation of Truth, perfectly expressed! What Seer Ted is telling you is that your fascist societies allow you to enjoy most if not all "freedoms" that are totally unimportant and irrelevant in terms of impacting the toxic, lie-based, totally artificial and malevolent structures and systems of society, which rule and dictate all primary aspects of the day to day lives of most citizens. So what does this mean, in a nutshell? It means that all of the "freedoms" that your society allows you to enjoy, are not in fact genuine and legitimate freedoms and do not in fact deserve to carry the definitional label of freedom. Within a society that chooses to allow you to believe in whatever god creature you wish, the malevolent goal of society is to get you addicted to the insane god myth as a whole. The society has no primary need or desire to addict all of you to one specific version of this insane myth, because all mainstream versions of this toxic myth are operationally designed to not encourage or allow behavior that society is seeking to discourage/prevent. This type of "behavioral option" as given to citizens by their society, definately does not deserve to carry the definitional label of freedom. It is a useless, societally coerced "behavioral option", that is in fact far more worthy of being defined as constituting brutal enslavement, than constituting freedom.

"Until the industrial system has been thoroughly wrecked, the destruction of that system must be the revolutionaries' ONLY goal." I do not share Ted's obsessive focus on this one specific evil/diseased aspect of society, the industrial system, although I certainly agree that this system is totally evil and diseased. But I do agree that if citizen-slaves somehow, miraculously found the personal freedom and courage to target their own society's "industrial system" for destruction, and succeeded in destroying this system, the entire society/government, especially if it is capitalistic, would collapse together with the industrial system. So, the primary, most important goal, from my perspective, of bringing down the society itself, would be accomplished even if only this one particular aspect of the societal structure, the industrial/technological system, was totally destroyed. "The average American should be portrayed as a victim of the advertising and marketing industry, which has suckered him into buying a lot of junk that he doesn't need and that is very poor compensation for his lost freedom." Final Ted quote here, and a very good one. Fact is, the average american is a victim of dozens, if not hundreds of different forms of malicious exploitation, deliberate brainwashing, and destruction of personal freedom, autonomy, and basic human and instinctual rights. Certainly insofar as economic and slave labor victimization is concerned, capitalistic societies like america absolutely addict citizen-slaves into obsessively wasting all of the money they obtain, and employ the media and pop culture systems to delude citizens into accepting the insane notion that possessing material goods, even more so than possessing actual money, provides the individual with a type of genuine freedom.

Viability/Entitlement of Human Race to Exist:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a general discussion of why no species of life has any intrinsic entitlement to continue to exist, unless it is both genetically healthy and able to properly coexist with all other forms of life in all areas where it currently exists, without having a genocidally negative/harmful and completely unnatural impact upon other forms of life. We will discuss the fact that the human species horrifically fails both of these litmus tests regarding viability/entitlement to continue to exist, because the human race is genetically diseased to it's very core, and has genocidally harmful/negative impact upon not merely one other species of life, not merely many other species of life, but literally every single other species of life that exists on planet earth. We will begin to define and discuss the behavioral parameters and standards that the human race would need to adopt, embrace, and meet, in order to regain any type of claim to possibly possessing a genuine entitlement to continue to exist as a species. We will discuss the fact that currently, and throughout the entire history of the Modern Era of human existence, the human race has consistently and malevolently violated and maliciously disregarded every single one of the dozens of behavioral species standards that it was and is obligated to meet. We will list and discuss many of these specific species viability standards at length, focusing upon how and why the failure to meet these standards not only proves that the human species does not deserve to continue to exist, but in fact proves that natural law as well as all True standards of justice, morality, and sanity, dictate that the human species must become extinct. Among the specific failures of the human race that will be discussed at great length, will be the genocidal embrace of offspring torture that no species of life other than humanity engages in. War, an organized, mass attempt to slaughter fellow members of one's own species for no sane or naturally valid reason. Demonization of fellow species victim-creations on a mass, ritualistic level. A refusal to accept/recognize the validity of blantantly obvious Truth and fact, unlike any other species of life. The intellectualized mass murder of other species of life, to the point of extinction, for no legitimately valid reason. The intellectualized mass exploitation and victimizaton of other species of life, as well as the mass enslavement and malevolent exploitation of fellow human life forms, for no natural or instinctually valid reason. The power-crazed, obsessive need of the human species to impose it's malicious will upon morally superior species of life. The deliberate destruction and malicious damaging by the human species, of natural resources that all other species of life need and are dependent upon. All of these malevolent human species failures and the genocidally evil nature of the genetically diseased human species, as manifested by all of these species perversions, prove beyond all doubt that the human species should currently be extinct, and cannot possibly have any legitimate claim to make, that it deserves to be spared from immediate and complete extinction.

We will specifically focus upon two demonstrations of limitless human behavioral insanity and evil, which prove the human race unworthy of existence. First, the endless, ongoing, eternal, intergenerational policy of mass, genocidal abuse of human children by every existing human society, and secondly, the endless, ongoing, eternal policy of humanity, to deliberately harm/victimize/extinct other species of life. These two human behavioral policies prove that the human race is genocidally evil towards all members of it's own species, as well as towards all members of other species, thus not a single shred of redeeming value exists within the human species, not even with regard to it's treatment of the helpless and supremely vulnerable members of it's own species, human children. We will analyze and discuss the relative likelihood of some other species of life extincting humanity, either a species of life which currently exists on earth, or a species of life from another planet, as well as the possibility that the human race will directly extinct itself, without any direct effort towards achieving this result, from any other species of life. We will conclude that the human species is so totally diseased and deranged, that it is much more likely to directly extinct itself, than to be extincted as a result of the actions of any other living species of life, be it earth-based or extraterrestrial-based. We will discuss the fact that based upon the genocidally evil policies that the human species has embraced and the genocide it has committed and continues to commit against both it's own human children and all other species of life, it would be equally appropriate for either a tortured human child-creation or group of children to play the primary role in shaping the final events that lead directly to human extinction, or for any other animal species on planet earth to play this primary role. We will discuss why it is far more likely that tortured human child victims will accomplish this feat, due to the fact that all other species of life are morally, genetically, and instinctually superior to humanity, so superior in fact, that they are not consciously able to plan, plot out, or execute the deliberate extinction of a fellow species, as the ultra-diseased human race is able to do, and has in fact already done on numerous occasions, by extincting other species of life.

We will discuss the fact that the 20th century was a wonderful era for Seers of Forbidden Truth as well as for haters of humanity to live in, due to the fact that a tremendous number of perverse technological "advances" and discoveries were made by humanity during this century, advances and discoveries which make the complete extinction of all of humanity, by the deliberate hand of humanity, much more feasible and doable, than had been the case for the hundreds of centuries prior to the 20th century. We will discuss the fact that all Superior humans should applaud and celebrate this new era of the direct, deliberate extinction of humanity, by humanity, becoming totally feasible. Not because we, as Superiors, should ever wish or desire to die ourselves, but rather because we can now hold out a very real and legitimate hope of living long enough to actually witness and experience at least the beginning of the specific act or series of acts that will actually result in the extermination of the human race, and we may well, those of us who are brilliant enough, realize even as we ourselves are about to die as individuals, that the ultimate form of justified vengeance against humanity, the deaths of every human being on planet earth, has been unleashed and will come to fruition, in short order, after we ourselves die as individuals. We will briefly mention/outline some of the most likely paths to human extinction, such as nuclear war and the unleashing of biological/germ plagues, but these comments will be brief, since this will be the primary focus of the Essay immediately following this one. We will discuss how and why it is incredibly difficult, in fact completely impossible, for the human race to regain any legitimate right to exist as a species, even if the human race sincerely tried to reform all of it's genocidally evil policies and structures, due to the fact that the historical record of trillions of human children being tortured by the human race, and trillions of Superior species of life being tortured, murdered, and extincted by the human race, can never be erased, and the genetic perversity/disease of the human race is literally fatal, and cannot be reformed or repaired regardless of any effort that humanity might make. We will of course conclude that this issue/discussion of your species attempting to regain a legitimate right to exist is completely theoretical in nature, and totally irrelevant in terms of actual real life, because you creatures could never even begin to consider trying to reform your genocidal societal structures, because this would require having to face up to and accept the Forbidden Truth that you and your societies are genocidally evil to a limitless degree. This can never happen and will never happen, as you creatures individually spend your entire lives desperately fleeing from and rejecting all Truth, right down to your last dying breath, and you will follow this exact same insane path collectively, as a species, as you face not only your own individual deaths, but the extinction of all fellow members of your species.

We will debunk and tear assunder all illusions and false claims that the human race has made and continues to make today, that it is attempting to reform itself, or has made any meaningful reforms of any kind, to regain an entitlement to continue to exist. All such claims will be exposed as perverse lies and hypocritically invalid rationalizations that has no basis in factual Truth. We will discuss how and why the human species is far more worthy of being extincted today, in the early 21st century, than at any other time in the past, since the evolution of humankind as well as the dawn of the Modern Era of human life. We will discuss the fact that humankind is more overtly evil today, in the year 2002, more malevolent on both a conscious and subconscious level, towards it's children, towards fellow members of it's own species, and towards other species of life, than it has ever been in the past. We will list and discuss numerous examples and demonstrations of this immense malice that permeates all aspects of human life today. Not merely the major types of atrocities that we have already discussed in this essay, such as the genocidal murder of morally superior species of life by humans, for personal pleasure, "sport", and cathartic misdirection of homicidal rage, but less high-profile types of atrocities that prove the supremely diseased nature of humanity just as clearly. For example, we will discuss the fact that millions of human women choose to pay money to have manicures and pedicures performed on their hands and feet, consciously deciding that it is more important to have perfectly groomed nails, than it is to literally save the life of a starving human child, which the money spent on a single manicure or pedicure would certainly be enough to do. "Minor" atrocities like this, will be revealed to expose the Truth regarding how incredibly evil and unworthy of existence the human species is, just as powerfully as the "major" atrocities that I will be discussing in the early part of this Essay. We will discuss how and why your evil societies overtly encourage you to choose to cause millions of children to die of starvation, and literally improve your own perceptions of reality, make you feel better about your own life, by convincing you to deliberately choose to starve millions of children, members of your own species, to death. This will perfectly illustrate the limitless inferiority and illegitimacy of the human race to continue to exist as a species. We will conclude with some personal comments from me, in which I express my fervent hope that I live long enough to witness the actual dawn of the extinction of humanity, and I will also discuss how and why one of the motivational factors that I have used and will always use to celebrate, rejoice in, and protect/defend my own life at all times and in all situations, is the very legitimate and real hope and possibility that the dawn of human extinction is close at hand and I may indeed live long enough to witness and know that this ultimate act of Natural Justice is in fact occuring. I will discuss the fact that even though nothing could ever make my own death acceptable or tolerable, if in fact I could confidently feel that the entire human race was going to be extincted via the same event that was about to rob me of my own precious life, this realization of Natural Justice is the only thing that could make my own death slightly less unacceptable and intolerable. We will discuss why this philosophical attitude of mine is not only Superior, but completely rational and indicative of extreme mental health, despite the fact that the fascist and lie-based, psychiatric system, acting and serving as a direct agent of your insane society, empowered to promote insane thought and belief within humanity by your society, which has an evil, vested interest in getting you humans to perversely consider your own lives to be worthless and expendable, while at the same time convincing you to place selective value upon the lives of other human beings as decreed via societal brainwashing and hypocrisy, would demonize me by labeling me as being mentally ill, based upon my above insight of rational, sane, Truth. No genuinely Superior thinker, who possesses a love of Self, a recognition of the limitless perversity of human society, and an understanding/acceptance of all of the Truths of what death entails, should fail to recognize the philosophical validity of celebrating the extinction of humanity, and gaining personal comfort, on both an emotional and ideological level, from the conscious experience of the dawn of human annihilation.

Richard Speck, nurse massacre, mass murderer
This is Richard Speck, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. They just keep on coming, folks. Thousands and thousands of your society's created victims. People, human beings, children, born helpless and with unlimited potential, thrust into your insane, diseased, toxic society. Every single individual a victim, a created victim of human society. And for every one torture victim who deserves to be featured within this website, who managed to find the internal strength, courage, and appreciation of Truth to properly direct/express his rage and hate outward, be it through writings, verbal declarations, or physical deeds, there are, tragically, at least fifty thousand other torture victims who allowed their evil society to completely break them, and spent their lives abusing, victimizing, torturing, and sometimes even outright killing, themselves. This is the ultimate tragedy, the fact that human beings are so weak, so pathetic, so genetically and environmentally destroyed, that barely one out of fifty thousand, at most, finds the internal Truth within themselves, to shower pure love and narcissistic self-value upon themselves, and at the same time reflect all of the evil and insanity that human society imposed and imposes upon them, directly back upon human society and it's members. Let us honor these Martyrs, not because they are torture victims, not even because they avenged themselves by properly reflecting the rage and hate that society instilled and imposed upon them, but because they serve as examples of the power of Truth, the honesty and the reflectivity of Truth. They demonstrate that no matter how brilliantly, maniacally, insanely evil a society is, even if it is able to totally destroy the minds, bodies, and spirits of 49,999 out of every 50,000 of it's torture victims, there will always be that one, lone Superior, the victim who recognizes and understands, be it on a conscious, subconscious, or instinctual level, that he has a Sacred Obligation to honor both himself and the Truth, and the only way to do this is to refuse all efforts of his evil society, to get him to victimize himself. To love himself, with courage, the same courage that is required to recognize, accept, embrace, and love, Forbidden Truth. There are many ways that a tortured victim-creation of society can honor both himself and the Truth. Some of those ways can involve dynamic acts of physically violent vengeance. But there is no requirement for such activity, it is up to each Superior torture victim, to choose a unique path of self-love and Truth sanctification.

At the same time however, we must honor and pay tribute to all Martyrs who do choose to go "that extra mile", in terms of becoming publically known figures, and expressing the Truth about their own victimization and the evil of the society that created them, in ways that grab attention and cannot be ignored, in the way that the countless millions of cases of children and adults committing suicide, slowly killing themselves with drugs, alcohol, silently hating and victimizing themselves just as their evil society instructs and rewards them for doing, are perversely ignored. These Martyrs serve as beacons of light, intellectual and emotional light, beacons of Truth, helping at least a handful of their fellow torture victims to find the strength and insights of Truth that are required, to lift themselves above the Unwashed Masses of inferiors, and to not fall into the toxic pit of hopelessness and self-destruction where the remaining 49,000 torture victims do tragically fall.

Richard demonstrating the strength of untouchability, the power of self love and the value of mental power, in describing how much he has enjoyed his stay in prison, made this statement after spending over 20 years being subjected to unjust prison punishment: "If they only knew how much fun I was having, they’d turn me loose."---------Richard Speck. "My family told me if I ever hurt an employee or an inmate or tried to escape, they were through with me. I'm the outlaw. That's something I can't change." Asked how he felt about his acts of vengeance: "Like I always felt. Had no feelings. If you are asking if I felt sorry, no."---------Richard Speck. I hope you folks can appreciate the perverse hypocrisy of any of you creatures, or your society, wanting a tortured victim-creation like Martyr Richard to "feel sorry" for having sought and claimed personal vengeance. Does your society "feel sorry" for the billion or more children that it is directly responsible for brutally, genocidally torturing? Does your society feel sorry for driving hundreds of millions of it's own citizens to commit suicide, brutally victimize themselves, hate themselves? No. So I say Thank You Richard, for recognizing that you have nothing to be sorry for, and expressing this Truth. You creatures are pathetic. You commit and have your society commit on your behalf, genocidal atrocities that are thousands if not millions of times more evil, immoral, and unjustifiable than any single act of cathartic vengeance by a created torture victim could ever be. And yet at the same time you have the hypocritical audacity to assume a position of moral superiority, entitlement to inflict punitive punishment upon the torture victim, and on top of everything else, an entitlement to demand that your own torture victim express regret, remorse, sorrow, over having dared to reflect back upon you and your society, just a tiny fraction of the immense evil and insanity that characterizes your embrace and proud, unrepentent practice of worldwide genocide against hundreds of millions of human beings, children and adult. The hypocrisy is mindboggling!

Doomsday Scenarios for Extinction of Humanity:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin this essay with a comprehensive explanation from me, regarding why I will enjoy writing this particular essay more than any other single essay within this Manifesto, focusing upon the personal pleasure that I derive from thinking about, analyzing the likelihood and methodology of, and writing about, the forthcoming extinction of the human race. We will discuss exactly how this term, "extinction of the human race", must be defined, revealing the fact that it must involve the complete and utter annihilation of all human life forms, in all nations and areas of planet earth, as well as any human life forms who may be in spaceships that are located away from the planet earth surface, or who may be otherwise located in outer space at the time that the doomsday event(s) occur. We will discuss why it is likely to be very difficult for any single doomsday event to achieve a complete, species-wide extinction of humanity, and it is more likely that several doomsday events, perhaps occuring in rapid succession, or a single doomsday event followed by a lengthy period of humans surviving in isolated pockets only to eventually be overwhelmed by animal attacks as well as ongoing battles between and among the isolated pockets of humans, is more likely to bring about the complete extermination of humanity, than a single doomsday event. We will discuss the fact that humanity is just now becoming technologically proficient at space travel, and this poses a very grave threat to the entire universe, as well as a danger of making the extinction of the human species much more difficult if not impossible, within the next few centuries. This is because once humanity becomes truly proficient at space travel, it will seek to spread out within the universe, to infect other worlds and any other species of life it may run across in outer space, with it's own toxic plague of diseased inferiority and genocidal malice. We will discuss why this fact makes the 21st century an extremely critical time, humanity has already succeeded in developing methods of totally extincting itself, but has not quite succeeded in perfecting space travel, thus humanity is still, at least for the moment, essentially "trapped" on planet earth, making this specific moment in time, the ideal and perfect time for a doomsday extinction event to occur. Once humanity becomes proficient at space travel, the odds of any one doomsday event extincting all of humanity, or even several doomsday events achieving this feat, become much lower and more remote.

We will discuss the extreme importance for the well-being of the entire universe, that a complete and absolute, universe-wide extinction of all human life, occur. Focusing upon the fact that the human species is genetically diseased and deranged on an incurable level, and therefore the survival of even a tiny handful of human beings, will eventually have catastrophic results, namely the regeneration of human societies that are at least as diseased, evil, and toxic, as any human society currently in existence. We will discuss the fact that it is the diseased nature of humanity to victimize other species of life, to impose it's toxic will upon other species of life, and to seek to infect all human children, as well as other species of life, with the toxic pathologies that the human species is currently afflicted with. Therefore, even if the doomsday event were to decimate the human population, and render the human species an extreme minority in terms of population, the malevolent and perversely negative human impact upon other species of life, the environment, and the universe, would continue, and eventually become just as immensely toxic as it had ever been in the past. Therefore a complete and universal extinction of the species, is required. We will begin to discuss at great length and in great detail, the various possible methods by which the human race might become extinct. We will discuss scenarios under which humanity itself directly causes it's own doomsday events which cause extinction. We will discuss scenarios under which an atmospheric or natural disaster type of event(s) directly causes the extinction of humanity. We will discuss scenarios under which some other species of life, native to planet earth, might somehow find a way to initiate a change to the species order on planet earth, that results in the extinction of humanity. We will discuss scenarios under which an extraterrestrial form of life, not native to planet earth, might decide that the human species, most especially because it is developing proficient space travel technology, has become too much of a threat to the well-being of the universe and to species of life living on other planets/galaxies, and therefore must be destroyed and extincted. Every possibility will be examined and analyzed at length, and we will conclude that all four of the above scenarios are perfectly realistic and could become a reality, resulting in the extinction of humanity. Our analysis will conclude with the finding that of the four possible extinction scenarios listed above, the most likely to become a reality is humanity itself directly causing it's own extinction. The second most likely scenario will be an atmospheric or natural disaster event occuring. The third most likely scenario, only slighly less likely than #2, will be an extraterrestrial attack and destruction of humanity. And the fourth and least likely but still perfectly possible mode of human extinction, would be some other, currently existing species of life on earth, finding a way to attack and annihilate all of humanity. We will discuss why this fourth scenario is the least likely, focusing upon the fact that no other species of life on planet earth can come close to matching the genocidal malevolence of the human species, and not even Natural Instinct is likely to be strong enough to inspire a morally superior species of life, even if it is being genoocidally decimated, to extinct a morally inferior species of life. We will discuss why the first scenario listed, humanity directly extincting itself via a doomsday event or a series of doomsday events that it itself is directly responsible for initiating and causing, is far more likely to occur than any of the other three possible scenarios, due to the profound genetic perversity, self-hatred, genocidal rage, insanity and derangement which has characterized human ideology and behavior throughout the entire Modern Era. We will discuss the fact that never in human history, has any weapon been developed, only to not eventually be employed to commit the ultimate degree of carnage and atrocity that the weapon was capable of inflicting. Additionally, the human race has proven that it is not able to ever resist choosing and being overtaken by the most inferior, horrific, option/impulse/behavioral choice that is available to it. Both of these Truths bode very well for the complete extinction of all of humanity by the direct actions of humanity, since there now exists enough nuclear weapons as well as nuclear material, to easily kill every human being on the planet. We will discuss why any logical and Superior thinker, in analyzing the True fact that every single weapon ever developed by humanity has eventually been used to it's maximum homicidal potential, must conclude that it is a virtual certainty that not only will nuclear weapons be used to genocidal effect in the near future by humanity, but in fact nuclear weapons will be used to specifically extinct all of humanity, simply because this is the "maximum homicidal potential" of nuclear weapons, to extinct all of humanity, and humans have an absolutely perfect track record in terms of achieving maximum homicidal potential from every weapon that they have even invented.

We will continue to analyze and discuss many different types of doomsday scenarios for the extinction of humanity. Their likelihood of occurance, as well as how the actual process of each scenario might occur. We will discuss infectious plague as a possible scenario, infectious disease as well, from the possibility of the spread of such disease being deliberately engineered by humans, or even by a single human being who seeks to extinct his own species, as well as Nature coming up with a fatal plague/disease of it's own, to cleanse the planet of the plague of human infestation. We will discuss the fact that the extreme genetic perversity of the human race, clearly increases the likelihood that a "natural" plague could develop which is lethal enough to wipe out the entire species, even though such an extremely lethal plague is very unlikely to afflict any other species, due to their relative genetic health and normality. We will discuss various natural catastrophe possibilities, such as a comet, meteor, asteroid hitting planet earth, something moving planet earth out of it's orbit, some event affecting the light output or stability of the earth's sun, a massive wordwide earthquake occuring, etc... We will discuss the possibility of a nuclear and/or biological war or "accident" occuring, at great length, concluding that it is much more likely that any nuclear or biological event(s) that is large enough to extinct all of humanity, will not be caused by any "accident", but rather by the deliberately malicious actions of human beings. We will discuss the fact that even if the specific nuclear or biological event that extincts humanity is somehow "accidentally" triggered/caused, it would still almost certainly qualify as a direct and "deliberate" extinction of humanity by humanity, because nuclear technology only exists thanks to the malevolent and diseased minds and actions of the human species, and virtually all biological agents/devices that are capable of extincting humanity are also direct inventions and creations of the human species. We will discuss whether or not it is possible for a single human being to either extinct all of humanity all by himself, or to personally be responsible for setting in motion the chain of events that leads to the extinction of humanity. We will conclude that it is actually very likely that a single human being will achieve this feat, and will deserve the credit for accomplishing this feat, even if he only "initiates" the chain of events that leads to human extinction. We will discuss the cathartic appropriateness of a single human being extincting his entire species, based upon the manner in which human societies genocidally victimize and brutalize all children, on a mass scale, but still each and every torture victim experiences their own torment on a uniquely personal and individual level.

We will discuss why, even if a "government" sets in motion the chain of events leading to human extinction, the supreme leader and/or military head(s) of such a government are in fact individual human beings, consumed with rage, hate, and personal suffering of their own, and therefore it can be said that they are acting for personal, cathartic vengeance reasons, despite their empowered status of being societal "leaders". We will focus a bit more on the very interesting possibility that a Superior extraterrestrial species of life, recognizing how unworthy of life within the universal community humanity is, may decide to extinct humanity. We will discuss the interesting fact that even though this possible scenario has been touched upon in science fiction movies, books, and even series television such as Star Trek, no author or producer/director has had the courage to properly see this plot through to it's ultimate conclusion, namely, the actual extinction of all of humanity by such extraterrestrials, for the specific reason that the human species is so inferior that it does not deserve to continue to exist, and it is now beginning to pose a threat of infecting not only all life forms on planet earth, but extraterrestrial life forms as well, with it's toxic, perverse, and genetically deranged structures. We will discuss the interesting, dual effect that human space technology and exploration has upon the specific issue of human extinction. On one hand, it is clear that once the human species develops the technological ability to live for an extended period of time either within a spaceship or upon some other planet, the chances of any doomsday even or series of events initiated by humanity extincting the entire human species, will become significantly lower than they are right now. But on the other hand, it is also clear to any Superior thinker that as the human species continues to perversely attempt to impose it's diseased self upon the purity of outer space, it is almost certain to attract the attention of Superior extraterrestrial forms of life, if it has not already done so, who will quickly realize that the human species is far too perverse, diseased, and inferior to be able to live within a universal community, and therefore must either be destroyed or be stripped of the ability to continue to expand it's reach into space. Given the genocidally evil mindset of conquest that afflicts humanity, the extraterrestrials would be well advised to choose the former option, complete annihilation of all of humanity, as opposed to simply trying to push humanity back to a more technologically primitive state.

We will discuss and analyze the philosophical Truth that because every human being only has one lifetime, one existence to enjoy, for all of eternity, and because human society is directly responsible for imposing it's malevolent will upon individual citizens, thus compromising, ruining, and destroying the one opportunity at life that the individual will ever have for all of cosmic eternity, every single victimized/tortured individual human being has an absolute True Reality right/entitlement, although certainly no obligation, to desire to extinct all of humanity, and to attempt to extinct all of humanity, based upon his own unique interpretation of the sum total of life experiences, both positive and negative, that he has been subjected to at the hands of the human race and the human society that he was born into and/or raised up within. We will return to the issue of other species of life on earth, possibly targeting humanity for extinction, discussing the fact that even though this is rather unlikely to occur, it would be a demonstration of beautiful reflectivity, due to the fact that the human race is directly responsible for causing the extinction of many species of life on planet earth, and even today continues to overtly and maliciously engage in genocidal practices against other species of life, that are certain to result in additional complete extinctions of life species that currently still live and exist on planet earth. We will return to the issue of outlining and discussing all of the tremendous benefits that the extinction of humanity would carry for all other life forms on planet earth. Specifically, we will discuss how the natural environment that all other species of life need and respect, would no longer be genocidally attacked and ritualistically destroyed, as humanity has done and continues to do. The insane mass murder of other species of life by humanity, using artificial and unnatural devices such as guns, knives, spears, assembly line slaughterhouses, etc..., would come to an end. Truly the planet known as earth would become a "heavenly" place, a real, existing heaven, if only the plague known as humanity would be exterminated. We will discuss the intriguing possibility that computers and/or other artificially created forms of "life", such as robots or androids, created by human beings, might one day rise up and either enslave or annihilate/extinct their malevolent creator/oppressors. We will discuss the fact that this would be a beautifully appropriate end to humanity, to be extincted by it's own creations, life forms that may be "artificial" in nature, depending upon how you define the term artificial, but are "naturally" more rational, sane, moral, and worthy of life, and far more worthy of becoming the new dominant species on planet earth, than the genetically deranged and genocidally evil human species could ever be.

I will go back to discussing my own personal feelings and philosophies on the issue of the extinction of the human race, focusing upon and revealing some of the personal details of my own lifetime of torturous victimization at the hands of human society, and how/why my own torturous victimization has proven to me, beyond all doubt, that the human species has no redeeming qualities that could even raise a legitimate theoretical argument that this species may not deserve to be extincted. I will list and discuss numerous types of arguments/claims that human beings might make, in attempting to establish a reason why their species should not be extincted, and I will debunk and tear assunder all of these perversely hypocritical and invalid claims. Claims such as "We are still evolving and trying to reach our potential as a species", "We are at least trying to recognize and fix our diseased operational structures", "We are intelligent enough to develop a genuinely moral and benevolent societal system in time", "We can overcome our genetic perversity through intellect", etc..., will all be discussed, dissected, and proven to be completely invalid and illegitimate. We will return to the issue of why we, as Superiors, should strive to live long enough to witness the dawn of human extinction, and why the witnessing of such an event as it dawns, should provide the ultimate in emotionally cathartic satisfaction, as well as intellectual joy, to Superior humans. We will discuss why the fact that no method of achieving immortality currently exists, should increase and enhance our ability to genuinely rejoice in the extinction of humanity, and that if human immortality became a legitimate possibility, Superiors would need to rethink, at least on a personal level, the degree of joy and pleasure that the extinction of the human species should cause them, even though the fact that the human race deserves to be extincted and such extinction should be welcomed and celebrated, would not be fundamentally altered even if the possibility of achieving human immortality existed.

Ed Gein, Edward Gein, serial killer
This is Ed Gein, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. What do I despise more, folks? Is it lying? Or it is hypocrisy? Well, I hate both of these core, universally pervasive perversions of humanity with a deep and abiding passion. Oftentimes these two perversions go together, lying is accompanied by hypocrisy, and vice-versa. If I had to pick the greater perversion of these two, I would have to go with hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is a greater perversion than lying, because it usually involves your diseased and deranged society attempting to cloak and deny it's horrifically evil structures and operational systems, via the perverse simulation/faking of morality, decency, justice, and goodness. The single most amazing and extraordinary manifestation of this human perversion, is displayed via your policies towards and treatment of, your own human children. Even I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, despite having literally devoted my entire life to recognizing, analyzing, and understanding all of the deranged perversions of humanity, cannot help but still be amazed at the breathtaking depth and scope of your insane hypocrisies regarding human children.

Consider: You creatures claim to love and value your children, and yet you choose to legalize, authorize, encourage, and mandate, the genocidal torture of your children. You claim to value your children so much that you would be willing to die if necessary, in order to preserve their lives, and yet in factual reality you cowardly, Truth-hating hypocrites literally do the exact opposite, forcing your children to die on your behalfs, by authorizing, sanctioning, and applauding the insane notion that they have a responsibility to protect and defend you and your evil society, by becoming soldiers and members of the military. You claim to be willing and eager to protect your children from physical, emotional, and psychological suffering, you claim to be determined to provide a "better" life for your children, than you yourself have experienced, and yet the Truth is you are desperately and pathologically obsessed with doing the exact opposite, using your children as Poison Containers, literally garbage receptacles into which you project all of your own suppressed and disowned rage, hate, life frustrations, past tortures, and mental derangements, ritualistically engaging in a daily mission to transfer all of your own perverse toxicity into your subhumanized, garbage receptacle, child-slaves. Psychohistorian Lloyd deMause said it perfectly, although with not quite enough passion: "Rather than the child being able to use the parent to detoxify its fears and anger, the parent instead injects his or her bad feelings into the child and uses it to cleanse his or herself of depression and anger." You claim to be willing to suffer a lot for the sake of children, to work as slaves and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to support and care for children, and yet the Truth of the matter is that you are desperately eager to commit genocide upon children. You deliberately cause millions of children to die of starvation each and every year. You know that if you wanted to, you could literally save the lives of children simply by foregoing the most meaningless of extravagant conveniences, such as not paying money to get your fingernails clipped, letting your hair grow one inch longer than usual, making do with 5 pairs of pants instead of six, etc..., and using the money saved to literally save children from starving to death. But you choose not to. Not because you love and value yourself, not because you enjoy pampering yourself, not because you feel that you deserve these luxuries, but simply because you want to feel better about your own horrific lives, you want to cathartically cope with your own torturous childhoods, by knowing that millions of children will have it worse, will die of starvation. You feel better knowing those millions will die, even as you refuse to consciously accept this Truth, even as you flee from this Truth in psychological terror, clinging to your deranged myth of loving and caring about children, even as you subconsciously both commit and rejoice in their genocidal deaths/murders.

And finally, you have the audacity to adopt a pose of moral and judicial legitimacy, in judging, condemning, demonizing, and inflicting punitive punishment upon some individual human beings, who commit certain "overt" forms of child murder that are not cloaked by hypocritical denial of Truth and are not shielded under Sacred Family Unit mythology. You save your greatest degree of perversely hypocritical venom for these Martyrs, people like Thomas Watt Hamilton, Richard Allen Davis, Albert Fish, Patrick Purdy, Laurie Dann, Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris, Kipland Kinkel, etc..., all tortured children in their own right, tortured victim-creations of your human societies. Why do you save your most homicidal venom for these Martyrs? Why do you fetishize an incident such as the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh baby for decades, even as literally a billion+ additional children are murdered or die as a direct result of the official laws, policies, moral codes, and cultural doctrine of american society since the Lindbergh kidnapping occured? You do it because these Martyrs represent Truth. They terrify you not because they harm/kill children, you yourselves harm/kill children on a genocidal scale. They terrify you because they threaten to expose Forbidden Truth, on a conscious level, to you. They reflect back at you, in an uncloaked manner, the True feelings that you have for children, that you display in genocidal fashion upon your child torture victims. The Forbidden Truth that you hate children, you despise children, you are obsessed with harming and killing children, you choose to sponsor the genocidal abuse, torture, murder of children. You literally rejoice in their torment and death. You literally sustain yourselves by bathing in an ocean of child blood on a daily basis, blood that you yourselves are responsible for choosing to genocidally shed. This is the Truth, the Forbidden Truth, and this one specific issue provides the most perfect, beautiful illustration of limitless hypocrisy, within the entire realm of human experience. Hypocrisy at it's zenith. You cloak the Truth of your child genocide by wrapping layers upon layers of insane hypocrisy around yourselves, to allow you to maintain the illusion that you are good, decent, moral, sane, benevolent creatures who love children and despise child victimization, even as you sponsor, commit, celebrate, and rejoice in the commission of genocidal child abuse, torture, and murder, on a daily basis.

Well, the above brilliant mini-rant of Truth may not have a very direct and specific connection to Martyr Ed Gein, although he may have harvested one or two underage gal victims, but I felt it was very important to devote a few paragraphs to this ultimate of Forbidden Truths, here at this climactic page of my Manifesto. As far as Martyr Ed is concerned, let us soberly reflect upon his unique life as a tortured victim-creation of early 20th century american society. Yes, it is true that Ed has achieved a certain "pop culture" fame within human society, and that is not a bad thing. At least he is able to serve as a decent example to humanity, of the legitimacy of torrture victims directing their True Reality rage and hate outward. But as usual, you creatures are too broken by your evil societies to properly focus upon this Truth, and instead you defile and taint the noble life of a Martyr like Ed, by immaturely obsessing over the "weird and bizarre" life and life activities that Ed led and engaged in. Wake up, you fools! Find the sanity within yourselves to recognize the Truth that the so-called "normal and mainstream" lives that your evil and insane society convinces you to lead, are in reality far more weird and bizarre than anything Martyr Ed ever did in his life. Accept the Truth as I have revealed it above, regarding your insanely hypocritical treatment and policies regarding children. Compare these Truths to Martyr Ed's life path and life activities. If you are sane, and you make this comparison in a sincere, Truth-based fashion, you must come to the realization that the way you "normal" creatures live your lives, is far more bizarre than the lifestyles and life activities of demonized torture victims such as Ed.

The Utopian Society:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a lengthy definitional outline of what is meant by the term "utopian society". We will discuss the fact that the use of this term is not meant to imply that any type of a "perfect, flawless experience of life" can be achieved, but it is meant to impose an extremely strict standard upon the behaviors, ideologies, and structures of all aspects of societal and governmental function, compelling absolute and complete benevolence in terms of ideology, conduct, and embrace/promotion of all Truths, on the part of society and government, towards all citizens, all human beings, and all life forms that the society/government comes into contact with, or has any ability to affect. I will discuss the fact that notwithstanding all of the Truths that I reveal in this essay, on a personal level, I have absolutely no desire to see or to cause any human society to become utopian in nature, and in fact if I felt there was any possibility that humanity could use either the Truths revealed in this essay or anywhere else within this Manifesto, to create an actual utopian society, I would not be making this Manifesto or any of my brilliant Truths, publically accessible to any human beings. We will discuss the fact that on a philosophical level, each and every one of us tortured victim-creations should possess a proper love of self, to allow us to totally recognize and embrace the fact that we deserve to experience and enjoy our unique, irreplaceable, horrifically short lives, living within a state of blissful utopia. We will discuss the issue of mortality and death, specifically as it relates to a utopian experience of life, focusing upon the fact that the very reality of our own pending and unavoidable deaths, makes it impossible for any human being who embraces Truth, to genuinely experience their life as constituting a utopia, regardless of how Superior and self-loving the human might be.

We will move on to an extremely lengthy and detailed discussion of all of the cultural/ideological/behavioral parameters, standards, and obligations that all societies and governments would be required to meet, in order to provide a properly utopian experience of life for their citizens. This discussion will recap many of the most profound Truths regarding societal obligations to individual human beings, that I have already outlined and discussed at great length in previous essays. We will discuss the fact that when all previous essays are completed, at some point in the year 2005, the content of all those essays, in there totality, will properly serve as a moral blueprint for all the requirements and obligations that all human societies and governments owe to their citizens, and in meeting all of these requirements and obligations, to an equal degree for each and every citizen and human being living within the society, of any age, a properly utopian society would be created. We will discuss the fact that life itself is fundamentally imperfect, in reality it is horrifically flawed due to the biological, genetic, and physical deterioration characteristics of life that come with being a human being. Therefore, even if a utopian society was created, individual human beings would still not experience their lives as being perfect. This is a Truth that we must recognize and embrace. Additionally, even within a utopian society, there would be a very small amount of injustice and victimization of human beings, by other human beings and by the random tragedies and injustices of fate, circumstance, and bad luck. However, the key point is that none of these injustices/victimizations would originate within the design or operational structures of either human society or human government. There would be absolutely no societal sponsorship of any moral, ideological, or operational injustice/victimization. Furthermore, within the utopian society framework, the society would assume and accept it's obligation to bend over backwards in terms of providing an even more wonderfully utopian experience of life to it's small number of significantly traumatized victims, than to it's "regular" citizens, even though it would not bear direct responsibility and guilt, as an institution/entity, for their suffering, as is the current situation. We will discuss the fact that within the utopian society, not only would society accept and assume a complete and sacred obligation to recognize and treat all human beings living within the society with ultimate respect and value, but also with a pure embrace of their appropriately Superior standing within the "system". Meaning that instead of the perverse current hierarchy in which all individuals are broken and rendered subservient to society and government, the design structure would be reversed, it would become sane, the society and government would be subservient to it's citizens, obligated to sincerely appease and satisfy their needs and desires, from a Truth-based perspective. We will discuss the fact that within a utopian society, one of the most primary mandates of the society/government would be to protect and defend all citizens, of all ages, from being subjected to any form of victimization or exploitation. We will outline, list, and discuss the various different types of victimization and exploitation that society would be morally and operationally obligated to ban and to refrain from engaging in, within the Utopian structural system. This will include economic, emotional, physical, ideological, mythological, psychological, cultural, media-based, etc..., forms of societally sponsored and legitimized mass victimization and exploitation of human beings, all of which are currently embraced and practiced on a genocidal scale by all "first world" societies and governments. We will discuss why one of the top-level Sacred Mandates of a properly utopian society, would involve the society accepting complete responsibility for and obligation to nurture and protect the mind, body, and soul of every child born into or living within the society, and to specifically refrain from imposing or even allowing this responsibility and obligation to filter down to any biological creator, parent, or other child custodian.

We will discuss the fact that the genetic inferiority/perversity of the human species, combined with the inbred, ritualistic malevolence of current and existing human societal structure, as it is toxically imposed upon every single new generation of humans, and in fact upon every single individual child born into human society, makes it 100% certain that it is currently, and it will always remain, completely impossible for a properly Utopian society among human beings, to ever develop or evolve. We will probe how and why the insanely enmeshed forms of societally sponsored ritualistic self-hatred, self-victimization, and rejection/terror of the Truths of life, which are partially genetic in origin, but primarily induced by malevolent existing societal structures, are impossible for any large group of human beings to overcome and transcend, thereby dooming the human species to never experience the pleasures of living within a Utopian societal system. We will discuss the fact that notwithstanding this Truth, it is still perfectly possible for individual, highly Superior human beings, to create a Utopian Shield around themselves, rendering their own minds untouchable by any exterior force, and therefore to experience a type of personal Utopia, even as all human societies continue to wallow in perverse inferiority and to inflict genocidal victimization upon all of their citizen-slaves. We will discuss the fact that some other species of life on planet earth are in fact perfectly capable of creating and enjoying a Utopian society, and do create/enjoy such an existence for themselves, with the primary danger and compromising factor to their utopian experience of life, being the toxic, perverse, malevolent, and diseased interference of the human species within their societies and their natural, instinctual lives.

We will discuss the philosophical nature of how the Insane God Myth is malevolently employed by evil societies, to placate and appease the very citizen-slaves that the society is genocidally victimizing/torturing, via the brainwashing myth of a "heavenly afterlife" awaiting all human beings, and how this perverse myth is able to serve as an insane substitute for the creation of a real-life Utopian society. By brainwashing you pathetic fools into believing that an artificial, nonexistent "utopia" awaits you after you die, society is able to get you to agree to live under it's evil, immoral, malevolent, toxic, insane, and of course completely non-utopian operational/ideological system. We will discuss the fact that any sane species of life would focus upon devoting all of it's resources and efforts towards creating a "real" form of "heaven", a real utopia, within the experience of real life on a day to day basis. Only a deranged species of life, unworthy of existence, would be so broken, self-hating, and mentally deranged, as to accept the insane delusion that a utopian existence awaits them upon their death, but cannot be experienced and must not be sought, within their actual lives. We will discuss the philosophical Truth that the simple fact that you creatures are unwilling to demand that you experience utopia within your lives, constitutes proof that you do not deserve to retain your lives, either on an individual or on a species-wide level. We will discuss and outline in detail, additional core mandates and operational systems that would define a properly structured Utopian Society, including the abolition of the outrageous notion that any society or government has any right to inflict any type of punitive punishment or harm upon any human being, the abolition of the notion that any society has the authority to try to impose behavioral/moral doctrine upon any human being, the abolition of the notion that any society has the right to impose hardship upon any human being, in an effort to unaturally coerce productivity or labor. Also, the abolition of the notion that lies/myths can sometimes be a good thing, to help human beings cope with life, and the abolition of the perverse notion that the use of artificial, mind-altering substances in order to "better" cope with life experiences, is acceptable. We will conclude with a lengthy philosophical discussion of the single most profound, cornerstone mandate under which the Utopian Society would operate. It is this: No individual human being can ever or does ever owe any type of debt or obligation to any society or government. No individual human being can ever do anything "bad" or wrong or harmful to society or government. Society and government can only exist, if its operational structure is designed to pay debt and to pay obligations, on a daily, eternal basis, to all individual human beings. If it is unable or unwilling to operate under this Sacred Manadate, it does not deserve to exist and must be destroyed. It is the society and the government which owes all debts and obligations, in fact the very grace of it's continuing existence, to all human beings on planet earth. Therefore, if the very concept of "society" is to remain valid, it must exist as not merely a benign and benevolent entity, but an entity whose very existence is completely devoted to and dependent upon catering to and positively nurturing/fulfilling the freedom, pleasure, desire, naturalness, autonomy, health, and life, of every individual human being.

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