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Hello. This is yet another Update page. Is it possible that I have not revealed all of the Forbidden Truths that exist regarding god, death, and the purpose/meaning of life? Yes, that is indeed very possible, since there are many thousands of different Truths on just about every major issue of life and it is impossible to reveal them all in a single essay. So, if any of you creatures are Superior enough to come up with a question or comment regarding my Insane God Myth, Death, and Purpose and Meaning of Life essays that is worthy of receiving my time and attention, I may devote my time and attention to your query/comment, and use it to reveal even more new and brilliant Forbidden Truth, at this Updates page. But since I am aware of how epidemic the insane god myth plague is among you humans, I feel I must inform you all that no email which argues/claims that the god creature does exist or may exist, has any chance of receiving any type of reply. This type of argument/claim cannot have any merit, regardless of what angle of insanity it is built upon. I do not engage in conversation or communication with mentally deranged creatures, and the tragic fact is that anyone who sincerely believes that the god creature does exist, or even might exist, and feels that it is worth their time to contact me and try to convince me that the god creature does/might exist, is suffering from a horrific mental illness/derangement. You have my pity, but you will not be allowed to claim a single minute of my precious time in terms of receiving a reply from me, or a "counter-argument" to your insane claims. Only inferiors choose to defend Truth to mentally deranged creatures. Superiors recognize that Truth needs no defense against the deranged masses. Truth stands on it's own, proud and untouchable, and when it is condemned or even merely challenged by the mentally deranged masses, Truth simply stands taller and prouder, in silence. This is an important lesson for Superiors to learn and to embrace, the lesson of silence. Reveal Truth in all it's glory, define, discuss, and disseminate in detail, your own brilliant Forbidden Truths. But do not let inferiors trick you into believing that you need to "defend" or "prove" Truth to them. They are mentally deranged. Attempting to prove Truth to any human being born into and raised up within an insane and lie-based society, is a pointless exercise. If the creature also happens to be severely mentally deranged, as all genuine god freaks are, then the pointless exercise becomes a practical impossibility.

July 27, 2004 Update: The following is a brief update to my Death essay, in which I provide three reasons for why I deserve to be cryogenically preserved, upon my death, for reanimation in the future.

Why I Deserve to be Cryogenically Preserved and Reanimated:

There are numerous reasons why I desire and deserve to be cryogenically preserved and, more importantly, reanimated. In this brief essay, I will discuss three of these reasons.

Reason #1: I am the universe! I am the living embodiment of all of the imaginary, omnipotent life forms that the pathetic human species has conjured up within their cowardly minds. I represent the sum total of all of these imaginary life forms, in living form. I do not exist in this universe, it is the universe that exists within me. My death will destroy the universe, as it will destroy My universe, which is the only universe that legitimately exists. I deserve to exist forever, as a testament to the Truth, to represent the doomed human species in Truthful form.

Reason #2: The human species is doomed to become extinct. It is a life form with excrement at it's core. It is rotten and it is dissolving, as it devolves. The species is pathologically lie-based. But I am not. I am an emissary of Truth. I stand before the universe and I expose the Truths, the Forbidden Truths, of humanity. This message is of cosmic importance, not to human beings, but to the universe itself. The human species exists as the ultimate malignancy, a toxic tumor that the forces of nature are unable to contain or control, much less cure. All containment fields have been breeched. So, why does this make me worthy of cryogenic preservation and eventual reanimation? I am a human life form, after all. It is very simple: Without constant reminder of danger, life forms tend to become careless and ignorant of the dangers that exist both within and beyond their own species. I can serve as a testimonial saint and conduit of these dangers, upon my reanimation. It should be obvious to all Superior thinkers that if I am to actually become reanimated after being cryogenically preserved, this reanimation will not be performed by human beings. The human species is doomed to extinct itself, and currently existing within the end stages, the death throes, of it's devolution. For the human species to develop the technology necessary to make reanimation a feasible possibility, will take at least 500 years from the current date, which is 2004. The human species does not have 500 years left on it's biological clock, which is in fact a ticking timebomb. Therefore, if I am to be reanimated, this feat will have to be performed by some other species of life, and logic dictates that this life form will be intrinsically Superior to humanity, just by virtue of it's having existed and evolved to the point where it is able to reanimate me, a feat that the human species failed to achieve.

Here is My nirvana, My experience of a heaven: To be reanimated, to open my eyes and see "alien" life forms standing over me. This would be the most beautiful sight imaginable, to my soul-dead eyes. No matter their appearance, they would be beautiful to me. They would represent Truth to Me, a life form destroyed by humanity, only to be reanimated by a legitimate, sane, Superior species of life. I would look up at them, thank them, and then I would begin to share the Truth with them. I would tell them the story of the human species, unbelievable as it might seem to them. I would tell them everything, the limitless disease, derangement, malice, dysfunctionality, self-hatred, terror, pathological rejection of Truth, genocide upon all life forms it had ever come into contact with, that the human species was guilty of. I would be eager to receive confirmation that the human species had indeed been exterminated, while at the same time realizing that my own reanimation constituted proof that at least one human life form still existed. Even as I revealed all of the Forbidden Truths of humanity, I would attempt to make my saviors realize that I am in no way a "representative" of the human species. I am an agent of Truth, and as such I have nothing in common with the human species, beyond the biological tragedy of having had the unfortunate luck of being born a member of the species. I would affirm to My saviors that I have never bred, and have absolutely no intention of ever breeding in the future. I would explain to them that the human species propogates through breeding, and therefore it is the breeding process by which the plague that is humanity grows and threatens the well-being of all other life forms. Even as I thanked my saviors for the gift of re-animation, I would impress upon them the Truth that while I posed no threat to the universe, 99.999999999% of all other living human creatures, if any were still living, do pose an active and ongoing threat. I would offer Myself up for sterilization, if My saviors felt this was a proper precaution to take to ensure that I would never breed. Since I never lie, my promise alone should suffice, but I would recognize that unless My saviors could read my mind, it would be foolish of them to rely upon the promise of any human. I would offer to help them to eradicate any and all other living humans, or, if they possessed the means, to treat and cure the pathologically diseased and inferior brains of existing humans.

Reason #3: Upon My reanimation, all of the Forbidden Truths regarding the insane god myth and other comforting life after death myths that the human species currently clings to, would be exposed and proven to be lies, at least to me. The inferiors would argue that even if I were to be reanimated, thus enjoying a life after "death", this would not prove that there is no mystical god, heaven, reincarnation, etc..., forms of afterlife existence. In typical cowardly desperation and terror, they would refuse to face up to the Truth that I am enjoying an afterlife, a provable Truth, while all of the trillions upon trillions of inferiors who chose to allow their physical brains and bodies to decay and crumble upon their death, thus ensuring for themselves an eternity of nothingness, have and will receive exactly what they deserve, exactly what they consciously chose to doom themselves to. I would reflect upon this Truth, and it would bring me climactic pleasure, both intellectual and physical. The Truth will have emerged victorious.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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