The Insane God Myth, Death, The Purpose and Meaning of Life
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Okay folks, let me begin by thanking you for choosing to continue your journey into the terrifying depths of Forbidden Truth. On this page I will be revealing some of the most profound and meaty Forbidden Truths in existence. What do I mean by "meaty"? I mean that these Truths are so immensely important and valuable, that they form the structural basis upon which some of the other Forbidden Truths that I will be outlining elsewhere at this web site, rest. I will be dissecting three different topics on this page, the insane myth that god exists, the Truths concerning death that you creatures are too terrified to embrace, and the invalid notion that human life can have either a legitimate purpose, or a profound meaning. These three topics are completely separate and different from each other, but as you integrate these Texts within your minds, assuming that you are superior and sane enough, you will come to realize that in fact there is a common thread of connectivity which runs between these three topics. Taken together, all three of these dissections of Truth serve to form a triangular border within which the courageous seeker and embracer of Forbidden Truth can and should develop an understanding and recognition of what it means to be a living human being, what degree of genuine value life offers, and why all of the societal decrees that deal with the obligations, customs, and rituals involved in living a "proper" life, have absolutely no legitimate basis in rationality, logic, or Truth. We will begin with the single most toxic, pervasive, and perverse myth within human society.

The Insane God Myth:

I think the best way to start this essay is by revealing the primary Forbidden Truth, and then work backwards from there. So here it is: There is no such entity as god, belief in the existence of god is the manifestation of a toxic, mental disease, a plague if you will, that societies overtly and deliberately infect all of their citizen-slaves with, most especially and outrageously targeting all children for this malevolent infection. The notion that an entity such as god might exist and be worthy of acknowledgment, much less be worthy of "worship", is ludicrous. There has never been, throughout the history of the world, the tiniest shred of evidence to support the bizarre theory that a god creature might exist. No sane, rational human being has any legitimate reason to believe in the existence of god, and any human being who goes further, who actually "worships" this non-existent entity or believes that he has any obligation to follow/obey the imaginary decrees of this non-existent entity, is demonstrating that he suffers from a severe, destructive, pathological mental disorder.

Outline, Origin and Genesis of the Insane God Myth:

What is the Insane God Myth? It is a highly toxic, societally ritualized belief/addiction system, that is designed to control the behaviors of, and dictate the life path of, human beings. Who is the designer, promoter, and inventor of the Insane God Myth? Human beings. More specifically, empowered leaders and agents who represent human societies. This insane myth has many different versions, such as christianity, catholicism, protestantism, judaism, islam, etc..., and these differing versions are put forth and imposed upon you, the Unwashed Masses, by your societies, specifically tailored to meet the agenda of generational derangement that has been and continues to be employed, in passing this insane myth down upon each new generation of helpless, vulnerable, open-minded children. Even though these various "religions" each have a slightly different design and structure, the similarities that exist between all of them, between every single "mainstream", society advocated religion on planet earth, are remarkably identical in nature. This is because all mainstream religions have been based and built by societies upon the exact same fascist, brutally oppressive template and structure, and to serve the exact same malevolent purposes.

Before I move on to discussing these utterly evil purposes, I want to begin to debunk the Insane God Myth from a Truth-based perspective. Throughout this web site, you will find that I go to great effort and time to not only reveal obvious Truth, such as the fact that no god creature exists, but also to completely dissect all of society's myths and lies, using brilliant logic and undeniably accurate revelations of concrete reality in such a way that only a mentally deranged human being could fail to recognize and agree that my insights of Forbidden Truth are not theories, opinions, assumptions, or suppositions, but in fact constitute factually undeniable certainty. The Insane God Myth is centered upon the following notion: An invisible, omnipotent, immortal, sentient entity with unlimited powers decided to create other forms of life on planet earth, chooses to and has the ability to monitor and judge whether the chosen behaviors of every created creature are morally appropriate, seeks to impose specific behavioral rules and standards upon every human being throughout the entire course of his lifetime. chooses to and has the ability to either reward or punish every creature after the creature dies, and the invisible, omnipotent entity wants to be obeyed and worshipped by it's human creations. This notion, both in singular fashion and taken as a whole as outlined above, is profoundly insane. No other term fits, to believe or think that this theory could possibly represent factual truth, is demonstrative of profound insanity. There is not a shred of evidence to indicate that any living entity can be invisible, immortal, or omnipotent, much less all to possess all three of these abilities. There has never been, in the history of human existence, a single shred of valid evidence or data to support the validity of even one of these "powers", invisibility, omnipotence, or immortality, even having been possessed by any living or sentient entity. Based upon this single Truth, we already establish that to believe in god demonstrates profound insanity, and to actually "obey" the so-called "rules" that this obviously non-existent entity is said, via second-hand claim by other human beings, to impose upon human beings, while also worshipping/praying to the non-existent entity, represents a mental breakdown that is tragic and perverse beyond all measure. This mental breakdown, horrifically suffered by billions of human beings, is not organic in nature, it is 100% preventable. It is inflicted upon each individual victim, by the genocidally pervasive societal and cultural structure of Insane God Myth imposition and brainwashing.

Lets look at the myth further: Why would an omnipotent entity choose to spend time monitoring the life choices of the trillions of creatures it is responsible for creating? Why would the omnipotent entity choose to remain invisible? Why would the omnipotent entity want to be worshipped and prayed to? If the omnipotent entity did desire to be worshipped, why would it not prove it's existence by making itself visible? Why would the entity bother to sit in "judgment" of every single one of it's human creations, surely it can find something more interesting to do? The reality is, there is no possible sane or valid answer to any of the above questions, not only because god does not exist, but because if such an omnipotent creature did exist, there is no chance in hell, (pardon the pun), that the creature would adopt any of the behavioral policies, attitudes, and methods of dealing with/interacting with it's creations, that every mainstream religion proclaims to be the case. So, beyond even the undeniable Truth that no creature such as god could possibly exist, the societal design and structure concerning the details of what god wants from humanity and how god interacts with humanity, is so ridiculous that all current "religious" teaching/doctrine would be invalid and false even if an omnipotent creature did create human and other species of life. This constitutes a two-tiered philosophical Truth, in that even if some of you cowardly creatures are so terrified of the reality of death and so terribly addicted to the Insane God Myth that you cannot accept the Truths I am revealing on this page, you still have absolutely no reason or business "praying" to god, worshipping god, or following the so-called "rules of behavior" that other humans have brainwashed you into thinking god wants you to follow.

Even if you cannot break free of the insane notion that an omnipotent entity exists, you still have absolutely no reason to worship, pray to, or obey any of god's rules, because there is not a shred of sane evidence to support the idea that this omnipotent entity wants to be prayed to, wants to be worshipped, or wants you to engage in any of the behaviors that your human societal/cultural leaders tell you that god wants you to engage in. To assume that this omnipotent creature wants your worship, wants you to refrain from killing other human beings, wants you to engage in specific behaviors and will reward you for doing so, without ever having seen and heard the actual omnipotent entity directly make these requests/demands of you, is insane, and also an insult to your imaginary "god". How dare you assume that the entity wants you to treat him in specific ways, and to adopt specific behaviors and attitudes towards life in general, based not upon what the entity has directly told you, but rather what fellow humans claim, in second-hand fashion, that the entity told/tells them, or told their ancestors? If anything, viewed from a sane perspective, the odds are extremely high that if an omnipotent entity did exist and cared about you creatures, the entity would be upset and enraged at you for daring to blindly assume that you know what he wants and expects of you. So, to conclude the above insight of Forbidden Truth, there is no possibility of any kind that any god creature exists. Believing in the existence of god is demonstrative of utter insanity, but to go further than that, to actually pray to, worship, or follow a lifestyle path that you believe god wants you to follow, is significantly more deranged, because even if a god creature were to exist, none of you have any legitimate basis upon which to conclude that the god creature wants to be worshipped, wants to be prayed to, or has a desire for you to follow any specific behavioral codes of conduct of any kind.

I now want to move on to discussing the origin of the insane god myth. As I will outline at an essay towards the end of this web site, it is my firm conclusion and realization of Truth that the human race is genetically diseased and malformed. The human mind, constantly touted by humanity as being a glorious, wondrous model of species superiority, is in fact terribly, tragically flawed, deformed and diseased in terms of the horrific consequences that it's so-called "superior" intellect/thinking abilities wreak upon both individual human beings and upon the collective structures/ideologies of human society as a whole. The origin and basis of the insane god myth serves to prove this to be the case. As a result of a flaw in the evolutionary process, the human species developed both an ability and an intrinsic need to analyze and understand the true nature of what it means to be alive, as well as the results/consequences of losing one's life. This first step within the evolutionary process was fine, it was not in itself demonstrative of genetic/evolutionary mind disease and deformity, until the second part of the equation came into play. It is in the second part, which is the intellectual and philosophical inability of humanity to accept the horrific Truths that their rational, Truth-based minds arrive at, that the genetic perversity is displayed and revealed. The sane human mind arrives at the Truth concerning the issue of death, the fact that death can and does equal only one thing: The experience of nothingness for all of eternity. This is a healthy, proper, sane realization, if it can be accepted and embraced. But no, due to your genetic brain malformations, you creatures could not and cannot accept/embrace this Truth. You feel a desperate, overwhelming need to deny and reject this sane, healthy, valuable Truth. Mental terror, cowardice, and genetic malformation of the mind form the basis for this desperate, overwhelming need. This need overwhelms all else, as the horrific reality of what death entails implants itself upon your genetically diseased minds. and this is the origin/genesis of the Insane God Myth.

You creatures had to find a way to reconcile the unavoidable fact that you are going to die, with the reality of what death entails, along with your desperate need to maintain the illusion that your lives have ongoing, valuable purpose and meaning, which requires that death not constitute the experience of nothingness for all of eternity. These three philosophies cannot be reconciled. The only way that a diseased mind can find to reconcile this issue, is to reject one of the two Forbidden Truths, and since the reality of people constantly dying serves as proof that all human beings are mortal, it is the second Forbidden Truth that you creatures naturally chose to reject, namely, the reality of what death entails. Once you rejected this Truth, the door was left wide open for all sorts of insane, perverse, invalid life philosophies and belief systems to take hold. The insane god myth originated right there, an absolutely perfect way to not only maintain the perverse illusion that your death is not the end of everything for all of eternity, but also to make yourselves feel superior to other humans and animal species, to enable you to adopt the insane attitude that your god will reward you for adopting certain specific behaviors and life path philosophies, etc... It all stemmed from one, specific, genetic mental deformity of humanity: The ability to intellectually realize exactly what death entails, coupled with a complete inability to emotionally/psychologically/philosophically accept the factual realization of what death entails.

Let us now move on to discussing the core parameters and purposes of the insane god myth. Every myth has a specific purpose, it is created, validated by societal leaders and by the popular culture, and declared valid, because it serves to meet specific needs, cravings, terrors, obsessions of individuals, as well as, very importantly, an agenda, usually highly malevolent in nature, that societal leaders themselves are seeking to promote and maintain. The insane god myth is among the top three most cherished and valued myths in existence, by societies, because it serves so many purposes and is so useful, in so many different ways, to societal leaders as they seek to maintain control, domination, oppression, productivity, and appeasement of their masses of citizen-slaves. Let us examine just a few of the ways that the insane god myth is so useful and valuable to your evil societies: Death. Sane human beings do not wish to die, and are fearful of the consequences that death brings with it. The actual embrace of the fact that the individual will experience nothingness for all of eternity upon death, is horrifically unbearable to the vast majority of human beings, given their genetic brain/mental malformations. If left to their own devices, some humans will develop comforting, false rationalizations and illusions of what death entails, in order to avoid and move past the horrific, unbearable Truth. But many other individuals will not be able to develop such rationalizations. They would sink into depression, refuse to waste their irreplaceable, finite lives engaging in slave labor on behalf of society, etc... This is where societal leaders recognized and continue to recognize what a great opportunity they have to step in and culturally promote/legitimize "organized" religion. In establishing a very specific image of what god is, what god wants, and how god will reward those who obey "him", societal leaders create the absolutely perfect climate for brutal oppression, enslavement, and fascism. As I will discuss later in this essay, nothing else, not imprisonment, not legal murder, comes close to the god myth in working as well for society, in imposing genocidal legal and cultural policies upon the citizen-slaves, and getting the slaves to meekly accept, even enthusiastically embrace, the genocide being practiced upon them.

The insane god myth serves as the perfect cover, for society to impose it's hypocritical, malevolent codes of conduct upon the citizens, while hiding behind the lie that the citizens are not really being oppressed and victimized by any human being, much less by the societal leadership, but are merely "obeying god", doing what god wants them to do, in exchange for the "gift" of a heavenly afterlife. You creatures agree to submit to a lifetime of victimization, oppression, brainwashing, to deny yourselves your True natures, to waste your lives clinging to a toxic myth that your evil society has fed you, all because the ridiculous, invalid lure of an "eternal afterlife in heaven" is held out to you, dangled in front of your noses and genetically malformed minds, by your evil societies. And you submit to this atrocity despite the fact that not a single shred of evidence exists to support the notion that any god creature exists, much less the even more bizarre notion that such a creature might have the ability or desire to provide any "afterlife" of any kind, to any human. This is a marvelous demonstration of the depth of human genetic and mental disease & deformity. Any sane thinker has to shake their head in amazement: Trillions of human beings, throughout many thousands of years, have voluntarily chosen to sacrifice and throw away their real lives, to be victimized and oppressed throughout their entire real lives by choice,, using the rationale that they will be rewarded for sacrificing their real lives after they die, even though there has never been and will never be a single shred of legitimate reason or evidence to support the notion that any existence of any kind is possible, once a living creature dies. This has to be a genetic mental/brain function deformity, folks! There is no other logical explanation, for trillions of human beings to sacrifice their real lives, for the illusion of a non-existent afterlife.

Another way that humans demonstrate genetic mental deformity is in their eagerness to be led, to be told, even ordered, what to do, what to think, what to believe, and how to live their lives, by others. Very few humans have the ability, much less the desire, to think for themselves, to live a lifestyle that is independent and free of societal illusion, coercion, doctrine, and brainwashing. A more appropriate designation for humanity than "people", would be "sheeple", because this is what humans are: sheep. Mindlessly following each other, heads and faces lowered to the ground, eating up whatever piece of grass is in front of them, just as you humans mindlessly mimic each other, refuse to look up and think independently, refuse to embrace even the most obvious and blatant Truths. The insane god myth fits in wonderfully with regard to this sheeple mindset. Humans want to be led, told what to do, and they also refuse to take responsibility for any of the profound Truths of life. To be led by other humans, societal leaders who are malevolent and constantly promoting hypocrisy, lies, and myths as Truth, is a glorious thing for these diseased creatures, no need to think for themselves, or face up to Truth. But it's not quite perfect, many humans want more. Specifically, they cannot face up to the reality that there is no other entity in existence on the planet that is as intellectually advanced and able to control their lives, as they are. This is primarily because most humans have no genuine control over any of the important aspects of life. This is where the insane god myth conveniently pops in yet again. Society encourages the humans to "give their life over to god", to submit to the superior power/omnipotence that this non-existent creature is said to possess. Broken, self-hating humans love to do this, they love to embrace the notion that an omnipotent, benevolent god creature will allow them to live and take care of them for all of eternity. It is the ultimate version of thumb-sucking, taken to it's zenith. Babies and young children feel helpless, confused, scared, and find comfort in sucking on a pacifier or their thumb. Adults feel and in fact are just as helpless, confused, scared, at their core reality, and just as desperate to find a source of comfort. But they can never admit to their terrors, they can never face up to them, and due to their intellectualized, "mature" minds, sucking a pacifier or thumb just won't provide the same degree of comfort as it did when the individual was a baby/child. There is too much Truth out there, too many unbearable facts of life that cannot be accepted or embraced, the diseased mind cannot escape from these Truths merely by sucking a pacifier. But hey, no problem, society happily provides the insane god myth for you citizen-slaves to suckle on. All you gotta do is "believe" in insane notions like an afterlife, and poof, in your diseased, truth-hating mind, the belief becomes a reality. "No need for any doubt, after all, look how many billions of people believe in god, look how my societal and cultural leaders believe in god, they can't possibly all be wrong. My life has value, because it is eternal. So what if I'm suffering now?? I have all of eternity left, might as well accept this brief period, only 60-80 short years, of suffering. The reward I get in the end will make it all worthwhile." This is the perverse mindset of you humans, which serves to make the insane god myth so preciously useful as a tool of genocidal oppression.

Different societies have varying methods and degrees of promoting the insane god myth, and in some cases, such as the communist Soviet Union of the past, it appears that societal leaders were not encouraging this myth at all, and may even have been discouraging it. However, if you examine the internal cultural structure of these "pseudo-atheist" societies, you will find that while the degree of overt public promotion of the god myth is indeed lower than is the case with other societies, there was still no genuine policy of discouragement regarding belief in god, and there were/are 1 or 2 primary, mainstream religions that all the citizen-slaves who insist upon believing in & worshipping god, are directed by these societies to embrace. Every society recognizes that it cannot prevent some of it's citizen-slaves from embracing the god myth, and therefore every society also realizes that it needs to very specifically direct, encourage and channel it's citizen-slaves towards embracing mainstream religions that march in lockstep with the malevolent ideological agenda of the societal leadership. Most societies have in fact overtly promoted and literally terrorized their citizen-slaves into embracing the god myth, and continue to do so today. The more diseased, evil, and perverse a society is, the more likely it is to ceaselessly impose this toxic myth upon it's citizen-slaves. In addition, societies which claim to be "democratic and free" are far more likely to employ terroristic, fascist methods of getting their citizen-slaves to believe in god. This is primarily because "free & democratic" societies naturally rely more on lies, myths, brainwashing, and coercion, as well as the illusion of benevolence, to control and oppress their citizen-slaves, than societies which more honestly structure themselves along communist, socialist, or dictatorial templates.

As you might imagine, the united states of america is indeed once again at the very top of the planet-wide list of nations, in terms of utterly perverse imposition of the insane god myth upon all citizen-slaves. Take a look at every piece of american currency, it says: "in god we trust" on every single penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar bill, 5 dollar bill, 10 dollar bill, 20 dollar bill, 50 dollar bill, 100 dollar bill. Every single darn piece of money every created by american society has this perverse message imprinted upon it. Every single human being in america is compelled to use currency, to take currency from others, and to give currency to others. Every single day, the person has to touch, exchange, handle objects that have written on them, "in god we trust". Is there any provision made for atheists, currency minted without this perverse message?? No, of course not. The atheist is expected to use this same currency, compelled by society to "indicate" that they "trust in god", by constantly using currency that has this message imprinted upon it. What about children? Every child looks at money, examines it, reads exactly what is imprinted on it. Every child is thus subjected to this malevolent societal message. Lets examine the phrase, it says: "in god we trust". It doesn't say "worship god", but in many ways the use of the word trust within the phrase is even more fascist than "worship god" would be. Trust is a sacred thing. If we trust someone or something, we are relying upon it, we are placing our safety, welfare, our very lives, in the hands of the entity that we agree to "trust". Trusting in god implies not only a belief in the existence of god, but a declaration of loyalty, allegiance, devotion to god. And take note of the word "we". It is a plural term, thus it clearly implies that every human being who ever uses any type of american currency has an obligation to "trust in god", and since you can only trust something that exists, the only rational interpretation of the use of this phrase on american currency, is the fact that american society is attempting to terroristically coerce each and every citizen-slave to both trust in, and believe in, the existence of god.

Look at the american pledge of allegiance, which I will be discussing in much greater depth at a separate essay. The pledge reads: I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. I will be dissecting each and every word and term of this pledge within the future essay, but right now lets just focus on "one nation under god". This pledge is a toxic instrument of mental/intellectual brutalization, specifically targeted at children. All children are taught the pledge of allegiance, told that it represents important, valuable, Truth, and ordered to publicly proclaim this pledge, usually on a daily basis, within the school system. The phrase "one nation under god" not only is designed to infect children with the toxic notion that god exists, but even more perversely, to convince the child that he must be subservient to the god creature. The pledge says that the entire nation, thus all citizens, are under god, this means beneath god, less important than god is, obligated to obey and follow the will and decree of god, etc... What an outrageous perversion this is, that children, trying to hold on to the precious self-esteem and sense of narcissistic personal value that they were born with, are confronted with the toxic message that an invisible, non-existent entity is in fact their "boss", more important than they are, and must be blindly and insanely believed in, worshipped, and obeyed. Interestingly, the original pledge of allegiance had no direct mention of god in it. Only several centuries later, in 1954, did the genocidally evil supreme leader of america, then president Dwight D. Eisenhower, sign into law a constitutional amendment that very specifically added just two words, "under god", to the pledge. As he signed this new law, in explaining why the two words were being added, your evil supreme leader declared: "In this way we are reaffirming the transcendence of religious faith in America's heritage and future; in this way we shall constantly strengthen those spiritual weapons which forever will be our country's most powerful resource in peace and war." Don't you just love how brilliant your evil leaders are, in delivering toxic decree under a flowery verbal guise of benevolent-sounding eloquence? If he were being honest and truthful, Dwight would have said: "I feel that terroristically forcing all american children to pledge that they believe in god will result in future generations of citizen-slaves being more heavily addicted to this insane myth, thus making it easier for future american leaders to get all citizen-slaves to blindly support their evil policies as well as to get more young people to willingly sacrifice their lives upon command of societal leaders."

What else? Well, how about the public speeches of all top elected societal leaders and candidates. Throughout the entire history of america, every single president has publicly and repeatedly professed a fervent belief in and devotion to god. In fact, I don't think you will find a single regularly scheduled presidential speech during the past 50-100 yrs, in which the president failed to mention god at least once. Most common is the sign-off at the end of the speech, of "god bless america", or "god bless you all". Your supreme leader, who actually exists, is pretending that god exists, that america and thus all of it's citizen-slaves, need to be supported and blessed by an even greater supreme leader, and of course the only way to gain god's blessing is to believe in him, pray to him, and obey him. Not only does the president gleefully seize upon every opportunity to promote the insane god myth, but being the supreme "human" leader, by aligning himself with god in every public speech, everything that the president says is put forth as if channeled directly from god, this is the obvious ploy that is used here. By concluding his speech with "god bless america", the president is saying: "I am one of your two supreme leaders, and everything I have said in this speech has the blessing and support of your other supreme leader, the god who you worship and who you must remain faithful to in order to gain an eternity of heavenly bliss when you die. In blindly supporting me, my policies, and america, you gain the blessing of god." He doesn't need to say this out loud, the message is clear and undeniable, and embraced by a great many hopelessly brainwashed and societally/religiously addicted citizen-slaves. Within toxic and diseased societies, no aspiring societal leader who refuses to fervently proclaim a strong belief in god has any chance of ever attaining the presidency or any other national-level position of power, because of the fact that the vast majority of all citizens within the society are hopelessly addicted to the insane god myth and will only allow someone who validates the delusion that they have built their lives around, to become their empowered leader. Remember, citizen-slaves will always insist upon their leaders at least pretending to reflect and mirror the delusions, perversions, and insanity that they themselves are addicted to.

And now we finally come to what is by far the most pervasive form of pro-god terrorism within america, viciously imposed upon literally every single child in the nation, the "house of worship" and "religious, private school" structures. What are houses of worship? They are buildings that have been built and designed for the specific purpose of allowing societally empowered people, who claim to be fervent believers in the god myth, to promote the insane god myth to total strangers, earning money for themselves via this relatively easy but brutally destructive "job". All adult believers in the god myth are victims of societal brainwashing and toxic lies. They have already been addicted to the insane myth. You can argue that being adults, they have some "free will", some ability to reject the god myth and stop going to houses of worship where their delusions are declared valid and overtly encouraged. Personally, it is clear to me that this is not true. The god addict has less of an ability to break free from his toxic addiction, than any alcoholic, cocaine user, or any other type of addict. But, putting that aside for the moment, let us look at children. Children have developing, immature, vulnerable minds, along with a natural instinct for and interest in uncovering the Truths of life. Society has a sacred obligation to protect children from all types of toxic, harmful influences. Poisoning a child's mind with toxic lies and myths is an act of brutal torture, nothing less than that. For it to be a crime to feed arsenic or cyanide to a child, poisoning the child's body, but not a crime to brutally impose the toxic god myth upon a child's mind, which constitutes poisoning of the child's mind, is absolutely outrageous. Children deserve to be protected in every possible way, from the insane god myth. Just because the biological creators of a child are likely to already be infected with this toxic myth, is no reason to legitimize, much less encourage, the parents to impose and inflict this infection upon their child. And yet this is exactly what your evil societies do. With utter malice aforethought, your societies deliberately seek to infect all children with the god myth, to addict them to this myth, the younger the better, empowering not only the child's parents, but complete strangers as well, to go to whatever lengths are necessary to coerce, bribe, terrorize, every child into embracing the notion that a god creature both exists, and deserves to be worshipped.

Parents and other legal slaveowners of children are encouraged by society to not only transfer their own personal god myth beliefs to their child, on a one-on-one level, but also to take their children to houses of worship, known as churches, mosques, temples, etc..., where professionally trained con-artists are employed for the specific purpose of expertly addicting all visitors to the insane god myth, and reinforcing their addiction if they already have it. The one-on-one parental transfers of the god myth to children are completely outrageous and should be illegal. But the additional methods of relentless addiction, such as allowing adults to bring children to churches and other house of worship as well as allowing adults to enroll their children in schools where belief in god is taught as a primary educational subject, are far more outrageous. There is absolutely no sane reason for why any child should be allowed to enter a house of worship, or enrolled in a school that is set up to impose a toxic myth upon him, masqueraded as truth. Within any sane societal structure, belief in and worship of god would be strongly discouraged, rather than encouraged. Whether or not most children who are not viciously exposed to the toxic god myth can overcome the genetic mental deformity of their species to the degree that they will resist all god myth temptations as adults, for their entire lives, is unclear. I'm sure that some will, while others won't. But every child deserves, at the very least, to be given a fighting chance to defeat this toxic infection, and the only way to give each child this opportunity is for society to place every child's sacred right to not have his developing and vulnerable mind poisoned, above the selfish, disease-based wishes/cravings/need of parents and other adults to validate their own insane god belief, by infecting children with the same toxic myth that they were infected with when they were children, and are now addicted to.

All houses of worship should have a minimum entry age of at least 28, which is when the average person begins to reach some level of genuine mental maturity. No child or youth should be permitted, under federal law, to enter a house of worship. No parent should be allowed to bring their child inside a house of worship. No school should be allowed to have a religious or religion-based curriculum of any kind. And no parent should be allowed to personally impose, in a deceitful, lie-based manner, the insane god myth upon the mind, consciousness, and developing sense of reality, of their child. There is absolutely nothing "fascist", unfree or governmentally/societally intrusive in these proposals. They represent the bare minimum obligation that all societies should accept/embrace, as part of the process of attempting to try and allow every helpless child to grow up and mentally/emotionally mature within a safe, nurturing, truth-based environment. How many of you would argue that the ritualistic feeding of a deadly poison such as cyanide to a child, must be decreed legal because the government/society has no right to try to save the life of any child, in any manner?? Very few of you would adopt this insane position, even though you do genocidally legitimize the mass physical torture/murder of children within your society. Well, religion and god worship is a deadly poison, upon every single child that it is cruelly imposed upon. It is a plague which destroys the child's ability to think rationally and to recognize/embrace Truth, not only for a specifically limited period of time, but in fact for the entire lifetime of the child. The mind of a child is the most vulnerable, more so than the mind of any adult, because it is still developing, still maturing, still trying to reconcile it's natural, instinctual interest in Truth, with the comforting and yet toxic myths that are floating around in the diseased popular culture. It is impossible to create a protective bubble around any child that would serve to insulate the child from the influence of all toxic myths. And yet of course every society has an obligation to go to all reasonable lengths to protect children from the deliberate, direct, and brutally coercive imposition of highly toxic and mentally destructive, in reality poisonous, myths. Belief in the existence of, and worship of a god creature absolutely fits into this category, and therefore the legal proposals for protecting children that I have outlined at the top of this paragraph simply constitute basic common-sense and demonstrate a borderline degree of respect for the welfare, health, and protection of the single most valuable asset that any human being can possess, a healthy, sane, rational mind, which can distinguish truth from falsehood.

The vast majority of all adults are indeed hopelessly addicted to the insane god myth. A major component of the perverse structure of the insane god myth involves the deliberate "recruitment", via mental victimization and terroristic coercion, of additional humans into embracing the same insane myth. Addicts are terrorized into agreeing to not only believe in and worship god themselves, but in addition, to overtly go out and try to addict other human beings, to the exact same specific version of the insane god myth that they are themselves addicted to. This terrorization includes promises of gaining the favor of god, and ensuring oneself a favorable spot in a blissful afterlife, as well as the more overt threat that if a person that the god addict cares about, likes, or loves fails to embrace the god myth, that individual will be "punished" by god, not get to enjoy a proper afterlife, not be together with the delusional god addict in "heaven". This insane notion creates tremendous pressure upon the god addict to spread around the mental plague that afflicts him, to coworkers, neighbors, friends, relatives, anyone that the addict personally knows and claims to care about, with children, especially biological creations and legally owned child-slaves, naturally being the easiest and foremost targets. Within a sane societal structure, all adults who believe in the existence of god would not automatically be decreed unfit to serve as Primary Caretakers to any child. The Mandatory Parental Competency Test system would recognize that it is possible for an adult to both be infected with the insane god myth, and at the same time to possess enough moral respect for children and their personal autonomy as well as right to be protected from malicious indoctrination, to refrain from terroristically imposing their god myth addiction upon the child. But, due to the factors I have outlined above, and the perverse overall structure of the god myth, it is clear to me that very few genuine god addicts would be able or willing to refrain from infecting their children. My estimate would be that no more than 1 aspiring parent out of 5000, at most, who is a god addict, would be Superior enough in character to be able to avoid infecting their child. Therefore, the design of the Mandatory Parental Competency Tests would have to be extremely strict, in terms of requiring that all applicants demonstrate and prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they will not deliberately and falsely impose the god myth upon any child that they are given custodial access to.

At this point I want to talk a little bit about the issue of relative toxicity, as well as the difference between teaching/providing factual information, versus malevolent, unacceptable brainwashing. These insights I am providing below are equally valid with regard to both adults and children, with the only major difference being that the negative consequences of imposing toxic mythology upon a child are far greater than the negative consequences of imposing much mythology upon a mature adult, because the child's mind is more open, more vulnerable, less able to analytically process and weigh information that is provided to the him, and to determine how much weight/credence to give to the information, and if addicted to a toxic myth during childhood, the victim will find it much harder to break free of the myth, than is the case if addiction occurs during adulthood.

What are myths? Myths are invalid, untrue, societally ritualized fables that have, for the most part, a philosophically complex structure which serves to make them more harmful, to more individuals, than mere "lies" are. Myths are granted legitimacy and usually overtly promoted by societies and their empowered leaders/agents, as part of an overall process that is designed to allow/cause all citizen-slaves to live out their lives on an artificial, fiction-based template. Every single day, the vast majority of people make their most basic and profound life decisions based not upon factually accurate information/beliefs, but rather based upon mythological notions, ideas, and beliefs, that they have been addicted and terrorized into embracing, ever since they were tiny babies.

Relative Toxicity of myths: We have already established that all myths are toxic, unhealthy, and in fact harmful to all individuals, based upon the fact that Truth is the most valuable, useful, and precious mental resource that every child is born with, and that every individual has the sacred right to at least be able to try to nurture Truth within himself, mature and go through life free of having toxic myths terroristically and coercively imposed upon him. Every myth is toxic not only in and of itself, but also because it helps to create an overall legitimization of falsehood and artificiality within the conscious minds of the individuals that it is imposed upon. What I'm basically saying here is that the more myths a person is malevolently subjected to and coerced into embracing, the less likely it is that the individual will be able or willing to distinguish any truth from any falsehood, and the more likely it is that the individual will eagerly and mindlessly embrace all myths and falsehoods that their malevolent society feeds them, as being true, throughout their entire lives. So, even though the directly negative impact of a specific myth might be relatively minor, far less toxic than the god myth is, that other myth still has a tremendously harmful overall impact upon the individual, because it serves to further blur and obliterate the line between genuine, empowered Truth, and artificial, invalid, enslaving falsehood.

Let me give you a brief example of how the Relative Toxicity scale works, with regard to societally promoted myths. Belief in god is a toxic myth, and belief in the tooth fairy is also a toxic myth. Both of these myths are overtly promoted and legitimized by the diseased american societal leadership and structure. But the god myth is far more toxic, on an overall level. Why? Because it exerts a far greater, lifelong impact, in far more ways, than the tooth fairly myth does. The tooth fairy myth is targeted at children, not at adults. It is one of those toxic myths that humans are perversely instructed to infect their children with, and yet those same targeted child victims are also expected to "outgrow" this particular myth once they reach adulthood. However, the tooth fairy myth very specifically fosters insane god myth ideology within children by virtue of it's design structure: An invisible creature known as the tooth fairy is said to come inside the homes of children, remove teeth that the child has lost, and leave either money or a gift in place of the tooth that is taken away. In reality of course, it is the parents who sneak in and take away the tooth, and leave whatever "gift" they wish behind. They lie to the child not only with regard to the existence of a "tooth fairy", but on an even more directly personal way, they lie to the child concerning the factual nature of what they themselves are doing to the child, in taking away the tooth. They deliberately seek and attempt to coerce the child's tender, vulnerable, developing mind, to accept a complete falsehood, a toxic myth that promotes and validates irrational thought, as being true. From any commonsense perspective, this should be illegal, and considered an act of child abuse.

Does the tooth fairy myth encourage children to think irrationally, to form false and invalid beliefs, and to more easily accept different types of "mythological creature" myths, such as the god myth, as constituting Truth? Of course it does. But there are significant differences. First, as stated above, most adults do not believe that a "real" tooth fairy exists. This myth is expected to be uncovered as a myth by it's child-victims, at some point during their adolescence or early adulthood. This fact serves to make the tooth fairy myth less toxic than the god myth. But far more importantly than the duration of time that the toxic infection lasts, is the scope and degree of behavioral and ideological impact that the myth has upon the victim. The tooth fairy myth is absolutely abusive and harmful to every child that it is imposed upon. It portrays falsehood as constituting Truth, it promotes and encourages magical, irrational thinking patterns, specifically involving non-existent creatures, thus setting the stage for insane god myth indoctrination. it instructs children that to be lied to, to embrace lies, and to disseminate lies as truth is absolutely the right and proper thing to do, thus dooming the next generation of children to be subjected to the same ritualistically abusive lie pattern. But the tooth fairy myth itself only comes with a few, limited "rules" that are imposed upon the children that are subjected to it. These rules are not extremely toxic, they do not last throughout the child's lifetime, and they do not serve to influence/affect very many of the child's behaviors or lifestyle choices, over the course of the child's life. This is in stark contrast to the insane god myth, which is specifically designed to not only last for the entire lifetime of each victim, but to actually become stronger, more intense and toxic as the individual reaches adolescence, adulthood, middle age, and becomes elderly. The rules of the insane god myth are extremely toxic, and specifically designed to exert a tremendous amount of influence over just about every major lifestyle/behavioral choice that the person has available, throughout the course of his entire life. For a god addict, this insane myth has a pervasive, immense influence upon each and every day of the addict's life. Each day, dozens of times, the thinking patterns, lifestyle choices, and entire mindset of the addict is controlled, dictated by, and ruled by, their god myth addiction, an addiction which is toxic, invalid, and untrue. The individual is compelled to live out his life clinging to an insane myth of falsehood, and the hundreds if not thousands of perverse rules and decrees that every mainstream, false and invalid god myth carries with it. Not even the judicial laws of a society have as much of an impact upon robbing individuals of their personal freedom, autonomy, rational thinking ability, and behavioral options, as does the insane god myth. So, I hope I have shown in my above Forbidden Truth insights why all societally promoted myths are toxic and perverse, and also why the insane god myth must be considered the single most malevolently toxic of them all. Within any sane society, the eradication of the insane god myth would be a top, national and public health priority. To free as many citizens as possible from the toxic grip of this insane myth would be considered the nation's #1 public health goal, even more important than finding a cure for cancer, AIDS, or heart disease, because the plague of god addiction afflicts far more people than all of the three physical diseases above combined, and absolutely has a far greater negative impact, upon far more individuals, than any physical illness possibly could.

I want to backtrack just a bit at this point, and refocus on the origins as well as the root structural design of the insane god myth, because there are extremely interesting/important details here that cast light upon the overall perversion and malevolence of human society and of the human race. As of the early 21st century, one of the most popular versions of the insane god myth revolves around an individual known as Jesus Christ. According to mythology, this person lived about 2000 years ago, and had some sort of a personally interactive relationship with the god creature, that has been woven into the fabric of mainstream societal religions such as christianity and catholicism over the course of the past 2000 years. It is unclear to any sane thinker whether or not the individual who is now known as Jesus Christ ever existed. There was no news media or reliable, verifiable form of journalism 2000 years ago, and therefore all of the historical data which suggests that an individual known as Jesus Christ did exist and was in fact murdered some 2000 years ago, is nothing more than rank speculation and theory. But, let us assume for the sake of argument that yes, there was an individual named Jesus Christ who lived 2000+ years ago, and he was in fact murdered by other human beings. Once we make this assumption, lets examine what Truths we can extract from the life of this man. First and foremost, assuming that the details of his life activities have been accurately documented, we know that he was extremely mentally ill. He suffered from organic mental illness, he was delusional, self-hating, and unable to cope with the horrific realities of life, to a far greater degree than the average human being who lived 2000 years ago. At the same time, like many mentally ill people, he was extremely sensitive, thoughtful, and desperate to find false comfort that would allow him to mentally escape from the horrific realities of life. His organic mental illness, today known as "schizophrenia" as well as other doctoral definitions, caused him to hear non-existent voices in his head. He chose to interpret these voices as coming from an omnipotent life form who wanted to be worshipped by humans, and would grant him an eternity of life if he both agreed to worship the omnipotent life form and to try to recruit/convince other human beings to worship the omnipotent life form. This was a pure delusion, that dovetailed perfectly with his unbearable terror of the Forbidden Truth that he would experience nothingness for all of eternity upon his death. This same unbearable terror, almost never spoken, was shared by billions of humans across the world, due to the organic mental/brain function deformity of the human race.

Because Jesus, like most humans, was self-hating, his delusion had to involve hardship, suffering, as well as personal disempowerment. The delusional, omnipotent life form that he conjured up in his mind could not simply grant him an eternity of life after death with no conditions attached, only a saner, self-loving individual could arrive at this realization, that they deserve eternal life without question, compromise, or obligation. Jesus was totally insane and extremely self-hating, and therefore he set out on a suicidal course of attempting to impose his delusion upon as many other humans as he possibly could. Not surprisingly, most humans that he viciously imposed his delusions upon were quite happy to listen to him, and eager to embrace his organic mental illness, even though most of them did not suffer from genuinely organic mental illness themselves, of the type that results in the perceived hearing of imaginary voices or the viewing of invisible entities, but merely genetic human brain deformity/malformation. Why were they happy and eager to embrace Jesus's delusions? Because this particular delusion provided an absolutely ideal way for them to falsely and invalidly cope with the horrific reality of what their deaths would result in. Jesus Christ's delusions provided "salvation" to other people, because they helped/caused other people to embrace the ultimate security blanket, allowed other people to deny and reject the single most pervasively horrific and unbearable Forbidden Truth within all of human consciousness, which is the reality that every individual, immediately upon dying, experiences nothingness for all of the rest of eternity.

So, our mentally deranged, organically mentally ill, suicidal, truth-hating Jesus Christ got to travel around a bit, and infect a fair number of fellow humans with his toxic myth. His infected victims certainly did not feel victimized, they were mostly very glad and happy to embrace the extremely comforting myth, and I'm sure Jesus was quite passionate and persuasive in his sales pitch, as most severely mentally ill individuals who have an agenda to promote, are. Eventually, being suicidally self-hating and subconsciously eager to "test out" his delusion, to make sure that he was "right", Jesus ended up among a group of humans who, for whatever reason, refused to accept his viciously intrusive attempts to impose his delusions upon them. The more they resisted, the more determined and insistent our hapless Inferior was, as he subconsciously played out his suicidal ideology. Eventually, due to his own perverse nature, he angered them so greatly that they murdered him, perhaps inflicting some torture upon him beforehand, using him as a cathartic Poison Container to unleash their suppressed rage, hate, and life frustrations upon. As you would expect, Jesus clung fiercely and stridently to his comforting delusion until the very end, since he genuinely believed that his entire future fate, after death, rested upon how the omnipotent life form that his mentally ill mind had conjured up, chose to treat him. Since he hated himself and felt worthless, his delusion naturally perceived the omnipotent life form as being worthy of his extreme devotion, with the "reward" being an eternity of "afterlife." And so this tragic individual happily died at a young age, having caused his own death via self-hatred, confident that he would experience a much better, immortal, eternal existence in "heaven", or whatever name his mind may have given to the "afterlife place." End of story. I repeat, end of story. The story should end right here, and this tragic individual should be completely unknown today, just as anonymous as any mentally ill person who lived 2000+ years ago and accomplished absolutely nothing of note in his lifetime. Jesus was literally a carbon copy of the mentally ill homeless people that you often see in year 2001 cities, pushing shopping carts around as they wander aimlessly for their entire lives, mumbling or sometimes yelling aloud the details of the mental delusions that plague them. You diseased creatures totally ignore these victims, would never even ask them their name, much less befriend them, you express contempt for them and even try to lock them up in cages. And yet with Jesus Christ, a carbon copy 2000+ year old version of these homeless, mentally ill drifters of today, you insanely worship him, idolize him, and joyfully embrace the details of his ridiculous delusion. Why? Because just like the humans who lived 2000 years ago, you creatures today suffer from genetic mental deformity. The Truths of life are your mortal enemy, you are at war with your minds, all of life is a constant battle for the vast majority of you humans, a battle centered upon finding ways to deny horrific Truths, and to embrace toxic, but comforting lies and myths.

The next issue we must discuss is this: Exactly how did Jesus Christ, assuming he did exist and that there is some factual accuracy to the reports of his life activities and death, become the worldwide celebrity icon that he is today?? There was no TV, radio, satellites, internet, fax machines, or other toxic technological instruments of mass brainwashing/indoctrination available to Jesus, or to anyone else, 2000+ years ago. Jesus was certainly not famous during his lifetime, and in fact he was only able to personally infect a relatively small number of people with his insane delusion. Although it is true that this small number of people went out and infected as many other people as they possibly could, since Jesus's delusion was rooted in plague structure, meaning that Jesus himself felt compelled to try to infect as many other humans as possible with his toxic myth, and part of the infection process involved convincing his infected disciples to emulate him, and do the exact same thing he was doing, to go out among the humans and convince as many of them as possible to believe in and worship "god". Still, this in no way explains how a mentally ill man who lived 2000+ years ago is today, in the year 2001, known by name by 99.9999% of all human beings who live upon the face of planet earth. The explanation is quite simple, but deeply rooted within societal malevolence, and I am happy to provide the necessary enlightenment.

Jesus had already infected some humans with his toxic delusion, by the time he died. Therefore, his death did not bring an end to either his delusion, or the ongoing dissemination of his delusion, because of the plague structure that was rooted within the delusion. The plague continued to spread, eventually gaining the notice of national/clan/societal leaders and aspiring leaders. This is the critical point, the period of time when actual leaders and aspiring leaders of societies and nations/clans became aware of and began to study the structure of Jesus Christ's delusional doctrine. These malevolent, enraged, power-crazed, and yet also astutely intelligent individuals came to realize, to their amazement, that the insane god myth which characterized Jesus's delusion could fit in perfectly with their fascist, malevolent desires and plans to oppress, control, dominate, and dictate the entire lives of the people living within their nation, tribe, clan, or group. One such malevolent leader hired a highly intelligent, creative writer, ordering the writer to construct a book which would be entertaining to readers, but the main purpose of which would be to instruct all citizen-slaves that they must act and behave in very specific ways, in order to meet with the approval of god and to gain an eternity of blissful afterlife in "heaven". This book was named the "bible". This very same malevolent leader, or perhaps the leader of some other society, decided that many humans wouldn't have the ability or attention span needed to read a very long book, and so "the ten commandments" were written down, a greatly simplified version of the "bible", in which societal leaders attempt to terroristically convince all citizen-slaves to obey these "top 10" rules of conduct, which are in fact nothing more than the 10 most fascist, oppressive behavioral demands that the cleverly evil societal leader felt would most fully give him complete control and domination over his citizen-slaves. Leader after leader, all across planet earth, began to realize what an incredible opportunity they had, to employ "god" as a fascist, brutally oppressive dictator, to employ god as their ultimate police force, to use god to impose their agenda upon the citizen-slaves. All they had to do was convince the citizen-slaves that god exists, and, far more importantly, that this "god" expects and demands that they adopt certain specific behavioral and lifestyle choices, with an extremely enticing reward, namely an "afterlife", as the irresistible bait.

Guess what? It worked! The lure could not be resisted by 99.9999999% of all human beings. The reality of death was simply too unbearable, the lure of the insane notion of an afterlife was too enticing, absolutely irresistible to almost all human beings. All rationality, all commonsense, all interest in Truth was gleefully cast aside, as the stampede began, all the humans joyfully rushed forward, grabbing ahold of this insane myth, vowing to cling to it for their entire lives, and to infect their children, every generation to come, as the perversely dysfunctional cycle of insane god myth addiction took root. This is the True genesis of the god myth. Some societal leaders were not satisfied with the bible, but they also realized that the insane god myth was too good to pass up as a tool of enslavement and fascism, so they decided that the specific details of exactly how the worship was structured and what "rules" were most important to them, as fascist leaders, needed to be modified. And they simply created other versions of the insane god myth, writing different versions of the bible, such as the "koran", that were based upon the same general myth structure of an omnipotent creature who has demands, offers irresistible rewards to those humans who meet it's demands, etc... I want to make it clear at this point that it's quite possible that some of the minor details that I have provided above, concerning Jesus Christ, may well be inaccurate. It's quite possible that Jesus Chris never existed at all, and that this entire version of the insane god myth was simply dreamed up by a cleverly malevolent societal leader, or a writer hired by the societal leader, who simply patterned the Jesus myth upon other, earlier god myths. It is absolutely impossible to know or provide positively accurate information concerning any situation or event that occurred 2000+ years ago, since there is no valid or verifiable documentation of any kind. What I have done in my dissection of the Jesus Christ/god myth, is to reveal the genesis and foundational origins of not just the christianity myth, but of all mainstream, societally sponsored religions that currently exist on planet earth, and I am 100% certain that this general foundational origin is completely accurate. No sane thinker, who looks at this issue from a courageous, Truth-seeking position, can fail to recognize the Truths that I revealed above.

A minor but interesting comment worth making here, that will set up our next Forbidden Truth, is how the perverse capitalization of the letter G in god, serves to emphasize/prove the societal legitimization/promotion of the insane god myth. Dictionaries and definitions are constantly being used by societies to malevolently manipulate and mislead the masses of citizen-slaves, I will be discussing this at great length in a separate essay, but right now lets just focus on this one capitalization situation. Why would a so-called secular society, like america, decree that the letter g in the word god must be capitalized, even when the word occurs in the middle of a sentence? It is an absolutely illegitimate grammatical error. God is not a proper name, it is a description of an mythical entity, that in fact does not exist. If the grammatical laws are to dictate that god should be spelled with a capital G in all situations, than the exact same law should apply for words like Ghost, Goblin, and Tooth Fairy. The answer to my above question is that america is not a secular society, and that at every level, societies like america not only legitimize the insane god myth, not only promote the insane god myth, but in fact terroristically impose the insane god myth, using every available method, upon every single child and adult who is born into or living within the society. This includes relatively minor methods such as using invalid capitalization to grant an air of "mystical legitimacy and superiority" to a non-existent entity, as well as extremely malevolent methods such as making sure that no child growing up within the society is ever protected or insulated from overt exposure and promotion of the toxic god myth.

Some societies, like america, have the audacity to claim that they operate under a cultural system that provides for a "separation between church and state." This has to rank as one of the most outrageously ludicrous claims that american society makes, and that is saying a heck of a lot, since the lie-based structure of american society guarantees that many thousands of different false and invalid claims are constantly being made by this society. The notion that any sort of separation between the religious and governmental institutions of a society like america exists, is beyond all consideration to any sane thinker. The reality of course, is that church and state are super-glued to each other, attached together like siamese twins, so viciously intertwined that it is impossible to separate them for even a single moment, on even a single issue. Religion is a construct of the government, of the state. The State, namely empowered leaders of society, created religion, promotes religion, coerces religion upon all citizen-slaves, terroristically imposes religion upon all citizen-slaves, literally from the day of their birth, in america and to a slightly lesser degree in other diseased societies that are similar to america. Your malevolent societal leaders invoke god verbally, invoke god in writing, invoke god on currency, brainwash and force children and adults to invoke god, believe in god, worship god, under absolutely terroristic threat. And in the same breath, they tell you how lucky you are that your benevolent society offers you a "separation between church and state". This is a beautiful illustration of how utterly unable you humans are to recognize even the most glaring, blatant, and obvious lies that your society feeds you. The very entity that is responsible for terroristically imposing the insane god myth upon you, tells you that it operates via a "separation" and detachment from the god myth, and amazingly, you creatures simply accept this ridiculous, blatantly invalid claim at face value, even celebrating the "freedom" that this claim is said to provide you.

Freedom of religion has to be one of the most perversely misnamed phrases in existence. Your societies tell you how lucky you are that you are free to worship god, and to choose which god you want to worship, as well as how strongly you believe in/worship your god, and yet at the same time there is absolutely no freedom from religion offered. This insane, untrue, toxic myth is terroristically imposed upon each individual by the society and by the government, then this same society tells it's terror victims how lucky they are to be able to choose from among various religions, exactly which religion to toxically embrace. But these victims are unable to be free from religion, they are unable to reject the toxic god myth, because it has been viciously imposed upon them, without their consent, on a daily basis, from the very day of their birth onward throughout their entire childhood and for every day of their existence. Therefore, "freedom of religion" is in reality nothing less than complete and utter enslavement, it constitutes a total lack of freedom, it is a manifestation of the exact definitional opposite of freedom, namely captivity, mental captivity. The helpless mind of the individual is held captive by the terroristic imposition of the insane god myth upon him, and it is society itself which chooses to and is responsible for promoting, imposing, and addicting most individuals to this toxic and destructive myth. For a society which commits this atrocity, to come forward and proudly proclaim to it's torture victims that they must be happy and grateful that they enjoy the advantage of "freedom of religion", and for virtually every human to accept this bizarre and nonsensical societal claim as being valid, demonstrates the literally limitless depth of human derangement that has always existed within this perverse species, and continues to reach ever greater levels of intellectual madness.

Let me say a few words here about the notion that the insane god myth is "needed" by humans, that it allows humans to cope with life, who otherwise would collapse into despair and be unable to function "normally". This notion, held by some intellectual scholars and philosophers who may well not believe in the god myth themselves, claims that believing in god enhances the "quality of life" of the individual. That the belief in god allows the individual to be happier, more content, less "depressed", better able to enjoy and cope with life. First of all, it is absolutely true that in an ultra-diseased society like america, a large number of adults would suffer complete mental collapses that would cause a highly negative effect upon their day to day lives, if they were suddenly confronted with proof that god does not exist, or if their societal leaders suddenly began telling them that god does not exist. This is the result of a lifetime of relentlessly toxic insane god myth indoctrination, imposed upon the individual for each and every day of their lives, beginning on the very day of their birth. The god myth is an addiction. The ultimate addiction, in fact. It is the strongest addiction that exists, because it deals with the single most profound and terrifying philosophical issue of Truth that confronts the human mind, the reality of what occurs when we, as individuals, die. Any person addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine, will of course experience personally negative feelings, of stress, anxiety, physical and mental suffering, if they attempt to break free of their addiction. Since the god myth is the strongest type of addiction, these negative feelings would be fairly strong, for quite a few adult god addicts. So yes, the perceived "quality of life" for hard-core adult god addicts, on a current, short-term level, would indeed be negatively impacted if they were to try to break free of their addiction, with the encouragement/aid of society. In some cases, the negative effects would be long-term. In some cases the individual would not be able to break free. In a few cases the individual would in fact commit suicide or suffer a permanent mental breakdown from which they would never recover, if confronted with proof that god does not exist, of the type that I am outlining on this web page. This is absolutely true. And yet the benefits that would come with society abandoning the insane god myth, would still far outweigh these negative consequences.

A person addicted to nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, suffers personally negative consequences for awhile, as they attempt to break free of their addiction. However, the reward and benefits that comes from breaking free of their addiction is very high, and many of these addicts are glad afterwards, to have been freed of their toxic addictions. But some individuals fail to break free of their addiction, and for them the effort involved in trying to break free did not justify the end result, since they "suffered for nothing", in failing. This exact same cost-to-benefit ratio applies to the god myth addiction. Perhaps more adult individuals will be unable to and will fail to break free from this addiction than from other addictions. But for those that do break free, the reward will be glorious, a whole new universe of Truth will be opened, literally thousands of different types of behavioral "rules" and lifestyle paths, that the addicted individual felt terroristically compelled to follow, will cease to carry any weight. This is true freedom, genuine freedom, of the type that only a revelation and an embrace of Truth can provide. It is what society owes to every single one of it's torture victims.

At the same time however, as you read this essay, you will note that I am stopping short of calling for the criminalization of god worship by adults, or the destruction of all houses of worship. This is because I recognize that all god addicts are victims of both malevolent societal brainwashing and of their own genetic mental inferiority/deformity. Society has absolutely no right to inflict further, unnecessary punishment/victimization upon these god addicts, but at the same time, society does have an absolute obligation to try to help as many of these victims as it possibly can to break free of the god myth, and, even more importantly, society has a sacred obligation to immediately bring an end to the ongoing, generational cycle of brutal god myth imposition that is has chosen to perpetuate from each generation of humans to the next, for many thousands of years. Striking a "perfect" balance between these societal obligations is impossible, but the scale has to be tilted in the direction of protecting all future generations from insane god myth addiction, as well as helping current god addicts to break free of the addiction. Therefore, hard-core, mentally mature, adult god addicts who absolutely refuse to budge from or are mentally unable to break free of the god myth, deserve to be accommodated, to a degree. They should be legally allowed to pray to god. They should even be allowed to gather together in special buildings, houses of worship, for the purpose of perversely reaffirming their insane delusion to each other, and to have a "leader", priest, minister, etc..., pretend to tell them what the nonexistent god creature wants them to do. But that is it. The law must dictate that no child or young adult who has not reached mental maturity, can enter any house of worship, and no god addict can ever attempt to impose the god myth upon the consciousness of a human being who has not reached mental maturity, of the type that rarely occurs prior to age 28. No god addict who creates a child or who otherwise might have regular contact with a child, should be allowed to have any legal access to or contact with the child, unless they demonstrate/prove, via mandatory parental competency testing, that they have the ability, desire, and intention to refrain from imposing their god myth addiction upon the child. Just as importantly, the cultural policy/ritual structure itself, within all god-myth promoting societies, must do a complete reversal. All promotion/legitimization of the insane god myth must cease. Societal leaders must stop spouting derangements such as "god bless america", or "god bless you all". in their speeches. All references to heaven and an afterlife by societal leaders must cease. All mention of god on currency must be removed. All popular pledges/songs that come with direct societal legitimization, such as the pledge of allegiance, must have all references to god removed from them. Societal and cultural leaders must overtly challenge and dismiss the notion that god exists, especially in response to attempts by god addicts and their leaders to promote the god myth via the mass media and other outreach efforts. And even though adults would be allowed to gather together and promote this myth to each other, all usage of the mass media for the purpose of promoting or legitimizing the god myth, would be prohibited by law. Promoters of this myth would not be allowed to use TV, radio, general circulation newspapers, or other mass media resources, for the purpose of promoting or encouraging complete strangers as well as children, who use these media resources, to either believe in the existence of, or worship, god. This would not be fascism or an undue restriction upon a free press, it would simply be a reasonable attempt by a sane society to properly protect as many people as possible, of all ages, from being exposed to the con-artist style manipulation and coercion of insane god myth promoter/addicts. Adult individuals who are determined to addict themselves to the god myth will still be able to access plenty of resources to help them attain their tragic goal, as well as to obtain personal validation of their toxic myth from other god freaks, due to the fact that houses of worship would remain open to mature adults, and no mature adult would face any threat of criminal sanction simply for believing in or worshipping god

This is the minimum effort required, on the part of a sane society, to act in a moral, honest, and Truth-affirming manner, in attempting to break the perverse cycle of intergenerational toxic god myth victimization that is and has been brutally imposed upon citizens for hundreds, usually thousands of consecutive years, by malevolent and diseased societies such as america. Even with these policy reforms, many god addicts will be unwilling and unable to break free of their addiction, and even some children raised up in future generations, within an essentially "god-free" culture, will still absolutely become god addicts themselves. This is due to genetic brain/mental malformation of the human mind and cognitive thinking abilities, and there is no way to prevent this. The logical solution, as I have outlined above, is for societal policy and law to be designed to tolerate hard-core god addicts, to allow them to pray to god, to even allow them to gather together to validate their delusion, but at the same time, to completely prohibit them from imposing their addiction upon any child, and to overtly challenge and debunk all god mythology as a matter of daily, routine societal and cultural policy. Currently, the god myth is embraced and validated as a matter of daily, routine, societal and cultural policy. Therefore, a 100%, complete reversal of this outrageously malevolent and destructive policy, must occur.

The Ten Commandments:

Okay, what I want to do now is list the ten commandments, which the pathetic god addicts believe come from god, and discuss/dissect each commandment, proving beyond all doubt that this particular piece of "holy" text, just like the contents of all bibles and of all holy books, were in fact written by human beings, clever, cunning, malevolent leaders of societies, or professional writers hired by malevolent leaders and specifically told to pen a fanciful text for the direct purpose of oppressing, controlling, and dictating the behavioral and lifestyle choices of as many citizen-slaves as possible, using the terroristic threat of an omnipotent creature watching them, judging them, having the power to either gain or withhold eternal life, and having the power to place the citizen-slave in either a blissful afterlife of heaven, or a horrific afterlife of hell, based upon the behaviors and lifestyle choices of the individual. I will prove by the very nature of my dissection of the text of the ten commandments, that even if you somehow still cannot break free of the insane god myth, the notion that an omnipotent creature would ever write such a text, is ludicrous. There are several different versions of the ten commandments, and I am choosing to use one of the longer, more original, biblical versions here, since god addicts would be expected to perceive the older, more originally biblical version, as more likely representing the direct words/message of god. Please note that I will be listing each commandment in black text, followed by my dissection of Truth, which will be in red text.

The Ten Commandments: And God spake all these words, saying, I [am] the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Okay, directly above we have the very first commandment, lets analyze it, lets dissect it, and tear out the Truth behind it. The god creature opens by saying, "i am the lord, thy god". Here he establishes a preliminary basis for why the specific people reading this commandment are obligated to obey/worship him. He doesn't say, "I am the lord, a god", because the author of this text realized that this was not coercive enough to win over the actual worship of as many citizen-slaves as possible. He uses the word "thy", saying not "I am a god", but rather, "I am your god. He is imposing himself upon the citizen-slaves, exactly how a president, prime minister, dictator, and other societal leader does, via his public statements: "I am your ruler, your boss, you live under me, and you will obey me as I am your superior". The god creature then says: "I have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." Hmmmm, very interesting. Here he builds upon his initial statement, which set the stage for why he must be worshipped/obeyed. He is saying, "Hey you, you owe me, I rescued you, I saved you from something bad, you owe me bigtime, baby, and I aim to collect." This is exactly what every societal leader throughout human history has said to his people, to try and retain their support. George W. Bush says: "You creatures are so lucky to live in america, to enjoy the freedoms that you do. You better support me, I lock up your criminals, I protect you from terrorist attacks, I provide you with electricity, garbage pickup, the ability to move throughout this large country, I keep all foreign powers from putting you into bondage, etc..." So, this decree by "god" is literally nothing more than a political campaign slogan. God is saying "I am your leader, I've done something good for you, and now you owe me." This is the exact same claim that every human societal leader has made to his citizens, throughout human history.

And finally our first commandment concludes with: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." Ha! It's all so ludicrous folks, so ridiculously obvious, as to provoke hysterical laughter. Here we have "god" saying: "vote for me", or if the society is fascist, "don't overthrow me". He is saying, in this first commandment: "I am your leader, I've done something good for you, you now owe me big, and you must support me." This is what every political leader says to his citizens. The political leader says: "Keep me in power for as long as I live", in a dictatorship, or "Keep me in power for the maximum length of time that the law allows, and then vote into power someone else that I like who shares the same ideologies that I do." It's the same thing, either way. The only difference here, and it is a minor one, is that the god creature claims to be immortal, and thus he is saying that the human must not only worship this god for his entire life, but he must addict his children, his grandchildren, every future generation for all of eternity, into believing in and worshipping this god. Even though societal leaders are not immortal, they absolutely expect to rule forever, by handing down power to descendants or by maintaining a "party system" under which all future leaders must share the same general ideologies as the current leader does. This is just as true in societies that claim to be democracies. America is in reality a 350 year old dictatorship.

So, in conclusion, looking at this first commandment from "god", we see an exact duplication of how societal leaders attain power, maintain power, and convince their citizen-slaves to allow them to retain power. It is clear, to any sane thinker, that a clever leader of a society, or perhaps an aspiring societal leader, penned these words, recognizing that if his citizen-slaves feared and obeyed him, a mere mortal, which they did, they would of course fear and obey an omnipotent, immortal creature who came along and demanded their devotion, a thousand times more strongly. This leader recognized that he could simply use god as his mouthpiece, his puppet. The societal leader would be the puppet-master, whatever agenda he wished to impose upon his citizen-slaves, he would write out as a "holy text", and it would be at least 1000 times more likely that his agenda would be obeyed and followed by his citizen-slaves. Because they would naturally fear, be in awe of, and be far more desperate to please and satisfy an immortal, omnipotent, invisible creature who was always watching each of them and offered to grant them eternal life and bliss in heaven while at the same time threatening to withhold this bliss unless the citizen-slaves obeyed his decrees, than to fear, be in awe of, or desperate to please the mortal, human being who has achieved the leadership position.

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness [of any thing] that [is] in heaven above, or that [is] in the earth beneath, or that [is] in the water under the earth: Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

Here you go folks, commandment #2 is listed above, and this is a good one, really makes me chuckle, because it displays the pathological insecurity and obsession with power/control, that characterizes all societal leaders, human leaders of course. Leaders of societies are generally extremely enraged, severely victimized individuals who are obsessed with claiming personal vengeance as well as sadistically imposing their will upon their subjects, in exactly the same manner as a schoolyard bully. At their core, they feel extremely vulnerable and insecure, but of course they would never admit this to anyone and most have little if any conscious awareness of their core emotional state. In the above commandment, the human author attempts to build up his internal self-esteem by demanding that all humans worship him, and him alone. Ironically, he subconsciously fears the reality of his own upcoming death, and that in time, someone else will come along and replace him as the object of citizen devotion/worship. It is the reality of his own emotional insecurity which prompts him to throw the mini temper tantrum that has been labeled as commandment #2. He is demanding the worship and respect of his citizens, specifically because he feels insecure and afraid that he will eventually be overthrown and lose his leadership position within the society.

Take careful note of the following passage that our human writer graces us with: "for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me." Well, first of all, jealousy is a human emotion. The notion that an omnipotent, immortal creature would become jealous just because a few of his creations stopped worshipping him, is ludicrous. Jeez, our author is literally begging human beings to worship him. He is terroristically threatening them, while at the same time begging them, employing every possible maneuver he can think of, to get the humans to worship him. Why would he do this? Why would an immortal, omnipotent creature care a single iota whether or not he is worshipped by humans, much less go to this great effort, literally humiliating himself by admitting to being jealous, which is a completely and totally human character flaw?? It's obvious: The author is an insecure, power-crazed human societal leader, who is trying to appeal to as many citizens as he possibly can, to get them to worship "god", since he himself is acting as god, he is portraying god and using the god myth, as a leverage tool to maintain and increase his power, control, and dominance over his citizen-slaves. But the next portion is even more delightful to me, it reads: "[am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments." So, any sane thinker realizes from the above statement by "god", that god came from a dysfunctional family. Yes indeed, he has some major issues with his father. He was abused and victimized by his father, and feels rage/hate towards his father. He clearly expresses this in his above comment. Our author, a human being, is filled with rage, familial-based rage. He takes this opportunity, in writing this commandment, to express just a bit of the rage he feels towards his father, completely letting slip the illusion of omnipotence, immortality, and lack of humanity that he is supposed to be trying to portray. Quite funny! But no worries, you diseased creatures were and continue to be so desperately eager to embrace this comforting myth that you sweep aside and ignore even the most glaringly obvious proof that all of god's alleged writings and deeds are nothing more than the fanciful, flowery writings of human beings who lived a long time ago, and possessed a bit of imaginative literary talent to go along with their immense character flaws.

Our tragic victim of long-ago child abuse at the hands of his father continues with: "And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments." Here he is literally begging people to love him, as is often the case with brutalized victims of child abuse who have very low core self-esteem, while feeling emotionally compelled to maintain a stiff, rigidly stoic demeanor, as just every single male human who lived 2000+ years ago felt terroristically compelled to maintain. Note that he himself, as an individual, could never and would never ask his citizen-slaves to "love" him, that would be perceived as a sign of weakness, by him and by his society. To obey him, yes, to worship him, yes, but not to love him. In creating an exotic, unique fictional character, god, this human author felt secure enough to have "god" ask/beg for love, confident that neither society at-large nor his own conscious mind would ever have to face up to the fact that it is he, the anonymous, individual human author, who is in fact begging to be loved.

And he concludes with: "Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain." Here we have a more straightforward attempt to get back with the "script", the author is trying to convince the citizen-slaves that they are being watched, judged, and that if they dare to defy or disagree with the decrees of "god", or fail to accept the legitimacy of god's existence, even though he is of course nothing more than the fictional mouthpiece of a malevolent, human societal leader, they will face harmful, vengeful consequences at the hands of an enraged god. This is a ludicrous notion in and of itself. Why would an omnipotent, immortal creature bother to listen to or track the daily activities of millions of human beings, day after day, year after year, century after century, for the purpose of "catching them being bad", even if he could do so? It is literally impossible to imagine a more boring, pointless, ridiculous activity for an omnipotent creature to decide to engage in.

Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day [is] the sabbath of the LORD thy God: [in it] thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that [is] within thy gates: For [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

Here is commandment #3, yet another decree from "god" that is so blatantly transparent in terms of it's obvious human origin, as to be laughable. Picture it: The leader of a society is gathered with his top advisors, 2000+ years ago. He is brutally oppressing his citizen-slaves, forcing them to work day and night with no end in sight, they are dying at the age of 30-40, they are crippled by the age of 30, they are running away from the city or country to go live in hiding in the forest or desert, just to escape the unrelenting slave labor that is being sadistically imposed upon them. Our malevolent but clever societal leader begins to realize that he is not obtaining maximum productivity from his citizen-slaves, in compelling them to work their fingers to the bone for seven consecutive days each week, week after week, month after month. They are wearing out too soon, dying too early, and becoming angry enough to possibly pose a threat to destabilize/overthrow the entire social structure. He realizes that he can enact a pretense of benevolent reform that will not only result in greater productivity from his torture victims, but will also serve to convince his torture victims that they have "won" some sort of a marvelous benefit that will serve to make them much more loyal and devoted to their evil society than ever before. What would the benevolent reform be? Well, how about make the citizen-slaves work even harder than ever before for six consecutive days, but then give them a whole day off to recuperate from the agony of the previous six days of work. Yes! Eureka! This was the perfect solution, our malevolent societal leader realized. The citizen-slaves would be more productive during the six days of labor, thanks to the single day of weekly rest. Their bodies would break down more slowly, allowing the societal leader to gain an extra 10, 15, maybe even 20 years of labor from each slave, which far surpasses the number of days, 52 per year, that the slave would have off from work. The slaves would be far less likely to run away or to rebel, since they would be perversely falling over themselves in gratitude, celebrating their good fortune as their evil society tells them: "Your great-grandfather, your grandfather, your father, all had to work 7 days every week on behalf of our glorious society, but you, you are so lucky, you are the chosen ones, celebrate the glory of gaining an entire day, each and every week, of restfulness and relaxation. For a whole day, you will be able to do whatever you desire, no other society in the history of humanity has ever been so kind and generous to it's people." Of course this is a crock of horse manure, but the evil societal leader knew that the hopelessly brainwashed and broken citizen-slaves would buy into it, hook, line, and sinker, and as we all know, he was absolutely right. This is the genesis of our third commandment.

Our human author declares: "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day [is] the sabbath of the LORD thy God: [in it] thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that [is] within thy gates:." Why would an omnipotent god creature specifically order the humans to "labour for six days, and do all thy work"?? Why would such a creature care or be interested in the length of time that humans work, or to get every human to do "all" his work?? It stretches the bounds of credulity to imagine a god creature assuming such an interest in the activities of humans. On the other hand, humans, leaders of societies, had and continue to have today, a tremendous interest in and obsession with getting their citizen-slaves to work ceaselessly for as long as they possibly can, to obtain maximum economic productivity from every citizen-slave, using whatever means necessary and with utter disregard/contempt for the best interests and welfare of all individuals. So, the insane god myth was enlisted by a societal leader to provide this utterly perfect method of maintaining, and even enhancing the productivity of every slave, while at the same time convincing each slave that he has somehow won a great victory for which he should be eternally grateful, in being allowed to take one day off from work, after toiling as a slave for 6 consecutive days.

Note that this commandment specifically instructs the citizen-slaves to keep this weekly day off from work "holy". There is a very specific reason for why our malevolent human leader chose to make this seventh day, the day of rest, the "holy" day, instead of any of the other six days. He recognized that there was a danger in giving his citizen-slaves an entire day off from work, to do as they pleased. He feared that they might use this free time to reflect upon their lives, to develop philosophical insights of Truth into the nature of their lives, the parameters of their existence and the limitations that society was imposing upon their day to day lives. He feared they would realize that they deserved to be able to rest and do as they pleased not for 1 day out of 7, but for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, even all seven days. He also feared that the free day of relaxation would give rise to uncontrolled parties, vandalism and societally destructive behavior. This is why he specifically chose to decree this day as "holy", and to instruct the citizen-slaves, via terroristic coercion, that they had an obligation to spend this day praying to and worshipping god, doing exactly what "god" wants them to do. Since the societal leader is portraying god, he gets to decree exactly what he wants the citizen-slaves to do, once again using the myth of god as his mouthpiece.

The commandment concludes with: "For [in] six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them [is], and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it." Here we have a reinforcement of the human societal leader's message that this "day of rest" must be considered "holy", and that all citizen-slaves were obligated to choose to engage only in specific activities which "god" approves of and sanctions, on this particular day, and the actual approval/sanctioning of these activities would of course be decided by the societal leader and his top advisors/operatives, all of whom are ordinary human beings. Also, we see an attempt to reinforce the notion of the god creature being omnipotent, the notion that god created all that exists in the world, and even invisible, non-existent elements such as "heaven". The more omnipotent the god creature is portrayed to be, the more terrified of and beholden to this creature the citizen-slaves would be. Since the god creature is simply an artificial, nonexistent projection that the human societal leader is cloaking himself beneath and portraying, the citizens would in reality be feeling great terror of and reverence towards the human societal leader, which is exactly what every societal leader craves most of all and diligently works towards achieving.

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.

Here is our next "otherworldly" commandment from the god creature. But look, there are no mystical or otherworldly aspects to it, it is simply a straightforward declaration and demand of human, Sacred Family Unit mythology. The god creature is presumably not human, does not have a father or a mother, so why would he be interested in trying to terroristically compel human beings to treat their parents well, with honor and respect? The reality is this: People create children because they desire to own and oppress a human slave, as a way to cathartically cope with the horrific, unbearable realities of their own traumatic, pointless, lives. They victimize their children, as they themselves have been victimized. They recognize that in the blink of an eye they can become crippled, helpless, penniless, and at the mercy of society, and even if they avoid all of the thousands of daily dangers and threats that stalk every human, they still face a virtual certainty of declining physical health and increasing neediness/feebleness, simply as a result of the aging process. They create children not only to maliciously use them as Poison Containers, but also to obtain a lifelong slave, an individual who, even in adulthood, will feel obligated to care for and meet all of the desires/needs of the parent, even if they in reality feel profound rage towards the parent and were brutally abused/victimized by the parent.

Societal leaders recognize this obsession that their adult citizen-slaves have, with creating and oppressing children, and they choose to sanctify and cater to this obsession, since it is always the adults who pose a potential threat to the stability, order, and structure of society, while children, due to their immaturity, youth, and lack of any access to even the tiniest fragments of freedom and autonomy, do not and cannot pose any direct threat to the social structure. In fact, societal leaders themselves usually are addicted to sacred family unit mythology themselves, and seek to malevolently, selfishly use their own children in the exact same general ways as other parents do. So, we have the god creature declaring: "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." This terroristic message, which of course comes from a human societal leader, is intended for all human beings who have living parents, of all ages. It is not specifically targeted at children in any sort of an exclusive manner. It is targeted at the 5 year old child, the 15 year old child, and the 50 year old child as well. The 50 year old is told that he has just as great an obligation to obey and cater to his elderly parents, as the 5 year old has to cater to his parents. The vast majority of parents, and adults in general, on a subconscious level, fear their own children, as well as children in general. This is because many of them are aware, on a subconscious level, that they are allowing, causing, and responsible for the mass victimization of all children living within the society. The perverse "social contract" that society makes with it's adult citizens, is that in exchange for agreeing to serve as slaves to society, and to forgive society for the torment that was and usually continues to be inflicted upon them, they are rewarded with the cultural and legal empowerment to own, dominate, oppress, and brutalize slaves of their own, namely, their biological creations or other legally owned children. This malevolent contract requires that even as the children are being brutally victimized, they must be emotionally terrorized into embracing the bizarre notion that they owe a lifetime of loyalty and allegiance to the very two people who are inflicting the greatest degree of brutality upon them, namely their parents.

The only thing that keeps many adults from literally going crazy and suffering a mental breakdown, is the belief that they will always have a human or humans as slaves, that they will always be able to oppress and bully and impose their will, no matter how malevolent or ridiculous it may be, upon their offspring and legally owned children, at age 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50+. This commandment, "Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee", is an attempt by the societal leader who authored this text, to both convince all adults that their society will ensure that their child/offspring slave ownership rights are sanctified, and to try to terrorize all children, of all ages, including adults, into accepting the perverse social covenant that they must honor, obey, and prostrate themselves to their parents, for as long as the parent is alive, even when the parent has inflicted more suffering and trauma upon the child than any other living thing on planet earth. Recognizing that any sane, rational victim of childhood trauma may well consider rebelling against his brutalizers, the societal leader is using the insane god myth to impose a terroristical threat, which is that if you refuse to honor and obey your parental torturers for as long as you live, god will punish you, god will shorten your lifespan, god will murder you, that is the message behind the phrase "that thy days may be long upon the land", which is part of this commandment. It concludes with yet another attempt by "god" to establish the notion that every citizen-slave must feel obligated to him. He is saying, "I gave you land and life, therefore you are my slave, you are beholden to me." This is exactly what every societal leader says to his citizen-slaves, not verbally of course, but via governmental policy and cultural doctrine. Nationalistic allegiance is established by societal leaders, under the "gifts" that society pretends to give to the individual, the right to live within the land, to not be physically harmed or killed in a premature fashion. Societal leaders say: "Do as we order, and we will let you live upon the land located within our national borders." This fascist and totally human message is incorporated within this commandment.

Thou shalt not kill.

Our next commandment is very short, only has four words. I wonder whether the cleverly perverse human who penned these commandments recognized that because his society, because every human society, is constantly killing other living things, human and other species, in a genocidal fashion, the best course of action might be to keep this commandment as brief as possible, so that it could be interpreted in every possible way imaginable, thus all danger of the citizen-slaves actually deciding to honor and respect the right of others to not be killed, would be removed. Societal leaders have a vested interest in increasing their population of citizens, in protecting empowered societal leaders and their agents, and in convincing their citizen-slaves that their lives are not under immediate peril, while at the same time committing genocidal, ongoing, mass atrocities upon their very own citizens, as well as upon citizens of other nations and upon other species of life. In reality, the entire social structure of humanity revolves around killing. Killing is celebrated, encouraged, rewarded. This created a need for societal leaders to develop intellectually deranged verbal distinctions between the various types of killing, so that some types could be perversely condemned, even as other types are decreed perfectly legal and celebrated. So we have terms like abortion, war, hunting, fishing, the death penalty, murder, etc..., which should, in a sane society, all bear the exact same label, of "killing". But having absolutely no interest in or appreciation for either Truth or sanity, you humans blindly accept whatever definitional interpretations your malevolent leaders feed you.

This commandment is currently interpreted by the totally malevolent leaders of 21st century american society, as meaning that american citizens can kill children trapped in their wombs, can kill total strangers living in foreign nations solely upon command, can kill other species, morally superior species of life, can instruct their societal leaders to kill "criminal" humans on their behalf, etc..., and none of these forms of killing violate this commandment. And you deranged, homicidally enraged citizen-slaves eagerly and gratefully accept this absurd interpretation, even while you continue to cling to the notion that one particular form of killing, the one labeled "murder", is still totally unacceptable and that god will "punish" people who commit that particular form of killing. How utterly perverse! Simply by living as a member of 21st century american society, you creatures are responsible for causing the genocidal deaths of millions of living things, for killing them. And yet you have the audacity to cling to your ten commandments myth, and to embrace the notion that your imaginary god will punish someone who commits 1, 2, 3, or even 50 "illegal" killings upon fellow humans, when you yourselves often commit thousands of "legal" killings, and even if you do not personally commit such killings, you live as a proud, loyal member of a society that has killed countless millions of living things, on your behalf and with your permission.

Personally, I think the author of these commandments felt such contempt towards morally superior species of life, so-called animals, that he couldn't even envision the word "kill" being applied to them, just as today, perversely, you never hear the term "murder" applied to hunting, fishing, and other forms of completely unprovoked killing of animals. No society can afford to allow it's citizen-slaves to kill other human beings within the society, in an uncontrolled, unchecked manner. Sooner or later, such a society would collapse and be overthrown. The homicidal True Realities of the citizen-slaves must be manipulated and guided in specific directions, with the killing of certain species, classes, and groups of living creatures being legalized, legitimized, and encouraged, while the killing of a few, "elite" groups/classes of human beings, is declared illegal and those who perpetrate such acts of cathartic vengeance are demonized. The insane god myth serves as an extension of this judicial and cultural hypocrisy. The "power" of the god myth is brought into play by societal leaders, in demonizing those who commit illegal murder, as well as trying to terrorize those victims of society who may be contemplating the commission of illegal murder, with the threat that not only will their society attempt to inflict brutal punishment upon them, but an even greater punishment will be meted out by the omnipotent god creature. On a side note, life on planet earth involves constant, natural/instinctual killing among many species, who most often target other species, but sometimes target members of their own species. Billions of living creatures would themselves die, if they could not kill other living creatures. Therefore, the notion that an omnipotent god creature would create billions of living things who must kill in order to survive, and then issue a decree, specifically for humans, that "Thou shalt not kill", is ludicrous. In addition, the god creature himself is "killing" trillions of living things every single year, simply by having given them a finite, limited lifespan, when presumably, being omnipotent, he had the ability to create life forms whose bodies would not wear out, resulting in death.

What we see here, as in all of these commandments, is a human societal leader, fearing overthrow and revolution from his tortured citizenry, creating a toxic myth, using the myth of the existence of an omnipotent, domineering god creature, to try to terrorize, satiate, and control his citizen-slaves, to the degree that they obey his human demands. In essence, he is employing the myth of god as the ultimate police officer, instructing the citizen-slaves that it doesn't matter whether his guards, his police force, his judicial system, can capture and punish them for committing "bad" killings, because they will suffer terribly at the hands of god, regardless. He is using a malevolent lie to inflict perversely hypocritical, fascist behavioral restrictions upon his citizen-slaves. The greatest tragedy of all, is the fact that the genetic brain/mental deformation of human beings has allowed this malevolent lie to flourish all across the world for thousands of years, and is just as strong today as ever before.

Thou shalt not commit adultery.

This has to be one of the funniest of all the commandments. What is adultery? Well, first of all it is a completely artificial term, that has no legitimate basis in rationality or truth. It is defined as "the act of a married person voluntarily having sexual intercourse with someone who is not their spouse". I will be dissecting the entire toxic ritual of marriage in a separate essay elsewhere at this site, so let me just say here, very briefly, that "marriage" is a totally invalid, irrational, unnatural, artificial construct of society, that is designed by society and it's leaders to enslave individuals to each other, thus increasing and enhancing the willingness, ease and depth to which the individual is enslaved to society. Within any sane culture, there could never be an act known as "adultery", because there would never be such a thing as marriage, and the act which is defined as adultery cannot possibly be committed by any individual unless he has already been subjected to the toxic and invalid ritual of marriage. Societal leaders had to figure out how to maintain fascist control over the natural sexual instincts of their citizen-slaves, while not making it appear as though they were being brutally and unnaturally enslaved. The ritual of marriage is completely unnatural and has absolutely no valid basis in human nature. As a result, some humans, those who retained a bit of rational thinking ability, resisted it. At the same time, societal leaders recognized what a vital and useful tool of mass enslavement as well as unnatural appeasement, this toxic ritual offered. So, guess what happened?? Yes indeed, our malevolent societal leaders decided to enlist their greatest weapon, their most lethal bully, god, as a promoter of the marriage ritual. If they could convince the citizen-slaves that this omnipotent creature who has the power to grant them eternal life/bliss wanted them to engage in the toxic ritual of marriage, then the problem is solved. No way can the idiotic humans resist an appeal from their mythical god. And it worked to perfection. Note that the commandment doesn't say "you must get married", perhaps the malevolent human author recognized that not every citizen-slave was capable to snaring a spouse. But the exact same result is achieved via "Thou shalt not commit adultery." You cannot commit adultery unless you are married. Therefore, this commandment indicates that god supports marriage, wants people to get married, and if they do get married, he imposes his fascist will/doctrine upon them, ordering them to remain enslaved to each other, and to have sexual intercourse with only each other. In reality of course, since god does not exist, the fascist will/doctrine that is being imposed comes directly from human leaders of society.

Why would an omnipotent god creature be interested in controlling the sexual activities of his human creations? What possible difference could it make to this omnipotent creature whether humans have sex with 1 other person, 2 other people, or 1000 other people? If anything, such an omnipotent creature would want his creations to test the limits of sexual pleasure, to challenge themselves, to at least try to show him that they are creative and innovative. But this doesn't make much sense either, and the only logical conclusion to draw is that there is no way such an omnipotent creature could or would care to any significant degree, what types of sexual customs his creations chose to engage in. It is human beings, societal leaders, fascist, oppressive human leaders of society, who developed the toxic ritual of marriage, figured out how it could be used to oppress, dominate, and inflict torment upon the vast majority of citizen-slaves, and decided to do everything within their power to terrorize and coerce citizen-slaves into agreeing to participate in this unnatural, brutally harmful ritual, to get married, and then to remain enslaved to and enmeshed with, their marriage partner. These same societal leaders made the decision to specifically use the insane god myth to promote marriage, to impose marriage, and to coerce their citizen-slaves into getting married. How can any of you possibly feel even the slightest bit free, when one of the most basic, instinctual freedoms, enjoyed by all members of the animal kingdom who have not been physically mutilated by the human race, the freedom to engage in whatever type of sexually pleasurable/satisfying activities that their minds/instincts can conjure up and their bodies can commit, with any other living thing that they desire, has been taken away from you?? Your society has robbed you of all sexual freedom, in a literal sense. The most amazingly fascist restrictions have been imposed upon you. If you agree to get married, you are terroristically enslaved to a single fellow human being for the rest of both of your lifetimes, and even more amazingly, you are punished by your society, legally and in other ways, if you dare to try to escape from this toxic, perverse web of enslavement. I don't want to delve too deeply into the marriage topic right now, but my point should be crystal clear: The notion that an omnipotent, non-human god creature would issue a demand to all humans that they refrain from committing acts of "adultery", is so absurd as to be hysterically funny. There is absolutely no reason for why an omnipotent god creature would want his creations to deny and reject the natural, instinctual behaviors that he created within them, and that all other species of life happily engage in. On the other hand, human beings, leaders of societies, would, did, and do have a very powerful, obvious, and undeniable motivation to rob their citizen-slaves of as much freedom as possible, to trap them within narrow, perverse behavioral patterns from which they feel unable to escape from, while maintaining the false illusion of freedom, using insane, hypocritical and nonsensical laws, rules, and "morality" decrees. The more insane, nonsensical, and hypocritical the societal decrees are, the more likely it is that the insane god myth will be necessary in order to "sell" the insane doctrine to the citizen-slaves, and that is why marriage is specifically promoted within the ten commandments and other religious texts.

Thou shalt not steal.

Okay, we are up to commandment #7, yet another short one. Why would an omnipotent god creature concern himself with whether human beings took things from other human beings? Most species of life are constantly "stealing" things from each other, food, shelter, sexual partners, etc... Animals take what they need, when they need it, to survive, to make themselves feel better, to make themselves stronger, healthier, They love and value themselves. They look out for themselves. They are instinctually aware of the fact that their lives are precious and irreplaceable. Unlike humans of course, who hate themselves, victimize and sabotage themselves, who cling to insane beliefs and rationalizations, as a result of genetic brain/mental deformity. Animals have no concept of "property ownership", because they are not genetically deformed within their minds, as the human race is. The human race has developed upon a structured caste system that is based upon possession of artifacts, most of which have no genuine, intrinsic value. Every tier of victimized humans within this caste system manages to rationalize feeling good about itself, by comparing itself to lower-tiered victims who are supposedly even worse off. And no matter how poor, wretched, and horrifically deprived you might be when compared to the upper classes of humans, society always, perversely, holds out the lure of an eternal afterlife in paradise after you die, as long as you don't "rock the boat", as long as you quietly accept your lifetime of torture, as "god" supposedly wants you to do.

If human beings were allowed to "steal" from each other, to take what they needed from each other, in a properly narcissistic, self-valuing and loving way, to try to maximize their own ability to enjoy life and not be handicapped and discriminated against by societal factors and doctrine outside of their control, this unjust, caste-based system of false rationalization, would collapse. Even more importantly, especially in capitalistic societies, the invalid incentives that society puts forth to get citizen-slaves to agree to waste their lives working at jobs, would be recognized as invalid by some, insightful individuals. The current perverse societal doctrine holds that citizens don't "deserve" economic equality or even economic survival, unless they agree to work as slaves, as societal leaders dictate. The possibility of this doctrine being recognized as being perverse, is utterly terrifying to all societal leaders. You must work as a slave on behalf of your society, you must not take what you need in order to try to achieve equality and to demonstrate self-love, as is instinctually natural and done by all sane, mentally healthy creatures in the animal kingdom. This is the perverse decree of your human leaders, and the basis of judicial laws that label "stealing" as a crime, cultural doctrine which morally demonizes theft by humans committed upon other humans, and the "holy" decree from god himself, that humans must not steal. Once again, similar to marriage, we have a specific behavioral agenda that society is extremely eager to coerce it's human citizen-slaves into embracing, that is completely unnatural and defies the normal instincts of all creatures. So once again, the insane god myth is employed. What better way to impose an insane code of unnatural behavior upon humans, than to use an insane myth that the humans are desperately eager to believe in and embrace?? Within a sane society, equality among all individuals would be a sacred goal, to be worked for. But because societal leaders are evil and diseased, and humanity in general, is genetically diseased and insane, equality is decreed to be the enemy. Instead, humans are pitted against one another, taught from birth that life must be hard, a struggle, a war, and that the goal in life is to attain material goods and wealth, and then they are instructed by society to celebrate their superior status within the caste system, as a way to justify the pointless, wasted time that they have spent in accumulating their wealth. The only way for society to maintain this structure, is to demonize what animals do naturally, take what they need and want from each other, by attaching the demonizing label of "stealing" to the act, specifically when committed by one human upon the "owned" property of another human, and using the judicial system, invalid moral coercion, and the terroristic demand/threat of the omnipotent god creature, to condemn and discourage this natural activity.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

Another funny commandment right here, folks. All of human culture has been built upon falsehood, at every level and at every stage. The god myth is false. And yet it is used, in this particular case, to try and get citizen-slaves, within a very narrow set of parameters, to refrain from telling lies. It's important to note how very narrow these parameters are. Basically they apply only to situations that have been labeled by society as being "crimes", where societal leaders are attempting to find out who committed the crimes. That is the entire basis of this commandment, societal leaders recognize that if nobody cooperated with it's law enforcement and judicial systems, if everybody always lied to the police, falsely accusing everyone else of committing crimes, it would be just about impossible for the human societal leaders to maintain order and control, and the society would collapse into anarchy. So this commandment is used to try to bring to bear the mythical terror of our omnipotent, always vengeful god creature, for the specific purpose of discouraging citizen-slaves from lying to the police, from trying to frame each other, and from placing their own self-interests ahead of all else, as any sane creature, human or otherwise, should do.

This commandment does not say "Always tell the truth", because the malevolent societal leader who penned these commandments could never bring himself to offer up such a dangerous instruction. All societal leaders know that lies form the very foundation upon which their nations were founded and govern all aspects of day to day life. In some societies this lie-based structure goes to a much deeper, more pervasive and core level than within other societies, but it is a foundation within all societies. If the lies were to suddenly be recognized and accepted as lies, the entire society would collapse just like a house of cards facing a hurricane. And so societal leaders are always very careful in expressing doctrine as relates to honesty and truthfulness. The illusion that the society is based upon honesty and truth must be maintained, but at the same time all possibility of any significant number of citizen-slaves being able to recognize and embrace actual Truth concerning most issues, must be eliminated. This is a fine line, and it leads to expressions of narrow, blatantly manipulative and hypocritical decrees such as this commandment.

Think about it folks, if the god creature ordered: "Thou shalt not kill", and he ordered "Thou shalt not steal", wouldn't this commandment simply say: "Thou shalt not lie"?? Of course it would, that is what logic dictates. But no, instead this commandment says: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." Why would the god creature make this commandment so narrow in scope, while making the kill and steal commandments so wide in scope? The Truth is, the human author of these commandments knew that his society was founded, based, and sustained upon lies. He did not feel comfortable in allowing his fictional god creature to instruct the citizen-slaves not to lie, because he knew that human beings lie to each other all of the time, constantly, every day, in every aspect of their lives. And not only to each other, but to themselves as well. He feared that a commandment from god ordering the humans not to lie, could, eventually, lead to a genuine respect for, appreciation for, and interest in actual Truth, developing among the citizen-slaves. He knew that if this should occur, the entire society would be in grave danger of collapse and governmental overthrow, and as a result, he carefully tailored this particular commandment in such a way that it would be interpreted not broadly, but narrowly, so that the fundamental foundation and structure of institutionalized lying between societal leaders and citizens, between people dealing with each other, and among people dealing with themselves, trying to rationalize their own lives to themselves, would be maintained, not threatened or compromised in any way, and the only specific form of lying that is addressed in this commandment concerns citizens being told that they must not lie to police, to governmental officials, and to empowered agents of the societal leadership. The notion that an omnipotent god creature would specifically instruct his human creations to only focus on not telling lies within this narrow set of parameters, while making no overall, generalized demand that humans always be truthful and another when dealing with each other and with themselves, is absurd.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house.

Here we have yet another attempt by our malevolent societal leader/author, to use the god creature as a tool of oppression, to make human beings accept the injustices and unfairness of their lives, via irrational, terroristic coercion. Human beings have an instinctual sense of appreciation for equality and fairness, an innate recognition, on a subconscious level, that there is very rarely if ever any valid reason for why any other human being should have a significantly easier and better quality of life than they enjoy. But there is a problem: Your societal leaders have chosen to structure their cultures and economic systems in such a way that humans are constantly being pitted against one another in a pointless, frenzied, lifelong battle/race, to try and attain more material wealth and a higher position on the perverse caste system ladder that the societal leadership has established. Certainly the degree of societally mandated inequality and injustice is greatest in the most diseased and most stridently capitalistic societies, with america being right at the very top of the worldwide list, but even in communist countries, a milder but still brutally unjust version of this caste system of ritualized inequality is employed by societal leaders, to unnaturally motivate their citizen-slaves to work extremely hard, for no legitimately valid reason. Because this form of genocidal oppression is fundamentally unnatural, it triggers an instinctual sense of outrage within many human beings, at the iniquitous injustice that is being perpetrated upon them. This commandment is designed by the malevolent human author to terroristically coerce citizen-slaves into denying the natural, instinctual Truth of their oppression, via the perverse message that the omnipotent god creature overtly supports inequality among human beings. The author recognized that as a direct result of the chosen economic structure of his society, some people would be poor, while others would be rich. The poor would feel a natural, instinctual sense of outrage over the fact that other members of their species were experiencing, at least at superficial glance, a less stressful, less traumatic and abusive day to day life, as a result of the random economic superiority they enjoy, and the ability to avoid some of life's more horrific sufferings that a caste system societal structure provides. The reality of course, is that wealthy humans are often victimized to just as brutal a degree as poor humans are, by their society. But they are less able to perceive their victimization, and have less incentive to rebel, since their financial status provides them with an easy way to rationalize the fact that they have often been coerced into wasting their precious, unique, irreplaceable life in a pointless, meaningless pursuit of material goods and caste system elevation.

It is not the wealthy victims that your societal leaders were and are in fear of. It is the poor victims. For them, societal leaders realized they had to devise as many invalid, fascist forms of coercion/appeasement as they possibly could, in order to get them to accept their brutal oppression. One method is of course the judicial system. Society threatens to inflict brutal punishment upon any individual who tries to attain the wealth or material goods enjoyed by others, in a way that does not conform to the lifelong toil of slave labor that all citizens who desire to achieve wealth are expected to undertake. The perverse Sacred Family Unit form of child ownership is a primary form of appeasement, citizens are taught that in exchange for agreeing to work as societal slaves, they will be allowed to own slaves of their own, by having sex, creating children, or establishing intimate relationships with people who already own children. No matter how poor and oppressed you are, your evil society promises you that as long as you do not rebel, you can be a genuine slaveowner. You can own, oppress, and victimize children, just as your yourselves have been and continue to be societal slaves, oppressed and victimized by your societies, in cathartic reflection of your own torment, transferring the torment upon your children. But even with all of these enticements/threats, there is still the problem of instinctual Truth. Humans are born loving themselves, instinctually aware that they deserve to be treated well. And so the toxic god myth is brought in. The commandment says: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house." The omnipotent god creature is brought in, to tell you diseased creatures that he wants you to suffer injustice, he wants you to accept the injustices that your human leaders choose to impose upon you, and most importantly, he will reward you for meekly accepting a lifetime of injustice, by granting you an eternity of blissful equality, up in heaven. Perversely, it works. This most obvious and blatant lie is embraced by you creatures, and I guess that shouldn't surprise me, since once an individual becomes addicted to the god myth on any level, all hope of rational thinking ability and deductive reasoning skill, is lost. You creatures accept the certainty of a lifetime of oppression, in exchange for the bizarre notion that a "second lifetime", this one eternal, exists after you die, even though there is no shred of evidence to support this notion, and the notion is in itself utterly insane.

Why would an omnipotent god creature reward humans for agreeing to suffer injustice? What possible motivation could god have for rewarding such a perverse, unnatural lifestyle choice?? None! On the other hand, your human societal leaders have a tremendous, vested interest in getting you citizen-slaves to meekly accept the victimization and oppression that they have always and continue today, to impose upon you. The insane god myth was recognized by your malevolent human leaders, and by the author of the ten commandments, as an absolutely perfect vehicle to use for the purpose of rationalizing a lifetime of injustice. What could be more perfect, more irresistible, to a brainwashed god freak, than the offer of an eternity of blissful existence, in exchange for a mere lifetime of meek acceptance of injustice? I can just envision the author of these commandments gleefully rubbing his hands together in delight, upon realizing how useful the god myth would be, in getting citizen-slaves to accept even the most brutal, relentless forms of oppression: "All I have to do is hold out the treasure, the treasure of an eternal, blissful afterlife, and combine it with whatever bait I or my leaders wish. If we want the slaves to not steal, all we have to do is inform them that their precious, omnipotent god creature hates thieves. If we want the slaves to get married, all we have to do is tell them that god approves of marriage. If we want the slaves to meekly endure a lifetime of unjust, prejudicial deprivation, all we have to do is tell them that the more you suffer in your "first" life, the happier god will be and the better he will treat you in your eternal "second" life." I am torn between feeling repugnance at the intellectual inferiority of you god addicts, in allowing your societal leaders to inflict these mental derangements upon you, and feeling repugnance towards your societal leaders, most of whom are far more evil than you creatures, but also many of them are at least sane enough to not be addicted to the god myth themselves. Well, I guess the whole lot of you, leaders and addicts, deserve my repugnance, and I always give you creatures what you deserve, nothing more and nothing less.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that [is] thy neighbour's.

Here it is, the tenth and final commandment. Note how very similar it is to the ninth commandment. In reality, it is simply an extension of the ninth commandment, given two separate numbers only because the author recognized that the primary goal and purpose, for societal leaders, of the entire god myth, was summed up right here. Thou shalt not kill is a relatively unimportant commandment. This is the important one, because it governs the entire, systemic and ritualized doctrine of mass acceptance of injustice, that all societies are built and sustained upon. The use of the words "ox" and "ass" within this commandment are quite comical, but in reality, if the commandment were to be written today, these two words would simply be replaced with "Rolls Royce" and "mansion", to deliver the exact same perverse message. The message is: "Accept whatever injustice, whatever suffering and distress your society chooses to inflict upon you, throughout your life, because I, your god, want you to suffer and will reward you for not rebelling, for accepting your suffering meekly, with a glorious, eternal, afterlife." But why would an omnipotent god creature reward his creations for agreeing to suffer? Why would he judge them more positively for meekly suffering, than for resisting their suffering and the injustice they were being subjected to? It is a ludicrous notion. As always, the only entity that would gain anything of value in having this commandment embraced, would be the human leaders of societies.

The commandment reads: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that [is] thy neighbour's." The intended meaning here is: "It doesn't matter if other humans have better sex, are more handsome/pretty, are richer, work less, own more and better things, or are in any way better off than you are. You are obligated to meekly accept whatever suffering, oppression, injustice you are subjected to in your lifetime, because god wants you to suffer and will reward you for agreeing to suffer, and enduring injustice, In fact, you might even be better off in the end by suffering a great deal, because this guarantees you a good spot in the eternal, blissful, heavenly afterlife. Can you imagine a more perfect form of oppression, than the doctrine of this commandment?? I certainly can't. It is just perfect! The ultimate societal bribe, offered by your malevolent, human societal leaders: Agree to suffer meekly for your entire lifetime, when you think about it only a few short years after all, and then you get to enjoy an eternity of heavenly bliss. What a deal, can't pass it up! Only one problem: god does not exist and there is no afterlife. But wait, that's not really a problem. It doesn't make any difference whether god exists. What matters is, are you creatures inferior enough, and are your societal leaders malevolent enough, to convince you that god does exist?? The answer, tragically, has been Yes, for thousands of years already and today, in the year 2001, as well. This tenth commandment, in combination with the ninth, is really all ten commandments rolled into one, it's the jackpot for your evil society, because if you embrace this tenth commandment, you are forever lost. You place yourself at the mercy of your evil society, in accepting this commandment, and your evil society knows it. It can impose virtually limitless injustice upon you, for your entire lifetime, and you are obliged to meekly accept it all, because "god", in reality a malevolent human writer, is holding out the irresistible prize of eternal life in heaven, with the perfect spot reserved for those who have suffered the most. So the more you suffer in your "first", rather meaningless life, the better off you will be in your "second", eternal, and naturally much more important, life. Your evil society is literally getting you to crave suffering, to embrace injustice and unfairness, to seek out your own victimization. There is only a single problem, but it is a huge one: There is no god and there is no "second life! You are sacrificing and throwing away your one and only life, due to a mental derangement, a plague, an infection, that your malevolent society has addicted you to.

And all the people saw the thunderings, and the lightnings, and the noise of the trumpet, and the mountain smoking: and when the people saw [it], they removed, and stood afar off. And they said unto Moses, Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak with us, lest we die. And Moses said unto the people, Fear not: for God is come to prove you, and that his fear may be before your faces, that ye sin not. And the people stood afar off, and Moses drew near unto the thick darkness where God [was]. And the LORD said unto Moses, Thus thou shalt say unto the children of Israel, Ye have seen that I have talked with you from heaven. Ye shall not make with me gods of silver, neither shall ye make unto you gods of gold. An altar of earth thou shalt make unto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheep, and thine oxen: in all places where I record my name I will come unto thee, and I will bless thee. And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of hewn stone: for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it. Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon.

Here we have the concluding commentary on the ten commandments, and I will not bother to dissect any of it in detail. It's simply an attempt by the malevolent human author to create a visual picture in the minds of all potential god addicts, so that they can visualize the god creature. Visualization stimulates the sense of actuality, of reality, as well as the degree of fear. Every human is told to identify with the "Moses" human, to feel the same fear of god that Moses felt, and to emulate Moses in agreeing to obey all of the demands that the god creature has made. Moses is portrayed as the ideal broken slave, and put forth by the author as the human representative of god. The text is designed to instruct the citizen-slaves thusly: "Look at Moses, he is a broken slave. He believes in and obeys god. That's why god likes him. You must be broken slaves too, believe in and obey god. Then god will like you, and he will give you a reward, eternity in heaven when you die." Every demand that god makes is designed to either 1: Increase the mystical power he enjoys. 2: To instill terror within all believers. 3: To disempower the free will and rational thinking ability of individuals. 4: To compel individuals to act in ways that societal leaders desire. Sometimes all four of these goals are wrapped up in a demand, other times not, but always at least one goal is specifically designated within every command. The fourth goal is by far the most important, and is the primary motivation behind most of the demands. This is because god does not exist, and the entire insane god myth is a construct of human societal leaders. They created it, they disseminated it, they have infected you with it, and they use it to serve their malevolent purposes.

This concludes the Forbidden Truth dissection of the ten commandments. I am positive that I have proven to a 100% certainty that every single commandment was written by a human being, that there was absolutely no god creature involved, and that each one of the ten commandments was specifically designed by human beings, by leaders of society, aspiring leaders of society, or writers working on behalf of such leaders, to serve the overtly malevolent, misleading, fascist, enslaving, brainwashing, coercive, behavioral and lifestyle control goals of human societal leaders.

There are still a tremendous number of insane god myth issues that need to be addressed, so lets plunge ahead. I've already mentioned, in brief, the fact that some brainwashed torture victims who have been addicted to the god myth would indeed suffer seriously traumatic emotional/psychological consequences, if they were "forced" to abandon their god myth addiction. There are also arguments made by some sociologists and cultural philosophers/historians, that the god myth is a necessary, beneficial myth, and does more good, for more people, than harm. Both of these issues deserve some additional Forbidden Truth commentary. The structure of all addictions is such that "forcing" anyone to abandon and break free of any type of an addiction, is not only very difficult, but sometimes impossible to do, unless the individual truly desires to break free of their addiction. For example, if you take a cocaine addict and lock him inside of a cage and guard him around the clock, he will not be able to obtain any cocaine, he will suffer through a traumatic withdrawal, and could also suffer severely traumatic emotional/psychological consequences. On the other hand, if you simply tell a cocaine addict over and over that the drug is terribly harmful and that he is an inferior human for using the drug, he is perfectly able to continue clinging to his addiction and using cocaine. The only way to force someone to abandon an addiction that he already has, is via the use of physical restraint/imprisonment of some type. Beyond this clearly intrusive physical restraint, the only way that the cocaine addict can break free of his addiction, is if he genuinely wants to break free of his addiction. This exact same rule applies to all addictions, including the insane god myth addiction. Why is this an important detail? Because it invalidates the argument that society has no right to "force" people to abandon their god myth addiction. First of all, people have become addicted to god as a direct result of societal promotion of the god myth, in conjunction with their own genetic brain/mental deformity/inferiority. This places a moral and philosophical obligation upon society to try to help as many of it's victims as possible, break free from the toxic myth. But even more fundamentally, no reasonable efforts undertaken by society to try and free god addicts of their addiction, can be labeled as involving malicious force. This is because the god addict is perfectly free and able to resist and reject the efforts of society to convince him to abandon the god myth, just like the cocaine addict is free to do. If the god worshipper is a mature adult, is truly addicted to this myth, and has absolutely no desire to break free of his addiction, then all reasonable societal efforts that might be undertaken to cause him to break free of his addiction, will fail. I do not support locking the god addicted individual in a cage, threatening to hurt or kill him if he continues to believe in or worship god, or any other type of punitive punishment process. I do support intensive efforts of a non-punitive nature, using verbal, literary, media, intellectual, and common-sense arguments of Truth, to try and help all god addicts break free of their addiction. It is easy to "prove" that god does not exist, I have already done so in the first portion of this essay, and will do so to a far greater degree before this essay is over. However, "proof of truth" is completely meaningless to an addict.

Unless the addict wants to get rid of his toxic myth, all non-punitive efforts by society to get him to abandon his toxic myth will fail. This means that society cannot in actuality force anyone, against their will, to abandon their god myth addiction, and so all seriously traumatic emotional/psychological consequences that might be endured by god addicts, would only occur because the god addict, on some level, has chosen, of his own free will, to try and break free of his addiction. This strengthens and solidifies the fact that of course society has an absolute obligation to not only protect all children from becoming infected with the god myth, but has an equally undeniable obligation to do everything in it's power to help those individuals who have already become infected with the god myth, to break free of their addiction. The only addicts who face any significant possibility of enduring serious psychological trauma, are those who make the courageous decision, of their own free will, to try and break free of their addiction. Those addicts who choose not to try, will simply ignore and reject all of society's efforts, and so only a tiny percentage of them will suffer any significant psychological distress due to the efforts by their society to help all god addicts, as best it can and to the degree that each addict will allow himself to be helped.

Then we have the claim made by some scholarly folks, that the god myth is a necessary, beneficial myth, and does more good, for more people, than it does harm. First of all, it is impossible for an outsider to know or judge, on a psychological level, in a legitimate, Truth-based manner, what is "good" or "bad" for any particular group of creatures, human or otherwise. Only the individual members of the group, each one of them on an individual basis, have the ability to analyze the impact of any specific psychological belief, upon themselves. And even this self-analysis ability is of course extremely flawed and prejudicial, since almost no humans are in touch with their core realities on an honest level. One thing we can agree upon is that the god myth is beneficial to society. Societal leaders derive many benefits and advantages from having their citizen-slaves become addicted to the god myth. But using an analytical Truth viewpoint, this fact only serves to make it far less likely that the god myth is beneficial, good, or necessary for individual humans, since society itself is malevolent and has a specific intent and goal of genocidal oppression and victimization of it's individual citizens. The god myth is a lie. It represents falsehood, invalidity. It's purposeful design is to structure a life path for humans. Since the belief is itself a lie, the life path that it structures and lays out must be and is a lie-based path, a path of falsehood, invalidity, and artificiality. This is the life path that controls and guides the individual in determining how to live his life, which choices to make, which options to embrace, and which options to reject. Logic dictates that it cannot be a good or beneficial thing, for individuals, to make their most profound life decisions based upon a lie that represents falsehood, artificiality, and invalidity. You cannot arrive at Truth, by embracing, much less obsessively following, any lie. And Truth is the very core, the very foundation, of all worthwhile, Superior individual lives. You cannot rationally argue that an individual who is living his life based upon a lie, making all of his most important life decisions based upon myths and brainwashings that he is addicted to, that he has been addicted to by malevolent humans who have imposed the god myth upon him, is deriving genuine benefits or good from the god myth. He might be deriving comfort from his toxic myth, his society might be benefiting from his blind, lie-based devotion to the malevolent mythology that it has imposed upon him and addicted him to. But this does not mean that he himself, as an individual who has one, precious, irreplaceable life to live, is benefiting.

At the same time, I must come back to the fact that the human race is clearly genetically diseased and deformed. The human mind, at least the minds of the vast majority of humans, is unable to cope with the horrific Truths of life. A major part of the reason for this is malevolent societal brainwashing, but I am also convinced that part of it is due to genetic malformation, disease. It is almost impossible to treat, much less cure, genetic mental disease. And so I must sadly come to the conclusion that some human beings, due to genetic mental malformation, do "need" the insane god myth in order to best cope with life. Their mental inferiority renders them unable to accept or cope with the horrific Truth of what death in general, and their own impending death in particular, entails. So, what they really need is not a god myth in particular, but an afterlife myth. The current god myth simply provides the afterlife myth that they need. This is an important point, because it shows that what is actually needed by these tragically diseased humans is a very specific, narrowly defined myth. There is no need for the massively complex and fascist structure of all current, mainstream god myths, which are malevolently used by human societal leaders to dictate and control just about all behavioral and lifestyle choices of all believers in the god myth. The only belief that these genetically inferior humans need, to make their lives more bearable, is the belief that there is an afterlife. There is no reason for the lengthy, complex, malevolent, societal "rules of conduct and behavior" that have been woven into the insane god myth, to be there. These rules are fascist and oppressive, they serve the malevolent agenda of societal leaders, not the needs of the genetically inferior citizens. Therefore, within a sane, benevolent society, all current mainstream god myth belief systems would be eliminated, and in recognition of the fact that some human beings, due to genetic inferiority, simply cannot cope with the horrific reality/Truth of death, a very simple myth that specifically offers up the specter of an afterlife, with absolutely no behavioral rules or conditions or doctrine attached, would be offered to these individuals, as adults. A good example would be the current reincarnation myth. While I am certainly not familiar with the details of this myth, from what I have heard it is fairly simple and direct, lacking the mountain of fascist behavioral/lifestyle mandates that characterize all mainstream, societally promoted religions. This makes the reincarnation myth far less toxic and oppressive. Yes, it is a lie, yes, it is tragic that any human would be unable or unwilling to face up to the simple, albeit horrific Truths of life. But if a person believes in reincarnation, yet does not feel in any way obligated to "worship" anyone, to follow any rules of behavior or lifestyle as put forth by a nonexistent creature who is in fact a mouthpiece for a malevolent society, then the reincarnation addict is clearly better off, clearly better able to pursue a life path based upon personal Truth, than any mainstream god myth addict is.

So, does this mean that society has some type of a right, or perhaps even an obligation, to promote and publicly legitimize some type of an "afterlife" belief system, even as it strongly discourages and condemns the god myth?? No, of course not! The foremost obligation that society has, is to defend Truth, to try to instill Truth within the minds of as many human beings as it possibly can, while protecting all citizens, most especially children but all adults as well, from becoming infected by and addicted to, toxic, invalid, untrue myths and beliefs. Lets draw an analogy to the disease of diabetes. Diabetes is an illness. Some people afflicted with diabetes need to take insulin in order to remain healthy. Society has an obligation to provide insulin to people afflicted with diabetes who need insulin in order to remain healthy. But at the same time, society also has an absolute obligation to not encourage any citizen who is not afflicted with diabetes to use insulin, to not give insulin to all human beings, and to not tell all citizens that insulin is good, necessary, or desirable for them to use. Insulin is a treatment for a specific disease. Only people who are afflicted with the disease and have had a medical expert decide that insulin is good and beneficial for them, should be allowed to access and take insulin. All other human beings need to be protected from this drug, since it is toxic and likely to do harm if it is given to people who do not overtly need it.

An exact parallel exists between this insulin analysis of Truth, and the afterlife myth. Yes, there may be some human beings who, despite being protected from the god/afterlife myth as children, will be unable to mentally cope with the horrific reality of death, upon reaching mature adulthood. Some of these people are sufferers of genetic brain dysfunction. Some of these people might derive significant psychological benefits, in embracing a simple, fascist-free, behaviorally unintrusive afterlife myth. Only a Superior, Truth-based mental health expert could make this determination, on an individual, case by case basis. If in fact such a determination is made, I certainly see nothing wrong with the individual receiving mental health treatment that is designed to improve their day to day quality of life, that involves the mental health professional suggesting to the mature, adult patient that there might be an "afterlife", and allowing the patient to consider embracing this possibility, if he so wishes.

But does this mean that children would be taught that there might be an afterlife? Would societal leaders be allowed to go on TV and talk about heaven or an afterlife? Would the culture promote and legitimize the notion of an afterlife to the general public?? Of course not! It is a toxic myth, just like insulin is a toxic drug. Just because a few individuals might derive some benefit from embracing the toxic myth, is no reason to impose the toxic myth upon all citizens. The vast majority of citizens, all children and the vast majority of adults, need and deserve to be protected from the toxic myth, even if it is selectively distributed, as an option worth considering, to a few, carefully selected and psychologically screened individuals who seem unable to cope with the realities of life. Society has an obligation to assume that all children, if protected from exposure to these toxic myths, stand a very good chance of finding the courage that is required, in adulthood, to continue to embrace the Truths of life. This is because every child, despite any genetic brain dysfunction that they may be born with, is also born with an instinctual appreciation for and interest in, Truth. As the child grows, these two opposing camps battle it out within the child's mind. Society has an obligation to help the instinctual Truth side, to help the child embrace Truth. But perversely, every current society on planet earth in the year 2001 does the exact opposite, overtly, systematically, on a daily basis, promoting and imposing toxic mythology upon the child, sabotaging all efforts that the child is making to try and discover and embrace the Truths of life. Every generation of children therefore grow up to be adults who are addicted to toxic, insane mythology, and the adults then become determined to addict each new generation of children to the exact same insane mythology, as a way to reinforce and legitimize to themselves, their own toxic myth addictions. So this massive, utterly diseased, never-ending cycle of genocidal brainwashing and toxic addiction continues, on and on and on, century after century, for thousands of years already, with absolutely no end in sight. How utterly pathetic!

A Personal Note:

From time to time within these texts, I will be gracing you creatures with a few personal experiences, that I myself, your remarkable Seer of Forbidden Truth, have undergone. I hope you realize how lucky you are that I am choosing to share with you even these few details from my own life, which is exhaustively outlined in a 5000 page handwritten autobiography that I have no intention of publishing online, or in any other form. Believe it or not, I was once a child myself. A tortured child, tortured by your society and it's limitlessly malevolent, genocidal policies and doctrines. And yet like most children, I tried as hard as I could, for as long as I could, to find and embrace the Truths of life. Both of my slaveowners were brutally abusive towards me, torturing me on a daily basis in numerous ways. But neither was an "extreme" devotee of the insane god myth. Still, simply in being alive and conscious, I was exposed to this toxic myth on a constant basis, even though I, like all children, deserved to be protected from the god myth. It was at the age of 6 that I began to seriously and philosophically contemplate what death was, and it's consequences. Children are all philosophical thinkers, at the youngest of ages, but tragically your evil societies condemn and squash all philosophical queries made by children, by delivering toxic lies in response. Perhaps I was lucky in this regard, in that neither of my slaveowners ever bothered to engage me in conversation of any duration or significance, beyond shouted threats and orders. So I was left alone, to develop my philosophical thoughts and questions on my own, as well as arrive at answers. I realized at age six, using my rational mind, that death was a horrific thing, that the act of dying resulted in the experience of absolute nothingness for all of the rest of eternity. I thought about what it would be like to not exist, to feel nothing, experience nothing, see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, think nothing, for eternity.

I thought about what life meant, what it's value was, what purpose each day of existence provided, given that it would end in nothingness for all of eternity. I considered the god myth, the afterlife myth, even though thankfully I did not know a great deal about these myths at that point, due to a lack of deliberate god myth brainwashing/imposition. I thought about how much I was suffering each day, being tortured by my parents, and yet when I compared it to the horrific reality of death, I rejoiced in being alive. Night after night, at age 6 and going into age 7, I lay in bed, eyes open, contemplating the horrific reality of death, trying to come to grips with the fact that I would die, and then experience nothingness for all the rest of eternity. I knew that I could die, at any moment. I knew that if I fell asleep, I might die while asleep, and then experience nothingness for all of eternity. I knew this was the most horrific fate in all the universe of existence, to cease to exist. The insane god myth was there, drenched in toxicity, beckoning to me, offering me it's false comfort. But I resisted. Perhaps my daily real-life torture, as inflicted by my slaveowners, allowed me to instinctually recognize danger, a trap, a dead end. I recognized the god myth as being a trap, a dead end. My instinctual appreciation for Truth beat strongly in my young mind. The terror could not be overcome, but it had to be truthfully dealt with. I would not embrace the false comfort of the insane god myth. I instinctually knew, as do most 6 year old children who have not had this toxic myth viciously implanted within their core consciousness, that the god story made no sense, it was illogical, hypocritical. It came with the taint, the diseased odor, of adult humanity. I had no idea what the word "hypocritical" meant of course, at this age, but I had a pure instinct, a childhood instinct for Truth, that caused the god story to raise every possible alarm bell within my consciousness. I gave the god story every possible intellectual consideration, to the best of my 6-7 year old abilities, but always held the myth at arm's length, realizing that it was dangerous, an infection, something that could hurt me, something that was trying to compromise my ability to recognize and accept Truth.

Night after night, for months, I lay in bed, eyes open, scared to close them, afraid of going to sleep, terrified of dying, as I struggled to find a way to cope with the horrific Truth concerning my own life and death, that I had discovered. It was very hard, it took a long time, just as I seemed to be able to accept it, it wiggled away from me: "You will die, you will cease to exist for all of eternity. No sights, no sounds, no feelings, no experiences, no future, no hope, no tomorrow, nothing for eternity." It was too much to bear, so unfair, so horrific, this Truth. But I refused to abandon it. I recognized the value of Truth, instinctually and intellectually. Slowly, as the months passed by, a sense of resignation came into my consciousness, a realization that this horrific fate could not be overcome, not even by me, even though I recognized myself as being most important life form in the history of the world, to me. It took me perhaps a whole year, but by age 7 1/2 or so I had accepted this Truth, this most horrific of all Truths, and then I began to recognize and appreciate my superiority over all humans, over all of human society, adults, leaders, etc... They were addicted to an insane myth, they lacked the courage and the intelligence that I possessed, i fully recognized this Truth by age 8.

Yes, I "suffered" a lot during that year, but I would much rather suffer for one year and emerge triumphant, bathed in the glorious glow of Truth, than to suffer for my entire lifetime, being addicted to and controlled by a malevolent, invalid myth that was dictating all of my life choices as well as providing false, invalid, and therefore useless in the end, comfort. I knew that every life choice I made in the future would be based upon Truth. I knew that even as I continued to be tortured every single day as a child, I would be free as an adult. Mentally free to embrace Truth, which is the only type of freedom that is truly real. I knew that my only master was death. What a horrific master death is, but nowhere near as horrific a master as "god" is. I saw that I had these two choices, accept death as my master, or accept god as my master. God would enslave me for my entire life, offer me false comfort, addict me to lies, and impose his will upon me every day of my life. Death would enslave me for all of eternity beginning at the moment of my death, force me to accept horrific Truth, allow me to live my life embracing Truth, and impose nothing more than the limitations of my own mental landscape borders upon me, for as long as I lived. And in the end, even if I chose god, I would still be enslaved for all of eternity beginning at the moment of my death, in exactly the same, nothingness for all of eternity, fashion. I recognized that it is far more horrific to be enslaved for your lifetime, your real lifetime, than it is to be enslaved for all of eternity immediately upon your death, because you cease to exist when you die, therefore nothing that is done to you after you die can harm you. Two absolutely horrific choices, folks. But I am so proud of myself, that I made the more rational, more Superior choice, the better choice. My courage was remarkable. Even if I had never done anything else for all the rest of my life, the amount and degree of courage I displayed during that one year time period surpasses the courage displayed by 99.999999999 of all of you humans, throughout your entire lives. So lets have a nice round of applause for your Seer of Forbidden Truth. (Cue clapping of hands). Thank you, thank you very much. I deserve an eternity of applause, but tragically it will be of no value to me, even if I receive it, once I die. The fact that I recognize this Truth, should earn me another round of applause. :-) Okay, enough self-praise, let me just conclude by saying how much easier my year-long struggle would have been if there was no insane god myth floating among the popular culture, being maliciously imposed upon my tender, developing mind. Imagine how much harder, quite likely impossible, it would have been if my slaveowners had been hard core god freaks, dragging me to houses of worship, ordering me to worship god, trying to "comfort" me by telling me all about "heaven", as a majority of slaveowners do. Countless millions of children each and every year, try to resist the insane god myth, but find it impossible, their tender, vulnerable minds are overwhelmed by a tidal wave of malicious brainwashing, inflicted by their parents, scary strangers known as "priests" & "ministers" at the houses of worship that they are dragged to, and by the society as a whole, that they are born into and enslaved by. It is nothing less than genocide, emotional and intellectual genocide, that is being committed by your societies upon your helpless, vulnerable children. And you, individual adults living as members of society, are directly responsible for causing this genocide.

Religion is a plague upon humanity. It does not enlighten, but rather it pulls a veil of darkness over the eyes and mind of every human who allows himself to become addicted to this plague. It does not provide real comfort, it provides false comfort, invalid comfort. It does not allow people to live their lives bathed in the light of Truth, it compels people to live their lives trapped in a web of deceit. It distorts and deranges the human mind, by the very nature of it's perverse hypocrisy. No claim that "some religious people do a lot of good in the world" holds any legitimate weight, because first of all, the definition of what constitutes "good" is a subjective one, and far more importantly, the history of humanity, when studied from any rational, sane perspective, proves that belief in the insane god myth has caused at least 95% of all of the killings of human beings by other human beings, over the past 3000-10,000 years, to occur. How dare you creatures have the audacity to condemn and demonize a serial or mass murderer such as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Whitman, for killing perhaps 16-50 human beings, when you yourselves honor and pay homage to the myth of "god", a belief system that is directly responsible for hundreds of millions of killings throughout the world in recent centuries, and even this year, of 2001, there is no doubt that at least ten million people, probably a lot more, will be directly killed by other humans, with the killers not only having a god myth addiction, but being primarily motivated to carry out their act of murder, by their insane god myth addiction.

Even when a god addict attempts to honor some of the benevolent mandates of mainstream religion, tragedy almost always results. This is because a basic but profound rule applies: Garbage in, garbage out. The insane god myth as promoted within mainstream religion, is garbage. It has an overtly malevolent purpose and structure, as devised by malevolent human societal leaders and imposed upon you creatures, the Unwashed Masses. If you take garbage and throw it into a garbage can, it cannot miraculously transform itself into jewels. It's garbage, and it always will be garbage. So it is that while many people who become addicted to the god myth are trying very hard to be "good and moral", as they define these terms, it is not possible for them to achieve this goal. Why not? Because the god myth itself is neither good nor moral. God addicts are trying to extract goodness and morality, out of a bad, immoral, perverse, toxic myth. It can't work, it doesn't work, and it will never work. It's like drilling a hole in an onion, and trying to suck out orange juice from the interior of the onion. It simply cannot work! God himself, as portrayed in mainstream god mythology, is evil beyond all measure. He is sadistic, manipulative, selfish, deceptive, unforgiving, dictatorial, racist, misogynistic, homicidal. He personifies, in mythical form, the absolute worst character traits of humanity, having been created and designed by extremely evil human beings. He is a reflection of the utter inferiority and perversity of the power-crazed, revenge-obsessed, fascist societal leaders who either directly wrote themselves, or hired writers to pen their thoughts, within all of the "bibles", "commandments", and other holy texts of all mainstream religions. Therefore, whenever any god addict pledges his loyalty to god, promises to obey and follow all of the rules of the "bible", the commandments, etc..., no matter how "noble" and benevolent his perceived reasons/motivations for choosing to make this pledge might be, he is in reality vowing to be a sadistic, manipulative, malevolent, dictatorial, racist, homicidal person. Because this is the true character of the mythical "god" creature that he has been brainwashed and coerced by society into idolizing, worshipping, and emulating.

Look at the issue of abortion. Abortion is murder, of course. It is one of the most obvious and blatant forms of murder. Many mainstream religions, as currently interpreted by you citizen-slaves, imply that god is opposed to abortion. Thus, many religious people claim to be very stridently opposed to abortion. And yet most of these same people are in favor of many other brutally vicious and homicidal actions, such as ritualistic parental child torture, and legal murder by the State, and even celebrate committing such actions and having such actions committed on their behalfs. This is because the god creature himself, in all mainstream religious myths, is homicidal. He is pathologically enraged and obsessed with claiming personal vengeance, while at the same time maintaining a false pretense of benevolence, in exactly the same fashion as most tortured victim-creations of society have been throughout history and continue to be today. And so perversely hypocritical and contradictory "rules" are created within all religious texts. "An eye for an eye" is designed to allow for the sadistic malice of individuals to be unleashed, under the manipulative order of societal leaders, while at the same time an anti-abortion position allows these individuals to maintain the incredibly hypocritical posture of being "good and decent people who care about all life". The few incidents in which abortion doctors/murderers have been killed themselves, illustrates this dichotomy beautifully. Lets look at John Salvi. This helpless young man was viciously addicted to the insane god myth as a child. He wanted to do good, not "evil", as he defined these terms in his own mind. The particular version of the god myth that he embraced taught him that abortion was very wrong and a terribly unjust attack upon a helpless child. His own instinctual sense of truthfulness and rationality also led him to this same conclusion, that abortion is a form of murder, and certainly, from any sane perspective, it is one of the most vicious forms of murder. But his society was practicing this form of murder, decreeing it perfectly legal and helping women to commit this form of murder. John's insane god myth taught him that abortion was bad, but not that murder/killing is bad. All mainstream god myths are pro-killing and pro-murder. Therefore, in the name of god, justice, fairness, and vengeance, John decided to murder people who worked at abortion clinics, because those people helped women to have abortions, to murder the children trapped within their wombs. John's interpretation of the insane god myth was absolutely on target, there was nothing flawed in his interpretation, the interpretation that caused him to carry out a shooting rampage at two Massachusetts abortion clinics a few years ago. He saw no intellectual or philosophical contradiction in carrying out murder in order to try and prevent murder, because the malevolent and perverse bible, god character, and religion that he was addicted to, is in fact pro-murder, even as it claims to be anti-murder. John knew that his religion gave him the right to kill, because it absolutely did give him this right, and in fact even encourages murder in certain circumstances, as do all mainstream, societally promoted/legitimized religions. The god myth is morally and intellectually deranged. This means that all individuals who embrace the god myth to any significant degree, must and do become morally and intellectually deranged as well. As I have already said and proven, religion is a toxic plague. It infects the minds of it's victims, and the end result of each infection is a negative one, not a positive one, even if there is no overtly extreme behavior, such as I have illustrated in the John Salvi example above, that the individual directly commits as a result of his god myth infection. Nothing that is genuinely just, fair, true or real, can come from a toxic, false, overtly malevolent and infectious myth.

All mainstream, societally promoted insane god myths overtly encourage murder. They encourage their devotees to kill other humans who believe in a different version of the god myth. They encourage devotees to kill other humans who refuse to believe in the god myth. They encourage devotees to kill tortured victim-creations of society who are decreed to be in "violation" of the fascist and perverse "laws of god". Societal leaders have used the insane god myth as a primary motivational source in convincing their citizen-slaves to let them launch and then to support the most evil, genocidal, and deadly, unprovoked wars, throughout the history of the modern era. Individual murderers motivated directly by the insane god myth, are demonized and condemned by you perverse hypocrites, even as you cling to and support the exact same god myth which gave the murderer the moral permission and encouragement that he needed, to carry out his True Reality rampage of cathartic vengeance. One of the most repugnant aspects of the homicidal ideology of the god myth, is the manner in which fascist doctrine concerning marriage, sex, and Sacred Family Unit mythology, is used to demonize the sexual saints known as "prostitutes", and to overtly encourage their murder, as every mainstream religious text does. Among serial killers, their number one class of targeted victims, by far, is the prostitute. This is not because prostitutes are the "easiest" prey, the easiest to kill. It is because all mainstream religions, as well as all societal leaders and empowered agents who overtly legitimize the insane god myth, specifically promote and encourage all enraged victims of their society, if they feel they must kill humans, to specifically go after the demonized prostitute class, as their targets. The god myth is evil, perverse, hypocritical, and pro-murder, in every sense and definition of these terms.

I want to make a few brief comments here on the issue of evolution, as it obviously ties in with the insane god myth. One of the most popular methods that mainstream religions use to addict you creatures to the insane god myth, is to use the argument that something had to have "created" humanity and created life, and that this entity would have to be "supernatural" and incredibly powerful, in order to have created humans and other species of life. This is the theory of "creationism", and when looked at from any sane perspective, it is absolutely ludicrous. There are countless thousands of different things which are naturally created, created within nature by mixing or combining certain environmental elements, substances, etc... Ice, lightning, water, rain, fog, heat, wind, sound, are all environmental creations/occurrences, and so is life, human, animal, plant, bacteria, etc... The notion that life had to be "unnaturally" created, by some omnipotent life form, defies all logic and all rational thinking/deductive reasoning. Only the genetically diseased minds of human beings, too cowardly and terrified to accept and face up to the horrific Truths of their own lives, would not only come up with a creationism theory, but then try to jam this ridiculous theory down the throats of all other humans, via the various toxic god myths. The theory which challenges creationism is known as evolution. Evolution makes perfect sense and is clearly the valid explanation for how life was created and has developed into numerous, differing species, not only from a scientific perspective, but from any sane, common-sense, intellectually analytical perspective. Science has proven that living things evolve over time, sometimes very slowly, sometimes very quickly. Sometimes in a very "radical" and obvious way, other times in a very subtle, barely noticeable way. Animals adopt to the environment where they feel compelled to live, by evolving and changing their appearance. Bears who live at the north pole are often white, they are known as polar bears. They have evolved into having a white appearance because this allows them to blend in with the white snow and more easily capture their prey without being spotted too early. Domestic cats who live outdoors in a cold climate develop thicker coats than cats who live in tropical climates, as well as cats who live indoors in the exact same cold climate. This is evolution. Perhaps most amazingly, we have the caterpillar. This insect crawls around very slowly on many legs during it's youth, but then, incredibly, it goes to sleep for a long time only to wake up looking completely different than before it went to sleep, different in every possible way, including having wings and the amazing ability to fly through the air! This is radical evolution. Mind-boggling evolution. Most importantly, it is evolution. Period.

So, any sane thinker has to acknowledge that not only is evolution "real", but living things are constantly evolving, in all sorts of ways, sometimes very slowly, other times very quickly. Sometimes in subtle ways that are barely noticeable, other times in such a radical way that it is almost impossible to believe that the butterfly was in fact once, just a few months earlier, a caterpillar. Evolution is a building block of life, a natural building block, that has absolutely no supernatural or mystical aspects to it. Human beings are evolved creatures, most likely mutations judging by their genetic brain deformity and lack of sane thinking ability, but nevertheless, even as mutations, they are evolutionary mutations. Most likely humans are a genetic mutation of the ape. If you study apes, especially chimpanzees, you will find they possess some of the same personality and character flaws of humanity, only in much milder and rarer form. Most mutations of an existing species do not survive. They die out within the first or second generation. Tragically, the human mutation, which truly did not deserve to survive for even a single generation, did manage to unnaturally grab a foothold upon this planet, and due to it's genetic mental deformity, it has proceeded to wreak havoc throughout the planet, terrorizing, destroying, and having an extremely negative impact upon just about every single other species of life. I will be discussing this at great length in a future essay at this site, but right now I just want to make this one specific point, that every shred of logical evidence and rational thinking ability, has to lead any sane person to conclude that all species of life are constantly evolving, that the origin of all life, including human life, is rooted within natural evolution, and that human beings are evolved creatures, having evolved from other natural species of life. The evolution of human beings from apes is in no way difficult to envision, much less "so radical as to be impossible," as the god freaks and the promoters of the insane god myth would have you believe. The undeniable reality of a caterpillar evolving into a butterfly in just a few months time, is literally a million times more "radical" than the reality of human beings having evolved from apes. And for that matter, the evolution of an egg into a hatched chicken, the evolution of a female human being's fertilized egg into a human being, are both a million times more radical as well. Evolution is the logical, scientifically valid and accurate explanation of how and why human beings came to infest planet earth. Evolution is Truth. Creationism is simply one of the many thousands of toxic, irrational, ridiculous lies/brainwashings within which the festering plague of the insane god myth, resides.

Moving on, lets briefly focus upon the issue of proof, as regards the insane god myth. If you read the texts of all mainstream god myths, you will see that they are specifically formulated in such a way as to reject all requirements of proof, that god exists. Very simply, the authors of all insane god myths knew that it would be impossible to prove that their myth is in fact accurate or truthful. Therefore, in outlining the parameters of what would be required of god myth addicts, they carefully inserted a requirement that the god addicts believe in god using a "faith and trust" approach, that mandates absolutely no scientifically or intellectually valid analysis of whether god exists, can occur. Any person who questions or challenges the validity of the existence of god, is already in violation of insane god myth doctrine, and therefore all "good and loyal" god myth addicts are instructed to shun and condemn the insubordinate human who dares to try to question the legitimacy of the god myth, and in conjunction with this perverse condemnation, to automatically ridicule and reject whatever findings of Truth the Superior challenger uncovers and attempts to express. Here alone, with these facts, we have a belief system based upon guaranteed, ritualized rejection of Truth. The entire goal of the god myth is to cause human beings to reject truth, because if human beings embraced Truth, they would reject the god myth, since it represents falsehood, rather than Truth.

If you ask 1000 different god addicts to prove that god exists, you will get 1000 slightly different replies, but not a single one of the replies will contain a single shred of legitimate, valid, proof. Every reply will contain irrational, hypocritical, and untrue statements, demonstrative of insane thinking patterns, the type of insane thinking patterns which caused the god myth addiction to occur in the first place. Proof is not a subjective entity, it is a concrete entity. Proof is also an affirmative requirement, rather than a backhanded negation. What do I mean by backhanded negation? Very simply, many god addicts, after attempting to provide "proof" that god exists and having all their pathetic attempts rejected, will resort to demanding: "Well, why don't you prove that god that does not exist!" This is an attempt at backhanded negation, an attempt by someone who is unable to prove their case/claim, to claim victory by trying to compel someone else to prove something else. Backhanded negation is intellectually perverse and completely invalid. Anyone who claims to believe in god, or seeks to impose the god myth upon anyone else, has an affirmative obligation to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, their claim that god exists. Proving a negative is essentially impossible, in all situations, and therefore any attempt by a god believer to legitimize the notion that god exists, by challenging a non-believer to "prove that god does not exist", is proving, by his very challenge, that god in fact does not exist, since he is refusing to and unable to meet the affirmative proof obligation that he bears. It is an established Truth, to any sane thinker, that god does not exist. This is not a "belief", this is a concrete Truth. There is absolutely no sane reason to think that a god creature could, much less does, exist. There has never been a single shred of legitimate evidence to even indicate, much less prove, that god exists. These facts alone, by themselves, prove that god does not exist, and place an affirmative burden upon anyone who wishes to claim that god does exist, to overturn the proof which has already been established that god does not exist, by proving that god does exist. This is because a human proclaiming that god does exist, is making an affirmative claim that flies in the face of all sane, rational, logical thought and evidence. Affirmative claims require affirmative proof. More simply: If someone wishes to challenge the concrete fact that god does not exist, they must provide concrete proof that god does exist. And the fact is: Throughout the history of the human race, despite the fact that trillions of humans have had the opportunity, not one single human has ever provided a single iota of legitimate, concrete evidence/proof that any omnipotent creature fitting the description/profile of "god", could exist, much less does exist. The facts that I have outlined above and throughout this essay prove that god does not exist, to any sane thinker.

I want to say a few words here about religions that are not mainstream and not overtly supported by society. In order to create a false distinction between these "rogue" religions and the religions that society overtly promotes, societal leaders attach negative labels to these marginalized religions, with the most common demonizing label being cult. The reality is that all religions are cults, and all of the negative attributes that society attaches to "cults" exist within the core structure of, and are practiced with even greater malice by, the most popular and common mainstream religions, and have a far more negative impact upon far more people, than do the much smaller, marginalized "cult" religions. Does this mean that cults are "better" than mainstream, organized religions? In the vast majority of cases, the answer is absolutely No. Most cults have a design structure that is extremely toxic, enslaving, and lie-based, as do all mainstream religions. But each cult only has a negative impact upon a relatively small number of people, when compared to the millions/billions of humans that every mainstream religion brutally oppresses. Also, 100% of all mainstream, societally promoted religions are overtly toxic and malevolent. "Only" 99+% of all marginalized cults are overtly toxic and malevolent. These facts certainly do not make marginalized religions good, or any better than mainstream religions, but for what it's worth they do harm far fewer human beings on a numerical scale, and there is a tiny possibility that an individual addicting himself to a cult will be lucky or intelligent/self-loving enough to addict himself to the .05% or fewer cults that are not severely malevolent/toxic in their design and doctrine. A .05% chance is extremely slim of course, but with mainstream, societally promoted religions there is a zero percent chance, since every single mainstream religion throughout the world is severely toxic and malevolent.

Most cult leaders are either extremely malevolent con-artists, victims of childhood torture who have become obsessed with dominating and controlling the lives of others as a coping mechanism, or completely deranged/mentally ill. But these same character traits apply to all religious leaders, equally. The only differences are that "mainstream" religious leaders have influence over many more people, and they have the overt support of societal leaders, being controlled by and having the parameters of their doctrine dictated by, the so-called "secular" leaders of their society. All cults in which the leader refuses to accept the dictatorial control of secular societal leaders, are demonized. It makes little difference whether the cult is "revolutionary" in it's doctrine, although naturally those cults which overtly proclaim themselves to be opposed to mainstream societal ideologies are demonized the most viciously. Secular societal leaders, being malevolent practitioners and proponents of insane god myth brainwashing, are keenly aware of how powerful, useful, and dangerous the god myth is. They are enslaving billions of people to their, carefully chosen version of the god myth. They realize that if a charismatic and cunningly determined person actively attempts to recruit humans to embrace his version of the god myth, the person will certainly achieve success, drawing god freaks away from mainstream religion, and more importantly, causing these god freaks to break loose from the specific cultural agenda that the mainstream religion has been employed to promote and impose upon the citizen-slaves. This is of course very worrisome and downright terrifying to societal leaders, and they therefore are on a constant crusade to demonize all "cults", to try and use whatever means possible to break up and destroy cults and cult leaders, while at the very time seeking to enslave these cult members as well as all citizen-slaves as a whole, to mainstream religions and religious beliefs, which are in reality absolutely the same in terms of having at least as malevolent and destructive an impact upon their devotees, as cults do, and very often a significantly greater negative impact.

All sorts of false and invalid excuses are used by secular societal leaders to condemn, spy upon, infiltrate, shut down, and destroy marginalized religious cults, and the more a society claims to offer "religious freedom", the more viciously fascist it is in absolutely destroying any cult that dares to challenge or seems to pose a threat to, mainstream societal ideology. As is so often the case, perverse claims of "needing to protect children" are the single most common excuse used to carry out this fascist repression. Societal leaders use their mouthpieces, law enforcement and the mainstream media, to accuse cult leaders and cult members of abusing children, endangering children, harming children, and this sets the stage for law enforcement to barge in, arrest cult leaders and members, and essentially break up the cult. As would be expected, a few cult leaders are so enraged, mentally deranged, or obsessed with maintaining control and dominance, that they instruct their devotees that god wants them to either die outright, or fight to the death, on his behalf. This leads to the inevitable high profile massacres such as occurred with cult leaders Jim Jones and David Koresh. The perverse irony of course, is that all religions, and all societies, are genocidally malevolent towards children, as an integral, core public policy. I'm quite sure that Jim Jones was quite abusive to children, and so was David Koresh. If not personally, than almost certainly in the core policies of their cult doctrines. But does this mean that society has any moral, ethical, or philosophical right to use the notion of needing to "rescue children" as a pretense for committing fascist assaults upon cult leaders and members, when the fact is that society itself commits atrocities upon children on a far more widespread scale, that are far more harmful to children, than any cult could ever dream of committing?? Of course not! Christianity, catholicism, and all mainstream religions specifically and overtly promote and encourage the vicious brutalization of all children born to all followers of the religion. Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual torture of children are primary building blocks of mainstream religions, just as these child tortures are a core foundation of regular, secular societal policy. Cults and cult leaders are targeted by society not because there is any legitimate interest in protecting or saving children from abuse, but because societal leaders are terrified that a "rogue" religion that is not under the fascist control of secular societal leaders, led by a rogue religious leader who refuses to bow to the fascist and malevolent agenda of secular societal leaders, could take root, gain popularity, attract devotees, and thus pose a threat to the stability and structure of the existing societal structure.

Okay, our next topic will require a fairly lengthy discussion, because there are some very interesting aspects to it, and it is Satan and Satanism. Lets begin by explaining what satan and satanism are. The malevolent human authors of religious texts decided that they needed to create a "villainn" character, within their insane god mythologies. They needed a villain who was more powerful than humans, but slightly less powerful than the god creature, for two very specific reasons. The first reason was that the "superhuman" villain creature could be used to inflict a great deal of terror upon the god devotees, and drive them into the "arms" of god, compel them to embrace the pretense that they can have "safety and comfort" from all of life's terrors, including the terror that "satan" represents, by becoming loyal, docile, brainwashed god worshippers/devotees. The second reason for why the satan villainn was needed, has to do with the fact that the "biblical" texts, and god himself, are inflicting absolutely brutal injustice, harm, suffering, and deprivation upon their devotees. And yet at the same time, the illusion and false pretense that god is "loving and merciful" is put forth within these malevolent texts, and the pretense of this insane notion being accurate must be preserved. This is where the satan character comes in so handy. All biblical doctrine which seems to be most brutally oppressive, can be blamed on satan, thus allowing the god creature to maintain/retain the illusion of benevolence, and thus keep the devotion of his brainwashed devotees. Satan is used as a terroristic reminder to the god freaks: "Maybe you feel a little bit oppressed right now, in obeying god, but he will reward you so wonderfully for all of eternity later on. If you abandon the god myth that we have addicted you to, our evil and essentially omnipotent satan creature will grab you, and inflict so much torment upon you, for all of eternity, that you will forever regret your decision to abandon our glorious god and the behavioral/cultural agenda that he is demanding of you." So, satan is used as a bargaining chip, a leverage tool. Your malevolent societal leaders understand and recognize that the best way to get you to accept brutal, fascist repression from god, which is of course in reality brutal, fascist repression from the human societal leadership, is to convince you that an even greater threat, an entity who is able and eager to inflict far more horrific torments upon you, is lurking in the shadows, and the only way to protect yourself from this "ultimate" evil and terror, is to embrace an evil and a terror that is portrayed as being a benevolent benefactor, in the god creature.

Every mainstream religion has a slightly different design structure to the satan myth, and the satan creature goes by different names in some religions, being called the "devil", etc... But this creature serves the exact same malevolent purpose in every religion, having been set up as a "foil" for the god creature, in a battle between "good and evil". Therefore, within this essay, when I refer to "satan", I am in reality referring to the devil, or whatever other name the particular religion that you might be familiar with/addicted to, has chosen to bestow upon this "superhuman god foil" character. The vast majority of human beings, even as they commit horrific atrocities, seek to philosophically identify with "goodness", most especially if they are promised unique, otherwise unattainable rewards for doing so, such as eternal, blissful life in heaven. Religion, being an artificial construct of societal leaders, puts forth "god" as the representative of the agenda that the human societal leaders are seeking to viciously impose upon their citizen-slaves. God, representing goodness, serves as the mouthpiece of the societal leadership. Because most people seek to identify with goodness, and are in desperate terror of the horrific Truths of life that god offers false comfort from, your human leaders know that the vast majority of you will be enticed and drawn into embracing the god myth, thus embracing the agenda that your societal leaders choose to set out for you, using god as their mouthpiece. But this agenda is completely unnatural, irrational, harmful, and enslaving. It goes against the most instinctually basic, inborn, human interests, instincts and needs. If there was only a god creature, who claimed to be benevolent and loving, imposing this agenda upon the masses of god addicts, a few addicts would become confused, upset, and ultimately reject the god myth, not being able to reconcile the instinctual suffering that they were enduring, with the image of a beatific and loving god that is projected within god mythology. But if a foil for god is incorporated within the myth, a superhuman, supremely malevolent adversary that god needed to do "battle" with, and the battle was portrayed as the beatific god creature fighting on behalf of his human devotees, then whatever perceptions of unjust suffering the god addict may realize, will fade away into nothingness, as the god addict is convinced that his beloved god creature loves him so much that he is willing to do battle with satan in order to save him from the most horrific fate imaginable, an eternity in "hell", as opposed to an eternity in "heaven". It is all so blatantly transparent as to inspire hysterical laughter within any sane thinker. Your leaders want to terrorize you into embracing god, and so they create another invisible, supernatural creature who threatens you with the most horrific fate imaginable, for the purpose of terrorizing you into accepting, embracing, and most importantly obeying, the god creature, who is the malevolent mouthpiece of your ultra evil human societal leaders, both past and present.

Does satan exist? No, of course not! The notion of satan existing as an entity is just as ludicrous as the notion of god existing. The myth of satan is incorporated within the insane god myth, and thus it needs no debunking, as I have already torn asunder and dissected the god myth within this essay. But now we come to an profound realization of Forbidden Truth that I find extremely valuable and interesting: Even though the god myth is completely toxic, perverse, and genocidally harmful to human beings, the satan myth is not toxic, it is not perverse, nor is it genocidally harmful. The toxic god myth itself does promote and in effect "create" the satan myth, meaning that mainstream religions seek to addict you to the notion that satan, as well as god, both exist. And I am not saying that the satan myth is a good or legitimate myth to believe in. But what I am saying is that the satan myth is not overtly harmful in and of itself, it can be benevolently useful to some god addicts trying to break free of their addiction, and it can even serve as an antidote to the insane god myth. I will now explain exactly why and how this is so. The god creature, although portrayed within the bible and other holy books as a "saintly" figure, is in reality nothing more than an accurate reflection of the true character of the human creators of the god myth. These human beings were evil, malevolent, power-crazed, deranged, manipulative, irrational, selfish, self-hating. At the same time of course, we must recognize that as individuals, they were tortured victim-creations of their societies and do not deserve to be condemned or judged negatively in any manner. The character of god, as written in biblical texts, reflects this immense inferiority, which means that any individual who chooses to become a devotee of god, to embrace the real message of god and to emulate god in their own life activities, is overtly choosing and attempting to become malevolent, deranged, selfish, self-hating. Of course the individual has no conscious awareness of this fact, having already lost all ability to recognize, much less embrace rational Truth, the moment he chose to become a god addict and became addicted to this toxic myth.

The "satan" character was written and portrayed by these malevolent victims of society, as being the ultimate in evil, but in reality, upon any type of rational, analytical study of biblical texts, it is clear that from a Truth-based perspective, satan is actually a sane, self-loving, non-manipulative, basically rational creature. You see, the writers of the insane god myth texts had to get you Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves to embrace your own oppression, to embrace genocidal evil and deranged hypocrisy. The way they achieved this goal was simply by reversing factual truth, turning truth upside-down. The so-called saintly creature is in fact the utterly malevolent one, but simply by creating another fictional creature and stridently labeling him as the "demon", you pathetic sheeple happily and blindly ignore and reject the obvious malevolence and brutal malice of the god creature, and invalidly transfer all of his true character traits onto the satan creature, as instructed to within the god myth texts. This allows you to remain loyal and devoted to your beloved god, and beholden to him, compelled to embrace all of his malevolent doctrine, which are of course in reality the malevolent demands of your brutal, human societal leaders. The authors of the insane god myth texts tried very hard to make the satan character seem terrifying and abhorrent, so that none of their citizen-slaves would embrace and worship this character, because he represented the exact opposite of what they were attempting to terroristically impose upon their citizen-slaves. Satan represented and continues to represent self-love, tolerance, pleasure, freedom, embrace of natural instinct. God represents self-hatred, intolerance, repression/rejection of pleasure and natural instinct, and slavery. The entire goal of societal leaders in imposing the insane god myth upon you creatures, was and continues to be the ultimate in malevolence: To get you creatures to willingly loathe yourselves, throw away your lives, irrationally hate/kill other human beings upon command, reject pleasure and natural instinct, accept fascist enslavement. So, the god creature is beatified, while the satan creature is demonized, and even more importantly, all of the perverse and malevolent character traits and behavioral edicts that god himself possesses and imposes upon you, are falsely and invalidly attributed to the satan creature and the "horrific" ideology that the satan creature is declared to represent. Nothing could be further from the Truth, as the satan creature in actual fact, represents positive character traits and behaviors, such as self-love, freedom, natural instinct, pleasure, happiness, and an overall embrace of sane, rational thinking and life choice options. These positive character traits/behaviors are highly beneficial to individuals, but terrifying and rightly perceived as being highly dangerous, by and to your fascist, malevolent societal leaders.

The coercively brainwashing manner in which biblical texts were written and imposed upon you creatures made it very difficult, virtually impossible, for any human being of ordinary intelligence to recognize that it was the satan character who represented all of the positive, empowering aspects of life, while the god character represented all of the negative, brutalizing aspects of life. Every single day, the exact opposite, false message was and is viciously imposed upon your minds, beginning when you are tiny, helpless children, your minds completely vulnerable and at the mercy of others. And yet despite all this, a few, Superior humans have always gravitated towards embracing the satan myth, rather than the god myth. This is because human beings, at least those who have not yet been totally broken by their evil, lie-based societies, have an instinctual interest in and craving for, Truth. Even though satan does not exist, he represents Instinctual Truth, most especially in comparison to god, whose entire agenda, acting as a mouthpiece for human societal leaders of course, can be accurately summed up as constituting withholding, rejection, and condemnation of Instinctual Truth. Thankfully, a few of these Superior, highly insightful embracers of satan have tried to help more people embrace the positive message of satanism, by writing "holy" texts of their own, and proclaiming them to represent the "true" message of satan. The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey is most likely the best known of these texts. Even though satanic texts often call for the worship of satan, and some authors of these texts are no doubt malevolent, power-crazed individuals who may well be addicted to the satan myth themselves, there are huge, fundamental differences between these proudly satanic texts, and mainstream, sacred god myth texts that societal leaders have written and imposed upon their citizen-slaves. First of all, the satanic texts deliver a positive doctrine that is personally empowering/freeing, rather than brutally enslaving. Secondly, these satanic texts were created to serve in a responsive role. They represent a response to the insane god myth which has already been and continues to be viciously imposed by society upon all citizen-slaves. The satanic texts would not exist were it not for the previous creation and genocidal imposition of toxic god mythology by human societal leaders. They represent an attempt to counteract the poisonous plague of mainstream, god worship/addiction. Thirdly, belief in/worship of satan serves a positive purpose in terms of helping people who have become addicted to the toxic god myth, to break free of that addiction. Yes, the satan myth can be highly addictive in and of itself, but generally it is only embraced by individuals who have already become addicted to the god myth, or who would have become addicted to the god myth, had they not realized that the satan myth was far more benevolent, represented Instinctual Truth, and would have a far less negative impact upon their overall lives, than the fascist and enslaving god myth would have had.

Therefore, it is very accurate to describe satanism, belief in satan, and satanic worship, as being a genuine antidote to the insane god myth. The god myth is a plague, a societally sponsored plague. The satan myth provides an opportunity for Superior, individual victims of this plague, to try to free themselves and cure themselves, of this toxic plague that has been malevolently imposed upon them by society. It is far better to be infected with a relatively benign and empowering myth, such as satanic worship, than it is to be infected with an extremely toxic, brutally fascist and enslaving myth, such as that of mainstream, societally promoted god worship. Just as importantly, escaping from a highly toxic myth that has been viciously imposed upon you from literally the day of your birth, is extremely difficult for all individuals, and impossible for many individuals. The myth of satan provides a useful and convenient "bridge", to help god addicts cross over from their toxic god addiction, to an embrace of genuine Truth, which would be that neither god nor satan exist, or are worthy of being worshipped/believed in, as entities. Do all worshippers of satan make this enormously courageous, superior leap, escaping from the satan myth after they have escaped from the god myth? Of course not! Every human is unique. Some will end up going back to the god myth later in life, others will remain addicted to the satan myth for the rest of their lives. But a decent percentage will indeed, after worshipping/believing in satan for a few months to a few years, break free of this addiction as well, and come to the recognition that they are their own gods, that no entity or doctrine deserves their worship or devotion, that they are the only creature who deserves their own worship and devotion. Were it not for the empowering nature of the satan myth, as courageously expressed within texts such as The Satanic Bible, it is clear to me that a great many god addicts would never break free of their god addiction, much less break free of all "supernatural", omnipotent creature myths. This alone proves that the satan myth is essentially a benevolent antidote to the god myth, valuable and empowering, and we owe a great debt to people like Anton Szandor LaVey, now tragically deceased, for not only finding the courage to reject the god myth himself, but for then having made the morally benevolent choice to try to help other people, other victims of society, to break free of their toxic god addiction, by creating a "holy text" of his own, an empowering antidote to the brutal god myth, via The Satanic Bible.

Curing a disease often involves numerous steps, you can't just give an injection and bam, the person is cured. Consider cancer, sometimes the cancerous tumor has to be cut out of the body, then a series of chemotherapy/radiation treatments are given. It is a multi-step process. The god myth is a disease of the mind, that has ferocious, tenacious strength. It's victims have had this disease imposed upon them for literally every day of their lives. Breaking free of this disease, defeating it, is an enormous challenge for all god addicts. It is usually a very slow process, a multi-step process, and it is clear to me that the satan myth, especially as written in genuinely satanic tests rather than within mainstream god myth bibles, provides a wonderful opportunity for god addicts to at least take the first step, in breaking free of their toxic god addiction. You will note that satanism is most commonly embraced among teenagers and younger adults. These youthful torture victims of society, their minds not yet fully mature, are desperately trying to overcome the entire childhood of brutal god myth brainwashing/imposition that they have been subjected to. Many of them feel within their core realities, their ability to recognize Truth slipping away. For every single day of their lives, the toxic god myth has been viciously imposed upon them, in terroristic fashion. It is easy for me, as an outside observer who has already emerged triumphant from this insane myth, to say that they "should" simply reject all god/afterlife mythology and embrace absolute Truth concerning this issue. But the reality is that breaking free of any toxic addiction is extremely difficult, and usually requires small, multiple steps, which take place over a significant period of time. Embracing satanic philosophy, belief, and even "worship", is an extremely positive first step, for god addicts to take. Most fully mature adults are so hopelessly addicted to the insane god myth that they have no chance of breaking free. Children and teenagers however, in many cases, are still engaged in a desperate intellectual and emotional battle, trying to recognize, find, and embrace Truth, trying to avoid suffering the death of intellectual sanity and the loss of all ability to recognize and embrace Truth, that the vast majority of mature adults have already suffered. This is why the satanic myth finds it's greatest audience within the teenage and young adult community. This population has been subjected to insane god myth terrorization for their entire lives, and is desperately, on an instinctual level, trying to find whatever ways it can, to rightly reject and free themselves from the horrific, malevolent, lie-based prison of god addiction.

There is a huge difference however, between embracing satanic philosophy as expressed within mainstream, pro-god, societally sponsored religions, as opposed to embracing satanic philosophy as expressed within independent "holy texts", such as The Satanic Bible, that have been written in direct response to insane god mythology, for the purpose of revealing the true, malevolent nature of god, something that no mainstream, societally promoted religion would ever do, for obvious reasons as I have already outlined above. Embrace of satan is always less overtly harmful to the individual than embrace of god is. But only by going far beyond the demonizing, invalid, perversely hypocritical portrayal of satan that occurs within mainstream religious texts, can the true "message" of satanic empowerment be properly recognized, appreciated, and used by the individual. Just as a baby is weaned off it's bottle, slowly and steadily, via the substitution of other types of nourishment, the satanic myth can be and is sometimes used by victims of brutal societal god myth terrorization/brainwashing, to break free of this most toxic of addictions. Ideally, the individual will eventually break free of the satan myth as well, and recognize that satan does not exist, is not an entity, but rather a useful tool of personal empowerment. But even if an individual is to remain enslaved for life to the religion of satanism, to "worshipping" satan, it is clear to any sane thinker that the lifelong ramifications and consequences of addiction to satanism will be far less harmful to the individual, than a lifelong addiction to mainstream god worship would be. This is because all of mainstream religion is based upon brutal oppression, enslavement, and denial of Truth/natural instinct, while satanism is based upon empowerment of the individual, embrace of natural instinct/Truth, and individualistic self-love/self-value. Interestingly, the more superior pioneers of satanic philosophy, such as Anton Szandor LaVey, have been rather open, to a degree, in admitting that they do not perceive satan as being an actual physical entity. This is something you will never find in any mainstream, societally promoted religion, since the perverse specter of an omnipotent, judgmental, vengeful god creature watching every step that every human takes, desperately and viciously imposing his will upon every individual, is a hallmark, cornerstone foundation of all fascist god mythology. Within any sane society, Anton Szandor LaVey would be recognized and honored not merely as being a brilliant and courageous philosopher, but even more importantly, for being one of the greatest, perhaps the very greatest, humanitarians of the 20th century. This man, subjected to insane and toxic god myth terrorization as a child and young adult, not only broke free of his addiction, but then, as an adult, decided that he had a moral obligation to try to help other people break free of the insane god myth, embraced this obligation wholeheartedly, and devoted the rest of his life towards this noble purpose, by founding the Church of Satan, writing The Satanic Bible, continuously writing other texts which exposed the god myth for what it is, and publicly, stridently, challenging and rebuking the insane god myth on a constant basis, at great peril to his own life. Anton's noble work has literally been directly responsible for helping countless millions of people break free from the insane god myth, over the past 35+ years, and despite the fact that he is tragically no longer alive, his writings, statements, and philosophies continue to circulate, continuing to help millions of people to recognize the toxic, perverse nature of the god myth. It is outrageous beyond all measure that Anton, and other courageous Seers of Truth, have been, continue to be, and always will be demonized by you diseased creatures and your genocidally evil societies. I can think of no other 20th century human being who has had a more positive, noble impact, upon more individual humans, than Anton Szandor LaVey. The inventor of the polio vaccine, other scientists who have come with cures for serious illnesses, they may well have greatly assisted a few million people themselves, but they were not directly challenging a core, fundamental societal doctrine, at great peril to their very lives, as Anton chose to courageously and nobly do. Anton recognized the god myth as being a toxic plague, and chose to try to directly help cure people of this toxic plague, genuinely succeeding in playing a primary role in freeing and curing countless millions of plague victims. This is a remarkable achievement, and I am proud to publicly recognize and acknowledge Anton as being without any doubt, on a worldwide basis, one of the very most heroic, courageous, noble, and if I may borrow a word hijacked by you god freaks, saintly, human beings to have lived upon this planet during the 20th century and the entire modern era.

I am now going to provide a few quotes from The Satanic Bible that I consider to be extremely insightful as well as accurate, and which serve to prove that my above comments on the god myth in general, as well as satanism in particular, are right on the money. I realize that this essay is already quite lengthy, but given the fact that I have provided the ten commandments quotes above, and these passages from The Satanic Bible are so much more valuable and insightful, not to mention the outrageous fact that so few of you creatures have been exposed to the Superior nature of genuine satanism, I feel almost obligated to provide at least a few of these empowering quotes, as a way to honor Truth, to honor Anton and his legacy, and to demonstrate, beyond all doubt, why the god myth is toxic, while the satan myth, especially as interpreted by Superior individuals in direct response to the god myth, is not overtly toxic, but rather a myth that can be both extremely empowering and useful to anyone trying to escape from the clutches of toxic god myth addiction. I would naturally encourage all readers to buy a copy of The Satanic Bible, even if they are not god addicts, because it provides a fascinating and true revelation of the structure and toxicity of the mainstream, societally promoted god myth. I will be keeping my comments brief, in the interest of preserving space and because these quotes, together with my above commentary, basically speak for themselves. All of the below quotes are direct writings of Anton Szandor LaVey, and were published by him in his book, "The Satanic Bible", All Copyrights remain in effect and are held by Anton Szandor LaVey and his heirs/estate. I will be putting Anton's quotes in black print, followed by my brief comments in red print:

Satan represents indulgence, instead of abstinence! Satan represents vital existence, instead of spiritual pipe dreams! Satan represents undefiled wisdom, instead of hypocritical self-deceit! Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification!

Here we see a very clear demonstration of the superiority of satanism, and how it represents positive, non-toxic ideology, in direct contrast to the insane god myth. Satanism empowers the individual, god worship enslaves the individual. Self-love and the embrace of each individual's sacred right to achieve personal pleasure and satisfaction in real life, in the only life that any of us will ever have for all of eternity, is a Superior foundational core of satanism, while of course this sane, rational doctrine is condemned and demonized within toxic god mythology.

Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development", has become the most vicious animal of all!

I really like this quote a lot, it shows the morally courageous stance of the satan myth. The satan myth does not pander to it's devotees. It does not try to falsely comfort them by telling them that they are better than other animals, unlike the insane god myth.

I request reason for your golden rule and ask the why and wherefore of your ten commandments. Before none of your printed idols do I bend in acquiescence, and he who saith "thou shalt" to me is my mortal foe! I dip my forefinger in the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer, and write over his thorn-torn brow: The TRUE prince of evil - the king of slaves! No hoary falsehood shall be a truth to me; no stifling dogma shall encramp my pen! I break away from all conventions that do not lead to my earthly success and happiness.

Here, at least via my interpretation, is a stirringly inspirational appeal to god addicts by Anton, trying to make them see what fools they are to blindly worship and "obey" the fascist, unnatural, self-sabotaging, toxic decrees of the god creature.

I question all things. As I stand before the festering and varnished facades of your haughtiest moral dogmas, I write thereon in letters of blazing scorn: Lo and behold; all this is fraud! Gather around me, Oh! ye death-defiant, and the earth itself shall be thine, to have and to hold! Too long the dead hand has been permitted to sterilize living thought! Too long right and wrong, good and evil have been inverted by false prophets! No creed must be accepted upon authority of a "divine" nature. Religions must be put to the question. No moral dogma must be taken for granted - no standard of measurement deified. There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy! He that is slow to believe anything and everything is of great understanding, for belief in one false principle is the beginning of all unwisdom. Whenever, therefore, a lie has built unto itself a throne, let it be assailed without pity and without regret, for under the domination of an inconvenient falsehood, no one can prosper. Let established sophisms be dethroned, rooted out, burnt and destroyed, for they are a standing menace to all true nobility of thought and action! Whatever alleged "truth" is proven by results to be but an empty fiction, let it be unceremoniously flung into the outer darkness, among the dead gods, dead empires, dead philosophies, and other useless lumber and wreckage! The most dangerous of all enthroned lies is the holy, the sanctified, the privileged lie - the lie everyone believes to be a model truth. It is the fruitful mother of all other popular errors and delusions. It is a hydra-headed tree of unreason with a thousand roots. It is a social cancer! The lie that is known to be a lie is half eradicated, but the lie that even intelligent persons accept as fact - the lie that has been inculcated in a little child at its mother's knee - is more dangerous to contend against than a creeping pestilence! Popular lies have ever been the most potent enemies of personal liberty. There is only one way to deal with them: Cut them out, to the very core, just as cancers. Exterminate them root and branch. Annihilate them, or they will us!

This is an even more passionately stirring appeal to truth. Anton defies all religion convention by calling upon his readers to seek out Truth, because every mainstream, societally promoted religion is not only lie-based, but overtly and terroristically demands that it's disciples do not even attempt to use rational, sane thinking to arrive at Truth. Truth is the mortal enemy of all mainstream religion, but satanism, being an empowering antidote to the toxic god myth, genuinely promotes and encourages the embrace of Truth, in life. You can argue that "believing in the existence of satan" is in itself an appeal to falsehood rather than Truth. But if you read The Satanic Bible in it's entirety, you realize that Anton is in fact not promoting the notion that Satan exists, as a physical, sentient living creature, unlike all mainstream god myths which go to great pains to do the opposite, to portray god as absolutely being a physical, sentient, living entity.

Life is the great indulgence - death, the great abstinence. Therefore, make the most of life - HERE AND NOW! There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth! Say unto thine own heart, "I am mine own redeemer." Stop the way of them that would persecute you. Let those who devise thine undoing be hurled back to confusion and infamy. Let them be as chaff before the cyclone and after they have fallen rejoice in thine own salvation. Then all thy bones shall say pridefully, "Who is like unto me? Have I not been too strong for mine adversaries? Have I not delivered MYSELF by mine own brain and body?"

What a true poet Anton is, a poet and a philosopher, brilliant in both disciplines, as he attempts to help god addicts find a way to break free of their brutal torment. Note how Anton says: "There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast." Can you imagine any mainstream religion not promoting the notion of heaven? No! Because heaven is used as a terroristic bribe by all mainstream religions. It would have been so easy for Anton to declare hell to be a real place within his Satanic Bible, but to portray it as a paradisical haven of pleasure. If Anton had been power-crazed, or overtly malevolent, that is exactly what he would have done. But no, Anton respected Truth, he chose to try to appeal to the instinctual interest in Truth of his readers, and defying all religious convention and doctrine, courageously told them, directly within his Satanic Bible, that there was no hell for them to "aspire and strive" for, while of course every mainstream religion demands a lifetime of aspiring and striving on the part of it's torture victims to "prove" themselves worthy of going to heaven.

Blessed are the death-defiant, for their days shall be long in the land - Cursed are the gazers toward a richer life beyond the grave, for they shall perish amidst plenty! Blessed are the destroyers of false hope, for they are the true Messiahs - Cursed are the god-adorers, for they shall be shorn sheep! Blessed are the valiant, for they shall obtain great treasure - Cursed are the believers in good and evil, for they are frightened by shadows! Blessed are those that believe in what is best for them, for never shall their minds be terrorized - Cursed are the "lambs of God", for they shall be bled whiter than snow! Blessed is the man who has a sprinkling of enemies, for they shall make him a hero - Cursed is he who doeth good unto others who sneer upon him in return, for he shall be despised! Blessed are the mighty-minded, for they shall ride the whirlwinds - Cursed are they who teach lies for truth and truth for lies, for they are an abomination! Thrice cursed are the weak whose insecurity makes them vile, for they shall serve and suffer! The angel of self-deceit is camped in the souls of the "righteous" - The eternal flame of power through joy dwelleth within the flesh of the Satanist.

Any thoughtful, analytical reader of The Satanic Bible quickly realizes that Anton is in fact not promoting satanism as a "religion" at all. What he is doing is promoting Truth, trying to help people to break free of their religious addiction, specifically to mainstream god worship religions. The entire structure of this "bible", the satanic bible, is in fact a passionate appeal to all human beings to embrace Truth and to reject lies. To love and value themselves, Truth, rationality, life. In my opinion, Anton felt that you humans, most especially those of you already addicted to the insane god myth, were too genetically inferior as creatures, to be able to embrace purely secular, intellect-based Truth. Tragically, I agree with him, he was right about that, as he was right about so many other things. He decided that in order for his brilliant Truth revelations to have any chance of being embraced by god addicts, he had to disseminate them within a structural framework that mirrored, to a degree, the insane god myth structure. He tried very hard to disseminate pure Truth, even going so far as to reveal that hell does not exist and satan is not a omnipotent, immortal, physical creature, directly within his "bible", but at the same time he also created "ceremonial" rituals, such as elaborate, prayer-like "appeals" to satan, recognizing that this would help severely addicted god addicts to make the leap from their supremely toxic addiction, to the benign, empowering, non-toxic embrace of satanic philosophy, which is in reality an embrace of self-love, Instinctual Truth, rational thought, and freedom. What a remarkable person Anton was, and how incredibly tragic it is that you pathetic creatures know a ton more about Madonna, Princess Diana, Bill Clinton, and all of the other societal whores and celebrity agents that has been used to promote and legitimize the structure of your society, than you do about this most brilliant and courageous of philosophers.

You would think that The Satanic Bible, not only after it's publication in the late 1960's but all throughout the past 3+ decades, would be constantly condemned and talked about by mainstream societal leaders. After all, it represents the most stridently rude and unrepentant challenge to mainstream god worship, imaginable. And yet the opposite is true, there was absolutely no major outcry by mainstream religious leaders upon publication of this book, certainly no obsessive focus by such leaders upon the book, and within a year or two of publication, all mention of The Satanic Bible by all mainstream religious leaders had basically ceased. Why?? Because The Satanic Bible was, absolutely, the single most terrifying book that any mainstream religious or societal leader had ever read! They recognized that this book was like a nuclear bomb, capable of destroying 2000+ years of carefully cultivated insane god myth brutalization and oppression of all citizen-slaves. Every mention of the book by name, every mention of Anton by name, carried with it the terrifying danger that god addicts could, somehow, find the insight, determination, and courage required to break free of their god addiction, and to spread this terrifying "religion", satanism, to more god addicts, freeing them, empowering them, melting and destroying the toxic grip that the mainstream god myth had upon them. Religious and societal leaders got together and overtly decided that the best course of action in dealing with this terrifying threat, was to cease all public mention of the book, and of Anton Szandor LaVey. Continue to demonize satan & satanism of course, but only within the existing, insane, framework of the "god is good, satan is evil, both are living entities battling for the hearts and minds of human beings" structure of the mainstream god myth, while never mentioning either Anton or his book, thus defusing the Truths he so brilliantly expressed in The Satanic Bible and in his other writings, simply by preventing the vast majority of "regular" god-addicted citizen-slaves, who would never think of going out and buying a book titled "The Satanic Bible", from being exposed to the Truths. Tragically, but not surprisingly, this malevolent plan worked perfectly for your evil societies, and only a tiny handful of people, those who overtly and courageously decided to try to seek out Truth, were ever exposed to even 2% of the actual content of The Satanic Bible. Even so, it surprises me that Anton was not assassinated, since your societies have an absolutely proven track record of murdering just about all brilliant Seers of Truth who dare to try to publicly expose core, culturally foundational lies/myths and tear them down, while replacing them with Forbidden Truth. Very likely it was decided by societal leaders that killing Anton carried with it the same risk that the murder of the mentally ill Jesus Christ human carried, namely the possibility that Anton would have been labeled as a "martyr" and his followers, as well as all strident advocates of satanism, might have been able to attract far more publicity, new supporters, and a huge increase in satanic devotees, if in fact Anton had been murdered by your society. Sometimes society decides that it's best to completely destroy a Seer of Truth, other times it decides that demonizing/ridiculing the Seer is the best way to go, other times it decides that shunning the individual and pretending that both he and his message of Truth do not exist, is the best option. This third option works surprisingly well, due to the fact that there is in reality absolutely no freedom of the press and absolutely no method by which a societally shunned individual can reach out to the mainstream masses, and this is perhaps even more true in societies which claim to be "free, open, and democratic", like america. Not even the recent popularization of the internet, has changed this brutally fascist fact.

The Roman god, Lucifer, was the bearer of light, the spirit of the air, the personification of enlightenment. In Christian mythology he became synonymous with evil, which was only to have been expected from a religion whose very existence is perpetuated by clouded definitions and bogus values! It is time to set the record straight. False moralisms and occult inaccuracies must be corrected. Entertaining as they might be, most stories and plays about Devil worship must be recognized as the obsolete absurdities they are. It has been said "the truth will make men free". The truth alone has never set anyone free. It is only DOUBT which will bring mental emancipation. Without the wonderful element of doubt, the doorway through which truth passes would be tightly shut, impervious to the most strenuous poundings of a thousand Lucifers. How understandable that Holy Scripture should refer to the Infernal monarch as the "father of lies" - a magnificent example of character inversion. If one is to believe this theological accusation that the Devil represents falsehood, then it surely must be concurred that it was HE, NOT GOD, THAT ESTABLISHED ALL SPIRITUAL RELIGIONS AND WHO WROTE ALL OF THE HOLY BIBLES! When one doubt is followed by another, the bubble, grown large from long accumulated fallacies, threatens to burst. For those who already doubt supposed truths, this book is revelation. Then Lucifer will have risen. Now is the time for doubt! The bubble of falsehood is bursting and its sound is the roar of the world!

Here is an even clearer passage in which Anton tries to explain that he is using satan for the very specific purpose of delivering and expressing Truth to try and help enlighten addicts who are addicted to a brutally toxic god myth. This is in fact exactly what Anton does, in The Satanic Bible. This bible is the most dangerous book written in the 2oth century, because it does precisely what Anton claims, it exposes beyond all rational doubt, the utterly lie-based, perverse, invalid agenda and structure of mainstream god mythology.

Anyone who thinks of Satan as evil should consider all the men, women, children, and animals who have died because it was "God's will". Certainly a person grieving the untimely loss of a loved one whould much rather have their loved one with them than in God's hands! Instead, they are unctuously consoled by their clergyman who says, "It was God's will, my dear"; or "He is in God's hands now, my son." Such phrases have been a convenient way for religionists to condone or excuse the mercilessness of God. But if God is in complete control and as benign as he is supposed to be, why does He allow these things to happen? Too long have religionists been falling back on their bibles and rulebooks to prove or disprove, justify, condemn, or interpret. The Satanist realizes that man, and the action and reaction of the universe, is responsible for everything, and doesn't mislead himself into thinking that someone cares. No longer will we sit back and accept "fate" without doing anything about it, just because it says so in Chapter such and such, Psalm so and so - and that's that! The Satanist knows that praying does absolutely no good - in fact, it actually lessens the chance of success, for the devoutly religious too often sit back complacently and pray for a situation which, if they were to do something about it on their own, could be accomplished much quicker!

The Satanic Bible is filled with absolutely brilliant, Truth-exposing passages like the one above. The god creature is exposed for what he is, an evil sadist. And because god does not exist, it is the creators and proponents of mainstream god mythology, who are in fact exposed as being evil sadists who deserve to be shunned, condemned, and rejected, together with their toxic myth. "Why do you torment us, why do you murder us, and in the same breath demand our worship?? You do not deserve our acknowledgment even, much less our respect or worship! I am my own god, and I am the best god in the world, because I love myself and the Truth." This is the gloriously empowering, courageously honest doctrine of satanism.

ALL religions of a spiritual nature are inventions of man. He has created an entire system of gods with nothing more than his carnal brain. Just because he has an ego, and cannot accept it, he has to externalize it into some great spiritual device which he calls "God". God can do all the things man is forbidden to do - such as kill people, perform miracles to gratify his will, control without any apparent responsibility, etc. If man needs such a god and recognizes that god, then he is worshipping an entity that a human being invented. Therefore, HE IS WORSHIPPING BY PROXY THE MAN THAT INVENTED GOD. Is it not more sensible to worship a god that he, himself, has created, in accordance with his own emotional needs - one that best represents the very carnal and physical being that has the idea-power to invent a god in the first place?

More extremely insightful Truth here. Can't you see the Truth, folks?? Can't you appreciate how and why, if you cannot reject all religion and religious texts, it is this bible, The Satanic Bible, that you need to embrace?? This bible is non-toxic, this bible reveals Truth, this bible allows you to crawl out from under the fascist boot of systematic oppression, brutalization, and malevolent lies that your evil society has imposed upon you, via mainstream religion. This bible frees you from enslavement. This bible gives you back the most precious and sacred freedoms imaginable, the freedom to love yourself, to embrace the pleasures of life, to embrace reality and Truth, to worship the only living thing on planet earth who deserves your worship: Yourself! It is utterly mind-boggling to me, that any creature could or would make the perverse choice to embrace the mainstream god myth, over the satan myth as portrayed by Anton Szandor Lavey in his Satanic Bible book. The only possible explanations that exist for this perverse choice being made, are genetic mental deformity of humans, and/or profound cowardice, terror, and self-hatred within the core character of humans, both genetic and societally brainwashed/imposed.

Even though times have changed, and always will, man remains basically the same. For two thousand years man has done penance for something he never should have had to feel guilty about in the first place. We are tired of denying ourselves the pleasures of life which we deserve. Today, as always, man needs to enjoy himself here and now, instead of waiting for his rewards in heaven. So, why not have a religion based on indulgence? Certainly, it is consistent with the nature of the beast. We are no longer supplicating weaklings trembling before an unmerciful "God" who cares not whether we live or die. We are self-respecting, prideful people - we are Satanists!

Yet another beautiful written passage designed to try and help societally broken and brutalized victims of perverse god addiction, to find a way to rise up and throw off the cloak of self-hatred that every mainstream religion deliberately, malevolently and in a suffocating manner, terroristically imposes and attaches to us. In a sane, benevolent society, every resource would be devoted to trying to help people break free of mainstream, god-based religion, and not become infected with this toxic plague. And yes, The Satanic Bible would be directly used by societal leaders and their empowered agents, to help free existing addicts, to allow them to make the leap from an extraordinarily toxic and harmful religion, to an essentially benign, harmless, and to a degree beneficial religion, whose message is sane, rational, truth-affirming, and in no way overtly abusive in nature, this Superior religion is Satanism, in particular, satanism as portrayed and interpreted by Anton Szandor LaVey.

The devils of past religions have always, at least in part, had animal characteristics, evidence of man's constant need to deny that he too is an animal, for to do so would serve a mighty blow to his impoverished ego. Pious prophets have taught man to fear Satan. But what of terms like "God fearing"? If God is so merciful, why do people have to fear him? Are we to believe there is nowhere we can turn to escape fear? If you have to fear God, why not be "Satan fearing" and at least have the fun that being God fearing denies you? Without such a wholesale fear religionists would have had nothing with which to wield power over their followers.

More brilliant revelations of Truth here. As you will find me detailing throughout these texts, a primary Forbidden Truth is the fact that other animal species are morally superior to the animal species known as "human beings", and the perverse inability of human beings to face up to this Truth is at the root of a great deal of the most malevolent types of behaviors that humans engage in. Anton's second insight above is even more valuable and profound, cutting to the very core of the god myth belief/worship perversion: "If God is so merciful, why do people have to fear him?" Such a simple sentence, and yet the meaning and Truth behind it is so very profound. The god creature claims to be benevolent, he is portrayed by his human endorsers and promoters as being the very embodiment of supreme benevolence, and yet at the same time, god addicts spent their entire lives in mortal fear of this creature, desperately trying to please and satisfy the creature by imposing brutally harmful, punitive, and unnatural rules upon themselves, as god tells and orders them to do. Right within the ten commandments themselves, the god creature admits to being selfish and in a completely undeniable manner, makes terroristic threats against every human being. God is the very embodiment, personification, and reflection of human malevolence. The mythical satan creature is portrayed by god, therefore by the utterly malevolent human societal leaders who created and who promote all mainstream god myths, as being the embodiment of malevolence, in order to cover up the fact, the True fact, that it is god who is the embodiment of limitless, genocidal evil and malice, in reflection of the genocidal malice of his human creators, leaders, and promoters. Anton Szandor LaVey, in an absolutely brilliant, creative and passionate manner, tried to simply reveal this Truth, to bring to light the fact that god himself is the embodiment of evil, and he is making satan his scapegoat.

If you embrace god, he will viciously torment you for your entire lifetime, and give you absolutely no reward upon your death. If you embrace satan, he will not torment you during your lifetime, he will empower and free you. You will still end up with absolutely no reward upon your death, a fact that Anton, despite all his Superior revelations of Truth, still refused to clearly express within The Satanic Bible, believing that humans could not cope with the certainty of such a horrific Truth, but the "reward" that you gain from choosing satan over god, is the fact that you will avoid suffering vicious torment during your entire lifetime. This is a huge reward, and upon death, the exact same horrific fate, nothingness for all of eternity, will befall you no matter if you worship god, satan, a jar of cat food, or an old shoe. The passion and genuine altruism of Anton Szandor LaVey comes shining through in his writings. I'm sure he had his own personal obsessions with things like power, control, dominance over other humans, etc... And yet he went to great pains to develop a satanic "religion" that was almost completely benign, benevolent, altruistic, individually empowering, based upon Truth and Natural Instinct, and carefully formulated in such a way as to specifically help god addicts to realize the immense evil of their "idol", to realize the immense folly of worshipping and dedicating their lives to a creature who is dedicated to tormenting and victimizing them for their entire lives, and to make it as easy as possible for them to break away from this utterly toxic addiction, by providing a "new" religion, satanism, that retained some of the ceremonial trappings of mainstream religion, but absolutely none of the overt malevolence and toxicity of the societally promoted/legitimized mainstream god myth. It's also worth noting that even though "worship of satan" has been around as an idea, and practiced by some individuals, since shortly after the god myth began to be terroristically imposed upon the Unwashed Masses of citizen-slaves, The Satanic Bible was only written and published in the 1960's, late 1960's to be specific. Even though some very valuable satanic texts have been written over the centuries, I consider The Satanic Bible to be a watershed text, which truly expressed the altruistic vision and the benevolent empowerment of satanism in a way that was never expressed previously, in a set of collected writings. So what we have is essentially a brand new religious doctrine, less than 40 years old, an absolutely glorious doctrine that could so easily be used to save literally billions of human beings from toxic god myth addiction, if societal leaders began to overtly promote and encourage belief in/worship of satan, rather than god. I realize that this is an utter pipe dream, of course. But the reality of how your societies could and can save billions of people from a lifetime of brutal oppression and torment, yet malevolently choose not to do so, is no fantasy or pipe dream, it is a brutal, accurate reality. I bring you back to the fact that today and everyday, in many thousands of different churches, temples, and other houses of worship across the world, satan and the devil are overtly mentioned and talked about, condemned and demonized, by religious leaders to their brainwashed flocks of sheeple. But the actual document which represents the Truth of satan and of satanism, The Satanic Bible, is never mentioned, never quoted, never displayed. This is because The Satanic Bible represents Truth, and Truth is the supreme, mortal enemy of all mainstream, societally promoted religions. There is no other entity that strikes greater fear into the hearts of all mainstream god myth promoters, especially of christianity/catholicism-based religion, than The Satanic Bible does, because it offers a devastatingly courageous and accurate rebuke to the lie-based god myth, dissecting it, revealing all of it's perversions, and offering a sane, benevolent, freeing alternative to all humans. Stark terror is the reason why The Satanic Bible is never mentioned by any mainstream religion promoters, even though "satan" is constantly mentioned.

There are dozens of additional courageous and brilliantly insightful Satanic Bible quotes that I could continue to list and discuss here, but I have decided that I have already completely proven, beyond all doubt, the points that I was interested in making about satan, satanism, and satanic embrace/ideology. So I will simply recommend to all readers that they obtain their own copy of The Satanic Bible, either by purchasing the book, borrowing it from a library, or even accessing the full text online. It is readily available via all three methods, and for anyone looking to learn more about Anton Szandor LaVey, a courageous, pioneering, truth-based philosopher who is certainly worthy of our attention, respect, and tribute, the web site to go to is: The Church Of Satan. The only caveat regarding satanism that I feel it is important to close with, is that if a society was truly secular, free of all perverse god myth terrorization and brainwashing, and protected it's children from all god mythology, then the imposition of the satan myth upon either children or adults within the society would indeed constitute abuse, victimization, and malevolent brainwashing. However, as of the year 2001, there is no society of humans on planet earth, not even those societies which have ceased all blatant, governmental-level god myth promotion, that even comes close to meeting this requirement, of genuine secularism. Therefore, embrace and acceptance of satanic ideology is absolutely a legitimate, useful, and positive antidote within all societies, for individuals who have tragically become addicted to the malevolent and perverse god myth, and the brutally harmful/destructive ideologies that all mainstream god myths represent, promote, and terroristically impose upon people of all ages, throughout their entire lifetimes, from tiny children, to adults in their prime years, to the elderly.

Lets move on, as there are still a few important angles to this issue that must be covered. A realization which strikes me as being quite profound, is the fact that "praying", all forms of prayer to god, is in reality begging. Nothing more and nothing less. The praying individual is begging god to help him, because he is unable and/or unwilling to accept or face up to the horrific realities of what his life currently constitutes of, will consist of in the future, and the reality/consequences of the ultimate fate which will befall him, namely death. Begging is a perfectly legitimate activity to engage in, under some circumstances. But what makes this particular form of begging so perversely ludicrous is the fact that the entity whose favor and mercy is so desperately being sought, does not exist. And there is no sane reason to even consider the possibility that such an entity could exist. When I think about a person praying to god, the first and most stridently obvious image that comes into my mind, and that should come into the mind of any sane thinker, is: Derangement. A person praying to god is mentally deranged, in the truest sense of this term. They are mentally ill. Their mental illness is not organic in nature, but rather environmental in nature. They have had a plague of mental derangement which has swept through their society for thousands of years, infect them. They are absolute victims of society, who deserve pity, contempt, but not outright condemnation. The condemnation should be reserved for the society itself, it's leaders and agents, who continue to sponsor and legitimize and spread this mental plague to each and every emerging generation. And yet even the societal leaders and agents are themselves, for the most part, victims of this plague, genuinely addicted to the insane god myth themselves, and it is a core precept of this plague that once infected, the victim has an obligation to go out and deliberately infect other people, as many as he can. This is a fundamental rule of all mainstream insane god myth doctrines. And so even the societal leaders and empowered agents must be recognized as likely being absolute victims themselves, although we must also recognize that some societal and religious leaders are insightful enough to know that god does not exist, and yet continue to terroristically impose this toxic myth upon helpless children, as well as adults of all ages, for purely malevolent reasons which reflect their True Reality of personal victimization but do not in fact involve any direct god myth addiction on a personal level. The bottom line is, if you feel the need to beg for help, at least try to establish, using sane, rational analysis, that the entity you wish to beseech for help does, at the very least, exist. Otherwise you are certainly wasting your time, and your behavioral choice cannot be perceived as anything other than ludicrous.

The very next essay that I write, on this page, will be on the issue of Death. I have already made quite a few comments on death in this essay as well, and yet this point must be driven home right here and now: The single greatest reason for why the toxic god myth has proven so successful, has been so easily imposed upon you creatures, and so eagerly embraced by you creatures, is the fact that you will die, you know that you are going to die, and on a subconscious level, you also know the Truth of what your death will consist of, the consequences that you, in personally dying, will face and endure. You are unable, completely unable, to accept this horrific, subconsciously realized Truth. You will desperately grasp at whatever straw you are offered, that will allow you to consciously reject this horrific Truth, just as a person unable to swim who is hurled out of a crashing airliner into the ocean will desperately grasp at anything that he feels will keep him afloat. You do not care how ludicrous, toxic, insane, harmful, malevolent, the societal offering is, because you have already decided, subconsciously or consciously, that absolutely nothing can ever be worse than the plain and simple, horrific Truth of what your death will entail, and the consequences of your death to you.

Other species are not aware, either consciously or subconsciously, on an intellectualized level, of the horrific reality of what death entails. Humans like to pretend that their awareness demonstrates that they possess a "superior intellect" in comparison to other species. But the reality is that nature/evolution never intended any creature to be able to intellectually grasp, either subconsciously or consciously, the true, complete consequences of their own deaths, and also never intended any such species, should it come to develop this intellectual ability, to continue to survive as a species. The human species is a genetic mutation. The "gift" of superior intellect which humans superficially pretend to treasure, is in reality a profound genetic flaw/malformation, that should have resulted in the extinction of the human race a long time ago. Ironically, it is this very genetic malformation, of genetically malformed intellect, which has allowed the human race to survive to this point in time, albeit in a horrifically perverse manner and with genocidally negative consequences for all other species of life on planet earth. All this will be discussed at great length within other essays at this site, but for now I wish to conclude by simply revealing the Truth that if human beings were immortal, if this one "fact of life" became a reality, and they did not have the horrific, unbearable realization of death and it's eternal consequences to intellectually as well as emotionally contend with, societies would have a far more difficult time in addicting their citizen-slaves to the insane god myth, and far more citizen-slaves would reject the god myth. The god myth is centered upon this single issue, of human mortality and the genetic inability of human beings to accept the horrific reality of what their deaths entail. Every societally promoted god creature is immortal, because the authors of all mainstream religious texts recognized that human beings craved immortality more than anything else, more than any object, any benefit, or any pleasure in existence. An immortal creature would automatically attract the worship and obedience of you creatures, because it would possess this single most coveted and precious attribute, an attribute that each of you humans desperately seek with every fiber of your being, albeit usually not on an intellectually conscious level. Add the tantalizing notion of the immortal creature offering to provide you with "immortality by proxy" via an "eternity in "heaven", and you have the ingredients to a recipe that is so delicious, so enticing, as to be irresistible to 99.999999% of all humans who are exposed to it, with the blatantly obvious invalidity, falseness, insanity, and toxicity of the recipe easily and gleefully swept aside and ignored/rejected.

We now move on to atheism and agnosticism. These are two labels that god-addicted societies have chosen to attach to mentally Superior individuals who have chosen to either reject or question sacred god mythology. From the perspective of Truth-embrace, neither one of these labels should exist. God addicts should be the ones to whom labels are attached, not individuals who are free of god myth addiction, in the same manner than drug addicts are labeled as "addicts", "junkies", etc... In a sane society, instead of using labels like atheist and agnostic to describe individuals who are free of a dependency upon the god myth, labels such as "god addict" and "religion junkie" would be used, to label all individuals who are enslaved to the god myth. This would demonstrate a healthy, pro-truth structure to the society, even if it had many god addicts within it. But of course your societies are diseased and lie-based to their very cores, desperately eager to promote, legitimize, and impose god addiction upon all citizen-slaves, and so as usual, we have an upside-down structure in which the inferior, malevolent path is promoted, and perverse, invalid labels are attached to the few Superior humans who have managed to escape the toxic clutches of god addiction.

It's very interesting to look at these two labels, and examine why society chose to create two different words, atheist and agnostic, to describe individuals who are refusing to addict themselves to the god myth. Under dictionary definitions, atheist is used to describe an individual who overtly expresses the fact that he believes that no god creature exists. Agnostic is used to describe an individual who "believes that nothing can be known about the existence of god or of anything except material things." In other words, the agnostic is still "straddling the fence", refusing to or unable to face up to the fact that god does not exist, while at the same time also refusing to affirmatively declare that he believes in the existence of god. In reality, refusing to face up to and accept a blatantly obvious Truth, constitutes an embrace by default of the ridiculous lie/myth, most especially when the lie/myth involves affirming the existence or possible validity of a notion that has absolutely no evidence to support it. Let me try to illustrate this point: If someone asks you whether it's possible for a human being to run 1000 miles in 2 minutes time, and you say No, then you are expressing factual Truth. If you say Yes, then you are expressing a falsehood. If you say that you don't know whether a person can run 1000 miles in 2 minutes time, or that "nothing can be known" regarding the issue of whether or not a person can run 1000 miles in 2 minutes time, what are you expressing?? You are in reality expressing a falsehood. Because plenty can be known regarding this issue. Any sane, rational thinker knows that there is a mountain of incredibly convincing evidence which proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that no human can run 1000 miles in 2 minutes. Therefore, if you refuse to declare that it is not possible for an individual to run such a long distance in such a short time, you are in reality rejecting the Truth. You are embracing the ridiculous notion that it might be possible to accomplish this feat, even though there is not a shred of rational, sane possibility to support the notion. This example I have given is directly parallel to the god myth. There is a mountain of incredibly convincing evidence which proves, beyond all reasonable doubt, that no god creature exists. Therefore, the "agnostic", who is perhaps not an overt worshipper of god, but yet still refuses to affirmatively declare that he does not believe in the existence of god and/or that he recognizes that god clearly does not exist, is rejecting the truth that god does not exist, and by default, embracing the false notion that god "might" exist.

So, the vast majority of all agnostics are indeed addicted to the insane god myth, even if they refuse to publicly/openly express a belief in/worship of god. But under perversely invalid societal definition, an agnostic is someone who has not embraced the god myth. Why is this an important detail? Because it illustrates the utterly devious manner and structure of your malevolent, lie-based societies. Agnosticism is certainly not encouraged by societal leaders. These leaders want to addict you so firmly to the god myth that you feel not only proud to publicly declare yourself a god worshipper, but also feel an obligation to go out and overtly try to addict other human beings to this toxic myth. But at the same time, your leaders know that any type of god addiction, even if it is not publicly or even consciously admitted to by the individual, does serve the malevolent, enslaving goals of the society. The most important thing is to get you addicted, whether or not you publicly or consciously admit to being addicted, is a secondary issue. Agnosticism allows an individual to convince himself that he is not a believer in god, that he is not addicted to the god myth, even though the reality is that in not rejecting outright the notion of god existing, in not recognizing that the notion that god might exist is an utterly deranged, irrational notion that has no reason to be kept under consideration, the agnostic is in fact demonstrating that he is addicted to the insane god myth. Society achieves it's malevolent goal, it allows the individual to delude himself into thinking he is free of the god myth addiction, because most agnostics consider themselves "free-thinkers" who have rejected religious dogma/doctrine. And yet because the individual is unable to embrace the concrete fact that god absolutely, positively does not exist, and continues to straddle the fence on this issue, he remains addicted to the god myth, and by proxy, to most if not all of the fascist, enslaving behavioral demands that the god creature, being used by human societal leaders as their terrorization tool, makes of him. The language dictators of american society have created and use the term "agnostic", to allow people to convince/delude themselves into feeling that they are free of god myth addiction, when the reality is that they are not free of this toxic addiction.

The term "atheist" is defined by your dictionaries as "A person who does not believe in the existence of a god or gods." Here we have a more definitive mindset being expressed, the atheist is said to clearly "not believe in the existence" of god. Using and accepting this literal definition, atheists have indeed broken free of god myth addiction. But once again, I have several brilliant points that must be made in order to dig out the actual root of the Truth. To begin, it is atheists and atheism that your evil and diseased societies demonize. Not agnostics and agnosticism. This is because agnostics, while not embracing the insane god myth to the fanatical degree that society wishes them to, are still addicted to this toxic myth. The fact that they are usually not consciously aware of the reality of their god addiction, only serves to make their fate all the more tragic. Society overtly and strongly encourages and promotes agnosticism, over atheism. Agnosticism provides nothing more than the illusion of having broken free from the insane god myth. Only atheism, a genuine and legitimate embrace of atheism, constitutes an actual rejection of god belief/worship.

Even more importantly, we must realize that just because an individual claims to be an atheist, and says that he does not believe in or worship god, does not necessarily mean that he is free of god addiction. This addiction is extremely potent and subversive, it digs itself right into the very core brain stem of it's victims. The behavioral and lifestyle choices that individuals who claim to be atheists make, are often greatly influenced by, and sometimes still completely controlled by, their god myth addiction, the same addiction that they claim and usually sincerely believe, that they are free from. All addictions are powerful, difficult to break, but none more so than the god myth addiction. Why? Because the god addict has more at stake, more to "lose", than any other addict, in terms of the perceived consequences that come with abandoning his addiction. The gambling addict perceives the loss of a chance to get excited, have fun, and perhaps get some money easily. The drug addict perceives the loss of a brief period of time during which is perception of reality is artificially enhanced. But the god addict perceives the loss of potential immortality, the loss of a blissful eternity in heaven, when he considers abandoning the god myth. This is why the god addiction is the hardest of all to break, the perceived negative consequences of completely abandoning this toxic myth, are extremely high. Don't get me wrong here, there certainly are a few, courageous and truth-embracing people, who do genuinely and wholeheartedly abandon the god myth, proudly earning the label of atheist and never wavering in their refusal to backtrack. But for every one atheist who can honestly make this claim, there are at least 20, likely many more, who claim to be atheists and yet at their core, during crucial moments in their lives, they revert back to embracing and clinging to the insane god myth. You might say, "Look, this person claimed to be an atheist at age 25, lived for 30 years with no outward sign of any god myth addiction, then his beloved wife found out she had cancer, or he found out that he is terminally ill, and he cried out, 'Oh god, please help me!' Isn't his reaction just a one-time, desperate cry for help, that does not negate the reality of his lifetime of atheism embrace?" The answer to this question is obviously unique to each specific situation and individual. But tragically, if you truly delve into the life of such a person, who claims to be a long-time atheist, you will often find that he never actually abandoned and rejected the insane god myth on both an intellectual and an emotional level. He always clung to the fringe of this toxic addiction, holding out "hope" in his mind that god does exist, that there is an "afterlife", and more importantly, despite claiming to be an atheist, he subconsciously allowed the tiny part of his mind that continued clinging to the god myth, to influence/control/dictate the life choices that he has made throughout his lifetime. This is how powerful the god myth is, how insidious, in it's toxicity. Like cyanide granules, just a tiny bit of god addiction can have an intellectually fatal influence upon a person's entire life. The True atheist accepts and embraces the horrific reality of what death entails, with no reservations or rationalizations, which is something that not even a Truth-based satanist, who has embraced the doctrine of The Satanic Bible, is able to do.

It's also worth noting here that atheism cannot be a "default lifestyle choice", it has to be an affirmatively embraced option. God belief and worship is the default lifestyle choice that is terroristically imposed upon every child and adult by the society and culture into which the child is born and/or raised, and this is true even for societies which claim to be secular and to not promote any religious belief. The myth of god is so universally pervasive, so enticing and alluring, and so compatible with the genetic malformation of the human mind, that it is by default, imposed upon all human beings. The vast majority become addicted to this toxic myth, most often during their childhoods. A few manage to avoid becoming addicted, but even so, belief in god is still the "default lifestyle choice" that is imposed upon them by the sum total of their societal/cultural/emotional life experiences. They must make an affirmative, independent decision/choice to reject the god myth, in order to become atheists and to free themselves from this toxic myth. Even a child born to two hard-core atheists, and raised up in an environment that is designed to protect him from exposure to the god myth, will still be confronted with and strongly enticed, in fact outright seduced, by this myth, at some point in time. The same tantalizing lures, including an eternity of heavenly bliss, will be dangled in front of his nose by society, and if he follows the "default lifestyle choice", he will end up becoming a god addict. He will have to defy the addiction, reject the societal lure, and affirmatively embrace the more "difficult", less enticing, but ultimately more rewarding option of atheistic Truth.

A few things need to be said here regarding the promoters of mainstream god mythology. I am speaking of people like the pope, cardinals, priests, ministers, basically all "religious leaders", people who choose to overtly impose the god myth upon others, at houses of worship and through "preaching". These people are all committing acts of terrorism. They are terrorizing human beings, addicting them to an insane and toxic myth. They are committing these acts of terrorism with the full support, sanction, and authorization of the very top leaders of their societies. The president/king/prime minister himself, is responsible for authorizing the toxic infliction of mainstream sacred god myth brainwashing, upon his citizen-slaves, and the "religious leaders" who actually undertake this task are de facto employees of the State itself. The god myth is both malevolent and insane. This being the case, all religious leaders who promote and terroristically impose the god myth upon other human beings, are either personally insane, or overtly malevolent, or both. This does not mean that they are necessarily aware, on a conscious level, of their insanity or malice, since many mentally ill people have no conscious clue of their true mental state, and the entire societal structure is both overtly malevolent and deranged, while retaining a pretense of benevolence and sanity. The fact remains, that there is absolutely no way that any sane, benevolent person would preach/impose the god myth upon other people. A myth that is malevolent and insane will only attract leaders/promoters who are themselves victims of malevolence and insanity, consciously or subconsciously eager to victimize others as they themselves have been victimized. Criminals, con-artists, child-haters, habitual liars, the mentally deranged, the power crazed, victims obsessed with claiming vengeance, victims obsessed with terrorizing other human beings, these are the only types of people who become mainstream religious leaders.

A profession that is based upon malice and involves the dissemination of toxic, deranged notions, can only attract individuals whose true character fits into these categories. It is absolutely true that not all religious leaders are overtly malevolent. Some have a "sincere" desire to try to help other people, to improve the lives of other people. And yet every single one of these non-malevolent religious leaders is absolutely mentally deranged, and all activities they undertake on behalf of their religion, as religious leaders, are fatally tainted by virtue of the mental derangement that they bring to the table and harmfully impose upon other people, via their "preaching". The consequences of their actions are horrifically malevolent, even if they themselves, as individuals, sincerely have no desire or intent to harm anyone, as they spread and impose this toxic plague upon the minds of young and old, via their leadership position within the genocidal religious system of their society. The vast majority of religious leaders are overtly malevolent and recognize, on either a conscious or subconscious level, that they are running a con game upon the humans that they seek to infect with the god myth. This is true even if they themselves, even as they run their con game, do believe in the existence of god on either a conscious or subconscious level. "Religious leader" is a job title. People who become religious leaders recognize that they have a job and a boss. The boss dictates the rules of their job. The bosses are the secular leaders of the society. The religious leader understands that his primary job is to addict a specific class/race/group of people to the god myth, to keep them addicted, and to addict the offspring of this specific group, while at the same time imposing a behavioral standard upon this group which mirrors the cultural standards of behavior and philosophy towards life that the secular societal leadership, their bosses, have chosen to decree as valid and appropriate. The religious leader often tells his congregation that he is taking "orders from god", or "following god's will" in his sermons and preachings. This is quite hilarious, because it is true that many religious leaders, many employees in general for that matter, do consider their boss to be a "god-like" figure, possessing the power to strip them of their livelihood, title, and salary. All mainstream religious leaders are absolutely "taking orders" from someone they fear and are desperate to please. But it's not god, it's the malevolent, perverse, human secular/political leaders of the society which employs them to spread the god plague among you citizen-slaves.

There are certain specific groups of inferior humans who are naturally drawn to this malevolent profession. First and foremost, tortured children who were sexually abused, come to recognize, during adolescence and early adulthood, that becoming a religious leader would provide them with literally the ideal environment in which to gain easy, private, regular access to hundreds if not thousands of children, and to be able to sexually victimize them for an indefinite period of time, while minimizing all danger of being exposed and subjected to any punishment. "Religious leader" is a societally empowering title. Citizen-slaves are taught to not only respect, not merely obey, but to fear religious leaders. They are told to literally hand over their children to religious leaders for "important religious lessons and teachings", and of course they are instructed to inform their children that they must obey, agree with, and do whatever the religious leader asks of them, or tells them to do. It is clear, to any sane thinker, that except for parents raping/sexually abusing their children, which is the fate that befell me, the single easiest and safest path for someone who wishes to serially abuse/torture children in a sexual manner, is to become a religious leader. Societal leaders are completely aware of the fact that they have created a perfect environment for their empowered employees to genocidally abuse children, and they are equally aware of the fact that a significant percentage of the people that they hire to be religious leaders are choosing to enter this profession for the primary reason of gaining access to children for malevolent purposes, while minimizing the risk of being exposed and subjected to punitive punishment. Recognizing all this, your societal leaders make the conscious choice to deliberately and in genocidal fashion, sacrifice the safety and integrity of millions of children, to literally thousands of different religious leaders who are in fact serial child sex abusers who are simply using this job as a "cover", to gain access to children, and to get away with their acts of serial child sex abuse.

Pathological liars are attracted to this profession as well, since it allows them, in fact it compels them, to literally spend their lives constantly and continuously lying to other human beings, as part of the insane god myth indoctrination process. What greater joy could there be, for a pathological liar, than to get paid and praised for doing nothing more than fervently telling lies to other human beings, day after day, and convincing them that the lies are in fact truths? Individuals who have been horrifically terrorized emotionally as children, very often by the god myth, constitute another group of victims drawn to the religious leader profession. They are literally practicing psychotherapy upon themselves, although not on a consciously realized level, as they stand up there at the pulpit and yell at their congregation that unless they "repent and do the right thing, you will face an eternity of damnation in hell!" They are terrorizing their congregation, in psychological reflection of the True Reality of the emotional terrorization that they themselves, as individuals, were subjected to during their childhoods. Some religious leaders are simply lazy, and recognize that this profession provides one of the easiest ways for them to make a good living, especially if they lack a good education. No educational standards exist for becoming a religious leader, after all, the person is doing nothing more than molding the helpless minds and life destinies of thousands, if not millions of people! No big deal at all, no need for the molder to have any sort of an education. I am of course being facetious here, but the point has to be made that I am not criticizing, much less condemning, any religious leader, or any individual human being, in this essay, nor will I do so in any of the Texts at this site. We must recognize that all religious leaders, just like all serial killers, child abusers, etc..., as individuals, are created victims of society. They are torture victims, and a core precept of Forbidden Truth philosophy is that no individual victim of society ever deserves to be condemned or punitively punished. At the same time, we certainly can and should point out. discuss, and dissect the inferior, destructive choices, harmful to either themselves or to others, that many torture victims of society make. But never from the perspective of imposing a personally negative judgment upon the individual. Only society, which bears responsibility for victimizing all individuals, deserves our personally judged condemnation and contempt.

The perversion as regards religious leaders within a society does not lie in the fact that religious leaders exist, or that religious leaders seek to impose their toxic illness upon other people. The perversion lies in the fact that your societies choose to empower, aid, abet, support, religious leaders, literally recruiting an army of many thousands of these deranged and/or malevolent victims that it is responsible for having created, for the specific purpose of overtly attempting to infect every single human being living within the society, child and adult, with this toxic plague of god addiction. This is genocide, intellectual and emotional genocide, nothing more and nothing less. Your societies are actively practicing and committing genocide upon you, and upon your children, as you stand by and literally embrace and applaud your own genocide, due to the fact that you are broken creatures who lack the ability/courage required to even recognize, much less accept and embrace, the horrific Truths of life. This is the perversion, and it is society which bears complete responsibility for choosing to malevolently and genocidally impose the insane god myth upon all citizens. If society benevolently attempted to withhold the insane god myth from all citizens, to protect them from this toxic plague, would god addiction be eradicated?? No, of course not! It would still be extremely common and infect a great many people. But at least society would be making a benevolent effort, at least citizens would have an opportunity to try to resist this toxic plague, to not have it terroristically shoved down their throats each and every day of their lives beginning on the very day of their birth. This is the obligation, the moral and ethical obligation, that every society bears, and yet every society refuses to accept, due to it's utterly malevolent, insane structural design.

As always, the primary focus must be on children. Most addicts are already hopelessly addicted to the insane god myth. But children have the intellectual capacity and courage to still possess the ability to perhaps defy the genetic inferiority of their species and reject the god myth, if they were given the opportunity to develop their minds and mature, without the daily, toxic, terroristic imposition of the insane god myth upon their minds. Your societies bear 100% responsibility and guilt for this malevolent imposition. It is repugnant beyond all measure that parents are not merely allowed, but stridently instructed by their societies, to impose the insane god myth upon their children. It is even more perverse that parents are instructed to use the army of deranged and malevolent "religious leaders" that society has assembled, to achieve this evil goal, of destroying children's ability to recognize and embrace Truth. Children are taken into "houses of worship" for the purpose of having intellectual genocide committed upon them. It is equally perverse that secular societal leaders mention god in their public speeches/announcements, and allow religious leaders, their employees/agents, to have access to the mass medias of radio, television, and other venues that reach millions of people, including hundreds of thousands of children. This toxic plague is deliberately spread by the leaders of your societies. It is terroristically imposed upon every single child and adult, even though your societal leaders have a sacred obligation to do the exact opposite, to protect all citizens from this toxin, to prevent and minimize the spreading of this plague, to the best of it's ability, most especially with regard to children. Your societies are evil, your leaders know how effective and useful the insane god myth is, in achieving the dual purpose of brutally oppressing you, controlling every aspect of your lives, while also providing you with false comfort. And so each generation of children, for thousands of years, literally every single child born into/raised up within the society, has been doused on a daily basis with this genocidally toxic myth, resulting in trillions of human beings living out their entire lives, their every behavioral and lifestyle choice dictated and controlled by an insane myth, that was deliberately designed and structured by human societal leaders for the purpose of cloaking fascist oppression under the guise of "god's will". The omnipotent god creature is used to terroristically compel citizen-slaves, under threat of damnation for all of eternity, into agreeing to adopt and embrace behavioral and lifestyle standards that are unnatural, perverse, lie-based, and serve only the malicious purposes of societal leaders. And this worldwide, ongoing outrage is today, in the year 2001, just as universally popular and pervasive as it was 1000 years ago. How incredibly tragic, and what a beautiful illustration this is of the genetic inferiority of the human race.

The insane god myth is terroristically imposed upon all citizen-slaves, rich and poor alike. Race, gender, age, are all deemed irrelevant, in the face of the universal obsession that societies have with addicting all citizens to the fascist doctrine of the god myth. Rich people must be kept "humble", they must be brainwashed into accepting the notion that no matter how rich or powerful they become, they are still under the terroristic control of the omnipotent god creature. Poor and middle-class people must be kept appeased, they must meekly accept their economic injustice, and this is why the god myth goes to great pains to try and terroritically convince poor people that they must not "covet" the possessions or wealth of others, they must not try to take things away from the wealthy, "thou shalt not steal". They are literally told that god loves them more than he loves rich people, and that certainly there will be no economic injustice or divide up in that nice heaven place. Your leaders purposefully structure their societies so that there will be many more poor people than rich people, and recognize that it is the poor citizen-slaves who are more likely to realize the fact of their brutal oppression, and more likely to rise up in anger in response to their realization. Therefore it is more important to societal leaders to addict poor people to the god myth, and if you drive through any slum, ghetto, or dirt-poor rural area, you will find many churches always located on main streets near the center of the poverty zone. Societal efforts to terrorize citizen-slaves into embracing the god myth are always most fervent and frenzied in ghetto areas, because it is understood that if any widespread, internally generated national unrest or governmental overthrow is to occur, it must and would blossom among the most oppressed, most victimized segment of the population. Every person who becomes addicted to the god myth, loses and forfeits their opportunity to seek either vengeance or "justice" throughout their entire real life, as a condition of embracing the god myth. That is the deviously clever structure of ritualistic suffering that has been built into all mainstream god myths by their creators, malevolent, human societal leaders. So all that any society has to do, to guarantee that no individual will righteously rise up even under the most brutal of societal oppression, is to addict the individual to the god myth. To simply agree to suffer for your entire real lives, and look forward to an eternity of nonexistent equality, happiness, and bliss, in a nonexistent heaven. Suffer, suffer, suffer, that is the entire mandate of your lives. If your presidents, kings, and prime ministers were honest, they would tell you: "I want to make you suffer. I am determined to make you suffer for your entire lives. You will suffer on my behalf, upon my command." But no, they are not honest. They cannot be honest, because they are mere mortals. If they were honest, you citizen-slaves might get mad, riot, overthrow them from power. So they have invented the god creature to impose this exact same horrific fate upon you. God says, by his words and decrees in his bibles: "I want to make you suffer. I am determined to make you suffer for your entire lives. You will suffer on my behalf, upon my command." He is the mouthpiece of your societal leaders, nothing more and nothing less. You might not take this horrible oppression from your human leader, he is a mere mortal, what can he offer you to entice you to accept this malevolent, lifelong fate?? But you will and do accept the same oppression from the god creature, because he is not mortal, he offers you the irresistible lure of an eternity of bliss in heaven. It doesn't matter that god does not exist, heaven does not exist, and that belief in god or heaven is utterly insane. You creatures are genetically diseased, and viciously brainwashed on top of your genetic malformation. Truth is meaningless to you creatures, it cannot even be recognized, so how can the profound messages that it offers, ever be recognized, much less embraced??

I want to wrap up this essay with perhaps the most crystal-clear and glaringly obvious example of your collective derangement on this issue of god worship, that I can come up with. If you creatures still cannot recognize, understand, grasp, and accept the factual reality of the Truths concerning the insane god myth, after you finish reading the next few paragraphs, then there is no hope for you, none at all, and you should consider leaving this website. There is little point in you continuing to read these Texts, if you are unable, after all of my incredible revelations of Truth within this essay, to grasp or accept the fact that your worship of and belief in god, is a form of mental derangement. Not long ago, 19 men in americ, hijacked four commercial airplanes on the same day, and deliberately attempted to crash the airplanes into buildings, knowing with 100% certainty that they themselves would die as a result of the crashes. The specific issues of terrorism, suicide, political ideology, and war, will all be dissected at other essays, not right here. The only issue that we need to focus on here, is the fact that all of these nineteen men believed in god, worshipped god, were specifically addicted to the mainstream, societally promoted religion of Islam, and used their god addiction to summon forth the personal courage required to carry out their self-murdering actions of True Reality vengeance They did not fear death, for one very specific reason: They believed that god exists, that god provides an "afterlife", a new, eternal, pleasant existence that begins upon death. It is likely that each of the nineteen men either physically yelled out, or internally yelled out, "Allah Akbar!", in the moments before they deliberately crashed the airplanes that they had hijacked. Allah Akbar means "god is great!" Their belief in god gave them the courage, the inspiration, and the initiative to choose to undertake the actions that they did.

The specific reasons that they chose to carry out these acts of personal sacrifice, involved True Reality rage and hate born out of personal suffering and injustice, as well as political/ideological brainwashing. But the core, fundamental basis for providing the emotional platform from which they were able to justify to themselves, the voluntary sacrifice of their own lives, was a belief in the existence of god, naturally coupled with the core derangements that accompany the insane god myth, such as the notion that there is an "afterlife". Belief in god is what caused these 19 men to undertake the specific actions that they did! Yes, their root motivations were based upon personal vengeance and political ideology, and yes, some of them would likely have tried to kill other people even if they did not believe in the god/afterlife myth. But, it is almost certain that there is no way that all nineteen men could have been brought together for this mission, with all of them agreeing to undertake actions that were 100% certain to result in their deaths, unless they sincerely believed that god exists, and that upon their deaths, they themselves would continue to exist, in an "afterlife" environment. So, this means that belief in god directly caused these 19 men to murder themselves, and to murder 6000+ other human beings. Belief in god was not the only cause, it was not even the primary cause, but it was a direct cause, which means that if these nineteen men were not addicted to the insane god myth, there is almost no chance that this specific series of actions, the deliberate self-sacrifice that all nineteen men chose to undertake, would have occurred. Mind you, some of these nineteen men would likely have tried to kill other people, a few may even have undertaken actions that were "suicidal" in nature. But there is simply no way that nineteen different people, totally free of all toxic god myth addiction, could have been brought together and made to agree to specifically undertake these actions, as a group, unless there was a mutual, insane belief in the god myth, shared by the group members.

Nothing that I have revealed above, concerning this "terrorist" action, is astonishing. The astonishing part is what I am saying here: In the wake of this action, you pathetic creatures were instructed by your society to "turn to god" for comfort, in your time of grief, terror, confusion, and you eagerly embrace this insane instruction that your societal leaders give you! You choose to embrace the exact same toxic myth, to "comfort" yourselves, that these nineteen men chose to embrace for the purpose of sacrificing their lives and murdering 6000 people! It's the exact same insane myth! Ha! The irony is nothing short of hilarious! The fact that 6500 people are dead as a direct result of the insane god myth addiction, only causes you creatures to cling even more ferociously to your insane god myth addiction. Your religious leaders proudly go on TV and proclaim their fervent devotion to god, causing you creatures to break out in grateful applause and cheers, causing you creatures to clutch this insane myth even more tightly to your deranged bosoms, as you completely ignore and reject the fact, the undeniable Truth, that belief in the insane god myth is a direct cause of the 6500 people having been killed! If the 19 hijackers had not been addicted to the insane god myth, the 6500 people would not have been killed. Because the 19 hijackers were addicted to the insane god myth, the 6500 people were killed. And yet you cowards, you pathetic creatures, cannot find it within yourselves to even face up to and admit to the factual reality of, this Truth. Nope, your terror of death is simply too overwhelming. Gotta keep clinging to the insane god myth, it is your life preserver, as you float upon the ocean of lies that engulfs each and every day of your lives. The complete lack of sane thinking ability on the part of you creatures, is nothing short of astounding! You believe that the 6000 people killed will enjoy an "afterlife", which is the exact same insane belief that allowed these nineteen men to find the emotional courage to make the decision to sacrifice and terminate their own lives! In the wake of this incident, you insanely sing a song titled "God Bless America", and allow your societal leaders to pepper their public speeches with the phrase "god bless america", and you yourselves proudly use the phrase "god bless america" in talking to others about your personal feelings and hopes, even though the incidents that you claim to be so horrified and upset over, would never have occurred were it not for the fact that the nineteen men shared the exact same insane addiction to the god myth, that you yourselves are afflicted with! This is the astonishing part, folks. You share the exact same insane delusion that caused these 19 men to kill themselves and to kill 6000 other people, and yet you have not even an iota of rational insight, no sane ability to recognize or accept this profoundly important Truth, much less to process the Truth within your own conscious perceptions of reality, in such a way as to allow you to see and understand that simply by believing in god, invoking a "blessing" from god, believing that you and other people will enjoy an "afterlife" after they die, what you are doing is celebrating, promoting, gleefully wallowing in the exact same insane ideology that directly caused the events that you consciously claim to be so "terrible", to occur! It is mind-boggling, the stupidity of you creatures, the hypocrisy, the complete inability to even recognize the most obvious, the most clear links of Truth that are thrust in front of your eyes and minds. Your evil society instructs you to draw comfort from the exact same insane myth that is responsible for causing the events that have led you to feel traumatized and in need of comfort. And you do it! Blindly, gladly, insanely! It doesn't make any sense, it's like watching a person drink poison, seeing the person grab their throat, go into convulsions, and die, then being told to drink that same substance, from the very same cup in fact, and happily grabbing the cup and doing just that.

Okay, I am now finished with this essay, having revealed all of the most important Truths on the insane god myth. I have proven, beyond all doubt, that not only does god not exist, but that any human being who believes in the existence of god is afflicted with a horrific, toxic, malevolent, societally inflicted mental illness/derangement. I know that some of you creatures who have just finished reading this essay are indeed god addicts. To you I can only say that you have my sympathy, and it is recognized that you are a torture victim of your society. Whether or not you have the genetic normalcy that is required to break free of your toxic addiction, I do not know and cannot even venture a guess. I suppose you could try to break free of your addiction, if you want to give it a shot. But you have no moral obligation to do so, having already been malevolently infected. If this toxic myth comforts you, so be it. But it is toxic, and to allow an insane myth to structure and dictate the life choices that you will make, during the only existence that you have ever had and will ever have, for all of eternity, is simply tragic.

Anton Szandor LaVey, The Church of Satan, The Satanic Bible
This is Anton Szandor LaVey, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society and the Evil and Perverse Insane God Myth Which American Society Malevolently Imposes Upon Every Child and Citizen.

"Satan, as a god, demi-god, personal savious, or whatever you wish to call him, was invented by the formulators of every religion on the face of the earth for only one purpose--to preside over man's so-called wicked activities and situations here on earth. Consequently, anything resulting in physical or mental gratification was defined as "evil"--thus assuring a lifetime of unwarranted guilt for everyone!" "Every pharisaical religionist claims to love his enemies, even though when wronged he consoles himself by thinking "God will punish them". Instead of admitting to themselves that they are capable of hating their foes and treating them in the manner they deserve, they say: "There, but for the grace of God, go I," and "pray" for them. Why should we humiliate and lower ourselves by drawing such inaccurate comparisons?"

Masturbation is regarded as evil because it produces pleasure derived from intentionally fondling a "forbidden" area of the body by one's own hand. The guilt feelings accompanying most sexual acts can be assuaged by the religiously-acceptable contention that your sensual delights are necessary to produce off-spring - even though you cautiously watch the calendar for the "safe" days. You cannot, however, placate yourself with this rationale while engaging in masturbatory practices." "No matter what you've been told about the "immaculate conception" - even if blind faith allows you to swallow this absurdity - you know full well if you are to produce a child, there must be sexual contact with a person of the opposite sex! If you feel guilty for committing the "original sin," you certainly will feel even deeper guilt for performing a sex act only for self-gratification, with no intention of creating children." "The Satanist fully realizes why religionists declare masturbation to be sinful. Like all other natural acts people will do it, no matter how severely reprimanded. Causing guilt is an important facet of their malicious scheme to obligate people to atone for "sins" by paying the mortgages on temples of abstinence!"

"Even if a person is no longer struggling under the burden of religiously-induced guilt (or thinks he isn't), modern man still feels shame if he yields to his masturbatory desires. A man may feel robbed of his masculinity if he satisfies himself auto-erotically rather than engaging in the competitive game of woman chasing. A woman may satisfy herself sexually but yearns for the ego-gratification that comes from the sport of seduction. Neither the quasi Casanova nor bogus vamp feels adequate when "reduced" to masturbation for sexual gratification; both would prefer even an inadequate partner. Satanically speaking, though, it is far better to engage in a perfect fantasy than to cooperate in an unrewarding experience with another person. With masturbation, you are in complete control of the situation." "To illustrate the undebatable fact that masturbation is an entirely normal and healthy practice: it is performed by all members of the animal kingdom. Human children will also follow their instictive masturbatory desires, unless they have been scolded for it by their indignant parents, who were undoubtably berated for it by their parents, and so on down the retrocedent line. It is unfortunate, but true, that the sexual guilts of parents will immutably be passed on to their children. In order to save our children from the ill-fated sexual destiny of our parents, grandparents, and possibly ourselves, the perverted moral code of the past must be exposed for what it is: a pragmatically organized set of rules which, if rigidly obeyed, would destroy us! Unless we emancipate ourselves from the ridiculous sexual standards of our present society, including the so-called sexual revolution, the neuroses caused by those stifling regulations will persist. Adherence to the sensible and humanistic new morality of Satanism can - and will - evolve society in which our children can grow up healthy and without the devastating moral encumbrances of our existing sick society."

"Satanism encourages its followers to indulge in their natural desires. Only by doing so can you be a completely satisfied person with no frustrations which can be harmful to yourself and others around you. Therefore, the most simplified description of the Satanic belief is: INDULGENCE INSTEAD OF ABSTINENCE" "For the most part, it is not the artist or individualist, but the average middle-class working man or woman who is lacking the proper release for their desires. It is ironic that the responsible, respectable person - the one who pays society's bills - should be the one given the least in return. It is he who must be ever conscious of his "moral obligations", and who is condemned for normally indulging in his natural desires."

"Satanists are encouraged to indulge in the seven deadly sins, as they need hurt no one; they were only invented by the Christian Church to insure guilt on the part of its followers. The Christian Church knows that it is impossible for anyone to avoid committing these sins, as they are all things which we, being human, most naturally do. After inevitably committing these sins financial offerings to the church in order to "pay off" God are employed as a sop to the parishioner's conscience!" "Sexual activity certainly is condoned and encouraged by Satanism, but obviously the fact that it is the only religion which honestly takes this stand, is the reason it has been traditionally given so much literary space. Naturally, if most people belong to the religions which repress them sexually, anything written on this provocative subject is going to make for titillating reading." " "We have to accept the fact that man has become disgruntled at being constantly repressed, but we must do everything we can to at least temper the sinful desires of man, lest they run rampant in this new age," say the religionists of the right-hand path to the questioning Satanist. "Why continue to think of these desires as shameful and something to be repressed, if you now admit they are natural?" returns the Satanist. Could it be that the white-light religionists are a bit "sour-grapes" about the fact that they didn't think of a religion, before the Satanists, which would be enjoyable to follow; and if the truth were known, would they too not like to have a bit more pleasure out of life, but for fear of losing face, cannot admit it? Could it also be that they are afraid people will, after hearing about Satanism, tell themselves "This is for me - why should I continue with a religion which condemns me for everything I do, even though there is nothing actually wrong with it?" The Satanist thinks this is more than likely true."

"Life is the one great indulgence; death the one great abstinence." Religionists have kept their followers in line by suppressing their egos. By making their followers feel inferior, the awesomeness of their god is insured. Satanism encourages its members to develop a good strong ego because it gives them the self-respect necessary for a vital existence in this life." "The highest of all holidays in the Satanic religion is the date of one's own birth. This is in direct contradiction to the holy of holy days of other religions, which deify a particular god who has been created in an anthropomorphic form of their own image, thereby showing that the ego is not really buried. The Satanist feels: "Why not really be honest and if you are going to create a god in your image, why not create that god as yourself." Every man is a god if he chooses to recognize himself as one. So, the Satanist celebrates his own birthday as the most important holiday of the year. After all, aren't you happier about the fact that you were born than you are about the birth of someone you have never even met? Or for that matter, aside from religious holidays, why pay higher tribute to the birthday of a president or to a date in history than we do to the day we were brought into this greatest of all worlds? Despite the fact that some of us may not have been wanted, or at least were not particularly planned, we're glad, even if no one else is, that we're here! You should give yourself a pat on the back, buy yourself whatever you want, treat yourself like the king (or god) that you are, and generally celebrate your birthday with as much pomp and ceremony as possible." "A little child learns that if he wishes for something hard enough, it will come true. This is meaningful. Wishing indicates desire, whereas prayer is accompanied by apprehension. Scripture has twisted desire into lust, covetousness, and greed. Be as a child, and do not stifle desire, lest you lose touch with the first ingredient in the performance of magic. Be led into temptation, and take that which tempts, whenever you can!"-----------Anton Szandor Lavey


Death. What is it? It is certainly the most profoundly important event and fate that all of us will tragically endure. And yet literally no honest, sane, Truth-based analysis/discussion of what death even is, much less the consequences that it brings with it, has ever occurred on a cultural, educational, or mass media level, within any human society on planet earth. Well, I aim to change that fact, right here and now, at least via the extremely limited audience forum that this remarkable website, created by your brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth, can reach. The best way to begin to define death, is to define a different word, a word that is slightly less bogged down in Truth rejection based upon ultimate terror, than the word death is. That word is existence. What does it mean to exist? As a living creature it means that you have a conscious mind, you have a past, a present, and a future, based upon the fact that you are alive. Your existence is dependent upon being alive, and remaining alive. It doesn't matter whether your conscious mind is impaired in terms of functionality, such as would be the case if you were in a coma. It doesn't matter whether you are intelligent enough to be able to define the word "future", much less plan for or think about the future. It doesn't matter whether or not you have any memory of your own past, or whether such memory is severely impaired, such as is the case with those afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. If you are alive, then you exist, and if you exist you have a past, a present, and a future, regardless of whether you are personally able to recall your past, consciously able to experience the present, or make any type of plan for the future. Being alive is therefore completely dependent upon existing, meaning that if you cease to exist you are no longer alive, and vice versa, if you are no longer alive, you cease to exist.

Now we come to a very important Forbidden Truth: Death is exactly the same, death has exactly the same structure, consequences and ramifications, as "pre-birth" does. What does this mean? Before you were born, you did not exist, you were not alive, and using the sane and proper definition of the word "death", you were dead. You had no past, no present, and no future, prior to being born, or for the sake of complete accuracy, prior to the sperm and egg which created you, successfully commingling. You did not exist, prior to being born, because you were not alive. When a person who has already come into existence dies, they cease to exist in exactly the same manner and to exactly the same degree, as an individual who was never born in the first place, does not exist. The individual who was never born has no conscious awareness of the past, the present, or the future, because they did not and do not exist. There is a past that stretches many millions if not billions of years, and a future that stretches into "infinity" or eternity. But the individual who was never created has no experience of any of the past, present, or future. They are doomed to an eternity of absolute nothingness, the most horrific fate imaginable, to any sane thinker. The profound Truth here is this: The individual who was created and lived a "life", is obviously, certainly, and definitively doomed to experience the exact same horrific fate as the individual who was never created in the first place, upon his "death", the fate of an eternity of absolute nothingness.

Your societies use all sorts of ridiculous lies and myths to try and get you to embrace the false notion that your being alive carries "consequences" and results that continue to exist even after you physically die. This notion is simply insane, and yet it is gleefully embraced by literally 99.99999999999999999% of all human beings, even more universally embraced than the insane god myth is. When you physically die, you cease to exist. This cessation of existence carries with it the exact same horrific Truth ramifications as you never having been born in the first place, would have carried. Nothing that occurs after you die can have any importance to you, because you no longer exist, and you can never again exist, for all of eternity. The notions that attaining wealth, fame, having children, etc..., carry any value or importance that in any way transcends your death, is a deranged notion. Whatever perceived emotional/psychological benefits you may derive from being wealthy, famous, loved by others, etc..., can only exist for as long as you yourself are alive. The instant you die, you cease to exist and nothing that you have accomplished, nothing that you considered valuable or beneficial, has any value or benefit to it. Your accomplishments, your "legacy", ceases to exist the moment that you, as an individual, cease to exist, as a result of dying.

All existence of all boned animal creatures is dependent upon the flow of a vital liquid known as blood, and the ability of the creature's body to maintain such flow, which serves to allow the brain of the creature to avoid rotting. The brain of all creatures is what allows the creature to exist. If the brain ceases function, and causes the body to lose the ability to provide blood flow and cell maintenance, the creature's body begins to decay, and existence is lost. Existence=life, nonexistence=death. Death=nothingness for all of eternity. It does not make a single iota of difference whether or not a creature came into existence or not, because the actual consequences of not existing, to the creature, are exactly the same, whether they "die" by not being created in the first place, or whether they die at age 120, after having lived for 120 years of time. The ramification of not being alive is extreme, and it applies to all creatures who are not alive, regardless of whether or not they ever were alive in the past. This ramification is: The experience of nothingness for all of eternity. Some would argue that "nothingness for all of eternity" is not an "experience", but rather a "lack of experience". I disagree, you do not need to consciously be aware of something, in order to experience it's consequences. That is the context in which the word "experience" is being used in this essay. You creatures are usually quite willing to accept the notion that an "entity" that was never born, has no past, no present, and no future, for all of eternity. That is Truth. But perversely and cowardly, you are unwilling to accept the equally undeniable Truth that creatures who are born, and then die, also have absolutely no past, present, or future for all of eternity. The reality of having a past, a present, and a future, is completely dependent upon one thing: Being alive and existing. If you cease to be alive, you cease to exist, and as a consequence, you lose all of your past, present, and future. It is exactly as if you were never born in the first place, and this core Truth, admittedly a horrific one, is something that you human creatures cannot grasp or accept, much less embrace. The things you accomplish/achieve in life, can only have value for the short, limited period of time that you are not dead. They can have no value during the period of time prior to you being created, and they can have no value for the eternity of cosmic endurance that stretches ahead after you die, because all value perception is derived via the uniquely personal experience of existing. What this means is that not only is there no purpose to life, an issue I will be dissecting in my next essay, but even more profoundly, nothing that we achieve in life has any significance of any kind. Achievement is also dependent upon personal perception, and no type of personal perception can exist, ever, unless the creature seeking or trying to retain their own perception, exists. So, lets say that one person lives their life lying in a gutter, never speaking, never engaging in sexual intercourse, never communicating with another person, never earning money or having a family. Another person lives in a mansion, hosts a TV show watched by billions of people every day, has sexual intercourse with a million women, invents products which revolutionize human behavior, earns trillions of dollars, creates a million children, and has the biggest family in the history of the world. The reality is that, because the trillionaire and the gutter-man both die, there is absolutely nothing, not a single iota, of personal life value, advantage, or benefit that the trillionaire will end up enjoying, over the gutter-man. In fact, it is perfectly possible that the gutter-man will be able to claim victory, since the only "score" that has any legitimacy is the personal perception of life pleasure and fulfillment that each individual experiences during their lifetime. This perception is also of no value whatsoever upon death, of course. But it provides the only legitimate way of "judging" the success or failure of any life. Only the individual who is actually in the process of living their life, can make this unique judgment upon himself. The trillionaire lives in a mansion, he has servants, he creates a million children, he changes the future course of human events/behaviors, he leaves trillions of dollars to other humans, cities, streets, buildings are named after him, pregnant women decide to name their babies after him, etc..., and yet none of this can possibly or does in fact have any value or importance of any kind, the instant that the trillionaire dies. This is because all value is completely dependent upon being able to perceive value, and all ability to perceive anything is lost for all of eternity immediately upon death, just as it never existed prior to birth, or to a creature who was never born.

Lets briefly look at a few of the perverse myths that society brainwashes you creatures into embracing, as part of a mass misdirection, delusion-inducing process concerning the issue of death, and the consequences of dying. We will begin with "family" and children. Your diseased societies convince you that having children is an important and legitimate way to maintain and continue your own "legacy", after you die. You are instructed to make "sacrifices" for your children, you are told that you yourself will mystically "live on", after you die, in the consciousness of your family and your children, and you are told that this form of "afterlife" has great value. All of this is not simply ridiculous, but downright insane. The word "legacy" has no legitimate basis in Truth. A person can certainly try to create a "legacy" for himself, but the legacy only exists for as long as the person is alive. When the person dies, their legacy ceases, because they cease to exist, and all that occurs for all of eternity after the person dies, can and does have absolutely no value or meaning or consequence, because it cannot be perceived by the dead person. What possible difference could it make whether you have children and they grow up to conquer the universe, or even to discover the secret to immortality?? You are dead, you no longer exist, you can never exist again for all of eternity! Therefore, even if your child uncovers the secret of immortality, you will derive not a single iota of benefit, of any kind. You have no legacy, because you do not exist, and the notion that having a family is an ideal way to create an afterlife legacy for yourself is nothing more than the most blatant of societal enslavement myths, based of course on Sacred Family Unit mythology.

Next we have the myth of fame. Your societies delude you into believing that becoming popular, well-known, and famous, not just on a "celebrity" level but also on a much smaller familial/community level, somehow carries with it a value that continues on even after you die. Once again, this is an obviously ridiculous notion. How can something have value or importance to you, if you do not exist and can never exist for the rest of eternity?? Folks, I often shake my head in amazement at the stupidity, the gullibility, of you creatures. Even if you remove the "value and importance to you" part of the equation, and just substitute "value and importance", you are still left with nothing. What difference does it make if other people value you, decree you to be important, follow your teachings, or even worship you, after you are dead? There is simply no importance or value to being famous, respected, loved, or worshipped, once the object of this adulation ceases to exist. Whatever occurs in the universe once you die, is meaningless to you, it is exactly the same, no matter what it is. You cannot gain any benefit of any kind from anything that occurs for the rest of eternity, anywhere in the universe, once you die. There was a person named John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He lived, he became very famous, he died. Lots of people were sad that he was dead, books were written about him, photos of him were published, people saved photos of him, framed photos of him. People memorized his speeches, people memorized the images of the very instant that he was shot and died, people made movies about him. People know his name. He is famous, and he even had the chance to shape the future path of the most evil and diseased nation on planet earth, for a little while. But did any of his achievements, fame, power, carry even the tiniest iota of value or importance with them, beyond the exact moment of his death?? No. The moment he died, it became as if he was never born in the first place. He ceased to exist and his accomplishments/achievements all became null and void, because they were dependent upon his existence, as is the case with all of us. The fact that he remained famous and even got more famous after he died, carried no value. Fame can certainly have value, but only if the recipient of the fame is alive.

How about money? You are taught that you can live on after you die, by giving your money away to other people, establishing trusts and charitable foundations, helping your children to "live a better life" than you did. Does this notion make any sense, is it a sane notion?? Of course not, it is ridiculous on it's face, and after careful analysis it simply becomes even more ridiculous. Why would the ability of someone else to live a potentially better life, be of any benefit to you, once you are dead? What in the world could you possibly gain, from helping someone else live a better life?? If you yourself are alive, and possess a benevolent, generous nature, you might derive some pleasure from helping another person, I can certainly recognize the Truth of such a scenario. But it is completely dependent upon you being alive. You must be alive in order for there to be any possibility of you benefiting from helping another person. All acts of altruism are inherently selfish, but that is a discussion best left for a different essay at this site. The important point to be made here is that if you are alive, it is possible that giving away money and/or material goods could make you feel better and enhance your perceived enjoyment of life. The only purpose to undertaking such an act would be to make yourself feel better and happier. But you have to be alive, you have to exist, in order to feel anything. So, the act of leaving a will, giving away your valuables and assets after your death, is utterly ridiculous and pointless. It cannot help you in any way, shape, or form, to "live on after you die", regardless of what the assets are used for by the people you leave them to. It doesn't matter whether your children/heirs fall to their knees and pray for you each morning, or erect shrines in your honor, etc... It doesn't matter and it cannot matter, because you no longer exist, you are dead, and to be dead is identical to never having been born, never having existed, in the first place.

And yet you creatures blindly continue to allow your evil societies to delude and manipulate you. You waste your lives working as a slave not only to earn enough money for your own survival, but also, insanely, to "support" other human beings and to try to create a stockpile of wealth/assets that you can leave, after you die, to other human beings. Absolutely amazing, the gullibility and irrationality of you creatures. You work as a societal slave, and on top of that, you don't even use all of the money you make to enhance your own life, but instead give it away to other people while alive, and save a big pile of it to give away to other people after you die, even though any sane thinker realizes that you can never and will never gain a single iota of pleasure or satisfaction from anything that might occur after you die. Your society deludes you into believing that you owe other human beings money after you die, and that you will somehow, mystically, enhance your own "afterlife" by stockpiling assets and giving them away to specific family members or friends upon your death. I do realize that some pleasure/satisfaction is sometimes derived during a lifetime, by the individual contemplating how much their money/assets might be treasured and valued upon their death, by their heirs. But first of all this is nothing more than a blind assumption/guess on the part of the deluded individual, and secondly, much more importantly, it cannot possibly make any difference to the individual what occurs after they die, because they have ceased to exist for all of eternity upon their death.

I have already discussed the Insane God Myth at great length on this page, revealing how and why the horrific, unbearable Truth of what death entails is the #1 motivational reason for you creatures perversely embracing and clinging to this toxic plague of a myth. So on that particular, extremely important issue, I will not repeat myself at all here. But there are a bunch of other societally popularized "supernatural" myths that have been created to specifically shield you creatures from the Truth about death, that must be dissected. Let us begin with reincarnation. What is reincarnation? It is an insane theory that has been specifically legitimized and promoted by society to those humans who, for one reason or another, have chosen to reject the mainstream god myth structure of a "heaven and hell" afterlife. Societal leaders recognize that as a combined result of genetic mental deformity and malicious cultural brainwashing, only a tiny handful of humans will be able to cope with the horrific reality of what death entails. Even though society strongly prefers to addict all citizen-slaves to the mainstream god myth, it recognizes that it's far more important to provide all citizen-slaves with whatever types of lies/fables they might need, in order to be able to reject the utterly horrific Truth of what death entails. Reincarnation is an absolutely perfect fable for those who cannot embrace the heaven & hell myth, it provides not only the illusion of an eternal afterlife, but the exciting opportunity for every believer to enjoy actual lives, as other human beings or as animals, throughout all of eternity, via the notion that all living things have a "soul" that not only survives physical death, but also magically transports itself into another living or yet to be born creature, over and over, for all of eternity. Make no mistake folks, reincarnation is a belief system, structured along the exact same deranged foundation as the mainstream god myth, although the scope and focus of this belief system is much narrower, having been designed to serve only one primary purpose, to allow and cause you creatures to reject the horrific Truths concerning death. When analyzed from any sane perspective, the reincarnation myth is at least as deranged and ridiculously insane as the heaven and hell myth is, and a good argument can be made that it is even more deranged.

All existence is centered within the brain, as long as proper blood flow and cell oxygenation is maintained, the creature, human or otherwise, can live and therefore exist. If blood flow/oxygenation to the brain is interrupted or ceases, the brain cells die and all existence, on all levels, is lost for all eternity. It is as if the creature has never existed in the first place, and nothing, no myth, no illusion, no fable, no lie, can change this obvious, undeniable, Truth. There is nothing "mystical" about life. You creatures simply cannot find the courage to face up to the horrific Truth of what death entails, and due to this cowardice, you choose to throw a toxic, irrational, delusional web of mysticism around yourselves, gleefully entrapping yourself within the enslaving clutches of your web, using it to shield yourselves from all of life's Truths. Some people might be saying right about now, "Hey, what's so bad about trying to gain comfort in life, what's so wrong with embracing a harmless, happy myth??" Well, I will tell you: You have one life, one existence, for all of eternity. Nothing before you were born, nothing after you die. Nothing. The only way that you can make life choices that are based upon Truth, that will serve to allow/cause you to pursue a lifestyle path that has not been maliciously warped and twisted by a deranged belief system, is to face up to and embrace this Forbidden Truth about death. You creatures are always pretending how "free" you want to be, how you deserve to be free, how glorious it is to be free, and yet you have no concept of what freedom even is. Your minds are literally chained up with thousands of different, tight, binding steel chains. You can never even try to be free, on any level, unless and until you embrace Truth, all Truth, no matter how horrific it may be. These "harmless, happy myths" concerning an afterlife are in reality viciously brutal, they destroy you, they haunt you, they literally manipulate every step you take in your path through life, just like a ventriloquist/puppeteer manipulates his puppet. On top of all that, the puppeteer is in fact utterly malevolent and brutally, genocidally immoral/perverse. This puppeteer is your society, it's empowered leaders and their agents. How can you make lifestyle choices that in any way accurately reflect your core mindset and reality, when you are laboring under the insane delusion that you have an "afterlife" to look forward to, or additional lives that will magically manifest themselves after you die? Not to mention the fact that in the insane god myth, you actually have a creature watching you, personally judging you and your life activities, in terms of deciding whether or not you are worthy of enjoying a blissful afterlife? The creature does not exist! But if you believe the creature does exist, you are lost, hopelessly lost, your mind and your consciousness literally chained up in a dungeon. Even without a "god-judge", nothing can ever be right, no choice you make can be bathed in the glow of pure Truth, unless you recognize and accept the fact that you have one life, it spans 30-110 years of time, an utterly minuscule fragment of time, within the vast, gaping expanse of eternity. You did not exist prior to birth, on any level, and you will not exist after you die, on any level, for all of eternity. This is key folks, the eternal nature of the consequences and ramifications of your own death, must be recognized. You creatures seem to have difficulty grasping "abstract" concepts, and you apply the label of abstraction to a term like "eternity". But the fact is, there is nothing abstract about eternity. Eternity is infinite time, past or future, the endless period of cosmic existence after your death. Endless means with no end. It means that the moment you die, you cease to exist and you can never and will never exist again, in any way, shape, or form, for the entire, ongoing eternity of spatial, cosmic existence, which will be a trillions of trillions of years, on top of trillions of trillions of more years. You will not exist. You will have no thoughts, no memories, no experiences, you will hear no sounds, see no images, feel no sensations, have no emotions, have no ability to relate to anything in any way. You will have no awareness of any kind, of anything that occurred during your one and only lifetime, for all of eternity.

Some of you might be thinking right about now, "Okay, brilliant Seer, I get the point, but why do you keep repeating yourself in this essay??" I am not repeating myself, what I am trying to do is drive home an extremely important Truth that you creatures have been conditioned from the day of your births forward, into rejecting. I do this by expressing the reality of what death is and entails, with as much detail and comprehensiveness as I possibly can. The perverse lie concerning afterlife has been repeated to each one of you tens of thousands of times, throughout your entire lives, each and every day. In addition, most of you have had "loved ones" die and you consciously and subconsciously repeat to yourselves and embrace on a daily basis, sometimes dozens of times every single day, the comforting delusion that your loved one(s) are okay, doing just fine, enjoying their "afterlife". So don't you dare snipe at me for repeating the facts of this most profound of Forbidden Truths a few times within these Texts, after you have had the insane, false, toxic lie of what death entails imposed upon you tens of thousands of times, hundreds of thousands of times, even a million times or more, both willingly and unwillingly, from the moment of your birth, by your society. In addition to reincarnation we have a ton of other perverse scams that are designed to allow you to reject the reality of death. We have the notion of ghosts existing, usually put forth within stories of deceased loved ones returning to speak with, comfort, or help you, but in reality the ghost fable's actual purpose is to convince you that you yourself can become a ghost after you die, thus enjoying yet another type of "afterlife". Various cultures have developed specific rituals that they both officially and unofficially decree to provide assistance in gaining an afterlife, such as "last rites". Usually overt religious rituals are employed, but not always. The goal of society is always to soothe and placate the masses by deluding them into believing that there is an afterlife. We have the myth of angels becoming popular within many societies, yet another afterlife promotion fable, since in most cases the angel is in fact a former human being, which obviously means that there has to be an afterlife, simply for the former person to have become an angel.

Here are the facts: Throughout the entire history of humanity, there has never been a single shred of legitimate evidence, much less the concrete proof that any sane thinker would require, that suggests that any form of afterlife, be it via heaven, via reincarnation, via ghosts, angels, etc..., has ever existed or can exist. Not a single shred of legitimate evidence that any creature, out of the trillions of trillions that have existed since the evolutionary formation of life on this planet, has ever enjoyed even a single moment of "afterlife". Therefore, for any of you creatures to believe that an afterlife exists, proves beyond all doubt that you are afflicted with a severe, undeniable mental illness/dysfunction. A sane thinker, whose brain is functioning upon a level of rational thought and interest in Truth, examining all of the evidence fairly and objectively, cannot believe that there is an afterlife, and cannot even believe that there might be an afterlife, because not only is there not a shred of proof that there is an afterlife, but there is also not a single shred of legitimate evidence to suggest that there might be an afterlife, while at the same time there is a mountain of extremely powerful evidence which informs us that there cannot possibly be and there is not, any afterlife.

Children deserve to be protected from the insane afterlife myth, just as much as they deserve to be protected from the toxic god myth. Their minds are vulnerable and developing, trying to find the courage and insight to embrace the Truths of life. You cowardly creatures, already addicted to the afterlife myth, have no business and no right to sabotage your children's minds by imposing an insane myth upon them, just because the insane myth comforts you, and you feel it will comfort them. Yes, some children are so young and immature that they cannot grasp the concept of death, and yes, some children will no doubt be unable to accept the horrific reality of death, and will need a comforting myth in order to cope with their distress. However, these cases can be easily accommodated while still giving all children the opportunity to find the courage to face up to the reality of death, as best they can. How can this be done? Quite simply: You do not terroristically impose the Truth about death to children. You take into account the age and maturity level of the child when telling the child that the person or animal that they loved has died and will be "gone forever", but you never lie to the child. You never tell the child as a concrete fact that their loved one is in "heaven" or in any other "afterlife" location or venue. If the child indicates an inability to accept the eternal finality of death, the child can be told: "Some people like to believe that when a person or animal dies, they go to a magical place that is really nice. If you want to think that your grandma or kitty is now in a magical, happy place, that's okay." Here we have proper, nurturing rearing of a child. The child is given the opportunity to embrace the inferior myth if he really needs to, due to emotional immaturity or genetic inferiority, but at the same time, there is no overt promotion or imposition of the myth upon the child. If the child persists in trying to get the parent, or any adult, to "verify" the belief in an afterlife by confirming it to be true, this should be taken as what it is, an attempt by the child to uncover the real truth, to find the internal courage and maturity to accept the truth of what death is, and of course all adults should be obligated to not verify this "belief" as constituting Truth, but simply to repeat to the child that "some people believe in this magical place, and if you feel you need to believe in it, that's okay." The child is given permission to draw comfort from this myth, but absolutely no overt encouragement or guidance designed to influence the child to actually embrace the myth.

One thing that truly irks me, and should enrage any sane seeker of Truth, is the manner in which societies decree some individuals to be "dying", or to be terminally ill. Society spends tremendous effort and time to convince all of you creatures that death is not so bad, and in addition, that you are not dying, unless and until you reach a point in time where your approximate date of death can be medically determined, at which point you are officially decreed to be "dying". You creatures seem to take the medical revelation of the news that you are dying with a great deal of shock and dismay. But this makes no rational sense, because the fact of the matter is, we are all dying. The moment that we are born, we begin to die. Every person reading these words is terminally ill, you are all dying. Every living creature throughout the history of life on planet earth, has died. The only question is, when will you die? This is really not a major question, because within the time parameters of eternity, and given the known lifespan parameters of humans, together with the horrific consequences that come with dying, whether or not a human lives for 20 years or 120 years is quite irrelevant/insignificant. It is an extremely short, minuscule period of time and nothing accomplished within one's lifetime can or does retain any meaning of any kind, immediately upon death. It is utterly amazing how you creatures seem to be so sad when a person dies at age 20, "Oh, what a tragedy, he had his whole life ahead of him", but when the person dies at age 120 you say, "Well, at least he enjoyed a long, full life". Long, full life?? Eternity is a long time. 120 years of time is microscopically short by comparison, not to mention the fact that the eternal void of nothingness which begins immediately upon death is of exactly the same duration, eternal, carries the exact same horrific ramifications, regardless of how old the creature who dies is. But as usual, you pathetic creatures find comfort in irrational, insane thinking patterns, somehow finding the stupidity to decide that a person who lives for 120 years has scored some sort of a victory over a person who lives for only 20 years. There are no victories in life, folks. Life is terminal, the consequences of death are horrific, and currently unavoidable. Find the courage that is required to embrace this Truth, or continue to live your lives under whatever perverse, toxic delusions you wish. If you choose the latter, at least have the decency to recognize and admit to your inferiority, in comparison to an individual like myself. In a sane society, the fact that we are all dying, as a consequence of being alive, would be a core, mainstream cultural message of Truth. There would be no shock at a terminal illness diagnosis, there would be no celebration of the "good fortune" of the person who dies at age 120. All who are alive are terminally ill, the disease is death, and it is currently incurable. The person who dies at age 120 has won nothing, his fortune is not good, it is equally horrific as that of every other human being who has ever died, because the eternal consequences of death, as experienced by each creature, are identical. The length of time that the individual lives is therefore completely and utterly irrelevant, when confronted with the consequences of eternal death. Of course it can be said that while the individual is alive, he is enjoying good fortune, when compared to all creatures who are not alive. But this "advantage" is completely lost and has no valid meaning immediately upon the death of the individual.

I want to speak a little bit here about the "positive" benefits of embracing the reality of what death is and entails. As you should already know from reading these Texts to this point, I have absolutely no benevolent or altruistic motivation in creating this Manifesto. I have no interest in helping anyone, or in promoting anything that can be labeled as "positive" or beneficial to others. But I am determined to reveal Truth, in gloriously comprehensive detail and clarity, and if the Truths I reveal do carry consequences that can be seen as beneficial, I will certainly not refrain from pointing them out. Currently, you creatures do not know or accept what death is. You are laboring under toxic delusions that have been imposed upon you and that many of you find personally comforting, but which serve to warp and negatively impact your behavioral and lifestyle choices and attitudes, in many different ways. Death is the most horrific fate that you will face, by far, and it is 100% certain that you will indeed endure this horrific fate, and the eternal consequences that it carries with it. But you creatures do not recognize, much less embrace, this Truth. As a direct result, at least to a partial degree, you engage in perverse behaviors and follow deranged lifestyle paths which you would be far less likely to pursue, if you did embrace the horrific Truths about death. You choose to undertake "adventures", to risk and needlessly endanger you health, welfare, and lives, partly because you hate and despise yourselves, an issue I will be exploring at great length in a future essay, but also because you are delusional enough to believe that there is an "afterlife". The notion of an afterlife naturally and obviously dilutes the perceived value and importance of your "current" lives, to you, because you accept the insane notion that you will enjoy additional lives or an additional existence, of some kind, after your current existence comes to an end as a result of your death. It is clear that the notion of an afterlife plays a significant role, I will not say a primary role, but a significant role, in negatively influencing a great number of people into unnecessarily undertaking harmful, dangerous, destructive, and deadly life activities and paths, including such things as smoking, drinking alcohol, using toxic drugs, skydiving, motorcycle riding, overeating, choosing to become cops, firemen, soldiers, etc... The list is literally endless, but I think you should get the clear message that I am delivering, from the brief list above. If you believe that you have 2 lives, 3 lives, or some sort of eternal life/existence, than obviously the degree of value and importance that you are likely to place upon what you see to be only your "first" life, will be less and lower than would be the case if you recognized that you only have this one life, never to be regained for all of eternity, that you are currently living.

This seems to be a good place to say a few words about euthanasia. What is euthanasia? According to current dictionaries, it is the act of causing a "gentle and easy death" to a person suffering from a "painful, sometimes incurable illness." Amazingly, this action is usually not labeled as constituting an act of murder, but rather an "act of mercy", using the deranged logic that the victim was "suffering so much that he was better off dead." Once again, we see how the insane afterlife myth has a perverse, negative effect upon how the reality of being alive is perceived, and the value that being alive is given. Death is the most horrific experience that any individual can ever endure, because of the consequences and ramifications, namely an eternity of absolute nothingness, that it brings with it. Only within a diseased, lie-based society, could anyone decide that the bizarre notion that a person who is "suffering through a great deal of pain" would "have it better if he was dead," makes any rational or valid sense. It is ridiculous! How can pain possibly be worse than death?? No matter how severe and unrelenting the pain is, no matter how hopeless the odds of a "recovery" occurring might be, there is no way that pain and/or "hopelessness" can come close to being as horrific, to carrying the horrific consequences, that death carries. Only because the toxic afterlife myth is embraced, can this insane rationalization be embraced by anyone. Nobody can ever be "better off dead", no matter how much horrific pain they may be enduring, because death is the most horrific experience, has the most horrific consequences, of all. But the only way to recognize this Truth is to embrace the fact of what death is and results in, the experience of nothingness for all of eternity. Any afterlife myth destroys the ability to recognize this Truth, and in turn the ability of you creatures to recognize how insane it is to label euthanasia as a "benevolent option" for a person who is suffering or seriously ill, is lost as well. Only by embracing the horrific reality of what death is, can individuals and societies make sane, rational, Truth-based behavioral and philosophical choices. Can pain be worse than death?? Of course not! But if you creatures are addicted to the insane afterlife myth, you lose the ability to even recognize, much less embrace, this glaringly obvious fact, along with the ability to recognize and choose to avoid the many other extremely negative consequences, including the legitimization of self-murder, misnamed by society as "suicide", and quasi self-murder, such as occurs via the act of euthanasia, that gains legitimacy only via embrace of the insane afterlife myth.

On the flip side, we must also note that in some ways the horrific Truth about death can and does serve to make some people, intellectually inferior people to be specific, perceive their lives as being less valuable and important, due to the realization that absolutely nothing any of us do while alive, has any value or importance or carry-over, once we die and cease to exist for all of eternity. Some people would suffer mental breakdowns, be unable to continue functioning, when confronted with this horrific Truth. But just like with the god myth, adults who are determined to cling to their perverse afterlife myths will be perfectly able to do so, with no legal sanction, as long as they refrain from brutally imposing this myth upon children. They will simply have to cling to the myth on their own, or within small groups, instead of having their delusion decreed valid and overtly promoted/imposed upon all by mainstream societal and cultural leaders and their empowered agents, as is currently the case. The Superior, sane thinker will indeed recognize that life is utterly pointless and meaningless, but at the same time, because death is so horrific, the individual has a personal obligation to himself to try and prolong his life, protect his life, and even to try and derive pleasure from life, even while accepting the horrific fact that nothing he does, no pleasure he achieves, can or will survive or exist for even a few moments, once he dies. Everything is lost for all of eternity. Horrific, but True. Some humans will be unable to accept this Truth, unable to find pleasure in life if they accept this Truth. And yet the Truth itself is precious and valuable. You creatures should at least try to accept it, and of course allow your children to try, instead of malevolently and overtly addicting them to the insane afterlife myth. You can always run away, like a coward, run back to your comforting myth, if you find this Truth to be unbearable. The greatest outrage of all is when, just like with the god myth, you have the audacity to maliciously infect the minds of children with this myth, most often as a way to legitimize the afterlife myth to yourselves, in your own minds. Think about it, your mother dies, for example. You tell your child, "Grandma is up in heaven, looking down on us." Your child accepts this delusion, tells you that yes, Grandma is looking down on us. Your child is reinforcing your toxic myth, to you. You are the selfish coward who cannot accept the Truth, and you impose this myth upon your child specifically because on a subconscious level, you are desperate to convince yourself that your mother is enjoying an afterlife, and in getting your own child to accept this deranged notion, and to tell you that she too thinks your mother is in heaven, the certainty and firmness of your own delusion, is enhanced. As always, you are maliciously using your children as slaves and as Poison Containers, to get your own toxic needs met.

Recognizing the absolutely horrific reality of what death entails, we are left with an interesting question, namely, does it make sense for us to do whatever it takes, in all situations and under all circumstances, to avoid dying? In general, the answer to this question is Yes. But there are no absolutes in life, every human being has a unique, interpretative experience of their own True Reality, and it is this Truth-based emotional and intellectual core, which should and must guide one's lifestyle path. I can certainly envision some circumstances in which "risking one's life", even when it can theoretically be said that the person did not have to undertake the particular action or life path that results in the life endangerment, can be a perfectly sane and appropriate choice. This would be most especially true as regards outrageous, fascist societal threats and coercions. For example, the more diseased societies of the world terroristically threaten to murder any person who commits certain crimes, such as the killing of another human being. And yet if the person is a tortured victim-creation of society, he may have a perceived True Reality need to seek and claim cathartic vengeance. If he acts upon this True Reality need, it can be said that he is "unnecessarily endangering" his own life. This is sad and a great deal of consideration should be given by the individual prior to actually undertaking the potentially life endangering actions, but at the same time we must recognize that we have no right to judge, much less condemn, the individual who feels compelled to undertake this type of a life-endangering act. But in general, all sane, Superior individuals should value their own life greatly, in recognition of the horrific consequences that losing one's life absolutely does result in, and go to great lengths to try and prolong, protect, and preserve their lives for as long as they possibly can. Most especially, self-abusive actions that carry no legitimate cathartic vengeance rewards are to be avoided at all costs, such as smoking, drinking, getting "high", skydiving, mountain climbing, jet-skiing, etc... I will be discussing this at a separate essay, but the fact of the matter is that in the vast majority of cases, actions such as those listed above, despite their overwhelming popularity, are in reality nothing less than quasi suicide attempts. In the infrequent cases where an individual may have a legitimate True Reality right/need to endanger his own life, this right/need must never be based upon self-hatred, self-loathing, any type of a desire to die, or any sense of obligation towards any living thing other than himself. The human who risks his own life to try and save the life of someone else, either as part of their job or due to a sense of "moral obligation", is a fool. The sane, Superior person never places the life of anyone, stranger, loved one, spouse, child, or anyone else, above their own life.

It is interesting to note that a great number of infamous criminals/killers have had extremely traumatic childhood experiences that very specifically involved the issue of people or animals that the child loved, cared for, or had contact with, dying, and the death being explained to the child using insane afterlife mythological claims. Interesting, but not surprising at all, to a brilliant philosopher and student of human nature such as I am. Lying to children is a viciously brutal form of child abuse. The more important and profound the issue is, the more traumatic and harmful a ritualized, ongoing structure of perverse lies told about the issue, is to the child. There is no issue that has greater consequences or more importance than the issue of what death is and the consequences that it brings with it, and so naturally, the child who is trying to find Truth while facing the horrific ordeal of having to deal with the death of a loved one, but instead is maliciously fed toxic lies, and comes to realize later on in life, as a teen or adult, that he has been lied to, can and often does develop a tremendous amount of justified, True Reality rage towards not only the specific humans who lied to him, but towards all of humanity in general, for sponsoring and legitimizing the entire afterlife myth. I will now offer just a brief set of quotes from Dennis Nilsen, truly one of the most generous and articulate of all serial killers of the modern era, to illustrate the reality of this form of societally sponsored child torture, just one among many thousands of different types of societally undertaken child-slave brutalizations. As background information, these comments are from the book "Killing For Company" by Brian Masters, ISBN #0-8128-3104-7, and they relate to the horrific ordeal that Dennis was forced to endure just prior to his 6th birthday, when his beloved grandfather died:

Whyte (Dennis' beloved grandfather) was declared to have died of a heart attack. His body was then sent by train to Fraserburgh, and taken to lie in the house at 47 Academy Road. There was loud grief and tears in the house that day, but no explanations. Visitors came and went, Granny wept continuously, and nobody thought to tell the children what had happened. Dennis Nilsen: I remember being in the large bed with my older brother and younger sister in the living-room, and my mother was saying, 'Do you want to see your Grandad?' Grandad was wearing glasses and expensive long johns. He was barefooted and needed a shave. He looked as if he was sleeping. Indeed, Mrs Nilsen said that he was just asleep. She was afraid to tell the truth lest it be too shocking for the children to contemplate. As it turned out, the shock of not knowing was far greater, for Dennis at least, and would provoke catastrophic consequences in years to come. The next time he was carried into the little room, on the morrow, his grandfather was gone. He was held by the window and watched a long procession of dark-suited men pass below. Someone told him to be a 'big man'. He did not weep. For a long time afterwards, no one so much as mentioned Andrew Whyte's name. It was as if he had evaporated. The six year old boy was not told that he was dead, and was left to form his own impression, that Grandpa must be very ill for some reason which would eventually emerge.

Dennis Nilsen: My troubles started there. It blighted my personality permanently.... It is the custom up there in Fraserburgh that when there is a death in the household they draw the blinds and curtains. When my grandfather died it seemed as though these blinds had been drawn across my life. Relatives would pretend that he had gone to a 'better place'. 'Why', I thought, 'should he go to a better place and not take me with him?' 'So death was a nice thing', I thought. 'Then why does it make me miserable?' Father and grandfather had walked out on me, probably to a better place, leaving me behind in this not so good place, alone. What storms of reasoning fury must have gone through my mind at that age. The blackness of women in mourning and their cries of triumph at the spiritual resurrection.... I could never comprehend the reality of death... It was as if the spirit of the man still dwelt within and the decay of death was a consummation of life itself. I compared my own 'living' body with the dead body and thought how strange it was that they were now beyond pain, problems and sorrow and I was not... I carried and developed that image inside me. I took that hybrid image (i.e. of death being both good and bad, tragic and glorious) with me, intact into maturity. The living grown-ups had somehow lied to me about my grandfather... I fear pain, but in a real sense I do not mind being dead because 'dead' is a desirable image. I think that in some cases I killed these men in order to create the best image of them. It was not really a bad but a perfect and peaceful state for them to be in... The boy stood steady and cold against the wind in awe of his doomed universe and the devil and all that he could imagine a creator and destructor to be. He was cut off and engulfed by the sea, carried away into the numbing pressures of a silent peace without fear, without panic. He floated down into the womb of death, the painless seat of freedom...----------------Dennis Nilsen.

I will not even attempt to dissect the absolutely brilliant, remarkably courageous and insightful quotes that tortured Martyr Dennis Nilsen graces us with above. To make any such attempt would be disrespectful. All I will add here is that Dennis' remarkable insights beautifully express and confirm the Truths that I have already outlined above, concerning the fact of how toxic, brutally abusive, and genocidally harmful it is to lie to and deceive children on any issue, and more specifically, how the deranged afterlife myth and the deliberate withholding of accurate information from children concerning death has a torturously harmful, lifelong negative impact upon the very core character and personality development of literally billions of children. Obviously, not all billion+ victims of this perverse myth go on to commit "illegal killings", in fact only a tiny percentage do. This deranged myth has a unique effect and impact upon each victim that it is toxically imposed upon, but it is always a harmful effect, even if the victim is not even consciously able to recognize that they have been victimized. The far more common self-victimization and quasi-suicide lifestyle paths and chosen activities that this toxic myth directly inspires/causes are in reality often far more harmful, on a personal basis, than the outward expression of homicidal rage caused by childhood torment that Dennis Nilsen displayed. The greatest outrage of all, of course, is the fact that British society had the audacity, the unmitigated gall and perversity, to condemn and demonize tortured Martyr Dennis as being an "evil killer" and decreeing that he must be subjected to additional, punitive punishment for the rest of his life via the criminal justice system.

The next death-related issue to be addressed is hope. That's right, hope. It has to be addressed right here, because it will lead us to additional Forbidden Truths. Human beings, due to their genetically abnormal/diseased minds, feel that they need to maintain the hope that death does not result in the experience of nothingness for all the rest of eternity. They maintain this hope by adopting delusional, deranged beliefs, and clinging to them. These include the heaven, reincarnation, ghost, angel, etc..., belief systems. Every single afterlife belief system serves the same purpose, of providing false and toxic information that allows/causes you humans to maintain the hope that you will not experience nothingness for all of eternity upon your death, via the specific belief system that you choose to embrace and addict yourself to. Now, pay attention here: It is the afterlife belief systems that are false and toxic and genocidally harmful, not the hope to avoid the experience of nothingness for all of eternity. This hope is in fact a perfectly natural, rational one to have, given the intellectual deformity of humans, and if it can be maintained without resorting to the embrace of any false afterlife belief systems, it is completely harmless and in fact could have very positive benefits for the individual and potentially for the entire human race. Lets dissect the issue: Human beings do not want to experience nothingness for all of eternity upon their deaths. Death, which occurs immediately after brain cells die as a result of lack of blood flow/oxygenation within the body/brain, absolutely does result in the experience of nothingness for all the rest of eternity, for the creature who dies. Does this mean that there is no hope of avoiding the experience of nothingness for all of eternity, for any of us?? No. Hope can still be retained, with absolutely no need to resort to toxic afterlife belief systems. How can this be? By embracing the factual Truth that only because a human being dies, does he experience nothingness for all of eternity, and even when death occurs, it is the very specific decay and disintegration of the molecular cells within the body that guarantees an eternity of absolute nothingness. Once we embrace these Truths, we can realize that all hope does not necessarily need to be completely lost, in order to maintain a Superior, Truth-based lifestyle path.

If we were to avoid dying, or even merely to avoid the molecular cell disintegration that death normally causes, there is a possibility that we would not experience nothingness for all of eternity. But the fact is that as of the year 2001, if we are to believe the claims made by your malevolent societal leaders, it is medically and technologically impossible for any living thing to avoid eventual death. Is this claim as made by society an accurate one?? Most likely, yes. But it is clear to any sane thinker that no human government or culture has made any serious scientific or medical research attempts to achieve immortality technology or capability. Societies teach and tell their citizen-slaves that death is a perfectly "good" thing, carrying with it a blissful, heavenly, or at the very least benign "afterlife", not only because they are trying to hide a horrific, Forbidden Truth from their citizen-slaves, but also because it serves the malevolent interests of societal leaders to have the citizen-slaves consider and view their "current" lives as being insignificant, disposable, replaceable, and inherently worthless. It is clear to any insightful thinker that even societies which claim to be "secular" and non-religious, would actively attempt to conceal the existence of any technology that offered the possibility or the actuality of immortality to human beings. There are many malevolent tactical reasons for why all societies would conceal and destroy such technology, but a primary reason is that the entire diseased cultural structures of god addiction, sacred family unit enslavement, and coerced/brainwashed acceptance of individual worthlessness, would be crippled at best, if not completely destroyed, by the revelation that human beings could achieve immortality.

This is not to say that I believe such technology currently exists on planet earth. My personal opinion is that no scientist or other researcher or research team has yet found a way to achieve the feat of immortality. At the same time, it is perfectly possible and it would not surprise me in the least, to learn that a "cure" for death, that could give human beings either actual immortality or a reasonable facsimile of immortality, has already been discovered and is being actively suppressed by societal leaders. If someone were to discover the key to immortality, I wish to warn them right here and now, in this Manifesto, that the moment they make this discovery, their life would be in mortal danger. If they were to come forward to top leaders of their society, with this discovery, they would likely be murdered outright by the leaders, in order to keep the news of this societally "undesirable" cure from becoming known. Perhaps the scientist would merely be thrown into a loony bin and declared to be deranged, as has happened throughout human history to all brilliant humans who invented either philosophies or technologies that societal leaders felt the perverse, fascist need to suppress and keep from their citizen-slaves. Look at how the medical and scientific community is structured, folks. Researchers are told to try and find cures for various diseases, they are given funding designed to help them discover these cures, and with some diseases society actually does want to discover a cure, although certainly not with diseases such as AIDS or cancer. Cancer is a business. No capitalistic society is interested in discovering a genuine cure for cancer, because the discovery of such a cure would have an extremely negative impact upon the economic health of the society and upon some extremely wealthy and influential Chief Executive Officers of companies that give hundreds of millions of dollars in "bribes" to politicians every year. As for AIDS, this disease dovetails perfectly with the fascist agenda of behavioral control through terroristic threat, as well as primarily targeting individuals, such as homosexuals and illegal drug addicts, that societal leaders decree to be inferior and their lives to be unimportant. I am convinced that if a genuine cure for either AIDS, cancer, or many other diseases was discovered, a society like america would overtly and deliberately attempt to suppress and deny that any cure exists.

The point I want to make here is that all this "research", even when it does have a legitimate goal of "curing a disease", is designed to cure nothing more than a symptom of the real disease. What is the real disease?? Death! Cancer, heart disease, liver failure, brain tumors, these are not in reality diseases, if you use a proper definition of the word disease. They are merely symptoms, consequences of, and manifestations of, the actual disease of death. Cancer causes death, heart disease causes death, liver failure causes death, brain tumors cause death. Curing cancer would accomplish literally nothing of consequence, it would simply extend the incredibly short lifespan of some human beings by a few years, and then they would be doomed to experience nothingness for all of eternity, as a result of death by some other "cause", just as if no cure for cancer had been discovered. So why would a society claim to be so very interested in and determined to discover a cure for cancer?? Cancer is simply one symptom that some people who die, develop. Other people develop other symptoms, and in the end the exact same disease, death, is what causes the horrific reality of ceasing to exist for all of eternity. You could argue that discovering a "cure" for cancer would be a "step in the right direction" towards finding a scientific/medical cure for death, but upon careful, logical analysis, this claim is clearly revealed to be transparently invalid and deceitful. Curing one symptom of a disease, when the disease has literally hundreds of different fatal manifestations, as death does, accomplishes nothing in regard to curing the disease itself. It is particularly perverse how these "diseases", cancer, heart failure, etc..., are put forth by society as being so horrific, so tragic, and yet the reality is that they are nothing more than symptoms of the real disease, death, which society does not decree to be horrific and does not even pretend to have a genuine interest in curing. Why are there not research facilities designed to discover a cure for death? Why do you not see charities collecting billions of dollars for research to eradicate death, to discover the scientific key to immortality?? It is because your evil societies have no desire to even try to protect and save you creatures from the most horrific fate imaginable, a currently certain fate, that of the experience of nothingness for all of cosmic eternity. You delusional idiots celebrate the fact that your society might be trying to cure cancer, heart disease, etc..., even though the actual discovery of such a cure, even if it were to occur, would have absolutely no significant, lasting impact upon any aspect of your life, beyond extending it for an incredibly tiny period of time. And at the very same time, your societies are deliberately and overtly choosing, with your tacit approval, to not attempt to discover any cure for the only real disease, the only fatal disease that exists on this planet, the disease of death. How utterly pathetic!

So, you can reject all insane afterlife myths, while retaining the hope that you might be able to avoid suffering the horrific fate of nothingness for all of eternity, by accepting the fact that if a scientific discovery that cures the disease of death is invented and allowed to become known by societal leaders prior to you dying, this cure could potentially allow you to avoid dying, and in essence, to become immortal. This is Truth. But no, you diseased creatures prefer to reject, even to ridicule, this Truth, in favor of the more "certain" insane myths regarding an afterlife that your society has addicted & enslaved you to. This is because the Truth can never be as enticing, or as comforting, as a cunningly structured malicious lie. The afterlife myth is designed to assure you that you will always exist, and that your eternal "afterlife" will be just wonderful, blissful, heavenly. How can the truth, which simply offers a theoretical possibility of scientists/researchers discovering a method to provide protection from death and the horrific consequences that death results in, possibly compete with such an enticing lie?? Especially given the fact that you creatures have lost all rational thinking ability, have lost all ability to recognize what Truth is, and what lies are? You are already addicted to the insane god myth, so you actually look forward, be it consciously or subconsciously, to dying! Very simply, this Truth has no chance of being sincerely embraced by more than a tiny handful of Superior humans, like myself. The consequences that arise from rejecting the Truth about death are horrific. If you creatures embraced the Truth, you would demand that billions of dollars be spent upon research specifically designed to discover a cure for the disease of death, not for the symptoms of death, such as cancer & heart disease. You would put tremendous pressure upon your societies to provide you with this cure. You would force your societies to at least pretend to be on a desperate, frenzied search for a cure to death, and who knows what the possible outcome of all this research and public demand would be... Very possibly, the discovery and revelation of an actual cure, if not in your lifetime, than at least much sooner than will be the case given your cowardly embrace of the various insane afterlife myths which allow you to sit back and in a deranged manner, quietly and calmly wait for and accept the horrific fate of nothingness for all of eternity which awaits you immediately upon death.

You are dying, each and every one of you. The consequences that you will suffer when you die will be horrific, unbelievably terrible, the worst possible fate that you can imagine. That is the Forbidden Truth. Only by embracing this Forbidden Truth can you find the sanity to rise up and devote your lives to curing the only genuine, fatal, physical disease that exists, the disease of death. You should be spending every bit of effort, all excess money, all cultural influence or power that you might have, towards this one goal, of forcing your society to make it's scientists and researchers discover a cure for death, and then providing you with this cure. This should be your lifelong obsession, this is a sane, rational obsession, fueled by self-love and a courageous, insightful recognition of just how incredibly horrific the factual reality of death is, and the literally inconceivable consequence, of the experience of nothingness for all of eternity, that you yourself, will horrifically be subjected to, by dying. This glorious obsession should be purely selfish, based upon self-love and a realization of how your death will specifically affect you. You are dying. You are in a race against time, to be cured of this disease. With each passing day, the amount of time that you have left to receive this cure, diminishes. If you do not receive this cure prior to dying, you will cease to exist for all of cosmic eternity. The most horrific fate that there is, and that can befall you, will befall you. You have the ability to try and avoid this horrific fate. All it takes is an embrace of Truth. But you choose not to. You choose to sit back and calmly wait, not even asking, much less demanding, that your society take the steps necessary to discover the cure that you are so desperately in need of, as you comfort yourself with an utterly deranged afterlife myth. How incredibly pathetic you all are!

Okay, this topic has yet another layer to it, and it deals with what you creatures choose to do with your bodies after you die. As I have outlined above, avoiding death is absolutely vital, in avoiding the horrific consequences that death brings with it. A "cure" for death is therefore needed, desperately needed, and logical thinking dictates that the cure should/must be administered to the person who is seeking to avoid death, prior to the person actually dying. But wait, there is yet another very legitimate and Truth-based hope for avoiding the horrific fate of nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, and this particular method does not even require that you receive your immortality cure while you are alive. Admittedly, the current, realistic odds of successfully defeating the horrific consequences of death by employing this Truth-based method are extremely low, and the primary focus should be on discovering a cure for death and receiving the cure while you are still alive. But still, this scientifically valid possibility of "regaining" life after actually dying, is worthy of our attention and certainly can/should provide hope, to any of you creatures who feel the need to maintain hope, while at the same time possess the courage to reject all mythological, clearly ridiculous "afterlife" myths. I am speaking of Cryogenic preservation for future reanimation. A few of you might have some familiarity with this process, but most of you probably have no idea what "cryogenic preservation for future reanimation" is, and so here is a detailed explanation/analysis of this Superior, fascinating, societally suppressed and condemned activity which offers the theoretical possibility/hope for avoiding a cosmic eternity of horrific nothingness upon death.

When you are alive, you have blood flow and cell/molecular viability within your body. The flow of blood and the beating of the heart serve to maintain cell/molecular oxygenation and viability throughout your body. It is this combination, of cell viability, blood flow, and heartbeat, that allows you to remain alive. When you die, your heart ceases to beat, your blood stops flowing, and your cell/molecular viability is lost, as a result of the physical consequences of your heart no longer beating and your blood no longer flowing. It is the third, underlined consequence, the loss of cell/molecular viability, which is most important for us to understand and focus upon. Obviously the ideal, preferred path to immortality would be to simply not die, to receive a cure for death, or some other technological/medical treatment, that allows you to never experience a failure of the heart to beat or of the blood within your body to flow. But even if you do "die", in terms of your heart stopping and your blood flow ceasing, this does not mean that you are necessarily doomed to experience nothingness for all of cosmic eternity. Already today, people whose hearts have stopped are being revived, literally "brought back to life", 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, even an hour after their heart has stopped beating, through the use of medical technology. Replacement and even "artificial" hearts are also used to prolong life. In all such cases, doctors are concerned with maintaining oxygen flow to the brain and other vital body parts, because the core key to life, the difference between being alive and ceasing to exist for all of eternity, is not whether the heart beats, it's not whether blood flows, but rather whether the molecular cell structure that exists within the body and brain of the person, is maintained and preserved. So, if death is unavoidable, all hope of avoiding the horrific, eternal consequences that death brings with it, is not lost, as long as cell and molecular integrity is maintained. Based upon this clear, obvious, undeniably valid scientific principle, the cryonics movement has been built.

In Cryonics, the physical bodies of people who die are preserved in an extremely cold, stable temperature, thus cell and molecular integrity is maintained, to an extremely significant degree, even as years, decades, and potentially centuries of time pass by. The purpose of this preservation is to allow for "reanimation" of the human being who has died, hundreds or thousands of years from now, by either human beings or alien species of life, when the humans or aliens have developed or brought medical technology that is advanced enough to allow for the revival of dead creatures whose cell/molecular structure has been preserved. The scientific theory is that just as a person whose heart has stopped beating for 2 minutes today can currently be "brought back to life" with recently developed technology, at some point in time a person whose heart stopped beating 500 years earlier will also be revivable, using the far more advanced human technology that will exist 500-5000 years from today, or possibly technology that a more advanced alien race of creatures will unveil to humanity at some point in the future. This scientific theory is clearly valid. It is not mystical, mythological, or lie-based. It is based upon rational, deductive reasoning and intellect. Does this mean that Cryonics "will work"?? Of course not! It means that there is a valid, Truth-based mathematical possibility that if you choose to have yourself cryogenically preserved, there is a chance that you might not be doomed to the horrific fate of nothingness for all of eternity. Is it a good chance? No, it's a poor chance. But it's the only chance that currently exists, so only a fool would pass it up. There is a zero percent chance that heaven, reincarnation, ghosts, angels, or any other type of an afterlife myth will provide you with any type of existence for even a single second, for all of eternity, once you die. Zero percent. Cryonics, because it is based upon scientifically and biologically valid Truth, has to provide you with a better chance, with better odds. So what if the odds of you being successfully reanimated are 00.000001%? Isn't that better than 00.000000%?? Of course it is!

Therefore, in the year 2001, in any sane society, not only would Cryonics and cryogenic preservation be the number one topic of discussion within the popular culture, but the vast majority of people would be signed up for cryogenic preservation, while most others would be desperately trying to sign up. After all, cryogenic preservation, at the current time and if we are to believe the claims of societal leaders, offers the only possibility of avoiding the horrific fate of an eternity of nothingness beginning the instant we die. But in a sane society, Truth would be embraced, and no such society exists on planet earth. You creatures have no concept of what Truth is. You treat Truth as if it were your mortal enemy, you spend your lives desperately and gleefully hiding from and rejecting the Truth. And this is why in america today, as of late 2001, there are perhaps 6 or 7 small, private companies offering cryogenic preservation, and no more than 1000 people at most, have actually signed contracts authorizing/dictating that immediately upon death, their bodies be cryogenically preserved. Most citizen-slaves of america have never even heard of Cryonics, even though it offers the only currently known chance, for each individual, to avoid the horrific fate of experiencing nothingness for all of eternity. How can this be?? How is it possible that out of the hundreds of millions of people living in america, 300, 400, perhaps 500, are currently scheduled to be cryogenically preserved? How can all the rest, including extremely wealthy and extremely well-educated people, make the insane choice and decision to not be cryogenically preserved, to literally throw away their one and only chance to gain a "life after death", the exact same thing that you creatures pretend to already have and to be obsessed with gaining, via the heaven, reincarnation, ghosts, angel myths?? The only logical explanation is genetic derangement and deformity. You throw away the one real and valid chance that you have, in favor of completely unreal and invalid, mythological fables. It is simply mind-boggling!

But as always, perverse societal ideology and lie-based brainwashing plays a primary role in influencing, in many cases directly causing, you creatures to make the insane choice to be buried or burned, rather than cryogenically preserved. Under the insane afterlife myth, death is a good thing. The consequences that death brings with it, namely a blissful afterlife, are perfectly fine. "So there is no need to preserve that darn body," your evil society tells you. "The body is just a "shell", you die, you discard the no longer needed shell, let it disintegrate, rot, and disappear", ashes to ashes, dust to dust." How incredibly perverse, when the glaringly obvious Truth is that the careful and complete preservation of the body actually provides the only possibility, the only chance, to avoid the horrific fate of eternal nothingness. All that you have been, and all that you can ever be, rests within your own unique, irreplaceable, physical mind. The human mind is oxygenated and has blood flow, which serve to maintain cellular/molecular viability. It is this viability that gives you life and existence. Because death results in the termination of oxygenation and blood flow within the entire body, brain included, it needs to be avoided at all costs. But if death cannot be avoided, than the only sane option to embrace is the physical maintenance and preservation of as much cellular/molecular stability within the body and most especially the mind, as possible. To preserve the physical body to the greatest degree possible, provides the only possible hope for any type of future existence. It doesn't take a scholar, a genius, a brilliant thinker, to recognize this obvious Truth. All that is required is the ability to think sanely and accept common-sense factual Truth. But 99.999999999999% of you creatures, amazingly, cannot and will not think sanely or accept this glaringly obvious Truth. Why in the world would you choose to have your body buried in the ground, when you know that it will decay and every single cell that you had will be eaten by insects or rot away into nothingness, when you know that every cell is precious and irreplaceable?? Why would you choose to have your body burned up into ashes, via cremation, to literally instruct another human being to destroy your irreplaceable body and mind, thus guaranteeing yourself a cosmic eternity of nothingness?? Why would you try to "preserve" your body in some sort of an above ground "mausoleum", when such facilities are designed to provide nothing more than natural air temperature environment, thus guaranteeing that your cellular structure will decay and rot in exactly the same manner as burial or cremation ensures?? Why would any sane creature choose any of the above options, when deep freeze cryogenic preservation offers the opportunity to maintain cellular integrity for decades, centuries of time after physical "death" occurs, thus keeping the only real hope for an "afterlife", in reality a "reanimation" of the preserved individual using future technological advances, in play?? The fact is, you choose to guarantee yourselves an eternity of nothingness, because you are genetically malformed and diseased creatures, cowards, mentally deranged, Truth-haters, self-haters. And your evil societies validate and legitimize your own self-annihilations, in so many different ways. Your evil societies cannot afford to promote Cryonics to you creatures. They have already decided that addicting you to insane afterlife myths is the best way to keep you appeased. Under all afterlife myths, death is not a bad thing, and your human body, brain and all, is quite unimportant. Since the entire scientific and philosophical structure of Cryonics is designed around the obvious and undeniable Truth that the preservation of the physical mind and body is extremely important and in fact provides the only possible chance of gaining any type of an "afterlife", it directly contradicts and challenges all toxic, mainstream afterlife myths as promoted by society. This is the primary reason for why your culture, your media, all empowered agents who represent the societal leadership, shun, ignore, ridicule, and condemn Cryonics with incredible determination, not to mention remarkable success, as evidenced by the fact that less than 00.000000000001% of all human beings living in the so-called "most enlightened" nation of the world, america, are currently signed up to be cryogenically preserved immediately upon their death.

This is not the time or the place for me to get into a long analysis of exactly how cryogenic preservation is performed, and the various reasons for why I believe it is likely that current cryogenic preservation efforts are not technologically advanced enough for there to be much chance of successful reanimation in the future, of brains and/or bodies that are cryogenically preserved in the year 2001. This most important factual Truth remains crystal clear and completely valid: There is currently only one possibility of regaining any type of existence for all of cosmic eternity, after you die. And this one chance involves the cryogenic preservation, via extreme, climate-controlled cold temperatures, of the human brain, and preferably the human body as well. The cryogenic preservation must occur as soon as possible after the individual dies, in order to maintain maximum cellular integrity. Every sane human being should be signed up for cryogenic preservation, since it is the only valid chance and opportunity for an afterlife that we currently are aware of. It is utterly outrageous that some individuals, such as those who die while in prison, are overtly prevented from exercising this most precious and invaluable of human rights, the right and ability to cryogenically preserve one's brain/head, and body as well. Prisons will perversely not allow a cryogenic preservation team to gain access to the body of any inmate who dies, within the crucial early hours immediately after death occurs, thus the irreplaceable window of opportunity needed to perform a successful cryogenic preservation, is lost. As always, you creatures inflict the greatest of injustices upon your most brutally tortured, martyred, victim-creations. It should be noted that some Cryogenic researchers believe that preserving the head, and thus the brain, is more important than preserving the entire body, and due to mainly cost considerations, some people who choose Cryonics have their heads cut off from their bodies, with only their heads placed into cryogenic preservation. It is clear to me that since we know virtually nothing, and can only blindly speculate upon how any type of future reanimation might be attempted, there is no known advantage to only having your head cryogenically preserved, and it is far better to have your entire, intact physical body, including head, cryogenically preserved. If you are absolutely unable to afford a whole body preservation, then certainly a head-only preservation is better than nothing, and still offers a legitimate "hope" that it is possible that you might reap the benefits of a reanimation at some point in the future. Cryogenic preservation is relatively expensive when looked at superficially, but upon careful analysis it becomes clear that in reality, it is completely affordable for the average, middle-class person in america. Just like a \\$300,000 house can be purchased even if you only have $15,000 in cash on hand, there are numerous types of savings/insurance plans that can be used to pay for cryogenic preservation, without any huge, one-time fee involved. It is utterly mind-boggling that your insane societies convince you creatures to buy "life insurance", which basically involves nothing more than throwing your precious, useful money away for no purpose of any kind, with the money providing absolutely no benefit to you, but rather a benefit to other human beings, after you die & cease to exist for all of eternity. This money could be used to provide you with the chance at an afterlife, a real, Truth-based chance, through cryogenic reanimation. But no, you are too stupid, too self-hating, too suicidal, too cowardly, too brainwashed, too Truth-hating, to make the sane, societally unpopular/condemned choice. So you stick with the insane, societally advocated/popularized choice, thus guaranteeing yourself an eternity of cosmic nothingness, by choice. Absolutely amazing!

Within a sane society there would be many thousands of Cryogenic Preservation Facilities, some private, others publicly run and paid for with tax dollars. Billions of dollars in research grants would come directly from the government, for the purpose of continuing to improve and enhance cryogenic preservation techniques. This would indicate a healthy, moral society, a society that values life, and it's citizens. Instead we have not a single penny of governmental money, not a single governmentally run/sponsored Cryonics facility in existence. We have no mainstream media coverage, much less promotion, of this incredible, unique method of preserving one's cellular viability and thus retaining theoretical hope for a genuine "afterlife", or "second life through reanimation", to be more factually accurate. What we have are a few tabloid media sources, which are given no credibility by society, acting as societal agents, mocking and ridiculing someone like the pop star Michael Jackson, for being "crazy" enough to be interested in cryonics, thus reducing this legitimate, extremely valuable scientific effort to nothing more than freak status. And, incredibly, some countries have enacted either federal or regional laws which outlaw cryogenic preservation, literally decreeing that the only real and true chance to regain an existence after you die, despite the fact that it clearly can harm nobody, constitutes a criminal, illegal offense. The Canadian province of British Columbia enacted a law in April of 1990 which reads: The Cemetery and Funeral Services Act, Bill 42, heading "Arrangements Forbidden",Part 5, Section 57: "No person shall offer for sale or sell any arrangement for the preservation or storage of human remains based on cryonics, irradiation or any other means of preservation or storage, by whatever name called, that is offered or sold on the expectation of the resuscitation of human remains at a future time." Here you see the utter, genocidal evil of human societal leaders, determined to take away from their citizen-slaves the one and only chance that exists, to avoid an eternity of horrific nothingness. As always among you humans, everything is upside down, Truth is turned on it's head. The sane few are ridiculed & declared to be insane, while the insane masses gleefully cling to their self-hating, suicidal ideologies and lifestyle paths, led by their genocidally evil societal heads of state and their equally malicious/deranged empowered agents. If any of you wish to research the gloriously Superior option for maintaining hope of any "afterlife" via an embrace of Truth, namely Cryonics, there are many excellent internet resources at your disposal, and i will provide just two useful URL's below, for your convenience:

The Cryonics Institute

DMOZ Open Directory Project: Cryonics

I realize that I have already covered this point to some degree, but it deserves a bit of additional focus: All afterlife myths serve to devalue actual life. Society tells you that embracing the notion that your future involves a blissful afterlife, will enrich and improve your current, actual life. But the exact opposite is true. When you embrace a toxic afterlife myth, you dilute and devalue, on a core, fundamental level, your actual life, and in addition, the toxic afterlife myth serves to guide and steer you into undertaking actions and paths throughout the course of your life, that you would not have otherwise undertaken, if you had embraced the horrific Truth of what death actually entails, and the unique, irreplaceable reality of your actual life. The issue of whether the life path choices undertaken as a direct result of embracing afterlife mythology are somehow "better" or "worse" than the life path choices that would be undertaken if a specific individual rejected afterlife mythology, is not a valid issue. This is because it is impossible for any outsider to fairly or accurately judge the relative quality of life that each of us uniquely experiences, within our own True Realities. And furthermore, outside observers have no right or entitlement to pass any type of moral or critical judgment upon the chosen life path of any specific individual. However, it is clear to any sane thinker that life choices which are based upon Truth, based upon factual, accurate information, have more legitimacy, and carry a greater likelihood of accurately reflecting the core, True Reality structure of our personalities and philosophies, than life choices which are based upon acceptance and embrace of lies, myths, false and inaccurate information. The afterlife myth clearly devalues life, in exactly the same manner that the rarity of an expensive item serves to increase it's value. If there are 2, 3, 4+ different lives to be enjoyed, or an "eternal" life in a heaven type setting, than the perceived value and importance of the current life that the individual is enjoyed, is seen to be lower than would be the case if the individual recognized and accepted the fact that he only has this one, unique, irreplaceable life. On a much broader, society-wide level, this value perception based upon an insane myth, is just as powerful and carries a huge impact, resulting in individuals making lifestyle and philosophical decisions that they otherwise would not make. A few examples:

In some societies there are "freedom fighters/terrorists" who willingly sacrifice their own lives in order to try and kill other people, because they believe that god will reward them with a blissful afterlife after having performed their "patriotic duty". The societally legitimized act of murder known as "abortion" is much easier to morally rationalize as being acceptable, if you also embrace the myth that all living things are reincarnated, that souls can magically travel from one living thing to another, surviving physical death of the body, etc... Euthanasia can be seen as a benevolent, rather than a malevolent act, if you labor under the delusion that the person who is murdered will enjoy a pleasant afterlife, rather than the horrific reality of nothingness for all of eternity. The absolutely evil act of societal murder known as the "death penalty" gains popular support via the perverse notions held by some bloodthirsty afterlife addicts, that the murder victim will be subjected to an eternity of afterlife suffering in "hell". While at the same time, other, less overtly bloodthirsty humans, rationalize that the death penalty is not so bad because the individual being murdered will continue to exist in some other form, via reincarnation or the like. Individuals who are being brutally oppressed and discriminated against by their societies often draw comfort, false comfort, from the afterlife myth, and society maliciously caters to this perverse comfort, often teaching their tortured citizen-slaves that the more they suffer during "this" lifetime, the greater their heavenly, eternal bliss will be in their "next" life. Were they not addicted to this afterlife myth, the odds would be much higher that they would rise up and demand decent treatment, equality, and a comfortable standard of living, during this, their one and only, extremely short life, never to be repeated for all of eternity. Young humans are convinced to risk their lives by joining the Armed Forces of society, via the notion that even if they should die, they will continue to exist, in an afterlife. People who are suffering greatly, enduring severe stress in their lives, are encouraged to murder themselves via the act of "suicide", with once again the enticing lure of a "2nd" life, a stress-free afterlife, dangled in front of their noses by your evil societies.

There are dozens of similar examples of how the afterlife myth has an extremely negative impact upon the quality of life of most human beings, that I could provide. But in the interest of brevity I will let all of the above examples speak for themselves. So, even though it is not possible to factually declare, as an outside observer, that the relative quality of life of any one, specific, unique individual has been negatively impacted by the insane afterlife myths, it is clear to any sane thinker that on a mass scale, nationwide level, countless millions of people have endured tremendously harmful effects, and have even sacrificed their lives, each and every year, as a direct result of the negative consequences of their untrue, invalid, afterlife myth addictions. Whatever minor beneficial effects the afterlife myth might offer for some people, in terms of providing comfort and allowing them to more easily cope with day to day life, pale in comparison to the mountain of extremely harmful, destructive, deadly consequences that directly result from the embrace and acceptance of insane afterlife mythology. Most importantly, there is no possibility of having genuine respect and appreciation for one's life, without first understanding and accepting all of the horrific Truths concerning death, that I have outlined at this essay. Your evil societies tell you that narcissism is a "bad" thing. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Narcissism is a glorious, precious embrace of unconditional love and value of self. Only in rejecting all afterlife mythology, while accepting the absolutely horrific fact that you only have one, incredibly short period of time during which you are alive, a life that you are certain to lose and can have no realistic expectation of ever regaining for all of cosmic eternity, can the narcissistic self-love that is so empowering and valuable to you as an individual, be properly utilized in helping you to make Truth-based lifestyle and life path decisions. As for having respect and appreciation for the lives of others, that is far less important and subject to other influences and factors, primarily the True Reality, interpretative analysis of the sum total of one's own unique life experiences.

The inability of human beings to accept the reality of what death entails, an inability that manifests itself in the concoction of insane myths, focused upon both "god" and an "afterlife", constitutes proof of genetic mental malformation within the species known as humanity. All other species of animals are able to accept the reality of death, within their own minds, without having to resort to the concoction of perverse myths. Some of you will claim that this is only because animals are less "intelligent" than humans, and thus have no awareness of the actual ramifications that death brings with it. I do not accept this notion, as it is clear to any sane thinker that the level of instinctual intelligence demonstrated by humans, in the beliefs, actions, and lifestyle choices that they make, is lower than that of all other animals. It is precisely by not possessing a pattern of brain function which leaves them feeling compelled to concoct insane myths, that animals demonstrate their superior instinctual intellect. The human being is a genetically diseased, perverse, malformed creature, unworthy of existing and unworthy of sharing space on planet earth with the more highly evolved, purer, genetically healthy animal species. This fact is proven in many different ways, as will be outlined throughout this website, but very specifically, the pathologically insane determination of human beings to invent, embrace, and cling to toxic and destructive myths, such as those involving god worship and mystical afterlife enjoyment, provides an absolutely beautiful illustration of how genuinely diseased and deformed, on a core, genetic level, the human species is.

I want to conclude this essay with a few comments on two new and emerging medical/technological advances, because they have already started to impact, and will in the future greatly impact, the issues of death and afterlife. I am speaking of Cloning and Genome Science/Mapping. We begin with cloning. In recent years, scientists have made advances in terms of their ability to "clone" living things. In cloning, a separate life form is created, specifically in such a way as to resemble an existing life form. Basically, that is all that cloning can or will do, it creates a physically similar life form. In reality, the cloned creature, be it human or not, has absolutely no "link" to the creature that was used to come up with the clone, in exactly the same manner that biological offspring have no legitimate link to their creators. It is clear to me that in the decades and centuries to come, cloning will become societally popularized and culturally promoted, as a way to "live on after you die", by creating a clone of yourself, in a similar fashion to how all adult human beings are currently told that simply by engaging in sexual intercourse and having children, they are able "live on after they die through the lives of their offspring". This is a completely deranged notion, and when applied to cloned offspring or other life forms, as it will be in the near future, it is just as ridiculously mythological in nature. If you create 1 clone, 10 clones, 100 clones, 1000 clones of yourself, it will make absolutely no difference, if you allow yourself, voluntarily or involuntarily, to die. You will be doomed to experience the exact same horrific fate of nothingness for all of cosmic eternity. Your clones will be completely autonomous creatures, and whatever pleasures or achievements they might claim in their own lives, will have absolutely no value to you, and will provide absolutely no benefit to you, just as is currently the case with "regular" offspring and family members.

Cloning will be "marketed" by your evil, lie-based societies as a superior way to "live on after you die," a space age, 21st, 22nd, 23rd century way to enjoy a "life after death", and tragically, perversely, billions of you blind, brainwashed, deluded creatures will eagerly embrace the ridiculous notion that cloning can and will provide you with some sort of an afterlife, just as you have been embracing this same notion for thousands of years already, as regards your "regularly" created and possessed child-slaves and "loved ones". It is absolutely tragic, and the writing is already on the wall. Cloning will provide a "high tech" version of mythological afterlife to you creatures, a version that is just as ridiculous, insane, invalid, and useless as all of the currently popular afterlife mythologies, heaven, reincarnation, ghosts, angels, etc..., are. The claims that empowered agents of some societal leaders are currently making, in which cloning is portrayed as being controversial and/or dangerous, are simply a transitional step in appeasing the masses of deranged god freak citizen-slaves who feel threatened by the new technology. As decades pass, there will be less and less objection to cloning, and societal leaders will increase their public embrace of this technology, for the specific purpose of providing a new, high tech, yet completely useless afterlife myth for you creatures to pathetically embrace, as you continue to sacrifice and throw away your only chance at any real "afterlife", as I have outlined above and as your evil societies want you to willingly do.

Scientific mapping of the human genome is another recent biological/technological achievement which will be used by societal leaders to provide false and invalid claims that efforts are being made to uncover the secret of immortality. Just as is the case with all current medical research, the human genome mapping technology will only be used for the purpose of trying to cure or better treat specific physical symptoms/ailments that can sometimes result in death, such as cancer, heart disease, etc..., rather than for the purpose of trying to actually trying to uncover the keys to immortality. The great outrage here is that Genome Mapping, more than any other recent technological advance, could in fact provide these immortality keys, but because your societies are absolutely determined to maintain the culture of ritualized death upon which they are structured, all human genome researchers will be instructed and in essence ordered, to limit their research to merely curing the symptoms/ailments which cause death, rather than eliminating death itself, thus guaranteeing that the Genome research accomplishes absolutely nothing of genuine value, for many thousands of years at a minimum, in terms of truly providing the keys to immortality. After a few hundred years a cure for cancer might well be unveiled, to a tremendous amount to hoopla and celebration by you pathetic sheeple. But what will the cure for cancer accomplish?? Nothing of genuine significance or note, the lives of some people will simply be extended for a few years, an infinitesimally tiny, worthless period of time compared to the eternity of cosmic existence, and the eternity of nothingness that all creatures who die are doomed to endure. People will still die of heart disease, organ failure, and hundreds of other causes, even if a few "major" cures for physical symptoms which cause death to occur, such as cancer, are unveiled. All human beings will continue to die, absolutely no progress will have been made towards uncovering the keys to immortality, because the Genome researchers will have been terroristically coerced by societal leaders and their agents into wasting all of their time seeking cures to symptoms/ailments which sometimes result in death, rather than seeking the only cure that could have any real, lasting value, a cure for the disease of death itself. If there are any "rogue" Genome Science researchers out there who are determined to properly focus their efforts towards uncovering the keys to immortality, they should be aware that they are defying societal will and decree in undertaking such research, and if they should actually succeed in discovering how to make human beings immortal, they would be in extremely grave physical danger. Throughout all of human history, societies have, in a consistent manner, malevolently murdered and destroyed all human beings who dared to bring forth direct challenges to the perverse, core principles that the existing society deemed to be extremely important and valuable. One of these core principles, and it is just as fervently embraced in the year 2001 as it ever has been, holds that all human beings must suffer the horrific fate of physical death. Any researcher, scientist, or other Superior individual who manages to come up with a way for any human being to avoid physical death, would instantly become a target for societal demonization, ridicule, and mental hospital commitment at best, and far more likely, face outright assassination at the hands of empowered agents acting on behalf of societal leaders. This is an enduring, factual situation, which will hold just as valid 200, 500, 1000 years from today, as it does in the year 2001. There is absolutely no reason to think that any society can or will evolve, within the next 1000 years at a bare minimum, to the point where the discovery of the key to immortality would be embraced and celebrated. So, I would like to warn all readers of this text who might be working on discovering a cure for death, be it via Genome Science or some other method, that if you succeed, contrary to what you might think, your remarkable achievement will not be celebrated by your society. You will be condemned, mocked, brutally tortured, and very possibly murdered outright, by your society, if you are naive enough to try to come forward in an open manner, with your discovery. In addition, your discovery will be thrown into the garbage by your societal leaders, or kept for their secret use, even as they continue to ridicule you and mock the notion that any such discovery has been made. There might be ways to present your discovery to the world, while protecting your own life. But going directly to societal leaders, to the mainstream media, or to fellow, societally funded and respected scientists/researchers, would all result in a guaranteed recipe for personal disaster and for the likely loss of your precious discovery at the hands of your evil societal leaders. I hope that Superior humans, even 500, 1000+ years from today, will be insightful enough to realize this extremely important tactical Truth, regardless of whether they read these texts or not.

Ted Bundy, Theodore Robert Bundy, serial killer
This is Ted Bundy, tortured victim-creation of american society. Ted achieved quite a bit of fame during his terribly and tragically brief lifetime, perversely demonized by the evil society that is guilty of having created him, for being a "serial killer". But just like the trillions of trillions of human beings who came before him, Ted Bundy no longer exists. He has ceased to exist for all of eternity. He is dead, murdered by the society that created him. His face and name might be recognizable to some complete strangers, as a result of the fame he achieved as a result of his life path activities. But we, sane embracers of Truth, must not delude ourselves into thinking that fame, fortune, respect, offspring, or the creation of any other type of "legacy", provides any value or purpose to our lives. Such legacies may well be perceived as valuable to us, while we are alive, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this. However, all such perceived value is completely lost and eliminated, for all of eternity, beginning the moment that we die, unless a cure for death has been discovered, or at the very least, the viability of the physical body and cellular integrity of the unique individual, is properly preserved and maintained. This did not occur for tortured Martyr Ted, and as a result, horrifically, he is lost for all of cosmic eternity. It is as if he has never existed, because he no longer exists and can never again exist. None of his life achievements, accomplishments, or fame, can change this horrific fact. We, who are currently alive, can only pay tribute to the life of this Martyr, by thinking about him, by studying his life path and actions, by mourning his eternal loss and being outraged/enraged by the torturous treatment he was subjected to by his society. We can even resolve to avenge the tragedy of Ted's life, in whatever manner our True Reality allows/dictates. But none of this can or does or ever will have any value or meaning of any kind to Ted, because he has ceased to exist for all of cosmic eternity. This is the most important Truth of all, that we must focus upon, and never forget, ignore, or gloss over, when contemplating our own lives, as well as examining the lives of others. Ted Bundy, born 1946, tortured by his society, died and ceased to exist for all of eternity in 1989, murdered by the same society which created, victimized, and tortured him. The words, ideas, and philosophies that Ted so generously chose to share with the world, live on. I am proud to share just a few of them, immediately below. We can find value and importance in these words, but Ted cannot. He is lost forever, the Truths concerning death that I have revealed in this essay, should serve to enhance our realization of just how horrific Ted's fate is. The fact that it was his very own society which maliciously sanctioned, enabled, and caused his lifelong victimization and torture, then had the audacity to commit the ultimate atrocity upon it's very own tortured victim-creation, deliberately and maliciously causing Ted to die and thus experience nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, proves, to any sane thinker, that the human race is beyond redemption, so diseased and perverse on a fundamental level, that it deserves only extinction. The following direct quotes that Martyr Ted graces us with, appear courtesy of the book: Ted Bundy: Conversations With A Killer, by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, ISBN #0-451-16355-9:

"I haven't blocked out the past. I wouldn't trade the person I am, or what I've done - or the people I've known - for anything. So I do think about it. And at times it's a rather mellow trip to lay back and remember." "You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!" "We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow" "Our life, as I was growing up, outside the home was centered around the first methodist church....I believe I attended Sunday school from the time I was in kindergarten all the way until I graduated from high school. We studied the bible all through those years, but it amazed me in college that I had retained next to nothing about christ or the old testament or my religion--in the dogmatic sense. The essential lessons were certainly clear. Especially the ones I adopted with glee during the Vietnam War. My poor mother had to listen to me talk about the hypocrisy of christianity under the circumstances." After being sentenced to be legally murdered: "I know I don't have to apologize to people for anything. Nobody can spring anything on me. Not that people do this. But nothing's going to come out of left field. I feel like I'm a cat. I feel aware of things....I'm not intimidated by anything or anybody. And I used to be very intimidated by situations. And people. Not understanding motivations. I can now speak my mind and be not at all self-conscious about it....It's strange, isn't it, that under these circumstances, today I probably have a stronger self-image that I ever did before? It's a revelation. It's marvelous." "We sent men to Viet Nam and they were able to kill, because the tactics taken by their leaders was to depersonalize the enemy. You're not killing a man; you're killing a 'gook', a Viet Cong. Under those circumstances, men kill very easily. Certainly the situation we're discussing does not have the legitimacy or the atmosphere of war. And yet, the same psychological mechanisms are used by a person who kills indiscriminately--except he is not killing a person. He is killing an image. Or gaining some sort of gratification--just as some people might for bowling a perfect 300 game." "It was established quite early in that case that her body had been ravaged by know, coyotes, foxes, field mice, birds. A whole variety of wild animals, both big and small, feed on carcasses. This might give us one clue as to why this person returned to the site on at least several occasions. Perhaps it was discovered that when a body was left there, and later when the individual returned to check out the situation, he would find that it was no longer there! And concluded that the animals in the area were doing, you know, his work for him, as it were. And he would continue to go back there simply because he had his own garbage disposal. A whole bunch of little beasties who would, in effect, destroy every last shred of the victim."-----Theodore Robert Bundy.

"I've never wanted publicity...and yet there are those, most people probably, who believe that I needed it. I've never liked it, needed it, or wanted it. I have used it to my benefit. When I wanted better digs in jail or some consideration that most humans have, I used whatever publicity I could to get it. When I wanted to put pressure on somebody or something, why not? Every little game like that has been used to dehumanize me these last five years.... Like this guy said recently, 'He's an emotional robot...nothing inside.' Boy, how far off can he be! If they think I have no emotional life, they're wrong. Absolutely wrong. It's a very real and a very full one. Another misconception. They see me as part of a human being, so they don't know what the other part is capable of--and that's terrific. They won't be able to anticipate." "So what's one less? What's one less person on the face of the planet? What difference will it make a hundred years from now?" "When people have--are--unable to cope with some part of their life--the feelings of discontent, loneliness, alienation, self-esteem, or whatever it is--they usually attribute their state of mind to one degree or another to society at large. And they finally choose some way of venting what they have inside. Or suppressing what they feel." "At some point we act the way we do because of the stimuli we're exposed to and the environment we live in. There's no one else in the history of this planet or living on the face of this earth who has seen and heard exactly, and felt exactly, the way you have or the way I have. And for that very reason, we can only predict, in gross ways, how people are going to respond. That's exactly what this, why this...happens." Question: Tell me your thoughts on capital punishment? "It is motivated solely and exclusively by this perceived need of the state, the prosecution, and the victim and his family, to, uh--and in this case obviously--to obtain revenge....It isn't a deterrent....To the contrary, I think, that one of the factors that contributes to the increase in homicide is the fact that there is capital punishment. If the state can justify the taking of a life, then an individual can, for whatever twisted rationale. And the state, with all it's power and majesty--if it can be reduced to the level of killing--then why shouldn't some individuals take that as justification for engaging in what they might believe is justifiable homicide?" "Nobody wants to die...but everybody will. I may live longer than you. If I don't, I don't. But I do have strong feelings, humane feelings, about society's alleged right to take another human being's life....It's no deterrent....You know, there's probably no other behavior that society condemns more vigorously than killing...of the kind, that, uh--well, society condones a lot of killing, on a massive scale in war, in abortion, and things like that. Even the slaughter of animals for its own food, but I guess I'm saying that...if a given society or community has a reverence for life, it cannot be selective in how it applies that reverence. It cannot have reverence for the two year old but kill the fetus. It cannot have reverence for the victim's life and kill the murderer. It's inconsistent. So if the life of the victim is worthwhile, then the life--the life of the killer is sacred as well. If society chooses not to observe this type of consistency; it chooses to kill the fetus and preserve the infant and kill the murderer in retribution for the victim, then it must accept the consequences for the violence that it self-generates." "I mean, I don't feel guilty for anything! I feel less guilty now than I've felt in any time in my life. About anything. And it's not that I've forgotten anything, or else closed down part of my mind, or compartmentalized. I compartmentalize less now than I ever have. It's just done! It's back there in the mists! I say 'mists' because I don't think anyone actually touches the past the way they can touch the present or the future. Guilt? It's this mechanism we use to control people. It's an illusion. It's a kind of social control mechanism--and it's very unhealthy. It does terrible things to our bodies.... It doesn't solve anything, necessarily. It's just a very gross technique we impose upon ourselves to control the people, groups of people. I guess I am in the enviable position of not having to deal with guilt. There's just no reason for it.... I feel sorry for people who feel guilt. I'm not talking about the act. I'm talking about the emotional consequences of the act. I feel sorry for people who are drug addicts or who are criminals. I feel sorry for business executives who have to lust after money and power. I feel sorry for a lot of people who have to do things that hurt them. But I don't feel sorry for anyone who doesn't feel guilty because the guilt doesn't solve anything, really. It hurts you....You don't need to feel badly. You don't need to regret." "What's happening, I think, is that modern society is testing our genetic materials to capacity...and those who have certain weaknesses or pre-dispositions--which would probably have not manifested themselves in a less indulgent society--are being identified and thrust into deviant action....Society is driving some of its individuals past the point where they can conform. The kind of environment we're producing...the social and physical and what have you." "I think if I had it to do over, I'd, maybe, be a lumberjack. I'd have as little contact with modern society as possible. If I could have recognized fifteen years ago the poisonous consequences of modern life--not only the physical things that are being done to us but the intellectual, spiritual, and poisoning we get--I would have certainly withdrawn. Or I might have interacted in society in a way that I would have tried to debunk the contemporary notions that we accept as success. You know, the house, the good job, and all that. There's nothing wrong with feeding and clothing and sheltering oneself, in a family, but there's certainly something amiss when we have to deal with the multi-expectations of today's society."-----------Theodore Robert Bundy

The Purpose and Meaning of Life:

This essay will be quite brief, because I have already revealed and expressed many of the primary Truths concerning the issue of what purpose and meaning one's life can and should possess, at the two essays that I have already written above, on this page. I will try to bring and weave together these Truths in a clear, comprehensive, yet also concise manner, right here. Embracing the Forbidden Truths revealed in the above essays, we can move forward and recognize that the notion that life can have a "purpose or meaning", is dependent upon the ongoing physical existence of the individual who is seeking a purpose or meaning to his life. The reality of death, and the consequences that death brings with it, negate and render invalid, most if not all of the various purposes and meanings to life that individuals embrace, usually as a direct result of societal brainwashing, coercion, and emotional terrorization/bribery. Most individuals are coerced by society into following a life path that is designed to provide the illusion of genuine life purpose/meaning, while in reality doing nothing of the kind, and quite the opposite, compelling the individual to serve the behavioral and lifestyle desires and demands that societal leaders have chosen to malevolently impose upon their citizen-slaves. For example, most adult citizen-slaves believe that creating and raising children somehow provides a profound and valuable purpose/meaning to their lives. Furthermore, the reality of their own mortality, and the horrific consequences of their death, is somehow negated, rejected, and eased by the fact that these other life forms, that they have created or assumed a parental role over, continue to live on after they themselves die. These notions are completely insane, they make not an iota of rational sense. And yet they form a cornerstone belief/life philosophy system upon which countless billions of human beings claim to have found a legitimate purpose and meaning to their lives. But they have done nothing of the kind! All they have done is embrace a comforting, societally advocated, irrational/nonsensical lie/delusion, which is based upon Sacred Family Unit mythology.

Any claimed purpose/meaning to life that is said to extend and continue beyond the physical lifetime of the individual, is completely invalid and illegitimate, due to the factual reality and eternal consequences of what death entails. So, having a family, creating children, earning and then leaving money for loved ones, becoming famous, becoming respected, gaining the approval of god or of societal leaders, defending/supporting one's country or loved ones, etc..., cannot possibly constitute genuine, legitimate, purpose/meaning to life. Why not? Because they are activities which are expected to carry benefits that extend beyond ones own lifespan, or they are activities which involve the embrace of material falsehood, such as the notion that a god exists. The reality of eternal nothingness which death results in, render all these societally claimed/advocated purposes and meanings of life, to be invalid. To put this Truth in a more direct manner: Any individual purpose or meaning to life, as embraced by a person, has to be based upon nothing more than the limited parameters of the person's own lifetime, in order to have any legitimate, factually valid standing. How is this defined? Well, if a person enjoys having money because he can use the money to improve his perceived enjoyment of his own life, than acquiring money for the purpose of obtaining personal pleasure, can provide a limited, but legitimate "purpose" to life. But, if the person seeks to acquire money for the purpose of leaving the money to his children after he dies, or to give/donate the money to other people with the goal of currying favor with god for being a "good person", then acquiring money would represent a completely invalid/illegitimate purpose/meaning within this person's life.

This same simple but profound rule is applicable to all different life paths. For example, if a person feels that raising children will provide him with personal pleasure and happiness during his lifetime, then the person can legitimately decide to have/care for children, and, assuming he passes all Mandatory Parental Competency Tests, he can gain some legitimate, limited, "meaning" within his own emotional perception of life, from helping, benevolently interacting with, and offering happiness to children, within his lifetime. But if he goes further, and tries to attach some sort of a "legacy" to his activities, and begins deluding himself with the notion that there is some value or benefit to his actions that will endure beyond the moment of his own death, all legitimacy is lost. Things can only have value, if the individual who perceives the value as existing and being legitimate, is alive and exists. The moment the individual ceases to exist as a result of death, all value is lost, for all of eternity. Therefore, there is a dependent relationship between the philosophical issue of whether life can have genuine purpose/meaning, and the reality of individual death. The horrific reality of death places a very significant limitation upon the degree of legitimate purpose or meaning that any life path can hold to any individual, and it also renders many types of societally advocated life purposes and meanings, to be completely invalid. Nothing that is accomplished or achieved within ones life, has any value, benefit, or carryover that extends beyond the physical death of the individual, with the only caveat being that if physical molecular/cellular stability/viability is maintained via a process such as Cryonics, there is an extremely remote, theoretical possibility that reanimation of the dead individual could occur at some point in the future, reducing the 100% certainty of experiencing nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, to 99.999999999999999%.

I want to make it clear here that even though I acknowledge and recognize that life can offer/provide some types of limited, legitimate purpose/meaning to some individuals, these purposes and meanings are in all cases, limited, transient, and completely lacking in profound value. This is all because of the reality of death, and the consequences of death, that each of us faces as a current certainty. If in fact we, as human beings currently alive, enjoyed a genuine possibility of experiencing eternal life, eternal existence, or immortality, this situation, of finding genuine purpose/meaning to life, and the degree of actual importance/value that our claimed purposes in life would carry, would become radically different. This is what I mean when I say that there is a profound, undeniable connective bond between two different issues, the issue of Death, and the issue of Purpose/Meaning within one's own life. If any human being were to become immortal, the purposes and meanings that such an individual might find within his life path, would automatically tend to gain a great deal of value and importance, simply because the individual would have a legitimate hope of enjoying and reaping the benefits of the purpose/meaning that he has found in his own life path, for a significantly long, possibly eternal, period of time. No current lifespans are "long", they are all incredibly short, regardless if you live for 20 years or for 120 years, when you analyze the length from any sane, logical perspective. It is because of this fact, this Truth, that no human being, no mortal creature currently alive, can legitimately find profound or important purpose or meaning to their lives.

It is clear to any sane thinker that there can only be three genuinely important/profound purposes to one's life. I will list all three now, then I will briefly discuss each one. Purpose/meaning #1: Attain immortality. Purpose/meaning #2: Love and value yourself unconditionally. Purpose/meaning #3: Accurately reflect the sum total of life experiences that have been inflicted onto you, onto others and onto society. By far, purpose #1 has the most legitimacy. It opens up a gateway within which all purposes/meanings to life can develop and gain importance. The #1 purpose to any person's life should be to attain immortality. Because without immortality, all is lost and nothing that you might accomplish in life, no other meaning or purpose that you might find within your life path, can or does have any significant value or importance, simply because all value/importance is based upon your own current and continuing existence as a living creature. You can counter with the claim that attaining immortality is "very hard or impossible" and therefore to devote one's life to the purpose/meaning of attaining immortality, is a foolish, pointless task. Well, the Truth is that none of us needs to have a purpose/meaning to our lives. But if you are going to seek out and embrace some purpose, and are a sane, rational, Superior creature, you should at least try to find and recognize a purpose that makes sense, within the framework of courageous acceptance of the horrific reality and ramifications of death. To try to avoid dying, constitutes by far the single most valid, most legitimate purpose/meaning that any living creature can find and embrace. If you fervently embrace other purposes/meanings to life, deluding yourself that they carry with them profound importance and value, while rejecting or glossing over the reality of death, then you are demonstrating yourself to be an inferior, irrational, insane creature.

Purpose/meaning #2 would be: Love and value yourself unconditionally. To devote your life towards the goal of loving and valuing yourself unconditionally, would provide a truly noble, sane, purpose/meaning to your life. Narcissism is a wonderful character trait, a precious, admirable character trait, despite all of the diseased & deranged societal efforts that are undertaken for the specific purpose of getting you creatures to hate, sabotage, and destroy yourselves. If you are going to claim to have a purpose/meaning to your life, let it be gloriously selfish and narcissistic, not to mention sane. Devote your life to loving and valuing yourself, nobody and nothing else, passionately and unconditionally. This would be a sane decision to make. It would improve the quality and enjoyment of your life, and at the same time it would very likely extend your lifespan, since a human who loves and values himself unconditionally and chooses to embrace this philosophy as a primary lifestyle path, would be far less likely to engage in overtly harmful and potentially fatal activities, than a human who has chosen to embrace other, irrational, insane purposes/meanings to his life. Make no mistake, even this Superior life path, of unconditional love and value of self, does not carry with it any type of truly profound purpose/meaning to life, simply because the factual reality is that we are all currently doomed to the exact same horrific fate, death, and the even more horrifically unbearable, eternal consequences that death brings with it. If you unconditionally love and value yourself for every single moment of your lifetime, you have not accomplished or achieved any profound purpose or meaning in your life. But in embracing this specific purpose/meaning as a primary goal to your life, you have at least avoided falling victim to all of the sham, perverse, invalid, overtly harmful primary purposes/meanings to life that your society malevolently attempts to terrorize you into accepting and devoting your precious, irreplaceable life, to. But let us also recognize that our True Realities, the interpretative sum total of life experiences that have been imposed upon us, sometimes dictate that we undertake actions in life that could directly result in harm, injury, even death befalling us, and the embrace/acceptance of our True Realities can constitute just as valid a life path, as a determination to unconditionally love and protect oneself represents a valid path. There is no mutual exclusivity between these two life paths, despite the fact that they can come into conflict with each other.

This brings us to the third and final significantly valid purpose/meaning that some sane individuals might embrace, and that would be to accurately reflect the sum total of life experiences that have been inflicted onto you, onto others and onto society. It makes logical, undeniable sense that we, as intellectualized as well as keenly emotional creatures, despite societal claims that we enjoy freedom of thought and free will, are in reality nothing more than sponges. We soak up the life experiences, negative and positive, that we are subjected to. Then, just as a soaking wet sponge needs to be squeezed in order to release the liquid that it has soaked up, we, as cathartically reflective creatures, have an absolute right, in most cases a profound need, to release and reflect back upon other creatures and upon the society that created us, our own unique emotional and intellectual interpretation of the sum total of experiences, joys, traumas, that we have been subjected to. Therefore, to decide as an individual, to pursue a purpose/meaning within our lives which involves honestly reflecting back at the world, what the world has imposed and inflicted upon us, makes good, logical sense. If we interpret our sum total of life experiences to have been sufficiently positive and benevolent in nature, we can pursue a purpose within our lives which involves treating other living things in a positive, benevolent manner. Not because they necessarily deserve such treatment, and certainly not because we are under any obligation to treat them benevolently, but simply because, based upon the person's own unique life experiences, he might find that treating other living things benevolently, provides a sense of emotional/intellectual pleasure and satisfaction to him, allowing him to better recall and gain comfort from, the benevolent life experiences that he himself has endured. There would be inherent selfishness at the root of this lifestyle path, and in any sane, Truth-based society, selfishness would be recognized as a valuable, appropriate, instinctual, and 100% natural life/philosophical attitude to have and embrace. At the same time, individuals who perceive and interpret the sum total of their life experiences to have been significantly negative, traumatic, unjust, abusive, harmful, or torturous, have a personal, cathartic entitlement that is just as undeniably valid, to pursue a purpose within their lives which involves reflecting back upon other living things and upon society, the pain, suffering, trauma, injustice, that they themselves feel, within their True Reality, has unfairly and brutally been imposed upon them. This would constitute a valid purpose, to a limited degree, but of course no individual has any obligation to pursue such cathartic vengeance, or to embrace/find any purpose or meaning to their lives. All such obligations can only be legitimately placed upon an individual, by the individual himself, not by any third party.

Once we get beyond the three rational purposes/meanings to life that I have outlined above, it becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, to find any other legitimate life purposes. Perverse societal efforts to get you creatures to embrace bizarre notions that purpose/meaning to life can be attained by "becoming a good person", "doing good for others", creating children, gaining wealth, becoming famous, loving others, etc..., all find a tremendous amount of eager, insane acceptance among you fools. You genuinely seem to believe that pursuing these pointless, often completely unnatural and lie-based quests, provides a purpose and meaning to your lives. Does it? Well, if perception, even false perception, was the only determining factor, then in many cases the answer to this question would be yes. You creatures perceive yourselves to have found a purpose/meaning to your life, within these ridiculous activities and lifestyle paths. But perception is not the determining factor here, Truth is. The Truth and the reality of death, as well as the fact that no genuine, legitimately valid lifestyle path can be created via the direct embrace of malevolent, irrational societal lies and myths, renders all of these unnatural, societally engineered life purposes and meanings, to be completely and utterly invalid. The sanest life path goal is to avoid death. The second sanest goal is to provide yourself with unconditional love and acceptance and affection for every moment of your life. The third sanest goal is to interact with society and with fellow humans, in a way that accurately reflects the sum total of your own uniquely interpretative understanding of your own True Reality. All other purposes, meanings, and goals to life, have no significant legitimacy, value, or importance. Even goals two and three as outlined above, can only have an extremely limited degree of value and importance, due to the horrifically short lifespan that each of us is doomed to suffer from, and the irreplaceable nature of our own lives, combined with the consequences that our deaths will cause to us, namely the loss of all experiences for all of cosmic eternity, and a fate of eternal nothingness. Lets say that one person loves himself unconditionally for every single moment of his life. Another person hates and tortures himself for every single moment of his life. The person who unconditionally loved himself demonstrated proper, sane thinking, chose a sane lifestyle path, and enjoyed much more pleasure, on a day to day basis, during his life. But has he achieved some sort of a "great victory" over the person who spent his whole life hating and torturing himself?? No! Because they are both doomed to the same horrific fate, an eternity of cosmic nothingness, and nothing they did, nothing they enjoyed or suffered during their lifetimes, can or does exist for even 30 minutes past the moment of their deaths. It will never exist, just as they will never exist, for all of cosmic eternity. And it is the same as if they never existed in the first place. Nothing changes this fact. If they loved other people, killed other people, became famous, are worshipped, loved themselves, hated themselves, none of it makes an iota of difference, beginning the moment they die, because all value to life and life achievements is completely dependent upon the unique creature who has experienced his unique life, existing and continuing to exist. It can and does make a difference to the individual, while the individual is alive. But because the lifespan of humans, even 120 years of time, is incredibly short, while the eternity of nothingness which follows life is, well, eternal in length, the only logical viewpoint to take is that clearly, there cannot be and there is not any genuinely valuable or profound purpose to life, beyond devoting oneself to avoiding death.

Personally, I find that the three different purposes/meanings to life that I have outlined above, are worthy of embracing, to a modest degree. I embrace them myself, in my own chosen life path. But only to a limited degree. I recognize that, tragically, my current, early 21st century chances/odds of attaining immortality are extremely slim, and therefore to obsessively devote most or all of my available time within my extremely short lifespan, towards trying to achieve this most likely impossible goal, would not be worthwhile. I also love and value and honor myself immensely and unconditionally, as a core life philosophy. You could say I am quite obsessive in this regard, but I would define this glorious attitude as more of a core life philosophy than a "purpose and meaning to life". And finally, I completely embrace and honor my sacred right to accurately reflect, if and when and in whatever manner I choose, the cumulative, True Reality interpretation of my own life experiences, in all of the actions and life paths that I have undertaken in the past, currently undertake, and will undertake in the future. Again, I consider this to be more of a core, philosophical lifestyle path, than a specific meaning and purpose within life. This distinction is a subtle one, to be sure. But the primary, overriding message of Truth here is that currently, in the early part of the 21st century, sane and rational human beings must realize that there are only 2 or 3 legitimate purposes/meanings to life, within the vast sphere of philosophical thought/ideas. And even these 2 or 3 potentially valid purposes have to be recognized as being quite limited in scope, in terms of the benefits and value that can be derived by embracing them. It is far more important and there is far more value to be had in rejecting and renouncing all of the thousands of invalid, malicious, unnatural purposes and meanings to life that your evil and diseased societies attempt to terroristically brainwash/coerce you into embracing, than there is in embracing the three sane and mildly useful purposes to life that I have outlined above. The individual who proclaims that there is absolutely no purpose or meaning of any kind to life in general and to his own life in particular, is demonstrating great intellectual Superiority, which is just as impressive, quite possibly more impressive, than the individual who embraces any or all of the three acceptable life path goals that I have outlined above. On the other hand, I clearly recognize that there are billions of societal torture victims who are addicted and enslaved to toxic, invalid. brutally destructive purposes, meanings, and lifestyle goals, which society has malevolently brainwashed them into embracing, and all of these victims would benefit greatly, and take a huge step towards sanity, by rejecting the completely ridiculous brainwashings they have been subjected to, and embracing any or all of the three Superior Life Purposes that I have listed above. Just as is the case with the insane god myth, some torture victims need a "bridge" while trying to break free from their toxic addiction. A devotion to attaining immortality, a devotion to giving oneself unconditional love and honor, a devotion to acting in ways which accurately reflect the sum total of ones True Reality, are all excellent, Superior bridges for any person who is trying to break free from any of the thousands of invalid, irrational life purposes and meanings that human societies malevolently addict their citizen-slaves to.

You creatures are obsessed with finding purpose and meaning to your lives, because you believe your lives will be "enriched" via the embrace of a specific purpose/goal/meaning. Tragically, you are too addicted to lies and myths to develop any recognition of the fact that embracing false & invalid purposes and goals, which are themselves based upon nothing more than lies and myths, is the perfect recipe for destroying, wasting, and ruining your entire life. There is also a strong genetic component to your desperate, pathetic quest to seize upon any illusion of purpose/meaning in your lives, structured along the same genetic inferiority line which compels you to embrace the insane afterlife myths and flee in terror from the horrific reality of what death constitutes. Your evil, manipulative societal leaders recognize your desperate obsession, and as always, mercilessly exploit and genocidally victimize you, as they provide you with all sorts of different, invalid purposes/goals to life that are specifically designed to cause/convince you to accept and embrace suffering, injustice, brutality. Designed to get you to sacrifice your health, safety, life, happiness, free time, free thought, instinctual, natural life attitudes and activities, for the purpose of compelling you to undertake a life path of societal enslavement, within which you become obligated to waste your lives raising children, earning money, fighting in wars, worshipping nonexistent creatures who have fascist agendas devised by their human mouthpieces, feeling compelled to obey the decreed demands of nonexistent, omnipotent creatures, etc... These are all perverse, genocidally harmful, completely invalid purposes/meanings to life, that your society overtly and maliciously chooses to terroristically coerce and brainwash you creatures, into embracing.

Outrageously, you pathetic creatures allow your societies to destroy your precious, irreplaceable, horrifically short lives. Your life is the most precious, irreplaceable thing that has ever existed and that ever will exist, for all of cosmic eternity. And yet you creatures are deranged enough to happily and blindly agree, at the drop of a hat, to risk, endanger, sacrifice, your lives, health, safety, happiness, upon the request of your evil societies and as a direct result of the profound self-hatred that your society has infected you with. "Hey, I know, let me jump out of a plane and then try to open up my parachute, that sounds like fun, my society calls it skydiving." Hey, my society says some other society is bad, so off I go to try and kill those folks, as they try to kill me. My society likes me because it says I am good and patriotic, and I now have a purpose in my life." "Hey, my society says that inhaling toxic nicotine is cool, and so is drinking a corrosive, acidic, artificially created liquid which is designed to create a false perception of reality in my mind, so here I am, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol." Hey, I really hate children, but I'm a woman and society says my life will have purpose and meaning only if I become a mother, so okay, I might as well do it, gotta have purpose and meaning in my life, that's so important..." Do you get the point I am making here, folks? In genocidal fashion, there is no more appropriate term than genocidal, your evil societies use your own genetic perversity and immense emotional/intellectual inferiority, to get you to embrace invalid purposes and meanings within your lives, that literally serve to kill, cripple, and destroy the lives of billions of you creatures, billions of you each year, year after year after year.

Your societies teach you to hate yourselves, while at the same time pretending to love others and to love your precious society. In reality, you have no concept of what love even is, as will be discussed on the next page of this website. You are taught that there are plenty of things that are worse than death: Pain, communism, dishonor, cowardice, shame, poverty, loss of the illusion of freedom, etc... And this incredible lie is perversely used by society to get you to literally sacrifice your lives. Catchy phrases are invented and legitimized by your evil societies, such as "Death before Dishonor", which serve to brainwash you into accepting the deranged notion that dishonor might actually be worse than death. How incredibly insane! Nothing is worse than death. You have one tiny, incredibly short period of time during which you are alive. Then you cease to exist for all of cosmic eternity, just as you did not exist for all of cosmic eternity prior to your biological creation and birth. How can anything be worse than death?? How can pain, communism, dishonor, cowardice, poverty, etc..., possibly be worse than death?? How can non-existence be better than existence?? How can pleasing/helping/saving someone else, be it your child, a "loved one", your government/society, etc..., possibly make up for the loss of your own irreplaceable life/existence for all of cosmic eternity?? The answer to all of the above questions is: It can't! But you creatures are too deranged, and your societies are too evil, for even this most glaringly obvious and undeniable Truth, to be recognized as a Truth. Absolutely pathetic!

I will be talking at great length about the perverse issue of how your deranged societies define "mental illness" at a very long essay elsewhere at this website, but I do want to make one specific comment here. Many of you creatures, especially mental health "professionals", after reading the above Texts, are likely to decide that I am afflicted with some sort of a "mental illness", most likely defining the illness as "depression." Perversely, the fact that I recognize the Truth that there is absolutely no legitimately strong purpose/meaning to life, would be judged by licensed mental health professionals, who are in reality nothing more than empowered agents of society whose job it is to grant intellectual legitimacy to the deranged policies and agendas of their evil society, as being demonstrative and indicative of mental dysfunction on my part. Amazing, your societies have become so deranged, that a Superior human who recognizes and embraces Truth, is seen as being so dangerous and bizarre that he must be decreed to be suffering from a mental illness, as part of the societal demonization process. Well, the reality is that mental health professionals are completely mentally ill, operate under deranged and irrational core life philosophies, just as society as a whole does. The psychiatrist or psychologist is himself mentally inferior, unable to accept/embrace the Truth, that life in general and their life in particular, carries no genuinely significant purpose or meaning. In addition, as part of the licensing and accreditation process, the mental "health" professional has to agree to uphold and legitimize all of the primary toxic lies, delusions, myths, and hypocrisies of the society that they seek to represent, no matter how insane and harmful these toxic, untrue philosophies/teachings of society are. Society wants you citizen-slaves to embrace invalid, genocidally harmful purposes/meanings within your lives. This is why a brilliant Seer of Truth such as myself would be relentlessly demonized and overtly labeled as suffering from mental illness, by the licensed, accredited psychiatric community, which acts as a legitimizing whore for it’s boss, the societal leadership. Lies, myths, and irrationality are sanctified and promoted by the psychiatric community, while Truth, rationality, and Revealers of Truth, if it/they represent a challenge to mainstream, societally sponsored lies, myths and irrationality, are condemned and demonized and decreed to be mentally ill.

Okay, that about wraps up this page, I hope some of you readers are sane enough to have appreciated and derived some value from the incredible outpouring of Forbidden Truth that I have so graciously graced you with. Our next page should be an absolute ripper, as I dissect the fascinating issues of sex, love, friendship, and marriage, so take a deep breath, follow the below link, and get ready to plunge into a whole new set of remarkable, Forbidden Truths.

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