Societal Illusion of Personal Freedom, Truth-Based Dissection of american constitution, Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool
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Welcome to yet another outpouring of Truth, deliciously intermingled with personal rage, hate, outrage, and brilliantly verbalized philosophical insight. Those are the main ingredients that go into the making of each and every one of my Forbidden Truth Manifesto webpages. Enjoy the fruits of my labor, as your True Realities dictate, and never forget what I am, brilliant, superior, Truth-loving, but most importantly, at my core, I am a Victim. I identify myself as such, and I always will, as part of my courageous and honest embrace of Truth in my own personal life path. I would encourage all genuine Superiors to search for the internal Truth of their own victimization, and if you do find it, do not be afraid, do not try to cover up and suppress your own personal Truth. Do not adopt artificially macho "tough guy" internal coping mechanisms that serve to allow you to deny to yourself the Truth of your victimization, and even more importantly, do not betray the Truth of your past by using mind-altering substances to alter your brain chemistry and perceptions of reality, so that the Truth of your victimization fades away. Instead, stand proud within the Truth of your victimization. Accept and embrace the fact that you are a Victim. Carry this label with pride, as a mark of courage, as a badge of proof of the fact that injustice, unfairness, brutality, immorality, were committed upon and against you, by human society. Embracing your Victim status in no way weakens you, if you are a genuine Truth-seeker. Embrace of Truth never weakens, it only empowers, no matter how difficult and traumatic the particular Truth happens to be. Embracing your victimhood status helps you to also embrace your righteous indignation and outrage at the Truth of your victimization. Embracing your victim status in no way compromises or negates your ability to also recognize yourself as being a survivor, and pursuing a life path that is accurately reflective of the genuine reality and Truth of both the negative and positive life experiences that you have been subjected to.

Okay, with that mini-lecture out of the way, we shall proceed, with three new and incredibly fascinating essays to stimulate your brain cells. We will begin with The Societal Illusion of Personal Freedom. What is personal freedom? How should personal freedom be Truthfully defined? Do any of you creatures enjoy genuine personal freedom? Is it possible that even I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, might not enjoy a complete degree of personal freedom?? What are the differences between physical, emotional, and intellectual freedom? Which of theses three totally distinct forms of freedom is most valuable? Which is most useless and illegitimate? Most importantly, what are the toxic and invalid illusions of personal freedom that your totally unfree societies brainwash and trick/fool you into believing that you enjoy? Well, all of these pertinent questions, and dozens more, will be answered by the time this essay is completed.

Then we will mosey on down to a Truth-based Dissection of the American Constitution. Yes folks, I like to tackle big jobs sometimes, and even though I will not be posting the entire text of the american constitution, I will be pasting in a good chunk of it, slowly but surely dissecting many passages, and revealing just how utterly illegitimate and completely, ridiculously lie-based every single benevolent notion and claimed moral ideal within this toxic document truly is. By the time I am done, your minds will be reeling, as the Forbidden Truth sinks in, that the american constitution may possibly be even more sickeningly lie-based, toxic, and brutally enslaving, than the religious bible is. You will recognize this horrific tome for what it is, a collection of lies, falsehoods, lofty propaganda designed to make you feel good about your evil government, so that you agree to sign over your freedom, your soul, your mind, and your very life, to the single most unworthy, undeserving, and immoral entity in existence, the government of america. Well, okay, lets be realistic, only a tiny handful of you creatures will be Superior and sane enough to properly recognize and accept the remarkable Truths regarding the american constitution that I will be revealing. But that's okay, you are not expected to recognize Truth, the important thing is that the Truth will be revealed in all it's glory, and I shall be the properly glorified revealer.

Finally, despite being an uneducated high school dropout, I shall assume the role of English teacher, via the Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool essay. This one should be a lot of fun, but also extremely valuable and informative. You creatures have to figure out that your evil societies very specifically use false, invalid, misleading definitions of words and activities, to control and dictate how you perceive reality and Truth, and how language itself, the very language that you use to communicate and to receive communication from others, not only can be used as a brutally malevolent weapon against you, by your society and government, to conceal Truth, to mislead and control your most basic perceptions of reality, but is being so used against you on a daily basis, literally dozens of different times every single day, within the communications that your society imposes upon you, and that you yourselves, as individuals, toxically spread and legitimize to each other, in your interpersonal communications. So without further adieu, let us begin our voyage through the hazardous sea of lies, aboard the good ship Forbidden Truth.

Societal Illusion of Personal Freedom:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a very lengthy, comprehensive definition and description of what personal freedom is. The specific distinctions between the concept of "freedom" in general, as opposed to personal freedom, will be outlined. And the very important and significant differences between three different types of personal freedom, physical freedom, emotional freedom, and intellectual freedom will be revealed and discussed. The relative value and importance to the individual of these three different types of personal freedom, will be outlined, and it will be comprehensively explained why, for the Superior, Truth-embracing individual, physical types of freedom should be far less important and valuable than both intellectual and emotional freedom. Emotional freedom, based upon superior intellect, will be recognized as being the most valuable and legitimate of all possible personal freedoms. The compromised nature of intellectual freedom, if it is not accompanied by strong emotional freedom, will be discussed, but as a core Truth, it will be revealed why physical freedom is in all cases, to the Superior human, of less value and usefulness than emotional or intellectual freedom. Detailed and lengthy discussion/outline of numerous different types of invalid freedom illusions that societies provide to their citizen-slaves, including the decreed "freedom" to vote, freedom of movement and mobility, freedom of thought/belief, freedom to pursue an individually chosen life path, the notion that a school-based education provides children with the freedom to shape their adult lives, etc... All of these false illusions of freedom will be discussed and dissected at length. The fact that voting constitutes not a personal freedom, but a coerced and useless choice between two malevolent individuals that the voter must, in fascist fashion, accept the legitimacy of. The lie that non-incarcerated individuals enjoy the personal freedom of movement and mobility will be torn assunder, via, among other things, discussion of employment and familial obligations combining to greatly limit the day to day movements and mobility of individuals. The manner in which the thoughts/beliefs of individuals are controlled, shaped, and dictated by the brainwashings they are subjected to from the day of their births continuing throughout their entire lives, will be discussed. The idea that individuals are free to pursue whatever life path they wish, will be invalidated by revelation of Truth, such as the fascist limitations upon approved life paths that societies brainwash children and young adults into accepting, as well as the pervasive discriminatory policies of societies under which some children, due to sacred family unit mythology, are arbitrarily compelled to grow up in poverty, to suffer whatever brutal abuses their legal owners wish to inflict upon them, and to be terrorized into accepting and following a life path that their slaveowners order them to follow. The notion that a school-based education opens up the minds of children and allows them to have the freedom to pursue whatever life they desire upon adulthood, will be revealed to be a ridiculous illusion, based upon the Truth that all school-based educations are designed by society to implant narrow and lie-based ideological doctrines onto the developing, vulnerable minds of children, that specifically serve to compromise and take away from children, as they grow up, the genuinely limitless instinctually-based personal freedom that they enjoyed at birth.

We will discuss many of the basic misconceptions on what constitutes genuine personal freedom, that societies overtly encourage in order to make citizens feel/believe that they enjoy freedom. Examples that will be outlined include possessing a car or other motor vehicle. Cars are marketed as being devices that provide wonderful, glorious freedom to individuals because they allow an individual to transport himself from one place to another, we will discuss how and why this is not a legitimate freedom at all, the ability to personally transport oneself from one place to another. We will discuss the fact that technological advances are often portrayed by society as increasing the personal freedom of citizens, even though they often have the exact opposite intent and effect. A perfect example of this Truth, which will be discussed at length, is cellular telephones. This technology is marketed as providing freedom, freeing people up to go where they wish, when they wish, without having to wait to receive a wired phone call. We will discuss the fact that cellular telephones are in fact the single most directly enslaving and freedom-destroying technological invention of the 20th century, and this is why they were/are marketed so heavily to all citizen-slaves, and have become so popular and a "must have" item, so quickly. Another example to be discussed will be prison. Society decrees that an individual in prison has had their freedom taken away from them. Is this accurate? No, since the so-called freedom of movement that non-incarcerated individuals enjoy does not constitute either a primary or a valid personal freedom, in and of itself. We will discuss and philosophically analyze the profoundly important Truth that under current human societal/governmental structure, the entire planet of earth is nothing more than one gigantic prison, and all individual nations upon the planet, are in reality nothing more than extremely large, separate, prisons, and we are all trapped within their enslaving bars, due to both societally enslaving malice and certain horrifically unavoidable natural tragedies, such as the inevitability of mortal death. We will discuss the even more important Truth that all personal freedom is primarily and almost exclusively based upon the uniquely personal perceptions of freedom that reside within the emotional and intellectual minds of each individual, therefore there is no common standard or way for any outsider to judge whether any person enjoys personal freedom, only the individual himself, using his own emotional and intellectual True Reality, knows whether or not he experiences and enjoys personal freedom.

Discussion of the fact that I, your Seer of Forbidden Truth, absolutely do enjoy personal freedom despite being a tortured victim-creation of society, and further, that I have trained my mind, emotionally and intellectually, to the degree that the only way that anyone or anything can rob me of my genuine experience and enjoyment of personal freedom, would be to kill me. Discussion of how the highly Superior human can always enjoy personal freedom, for as long as he lives, regardless of what types of abusive efforts are made by society to rob him of his freedom, as long as he properly constructs a personal perception of what freedom is, within his True Reality, that is emotionally and intellectually based. Discussion of why societies obsessively focus upon physical freedom, decreeing it to be the most important and valuable form of freedom, precious and sacred, even though this is clearly not true, for the purpose of terrorizing citizen-slaves into obeying societal decree and law, under threat of having their physical freedom taken away from them. Discussion of how employment, familial obligations, physical limitations or illness, and lifespan limitations, all serve to seriously negate and minimize the value and usefulness of one form of freedom, physical freedom, far more than they negate the value of emotional and intellectual freedom. Discussion of why societies and governments are terrified of citizens developing and nurturing genuine emotional and intellectual personal freedom, because such freedom inevitably leads to an increased ability to recognize many Forbidden Truths and greatly increases the likelihood of an individual coming to the realization that he has been and is being, brutally, unjustly, perversely victimized by his society and government. Discussion of the methodologies employed by societies to try and convince citizen-slaves that they already enjoy emotional and intellectual freedom, even though in reality they do not, for the specific purpose of discouraging individuals from focusing upon and developing True emotional/intellectual freedom within their own personal perceptions of reality. We will discuss the fact that within ultra-diseased societies like america, the myth and illusion of freedom is so fetishized, so univerally brainwashed onto the minds and psyches of all citizen-slaves, that it becomes the #1, most commonly used and most effective, propaganda slogan within the society, directly used by the government to obtain public support for the most evil and completely fascist policies, not merely domestic but international as well, including the creation of insane legitimacy for the undertaking of the genocidal war ritual, using either the ridiculous claim that the war is necessary in order to provide "freedom" to foreign humans, or the even more ridiculous claim that the war is necessary in order to "protect and defend the existing freedoms that you currently enjoy, for yourselves and for future generations", even though the Truth is that religiously fundamentalist dictatorships like america offer freedoms that are even less honest and less genuine, than totalitarian and communist regimes offer.

Discussion of some of the best quotes on freedom that my fellow Seer of Forbidden Truth, Charles Manson, has graced us with, and an outline/discussion of why Charles, despite having spent the past 30+ years being outrageously subjected to punitively punishing cage lock, can and should be recognized as having enjoyed more genuine, Truth-based, and valuable freedom, emotional and intellectual freedom, than the vast majority of all human beings who have not even spent a single day in prison throughout these entire 30+ years. Discussion of how Charles Manson, through his quotes, clearly demonstrates that he has achieved a nearly ultimate degree of personal freedom within his emotional and intellectual True Reality, and why, using Charles as an illustration, these freedoms carried and continue to carry far more genuine value and importance than the so-called "freedom" of personal movement/mobility that Charles has not enjoyed for the past 30+ years.

Discussion of the fact that without emotional freedom, physical freedom can be said to be almost worthless, especially to a Superior thinker who has the ability to analyze and embrace the Truths of life. Discussion of the fact that genuinely attaining emotional freedom can be very difficult, in some cases impossible, even for a person of superior intellect who genuinely tries to embrace the Forbidden Truths of life and to unconditionally love himself. Discussion of the profound Truth that once achieved and solidified within True Reality, nobody can ever take away emotional and intellectual freedom, potentially limitless in scope and nature, from an individual who has developed, strengthened, and created a protective layer of untouchability around his own mind and within his True self. Only death or serious brain damage such as that caused by a stroke or other catastrophic physical failure of the brain, can compromise this type of glorious, limitless, freedom. Discussion of the gun control societal issue, focusing upon how some societies use the claim of allowing their citizen-slaves to own guns, as a way to give legitimacy to the notion that citizens enjoy valuable personal freedoms thanks to the benevolence of their society/government. This illusion of personal freedom, the false notion that it is both a useful freedom and demonstrative of a benevolent, freedom-based society, will be dissected. The methods by which societies justify enacting gun control/gun seizure/citizen disarmament laws will be discussed, how societies get away with such a blatant denial of personal freedom, using coercive and terroristic methods. Discussion of the inherent uselessness of a personal freedom such as gun ownership, based upon the fact that societies/governments always make sure that the weapons that citizen-slaves are allowed to possess do not come anywhere close to technologically matching up with the far superior weapons that the fascist government possesses, thus the citizen-slaves are certain to have a very difficult if not totally impossible task, should they decide to try and throw the existing regime out of power. Discussion of the maliciously opportunistic nature of so-called democratic societies, in terms of taking advantage of unique circumstances that frighten citizen-slaves, such as a terrorist attack or violent crime, to enact new laws that take away personal freedom, terroristically shoving these laws down the throats of citizens when they are too confused and panicky to rationally consider the eternal, fascist, personal freedom-destroying ramifications. Discussion of how societies and governments perversely throw together and invalidly mix up three different and totally distinct issues, war, patriotism, and freedom, for the specific purpose of brainwashing citizens into agreeing to support the wars that societal leaders desire to engage in, and to agree to sacrifice their welfare, safety, and lives by fighting in wars, using the ridiculous threat that the demonized enemy society is not free and will not provide the personal freedoms to citizens that the current government is providing. Discussion of how technological advances within human society, cause societies to constantly update and modify the limitations of personal freedom that are provided to citizen-slaves, in such a way that there is never enough genuine personal freedom available to individuals, for them to either recognize the profound Truths of life, recognize how their society is proundly victimizing them, or have the ability to stand up and demand that the victimization stop, that they be granted genuine freedom, from a position of empowered equality. Discussion of the fact that all governments have a core mission and purpose of inhibiting, restricting, denying, and robbing all individuals who live as citizens of the government, of their genuine, instinctual, human right based, personal freedoms.

Arthur Shawcross, New York serial killer
This is Arthur Shawcross, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. Perhaps one of the best examples and illustrations of how childhood torment translates into cathartic rage that dwells within the core True Reality of a victim throghout his lifetime, Arthur targeted both children and young women during his homicidal journey of personal vengeance. Not even a lengthy stint of being locked in a prison cage as punitive punishment curbed his homicidal rage, instead I am quite sure that it deepened and strengthened his determination to continue seeking and claiming his vengeance, and indeed, upon his release from prison Arthur resumed his serial killing spree with what I perceive to have been an even stronger sense of righteous, reflective mirrorization of personal victimization. Never forget, you pathetic creatures, that every time you have the audacity to demonize and punitively punish your own tortured victim-creations, all you are doing is strengthening not only the resolve of that specific victim to avenge the ever increasing injustices that have been and continue to be committed upon him, but the resolve of countless thousands of other torture victims throughout your society, who recognize themselves and their own victim status as they examine your brutal treatment of that specific victim, and have their collective sensibilities outraged and inflamed, strengthening their resolve to avenge not only the injustices that they have personally been subjected to, but the outrageous, genocidal injustices that they witness being upon upon their fellow victims by the very same society that is guilty of and responsible for their victimization.

When our intrepid torture victim was 12 years old, his aunt forced him to perform oral sex on her. Arthur's mother brutalized him as well, both sexually and otherwise. At school, his classmates tortured him, taunting him with the nickname of "Oddie", under the official societal decree of coerced conformity that encourages and legitimizes children tormenting and teasing any child who in any way fails to conform their appearance, behavior, and interests to decreed standards of normalcy. At age 14 Arthur was violently raped by an older man. Still not having killed anyone, the evil military system of america soon clawed it's toxic hooks into our tortured child and sent him off to Vietnam, ordering to kill complete strangers and finally giving vent to the justifiable homicidal rage that had built up within his True Reality as a result of his torturously abusive childhood. Arthur committed his first murders and tortures on your behalfs, you diseased creatures. He murdered at the command of your society. Instead of clutching this tortured child to your bosom, and begging him for forgiveness, you ordered him to commit murder to satisfy the suppressed bloodlust that dwelled within you and literally oozes out of every diseased pore of your ultra-deranged society. Everything this tortured child has ever done in his life is nothing more than a cathartic reflection of the limitless, utterly malevolent victimization that american society chose to authorize, sanction, commit against him. At every turn, you owed him a debt that was unrepayable. You owed him your very lives, at every turn you should have fallen to your knees and begged him for forgiveness. But what did you do instead?? At every turn and in every way, throughout his entire lifetime, you continued to heap more and more totally undeserved torture, abuse, harm, victimization, demonization, upon him, your own created torture victim. The only thing you haven't done, is murder him. This ultimate atrocity hasn't been committed upon him. But it has been committed upon countless thousands of Arthur's fellow victims. A true holocaust, a genocide, an annihilation by you diseased, homicidal creatures, of your most brutally victimized creations, with an insane label of "justice" somehow attached to what can only be recognized, by any sane thinker, as the single greatest example of ultimate injustice, imaginable.

Truth-Based Dissection of american Constitution:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin this essay by discussing and explaining, in detail, exactly how and why malevolent, diseased societies create and sanctify "sacred documents" such as bibles and constitutions, claiming that such documents provide a blueprint for freedom and citizen empowerment, but the Truth of the matter is that these toxic, lie-based documents serve the exact opposite purpose, functioning as both a blueprint and a justification for brutal oppression and domination of citizens. Discussion of the toxic reality of how eager citizen-slaves are to seize upon and embrace the notion that their leaders are benevolent, and that the Sacred documents put forth by the leaders represent genuine freedom and personal empowerment. Discussion of the comforting nature of these totally lie-based documents, how they are deliberately designed to appear totally benevolent and empowering, even though their fascist agenda and purpose is readily apparent upon a Truth-based analysis. Discussion of how almost all governments use Sacred Documents, structured along either biblical or american constitution lines, in order to grant legitimacy to the societal lie that the government cares about and is interested in empowering it's citizen-slaves. Discussion of how and why, as usual, it is the governments which label themselves as free democracies which utilize Sacred Documents most fervently, to delude their citizen-slaves into believing that their constitutions and biblical decrees represent valuable, true freedom.

Detailed listing of a great many direct passages and decrees taken from the american constitution, with a comprehensive debunking of each passage and decree, outlining the invalid, lie-based nature of each decree, as well as defining the actual, fascist Truth of how the american government operates, in a manner that is in many cases exactly opposite of what is claimed within the constitutiol text. Detailed listing of a great many direct quotes from constitutional amendments, together with a comprehensive debunking, as well as Truth-based definitions of the exact purpose of each amendment. Discussion of how these amendments were very specifically enacted for the purpose of increasing the invalid illusions of freedom and individual empowerment of citizen-slaves that the original constitution falsely established. Analysis of the deceitful, lie-based language and ideology contained within both the original constitution and in the constitutional amendments, contrasting the claimed types of human, individual rights and freedoms described, with the actual reality of complete lack of genuine freedom, that all american citizens live under. Discussion of the utterly farcical nature of the notion that the constitution provides any type of legitimate freedom to individuals. Discussion of the perverse concept of nationalism, and how governments maliciously get citizens to accept and embrace the notion that they are not a "citizen of the world", but rather a "citizen of a country", and why this is one of the most toxic and genocidally harmful aspects of human and governmental structure, creating artificial and invalid divisions among humans and allowing governments to sponsor and engage in the war ritual with each other. Detailed discussion and comparison of the incredibly important and profound differences between Nationalistic and Humanistic allegiance, outlining the utterly toxic, artificial, and invalid nature of Nationalistic allegiance, versus the healthy, rational, sane, Truth-based nature of Humanistic allegiance. Discussion of why all societies are Nationalistic in nature, and not Humanistic in nature, focusing upon the extreme vested interest that all governments have, in terrorizing and coercing their citizens into pledging allegiance and loyalty not to the human race, but rather to the malicious leadership of the individual government within which they live as trapped, beholden, citizen-slaves. Discussion of the fundamentally insane nature of governmental allegiance, based upon the True fact that every single government currently in existence brutally oppresses it's own citizens, and is specifically designed to control, limit, and dictate all of the human freedoms that it may claim to benevolently provide. Discussion of the fact that human freedom is an instinctual, inborn right, and the very notion of an empowered group of humans who label themselves as governmental leaders, "granting" freedom via decree, to masses of human beings who live under them, is itself an utter perversion and artificially invalid definition of what genuine freedom is.

Ian Brady, Britain serial killer
This is Ian Brady, Tortured Victim-Creation of british Society. Despite being a long-term survivor of horrifically unjust punitive punishment at the hands of british society for decades, Ian has in recent years demonstrated a loss of self-love and self-value, so much so that he went on a hunger strike, endangering his health and expressing a clear interest in dying. This should serve as a very important reminder to us all, that maintaining proper self-love and the ability to direct all negative emotions outward, is a constant effort, we must never become complacent, we must not become overconfident in our emotional control, no matter how well it has served us in the past. Emotions can be tricky, and we must constantly and deliberately focus our mental energy towards resisting and renouncing any and all emotions that pose a threat to tilt towards a self-betraying, or self-harming direction. Hopefully Ian has regaining his love of self by now, and the first few, self-betraying and suicidally toned quotes of his below, do not represent his current frame of mind. It is utterly outrageous that tortured victim-creations like Ian, if and when they tragically do develop self-hating and suicidal ideology, are usually denied all proper psychiatric care and attention, and almost always denied the intensive, top-quality, crisis resolution type of emergency psychiatric support, comfort, and care, that they deserve. The good news is that a book on serial killing written by Ian was just recently published, and media reports indicate that his spirits have been lifted by the publication of the book, and he has ended his hunger strike. Yayyy! :-)

"I have had enough, I want nothing. My objective is to die...I'm only sorry I didn't do it decades ago and I'm eager to leave this cesspit in a coffin." "I prefer to die healthy rather than rot slowly for their vested interests and expediency." "In either case I want more psychiatrists brought in as further witnesses to my competence. If anyone believes I am bluffing, they need only call it by halting the force-feeding. I wanted a life in captivity, denied. I wanted death in captivity, denied. Obviously I am simply to be stored. Events of the past six months of this death strike, culminating in the politically-orchestrated judicial review, merely confirm and reinforce my initial assessment and resolve to die. Let the public decide who is telling the truth." "Patients have been stored in Ashworth for countless decades at massive public expense, despite having committed no crime or merely trivial offences. Why are such innocuous patients being left to rot in a top-security hospital in the first place? The principle by which Ashworth operates to justify itself is crude and simple. It is the self-fulfilling prophesy. Apply a label. Put the monkey in a cage. Keep poking it with a stick. When it eventually reacts, interpret the reaction as justification of the label." "In the aforementioned Panorama programme, former Home Office Minister A. Widdicombe stated there are twenty-three prisoners in the UK who will never be released. Why has the public heard so little of them? In this and other special hospitals run by prison warders there are also patients no-one has heard of, who have been rotting behind bars for forty and fifty years for relatively minor offences. That puts the present loud debate over Myra Hindley in proper perspective, and crystallizes the reason why I have long advocated UK prisoners and patients in special hospitals should have access to voluntary euthanasia." "First accept the determinant. Myra Hindley and I once loved each other. We were a unified force, not two conflicting entities. The relationship was not based on the delusional concept of folie a deux, but on a conscious/subconscious emotional and psychological affinity. She regarded periodic homicides as rituals of reciprocal innervation, marriage ceremonies theoretically binding us ever closer. As the records show, before we met my criminal activities had been primarily mercenary. Afterwards, a duality of motivation developed. Existential philosophy melded with the spirituality of death and became predominant. We experimented with the concept of total possibility. Instead of the requisite Lady Macbeth, I got Messalina. Apart our futures would have taken radically divergent courses." "To whom should I apologise and what difference would it make to anyone?"------------------Ian Brady

Societal Use of Language/Definitions as a Brainwashing Tool:

This essay is currently under construction. Due to current financial and time limitations, it is unclear when this essay will be completed. Please check the Latest Updates page in order to stay up to date with the most current information on my ongoing Forbidden Truth projects and activities. See below for a brief but fascinating outline of the primary topics and issues that will be dissected within this particular essay. Please note that this thumbnail and sketchy outline in no way represents or lists all of the issues that will be discussed within the completed essay. It is simply designed to give you a very brief, very general understanding of some of the most important topics that will be discussed, and Truths that will be revealed, once this essay has been completed. This does not mean that the current contents of this essay outline are less valuable than any of the completed essays at this site. It simply means that the brilliant Truths that are revealed within this brief outline are not 100% complete, as the essay itself is not 100% complete. Nevertheless, it is vital that all students of Forbidden Truth who seek to maximize their understanding of the full spectrum of Forbidden Truth philosophy, carefully read, analyze, and integrate the Truths that are revealed within these essay outlines.

We will begin with a comprehensive explanation and outline of how words and phrases are subject to definitional comparison with other words and phrases, and how the unique individual perception of what a word/phrase means, can be used and in fact is constantly being used, by all societies and governments, to control, manipulate, shape, and dictate the beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyles of citizen-slaves. We will discuss one of Friedrich Nietzsche's most incisive insights of Forbidden Truth, "Every word is a prejudice", and why this quote is not only 100% accurate, but also directly applicable to the very core Truths of this essay, concerning how and why societies use language and word definitions as a genocidally malevolent brainwashing tool. Discussion of the moral responsibility and obligation that societies have, to establish and maintain accurate, reasonable, non-hypocritical, rational and Truth-based definitions of words and terms, and how all societies completely and in a deliberately malicious manner, totally fail to live up to this obligation. Discussion of how all ideological beliefs and mindsets must and always do stem and develop via an initial acceptance of very specific definitions of words, phrases, terms, and ideas, which is why the deliberately false and invalid use of language and definitions as a brainwashing tool by society, has immense consequences that affect all of the most primary and important policy and cultural aspects of how the society operates. Discussion of how and why every society establishes, promotes, and legitimizes invalid, irrational, nonsensical and supremely hypocritical definitions of words, terms, phrases, and ideas, that are specifically designed to advance an immoral, malevolent, lie-based, victim-demonizing cultural and ideological path. Detailed and lengthy listing of many specific words, phrases, terms, and ideas, which demonstrate this societal malevolence, each word/phrase/term/idea will be outlined and discussed, with Truths revealed regarding how each word/term/idea is being improperly defined in a false and hypocritical manner, for the very specific societal purpose of misleading citizens and creating false impressions of reality within the minds/consciousness of citizens.

The words/terms/ideas to be Truthfully dissected in terms of definition will include: Abortion, the refusal of society to properly define this word as constituting murder. The Death Penalty, again, failure of society to properly define term as constituting murder. Love, the invalid definitions that society applies to this word, including the promotion of the bizarre notion that the strongest types of love need to be directed outward, rather than inward. Freedom, the invalid definitions that society applies to this word, maliciously deluding individuals into believing that they enjoy freedom, by providing illegitimate definitions of the word, will be outlined. Human Rights, the misleading definitional use of this term, especially by one government to demonize another government, will be discussed. The failure to properly define the words "child" and "pet" in such a way that the incredible subhumanization and intrinsic societal decree of utter worthlessness that is attached to the reality of the experience of being a child or a pet, will be outlined and discussed. The phrase "people are considered innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law", will be discussed, analyzed, and revealed to be completely untrue and inaccurate. The terms "freedom fighter" and "terrorist" will be discussed, compared to each other in terms of definition, and the malicious, misleading nature of how both of these terms are used by governments to fool, trick, and create/legitimize war-based rage, will be outlined. The word "executioner" will be discussed, and the obvious and yet insanely denied Truth that executioners are murderers, will be provided, and as with all of these definitional Truths, we will discuss exactly why each and every one of these words/phrases/ideas is deliberately and for malicious purposes, mis-defined by the language czars who serve as empowered agents of society and of government. We will discuss the word "zoo". It may seem to be a fairly innocuous word, but is it deliberately misleading? Wouldn't a far more accurate, True-based term be "animal prison"? And what about the recent trend within american society to rename zoos as "wildlife animal parks", and the like? Lots of fascinating, juicy Truths will be forthcoming, as we analyze all three terms, "zoo", animal prison", and "wildlife animal park" or "wildlife refuge". Why do your diseased societies define adult prisons as "prisons", but define juvenile prisons as "juvenile detention centers"? You'll have to be patient and wait for this essay to be completed, to find out. Is the definition of "mental hospital" or even "mental institution" appropriate and Truth-based, when the reality is that many such facilities are specifically designed to house and imprison people, and not to proactively treat them in a completely altruistic manner? How about Parent, Mother, Father, are these words fairly and accurately defined, or are they in fact specifically designed to mislead, to compel certain behaviors, to impose certain obligations, in a totally illegitimate manner, upon individuals who are decreed to be Parents, Fathers, or Mothers? The latter is the case, as you hopefully will have realized by now, from having already read and integrated some of this brilliant Manifesto within your minds. The word Soldier is yet another that must be dissected and revealed to be maliciously misleading. We will discuss the word "evil", how societies and governments demonstrate the ultimate degree of supreme hypocrisy in attaching this demonizing word to both individual human beings, and specific human actions that individuals undertake, even though the reality is that societies and governments themselves, as a matter of official policy, enthusiastically embrace and engage in actions, policies, and mandates that are, via any Truth-based definition, thousands of times more harmful, immoral, unjustifiable, and deserving of being labeled as "evil", than any individual person or individual act could ever be.

We will discuss how language is maliciously used by governments to devalue and dehumanize living things, and to create the illusion of moral legitimacy for the malevolent victimization of these living things. Words like "slave" as applied to african blacks by european whites. Words like "enemy" within the language of war. Words like "child", specifically designed to contrast with the word "adult" in such a way as to create a perverse distinction and difference as regards the degree of humanity and all human rights and protections that need to be morally attached and applied. Discussion of how all language of war is filled with deliberately misleading and inaccurate use of language, all designed to demonize the complete strangers that are being targeted for murder, and to establish a perverse cloak of moral legitimacy among citizen-slaves, for the genocidal, insane, maliciously unjustifiable actions that their government chooses to undertake. The use of the word "enemy" to demonize the other side. The use of terms such as "We neutralized the threat", rather than "We killed a large group of human beings". The use of insane, completely made up phrases by military spokespeople and analysts, such as "We are currently engaged in a campaign in this theatre of operations", to create an insane illusion that the war is nothing more than a performance, an acting display such as citizen-slaves are accustomed to viewing in a movie theatre, will be discussed. We will discuss at great length the year 2002 design, operational, and motivational structure of the american government’s decision to modify the term "suicide bomber", to the brainwashing term of "homicide bomber". Many other words, phrases, ideologies will be analyzed and discussed at length, in addition to the ones listed above, with a specific focus upon understanding and recognizing the incredible depth, scope, and magnitude of the constant barrage of deliberate definitional deception, and how this deception literally warps and destroys the ability of almost all human beings to rationally know and comprehend even the simplest and most basic structures of life and of lifestyle path, within society. Discussion of how the deliberately invalid use of words, language, and definitions by societies, is one of the primary methods by which societies get citizen-slaves to reject all of the Truths of life, and to embrace all of the insane mythologies, rationalizations, lies, and most especially, the hypocrisies, that societal and governmental leaders wish to impose and have accepted/embraced, by their citizen-slaves.

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