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Greetings and warm sanitations to you. :-) You have accessed the Forbidden Truth of the Day page, a Specialized web page within the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site. The purpose of this web page is to regularly provide brand new Forbidden Truths, which either supplement or expand upon the thousands of Forbidden Truths that I am revealing within the Main Body of this Manifesto. In some cases these new Forbidden Truths will be inspired by current news and media stories/events. In other cases these new Forbidden Truths will simply evolve from within my own brilliant and constantly evolving brain. In some cases, these new Forbidden Truths may be inspired by questions or comments that I may receive via email. A few important points: Even though this page is titled "Forbidden Truth of the Day", I want it to be perfectly clear that this page will not be updated on a daily basis. In fact, until the end of 2005 I will be spending most of my time working on completing the 45+ essays within the Main Body of the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth, and so you should expect no more than one update, one new revelation of Forbidden Truth, to be posted to this page every 2-3 weeks. Beginning in the year 2006, it is likely that I will begin posting more regular new Forbidden Truths to this page, perhaps even 3-4 new Forbidden Truths per week. But since it is only 2002 now, there is no point in dwelling upon what might begin occuring way off in 2006. Still, I expect this page to be updated more often than most of the other 19 Specialized Pages within this Manifesto, and so to those of you who hunger for new revelations of Truth from your Seer, this page is a good page for you to regularly check for new Forbidden Truth postings.

Dateline: November 21, 2003: The November 22-28, 2003 print issue of TV Guide magazine reveals to us that the daytime soap opera "Days of Our Lives" continues to feature a serial killer who is methodically slaughtering popular and long-time characters from the show. Daytime soap operas have traditionally featured both romantic and "tragic" storylines designed to appeal to the supposedly "softer" emotional sentimentalities and sensibilities of female humans. While there have been isolated murder storylines on daytime soap operas in the past, there has never been a storyline that specifically featured a serial killer harvesting numerous long-time show characters, on any soap opera. To his credit, the current head writer on Days of Our Lives recognized that there is a tremendous amount of suppressed homicidal rage among the entire female population of planet earth, most especially amerikkka, and to feature the serial killing of popular and supposedly "beloved" show characters would in fact result in a significant increase in show popularity and viewership, as opposed to a decrease, which is what the popular thinking was/is, that to kill off numerous long-time and well-liked characters would result in viewer dissatisfaction and a decrease in viewership. Head writer Jim Reilly's subconscious realization of the Forbidden Truth that amerikkkan female humans are consumed by immense homicidal rage has proven both accurate and resulted in a professional triumph for him. TV guide magazine reports a dramatic increase in viewership of Days of Our Lives among the entire female audience. This soap opera has become the most popular of all soap operas, among female teen-agers as well as all females aged between 18 and 34. There is also a 45% increase of viewers who are female humans of all ages, who are holding down a job. We see here how absolutely starved for murder the female population of amerikkka is. How desperate this gender is, to find outlets for their homicidal rage. Women of all ages, from 13 to 65+, from teen-agers still in school, to middle-aged working mothers, have flocked to this show, lured on a subconscious level by the opportunity to satiate some of their homicidal rage by watching and cathartically revelling in a serial killer threatening, menacing, and methodically murdering numerous people over a lengthy period of time. Let us clearly recognize and embrace the Forbidden Truth that statistically, amerikkkan female humans are even greater victims of brutal abuse, and even more homicidally enraged, than their male counterparts. The primary reason why females commit fewer murders than males is simply the fact that society gives male humans more moral authorization and encouragement, as well as more opportunities, to commit both legal and illegal forms of murder.

Dateline: March 11, 2002: Subject: USO propaganda postcard. Hi there. It's me again, your one and only, irreplaceable Seer. Thanks to my remarkably varied persona, I have recently come into possession of a mass solicitation document from the USO. USO stands for United Service Organizations, which is a fairly misleading name. The actual purpose of this organization is quite perverse: To "support" all members of the american military while they are engaged in wars, by providing them with "entertainment", canteens, patriotic mail, pen-pals, etc... In other words to keep them in a good mood so that they remain willing to mindlessly commit mass murder of complete strangers upon the command of their evil leaders. Interestingly, the USO is not "governmentally" funded, but rather privately funded by huge, capitalistic corporations, including AT&T, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney Company, ESPN, Anheuser-Busch, etc... How nice, clever marketing ploy, these companies certainly get to peddle their goods to a "captive", in some cases desperate audience. Anyway, if you are interested in them, and I certainly cannot see why any sane creature would be interested, they are at Okay, back to business, as I was saying, I have recently gotten my beautiful hands on a "solicitation handout" from the USO. They are always looking for money and other donations, especially now that the pathetic public is focused upon "their troops". I want to describe in detail the postcard that they gave to me, that they want me to fill out and return to them, along with money, of course. The reason why I want to describe this postcard in detail is because it is an absolutely perfect example of purely malicious, completely upside-down, lie-based propaganda. Needless to say, I will not be returning this postcard nor will I send any money, and in fact I am very proud to say that in my entire lifetime I have never "donated" a single penny to any so-called "charitable" or fund-raising group/organization.

The postcard: On the front of the postcard there is a drawing of a white dove standing on a brown tree branch, holding a leafy, green twig in her mouth. Cute looking birdie, actually. :-) But, there is a dark and sinister purpose behind this drawing. This image, of a white dove holding a leafy, green twig in her mouth, is the universal symbol of peace. That's right, peace. On all four sides of this drawing, are the words "Thank You". On the far right hand side of the front of this postcard is a detachable panel which reads: "Please return the attached greeting card as soon as possible to be sure your greeting reaches a U.S. service man or woman in time for Memorial Day!" You are supposed to detach this panel before you mail the postcard. On the back of this postcard is written the following message: "Thank you for keeping peace around the world! Our thoughts are with you on Memorial Day and throughout the year." Below that are lines marked "From:", "City", "State", and "Message", and you are supposed to fill in your name, your city, your state, and whatever personal message you wish to deliver to an american military soldier that you have never seen before and don't even know what gender he or she is.

Now, remember that this postcard is part of a mass propaganda/solicitation effort, targeting the american citizenry, millions of these postcards were printed, the vast majority are intended to be filled out by american citizen-slaves, and all of them are intended to be delivered to american military forces located outside of america, in other words "stationed overseas". We will now analyze the content of these postcards. On the front of the postcard is a cute drawing of the universal sign of peace, a white dove holding a leafy green twig in it's mouth. How bizarre is this? The universal sign of peace is featured upon a postcard that is to be delivered/given to american soldiers who are stationed overseas and many of them are actively engaged in war, in trying to massacre demonized foreign humans. What is the propaganda message? To the millions of american citizens who receive this postcard to fill out, the propaganda message is: The american government wants peace, and it only engages in war, in the genocidal massacre of demonized "enemies", because this is the only way to gain/achieve peace. The only way to gain/achieve peace, is to massacre complete strangers in genocidal fashion. Of course, makes perfect sense... :-) To the many thousands of american military soldiers who receive these postcards from the citizenry, the propaganda message is: You are doing a heroic, noble, moral job of "fighting to defend freedom". You are only committing mass murder in order to defend freedom and your beloved nation, you are "killing for peace". Ha! Just in case the brainwashing/propaganda message on the front of the postcard is not perfectly clear, it is repeated with even more blaring derangement on the back, using words instead of an image: "Thank you for keeping peace around the world! Our thoughts are with you on Memorial Day and throughout the year." The soldiers and the american citizenry, every person who receives this mass solicitation from the USO, are being told that america sends it's military forces all around and across the world, on a continuous basis, for the purpose of "keeping peace". But this is a ridiculous, nonsensical claim! It is not merely a lie, but rather Truth turned totally upside-down. The american government sends and distributes it's tortured child-slave soldiers all across the world, for the purpose of either immediately engaging in a war, or slowly and deliberately provoking a war. The very notion that any government, much less a government as evil and deranged and warmongering as america, would dispatch legions of heavily armed military soldiers to far-off lands for the purpose of "keeping peace", as opposed to "undertaking, initiating, and provoking war", is so ludicrous that it defies consideration, much less acceptance. A government interested in "keeping peace" would mind it's own business and refrain from malevolently interfering in the activities, policies, ideologies, or structural systems of other governments, much less dispatching legions of heavily armed military troops who are brainwashing into despising foreigners and taught to blindly commit mass murder upon the command of higher ranking military leaders of the government, to far off lands. America ceaselessly and with frantic desperation, constantly refuses to mind it's own business, constantly and with utter malice, chooses to interfere in the activities, policies, ideologies, and structural systems of other governments, while at the same time constantly dispatching it's military, trained murderers and killers, to threaten and provoke war with other governments whose borders are located thousands of miles away from any american border. So, if this postcard was honest, it would read, at a minimum: "Thank you for fighting wars on our behalf!" Or more appropriately, "Thank you for provoking wars on our behalf." You, the citizenry, are homicidally enraged and bloodthirsty. Your society and government initiates and provokes wars on your behalf, in order to satiate your rage and hate, misdirect it from it's actual sources. This is Truth, and this type of a postcard would not be "insulting" to anyone. It would simply express the factual reality of what you feel, as citizens, and what purpose your soldiers serve. "Thank you for provoking wars on our behalf". You, the person sending the postcard, would be expressing in a sincere and honest way, to the soldier, what you are thankful for. Meanwhile, the soldier receiving the postcard would be able to enjoy, in an honest way, a sincere expression of thanks in which the actual, True purpose of his "mission", is revealed. But no! Instead the postcard insanely reads "Thank you for keeping peace around the world." Your evil society demands that both you, the sender, and the soldiers who receive these postcards, embrace and accept the utterly insane lie that you, the citizen, want peace, and that the soldier is engaged in the task of "keeping peace", the peace that you want. But the actual Truth is the exact, 100% opposite! You, the citizen, are so homicidally enraged that you demand that your government constantly provide you with an endless stream of malevolently provoked wars against demonized, subhumanized foreign societies, disguised and cloaked as being "moral quests for justice, freedom, and peace." Your soldiers are your own tortured children, homicidally enraged on an individual level, stripped of all genuine morality and respect for life by your evil government, and directly taught and trained to provoke and engage in war, to attack and kill demonized, subhumanized foreigners, in an utterly mindless manner, blindly upon command.

So, here you see an example of 100% propaganda. A piece of societal propaganda that is so arrogant, so confident that you pathetic creatures will automatically and reflexively embrace it, that not even the tiniest shred of actual Truth, is included with the propaganda item. Truth is turned upside-down, the exact opposite of Truth is provided. The front of the postcard depicts the universal symbol of pure peace, even though the american military represents pure war. The back of the postcard says "Thank you for keeping peace...", even though the american soldier has been sent abroad for the specific purpose of engaging in or provoking war. On top of everything else, you creatures do not want peace. You are terrified of peace. You verbally claim to want peace, because this perverse verbal claim establishes a moral illusion that allows you to savor war. This moral illusion is based upon the deranged notion that america is only "killing for peace", "killing for freedom", "killing to liberate the oppressed". These are all utter lies. You authorize, train, and command your own tortured children to kill foreigners in genocidal fashion, because you hate peace, you are terrified of peace, you are filled with suppressed homicidal rage and desperately eager to constantly savor and relish the killing of fellow humans, as long as the illusion of moral justification for doing so, can be established within your Truth-hating minds, minds so broken and twisted that you cannot even begin to recognize any Truth, much less this profound Forbidden Truth. I hope this comprehensive outline of a 100% pure societal propaganda effort, will help you Superiors to recognize on your own, other 100% pure propaganda efforts that you will certainly come across in the future, as you navigate through this minefield of life.

Dateline: March 3, 2002: Subject: Hellfire missile. Hello, it is time to reveal some new Forbidden Truth. The united states of america, the most evil and diseased society on planet earth, maintains a military system which is designed to commit literally limitless genocide upon a constant stream of demonized foreigners and societies/governments that american society has malevolently imposed it’s perverse will upon and goaded into agreeing to engage in the insane war ritual. That is old news, and not the subject of this update, I am simply providing a one sentence review of this Forbidden Truth, since it is an extremely important one. Here is the new revelation: The american military has funded the development of and currently employs in it’s arsenal of genocide, a missile which has been given the specific name of "Hellfire Missile." A brief description of the intended mass murder purpose of this missile is: "HELLFIRE is an air-to-ground missile system designed to defeat tanks and other individual targets while minimizing the exposure of the launch vehicle to enemy fire. HELLFIRE uses laser guidance and is designed to accept other guidance packages. It is used on helicopters against heavily armored vehicles at longer standoff distances than any other Army missiles now in the inventory." Okay, so the purpose of this weapon of genocide is to literally and actually incinerate human beings who are trapped inside of an enclosed vehicle. Now, we get to the main revelation of Truth: The name of this missile, this weapon of genocide. It is named the "Hellfire" missile. As I type these words, the Hellfire missile has already been used within the past few weeks by the american government to commit genocidal murder of human being living in afghanistan. What is hell? Hell is a mythological, nonexistent place that insane god freaks believe does exist, and where supposedly "evil" people are subjected to an eternity of torture by some type of an omnipotent creature, commonly referred to as the "devil", who is supposedly involved in a "war" with the god creature, for the hearts, minds, loyalty, and souls, of human beings. So, the first portion of the name of this missile is "hell". But wait, it gets even better, the second portion of the name of this missile is "fire". The insane god myth, most particularly the christian version, which is of course the main and primary religion within the religiously fundamentalist dictatorship known as america, decrees very specifically that the tortures that are inflicted within the mythical "hell" place, involve the burning alive of evil human beings. Fire is in fact the primary method of torture within the hell myth, according to the insane christian version of the god myth. Now, the Hellfire Missile, as used by the genocidally evil american government, is designed for the specific purpose of incinerating, in other words burning to death, human beings that the american government has demonized and decreed to be evil. So, here we see an absolutely perfect example of both genocidally evil religious fundamentalism, and perversely evil governmental brainwashing, as practiced by american society and the american government.

America is a fascist religiously fundamentalist regime. This is one reason why it chooses to name a weapon of genocide that is designed to fatally burn demonized human beings, Hellfire. American governmental and societal leaders understand that a majority of you creatures are pathetically addicted to both the insane god myth in general, and the "hell is a place where evil human beings are tortured & tormented" myth, in particular. This weapon of genocide is named after the mythical hell place, in order to create insane legitimization for both it’s designed purpose, the fatal incineration of helpless human beings who are trapped inside of an enclosed vehicle or other space such as a cave, and for it’s actual use to achieve this insanely evil purpose. This is what represents the ultimate merging of both genocidally evil religious fundamentalism, combined with genocidally evil governmental brainwashing. Do you see this merging? Try hard, you pathetic fools. The merging involves the manner in which your religiously fundamentalist government specifically uses the insane god myth and the mass delusion of a "hell place" within their populace, to create moral justification for the incineration of human beings living thousands of miles away from america, who could not possibly pose any directly personal threat to america, via cowardly missile attacks, using this missile, which has been named "Hellfire". By naming the missile "Hellfire", the insane hell myth is evoked. Since most american citizen-slaves are perversely addicted to both the delusion that their government is benevolent and the delusion that the god myth is real and valid, the use of the "Hellfire" missile to commit mass murder is naturally perceived, on a subconscious level, as not only being militarily/morally valid , but actually being blessed by god himself. To conclude: The limitlessly evil and insane message that the american government is delivering to all american citizens is as follows: "God himself decrees that those human beings are evil and deserve to be incinerated, they deserve to torturously burn to death just like every american citizen deserves to suffer this fate upon their death, if they refuse to embrace the god myth and live their lives according to the biblical rules of the christian god myth. These demonized foreigners are being killed by the Hellfire missile, because god himself recognizes that they are evil and deserve to burn in hell for all of eternity. " The naming of this missile is a key component of how the religiously fundamentalist dictatorship government of america brainwashes the american public into fervently supporting it’s genocidal policies of mass murder, not merely via "patriotic" brainwashing, not merely via an "illusion of moral justification", but very specifically via a false illusion of religious justification. This is an extremely valuable Forbidden Truth, and I urge all of you Superiors to both recognize and integrate it within your own minds, and even more importantly, be philosophically/intellectually alert to other situations in which ultra-diseased societies/governments employ this exact same combination of both "secular brainwashing" and "religious fundamentalism" in combination, to achieve their fascist, evil, and immoral objectives. As a final note, it’s interesting to realize that it is very unlikely that societies/governments which "admit" to being religiously fundamentalist , such as Iraq, would choose to employ such a completely blatant ploy, of giving a weapon of genocide an overtly religious name in order to create the illusion that "god blesses both this weapon and it’s genocidal use." And yet america, which engages in a desperate, daily cover-up of the Truth that it is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, does exactly this. What lessons of Truth does this teach us? First of all, it teaches us that in many situations, a society/government that "admits" to a basic operational structure may in fact employ less overtly malevolent policies within that specific aspect of it’s operational structure, than a society/government which chooses to engage in a desperate cover-up of the basic operational structure in question. In other words, both america and Iraq are religiously fundamentalist dictatorships, and the fact that Iraq is far more willing to admit that it is a religiously fundamentalist society/regime, suggests, but certainly does not prove, that it actually employs religion to a somewhat less malevolent degree against it’s citizen-slaves, than america does. The second lesson of Truth is this: When we uncover societal and governmental lies, we must realize that in almost all cases, there is extreme malevolence behind the lies. Individual human beings sometimes tell "harmless" lies. But societies and governments never deliver overt lies for "harmless" reasons. There is always malevolent intent behind the lies and brainwashings of society and government. And the more vehement and desperate the society/government acts in terms of maintaining the validity of it’s lies and myths, the more likely it is that the lies and myths are being employed to legitimize incredibly evil and perverse societal policies and ideologies. If publically accused by an "influential" and respected individual within american society, of being a religiously fundamentalist regime, the leaders of the american government would react to such an "accusation" with extreme vehemence. They would mock the accuser, they would declare the accusation to be "so ridiculous and ludicrous that it is unworthy of being addressed", even though it is in fact absolutely True. The more desperate a society is to deny a Truth, the more valuable and profound this Truth is likely to be.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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