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Hello. You have reached a Specialized Page within the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth web site. This is the Current News page, a page that I will be using to post information on current news events, incidents, and cases. A few very important points need to be made right upfront. First of all, the primary purpose of this page is to reveal Forbidden Truth that is contained within current news events, not to simply provide factual information on news events, of the type that can be obtained via the mass media. Secondly, this page will in no way attempt to provide timely information on all major news events, be they serial killings, mass murders, or other high profile news stories. Thirdly, until all of the Essays within the Main Body of this Manifesto are completed, which will not occur until late 2005, you can expect very few and very limited posting of news stories to this page, meaning no more than one updated post every 2-4 months, on average. If any of you come across a Current News incident or story, and wish to obtain Forbidden Truth information on the incident or case, you may email your request to me, specifying exactly what type of Forbidden Truth information you seek, and it is possible that if the news incident is intriguing enough, and if your query is Superior enough, I might choose to post the facts of the news event, as well as your query and my revelations of Truth, here at this page.

Dateline: December 1, 2003: Hello. I have decided that, in order to more directly and emphatically make clear the Forbidden Truths of the operational structure of the most diseased, deranged, lie-based, and genocidally evil society and government on planet earth, amerikkka, I will, from time to time, reprint the entire texts of selected public speeches made by the supreme leader of this society. The speech will be reprinted in it's entirety, in unedited form, exactly as released by the amerikkkan government at it's official web site. Immediately following this reprint, I will write a Truth-based and factually accurate version of the speech, in which all of the lies, propaganda, brainwashing, hypocrisy, mythology, terroristic, and genocidally evil messages and doctrines of the speech, are exposed. In other words, the speech that I am writing will represent the exact same content of the president's speech, with all of the deception and lies stripped out and replaced with Truth. My version is the speech that the president would make, if amerikkkan society was sane, Truth-based, and benevolent.

On November 24, 2003, the president made two different public speeches, and I have decided to rewrite them both, using the parameters that I have outlined above. We will begin by reprinting the entire contents of the president's first speech, as officially recorded and released by the president's propaganda agent, his press secretary. The president's official speech will appear in black print, and my Truth-based rewrite will follow, in red print.

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 24, 2003:
President Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey
Remarks by the President at the Annual National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon
The Rose Garden

9:25 A.M. EST

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Welcome. Thanks for coming. Good morning, and welcome to the Rose Garden. In a moment you can come up and welcome our guest of honor, Stars, the turkey. He looks pretty friendly. He actually looks well rested. You'd be well rested, too, if you had your own room in Hotel Washington here in Washington, D.C. (Laughter.) It sounds like Stars wants to give the speech.

I appreciate you joining me to give this turkey a presidential pardon. Stars is a very special bird with a very special name. This year, for the first time, thousands of people voted on the White House website to name the national turkey, and the alternate turkey. Stars and Stripes beat out Pumpkin and Cranberry. And it was a neck-to-neck race. (Laughter.)

Under the official rules the alternate turkey has an important role, not to be taken lightly. The rule book states that an alternate turkey is chosen in case the national Thanksgiving turkey cannot fulfill his role in this ceremony. It's kind of like being the Vice President. (Laughter.)

Our nation's sense of gratitude is the source of great generosity of our people. Some of the boys and girls here today have done their part this year. Fifth graders from Flint Hill School collected the fixings and made sandwiches for people at the local homeless shelter. Through your compassion, you're showing the goodness of America, and we are really proud of you. Thanks for doing that.

I want to thank our Secretary of Agriculture for joining us today. Secretary Ann Veneman is doing a great job for our country. I want to thank Bob Wright, who's the Chairman of the National Turkey Federation, for joining today. I appreciate Dr. Alice Johnson, who's the President. Thanks for coming, Alice.

Today marks -- and continues a long White House tradition. We're honoring the beginning of a holiday season. It speaks well for America that one of our most important holidays is set aside for sharing and appreciating our blessings. Our nation was founded by people of great accomplishment, great courage, and great humility. They believed not only in themselves, but also in the goodness of God's wisdom and God's plan for every life. This American quality has endured throughout the generations. Americans are, at our best, are a reverent and a grateful people. Even in times of hardship, we see all around us gifts to be thankful for: our families and friends, the beautiful land we call home, and the freedom granted to us all.

This year, as in other times in our history, we can be especially grateful for the courage and faithfulness of those who defend us. Every man and woman who wears our country's uniform is a volunteer, facing hardships and sometimes peril, because they believe in this country and our cause. We're thinking of them and their families. We think of the military families that have suffered loss. We can be grateful to live in a country that has produced such good and brave people who stand between us and the dangers of the world.

On this holiday, we're reminded of our blessings. We're reminded of our responsibilities. Our nation's sense of gratitude is the source of the great generosity and compassion of our people.

And now it's time to grant a little compassion to our guest of honor. I'm not sure why any turkey would want to reside at a place called Frying Pan Park. (Laughter.) Maybe they explained the alternatives to him. (Laughter.) In any case, off he goes. By virtue of the presidential pardon, Stars will live out his days there at Kidwell Farm in Virginia. And so he won't be alone, I hereby pardon Stripes, as well.

Happy Thanksgiving to you. May God bless you and your families. Thanks for coming. (Applause.)

END 9:35 A.M. EST

For Immediate Release
Office of the Propaganda Agency of the united states government
November 24, 2003. President publicly spares life of one turkey, while officially authorizing and sponsoring the genociodal mass murder of hundreds of millions of turkeys.
Remarks by the president at the National Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon, a news media event specifically created by the press relations office of the white house to provide a cute photo opportunity for the president, as well as to enable him to deliver a maliciously lie-based propaganda message to all amerikkkan citizen-slaves.
The Rose Garden
9:25 A.M. EST.

The President: Thank you all. Welcome. Thanks for coming. Good morning, and welcome to the Rose Garden. I'd like to thank all of my citizen-slaves who have chosen to attend this event, for helping to lend an aura of legitimacy to this contrived farce. I'd like to thank my press secretary's office for having created and being able to maintain the illusion, year after year, that this annual event is newsworthy. Most of all, I'd like to thank the mainstream amerikkkan media, which is totally under my coercive and terroristic control, for making sure that this ridiculous, misleading, lie-based photo opportunity, is reported as real and positive news by every single mainstream television, newspaper, and radio news outlet throughout all of amerikkka. I've had a turkey brought up on this stage, his names is Stars. I will be using this turkey today, to help me deliver my propaganda messages. Stars looks pretty happy and healthy. We have been taking good care of him, because he is an important part of this media event. He needs to look happy, healthy, cute, and well cared for. He represents the illusion and the lie of how we treat the morally superior species of life that dwell within amerikkka. Take a look at Stars, he is alive, healthy, and happy. He has not been seriously harmed by human beings, and because he is my propaganda prop for this media event, I will ensure that he is not seriously harmed by humans in the immediate future. At the same time, I want everyone to know that I am officially sponsoring the genocidal torture and mass murder of billions of other members of Stars' species within amerikkka, each and every year. As the supreme leader of amerikkka, I am guilty of legalizing, sanctioning, and specifically encouraging the mass imprisonment, harvesting, slaughter, and consumption of the species of life known as turkeys, even though this species causes absolutely no harm to humans, poses no threat to humans, and is genetically, behaviorally, and morally superior to the human species, using all legitimate measuring criteria.

Even as I accept the guilt that I bear for the massacre of billions of turkeys, I solicit your applause and appreciation for my sparing the life of this one turkey, Stars. You might be interested in knowing that we used our premier cyberspace propaganda vehicle, our website, to solicit names for our two propaganda turkeys. I am delighted to report that the two names that received the most votes were Stars and Stripes. I cannot tell you how much this pleased me and my staffers, as our central brainwashing theme of irrational patriotism appears to be successfully infiltrating all aspects of citizen-slave activity, even the naming of turkeys. For this ceremony, we needed two turkeys, just in case an unforseen tragedy were to befall Stars. We needed to have a backup turkey ready to go, so that this propaganda event would not need to be cancelled or even delayed. Naturally I do not care in the slightest about this turkey, or any other turkey, on a personal level. This animal is simply a publicity prop that I am using to try to present myself in a positive and benevolent light, and gain popularity among you citizen-slaves.

It is time for me to tell you some lies about the amerikkkan people. You love to be lied to, and it is my sacred duty as your leader, and as the leader of the most lie-based society on planet earth, to make you feel good about yourselves by validating the ridiculous lies upon which you have built and sustain your pathetic lives. So let me say that you, the amerikkkan people, are very generous. Yes, let us ignore the Truth that both the amerikkkan government and the amerikkkan public, if they chose, could easily eradicate all hunger experienced by human beings throughout the entire world, and yet both choose not to do so. I want you to know that we have some child-slaves in our audience here today, and despite the fact that they do not hold down slave labor jobs yet, their slaveowners and other adults managed to coerce them into collecting food and making sandwiches for some of the homeless people who live in their area. Yes, let us rejoice in the fact that amerikkkan society tries to not let it's tortured citizen-slaves actually die of starvation. Let us be proud of how good we are. We torture our child-slaves, yet they are still good. We are proud of them, and we thank them, for helping us to delude ourselves into believing that our society is not genocidally evil.

I'd like to personally name and thank a few of my empowered agents and loyal leaders who help to maintain the illusion of legitimacy within the toxic and diseased operational structures of amerikkkan society. We have something called the National Turkey Federation, and a female doctor is actually the president of this organization. I'd like to thank Dr. Alice Johnson for coming to this media event and allowing herself to be portrayed as a respected and benevolent doctor who just happens to be the supreme leader of an organization that calls itself the National Turkey Federation, which in fact plays absolutely no role in trying to protect turkeys from harm, but rather officially legitimizes their mass murder by the billions. I appreciate Doctor Alice Johnson, for demonstrating the ultimate in physician hypocrisy as regards the Hippocratic Oath.

Today marks and continues a long tradition of malicious mythology promotion by this government regarding the invalid creation and designation of specific days of the year as being special and noteworthy as "holidays". We are instructing you that the thanksgiving holiday is based upon benevolent traditions of generous sharing of food and mutual appreciation of good fortune. This is a complete mythological lie. In Truth, the thanksgiving holiday represents a celebration of genocide, a rejoicing in the successful completion of an orgy of homicidal bloodlust unleashed by the homicidally enraged european invaders of the north american continent, that resulted in the holocaust that was committed against the native indians to whom this continent rightfully belonged. Our nation was founded by barbaric savages who possessed not a shred of moral decency, savages whose characters consisted of limitless cowardice augmented by a crazed and egomaniacal sense of superiority and entitlement. They were mentally ill and mentally deranged addicts of the toxic and deranged god myth, and their genocidally evil actions and behaviors were both inspired by and rationalized with, their god myth addiction. The amerikkkan public has maintained it's perversely inferior dependency upon the Insane God Myth throughout it's history, right up until this very day. Amerikkkans are, at their best, a pathetic and pitiful people. In times of hardship, they eagerly cling to the comforting yet toxic lies that we, the government, brainwash them into believing. As your supreme leader, I thank you for continuing to accept and embrace the lie that you enjoy valuable freedoms granted to you by the benevolent good will of your government.

This year, as is the case for most years within this warmongering society, I wish to thank the children and the young adult torture victims that my government has successfully convinced to join the military, to commit mass murder against total strangers, and to deliberately endanger their own lives. Your government appreciates your insane and blind allegiance and devotion to amerikkka and the amerikkkan way of life, that you have been brainwashed into believing to be of great value and importance. As the elite leaders of amerikkka, we are grateful that you, the unwashed and inferior mainstream masses, are evil, cowardly, and stupid enough to be willing to both kill and die on behalf of the ridiculous notions that we have successfully implanted within your broken minds.

It's time for you people to remember that you are slaves, slaves to the government, and it's terrorizing instruments, such as the god creature. Never forget that even as our imaginary god blesses you, he imposes responsibilities upon you. We want you to believe that you are a generous and compassionate group of citizen-slaves, just as we demand that you believe your government to likewise possess such noble and moral character. Unlike the hundreds of tortured victim-creations of amerikkkan society that I am directly and personally responsible for murdering by refusing to commute their death penalty sentences, the thousands of amerikkkan military soldiers that I am directly responsible for causing the deaths of, the thousands of womb-trapped babies that are legally murdered under the authority of my government, and the billions of animals that are legally murdered under the authority of my government, I am today choosing to spare the lives of Stars and Stripes. I know that you humans are insane and blind enough to consider this an act of moral compassion, despite your knowledge of the Truth that billions of other turkeys will be legally murdered.

I know most of you will not be engaging in slave labor activities on the thanksgiving holiday, and I am confident this will make the day a happy one for you. You slaves are so easy to please, all you ask for is a brief respite from your ongoing daily slave labor, and your government is happy to oblige. It is now time for me to invoke both the Insane God Myth and Sacred Family Unit mythology, and because time is short, I shall invoke both of these toxic and terroristic societal doctrines in a single sentence and say: May god bless you and your families. Again, thank you for coming out to the white house today and helping the media to make this staged propaganda event seem lively, exciting, and spontaneous.
END 9:35 A.M. EST

Immediately upon completing his first propaganda and brainwashing event of the day, the supreme leader of amerikkka journeyed to an army base in Colorado, to deliver a second and even more maliciously perverse speech, this time specifically targeting the tortured child-slaves that he had already succeeded in terroristically coercing and enticing into agreeing to both kill and die on his behalf, and on the combined behalfs of all of the homicidally enraged citizen-slaves of amerikkka. Here is the supreme leader's complete and unedited speech, followed by My Forbidden Truth rewrite.

For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
November 24, 2003

President Bush Meets with Troops in Fort Carson, Colorado
Remarks by the President to the Troops
Butts Army Air Field
Fort Carson, Colorado
1:28 P.M. MST

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all.

AUDIENCE: U-S-A, U-S-A! (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Thank you for the warm welcome. I'm honored to be in the Rocky Mountain state. I'm honored to be in Fort Carson. (Applause.) More importantly, I'm honored to be in the presence of so many fine Americans, so many great citizens who proudly wear our nation's uniform. (Applause.)

The soldiers of Fort Carson are now engaged in the largest deployment from this post since World War II. You reflect tremendous credit to the United States Army. You bring great pride to the people of the United States of America. (Applause.)

The people of our armed forces are serving at a crucial period for America and for all free nations. We're at war with terrorists who hate what we stand for: liberty, democracy, tolerance and the rights and dignity of every person. We're a peaceful nation, yet we are prepared to confront any danger. (Applause.)

We are fighting the terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and in other parts of the world so we do not have to fight them on the streets of our own cities. (Applause.) And we will win. (Applause.) In this war, America depends on our people in uniform to protect our freedom and to keep our country safe. And all who serve depend every day on the support of your families. These are challenging times for military families. You in the Pikes Peak community know that very well. Military life makes many demands on wives and husbands and sons and daughters. You have faced hardships, and you have faced them together. And I want you to know, our whole nation is grateful to our military families. (Applause.)

America is also indebted to the men and women of the Guard and Reserve who are serving abroad. (Applause.) And to those who are called for homeland security assignments. Hundreds of reserve units across America have been activated in this time of war. Our country thanks these fine citizens, and we thank their employers for putting duty first.

I want to thank Major General Bob Wilson for his leadership and his strength of character. I want to thank General Larry Ellis, as well, for greeting me here today. It's my honor to have met General Lance Lord, Commander of the Air Force Space Command. I appreciate Colonels Orr, Terry, Wininger and Resty for being such strong leaders and for greeting me here. It was my privilege to have lunch with Sergeant Major Mac McWilliams. (Applause.) He's the kind of guy you don't want to cross. (Laughter and applause.) He's the kind of guy you want on your side. (Applause.) I'm glad he's on my side, and I'm glad you're on my side. (Applause.)

I appreciate Bill Hybl, who is the Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army. I want to thank the families of the fallen soldiers who are here with us today. Our prayers are with you. We ask for God's strength and God's guidance. (Applause.)

I'm honored that the great governor of the great state of Colorado is with us today, Governor Bill Owens. (Applause.) We've got some members of the United States Congressional delegation here who are strong supporters of our military and our military families: Congressman Hefley and McInnis, Tancredo, Beauprez and Musgrave, thank you all for coming. I'm honored you're here. (Applause.) The Speaker of the House is here. Madam Speaker, thank you for coming, Lola Spradley. The Mayor of Colorado Springs and the Mayor of Fountain, Mayor Rivera and Mayor Barela are with us, as well. Thank you all for coming. I thank all state and local officials for being here. But most of all, I want to thank you all for coming. It's my honor to be here. (Applause.)

When I landed, and I got off that magnificent bird, Air Force One, I was greeted by a lady named Diane Campbell. (Applause.) She brought her family with her. (Laughter.) She's an active volunteer with the Army Family Team Building program. (Applause.) As I said, she brought her family with her. (Laughter.)

The reason I bring up Diane Campbell is, oftentimes, people measure the strength of America based upon the number of tanks and airplanes we have, or the size of our wallets. No, the strength of America lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens. You see, people like Diane Campbell are providing training and information to military spouses and families to help them adjust to the life in the Army. See, they're reaching out. They've heard the universal call to love a neighbor just like they would like to be loved themselves. The true strength of America is the American people, because we're a compassionate, decent, caring, loving people, just like Diane Campbell. (Applause.)

I want to thank Diane and all the Army Family Team Building members for your service. I ask you all to reach out a hand to somebody who hurts. I ask you to help us change our country one lonely soul at a time.

For more than 60 years, the units of Fort Carson have been known for training hard and being prepared at all times. Men and women have gone forth from this base to make history. From the Pacific Theater in World War II, to Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. Many thousands who served in these causes still live here in this area. I don't blame you. (Laughter.) It's a beautiful part of our country.

Our veterans and military retirees play their part in maintaining the greatest fighting force in the world. They kept our country free, and we are grateful to the veterans who are with us here today. (Applause.)

Today a new generation has been called to great challenges. The soldiers of the Mountain Post have been called to serve in the first war of the 21st Century. This war began more than two years ago, on September the 11th, 2001, when America was attacked, and thousands of our fellow citizens were murdered. The events of that morning changed our nation. We awakened to new dangers and we accepted new responsibilities. That day we saw the harm that our enemies intend for us. And last week, we saw their cruelty again, in the murders in Istanbul. Today America, Britain and Turkey and all responsible nations are united in a great cause: We will not rest until we bring these committed killers to justice. (Applause.)

These terrorists will not be stopped by negotiations, or by appeals to reason, or by the least hint of conscience. We have only one option: We must, and we will continue to take the fight to the enemy. (Applause.)

We fight this war against terror on many fronts. Terrorists hide and strike within free societies, so we're draining their bank accounts, disrupting their plans. We're hunting them down one by one until they can no longer threaten America and other free peoples. Terrorists need places to hide, to plot, and to train, so we're holding their allies, the allies of terror to account. (Applause.) Working with a fine coalition, our military went to Afghanistan, destroyed the training camps of al Qaeda, and put the Taliban out of business forever. (Applause.)

In Iraq, where a dictator defied the world, cultivated ties to terror, armed with deadly weapons, America led a mission to make the world safer, and to liberate the Iraqi people. And that brutal dictator's regime is no more. (Applause.) Thanks to our great military, Iraqi citizens do not have to fear the dictator's secret police or ending in a mass grave. Thanks to our military, the torture chambers are closed, and the prison cells for children are empty. Thanks to our military, we have captured many members of the former regime, and the rest of them have a lot to worry about. (Applause.)

Recently, in Operation Iron Hammer, our coalition worked with the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps and police to strike hard against the forces of murder and chaos. We countered attacks, we seized weapons, we brought cold-blooded killers to justice. We're proud of all who participated in these forceful and successful operations. And we're sending a clear message: Anyone who seeks to harm our soldiers can know that our great soldiers are hunting for them. (Applause.)

Our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan is clear to our service members, and it's clear to our enemies. America's military is fighting to secure the freedom of more than 50 million people who recently lived under two of the cruelest dictatorships on earth. America's military is fighting to help democracy and peace and justice rise in a troubled and violent region. And because we're fighting terrorist enemies thousands of miles away, in the heart and center of their power, we are making the United States of America more secure. (Applause.)

Units from this base have been vital to our campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. The 7th Infantry Division has done fine work preparing guard brigades for combat duty overseas, with one battalion in Iraq from the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom; preparing a brigade to deploy and a brigade now in Afghanistan; helping to train the Afghan National Army. We're grateful for the 3rd Brigade Combat Team -- (applause) -- the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment -- (applause) -- the 10th Special Forces Group -- (applause) -- the 43rd Area Support Group. (Applause.) These and other units are showing the skill and the discipline that define Fort Carson, and you're showing the courage that defines the United States Army. (Applause.)

Today, American forces in Iraq are joined by about 24,000 troops from 32 other countries. Together, we're helping the Iraqi people move steadily toward a free and democratic society. Economic life is being restored to cities of Iraq. A new Iraqi currency is circulating. Local governments are up and running. Iraq will soon begin the process of drafting a constitution, with free elections to follow. As Iraq joins -- rejoins the world, it will demonstrate the power of freedom and hope to overcome resentment and hatred. And this transformation will help make America more secure. (Applause.)

The work we are in is not easy, yet it is essential. The failure of democracy in Iraq would provide new bases for the terrorist network and embolden terrorists and their allies around the world. The failure of democracy in those countries would convince terrorists that America backs down under attack. Yet democracy will succeed in Iraq, because our will is firm and our word is good. Democracy will succeed because every month, more and more Iraqis are fighting for their own country. People we have liberated will not surrender their freedom. Democracy will succeed because the United States of America will not be intimidated by a bunch of thugs. (Applause.)

This community knows firsthand that the mission in Iraq is difficult and the enemy is dangerous. Saddam loyalists and foreign terrorists are attacking the symbols of order and freedom, from international aid workers to coalition forces to innocent Iraqi citizens. Terrorists have chosen to make a stand and test our resolve. Our resolve will not be shaken. (Applause.)

It is the nature of terrorism that a small number of people can inflict terrible grief. And here, you felt loss. Every person who dies in the line of duty leaves a family that lives in sorrow, and comrades who must go on without them. The Fort Carson community said farewell to some of your best. One of them was Staff Sergeant Daniel Bader. This good man left behind his wife, Tiffany, and their 14-month-old daughter. Tiffany Bader said this to a reporter recently, "I'm going to wait until she is old enough to realize what happened, and I will tell her exactly what her daddy did for her. He died serving his country so that my little girl could grow up free." (Applause.)

The courage of that soldier, and the courage of that wife, show the spirit of this country in the face of great adversity. And all our military families that mourn can know this: Our nation will never forget the sacrifice their loved one made to protect us all. (Applause.)

By the unselfish dedication of Americans in uniform, children in our own country and in lands far away will be able to live in freedom, and know the peace that freedom brings. As Americans, we believe that freedom is not America's gift to the world, freedom is the Almighty God's gift to every person who lives in the world. (Applause.)

As men and women who served the cause of freedom, each one of you has answered a great calling. You live by a code of honor, in service to your nation, for the safety and security of your fellow citizens. You and I have taken an oath to defend America. We're meeting that duty together, and I'm proud to be the Commander-in-Chief of the greatest military, full of the finest people on the face of this earth. God bless you all. God bless America.


END 2:01 P.M. MST

For Immediate Release
Office of the Propaganda Agency of the united states of amerikkka
November 24, 2003

President Bush meets with tortured amerikkkan child-slaves who have been terroristically brainwashed into agreeing to kill and to die for their government for no valid or sane reason.
Remarks by the president to the tortured children
Butts army air field
Fort Carson, Colorado
1:28 PM MST

Thank you, my children, for welcoming me to this prison where my government has broken you of all of the morality, sanity, and Truth-based recognition skills that you were born possessing. Throughout this speech I will expect you to interrupt me with insanely fervent applause and joyful chants in which the name of your torturing government is invoked.

AUDIENCE: U-S-A, U-S-A! (Applause.)

I will now mention the name of this city and this state, knowing how you pathetic creatures are so desperate to delude yourselves into feeling important and valued, that another outburst of insane applause is guaranteed to follow. Rocky mountain state. Fort Carson.


I want you to know that the amerikkkan government considers you to be good and fine amerikkkan citizen-slaves, because you have agreed to allow your government to commit intellectual, emotional, and psychological genocide upon you. You are great citizen-slaves because you proudly agree to commit official mass murder and to sacrifice your own lives in order to satiate the homicidal bloodlust of the amerikkkan public, via the Insane War Ritual.


The children of Amerikkka are now agreeing to kill and to die upon my command in the largest numbers since the Insane War Ritual that we have named world war II. You children here at this army base accurately reflect how successful the amerikkkan army can be and is, at committing genocide upon amerikkkan children. I want you to know that all adult citizen-slaves of amerikkka, including all empowered agents of amerikkkan society and the amerikkkan government, appreciate and value you. Instead of us committing the genocide that would satiate our tortured souls, we are able to employ you children to perform this task, while we safely revel in the cathartic relief that your murders and your deaths bring to us.


Throughout our entire history as a nation, we have been deluding and brainwashing you into believing that the amerikkkan government is benevolent and provides it's citizen-slaves with freedom, liberty, tolerance, and respect for the rights and dignity of all people. I will continue this vital brainwashing modality in this speech. I will continue to demonize foreign strangers, in order to get you hired murderers, as well as all citizen-slaves of amerikkka, to misdirect the rage and hate that you should properly feel and direct towards your primary adversary, amerikkkan government and amerikkkan society, which is directly responsible for your lifetime of torturous victimization. So hear my propaganda words: We are at war with foreign devils and demons who hate amerikkka for being such a benevolent and just nation. Yes, we are a peaceful nation, you must believe this despite the fact that no other nation on planet earth has come close to matching the orgy of genocidal mass murder via the Insane War Ritual that has been the hallmark of amerikkkan policy dating back to the very creation of this nation, and spanning the entire existance of this nation. The brainwashing phrase that I will use today is "confront any danger". Instead of the Truth that we are travelling thousands of miles to murder complete strangers who pose no threat to us, you must believe that all we are doing is meeting and extinguishing the imaginary danger that these demonized humans pose to us.


We are committing genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of the world because we are cowards who are not willing to engage in a fair fight on our own territory, so instead we use advanced technology not possessed by our demonized war partners, technology acquired through the economic genocide that we have committed against other nations throughout our history, to avoid having to confront our enemy on our illegitimately acquired territory. We send you children off to these foreign lands to kill and to die, because we as adults are unwilling to kill or to die, to defend our own national borders.


We will win. Victory is assured, because despite what my propaganda media tells you, we are not actually engaged in a war. All we are doing is committing genocide against a war partner who is clearly not able to match up with us in an equitable manner.


My dear children, please understand that we must continue to sacrifice your lives. We must and will continue to design and operate this genocidal performance theatre in such a way that the amerikkkan military continues to take fatal casualties on a regular, if not daily, basis. This is the only way to maintain popular support for our genocidal activities, among the general citizenry. Thank you for your understanding, it helps a great deal that most of you have already been stripped of the ability to love or value yourselves, by virtue of having been raised up within our poisonous, toxic, diseased, and evil culture.

It is time to invoke some Sacred Family Unit mythology. You children are lucky enough to not only be graced with the gratitude and support of your evil leaders, but also your families. Yes, you all have families, and as your supreme leader, I am invoking Sacred Family Unit mythology to inform you that your families support you, and in turn, we, the amerikkkan government, appreciate all families, especially military families. Thank you for agreeing to sacrifice the minds, souls, and bodies of your tortured child-slaves. Thank you for raising your children in such a brutal and sadistic way as to allow us to seamlessly step in and turn them into mindless mass murderers of total strangers, and suicidal haters of self. Thank you so much for agreeing to use your children as expressive Poison Containers for the immense rage and hate that dwells within your True Realities, exactly as you have been taught and instructed to do by your society. I want you all to know that the tortures you are being subjected to by my military, are made more bearable by Sacred Family Unit enmeshment. I urge you to continue to find delusional and lie-based comfort from this toxic enmeshment. It is better to suffer together, than to suffer alone. Draw comfort from the fact that your government causes great suffering to all military child-slave enlistees. Thank you, military families, for quietly and meekly accepting the suffering that we inflict upon you.


Even if you have not yet been shipped overseas to commit genocide, but rather remain within amerikkka and are employed at some other slave labor job that involves the protection and maintenance of this ultra-diseased and evil society, your government appreciates your blindly obedient service. You are fine citizen-slaves, I bestow this proclamation upon you, as your supreme leader. Rejoice in this title that I bestow upon you. To all employers in the civilian sector, I thank you for abiding by the fascist laws of amerikkka and allowing your employee-slaves to leave their generally safe civilian jobs, for the life-threatening, mind and soul destroying military service jobs that our war-mongering nation has proudly created.

I want to thank major general Bob Wilson for being one of my top brainwashing and mind/soul destroying empowered agents, at this military base. I want to thank general Larry Ellis for officially welcoming me to this military base, thank you general, for playing your role well in this propaganda sham event. It's my honor to have met general Lance Orr, commander of the air force space command. Under my evil direction, amerikkka will continue to use all of the airspace it can, including outer space as technological advances allow, for the purpose of continuing to engage in Insane War Rituals. I thank all of my empowered agents at this military base, for doing such a fine job of breaking the spirits and destroying the souls of all of the military enlistees who have been processed through this military base. It was my privilege to eat lunch with sergeant major Mac McWilliams. We enjoyed a fine meal, knowing that we are totally safe as we have needlessly dispatched hundreds of thousands of children to endanger their lives in our names. (Laughter and applause) I'm glad he's on my side, as are all of my empowered agents, having been broken of their spirits and sanity a long time ago. I know all of you here today are on my side too. What choice do you have? You are slaves, you are owned by me and by my government.


I appreciate Bill Hybl, who is the civilian aide to the secretary of the army. Our military employees civilians, in order to better maintain the illusion that it is representative of and responsive to, the civilian population. At this time I would like to single out for special thanks, the Sacred Family Unit members here today, whose child-slaves have indeed died as a result of our recent war-mongering activities. The deaths of your child-slaves serve a noble and vital purpose, to re-ignite and solidify the homicidal rage that is at the root of all amerikkkan foreign policy as well as amerikkka's pathological need to commit genocide upon foreign strangers. Let us invoke the Insane God Myth at this time. Please join me in beseeching the imaginary god creature to comfort you on the loss of your child-slaves. Since amerikkka is a religiously fundamentalist dictatorship, I am pleased and proud to openly ask that the imaginary god creature grant us strength and guidance.


I have of course invited the local and regional elected and empowered policians of the area, to appear with me here today. They are important illusionary symbols, of the imaginary freedom that my government pretends to provide to you citizen-slaves. I am therefore pleased, that the supreme leader of this state, is here with me today.


I've also brought with me some congress people, the speaker of the house, and some of the local mayors. We are all here together, to strengthen this propaganda event. I thank all of the elected leaders for coming here and thus demonstrating unconditional agreement with and support for the content of this propaganda speech. Remember folks, amerikkka is a government based upon toxic lies, citizen-slave appeasement, and ridiculous ego-massage. Therefore, let me say that while I thank all of the empowered elected and appointed leaders for coming here today, I most want to thank you ordinary citizen-slaves. Without your insane support, we would not exist as your empowered victimizers. Thank you so much for allowing, agreeing to receive, and literally relishing the genocidal harm that we are and will continue to inflict upon you.


Let me now mention the names of a few of you ordinary citizen-slaves who are here today. I know how thrilled and delighted you pathetic slaves are, when your supreme leader deigns to actually single out and mention you or someone you know, by name. When I landed, and I got off the luxurious airplane that was personally built for me, I was greeted by a lady named Diane Campbell. (Applause.) She brought her family with her. She is a loyal devotee of Sacred Family Unit mythology. (Laughter.) She's an active volunteer with the Army Family Team Building program. (Applause.) As I said, she brought her family with her. Yes, it's all about Sacred Family Unit mythology. Even as we take tortured children and turn them into insane mass murderers, the aura of Sacred Family Unit mythology is not merely maintained, but actively promoted and imposed upon you citizen- slaves, by the evil military structure itself.


This brings us to an important point. I would like to say that the greatest strength of amerikkka is not the fact that we have developed the most genocidally effective weapons of mass murder of any nation, by far. Nor is it the fact that by committing economic genocide upon the rest of the world, we have acquired greater economic strength than any other nation, by far. No, the greatest strength of this diseased nation is the pathetic weakness of you citizen-slaves. The fact that you creatures can be broken so easily, the fact that you are so blind and cowardly, self-hating and Truth-hating. The fact that your leaders have rendered your hearts soulless, and your souls heartless. We have destroyed and broken you of all the good things that you were born possessing within your hearts, souls, and minds. This is our triumph, this is our greatest strength. You the people, as you are, actively helping your evil society to commit it's atrocities upon you. People like Diane Campbell, who is actively helping military spouses and their families to adjust to and cope with the genocidally evil culture of military life. Instead of recognizing the atrocity and fighting against it, you creatures embrace the atrocity, welcoming and facilitating it's malicious grip upon you and upon all fellow citizen-slaves. It is you pathetic and broken fools, who make amerikkka the untouchable and omnipotent disease that infests planet earth. I know what you want to hear, and it is my pleasure to oblige: The amerikkkan people are a compassionate, decent, caring, loving people, just like Diane Campbell. (Applause) I want to thank Diane and all members of the army family team building group, for directly helping my evil government to sustain and popularize it's genocidally harmful military structures. I ask you all, if you see a fellow citizen-slave who is hurting, lonely, confused, beginning to question the legitimacy of my society, reach out your hand to that person, offer him a diseased dose of the toxic mythology that helps you to sustain your own lie-based illusions of reality.

For over 60 years, this military base has been operating, welcoming generation after generation of tortured children, indoctrinating them all with the toxic mythologies of patriotism, nationalism, allegiance, duty to country, illusions of freedom, and sacredness of our form of government. This military base has sent out hundreds of thousands of children, dating back to the 1940's, to travel to foreign lands and commit genocide upon demonized strangers. This governmental facility is directly responsible for physically killing, as well as mentally and emotionally destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings, from every corner of the planet. Many of our tortured child-slaves chose to return to this area after their military torture came to an end, to live as civilians. It's a beautiful area of amerikkka, and you are welcome here. You have done your duty, you have participated in genocide, and allowed your evil government to both directly commit atrocities upon you, and to use you as it's own personal weapons of mass destruction.


Our military veterans and retirees played and continue to play an important role in facilitating the military brutalization and destruction of every generation of child-slaves. Their past service greatly aids our government in convincing children to agree to join the military. They promote the insane lie that to serve the amerikkkan government via military activity is a noble, moral, and glorious life path. I am glad to see some military veterans here today, you serve as living proof that not all amerikkkan military enlistees are doomed to perish during military action, and more importantly, by demonstrating support for the military, you cloak and conceal the Truth that every military enlistee is severely victimized by the military structure that they serve. (Applause) Today, as has been the case throughout amerikkkan history, a new generation of child-slaves is being called upon to sacrifice their lives and souls by joining the amerikkkan military. I am pleased and proud to welcome the 21st century of modern human existence by initiating yet another planet-wide orgy of the Insane War Ritual. We began this latest war on September 11, 2001, when the True Reality reflections of rage of a handful of human beings, provided the amerikkkan government with the perfect cover to initiate a brutal campaign of demonization and bloodthirst towards an entire ethnic and religious group, as well as several different governments. As a government, we celebrate and rejoice in the attacks committed upon us on September 11, 2003. These attacks help to guarantee the stability and the enslaving power of the amerikkkan government, by allowing us to terroristically misdirect the rage and hate of our tortured citizen-slaves, away from all internal and domestic focus, towards an illegitimate foreign focus, upon other nations, other ethnic groups, and a different Insane God Myth religion, than our own. We are hated, not because we are the most genocidally evil government and nation on planet earth, but rather because we are the most benign and benevolent government and nation on planet earth. You must believe this insane lie, even though it makes not a shred of logical sense. As your Supreme Leader, I know you will believe this lie. I know how broken you are. I know that the more preposterous a lie is, the more eagerly it is accepted as being True, as long as your brainwashing government throws it's terroristic weight behind the lie, via fervent propaganda dissemination such as I am engaging in during this speech. Our enemy is cruel and evil. They commit evil murder, evil because they dare to target us and our western allies. We are benevolent and kind. We commit far more murder, we initiated the cycle of brutal victimization against our chosen war partners. But we are only committing our genocide against subhuman, demonized, savages. This makes our murders good, while their murders are unspeakably evil. We will continue to mass murder them. For every one of us that they kill, we will kill 25 of them. This is noble and moral justice, because we are human, they are not. Our cause is great, we will not rest until our citizen-slaves have satiated all of their misdirected homicidal bloodlust.


I will now demonize my war partner by applying a demonizing label to them. They are terrorists. As the world's #1 warmongerer, amerikkka must not have it's current orgy of war interrupted by any type of peaceful negotiation, reasonable appeal or compromise, or appeal to moral consciousness. So let me say that the demonized enemy cannot be stopped by any such non-genocidal efforts. You must believe this lie, and if you do, your only choice is to continue to fervetly support the genocide that we are committing uopon our demonized war partner. We have only one option: To continue to commit genocide upon these foreign devils, upon their very own land.


I want to outline just how fiendishly thorough our current warmongering efforts are. Even though we possess a massive technological and financial advantage over our war partner, we are continuing to arbitrarily seize the financial assets of individual human beings, based upon the possibility trhat they might be supportive of our war partner, without requiring even a shred of proof that the assets were illegally obtained, much less what they might, in theory, be used for in the future. Anyone who dares to express, reveal, or otherwise indicate any type of support for our war partner, instantly becomes our mortal enemy. We threaten them with torture and death, both individually and en masse, using our position of being the most maliciously powerful nation on planet earth. (Applause) Together with our allies, most of whom we have terroristically coerced into agreeing to side with us, we travelled to a sovereign land, afghanistan, invaded it, and committed indiscriminate mass murder upon entire villages and towns where our enemy was training. The training that was occuring in those camps was very similar to the training that is occuring right now at this military base. But of course we would be shocked, horrified, and outraged at the very idea of any group trying to destroy this wonderful amerikkkan military base. Even though this is exactly what we did in Afghanistan. There is no contradiction here. We are good, they are evil. We are entitled to massacre them because we are good. They are not entitled to massacre us because they are evil. Thank you for recognizing and applauding this insane double standard.


We have a long and rich tradition of brutally demonizing foreign supreme leaders here in amerikkka. Saddam Hussein is one of the more recent victims of this demonization, which we have been engaged in for several decades. You must never come to recognize the Truth that I am a brutal dictator. No, I am your benevolent and freely elected pseudo-god. Worship me as your heroic leader, as I travel the world committing genocide upon the citizen-slaves of other societies whose Supreme Leaders are brutal dictators. I only do it to make the world a better place, to free the foreign citizen-slaves that I end up mass murdering. Some of them survive, and we terroristically coerce the survivors into embracing our brutal, evil, and insane way of life. Oh, our mission is so good, so moral, so blessed by god himself.


Thanks to our great military, the Iraqi citizen-slaves no longer have to fear the empowered agents of Saddam Hussein. No, now all they have to fear is our evil and terroristic regime imposing, under threat of death, it's insane and immoral way of life upon them. We have closed Saddam Hussein's torture chambers, and opened up torture chambers of our own. We have freed some citizen-slaves from prison, and placed other citizen-slaves into those cells. We promise not to imprison your children, even though within our own nation, we imprison hundreds of thousands of our own tortured child-slaves in both special prisons specifically designed for children, and regular prisons where they are mixed in with adult torture victims. Thanks to you hired murderers, the military has not only captured, but also tortured and killed many supporters of this evil dictator, and we are continuing to hunt for more. We are hunters, torturers, and murderers. But we are also gloriously noble and moral, so our genocidal activities are good, even though they are in every way equal to, and in many ways greater than, the genocidal activities of the previous dictator.


Lets face it, we are evil savages. To call us animals, would be a perverse insult to those superior life forms. We are bloodthirsty savages, committing the greatest of atrocities while simultaneously hiding beneath a cloak of moral entitlement and regretful necessity. We are proud of our military mass murderers. We fetishize them, we honor them in glorious ouitbursts of joy at homecoming parades. We want our demonized enemy to attack us, to kill our child-soldiers. We need our Martyrs even more than al-qaeda needs their Martyrs.


We have a mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our mission is to satiate the homicidal rage that exists within amerikkka, within the amerikkkan culture and within the amerikkkan people, individually and collectively. We are a cruel nation. We are a fascist dictatorship. But even more primarily, we are a lie-based nation. Our nation was founded and is sustained upon a simmering cauldron of toxic and noxious lies. My government pathologically picks fights with foreign cultures and governments, and genocidally kills demonized foreigners in order to maintain the continuing viability of our own profoundly evil culture and governmental structure. Our greatest danger and our greatest fear, is simply the Truth. To allow you citizen- slaves to recognize the toxicity of your own government, would result in revolution. We can never and we will never allow such recognition to occur. We understand that even as you suffer under our dictatorship, your terror is greater towards the unknown. I am familiar to you, as your Supreme Leader, I represent the torment that you have come to consider as normal and benign. I will protect you from the Truth. So hear my words: We fight and we kill for peace, for freedom, for democracy, for justice. We target enemy terrorists. Let me trot out all of these propaganda lies and put them together, so that their credibility is strengthened.


I will now mention all of the military units that operate out of this particular military base, and praise each and every one. I know how desperate you all are to hear these names praised by me. I know that you pathetic creatures have been so broken of your free will that you primarily identify yourselves only as members of a specific military unit. So I hereby praise the 7th infantry division, the 3rd brigade combat team, the 3rd armored calvary regiment, the 10th special forces group, and the 43rd area support group. I knew you would insanely applaud with the mention of each of your units. You creatures are so predictable. You are well-trained slaves, as well as mindless mass murderers. If you possessed True courage, you would turn against the society and the government guilty of and responsible for your lifelong as well as current victimization. But you are cowards, and so you misdirect your rage and hate as commanded to do by your oppressors.


I am proud to report that the amerikkkan government has successfully coerced 32 other nations, into agreeing to participate in our current genocidal war. We are doing our best to mold the Iraqi government into a mirror version of our own diseased and evil regime. We are trying to create within Iraq, the same illusions of freedom and justice that exist in amerikkka. If we succeed, a great propaganda victory will be ours, and the fascist grip that we as a government hold upon you citizen-slaves, will become even more suffocatingly secure.


Democracy and freedom are offered and provided by the amerikkkan government. This is the mythological notion that we use to cloak our genocidal rampages, to conceal the limitless rage, hatred, frustrations, and terrors that actually motivate our foreign policy of pathological demonization and immoral massacre of fellow human beings. We have perfected both the art and the science of lies. We are guilty of committing all of the exact same and greatest atrocities, to a far greater degree, that we blame, condemn, and demonize our chosen war partners for having committed.


We must make every insane war ritual appear to be difficult and dangerous for our soldiers. It is just as important and beneficial to our cause to have amerikkkan soldiers die in combat, as it is to have amerikkkan soldiers kill in combat. Both sides of the coin must occur, in order for the illusion of justification for our continuing genocide, to be properly maintained.


I am responsible for causing the deaths of every amerikkkan military enlistee. But it's okay, your lives are of no value to you. This is what you have been taught by my limitlessly evil society and culture. Whatever value your lives possess, is determined by how well you embrace the insane doctrines of our culture, such as Sacred Family Unit mythology. For example, one of the tortured child-slaves stationed at this military base was killed while engaged in my genocidal war. He was staff sergeant Daniel Bader. Why was this man's death tragic? Not because he was robbed of his one and only chance at life for all of cosmic eternity due to the evil and immoral structure of my government. No, what makes hs death tragic is that he had embraced Sacred Family Unit mythology, engaged in the insane marriage ritual, and bred a child-slave of his own. His wife is a broken disciple of our relentless brainwashing, and in reaction to the death of her mate, in response to a question about their 14 month old daughter-slave, she recently told a media reporter: "I'm going to wait until she is old enough to realize what happened, and I will tell her exactly what her daddy did for her. He died serving his country so that my little girl could grow up free." Ahhh, what a perfect little fable. I just could not resist repeating her statement here, as it serves my propaganda purposes so beautifully. Please remember, my dear child/soldier-slaves, as long as you have a family, you can die happily. You will be remembered and mourned by your Sacred Family Unit members. That is all you deserve, that is all you need. You don't need to live, you just need to live long enough to breed. That is all that my government desires of you.


Let us rejoice in death. Let us fetishize our suffering. Adversity and suffering are good experiences, they make us strong. If they kill you, no big deal, the suffering of those who survive, caused by your death, make them stronger. Your lives are worth nothing more than a few words of praise from me, or from any empowered agent of my government. Die for me, die for the country I lead. Die for the insane and toxic myths that amerikkka was founded, built, and sustained upon.


Don't be selfish enough to actually value your own lives. Your lives are almost over anyway. You are already 18-35 years old. It's time to make way for the next generation of tortured child-slaves. Sacrifice your own lives, for the mythological notion that your death will help other children in some fashion. You are so lucky to have enjoyed freedom in your lives. What kind of freedom? Well, you were enslaved to your Sacred Family Units upon birth and throughout your childhoods. Our educational system enslaved your mind throughout it's most vulnerable and active period of development. Our insane religious institutions terroristically enslaved your concepts of behavioral possibility. Our penal systems terroristically threatened to lock you in a cage and even murder you if you dared to behave in certain ways. Our culture mocked and ridiculed you at every turn if you in any way failed to conform every aspect of your being to societally decreed standards. Yes, this is the freedom that you have enjoyed. This is the freedom for which you commit genocidal murder of strangers. This is the freedom you fight to preserve, the freedom that you murder for and allow yourselves to be murdered for. Let me now invoke the terroristic power of the Insane God Myth, and proclaim that the imaginary god creature himself, almight despite not existing, wants all people to be free, just as we here in amerikka are free, as I have outlined directly above. Freedom is a gift bestowed by god, but it is not free. Oh no. As always, it comes with strings attached. God wants something from you. What does he want? He wants you to agree to both kill and die on behalf of this ridiculous illusion of freedom. He wants the exact same thing from you, that your government wants from you. Boy, what a coincidence.


You tortured child-slaves at this military base serve the cause of freedom. You serve me, your supreme leader, and you serve the omnipotent figure of terror, god, that I threaten and brainwash you with. Do not fear the terrorists who threaten you, because you are already facing the greatest terror threat of all, the christian god creature whose spector I hold before you. The code that you live your life by, represents a perfect reflection of the limitless mythology, rage, hate, terror, propaganda, brainwashing, evil, and lies that your society, amerikkkan society, has instilled within you. I'm proud to be your supreme leader, thank you for being the best slaves that any slaveowner could ever hope to possess. In tribute to the lies that define the amerikkkan way of life, I will close by declaring: God bless you all. God bless amerikkka. It doesn't matter that god does not exist. As always, the lies, the myths, the brainwashing, the propaganda, have won.


END 2:01 P.M. MST

Dateline: July 16, 2003: "Car Plows Through Calif. Market, 8 Dead. SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- A car driven by an elderly man plowed through a crowded farmers market Wednesday, killing eight and injuring up to 45 others as the vehicle hurled victims through the air, smashing through market tents and boxes of produce. Police said 15 victims were critically injured, and a 3-year-old girl was among those killed along three downtown blocks closed for the once-a-week market, transformed within seconds into a makeshift hospital morgue. "It was like a hurricane just came down the center of the street," said Megan Sheehy, general manager of a nearby restaurant. Police Chief James T. Butts Jr. said 20 to 30 people had moderate or light injuries. Butts said the 86-year-old driver told officers he couldn't stop. "His statement is that he possibly hit the gas instead of the brakes," he said. Police did not identify the driver, but he was identified as Russell Weller of Santa Monica by the man's neighbors. Weller is one of the registered owners of the car, according to Department of Motor Vehicle records. Butts said the driver was taken to a hospital for a blood test and initial results found no traces of alcohol or psychoactive drugs such as antidepressants and hallucinogens. The driver was not arrested, but authorities were considering whether the case was "manslaughter of some type" and investigating whether he was qualified to drive, Butts said. "There may be some negligence as to his capacity to drive safely," Butts said, although he added that the man has a valid driver's license. The man left police headquarters by late afternoon. Walking unsteadily with a cane, he hugged and smiled at people who picked him up from the police station. He declined to comment to a reporter. Besides the child, the dead included five women and two men, coroner's official Juan Jimenez said. The unidentified bodies remained at the scene late in the day as the investigation continued.

Butts said he did not have an estimate of the car's speed. Witnesses said the red 1992 Buick was moving very fast along Arizona Avenue. "Sixty miles per hour and it wasn't slowing down. It was flying. And then people down, dead and everything," said David Lang, manager of a shoe store along the market route. "I heard a car just hit, bang, bang, bang," said Mojgan Pour, 38. "I heard people screaming. By the time I looked, I never even saw the car. I tried to help a man and he died while I was helping him." David Leifer was shopping for tropical fruit when he heard someone scream, "Oh my God." He looked around to see a street full of bleeding, critically injured people. He stripped off his shirt and used it to prop up the head of a badly cut woman, then grabbed some oranges to support her legs. "I had blood all over me," Leifer said. Bahram Manahedgi, 50, said one person was on the hood of the car when it finally came to rest, and a woman was crushed beneath it. Manahedgi said that when he went to pull the driver out, "he was an old man. His eyes were open and he was alive. I said, 'Do you know what the hell you did?' He said, 'No.' I just opened the door, I pulled him out." A crowd gathered around the car and "wanted to beat him up," Manahedgi said. "I said, 'He's an old man, leave him alone.'" Mary Roney, who has lived two doors from Weller and his wife for 30 years, said he has never had any trouble driving and she did not know of any health problems. "A more careful, gentle, loving person you'll never find," Roney said. She described Weller as active in the community, including serving on a library board and tutoring students at Santa Monica High School. The car was extensively damaged, including a smashed front end and windshield. What appeared to be shoes were on its roof. The injured were treated on large orange dropsheets before they were taken to hospitals by ambulance or helicopter. The avenue was strewn with tents collapsed around their twisted metal frames. Handbags and shoes littered the scene. A baby stroller sat in the street. Jerry Farias, who had been selling potatoes and melons at the market, said he saw a woman snatch her child from the path of the speeding car. The woman was struck, and the child suffered a head cut, but neither appeared to have life-threatening injuries, he said. The Wednesday market bisects Santa Monica's popular Third Street pedestrian promenade and is near the famous Santa Monica Pier. It draws thousands of shoppers."

Hello. It has only been about three hours since a vehicle plowed into a crowded market in Santa Monica, California, killing at least 8 humans, with the death count very likely to rise due to the fact that 15 other humans are currently listed as being in serious/critical condition. The purpose of this brief essay is not to analyze this incident in terms of whether or not it was a deliberate attempt to commit mass murder, it would be premature to speculate at this point in time, and you creatures can access this information on your own in the coming days. No, what I wish to focus on in my comments here, is that this incident absolutely does and will awaken the consciousness of the general public to a thus far very under-utilized method of mass murder, namely the simple use of an accelerating vehicle to kill large numbers of humans. It should be obvious to all humans who possess even a modest IQ, that any motor vehicle, if properly deployed/driven with homicidal intent, can be expected to reap a kill count that is similar to that generated by a semi-automatic weapon mass shooting, or a conventional low/medium explosive detonation. And yet within human society, there have been very few deliberate uses of a vehicle to commit mass murder, in terms of simple driving. In fact, there have been far more attempts to rig a vehicle with explosives, than to simply drive a vehicle into a large crowd. It is a human character flaw that almost all people are in fact "sheeple". They are sheep, blindly following and emulating each other. This is almost, although not quite to the same degree, as True for homicidally enraged seekers of personal vengeance, as it is for other classes of humans. The use of semi-automatic guns to commit mass murder has a long, rich, and most of all successful tradition within Westernized, English-speaking countries like amerikkka. Similarly, the use of explosives to commit mass murder has a long, rich, and successful tradition, albeit more so within Middle Eastern and African countries. The Truth is, a vehicle being driven at high speed into the proper venue, makes just as effective an instrument of mass murder, as does a semi-automatic gun or a conventional explosive device. Only because there is currently no long, rich, or successful tradition of mass murder being committed in this fashion, has it so rarely been done.

It is clear to me that today's incident, due to the extensive, worldwide media coverage it will receive, coupled with the fairly impressive kill count generated, marks a turning point in the usage of speeding vehicles to commit mass murder. This does not mean that we will suddenly and immediately witness a large number of mass murder attempts being committed in this fashion. Remember, Howard Unruh's pioneering semi-automatic gun mass killing of 13 people in 1949, did not spark any immediate epidemic of mass shootings, but it did, slowly, coupled with the even higher profile University of Texas Clock Tower mass shooting by Charles Whitman in 1966, lead to widespread public acceptance in amerikkka that the best method of committing mass murder was via the gun. Today, the media is much more of a pervasive and immediate force within popular culture, and so the impact of today's Santa Monica vehicular mass murder will be somewhat stronger than either Howard or Charles' mass killings were. It is important to note that if it is eventually demonstrated that today's elderly driver had no overt homicidal intent and that the incident was nothing more than an unplanned accident, the impact upon encouraging future use of accelerating vehicles to commit mass murder will be somewhat and slightly, although not seriously, diluted. A logical attitude for enraged seekers of personal vengeance to adopt, in the wake of such a revelation, would be, "Boy, if this 86 year old man managed to kill 8+ humans with an accelerating vehicle even though he had no overt homicidal intent, just imagine how much more successful I can be if I do have homicidal intent and carefully plan out my accelerating vehicle attack". :-) Although it is clear to me that more vehicular attack incidents would be inspired by today's incident, if it is revealed or proven that today's driver had homicidal intent.

I predict that within the next few decades, enough incidents of deliberately attempted mass murder via accelerating vehicle will occur, for a new pop culture phrase to be coined and popularized within amerikkka, perhaps "vehicular rampage" or "vehicular rage" or "vehicle massacre", similar to the "road rage" phrase that was coined and became popular 5-8 years ago. It is obvious that some vehicles can be expected to be more effective at killing than other vehicles. Hummer and Range Rover/Land Rover type vehicles, tow-trucks and other trucks outfitted with front-end metal devices/rigs, including snowshovels, and of course large tractor-trailers, immediately come to mind. It will be interesting to see if, in the future, vehicular massacres become common and frequent enough to result in some vehicles being referred to as "assault trucks" or assault cars, similar to how some guns are currently labeled as being "assault weapons". Please note that although I am attaching part of a current news report on this incident, no further updates will be provided. You can research and follow this case on your own, if you wish. Take care, The Seer of Forbidden Truth.

Dateline: March 16, 2002:The Andrea Yates mass murder trial has concluded, and it is time to reveal some Forbidden Truth on the outcome. As is so often the case, insane Sacred Family Unit mythology is the primary issue at play. In case any of you have been living in a cave, Andrea is the 37 year old Sacred Mommy of 5 young child-slaves, who systematically and fatally drowned them all, thus totally violating one of the primary myths of Sacred Family Unit mythology, the myth that biological mothers must and do feel a deep, mythical, mysterious "bond of love" towards their womb excretions. Even in cases where a Sacred Mommy beats one child-slave to death, it is often very easy for your Truth-hating society to maintain this ridiculous delusion, using lies such as "the mother was only trying to discipline her beloved child", etc... However, in a case like this, where the mommy goes from child to child, deliberately holding each one underneath the water surface of a filled bathtub until the child dies due to lack of oxygen, and repeats this murder process five times in a row, it is much harder for you Truth-haters to pass the murders off as a "tragic, unintentional accident". And so the "mental illness" explanation is put forth by society, again to establish and preserve the Sacred Family Unit derangement that all mothers feel mystical love towards their children.

Let me now provide a few quotes on the trial outcome. These selected quotes are from the March 15th Associated Press news service: Yates Sentenced to Life in Prison: A jury spared Andrea Yates' life Friday after prosecutors stopped short of demanding the death penalty for the tormented mother who drowned her five children one by one in the bathtub. Yates, 37, was sentenced to life in prison and will have to serve at least 40 years before she is eligible for parole. The jury took just 40 minutes to bring an end to the case that had angered family members, women's groups and others who said prosecutors had shown no mercy in bringing a capital murder case against a mentally ill woman overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood. "It would have been worse if she'd been given the death penalty, but not that much worse," said Yates' husband, Russell Yates. Referring to family members, he added: "Most of us were offended that she was even prosecuted." He also lashed out at the medical system that treated his wife: "They miserably failed us." Yates learned her fate with her attorney's arm around her, and at one point turned to a member of her defense team and smiled. She later looked back toward her mother and siblings as she was led out of the courtroom. "She was trying to figure out what the verdict was," defense attorney Wendell Odom said. "I think Andrea is relieved, of course. But Andrea is not a vocal person. She is medicated." The jury of eight women and four men took less than four hours to reject Yates' claim of insanity and convict her of murder Tuesday. It decided on her sentence almost as quickly after prosecutors made a less-than-forceful push for the death penalty, offering no new evidence or witnesses during the penalty phase. Afterward, prosecutor Joe Owmby said that he didn't think "the facts and the evidence warranted me recommending a death sentence in this case." In her closing argument, prosecutor Kaylynn Williford told jurors that Yates' children "never had a chance and you need to think about those children." But she also said: "Whatever decision you make, the state will accept." Defense attorneys pleaded for Yates' life, saying that she is no longer a danger and that she will be 77 before she becomes eligible for parole. "She will live the rest of her life knowing what she's done," Odom told the jury. "When it comes to punishment, there can be no greater punishment." The jury had only two choices: life in prison or a death by injection. To impose the death penalty, the jury had to decide unanimously that Yates poses a continuing danger and that there were no mitigating circumstances against executing her. The jury answered no to the first question and therefore did not have to consider the second. Texas is by far the nation's most active death penalty state, with 262 executions since 1982. Harris County, where the case was brought, has 157 convicted killers on death row, more than any other Texas county. "We took no pleasure in prosecuting Mrs. Yates and we take no joy in this result," Owmby said. "What they came back with was supported by the evidence. I can't argue with their verdict." The sentence ended a case that began last June 20, when a wet and bedraggled Yates called police to her home and showed them the bodies of her children: Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul, 3, Luke, 2, and 6-month-old Mary. She had called the youngsters into the bathroom and drowned them in the bathtub, even chasing down Noah when he tried to run away. Prosecutors put her on trial only for killing Noah, John and Mary; charges were not filed in the other deaths. Prosecutors split up the charges so that they would have a second chance if the trial ended in acquittal. At the trial, Yates' lawyers, her husband and psychiatric experts argued that she suffered from severe postpartum depression and that she believed she had no choice but to kill her children to save them from the clutches of Satan. According to testimony, Yates considered herself a bad mother. Well before the slayings, she had attempted suicide and had been hospitalized for depression and put on medication. Prosecutors acknowledged she was mentally ill but argued that she could tell right from wrong and was thus not legally insane at the time of the killings. Their decision to seek the death penalty stirred new debate over the legal standard for mental illness and whether postpartum depression is properly recognized and taken seriously. Before the trial, prosecutors offered to take the death penalty off the table in exchange for a guilty plea. After Friday's verdict, Williford denied making a less-than-passionate appeal for the death penalty in her closing argument: "I told the jury whatever they choose, whatever they decided to do, is their decision." She also said: "Everyone is trying to make this a woman's issue or a political issue, but the issue to me is five dead children." "None of those children chose to die, they fought for their lives and they need to be remembered appropriately," she said. "Someone can be mentally ill and know right from wrong. Someone can be mentally ill and still make choices." Outside the courthouse, Russell Yates said his children "loved their mommy. I know they don't hold this against her." "I'll always support Andrea. I believe in Andrea," he said. "She's the victim here not only of the medical community but also the justice system."

Okay, where do I begin? So many blatantly obvious and yet extremely important Forbidden Truths are exposed by this case, and by the news article above. Lets begin by looking at the verdict. The totally uninsightful among you creatures will quite possibly conclude that because the jury rejected the insanity defense, my Forbidden Truth insight that society is desperate to decree this Sacred Mommy to be mentally insane in order to preserve the myth that all mommies feel a mystical bond of love for their womb excretions, is incorrect and flawed. You are wrong. Your evil and insane society has decreed, as policy, that even mentally ill/deranged victim-creations of society, if they violate perversely hypocritical societal law, deserve to be punitively punished. At the same time, your society has convinced you creatures that condemning a torture victim to cage lock at a psychiatric prison does not constitute punitive punishment, while condemning a torture victim to cage lock at a non-psychiatric prison does constitute punitive punishment. This is a ridiculous, insane, and totally nonsensical claim, since in reality society is better and more easily able to strip torture victims who have been condemned to a psychiatric prison, of more of their most basic human and constitutional rights, employing their psychiatric employee/agents as a weapon, to claim that it would be "medically harmful" for the "patient" to be allowed to retain his most basic human and constitutional rights, a claim that non-psychiatric prison officials are not quite able to make, although they of course do find other evil and perverse excuses to rationalize denying prison inmates their most basic human and constitutional rights. Therefore, the rejection of the insanity defense by the jury, in no way indicates that the jury rejects the societal decree that mommy Andrea was severely mentally ill when she harvested her five child-slaves.

In point of fact, societal leaders, even as they criminally prosecuted Andrea, have gone out of their way at every turn, to legitimize the notions that Andrea is indeed both mentally ill, and a "victim" herself. Is she mentally ill and a victim?? Of course! But the point is that the only reason why society is choosing to portray Andrea as a mentally ill victim, is because she was the Sacred Mommy of her five murder victims. Imagine if Andrea had walked into an elementary school and shot dead five young children that she had no Sacred Family Unit ownership claim to. Even if her psychiatric history as well as her psychiatric examinations following the incident were identical to her current psychiatric history and examinations, and even though killing five children who are complete strangers to you is more indicative of mental illness than killing five children that you are a mommy to, there is no possibility that either society or it's media agents would have chosen to legitimize and promote the Truth that Andrea is seriously mentally ill as well as a victim herself. No way! She would have been relentlessly demonized as being an "evil monster", and her mental illness would have been totally ignored and rejected as being worthy of any consideration or attention. Only because she killed her own child-slaves, does society and th media, in honor of Sacred Family Unit mythology, portray Andrea as being a mentally ill victim who has "lost" something of great value, namely the child-slaves that she killed. How can society rationally claim that Andrea has lost something of great value, when she herself caused the loss to occur? Only by utilizing the insane, totally irrational argument that she "loved" her children, as all mothers are decreed to possess a mystical bond of love for their offspring, and therefore she is not an "evil monster" but rather a mentally ill victim.

Note that prosecutors did not seek the legal murder of Andrea in terms of their courtroom presentation to jurors during the penalty phase of the trial, even though they did try to bribe Andrea into pleading guilty prior to the trial beginning, by promising to not seek her legal murder if she did plead guilty. After Andrea refused to accept this terroristic bribe, prosecutors felt they had to "save face" by filing the case as a death penalty case, even though they never actually wanted to or intended to try and obtain Andrea's legal murder at trial. This is a beautiful illustration of how totally immoral and evil the judicial system and all of it's empowered agents are, within an ultra-diseased society like america. Also note that Obtaining a legal murder sentence would be counterproductive to the goals of society in this particular case. Why? Because it would compromise the Sacred Family Unit myths that all Sacred Mommies who "lose" their children are victims, and that any Sacred Mommy who harms/kills her child(ren) does so due to mental illness, ignorance, a desire to "discpline" the child, etc... Note that Mommy Andrea will be eligible for parole in 40 years, and should still be alive at that time, aged 77. Society would never allow a mass or serial killer of 5 or more children to receive such a genuine parole possibility, if the killer were not both the biological creator and the legal owner of his/her victims. Society is using this case to legitimize insane Sacred Family Unit mythology, as well as to directly instruct all of it's tortured victim-creations to create and brutalize their own children, to use their own children as Poison Containers. Society is literally telling all citizens: "If you dare to even kill a single child that is a complete stranger to you, we will demonize you as being an evil monster, show you no mercy, and do everything we can to murder you, regardless of any mental illness facts. On the other hand, if you agree to serve as a breeder, create children, and viciously abuse, torture, even kill scores of them, we will not demonize you, we will recognize you as being a victim, we will show you mercy, we will not attempt to legally murder you, and we will acknowledge your mental illness." So, is it any wonder that the strong majority of all murders in america occur within Sacred Family Units, and parents/legal slaveowners killing their children is the single most common and popular form of murder, by far, in america? No, of course this is no wonder or surprise. Your evil societies literally promote and encourage this one specific form of murder over all other forms of murder, promising and delivering upon all sorts of different "perks", to homicidal torture victims who do agree to choose to undertake this specific form of murder, as opposed to other forms of murder.

Note how Andrea is referred to as a "tormented mother" in the news article. This is the exact "spin" that society itself chooses to take, with regard to biological mothers who kill their children. The insane myth of a "maternal instinct" is decreed by society to be so valuable and important to maintain, that you will not even see such a term used to describe a father who kills his children. "Tormented father"? No, society and the media will almost never use this phrase with regard to a father who kills his slaves, because the myth of "paternal instinct" is deemed to be significantly less "sacred", than the myth of maternal instinct. Look at this direct quote from the news article: "The jury took just 40 minutes to bring an end to the case that had angered family members, women's groups and others who said prosecutors had shown no mercy in bringing a capital murder case against a mentally ill woman overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood." Pure and undiluted hypocrisy, inspired by Sacred Family Unit mythology. Can you imagine the media, society, family members of the victims, and women's rights groups proudly coming to the "defense" of a woman who walked into an elementary school and shot 5 children she had never seen before, dead?? Never! There would be pure demonization of that woman, even though from any rational, Truth-based perspective, her actions would be far more indicative of severe mental illness. This is because all of you creatures are mentally ill. You were all born into and raised up within mentally deranged societal structures and ideologies. The only "sanity" that you know, is insanity, which you can never recognize or accept as insanity, since it represents "mainstream" and societally promoted ideology, morals, and culture. So, anything that your insane society instructs you to be sane, you accept as sane. Anything your society tells you is insane, you accept as being insane. Without a single shred of rationality or Truth-based analysis by you even being possible, since you yourselves are insane victim-creations of an insane society!

Note that when a Sacred Mommy massacres her child-slaves, society declares that she has been "overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood", but at the very same time, 15, 16, 17, 18 year old children are not only allowed to keep and possess all of their womb excretions as slaves, but are overtly encouraged to assume possession of as many children as they can create. You insane hypocrites would not even consider letting the state seize one or two children who are born as quadruplets, sextuplets, etc..., using the simple, totally valid argument that most women would be overwhelmed by having to care for 4, 5, 6, totally helpless children born at the same time to the same woman, much less authorize universal, Mandatory Parental Competency Testing for all biological creators, to try and logically, scientifically determine whether they would be "overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood." No, that would violate Sacred Family Unit mythology. Only after the massacre has occured do you insanely shrug your shoulders and proclaim that "nothing could have been done", even as you put forth a "defense" of the myth of maternal love by saying that she must have been "overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood".

Note how loyally Andrea's husband has stood by her side, defending her to the world. This is exactly how america has structured it's sacred family unit system. The parents are slaveowners, the children are slaves. The parents are human, the children are subhuman. If anything bad happens to any child, and any "exterior" force, outside of the sacred family unit, attempts to intervene on behalf of the victimized child, both parents are instructed by society to put up a united front, to back each other up and legitimize each other's conduct. Never to side with the subhumanized child-slave, but rather to side with each other. Imagine if Russell had never seen Andrea before in his life. She simply broke into his house one day and massacred his five child-slaves, as a complete stranger to him and to the children. Her mental illness is exactly the same. Russell could never have possessed the rationality, the fairness, to treat her as a victim, to recognize her as a victim, to express the Truth that she does not deserve to be punitively punished. In fact he would feel homicidal rage towards her. So all of his loyalty, devotion, sane understanding and support of Andrea, is purely a result of Sacred Family Unit mythology. He embraces all of society's lies and myths, that he must remain loyal to his wife, that she must have loved the children she killed, that she must be mentally ill to have killed her own children, that she has suffered a "great loss" because her children are dead, even though she killed them, etc... Here you see the fundamental mental illness/derangement of humanity. Addiction to myth, hatred of Truth, complete inability to think or act rationally. It's all proven by the fact that if all of the circumstances of this case were exactly the same, with the only difference being that Andrea was not Russell's wife and not the mother of his five children, the five children she killed, every aspect of his attitude and opinion of Andrea, how she should be treated and perceived and judged, would be exactly the opposite, the 100% reverse opposite, of what it currently is. He could not see her as a victim, he would not support her, he would demonize her and decree her to be an "evil monster", for daring to "interfere" in his Sacred Family Unit to homicidal effect. But because she was and is an integral part of his Sacred Family Unit, his entire attitude and perspective is 100% reversed. How pathetically hypocritical!

Listen to the defense attorney trying to appeal to the Sacred Family Unit mythological beliefs of the jury: "She will live the rest of her life knowing what she's done. When it comes to punishment, there can be no greater punishment." Can you imagine the defense lawyer making this statement if the killer had victimized complete strangers? No. Only because she killed her own womb excretions, does societal mythology decree that "not even being locked in a cage for punitive punishment, or even condemned to be legally murdered, will "punish" her more than her having to live with the reality that her 'beloved and precious children' are dead." Those who kill strangers, they have to be punitively punished by society in a very severe way, most of them do not suffer much at all over the fact that their chosen victims are dead. But parents who kill their child-slaves suffer a great deal, just because they have "lost" their children, they suffer more from this loss, than society can make them suffer through punitive judicial punishment. This is the insane, totally ridiculous and nonsensical doctrine of society, directly inspired by Sacred Family Unit mythology.

The prosecutor never wanted a legal murder sentence to be imposed upon Andrea, despite using it as a threat against her to try and coerce a guilty plea, and then going forward at trial and seeking a death penalty verdict within the case filing, despite not wanting such a verdict to actually be imposed. In a sane society, this would be more than enough to not only overturn the verdict, but to subject the prosecutor to criminal prosecution himself for "judicial misconduct". He pathetically bleets, after the verdict came down, "We took no pleasure in prosecuting Mrs. Yates and we take no joy in this result. What they came back with was supported by the evidence. I can't argue with their verdict." That's right, you are a societal whore. You take pride and pleasure and joy in demonizing and murdering mentally ill torture victim-creations of your society who kill strangers, not a Sacred Mommy who only harvested her legally owned slaves. Despite the incredible leniency and support that has been provided to Andrea, as compared to all other mass/serial killers of five stranger children, the media is today, March 16, 2002, one day after the verdict, filled with "experts" and talking heads who are decrying this verdict, saying that Andrea was definately mentally ill, should be receiving psychiatric treatment at a hospital, etc... Her victimhood status is affirmed by the media and by society. This is done to continue to sanctify the Sacred Mommy, maternal love myths. If she had killed 5 children she had never seen before, and the jury returned this same verdict yesterday, not a single mainstream media source would be criticizing the severity of the punishment, or portraying her as the victim, or be condemning her prison sentence, declaring that she deserves therapeutic treatment in a psychiatric setting. The entire "reaction" of the media and of society is totally shaped and controlled not by what Andrea did, not by the facts of her mental illness, not by any concrete facts or Truth, but rather solely by the fact of her being the biological mother of the five human beings that she killed. This is the "flashpoint". If every other fact of the case were exactly the same, same number of victims, same age of victims, exact same method of killing, exact same age of killer, same gender of killer, exact same history of mental illness, exact same delusion of "satan ordering me to kill", with the only difference being Andrea kills five children that she has never seen before, instead of her 5 own womb excretions, every single aspect of the prosecution, media portrayal, public sentiment towards Andrea, societal and cultural focus to the case, would have been not only totally different, but the exact opposite of what it has been. This is the incredible, pervasive, toxic power of insane mythology. In this case, Sacred Mommy and Sacred Family Unit mythologies.

I just want to conclude my comments by making it perfectly clear, as it should already be to all readers of the Main Body of this Manifesto, that Andrea is a tortured victim-creation of american society. She is a pure and immense victim, a total victim. The punitive punishment that her evil society has chosen to impose upon her is outrageous and completely unjustifiable. None of the Truths that I have revealed regarding this case, changes these Truths in any way. I rightly condemn with great vehemence the fact that Martyr Andrea was and is being treated by society with significantly less demonization, with significantly less homicidal bloodthirst and demand for the ultimate in punitive punishment, than is the case with regard to all mass/serial killers who kill five or more human beings that they do not own as slaves. This does not mean, of course, that I am calling for Andrea to be treated with the same ultimate level of punitive demonization as these other killers, nor does it mean that the "less punitive" punishment that Martyr Andrea is receiving, can be justified in any way. What I am condemning is the insanely hypocritical double standard of treatment, which arises due to the embrace of insane Sacred Family Unit mythology. Andrea, like all societal torture victims, deserves to receive absolutely no punitive punishment of any kind, and all societal torture victims deserve to be treated equally, with an equal degree of genuine and pure benevolence, by the society which is guilty of and responsible for their creation and their victimization.

Dateline: March 6, 2002:All of you should be familiar with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, since they are quite famous as societal Martyrs, and featured within the Main Body of this Manifesto. However, since it is possible that a handful of you are forgetful, I will provide a one sentence summary: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are two tortured child-martyrs, who sacrificed their lives in the name of Truth and personal vengeance, on April 20th, 1999, at the tender ages of 18 and 17, respectively, by attempting to kill as many human beings as they could inside of their high school, on that date. The below update, which is from the March 6, 2002 online edition of the Denver Post newspaper, so beautifully illustrates the insane and diseased nature of you creatures, that I cannot pass it up. Please note that as usual, I will only be reprinting select portions of the article, and my Forbidden Truth comments will follow after the article text.

Article Title: Publication of Columbine photos feared: Net, tabloids expected to be first. Wednesday, March 06, 2002 - Hundreds of Columbine crime-scene photos now circulating in Denver may well end up published if certain U.S. news organizations can obtain them, national media experts told The Denver Post on Tuesday. One expert, Art Nauman, retired ombudsman for the Sacramento Bee, said he expects the photographs will first appear on the Internet before they are in supermarket tabloids. He said the tabloids might even be reluctant to publish the pictures. But other experts said they have no doubt that some news organizations would publish the pictures, most likely the supermarket tabloids, although mainstream newspapers might also be tempted. "I don't think anybody is going to agree not to use them because of the competition," said Gina Lubrano, ombudsman for The San Diego Union-Tribune. "That doesn't always apply because there are ethical lines that mainstream media does draw. But unless I'm underestimating the ethics of tabloids, I think they would probably use the photos." Representatives of the nation's key tabloids either could not be reached or declined to comment. Law enforcement officials said Tuesday that thousands of pictures of the Columbine crime scene were taken by numerous law enforcement agencies, including a photographer for the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office. The officials said they had no idea how the pictures were leaked and that they are investigating. Brian Rohrbough, father of slain Columbine student Daniel Rohrbough, said Tuesday that in recent months he has seen hundreds of the photographs, which are also in the possession of a number of news organizations and other Columbine families. Rohrbough said Tuesday that there is a "real fear" the photographs will be published. "It's pretty frightening," said Rohrbough, who called the photographs "horrifying." William Woo, former editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and now a journalism professor at Stanford University, and Bob Steele, director of ethics at Florida's Poynter Institute, said mainstream newspapers might publish the pictures under exceptional circumstances. Steele, who has relatives in Colorado and visits regularly, said he is aware of the serious allegations made by Columbine families in their lawsuits. He said that if the photographs resolve some of those questions, the photos might be printed. But he cautioned that it should be done only after the utmost consideration for families of the Columbine dead and survivors. But both Steele and Woo said there may be other ways for papers to tell readers what occurred without actually using the photos. Words and graphics can illustrate what the photos show, they said. Jefferson County officials said Tuesday they're investigating if the photos were taken by their photographer or by some other agency. Jacki Tallman, a spokeswoman for the Sheriff's Office, said if the photographs did come from Jefferson County, the employee responsible will be fired and perhaps face a charge of theft.

Forbidden Truth: Okay, lets be clear on the facts: Two tortured children have sacrificed their lives in the name of Truth. They have both been tragically deceased for almost three years already. These tortured children created 11-22 hours of original, video camera recordings in which they express their True Realities and what they consider to be the most important messages that they wish to leave to the world. The police seized these videotapes and have refused to make them available to the media in any type of complete or unedited form. That alone is one of the greatest perversions of human rights, freedom, and sanity, that any society could engage in. Now, we learn from the above article that you pathetic creatures, despite having succeeded in suppressing, hiding, and quite possibly destroying the final words of Truth of two of your greatest Martyrs and most tortured child-victims, are once again living in "fear"? You "fear" that some Columbine High School crime scene photos will be "published". Oh my god, no! How terrible! Actual photos which show actual Truth, published!! An actual visual image of the accurate reflection of the expressed rage of two of your very own tortured children, might be made available for actual human beings to view with their own eyes, if they so choose! How terrible! How fearsome! I am of course mocking you pathetic, terrified, haters of Truth. "Mainstream" newspapers might be terroristically coerced into agreeing to not publish the photos, but those darn tabloids have no "ethics", says the article. Incredibly, not publishing the photos, in other words not revealing the plain and simple Truth, is decreed to be the "ethical" thing to do, while publishing the photos, in order words revealing the Truth, is insanely decreed to be the unethical thing to do. Ha! The sane mind reels in amazement, how can this be, how can revealing Truth be unethical, and concealing Truth be ethical??? Ahhh, I forgot, this society is deranged and evil, controlled and populated by humans who flee in terror at the mere scent of Truth. The pigs, incredibly, have launched an investigation to try and uncover who was "evil" enough to "leak" the photos, in other words to try and make Truth available to the media, and at least open up the possibility that the media might reveal a tiny bit of Truth to the citizenry. yes, making Truth available, revealing Truth, is a crime, in a lie-based society. Now, listen to this: "Brian Rohrbough, father of slain Columbine student Daniel Rohrbough, said Tuesday that in recent months he has seen hundreds of the photographs, which are also in the possession of a number of news organizations and other Columbine families. Rohrbough said Tuesday that there is a "real fear" the photographs will be published. "It's pretty frightening," said Rohrbough, who called the photographs "horrifying." " Ahahahaha. This power-crazed fascist has gleefully accessed and thumbed through hundreds of these photos. But he seeks to prevent his fellow citizen-slaves from being able to view the very same photos that he has viewed. How can he rationalize this attempt?? Oh, that's incredibly easy for him! He is a Sacred Daddy. His very own slave was killed, and became famous as a result of being killed, by Martyrs Eric and Dylan. So our Daddy has a "proprietary" interest in the photos. This slaveowner says he is "afraid" that these "horrifying" photos will be published. Unbelievable!

What you creatures find horrifying is: Truth. Plain, simple, ordinary, Truth. A sane creature would be horrified over the fact that two children who endured so much torture at the hands of their society that they sacrificed their own lives at the ages of 17 and 18, and created a video and literary legacy of their own True Reality for all the world to see, have had this video and literary legacy seized by the police and held hostage, if not outright destroyed, by the american government. But no, you pathetic creatures choose to be horrified over the fact that photos taken three years ago, which show the results of the rage of these two Martyrs, and should have been shown on every news media outlet within 48 hours of being taken, might finally be shown on a handful of media outlets who might have the guts to not let the terroristic threat of being labeled as "unethical", cause them to censor the Truth from their readers/viewers. The notion that mainstream newspapers would hesitate or refuse to publish these photos, is incredible. It proves that fascism and censorship have reached new heights within this ultra-diseased society. The article goes on to say: "But both Steele and Woo said there may be other ways for papers to tell readers what occurred without actually using the photos. Words and graphics can illustrate what the photos show, they said." Do you realize how bizarre this comment is? There is no possibly sane reason for why a news organization, whose mission it is to reveal and deliver factually accurate information in as clear a manner as possible, should decline to use an actual photo which shows exactly what happened, and instead use "words and graphics" to describe what the photo shows. You have the photo, you have the original, direct content, why would you use an "interpretation" of the original, direct content, which is what "words and graphics" would be?? Well, I'll tell you why. First of all, because all Truth is always "diluted" when you use second hand, interpretative material, and secondly, because you can twist, manipulate, literally destroy the actual, True meaning and reflection of an image, by "interpreting" it into words and graphics.

And yet the perverse suppression of these crime scene photos is fairly unimportant, in comparison to the suppression of the 11-22 hours of original video camera footage that Eric and Dylan shot of themselves, in the days and even hours just prior to them Martyring themselves. Boy, you creatures would probably wet your pants if you thought those videos of Truth would be shown on TV, or made available in any manner, in uncensored form, to you. But don't worry, your insanely evil and utterly fascist government will make sure your pathetic desire not to see these videotapes, not to be confronted with Truth, is honored. The amazing thing is this: Nobody can ever "make" you view these photos or videotapes. You are not a "puppet", are you? You can close your eyes, turn off the TV, refuse to read/buy the newspaper, right? But no, in point of fact, if these photos/videos were published, you would feel compelled to view them. Why? Because they would be "out there", and you couldn't rationalize not accessing them if they were so readily available. What you want is for the Truth to be hidden from you, kept away from your ability to access, locked away in some mysterious corner of some huge governmental building. That way you can delude yourself into thinking that they do not exist. So you literally beg your government to hide the Truth from you, even as you rejoice over the fact, actually the delusion, that you live in the freest society in the world and savor all of the glorious freedoms your government gives to you. Pathetic! I will once again make my demand, to all media organizations that wish to pretend to be free: Obtain all 11-22 uncensored hours of Eric and Dylan's final words of Truth, air them live in primetime with no edits or censoring, and get your pathetic cameras inside of the legal murder chambers of your society, so that you can record your society committing murder upon it's tortured victim-creations. If you cannot or will not do these two things, media organizations, then you do not deserve to stay in business, you do not deserve to carry the label of "media organization" or "news organization", because what you are is a broken propaganda agent for the most evil government on planet earth.

As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 100,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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