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Fasten your seat belts folks, because this page promises to be at least as remarkably profound, not to mention lengthy, as any page within this website. The issues of crime, violence, and how society chooses to define and treat criminality, hold a very special place in my heart, and the Forbidden Truths that I will reveal on this page will strike at the very heart and soul of why you diseased creatures and your insane, perversely hypocritical societies, do not deserve to exist.

I will begin, as I often do in these essays, by very carefully and specifically defining certain words and ideas, from a Truth-based perspective. Please do not gloss over or skim these definitions. They are extremely important. If you do not understand completely the immense foundational reversals of insane societal mythology that you are currently addicted and enslaved by, which are revealed within the definitions below, there is virtually no chance that you can truly grasp, much less recognize/accept the validity of, the even more profound Truths and Reforms that will be revealed later on at this page. It is vital that you carefully read and try your best to understand the exact meanings of the definitions of Truth that I am providing immediately below. The only chance that you have of somehow finding the internal courage and insight that is required for you to recognize all of the Truths contained on this webpage, is to appreciate and understand the fundamental, building block Truths that are revealed in the below definitions.

Truth-based definitions of criminality words and terms:

What are crimes?

Crimes are actions that individual human beings choose to undertake, that society has decided, in a completely arbitrary and capricious manner, that it wishes to try to discourage. It does so by terroristically threatening to inflict punitive punishment upon any individual who dares to undertake these actions, declaring them to be "illegal". However, societies themselves choose to undertake and commit these exact same actions, usually on a much grander scale than any individual ever could, and declare them perfectly legal and appropriate, simply by applying a different name/label to the actions. As an example, societies have created a label of "murder", given it a negative connotation, and instructed all citizen-slaves to condemn and demonize "murderers", even though these very same societies sponsor and gleefully undertake actions that are mass murderous in nature and have the effect of "murdering" far more people and other living things than any individual could ever "murder". This is done via abortion, the death penalty, sport hunting, war, sponsorship of familial child-slave brutalization/use of children as Poison Containers, etc... Burglary and theft are decreed to be "crimes", and yet diseased societies like america will launch genocidal wars that murder thousands if not millions of people living in some other society, simply because the other society might refuse to sell oil to america. Based upon the above Truths, it is clear that the societal definition of what constitutes "crime" is utterly and completely hypocritical and two-faced in nature, and has no legitimacy within Truth. The society chooses to commit the very same actions that it declares "illegal and criminal", only on a much grander scale of malice, while at the same time refusing to admit to this fact. Perverse and ridiculous vocabulary distinctions/labels are used by society to deny this fundamental Truth.

What are criminals?

Criminals are people who undertake actions, as a direct result of the sum total of life experiences that they have endured growing up within societies, that society has decided to invalidly label as "illegal crimes". There is absolutely no moral, ethical, or "judicial" legitimacy to any societal claim that "criminals are bad because of the bad acts they have undertaken", because society itself chooses to commit immoral, unethical, unjust actions and policies that cause thousands if not millions of times more harm, than any act by any individual "criminal" could ever cause.

The label of "criminal" is used in an utterly malevolent manner by societies, to create a demonized class of human beings, who are in fact severely tortured victim-creations of society itself. The masses of "law-abiding" citizen-slaves are brainwashed/encouraged to both demonize and direct their suppressed rage and hate upon the "criminalized" class of humans. This is done, primarily, for the purpose of deflecting and shifting the guilt and responsibility that society bears in choosing to victimize all citizen-slaves, away from society and onto a specific class of victims, those who refuse to let their society totally break them, and thus commit actions that society feels it has a vested interest in discouraging, on an individual level, even though it commits and sponsors and promotes these very same actions, on a societal level.

So, what we have are two classes of tortured victims of society, one class is "law-abiding", in other words totally broken. The other class, the "criminal class", is "law-defying", which means that at least to some tiny degree, they recognize, consciously or not, that society has no legitimate right to deprive them of their fundamental personal right to commit actions that accurately reflect the core teachings, principles, and beliefs that they have developed, as a result of having grown up within a diseased, immoral, unjust, society. In pitting the law-abiding class against the criminal class, and vice-versa, in convincing these two classes that they are "enemies", society achieves it's cunningly brilliant goal of successfully getting it's own tortured victim-creations to obsess over, blame and hate each other, instead of blaming and hating society, which is of course to blame for brutally victimizing and oppressing both classes.

Society pretends to be the "good guy" to it's more valued citizen-slaves, the broken, "law-abiding" class, by demonizing the "criminal" class, portraying them as "evil monsters", and most importantly, by promising to protect the broken, law-abiding citizen-slaves from those "evil monsters", thus winning the lifelong devotion and patriotic addiction of the totally broken citizen-slaves. The reality of course, is that society itself is the "evil monster", and all of it's "criminals" are nothing more than tiny reflections and manifestations of society itself, of the immense evil that society imposed and inflicted upon them, throughout their entire lives, most specifically and intensely when they were children.

What is the criminal justice system?

The criminal justice system is the tool that societies use to inflict punitive punishment upon their own tortured victim-creations. As outlined above, the label of "criminal", as used by society, has no validity or legitimacy. Society itself is profoundly immoral and malevolent in nature. It is genocidally murderous. Therefore, the notion that a system designed to "punish criminals" can have even an iota of "justice" to it, is utterly ludicrous, as is the even more basic notion that society has an entitlement to try to hurt, punish, demonize, or cause any sort of distress to any of it's tortured victim-creations, who have committed actions that society has arbitrarily decided to label as "crimes". It is a perversion of justice, morality, and Truth, for any society to even pretend that it has any right to hurt or punish it's "criminals" via any system of "criminal justice", since all criminals are tortured victim-creations of society itself. The criminal justice system is a genocidally malevolent entity, operated by society, that imposes torture, brutality, and injustice upon the most severely victimized creations of society, using the most perversely hypocritical double-standard imaginable.

What are victims?

All human beings who commit "anti-social" acts, do so because they have been victimized by society, by other human beings and by the societal structures that legitimize, sponsor, and commit mass, unjust brutalization of both children and adults. All such human beings are therefore victims. This is a very important Forbidden Truth, as is the fascinating manner in which society defines and utilizes the term of "victim". In general, your insanely diseased societies overtly discourage and condemn the notion of individual people recognizing and embracing the fact that they are victims. Society retains the right to decree certain individuals to be victims, whenever society decides that such a label can be useful or helpful in promoting it's malevolent agendas, but it refuses to grant cultural permission to individuals, to bestow this label upon themselves. The primary reason for this insane double standard is fear.

Societies are always terrified that the masses of citizen-slaves will somehow find the insight to recognize that they are in fact profound victims, and more importantly, that they are victims of their societies, of the societies that they were born into, raised up within, and currently live within. The safest way for society to make sure this never happens, is to coercively brainwash all citizen-slaves into accepting the perverse notion that they are not entitled to see themselves as victims.

No matter how much you have suffered, society expects you to "rise above" your suffering, to transcend your suffering. To perceive yourself as being a "survivor" at worst, but never a "victim". This is supremely outrageous in and of itself, but what makes this particular societal doctrine unparalleled in hypocritical scope, is the fact that society itself is directly and solely responsible for the mass, genocidal victimization that children and adults are being constantly subjected to, throughout their entire childhoods and lives.

People who commit crimes are victims. They have been victimized, society has sponsored and is responsible for their victimization. As a result of society having chosen to initiate this cycle of victimization upon the individual, the individual who becomes a "criminal", develops and possesses a True Reality personal entitlement to both seek and claim cathartic vengeance, by victimizing other living things. If you are a sane thinker who can recognize and accept Rational Truth, this personal entitlement has to be seen and recognized as being at the very least, just as valid and legitimate as the original victimization, the societally sponsored "legal victimization", that the "criminal" was subjected to, and that caused him/her to develop a True Reality need/urge/right/obsession, to victimize other living things. In conclusion, the criminal, by his or her very actions of criminality, of trying to victimize other living things, proves that he/she is a victim. At least as great a victim as the person, people, or other living things that he/she has victimized, and oftentimes a far greater victim.

Okay, now that we have some of the most basic, core definitions and explanations of Forbidden Truth regarding this issue out of the way, we can begin to dig deeper, to root out the Truths in much greater detail. I want to begin with something very basic: "I never asked to be born". Every so often, a tortured victim-creation of society will utter this statement, or something similar. Sometimes it is a child trying desperately to express/reveal the torment they are being subjected to, other times it is an adult, trying to explain their feelings, emotions, actions. Invariably, your evil and diseased social structure ridicules and mocks this profound statement of philosophical Truth. "You didn't ask to be born? You should be on your knees crying out in gratitude for being alive, for enjoying the gift of life, you ungrateful idiot." This is the perverse response that you evil creatures deliver, when confronted with this pure, simple, crystal clear declaration of personal Truth.

The reality is, none of us asked to be born, but more importantly, none of us asked and none of us deserved to be subjected to the indignities, brutalizations, injustices, malevolent attacks upon our minds, bodies, souls, that human society chooses to inflict upon us, throughout our entire lives, but most severely and destructively, throughout our childhoods. When a person tells their society: "I never asked to be born", they are making a truly profound, albeit somewhat inarticulate statement, that goes to the very core of the "crime" issue. They are telling their society: "You have chosen to hurt me, you have hurt me in the past, you are hurting me now, on an ongoing basis, and you have never valued my welfare, safety, or life, in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, how in the name of sanity, rationality, fairness, or justice, can you possibly impose upon me, an obligation to refrain from hurting, killing, other living things, and to value their welfare, safety, and lives??"

This is the unarticulated message of Truth that every single "criminal" carries within their minds, their souls, their consciousness, their True Reality understanding of life, and it is remarkably profound, not to mention undeniably accurate and true. Of course the vast majority of criminals could never articulate this Truth, and only a tiny handful manage to even come close, via a statement like "I never asked to be born". The Truth of this statement strikes terror into the hearts of you diseased, malevolent hypocrites, and the societies that you are addicted to. This is why you relentlessly mock, ridicule, condemn any person who dares to tell you that they are a victim, who tells you that they never asked to be born, who tries to let you see the horrific Truth, that your society is malevolent and chose to victimize him/her, as it chooses to genocidally inflict brutal abuse upon every child and upon every citizen-slave.

It is absolutely ludicrous for any human being born into or raised up within a society like america, to be expected to possess any type of moral, ethical, sane, respectful, or benevolent ideology or attitude, towards human life, animal life, the sanctity of any individual creature, much less the more abstract types of ethical ideas, such as being honest, not stealing, etc... This is because american society itself, all the way to it's foundational core, does not operate under any moral, ethical, sane, respectful, or benevolent doctrine, in it's most basic, core public policies. American society is genocidally evil, totally immoral, and completely insane in structure. And yet this society has the audacity to try to pretend that it has an entitlement to impose legal and moral "standards" upon the chosen behaviors and actions of it's own tortured victim-creations! The hypocrisy of this is mind-boggling, in scope.

All that "criminals" do, in their actions, is reflect back at society, in a personally accurate manner, just an infinitesimally tiny bit of the brutality, injustice, suffering, that society itself choose to inflict and impose upon them, and upon all citizen-slaves as a whole, via genocidally evil public policies, such as I have outlined at the Child Abuse page of this website, which you should have already read. The "criminal" is never the initiator of brutality, harm, suffering, the criminal is simply reflecting back at other living things, the trauma, suffering, pain, that he/she has been subjected to. Societies choose to inflict this torture upon their citizen-slaves, and then they demonize and blame their own created victims, for daring to reflect back just a tiny bit of the suffering that they have endured, upon other people.

Let us step back from the issue of direct criminality, for a moment. Envision the following scenario: At a busy traffic intersection or downtown city/town street, a man or a woman appears, holding a large sign, or wearing a large sign around their chest and back. The sign reads something like: "My father raped me hundreds of times throughout my entire childhood." Or: "My mother is the most evil person in the world, she tortured me each and every day of my childhood." Or: "I am a tortured victim of your society, when I was a child, my parents destroyed my soul and my mind."

What would happen to this courageous Seer of Truth?? First of all, the police, hired societal goons, would be called, and they would order this courageous Seer to remove the sign and leave the public area, using the insane claim that the person is "causing a public nuisance". If the person refused to leave, they would be forcibly arrested, thrown into a cage for daring to express Truth. Psychiatrists, hired agents of society whose job it is to impose insane, fascist "standards of conduct" upon the masses of citizen-slaves, would be brought in, to try to "convince" this Seer of Truth, by any means necessary, including the imposition of mind and brain chemistry altering drugs, to stop going out in public and holding up a sign that reveals Truth.

But even going beyond this brutal repression of Truth, and the torture of an already tortured victim-creation of society that would definitely occur, let us hypothetically assume for a moment that the police do not step in, that the psychiatric gestapo would not be empowered to seize this person against his/her will from a public space and throw the person into a private detention facility where the voice of the Seer would be hidden and silenced. Lets assume that this person is allowed to stand at that busy intersection or downtown sidewalk and keep holding/wearing this sign. What would happen to the person? I'll tell you what: Within 72 hours at most, of standing at the busy public location, this person would be violently attacked, physically assaulted, by a so-called "law-abiding citizen". It might be a 40 year old businessman, or a 68 year old housewife, or an 18 year old college freshman, or a 28 year old mother of 3, who commits the violent assault. The assaulter might be very rich, middle class, or very poor. Perhaps the assaulter would be a high school dropout, but then again the chances are just as good that the attacker will have a Masters degree and 8+ years of college education. The attacker might have a criminal record, but the odds are that the attacker will have never before been arrested for any violent crime. There is absolutely no restriction upon who the attacker would be, what their background, age, gender, education, employment status would be. And the reason for this is the attacker would be a representative of society itself.

Your societies are evil, insane, and most profoundly, lie-based. Malevolent, genocidal lies form the most basic, core, immutable building blocks upon which the entire social structure rests. And the most immutable lies of all, are that society itself is benevolent, parenthood is sacred, children are obligated to suffer silently whatever torment their slaveowners wish to inflict upon them, in fulfilling their role of Poison Container. The Courageous Seer of Truth who might dare to undertake the above action, of standing in a busy public place holding up a large sign that reveals a personal Truth that defies core societal lies, would be committing an unacceptable act. People would look at the sign and be confronted with a Truth that society is determined to deny and reject. And so societal agents would be ordered to remove the "rogue human", using whatever means necessary, who dares to try to express Truth, in reality Forbidden Truth, in public. To eliminate the Truth, and if necessary, the human who dares to express it. This is the very definition of fascism, a spit in the face to the most fundamental notions of free speech, free expression, human rights. And of course it is the societies who claim to be the most "free and democratic", who would most quickly and most brutally oppress any attempt by a Seer of Truth to undertake the above action, of daring to try to exercise the "free speech rights, freedom of expression rights, and human rights", that you diseased creatures living in "democracies" have been brainwashed into thinking that you enjoy.

Lets consider the second part of this equation. Societal agents would seize this Seer of Truth, remove him/her by force from the public streets. That is 100% certain. But what if societal agents, for whatever reason, did not do this? Would the Seer of Truth be able to stand there and hold up their sign? No. As I've said above, within 72 hours at most, this peaceful messenger of Truth would be violently attacked by an "ordinary citizen", by a member of society. The attack would occur because the vast majority of passing people who looked at and saw the sign, would feel rage, hate, terror, confusion, outrage. They would be enraged at being confronted with a message of Truth. At least 75% of all adults who saw this person holding the sign I have described above, would feel a genuine, core emotional desire/need to destroy either the sign, the person holding the sign, or in most cases, both the sign and person holding the sign. To the minds and consciousness of you brainwashed, truth-hating creatures, the person holding the sign would be committing an "assault" upon you. The person would be attacking your most cherished delusions and challenging the insane lies and myths that you hold so dear, simply by revealing the Truth of his or her familial torment and telling you that he/she is a "victim". And this is why 75% of all passersby, the vast majority having no criminal record of violence, would feel a genuine & profound intellectual/emotional desire/need to assault this sign-bearer.

Most people would be inhibited enough, busy enough with other things, or would find the self-control required, to refrain from physically attacking the sign-bearer. Many of these people would go home that same night and physically, emotionally, mentally, or sexually assault their own children, commit the "legal assault" that they are used to committing on a regular, daily basis, upon the human beings that society has decreed to be "subhuman Poison Containers", their legally owned children. But with 75% of all passersby feeling a "True Reality" need to attack the sign-bearer, it would be only a matter of hours before one of these people, very likely in deep denial and repression of their own childhood torment, would decide to use the sign-bearer as their Poison Container, and brutally attack the sign-bearer. The attacker would feel 100% entitled to "destroy" the sign-bearer, to kill him, for daring to reveal a Forbidden Truth that the attacker finds personally unbearable on an emotional/intellectual level. And this entitlement would stem not only from the personal life experiences and diseased life philosophies that society has inflicted upon the attacker throughout his/her life, beginning from the moment of birth, but also from the overt encouragement and advocacy of brutal, immoral violence against all sorts of different living things, that stand as official, legalized/legitimized public/cultural policy. Society legitimizes the genocidal assault of all children by their legal owners, the mass murder of womb-trapped children, the legal murder of "convicted" criminals, the mass murder of morally superior animals for "fun", as well as the violent assault of anyone who dares to publicly reveal or state societally forbidden/condemned Truths or facts.

What I have illustrated and proven above, with the sign-bearer example as well as my other comments, is that the entire notion of what constitutes "criminality" is fundamentally invalid and perverse. Society creates insanely hypocritical "rules" regarding what behavior is acceptable, and what behavior is unacceptable, based not upon sanity, equality, fairness, truth, morality, or any other "benevolent" measuring stick, but rather based upon an arbitrary, immoral, illogical, and hypocritically perverse agenda that it is malevolently imposing upon all citizen-slaves.The core focus of this agenda involves the denial, rejection, and destruction of societally forbidden Truth, at all costs, above all else. There is no "justice", fairness, sanity, or rationality to any aspect of life within a diseased, insane, malevolent, lie-based society. Therefore, the "criminal justice system", the entire system under which certain acts are labeled as "crimes" and certain people are labeled as "criminals", has absolutely no moral, ethical, or Truth-based legitimacy.

These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up. You make your children what they are. I am just a reflection of every one of you. I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you.-------------Charles Manson, November 19, 1970.

Reflections, song lyrics by Brian Holland/Lamont Dozier/Edward Holland,Jr., sung by The Supremes:

Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me
Reflections of the way life used to be
Reflections of the love you took from me
Oh, I'm all alone now
No love to shield me
Trapped in a world
That's a distorted reality
Through the hollow of my tears
I see a dream that's lost
From the hurt
That you have caused
Everywhere I turn
Seems like everything I see
Reflects the love that used to be

Directly above, you will see two different italicized quotes. The first quote comes from the direct, verbal courtroom testimony of america's #1 political prisoner and the most courageous philosopher of societally Forbidden Truth of the 20th Century, Charles Manson. He uttered the remarkably insightful Truth quoted above, on November 19, 1970, when he was already the ultimate Martyr to and victim of your evil and diseased society. Naturally, you chose to condemn him to a lifetime of additional punitive torture, for daring to reveal Truth to you. The second quote above consists of the partial lyrics to a song titled "Reflections", written by three men, and sung by numerous artists, most often and famously, by the band The Supremes. Before I begin outlining one of the most basic and yet profound Forbidden Truths regarding the issue of "crime", I want you creatures to scroll back up and carefully reread these two quotes. Try to find the sanity within your diseased minds, to grasp the profound meaning and undeniable Truth behind Charles Manson's brilliant words, and then let the partial song lyrics of "Reflections" enhance and deepen this revelation of Forbidden Truth.

Any luck, folks? Probably not, the Truth fills you creatures with dread and terror, right down to your very soul and mind cores, and so most likely you cannot find the internal strength to even try to realize that the most profound philosophical Truth of the 20th century, regarding all issues of crime and criminality, has just been revealed to you, by Charles Manson, in his above quote and the fleshing out of this Truth that the song lyrics provide. Fear not, your Seer is here, and I will gladly spell it all out for you in exhaustive detail.

All criminals are tortured children. All criminals are victims. All criminals are criminals, solely because a societally sponsored and advocated system of legalized, legitimized torture was initiated upon them, during their childhoods. Every person who becomes a criminal, does so only in response to the overt initiation and commission of injustice, brutalization, torture, upon him/her, by society and by empowered agents/representatives of society, and this overt brutalization always begins when the person is a child. What this Truth means, in practical terms, is that society, with malice aforethought, chooses to genocidally victimize children, then gives itself permission to punitively punish these created victims, if and when the victims find the internal outrage to dare to try and seek any sort of cathartic vengeance against society and the human race, in ways that society has decided to arbitrarily label as "illegal".

Society commits the greatest crime of all, in choosing to genocidally victimize children, and yet it refuses to accept any responsibility or blame, refuses to reform it's genocidal, overtly malevolent structure, refuses to even admit that it is sponsoring and committing the crime of genocidal child torture. On top of all that, it somehow finds the immense gall to adopt an utterly insane attitude of moral superiority, under which it condemns and demonizes it's own tortured victim-creations, and instructs it's legal system to inflict further and additional torture/punishment upon individuals who are "guilty" of doing nothing more than responding and reacting, reflecting back at their society, just a tiny bit of the immense physical, psychological, intellectual, soul and mind destroying torment that society chose to initiate and inflict upon them. It is this undeniable Truth, that constitutes one of the simplest, clearest, and yet totally unbearable realities that you diseased creatures desperately spend your lives rejecting, renouncing, and ridiculing, as you continue to embrace the genocidal policies and insane teachings of your deranged social structure.

To any sane thinker, it's all so crystal clear: Society sponsors the genocidal torture of children. Society initiates a cycle of brutality upon children. It victimizes the children. As a direct result, the children, those "lucky" enough not to be murdered outright or totally broken in soul and spirit, develop emotional and/or intellectual feelings of outrage, humiliation, shame, worthlessness, and a cathartic need to seek and claim personal "vengeance" develops within some of these torture victims. Some of them choose to embrace and exercise this cathartic need, which is in fact an entitlement. Using the arbitrary label of "criminal", society insanely declares that it has a right to punitively punish it's own created victims, who are doing nothing more than exercising their cathartic entitlement, even though under any sane interpretation of the true facts, the actions and policies of society itself, are far more overtly malevolent, completely immoral and unethical, and genocidally harmful to far more human beings, than any "criminal" act undertaken by an individual, could ever come close to being.

Therefore, the entire basis of the "criminal justice system", which pretends to have a moral mandate to "punish wrongdoers" and "protect innocent people", has not an iota of legitimacy to it. This "justice system" is employed as a direct representative of the societal leadership. This leadership and structure are completely immoral, totally malevolent, and genocidally abusive/harmful to all people, most especially totally "innocent" children, upon whom it chooses to commit brutal atrocities from the day of their birth, on through each and every day of their entire childhoods and adulthoods. The "criminals" who have this ridiculous label bestowed upon them, are created victims of a societal system and structure that is a million times more immoral, harmful, and "criminal" in nature, than any of the created victims could ever hope to be. And yet simply by virtue of brainwashing and ridiculous verbal definitions of words, society is able to convince you creatures that there are "bad people who deserve to be punished" in your society, and that it and you have a moral entitlement to judge them, to "convict" them of "crimes", to demonize them and punitively punish them, even though the Truth is that the only reason they committed any "crime" is because they were brutally victimized by your society, and in fact by each and every one of you humans, who choose to live as members of society, thus either tacitly or overtly supporting, upholding, and defending the legitimacy of your genocidally evil society.

Concluding the above insight of brilliant, Forbidden Truth, society is the greatest "criminal" of all. No individual human being can ever achieve even 00.0000001% of the degree of mass, organized, ritualized, genocidal malice, brutality, immorality, harmfulness, that the societal structure, system, and leadership choose to impose and in fact does inflict upon, children, adults, and all human beings who are raised up or living within the society. Since no society can ever admit to being genocidally evil and immoral, it creates a scapegoated class of citizen-slaves, consisting mainly of people that it has victimized the most severely, labeling them as "criminals", condemning and demonizing them for undertaking actions that, no matter how "cruel" or "harmful" to a person or at most a few people, they may appear to be, could never come close to equaling either the cruelty and harmfulness that society chose to personally subject them to, or the cruelty and harmfulness that society chooses to inflict upon all citizen-slaves as a whole. Most importantly, the criminal is doing nothing more than reflecting back at their society, the reality of the suffering and trauma that society chose to inflict upon him/her. And society initiated this brutalization, all the "criminal" is doing is responding to the unprovoked, undeserved brutality that he/she is the victim of. Society is the perpetrator. So how can any "criminal" be declared "guilty" and subjected to punitive punishment, by this society?? Does society declare itself guilty? Does society admit that it is responsible for victimizing the "criminal", for literally taking a helpless baby and through daily, systematic brutalization, turning the baby into a tortured, victimized, enraged seeker of cathartic vengeance? Does society accept guilt and declare that it deserves to be punitively punished? The answer is No, to all of the above questions. And this forms the following foundational Truth: No society has any right or entitlement of any kind, to impose any type of negative moral judgment upon any "lawbreaker", or to inflict any type of punitive, harmful punishment upon any lawbreaker.

This brings us back to the absolutely brilliant and yet remarkably simple and clear Forbidden Truth that Seer Charles has so graciously bestowed upon us. Charles said, on that infamous day in 1970: "These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. I just tried to help them stand up. You make your children what they are. I am just a reflection of every one of you. I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you." The words are simple, not complex at all. But the crystal clear clarity with which Charles expresses one of the most profound Forbidden Truths of the history of the modern world, is literally breathtaking to me. I feel so honored just to be able to read and hear, integrate and share the brilliant insights of Martyr Charles, that on some level I feel unworthy of expounding upon them. And so before I begin expounding, let me say that throughout this website, it is my intention that all of the quotes of Charles Manson be read and appreciated on their own merits. They do not need any enhancement or "interpretation" from me, or from any other human being. They are perfect, 24 carat gold nuggets of intellectual brilliance, exactly as delivered by Charles.

Lets envision flying a jumbo commercial jet into the deeper part of the jungle of third world Africa, and landing amongst a tribe of Bushmen who have never seen an airplane in their entire lives. The Bushmen are taken, one by one, into the cockpit and asked to take off and fly the airplane back to america. Is there any possibility that any of the Bushmen will be able to fly this airplane, much less navigate it back to america?? Of course not! Having never before seen an airplane, they have no basis upon which to even begin to envision the technical realities of how to start, fly, maneuver or land such a device. Furthermore, given the above facts, for any professional pilot or other rational, thoughtful individual to expect or think that one of the Bushmen might be able to properly fly the jumbo jet, would be absolutely ludicrous. Here is another example of the immense, immovable Truth that is Artificially Induced Mirrorization: A human being is 25 years old. This creature believes in and worships a "god". This creature believes that he has an obligation to protect and defend the society that he is a citizen of. This creature wants to get married. This creature really wants certain teams of humans to beat other teams at games. What is the reason and motivation behind this person's perceptions of reality and personal desires/interests?? The answer is: externally induced, Artificially Created Mirrorization.

In-depth analysis of Created Mirrorization and Human Character Reflection:

Walk over to a mirror right now, take a look at yourself, then return to the computer. What did you see when you looked into the mirror? Physically, you saw a "perfect" reflection of yourself. A properly built mirror is incapable of lying, of distorting, or of creating a false image. If you place yourself, or any object, in front of a mirror, you get back a pure, True, reflection of the object. However, this does not mean that you, as a human, despite seeing and being gifted with this pure Truth, will be able to accept, embrace, or even recognize the reflection you are graced with, as being accurate and valid. You creatures are so diseased, the structure of your minds so brutalized and broken via a lifetime of societal brainwashing, that virtually none of you can accept, embrace, or recognize even your own physical reflection, as you gaze at yourself in the mirror. Instead, you see perverse lies and distortions, imaginary, societally induced perceptions of inadequacy and failure, based upon insane, malevolent standards and dictates of physical appearance that society brainwashes you into embracing. You cannot even see your own physical Truth, and so how the hell can you even begin to recognize or embrace the much deeper and more profound intellectual/emotional Truths of life?

The Core Truth as relates to the specific issue of criminality, is that the actions that human beings undertake in their lives, all of their actions, are uniquely interpretative reflections of the sum total of life experiences that they themselves have been subjected to. No human being can ever be asked or expected to do anything more or anything less, than reflect back at their own species and at society as a whole, the experiences, both joyful and horrific, that they have personally endured and been subjected to, from the moment of their birth on through their entire lives. And no "outsider" has any ability, much less a "right", to negatively judge, dismiss, or condemn the Sacred Reflective Right that every individual has, to mirror and reflect back at society, their own unique understanding and interpretation of their own unique True Reality, which is comprised of how they have uniquely experienced their own lives.

We will now analyze the remarkable Truth that Charles Manson has graced us with: These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them. I didn't teach them. Here Seer Charles tells us the Truth, that every child, and in fact every "criminal", is a created victim of society. Society is guilty of creating the individual. Society is completely responsible for the victimization of the individual, and therefore society bears complete responsibility for all events that occur as a result of the initial victimization, including all "criminal" actions that the victim might undertake. The crimes would never have occurred, had society not malevolently chosen to commit the initial, "greatest" crime of all, in sanctioning, legitimizing, facilitating, causing the individual to be brutally and unjustly victimized in the first place. So how can the victim be blamed? How can the victim be subjected to punitive punishment? Most of all, how can the very same society that is completely responsible for initiating and causing the brutal victimization of an individual, blame, condemn, and demonize this same victim, for doing nothing more than cathartically reflecting back at society and at other living things, the brutality and injustice that society chose to commit upon him/her?? The utter hypocrisy and two-facedness of this insane doctrine, is astounding to any sane thinker.

Seer Charles goes on to say: I just tried to help them stand up. Yes indeed. What Charles did, and in fact what I am doing by writing these Texts, is revealing Truth. I am trying to strip away the endless layers of insane lies, myths, beliefs, and ideas, that your societies have malevolently addicted you to. Truth is Power. Truth empowers individuals, and makes all things possible. That is why Truth is the mortal enemy of all societal structures, institutions, and leaders. As part of the malevolent brainwashing/ego and self-love destruction process, society brutalizes as many individuals as it possibly can, into hating themselves. This self-loathing can be consciously realized, or deeply suppressed/repressed. Society does not care, as long as it serves it's malevolent purpose of getting society's tortured victim-creations to direct their justified rage and hate inward, rather than outward. And if the torture victim cannot help but direct their rage and hate outward, society is determined to get them to target certain narrow classes of human life declared to be "inferior", such as children, animals, and economical/sociological peer group equals. Charles Manson tried to help tortured victim-creations of your society, of american society, fight back against the lifetime of malevolent brainwashing that they had been subjected to, and recognize Truth. Not plain old Truth however, but rather Forbidden Truth, which is Truth that threatens to destabilize the very fabric and foundations that your ultra-diseased, malevolently lie-based societies have been built upon, and are sustained under.

Charles concludes his most generous revelation of Forbidden Truth with: You make your children what they are. I am just a reflection of every one of you. I am only what you made me. I am only a reflection of you. This is the most profound Truth of them all. Charles is just a reflection of the society that he was born into and brutalized by. He is a "creation" of the sum total of life experiences, both positive and negative, that society chose to compel/impose/allow him to endure, as he himself interpreted each and every one of the experiences, in his own unique manner. All of the actions that he has undertaken in his life, are reflections, accurate True Reality based reflections, of the toxic, abusive, malevolent environment and experiences that society imposed upon him, from the moment of his birth onward throughout his entire life. But this profoundly important Truth is not limited to Charles. It applies equally to the reasons and motivations that lie behind the actions of each and every human being on planet earth. And yet despite the countless millions of "criminals" that have been captured, demonized, and punitively punished by evil societies throughout the 20th century, none have found the insight, brilliance, or courage needed, to so clearly and publicly reveal this remarkable Forbidden Truth, as Charles did on November 19, 1970. For this, we all owe Charles an eternal, unrepayable debt of gratitude.

Some of you insane hypocrites, even if you have somehow found the rationality to agree with the undeniable Truth of my above declarations, will counter with the utterly ridiculous notion that even if all criminals are tortured victim-creations of malevolent societies, they still had a "moral obligation" to "break the cycle of victimization" by not victimizing other living things. This is, plainly and simply, insane. Why should the created victim have an obligation placed upon him/her to break this torturous cycle, when the initiator of the cycle, society itself, gleefully chooses to continue the cycle, in genocidal fashion, upon each and every generation of children? Why should the victim be expected or obligated to refrain from victimizing others, when the victim knows, be it consciously, subconsciously, or instinctually, that their society showed no mercy, that their society deliberately chose to victimize them, to initiate their victimization, and that their society considered and continues to consider them to be utterly worthless?? This argument makes not an iota of sense, it is equally ridiculous both on it's face and when subjected to rational analysis.

Why would an individual be expected to respect the right of other people to live, if their society had and has no respect for the individual's right to live?? This is proven by abortion, the death penalty, war, etc... Why would an individual be expected to honor the notion that other people have a "right" to not be harmed, when society overtly undertakes a massive campaign of deliberate harmfulness upon the individual, when the individual is most vulnerable and helpless, as a child and in fact from the very first day of birth?? This is proven by the genocidal child abuse policies of society, malevolent brainwashing by society, infection of Insane God Myth, ritualized taunting, bullying, terrorized conformity, etc... Why would an individual be expected to not steal, when society arbitrarily condemns children to 21+ years of guaranteed economic suffering, throughout their childhoods, by enslaving them to their dirt-poor biological creators, while at the same time extolling the glories of capitalistic wealth and legitimizing the mass taunting and dehumanization of the poor citizen-slaves by the wealthier citizen-slaves?? Why would an individual be expected to not lie and cheat, when the entire social structure is built upon a foundation of nothing but malevolent lies, and society chooses to cheat and rob all children of the proper, sane, safe, Truth-based childhood that they are entitled to??

In conclusion, society commits the most brutal "crimes" of murder imaginable, upon it's own citizen-slaves, when they are most vulnerable, helpless, innocent. Society commits the most brutally "criminal" acts of non-lethal brutalization, abuse, torture, upon it's citizen-slaves, specifically singling out children for the most intense, unrelenting, universal brutalization. Society undertakes and commits theft of the very souls of it's citizen-slaves, robbing and cheating them of the self-love, sanity, instinctual appreciation for Truth that they are born with. Therefore, for society to declare murder, rape, kidnapping, extortion, embezzlement, burglary, theft, etc..., to be "unacceptable acts of criminal conduct that must be punished", is insane. There is no better word to more accurately describe this societal declaration, than with the word that fits perfectly: Insane. The demonization of victims of society, individuals who undertake certain cathartically reflective actions, by society, when society itself commits and sponsors the exact same actions against individuals on a far more genocidal, overtly malevolent scale, and in fact is completely responsible for having created the reflective mirrorization that results in the "criminal response" by the victims, is insane. It cannot be explained or justified under any moral, rational, philosophical, or sane grounds.

The partial lyrics of the song "Reflections" that I have quoted above are certainly of less direct interest than the brilliant quote of Charles Manson is. The writers of this song had no intention of any kind to reveal genuine Truth regarding the issue of Reflected Mirrorization. But I still like the song a lot, and if you interpret the lyrics from a position of trying to understand what it means to be a created reflection of the sum total of your life experiences, there is unintentionally profound Truth that can be gleaned from the following: Through the mirror of my mind/Time after time/I see reflections of you and me/Reflections of The way life used to be/Reflections of The love you took from me/Oh, I'm all alone now/No love to shield me/Trapped in a world/That's a distorted reality/Through the hollow of my tears/I see a dream that's lost/From the hurt/That you have caused/Everywhere I turn/Seems like everything I see/Reflects the love that used to be. The human mind is a mirror. Every individual human being has a mind, and that mind can and should be expected to do nothing more than serve as a mirror, a reflection back at society, of the society itself and of the unique experiences that the individual has been subjected to. All actions that people undertake, be they "kind" or "malevolent", are caused by the very same reality. That reality consists of the True Interpretation of the sum total of all life experiences that the mirrored mind of the person has endured, from the moment of their birth until the moment prior to the decision being made to undertake the action.

I am also very appreciative of the line "Trapped in a world/That's a distorted reality". Trapped. This is an extremely important word, for all of you who seek to understand Forbidden Truth, to analyze and truly understand the meaning of. What does it mean to be "trapped"? The dictionary definitions of this word do not even come close to providing a properly interpretative understanding of the word. To be trapped is to be terrorized, confined against ones will within an undesired, unsought, and torturous environment or situation. Society brutally traps it's citizen-slaves in literally thousands of different ways, using coercion, brainwashing, lies, terrorization, to guide and then box citizen-slaves into narrow, horribly abusive traps. If you trap many species of animals within a small, enclosed space, they will lash out violently at you, even if they have absolutely no instinctual or intellectual desire to hurt or kill human beings. In human society, it is more often the minds of human beings, rather than the physical bodies, that society malevolently "traps" within narrow, rigid, insane, terrifying and torturous frames of belief and perceptions of reality. This mental entrapment causes the exact same response of violent retribution among humans, that physical entrapment causes among animals.

Additional lyrics from the song Reflections include: Through the hollow of my tears/I see a dream that's lost/From the hurt/That you have caused. All criminals are created victims of your societies. They are torture victims, and they mourn themselves. They feel sorry for themselves, they pity themselves, as well they should. Each individual victim of society, is in fact, and should perceive him/herself as being, the greatest victim in the history of the world. Self-love and self-value go hand-in-hand with Truth. Every human being has exactly one chance at life. One chance to exist, for the entire eternal history of the world. This lifetime is finite. It is irreplaceable. And yet society chooses to utterly ruin and destroy this never to be available again for all of eternity, opportunity of each individual to live happily, sanely, and freely. Most people are not able to consciously perceive the incredible ramifications and consequences of this Forbidden Truth. And yet at the same time, especially during their childhoods, people come to realize, even if they never consciously accept this Truth, that their lives were and are so sacred, so uniquely irreplaceable, not to other people, but rather to themselves, that the genocidal crimes that society chooses to commit upon them, are unforgivable and unjustifiable and that above all else, they themselves are victims of society.

Society hurts people. Society destroys the most basic, fundamentally instinctual needs and realizations of people. The need to know Truth. The need to not be subjected to harm. The need to be free, truly free, to live out their extremely short, finite, and irreplaceable life, bathed in the glow of personal Truth, untainted and unpolluted by the insane, diseased, malevolent forces and systems of societal structures. Criminals and the so-called "mentally ill", feel and know this terrible Truth within their core minds and souls, even if they are completely unable or unwilling to verbally articulate it. Yes, "Through the hollow of my tears, I see a dream that's lost. From the hurt that you have caused." This is profound Truth, in words and in song. And tears do not have to flow out of a living thing's eyes. Tears flow within the soul, within the mind, within the ideas and the actions that people feel compelled to undertake. Tears of pain are expressed via acts of rage, in those tortured victim-creations of society who have not allowed themselves to be completely broken by their enemy, the society that chose to initiate and undertake their traumatization and brutalization.

As is always the case with you diseased, Truth-hating creatures, immense rage and complete denial erupts from within your rotting minds, when confronted with Forbidden Truth regarding an issue such as crime. You cannot bear to even imagine that your yourselves, as "law-abiding, loyal citizens", are the very personifications of genocidal evil and insanity, or that the society that you are addicted to beholden to, is genocidally evil and insane. And because of this, because of your moral cowardice, you condemn and demonize the "lawbreakers", who are in fact your moral superiors, regardless of how "harmful" their individual actions may have been. How many people did they directly harm via their "crimes"? Perhaps 1, 2, 10, maybe 50-300 at the very most. But you, you "law-abiding citizens of society", you harm millions of people, hundreds of millions of people, by allowing, encouraging, enabling, sanctioning the genocidal torment that your societies and their leaders, who are in fact your agents, your direct representatives, choose to commit and undertake, against your own helpless children and against the human race as a whole.

You hate and condemn the human beings that society chooses to label as "criminals", because subconsciously you see just a pale, weak imitation of the Truth about yourselves, reflected within these demonized torture victims. You have no respect for life. You want to kill living things even more desperately than most "criminal killers" do. And so those of you living in the most diseased society on planet earth, america, actually do it. You murder your own tortured victim-creations, via a "death penalty." I'll discuss this issue in much greater depth further down this webpage, but right now I just want to point out this one remarkable demonstration of limitless derangement: You genocidally torture children as a public policy. You murder children as societal policy. Then you declare murder to be a punishable crime. Then you commit more murder upon your own tortured victim-creations, after having tried to convince them that "murder is wrong and immoral". Unbelievable! You commit murder left and right, with not a shred of morality or legitimacy, and yet you adopt a pose of moral superiority, that involves justifying your own completely malevolent mass murder, while condemning the far less malevolent acts of personal vengeance that individual criminals undertake, even to the point of murdering them because they have committed murder. It is simply mind-boggling, how can you look at yourselves in the mirror and not vomit in disgust at the glaring, undeniable, horrific realization of Truth that I have revealed above? Well, the fact is it's not at all hard for you creatures, because you don't see Truth, you don't know Truth, you couldn't recognize Truth if it came up and slapped you in the face, as I am doing right now in this essay. You condemn Truth as being your mortal enemy, without even admitting that what you are condemning and rejecting is in fact Truth. This is the core foundation and structure upon which you build and sustain your lives.

No human being can or should be expected to transcend, overcome, deny, reject, or deliberately alter the Externally Induced Created Mirrorization that represents the interpretative sum total realization and reflection, via chosen life activities, of their own personal life experiences. No outside party has any right to "judge" negatively or punitively, whether or not any individual has the personal, True Reality right and entitlement to undertake the actions, be they malicious or altruistic, harmful or helpful, that the individual does in fact undertake. Does this mean that all human beings will accurately reflect/mirror back at society, in their actions, the exact types of pain, torture, suffering, that they have been subjected to?? Of course not! The mirrorization is interpretative in nature. This means that not only will each individual perceive and integrate the sum total of their own unique life experiences in a completely unique manner, but in addition, all of the lies, false teachings, malevolent brainwashings and invalid rationalizations that society imposes upon the helpless minds of all children as well as adults, will also impact upon how the individual interprets and justifies to themselves, their chosen life actions. It is this dynamic that causes the vast majority of tortured victim-creations of society to refrain from ever committing acts that society declares to be "serious crimes". Most children are brutally brainwashed into hating themselves and accepting the notion that they are worthless as individuals and deserved/deserve to suffer. Therefore, as adults, they undertake actions that are personally dangerous, harmful, even deadly, that involve self-abuse, self-endangerment, self-destruction. They commit horrific "crimes" against themselves, such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, committing suicide, ritualized cutting of their own bodies, ritualized use of clothing to hurt themselves, use of sexual submission to hurt themselves, anorexia, bulimia, etc... This will all be discussed at great length in a future essay at this site. The point I want to make right now is that these are horrific "crimes", but society wants it's citizen-slaves to direct their rage and hate inward, rather than outward, and therefore chooses to not label these actions as crimes, and overtly encourages it's abuse/torture victims to continue to suffer and harm themselves throughout their entire lives, literally praising and rewarding them for agreeing to commit brutal atrocities upon themselves, instead of upon other people, especially adults.

The ritualized abuse/torture of legally owned child-slaves is also legalized, decreed to not be a crime except under the most severe circumstances, due to the fact that your ultra-diseased societies know that they are filled with homicidally enraged adults who are desperately seeking as many "legitimate outlets" for their rage as they can possibly have, and so child torture via "parenthood", animal murder, via "hunting", mass murder of strangers, via "war", ritualized murder of torture victims, via the "death penalty", ritualized murder of the "subhuman", via abortion, Physical assault via boxing, wrestling, football, etc..., are all officially decreed to not be criminal acts, but rather to be "legal" acts.

Society has the audacity to hold up it's own brainwashed, self-hating torture victims, those who do agree to direct their rage inward, engage in self-abuse/torture, or the "legal" forms of brutalization of other living things, as role models to be praised and emulated, as well as to justify the demonization of the more courageous, more reflectively honest people who refuse to accept the legitimacy of these overtly malevolent societal "rules of conduct", by labeling them as "criminals". A person commits a high profile murder, they reveal the Truth that they are a victim of childhood abuse. Your diseased societal leaders, agents, and media counter this revelation of Truth with the following insane drivel: "Lots of children are abused, they don't go on to commit horrific crimes like this. We must demonize this evil monster for daring to commit a crime upon us." The Truth is that of course most abused children do not commit "illegal murders". They are too broken, too self-hating, they feel too worthless, too impotent. So they brutalize themselves, destroying their health, their futures, their lives, via hundreds of different self-destructive ways, right up to and including suicide, which is self-murder. But society does not label self-victimization as being a "crime", even though it represents the greatest injustice and most undeserved suffering/victimization of all, to the self-abuser. Society says that crime is unacceptable because "people are victimized", and yet this same society genocidally tortures it's children and citizens so severely and brutally that a majority of them end up deciding that the only way they can Reflectively Mirror their own True Realities, is to systematically and ritualistically continue to victimize themselves throughout their entire lives.

The "criminal" who directs his/her rage and hate outward, is demonstrating better mental health and rationality, is mirroring the sum total of their own unique True Reality in a more accurate manner, than the person who directs their rage and hate inward. This is not to say that the criminal is emotionally healthy, but simply to reveal the True fact that when society says that "most abused children do not commit serious crimes", it is engaging in the most perverse form of sham, invalid rationale, because first of all, the label of what constitutes a "crime" has no basis in rationality, and secondly, most abused children do in fact commit the most horrific atrocities imaginable, upon themselves. To ritualistically drink a toxic beverage, alcohol, for the purpose of artificially altering ones brain chemistry, to deliberately and ritualistically inhale smoke, nicotine, tar, via smoking, knowing that the substances are toxic, to create children for the sole purpose of being able to cathartically transfer personal childhood emotional torment, in adulthood, upon another child, these are just three of thousands of examples of horrific atrocities, that society does not merely allow, does not merely encourage, but literally causes and compels it's tortured victim-creations to commit upon themselves and upon other, "societally subhumanized" living creatures such as legally owned children, animals, foreigners, etc...

All criminal acts that are undertaken by individuals are acts of Mirrorized Cathartic Vengeance. They are in essence not "actions", but rather reactions, reactions to the immense brutalities, injustices, and malevolence that the individual has had imposed upon him/her, throughout the entire course of their lifetime. Neither the criminal nor the crime are ever worthy of any type of demonization, condemnation, or negative judgment by society itself, by empowered agents of society, or by individual members of society. This is because the sole reason and basis for the crime having occurred in the first place, is due to the fact that society allowed, enabled, and caused the initiation of a cycle of torturous abuse and mistreatment upon the individual. The "crime" that may eventually occur is nothing more than a reflective response by the individual, to the far greater crime that society has already inflicted and is already guilty of having inflicted, upon the individual. The personal right to seek, claim, and achieve Reflective Vengeance is a Sacred one. Just as nobody could rationally argue that a person has no right to eat food, to breath oxygen, or to try to defend one's life if brutally attacked, nobody can rationally argue that the "criminal" has no right to mirror and reflect back at society, the personal, uniquely interpretative Truth of the overtly malevolent cycle of undeserved torment that society chose to initiate and inflict upon the individual.

All "criminals" are deliverers of Truth. They come before you and your societies, defenses down, revealing to you not what they are, but what you are. They reflect your malevolence, as "law abiding members of society", to you. They mirror just a tiny bit of the immense evil of the societies that you fiercely defend and cling to, back at you. You demonize them, you label them as "evil monsters", because you could never bear to imagine facing up to the horrific Truth, the Forbidden Truth, that it is you who are the evil monsters. You see this Truth reflected in their eyes, in their voices, in their deeds of cathartic vengeance, and in their souls. Truth is your mortal enemy, nothing is more unbearable to you creatures. Forbidden Truth must be destroyed at all costs, rejected, demonized, and destroyed, together with any human who dares to represent or reflect back towards you this type of Truth via their words, writings, or deeds. And so this is why you demonize, label as "evil", lock in tiny cages, punitively punish, and sometimes outright murder, your "criminals", the tortured victim-creations of your society who represent Truth. As law-abiding citizens of society, you are personally far more evil than any criminal could ever be, you represent and live as an agent of a society far more evil than any criminal could ever be. The only way you can maintain the charade and illusion that this is not the Truth of the situation, is to demonize the "law-breaking" criminal, even as you yourselves continue to commit the most perverse atrocities imaginable upon yourselves, your children, morally superior forms of life such as animals, etc... Absolutely pathetic!

The best way to close this segment is with yet another direct quote that Martyr Charles Manson graced us with during his remarkable outpouring of Forbidden Truth on November 19, 1970: "I am whoever you make me, but what you want is a fiend; you want a sadistic fiend because that is what you are."-------------Charles Manson

Randy Kraft, serial killer
This is Randy Kraft, Tortured Victim-Creation of the Diseased Military System and Sexually Fascist Culture of america.

Demonized as an "evil monster" serial killer of 65+ people, the Truth is that Randy was tortured as a child, taught, trained and encouraged to commit legal murder from his teen-age years by the american military system, ridiculed, mocked, and condemned for daring to have a sexual attraction towards members of his own gender. All that Randy was, is, and will ever be, is a created torture victim and Mirrored Reflection, of the immense insanity, malevolence, and perversity of 20th century american society.

Detailed discussion of various types of acts of Cathartic Vengeance and Demonstrations of Personal Torment, which society has chosen to label as "crimes":

We now begin an extremely lengthy dissection of many different types of "crimes", in which I will share my brilliant, Forbidden Truth insights as to the motivations, inspirations, and justifications that cause tortured victim-creations of your societies, to engage in criminally illegal behavior. When I say "justifications", I am not referring to the invalid notion that any criminal needs to justify their actions to society, or to other people. Rather, I am referring to the internal, True Reality, personally reflective justifications that every human being makes in deciding and determining what types of actions, be they legal or illegal, harmful or helpful, to undertake. The only valid justification that any individual human being ever needs to make, is this internal, unique determination of what constitutes accurate, fair, and personally appropriate Interpretative Mirrorization of the sum total of life experiences that the individual has endured. Also, I want to make it clear that I do not accept the societal labels and definitions of "crime" and "criminals", as having any validity within Truth. "Crimes" are in reality Reflective Demonstrations of Personal Torment. "Criminals" are in reality Torture Victims who have Reflected and Mirrored their torment upon others.


Let us start with murder. This is certainly one of the most obvious and overt manifestations and demonstrations of personally cathartic vengeance, and society condemns and demonizes this particular form of personal vengeance, at least the specific types of murder that it has chosen to criminalize, quite fiercely. It is my hope that by the time you finish reading this page, assuming that you are sane and rational, you will find the societal notion and decree of murder being a "terrible crime", to be ludicrously nonsensical and ridiculous. Of course I am no pipe dreamer, I realize that most of you have been rendered far too broken, brainwashed, cowardly, and insane by your societies, to ever find the courage and insight necessary to embrace the Truths I am expressing. Still, hope springs eternal, and if even one reader has some of their diseased layers of insanely hypocritical belief and dogma stripped away by my Manifesto, the many months of time and effort that I have spent in creating these Texts, will have been worthwhile.

What is murder? The basic dictionary definition is: "The intentional and unlawful killing of one person by another." The key word here is unlawful. Society has created this term, murder, and bestowed a decree of criminality upon the term, in order to demonize and justify inflicting punitive punishment upon, certain of it's tortured victim-creations. The label of "murder" is completely different than the label of "killing". Your societies are genocidally evil and embrace numerous forms of killing, as being completely legal and appropriate and even desirable. Only a few specific types of killing that society has arbitrarily and capriciously decided that it does not wish to sanction or promote, have been singled out and given the Demonizing Label of murder. There is absolutely no moral, rational, legitimate, or sane basis for this distinction, in which "killing" is perfectly fine, while "murder" is declared a terrible crime.

For example, in america mothers are allowed to kill their helpless womb-trapped children, and this action is not even referred to as a "killing", much less a "murder", but rather as an "abortion". At the same time, if a child aged 16+ kills his/her mother, the child is declared to have committed the crime of murder. Another example: A young, immature human being, in his late teens or early 20's, is given a powerful weapon by their society and literally ordered, under threat of imprisonment, to kill complete strangers that he has never seen before in his life, this occurs under every society's military system. And yet if this same young, immature person were to get into a very real dispute with a person living in his own neighborhood, that he already knows, becomes angry at and kills the neighbor, this person will be declared a murderer and subjected to punitive punishment at the hands of the very same society that had given him weapons, ordered him to kill complete strangers for no rational reason, and even rewarded/praised him afterwards, if he did a "good job" of killing a large number of the complete strangers. Yet another example: In many areas of the world, people are officially told by their society that there is a "hunting season", a period of time when they are at the very least allowed, more often strongly encouraged, to go out and serially kill other species of life, in reality morally superior animals. Quite often there is a specific species that these serial killers are overtly told and instructed by society to stalk, find, and kill, be it geese, deer, elk, bears, etc... At the same time, if these same killers decided to perhaps target a different type of victim to kill, such as female human nurses or hikers or prostitutes, they would be demonized for being "evil serial killers", and given the label of "criminal murderer". There are literally 50+ different examples of this perverse hypocrisy that I can outline, but in the interests of saving space I will limit myself to the three above, and hope that you deranged creatures are able to grasp the point that I am making.

The point is this: There is absolutely no legitimate distinction that can be made between the "legal killings" that society condones, promotes, commits, and in some cases even terroristically forces it's citizen-slaves to commit on it's behalf, and the "illegal murders" that society declares to be unacceptable, criminal, and deserving of severely punitive punishment to be inflicted upon the "murderer". There is not a shred of moral, intellectual, or philosophical legitimacy to these distinctions. In fact, the "legal killings", when looked at and analyzed from any sane, rational, judicially Truth-based perspective, are far more immoral, outrageous, and unjustifiable, than the "illegal murders" could possibly be. Just look at the nature of the legal murders: Completely helpless children trapped in a tiny space are massacred for the convenience of women, via abortion. Tortured victim-creations of society are murdered by the very society that is guilty of having created them, via the death penalty. Species of life that shun humans and want nothing more than to be left alone are overtly singled out, stalked, and serially killed for fun and "sport" even though they have never and would never intentionally hurt any human being, via hunting. The massacres of complete strangers who live thousands of miles away, are ordered by societies like america, for reasons of naked greed, terroristic intimidation, and satiation of the suppressed rage of masses of tortured citizen-slaves, via war and military attack. All of these forms of killing, although not labeled by your evil societies as constituting "murder", are in reality far more outrageous, immoral, overtly malevolent, than any of the criminalized forms of killing, those that society has attached the label of "murder" to.

Therefore, what we have here is society sponsoring, promoting, applauding, committing, and compelling it's citizen-slaves to commit, actions that result in the exact same outcome as "illegal murder", namely the deaths of living things, only the specific types of killings that society legalizes and promotes, are more immoral, more malevolent, than the specific types of killings that society has criminalized. So how can society claim to have any moral, cultural, or judicial authority or entitlement to punish those individuals, it's own tortured victim-creations, who commit "illegal" acts of murder?? It makes not an iota of rational sense. Of course the very fact that society is guilty of having created all of it's "criminal killers", by virtue of it's genocidally abusive policies towards children, is enough to make the notion of society having any right to condemn or inflict punishment upon murderers utterly ridiculous and perversely hypocritical. What I am pointing out here is that on top of this glaringly obvious and undeniable Forbidden Truth, we have an additional, immense form of insane hypocrisy, under which societies sponsor and commit the exact same act, killing, that they have chosen to criminalize and demonize, only in far more immoral and unjustifiable ways, while in the same breath continuing to demonize and punitively punish "murderers" who are in fact victimized creations of society whose acts of killing are far more justifiable and moral than the societally sponsored acts of killing are.

Why do human beings decide to kill other human beings, what causes them to make the decision to end the life of a member of their own species, to cause them to cease to exist for all of eternity? Let me begin by saying that there is absolutely no genetic or inborn tendency towards criminality of any kind. This is a ludicrous theory/myth that society deliberately puts forth and promotes, as a way of denying the complete guilt and responsibility that it, and by extension all loyal, law-abiding members of the society bear, in having created each and every criminal via malevolent abuse, mistreatment, and traumatization. The myth of there being a genetic component to crime helps you pathetic creatures to more easily deny and reject the horrific Truth, that not only are all criminals torture victims, but you yourselves, as members of society, are totally responsible for initiating and causing the cycle of brutalization that results in the child reflecting back at you and at society, their torment, via acts of criminality.

There are plenty of "research studies" that seem to indicate that there is a genetic component to crime, but guess what folks? Every single one of these studies is perversely structured and horrifically flawed in design. Due to Sacred Family Unit mythology, it is in fact impossible to perform a legitimate research study on possible genetic linkage to criminality, because under your insane social structure, children are blindly thrown into the enslaving clutches of criminally violent, substance abusing, completely incompetent biological creators. Of course there is an environmental and atmospheric component to children becoming criminals. A child enslaved to a criminal, raised up in an environment that involves criminal behavior, will naturally be subjected to abusive and traumatic treatment, increasing the likelihood that the child will seek out personal vengeance later on in their life. This obvious and natural environmental/atmospheric influence upon the child's development and future life path has absolutely no bearing upon the ridiculous notion that there are any genetic forces at work which cause some children to be "born bad" or to be born with any predisposition towards criminal violence or any other type of criminality. From the moment of conception, only external influences and experiences that the child is subjected to, will determine whether or not the child grows up and decides that they need to claim personal cathartic vengeance, through acts of criminality.

People choose to commit murder because, 1: They have personally been severely abused, mistreated, and traumatized. 2: They have a core emotional, intellectual, True Reality understanding of the fact that their society considered and continues to consider, their safety, well-being, welfare, and lives, to be utterly worthless. In most cases of murder, both of the above reasons come into play. Certainly reason #1 is universally true, 100% of all "criminal" killers are created victims of brutal abuse and injustice. Had they not been subjected to the initiation of a cycle of severe, personal mistreatment, they would simply never have developed the True Reality need, desire, or even capability of deliberately killing fellow members of their own species. But reason #2 plays an extremely large role as well, even though most killers would not be able to articulate or express how their own profound sense of societally decreed personal worthlessness, has affected their perceptions of reality and of the intrinsic value, or lack thereof, of life.

The fact is, as a matter of core, official policy, every society declares the safety, welfare, and very life of every child, to be utterly worthless. Sacred Family Unit doctrine, the complete lack of proper, individualized oversight and monitoring of the development of all children, as well as all aspects of how the legal system treats cases of possible, suspected, and actual child abuse, neglect, and mistreatment, all accomplish the same goal, they show and teach every child that even though they were born with instinctual, gloriously narcissistic self-love and self-value, their lives, as individuals, are 100% worthless to society. At every turn, this message of personal worthlessness is drilled into the mind, heart, and soul of every child. The child wants to leave the parents? No, you are worthless, child. Your wishes, needs, suffering, are all meaningless. The child wants to learn Truth, to have autonomy over the most basic aspects of his/her life? No child, you are a slave, a worthless slave. Your job, child, as a slave, is to serve your parents, your teachers, your team, your military, your bosses. You are worthless as an individual, all of the value that you have comes from the value that other people, people Superior to you, are willing to bestow upon you. Even as an adult, your life as an individual has no value to society. You are expected to serve your society, to produce economic output, to produce new slaves for your society via procreation, to be an employee, a soldier, a slave. You are expected to consume toxic substances like beer and cigarettes. The individual is always decreed worthless, even in adulthood, subservient to perverse notions of what constitutes the "greater good of society". This is the poisonous atmosphere in which you diseased creatures are born into and raised up within. The tortured child who becomes a criminal, in this case let us focus on killing, feels and integrates the horrific reality of how utterly worthless every aspect of their welfare, well-being, and existence as a living creature has always been and continues to be, as officially decreed by their society, by human society. It is this realization, usually not on a conscious level, that provides a good deal of the "fuel" which in some cases ignites genuinely homicidal rage among tortured victim-creations of society.

The primary motivating force behind acts of cathartic vengeance such as murder, is certainly directly personal suffering. Abstract philosophical ideas and facts play a much less direct role. Nevertheless, they can serve as a very important "final push", in terms of getting the tortured victim-creation to embrace their rage and hate enough, to cause them to act upon their emotional need for vengeance. And in a very real way this recognition of the profound worthlessness of life that society operates under, is not at all abstract. It is brutally direct in terms of causing emotional/intellectual terrorization upon the individual person, which grows into righteous indignation and outrage. How dare society declare my life, my unique, irreplaceable, never again to be enjoyed for all of eternity life, to be utterly worthless?! How dare society deliberately compromise, endanger, maliciously manipulate, and in many cases destroy my life, or at the very least my ability to enjoy my life, for stupid, selfish, shallow, immoral reasons?! This is what your societies do, and it is the core, subconscious emotional/intellectual realization, that fuels the outward explosions of rage within some of the more insightful, Truth-seeking, tortured victim-creations of your societies. Why should a person who comes to this realization, that their society has always considered their welfare and life to be utterly worthless, most especially if they themselves have been severely brutalized on a personal level, place any sort of value upon the welfare or lives of any other living thing? It makes no sense, no rational sense. And so I'm truly surprised that so few people become prolifically "merciless" criminal killers and torturers. Societies do a good job of destroying their torture victims so completely, that even the will to vengeance is either lost, or terribly compromised in such a way that the "broken" victim simply can't motivate him or herself to direct their rage and hate outward, except via legalized and societally promoted ways, such as the usage of legally owned child-slaves as Poison Containers, hunting, celebrating societal acts of murder such as war and the death penalty, etc...

We will now discuss in-depth, several different types of killing situations and structures, analyzing the rationale and motivating forces behind each type of killing, as well as the perverse and diseased societal attitudes and reactions to the various types of murders. Let us begin with Serial Murder. What is serial murder? Serial murder usually involves a single individual, or at most 2-3 people, deciding and undertaking an extended killing spree during which they try to kill numerous people, most often one at a time, or at most 2-3 victims at a time. Serial murder is certainly one of the most high-profile types of crimes, and the more people the serial killer exterminates, the more famous and well-known the killer is likely to become, if and when he/she is ever identified and/or captured. The popular culture of america and many other so-called "civilized" societies, has chosen to glamorize, to a degree, the serial killer. Does this mean that society and it's leaders actively promote serial killing, encourage it?? Well, the answer to this question is, Yes, but only to a certain degree. To be specific, society recognizes the fact that a small number of it's tortured victim-creations will become serial killers, and accepting the inevitability of this situation, society specifically attempts to direct, steer, and convince these tortured victim-creations to target specific groups and classes of victims. First and foremost, society tries to get it's serial killers to target animals, to serially kill animals and refrain from going after humans. Certainly a great deal of success is achieved in this regard, just witness how many devout "hunters" there are, millions in america alone. Society rewards these serial killers with the guarantee that they will face no legal jeopardy, no punitive judicial punishment of any kind for their serial killings, as long as they obey the insane "killing rules" that society has set up regarding which animals may be legally serially killed, when they may be killed, and what types of weapons may be used to kill them.

Some tortured victim-creations of society will refuse to buy into this legalized form of legal murder, recognizing that animals are not responsible for the torment they suffered as children and the malevolent imposed structure and reality of their lives. Humans are responsible, they will come to realize. So society provides numerous other avenues of "promoted" serial murder, some legal and some declared illegal, but still tolerated to a degree. Abortion is a perfect example of a form of legal murder that society provides to women, that can be easily expanded to serial murder. After all, a woman can get pregnant as often as she wishes, and choose to "abort", in reality murder the child that resides in her womb, and she faces no threat of legal prosecution or punishment, regardless of whether she kills one child via abortion, or ten children, or even fifty children. Then we have the overt promotion of the targeting of prostitutes, the homeless, drug addicts, gays, to serial killers, by society. Society overtly encourages all serial killers to specifically target these four "subhumanized" classes of people, to choose to serially kill them, rather than any other specific groups or classes. Prostitutes, the homeless, drug addicts, and gays. Why does society specifically promote the serial killing of these four classes of people?? Because society considers these four classes of people to be expendable, more of a burden upon society than a benefit in terms of serving the perverse slave and Sacred Family Unit-based agendas of society. Prostitutes, by refusing to get married and raise children, and in fact enticing men to consider straying from their marriage vows, blatantly violate Sacred Family Unit mythology and are thus decreed to be Public Enemy #1 by society. This will be discussed at great length further down on this page. The homeless are not economically productive, generate no revenue to society, pay no taxes, and generally have no loved ones who are in any position of societal influence, therefore they are completely expendable. Drug addicts have often abandoned/rejected their Sacred Family Unit "obligations", fail to pay taxes, and fail to agree to get high on the toxic drugs that society overtly seeks to promote, such as alcohol, so they are expendable. Gays, or to use the more societally demonized term, homosexuals, refuse to get married and have children within a "normal family" structure of Sacred Family Unit mythology, and therefore they are privately decreed to be "enemies of the state" by the societal leadership, and deemed expendable. Especially in the cases of prostitutes, gays, and the homeless, society has a vested interest in trying to terrorize as many people as it possibly can who have either chosen or fallen into these "undesirable" lifestyles, to reform. This terrorization is performed in many different ways, but a top method is to make the prostitute, gay, or homeless person realize that their society will not even try to protect their safety, welfare, or lives, in any way. By overtly encouraging serial killers to target these classes of people as victims, society beautifully delivers it's terroristic message: "We hate you so much, we consider your lifestyle so counter to our fascist agenda, that we are choosing to hang you out to dry, to leave and put you at the mercy of as many serial killers as we possibly can."

What about the serial killer himself? What Truths can we glean from looking at the reality of what serial killers do? First of all, let me say that every killer, in reality every human being, has a completely unique mindset, perspective, and outlook on life, created within him/her by the personally unique life experiences they have endured, and the equally unique manner in which they have interpreted and integrated those life experiences within their True Reality, so I certainly cannot and would not ever try to generalize about or group together people based upon the fact that they fit into a certain category, such as being serial killers. Still, some general observations can be validly made, as long as it's clear that I am in no way trying to suggest that all, or even most serial killers, share the same mindset, attitudes, or life philosophies. It goes without saying that all serial killers have been severely abused and traumatized. A brutal cycle of injustice and suffering was initiated upon every child, who eventually becomes a serial killer. Serial killings are mirrored, cathartic responses and reactions, by the victim, to this undeserved suffering and trauma that society is responsible for having subjected the person to. Many serial killers are said to have "no regard for human life". If they mutilate or torture their victims, society demonizes them even further, declaring them to be "evil monsters". But they are created victims of that same society. If the creation is an "evil monster", the creator must be thousands of times more of an evil monster. But no, you Truth-hating hypocrites reject even this most obvious and undeniable Truth, as you gleefully embrace the opportunity to demonize and direct your suppressed rage and hate upon the serial killer, who is nothing more than the palest reflection of the true and real villain, his creator, which would be the society that he was born into, raised up within, and/or living within, as well as all loyal members of that society.

Many serial killers relish the chance to shock their society. Many try to scare and terrorize their society. Remember, they themselves were scared and terrorized, not to mention brutalized, by society. Some serial killers enjoy the act of killing very much, they relish mutilating, destroying their victims. All they are doing is reflecting back at society, a tiny bit of the utter and complete malice and complete dehumanization/worthlessness that society placed upon their lives. That is all. They are not "villains", they are victims. Some serial killers try to "talk" to societal agents and even the public at large. Most often this occurs after they are arrested, but some even try to communicate during their killing sprees, by leaving written messages next to or on the bodies of their victims, sending letters to the media, etc... These attempts at communication are fascinating and we should all fall to our knees and thank every serial killer who tries to communicate with us. The vast majority of them try to express their own True Reality, as best they can, in their writings and verbal statements. They try to make you diseased creatures see the Truth. Admittedly, some serial killers are not extremely articulate, others are not in conscious touch with their root emotions and core, internal motivations. But no matter how clumsy their efforts, they try to tell us that they are torture victims. They try to make us see that their society is to blame. And of course some serial killers are extremely articulate and insightful. What do you evil, lie-based creatures do when confronted with literary or verbal Truth from a serial killer?? You have the audacity, the gall, to demonize and condemn this torture victim, for daring to reveal Truth to you. The more courageous the serial killer might be in his revelations, the more you pathetically loyal and addicted citizen-slaves will demonize him, with society itself of course encouraging and cheering your demonization every step of the way.

It is amazing how many serial killers are brilliantly talented in the arts. When I say the arts, i refer to painting, drawing, writing poetry, writing fictional stories, expressing complex emotional feelings and intellectual ideas of a factual nature. The average serial killer is hundreds of times more artistically and creatively talented than the average citizen-slave is. Why is this the case? First of all, the minds of serial killers are freer than the minds of the vast majority of "regular" citizen-slaves, who are trapped within narrow, fascist, perverse modes of thought, as a result of the lifetime of societal brainwashing that they have been subjected to, and that they feel they must accept and embrace. But an even stronger reason for this artistic/creative superiority involves the issue of sensitivity. Most of you probably don't associate serial killers with sensitivity, instead you buy into the insane "evil monster" propaganda garbage that your malevolent societies feed you. But the reality is that serial killers have extraordinary sensitivity. They feel and understand within their core emotional realities, pain, suffering, injustice, far more deeply and profoundly than the average person. They have experienced the reality of their own suffering, far more strongly and deeply than the average person. In a word, they were very sensitive as children, and this sensitivity, while it may be sublimated at times during adulthood, never leaves the core True Reality of the person, and is often expressed via the writings, paintings, verbal statements, etc..., of the serial killer. Remember folks, a fundamental rule of Forbidden Truth is that the more "prolific" or "heinous" a person's acts of cathartic vengeance may be, the more severely that person will have experienced the reality of their own suffering, within the initial cycle of brutalization that society committed upon the person, beginning during childhood. This does not necessarily mean that the serial killer was subjected to "more brutal, more sustained abuse" than the broken, law-abiding citizen-slave. What it means is that the person, within their own uniquely interpretative True Reality, felt and was affected more strongly and in a more reflectively accurate manner, by the abuse, than the law-abiding citizen-slave was. So, lets say that two children are subjected to a very similar degree of severe, sustained brutalization throughout their childhoods. Each child will be affected differently by the abuse, and each child will integrate the abuse within their True Reality, in a different way. The more sensitive child will likely experience the abuse as being more harmful and outrageous, than the less sensitive child. Sensitivity also tends to cause a higher degree of introspective thought and analysis, as well as indicating a higher degree of intelligence, as a general rule. Therefore, the more sensitive tortured child will be affected more severely by the abuse, is more likely to refuse to accept the perverse societal notion that he/she "deserved" the abuse, and is less likely to allow his society to "break" him, to get him to hate himself and direct his rage and hate inward. This is why most serial killers, in reality most "criminal" killers as a whole, are far more sensitive, artistic/creative, and intelligent, than the average citizen-slave is.

In recent decades movies and books dealing specifically with serial killers, both fictional and fact-based, have become very popular, such books have even become nationwide best sellers, and movies have won top honors such as Academy Awards, as was the case with the book and movie Silence Of The Lambs. Why have books and movies that deal specifically with serial killers become so very popular? Yes, there is a fairly large segment of the book reading and movie watching population that is filled with a perversely hypocritical sense of invalid moralism of the type that would cause them to enjoy reading about or watching the story of serial killers being hunted, captured, and punished. There are also some people who would appreciate such books/movies just for the "entertainment" value, the novelty of serial killers being unusual & unpredictable in their actions, leading to interesting plots & character development. But is this audience large enough to account for the extreme popularity of serial killer books and movies, factual and fictional? In my opinion the answer is clearly No. Some media critics and other lie-based or completely uninsightful social commentators claim that these types of books and movies are designed to "glamorize" serial murder. Is there any validity to this claim? No. The reality is that the writers and producers of these books and movies structure their productions in quite moralistic and anti-serial killer ways. Books and movies such as Silence of the Lambs, Kalifornia, Natural Born Killers, American Psycho, Seven, Halloween, Hannibal, etc..., are structured in such a way that the reader/viewer is not told or steered in the direction of identifying in a positive or approving manner with the serial killer. Rather, the reader/viewer is steered towards either identifying with the cops or other "good guys" who are trying to capture/stop the serial killer, or steered towards condemning the actions of the serial killer outright. And yet, despite this actual non-glamorization, I am convinced that the reason why these books/movies are so popular is because most readers/viewers do positively identify with the serial killers that are portrayed. How many readers/viewers would admit to this true fact, that they identify positively? Very few. Most are not even consciously aware of the fact that they are enjoying these books or movies specifically because a part of their core True Reality identifies positively with the serial killer. And yet this is the reality of the situation. We have countless millions of tortured, totally broken victims of society. Most could never dream of being able to find the personal initiative required to contemplate undertaking a spree of homicidal vengeance against fellow humans. They are too broken, and spend their lives slowly torturing themselves to death, as their evil society has terrorized them into agreeing to do. But somewhere, deep inside their innermost emotional cores, the spark of vengeance still flickers. They read these serial killer books, they watch these movies, and this tiny spark of buried personal craving for vengeance perks up and brightens, just for a few moments, as they secretly, usually not even on a conscious level, feel admiration and a sense of emotional kinship towards the serial killer, be he a real-life killer or a fictional character, that is being portrayed in the book or movie.

We now move on to Mass Murder. What is mass murder? In the criminal sense, mass murder generally involves a violent rampage by just one person, at most 2-4 people, in which the rampager(s) attempt to kill a significant number of human beings within a relatively short period of time, in a single assault. Just like most serial killers, most mass murderers feel that they have a personal entitlement, based upon the Interpretative, Mirrorized sum total of life experiences that they have endured and experienced from the moment of their birth up until the present time, to kill a fair number of fellow human beings. The difference is that generally, serial killers choose to try to claim their vengeance over a significantly lengthy period of time, while mass murderers attempt to claim their personal vengeance in just one or two prolifically deadly "explosions" of rage, in which they try to kill lots of people very rapidly, one after another. It's also worth noting that in a majority of cases, serial killers seem to have more of an interest/desire to avoid capture, and are less likely to commit suicide than mass murderers are. At first glance, this would suggest that mass murderers might, as a general rule, feel that they have less of a right to seek and claim the vengeance they do, possess less self-love and self-value, and consider their lives to be less important, than do serial killers. There may well be a shred of factual accuracy to this theory, especially when we consider that every killer is completely unique in their mindset and philosophies towards their own lives and entitlements. Certainly a few mass murderers will possess less self-esteem and less of a sense of personal righteousness than some serial killers possess. But I feel strongly that the reasons why mass murderers as a rule make less of an effort to avoid capture and are more likely to commit suicide, are quite different. The mass murderer chooses to make a single "stand" against their society, while the serial killer chooses to make multiple "stands". For the serial killer, killing just one person does not satisfy their sense of personal entitlement to cathartic vengeance. But they are not willing to try to simply kill a large number of people all at once, because their character and emotional makeup is such that they derive the greatest amount of catharsis from killing one person, then savoring their act of vengeance for awhile, then killing another person, savoring the act, killing again, and repeating this cycle on and on. The serial killer releases his/her rage and hate over time. On the other hand, the mass murderer stores their rage and hate inside their deepest core True Reality. They do not release their rage and hate to any significant degree on a regular basis. Instead, they store and build up their rage and hate, in preparation for one huge "explosion", in which they pour out a lifetime of rage and hate in a single, massive, rampage. Sometimes they consciously realize and recognize that they are slowly advancing towards an explosion of rage, and carefully plan out their attack for months if not years, in advance. In other cases however, the tortured victim-creation suppresses their rage and hate so deeply that it is not until weeks, days, or even hours prior to their rampage, that they come to the realization that they are about to undertake an effort to mass murder their fellow humans.

In the case of virtually all criminal murders however, mass, serial, and otherwise, the killer will have "played out" the act of killing fellow human beings in his/her mind, at least hundreds of times, more often thousands of times, before ever actually attempting to carry out a real murder. All of my insights regarding the motivations of serial killers and criminals in general, that I have outlined above, apply to mass murderers and all other killers, so I will not repeat them further on this page. I do want to outline my insights on the unique characteristics and mindsets that are common within the various types of killers, and so that is what I shall do. Continuing on with mass murder insights, the mass killer is less likely to try hard to avoid capture than the serial killer is, because the serial killer has decided to harvest his victims one at a time. If he gets captured. he will no longer be able to harvest additional victims, therefore his entire "plan" of vengeance will have been interrupted, compromised, and in essence destroyed. But the mass murderer has decided to only make one stand, to kill a large number of human beings all at once, most often in a single day. Therefore the perceived need on the part of the mass murderer to escape, in order to be able to kill additional people at some future date, is diminished. Still, every criminal killer is aware of the fact that if they are captured by their "enemy", society, they will be subjected to unpleasant, punitive punishment. Knowing this to be the reality of the situation, the lack of any attempt by a killer to flee the scene of the crime and avoid capture, does indicate some degree of reckless disregard for their own welfare and best interests.

Studies have shown that close to 40% of all mass murderers, with the definition of mass murderer being a lone attacker who has killed three or more human beings on the same day, do attempt to harm themselves on the day of their rampage, most often immediately after their rampage, as police are arriving on-scene. A significant percentage of these 40% do in fact inflict very serious, sometimes fatal injuries upon themselves, and these actions could be classified as suicide attempts. Suicide is an act of self-murder, and clearly, tragically, indicates a lack of narcissistic self-love and self-value. So yes, I must admit that the statistical evidence, when analyzed from a rational perspective, strongly suggests that more mass murders than serial killers, do not have a properly healthy degree of emotional, True Reality-based love of self and recognition of how valuable they should perceive their lives as being. This is sad, of course. But it's never surprising when any human lacks self-love or a sense of how precious their life truly is, thanks to the universal mental torture and relentless brainwashing designed to break children of all their precious, instinctual emotions, that your evil societies inflict upon all children. Also, I feel strongly that the same sense of a "single stand versus multiple stands" comes into play when you compare self-harm/suicide attempts between serial killers and mass murderers. The serial killer has an extended mission of vengeance in mind. The only way they can carry out this mission is to remain alive and remain free, after every murder they commit. The mass murderer only has a "single mission" of vengeance in mind. They plan to accomplish their mission in a single day, in just a few hours of time, very often. Therefore, once the mission is accomplished, the specific type of vengeance that the tortured victim has decided to claim, has been claimed, the rampager may feel that staying alive just to let his "enemy" inflict additional undeserved brutalization and punishment upon him, is not worthwhile. I want to make it clear that Forbidden Truth doctrine strongly disagrees with this rationalization, since there is nothing more horrific than to endure death, which is the cessation of existence for all of eternity. I will discuss the Forbidden Truths about death in a separate, lengthy essay elsewhere at this website. Even though I strongly condemn all acts of self-harm, most especially self-murder, I do not and will not impose a negative judgment upon anyone who commits self-harm, I will not criticize or judge negatively that individual, recognizing that he is of a course tortured victim-creation of society, who is simply unable to find the internal strength to put together and heal his broken soul and the instinctual sense of self-love that he was born with and that his society malevolently tore asunder and destroyed.

Societies absolutely do commit and sponsor legalized forms of mass murder, such as war, ethnic cleansing, slaughter of animals en masse not only for the purpose of eating but also under false pretenses such as a claimed need to protect against a contagious disease such as rabies or foot-in-mouth, which is the currently popular rationalization. Citizen-slaves are strongly encouraged by their societies to embrace these forms of mass murder, to cathartically try to release some of their True Reality rage and hate by emotionally embracing these forms of legalized mass murder. Also, just as in serial killing, society recognizes that a few citizen-slaves will in fact decide to attempt to mass murder their fellow humans, and attempts to specifically steer and direct these citizen-slaves towards targeting specific classes and groups of victims. It is a bit more difficult for society to achieve this goal, of getting mass murderers to target it's most "subhumanized" groups, such as prostitutes, the homeless, drug addicts, and gays. Most mass murderers, to the distress of society, seem to be resistant to attempts to get them to target devalued societal groups such as these. But there are two other groups that society has much greater success in getting mass murderers to target. These are children and personal family unit members. As I have already outlined at the Child Abuse page of this website, society decrees all children to be worthless, subhuman creatures, who have no civil, legal, or human rights. Even though society strongly prefers that enraged parents and other adults torture children that are members of their own Sacred Family Units, it also chooses to encourage the targeting of children as victims, by mass murderers, even in cases where the mass murder has no familial link to children. This societal choice simply reflects and stems from the basic doctrine that children are subhuman, and thus their lives are of less value than the lives of adult citizen-slaves are, in all situations. As to the targeting of private family unit members, this is also a direction that society strongly encourages. Enraged victims of society are told and taught by society that their families exist as extensions of themselves. They are taught that whatever rage and hate they feel is best directed towards family members, in terms of both systematic abuse of children, spouses, and the like, as well as the much rarer explosions of mass murder.

With regard to all forms of murder, society always prefers and tries to steer it's enraged victim-creations into targeting either extremely subhumanized classes of victims, such as prostitutes, or family members, or at the very least, people that the aspiring killer personally knows. Society is terrified by the notion of any killer targeting complete strangers that the killer has no relationship with, and/or who are not in a strongly subhumanized class. Not only are these types of killings much harder for law enforcement to solve, but more importantly, they serve to spread concern and terror among the general public, all members of the general public, including the ones that society considers to be somewhat valued and valuable, much more so than in cases where the killer targets people he personally knows, or limits his attacks to subhumanized groups of people, such as prostitutes, the homeless, etc... The three most common venues in which mass killings occur are 1: Right inside a home in which the rampager targets members of his/her own family. 2: At a school or other public place that has quite a lot of children as primary, available targets. 3: At a place of business where the rampager is currently working, or has worked in the past. So, we see from this Top Three list of most popular mass murder scenarios, that society absolutely does achieve it's goal, of getting a majority of mass murderers to target either their own families, the subhumanized class of human beings known as children, or at the very least, people that the rampager has had some type of personal contact with in the past, such as co-workers, bosses, etc... Of course every killer is unique, and some mass killers do indeed defy this "societal steering" and do go after complete strangers, more valued members of society, and the like.

In general, mass murderers tend to be somewhat younger than "established", captured serial killers are. This makes logical sense, since the serial killer is slowly unleashing their rage and hate over a period of years, while the mass murderer is usually inhibiting and suppressing the expression of their homicidal rage. Therefore, the serial killer, on average, begins killing earlier in life than the mass murderer does. But the mass murderer is captured and identified as being a killer, earlier than the serial killer is. In recent years, there has been an increase in mass murder attempts by very young people, children in fact. This will be discussed at great length further down on this page, but let me just briefly state here that the mass murder rampage efforts that have occurred in recent years in america, that have been undertaken by 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19+ year old children, stand as remarkable monuments and testimonials to how relentlessly, incredibly evil and diseased late 20th and early 21st century american society, far and away the current most malevolent society on planet earth, truly is. To inflict and fill so many of your children with so much torment that by age 11-19 they have not only decided to seek and claim cathartic, True Reality-based mass murder vengeance, but actually undertake these difficult, complicated and complex rampages in which they attempt to murder as many members of their own species as they possibly can, proves beyond all shadow of doubt, that your society, and you who are citizens of america and members of american society, are far and away the most genocidally malevolent creatures that exist anywhere on this planet.

The next form of murder that we will discuss bears the societal label of Assassination. This word, assassination, has been very specifically defined by society in a way that sets it apart from all other forms of murder. The distinction has a very important purpose, that purpose is to allow the constitutional, free speech, and judicial system branches of society, to treat the issue of assassination, all aspects of it, in a far more fascist and brutally condemning manner, than all other forms of murder are treated. This is because nothing terrifies the leaders and other highly empowered agents of all societies more, than the thought and realization that they might be targeted by their enraged citizen-slave victims. In order to discourage such targeting, all free speech rights are declared null and void, secretive organizations are developed to protect societal leaders from harm, but even more importantly, to use whatever means necessary to brainwash and convince all citizen-slaves to not even think of targeting their "superiors". Societies know that their leaders are supremely vulnerable. The leaders themselves are acutely aware of this fact. And therefore the very launching of any attack, no matter how miserably it might fail, is deemed to be a horrific failure and "security breach". The main goal of every society is to create an illusion, a false cloak, of invincibility and impenetrability concerning the issue of how difficult it is to harm all high-ranking societal leaders. To convince all citizen-slaves that they have no chance of harming their "human gods", the leaders of the society in which they live, and therefore it makes no sense for them to even try, since they are certain to fail.

This is the primary rationale behind the use of the labeled term of "assassination". Citizens know that "killing" other people is not that hard, it happens all the time. By creating a completely distinctive term, "assassination", to describe a very specific type of "murder", and attaching all sorts of untrue, mystical, secretive bits of information and suggested obstacles to this type of murder, society achieves it's goal of convincing just about all citizen-slaves that even though killing a person may well be quite easy, assassinating a person is literally impossible, it's just about as impossible as "killing God" would be, so it makes no logical sense to even try to accomplish the impossible. Your societies are pretty darn clever, in delivering this type of propaganda message. As to the free speech aspects of this issue, they are, as usual, most stridently forced down the throat of citizen-slaves living not in "communist" or openly fascist societies, but rather in societies that claim to be "free and democratic". In all "free and democratic" societies, people who dare to verbally or in written form directly challenge the legitimacy of their societal leaders to lead, are stripped of all their free speech rights and often imprisoned, under the claim that they made a "threat" towards a societal leader, even though if their exact same verbal or written statement, was reproduced verbatim with the only change being the withdrawal of all mention of the "leader" with the substitution of an "ordinary person", it would completely fail to meet the legal definition of a "prosecutable threat". This is the type of fascism that "democracies", which are in fact two-party dictatorships controlled by malevolent leaders, employ to silence and extinguish all independent voices of dissent that dare to state societally condemned and Forbidden Truths.

I have no further specific comments to make regarding the issue of assassination, other than the intellectual and factual Truths I have revealed above. I live on planet earth, the most diseased planet in the universe, and being the brilliant Seer of Forbidden Truth that I am, I know that I am hated by every leader of every society on the planet. Or at least I would be hated by every leader, if the leader knew the nature of the Forbidden Truths I was expressing within these Texts. Further, I recognize that every society on planet earth is malevolently fascist and that no genuine Free Speech rights exist, only the useless, baited illusion of freedom that cloaked dictatorships masquerading as free democracies employ to win over the brainwashed devotion and patriotism of you citizen-slaves. Knowing and recognizing all of the above to be tragically true, I choose to offer absolutely no additional insights or disseminations of Forbidden Truth regarding this specific issue.

We move on to Familial Murder. This form of murder is by far the most common officially recognized type. It is only superseded by suicide, in terms of the number of fatalities that occur, but since you diseased creatures refuse to label suicide as constituting an act of murder, I shall reluctantly accept the notion that familial murder is the most deadly officially recognized form of murder. Familial murder runs the gamut of parents killing children, children killing parents, grandparents killing their children and grandchildren, grandparents being killed by their children and grandchildren, wives killing husbands, husbands killing wives, and live-in lovers killing each other, and other members of the familial household. In other words, people related to each other by either blood, marriage, or ongoing sexual contact, who kill each other, all fit into the familial murder category. This is by far the most popular and common type of murder. In many societies, more than 75% of all officially recognized murders, occur within the toxic familial web of torturous enmeshment, perversity and unnaturalness that your societies brutally enslave their citizens to.

Why do most murders involve family members killing other family members? Yes, it is absolutely true that society overtly encourages all potentially violent people to keep their violent activities within their own Sacred Family Units, to specifically target not strangers, not co-workers, not their bosses or teachers or leaders, but rather members of their own families. But this "encouragement" is not the primary reason why familial murder is by far the most common and popular type. Neither is the fact that family members are the "easiest to kill", most vulnerable and easily accessible to the enraged killer. While this is a true fact, it's not the primary reason for why familial murder is occurring so prolifically. The primary reason is the fact that the entire social structure of coerced, terrorized, fascist Sacred Family Unit enmeshment, as brutally imposed upon all citizen-slaves through moral decree and legal threat of punishment, is completely unnatural, insane, and torturously traumatic to all individuals. Human beings who want nothing to do with each other, who hate the very sight of each other, are terroristically compelled by society to interact with each other on a daily basis, to live together with each other, to "care for" each other, to have sexual contact with each other, to provide and give money to each other, based upon the utterly insane notion that because they have some sort of a biological or matrimonial or other "blood bond/relational" connection to each other, they must and are obligated to have these types of personal contact with each other. This universally accepted notion of familial connectivity, a core mandate of cultural policy which is imposed in a completely fascist manner upon all but a handful of courageous loners who refuse to live as "proper members" of society, is completely insane and genocidally evil, in terms of how many millions of lives it completely destroys, not to mention how many actual murders it directly causes, within each and every generation of citizen-slaves.

If there was absolutely no Sacred Family Unit mythology under which adult humans were morally, culturally, and legally terrorized into living with "family members" and sharing their lives with spouses, lovers, or children, simply because of a meaningless "blood bond", at least 80% of all familial murderers would in fact never commit any murders at all, throughout their entire lives. Only because your diseased and malevolent societies absolutely torture and terrorize all citizen-slaves into accepting and following the insane notions that people should engage in the toxic ritual known as "marriage", that people are morally obligated to personally raise their biological creations, that people are legally obligated to give away their money to pay for the care and raising of their biological creations, that adults are obligated to maintain contact with and care for their aging parents, that adults are obligated to attend family gatherings and treat their blood relatives differently than they treat complete strangers, do 80%+ of all familial murders that do occur, occur. The vast majority of these murderers are not only tortured victims of childhood brutalization, as all murderers are, but as adults, they are deliberately trapped within a torturous, completely unnatural and unnecessary web of enmeshment that literally "drives them crazy", as the daily, never-ending, undesired, undeserved, societally imposed noose of familial slavery lays like a lead weight upon their minds, their bodies, and robs them of the very most basic essence of what constitutes freedom, autonomy, and human instinct.

Your societies tell you that you are "free", and yet, amazingly, the most instinctually basic form of freedom, which is the personal right to achieve sexual pleasure and release in whatever manner one chooses, is completely controlled and dictated by an insane series of fascist societal decrees, which involve immense moral, cultural, and legal intimidation, threats, coercion, and overt punishment, if the individual dares to try and exercise the freedom that they are falsely told that they enjoy. All the person might want to do is have sex with a woman. She submits and agrees to have sex. No crime occurs. And yet if during the course of the legal sex act the man's sperm successfully commingles with the woman's egg, this man will face the loss of his personal freedom for and the loss of hundreds of thousands of his own legally earned dollars, potentially for the entire rest of his life, within the toxic, unnatural, fascist societal institutions and decrees of marriage, alimony, child support, relational enslavement would be the most accurate term to use. It is absolutely evil, it makes no rational or instinctual sanity, and therefore it literally drives millions of people crazy, these evil societal institutions. Literally, the only way that adults can escape from this toxic web of familial enmeshment/connectivity, is to kill members of their family. Society offers absolutely no other avenue of escape. If you create a child, and the child is alive, regardless of whether you are the female creator or the male creator, society decrees that you are bound to the child with an unbreakable chain, for as long as the child is alive. You are terroristically coerced into physically caring for the child, interacting with the child on a regular, daily basis, and giving away your own money to care for the child. This coercion is imposed via moral, cultural, and legal methods. in other words you absolutely face the overt threat of legal punishment, via the criminal justice system, if you dare to try to reject this insane, terroristic coercion. At best, you might be able to avoid having to physically care for or be with the child, but if you choose to exercise this option, society will brutally punish you by using the legal system to rob you of hundreds of thousands of your own legally earned money and assets, via insane "child support" and "alimony" laws. Literally, the only way to stop this ongoing societal torture, is to kill your child, children, or spouse. It's the only way! Your societies refuse to provide any other option or method, beyond the extremely difficult, almost impossible choice of fleeing, adopting a completely new identity, and living as a "fugitive".

These murders occur solely because your societies entice and induce them to occur. Every year in america alone, thousands of children and spouses/child-creating sex partners are murdered by their parent/spouse/child-creating sex partner, and the only reason that each murder occurs, is because your diseased society drives the parent/spouse to their breaking point, torturing the person on a daily basis, offering the person no possible hope or avenue of freedom or escape from a completely unnatural, brutally traumatic, undesired and undeserved situation in which they are being terroristically forced to see, live with, touch, care for, give money away to, another person that they at best feel absolutely no positive bond with, and in many cases hate with every fiber of their emotional/intellectual consciousness. They don't want to kill the child or spouse or lover. If only you diseased creatures would provide any type of a legitimate avenue of moral, cultural, and legal escape from the toxic and unnatural enmeshment, 95-98% of all these parents/spouses would grab it, at some point in time, before they reach their homicidal breaking point. Thousands of lives would be saved every year. The horrific trauma that millions of people who do not go on to kill but do spend their lives trapped within a toxic familial web that causes them to feel rage and hate each and every day, would end as well. But no, you diseased creatures won't do it, you won't let your society do it. You fiercely cling to your genocidally malevolent familial myths and rituals, and on top of that, you have the audacity to blame, demonize, and inflict punitive judicial punishment upon these familial murderers, completely ignoring and rejecting the fact that you, as a society, give them absolutely no other avenue of escape from a lifetime of toxic, unnatural, brutal enslavement and daily undeserved suffering, other than to eliminate the life form(s) that are causing the daily torment, namely the offspring or spouse or child-creating sexual partner, via murder. It's like you take deliberately take two tigers, lock them in a cage together, and starve them. Then you act upset, surprised, and moralistically outraged when after 5 days of starvation, one of the tigers kills the other. You caused it! You caused the killing to occur, overtly and blatantly. It's your fault. Your actions are completely responsible for causing the one tiger to have killed the other tiger. You built the cage, you placed the two tigers inside the cage, you refused to feed the tigers, you locked the cage so that neither tiger could leave or escape from the torturous situation. How can you then go on to blame the tiger who kills the other tiger?? It would be insane! And yet this analogy is absolutely and completely parallel and the same as your Sacred Family Unit mythologies and rituals of marriage, child support, alimony, and all other forms of familial enmeshment.

I want to make it clear that even though I am focusing on marriage, child support, and the toxic enmeshment that society creates between children and their "parents", the familial web of coerced and terrorized connectivity extends far beyond these parameters. Adult children are morally terrorized into agreeing to let aging parents live with them. Loners who have never married or had children are culturally coerced into attending familial gatherings and interacting with people they hate and despise, simply because they are biologically related to those people. Grandparents who brutally tortured their own children, are given access to their grandchildren by their own torture victims, due to the insanely malevolent societal decree that biological creators, simply by virtue of creating a child, automatically attain a lifetime of unquestioned access to and domination over their own children and all younger members of the familial unit. There are dozens of similar scenarios that i could outline here, but I don't see the need, as I have already proven beyond all doubt that familial murder, the most common and popular form of illegal murder by far, is directly and overtly caused by society and by society's malevolent, fascist, Sacred Family Unit enmeshment doctrine. It is true that within the universe of familial murder, fornication/copulation partners killing each other, and parents killing their children, are by far the two most frequent forms of familial murder. The reason for this is the fact that society imposes it's most brutal rules of fascist enmeshment, upon these two particular "core familial structures", marriage/live-in lovers, and parenthood. The legal system is used and inflicted as a brutal tool of terrorization upon married couples, cohabiting couples, and all biological creators of children, to a far greater degree than is the case with other forms of familial enmeshment, in which immense moral/cultural terrorization, rather than legal terrorization, is employed by society. It is naturally easier for tortured victims of society to somehow find a way to cope with this moral/cultural terrorization, when the threat of legal terrorization is somewhat limited. What truly overwhelms most people and drives them to commit familial murder, is the immense moral/cultural terrorization, with extremely brutal legal threat and terrorization thrown on top, which is what all married couples and all biological creators of children are confronted with. This is why, within the familial murder structure, most of the killings involve a spouse killing another spouse, or a biological creator/legal custodian of a child or children, killing children within their own Sacred Family Unit.

We move on to Murder For Monetary Profit. If you were to believe the propaganda that your malevolent media feed you, quite a lot of murders are committed due to monetary and material greed. The killer wanted money, or property, and so he murdered his targeted victim when the victim tried to resist, or some similar scenario. This is completely untrue. Greed or a lust for money/wealth does not play any significant role in causing any significant number of murders to occur. Rage, hate, and a personal recognition of the profound injustice that the tortured victim-creation of society has suffered, are what cause the victim to undertake crimes that involve murdering people. Many of these victims are unable to consciously embrace or accept the legitimacy of their homicidal rage. As a result of societal brainwashing and terrorization, they feel a need to maintain a personal self-image of moral superiority that involves having "respect for life", even though their society had and showed no respect for their safety, welfare, or lives, when they were children. At the same time, these victims are filled with profound, homicidal rage, within their core True Realities. How can they reconcile these two opposing, conflicting life philosophies, which they feel obligated to honor and legitimize within their own minds and consciousness?

A primary method of achieving this goal involves creating an artificial scenario and situation that allows them to commit murder, without having to consciously admit or face up to the real reasons behind their actions. Theft/burglary/armed robbery provides this "perfect cover", most especially in capitalistic societies that fetishize and worship material wealth and material goods. The homicidally enraged "moralist" is able to rationalize committing theft or burglary, using the arguments that these are "minor crimes, nobody gets really hurt, I deserve to have some of the wealth and material goods that other people have." But in reality, these "robbers" choose to carry deadly weapons and are subconsciously hoping and planning their "non-violent" crimes in such a way that they can "find an excuse" to violently attack and/or kill people. They are homicidally enraged, but their conscious minds cannot embrace the notion of "killing for personal vengeance", instead they subconsciously rationalize "killing for money, killing to protect themselves and their freedom". The exact same internal cathartic sense of vengeance is achieved by these killers, only they are less able to admit or face up to the reality of their rage and hate, than is the case with most serial and mass murderers. These "deadly robbers" will often deliberately choose targets that they know may well resist being robbed, as most people will, secretly hoping that the victim does resist, so that the "robber" can give in to his true, internal motivational agenda, and violently attack/kill his victim. Even after killing the person, these "violent robbers" will usually not consciously face up to the fact that they wanted to kill the person and derived emotionally cathartic pleasure from exterminating a fellow human being. Instead, even as they savor/relish the murder on a deeply buried subconscious level, they will consciously reject this personal Truth, saying things like "I only killed her because she resisted, because she fought back. I only shot him because he was reaching for an alarm button or yelling as I tried to rob him. I was afraid he would identify me to the police if I let him live." Of course it is true that not all robbers/burglars are homicidally enraged. Within the context of the above, I am not referring to all robbers/burglars, but rather to all tortured victim-creations of society who appear to have committed their murders due to monetary or material greed/gain. I am revealing the True fact that monetary greed is not the primary motivation of any murderer, even if the killer genuinely, on a conscious level, behaves, talks, and feels as though he only killed due to monetary greed or momentary fear of being hurt or identified by his robbery/burglary victim. This is a superficial, invalid rationalization that the person employs, to let himself commit murder while maintaining a personal sense of moral superiority over other murderers, using the invalid definition of morality that society has brainwashed him into deeming valid.

This brings us to "professional" murderers such as mafia and other "hit men." These murderers adopt the rationalization that they are "only doing their job, everybody has to make a living.", or that the victims they target deserve to die. These "professional murderers" are the absolute equivalent, in terms of the personal rationalization employed, to enlisted military soldiers. Soldiers commit legal murder using the exact same rationalizations, that they are only doing their job, only following orders for money, and that the "enemy" target deserves to die. Mafia hit men and other "professional" killers use these exact same two rationalizations, to justify their acts of personal vengeance to themselves, maintaining a sense of moral entitlement and superiority to other murderers, and of course refusing to consciously face up to the fact that the true, core motivation for their acts of murder is exactly the same as that of serial and mass and other killers, namely a profound, internal, rage and hate, True Reality-based need for personally cathartic vengeance, based upon the sum total of their own, unique abuses, traumas, injustices, brutalizations, that they as individuals, have been subjected to, predominantly during their childhoods.

I want to make it clear that I am not trying to denigrate, criticize, or condemn these murderers for not having the courage, insight, or ability to consciously face up to and embrace the true motivations and causes of their homicidal rage. Not at all! I recognize that they are tortured victim-creations of society and that their inability to consciously accept the factual reality of what their true internal motivation is, is simply a fact, that results from the brutal victimization and brainwashing that society subjected them to. I'm not issuing any judgment of any kind, I'm simply pointing out this fact. As a reminder folks, Forbidden Truth doctrine holds that no individual has any legitimate right to condemn the beliefs, rationalizations, or actions of any other individual, since all individuals are created Reflections of the sum total of life experiences that their society has imposed upon them. We can and must immensely and relentlessly condemn societies as a whole, condemn societal policies, teachings, doctrines, and in the same vein we must not condemn any of the individual creations of societies, but rather recognize and embrace the fact that they are victims of society and of society's insane and malevolent policies, teachings, doctrines, brainwashings, and the like.

Next up on the murder parade we have Messenger Murders. What are Messenger Murders, you might be wondering? Well, it's really quite simple: Every act of murder involves the sending and transmission of a message, by the killer to his society. In a majority of cases, the killer is not deliberately and purposefully, on a conscious level, sending the message. And yet the message is still sent, the only question is will you truth-hating creatures and your diseased societies bother to analyze, understand, and courageously accept the legitimacy of the message? The answer to this question is of course, tragically and perversely, No. In most cases, the subconsciously sent message can be interpreted roughly as being: "I am a tortured victim-creation of your society. Look at me. Look at what I have done. I did this to show you what I am, to show you what you have done to me. I am reflecting back at you, just a tiny bit of the undeserved torment that you have inflicted and initiated upon me." Again, in the vast majority of cases the killer is not consciously and purposefully setting out to deliver this message, and so even though the message is a truly profound one, I do not specifically label these subconsciously sent messages as constituting "Messenger Murders".

In Messenger Murders, the killer is consciously and purposefully trying to deliver a message of personal Truth, many times a message of Forbidden Truth, to their society, in terms of the specific details of exactly how they carry out their murder(s), whom they choose to target as their victim, and how they verbally or in writing explain the reasons for their actions. For example, Timothy McVeigh's Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing was a Messenger Murder. A tortured victim-creation of american society, Timothy was trying to tell his society that within his True Reality perception, society's overtly malevolent doctrine of demonizing and legally murdering citizen-slaves who refuse to conform their beliefs and behaviors to the fascist and insanely hypocritical mandates of american society, was and is an unacceptable moral outrage and that in choosing to adopt such policies, the society and it's loyal members prove themselves to be unworthy of life and existence. Another good example would be the attacks upon abortion clinics and abortion doctors, such as John Salvi's rampage at two abortion clinics a few years ago. These killers were committing Messenger Murder. On a conscious level, they were trying to tell, show, and deliver the message to you humans and your society, that in choosing to legalize and sanction the genocidal murder of completely helpless children, solely because of the fact that they are residing within a woman's womb, you humans and your society prove yourselves to be unworthy of life and existence. The Message of personal Truth as well as factually accurate Forbidden Truth was: "I am killing you because you choose to genocidally kill children." There are many other examples of different types of Messenger Murders that I could detail here, but I think you should get the gist of how to define Messenger Murders. A specific, conscious, and purposeful message must be overtly intended to be delivered by the killer to his society, in order for the killing to qualify as a Messenger Murder.

Even though I am making a distinction between Messenger Murders and other types of murders, I want to make it clear that no murderer is ever primarily motivated by an "intellectual or philosophical theory or belief". The primary motivation is always personal suffering, abuse, injustice, trauma, that the individual has directly endured and been subjected to. Like most serial killers, the Messenger Murderer is usually far more sensitive, intelligent, insightful, interested in finding and embracing Truth, and philosophically astute in his thinking abilities, than the average citizen-slave is. As a result, he makes a conscious choice to not only kill for personally cathartic vengeance, even though this is the primary motivation behind his acts, but also to take advantage of the opportunity to deliver a specific message to society that he feels is extremely important, valuable, or demonstrative of the depth of his own personal suffering and outrage at the injustices he himself has been subjected to, and possibly the injustices that he perceives other people, his fellow victims of society, to be suffering. In general, Messenger Murderers have a very high degree of recognition of their own True Reality entitlement to commit the acts of homicidal vengeance that they undertake, this conscious recognition is usually greater than that of most other murderers.

Youth Murder is indeed our next topic. I thought about making some comments on this issue within the Familial Murder portion of my above essay, but then I decided not to do that. The issues of how and why children commit murder, as well as your insanely malevolent societal response to such expressions of personal torment, are so profound that they deserve their own space and lengthy commentary. First of all, let me say that all murderers are children. It doesn't matter if they are 11 years old, or 91 years old, when they commit the act of murder, the same dynamic is at play, and it involves the victim of societal brutalization and abuse, almost always having suffered his most traumatic abuse during his childhood, seeking and claiming personally cathartic vengeance. Yes, the 11 year old child who commits murder is mentally immature, impulsive, naive about the consequences of a lifetime of ongoing and relentless abuse that they will be insanely subjected to by society, much more so than the typical 40+ year old adult who commits murder. But the reasons why the murder occurs, the core True Reality reasons why the individual chooses to commit their act of cathartic vengeance, are fundamentally the same at age 11, at age 40, or at age 90. The child is abused, made to suffer, traumatized. How long it takes for the child to actually try to claim cathartic vengeance by killing fellow humans, is rather irrelevant. It does not change the fact that the reason why the murder occurred, is because society allowed, enabled, facilitated, and caused the child to be subjected to an initiated cycle of extreme, undeserved trauma. This is why every murderer is a child. The act that occurs, the act of murder, is rooted in and prompted by the negative childhood experiences of the killer.

Of course there are extremely noteworthy distinctions that must be made, between youth murderers and mature adult murderers. The youth murderer is closer in time to the experience of his own torturous childhood, in fact he is a child himself, undergoing childhood torture, at the time he undertakes his act of cathartic vengeance. The youth murderer completely lacks the ability to establish any type of personal autonomy or distance between himself and his tormentors, since your evil society decrees all children to be subhuman pieces of property who do not enjoy even the pretense of civil, human, or legal rights/freedoms that adult citizen-slaves are given. For example, if an adult finds their job unbearable, they can quit. If an adult finds that interacting with abusive relatives or family members is unbearable, they can at least take some steps to limit this contact. But youths, children who are most vulnerable and suffering most greatly, are completely at the mercy of the toxic adults who rule their lives by virtue of societally decreed Sacred Family Unit mythology. If a child tries to assert any type of autonomy, to flee their horrific familial prison, or fight back against their torturers, the child is labeled as a "troublemaker", the child, the victim, is punitively punished, just as your societies have and continue to inflict punitive punishment upon each and every one of their demonized victim-creations. Amazingly, if a child assaults an adult family member, the child is labeled as a criminal, even though the daily, routine, brutally malevolent physical, mental, emotional, and sexual assault of children by adult members of their familial units is decreed to be 100% legal and perfectly appropriate, as a matter of societal policy and law.

Youths commit murder for the exact same reasons that "mature adults" do, for personal cathartic vengeance, to avenge the lifetime of undeserved suffering that their society chose to initiate and inflict upon them, and in recognition of the fact that society placed and places absolutely no value or importance upon their safety, welfare, or lives. No person is ever born with the emotional or instinctual need to commit murder. In every single case of privately undertaken "illegal" murder, the emotions, feelings, beliefs, and realizations that cause the murder to occur, were instilled within the mind, soul, and consciousness of the murderer, via the initiation of directly negative/traumatic life experiences upon the individual who becomes a murderer. As stated above, this Forbidden Truth makes the notion of society having any type of right or entitlement to punish any "murderer", utterly ludicrous and perversely irrational. In the case of children who commit murder, this notion of punitive punishment having legitimacy achieves an even greater degree of remarkable derangement. The youth murderer is still a societally decreed subhuman child-slave. The youth murderer is still in the process of being tortured by society, with absolutely no freedom, free will, or personal autonomy to create any type of an independent life for himself or to escape from his torment. This of course makes the very idea of a society punitively punishing these victims, it's own tortured children, the children that it has tortured most severely of all, malevolent beyond all measure of rational comprehension.

Most children who commit murder target their fellow children, or close members of their diseased familial units. Society overtly encourages children to brutally victimize each other, in numerous ways, from teasing, to bullying, to murder. This is because all children are decreed by society to be subhuman. Societal leaders know that they are sponsoring the genocidal torture of children, and that some of these children will react to this torture with natural, instinctual outrage and expressions of rage. The societal goal is to brainwash and steer these enraged children towards targeting forms of life that are officially decreed to be, at most, equally subhuman. This is why children torture/kill animals, as well as each other. The primary reason is not because animals and fellow children are the "easiest to victimize", even though this may well be true, the primary reason is that society overtly encourages and steers children towards targeting subhumans, animals and fellow children, as their cathartic Poison Containers. Sometimes you will see a child of 4, 5, 6, years of age, stomping on ants, pulling the wings off of flies, etc... Your diseased society tells you that the child "doesn't know right from wrong", "doesn't know what he is doing", "doesn't understand that he is hurting the ant", "doesn't understand the concept of death". All of these notions are lies. The child understands exactly what he is doing, if not consciously, then subconsciously and/or instinctually. The child knows that his society considers his welfare, his needs, his safety, his life, to be utterly worthless and meaningless. The child instinctually knows that he is a victim of malice and injustice, undeserved suffering. All he is to trying to do in killing or torturing the animal is cathartically transfer the undeserved victimization that he has been subjected to, onto another living thing. And this technique of victimizing others to cope with one's own victimization is overtly encouraged, promoted, and taught by your societies, to all children. Under it's insane caste system, animals are more subhuman than children, children are subhuman, adults are human. Therefore, the lives of adults have more value bestowed upon them than the lives of children, whose lives have more value bestowed upon them than the lives of animals. No victim of society is allowed to defy this caste system, society does everything in it's power to brainwash, convince, terrorize all living things to maintain the caste system, and this is why the most popular "murder" victim for children is animals, with the judicial system insanely decreeing that animals are so subhuman that they cannot be murdered, with fellow children being the second most popular murder victim.

Third on the list is the most logical and cathartically appropriate target for children to unleash their True Reality rage and hate upon, this would be adult parents, legal custodians, and other close familial members. Children spend more time with their parents/legal guardians, than any other adult. The child's daily life experiences, from birth onward, are under the complete control and manipulation of their parents. In the vast majority of cases, be it directly or indirectly, the biological parents or long-time legal guardians/caretakers are directly responsible for having caused a strong majority of all the abuses, traumas, and suffering that the child has endured. So it makes logical sense that among youth who kill adults, the #1 category of adult victim is indeed the parent/legal custodian. And yet the reality is that very few youths murder their parents, remarkably few when you consider how epidemic the numbers of severe child torture cases are, and how many children abuse/kill themselves. Yes indeed, your evil societies do a good job of completely breaking the will, spirit, and self-value that all children are instinctually born with, to the degree where most of them cannot even find the internal strength to direct their True Reality rage and hate outward, upon the adults who, as members and representatives of society, caused their childhood torment.

It is true that in a few cases youths do murder their parents. Society always condemns these murders in the most strident manner it possibly can, they are completely unacceptable since they involve a subhuman life form, the child, daring to target a human life form, the adult. The 100% certain fact that the child who murders his parents is a victim of torture inflicted by his parents, is completely ignored and rejected as an "invalid excuse" by you insanely evil creatures and your societies, even when there is collaborative evidentiary proof which confirms beyond all doubt that the child was severely abused. You could never accept the legitimacy of such proof, after all, you abuse your children, and you don't want them to murder you just because you abuse them. They exist to be abused by you, to be used as your Poison Containers. So naturally you spit in the face of the Forbidden Truth and joyfully applaud as your society demonizes, condemns, and punitively punishes the "evil children", the subhumans who have dared to strike down their human tormentors. In the very same breath, parents who murder their legally owned children have even the flimsiest excuse or explanation they might offer, declared valid and appropriate: "You were just mentally ill", "You just lost control of yourself for a moment, kids can sure be a handful," "You have lost your beloved child forever, that is punishment enough for you." Yes, due to the insane Sacred Family Unit mythology which holds that all parents have a mystical bond of love for their children, this mind-bogglingly hypocritical double standard is embraced, where children who murder their parents are relentlessly demonized, while parents who murder children are declared to be "victims themselves", to a degree. Are they victims?? Well of course, they are victims of society. But the children who murder their parents are greater victims, because their societal brutalization is fresher and more recent and they had even less of a chance to escape from the toxic web of familial enmeshment that society condemned them to. Does society admit to victimizing either part, parent or child?? Of course not! Society never admits to it's guilt, it's genocidal malice. Everything is lies and spin, "the children are evil, led astray by drugs or bad music, the parents meant well, just lost control, mental breakdown, poor saps, just trying to keep their beloved children in line, what a tragedy, they have lost their subhuman Poison Containers, ooops, make that the beloved fruit of their loins..." Any sort of lie, spin, will do, just so long as the Truth, the Forbidden Truth, remains invisible and unmentioned.

In recent years in america, there has been a spate of mass shootings at schools, by children. In some cases, these children have slaughtered a parent or two before coming to school armed and determined to kill a bunch of fellow human beings. These children range in age from 11 on up. Amazingly, you diseased creatures seem to be genuinely mystified as to why these mass shooting are occurring. Your societal leaders know exactly why of course, as does any rational thinker, but they pretend to be mystified too. Mysteries are great, they allow you to spit in the face of Forbidden Truth. These children are torture victims. They are tortured by their familial system, by their school system, and by society. At every turn, each and every day, these children are subjected to unrelenting brutalization. Their parents are free to beat them, to infect their minds with toxic lies, the school system is designed to legitimize their physical assault, as all children are given legal entitlement and encouragement to use other children as Poison Containers, as well as their ongoing emotional and intellectual torture via lies, brainwashing, insanely hypocritical myths & rationalizations that make no sense. The notion that they might be helped by society, that society would try to help them if it knew of their distress, is ludicrous. After all, society directly sponsors their day to day torture, in every way, shape, and form. And yet the malevolent lying goes on, after each incident: "If we only knew the child was in distress, we would have tried to help, we would have helped him..." How can you possibly believe this lie?? It is ridiculous on it's very face. And yet you faithfully embrace it, because not doing so would possibly open up a vortex of common-sense, crystal-clear facts that might lead you somewhere close to the Forbidden Truth, the Truth that you spend your lives desperately keeping at bay.

School shootings are a logical and natural expression of True Reality-based rage and hate, by children. They occur because your society chooses to genocidally victimize children, as a matter of deliberately chosen public policy. It's as simple as that. For a tortured child to kill their parents and/or to try and kill schoolmates/teachers at the abusive school/prison that they are compelled to attend, is a far more logical and instinctually natural expression of Truth than smoking marijuana or committing suicide, to cite two forms of self-abuse, are. And yet you diseased creatures pretend to obsess over the school shootings/parental murders, demonizing the more logical and instinctual acts of vengeance, while ignoring and secretly encouraging and promoting self-abuse and self-destruction to your masses of tortured child-victims, even as you continue to genocidally torture them, generation after generation, in tribute to your own childhood torture. Absolutely insane!

I want to make it clear here that I do not accept any of the societal age definitions regarding what constitutes a "child". The average human being achieves a reasonable degree of mental maturity at age 30-35, not any earlier. In a sane society, especially as regards the issue of crime, the age of "legal adulthood" would certainly be no less than 28, and perhaps as high as 35. The notion that genuine "adult maturity" is reached at age 18, or even at age 21, is absolutely ridiculous. Therefore my definition of what constitutes a "youth crime" goes well beyond the insane societal cut-off ages of 18 or 21. The fact that society allows children under 18, aged 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, to be arbitrarily "treated" as adults by the criminal justice system, based upon insane criteria such as the "deadliness" of the particular act that the tortured child has committed, proves beyond all doubt that the agenda of society towards it's children consists of nothing but pure malice and that the notion of Truth has been rendered so obsolete and worthless by your lie-based societies that they feel there is no longer any need to even maintain any pretense of Truth or rationality to their genocidally malevolent, mainstream cultural policies and decrees.

In conclusion, even though all murderers are children, the manner in which your societies treat murderers who are of a youthful age is in fact more overtly malevolent than the manner in which mature-aged murderers are treated. And this is because you find youth murderers to be more threatening to you, more menacing to you. Not physically more menacing, but emotionally and intellectually more terrifying. The youthful murderer reflects back towards you, your true natures. It is harder for you to maintain the insane delusion that your youth murderers are evil, and this terror, this gut-level realization, on a subconscious level, that the child, and in reality every murderer, is nothing more than a pale but accurate reflection of the immense malevolence and immorality of the society that you are loyally addicted to, and a member in good standing of, is what drives you to demonize child murderers and to adopt ever more insanely punitive attitudes towards these torture victims. Remember folks, Forbidden Truth is the mortal enemy of 99.9999999999% of all humans. You will gladly practice genocide, mass murder your greatest victims, even risk annihilating all life on planet earth, just to avoid having to face up to the Forbidden Truths of your lives, and of your societies.

Don't worry folks, we are almost at the end of this Murder section, in the interests of saving space on this page, I have decided to outline the Forbidden Truth of "suicide", which is in reality an act of self-murder, at a different web page, together with other self-abuse essays. The final issue that I want to discuss here regards the perverse societal definitions and invalid labeling as to what constitutes murder. We will call this Murder Classification Layers. I have already outlined in my previous writings that abortion, the death penalty, hunting, war, euthanasia, are all acts of murder. This is a fact, they are clear and undeniable acts of murder, sponsored by society, which are in most cases far more overtly malevolent and "immoral" in their design, implementation, and rationale, than acts of illegal, "criminal" murder are. Society however, refuses to label these acts as constituting murder, since it has adopted an insanely hypocritical policy, demonstrative of it's malevolent structure, of legalizing, encouraging, and sponsoring some forms of murder, while in the same breath demonizing and condemning other forms of murder. This is absolutely outrageous and renders the entire notion of murder being a crime that society has a right to inflict punitive punishment against some perpetrators for committing, totally ludicrous. But even beyond this profound Truth, if we look at the issue of "criminalized" murder all by itself, we find even more insane hypocrisy. First we have different "degrees" of murder within the criminal justice system. First degree, second degree, third degree murder, etc... Society pretends that these differing degrees of murder are designed to allow greater prosecutorial and sentencing flexibility, in terms of imposing maximally punitive punishment upon the "worst" murderers. We already know that society has no right to punitively punish any murderer, in any way, shape, or form, so this pretense is ridiculous all by itself. But I still want to strip away this pretense and lay forth the True agenda of society in creating these different "degree" classifications, as well as the "manslaughter" crime label. The True and primary agenda on the part of society, in creating these differing murder classifications is in fact to try and promote and encourage it's enraged, tortured victim-creations to choose to commit certain types of violent crimes, against certain groups/classes of people, while discouraging other types. This is the true agenda, although it is also true that society is always seeking to create as many different options for prosecuting it's victims and inflicting punitive punishment as it possibly can, and having many different classifications to murder helps in this regard.

Because society considers children to be subhuman, and fetishizes Sacred Family Unit mythology, parents who kill their children are almost never charged with first degree murder. Instead, they are offered "plea bargain" deals that allow them to admit "responsibility for the death", that are classified as 2nd, 3rd degree murder, manslaughter, felony child abuse, gross negligence, etc... Even in cases that involve relentless, ongoing, brutal torture that slowly kills the child, first degree murder is almost never the "non-negotiable charge" that prosecutors go with. Instead, the ridiculous rationale that "the parent may have tortured the child, but did not intend to kill the child", is used to justify a lesser criminal charge. In the same breath, if an 18-50 year old "child" were to imprison and slowly inflict brutal torture upon their parent, with the parent eventually dying as a result, there is almost no chance that any type of charge other than first degree murder would be filed and sought at trial. This is just one example of how your diseased societies deliberately choose to demonize and try to discourage certain types of illegal murder, while at the same time glossing over and encouraging other types of illegal murder. Society wants parents to use their subhumanized children as Poison Containers, society considers them totally worthless and expendable, as individuals. On the other hand, society does not want valueless, subhumanized children to kill their somewhat more valued, wealthier, working, adult parents. As a direct result of this specific societal doctrine, it chooses to treat the two types of murder in a completely different manner, for the purpose of encouraging parental murder of children, while discouraging child murder of parents.

Society also uses the different murder classifications to try and create an "untouchable" class of people, those who are wealthy, hold positions of power within the society, or are otherwise socially prominent. For example, all citizen-slaves are taught that if they would dare to kill a wealthy industrialist, a famous actor, or a governmental leader, they would definitely be charged with and prosecuted for first degree murder. On the other hand, if they merely killed a prostitute, all they would have to say is that the prostitute attacked them, or that things got out of hand during "rough sex", and there is a good chance that if the person is prosecuted at all, it will be for 3rd degree murder, manslaughter, aggravated battery, or some other charge that is less serious than first degree murder. The same is true for the targeting of the homeless: "This crazy homeless guy attacked me, I was just fighting back", drug addicts: "I told him that the drugs cost fifty dollars, but he only wanted to pay me forty dollars and went crazy on me", even gays: "Look, I met him in a gay bar, he willingly agreed to have sex with me, he asked me to tie him up, and i never realized i was choking him to death..." All these "explanations" are far more likely to find acceptance among prosecutors, because they work for society, and society specifically wants it's enraged murderers to continue targeting these demonized, subhumanized groups of people as victims, rather than more "valued" citizen-slaves such as wealthy people, famous people, societally powerful people. A very calculated "caste system" is used to determine how "illegal" acts of murder are classified. The primary purpose of this system, first degree murder, second degree murder, third degree murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, etc..., involves society realizing that some of it's tortured victim-creations will become murderers, and trying to cajole, entice, convince, and terrorize as many would-be murderers as it possibly can, into targeting specific groups of subhumanized people as victims, including legally owned child-slaves, prostitutes, drug addicts, the homeless, gays, fellow criminals, fellow slum/ghetto dwellers.

I am very proud of my above dissection of the Forbidden Truths of murder, and even though I will be going back to this issue in some of my future essays at this website, I do feel that I have brilliantly torn asunder most of the insane societal doctrine and decree regarding murder, in my above Texts. To any human reading this who still believes that their society has a right to punitively punish "murderers", all I can say is that there is little if any hope that you will find the courage to embrace most Forbidden Truths, and so you might want to consider leaving this website, no point in wasting your time on Texts that your broken and brainwashed mind is unlikely to be able to properly appreciate or grasp.

Thomas Watt Hamilton, Thomas Watt, Dunblane, Scotland mass murderer, school massacre
This is Thomas Watt Hamilton, Perversely Demonized for being an "Evil Monster", when in fact he was a Tortured Victim-Creation of Scottish Society.

On March 13, 1996, at the age of 43, Thomas armed himself with four loaded handguns and stormed into Dunblane Primary School, he fatally shot 16 kindergarten children, aged 5-6, as well as their teacher, then he murdered himself. The media and society immediately labeled Thomas an evil monster, news headlines blared "Slaughter of the Innocent". The Forbidden Truth is that on the exact same day that Thomas killed these 16 children, thousands of children all across Scotland were being brutally abused by their parents. Since that day, hundreds if not thousands of Scottish children have been murdered by their parents. Scottish society did not and will not lift a finger to try and protect or save any those children from being abused or murdered, as a result of Sacred Family Unit mythology. Thomas was himself born into and raised up within Scottish society, a victim of this genocidal, societally sponsored child brutalization. And so True Reality doctrine holds that how dare Scottish society, or any society, demonize this torture victim. The blood that he shed, the pain that he caused, represents a minuscule fraction of the amount of pain and blood that Scottish society overtly chooses, with malice aforethought, to cause countless thousands of it's children to suffer each and every day of each and every year, without even attempting to try to stop this daily ongoing cycle of familial mass child torture/murder. All Thomas did, in his actions, was hold a mirror in front of his society. The mirror said: "Look at this. Look at me. You created me. Do you see the reflection of me? I am showing you how much you valued and respected and honored my childhood, my right to safety, love, protection, and life. I am reflecting back at you, the True Reality of what you malevolently chose to impose upon me, when I was a child."

Assault, Battery, Child Abuse, & other Violent but Non-Lethal Crime:

We now move on to crime that involves violent physical attack, but does not result in fatal injuries to the victim. Just as was the case with murder, I will be providing a wealth of fascinating, lengthy, Forbidden Truth insights. First, a few general facts: There is no doubt that non-lethal physical assaults that society chooses to criminalize, occur far more frequently than murders. For every murder, there are probably 1000+ documented violent assaults that result in an arrest, although not necessarily in a judicial prosecution. Why is non-lethal violent assault so much more common and frequent than murder is? Firstly, society chooses to make it's punitive punishments significantly milder for non-lethal assaults than it does for murders. Every society wants to have a large population of citizen-slaves, the more the better. Can never have too many broken citizen-slaves. And so, realizing that many of it's tortured victim-creations are filled with rage and hate, society tries to convince as many of these victims as it can to limit their outbursts of rage in such a way that they do not outright kill their target(s). Making the punitive judicial punishments for non-lethal assault much milder than for murder, does play a role in getting some homicidally enraged victims to try to limit their violent acts in such a way that nobody is killed. We also have the Internal Scale of Justice coming into play. What is the internal scale of justice? Well, it's quite similar to the definition of True Reality. The Internal Scale of Justice is a personally unique analysis and judgment, that every individual can only make for himself, of exactly what type and degree of personal vengeance one feels entitled to claim, based upon the sum total of their own unique life sufferings, as balanced out by the positive life experiences that the person may well have also enjoyed. Most murderers decide, although not necessarily on a conscious level, that they have a personal, True Reality right and entitlement kill certain other people, in certain situations, as a reflection of the sum total of their own life experiences. However, plenty of people who suffer serious/severe childhood abuse and traumatization are unable to make this determination. Even though they feel and possess deep and profound rage and hate within their True Realities, they cannot rationalize or embrace the notion of personally taking human life. Many times they will even repress and try to deny the legitimacy of their True Reality craving to hurt other living things. These victims of society retain some of the instinctual respect for human life that every child is born possessing, despite the brutal abuse and injustices and traumatizations that they have been subjected to. These types of victims are more likely to limit themselves to violent assault, while specifically trying to avoid killing their targets.

It is a fact that despite societal mythology, perpetuated throughout history by enraged leaders of nations eager to satiate their own personal bloodlust through war, human beings possess no instinctual interest in killing each other. Most species of animals will not deliberately kill each other, a cat will not murder another cat, even though it is a meat-eater, just as humans are. A giraffe will not intentionally kill another giraffe, same goes for deer, cows, etc... The only reasons why humans murder each other is because a toxic cycle of generational brutality has developed, in my opinion as a result of a severe genetic deformity within the evolution of the human species, that results in the vast majority of all children born into each generation, being subjected to both severe, societally sponsored abuse and traumatization, as well as overt societal promotion/brainwashing of homicidal ideology, such as the need to engage in "war". It is these two factors, neither of which is genuinely instinctual, which result in humans committing all sorts of fatal attacks, both illegal and legal, upon each other. Since there is no genuine "killer instinct" within human beings on an instinctual level, victims of abuse and traumatization, in general, as long as they have also experienced some genuine nurturing and affection from other humans at some point during their childhoods, are not eager to kill fellow humans. It's not something they consciously want to do, even if they possess a significant degree of emotional/intellectual rage within their True Realities. They try to "control" their rage, to limit the outward expression of it, because they do not have a "killer instinct". In some cases they embrace their True Reality need/right to attack and hurt people, but not to outright kill them. In other cases they refuse to consciously even accept the notion that they have any right to hurt other people, and yet their True Reality compels them to cathartically transfer the brutality that they have been subjected to, upon others.

But the single, most primary reason why non-lethal criminally violent assault is so much more common than murder, is the fact that violent assault is perfectly legal and societally encouraged in many different ways, upon both children and adults. Therefore, a huge number of children are violently assaulted, in fact probably 99.5%+ of all children are violently assaulted at some point during their childhoods, and 95%+ are regularly assaulted during childhood. Children who are violently assaulted naturally develop a cathartic need to violently assault other living things, to transfer the undeserved trauma that they have had unjustly imposed upon them, upon another living thing. They are also taught by society, by virtue of society legalizing and promoting the violent assaults that they are subjected to, that there can't be anything really wrong with violent assault. "If it's a really bad and unacceptable thing, why am I being subjected to it?" This would be the logical thought process of the child, and it would carry over into the emotional character and True Reality mindset of the victim, throughout their childhood, adulthood, and entire lifetime. The legal definition of what constitutes a "criminal assault" almost always involves physical violence. And yet many of the most brutal assaults that children are subjected to, perfectly legal assaults, involve emotional, psychological, and intellectual assault and terrorization. The very structure of the most basic cultural "rules" under which 21st century, "civilized" societies like america operate under, in fact consist of legitimized and overtly encouraged emotional terrorization and assault. For example, the Insane God Myth often involves not only the malevolent imposition of the toxic myth that god exists upon the mind of the child, but in addition, the overt threat that "unless you obey all the rules of this religion you will suffer a horrific fate, burn in hell for all of eternity", etc... Millions of helpless children growing up in america today, will indeed spend years thinking and worrying about whether or not "god" will punish or hurt them in some horrific way, because you diseased cowards continue to fiercely cling to your insane myth and insist upon infecting your helpless children with this toxic myth, in cathartic reflection of the tragic fact that your society allowed and caused you to be infected with this myth. This is just one example, among hundreds that I could outline here if I had the time and space, of how your societies deliberately sanction and commit horrific assaults, not only physical, but emotional/psychological/intellectual, upon your helpless child-slaves. The victims of childhood assault certainly do not limit themselves to cathartically reflecting their undeserved trauma in the exact same manner that it was inflicted upon them. Victims of emotional and intellectual terrorization will often inflict this same type of legal assault upon other people, but some of them will choose to pursue illegal, violent acts of reflective assault. The bottom line is that society literally gives parents, age group peers, and other empowered adults carte blanche authority to inflict virtually every type of brutal assault imaginable upon children, on a regular basis, including physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological attack.

Let me outline just two examples of legalized violent assault, which make the entire notion of society labeling some assaults as "crimes" and inflicting punitive punishment upon the perpetrators, absolutely insane in terms of hypocrisy and irrationality. I could list dozens of examples, but I keep reminding myself that space is not unlimited and I am not writing a 5000 page autobiography here, as I have already done, for my own private benefit. So I will endeavor to stay succinct and stick to these two examples. The first one is Spanking. Yes indeed, "spanking", also known as "corporal punishment." These two terms, spanking and corporal punishment, have absolutely no reason to exist in the English language. The mere fact that these two terms have been created and are defined/employed in the manner that they are, proves that you creatures are both genocidally malevolent, and that the notion that you have some right to criminalize violent assaults, is ludicrous. "Spanking" is a childish-sounding word, meant to conjure up images of harmless, meaningless activity. "Corporal Punishment", in employing the word "punishment", is a term specifically designed to legitimize the notion that children deserve and need to be punished. You creatures worship at the alter of Punishment, gleefully demonizing and inflicting undeserved pain/torment upon your own tortured victim-creations, under the ridiculous guise of them "needing/deserving to be punished". The reality is this: Spanking is without a doubt one of the most brutal forms of violent, physical assault and attack imaginable. It involves large adults deliberately and ritualistically attacking small, helpless children. The entire goal of the attack is to specifically cause significant physical pain to the helpless victim. And on top of all this, the attacker is in most cases the primary caretaker of the victim, the person that the child is most dependent upon, the person that the child has been taught and told loves him the most, out of everyone else in the world.

So lets get this straight: Extremely large, overwhelmingly powerful adult humans are taught and told that they have every right to violently attack and assault, at will, completely helpless, small and very weak children. They are specifically told that the purpose of the assault is to genuinely hurt the child, to cause physical pain to the child. But you cannot attack "strange" children in this brutal manner, you cannot walk up to a child in a store, grab the child, and inflict this brutality. No, you can only brutalize you own, legally possessed child-slaves in this manner. Society decrees that the parent has some sort of a "mystical bond of love" for the child, that is the basis of Sacred Family Unit mythology. The child is told and taught by society that their parents love them, that nobody else in the world loves them as much as their parents do. And yet these same people, these parents, are given legal authority to commit ritualistic, violent assaults upon the child, at will, of the type that no "stranger", who presumably loves the child less, would ever be legally allowed to commit upon the child. This is the reality of the situation, and it is absolutely, completely insane in it's remarkable degree of malevolence and hypocrisy.

These are violent attacks, deliberately designed to hurt the child. The notion that the attacks are somehow less traumatic to the child because it is their parent or close relative who is committing the attack, is ludicrous. The exact opposite is the Forbidden Truth reality of the situation. These violent attacks, decreed perfectly legal by society, are far more traumatic and have far greater lifelong negative consequences to the child than any similar assault by a "stranger" could ever have. Why? Because the child has been brainwashed by society into believing that their parent loves them and wants to protect them, and because the child is at the complete mercy of their parent(s) on a 24 hour a daily, ongoing basis. "The person who is supposed to love me most, is deliberately choosing to physically hurt me. I am completely helpless, at the mercy of this person. They can hurt me as much as they want, even kill me, at will. So far they haven't crippled me, they haven't killed me, but they have deliberately inflicted significant pain upon me. I have no way of knowing how much more pain, crippling, or even death they will inflict upon me in future attacks. I do know that I am supposed to be hurt. I am supposed to suffer. It must be so. If it wasn't so, my society would not legalize these violent assaults that I am being subjected to." This is the only logical set of conclusions and rationalizations that any child who is ever "spanked", can be expected to make. Some slaveowners tell their child-slaves, before violently assaulting them: "I am only doing this for your own good." The only possible sane interpretation of this statement would be: "Children deserve and need to be hurt, therefore, when I grow up, I will hurt children." Since children are sane, unlike you broken and mentally deranged adults, this is the True Reality message that the child embraces and clutches to his very core perceptions of reality. As the child grows into adulthood, this malevolent message becomes a defining, core character trait of the adult: "I will have children, I will love children, I will violently attack and hurt children." These three societal brainwashings go together, like glue they stick together, as they are malevolently imposed upon the helpless minds, consciousness, and core perceptions of reality, of each generation of children and adults, born into and raised up within your diseased and deranged societies.

It is mind-boggling to any sane thinker to realize that if they were to walk up to a child they have never seen before in a supermarket, and playfully, lightly swat the child on their backside, or gently pinch the child's backside, without causing any type of physical pain at all to the child, they would be committing a criminal and illegal act, they would be subject to arrest and serious criminal prosecution for having committed "assault upon a child", or "felony fondling/inappropriate contact upon a child", while at the same time, the child's legal owners are free to commit as many perfectly legal assaults upon the child's body, that involves brutal attack that is specifically designed to hurt and cause physical pain to the child, and does in fact result in the child experiencing significant pain and injury. How can this be?? The attack by the parent harms the child hundreds of times more severely, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically, than the harmless, painless touch "attack" by the stranger in the supermarket could harm the child. And yet the much more harmful attack is declared perfectly legal, while the far less harmful attack is decreed to be a criminal, illegal offense. This one issue of spanking, proves beyond all doubt, to any sane thinker, that you and your societies, every adult human who lives as a member of a society that decrees spanking to be legal, has absolutely no genuine concern for the welfare of children. You do not care about your children, you do not love your children. You do not see your children as human beings. Because if you did, there is no way that you could or would live as a member of a society that deliberately chooses to legalize their ritualistic, violent physical assault. How dare you even pretend to care about children! How dare you try to demonize somebody for "touching my child inappropriately", when you live as a member of a society that gives you legal authority to violently attack your children, for the specific purpose of causing them physical pain, at will?! The hypocrisy is amazing and mind-boggling, those are the only words that comes to mind: Amazing and mind-boggling. You prove that you subconsciously hate your children, you prove that you will gladly hurt them, scar them for life, in order to relieve your own emotional distress, you prove that you gleefully and gratefully embrace society's gift to you, the opportunity to use your children as your personal Poison Containers, with genocidal malice. You prove all this, simply by virtue of allowing your society to declare "spanking" to be a legal act.

A man walks into a bar and attacks his drinking partner. A woman beats her husband with a frying pan, a gang member stabs a person belonging to a rival gang, a teenager dons brass knuckles and beats his father or mother do a pulp. How can any of these acts be considered or labeled as "crimes", in a society that declares spanking to be legal?? It doesn't make any sense! It is ridiculous. How can the violent assault of a 30 pound child by a 200 pound adult, with the specific goal of the assault being to cause pain to the child, be legal, while these other attacks are illegal? And on top of everything else, the people committing these violent attacks were and in some cases still are, children. They were subjected to perfectly legal violent assaults. They were taught as children, by virtue of the acts inflicted upon them, that there is nothing wrong with violently attacking other human beings. They were human. They were violently attacked. The attacks were decreed legal. So how can their actions, later in life, in attacking other people, be declared illegal, even as the same form of violent attack that they were subjected to, "spanking", is still decreed to be legal?? I would be hard-pressed to find a more beautifully clear and undeniably true example of why you creatures do not deserve to exist, and why the entire notion of a "criminal justice system" being empowered to inflict punitive punishment upon "criminals", is ludicrous, than the facts that I have outlined above regarding legal violent assault, known as corporal punishment. Does this mean that in the very few societies that have outlawed spanking, that those societies are entitled to inflict punitive punishment upon "criminals"? Of course not! But it is quite accurate to conclude that such societies are modestly superior when compared to a completely deranged society like america, and to further conclude that the injustice and ridiculously hypocritical unfairness of the criminal justice system is much more immense within america, than it is in the few societies that at least have the border-level sanity to recognize that it is utterly insane to legalize spanking and yet to criminalize other forms of violent assault.

Lets move on to the issue of Teasing and Bullying. Your societies are built upon the structure of a Poison Container model. What this means is that at every stage of human development, within every class of humans, the overt victimization and mistreatment of people and other living creatures by other people is promoted, encouraged, and legalized by society. Human beings are trained and taught to cope with the stress and trauma of their own victimization, by cathartically transferring the trauma onto other living things, in other words by victimizing them. As a result of this chosen societal policy, an endless, unbreakable cycle of constant victimization of every new generation of children and adults, occurs. There is a tiered, caste system structure, regarding who is legally allowed to victimize others, and exactly who they are allowed to victimize. This system is based upon age, wealth, race, familial relationship, and other factors, and it is completely deranged and perverse in terms of it's rules. As an example, parents are allowed to brutally victimize and harm their legally owned children, but if they were to commit a much less brutal/harmful act upon a child they had never seen before in their lives, they would face criminal prosecution and have the act decreed "illegal" by society. Another outstanding example of this deranged caste system, specifically focused upon age, concerns the issue of bullying.

What is Bullying? Bullying is a form of cathartic transfer of True Reality pain and rage, that is specifically bestowed upon, granted and promoted to children. A society such as america knows that it is inflicting genocidal, widespread abuse and trauma upon most of it's children. It knows that many of these children will only be able to cope with their horrific trauma, by victimizing other living things. Yes, society does first try to get it's children to simply cope with their trauma by playing violent video games, watching violent movies, watching/playing violent sports. And some children do use these devices/methods to cope. But others need more, they need a real-life Poison Container. So animals are the next step up on the subhuman scale. The tortured children are given moral and cultural permission and encouragement to victimize animals. And they do. But some children find that even this does not provide enough cathartic release and relief of their societally inflicted pain and rage. So the next step is fellow children, and this is where bullying comes in. Society gives children the moral, cultural, and legal permission, encouragement, and authority to inflict physical, emotional, psychological pain and harm upon their fellow children. And by the tens of millions, in a society as diseased as america is, children of every age gratefully embrace this opportunity, to the delight of societal leaders. Remember, all children are decreed subhuman creatures. If they victimize each other, the fully human adults, the creatures who are in fact responsible for the victimization of all children, are spared. This is the goal and plan of your malevolent societies, and it works extremely well. The already victimized "subhumans", the children, victimize, traumatize and destroy each others lives, even as their parents and other adults continue to victimize them. But the adults are spared the wrath of the children, because very few children are willing to defy the moral, cultural and societal decree that they may indeed target each other for Poison Container usage, but they may not target any adults for either cathartic vengeance or Poison Container usage.

Every kindergarten class in america has at least one bully, a 5 or 6 year old child so traumatized by their familial house of horror that they are already using other children as a Poison Container at the age of 5-6. Every elementary school and high school has dozens, if not hundreds of bullies. Some bullies will target their own classmates, fellow children their own age. Other bullies will target children younger than they are. Victims of a bully will in fact become bullies themselves, using younger, weaker children as Poison Containers even as they themselves continue to be bullied by another child who is using them as a Poison Container. This horrific cycle of mass victimization of victims, by victims, is decreed perfectly legal by your society, and your society, with it's insane Sacred Family Unit mythology and sponsorship of mass, genocidal abuse of children by adults, is directly responsible for creating this immense need among children, tortured victims of your society, to victimize and brutalize each other.

Some bullies use physical violence to cathartically relieve their True Reality pain, rage, and hate. Other bullies use the terroristic threat of violence. Other bullies employ emotional/psychological torture. Every single bully is in fact a tortured victim of their society. The only reason why they are choosing to hurt other children, is because the society that they are growing up within, overtly and with complete malice aforethought, chose and chooses to initiate a cycle of brutalization upon them. Society gives itself complete permission and authority to assault and otherwise victimize children. It then gives these children authority to assault and brutally victimize other children, as well as animals. How dare this same society arbitrarily enact laws that allow for the punitive punishment of people who commit certain types of violent assaults, and decree such assaults to be illegal! There is no rational or sane basis or justification for how society decides and divides all violent assaults into it's "legal" and "illegal" categories. In fact, to any sane thinker, the assaults that are officially decreed to be legal, are in most cases far more "unjust" to the victim, than the assaults that are decreed to be illegal. The violent brutalization of the most "pure" members of human society, children who are not yet filled with homicidal rage, children whose "pure" minds and souls are still developing and evolving, children who have not yet been completely tainted and destroyed by their malevolent society and it's adult agents, is legal. At the same time, the violent brutalization of adults, tainted, emotionally & intellectually brainwashed, insane, and destroyed adults, is declared to be illegal.

If a bullied child somehow summons up the courage to ask for help from adults, no help will be provided. The child will be told to "work things out" with the bully. The child will be condemned for being a "tattletale". It doesn't matter whether the specific adult that the child seeks help from calls the child a tattletale, because the entire societal system is designed to label and condemn the child as being a tattletale, and this word has been created and given a specific definition by society for the sole purpose of criticizing children who seek help from adults regarding their fights or other unpleasant interactions with other children. In many cases, amazingly, the adult will try to teach the child how to "fight back", how to become a bully himself. This is all due to the fact that the entire emotional and philosophical structure of the "civilized" social system of the human race is built upon ritualistic, lifelong victimization of others. Parents are instructed to victimize children, children are instructed to victimize other children, bosses are instructed to victimize employees, all human beings are instructed to victimize animals, etc... And all actual victims are instructed to victimize other living things, as a way to cope with the trauma and pain of the victimization that they have been subjected to. I hope this does not sound "bizarre" to you creatures, but if you live as a brainwashed member of a Truth-hating society, I'm quite certain that it most likely does. All I can tell you is that there is nothing bizarre in any of these Texts. For the most part, all I am expressing throughout this website are perfectly clear, extremely simple, and glaringly obvious Truths and facts.

Every child born into most "civilized" societies is decreed to be an appropriate target for brutally violent assault by their parents and other familial members, as well as other empowered" adults. Every child is also decreed to have a personal entitlement to be violently assaulted by other children, and to violently assault other children. Because of these facts, children recognize and embrace the reality that their society considers them worthless and worthy of absolutely no protection or safety of any kind. So how can these victims ever be expected to value or consider valid the notion that some forms of violent assault are "bad", illegal, and must not be committed upon fellow humans? Such an expectation makes no sense, it is blatantly ludicrous in it's hypocrisy. If violent assault is legal, and it is practiced upon children, and children are encouraged to practice violent assault upon other children, then the notion that violent assault could even be considered a "bad" act, much less a crime worthy of punitive punishment, cannot stand up to any type of a rational examination.

Are there other forms of legal assault? Of course there are. The "sport" of boxing is a form of actual assault. But it doesn't always look brutal enough to satiate the suppressed rage and hate of you tortured citizen-slaves, and so the "sport" of wrestling steps in, the assaults in wrestling are generally faked, but made to appear more brutal and violent than boxing, so that millions of enraged sadists, tortured victim-creations of society, can sit in a large auditorium or in front of their television sets and literally cheer each punch, cheer as one person brutally assaults and harms the other person, all the while cathartically relieving their own suppressed rage and hate, usually on a subconscious level. Society has deliberately chosen to create these "sports" as a way to try to allow it's torture victims to cope with their trauma and rage without having to resort to undertaking severely violent attacks upon fellow humans. "You should watch these two other humans assault each other, and pretend that you are one of the attackers, pretend that you are hurting the other person, try to relieve your rage and hate in this legal way." This is the overt and absolute intention and message of your diseased societies. The same type of dynamic is at play with violent video games, violent movies, etc... The reason why such violent forms of "entertainment" are popular, is the fact that almost all children are traumatized victims of violent abuse themselves. But the Forbidden Truth goes much further, in that society recognizes and realizes that it's tortured, traumatized children need to have violent outlets for their rage, hate, and pain, and deliberately chooses to promote and encourage all children to play violent video games, watch violent movies, play with soldier dolls, watch and cheer for wrestlers, football players, boxers, etc... This is done for the specific purpose of trying to get the tortured children to cathartically relieve and transfer their rage and hate in a way that does not involve violently attacking adults, or killing too many of their fellow children, since despite the fact that society considers the welfare and lives of all children to be completely worthless on an individual level, it does have a strong desire and interest in keeping it's population as large as possible, and in maintaining the illusion of moral benevolence. If 1 out of 10, or even 1 out of 100 children killed another child, the population would decrease and the perverse illusion of the society being a morally decent one would be at risk, since this would cause an increasing number of adult citizen-slaves to start wondering and questioning why there are so many children killing each other.

There are a few specific forms of "illegal" violent assault that deserve additional commentary. We will begin with Rape. Rape is generally defined as a violent, forcible attack upon an individual by another individual, with a specific desire/intention of the attacker being to have sexual intercourse/fornication with the attacked victim. The reality is that sexual violence is a core building block of all civilized societies. Men are brainwashed by society from the time that they are babies, with the notion that they need and must find female humans to fornicate/copulate with, and use whatever means necessary to get female humans to have sex with them. They are taught and told that the only good and proper way to achieve sexual release and pleasure, is to copulate with a member of their own species, who is of the opposite gender. This is part of the Sacred Family Unit mythologies. The reality, which I will discuss at great length in the "sex" portion of these Texts, is that the most efficient and simplest way to achieve and meet personal sexual needs, is to privately and individually stimulate the sexual organs while creating mental images of what one finds most sexually interesting/exciting. But no, your diseased & deranged societies are determined to coerce and compel all individuals into agreeing to have sexual contact and intercourse with each other. Any human who dares to refuse to follow this irrational and fascist decree, is demonized and condemned and ridiculed mercilessly, by all other humans who might become aware of the sane person's "virginal" or complete abstinence lifestyle choice. Rape is the only logical manifestation of the perverse lie that society brutally imposes upon all citizens, the lie that unless they are engaging in intimate sexual contact with a fellow human being, they are missing out on the single most pleasurable and necessary aspect of life.

Since ancient times, societies have enticed and coerced their male citizen-slaves into agreeing to live a "domesticated" lifestyle, by offering them the gift of "trophy" females, by promising them that a woman of their choosing, will agree to have sexual intercourse with them. This form of coercion is employed just as vigorously today, as in the past. Societies have brainwashed all men, save for a handful of courageous, insightful seekers of Truth, into believing that they have a sacred entitlement and an instinctual, overwhelming need, to engage in intimate sexual contact with other human beings. This notion is completely false, and it is a top-level cause of many rape attacks. The Forbidden Truth is this: All human beings, male and female, have a profound, overwhelming, instinctual need to achieve sexual climax and release. They do not have any instinctual need to engage in intimate sexual contact with fellow humans in order to achieve this needed sexual climax and release, due to their advanced brain function and cognitive thinking mental thinking abilities. Society has a vested interest in promoting intimate sexual contact between citizens, and compelling it's citizen-slaves to engage in such contact, which is why the malevolent brainwashing process is undertaken, which serves to delude the vast majority of citizen-slaves into adopting the mindset of becoming obsessed with having intimate sexual contact with fellow humans in order to achieve the sexual climax and release that they need.

Like all acts of violent assault, the root cause of rape is personal rage, caused by traumatic personal pain due to unjust suffering, and a profound True Reality-based need on the part of the attacker, to cathartically relieve, release, and transfer the rage and pain onto another living thing. A desire to simply achieve sexual climax is never the root motivation of the rapist, even though on a conscious level he may well feel and believe this to be his root motivation. However, the choice to commit a violent, overtly sexualized attack, as opposed to a violent attack with no overt sexual component, is often strongly influenced by the malevolent brainwashings and mythologies surrounding human sexuality and sexual needs, most specifically regarding the lie that contact with other humans needs to be an integral aspect of all sexual pleasure, that your diseased societies deliberately choose to coerce upon the minds of all citizen-slaves. In addition of course, your genocidally child abusive societies encourage, sponsor and allow the mass sexual abuse of children, and naturally this results in countless millions of adults developing a specific True Reality obsession with claiming personal vengeance and in hurting and traumatizing other human beings in a similar, sexual manner.

I realize that I have already spoken a great deal about child and familial abuse/violence in these texts, but I want to make it perfectly clear that violent, non-fatal assault of children and spouses/lovers by parents and other close familial members, even if it is sometimes decreed to be illegal by the criminal justice system in certain circumstances, is at the same time overtly encouraged and promoted by society. Society deliberately steers it's traumatized adult citizen-slaves into specifically targeting their children and their spouses/intimate sex partners, for cathartically violent assault, as opposed to the targeting of complete strangers, bosses, empowered or valued members of the societal leadership, etc... In fact, society creates a toxic web of enmeshment, using both the cultural system and the legal/judicial system, which serves to keep husbands and wives, parents and children, family members, and intimate lovers, tied down, trapped, and literally chained to each other, knowing that this will directly result in explosions of enraged, sometimes fatal, violence. Amazingly, society has the gall to order pedophiles who target children they do not legally own, to "stay away from children", while at the same time making it literally impossible, via both cultural doctrine and judicial law, for a biological creator who hates their child to sever all contact with the child.

By an overwhelming percentage, the vast majority of violent assaults are committed by parents upon children, and by spouses/live-in lovers upon their mates. The reason for this is not the fact that the child/spouse is an "easy, available target". The reason is that society itself overtly encourages and promotes this type of "domestic" violence, having come to the realization that unless parents are empowered to brutalize children, and spouses/lovers are empowered to brutalize each other, a large percentage of them would target complete strangers, the police, and other empowered agents and leaders of society itself. A conscious decision has been made by society, to legitimize both the legal forms of child/familial violent assault, such as "spanking", as well as the illegal forms, such as child murder. Does society issue a proclamation to all parents of: Murder your children. Of course not! This would compromise the insane delusions of "superior civilization" and moral benevolence that every society tries to uphold in order to create "patriotism" and devotion among you citizen-slaves. But the reality is that through child dehumanization, sacred family unit mythology, parental mythology, the marriage myth, etc..., a clear, brutally pervasive doctrine under which systematic violent assault upon children and upon spouses/lovers, by parents/spouses, is promoted and encouraged by society, and constitutes a core policy initiative under which societies operate. These two specific forms of violent, sometimes fatal assault, attacking of children and attacking of spouses/lovers, regardless of whether or not the specific act is labeled as legal or illegal, are promoted, encouraged, and legitimized by society, above all other forms of violent assault. This promotion and encouragement occurs in many different ways, both cultural and legal. Children are dehumanized, children and spouses are insanely tied down/enmeshed to their parents/mates, violent assault of the type that is illegal if committed upon a stranger is legalized, and even in cases where the acts are decreed illegal and criminally prosecuted, society makes it clear that it is grateful and pleased that the attacker "only" targeted the "right" victims, by pursuing and obtaining lenient sentences, publicly recognizing that the attacker is a victim him/herself, embracing mental illness defenses, etc...

George Hennard, Texas mass murderer
This is George Hennard, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. On October 16, 1991, at the age of 34, handsome, financially comfortable George drove into a cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, pulled out several handguns, and shot a total of 23 people to death. He then killed himself. George was of course severely traumatized as a child, all murderers were. It appears that George was obsessed with women, with dating women. Perhaps his hatred of women is a manifestation of childhood abuse inflicted by his mother and/or other women. But in addition, the manner in which your societies terroristically brainwash and coerce all citizen-slaves, most especially the handsome/beautiful ones, into believing that they "need" to go out on dates with and engage in sexual intimacy with fellow humans, in order to live a "proper" life and achieve personal satisfaction from life, is utterly perverse. George was and will always be a Martyr, a tortured victim-creation of american society. From the few, brief quotes I am listing here, the personal victimization as well as the profound humanity, sensitivity, and intellectual sense of outrage of George, is revealed: "Please give me the satisfaction of someday laughing in the faces of all those mostly white, treacherous female Vipers from those two towns who tried to destroy me and my family." "You can't go judging him (Ted Bundy). You don't know what goes on in a guy's mind. He may have had a good reason for what he did." "Don't laugh at me if I cry" Speaking in a disgusted tone of voice, about the death penalty: "This country is really giving it to these guys, killing people." "I am not an animal nor am I a number. I am a human being with feelings and emotions." Yelled out in the middle of his killing spree, at a woman clutching a small child: Tell everyone I ain't killing babies today. Tell everyone Bell County was bad!----------George Hennard


We now move on to discussing other types of crimes, some of which do involve violence or even death in certain cases. However, I have decided to list them separately below. Even though some of these crimes might seem somewhat "minor" in nature, the Forbidden Truths that I am about to reveal are just as profound and brilliantly insightful as my above Texts, so please do not skip over them. We will begin with prostitution. What is Prostitution? Prostitution is a private, personal/business transaction, in which one person agrees to have sexual contact with another person, in exchange for money or other valuables. Please note that even though i am using the feminine designation of "she" in my comments below, all of the comments apply equally to male prostitutes and to homosexual prostitutes. Prostitutes are all traumatized victims, who are choosing to sell their bodies because they find this choice to be cathartically reflective of the personal worthlessness and dehumanization that they experienced and that was brutally imprinted upon their minds and consciousness, during their childhoods. Even though prostitution can be very financially lucrative, no person becomes a prostitute with their core, primary reason and core internal motivation for choosing this occupation, being a desire to earn a decent wage. At the same time, a great many prostitutes will use the claim that they are only "doing it for the money", because they are either unable or unwilling to consciously face up to the emotional pain, abuse, and trauma of their childhoods.

Even though prostitutes are traumatized victims, and some of them have been rendered so broken by the lifetime of societal dehumanization and decreed worthlessness that they have been subjected to, that they crave and relish the "abuse" that their customers inflict upon them, other prostitutes do find the profession to be empowering. In reality, the act of demanding money for sex, and having the power to set ones price and to refuse to engage in certain sexual activities, can be extremely empowering. It all depends upon the emotional/intellectual attitude and perspective that the prostitute brings to the table. Is she able to love herself, is she able to see and appreciate the fact that she has a great deal of power and influence over her clients? Can she relish the fact that her clients, no matter how rude or boorish they may act towards, in reality need her quite desperately? In a majority of cases the answer to these questions is, sadly, No. But there are a significant number of prostitutes who do have this type of a Truth-based perspective on their profession. The reality is that most wives could never bring themselves to ask for money in exchange for a husband's demand for sex, nor would most wives feel "free" enough to refuse to engage in any specific sex act, if their husband really seemed to want to engage in the sex act. Therefore, when looked at rationally and truthfully, prostitutes are much freer and have a far greater say in manipulating, and controlling their sexual options, choices, and the personal benefits they gain from the acts they engage in, than the vast majority of all wives and even the vast majority of all husbands.

Most societies have decreed prostitution to be a criminal offense. Even within the few societies that have not criminalized prostitution, a tremendous amount of moral and cultural condemnation is constantly heaped upon all prostitutes, to the point where their outright murder is specifically advocated and encouraged. In societies that have criminalized prostitution, this mass exhortation to all citizen-slaves who are filled with homicidal rage, to direct that rage specifically towards hookers, is even more intense and unrelenting. Perversely, strongly capitalistic societies like america are the ones who most stridently condemn and criminalize prostitution, even though it is a perfectly harmless business transaction between two individuals, each person giving the other person what they want, as a free enterprise, which is literally the most perfect definition and example of what capitalistic societies insanely and deceitfully claim to be economic nirvana.

Throughout the entire planet earth, in every single society, once you move beyond child-slave murder and familial murder, the single most common and prevalent class of murder victims is prostitutes. This is true for every single nation on the planet. By a wide margin, murderers in every single society target more prostitutes than they do nurses, waitresses, teachers, business executives, store owners, bartenders, landlords, even drug addicts and the homeless. Homicidally enraged victims of society deliberately and specifically choose to target prostitutes for murder. Why?? The primary reason is not because prostitutes are "easier to kill" than other people. It's not because prostitutes engage in a "dangerous" job. The primary reason is the fact that every society on planet earth chooses to demonize and condemn prostitutes, for daring to defy and in some cases compromise the "sanctity" of the insane Sacred Family Unit mythologies that every single society is desperately promoting and imposing upon it's citizen-slaves. The reason why serial killers target prostitutes so often, is because society teaches and tells every tortured victim of society that there is one specific class of human above all others who deserves to die, society promises to make it as easy as possible for this particular group to be murdered, society promises to pay nothing more than lip service to any criminal investigation involving the murder of a prostitute. And so naturally, the end result is that a great many of the tortured victim-creations of society who decide that they need to claim cathartic vengeance through murder, will go after the most demonized class of victim, following the malevolent guidance and instruction of their evil society. Why do your societies demonize, hate, and condemn prostitutes so fiercely? Because the act of prostitution represents both truth and freedom. Profound, Forbidden Truth, and genuine freedom, not the illusive, faked freedom of the type that your societies addict you to. And prostitution does this in direct challenge to the very core fabric upon which your societies have built their illegitimate charade of fascist enslavement, namely Sacred Family Unit mythology. Prostitutes reveal Truth. The Truth that marriage is an insane and artificial construct. The Truth that the entire societal notion of placing a specific limit on the number of sex partners that individuals should have, is completely ridiculous and irrational. The Truth that all of the "moral limitations" upon sexual freedom that society terroristically coerces and brainwashes the masses of citizen-slaves into embracing, have no legitimate basis in rationality. The Truth that you creatures live under irrational, terroristic fascism, while pretending to be free and having your societies pretend to offer you freedom. It is the revelation of these Forbidden Truths, the fact that prostitutes represent and by their actions reveal these Truths, which makes your societies condemn them, demonize them, and overtly encourage their murder.

In any sane society not only would the notion of prostitution constituting a crime be seen as ludicrous, but prostitutes would be honored and praised at every turn. The job would be placed and held in at least as high esteem as emergency room nurse or firefighter. The fact that prostitutes are victims of severe childhood trauma would not only be recognized, it would also serve to make their choice to pursue this form of employment, all the more poignant. People would randomly stop prostitutes in the street, just to give them donations and thank them for the valuable service they are performing. Every society would establish "safe havens", small, heavily policed areas, perhaps even with police taking down the license plate numbers of all customers who pick up a hooker, so that prostitutes could solicit business in safety, knowing that not only do they face no legal danger, but that society recognizes that their valuable job is dangerous, and is therefore trying it's very best to ensure their safety, by monitoring their comings and goings. There would be absolutely no moral or cultural stigma to either being a prostitute, or soliciting/having sex with prostitutes. Because the Truth is that there is nothing natural, normal, or instinctual to limiting the number of sexual partners that one has, or to decree that the artificial, invalid pretense of "romantic love", a topic I will discuss in great depth elsewhere within these texts, is somehow a proper basis for having sex, while the much more valid and real need for money and/or sexual release is somehow not a proper basis for having sex. The exact opposite is true, and here we have yet another glaringly blatant and undeniable example of how utterly diseased and perverse your societal structures and doctrines are. Prostitution is popular because it is unnatural for human beings to have any type of moral or cultural limitation placed upon them, regarding how many sexual partners they should have, or to whom they should limit their sexual contact with, as well as the fact that society perversely brainwashes and teaches all citizen-slaves that no matter how poor, ugly, dumb, or otherwise "undesirable" they might be, they still have an obligation to find a fellow human and engage in intimate sexual contact with the other human as part of achieving sexual satisfaction in their lives, even though this is completely untrue and irrational and it is far easier to achieve sexual satisfaction and climax by oneself. This does not mean that some people won't genuinely need to have a human partner in order to enjoy their best sexual satisfaction, nor does it mean that every human needs to have many sexual partners. My revelations of truth stand as made, so please read them on a literal level, and do not try to extrapolate any "conclusions" of your own, regarding what I might "really mean". I state very clearly and comprehensively, exactly what I mean, in these Texts.

On a personal note, before I leave this specific topic of prostitution, I want to say that in my experience, prostitutes are among the most morally superior human beings that any of us can ever know. I would encourage any readers of these Texts who might be sane and Superior, to befriend prostitutes, engage them in conversation, take them out to dinner or for a night on the town, tell them that you honor and value them as individuals, that you value them not merely for their willingness to help other people achieve sexual satisfaction and climax, but you value them for surviving their childhood traumas, and for choosing to engage in such a valuable, necessary, dangerous, emotionally and physically stressful occupation. It is outrageous beyond all measure that these sexual saints are demonized by society, their activity criminalized, and that society overtly chooses to both punitively punish them and immensely increase the physical dangers that they face each day, by encouraging and advocating their murder, to all citizen-slaves. Here we have even more proof of how the crimes of society, the crimes that society chooses to commit upon it's own victimized citizens, are literally a million times more malevolent, more immoral, less justifiable, than the so-called "illegal" crimes of individuals that society insanely gives itself permission to demonize and condemn.

Burglary and Theft:

Burglary and theft are acts which involve the taking of privately owned property, against the wishes of the decreed owner, in a manner that society has chosen to deem as illegal. Some burglaries/thefts involve violence, in fact as I outlined above, some murderers use a subconscious-level rationalization of carrying out burglaries or robberies as a way to justify to themselves the commission of violent, even fatal attacks. On the other hand, many burglars and robbers have no specific interest/need to hurt or kill others, but rather in avenging the economic injustices that they have been subjected to. Most of these societal victims were abused in other ways, physically and emotionally, and yet they may well be able to satisfy their cathartic need to avenge the injustices they were subjected to, without resorting to overt violence. The issue of economic injustice is a profound one, and as is so often the case, it is experienced most acutely by the citizen-slaves of stridently capitalistic societies. The very structure of capitalism is specifically designed to guarantee and ensure that a significant portion of citizen-slaves must and will live out their lives in grinding poverty. Worse still, Sacred Family Unit mythology serves to condemn the biological creations of most citizen-slaves who are trapped within grinding poverty, to a lifetime of virtually certain grinding poverty, and these children recognize both their fate and the profound injustice of their random "bad luck" in terms of which humans biologically created them, at a very young age. In most slums and ghettos, most child-slaves recognize by the age of six that a profound economic injustice is being inflicted upon them, for no valid or rational reason.

The design and implementation of capitalism is meant to terrorize as many citizen-slaves as possible, into agreeing to work very hard for a very long time, with the "threat" of poverty as an enticement. The only way this threat can carry any weight, is for a permanent underclass of citizen-slaves to be overtly and deliberately created by societal leaders, and to ensure that this underclass remains trapped in grinding poverty. At the same time, via perverse exploitation such as legal lottery drawings and the lure of achieving professional sports stardom, society manages to keep most of the humans trapped within grinding poverty under control, by holding out the remote possibility that a tiny percentage of the permanent underclass, if they just "hang in there" and don't go crazy, commit suicide, or wind up in prison, might be randomly lucky enough to gain a financial windfall. Some children who grow up under economic terrorization and injustice, as well as being subjected to other abuses, will naturally develop a profound sense of outrage and seek to avenge the absolutely unfair, unjust fate that society has chosen to impose upon them, by committing burglaries and robberies.

Communist and socialist societies generally have fewer burglaries and robberies, on a population-adjusted basis, than capitalistic/democratic societies do. This is not because people living in communist/socialist societies are more terrified of being punished by their society's legal system if they dare to defy societal law, which is the propaganda message that capitalistic/democratic societies feed to their citizen-slaves. The True reason why there are fewer burglaries/robberies is because while socialist/communist societies absolutely do brutally oppress their citizen-slaves economically, they do so in a less randomly prejudicial and less staggeringly disparate and unequal manner. In other words, the vast majority of citizen-slaves living in communist/socialist societies are all trapped in the same boat, on a fairly parallel plane of economic hardship. This leads to less feelings of envy and righteous indignation/outrage on the part of individual citizen-slaves towards other citizen-slaves, and thus less burglary/robbery. But in capitalistic societies, which are more overtly diseased and malevolent, society specifically pits the citizen-slaves against each other, using the underclass as a tool of terrorization in motivating all other citizen-slaves to work very hard, under threat that if they fail or refuse to work hard enough, they will fall into the grindingly poor underclass themselves. And of course the disparity in income and assets is much wider in capitalistic societies, as a direct result of malevolent societal policy. This leads to more righteous outrage and True Reality-based rage and hate over the issue of economic injustice, in capitalistic societies.

An important point must be made here, which is that the issue of what constitutes "poverty" and economic hardship is almost exclusively controlled by the leaders of each individual society, who control and manipulate the monetary system and the cost of goods/cost of living. I will discuss this at much greater length in a separate essay, but the bottom-line is this: A person living in a third-world African country, earning the equivalent of 500 american dollars a year, can, in some cases, be far better off financially and be subjected to far less economic exploitation and traumatization, than a person living in america who might earn twenty to twenty-five thousand dollars per year. Capitalistic societies artificially and malevolently create a high "cost of living" economic system, as a way to terrorize/motivate their citizen-slaves to work very hard for their entire lives. Citizen-slaves are brainwashed into accepting the notion that they need to make a lot of money, and spend all of the money that they do make, in order to live a proper, fulfilling, "normal" life. This lie is used to maintain a completely abnormal and unnecessary system of constantly changing material goods purchases, designed to stretch the budgets of all citizen-slaves and keep them under constant economic stress and concern, as they insanely strive to keep pace with their neighbors and friends, as all so-called "middle class" and upper class citizen-slaves try to maintain the illusion of material wealth, while the permanent underclass is left desperately trying to just survive, huddled together in segregated city ghettos and slums and isolated rural enclaves. At first glance the option of leaving this type of capitalistic hellhole for a third world country, where they could enjoy a much better standard of life and would even be considered extremely wealthy if they had a few thousand dollars saved up, might seem like a logical, enticing choice. But there is a problem, these ghetto-dwellers have been brainwashed by society into believing in the capitalistic system, into literally worshipping and celebrating the very system that is condemning them to a life of grinding poverty. "I'm living out the american dream!", this is the insane mantra that both long-term citizen-slaves of america as well as new immigrants mindlessly chant to themselves, even as they continue living out their lives under a horrific system of economic exploitation and injustice. In conclusion, burglary and robbery should not be considered crimes, nor should the perpetrators face any punitive punishment, because all economic systems are based upon brutal injustice and outrageously unfair exploitation and manipulation of the relative wealth and financial health of all individuals.

War Crimes:

We move on, the perverse societal practice of war is to be brilliantly dissected by me in a separate essay elsewhere at this website, but since we are discussing crime here, a few brief sentences concerning the ridiculous issue of War Crimes is in order. What are "war crimes"? According to the insane structure of human society, leaders of societies are allowed to initiate and participate in absolutely brutal, genocidal wars in which they try to mass murder each others citizen-slaves. And yet in the same breath, a few of the most overtly malevolent and war-mongering societies, such as america, have decided that some "foreign devils", mostly enlisted soldiers or direct agents of societies who are doing exactly the same thing as american soldiers are doing, might be guilty of committing "crimes" against the enemy, via the actions they undertake which result in the hurting or killing of people. This is absurd beyond all measure, simply ludicrous in the scope of hypocrisy that is involved in the very notion of an individual being singled out by a foreign nation/society, for being a war criminal. Every society that chooses to participate in any war is guilty of committing war crimes. America has committed thousands of times more war crimes in it's short history, than all other societies of the world put together, by virtue of it's genocidal invasion of Indian land, atomic bombing of a sovereign nation thousands of miles away, genocidal attacks upon Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc... For america, or in fact any society, to have the audacity to label a few specific soldiers or "patriots" of foreign societies as being guilty of "war crimes", and to seek to inflict punitive punishment upon them for carrying out these war "crimes", represents the absolute zenith of two-faced, insane hypocrisy.

War is a form of societally sponsored and undertaken ritualized, legalized, mass murder. It overtly and specifically involves actions that are designed to hurt and kill large numbers of people. The rationalization that societies make in claiming to "only be targeting enemy soldiers" holds no validity for several reasons. First of all the "enemy soldiers", all soldiers, are in fact nothing more than tortured children, brainwashed and coerced into agreeing to try to kill each other on the command of their "bosses", who are empowered agents of society. They are child-pawns, used as Poison Containers to cathartically express the emotional rage and pain of the leaders of their society and the masses of citizen-slaves, and secondly, every society that undertakes a war knows that if it is win the war, it must and will end up massacring not "only" soldiers, but women, children, and other members of the demonized enemy who are in fact not soldiers. Therefore, no individual can ever be guilty of any "war crime". No matter how many members of the demonized enemy the individual may have raped, tortured, murdered, all he was doing was reflecting not only the brutalization that his society committed upon him, but also he was reflecting the official policy of his society in his actions. He was simply perceiving and treating his victims as demonized, worthless, foreign enemy devils, which is what every society that chooses to engage in war trains, tells, and brainwashes all of it's soldiers and as many of it's civilians as it possibly can, into doing.


Our next crime topic is Terrorism. This is another issue that I will be discussing at some length elsewhere at this website, but let us briefly look at it, since your insane societies have labeled it as a crime. What is terrorism? It is not a specific action, but rather a label, an invalid, irrationally employed negative label that societal leaders use to demonize those who oppose them and might seek to destabilize or overthrow their regime. No society admits that it sponsors terrorism. Instead it uses a phrase such as "freedom-fighter" or just plain "soldier doing his patriotic duty", to describe the genocidal attacks that it chooses to launch and commit upon other societies, as public policy. And yet in the same breath, a tortured victim-creation of another society, or even a disgruntled member/creation of the same society, should he or she dare to undertake an act of cathartic vengeance and claim to be doing so for "political" purposes or to advance a political/ideological agenda or idea, is demonized as being a terrorist. This is just one example among thousands, of the complete sham that is the reality of your two-faced, lie-based, truth-condemning, societal structures.

When your leaders want to commit genocide, they simply use phrases like "national defense", "national interests", "freedom-fighting", "coming to the aid of our allies", etc, to brainwash and win patriotic public support for the politically motivated, immoral acts of genocide. Since the vast majority of citizen-slaves within an ultra-diseased society like america are filled with homicidal rage and desperately eager to find as many human beings as possible to hate, demonize, and celebrate the brutalization and annihilation of, you joyfully seize upon this gift that your evil society is happy to provide to you, as it singles out another nation, another race of humans, another society that has a slightly different ideological bent than yours does, for demonization. It is the "terrorists" who are the true victims, the true "freedom fighters". It is they who are expressing the purer, less societally tainted form of personal rage, than are the "loyal, patriotic soldiers" who are fighting on the direct behalf of their empowered societal leaders. The terrorist has been subjected to great personal injustice and traumatization, just as is the case with every seeker of violent vengeance. The terrorist simply chooses to adopt a more overtly ideological rationalization/motivation for his actions, than most other killers and violent attackers do. Because the terrorist is expressing hatred and outrage at an empowered society, in a direct manner, the society that is being targeted, the society that is having Forbidden Truths revealed about it by the terrorist or terrorist group, feels a much greater need to overtly demonize and condemn not only the terrorist, but the ideology that is being promoted as well, most often one of genuine Truth, that the terrorist is trying to express and reveal to the world at large. At the same time of course, we must recognize that the ideologies of terrorist groups, even though they usually do reveal profound, Forbidden Truth about the hidden natures, agendas, and malevolent policies of the empowered societies that they target, are not free of irrational, invalid, brainwashing influences. Almost no ideological system can be Truth-based, since such systems are created by tortured victims of lie-based societies. No matter how hard they might try to develop a Truth-based philosophy and ideology upon which to base their lives, it is extremely difficult to overcome and escape from the smothering blanket of lies, myths, and hypocrisies that they were subjected to from the moment of their birth on throughout their entire childhoods.

The bottom line here is that terrorists are simply seekers of personal vengeance, who are also attaching a specific philosophical/ideological platform of recognized societal injustices to their actions, in the hope of making other people aware of the immense injustices that the society which they despise and hate, is committing. To demonize either the terrorists themselves, or the specific ideology that they are trying to express/garner public attention to, represents the utmost degree of fascism. As I type these words, a new book on Timothy McVeigh, titled "American Terrorist", has just been published, and Timothy's legal murder sentence date is just a few weeks away. No television or documentary filmmakers are being allowed to interview Timothy. He is being limited to 15 minutes of telephone contact with the media per day. His legal murder will not be recorded on video, neither will his "final statement". This, the ultimate level of fascism, is occurring in america, the country/society that claims to be the freest, most open and democratic in the world. In reality of course, it is the most malevolent and immoral country in the world, and because Timothy stands tall and proud, a tortured victim-creation of american society, reflecting and revealing Forbidden Truth ideology to his society, he represents the ultimate "boogeyman" to you creatures and to the very core and top leaders of american society. Not because he killed a lot of people, not even because he refuses to apologize or express any false remorse/regret, but because he reveals genuine Truth in the few writings and statements of his that the media has had the courage to publish. This is the root definition of the societally demonizing label of "terrorist": A revealer of societally hidden, rejected, and condemned Truth.

Child Abuse:

I have already revealed a great many Forbidden Truths on this issue, so I will be brief here. Child abuse cannot be a criminal offense under any rational interpretation of law, because all societies choose to sponsor, enable, encourage, facilitate, and directly cause child abuse to occur, as a specific result of their chosen public policies, enacted laws, social rituals, and cultural systems. For a society which chooses to do this, to turn around and criminalize a few specific types of child abuse, and selectively prosecute some child abusers, makes no rational sense of any kind, it is hypocrisy of the highest order. Most especially galling to any sane thinker, is the manner in which legal owners such as biological, step, adoptive, and foster parents, are specifically empowered and authorized by society to commit brutal child abuse, but only upon their legally owned slaves, and if some "stranger" were to commit an act of child abuse significantly milder upon the very same child that the legal owner is abusing, the stranger would face far more societal condemnation and far harsher judicial system prosecution and punishment, than the parental child abuser would face. In fact, the parent is guaranteed the legal right to commit brutal attacks upon their slave, and face absolutely no threat of legal prosecution, while a stranger, committing the exact same or milder attack, would face a virtual guarantee of being criminally prosecuted. Child abuse is a core ritual of societal life. It occurs in epidemic proportions specifically because society has chosen to both legalize and promote it. This makes the notion of the abuse of children being labeled, in a selective, arbitrary manner, as an "unacceptable crime", by these very same societies, completely ludicrous.

Child Neglect:

Here we have another ridiculous type of selectively prosecuted crime. In order to maintain the illusion that all parents feel a mystical bond of love for their children, and to try to terrorize parents into not letting too many of their children die or become crippled due to caretaker negligence, a Child Neglect crime, although rarely prosecuted, has been enacted into law. What makes this law particularly egregious in terms of irrationality is the fact that society provides absolutely no moral, cultural, or legal encouragement, support or methodology for adults to terminate or decline to accept all of their so-called parental/caretaker, "obligations" to children they create or otherwise become the primary owners of. So, in essence, adults are given a child/children and told that they are obligated to not "neglect" the child too severely, while at the same time they are given no legitimate opportunity of any kind to decline and refuse to agree to accept and perform this "obligation". As already outlined by me, absolutely no attempt to determine the competency of any aspiring child caretaker or custodian is made by society either. Therefore, prosecuting any tortured citizen-slave for the crime of child neglect, is akin to plucking a high school dropout out of a shopping mall, bringing him against his will to the cockpit of a 747 jetliner, ordering him to fly the plane, and then declaring him guilty of a crime if he refuses, is unable to fly the plane, or "neglects his obligation" to properly fly the plane, an obligation that he never asked for, was never given the opportunity to decline, and was never given proper training or testing as to determining his ability and competency to pilot a jet aircraft. Just as this "forced piloting" scenario makes not an iota of rational sense, the entire notion of both child neglect and child abuse constituting criminal offenses, makes no rational sense.

Andrei Chikatilo, Russian serial killer
This is Andrei Chikatilo, Tortured Victim-Creation of Russian Society. Demonized as being the most "evil monster" of Russia, Andrei serially killed at least 53 people during a 12-13 year rampage of personal, cathartic vengeance. He is of course a tortured victim-creation of his society, the horrifically abusive communist/socialist society he was born into and grew up within. Even though many of the Essays I have written are especially scornful and condemning of capitalistic/democratic societies, I want to make it clear that Forbidden Truth doctrine holds that all societies are overtly and intensely malevolent, diseased, immoral, and genocidally abusive to children. It is with sadness and outrage that I state the fact that Russian society legally murdered this tortured Martyr, who so graciously shares just a tiny bit of his True Reality with us, in his below writings and statements of True Reality. The fact that Russia did establish a "moratorium" on the commission of additional legal murders, soon after legally murdering Andrei, should be of absolutely no comfort to any of us, but it does demonstrate, in a tiny way, that america was, is, and remains the single most diseased and deranged society on this planet.

Andrei testifying at his trial: "No one wants to hear the truth, they just want to get it over with as quickly as possible. The court doesn't want to hear me. But I want to tell them everything about my life, about how I was mocked and humiliated, so they'll all know." Andrei writing/speaking of his childhood: "We lived in occupied territories from 1941-1943. after battles we gathered the corpses, in pieces and covered in blood. I saw blown-apart children on the streets, bullets, explosions, fires, burning huts. In 1933, according to the stories my mother and father told, my older brother Stepan was kidnapped and eaten. My parents always warned me never to go anywhere alone. We hid in basements. Cold and hunger were constants in my childhood. I nearly died of hunger lying in the tall weeds." "At school, I would collapse under the desk from hunger spells. I was dressed in rags. Other kids teased me, and I could not defend myself. I was too shy and timid. If I did not have any pens or ink, I would simply sit at my desk and cry. Sometimes the other students would tell the teacher, but all she would say was, 'Doesn't Andrei have a tongue of his own?' I was afraid to go to the bathroom. When others teased me and called me 'skeleton', or beat me, I would hide in our garden and wait until my mother returned home from work. I cried tears of shame and dreamed that my brother Stepan would come and defend me. I was even ashamed of the fact that I was born. I had trouble reading the blackboard---it was later diagnosed as congenital myopia. Now I wear glasses with a strong prescription. Back in school, I was afraid to ask what was written on the blackboard. I would get nervous and cry. There was nowhere to get glasses back then, and no one ever checked our vision. Later, when I was older, I was afraid of being called 'four-eyes'. I only began wearing glasses when I got married at the age of thirty." "No, I didn't have a close friend. I'm alone in my daydreams, in my fantasies. In my resentment against injustice." "The meaning of life is to leave some trace behind on earth. Whether I was working, studying, or creating---I gave my all to it until the desire was taken away from me. I was beaten about the hands and head. Because of my character---reserved, timid, shy, especially in childhood---I could not get adjusted to this society. I lived life my own way. I couldn't get answers to the questions about sex or family life that tormented me." "My tragedy is that I did not bear up against the pressures of contemporary urban civilization." "Traits peculiar to me are candor, unabounded sincerity, goodness. Being reserved is an assumed trait, a direct influence of the aggressive environment that surrounds me." "I couldn't control my actions, because from childhood I was unable to realize myself as a real man and a complete human being."------Andrei Chikatilo

Drug Possession and Distribution:

We now continue detailing the long list of human activities that society has arbitrarily and in a completely insane fashion decided to decree as crimes and authorize punitive punishment against the perpetrators. The reality is that all perpetrators of all "crimes" are tortured victim/creations, who undertake these accurately reflective acts in tribute to and as a demonstration of, nothing more than their own personal torment as was initiated and inflicted upon them by society, as well as the utterly malevolent, genocidally abusive structure under which all societies operate. Within each and every specific category of crime, there are absolutely undeniable Forbidden Truth facts which serve to make the entire societal notion/decree of the action being "unacceptably criminal", utterly ridiculous and hypocritically perverse. And so it is with the issue of "illegal" drug possession, usage, and distribution/sale.

Throughout the history of the diseased human race, people have chosen to consume and use mind-altering substances, as a way to emotionally and intellectually escape from the horrific pain and distress that they are experiencing on a daily basis, in their day-to-day lives. This brutal torment that they are experiencing was and is directly caused by society, by the sum total of traumatic, unjust, unfair, harmful experiences, situations, and brainwashings that society chooses to inflict upon all of it's citizen-slaves, from the moment of their birth onward. Societies absolutely and overtly recognize that for a majority of their citizen-slaves, the only way they will be able to cope with the genuine horror of their lives, is if they are not merely allowed, but overtly encouraged, to create artificial, invalid, false perceptions of reality within their own minds, via the alteration of their normal and natural brain chemistry, using mind and brain-function impairing/altering substances. Societies choose to legalize alcohol, sleeping pills, prescription and non-prescription sedatives, stimulants, and other carefully developed artificial drugs that are specifically designed to alter the brain chemistry of anyone who takes the drug. All of these societally legalized and approved-of substances have the specific purpose and intention of causing human beings to have their natural, uniquely and individually normal brain chemistry changed, through artificial means. This artificial alternation of the True Reality of human beings is overtly promoted, encouraged, coercively imposed upon, and in some cases terroristically inflicted upon citizen-slaves, as a cultural public policy.

At the same time, insanely, societies arbitrarily pick and choose certain other mind-altering substances, and decree the possession, use, and sale of these substances to be illegal and a crime deserving of punitive punishment. The determination as to which substances are deliberately promoted to citizen-slaves and which substances are demonized and declared illegal, has absolutely nothing to do with the safety of the mind-altering substances, or with their effectiveness in creating alteration of mood/perception of reality within the user/consumer. Instead, the judgments that societies make it deciding which mind-altering substances will be legal and which will be illegal, are based upon fascist control criteria, societal leader bribery, and societal determination as to which substances work best at keeping the citizen-slaves appeased, under control and emotionally broken. Alcohol is one of the most toxic and harmful mind-altering substances in existence. It is far more harmful than many types of illegal substances, and yet it is decreed perfectly legal by most societies. Why? First of all, because the deadly and crippling effects of alcohol usually take decades to manifest themselves upon the addict, thus giving society many years of slave usage. Secondly, because alcohol does not "open up new avenues of thinking", as some hallucinogenic substances do, but merely allows for the "dulling" of existing pain/distress. Societies are terrified of citizen-slaves coming to the conscious realization that they have been and are being horrifically oppressed. Strongly hallucinogenic substances make this societally undesired outcome more likely to occur, than is the case with alcohol. Thirdly, the creation and sale of alcohol is an economically established, powerful generator of financial wealth. This means that some extremely wealthy, societally influential citizen-slaves have a strong interest in promoting and legitimizing the consumption of alcohol and will offer bribes to top societal leaders that are so immense that nobody could turn them down. Fourth, in capitalistic societies, even if the immense bribes were declined by the individual politicians who receive them, the structure of the taxation system is such that a huge amount of money which goes directly to the government is specifically generated by the bottling, sale, and consumption of this toxic substance. Fifth, societal leaders know, with 100% certainty, that a majority of their citizen-slaves could not be able to cope with the horrific nature of their real lives, unless they are able to artificially create a false and invalid perception of their own lives, whenever they so desire, via the consumption of mind-altering substances. If a societal leadership tried to stop all citizen-slaves from artificially altering their brain chemistry, it would literally be signing it's own death warrant, since the result would be an explosion of outrage and distress by the masses of citizen-slaves who cannot cope with the horrors of their real lives, that would very likely result in a collapse into anarchy and overthrow of the existing governmental regime.

It is the fifth reason listed above, which constitutes the most primary and urgent reason why society chooses to legitimize the use of all mind-altering substances. Yes, I said all, even the ones that are "officially" declared as illegal, such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and the like. Ideally, societal leaders would prefer to addict all citizen-slaves to just a handful of toxic, carefully designed mind-altering substances that do not allow for much possibility of genuine hallucinogenic mind-expansion, such as alcohol, Prozac, Ritilin, valium, etc... But societal leaders recognize that it just isn't possible for this type of control to be effectively exerted. Therefore, the best possible malevolent compromise that societal leaders come up with is to overtly legalize and strongly encourage/promote the consumption of alcohol as well as "psychiatrically" prescribed substances like Prozac and Ritilin. The criminalization of substances like cocaine and heroin is designed not to actually try to stop citizen-slaves from altering their brain chemistries artificially, but rather to try and coerce/terrorize as many citizen-slaves as possible into agreeing to decline those less societally controlled substances and get them to choose from among the more societally controlled and desired forms of mind-alteration, such as alcohol, Prozac, Ritilin, etc...

Criminalizing certain mind-altering substances also serves to enable you diseased creatures to adopt an attitude of moral superiority and class distinction, two of the main forms of insanely hypocritical cultural mythology that your societies are desperately eager to promote to you. It is mind-boggling for any sane thinker to realize that in a country like america, hundreds of millions of brainwashed citizen-slaves have the audacity to morally condemn, demonize, and look down upon cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine users, when they themselves live as loyal members of a society that not only legalizes alcohol, a completely toxic substance, but glamorizes and promotes the unbridled consumption of alcohol to all citizen-slaves, from the moment of their birth on throughout their entire lives. It doesn't even matter whether the brainwashed citizen-slaves consume alcohol themselves, even though a staggering 98+% of all adults in america do consume at least some alcohol each and every year. This fact does render the degree of hypocrisy even more astounding, but even if a citizen-slave refuses to consume even a drop of alcohol, the mere fact that they live as a member of a society that malevolently legalizes and promotes alcohol consumption, strips the person, as well as society itself, of any moral, legal, or intellectual entitlement to criticize or condemn the consumption of any mind-altering substance, much less the criminalization and punitive punishment that you hypocrites undertake.

Despite declaring the use, sale, and distribution of certain mind-altering substances to constitute a crime, your endlessly hypocritical societies overtly choose to make sure that no citizen-slave has too much difficulty in obtaining the mind-altering drug of their choice, be it cocaine, heroin, etc... A specific public policy has been developed by societal leaders, and integrated within the policing/law enforcement structure, under which an adequate supply of every illegal drug that is desired by the citizen-slaves, is always readily available. Any person who desires cocaine or heroin or methamphetamines can always obtain the drug, within a reasonable distance from where they live and without a great deal of difficulty, although the remote risk of arrest/prosecution is always allowed to hang over the picture. The primary reason why these "illegal" drugs are always easily obtainable in every area of a nation is not due to the "supply and demand" theory, which holds that whenever there is a demand for something, a supply will spring up. This theory does have some validity, and the "demand equation" does come into play with regards to the issue of illegal drug availability. But the primary reason why there is always a consistent availability of all popular drugs is the fact that societal leaders recognize that if they cut off their tortured victim-creations from being able to artificially alter their brain chemistry as they choose and need to do in order to cope with the horrific True Reality torment of their "real" lives, the result will be more random violence, more violent attacks upon somewhat valued citizen-slaves, less economic productivity, and more social unrest in general, which could lead to widespread rioting or even a threat to the very stability of the government. It is this conscious realization on the part of societal leaders, which causes them to make the malevolent, hypocritical decision to strongly promote and legalize the consumption and sale of some mind-altering substances, while criminalizing the consumption, possession, and sale of other mind-altering substances, but even in the case of the latter, always making sure that the illegal substances are in fact widely available and easily obtainable by any citizen-slave who wants them badly enough.

The more diseased and brutally abusive a society is, the more it promotes and legitimizes the use of all mind-altering substances, both legal and illegal. And the more outspoken a society pretends to be in it's condemnation of certain mind-altering drugs, the more desperately eager it is to make sure that drugs are widespread and always readily available. America, being the most diseased and abusive society on planet earth, makes sure that by age 8, every single child-slave is already obsessed with drinking the mysterious, magical substance of alcohol. America creates the most elaborate mythologies of a "war on drugs", pretending to pour hundreds of millions of dollars into a nonexistent "war", creating sham organizations like "The Partnership for a Drug-Free America", which spends hundreds of millions of dollars on TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine commercials/ads. These ads have absolutely no chance of stopping anyone from starting to use drugs, or of getting anyone who is using drugs to stop doing so. There is no desire on the part of society or these sham organizations to prevent or stop the use of drugs. The sole purpose of these ads and of the entire "war on drugs" myth, is to deceive you "law-abiding" citizen-slaves. To give you yet another contrived, illegitimate "war" to obsess and waste you time and attention over, to allow you to feel proud of yourselves, your society, and to feel morally superior to those demonized "drug addicts", even though the Forbidden Truth is that your precious society malevolently choose to initiate and commit brutal torture upon these victims, and to overtly encourage them to escape from the emotional and intellectual horrors of their lives by artificially altering their brain chemistries, not to mention the fact that you law-abiders are yourselves tortured victims of society who choose to use alcohol, Prozac, countless other legalized drugs, as well as toxic myths such as belief in and worship of god, to achieve the exact same goal, escaping from the unbearable reality of your real lives, that motivates every user of an illegal drug.

In conclusion, based upon the Forbidden Truths revealed above, the entire notion of any society criminalizing either the personal usage, possession, sale, or distribution of any drug, no matter how toxic it may be, is outrageously hypocritical and ridiculously unjust. People use drugs because they are victims of horrific, unbearable, emotional/mental distress. This distress exists as a direct result of the overtly malevolent, traumatic experiences and life situations that society chooses to genocidally inflict upon children and upon all citizen-slaves. Society is responsible for causing the distress, and on top of that, society absolutely encourages and promotes the very same thing that it has the audacity to arbitrarily criminalize in some situations, which is the deliberate alteration of one's brain chemistry, using artificial means and toxic substances. In simplest terms, if a society chooses to decree the usage, possession, sale, and distribution of alcohol to be legal and desirable, it's legal/judicial system has absolutely no basis to even consider criminalizing the usage, possession, sale, or distribution of any other toxic, brain chemistry altering substance, since alcohol is itself a toxic, brain chemistry altering substance. I cannot even begin to imagine how any human being could possibly fail to recognize the undeniable Truth of this crystal-clear revelation. The only possible explanation, and it is tragically accurate, is that you humans are so broken, so brainwashed, so terribly addicted to the insane lies and myths that your society has coerced you into building your lives around, that you cannot even begin to recognize, much less accept the validity of, even the clearest, most glaringly obvious of all Forbidden Truths, such as I have outlined immediately above concerning the issue of drug usage/sale.

Espionage and Spying:

Here we have yet another crime-related issue which provides a crystal clear, extremely simple and obvious demonstration of the utterly ridiculous policies of irrational hypocrisy under which your societies operate. What is espionage? Espionage involves societally empowered agents and representatives attempting to obtain, in a secretive and dishonest manner, information about another society, that the other society wishes to keep secret. Since the leaders of virtually all societies are paranoid, power-crazed, bloodthirsty victim-creations of their societies, governmental sponsored espionage is epidemic throughout planet earth. The more diseased and globally malevolent a society is, the more desperate it will be to obtain and uncover as many secrets as it possibly can about other societies. America is a perfect example of this. These secrets are not primarily used for "national defense", as your lie-based society tells you, but rather to make immoral, unjust tactical decisions regarding which countries to demonize most severely, which countries to launch genocidal economic embargoes and wars upon, etc.., If pressed to justify the deceitful and devious activity of espionage, societies naturally fall back upon the notion of a "need to protect national security", and the bizarre notion that "The other society is spying on us, therefore we have to spy on them". This is just like a group of kindergartners playing in a sandbox and refusing to stop throwing sand on each other because "he threw sand on me!" The reality is that the entire planet of earth is ruled by supreme leaders who are in fact traumatized victims of brutally abusive societies, who reflect and attempt to cathartically relieve their own emotional distress in the actions and policies that they adopt as supreme leaders. The entire fate of the world literally rests in the hands of a bunch of tortured adults who are sitting in a sandbox, with the emotional maturity of kindergartners, constantly poking each other, throwing sand into each others faces, trying to get their own violent and enraged True Reality emotional and psychological needs met by exercising dominance and fascist control over their citizen-slaves while at the same time deliberately provoking and picking fights with leaders of other societies who are themselves filled with violent and enraged True Reality needs and obsessions.

The manner in which the specific issue of how "spies" are dealt with and sometimes labeled as being "criminals" by societies, is quite fascinating. For illustrative purposes, we will focus on how america, the most diseased and overtly malevolent society on planet earth, handles this situation. First of all, america admits that it engages in widespread, literally limitless espionage against all other societies. Even societies that are so tiny in terms of population, and located so far away from america, that there is no conceivable way that they could ever pose any direct threat as far as an attack or invasion upon the mainland areas of america is concerned. As already outlined above, on the rare occasions when a member of the state-controlled media dares to question american policies on espionage, empowered agents of society faithfully trot out the two ridiculous and false reasons of "protecting national interests" and "they spy on us, so we spy on them." The hypocrisy grows as we move on to the next level of Truth: Even though america commits widespread espionage and admits to doing so, if foreign spies are caught committing espionage against america, they are condemned and demonized, and the spying is used by america as an excuse/reason to foment and encourage public unrest and hatred towards the specific foreign nation, sometimes even to the degree of undertaking provocative military action against the foreign society that can lead to war. So, what we have is america proudly committing the exact same act against foreign societies, that it has the audacity to condemn the foreign societies for committing against america. And you brainwashed creatures are expected to loyally "display your patriotism", cheer for and support "your" country, while somehow finding the intellectual contortionist skills required to deny and reject the reality of this incredible, two-faced, hypocrisy. Is it hard for your society to get you to perform this intellectual contortion? No, not at all! Thanks to a lifetime of daily, malevolent societal brainwashing that began the day you were born, you creatures cannot even begin to imagine what genuine Truth or rational thinking ability might be, much less to actually try to integrate rational or Truth-based thinking into your own perceptions of reality and daily life viewpoints.

But wait, the best is yet to come, as we continue to strip this issue down to it's horrific core. Even though societies do brutally condemn any "enemy" spies that they may capture, and demonize the country that employed and directed the spies even more viciously, they usually only inflict a modest degree of directly punitive punishment upon the actual "foreign spies". Unless an active state of war between the two countries is underway, the foreign spy is usually not put on trial, not jailed for any lengthy period of time, but rather, after a lot of verbal condemnation designed to demonize the other country, the spy or spies are usually simply sent back, deported, to the country that they were spying for. Logic dictates that the other country will definitely not impose any type of punishment upon the spies, but rather may well give them a "promotion" or at least public praise for doing their "patriotic duty". Therefore, the foreign spy is usually not personally punished for spying, even when they are caught by the "enemy" and even if there is strong reason to believe that they may have uncovered important secrets. But wait, what happens if a member of a society, lets say an american citizen-slave living in america, is uncovered and identified as being a spy for a foreign society?? In this case, all hell breaks loose and insanely, the "rules" are completely changed. Not only is the american brutally demonized for being a spy, he is treated by the entire culture and judicial system in a completely different, far more punitive manner, than all "foreign" spies are treated. He is condemned for daring to "betray" the society that he was born into and raised up within, under the insane notion that he "owes" this society his allegiance. This deranged idea comes from the core brainwashing lie that society imposes upon all citizens, that their society is a good, decent, moral one, and that they therefore "owe" their society patriotic allegiance. The reality of course, is that societies are genocidally evil and it therefore makes far greater rational and logical sense for a person born into and raised up within a society, to decide to betray and try to harm the society that has brutalized him, than it does for the person to decide to try to help the society that specifically victimized him, to harm some foreign society that has had nothing directly to do with abusing, traumatizing, hurting him. In other words, from any Truth-based perspective, an american who is spying on america for a foreign power, is acting in at least as logical, rational, moral, and intellectually/emotionally legitimate manner, as any american who is spying on a foreign power on behalf of america is, as well as any foreign spy who is spying on america.

But no, your evil society could never accept or operate under such a sane, Truth-based rationale. Instead, the american caught spying against america is relentlessly demonized for "betraying" the invalid mythologies of blind nationalistic loyalty and patriotism, is put on trial in america, decreed guilty of the "crime" of espionage, and thrown into a harshly punitive prison, that is designed to both harm him and to try to terrorize as many other americans as possible into remaining nationalistically loyal and patriotic, in many cases to the very society that is responsible for directly inflicting the immense physical/emotional pain, suffering, trauma, rage, and hate that the tortured victim-creation has been subjected to and is doomed to be tormented by until his dying breath. Here you have it, yet another blindingly clear example of limitless hypocrisy and fascism, within the core social structure and judicial system of a country like america. America undertakes constant, worldwide espionage against hundreds of foreign societies. America publicly rewards and praises it's spies in most cases, always supporting their espionage activities in all cases. America even refuses to inflict directly punitive punishment upon foreign spies that it captures. And yet, insanely, at the very same time, america will and does choose to decree as criminally unacceptable and inflicts severely punitive punishment upon any american citizen who is caught spying upon america for a foreign society, even though the activity of spying is decreed perfectly legal as proven by american foreign policy law and the foreign spies that america identifies and captures but declines to punitively punish are committing the exact same act of espionage, quite often causing even more harm as far as the revelation of secret information, than the "unpatriotic" american who chooses to spy against the society that has brutally victimized him, causes. This is two-faced, fascist hypocrisy at it's very zenith.

Child Pornography:

Misdirection is the key to how diseased and malevolent societies operate. Get the citizen-slaves obsessed with some ridiculously invalid byproduct of the hidden Forbidden Truth reality of a situation, and the brainwashed sheeple will happily waste all of their time and energy focusing on the pointless byproduct, thus no danger of the root reality of the situation, the unmentionable, unbearable Forbidden Truths that society desperately strives to keep secret, ever being unveiled. Child pornography provides a beautiful example of how this misdirection process is utilized, with genocidally malevolent effect. What is child pornography? Child pornography is material, written, drawn, photographed, videotaped material, that is designed to help people who are sexually excited by or attracted to children, to achieve sexual climax and satisfaction. In many societies, most forms of pornography, while often morally condemned, are declared to be perfectly legal to possess and sell. Leaders of societies have realized that providing citizen-slaves with the illusion of "sexual freedom" is one way to keep the masses appeased, and to keep them occupied with the type of activity that poses no direct threat to or interference with the more important fascist doctrines, brainwashings, and mythologies that the leaders seek to impose upon the core consciousness of all citizen-slaves. But even as most types of pornography are decreed to be quite legal, child pornography is brutally demonized, decreed completely illegal, and people who sell, trade, or even just possess child pornography are declared "evil monsters" and subjected to severely punitive punishment by society. Why is this so?? Not because your societies care about children and want to protect them. But rather because your societies choose to overtly practice genocidally abusive public policy that serves to ensure that millions of children are brutally tortured throughout their childhoods, while at the same time completely refusing to admit or face up to this Forbidden Truth. The use of misdirection becomes necessary when trying to cover up and deny this type of an immensely evil, completely hidden core societal policy, and this is where child pornography, among many other ploys, comes in very handy.

If I were to go to a crowded shopping mall and ask the first 1000 people that I saw the following question: "Is child pornography harmful to children?", the vast majority, at least 975+ out of the 1000, would reply in the affirmative. This is because you humans have lost the ability to think rationally, to understand and analyze questions and ideas in a sane manner, thanks to having been subjected to a lifetime of lie-based brainwashing, and invalid word/term definition. You cannot even analyze the term "child pornography" in such a way as to consider it's true meaning. Instead, you immediately and blindly grasp and cling to the societal brainwashing message of "child pornography=hurting children". The reality is that child pornography itself is completely harmless to actual children. Pornography consists of words, drawings, photographs, etc... These images are not alive and have no True Reality, therefore they cannot be harmed. It is true that the creation of some types of child pornography, not the pornography itself but rather it's creation, does involve the hurting of children. Only child pornography that involves physical attack or intrusive imposition upon actual, living children that is photographed or videotaped or otherwise recorded, causes any direct harm to any child. And the amount of child pornography that involves this type of attack/intrusion is relatively small, I would even say very small, percentagewise. Most child pornography involves written stories, hand drawings, computer generated drawings or alteration of pictures using a computer program, in which absolutely no "real" children are hurt in any way. Some child pornography involves the taking of pictures or video recordings of real children, but even in those situations, the mere photographing or videotaping of a small child while the child is not dressed, is not overtly harmful to the child unless there is some type of actual physical assault or at the very least "contact" with an abusive adult, involved. And yet your diseased society lumps together all forms of child pornography, demonizing all producers and users of child pornography, even though most child pornography has caused no direct harm to any child, unlike the genocidally child abusive societally advocated, and completely legal policies and customs that cause millions of children to suffer brutal, ongoing, in many cases daily torment, as I have outlined in my Child Abuse essay and in my above comments as well. Here we have a classic case of how society uses misdirection. In a deliberately misdirecting manner, an activity that is at worst marginally harmful to a few real children, is relentlessly demonized and obsessed over by society, while other activity, that is genocidally harmful to millions of children, is decreed fine, legal, and not worthy of any critical public, media, or cultural focus at all, as the insane Sacred Family Unit/child slavery/poison container mythologies and ideologies continue to be sanctified.

This brings us to another intriguing question? Could it be that child pornography is or could actually be helpful in reducing the number of children who are subjected to sexual abuse? From any rationally analytical perspective, the answer to this question is yes. People create, view, trade, and sell pornography for the primary purpose of trying to help themselves achieve sexual climax and satisfaction. This is true for all types of pornography, including child porn. The notion that violent or child or bestial pornography serves to "encourage" it's consumers to go out and commit real-life sexual attacks upon others is just as analytically ridiculous as the notion of a movie or book about serial killing causing a person to become a real-life serial killer. is. Being fascinated/obsessed by literary or visual depiction of violent, deadly, or "bizarre" activity is a manifestation of personal, True Reality victimization, as well as a demonstration on the part of the torture victim to at least be interested in trying to satisfy their rage and hate in a way that does not involve committing violent acts that carry a risk of severely punitive societal punishment. The connoisseur of child pornography is not trying to use the porn to "motivate" himself to carry out a real life attack upon a child. That is a ridiculous notion. He already knows, within his core True Reality, whether or not he feels he has the right to commit such an act. What he is doing with the child pornography is trying to achieve sexual pleasure and satisfaction without resorting to an act of real-life brutalization that he knows carries with it the very real risk of resulting in a great deal more undeserved abuse, injustice, and victimization being inflicted upon him by society. Yes, of course some connoisseurs of child porn will violently attack real-life children, just like some people obsessed with serial killer movies and books will try to commit real-life serial killings. The fact that they are highly interested/obsessed with this specific type of material naturally means that there is a slightly higher probability, in terms of percentage, of them deciding to carry out a real-life campaign of personal vengeance, when compared with the "general public". But this logical realization in no way, shape, or form means that the child pornography or the violent/homicidal books/movies inspire or cause the acts of real-life personal vengeance. In the vast majority of situations, the child porn serves to delay, minimize, or outright prevent the connoisseur from committing real-life attacks upon children.

Children torture other children, and adults torture children, sexually and in many other ways, because they themselves were or are victims of childhood torment, and because your societies have and continue to declare all children to be worthless, subhuman pieces of property. Your societies are directly and completely responsible for and guilty of choosing to promote, legitimize, sponsor, and legalize this genocidal abuse of children. Child pornography represents a reaction, a response on the part of individual victims, to this mass victimization. And this response is in fact a mild one, as victims of a societal policy of genocide try their best to find a way to cathartically cope with the torment that was inflicted upon them, without having to resort to hurting/killing children, or at least minimizing the number of children that they personally victimize. In a sane society, all child pornography that does not involve actual violence/brutality being inflicted upon real-life children, would be declared perfectly legal to create, possess, trade, borrow, and even to commercially sell. Enraged victims of childhood abuse who are obsessed with harming children would be encouraged to view, borrow, and purchase this type of material, under the realization that this material in no way serves to motivate the real-life abuse of children and does, in some cases, serve as a form of cathartic bridge therapy which helps the tortured victim to deal with their rage, hate, and sexual obsession with achieving personal vengeance, without having to resort to attacking/harming real-life children. In many cases, child pornography serves to delay, prevent, or minimize the victimization of real children, by providing a cathartic release for both the sexual and emotional/intellectual rage and frustration of the torture victim. It is also worth noting at this point that the utterly insane and false societal brainwashing decree that solo masturbation is an "unacceptable, inferior substitute" for direct sexual contact with another human being, in terms of achieving "proper" sexual satisfaction, pleasure, and release, is a major contributing factor to rape attacks as well as sexual attacks upon children. Your diseased societies are so desperate to foist Sacred Family Unit/marriage mythology upon you citizen-slaves, that the most gloriously perfect, most genuinely satisfying, natural, and harmless to others form of achieving sexual climax, solo masturbation, is so viciously demonized as being "inferior and unnatural", that enraged victim-creations of society who would prefer to simply shun other humans and achieve all sexual release by themselves, have tremendous emotional pressure put upon them, to find some other human, a "real-life" human, to have sexual contact with. Your limitlessly evil societies choose to sexually victimize children on a mass scale, to use them as sex objects and enticements, treating them as worthless slaves who exist solely to meet the desires, needs, obsessions of each previous generation of tortured children, who have reached adulthood.

All children are told and taught by society that youth is extremely sexually desirable. Males are taught that the greatest type of sexual pleasure imaginable, can be achieved by very specifically targeting a virgin, the younger the better, for "deflowering". Females are taught that their sexuality is their #1 character asset and that it is their obligation to both flaunt/display their sexuality for the purpose of enticing/exciting male humans, as well as to agree to have sexual contact, ranging all the way from quick lip kisses to oral sex to vaginal sex, at the earliest possible age. All human beings are overtly encouraged and coerced by society into engaging in sexual contact with fellow humans at a young age, as adolescents, for the specific purpose of using the sexual activity as a way to cope with and soothe/gloss over the rage, hate, traumatic personal distress caused by abuse and mistreatment that all children are maliciously subjected to at the hands of society. The sexual victimization and exploitation of children as committed by individuals, cannot possibly be deemed a "terrible crime" by society, because society itself, on a mass, genocidal scale, chooses to brutally and shamelessly victimize and exploit every single generation of it's children, emotionally, physically, sexually, and in all other conceivable ways. You creatures adopt the insanely hypocritical attitude that the public posting of a photograph of a naked child, such as at a web site, or the sale/distribution of such a photograph, even though being naked is perfectly natural and there is absolutely no reason to assume that the taking of the photograph involved any harm befalling the child, constitutes a horrible crime, and yet as chosen public policy, you choose to sexualize all adolescents and to overtly encourage all adolescents to engage in sexual activity with each other, as well as to sponsor overtly violent and brutally abusive treatment, physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual abuse, of all children by older adults, on a mass scale. You adopt a position of self-righteous, moral outrage against the mere illusion of child sexual exploitation, in which the actual child that you claim to be so worried about protecting is either non-existent or has not been directly harmed at all, at the very time that you are living as a member of a society that overtly legalizes, encourages, and practices clear and undeniable genocide upon it's children, and brutal, undeniable abuse of all stripes, upon all children, as public policy. The hypocrisy is mind-boggling!

And yet it is not hard to figure out the nature of the psychological theme of misdirection that is at play. Your societies are genocidally evil. You creatures, as creations of society, are naturally genocidally evil as well. At the same time, both you and your societies feel a desperate need to maintain the illusion of moral decency and benevolence, while continuing to practice and indulge in your genocidally evil practices. The best way to achieve this goal is to create "artificial demons" out of a few of your own tortured victim-creations, and focus all of your invalid moral outrage upon condemning these victims and the relatively harmless activities, perfectly justified from a True Reality perspective, that they are engaging in. You somehow find a way to feel proud of yourselves for demonizing somebody who snaps a photograph of a naked child and tries to publicly share the photograph with others, even though there is no proof or even a legitimate reason to assume that this specific child has been directly harmed by anyone, even as you yourselves are in the process of brutally hurting your very own children, violently assaulting them via "spanking", etc..., and your society is sponsoring the genocidal abuse of all children. The situations in which you know with 100% certainty that children are being harmed, are perfectly fine and dandy with you. A situation in which your diseased society raises the possibility that a child might be harmed, and specifically instructs you to demonize the person who might theoretically be causing some harm to a child, you creatures gleefully jump upon, directing all of your pretenses of "moral superiority and love of children" upon the demonization and condemnation of the person and the situation. This type of two-faced hypocrisy proves beyond all doubt that your societies are completely devoid of morality or benevolence, that you, as creations and members of these societies, are totally devoid of all morality and benevolence, and that on a societal level, you despise, hate, and harm/kill children on a genocidal scale, literally millions of times greater than any individual child abuser or killer could ever achieve. And so in conclusion we are left with the Forbidden Truth that society obviously has no right of any kind to condemn, criticize, or punitively punish any child abuser in any way, for many different reasons including the fact that the only reason why the person is abusing a child is because he himself was brutally abused during his childhood, but an even stronger primary reason, from an intellectualized/philosophical perspective, is the simple, crystal clear fact that society itself chooses to sponsor, enable, and commit atrocities upon children on a mass, genocidal scale, that cause millions of times greater harm to children, than any individual child abuser could ever cause. How could an individual abuser of children be guilty of an "unacceptable crime that must be punitively punished", when the society into which this individual abuser was born into and raised up within, not only inflicted severe abuse upon this individual, but chooses to inflict mass, genocidal harm upon virtually every child born into the society, as a matter of public policy?? It is impossible to reconcile these True facts in any type of a sane manner, that would give society any moral, ethical, philosophical, or judicial authority from which to condemn, demonize, or punitively punish any individual child abuser, child killer, or for that matter any criminal lawbreaker of any kind.

Celebrity Stalking and Attack:

The issue of how and why your diseased societies choose to pluck a handful of ordinary citizen-slaves out of the Unwashed Masses and turn them into famous celebrities will be discussed in a long essay elsewhere at this website. But a few comments concerning the criminal aspects of celebrity obsession are probably appropriate to make right here. Celebrities are individuals that a society has deliberately chosen to make the objects of widespread obsession. The entire "entertainment system", from television networks to tabloid newspapers to movie producers/promoters, etc..., is designed to create a few very famous celebrities, reward them with great wealth, and specifically make them the target of intense, ongoing obsession, among the masses of ordinary citizen-slaves. Why would society choose to engage in this type of celebrity creation? Because the leaders of societies recognize that the more people think about and focus upon themselves, their own lives, their own life experiences, fates and futures, the more likely it is that the person will come to recognize the immense injustices that he has been subjected to, and become seriously enraged, violent, or unable to continue functioning as a "productive" citizen-slave and loyal, dutifully brainwashed member of society. What a brilliant strategy it is, for societies to artificially create a few "celebrity idols" and get citizen-slaves to endlessly obsess over every detail of the daily life of their beloved idol, thus completely losing focus upon the horrific personal life experiences, injustices, hopelessness, pointlessness, and ongoing traumas of their own, real lives.

The reality is that every famous celebrity is "stalked" by many thousands if not millions of people, who try to cope with their own horrific lives by deluding themselves into feeling/believing that they gain some sort of personal benefit by knowing and following all the intimate/controversial daily details of the life of their beloved celebrity. Society does not simply "allow" this stalking to occur, it overtly encourages it, rewards stalkers in many ways including labeling them with the honorable title of "fans", and is totally responsible for taking ordinary people and via the use of the media, brainwashing, and propaganda, turning the ordinary person into a "famous celebrity". Because society has invested a great deal of effort, time, and expense in creating it's celebrities, it considers them to be very important agents/empowered members of society, almost to the same degree as political leaders. Therefore, all celebrities are given an aura of "untouchability" as far as physical threats to their safety/lives is concerned. Among the thousands/millions of societally encouraged stalker/fans, it is only natural that a few will be extremely enraged, have violent cravings for personal vengeance, and direct this rage in an obsessive manner towards the celebrity that they have been brainwashed into irrationally idolizing. The mindless "worship" of and irrational love obsession with celebrities/idols that the vast majority of stalkers/fans have, is in fact less natural and less logically reflective of personal Truth than the few cases of enraged obsession that sometimes result in violent attacks by stalkers upon celebrities.

The bottom line is that just like all "criminality" and violence, malevolent stalking and/or attacking of celebrities is simply the inevitable manifestation and end result of a completely unnatural, unjust assault upon the True and natural sensibilities of children and adults, a cycle and system of abuse, traumatization, mythology, lies, brainwashings, that society initiates, imposes, and commits upon it's citizen-slaves. Remember folks, you can never reach Truth, sanity, peace, contentment, benevolence, bliss, or any type of a genuinely positive Reality within yourselves, by accepting, embracing, or using any of the lies, myths, brainwashings, and unnatural, insane teachings or cultural ideologies that your evil and diseased societies malevolently and deliberately foist upon you. The root of all violence and in fact all "crime", is anchored within this Forbidden Truth.

Okay, I feel that I have brilliantly outlined and disseminated all of the most primary Truths concerning the issue of why crime occurs. Even though there are plenty of additional types of specific crimes, beyond all of the above, that I could speak about and reveal Forbidden Truth on, I have decided to stop at this point, and move on to the next step on this issue, in which I shall tear asunder all of your deranged, immoral, malevolent notions on how "criminals" should be treated by society, by doctors, by law enforcement, by the judicial system, and by society as a whole.

Charles Whitman, University of Texas clock tower mass murderer
This is Charles Whitman, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society and the Genocidally Malevolent American Military System of Abuse, Mass Brainwashing and Brutalization of Young Immature Youth. On August 1 1966, the day after Charles murdered his wife and mother, 25 year old Charles climbed to the top of the University of Texas clock tower and shot 45 additional humans, killing a total of 16 people. Recognized as the "father" of the modern-era lone gunman mass murder phenomenon, Charles was a tortured child, brutally, violently assaulted by his slaveowners, particularly his father, and like so many other seekers and claimers of personal vengeance, his deranged society taught him to kill, told him to kill, and specifically instructed him that the mass murder of complete strangers was and is a completely appropriate activity, via the military/armed forces system of the evil society that Charles was born into, enslaved by, and raised up within. The brief quotations of Charles that I am including below provide a devastatingly clear example of the results that societal malevolence, brainwashing, and brutalization have upon the mind and soul of a child, and, to any seeker of Truth, these quotes also beautifully express and display the inherent moral decency, sensitivity, as well as profound victim status, of Charles, character traits that all "criminal" killers do in fact possess, to a far greater degree than the immensely malevolent societies that create them. Charles was a created victim of an absolutely insane, evil, lie and myth-based society.

"To maintain sensibility is the greatest effort required. To slip would be so easy. It would be accomplished with little effort. Yet to maintain is necessary in order to benefit from the future. Of what benefit? Will benefit be derived from the future? To burden others with your problems---are they problems---is not right. However, to carry them is akin to carrying a fused bomb. I wonder if the fuse can be doused. If it is doused, what will be gained? Will the gain be worth the effort put forth? But should one who considers himself so strong surrender to enemies so trivial and despicable?" "I just despise my father. I hate him. If my father walked through that door, I'd kill him." "It was after much thought that I decided to kill my wife, Kathy, tonight after I pick her up from work at the telephone company. I love her dearly, and she has been as fine a wife to me as any man could ever hope to have. I cannot rationally pinpoint any specific reason for doing this. I don't know whether it is selfishness, or if I don't want her to face the embarrassment my actions would surely cause her. At this time, though, the prominent reason in my mind is that I truly do not consider this world worth living in, and am prepared to die, and I do not want to leave her to suffer alone in it. I intend to kill her as painlessly as possible." "I have just taken my mother's life. I am very upset over having done it. However, I feel that if there is a heaven she is definitely there now. And if there is no life after, I have relieved her of her suffering here on earth. The intense hatred I feel for my father is beyond description. My mother gave that man the best 25 years of her life and because she finally took enough of his beatings, humiliation, degradation, and tribulations that I am sure no one but she will ever know---to leave him. He has chosen to treat her like a slut that you would bed down with, accept her favors, and then throw a pittance in return. I am truly sorry that this is the only way I could see to relieve her suffering but I think it was best. Let there be no doubt that I loved the woman with all my heart. If there exists a God, let him understand my actions and judge me accordingly." "If my life insurance policy is valid please see that all the worthless checks I wrote this weekend are made good. Please pay off all my debts. I am 25 years old and have never been financially independent. Donate the rest anonymously to a mental health foundation. Maybe research can prevent further tragedies of this type. Give our dog to my in-laws please. Tell them Kathy loved 'Schocie' (the dog) very much." "I never could quite make it. These thoughts are too much for me."------Charles Whitman

Punitive Punishment of Criminals by Society:

We move on to the issue of how your diseased societies treat their victimized creations. I will be exploring this topic from many different angles, at considerable length, so if you need a brief break from reading these Texts, right now would be a good time to take it. Every society on planet earth has adopted as a core public policy, the notion that it has both a right and an obligation to inflict punitive punishment upon any human who violates societal law, and commits "crimes". These punitive punishments are specifically designed to hurt, to cause distress and harm, to the criminals. As we all recognize by now, thanks to the Forbidden Truths that I have already brilliantly outlined at this website, criminals are in fact tortured victim-creations of society. They are pure victims, absolute victims. The degree of victimization that they have been subjected to is always at the very least equal in scope to the degree of victimization that the humans who may have been harmed by their criminal actions of cathartic, True Reality vengeance, have endured. Furthermore, it is society itself that is directly responsible for and guilty of having victimized the children and adults who eventually become criminals. Society has already hurt, harmed, and caused immense distress to every criminal, prior to the victim committing any criminal act. And society has done so with genocidal, immoral malice. In addition, the only reason why the person has committed a crime, is because he was hurt, harmed, traumatized, subjected to brutal injustice and undeserved suffering, at the direct hands of society. Society initiated the cycle of injustice and victimization.

Because of the above Forbidden Truths, the notion that any society has any sort of a legitimate right or entitlement to inflict any type of punitive punishment upon any criminal, is both completely ridiculous and utterly repugnant from all intellectual, emotional, philosophical, and moral perspectives. No such entitlement could possibly exist, and all of the reasons and rationalizations that society employs to justify the infliction of punitive punishment have no basis in rationality, justice, fairness, morality, or Truth. All criminals are profound victims of society, and deserve to not only be recognized as victims, but at every turn and in every situation, treated by society as being the profound victims that they are, deserving of absolutely no additional infliction of distress of any kind. Society can never undo or make up for the malevolent, undeserved brutalization that it has already committed upon every criminal, but the only way it can even begin to try to atone for it's unforgivable initiation of a cycle of torment upon the helpless, vulnerable child who eventually becomes a criminal, would be to literally fall to it's knees and beg each and every "criminal" for forgiveness, recognizing that it, society itself, it's leaders and agents and representatives, owes an immense, unrepayable debt to the criminal, instead of the insane notion that the criminal has to "pay a debt" to society, which is the structural basis of the deranged "criminal justice system" that every society employs.

The prison system, the psychiatric detention system for the "criminally insane", the ticketing/fining system, the parole system, the probation system, and the legal murder, "death penalty" system, are all designed by society to overtly cause distress and trauma to tortured victim-creations of society. The structure of each of these systems is completely illegitimate and outrageously hypocritical and unjust. There is not a shred of rationality to any aspect of the criminal justice system, and the core reason for this is the fact that the criminal justice system is designed to punish, hurt, and harm victimized human beings, and society has absolutely no right to even contemplate or envision harming any of it's tortured victim-creations, much less to actually undertake and commit, in genocidal fashion, these punitive punishments. I will now begin exposing the horrific and insane injustice of each specific form of punitive punishment, as practiced by you diseased, immoral hypocrites.


What are prisons? Societal agents would probably give a definition of "prisons are places where dangerous people are kept, so that they cannot harm other people." This definition is completely invalid. The True definition is: Prisons are buildings that have been specifically built and designed to cause harm, distress, and suffering to certain specific, demonized victims of society. The entire goal of the prison system is not to protect anyone, or to save anyone from harm. The actual goal is to inflict harm upon victims of society, and to try to use this infliction of harm to scare and coerce as many other, as yet unjailed citizen-slaves as possible, into deciding not to commit crimes, using the terroristic threat of inflicting additional harm upon the already tortured and victimized citizen-slaves. Prison inmates are locked inside of cages, against their will. They are compelled to live together with and have close, ongoing contact with other human beings, without any ability to decline such contact. They do not have the ability to enjoy the same variety and quality of food as the typical person. They are prohibited from being able to purchase and use expensive or unusual appliances or other desired commodities. They are given substandard and inadequate medical treatment and preventive check-ups. They are unable to engage in sexual intercourse and other contact with specific fellow humans, that they might desire. They are unable to properly access, spend, or earn money. Their human and civil rights are declared null and void.

All of the above Truths regarding how society has structured it's prison system, represent absolute and completely outrageous injustice. Criminals have already been tortured and subjected to immense, unforgivable injustice, prior to committing the act(s) of cathartic, True Reality-based personal vengeance that society has decreed to be a "crime". The reason why they commit the crime, is because society itself began, initiated, and undertook this malevolently immoral attack upon the individual, nearly always beginning during childhood, and the individual is therefore a direct and primary victim of society, whose personal, True Reality entitlement to seek and claim cathartic vengeance, is natural, sacred, and undeniably valid. For a society to harm or try to harm any victim that it is responsible for and guilty of having created, because the victim harmed another human being or committed some other type of crime, is repugnant. It represents a beautifully clear and undeniable example of societal derangement and perversity.

For a society to attempt to terrorize it's tortured victims into suppressing, denying, and turning inward the justified, True Reality rage and hate that it has malevolently foisted upon them via this endless cycle of systemic generational torture, by holding out the threat of inflicting additional punitive punishment upon any torture victim who breaks the "law" and becomes a criminal, is repulsive. The criminal has as much of a True Reality right to commit the acts of mirrored reflectivity that he does, as other people have the right to kiss a loved one on the cheek, or ask a fellow human out on a date. Any sane, logical thinker cannot possibly impose a higher standard of required "goodness", morality, or proper conduct upon the victimized, tortured creation of society, than society imposes upon itself. If human society chooses to genocidally victimize, assault, abuse, attack, murder it's children, as your societies in fact do, society cannot possibly, from any sane position, impose any sort of judicial standard under which it inflicts punitive punishment upon victimized children, should they grow up and commit victimization, assault, abuse, attack, or murder of other human beings.

Societal leaders say they have a "mandate" to protect their citizens, and to try to discourage the commission of crimes, by both punitively punishing criminals and by holding out the terroristic threat of punitive punishment to all citizen-slaves, as a way to deter them from committing crimes. Do they have any such mandate? No, of course not. Societies commit genocidal acts of brutalization upon children and adults, as public policy, that cause thousands if not millions of times more harm than any individual criminal could ever cause. Societies sponsor the mass victimization of their citizen-slaves, so how can they claim to have a mandate to "protect" anyone, much less the very people that they have chosen to so brutally victimize, on a mass scale? It is utterly ridiculous. The only legitimate methodology that a society could employ, if it wanted to lower the crime rate and discourage people from committing crimes, would be to undertake a complete reform of it's core public policies under which the systemic, ritualized, mass, genocidal abuse, brutalization, and victimization of children and of all citizen-slaves, including criminals, would cease and be terminated. Every act of injustice, of punitive punishment, of traumatization, of harmfulness, that society undertakes against an individual, be it a tiny baby or a serial killer, validates and legitimizes that individual victims right to seek and claim cathartic vengeance, as their own personal, unique True Reality dictates. If society inflicts even the mildest imaginable punitive punishment upon even the most prolifically deadly "criminal", it, by it's chosen action of further harming it's own tortured victim-creation, proves that the criminal not only had every personal right to act as he did, but also that the criminal is morally superior to society, and that the society is completely unable and unwilling to even begin to try to deliver true, genuine justice and atonement to any of it's victims.

The issue of juvenile prisons, sometimes insanely referred to as "reform schools", and the placement of children in adult prisons, is almost unworthy of additional comment. Since society has absolutely no right to punitively punish any adult criminal in any way, the notion that it could have a right to inflict such treatment upon children, is simply a few hundred times more ludicrous. Children are ritually tortured & subjected to injustice in thousands of different ways, and the criminal justice system is simply one method, among the thousands. You should be falling to your knees and begging your children to forgive you. Instead, you seek to "reform" them, for doing nothing more than reflecting back upon you, a microscopically tiny bit of the brutality that you chose and choose to initiate and inflict upon your children. You torment children and adults as a core public policy, then you demonize your tormented victims for victimizing other people. The hypocrisy of this is mind-boggling!

The Psychiatric Detention System:

In order to more easily maintain the moral illusion of judicial fairness and decency, while continuing to malevolently and indiscriminately inflict punitive punishment upon your own tortured victim-creations, your societies have created a harmful, traumatic detention system that operates in essentially the exact same manner as the prison system, but has a few cosmetic differences which make it appear somewhat less punitive in nature. I am referring to the forcible confinement of individuals at psychiatric "hospitals", which are in fact prisons. The judicial system is structured in such a way that a few criminals, as well as law-abiding torture victims of society who are deemed to have behaviors that are too "bizarre" to be allowed to occur, are not thrown into prison, but rather thrown into psychiatric hospitals, against their will. Societal leaders maintain and uphold the lie that these facilities are designed to provide treatment and offer mental health aid to the mentally ill people who are involuntarily committed to these hospitals. This is completely false. The reality is that every psychiatric hospital for the "criminally insane", as well as every hospital that accepts involuntarily committed "patients", is specifically designed not to help or cure anyone, but rather to inflict punitive harm, suffering, and trauma upon the patients, using the exact same malevolent template of the prison system, including cage lock, inability to enjoy the comforts of life, inferior food and medical care, etc... In some ways the psychiatric system is even more brutally abusive than the prison system, because in officially labeling and decreeing a tortured victim-creation to be mentally insane/incompetent, society strips the individual of even more of his most basic, fundamental human, civil, and moral rights than it does for prison inmates who are declared sane. The degree of outrageous dehumanization is so immense in both cases that the difference is very small, and yet it can be significant. For example, in a situation that involves a tortured victim creation of society who is very vocal in expressing societally condemned Forbidden Truths, societal leaders might instruct their judicial system to not seek to throw the individual into prison, but rather to legally declare the person insane and involuntarily commit him to a mental hospital. Why? Because within the mental hospital setting, the malevolent administrators and doctors would be more able to cut the "patient" off from all contact with the media and communication with people on the outside, using the evil lie that the contact would be "harmful to the patient's mental health and treatment/recovery", while in the prison system, a few tiny fragments of first amendment and personal freedom rights with regard to contact with the outside world, still exist and might, at least in theory, be legally protected and upheld in favor of the inmate, if he brought legal action against the prison system, or merely threatened to do so. Therefore, in certain select cases, when a society is faced with a tortured victim-creation that it specifically desires to completely silence and hide away from the world at large, it will overtly choose to pursue a judicial path of criminal insanity labeling and judicial punishment, as a way to get the individual stripped of literally all of his human, civil, and personal autonomy right, via an official declaration of insanity and involuntary placement within a punitively harmful psychiatric "hospital", which is in fact operated and structured as a prison.

I will talk more about the issue of mental health in a separate essay elsewhere at this website, but let me just say right here that none of the societal definitions of what constitutes sanity, sane beliefs or actions, have any validity. The entire societal structure is in fact based upon utterly insane, meaning irrational, invalid, nonsensical, and untrue principals, ideas, beliefs, policies, ideologies, and rituals. Therefore neither the society nor it's agents have any legitimate ability, much less an entitlement, to pass negative judgment upon the sanity level of any individual. Throughout history, the myth of mental illness has been used to demonize, silence, ostracize, and punitively punish Superior, Truth-seeking individuals who have tried, via actions, writings, or statements, to either claim the personal True Reality vengeance to which they were entitled, or to express and promote societally forbidden and condemned Truth. People who chose to reject the insane god myth and embrace the notion of personal empowerment via satanic mythology, or the courageous Truth of atheism, were decreed mentally ill and thrown into mental hospitals, people who dared to suggest that the world was round rather than flat, that the human race has evolved from the monkey race, were ostracized, demonized, and decreed to be mentally deranged. Throughout history, whenever a courageous seer of Forbidden Truth has come forward with a fresh message of Truth that exposes the insane lies to which his society is addicted and beholden to, while refraining from committing any outright crime, the punitively unjust and perverse mental health system has been employed by societal leaders and their agents, to terrorize, demonize, and harm the courageous seer. This malevolent, fascist perversion of human rights occurs with just as much regularity and brutality today, in all of the most advanced, so-called "civilized" societies, as it has occurred throughout history, 100 years ago and 1000 years ago. There is no notion that is as toxic, invalid, and symptomatic of profound mental illness, than the belief in and worship of a totally non-existent god creature. Not only is this belief toxic and insane, it is supremely harmful to both the mentally ill believer and to the entire collective society of humans, since this myth is overtly promoted and imposed upon all other humans, by the mentally ill believers as well as by all mainstream societal institutions and entities. Your societies choose to not punitively punish any god-worshippers, because this specific mental derangement is one that societal leaders have deemed to be extremely useful, valuable and desirable to have the masses of citizen-slaves infected with. This one simple situation, of how deranged god worshippers are treated by the mental health system as being perfectly "normal" and healthy, serves to render the entire notion of "criminal insanity" and punitive, involuntary confinement of any individual based upon a societal decree of mental illness, to be completely ridiculous, profoundly hypocritical, and totally invalid.

The Monetary Fine and Ticketing System:

Every society feels a need to keep as many citizen-slaves as possible employed and working, generating income and engaging in economic spending of the income they generate. This is certainly more of an obsession with capitalistic societies, but every society places major importance upon the doctrine of compelling as many citizen-slaves as possible into holding down jobs and being "economically contributing" members to society. This is why societies have developed monetary fine and ticketing systems of punitive punishment, and not simply decreed that all criminals must be locked up in cages. Society is determined to punitively punish as many of it's criminals as it possibly can, and to terroristically compel all citizen-slaves to obey societal law under threat of punitive punishment, but to lock up all criminals in cages would have too large a negative impact upon the economic productivity and general health of the economy. Therefore, societal leaders have cleverly come up with a way to inflict punitive punishment upon tortured victim-creations, while still allowing them to remain economically productive, while at the same time directly seizing their earnings as a form of pseudo-taxation. This is the basis of the judicial decrees that involve monetary fines, and the entire ticketing system. The money that is taken away from so-called "criminals" via these two methods, represents a direct and overt theft, committed by the State itself, authorized by the judicial system, which serves as an agent of the State. Just like the cage lock system, the monetary theft system is overtly punitive in nature, designed to both inflict harm upon the lawbreaker, to scare the person into not committing any future crimes, and to terrorize all human beings living within the society, with the malevolent threat that if they even dare to commit illegal acts that are minor and often completely harmless to others, they will be legally robbed of a significant amount of money.

Money itself has no intrinsic value, of course. It is useless paper or metal, but societies have bestowed a concrete value upon these pieces of paper, as a way to control and dominate the lives of all citizen-slaves, compelling them to both earn and spend money in order to survive and live a so-called "normal" life. Having given money a mythological, invalid "value", society is free to shamelessly exploit and use money to shape the path of the lives of it's citizen-slaves. The terroristic threat of committing legal robbery upon citizen-slaves that would have a significant impact upon their financial health, is used by the legal system to compel victims of society into modifying their behaviors and life choices. These victims are being directly and in many cases profoundly harmed and hurt by the judicial fines/tickets that are imposed upon them. And yet, amazingly, if these individual victims were to commit robberies, burglaries, or thefts to try and recover some of the financial loss that their society has malevolently and unjustly imposed upon them, they would once again be demonized as being "criminals" and subjected to additional punitive punishment, even though it was society that victimized them in the first place, and society that committed the initial theft, a legal robbery upon them, that has been given the legitimizing societal label of "fine/ticket".

Every single form of judicial/law enforcement fining/ticketing represents an injustice that is being unfairly committed by society, upon one of it's own created victims. No matter if the financial amount of the fine might be relatively low in some cases, the injustice remains absolutely unacceptable and outrageous. Some forms of fining/ticketing are much more punitively harmful and will even destroy a person's entire financial standing and/or future. Society specifically reserves these extra-large legal robberies for situations in which it feels that a desirable, core cultural mandate needs to be strongly and terroristically imposed upon the masses of citizen-slaves. Child support would be a perfect demonstration of this. Unlike the relatively low amounts of money that is legally stolen from people who violate driving laws, parking laws, and other relatively unimportant laws, the biological creator who refuses to voluntarily give away his money to a biological creation, faces the theft of hundreds of thousands of his legally earned assets, over the course of 18-21 years, and the judicial system will seize these assets by force in order to commit this outrageous legal robbery. The reason why society chooses to steal such a huge amount of money from the father is not because the baby/child needs the money, but rather because societal leaders have decided that it is much more important for them to terrorize as many men as it possibly can into agreeing to get married and live with the women they impregnate, than to terrorize citizen-slaves into not violating driving or parking laws. This is an arbitrary, malevolent and irrational tactical decision that societal leaders have made. The degree of financial harm and victimization that is imposed upon citizen-slaves by the legal system varies greatly between different "crimes", and the basis that is used by societal leaders to decide which crimes to impose extremely punitive financial harm for, and which to impose far lesser harm for, is solely determined by how eager and desperate the society is to prevent other citizen-slaves from committing the specific crime in question, or to be more accurate, from choosing to embrace the specific lifestyle choice that society has decided it wishes to demonize.

The terroristic threat and reality of legal robbery is also used in conjunction with cage lock, in many situations. Perversely, society will seize the assets of many tortured victim-creations who are convicted of murder and other so-called "serious" crimes, and either keep the money for itself or give the money to relatives of the "victims", even though the killer/criminal is himself the greatest victim of all and there is absolutely no connection between the crimes that were committed and how the individual obtained their assets. Society will not even pretend that the money itself was "illegally" obtained, and yet in the same breath it will seize the money, as a nakedly malevolent way to harm the tortured victim even more completely than he is already being harmed, by the punitive incarceration. Since money is of no useful value in and of itself, even in cases where prison inmates do not have their assets seized by the State, their inability to use these assets to purchase and use valuable, high quality items, be it food, clothing, electronics, etc..., while inside of the prison, constitutes absolute economic/financial terrorism as practiced by society upon the tortured victims that it is already inflicting immense additional torture upon, via the incarceration.

And finally, we have the fascist suppression and denial of the ability of incarcerated victims to earn, keep, and use money that is legally obtained via the exact same free market system that the entire economy is based upon. I am referring to the various "Son of Sam" state laws throughout america and across the world, which interfere with and prevent prisoners from selling their letters, their writings, their drawings, their paintings, their autographs, their old clothing and other artifacts, as well as their own life stories via autobiographical books. It is an absolute perversion of rationality and the most basic of human and civil rights, that these tortured victims, already being subjected to utterly unjust, punitively harmful detention, are legally barred from engaging in the exact same, completely legal free commerce/employment endeavors that all free citizen-slaves are able to engage in at will. Certainly the laws which bar the prison inmate from writing books and obtaining whatever publisher signing bonuses, publication prepayments and sale royalties they are able to negotiate for themselves, represents the ultimate judicial form of financial terrorization and brutalization. in order to silence the prisoner, to gag him, to prevent the prisoner from revealing and disseminating his life story, his True Reality, as well as Forbidden Truth in general to the world, this outrageously hypocritical form of financial blackmail and censorship is imposed upon both the prison himself, and upon book publishers, who naturally find it more difficult to motivate and inspire a budding author, when the author knows that he will not receive any financial gain for undertaking one of the most difficult and valuable tasks that any human can ever perform, which would be to lay bare one's mind, heart, and soul, and express in words the most profound life experiences and realizations that one has arrived at in life. In a sane society every criminal would be begged for his life story. Agents of society would come to the criminal and promise/guarantee financial reward even if an actual publisher has not yet been found and the autobiographical writings might never end up being published, in recognition of the fact that every criminal is a tortured victim of society, who can deliver extremely important, valuable, useful, and profound Truth that a sane and moral society could utilize to recognize which societal policies need to be changed or eliminated in the future, in order to prevent the unjust victimization that caused the individual to become a criminal. But of course you creatures will break out with hysterical laughter at the idea of societal agents going to criminals, begging them to write their life stories and promising them significant financial payment for these autobiographies. This is because you are not moral, you are not sane, you are utterly malevolent and diseased to your very cores, just as your societies are. You are thousands of times more evil, in your treatment of "criminals", than any criminal could ever be in his treatment of his victims.

The Parole System:

At first glance the specific issue of parole might not appear harmful in an overt way, since it involves the possibility of getting out of prison, but in reality there are a few extremely important Forbidden Truth points that must be made on this issue, that go above and beyond the prison system facts that I have already outlined above. What is parole? It is a societal construct under which some prison inmates are given their physical freedom, usually only to a limited degree, prior to having served out the complete time period of incarceration that their original sentence called for. There are several perverse and fascist elements to the parole system. First of all, anyone who supports parole for prisoners, lobbies for early parole, and the like, even though they are labeled as being "soft on crime" and "liberal" from an ideological/political perspective, is in fact a supporter of the criminal justice/prison system. This is because parole is a part of the punitively harmful and outrageously immoral prison system. A person who lobbies for early parole or release of prisoners is in fact demonstrating support for the notion that society has a right to inflict punitive punishment upon it's own tortured victim-creations, via the prison system, as it is currently structured. The person is not lobbying for the elimination of the prison system or for systemic reform that would end all, or even any, of the punitively harmful aspects of the prison system. The person is merely asking that the punitive punishment that the prisoner has already been subjected to, be ended a little bit earlier, a few years sooner, than would otherwise be the case. For your malevolent, immoral society, this represents a great victory. To get you pathetic citizen-slaves to accept the notion that parole is a "good" thing because it means a prisoner might someday be freed, is a real victory for your society, because if you brainwashed creatures who have deluded yourselves into believing that you are "fighting for justice for prisoners" focus your attention and efforts on getting early release for prisoners, you tacitly as well as overtly legitimize the ongoing existence and structure of the current, completely malevolent and immoral, prison system. What you should be doing is condemning your society for daring to inflict even a single day of punitive punishment upon any criminal, and yet your cunning society succeeds in getting you to focus on minor, essentially meaningless issues like parole.

Even more importantly, the parole system is also blatantly manipulative in terms of design and implementation. The criminal justice system holds out parole as a bribe to it's tortured victim-creations, similar to how a glass of water can be held in front of a person who has not drunk any liquid for 6 days and is about to die of dehydration. The dying person will naturally agree to just about anything, even to reject and renounce their most strongly-held principals and beliefs, in order to save his own life and obtain the water. Therefore parole serves and is employed by society as yet another form of terroristic fascism and silencing of the voices of horrifically victimized people who have committed crimes. The incarcerated victim who is given a parole possibility knows that his fate rests completely in the hands of empowered agents of the society that has victimized him, namely the "parole board". Since society is lie-based, truth-hating, and victim-demonizing, the incarcerated victim knows that the only chance, remote as it may be, that he has to gain a tiny bit of relief from his ongoing, unjust suffering, is to win parole at some point in the future. He knows that if he were to tell his society the Truth about himself, his life experiences, his True Reality realizations, he would lose all chance of ever winning parole. If he were to proclaim himself a victim, speak out in anger against the society that is guilty of having made him into a criminal, stand up for his right to have claimed the mirrored, cathartic vengeance that he did, try to further harm agents of the society he so justifiably despises, such as prison guards, judges, etc..., he would be dooming himself, harming himself, destroying whatever slim chance he might still have to ever regain his physical freedom. And so we see the true nature and purpose of parole, it is a terrorizing agent, designed and used by the criminal justice system to silence, intimidate, control the behavior of, and overtly suppress the revelation and dissemination of societally condemned and rejected Forbidden Truth by, prison inmates, accused criminals who are on trial, and other people who find themselves in legal jeopardy. Even prior to conviction, the tortured victim knows that anything of a Truthful nature which defies societal mythology and the lie culture of the societal structure that he might say or do, can and will be used against him by the "parole board", if in fact he is convicted and given a legal possibility of gaining parole.

In america alone, every year, countless thousands of tortured victims of society, once enmeshed within the legal system, pretend to feel remorse for their cathartic, True Reality acts, fake regret, claim to be sorry for what they did, claim to now realize that what they did was "wrong" and that they had no right to do it, beg their society to forgive them and give them another chance, even though at their core reality, they know that they are victims of society, that society is more evil than they are, that they were perfectly justified in undertaking the "criminal" actions that they did. They lie because they know that your society is a lie-based one, that embraces lies and condemns Truth. They know that their only chance of gaining whatever tiny scraps of perversely hypocritical "mercy" you diseased creatures sometimes throw out in order to maintain your illusions of moral decency, is for them to lie to you, to feed your disease, to prostitute themselves and their most sacred personal Truths to you. And so that is what most incarcerated criminals do. This is the tragic and perverse legacy of the parole system. It serves to reinforce the insane notion that criminals deserve to be punitively punished, because it terrorizes them into claiming to realize that what they did was "wrong" and into promising to "reform" their ways. The more criminals who say they are "bad" and did "wrong", the easier it is for you diseased hypocrites to blame, demonize and direct all of your suppressed rage and hate upon them, as your malevolent society, which is guilty of brutally victimizing them and responsible for making them into justified seekers of personal vengeance, wants. And as the supreme and final outrage, the few extremely courageous and strong-minded torture victims who refuse to prostitute the Truth and themselves, refuse to pretend to be sorry and refuse to beg their creators for forgiveness, such as Charles Manson and Timothy McVeigh, are indeed relentlessly demonized and the maximum degree of punitive punishment is inflicted upon these Seers of Truth, with all parole possibility taken away. As always within your insane societies, Truth and truth-deliverers are condemned, demonized, and destroyed, while lie and lie-promoters & disseminators are rewarded.

The Probation System:

What is probation? It is a form of punitive punishment employed by society in which tortured victim-creations who have committed relatively minor "crimes" are terroristically threatened with a prison cage lock sentence, but ultimately allowed to retain some physical freedom, but not genuine freedom as they remain under the surveillance of empowered societal agents who carry the label of "parole officer". Similar to the ticketing/ monetary fine system, society makes a conscious choice that the economic benefits of allowing these minor lawbreakers to continue to hold down jobs and live within so-called "free" society, outweigh the fake moralistic and terrorizing benefits of locking them inside of prison cages. These torture victims are made to feel lucky to have escaped from the possible prison sentences that they could have received, and this "lucky break" message is repeated over and over to the victim by society, as a way to try and terrorize him into agreeing to not commit any other crimes. "You won't be so lucky next time, you screw up again, even in a tiny way, and you definitely go to jail, etc..." Empowered agents of society try their best to implant this terroristic message upon the mind and consciousness of every probationer, even though the reality of course, is that society has no moral, ethical, judicial, or rational right to inflict any type of punitive punishment upon any of it's lawbreakers.

Probation is given for crimes that society is not particularly interested in preventing or reducing the occurrence of, but still feels a need to maintain the moral illusion of condemning. Some of these crimes are totally harmless, such as drug possession, but others are in fact quite brutal in nature, such as child abuse and neglect. The societal determination as to whether the crime deserves the harsher punishment of cage lock or the less harsh punishment of probation is based upon perverse societal ideologies and mythologies, such as Sacred Family Unit doctrine. Therefore, a mother or father who violently assaults her/his legally owned slave stands a much greater chance of receiving a probation sentence, over a gay bachelor who walks up to a child he has never seen before in a shopping mall and gives the child a few hard swats. Even if the parent caused more physical pain and injury to their victim than the gay bachelor caused to his victim, and even though the parent is in fact more likely to re-offend in terms of continuing to victimize the child-slave in the future if granted parole, it is the slaveowner who will be given parole, while the gay bachelor is much more likely to receive a prison sentence. This is the type of perversely hypocritical double standard that the probationary system is structured upon. Society knows that adults will victimize children, and specifically seeks to encourage familial victimization/brutalization of children, over stranger victimization of children, and instructs it's criminal justice system to hand down differing sentences for the two crimes, that serve to reveal to and instruct all citizen-slaves that the way to maximize their chances of avoiding the harsher form of punitive punishment is to have sex, create children, and brutalize one's own creations and legally owned children, as opposed to targeting children who are owned by other people. I should add here that this perverse societal method of steering enraged victim-creations towards targeting specific victims and specific groups of victims for cathartic vengeance, in order to maximize their chances of avoiding harsh punitive punishment, works extremely well. From serial killers targeting prostitutes to mothers targeting their own womb excretions, a majority of enraged victims of society choose the path of least resistance, the path to cathartic vengeance that society chooses to decree as the most appropriate and least unacceptable. I also want to add that probation is in fact a punitive and completely unjust punishment, even though it is clearly less punitive than cage lock, if a comparison is to be made. The terroristic threat of cage lock if the probation terms are violated to even the smallest degree, the ability of the probation officer to pay random visits to the parolee, to impose random drug tests upon the parolee, the often humiliating, unpaid "community service" jobs that parolees are forced to perform, the "house arrest" and limitations on free movement that are sometimes imposed upon parolees, restricting them to only being allowed to go to and from work, are all punitively punishing and represent ongoing, completely undeserved victimization of these societal victim-creations.

This is a good time for me to comment upon the utterly malevolent practice that has become popular in america in recent years, in which some probationers and parolees who have been convicted of sex crimes, usually against children, have their names and home/residence addresses publicly listed/printed in newspapers and state government databases that are accessible at libraries and via the internet. This is without any doubt one of the most perverse forms of victimization imaginable, and it's implementation by american society in recent years proves that this most diseased of societies continues to sink to ever greater depths of moral derangement and profound malevolence. The insane explanation that society gives for creating these lists and allowing the general public to access them, is that "parents need to know whether or not a sex offender lives nearby, so that they can decide how best to protect their child, whether or not to move away, whether to move to a neighborhood where a sex offender lives, whether to instruct their child to stay away from a certain house or a certain person, etc..." This is a completely ridiculous and supremely hypocritical rationalization. The vast majority of all children are victimized by their parents, by their legal owners. Why not publicly list the names and addresses of all parents convicted of child abuse or neglect, since they are at the very least just as likely to re-offend and far more likely to target the very same child that they have already victimized, than the "stranger" sex offenders who are listed in these public databases?? I'll tell you why, it's because american society chooses to overtly legitimize and encourage both the legal and the illegal victimization and brutalization of children by their parents and legal owners. You must first become the legal owner of a child, then you must limit yourself to only directly victimizing the child(ren) you legally own, this is the overt societal doctrine. The public dissemination of the names and home addresses of "stranger" child abusers is specifically designed to both encourage child abusers to target only their own children, and to provide all parents, including the ones who torture their own children, with a convenient list of "demons" that they can obsess over, adopt a ridiculous position of moral superiority and hypocritical condemnation of, even as they themselves continue to brutally abuse and harm their own children. Most importantly of all, the deliberate endangerment and compromise of personal safety, welfare, and employment opportunities that result from these public name and address databases is undeniably profound and immense. Despite numerous documented cases of these databases being used by the public at large to terrorize tortured victims who are guilty of having done nothing more than treat children in the type of abusive, worthless, dehumanizing manner that their society allowed them to be treated, your society insanely continues to provide public access to these names and addresses. These torture victims have been fired from their jobs, driven out of their homes via threats, directly threatened face to face, physically attacked, and in a few cases murdered outright, as a direct and sole result of american society choosing, for no valid or rational reason, to list their names, addresses, and the nature of their "crimes" in a publicly available database. In reality society has adopted this policy for the specific purpose of inviting and encouraging the demonization and the violent, illegal victimization of these individuals. Society knows that by listing these names and addresses, it increases the likelihood that the individuals listed will be targeted for violent threats and for actual violence, by at least 5000%. Society is overtly encouraging and promoting the vicious victimization of these individuals, just as society legalizes, legitimizes, promotes, enables, facilitates, and commits the exact same types of malevolent, harmful actions that it pretends to condemn in certain circumstances while demonizing the perpetrators as being "evil criminals". I've probably already outlined 50+ different examples of utterly perverse societal hypocrisy within these Texts, and this is yet another crystal-clear, glaringly obvious example.

The Death Penalty System:

Here we reach the absolute zenith of perversion as regards the criminal justice system. What is the death penalty? It is the most malevolent form of murder that exists within human society. And yet you brainwashed, truth-hating creatures will not even refer to this act as constituting "murder", so desperate are you to satiate your homicidal bloodlust while maintaining the insane delusion of moral superiority and decency. Only a handful of the most diseased societies left on planet earth possess the depth of cultural and moral derangement within themselves and their citizen-slaves to continue to engage in legal murder via the death penalty, at the dawn of this, the 21st century. And of course america is #1, the most homicidally deranged society on planet earth. It is no surprise that during the most recent presidential election of year 2000 in america, both of the puppet "candidates" knew that the only chance they had of winning the election was to proudly and publicly assert their support for the most evil and unjustifiable form of ritual murder that exists, the death penalty. And the actual winner of the election, the specific person that the homicidally enraged citizen-slaves of america chose to elect as their Supreme Leader, George W. Bush, was and is the single most prolific serial killer of the 1990's in America, and among the top five serial killers of all time in the entire history of the existence of america. That's right, as the Supreme Leader of the state of Texas, prior to becoming president, this man is directly and solely responsible for causing hundreds of tortured victim-creations of american society, to be legally murdered within the state of Texas by the very society that created them, the very society that he, George W. Bush, represented and continues to represent. This man had the ability, simply by signing his name to a piece of paper, to either not serially murder these hundreds of tortured victims, or to serially murder the hundreds of victims. His choice? To serially murder them. He murdered them in each of your names, and he knew that with each murder he committed he would win over more of your support, more of your admiration, more popularity, more of your votes, because in committing these murders he was killing on your behalfs, he was satiating your collective, homicidal rage. He knew you would be grateful, so very grateful, at each opportunity to celebrate the expression of homicidal rage that lives within your diseased hearts and souls, in a perfectly legal and morally encouraged manner. He knew you creatures would reward him for committing serial murder in your names. And he was oh so right, you made him your Supreme Leader, you chose him to lead the world, and all because he murdered your fellow tortured victim-creations.

There is no other form or type of murder that can come close to being as immoral and criminal in nature as the death penalty. Individuals who commit acts of murder are tortured victim-creations of society. They are already supreme victims, the instant that they carry out their act. Society has no right to even consider punitively punishing them for committing an act that is nothing more than a cathartic reflection of the sum total of brutal victimization that society itself is guilty of and responsible for having initiated and committed upon them. Every type of punitive punishment that is imposed by the criminal justice system, no matter how relatively mild it may be promoted by the societal brainwashing agents as being, is outrageously and supremely unjustifiable. The death penalty is of course the single most amazingly unjustifiable form of punitive punishment, and despite the severely diseased nature of all human societies, only a few have found the utter insanity that is required, on a mass scale, to continue to find a way to morally rationalize this act, in the 21st century. How can a society that is guilty of and responsible for sponsoring mass child torture, decree as public policy and law that murder is wrong and unacceptable, and yet choose to commit prolific, serial murder upon the very victims, the very children, that it is guilty of and responsible for having so brutally victimized that they developed a True Reality need and desire to kill members of their own species?? How can you murder your own victims, after decreeing that murder is wrong, for committing murder? How can you, as a society, commit the exact same act of harmfulness upon an individual, that he committed upon another individual, when the only reason he committed his act of harmfulness was because your society brutally victimized him? It doesn't make any sense! The individual's act of murder is thousands of times more morally justified, more rationally justified, more intellectually and emotionally justified, than the societal act of murder upon it's own tortured victim, could ever be. There is no sane or rational way to deny this Truth.

Societies that are ultra-diseased encourage and sponsor murder in many different ways, abortion, war, hunting, etc... But by a wide margin, the single strongest and most blatant form of societal murder encouragement has to be the death penalty. Ironically, your malevolent leaders tell you that a primary justification for the death penalty is that it is a "determent", that it discourages and deters other homicidally enraged torture victims from committing individual murders. The reality is that the exact opposite occurs. The death penalty encourages and promotes individual murder, and causes more individual murders to occur than would otherwise be the case. Why? Because the degree of injustice that a society imposes upon it's citizen-slaves is directly proportional to the degree of vengeance that the victims of the society claim. The greater the amount and brutality of the injustice, the more righteously determined the victims will be, to exact the maximum degree of cathartic vengeance. In other words, the more severe and brutally unjust the undeserved punishments are that you inflict upon your "criminals", the more these criminal victims as well as all victims of society in general will be, to seek and claim as much vengeance as they possibly can. This is so clearly obvious and undeniable. If any of you brainwashed sheeple cannot grasp this concept, simply consider this: You buy a lottery ticket, the ticket is a winner, and shows you have won a prize. Will you be upset and enraged if someone were to steal your ticket and try to cash it in? Of course. But what if you buy a lottery ticket, it is a winner, and it shows that you have won a ten million dollar prize, and somebody steals it and tries to cash it in?? Would you be more upset, enraged, determined to not allow this injustice to occur?? Of course! Because in the case of the latter situation, the degree and scope of the injustice, and the amount of harm that you will suffer as a result of the undeserved injustice, is much greater. This exact same parallel applies to the entire criminal justice system and the notion of "punitive punishment". Since no criminal deserves to be subjected to any type of punitive punishment, a profound injustice occurs the instant that a society even considers trying to impose a punitive punishment upon any "criminal" individual. Once society actually attempts to impose punishment, the greater the degree and depth of punitive punishment that is sought and imposed is, the greater the injustice. The greater the injustice, the greater the degree of self-righteous anger, outrage, and determination to claim vengeance, that is created within the True Reality of both the specific criminal himself who is being subjected to the great injustice, as well as all other criminals, all people contemplating becoming criminals, and all abused and victimized human beings living within the society.

In nations that engage in the death penalty, the act of murder is committed by your societies, in your names, upon your most brutally victimized creations. The people that you should be falling to your knees in front of and begging for forgiveness, you choose to murder. In doing so, in choosing to commit this incredible act of perversely immoral brutality upon your greatest victims, you prove by your very actions that you yourselves do not deserve to exist. You prove to every victim of your society, that you consider them unworthy of respect, dignity, apology, benevolent treatment, recognition of their standing of being victims, and life. And you are responsible for and guilty of having caused their brutal victimization. If you consider your most brutally tortured victims to be unworthy of life, how can you even begin to imagine that they should consider you, the cause of their torturous victimization, to be worthy of life? It makes not an iota of sense! And so the Forbidden Truth is that for every single person that you choose to legally murder via the death penalty, at least ten other people are directly inspired, not necessarily on a conscious or intellectually aware level, but nevertheless still directly inspired, to become murderers themselves, to avenge both their fellow torture victim that your society has murdered, and to avenge themselves as well, in recognition of the fact that your evil society has destroyed their life, has initiated and committed brutal injustices upon them, that your society refuses to acknowledge it's malevolence, refuses to treat them as victims, and is in fact determined to continue to victimize them and their fellow victims, all the way to actually murdering them. The mirror always reflects Truth. The more of your tortured victims you choose, as a society, to murder, the more tortured victims will recognize and embrace within their own True Realities the fact that it makes not an iota of logical sense for them to respect or value any human being's life, since their society has no respect or value for their lives. All across a country like america, tortured victims who would otherwise be content to merely kill animals, brutalize their spouses and children, bully and threaten other people, are driven and inspired to choose to commit murder, and the fact that a death penalty exists and is practiced within america is a significant, in fact a primary motivating factor in causing these tortured victims to choose to claim the "ultimate" form of cathartic vengeance, in recognition of the fact that their society has the audacity to impose the ultimate injustice, of murder, upon their fellow victims and potentially upon themselves. I want to make it clear that this realization/motivation is very rarely developed upon a conscious, intellectualized level. Rather it is a subconscious, instinctual, True Reality mindset, that is just as powerful and real a motivating force as any type of conscious realization would be.

In conclusion, I wish to point out that despite how utterly evil and diseased you creatures are, most of you, on a deeply buried subconscious level, know that you are responsible for committing an unforgivable atrocity, simply by living within a society that serially murders it's greatest victims. In america, this fact is easily provable by the glaringly blatant form of denial of Truth that you creatures employ. Your society, even as it proudly commits legal serial murder in your names, has decreed that the actual murders that it commits, cannot be videotaped or photographed by anyone. This act, murder of a helpless torture victim, committed by the government, clearly the single most newsworthy event that can possibly occur, cannot be and is not covered by the news media, at all. It is mind-boggling to contemplate the fact that photographs have been used for centuries to document even the most minor and insignificant social events and occurrences, videotape recording and TV broadcast is now the standard under which all of the cultural, legal, and historical legacies of american society are preserved, and yet with barely a glimmer of complaint or even notice by you citizen-slaves, every single politician, societal leader, and member of the mainstream media has chosen to embrace and enact as law, a policy that makes it illegal for anyone to photograph or videotape the legal murder, as it occurs, of a tortured victim-creation of american society. Can you imagine anything more fascist, more unfree, more culturally deranged?? I cannot. Every single federal judge in america who has been called upon to rule on this issue, has, incredibly, sided with the utterly fascist, completely unconstitutional notion that the State, the government, has the right to prohibit and bar all humans from photographing and videotaping these perverse acts of legal murder, even though the government is committing these acts of legal murder. The reasons for insisting upon this ban, as given by federal and state prosecutors and attorneys, have been ridiculously laughable and invalid, and have usually involved the notion that allowing photography/videotaping would "endanger" other people, namely the societally broken and brainwashed, in some cases homicidally enraged prison officials, who have chosen to participate in the most evil and immoral societal ritual that exists. This is a ridiculous claim, there is far more danger involved to far more people in almost every other type of newsworthy endeavor, including the responses to live, unresolved crime scenes that occur at thousands of different locations each and every day, by both law enforcement and the news media.

The Forbidden Truth fact is this: Your societal leaders know that the "death penalty" is utterly evil and unjustifiable. They know that if they were to allow you citizen-slaves to witness and recognize the truth of what is occurring in your names, too many of you would find the tiny bit of rationality and decency that is required, to experience the repulsion and disgust that any sane creature would feel when confronted with this type of a malevolent Truth. Therefore, an unspoken but undeniably real conspiracy to prevent you humans from being able to witness, see, and realize the Truth of what the death penalty is, has been undertaken by your societal leaders. All federal and state judges are in fact terrorized employees of the government, completely beholden to governmental leaders, and to the "laws" that governmental leaders choose to enact. The laws provide a convenient cover to conceal this Truth, allowing the judges to all say that they must "interpret and enforce the laws of the land", instead of revealing the truth, which is that they are nothing more than broken, terrorized, brainwashed puppets. Every federal and state judge knows that his job, his livelihood, is totally dependent upon following the orders of the leaders of his society, be they county, state, or federal leaders. No matter how malevolent, irrational, genocidal, or unconstitutional a direct order given by a societal leader might be, every judge is obligated to uphold and legitimize the order. This makes every judge a pure prostitute, in the truest sense of the word, and the end result is obvious: Every court throughout american history has indeed towed the american gestapo leadership party line, and decreed that no, the prisoner cannot be photographed or videotaped as he is being murdered, even if he wants it, his lawyers want it, and there are thousands of photographers and videographers lining up eagerly to perform this task. The truth must be hidden, denied, suppressed at every turn. All attempts at enlightenment, all efforts to reveal, display Truth, must be thwarted. This is the Sacred Mandate under which your malevolent, diseased societies operate.

What about the media, you might be wondering? Doesn't the media have some constitutional rights within a democracy, perhaps even an obligation to report and reveal newsworthy events in a truthful manner? No, absolutely not. The media is completely under the jurisdictional control of societal leaders. Many different forms of coercion, enticement, and actual societal law are used to control exactly what the media reports. The notion that there is "freedom of the press" in america is ludicrous, and you need look no further than this single issue, of how the media and press have been systematically and completely prohibited and barred from recording, via photographs or videotapes, what is clearly and undeniably one of the most profound and newsworthy stories imaginable, the murder of individual human beings, by other human beings who are acting as agents and representatives of the society and government itself. A few individual media organizations have gone to court, have challenged this malevolent and insane ban. But does this indicate journalistic freedom? Certainly not! All it indicates is that a few marginal and "radical" journalists, who have no influence within the mainstream, popular culture press, are willing to go to a bit of effort to try and challenge their fascist society, perhaps for purely selfish reasons, or perhaps out of some degree of respect for Truth and the belief that they should enjoy basic journalistic freedom. These "lone wolf" efforts are useless, doomed to failure since every court is in fact controlled by and dictated to, by societal/governmental leaders. Within a sane, moral, and Truth-based society, every single journalist within the nation would quit, rather than allow their society to cover up and hide the Truth, while denying all journalists their most basic and fundamental constitutional rights and ability to properly report extremely vital news. But no, such a mass "strike" or boycott by journalists can never occur, the notion of it is ludicrous to most of you. This is because the media and it's CEO's/owners know that it is not free, it chooses to allow itself to be stripped of it's most basic press freedoms, to be used as an agent of societal propaganda, in exchange for being granted "mainstream" status, and the fame, wealth, respect, power, and influence that society bestows upon those who agree to not only reject Truth themselves, but to actively help conceal Truth from the citizen-slaves, and help society in disseminating lies, myths, hypocrisy, and ideological perversity. This is the overtly malevolent mission that all mainstream media outlets tacitly agree to perform. What we have here is the media and the courts, two different types of societal prostitutes, both agreeing to work together with the governmental leadership of america, to keep you diseased creatures from ever having to face up to the fact that you are responsible for committing atrocities, acts of serial murder, upon your fellow citizens. Without photos of the murders occurring, without videotape showing the murder frame by frame being done in your name, it is as if the murders are not even occurring. Even the few of you who possess some degree of sanity and morality, are able to dismiss and ignore this serial atrocity, as your eyes and mind are not confronted with the visual images. Within a sane society the notion of committing legal murder of torture victims would of course be recognized as an outrage that cannot even be considered. But even beyond that, a diseased society that was trying to develop sanity would order the live, prime-time televising of every single legal murder that it carries out, on every single channel. This would at least allow every citizen-slave to see Truth, to witness reality, nothing more and nothing less. But no, instead, here in the year 2001, your TV sets are filled with "reality programming", shows that are completely fictional, artificially contrived, and of course so very popular. Fiction masquerading as Truth is what you creatures crave, if confronted with actual Truth you flee in terror, you condemn, demonize, and reject both the truth-teller and his revelations of Truth. What a beautiful illustration this provides, of how perverse human society, and very specifically early 21st century american society, truly is.

I do not want to direct an excessive degree of focus upon the issue of legal murder. It is absolutely the greatest and most perverse injustice that any society's criminal justice system can impose upon it's tortured victim-creations. But at the same time, all forms of punitive punishment as imposed upon criminals, are outrageously unjust. This is a very important point. A society that does not practice legal murder, or that repeals it's legal murder laws, is not a decent, moral, or just society. It has simply taken the tiniest of steps towards sanity, towards backing away from the single most brutally unjust form of judicial victimization, namely the mass murder of it's own tortured victim-creations. Societies that do terminate the practice of legal murder attempt to "milk" this tiny step for all it's worth, proclaiming and trumpeting their moral superiority and benevolence to their citizen-slaves, even as they continue to brutally victimize their criminals via other forms of punitive punishment, in many cases making their prisons even more punitive in nature while hiding under the perversely hypocritical cloak of moral benevolence that their repeal of the practice of legal murder allows them to claim. The bottom line is this: No criminal ever deserves to be subjected to any form of punitive punishment at the hands of any society or judicial system. The existence and the imposition of any form of punitive punishment by society constitutes an unacceptable, immoral, injustice. All such imposition serves to validate and prove that the criminal had every moral and True Reality right to have undertaken the actions that he did. The public policy mandate under which societies attempt to hurt, harm, cause distress to, and traumatize their own created victims, via punitive punishment that is imposed by the "criminal justice system", serves as an overt legitimization of every victim's personal right to seek and claim limitless, cathartic vengeance, in whatever manner and to whatever degree the uniquely personal True Reality of each individual victim, allows, compels, or dictates. This is not an "encouragement to commit crimes", as those of you diseased creatures who will attempt to shut down this website will claim. It is simply a fact. A philosophical Truth. A clear, rational, undeniable Forbidden Truth. Squeeze a lemon, lemon juice will emerge. Victimize and brutalize your own tortured victim-creations, refuse to treat them as the victims that they are, and they will victimize and brutalize you and your societies, to the best of their abilities. And if you claim that they have no legitimate right to do so, even as you inflict additional brutalization and injustice upon them, then you are insane and you belong in mental hospitals at best, because you cannot think clearly or rationally, or embrace the most obvious, undeniable Truths. It's like you creatures squeeze a lemon and you expect apple juice to emerge, simply mind-boggling, the utter irrationality and hypocrisy of all of your most basic, cherished public policies and cultural mandates.

Wayne Williams, Wayne Betram Williams, Atlanta serial child killer
This is Wayne Williams, Tortured Victim-Creation of the Most Racist Society on Planet Earth. It is believed that during a 2-3 year serial killing rampage in the late 1970's and early 1980's, Wayne serially killed about 30 people, mostly Black children, in the state of Georgia. A tortured victim-creation of american society and a Black man himself, Wayne was and continues to be demonized as an "evil monster", because he targeted children he did not legally own, as his victims. The american nation was founded upon genocidal racism, directed towards native american indians, then built upon genocidal racism, in the form of slavery. Children of all races in america have been and continue to be brutally and genocidally tortured, as chosen public policy, and Black children have historically and remain today, the greatest victims of overt societal malice in america. You creatures have the audacity to demonize Wayne for killing 20-30 children, when you live as members of a society that directly causes and is responsible for many thousands of children dying each and every year. Wayne's ancestors were officially decreed to be subhuman creatures by virtue of the fact that their skin was a darker color than that of the empowered leaders of america. His own father and mother could not go into certain public bathrooms, could not eat at certain restaurants, could not sit near the front of public buses, could not own property in many areas, and were subjected to the most malevolent forms of irrational injustice, based solely upon a ridiculous measurement of skin pigmentation, as a matter of official, american national and state law. And yet, amazingly, this same society somehow finds the insane nerve to demonize, condemn, and punitively punish Wayne, for harming a handful of children. Wayne was and is a victim, like all criminals. He deserves no punitive punishment or condemnation of any kind. His actions in life reflect the reality of the victimization that his society malevolently inflicted upon him. The notion that the genocidally evil society which victimized him and chooses to victimize millions of children each and every year as a matter of public policy, has some type of a moral, ethical, or legal entitlement to negatively judge or condemn the True Reality actions of Wayne, is utterly repugnant and ridiculously invalid, from all rational viewpoints.

Types of Judicial Systems and Societal Rationalizations for Punitive Punishment:

We now move on to how judicial systems are structured, as well as the invalid rationalizations and excuses that societies use to justify the infliction of punitive punishment upon criminals. I will try to be brief here, since the much more important issue of Societal Reform of the criminal justice system still has to be covered at this page. Almost all judicial systems operate under either a judge or a jury system, in many cases there is a blending of the system under which both juries and judges can play a role. In both cases, we have human beings who are either empowered members of the society, as is the case with jurors, or directly employed agents of the society, as is the case with judges, sitting in judgment of and holding the power to inflict punitive punishment upon, the suspected/indicted criminal defendants. These empowered members and employed agents of society are in fact brainwashed by and beholden to society. They have no moral, ethical, or Truth-based mandate of any kind, as far as dispensing justice or fairness, is concerned. Jurors are only allowed to serve in this artificial and invalid role, if they either embrace all of the primary ideologies of their societies, or if they lie during the jury selection process. No human being who is sane, rational, moral, honest, has an ability to grasp Forbidden Truth, or has a desire to dispense genuine justice in a fair manner, has any chance of ever being selected or allowed to serve as a juror, since the jury selection process is specifically formulated in such a way as to weed out all sane, rational, moral, honest, truth-seeking, and justice-embracing humans, and specifically prevent them from serving as jurors. A beautiful demonstration of this Truth, within ultra-diseased societies that choose to engage in the death penalty form of legal murder, is the fact that in cases where societal prosecutors, more aptly referred to as persecutors, have decided to try to legally murder their society's tortured victim-creation, no jury applicant who expresses his moral repugnance for this form of legal murder, and who declares his intention to not serve as a murderer on behalf of his malevolent society, has any chance of being selected or allowed to serve as a juror. Every jury applicant literally has to be ready, willing, and eager to commit an act of brutal, immoral, murder, just to have a chance of being allowed to "serve" as a juror.

Societies that use jury systems like to proudly proclaim how wonderfully just and fair it is that the so-called "criminal" defendants are being "judged by their peers". This is an utterly ridiculous claim, that has no basis in rationality. The vast majority of all citizen-slaves are mentally deranged, homicidally enraged, insanely hypocritical in their entire outlook and perspective upon life, addicted to toxic, malevolent lies and myths, and completely immoral. The notion that such individuals have any right to sit in judgment of another human being and declare the other human being to be "bad" and worthy of receiving punitive punishment, is absurd. The idea that justice is served in allowing a group of insane, victimized, bloodthirsty hypocrites to pass negative judgment upon a fellow victim that their evil society has conveniently demonized for them, is even more outrageous. The fact is that all human beings can judge only themselves, nobody else. And even then, only a tiny handful possess the intellectual clarity and freedom of thought to accurately view and interpret the nature of their own motivations and actions, from an unbiased, Truth-based perspective. To allow human beings like jurors and judges to pass down negative judgments upon "criminals" that result in the actual infliction of harm, and further traumatization/victimization upon the criminal, who is in fact a tortured victim-creation of society itself, is morally, philosophically, and rationally repugnant.

Judges are lifetime, paid employees of the state, completely beholden to the government and State for their livelihood. Judges have absolutely no independence or freedom, their job is to lend an aura of legitimacy to the insanely hypocritical, fascist, irrational, immoral structure of the entire criminal justice system. If they agree to serve in this capacity, to prostitute themselves and all notions of genuine justice, morality, and rationality, then they are appointed to serve as judges, by societal leaders. If they ever attempt to step over the line, to defy the insane edicts, doctrines, and "laws" of their malevolent societies, they are simply stripped of their position. Judges are, in the truest sense of the word, absolute puppets. They have no mandate to dispense genuine justice, or to interpret any case from a sane perspective. Their only mandate is to legitimize the insane, unjust, overtly malevolent and for lack of a better word, "criminal" structure, system, and policies that their evil bosses, societal leaders, have chosen to use to inflict terrorization, demonization, and brutalization upon the tortured victim-creations of their own societies.

Lets move on to the rationales and explanations that societies use to try and justify the punitively punishing nature and structure of their criminal justice systems. A very common claim is simply that "The criminal did something bad, he hurt someone else, and so he deserves to be punished and hurt in return." This notion is so ridiculous that even a child aged 8, as long as he has not been brainwashed into embracing insanely hypocritical thought, should be able to dissect and explain why it is utterly invalid. Why did the criminal do something bad and harmful? He did something bad and harmful because bad and harmful things were done to him. He was victimized, and so in cathartic reflectivity of his True Reality, he victimized others. If he had not been victimized, he would not have victimized others. The criminal is the initial victim, within the cycle of victimization. Even more importantly, society sponsors, supports, promotes, and causes mass victimization of it's citizen-slaves, throughout their entire lives, most especially during their childhoods. Society decrees such victimization to be perfectly legal and appropriate, as an approved public policy. The systematic, mass, brutal harming and traumatization of human beings is an integrated public policy mandate that societies proudly and undeniably embrace and undertake. So how can a criminal "deserve" to be punished and harmed for doing the same thing, on a much smaller scale, that societies do, on a mass, gigantic scale?? It is ridiculously hypocritical!

Another very common explanation that societies give to justify the immoral infliction of punitive punishment upon criminals, is that of deterrence. Societies claim that in inflicting torment upon their own tortured victim-creations, those who recognize and embrace their True Reality right to seek vengeance in a societally undesirable manner, other tortured victim-creations who are contemplating seeking a similar type of vengeance, are deterred from carrying out similar types of actions, due to fear of being subjected to the same type of judicially inflicted torment. This notion is not only untrue, but invalid on several other levels as well. In the first place, society has no conceivable moral or ethical right to torment it's own tortured victim-creations, who have only undertaken their "criminal" actions as a direct result of the initiation of a cycle of abuse, brutalization, and victimization that society itself undertook upon the criminal. How can society further victimize it's own tortured victim-creations, when society is completely responsible and guilty of causing the initial victimization to occur?? In doing so, society proves, on a rational, intellectual, and philosophical level, that the criminal had every right to victimize others, and furthermore, that no matter what the individual criminal might do, no matter how "brutal" and violent his actions may be, he is still morally superior, by far, to his society. Society creates the victim, tortures the victim, demonizes the victim for harming others, then tortures the victim even more, for having harmed others, without ever even acknowledging that it is completely guilty of having initiated the cycle of victimization, and totally responsible for causing the tortured victim to have chosen to seek and claim cathartic, True Reality vengeance by harming other living things in a "criminal" manner.

Secondly, and more primarily applicable here, the entire notion of deterrence through terrorization of victims, is not effective. The more injustice you inflict upon an individual, the greater the degree of injustice and refusal to acknowledge, apologize, and beg forgiveness for the injustice, the more entitled, on a moral, intellectual, and emotional level, the victim is to seek and claim personal vengeance. Therefore, the punitively harmful infliction of judicial punishment upon criminals, as well as the accompanying terroristic threat that society delivers to all citizen-slaves, to inflict similar harm and trauma upon any other individual who is found to be committing similar crimes, absolutely stimulates, inspires, and causes more victims to decide to undertake similar crimes, than it deters victims from undertaking similar crimes. The greater the amount and degree of injustice that society chooses to inflict upon it's tortured victim-creations, the more victims of the injustice will be likely to realize and recognize that their society, it's members, and the human race as a whole are so utterly diseased and malevolent that there is no rational reason for the victim to inhibit his True Reality rage and hate, or to try to restrain/minimize the violent or otherwise harmful expression of his rage. Put in a more simplistic manner, the less mercy you show towards your tortured victims, the less apologetic you are to them, the less willing you are to recognize that they are your tortured victim-creations, and to beg their forgiveness, the more likely they are to show absolutely no mercy or restraint in seeking and claiming the personal vengeance that they recognize, on a True Reality level, that they are entitled to claim. Your societies delude you into accepting the bizarre notion that inflicting a maximum degree of victimization upon your own tortured victim-creations, throughout their entire lives, and even committing the ultimate act of victimization, legal murder, upon them, will somehow convince other victim-creations to inhibit their own criminal expressions of enraged vengeance, when in reality the exact opposite is what occurs.

Continuing on with this deterrence theme, we reach the philosophical question of whether or not you creatures deserve to be "protected" from violent, criminal assault and attack, in the first place. Do you choose to protect your children from violent assault, abuse, and traumatization? No. Do you refuse to live as members of a society that officially legitimizes, legalizes, and promotes many forms of brutal abuse and victimization upon both children and adults? No. Do you recognize your victims to be victims, do you apologize to them and beg for their forgiveness, do you admit that you and your societies are guilty of causing extreme, mass victimization and traumatization of individuals on a mass scale, including helpless children against whom you initiate the cycle of injustice, both on a personal and on a societal level? No. Given these facts, from any moral and philosophical analysis that is based upon Forbidden Truth, you creatures have absolutely no right or entitlement to be "protected" from criminals, or to try and deter their activities in any sort of a harmful or punitive manner. You prove, by your public policy and individual attitudes, policies and treatment of your society's victims, that "criminals" are in fact morally superior to you loyal, law-abiding, "mainstream" members of society. The "bad" acts that criminals commit, cannot come close to equalling the degree of immoral malevolence that is displayed by society itself, and all of it's loyal members, towards their own children and towards all of their tortured victim-creations, of all ages, as a whole. Therefore, members of society have no philosophical or moral right to be protected and shielded from crime in any way, most especially not in any manner that involves the additional infliction of harm, trauma, and punitive punishment upon any tortured victim-creations of society. I would not expect even an enlightened, Truth-seeking society to completely abandon all efforts to protect citizens from violent assault/attack, but I certainly would expect and in fact demand that any sane society recognize the True fact that unless it has completely reformed it's inherently malevolent public policy mandates of legalized, mass victimization of children and citizens, it has no legitimate right to expect it's victims to refrain from targeting other human beings for cathartic vengeance, and it has no legitimate right to even consider trying to use any form of "deterrence" against it's own tortured victim-creations, that involves the infliction of any type of additional victimization, traumatization, harm, or injustice.

There are many other rationalizations for inflicting punitive punishment upon criminals that societies use, most of which involve philosophical or ideological claims of ethical superiority, deliverance of justice, and moral entitlement, and none have any legitimate basis in Truth. I do not feel it is necessary to outline these invalid rationalizations here, because the fundamental Forbidden Truths that I have outlined above, prove that based upon current societal structure, criminals are morally superior to law-abiding and empowered members/citizens of society, that the infliction of any and all punitive punishment upon criminals is fundamentally unjust and unjustifiable, and that the ethical underpinnings which motivate the harmful, sometimes violent acts of criminals, judged by any sane standard, have far greater legitimacy than the hypocritical, hollow motivations that societies seize upon to try to justify the harmful, abusive, traumatic, often violently brutal acts and treatment that they authorize their criminal justice systems to inflict upon criminals. Based upon these Forbidden Truth facts, none of the claimed reasons/justifications that societies make, to attempt to establish a legitimate basis for the structure of their harmful and punitive criminal justice systems, stand up to any type of Truth-based scrutiny.

Albert Desalvo, The Boston Strangler serial killer
This is Albert DeSalvo, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. Albert's father wanted nothing to do with his sperm creations or his wife. Yet his insane society repeatedly threw him into prison for not giving them money. So he brutally tortured his four slaves and wife, physically and emotionally, including Albert. Like so many other millions of tortured children, if only his evil society had not embraced and imposed insane Sacred Family Unit mythology, allowing citizens to sever all contact with and "obligations" to their biological creations, Albert's father would likely have spared him this childhood of torture. Albert is believed to have serially killed approximately eleven women during an 18 month long rampage of cathartic vengeance between 1962 and 1964. It is astounding to contemplate how your insane, evil societies have relentlessly demonized victims like Albert throughout human history, condemning them as being "evil monsters", and their deeds of serial murder, mass killing, and other modestly harmful acts of cathartic vengeance as being "completely unacceptable and an assault upon human decency", when the reality is that throughout human history societies have been built and sustained upon genocidally evil mandates that result in systematic, brutal torment as well as lifelong soul, mind, and life-destroying consequences, for literally millions of people each and every year. You creatures applaud your society for genocidally destroying the lives of millions of children born in america in the year 2001, and yet in the same breath you have the audacity to condemn and demonize a victim like Albert for perhaps killing 11 human beings at most, and on top of this, he is a direct victim-creation of society. Only in response to the initiation and infliction of brutality by the society he was born into, did Albert seek and claim personally cathartic vengeance. The notion that Albert deserved some sort of punishment, or acted in a morally unacceptable manner, when judged against the reality of how american society victimized him as a child and continues to genocidally victimize children in the year 2001, is ludicrous.

"Here is the story of the strangler, yet untold, The man who claims he murdered thirteen women, young and old. The elusive Strangler, there he goes, Where his wanderlust sends him, no one knows. He struck within the light of day, leaving not one clue astray. Young and old, their lips are sealed, Their secret of death never revealed. Even though he is sick in mind, He's much too clever for the police to find. To reveal his secret will bring him fame, But burden his family with unwanted shame. Today he sits in a prison cell, Deep inside only a secret he can tell. People everywhere are still in doubt, Is the Strangler in prison or roaming about?------Albert DeSalvo.

"Society right from the very beginning started to make me an animal...that's why I started all that killing."------------Albert Desalvo.

Repeal and Reform of the Criminal Justice System:

We now move on to the very important issue of exactly how the entire system of "justice" as regards the perception, judgment, and treatment of criminals, must be repealed, reformed and altered, in order to have any legitimacy or basis in Truth and morality. In many ways these reforms should seem quite obvious to you readers, assuming that you have properly grasped and embraced all of the Forbidden truths that I have already outlined above. Despite the obvious nature of how desperately needed and clearly appropriate these reforms are, I will still carefully and at great length detail and outline them below, recognizing the immense importance of this issue as well as my own moral obligation, one that I happily accept, to honor the reality of the horrific injustices that human society has inflicted upon literally billions of it's own tortured victim-creations, throughout human history, via it's insane judicial policies. To begin, there is no society on planet earth in the year 2001, that has a judicial/criminal justice system that is genuinely reformable. Every such system, within every nation of the world, is based upon the notion that punitive punishment of criminals is appropriate. The Forbidden Truth reality is that no form of punitive punishment is ever appropriate, just, or moral, for any society to inflict upon any individual criminal. It is not possible to reform this type of a core, fundamental flaw within the very root of a public policy structure, at least not under my definition of the term "reform". The appropriate term is in fact: repeal. The judicial systems that societies currently have in place, must be completely repealed, torn down, and then, if and when the society achieves a degree of moral and cultural sanity, it can attempt to rebuild a completely different system of justice, a system that involves absolutely no trace of punitive punishment or demonization of the victims who become criminals.

I will begin by outlining the preliminary steps that must be taken in order to reach the point where the rebuilding process can commence. Unless and until these steps are embraced and undertaken, no "criminal justice system", of any kind can possibly have any legitimacy, since the behaviors and the policies of society itself would be more unjust, more "criminal" in nature, than the behaviors that society is trying to declare as unacceptable. This perverse hypocrisy cannot possibly stand, within any sane society. The first step would involve an equalization of the legal threshold of appropriate, lawful conduct, under which society itself imposes the exact same legal restrictions upon itself, that it seeks to impose upon it's citizen-slaves. What does this mean? It means that if society wants to decree murder to be an unlawful crime, it would be obligated to decree abortion, the death penalty, sport hunting, and most circumstances of war, short of protecting national borders against a direct attack, to also constitute unlawful crime, and the only way the society could label any act of murder as being a crime, would be if and after it has officially terminated theses practices, of abortion, sport hunting, the death penalty, etc..., by criminalizing them, in the exact same manner and to the exact same degree, that it seeks to criminalize individual acts of murder. If a society refuses to adopt as national law, the banning and criminalization of these forms of "legal murder", then it has no basis of any kind to ban or criminalize any other form of murder.

This same general standard of Legal Threshold of Criminality Equalization would apply to all other behaviors and activities. For example, if a society wished to criminalize the violent assault of individual humans by other individual humans, it would be obligated to criminalize all forms of genuinely violent assault that exist within the society, to an equal degree. The "spanking" of children would be decreed a 100% illegal and criminal act, of exactly the same proportion as a violent assault by an adult stranger upon another adult stranger or a child he has never seen before. Boxing, since it overtly involves a deliberate attempt by individuals to harm and hurt each other, would also fit into this exact same, logically equalized Legal Threshold of Criminality. On the other hand, wrestling, despite being quite violent and brutal, would not fit into this exact category of behavioral equalization, because despite it's brutality, wrestling is a faked activity that usually does not involve a genuinely deliberate attempt by the wrestler to cause undesirable physical injury to another wrestler.

Theft and burglary would only be classifiable as crimes if society created a specific economic system under which every single human being would be able to access a specific amount of money each and every month, that would be sufficiently large for the individual to be able to live a lifestyle that involves no significant hardship or traumatic suffering, when compared to the lifestyle that other individuals are able to enjoy. No society would be able to declare a citizen to be a criminal just because the citizen has chosen to spy for a foreign power, unless the society has terminated all spy activity and accepts the decree that it has no right to spy on any foreign power. Terrorizing a child into agreeing to worship a pair of shoes, would not be a crime unless and until the society decrees that the terroristic brainwashing of children into believing in the insane god myth and worshipping a non-existent god creature, is a unacceptable crime of exactly equal proportions.

I hope, by my above examples, that I have very clearly explained the nature of this initial, preliminary step that would be involved in creating a sane judicial system. It is a supremely simple, and yet incredibly vital step, and if it is not taken, then no judicial system can be created, that has any legitimacy of any kind. If society itself is unable or unwilling to accept, embrace, and obey the exact same set of behavioral standards and policies, based upon Truth, that it seeks to impose upon it's citizen-slaves, then it has absolutely no moral, ethical, judicial, or philosophical right to try to impose these behavioral standards, that are essentially equal in nature, equal to the ones that society rejects for itself, upon it's citizen-slaves. Please keep in mind that none of these reforms which I am outlining have anything to do with the notion of punitive punishment. We have already completely rejected and recognized as perversely ridiculous, the notion that any society, under any circumstances, has any right to try to punitively harm or punish any "criminal". What I am doing in outlining these reforms, is creating a sane structure under which in some cases, some individuals might be classifiable as being "criminals". This classification has nothing to do with how criminals would be treated The issue of how any such criminals may be treated, and it will of course be in a completely non-punitive manner, will be outlined further below.

Our next preliminary step is the elimination by society of all notions of moral superiority and entitlement to negatively judge, the behavioral choices and activities that individuals may engage in. The individual who commits anti-social, violent, or otherwise harmful acts, does so in response to harmful influences, experiences, and traumas that society has caused or allowed the individual to unjustly endure. Therefore, the individual is a moral reflection of society, and cannot be less moral than the overall society that he was born into and raised up within. At the very least, in a best case scenario, the individual is on an equal level to society, in terms of the morality and legitimacy of his life actions. This means that society has absolutely no right to maintain or adopt a pretense of moral superiority or ethical/philosophical judgmentalism, in which any type of negative judgment or label is placed upon any individual criminal. As a society repeals and tears down it's criminal justice system, this perverse form of invalid moral pretense, must be completely torn down as well. Every criminal must be seen and labeled as what he is, a victim of society, and nothing more, within the basic judicial system structure. The nature of the actions that the individual undertakes, can only serve to validate and prove the depth and extent of his victim status. The notion that if the individual has undertaken an extremely violent or prolifically deadly act, his status of being a victim of society is somehow compromised or rendered null and void, is insane. In fact, the exact opposite is true, the more "viciously harmful" the individual's acts are, the more proof we have that the person has been subjected to viciously harmful life experiences at the hands of society, which of course serves to increase, not decrease, the victim status of the person, as well as the guilt and responsibility that society bears for having caused/allowed the individual to suffer such great, unjust, trauma and victimization.

The building of any sane judicial system must have this Truth as a foundational building block, the Truth that every criminal is at the very least, just as moral as the society which is seeking to impose justice upon the criminal is, and that society itself is responsible and guilty of having either caused or allowed the criminal to be subjected to criminally unjust treatment, abuse, trauma, which is what has caused the criminal to become a victim of injustice, and this victimization is what has caused the criminal to victimize others. What I am saying here is that the criminal is an acknowledged and decreed victim of criminality, under this sane judicial system. Even if society is attempting to reform it's genocidally abusive policies, the moral standard of behavioral equality applies. Society caused or allowed the individual to be victimized. This Truth gives the individual victim a moral entitlement to victimize others, without having any negative moral judgment, condemnation, or additional victimization via punitive punishment, imposed upon him. The individual victim cannot and should not be expected to possess or display any moral standard of behavior that exceeds the sum total of life experiences and situations that the individual has directly been subjected to, from the moment of his birth on throughout his entire lifetime. And only the individual, each and every individual, is in a position to know, interpret, integrate within his True Reality, and reflect his own unique moral standard, in the life path and life actions that he undertakes. The only judicial mandate that society itself has, is to recognize and accept the fact that it bears both guilt and responsibility for the victimization of every individual who becomes a "criminal", and that each criminal is an accurate reflection of the moral failure, disease, and shortcomings, of society itself. In accepting blame and acknowledging it's own guilt and responsibility, society and the judicial system do not "let the criminal off the hook", "let the bad guy get away with his evil deeds", etc..., as you diseased hypocrites will claim. Rather, society acts in the only sane, rational, Truth-based manner possible, it embraces the Forbidden Truth that there is nothing "bad" or "evil" in the victims of a society choosing to victimize others. The moral villain is not the criminal, it is your societies, the societies which have victimized the criminal, making him into a criminal, causing/allowing him to commit acts that had he not been victimized, had a cycle of abusive, traumatic injustice not been initiated upon him, he would never have committed.

The next preliminary step would have to involve apology and begging for forgiveness. Not by the individual "criminal" of course, but by the society that victimized the individual, causing him to develop the rage and hate and sense of outrage that motivated his actions. Any sane judicial system would have this appropriate apology structure. The criminal has nothing to apologize for, but society has everything to apologize for, and it owes it's apologies directly to the criminal. The moral mandate of Truth is that the criminal became a criminal solely because he was victimized. Society has an obligation to prevent, to the best of it's ability, the traumatic victimization of it's children, adults, and all citizens. Simply in committing a crime, the criminal demonstrates that society has failed in it's moral obligation to protect him from victimization. For this failure, society assumes an immense, unrepayable debt and obligation towards all of it's criminals. The very first step in assuming this debt, would involve a core policy of culture-wide as well as individual apology, pleas, and begging of forgiveness, by societal leaders, societal institutions, societal agents, and members of society, towards all known criminals. These apologies would not be "silent" or implied, but rather they would be glaringly public and highly verbose. Political and social leaders would go on TV, radio, write newspaper and magazine essays, on a regular, weekly basis, begging all of the victims of society for forgiveness, apologizing to them, and explaining how they are continuing to try to prevent and terminate as much abuse and injustice, towards both children and adults, as they possibly can. Even more importantly, individual apologies and begging for forgiveness would be specifically directed, both publicly and privately, towards specific victims who have committed crimes. Within a sane judicial system, doctors, teachers, wealthy corporate CEO's, social workers, police officers, detention center employees, judges, and many other "empowered" agents of society, would personally approach criminals, fall to their knees, apologize for the unjust brutality that their society has inflicted upon the criminal, and on a personal, one-on-one basis, beg the criminal for forgiveness.

Right now of course, in the year 2001, your societies are so overtly malevolent that no sane person could even imagine that their society is genuinely trying to prevent the mass, genocidal victimization of both it's children and it's adults. But lets contemplate that my brilliant social reforms are embraced, Sacred Family Unit mythology eliminated, etc... Even if such a remarkable set of reforms were to occur within a society, that would not change the fact that a few individuals would be brutally victimized, and become criminals, seekers of cathartic vengeance. The societal failure to protect these few individuals from being victimized, even if the overall societal structure had been morally and sanely reformed, would still mean that society would have no moral entitlement to negatively judge any individual criminal, no moral entitlement to consider inflicting any punitive punishment upon the individual, and no moral entitlement to view the individual as being anything other than a victim of undeserved, unjust life experiences, that society itself, regardless of any possible enlightenment or moral reform that it may have undertaken, still bears complete guilt and responsibility for. This is why a policy of sincere, genuine, passionate, and intense "ritual apology" must be adopted as a core cultural mandate. This begging of forgiveness from "lawbreakers" would serve many purposes, it would be a public, undeniable admission of guilt and responsibility by society, thus making the notion of demonizing the criminals both morally and culturally untenable. It would serve to reveal to all the Truth, that criminals are primary victims of torture, their victim status clear and undeniable. It would serve to allow all criminals, would-be criminals, and all victims of society in general, to realize and take whatever possible comfort they can, from the fact that they have been unjustly victimized, that their society recognizes this Truth, that their society is genuinely regretful, remorseful, and apologetic, and that their society is accepting the guilt and responsibility that it bears. These are the borderline reform requirements that every sane society would have to make, just to reach the point where they can begin to create a "justice system".

Outline and Discussion of the Benevolent Detention System and other forms of Benevolent Crime Deterrence:

Okay, only if and after a society has adopted all of the above preliminary reforms in a complete fashion, the issue of whether or not the society has a moral, ethical, or philosophical right to try and overtly protect their citizens from being attacked/victimized by others, can be addressed. Unless all of the above preliminary reforms are adopted, it is clear to me that the Truth of the matter is that society has absolutely no legitimate right to even attempt to prevent criminals from undertaking their acts of cathartic vengeance. Even if the reforms are adopted, and the question of whether societal leaders have the right to try and stop criminal acts is put on the table, the more fundamental issue of whether or not the criminal is "entitled" to carry out their acts, is not open to question or debate. A highly advanced, moral and sane society might possibly earn an entitlement to try and stop/prevent it's victims from carrying out repeated acts of violent vengeance, but at the same time, the entitlement of the individual victim to also try to achieve cathartic vengeance, is not compromised, is not declared null and void, and no negative moral judgment can be placed upon either the vengeance-seeker, or the acts that he might commit. These two separate entitlement issues are mutually exclusive, and not directly linked to each other in any way.

Let us consider some of the ways and methods that a moral and just society, based upon Truth, might consider attempting to protect it's citizens from crime, and reducing the amount of crime that occurs. First of all, the preliminary reforms that I have outlined above would absolutely serve to greatly reduce the amount of crime that occurs today under the insane and diseased current criminal justice system. All victims seek to have their victimization recognized, respected, and honored. A society that ritualistically and sincerely begged it's victims, both those who have already committed "crimes" and those who have not, for forgiveness, apologizing to them, expressing profound, ongoing remorse, and telling them that they are victims of an unforgivable injustice, would immediately drop it's crime rate significantly, just with this one reform, because some of the justifiably enraged victims of society will be able to appreciate and draw some degree of emotional comfort from the fact that they are being treated humanely and decently, far too late in time, but still better than never. Their victimhood status would be recognized, and the guilty party, society, would overtly accept the responsibility and blame that it deservedly bears. This tiny bit of Truth, all by itself, would be enough to calm and soothe the natural, rational thirst for cathartic vengeance that motivates all criminals. You diseased creatures have been brainwashed into accepting the insane notion that scaring and terrorizing all victims with the menacing threat of punitive punishment if they dare to try to seek personal, cathartic, vengeance, serves to reduce crime, to reduce the number of victims who will undertake actions of violent vengeance that are harmful to other people. But the exact opposite is the actual Truth of the situation. When you dare to adopt the outrageous attitude that you have a right to punitively punish your tortured victim-creations, you are inflicting additional, undeserved victimization upon them. You are validating and reinforcing their realization that society and the entire human race are completely evil and malevolent, worthy of absolutely no pity or restraint. You prove to your torture victims, beyond all doubt, that you deserve to be victimized, when you dare to try to claim a moral, legal, or philosophical right to judge them, to blame them, to condemn them, and most outrageously of all, to punitively punish them. So, the very first step, and a huge step, towards reducing crime and limiting the number of citizens who get victimized by victim-creations of society, would already have been taken, simply by the adoption of the preliminary reforms that I have outlined above.

There are some tortured victim-creations of society who will never abandon their True Reality quest for cathartic vengeance, no matter how sincere and beseeching the properly reformed society might be, in trying to apologize and beg the victim for forgiveness, while explaining, in Truthful terms, exactly how and why it failed the victim, failed to properly protect and save the victim from the unjust traumas and abuses that he has endured. So we come to the question of how can these tortured victims be prevented from creating havoc within the society, by repeatedly and continuously attacking, abusing, killing, fellow humans, and further, whether or not society has the moral, ethical, and philosophical standing to claim an entitlement to try and prevent these torture victims from cathartically expressing their True Reality. As of the year 2001, it is clear to me, and to any sane thinker, that no society on planet earth has a moral, ethical, or philosophical right to try to "prevent crime". This is because the social structure itself is in fact less moral, more malevolent and diseased, than any individual criminal, or his acts, could ever be. Society refuses to apologize to it's tortured victim-creations, refuses to beg their forgiveness, refuses to recognize them as victims, and insists upon inflicting punitive punishment upon them. These simple, undeniable facts, render the entire notion of society having a right to try and "prevent crime", to be utterly ridiculous and invalid. Now, assuming that all of the cultural and judicial reforms I have outlined above are enacted, the question of whether society has the right to try and actively prevent criminal acts in certain specific cases, can be put back on the table. I would say that Yes, embracing all of these reforms would in fact establish a moral framework under which some attempts by society, to actively prevent criminal acts from occurring, would be acceptable and appropriate.

This brings us to how these efforts could/would be structured, and the absolute key terms here are benevolence and punitive punishment. As I have already made clear numerous times above, absolutely no form of punitive punishment, or threat of punitive punishment, can ever be used by any society, within it's justice system. The very core basis of the entire reformation process, would be the elimination of all aspects of "punishment", from the justice system. The more judicial reforms a society makes, the more obligated it becomes to never return back to the completely immoral and malevolent notion that punishment of tortured victims has any place within any judicial system. Therefore, there is no possible way that any form of punitive punishment can be considered, within this discussion of how a properly reformed society can try to protect it's citizens and prevent crime from occurring. Every aspect of deterrence would have to be structured upon a model of benevolence. For example, instead of threatening citizen-slaves with monetary fines if they commit crimes, a properly reformed, sanely structured society could decide to offer monetary rewards/benefits to people who refrain from committing crimes. The monetary fine system is punitive and punishing, therefore it is unacceptable within any sane, moral, Truth-based society, since the judicial system has absolutely no ethical right to inflict any punitive punishment upon any criminal. On the other hand, the financial reward system is not punitive, and even though you could say that it "punishes" people who commit crimes by not allowing them to collect the specific monetary reward that some non-criminals can claim, this type of punishment is in fact passive in nature, rather than overtly intrusive and directly harmful to the criminal.

Attempts to educate and show victims of society who commit crimes, the harmful effects of their chosen actions upon other people, would also be a passive, not-abusive way to try and appeal to whatever degree of empathic emotional connectivity to the human race, the enraged victim-creation might still possess within their True Reality. I am certainly not referring to insane current versions of this idea, such as "Scared Straight", an utterly deranged type of brutal terrorization scheme in which older criminals are enlisted to try and terrify younger, more impressionable youth criminals into abandoning all notion of committing further crimes, under threat of having to endure the horrifically punitive injustices that the older criminals have been subjected to. Rather, these attempts to show victims of society the results of their attempts to victimize others, would be completely non-intrusive. No claim that the criminal had no justification to carry out their act, would be made at any stage. The educational process would be Truth-based. From a psychological perspective, it would be explained to the victim-creation why they feel the rage they do, why they choose to commit the actions they do, and what the results of their actions are, in terms of causing harm to their victim(s). Very briefly, these educational sessions might open with something like this: "You are a victim, and the people you harm are victims. We, as a society, are guilty of your victimization, and responsible for the victimizations of others, that you carry out in response to the unjust victimization that you have suffered. We are here because it would be a wonderful thing if you could somehow find the moral superiority to try to break this horrific cycle of injustice that we, as a society, initiated and inflicted upon you. We do not blame you, judge you, or condemn you, we recognize that you are our victim, and we beg your forgiveness. Now, we will bring into the room victims of crimes, similar to the type of crimes that you have committed, and we will let them tell you, in their own honest and True words, how the specific victimization that they have endured, has traumatized and harmed them. Please try to see these people as being human beings, and victims. You have these two things in common with them. Please try to listen to their expressions of Truth, and try to integrate their expressions of Truth into your own True Reality perceptions of life, as best you can".

The basic structure of this form of crime deterrence would be an attempt, in a totally non-punitive way, to try and help tortured victim-creations of society to find the immense moral superiority that is required to achieve the extremely difficult task of breaking the cycle of brutality, injustice, and victimization that they themselves been unjustly subjected to. If the torture victim recognizes that his society is truly regretful over the injustices that it is responsible for having allowed him to endure, if he recognizes that his society accepts the responsibility that it bears, does not blame him, will not punitively punish him, and if this same society expresses these Truths to him, and allows him to try and see that he has the theoretical ability, although absolutely no obligation, to try and undertake the morally superior feat of terminating his quest for cathartic vengeance, while allowing him to hear, understand and integrate the reality of the trauma that fellow humans have experienced as a result of acts of cathartic vengeance that are similar to acts that he has undertaken, then he can arrive at the uniquely personal decision of whether he should try to abort, modify, or continue his True Reality quest for personal vengeance. Knowledge and Truth are the keys to all decisions, and every decision is equally valid as made, based upon the uniquely personal interpretation of reality that every individual is able and entitled to make.

The tortured victim-creation of society who refuses to terminate his quest for cathartic vengeance, is making a decision, sometimes consciously but more often on a subconscious level, that is perfectly valid. We each have only one life to live, for all of eternity. The act of being victimized, of having one's mind, body, soul, traumatized and harmed in such a way as to compromise our ability to enjoy life, to be happy and content and at ease with the one unique and irreplaceable life that we have, constitutes a crime of enormous, unforgivable proportions. To try and claim that this victim has any moral or ethical obligation to refrain from victimizing other humans, when he himself was victimized by human beings and by human society, is completely hypocritical and intellectually ridiculous. At the same time, if a society has truly reformed and adopted policies under which it goes to great lengths to try and protect all children from abuse, to avoid victimizing and traumatizing all citizens, children and adults, including all criminals, then an argument can be made that repeatedly violent seekers of personal vengeance who refuse to stop victimizing others, might need to be benevolently prevented from having easy access to a plentiful supply of desired victims. This is where the Benevolent Detention System proposal comes into play, as a replacement for both the current prison system and the current involuntary detention insane asylum system, both of which are completely perverse, malevolent, immoral, and unacceptable in all ways, due to their diseased, punitively-punishing structure.

Under the Benevolent Detention System, private, resort-style communities would be built and developed, for the purpose of housing and providing a completely nurturing, safe, pleasant, comfortable, non-stressful and non-harmful environment, for repeatedly violent seekers of personal vengeance who have proven themselves to be unable or unwilling to refrain from carrying out brutally violent acts, and who have been proven to pose an ongoing, currently active threat to carry out additional acts of this type. These two forms of concrete proof, as submitted by top-level mental health and behavioral experts, would be absolutely required, and would have to be verified by the experts each and every year, in order for the judicial system to have any ability to confine anyone at a Benevolent Detention Center. The only basis for the existence of these Benevolent Detention Centers, would be to benevolently confine torture victims of society who pose a current, severe threat to commit extremely victimization upon other human beings. The currency of this severe threat would have to be verified at least once each and every year, on an ongoing basis, in order for the benevolent detention to occur/continue. Should the severe victimization threat that any detainee poses decline to an acceptably modest level, be it as a result of psychiatric treatment, counseling, old age, moral enlightenment, or any other reason, the detainee would have to immediately be given his freedom, and the right, but never any obligation, to leave the Benevolent Detention Center and go wherever he wishes, as a free human being. Whether or not the individual may have killed a child, many children, famous people, hundreds of people, etc..., would be completely irrelevant, based upon the Forbidden Truth I have outlined above, which holds that society has absolutely no right to punitively punish or morally/judgmentally condemn any criminal, recognizing that in fact the more "brutal" the criminal's actions may be, the more proof this provides that the criminal was severely and horrifically victimized himself. The only standard under which this Benevolent Detention could be considered by society as an option, would be: proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual poses a current, severe, threat and likelihood to victimize other human beings in a severe, extremely harmful manner. The nature of any past acts that the person may have committed, no matter how violent or deadly they may have been, cannot be allowed to come into play in either justifying ongoing detention, or in directly determining that the person poses any severe, currently ongoing threat to carry out similar acts. Therefore, every detainee would have to meet the exact same standard of behavioral/mental health improvement, in order to earn the right to freedom. A serial killer of 100 people would not face any greater degree of discrimination insofar as winning his freedom. Each and every year, using a uniform standard, independent behavioral/psychiatric experts would have to conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the serial killer poses a current, severe threat to commit extremely harmful acts upon human beings, if freed. The fact that he has already serially killed 100 people could not be used as a basis to deny this person his freedom, the only determinative question/issue would be whether this particular individual, at the current time, poses a severe threat. As a victim of society, he cannot be punished by society, for having killed people. At most, he can be benevolently detained, not for any punishment purpose, but solely if it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, each and every year, that he poses a severe, current threat to continue to kill or otherwise cause severe harm to, human beings.

I will now outline in detail exactly how these Benevolent Detention resort communities would be designed and structured, because it's important for you creatures to realize and appreciate the immense debt that you owe to the torture victims that your society creates. Most especially given the utterly malevolent, complete Truth-rejecting nature of your current insane societies, I feel it is imperative that I lay out this framework in great detail, as a way to personally honor the horrific injustices and sacrifices that billions of tortured human victim-creations throughout the history of the world and including today, have been and continue to be subjected to under the outrageous prison and mental hospital detention systems. I do not use the term "resort communities" lightly or facetiously. In every respect, these Benevolent Detention Centers would be designed to serve and meet the needs and entitlements of the torture victims who are being detained. The communities would all be at least 5 square miles in size, and every effort would be made to allow every detainee unrestricted freedom of movement within the Detention Center. The perimeter of the community would be fenced, and guarded. There would also be an extremely large number of guards within the community, perhaps as many as 1 guard for every 5 detainees. The reason for having so many guards would be to allow as many detainees as possible complete freedom to move around within the large community, while being protected, to the greatest degree possible, from attack by other detainees. No guard would ever be allowed to carry any lethal weapon of any kind. All instruments of defense that guards could carry while on duty within these communities would have to be 100% non-lethal. Every Detainee would have their own, completely private, small house or apartment, within the resort community. Nothing extravagant in terms of size, but certainly at least 1 bedroom, 700+ square feet of living space. These residences would in fact be completely private, each Detainee would have their own key to their residence, and guards/detention center workers would have to show just cause and obtain a search warrant in order to enter any residence, with the exact same standard in place that applies to the invasive search of private residences of people who are living on the "outside", as free individuals.

If two or more Detainees decide that they wish to live together at a residence, this request would be honored, if both parties are deemed mentally competent and sign a waiver indicating that they understand that they are potentially endangering their lives in choosing to cohabit with a person that may pose a threat to their physical safety. These Detainees would have every right to bring adult loved ones, spouses, relatives, lovers, or friends into the community, to both visit them and live with them. The only restrictions would be that the loved one, relative, or friend would have to be an adult, under my definition an adult is at least 28 tears old, perhaps even 31-35 years old, this adult would have to pass a strict, thorough, mental competency test, and the adult would have to sign a legally binding waiver, that is carefully and completely explained to the person, which states that the person is voluntarily choosing to enter and/or live within a potentially dangerous community. No child, of any age, with my minimum maturity age being 28, would ever be allowed to enter these communities, under any circumstances. Children cannot consent to endanger themselves, and there is absolutely no valid reason why any child should ever be allowed to enter these communities. Every Detainee would automatically, immediately, and permanently lose all parental rights and access rights to any child they might have created or become a caretaker of, as a condition of living within these Benevolent Detention Centers. Children would never be allowed to visit any Detainees, or to set foot inside the community. This is because children will not be decreed to be slaves in a sane society, and naturally the profound obligation of society to do everything possible to protect all children and provide a safe environment for them at all times, would supersede any claim by a Detainee that they might wish to see or interact with a child, or any other reason that might be raised as to why a child should be allowed to enter these Detention Centers. No valid reason exists to allow this to occur.

Since the minimum maturity age is 28-35, separate Benevolent Detention Communities would have to be created to house, in the exact same, completely non-punitive manner, the extremely violent younger torture victims, below the minimum maturity age, who pose a severe, current threat to inflict severe harm upon fellow humans. No individual who is under the minimum maturity age could or would ever be housed at the "adult" Detention Community. In addition, as regards mental retardation and developmental disability, the mental age, not the physical age, would be used to determine whether or not the individual is detained at the adult detention community, or at the community for younger torture victims. In other words, a 28-100 year old man who is determined to be mentally retarded or developmentally disabled and to have the mental age-maturity of a 5 year old, 10 year old, 15 year old, even 20 year old, would not be placed within the adult detention community, but rather within the community for younger victims, since he does not meet the minimum maturity age of 28+, on a mental level, regardless of his physical age. Even though all of these Detention Communities would be completely non-punitive, the ones that are designed for younger victims who have not yet reached maturity would certainly be slightly different in design, with an even greater emphasis on education, mental health guidance/treatment, and the begging of forgiveness by all Detention Center staff and employees, of the tortured children. Some of the Communities would house torture victims with a mental maturity of 28+, the others would house torture victims with a mental maturity of 21-28, or possibly 18-28. As for the few tortured children under age 18-21 who pose a severe threat to seriously harm humans, there would be no Benevolent Detention Center option, since such children require intense, personalized, one-on-one treatment at a small "care facility", that would of course also be completely non-punitive in nature.

Every Detainee would receive a generous monthly cash stipend, in addition to being able to keep and spend any money they might otherwise possess, or salary that they might earn. Every Detainee would be guaranteed enough cash money to match the official "poverty level" that the society has decreed for it's citizen-slaves. This means that if society decrees that a single person living on the outside is officially living in poverty if he earns \$12,000.00 or less per year, every Detainee would have to be able to access at least $12,000.00 in cash, as a minimum, every year. This doesn't necessarily mean that every Detainee would be given $12,000.00 every year. If he has money of his own, or chooses to get a job and earn money, he may be given nothing, as long as he personally possesses or earns over $12,000.00 during the year. If he has or earns less, or is penniless, refuses to or is unable to earn money, society has an absolute obligation to provide him with as much money as is needed for him to reach the current minimum poverty level, as officially established by each society's economic system. There would be absolutely no limitations or restrictions on how each Detainee may spend his money. Very wealthy Detainees would be able to furnish their small, private residence with the very best of everything, top of the line electronics, and every convenience that they might desire. Even penniless Detainees would be able to live an extremely comfortable lifestyle, since they would be guaranteed a monthly cash stipend that matched the yearly minimum poverty level income of the society in which they are being Detained. Every single one of these Detention Communities would have it's own large shopping mall, with literally a limitless supply of all commonly available consumer items. Especially as regards to food, federal law would dictate that just about every type and style of food, from cheap burgers to gourmet items that are usually only sold at exclusive, upscale shops, must be readily available and for sale within the Community. In addition of course, all Detainees would have access to the internet and to paper catalogs of merchandise, thus allowing them to purchase and have delivered virtually every item that is for sale, anywhere in the world. There would be one restriction, in that items which are clearly and obviously dangerous to the degree where they can be used as deadly weapons or are specifically designed to harm/kill people, would not be allowed within these Communities, since their possession by a Detainee poses a clear danger to the security and well-being of all Detainees as a group.

Every Detention Community would truly be a self-contained city, in almost all ways. A large shopping center featuring all types of stores, food, clothing, electronics, and specialty shops, numerous recreational facilities, theaters, a state of the art hospital, a huge library, a fire station, would all be located within each Community. The owners and employees of these facilities would be given significant cash incentives by their societies, to entice them to choose to locate their shops and facilities within the Detention Communities. In addition, Detainess themselves will be allowed and encouraged to both work at these facilities, or even to become owners of the businesses. The outside owners and employees would obviously be allowed to enter and leave the Community as their work obligations require, but never to bring their children, or any children, into the Community. Every Detainee would be given the maximum amount of freedom and personal autonomy that is humanly possible, and at every turn and in every way, the Detainee would be recognized and decreed as being nothing less than the greatest victim of all, a person who deserves the greatest amount of benevolence, apology, and atonement from society itself, from all agents of society, and from all members of society. The notion of any societal institution having a right or entitlement to try to punish, traumatize, hurt, or victimize any criminal, in any way, shape, or form, would be recognized and embraced as being the single greatest injustice and demonstration of outrageous, unacceptable moral perversity, within the entire sphere of human cultural conduct. The entire "criminal justice system" would in fact be based upon the principle of atonement, the profound atonement that society itself owes to each and every criminal, for having failed to live up to it's obligation to prevent the victimization that the individual was subjected to, and to have protected the person from being victimized, most especially during their childhood but also throughout their entire lifetime.

Within the Benevolent Detention Community structure, recognizing that robbing an individual of their freedom of movement is indeed a profound injustice, society would be obligated to bend over backwards to make sure that in all other respects, the life of the Detainee is made at least as comfortable and pleasant, and if possible more comfortable, than the average life of a financially healthy, physically free individual is. If society recommends that people visit a dentist twice per year and a doctor once each year for a checkup, every Detainee must be guaranteed these same checkups. Since people on the outside are free to choose which dentists/doctors to visit, while Detainees are limited to a degree, society would have the obligation to provide top-rated physicians, and to staff the hospitals and medical centers located within the Detention Community with the best doctors and dentists available. Just as free individuals can choose to purchase the most expensive and high-quality computer, TV, stereo, and other so-called "luxury" items, this same option, within reason, must be available to all Detainees. Just as is the case with Child Assessment Centers as outlined on the Child Abuse page of this website, pets and animals would be prolific throughout these Detention Communities. Some would live on the grounds and be able to wander around at all, others would be the private pets of Detainees. No request by a Detainee for a pet would be rejected or declined, unless of course the individual has been shown to pose a severe threat to harm animals. Every Detainee would be able to display and deliver affection, caring, and love towards animals, if his True Reality so dictates, and to receive affection and love from the animals, in recognition of the fact that human beings are incapable of delivering pure love to other human beings, and in many cases do not deserve to be liked or cared for, much less loved, by the tortured victim-creations of their own personal and societal inferiority and malevolence.

It is clear that not every Detainee would be able to function well or enjoy life, in this type of a Benevolent Detention Community. A few Detainees, the ones who have been most brutally tortured by society and whose very souls have in fact been murdered by society, would continue to violently attack fellow Detainees, guards, animals, etc... If in fact the very best behavioral and psychiatric experts within the society are unable to come up with a way to satiate the justified rage of these torture victims in such a way as to get them to stop claiming their personal vengeance, then the individual may need to be denied some of the physical freedom of movement within the Community, that the other Detainees would enjoy. If this is the case, once again society would be obligated to bend over backwards in providing perks and comforts to these ultra-victims, even above and beyond the comforts that other Detainees enjoy. For example, if a Detainee continuously attacks fellow Detainees and guards, it may become necessary to physically confine the Detainee within their own private residence, within the community. If so, the size of the residence would naturally have to be significantly increased, from 700+ square feet to perhaps 2500+ square feet. A private yard of at least 40 feet by 40 feet would have to come with the residence. The monthly cash stipend that this particular Detainee receives should also be increased significantly, to try and make up for the perhaps necessary but still punitive form of restriction of physical freedom and movement that would be imposed upon this ultra-victim. At every turn and in every possible way, the desires, requests, and needs of every Detainee would be met, in recognition of the fact that they are torture victims, and that society is guilty and responsible for their victimization. Some Detainess will crave isolation, they will not want to be a part of this Community, they will prefer to spend most or even all of their time alone, inside of their private residences. This preference would of course be honored without question. A Detainee who so desired could spend the rest of his life living within their private residence, getting all food, purchases, even medical care/checkups, brought to them. No Detainee would be required to get psychiatric treatment, to get a job, or to "contribute" to society or to the Community in any way. Society would recognize that it has no moral, ethical, or philosophical right to demand anything from any of these torture victims. At the same time, society does have an obligation to beg these victims for forgiveness, and to seek to atone for the torture and injustice that these victims have experienced in their lives. The victims have the right, but absolutely no obligation of any kind, to try and grant forgiveness, and to try to demonstrate the moral superiority that would be required for them to decide to terminate the cycle of victimization that was so brutally and unfairly initiated and imposed upon them.

At this point, some of you diseased creatures are no doubt coming up with the bizarre notion that "some people will commit crimes just because they want to enjoy the comforts and perks that these Benevolent Detention Communities offer." This theory is, very simply, 100% false. People do not commit acts of brutal vengeance because they think they might get their lives made a little bit easier in terms of economic comfort. They commit such acts as a reflection of the personal torture and traumatization that they have been subjected to, and in addition, in some cases, as a secondary reason, because they have decided that life on the outside, enjoying the so-called "benefits" of physical freedom, is in fact nothing more than a torturous daily ordeal that they do not wish to partake of anymore. Amazingly, despite the utter malevolence and systematic brutality of the current prison and mental hospital system, life on the "outside", in a totally diseased society like america, is so traumatic and stressful that some torture victims do repeatedly commit minor crimes specifically because they desire to go back to prison or to a mental hospital. Please make note of the term minor crimes, because that is the reality of the situation. Virtually all of these victims who have the significant motivation of simply wanting to return to prison, do not have a primary motivation of wanting to claim immense cathartic vengeance. Therefore they will commit minor, "nuisance" type crimes, simply because they are desperate to find a way to relieve the unbearable stress and hardship of living on the outside, and perversely, they know that if they simply showed up at a prison and asked, or even begged, to be given shelter and residence inside, as a prisoner, the prison officials would laugh at them and order them to leave the area. So what we have are minor crimes being committed by these torture victims, and if the option were made available to them, of being placed inside the prison at their request, without having to commit any crime, most of them would not even bother to commit any crime.

Under a sane Benevolent Detention Community system, any human being who so desired, could request shelter, asylum, and placement as a resident, within these Benevolent Detention Centers. If they felt they could not cope with life on the outside, or felt that they might commit crimes if they kept living on the outside, all they would have to do is go to a Detention Community and request residency, recognizing and accepting that they would face the exact same benevolent treatment, with freedom restrictions, that all other Detainees would face, including the opportunity to seek to terminate their detention at least once every year, under the same "proof of severe dangerousness" standard that would apply to all Detainees, those who have committed severely harmful crimes, as well as those who have decided to come live in the Community of their own free will. Certainly a few torture victims will seek out this Benevolent Detention of their own free will. In many cases they will be individuals who feel extreme rage, who sense that there is a good chance they will go on to commit crimes unless the stress, pressure, and trauma of everyday life on the outside is relieved. A few of the individuals will simply be unable to cope with life on the outside. Perversely, most of you creatures would label these people as being con artists, "trying to rip off the system and get away without having to work and suffer like we on the outside do". This is ridiculous! If you choose to work as slaves and suffer, to allow your societies to inflict economic, physical, and other hardships upon you, that is your choice. Blame yourselves for being broken slaves, or at least accept the consequences of your cowardly choice, do not blame or criticize the tortured victim-creations of your society who decide that the injustice and trauma of a physical loss of freedom is still more personally desirable than the horrific, day-to-day abuses, traumas, and injustices that they are subjected to as "free" individuals. Society owes these victims a decent shelter, decent food, and the opportunity to drop out of the lifestyle that they are finding to be unbearable. And if such a torture victim is willing to refrain from committing any crime, in exchange for being given a spot within the Detention Community, then society should applaud the morally superior choice that the victim is making, while of course granting the spot. I do not think this type of a policy would specifically have any major impact upon the rate of serious crime that occurs within a society, but it would serve to demonstrate and prove the moral benevolence of society, and the acceptance of responsibility and guilt that society absolutely bears, therefore just like all the other reforms I have outlined above, it would help all tortured victim-creations to cope with their victimization, and to realize that even though they have been brutally and unjustly harmed, and have every right to claim an entitlement to cathartic vengeance, the actual party that is guilty of their victimization is at least genuinely trying to atone, by accepting responsibility and trying it's best to make life as comfortable and bearable as possible, for it's victims.

As I conclude this page, I want to make it clear that the Reform process must, as a fundamental Truth, be structured upon the fact that the cycle of victimization absolutely has a beginning, for each individual, and that the victimization that an individual has initiated upon him, gives the individual a fundamental personal right, to victimize other living things, particularly other people. Logic, rationality, and philosophical analysis, all point to the undeniability of this Forbidden Truth. If a human being has a cycle of abusive trauma initiated and committed upon him, by fellow human beings, the notion that this person has some sort of a moral, "legal", or philosophical obligation to refrain from victimizing human beings, is nothing more than ridiculous hypocrisy. The victim has absolutely no obligation to "break the cycle". It is human society that has the obligation to break the victimization cycle, by eliminating all insane/malevolent policies under which the judicial system is used to inflict further abuse, trauma, injustice, harm, upon the victim who has victimized others, as well as the core policies of genocidal victimization, such as Sacred Family Unit mythology, that result in the systematic, initial victimization of massive numbers of children. When the victim commits crimes, all the victim is doing is trying to "equal the score", within his own True Reality, he is victimizing others, because he was himself victimized. No matter how "brutal" or harmful his acts may be, they are all simply a part of this natural, True Reality-based equalization process. The moment that human society, as an entity, adopts the deranged notion that it has an entitlement to punish the victim turned victimizer, all is lost. Because society is the initial victimizer. The instant that society begins considering inflicting punitive punishment upon a "criminal", it initiates a new, second cycle of brutally unjust victimization upon it's own tortured victim-creation, it negates the entire, rationally valid equalization process that was occurring, and it absolutely legitimizes a cycle of never-ending injustice, as well as instructs all tortured victim-creations that the human society that they were born into and victimized by has absolutely no genuine morality, decency, or justice within it's structure. Therefore, the notion of any victim forgiving their society, breaking the cycle of victimization by deciding not to harm others as they have been unjustly harmed, becomes ludicrous and loses all moral and rational standing.

You apologize to your torture victims, you beg them for forgiveness, and you vow to devote your life to making certain that no further and additional victimization is committed upon them, in recognition of the fact that you are guilty of and responsible for their initial victimization. This is the absolute minimum ethical standard of conduct that every society must embrace and enact as both law and core cultural policy, in order for any "judicial system" to even exist. Unless and until this standard is adopted, every "criminal" is in fact demonstrating far greater ethics and far more morality than their society, which makes the notion that society can develop and operate a "system of justice", that involves imposing moral, ethical, and legal "standards of acceptable conduct" upon their citizen-slaves, completely ridiculous. As of today, in the year 2001, no society on planet earth has even adopted a single one of these four simple, undeniably valid, ethical standards. You diseased creatures refuse to apologize to your criminals, refuse to beg them for forgiveness, refuse to accept that you are guilty of and responsible for their victimization, and most outrageously of all, you vow to actually inflict further victimization upon them, instead of vowing to make sure that they are never victimized again. In choosing to adopt this utterly insane, profoundly evil stance regarding your own tortured victim-creations, the human beings that have been victimized most severely as a direct result of your society's policies and structures, you prove that you deserve to be victimized, and you prove that the human race does not have a legitimate claim to existence.

Please note that the issue of crime is certain to be discussed in quite a few of the additional essays and topic at this web site. But I feel that I have covered most of the primarily important and valuable aspects of this issue, at this web page. As always, feel free to e-mail me with your comments, but do not expect any type of a reply, most especially not if your e-mail is critical, much less hostile. I recognize the Inferiority of the vast majority of you creatures, I recognize that at best, perhaps 1 human out of 500,000 can be expected to appreciate the profound Truth and brilliance that has been expressed at this web page by your Seer of Forbidden Truth, and I will not waste any of my time in exchanging e-mail with Inferiors.

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