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Hello. You have reached the Theodore Kaczynski Tribute Page of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Thank you for taking the time to reflect upon the True Reality of Theodore, a tortured victim-creation of 20th century amerikkkan society. If you find that the sentiments and revelations of Truth expressed at this page resonate positively within your core conscious experience of life, you might want to consider immersing yourself in The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This 200,000+ word Manifesto is devoted to exposing and dissecting all of the the forbidden truths of humanity, revealing it to be a diseased, devolving, and doomed species, unworthy of infesting planet earth. You may begin your journey here:

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Ted Kaczynski, Theodore Kaczynski, The Unabomber, serial killer
This is Theodore Kaczynski, Brilliant, Harvard Educated Philosopher of Truth, Terrorized Under Threat of Murder Into Publically Declaring Himself Insane, by the Most Evil and Diseased Society on Planet Earth. Yes folks, Martyr Ted is absolutely a Seer of Forbidden Truth, and his life story and life path is a pure testament to the brilliance of an individual, and the malicious torment that your evil societies subject each and every brilliant Seer of Truth to. A victim of brutal childhood victimization, both by his Sacred Family Unit owners and by his diseased society as a whole, Martyr Theodore nevertheless found enough benevolence within his True Reality to sincerely try to save humanity by publically revealing Forbidden Truth, within a Manifesto of his own. How did you evil hypocrites react to this display of remarkable generosity by Ted? You terroristically threatened to murder him, via a "death penalty", unless he agreed to publically and officially declare himself to be insane, by accepting/pursuing an insanity defense at trial. The purpose of this outrageous act of governmental blackmail by the leaders of american society, was to discredit Marytr Ted's Manifesto, by labeling it as being clearly invalid and illegitimate, by forcing the author to accept/claim to be mentally ill/insane. Instead of falling to your knees and rejoicing that one of your tortured victim-creations possessed the brilliance, courage, and benevolence to grace you with profound Truth, which is what you should have done, you flee in terror from your Seer, demonizing and inflicting additional punitive punishment upon him. Pathetic!

If you creatures were sane, you would have stormed the prison where Charles Manson has been tortured for the past 3+ decades, and the prison where Martyr Ted has been tortured for the past half decade+, not only rescuing and freeing these two brilliant Seers of Forbidden Truth, but overthrowing the existing societal regime and installing Martyr Charles as the new "president", and Martyr Ted as the new "vice president". You could not sit by and allow the most evil humans in your society to rule over you, and to inflict additional, lifelong torment upon these two Superior, brilliant, courageous Martyrs, torture victims of your society, if you possessed even the tiniest shred of moral, ethical, emotional, or intellectual integrity. Let it be clear, I certainly do not agree with all of the philosophical insights that Martyr Ted graces us with, but I do find at least some genuine Truth within most of Ted's philosophies, and many of his insights are absolutely brilliant and represent genuine, top-level Forbidden Truth. I highly recommend that all of you obtain a copy of Ted's Manifesto, which has been published as a print book and is also currently available in it's entirety online, as well as research and study his other writings, as they reveal the remarkable strength and brilliance of an independent, courageous mind, unbroken by a lifetime of societally inflicted torture and victimization that you creatures perversely continue to allow, encourage, and celebrate the infliction of, by your evil societies, against Seers of Truth such as Ted and Charles. Sadly, a second book that Ted has already written, brilliantly titled "Truth And Lies", has not yet been published due to a dispute that Ted had with his publisher. Hopefully this biographical book will be published at some point, and meanwhile all of us Superiors must make sure we have savored Ted's original Manifesto, which was available from "mainstream" companies such as in printed book form for only a short period of time, before being yanked out of publication under pressure from the leaders of american society. In fact I cannot find this book listed on at all, not even as an "out of print" book, looks like your fascist government did a nice job of getting this Manifesto of Truth yanked from all mainstream public access, so all I can do is direct you to a website which does appear to contain the entire content of Ted's unique, courageous, and brilliant Manifesto:

The Unabomber's Manifesto: Industrial Society And Its Future

Please note that only some of the below quotes are from Ted's actual Manifesto, other quotes come from a variety of other sources, but all are Brilliant and worthwhile expressions of Truth, realized and shared with the world by Martyr Theodore Kaczynski. Note that my replies to each quote will appear in red print, and will not be italicized, for ease of reading.

"You can have all the freedom that you want as long as the authorities consider it unimportant."
For a single sentence, this might well be one of the most brilliant of all of Ted's insights of Truth. Very simple sentence, but so incredibly profound and right on target: Your diseased societies brainwash you into embracing and celebrating your "freedoms", even though the Truth is that all of the freedoms that your evil societies allow you to claim, and whether or not they even deserve to be called "freedoms" is debatable, are unimportant and useless in terms of providing you with any type of legitimate, valuable freedom.

"My occupation now, I suppose, is jail inmate."
If you do a search on for "Kaczynski quotes", it is this quote, a mildly humorous quip that Ted graced us with after his arrest, that appears most often, most prominantly, on the most number of web pages. Not the profound, philosophical Truths that he has revealed to the world, but this tiny, "safe", non-controversial quip. Shows just how much value you creatures place upon Forbidden Truth, zero value.

"I believe in nothing. I don't even believe in the cult of nature-worshipers or wilderness-worshipers. (I am perfectly ready to litter in parts of the woods that are of no use to me -- I often throw cans in logged-over areas.)"
I think you did believe in something, Ted, and you still do: You believe in the value and importance of Truth, recognizing Truth, expressing truth, and living your life bathed in the glow of Truth. The above quote by Ted refers to belief in mystical entities or specific group ideologies, in my opinion.

"My motive for doing what I am going to do is simply personal revenge. I do not expect to accomplish anything by it. Of course, if my crime (and my reasons for committing it) gets any public attention, it may help to stimulate public interest in the technology question and thereby improve the chances of stopping technology before it is too late; but on the other hand most people will probably be repelled by my crime, and the opponents of freedom may use it as a weapon to support their arguments for control over human behavior. I have no way of knowing whether my action will do more good than harm. I certainly don't claim to be an altruist or to be acting for the 'good' (whatever that is) of the human race. I act merely from a desire for revenge."
I love this quote! So beautifully honest and sincere, can you creatures appreciate how much Ted loved and valued Truth, as evidenced by the above quote? I certainly can! A recognition of the perversity of humanity, and a profoundly courageous respect for Truth, is what Ted reveals via the above quote. Ted was very wise to recognize that nothing he could say or do would "accomplish anything" in terms of enlightening you creatures to the Truths of life and your evil & diseased societal structures. Simply by choosing to write and share with the world his Manifesto of Truth, regardless of whether Ted had any overtly altruistic intent, he has provided a benevolent treasure to all of humanity. Only problem is, you creatures are rotting, when presented with a treasure, all you can see is terror and all you can feel is personal hatred of Truth and the glory of the toxic brainwashing that your evil society has addicted you to.

"By discrediting me personally, they hope to discredit my political ideas."
Brief but brilliant quote! This is exactly what all societies do, to the brilliant Seers of Truth that emerge. Demonize and discredit. Judicial prosecutors, direct agents of the american government and acting on the direct orders of the american government, used the threat of murder against Ted, via the "death penalty", to try and terrorize Ted into agreeing to plead "guilty by reason of insanity", promising not to seek Ted's legal murder specifically and only if he did "admit" to being insane as part of his guilty plea. Why was this done?? Specifically because the american government was desperately eager to discredit all of the brilliant Truths that Ted revealed in his Manifesto and other writings, by having him "admit" openly and publically, to being insane. Once this admission was made, all of Ted's brilliant Truths could be much more easily demonized as being the "insane rantings of a deranged individual", rather than the "brilliant insights of Truth of a brilliant philosopher", which is what they in fact are.

"I have got to know, I have GOT TO, GOT TO, GOT TO know that every last tie joining me to this stinking family has been cut FOREVER and that I will never NEVER have to communicate with any of you again. I've got to do it NOW. I can't tell you how desperate I am. It is killing me."
This is from a very long letter that Martyr Ted wrote to his brother David, years before he was identified as being the Unabomber and captured, but still long after Ted had reached adulthood. Here you get a sense of the lifelong, limitless rage that childhood victimization implants within the very souls of torture victims like Ted. In hindsight of course, it is clear that Ted would have been much better off if he had severed all contact with his toxic Family Unit, since it was this same brother who ended up betraying him to his evil society.

"My brother is another Judas Iscariot, except that, unlike the original Judas, he doesn't even have enough courage to go hang himself." Great quote! Ted loved and valued himself, hopefully still does. I believe he still does. Your evil societies hate this, their primary goal is to destroy the ego, the narcissistic self-love that is so precious and irreplaceable, from each and every child, to "break" every citizen-slave, turn them into a broken, self-hating slave, by the time they reach adolescence. Here you see the eternal danger that comes with trusting any human. All it takes is one human, to destroy you. The Superior individual recognizes this Truth and never trusts any human being in his entire lifetime. When I say never, I mean never, and when I say trust, I refer to all forms of trust, even regarding things which may seem fairly trivial. Ted never gave his brother any type of "hint" that he might be doing anything illegal, and yet the simple fact of maintaining a tiny bit of contact with his brother, nothing more than a few letters per year at most, eventually resulted in catastrophic consequences. Could Ted have foreseen the danger of catastrophic consequences resulting from the "harmless" maintaining of contact with his brother? In my opinion, the answer is clearly yes. If you train your mind to correctly analyze all situation, life choices, and circumstances from a 100% tactically airtight position, you can properly recognize all potential dangers, in advance, regardless of how obscure or unlikely they may seem to the typical, shallow, narrow-minded, uninsightful thinker.

"It is not surprising that government officials do not live up to their promises, because they are either stupid and incompetent, or they are liars who twist the law to be able to commit any injustice."
Great quote, 100% accurate and beautifully stated! We must always remember, and keep at the forefront of our conscious minds, the fact that the societies that rule over us are not only evil, but lie-based. Lying is as natural as breathing to you creatures, and more natural than breathing is, to all societal and governmental leaders and their agents. Just as surely as I would die if deprived of oxygen for an hour, all societies and governments would collapse and disintegrate if deprived of the ability to operate under a structure of limitless, constant lies, myths, and hypocrisies.

"Perhaps a better solution would be to change the structure of society so that it becomes possible to allow people some of the freedom and independence that they seem to crave."
This quote is taken out of context, still interesting, but does not reveal the true brilliance of Ted. First of all, it is not possible to successfully change the core design structure of an ultra-diseased society, which Ted does recognize and talk about later in his Manifesto. Secondly, people do not crave genuine and legitimate freedom and independence, but rather the invalid illusions of freedom and independence that their societies addict and brainwash them into embracing.

"A happily married man does not daydream about romantic love. Similarly, a man does not romanticize frontier freedom unless he is suffering from a lack of personal autonomy. Most of the problems are direct or indirect results of the activity of large organizations - large corporations and governments. It is these organizations, after all, that control the structure and development of society. Perhaps the most unfortunate thing that has ever happened to individual liberty was its being used as an excuse for the misdeeds of huge corporations."
Excellent insight of Truth. Touches upon the false illusions of freedom that you creatures crave, as a result of subconsciously/instinctually recognizing that you are indeed citizen-slaves, lacking all genuine personal autonomy. And of course Ted is right on the money about how all governments control and dictate the structure of society, in fascist fashion, with corporations serving as empowered agents of the government, especially within capitalistic governmental systems.

"The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. They have greatly increased the life expectancy of those of us who live in "advanced" countries, but they have destabilized society, have made life unfulfilling, have subjected human beings to indignities, have led to widespread psychological suffering (in the Third World to physical suffering as well) and have inflicted severe damage on the natural world. The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in ''advanced'' countries."
Absolutely on target! In case you are unaware, the single specific issue that Seer Ted devoted his life to revealing the Truth about, was and is the "evils of modern technology", and how modern technology has had, continues to have, and will have, catastrophic consequences for all human beings, and in fact for all life forms on planet earth. I certainly do agree with Ted 100% on this insight of Truth, and am going to discuss this very issue at great length within this Manifesto, even though my own philosophical Truth focus is much broader in scope and even though I do not accept the notion that human technology is the "root of all evil." It is an extremely toxic root that directly causes, inspires, and results in a tremendous amount of human evil, injustice, suffering, and even genocide, but there are many such roots and I do not share Ted's apparent belief that this one root of evil is far more toxic and perverse than all other roots.

"The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it MAY eventually achieve a low level of physical and psychological suffering, but only after passing through a long and very painful period of adjustment and only at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms to engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable: there is no way of reforming or modifying the system so as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy."
Good quote, even though it is clear to me that the human race itself will not survive, nor will it abandon it's toxic and insane systems, such as industrial/technological addiction/embrace. The only question is how long the human race can continue to cling to it's undeserved existence. Ted's closing sentence is much more on target, as it is absolutely impossible for any ultra-diseased society to reform or modify it's malevolent operational design structures.

"We therefore advocate a revolution against the industrial system. This revolution may or may not make use of violence; it may be sudden or it may be a relatively gradual process spanning a few decades. We can't predict any of that. But we do outline in a very general way the measures that those who hate the industrial system should take in order to prepare the way for a revolution against that form of society. This is not to be a POLITICAL REVOLUTION. Its object will be to overthrow not governments but the economic and technological basis of the present society."
Excellent quote! I love the fact that Ted very specifically formulates this quote as calling for an overthrow of society, rather than an overthrow of any "political" regime. This is a very insightful and profound point. As Superiors, we must recognize that all political systems are essentially identical in terms of malevolent design and operational structure. There are no profound differences between political systems, only superficial and unimportant differences that governments brainwash their citizen-slaves into believing to be profound and major, in order to win the loyal devotion of "their" citizens, to the evil regime that they were born into and live under the rule of.

"Almost everyone will agree that we live in a deeply troubled society. The moral code of our society is so demanding that no one can think, feel and act in a completely moral way. For example, we are not supposed to hate anyone, yet almost everyone hates somebody at some time or other, whether he admits it to himself or not. Some people are so highly socialized that the attempt to think, feel and act morally imposes a severe burden on them. In order to avoid feelings of guilt, they continually have to deceive themselves about their own motives and find moral explanations for feelings and actions that in reality have a nonmoral origin. We use the term ''oversocialized'' to describe such people. The oversocialized person cannot even experience, without guilt, thoughts or feelings that are contrary to the accepted morality; he cannot think ''unclean'' thoughts. And socialization is not just a matter of morality; we are socialized to conform to many norms of behavior that do not fall under the heading of morality. Thus the oversocialized person is kept on a psychological leash and spends his life running on rails that society has laid down for him. In many oversocialized people this results in a sense of constraint and powerlessness that can be a severe hardship. We suggest that oversocialization is among the more serious cruelties that human beings inflict on one another."
This long quote is one of the most intellectually complex and utterly brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth that I have ever read. This quote alone guarantees Martyr Ted a top spot among the top 3 or 4 most brilliant known philosophers of Forbidden Truth of the 20th century. Due to space and time constraints I will not discuss at length the Truths that Ted reveals via this quote, but for all essential purposes I completely agree with the accuracy of all of Ted's insights, as quoted above. I love that word, "oversocialized", and Ted defines it in a brilliantly clear and on-target manner. Evil and diseased societies absolutely "oversocialize" their citizen-slaves, do so with malice aforethought and to genocidally harmful effect.

"For most people it is through the power process - having a goal, making an AUTONOMOUS effort and attaining the goal - that self-esteem, self-confidence and a sense of power are acquired. When one does not have adequate opportunity to go through the power process the consequences are (depending on the individual and on the way the power process is disrupted) boredom, demoralization, low self-esteem, inferiority feelings, defeatism, depression, anxiety, guilt, frustration, hostility, spouse or child abuse, insatiable hedonism, abnormal sexual behavior, sleep disorders, eating disorders, etc. Any of the foregoing symptoms can occur in any society, but in modern industrial society they are present on a massive scale. We aren't the first to mention that the world today seems to be going crazy. This sort of thing is not normal for human societies. There is good reason to believe that primitive man suffered from less stress and frustration and was better satisfied with his way of life than modern man is."
The second portion of this quote is right on the money. However, I do have to quibble with the wording, although possibly not the overall theory, of the first portion. The emphasis should be on the fact that self-esteem, self-confidence, and the like, are character traits that human beings are born possessing. Societies proceed to malevolently strip these natural character traits from all children, and brainwashing all children, adolescents, and adults into agreeing to embrace the "power process", as Ted refers to it, as a way to regain, in an artificial and invalid fashion, the natural and legitimate self-esteem, self-love, and other personally empowering emotions that society is guilty of having stripped from them in the first place. So, even though most humans do need to use this "power process" in order to regain at least the illusion of possessing these instinctual character traits, it is very important to note that the main reason why they do need to "have goals, make autonomous efforts to achieve those goals, and attain those goals" in order to regain their self-esteem and self-confidence, is because they are victims of a society that has already stripped them of the natural and instinctual self-esteem & self-confidence that they were born possessing.

"For primitive societies the natural world (which usually changes only slowly) provided a stable framework and therefore a sense of security. In the modern world it is human society that dominates nature rather than the other way around, and modern society changes very rapidly owing to technological change. Thus there is no stable framework."
Yes! 100% accurate insight by Seer Ted, the scientific and technological "advances" that humanity has made in recent decades/centuries has greatly accelerated and increased the pace of human devolvement and the degree of societal perversity and genocidal malice, specifically because humans now possess greater "control" and dominantion over nature, than before. Beautiful insight of truth, perfectly expressed by Ted.

"We are going to argue that industrial-technological society cannot be reformed in such a way as to prevent it from progressively narrowing the sphere of human freedom. But, because ''freedom'' is a word that can be interpreted in many ways, we must first make clear what kind of freedom we are concerned with."
Absolutely correct, reform of this type of an ultra-diseased society, is a literal impossibility. I also love how precisely accurate and detail-oriented Seer Ted is, recognizing that the word "freedom" must be accurately and specifically defined within his Manifesto, because there are so many different, many societally induced and invalid definitions that can be applied to this extremely important word.

"By ''freedom'' we mean the opportunity to go through the power process, with real goals, not the artificial goals of surrogate activities, and without interference, manipulation or supervision from anyone, especially from any large organization. Freedom means being in control (either as an individual or as a member of a SMALL group) of the life-and-death issues of one's existence: food, clothing, shelter and defense against whatever threats there may be in one's environment. Freedom means having power; not the power to control other people but the power to control the circumstances of one's own life. One does not have freedom if anyone else (especially a large organization) has power over one, no matter how benevolently, tolerantly and permissively that power may be exercised. It is important not to confuse freedom with mere permissiveness."
Wow! I think this is one of the most perfectly accurate defintions of what constitutes genuine and legitimate freedom, that I have ever seen in print. I tip my cap to you, Ted! Beautifully expressed and 100% accurate definition. It is important to realize that societies have as a primary goal, the mission of stripping all citizen-slaves of all legitimate "personal power". Stripping all citizens of the ability to have genuine control over the circumstances of their own lives, is literally the second or third most primary goal of all societal/governmental systems. Therefore, as Ted accurately reveals above, we must conclude that none of us are given genuine freedom in our lives. Whatever freedoms we do manage to claim, we do so by overtly defying societal doctrine and decree. I am rereading the above quote by Ted right now, still marveling at just how utterly brilliant and on-target it is. I could not write such a beautifully crafted definition myself, not because I lack the insight that Ted possesses, but probably because he had a good education and is more articulate than I, a high school dropout who never learned much of anything within the evil educational system, can be.

"As for our constitutional rights, consider for example that of freedom of the press. We certainly don't mean to knock that right; it is a very important tool for limiting concentration of political power and for keeping those who do have political power in line by publicly exposing any misbehavior on their part. But freedom of the press is of very little use to the average citizen as an individual. The mass media are mostly under the control of large organizations that are integrated into the system. Anyone who has a little money can have something printed, or can distribute it on the internet or in some such way, but what he has to say will be swamped by the vast volume of material put out by the media, hence it will have no practical effect. To make an impression on society with words is therefore almost impossible for most individuals and small groups. Take us (FC) for example. If we had never done anything violent and had submitted the present writings to a publisher, they probably would not have been accepted. If they had been accepted and published, they probably would not have attracted many readers, because it's more fun to watch the entertainment put out by the media than to read a sober essay. Even if these writings had had many readers, most of those readers would soon have forgotten what they had read as their minds were flooded by the mass of material to which the media expose them. In order to get our message before the public with some chance of making a lasting impression, we've had to kill people."
Here is yet another thoughtful, brilliantly articulated, and 100% accurate dissection of just how useless and unfree the "free press" truly is. Great insight on how useless and meaningless the "publication" of any document is, no matter how brilliant it may be, if the societal leadership has a vested interest in suppressing and demonizing the Truths that the document reveals. At the same time, look at the "bible", an utterly toxic, genocidally fascist and lie-based document, created by societal leaders themselves, who have a vested interest in promoting it, and therefore the governmentally controlled media and pop culture systems are able to literally impose this toxic document upon the minds of literally every single child, not to mention adult, who is born into any religiously fundamentalist society such as america.

"It is said that we live in a free society because we have a certain number of constitutionally guaranteed rights. But these are not as important as they seem. The degree of personal freedom that exists in a society is determined more by the economic and technological structure of the society than by its laws or its form of government. Most of the Indian nations of New England were monarchies, and many of the cities of the Italian Renaissance were controlled by dictators. But in reading about these societies one gets the impression that they allowed far more personal freedom than out society does. In part this was because they lacked efficient mechanisms for enforcing the ruler's will: There were no modern, well-organized police forces, no rapid long-distance communications, no surveillance cameras, no dossiers of information about the lives of average citizens. Hence it was relatively easy to evade control."
Another home run for Ted! Great insight of Truth, that the particular "form" of government that the society chooses to wrap around itself, via a "democracy" label, etc..., has no genuine impact upon the type or degree of legitimate personal freedom that citizen-slaves are allowed to enjoy. And Ted is also 100% on target, in his insight that as far as the genuine experience of legitimate freedom is concerned, people who lived 100-1000 years ago had more of an opportunity to at least "escape" from the fascist domination of their evil societies, in terms of enjoying some types of freedoms, than is the case today, and has been the case since the middle of the 20th century.

"Constitutional rights are useful up to a point, but they do not serve to guarantee much more than what could be called the bourgeois conception of freedom. According to the bourgeois conception, a "free" man is essentially an element of a social machine and has only a certain set of prescribed and delimited freedoms; freedoms that are designed to serve the needs of the social machine more than those of the individual. Thus the bourgeois's "free" man has economic freedom because that promotes growth and progress; he has freedom of the press because public criticism restrains misbehavior by political leaders; he has a rights to a fair trial because imprisonment at the whim of the powerful would be bad for the system. This was clearly the attitude of Simon Bolivar. To him, people deserved liberty only if they used it to promote progress (progress as conceived by the bourgeois). Other bourgeois thinkers have taken a similar view of freedom as a mere means to collective ends. Chester C. Tan, "Chinese Political Thought in the Twentieth Century," page 202, explains the philosophy of the Kuomintang leader Hu Han-min: "An individual is granted rights because he is a member of society and his community life requires such rights. By community Hu meant the whole society of the nation." And on page 259 Tan states that according to Carsum Chang (Chang Chun-mai, head of the State Socialist Party in China) freedom had to be used in the interest of the state and of the people as a whole. But what kind of freedom does one have if one can use it only as someone else prescribes? FC's conception of freedom is not that of Bolivar, Hu, Chang or other bourgeois theorists. The trouble with such theorists is that they have made the development and application of social theories their surrogate activity. Consequently the theories are designed to serve the needs of the theorists more than the needs of any people who may be unlucky enough to live in a society on which the theories are imposed."
I know these Ted quotes are starting to get lengthy, but they are too good to pass over. The mission of this Manifesto is to reveal and deliver Forbidden Truth. I am of course most proud of my very own, personally developed and formulated Forbidden Truths, and by the time this Manifesto is complete I will have revealed and detailed literally thousands of different, unique Forbidden Truths and brilliant proposals for societal reform that I have personally developed within my own brilliant and Superior mind. At the same time however, I certainly recognize that a handful of my fellow tortured victim-creations of human society, such as Charles Manson, Anton Szandor LaVey, Ted Kaczynski, etc..., can and do develop some brilliant insights of Forbidden Truth themselves, and sometimes they can even articulate a Forbidden Truth that I have already recognized and expressed myself, in a clearer and more intellectually challenging way than I can express the Truth, due to my extremely limited, high school dropout education. None of Seer Ted's insights of Truth regarding Freedom, are new to me. I had already recognized and formulated these Truths myself. However, Ted expresses these Truths in a unique way, different from how I express myself. Not in a Superior way to me, just in a different way, thanks primarily to his higher level of school-based education, in my opinion. I am always pleased, proud, and honored to share some of the most valuable Forbidden Truths of fellow Seers with you, along with my own thousands of Truths, within this Manifesto. None of us need to have our Truths "recognized" by anyone else, in order to savor our own brilliance, but perhaps when it comes to educating you brainwashed creatures, to helping you find the courage and sanity to recognize the Truths we grace you with, there can be some benefit to my not only listing these Truths as expressed by my fellow Seers, but also affirming my agreement with and appreciation of the validity of the Truths that Ted, Charles, Anton, and a few other Superiors have graced the world with. Anyway, I love Ted's above quote, on the perverse and invalid "bourgeois" definition of freedom, as applied by malevolent societal leaders upon their citizen-slaves.

"One more point to be made in this section: It should not be assumed that a person has enough freedom just because he SAYS he has enough. Freedom is restricted in part by psychological control of which people are unconscious, and moreover many people's ideas of what constitutes freedom are governed more by social convention than by their real needs. For example, it's likely that many leftists of the oversocialized type would say that most people, including themselves are socialized too little rather than too much, yet the oversocialized leftist pays a heavy psychological price for his high level of socialization."
Ted is truly a remarkable thinker, just like I am. I recognized this Truth a long time age, that: "Just because a human thinks, believes, or says that he has freedom, or has enough freedom, in no way means that he actually enjoys any type of genuine and legitimate freedom of any kind". Freedom is a concept that is subject to malevolent societal inducement, irrational belief that one is "free" is pervasive, in fact reaches epidemic proportions among citizen-slaves, especially within an ultra-diseased democratic form of government. Such mass delusions among brainwashed citizen-slaves should in no way be used to arrive at the false and invalid conclusion that any type of genuine freedom is either offered by the society, or experienced by the citizenry, as Ted so beautifully expresses above.

"The system does not and cannot exist to satisfy human needs. Instead, it is human behavior that has to be modified to fit the needs of the system. This has nothing to do with the political or social ideology that may pretend to guide the technological system. It is the fault of technology, because the system is guided not by ideology but by technical necessity. Of course the system does satisfy many human needs, but generally speaking it does this only to the extent that it is to the advantage of the system to do it. It is the needs of the system that are paramount, not those of the human being. For example, the system provides people with food because the system couldn't function if everyone starved; it attends to people's psychological needs whenever it can CONVENIENTLY do so, because it couldn't function if too many people became depressed or rebellious. But the system, for good, solid, practical reasons, must exert constant pressure on people to mold their behavior to the needs of the system. Too much waste accumulating? The government, the media, the educational system, environmentalists, everyone inundates us with a mass of propaganda about recycling. Need more technical personnel? A chorus of voices exhorts kids to study science. No one stops to ask whether it is inhumane to force adolescents to spend the bulk of their time studying subjects most of them hate. When skilled workers are put out of a job by technical advances and have to undergo "retraining," no one asks whether it is humiliating for them to be pushed around in this way. It is simply taken for granted that everyone must bow to technical necessity and for good reason: If human needs were put before technical necessity there would be economic problems, unemployment, shortages or worse. The concept of "mental health" in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress.
I've always been such a huge fan of Charles Manson, but as I immerse myself in Ted's brilliant insights of Truth, I have to admit that I'm starting to waver on my conclusion that Charles deserves to be the president of america, and Ted the vice president. Maybe, just maybe, it is Ted who deserves the top spot, with Charles as the VP... Very tough call, but either way would be okay, just get them both into the two top slots, prez and VP, and your deranged society just might somehow find a way to avoid extincting the entire human race. Beautiful insights above, on how the government is structured to malevolently oppress and impose it's toxic will upon it's citizen-slaves. Government and society has no morals, it never undertakes any type of policy out of benevolence, morality, justice, fairness, or a desire to help individual human beings. If in fact any governmental/societal policies do end up helping some human beings, in some manner, societal leaders go wild in terms of their propaganda coup, holding press conferences and using their mass media agents to make sure all citizen-slaves are aware of just what a wonderful thing their government has done. In reality, all such "good results" that may occur, are nothing more than incidental events that only occured because societal leaders saw and felt there was a more important need, be it to appease the citizen-slaves or to meet new, malevolent design structures and goals of the malicious societal leadership. Once again, Seer Ted, thanks to his university education, expresses this Truth in a more brilliant way than I could, in saying: "For example, the system provides people with food because the system couldn't function if everyone starved; it attends to people's psychological needs whenever it can CONVENIENTLY do so, because it couldn't function if too many people became depressed or rebellious. But the system, for good, solid, practical reasons, must exert constant pressure on people to mold their behavior to the needs of the system. The concept of "mental health" in our society is defined largely by the extent to which an individual behaves in accord with the needs of the system and does so without showing signs of stress." Absolutely, 100% correct, Ted! Understand that if your governmental and societal leaders felt that their operational systems would benefit if every single citizen starved to death, they would make sure that each and every one of you did starve to death. You can say that there is no way that a society would benefit from having all of it's citizens starve to death, but that is not relevant, that is a meaningless argument. The profound Truth is that your societies and governments are so evil, so perverse, so totally devoid of even the tiniest scrap of moral, rational, ethical, judicial, or humanistic decency, that they would, without hesitation, murder and annihilate every single citizen, on a mass, genocidal scale, if they felt that doing so would improve the operational design or structural stability/strength of the existing societal/governmental system. Even though they do not feel that such improvement would occur via the mass starvation of their own citizen-slaves, ultra-diseased societies absolutely do strongly feel that such genocide within other societies, would greatly benefit their own society's structural strength, which is why societies like america launch genocidal wars against other governments and sponsor the starvation deaths of millions of fellow human beings who are members of other societies, such as in african countries.

"A technological advance that appears not to threaten freedom often turns out to threaten freedom often turns out to threaten it very seriously later on. For example, consider motorized transport. A walking man formerly could go where he pleased, go at his own pace without observing any traffic regulations, and was independent of technological support-systems. When motor vehicles were introduced they appeared to increase man's freedom. They took no freedom away from the walking man, no one had to have an automobile if he didn't want one, and anyone who did choose to buy an automobile could travel much faster than the walking man. But the introduction of motorized transport soon changed society in such a way as to restrict greatly man's freedom of locomotion. When automobiles became numerous, it became necessary to regulate their use extensively. In a car, especially in densely populated areas, one cannot just go where one likes at one's own pace one's movement is governed by the flow of traffic and by various traffic laws. One is tied down by various obligations: license requirements, driver test, renewing registration, insurance, maintenance required for safety, monthly payments on purchase price. Moreover, the use of motorized transport is no longer optional. Since the introduction of motorized transport the arrangement of our cities has changed in such a way that the majority of people no longer live within walking distance of their place of employment, shopping areas and recreational opportunities, so that they HAVE TO depend on the automobile for transportation. Or else they must use public transportation, in which case they have even less control over their own movement than when driving a car. Even the walker's freedom is now greatly restricted. In the city he continually has to stop and wait for traffic lights that are designed mainly to serve auto traffic. In the country, motor traffic makes it dangerous and unpleasant to walk along the highway. (Note the important point we have illustrated with the case of motorized transport: When a new item of technology is introduced as an option that an individual can accept or not as he chooses, it does not necessarily REMAIN optional. In many cases the new technology changes society in such a way that people eventually find themselves FORCED to use it.)"
Another remarkably clear and beautifully expressed Truth. Ever since I was a teenager I have been repulsed and enraged by automobile ads, ads which insanely put forth the notion that having an automobile provides a human being with "freedom". This is ludicrous, a perfect example of insane and malevolent societal brainwashing. If you put a mouse inside of a cage, and then put one of those round exercise wheel "treadmill" devices inside of the cage so that the mouse can run on the exercise wheel and make the wheel spin, is that freedom?? No, of course not! And that is all that cars provide, in terms of freedom. They allow you humans to delude yourselves into feeling free, when in reality all you are doing as you drive your car is the exact same thing as the mouse in his cage on the treadmill. You are going around and around, in a circle, as a societal slave, exactly where your society wants you to go. You are free to take the interstate highway to your slave labor job, or the access road, you are free to pointlessly waste the money that your society terroristically compels you to work as a slave to acquire, on a device, the automobile, that costs a lot of money, requires constant expediture of additional money for gas, etc..., and entices you into going to a lot of places where you would not go if you had no car, all of which are specifically designed, within the perverse capitalistic system, to entice, coerce, and force you to spend more money. You even have to pay money just to park your car near or at the location where you have been societally enticed into going, in some situations. So, the actual function that automobiles provide within the human experience of life, is the exact opposite of freedom. Cars are devices of enslavement, specifically used by society to rob citizens of their freedom, to take away their freedom, by further enslaving them to their jobs, and helping capitalistic societies to literally drain away one of the only opportunities to enjoy a bit of genuine freedom that a citizen can have, namely, to obtain and possess enough money so that they do not need to work at a societally imposed job. The final sentence of the above quote is even more astute, revealing the Truth of how societies not only "promote" toxic and destructive new technologies to their citizen-slaves, but literally addict their citizen-slaves to these technologies, in such a way as to make it almost impossible for a citizen-slave to function and live unless he possesses the technological device. Telephones, televisions, cars, and credit cards are perfect examples of this, and all such devices are very specifically manipulated and used by societies to control, dictate, and engineer the lifestyles and life paths of citizen-slaves. In point of fact the credit card was specifically popularized by societal leaders for the purpose of driving as many citizen-slaves as possible into debt, by encouraging them to spend more money than they have, so that they will be forced to remain employed at jobs for as long as possible, preferably until they die, even as the perverse "promise" of a leisurely "retirement" is held out as bait, to cause the slave to waste his life working on behalf of his evil society.

"Another reason why technology is such a powerful social force is that, within the context of a given society, technological progress marches in only one direction; it can never be reversed. Once a technical innovation has been introduced, people usually become dependent on it, unless it is replaced by some still more advanced innovation. Not only do people become dependent as individuals on a new item of technology, but, even more, the system as a whole becomes dependent on it. (Imagine what would happen to the system today if computers, for example, were eliminated.) Thus the system can move in only one direction, toward greater technologization. Technology repeatedly forces freedom to take a step back -- short of the overthrow of the whole technological system."
Seer Ted shoots...and he scores yet again! 100% on target, with this Truth. The goal of society is to enslave citizens, but maintain the illusion of providing freedom to citizens. Technological devices provide a perfect "bridge" to accomplishing this malevolent, deceitful objective. If you enslave the citizen to the technological device, the citizen will be too stupid and uninsightful to realize that he is in fact enslaved to society, that society is guilty of enslaving him to the technological device, and is now using the technological device to brainwash, coerce, control all aspects of the citizen's lifestyle and ideological beliefs. The television device would be an absolutely perfect example of this Truth.

"People tend to assume that because a revolution involves a much greater change than reform does, it is more difficult to bring about than reform is. Actually, under certain circumstances revolution is much easier than reform. The reason is that a revolutionary movement can inspire an intensity of commitment that a reform movement cannot inspire. A reform movement merely offers to solve a particular social problem. A revolutionary movement offers to solve all problems at one stroke and create a whole new world; it provides the kind of ideal for which people will take great risks and make great sacrifices. For this reasons it would be much easier to overthrow the whole technological system than to put effective, permanent restraints on the development of application of any one segment of technology, such as genetic engineering, but under suitable conditions large numbers of people may devote themselves passionately to a revolution against the industrial-technological system. As we noted in paragraph 132, reformers seeking to limite certain aspects of technology would be working to avoid a negative outcome. But revolutionaries work to gain a powerful reward -- fulfillment of their revolutionary vision -- and therefore work harder and more persistently than reformers do."
This is a beautifully thought out Truth, folks. It is of course very obvious to any Superior that reformation of an ultra-diseased society is quite impossible, but to realize that in some cases humans can be more easily convinced to revolt and overthrow their society, than to try and reform it, requires a lot more intense and analytically astute thinking abilities. I certainly agree with Seer Ted, but at the same time I recognize that your evil societies have a stranglehold upon your brainwashed minds, and if they recognize a revolution to be brewing, they will desperately attempt to head off the revolution by offering perverse and invalid claims to be willing to "consider reforms". Tragically, I recognize that the vast majority of you creatures are too broken and cowardly to resist such enticing lures.

"Imagine a society that subjects people to conditions that make them terribly unhappy, then gives them the drugs to take away their unhappiness. Science fiction? It is already happening to some extent in our own society. It is well known that the rate of clinical depression had been greatly increasing in recent decades. We believe that this is due to disruption fo the power process, as explained in paragraphs 59-76. But even if we are wrong, the increasing rate of depression is certainly the result of SOME conditions that exist in today's society. Instead of removing the conditions that make people depressed, modern society gives them antidepressant drugs. In effect, antidepressants are a means of modifying an individual's internal state in such a way as to enable him to tolerate social conditions that he would otherwise find intolerable. (Yes, we know that depression is often of purely genetic origin. We are referring here to those cases in which environment plays the predominant role.)"
I have to say, while Ted is right on yet again with this Truth, he is not expressing this Truth with the degree of passion it deserves. The fact is, society does not merely "give" it's citizen-slaves toxic, mind-altering drugs in order to allow them to escape from the horrific realities of their societally induced misery, society actually coerces and compels it's citizens, using every possible method it can come up with, to use such mind-altering drugs. This is not merely happening to "some extent" within american society, as Ted says, but to a massive, almost universal extent, with at least 98% of all citizen-slaves artificially altering their brain chemistries on a repeated, regular basis, simply because they find the True realities of life within american society, to be emotionally unbearable. Ted's insights on how and why societies use psychiatric drugs to deliberately and invalidly alter the perceptions of reality of citizen-slaves, is 100% correct.

"Education is no longer a simple affair of paddling a kid's behind when he doesn't know his lessons and patting him on the head when he does know them. It is becoming a scientific technique for controlling the child's development. Sylvan Learning Centers, for example, have had great success in motivating children to study, and psychological techniques are also used with more or less success in many conventional schools. "Parenting" techniques that are taught to parents are designed to make children accept fundamental values of the system and behave in ways that the system finds desirable. "Mental health" programs, "intervention" techniques, psychotherapy and so forth are ostensibly designed to benefit individuals, but in practice they usually serve as methods for inducing individuals to think and behave as the system requires. (There is no contradiction here; an individual whose attitudes or behavior bring him into conflict with the system is up against a force that is too powerful for him to conquer or escape from, hence he is likely to suffer from stress, frustration, defeat. His path will be much easier if he thinks and behaves as the system requires. In that sense the system is acting for the benefit of the individual when it brainwashes him into conformity.) Child abuse in its gross and obvious forms is disapproved in most if not all cultures. Tormenting a child for a trivial reason or no reason at all is something that appalls almost everyone. But many psychologists interpret the concept of abuse much more broadly. Is spanking, when used as part of a rational and consistent system of discipline, a form of abuse? The question will ultimately be decided by whether or not spanking tends to produce behavior that makes a person fit in well with the existing system of society. In practice, the word "abuse" tends to be interpreted to include any method of child-rearing that produces behavior inconvenient for the system. Thus, when they go beyond the prevention of obvious, senseless cruelty, programs for preventing "child abuse" are directed toward the control of human behavior of the system."
Even though Ted was brutally tortured as a child, he does not devote a lot of attention and space to the issue of child abuse within society, in his Manifesto and other writings. This is a shame, although you can certainly say that his entire Manifesto, in a way, is a condemnation of the abuse that societies inflict upon their children. This quote is one of the few which directly and specifically focuses upon child abuse, and I certainly do agree strongly with most of Ted's insights. Both the educational and the psychiatric systems of ultra-diseased societies are specifically designed to terroristically mold the vulnerable and developing minds of children, into accepting and embracing toxic, lie-based societal doctrine and ideology. I have to admit, I am a bit disappointed with Ted's somewhat neutral comment on directly physical child abuse such as spanking, and his apparent inability to recognize that child abuse, even in "gross and obvious forms", as Ted puts it, is in fact directly encouraged and legitimized by society itself, albeit in a "cloaked" fashion, using the insane "we are only doing this for the good of the child" claim. Oh well, none of us are perfeKt as we seek to recognize all of the Forbidden Truths of life. Not Ted, not Charles, not even me. But we are pretty darn close to perfect, in my not so humble opinion. :-)

"Our society tends to regard as a "sickness" any mode of thought or behavior that is inconvenient for the system, and this is plausible because when an individual doesn't fit into the system it causes pain to the individual as well as problems for the system. Thus the manipulation of an individual to adjust him to the system is seen as a "cure" for a "sickness" and therefore as good."
Great insight here, absolutely correct! This is how the psychiatric "division" of the society operates. Remember, all psychiatrists are direct agents of the existing government, empowered to specifically manipulate, control, and change the behavioral and ideological mindsets of citizen-slaves, not for their individual benefit, and not under any legitimate medical treatment mandate, but rather for the sole and specific reason of getting the citizen-slave to conform to societal decrees of proper behavior/belief, and to perversely make the tortured victim into a "productive member of society".

"Imagine an alcoholic sitting with a barrel of wine in front of him. Suppose he starts saying to himself, "Wine isn't bad for you if used in moderation. Why, they say small amounts of wine are even good for you! It won't do me any harm if I take just one little drink..." Well you know what is going to happen. Never forget that the human race with technology is just like an alcoholic with a barrel of wine."
Great quote! Due to genetic perversity, humans already have an addictive inclination to their personalities that is genetic in origin. Evil societies recognize this fact, and viciously exploit it, deliberately addicting their citizens to many different types of toxic behaviors, ideologies, and lifestyles, recognizing that once they have a citizen-slave addicted, it's just like having a fish caught on a fishhook, they can control and manipulate the citizen-slave in many different ways, using the person's addiction, be it to drugs, alcohol, gambling, money, possessions, technology, etc..., as a weapon against him. Hang in there folks, only a few quotes left.

"People do not consciously and rationally choose the form of their society. Societies develop through processes of social evolution that are not under rational human control."
An important Truth here. We must understand fully, the fact that human beings are victimized creations of societies. The citizen did not ask to be created, and had no ability or choice, insofar as controlling or coping with the societal perversions, derangements, and brainwashings that were/are malevolently imposed upon him, either as a child or as an adult. You can argue that the adult victim has at least in theory, some ability to recognize and analyze the design structure of his society, better than a child can. But for the vast majority of humans, this is simply not a practical reality. They are too broken and brainwashed from the lifetime of malicious brainwashing that they have been subjected to, which includes their entire childhoods.

"In any technologically advanced society the individual's fate MUST depend on decisions that he personally cannot influence to any great extent. A technological society cannot be broken down into small, autonomous communities, because production depends on the cooperation of very large numbers of people and machines. Such a society MUST be highly organized and decisions HAVE TO be made that affect very large numbers of people. When a decision affects, say, a million people, then each of the affected individuals has, on the average, only a one-millionth share in making the decision. What usually happens in practice is that decisions are made by public officials or corporation executives, or by technical specialists, but even when the public votes on a decision the number of voters ordinarily is too large for the vote of any one individual to be significant. Thus most individuals are unable to influence measurably the major decisions that affect their lives. There is no conceivable way to remedy this in a technologically advanced society. The system tries to ''solve'' this problem by using propaganda to make people WANT the decisions that have been made for them, but even if this ''solution'' were completely successful in making people feel better, it would be demeaning."
Great revelation of Truth here, beautifully expressed! The ability of any individual citizen to have even the tiniest bit of genuine influence/control over any aspect of his own life, much less the operational and design structure of his society, has reached zero during the 20th century, and Ted explains why, with brilliant clarity, in the above quote.

"Therefore two tasks confront those who hate the servitude to which the industrial system is reducing the human race. First, we must work to heighten the social stresses within the system so as to increase the likelihood that it will break down or be weakened sufficiently so that a revolution against it becomes possible. Second, it is necessary to develop and propagate an ideology that opposes technology and the industrial system. Such an ideology can become the basis for a revolution against industrial society if and when the system becomes sufficiently weakened. And such an ideology will help to assure that, if and when industrial society breaks down, its remnants will be smashed beyond repair, so that the system cannot be reconstituted. The factories should be destroyed, technical books burned etc."
More excellent insights by Ted. The only way to actually bring about a revolution, is to increase the suffering of all citizen-slaves, to the point where societal efforts at appeasement and desperate societal enticements of brainwashing, drugs, the promise of a heavenly afterlife, etc..., cannot overcome the extreme suffering that all citizen-slaves are enduring on a daily basis. But this is no easy task, evil societies have perfected the malevolent art of appeasement and brainwashing, and they will stop at nothing to find ways to compel their citizen-slaves to rationalize their own extreme suffering. For example, if a genuine nationwide revolution was imminent in america, I am quite certain that the leaders of this religiously fundamentalist regime would use the media to trick the citizen-slaves into believing that jesus christ was getting ready to return to earth, and god might even reveal himself, as a way for the government to regain control over you creatures, you Unwashed Masses of inferiors.

"Behavior is regulated not only through explicit rules and not only by the government. Control is often exercised through indirect coercion or through psychological pressure or manipulation, and by organizations other than the government, or by the system as a whole. Most large organizations use some form of propaganda to manipulate public attitudes or behavior. Propaganda is not limited to "commercials" and advertisements, and sometimes it is not even consciously intended as propaganda by the people who make it. For instance, the content of entertainment programming is a powerful form of propaganda."
Excellent insight of Truth! There is no need for governmental laws and "rules", in many situations, because other types of fascist behavioral coercions can be employed just as effectively upon you brainwashed creatures, while maintaining the illusion of "freedom" by not having explicit "laws" be imposed by the government itself. Great insight by Ted on how all "entertainment" programming absolutely does carry overt and deliberate propaganda content from the societal leadership/government itself, even if such content is not directly "inserted" by the government.

"People vary in their susceptibility to advertising and marketing techniques. Some people are so susceptible that, even if they make a great deal of money, they cannot satisfy their constant craving for the shiny new toys that the marketing industry dangles before their eyes. So they always feel hard-pressed financially even if their income is large, and their cravings are frustrated."
I discuss this very Truth at great length in my Economic Systems essay. Capitalistic societies that are ultra-diseased, are on a constant, daily, desperate quest, not by individual "companies" but rather by the societal/governmental leadership, to coerce, compel, and entice all citizen-slaves into spending all of their money, regardless of what economic class they may be in, or how much money they earn, so that they are compelled to continue serving as "productive" workers and consumers within the toxic economic system, for as many years as possible, preferably right up until the day they die.

"Some people partly satisfy their need for power by identifying themselves with a powerful organization or mass movement. An individual lacking goals or power joins a movement or an organization, adopts its goals as his own, then works toward these goals. When some of the goals are attained, the individual, even though his personal efforts have played only an insignificant part in the attainment of the goals, feels (through his identification with the movement or organization) as if he had gone through the power process. This phenomenon was exploited by the fascists, nazis and communists. Our society uses it, too, though less crudely. Example: Manuel Noriega was an irritant to the U.S. (goal: punish Noriega). The U.S. invaded Panama (effort) and punished Noriega (attainment of goal). The U.S. went through the power process and many Americans, because of their identification with the U.S., experienced the power process vicariously. Hence the widespread public approval of the Panama invasion; it gave people a sense of power. We see the same phenomenon in armies, corporations, political parties, humanitarian organizations, religious or ideological movements. In particular, leftist movements tend to attract people who are seeking to satisfy their need for power. But for most people identification with a large organization or a mass movement does not fully satisfy the need for power."
Great point here! Dovetails perfectly with my Forbidden Truth revelations on the toxic purposes of war, child abuse, even team sports, within the diseased operational structure of a society like america. You creatures are so desperate to delude yourselves into believing that you possess personal freedom and autonomy, and so desperate to find outlets for your suppressed and subconscious homicidal rage, even as you actually reject genuine freedom as being too terrifying, that you gratefully seize upon even the most idiotic and perversely contrived illusions of possessing personal freedom/power that your societies provide to you. Understand that these illusions are not "randomly" provided, they are specifically designed to serve malevolent societal purpose, to channel and misdirect the individual power/freedom desires of human beings, to serve the toxic agendas of society. As a side note, Seer Ted talks a great deal about his "power process" theory in his Manifesto. I do agree with the general outline/premise of his power process theory, however I would not use that term myself, and I feel that it is a bit inaccurate. "Power process" does not really convey the primary motivation for why human beings are desperate to impose their will upon and victimize other living things, which is to cathartically transfer and relieve their own True Reality-based rage and hate, instilled within them by the undeserved suffering and victimization that their society is guilty of having caused them to suffer. And in addition, torture victims more commonly choose to join "movements" and organizations like the military, not because they lack goals or power, as Ted suggests, but because they subconsciously realize that their society is giving them an opportunity to legally satiate at least some of their suppressed rage and hate, via the legitimization of the malevolent policy and behavioral mandates of the movement/organization. So, even though some torture victims will choose to become cops simply because they crave "having power and a goal", as Ted suggests, many more societal torture victims will choose to become cops for a much "darker" reason, namely because they subconsciously and instinctually seek to relieve their profound rage and homicidal inclinations, by attaining the ability to commit legal brutalization and even murder upon fellow human beings, that their society offers to all citizen-slaves who agree to serve as hired goon/thugs via the employment position of being a cop.

"Modern society is in certain respects extremely permissive. In matters that are irrelevant to the functioning of the system we can generally do what we please. We can believe in any religion we like (as long as it does not encourage behavior that is dangerous to the system). We can go to bed with anyone we like (as long as we practice "safe sex"). We can do anything we like as long as it is UNIMPORTANT. But in all IMPORTANT matters the system tends increasingly to regulate our behavior."
Beautiful revelation of Truth, perfectly expressed! What Seer Ted is telling you is that your fascist societies allow you to enjoy most if not all "freedoms" that are totally unimportant and irrelevant in terms of impacting the toxic, lie-based, totally artificial and malevolent structures and systems of society, which rule and dictate all primary aspects of the day to day lives of most citizens. So what does this mean, in a nutshell? It means that all of the "freedoms" that your society allows you to enjoy, are not in fact genuine and legitimate freedoms and do not in fact deserve to carry the definitional label of freedom. Within a society that chooses to allow you to believe in whatever god creature you wish, the malevolent goal of society is to get you addicted to the insane god myth as a whole. The society has no primary need or desire to addict all of you to one specific version of this insane myth, because all mainstream versions of this toxic myth are operationally designed to not encourage or allow behavior that society is seeking to discourage/prevent. This type of "behavioral option" as given to citizens by their society, definately does not deserve to carry the definitional label of freedom. It is a useless, societally coerced "behavioral option", that is in fact far more worthy of being defined as constituting brutal enslavement, than constituting freedom.

"Until the industrial system has been thoroughly wrecked, the destruction of that system must be the revolutionaries' ONLY goal."
I do not share Ted's obsessive focus on this one specific evil/diseased aspect of society, the industrial system, although I certainly agree that this system is totally evil and diseased. But I do agree that if citizen-slaves somehow, miraculously found the personal freedom and courage to target their own society's "industrial system" for destruction, and succeeded in destroying this system, the entire society/government, especially if it is capitalistic, would collapse together with the industrial system. So, the primary, most important goal, from my perspective, of bringing down the society itself, would be accomplished even if only this one particular aspect of the societal structure, the industrial/technological system, was totally destroyed.

"The average American should be portrayed as a victim of the advertising and marketing industry, which has suckered him into buying a lot of junk that he doesn't need and that is very poor compensation for his lost freedom."
Final Ted quote here, and a very good one. Fact is, the average american is a victim of dozens, if not hundreds of different forms of malicious exploitation, deliberate brainwashing, and destruction of personal freedom, autonomy, and basic human and instinctual rights. Certainly insofar as economic and slave labor victimization is concerned, capitalistic societies like america absolutely addict citizen-slaves into obsessively wasting all of the money they obtain, and employ the media and pop culture systems to delude citizens into accepting the insane notion that possessing material goods, even more so than possessing actual money, provides the individual with a type of genuine freedom.

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