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Hello. You have reached the Ted Bundy Tribute Page of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Thank you for taking the time to reflect upon the True Reality of Ted, a tortured victim-creation of 20th century amerikkkan society. If you find that the sentiments and revelations of Truth expressed at this page resonate positively within your core conscious experience of life, you might want to consider immersing yourself in The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This 200,000+ word Manifesto is devoted to exposing and dissecting all of the the forbidden truths of humanity, revealing it to be a diseased, devolving, and doomed species, unworthy of infesting planet earth. You may begin your journey here:

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Ted Bundy, Theodore Robert Bundy, serial killer

This is Ted Bundy, tortured victim-creation of american society. Ted achieved quite a bit of fame during his terribly and tragically brief lifetime, perversely demonized by the evil society that is guilty of having created him, for being a "serial killer". But just like the trillions of trillions of human beings who came before him, Ted Bundy no longer exists. He has ceased to exist for all of eternity. He is dead, murdered by the society that created him. His face and name might be recognizable to some complete strangers, as a result of the fame he achieved as a result of his life path activities. But we, sane embracers of Truth, must not delude ourselves into thinking that fame, fortune, respect, offspring, or the creation of any other type of "legacy", provides any value or purpose to our lives. Such legacies may well be perceived as valuable to us, while we are alive, and there is nothing intrinsically wrong with this. However, all such perceived value is completely lost and eliminated, for all of eternity, beginning the moment that we die, unless a cure for death has been discovered, or at the very least, the viability of the physical body and cellular integrity of the unique individual, is properly preserved and maintained. This did not occur for tortured Martyr Ted, and as a result, horrifically, he is lost for all of cosmic eternity. It is as if he has never existed, because he no longer exists and can never again exist. None of his life achievements, accomplishments, or fame, can change this horrific fact. We, who are currently alive, can only pay tribute to the life of this Martyr, by thinking about him, by studying his life path and actions, by recognizing the insightful brilliance of his mind, by mourning his eternal loss and being outraged/enraged by the torturous treatment he was subjected to by his society. We can even resolve to avenge the tragedy of Ted's life, in whatever manner our True Reality allows/dictates. But none of this can or does or ever will have any value or meaning of any kind to Ted, because he has ceased to exist for all of cosmic eternity. This is the most important Truth of all, that we must focus upon, and never forget, ignore, or gloss over, when contemplating our own lives, as well as examining the lives of others.

Ted Bundy, born 1946, tortured by his society, died and ceased to exist for all of eternity in 1989, murdered by the same society which created, victimized, and tortured him. The words, ideas, and philosophies that Ted so generously chose to share with the world, live on. I am proud to share just a few of them, immediately below. We can find value and importance in these words, but Ted cannot. He is lost forever. The fact that it was his very own society which maliciously sanctioned, enabled, and caused his lifelong victimization and torture, then had the audacity to commit the ultimate atrocity upon it's very own tortured victim-creation, deliberately and maliciously causing Ted to die and thus experience nothingness for all of cosmic eternity, proves, to any sane thinker, that the human race is beyond redemption, so diseased and perverse on a fundamental level, that it deserves only extinction. The following direct quotes that Martyr Ted graces us with, appear courtesy of the book: Ted Bundy: Conversations With A Killer, by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth, ISBN #0-451-16355-9:

"I haven't blocked out the past. I wouldn't trade the person I am, or what I've done - or the people I've known - for anything. So I do think about it. And at times it's a rather mellow trip to lay back and remember." "You feel the last bit of breath leaving their body. You're looking into their eyes. A person in that situation is God!" "We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere. And there will be more of your children dead tomorrow" "Our life, as I was growing up, outside the home was centered around the first methodist church....I believe I attended Sunday school from the time I was in kindergarten all the way until I graduated from high school. We studied the bible all through those years, but it amazed me in college that I had retained next to nothing about christ or the old testament or my religion--in the dogmatic sense. The essential lessons were certainly clear. Especially the ones I adopted with glee during the Vietnam War. My poor mother had to listen to me talk about the hypocrisy of christianity under the circumstances."

After being sentenced to be legally murdered: "I know I don't have to apologize to people for anything. Nobody can spring anything on me. Not that people do this. But nothing's going to come out of left field. I feel like I'm a cat. I feel aware of things....I'm not intimidated by anything or anybody. And I used to be very intimidated by situations. And people. Not understanding motivations. I can now speak my mind and be not at all self-conscious about it....It's strange, isn't it, that under these circumstances, today I probably have a stronger self-image that I ever did before? It's a revelation. It's marvelous."

"We sent men to Viet Nam and they were able to kill, because the tactics taken by their leaders was to depersonalize the enemy. You're not killing a man; you're killing a 'gook', a Viet Cong. Under those circumstances, men kill very easily. Certainly the situation we're discussing does not have the legitimacy or the atmosphere of war. And yet, the same psychological mechanisms are used by a person who kills indiscriminately--except he is not killing a person. He is killing an image. Or gaining some sort of gratification--just as some people might for bowling a perfect 300 game."

"It was established quite early in that case that her body had been ravaged by know, coyotes, foxes, field mice, birds. A whole variety of wild animals, both big and small, feed on carcasses. This might give us one clue as to why this person returned to the site on at least several occasions. Perhaps it was discovered that when a body was left there, and later when the individual returned to check out the situation, he would find that it was no longer there! And concluded that the animals in the area were doing, you know, his work for him, as it were. And he would continue to go back there simply because he had his own garbage disposal. A whole bunch of little beasties who would, in effect, destroy every last shred of the victim."-----Theodore Robert Bundy.

"I've never wanted publicity...and yet there are those, most people probably, who believe that I needed it. I've never liked it, needed it, or wanted it. I have used it to my benefit. When I wanted better digs in jail or some consideration that most humans have, I used whatever publicity I could to get it. When I wanted to put pressure on somebody or something, why not? Every little game like that has been used to dehumanize me these last five years.... Like this guy said recently, 'He's an emotional robot...nothing inside.' Boy, how far off can he be! If they think I have no emotional life, they're wrong. Absolutely wrong. It's a very real and a very full one. Another misconception. They see me as part of a human being, so they don't know what the other part is capable of--and that's terrific. They won't be able to anticipate." "So what's one less? What's one less person on the face of the planet? What difference will it make a hundred years from now?" "When people have--are--unable to cope with some part of their life--the feelings of discontent, loneliness, alienation, self-esteem, or whatever it is--they usually attribute their state of mind to one degree or another to society at large. And they finally choose some way of venting what they have inside. Or suppressing what they feel." "At some point we act the way we do because of the stimuli we're exposed to and the environment we live in. There's no one else in the history of this planet or living on the face of this earth who has seen and heard exactly, and felt exactly, the way you have or the way I have. And for that very reason, we can only predict, in gross ways, how people are going to respond. That's exactly what this, why this...happens."

Question: Tell me your thoughts on capital punishment? "It is motivated solely and exclusively by this perceived need of the state, the prosecution, and the victim and his family, to, uh--and in this case obviously--to obtain revenge....It isn't a deterrent....To the contrary, I think, that one of the factors that contributes to the increase in homicide is the fact that there is capital punishment. If the state can justify the taking of a life, then an individual can, for whatever twisted rationale. And the state, with all it's power and majesty--if it can be reduced to the level of killing--then why shouldn't some individuals take that as justification for engaging in what they might believe is justifiable homicide?" "Nobody wants to die...but everybody will. I may live longer than you. If I don't, I don't. But I do have strong feelings, humane feelings, about society's alleged right to take another human being's life....It's no deterrent....You know, there's probably no other behavior that society condemns more vigorously than killing...of the kind, that, uh--well, society condones a lot of killing, on a massive scale in war, in abortion, and things like that. Even the slaughter of animals for its own food, but I guess I'm saying that...if a given society or community has a reverence for life, it cannot be selective in how it applies that reverence. It cannot have reverence for the two year old but kill the fetus. It cannot have reverence for the victim's life and kill the murderer. It's inconsistent. So if the life of the victim is worthwhile, then the life--the life of the killer is sacred as well. If society chooses not to observe this type of consistency; it chooses to kill the fetus and preserve the infant and kill the murderer in retribution for the victim, then it must accept the consequences for the violence that it self-generates."

"I mean, I don't feel guilty for anything! I feel less guilty now than I've felt in any time in my life. About anything. And it's not that I've forgotten anything, or else closed down part of my mind, or compartmentalized. I compartmentalize less now than I ever have. It's just done! It's back there in the mists! I say 'mists' because I don't think anyone actually touches the past the way they can touch the present or the future. Guilt? It's this mechanism we use to control people. It's an illusion. It's a kind of social control mechanism--and it's very unhealthy. It does terrible things to our bodies.... It doesn't solve anything, necessarily. It's just a very gross technique we impose upon ourselves to control the people, groups of people. I guess I am in the enviable position of not having to deal with guilt. There's just no reason for it.... I feel sorry for people who feel guilt. I'm not talking about the act. I'm talking about the emotional consequences of the act. I feel sorry for people who are drug addicts or who are criminals. I feel sorry for business executives who have to lust after money and power. I feel sorry for a lot of people who have to do things that hurt them. But I don't feel sorry for anyone who doesn't feel guilty because the guilt doesn't solve anything, really. It hurts you....You don't need to feel badly. You don't need to regret."

"What's happening, I think, is that modern society is testing our genetic materials to capacity...and those who have certain weaknesses or pre-dispositions--which would probably have not manifested themselves in a less indulgent society--are being identified and thrust into deviant action....Society is driving some of its individuals past the point where they can conform. The kind of environment we're producing...the social and physical and what have you." "I think if I had it to do over, I'd, maybe, be a lumberjack. I'd have as little contact with modern society as possible. If I could have recognized fifteen years ago the poisonous consequences of modern life--not only the physical things that are being done to us but the intellectual, spiritual, and poisoning we get--I would have certainly withdrawn. Or I might have interacted in society in a way that I would have tried to debunk the contemporary notions that we accept as success. You know, the house, the good job, and all that. There's nothing wrong with feeding and clothing and sheltering oneself, in a family, but there's certainly something amiss when we have to deal with the multi-expectations of today's society."-----------Theodore Robert Bundy

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