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Hello. You have reached the Marie Noe Tribute Page of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Thank you for taking the time to reflect upon the True Reality of Marie, a tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society. If you find that the sentiments and revelations of Truth expressed at this page resonate positively within your core conscious experience of life, you might want to consider immersing yourself in The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This 200,000+ word Manifesto is devoted to exposing and dissecting all of the the forbidden truths of humanity, revealing it to be a diseased, devolving, and doomed species, unworthy of infesting planet earth. You may begin your journey here:

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Marie Noe, serial child killer
This is Marie Noe, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society, a society that officially decrees all children to be subhuman pieces of owned property, and officially legitimizes both the mass, genocidal abuse/victimization of, and the outright murder of, children. The name Marie Noe may not be quite as familiar to many of you, as the names of most of the other pictured torture victims within this Manifesto. Why has Marie not received the type of media attention and the resulting fame that so many other prolific killers have received? It is because she targeted her own, officially decreed subhuman children, as her victims. And as I have so brilliantly outlined in my Child Abuse and Crime pages of this Manifesto, your ultra-diseased societies refuse to demonize Mommies who harvest their children, because that would be a violation and contradiction of Sacred Family Unit and Sacred Maternal Bond mythologies.

Marie Noe was arrested in 1998, as an elderly woman, and charged with serially killing eight of her womb excretions. She fatally smothered them all, within the first year of their births. In total, all ten of her womb excretions died as children, and it is quite possible that she killed at least 9, possibly all 10, although she was only charged with killing eight. She eventually pled guilty to all eight murders. All these murders occured in the 1950's and 1960's. Marie was not arrested or charged with any crime of any kind, until 1998. So she literally got away with serially murdering children for 30-40 years of time, a truly remarkable feat. But wait, is it really that remarkable? She targeted her legally owned slaves, something that all womb excretors are officially given legal authority to do, within your ultra-diseased societies. She had the glorious benefit of Sacred Mommy/Sacred Maternal Bond mythology on her side. Meaning that no matter how many of her children died, her society remained desperately eager to judge her as being a saintly mother who was suffering through the terrible tragedy of "mysteriously losing" her beloved womb excretions. And finally, Marie was a decent actress, who knew the importance of wearing her "acting mask", a topic I will be discussing in a forthcoming essay, to appear bereaved and bewildered after each slave death occured. That's all Marie needed, to get away with serially killing 8-10 babies, over the course of nearly two decades of time.

But wait, the Forbidden Truths that I have already revealed in my essays are about to become even more beautifully clear. After initially professing her innocence in the wake of her 1998 arrest, Marie, aged right around 70, eventually admitted to all 8 murders. She confessed and she pled guilty to serially killing eight children. Now, imagine if she had walked into a school and shot eight children she had never seen before, dead. Or if she had cunningly kidnapped eight children in serial fashion from a shopping mall, children that she had never seen before, and serially killed them. She would have been perversely demonized as the very incarnation of malevolent evil, deserving of murder herself, and certainly a lifetime of punitive prison punishment at the very least. But wait, Marie only harvested her own, legally possessed child-slaves/womb excretions. Therefore she enjoys Sacred Mommy status with regard to all eight murders. Therefore, society has a vested, supreme interest in not labeling Marie as evil, homicidal, or even enraged. After all, Sacred Family Unit mythology holds that all Mommies possess and feel a sacred, mystical bond of love towards their biological creations. And so Marie, even after confessing to all eight murders, was still officially decreed to be a victim herself, a mentally ill, tragic mother figure, who suffered greatly because she "lost" her precious children, even though she herself caused the loss by serially murdering them.

Now, is Marie a victim?? Of course she is! She is a profound victim! Should we applaud american society for recognizing Marie to be a victim?? Well, perverse hypocrisy is never worthy of our applause. Yes, Marie deserved to be recognized and treated as being a pure and complete victim, by american society. But instead of invalidly labeling Marie as having been suffering from some mysterious mental illness during her 19 year serial child killing spree, american society has an obligation to face up to the Forbidden Truth, that Marie Noe treated her children with exactly the same utter contempt and complete disregard for their lives, that american society itself, as official policy, instructs and authorizes all parents to treat all children. Even more importantly, this ultra-diseased society has an even greater moral obligation to recognize that all of the killers that it creates are nothing more than profound victims, and to treat them as such. It is utterly outrageous that other victims who target children for acts of personal vengeance, children that they do not legally own, such as school shooters who are children themselves, child kidnappers, and serial killers of children such as Richard Allen Davis, Westley Dodd, Wayne Williams, etc..., are brutally demonized as being "monsters" who deserve to be subjected to the ultimate in punishment and ongoing victimization, including legal murder, while Marie Noe, who killed 8-10 tiny and totally helpless children, far more than almost all other child-killers, gets the label of "mentally ill victim", solely because she happened to be the legal owner of all of her murder victims. The perverse hypocrisy and insane double standard of the diseased american society, is what we must focus on here, not the fact that Marie was at least to some degree, albeit with no acknowledgent of societal guilt and responsibility, properly recognized as being a victim. It's good for Marie that she was recognized as a victim, although the mentally ill label that was pinned on her is nothing more than a pathetic effort by society to cover up and hide the guilt and responsibility that it bears for the genocidal abuse and victimization of children as a whole. But we must not applaud this type of isolated, self-serving, societal example of "mercy", we must instead focus on why Marie was given mercy, the societal cover-up of it's own guilt/responsibility, and the outrageous Truth that many child killers, who harm/kill far fewer children than Marie, are perversely demonized as evil monsters just because they, unlike Marie, do not target their own womb excretions.

In case any of you are wondering, following her 1998 admission to having serially killed eight of her children in the 1950's and 1960's, Marie received a judicial sentence of twenty years probation, the first five years of which to be served under house arrest, which means no prison detention, but a restriction that for five whole years, except for things like visiting doctors, she has to stay inside her home, as "punishment." Even this is a punitive punishment, of course, but it is clear that only because she serially killed her legally owned and self-created children, and did so when they were very young, thus totally subhuman, was the punitive punishment imposed, so "lenient". No serial killer of eight who targeted strangers, can or ever will receive such a relatively lenient "punishment" from the ultra-diseased society of america. Sacred Mommy mythology won the day, for Marie, who truly deserves to be recognized as a serial killer extraordinaire, killing eight children between 1949 and 1968, and getting away with all her murders until 1998. Not only that, but she actually got press attention in the 1960's, as her womb excretions kept dying. The media rushed to her side, expressing amazement at her "tragic bad luck", in having all of her "beloved" children die mysteriously. Thousands and thousands of fellow Mommies read & heard about Marie, shook their heads in sympathy at her tragic plight, "imagine, losing so many children, how can this Sacred Mommy possibly cope with so much tragedy, I feel so sorry for her!" That is what they all thought, being so blinded by Sacred Family Unit mythology and societal brainwashing that "all mothers love their children", that the very thought that she might have deliberately murdered them, never even entered their brainwashed minds. And at the same time, the vast majority of these mommies were themselves brutalizing and victimizing their children, but of course would never admit to it and had no conscious awareness of it, since they perceived their own children as being subhuman pieces of owned property, as was the official societal decree and as remains the case today. This case is delightfully instructive in a way, as an illustration of just how blind, two-faced, and perversely hypocritical you creatures are, as well as a beautiful demonstration of just how on-target my revelations of Forbidden Truth are.

"I was trying to train her on how to sit up in the chair. I don't know why, but then I took a pillow and laid her down on the chair, and I suffocated her." "He was always crying and he couldn't tell me what was bothering him. He just kept crying. There was a pillow under his head so I took my hand and pressed his face down into the pillow until he stopped moving." "I put her on her back, and then I took a pillow from the bed and put it over her face and suffocated her. She was squirming, being a lot stronger than Richard was, she was fighting when the pillow was over her face. I held the pillow there until she stopped moving." "All I can figure is that I'm ungodly sick, I never had the money to get help, and I didn't know where to go for help anyway."---------------------------Marie Noe

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