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Marc Lepine, Marc Lépine, Montreal Massacre, Canadian mass murderer of women
This is Marc Lepine, Tortured Victim-Creation of Canadian Society. The hypocrisy of you creatures is truly astonishing. You mass murder animals for sport, and even massacre them just for the sake of convenience via the "animal shelter" system, and yet at the same time you insanely claim to have a legitimate right to enact "animal cruelty" laws and inflict punitive punishment upon individuals who violate these laws, despite the fact that you yourselves are officially sponsoring and committing utter genocide upon animals. You specifically legalize, encourage, and undertake the most unjustifiable forms of murder imaginable, targeting helpless, womb-trapped children, foreigners who are complete strangers to you, your own most severely tortured children, for whose brutalization you bear complete guilt and responsibility, and yet in the same breath you enact laws giving yourselves permission to inflict punitive punishment upon individuals who undertake far more justifiable acts of murder. You declare, as official, legal policy for hundreds of years, that caucasian human beings may keep negro human beings as subhuman slaves, then arbitrarily reverse yourselves and pretend to have seen the error of your ways, terminating your own official laws in such a way that if any caucasian human in america today insists upon personally enslaving negroes, he will be demonized and punitively punished for doing the exact same thing that millions of caucasian americans proudly and with the complete authorization of the government did, for hundreds of years. You officially decree female humans to be utterly subhuman and to enjoy no human rights for many thousands of years, then you suddenly reverse yourselves, declaring to your male citizen-slaves that they now must begin providing females with token gestures of equality, even though if any male citizen-slave had treated females with such gestures of equality 200 years earlier, he would have been deemed mentally deranged.

Let us clearly understand that none of these types of societal reforms, such as the moderation in societally sponsored racial and gender victimization that I have outlined above, represent any type of genuine moral advancement, or even a sincere recognition of previous official policy as having been malevolent and unjustifiable. No, your evil and diseased societies constantly and consistently embrace and practice genocide and mass injustice as official, legal policy, constantly finding new and even more immoral policies to adopt, even as they enact perversely hypocritical superficial reforms to some existing immoral policies, for the purpose of self-preservation, preventing internal revolution, and maintaining an illusion of moral decency for their brainwashed citizen-slaves. It is of course childhood torture which most primarily results in explosions of rage by individuals that society perversely labels as "criminal", but let us realize that the unnatural and capricious alterations in societal policy regarding which humans can legally be subhumanized, victimized, tortured, or murdered, are not only perverse, but they also can and do result in incredibly hypocritical injustices being committed upon individual torture victims, for committing "crimes" that 50-100 years earlier would have been officially decreed to be completely legal and non-criminal in nature.

Yes folks, there is a good reason for this preface of mine, and it concerns our latest Martyr, Marc Lepine. You see, Marc was born into and grew up within a society that had brutally subhumanized all female human beings for thousands of years. It was just Marc's bad luck that during his own youth, his diseased society was right in the middle of implementing some fairly major cosmetic alterations, to it's malevolent gender bias policies, and Martyr Marc was unable to accept and cope with these changes. As a result, he developed immense rage towards female members of his society, coming to believe that they were being granted unfair and unjust advantages in life, based upon the enduring history of systemically brutal gender bias that he was aware of and expected to reap the benefits of, in his own lifetime. Consequently, on a fateful day a little over a decade ago, Marc chose to express his True Reality by storming into a university in Montreal, Canada, and shooting dead 14 women, specifically and solely targeting females, yelling at them, "You're all a bunch of feminists, I hate feminists!" as he mowed them down. Here we see a good example of how diseased societies inspire homicidal rage within their citizen-slaves, as well as specific targeting of certain groups of victims, based upon hypocritical alteration of long-time societal policy. In this particular case, Marc knew, on an intellectual level, that his society had officially decreed female humans to be extremely and primarily inferior to male humans. And yet within his own short lifetime, he began to realize that this gender perk, enjoyed and claimed as perfectly valid and appropriate by Canadian males for hundreds of years, officially decreed by governmental and societal leaders as being perfectly valid and appropriate for many generations, would be compromised and denied to him. Had Marc been born 100 years earlier, it is virtually certain that he would not have targeted female members of his society in the manner that he did, simply because his society would have completely validated and rewarded him for considering and treating females as being utterly subhuman and having no type of claim to equality of any kind. Therefore, it is completely accurate to say that not only was Martyr Marc made into an enraged seeker of vengeance by his childhood victimization, as proven by the following statement made by his mother concerning the torture inflicted upon slave Marc by his father: "He would hit my son full in the face, which would leave marks for --sometimes for a week at a time," but also by the malevolent design structure of his society as regards the subhumanization of females for hundreds of years, followed by an unnatural and insincere effort to create an illusion of moral reform in order to appease the female population, when the females finally, after thousands of years of broken submission, found the courage to try and demand that they be given at least the illusion of equality in some aspects of societal life.

In the below quotes, written by Marc just prior to his explosion of gender-based rage, we are graced with a beautiful peek into the consequences of societal brainwashing and hypocritical betrayal of long-standing toxic ideologies which have been woven into the very fabric of a diseased culture.

"Forgive the mistakes, I only had 15 minutes to write this. See also Annex. Please note that if I am committing suicide today 89/12/06 it is not for economic reasons (for I have waited until I exhausted all my financial means, even refusing jobs) but for political reasons. For I have decided to send Ad Patres (Latin term meaning "to the fathers") the feminists who have ruined my life. It has been seven years that life does not bring me any joy and being totally blase, I have decided to put an end to those viragos. I had already tried as a youth to enlist in the Canadian Armed Forces as an officer cadet, which would have allowed me to enter the arsenal and precede Lortie in a rampage. They refused me because of asociality. So I waited until this day to carry out all my projects. In between, I continued my studies in a haphazard way for they never really interested me, knowing in advance my fate. Which did not prevent me from obtaining very good marks despite not handing in my theory assignments and studying little before exams. Even though the Mad Killer epithet will be attributed to me by the media, I consider myself a rational and erudite person that only the arrival of the Grim Reaper has forced to undertake extreme acts. For why persevere in existing if it is only to please the government? Being rather retrograde by nature (except for science), the feminists always have a talent for enraging me. They want to retain the advantages of being women (e.g. cheaper insurance, extended maternity leave preceded by a preventive leave) while trying to grab those of the men. Thus, it is self-evident that if the Olympic Games removed the Men/Women distinction, there would only be women in the graceful events. So the feminists are not fighting to remove that barrier. They are so opportunistic that they neglect to profit from the knowledge accumulated by men throughout the ages. They always try to misrepresent them every time they can. Thus, the other day, people were honoring the Canadian men and women who fought at the frontlines during the world wars. How does this sit with the fact that women were not authorized to go to the frontline at the time??? Will we hear of Caesar's female legions and female galley slaves who of course took up 50 per cent of history's ranks, although they never existed? A real Casus Belli. Sorry for this too brief letter."
"Nearly died today. The lack of time (because I started too late) has allowed those radical feminists to survive. Alea Jacta Est."
(Latin term meaning "The Die Are Cast")-------------------------Marc Lepine

Yelled out during the course of his rampage: "Do any of you know why I'm here? I'm here to fight feminism!" "You're all a bunch of feminists, I hate feminists!" "I want the women. You are all feminists."--------------------Marc Lepine.

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