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Hello. You have reached the Dr. Harold Shipman Tribute Page of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Thank you for taking the time to reflect upon the True Reality of Harold, a tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century British society. If you find that the sentiments and revelations of Truth expressed at this page resonate positively within your core conscious experience of life, you might want to consider immersing yourself in The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This 200,000+ word Manifesto is devoted to exposing and dissecting all of the the forbidden truths of humanity, revealing it to be a diseased, devolving, and doomed species, unworthy of infesting planet earth. You may begin your journey here:

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Dr. Harold Shipman, Harold Shipman, British serial killer
This is Dr. Harold Shipman, Tortured Victim-Creation of British Society. Doc Harold is a perfect example of an indivual who deserves to win all top acting awards, such as the Emmy and Oscar, if his society and the human race operated under sane and rational precepts. For decades, this brilliant actor and torture victim successfully convinced all of humanity that he wanted to help fellow human beings, to make them healthy, to keep them healthy, to cure them of illness, as a licensed and practicing physician. But the Truth of the matter was that Doc Harold was homicidally enraged and obsessed not with helping or healing fellow humans, but rather the exact opposite, harming and killing fellow human beings, which is exactly what he did, during an extremely long and undetectable serial killing spree that lasted for decades. It defies all logic and rationality that you creatures bestow acting awards, honors, and praise upon individuals who merely "pretend" to adopt a persona that does not represent their True Reality, when there exist in your societies Martyrs such as Doc Harold, who literally live for decades, successfully concealing on a daily basis the most profound and integral aspects of their true realities, from all other human beings on planet earth. This is True acting. This is a demonstration of the ultimate in acting talent and ability, that far surpasses the degree of skill or talent that any "professional" actor who is simply creating fiction and has nothing directly personal at stake in his performance, could ever demonstrate. Let us also appreciate the fact that homicidal rage is completely compatible with high intelligence and in many cases does not prevent a torture victim from devoting a great deal of time and energy towards other pursuits. Consider the amount of time and effort that is required to become a licensed and accredited medical doctor, years of dedicated study and sustained effort, that Harold chose to put in, and his acting skills were so Superior that at no point was any human being able to recognize the Truth, that despite pursuing and engaging in a profession that involves helping people, our torture victim, at his core True Reality, was obsessed with harming people.

Looking for a book that will reveal at least some of the remarkable life story of this Martyr? Well, I own about 8000 true crime books, and certainly did gobble up the following book on our Doc, as soon as it was published, and do recommend it, although it is not a top level book in terms of providing either direct quotes from Harold, or insightful analysis of Harold as a unique and remarkable victim/martyr, it does reveal a few fascinating details of this Martyr's childhood and early years, which is of course the period of time when all victims of society are most vulnerable and most severely impacted by, the abuses that are inflicted upon them: "Prescription For Murder: The True Story of Harold Shipman", by Brian Whittle and Jean Ritchie, ISBN #0751529982

'The police complain I'm boring. No mistresses, home abroad, money in Swiss banks, I'm normal. If that is boring I am." "I read thrillers and on the evidence they have I would have me guilty." "The only thing I did wrong was not having her cremated. If I had had her cremated I wouldn't be having all this trouble."--------------Dr. Harold Shipman.

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