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Hello. You have reached the David Berkowitz Tribute Page of The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Thank you for taking the time to reflect upon the True Reality of David, a tortured victim-creation of 20th and 21st century amerikkkan society. If you find that the sentiments and revelations of Truth expressed at this page resonate positively within your core conscious experience of life, you might want to consider immersing yourself in The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. This 200,000+ word Manifesto is devoted to exposing and dissecting all of the the forbidden truths of humanity, revealing it to be a diseased, devolving, and doomed species, unworthy of infesting planet earth. You may begin your journey here:

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David Berkowitz, New York Son Of Sam serial killer
This is David Berkowitz, Tortured Victim-Creation of American Society. Like many other torture victims who become serial killers, David tried his best, as illustrated by his below quotes, to inform, teach, and educate the ultra-diseased society that created him, on the nature of the immense rage and justified hate that dwelled within his True Reality. David was and is a profound victim of numerous forms of malevolent societal victimization. The insane god myth, sacred family unit mythology, the military, and of course the genocidal policies of legal child torture within america, are just a few of the malicious battering rams that were used to assault, brutalize, and destroy the soul of this helpless child. It is wonderful that David is still among us, still alive and well after spending close to 25 years locked in a cage, being perversely subjected to punitive punishment by the society that should have been begging him for forgiveness from the moment that he was identified as being a tortured victim creation of american society.

Sadly however, it appears as though David has finally fallen victim to this toxic plague. In recent years he has very vocally and publicly proclaimed himself to have become a fervent devotee of the insane christian version of the god myth. It is my hope that he is merely having fun, yanking the chains of genuine god freaks by pretending to have "seen the light" that they insanely claim to see, getting them to provide him with needed money and material goods, to make his lifetime of perverse cage lock, more palatable. On the other hand, I have no illusions regarding the insane god myth. I know what an incredibly powerful lure it can be, especially as a person grows older and the horrific, unbearable Truth of what their upcoming death will entail, looms closer. So, if indeed David has sincerely chosen to fervently and genuinely embrace the insane god myth in order to comfort himself and cope with life, I cannot condemn him, or even criticize him. It is sad that he could not maintain an embrace of Truth throughout his entire lifetime, but this is not his fault. He is a torture victim of american society, in many different ways, including the malicious imposition of insane god mythology that all american citizen-slaves are subjected to. The insane god myth was viciously imposed upon David as a child and throughout his lifetime. If he has come to sincerely need to embrace this myth in order to cope with life, so be it. We all must find ways to cope with the horrific and unjust victimizations, as well as fates, that befall us. Please note that Martyr David has graced us with many additional fascinating quotes, above and beyond what I have included below, but due to space and time constraints, I will not write them out, but will instead thoughtful direct all of you to the book "Confessions of Son of Sam", written by David Abrahamsen, M.D. The good doctor, a highly renowned psychiatrist, not only offers a psychological analysis of David, but more importantly, includes a great many fascinating and original quotes that David generously shared with him, during conversations and letters that the two of them exchanged. A highly recommended book, folks.

"I'm a very sensitive person. As a kid I used to cry a lot, when I heard music or heard that someone had died." "As a child I had tremendous fascination with death. When I thought about dying, I thought of being transported into a world of bliss and happiness." "My mom would spend hours messing with that stupid bird. She cleaned his cage and removed all his droppings. She washed his cage and constantly fed him. When I tried to touch him he would always snap my finger. He was nasty to me. We both hated each other. When my mom used to spank me, she would talk to Pudgy (the bird) who used to have his cage in the living room and tell him how naughty I was. She did the same thing with our dog, Lucky." "I have an innocent face but I'm not at all innocent. I must admit that I do love my face. I mean I can fool anybody with it. It's above suspicion so to speak. My face, my lips, and my blue eyes are like weapons which I can sometimes use to my advantage. I don't consider my facial features handsome. To me they're just innocent looking...I was very aware of it's usefulness during my crime spree." "All the sermons were about demons, sin, hell, eternal damnation, etc. They had a bad effect on my life and mind...I was enthralled with the doctrine of the Apocalypse--the end of the world and the everlasting punishment of sinners...When I worshipped god, it was out of terror." "I fear god, his power, his ability to kill, hell, a personal terror. God has a grip on me and many others via fear. Fear of hell, fire, eternal agony. Can't love anyone I fear. I can't love anyone who hold me in check with fear. The bible talks about fear and hell and eternal damnation; it has caused me untold mental pain and misery." "Dad, the world is getting darker now. I can feel it more and more... The girls call me ugly and they bother me the most." "I must slay a woman for revenge purposes. To get back at them for all the suffering they caused me." "The demons wanted girls. Sugar and Spice and everything nice." "I am deeply hurt by your calling me a women hater. I am no. But I am a monster. I am the 'Son of Sam.' I am a little brat." "When father Sam gets drunk he gets mean. He beats his family. Sometimes he ties me up to the back of the house. Other times he locks me in the garage. Sam loves to drink blood." "Hello from the gutters of NYC, which is filled with dog manure, vomit, stale wine, urine, and blood. Hello from the sewers of NYC which swallow up these delicacies when they are washed away by the sweeper trucks."-------------David Berkowitz.

"After the shootings, I thought I might weep for some of the people killed. But I couldn't. It was all puzzling, you know." "At this point (following the Fruend and Diel shootings) I imagine I didn't care much anymore, for I finally had convinced myself that it was good to do it...and that the public wanted me to do it." "I didn't want to hurt them, I only wanted to kill them." "I wasn't going to rob her, or touch her, or rape her. I was just going to kill her." "My goal in all these murders and attempted murders was only to kill my victims as quickly and painlessly as possible. I didn't want to wound them. Aiming for the head was the surest way." "I always had a fetish for murder and death." "I am the 'Monster' -- 'Beelzebub' -- the chubby behemouth." "In this hole lives the Wicked King. Kill for my Master. I turn children into Killers." "I do love death. I've always loved it. I've wished for it, and tried to understand it. Death is's power, it's hold; it is wonderful." "I believed that I had every moral right to slay a chosen victim." "Not knowing what the future holds I shall say farewell and I will see you at the next job. Or should I say you will see my handiwork at the next job?" "I say goodbye and goodnight. Police: Let me haunt you with these words; I'll be back! I'll be back! To be interpreted as--Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang--ugh!! Yours in murder, Mr. Monster." "Sam's a thirsty lad and he won't stop killing until he gets his fill of blood." "There will always be killers because any individual with death and destruction on his mind will always be guaranteed plenty of publicity and a willing audience when he turns to anti-social acts for recognition or whatever else."---------------David Berkowitz.

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